7 Reasons Why A Male Cheater Is Better Than A Female Cheater

Now, before I go any further, I want to make one thing clear. If you are in a committed relationship, even as a man, you have basically given your word to be with one woman. You have given your word and you should not cheat. However, human beings are not perfect and, if you do end up messing up and cheating on your girlfriend, you should be forgiven MUCH easier than if she were to sleep with another guy.  Women will be screaming “sexist!”, but it’s not sexist, it’s just common sense and science. I want men and women to clearly understand why men should be forgiven for cheating before women. So, here you are, 7 reasons why a male cheater is better than a female cheater.

1. Sperm is cheaper than eggs


My first reason goes back to evolutionary science. First, understand that women create one egg nearly every month compared to men who create millions of sperm cells every day. Then, to multiply this affect ten fold, understand that once an egg is fertilized, it remains growing in the woman’s body for 9 months. Then, the woman will most likely end up raising the kid for the next 18+ years of her life.

This is why women are much more selective with whom they sleep with. It is a woman’s biological job to make sure that the man who fucks with the next 18 years of her life has the highest possible value that she could possibly obtain.

Now, if you look at men, who have MUCH less biological responsibility. It makes sense why their brains are wired to think about pussy all the time and chase after it all the time. It doesn’t matter if the girl they sleep with is high value, because he will just make another couple million sperm cells the next day.

For an example of this, talk to a sexually active gay guy in a big city. You shouldn’t be suprized to hear that his number of sexual partners is in the quadruple digits! Check out this quote from a study about gay men’s sexual habits:

28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners – Link

That’s right, according to this study:

“83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners.”

That is what happens when sex can be obtained easily by men, we really can’t help but go for it. In the world of straight men, you can’t just go talk to any girl you want and have a very good chance of sleeping with them because, even if they are attracted to you, sleeping with you could mean the end of their freedom for the next 18 years of their lives and the end of their youth. So they make obtaining sex much more difficult as they make sure you are a suitable sperm donor, all this subconsciously of course.

This is what causes men to have difficulty in monogamous relationships and this my first reason why women should be a bit more understanding if their boyfriend cheats on them. Backed by science.

2. Guys don’t get pregnant, girls get pregnant


I have previously mentioned pregnancy affecting women, much more than men, but my next reason has everything to do with this principal. If a girl cheats on her boyfriend, then get’s pregnant by that guy, no man with any self respect would ever accept raising the child of the man whom his girlfriend was fucking behind his back. Relationship over.

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend and gets that girl pregnant, the affect is not nearly is strong. If he is still in love with his girlfriend, it would be very dumb to try to start a relationship with the baby mama just because she is pregnant. It would, of course, lead to unhappy lives for the guy, the baby mama and the baby. If a guy messes up he may end up helping to financially support the kid and being a father figure to. In comparison to the necessity of having a mom (breast feeding and nurturing), the couple’s life would be affected much less by the guy getting a girl pregnant than the other way around.

3. Guys naturally desire multiple women

Harem 3

One thing that is very obvious is that it is much harder for men to have a monogamous relationship than it is for women. This was obvious to me in my church growing up (I grew up Mormon), where guys would leave the church much more often than women because abstaining from sex is so difficult.

Guys crave variety. They have this unending amount of sperm cells and their biology is telling them not to let them go to waste. Women’s eggs, on the other hand, are telling the women to find the perfect guy to make the perfect child and help the child survive. Those are two VERY different messages being sent. It also goes to suggest that women will cheat mostly with guys they find more attractive than their current partner.

Men, on the other hand, can cheat with girls who they find less attractive than their partner. This is because the feeling of sleeping with a new girl is one of the most addicting feelings on the planet. My thoughts on it:

The feeling of sleeping with a new girl is one of the most magical feelings on the planet. The whole process is a rush. You go and see a beautiful girl, you may imagine what she looks like undressed and you begin to start desiring her. She is the same temptation that a Christmas present is to a small child. Anything could be underneath the wrapping.

When you are with this new girl, and you are carried by your hormones, everything else beyond sex with her loses it’s importance. Every moment you feel good and excited. Desire clouds your mind and your focus is geared only towards your goal of sleeping with this girl.

Once you finally sleep with this girl, the satisfaction is anywhere from so-so, to amazing. However, the process of desire is always the same and it’s very strong. It’s like gambling because sometimes it turns out to be amazing sex and you hope you can find that again or maybe… better.

The problem with us as men, is that when you sleep with that girl a second time, a huge percentage of that excitement is gone. The only way to get it back is to sleep with a new girl.

Women, don’t get this special feeling from sleeping with a new guy, they don’t feel this constant pull. Women don’t understand that men constantly have this temptation all around them.

If you look at married couples who are “in love” you will also notice that the man will look at pornography. This has become accepted in our society, but basically he is mentally cheating on his wife. The reason it’s accepted is because it is just too much to ask that a man only be sexually stimulated by one girl for such a long period of time. His body craves as many new girls as he could possibly have a day. Most guys who masturbate don’t just pick one girl a session to masturbate to, they pick multiple and sometimes hundreds.

So, yes a man’s desire to sleep with new partners is much stronger than a woman’s and this is another reason they should be more easily forgiven for being a cheater.

4. Guys have a MUCH higher sex drive

forgiven for cheating

It’s just quite obvious to people with common sense that men, on average, have a much higher sex drive. There are nymphos out there who’s desire for cock is unfathomable, but this is a very small percentage of women. And, if you are dumb enough to start a relationship with a nympho, you should have known going in that the chances of her cheating on you are in the 99% range. But the 2% of nymphos aside, men have a MUCH higher sex drive than women.

Don’t believe me? Let’s ask science.

After months of reading and compiling results, the answer was clear. There is a substantial difference, and men have a much stronger sex drive than women. – Link here.

Check out that link and read that “men have a much stronger sex drive than women.” One thing he points to is the frequency of masturbation of men. It is much more common than women and it is done by a much higher percentage of men than women. This goes to suggest that desire for sex is much higher among men.

Women may respond that men can just masturbate when they are feeling horny, so they can’t use being horny as an excuse. I wish it were that simple, a commenter “Hey Ladies” answers this best when he said

“Masturbating temporarily removes the physical desire (which is uncontrollable) but does not remove psychological desire (which is always present).”

You can read his complete comment at the bottom of the article.

Another obvious indicator of men’s much higher sex drive is the prostitution industry. Only men are willing to spend trillions of dollars each year to pay somebody to have sex with them. Arguing that women and men have a similar sex drive is just ridiculous.

Men want sex more and they want it more often. This is another reason why men should be forgiven for cheating much easier than women.

5. It’s MUCH harder for a guy to turn down sex than it is for a girl


This next reason ties in with guys having a much higher sex drive from my last reason, but I want to make the point that it is much more difficult for a man to turn down sex than it is for a woman.

First, you should look at how often women go throughout life turning down men for sex. How often do they do this? For an attractive girl they do this every day and this is before ever starting a committed relationship. As the author of The Key Logger, I got to see this first hand. The amount of sex the girls turned down before our relationships had started was just astounding. Women do not have to make any changes to themselves to keep turning down sex, but men do. It is MUCH more difficult.

Let me explain to you guys how it feels when I am horny and an attractive girl shows her obvious interest in something with me:

I glimpse her body and feel nothing, but strong desire. Tunnel vision makes everything else in the world disappear. I start to actually feel a sensation of being drunk. Your body is telling you that, more than anything in the world in this moment, you want to sleep with this girl in front of You. You feel an insanely strong desire for sex, desperate even.

Then, once you have sex, those strong hormones leave your body and you feel normal again. In that moment, you might realize you didn’t desire this girl as much as you thought. If you have a girlfriend, you might start to feel guilty and start thinking about her. Then, you will just want the girl you just slept with to leave.

This feeling is probably the most intense thing I can remember ever feeling. The temptation caused by such a powerful feeling is something women can never understand, but it doesn’t mean it’s not reality.

6. Only higher value guys have the options to cheat

forgiven for cheating

I don’t want to hate on lower value guys, but a lower value guy (guy who rarely gets laid) who brags about being faithful to a girl, is like a man trapped on a deserted island bragging about quitting smoking. These guys just don’t have the opportunities to be a cheater. On the other hand, when you are a successful, attractive man and you have young, attractive girls throwing themselves at you, staying faithful is at a whole other level of difficulty.

A reality of dating in the 21st century is that the top 10% of men enjoy sex with the top 75% of women. The men below this 10% can still have access to the top 75% of women, but they have to put in MUCH more work. This means that if the boyfriend falls in that top 10% of men category, he has 75% of women competing for him to fertilize their eggs (subconsciously of course). I can’t tell you how difficult it is to ignore their advances, when you take into account the previous 5 reasons, but i’ll try… it’s very fucking difficult.

Most of this 75% of girls make it much easier for these top 10% to sleep with them. Let’s look at what would happen if there weren’t women deciding who they will and will not sleep with, instead people just had sex with people they are attracted to. It just so happens there is a group of people where this is the case… gays. When you look at gay relationships, check out this nugget:

There is an extremely low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexual men as compared to married heterosexuals. Among married females 85% reported sexual fidelity. Among married men, 75.5% reported sexual fidelity. Among homosexual males in their current relationship, 4.5% reported sexual fidelity. – Link

Only 4.5% of gay men reported sexual fidelity. That’s because when almost every person you find attractive, is willing to sleep with you, fidelity becomes much more difficult. This is what happens when your boyfriend is a higher value guy, the girls who he finds attractive are most likely willing to sleep with him.

So, if your boyfriend is one of these top 10% and cheats on you, at the very least you know that he had it a lot more difficult than a lower value guy had it. If he cheats on you, at least you know you are dating a guy who can actually get another girl. I know that alone won’t make a hurt girl feel better, but maybe it will help.

7. Guys can keep feelings out of the bedroom

When men stand united, they become an indomitable force.

One of the biggest reasons why a boyfriend should be forgiven for being a cheater much easier than a girlfriend is because men can have sex without any feelings. It’s one of the reasons why men get a bad rap, but men usually have very little emotional feelings towards girls they sleep with. This is bad news for girls looking for a guy, but great news for girls in relationships because it means that there is a good chance that the girl her boyfriend cheated on her with means very little to him. He just feels a strong sexual attraction and desire for variety. All natural feelings.

On the other hand, when a woman sleeps with a man she usually already has feelings towards him. If she doesn’t have feelings for him, these feelings usually develop.

This is because contraception only became popular in the past 100 years and our feelings come from instincts millions of years old. So, when a woman sleeps with a man, she subconsciously accepts that she could become pregnant by this man and carry a piece of him for the rest of her life. This is why women can’t help, but start to have feelings for a guy she is having sex with and this is why the balance of the relationship almost always changes once sex happens. It’s generally when the girl becomes attached.

For the relationship, this is as bad as it could be because not only is the guy’s girlfriend cheating on him sexually, but she is also cheating on him emotionally. Which, in my opinion, is much worse. And the chances of having feelings destroying the relationship is much higher than sexual attraction destroying the relationship.

Why men should be forgiven for cheating

To be honest, I don’t see even one way that makes it more acceptable for a woman to be a cheater than a man. I know that it is considered the same in our society when a man cheats on a woman than when a woman cheats on a man, but it’s ridiculous. They aren’t even close to the same thing because they affect the relationship very differently. Imagine the heartbreak and disrespect a man would feel after spending decades raising a child only to give blood and learn that he has been raising and putting all his emotions and resources into another man’s flesh and blood. Women (because they are the ones who get pregnant) never have to worry about this.

If you are a guy and care about your girlfriend, but end up messing up and sleeping with another girl, you aren’t a bad person. You fucked up, but it should not be treated nearly as seriously as her cheating on you. The relationship shouldn’t end because of this and, if she does end it because of this, it’s because she doesn’t understand or doesn’t have strong enough feelings for you.

If a guy cheats it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his girlfriend, it means he has nearly uncontrollable urges all the time and he was given an opportunity for sex that he wasn’t able to turn down. Girlfriends breaking up with their boyfriends for this is just not logical.

I will end with an amazing comment left on Swoop The World

Now I will leave you guys who want more info on the subject with a comment from “Hey Ladies” in the Article How to Bang 3 Philippine Women a Day where he responds to somebody hating on the fact Fisto slept with so many girls. Excellent comment.

Annihilating your argument is actually quite simple.

You said yourself you don’t understand what satisfaction we get from these “loathsome” acts. That’s because you aren’t a man, and to us these aren’t “loathsome” acts.

No, we can’t be satisfied with fapping, duh. If we could then we wouldn’t be putting in all of this work.

Psychological stimulation is important for men during sex too. If it wasn’t, then every man would only fap and not have sex. If any man had the choice, he would rather have sex with almost ANY woman than fap by himself. The only reason men fap instead of having sex is that it takes less work and temporarily removes the physical desire (which is uncontrollable), but does NOT remove the psychological desire (which is also always present). Men who are highly sexed are happier than men who aren’t, and that’s because they are satisfying this basic psychological desire that ALL men have. Many men will admittedly say that the physical sensation from masturbating is actually better than when having sex.. but the PSYCHOLOGICAL stimulation is so powerful that sex with a hot woman beats masturbation, every time.

For the men who don’t want a committed relationship, sex with multiple women is the only way to satisfy this most basic and powerful of male physical AND psychological desires.

There are many reasons some men might not want a committed relationship. He might still crave variety (which is how men are naturally programmed, I’m sure you know that). He might not be at a point in his life that he’s ready to take on the responsibility of supporting another woman (many young men are in this kind of situation), or a FAMILY. Many men also just do not trust people, especially not women (and not without justifiable reasons), so why invite one into your private life? Men know also that a committed relationship with any woman in our modern world means that marriage is inevitable. Many smart and rational men with business sense (non romantic type men) know that marriage is a bad business decision, so they decide to just forget about relationships completely (or lead women on in a relationship knowing in the back of his mind that it won’t last) because they know what they lead to – marriage. If this kind of man has the time and money to get sex from a variety of women to satisfy his most basic psychological and physical desire, then he probably will. If he has money, he might pay for it. If he doesn’t (like most men), but he has the valuable currency known as time, then he will employ “game” tactics like the ones mentioned in this article to get these women into bed for cheap/free.

There are many other reasons why many men wouldn’t want a committed relationship, but I think you get the idea. And these men aren’t bad. You have no right to judge any of them. You don’t know their stories. You don’t know their current situations. And finally, if you want to blame someone, then blame God for making men and women the way they are (if you believe in God, I don’t).

It’s just life. Life isn’t fair. It’s not fair that a man should have to choose one woman and deny his urge for variation, because society propagates marriage in a serious committed relationship, and people just eat that shit up. Which forces men who don’t want marriage to mislead some women who want marriage in order to get them in bed. That’s just one example of how the inherent unfairness of life fucks everything up and causes men and women to disrespect and lie to each other. I could go on about this subject forever…

And I hope you understand now why men can’t just fap and be happy to make you happy.

The world doesn’t revolve around our whimsical wishes.

And I hope you understand men a bit better now.

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356 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why A Male Cheater Is Better Than A Female Cheater”

  1. Good points!
    “I glimpse her body and feel nothing, but strong desire. Tunnel vision makes everything else in the world disappear. I start to actually feel a sensation of being drunk. Your body is telling you that, more than anything in the world in this moment, you want to sleep with this girl in front of You. You feel an insanely strong desire for sex, desperate even.”
    Yeah, I know that. I always hated that, because it made me feel so powerless. I hope to reach a point in my life where I can ease that tight grip this puts on me. I hate the feeling, because it makes me feel like a slave to the feminine. And it actually does. It makes me think of those big female fish and the tiny male fish who attach to the female and stay with her for the rest of their lives. I shudder at the thought.

  2. A guy cheating is wrong. And yes, while it is much harder for them not to cheat, that does not mean it is not just as wrong. Men just are expected to be more heroic in this sense and triumph over a bigger temptation. Any rationalization on them having to be judged less harshly is just looking for excuses. Women could also argue that they are to be judged less harshly for cheating because they are just weak women and need men to protect them from these urges.

    1. It’s only cheating if you promised to be faithful. I’m married but my wife knows that there is no way my dick will not end up inside other women. To her it’s not a big deal since she has my commitment to supporting her and our offspring.
      Women who think that being married to a high value guy somehow automagically will make them stop taking advantage of their position are delusional.
      And in my experience most women aren’t that stupid…

      1. If there is no way you can muster the willpower to stop your dick from ending up inside other women, I find it inside the realm of probability that your wife would not really believe you are truly in love with her. Why would she, when she is seeing other men commiting themselves to not sleep around for the sake of their loved ones? And if she thinks you are not in love with her, then she would have no reason whatsoever not to deceive you when needed, if she thinks she can get away with it.

        1. If it were to be important to do so I would be able to muster the willpower to be faithful. But seeing as it isn’t important for any real reason, and it makes me happier to be able to indulge, why wouldn’t I do it?
          Heh you seem to assume all men are equal, well, they are not. My wife is not the first girl to say to me that it’s ok and I don’t need to feel bad about banging other girls. And no, they cannot look around and see other men of my status/value who commit and stay monogamous.
          Lastly I’ll have to say that you seem to be a believer in equality since you assume she would deceive me. Well, it may be surprising to you but there are men and women too, out there in the world who don’t believe in equality.
          I don’t believe that women and men are equal in any way and neither does my wife.

  3. Listing a bunch of economic reasons to be a morally bankrupt male-whore. Right. No thanks, bro.

    1. Agreed. The last thing men should do is try to become even more shitty than women. They are morally, spiritually and (after a few rounds on the carousel) emotionally dead. The men of this world have to have high character, especially now.

  4. Hahaha the first phrase of this article is fucking wrong. I’m committed to my wife, in the sense that I take care of her, and only make babies with her, but I have no commitment to never boinking anyone else.
    This is just modernistic bullshit notions, marriage is not about never fucking another girl, it’s about children and family stability.
    Now I’ll read the rest of this, but it doesn’t start well…

    1. Such thinking could be disastrous in a society without the many means of contraception and STD-detection we possess. One of the reasons the Apostle Paul gives to flee fornication is the “penalties received in the flesh” – diseases and the curse of undesired pregnancy.
      In our society, where we can avoid some of these consequences and the minds of most men and women are hopelessly warped, yours is the best and most reasonable approach I can find.

      1. Heh my wife doesn’t expect me to never fuck someone else, what she does expect is that if I do, I take precautions, and if I bring something home I have to own up to it.
        But to be honest she keeps me satisfied so my energy is much lower with other girls than it otherwise would be,
        She doesn’t care who I’m looking at, she cares who makes me sit down at night and say it was good :-). Call me simple, but for me that’s food and sex. The rest is just details.

  5. This doesn’t really excuse the behavior but it does a good job in explaining why the temptation exists.

  6. The basic concept of this article is to explain why 90% of the men should be supporting 10% of the men to continue ruining the options for the rest.
    There is now a great deal of evidence that the more male sexual partners a woman has the more difficult it is for her to long term bond with any single (beta) male. When 75% of the women are being shared among the 10% of alpha males, that means that any one woman will have likely had sex with around 20 high status males before she gets anywhere near a “thirsty beta”. As is well known, by this time she will become unmanageable, often relentlessly testing the poor idiot and eventually divorcing him for his resources in disgust.
    Now this state of affairs may work very well for some of the males, but it clearly does not work to the advantage of at least 90% of the male population.
    The OP is arguing why men should not be guilted by women for sleeping with multiple women. However the OP is missing the main point, it isn’t the women that are being harmed by his actions.
    It’s the other males.

      1. You’d do well to start thinking about them friend. Because the men I’m talking about are not children, they are the ones that build your houses, program your computers, fix your cars, and keep shit running.
        The more insane and feral they become the more your nation (whichever one it is) turns into a shithole.
        Just saying.

        1. indeed.
          saying muh feelings, is like having criminals assault people, and then say: muh feelings to everyone that complains.

    1. Hahaha ruining? Hardly. The girls you sport fuck are usually not virgins but rather single moms and double/triple digit notch count chicks, so one more ballsack dumping it’s load there isn’t going to make any difference for the thirsty guys prospects at a good woman.
      It seems to me that this article is more geared towards explaining the phenomenon and to some degree to women wondering why.

      1. Just broke a drought with a nice young milf the other day. Younger than me lol. Yes, single mother.

        1. Well done. My hunting these days is milfs or damaged goods lol.
          I have to say milfs are sometimes so hungry for cock it’s disturbing. Even ones I’m not fucking.
          Droughts are never good man, find a system for that. My system is wife, plus a mistress sort of, and then play hehehe. I never sleep alone.

        2. Yea. She had an annoying friend in tow. My buddy bit the bullet and endured through her non stop talking so I could get my nut. I owe him a huge favor.

    2. I lack (honest) mercy to weakness. Even more when it comes from a man. Female weakness is expectable, male weakness is intolerable.
      This means:
      1. I don’t care if you are a male 43 y.o. virgin and I’ve been fucking your secret/failed princesses-to-be;
      2. I don’t like this whole cheater eulogy. To cheat is evidence of weakness. Make your choices and live them fully, expose your behaviour to its consequences. If you aren’t able to respect your woman, why should I respect you at all?

      1. I do not understand the tone of your answer. He is not displaying weakness…He just states the facts. After all, we are all being robbed from good wifes and stable families following this destructive hedonistic lifestyle… of course, the alpha males and fuckable women have short term gains but In the long term, everybody lose (broken-unhappy families, lonely betas, lonely alpha widows etc)

        1. The tone was right if he is accusing me of “destroying” women.
          I am favorable for a traditional society where all those “victims” would be avoided and betas could marry their still-not-sluts and be happy ever after.
          Now, I live in Europe. In most night clubs, girls are dressing like whores, getting drunk and having sex in the bathrooms sometimes in their 13s, 14s! How would I make a difference not sexing attractive 20-somethings? Would those already sluts marry the weak betas they learned to avoid so long ago?

        2. I obviously can’t speak for others, but the girls I fuck for sport are not and would not be available to lower status men regardless of me fucking them or not. And even if they were to be, they are not what I’d call wife/mother material no matter how you look at it.
          My current ‘hobby interest’ is ~25yo, her ex was a drug dealer and addict and she has fake boobs, bunch of tats, and an absolute intolerance for male sentimentality or weakness. Sound like wife material to you?
          So I think you’re going on false assumptions here.

        3. No, they wouldn’t. If you decided to put an iron diaper over your groin and go live on a mountain somewhere it would have literally no effect on the nature of women in society, in fact they might even get worse, believe it or not.
          A great deal of the problem is male weakness in their unwillingness to set boundaries on the women, instead they only shame other men.
          An equal aspect of this problem is male sabotaging of other males. This takes place with feral alphas mating with feral western women (which is to say, all of them), as well as betas and gammas doing everything possible to sabotage one another’s ability to get and retain a woman.

        4. I couldn’t agree more.
          “unwillingness to set boundaries on the women” correct diagnosis.
          “betas and gammas doing everything possible to sabotage one another’s” weakness + envy = makes me vomit.

        5. I think I need to be a bit more clear. The problem I had with the OP wasn’t so much that he was shagging his way through an all-girls Catholic high school.
          My problem is his focus on why he doesn’t want to be shamed. He’s saying “I can’t take the temptation so please don’t hate on me for what I do to these women”
          I get it. I really do. And I cannot look down on a man in his position just for that. What bugs me is that he is not recognizing the damage it is contributing to other men.
          It is the mindset that I have problem with, not the actions. I do not agree with how he looks at it. And that doesn’t mean i want him to feel guilty or even change what he does, I want to bring up the concept that men have to start looking out for each other.

        6. But you are not really saying how it directly is being a negative to other men.
          To me it seems that you have a negative feeling towards some nebulous concept, I gave you a very specific example of the behavior this article is about and you still complain about some weird nonspecific thing.
          How is it going to help some guy for me not to bang girls I can bang? Be concise and clear and maybe people would listen.
          I understand why he would write this article because a bunch of guys I know who know what I’m up to are specifically trying to shame me sometimes about having some fun on he side. And it’s stupid unless someone has a clear reason why I shouldn’t.

        7. No she is not a wife material and it would not make a difference whether you or someone else fuck her at that point…so good for you. But will you be doing the same if a younger “good” girl (with less experience) would come in your way?
          I am not criticizing the alphas for doing what is working for them but it is really bad when they are fucking average women inspite the fact that they can do (or already doing) better. They do not care. But these average girls are pretty much destroyed because of that. Once a woman (especially an average one) experience tingles with an alpha she cannot go back. Everything less that the tingles is “settling” for her and this is the sad reality…
          Because of that the majority of men have either the option to become an alpha (manufacture the image women want to see in order to generate tingles and keep them in excitement), marry a post carousel woman that secretly will despise him or live a lonely life. There is no room for average girl meets average man, create a meaningfull strong relationship in order to build a family together. This scenario is becoming more and more a science fiction in today’s society.
          Also, status is something really fluid…Women are followers…Their opinion on attractiveness or high value in men is actually shaped by media and current trends. If we would lived in a healthy society, a drug dealer and addict would be ostracized and eventually women would regard him as low value and not as high…The main problem is that someone with actual value (good shape, decent looks, stable job, morals and values) but not so exciting or not knowing game is still invisible to those women… Not all betas are weak akward fat geeks with no social life …I personally know many good looking men that have no success with women because they are “too serious” or “not so funny” or “not edgy enough”.

        8. Well, again I cannot speak for others, but I would turn the “good girl” down.
          I don’t generally have “good girls” doing much more than give puppy eyes at me but usually I’m busy talking to some porn star lookalike 9 who I know is a fast lay.
          But I get what you mean by the ruined part, I have been guilty of that in the past. Like ONS that just keep calling and messaging and in some cases writing love letters and shit.
          The fact however is that the drivers of this kind of thing are women, not really so much the alphas. Women throw themselves at alphas, and sooner or later the alpha is going to bang them just in the hopes they will go away after.

        9. You got my point. And yes i agree, if a woman wants to be fucked by the alpha, she will eventually either by you or someone else. It does not matter…It is women’s choice not men so in essense they are destroying themselves. And it is really sad to see that and cannot do anything about it… you cannot reason with them.
          I do actually discovered the red pill and manosphere because of a failed relationship that followed that pattern. I was with a really “good” girl for about six months. She was average in looks (i was certainly above her). I really liked her because we never fought, she was really good with me and after knowing her for a while i understood that she indeed had a good heart, great attitude (because of good upbringing) and we where generally a good match. Everything seemed ok until she told me that i was the ideal guy (the best she ever known in her words) but she “was not in love” with me. As an inexperienced logical guy, i did the worst thing: i tried to reason with her the desire for me …asking what we can do about it etc…
          So by trying more, see lost the attraction for me much quicker and then she politely started to avoid me…After a short while see branched swinged to an other guy. it was like i never existed in the first place and we never actually argued or fought. She just never contact me again. So I was really confused and wanted answers to explain what happened there… After swallowing the red pill, all of these made sense…Typical women behaviour… I then accidentally met an ex boyfriend of her, a really alpha guy way above her league in any way…What where the odds?

        10. I understand what you are saying, however the West is regressing the low trust culture we had thousands of years earlier, long before Homer, the Great Greece or the Roman Empire or the rise of Christendom and the birth of Science and I really don’t see a way out of it. The thin veneer of civilization is crumbling now that Christianity in the West is dead outside of a few enclaves. Add male heavy immigration in Europe and you get the perfect storm.
          The silver lining is: at least our societies, if they can avoid polygamy and colonization, will not be as screwed up as the Middle East sans Muslims.

        11. I’ve heard several versions of this same story, I can’t but give you but a kind of rude reply…
          No one gives a shit about your logic. It doesn’t apply when it comes to women.
          Women are cruel, I have been used as a kind of breakup tool by more than one girl. By that I mean they invite me to their place and then the boyfriend they want to get rid of a bit later, so I’ll be the one opening the door.
          I’ve had actually long talks with the newly made ex boyfriends about why this happened haha in the girls apartment. The girls usually want to get rid of them fast but I’m in no hurry, and I sympathize to some degree, so I try to explain where they went wrong.
          Usually the girls tell me after I fuck them properly so I know what their complaints are lol..
          Actually now I try to stay away from women who aren’t single simply because I find it fucking annoying to be constantly compared to their boyfriend or whatever.

        12. Your reply is not rude at all. After all you are right. I just did not know at the time what was wrong and how to act. In my mind, i thought that if you like someone you should put work into it. If there is a problem, you should communicate it and find a way to solve it …This is not true at all, especially with women. They do not want to work for anything especially a relationship. They want the best man (in their eyes) available at the time, effortlessly.
          So if for some reason you can no longer provide great feelings to her (you had displayed weaknesses, failed shit tests etc), you become obsolete. She no longer admires you , she now sees you with frustration and contempt and you will be replaced as soon as she finds someone “better”. The funny thing is that if the image of you is cracked in her mind, it is nearly impossible to restore it. She will rationalize it like “you weren’t a good match” from the start etc. Something that you know it is not true, because you, instead of her, clearly remember how differently she behaved towards you when she was in love..
          I am pretty convinced that all women work in this way more or less. The more experienced the girl, the more cruel and opportunistic she becomes. It is always hard to swallow the truth…and it is a bit depressing to see in action the true nature of women. By the way, really nice of you that you put an effort in explaining things to inexperienced guys. Not all men are lazy weak losers. Some men just need guidance when it comes to relationships and women. In western societies, we have been conditioned to believe in blue pill no sense. I wish i knew someone to put things in the right perspective when i was really hurt.

        13. “Weakness+envy=makes me vomit.”
          Marxism in a nutshell. Weakness and envy. With the prevalence of communism and other forms of marxism, it’s no wonder we have a society of soft, weak, crybabies.

        14. Oh. If you can’t resist “babes”, then you should be on minocycline:
          My 17-year-old son is 6′-2″ and so physically beautiful that model-gorgeous women from 16 to 36 turn red in the face (female “sexual flush”) and start audibly *panting* when taken by surprise by his appearance.
          He has acne enough for it to be treated with antibiotics, and, of course, guess which one I told his dermatologist to use?

        15. I have tried to pass on to my beautiful son the family value that the purpose of sex is to absolutely, totally *delight* his female partner.
          Come to find out, my son got nailed by two different older girls when he was but 13! (By 15, waiters and waitresses were asking him for his drink order.) He is his father’s son in that his physiology qualifies him for tech (35 on the ACT with no test prep) and acting male roles in adult films!
          And he dresses well and drives my Tesla Model S when he is not driving my BMW Z8 or an Acura NSX-T.
          So you see my concern. I fear he too is going to end up Feeling Really Used!

        16. Like his father before him. I am now so old that having sex with me is not an “option for a love life”, it’s “elder abuse”!
          But I find it interesting that on ROK, a 25-year-old single mom with tattoos qualifies as a “catch”. At a single moment some years ago, I was (in different cities) sharing a bed with a San Francisco Ballet principal dancer, the star of a Broadway musical, and a medical student who had danced for American Ballet Theater (ABT) first.
          Am I “alpha”? The only men who are less forward towards women sexually are gay. However, I experience life as if I had tattooed on my forehead that I am “easy” and I am a “sure thing”. Over two hundred women have had their ways with me, and once was never enough.
          Just in the last few years, all the ladies have been dragging along a girlfriend or two to bed with us.
          Don’t be envious. They would not be doing this if they saw me as “relationship material”. Indeed, some of them are married. Happily, even.

        17. Anyway, it all the manosphere blogs, I have seen endless rants about shunning “whores” and “sluts” and ladies who have been on the “cock carousel”, with no discussion about the value of a potential woman’s *DNA*.
          The women with whom I merged my DNA to create my son and daughter bragged to me that she had had 75 guys before me and demanded that I have sex with her the day after we met because, “if you are no good at this, then I won’t spend any more time on you.”
          I got two model-beautiful, IQ-145 kids out of her. What is not to like?
          Of course, it is about as likely that I would not be “GIB” enough for a given woman as I would not be smart enough or tall enough for her. I was lucky in that regard. But still, it’s not like female lust is an exhaustible resource. Typically, men have learned that their wives were cheating on them with me because they were suddenly ravenous for sex with them (the husbands).
          Go figure.

        18. Oh I agree. It’s ridiculous to attempt to punish women by avoiding them. The correct approach is to establish a legal climate where promiscuous female behavior is corrected by using corporal punishment, shaming, and permanent removal of social privileges.
          Your example also demonstrates why it is important to stop considering male on female spousal abuse as a criminal offense.
          Consider the number of married women who you have had intercourse with. As you point out, they then went on to have further intercourse with their spouses. Now it is safe to assume that this is a common practice. That is, there are roving alpha-lesbians who frequently have intercourse with 200+ married women. But that implies if even one of those women had an STD, and then passed that STD onto the alpha-lesbian, the alpha-lesbian would then pass the STD onto 200+ other married women. Those married women would then pass it on to their husbands. That’s now 400 people. And we are only taking into account a difficult to transmit disease like an STD. What about something like the Zika virus, which causes horrific damage to unborn children?
          Such a state of affairs is clearly a major health risk. It is also clear that given the large number of married women involved in this matter, you as women simply do not have the self control to refrain from engaging in it. Therefore, the only possible solution to this is to abrogate the past 50 years of efforts regarding domestic violence against women. In fact, we need to encourage men to engage in it. Given the childlike minds of women, as we see evidenced by the behavior of the married women in your annecdote, only a climate of fear and terror will suffice to condition the women properly to avoid a behavior that will likely get everyone killed.
          I thank you for your courage in coming forward with this. As you know, most men are kindhearted and giving by nature, and so it goes against our inclination to use such brutal mechanisms of enforcement, but if enough women come forward to tell them us about this reality which we are not aware of, I have no doubt that we can easily find the will to establish the legal changes needed to ensure our collective survival.

        19. Anyone who brags about banging women is a fucking loser. Real alpha men lead other men have high self esteem and live a life that sets an example for others. You’re just an insecure fucking tool with money.

        20. So this brings us back to questions from other articles. Do you enjoy the decline and help it along, or do you fight the decline. If ever confident, more alpha guy, refused these type of women, that would be one step to making society better.
          But you really can’t expect that from men. Men in general will fuck whatever they can get away with, to hell with what society thinks.
          This is why the proper thing to do is socially shame all slutty women to the point that their lives are negatively affect for being such sluts. Then, less and less of them start acting like the women you described to begin with.

        21. Well, I don’t see much difference in what happens if alphas fuck or don’t fuck damaged goods.
          I have said before that IMO players should leave inexperienced virgins alone and just fuck the general pool of already done for chicks. Single moms or girls like the one I mentioned.
          Of course every 20 something would just point to me doing virgins in my early years, but then I didn’t really think much, it was just hormones lol.
          But yeah shaming at least in the past worked, and if you look at how bent out of shape they get, it seems to work still.

        22. paragraph 1: wrong. The kind of lessons that make boys into supplicating betas.
          paragraph 2:men do not get nailed, they nail. And if a 13 year-old got laid, he’s a man
          paragraph 3: tesla.
          paragraph 4: men do not get used up. You’re projecting.

        23. Men can’t resist women because they have no reason to ‘resist’ women. Our entire job is to get laid. In terms of rational decision-making, women are completely useless. And stop killing your son’s libido, that’s disturbing an will only hurt in the long run.

        24. You don’t shun them, you express your contempt for them. This turns them on, and then you sleep with them. But if you marry them, you will get fucked over

        25. Minocycline has no effect on libido. The “babe factor” is separate from “lust”.
          Back ‘when I was 51 and married, I had a 7-month affair with a lady who was 28 and single. Fast-forward 12 years and this lady found herself 40 years old and single in lower Manhattan with a special needs 7-year-old in tow. She had gotten totally depressed dating off match.com and eharmony.com so I advised her to put up a profile on adultfriendfinder.com (a hookup site) that included a picture of her body naked and a statement that she was a “sure thing on the first date”.
          Now you might *think* that you know how she would be treated, but she was a “babe”…
          (Of course, you probably think you know what went on in those seven months, but hint: THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has asked her to write up our story for its Opinion page. And I walked her down the aisle at her wedding.)

        26. John Karford: I have never “banged a woman”. Women have “had their ways with me”. The only males less sexually forward than I am are gay.
          In recent years my “deal flow” has been “referrals”. “Sexually marooned” elite professionals in their late 30s and early 40s just cannot *abide* males who can’t bring them to orgasm, so they commit “elder abuse” with me rather than with age-appropriate men. And then they bring their other girlfriends like them along for the fun.
          By the way, money is not all I have. A stripper I know who performs completely naked bought herself a dildo that is a copy of the porn star James Dean’s penis. She compared it to my male equipment and I am a *lot* bigger.
          She was 45 years my junior. Alas, she left town for medical school…

        27. Men don’t get “nailed”? Even when they take Ambien and the lady has her way with them while they remain totally unconscious? (In both cases, the ladies told me, “Don’t worry–you were *great*!”)
          As for not getting used up, well, yes, I practice Tantra (male orgasmic continence (MOC)). Otherwise I could not be “used” so much without getting “used up”.

        28. Another possibility besides expressing contempt for a woman who has her way with you before the first date is to love them madly, truly, deeply, and forever.

        29. l”Bains:
          It’s sad that you/none of the other commenters have experienced that you *own* a woman you can get off and the other guys can’t. Or don’t, and seem to have “Missed the Memo” that the guy is supposed to.
          You would not want to hear what women say about you behind your backs! One of the ways that a man can tell that he is “GIB” (“good in bed”) is that after the first “bang”, his new partner just *pours* her heart out about how lousy her last ten were. Such girls are not promiscuous. They stop “auditioning” new sex partners just as soon as they find one who can satisfy them.
          Again, I don’t mind if “my woman” has sex with other men. I just make sure that I don’t *force* her to by being lazy in bed.
          And no, at 13 my son could not “nail” any lady–he was clueless. The girls totally blindsided him. (I am lucky I am not a grandfather–they probably had condoms with them, but not even Magnum XLs can fully cover equipment the size of ours…)

        30. that’s pedestalization. it turns women off, and it distracts men from the important things in life.

        31. Men should always seek to have women on a pedestal–it makes it easy to perform oral sex on them!
          One does not hear this saying anymore (it has gone the way of, “He married the girl next door”, but when I was being socialized, one heard, “Behind every successful man their is a woman.”
          Anyway, the love of my life was so sexually driven that she *couldn’t* be turned off. At 28, she had had only 5 lovers, including her husband, and orgasming during sex was something that happened rarely, and then only once in 24 hours.
          Our first time together, the poor thing was just stunned: “I have just cum 8 times in the last three hours, and whose body *is* this?”
          All fundamentalist religions (and I would count MGTOW as one), are driven by men’s fear of female sexuality. REF:
          All I can say from my experience is, “Be Very, Very Afraid!” You are just as sexually inadequate as you, secretly, deep down, fear you are.
          Which is why I was never the guy women cheated *on*, I was the guy they cheated *with*!

      2. Do you make attempts to try to help out those men who are weak by strengthening them? Do you encourage them to eat proper nutrition or set them on weight training programs? Have you tried to steer the misguided men to study Roosh’s Daygame book? Do you promote fair laws and sane family court proceedings that don’t utterly destroy the lives of husbands?
        It’s one thing to say you are disgusted by weakness, it’s another thing to do absolutely nothing to address those weakness and instead simply take advantage of it.

        1. Yes, I do, provided they are motivated to accept my help.
          Yes, I do, it’s actually part of my job.
          Yes, of course. My personal crusade against cultural marxism is stronger than ever.
          But there are those who are partisans of weakness. Those are unrescuable and I want them out of my sight.

    3. Ive been on both sides of the coin and I can tell you it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I tried to save a post wall slot (she was only 23 but already over 50 notches) when I was in college and I wasn’t really pulling any girls higher in value than her back then. Now Im slamming young college girls that have beta boyfriends that don’t have many options. Its the “game”. Older men have been cheating/discarding their older wives for younger women for centuries. Its just the way it is. The question is does a naive, inexperienced beta deserve a high quality wife? Does a fat loud feminist deserve a high quality husband? Would he/she even know what to do with one?

      1. I’m not interested in the behavior of isolated individuals. What I am more concerned with is patterns on the whole. And what i see now is that female emancipation inevitably demands and leads to special protections and privilege.
        And such protections and privilege, while intended to hamstring the “alpha male” actually does far more harm to the betas (who themselves foolishly supported it), and even encourages the women to become more feral by taking away any consequences for their shitty behavior.

        1. I agree but in my opinion female emancipation has already doomed most betas to a life of desperation and misery. I also feel like a male should be aware of how disposable he is to females, whether alpha or beta, as soon as possible.
          A young man thinking that his college girlfriend is committed to him and only him because she loves him so much isn’t really operating with a healthy mindset. The truth will destroy him but his only chance at happiness is learning the truth. There is little room for male naivety in hypergamyland 2016.

        2. No, male weakness leads to both female emancipation and female privileges. Besides, the point is not that female emancipation is good for society, but that in an environment of female emancipation the optimal strategy for a man is to sleep with as many women as possible, since he can not ensure their loyalty. If you read this as encouraging women to be more slutty, you’re not paying attention on the focus.

      2. I agree it’s annoying when I see a cute girl but then I find out she has an overweight boyfriend who wears an oversized Polo and college sports hat.

    4. If an honest politician is offered a bribe, and he accepts it, who is worse? The politician for accepting the bribe or the briber for ruining his track record of honesty and turning him into a crook? We could argue that if he accepted the bribe, then he was not that honest to begin with.
      If we are to accept that women have the moral mettle to do the right thing, then we cannot really get mad at the guys that put that moral mettle to test. But if we admit that women are weak and they have no chance against an expert enough Don Juan, then you are right and it is that 10% of guys that are the ones to blame.
      So what are these guys to do? Seduce a girl, take her to their apartment, and when they finally have her laying in bed, ready and willing, go: “no, I cannot do this to you. Girls should not sleep around with sleazebags like me” and send her back home? Boy, wouldnt she get mad at that… I am sure the guy would be called a sexist troglodyte with backwards views or something.

      1. This is why it is important to keep power out of the hands of government and in the hands of individual men. The more we take power out of the hands of men, the bigger a disaster things become.
        Currently, as a man, you have few real rights as a father, and less that will be enforced. Although you can win if you are smart and balsy, it’s very hard. The apparatus of justice and enforcement works on the assumption that you are by default in the wrong. The archetype example is of a marine who was attacked by his wife, and then arrested.
        I don’t agree with MGTOW, but there has to be at some point a focus on changing the environment. Because while individual men can fight their way through this, the situation on the ground is not sustainable.

      2. You’ve chosen the right analogy, but reversed the roles of the politician and the briber. Licentious women advertise their loose morals to attract high-value men, and those men do the little song and dance known in contemporary neomasculine circles as “game” to demonstrate their acceptance. According to this model, it is men who hold the power, as it is in reality. If high-value men steel themselves against the most potent weapon women possess, their sexual allure, then we can demand whatever we wish from them and they will acquiesce because their foremost long-term biological priority, whether they admit it or not, is binding themselves to the highest-value man available to them. Women will always do what men allow them to, and by sleeping with morally bankrupt whores we allow them and their daughters to go on being morally bankrupt whores. As long as we possess the power to influence women’s behavior, which we always will, then we have no one to blame but ourselves when we do not exercise it.

    5. IDGAF about the other men. They don’t give a fuck about me. I just care about myself.
      Yes, I’m an egoist. And Idc.

      1. Then find some men who do give a fuck about you.
        Alternatively, you could literally make some…

        1. The point is this: the Alphas are not “ruining” the women for other “beta” guys.
          It has always been the same and it always will be. There would be nothing different if there were less alpha guys “hamstering”. The only change would be that the less alpha guys would need some viagras to bang all these girls.
          You are taking the responsibility from women away.
          I would highly suggest you and other guys reading this, to think more of yourself and not about other men or what is “the right thing to do”.
          I guess you believe in Karma, right?

        2. Yes. I am taking away responsibility from women, because I do not regard them as more than highly functional children. This means I do not support suffrage for women, and I am even leaning in favor of taking away their freedom in general.
          The current situation is the inevitable result of female emancipation, so yes, I agree with you “it has always been like this and always will be” because that is human nature. Similarly if I ban guns then crime will increase because that too is human nature. Anything done to “emancipate” resources from male hands leads to chaos and destruction. Because such emancipation inevitably falls into the hands of the most feral.
          In the case of women, it falls into the top 10% of attractive males, in the case of property rights, it falls to the agribusiness with the best lawyers and lobbyists, in the case of guns – to the criminal or tyrant.
          So no, I am not in favor of “hamstringing” you. At least not in the way you may think. But I am very much in favor of enabling the rights of fathers and husbands, and in favor of severely limiting the rights of women.
          And believe it or not, I also agree that men have to start thinking more about their own needs and obligations.

        3. Both men and woman are responsible. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes Karma is real.

        4. Incorrect.
          This isn’t the way it always was or will always be.
          That’s why patriarchal societies regulate women’s behavior and limits access to sexual partners. Europe, the West, use to do this quite well. It’s only been the past 100 or so years this has begun to collapse. Cultural Marxism, Jews, negroification, industrialization, whatever you blame, female sexual permissiveness can be reversed.

        5. No! Only men are responsible.
          The thought that woman are responsible is typical egalitarianism!
          Women do not have the capacity to be responsible, therefore, excusing male behavior based on women weakness is just a bad argument.
          Its like blaming your behaviors on your dog.

        6. It’s more like the alpha men are fueling the demise of their dominance over the sexual market. Society is not capable of growing and prospering when 90% of men are preoccupied with finding a woman and don’t have that psychological need filled relatively easily. The problems themselves are far more complicated than just that though. I think our ancestors were much wiser in this regard than any person today will give them credit for.

        7. i agree with your statement 100%…….i couldn’t care less what other men are doing…….you and i would make lousy wing men…….but we don’t care…….LOL

        8. When attempting to characterize the behavior of any group, it is important to understand which part of it is doing what. Jews are not the entirety of the elites, especially in the EU or the UK – they numbers are not there. In the US, on average, Jews are about one third of the elites, broadly defined. the better question to ask is – how is it Jews are part of the elites in numbers way out of proportion to their presence in the population.
          The answer varies depending on which country we are discussing. In the US, Jews are not significantly in the elites till after WW2. Before that, Jews formed no more than 5% of the elites, and those Jews were mostly of German descent. Thanks to the New Deal, the composition of American’s elites changed. Byy the end of the 1960s, Jews had achieved the position in the elites they own today.
          Note that these Jews are the highly assimilated ones, and their birth rate is below the reproduction level. Traditionally relgious Jews do not participate in the elites, the popular culture, and very inward focused. Since their brith rate is two to three times higher than their assimilated kinsmen, they will over time form the single largest part of the Jewish community. That will change some things.
          One final point. Although Jews helped found the US investment industry in the 1850s (Goldman, Sasch, Openheimer, Dreyfuss) they were never in the traditional Banking business. Thus, they were absent when the Southerners Woodrow Wilson and Josephus Daniels conceived and created the Federal Reserve during the first term of the Wilson administration.
          So, it is not useful to merely state. “Jews did X”. Which ones? And as part of what? Derails matter.

        9. ? I meant he should use his understanding of women and human sexuality to secure a female mate and raise children. Especially sons.

        10. Is your screen name based on the “schmalkaldic league”? I remember reading that they had a good history of being honorable and decent,

        11. Fair points and reasonable argument.
          Though I’m not interested in excusing anyone’s behavior, gentile or Jew, from bad decisions. Especially when we are talking about the destruction of a whole civilization. Both traitors, infiltrators, and enemies deserve the rope equally even if they are taking different paths down to the same finish.
          Jews are one part of the problems facing the West. Would it be more pleasant to surgically remove the bad elements? Yes, for Jews. But this time bomb is ticking and precision will be excused in the name of expediency.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if every man doesn’t care about other men, society crumbles. We are currently going down that path.

    6. I’m almost convinced large liberal cities are a lost cause. Paychopathic behaviour can b the best way to get ahead, whereas in rural areas cooperation and functional relationships are more necessary.

      1. Cities are just a good way for the losers of the world to blend in together.

        1. Pol Pot’s paranoia will never make sense.
          Killing anyone who wore glasses because they led to him (metaphorically) seeing himself in them? Not even the kid dictator in GoT was that nutzo.

    7. Alpha and Beta are relative terms. If you think you are truly Alpha, there is always someone much more Alpha than you.

      1. Take someone that is considered Alpha, take away his money and his popularity… now he is a beta, and no one would arg against that. (except in theory-crafting)
        Now take a loser and give him money. now everyone will call him an alpha male because of how confident he is and how he knows how to game…

        1. Eliot Rogers, pedigree, money and looks, still couldn’t get anything to save his life. Alpha is a mindset. You don’t even really have to have resources, although that goes a long way towards long term sustainability.

        2. There are examples of “pua”s gaming women with no money, gaming women while wearing fat suits, in wheel chairs, etc. there is one particularly insane German who was homeless and on the streets where he learned to game.
          Roosh developed a type of “coffeeshop game” based in his observations of how people from an old age home would start conversations with random strangers in a coffeeshop he was working in. No fast cars, wads of cash, or anything special, just a simole willingness to engage in conversation.
          Game is done using a mix of confidence and applied charisma.

        3. way to misinterpret the original statement… get a single word of of it and make it all about it.
          anyway, gaming, as it is mostly refereed, is a pua thing, which is inherently immoral, no matter how you look at it.

        4. No I’m not.
          Money and fame don’t “automagically” confer the “alpha mentality” or the “red pill”. My example proved that.

        5. My main argument was about the fact that the “alpha mentality” as it is referred to doesn’t exist and it is just males worshipping males regardless of morality.
          Wasn’t there a time when great men lead others into a more fulfilling, just and honorable life?
          but somehow, I keep seeing sects of the manosphere worshipping those “alphas” as great men, when all they do is PUA.
          PUA is the result of men’s weakness, not strenght.
          PUA is inherently immoral, and contrary to cannibalism, there is not a single situation that justifies it.
          and yet, you argument that I was wrong revolves around PUA.
          If I was in charge of defining the term “alpha male”, it would be something very different than what is being used right now.

        6. I vehemently disagree with your argument then as there is clearly such a thing as an alpha mentality.
          As the “mentality” part of the name suggests, it is-as was my original post and as another commenter also stated-not dependent upon material possessions; You don’t have to be worth $10 billion USD to be a capitalist. 😉
          The alpha mentality is, like money and fame, independent of being a PUA: you can have it without being a PUA, and you can be a PUA without it.
          This ROK article bluntly claims that money and sex aren’t the end-all, be-all of manliness:

          Why Money And Sex Will Never Make You Happy

        7. Your argument says that PUA may or may not be part of an alpha male routine.
          My argument is that a Great man will not do PUA, and PUA is weakness and therefore shouldn’t be associated with Strength (alpha).
          On a side note: I bet women will swarm a man, even if he is the most timid and “beta” mentality out there, as long as other men look up to him and see him as a hero.
          the whole: Trying to get women approvals, thing smell like weakness to me.

        8. Sexually, I wouldn’t call Bill Gates an Alpha Male. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure he get’s plenty of prostitute pussy when he gets’ bored with his wife. But I bet he isn’t giving girls tingles left and right and knocking them out of the park giving new girls multiple squirting orgasms every night. Yet he is often the richest man in the world and one of the most powerful based on that wealth and running a massive technology company as well as a massive charity.
          So, you’re completely wrong about what is an alpha in the context of this article and thread. It’s not money, although that does help get you laid.
          Now, on the other hand, some thugs with little money really turn women on. Shit, most broke yet famous felons apparently really hit the tingle switch in many women. Women are still hard wired to be sexually attracted to the type of alpha that was alpha back in caveman and tribe days. That was basically the guy most likely to survive a fight or a battle, and most likely to bring a mammoth home for dinner.

        9. You are right that in the pick up world, Alpha Male is defined by women’s preferences. Basically, it can be defined as the male that hits the tingle switch in females.
          A better definition of Alpha Male would be a man other men want to follow. This is however, likely to create tingles in women if they see other men follow this one man.
          Obviously, for other men to want to follow him, an alpha would need to have many qualities that inspired those men. That could still be defined as worship in some sense of the term. So I don’t know that you can get away from Alpha Males being “worshipped” unless you define it as something it’s not. Like being rich.
          I will add that I think the most natural alpha’s we have in 2016 are men that naturally turn out to be leaders of groups that organize naturally. So that does not include Presidents of a democracy or republic. That does include leaders in counter cultures. I’m not sure if it includes Roosh or not since so much of this is online. I view him as a thought leader. Traditional and natural alphas show their leadership in person.

        10. You need to be careful with your terminology. Many things are immoral because they hurt the person who does them, while others are immoral because they hurt other people for the benefit of the person who does them. PUA is the latter, not the former. To advise men to follow their interests at the expense of the interests of others is simply honesty, while to encourage self-destructive behavior would be depraved.
          For some perspective, would you tell a man to treat his true enemies generously, knowing that they would only exploit him? Or would you tell him to strike first, and beat his enemies? To encourage moral actions in an immoral situation is just leading a sheep to the slaughter.

        11. That’s because you don’t understand PUA. In the end, the expert practitioner of PUA is the one who doesn’t care about women, and just does his own thing, getting laid when he feels like it. Pua isn’t about getting women to approve of you, it’s about getting them to sleep with you. It’s not even the perversity of the 21st century that causes this situation, women never slept with men who wanted their approval at any point in history.
          tl;dr: seeking approval = not getting laid, PUA = getting laid.

        12. lots of truth to that. money and status doesn’t equal raining pussy, in fact it just makes you a target for women to lead you on and suck you dry to finance getting some other cock. one way or another women are going to get wealth status and dick it’s just a matter of how many partners it takes for her to get it

    8. This is something that I have being keeping for a long time. It seems like returnofkings is filled with the disgusting part of the alt-right.
      I mean, can they not see the obvious contradictory in their statements? How can you preach female purity and yet glorify men who sleep with plenty of women?
      If a woman lost virginity, that is bad. But to make her lost even more by taking advantage of that state, doesn’t make it the same, it makes it worse.
      I am tired of these “pickup” artists claiming to be patryarchists. Patryarchy was about decency, not this.

      1. Used to be that the players that took virginity would have been shotgunned into a marriage.

      2. How can you preach female purity and yet glorify men who sleep with plenty of women?

        Simple. A man sleeping with many women demonstrates: skill, discipline, high value [genetics, fitness, income, etc], social competency, and courage. I’ve known Army rangers who have done combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan that are scared shitless of trying to pick up a woman while sober.
        In contrast it takes no skill for a woman to sleep with a man. A woman bragging about how many guys she’s fucked is like a man bragging about how much porn he’s masturbated to. In fact when a woman has a high notch count it shows a distinct lack of self control. Especially considering all of the additional physical costs [pregnancy and higher risk of std’s] and social sanctions she faces when she has casual sex.
        “A key that opens any lock is a master key. A lock that can be opened by any key is broken.”

        1. Great comment! Riding the cock carousel is dangerous for women because they never learn from past experiences. They accumulate psychological baggage, become delusional (if they have slept with a top man, anything less is a compromise regardless of her quality) and eventually lose the ability to truly bond with a man…A woman that has lost her innocence is a broken woman. That is why chastity for women was always regarded something extremely important.

      3. The key is to ask ‘bad for whom’ or ‘good for whom.’ To sleep with many women is good for the man, but bad for the woman. Society will only start working again once we take these facts into consideration and find a nash equilibrium, where, for example, women realize that men want to have sex without commitment, and that it is in their nature to want that, but to deny them anyway.
        I think this article can be summed up as “it is selfish for a man to sleep with many women, but it is depraved for a woman to sleep with many men”

    9. Why Patriarchal monogamy is recommended in normal times. For this leads to the greatest civilizational flowering.
      The Author seems to suggests leaving women single mothers is a good thing. When in truth its the worst thing.
      The only thing better is limited polygyny where at least those kids would have a dad. And even that is best reserved for exceptional circumstances that leave most of the male population dead while the female population remains untouched largely.
      And even then for only one generation because the sex ratio recovers in one generation.

      1. I agree, but there are important things to keep in mind.
        The problem with monogamy is that we are not taking into account those males that actually do have a need for more than one wife to manage. The problem with polygyny is that we are effectively slitting the throats of a great many males who are simply going to be unable to even find a mate due to the effect of preselection. That is, a man with a large harem of women actually becomes more attractive to women because he has a large harem of women. If enough men do this, you end up with a major problem unless you are producing women to males at a high ratio.
        Ideally we want a social order where both aspects are taken into account, but this is very difficult to do because it requires a great deal of integrity.

        1. That’s why polygyny should be limited and allowed only when large amounts of men relative to women disappear due to warfare and other factors. Otherwise is monogamy all the way.

        2. The only real thing I can add to this is that the topic is so sensitive and complicated, that it requires men with a great deal of trust and integrity to decide what is needed for their communities.

    10. Makes sense. I even commented on something similar before in a Forney
      article. Sites like this an all of its affiliates talk about how women
      in the West are irreparably damaged and that we should head to countries
      like the Philippines… Where we fuck as many of those girls as
      possible (notice the end of this article and “How to Bang 3 Philippine
      Women a Day”), and turn them all into the Western women that are so far
      beneath us.
      It’s paradoxical, but I guess I understand. If I were an alpha male and scoring around the clock, I’d do anything maintain the status quo and remove any threats to my situation. This whole thing is vaguely reminiscent of the 99% and %1 parts of the Occupy debacle.

    11. Not quite. The idea is to explain why it is good to be in the 10%, so at least you aren’t deluded as to where your self interest lies. It’s like explaining to a weak man why it’s great to be a thief, with the hope that society at large will realize that it is individually beneficial to commit crimes, and thus take action to prevent theft. After all, if someone couldn’t understand why someone would break into their house, then why would they bother locking their door. It’s a hypocritical stance, but a necessary one to get beta simps to stop pedestalizing women and realize that monogamy is just the nash equilibrium for society, not the best thing for men individually.

    12. The ones ‘ruining options’ are the women who are those options. Those women make conscious descisions to fuck around and ride the carousel. They have agency and know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t want to have to accept the consequences for what they do.

      1. I argue the reverse. They are at best, highly functional children with about as much free will and agency as the same.
        The difference between me and a white knight is this. A white knight is unwilling to spank the woman when she goes wrong, I am all for flogging promiscuous men and women (sorry Roosh, but its the only way). The white knight believes the woman is wiser than him, I believe women should not be allowed to vote. The white knight wants women in the workplace, I discourage it, and would give financial incentives to companies that would run themselves as all-male. The white knigt believes in romance and love, I believe women must be kept under the authority of their father or their husband.
        The white knight encourages women to divorce, I would allow it as a courtesy with the caveat that all children remain under the care of the father.

  7. I think there are not many comments yet because we’re still hung over from yesterday’s victory celebration for our bros in the UK.

  8. Why the hell is there a post promoting male hamstering on ROK?
    We are the rational ones, women are the ones who hamster, they are the ones who hamster about why it is ok to cheat.
    We have logic, loyalty and honor on our side, we don’t need no hamster.

    1. I’m not sure this has anything to do with hamsters.
      I don’t agree with calling it cheating in general, that’s just bullshit. If I fuck another girl than my wife it’s either because my wife is unavailable or because I really want to fuck the other girl. I don’t need to justify it to anyone.
      The whole idea of relationship being of sexual exclusivity from men is bullshit. Marriage is about family and children. Not the guy only boinking one girl.

      1. Polygamy is sort of natural, ok.
        Adultery, not so much. It implies that you are failing your promises, that your word and honour are without value. You see, the issue is not “more than a woman”. It’s that you are sneakily putting your dick where you promised not to. If that’s impossible for you, don’t make any promises of exclusivity in the first place.

        1. But I didn’t promise not to. I promised to do my best to not have her be confronted with it, that’s what she wants.
          She sees how girls react to me, and she knew from the start that someone like me is going to be impossible to keep in a box forever. Girls blatantly come on to me in front of her in public sometimes…
          I think for her it’s in a way also easier because she has less pressure to try to be everything to me.

        2. As long as noone is lying to each other and acting in secrecy, it’s fine by me, and I might even add you are very lucky to have found such a good woman.

        3. The fallacy there that all betas fall into and society exploits is honor is mutual. Men have honor. Women need to be ‘inspired’ to be obedient. By default the only code a man breaks is with himself. Society only mentions honor insofar as it can manipulate the man to do their bidding.

      2. What kind of marriage you say? because I’m sure is not a christian one, if you have read the Bible you’d know that ADULTERY is a sin absolutely forbidden by God, for men and women, and strongly for men, if you pay close attention to the words of Jesus Christ. Matthew 5 27You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 29If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

        1. Polygamy and adultery were pretty big in the Old Testament. Guess god must’ve had a change of heart in the past 2000 years.

        2. Hahaha sorry you have the wrong address. I’m not christian, so don’t give a flying fuck what the bible says. Why isn’t your God cleaning out the paedophile sin his own house?

  9. You can’t compare sperm with an ovule, and say sperm is cheap, unless you think men are fish meant to be used for food.
    Sperm is adaptation, competition, natural selection, polygyny. The best genes.
    Ovule is just one, so a woman is like one spermatozoid, but they are also “sex”, pleasure. Therefore quantity, not quality, like men are. They evolved been a resource, the more women you had, the more status you had. For this reason the sperm of a dominant man is always incomparably more important than all the ovules in the tribe.
    There is no “female-choice”, women are not selective, that is a myth; they have no idea if a male has the best genes, men don’t even have a special ornamentation or sexual dimorphism, like females have. They just follow whatever man giving her the opportunity (money, or emotions, or protection, attention, etc.) specially in a society like this, where desperate males have no real status anymore. So males nowadays are very confused and acting like girls using their penises as vaginas so to be validated by her, to be chosen by her, as if she was a macho,. Pathetic insignificant males.

  10. This is so stupid. Let all women get fat then because they’re so weak willed and have a profound desire for cupcakes and chocolate.

    1. A man who is unable to keep his word and promises is no man. If you feel that you are unable to stay exclusive in a marriage, you should not get married, unless of course, you having sex with other women is something that your wife is in agreement with. This article only adds to the degeneracy that is consuming our societies these days.

      1. My thoughts exactly.
        I see this is not very popular, but it’s as true as it gets.

        1. I’m glad someone sees eye to eye with me! Perhaps I’m too idealistic but I truly think mastery of our impulses is what drives civilization forward.

        2. Sobriety, courage, creativity, strenght. These 4 together, you’ll triumph.

      2. Aah! See, now we can agree. My wife told me before we were even engaged to not make promises I can’t keep, specifically about fidelity.
        So our vows didn’t include that either, and the only thing she asks is that I don’t “bring it home” in any way.

        1. Then I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that! Although I can’t say Ill ever see extra marital affairs as acceptable.

        2. Maybe surprising to you, but I was pushed to it by an ex at one point many years ago. Initially I thought it was wrong, but after a while I started to understand what it also brings in positive terms, also for my girlfriend.
          A guy who is in ‘hunting’ mode stays a lot more attractive to his chosen mate than one who isn’t. For a guy to stay good in the game he has to be in shape, dress well, take care of himself etc.
          I’m almost 40 and most people think I’m in my late 20s.

        3. Lol sounds like a slut with deep seated daddy issues. Couldn’t imagine sharing my man ever. It’s simply disrespect in my eyes. I also don’t think you need to be sleeping with other women to remain attractive. Anyone with a healthy dose of self-esteem and respect will maintain his looks as he ages. Monogamy does not mean you can turn into a slob!

      3. You’ve said nothing. What in the world do you know about what it means to “be a man”? You have less concept of what that means than most men would of what it means to ovulate.
        The biggest joke is how you phrased it. You didn’t dare say that “a man who is unable to keep his word and promises is never getting laid” because you know very well how attractive that is to women, especially nubile hot women with options.
        See this boys? This is how it starts. Take a good long look.

        1. In my culture a man must keep his word it is that simple. A man who sneaks and lies and breaks his promises is not a man in my home country. I was raised on this premise.

  11. If I cheat on my wife, I have no reason to expect mercy, or to be able to rationalize it to her.

  12. I cheated on a few girlfriends and no matter how little I felt about them I still felt bad, right after the act. There is a huge excitement for all the firsts with a new girl.
    It is indeed to a real drag to turn down sex that’s thrown your way. To me it feels like not picking up a C note you find lying on the ground. Since I’ve been married I’ve never cheated on my wife. I feel that had I not cheated on some of the girls I felt very little for–and seen how bad that made me feel–I might not have been so committed to stay faithful because I remember that feeling very well.
    I can recall several instances but here is but one example. I had a good friend who wanted me to apply one of my trade-skills on his house while he was away on a trip. I asked him how he wanted me to get in his house. He said his daughter was home from med school and would be there. I had never met his daughter. As soon as I came in the door she started saying all kinds of suggestive things, asking me if I needed any help and so-fourth. We talked back and fourth and I was getting the feeling she wanted more than a new ceiling fan in her bedroom. When I came down out of the attic access which was in her room she was under the covers in her bed with nothing on. All I can say is a trip home, a stay-at-home wife, the kids at school and my fidelity remained intact–barely. I really feel that without my previous experience I would have been pounding that little med-students head into the headboard faster than I could have dropped my toolbelt on the floor.
    Without getting into to the boring details, I’m all too familiar with the ideas in this article.

    1. Sidestepping the main story I’m wondering how you haven’t met a ‘good friend’s daughter who is old enough to be in med school and of bangable age?
      That said, I’m known to not turn down pussy if the presentation is good, but I would never bang a friend’s daughter, WTF man.
      I don’t have many good friends but to me they are the same as my tribe or family almost. With few exceptions we don’t fuck around with another man’s wife, mistress or children.
      Outside of the tribe anything goes though hehehe.

      1. You raise two valid points. His daughter was in her last year of med school she’d been on the opposit side of the country for eight years. His wife had died several years earlier. My friend had been a sinior captain at a magor airline and was known for banging every flight attendant in the airline and he was doing it while his wife was still alive. I can garentee that if he’d heard about it he would have fed me some grief for not fucking her. We were aquaintences at the airport until he needed some work done at his house. After I refused to take his money (he was a Vietnam vet) we started flying together, my wife and I use to invite him over for dinner and he’d do the same for us. We got to be real good friends and he actually mentioned a couple times how it was too bad I was married because he would have loved for me to meet said med student.
        Unfortunately, one day at the age of 60 he collapsed of a heart attack and was dead before he hit the floor. I went to his funeral. At the funeral I saw his daughter (by this time a doctor) and her new boyfriend, another doctor. I tried to be low key but I wanted to offer my condolences. I started out by saying “I don’t know if you remember me” she stopped me right there, got a big smile on her face and said “oh, I remember you, I’d like to introduce you to my fiancé”. Yea, he’d have been OK with it, no doubt.

        1. Ok, with respect to your friend I stand corrected. I’m sorry he went so early.

  13. the girl at #2 has a Woodsie the Owl tramp stamp; just when you thought youve seen it all…

    1. I’d bang her just for that hehehe, and make owl sounds while slapping her ass hehehe.
      It seems to be a thing these days, my ‘hobby project’ has a giant cross on her back lol, like she wants to encourage guys who bang her to find Jesus or something lol.

    2. Woodsie, “give a hoot, don’t pollute”. I always liked Smokey the Bear better.

    1. I got that too, had to change my profile.
      And here i thought i found a safe space @ ROK.
      I’ll start a march for all us spam tagged victims, maybe i’ll eventually get government subsidies and some media coverage on some fairy liberal magazine.

      1. The best of ROK appears to be in the past now. Moderators and comments show blue pill tendencies more and more.

        1. I wrote something that didn’t support the narrative that learning clown game and banging 100 less attractive females makes a man alpha.

        2. Luxury! Luxury, I tell you! I’ve been getting banned from ROK since you kids were in diapers! Back then there were bullshit PUA writers who were so delicate that their overuse of the ban hammer made my cases for me! Do you think we exiled ones just gave up, knowing those new to the red pill needed our help? “Nuts!” We would quickly overcome, change our handles, and return to, you know, like, fight for good and right the wrong n’ shit.

        3. I get banned from sites I haven’t even commented on, for some reason.

        4. I feel your pain, brother! There were times I got banned when I didn’t do jack shit!

  14. It’s not cheating when your wife/gf gets to come along and partake in the libations. That’s called polygamy, something the mainstream LDS has turned against ferociously out of ‘mormon guilt’ or overcompensating for past persecutions. The modern LDS is a shell of what it was spiritually at its polygamous heyday. It’s full of pharisaical state drones and letigious hacks the likes of Scientology and with a core borg culture of record keeping that would make Zuckerberg blush. The old poly mormons were on the right trick but they nipped themselves in the bud when they sanitized their poly dogma for statehood. Still the old poly mormons were rough around the edges, swapping used goods like circumcised jews would do. Or circumcised muslims who are little yes men and bitch whips of their imams and of the theocratic state.
    Only the unchopped and uncircumcised FULL KING DING DONG possesses the entire vibratory spectrum within his divine ROD OF POWER to dominate the female hamster. He cuts through the disarray of the hamster force field like a big hot machete cuts through a stick of butter. UNDER THE OVERWHELMING POWER of the unchopped and fully weaponized rod the hamsters are subdued and they dance in unison like a circus show. It is the righteous patriarch who directs the show and not the other way around. He wills the course of his seedline and doesn’t abuse his power.
    DIRECT YE WOMEN patriarch man. The mind of woman is like a rodent brain. She runs on a wheel nowhere. And three women run in squiggles like bumper cars, still going nowhere. THE RULE OF MAN is the straight edge for no woman can traverse three points in linear fashion without ‘rule’. Ye rod must be sharp and straight, uncircumcised. A sword with a broken tip is a severe handicap. Keep ye balls sheathed and let thy schlong hang long my friends.

  15. 7.5…when a man cheats, it’s only sex. He’s not gonna blow up his world in fiery crystorm of pension stealing, child support and attention whoring like a cheating woman would. Besides, a dick wipes clean easy. A pussy doing the same…not so much because it’s kind of a compost.

    1. And how would you feel if your wife receives money from other men?
      She is not doing sex with them, just getting money…
      Yeah, think…

      1. And a “other men” would agree to that?..)) Well, they actually do…most of the cyber sluts have boyfriends or husbands. )) Pimping IS a relationship…and when done without fluids exchange…an elegant one!…;)))

      2. I’ve seen it, and it’s hilarious. Girl goes out with her orbiters, takes their money and gifts, then uses it to decorate her boyfriend’s apartment. He’s the only one who gets to mush her face into the pillows at the end of the day, but lower-SMV guys will still provide.
        I’m not bothered, honestly. The kind of men who would do such a thing are no threat to me, physically or in my relationship(s).

      3. lmao! I’ve been in that situation and love it! I’ve had a woman going out on dates with other men every friday night, letting them pay for drinks and dinner, and then coming over to my place to fuck me. It was a great ego boost!!

  16. I find that whenever writers (and people in general) use the phrase “to be honest,” it’s because usually they aren’t.

    1. True its like when a woman says ” I’m not that type” it actually means she is.

  17. Egalitarianism has persuaded women that cheating is the same for both genders…It is not (of course most here already know that!). If a man cheats on his woman does not mean that he does not care or love her anymore…It is just sex. In contrast, If a woman cheats on her man it means one thing only…She does not see him as an aplha anymore so she cannot respect and “love” him. A woman in love is unlikely to cheat on her man.

  18. Women want resources. Guys want sex. If a woman cheats she is giving away MY SEX. The only way I can cheat is if I give away resources.

  19. “First, understand that women create one egg nearly every month”
    Yeah, now I know you know nothing about science.

  20. “There are many other reasons why many men wouldn’t want a committed relationship, but I think you get the idea. And these men aren’t bad. You have no right to judge any of them. You don’t know their stories. You don’t know their current situations. And finally, if you want to blame someone, then blame God for making men and women the way they are (if you believe in God, I don’t).”
    This shit is hamstering to the infinite level. Come on, even the famous “You don’t know their stories.” it´s here!
    Well.. Whatever. To me this is surrender to our own desires, but that is just me.

      1. Rationalization Hamster:
        “The tendency for women to use rationalization to resolve mental conflict and avoid cognitive dissonance. The core mechanism that allows women to say one thing and do a different thing.”

  21. I used to think ‘if she cheats its not my problem!’; but the issue is its not ethical consistently because I would be very angry/hurt if my girl/wife cheated so even if I am capable of pulling a taken girl, me enabling a behavior I would loathe is not logical.
    This comes from someone that’s banged taken women, I later came to regret it in my own mind.

    1. If she wants to cheat she will cheat. If you decline her your dick she will get another dick. You are just playing yourself.

      1. Thats true. However if you have woman and you think you have to watch her– you don’t need her. DTB.

  22. It takes two to cheat. You can’t argue against women cheating,but for men to be allowed to cheat. Because
    the guys who cheat are gonna have to have sex with women who would be cheating on their own boyfriends or husbands. So if women aren’t supposed to cheat then automatically that reduces the number of available partners. In fact the only option would be having sex with other men.
    What happens if your best friend has sex with your woman. Does that mean that she is s#@t for sleeping with him but that he’s excused from any responsibilities. For the people here who have mothers would you want your mom to go through that kind of pain…if you want to have more than one partner then power to you but be upfront about it or build a harem. But I have yet to come across a culture where fidelity isn’t valued.

      1. That was a pretty weak straw man.Fat women skinny women black women white women are still women, the same sex that the article mentions that shouldn’t cheat. The article mentions an ideal scenario in which men should cheat and women should not cheat at all, these are the dynamics that emerge from that rule system. they will be no women available for men to cheat with because women are super monogamous.

        1. no, i simply stated a truth. that is, most men aren’t attracted to fatties, and therefore fat women reduce the mating pool. i know for you this comes as a hate fact, but really its just a plain fact.

        2. The way you posited your statement is like fat people don’t get involved in relationships. And the most men aren’t attracted to fatties is kind of general and anecdotal. And it’s not a hate fact what is plain is that fat people like skinny people do get involved in relationships and as such h deal with all the drama of fidelity and cheating. …let’s keep this simple do you think that fatties as you put it don’t get involved in relationships?

  23. I know you guys aren’t allowed to respond to women on here but I’m hoping one of you might. I read about once a week.
    I can hear you on the men wanting/needing variety….but should that man be as easily forgiven say he steps outside a committed relationship and brings something back that endangers or diminishes the quality girl he’s already with? I’m talking in terms of STDs-incurable ones since condoms don’t exactly protect 100% against herpes, hpv, etc.
    The article talks more on lines of variety but not exactly quality… so hooking up with a low quality(but decent looking or not) girl isn’t out of question. So what if you were to catch something from her and infect the quality woman you are already with that has been faithful to you? Should you be as easily forgiven since your (general your, not a direct) actions could put her life in danger (some hpv causes cancer) or diminished the quality of woman she was since I assume most men- the ones here and that I know- don’t really fancy women with herpes.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. it is best for both sexes to avoid cheating if they are in a serious relationship or marriage.They should try to solve their issues instead. However, Cheating if it is done by a man is not so important compared to when is done by a woman. And let me explain why…For a man cheating is not a big deal, it is more or less just sex (idealy protected). He still cares/love his woman. For a woman, cheating means that she is not satisfied by her man or in other words she is not in love with him anymore. That means that the relationship is pretty much dead (in her heart anyway). Of course it could be dead before cheating. Many women use cheating of men as a pretense to move on even if they already had done it in their mind.

      1. I get that men have a biological wiring where they don’t always want a green m&m…and I understand that for men it can be just sex.
        I guess what I’m more concerned about is when a man has a high quality faithful woman at home but that biological need to spread his seed takes him to a STD filled pasture and he in turn infects the faithful partner. Is he still forgivable since his actions diminished her quality?
        I’m only asking because in today’s society where women are essentially turning into men and playing fast and loose with what’s in their skirts…STDs are going to be on a rise and since some show no symptoms it’s easier to assume you’re healthy and in the clear.
        Should a cheating man be held responsible for infecting a faithful woman and in turn diminishing her value for future suitors/future husband, should there be any?

        1. put a price – literally – on such occurrences and demand the money if he wants to be “forgiven”. everybody will be happy.

        2. Your fears are completely justified. No woman should be expected to tolerate an STD risk husband if she doesn’t want to.

    2. Mm we aren’t not allowed to respond to women on here, it’s just generally not encouraged for women to post on here since we try to be a men only kind of thing.
      Regarding your actual point I would think perhaps my wife’s view on it would be of interest. She thinks the most important is that I don’t “bring anything back” so in other words STDs etc. She knows the massive investment that I have made both in her and our offspring and that I can better than her calculate the risks of what I do.
      The kind of girls I have on the side are girls who get tested all the time and yes, I do actually ask to see the results.
      For me it’s not even so much about variety as it is status. I sometimes get girls just because they are very pretty and everyone else is trying to get them.
      But likewise girls do the same in some ways, they tell a bunch of guys to fuck off and then walk over to me and behave all chatty and flirty.
      I’m the easy way to get people off their backs because no one competes with me.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I won’t make it a habit of posting here, I understand I’m kinda the Darla to the Spankys and Alfalfas here. I usually would read and then ask my brother his opinion but since he was just deployed again it seems rather trivial to bring up my guy worries during the precious minutes I do get to talk to him.
        I’ve been in a long distance relationship going on 3 years. We’re 4 states apart and while I’m completely and irrevocably faithful and monogamous to my man, I don’t expect that same from him. Would I love to be his one and only? For freaking sure. But distance gives way to needs I can’t always fill.
        He had a scare where he thought he might have caught something. He ended up being okay and since we hadn’t been together after that experience I was okay too.
        But it has me worried about the what ifs….what if he hadn’t been okay and had given me something?
        I can look past him sleeping around, I don’t know if I would be able to forgive though if he saddled me with a lifelong scarlet letter so to speak because he was listening to his biological needs.
        Love is complicated lol.

        1. Well, do you want to commit to him? That is the fundamental question.
          My wife knew she would commit to me totally before she met me which to me is a bit odd
          She told me she had no choice in it really lol…

        2. Stop being long-distance and get him to get you preggers, I’d suggest. If you don’t want to do that then maybe it’s time to say goodbye, because your relationship sounds stale.

    3. I’ll reply to whoever I want.
      In answer to your question:
      If a woman no longer desires a man and thinks she should leave and wants to leave – for whatever reason – then she should.
      However, like all things in life, the decision should not be taken lightly.

  24. Nah, cheating is never excusable.
    Either make the commitment or don’t.
    As to the soft Polgamy this article promotes:
    Polygamy is only natural in low trust, tribal societies where women are hoarded like resources. The result being a dearth of sexually available women driving those unsexed men into activites that will get them sex (war, homosexuality, high risk, etc.) With the exception of homosexuality all these violent outbursts are just an example of beta coalitions against dominant no-share Alphas. Who always get toppled. There is no stability in that system because the next Beta that becomes Alpha wants to live the same lifestyle.
    I find it funny the ROK says it wants to preserve Western Civilization against feminism or Cultural Marxism and “Bring Back the Patriarchy”. It’s doing the very opposite with articles like these. This is low level, tribal, barbaric behavior that elevates the hormonal instincts of our lizard brains. This isn’t self-mastery or stoicism, this is primal “Muh dick!” hood shit. Are we applying for the Crips and Bloods, maybe MS-13? Or are we trying to save Western Civilization?
    You really want to save Western civilization? Don’t act like non-Europeans.

    1. Yes… I understand your point. There is this dilemma with ROK and within ourselves. To act according to our “utopias” (patriarchy, these days) will make us sexless, unhappy… let’s face it, LOOSERS, if we’re doing it alone, outside institutions (divorce, rape, sexual assault laws and others, as you may remember).
      To act as if we ignored our goals, behaving as it is “supposed”, now, in this “SJW-minded Society”, will get us some rewards, but turn us into hypocrites.
      Not an easy choice.

      1. I don’t really think the change we hope for will take place in all but possibly the youngest of this site’s user’s lifespans. That really leaves little choice but to live and act in the society that we are forced to live in.
        I do think Male birth-control could be a complete paradigm shift, though, if it ever gets put on the market.

        1. Huh?! Most men would never take a pill that sterilizes them, even if only temporarily.

        2. Valgasel (?) isn’t a pill, it’s an injection, and it doesn’t sterilize you, it creates a block that acts as a filter. Thin stuff like semen and piss go through, bigger things, namely sperm, are filtered out. It lasts a year, and can be removed earlier
          And men would absolutely take it. No condoms, no sweating whether its yours, no risking her lying, or forgetting, the upsides are numerous. It would also push the paradigm into the middle. Until BC, it was firmly in Men’s control. Post, women’s control. It’ll never go back to men totally, but this will tip the scales.

        3. If you go into the real world today then you’re in for a big surprise…
          … and I don’t even want to begin to fathom what the health dangers of a long-term sperm-destroyer might be, not after the negative consequences of females’ hormonal contraception have begun to surface.

      2. It’s important for men to form gangs and tribal groups. Jack Donovan has a good book on the subject called The Way of Men. Tribes are not easily formed and require some underlying criteria of closeness and/or kinship. I have yet to find something like this. Once these are formed we CAN act according to our higher ideals and exclude those that don’t.
        (One may take issue with my two differing versions of tribalism: one is low-level tribalism of the outsider, used pejoratively and rightly, because it is a FOREIGN influence. My second, used positively here, is good because it would be ours.)
        This is really the only solution to getting what you want without becoming a hypocrite.

      3. In times of crisis, choose hypocrisy. This situation is not at equilibrium, and treating it like it is won’t help anyone.

    2. Polygyny is natural in any situation where multiple females desire the same mate and agree to share.

      1. And it’s also a dysgenic cause of our animal impulse, which is, again, not useful to cultivating and preserving civilization.

        1. It depends what kind of civilization you want to build.
          As I keep saying, anyway, polygyny strengthens our species by ensuring only the fittest males reproduce and contribute to future generations, and this takes evolution in as positive direction.
          I’m not sure exactly what civilization you expect to be built by the sons of ugly, stupid, monogamous degenerates…

        2. I’d prefer a civilization that has moral standards, produces arts, expands into the stars, and increases human happiness.
          Not one that caters towards fluids ejaculating out of your penis into a wet hole becuz it feelz gud and makez happy in brain.
          But hey, you want to live like a savage. There are plenty of third world shit-holes without internet where you can do that.

        3. You’re incredibly stupid. A peacock lifts its tail and a spaceman flies to the moon for the exact same reasons – sexual competition for the opposite sex.
          I’m the man who has the attitude that’ll push our species forwards – I’m the natural and successful competitor – not you.

        4. lol, Nah. No you’re not. You see, you wish to fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. That’s called Africa.
          Sexual competition is one manifestation of reaching a higher goal, but successful men will tell you they do do what they do not just for the lays. They did it because they wanted to. Yes, sex along the way was a bonus, but it wasn’t the only motivation in life.
          Not that you would understand any of this. You already put that pussy on a very high up pedestal.. and I don’t think you can pull it down now.

        5. I’m sure the peacock thinks it lifts its tail not for the lays but because it wanted to, also.
          It takes a special kind of naive idiot to not realize humans are driven by unconscious instincts. Conscious thoughts mean nothing.

        6. I am, actually. People with high IQs will see it.
          Humans are instinctive creatures, and it’s a scientific fact that the origin of even fantastic phenomena such as space exploration is male-male competition over mates, just like the peacock’s tail.

        7. Not really. You have one large glaringly obvious gap in your logic.
          You want a high IQ population? It ain’t going to happen with polgyny. Nope, no way. No how, not ever. Ever ever. Polgyny is low-child investment on the father’s part. Paternal influence on children is a distinct marker of high intelligence people. Environmental factors (cold seasonal weather) required monogamous pair bonding in Western societies to raise children to maturity (K selection). The harsh environment naturally selected for high IQ which, in turn, influenced the rise of monogamous institutions as it was the most effective in proliferating European peoples. Low intelligence people like blacks, Hispanics, etc. have low child-investment and one of the reasons for this is the ease of sexual gratification outside of wedlock, i.e. monogamy, but also due to environmental factors (like food abundance) that didn’t necessitate providing fathers (r selection).
          You want to go to the stars? You’re not going to without monogamy.
          Interesting, as America has become less monogamous and women’s hypergamous instincts have been allowed to roam free, NASA hasn’t been back to the moon or done any other large space exploration projects that are dangerous and appeal’s to men’s masculine spirit, like sending more men to the moon. Maybe this is coincidence, but I doubt it because the high IQ population of the US is dwindling with the rise of non-whites and the welfare state (which is basically replacing the monogamous providing father).
          I don’t think you will reconsider your position because you’re blind to the whimsy of your penis or you are, I think, not white.

        8. There’s no gap in my logic. There’s a gap in your logic – the idea that people could become more intelligent by allowing them to be sired by stupider fathers is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.
          It’s true that higher intelligence can be achieved with higher education, which requires higher paternal investment, which is favored – to some extent – by monogamous marriage, but there’s a limit to how far education can take you, and intelligent genes are the ultimate limiting factor (not education). I’m quite smart, for example, but I dropped out of school at age 14. I ended up becoming smart anyway because of my genes, despite my lack of both formal education and paternal investment.
          Polygyny typically ensures the wealthier, more attractive, or more industrious men in society have all the wives (i.e. The men with better genes), and the dumb incompetent idiots are excluded from the breeding pool and genetic future.
          This was the breeding pattern that created modern humans – we have an indisputably polygamous past – so it’s impossible to argue against it. There’s no reason to believe we’d be near as competent as we are today if our ancestors were monogamous.

        9. You should read the intelligence paradox. Anyone that assumes that breeding the most intelligent is a panacea to global ills is singing a siren call analogous to the acceptance of polgyny. Any population that skews too high in intelligence has abysmally low reproductive rates that are CATASTROPHIC to any people intent on survival. You have no semblance of balance in your world view. It’s always skewed to the most indignant and disgusting rationales. I simply cannot take your argument seriously.
          Polygyny is the siren call of Latin America, Africa, and Asiatic despotism. It is the antithesis of Western Man, and therefore, it is a hostile assumption to believe that Western Civilization would survive without monogamy. Which is again why I ask: are you white? I’m not concerned with all of human history as it they are distinct paths with differing norms. None of which have produced, nor could sustain, the creations of Western Man (culturally, more so than technologically).
          Western cultures have emphasized monogamy and patriarchy for a few good reasons. Patriarchy allows the father to choose his daughters spouse, which will invariably allow him to choose the highest quality man. You want eugenics, there you go. But monogamy insures that there offspring is taken care of. If you were worried about the lowest quality getting into the gene pool you really shouldn’t as wise fathers test for incompetence, infirmities, or other abnormalities before handing off their daughters. This was the practice for thousands of years in the West, as it should be today.
          Polgyny, on the other hand, is just a reflection of a matriarchal society that emphasizes women’s libidnous desires. Women don’t factor in civilization, the future, but only there current emotional feels. If you’re read ROK enough you’d know this.
          So I will ask you, why do you want a matriarchal society – is it because you are not White?

        10. Firstly, it takes more than a few generations for evolution to really kick in. I mean, if you breed 2 tall people over and again, it’s got to take at least a dozen generations before you can lock in a truly tall 7+ foot genetic race, right? Think of it like dog breeding.
          Western civilization isn’t smart due to genetics, but due to education. It’s not very many generations ago since the majority of Westerners were fucking dumb as everybody else (and most still are dumb, frankly), and we still share those same genes. So the fact that the West is LEGALLY monogamous has absolutely nothing to do with its current state. I emphasize “legally” because, truth is, the West isn’t monogamous at all in literal terms of which men sire the most amount of babies.
          It’s also important to note much of the non-Caucasian world is and always has been monogamous in legal terms. It’s not a uniquely Western concept.
          Yes, I’m a full-blooded Caucasian of Celtic and Viking descent. I’m a New Zealander.
          “Patriarchy allows the father to choose his daughters spouse, which will invariably allow him to choose the highest quality man.”
          What does this have to do with monogamy? The exact same thing happens with polygyny. The only diffetrence is, in a polygynous culture, the father has more options as to who his daughter will marry, and more options to choose a better man with better genes and more money.
          “Any population that skews too high in intelligence has abysmally low reproductive rates that are CATASTROPHIC to any people intent on survival.”
          Can you give me an example of a population that has experienced reduction in reproduction rates WITHOUT the introduction of contraceptives? I doubt it.
          Have you considered that the collapse of Western population has nothing to do with the fact that it’s culturally retarded, impotent, and incapable of long-term survival, and more to do with the fact that they’re poisoning their daughters’ wombs with artifical hormones? It’s got nothing to do with IQ.
          Put a plastic bag on your cock or pump a girl’s womb with drugs and you can’t make babies anymore. Haven’t you – in your so superior IQ – figured that out yet? Most Westerners haven’t figured it out. They keep fucking with contraception and no matter how many times they fuck they still don’t get pregnant. Dumb fucking animals.
          “So I will ask you, why do you want a matriarchal society”
          Well, I wouldn’t agree it’s matriarchal. Vikings were polygynous. Were they matriarchal? No. What they did was thin out the male population with warfare, murder, and sacrificing Beta males to Odin, so on, and then further add to the numbers of their females by capturing foreign women to keep as slaves and concubines. They married their daughters off to the best warriors and created brutish giants whose ancestors went on to conquer much of the known world (it’s important to respect how thick Viking blood is in the English population).
          What I advocate in modern times is only matriarchal in the sense that I respect a woman’s right to choose who fathers her offspring. However, it should be noted the kind of men who women choose are not men who support anything that could be described as pro-matriarchy. Women choose men who are big, muscled, assertive, dominant, and aggressive, and just generally behave like arrogant bastards.
          When you see a woman married to a rich man, take a good look at his kids because I doubt they look like him – women marry rich men only for the money and then cheat on him when they’re ovulating. This actually happens primarily in monogamous societies. If a woman is forced to marry a loser then there’s a much higher chance of her cuckolding him, because, evolutionarily speaking, she can do better and it’s in her reproductive interests to reject monogamy.
          This should be understood: I support the rawest form of nature and radical individualism. I support male-male competition, abolsute freedom, unrestricted living, all that. These are the things you’re arguing against. You don’t believe in freedom, you have contempt for nature, you despise powerful men who can out-compete lesser men. This is a shameful thing.
          It should also be understood that monogamy is not in my best interests. I reject it because I am an Alpha male who is strong enough to stand up to Western civilization – alone – and sire more offspring polygynously. It’s simply true that I behave in the way I do because I am evolved to do so. You are weaker than me. You cannot control me. You can’t affect me in any way, just like the rest of the West. Why should I listen to you if you’re weak, pitiful, and miserable? Why should the strong kneel before the weak? You need to explain that. You need to justify why strong men should grovel and slober on the dirty toes of infant Beta males just because they’re crying because women don’t want to fuck them. You need to explain why I shouldn’t laugh in your face, spit on you, or worse.
          Finally, I want this to be understood: Out of all the men here, I am the one of highest moral and virtue that I’ve seen, save for a small handful of Christians who are my equals. Why? Because I boycott all contraception and therefore do not have casual sex. You are berating me for wanting to marry and take care of the women I have sex with, because I view myself as having a moral obligation to raise my own children. But how many women do I ACTUALLY have sex with? I’ve only fucked my wife in the past 10 years, and my total notch count after counting the whores I fucked when I was 19 is only 7.
          There are guys here who claim to fuck a different girl every weekened. Are you seriously telling me they’re more moral than me just because they don’t care about them, treat them like meat and trash, and won’t marry them? You are a fucking disgusting piece of filth if so. I actually care about women, and I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.
          I only aim to have sex with maybe 5 or 6 more women for the rest of my life, and I intend to marry all of them. I’m 29 years old, man. How many 29 year olds here do you think will claim to be content with maintaining such a low notch count? But even the guys here who fuck over 1,000 sluts in their life, I’ll still have more children than any dozen of them put together – which is why I do what I do.
          But I AM a moral man – I’m intelligent, rational, responsible for my children, and caring towards my women. You need to have a good long think about exactly what kind of man it is you’re berating.

        11. Any man that is Western European believes in his stock, his race, his people.
          You’re a charlatan, a fraud, a deceiver. You’re the non-white undermining ti all.
          You hate poor whites to advance your bullshit. I’ve given you every reason to chose Europe, but you chose Asia. Vote Hillary. You’ll get what toy want.

        12. Vote Hillary?! Where did that come from?!
          It’s a simple question: Do Caucasian women want to marry me and make babies? Statistically, the answer is no. That’s not my fault. I won’t rape them as an alternative, either. It’s their fault the Caucasian race is dying. Yet I, as an individual, refuse to watch my own personal bloodline die.
          Don’t try to blame me personally for the fact that Western society has culturally collapsed and Western women are losing their ability to reproduce. These things aren’t my fault.
          Discussion over.

  25. This is a weird article as I agree almost altogether yet, want to add an addendum. Men will be men, unless if you are into men, and will always desire a hot new woman just for that new chase, conquered feeling. The same pussy gets old fast and all this talk about restarting the engine and loving your lady forever, shit is annoying and the diminishing rewards for inspiring a woman who is happy to add lower value for herself over time, makes it easy to want the new grass.
    If you’re that guy who can’t help but have verbal diarrhea about how great your lady is, more power to you. Cukholdry is extra extensive come winter and spring. My hat does off to you if you find a woman who inspires you to not cheat. For everything the article says, if you have your life together you can usually survive getting caught cheating. If you don’t bend too far by apologizing wrong.

    1. I’m going to have to disagree, there is no way I will respect a guy who has verbal diarrhea of his girl.
      Girls are just girls. They are generally quite interchangeable unless you commit to one like marriage and children.
      The weird thing is I’ve fucked and spent time with girls if wide IQ variance too and they are almost the same… The smarter ones are slightly more useful at doing what you ask of them but not by a big margin.

  26. Why do women hate when their man cheats on them? 1. Because it destroys their pride and princess fantasy. If you want to bring science and evolution into this, who’s to say anyone gave two shits about monogamy 40,000 years ago (I couldn’t think of a better number, it boggles my mind to think of the primitive human mindset). 2. (My main point) today, cheating has an incredible stigma which gives a woman an opportunity to shame a man for “the worst crime known to man,” cheating! A woman receives orgasmic pleasure from being victimized, she receives more pleasure from being the victim of an unfaithful relationship than being in a faithful vanilla relationship. Women may not be able to invent anything worth while and they may not know when to turn at a 4 way stop but they sure as hell know the precise rank of social stigma (whether it’s right or wrong, they don’t care), they will hang onto it without evaluating any of the circumstances and they will announce it as if it were the word of God. Women love being cheated on, they get to assemble their Devils brigade of white knights and girlfriends and collectively shun the bad guy, sounds WAY more fun than another quiet family dinner with a monogamous man, women love drama and being the center of attention. Shit, they may even become impatient and just make up a story that you cheated on her so she can get the attention she craves. What better way to be the center of attention than being able to announce you’ve been cheated on, it’s like winning the lottery! Being cheated on is romantic for a woman, every other pop song is about a woman being cheated on, it’s practically celebrated. Women can’t wait to tell their friends they’ve been cheated on, they’re damn near happy about it. Shit contest, who has it worse? Who’s gonna win the “biggest martyr award” at the cluck cluck fest this week at the wine bar on girls night? When a woman is cheated on she’s immediately forgiven for all her inadequacies, wow, what a relief to get that monkey off your back. For the same reason women want their man to explode during an argument, they want relief from all their inadequacies. “I’m so glad you broke that plate because we know who the bad guy is now.” The question remains, do they even care about being cheated on the same way a man would? Nope, they are just aware of the stigma it holds and they use it to their advantage. They don’t care. They love to cry too, don’t let it mess with your head, they love crying and they love drama.

    1. You could also tell your girl from the start you will sometimes fuck other women.
      Surrender to womens bullshit is the worst kind of surrender in my opinion…
      Every girl I have been with has been scared of me to some degree, they know I’m not the kind of guy you want to make angry.

    2. I agree, women love feelings and they would prefer negative feelings that no feelings. They also want to be cheated on especially if they have decided that it is time to branch swing. It is a win-win situation for them.

      1. Good point. Wives raised in the patriarchal tradition face serious blowback from their fathers and other family members should they divorce. However, while her family’s consensus will be that she should have put up with him banging cocktail waitresses two at a time, even most of her family members, though some albeit grudgingly, will support her if he’s caught banging the 14 year old babysitter. Which may be why she chose Lolita and gave her extra “our little secret” money instead of hiring a Tyrannobitches Rexes babysitter, though she’ll boo hoo and carry on that she gave a girl from an unfortunate family an opportunity and got backstabbed.

  27. Nicholas Jack,
    If you’re familiar with evolutionary psychology then you should’ve heard of the naturalistic fallacy, which you’re committing.
    Evolutionary psychology can only tell us why we are the way we are; it does not justify our behavior just because it’s natural, nor does it clarify how the world should be.
    The assertion that females should forgive men for cheating due to biology is your opinion – it is not science, nor is it supported by evolutionary psychology.
    You’re also omitting very important aspects of females’ biology:
    “Girlfriends breaking up with their boyfriends for this is just not logical.”
    Actually, it makes perfect sense for some females:
    As you already pointed out, a female who becomes pregnant may be committed to the sexual act – by virtue of its consequences – for up to 18 years. Because of this, a female will seek to pair-bond with a mate who can invest the maximum amount of resources into their relationship in order to ensure the highest possible reproductive success for her offspring.
    However, if her mate is cheating on her then he’s expending valuable resources on other women. This is a direct conflict for her reproduction strategy.
    To make matters worse, what if her mate has sex with a female more attractive than herself and decides to abandon their relationship for the new girl? This could potentially leave her vulnerable and alone with her offspring. In evolutionary ancestral populations, it could even mean reproductive failure (death of herself or her offspring).
    To counter such potential catastrophes, females have evolved to respond to signs of commitment and to abandon mates who display a lack of commitment through infidelity.
    So, a female abandoning an infidel mate actually makes perfect sense if she believes she can find a better mate elsewhere. Unless you’re a world-class Alpha then yeah, she can probably do better than you.
    So if you cheat, prepare for her biology to kick in and watch her pack her bags – THAT’S evolutionary psychology.

    1. Goddam that was a fucking long comment. You probably have a point but one I can’t test. I’m enough class of an alpha that it cuts through cultures like butter.
      My wife, then my girlfriend told me to stop trying to only sleep with her.
      Now she is my wife and we plan for our children to see a loving relationship
      Edit because I didn’t make sense what I mean is my wife knows I have a bazillion girls who want to sleep with me, but she is the only one carrying my babies..

      1. Culture has nothing to do with anything I said.
        It’s not hard for an Alpha to convince certain girls to stay with him even if he’s polygynous, but my point is that only an Alpha can do this and there’s no reason he should expect it to be easy.

      2. English your second language? The discordant and unpolished nature of your comment writing makes me think you’re a day dreaming ten year old. Which would honestly be preferable to the man you’re pretending to be… or actually are.

        1. No, its actually my third language.
          I’m going to have to disappoint you for the rest, I’m not 10, closer to 40 actually.
          But you seem to have the maturity of a soft pear if this is what it takes for you to come out and this is what you get?
          Weren’t you all empowered and shit?
          Now I’d very much like you to explain to me in what way my comments were discordant and unpolished, thank you.

        2. Unpolished relates to grammar. Discordant relates to the jittery nature of your topic switches and sentence flow. Perfect example of which would be this comment. Para 1 – Explanation, fine. Para 2/3 – No idea what this means. Para 4 – Follow up question, fine. P.S. Wouldn’t an immature pear be hard because it isn’t ripened? Are you suggesting I’m so mature that I’ve gone off…?

    2. No, it’s not.
      You have some reasoning…but it is bound to the current state of social (d)evolution.
      In times and systems with no “social net” or “mother state” existing, risking starvation and/or social ostracism due to “male infidelity” would be absolutely detrimental to a woman and her offspring.
      Also: note the VERY valid point 6 from the article. Social status is everything to women. “Better be a concubine of an emperor…then a wife of a pauper”, eh?

  28. in their youth women might have a similar sex drive, but it ends there.
    When they get older they learn to use it as a tool to extract resources. Once they have the ring and the documents, you’re fucked and they know it. They don’t need to be sexual at all and they still win.
    It’s a shell game. a façade, a veneer. Makeup, heels, pushup bra. Once you buy the mask drops and you’re fucked.

    1. Girls don’t have a similar sex drive to boys. To test this, one could:
      Gather 10 males and 10 females in a room and ask them to anonymously write down how many of the opposite sex they might consent to sex with.
      Females will consistently select 1 or 2 males, whereas males will select 8+ females.
      The reason feminists mistakenly believe they have equal sex drives as men is because they have an equal amount of sex as men (or often more for sluts). However, they fail to take into account that they’re all getting fucked by the same guys, and, in fact, they’re quite choosey.
      The verdict is males are much more aggressive and industrious in their sexuality.

      1. yea that’s kinda the point I was making. it’s absurd to think they’re the same. it’s a big lie

  29. How can this site talk about honor and loyalty after such absurd article?
    I’m not saying that this is all a lie. But any of this arguments can justify cheat,
    It does not matter your reasons, cheating is wrong, you all know that.
    If you were merely analysing male behavior about cheating I would have agreed with you, but you’re trying to give reasons for male cheating to be justified. A mistake is only tolerated by exception, not by rule.
    The betrayal of a man is not less bad that of a woman because the dishonor of the commitment is in the same level for both. The consequences of this kind of betrayal is more severe for woman, but the level of disgrace is actually greater for the man, because he is the owner of the oath. He gives the proposal, he manages the proposal. By respect for his authority, is that his woman will not cheat on him. By respect for his own word, is that he will not cheat on his woman.

      1. Explain yourself. To call me a padawan will not help me improve my knowledge.

        1. Jeshuah ben Josef didn’t speak against polygamy. 😉
          “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law (the Old Testament) or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke or a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law (the Old Testament) until everything is accomplished. (Matthew 5:17-18)”
          Hebrews of that age were polygamous. Few centuries later, even Emperor Diocletian (quite pleasant little cabbage-gardener, that one…)) had to make concessions for them, within ROMAN law that prescribed monogamy.

        2. Wow Do you really interpreted that way? This is such a poor interpretation.

        3. YOU decide to interpret. 🙂
          I just transmit/relay/quote a quite straightforward message from YOUR Teacher…and few historical facts, as well. ;))
          Happy are those who think themselves capable of being “interpreters” for the Son…don’t You think?))

        4. Some critics argue that the Bible approves polygamy because the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) had multiple wives and the biblical text does not seem to condemn their actions. This, however, is a gross misunderstanding of the Bible. Just because the Bible reports certain behaviors does not mean it approves of it.
          Polygamy is clearly prohibited by God in many ways. First, we know that monogamy is the correct pattern of marriage because it was established in Genesis 1 and 2. Second, we know that this pattern was followed until the sin of Lamech in Genesis 4:23Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) is reported. The first polygamous husband in the Bible is a murderer! Third, the Law of Moses clearly commands, “You shall not multiply wives” (Deut. 17:17Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)).
          Finally, it is obvious from the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that polygamy is the cause of much family conflict. This is especially evident with Jacob, who has 4 wives. Because of the favoritism of Jacob toward one of his wives, Rachel, his sons end up selling one of their half-brothers into slavery! Clearly polygamy is not portrayed in a positive light in these narratives.

        5. Lamech was a murderer because of polygamy? ;)) Deuteronomy 17:17? It is prohibition for a king! A KING…not EVERYONE!!!! ;))) (Expressly said so.)))
          Also: correlation IS NOT causality…unless expressly marked as such…not even in the Bible, my dear Brookbuckler…;))
          I definitely must get that “Logos Bible Software” that You use…I bet that it is full of pretty-pretty illustrations – that will surely go well with my daily dose of peyote…;)))

        6. I’m still trying to understand you use so much parentheses. Is this some kind of american joke?

        7. I am as american as an apple sausage…;)))…but, gee-shucks…thank You for complimenting my english….;)))
          One more reason to give You the gift of my smile:
          …or even a laugh:

    1. I understand you, but 2 points need to be clarified:
      1. Moral correctness is in the eye of the beholder.
      2. If the wife consents to her husband’s polygynous behavior – reluctantly or otherwise – then it’s a different story.

      1. I disafree:
        1 – Correctness is objective and can be clearly perceived.
        2 – Polygyny is wrong. Just like in western society is socially acepted for people to have sex before marriage, other countries accept polygyny. But both are wrong. They are accepted not by rule, but by exception.

        1. Hahahah ok very funny, now why is it wrong for me to fuck someone other than my wife. And have a real reason this time.

        2. Also, moral correctness is murky.
          In a dire situation, is it right to feed your last rations to the soldiers defending a fort or the starving women and children they’re defending?
          There’s no easy answer to such questions.

        3. Thanks for clarifying.
          Odin, though, he just said (and I quote), “Fuck it, men! Drink beer and fuck hussies!”
          I choose the Odin option for godly guidance.

        4. I’ll give you three good reasons:
          1 – You can’t bond with more than one woman. As is known that in polygamous societies there’s no concept of love for the husband to his wives: only the women have to obligated love him. Why do you think that those men are not “socially obligated” to love their women? Because they can’t. They just can’t truly love more than one woman. And by love I’m not just talking about feelings, I’m talking about the commitment and the psychological intimacy. That’s why it’s common for those man to have a favourite, while the others are neglected as just sexual objects.
          2 – You’re causing suffering in your woman if she’s not the only one for you. You guys here seems to despise woman at a certain level, and give the scenario you’re into nowadays, I understand. But you can’t forget that woman are still human beings and they deserve to be respected as much as it is reasonable. It is not reasonable, nor compassionate, to infringe suffering in your own wife.
          3 – If polygamy were allowed in our society, you would have facing the same problems that the arabs face: there’s not enough woman for everyone. A privileged class of men would end up taking most of women for them, while other man would have piddling chances in finding a wife.
          More details here: http://huntergatherer.com/good-reasons-why-polygamy-is-a-bad-idea/

        5. It was not Odin who built the western society, but Christianity.
          You can deny God, but you can’t deny that christian values was the root for our civilization, and the decline of the our civilization is due to the decline of christian morality.

        6. I thought maybe you would come up with something I had not thought of but alas, I am disappointed…
          I don’t need to bond with multiple women.
          How is she suffering if I am doing exactly what the told me to do?
          Arabs don’t interest me?
          Edit to ad come on man! Generally I like you!

        7. He laid out his reasoning and your are dismissing it as you don’t like the message apparently. Each to his own, but I agree with his points.
          The exception I would make is when the wife is not living up to her obligations. Instant deal breaker there.

        8. Western civilization has many roots, most of which predate the birth of Christ by hundreds of years (such as democracy).
          Also, the Vikings – under Odin – made a massive contribution in exploring and reconnecting Dark Age Europe, which was a massive boon to Western civilization.
          All in all, Western civilization is by far greater than the sum of any single religion.
          In the end, I think the decline of the West has more to do with simple things – such as the invention of modern contraception – than it does with Christianity.

        9. 1. Why can’t I bond with multiple concubines? That’s a lie right there. I’m quite capable of commitment and psychological intimacy with multiple concubines, thank you.
          2. How does polygyny automatically cause suffering for the wife and concubines? That’s another lie. It’s her choice to join a polygynous marriage. Presumably she enjoys her choice, otherwise she shouldn’t join to begin with.
          3. How is the failure of other men to attract wives any problem of mine?
          Besides, it’s natural for most men to be reproductive failures – geneticists show that modern humans are descendant from only 40% of past men, as opposed to 80% of past women.
          Moreover, polygyny strengthens the population by ensuring only the fittest males reproduce and contribute to future generations.

        10. “You guys here seems to despise woman at a certain level”. Great timing Saint Rivershield,just in time to tell me that I have some sort of hate for women and shower us with your “let me tell you this because your don’t knowit” BS. I’ve seen enough smart asses like you trying to impress with limited knowledge.
          You’re right with the whole polygamy thing but coming here to tell us that we hate women is absurd.

        11. I’m not saying that you hate woman, I apologize if that is the impression that I gave you. But I do have the impression that many guys here have some kind of disdain for women, and one of the reasons I think is because of articles like this one.

        12. – No, you can’t love more than one woman. When you love a woman, you lose interest in other woman. Maybe you can be sexually atracted to other women, but if you care about your woman the bonding will be stronger than your sexual drive. If your sexual drive are stronger to the point that you can’t resist, is because you don’t love her.
          – There’s no polygamous society where the woman have the choice to chose her husband. They’re commited by arranged wedding in most of cases, her father or other male responsible for her is the one who choses the husband. Even in some african tribes, were the woman can chose her husband, is not like that they want to be with a man who has more woman, is that they don’t really have a choice. Moreover, if a woman has a choice, she will never chose to be party of a harem instead of being the only woman to a man.
          – Is not a matter of courtship failure, is a matter of numbers. Did you read the link?

        13. Despite all this, it is undeniable that the modern Western progress would not have happened in the pre-Christian parameters of the West, at least not with the same intensity. The purpose of my comment was not disqualify the participation of other cultures and religions in the formation process of the West, but to accentuate that the modern West was only possible under the parameters of Christianity. The moral sense had a key role in building the modern West, and this moral sense would not be possible without Christianity.

        14. I don’t understand what is the point of your comments. You seem to expect me to say or realize something, but you don’t give me any hint.
          Give me a more accurate explanation of your opinion so that I can understand why you’re disagreeing with me.

        15. This is nonsense.
          The Vikings were industrious and ambitious beyond sanity – they even discovered and built a settlement in North America. They were also tolerant people and excellent traders. In fact, it was this ability to co-operate and assimilate with other Europeans that left them vulnerable to conversion to Christianity to begin with.
          Alexander the Great and the Romans were equally industrious and ambitious. They were also incredibly tolerant and moral, as proved by the invention of democracy.
          Moreover, let’s not forget that Christianity was birthed in the Roman Empire. Jesus and his followers were invariably influenced and inspired by the empire they belonged to – the empire that tolerated and empowered them. It’s arrogant to suggest that Christianity wasn’t influenced by the rest of the West, and the Romans feature heavily in the Bible.
          There are many more examples. It’s absurd to suggest that the West couldn’t have developed to its present state without the aid of Christianity. It reflects an ignorance of history. It also ignores the amount of books Christians burnt in an effort to slow progress – and because of this, it’s actually probable the West would be greater than it is now was it not for Constantine converting and taking the reins out of the more tolerant, native Greco-Roman religions.

        16. Yes, I read the link. I find it hypocritical that a theist is linking to evolutionary psychologists whenever it suits him. You’re a Christian. You don’t believe in evolution, remember?!
          The evolutionary psychologists there are using poor science, however. They’re taking statistics garnered from pre-industrial Mormons and Africans living in gods know what conditions and then claiming the data is applicable to modern Canada. Are you FUCKING serious?! In science, the technical term for such an approach is called “pure biased bullshitting”.
          Now, you’re absolutely wrong that I cannot bond with multiple females. I mean, don’t you think I’d be aware of this?! I’m me, remember? I know perfectly well – and better than you – what I’m emotionally capable of.
          Yet, since you’re a Christian who quotes evolutionary psychologists and thus plainly accepts that mankind evolved from monkey-kind and not from Adam’s rib or whatever, let me ask you this: What would’ve been the evolutionary fate of men living in ancestral populations who, when presented with the opportunity to take multiple concubines, failed to bond with those females and let the relationships collapse as a result?
          The answer is those men would’ve been out-reproduced by men who took greater advantage of the opportunity and bonded strongly with their concubines, and, as a result, fathered a staggering amount of offspring to pass on their DNA containing the pro-polygynous trait. In short, those degenerates who lack the versatility to negotiate polygynous relationships would’ve been genetically swamped and therefore do not exist (at least not genetically).
          Thus, what you are suggesting – that men are only capable of pair-bonding with a single female – has no scientific foundation. It is an opinion – your opinion – and it doesn’t withstand skeptical analysis.
          Finally, I don’t give a damn what they do in African tribes or wherever you mentioned. I am a New Zealander man living in SE Asia, and I’m talking about things relevant to me. Will SEA girls volunteer to enter a relationship with me despite the fact that I’m not single? Poor ones absolutely will. Can I love them and bond with them? Absolutely with all my heart. THAT’S the reality, not your irrelevant African data.

        17. “Becoming one flesh with the woman” doesn’t necessarily mean “monogamy”….read Saul’s/Paul’s correspondence better… ;))

        18. A minority do and I don’t agree with them. But, but, don’t go barging in as a newby on this website throwing names about because that will make you look like one of those snotty nosed Remain kids who call everyone who wanted out of the EU a racist,xenophobe, cunt,etc. It’s weak.

        19. Hahaha the only reason I used evolutionary arguments is because whatever I use theistic arguments atheus ignore me. Bit, really, bonding with comcubines? They’re called concubines, not wives, for a reason.

        20. There are societies where pologyny is normal and accepted. Women in these relationships also form close bonds with their ‘co-sisters’. Normally the guy is of a high social standing and can support these ladies. Men who are of lower social standing cannot support multiple women financially or emotionally.
          Most women are possessive of their men and cannot be in this situation. Men who don’t want to hurt their possessive wives will not court the notion of polygymy. Men who are arseholes will be on the lookout for new piece of flesh regardless of what their loyal life partner feels.

        21. God didn`t approve Salomon`s permissivenes for his wives` and concubines` polytheism and idolatry.

        22. Yeah, but the problem is a lot of women will lie about whether or not they’d accept polygyny. This is because they’d prefer not to so they lie, but when it happens not all of these women will leave.
          The only way to find out whether your wife would tolerate a concubine is to get one.

        23. Monks brought beer….and it makes You want to sleep.
          The drink made Vikings into Swedes. ;))))
          MEAD, on the other hand…is probably an abbreviation for More Ecstasy And Destruction…..;)))
          Sounds better to me.

        24. Of course you don’t, since it is convenient for you. It’s not honorable for any woman to be a concubine, the honor of the woman is to be a wife. For the word “concubine” to not be disgraceful, the society has to take away the value of the woman itself. A concubine is not a woman of a man, is his sexual property. Did you believe that woman don’t deserve honor, that they have no value beyond what it may or not be useful to their male owners?

        25. At the end of the day, women like good providers. It is simple as that. Take the most beautiful western woman and ask her if she would be a second wife if the man could provide her with a millionaire lifestyle she would take it. Those are the facts.

        26. Yeah. This is the part people fail to understand.
          Would a woman prefer to be the only wife of a man who’s income is $500 per week or the concubine of the same man if his income is $2,000 per week?
          Of course it varies from woman to woman and there’s other factors that influence the decision, but, at the end of the day, women are as ruthlessly pragmatic as men when it comes to relationships.
          Yet should we red pill men really be so surprised that chicks are so easily swayed by cash incentives?! I think not.

        27. The problem is you’re making all this stuff up. It’s just a senseless rant coming straight from your bitter heart.
          I’m not talking about “owning” anybody. I’m talking about finding nice young girls who will voluntarily and legally consent to be my bride.
          There’s no disrespect in that. In fact, what’s disrespectful is your refusal to acknowledge and respect a girl’s life choice to be a concubine.
          Plus my wife is a total bitch and I don’t like her much, so when I do find a concubine or few they won’t have much to be jealous of. There’s no great honor in being the bitchy wife who gets ignored…

        28. Isn’t mead sweet with honey? 🍯 I don’t like sweet stuff that much. I hate sweet types of beer, so I doubt I’d like mead. 🍻

        29. A healthy girl will never chose to be a concubine. The natural impulse of woman is to seek the exclusive attention of the man, that’s why if a girl chose to be concubine, there’s something really wrong with her.
          Anyway, what sad life you have, to be able to talk about your own wife that way.

        30. Shit happens in life. You obviously haven’t learnt that. Sometimes marriages go bad. Yet I deserve praise, if anything, for not walking out on my wife. I stick by her.
          Again, you’re giving opinions that reflect your own bias more than reality. It’s absolutely misogynist to say there’s something wrong with a girl just because you don’t agree with her choice in a man.

        31. I beg to differ; a good mead (which IS honey and water) has its sugar quite thoroughly fermented into alcohol. Though there is some lingering sweetness (which is easier to tolerate when cooled really well..) – it packs a mighty punch….and stirs most unholy of desires… ;))
          Good brands are regularly found at medieval fairs throughout Europe…and there are some good producers in the U.S.A, as well. (Gold Coast, Falcon…go for traditional stuff..))
          Drink, conquer, pillage….rap…I mean, RAVISH…and feel alive!

        32. Well I’ve never actually tried mead – I just don’t like sugar. But if you insist it’s good then I’ll look out for some!

        33. Since the beggining I’m not trying to dictate reality, I’m saying how reality standards have to be. It’s not right to accept real problems, but to solve them. That’s how we learn and evolve. You think that I don’t know how reality is hard? If you knew where I live and how I live you would not have said this. “It’s absolutely misogynist to say there’s something wrong with a girl just because you don’t agree with her choice in a man.” You’re absolutely right in this statement, but to be a concubine is NEVER a choice by standards, but a choice by mistake and unhealthy circunstances.

        34. It’s not right to assert I’m a bad person because I have marriage problems. And sometimes we do have to accept those problems. No, I’m not giving up – I’m working very hard with my wife to make our lives work. But repairing the actual marriage just seems impossible. She’s 8 and a half years older than me. I can’t magically make her young and hot again. It’s time for me to move on.
          Your second point: A lot of women have to accept flaws in their husbands that they’d rather not. Every woman wants an ideal man, but some are forced to accept alcoholics, men with low IQs and low incomes, or whatever.
          For me, I’m quite an ideal man. Tall, lean, muscly, handsome, intelligent, and ambitious, and I don’t drink too much. The only catch is she has to share – for some women, this won’t even seem so bad (bisexual women, for example).
          Like any man, a woman has to look at the positive aspects about me and weigh them against what she considers negative, then decide whether I’m suitable. But women have to do this with every man, not just polygynous men.
          There’s loads of monogynous men out there they could have, but because they’re shorter, uglier, and stupider than me, or such, then the women will still prefer me.
          You’re asserting that a woman who accepts a man who’s anything less than perfect has something wrong with her. Man, this sounds lifted directly out of a Rapunzel fairy-tale!

        35. What the hell are you saying? Are you not overreacting at my statements?
          I agree with you to the fact that problems happen and that some woman will not have the best choices avaiable. Moreover, some will not make the best choice by mere fact of ignorance. But my whole point is that polygamy is itself a flaw concept of romantic relationship and it is not good for society, that’s why nor a woman nor a man should never chose polygamy. It is highly documented that monogamy is better for all the individuals that are not the “owner” of the harem.
          You might ask “why it is so bad? What’s so wrong with it, if it works for some people?”
          History suggests that it is. Studies documents how societies have systematically evolved away from polygamy because of the social problems it causes. Some researchers are really talking about polygyny, which is the term for one man with multiple wives, and which is by far the most common expression of polygamy. Women are usually thought of as the primary victims of polygynous marriages, but as cultural anthropologist Joe Henrich documents, the institution also causes problems for the young, low-status males denied wives by older, wealthy men who have hoarded all the women. And those young men create problems for everybody.
          Chanding the subject. I don’t know the details of the problems in your marriage life, and it is not of my business. I’m young and I have no self experience in marriage, but I’d like to say that I think you’re right on trying to save your marriage. The votes are not in vain, my father used to say.

        36. A woman having to settle for a monogamous relationship with a poor, ugly man is also a “flawed” concept, though, because it is only ever made with vast dissatisfaction. You don’t seem capable of understanding that all relationship strategies have flaws.
          I’m not arguing with you about your concept of forcing social engineering and eugenics on an unwilling population anymore. Simply, I believe in individual freedom – which is the soul of Western democratic ideal – and a person’s right to make their own life choices.
          What you’re saying is false, anyway. It’s clear that the long-term evolutionary effects of true monogamy are negative for every species. The males always become smaller, weaker, stupider, and indistinguishable from the females as a result of the elimination of male-male competition for mates. That’s the future you’re fighting for, and it’s retarded.
          And why should I give a fuck about men who can’t get their own wives?! They’re stupid ugly losers who girls don’t want to fuck. So what?!

        37. Cont.
          About stupid ugly losers who girls don’t want to fuck:
          2 things:
          1. It’s starkly obvious that artificially altering the reproduction environment to allow them to reproduce will immediately cause genetic – and thus social – degeneracy. That’s a fact.
          2. In our free society, those sexual failures already exist because women are already freely rejecting them. Yes, they cause trouble. It’s coined “Young Male Syndrome”. It’s annoying, but hardly world ending.
          You really seem to hate the idea of women having free choice and men having to be responsible for their own success, don’t you?

        38. What you mean is that you can’t pedestalize more than one woman. Putting a woman on a pedestal is unnatural, for the simple reason that women are, aside from their fertility, inferior to men in pretty much every aspect. Putting her on a pedestal just reflects your own insecurity/mother issues, which is how mediocrity becomes magical.

        39. It’s better for a woman to be the concubine of a rich and powerful man than the wife of a slave. If a woman makes that choice, it is bcause something is wrong with society, not her.

        40. What the hell are you talking about? What I meant is exactly what I said: you can’t bond with more than one woman, because with every woman you sleep you lose a little of yourself. You can’t give enough when you lost enough. And this has nothing to do with any kind of female exaltation, this is what we call love.

        41. I agree, society is wrong when the best choice for a woman is to be a concubine, and that’s exactly my point in my previous comment. That’s why polygamy should not be allowed.

    2. I bet your mommy still has your too toothbrushes hehe.
      Now think about Abdul doing her… Feeling helpless?
      Lol at the rest of it hehehehe.

      1. Man, I can’t understand your jokes. I don’t know what it means in your country, but in my country what you’re saying has no sense.

    3. Did the author ever say that cheating is acceptable?
      It’s just a comparison between males and females.

    4. Just because something is wrong, doesn’t mean that doing it doesn’t make sense.

      1. No, if something is wrong, it should never be done purposely. Mistakes will come wanting it or not, and we will use them to learn and evolve. What we have to seek is always the righteousness.

        1. Let me be clear then. ‘Bad’ actions are actions that will produce a negative outcome for the individual assuming the best response from other individuals. However, those individuals might not respond properly, and it may even be possible to predict that they will not follow the optimal strategy. I.e. if you steal from someone you know, their best move would be to disown you. But if you know they won’t, then it makes sense to steal from them.

    1. replace Filipinas with “all women” and change white to “all”
      flips seem partial to white cock because of the social status, but make no mistake…any meat rocket will do.

        1. oh please. There is no such thing as lesbians. They are just confused girls who I haven’t fucked yet.
          Trust me, I will make those dykes come to their senses.

        2. If you say so. Can;t really argue with that tick in your name. Looks official, kinda like a ROK diplomatic passport

        3. Or are they’re chicks you have alpha widowed & just can’t find another man to compare so they decide to eat carpet?

    1. I forgot whose quote it was but some comedian said “men are only as faithful as their options….Stephen Tyler in sexaholics anon? he isn’t an addict, he just has more options”
      As a side note, here is a funny story from the lolknee chronicles. When I was a young knee my buddy and I (this is high school) heard about sexaholics anon. So we got all dressed up and combed the hair and got on the train one thursday night and headed down there. It wasn’t as expected. There were like 4 guys there looking like the bad guys from the show criminal minds. Members only jackets. All court mandated. Child molesters and shit.
      My buds dad who was one of those cool pot smoking dads said “what did you idiots think, it was going to be a room full of hot chicks who can’t say no to dick” and we looked at each other and shrugged and was like “well, kinda”

      1. It feels like a Patrice O’Neal quote, but I don’t remember ever hearing it before. If you find it, let me know – that’s poignant stuff.

  30. It is not okay to cheat. I have been married 25 years.Never cheated once. I noticed that it was after I got married and even more after my son was born in my early 30’s that women seemed to want to cheat with me. Especially after my son was born. I walked out of rooms dizzy on more than one occasion because of cheating opportunities I turned down.
    Perhaps I would have cheated but I know to fear women. If you think a girl will let you off with a one-night stand and then let you go home to a happy family, think again !
    She will perhaps want what she cannot have. If you tell her no, she may just as likely make sure your wife knows. And take pleausure in destroying what you have.
    Fear women ! Run away !

  31. Guys have to be better, a woman who is clumsy with cheating can always play the rape card when shes caught.

  32. I hate to say this…but…it was so much easier in an analogue-based world…now…I don’t recommend cheating, I recommend paying for the service, safely. There are too many whacked out women who now roam the highways and byways; you could be married to one. (Ask Tiger)

  33. An abandoned spouse is not a cheater. If one spouse cannot provide intimacy, then they permit the other to seek it outside the marriage.

  34. Before my NAWALT wife and me got married, we did pre-marital counseling in our church with a married couple. Part of this was to take a survey, separately from each other. I’ll never forget one of the questions: “If my spouse ever cheats on me, I will definitely end the marriage. Agree, disagree, or not sure.”
    When the older couple went over our surveys, this question stunned them because my wife chose “disagree” and I chose “not sure”. They were so impressed, they said we were the only couple they ever counseled who “got the right answer”. Because everyone else (including the women) chose “Agree”.
    So yeah, women in this F-ed up society have been taught that if their husband (let alone boyfriend!) has a moment of weakness and cheats on them, the correct response from them is to immediately blow up the family and end the marriage.
    Just nuts!

    1. It’s in the interest of the church to keep a strong family unit around as this helps facilitate a sturdier, wielded community which sticks to core values.On the other hand, I, for one, cannot for the life of me respect a wife who “had a moment of weakness”. Might as well tell me that she fell onto a dick and make me laugh a little.
      How can you keep going when you spot a red flag as big as Oklahoma. Shit, the kid might not be yours and what would you do if French family laws are implemented in your neck of the woods?

      1. I don’t really disagree. Actually, I explained to the couple that was counseling us that the reason I picked “not sure” was that I just couldn’t picture her cheating. But the bottom line here was my fiancé picking “disagree” as her answer, when no other women had chosen that. Just another confirmation to me she was/is a NAWALT – I would not have married her otherwise.
        Having said that, I can’t say I would end things even if she did cheat on me. When you’ve been married 15 years and have kids together, the bond you forge is really tight. There’s not much I couldn’t forgive her for, and she would say the same about me.
        Actually, I told her the only thing she could ever do that I could NEVER forgive would be to deliberately harm our children (which I know she would never do). Her response to that? “Well, I don’t blame you.”

        1. When kids come into the picture it gets really messy. It’s the children that suffer the most due to selfish action of those who were meant to protect them. Also, a huge bonus for the welfare state which keeps feminist social workers employed to further their agenda against family (while being paid tax money collected from families).
          The answer to this is to keep frame at all times at this stage, keep in shape and engage your family in memorable activities to strengthen the bond. (e.g. go camping in a caravan).
          But, first and foremost, use red pill material to the best of your abilities when picking your partner because you will spend a lot of time with them.

        2. Your last sentence nailed it. Marry a NAWALT, or don’t marry at all. Guys who are stupid enough to ignore this rule deserve all the misery that’s in store for them.
          And guys crazy enough to marry a self-declared feminist? I just don’t understand them. Why not cut out the middleman and just take a hammer to your balls right now!

        3. However, all women are the same at their core and we as humans are still slaves to own animal instincts. What really makes a difference is her upbringing; it matters a lot. Also, looking at her family’s behaviour reveals a lot about what she’ll be like later on in life as a wife and mother.
          If a guy has no knowledge about red pill ideology then you can slightly feel sorry for him but in this date and age when google is in your pocket at all times, there’s no excuse to fuck up.
          I could identify a lot of red flags even before I got serious with the red pill. Common knowledge really.
          I leave you with this guardian article! Enjoy!

      2. “I fell on his dick by accident,” she says, “and I tried to bounce my way off it but then it just went up my ass, so I rolled over to get away but only found myself choking on it and then there was come all over my tits. But it was a total accident. I swear…” and she innocently batts her eye-lids.
        No, I’m not sure I could forgive that, either.

        1. If my girl ever actually said that, I would be laughing so hard; I’d have some respect for her for telling the truth (well, kinda, y’know what I mean) in a humorous way. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be getting out of that relationship faster than a robber out of a bank, but I would almost be able to forgive her cheating just on account of her giving me a good laugh.

    2. That’s because it is the right thing to do for them. Most of us can’t regain that trust and even if we could, we have more self-respect than to try.

  35. Here will be a shocking comment to many of you, but the kneeman is not ok with cheating for men or women.
    Cheating, by the way, I define as fucking someone else without an agreement in place.
    If you have agreed to be monogamous and are not then the problem isn’t with the act of cheating it is with not keeping to your word which is something a man should do. Grandpa knee told me once that I should always keep promises I make when I am drunk because it will teach me not to make stupid promises and he is right.
    Now, if there is an understanding between you and your girlfriend / wife that is fine. But if you tell her you won’t be fucking around and then you are then you are in the wrong imo.
    The way you can tell is the sneaking around bit. If you are being sneaky you are doing something wrong.
    BTW this isn’t a moral I think. it is more about being a man who can be counted on to do what he says he will.

    1. On the other hand, if a 6ft 200lb Marine catches you in bed with his wife, do you really think he’ll listen when you say “I never promised not to sleep with your wife; it’s your wife who promised to be monogamous, so it’s HER you should be beating up!”

      1. That reminded me of a story I read. I British Marine came home to find his wife entertaining. He gave the guy a hiding. When asked why he stopped the Marine said it was because he was “knackered” (exhausted) LOL

    2. Easy-peasey…don’t give promises to a woman. Or, to Yourself. Or, whatever…;)) Just. Don’t.
      A word is a Name…a Name is a Bond.

      1. Yup.
        I remember a few years ago I was in a bar and tried to fuck a Cuban girl and her friend. I was drinking and did the “lets have a 3 way” as a joke unless you say yes.
        Anyway, a few weeks later I ran into one of them and we started fucking. Couple dates couples bangs and she freaked when she saw me with someone else. Fucking Cubans.
        I told her “when we met j was try to have a 3 way with you and your friend—what gave you the idea that we were in a relationship”

        1. Their “mami” and “papi” calls give me the shivers…and not those of pleasure…;)))

        2. I dig being called papi but I’m a disgusting lexherous pervert

        3. Makes me think of alimony…))) but considering “pervert”…what is there not to like?…;)))

        4. Latin women especially Cubans (they likely have both parents) have patriarchy in their DNA. No matter how slutty they seem as soon as the tip is in, you are hers. or the way they see it, “I am his”.
          I had a similar deal, long story short, regular Booty call knock at the door at 2am while she was in my bed… didn’t go well. Had to sit them both down on the couch and straight up ask, “am I either of yours boyfriend?” blank stares. “ok then, who is leaving and who is staying?”.
          I’m normally not so Kneetastic but I saw no other way to stop the Latin train of destruction other than going at it head on, they swerved. Cuban left, Other chick stayed, they both learned a lesson. lol.

        5. yeah. Learned that lesson that hard way about Cubans. Same too with Brazilians — not the favela girls, but the good Brazilian girls.
          IT’s a crazy old world we are living in.

    3. I agree. The problem is when you make it clear to a woman that you won’t be monogamous. Then she tries to change the rules after the fact when she thinks she has you by the balls: she gets pregnant, moves in, you get emotionally attached, if you wife her up, etc. The obvious solution is to try to never to do these things. But sometimes shit happens.

    4. I agree, but at the same time i feel that making an agreement with a woman like that is like asking her if you can kiss her. Practically speaking, you just keep testing the boundaries until the relationship is generally defined, and explicit agreements don’t actually help the process.

      1. Oh, agreed it shouldn’t be an argument with a woman and for exactly the same reasons. I just go about things as normal and if I feel or get a sense that the woman is starting to think about monogamy I will just put it out there bluntly. Women are always saying they like honesty right (har har). The worst they are going to do is be offended and leave. However, if you have been fucking them properly that isn’t likely and, if she does, she will give you a call as soon as she gets a few too many drinks in her and hears the right song.
        Abundance. If she doesn’t like it she is welcome to walk.

  36. I have doubts about point 4 and 5. Women are ultra sex machines, but hide it for cultural/biological reasons. Women want to fuck, desire to “make love” and search for it every single time but are damn good at hiding it. A five star example of culture being, has it should, adapted to biology. Ask the clitoris.

    1. “Ask the clitoris”
      Why? Before men bothered recognizing it, the clit would have reamined dormant. Hate to quote James Brown, but he was right… it’s a mans world. We built it and maintain it. The women are just along for the ride.

      1. The fact that its outside the vagina is evidence that pleasure is separated from maternity, hence the video. That is why i think women are shit testing men to appear more disciplined when it comes to sex, but they love it probably even more that we do.
        A women that is attracted to a men, and we dont have to be Casanova to see that, will do everything to be fucked by him. Still many younger and inexperienced men believe the fairy tail of the puritan women.

  37. “28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners.” Oh that’s nasty.

      by the way, the faggot parade is going on in NYC today. It is not safe for man nor beast out there.

      1. Oh shit, stay safe man. The SodomFest was here in Denver just last week. I didn’t realize it and was walking my dog when I spotted some sodomites at the park. Fortunately both my dog and myself were able to make it home with our anuses unharmed.

  38. I don’t care if she is your wife. If she has a kid, get a DNA test. If you don’t or “just don’t want to know,” you’re a useless cuck and you deserve it.

  39. Degenerate bullshit. Only an effeminate coward goes to such lengths to justify their own lack of fidelity and self-control.

    1. agree with you here. Either stick to a commitment or don’t make one and play the field. Either are fine, but if you give your oath not to cheat and then fuck around anyway than your word is worthless.

      1. Easily solved, though, by omitting the part about male fidelity from the marriage vows.

        1. That is fair enough. If an man and a woman have an arrangement, whatever it is, I see no problem. But if I man fixes his word on something and then turns around and goes against it tisk tisk

        2. What if he neither promises fidelity nor informs her of his intentions until it’s already happened?

        3. I ask that last question because that’s what I think I have to do with SE Asian girls who don’t speak English. I cannot adequately explain my polygynous intentions (nor can I vow to uphold a monogynous relationship), so instead I just have to bring home another girl one-day and see how things go. It’ll be interesting.

        4. Like I said, I think it has nothing to do with the fidelity itself. If you break a vow then you are a vow breaker and that is simply an masculine trait. It is a hypothetical moral rule that is formulated not as “i must do x” but rather “if I want y then I must do x” and in this case y is “to be masculine” and x is “keep true to my oaths”
          If you swear to someone you will not fuck around and you fuck around then you are breaking your word and that is the type of person you are. If you are fine with that then great.
          However, if you have never given your word (explicitly or tacitly), then I don’t see why you would be in the wrong.

        5. Yeah, I understand you and agree.
          I have a general idea now that it’s best not to tell a girl anything that’s not immediately necessary. Anything.
          It’ll leave her with a lot of surprises, such as:
          The good: “Get out of bed. We’re going on a holiday to China today.” [Which she knew nothing about, so a pleasant surprise.]
          The awkward: “Babe, this is Dolly. She’s gonna be my second girlfriend now, okay.”
          It’s justifiable to be like this with girls who barely speak English, and also beneficial because you deprive her of the ability to talk you out of something until it’s already happened and then she’s forced to “consent” to it. It’s going to be amusing to see how it plays out, though.

  40. I never bought the whole “men can separate sex from love” thing. Sex is an intimate, emotional thing. “It didn’t mean anything- it was just sex!” That’s nonsense.

    1. fag
      ha, no kidding.
      I kind of agree with you and kind of don’t. I think that if you have enough sex with enough partners, male or female, you begin to get detached from the emotional impact of it. That said, I think if you keep your notch count low and save sex for people who are going to be in serious relationships with you are probably right.

    2. Disagree. Most men do seperate sex from emotion. Sex is a need like breathing and eating and to dismiss that particular nature of men is foolish. I love my wife, but she was far from the first woman I had in bed.

    3. The man is the king.
      The king can have many servants or women.
      But the servants or women can only have one king.
      This is the way of the alpha male.

  41. Male or female cheater, I don’t care. No if a woman breaks up with a cheater it does not have to mean she does not love him enough or do not understand him, you can understand somebody but disagree and there is only as much as you can take. I do not understand this website. Talking about traditional roles, loving wives and good mothers and alpha men as the head of the family. But all articles talk about sluts, how to fuck sluts, that it is good to be a little aggresive, etc. very misguided, no woman woukd chose a man like that as a husband and father. while you talk so much hate on women why you dont give us some advoce. Please dont say dont be a slut, cook, clean and take care of the children because modt of us do. but the funny thung is when its the correct way we are often being taken for granted and when we are sluts we are shamed. And the countries where women lives how you like it, saudia arabia, miserable place with so many problems. and if women were so happy before why would they protest. things keep evovling. things wasnt perfect before and they are nlt now. love.

    1. Hej, no one is saying it’s OK for men to cheat. It’s a failure to keep the solemn promise they have given. It’s also a mortal sin (if anybody in here is still quaint enough to believe in things like sin and souls)
      But fornication is also a mortal sin, and yet our whole society blares at us 24/7 that all unmarried people should be [email protected] like rabbits on the regular. Plus, that acts in violation of even the natural law (like gay sex) are at least value neutral, if not positively virtuous!
      Once you start down the path to the collapse of all traditional standards of morality, it’s pretty hard to pull the brakes.
      P.S. Yes, it’s wrong for men to cheat…it’s just WORSE for women to cheat. This is not a double standard because men and women are…gasp!…different. Again, the master key versus the shitty lock.
      Just like it’s worse for a man to be a coward than for a woman. That doesn’t mean it’s OK for women to be cowards; it’s not. But common sense tells us it’s WORSE for men. Capische?

  42. I don’t agree with the premise of this.
    Anyway. I think whoever is cheating is an asshole. Any “friend” who cheats with a friends girl is not a friend and should be dealt with. Otherwise , cheating is stupid.
    Either tell people you are just enjoying one another and there are no comitments. Or break up if you are gonna bang elswhre.
    If the relationship is so poor that it’s worth jeapordizing for one hookup, why are you even in it?
    But then again, I’m a simple man.

  43. The same top 10% men who fuck the 75-80% of women will eventually end up in a ltr with a younger high smv girl who didn’t ride the carousel. So it really does hurt the 90% of men because it vastly shrinks the pool of acceptable/non-damaged women to marry and have families with for the remainder of the men who keep society running. I think this is an unsustainable anomaly in modern history and we will eventually return to the historical patriarchical norms. There was never any order or structured society in the past in this caveman-like sex market. Birthrates will continue to decline and western society will be overpowered by Islamic immigrants/countries with much higher birth rates. They will ultimately gain influence and shape societal norms.

  44. Put it this way.. you never see a queer guy with the “thousand cock stare”. If anything, it’s the opposite 😉
    But anyhow, no matter how much slutty feminists carry on about “sex double standards”, since day-1 women have wielded sex (or lack thereof) as a weapon in relationships, doling it out or holding-out to get what they want. It’s always been this way and always will, and no feminist would ever want it any other way. The only counterbalance men have ever possessed is the option to shop somewhere else.. although this comes at a big cost in the form of public scorn and shaming.
    And I must disagree with the author on one point: Most of the time, the reason men stray is because his LTR partner is withholding sex, and cheating is the only weapon at his disposal, not because he’s craving variety. Although granted, if sex is thrown his way, especially by a beautiful woman, it’s a stony man indeed who can resist Salome’s dance.
    Oh BTW, in the rare (or not so rare these days) instance that a woman cheats because her husband is holding out/unable/working too hard to satisfy her.. note how society (and feminists) give her a free pass, and place the blame solely on the man. But I expect that comes as a surprise to no one here.

    1. Sure you can see it in that sunken, hollow look in their eyes. Of course that’s usually just from the AIDS.

  45. I didn’t even read the article.
    Why men cheat: Their woman ain’t puttin’ out, and he has to blow that load somewhere. It’s either going to be porn, or another woman if he’s lucky.
    Why a woman cheats: The novelty period of “movie romance” runs out, and her attraction to the man is completely gone. She’s bored and wants to feel butterflies in her stomach again. Hence, cheat.
    That’s pretty much it.

  46. Where does enjoying the decline stop, and being a driving force behind it, begin?
    Now, i understand that any man doesnt have as much skin in the game as those two self proclaimed ‘sluts’ up there, but it is hubris to think himself unscathed by 10 or 15 years of nights full of those harpies.

  47. To me this boils down to this. Either you give girls and tingles and great sex, or you don’t. If you do, most girls will forgive you for cheating on them, especially if you are unapologetic about it. If you don’t, most girls won’t forgive you for cheating on them.

  48. If there’s one thing that is wrong with this website post-meetup, it is the fact that the public eye has forced it to take a hard-line, un-nuanced position, giving the articles the quality of SJW work. It is not actually good for society that men sleep with whomever, but it is good for that individual man and bad for the individual woman. We have a society that is not at a sexual nash equilibrium, mostly because of deliberately induced stupidity. But beta sheeple aren’t exactly good at thinking, so keep hammering in that simple point in until men realize that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MAN-WHORE.

  49. From reading these comments… is ROK for broken men kept on a leash by their wives?

    1. Just like the phrase “Church is a hospital for sinners”, nobody is completely on top of their game. Anyone that says so is talking out their ass.

  50. Great post, except for not mentioning the Julie “Slut” pic was satire.
    Also, I would suggest that a man’s “evolutionary” drive would be 52 times that of a woman.
    An ideal conception-inducing “nut” takes about a week of abstinence for a man. Yeah, you can recover in a day or 3, but after a week you have got some real power jizz waiting to be unleashed.
    A women needs a year to recover from conception: 9 months of pregnancy, 3 months of recovery. Look it up. Hence the 1/52 sex drive in comparison to men. 1 year vs 1 week.
    Divide that 1000 number of male gay sex activity by 52 and you get about 19. I wonder if the average lesbian count is 19 per individual.

    1. Married with 6 children here. Granted, pregnancy does mess with sex. For my wife, week 0-3 goes by unnoticed. Then up til 2 months is morning sickness, vomiting is a turnoff. For month 2-7, the sex is good, however you will need to change technique as she moves further along. After month 7, she is uncomfortably big and sex slows. When the baby comes, don’t let the doctor do an episiotomy, that doubles the recovery time. About 4-6 week wait, then be gentile until 2 months.

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