My Encounter With Washington DC Police

By now you’ve probably seen the press conference I held with the media in a Washington DC hotel. As soon as it was over, I began packing up my camera equipment. The friends of mine who were there said I did fine and updated me about the responses coming in on Twitter from those who watched it live.

We all went upstairs to the lobby and I waited at the front desk to settle the conference room bill. While waiting, I noticed three uniformed police officers a few feet away. I thought it was strange for them to be in the hotel. Was a serious crime reported? I would have guessed that they were there for me had I not kept the location private after instructing journalists not to disclose the hotel name to anyone.

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My lead bodyguard starting talking to one of the cops. It’s quite common for bodyguards and other executive protection personal to either have worked in law enforcement or be on good terms with them. I squeezed myself into the conversation and asked one of the cops, “So why are you here in the hotel?” He looked at his partner and then looked back at me. “Because of you.”

“Because of me?” I exclaimed. “But how did you know I was here?”

“Because the protesters told us. They’re walking here right now from Dupont Circle.” I immediately suspected one of the journalists for the security leak, who probably sent the location in the middle of the press conference once they realized it wasn’t going in the direction they hoped for. As I learned in Canada, members of the press work directly with social justice activists, in a similar way that branches of Anonymous now attack anyone who the media also happens to hate.

After signing off on the receipt with the hotel, I walked outside with my entourage. I counted four police cars. In other cities around the world, hundreds more policemen were monitoring protests against the meetups, guarding fragile blue-haired women against horrible “rapists.” This was the precise moment that I can say was the most surreal of my life. A week of outrage, threats, anger, and lies culminated at the sight of DC police vehicles while two bodyguards stayed within arm’s reach of me. The situation was so absurd that it didn’t even feel real, but it was real, and hopefully the future for me doesn’t get much more real than that.


My new book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against leftist attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help fund our operation.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

57 thoughts on “My Encounter With Washington DC Police”

  1. “Free Speech Isn’t Free” is an absolute must-read.
    You will be right there in the middle of the action, and grasp instantly how the media operates in tandem with the social justice activists.
    Disturbing, powerful, and paves the way for even more success against the trilling, aposematic hordes.

  2. I wonder what it was the protestors said to get the police to arrive on the scene. Surely almost every action you took was witnessed by a number of people, and you had video of the press conference.

      1. …screamed the resident ninja as he was slicing his sword through the air of his living room…all of his guests were frozen in awe of his samurai stance and kimono, with wooden sandals…

  3. D.C. cops are just the leftist politicians enforcers. If you witness an assault and call the cops, they might send one cruiser to drive by and flash their lights. But if they get a call from SJWs about an “evil nationalist” they send 4 cruisers.

    1. Sometimes I wonder why the cops still even bother to work given the amount of abuse that gets thrown at them by the same people who then cry for help from them when they feel “triggered”.

      1. Police are there to make sure YOU and those LIKE YOU behave – e.g. pay taxes, enforce traffic laws and otherwise keep YOU in line. They are not there to protect you, or in any way offer help you when you are in danger. This is becoming more and more true in North America, whereas in Europe it has been self evident for a while, e.g. German police will keep tabs on nationalists whilst “refugees” run amok.

        1. Yep, the DC Court of Appeals has ruled that cops, particularly the DC cops, have no innate duty to protect an individual.

        2. Actually its always been true. The creation of the police in Britain was as a direct result of the French Revolution.

        3. Indeed. And before long they will rule that an individual has no right to protect himself, as is essentially the law in Great Britain.

        4. That already is the case in most of Europe.
          If it’s deemed that you have a reasonable way of escaping, but you fight back you will get done for assault, possibly aggravated depending on what you do, plus you will have to pay for damages as well as loss of income if the other party required hospitalization.
          There is a reason I only use Gracie locks and never punch or kick. It doesn’t leave marks and is seen as defensive, so after interrogation I’ve always been let go.
          What’s more is that if you are a fighter, like boxer or martial arts, any assault is deemed aggravated or with deadly weapon by default. Your fists then count the same as a weapon.
          This is what both cops and my teachers have told me on multiple occasions.

        5. Bbbbut the dictionary says that cops are about protecting and serving.
          Feminists say that feminism is about equality.
          Both are equally believable. SJW’s certainly do not accept the former.

        6. Speaking of Europe, the police over there has shown itself to be nothing more than uniformed thugs eager to do the bidding of the career politicians in power. The natives in western europe are being harassed, mugged, raped, and murdered by immigrants on a massive scale, while they stand by and do nothing. I’m sure many of them would betray their own families if the government orders them to do so. One day the limit will be reached and people are going to fight back, and the same police who watched them being harassed and mugged on a daily basis will be fair game.

        7. Britain seems like a scary place these days Bob..personal freedoms degraded, good for nothing “refugees” everywhere and what’s left of national sovereignty under threat June 23rd…

        8. Its all a bit vague and based on ambiguous notions of minimal force in the UK. In other words interpretation. It just depends whose pressing the charges. Hence the reason so many men here get convicted of domestic violence, despite the fact he merely shouted at her and she smashed his apartment up and threw a vase at him. Apart from restraining an hysterical girlfriend or a mental health patient, whoever used ‘minimal’ force to defend themselves against an attack from another fully grown man? You do what you need to do. Period.

        9. Well usually pressing charges for fights in public is not the important part. The prosecutor or equivalent may often decide to press regardless of input from either party involved. Stupid but that’s how it is.
          As for using minimal force, I have, many times. I don’t want to go to jail, and I’m far more trained than average joe so just using a soft takedown and immobilization is what I go for.
          Most important is to not use fists in the face. That will get you locked up especially if you have training.
          But yes it is vague, also in the rest of Europe.

        10. I’ve considered hiring women to work my shop during volatile periods (e.g. Friday and Saturday nights). I’m reluctant to hire women for obvious reasons, but if anything kicks off and my shop needs defending, women will get a pussy pass to use levels of force against would-be robbers which I’d get done for assault/GBH if I used.

        11. Fortunately we don’t have any refugees here. They’re stuck in France. But yes the government hates us because of our freedoms.

        12. Yes I know people who have been locked up for exactly this reason. It only makes the life of an innocent man that much more difficult.

        13. The problem is, even though 90% of the time I’m completely zen calm leading up to and during a fight and will use the classic headlock to rapidly stop an attacker.. this method is very ineffective against 2 attackers, and useless against any more than that.
          The rest of the time my reflexes as an experienced boxer will mean that I dodge a punch and deliver 3 or 4 before even having a second for a conscious thought process. This has ended fights in seconds but I wonder how is it unfair to use punches to defend against punches? I don’t mean to say if someone attacks you with a sword you should chop him back, but I hardly think its fair to say you must use LESS effective attacks to defend against someone who is using whatever method they want to attack you.
          The police will use ANY violence at their disposal up to and including SHOOTING a person if they feel they are threatening their life, yet a civilian is expected to use “minimal force” to defend their own life, upon fear of criminal charges?

        14. The answer to your question is YES. That’s how it is now, if you punch you go to jail. Period.
          And yes minimal force takedowns have a lot of risk as soon as there is more than one attacker. I have had my head kicked like a football while on the ground immobilizing a guy… Nearly busted my eye. But nonetheless I’m still alive and kicking after something like 50+ fights and I’ve never been done for assault.
          I don’t even respond with punches to knives or guns, I still use minimal force even then.
          I wish I could kick the shit out of them but not enough to go to jail for it.

        15. Try and persuade a leftard of that little factoid. The point is that they only appeal to the dictionary when it suits them.

        16. A few years ago I was sitting in one of the slum houses in Port Moresby of Papua New Guinea having a chat with the locals there about the state of things. The matter of their attitude to the local constabulary came up.
          It boiled down to this. “The police only care about you if you’re wealthy. The average schmuck in the slum is expected to take care of his own affairs.” This would explain in part why it is that these places are regarded as no go areas by the outsiders.
          You might think these slum dwellers are pretty dumb but in my conversations with them they seem to be very knowledgeable about the state of affairs in the world and would agree with your statement 100%.

  4. Most cops are pigs anyways, hired thugs of the corrupt gov’t. It just so happens that the marxists control a significant majority of the gov’t in most western countries.

  5. Can we please find another nomenclature to describe the balls of filth masquerading as ‘Social Justice Warriors’? They are Antisocial, promote and perpetuate injustices and are the antithesis of ‘warriors’ as when things start to truly degenerate they will be the first to be exterminated and clamouring for the help of the very same they vilify.

  6. I was once in a cab and the driver was telling me about all the armed agencies with jurisdiction in the district. He was able to name off 32 because after 9/11 essentially every major department has its own police force (including the Dept of Ed). This guy was straight up into conspiracies but darn was he believable. Best $10 I ever spent.
    In short, four cop cars in DC are nothing.

    1. Funny you mention this, just last night, I was coming home from the gym when I saw two “FBI Police” cars with their lights on, no sirens, cruising through red lights to cut across traffic.
      I was under the impression that the whole of the FBI was basically police. Now we have police on top of police. That’s some meta self licking ice cream cone type shit.

      1. “That’s some meta self licking ice cream cone type shit.”
        For the same reason dogs lick their balls – because they can.

      2. Every cabinet level authority now has its own police force, then you have the National Parks, then you have the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and a few more police agencies. Then you get down to the local level where there is Metro, Transit, Special Forces, their own Parks, and a few more.
        Something like at least 1 in 10 people walking around DC at any given time must have police powers, carries a gun and handcuffs, and has the authority to arrest you.

  7. Back in a day Elam had a good plan. It was called fuck their shit up. Essentially it’s chaos warfare tactics. Inject into the group (feminists, sjw) and cause disarray. It shouldn’t take much to spin up feminist man-hate into ‘arrestable’ direction.

    1. We should caution these tactics used against us. These ‘people’ will do anything to annihilate non conformers.

      1. We’re immune. We’re not main-stream and probably never be main-stream. We can’t have ‘fringe’ elements since society consider all of us as fringe.

    2. Hell yeah its called “Fart Spray”, stink bombs, bear spray, and other assorted non-lethal bitch slaps.

  8. What the fuck can we say ?
    We better translate your book into every language from our countries. May I have the honor ?

    1. Former professional translator here; I’d translate it into French for free even though I haven’t even read it yet, how long is it though?

  9. I squeezed myself into the conversation and asked one of the cops, “So why are you here in the hotel?” He looked at his partner and then looked back at me. “Because of you.”
    “Because of me?” I exclaimed. “But how did you know I was here?”

    It might have been a good idea to assert your rights against self-incrimination at that point.

  10. “As I learned in Canada, members of the press work directly with social justice activists, in a similar way that branches of Anonymous now attack anyone who the media also happens to hate.”
    We may not know the names of the SJW rank and file.
    But we will find out exactly who the press operatives are.
    We are coming.

  11. Hmmm, I wonder of those Police would have done a better job of protecting you from a mob of angry, screeching, tattooed, blue-haired SJW’s than the San Jose Police did at protecting the Trump supporters.

  12. If you ever do similar meeting make those snakes leave their gadgets at the door and if you catch one tweeting drag their asses out by the ear.
    These fools seem to think that any low down dirty moves are fair game but they forget two can play that game never mind about “sinking” to their level.

  13. Btw I am gonna go donate some plasma to get the book and maybe some day when I need plasma with my busted ass there will be a nice supply and a good book to read while they poke me to death with needles. Keep on fighting the good fight guys.

  14. Cops work for the people with money, not us. It’s common in our state for business owners to get cops attending functions to keep the crowds in order. They’re supposed to hire private security, but the mayor just sends cops. It’s usually done when the businesses are screwing people, or have just screwed an entire neighborhood or something, and they want the public to not lynch them. Indiana has always been a police state.

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