Feminist Prime Minister Causes Outrage When He Accidentally Elbows “Vegas Girl” In The Chest

Earlier this month, an altercation occurred at the House of Commons that the Canadian media did not hesitate to describe as a “mêlée”. During a session, Justin Trudeau brushed female MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau with his elbow, while trying to pull the Conservative Whip through the crowd in order to start the vote. That is it.

The Conservative Whip was trying to regain his seat, as the vote was about to take place. His way was intentionally blocked by members of the opposition (a well known maneuver to slow down the voting process when unfavourable). Premier Justin Trudeau left his seat in order to assist him. He did not see the female PM behind him and pushed her unintentionally.

The “elbowgate”

It is a scene that anyone witnesses on a daily basis in any crowded place.

But there, all hell broke loose. Cries of “misogyny,” “molestation,” and “violence against women” start to fly around. What is a feminist like Trudeau to do in this situation? That’s right: Say sorry many times.

So there goes the weakest beta boy move I have seen Trudeau do. He grovels in apologies. He stammers and sweats. He is not guilty, it is not his fault but it sure does not look like it. Adding insult to injury, he carries on apologizing while the harpies and white knights turn the blade in the wound.

How not to say sorry

He could have done things differently. Leaving the House. Denial. Scoffing. Flipping her the bird. Anything would have been better than this display of utter humiliation. It is the textbook version of how not to apologise. His apology is not accepted, the faux outrage seems real and his enemies are in a stronger position than ever.

Not only did he look fragile and helpless that day, but he kept going in a cringe-worthy display of public humiliation the next day. By god, that man has a severe lack of testicles.

By all the gods, will you stop being such a doormat!

By all the gods, will you stop being such a doormat!

Even that would have been better

Even that would have been better

The irony of fate

His feminist political image comes back to bite him in the arse. One cannot help but feel the irony. But although I am far from sharing Trudeau’s political views and I am convinced that he is incompetent as a politician, I feel for him as a man. What good can possibly come from such an act of surrender? Let it be a cautionary tale for those who think you can reason with the terrorists of feminism.

Gomeshi and Trudeau, cannibalized by their feminist allies.

Gomeshi and Trudeau, cannibalized by their feminist allies.

Trudeau crystallizes what is missing in today’s men. A severe lack of strength, self-worth and self-respect. Men living in a bubble where they believe that touching someone with their arm by accident is a war crime. How do you expect these people to lead?


Far away are the days when Trudeau had the minerals to challenge a male MP on the ring, even if it was for charity

Who is Ruth Ellen Brosseau?


Standard “problem glasses”. Nothing out of the ordinary

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, 32, that “had to leave the House” because it was “very overwhelming.” She “could not vote because of this.”

A chubby 6 with an almost cute face but no arse, gets hit unintentionally by a skinny man that is probably lighter than her judging by her rump. She probably has rougher sex at least twice a week, and she used to work as a bartender and was probably exposed to drunk men and bar fights.


“That’s how my b-hole looks like now. Thank you, feminism!”

Was her reaction excessive when Trudeau shuffled her? Could she be crying wolf for attention or in order to destabilize her rival over a “violence bait”?

She has a familiar profile


Two years ago, a single mom working as a bartender at Carleton’s Oliver’s Pub shocked herself and everyone else by getting elected as an MP.

Oh, Canada. You so silly. “Vegas girl,” “accidental politician,” “phantom MP”. She has been lampooned for years for her incompetence but if you dare criticize her presence in the House of Commons and her competence as a politician, you must be a cis-gender, sexist frat boy.

The question remains. Can we trust this woman or is she lying? Her lies have been exposed before, regarding her university degree for example, as she dropped out before completing it. What better way to test her integrity and seriousness than to index it on the universal indicator, her level of slutiness? As we know, sluts cannot be trusted.

Place your bets, please

Let’s see how she scores on the slutiness card, using Tuthmosis’ lists of 50 slut tells (1), (2) and her various biographical elements:

1. Has tattoos

Fortunately for her, the national media missed all five of her tattoos, her pierced lip (…) ottawamagazine.com

2. Piercings outside of the traditional earlobe placement Yes. See above

3. Has the “slut face”

It was the House of Commons or amateur mommy porn

It was the House of Commons or camgirl porn

4. Cusses a lot

Watch out, Cicero! A real orator is in da house

Watch out, Cicero! A real orator is in da house

She resents the way the media singled her out — “I thought it was shit, real crap,” she said — but accepts it.

Seven words. Two profanities. It was an official public interview between her, an MP, an a journalist that took only a few minutes. Yet she could not refrain from swearing.

5. Not ticklish She is not ticklish indeed. Except when you use your elbows. Then, boy are you in for a treat!

6. Broaches the topic of illegal drugs (even marijuana) without prompting

illegal drugs

7. Has big tits

Yes. Even if it is mainly due to body fat.

Yes. Even if it is mainly due to body fat.

8. Shows excessive skin for weather conditions No, but she lives in Canada. It could be risky, with all the cold and the rape culture.

9. Has extra body hair (arms, girl-sideburns, girl-mustache) and/or a low speaking voice

Yes. Deep voice.

10. Associates with confirmed sluts

She went to Vegas with a girlfriend to create distance from the ritual her life had become

11. Shows interests in girls, has “hooked up” with girls, or claims to be “bi-sexual.” N/A

12. Is currently, or was at some point, in a sorority N/A

13. Has traveled alone, or with only girls, to fuck-fest locations (e.g., Jamaica)

Vegas. The City of Sin nonetheless. This gem:

She went to Vegas with a girlfriend to create distance from the ritual her life had become: taking care of Logan, her beloved son, a fifth year of living back at home with her parents and working days and nights in a bar, serving drinks

Playing the mum is to hard. Time for a cockfest in Vegas.

14. Was a cheerleader in high school N/A

15. Went, or goes, to a known party college (e.g., Arizona State, USC, UC Santa Barbara)

She dropped from St. Lawrence College before working as a bartender on Carleton University’s campus in Ottawa.

Carleton viewed by its students

Carleton viewed by its students

16. Lost her virginity on the younger side (15 and down)

The boy is 14. Ruth Ellen Brosseau is 31. Do the maths, she became a mum at 17, an age where you are still a teenager. lapresse.ca

Mum at 17. Child most likely conceived at 16. Lost her virginity before that

17. Likes tequila shots or party drugs (e.g., Extasy/MDMA)

Yes. She was a bartender. That is almost a requirement.

18. Is “friends” with DJs, promoters, or other small-time pseudo-celebs

Yes. And it will only get worse from now on.

19. Is an artist, or a wannabe “model” who has done “photo shoots.”

Now that she is an MP, getting her picture taken is all she does. Apparently, her campaign poster sample photograph was one of her selfies.

20. Broaches the topic of sex first

That is pretty much all she can bring to the table, being a single mom, you go grrrl party wench. So yeah. A man that meets her will have the prospect of a bang advertised early.

21. Has a bad relationship with her father and/or has divorced parents

Yes. Teen mom. Dropped her kid on her parents to slut it up working in bars. Left the child behind to slut it up in Vegas. How would you react as her father?

22. Describes herself as a feminist or with any of its jargon (“pansexual,” “demi-sexual,” “cis-gendered”)

Capture d’écran (547)

“Happy Woman’s Day!” Letters read “We are feminist politicians!”

23. Has an even, nice tan that she maintains 

Yep, that's defo natural

i am suspicious of your tan

24. Hair dyed a nontraditional color (e.g., blue) N/A

25. She smokes (cigarettes)


26. Has mostly “guy friends.” Yes. She always had and despite her government’s effort to kick out white males from the House of Commons, the Sikhs, Muslims or Aboriginal males will still be around to have coffee break fun with.

27. Wears color contacts N/A

28. Has slutty role models like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, or any of the Kardashians N/Akk

29. Wears hoop earrings N/A

30. Grew up with multiple brothers, especially if they’re older N/A

31. Went to Catholic- or all-girls school (during or after puberty)

But by the time R.E. got to be 16, her world was about to change. For months, she had been dating the most popular boy in school; for once, she had missed taking her pill and became pregnant with Logan.

Much better than that. Her highschool consisted in banging the popular jerkboy, then changing diapers.

32. Has a loud voice and/or a loud laugh Yes

33. Is an athlete, especially at the elite level No. Her physical shape confirms that she is not and has never been

34. Drinks manly drinks


35. Is an inveterate online attention-whore (i.e., has thousands of Facebook “friends,” regularly uploads tons of sexy “selfies,” includes herself in pictures of everything she “shares”) 

images (1)

Yes. Whoring for attention is her raison d’être and explains why this whole storm in a teacup started.

36. Majored in psychology No. She did not major. She had a child out of wedlock instead.

37. Doesn’t object to, or outright proposes, unprotected sex early on Yes. See previous answer and find a correlation

38. Is good at giving blow jobs She’s 32. Started fucking around 16. With a career of 16 years with no husband, few years at university and a job that involves bonding with drunk people, I am pretty sure she knows how to give a decent blowie.

39. Claims to be “good at dancing” but doesn’t do any formal dances (e.g., tango) N/A

40. Is a single mother. Yes. Yes. Ten times yes

Hush, hush! Daddy government will take care of you now

Hush, hush! Daddy government will take care of you now

41. Describes herself as polyamorous, “into kink,” sex-positive, or simply as being “sexual.” N/A

42. Moved to New York City at some point in her life but isn’t actually from there Moved to the equivalent capital city to live alone with her son while occupying a position in a male-dominated environment

43. Has fake tits or, worse, a fake ass. No. If they were, I’d ask my money back to the plastic surgeon.

44. Is a “fag-hag” (a.k.a. “fruit fly”)

Capture d’écran (542)

“Love is a hundred times stronger than hate. Well done, Google!”

Her party, The NDP

Her party, The NDP

45. Is into “cosplay.” N/A

46. Is on birth control, but not in a relationship

After one unwanted child, she probably takes the steps to avoid it again. Although she has proven to be irresponsible

47. Is always late to things 

Yes. She was late to vote after the elbow nuclear attack and had to leave. Was also late on her menstrual cycle a couple of years back.

48. Has an oversized man-jaw or a big mouth

Hellz yeah! Manjaw!

Hellz yeah! Manjaw!

49. Is somewhat overweight. 

Girls who dance around the 6 range—especially if it’s because of their dumpy, unfit physiques—are sufficiently attractive to participate in the sexual marketplace, but not cute enough to compete with the real hotties. They’ll make up the difference by being easy.

Right on the money

Right on the money

50. Her mother is a slut. Like mother, like daughter. N/A

Verdict: 34 out of 50

Solid results. Not the Queen of Sluts, but a prime lying slut indeed.

Feminists do not have allies, they have tools


It is simply the Michelle Fields case all over again. A plain woman in the shadows that recognizes an opportunity to be in the spotlights when she sees it, no matter the consequences or how she might destroy a man’s world.

In Brosseau’s own words: “I am a tough woman, I know how to stand up and deal with situations,” she said. “I was just shocked … I was overwhelmed.” She completely contradicts her statement. This woman should not be in a position where she can take decisions.

But people are not as stupid as the power hopes they are. The world quickly reacted to Brosseau lies.


Conclusion: If you ever apologize, do it correctly

Trudeau made one fatal mistake: play by the rules of his foes. But once in a lifetime, there is no other option but to apologise. But there is a way to do it.

Enter Trump and his feminist nemesis Kelly. He has to apologise. And he does it brilliantly. Starts at 6:08. It is all in the formula.

He does not believe a word of it. He uses the fact that he will benefit from this apology more than it would cost him. Using disbelief before that, then two words: “S’cuse me” *cheeky grin*.

Case closed. Tingles on overdrive. Megyn is hooked. She has never smiled like that when interacting with a man on air. You could hear the sploosh from a mile away.

Trump decided to apologize for something that he believed in and knowingly did. Trudeau was forced to apologize for something that he was not guilty of.

Saturday May 21, 2016

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176 thoughts on “Feminist Prime Minister Causes Outrage When He Accidentally Elbows “Vegas Girl” In The Chest”

    1. Stop sucking up to them Frenchy, they’ll never join you, Canada is ours!
      Engalaaaaaaaad, Engalaaaaaaaand, Engalaaaaaaand!

  1. I can’t believe it, this is insanity! He barely touched her, and he only did it because she was trying to block the passage. Because of this the entire nation is in uproar ?!
    Obviously she is a hateful feminist bitch, you can see the hate in her yes. Probably been pumped and dumbed a bit too much.

      1. I live in Denmark. It’s very bad here..but I can imagine that the Canadian women are worse.

    1. The feminism in Canada goes all the way up to 11.
      Canadian men are absolute pussies.

      1. Right Trudeau missed an awesome opportunity to say something cool like “that’s for not making me a sandwitch” instead he totally grovelled for forgiveness like a little b****
        It’s kinda funny a month ago he was a sex symbol in Canadia now that he has been proven to have balls of the size of raisins kiss that goodbye

        1. I doubt he’d survive in his job if he said that. Still he would have done better to show defiance. Unbelievably weak, and played into his opponents hands

        2. I have to disagree with you guys. I think he showed strength when he made an apology and showed understanding despite their childishness. He took responsibility and was not defensive. But I guess: Give them a little finger and they will eat your whole arm.
          And yeah, I also think that a part of the reason he did it was because he knew that anything else was not really an option in his position.

        3. well it certainly didn’t help his position. He could have gone on the counter attack – they were physically blockading someone. Try blocking someone from leaving a building for instance – you’d be accused of unlawful detainment / kidnapping or something. He went to the rescue, his balls swinging with prime ministerial majesty, and a few seconds later he’s running after some stupid cow pretending she’s seriously injured. His only option was to go on counter-attack, but he lacked the wit or the balls

        4. Maybe. But accusing them of the thing you suggested would seem childish to me. I would not respect him more for doing that. Would you? Of course, you could argue that you have to become an asshole to battle assholes. Maybe I am too much of an idealist.

        5. It’s not about fairness or ideals. He tried to stare them down. They stared him down. He’s lost face. He played the lion amongst a pack of hyenas, but couldn’t pull it off

        6. When you say he tried to stare them down, do you mean his act of making his way through the crowd? You might have a point there.

        7. “Give them a little finger and they will eat your whole arm.”
          Well, it is a bartender’s twat.

        8. I did a similar thing some time ago. I hit on a hot colleague at a grill party. I pretty much disregarded her saying No repeatedly, because I felt that she was lying. Next day at work she became totally cold towards me and I couldn’t deal with it. I tried to repair it by apologizing, but I guess it only made things worse.

        9. Yeah I’ve been in similar situations. It’s no good apologising. They will see it as weakness or confirmation that you did something wrong in the first place, which will just reinforce their sense of grievance. Just remove yourself from the situation and don’t waste your time and energy. Next time round you’ll probably handle of better from experience

        10. The problem with that group is you can’t bend. It doesn’t matter that he apologize because they won’t hear it….they’ll only continue to play that same old tired record of “but he touched her”. So the fuck what….what is she, made of gold?
          He should have doubled down and said “maybe this place is too rough for her if she can’t handle a little arm rub here and there”. I would have made her (and the crowd) go on defense…because, fuck them.

        11. It’s only a matter time because things change. We’re going to start to see a dramatic swing in the other direction and it’s going to be ugly. Things only remain a certain way for so long. Change always happens.

        12. You should be glad that’s the only thing that happened when you hit.on.a. coworker. NOT a good move in any climate.

        13. No one on this site respects Trudeau in the first place. Can you respect a man who describes himself as a feminist and then sells out all other men, his country and quite honestly the average women in his country, to get the votes of females and useless males?

    2. A womyns feeling are clearly more important than the prime minister don’t you know anything.

    3. I would expect a woman to be slightly upset – I would also expect her to brush it off as an unimportant annoyance. Man …

  2. Yes…yes….gooooood. Keep cannibalizing your own people, you foolish feminists. Soon, there will be no one to rely on as you will have destroyed your very foundation.
    Trudeau, now that you’ve seen what’s under the mask of feminism, perhaps you’d like to join the side of common sense and decency? Join us and we will rule the North American continent.

    1. Sadly, there’s not much to rule. Canada, USA and Mexico. Oh yeah, and a bunch of Caribbean islands for vacation, but fuck them. Then again, we could always send their dumb asses to Greenland.

    2. I think you have too much optimism. I’m not aware that most of these people see the evil for what it is even after they have been burned. They were believers in the first place, and like penitents, they think that they have been burned because they just didn’t believe hard enough. They will only double down on the derp, not turn to our cause. The apology is the tell. If you realized these people were enemies, you would just tell them to fuck themselves.

      1. Just like the terror attacks. They believe that they need to show even more tolerance and appeasement than before otherwise the attacks will happen again.

    3. If there is any way we encourage the competing tribes of liberalism to eat each other we should. Minds better at that sort of mischief than mine will have to chime in, but, c’mon, these people turn on their own with little enough provocation surely we could help.

        1. I remember 4chan getting women to piss their pants in support of rape victims. That was a thing for awhile.

    4. She forgot to accuse him of penetrating her while she was at it. Remember that post wall crashing actress from Game Of Thrones in the subway crowd?

      1. actually this actress is a typical Quebec woman, and she won her seat by her own merit the second time while others lost theirs, so the article doesn’t entirely depict it accurately. I am in Ottawa and know these people. It didn’t happen like in the article except the Trudeau being a cuck part. The liberal women went to attack her as soon as she was elbowed and made a fuss, started the slut shaming (but after the Quiet Athiest Revolution, sluts who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks at other women), and NDP responded back defending Brousseau from the rude Liberal feminists who accused her of everything under the son to protect their Trudeau.
        The system is the king is a male cuck, defended by women warriors, who attack masculinity in college boys and PUAs to cover up for the sexual harassment and rape system by male betas and Omegas. It’s like the Catholic church molestation scandal. So male feminist parliamentarians and staff and CBC personalities, etc. rape women or harass women, usually use the copious alcohol provided free by lobbyists flowing at the events. When women complain about male feminist liberal stars, they are shamed and blackmailed and fired and kicked out of their party. The Liberals are really used to treating their female staff like this and then have feminists at organizations like iHolloback and Cornered in ottawa use attack PUAs, the university lacrosse team’s & males who can’t defend themselves alleged “rape culture”
        Feminists covering up for their male colleague’s rape or sexual harassment of new staff because he’d rather be a beta and do that than learn game – they complained they were “eye raped” or “raped” by guys saying during the day “Hello, you are beautiful, can I have your number”. That’s not rape, that’s asking a girl out. But they attack the new girl who came from a small town with no connections who said no to her well connected fat slob no game beta colleague’s sex in exchange for keeping her job. They get away with this by saying “we are feminist, look there is gender parity in our cabinet”. Catholic priests got away with molesting boys because it was hard to believe they are doing it. For a long time, like you, the church just thought it was false accusations.
        In Canada there is a culture of impunity among beta liberal elite cucks to rape who they want among their staff.. and they began to run into problems when the NDP began to have young female MPs the age of the staffers they use to harass.
        There are a lot of documented cases. By the way Ghomeshi did confess to humping his staff. His ex girlfriends who wanted to prove they didn’t consent to him hitting them during BDSM of course was destroyed in court by a friendly Liberal judge. If it were a Conservative who did the same thing, he’d be doing time. People should really be careful with the BDSM thing. A girl changes her mind about BDSM, it can be jail time.
        Remember Roman Polanski raping a 13 year old girl, and how the left wing feminist elite attacked the girl, not him, and said people weren’t open minded? The liberal elite can do what they want with women and then have their feminist NGOs falsely accuse PUAs, college boys to take away the attention from their crimes. That’s the system I saw. That being said, Trudeau behaved like a total cuck.

        1. I was there and you arent – so what valuable insight are you adding other than beating your chest up like a Beta Plus teen gorrilla hoping to be an alpha some day?

        2. I saw the video of the subway incident. Are you claiming to have been there?
          It was clear the man accused was completely innocent.
          Making excuses for false rape accusers is insanity and evil. Those who falsely accuse men are beyond any remorse and have no place in free society. I’d love to see women such as her horsewhipped.

        3. I worked on the parliament – the problem is nobody takes the manosphere seriously because they say every accusation of rape is false, which is as big of a lie as feminists saying that all accusations of rape are true. Feminists at least are social justice warriors, even though they are virtue signalling liars. You are as much of a liar as feminists, but you are a social disturbance warrior – with no endearing qualities to anyone to forgive you for your lies.
          The reality is rape accusations cannot be all true or all false, because not all human beings are honest or liars. They are more likely to be true when there is no accountability, then when there is. It’s like you saying the Catholic school molestation thing didn’t happen and anyone who says it does should be horse whipped in the early days of the scandal. I think child molestation in a school with strict supervision that watches for that kind of stuff is unlikely but there was no accountability in the Catholic church so it happened. People respond to incentives. Don’t get all emotional with “horsewhipped” lol that you start lying and exaggerating like a feminist.
          So a pick up artist, where a woman can choose to walk the other way and ignore him – false accusation most likely. A university student – most likely false accusation as she can walk away or not get wasted. High powered Hollwyood executive or politicians where if she says no her career is destroyed – much more likely to be true. That’s the reality. Until you accept it, you aren’t going to win respect from men whose daughters suffered at the hands of important creeps before their career was powerful enough for them to be able to protect her. The reality is that rape happens – its usually he said she said with no witnesses – and girls who go through that and have actual – not SJW fake – PTSD have fathers. And men like that hate teenage fools like you.

        4. there was a bullshit article with many incorrect facts that removes the credibility of the red pill philosophy. If you don’t care about facts just like SJWs, then be prepared to be marginalized the way they are

        5. they say every accusation of rape is false,
          Nowhere has this claim been made; as a matter of fact, on many occasions men have made it patently clear that real, VERIFIABLE cases of legitimate sexual assault should be dealt with approprtiately. No man I’ve known from the ‘manosphere’ would be so
          However, in recent time all major publicized accusations of rape have been hoaxes. This is a fact.
          I’m not a teenager, sugar tits. You need to chill.
          Take the man-hating over to Jezebel. Not welcome here.
          Clearly you are lacking a strong man in your life. It’s quite obvious.

        6. LOL. Said the white guy to the grand daughter of the Russian colonel who fought the Nazis all the way to Berlin. Maybe you should get out of America more often and travel to places where there are men still fighting battles, like Ukraine, Russia, middle east.

        7. Actually I’ve been to several countries, and my ex is from a major South American country. No need to lecture me.
          Plenty of conflict to be found there in certain regions.
          There is something wrong with you. What you are writing doesn’t make sense.
          Not interested in arguing with you.
          Oye, loca! Eres con un problemo en tu mente; si, creo!

    5. If this gets him kicked out of the party, it will surely force him to do some deep introspection about the values he believes in. Betrayed and backstabbed by people you thought you were your friends and allies in values.

    6. “Yes…yes….gooooood. Keep cannibalizing your own people, you foolish feminists. Soon, there will be no one to rely on as you will have destroyed your very foundation.”
      This is already happening. Many men are turning their backs on this cuntocracy. This generation has been raised by single mothers and they have realized through the horrible choices of their parents what a sewer they have given us.
      We don’t care about your 1st world problems anymore, your crying, your passive aggression. A new man is rising to smack down all these pukes and laugh while they’re doing it.
      You have asked for it western civilization! Now the savages are coming out. The barbarians aren’t at the gates. You gave birth to them.
      We are going to make you pay.

    7. This PM of Canada is a pussy.
      Example number one of what not to do: Do not ever apologize…it’s a waste of time. These types will never hear it, they will never take your word for it and they will continue to beat you over the head with it. Always stand firm and dismiss their behavior as childish (because it’s what they are…all children).
      This PM pussy should get eaten by his own. He sold his man card for a few votes (to get women on board, plus other men who are pusses) and now he’s paying the price.
      I would have told the people in the way…”Next time move out of the way you rude people. The man was trying to get by, you ignored him so I came to his aid.” Stand strong and stand by your words.
      This man isn’t a man…he’s a fucking pussy.

  3. Please explain how women are qualified to be in leadership positions Jen they are traumatized by an event so innocuous that it happens to me multiple times a day. If you couldn’t vote because of this, you shouldn’t vote. At all.

  4. Its about power and manipulation. The way 1984’s Inner party controlled the Outer party. Had this punk not kow towed it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  5. Lol……. I wonder how Putin would have reacted if this was in Russia.

  6. Lol ……… imagine this happening in Russia, I wonder how Putin would have reacted.

    1. Putin would appoint an emergency commission for the investigation of slut-tells amongst females in the State Duma

    2. Putin obviously wouldn’t elbow a woman, he would probably do a judo flip instead.

      1. a woman once thought putin elbowed her.
        it wasn’t his elbow.

    3. What this guy (Trudeau) represents is the kind of “girly man” that we have running things in the West. You see the same thing in Britain. Generally, the politicians resemble each other (Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Osborne, etc.) with this overly groomed, soft and smooth look to them. They don’t look like they would be any use in a fight.
      This is what has happened today. Your ability to lead depends on your ability to out bitch-move your opponents and appeal in as feminine a way as possible to the female voters and other scared girly men. These people represent the majority and such is the problem with democracy.

      1. Only land/homeowners should be citizens with the right to vote. That would fix everything in about 1 decade.

        1. Until a majority of landowners vote for universal suffrage which is essentially what happened before.

  7. The symbolism is hillarious. A strong independent womyn gets a cold shoulder from the government for 2 seconds and it’s all too overwhelming lol

    1. I don’t know how this “strong and independent” woman survives with all of the dangers at work (or in the world).
      You can’t have it both ways, ladies. You either “don’t need a man”…or you fucking do.

      1. When the government gives women welfare and perks, they don’t need a man, but when a spider crawls up a wall, eeeww!

  8. I’m afraid I’d have to disagree with the “brush” bit, it could have very well been a knock to the sternum with his elbow, he was trying to pull a grown man at arm’s length (his elbow is in the right area), he didn’t look where he was going and knocked into her when he stepped backwards.
    Ask anyone who practises self defence what being hit in the sternum is like, it isn’t nice even when done lightly, she might be guilty of a lot of the 50 tells, but even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

    1. So let’s just assume he did indeed do a little more than “brush against her.” Are we to assume that she can’t handle a little physicality in a situation where people were intentionally blocking the way? Was she seriously injured? Did she have to be inspected by a paramedic? Is she not indeed a strong, independent womyn? Sounds like manufactured outrage.

      1. I don’t think she was really intending to block the way, no she wouldn’t need to be checked over by a doctor, but neither do most people who are knocked in the sternum.
        I didn’t say it was going to hospitalise her or split her sternum, I simply pointed out that by paying attention I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a brush, and from my personal experiences I know it hurts even when a hit is pulled, so it isn’t unreasonable to think that someone pulling a grown man and not looking where he walked could actually knock her.
        Her having to handle physicality is irrelevant, she was at work in parliament, it was the last thing that she would expect, it isn’t the Turkish parliament, it is the Canadian one.
        I don’t get why simply pointing out a flaw in “it was just a brush bro” results in so many cases of begging the question, all I said was that it was more likely to be a knock to the sternum, and they aren’t nice.

        1. Yes, but without any sort of proof that it wasn’t merely a brush an individual shouldn’t be condemned. This is just another version of listen and believe. Let’s see a video of the incident. Was there any bruising? Even a red mark?

    2. This is a far stretch.. Have you ever been hit in the sternum? That shit will drop you quick, lose of breath etc. This would have gone a lot differently had she actually felt and displayed the presence of actual pain. It smells like a big fat SWJ excuse for her ridiculous actions prior to the “incident”. Sternum. lol hogwash

      1. Yes, I have been hit in the sternum a few times because I train for self defence.
        It wasn’t a fast strike, but he did step back into her, the weight of his elbow bumping into her wouldn’t drop her, but it certainly would hurt, because he was trying to pull an adult.
        But of course let’s spring to crying “SWJ” because doing something the author doesn’t like must mean she faked it.
        SWJ. lol

        1. Yes, Lets Spring to SJW! Because excuses for others especially if we weren’t there and didn’t see what happened or how it happened is for the fucking birds.

    3. Yes, possible. But even then, a mature crowd would have to acknowledge that no matter how much it hurt, it was nothing he did on purpose. I mean, Jesus, is that what you learn in kindergarden? You hurt somebody, you apologize. End of story. What would life be like if everyone who accidentally hurt somebody was to be exiled and stoned to death or picked on for the rest of his life? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

    4. The other side of it that was no addressed enough…how the man was trying to get through the crowd and no one was moving along to help him get through that crowd.
      It was done on purpose to stop him.

  9. ‘A chubby 6 with an almost cute face but no arse…’ 🙂 But what a bitch. I can’t believe I have to share a planet with trash like that.

  10. “Two years ago, a single mom working as a bartender at Carleton’s Oliver’s Pub shocked herself and everyone else by getting elected as an MP.”

    1. His best move would have been to ask her to see him later on if she really wants to be touched. That was just a taste of what the PM can do for you.
      That sorry shit will get you nowhere, fast. I say own up to it, either way, convince the crowd that she enjoyed it and double down on the touching later on (over drinks). She’ll fuck him…if he stops saying sorry.

      1. I’m amazed at how no one seems to have learned by many previous examples how bending over and being passive and saying “sorry” and writing long PR speeches does no good.
        Some men are just too weak, I guess.

  11. Women in politics/leadership is a terrible idea. The political environment must shift its focus/energy from important issues, and waste its effort, time and resources to establish an atmosphere that a woman can feel comfortable in. An important decision being determined in government can be put on hold or interrupted simply by the emotional attention seeking of a scorned woman. The concern is no longer what important discussion took place in determining the countries future within in the government, but rather ,was the well being of a woman placed in jeopardy.

    1. Right. It’s all about feelings and you saw this vote go from something of importance to “but he touched her” or “he roughed her up”. That’s how this group works. They ignore the facts, deflect and move to feelings once they are losing.

  12. You know how some (((people))) say things like feminism started off doing good things, like suffrage, then it went wrong?

    Just sayin’.

  13. Beta cock-knocker brushes woman with elbow = assault
    Alpha bad ass knocks out wife cold with sharp right uppercut = wet panties, “I forgive him cos he’s a great human being” bullshit
    Feminism 101

    1. Reminds me of that scene from Chronicles of Riddick where Karl Urban’s wife gets aroused after she provokes him into backhanding her so strongly that she flies across the room.
      Unfortunately, ex-NFLer Ray Rice demonstrated that it doesn’t work that way in reality.

      1. Well, that was the elevator rail’s fault. And of course, guess who still married the man in the end? I’m sure Trudeau wouldn’t still be with the woman if he did the same thing.

        1. I was under the impression that the marriage was done, at least in part, as a failed legal ploy.

      2. Actually, it may have. That incident was publicized to the level it was because TMZ made a story out of it, not because Janay Rice did. I remember her defending him and demanding privacy at first, and only when the media ran with the narrative regardless did she fall in line and played the part of a woman with grievance. This was also the case with Rihanna regarding Chris Brown. She only broke up with him because of public pressure.

  14. “Oh, Canada. You so silly.”
    Haha stoopid male feminists. Strap-on time for you trudeau
    If you want to understand Canadian politics watch South Park and pay especially attention to the issue of queefing

  15. “Men living in a bubble where they believe that touching someone with their arm by accident is a war crime. How do you expect these people to lead?”
    Yeah, this. Those are supposed to be the people making wise decisions? Guys and women screeching at each other and not accepting an – in my humble opinion – completely generous and compassionate apology to such a small “offense”? What kind of character strength is that? It makes me think back to the time when I was in Peru and was part of one or two ceremonies under the guidance of an experienced shaman. I imagine that elder in my head and think: Would he react that way? No, he would not. He would be too selfless to indulge in his own rage like a child in order to hurt another.
    I am not claiming that I would be a good leader, but I feel lost when I see what types of people are the leaders.

  16. Trudeau did what was best. By making the apology, he just made the opposition look like a bunch of dumb arses.

      1. Readers of ROK aren’t why he is trying to appeal to.Trudeau is trying to appeal to Canadians, who are going to watch the CBS segment on it, observe that he didn’t do anything, and then see that he apologized while opposition made it look like a big deal. Just like Trudeau, the opposition wants to appeal to Canadians, particularly they need to steal Trudeau’s left wing feminist voter base. The reason it turned into anything significant wasn’t because they actually thought he “Manhandled” her, it was because they thought they could get him kicked out of office (either of prime minister or his seat in parliament), thus eliminating a main piece of their opposition. I am pretty sure Trudeau is an opportunist, and I don’t think he actually believes any of the feminist bullshit he preaches, but this in the end is probably only going to backfire on the parties pushing the elbogate stuff.

        1. “Readers of ROK aren’t why he is trying to appeal to.Trudeau is trying to appeal to Canadians, who are going to watch the CBS segment on it”
          Ok but this right here is the fucking problem. He shouldn’t be trying to appeal to anyone. He should be doing and saying what he thinks and feels is right and people will decide to elect him or not.
          This is one of the many reasons that politics in general and voting specifically is fucking stupid. Anyone who can watch this clip and really think that there is actually “power” in that room is a fool. Not only does voting mean nothing, but who wins and loses means even less. It does not matter. Power doesn’t exist here. There is no difference between voting trump or hilary or putin or treudau or daffy duck or the bears or the cubs…hell vote for the montreal expos…they don’t even exist and it still wouldn’t make a difference.
          You want to see power take a look at a saudi royal family board room. Other than a few remaining absolute monarchies, most of which in the arab world, there is no place where politicians mean any more than local sports teams or the kardashians….scratch that, the kardashians are actually more important.
          Stay home on tuesday boys. The game has been set up for suckers and the only way to win is to not participate.
          Further, only by not participating do I believe you have any gravity in your opinions on politics. I may think you are a great guy, but if you are out there getting out the vote then your opinion simply doesn’t register as meaningful.

        2. It’s not just in Canada…it’s in the U.S. as well with our politicians. It’s why Trump is on the rise here with many Americans.
          Americans are tired of constantly apologizing (for everything)..especially if you’re a white man. Those days are over. These politicians have given rise to Trump because they’ve done nothing but the same shit (like this PM in Canada) for years. Now, shit is about to get real.

        3. Well, maybe this same shit does work, as you can see how Justin Trudeau is still popular and the Conservative Party is still a bunch of bumbling losers.

        4. As a “little l” libterarian, I am in total agreement with your voting sentiment. I can’t stand politics….just a bunch of slaves arguing over which masters will beat them less and feed them more.

        5. This can only happen for so long because change does come whether people want it or not. In this case, I think you’ll see people getting fed up with the nonsense and they will cause the change. You can only push people so far…and then there is the push back (it gets ugly).

        6. “Ok but this right here is the fucking problem. He shouldn’t be trying to appeal to anyone. He should be doing and saying what he thinks and feels is right and people will decide to elect him or not.” Wait, is this really coming from lolknee? You once told me “You don’t need to fix the problems. That is your problem. The desire to “fix” things comes from you. It assumes that it was right before and it is wrong now and it can be fixed.
          Stop trying to fix things. Be honest about what the word is. You can not change it into a better place. What you can do is turn it around, bend it over and fuck it in the ass.” Which is literally exactly what Trudeau is doing.
          “This is one of the many reasons that politics in general and voting specifically is fucking stupid. Anyone who can watch this clip and really think that there is actually “power” in that room is a fool. Not only does voting mean nothing, but who wins and loses means even less. It does not matter. Power doesn’t exist here. There is no difference between voting trump or hilary or putin or treudau or daffy duck or the bears or the cubs…hell vote for the montreal expos…they don’t even exist and it still wouldn’t make a difference.” Hey, I never said I support Trudeau, I said Trudeau is smart and knows how to use a situation to his advantage. I don’t think he actually believes any of his feminism crap, but look how far he has gotten in life by using feminism as a tool. He is the head of government of a country of 30 million people and has huge amount of global power, especially over SJW’s, worldwide.
          “You want to see power take a look at a saudi royal family board room.” Well no shit. The point of democracy isn’t to give any power, it’s for the public to actually revoke power from figures.
          “there is no place where politicians mean any more than local sports teams or the kardashians” I think you would actually like Singapore then. They are one of the few countries where the main party (People’s Action Party) follow a mantra of “do what is best for the people, and then what the people want”. And as a result, they control parliament by a 82% majority and Singapore is one of the most wealthy, least corrupt, and by all metrics greatest countries in the world. There is no celebrity politics there.

        7. “Wait, is this really coming from lolknee? You once told me “You don’t need to fix the problems. That is your problem. The desire to “fix” things comes from you. It assumes that it was right before and it is wrong now and it can be fixed.”
          I also said that if it gives you some personal satisfaction to try go right ahead. I think it is foolish. Why let that stop you? Arguing about it is what things with brains do.
          “Which is literally exactly what Trudeau is doing.”
          It looked to me like he was pandering to a bunch of people he was afraid would call him names. I could be wrong. I never heard of Trudeau until this article.
          “Hey, I never said I support Trudeau, I said Trudeau is smart and knows how to use a situation to his advantage. I don’t think he actually believes any of his feminism crap, but look how far he has gotten in life by using feminism as a tool. He is the head of government of a country of 30 million people and has huge amount of global power, especially over SJW’s, worldwide.”
          Ok fair enough. He is using it to his advantage in the short term. But is it in a long term advantage that everyone knows he is bent over and open for business ready to crumble at the first sign of being called a meanie? Being the head of a country of 30 million SJW’s so you are going to act like an SJW to win their favor is exactly 0 degrees separation from a beta white knight trying to save the princess.
          “Well no shit. The point of democracy isn’t to give any power, it’s for the public to actually revoke power from figures.”
          That is the idea but instead of giving the power to the people to grant or revoke what has happened is they have destroyed power and made a movie that looks remarkably like it while the matrix has been filled in with entertainment tv and social media etc.
          I think you would actually like Singapore then. They are one of the few countries where the main party (People’s Action Party) follow a mantra of “do what is best for the people, and then what the people want”. And as a result, they control parliament by a 82% majority and Singapore is one of the most wealthy, least corrupt, and by all metrics greatest countries in the world. There is no celebrity politics there.
          I don’t know much about it. I would very much like to be in Rome in about 2-1st century bce and be a member of the ruling class.

        8. “I don’t know much about it. I would very much like to be in Rome in about 2-1st century bce and be a member of the ruling class.” Explain.

    1. Whisky, arguing, flintlock pistols, slapping someone with a white glove….what’s not to love?

    2. did’t arron burr fucking kill hamilton in a duel? for that matter, Dick Cheeney fucking shot a guy in the face he was friends with and when that guy got out of the hospital he apologized to dick cheeny.

      1. Lesson learned? Don’t fuck with Dick Cheney. Even the Clintons picked up on that.

        1. when you come out of the hospital and say “I’m sorry my face got in the way of your gun” you know the recipient of that apology is pretty bad assed.

        2. Or, that you were an unsafe idiot, and ran out in front of your hunting line, and payed the appropriate price for it.
          It’s like running out in front of a car, the car may hit you, but it’s on you to apologize to the driver when possible.

      2. The more I learn about Hamilton, the more I’m thinking that Burr might’ve done the USA a service.

        1. I honestly don’t know anything about either of them other than they dueled which, ya know, is pretty bad assed.

    1. The problem with canada (and most other western nations) is that the strong and just are outnumbered by the weak and vapid. This matters greatly because in a democracy, the majority get to vote in whoever panders to their interests. We have a population of 35 million, of whom more than 40% live in just SIX sprawling cities.
      Large urban population means lots of post-feminist, over socialised yuppies who follow the crowd and vote based on feelings. Canada has vast expanses of wilderness that are populated with honest, tough, hard working people, but they are simply outnumbered by all the herpity derps living in big citys. If you doubt this, go work at a BC logging camp for a few weeks: They’ll make a man out of you yet!

  17. Actual slut analysis of a sitting member of the House of Commons, Canada. This is so right on the money.
    And Trudeau is a pushover much like his father.
    You guys also have Kevin Vickers which proves Canada still has badasses.

    1. But Canada just can’t seem to find one of its badasses to elect PM. Trudeau is a fruity pansy, and his predecessor Harper hid in a broom closet when stuff got real 🙁

  18. Wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up on stage as one of Taylor Swift’s “friends.”

    1. She’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man….
      Or she took a ton of dicks, didn’t know who the father was, and couldn’t manage to lock anybody down with her bastard baby.

  19. This Canadian faggot ought to have offered to pay her doctors bills for any injuries he caused this miserable dyke and then pressed, day in and day out until she mentioned she didn’t need a doctor and then should have publicly said “then shut the fuck you you disgusting cunt”

    1. I have known and do know a lot of faggots, and I know via which guys just appear faggy because they like blue haired whales or some such.
      And this butt muncher is a faggot. He is for sure a salami smoker, I’ve seen him now on a few clips and unless he’s an insane actor, he takes it up the butt.
      And with the rest I agree… Just wanted to point out that there cannot be any doubt.

      1. Yes. I would wager money that when this guy farts it just sounds like a gentle breath

        1. Have you heard the one where a foreigner goes to a Sauna in Sweden with a bunch of Swedish guys? So he feels like he’s got gas coming and pinches but it come out with almost a whistle like “piuuuuuuuuu”, and all the Swedish guys start laughing and pointing at him saying “virgin virgin this guy is still a virgin”?
          I heard that one in a neighboring Scandinavian country ;-).

        2. lol That can probably be appropriated to any country. I like it.

  20. BTW: Authors use of Truthmosis scale is just plain good writing in my book.

  21. ROK has had a few interesting new formats lately that I’m digging. Keep up the good work. Love how much info can be found via facebook, use her own attention whoring against her!

  22. Opportunistic post-wall single mother whore takes pathetic opportunity for personal advancement at the expense of all that is good and decent.

  23. This should’ve been done to Wendy Davis 4 years ago or whenever the blathering whore was at it.

  24. Brosseau was incidental. The pandering to her and Mulcair’s white knighting I just offensive.
    Justin had no need to do what he did. He tried to physically AMOG Brown, at Brown’s protest. What he did is pretty much assault, intent and force.
    He shouldn’t have been on that side of the aisle, the vote could have proceeded regardless of the tactics of the opposition.
    I see this as representative of the childish behaviour he exhibited showing off his newfound understanding of quantum computing, there again against the will of the journalist who asked a different question.

  25. Guys I’m gonna come out and say this now. Every public melee accusation is a false melee accusation.

    1. that’s not true. I was in sleepy’s and a mattress fell on me. I have sworn to carry a mattress around until that national chain is out of business.
      ps: “i will carry it around” is a loose translation of “i will have my beta followers carry this around.
      pps: I have a history of emails that says i am going to sleepys with the specific intention of knocking down a mattress and that i think that would be fun so, yeah, ignore that.
      ppps: After I am done being interviewed by national magazines and going to the state of the union i am going to release a video on line of me getting his with mattresses because I’m mad into that.

  26. And this is exactly why we need Trump and others like him until these people are drown out from public life. When we are young we all see this farcical behavior, laugh at and then we go about our business. But when we are older, “adults” seem as if they are somehow being forced to play this ridiculous charade. Trump will call out babies like this where ever they are and rightfully shame them into shutting their mouths.

  27. Trudeau will be PM of Canada for 12 years…it will be an excruciatingly rough 12 years…
    This effete mangina is turning Canada into a truck stop glory hole with all this SJW/faggot shit…it’s endless.

  28. What were her actual credentials for getting the job? Any background in politics or law? Did she serve on the board of a major corporation? Did she actually do anything important or productive, you know, ever?

  29. I’ve seen Trudeau likened to Canada’s version of 0bama so I’m not surprised to see that he’s spineless, eager to apologize and is dumber than a box of rocks.
    Given how flamboyant &, ah, stereotypical Trudeau is, and the gay jokes I’ve seen about him, I was surprised to learn that he actually isn’t “out and proud”.

    1. this fgt raised the gay flag on parliament for “pride” month. What a disgrace to this country,.

  30. Its like a normal day on London Underground. Actually no, it would be a very good day. Normally, people barge you like they’re playing rugby.

  31. She grew up in Kingston Ontario. What a surprise. Kingston is the hypergamy capital of North America.

  32. “it was very overwhelming” is her quote. Getting bumped in the chest caused her to miss a vote (aka doing her job). What a laughing mess of insanity is this all.

  33. Well, well. The cuck finally gets his reward for selling out his manhood and dignity to the degenerates. “But, I was one of the nice guys! Where did I go wrong?”

  34. So much for “strong” “independent” women. Getting bumped is now an excuse for doing your job.

  35. There the equivalent of the Catholic priest scandal of male high powered male feminists and they are trying to cover it up with feminist NGOs who want to gain more influence by pleasing badly behaving important men by attacking little guys who can’t fight back like PUA and university sports teams.
    I worked for the parliament and actually worked with Miss Vegas, know people who worked with Ghomeshi. Met Trudeau who is a total omega/beta. You guys always publish total outsider stuff that has no connection to how things actually work in parliament and always fall for the feminist bait each single time, and that makes you all look like extremists and pushes away a lot of conservatives from you.
    Ruth Allen Brousseau was re-elected, unlike the co-hort of accidental NDP MPs. So publish facts, and she is one of the hardest working members of parliament who actually attends her sessions unlike Trudeau who likes to skip going to work as much as he can when he was an MP. She has not been called Vegas since she proved herself and was relected unlike Paul Dewar, a very popular NDP MP foreign affairs critic, a guy you thought was tough who was elected before. To be elbowed in the breast is painful and shocking, and the next thing is all the Liberal journalists immediately start blaming the woman and so on.
    There is actually a strategy, and I left. The idea is that male feminists are too emasculated to go around and have game. Unless they have exceptionally good looks and a family name like Trudeau, male parliamentarians have trouble getting some. Also they spend half their time in Ottawa, half their time in another city. Some of their staff are this way too. They have no game and power – so instead of learning game, they abuse their position to get laid. And then feminists cover up for them, and to prevent dillusioning female feminists in parliament, work with NGOs like iHolloback, Cornered in Ottawa to blame pick up artists, college boys, and falsely accuse boys who can’t fight back.
    In the parliament there is a lot of free alcohol flowing provided by lobbyiests, like a frat house, except women are there are trying to network not get drunk. Conservative women are told that alcohol and boys are a bad combo, not to stay more than a half hour at networking events, leave before politicians take their second glass. Liberals and NDP encourage their women to stay and say “don’t worry it’s feminism”. The result is my friends, people I know have been raped and filed police reports, lost their jobs for filing police reports. It’s an epidemic in Liberals, NDP and CBC.
    Furthermore, in the Ghomeshi trial, the judge was liberal, and protecting his boy, but Ghomeshi had to admit he was humping his subordinates, said he didn’t know humping his subordinates was inappropriate and apologized. It was a dumb idea to try his ex girlfriends on the fact that sex was consensual but the hitting wasn’t in the BDSM when you have a liberal judge. I have not seen a single case when a liberal harassed or raped a woman who was important enough, where it resulted in consequences except for those two liberal MPs, that had a long history with harassing liberal staff before they raped the two NDP MPs who ended up hospitalized.
    What you don’t understand that is in Canada, there was even law police couldn’t investigate rape cases in the parliament – it was seen as a perk of the job. Meanwhile, Conservatives, who don’t have a high rape rate are always accused of misogyny. Conservatives have a Christian backbone, so they deal with harassment and rape seriously, to make sure harassment doesn’t go out of hand so MPs think rape is ok. They have an internal process of if someone goes to their HR and says I am being harassed, can you move me to another office, that they do. If the girl keeps doing that, it’s her that’s not truthful. But if they move her, no problems, and then women in a certain office keep requesting privately to switch the office, the behavior is investigated. I haven’t seen harassment in that party that is not feminist.
    In the mean time rape and sexual harassment among high ranking male feminists in Canada is like the Catholic priest molestation scandal. Sadly, that’s an issue I have trying to bring up and trying to expose the feminists who get ahead by blaming women who come forward internally, black mouth them, destroy their repuations and lie about them so they can get ahead in their careers. In athiest parties like NDP and Liberals, women have a great incentive if the fat beta of the office tells the new girl : you sleep with me or I fire you…. and tries to force himself after pushing her to drink at a networking event – to take his side. Then the harassers and their feminist female enables are always at pro women and feminist events like Equal Voice.
    They come up with strategies to defame pick up artists like Luke Howard, prevent survivors from trying to resolve internally so they are forced to go to the media. Ottawa and Canada isn’t the US. There are only so many jobs, it’s a small town, you open your mouth – the women are vicious, it’s the end of your career. With Ghomeshi, Ryerson had a turn over of girls who complained about the internship with Ghomeshi internally so they banned the internship.
    The goal of these feminists is to divide and conquer, spread propaganda on sites like this that lean right wing to make sure that women don’t come forward, Liberal men have a right to rape and harass staff, meanwhile to cover up for reduced morale, they blame pick up artists (before they even touched Roosh), males in sports teams, and other males without the resources to fight anti-defamation lawsuits. This serves a double purpose. Men will lack sympathy for women who tried to resolve their issue of dignity in the workplace internally and are forced to go to the media, and be cruel to people who have PTSD. About 50% of rape victims have PTSD unlike only 13% of war veterans – because this is the way the brain is designed. So all this women’s “liberation” of pre-marital sex is very damaging psychologically too.
    Here is a convicted case of a liberal darling, some omega/beta Hollywood director who survived Auschwitz but is the Woody Allen type intellectual. He raped a 13 year old girl, used drugs/alcohol for it as he had no game. Everyone blamed the 13 year old girl, and said the world wasn’t enlightened enough. They just didn’t understand
    Contrast this with how media routinely falsely accuses conservatives, especially but not limited to Canada, falsely accusing a member of parliament being a “baby killer” because of Aylan Kurdi’s family were impatient with Canada’s screening process and took a boat illegally to Turkey were he drowned. http://globalnews.ca/news/2301750/watch-out-of-parliament-but-unrepentant-chris-alexander-slams-hippy-trippy-liberals/
    With EblowGate a lot of Conservatives pushed about this double standard and about all the Liberal women jumping to attack Ruth Brousseau.
    I know people in the CBC – Ghomeshi was a problem, isn’t the only problem. If you are male feminist beta, you used to be able to rape women with impunity and female feminists to get ahead would then work with the local feminist association and push women to push false accusations of powerless men, like Julie Lalonde did of Luke Howard.
    The Lauretian elite male feminists and their female feminist enforcers think they had a lock and key on the system. Also Liberals like to race bait, get immigrant vote take it for granted, when immigrants who lobby conservatives get a better deal. Also Canadians are known to be polite, not brave. But then this lobby messed with the wrong Arab immigrant. Me, and my friends. I am brave, do not bow to anyone but God, don’t fear death much less career stupidity – I left to become an entrepreneur – have the woman card, have the Arab card, Muslim card, person of colour card. Plus nobody can accuse me of being a slut – they tried, but I was a virgin until my wedding night, so it exposed them.
    I destroyed their false accusation Cornered in Ottawa and iHolloback false accusation of PUA projects. The rot is very bad. It’s a system.
    Not all accusations of women are false. Unlike women accusing PUAs & college boys, there are consequences for accusing your boss in Canada, people will be scared and not hire you. Going to the police after being raped and the rapist is an important male feminist, you are fired. Consequences are different.
    Also in parliament & CBC, its typically a fat high powered entitled old beta using his position on young women instead of learning game to get impunity. When I brought up harassment in parliament with the NDP women’s critic Niki Ashton and asked for ways to fix the system so it could be resolved internally and women would not be forced to go to media – the NDP moved her from women’s critic to aboriginal affairs, blocked me and had Julie Lalonde give a feminist seminar to the NDP blaming men for having rape culture …but doing nothing to address moving staff from offices nor advising women not to drink and leave early from events and have an internal female networking program like conservatives. Meanwhile Julie Lalonde then teamed up with girls to falsely accuse pick up artists called Cornered in Ottawa.
    People I know involved in harassment and covering it up go to Equal voice events.
    Feminists, liberals, Putin are all smart, they serve to divide and conquer strong men. They mix real events where there is a difference of power and immunity that leads to the abuse of this power, with false accusations, so that women will be scared to go to men who can do something about this. They played this game with Muslims & immigrants before.
    What I saw with my own eyes in Canada made me an anti feminist – then when I saw people crying over Short Haired Girls are Damaged – I opened it and it made sense to me. Triggering is an art by the way – if you go too far and sound like the real threat, pro censorship people feel justified, you get ostracized & not taken seriously. There is a lot of support to do something against feminist false accusations of lower powered males – but when there is a serious problem, even in the French parliament of betas abusing their positions to not learn game, and female feminists covering up and you take their side, people see a bunch of teenage boys who don’t get the situation.
    Just like men, women want dignity in the work place and the home. Sadly feminists are bringing us back to the Neanderthal days. I think feminists have done more than any misogynist to destroy women’s dignity.
    In the Middle East, in Yemen, one female soldier was imprisoned by a high powered guy who said he’d release her if she married him. All men and women were outraged and men fought against this harassment and got her released. Men and women together fight street harassment and revolutionary youth worked together male and female to end street harassment in areas controlled by revolutionary youth in the Change squares. Yemeni men always promote Yemeni women, because we respect our men, value their sacrifice, work together as one unit. Due the way women behave because of feminism, I don’t see western women getting 1/10th of the respect from western men that Yemeni Muslim women get from their men.
    Feminists cry wolf, so when the wolf comes nobody believes women. This is why you’ll probably dismiss this post, but that’s how it works. Take it or leave it. So this is how the system works – and you are all being used as scapegoat so that beta males who make it to the top of the liberal elite can harass and rape with impunity.

    1. Maria it’s good form to keep your comments shorter than the actual article.

      1. What happened happened and I worked in the parliament – mainstream media is trying to silence my account – I think it is very useful because it’s the whole corrupt system of how and why false rape allegations happen by feminists. I saw it with my own eyes and it’s not fun.

    2. She was re-elected because of her pussy pass…no politician works hard (Other than Trump)……the job is a joke.
      What is amazing is the praise she gets for doing a job ANYONE can do. Her job as a bar wench was harder.
      She won her first seat in government because of the Frenchie politics in KBEK….she was the alternative to the Liberals who were decimated in KBEK in that election, hence the rise of Trudeau.
      She was re-elected because she is a single mom and it makes a good socialist story! She’s a fucking dingbat.
      KBEK is the asshole of Canada, the retarded step-child, the welfare pigs that people who work hard and create wealth, hate.

      1. Actually she took my member of parliament’s hours and was up late working long when everyone else left the building. When my male MP had a sick kid to take care of, she was always the one who found time. Because of the Vegas name, she was trying to prove herself. If you are going to be like a feminist and cry wolf about Pussy pass and lie when some other NDP young female MPs were not relected – nobody is going to take you seriously in the conservative movement – and many laugh at people like you as “they are a bunch of teenagers that never grew up, just discovering their teenage years as adult men.” She works her ass off, and ask people in her riding, she worked much harder than the person before, because of the whole Vegas thing. She wanted to prove herself.
        The reason people take Trump seriously is that he isn’t a liar and feminists are. If you go around lying like a feminist to push your ideology – nobody will take you seriously, as SDW, or social disturbance warrior. Social Justice Warriors lie and virtue signal and some people tolerate their meanness and lies because at least they pretend to virtue signal, but you don’t. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ruth-ellen-brosseau-s-rise-from-paper-candidate-to-ndp-star-1.2640310
        The article is skewered and biased by removing the post election stories and focusing on slut tells. It is dishonest. Many conservatives have a problem with it. You want broader support start being honest, not sacrificing truth for ideology.

        1. OMG, STFU! None of you politician scum “work” , you are all nothing but whores sold out to lobbies, parasites, liars and hypocrites. So you “worked” in the corrupt, race traitor, misandrist government with her did you, we are all very impressed. Trump isn’t a liar? He hasn’t even won yet and he is already softening his tone by saying that blocking more mudslime, terrorist rapefugee immigration that brought the likes of you here “was just a suggestion” to pander to cuckservatives who are still on the fence about skipping voting. The government is supposed to be all about the rule of law and order yet true to form you hypocritically comment on a site that has a clear “no twat commenter” rule, so cut 2 eye holes out of a bed sheet and fak off back to the desert so you can get pelted with stones along with that Con-cordia Joo-niversity “professor” who thought she could preach her feminist bs in the mid east. P.S. the myth your commie faggot ancestor told you about chasing the nazis to Berlin is a total croc of hummus, just like the holohoax. The commies made old women and little girls dig ditches with shovels to stop the german tanks from advancing because they would own the commies in tank battles even though the soviet tanks outnumbered german tanks 10 to 1! You are the perfect example of the product of poisonous soviet cultural marxism, a ululating camel faced propaganda agent attempting to elevate your status by claiming partial slavic ancestry. You are the “diversity” who managed to make a frozen shithole like Can’t-a-duh even worse than when it was all hosers, indians (feather not dot) and french quebecers (AKA white canadian dindus) like this Vegas girl, teen mom skank who is the perfect spokesperson for cheap, ugly, white trash Montreal strippers/prostitues. Can’t-a-duh is hell on earth, in the states they got the “melting pot” concept where there is at least the pretense of an attempt at assimilation. Can’t-a-duh has “multiculturalism” where the invaders are not even expected to bother, which is why the parliament looks like a facking UN convention

        2. Turdeau junior is not pretending to be a feminist for political gain, he was raised by a self proclaimed feminist “mother” with actual diagnosed mental problems. A hypergamous gold digger who married a beta virgin old enough to be her father (prime minister Turdeau senior). She got busted at the airport for trying to smuggle drugs in the prime minister’s luggage but of course nobody did any time. There are pictures of her flashing her vagina while going commnado under a mini skirt and she cucked her husband by letting the Rolling Stones run a train on her. Jagger said she was the craziest/sluttiest groupie he has ever had. After that this pole smoker Justin trots her out in public to kiss her ass and to credit her for being the reason he is a male feminist! Don’t feel bad for Turdeau senior though, he was the worst criminal in Canadian history and guilty of high treason when he decided to violate the constitution by borrowing Canada’s own currency from a foreign bank at compound interest rather than having the government issue it into circulation.
          Do a search for Trudeau 1974 if you would like to be further disgusted by how he guaranteed every generation would be poorer than the one that came before it. The fact that these swine are seen as national dynastic royalty by three generations, that so many can identify with/ relate to and that a bunch of ignorant old baby boomer hippies who sold out their own children and mortaged their grandchildren’s future for immediate luxury for themselves voted for Justin because they loved his father so much tells you all that you need to know about the abysmal stupidity of the majority of canadians.
          Of course junior doesn’t mention a word about his old man’s crime, instead he pardons a sodomite post mortem that his father jailed for indecency and crimes against nature back when Can’t-a-duh was not yet literally the gayest country on earth by being the first to legalise that plague spreading degeneracy

        3. Ex first “lady”/ Justin mommy snatch
          Once Trudeau senior stopped financing her lifestyle she dumped him and further humiliated him by writing a book about cucking him to make money
          No surprise she has a butt pirate for a son, mental illness is clearly hereditary

  36. Couldn’t happen to a douchier globalist puppet. Although it’s more fuel on the fire in terms of the west’s decay, I always get a good laugh when one of these male feminists gets bitten in the ass.

  37. Justin Trudeau est un clown qui fait passer le Canada pour un pays de moumounes sur le plan international.
    Pour ce qui est de Ruth Ellen Brosseau, elle fait partie de ces “cônes oranges” qui ont été élus lors de la vague du NPD en 2011. Je me demande comment les gens de sa circonscription on pu la réélire.

  38. Good grief, he even has the Millennial fag lisp.
    The key here is if you decide to be a faggy male feminist prog, you’ll have to prepare yourself for walking on eggshells for the rest of your life.

  39. Another girly, beta, lib/prog more concerned with keeping his own backside in office than with doing what is right for the long-term future of his country.
    A more appropriate response would have been to state that he didn’t see her but if you are going to be in the rugby scrum, you expect a few licks. The s**tlord response would be to send her a women’s fencing chest protector in XXX-large.

  40. Justin && Bawak, have one thing in common ?? Guess what ?? Beside both of them being insane clowns ??

  41. The thought of a disgusting woman such as this being in power is stomach churning. A 32 year old acting like an hyperventilating 17 year old still caught up,in student politics.
    Be afraid, she should be ashamed to be in parliament with her low integrity.

  42. “Scuse me… Cheeky grin.” -The Donald.
    “Nuclear elbow attack.” I’m still trying to figure out how life will be in 2030 in my plastic bubble and a piece of duct tape over my mouth. How am I going to push a shopping cart? Will my plastic bubble have arms so I can collect my groceries? No! Idiot, you might bump into some delicate little flower with your bubble arms. When I have my genitals removed, will I have to pee through a pretty pink tube?
    Let’s fast forward to 2090. “Your grandfather, now that was a “real man,” he had the biggest bubble I’d ever seen. All the other men had a pretty pink bubble but not your grandfather, he had a purple bubble and he didn’t care what anyone thought of it. All the other men had a 20 foot leash, your grandfather added 2 feet to his leash and nobody knew. He knew he was running the risk of getting caught but he didn’t care. That’s how he earned his nickname, “The cowboy.” A real man, we can all take a page from his book, now run along.”

  43. Wow, good call. That was a really nice, genuine smile from Megyn when Donald says “scuse me.”
    Trump School of Leadership, I’ll be damned.

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