What The Coming Race War Will Look Like

The 2016 presidential is shaping up to be one of the ugliest in recent history. After eight years of racial agitation under the Obama administration and social justice warriors run wild, race relations have reached a low point. We may even be witnessing the beginnings of a race war.

The evidence

At a recent Trump rally in San Jose California, a white woman was egged by a group of Hispanic men. The men waved the Mexican flag while screaming “fuck you!” in her face. The woman was merely exercising her right to attend a rally for the Republican presidential nominee.

In the video below, a white man is sucker punched by a man who is carrying a Mexican flag. Also, a white boy is chased by a crowd of non-white protestors because of his support of Trump.

Official approval of racial violence


The anti-Trump protestors are propagating the same message as Hillary. What a coincidence!

Recently, Hillary Clinton has changed her campaign approach. She has gone from emphasizing her supposed expertise and competence to using Trump’s German heritage to imply that he is a new Hitler.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams explains why Hillary’s new approach is so dangerous.

The only downside I can see to [Hillary’s] new approach is that it is likely to trigger a race war in the United States. And I would be a top-ten assassination target in that scenario because once you define Trump as Hitler, you also give citizens moral permission to kill him. And obviously it would be okay to kill anyone who actively supports a genocidal dictator, including anyone who wrote about his persuasion skills in positive terms. (I’m called an “apologist” on Twitter, or sometimes just Joseph Goebbels).

Why are they doing this?


Anti-white provocateur Jesse Benn is doing his part to encourage violence

The most obvious reason is that they are trying to get white Trump supporters to lash out at illegal immigrants or blacks. If that happens, the left will be able to paint Trump and his supporters as inherently violent. This would allow a weak, unattractive candidate like Clinton to paint herself as a hero battling the forces of violence, hate, and ignorance. In other words, it might make Hillary, the poster child for political corruption, appear good.

Another, darker possibility is that the left is trying to create a situation where nationalists are regarded as enemies of the state. This could open the door to legal action, and even military action, against nationalist groups. If Hillary were to get into power, she could use any violence committed by whites, even in self-defense, as an excuse to push draconian gun laws that all but repeal the Second Amendment.

But the left is playing a dangerous game. By trying to stop the rise of nationalism by encouraging racial hatred they are flirting with starting a cycle of violence that has not been seen in the US for decades.

What will the battle lines be?


The narrative that is being peddled is that there are two divisions of humanity: white people and “People of Color (POC).” White people are responsible for all the bad things in the world: racism, slavery, colonialism, wars, the Crusades, transgender discrimination, and income inequality. People of Color have been the victims of white aggression. The only way to correct this unjust situation is for the white people to cede power to the POC and gradually cease to exist.

This narrative is ridiculous, but it does have currency in a world where people get degrees in gender studies and are willing to pay to go to a nightclub where Kim Kardashian is making an appearance. In reality, there is nothing that unites all People of Color. An educated Indian has more in common with an educated white person than he does with an uneducated illegal immigrant.

For that reason, we won’t see a stand-off between whites and POC even though the left would love to see that. Rather, the coming racial violence will likely break along the same lines that we are witnessing at the anti-Trump protests—groups of illegal immigrants with smaller numbers of leftist blacks and whites versus whites who are perceived to support Trump.

In some cases, law enforcement has already shown an unwillingness to deal with anti-Trump protestors out of concerns for political correctness. If the police are unwilling to protect law abiding citizens, those citizens will begin to take their self-defense into their own hands. That would kick off a spiral of violence that could easily develop into a race war.

Why would anyone want a race war?


It is hard to understand why anyone would want an outbreak of racial violence. To do so, one must understand that our elites are unencumbered by any hint of Christian morality. Their only goals are to amass more money and power. All of the policies they support are aimed at achieving these goals.

The elites are globalists. While they may live in the US, they don’t necessarily feel an attachment to this country or any other. Their monetary interests benefit from the free flow of capital and labor throughout the world. National borders are a hindrance. Therefore, the elites probably do not want a race war per se, but they would be more than willing to use it as a mechanism to prevent a healthy nationalism coming to power in the US.

Elites will not suffer from a race war

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.04.58 PM

The people responsible for instituting the policies that will lead us to a race war will not suffer once it begins. These individuals live in wealthy, homogenous neighborhoods with excellent security systems in their homes. They never take public transportation, and if they are important enough, they have chauffeurs who drive them to work. Their children almost always attend private schools. They will watch everything unfold on television from the safety of their own homes. Thus, they have little to lose and a lot to gain by setting off the power keg of racial animus.


If you are familiar with my other articles you know that I tend to be contrarian when it comes to the narratives being pushed by our globalist elites. If they are trying to incite violence, the best thing to do is to avoid it. On the other hand, it would be wrong to give up our right of assembly due to leftist intimidation. The next several months, and possibly the next few years, promise to be interesting. The least that we can do is go into it with our eyes wide open.

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620 thoughts on “What The Coming Race War Will Look Like”

  1. “…start a race war…”
    Ahhh, you might want to take a look around if you think a race war has yet to start. Blacks commit 7x the violent crime on whites that whites commit on blacks. And thats with a population 1/6 the size.
    In fact if you remove black crime from the stats, our violent crime rate would resemble the crime rate of a pre moslim Sweden.
    If you have any doubt whatsoever, take a stroll, in the daytime, through any predominantly black neighborhood. Make sure your health insurance is current.
    People that live in urban areas are pretty much asking to get assaulted, mugged, robbed, raped or murdered by black thugs.
    The worm will turn.

    1. Dat raysis, facts is raysis, you is rasis. Blacks only commit crimes cuz da white man be oppressin them in shit.”
      The same nigger lover will then have no problem when you point out the fact that men are more violent than women.

    2. “People that live in urban areas are pretty much asking to get assaulted, mugged, robbed, raped or murdered by black thugs”
      Indeed – those leaving in places like nyc are fucked.
      It will be tonic though to see all the pro-leftie douche bag hollywierd actors and actresses get their just desserts. The posh neighborhoods are right next to ghettos.

    3. What are those white people doing wandering around black areas? You wouldn’t see me dead in a white neighbourhood. Unless it was in Mississippi. Then you would see me dead.

      1. You can come in white neighborhoods here, as long as you’re pushing a mower or working in the flower beds 🙂

        1. Not a lot of Hispanics where I’m from. It’s 51% black, 48% white, and the remainder split between Hispanics and Asians

    4. As if no one amongst the majority populace has not gamed the system? I give you Donald D. Trump as Exhibit A.

  2. Great piece. It’s also good to see Roosh has moved on from his days of writing articles complaining about Neo-Nazis and praising “black alpha masculinity.” I believe he referred to himself as white in one article.
    Even in the broader scope of the manosphere blacks add little to the discussion apart from Muh Dik rants and whining about non-existent racism. Before they are given any credibility in the quest to reclaim traditionalism and patriarchy they need to stop fucking up every aspect of society they are involved with.
    Blacks don’t need the Red Pill; they need a kick up the ass.

    1. black men can accept the red pill only if they reject the bankrupt culture that the elites have foisted upon them, that the virtual entirety has accepted as something to be celebrated and not stamped out.

      1. In dark alleys and seedy pubs, they shall whisper of me as “The Chameleon”.

      2. The Al Jolesonization of America would make the best name for a book.

  3. My suggestion is to get the fuck out of America while you still can. I have lived in Asian for 10 years and my life has never been better.

      1. I fought for my country for 10 years in the US Army. The America I knew and loved is gone.

      2. Parts of the country could be abandoned for the better then later reclaimed and rebuilt.

        1. Don’t forget Washington DC. But make sure both houses of congress and the president are in residence before you isolate and embargo the place.

        2. Even being an old burn out, I might take a long walk on my arthritic legs to participate.

    1. how did you get residency in Asia to live there? I’d love to move out of America, but I’m not sure how to though.
      where in Asia are you?

        1. South Korea?!?! Korea sucks! I’ve lived there. Are you serious?
          And here I thought u were going to say some SE Asian paradise, or Japan or Hono Kong. But South Korea? Maybe THE lamest place in Asia for everything. Women, culture and weather.

  4. Look up at the picture above, “25 of the most incredible sideshow freaks ever!” lol.

  5. I for one welcome the race war. I would take great pleasure in joining a roving task force when Trump becomes president and go around deporting and/or imprisoning all invaders and traitors.

    1. I am a Canadian working in the US. I have to jump through hoops and spend plenty of dollar$ to have my papers in order. Just pisses me off that Jorge and Maria can walk in and start working.

      1. Same in Europe. I, as a Russian, need to comply with shit load of laws to get in, but if you’re among 1 million+ march of unkempt, unidentified, unwashed sea of invaders – you get a free pass

  6. Excellent breakdown of the situation. I am very glad to see whites become more assertive (albeit slowly) about their identity and role in their own nation.
    If things get that ugly, and bodies start getting stacked, I do not believe the rich are going to get away with it. They will be recognized as the agitators who benefited from this mass importation of third world discount labor and voters of preference.
    In my book the rich don’t get away with it scot free – the desperate and the justice-minded won’t let them.

    1. I agree there’s enough information out there that some of the elite responsible will be able to be identified, but does the public demand their arrest? What if they broke no official law? Does it break down to mob justice? I think that is the kind of justice partiots want to avoid. There are two ways to do a revolution apparently. The two best examples are the American Revolution and French Revolution. We don’t want a French style Revolution here.
      I don’t really have much hope in Trump. Even if he is everything he says he is, Congress will block him every step of the way and the primary way he’ll be able to get shit down is through executive order. If he does good things with that, America will be better for a short while, but when his 4-8 years are up, there will be that much more power concentrated in the Presidency.
      So I have small hope Trump is what he says and will be able to help, but I’m leaning towards we continue the decline at close to the same pace.

      1. Remember how in the Book of Esther the wicked Haman was hoist on his own petard of a gallows? Would it not be delicious irony to see the uber rich globalists destroyed by the vicious mobs they invited in to America with the intent to destroy us? The globalists have only hirelings to protect them and I think those hired guardians are as likely as not to desert their posts of the excrement ever actually hits the fan.

      2. You make good points. Roosh should resume his short story posts series on these kinds of subjects if it interests him.
        Very good thought experiments can be played out here that explicate 4GW scenario.
        Regarding justice for the elites – it all depends on how bad things get and how many American middle class wind up dead resulting from third world imports.
        People are going to be EXTREMELY PISSED about the lies they were fed for generations. Lies like: 1) you’ll love your new neighbors who don’t speak your language or show any interest in your customs! 2) you’ll love competing with the imports on the construction site who work for 50% less and ship most of the money out of the economy (back to Mexico) anyway! 3) you’ll love competing with third world programmers here and overseas who just blew up your rationale for that 150K undergrad degree!. 4) never mind the crime in your community, the increase in drunk driving homicides, rape, murder, crowded hospitals and schools…Oh, and if you DON’T love those things we’ll call you racist, get you fired and destroy your reputation while the globalists make some more billions.
        Yeah, the elites with any responsibility (media, banking, etc.) will be identified and escorted to the nearest lamppost.

  7. If a race war breaks out between white men of high agency and a bunch of stupid spics, I think we all know who is going to win even if the spics have the backing of some dindus and white cucks.

    1. I dunno, these cartel guys are no joke. Alot of them are ex-military. careful what you wish for

      1. What you say applies double in the US. We have one of the highest veteran populations in the world. Nevemind the fact that we also have one of the highest number of privately owned guns per capita.

  8. Don’t be afraid of the coming race war. When a blood-thirsty mob motivated by racial hatred of your skin colour (be it black or white) descends upon you, just turn round and say ‘don’t worry guys, I identify as POC/White person living in a White/POC body (delete as necessary). Watch, as the hatred is replaced by brotherly love

    1. I identify as a tiger and black dudes love them some tigers.

      1. once had my head cracked open by a jamaican because I identified as a can of Ting.

        1. I got my first blowjob from a black girl because I identified as some wings

        1. “The wonderful thing about Tiggers,
          is that Tiggers are wonderful things…

    2. I’m sure that would have worked in South Africa last week.
      For people who don’t know, South Africa is burning with riots RIGHT NOW. Of course, if you’re white, hide as deep as you can. You won’t see it in the news, neither in the newspapers. But the race war has already started. Not in US yet, not in Europe yet, but the time will come.
      This video shows about what you haven’t seen in the news the last two weeks.

      NOTE “Die Land Brand” means “The Land burns” in Dutch.

      1. here in the US, we had the whole week last week dedicated to the “senseless” killing of a gorilla after a child fell into the exhibit. An excerpt of the 911 call was hilarious though “My son just fell into the gorilla pit! We are in the petting zoo!”. Not a peep about these riots…

      2. Knuckle draggers doing what they do best… destroying what they could never create. God help the South African whites, as well as the few whites left in Zimbabwe.

        1. I wouldn’t mind some divine retribution on the useful idiots and the disingenuous schemers abroad who, without realizing/admitting (respectively) that what we see today would be the result, pushed South Africa (et al) to capitulate.

    3. Calmly explain that you are an “ally” and I’m sure they’ll leave you, your wife, and children alone.

  9. What goes around comes around, sooner or later it catches up to you someway somehow. The US stole all that land from Mexico by starting a war against them. Mexico was the nice one letting people move to Texas. And how did Americans repay Mexico? By telling Mexico to**** off from their own land!

    1. You are very ignorant there were already white American majorities in many places like Texas and Colorado, who were invited to settle those places by Spain. So If anyone has claim to those lands it would be the Spanish. Furthermore Texas and California rebelled against Mexico before the Mexican America War. Oh and also there were like 100 different governments in Mexico between their independence and 1900, not really a stable founded country to be laying claims to lands its people were sparsely populated in, and had very little historical claim to.

      1. Also, there were numerous non-white Mexicans in those territories who rebelled against the Mexican government, just as the Yucatan region rebelled as well. Santa Anna won in the Yucatan but lost in Texas.

        1. Very true, also not counting the numerous Indian tribes that had no allegiance to the Mexican Gov.

        2. Yep, there were several who were loyal to no one but themselves such as the Comanche who were known to be the most fearsome among the Indians in Texas. Sam Houston (whom the city was named after) worked with several of the tribes peacefully when he was president of Texas. The Mexican government couldn’t care less about Texas and merely brought the settlers in to strengthen their claims as they knew rightly that they would eventually go at it with the U.S.A.
          Regarding the Yucatan/Texas situation, it very well could have turned into a “what if” of history had Mexican president Santa Anna marched north to Texas before the winter and attacked there before taking on the Yucatan.

        3. He couldn’t because he had to deal with a political revolt that threatened to kick him out of power. Mexico was barely a country then. Just as it is about to be a failed state today. I hope not, as who wants chaos on their border.

    2. let mexico fire the first shot in taking back texas. go ahead. ill wait here.

    3. Their land? If the US stole that land from Mexico then Mexico stole it from Spain and Spain stole it from 100s of natives tribes.
      Why do subhumans get to conquer land but the white man does not?
      Mexico can try to take that land back at any time. The TX National Guard would crush the shit skins and laugh while doing it.

      1. Mexicans are a mixture of Aztec and Spaniard, so we did not steal it from anyone, especially the natives….because Mexicans are natives. The yanks on the other hand stole and committed genocide against the natives of North America, they did not mix with the natives. You are missing the point entirely though, along with the rest of the retrogrades here. My point is that for all the wrong that the U.S has done to Mexico, it seems that its coming back to bite them really really hard. I do not, nor did I ever say that I agree with what Mexicans are doing to the US now. I am simply commenting that what goes around comes around.

    4. Also, read a fucking history book, nigger lover. Mexico allowed whites to immigrate to Texas because Texas was an undeveloped shithole ond mexis were too weak and lazy to deal with the indians from whom the land belonged to before Mexico/Spain “stole” it.

      1. “nigger lover” is not the term you should be using, try spic or bean lover. Undeveloped land or not, it was still Mexico’s. Mexican people are a mix of Spaniards and Natives, so it was not stolen from “indians” learn from a real book dude. And do I even have to point out what yanks did to the natives?

    5. Mexico the nice one? Santa Ana was an angel, too, I bet you think. Mexico wanted settlers who would make the land productive for Mexico, they weren’t doing any one any favors. And if Santa Ana and the corrupt Mexican government had not betrayed the settlers and broken their promises regarding their treatment and status in Texas there would never have been any Texas independence or statehood. You, lil’ Goomba, are a total maroon.

      1. They were not doing anyone any favors? Letting people have a place to live in is not doing someone a favor? Let;s say that you let me live in your house, and then I decide to kick you out and claim it as mine, would you be okay and even attempt to justify my action?

        1. Texas was considered unsettled by civilization. The only people living there were such as the Comanches, in the Llano Estacado, whom the Mexican government hated with a passion. The Mexican government hated all Native Americans, far more than the Norte Americanos. Didn’t you know? I guess you are unaware of what mean and nasty rat bastards the Mexican government has always been.

        2. Are you referring to the Mexicans who stole the land from the Spaniards, or to the Spaniards who stole the land from the Comanche, or to the Comanche who stole the land from the Wichita and the Kiowa? I don’t know who the Wichita and the Kiowa stole the land from, but neither do I really care.

        3. And you think you’re able to justify tyranny and incompetence and ignorance and stupidity. What you don’t know is that I am a Mexican immigrant. My family fled from Mexico because it is a total shit hole and a horrible corrupt and evil place. The last thing we want is for creepy ass Mexicans to turn America into Mexico. Like I ask everyone, if America because America del Norte, where will Mexicans go for a better life? Can’t answer that question, can you, stupid goomba?

        4. Like I would care if you call me an Uncle Tom. There’s no way you could shame me into thinking that Mexico is better than the United States of America. Mexico is a stinking steaming pile of corrupt turd world excrement. And the reason Mexico is going to remain a retarded pile of excrement is because their attitude is poisonous to themselves. Mexicans are arrogant but they have nothing to be arrogant about. Of course Mexicans who want a better life get the hell out of Mexico and get themselves to the USA. Mexico is crap but a lot of Mexicans have the common sense to realize that Mexico is not a place to be if you have a choice.

        5. Why would anyone care if a goomba like you thinks they are embarrassing. Your name says it all, goomba with a very little brain.

  10. “An educated Indian has more in common with an educated white person than he does with an uneducated illegal immigrant.”
    I’m an educated Latino, born in the US, and this is true. I could care less about a “race war” but if I truly was adamant about loyalty towards Mexico, I would simply move there, unlike most Latino protesters and foreign-flag carriers.

        1. Brings to mind the episode of South Park where the boys hire illegal immigrants to write their essays about The Old Man & The Sea 🙂

        1. The emotion of hate has very important uses and must not always be suppressed. It is essential as the desire to live and defend oneself. We can hardly defend a woman, say from rapists or rapefugees, without hate. It is not only unreasonable it is impossible.
          I give you Ecclesiasties 3:8 which George Orwell, who was an atheist, had read as his funeral. Remember the theme, everything has a purpose and a time including hate and of course healing afterwards. This is quite possibly more important than the sermon on the mount which we overuse.
          Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV)
          3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
          2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
          3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
          4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
          5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
          6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
          7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
          8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
          9 What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?
          10 I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.
          11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
          12 I know that there is no good in them, but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life.
          13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.
          14 I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.
          15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.
          16 And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.
          17 I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.
          18 I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.
          19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.
          20 All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.
          21 Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?
          22 Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?

        2. Hate is toxic, truly toxic. Cultivating it — or worse — acting upon it contributes to early death, either through poor health, or suicide.
          Hate at your own peril. Those who know how to laugh off impotent jabs of hatred live the longest and the happiest.

        3. When the Hajis are raping you in every orifice, and when they are done with you sexually take turns kicking you in the head till you die, remember your own words and make sure you don’t do any hating.

        4. Well. All of that will be easy to remember. I mean it would, if it were ever to happen.
          Luckily though, these ludicrous fantasies only exist in the minds of psychotics. And you people die at a much younger rate than everyone else. Perhaps that’s for the best.
          Just curious though… when your imaginary race war comes, will you stand on the side of white, non-Hajis? Or will you stand with proud Muslim mudshark Daryush Valizdeh, known to pollute as many young, virginal white girls as he can pollute? I will go put on some popcorn for when you respond and *totally* avoid naming your side.

        5. The 1960s musical group “The Byrds” did a song of similar theme in “Turn Turn Turn”.

        6. Hmmmm….never happen? There are millions of women in Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, England would disagree, so keep believing it will never happen to you.
          I won’t even explicate the fact that race war has always existed and has been going on to this very day. If you have not experienced it it is because thus far you have been insulated from it by evil White men like myself, not because you are a “strong independent woman”, as if there ever was such a creature.
          Roosh has parents that are Muslim, he does not practice the religion. Additionally, Roosh is not Arab, but Georgian and Armenian I believe. The rape-apes are Arab sand niggers, it is not their moon-cult religion that makes them violent savages, but their low IQ and genetic programming of violence and savage behavour. The sick moon-cult religion they follow is an expression of their genetics not the other way around.
          What raceway are you reffering to? Daytona? Taledaga?

        7. ~Correct — never happen… at least not how you would dream of it happening. Women from every country today experience rape, yet they get called “liars”, “attention whores”, “morning-after regretters”, “sluts”, and any number of other garbage terms from garbage people. YET*AS*SOON*AS*THE*RAPISTS*ARE
          *MUSLIM*, you steaming piles of hate garbage suddenly believe rape is real. Go suck Daryush’s dick, as soon as he pulls it out of Matt Forney’s ass, that is.
          ~Daryush’s parents are Iranian and Kardashian. Oops, I mean Iranian and Armenian like the Kardashians. So he is genetically conditioned to be a garbage-level reality TV show. He has praised his Muslim heritage (if there is such a thing) as the reason why he demands patriarchal standards. Patriarchal standards = Man Good, Woman Bad… but can be less bad if she follows Q’uranic dictates of subservience. I have seen you people (manospherians) devolve into violence over Islam and patriarchy.
          Also, he has never backed away from being Muslim, even when the Daily Stormer and other RaHoWa websites have called for his slaughter. See, other ragnar-heads tend to dislike the fact that he is poisoning the holy Master Race by inserting his mud dick into drunk young Aryan women who could have been holy incubators for true Aryan men’s offspring.
          What you don’t realize about violence is that it is only ever supported and defended by violent shitfilth like yourself and your ilk. Remove violent shitfilth from society, and no more violent shitfilth ruins society! Islam is no more a religion of peace than Xtianity is. Shitfilth exists (in small numbers) in all religions.
          If you think we should fight against Muslims because they are violent, then contemplate this instead — who commits 98% of the world’s violence? Men do. Society’s enemy — according to the logic you yourself use — is men. It seems the only reason society permits men to remain IS TO FIGHT OTHER MEN. How insane is that reasoning?! Remove pro-violence shitfilth, Earth. Remove pro-violence shitfilth.

        8. And I am the one filled with hate. You are hilarious toots! You just took a few years off of your Feminist lifespan.
          Mind booglingly stupid rant. There is no point try to make a reasoned and civil argument with someone bereft of facts, logic or any critical thought. For instance, I could point out to you that in Sweden almost all the rapes of Swedish women are being comitted by “refugees” and poor migrants, not Swedish men, but facts would make no difference to you, nor can you even grasp the point I just made in reference to your profane shit-fit, you lack the basic intelligence.
          I am willing to bet you are about 5’4″, around 220lbs with pink hair, tatoos and a nose ring. Yes, if only you could get rid of all those men who are repulsed by your very presence.

        9. Wow! You were able to state two factual sentences, then ruin it all with some good ol’ pulled-from-the-ass commentary. I guess *anything* was better than addressing the facts you don’t like, eh?
          “Mind booglingly[sic] stupid rant. There is no point try to make a reasoned and civil argument with someone bereft of facts, logic or any critical thought.” Yeah, I knew it was pointless to try, but it was still fun humiliating you publicly while watching you try to distance yourself from your earlier statements. Frankly I’m surprised you haven’t begun pretending I’m fat or ugly yet… that’s generally what people do when they run out of “argument”.***
          I fully admit that I failed to attach a hilarious image for ya in the former message. Note that Daryush actually knows and uses the correct spelling of the word “Moslem”.
          ***Oh! Update! You went back and expanded your post to make a bunch of silly accusations about my appearance! Yay! I win! You lose! Too funny.

        10. OMG! You actually have the capacity to upload a photo of the gender who would never in one trillion years acknowledge you irl? Wow, your argumentation skills have just soared since your first joke of a post!
          Your mama would be so proud. Why don’t you waddle upstairs and ask her? lol.

        11. How would I have any idea what you can score with? Do you think I’m the one who goes out and drags home these unwilling homo sapiens sapiens for you? Tell it to your mama, bud. She might have been the last female who gave a ragnar about you.
          Also, the chick in your photo looks as though you just begged her for a date — notably her gesture appears to be her answer to your request. Great to see that some women still have standards ha ha ha ha ha….. poor you.

        12. Yup, a post-Father’s Day shower from which I have not dried off yet (pssst, it’s hot today).
          I wouldn’t know what “hogging” is, and I can only guess it’s yet one more term in your myriad-phobic lexicon.
          You’re quite phenomenally stupid, so I can only hope that you’re very young. If so, there’s hope you’ll outgrow your devotion to being societally-retarded as fuck. If, however, you’re over the age of 25, then there’s neither hope nor an excuse for you.

        13. So, you’re saying you’re not too bright again? Whether something is small or large, it is still subject to evaporation. (I bet the science there just went way the fuck over your head. Over your head, and slammed right into Daryush’s hairy Muslim navel! Ha ha ha!)
          But I bet it makes you feel all smart ‘n zippy implying I weigh more than I do, huh? I mean, anything to create contact with someone even purporting to be female is better than a normal no-female day for you 🙁

        14. We both know you are sporting a lot of square footage and an off the chart BMI.

        15. Neither of us know that.
          But what I’m pretty certain we both do know is that those who make insulting guesses at women’s weight do so purely, 100% for no other reason than having a micro-penis. I mean, one baseless statement’s just as valid as any other, right, tiny-dick?

        16. Wait a minute, you don’t know you are morbidly obese? Talk about living in denial.

        17. Uh oh… *I* don’t know I’m morbidly obese, my doctor doesn’t know I’m morbidly obese, my husband doesn’t know, my neighbors don’t know, my employees don’t know… anyone who sees me doesn’t know… and yet someone with your jacked-up, not-yet-once-correct, delusional rantings “knows” I’m morbidly obese.
          Cool delusional hobgoblinning for effect story, bruh. Do the voices you hear come from your micro-penis? And do you need a hearing aid to amplify its voice on account of how tiny it is?

        18. Hey, micro-penis, you’ve used up all of your free Carrie-will-talk-to-a-moron-for-free tokens. If you want Carrie to keep talking to the moron, the moron’s gonna have to pay.
          Send me your PayPal address so I can send you my invoice. Once I send you my invoice, you send me the dollar amount, I wait for the funds to arrive, verify deposit, then I re-enter your no-longer free-of-charge convo. Otherwise, micro-penis moron will have to go back to having exactly zero females even knowing he exists.

        19. Hey fatso, did you take out your anger on your twink, millenial hipster husband? Did you sit on him and nearly suffocate him?

    1. We have ‘think tanks’ for a reason in this country, specifically the Government. I think whatever the media, the Government, schools and society is trying to push is regressing us back to tribalists, and it’s working to an extent. The far alternative PC culture created the far alternative right in return, and now we are beginning to see what the beginning of the end. Instead of people coming together like Iceland, I think we will fall. One thing I never understood about the left, is why they hate corporations and yet, they support mass immigration that corporations benefit more from.

    2. The thing those dirtbags carrying Mexican flags don’t realize is that if there ever was a ‘takeover’ of the southwest, the Federal Police would round up all the Leftist scumbags and make them dig their own graves out in the desert.

      1. Fear keeps jerk offs in line, dictators know how to use it. Obviously there is no fear of US police in those videos.

      2. Lets get started here first and well send them to a watery grave at the bottom of the Falls!

      3. If there is actually a race war, which implies that two sides are engaged in the fight, good luck to all the SJW and non Whites. Because right now the Whites aren’t fighting.. they’re avoiding. But, if that changes…

    3. That always struck me as bizarre. Living in the US and waving a Mexican flag. It was so great I left for other opportunities!

      1. Maybe some don’t think May-he-co is a bad place, so long as they have money…and the pittances that they earn here can give them a high standard of living south of the border.

      2. What you may not realize is that a full 50% of illegal Mexican aliens consider themselves part of a demographic reconquest of the American southwest… They didn’t just come here just to suckle the benefits of a white economy built by a population that’s more than half a standard deviation more intelligent than they are, they came here as hostile invaders intent on reconquest. They should be repelled, if necessary with lethal force, and sanctuary cities should have their local governments decapitated and put under state control for providing material support to terrorists (and this should continue until the illegals are ALL deported.)

        1. Since they get special status now, we people who’re born here and have vested interests in the economy and society have become second-class citizens.

        2. Indeed. It must be fixed, by any means necessary. Unfortunately most sheeple will need to get a LOT more uncomfortable before they wake up… By then it may be too late (at least for America as a whole…) We can probably save a significant portion of it but some of the most overrun parts may need to be sacrificed.

        3. Oh yeah, they’ll fight against reason until they’re the ones on the street. I think what’s slowed the awakening of the American public is the cheap consumer goods. The societal meltdown got started when people didn’t question that their wages were falling because they could afford all the toys like I-phones and $200 washing machines. When you’re too dumb or de-sensitized about actually, creating and living a life, and understanding about taking care of yourself, you’ve become part of the problem.

    4. Yeah, I can’t understand schizo Marxists any more than you can.

    5. Unfortunately, many an “educated” Indian in the USA has more in common with an uneducated illegal immigrant in the USA than he does with an educated white person.
      In general: they’re here illegally, they’re underqualified (but underpayed as a result), they’re used to suppress wages in their fields, they’re stealing jobs from citizens and they do not assimilate.

      1. About the stealing jobs thing… I don’t think I know anyone who picks apples besides illegals or earthy types. Sometimes seasonal jobs take up all your time and other times you can’t work during certain conditions.
        Most people I work witb at my well paying job I can barely understand, but at my other jobs I’ve worked with bummy slobs or mentally lazy types so there is a gray area to really discuss where I am concerned.

        1. Illegals pick as businesses favor them over legitimate candidates for employment. 🙁

          there is a gray area to really discuss where I am concerned.

          How is there a gray area? They’re illegals.

    6. You should be an American first and foremost, not a Latino. And you sound like you are.
      BTW, never met a Mexican or other beaner from down south of the border with a PhD in the US, they always seem to reside in the poorer countries. As one put it, “yeah, I could make more money in the States or Europe, but why? Costs next to nothing to do the same thing here.”

      1. I agree I am an American of Latin-American Ancestry (3.5 Gen), I was clearly told by folks that you are American first but this is your
        heritage The Hyphenated American and Identity Politics will destroy any nation
        in infect.
        God Bless Trump he’s the man that MAY BE able to get us out of this
        god damn mess….

  11. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you are not white and you wish for a race war, you are a complete fool. Whites comprise three quarters of the population, are better educated and control more resources, own the lion’s share of personal weapons, and have been heavily over-represented in combat service, including in elite units (look at the pictures of any special forces unit and see how many non-white faces you count).
    A race war against whites, whether started by blacks or hispanics or anyone else, ends the same. The minorities will be surrounded and starving in urban centers while whites mass enough forces to make the final push and go house to house to finish them off.
    I harbor no racial animus to anyone, but in a race war, I won’t get to choose sides.

    1. That is if white people decide to fight them instead of, I don’t know, handing over their virgins and asking to video tape their deflowering which, with what I have seen around, is not, ya know, totally impossible.

      1. Haha. For the urban-liberal cucks, yes. I know you dwell in enemy territory, but drive 30 minutes outside of any large urban area, and you’ll find a completely different attitude.
        Also remember, it’s the whites with guns that count, and those cucks laying down to be rolled over don’t have them.

        1. The problem won’t be the white cuck citizens. It is the white cuck government. Here is the question: what happens when the national guard is called out to protect the minorities that start a race war. Well, go see if there are any unintegrated Arkansas schools and you will have your answer.
          I know the answer will be “oh yeah, well the white people in the military won’t follow commands for that” Maybe. I wouldn’t put my retirement on it though.
          You want to create a lawless all in royal rumble yeah, whites will take the upper hand. They have the guns (and actually know how to shoot them), they can strategize and not just go full mob, etc. etc. etc. Right…but that isn’t what happens. It always, always, always turns political and when it does you know as well as I do….now a days at least…..white men will be marginalized and stuck in a corner.

        2. Also, I don’t consider my territory enemy territory. I consider it civilization. Because I am not out late enough and I don’t go to the kind of places where I will have this shit in my face. This is not my war. I am like the old guys in the balcony of the muppets.

        3. We need to look at the borderline civil war in France in the 60s between the OAS, the French government and the Action Service. Will the military and police follow orders? As long as they believe they have any chance at a quiet life, yes.
          “The people will rise up” is a lie some people on the right steal from the left. It has always been a lie. “The people” never rise up left or right.

        4. That is right. The only people who “rise up” are a) the ones who stand to benefit immensely from it (leaders of a revolution) and b) people who, if something doesn’t change, will literally just starve to death.
          My guess is that in the war to come the status quo will win.
          The best trick that America pulled was keeping its citizens, even the poor ones, well feed and entertained.
          There will never be a real revolution as long as the people who are the would be revolters can get a 6 pack, a pizza and watch the game instead.

        5. The perfect example I can think of happened recently as well with the Occupy Wall Street protests. Who doesn’t want money in politics? Naive, yes but a noble goal at least. The whole thing turned into a circle jerk for who could get the most attention rather than make demands on national TV or online about what their demands were.

        6. RIght. As soon as it got too chilly for hipster scarves the park in NY was totally deactivated. I am sure the protesters had a blast but they all had to go home and charge their iphones.
          Speaking of OWS my favorite part of the whole thing, almost making dealing with those filthy hippies worth while, was when they tried to disrupt the stock exchange with drums and shit. The stock exchange. The place where the world trade center came crashing to the ground and the traders didn’t realize it happened until they were forcibly dragged from the trading floor.
          That is like trying to throw off a special forces team by locking them in a room and playing a kazoo.

        7. Exactly. I told many of those jokers, I mean protestors, that if they were serious they would have brought out the guillotine from retirement and a few cops in riot gear wouldn’t worry them. Instead they sat on their asses to sing Kumbiya and did what you mentioned.

        8. Well considering that they were literally the children of wall street, that movement had no chance of success. They were little more that rich brats having a temper tantrum against mommy and daddy.
          Almost every single one of them are now back in college or at home in the mansion right now as we speak. I’m sure they feel so smug at how ” one time, I fought the establishment” as they play on their $500 phones and surf leftist blogs.

        9. Well, in fairness to them, I bet a lot of em got laid.
          I remember there was one day when there was an OWS threat to stop rush hour transit by staging a coordinated holding of doors of the subways. Like every morening I got dressed, tied my tie and went to work. I brought a bat. My boss doesn’t want to hear that I was late because some hippy cunt was holding the doors.
          On my way I realized, despite my size and strength even I am pushed and shoved during rush hour. These no protein eating mother fuckers would have been trampled if they had bothered getting up early enough — they didn’t….turns out if they could wake up early enough to go to work they wouldn’t have been protesting.

        10. Yep, and they’ll use it as the prime reason to take our guns. Unfortunately, this is the reason we have to resist violence as much as possible. Because we will be demonized no matter what happens and who starts it.

        11. The way you win is by becoming wealthy. Work hard, work smart, make, save, wisely invest money. The more money you have the less you have to pay attention to this bullshit. This nonsense is for peasants.

        12. Barring nationalization of your assets. Which has been known to happen from time to time.

        13. In theory, but it hasn’t happened to me. It’s never happened to any one I know. It is this thing that could happen, I am sure…and I am not pleased with the chunk that they appropriate tax wise…but that’s the price of doing business.
          See the government doesn’t want to seize my assets. I am worth more to them like I am. I keep earning like a good worker bee and keep spending and earning and spending and saving and buying. I will buy a home and pay my taxes and participate in society. The investment is more sound to let me work and pay taxes and buy myself stuff. If they seize my assets they get a small one time pay out, if they let me continue they get a life time of income.
          Even the mob knows that you never squeeze someone all the way dry.

        14. You might have awakened GOJ from his Mid West militia crypt. Didn’t he detail how to deal with the families of military rising against their own people?

        15. Except your money wont save you when tryone and pablo come after you with a tire iron in the grocery store parking lot because youz a raysis azz honkey trump s’porter and then ahmed suicide bombs your corpse.

        16. I have my groceries delivered.
          I live a life that is pretty much isolated from those incidents. Is it possible that I am the random casualty. Yes. What am I going to do? Fight a war?
          I am living a life which minimizes the risk while maximizes my own personal happiness. If I wind up being the victim of some savage then it is really sad and terrible but I don’t want to change the world out of fear of some random attack when my own history has shown me that I can live a very safe and happy life.

        17. But your money is in a bank right? Would be a shame if the computers “fail” or papers “burn” somewhere in a field in Iowa despite the 20th steel door shielding them

        18. IT would, but I am not going to live in fear of it.
          I think the bank is going to do what is in the banks interest. Banks, like governments, will make more money off of me in the long run by letting me imagine I have some kind of control and letting me keep earning and spending money.
          I could get screwed, but the chances aren’t high enough for me to rethink what I am doing.

        19. Arguably, why kill the goose that lays eggs. However given the recent popularity of the socialist movement under Bernie Sanders, it’s not a far stretch to see marginal income tax rates go up to levels that all but flatten the economic landscape for all but the top echelons. At the very least creating a very large underclass with no true middle class.
          Over the long haul it is the same net effect as just getting to it and taking you assests for redistribution, it will just take a decade or two longer.
          Economically leveling everyone is the ultimate goal of any culture war. It never works but people keep trying it.

        20. True enough. We aren’t there yet though. And while it can look like we are there if we narrow our focus and read about it all the time, in truth we are still pretty far off.
          It is a danger for the future for sure, but not something which requires revolution now by a long shot.
          A guy like Bernie def wants to redistribute without realization for how fucked that would make everyone. However, as much as people scream and hoot and holler he didn’t get within a country mile of the nomination and, more to the point, even if he did, and even if he won he would find out very quickly, if he doesn’t already know, that the office of POTUS has pretty much no power other than getting a cool jet and some sweet intern blow jobs.

        21. Sure. I agree on the politics point. But I disagree on the force point. You have to remember something, there is a vast difference between telling whites that black kids are going to be allowed to attend a school, and the NG is going to escort them to make sure they’re safe, and saying that whites are going to be disarmed in a climate that indicates they are the target of a future race war.
          I just don’t see disarmament happening.
          As for your point about the military not following commands, I speak only from my anecdotal experience as a combat arms officer in the Marines, but I know that most of my friends have expressed similar views. Maybe we’re outliers who by some bizarre coincidence all ended up in the same unit, but I don’t think so. Military members take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Maybe that seems quaint to people who don’t serve, but junior officers I served with took it seriously. An order to go house to house rounding up guns violates the Constitution in all kinds of ways.
          But supposed I’m wrong and none of them desert – how is a military going to function without ammunition, spare parts, food, medicine, clean water, etc…? Guess who provides all that stuff? The civilians the military would be attacking. Such an attack has too many weak points to succeed. There literally are not enough troops to secure the logistics trains necessary to wage such a war.

        22. Well i dont know your life or exactly how isolated you are from all this but considering the social climate dont you think it would prudent to atleast have a couple contingencies in place for the inevitable chimp outs?

        23. The point is fair enough NE. I just don’t see things going so far as there being a civil war.
          A few little skirmishes here and there yeah. But then what?
          As for desert or disobey? I admittedly have no experience here. I just can’t imagine that the US Gov’t wouldn’t be able to use some of the immense military force at it’s command to knock down what would be, comparatively, a single group of people who would be painted as fanatics and nut jobs whether they were or not.
          Between the PR and the ATF you may get a few more Waco TX scenes. And then what. A few more made for tv movies. A couple of names that become synonymous with nut jobs like Manson and then, in true American fashion, back to business as usual.
          There doesn’t need to be disarmament. I don’t think it will happen anyway. The reason it doesn’t need to happen is because it will never be the case that all the people with guns form a single purposed militia and overthrow the government. It is the pipe dream of a couple of people here and there. IN the meanwhile, people will always be fed enough crumbs to keep them going.
          I honestly believe that the government doesn’t care about disarmament. They want the liberals to yell about gun violence and crazy gun people while the conservative yell about their rights and the second amendment and how no one will disarm them and all the while the world goes on….business as usual.
          Could a united front of white people win a race war? Maybe. But there is too much incentive for enough of them not to participate in one of them to make it a moot point. That said, the few who go whole hog will be labelled as psychos and dealt with swiftly and the story will be controlled by the press.
          10 years later people will come out and say “the truth” and they will be laughed at.
          And the beat goes on.

        24. I don’t think so. Really, I don’t want to live in the post apocalyptic mad max world. That shit seems terrible to me. Contingency plan for all out race war? A bottle of very expensive scotch and 30 oxycodone should do. Until then, I am going to live my life with no thought whatsoever about what I will do in case.

        25. Bernie was defeated, but it shows that there is a large percentage of Americans that want a redistribution of wealth and status. Maybe some of that is warranted, but I personally don’t like the precedent being set.
          Clearly the line is not a total Marxist takeover, but there are plenty that would say we are privileged because we are not shit broke and looking for a hand out.
          So what is going to happen is the very popular idea (Obama, Bernie and Hillary) tax “rich” old white men making 250k or more per year will eventually turn into taxing the bulk of the middle class as inflation marches on, just like the AMT. No bullets or big speeches, just a tax hike that broadly fucks anyone getting to upwardly mobile.

        26. Dude you want to fight some imaginary war that only exists in the heads of people who have nothing better to care about that’s fine. I would call you the coward. I’m am facing the world for what it is and making the most of reality rather than hide in some delusion that some war will happen and telling myself how bad ass I will be when it comes.

        27. I know Tyrone and Pablo. They do your landscaping and help momma around the house.

        28. Well, i dont think my life/safety is an appropriate form of payment for their toils or reparations for their percieved misgivings from YT. What about ahmed though? Im sure I owe him something as well.

    2. We also have jobs and families, and don’t wander around in groups or gangs. The other side would be crawling all over your neighborhoods while you are at work, buying groceries, etc. Sure, in the end I know which side would win, but there would be a whole lot of ambushes and casualties and destruction of property first.

      1. Correct..there is more than the rule of law holding us in place. In fact, law is the last thing. When signing up to fight the great war you will be walking in knowing that you are pretty much betting everything you own…that mortgage isn’t going to wait…or your credit cards…money and specifically debt holds this country in order and not some archaic notion of law or governance and money is under no threat.
        Like in any fight, the people with less to lose tend to come out on top.

        1. But the first thing to go will be the law. When white people no longer have top fear the law you will see some bad things happen. There is a huge amount of suppressed anger. Especially blacks have openly hated whites for quite some time (decades at the least.) In the old days I am sure they hated whites just as much, but they kept it within the black community and private. It has been openly expressed for decades. Having it shoved in your face while a policeman holds a gun to your head, and you have the chance of losing everything you have if you react, is not conducive to good race relations. Note in every race riot I have seen the Asian shop owners pull out the guns and shoot any rioter that comes near them. Why don’t you see white shop owners doing the same? Because racial politics say that no white can defend himself or his property from a POC. When this stricture is removed you will see a lot of guns pulled out and target season will start.

        2. At some point it may come to that, but I really believe that the economic structure and level of comfort is way too high to expect it in our life times barring some cataclysmic event.

        3. You sound like a 1925 German. The times are just too good to change in my lifetime. Then 1929 came and everything changed in a matter of days. Economic collapse can happen really fast. Also, in reply to comments made elsewhere about the government not seizing your assets because it hasn’t happened to you, I know some Argentinians whose assets were seized. Argentina decided, under their leftist fascist government of Peronists that just got kicked out, to seize all retirement savings and provide everyone the same government retirement benefit. This included all pensions as well as the equivalent of IRAS and 401Ks. Of course no one could live, outside a ghetto and at starvation levels of subsistence dinning out of dumpsters, on what the government was providing. So, yes it can be done. It has been done in many places over history, and in some places recently. Obummer visited Argentina recently and praised their government. no mention was made of the government stealing money from its citizens.

        4. but see they aren’t too good. America saw that mistake and corrected it. 1925 German the times were just too good…for some people….The brilliance I see in the united states is that life isn’t too good…it is actually really crappy but just good enough.
          I really think that 2016 America has perfected keeping people in line by giving them all just enough of the apple.
          Yes, eventually it will all blow up and more than likely will do so just as you say. Only it is going to take 100 years before it implodes on itself.

        5. Because few white shop owners have property in the inner city whereas the Asians don’t know or don’t care to make a buck.

    3. The only place there will be casualties in such a war will be those in which law abiding citizens are forcibly disarmed, such as California.
      Notice that the level of violence is far lower in places like Arizona, which fully honors the 2A.
      And if this violence spreads from the inner cities into more rural areas of any state where most people are armed, it will be over in a matter of minutes.

      1. True, true. If they keep it in the cities, the country folk are likely to let them have it and fight it out themselves. if they run out of food and come out in to the country, they better be waving a white flag and disarm before they cross the line into any small city or town. Or else they’re likely to find themselves in the crosshairs of a classic L formation. And that’s no matter what race as we won’t know what side you’re on until we’ve had some time to get to know you.
        Also, bring stockloads of anti-biotics with you to trade for the food please. We might have run out of anti-biotics in small towns if the cities are all in a world of hurt.

      2. Oh yes. This is what I think a lot of people underestimate.
        To me, disarmament is a red line. There is just too much history to look at to accept this and go along with it and not expect anything bad to happen. If you are in the group being disarmed, someone has you targeted for bad stuff later on.
        If I got word that cops were coming door to door to round up weapons, I’m taking up a firing position and opening up on them as soon as they are in range. There will be no surrender.
        People assume that the cops would overrun me, kill me and I would be gone. Maybe so. But then they probably have to overrun the next house, and the next, etc…. But also imagine that once this happens people just say, “fuck it, you’ve declared war on us, now we declare war on you. It’s no longer safe to walk the streets in a cop uniform.” What no one ever asks is how many cops are really willing to die, to never see their wife and kids again, just so that they can take away firearms from a stranger who has probably never done anything bad in his life – a policy they probably don’t personally agree with anyway. My bet is that they would halfheartedly attempt it for a day or two, but as soon as they take any real casualties, and I mean like ten or so, the effort would be abandoned because cops would just stop coming to work.

        1. To me, disarmament is a red line.

          Check out today’s 9th circus court ruling regarding your right to carry a concealed weapon.

        2. Just looked at that. In DC, a court recently reached the opposite conclusion. This is headed back to the Supreme Court.
          Not to turn this into a Trump thread, but this is why you cannot support Hillary. If she is elected, the second amendment, as we know it and as it has been interpreted since Heller is a dead letter. The next president will replace at least one, and possibly three or four of the current justices.
          If it comes to confiscation, all I can say is, “molon labe.”

        3. I would never in infinity years ever support that cunt.
          But with all due respect, please refer to her as “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife” or “Mrs. Bill Clinton.” She is nothing without her husband, and thus doesn’t deserve the respect of being referred to by her given name.

    4. Saw a highly entertaining YouTube video by an African American saying the same thing, his words:
      “You don’t want a race war with white people. Go to YouTube and you’ll find hundred videos of 12 year old white girls firing AR-15s and hitting the bullseye every single time. N**** on the street empties the clip and don’t hit s***.”

        1. That video hits me hard. You got little girls going target practice yet I haven’t even held a real firearm. I gotta get out of the New York area someday.

        2. A good place to start is an NRA safety course. They do some classroom instruction and then you to go to a range and shoot. Instructors are enthusiastic about teaching. Unless that is they’ve banned the NRA in NY!

    5. Your incorrect assumption is that all whites will be on the same team. Half will support the blacks/migrants and the government will also be aiding them.

      1. That is true.
        If not fighting alongside them, they will at least buy into the ” poor mexicans attacked by Trump supporters ” narrative presented by mainstream media.
        We already saw how it played out with the shooting of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, were they were proven guilty, but people still pretend they were innocent.
        Just like the UVA rape hoax, and Duke Lacrosse rape hoax, and ROK Meetups rape hoax. And even Gamaergate harrasment hoax.
        You would think they would learn by now. But some people love hating men, heterosexuals and White people. At this point at least 15 % of Americans suffer from terminal Social Justice of the brain.

        1. Sometimes sitting on the fence is a worse offense than active sabotage.

        2. They won’t at first, but the thing about race wars, as stated above, is that you don’t get to pick sides. You also can’t decide to sit it out. When the other comes over your fence and burns down your house, rapes your wife and kills your children even the worst cuck will decide to join his racial brethren. This goes for whites, blacks, and Latinos.
          There was a movie where a guy played by Tom Selleck gets framed by two dirty cops and goes to prison. There he is mentored by a Chicano lifer inmate. He is told, “Forget about that brotherhood of man shit. In here if you are white, you hang white. If you are black, you hang black. If you are chili pepper, you hang chili pepper.”

        3. When the other comes over your fence and burns down your house, rapes your wife and kills your children even the worst cuck will decide to join his racial brethren.”
          Not always the case. After the Paris attacks I believe, there was one white cuck who openly came out and created a video saying how he refuses to hate the terrorists even though they killed his wife. If I were in the same situation, I would be telling them my seething fury will burn like a sun until the day I can exact my revenge in the most brutal and tortuous way.

        4. People like that will be killed early on, which might make the whole thing worthwhile; improve the gene pool all around.

        5. Sad, but true….SJW-ism can be cured by a lead injection though…the results are profound!

        6. Wow….well, that dipshit doesn’t deserve to have his genes passed along anyway… If I were in his shoes, god forbid, I’d kill *EVERYONE* EVERYONE remotely involved.

      2. How many guns and how much training do nigger loving liberals have?
        Besides, how will the niggrs know which side the liberal is on? That will end quickly after a few instences of liberals being killed by their pet apes. You’ll notice that whites where nowhere to be found during the burning and looting in Baltamore? Why not?
        Just to be safe, shot any white man with dreadlocks or gauged ears.

        1. What “anti white police”? Take a look around, most of the PDs are made up od whites even in black cities like Baltimore and Ferguson. Niggers are too stupid to pass the PD exam. Thats why the nogs always claim that the exam is “biased”.

        2. I’m sad to burst your bubble, but there are plenty of black policemen these days.

        3. What percentage 10? 50? PDs are still mostly white and keep in mind that 3 of the 6 Baltimore PD cops charged in the Freddy Grey incident where black.
          Also cops make up an insignificant portion of the population. They would not be able to “police” shit in a war. They also have homes and families. Do you think a cop of any race is going to leave his wife in kids in a war zone to show up to work? Most NOPD cops didnt show up after Katrina.

        4. I did not mean so much regular police officers. As such are not likely to harrass Whites.
          I was thinking more in line of policemen arresting Trump supporters who will protect themselves and call that “hate crimes”. That is the only type of crime where the police is more biased towards Whites. The larger legal system is anti-White rather than the police force themselves.
          But in general the police force is an arm of the government and I am wise not to trust it. If given orders it could protect Mexicans while arresting Whites who defend themselves and call it a “hate crime” .

        5. “A patrol car travels for 30 minutes at 50 mph how far did it go?”
          Answer:” Youz a fucking raysis”.
          I took the Seattle PD exam with such a bad hangover that I thought I was going to be sick and got a 91% on it. If a 7th grader could not pass that exam then he belongs in the retard class.

        6. I see. I actually think the police are anti-humanity. You only have to consider what kind of person would spend his time trying to incriminate people for “non-crimes” and administrative errors and this seems obvious.
          MJ said it right “all I wanna say is they don’t really care about us”. Any of us.

        7. The police I have known prior to them becoming police were not racists, but after a relatively short while they all were deeply racist. This includes whites and blacks. When you are a black police officer you deal with the same scum day in and day out as the white police. You come to suspect blacks more than whites because most of the criminals are black.
          I think it was Chris Rock that said it best for blacks in general, “I love black folks, but I hate niggers.”

        8. We need to look at genetics for what it is. Brains are wired differently for different purposes, which is why different races have different characteristics.

        9. Taleeb Starkes-“The Uncivil War” is unrelenting is expounding on this. He lives in a ghetto and writes about it.

        10. They also believe he is White as a result of news media malicious lies and distortions.

        11. That is true, many cops are sociopaths and totally jacked on authoritarianism. They are itching to break a skull or shoot someone and then pat themselves for doing the lords work.

        12. He never said white liberals would actually be in close proximity to their pet POCs. It would be just like it is now, and was in the Civil War. White liberals in their gated white communities, sending white soldiers out to bring those rascally racist rebs’ in the South to justice. Yeah, maybe they’ll form a few ranks of well behaved pet POCs, but we know how it go.

        13. The wealthy leftist certianly would but the poor hippy scumbags with their dreadlocks and gauged ears would find their face on the wrong side of a chimp’s brick. Seattle will be so much better after a good portion of the lefties are killed.
          I want to see the “You’re a white male” (Youtube it if you dont know who Im refering to) show solidarity with Day’shawn during a Catagory 5 chimpout.

        14. Most of the cops I know are anything but liberal. Most of them own at least a few personal weapons. The brass might try to order them to fight on the colored’s side, but I can’t really see that going over well, if at all, and it sure wouldn’t last long.
          And yes, most police forces are not racially diverse, thank god.

        15. MJ was also forced to remove the lyrics, “Kike me, Jew me, you will never break me” to that song.

        16. It’ll be like Haiti: any white sympathizer/ally will find himself & his family with knives in their backs, courtesy of their black allies 🙁

        17. The Baltimore police did not intervene during the riots, letting white folks (and everyone else) get assaulted and their property destroyed.
          The Albuquerque and San Jose police departments just sat back and watched while the generally-white Trump supporters were assaulted.

        18. How much white property was destroyed in Baltimore? It appeared to be mainly nog property.
          I believe that is a function of cops being too incompetent to operate in a war zone more so than it is a jacked 25 year old white man’s desire to serve and protect the beast.

        19. Bona fide private property? From what I’ve come to learn, too much.
          Additionally, all the police vehicles that were trashed are also whitey’s property in a sense as they’re the taxpayers who fund it. IMO a similar argument could be made for the now-rebuilt CVS that they razed. 🙁
          Not only did they let themselves get the crap beaten out of themselves by black thugs during the riots but they let white bystanders in heavily-policed downtown areas have to fend for themselves against the Army of Darkness 🙁
          Pics from a bar just a stone’s throw from their baseball stadium:

        20. I do believe that to be true. Generally speaking across the board. There are always a percentage of exceptions to differing degrees, but these merely prove the rule. You certainly see this with gender in which men and women tend to have different strengths.
          The problem is multi-culturalism and cultural marxism have actually ended up ghettoizing different races and alienating men and women from each other in a hostile stand off.It seems certain strains of socialism are just veiled attempts at continuing the ruling classes age old tactic of divide and rule.
          They pretend to promote its opposite with ideas of unity and then scapegoat a certain group. Currently Caucasian males are the evil ones that need to be culled. To borrow a term from the brainwashed herd in the mass consumer fashion world; white really is the new black.

        21. I don’t think that the racial make-up of law enforcement will make much of a difference, and here’s why;
          Police are just like everyone else, with families, properties, and a regular life.
          When (not if) the SHTF, these police will be on the job for a while, but if they start to worry about their own families being harmed in some way, they will be skipping work to stay home to protect their own families.
          The same goes for military people.
          If they feel their families and loved ones can be hurt, they will be with them, rather than in Baltimore protecting some dindu’s barbershop.
          Of course, that is just my opinion.
          And if that happens, I am sure Blowbama would try to get some of those billions of rounds of unexplained ammo, and the thousand of firearms to his monkey brethren.
          And then he thinks he will have his “national police force” that he spoke of 7 years ago.
          It will not matter how many weapons these shit-skins have though, as they are too stupid to work as a unit, so in effect, they will be bringing their weapons to me, and I will put them to good use.
          I would just start picking off these fools as they get near my neighborhood, and collect their weapons and ammo for our side, who know how to use a firearm correctly.
          Keep your powder dry.
          I guarantee that within a week of full scale unrest, the black population numbers will be down by at least a third.
          Or what I like to call “A good start”.

        22. Growing up around the South is enough to make almost anyone ‘waycist’ these days

        23. Yea, so I guess which all those Asians/Indians with STEM degrees, it is only a matter of time before Euros are relegated to second class status…

        24. and now you know what “Occupy” and “BlackLivesMatter” were all about….getting the Police to stand by and watch.

        25. I think the overall plan, is to make being a conservative de facto illegal.

        26. Reality tends to hit rookies square in the face, and even if they started off liberal they don’t stay that way for long.

        27. I was reading many comments thinking, ok, I can’t stand Hillary or SJW’s. Mexican hate I’m not really sure about. Then I came to your comment. I get that some African-Americans are upset with Whites at the moment. The circumstances around Black shootings can be very hazy but not so much with Zimmerman. I believe he is guilty as the sky is blue. But WTF on your calling Afro-Americans the “N” word and “apes” is just beyond what I consider the worst of the worst comments. Have you forgotten that these people were slaves with no choice in coming here ? Your vile spew puts you on par with the evil Global Elite but you aren’t rich and not that smart. I’m not sinking into the stinking morass of name calling, I’m letting you know you haven’t really thought your comment through. Afro-Americans wouldn’t be here if they had a choice, but thining them sub-human because of the colour of their skin is why you personally will never win. There are many reasons to support anyone but Clinton and most people are reasonable in their support because the left has become insane. The way to beat them is not to join them in their insanity which you are doing.

        28. Ok, enough with the African American hate. I can see the Aryan thoughts have been rumbling around in your brain. Now you see this as a time to let loose and be accepted even as you puke out your hate. I hate Clinton and SJW’s but I can’t stand blind racism. There is no reason for it, you are a sick person. I know and have black friends, they are not SJW’s. They don’t cry about being held down even when I can see they are treated like shit by whites. Instead of making stupid comments, why don’t you explain why you can’t stand Blacks. Then maybe I can find some common ground and see why you feel like you do. I certainly can’t side with the leftists so help me out, give me your reasons.

        29. Finally reason in blind hate. This comment makes sense and is the reson we should fight. Not blind racism or unjustified hate, we have to be better than them not sink to their level. All blind hate does is lower you to an undignified dishonorable level equal to the SJW’s, Feminazi’s and Clinton.

        30. There is justification for this feeling but I would add, whites hide their thuggery better. All criminal history being equal, blacks generally get longer prison terms for the same offense compared to whites. Blacks are just far more in your face when commiting crimes. Blacks also feel they have no way out but crime and have few role models except gangsters. Schools in black neighbourhoods get less funding than in white areas. The point is, there is a reason why they act as they do. I’m not saying its right or correct. As a truck driver, I have been in neighbourhoods I should not have been in, yet I was never ripped off, never insulted or threatened. Now I was never surrounded by a black gang but every black person i met, was not only helpful, it was obvious they just wanted to live their life without conflict. The blacks I met also never gave me shit directions, in fact, mexicans and whites got me lost more times than not, black people always got me to where I needed to be in one go. As I said, I was never around any gangs though, I suspect my experience would have been different.

        31. WTF – Excuse me there are still plenty of in STEM Field at college (where I went to) and my sister is in college in California and a good percentage are white (of course depends on the location/state in the US).
          Also that said most of Silicon
          Valley is still white, SV was built overwhelmingly by whites. Also many of the
          Indians/Asians in SV are immigrants (basically cheap labor). Our Elites are sick bastards the first thing they should outsource are themselves, they love cheap labor

      3. Please see my post below. I think a race conflict would be unlikely, and if it did occur, it wouldn’t last long. The vast majority of whites and documented Hispanics will band together. On the other side you’d only have a handful of weed-smoking white hipsters from Berkley, a few migrants waving signs, and a few blacks here and there who’ll just want to be seen on Worldstar. They won’t be carrying guns; they’ll just be waving around cell-phones and mix-tapes. Remember your article stating that American Is Becoming a Homosexual Nation? That was spot-on, and I think our focus should be there moreso than anywhere else. Anything else is merely a distraction, not a threat. Men being arrested for just looking at women the wrong way is a threat. The increasingly frequent criminalization of anything remotely heterosexual is a threat. Men being able to don wigs and dresses and enter women’s restrooms is a threat. Having your business shut down and being fined $30k just because you wouldn’t bake a cake for two sausage smugglers is a threat. Like they said on Hunger Games–which I loathe to paraphrase even though it’s spot-on in this instance–we have to remember what the real threat is.

        1. Keeping us distracted from real threats is precisely the reason to start a race war (or a sex war or any civil war at all really).
          We can’t have women questioning the feminist narrative along with men, or men looking at the system and seeing it isn’t just (for any man). Men banding together and pulling society back toward traditional values? Hah!
          As we all know the progressive playbook is to double down and become even worse, this would just be a logical extension of their ultimate world view, objectives, and practices.
          Either way, short or long, military/government involvement or not, whatever racial breakdown on whichever side it all comes up roses when the end game is destabilization.

      4. That is of the ones who will do anything realizing the financial implications should they join the war and lose. A well fed, well entertained army is not an army which is apt to mobilize in any serious way.

        1. maybe, but I seriously doubt it. Sure, you’ll say, so did all those other people in that other place and at another time…and you may be right…I don’t think so though. Heck, I am betting my life on it.

        1. If Trump wins, cities will burn. I wonder if that will open some peoples eyes.

        2. It absolutely will. As I recently read somewhere : “Obama changed everything. Before that the right was the bad guy and leftists were all sunshine and flowers. But since Obama, comments on mainstream news sites read like something off Stormfront”
          Since Obama came the power the membership in KKK organizations exploded.
          The day Obama came in power Stormfront had so many visitors the site shut down because it couldn’t handle so much traffic.
          The Daily Stormer is the most popular White Nationalist website in the world. And if it was not banned from online Ad companies it would have made more money than Buzzfeed, Gawker and HuffPo combined.
          Now look, Trump is in power. Putin is popular with the americans. In Europe populist right parties are coming to power.
          The fire rises.

        3. Glad I live in Wine Country fifteen miles from the epicenter of Buffalo NY…think I better buy an 870 shotgun for home protection against “trick or treaters”…

        4. I don’t think it will escalate beyond major metropolitan areas. I think it’s highly likely that Hillary wins anyway.

        5. The era of the shitlord is approaching. The masses are saying fuck it to democracies & representative governments aka regimes. ZOG is on the run. Look at the Philippines. The masses just elected a real badass strongman, Rodigigo Duterte who becomes president (shitlord) June 30th. Look for a huge body count on July 1st.

        6. Yeah Duterte is killing it, a real super duper shitlord. Talks openly about journalists getting killed. That’s what we need in America. Journalists so afraid to lie and proagandize they soil their diapers every time before they hit “post”

        7. I am disagreeing. Obama and the internet ONLY allowed those who harbored ill-will toward minorities to ratchet up their outwardly bigoted views. Hell, look at the nasty crap that’s said about the man’s WIFE!? Then you have all these police actions that are overtly bigoted toward blacks but guys like Cliven Bundy, the hold out in Oregon and that Stanford Swimmer where the law takes a much more GENTLE approach to arrest actions! Pathetic!

        8. LOL, up by Buffalo were NO ONE freaking wants to live!? Hell, no one is driving up there to start trouble

      5. This sounds more like a class warfare than race. One race just happens to have more than another so it may appear as a race war.

      6. Even all blacks won’t be on the same team. Pro-Western, Pro-Patriarchy black people like me will be in no-man’s land if/when this happens.

        1. That would be fucked up. We are each fighting a battle within our own people who succumbed to this shit. We actually have a lot in common but should accept our differences and still be our own people.

        2. When TSHTF blacks will hang black, and whites will hang white. Those that choose not to will be dead in a very short time.

        3. I mean no offense but leftists must be purged, no matter their color. they are the ones responsible for our situation.

        4. I predict virtually no friendly fire in the leftist purge, because leftists are just so damn easy to identify.

        5. I don’t think so. At least half of the white population has leftist leanings (U.S., Canada) and the proportion is even higher for white Europeans (UK, Scotland, Germany) and minorities. Many of these leftist will join you in case the situation degenerates and becomes a race war but make no mistake, as soon as the conflict is over, they will stab in the back. Even many “white nationalists” are leftists who worship the state and believe the State should be your father and white women must be worshipped, the only difference is they identify as Whites.

        6. I think it’s ultimately going to come down to ‘those who are intelligent and moral’ versus everyone else… Unfortunately there is a significant racial disparity in that metric, so intelligent patriotic American born blacks are going to get lumped in with the human refuse… If there is a ‘race war’ everybody needs to keep in mind that while race might be a quick factor to discriminate on the battlefield it’s hopefully not going to actually define the sides themselves (and I suspect that while there will certainly be a racial dimension the conflict probably won’t be straight along racial boundaries.)

        7. You’re a outlier and I would regard you as a fifth column. I wouldn’t eliminate you but I would imprison you in a camp until we could find a suitable place to send you. I’d advocate confiscating some South Indian Ocean territories and sending you there.

        8. (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following amren article:when liberals are called racists helen zille mmusi maimane )
          You said:

          I think that they know they can’t ever match up to or compete with Whites …

          Hey Joma, the range of white IQ spans a very large gradient, from retarded to genius level. So, when you say we blacks “can’t ever match up or compete with you”, exactly which whites along that gradient are you compare us to: the retarded, the genius, or something in between those two book ends?

      7. Certainly a slice of whites will remain on the wrong team, no helping that.
        However from this point forward whites supporting self-preservation aren’t moving from their team, they are staying put.
        Whites that presently identify as POC sympathizers will slowly move over as the accumulating news and accumulating stresses of witnessing third world feral behavior break the dike.
        They’re already being tested now, just wait.

        1. Wishful thinking. They’ll murder the “White racists” just as they burned down Germany. They’ll murder the “White racists” just as their daughter gets raped by a Black man. I’d say at least 1/3 of Whites today are complete traitors.
          If Whites were united, there wouldn’t be mass immigration and cultural decline in the first place.

        2. I have no doubt things will get extremely nasty from the left initially.
          But this is the wrong nation to overreach, and the left loves nothing more than to overreach. If they give the white man no choice it’s a whole different ball game.
          The gov’t apparatus does not have the competence or ability to target a hundred million gun owners all at once.

      8. Idk about half but yes a small percentage. White people would absolutely obliterate blacks and hispanics

      9. I don’t make that assumption. In fact, in other conversations on this topic with friends, I usually say that one of the first things I think will happen is that whites would eliminate “collaborators.” That would have to be the first stage to prevail. Whites who support the black/migrants would first be eliminated, or silenced. After that, the more easily defined race war would continue.
        The outcome would all turn on who is better armed and better prepared. Sure, lots of whites will side with other races, but those naturally inclined to do so are not the ones that are heavily armed.
        The neighborhood I live in is a great example. I am surrounded by bleeding heart types who would side with minorities because of “equality” or something, but they have zero, and I mean zero, capacity to wage violence. Also, while they proudly proclaim their unilateral disarmament, none of them know that I am armed with a variety of small arms, and many do not know that I am a combat veteran. If these folks tried to rise up, I alone could rout them easily.
        The arguments about the government aiding them also don’t work with me. Who’s going to drive those tanks or fly those planes in a race war? The whites who just deserted because they were told to help kill their own people? Not likely. Moreover, many of those who desert are going to take their tanks and planes with them, meaning that the white will also be armed with a lot of government hardware too.
        People overestimate what our government could do to us for a variety of reasons that I have chronicled in other discussions on this site. But at the end of the day, even assuming that we had a government that WAS populated with enough people willing to go full tilt war on its own populace like in Syria, don’t forget that you don’t need very many people to wage an effective resistance. In Iraq, the insurgency at any given time probably never numbered more than 30,000, and many of them were not “trigger pullers.” Yet, for nearly a decade, they ground it out with us with weapons not much different fundamentally from what I have sitting in my closet.
        So long as my AR is in my hands, I’ll take whatever comes. And I feel much better about my chances than the chances of those I would say are my “enemies” (though, as stated, I largely harbor no desire to have them be my enemies).

        1. You’ve got to re members thst Syria is controlled by the alawite minority backed up by all the other minorities and supported by the Middle to high class Sunni merchant classes who have a lot to lose.

      10. As we can see happening now in Europe. It is very likely the Kikes have finished off Europe.

      11. Those whites generally live in urban areas where non-whites are concentrated. Agriculture, military, police departments, and the guys that keep infrastructure humming along are the whites being referred to here

      12. SJW will just jump on whatever side is winning. They have no loyalty and no honor and should be treated as such. When they sneakily snake their way back into your good books just remember who they really are. Send them out into the front lines as cannon fodder.

        1. Or just line them behind a 7/11 dumpster and execute them by the hundred of thousands.

      13. Serious question Roosh: 95.5% of SJW’s don’t own guns; what are they gonna do, egg us? Last I checked, eggs & rocks vs. AR-15 doesn’t turn out so well for the egg-layer… I would hope a few well-placed assassinations of high-level SJW govt thugs would take the wind out of the govts’ sails…

        1. Actually that’s the worse thing to do. See Cliven Bundy’s ass as Exhibit A.

      14. People who believe a huge Turner Diaries-style race war of Whites vs. Everyone Else is just around the corner are living in a fantasy, or just spend too much time in WN echo chambers. The average American white (hell, the average American minority) has zero interest in going to war against his fellow citizens and just wants a comfortable life with beer, pussy and wi-fi. What we’re more likely to see is a general, gradual economic decline with the rich isolating themselves in gated communities while small civil war-style skirmishes erupt in harder-hit areas. The real danger is the slow erosion of our democratic civil liberties and the rise of a totalitarian government that spies on its citizens and clamps down on independent media, which has already begun in earnest. SJW identity politics are just a convenient smokescreen to keep citizens squabbling internally while ignoring our encroaching loss of freedom.

        1. People don’t plan to get involved in such things but it impedes into their lives always at the most inconvenient time.

      15. Yes, but that half is not worth shit, especially in the race war scenario. That half is comprised of cuck-faggots, brain dead normies, gays, transgenders, feminists, millenial twinks…..basically people the White race can do without.

    6. I think that, with the exception of one or two malcontents, the majority of minorities would sit out anything even resembling a race war. Look at the majority of blacks. Sure, they’ll riot occasionally, but they always burn up and loot their own houses and stores. You’ll NEVER see thugs marching from Compton to the Valley, to Hollywood, or to any other predominantly white area to stir up trouble. Even THEY aren’t that stupid. Everybody’s seen The Expendables, and everybody knows the havoc just a handful of well-trained troops can wreak with some grenade-equipped full-auto AA-12s. As for the Hispanics, the majority of them identify as white, and if anything, they’d team up with the whites to stamp out any anti-white aggression.
      I’m more worried about the LGBT-hetero war. Ask yourself this, who’s got more power, wealth, influence, and control over the media than anyone else in this country? Like Voltaire once said, you know who’s ruling over you when you realize who it is you aren’t allowed to criticize. Blacks are heavily disorganized and impoverished, and are basically no threat to anyone. They control no media outlets, and only get passing sympathy from a few bleeding-heart liberals. You say something about one of them, people tend to pay it no mind. You say something about a gay person, then the world comes to a screeching halt, and the POTUS himself comes to your doorstep to wave his finger in your face. There’s a conflict coming alright, but it’s NOT gonna be between the races.

      1. any military type victory in a non-state sanctioned violent conflict, at least short-of all-out of civil war is likely to be a pyrrhic victory for one or both sides. The real victors will be those who at the end of the day come out appearing as though they have right on their side.

      2. I know things are going to get ugly, gays are drunk on power with recent court wins giving them gay divorce/alimony & forcing people that don’t like them to bake KKcaKes, instead of using bakers that advertise in the gay yellow pagers. The little girls bathroom should have been obviously a bridge too far.
        There are few gay gun owners, and most have never won a street fight. There is already a race war it just doesn’t get reported. The black moslem serial killer of gays in 3 states didn’t get any national coverage at all, Ali Mohamad Brown was caught 2 weeks after the Ferguson Liquor Store Robber was killed. If he was white church going Christian man like the Soros paid cheerleaders warn us abut, he would be a household name. Most gay bashings are committed by blacks, queens actually protested when the San Fran Gate published crime data..
        Most gays live in gayborhoods not far from die verse city& will get torn apart when the free stuff army runs out of food stamps. SHTFPLAN just reported that the foodstamp system is down now. The chimp outs seen when it went down on 10-12-2013 caused us to flee to Whitopia. As seen in the Argentina Collapse & now in Venezuela the collapse will be bad for anyone in cities.

      3. “I’m more worried about the LGBT-hetero war.”
        True. Only a fool believes that wars are only fought with weapons. Ideologies, steeped in subversion, can do more damage than a standing army of badass soldiers.

        1. We’ve already seen how this can play out in movies like ‘Demolition Man’ and in books like ‘The Forever War.’ Armed conflicts often lead to rebellions, but when rights are taken away by the stroke of a pen and the shuffling of dollar bills, 80% of the people won’t even realize what’s happening and the other 20% will either shrug and go along to get along or go into hiding for fear of losing their jobs and their shiny trinkets. But on the other hand, I heard that a gay guy was just named secretary of the U.S. Army. Here’s an interesting hypothetical: what happens when a special interest group gets control of all the money AND the military might of a nation?

        2. “But on the other hand, I heard that a gay guy was just named secretary of the U.S. Army. Here’s an interesting hypothetical: what happens when a special interest group gets control of all the money AND the military might of a nation?”
          That nation will have to take it in the ass!
          Insert rimshot.

      4. As far as Latinos, that is not going to happen in California. They feel most emboldened there with regard to other ethnic groups. Hell, they moved into South Central L.A. which has historically been black and started hunting some of the African American guys to scare people to move. And you saw how they dealt with Trump and his supporters.
        In Texas and Florida, that behavior just is not seen.

    7. I don’t think that’s what it would look like. No other race would push a race war without the backing of the government. That’s the problem. And it wouldn’t be called a race war officially until it was in full swing. Then the demonization of the white man would continue and as noted above, it would be used as an excuse to try to disarm the populace. That’s the key. If we get fighting between whites an hispanics throughout the country for instance, Uncle Sam will claim they have to take all of our guns for a little while to protect us all.
      What we won’t see is what you just described, a real “war” between races in the US. It will just be large bouts of back and forth violence like the hatfields and McCoys until the government has enough public support to step in. And the government and media will likely do everything they can to say the non-white anger is justified (but the violence should stop) and the whites are agitators (and they need to give up their guns). Because violence is inherent in the (white) system (and not any other system).
      The only place that might differ is the Southwest. But I think we are more likely to see majority mexican population area’s start to vote for return to Mexico (like Crimea, precident set). The question is will American political elites let their power be erroded that easily? You start to get elite on elite squables there.

    8. Those saying the government will not side with any pro white side have a point. I don’t think they will.
      It won’t be whites vs minorities if things do break out. It’ll be an organized mix of whites and minorities stomping on various much less organized groups of whites

      1. I replied to a similar comment from Roosh elsewhere on this thread. Short version, I don’t think it matters. The war is not winnable for the minorities.

    9. Roosh is right, years of white guilt indoc will divide w. people by half at the least. Most SJW, feminists et al. I see are white. They eat the propaganda like free kratom infused candy.

    10. I agree with your statement, as I have been saying that for years.
      And while there will be some “self hating” whites who will side with the dindus, we will still outnumber them by massive numbers.
      As usual, Math is a leftist’s biggest enemy.
      Keep your powder dry.

    11. Whites constitute about 62 percent of the population currently,
      but that won`t last long.
      Whites will, at current rates, soon be a minority in the US.
      Roughly estimates around 2040-45.

      1. Sure. With current rates and perfect assumptions. But suppose Trump deports all the illegals. Suppose he shuts down Muslim immigration. It is generally true that birthrate decreases as wealth increases, so suppose minorities become more prosperous.
        The most recent census data shows the white only population’s birthrate increasing. A much larger population does not have to breed at as high a birthrate to maintain dominance over a minority. Imagine that as the minorities prosper, more whites are driven into poverty.
        All of these things could very easily alter that prediction. I’m about 40, and I remember as a kid being told in elementary school that in 20 years whites would be a minority. We aren’t anywhere close to that over ten years past where they predicted.
        I’m very leery of people who think they can predict the future. Especially 30 years into the future.

        1. Whites % is declining not because Blacks folks birthrates are high but rather due to immigration and Latino citizenry birth rates. As a % of the total U.S. Population, blacks have never exceeded 15% in the last 100 years.

        2. A lot of things could potentially happen yes,
          but it will be very hard to stop the demographic energy of the “Hispanic” population in the US.
          There is nothing to suggest that white fertility rates will increase substantially.
          In fact I think with feminism, the career woman mindset etc. that they will go the way of Europe, i.e. decrease.
          Minorities prosper more than whites?
          That`s not gonna happen except in some smaller population subsets like Japanese, Indian etc.

    12. Problem is that too many whites are stupid cowardly and weak. Young whites are ignorant effeminate cell phone zombies who would die without constant computer support.

    13. And white neighborhoods are better to live in. I will never live in an illegal beaner hood again….

  12. I have to say, I have very little sympathy for demonstrators who are the victim of violence. That white guy who got punched in the head….that shit simply wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t marching around like a doofus. Regardless of race or which team you are rooting for…if you put yourself in a situation where violence is apt to break out you get not one fucking iota of sympathy from me when it does.
    No different than a girl who gets shit faced at a frat party with a bunch of horny and drunk late teenagers and starts grinding on them. Next morning rape? Yeah? Fuck you.

    1. The hell are you talking about? That guy wasn’t a demonstrator. He was simply leaving a convention and was attacked by demonstrators.
      So in your book if you are doing something in a civil and responsible manner, and some dumb fucks who are acting like animals decide to attack you – for what ever reason – it’s now your fault for having been ambushed by said dumb fucks who came to a lawful, civic event looking to incite trouble?

      1. Fault? Meh. But I have no pity. He isn’t just some guy according to the description of the video which says
        “Violence erupted in San Jose, California when around 1,000 demonstrators clashed with supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after his Thursday rally.”
        Going to a political rally is a stupid thing. Always. There is never a reason for it. If he went to a Trump rally in san jose and had no idea there was a possibility for violence then he is an idiot and maybe could use his head jarred up a bit. If he went there knowing there might have been violence then he should have been prepared for it. Again, no sympathy. If he wasn’t there at the rally or just happened to be walking by, as soon as he saw a bunch of people involved in some dumb ass political powder keg he should have changed his route.
        I won’t blame him but I also won’t pity him. I pretty much look with contempt at everyone in the situation on both sides.

        1. So you are a ” Around blacks never relax ” type of guy ?
          Around the hispanic, better panic ?
          Around the SJW, prepare to slay ?

        2. Not at all. However, regardless of what side you are on you know that Trump is someone who instigates high emotional responses. He baits people. He trolls them on a big trolling stage. You also know, whether you agree or not, one group that he has said things to that will lead to antagonistic responses is Hispanics. You also know that San Jose is heavily Hispanic. So when you show up to a trump rally or talk or whatever in san jose don’t fucking expect the spics to be happy to see you. You want to go, that is your own problem. Some fucking Mexican punches you in the face…don’t look to me for sympathy.
          Now, same guy is just sitting in a restaurant and the bus boy walks up to him and punches him like that out of no where…ok, fine. But if you are going to be antagonistic don’t be a baby when the people you antagonize get upset. That was kind of the fucking point.
          I am around minorities literally like every minute of the day and never think twice about it. If I go to a “spics go home” protest and some spic punches me in the face I was just plain asking for it.

        3. no sympathy. Sorry. You know Trump has a tenuous relationship with Mexicans. You wear trump gear into a Mexican restaurant and you are just trolling them. Don’t be surprised when they troll back. There is zero percent chance that you don’t get food with spit in it and a good chance you will get knocked the fuck out…and for what? so you can wear your jewelry? You want to do it go ahead, but don’t blame me if I laugh a little when you are eating some Mexicans dingleberry and he punches you in the face on the way out.

        4. And so we hit the true point.
          I was wondering if you would draw any lines or if you were like me when it comes to sympathy.
          Now the question has to become whether it is acceptable to allow the action simply because someone got offended by something or whether our society needs to stop being quite so sensitive based primarily on the propaganda we are fed?

        5. Fair enough and yes of course there is a line. random animal violence is no good. However, If you jump into the bear cage to pet the bear and get mauled that is something else.
          I don’t allow the action. It is criminal assault. Arrest the guy. He isn’t “innocent” by any means. But, if you ask me, when a guy intentionally provokes someone and they get punched in the face I think it is hilarious.
          That guy walking around like a doofus totally unaware of his surroundings at a trump rally while Mexicans with flags are hollering around him…..that just screams “you are about to be punched in the face”
          So I am not saying that the attacker isn’t a criminal because he is. I am not saying that the victim is a criminal because he isn’t. What I am saying is that a fucking trump rally in san jose is a pretty good place to go to get punched in the face and being there in the first place means I laugh when I see the video.
          I said it below…this is all low grade entertainment for peasants. If every single one of them were at work, both whitey and the spics, this wouldn’t be an issue.

        6. Now if we were still like the old West where you carry a pistol in a holster at the side of your hip, these riots would not happen. They would reconsider invoking any violence with a high chance of being killed.

        7. true, but I wouldn’t have high speed internet, delivered groceries or even a small chance of going from the shit hole ghetto I grew up in to the big office with 3 enormous windows facing the empire statebuilding I am currently in.
          On top of that, these riots, whether they happen or not, won’t involve me because I won’t be there.
          Funny thing about crime rates — they never show what time.
          I think if they did they would show that there has been like 5 murders in the last 10 years in nyc at the times when sane and responsible people roam the streets.
          Yeah the old west knew how to deal with this shit..but so do I. I ignore it. It is someone elses problem. I have grown up things to attend to.

        8. I almost completely agree, it’s just a very fine line between apathy and anarchy. We come here to ROK (for instance) knowing and accepting beforehand that we will be labeled and ridiculed, possibly identified and exposed, damaged personally and professionally and we take that on as responsible adult men. When the bad happens though, sympathy is an irrelevant point to bring up and there’s only so far anyone will let themselves (or in some case others or their commonly held beliefs) be pushed.
          If the “entertainment/egging on” of these media and progressive lies keeps up, then will it be funny when the Trump hat wearing guy gets hit by a random bus? His throat cut in an alley somewhere? Or the kid wearing a Mexican soccer team shirt is found hanging from a lamp post? The person who was a “traitor” to whatever side being beaten? Will we need jurisdictional zone lines and signs like in District 9? Will it matter? Or will the behavior break through community boundaries and be everywhere? The arrests aren’t happening in a majority of instances (excepting damage to property), but the furor all around is boiling over rationale and of course it is being driven, but there is not currently any sign that the elite intend to apply the brakes until they’ve broken through to what they are seeking to achieve.
          I’m not trying to rag on you here, this is one of the things that actually bothers me, it’s all beyond my scope and I don’t see money being a buffer for very long either, this shit’s being pushed globally. Some people still can’t find work despite the narrative that we’ve recovered and for others, being at these very events is their job (they get paid).
          Maybe you just see it like I do and lash out in humor or maybe it’s just that kind of morning for me, but there very well could be a “war upon us whether we would seek it or not.”

        9. I can argue back and forth about our choice for a job and where we have to be etc but I won’t bother. Your point is conceded. And yes…sooner or later some Mexican will be hanged from a tree 20 blocks from a trump rally or someone with a trump hat will find his throat slit for making a wrong turn at Albuquerque. That is the way of the world.
          But this isn’t the point we started with. We started with a white guy going to a trump rally in Mexican dense city and walking out through a crowd of Mexican protesters. I won’t say he deserved to be punched in the face, but it didn’t surprise me one bit that he was.
          There will always be little scrimmages that don’t conform to the general rule, but I think it will be the exception to find that someone who wasn’t in a place where it was expected was hit like that.
          When I was in high school a kid I vaguely knew but didn’t know know was killed by 5 black guys. Everyone knew this kid was mouthy. Everyone knew he was down to fight. Where was he? Scoring drugs in a black neighborhood at 2 am. So we have a racist and mouthy kid who likes to fight getting drugs in a black neighborhood at 2 am.
          I remember kids wanted to go to war over this. It was insanity. But no one ever stopped and said “you know X really shouldn’t have fuckin’ been there.” He got his head stomped in not because he was an asshole and not because he was white but because he went somewhere he shouldn’t have been.
          This doesn’t make the black kids who stomped his head in innocent. They are savages. However, he made a choice that night to go around the savages and he paid for that choice with his life. So whose fault was it? The kids who stomped his head in? Him for going there? His parents for making sure he wasn’t out till 2 in the morning? Probably a mix of all of the above.
          Of course you are right. Some people will be minding their own business and just doing there thing and will get brutally killed. Shit happens. Wolves kill babies. It sucks. It’s the world. I really feel bad for those people as best I can. However, if you walk head first into a dangerous situation and a very obvious thing happens to you then I am sorry….you had it coming.

        10. I think where you are confusing me is in: “he didn’t/did get what he deserved or had coming.” That point seems to be spotty throughout your comments today (yes there/no there). I think maybe that is what has thrown people off on your take about it overall (since it is bound to entwine with an emotional reaction), but (and tell me if I am misreading) you have really meant that he shares responsibility for what happened (and recalling other comments you have made before, this is irregardless of things like freedom of assembly, etc.).
          He went there, and should have expected to get into something violent because it was obvious that there would be violent people there who might attack without provocation. And so he should have either avoided going there (letting the mob control him) or gone but fought back (landing him in jail or worse) or gone but just taken it. Trump shouldn’t have scheduled it there, the media shouldn’t keep on with their antagonizing, and on like that, because it is really just something trying to harm us over all by firing us up and keeping us running around like morons because we are conflating it with “the right thing,” “justice,” and other such concepts, do I have it close to right?

        11. fair enough, I will clarify. If someone punches you in the face they have committed assault. They deserve to be arrested. That said, there are times when it is more or less likely. If I get punched in the face on a Sunday afternoon walking to the grocery store on a nice sunny day that is much different than if I get punched in the face leaving an incendiary political rally where it is pretty obvious before hand that there will be a high likelihood of violence.
          I am totally fine with this guy getting punched in the face in the same way that some people here are fine with martial law. It is basically a minor Darwin award and maybe the idiot will think twice the next time he goes somewhere stupid.
          Trump scheduled it there for political reasons. Whether or not it was a good idea, I don’t know. What I do know is that it surely was something that was thought about by people who think about these things for a living and decided it was a positive campaign move. He has been winning so who am I to say it is wrong. Trump also has security. This guy woke up and said “I’m going to this trump event”
          That is fine I don’t mean to say he shouldn’t go there. But for him to go there and think that there wasn’t a good chance he would get punched in the face is just fucking stupid.
          As for freedom of assembly, he has all the freedom he wants he can have a big freedom cakewalk through the middle of Tiananmen square as Dennis Leary put it.
          There is no right thing. There is no justice. He was free to go or not to this trump rally. The totally effect of him going or not going is exactly 0 to anyone but himself. He decided to go knowing that it was the place where things might get out of hand and guess what — exactly what pretty much anyone could have predicted happening happened.
          You want to say the Mexican ought to be arrested and charged with assault? Fine go ahead. But this kid shouldn’t be felt sorry for.

        12. of course I do.
          I still think that the stupidity that brought the kid there is just as culpable for the incident as the violence that was put forth. Violence, however, is a crime. Stupidity isn’t. At least until someone makes me emperor.

        13. He was surrounded. We should be free to attend whatever rally, church, grocery store, play or whatever we want without fear of an attacking angry mob. I do not agree. The police are supposed to maintain order, not stand down out of political correctness. I agree with the pit bull thing, but not this.

        14. I see where you are coming from, but I still argue people are free to assembly peaceably without fear of retaliation. The cops behaved wrongly. What if there was suddenly an intense hatred of Catholics? Are you saying “we are asking for it” by going to mass? This is akin to the hatred of Jews in Germany by the Nazis in terms of its tactics….going to a bad neighborhood I agree with is a bad idea…but ten years ago would you have thought that going to hear a Republican candidate would lead to a beat down by an angry mob? Not likely.

        15. agreed cops behaved poorly. And he is free to assemble, sure…but not totally free from consequences. He is also free to hit himself in the head with a hammer. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a concussion. I am only saying that that punch in the face was brought on by someone going somewhere they wanted to be and didn’t have to be knowing full well that this was not just a possible but likely outcome and the fact that he was there had no meaning.
          I am not saying that the guy who hit him isn’t a criminal. I am just saying that I can’t feel bad for people who jump into a tiger cage and get bit by a tiger.

        16. Fine, the police were in the wrong. The Mexicans were in the wrong. But if this guy thought he was going to a love fest then he is fucking stupid.

        17. Well, Prince of Darkthings, would you like me to point out how you cleverly placed yourself into the role of “the man with the Trump hat” to make a point?

        18. Go right ahead. Doesn’t bother me in the least.
          However, mind where you do it. Because if you did it in a predominately muslim area and a bunch of goat fuckers hung you upside down by your nuts and invented the first arab piñata out of your head I wouldn’t be surprised and I wouldn’t pity you because I would say you were asking for it.

        19. You can. And you can be arrested for it. Just like this Mexican can get arrested for slapping around the trump kid.
          It isn’t might makes right. What it is is “show some fucking common sense and your chances of getting punched in the teeth greatly diminish”

      1. absolutely. dafuq was he doing there.
        Listen, I am not saying that the violence is ok in general, but if you put yourself in a place where you are going to invite violence you better be fucking prepared for it. I have no sympathy for some jig who shows up to a fucking trump rally, yells at people and gets punched in the face. If he would have made smarter decisions that day he would not have been hit.
        Same deal with this guy at the trump rally. He is standing in the middle of a bunch of protesting Mexicans coming out of a trump rally. What did he think would happen? They would make him an enchilada?

        1. Deserving it or not is one thing. It was a reasonable expectation that it was going to happen and so he could have avoided it by staying away from a place that wasn’t for him.
          If you antagonize someone do not be surprised or offended when they beat the shit out of you. It is as simple as that. Would the cops dragging him out have been a more proper solution? Sure. Was the actual outcome something that an actual chimp could have predicted…absolutely.

        2. I don’t really buy into the whole right and wrong concept. A lot of people here do and that is ok. For me right is what you can make it and wrong is just some handcuffs that people want you to wear.
          That aside…there are better and worse ways of dealing with things.
          For example: I have a cousin who is all about that pit bull rescue. She has like 4 pits in her house that are all rescues at any given time and as they get adopted she gets new ones.
          When she got bit I had 0 sympathy. She was taking pitbulls that had been abused into her house. SHe knew the risks. She got her stitches and kept on. If and when she gets bit again, no sympathy.
          If you can reasonably expect a negative situation and you can also easily avoid that situation and you wind up getting into the situation nonetheless you can say it is right or wrong all you want…it’s your own damn fault for being there.

        3. at the end of the day isn’t that what we are all about here…taking personal responsibility?
          Walk through a Mexican protest on your way out of a trump rally and get punched in the face? Take some responsibility for your own actions ya know?

        4. What should he have done, sat in the auditorium until the Mexican mob decided to disperse on its own? Maybe he wanted to go home, get some sleep, and get ready for work the next day. Personal responsibility should never mean you have to avoid all public places on the off chance that a mob antithetical to your beliefs might form.

        5. He either shouldn’t have been there in the first place or he should have fully expected to be punched in the face and defended himself accordingly.
          He was in a place with a high likelihood of violence breaking out and guess what happened, violence broke out.
          Not surprised. He gets no sympathy from me.

    2. Yeah, but the point is the guy was walking out of a Trump rally wearing a hat. THAT was his “offence”. Exercising his first amendment right to peaceably assemble and hear free speech.

      1. He wasn’t arrested. He caught a little punch in the face. Did he do anything wrong? No. But he did put himself in a situation where this was a likely outcome. This would not have happened if he was at work.

        1. I like the construction better: If a fat girl falls in a forest and no one is there to laugh at her is it still hilarious?

    3. Lolknee, I agree with your pragmatism in blaming the victim, much like a drunken coed who gets raped put herself in a risky situation. I agree to a point. But not as far as you seem to be able to go…what’s next, a guy is reading The Art of the Deal on the subway and he gets jumped? A guy has a Trump sign in his front yard and his house gets burned down? A guy wearing a Trump T-shirt gets shot in broad daylight? At what point does “you should have known better” turn into ” stay locked up in your home where its safe and don’t go anywhere because you are at risk because you are white? At some point you should be allowed to live your life unmolested by a mob….what if a guy has a Trump bumpersticker and gets pulled out of his car and set on fire? Is it REALLY his fault and he should have known better? Blaming the victim is highly circumstantial, and I think my outrage at the circumstances AND your pragmatic approach have some kind of tipping point or boundary that we are learning about in real time..which is really sad. I didn’t think we live in that kind of country ….but now I know we do. I weep for America. What a mess.

      1. very fair and I will admit to the slippery slope. However, I think common sense prevails more often than not. To your examples:
        Guy reading art of the deal on the south bound 6 train during rush hour gets jumped then there is something very odd going on. However, same guy in the south Bronx on A train at 1 am maybe put the book away and wait to finish reading until you get home.
        Trump sign on your lawn? Depends on where you live. I would suggest that if you live in a predominately Mexican area in a boarder state that you don’t put the sign in your lawn and if you do then you are intentionally baiting people and asking for trouble. Trump T-Shirt shot in broad day light? Again, where and when and under what circumstances. I think if a guy in a trump t shirt is walking around in a neutral area in broad day light and gets shot to death he would be totally blameless. But I also think that that is so unlikely to happen which is the reason he is blameless in the first place. If he is wearing the shirt protesting a meeting of the highly unlikely Angry Gun Lovers For Hilary or in south central LA protesting the free guns for gang bangers rally then yes, his own damn fault.
        For the record, I think anyone who puts a bumper sticker on a car is asking for it.
        Yes, you should be able to live your life unmolested by the mob. But pretending that Trump is not incendiary is in bad faith. It is literally his best quality. I am sure loads of people would love to punch me in the teeth. Probably for good reason. I am a huge asshole. They are welcome to try and I am welcome to defend myself. But going through life being an asshole and then complaining when you get a little slap in the mouth is, again, bad faith.
        So this kid was slapped around a little at the protest. He was there, in a Mexican heavy demographic, to support a candidate that is intentionally incendiary. In a more civil world he would be able to do that and the response would have been an intelligent and well thought out argument. But we live in the real world. Again, Again, Again, I am not letting the attacker off the hook, but I still can’t pity the guy who got slapped around a bit because he was walking into a situation where that was pretty much a nearly assured outcome.

  13. Numerous different sects of brown people are useless savages that have fucked up their home countries to oblivion. With our current leaders, police, schools and media backing these mud bastards up every time they are aggressive while playing the victim, it’s going to continue.

  14. To me it looks like the kickoff already came and went for this.
    It’s the volume that will be cranked up, not a new tune playing.
    The thing is, I suspect it will blow up regardless of who wins the election. If it’s trump there will be riots and so on, if it’s billary she will send the police after trump supporters who will respond with force…
    What do you think guys? Off mark?

      1. She/it would not send the cops or she would but they would just meekly give up?

  15. CA is a Third World country unless you make at least $500,000 per year. Get out while you can. Why anyone with sense, regardless of race, would live in Bay Area or Los Angeles is beyond me. You deserve to be in the kettle of chaos if you aren’t smart enough to get out…

        1. That was because the judge sentenced him to death…that hare must die…hair dye…he made a funny.

        2. Oh shit who the fuck is shooting us? oh shit fire missiles!
          But I am le tired!
          Oh well zen have a nap zen FIRE ZE MISSILES!

    1. Your not far off in my opinion. Once outside of LA by about 2 hours (inland empire) a lot of the region doesn’t have enough money to maintain in town roads, stop lights or schools.
      A lot of the roads I drove on the shoulder and sidewalk had crumbled completely, and the street was cracked up everywhere. Stop lights were out all over, so the city had put up blinkers on sandwich boards.
      The school buildings and playgrounds where faided and dilapidated, and homeless people wandering all over town.
      Overall I could not believe it, it looked like something you would expect in Northern Africa. The whole region is way overrated.

  16. An ex-special forces guy wrote a book 20 yrs ago predicting pretty much this scenario. The country would break up, the south would become black, the southwest latino, and the rest of the former US would be white and non black/latino. It doesnt seem too far-fetched anymore

      1. You will know it is all over when they remake the remake of dukes of hazard with two sassy black women as Boetta and Luktesha, daisy re-cast as Tyson Beckford and Boss Hogg is still a dumb fat white guy. I am thinking they will reanimate the corpse of redd fox to play uncles jesse

        1. escalade painted up like a black panther flag.
          Shit, I might pitch this to make some money.

        2. The doors on the Escalade won’t be welded shut. The fat bitches won’t fit through the windows, nevermind be able to get their butts up that high to begin with.

        3. no, see, this is body positive nation. They will be welded shut and with stunt doubles and camera tricks, despite weighing 500 pounds it will look like they jump right out that window.

        4. laugh all you want, we could be getting rich right fucking now

      2. well, it is a work of fiction. its available for free on the web- “Civil War 2” if youre interested…

    1. South become black? Ha. The blackest part of the South in only about 30 percent. If the South leaves the Union on Monday, the niggers will be seeking refugee status in NE by Wednesday.
      Let’s see how liberal New England really is when 30 million niggers show up looking for “Gib me dats”.

  17. To go to another country and burn their flag and live to tell the tale amazes me. This should be a high crime.

    1. In Mexico, it’s against the law to burn Mexican flag there. Besides, doing so would simply be a gesture of disrespect.

  18. The race war is already here; and they are winning. You can see their victories everyday in the news. The worst part is that the white race is doing NOTHING about it.

    1. You are correct. I really believe that the big problem with white people in a race war is that they seem to be expecting a war along the lines of lets get our guns and go to war.
      This is the same mistake the brits made when they formed rank and file lines and the continental army changed how war was fought and said fuck it to the old rules and picked them off guerilla style. The English never saw that coming.
      We did that with terrorist too. Treating them as if they had some capital that could be taken like Al Q or ISIS was something that could be defeated or like there was a leader that would get onto the USS Missouri and agree that the war was over.
      We are always fighting the last war. It is, I believe, for honorable purposes but an honorable loss is a loss nonetheless.
      The fact is that you are right…there is a war, it is already here and white men are losing. And while they keep honing their skills with firearms or hand to hand combat the war rages on against them without them even entering it.

      1. “And while they keep honing their skills with firearms or hand to hand combat the war rages on against them without them even entering it.”
        Ah, but when we do enter it, we’re going to be so well trained, we’ll all look like this:
        Pew! Pew! Pew!

        1. I am easy. I would never last under torture. I would cave the second you took away my internet access. You want the launch codes? Easy…take my wallet and hold it just high enough over my head so I can’t reach it while jumping.

        2. btw I think that guy is Asian. Not sure where you stand when he hand lasers victory

    2. Yes, unfortunately, most of the Western whites are a self-loathing bunch. Im damn sure If a darky will pick fight with me, Im all on my own. I bet a few SJWs whites would even take his side.However, I started seeing more and more angry white men. They’re pissed and they’ve been silent for way too long.

      1. I have a little hope that someday we’ll see the righteous anger of the white man.

    3. That’s because… Well unless you are doing something about it, I think you know why no one else is.
      I think it has a little to do with honor and a little bit of fear. I don’t want to be in a fight that is unneccesary (don’t really want to get killed if I can avoid it). At the same time, i don’t plan to hit first. I plan to hit second so I can have the moral high ground. But that does depend on what the hit is and how well it’s telegraphed. I’ll hit (shoot) first if there is imminent danger I can ascertain.
      The other issue is that even if I hit second, more than half of media will still attempt to portray me as having no morals and being evil. Probably anyway.

    4. The hell you talking mate. The White race is most energized it has been in years.
      Donald Trump is inching to victory.
      The number of KKK organizations has expoded since Obama.
      Recently a kid in school has been arrested for making a joke about “sending niggers back to Africa ” .
      50 % of Danish 9-th graders don’t believe freedom of speech should apply to muslims.
      75 % of young Hungarians would vote Jobbik, the most far-right politician.
      Most Daily Stormer and TRS readers are in their teens and 20’s.
      They young guys are more racist than ever, and it is only the start.
      The mexicans are panicking because they know, once Trump comes to power their days are over.

      1. Most TRS and Daily Stormer readers/commenters must also have remarkably low IQs as well. I’ve rarely, if ever, read an intelligent comment on those websites that didn’t eventually devolve to “gas the kikes, race war now.”

      2. I apply the Linder Test to every movement/organization/person:
        1. Explicitly racial.
        2. Name the jew
        3. The ethnostate as the final goal.
        Trump: 0. Of course, he is the lesser evil, but as Gregory Hood said: “That which is not explicitly for our people inevitably turns against our people with time”.
        KKK: 1.5. They are racial, sometimes they name the jew, but they don’t have specific politics goals.
        Jobbik: I dont have enough info to rate them.
        Yeah, Anglin and the DS are doing a great job….in the internet. Internet activism is not the same that real life activism. Memeing and trolling is harmless to the Tribe.
        Maybe I’m a pessimistic, but I dont see how the situation is better….

  19. It’s worth noting that this sort of thing has happened before. There are some very interesting pictures that came out of the riots in LA. And funny enough, places like the Korean neighborhoods were completely untouched.
    Wonder why that could be?

    1. You make a very interesting point. Most Koreans (and Asians) in their communities do not depend on government assistance (welfare). The poorer neighborhoods where the people rely on welfare do not work for it. They do not appreciate the nor value the work needed to get those things, so they destroy their own communities. If you worked for the things you have and take pride in it, the last thing you would do is decimate it.
      Or perhaps since they don’t work, they have too much time on their hands and it’s something to keep them busy or entertained.

      1. Asian is a big place with a lot of groups. The Asians who used to be called “Oriental” fit that discription. The scum of Asia from Sri Lanka to Veitnam are just as bad as the spics (but still better than the nogs). It doesn’t make the news because they are numerically insignificant.
        Come to Seattle and see for yourself.

    2. Didn’t this also happen way back in the 60’s when white citizens sat out on their front porch with shot guns?

    3. I always respected the hell out of those Koreans for defending what’s theirs. Something a lot of white people don’t have inside them anymore.

  20. The golden opportunity for the Gooberment to enforce a police state and use their hoarded military grade machinery. I bet POC and Latinos haven’t thought of that.
    Arm yourselves, really arm yourselves.

  21. The inferior apes are stupid but they’re smart enough to know that white is armed and waiting for an excuse. Go read the comments from Trayvon Martin stories. White was hopiing and praying to get an excuse to shot something other than paper.
    My brother inCentral Florida was very sad that the niggers did not make good the “Justice fo’ Travon” roits that htey promised. The nogs burnt down Baltimore and Fergason but dared not cross into the white man’s part of town. Why?

    1. Because stupid as they are they knew if they tried there would be savage reprisal on a scale that even their puny intellects would have them shudder from.

  22. The race ‘war’ already started. It start as cultural war, where white culture has been dismantle, that we have been losing recently with the SJW and their handlers until gamers told them to go to hell. We are still a long way on winning that war. The ‘race war’ that left currently wants is that of physical violence to use the power of government to strike down the opposition. Once that powder keg is lit, it will not white men versus all the color men. It be white men and everyone else that does not want to live in a shithole third world country. The left is going to find out want happen when the gravy train is over.

  23. A good way to end this would be.
    1. End welfare
    2. End food stamps
    3. Stop supplies coming into urban area’s
    4. Shut off water
    5. Shut off power

      1. It would be very, very easy to do all those things. A few pounds of C4 would be all it takes.

  24. If in the above video, it was an Hispanic woman being pelted with eggs, while surrounded in a mob of angry white males. It would have reached Trayvon Martin part 2, media attention.

  25. “…but white men or not, they spread law through the world, and gave us the gift of a dream, with freedom concealed in their lockstep refrains, of dignity, duty and brains.” BB Ways 27:29-33

  26. The narrative that is being peddled is that there are two divisions of humanity: white people and “People of Color (POC).” White people are responsible for all the bad things in the world: racism, slavery, colonialism, wars, the Crusades, transgender discrimination, and income inequality.

    No wonder the wogs live in terror of us.
    We white men may be super-villains — but at least we are super!

    1. Yeah but none of you compare to Blade. Ryan Reynolds tried twice but couldn’t come close.

  27. This problem has a very simple and non-violent solution:
    1. Build an impenetrable wall
    2. Deport all illegals
    3. Cancel all H-1B Visas. Send them home.
    When they act up (as in San Jose), have school buses standing by. Arrest them, bus them to Mexico, let them apply for re-entry there.

    1. Interestingly enough, Mexicans don’t need H-1B visas to go to the US, since they are “Trade Nationals” under the NAFTA

  28. Somewhat related: I find it interesting that we went from a society with sound money and a lot of restrictions on our ancestors’ lives, over to one with fiat money and with many of these restrictions removed.
    Our elites, in other words, promote a lot of the libertarian agenda: Open borders, pornography, sexual freedom, miscegenation, free trade, recreational drug use, etc.
    Yet when you bring up the libertarian idea of restoring the gold standard, these same elites dismiss this as crazy-talk.
    This suggests that the current formulation of “libertarianism” as a strategy to reform society has something wrong with it, if a lot of it supports what society’s power-wielders behind the scenes want to happen any way, except in the monetary system.
    By contrast, what about the kind of libertarianism which supports the interests of patriarchal and tradition-minded men? In this system, women could inherit sound money and not have to pay an inheritance tax; but if they sleep around, they face legal and social sanctions which give them incentives to live with sexual self-control. No one wants to talk about that kind of a free society for some reason.

      1. it is here that you and I are in total agreement. This little national therapy session will be over in November just in time for the playoffs.

    1. Don’t forget that the Spanish conquistadors had lots of help from other local tribes.

        1. That’s just as tiring as the whole “The New World was Disneyland before the Europeans showed up” story they keep telling us.

  29. Fuck that shit, those fuckin spics ever come after me or anyone i hold close like that im pulling a knife and gutting those fuckers. They might end up overpowering me in the end but il take atleast 10 of those little shit skins with me. This is unacceptable.

  30. Mexicans are the laughing stock of Spanish speakers the world over, only further proving their stupidity waving the Mexican flag while rioting in the US. I have nothing against them, and this is really a case of the stupid ones getting some spotlight. They wont get too loud, they dont want to go back! The bad ones are almost always US born chicanos. Likely the ones pictured in media in San Jose are chicanos from Salinas or Watsonville.

    1. They’re the ones that have never gone to Mexico, unless, like other Americans, they go for Spring Break to drink tequila with the worm, hit on the local senoritas, or make some stupid statement that borders on actual racism. You know, like “Omigosh, they actually have Wal-Marts in Mexico?” And their Spanish is laughable. Fucking pidgin Spanglish. They rip both the elegance of Spanish and the practicality of English. I blame Dora La Exploradora.

      1. My sister likes to think she’s experienced Mexico simply because she’s been in the tourist trap areas. I’ve told her repeatedly that you never truly experience a country until you live there for at least a year and learn some of the language. customs and travel through it. But don’t worry, she’s more of an expert on travel than I am, even though I’ve traveled to and been to more countries than she has.

      2. Yes, chicanos are usually a disgrace to both Mexico & the USA-living a life of perpetual half-ass between the two.

  31. “It is hard to understand why anyone would want an outbreak of racial violence”
    Police state roll out, outright control of information, transition of paper currency to digital currency, removal of the 1st and 2nd amendments if not outright shredding the constitution.
    The last 4 years of Obama and his handlers has been a mad dash to ignite racial tensions by controlling news narratives, destroying the middle class, muddying gender identity, and daring white people to act out in aggression. A good example is Obama’s recent world apology tour, basically saying America (read; white people) are evil.
    The most apparent and insulting poke in the eye was his apology to Japan for the 2 atomic bombs during Memorial day. He is an outright piece of shit.
    Prepare for war my friends, we’re to far down the path to reverse the trend.

    1. Liberal is the definition of treason. They render aid to foreign enemies. Mexico invades from the south, Islam invades from within… and both of them are given preference over American citizens by the modern left.
      It is time to set up the gallows once more, for this is a hanging offense.

  32. Those bastards doing what they did to that woman in the video above…..Imagine if that was your wife, or daughter being disgraced like that by those animals , heck , imagine being unrelated to her and witnessing it. Wouldn’t you be compelled to do something? I would have jumped into that mob surrounding that poor woman swinging haymakers ,and if not that, at the least I would have tried to shield her or get her to safety. The fact that was allowed to happen to that woman, and no Man stepped up to do something, is evidence and proof of why the west, and America is falling apart.

    1. Not sure of the context, but it looked like she was egging it on (pun) for a while before deciding to get inside. You might see the video differently, but to me it looked like she was out there going “yeah I support Trump. The fuck you gonna do about it?”

        1. You guys we’ll never grow up. I guess I’d better leave Rok and the computer for now and go back to reading Shakespeare’s Omelette.

    2. Never jump in to defend a woman. You new here yup? lol
      Meanwhile, I have made worse messes on girls faces.

      1. It’s not just about the woman, it’s about doing what’s right. I think it says a lot about how Men view themselves in a society by the way they let foreign Men treat their women. Look at how the cucks in Germany and Sweden allow the Rapefugees to treat their women, and they’re rightly labeled as cucks.

        1. sorry but AWALT
          You and I usually agree on most things but the idea of jumping into a group of guys to throw hay makers to defend a woman with a snarky grin on her face is way beyond ok.
          Not to mention…you would probably be the one in jail after.
          White Knighting is never the answer.

          French Train Hero Tries To Protect Woman And She Leaves After He Gets Stabbed

          Spoiled Girls And White Knights Demand Men Shield Women From Traffic

          White Knights Demand Custody Of Child For Woman Who Plotted To Murder Eight Ex-Boyfriends

        2. Your right about white knighting, but I find the video hard to watch, and I think that I would have done something to help her if I were there.

        3. If she’s not my wife, mother, sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother, daughter than it’s not my problem. Even then, I would tell her the same thing that I would tell that idiotic woman in the video. She knew the risk and took it. Still not my problem.

        4. I think it is because there is a sickness deep in your soul. A sickness so vile, so disgusting and yet so prevalent. It’s the sickness of being a decent guy.
          Please, do yourself a favor and exercise this demon from you before it gets you in trouble.

        5. Your attitude on not defending random women is starting to rehabilitate you in my good opinion.

        6. there will be differences of opinions — but the grounding remains….this is the bond a civilized group of men can share that women will never understand.

        7. Everyone needs to be beaten up at least once.
          And there’s nothing to say that something like this can’t be used as a reason to practice the theory.

        8. I have a somewhat different approach:
          If my wife gets in a situation like this, I will fight tooth and nail to save her and extract her from the danger, but afterwards I’ll ream her a new one for being so stupid as to get into the situation in the first place. If I die trying to protect her, then I’ll just haunt her ass.

        9. That’s the thing, I would never take my wife to an event like this. If she sneaked off and pulled a stunt like this I would tell her she deserved it.
          Haunting, indeed she would deserve that. I’d tickle her feet every time she would attempt to sleep.

        10. Hehe, yep. It annoys my wife to no end but I can tell she loves when I do that. It’s even more entertaining since I’ll occasionally massage her feet so she never knows what I’ll do.

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