The Resistance Pyramid: A Strategy For Men To Defend Themselves And Fight Back

A week doesn’t go by without a man asking me how he can fight back. He’s ready to take action but is not sure how. For the longest time I’ve been thinking about this problem, because while we do want to win, we don’t want to lose our jobs from witch hunts or end up in jail for a trivial reason. There’s a balance to be struck between maintaining our freedom (self-preservation) and enacting the change we want to see in our city or society.

I’ve developed the resistance pyramid as a hierarchy of action to becoming a force that resists state or mob efforts to remove your liberties or displace you from your home. Lower levels on the hierarchy should be completed before attempting the higher levels.


Individual Improvement

It’s not wise to send an untrained civilian into battle. He must first realize his masculine potential, understand his strengths, manage his weaknesses, and face the fears from his own anxieties and existential questions about life. A man must become physically strong, mentally strong, and self-aware of his reality.

It may be hard for some of you to believe, but learning how to sleep with a lot of women put me on this path. I dealt with my anxieties, learned objective truths of the world, improved my bodily strength, steeled my will and resolve, and built up the courage to face difficult situations that included defending my “misogynist” views against the establishment.

Every man has a unique path to reaching his potential, but for a lot of men, game is a reliable device that allows him to do so. Whatever method you pick, you must find a way to develop your physical and mental abilities above that of an average man. By the end of this stage, you will have the strength to begin fighting.

Financial Resilience


In the modern era, you must earn money in order to have shelter, food, clothing, and other essentials like internet and basic communication devices. Without money, you will not be able to live in a proper environment that allows you to develop your strengths.

But merely having a job is not enough, because that job is now your number one weakness when your enemies decide to come after you. Since corporations are sensitive to even tiny amounts of bad publicity, you will become a target for false accusations by liberal activists that intend to remove you from employment. In fact, this is their number one method of going after those whom they disagree with. You must therefore create proper defenses against such an attack.

There are various strategies to steel your cash flow:

  • Have multiple sources of income, preferable from internet sources that are at least partially concealed from the public
  • Create a business, consulting firm, or freelancing operation with a large client base instead of working for a corporation
  • Have a savings fund that you can live on for three years without a steady job
  • Have a detailed action plan for replenishing your income after an attack
  • Maintain a local professional network of men who can aid you in case your finances are weakened

Even though my cash flow is continually attacked by my enemies, they have not disrupted my operations because I have so many different sources of income with backup plans for replacing them. There are multiple ways to sell electronic books (or physical goods), receive donations, serve advertising, and hold events that if they shut down one avenue I’ll just open another. It took me well over five years to achieve this level of resilience. Start today, and build your financial bunker one step at a time.

Global Information Warfare


During individual improvement, you began making thought crimes against the official egalitarian narrative. You will now accelerate your learning and disseminate truth through participation on masculine sites, forums, and Youtube channels while observing and participating in online raids against SJW’s and feminists. This is where you learn how the system works, how truth is concealed, how lies are disseminated, who your enemy is, and how to cause them pain. You also begin finding communities of men who you can trust.

Many men participate in global information warfare without taking the first step of individual improvement. They are often called keyboard jockies. The problem with them is that they are fighting out of boredom or to alleviate their insecurities, not because they are part of a movement that has goals which lift up men. When the fighting gets especially tough, they will be the first to drop out since they lack the mental conviction. They are essentially role-playing actors.

By the end of this stage, your individual strength, financial resilience, and warfare knowledge will allow you to successfully defend yourself against attacks that arrive right at your front door.

Tribal Organization


The next step for a man is to link up to other men within his city. We currently take for granted that the internet is always on, but previous internal disturbances like with the Arab Spring show that governments will cut off the internet and cell phone service in times of crisis or revolt against their rule, and in a case like 9/11, electronic communications may be down in certain areas. What will you do right now if the internet gets shut off and you can’t get in touch with your existing allies? You’re probably screwed.

Last year I started the tribal meeting to allow for local organization. In times of calm, it will resemble a social happy hour, but it can be quickly weaponized into a force that keeps its members safe. It’s important to realize that you must have your tribe assembled before war comes to you, because after that it will be too late to organize. The tribe can also experiment with small resistance actions that don’t put their existence in jeopardy, such as disrupting social justice or feminist protests or causing difficultly for corrupt local politicians.

It is extremely hard to stop groups of organized men. This is why the worldwide leftist establishment threw a temper tantrum against tribal meetup day in February 2016. Once your tribe is organized, you’ll now have the strength to fight, the knowledge on how to fight, and a team of men to fight with.

Local Resistance & Self-Defense

The pyramid now turns on its edge and becomes a spear.

resistance-spear copy

All the pieces are in place for you to react to enemy attacks on yourself, your family, and your fellow tribesmen. I cannot give you specific advice on how to fight back, because each battle will be different, but I can say that if you’ve made it to this last stage, you will be able to cause devastating pain to the enemy while posing an existential threat to the establishment.

Your resistance may have components that are seen as illegal, so at this stage you now open yourself up to prosecution by the state. It’s here that you must decide if the pain from the oppression you’re facing is greater than a possible loss of your freedom or life. If you choose not to fight, you must live with that decision, and if you choose to fight, you must be prepared to go all the way. The gods will not smile down on men who only go halfway.

The one mistake that men make is wanting to change their entire nation or world. They try to run before they can walk. I hate to break your heart, but you will not change the world. Your ideas will not become national policy or get you a job as the personal adviser to the President. As a man who has had significant world influence, I can state this with confidence because at the end of the day I’m still just a man with a web site, but I can confidently state that you can successfully change yourself and the men near you. You can affect your most immediate world, meaning your local community, neighborhood, and town. You may not know this because you have yet to try.

Global change is out of our hands, at least for the time being, but local change is not. Instead of lamenting of the worldwide changes concerning feminism or immigration, focus instead on local changes that can limit harmful effects upon you and your tribe.

Example Of The Spear In Action


The first time that I used the spear was in Canada when they tried to shut down my speeches and hunt me down on the streets. I did not have a pre-formed local organization in Canada, but due to my internet presence, I was able to make one on-the-fly. I created and led operations to attack individual SJW’s, I maintained propaganda campaigns, I hired local protection to keep me safe, and I used guerrilla tactics to make sure the events proceeded as planned.

A Montreal police officer did state to me on the telephone that he believes I participated in assault by throwing my drink at one of my attackers, and “legal experts” hired by the media said I committed “illegal harassment.” I fully deny all wrongdoing, but things did get dirty and I could not say with 100% confidence during the thick of it that I would not be charged with a crime. When you enter battle, your actions and those of your enemy will enter gray areas or outright illegality.

The decision to enter local battle should not be taken lightly. Every time a Muslim terrorist decides to blow something up, he mentally accepts that his death may take place before deciding to continue. You must also accept the worst case scenario (imprisonment, injury, death) in your battle planning. If you can accept that worst case scenario, that likely means you are facing a battle that is a clear and present threat to your existence or well-being. In that case, proceeding may be the right decision, but only you can decide for sure. I was ready to go to jail in Canada, and did not fear it, so I knew that fighting back against the threat I faced was aligned with my individual nature and capabilities.


The pyramid I’ve described above will not create a revolution that marches on the capital to demand regime change. It will not cause men to “rise up” with butcher knives and clubs. It will instead allow a man to reach his mental and physical potential, give him self-awareness of the forces he’s up against, learn how he’s being attacked, learn to defend himself against attack, learn how to cause his enemy harm, forge local bonds with men he can rely on in case of national or local disturbances, and develop the ability to fight battles that help his community and defend himself, his tribe, and his family.

I did not devise this pyramid lightly, because I know that a man who follows it can hurt himself or even be killed, so I advise only what I’ve personally gone through and what I will certainly go through in the future. Aside from getting into entertaining internet scraps, I will certainly not invent or contrive a fight that puts myself or my tribe in danger. The stakes must be high and they must be real.

I will not advise men to suddenly pick up arms and start killing their enemy and taking towns, so if this is the movement you want, you will have to look elsewhere. Our heaviest resistance should be locally based and from a position of self-defense. Only if arms have been raised against us can we even consider likewise. Until then, we must train, prepare, and connect with men that we can trust and bond with, because I’m certain that there are difficult times ahead of us.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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116 thoughts on “The Resistance Pyramid: A Strategy For Men To Defend Themselves And Fight Back”

  1. Good article but not enough thinkers like this in America …I believe it is now everyone for himself. Anyone brought up to support liberalism gone wacko is cracked in the head and there are a lot of humpty dumpty eggs broken. I will teach my kids to be as selfish as possible- just like a 3rd world getto. dog eat dog – and I won’t be wearing milkbone underwear.

    1. Agree. There are some though. My struggle (living in Canada no less) has been to find those few good and independent thinking men and forge a small tribe. It seems to me that of all the things on the list, forging the tribes is the toughest. At some point, the Internet forums just won’t cut it.

  2. Good article. Start by strengthening yourself. I must start lifting weights, but instead I sleep until 6am everyday…I should run and go to the YMCA where I go swimming 2x a week and lift WEIGHTS.

    1. best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago my friend. The second best time to plant a tree is today. If you are a beginner I would suggest looking up the strong lifts 5×5 program right now, watching some form videos and just fucking starting. trust me, If you start in 3 weeks you will wish you had started today. If you start in three months or 3 years you will say why didn’t I start when that nihilistic twat told me to.
      Can’t say no one told you.

      1. I gave the same advice to the little brother I mentor the other day. I took him to the gym to show him squats, deadlifts, and bench form. He’s kind of interested in weights, but he just keeps falling back into video game recluse mode.

        1. keep pushing. As soon as some hot little number compliments his gainz he will forget all about the video games.

        2. Yeah, sex is definitely the motivator of all motivators. The kid, despite his typical terrible teenage diet, is still lanky as all hell. If he packed on 15 lbs of muscle, he’d be a beast.

        3. Even now, after all these years, sometimes I wonder why I bother. I mean why not just cut back, lower my weight, do some maintenance. Then something will happen. Like last weekend I was mopping my floors in shorts and a tank top and realized I needed more cleaner. So I tossed on some chucks and ran down to the drug store. When I was in line the girl behind me was eyeing me like an Ethiopian eyeing an all you can eat buffet. She commented on one of my tats and touched my arm in the process.
          This is something that has repeated itself over and over for 20 years or more now and every time it happens I remember exactly why I am in the gym 6 gays a week.

        4. wow. that was the typo from fucking hell. And at that rate it will take me nearly 8 1/2 weeks to top anything they did in Orlando.

        5. It’s okay to go slowly at first. Be careful not to overtrain. Rest during the weekend at least. You can even relax with a set of lesbians.

        6. yes, yes, yes I am a ltqhsdlfkjsdfhsdkjblfjabsdfljsags;ajkldfhg;djagh;kadjfghjbflkjadbgkjdabvkjdabsajkglfadjhgklasjghkjsfahlfdshglfdaskhglkadsfhk;ajdsfhg;kadjfghadjfghaldjfbvlkjadbfgjakjdshfgladkjhgjkhjkhfdagjkhg

        7. I remember exactly why I am in the gym 6 gays a week.
          Just reposting, no comment required. Heh.

        8. yes. I am a huge faggot. Further, I am very sensitive. Why, just last weekend I was at a night club in Orlando and the bartender, out of nowhere, stopped making my appletini. I am still fuming.

      2. I started lifting in my Senior year of college, and I spent that year wondering why I hadn’t started sooner.
        Of course, it assuaged me a bit that I had a gym partner that was expert at identifying and correcting poor form, but I still think back on the wasted time…

        1. No matter when you start you will wish you had started sooner. I didn’t have the luck to have a person who really knew what they were doing. I had magazines, Arnold’s encyclopedia and (dial up) internet which had some things but no where near the level of instructional video they have now.

        2. absolutely. And it doesn’t even need to be that extreme. As long as you remain in the top 15 percent of not professional athletes and top 5% of your age group you will always be treated like a superstar.

        3. feels good not being a beta clown. 99% of those with a sixpack are still manginas tho.

        4. 99% of everyone is a mangina.
          My 6 pack days are gone now. A flat stomach is enough for me. Even the mona lisa has cracks in it and all.
          Being in shape gives a person so much confidence. Confidence is like anything else. When used well it is a tool (and a good one) when used poorly it is basically a megaphone for douchecuntbaggery

        5. 99% of everyone is a mangina. true.
          there are different types of abs, the gay ones like the mike chang guy and all hollywood magazine fags, and the killer ones like mike tyson. rather no visual abs than the metrosexual ones.

        6. very true. However, I am not dropping below 12% bf any more. I did it 3 summers ago. I was between 8-10. I was getting really bad headaches. I was cranky as fuck and my lifting suffered because I couldn’t pick big heavy things up anymore.
          I would go out to the park and meet girls with zero effort but I was never in the mood to bother with them. >10% body fat is a younger mans game. I am very happy in the 12-15 range. Strong core, but too much sub q for abs to really show through.

        7. same. if i had to guess id say im around 12-15 % bf. i eat how much i want, when i want (my diet consists of cakes, pizza and fries, if its quality and no processed garbage you can do that! counting calories is for bitches!

        8. When I was young I lifted like a mad dog. I had a six pack for years. Now I have pretty much traded that six pack for a half keg.

        9. I don’t count calories, but I am pretty accurate with my macros. I don’t eat a ton of carbs and rarely give a swing at ketosis. I find that eating a very strict food regiment helps me. However, my workouts are pretty much 90% lifting to 10% cardio. If I wanted to I think I could go full keto and do circuit training instead of weight lifting. I would probably go from 190-170 pretty quickly and be much leaner. My arms and quads would also lose size. It’s always a trade off unless you are using juice and that is something I just don’t want to do.

        10. Second that, as a former fat guy, just dropping enough weight to look decent in clothes made a big difference. Course that’s mostly because the US really is kind of a fat country.

      3. About to hit the gym today with the 5×5 system….. about to lift 1.5 times my body weight in the squat…. doubling what I started lifting a year ago. The principles behind it are sound, well on course for a good level of base strength in the next few months.

        1. Awesome man. Go crush it! Yes SL 5×5 is a very sound way to build serious base strength.

        2. Smashed it. Deadlift form was poor, but I’ll source some coaching in the next few weeks.

        3. nice man! Whenever I feel my form is off I take a day and just do like 10×10 of 135 until it becomes muscle memory.

    2. Can also recommend looking up the Kavadlo brothers for getting strong with calisthenics. I’m not saying calisthenics beat weights but cals are unbeatable for program compliance. They sell some books but have a ton of great info for free, so your call (if you do buy, buy the Street Workout one that’s new, it’s got the info from most of the others).

  3. If people are interested in the Third stage, that is Global Information warfare, there is a new project called Right Wing Digital Warfare Department. -. RWDWD
    It’s new, but based on the Twitter Wars. When people flooded Twitter with cuck memes.
    The project is about retaliating against Reddit which is occupied by SJWs. They were purged and are now fighting back by brigading and flooding in the comment section of leftist dominated subverses.
    If you believe in fighting dirty against leftists it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
    It is not very active yet. In the meantime check ( r/European after they have been banned on Reddit )
    I have some other advice / ammo for propaganda fighting I’ll post later.
    UPDATE : I have a whole lot to say. I would rather write an article or something. Otherwise I would bloat the comment section.

      1. “Terrorist has gotten to be a word with such loaded racial overtones that I don’t even want to use it anymore.”
        Man, these are strong ones.

        1. Wow.
          They’re really trying hard to prevent the diversity-is-strength and cultural-equivalency narratives from falling apart.
          There’s also this gem: “Republicans may not be killing people directly, but they are still taking lives.”
          ISIS sympathizer shoots a bunch of gays and they manage to massage it into being the fault of the right. Incredible.

        2. It’s the same everywhere. Here they blame the anti-gay marriage protests and the Catholics…

        3. So has cunt but, ya know, I am keeping it in active rotation.

        4. “But a white Christian shot up a Charleston church see everyone is equal.” (paraphrase)

      2. Got you :
        Go upvote me and spam the comment section.
        We need to do this more often.

        1. Apparently, the comment is “pending”.
          They won’t let it appear.
          That’s how all these leftists rags work. They carefully select only the comments they like.

        2. I guess it was aproved.
          Go upvote and spam with similar comments NOW !
          Also link to your comments so we can upvote them.

        3. Man our comments lasted only a few seconds. Our mods here are really kind compaired to theirs.

        4. This should tell you about the famed atheist leftie capacity to debate.
          These leftists fags pride themselves of being skeptics and “enlightened”.
          Yet when a normal non-inflamatory disagreeing comment is made they just ban it.
          Meanwhile we here debate feminists left and right. We have people telling us to get raped that do not get banned. Certainly no one gets banned for having a liberal opinion.
          The day I realized how thin-skinned all these progressive fags are was quite eye-opening.

        5. When you embrace post-modernist ideas like many leftists and atheists do, there are no absolute grounds to argue for a set of values.
          Without a reference point, I don’t see how there can be anything but mob rule.

        6. Inwent v through the same bullshit on HuffPo several years ago. Finally I just gave up on commenting. That’s how they do it. They delete instead of debate.

        7. You’re right. Their elasticity of definitions and concepts make it almost impossible to make a meaningful and constructive discussion because they are too busy moving the goal posts and proclaiming themselves winner because they can spew more logical fallacies than you can debunk.
          That is why I like libertarianism so much. There are only two concrete, well defined principles. Everything is derived from there and those principles are referenced in all aspects.
          Leftists have no concrete first principles. That is why they argue in circles so much.

        8. Yes! We need to coordinate our attacks. I for one am tired of taking on the Marxist horde solo lol. We should petition Roosh to link an article everyday that we mercilessly assault with reason, logic, and satire.

        9. I am thinking of creating base of operations for things like that. Maybe Voat or darknet. But Roosh could make it a feature on his forum.
          I was hoping RWDWD on voat would become this, but they are not answering. They are either inactive or very slow.
          As soon as I create my own outlet I will announce it. Prepare your bodies, mate.

        10. You think so? I’ve become disillusioned with libertarianism, after many years of voting. They seem to have the same mindset as leftists, in that they don’t take into account human nature. I find them to be the socialist utopians of the right.

        11. While that may be true, the actual embodiment of libertarianism is freedom, man’s natural state, whereas the implementation of leftist ideals is totalitarianism, man at his worst… While practically speaking such freedom might be unattainable as an end goal the libertarian ideals are a helluva lot better to fight toward than the other end of the spectrum.

    1. Memes are good. Since this community IS smarter then the rest…one should profit from that. And a good ridicule of those deserving it penetrates deep…;)))

    2. If you plan on debating leftists, you need to know their arguments and come up with quick, simple, easy responses that will convince normies in your audience.
      The book “Hammer of the Patriot” is the best book on debating leftists on the planet. It contains all of their typical arguments and prepared rebuttals you can use. It also teaches you to create your own rebuttals if necessary.
      Examples :
      Women aren’t just incubators!
      That’s how you see the beautiful and sacred act of
      bringing life into the world? “Incubation”? Now we see how
      much you have contempt for women and life in general.
      Only weak minded people need to believe in a higher power / life after death.
      Because it requires strength of character to reject all
      responsibility for our actions and live a life of hedonism, right, unlike those Christians who worked hard and built this country by the sweat of their brows. Get over yourself.
      We just need to learn to compromise, then we’ll all be able to work together!
      Compromise is a great way to make sure nobody is happy.
      I won’t be happy with living in a country that’s half Islamic republic, half national European state.
      And neither will the Muslim. So why not let the Muslim live in his 100% Islamic republic, and we can form the kind of nation we’re happy with?
      In real life, the weak compromise, the strong just impose their will.
      Compromise is always the first step to letting someone else have their way.
      It’s dumb to feel pride for things you’ve never
      done yourself.
      It’s dumb to feel proud when your children do well
      in school? It’s dumb to feel proud that your father is a self-made man? No.
      Well adjusted people are happy when their people do well, only sociopaths are indifferent to the achievements of their
      own group.
      Try love instead of hate.
      People who have no hate have no love either. If you
      love your family, you hate anything that tries to harm your family.
      If you love your people, you hate those who would do harm to your people. Hate springs from love like water springs from a well. Those who are incapable of hate are dead inside.
      Read it, you won’t regret it. Best book on topic. Needs to be reviewed.
      The book is free :

      1. This is the best (and most entertaining) method of arguing with leftists. It’s so delightfully trolliish you cant help but make this face:

      2. Physically destroying a Leftist is the only way they will listen, great arguments, but alas, they will only fall on the ears of the deaf and dumb!

    3. If you plan on redpilling people, you need knowledge.
      But you also need meme / news / discussion resources
      Now that I mentioned a book that teaches you the neccesary arguments, where to stock on ammo / memes and follow discussions / news ?
      I am talking about sources that are good for meme warriors.
      The best right wing news / commentary / memes / raids can be found on :
      /pol/ board –
      They regularly post happenings and memes. Don’t waste time with /pol/ on 4 chan it is absolute crap these days – News for hardcore nazis which might not be your thing, but they have good memes in the comments sections and do Twitter raids on the regular. Some really good memes ocasionally. Especially stuff with the Donald. But some stuff is just too heavy handed. – More moderate than Daily Stormer, but still pretty hardcore. They do a lot of raids but are too elitist by my taste. Very heard to get into their crew. – Great forum with NUANCED and DEEP discussions. Great forum for more high brow people, complete opposite of Daily Stormer. – News regarding events in Europe. Moderate people for the most part. Mostly news. The RWDWD project I talked about is also starting on Voat now. Voat is a better alternative to Reddit, so hop on board.
      Twitter – People like RickyVaughn and Cuckservative™ and all the other alt-right personalities constantly post good memes and thoughts. Some very nuanced, some complete nazi. Don’t have a good list of people to follow, need to make one. Great memes on the regular. Best venue right now IMO.
      That’s where the best right wing news / memes / discussions are.
      Of course there are other good sources like ReturnOfKings. But this website and others like it are more about timeless commentary than internet meme raids.

    4. If you plan on becoming a meme warrior you must learn the art of memetics.
      To fight in this internet war you need to learn to make memes at lightning speed in response to recent events.
      Here is an example of a meme I made in a few minutes. It was a response to Captain America becoming the bad guy and all female GhostBusters.
      To be good at memes you must first take inspiration from other online memes and develop a sense of humor. But the technical part itself is a skill you must also build. Here is a guide :

      You can sometimes use simple techniques like Paint and online Photosop tool(just search Google photoshop online). But the comfiest software is Gimp. It’s free an easy to use. The guide I mentioned previously tells you how to use it effeciently.
      If you are into the “esoteric” or “magical” aspect of meme warfare, learn about meme magic. Learn about Kek and ancient gods. Learn about Discordians. Read the Vedas and learn about egregors. Also learn about hermetic magic.
      All of /pol/ is jumping on the Hermetism train. Learning to bend reality with your thought and protect yourself using charms.
      The best resource on meme magic is : “Memetic Magic” Packwood R
      You can also browse boards such as (Bureau of Memetic Warfare) and as well as other occult and meme boards like /fringe/
      (Okay, the meme magic part is mostly trolling).

      1. I have an article worth of info, memes, etc.
        I am going to write rather than spam the comments section.

        1. I will try submitting it to ROK.
          If not that way I am thinking of a blog and / or online base for trolling operations.

        2. I currently profit about 6,000-8,000 dollars /every month with my online job. Everyone ready to do basic at home jobs for 2h-5h daily from your living room and earn good payment for doing it… Try this work

    5. For video propaganda, learn from these successful examples of video
      Just remember the 3 rules of video propaganda :
      1) Choose whether it is inspiring or funny
      2) Add music, sounds, special effects as neccessary
      3) If you are making a funny video make it fast paced like MLG videos
      Examples of funny propaganda videos :

      Examples of inspiring propaganda videos :

      Just remember rules : good looking and sounding, good editing, good memes and most importantly not too self serving or heavy handed.
      Examples of absolute shit propaganda videos. Heavy handed, self serving, boring. I.E Absolute crap. Don’t do this type of shit:

      To do this stuff, you need video editing software and tutorials. Just learn it, no shortcuts here. Either Sony Vegas or Adobe AfterEffects. I prefer Sony Vegas. Here is an example of the possibilities of Software Editing ;

    6. As much as I respect this, real world results are more important.
      Leftists infiltrate reddit and such because they generally have no lives (nothing better to do).

      1. So. The alt-right has infiltrated Twitter and now Jews and Cuckservatives are panicking over ((( echoes ))).
        You shouldn’t be dismissive of online meme propaganda. It is way more powerful than it seems.

        1. Maybe you’re right, because the Internet is increasingly where opinions are shaped.
          Surrounded by leftists you will think leftist (to a degree) – introduced some alt-right dissent and you get gold.

      2. Contribute where you can, as wisely as you can. Personal development in philosophy is one of the few ways you can counter sophistry, media deception and modern marketing techniques. I think that’s why Roosh placed personal development (in its entirety) as the foundation of this hierarchy.
        A healthy physique, an adaptive intellect and healthy psychological base, followed by robust financial outlook are essential steps to take. This is because men who lack these things are far more weak and manipulable than their at least somewhat actualized peers. Many argument’s absurdities become obvious due to the unreasonable and emotional basis they were constructed from once this path of actualization is taken. In that, the efforts of most who base their worldview on feels become utterly pointless.
        This hierarchy is entirely valid, and precisely tailored for real world results.

    1. Tibet is a little too hilly. How about the upper west side?

      1. You can still participate to the ninja training sessions dispensed by Unabashed and Liam Neeson using skype.

    2. That name is taken, but I will allow a petition for a local branch or office.

  4. I’m sitting at lunch listening to this aging divorced whore laugh about how she divorce raped her husband. Fuck me

    1. When leaving the restaurant…”warn” the waiter discreetly that “the lady is known as a fraud who is prone to leaving without paying”…then leave Yourself…and giggle…;)))

    2. Worst part is this bitch didn’t stop talking on the phone once she got her food. Now this aging cunt is stuffing her face while hitching about her extremely easy existence.

    3. She”l fuck up her finances. 90% of women that win in divorce later find some university degree, sickness, or long-term unemployment to empty their accounts and run-up debts.

  5. I think my desires are much more simple. I just want a return to strict adherence of the McCoy act of 1909 whereby all immigrants need to live in the same 2 block section of Manhattan and are forced to walk around the streets for a minimum of four hours a day wearing hats…..anybody? anybody?

        1. such a great movie and one of the greatest antagonists ever.

  6. There is a lot to be learned from the French Resistance in that area.

      1. @NickBlack see my latest comment on this thread. ROK must become a Religious Organization, PAC and/or Academic Institution operating as a 501c3.

        1. I read Your post. Good ideas…but do not forget that it is very/equally easy to frame/disrupt/destroy political parties, as well as cults/religions.
          If you own the media…”a sex scandal for the conservatives”…”an illicit money scandal for the labour”…and zip-a-dee-doo-da…etc. etc.)))
          Under such terms, even Lennons of this world are not safe… 😉
          Being no big friend of Church (obviously)…even I can not concur that kiddie-diddling in that institution had THAT big proportions (and by saying that, I do not deny the tragedy of every individual abuse)….even to my fiendish eye it looked more like a classical “amplify and extort” scheme on a global scale; a method well known and dearly beloved Below (no…not Australia..). ;))))))))
          The true Power lies in secrecy…and multitude.
          A “secret handshake”….taking under arm a fallen comrade and helping him rise again…a knowing wink in the eyes of Ones In The Knowing… ;)))
          ..Put shortly in the words of Hell`s cherished poet: “….the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”… ;))))

        2. @King Pin
          As I said Malcom X, mobsters and many other dissidents thought the same, even the very history of their legacies have been rewritten as a result (only people that were alive back then know the truth). That kind of strategy simply won’t work today because the US Industrial Military Complex is designed to stamp out WWII style “French Resistance” and contrary to popular belief smartphone style tech isn’t making things any easier for dissidents.
          In contrast, look at Scientology if you have any doubts about the validity of my suggestion to create an institution and then use the courts like a weapon on its behalf.
          My way will get Roosh a “seat at the table”, your way will send him to the “gallows”. You can bet on it, he now has a big choice to make.

        3. Well…Scientology currently sucks a big one in SJW Germany…and their US revenue and case-winning score is not as it was…especially after a certain film that they couldn’t fight against and/or supress…))..just sayin’…;)))
          BTW… Malcolm X was insignificant in sense of both impact and ideology…but Granny Mafia is still well and sends cordial greetings…;)))
          (Read about how would have “US Industrial Military Complex” fared without their co-operation…homeland and abroad…;)) #allieslandingatsicilly and #freemasonsandrotarians

  7. Roosh, we should figure out a way to make the meet ups work. If colleges can host feminist and women’s study classes, then we should be able to meet up in our cities and discuss what is happening with the world. I understand what was thrown at you – for these feminazis to threaten not just you but your family is low. But we need to take the next step into tribal organization.
    Every day something ranging from utterly stupid to grotesquely and unthinkably horrible in this world occurs at the hands of the liberal elite, feminists, or Muslims. And it’s because these scumbags of the world are the ones who are allowed to take action, whereas the free-thinkers like you and everyone on here are mocked and threatened by the left. So while the other half is out raising hell and calling it “fighting for equality”, threats (among other societal dangers) limit the community of Return of Kings to merely commenting behind our keyboards.
    As subscribers to this website alone, we represent a large number of the depleting free-thinker. The only way that our forefathers (so to speak) took America for themselves was by meeting and planning. This is not only necessary, but crucial, for Return of Kings to move from IDEA to MOVEMENT.

    1. @NickBlack I answered this, see my latest comment on this thread. ROK must become a Religious Organization, PAC and/or Academic Institution operating as a 501c3.

      1. @momosgarage:disqus I definitely agree that some sort of organization should be made. However, creating a religious group out of Return of Kings (even if it is just for the privileges) might ultimately end up being the wrong decision. With all due respect, the idea is not to transform this organization into a cult. Academic Institution could work… I’d have to read up myself. Your research is also greatly appreciated.

    2. Imagine a “Mens’ Studies” class.
      Covering the sort of things we learn here.
      Oh the triggering.

    3. If a person wants to stand for something then they must stand for it in the face of adversity. The meet-up could have worked, honestly everyone should have met up despite the threats.
      Some of the news articles twisted the truth by including excerpts of police officers expressing their distaste toward the ideas presented on ROK, creating the illusion that the police were monitoring the meet areas to prevent the meeting.
      The truth was, and a few articles did state the truth regardless, the police were there to guarantee the meetings could commence without violence. They were expecting the meets to instigate violence and were there to protect all of you. To make sure you could have your meetings without being shot, stabbed, or the more likely option, without some hot blooded fool turning your meetings into a knock-out match. If you have meetings, the police may not agree with you, they will however make sure that you can speak without the threat of violence, they will make sure those who instigate violence will be arrested or told to leave.
      Sure, it would still be inconvenient to hold a meeting with protesters screaming in the background, which is not illegal for protesters in America… Actually trying to hurt someone is illegal, your group was definitely receiving threats of physical violence, and the cities that were seeking police intervention were seeking to protect you, despite how annoyed those in power were or how much they disagreed. In America, everybody should be allowed to speak their mind without having some idiot try and maim them.
      I don’t know about any other country in the world, but in America… The police were there for the same reason they are called to patrol a gay pride festival or a white supremacist rally, to protect those people from undue violence.
      Just hold a meet, threats or not.

      1. Agreed. No one was saying anything about the police… truth be told I would prefer to have law enforcement present for safety. I’m sure we all would…

        1. No, you didn’t mention them. There was a huge spew on the national news though weeks before the meet-ups happen.
          I wanted to mention the articles skewing the truth because reading the wrong articles did make it appear that the police was out to stop the meetings, to protect protesters.
          I was just stating that the police, in America, were ready to protect ROK’s readers right to speak. The meetings should have happened, anyone planning to go through on physical threats would be been arrested. The police were aware there was a potentially violent situation occurring and they knew that it was from those protesting.
          I think it’s sad that the meetings were shut down for safety, especially in America. I think it’s sad many who disagreed felt violence and threats were the right option to voice their displeasure.

        2. Exactly. If we don’t start the meet ups now, they may never happen. We are on the cusp of a revolution, and everyone knows it. The leftist media can’t hide it. And taking into account the points about law enforcement made by @@disqus_ySg88Jcbfd:disqus, we have all the more reason to RE-PLAN the meetups.

  8. @Roosh V
    Stop beating around the bush with these rally calls and begin forming an Academic Institution, Religious Organization and a Political Action Committee (PAC). You are now too big for your britches and need an institution behind your efforts to give you some form of legal umbrella to stand under during the rain storms. I understand that you are promoting the Anti-Fragile strategy, but at this point you have outgrown its usefulness. Always remember Malcolm X had a similar strategy as well and the solution used by the Elites to take him out of the picture was to simply kill him. There were also dozens of other fairly prominent militant black leaders from that time, that wanted to secede from the US culture, who’s names most people do not know today because the Elites took them out of the picture, by throwing them in jail for tax evasion (same goes for many mobsters that “kept their hands clean”). Note, I am NOT espousing any of these individuals political or cultural beliefs, just the fact that they knew EXACTLY what they were up against, prepared for it and still wound up on the receiving end of either a long jail sentence or assassins bullet.
    I’m sure one or more the alphabet agencies has been watching ROK for quite some time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DOJ cooks something up in the near future, such as some “convicted” or “suspected” criminal having been a frequent poster or reader of ROK and then the DOJ suddenly wants to put everyone on the site under a microscope for the purpose of “Vetting Public Safety”.
    Again, this is why a while back I mentioned, here on ROK, that Roosh needs to set up his own REGISTERED Political Action Committee (PAC), Accredited Online Academic Institution and possibly set up a 501c3 religious organization as well.
    The reason why?
    To cover ALL the bases for “Free Speech” and have actual case law on the side of a now “politically registered” ROK/RooshV.
    First example, if Roosh sets up ROK as an “Accredited Online Academic Institution” and its writers were classified as “Tenure Track Faculty” they would have a unique type of freedom of speech, due to their affiliation with an academic institution, with PLENTY of case law backing that Free Speech up.
    Second example, if Roosh sets up ROK as an “501c3 Religious Organizations” with people whom post and read ROK being classified as “members of the church”. Once that happens meet-ups cannot be stopped willy-nilly and if they are, suing and winning is a realistic option, due to there being PLENTY of case law backing that Free Speech up.
    Third example, if Roosh sets up ROK as a ” PAC Registered with the FEC” he can collect donations and start trying to access the “Halls of Power”, with PLENTY of case law backing that Free Speech up (i.e. Citizens United v. FEC).
    Here are some other items to ALWAYS keep in mind and Remember Malcom X knew about all the items that I will outline below, had body guards, yet still wound up dead:
    Law Enforecement (LEO’s) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have created a untenable position for themselves and they are not trusted by large portions of the general public any longer. Perhaps not a majority, YET, but still, large numbers concentrated heavily among those under 40 years of age, do not trust LEO’s or the DOJ. Also, even, IF, this under 40 crowd does not believe that LEO’s are dangerously lethal to civilians (which they do seem to believe), this under 40 cohort, ABSOLUTELY believes that LEO’s are, primarily, “revenue collectors”. People are finally starting to realize that the police are not there to assist or save people in danger.
    Police brutality against non-violent civilians and the DOJ’s dereliction of the US Constitution clearly shows that LEO’s are learning to deal with the LONG TERM consequence of these actions, which they, as a group, have taken, while in the field. These actions have been compounding all the issues surrounding their increasingly negative public image over the last 25 years.
    Contemporary LEOs have proven, through their actions, that they are in place to do the following and NOTHING MORE:
    1. Protect themselves.
    2. Maximize their total compensation.
    3. Act as a source of revenue generation for the department currently employing them, the union they belong to and the local governments authorizing their activities.
    4. Protecting the commercial interests of national corporations (with PAC’s lobbying on the behalf of the big corporations)
    5. Protecting the private property and political interests of large, influential, land & business owners, residing within their jurisdiction; that also contribute to and participate in local politics (i.e. campaign donations for Police Chief, Judges and Sheriff elections).
    6. Controlling dissenting narratives that would interfere with 1-5.
    LEO’s have been totally co-opted, insulated from financial consequences and tax paying citizens are picking up the tab. That’s the sad reality of where we are today, in regards to contemporary Law Enforcement Culture. Civilians should view the police no differently than the way in which police typically view the general public, with suspicion.
    Here is an example of a sleepy county in Oregon, that is 92% white, with 56% of the population over 45 years of age, yet, these people still VOTED TO DE-FUND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT because they got sick of receiving unjust traffic tickets, “Defunding government is a sensible voter solution to reining in local government” by Dave Duffy
    Think about that for a minute, if LEO’s can’t hold the trust of small communities, with these kinds of demographics, what chance do they stand anywhere else? Not much. This should be a VERY CLEAR message that LEO’s, in general, have lost the trust of the public.
    Civilians should not trust the motivations of LEO’s nor the DOJ and must always assume that their lives are in danger, with EVERY interaction they have with LEO’s.
    Why? Not because ALL LEO’s are bad, but because ALL LEO’s are LEGALLY AUTHORIZED to kill civilians AND TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, as they see fit (and the DOJ will ALWAYS take the side of the LEO murderer in court).
    Why should civilians take any risk of death or loss of property? It is far easier to simply not interact with, refuse to help and actively avoid contact with LEO’s, whom are LEGALLY AUTHORIZED to kill civilians AND TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, as they see fit.
    We have come full circle, except now, LEO’s don’t regularly “exterminate” undesirables, JUST TO TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, they simply put them in jail indefinitely, for petty offenses, so someone can make money off their existence while in the system, via a government contract.
    Law Enforcement Agencies and the DOJ, AS CURRENTLY OPERATED (see above items 1-6), can’t function when large numbers of people with good consciences serve in them. So, even if good people with consciences tried to enact grass-root change from within, they would simply be denied entry to the agency or get quickly removed from the ranks through various legal and administrative means.
    Here is an except from Bowers v. DeVito. In 1982, the Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit held, “…there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents… but it does not violate… the Constitution.”
    “no duty” = “free to ignore” because if there is no financial or legal consequence to inaction, then certainly some “bad apples” will use that as a legal basis for “choosing”, when to “render services” or when not to.
    From the perspective of LEO’s, the above noted ruling means that they may “pick and choose” when they attempt to “save someone from death or injury” because the ruling does not obligate them to act. It is that perspective, which LEO’s are allowed to legally take, that should matter to the average citizen. The context from Bowers v. DeVito is very clear, the police CHOSE to not assist, despite Marguerite Anne Bowers repeatedly requesting their help and the courts then determined that the police are not liable for making the “choice” to not help her.
    Finally, as for the “Oath’s” that LEO’s typically take, lets use a few excerpts from the LAPD oath for example, which seems to be MOSTLY concerned with swearing to not overthrow the government:
    “And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other- wise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means. I will not advocate nor become (name of office) a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

    1. @momosgarage I definitely agree that some sort of organization should be made. However, creating a religious group out of Return of Kings (even if it is just for the privileges) might ultimately end up being the wrong decision. With all due respect, the idea is not to transform this organization into a cult. Academic Institution could work… I’d have to read up myself. Your research is also greatly appreciated.

      1. We don’t plan to create a cult.
        We need to troll the system.
        Pastafarians used this type of crap. When laws permitted muslims to take driver’s license photos with burkhas and sichks have been allowed to wear turbans if they are in the police force someone came with the genius idea of calling himself Pastafarian and taking a photo with a pirate hat for his driving license photo, declaring he has to do it for religious reasons.
        We need to troll the system. The idea with 501c is genius. That’s what SPLC and ADL and similar organizations do. They get benefits and are free of paying tax.
        We should look into it. It is not that crazy.

        1. @SomeRandomFellow
          Yes, you get it. If the tools are available, why not use them?

    2. Great comment. The ‘hired gun’ armies of LEO’s are our foible in the US along with the massive ‘privatized’ and public prison industrial complex system which is waaay too large in proportion to our population. China has a streamlined prison-wage slave labor system that is the model and supercedes anything that western colonialism ever had with plantation system economies. Our gulag system is rough but still it’s an integral part of our economy that will be a challenge to detangle, defund and dismantle. We must go after their funding. The prison ‘commissioners’ of the state systems are an aloof club, dirty as can be and they aren’t the tip of the money trail. They along with the current armies of thug jack boots have no place in a free republic. Law enforcement and protection of one’s homeland and family is a citizen’s right and responsibility. Common citizens bustle now with contained and built up angst to recapture their God given right. The ‘citizen protector’ must replace the bank stormtroopers.
      LEO’s ideally should be volunteer like firefighters. Oath sworn but volunteer, no paid corporate industrial complex bankrolled goons and hired mercenaries and none of the pesky renegade predatory revenue generators. They’re as unconstitutional and are as much un-American as the infamous ‘Big Red’ is known for being ‘not very feminine’.

  9. Ballsy article, I like. Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Great minds think alike.
    I’ve been forming a tribe in the NYC area. I don’t know what could happen with our government and country. I don’t feel safe with the migration, the general direction of mass shootings in our country, calls for gun removal.
    Having money is key. Someone should write an article about how much money it takes to live for a year. I’d imagine $100k would cover 5 years or so in some parts of the world.

  10. I am encouraged to see conversations about action oriented strategies developing on various shitlord websites and forums.
    The shitlord infestation of twitter is going swimmingly. Reddit is SJW HQ and will take time to assault with memes and shitposting.
    The forums of ESPN and Fox News should be considered as well. Their audience will be somewhat more receptive to the message of masculinity and nationalism.

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