Silicon Valley Darling Elizabeth Holmes Goes From A Net Worth Of $4.5 Billion To Zero

The woman touted as “the female Steve Jobs” has had her wealth revised by Forbes from $4.5 billion last year to $0 this month. Elizabeth Holmes, whose name has been associated with all manner of feminist attempts to claim that women are inherently awesome at business, founded the blood-testing company Theranos. Yet Theranos has been involved in scandal after scandal recently, largely based on the company’s obsession with secrecy and claiming without verification that its Edison blood-testing device is “revolutionary.”

On the back of what appears to be sensationalized statements about the Edison device, Theranos has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in investor money. The allegedly illegal manner in which that money was raised has even led recently to the opening of criminal investigations by both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the northern California district of the US Attorney’s Office. Others have accused Theranos of consumer fraud. Like with the likely criminal charges, should just one of the pending customer lawsuits succeed, it is hard to see how Holmes could not have been intricately involved in any wrongdoing. The company has already admitted its products fall well below what it itself has said about them–it had to reissue two whole years of blood tests because of rampant inaccuracies.

Even the perennial feminist propaganda mouthpieces are having to report on (some of) the major facts

Forbes‘ frank admission is glaring not just for the rapid decline in Holmes’ theoretical astronomical wealth. The more revealing aspect, rather, is how the publication has gone from trumpeting the mere smell of the Stanford dropout to questioning both her credibility and underlying honesty. An article by Fortune was even more savage. Forbes‘ rival pointed out that Holmes should never have been considered a billionaire in the first place, even though it, too, had made the mistake of referring to her as such.

Additional publications, Inc. among them, have been quietly juxtaposing the seeming downfall of Elizabeth Holmes, which started in earnest last year, with the stories of established business fraudsters. Whilst not overtly disseminating fraud accusations against the founder herself, the implied allegations are obvious.

That these allegations are even circulating so widely in mainstream print is an anomaly. Over recent years, outlets such as ForbesFortune and Inc. have regressed into the pumping out of feel-good pop psychology pieces and, frequently enough, contrived SJW propaganda. For example, all three have engaged in ridiculous fawning over Gamergate liars Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu. [1] [2] [3] The disasters enveloping Theranos and the world of Elizabeth Holmes have been sufficient for usually highly biased coverage to shift markedly given the typical leftist media climate.

Problematically, though, most outlets have been extraordinarily reticent to associate Elizabeth Holmes herself with potential criminal conduct, despite the huge control she wields over Theranos and the number of technology patents registered in her name. More so than, say, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Holmes continues to carve out a reputation as a hands-on manager. And then there’s that fixation on secrecy, which, thanks to media, governmental and Silicon Valley acquiescence, has allowed Theranos and Holmes to operate without proper scrutiny. Compulsive secrecy is bad enough when the company offers a social media platform, but it is particularly unacceptable when the big business in question is in the healthcare industry, on which the lives of millions of people literally depend.

Was there a cover-up?

General James Mattis went from fielding Elizabeth Holmes’ emails, which requested the suppression of concerns about her company’s products, to being on her board of directors.

We live in a very heavily populated world. Despite the overall leftist bent of the media, there are countless newspaper reporters who would be nominally willing to put career advancement ahead of leftwing ideology and publish about the Theranos debacle much earlier and in much greater detail. So why didn’t they? The answer probably lies in the repeated attempts of powerful interests to dial down any negative attention focused on Elizabeth Holmes and her corporate project.

One failure deserves special attention. Months before Holmes’ $0 net worth evaluation, The Washington Post revealed that she had petitioned a now retired US Marines commander, General James Mattis, to quash concerns within the military that Theranos’ market offerings were bonafide duds. One military official was so flabbergasted by a lack of medical and other evidence behind the company’s products that they sought a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation. This desire for greater testing of Theranos’ claims, in a context of soldiers’ lives being at risk, amounted to nothing. Also, Mattis found himself appointed to a Theranos board position some time later. If this does not raise ethics alarm bells for you, I do not know what will.

I am not one for conspiracy theories, but even the simplest kinds of third party due diligence could have exposed the apparent scam of Theranos years ago. Having patents for products in no ways prevents determinations about their efficacy. And in the case of information suppressions like within the US military, any earlier fact-finding missions were promptly jackknifed.

This is what happens when you put “females in business” above actual business success

Oppressed female workers, clearly.

Under the rules of “gender equality,” because we had Steve Jobs, we needed a female Steve Jobs. So media outlets and others came together to create one in Elizabeth Holmes. It did not matter that one could make out how well an iPhone or MacBook worked based on personal use, whereas a blood testing device should be looked at and evaluated intensely by independent experts. What did matter was that Holmes could serve an ideological purpose: women are not as good as men at business, they are even better.

The end result is that many investors have almost certainly been fleeced or at the very least shortchanged, customers have been ripped off, and the lives of the sick and vulnerable, who depend on accurate health tests, have been gravely jeopardized.

Once again, feminism says it helps society when it really undermines and endangers it.

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  1. I still wonder how this company made it past anyone with experience in the blood testing industry. It seems like such an obvious scam.

    1. Because “Women in power” and if you shout it down or ask for any scholarly evidence to back it up you are called sexist and fired.

  2. “General James Mattis”
    The same General Mattis who was being looked at for a presidential run at the 2016 convention?

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        2. Mine got depressed, I tried to keep it happy but it hung itself in the garage.

        3. before Amazon settled on using drones, they toyed with the idea of using catapults

        4. Sounds like less stuff would get lost like it does through the postAL service.

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        6. dude, hes gotta be the size of a boulder now, there isnt a birdcage on earth big enough to keep him in

        7. well that doesn’t sounds very good. When the hell will I get a day off.

        8. Fucking hilarious!!! Just pure gold!! Tears ran down my cheeks.
          Got show this one to my dad, he was always battling with the squirrels.

      1. It was really hard to do, but I knew that the best thing for both of us would be letting little
        Ian Livingstone run free, so I released it back into the wild:

      2. At least, unlike Tamagotchis, these won’t die on you. If one does, you deserve a kick in the nuts so you don’t have real babies.

  3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- women are not leaders. Forget about leading a company, women cannot even lead the family household. Thats why the divorce epidemic is at an all time high. Yet somehow, there is this never ending cycle of false propoganda which states otherwise- women are great, women are superior, women don’t need any men etc. The laws of nature are something of a strange yet powerful force which somehow, always ends up restoring the natural harmony and order of our species. When men are replaced by the state, and women are provided the keys towards “building” our society, then one can expect the worst results.
    The idea of women running companies down to the ground is nothing new nor should it come as a surprise. Look at what is happening to Yahoo and other companies alike, where we now have this push by corporate America to force this ridiculous notion that feminism triumphs everything including logic and reasoning. No longer will meritocracy count for anything but rather, what is more important is making sure that our quotas and diversity training replaces productivity. After men have been disparaged and bullied by today’s modern day women, it amuses me to see the corporate world burn down. More layoffs and merges, resulting in more of these useless and unskilled HR and management losing their jobs, is the perfect form of justice that men can see for the time being.
    Again, this is simply a correction that is being made by nature. I really don’t have any enthusiusm or any interest reading about the latest trend of female CEOS and women making “progress” in today’s world, because the reality is that it makes no real positive difference to the world. Instead, it only encourages more pyschological bullying by career narcissistic monsters, more divorces, more households being destroyed, more men becoming displaced from society and turning into emasculated simps and so on and so forth. One should honestly ask, if anything good has ever come out of a women being given the reigns to a company? Therefore, for the time being, we can expect to see more and more of these stories where all of these companies are losing profits and sliding down the toilet. But what you won’t hear about is the actual reasoning behind it, as it is considered too politically incorrect to point out the fallacies of a women leading.
    In all honesty, there has never been a better time for a man to venture out on his own into the world of entrepreneurship and starting his own company. Not only would you be able to escape the insane environment that has become of the corporate world, but as men, you can easily stand out from the crowd of female entrerpreneurs and CEOs, and can demonstrate how business is really done, from a successful stand point of view.

    1. You can’t be a “leader” if you cannot control your emotions. So you’re not allowed a little Wednesday morning snarkfest over why there is no more dairy creamer in the company refrigerator. Your coworkers will resent Mrs. Leader’s backhand comments, her inability to hold frame, and her posturing for status gratification.
      They are, as you point out, not leaders at their core. It’s like asking a fish to ride a bicycle.

      1. correct. Leadership is totally divorced from emotion. It is why men went out for a drink to blow off steam after work.
        When I see women (or what passes today for men) at a happy hour I laugh. In my job screaming, infighting, super high testosterone fueled arguments and being on point begins in the morning and lasts all day. Despite my ability to interact here, which is a great steam valve, there is just a ton of shit going on and it is all “the most important thing in the world”
        What makes me good at my job is doing it without emotion. When everyone is screaming I am a calm little center. It is why the focus of power shifts back to me so often.
        I can’t imagine what it must be like being in a business dominated by women and I def have no idea what will happen when women come to dominate the real estate development business.

      2. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen too much emotion mess up a business deal, situation, or relationship up. Though, a lot of men these days operate with too much emotion also. But as a leader you can ill afford the effects interjecting too much emotion into an situation. The buck stops with you. There are too many people depending on you; for you to let how you are feeling at any given moment, screw up the business.

      3. My girlfriend is Russian and next to screechy feminists she looks like the Terminator lol. She’s also a dance choreographer and about as feminine as you can get- some women are smarter than to be ruled by their emotions. Feminists and SJWs however are slaves to them, in fact their entire platform is emotions.

    2. Women not just can’t lead, they don’t lead. They are never given control of an institution unless it’s already in irreversible decline (Yahoo) or marked for destruction (the family, the church). It’s the master class’s way of ensuring none of their members goes down in history as the man (they’re all men) who oversaw its demise.
      That’s a big reason the prospect of a Hillary Clinton White House should frighten you. The big boys are about ready to pull the plug on what remains of the republic and replace it with something more to their liking.
      That something won’t have much room for honest entrepreneurs, unless you count usury and the white slave trade as honest enterprise.

    3. In all honesty, there has never been a better time for a man to venture out on his own into the world of entrepreneurship …

      Not from an economic standpoint. Today’s Big Government is doing all that it can to :”surreptitiously” grind small business under its heel.
      I suspect that it’ll be a far better time than now to launch a small business once The Donald’s proposed reforms are implemented.

      1. I can give you first hand account for HP in India, I used to work for HP (Combined), As soon as Meg Whitman completed the split for HP in October 2015, the roll to the bottom began, guys started to leave in droves, I too left HP soon, but guess what, not one of the women till date from HP have resigned from the team I worked with and the extended team too, for them it’s a full paid picnic with no work at all …., they never worked earlier and won’t work now …

    1. That sounds like man. Somewhat like Doctor Girlfriend from Venture Bros.

      1. Any heavy smoking lowers a woman’s voice, whether it’s cigarettes, pot, or cock.

      2. How so? I have always been repulsed by deep, low voiced women. I suspect most men are.

    2. It is a put on, and that stupid turtle neck sweater. She’s trying to look like Steve jobs, she’s a total fraud. She has no identity of her own, typically forward thinkers are a little bit eccentric, but not in a plastic, fake way like she is. So transparent.

      1. Yeah, this is my hunch too. Her persona is obviously prefabricated. Someone needs to find audio of her before she decided to create the Stephanie Jobs act.

    3. ahhahahahahah thats fucking mad and i hope its contrived for her sake !!

      1. That was a fun movie, and rather red pill in its own way. Corporate Powwwrrr Grrrl goes soft and gooey and becomes very feminine over a very masculine man. That chick was quite fetching once they started putting feminine clothes on her, as I recall.

    4. Whoa. Haven’t heard a voice like that from a woman since I encountered a particularly dedicated transgender.
      This woman could give Hillary Clinton and Snarly Carly Fiorina lessons. Perhaps she’s assisted by the microphone in some capacity but still, damn.

    5. She sounds like Columbus from Zombieland. Ugh.

  4. I am really saddened by Gen Mattis going over to this scam. When I was in the Corps he was always admired as being the most honorable and courageous of the Generals, a true devil dog. To hear that he sold out the troops for a cushy corporate job makes me sick.

  5. true fact: she has a tattoo of Charles Ponzi on her shoulder

  6. Wasn’t there an ROK article that predicted this last year?

        1. Behold! RoK has proven better at predicting market fraud and failures than the nation’s most popular financial rag.
          I wonder what else we could be right about…

        2. I like that website. Any site with a Fightclub quote and good information is a winner in my book. Thank you

        3. Zerohedge is pretty good. It’s one of the few business analysis sites that reports from a free market perspective. Most others are some kind of Keynesian propaganda centers.

  7. The sad thing in all this is that her product sounds like something amazing.
    We live in an age where medical technology has been stagnating. Any innovation in that field is a godsend.

    1. I think the idea sounds amazing. There appears to be some discrepancy where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

      1. correct…like all women she will never understand that just saying something would be, like, totally cool is not the end of it.
        An idea, especially a large scale one, takes work to go from whiteboard to reality.
        like, it would, ya know, be like totally awesome if we had a machine that would, ya know, like totally and in every way perfectly, do all of our household chores just like a maid and if it were like super affordable and would never fail and always be absolutely perfect that would be AWESOME!
        Yeah, great…here’s 5 billion dollars cunt.

        1. I know you get this, but I think it’s about coming to realize that what men mean when we say “reality” is one thing and what women mean is irrelevant.
          Just some for instances on what a woman calls reality and the actual reality of it:
          1) I’m a big executive in charge of a bunch of other people. (Thinks animals are people too; has several cats. Co-workers despise her and mock her behind her back).
          2) I invented something. (I played pretend all day and talked for-eeever, now give me candy because my head aches).
          3) That guy is undressing me with his eyes, making me uncomfortable. (That man is uncomfortable/bored and trying to determine how one manages to get a bag of marshmallows into a thimble since you take up his entire view no matter where he looks; real-world problem solving with engineering!).
          4) The world is oppressing me because I’m a woman. (The world gives fuck-all about you, it is not your mother despite popular myth and fantasy, and it eagerly anticipates your being six feet inside of it).
          5) I deserve it all and I don’t need a man. (Men should give me everything I want and if they don’t then they are oppressing me and other men should make them comply and if they don’t I’ll have a tantrum).

        2. atta boy! clearly you hit the gym this morning…musta been drinking soy milk yesterday

  8. Male: I put my entire life savings into this invention. I have several patents in force and have $100,000 in sales with a 75% profit margin. I just need an investment of $50k for more inventory since I am back logged.
    Media: meh.
    Female: I have an idea and a vagina.
    Media: Sold! Here’s a billion dollars.

    1. At this point a man can invent a warp drive and we’ll still be stuck on earth with cunts running everything.

        1. Oh, pardon me. We would just take the virgin girl children with us, wait for them to become fertile in a controlled environment (Sandwich School) and start civilization far away from the harpies.

        2. you must watch it. Most of it’s set on a gay nigger federation starship

        3. I might follow your example and keep that possibility on a list in my hindbrain.
          Actually I think your protestations disguise an attraction to watching Gay Niggers from Outer Space

      1. Vaguely remember like a year or so ago there was a guy who was part of the space exploration sector and accomplished something monumental but he still got bullied by feminazis for his t-shirt depicting big-titted bitches or something along those lines.. anyone remember that?

        1. yup, landed something on an asteroid, remembered for his dopey shirt(bought for him by his girlfriend).

        2. She was more of a female acquaintance, and she had sewn the shirt herself as a gift for the scientist who later landed the probe or whatever on a moving asteroid. Obviously, it wasn’t professional, but when you do something monumental such as this, you have the right to roll up to work in a Snuggie for all I care.

        3. Yeah, he started crying and begging for mercy. I wish Donald Trump would wear such a t shirt. If some feminists tried to shame him for it, I don’t know what his response would be, but I know it wouldn’t involve tears (at least his own) and groveling.

        4. yeah. i really wish the guy hadn’t cried publicly like that. it would have been so great if he would have stood up to the SJW hordes. a rant about appreciating female beauty, or something like that. maybe his career would have taken a hit, but you’d think a brilliant guy like that could bounce back, somehow.

        5. The scientist’s name is Matt Taylor, he was in charge of Philae probe landing on a comet. The shirt was in the style of the 50’s sci fi girls n space. That was epic fail for the feminazis. Yes, Matt had to cry and beg for forgiveness on live television, but it left a lot people with bad taste in their mouths. Here is guy landing a probe on a comet and you have to bitch and moan about his t-shirt. One of the cracks in the reputation of feminism in the general public’s mind.

        6. The Donald wearing something besides a bespoke suit? Heresy!
          Closest we’re probably going to get to that is Trump’s unofficial acolyte Milo donning one; according to him, it’s the official garb of “world patriarchy day”. 😉

        7. To be fair, he looks like the kind of guy who cried when Bambi’s mother died.

        8. In those 25 minutes between when he landed the probe and they lost contact Mr. Taylor did more for mankind than any of the feminists berating him did and will do in their entire lives.
          He should have apologized in the following manner:

          “This shirt was a gift from a friend, who is a woman, who earns a living making shirts like this…
          …are you saying you’re against women earning a living?”

        9. That’s nothing poor Tim Hunt was forced to resign after winning a Nobel fucking Prize for stating, “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry”

        10. Hunt is different story. He made a joke at the conference and everyone that was there knew it was joke. The media and feminists on the other hand went full throttle on destroying him. It was later discover the person who reported about the joke as statement, lied about it.
          Taylor on the hand was lucky, his problem was his shirt and was on camera for the world to see. Hunt didn’t have any video to repeal the lynching mob against him. He currently in Japan at this moment. England loss one of its brightest minds for superficial virtue.

        11. Same as Ike Turner. Created the an amplifier, revolutionized rock n roll. Only known for beating Tina turner.

        12. And that shirt was a birthday gift from a FEMALE friend of his. That whole episode was a disgrace. Very, very disgusting how they bullied him. There are some very fucked up individuals on this planet.

        13. He should have said this.. “It was a gift from a very dear friend and I wore it to honor her and our friendship. Period.” And left it at that…

      2. The difficulty of settling the “new frontier” would make boys into men. And it would create a separate “tribe” of humans and cause mankind to identify the entire world as a single “tribe” against the “tribe” of space-farers. (think “Star Trek”)
        We can’t have that now can we?

      3. The feminists run nothing. Feminism has been a tool of the ruling class to keep would be challengers down for decades if not longer.

    2. What tickles me is someone (Thunderf00t, maybe?) pointed out how it was an obvious fraud when the original Forbes piece was published. I think she was already under investigation, but someone inflated her company’s value anyway.
      Up next on the obvious fraud chopping block: that water bottle that can supposedly fill itself.

      1. This started long ago with the two and then three-bladed razor. Shit, even Saturday Night Live parodied it and we’re up to what now? Five blades? Six?

        1. “The new Gillette Triple Trac! Because if you believe this, you’ll believe anything!”
          Or something like that. That SNL skit probably held up the “progress” to 3 blades for years…

    3. Women…breaking the glass ceiling – that men built and with a hammer that men invented.
      So much for independent business women.

    4. Sounds like the chick who founded Spanx. Spanx, the female product created for no other purpose than to deceive men into thinking a woman is actually in shape. So basically a lie. Given the legions of chubby or gold-digging women, it’s no wonder she made so much money off it. Beneficial to devious women? Indeed. Valuable in a way that helps society? Fuck no.

    5. Just to add on a couple of things.
      First, if your life depends on the healthcare industry, you might as well kill yourself now, and save yourself the hassle.
      Second, the military doesn’t give two shits about the lives of soldiers. A soldiers life is completely expendable as they are easily replaced and they get treated like shit if they come home injured.

    6. Correction: I’m an unattractive female and I have a vagina.
      Media: Must be trustworthy, we need a role model for young girls.

    7. That’s about it. Though every year in Indiana $millions set aside for female and minority businesses goes untouched. If women would get creative and serious about taking care of themselves and no depending on men, they’d have a legitimate shot at making it. I mean, they get: No-interest loans, grants, free mentoring, and basically someone to run the damn thing for you for a couple of years. The unavailability of those things are what holds most male entrepreneurs back. But then, by the time a man has decided to go for it as a businessman, he’s factored out the dependencies in his operation and wouldn’t think going for a handout.

  9. Female Steve Jobs because she made the same amount of money in the last 5 months as he did.
    Fuck, I would let steve jobs’ tumor run a company before I gave this girl a job in middle management.

      1. no worries, pussy pass works for that too. She will write a tell all about how it was everyone elses fault and they will make a movie

        1. oh they were def in on it in between sessions of rape and making more money than women for doing the same job.

    1. On a side note, Apple should’ve let Steve Jobs’ tumor run Apple instead of the (rather effeminate) Tim Cook.

      1. Apple hasn’t really invented anything since the death of jobs. Just changing the size of shit doesn’t count. I mean, ok, there isn’t just a barrel of geniuses but they have unlimited money. Any creative thinking would be nice, even if it was a collosal failure.
        Look at our new supreme overlords, erm, I mean Google. Those nuts throw more money into insane R and D than you can imagine. Got some bat shit crazy idea, goodee will build it? Army of terminators…sure lets buy Boston dynamics.
        No big winners yet, but that is how you do shit.

        1. There were supposedly a few of Steve’s ideas in the pipeline when he died, which I would assume meant the watch and AppleTV. So literally no new ideas post-steve. Steve was a good example of patriarchy put to the tech / consumer world: He made it how he wanted to make it, and it was better. And if you thought it wasn’t better it was because you’re holding it wrong.

        2. agreed on steve in general. I still see the watch as just a different size ipad. When the iPhone was released it was a whole new thing. And IPad 1 wasn’t just a big iPhone, it totally changed tablet computing. MacBook air? That shit was amazing for the time….not the specs…just the thought behind it.
          Most interesting thing from steve was the idea of saying screw all these ports. They waste space. The new mac book (not air or pro, just mac book) doesn’t even have a usb…that is pure steve…”don’t worry, they don’t need it” But the watch seems like bullshit. The bitch from burberry is probably thinking “what do girls like”
          The problem with apple TV is that it is totally useless to anyone with a smart tv or a game consol.

        3. Yeah, no CDROM was amazing for the time too on the Macbooks. And he was right. I didn’t need it. I bought external CDROM drive for it and never used it once. The watch is kind of silly, I don’t get the point of it. Although I’m a big watch fan (mechanical, swiss watches) and I think it’s cool how you could modify the face to look like something different every day. I wouldn’t buy one, but I did think it’s kind of neat how it can vibrate to give you directions (ie at a corner it vibrates one way to tell you to turn left, another to turn right, kind of like a silent navigation god in your brain).
          I don’t know if the rumored self driving car was Steve stuff or not. Whoever comes out with a self driving car, that will change the world. At least for those outside of NYC who rely on cars.

        4. You are right! The no cd rom was a brilliant stroke that he saw and others didn’t.
          I too am a big watch fan. It boarders obsession.
          Actually, I think the self driving car will change things in NYC more than elsewhere. I only recently gave up my car a few years ago because I saw the bills more often than the car. However, if I lived in a place where I could drive, I mean really drive….I would never get a self driving car. However, here in NYC….to and from work in luxury and the elimination of traffic…like 6 million private trollies…we are prime for that shit.

        5. See, I view the self driving car as more beneficial for long distance interstate trips. I would gladly hop in the car and play games / read ROK / work while my car whisks me somewhere while I can be productive or at least relax instead of wasting hours of time. I’m considering a trip to North Carolina this weekend but I don’t think it’s worth the hours I’d waste behind the wheel to have a little fun up in the mountains. But with self driving car, I’d hop in the car now and be on my way. I’ll also completely eliminate flying unless I’m leaving the country, whereas now I do fly if it’s more than 8 hours or so by car.

        6. I never considered that. The last time I was in a car for more than 2 hours in one clip would probably have been the early 90’s.

        7. LOL. You know, I always thought someone like a Bloomberg or maybe even a Giuliani would make a decent president. But I can see there’s so much they just don’t understand about how the rest of us live. Probably no different than any of the elitists running for office, though.

        8. Giuliani would have made a great AG just like he was a fantastic states attorney.
          Not sure what they know about the world. My guess is that they are more worldly than me…most people are and they can afford it and are interested and I actively try to avoid anything resembling politics and am technically allergic to not being in manhattan but yeah…I can see what you mean.
          I have to say, the office, as far as I am concerned, is totally meaningless as is politics itself.
          I am not one of the people who will tell you your vote doesn’t matter. I go further and say who wins and who loses in every election from dog catcher to president matters only slightly less than who the reigning intercontinental champion is at any given moment.

        9. Tim Cook’s Apple seems bent on undoing Job’s legacy. Jobs said that if a tablet/phone had a stylus, someone screwed up. Now we have the “iStylus”, aka the Apple Pencil 🙁
          Google doesn’t seem to have much in the way of good ideas for products nowadays…maybe it’s because they’ve been putting way too much of their time into dealings with (left wing) politicians?
          IIRC, no one ever did get to the bottom of what the story with the Google Barge was.

        10. I will admit that while jobs said no one would ever want an enormous phone, the iPhone plus really works size wise for me. This was jobs thinking all the way though. The last thing you need out of your phone is he ability to use it comfortable as a telephone.
          You are right about Google, but I feel like they are dumping enough money on things that sooner or later something should hit.

  10. And thus we add another page to the book “Why women shouldn’t be leaders… duh”.
    Also, if you guys haven’t read that article already, you really should:
    Here’s the TL;DR version: woman starts buisiness with only female employees (fun fact: it’s not discrimination when you refuse to hire men), only to file for bankruptcy two years later because her employees were stupid and immatures and she, as the boss, wouldn’t confront or discipline them because she was afraid to be bitched about in the break room. Yeah……..

    1. Great article. From the woman author:
      “And while I stand by my initial reason for excluding male employees – because they have an easy ride in TV – if I were to do it again, I’d definitely employ men. In fact, I’d probably employ only men.”
      Yep, working in an “only male industry” except annoying skirts at suppliers, has confirmed as much as I’ve always known: men work better together.
      “Though I will not absolve myself of all guilt, I believe the business was ruined by the destructive jealousy and in-fighting of an all female staff.”
      Bingo! Next after marriage they’ll move on like locusts to the economy…
      Fuck they’ve elected Mr. Selfie Prime Minister here in Canada, hey balanced budgets and border controls who needs them if you’re a woman?
      You have men to back stop all of your stupidity!

    2. I’ve read that article a while back. It is hilarious. I literally lol’d several times…thanks for the refresh. Hahaha that was a great read.

  11. Dig this Toyota commercial. The girl will buy a Corolla, finish school, get married, have a baby, and become CEO! I dunno where she will end up as CEO but it doesn’t matter. She will crush your insignificant testicles with her independent, powerful hands. And drive a Corolla of course.

    1. hahahaha
      The worst part is that otherwise they look cute. In real life, this kind of cunts do not look cute. They are so deluded man

      1. I know a CEO who drives a Corolla. He has a coffe cart in midtown Manhattan.

        1. maybe she could be CEO of WhoresRus. They’d sell loads of toys. Hopefully not to children

    1. It could just be a conspiracy of satan-worshipping photographers.
      If one were to get to the bottom of it all, surely the thing to do would be to interview them – with extreme prejudice – to determine who they are working for

      1. For the love of fuck duct tape her mouth while you do so as to spare yourself her hideously masculine voice while she makes those ridiculous and pathetic wanna-be porn star noises that all White women do!

    2. What the picture doesn’t tell you is that Forbes is a shit-rag that hires pajama bloggers just like every other journo shit-rag in 2016. Not sure why intelligent people put any stock in what they say.

  12. Reports coming in that Tamara Mellon’s Jimmy Choos don’t work either`

  13. There are examples of women taking hugely successful entrepreneurial leadership roles in history. Nearly all of them fall into one of two categories:
    1. She was fortuitously lucky at a very young age, before marriage ; or
    2. She was a widow and possibly past menopause.
    #1 describes Céline Dion, who as the astute will note eventually married the MUCH older talent agent who made her.
    #2 describes, for instance, Glückel von Hameln, who inherited and expanded her husband’s empire.
    In either case the common denominator is the absence of childbirth or childcare. No matter what the androgynes like Warren Farrell say, no matter how badly the Hillary Clintons and Marissa Mayers try to be “role models” for working mothers by having swimming pools installed in the governor’s mansion and private nurseries installed in the executive suite, the bulk of the economically highly impactual and important task of child rearing during the pre-pubescent years falls and must always fall on the mother, leaving commensurately less time, energy and resources for anything else.
    That is why motherhood rather than leadership stands out more squarely in the DNA of the great majority of women. That is why feminism can never be the blueprint for any evolutionarily successful society.

    1. I am a woman & I agree.
      I am darn good at what I do but only because what I do is sewing dressed up as men’s work (surgery). And I am very good at it.
      But, as soon as I get school loans paid off… I am going to close my practice & be full time homemaker to amazing husband & beautiful son. If nothing else, my surgical abilities behoove my husband (cardiologist) b/c I can bail him out of femoral artery complications. Of course, I do so lovingly & tactfully. He is my love, my hero, my amazing man. It is the least I can do to sew up his little femoral complications for him

      1. It’s good to see you feel that way about him. That’s hard to find these days. Best to you, your husband and son.

      2. I have no doubt your surgical abilities have made a positive impact on the lives they have served and on the world as a whole. I don’t want to imply (although I am sure the PC squad will interpret what I say as implying such, but I frankly don’t give a damn what they think) an intelligent, capable and learned woman can and should make whatever contributions she can to the world of medicine, law, science, engineering, architecture and the arts.
        But as specialized and as worthy as those fields are, the key thing to take away is that they are not all-encompassing. They can be drawn from and parallel to one’s other experiences; they can be done part-time. A successful entrepreneur and manager, however, must absolutely give full-time attention to them.
        And even for a man some opportunities must be foregone if the situation with his wife and offspring requires his immediate intervention and physical presence. Those who think the greatest service they can do for their children is to amass a large fortune are mistaken: rich but poorly brought-up kids will ultimately in one way or another squander the family’s material fortune along with everything else in the legacy, something that gets lost on credential-obsessed helicopter parents.
        As Jacqueline Kennedy said, “If you bungle raising your children I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.”

  14. Theranos should have been named Thanatos.
    Alternatively Uber should have been named the death drive

  15. Read the product’s fine print: “Only works on period blood obtained during paid period leave.”

  16. last picture looks like the C-Team Kind of like the A team only there are 5 of them because of hiring quotas and the black one is more masculine than Mr T

    1. Somehow managing to spell “cat” in the comment?
      Instant +1, you tampon vampire you.

      Number two from left is the only one that caught my attention. And what the hell is wrong with 3-5s faces?

      1. The ravages of time
        The only thing that impresses me nowadays is how woman haven’t yet realized that spending their most beautiful and fertile years to “make a career” then trying to find a man and have children when their beauty and fertility are waning (if haven’t outright gone in the shitter from being overworked) is a good plan.

    2. is the black one’s scared of high-flying? Hence the white girls get paid more

      1. every time they fly they have to hit her over the head with their privilege

        1. I’d like to hear Elizabeth Holmes, say ‘I love it when a plan comes together…..but not so much when it goes up in flames moments later’ while smoking a cock-shaped cigar

        2. guess now she has to test those fluids without sending them away to the lab

  17. You should see her TED talk. I don’t know how anybody could have fallen for this.
    Be careful when people try to sell you ideas instead of a product. Steve Jobs sold products.

  18. My brother used them once. It took half the blood normally required(not the thimbleful promised) and rrquired a script(other companies dont require it). That people vould bid it up to the billions without the smallest due dilligence is incredible.

  19. Women shortcut EVERYTHING they possibly can. The sense of entitlement has sunk in massively. They expect us to pick up the slack, Im betting the idea was pitched to her by a male partner or colleague and it didn’t pan out after she rushed the “great idea” to market. lol. Typical

  20. So I am a female but I am also a surgeon. I like ROK b/c it speaks the truth.
    Anyway, back in like 2012 I read about theranos & their tests & I remember thinking “uh, that is nothing but an expensive Istat. No thanks.”
    I apologize again for being female poster – but there are no other places that seem to speak from my heart.
    Like I said, I am a female surgeon. And I am darn good surgeon & I make a ton of money but for what? I long to be home with my son & to be a homemaker for my husband. Such a life would be infinitely easier, more natural, and more appropriate for me. Where else could I say such a thing w/out AG knocking down my door?

    1. I have a friend of mine who is a surgeon in Chicago. Told me about what it takes (respect), but he has a wife from the field who understands and they have a great relationship. She gets it. Hope you find a solution, but I imagine you probably still have upaid loans and cannot exit so easily. Good luck.

    2. My daughter entering college is planning to be a surgeon. I’ve made it clear to her she can marry at any time through university and start a family at any time she pleases.

      1. i was the first female vascular surgeon in my town, in my state. I went through about 20 yrs ago (graduated from undergrad in Chem E @ age 19 in ’99, medical school @ age 23 in 2003, general surgery @ age 28 in 2008, vascular surgery fellowship in 2010 @ 30… the youngest board certified vascular surgeon in the country, ever, male or female).
        A lot of people will mistake females students/residents blah blah blah for nurses. She needs to be above getting offended @ that. That isn’t sexism &, honestly, I don’t know what is.
        I NEVER experienced sexism. NEVER. Not once. If you do good work, work hard, hustle, & put your teammates (fellow surgeons) ahead of yourself, you will be respected by anyone.
        She needs to be tough. No children unti after training.
        Although, to be honest, I advise any woman to study the arts of homemaking. That is what God put us here to do.

        1. Congrats on your success. I do clip articles on working female doctors with children to show my daughter their lifestyle and hopefully avoid her being misled. My daughter’s overly sensitive like her mother and grandmother, often finding sexism in the oddest places. I suspect she’ll be back home in a few years to ‘look after he mother’ or some excuse I already hear her pitching sometimes. I repeatedly tell her to prioritize family and kids.

      2. I know several young women who went to med school. all of them ended up miserable when school’s out and they spend their 20s (and remaining youthful beauty) working 70 hour weeks (or more) inspecting old naked people. It’s not glamorous or ’empowering’ as media would have you believe. Doctors are chained to their life and can never really leave, especially now with more debt.
        If your daughter is smart she will marry another doctor then switch to part time (which is what most of the women docs do anyways, as if somehow they all know they don’t intend to work the same as a man).

        1. She’s headed to Europe to study in her mother’s home country and in non-English courses (tuition is a few grand). I believe your observations entirely and encourage her to be flexible on her career aspirations.

    3. I’m not a medical professional but I used to be a lifeguard and did army trauma class and then civilian qualifications on top, and to me this didn’t seem viable from a business point of view even.
      I read about it and forgot about it more or less.
      I’m in business and we don’t spend a lot on trying to push someone out of a business area they more or less own, and have large investment in. It’s stupid.
      The best you can do is license your tech. That’s it.

  21. I don’t know why people still hold Forbes in such high esteem. They hire 1099 contractors to blog for them, just like every other journo rag these days.

  22. A 19 year old college blondie walks into a board room meeting selling Theranos to a bunch of venture capitalists. Silicon Valley, beta male heaven…..all drooling her not giving a shit about the proposal.
    I don’t necessarily believe its because she is a woman she sucks at business. On the contrary she got a bunch of cuckolds to shit money on her for nothing….but thats the thing. Did she use or abuse her “skills” to gain that kind of money?

    1. I have seen this happen firsthand – she wasn’t 19 but point remains the same. In this case it was only for a few million. One of the investors was a billionaire.

  23. That’s OK, Feminism 3.0 still has that shining beacon of success, Marissa Mayer…oh, wait…

  24. So originally was the world meant to believe that just because this one woman was maybe skilled at building a business, all women would be highly skilled in business if only they tried?

  25. Get a load of this SJW crap in Elle Magazine:
    “No matter what happens to the biotech start-up, feminists need CEO Elizabeth Holmes.”
    “Companies are overvalued. But women at work almost never are. Look to the persistent wage gap for evidence. Structures of power do not bet on women like they do on the boys. Holmes may not turn out to be the exception we hoped for, but that doesn’t mean she deserves so unceremonious a dismissal.”

    1. This is true; structures of power do not bet on women. Structures of power are exceedingly smart.

        1. That was entertaining. I watch boxing when it is on TV and it is the most ridiculous thing ever. Either it is two fat guys grabbin some flab or two little guys dancing around who have almost no chance of a KO. I like the local fights and the annual pro-am bout.

        2. Larry Holmes is also much more business savvy than Elizabeth, as he owns half the town of Easton, PA.

  26. Absolutely astounding!! Considering that this concerns the medical health of individuals, this bitch needs to be jailed. Preferrably in a maximum security men’s prison.

  27. You know the sad and funny thing about Holmes and trend of elevating women with no skill or substance by the media, it goes against the egalitarian principles that help elevate women in the first place in male dominanted fields. This is the nightmare that women like Summers and Paglia have fighting against in the current feminist movement. It give me a chuckle.

  28. Silicon Valley tends to concentrate nerds who lack sexual and social experience with women. When a halfway attractive woman like Elizabeth Holmes shows up there and LARPs as a contender in the tech industry with an allegedly disruptive innovation, thirsty nerds will go along with her business fantasies just to get close to her.

    1. ONE THOUSAND HUNDRED FCKING PERCENT. Thirsty beta/omega “males” who refuse to take the red pill should be purged.

  29. Another aspect of the dewy-eyed press was their telling of how great a GEENYUSS she was. She spoke Mandarin Chinese!!! Well, so do a couple of billion other people and no one’s throwing money at them.

    1. honestly that is pretty impressive, for a non chinese to speak manadarin, so ill give her credit for that.

      1. The hell. Wo hui shuo hua. It’s not that difficult a language. You’d be surprised how fast you learn characters and tones.

  30. Took my dog to the university veterinary hospital for surgery.
    Veterinarian doctorate students had to be 70% female. I see all these bright young women who will never have children, as they’ll be working 60+ hours a week to pay off their debt, bills, and fixing a broken limb on a fucking dog.
    I’m certain none of them will have children, because they’re going to be empowered doctors! Beautiful, intelligent white genetics permanently erased from the gene pool.
    Because empowerment! yes she can!

    1. Aren’t those the sort who’ll get impregnated via modern medicine in their late 40s or 50s, after they’ve had their career? 🙁

    2. white genetics are weak. They cant even stand in the sun for longer than 2 seconds without dying. Ive seen videos of arabs and african immigrants slapping low testosterone white men around in europe. White men are such weak pussies its laughable.

      1. Go fuck yourself. I’ve never had a minority say “boo” to me or act in the least menacing.

        1. Same. No ‘minority’ wants to mess with me and if they tried it would end very, very badly for them and others associated to them.

      2. I dare you to say that to my face you piece of shit-I’d snap you like a toothpick.

        1. As if I would be imbecilic enough to give you that. Neutral turf so that way there’s ease of access for an emergency room for you. I’ll even let you throw the first blow being benevolent as I am-but that’d be the only shot you get in because you’d be mangled like you were in an auto accident by the end.

        2. That’s what I thought bitch. Just called your bluff and exposed you as the sunburned, low testosterone, golden retriever limp greasy hair having, thin lizard lipped, knuckle dragging, mayonnaise eating, pig skinned, snow monkey you are.

        3. And you upvoted yourself you cum-guzzling piece of inbred dogshit-how pathetic are you? I’m Mediterranean you fucking spastic and I would sodomise you with a broken tsipouro bottle and then your entire family too if you ever fucked with me.

      3. You are nothing but hollow, empty words hiding behind the internet with all your keyboard courage. For all we know, you’re a white guy with nothing better to do today. A basement-dwelling troll. Have a dull day.

    3. Hard to believe women would study and train to enter the paid workforce for a living when so many men are eager to wife them up and support them.

  31. James Mattis was caught up in this?
    From what I’ve seen, he’s rather highly regarded in both factions of the political right (pro & anti-Trump). Yet he’s in bed with a colossal scam.
    Yet another example of too many righties refusing to vet their candidates. Here’s hoping that talk of Mattis becoming Trump’s VPOTUS remains just talk.

  32. I am willing to bet a lot of money that this chick will never face the slightest consequence for her deceitful actions. Contrast this to a man doing the same thing would get 20 years inside and one wonders how the hell women can say they are oppressed.

    1. Of course not. Federal fraud cases are reserved only for white racists, you silly goy.

  33. I’m laughing internally. I didn’t know that Theranos was backed by SJWs. And that’s killed it.

  34. Ruth…………. Stop trolling on this site & trying to recruit people for your porn flick factory ??
    As I have read previously you were paying $96 an hour for making porn & now you’ve dropped your price to $87 an hour ?? Forget it ! You will have to offer at least $1,000 an hour for me to consider acting in your porn flicks & the woman has to be as good looking as Miss World ??

  35. Fraudsters and con artists are always seeking a new angle. Feminists claims have become so overblown, it was an opportunity for fraud. Look for more of this in the future. Remember, the worse it gets, ,the better it is.

  36. I’m in the lab industry. Everyone has been waiting for her downfall for a couple of years. Been glaringly obvious to people in the industry that this was a scam for a long time. The only question was, would she leverage the scam and all that investor cash into normal midsized lab company? Sounds like she took the scam too far for that, although nobody really knows what’s going on with the labs themselves.

    1. I’m really going to miss retrievers when they disappear. Damnit. Feminism – ruining good duck dogs for no good reason.

    1. Bestiality more like-barely a 4/10 on their best day.

  37. I kept thinking all of this hoopla was bullshit and now they should initiate a RICO hearing against this miserable, lying sack of shit. It would be hysterical.

  38. You know feminism is full of shit when Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Holmes are the best they have to offer.

  39. It’s tonic to hear of scum falling to zero. Seems lately that only the shitters of the World getting ahead in life
    Is she too old and ugly to be a Dubai shit-slut? Dunno… I think she would look quite nice with a mound of shit on her face and tits.

  40. I couldn’t agree with you more ,but this is a sign the feminist narrative is crumbling into dust.

  41. It’s the patriarchy.
    She’d have her billion dollar company if it wasn’t for that sexist reality

  42. “I am not one for conspiracy theories, but even the simplest kinds of third party due diligence could have exposed the apparent scam of Theranos years ago.”
    Called it.
    But very nice follow up! She should fry.

  43. Oh,how I wish this level of ineptitude would befall the astoundingly sanctimonious “Lean In” harpy Sheryl Sandberg — supreme narcissist wo-MAN whose smarmy braggadocio barely masks how she bitterly desires to possess a pair in a sack.

    1. Let’s see how they write the ending…because she’s seriously flawed and about to get purged.

  44. I’m ready to buy Yahoo stock one microsecond after they fire Marissa Mayer.
    Buy a stock when they fire a woman or SJW CEO. Sell short when they hire one. Too bad this company never went public.

  45. Reluctant to, not reticent to. Reticence is guardedness in speech. There’s no ‘reticent to’, even though UK broadcasters think there is.
    Best regards.

  46. Back in the 1970’s, in blighted downtown Indianapolis, there were wild eyed crazies running around pulling scams. I remember one guy walking around with a Black Box, about the size of a cigar box, saying he invented it and wouldn’t say what it does. But he wanted people to buy it anyway. The kind of people he lived around were the same brain-dead people he thought he could sell it to.
    Anyway, my point is that of course this was a scam. It built so fast, all on the word of this chick who came from no-where with no credentials. (Other than scammers who put her as the face of their gig.)
    It boggles me that people are so brain-dead and thoughtless that this could be pulled on them. Maybe the investors need a dose of Red Pill to wake them up.

  47. I feel bad for the people who had their blood tests “voided” up to two years ago because the results could have seriously effected their healthcare decisions, probably mostly for the negative. “Oh thanks for voiding my blood test results that showed I didn’t have diabetes for the last two years when I did and now my life expectancy is 5-10 years shorter due to the damage it did to my body” is something no one will say to her. Absolutely disgusting. I hope she ends up in prison.

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