Pentagon To Allow Transvestites To Serve In US Military, Will Pay For Sex Change Surgery

Via Associated Press:

Transgender people will be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military, the Pentagon announced Thursday, ending one of the last bans on service in the armed forces.

Saying it’s the right thing to do, Defense Secretary Ash Carter laid out a yearlong implementation plan declaring that “Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so.”

“Our mission is to defend this country, and we don’t want barriers unrelated to a person’s qualification to serve preventing us from recruiting or retaining the soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine who can best accomplish the mission,” Carter said at a Pentagon news conference.


Under the new policy, by Oct. 1, transgender troops already serving should be able to receive medical care and begin formally changing their gender identifications in the Pentagon’s personnel system.

A year from now, he said, the military services will begin allowing transgender individuals to enlist, as long as they meet required standards and have been stable in their identified genders for 18 months.

Carter’s announcement comes despite concerns from senior military leaders that the department is moving too fast and that more time is needed to work through the changes. He said he discussed the plans extensively with his military leaders and that, based on their recommendations, he made adjustments to the timeline. He said he has been told that the services now support the timeline.

Under the new policy, transgender troops would receive any medically necessary care including surgery, Carter said.

The new rules also give military commanders flexibility, noting that not all transition cases are the same. Commanders will have the discretion to make decisions on a case-by-case basis, including on job placement, deployments, training delays and other accommodations, based on the needs of the military mission and whether the service members can perform their duties.

For people coming into the military, the plan says that those with gender dysphoria, a history of medical treatments associated with gender transition and those who have had reconstruction surgery may be disqualified as military recruits unless a medical provider certifies that they have been clinically stable in the preferred gender for 18 months, and are free of significant impairment. And transgender troops receiving hormone therapy must have been stable on their medications for 18 months.


So beautiful!

The policy provides broad guidelines for transgender service members currently in the military. They will be able to use the bathrooms, housing, uniforms and fitness standards of their preferred gender only after they have legally transitioned to that identity, according to officials.

Over the next year, the military services will develop and distribute training guidelines, medical protocols and other guidance to help commanders deal with any issues or questions about transgender troops.

Last July, Carter said he intended to rescind the ban, calling it outdated. He has long argued that the military must be more inclusive to bring in the best and brightest.

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271 thoughts on “Pentagon To Allow Transvestites To Serve In US Military, Will Pay For Sex Change Surgery”

  1. Weakening the military like this is worse than 10 terrorist attacks.
    We’ve surpassed Rome at its worst, and those who have ushered in this hell deserves great misfortune.

    1. A country like America could only be destroyed from within. Unfortunately that is precisely what’s happening.

        1. Feminism is just another form of communism. It is the idea of taking a resource (women) out of the hands of male ownership (husband/father), by destroying any rights to that resource (watering down of father rights, divorce on demand, encouragement of degenerate female behavior)
          This is done to crush the family unit which is seen as a competitor to the State.

      1. There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.

    2. The Cold war was won outside but lost inside, in the universities.

      1. Hey I saw you were wanting to organize a NYC meetup this weekend. Looks like you deleted that comment though. Is that still happening?

        1. Hi Waldemar. Yes, it can still happen! I’m going to repost it again then.

        2. Good. I’ll message you back tonight. Let’s see if we can get some extra people.

    3. As a CISHeteroChristianFUCKINGWHITEMALE!!! Shitlord who the leftists will, once they just can’t have things their way, send this military after, this is good news. The more weakened and demoralized it is, the better.
      Then WE will have all that free military gear and use it on the very urban centers that voted in this mess (and their minions they helped into the country that they THINK they will slap uniforms on and send after us).
      Exciting times coming.
      Note: There cannot be a United States after this. There won’t be a “The United Stated got that low but they changed things for the better”. Nope. It will be “Yes it got that bad in the end”.

        1. And then what? There’s no way to end all this without a valid reason. There is no valid reason to discriminate against Transgender people if there is no God and we are all just animals. Therefore only a government founded on religious values promoting religious values can justify discrimination like againstTrans, gay, feminism, pederasty,etc.
          And there’s not going to be a religious government in the West. Not even the Christians support that.

        2. Religion in the west is dead, and if it returns it will be under an Islamic caliphate.

        3. There is a reason Roosh has been speaking more intently about Globalism. There is a valid reason for this. After the defeat of the Axis powers, it was decided that the only way to prevent Nationalism from rising again was to divide the world into semi-autonomous, but not sovereign, units of government under UN authority for military, financial and legal (human rights) issues. No country would be large enough to have both an army and sufficient natural resources. Instead, all countries would be dependent upon one another.
          This is just one more little Jew trick to undermine society. One more crack in the edifice, preparing for the day when the US is also broken up.
          Read Prospect for America; The Rockefeller Panel Reports. Chief Editor: Henry Kissinger.
          It’s all right there what they desire.

    4. The absolute insanity of those who shamelessly pursue their psychotic ideologies and denounce the laws of nature while celebrating the mandating the unholy law of equality have reached an all-time high. They do so at the expense of 99% of humanity for the sake of the 1% who will destroy the human race for the sake of their agenda.
      These people perpetrate a crime against humanity trumpeting the cause of the mentally ill who deny their own physical nature as they mutilate their bodies and warp their minds to change into something they are not, and never will be.

      1. So true. In a functional society, what exists is a “tyranny of the majority”. In the western world, this is a society catered to heterosexual, white, men (majority Christian). These were those who built the society and who enjoyed the most “privilege” but also contributed the most work and had the highest responsibilities in maintaining said society.
        Now we have a dis functional society based on a “tyranny of the minorities”, whereby a “victim hierarchy” exists. The more “minority” boxes one ticks, the more society demands they get special treatment.
        This is unsustainable.

        1. Yup. And, myself, as a once productive builder of worthwhile things refuse to be raped and robbed by those who’s only contribution to the planet is infecting the minds and souls of good people with their depravity.
          I’d rather be poor and happy, which btw I’ve learned to do in ultimate class and style, than continue to fund the agenda of the oligarchy and the deviants they parade out to co-opt the social and cultural narrative.
          Fuck ’em, Fuck ’em all!

      2. I once had some SJW pig tell me that “It’s transphobic to assume that all women have vaginas.” Dear God…what kind of bizarro world are we living in? Maybe I am crazy but I’ve been taught that a vagina is essential to female anatomy.
        Transexuals sicken me and I want to cry when I see the way they are indoctrinating children into this cult of “genderfluid” nonsense. This is why children need to be raised by parents who embrace traditional sex roles. No Alpha male would tolerate this kind of madness in his home.

        1. More evidence of the mental disconnect infecting the brains of the galactically stupid.

    5. Great Misfortune my ass. We need Military Tribunals put in place by real Military men (if there are any left) and start charging the whole lot of them with Treason against the United States. Starting with the current squatter in the White House.

      1. We can barely get 100 normal, sufficiently strong and disciplined men in the same room together. What you are advocating is insurrection of the highest order, and we are a long way away from accomplishing such a task.
        But time is not on our side.
        Regardless, this is the era of 4th generation warfare. Before we have the authority to punish the guilty, the power structure must be destroyed. This requires the kind of iron heart that most don’t have. It means executing not just say, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, but biblical style retribution of his entire extended family three generations down.
        As horrible as the world thinks we are, few here are going to have the dedication truly take action.

        1. I really desire old-school insurrection. But this is totally impossible nowadays. We are so fucked up as a civilization.

        2. The Rothschild family was extremely displeased with the Russian royal families opposition to their central banking.
          The communist Bolsheviks takeover promptly eliminated the whole royal bloodline from the face of the earth with impunity.

    6. There’s no comupance on the horizon. It would take a religious government pouring religious values to overthrow the secular tyranny of tolerance, and that’s just not in the cards. Not even Christians want that. We must ride this wreck to the bottom.

    7. You just have to shake your head. We’ve had enough problems with letting women in the military and then gays. Now, they want to let in transgender people as well (what could go wrong?).
      This is moment when you know your military is on the way down. Many of these people are mentally ill but we’re going to ignore all of that in the name of “equality”.
      What could go wrong?

    8. In 20 years most units and positions in Navy, Airforce and Infantry will be automated, so they don’t care if women, transgenders or petulant poodles want to play soldier. However I don’t think they have that time…

    9. The military is beta, it is full of beta orbiters (trannies or not)…it serves the oligarchy and no one else.
      US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Buter says…
      “Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
      War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.
      I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen
      Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
      During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

  2. Pt barnum never could have believed society would take freak show bullshit so seriously

  3. The military wanted to cut numbers, perfect solution lol. Glad i dont have to put up with this shit. I feel bad for my brothers in arms. I think they forgot that the military is involved in the business of killing and survival and not a fucking social experiment. God bless America

      1. Yea a lot of good Marines started getting out because of these stupid policies being put in place. I can only imagine what its going to be like now.

        1. Not even just getting out, but kicked out. They hacked off the entire head of the NCO corps, and filled it with 3 year Sgts.

        2. At least the U.S. Peoples’ militia is getting some NCOs with experience. The guys from WW2 are getting scarce, and the Korea and Vietnam vets are getting too old to hump a ruck. They’re better at training the rest at unconventional warfare, and the NCOs from the sandbox have recent experience.

        3. Shit dude dont even get me started lol. Im pretty sure you and I can have quite a lengthy convo about the stupidity thats going on. I’ll just say its some bullshit lol

        4. They also took away the NCO’s ability to keep discipline. Now pretty much all they can do is paperfuck you.

        5. This is true. I tried to smoke check some fool and a SNCO told me I can’t do that. Said to make him write a report! So we came up with a solution that we can smoke em by doing exercises with them. All our NCOs were in phenomenal shape so those juniors did the funky chicken everytime. Sometimes we’d rotate NCOs and smoke em even longer.

      2. Thats intentional. What they want in the military are scum who will obey any orders no matter the legality.

        1. That is why I consider them domestic enemy now. And the way they are twisting people’s thinking, they will have it in their minds that WE are the domestic enemy when they “take their oath.” The federal government is a terrorist organization as (they even fit their own definition of terrorists) and they are purging the non believers and recruiting replacements who will follow immoral orders.

    1. It seems like that is what the military is now. A big social experiment where they can enforce these insane policies and the service members can do nothing about it for fear of retaliation.

      1. Its only going to go so far. They’ve already driven away a lot of good servicemen and this is definitely not going to help. Theres a lot of guys and even spouses that are in an uproar on the situation. Im very curious to see how things turn out in a few years. But who knows. Maybe this is just a ploy to weaken our military.

        1. I was surprised to learn that spouses are the most sexist people in the military. They hate having their husbands tempted by walking mattresses at every turn.

        2. Oh yea. I’ve personally had front row seats to witness them in action on quite a few occasions lol

        3. Look at the epidemic of white knights out there. Yeah, they can drive away “good men” but there are hordes of others waiting to enlist.

    2. The military IS a social experiment; America is a naturally VERY safe nation, and does not need a large military. It’s separated by two HUGE oceans and has peaceful neighbors on both sides (Hell, we don’t even need a border up on Canada, if you really get down to it). Even going back to the founding of this country this was known: A standing army is prohibited for more than 2 years in Article 8 of the Constitution.
      So the military has always been mostly a social experiment, not a way of “keepin us safe” or “protectin are freedums”. All the vaccinations given to soldiers, all the prescription drugs they were given, all the propaganda they are fed? It’s all an experiment in control and power. Ever heard of Gulf War Syndrome? The Edgewood Arsenal Drug Experiments? Project Bluebird? MKULTRA?
      If they can make regular average Joe’s want to murder wedding parties of brown people that obviously serve no threat to anyone’s safety, they can turn troops against their own people. The entire operation is a big social experiment.

      1. Well i agree with some of your points but not all. Not really in the debating mood so i’ll leave it there lol

  4. I was turned down by the Air Force a week before I was to ship out for dermatitis. They revoked a waiver they had previously issued. Funny.
    I don’t like to talk about these things online but it was all I could think of when I read this.

      1. The same AF that promotes women to general rank without having so much as a single minute of flight time to their names?

    1. Have dermatitis? Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you…move along.
      Have a dick? No prob…we’ll take care of that for you.

  5. So now the miltary is going to be paying for these clowns surgeries,how bout they focus on actually paying vets first without all the hassles

    1. Cut off your dick? OK.
      What, still suffering from that IED you got hit with? FUCK OFF.

    2. When you have “progressive” commie radicals in top positions: Press. Injustice dep, Supr. Court. This is what happens.

  6. I’m trying to organize a meetup this weekend in NYC. Reply down if you are interested! I’ll show my burner email later.

  7. Whether true or not, this sends a signal to antagonists like China, that we are completely degenerate and weak with armed forces populated with perverts and the mentally ill, lead by weak effeminate social experimenters. They will calculate that they can decisively win a direct conflict with the US and her limp-wristed allies. In “The Origins of War” Kagan lays out case after case throughout history where the appearance of weakness lead to catastrophic genocidal wars.

  8. Bring back the good ol’ days of hand to hand and swords or even muddy ass wars like WW1. Technology has made this shit possible. Matter of fact technology is, anymore, against us.
    Is it awful that I wish destruction on this perverted country anymore? They just don’t relent! AND HEY!!!! Bet Trump has no problem with this (transsexuals) as well.
    Oh yeah…..Has anyone heard Trumps take on the Patriot act? Our 4th amendment? I haven’t. But has anyone?

    1. Yea, video game drone warriors. How many girls, trans and gays could stomach watching a peer get sliced through diagonally from the trapezoid to the pelvis, as the torso releases, slide off the legs still standing there, and keep fighting? Zero

      1. Yes, having to be stuck in a house full of Kardashian females for 2 decades? I’m sure they did a mindfuck on him.

    1. There could be more truth in that than you might think. Modern processed food is loaded with shit.

      1. If I remember right, a study in the early 00’s found that pesticides (including DHT) act like estrogen.
        Wash yer veggies before you eat ’em!

  9. Everyday i think the us couldn’t disappoint me anymore and everyday they do, what’s happened to us?

    1. The 15th and 19th amendments happened.
      And oh yeah…we went over there and fought for the bankers and Marxists.

  10. This whole country is a social experiment to see how long it takes until it splits down the middle. News of this no longer surprises.

  11. So if we go to war with Russia, the Russia that recognizes now the importance of the family, the Russia that does not let gays teach kids nor trannies for that matter, what are we fighting “for”?
    Why, we’ll be fighting for the gays who like to haul bakers into court and extract checks from them for not wanting to bake a cake.
    We’ll be fighting for that 14th Amendment that they used to foist gay marriage on all the states but when we said “Hey, how about the Second Amendment being treated that way?” we were told to fuck right off.
    We’ll be fighting for the transexualization of children, which is mostly aimed at American kids as a form of “reproductive abortion” while the brown kids will grow up to breed like rabbits. Little Johnny becomes little Jill and Little Habib will beat up (if not rape) Little Jill in the street before throwing him off a building.
    We’ll be fighting for a regime that breaks the law outright with scandal after scandal but would jail any one of us on a rumor (see Roosh rape proponent accusations for example).
    We will be fighting for the Trigglypuffs, Carl the Cucks, and AIDS Skrillexes. Not to mention the neocons, conservacucks, and bankers… ers…ers…ers
    We will be fighting for all those cock carouselers who won’t give you the time of day if you are rolling along, your legs missing because you got hit with an IED or mine, because ewe stumps how gross!! But hey if you got a steady paycheck still in your 30s you can have her when she “settles” so she can get fat from having one kid and then divorce rape you.
    I would say at this point the USA has lost whatever war it’s trying to get itself into, whether that be with Russia, China, or that army of terrorist our criminal regime is importing right now. I sure as fuck will not die like a rube standing for a country that would sooner put me in a camp. Those Russians fighting the Germans in WWII? Every one of them a cuck, protecting their murderous motherland from the Germans. None of them fought for freedom.
    None of us will be.
    Get your passports and get ready to bail. Fuck this shit. Let the fucking trannies dies wholesale in the next war. After all, it’s “THEIR” country now.

      1. Yeah right? I’m starting to feel the same way and I grew up with all the propaganda to hate the Russians. God help us and may he help DJT become our next President. If HRC gets elected we are truly doomed.

        1. Don‘t have that many expectations with DJT…. His daughter is getting fucked by a jew, well she actually converted to judaism.

        2. There are some Conservative and Patriotic Jews. Michael Savage for instance.

        3. Piss off. I thought I might be on the side of some of the people here, but better I go to Israel and blow your Nazi head off.

        4. So? There were plenty of other anti-Semites back then. So I’m giving you label of a contemporary brand. Would you rather I call you an Inquisitor? Or a Muslim Jihadist? They’re the most common brand today.

        5. Jews are parasites. They do not integrate into the societies they live. That’s why they have been expelled dozens of times from everywhere. Nobody needs parasites.

        6. Actually, you guys are just low and mean people who are jealous of a community that does the right thing and works hard. So you expel us to steal our stuff.
          You’re the parasite.

        7. You are the ones who get in control of banking and media against the rest of ethnicities. You are the ones that created political correctness to make us your servants. You create nothing, just usury and back-stabbing.

        8. We got in control of banking? In the middle ages, the Christians shut down all professions to the Jews except for money-lending, because the Church forbade charging at interest. So you leave us no other avenues for a career except for one. Then you get mad at us for getting good at it.
          Typical of the Jew Hating morons.

        9. And you got expelled for that. Our problem is your existence. Like Zika virus.

    1. Best case scenario maybe. Worst case scenario is that this is just a way to make sure white men arent the majority in the military any longer.
      Instead they’ll staff the military with people who will have no problem killing “nazis” like us

    2. You forgot, “fighting for the right of Muslims to shoot gay people, and still be blamed for homophobia”

    3. It’s maybe not quite as bad as you say, but your version of things is closer to reality than the MSM.
      What part of the world are you heading to, out of curiosity? It’ll probably be Central America for me.

    4. I agree. This isn’t hollywood and conservative propaganda. The west is truly the bad guy in this story, and fighting for the “American Way” simply means degeneracy and forcing the world to obey LGBT and Feminism by the barrel of the gun while making the bankers richer.

        1. The russian women I know simply call feminists what they really are. Lesbians.

        2. Check the video in which the Cossacks beat the “pussy riots” during Sochi Olympics.

    5. I once worked with a guy who had his leg blown off in Afghanistan. That guy pulled some quality ass. He gamed the fuck out of broads with that damned peg leg… I’m being 100% truthful here. Chicks were always into him. Just goes to show that game conquers all.

      1. Plus, women legitimately dig combat soldiers. As they should. Buddy of mine did 3 tours in Iraq, was short, pudgy, hairy and much loved by the fairer sex.

        1. Not really. They do because of the mainstream media. To get the stupid dumb white male to go fight jewish wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they make it glamorous and trendy and cool through movies and the “NFL football miltary dad comes home to surprise family” bullshit TV stunts. This makes it cool and trendy to be in the military. Therefore, females will go after military guys because they have been brainwashed by mainstream media to do so. And then the dumb white male sees this and joins the military so he can get a girlfriend and play military hero fighting for a country full of homos and feminists. What a f-in joke this country has become. Downright sickening. Can’t wait for it to be destroyed. Screw July 4th. It no longer exists as far as I am concerned. I have no independence.

        2. Don’t think it’s too unconventional to say that women dig dangerous guys.

    6. Stop pedestalizing the vector of all fucking EVIL.
      The vector you seem to praise so much are responsible for most of the evils we here talk about. All of the fuckers that gave birth to open-borders policy and evil tranny shit are all THEIR PEOPLE !!!!!
      Think about…It’s not called Marxist-Leninism and communism for nothing.
      Think about it some more.

    7. We are not going to war with Russia. Russia is part of the globalist regime.
      Russia has no need for tactics such as this, because their country is an abject poverty. This is primarily because they are awaiting the transition to the new global fixed exchange rate system, which utilizes sovereign debt issued by the iMF as the means of controlling exchange rates. Russia’s wealth is its natural resources, but it is waiting until this system rolls out to put them on the market in their entirety.
      The desperation there is so great, they will not hesitate for a moment to accept UN assistance.
      Ukraine is more complicated, primarily because they don’t want to be part of any globalist system. OR at least, you have real bona fide Nazis there. American propaganda has been just as much about swaying the masses to be part of the EU side of the globalist coin as Russia has been about the other.
      In addition, what is not widely known, is the situation in Israel is untenable and its inhabitants are admitting their true origins, Khazaria. The country will be refounded taking with it much of eastern Ukraine.
      Check out the capital of Kazakhstan, or better yet go there. You’ll believe in a global conspiracy at that point, trust me. That will be the capital of this new refuge for the refugees from Israel.

    8. Wtf!!! So much hatred eh? Im bi and I support gay rights. But I strongly oppose feminism in all its forms, and I also oppose this decision of allowing trannies in the US military. Dont put all gays in one bad box and call them evil and blame them for all the ills you’re seeing right now. If any, gay men make effective fighters and opponents of feminism (e.g. milo yiannopoulous).and if I may add, gay men have been very angry at how terribly they were treated by conservatives such as you. In the past, if ur a gay man, u r persecuted and ridiculed in all strata of society, at school, at work and in extreme cases, even killed (remember matt shephard and barry winschel?). It has caused so much suffering for them that some of them committed suicide. And the christians?? Did they help??? Lol. Ur conservative group is not exactly as righteous and moral either. So… i’d like to say 2 u, FUCK YOU!!!

      1. You seem a bit tense and irritable, tinkerbell. Go get yourself a nice gerbil and have some fun tonight.

    9. EXACTLY! I’ve been saying the same thing for years now. If you went to war for the US, what are you fighting for? As a straight white male, you have no rights anymore in this country. So why join the military or go fight in any war on the US side? You would be defending homos, affirmative action, welfare, no-fault divorce, feminism, EEO, western female whoredom, abortion, etc. Why in the hell would you want to defend that? And don’t give me the BS garbage I hear every time about “Well, we fight so people can have the freedom to do that” BS!! AS a man, you are having your freedoms as a man stolen from you. IF Russia ever invaded, I’d wave a white flag….walk over to their side….and put one of their uniforms on and fight with them. Russia is not the same country anymore. They have kicked out the jewish satanic communist oligarchs that plunged that country into communism. They are now pro-white, pro-male, pro-family, and pro-christian. That is something I would fight for.

    10. Now there’s the Doktor Jeep we all know and love. I trust you’ve been finding another outlet for your rage lately? Good to see you back!

    11. Do not be fooled, you are playing directly into the cultural marxism subversion tactics. American politics is nowhere near perfect, but it is still heads and shoulders above anywhere else. Look at the average life of a Russian, and think again if you’d like to live under a similar system. We are going through a growing stage period, but don’t think for a second that the system is irredeemable.
      The man who can most truley be accounted as brave is he who best knows the meaning of what is sweet in life and of what is terrible, and ventures forth undettered to meet whatever is to come…Or those who have a why, can bear any how.
      You do make a point. Soldiers are developing record rates of PTSD partly because they instinctively know that they aren’t fighting for anything. They have no why, other than their instinctive drive to protect their homeland.
      This is exactly one of the goals of cultural marxism. They have made these kids doubt everything Americanism and think that they aren’t fighting for something. It’s untrue! We are still the shiny city on the hill, but we have our share of problems. Most of them are due to politicians and entertainers who are purposefully trying to tear apart our values and pride.

  12. I am sure this just has the Taliban and Isis shaking in their boots, shaking with laughter and contempt as well as disgust as the liberal road for insanity just keeps on going taking us deeper and deeper down the toilet. I doubt the Chinese and the Russians are going to be impressed more like feel invited to come in like the proverbial wolves.

    1. If anything, more recruitment for ISIS. They can’t wait for us to send our tranny force to Mosul. More homos to throw off buildings.

      1. Don’t forget, more homos to rape before throwing them off the building.
        Remember, first they raped and killed Qaddafi, then Stephens (who was a homo)

  13. “Atten-hut: All the women, trans and gay troops to the front line first!”
    Gov’t patriarchy: Lets terrorists in who annihilate gay clubsters en masse, does nothing about it, then brings women, gays, and trannies into the military, gets voted into existence by these same SJW groups…. but it’s the traditionalist men’s fault for it all.
    Yes, things are THAT fucked up in the US.

  14. This is just a social experiment gone wrong, the military is weakened enough with them having to scavenge parts from the plane junkyard. We’re just showing our weakness to all of our enamies be it Isis, Russia, and China. Too many yes men generals that go along with this crap. Atleast the Air Force isn’t backing down on changing it from “airmen” to air people or whatever the hell they wanna call it. Things have changed very quickly since I was in

  15. As a vet, I have a hard time getting a VA appointment. If I make too much money in a year, I get threatened with loss of benefits. Yet these slack jawed, drooling faggots and carpet munchers can get sex change surgery on the VA dime? WTF, over? I no longer recognize this country.

    1. Fighting for my claim right now too and I got treated by the unit medic on base so the records ought to have been there but they are claiming no record of treatment so I gotta keep digging.
      May never see a dime for a legitimate claim but I will keep fighting for it.

    2. For me I dont care if transgenders are in the military as long as they meet the standards of their assigned front-line or support role…and the standards are not lowered to accommodate them. What I do resent though is the govt paying for them to have sex change operations. Sorry but they can save their pay for the ‘elective’ surgery and do that on their own account. Either they meet the medical/fitness for duty standards at sign up or they can find another occupation.

    3. Not just the operation. They will have to be supported during a year or more of recovery. I guess going into the field of Sex Change doctor might give a good payoff.

      1. Totally. With the insanity gripping the West, I’d guess that one the most lucrative professions out there right now is a doctor specializing in sex reassignment. Up here in Canada, there was only one guy in Montreal that was doing them (maybe more since the time I read about it). With the mass delusion that’s taken over and infected the the ranks of the insane and with newly instituted full government support (notwithstanding a massive pile of debt primarily arising from already out-of-control public healthcare costs), I heard that the waiting list in my province alone is over 1000.

      2. Exactly what I was thinking. Although I could not in good conscious perform such abomination against another person, even though they were requesting it.

    4. That is the real shame. If your active duty, then it seems the sky is the limit (to get you in, to keep you, etc…). But as soon as your retired it becomes “who are you, again?”.
      The government treats vets just like they treat old equipment after the war.

      1. It’s always been like that though. They’ll offer pensions (50% for Vietnam era vets, 40-50% post Nam, depending if they stay beyond original 20 years), medical benefits, college, etc. but once the machine decides it’s done with you, as an individual you’re discarded and forgotten like a broken cog.
        The perfect demonstration I can think of happened in the TV series Rome. Luscious Verenus, one of the main characters, was going to be sworn in as the legionnaire equivalent of full bird colonel. Outside the temple where he was to be sworn in there were old legionnaire retirees, some crippled from battle reduced to beggars in the streets of Rome.
        I always kept that in mind whenever the battalion reenlistment NCO would try to talk me into staying in.

  16. Can one of our generals lead a coup now and put a stop to this bullshit?

    1. Not a bad idea, but I doubt they want to lose both their retirement benefits and their potential “consulting” gigs.

  17. this is just fucking weird . .the military has turned into liberal fuckheads from mars .

  18. This is actually a good thing. Texit is more likely to succeed with a weaker American military

    1. If Texas does actually secede, I’m already making plans to apply for citizenship.

  19. Let insignificant males be your government and they will attack the man and the father
    Let degenerate males be your government and they will legalize perversions
    Let inferior males be your government and they will impose equality.

  20. Just keeps getting worse every year. No idea what the next crusade will be, but I’m sure pedophilia can’t be more than 10 years away.

    1. No, that is already being mainstreamed into society. Just use your search engine of choice and you will find articles claiming it is a victimless activity.

    2. I swear its Obama’s goal to completely destroy any remnants of America before hes out of office.
      This is why voting Trump in is so crucial. Its either we get DJT in or RIP USA.

      1. Obama was a nobody 2 years before he became president. Trust me, the problem isn’t with this one guy “Obama”. The people pulling the strings have a long list of candidates they can put in power to further their agenda. Whoever comes next in the white house, will be put there by them. And that person will be worse than Obama, just as every president has been worse than his predecessor.

  21. I thought it was bad enough when they instituted don’t ask don’t tell back when Slick Willie was running things.
    Gays of any sort don’t belong in the military because they get everything assbackward.

  22. The military is clearly NOT interested in defending the country.
    The military apparatus has just been parasitized to serve, the SJW agenda.
    Once the military is destroyed it will be spit and out and the parasites will move on to some easier prey.

    1. I really don’t think the powers that be have thought through the damage to Western militaries with these social experiments (and it’s not just the U.S. that’s on board with this insanity). Given that these are all volunteer armies, turning off conservatives and traditionalists with this sh-t is a bad strategic move. These are people who are temperamentally inclined towards duty, service and honor – the things that were at one time mainstays of national military service – and turned off radical social change. Oh well. As long as the SJW are happy.
      I still get the idea of military service because of the skills one can learn and the camaraderie that – I assume – you can still find in small units. That’s it though. Nothing beyond that. Sacrificing one’s life for a what? A rainbow colored White House?!?

  23. If you gentlemen don’t mind, I’ll play this one more time before this event ruins it eventually.

  24. But but but but! What about my dying in combat in some sandhole privilege?

  25. “He has long argued that the military must be more inclusive to bring in the best and brightest.”
    I doubt they’ll be finding the best and brightest candidates amongst the mentally insane

    1. Indeed. The best and brightest among these people…it has to be a god damn joke.
      This will be one of the very reasons why our military takes a beating from a foreign country. These kinds of decisions (by politicians) is what will give the enemy an advantage. You will not see this kind of bullshit in the Russian (or other) army. It something to admire about that kind of army (and country) that values masculinity and doesn’t believe in this infection into its service.

  26. Are the service “men” and “women” shown in the headline photo transsexuals? Damn are the “women” ever ugly and the “male” Marine effeminate.

  27. Progressives now officially favor The Narrative over national security. Progressives, on a scale of 1 to 10, how embarrassed are you right now?

  28. OMFG. Well if there was ever a way to completely decimate a military force without spilling a drop of blood, this is it.

    1. Correction, there’s blood loss associated with any surgery.
      Joking aside, I get what you mean.

  29. I retired in 2011 with 22 years service, my fair share of time in tough billets. I have told both of my sons that I do not want them to join, ever. All that is left to fight for is me, mine, and a few like me. Six generations, every one willing to throw on a ruck and go. Not any more.

    1. There’s nowhere for a young boy to go and become a man apart from his mommy or other maternal/feminist/homosexual influences.
      Apparently, all men and boys must be forced to tolerate femininity at all times and an environment of unadulterated masculinity is FORBIDDEN

      1. I have tried to instill masculinity to the point of caricature at times in my sons. I have beat the drum of masculinity loud and long. It helped since their mother cut out about ten years ago, cause you know, she wasn’t “happy”. lol. Divorce sucked, but it did me time with my children to transfer my values uninterrupted. What few men who remain are going to have to do it on their own, without really any cultural support. It can be done.

      2. Thats why we have to be stronger than ever with our children. The only place left for a boy to grow in to a man is within his family. I have 2 boys and I show them the degenerate side of this world. They know what its like to have a functional family with a father who is a man, and a mother that is a woman.
        Sadly, families like ours have become the exception.

    2. My dad was. Vier Nam vet. Joined, not drafted. When the first Gulf War started heating up, he said, “Don’t even think about it. There’s no way your joining.”. Then after 9-11 he said “Dont even think about it.” He knows what a full of shit organization the military is. He raised me with the sense that soldiers are good people but their inherent goodness is exploited and used by the military for rotten purposes.

    3. My dad told me the same 25+ years ago. He was a career Naval officer, retired as a Commander (O-5) in the early 70s, worked for the Navy as a civilian after that. He figured out what was going on way back when.

  30. Lets pay for fake penises and vaginas when we can’t even take care of normal veterans needs with any real efficiency. Genius

    1. No worries. A country with $20 trillion in debt ($65 trillion including longterm Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security entitlements). What’s the big deal about a few dozen medically unnecessary procedures per year at $100k a pop? Madness.

  31. When I was young I wanted to join the Navy but could not due to bad eyesight. I have always been a strong supporter of the armed forces, but I can’t now. I don’t recognize this US military that is more interested in social engineering. What will it take for this madness to end….? A humiliating defeat on the battlefield?

    1. No self respecting American could respect today’s military (if this is direction its going in with transgenders).

    1. First thing went through my mind, aside from feeling a little nauseous, was the Russians are shitting themselves laughing at this…… reality is stranger than fiction. Even Star Trek didn’t envision this hilarity. You just gotta laugh at this stage to keep your sanity…….

    2. Why would they want anything to do with a place this toxic? I think they’ll just laugh while we burn everything down. Russia is not a great place today, but it’s getting better all the time. America is a sinking ship.

  32. Wait for each of the armed forces to have safe spaces soon to get away from the meanie drill sergeants.

    1. That actually exists.
      I wish I was kidding.

  33. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall, watching a bunch of trannies who signed up for free surgery trying to get through basic…

  34. Good news for male active duty fatasses! Can’t pass military physical standards? Just claim that you’re a woman! The bar for your physical fitness tests will instantly be lowered to the equivalent of a 54 year old man! Problem solved!

  35. Mentally ill freak shows will now have their finger on the nuclear launch button! What could go wrong?!

  36. Lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that its a pig. mentally ill people being normalized.

  37. Sensible policy. So long as enemies really can die laughing. Just imagine a fight to the death with Conchita.

  38. The Army started going downhill when I got out in 2012. The war is “over” and all the hardened vets are being replace by sorry millennials, gays and transgender troops. Anybody’s guess what the new Army slogan will be.

    1. The army motto is “This We’ll Defend’ which I guess now could be “We’ll cut off your bell-end” (slang term for the penile glans).

    2. Long before that. I was on vacation with the wife back in 2006 and I heard about the “time out” cards that basic trainees could use if things got too triggering and they needed a safe space. This was in the Army I believe.

      1. When I heard that my reaction was “get the fuck out of here?!” The DIs in the 80’s didn’t assault the recruits [much-just the ones who had it coming). Mostly they would just PT you until you would wish for death.

  39. I left In 96. It must really suck for a young man the joined recently and have all of this dropped on him. A heterosexual husband and father has to be the biggest bad guy in world. I bet a day doesn’t go by that he isn’t reminded that he is an abuser, a rapist, sexist, and a homophobe.

  40. You know Iran since they ban homosexuality has granted people attracted to the same sex the option of switching sexes with gender reassignment surgery.
    It’s either death, or get your dick cut off.
    With this they have to be competent for at least a year, and most aren’t.

    1. I learned this recently. I read that Iran has more sex reassignment surgeries every year than many European countries. Not sure if that’s accurate. If so, it’s an interesting piece of trivia.
      Capital punishment versus having your dick cut off, getting pumped full of hormones and being forced to live as a woman. Tough one.

  41. This is why patriots of any country cannot just “live and let live” regarding the issue of sexually degenerate behavior.
    The army is actually behaving in a logically consistent manner. If women are mentally and emotionally the same as men, then they should be encouraged tk fight as they are simply slower and weaker men. If transvestittes are not mentally ill then they should be brought in. If homosexuality is normal than there is no problem with having two males fucking in the middle of the baracks.
    Of course, women should not be allowed anywhere near a position of responsibility, much less a battlefield. Transvestite behavior should be treated as a mental illness, and sodomy laws should be brought back.
    Back when we did those things, then United States was able to fight a two front war and defeat a much better armed and trained opponent.
    Whats being done here is being done everywhere.

    1. And historically is doesn’t last long. The culture pendulum is going to swing back, from internal and external presures, and when it does it will be violent and quick.
      OT: Austrian supreme court just ruled that the presidential election will be re-held due to evidence of massive voter fraud.

      1. I knew something stank as soon as I saw the result where the FPÖ lost the second round. Typical leftist behaviour happened there and I hope this wrong is righted-pun fully intended.

  42. My grandfather would be rolling in his grave… if he had one.
    This independence day I think I’m going to discuss a SHTF plan with my immediate family… just in case.

        1. I’m an advocate for illiterate intelligence officers and hydrophobic frogmen too.

        2. intelligence officers in the field with tourette’s syndrome. I mean, whats the worst that can happen there?

        3. Cock, balls, fuck my ass, donkey boner-Charlie in the trees, ISIS, ah bukkake-mountains of explosive semen! Wait-sorry? They were meant to have Tourette’s? 😛

        4. “The name is Bond. whorebitchslutmypenisactuallyagunBEEPBEEP Bond.”

  43. Are there any real Generals left that can stage a Coup? I think we’re getting close to that time.

  44. Hey guys don’t worry I am sure the transverstite infested American military will destroy these guys in a war.

    1. I’d sooner join the Russians and help cleanse the filth.

  45. I see this as a positive development. The US military is a tool of Anglo-American corporate imperialism. The weaker the beast, the better.
    For references, see: A Century of War – Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order by ENGDAHL F.W.

  46. Don’t worry guys, I am sure the transverstite infested American military will destroy these guys in a war.

    1. So who gets to control the US 5 years from now.
      Mexican Cartels or Isis???

      1. Unless we get somebody into the White House willing to stand up to them, I’m actually suspecting that in ten years, the Mexican cartels will be operating openly in the southwest states.
        By 2020 we will have a Muslim mayor on a small city and by 2025, Sharia will be the dominant law of the land for the upper midwest. Also, by then we will have a Muslim on the Supreme Court. We already have two Muslims in the House of Representatives (Minnesota and Indiana).
        It all depends on the outcome of November’s election.

        1. I have a bad feeling that the US will soon be a battlefield filled with scumbags….

        2. I’m sorry, I have never learned gutter language because I don’t associate with people, like yourself , who emanate from the gutter. Therefore, I have no idea what you are talking about.

        3. I’m sorry I never met a gutter man because because I don’t associate with people, like yourself , whose bloodline scream gutter. Therefore, I have no idea what you are talking about.

        4. You have never seen me mistreat or insult people but you would do well to think twice about calling people gutter.

        5. What has that got to do with the conversation. In fact I probably agree with you. Whites have committed some of the worst hate crimes.

        6. If they come from the gutter and there mouth spouts gutter language then they deserve to be called gutter. Simple really.

        7. No need to re read it. Whites have committed the worst crimes. Yet you seem to support that as being OK.

        8. I wish I could say that I was sorry that you are pussy hurt over the “Black thug Beatdown” videos I posted but honestly I’m not.

        9. Never saw any video and I don’t have to use foul language to make a point. Also, one or a couple of little videos, whichever it was, proves nothing. I can find videos on any subject you care to name. So to repeat, whites have committed worse crimes and more of them.

        10. “”I can find videos on any subject you care to name.”” I havent seen any videos of White men making homosexual gestures or language towards Black Thugs.

        11. Nothing unfortunate about it it. I would expect nothing less from an imbecile who writes things like “A dog barks because it’s scared. Good fighters are humble because they are not scared. People who talk too much are the weak and scared ones. Frauds talk too much.
          Talking is barking.”

        12. And I would would expect nothing less from a moron who steals my posts. By the way you sound like a fraud yourself.

        13. Since your stealing my post Im gonna tell your something and see if your low-class gutter brain can figure it out.
          You a a sad fraud.

        14. Well you have shown your level of intelligence, or lack of it, haven’t you. I did not “steal” your post (and the word is plagiarize not steal), I quoted you and I gave you credit for your inane remark.
          Also, what you think I sound like is of no consequence to me for you are of no consequence to me. Have a nice Hillary for President day.

        15. If you weren’t of lower intelligence then you would realize that the person I wrote that two even agreed with me. Enjoy having Trump as President. Fraud.

        16. “Also, what you think I sound like is of no consequence to me for you are of no consequence to me.”
          Well of course not since you seem to enjoy hiding behind a computer. Thats not very “gangsta” that reeks of pussy and cowardice.

        17. Honey, if you were here I would tell you straight to your face. Unfortunately you are not so this is the best I can do, which is exactly the same as you are doing.

        18. Very intelligent remark. Well thought out and extremely thought provoking. On the same level as the chump your hero. One of the deplorables no doubt.

        19. No, sorry cannot figure it out. please elucidate. Looks like someone is getting a little angry. Tch, Tch. don’t get your panties in a knot.

        20. I thank you for your thoughtful reply. However, considering the source of your comment it is felt the intelligence in its meaning is severely lacking.
          Have a wonderful by this time next week Hillary will be President elect day.

        21. “”I thank you for your thoughtful reply. However, considering the source of your comment it is felt my intelligence cannot comprehend what you are saying.””
          There you go. I fixed your typing error you filthy ape.

        22. Quote “I thank you for your thoughtful reply. However, considering the source of your comment it is felt my intelligence cannot comprehend what you are saying.”
          No typo, I meant what I said however I am glad you have finally admitted that your intelligence does not reach the threshold of understanding anything.

        23. Trump won you stupid ape. Go cry me a handful of tears as you get ready to get deported back to the gutters of the african jungle where you will become lion food.

        24. Trump won you stupid degenerate ape. Go cry me a handful of tears as you get ready to get deported back to the gutters of Africa where you belong.

      2. What’s the matter. White men loosing control of the States and you are getting real scared. Boohoo.

    2. The US could be a nice little Krai or Oblast for Russia and Putin could set up a few dachas.

  47. The military weakening itself? Good. Today’s cops and military personnel are the domestic enemy the Constitutional Oath warns us about. If the communists want to recruit ladyboys, go ahead. These traitors dont protect or fight for “FREEDOM! And Mom & Apple Pie” like the PR campaigns want you to beleive. They only protect politicians and bankers, not us. So I’m in favor of anything that brings them down.

  48. I suggest embalming all those cut-off dicks and keeping them as a secret weapon; I cannot imagine an adversary adamant enough not to gag in utter revulsion, when these brave “gender-corrected” troops start raining those on their heads….;)))))

  49. I recall from Parris Island and OCS a common ditty the instructors would say when a recruit/candidate wasn’t exactly the same as everyone else. They would sometimes sing the sesame street song – “One these “recruits” is not like the other, one of these recruits is just not the same” After singing, and making me nearly burst in laughter, it was usually followed by an explosive yet controlled violent outburst of yelling. The relevance here, and the point of the song and screaming, was to beat uniformity into us. There is no “I”, only the unit. In fact, at boot you must talk in the third person i.e. “this recruit request permission to speak with…” They go to extremes. As “they” continue to fuck with the military I keep seeing things that fundamentally contradict, well a lot of things, but certainly uniformity. And uniformity is a function of teamwork, which is imperative to any military operation or organization, so, it matters quite a lot. A trans sexual is “just not the same”. But then again, so are legitimate women. These are things that have been worked out over the centuries.

    1. What pisses me off the most about these “reforms” is they are being thought up and implemented by people who haven’t served a day in their life, likely thinking ROTC in college is what it’s like. Reasons such as this are why I’m for a military draft, if not at least time in the national guard with local militias working with the NG.

      1. Its even worse than that. When you realize that many of the 1960s radicals are now in control of academia and government…its these people who are making these policies. And it was these people that spat on Vietnam vets and have always held the military in contempt as something beneath them. Of course, these radicals are also jealous too because the military is too alpha for them. Castrating the military ultimately helps them feel better about themselves. Lastly, it also based on this total bullshit called post-modernism. Post-modernism, (see Gad Saad on youtube) is complete gibberish, which basically says reality is entirely subjective and if you wish blue to be orange than it is. This has been the intellectual foundation for everything from feminism to the concept of transsexualism. This is where feminists get the fucked up idea of social constructs. Its dangerous shit, because it is not reality.

        1. I’ll give Gad Saad a look, thanks for the recommendation.
          I did note the contempt from many college types for the military when I was in, a high school lady friend came back completely bonkers when OIF broke out and I told her when you get shot at, the last thing on your mind is the political crap she was spewing that her professors gave her. I asked her if she had the balls to talk to her father about that, given that he was a Vietnam and Gulf War vet and she stfu quickly.

        2. I’m now at the point that I hold academics in total contempt. I feel justified in this since it is they who have hated me all my life, whether its for my skin, who I sleep with, my sex, my religion, my nationality. The more you look into academia and understand it for what it is, the more you hate it. These professors are the very few that can actually live a “post modern” lifestyle, because, they have tenure and they never have to really work. The stats say it all, a college degree is shit today, but still +$200K anyway with another 90 more in a few years when they same punks need to get another worthless “mba”. Its a huge fucking scam and, not only are these professors raping these kids of their future they’re intellectually fucking them up with their insane politics. You hear these anti-Trump protesters etc, they’re speaking some weird language. All the while, the real greed and hate are all with the very professors that preach the opposite. Its a huge cult. And by way of the student loan racket its at the end of a huge money river. This is why I very much support online learning because it holds the potential to disrupt that evil model and kill it forever. I cherish the day when I can have a sliver pony hair professor serve me coffee at a starbucks and I’ll look them right in the eye and pour the coffee out on the floor in front of them.

  50. Served 23 years, so
    My concern with transgenders serving in the military, these are folks who can’t handle reality. The most basic reality of their own biology, they can’t cope with it. I can’t and won’t argue with the subjective reality in their head—that they truly believe
    they’re in the wrong body, I accept they truly feel that way.. But I believe in
    objective reality, and feelings don’t change reality. If they think reality should be twisted to conform (however poorly) with the feelings in their head, vice them accepting and acting in accordance with physical reality that’s fine as long as it only involves them. It’s a huge problem dragging other folks into it. Some want to be willing accomplices in their denial, placate or humor them in rejecting reality. Again, ok if it only affects them.
    Rejecting reality doesn’t work in high risk activities like military aviation, combat, reacting to emerging conditions where the correct decision needs to be made quickly, often within seconds. Even with drilling and training for hours/months/years, the first gut reaction to someone faced with an emergency is denial. I’ve seen it
    repeatedly. No matter how many times you’ve trained in a simulator, or in the field—always that initial reaction of this can’t really be happening to me. The
    better trained and rational recover more quickly and act. That’s among folks
    who deal with reality, who haven’t denied basic facts about their own biology,
    who haven’t tried to twist reality to conform with their feelings. Given the basic psychology of a transgender and their refusal to accept reality, I have grave doubts about their ability to operate in a military environment. I can’t help but doubt that someone who rejects reality is someone I can rely on when reality gets very unpleasant and my life and the mission are at stake. Someone whose reaction to their own biology was to change it into the poor imitation of something else vice accept it.
    Just a gut feel…

  51. I am starting to struggle to comprehend which articles are fact and which ones are satire.

  52. The US military is already the weakest it’s been in a generation thanks to budget cuts. Why not weaken it further with women and mentally ill soldiers? Makes sense if you’re a leftist gunning for globalization, I guess.

    1. This is not true. The US military is funded at a level never seen in the modern world. We devote more of our resources to “defense” than any society in history. However, I would argue that most of it is useless (ie a huge billion dollar aircraft carrier.. what is it good for?)

      1. Sure it’s highly funded compared to our peers, but it’s not as well equipped, staffed, or trained as it was during the Reagan and even Bush years.
        As for the aircraft carriers, I lack the expertise to say what they’re good (or not good) for. I would prefer we use them to launch carpet-bombing attacks against the entire middle east until every part of it save perhaps Israel no longer exists, but hey it’s not up to me.

        1. Oh, it’s not effective at all. But it is massive. Massive and bloated. It’s also VERY fragile (ie reliant on technology and an air force to take out the enemy before they have to ever fight it mano a mano).

  53. This is what happens when a country allows emasculated manginess to run the military. Absolutely sick that two fags with no prior military experience have the authority to destroy the department of defense.
    What is most upsetting to me is that allowing trannies to serve is the most important issue. We have ISIS bombing airports and during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year they announce that taxpayer have the privilege to pay for Tim to have his dick chopped off. Wow how Progressive!

  54. I know guys that signed up to serve at the height of the Iraq War, knowing damn well they will be deployed there at some point. You’re not going to get men of that caliber with all the ‘changes’ going on in all the branches. Making GI’s walk in heels, the Marines removing ‘man’ from most job titles, women in combat, now trannies and a free sex change. Expect your number of enlistees to drop big time in the years to come until we have an army of trannies, dykes, and other sorts of half-a-fags. It’s almost like the administration wants to dismantle the armed services…

  55. Really? Ever since my 2008 NATO experience I’ve been dead sure that the Russians would beat the crap out of us westerners in field combat but this is just over the top. Are they actually trying to make it even easier for the Russians and the Chinese? Is this some 4th level Inception-style uncomprehendable conspiracy!?!

  56. Just remember that when folks say the military is paying for those reassignment surgeries, they aren’t. It is you, and me, Joe, and Jane Taxpayer are paying for those reassignment surgeries, and personally I would rather have my federal tax dollars going for something else, like border security.

  57. ” Best and brightest”
    Doesn’t even know what sex they are… *facepalm*

  58. That picture up top there shouldn’t even exist. None of them fuckers should even be in uniform. Just need to get another 25 to 30 thousand of them in the ranks so we can get the civil war off the ground.

  59. Wait until they start letting people in wheelchairs into the Marines. Wheelchair ramps on all ships and helicopters! At least they will be good when they have to crawl under barbwire into enemy territory. 😀

  60. I look at this differently….Obama is doing this to humiliate the military…nothing more, nothing less.
    Of all the things to deal with as a country, this has to be 747563829 on the list.

  61. Don’t care if these trannies join, that just means LGBT is somewhat fighting for the nation and government they ruined

  62. So keep injecting them with estrogen and androgen receptor suppressants to keep them happy but weak in warfare right.

  63. I’m willing to bet they’ll all be in the office pool , pushing paperwork. These effeminate only want a government paycheck and never signed up to face any real violence .

  64. Not sure why this is a surprise. This is what the military has been fighting for ever since the beginning of ww2. The chickens are finally coming home to roost as it was.

  65. I think the leftists have in mind men with breasts and tits wearing make up marching with male soldiers, but it sounds like they’re going to be disappointed and those guys will be living with the females as females. The females to males will look like males and be serving with the males.

  66. > Last July, Carter said he intended to rescind the ban, calling it
    outdated. He has long argued that the military must be more inclusive to
    bring in the best and brightest.
    Can anybody name a transgendered individual who has made a significant contribution to humanity in the STEM or military fields?
    All the transgendered people I know (admittedly a handful, but I’m not isolated) are at best neurotic individuals who are too wrapped up in their own dysphoria to really make significant contributions.

  67. As terrible as it is to be a prisoner of war when you’re a straight male, what is the enemy going to do when it captures the openly gay, the transgendered, and women soldiers?
    As long as the military just wants to play with drones and missiles, nobody gets hurt, but if they put the mentally ill and physically weak on the ground along with the demoralized troops that have to fight beside them into an actual battle, the bloodbath will be historic.

  68. What? What about when we were kids and they made everyone write right-handed in case of a draft? Last thing you need in the military are people who’ve been re-worked and had all kinds of surgery. What happens when they need implants replaced? Of they have some complications with the fake penis they build?

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