Why Electing Donald Trump Is The Only Way To Preserve Freedom Of Speech In America

With the Democratic primary all but settled and the GOP firmly under the aegis of Donald Trump, the general election has effectively begun. While it’s common for political partisans to claim that this or that election is the “MOST IMPORTANT ELEK-SHUN EVAR!!!!!11”, the 2016 presidential race is absolutely paramount for those who value free speech, and the only candidate who can defend freedom of speech is Donald Trump.

The past eight years have seen Barack Obama and the radical left transform America to the point where it’s barely recognizable. Obama’s tenure gave birth to the hordes of pierced-lipped, easily triggered social justice warriors roaming college campuses like a herd of hormonally-damaged buffalo. It was under Obama that Gawker, Buzzfeed and other sites began leading witch-hunts against people like Pax Dickinson and Justine Sacco, getting them fired from their jobs for being un-PC. It’s under Obama that a foreign government—Mexico—has been fomenting riots against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Make no mistake: if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will kill free speech in America. If you value the freedoms bequeathed to you by the Constitution, you have no choice but to support Donald Trump. His persuasiveness and openly nationalist platform make him the only candidate capable of halting—and possibly reversing—the left’s destruction of our nation.

Electing A New People


The dwindling #NeverTrump contingent justifies their refusal to support the Donald on the basis that they’ll be able to come back in 2020 and defeat Hillary after Trump flames out in the general election. This delusional action plan ignores America’s changing demographics. Ever since the Immigration and Naturalization of 1965, the U.S. has become increasingly non-white: as of 2014, only 62.1 percent of Americans are non-Hispanic whites. Demographers project that America will become a minority-majority nation sometime in the next thirty years, with illegal immigration and amnesty worsening the problem.

Latino form the bulk of immigrants to the U.S., and for all the cuckservatives’ claims that they are “natural Republicans,” Latinos hold leftist views on everything from gun control to taxes to gay marriage. Most Latin American countries are run by socialists or communists who have no respect for free speech: speaking your mind in Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela can result in you being arrested and/or killed. Mexico—where the bulk of Latino immigrants to the U.S. hail from—is a failed state run by drug cartels who hunt down and murder anyone who criticizes them.

Latinos monolithically support the Democratic Party, the party that has done more than any other to destroy free speech in America. Even as leftists crow about how the growing number of Latinos in America will make it impossible for the Republicans to win national elections in the coming years, cuckservatives labor under the delusion that crossing the Rio Grande will magically transform authoritarian socialists into free-market capitalists.

The same pattern holds in other Western countries with large amounts of non-white immigration. For example, in last year’s federal elections in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won a majority government largely by swallowing the immigrant vote whole. In every region of the country except for the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Liberals won the overwhelming majority of constituencies with a visible minority population higher than 26.8 percent. The same goes for other countries: non-whites primarily support Labour in the U.K. (excluding Scotland, where they support the crypto-Marxist SNP), the Socialists in France, and Labor in Australia.

If you’re thinking of voting for Cuckitarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson because Donald Trump makes your pussy hurt, think again. Beyond the fact that all a third-party vote will do is hand the presidency to Hillary, Johnson has stated that he’s more aligned with Bernie Sanders than any of the other major party candidates remaining. Additionally, in recent years, cuckitarians have become militant supporters of open borders and amnesty, and given that immigrants primarily support big government, this will all but ensure the extinction of freedom in America.

Freedom of Speech… If You Can Keep It


The simple reality is that freedom of speech in America—as well as the other freedoms we take for granted—only came about because the U.S. was founded by whites. Free speech, the rule of law, and the entire framework of our society evolved out of the unique culture of Europe, starting with the ancient Greeks and developed by the theologians of the Reformation and the philosophers of the Enlightenment. By importing massive numbers of immigrants whose cultures lack these philosophical developments, we’re ensuring that our country becomes more like theirs: less prosperous, less safe and less free.

The only way freedom of speech can be preserved in the U.S. is if whites remain a majority, and Donald Trump is the only candidate who is fighting to ensure this. By building a border wall and cracking down on illegal immigration, Trump will stem the flow of foreigners into America and ensure that the people who founded this country remain in control of it. Hillary Clinton will do the opposite: flood this country with foreign peasants who will give electoral heft to her campaign to destroy freedom in America.

If you value freedom of speech, you can’t afford to spend this election on the sidelines. Whatever his flaws, Trump has established himself as the only man who can preserve America as it is and turn back the tide of cultural Marxist subversion that has defined Obama’s presidency. Even if you have reservations about the man, you need to get out and vote for him: like it or not, he’s your only option.

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229 thoughts on “Why Electing Donald Trump Is The Only Way To Preserve Freedom Of Speech In America”

  1. Has a sitting president ever actively campaigned against an electoral candidate? Seeing Obama insist that Trump WILL NOT be President (not “should not…” but “will not”, as like he had power to do something about it personally…) and taking tours overseas to badmouth him and suggest that foreign politicians refuse to be civil and cooperative during talks just seems… odd. Like that shouldn’t be happening.
    Which is why I ask. I don’t know if it’s happened before. I know candidates have attacked sitting presidents during elections when they’re looking at a second term, but I’ve not been around long enough to see presidents attack candidates when they’re not actually running for re-election. Has this happened before?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of the first ten presidents campaigned against a candidate, but I know jack about that sort of thing.
      In recent memory, cuckservative Presidents haven’t had the balls to do so, and up until this election the lefties haven’t felt the need, because the media did that job for them. I’m amused that Obama did, though – he’s so massively unpopular that it just brought moderates to the Trump camp.

      1. I’d heard somewhere that the things Obama is doing, especially when dealing with foreign politics, would be illegal if anyone else tried to sabotage and undermine a candidate’s powers like Obama has been. He’s quite literally attacking the US while overseas. Of course kings aren’t bound by mortal law.

      2. As VP from 1796 to 1800, Jefferson campaigned against and attacked his own boss, President John Adams, because of their disagreement over the Alien and Sedition Act.

  2. Excellent article Matt.
    This is unlike any other election anywhere in the last 50 plus years. period.
    Take a good look. The “rulers” worldwide for the first time are experience unimaginable resistance. They are very afraid of something. They sense that there is something existential at stake for them, I have heard them say that they risk losing “everything” . What does that mean exactly?
    Every single powerbroker left or right has been in terror this past year. Why?
    We need to keep pushing back, reach out to your friends and acquaintances and coworkers etc, Dont waste your time arguing with the blind, reach out to the semi conscious, we need them on our side to elect Trump.
    These should be our main objectives, online and off.
    – Promote and protect Trump
    – Win Bernie supporters and normies over to our side
    – Destroy Crooked Hillary
    – Destroy anyone that says otherwise

    1. Correct. For all his personal flaws and some really bad tactical moves during his campaign, I think Trump is truly the last chance to elect a POTUS who might be able to staunch America’s decline in our lifetime. At least his rhetoric is pro-nationalist, as opposed to the NAFTA-signing, pro-globalist amoral Clinton turds.

    2. Let’s Roll Trump Troopers (1500+ member very active Google+ community) has lots of useful stuff to share, good links to news and the funny/meme section is hilarious.

  3. If Trump fails:
    – Red (white) states secede, form new union, drag many red counties in blue states with them
    – Blue states left with minimal agricultural, military, or fossil fuel resources
    – Red states conquer blue states, hang Leftist traitors from lampposts, deport millions of third worlders back to their home countries

        1. I doubt it. Leftists are by far more proactive and aggressive than those the Right. Right wingers are actually pretty docile and only fight back if provoked.

        2. True. But it’s more of a passive-agression, or an impotent rage, with the left.

    1. I live in a blue state and I am not white. May I still join your cause and help save America?

      1. This is the toughest part about this conversation. I say absolutely yes, thousandfold. It’s really a decision of Nationalism vs. Globalism.
        But there are so many more that see “us” vs. “you.”
        Even moreso I worry about the majority of minority demographics that won’t allow dissent.
        This land was once a Melting Pot where many diverse groups came in and preserved their own heritage while also assimilating to a greater American (let’s face it, white) culture that acted as a bonding agent.
        Today its all about rebellion and dissonance. To those who would tear down the system, I ask what would be left of prosperity then?

        1. I really appreciate your response! I want a unified America and my ancestors came to this country (legally I might add) because they liked what America originally represented. The liberals are destroying what made this country a beacon of hope for many around the world.

        2. America was not founded on the “Melting Pot” idea.
          The term was popularized by an early Zionist Jew named Israel Zangwill, in his 1908 play of the same name (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_Zangwill#Writings).
          Israel later went from being a Zionist (i.e. seeking a Jewish homeland in Palestine) to being a Territorialist (seeking to create a Jewish homeland wherever land were available). This did not make any difference for his Melting Pot theory, which was always intended to be for the goyim (non-Jew), who were to all melt together as one race, while the Jew, according to Mr. Zangwill’s own practice, was intended to stay apart from the other races, preferably in his own ethnostate were one to be made available in the future.
          This is practically the same viewpoint that Zionist Jews hold to this very day—they advocate “Melting Pot” politics for goyim in the United States and Europe, with open borders and displacement-level immigration, while keeping their own communities relatively free of non-Jews (goyim), save for some tokens, and keeping Israel a racially pure ethnostate. Kind of like a “nationalism for me, but not for thee” strategy.
          You are free to draw your own conclusions as to what these facts and my interpretations of them, mean. I make no claim of definitive knowledge in this instance, and welcome rebuttal and correction if that proves to be necessary.

        3. Im sorry. Then as an Irish and Austrian circa 1930s immigrant decendant, I’m also your enemy.
          Good luck fighting the good fight. All 5 of you ‘pure Americans’ left..

        4. Where do you get this shit from? You’re just as bad as the left. Trump has not made one single statement against black people. Not one.
          Go fuck yourself guy.

        5. Would you rather play nice or win? Would you rather give “racists” a platform, get them to go after the commies, hippies and dindus who comprise the Left, and win? Or would you rather your kids grow old in a third world country ruined by crazed leftists because you didn’t want to play dirty?
          Stop being emotional. The stake of our nation, our civilization, and our way of life is at stake. This is far too important to purge someone because they had a wrong thought on race.

        6. I’m sorry that you choose to make tangent observations, rather than dispute the substance of my post.
          The Melting Pot is most definitely NOT a founding principle of our nation. It was, instead, one of the first volleys in a silent war by a particular outside group to dominate our nation, which continues to this day. I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings but these are facts.

        7. Bollocks dude. If my forebears weren’t here at that point in time, Im an outsider too.
          And whats going on today involves no cohesion. That’s where the problem comes from. Idgaf how much you hate Jews. Don’t act like the common man isn’t willingly degrading the standards of the greater society out of narcissistic self interest.

        8. Yeah, mine arrived in 1915, and we’re Catholic, so I’m not founding stock either. My clan has been degrading the country with our priests and communion wafers for a century now. During that time, U.S. achieved the highest standard of living in the world and became the most powerful economic force in the world. Those damn Catholics lol.

        9. Oddly enough I don’t prescribe to your version of identity politics either.
          I view people as individuals with individual agency. By your logic, a vociferous majority should deem themselves righteous in propagating white guilt and the very end times you seek to avoid.

        10. Anyone who thinks blacks are the problem are so far gone that they are hopeless. Especially with a terrible, classless picture that you posted. This is why I don’t trust righties. You are all low key sociopaths.

        11. Stopped reading at “Oddly enough I don’t prescribe to your version of identity politics either.” Don’t be naive. 90% of the population of Earth looks at you and sees a white person, and that’s what matters. Better get on board.

        12. Bollocks dude. If my forebears weren’t here at that point in time, Im an outsider too.

          That’s wonderful. We can discuss our particular heritages amongst ourselves at cocktail parties. Meanwhile, my argument (that was apparently lost on you) is that roughly 90% of the world is non-White.
          Fellow whites may view you as x, y, or z. Non-Whites don’t; They view you as “White.”
          Furthermore, if you refuse to address the facts, at least stop conflating them with hatred or anti-semitism, that’s a Leftist tactic.
          Oh and stop being so emotional. Emotions are not tools of cognition.

        13. Unfortunately I don’t give a damn how anyone sees me. If Im declared what I am I find no shame in that. Nor will I find comeraderie with any man based on their genetic makeup alone.
          Pushing for a race clash wont do anything to uplift your country. I surely wont convince you of that, but I stand in opposition to your views nonetheless.

        14. You should care how people view you. The Left sees race because it knows that making the US “Non-White” is the best method of destroying The Right (e.g. “men” such as yourself) once and for all. The “Far Right” sees race because it knows what the left is up to (It’s obvious).
          Your problem is, you view Whites as the only race without culture(s). Unfortunately for you, in this new era of feel good multiculturalism and widespread acceptance of which you are clearly an advocate, Whites will have a voice.
          Time to get on board or get left behind. A “race clash” is coming whether you like it or not.

        15. … My name is in fucking latin dude.
          Im irish, a confirmed catholic. Im half Austrian and speak a high conversational level German. I grew up in a small town where I learned to fish and hunt and I ride a motorcycle.
          FOH I dont have any culture of my own.

        16. “Diverse” in a way that today’s SJWs would swear cannot be diverse (ie: whites).

    2. The problem there is that some of the reddest states in the country either are or recently were infested with cuckservatives.
      South Carolina, for example, has its state government and federal representation entirely cucked, to a man. Texas isn’t much different, neocon Republicans run deep in that state.

      1. They’ll either get with the program to keep their jobs or be replaced when the masses start to call for political separation

  4. I think we need to start creating a distinction between Mexicans and the rest of the Hispanic population. Mexicans are the most blindly nationalistic people living in this country. You won’t see Cubans or Colombians rioting in the streets, waving their flags and burning American flags.
    As someone whose grandfather came from Mexico to work and ended up retiring in Mexico I know this: Mexican’s don’t want the American dream, they want the Mexican dream, and they want America to finance it.
    I just recently dumped a Mexican chick because she identified herself as Mexican even though she is second generation American-born. These people actually think these foreign cultural norms are somehow superior to Americans.
    I don’t buy the “we just want to be Americans” song and dance. As someone who grew up in the Mexican community I can tell you one thing for sure. These people don’t like you, nay, they despise you. They think you owe them something.
    Read “Cuckservative” by Vox Day and the “Magic Dirt Theory”.

    1. That’s the issue that many are not willing to admit nor face. As a Texican, I know the difference and also note the superiority complex Mexican nationals have when they travel to the U.S. Many try to paint them as poor migrants when that’s rarely the case and their refusal to learn English are just some of the issues I have with them. Most are just coming here to make money and return home, rarely is it for a permanent residency and the children born here are nothing more than a fringe benefit.

    2. Quite correct Mexico sends it’s citizens to fleece our welfare programs all so they can send money back and then later retire to Mexico. All the while providing a relief valve so that the Mexican elites can run their country as corrupt and poorly as they wish.

      1. Voting to end immigration and deport illegals while we’re a majority is our last chance to preserve America. No amount of begging or cucking will turn Hispanics into conservatives who will vote the way we want them to.

      2. “Mexico sends…”? The Mexican government? This is their official policy?

        1. Pretty much although I don’t think its their official policy, that would be quite the diplomatic faux pas. I do remember a few years back the Mexican Gov. was handing pamphlets out to illegals on how to apply for welfare and other American programs.

    3. Iván don’t expect them to make that distinction they can’t even understand spanish let alone identify sub cultures within the Hispanic culture. However that’s not a bad thing in itself.
      The problem for latinamerica is that most of those countries lack a sense of themselves as distinct nations due ro its youth. Mexico is t one of the most advanced in that regard so I expect further conflict not only with the immigrants from that country but with its government itself.
      The US also lacks a sense of itself as nation especially when compared to Europe and Asia. Besides the right to carry there are very few or no traditions that bind all white Americans let alone something to bridge the interracial gap. Hence a Brazillian or Colombian Mulatto loves his country and shares the culture of his meztizo or white counterparts however black americans despise theirs and their modern “culture” is basically a rejection of white norms. Conflict will be a catalyst for the formatio of an american identity or will shatter what remains of america

      1. You’re basically talking about thug culture which news flash most blacks do not supporthink in fact most blacks are I’m the deep south and assimilatedo with the rural whites

    4. Trump understand this, but GOPe cucks have all adopted the Magic Dirt theory as if it’s a religious dogma, as demonstrated by the Curiel affair. It’s ridiculous.

    5. Sad part is most Americans can’t make the distinction. I learned first hand working offshore out of south Texas where we had Mexican Americans like yourself and actual visa workers from Mexico and those two groups fought almost all day everyday about everything you could think of. I was usually the only white dude but was friends with the Mexican Americans and they explained to me they hated Mexicans because they called them traitors to their heritage and wanna be white people and one guy said “when they come to America they don’t ask to only take a white guy’s job, they take all of our jobs so fuck them.” I figured they would be cool but I learned a lot out there about the differences.

      1. You probably learned how some of them wanted to be actual citizens of this country. They don’t have to give up their culture but they have to follow our laws – one important law being to become a U.S. citizen.
        The others don’t want to become citizens at all. They are a drain on our system (welfare and benefits) that we pay into on a regular basis. I’m tired of paying for it.

        1. Most of them didn’t because they had their families in Mexico and they lived well off down there with the wages they were making in America but those same wages wouldn’t have gotten them nearly as much in America. Same for these two Vietnamese welders I worked around, they worked 6 months in America and then went home and lived like kings for the other 6 months. I know two Americans who do that but one lives in Cambodia and the other Thailand. There’s a Spanish term they use in south Texas which I’m not sure if I’m spelling it right but it sounds like mohal which is essientially Spanish slang for wetback and that’s what they called them all the time. I’m sure some did want to be citizens and I’m not against that so long as they assimilate, both my parents are of Eastern European decent and their parents/grandparents taught them English first and foremost because they wanted them to fit in, you don’t see that so much in the Spanish community because our culture caters to them and Spanish. I’ve met Mexican Americans who have been in America 40 years and can’t order food in a drive through.

        2. That is the issue that many don’t realize is the problem outside of the border regions between the U.S. and Mexico. You are right, the Texicans hate the Mexicans with a passion for multiple reasons and invented the term “wetback”; but these are issues go back over 150 years ago to the Texas Revolution, if not beyond.

        3. Right and the MSM makes it out that only white america doesn’t want illegals when in fact a large portion of Mexican Americans don’t want them either.

        4. Nope, they don’t want them here and rarely have unless they’re actively trying to make it in the U.S. by making themselves citizens and trying to learn the language. I first heard the term wetback from my Mexican grandfather who would often say Mexicans were going to be the death of the U.S. He hated them so much that he wouldn’t allow my mother or any of her siblings learn Spanish, as his attitude was “You’re Americans, speak English.”

        5. When I am forced to return to the US, I live near the border, and something like 90% of the people there speak Spanish. I am unemployable in the Rio Grande Valley because my Spanish isn’t good enough.
          Prudzsky is correct. The Hispanics along the border hate the illegals. And, Trump gets very high support the closer one gets to the border.
          Changing the subject, right now is a bad time to criticize the Mexican culture. The US is on the ropes in almost every parameter, including financial. The Mexicans as stupid as some of the things they do are, will be here after most Americans have starved to death.
          One of the most important measures of a society is its ability to survive. Almost all parameters, plus a study of the collapse of other once great civilizations, indicate the USA is near the end.
          Personally, my own prediction is 90% of Americans will be dead within 10 years of starvation. This will be caused by a major systemic collapse based on financial failure. I do not mind being wrong, but that is my prediction.

    6. That’s the impression I get. They are incredibly disloyal to America. They seem to have no respect for the rule of law by thinking that illegals should get healthcare and education like citizens. And the kicker for me is that they go to anti Trump riots and wave the Mexican flag!
      This sense of entitlement when you’re a parasite in someone elses country reminds of what our useless Syrian wogs might become here in Canada if we allow their numbers to get too high.
      My nephew, not white, visited California and said they’ve parts of it into dangerous shitholes.

    7. It’s the same thing with muslim immigrants in Europe. First they flee to Europe because their country is a shithole, and then they try to turn Europe into the same shithole they ran away from.

    8. Many people did escape their countries for a better way of life for themselves and their families. The difference: those people became U.S. citizens the right way – learned the language, the history, tests, etc…they became a citizen and they contribute to the country.
      Illegals have no interest in becoming citizens or staying here. They come in (for now) because – at one time – the pay was far better (much of the money is being sent back home) and the benefits are given out like candy.
      I have a real problem with financing illegal immigrants. We have veterans and citizens in this country (who pay taxes and fought for this country) who get less in pay or benefits versus illegals. I’m tired of paying for it (and so are many other Americans). Any politician still supporting illegal immigration should be considered a traitor to this country.

    9. Yes. The USA owes them their country back. Their land was invaded and stolen from them.
      They’re not “immigrating”, they’re resettling the land of their own ancestors.
      Why is San Antonio not called “Saint Anthony?” How did it get a Spanish name?
      San Francisco? Los Angeles? How did they get Spanish names?
      You know the answer. You can’t steal something, and then expect people not to resent you for it, and to do everything in their power to get it back.
      All of the land taken under the illegal cession should be returned to Mexico. I realize that would reduce the size of the USA by about 1/3…. but hey, truth is truth. It’s theirs.
      We can’t change the truth; we can only recognize it.

      1. “Their land was invaded and stolen from them.”
        The Native Americans, the Spanish, or the Mexicans? Choose carefully.

        1. I’m talking about the Mexican Cession. The USA invaded Mexico, and occupied the capital. During this occupation, the president of Mexico just “happened” to sell 2/3 of his country’s territory.
          If I broke into the Trump Tower with a few dozen heavily armed buddies, surrounded Donald, and “asked” him to sell me the tower for $1, this deal would be clearly illegal. It’s called “being under duress”, and any contract signed under duress is not legally binding. Any court would declare it null and void.
          That’s exactly how the USA got the cession from Mexico. The deal was not valid. This is a legal fact, and it’s been felt subconsciously for the past 150 years. Mexicans feel they have a right to be here, and it’s because they do.

        2. Yep. It’s called a shakedown.
          We did pretty much the same thing during the imperial era (1896 to 1914). Check out the U.S.’s sordid method of obtaining Panama, Cuba, and Hawaii.

        3. Quick recap of what led up to Mexican-American War and it’s results:
          After annexation of Texas, U.S./Mexican border was disputed between either Nueces or Rio Grande.
          Both countries put troops on the border, skirmishes break out from San Antonio to Rio Grande.
          War breaks out, U.S. decides they want decisive victory in the battle for supremacy of North America by going on the offensive, hitting Mexico on many fronts.
          U.S. sends troops as far away as modern day California and central Mexico by sea and land .
          Mexican army is disorganized despite years ahead in combat troop experience and are routinely defeated even when their best fighting commander, the Napoleon of the West, Santa Anna is in command.
          Deep in the U.S., after occupying Mexico City, Mexico is almost completely annexed by the U.S. which would have led to even more years of bloodshed.
          Cooler heads prevail, as U.S. decides it wants the sparsely populated area that is currently known as the South Western U.S.
          Result: What started as a border dispute becomes known as a war of conquest. Not the first, nor the last.
          See map for further details.

        4. Yep, that’s a pretty good summary. Man knows his history!
          The key line in it is this:
          “U.S. decides it wants supremacy of the North Anerican continent, and sends troops to (i.e. invades) central Mexico.”
          I can decide I want supremacy of my street, but that doesn’t give me the right to march into my neighbor’s house, guns blazing. If I did, and I succeeded, that wouldn’t make me the legitimate owner of the house. Not even if I made a contract of sale with the owner; such a contract would be signed under duress, and not legally binding.
          Our history books conveniently neglect to mention that fact. But Mexican textbooks don’t; they know their history, and they want their country back. I can’t say I blame them.

        5. The key term you’re missing is War of Conquest.
          There are very few countries of this earth that were not created out of conquest in one form or another. Hell, even parts of Mexico were created out of conquest, see Aztec (central Mexico) and Mayan (southern Mexico) empires. Europe, Russia, China, Australia, India, the current Middle East, Africa, South America, etc. were all created out of conquest.
          Mexico can get pissed all they want for loosing half of their country, but that’s what happens when you grab that much territory and can’t maintain it through the force of arms. The dirty secret Mexico doesn’t want to admit, is they couldn’t get their own citizens to settle in Texas, allowing Americans (many from the Southern U.S.) to purchase property on the cheap. They sold out their own territory and couldn’t maintain it, first by losing to Texans then to the Americans.

        6. Certainly, Mexico has its own atoning to do, in regards to the Aztecs and Mayans – who in turn have theirs in regards to the tribes they subjugated. There are many layers to this onion. But we have to start somewhere, and our own nation is really the only one whose atonement we have any direct control over.
          The fact that it was sparsely populated doesn’t change a whole lot, except for the native peoples (Indians) claims against Mexico. It doesn’t change Mexico’s claims in relation to the U.S. Mexico had few people there – the U.S. had almost none. The Mexican claim is stronger.

        7. You don’t “atone” lmao! We’d be going back 10,000 years of “sorry!”s over who took this and then and that parcel of land and conquered this group or the other.
          Hey! Maybe the UK should cede back Central England to the Welsh right? Since their Anglo-Saxon ancestors came across the seas and took it from the native Britons who’s ethnic descendants are Welsh? Lmfao hahah you’re out of you mind! hahahah

        8. In summary the territory annexed by the US was a no man’s land. No one cultivated it until the US came in. We are better for it. Would have been a complete shithole otherwise. Just look at every modern border town in Mexico.

        9. 10,000 years is quite far to go back. But if something was recent enough that people still remember it, or their descendents are still actively pursuing a claim on it – then yes, the aggressor nation should atone for it. That’s what you do when you wrong someone. You apologize, you pay restitution, and you promise never to do it again. At least that’s what mature people do. And if we want to be a mature country, that’s a requirement. Failure to do so will only result in the continuation of our moral decline, as our country lacks the moral authority to prosper. If you don’t deserve what you have, it’s only a matter of time before you lose it.
          The U.S. does have a lot of people to apologize to, but the good news is that no sinner is beyond redemption. But it’s best to start as soon as possible.

        10. Danny, for someone who claims logic as the basis for your argument, you’ve got a long way to go.
          The thing about true logic, is you cannot just cherrypick the facts you like, discard the inconvenient ones and just declare your argument as the truth.
          Thats the reason why logic is a foundation for truth, but can also lead, dangerously, into a slippery-slope style of reasoning, which is what you have essentially been professing.
          Your entire argument for “returning” the American Southwest and making it “North Mexico” is horrifically flawed.
          What is, or is not, a country has always been based upon the ideals of the dominant group of people, who are able to maintain control the land, view it as theirs and leave their mark upon it, both historically AND presently.
          What is a country is also arbitrary. We are the United States of America because enough people believe that we are, and are willing to fight you, or anyone else, who would try to say otherwise. This fact is why history and culture matter.
          Were there “Mexicans” living in the American Southwest in 1848? Not very many, and Mexico had no more real control of that vast territory than I do of your living room.
          Implied ownership is not the same thing as actual control, going back to your “legal” reasoning. The rule of law rests upon the idea that the state can control its people. Moral right is subjective to the eye of the beholder.
          The United States of America holds control of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, and has for 166 years.
          For a point of reference for you, that meant the state of Mexico only had claim (not even close to control) of these lands for only 27 years.

        11. Well, you’ve just made an argument for moral relativism. You’re right, in the thinking of the old system – a system we call “might makes right.”
          But this is what has caused virtually all the problems on Earth, since the beginning of history. It’s because of this thinking, that we’re still squabbling.
          The “belief of a dominant group” does not determine what is true, just, moral, or lawful. The law already exists. The majority opinion of a group of people cannot change it. Just because most U.S.ians think the land is theirs, doesn’t make it so.
          Think about the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, the treaty that supposedly sold the land away. A couple of questions:
          1) Does a contract signed under duress hold legal weight? If I hold a gun to someone’s head and ask them to sign a contract with the barrel pressed against their temple, is that contract legally enforceable?
          If the answer is yes, then you don’t believe in law and order.
          If it’s no, then the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo is null and void, and no valid land transfer ever took place.
          2) If that treaty is null and void, or had never been signed in the first place, would it have been lawful/just/moral for the USA to move its troops and citizens into the area?
          If the answer is yes, then you don’t believe in law and order.
          If it’s no, and you’re admitting that this treaty is the pillar holding up our right to colonize that land, and that without it we’d have no right, then there is no way to logically back yourself out of the conclusion that that land ain’t ours.
          Just in case you’re curious, my solution to this problem is to work out a new treaty for join management with Mexico. Due to the sparse population of the land, their claim to it WAS always shaky (although I must emphasize that shaky is not the same thing as non-existent, which is the nature of the U.S. claim). So considering that nobody has a rock-solid claim on it, a treaty of shared administration is appropriate.
          I don’t believe the U.S.ians living there should have to leave. That would be a humanitarian catastrophe just as great or greater than the 11 million abductions Trump has proposed. I believe people should be nice to each other, and there is nothing stopping us all from coexisting on that land, and every land – except for our own arrogance and unwillingness to admit that we made a mistake.
          If we just admit it, we can move on, and cooperate with Mexico to solve the problems going on over there. The Mexican people are world-renowned for being warm and magnanimous. They will gladly accept an apology, as long as it’s sincere.

        12. Judging the actions of the past with the morality of today is purely mental masturbation

        13. But you’ll ruin the country….Mexicans don’t know how to run a country… All of central and south America sucks…

        14. Jeez, it’s like you’re in a parallel universe man. Latin America is awesome. Why do you think so many men expatriate there? They escape the U.S. to live in these “sucky” places… full of feminine women…

        15. No such thing as “yesterday’s morality.” Morality is not time-dependent. Right is right and wrong is wrong, regardless of your identity, location, time period, etc. If you think it changes based on opinions and majorities and that sort of thing, then that’s moral relativism.

        16. The intrinsic absurdity of what you’re saying is one of the funniest things I have seen on the internet in a long time man. Really. Every cubic inch of space on our planet was at some point occupied by a different ethnic or religious subgroup. The Normans who controlled northern france were descendants of vikings so maybe they should go back to Denmark and yield it to the native French – but wait the native French were actually Germanic Gauls who conquered the land from the – oh wait, this game goes on quite a bit!
          There are no “Native” anyone except for perhaps a handful of microscopic Polynesian islands because everywhere in the world going back before the development of writing people have killed and took land and property that belonged to someone else. To suggest with a straight face that we should give back parts of the United States to the Government of Mexico who should in turn give it back to the ethnic descendants of tribes subjugated by their Empire who should in turn give it back to the people from whom they took it – is hilarious beyond all sanity.
          You’re especially wrong about the last part. What the US should do is not apologize to ANYONE for ANYTHING. To defend what’s our and kill anyone threatens our supremacy. Because thats what a strong nation does – Conquer it’s enemies and celebrates it’s glorios victories and triumphs. This then is how we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

        17. If you haven’t noticed your not a nation state – so the you can’t act like one.

        18. I’ll address your last paragraph first. The attitude you’re displaying here is sociopathy. Just imagine if we replaced “the U.S.” and “nation” with “I” and “person.” Go ahead, insert those into your paragraph. See how it looks.
          If a person was talking like that, we would consider him a sociopath. He could likely be deemed “a danger to himself and others”, and forcibly confined to a mental hospital for evaluation and monitoring. Especially if he had a history of acting on such a belief system. Especially a 3-century history of it.
          If you think it’s your right to go around taking whatever you want from anyone you want to take it from, and that as long as there is no greater power to stop you (or as long as you can evade such a power) there’s nothing wrong with it, and the only thing “wrong” would be getting caught, and that this makes you “glorious” and “great”, then you constitute a serious danger to your community, and the community obviously has the right to defend itself by quarantining you, or by other measures.
          The planet we live on is also a community – a community of nations. When one nation displays sociopathic behavior, and endangers others, it is out of line, and the others have the right to quarantine it, or take other measures. The U.S. has been displaying such behavior for its entire history. This type of behavior is clearly not sustainable, and if there is a God in heaven, or any justice in this universe, or any self-correcting balancing force in nature, the chickens will eventually come home to roost. Karma will catch up. It’s already starting to. That’s what ya’ll are so pissed about.
          I actually want to save my country. Not by giving it more power – it already has more than anybody else, and has been consistently abusing it since the beginning – but by helping it embrace the values of the Bible. Namely compassion… and its prerequisite: humility. I know that sounds like “weakness” to you. “Cucky Christianity.” I get it. But these are the values of mature people. When a mature person hurts someone else, he apologizes, and seeks their forgiveness. If you don’t know how to do that, then I pity your friends, family, and anyone who has the misfortune of interacting with you on a long-term basis. But it’s never too late to learn. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. There is a time limit. Our country is fast approaching it, if it hasn’t crossed the line already. The nation should change its heart very soon, or there will be a reckoning.
          The world is filled with intertwining crises that are fast converging into a civilization-wide catastrophe. “Mexicans crossing the border” is not one of the main crises. Do you know which of the world’s deserts are expanding? All of them. Which forests are shrinking? All of them. Which oceanic dead-zones are growing? All of them. Global warming may be a hoax, but mathematics is not. You cannot subtract from a finite quantity indefinitely. If we keep up the net subtraction from the biosphere, we will trigger an ecological collapse so severe that our civilization will not survive it.
          To overcome these crises, it takes an evolution of consciousness. We must evolve into a civilization run by wisdom and compassion, rather than narrow self-interest and the desire for “triumph” and “glory.” It was fine to play in that sandbox yesteryear, but if we keep clinging to it, that shit will get us all killed.
          We need cooperation, on an international scale, to meet these challenges. Nations have to start working together. But the grievances are still there – and they have to be atoned for. Atonement can be quick; simply acknowledging the wrong done is often sufficient. Every nation that wronged another should acknowledge every wrong it did – it should acknowledge it ONCE, acknowledge it PUBLICLY, and acknowledge it SINCERELY. The process doesn’t have to drag on forever and ever, like a lot of you think it would. Consequently, the victimized nation should be willing to forgive, and forgive quickly, so that we can all move on, and cooperate to save our civilization from collapsing under the weight of its own shortsightedness.
          Obviously, if the wrong was so long ago that no one remembers it, or the wronged tribe no longer exists, then the point is moot. But people aren’t holding grudges about things lost in the deeps of time. It’s about things in recent memory, which are still causing strife.
          Eventually, the result will be a world without borders, where every (nonviolent) (don’t bring up crazy Islamists – I said nonviolent) person is free to travel wherever they wish, without visas. This is a core component of Liberty – the Right to Freedom of Movement. You guys talk a big Liberty game, but you’ve got a lot of holes in your standard still.
          The lands of the Mexican cession should be administered jointly by both nations, with citizens of both countries free to come and go as they please, but with separate taxation and social-welfare systems. And the war on drugs should cease (again, a component of liberty is the freedom to ingest herbs, and alter one’s own consciousness, as long as one isn’t endangering others). Doing that will solve all of those problems down there. Not abducting millions of people in the middle of the night. That’s an old solution, from an old paradigm – a paradigm which is now the greatest threat to our civilization, and will destroy it if not transcended soon.

        19. Due to the sincerity and time that you put in to a thoughtful and respectful post I will resist the impulse to mock you. Instead I shall try to address what you’re saying.
          Firstly – you should acknowledge a couple of things. Trying to treat NATION STATES consisting of hundreds of millions of people as if they were INDIVIDUALS is absolute lunacy.
          Secondly- the values I’ve stated (in an admittedly crass and tongue-in-cheek fashion) have been the values of most of human civilization for millenia. Since Ancient times, thousands of years before you or I were born people were concerned with the Honor and Glory of their tribe – usually achieved by killing or enslaving their rivals. Are you suggesting that our species has been sociopathic for countless millenia?
          Thirdly – You might be right about an ‘evolution of consciousness’ being necessary to avoid ecological (or some other kind) or extinction. Then again maybe not.
          Fourthly – if you want to know what happens when people who espouse the belief system you’re advocating run in to people who espouse the belief system I’m describing check out some history – maybe Guns, Germs, and Steel. Or lord of the flies.
          Empathy, compassion, wisdom, humanity, forgiveness – all well in good until you run into the warrior who wants your shiny stuff. You’re kind only exists with the protection of my kind

        20. Well thanks, I appreciate the civility. I don’t always receive it.
          Let’s do one point at a time.
          1) The universe is made up of layers of scale. Each layer resembles the one above (bigger) and below (smaller). For example, notice how the orbits of the planets resemble the orbiting of electrons around a nucleus… and you can go up yet another level, to stars orbiting galaxies, and it’s the same thing.
          The shape a crystal forms when you break it off resembles its molecular geometry. Hexagonal molecular structures (the micro scale) produce crystals that are hexagonal at the macro scale. Same for all other shapes.
          This principle is what Jesus was probably talking about when he said “As above, so below.” He was most likely talking about layers of scale, and implying that the structure of the individuals DOES determine the structure of the nation (and world).
          So I find it entirely reasonable to expect the patterns exhibited by individuals in a society to determine the shape and patterns of the society itself. Violent individuals produce a violent society, and vice versa. When nations solve their problems by attacking other nations, the individuals within the aggressor nation will learn to solve their problems by attacking their neighbors. And when the individual raises his consciousness, he contributes to the raising of his nation’s (and world’s) consciousness.
          2) Yes. Our species has been sociopathic for millennia. When you look around the world, does it look like it was built by sane people? When you see the toxic waste dumps, the destruction, the killing of forests and oceans, the wars over the stupidest things, mass shootings, and the heartbreaking torture of animals (and humans) for FUN, does it look like we’re a sane species? We’re very good at making technical things, like gadgets and stuff, but we suck at doing what really matters. There must have been some sort of fall. The Bible talks about it in the garden of Eden, which I think is probably a metaphor; but the reason why metaphors have power is because they point to something real. We’ve turned a beautiful garden of a planet into a trash heap and torture chamber. This world is NOT the best we can do.
          3) Maybe we can fix all of this without evolving. But I think the stimulation of our evolution is the very reason WHY we’re facing all of these crises. There is some plan, and it’s nudging us. The longer we ignore the nudges, the more shocking and chaotic they’re going to become. Einstein said “we cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness we were at when we created them.” I don’t think we can ever restore the “old system” to “greatness”, because it’s not meant to be restored. It’s time to evolve to the next level. Doubling down on the old is only going to delay the inevitable, and the longer it’s delayed, the harder the transition will be.
          4) Nowhere have I suggested that I’m against force. I totally support force when it’s for defense: defense of oneself, defense of the defenseless, and defense of the biosphere that sustains Life. If I or anyone I love is attacked, I have no qualms about responding swiftly with whatever force is necessary to repel the attack. Some people can’t be reasoned with, unfortunately. Self-defense is a basic human right.
          In summary, I don’t accuse people of past societies of being sociopaths at an individual level. But the societies (remember the layers of scale?) were sociopathic, and still are. “Enlightenment” used to be a luxury reserved for only the most tenacious seekers – today, it’s a necessity for the survival of our species. And that’s a good thing, because necessity is the mother of invention.

      2. You sound like a fool. The cession wasn’t illegal, read the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

        1. Don’t use ad hominem attacks; they make you look even stupider than the person you’re attacking.
          The Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo was signed in Mexico City, during a time when General Winfield Scott had several thousand heavily armed men under his command occupying that city, and holding the president in “custody.”
          The agreement was signed while one party had several thousand guns to the other’s head.
          It was signed under duress.
          That means it has no legal weight.
          No valid transfer of the territory ever occurred. It is still Mexico.

        2. You still sound like a fool. It’s simply your opinion that it was illegal.
          Tell me this: after a war everything goes back to normal? I supposed you think we should go back to being a British colony because that’s “the way it was” before the war.

        3. And you’re still making yourself sound like you’re not confident enough in the pure logic of your arguments to rely on reason alone, by leaning on ad hominem attacks as a crutch.
          Violence is not a legitimate method of obtaining property. This is true for individuals and it’s true for groups of individuals, e.g. nations.
          When an aggressor nation is finally defeated, its territorial gains, being illegitimate, revert back to their original nation. This is why Germany doesn’t own Poland, and Japan doesn’t own Korea. It’s also why the U.S. doesn’t own Guam, Samoa, Hawai’i, or the upper two thirds of Mexico.
          The fact that a stronger power hasn’t yet come along to evict the invader and set things right doesn’t give the latter’s claim any moral or legal legitimacy, any more so than the perpetuation of a hostage situation justifies the hostage-taking. And there may yet be such a power after all: witness the return of Mexicans to the northern part of their country, and your inability to stop them. Adjudication has already begun, in an informal way.
          Relax. They’re a gentle people at heart. They’re going to treat you a LOT better than your compatriots treated them.

        4. Your arguments are full of holes.
          “Violence is not a legitimate method of obtaining property”, this statement sounds pretty but it is ahistorical.
          “When an aggressor nation is finally defeated, its territorial gains, being illegitimate, revert back to their original nation. This is why Germany doesn’t own Poland,”
          This is another baseless And ahistorical assertion. Germany doesn’t own Poland because they were defeated by the Allied powers.
          Your comparison to hostage-taking doesn’t hold water either. Mexico instigated the war against the US. Mexico wasn’t a damsel in distress.
          You also ignore that the American Southwest was sparsely populated and not cultivated by Mexico. In fact, in those times Mexico was not a homogenous country, over half its population didn’t even speak Spanish.
          I was a history major who did his final thesis on Mexico-US relations. You won’t win.

        5. Though your knowledge of history may be abundant, your understanding of law does not appear to be on the same level.
          If a robber were to break into your house and steal a television, he does not become the owner of the TV. It may be in his possession, but he does not own it. Big difference.
          And when the cops nab him, the reason why the TV can be lawfully removed from his possession is not because the cops are bigger and stronger than him and “might makes right” – it’s because the TV isn’t his. It isn’t, and it never was. All the cops are doing is applying an already-existing legal fact.
          Poland is not Poland because Eisenhower was stronger than Rommel. Poland is Poland because it’s Poland.
          And North Mexico is Mexico, despite the fact that no Allies have liberated it… as of yet.
          The U.S. is not above law. Only a sociopath thinks that way. I love my country, and want to see it shed this horrible disease, and become a mature, socially well-adjusted member of the planetary community. We can do it.

        6. You do t seem to understand law. You’re trying to take contemporary civil law and apply it universally without historical context. You are trying to apply it to postbellum 1800s. That’s why your comparisons are useless. You lack an understanding of 1800s Mexico. You somehow think the Spanish descendants who created Mexico have claim to land that they didn’t even cultivate.

        7. The problem is bigger than that if he thinks laws regulating behavior between individuals is somehow applicable to nation states lmfao. Newsflash “Mexico” didn’t come out of the Garden of Eden with border stones silly. It was a vast confederation of tribes that were conquered and subjucated by an imperial government. What a dunce

        8. Of course the principles of individual law apply to nations. A wrong doesn’t become a right simply because more than one person is simultaneously doing it.
          I have no right to rob you.
          Cody has no right to rob you.
          We cannot give eachother something that neither of us has.

        9. The fact that Mexico stole land from natives doesn’t give the U.S. any right to do the same. Law is law. Stealing is unlawful. “Strength in numbers” works in battle, but not in court.

        10. Also, while the far northern areas, like Utah and Wyoming, were unpopulated, the southern areas had Mexican communities. Enough people to found cities, like Santa Fe, San Antonio, etc. U.S.ian pioneers didn’t start those cities and give them Spanish names. There were Spanish-speaking people living there.

        11. You don’t deserve your land back….you’ll just fuck it up like the rest of Mexico. We won you lost…

        12. In general, I suggest you learn to be nicer. Trump isn’t guaranteed to win. The election might be rigged for Hillary (like the primary was). Or she might win fair and square – you never know. What you call the “cucking” might continue, and many of your new neighbors might be from Mexico. Coexistence is a valuable skill to have, and it would be wise to start practicing now. Don’t worry – Mexicans are known around the world for being magnanimous and warmhearted. You’ll be fine.

        1. They stole it from the natives. As I said, many layers to the onion. We can only peel one at a time.

        2. And over thousands of years different native groups stole it from each other. .
          All land is stolen. And will eventually be stolen again.
          Possessions are fleeting

      3. Boo hoo…Talk to General Santa Ana that incompetent general of yours. You lost ,we won so suck it sore loser

        1. Lol, the anger, where does it come from? Out of all the ways the white middle class has gotten screwed over the years, Mexicans have done the smallest amount. Wall Street takes trillions, just for doing financial circus tricks, while Mexicans take just enough to feed their families, and they earn it with hard labor. The fact that your ire is directed at the latter instead of the former suggests that you actually might be a racist, for real.
          That term gets thrown around by the loony lefties way too often, I know. But the more I see people like you, the more I suspect they may actually have a point. Nothing else explains the target of your anger.

        2. Nonsense ,Mexicans welfare use is much higher than other ethnic groups that come here. Welfare fraud is rampant. Free care in our hospitals and ER’s. Apparently Mexicans can’t learn English so it devastates our schools. Crime and gangs and cartels all come from south of the border. How pathetic is Mexico when it’s #2 source of income ( 1 is oil) is from monies sent back home from illegals here in the USA. Mexican kids can’t speak english so they do poorly in school so our public schools are disaster. Mexican /illegals keep wages low . On balance immigration legal and illegal is huge negative . Re: the Mexican -American war you lost. In Texas a bunch of rag tag volunteers crushed Santa Anna’s professional army and drove you all out of Texas. Then later the US Army invades Mexico and crushes your army there..Was a complete humiliation… We won you lost…

        3. A lot to talk about in there. You identify many real problems, but you’re wrapping them all up in one container of “immigration.”
          The crime problem is squarely the fault of the war on drugs. No drug war = no cartels. If Washington would simply learn to respect liberty, and stop assaulting people for using herbs, that problem would vanish in a puff of smoke. (Pun intended)
          The problem of poor English in schools, and the problem of drained welfare coffers, would both be solved by using a “two state solution.” Let the whole region be governed by both nations at once. Mexicans and U.S.ians live side by side, with Mexico governing its citizens (and taking care of their welfare needs), and the U.S. doing the same for its own.
          That way, everybody wins. The Treaty of Shared Administration that I’ve proposed would set up such a system.

        4. Well Danny ,i can see jewish supremacism as the root of all evil in the European societies of today.In the words of Barbara Spectre of Sweden,”Europe will no longer be a homogeneous society, and the jews are behind this.” The fact is , it was jewish authors behind the 1965 immigration act here in the States that favored brown and black immigration over white European immigration and essentially has gotten us where we are at today.Same as in Australia as in Canada and ALL white countries,it’s the jewish presence and they are responsible for this phenomenon, but they go undetected masquerading as” liberal whites” ,which in return has the lower end of the gene pool whites, questioning and buying into the anti-white rhetoric,hence, the “modern day proletariat.” This Danny is the “target of anger” for many,many deeply rooted Americans who cherish what our Founding Fathers left us as an inheritance in the form of our “Bill of Rights” and our Constitution,which is rapidly being transformed into the blue print of the “Communist Manifesto”, the only tenent missing being “right to bear arms”, which by the way was authored by jews, Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.

        5. I know about the Jewish plot to rule the world, and I don’t dispute it. But just keep in mind that it’s a tiny minority of them – most of them are completely unaware, and are simply being used as slaves by the higher-ups. The ones at the top are actually not even Jews – they’re some kind of Babylonian child-sacrificing cult (see Bohemian Grove, Jimmy Savile, etc). The Jews are one of the most brainwashed peoples on the planet, for following such leaders.
          But the ideas they have about making “one world”, is not bad – it’s the destiny of our species, and the only way we’re ever going to solve the numerous converging crises and avert the ecological collapse we’re rapidly approaching. Humanity evolves. First biologically, then intellectually, and now, hopefully, spiritually. Eventually we will have a unified world, united under the banner of liberty, ecological sustainability, and compassion.
          Where the Jews come in, is they twist this idea for their own ethnocentric purposes. They believe it’s they who will control such a world, because of their birthright as the “superior people.” In truth, a united planet should be run democratically, meritocratically, transparently, and with a global constitution that enshrines the absolute and inalienable rights and Liberty of every person.
          It’s such a shame that this idea has been polluted by greedy assholes bent on using it for domination. Because of them, everyone is afraid of coming together to solve problems. Everyone now thinks that peace, cooperation, and a borderless world are evil schemes by shadowy bankers. The truth is, they didn’t invent the idea – they’re just twisting it. The idea was actually publicized by Christ, when He talked about the New Earth, where the lion lays down with the lamb. This is our future. Hopefully it won’t be hijacked.

        6. That’s just Marxist dribble,what’s wrong with individual sovereign countries dependent upon NO OTHER country or organisation but their selves .I favor natures process, those peoples of intelligence will survive,those who still linger in grass huts and are constantly being brought back from the brink of extinction by the intelligent peoples,should be allowed to follow the natural process and die out,what purpose for them other than being a sideshow for the rest of humanity? Eugenics and restrictive breeding should be enforced, (only stupid people are breeding in vast numbers) of course this should NOT be dictated by any worldwide organisation, certain countries (European) have already slowed birth rates,other countries would die out through the natural process i mentioned earlier, without intervention from outsiders.There are ,if we’re honest ,too many people that serve no one other than occupying space and adding to the suffering of those that contribute to the betterment of our species.Under current conditions,unfortunately ,and if it continues, socialistic ideology will need to be the future,i however ,as a free person ,with free thought and free will, dread this scenario.

        7. The problem with nations answering to no higher power is the fact that we live in a highly interdependent dynamic system called “the biosphere.” Everything in it is linked. The most obvious example is pollution, which doesn’t respect borders, and no wall will keep it out. But pollution is just the tip of the iceberg; it’s insignificant when compared to the simple fact that we are steadily eliminating the biosphere. It’s simple mathematical logic that a finite quantity cannot be subtracted from, indefinitely, without eventually reaching zero. We are heading there at breakneck speed.
          And the system will collapse LONG before it ever gets near zero. Just imagine if the cells in your body were steadily removed and replaced with concrete, so that no cell could grow back to replace it. If this continued at a high enough speed, for long enough, your system would collapse… again, long before it got anywhere near zero cells.
          We are causing extinctions of species faster than the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.
          Given what I’ve seen, I am confident in predicting that nations, if left to their own devices, will never, ever solve this. They will just keep competing with other nations, trying to gain more glory and greatness than the others, vying for the dominant position on a dying planet. If Trump is elected, he will make America the penultimate superpower of the Earth, written about in history books and sung in songs as the “last great power” – even though almost no one will be around to read them or sing them.
          Since nations cannot and will not solve this, the only solution is to govern our planet as a single entity, sharing the resources according to where they are needed, rather than who has the biggest gun or the oldest colonial land-grand title.
          Also, the people living in grass huts are actually the most responsible ones – not us. They’ve been living in those huts for millennia, taking only what they need for survival, and striking an eternal balance between what they take, and what nature is able to resupply. The typical American household consumes more resources than an entire village of African hut-dwellers. If anyone can be called “takers”, it’s us.
          The reason why they’re starving in some regions is because of desertification; deserts have expanded and dried out their food sources. That didn’t happen for many thousands of years, yet it’s happening now… just at the same time as the industrial revolution began changing the chemistry of the atmosphere. Coincidence?
          They’re pulling their own weight – it’s we who are relying on handouts and credit cards. Strip mining, mountaintop removal, fracking, polluting, clearcutting, deforestation… this is all borrowing from the future to create an illusion of prosperity in the present. Our civilization is great at making flashy gadgets, but it sucks at doing what’s most important: living in balance. And there’s going to be a reckoning if we don’t turn back soon.
          Of course, the world government MUST have an absolute respect for human rights woven into its constitution. I don’t want totalitarianism any more than you do.

        8. Okay Danny,you may be right,climate control is not my forte ,political climate is,CHEERS!

        9. Danny. Your posting is so persuasive you have me convinced. Immediately take all you have, convert it to cash and fly to Sub-Saharan Africa to live in a grass hut. This will definitely make the world a better place.
          However, let me share some data. I live in a mountain village in the Central Highlands of Mexico. I have been working on my wife’s family tree. I ran across a municipio (county) not far away.
          Before the Mormons indexed all the data, I could still access the raw data as far as birth certificates; and death certificates.
          One municipio in 1877 had over 200 deaths. Out of curiosity I plugged the age at death into a spread sheet. That year the average age at death was around 8 years old.
          Anyone who would idealize that sort of life as idyllic is a truly sick ****.

        10. Well there are a few problems with this, the most obvious being that you’re using data from just one town, in one year. This is likely to be an extreme statistical outlier.
          That said, it is a fact that people in the past died younger. It was mainly because of infectious disease.
          It’s worth noting that if you go far enough into the past, to the very, very ancient past – to pre-written times – there is not such a problem with disease. The Amerindians had almost none of it (which is why they had no immunity and perished in droves when the germ-riddled Europeans arrived).
          Disease thrives in ecologically degraded areas. All kinds of plagues do.
          Degraded forests have the most mosquitos; I’ve been to tropical jungle in Laos, which is almost pristine, and in 3 months got bitten by a grand total of about 3 mosquitos – a rate of one bite per month.
          Monocrop fields (farms where its just endless lines of a single crop) are the most vulnerable to blight; but forest gardens are much more resilient.
          Pests thrive in places where their predators have been eliminated – i.e. ecologically degraded areas.
          And the plagues of Europe first appeared in dense urban areas, like London and Paris – not the countryside. Diseases, blights, and pests don’t arise in pristine areas – they arise in degraded ones. Once they’ve arisen in the degraded area, they might spread to the pristine areas, but it was the degraded areas that produced them.
          In grass-hut times, pre-agriculture, (hunter-gatherer times) the whole world was pristine. It’s unlikely that they had the plagues of more recent history. You’re falling for a kind of “reverse-romanticism.”
          We are in an age of limbo right now. We’ve gravely injured the Earth’s natural systems, so even when you “get back to nature”, it’s not quite as natural as it might appear to the naked eye.
          We must have a radical course-correction, and truly give as much back to nature as we can, to allow the biosphere to heal. We are part of it. Thinking we were separate was an illusion, and it’s going to catch up with us. The sooner we correct course, the more likely we are to make it through.

      4. Somewhat agree. Mexico and the USA fought a war and Mexico lost and lost big, almost half it’s territory. It boils down to which country wants the land more and willingness of it’s citizens…

    10. “I think we need to start creating a distinction between Mexicans and the rest of the Hispanic population.”
      Just act ‘American’, and speak / write English; no hyphens need.
      A brief look will tell me where your ancestors came from.

    11. There is actually quite a bit of animoscity towards Mexicans from other Latino groups, who tend to view Mexicans are overly proud, arrogant, etc. I would go so far to say that most Latinos (from the Caribbean, South, and Central America) tend to feel this way about Mexicans. Even Mexicans who live in Mexico tend to view Mexican-Americans as snobby.
      Perhaps this should be the Donalds next move – divide and conquer the Latino population. Pull a play right out of Spain’s playback, using warring tribes to take down Tenochitlan.
      “Hispanics” are not as bonded as the media would have you believe; there is quite the bit of jealous competition between them, and the astute political mind would be wise to capitalize on it.

    12. Right I notice that Cubans come here and they become Super Americans /arch conservatives but your experience with Mexicans is informative and scary….

      1. This is a myth. The GOPe had to invent this myth as they’re the ones going on about how they need to court the hispanic vote (by pandering) as every hispanic is a conservative who just doesn’t know it yet.
        If Cubans are so conservative, how can anyone explain Miami? It’s the only part of Florida that voted for uber-liberal Marco Rubio in 2016…

    13. Best way to stabilize your economy and stay in power is to transport all your unemployed and criminals to another country. That’s what they’re doing to us. And we’re supporting their economy with millions of $’s that illegals are sending home. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mexican politicians are paying off our politicians to let this go on.
      And what about our vagrancy laws? Those were set up so everyone could be accounted for. If you drifted from city to city and no one knew who you were, that was considered a National Security/Crime issue. Well, that’s what these wetbacks are doing, and they ARE committing a lot of murders and robberies before they move on to the next city.
      The whole thing pisses me off.

    14. I have seen El Salvadorans and Cubans who wave the flags of their (cesspit) nations in the USA and refuse to assimilate.
      …if ICE were ever serious about deporting, a great way to round ’em up would be to hold some latin america vs US soccer matches in the USA as tens of thousands of the worst illegals would gather themselves in one convenient spot 😉

    15. In addition, we need to start creating distinctions between different kinds of “whites”. Forney is correct that “whites” created the notion of liberty, but “whites” also created the concept of Communism and Democracy, both of which have led to suppression of individual freedoms and corruption of humanity throughout history and throughout the world.
      The way to protect our freedoms is not simply to ensure “whites” are in the majority. This did not work in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. The way to protect our freedom is to ensure that the idea of liberty not only survives but grows and is spread throughout the world.
      However, I would not place my faith in Trump. He is a liar. He’s never building that wall and he knows it.

  5. I’d address this to the author of the article. Doesn’t it bother you that Trump capriciously changes his position on issues multiple times? I think he is practicing the art of the deal on us, that makes us the suckers. Doesn’t it bother you he’s never had any government experience, at least enough so we can reliably forecast that he has the temperament to effectively work a 4 year term? His ignorance on many issues should raise an alarm to anyone considering voting for him. At lastly his predilection for bankruptcy is very foreboding, is this how he’ll fix the national debt?
    While he has excellent rhetorical skills and is in fact very entertaining to listen to he isn’t going to do what you’re hoping. Much better off with Gary Johnson.

      1. Don’t forget Trump is always ‘da rasis’, but ‘my grandmother was typical white person’ and ‘those of you who cling to guns and religion’ is okay from a half breed low IQ Kenyan national.

    1. Still not a reason for Gary Johnson. He is not much of a libertarian either. I’m for very limited government, but the open borders position is pure stupidity. Not all cultures are equal, and that is a fact.

    2. I dont give a shit about Trumps stand on Abortion or gay bathrooms. I want him to fix the fucking economy. We need someone WITHOUT governement experience. We need someone to come in with a sledge hammer and bust up government. Besides, can you imagine the way Trump would handle a weasel like Harry Reed or Nancy Pelosi. He would obliterate them.

    3. “His ignorance on many issues should raise an alarm to anyone considering voting for him.”
      I’d actually argue the exact opposite. It’s actually political arrogance by insiders that causes most of modern political ills. People like Hillary have convinced the populace that they have some special knowledge about everything that only they have and you can’t do without them. Bullshit. Fundamentally, politics is no different than any dispute you encounter on a daily basis – two sides have it out, argue and reach a compromise. Not rocket science.
      Danger creeps in when we accept that the president has all the answers. Think about how idiotic that proposition is. Does anyone really believe that Hillary has thoroughly thought about and developed an intelligent position on subjects as diverse and technical as constitutional gun rights, elementary education methods, complex environmental regulations, healthcare markets, national defense, and space exploration, to name just a few. Any one of those subjects is so vastly complex that there are hordes of sub-specializations, with their own sub-specializations of professionals who work their entire lives to master them.
      These people are called the “civil service.” They are under utilized these days, except as a political weapon, because we have afforded our leaders and their political appointee lackeys demigod-like status. In my opinion, an ignorant president is the better president – he might actually listen to this vast army of experts we have assembled who are supposed to advise our leaders to help them reach intelligent solutions.

      1. That’s absolutely ridiculous. A president needs to have a vision for the country. If you’re ignorant about large swaths of our culture — Trump doesn’t seem to know anything about the 14th Amendment, or Mexicans, or black people, or climate change, or a thousand other things — you can’t formulate a coherent vision that aligns with reality. He’s out of touch, even more than G.W. Bush was.
        Say what you want about Democratic presidents, but for the last fifty years, they seem to be more “man of the people”, as evidence by what they did when they left office. Look at what Carter and Clinton have done when they left office — started huge foundations dedicated to helping people. (In Carter’s case, the good kind of social justice, the religious kind, not the SJW green-haired narcissistic freaks that deserve ridicule.) Then look at how the GOP presidents retired: Nixon resigned in shame and disappeared, Reagan completely lost his mind, Daddy Bush went straight to the golf course, and Baby Bush is now painting pictures of himself in the mirror.

    4. I’d address this to the author of the article.

      I can only presume you’ll survive the numerous other replies from people who didn’t write the article. 😉

      Doesn’t it bother you that Trump capriciously changes his position on issues multiple times?

      He has never changed his position on border security. And his position there is quite strong. And I’ve been driven to be a single issue voter for this election. Guess which issue..

      Doesn’t it bother you he’s never had any government experience […] ?

      This is a positive. There’s almost nothing about the federal government, in its present state, that I like. If he wants to rampage around the structure and scope of our government like a bull in a china shop, I’m quite comfortable with that. He has made statements about reining in the EPA and devolving Department Of Education powers to states. If these happen, it’s a bonus.

      His ignorance on many issues should raise an alarm […]

      I don’t need him to know any specific prior information at all. What makes him an acceptable choice for me is his talent for a quick absorption of new information presented to him, solid analysis, and good gut instinct.

      1. Sounds like he’s your man. I personally think immigration is a net positive and should be controlled like a fox and not a like a lion.
        At least Trump isn’t boring. I’ve had more laughs this election cycle then ever.

        1. I didn’t directly speak to immigration, but it almost sounds as if you brought it up in response to something I said.
          For the record, I think immigration could be a net positive if done in a proper and controlled manner. But right now, there isn’t even a hint of any kind of control.
          I’m uncertain about the nuances you are trying to convey with the fox-lion analogy.

      2. “…his talent for a quick absorption of new information presented to him, solid analysis, and good gut instinct.”
        Please don’t tell me you work in HR. “Solid analysis”. Really? After the worst week of his candidacy, which saw every major GOP name trying to put a leash on him? During which he called himself “the least-racist person in the world”? He couldn’t even own it. He’s blowing himself up with his hyoooge mouth.
        Politics today is data-driven. Trump doesn’t trust data, except when of course it shows how incredible he is. He’s never used a computer. He’s never been poor, or even middle class. He refuses to have a communication department, which means he won’t be able to respond to a rapid news cycle as quickly as HRC’s team. He has 70 staffers, because he doesn’t want to spend money to hire more people; she already has 700. And his “gut instinct” is telling him to focus on reliably blue states like California, a decision that has every political consultant in America doubled over in laughter.
        Your boy only knows one thing — licensing his name to construction projects, and insulting anyone who disagrees with him. That’s NOT a qualification for the presidency.

        1. which saw every major GOP name trying to put a leash on him?

          He is pissing off all the right people. Good.

          called himself “the least-racist person in the world”?

          He has not ever said anything racist. If you think he has, you don’t understand what racism is.

          Trump doesn’t trust data


          He’s never used a computer.

          Don’t care.

          He’s never been poor, or even middle class.

          Don’t care, don’t care. Irrelevant.

          He refuses to have a communication department

          More reason to like him.

          He has 70 staffers, […] she already has 700.

          Ha. Imagine that. She needs ten times the resources to accomplish the same task.

          every political consultant in America doubled over in laughter.

          The same exact people who said he would never be the GOP nominee. Their opinions are worthless.
          You ought to take a second look at all the arguments you tried to make here. Seems to me they’re mostly reasons to support Trump even more.

    5. Trump is using rhetoric, not dialectic. Rhetoric is the current electoral necessity. Hilldog is using it to appeal to ‘it’s time for a woman’ feelz, so Trump is playing this game.
      Now, if Democrats actually showed integrity and presented issues that could be challenged, Trump would utterly destroy her.

  6. “If you value the freedoms bequeathed to you by the Constitution…”
    If you believe you’re free because of a piece of paper, then you’re still a slave. Pulling your voting lever is just a little chain-rattling.

    1. I’m glad you caught that. I found that line a bit hokey, though I am merely arguing semantics. Forney should have written somewhere along the line of “if you value the freedoms enumerated within the Constitution”, in that the government CANNOT infringe upon them. The Constitution is not about “what you (citizen) may do” it’s what government (Congress Critters, et. al.) “shall NOT” do!

  7. I’m willing to give Trump a chance. I voted for him in the primary. He does seem to kind of waver at times and wish he would stick to his original messages.
    At best, he does make the leftards wet their panties, so that in itself is something.
    I like Trump’s tax plan, but some of his ideas on trade seem to be half baked. I’m all for a better deal, but putting tariffs on stuff we don’t make is not going to magically create those factories.
    I’m not far from these problems along the border here in Texas:

      1. The Necronomicon is a real page turner.
        Seriously, the pages turn by themselves.

    1. All you will be required to do is attend the weekly Devouring Young Child meeting.

  8. For me it comes down to the next president picking the SCOTUS justices.
    Hillary’s will be a disaster for freedom, folks who’ll ignore the written word, the history and principles behind it and simply vote based on their ideology. A la the 9th circuits recent decision on the meaning of ‘bear arms’ in the second amendment being meaningless- open carry illegal, and CCW only on the government’s assessment of need. A right isn’t something the government chooses to grant on an individual basis.
    There’s a chance Trump may pick justices that believe there are bedrock principles and rights limiting the power and role of government in our lives.

    1. Agreed.
      From the outset with the Democratic Party’s basic declaration that Empress Hillary was simply awaiting coronation, I’ve suspected my vote would be one purely against her ever holding public office again.
      The Sanders thing was disquieting, even though it showed the schism within, as there are far too many people who want Socialism and many others who don’t even know what it is they just hear “gratis” here.
      That pretty much puts me in the position now of de facto siding with Trump (since the decision is all but over now, I don’t mind admitting he wasn’t in my top 5 of the field).
      The silver lining though is that at least he’s a gamble, he’s done much better than so-called “expert” propagandists wanted us to think he should, and hasn’t been taken out by the PC Brigade.

      1. The fact that he’s gone against what the media has said over and over again speaks volumes. Also have you noticed how quickly the anti-Trump brigade’s gone into overdrive in an attempt to discredit his businesses suddenly?

      2. I think Trump is winning people over to his side because people are concerned about their rights. We have a man running for office and we have anti protestors out in the streets attacking other citizens for exercising their rights. This isn’t the U.S….it’s now a third world country….and people are concerned.
        They have no idea that with all of these protests it only adds to Trump’s cause.

    2. The People’s Republic of Mexifornia is a lost cause, and has been for a long time. I live outside the 9th Circuit, and therefore their ruling has no binding effect here. Even so, their (wrongheaded) ruling was merely that the 2nd Amendment does not REQUIRE the states to permit concealed carry. They can if they WANT to. My state has been “shall issue” for concealed carry for decades. I have had a permit for 24 years. And that will not change anytime soon, since the GOP has a hammerlock on the governorship and both houses of the state legislature of this Southern state. Sucks for those who live in Mexifornia, but it does not affect me in the slightest.

  9. I respect Trump as a business man, but as a politican? Hmm. He knows how to make a bitch out of his opponent but is not able to take critism.
    attack : strong
    defense: weak af
    “Luckily” nothing will change anyway, the real leaders will control america like always.

    1. Self-financed to win nomination (ahead of schedule) spending a fraction of what his 16 opponents did, won most votes in history of R primaries, was up against over $100 million in attack ads from own party, and had never attempted a campaign before. But not sure that warrants any respect?

    2. >the real leaders will control america like always.
      If they’re still going to pull all the strings, why are they all so scared of Trump winning?

      1. Scared? Who? Some SJW’s maybe, but people who know who pull the strings aren’t scared.
        Also to mention, I prefer Trump over Hillary 100%, she is far worse.

    1. I gotta admit Jeep.
      You’ve been saying the same things for the last couple years and I used to think most of what you were saying was you just being funny. Thought you were just joking around.
      It blows my mind how prophetic you really were.

      1. Me too but the more you look at things the more you realize what they say is true.
        The big fight is in the EU.
        If Brexit gets the go ahead, which think it will be sabotaged, the whole house of cards will fall and nationalism will rise again in Europe.
        This will help our cause elsewhere.
        It may signal a tsunami in nationalist movements as we take back our countries at the ballot box!
        Of course the corrupt elites are doing everything their power to stop it but in Europe they’re losing!

      2. You can kind of see the writing on the wall if you’ve been around for a few decades, Clark.
        I know that I’ve watched this country (U.S.) turn from a nation of laws to a nation of whatever feels good at the time.
        They (the government) will only enforce certain laws at certain times, now. They’ve turned on us (actual law abiding, tax paying citizens) and they hand out free everything to any illegal who enters the country.
        From a security standpoint, the government said in 2003 that Syria was the hotbed of terrorism….yet, today, they are importing thousands of these “refugees” into western nations with little to no vetting process….just come on in.
        And what do you think is going to happen? It’s going to get ugly.

      3. Read Vox Day’s book “Cuckservative..” Read Ann Coulter’s “Adios America”…it will scare you and break your heart….

        1. I’ve seen her talk on lib-media.
          I’m not even Anglo Saxon and it still breaks my heart.

        2. Death of Europeans and American freedom is a truly depressing to think about.

    2. More likely that the US will split into smaller nation-states. Kind of like Yugoslavia, but less violent. Future civil wars will be more like Twitter wars with less pew-pew and more QQ

  10. Donald Trump is the One Free Man. The Opener of the Way. He is a threat to the leftist filth that despise whites and Western Civilization. He is a threat to the cuckservative establishment that bend over and take it up the ass every cycle – who beg and plead and pander and TOTALLY accept the liberal frame. He is a threat to the corporate hucksters who are used to making politicians dance. He is a blue collar billionaire who doesn’t apologize or kowtow.
    One who is adamantly Pro-America. One who wishes to not engage in expensive foreign wars but is willing to reduce enemy nations to wastelands of ashes and tears should they threaten his people. They SJW beasts and socialist filth and the invasion of unwashed third world will be repulsed and the cowards who kissed their asses will be annihilated.
    The God-Emperor has emerged to destroy the Hillary Heresy and Restore Order.

    1. Ahem. VVVVVVV
      Nonononono. You guys down there are missing the blatant scifi reference already present in his post.
      The Emperor of Mankind has returned to reunite humanity under his vast legion of superhuman warriors, because in the grim, dark future of the third millennium, there is only a bunch of feminists and SJW-offendees throwing tantrums and bitching about everything.
      (I hope nobody thought AOS was bad…)

    2. Hey Cody, you put a cover on that one, you can sell it under Political Fiction.
      Pay attention to who the real Donald Trump is. Hint: There isn’t one.

  11. Bombard the Headquarters, Trump Version
    The American Constitution is indeed superbly written! Countrymen, please read it again. But in the last fifty years or so some elected officials from the central down to the local levels have acted in a diametrically opposite way. Adopting the authoritarian stand of ‘social justice,’ they have enforced a globalist dictatorship and struck down the surging development of the Great Society. They have stood facts on their head and juggled black and white, encircled and suppressed Americans, stifled opinions differing from their own, imposed a politically correct terror, and felt very pleased with themselves. They have puffed up the arrogance of the social justice warriors and deflated the morale of the patriotic American. How poisonous! Viewed in connection with the counterculture movement of the 1960s and the wrong tendency of today’s youth who are ‘freedom-loving’ in form but Marxist in essence, shouldn’t this make one wide awake?

  12. Trump greatest gift to the people in this election cycle is him showing your fellow man that you not insane or the minority of the population in fighting this PC culture and the leftward shift of our society. He doesn’t play the game of the media and force them to to play the game with his rules. He bring the out of the fighting spirit that people have been forced to forget thanks to chokehold that media has imposed on different opinions and punishment they dealt out. He not perfect candidate, but he rally point that like mind men can come together and push back the impeding destroy of Western Civilization.

        1. Few protestors and they looked like locals. Huge police presence. Coliseum 60% + filled which was great for 1 day notice. Heh, apparently not enough time to assemble paid thugs, oops, protestors! Lots of young people and women of all ages. Mostly white audience, but some blacks and quite a few Latinos. The media is the message only for those who don’t put their boots to the ground. Trump was on fire. Had a good time. Back watching is a reflex for me. I dressed like a protestor so when I was approached by two people selling “Dump Fucking Trump” tee shirts as I left, I smiled, and they smiled back.

  13. This is all about culture. Even if he doesn’t fulfill all his promises (and we have to assume he won’t), electing him will send a loud and clear signal to the cultural marxist Year Zero left we’ve been dealing with since ROK was founded that their cultural hegemony is over, and that they will no longer have their way. No more SJW mobs. No more fake rape outrages. No more men going into bathrooms with little girls.
    Politics is downstream of culture.

  14. My vote is based on who can do the following things:
    Secure our border
    Address crony capitalism and the outsourcing it creates
    Not appoint batshit crazy judges to courts of any level
    Lower our individual and corporate tax rates
    Rein in administrative agencies, most of whom violate the constitution by their mere existence in addition to the laws they make
    Make our military great again
    Not get bullied by foreign leaders
    If these cannot happen, then I want a candidate who will destroy the two party system and who will drive SJWS and cuckservatives mad to the point where they get triggered to death.
    This is why I will vote trump and also why I’ve abandoned libertarianism to become a nationalist.

    1. I’d also like to see Trump declare America’s independence from Israel instead of letting that sociopathic country run us as an overseas colony. He can start by firing the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer from the U.S. Federal Reserve and deporting his ass back to Israel, while making it clear that we won’t welcome anyone else Israel sends over as de facto colonial administrators.

      1. Trump’s wife recently converted to Judaism, so good luck with that one…

        1. Exactly, for me it’s not Judaism that’s a problem, it’s when people use it to justify subverting America economically or politically.

      2. Israel isn’t so much the problem, since they’re doing what any other nation in their shoes would do: have America as their “big brother” that they can run to when they’re about to get beaten up.
        The real problem is this guilt complex that our political class and American Jews from NYC and CT have over the Holocaust. Their logic goes like this: “America didn’t stop the Holocaust, so they’re just as bad as the nazis were. Therefore the only shot for America’s redemption is to support Israel without question and to destroy America’s sovereignty and borders so it becomes a giant refugee camp.” As long as they can have their gated communities to shield themselves from the outcomes of their policies, they’ll stick with it.
        The hypocrisy of American Jews is the worst part of this. They’ll advocate tirelessly for Israelis walls around Jerusalem and for their self defense, but then demand that we have no borders and try to destroy our second amendment rights. All the while, they conveniently forget why the Holocaust even happened to begin with.

  15. Watch videos on LiveLeak showing the coming civil war in Venezuela or the wild west-like Brazil to give you an idea of the future under socialist rule.

    1. Brazil has really gone down the toilet-they were better served under a nationalist military junta just like other nations were-Chile, Greece, Spain and Portugal all benefited under such.

  16. If it’s hillary and trump, we’ll then… in not a huge Trump fan, but I’ll be voting for him.

  17. Not a Trump fan per se, but I don’t have any choice when the opponent is the fucking female antichrist. I do like his anti-PC sensibilities, but I have serious concerns as to his ability and/or willingness to follow through on even half of his campaign promises.
    Hopefully his tax plan and his immigration reforms are implemented, if nothing else.

    1. the opponent is the fucking female antichrist

      And the rapture has already happened: Christians have started to disappear. 

  18. Trump will also need a supportive Congress. He’s not going to get much done if Congress fights him every step of the way.

    1. Obama has shown that the President can disregard Congress to a much greater extent than anyone thought

    2. After the Bush and Obama administrations, power is so centralized and negated to the executive branch that it doesn’t matter as much as it should. There is no real balance of power anymore, at least nowhere near the intended distribution. A willing and supportive congress would be ideal of course but the sycophantic and corrupt, manipulative people that fill our national congress need to be held accountable. Especially the GOP.
      I would rather Trump continue to participate socially as he has been and not compromise at all than to compromise with Paul Ryan and the already essentially defeated neoconservatives and tea partiers. A solid portion of the current party just needs to go. As for how the democrats will re-structure if or when they lose the national will be an interesting set of variables to keep an eye on. They may be fractured far worse than the GOP has been in recent memory by the time the year is out.

  19. If Trump wins, perhaps manosphere bloggers will write about enjoying the plateau.

  20. Forney, you believe that a malignant narcissistic billionaire megalomaniac proto-fascist business tycoon …
    …will somehow decide to rescue freedom of speech for the common man.
    Maybe you should read about what fascists actually do when they come to power.

    1. Hitlery has already stated that she’s gunning for the 2nd amendment, why would she stop there?

      1. You’ve learned well from Trump — ignore my question, reframe by changing the subject, and then shoot a personal attack. However, you actually went one step further by offering a false dichotomy.
        Check out my disqus comment history and you’ll get an idea of who I am. I keep it public for a reason.
        Because I like this site, and don’t want to see it succumb to the forces of ignorance, I did your research for you. Here’s Robert Paxton, leading historian and authority on European fascism, when asked about Donald Trump:
        “First of all, there are the kinds of themes Trump uses. The use of ethnic stereotypes and exploitation of fear of foreigners is directly out of a fascist’s recipe book. “Making the country great again” sounds exactly like the fascist movements. Concern about national decline, that was one of the most prominent emotional states evoked in fascist discourse, and Trump is using that full-blast, quite illegitimately, because the country isn’t in serious decline, but he’s able to persuade them that it is. That is a fascist stroke. An aggressive foreign policy to arrest the supposed decline. That’s another one. Then, there’s a second level, which is a level of style and technique. He even looks like Mussolini in the way he sticks his lower jaw out, and also the bluster, the skill at sensing the mood of the crowd, the skillful use of media. … And the capacity of Trump to enlist working-class voters against the left is exactly what Hitler and Mussolini were able to do. [Furthermore], they are full of inconsistencies, they were very opportunistic, totally opportunistic, and there was a high degree of change in their programs. There are definitely echoes.”

        1. In other words, you’re a crypto-leftist using another leftist’s words.
          “the country isn’t in serious decline”
          Paxton is a moron and a liar.

        2. This is a really good website for red-pill men. Please don’t screw it up with name-calling.
          According to your reasoning, anybody who DOESN’T support that malignantly narcissistic demagogue MUST BE a leftist. That would include about the 95% of the American population who decided not to vote for him in the primaries.
          Come on, Forney. I’m more than a decade older than you. I’ve studied politics for twenty years, both from inside the machine and outside of it. Trump’s a con artist, a pathological liar, and a personal fraud. Look inside yourself and ask if that’s the man you really want to be.

    2. Why don’t you call him a bully now too? That would really teach us a lesson.

      1. That goes without saying. The role of bully in politics is usually left to the vice-presidential candidate, who is often the attack dog. Trump was too ignorant to understand that, and now he’s going to be hanged by his words in the general election.

        1. Doubling down I see, calling another grown man a bully. What an excellent strategy. Its worked so well this far against him, so you might as well stick to it. If there is one thing we on the alt right fear, its postmodern indignation.
          You’re right, just like the pundits. He doesn’t even know what the hell he is doing! We just don’t “get it”. Pour on some violent analogy to back up the empty rhetoric, because we haven’t seen any of that in the past year from the now destroyed neoconservatives. You really showed us Jammy.
          We’re all having doubts now.

    3. I have. Their campaigns are bankrolled by Wall Street. Once in power they expropriate and drive out minorities they consider a threat to their rule.
      That’s Jews in Germany. That’s Christian Arabs. That’s whites in Rhodesia, South Africa and, very soon, America.

  21. Interesting.
    There are white liberals and minority Conservatives.
    I think the problem is with aculturalization. In Usa and Canada. It’s not what it used to be since USSR collapsed.
    The probability of Canada or Usa becoming a majority of visible minorities does not have to be a disaster if the visible minorities are in fact proud citizens.
    And while trudeau and the liberals do typically well with immigrant votes. The Harper government, while he did do a lot of good for the country was just as corrupt. Sending tax payer money to Ukraine as aid. Shutting down the Toronto core to have some G20 bs while tax dollars were wasted on ridiculous overtime rates for police across the province.
    I think Canada went liberal because the market has been in the shitter for a while and trudeau was yelling about his sexchange or something.
    The point is. Mitt Romney and Stephen Harper are not what Trump has the potential to be.
    The last guy we had like that up here was mayor rob Ford. Even his view in service at city Hall, it was payed back by the Ford family.
    But even he couldn’t change what the old money wants for our world.
    I hope and pray Trump can stand up to those evil reptilians and start a trickle up effect over here.
    We are way too taxed to be living like this

  22. The subtitle wording “turn back the Left” is odd. It sounds detached from the current reality. The Left thinks it has the high ground now, there is no turning back. They mean to replace our governing system.
    Their frontal assaults have given way to demographic insurgency. I believe we need to reorient the thinking to oh, I dunno, it’s us or them. Turning back is what they might someday do in Belgium (no offense to the Kingdom of Belgien), a half measure against an unrelenting enemy.
    Short of a national popular uprising I can’t think of a way out of it unless we do what the Left has done. Take over the institutions, influence the culture, a quiet Gramsci like burrowing into the foundations… . As for trump, the wall sounds good but the ambiguity about amnesty and “letting the good ones back in” isn’t going to cut it. Anchor babies etc etc, sure stop that too but he’s given no indication that he intends to completely neutralize the Left which is the only safe and lasting solution. It should be a global move but we have enough on our plate here.
    That being said, I would consider wording for the subtitle like, “Trump causes the Left to briefly pause,” “The Left will coast for a while under trump”… .

  23. The US is not a “white” country.
    Contrary to the popular beliefs of the alt-right, this country was not founded as “whiteopia” for ALL “white” people. This country’s founders were dominantly Anglo-Saxon men of Protestant religious background, with smaller numbers of other western European populations, such as the Scots and Germans. The Irish are not the founding stock of this country, nor the Italians, nor Slavs. The ethnic core of this country was weakened as soon as they started importing peoples from these populations.
    At the same time, the values espoused in America, and most of the western world (western Europe) were not created by “whites,” but rather this same western European stock. There are nations in eastern Europe with rates of corruption as high or higher than African or South American nations. It seems that largely speaking, the only peoples who are capable of creating democratic, high trust, low-corruption societies are north-western Europeans and (for whatever reason) the Japanese.
    The majority of this article rings true, however. Immigration needs to be halted, we need to tend to our own issues, and the left must be turned back. For better or for worse, Trump is the only man right now who can accomplish this.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up. Here’s what the Founders really believed about how universal American values were to all people:
      Diversity + Proximity = Conflict
      This is the case in Africa and the Middle-East, as well as in places such as Eastern Europe.
      That’s the way things are there, the way they’ve always been and crossing the Atlantic does not transform human beings. As it turns out, American voting blocs break into racial groups fairly neatly.

      1. I’m familiar with this article. Jared Taylor (and Amren) has a strong anti-black slant, but much of what he says in the article is true. And yes, the “magic dirt” theory is a myth. There are many non-western-Euros who do believe in the ideology of the founders, but they would have already possessed beliefs such as this before they came to America.
        However, I’m inclined to believe that even without any “Jewish subversion,” the US and western Europe would still have gone off on this egalitarian crusade. Western Europeans are the only people on Earth who both seem to not exhibit a strong in-group preference and who believe in the doctrine of universalism, that all people are the same and believe the same things. No other group of people is like this, not Africans, not Asians, nor Eastern Europeans, only western Europeans.

    1. Only white people have ever really cared about liberty and freedom. Can you name any other civilization that was concerned about God given individual rights other then Western Civilization? (Answer – NO).

  24. Trump isn’t the last chance to peaceably turn back the left. That passed a long time ago. Trump is the catalyst that will make it to where we can finally give the left what they have had coming for so long.
    You think these BLM retards or La Raza types are going to be peaceful? You think they won’t start burning cities down?
    Hope you all are armed. War will begin and Trump is the only hope we have on winning it.

    1. I really do think that Trump might finally be the match that lights the fire. I don’t want it but I think we are due for a second Civil War (or the second Revolutionary War depending on what you want to call it). The violence of the Left is very telling. It is only going to get worse.

      1. We have a saying in TRS: Trump is everything we really want, including Accelerationism.
        Trump won’t stop the violence, because he cannot. The minute he’s elected, the dindu and beaner population is going to explode in violence because they know that they won’t be able to parasite off the White worker any longer. Their gravy train comes to a halt.

  25. I think one of the main appeals to Trump is that people are simply fed up with cultural marxism and political correctness. People are simply fed up and tired of being called a bigot if they object to making us all believe a man wearing a dress is normal or the never ending lies that come out to keep “the narrative” going. People like that Trump just speaks his mind and that very well get him the White House.

  26. I used to buy into the whole “republicans are for small government and free speech” thing until I realized that Bush and his administration implemented the most grievous infringements on privacy and free speech ever -the patriot act. They expanded the government to include an agency whose sole purpose is spying on the American people.
    Perhaps donald trump isn’t a typical republican but I don’t have much faith. Also, Nationalism is far from a good example of free speech. Most nationalists don’t tolerate those who don’t share their views

    1. I don’t give Bush a pass for what he did, but I understand why he did what he did framed in the time in which those actions were taken. Post 9/11 especially the early years were a scary time. The public was shaken to its core. People wanted action and he took it. If we have anyone to blame for what happened afterwards it is the public. We demanded it – we got it.
      It is obvious though that the Left has abandoned any dedication to free speech. The Right is hardly the free speech warriors of the 60’s and 70’s but at least they support the basic idea that you have the right to speak your mind. Hitlery would sign a hate speech law in a minute and then nominate a Justice that would vote to uphold it. I don’t think Trump would do that.
      Trump isn’t perfect, but he is certainly not Hitlery.

      1. I went to last night’s Trump rally. I’ll go to a Clinton rally if the timing/location works for me. Because I’m an old git, I know what’s been lost. During the run up to the Kennedy/Nixon election, kids chanted “Nixon, Nixon, he’s our man, Kennedy belongs in the garbage can” and “Kennedy, Kennedy . . .”. Competion always fuels rancor, division, and pearl clutching. But, it didn’t usually spill over into “unleash the Kraken” toddler-style tantrums and personal attacks. I’ve had shade thrown my way by members of the right and the left during this election because I don’t fit either of their narratives. TDB.

    2. I dropped all GOP affiliation over 10 years ago after waking to the fact that after holding all the cards they rolled back nothing implemented by democrats. They are all in cahoots.

  27. Hey, I’m new here, just accidentally stopped by.
    Just for the record, is this a satirical piece? Because one would wonder, if such extremely primitive hillbillies pandering approach still works in 2016. I mean, the only way it could get more basic is by chanting “them mexicans took our juuuubs” over and over.
    As for me, a few hours length feminist fail compilation could work.

    1. I always love it how the Left tries to make the Right look like knuckle dragging idiots when it is them who actually lack any kind of logical reasoning skills. Just go ahead and keep on retyping talking points dictated to you by the Huffpo. Your time is soon going to come to an end.

      1. I’m sorry, i didn’t think i was making a political statement. I’m a big supporter of free speech, you know. That’s why, here, in Russia, we live under conservative ruling for the past 16 years. No race baiting, no feminists, no SJW’s telling you how you should treat homosexuals, also flat taxing rate makes it easier to conserve capitals of those hard-working russians and it helps our economy greatly. We use common sense, and it says that taxing people is not a way to increase wealth, no matter what those collage idiots say. AND, our president also, like Trump, says things just the way they are, no PC bullshit, such a badass.
        I wish Trump does win this election, as you must experience the pure joy nation would exhibit, when a true common folk’s ally comes into power.

      2. I don’t know about his followers, but Trump IS a knuckle-dragging idiot, and he DOES lack logical reasoning skills.

        1. Which is why he is a billionaire, right? Because obvious he is a knuckle dragging idiot with no intelligence? Yeah that makes sense and if it was true we would be a nation full of billionaires.

    2. It’s pronounced “Trrk urr jrrrbs!” If you’re going to come on a website, read a single article, then attempt to shoot everything down by invoking a worn-out TV trope, at least get it right.
      And after you’ve voted for Hillary, ‘coz Trump is a racist sexist kitten-eating nazi, have fun in the upcoming Union of American Socialist Republics.
      ps. I just read that you live in Russia. So you’ve actually had you’re own quasi-Soviet dictator for the past 16 years.

      1. Putin is only left in a sense that invokes a nostalgia of Soviet Union as a global superpower. In pretty much every other way, he is your typical anti-SJW hero: anti-globalisation, xenophobia , anti-EU, flat tax rate to name just a few narratives he exploits.
        And no country celebrates private wealth like Russia. Assuming, you have the right connections, you can abuse the law to a large degree. Doesn’t sound like a communist utopia to me.
        And while i don’t believe that a single man can destroy democratic institutes and traditions, Trump definitly is a step in that direction.
        Wow, at least you sound somewhat sensible, because as much as i dislike race and sexist baits, this site had come dangerously close to me assuming those SJW morons could have a point… Sometimes

        1. I’m quite an admirer of Putin (as I suspect are most readers here). I grew up in the tail end of the Cold War, and let me tell you, we were all terrified of the mighty Soviet Union. When it fell, we all breathed a great sigh of relief.. peace in our time! No more threat of nuclear annihilation! We failed to appreciate that without a strong enemy to focus our energies against, America and the West would degenerate into a Leftist cesspool, where digging bunkers and worrying about being nuked would be replaced by a nation of easily-triggered fairies and old women, with phantom First-world issues like manspreading and wage gap. And our “enemies” are now a lot of scraggly camel-fuckers pointing their asses in the air 5 times a day. Even in their most terrible terrorist act they managed to kill, what, 2000 people.. compare that to a single Russian 20MT MIRV.
          George Galloway once said, “the day the Soviet Union fell was the worst day of my life”. He has been lambasted and ridiculed for that statement from one end of the political spectrum to the other. But you know what, I think he has a point.
          So my point is, I hope Putin makes Russia into the dominant global power it deserves to be.. if for no other reason, than to push back against the pussy-ass leftist SJW hegemony of the United States.

        2. What… In an absolute… Fuck.
          You can’t be serious. I refuse to believe that. It does not… Compute…
          I mean… Wow. Just wow. I can’t even…
          If you actually prefer digging holes, while living in environment of fear and paranoia against foreigners, well, you’re welcome in Russia, i guess. We’re all white, conservative, god-fearing folk…With huge income disparity, and flat tax rate… Hating foreigners is politicaly accepted here… Come on… Join our conservative paradise…

        3. And yet, fear is what drives a man to make great strides. That’s why during the Cold War, there were amazing accomplishments in science, technology, medicine, aerospace and a whole lot of things.
          In the 25 years since the iron curtain came down, it’s like we’ve stalled. Fusion energy is still “only 30 years away”, we haven’t gone to the planets, plane trips still take 15 hours, green energy is a subsidized joke, cancer and hunger are still the biggest killers. The only real accomplishment has been in computer technology (thanks to Moore’s law) and the internet.. but even that’s resulted in a lumbering monster of ever faster devices which don’t do much more than provide crass entertainment, rather than enabling great leaps in science predicted by guys like Kurzweil.
          The only other major accomplishment is in the field of Liberal thinking and PC culture. Oh, and mass consumerism and waste.
          What’s so wrong with wanting a world which isn’t unipolar? Is Globalism really such a great thing?

        4. I appreciate, that you hadn’t descented into profanity, like i did, but i just can’t follow your way of thinking. To me it sounds inconceivable how anyone would prefer mass mobilization on a basis of fear, to watching feminists bitch about manspreading.
          I’d consider adding free healthcare as an achievement to yout list… And freedom of speech (which cannot be achieved during years of cold war induced hardship)… And green movements… And income disparity deduction… Even if there is a lot of hypocrisy involved, it doesn’t make those things bad on their own.

  28. If (and I stress “if”) the Donald gets elected president, he won’t last as long as JFK. And the Leftist juggernaut will bury the assassination as the crazed work of a lone Republican-supporting nutjob, complete with his own manifesto decrying how the GOP “went bad” under Trump.
    Mark my words.

  29. USA is and has always been simply an extension of the British Empire. The Anglo-America elite is the most corrupt and satanic ruling elite in recent history. Therefore, Trump can not be a nationalist.
    He is a controlled opposition and reflect the current mood in the street, so quite likely he’ll get “elected”. He’ll be a huge disappointment but enjoy your illusion while it lasts.

  30. Electing Trump is also crucial if we want to stop the Islamization of Europe.

    1. Feminist shaming tactic #6: Charge of Rationalization -The Sour Grapes Charge.
      Discussion: The target is accused of explaining away his own failures and/or dissatisfaction by blaming women for his problems.
      Example: “You are just bitter because you can’t get laid.”
      Nice job!

      1. You’re looking too much into my comment. I just think Matt Forney is a low key loser lol. High key loser if you pay attention. I dislike hardcore feminist too bro!.

        1. None of what you said changes the fact that you employed a Feminist shaming tactic as a means of discourse. Either disavow the usage of such OR own it. The ball is in your court… muthafucka.

    *You speak of freedom and being able to be your own person, yet there is always an underline of racism here. In this comment section, I have seen two people post something racist against blacks and jews.
    I can understand how you can dislike the PC culture and the left DOES have a lot of BS, but if you truly want to be seen as reasonable and “the people fighting for good” you will denounce the extreme racist. Something I have yet to see Trump or anyone on ROK do.

    1. Are you fighting against racism or supporting the feminine imperative? I think there is confusion of the two and the left thinks its racism. You watch TV lately? Men have no balls and that is considered normal society. Your getting push back because its disgusting to the core of our society.

      1. I see where you’re coming from. But these extreme right wingers are like muslims to me. You all claim that you are being oppressed or that you are tired of being crucified for your views, yet you don’t denounce the dark parts of your group. It’s the same exact thing with muslims not denouncing extremist muslims.

        1. You know, for how moral folks like you think you are.. obama the other day during a “roast”.,. He didn’t mind being called a nigga by his fellow race. He never stepped out of it. He laughed at it. The only folks that stepped to the plate – were offended whites…..Also, Obama hasn’t done any justice for blacks.. They have a higher poverty rate -28% than under any republican. Personally, I don’t think Trump is going to win because there are too many like you- caught in the media fed liberal hate web. Nothing changes until you change. That’s just how it works.

        2. 1. Intelligent blacks dislike obama because he didn’t do anything to actually help the black population. He just joined the elites who oppress them like the uncle Tom he is.
          2. The black population is in no way, shape, or form an actual threat and have no actual power. So getting offended by nigga is just you being a bitch. When you are seen as a slave class and the scum of the earth for centuries, there is a certain struggle all blacks understand that someone with privilege simply cannot.
          Besides…how does blacks saying nigga hurt you in any way? Your argument is incredibly flawed. YOU BEING RACIST ACTUALLY HAS SOME POWER BECAUSE WHITES ARE THE MAJORITY DUM DUM!

        3. So a black man can call another a nigga and your okay with it?
          I thought righteous weenies like you want “equality” for all? Non-offending to anyone…..Or is it that you want to be a victim at your convenience? The definition of a feminist and their imperative. Pick and choose what you want to be offended by.
          Obama has no power as prez of the us?

        4. I see where you’re coming from, the cunt of an unwed bitch I wager.
          I’m not claiming to be oppressed, I’m tired of the useless yapping.
          But your infantile focus on racism is dumb and unintelligent, there are differences between the races and yes blacks are on average dumber than whites. Go try to fucking argue with the blacks they should be smarter and see where that gets you.
          Negating reality is really what your kind likes to do the most isn’t it?

        5. If “intelligent blacks” focus on what is being unjustly separately given by racist motherfuckers to blacks, they aren’t very intelligent after all.

    2. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA are you fucking serious?
      You are saying that someone somewhere said something you didn’t like and therefore you can’t trust your self reading material on ROK?
      Fuck you, go back to your mother and have her nurse your infantile ass again and have a second try at raising your sorry ass because the first time clearly didn’t do it.
      I’ll add to this in edit. I am married to a racist and I’m making racist babies with her and your racist attempt at raping that is offensive, so why don’t you racist rape your ass out of here?

      1. Just because SJWs overuse the word “racist” doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist. If you’re getting your kicks making fun of blacks, you might not be as smart as you think you are.

        1. Did I say anything about blacks in my response? No.
          Racism is as far as I’m concerned a private matter which cannot and should not really be considered as an issue for politics or society. You are mentally deficient and probably retarded if you think preference can be legislated or controlled.
          Calling shit racism and the legislative attempts against it will result in a world where you have to let whoever fuck your wife because otherwise you are a racist and that’s baaad.
          So fuck that, I’m not going to shut up about any one topic or squelch my opinions because of some idiotic unrealistic bullshit crusade against something which cannot ever be made to disappear.

        2. For the most part you’re right. You can’t legally stop someone from hating someone else for being a different race. Doesn’t mean it’s good though.

        3. My point is racism isn’t worth spending time on because it cannot and should not be eradicated. It’s about free choice based on whatever criteria you choose.
          Harping on about it does no one any good.

        4. Again, unfortunately true. No one should be discriminated against because of his race however. And there are many intelligent blacks (I know your comment had nothing to do with blacks, or rather Africans, but that seems to be where most of these comments inevitably head). I have some propositions in how the African and African-descended population can be improved, but I’ll save that for another time. Anyway Corkscrew, no hard feelings. You and I have gotten along quite well, and I wouldn’t like to see anything change that.

        5. I know both intelligent black guys as well as tall Asian guys.
          Anyway, No hard feelings for me either, I have a certain style maybe of saying things that people don’t like or interpret in some way.

  32. I will vote Trump because feminism has infected our society to the point of almost no return. We now have the feminist military cutting out meat on monday’s because it hurts the planet. This is gotten wackier than I ever thought possible. You got folks that are supposed to be trained killers worried about offending someone over meat. These are not men.

    1. Sorry I had to do a double take on your comment. Are you serious that the military cuts meat out on Mondays?

  33. Right Wingers and muslims are very similar. You refuse to denounce the extremist of your group and that makes you look sketchy. Take a look in the mirror because youre very similar.

    1. Extremism like, say, San Jose? Is that what you are talking about? I got your mirror…. muthafucka.

    2. obama refused to denounce being called a nigga by his fellow color during a “funny roast”. ..Hmm. he doesn’t think like you….Are you are one of those gay cuckhold white feminist liberals this site keeps talking about?
      Little LOL needs to look in the feminist mirror cause he acts like a brainwashed liberal victim. The white man is the cause of all his problems. Sad.

    3. Projection. Islamists murder those who don’t submit to their world view. Leftisrs are calling for violence and imprisonment of those who challenge theirs. Faggot.

    4. Muslim “extremists.” Leftist “extremists.”
      Both groups feel it is OK to use violence to intimidate and silence those that do not agree with them. Both those groups burn American flags while waving the flag of their own nations.
      Your Jewish propaganda grows weaker by the day. The Lion is waking up.

  34. White couples need to start having families as big as we did in the 50’s 4-5 children,if we’re going to remain the majority in this country this is the only solution.At 1-2 children per white families( current numbers) and 4-6 average with immigrant families ,it’s only a matter of time regardless of border closings, the only way to maintain our European heritage (whats left) is through reproduction of the descendants and alike who formed this Republic.

  35. I’m a Puerto Rican living on the island, and let me tell you, Forney is definitely right. People here are in love with Hillary for seemingly no reason. I assume it’s just because she campaigned here for a while and feigned some interest in our issues.
    Usually, the politician who campaigns the hardest here (going to peoples houses, dancing the macarena, acting a fool) wins over the people. Everyone I’ve talked to about Trump hates him for seemingly no reason. It’s all based on hearsay and whatever buzzfeed and all these other garbage sites say. Add to that an ever-increasing anti-American sentiment and you have yourself the perfect Democrat.

  36. Trump, the same guy who donated the Clintons multiple times and who have many photos standing next to each other as best friends? Come on now, after this election they will go back to being buddies. Whoever wins will put the other in one of their cabinets or give them some cushy tax-draining government job.

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