7 Common Logical Fallacies That Marxist Sympathizer Sally Kohn Effortlessly Teaches Us

Sally Kohn is a lawyer, political commentator, and “community organizer” (professional agitator) who worked extensively with the National LGBTQ Task Force and regularly appears on CNN.

A secular Jew, ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, and lesbian to boot, it should come as a surprise to nobody that she is also a militant feminist.

Kohn is perhaps most famous for inciting controversy in February 2015, when she wrote an article stating that she wants her daughter to grow up to be a lesbian like her. However, Sally was disappointed that she was… wait for it… starting to show a romantic interest in boys.

Shocked woman holding banner isolated on white

The horror right? Since Ms. Kohn metaphorically dwells in a living cuckoo clock where heterosexuality is discouraged rather than embraced, it is clear that logic and reason are not her particular strong points.

In the wake of the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, I noticed that her Twitter feed was unloading a series of messages which were so full of various fallacies that I decided to start an educational series addressing SJW’s and their questionable Twitter logic. Sally will be the first inadvertently helpful teaching assistant, but others will inevitably follow.

Logical Fallacy #1: Appeal To Emotion

Sally Kohn - Appeal To Emotion

Sally is clearly butt-hurt that Donald Trump actually wants to stick up for the dejected and increasingly derided majority of the U.S. population. This stands in great contrast to her cultural Marxist narrative, where the needs and demands of distinct minorities (gays, transgenders, Muslims, etc.) are championed at the expense of a classic Western tradition which she clearly despises: Christianity.

Logical Fallacy #2: Appeal To Tradition

Sally Kohn - Appeal To Tradition or Antiquity

Sally is upset that a member of a religion she champions under her social justice narrative (Islam) has caused the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history. Therefore, Sally is making an unsuccessful attempt to save face by using the distant past to try and implicate other religions, such as Christianity during the Middle Ages (Crusades, Inquisition, etc.)

What Sally does not realize is that since the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the lions share of high death toll terrorist or “hate” attacks where religion played a major role, have been caused by Muslims. The statement she is making is almost entirely irrelevant to a major and growing crisis of the 21st century. Radical Islam.

Logical Fallacy #3: Cherry Picking, or “The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy”

Sally Kohn - Cherry Picking 1

Sally is taking a very small cluster of data (and “hatred” is highly debatable as a form of data) to advance her leftist narrative of putting blame squarely on guns, rather than addressing many other factors which are commonplace in mass shootings.

For instance, Muslims make up barely over one percent of the U.S. population, but have been responsible for a very large number of mass shooting related deaths in recent years. If even just 20% of mass killings were caused by Muslims, that would be an amount so widely disproportionate to their population that it would be socially and academically irresponsible to not warrant attention.

Logical Fallacy #4: False Dilemma, Or Black-And-White Thinking

Sally Kohn - False Dilemma 1

False dilemmas or “black-and-white thinking” do not allow for many different variables or conditions to exist. For instance, in this tweet, Sally has put forth an argument where just two possibilities exist in regards to how the general public supports LGBT people.

However, there are many more options available in regards to how everyday citizens can treat LGBT issues. Indifference for example, and just wanting to get on with their lives without having cultural Marxist hogwash beating in their eardrums all year long.

what me worry

what me worry?

We see it here again:

Sally Kohn - False Dilemma 2

Again, Sally is creating a false dilemma where only two options exist, when in fact there are many more available. For instance, logic and reason is a side which should be promoted, but instead she is merely arguing for impotent emotional gestures and continued cultural ignorance as a way to address mass killings. Lame.

Logical Fallacy #5: Middle Ground

Sally Kohn - Middle Ground 1

Unfortunately, Sally does not realize that many times the awful truth does indeed find itself positioned at just one of two extreme points. Being half way between the truth and a lie, is still a lie.

What is the awful truth? The awful truth is that Islam is far more intolerant and hostile towards homosexuality than anything modern day Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Shintoism could conjure. Yet Sally wants to equally implicate them all for anti-gay extremism, at the expense of inadvertently defending the one religion which truly despises her sexual preferences and lifestyle to the point of imprisonment or death (outside of western nations). Islam.

Even the Westboro Baptist Church is mostly just retarded hate-speech dialogue directed towards gays. Last time I checked, words never actually killed anybody.

Logical Fallacy #6: No True Scotsman

Sally Kohn - No True Scotsman 1

“No True Scotsman” is an appeal to a sense of purity in order to dismiss factual criticisms. For instance “No TRUE Muslim would ever commit a terrorist attack!” is a relevant example of the fallacy.

In this tweet, Sally is essentially dubbing people “Un-American” if they use logic and data to come to the unfortunate, yet truthful, realization that Islam is more hateful towards homosexuals than other religions. After all, no TRUE American would ever dare to stereotype or hold a negative opinion towards Islam, and no TRUE Muslim would perpetrate such an attack.

Unfortunately for her, Americans do not all have SJW hive-minds, and are free to have their own opinions regarding various religions. It’s all protected under the 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights (free speech, which lots of leftists want to destroy).

Logical Fallacy #7: Moving The Goal Posts or “Shifting Sands”

Sally Kohn - Special Pleading - Moving the Goalposts 1

“Moving the goal posts” is a fallacy in which the evidence presented in response to a specific claim (Islamic terrorism) is dismissed and some other vaguely related topic (global violence) is often demanded to take it’s place.

Why would Sally want to “move the goal posts” here? It’s because she wants to take the heat off the narrative she is trying to protect (Islam is good and a religion of peace) without sounding completely off-topic. “Global violence” in general should be the center of the new debate.

Final Remarks

Sally Kohn is good little modern day Marxist commissar. Like all SJW’s, she insists on doubling down on the leftist narrative no matter how many times reality can metaphorically hit her square in the face.

Nonetheless, her sound bytes and tweets can make for an entertaining spectacle to brush up on your logical fallacies. Whom shall be my next semi-celebrity teaching assistant? DeRay McKesson? Tim Wise? I’ll be paying attention to the commentary.

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243 thoughts on “7 Common Logical Fallacies That Marxist Sympathizer Sally Kohn Effortlessly Teaches Us”

  1. Good old Sally. I’m sure her being Jewish is purely a coincidence.
    And I’m sure that the goal is not white genocide.
    It’s about love, bro.

    1. Kohn, Koen, Coen, Cohen – all of these have roots in the jewish culture.

    1. Great comment to an excellent article with real life examples. Make more of these comments with really nice compliments, if he makes more of those articles with real life examples.

        1. Here we go again on this wonderful voyage embarked upon by great people making excellent comments and complimenting each other in exemplary ways on those comments as a matter of politesse and fraternity

        2. Much better -oops!- I mean…. what a fabulous sentiment you expressed about us going on a wonderful voyage making excellent comments and complimenting each other in exemplary ways on those comments as a matter of politesse and fraternity.

        3. Please phrase your comment in the form of a question. This is Jeopardy dammit!

    1. We’ve already had Fauxcahontas, and Rachael Dolezal, so why not?

  2. Just goes to show what mental gymnastics SJW’s will go through when their precious narrative falls apart.

  3. Send her to Mosul to preach “love” or to any other muslim majority nation to see what happens to lesbians like her. These marxists live in la la land and fail to realize the danger Islam represents.
    Make no mistakes: these idiots are the ones who are going to be sacrificed the most by global jihad, that does not give a damn about twitter or loving hashtags. I never saw these hypocrites concerned about gays being executed by Isis, or such outcries for Christians being beheaded and crucified. These wolves on sheep clothes should be wiped like Christ wiped the money changers.

    1. If only someone would have sent a picture of an adorable cat to Jihadi John. Hang in there Jihadi John, hang in there.

      1. Do not forget free hugs. Send free hugs to isis and all the other jihadist groups. Or….send flyers with Justin Trudeau loving sentences like if “we kill our enemies they win”. That will make us won the war.

        1. I get nauseated even by looking at that mans face. He is truly the poster boy of emasculation and cultural marxism in the West. Obama is a near second.

    2. These kind of people seem to think they will be part of a “morally superior” elite in a society full of muslims, once whites have been nipped in the bud. Reality is going to hit them, hard.

      1. Right on. They are so poisoned by the lie, that it is possible to build this multicultural paradise on earth, that they are simple incapable of reasoning that Islam is a dangerous and incompatible ideology with Western values, and rather prefer to ignore the more than abundant warning signs. They will pay, as you say, with blood and suffering for this surreal approach to reality.

      2. Seriously, they’ve forgotten how incredibly harsh reality is and how much whites have softened it up in the last 100 years. Seriously, whites have pushed more technological and social innovation in the last 100 years than anyone else has in the prior 1000. And when I say whites, I mean the people of America. Our system

    3. Have you heard of Pippa Bacca? She was the Italian girl that, back in 2008, decided to hitchhike from Milan to the Middle East wearing a wedding dress to promote peace and trust amongst people. Sadly, she didn’t make it past Turkey where she was found raped, robbed and murdered. I’d suggest it was all a consequence of SJW delusion.

      1. Never heard of her, but reading the wiki information, its truly a mesmerizing evidence of how these people are out of their minds. Guess they dont show that in sjw safe spaces…

        1. Of course they won’t, it would be triggering to know that the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit about their feelings and would chew them up before spitting them back out.

        2. Its funny thinking about safe spaces…because these morons do not realize the West is a gigantic safe space that offers them a level of security and prosperity unheard of in Human History.
          The problem is when they leave the West thinking its alllllll about love. The story of this italian girl is really paradigmatic.

        3. Yep. A lot of it reminds me of when I was in the army and was stationed overseas and some of the places I went to. They were eye openers to say the least, and coming back it was strange realizing how fragile things were in the West. Not many people that live in the West know this, nor do they care.

        4. I suspect we weren’t supposed to hear about her – the story probably got shelved quickly.

      2. Coincidentally, baca means idiot in Japan. Way to live up to the name Pippa….

      3. Poor thing. Her death is a “tragedy” but her mind was poisoned, didn’t dwell on planet Earth so something like this was to be expected sooner or later. They are so deluded they can’t realize the Western Civilization is as one commenter just said a giant safe space. They are able to dwell in their delusions because war is not a daily occurrence…

  4. This woman obviously wants the world to love her the way she is unable to love the world. Liiike so many. 🙂
    “Sally is upset that a member of a religion she champions under her social justice narrative (Islam) has caused the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history. Therefore, Sally is making an unsuccessful attempt to save face by using the distant past to try and implicate other religions, such as Christianity during the Middle Ages (Crusades, Inquisition, etc.)”
    Beware of “No true Scotsman” – I wanted to say, but you brought up No true Scotsman yourself. So, let me just say that it also applies to Christianity. And American.
    I recently had a discussion with a feminist who was using this fallacy about feminism. She did not actually identify with anything that feminism stands for today, but she was still defending the term “feminism” due to this fallacy. The word “feminism” to her was more important than the much more moderate values it may have stood for once.
    “For instance, Muslims make up barely over one percent of the U.S. population, but have been responsible for a very large number of mass shooting related deaths in recent years. If even just 20% of mass killings were caused by Muslims, that would be an amount so widely disproportionate to their population that it would be socially and academically irresponsible to not warrant attention.”
    I wanted to bring this up for discussion for a while. I found this statistic here which says that Muslims actually only make up some 6% of all terrorist acts on American ground:
    Lo and behold, Jews are doing more terrorism in the USA than Muslims. (((How surprising))). It would be interesting to put this data in relation to the percentage of Muslim / Jewish / Whatever inhabitants.

  5. Great article and good examples, but who is this bird and why is she relevant? Not even being my normal twat self…is she just some talking cunt that they drag out for that particular opinion on a news show…like they put her in one box and then some equally fucking dipshit conservative and watch them claw at each other like howler monkeys for ratings or is this someone real?
    That said, even if she is just a talking cunt still a good article as those drivel filled formations of brain feces will, in fact, drip out of the upper anus of idiots on the frequent.

    1. To understand the beast, we need a field guide. When discussing, say, robins, any old robin can serve as an example.
      She’s merely an example of an important and dangerous type.

      1. oh no doubt and agreed…just wondering if this one is someone of particular import. I really have almost no fucking clue as to what is going on. I have no idea who my senators are and I don’t know who the vice president is. So for all I know this woman could be a nobody or, ya know, the secretary of defense.

        1. There is something cringeworthy about TED talks in general. But that creature doing TED talk is unwatchable.
          Have you guys seen that guy brillantly trolling a college TED Talk :

        2. “What inspires me is teaching african refugees how to program java script”

        3. That was a superb line wasn’t it? Heh

        4. Sam Hyde is great. You should the MDE video about the female free nirvana. I feel like this every time I see it: 😍😍😏

        5. Brilliant. I so done with tedx talks, smug conceited blowhards that basically say exactly what Sam said.

  6. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I recall that Arthur Wellesley encountered similar shenanigans from Parliament while he was fighting (and defeating) Napoleon’so best Marshals in Spain (including Ney).
    Whilst marching from Portugal to a position which commands the approach to Madrid and the French forces, my officers have been diligently complying with your requests which have been sent by H.M. ship from London to Lisbon and thence by dispatch to our headquarters.
    We have enumerated our saddles, bridles, tents and tent poles, and all manner of sundry items for which His Majesty’s Government holds me accountable. I have dispatched reports on the character, wit, and spleen of every officer. Each item and every farthing has been accounted for, with two regrettable exceptions for which I beg your indulgence.
    Unfortunately the sum of one shilling and ninepence remains unaccounted for in one infantry battalion’s petty cash and there has been a hideous confusion as the the number of jars of raspberry jam issued to one cavalry regiment during a sandstorm in western Spain. This reprehensible carelessness may be related to the pressure of circumstance, since we are war with France, a fact which may come as a bit of a surprise to you gentlemen in Whitehall.
    This brings me to my present purpose, which is to request elucidation of my instructions from His Majesty’s Government so that I may better understand why I am dragging an army over these barren plains. I construe that perforce it must be one of two alternative duties, as given below. I shall pursue either one with the best of my ability, but I cannot do both:
    1. To train an army of uniformed British clerks in Spain for the benefit of the accountants and copy-boys in London or perchance.
    2. To see to it that the forces of Napoleon are driven out of Spain.
    Your most obedient servant,

  7. Sally Kohn, Sheryl Sandberg, Rosa luxembourg, Emma Goldman, Betty Friedan…Nothing to see here folks

    1. Round them up and fire them into the sun-that’s all they’re good for.

  8. Ms. Kohn is the worst kind of person (example below), she returns a small token of kindness with divisive scorn. She probably bemoans the lack of unity in other Tweets.

    1. Something went *tragically* wrong in her life at one point and she started making bad choices and nobody in her family stood up and smacked her across the face and told her to get a grip. Such a pity.

      1. It’s extreme self loathing on display.
        “He wouldn’t have given me a free pass if I weren’t white! How dare him!”
        “He wouldn’t have given me a free pass if I weren’t middle class! How dare him!”
        Self hatred runs deep in homosexuals. Probably for good reason too, I’d hate myself if my mind were that bent.

      1. Out of sense of victimization”.
        Truly sickening what leftoids hold dear.

  9. “However, Sally was disappointed that she was… wait for it… starting to show a romantic interest in boys.”
    This is our in, boys. Not for banging her (blegh), but to attack on her hypocrisy. She’s showing disappointment….in expressing a different type of sexuality? Isn’t this what the gays fought against for decades? “You should love and accept me no matter who I love!” Looks like it’s turned full circle and now they are going to start groups where they try to pray the straight away.

    1. What would be even more hilarious, is if the “daughter” (not sure if she’s genetically linked or adopted) married a deeply religious conservative, spat out a dozen children and became a housewife.

        1. I’m quite sure there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth as only a lesbian feminist can. Something tells me she needs some serious, real dicking from a pro like Ron Jeremy and she’d be happy with dudes the rest of her life.

        2. Braver than me. We must raise our morning coffee in salute to that wonderful, foolish, brave and crazy bastard!

        3. I won’t marry her, but I will tear that shit up, and for the sake of lulz, even come home and do a meet the moms.
          Tht would be a great mother daughter threeway.

        4. I wonder how much FGM is caused by lesbian feminists gnashing their teeth at the wrong moment?

    2. My first thought as well. So Ms. Kohn is “disappointed” by a lifestyle different from her own? Imagine that.
      My personal experience is the first person at the table to wave the metaphoric “tolerance” flag is usually the most intolerant person at the table.

    3. The question would be who would’ve done her to produce a daughter (lolknee)? He must have been THAT bad at it to make her hate men.

    4. Remember this “liberals are for all points of view. Until one disagrees with theirs.”

  10. #1 is she asking this ironically as in: “as if there is anything other than a Christian American?” or is she implying that anyone Christian, American, or combination of the two shouldn’t be defended from harm? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9762745/Christianity-close-to-extinction-in-Middle-East.html
    #2, well at least she understands that, as extremist groups, feminism, SJW, and LGBT preach and rationalize their own “hate.”
    I wonder how long until they admit this is their religion or co-opt another? https://www.gaychristian.net/ http://www.gaychurch.org/
    #3 mass shootings, convenient how to even be a “shooting” guns are absolutely required, how odd they would have such an implement in common! What of mass murders? http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2012/07/aurora_shooting_how_did_people_commit_mass_murder_before_automatic_weapons_.html Or so-called rampage killers? What of mental illness? Kool-aid and tennis shoes? Drugs? Gangs?
    #4 Dignity? Is that some sort of code word? Well, you either support cherry red Chevrolet pickups or you support rape, your choice Sally. More on dignity: http://www.quirkysanfrancisco.com/gay-pride-mini-parade-watch-all-8-minutes-its-worth-it/
    #5 Have it your way. I blame your tweets for all of it. Every form it takes, after all, even self-hatred. By continuing to antagonize the extremists in Islam with this, what is your goal? Could you secretly loathe your broken self and those like you? Some sort of twisted euthanasia plan? I think you may be a danger to yourself and others, Sally. http://ftp.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/borderline-personality-disorder/index.shtml
    #6 Except when it’s Christianity, eh? It’s not like they’re even people (or mostly pacifists and easy prey) or anything, the fappy bastards. http://www.transactionpub.com/title/Dehumanizing-Christians-978-1-4128-5267-8.html
    #7 Intolerance? I think you meant active celebration of. The fact that gays can be out at all is in itself tolerance, sorry but you don’t deserve a participation sticker on top of it and you can’t force people to accept or even like you through government power (and let’s be honest now, you really want to be liked/externally validated).
    Great article John, enjoyed it thoroughly. This particular insufferable is always good for a chuckle. At one time, folks knew not to debate, argue, reason with, or pay any mind to crazy people now we give them international platforms and jobs dealing with the public.
    I’d say either DeRay, Austan Goolsbee, or Bill Moyers would be good nexts.

  11. I know I am going to get totally skewerd for this but……….6/10 WB

    1. She looks like she could be Matthew Mcconaughey’s effeminate male cousin.

      1. Indeed. However, in some cases looks don’t matter. I want to make this bitch scream the same way I want to make the Williams sisters call me daddy.

        1. I’m not a fan of horses. Even ones that can talk, or swing a tennis racket.

    2. She is young enough and bitter enough at heterosexuality to make an awesome hate fuck. She might even be film worthy.

      1. thank you! someone gets.
        Man, fucking puritans up on this website lately.

    3. I say this as a friend and confident…I worry for your sanity and hope you can seek competent ocular and psychological help in time before your wish comes to pass. Heh

      1. I didn’t say she was hot…I said I would fuck her. There are loads of reasons to fuck a woman….and not all of them are physical. I am more sensitive than that. Sometimes I just want to make a die hard feminist scream my name and beg for more.

        1. Ok, sure, but I could only do that with a hot or at least, female looking, feminist. This “dude” doesn’t pass any boner test that I know of, in my catalog of “wb”.
          Now her daughter, on the other hand, seems to like men and might actually be attractive (no idea). Revenge fucking her and filming it and sending it to Mommy Dearest, I could do (assuming she was of age of course).

        2. nah, I want mommy dearest.
          I want to make her crave me and hate herself for it. I have just the perfect arrogant smirk for that shit.

        3. We each have our own missions and personal quests in life. Heh.

        4. That’s a good idea I think. Why don’t you incorporate butch lesbians in your hunting routine ? You could be a great threat to radfems.

        5. I have had 2 in my days of being a lecherous pig. One was not really that butch but was a confirmed man hatting lesbian…that was back in college. The other, last year, was right out of the stero type book — hell she even coached girls volleyball.
          Alcohol is a wonderful thing.

        6. Damn a medal, lolknee deserves a statue in the halls of Pick Up and Pimptom, forever enshrined for his glorious deeds of conquering the unconquerable.

        7. Haha, I pulled a “lesbian” once. Cute, just a tad on the thick side, mohawk – very stereotypical experimenting mentally unstable broad we all know. Surprised all her friends at the party when I went home with her. It was the peak of my player days. Glory days, they’ll pass you by…

        8. see, to me that is an easy decision over a much prettier normal girl for a ONS. Fuck it, I can pull a pretty girl any time. Getting a dykey feminist to grunt like a pig and then hate herself though? That’s fucking tits man, pure tits.

        9. So true. It’s pretty amazing how once you start getting laid the thrill dies down and you start craving novelty. It’s much like porn. Pictures of P in V was good enough for many years, but now if you don’t have a high res gaping anus, ain’t nobody watching it. I claim the lesbo and the ONS bj from the devote Indian girl to be my proudest accomplishments.

        10. Odd. That kind of applies, but I think only to variety and novelty in new sex acts, and even that can be limited. Some (actually) one poster here goes on about too much sex with women makes you gay, which is absurd, for example. But wanting to try new things with women, that’s where it’s at with me. But wanting to try women who don’t like men just seemed like too much for work for too little return plus I can’t stand thick and/or ugly women.

    4. Jesus really a 6? Shes a maybe 3 in my book but my book has been said to be very tough

      1. actually my book is a little odd. 6 is the lowest bangable number and always requires an addendum like “would bang because I like the idea of fucking a lesbian feminist” and is never a pure would bang. 7 is would bang so long as effort is totally marginalized. 8 would put some effort into banging 9) would actually go south of 57th street to bang. There is no 10

        1. We share the opinion of no ten, for me a 5 is only bangable when drunk now a 6 i would bang but it’s not like im showing her picture to any of my friends ever

        2. A scale with a non-existent endpoint is no scale.
          A 10, I hold, is a 9 who fits an individual man’s criteria to a tee. We all recognize a 9 even if she’s not “our type”. A 10 would be a 9 that is precisely your type. If you don’t have a type, then that may explain why you don’t believe in 10’s (nor do some other men, whom I usually note have not one specific preference in women but vary based on the day). I have a type, so I recognize the concept of 10.

        3. No one says the endpoint is non existent…I just say it ends at 9.
          I will say that for the longest time, up until recently, I said the exact same thing as you. I do have a “type” only it changes based on sensory experience, what movies I am watching or the type of the last girl I was fucking.
          That said, I am willing to give the 9.5 to a 9 which meets specific type criteria. Still, I refuse to acknowledge a 10 because a 10 would indicate perfection. I side with Plato on the score that in the physical world perfection is unattainable. When you find a 9.5 mute that never ages and disappears into a poof of nice smelling air the moment I ejaculate I am willing to discuss bestowing a 10 upon her.

        4. If perfection is unattainable then there can be no zero nor a perfect vacuum, as that is the perfect absence of everything in both the mathematical and physical sense. Did Plato just destroy mathematics and physics?
          The perfection is relative to the person judging. In a way it’s incorporating your own subjectivist slant on it.

        5. just make it quick. Like Bob Dylan said “I’m one too many morning and a thousand miles behind”

        6. Not at all. I give him the benefit of the doubt of not knowing what a perfect vacuum was (that creepy blonde bond villain hadn’t emerged from his 30 years of testing) and 0 wasn’t something that the greeks used.
          That said, Plato’s idea was that if you had something in this physical world that was perfect it could still be destroyed or would, eventually, crumble under time and that perfection was only really found in the realm of the ideas, specifically in the idea of the Good which later becomes the Christian concept of God.
          Subjectivity is all that matters. But in the end, if something can die, be destroyed, age or in any way change then it isn’t perfect.
          When applied to women the being mute thing is actually really important too.

        7. as a side note: that dyson vacuum guy really does give me the willies. I mean, who spends 3 decades perfecting a vacuum. That guy has ond villain written all over him.

        8. I thought we were talking specifically about physical beauty. I’m talking first site “OMG!”, not “Yeah, she’s hot, but she’s a real bitch once you get to know her”. The “whole person” stuff was not in play. I happen to think that a 10 to me might be a 9 to you, but we’d both agree she was at least a 9. It’s a scale of hotness relative to the observer, not a marker of absolute perfection (if there is such a thing) to all human beings.
          When Bo Derek bounced across the screen in “10” nobody said “Man, look at how she’s showcased her intellect!” Heh. I use the simpler, more traditional scale I guess. Looking for perfection in things like being mute doesn’t apply to a beauty scale.

        9. Absolutely agree, I’ve thought the same thing actually, more or less. He spent his entire career, with potential to create amazing things, working on a household appliance. But I guess we need people like that.

        10. I remember the first commercial when he was like “i have spend (whatever it was) 20 years obsessively making the perfect vacuum” and all I could picture was Dr. No’s elaborate hideout in the volcano off of Crab Key. You knew Dr. No was a mad man not because he fed people to sharks, not because he was dressed like Hilary Clinton but because he had Ursula Andress prisoner and decided to show absolutely no interest in her.

        11. When Bo Derek bounced across the screen in “10” nobody said “Man, look at how she’s showcased her intellect!”
          Right…but we all knew she was going to get old. And old women are yucky.

    5. i was actually thinking that she would probably look pretty nice if she were to let her hair grow out.

      1. Maybe. Can’t tell. Still WB. Like Young Money said “I just wanna fuck every girl in the world”

      1. nothing to do with physical. Just want to make a cunty, feminist lesbian howl

      1. Aw come on. You don’t want to take a dykey lesbian feminist for a tumble? Where is your sense of adventure man. It’s just a fuck. Don’t be so puritanical.

        1. Yes. But a young at least somewhat pretty one.
          Not some tattered old hag with a hillary style donut

  12. This is extremely important. Do NOT use their vocabulary unless you can flip it on them.
    Any time a liberal is intolerant, offensive, or reverses any -ism, call them a bigot.
    Any time they say “assault weapon” call it a what it is, a rifle.
    Any time they accuse you of being an -ism, just call them a bigot right back.
    Don’t play by their script. Make your own. Don’t let them reframe arguments. (“Oh so you don’t support gun control so you must be for the murder of children”…either agree and amplify…”oh yeah I am totally for murder children”…or flip the script…”it would seem to me that your abortion supporting ass if for child murder).
    Use terms like “man” and “woman” and don’t pay attention to made up terms that stupid liberals use like cis-gender (don’t even know what that really means still). Just ignore those made up terms.
    Get in their face and don’t back down. Keep it up until they quit. Always be aggressive and on the offensive with these leftwing loonies. Call them names. Claim they are delusional. Dox them if need be.
    Do NOT break the law or make direct threats of violence. But statements like “well your time might come soon” are fine.
    The time for action now has come. This country is at a turning point. Either it will be 8 years of recovery under Trump or 8 years of turning into a socialist PC nation under Hitlery. This is America so you can decide for yourself what reality you might want to live under. But, I have already made my choice.

    1. Aaahhhh….i see you advocate for what I call the “Shapiro Approach.”
      Basically, he takes Rules For Radicals and goes all Alinsky on them.
      For me he lost some respect with his white knighting for Michelle Fields, but his dismantling of Left wing ideology is superb.

    2. Well Said. I completely agree. Don’t use their made up words. Call them bigots, and communists…

  13. White males have arranged this safe world for her to spout this garbage 24/7. She doesn’t realize that she will be one of the first exterminated when the “big reset” takes place.

  14. Solid. But, to anyone reading, do not try to argue logic with these fucktards. They have no capacity for it. Articles like these are useful only to convert reasonable people to the red pill. You cannot win a logic argument with a retard. It is like trying to wrestle a pig. You accomplish nothing, end up covered in shit, and the pig is happy.

  15. When did Hugh Grant become an American Jewish Lesbian? What did I miss?

  16. Did anyone else notice here that she put “Love” on the same side as the West, Christianity and Islamophobia. Interesting.

      1. Don’t you love how SJWs, and the like, have a tendency to bark commands but when you question them… they answer with a question. lmao.

      2. For once I chose the ‘left side’ and did not feel dirty about it; I won’t need to cleanse myself of the filth this one rare time.

  17. Your next step should be educating yourself about what were the Crusades and the Inquisition so you don’t inadvertently spread Leftist dogma about those important events in our history, like you are doing here.

    1. I think what the author is referring to is the common tactic of the left saying the Crusades was a bunch of mean Christians who decided to just up and kill a bunch of muslims. Most of us are well aware that the Crusades was a response to the muslims invading and killing Christians.

  18. So a Muslim fanatic kills 49 of her Comrades and wounds at least 50 more. Her solution? Stand with the Muslim and sneer at Christians.
    I say, let this foul witch buddy up to the Muslims who will one day throw her off of a building. Point and laugh at her sheer bloody minded stupidity.
    Cheering one’s destruction as one’s own kind are chewed up in its maw. Amazing how deep the Dogma goes with these types.

  19. They pretend like it’s a handful of Muslims that hate gays. No, please go to any Muslim nation, you will be disemboweled in the streets. Not by isis or any other terrorists, but by your very very average Muslims. Remember folks, they murder their own family members, something about “honor” bla bla

    1. Oh come now, they don’t disembowel gays in the streets.
      They lob them off of high buildings without parachutes.

      1. That’s not “hate” don’t ya know and besides those folks are real and dangerous, better to focus on virtual villains and normal non-violent people, see:
        Promoted narrative meet Comments Section, Comments Section meet Censorship

        YT is probably even artificially injecting likes and it still isn’t taking.
        EDIT: Less than 24 hrs after, “Comments for this video are disabled.” Yep.

        1. Except for the fringe and stupid, Leftism is failing utterly. It’s why they have to start using force now, censoring and rigging elections. They are a dirty, nasty, hate filled lot that is anti-social and has zero concept of civility. A pox on them all.

        2. Only a pox? I wish colorectal and brain stem cancer on them, their families and their sympathisers and the useful idiots who subscribe to their warped ideologies. May the fleas of a billion mange-alfficted camels infest their anuses also.

  20. Leftists have to resort to emotional appeals and logical fallacies because they have zero facts to back up their views. Reality constantly clashes with their worldview, which only makes them dig in deeper and scream louder. For instance, if you argue against abortion, there is a 100% chance they’ll say something to the effect of, “but what if a 12 year old gets raped?” They try to reframe the discussion to the most unlikely scenarios to derail any debate. It’s best to dismiss them, state your case, and move on.

  21. My skin crawls whenever I have to endure hearing or seeing this thing that has ZERO business weighing in on anything. Here is the thing about all these lgtdskujasasjkhasddc fucking activists, and I really can not be any clearer, THEY ARE THE H. A. T. E. – HATE. They are the most hateful people out there. I tolerate homosexuals but I will never champion them because…well, what the fuck is that all about anyway? I’ve really come to see homosexualism as totally despicable! The big reason, and there are plenty more, is because its not honest about anything, but then again, these are people who put on a dress and say to hell with reality…they’re not capable of being honest with themselves. I digress, apropos to this thing above, they’re not honest by admitting that they have electric hatred and also jealousy and envy of other people. And all the while they claim to hold “love” as their calling card. And that is just sick. Because, they hate 1) Christians 2) America 3) Normal people 4) Straights 5) Straight culture 6) Judeo-Christian culture etc etc. Since these assholes are ring-fenced from the slightest form of criticism we can’t bring to light that they ultimately hate themselves more than anything, and therefore incapable of not hating and certainly “love”. And these are the fucking people, this lgtdksdajkhsajhds lobby, that has, somehow gained remarkable amounts of power of policy and culture. Moreover an honest appraisal of the real truth of the matter tells us this, which is nonetheless chilling – the pathology of their hate is that these are people who were ostracized for most of their lives. The freaks, the geeks, the ugly, the smelly…the fucking losers. Today, merit via affirmative action has been inverted so the losers, like this fucking thing above, rule. Losers aren’t the most stable people.

  22. Just another miserable feminazi that hates herself and wants attention. She must not be getting enough from her lesbian friends. Try some cock you whore!

  23. For all the antireligious talk, this woman sure uses the “heaven or hell” paradigm a lot.

  24. These people all have an Anti-Christian thread running through them. Communists, Unitarians, Muslims they are all Anti-Christ advocates. Christianity as a ideology in conjunction with government is the best system. Christian morality is supreme to everything else. Yes, there are bad people in the Church but that is the nature of evil, it is pervasive and very easy for it to take hold in every single person. Bring on the hater comments all you anti-religion “I am better than God” individual

    1. Can’t agree more with your comment. Excellent. Today’s secular politically correct “morality” is repugnant. Consider the Orlando shootings…basically what we see here is that the sin of being not politically correct is worse than murder.

  25. I stopped reading at #3 : “For instance, Muslims make up barely over one percent
    of the U.S. population, but have been responsible for a very large
    number of mass shooting related deaths in recent years. If even just 20%
    of mass killings were caused by Muslims, that would be an amount so
    widely disproportionate to their population that it would be socially
    and academically irresponsible to not warrant attention.”
    If you pretend to lecture us on logical fallacies, the least you can do is not use any in your demonstration. What’s a “very large number”? How did you come up with this 20% and not the actual percentage of killings caused by Muslims?
    Here are the numbers : http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/12/mass-shootings-mother-jones-full-data
    So out of 81 mass shootings since 1982, 5 were caused by Muslims. That is most certainly not a “very large number”. It could be argued that it’s “disproportionate”, but the argument should be made with the real percentage (6%), not one that you pulled out of your ass.

    1. So professor, where exactly is the logical fallacy in calling a very large number a very large number without stating exactly how that high number is? The point here is, it’s highly disproportionate, and that’s indisputable. And crucially, the percentage varies by definition and cut off-date, so there’s no “real percentage” like you seem to believe, only a series of percentages that all show a disproportionate representation.

      1. It’s called the “I pull data out of my ass to suit the preconceived notions I want to prove without doing the research” fallacy, also commonly called a bullshit conclusion based on bullshit statistics.
        And he didn’t call a large number a large number. Large is relative anyway, but I don’t think anyone would call something you can count on the fingers of one hand a very large number.
        Concerning your second remark, a statistic of this sort needs a
        large sample to be meaningful. 100% of the political assasinations in UK this year were caused by right-wing Nationalists. Can we draw a conclusion about the threat that Nationalists constitute ? No, because the sample is 1. So you’re right, there isn’t a “real percentage”, but I took the available data from the last 30 years because it makes for a large enough –and therefore meaningful– sample. Now maybe the author’s idea of “in recent years” is the last 2 years : 3 out of 15 mass
        shootings in the US were caused by Muslims in this period, which counts indeed for 20%. Is this disproportionate ? Sure. But when you see that these happened in a context of war, it certainly explains why the heat is rising in the head of a few nutjobs –more than 1400 year old religion.

    2. Let’s just say that 100% of mass shooters were criminals, not guns. A gun was a tool used for the crime. Anyone with just a small level of intelligence would know that.

        1. Not directing towards you. Just in general. People keep arguing about what religion nad so forth which gets tiring.

        2. We’re in agreement then. The author of article brought up religion first, not me.

      1. 1 out of 4 million Muslims are recent mass shooting terrorists, but only about 1 out of 300 million guns were used for terrorism. We therefore need about 75 times more Muslim control than we need gun control.

    3. A great analogy that recently cropped up was the Disney alligator incident. Think of Disney as the government, and the alligator as a muslim (a typical west-hating muslim).
      Muslims are demonstrably anti-west. Alligators devour anything in its path. Disney has a duty to protect its patrons, government has a duty to provide safety for its populace.
      So here you are telling Disney and its customers “that was only one alligator, not all alligators are like that.” Or worse, you will argue Disney should take all measures to keep alligators far away from the public while condemning those who argue the government has an obligation to keep Muslim (jihadists, the terms interchangeble as far as I’m concerned) far away from decent people.
      So which is it my muslim friend: should government have a duty to protect the public against jihad or should society be prevented from protecting itself in the name of alligator rights, not all alligators are like that?

      1. Your great analogy is incomplete, let me fix it for you : Muslim mass murderers are like alligators, Christian mass murderers are like beautiful swans, and other mass murderers are like ducks. Therefore we only need to protect ourselves against alligators. Such a powerful demonstration.

  26. “A secular Jew, ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, and lesbian to boot…”
    Whatever follows this description cannot be good.

  27. This isn’t a comment on the truth or falsehood of the author’s convictions but rather his very poor understanding of rhetoric.
    #1: Not an appeal to emotion inasmuch as no clear instructions are given about how to feel about it; the more suitable fallacy would be “begging the question” which challenges Cohn’s implication that Trump (nobody’s idea of a pious man) standing up for “Christian Americans” is a bad thing. Also ignores the point that Trump is committing another logical fallacy in the same tweet, Appeal to Tradition.
    #2: Here the author shows he fundamentally misunderstands his subject matter ; An Appeal To Tradition is, in essence, “because we’ve always done it this way” which is essentially a subset of an Appeal to Authority. Her argument here is overbroad (a “slippery slope” or “Begging the question” fallacy) but inasmuch as she implies historical objectivity, this item was misattributed.
    #3: Seriously? The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy is suitable for pointing out coincidences mistaken for correlations (particularly in small sample sizes), not wide-reaching generalizations. What is the author’s counterargument? That it is neither guns nor hatred but some mysterious third thing that supercedes both? The effective counterargument is that neither guns nor hatred can be legislated.
    #4: True
    #5: Firstly, your facts are false: it’s as dangerous to come out as gay in (Christian) Uganda as it is in Bahrain, just in case your readers got the impression you actually did any research. Secondly, it’s not a “middle ground” fallacy when the first position (homophobia is wrong) is still held within the second position (eliminate religious extremism to eliminate homophobia).
    #6 Potentially true, although you haven’t done the work of establishing that the terrorists are the “real” Muslims (although you could accomplish this syllogistically, independent of truth value).
    #7: There being an empirical correlation between US foreign policy and Islamist terrorism in the last 50-100 years, she is seeking antecedent cause. Insisting on essentialist cause without acknowledging the ones is actually a logical fallacy, “red herring”.
    In conclusion, the SWJ narrative, which is essentially emotionally-based, can easily be dismantled by logic, but not by someone with such a poor understanding of the tools. Suggest ROK finds people with better thinking abilities.

  28. Her personality is uglier than her face.
    The worst human rights atrocities of the 20th century, were committed by regimes that were: Marxist, atheist, users of fallacious emotionally driven propaganda and against their citizens possessing guns.
    There is one fallacy that feminist lesbians will never use – but will get uncomfortably aroused, if you use it on them. That is the fallacy of the 20 inch cock:……… ‘There are no men with 20 inch cock’s. Every survey ever conducted around the world has provided evidence that strengthens that theory. Therefore, if a man was found and measured to have a 19.75 inch cock, it would therefore provide more evidence to strengthen the the theory that there is no such thing as a 20 inch cock.’

    1. The worst human rights atrocities of the 20th century, were committed by regimes that were: Marxist, atheist, users of fallacious emotionally driven propaganda and against their citizens possessing guns.
      You said it buddy, those wonderful tolerant atheist socialist commies.

      1. With the Muslims closing in very closely but they also have 1400 years of experience in such.

  29. When did Christianity become a bad word? I truly want to know when it became such a dirty word. I remember growing up and it seemed normal to be a Christian.

    1. It was. Thank the cultural Marxists gunning hard at it since the mid 1970’s or so, and thank the stupid Right that didn’t realize fast enough that it was their way of life that was in the sights of these animals.

    2. I recall before the 2000 election NBCs Katey Couric saying something to the effect of” a lot of voters are concerned about George Bush’s devout faith in Christianity”. I thought, what does that mean? I still remember when people WANTED politicians to be Christian and even the most heathenistic politicians went to church to get votes.

  30. Maybe she’ll wake up when the scimitar blade is half way through her kosher neck? Nah, I still doubt it…..

  31. I just do not understand how marxists become Marxist to begin with. At what point when they learn about cultural Marxism do they say to themselves “this makes sense”?

    1. Most cases result from some inferiority complex or emotional neglect in some area during childhood. It’s a common trait for most Marxists to project their weaknesses onto others. Feminists and daddy issues comes to mind.
      That said Marx himself was quite logical and his views were arguably grounded in reality. Communism could be a natural end-point of civilisation for the fully evolved human (think Ghost In The Shell kind of thing).
      Cultural Marxism however is only superficially related to Marx. You could call it a mutation. He never stated many of their ideas but his followers took the base of his philosophy to the next level.

    2. I am perplexed by this too….
      I understand some crackhead breaking into my work-van to steal tools in the late 80’s Bronx, NY.
      To sell in exchange for crack..
      Don’t like it, but I get it…
      However, I cannot understand people intentionally voting/advocating for loss of freedom and slavery , i.e. communism…
      But, then I had an epiphany last night.
      It’s the same as the crack head.
      However, there are two types of communist.
      The rulers/leaders/brain-washers…
      And the brainwashed/delusional/useful-idiots…
      We seem to be at the crossroads similar to the Russian Revolution…
      And men are the “bourgeois” to be destroyed…

  32. I’m an Adam carolla style pro Semite, but even I am getting tired of many American Jews advocating the importation of a people whose religion explicitly instructs them to kill Jews. I’m not willing to die for the willfully self destructive.
    No I don’t buy that they can just “flee to israel” – it’s already a tiny and crowded place.

    1. Israel has lots of room. This isn’t even counting all the countries around them they can steal land from…

      1. You mean the barely habbitable ones which they would be sol protecting themselves against without western weapons?

        1. Have you been there? The cities are crowded but there is still not worse than elsewhere, plenty of suburbia being built almost all the time.
          Anyway I am pro Israel, and militantly so. The IDF is a unit worth knowing and fighting with, and even with its own SJW bent Israel is one of the countries we in the west should look to as a model.
          Virtually everyone is armed, and no one hesitates to shoot when the muzzies try shit. Look at the death toll, it takes 100+ muzzies to take 10 Israelis, if even that’s enough.
          I would fence in the ghettos in Europe and set up checkpoints with strip searches but in explosive proof bunkers like they do in Israel. Then whenever they fuck shit up, demolish the houses of the whole extended fucking family of the bastard, apropriate their land, and cut the water and power off to the whole ghetto for a day or two.
          That’s just a small part. I would deny citizenship to any Muslim, and make them publicly eat a BLT before they can be accepted.
          And if any cousin does shit – revoked for the whole family.
          And so on.

        2. Israel is quite suburban, it’s cities could be made much denser. Also, Lebanon and Syria are not all desert…

        3. Personally I’d drive all of them into the sea and instruct them to swim back to the Islamic shitholes they crawled out of or congealed in.

  33. Very helpful, and sad confirmation that many humans lack elementary reasoning skills.

  34. She’s a lesbian? I couldn’t tell.
    Clearly these LBGTWFT activists rely on quantity rather than quality when doing their “political” commentating. She’s boring.

  35. omg look at that mug of hers. Could a gal like her with face like that be anything other than a lesbian?????

  36. She could scare a hungry bulldog off the back of a meat truck.

  37. Stop saying “radical Islam”. Omar Mateen was not a radical. In fact, his family described him as not very religious.
    Thus, shooting up a bar full of gays is something done by regular Muslims who simply believe whatever their Koran tells them to believe (and it does tell them to kill gays).
    The problem isn’t radical Islam. The problem is just Islam.

    1. The Quran does not say that gay should be killed. It says that they should repent, and if not, that they will be punished by Allah, and Allah only.
      Now some Muslims interpret this as “kill the gays”, and it’s also important to note that some hadiths explicitly tell to kill homosexuals. But hadiths are mostly bullshit stories invented in the centuries following the Quran. One can’t believe them all, because many contradict each other, and many contradict the Quran. Muslims who choose to follow those hadiths are dumb fucks in my opinion. Sadly that makes a lot of them.
      Two other things :
      – the condemnation of homosexuality isn’t specific to Islam, you’ll find it in Judaism an Christianism as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it existed in other religions as well.
      – Not only Omar Mateen probably wasn’t “very religious”, but he was also gay himself. He was surely a dumb fuck, since he pledged allegiance to ISIS, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, three organizations at war with each other.

      1. i guess ISIS doesn’t know what to do with his “allegiance” now – as more and more facts about his homosexuality come out.

      2. BULL. SHIT. Here’s quotes taken directly from the texts that this screwball ideology follows pertaining to killing gays/
        Quran (4:16) – “If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone” This is the Yusuf Ali translation. The original Arabic does not use the word “men” and simply says “two from among you.” Yusuf Ali may have added the word “men” because the verse seems to refer to a different set than referred to in the prior verse (explicitly denoted as “your women”). In other words, since 4:15 refers to “your women”, 4:16 is presumably written to and refers to men.
        Interestingly, the same rules don’t seem to apply in paradise, where martyrs for the cause of Allah enjoy an orgy of virgins and “perpetual youth” Quran (56:17) (otherwise known as “boys” Quran (52:24)). Quran (76:19) bluntly states, “And immortal boys will circulate among them, when you see them you will count them as scattered pearls.” Technically, the mere presence of boys doesn’t necessarily mean sex, however it is strongly implied from the particular emphasis on the effeminacy, handsomeness and “freshness” of the boys. The female virgins of paradise are also compared to pearls (56:23).
        Hadith and Sira
        Abu Dawud (4462) – The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”.
        Abu Dawud (4448) – “If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.” (Note the implicit approval of sodomizing one’s wife).
        Bukhari (72:774) – “The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, ‘Turn them out of your houses .’ The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.”
        al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.”
        Reliance of the Traveller, p17.2 – “May Allah curse him who does what Lot’s people did.” This is also repeated in three other places.
        There are also several lesser hadith stating, “if a man comes upon a man, then they are both adulterers,” “If a woman comes upon a woman, they are both Adulteresses,” “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes,” and “Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.”

        1. So if you have to “punish” your kid, you’re going to kill him? Damn, that’s harsh.
          Some muslims (not the majority) think that 4:16 is about homosexuality, but why do you believe them? Can’t you read on your own? Does “lewdness” mean “homosexual act” to you? The arabic word can also be translated by turpitude, obscenity, depraved acts.. and the text doesn’t say “two men”, only “two”. The reasoning for adding “men” is actually a fine example of logical fallacy, but even if it is so, punish (not a good translation, but whatever) does not mean kill.
          As for the hadiths, I don’t care what they say, I’ve stated my opinion about them already. I was replying to the person blaming the Quran, and therefore defending the Quran, and the Quran only.

        2. Way to use the trite reductio ad absurdum. What next? You’re going to say people need to read the Koran in Arabic to understand it? I’ll tell you what-I don’t need to read Mein Kampf in German to know it calls for some very warped things much as I don’t need to read the Koran in Arabic to know it calls for murder, rape, paedophilia, zoophilia, and other insanity.

        3. Yes, the Quran is even worse than Mein Kampf. What logical fallacy is that again? Godwinus Pointus?

        4. Have you actually read the Koran you imbecile? There are 109 verses alone calling for murder of unbelievers. Godwin’s Point does not claim to articulate a fallacy; it is instead framed as a memetic tool to reduce the incidence of inappropriate hyperbolic comparisons but here you have failed because the Koran has been responsible for 1400 years of untold human misery. You’re an apologist and a very bad one.

        5. The Koran says that when I die, I’ll be thrown into a flaming pit and Muslims will stand above and throw stones at me for the rest of forever. That’s why I don’t like Muslims. 🔥

        6. I don’t like them not because of the killings, not because of the amputations, not because of the Jizya, not because of the female genital mutilation, not because of the Halal slaughter, not because of the intolerance and contempt for others, but because they demand their rules/laws apply to those that don’t even subscribe to their nutty little club.

      3. It says gays should be killed under Sharia law, or at least that’s what the majority of Muslims tell us it says, and then these Muslim countries execute gays.
        Are you suggesting I shouldn’t believe Muslims about the contents of the Koran?

        1. Don’t-read it for yourself because they are full of shit and are encouraged to lie to unbelievers adhering to tenets such as ‘taqqiya’, ‘kitman’, ‘tawriya’ and ‘muruna’.

        2. Muslims don’t appear to be lying. They openly admit they believe homosexuality is unacceptable, and many even admit support for the death penalty for gay acts. It’s appalling.

        3. In other facets they lie though and obfuscate the truth. They will deny the Koran and the associated texts call for killing and claim radicals have taken a very extreme interpretation.

        4. That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Read the book yourself if you want to know what’s in it. Most Muslims haven’t read it : the practicing ones know a few short surahs by heart because it’s mandatory (according to them) for the prayer, but haven’t read the entire thing. Most non-practicing muslims have no idea of what’s in it. Both kind will tell you the contents of the Quran by hear-say. “sharia law” is not in the Quran (the word sharia appears only once in the quran, if I remember correctly, and it means something like ‘the path’). “Sharia law” is a legal construction based on the Quran AND the hadiths. It’s not something fixed anyway, it’s constantly evolving, depending on the interpretations of the oulemas of the times.

        5. The Hadiths, which some follow, are products of Islam that some believe, as a practical matter. Are you trying to say “Those that follow the Koran LITERALLY are not violent”? I would say that point is moot since, in reality, according to your statements, some Muslims DO follow the Hadiths and many Sharia law.

        6. There is no such thing as a literal application of the Quran. Reading any text, the Quran most of all, is already an interpretation. And I’m certainly not saying that it’s a “turn the other cheek” kind of book. There are violent verses in it, I’m not denying that, and that wasn’t my point. I was just replying to this false statement : “The Quran tells to kill the gays”. It’s just not true.
          Your statement on the other hand : “some Muslims do follow the hadiths and many sharia law”, is absolutely true, and indeed I said that myself. Again, I’m not defending the actions of Muslims who kill innocent people (in case that needs to be said), I’m just saying : put the blame in the right place. You want to blame and criticize the hadiths, the islamic jurispridence, the muslim scholars, some of the cultural traditions of muslim countries? Good, I encourage you to do that. You want to blame the Quran? Well I encourage you to do that too, but good luck, cause I have been reading this one for quite some time now, and I still haven’t found the cracks.

        7. So we should blame Muslims for homophobia, then, and not Islam? It doesn’t sound much different, but whatever. I support a ban on male Muslim immigration to the West and so on.

        8. No, you should blame homophobic people who act on their homophobia for their homophobia. Not all muslims are like that, and a lot of non-muslims are.

        9. If you’re telling me to dislike and resist homophobic people then you’re talking about Muslims.
          Here are some statistics:
          “A Gallup poll of Muslims in the UK found that not a single one of the 1,001 people polled thought that homosexuality was morally acceptable.
          “52% believe homosexuality should be illegal.
          “23% would like to see Sharia law in England [which presumably means the death penalty for gays].”
          This is the UK, by the way. These are the guys who live next door. Heavens only know what the supposed “radicals” in Syria are like.
          Whether it states it specifically in the Koran or it’s a misinterpretation of the text seems irrelevant. The point is Muslims hate gays. They freely admit it, so there’s no point denying it.
          I believe men should be free to make their own life-style choices. Therefore, I must oppose the spread of Islam and Muslims.

        10. From a religious point of view, of course they’ll all tell you that it’s morally unacceptable. That doesn’t mean they all think they should be killed at gun point.
          I bet near 100% of ROK readers think that feminism is morally unacceptable, do they all go on a murder rampage in feminists reunions?
          52% think it should be illegal. Still doesn’t mean they think they should be killed.
          23% would like to see sharia law : the muslim countries that have some kind of sharia law don’t all give death penalty for homosexuals (I think only 3 of them do). Some give a life sentence, some other punishments. More than half of “muslim countries” actually don’t punish homosexuality. Besides, sane muslims know that it’s not their place to punish, that they must follow the laws of the country they live in.
          You are obviously an islamophobe, I don’t deny you the right to go in any country, and no muslim country will deny you the right to visit. As long as you just hate muslims and don’t act on it, you shouldn’t be punished or discriminated against, don’t you agree? The same applies here : thinking that homosexuality is despicable is not illegal. People aren’t punished for having thoughts, not yet.

        11. You obviously don’t know much about Muslims nor Islam. I’m not an Islamaphobe. It’s Muslims who say they hate me. Reacting to somebody else’s aggression is very different.
          I’m not saying Muslims should be deported from the West, either, but stopping more coming in because massive portions of immigrants are hateful people who want to massacre and conquer is just common sense.
          When the enemy is at the door, shut the door.

        12. I’m a Muslim, from a muslim family, and I lived in a muslim country. I think I know more about Muslims and Islam than you.

        13. So you’re lying, then, and refusing to admit Muslims are largely incompatible with Western values.

      4. Until you can name a Christian massacring a gay bar or blowing up a pride march let alone throw them off buildings I suggest you shut your squeal hole. You are intellectually dishonest.

        1. Okay then :
          Eric Rudolph, bombed Atlanta Olympics, and then a lesbian bar. Self proclaimed catholic, gave religious motives. Not many dead, but you can’t blame the guy for not trying.
          It could still happen anyway, with pastors like Jimenez :
          Do you want an orthodox Jew also? Or Neo-Nazis? I can give both.
          Also let’s not pretend that “sodomy laws” never existed in christian countries, and that all Christians are white doves who never massacred innocent people in the name of religion, shall we?
          And may I suggest that you use a more polite tone with people who have a different opinion than yours, especially when you pretend to promote values of tolerance?

        2. Sorry sport. You fail. And may I kindly suggest you don’t obfuscate the the truth. Thank you and fuck off.

        3. I did say ‘thank you’. You can never please everybody it seems.

        4. Having now gotten some more time up my sleeve I will respond to your post-there is only one verse in the entire Bible calling for what Muslims do to homosexuals in Leviticus 20:13: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”-however, according to Matthew 5:17, Jesus says, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” So all the Old Testament finds its completion and fulfillment in Jesus—and that is a basic truth that a person needs to understand. Everything in the Old Testament was pointing toward Jesus as the Son of God incarnate, dying and rising to save His people. And, therefore, in His person, in His ministry, the whole Old Testament reaches a climax and is dramatically altered. There are at least 5 other references to the obsolescence of the Old Testament in addition to the above.
          Therefore, your observation is totally moot. I asked for Christians and you stated one who acted on impulse and a distorted view of their religion and not according to scripture. Therefore you have failed the test and are intellectually dishonest hence my total lack of patience. I do not appreciate apologists.

        5. Ah yes, a Christian terrorist “acts on impulse with a distorted view of his religion”, but a Muslim terrorist necessarily acts according to his religion, right? And you’re calling me intellectually dishonest.
          And you can’t even read your own scripture : “I have not come to abolish the Law but fulfill it” means that the Law is abolished ? What kind of logic is that?
          Look, attacking Christians’ faith doesn’t interest me, except for little things here and there, I think St Paul did something marvelous with his Christ parabole. You asked for a Christian bombing homosexuals, I gave you one. His view of his religion is an entirely possible interpretation of the Bible and it was in fact the dominant interpretation (concerning homosexuals) until very recently. And many Christians still have this view…

        6. You damn right I am calling you intellectually dishonest because that is exactly what you are. The Koran outright advocates killing whereas the Bible has one verse and that is now abrogated. Whether Christians have a view on homosexuals is inconsequential because beyond that poor example you provided there have not been others acting on such. Stop embarrassing yourself.

        7. “Thow shalt not kill.”
          It’s actually such a clear statement that it’s been somewhat problematic throughout history. LOL

        8. Our little Muslim friend evidently does not understand clarity and prefers to deal in obfuscation 😉

    2. The problem is the question.
      A few decades ago it was considered a bad thing to be gay.
      Why? Mostly because all major religions see sex a means to produce babies.
      Thats why gay people are wrong. Or the dislike of oral sex or anal sex or contraception in many, many religions. All the same reason: No babies.
      Now in the last decades, we had a trend in the other direction.
      LESS babies.
      All things that do NOT produce babies are now championed in the west.
      Like sexual education is in reality not sexual education but “how to not get prego education”.
      Or “gay pride” “lesbian lovers” and all kinds of fetisch stuff that all do reduce the number of babies conceived.
      We go even one step further by making the murder of unborn children legal.
      ALL (no exception) major religions do have a problem with murder. We managed or moraly bypass this by definition. A baby is not a baby until 12th week. Well this may be very convenient for us, many may like it. But it simply is not true.
      Thats just another brick in the wall. The wall built all around us to keep us in our boxes like cattle.
      A true alpha male will want a big family. Children are part of our legacy. NEVER forget that fellows. If you are too weak, too afraid or too poor to have children you are not an alpha, no matter how many women you bang with your rubber on.
      In here the circle ends. The islam is right by not promoting all this shit. If killing random gays in a foreign land (for them) is the solution is highly questionable. The general idea behind it is not specific to islam but shared by all major religions, except marxism/communism.

      1. I mostly agree, but I just see gays as harmless so it’s like whatever.
        Yes, children and Alphadom are inseparable.
        I would go a step further and say children are a person’s ONLY legacy.
        The genetic code flowing through my veins is a saga that began to be written over 4 billion years ago, and through my legacy it will still be sung for over 4 billion years to come – now THAT’S legacy.

  38. Logical fallacy # (Alpha through Omega): Ever taking anything vagina says seriously. On a side note: letting munchers raise innocent kids? Pure evil.

  39. Humph.. As Marx (Groucho?) said, Religion is the opium of the masses ??
    I say Marxism is the crack cocaine of the intellectuals piece of shit ?

    1. That’s fantastic-I hope you will give me your blessing to use such a pithy observation.

  40. I gotta say I’m guilty of the “No True Scotsman” approach every time I read someone blaming an event such as the Planned Parenthood shooting on Christians. The media makes one loose reference to religion tied to this shooter, and everyone assumes it is Christians who support such action. They are small-minded, and have no idea what a Christian is, and they refuse to read the gospel to find out what a Christian is.

    1. I made a comment on the parallels between true Christians and true Muslims in another article. The no true Scotsman can’t apply to both.

  41. “Moving the goalposts” is a popular debate tactic among the left. I jumped in some guy’s trash for it the other day on FB. He said X, I answered X, then he attempted to make it about Y, and I yanked him by the hair right back to X.

  42. Feminists use so much logical fallacy, I have often wondered if it is intentional. This article perfectly illustrates this idea. If you spout off a bunch of fallacy, whoever agrees with you is ignorant and, therefore, easy prey.
    They operate according to the “perception is reality” path to empowerment. This is why they don’t really worry about their blatant hypocrisy and lies. They gather the ignorant through fallacy, sell them their dressed up bigotry, and influence culture and public policy. If you’ve ever noticed, all feminists do is talk, whether it be in the media, awareness campaigns, educational positions, law, politics, etc.
    Anyway, I hope this author is up for the task in continuing his series, because he has his work cut out for him. If he is, it could be a very important series of articles.

  43. What’s fucking outrageous is this is the look/attitude of most of the teachers at my kid’s school.
    And they do not look at or speak to me.
    Also the same “look” as many in both areas/gym’s I live at…
    I have always gone along to get along. But, I realize now that these creatures despise us, and are consciously and systematically destroying us…

    1. Interesting observation, I just came across this today. Not that this is a credible source of info, but check out the 5th sign.
      What you describe is a good way to tell is she is a feminist, and one of many behaviors that prove that feminists are nothing more than gender bigots.

  44. Sally Kohn is a JEW. That is all you need to know about this most racist of peoples.

  45. Its entertaining. In fact i like her tweets presented here.
    For the great unwashed masses, it may indeed sound like the leftist brainwash it is.
    But there is a lot to be learned here. If you are wise and bold enough, that is.
    Tweet 1 message: Christian americans are the enemy
    Tweet 2 message: Religions use emotion to preach hate and this has worked for centuries. She is going to use this working strategy herself.
    Tweet 3 message: No guns for the enemy. More hate speech from her.
    Tweet 4 message: Who does not support me, is my enemy and 2nd class human.
    Tweet 5 message: Whatever happens, the enemy is to blame
    (who is the enemy? See other tweets and you will understand)
    Tweet 6 message: My tools are never guilty. Whatever happens, the enemy is to blame.
    Tweet 7 message: This election is about power. We will not tolerate loosing power and will use violence as needed. Muslims are our tools to aid the cause.
    Final remarks: If you can understand her true agenda, she is pretty straight forward and honest. In the past 40+ years this all has worked countless times. Now it is no longer as effective (see brexit just yesterday).
    These people must shit their pants now.

  46. Let look at what all mass shooting in the US have in common.
    Guns, damn I was thinking the answer was bombs.

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