Study: Homosexuals And Bisexuals Are More Likely To Be Mentally Ill, Drug Abusers

It’s summer now, and in Sweden that means it’s pride parade season. One thing that’s different this year is that the very gay Milo Yiannopoulos is coming here to lead a parade on July 27th. The reason is that this particular parade will go through Tensta, a suburb comprised of mostly immigrants, a lot of them Muslim. We’ll see how that goes.

In other gay news: a new survey has found excess health problems in gays, lesbians and bisexuals. These groups reported more health problems than straight men and women.

More prone to smoking and heavy drinking

The study was done in the US, with nearly 69,000 participants. The National Health Interview Survey has been around for many years, but in 2013 and 2014 it included a question about sexual orientation for the first time.

The researchers conclude that gay, lesbian and bisexual adults “were more likely to report impaired physical and mental health, heavy alcohol consumption, and heavy cigarette use, potentially due to the stressors that (they) experience as a result of interpersonal and structural discrimination.”

The results show that lesbians, compared to heterosexual women, are 91 percent more likely to report poor or fair health. Lesbians are also 51 percent more likely, and bisexual women more than twice as likely, to report multiple chronic conditions, compared to straight women.

Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are more likely to indulge in heavy drinking and smoking. 26 percent of gay men and about 40 percent of bisexual men reported at least moderate psychological distress, compared to about 17 percent of heterosexual men.

In the case of women, about 22 percent of heterosexuals had at least moderate psychological distress, compared to about 28 percent of lesbians and about 46 percent of bisexuals.


Last year’s parade through the immigrant neigborhoods.

Gilbert Gonzales of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, who worked with this study, thinks so-called “minority stress” may account for health differences between heterosexuals and gay, lesbian and bisexual people. He thinks bisexuals have it worse than the rest because they may not always be accepted by gay, lesbian and transgender communities.

Right off the bat, you know the researchers aren’t exactly unbiased in this matter, since they talk about “structural discrimination” of these minority groups in America, a country where they are constantly praised in the media and by the elites. But leaving that aside, their study does show some interesting results.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. There are many possible reasons why the LGB (and likely also T) community is having more psychological problems than heterosexuals. One reason could be that some people do treat them badly on account of them being so strange (there’s a reason why they’re called queers). If they insist on acting act out their weird sexual desires in public, it’s understandable that some will take offense to that.


This is the kind of sick stuff we have to deal with.

Some might even go so far as to discriminate against them. A business owner with more traditional values might deny them service—for instance, refuse to be the host of a gay wedding. That could well cause the gay couple to feel distress. (Although I would say that that’s the business owner’s right in a free country.)

But I would argue that there are other factors that affect LGBT people’s mental health more than real life discrimination, which can’t be that common in Western countries. The fact that their situation is often described as a lot more bleak than it is, is something that surely must affect them in a negative way. If they’re constantly being told about how oppressed they are by white, cisgender men, and “the religious right” (but not Muslims, we can’t say that), then of course they’re gonna be worried about their safety and future.

In the same way, if you tell a black person enough times that the police are after him and want to shoot him to death, for nothing more than walking down the street, eventually he’s going to believe it and start resenting cops and society in general.


They’re here, they’re queer, I can’t get used to it.

Why celebrate sexual deviance?

But there’s one other factor that I want to bring to this discussion. I’m not a scientist like Gilbert Gonzales, and I’m definitely going to sound like a prejudiced asshole saying this (although it wouldn’t be the first time), but I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Wrong in the sense that they weren’t created as they were supposed to be.

People are, like all animals, supposed to mate with each other, otherwise we wouldn’t still be here. Hence, we’re meant to be heterosexuals. Ergo, gays, lesbians and bisexuals were born with a faulty constitution. And since they’re faulty, it’s no wonder if that reflects on their mental condition.

I’m not saying that there’s necessarily something morally wrong with being gay, just that they’re a small minority of the populace for a reason. It’s not something we should encourage people to be—the results of the study presented above support that case.

Should someone feel pride over being born faulty? Should it be paraded around in the street like it’s something we should celebrate? Should we embrace a condition that impedes our species’ ability to survive? I’m not sure I can agree with that.

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  1. Definitely an important article, and I like that you brought up those statistics. A few that can be added are their extreme over-representation when it comes to child molestation and serial murders, see proof for the latter at . Jeffrey Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos and Omar Mateen are a few example of gay killers.
    I really don’t like that this Milo is coming to Sweden, because he’s leading the alt-right astray. If I have to choose between those 3rd-world savages and him, I’d choose the former any day of the week.
    I believe there’s a selection process when becoming a homosexual – it’s the people that fail to develop a normal heterosexual identity that become that way. They’re not born that way more than possibly indirectly through bad genes that cause mental illness, obesity or whatever, which might make them fail to become normal and hence choose the homosexual lifestyle instead. So when it becomes evident that they suffer from mental disorders, that should be understood as the reason why they chose their identity.

    1. We lost. Homosexualism is mainstream now. Just take a look at the “conservative” Breitbart. It is ridiculous. And all of this has happened in only the last five years!

      1. Care to read the comments responding to those Pro-Homosexual Articles on Breitbart I don’t see many friendly or sympathetic comments but many hostile and negative ones. The War is on.

        1. These “conservatives” are no more than 10-year-delayed progressives.

        2. There’s a flock of ‘conservative/Republican’ women that are starting a movement to get Hillary elected. It’s bonkers.

      2. Last 5 years. 5 years ago my high school class was 50/50 on gay marriage. Today, none dare speak out against it, might even be expelled. Just. 5. Years.

        1. It is so fucking scary when you think about it. Next? Pederasty. Next? The extermination of whites.

        2. You really think people would want to exterminate light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair?
          Interest groups that get the most money, government support and backing of businesses and media hype are people that are attractive. Hence why short men and disabled folk are thrown into the shadow even though they are the real ones that suffer. Fat acceptance is also ignored but that makes sense
          You don’t have to worry about white people, whites possess beauty standards after all.

        3. Check albinos in Africa for example. It just takes the correct system of beliefs + economic interest.

        1. Actually I don’t even think Milo is an actual sodomite, just an opportunistic guy who has created a character to make money.

        2. I think he did a repentance of sorts. He converted to Catholicism and claimed he was living in accordance with Catholic teaching (i.e. notwithstanding his same sex attraction, he was remaining chaste by not acting on it). I read another interview where he said his homosexuality was something he adopted as rebellion against his parents, that he was bored with it and mused that maybe he would settle down with a woman and have a family.
          Personally, I think BDTR’s comment is closest to the truth. Milo created an identity. At some level I admire his outspokenness but I think he’s a media whore who created an identity to draw attention and best capitalize on the prevailing zeitgeist.

        3. I think he is probably using his attraction and persona as a way to troll his enemies. Given that he is part of a victim minority they cannot classify him as evil white heterosexual male.

        4. I get his “tactics”, but the fact that the conservative movement is playing along with the PC double standards to criticize the left means that we have totally lost.

        5. A chaste homosexual…a virtuous pedophile…a vegetarian tiger…;)))))))))))))))))

        6. Slyness is not a sin. 🙂 Using weapons taken from the adversary AGAINST him…is, actually, clever. 🙂

        7. When these weapons make us accept the left’s moral codes, that is not the case anymore.

    2. I believe that the sexual identity issues are exacerbated by environment as well. Single-“mother” households, non-present fathers, beta fathers, and Western anti-masculine “culture.” The media is pushing hard for men to be non-masculine and weaker than a schoolgirl. It’s just another rung down the ladder to sucking cock, really.

      1. Don’t forget about the recent NYT editorial “understanding” paedophilia. Which will lead to pederasty in the next 10 years.

        1. We gave these people their rights and naturally, they abuse them.

        2. That’s what happens when you give children too much freedom.

        3. I’ve been dwelling on it quite a bit lately, but I feel like present society is pushing us towards a state of never-ending childhood. 18 year olds from 60 years ago were more mature and worldly than 30 year olds today. If I can coalesce my thoughts, perhaps I’ll make a submission.

        4. Spot on. We are actually living the feminization of society, which of course, involves childification, since women only grow up until a permanent state of adolescence.

        5. I think the same thing. 25 year olds act like 16 year olds. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of “acting like a baby” fetishes are going through the roof. People seem to get off on acting like children.

        6. That’s one of my great fears, it never stops until someone stops it.
          I strongly suspect that a lot of young men are socially “conditioned” into being gay just for not being stereotypical in some way. They’re not really gay, but pressure is brought to bear. Legalizing pederasty will just legalize the grooming process.

        7. Apparently men who assumed the ”bottom” role in prison become effeminate to compensate. This destruction of masculinity is disgusting.
          ”Legalizing pederasty will just legalize the grooming process.”
          Those men who engage in such should be executed. Those who dare destroy masculinity of our young men should not be spared.

        8. @turbo, i think you are guessing, if gay people had a certain type of upbringing it would be obvious. either come up with a tested theory or stop spoofing.

        9. Pederasty will make boys into homosexual pedophiles guarantee. People don’t understand that children llearn, adopt and gain a pseudo belief of being permenantly what they were taught? Liberals talk about how evil and stupid minds can change but homos can’t change what hypocrisy

        10. You have no idea. The big push now is to get straight young boys to make out, as tho “experimenting” is normal. They did this with the wmen, and now the women are all little sluts and lesbians, So the push is now against the young men.

        11. Ha! I remember saying years ago that they’ll eventually want you to suck a dick to prove you’re straight, I thought I was kidding.

    3. I don’t think bad genes would account for 3.5% of the population. Bad genes implies a genetic mutation. Look at people like the “elephant man”. How many of those are around? Not many, exactly. It would be pointless to even express it in terms of a percentage, because you can likely count it on one hand.
      What I did read about was a theory based on epigenetics. As I understand it, roughly, epigenetics describe variations in which the organism “interprets” the genetic code without actually changing the code; this variation can be triggered by environmental factors / in the womb / etc. That would imply that homosexuality is very well within the genetic code of us all, but only gets “switched on” in a few of us. It seems likely that homosexuality does somehow aid the survival of the species – maybe just in an indirect way – and hence these epigenetical variations stayed with us. Otherwise, it is more likely than not that they would have gone extinct.

      1. This is why homosexuality is most prevalent in the most overpopulated Indo-European countries – it is a natural evolutionary mechanism.

        1. It’s related to mineral imbalances and hence biological malfunctioning. There are very few people who are epigenetically gay – most are just hormonally and biochemically screwed up, and many have lived a life of abuse (e.g. raped by an older man).
          Children of more masculine women are more likely to be gay, and women are more masculine almost purely because of hormonal and nutritional problems.
          Usually, malfunctioning women associated with malfunctioning men. These men are more likely to be mentally ill and be paedophiles homosexuals themselves.
          Thus there is a biological but not (necessarily) epigenetic factor, and a forced behaviour factor. Children are very malleable. And taking it up the bum can be pleasurable for everyone – being a weak guy with terrible biology who’s been abused and raped his whole life can at least turn you into a bottom.

        2. Also good thinking. But the “abuse” begins already in utero. Hormonally and imunollogicaly.
          🙂 Even some heavy metals (lead, e.g.) may play the role. 🙂

    4. “I really don’t like that this Milo is coming to Sweden, because he’s leading the alt-right astray. ”
      Straight liberal women in the West (in control of the media) are incapable of listening to the viewpoints of masculine men. Just look at how they hit Defcon 5 when the ROK meetups were planned.
      Therefore, they let Milo speak as a representative for red pill ideas. This gives the veneer of a democratic discussion, but it’s really just a watered down version of the truth. It’s their elaborate way of censoring ideas and maintaining the 1984 dictatorship.
      Remember that women fundamentally play the exclusion game. When they are little girls, they become “friends” with other little girls for the purpose of excluding a rival. It’s part of their fundamental biology. This framework never changes. Now that these little girls are grown up women, in control of major media outlets, we see the same exclusionary practices in action. Their main target for this exclusion is Alpha males – the men that have “harmed” them by refusing to wife them up. They feel compelled to silence Alpha males, because they feel these Alpha males ignored them in high school, college, etc.
      Thus, the selection of Milo as a alt-right representative is, at the end of the day, an exclusionary attempt by the femcentric media to censor heterosexual, Alpha masculinity.

      1. So, take over the media, Alpha Masculinity…or found Your own (thanks to ROK…good start…:))
        Remember: females ALWAYS conform to the majority. Thus – be one. 🙂

    5. Do you remember when you chose to be heterosexual rather than homosexual?
      Me neither.
      Get a grip. I find the idea of men having sex with men disgusting.
      Of course, I find the idea of *anyone* (including women) having sex with men disgusting.
      Lately, women have been pairing up to have their ways with me. They are brutally frank about, “If one of us had a cock, we would not need *you*!” They are far more into each other, and I can see why.

    1. Exactly! Only a sick man would choose to have another male’s penis in his ass over having sex with a woman.
      Normal woman enjoy having sex with men; our bodies were created to receive penetration. I don’t understand why any woman would choose to have her face between another woman’s legs. Lesbians obviously miss penises since they often use strapons.

  2. ROK is probably one of the very few English-speaking websites that still publicly holds the truth about sodomites and pussy-rubbers.

        1. Socialism of fools, again.
          Yes, it’s the fault of all the Jews – and the bicyclists. The Daily Sturmer is less reliable that its original.
          The focus needs to be on the nature of the global elite, who gets recruited, who does not.
          HInt: Israel and Israelis are not part of the global elite.

        2. So all the banks and media companies and gov agencies across the western world that are run and owned and staffed by jews proves that they are not part of the global elite right?
          Ok, Just checking.

        3. Glad you checked.
          The answer to your question is “NO”.
          Jewish population is principally split between two countries – US and Israel.On a world wide average, Jews are about one third of what could be considered the global elites. This is higher in Hollywood, lower in the High Tech business, lower in Bankingand higher in Investment Finance. No Israeli financial institution has global status – just what you would expect to for an economy of about $300 billion. The international influence of Israeli media and news organizations is, precisely, zero.
          Since half the world’s Jews are now in Israel, you need to modify your claim.

        4. “on a world wide average, Jews are about one third of what could be considered the global elites”
          “The international influence of Israeli media and news organizations is, precisely, zero.”
          –So its 0.02 percent of world population yet 1/3 of global elites by your own statement. Thanks

        5. I thought you directing me to information inconsistent with my claim. But, you did not. Pity. I might have learned some thing.

        6. No inconsistencies here. Jews are present int he global elites out of proportion to their presence in the population.

        7. Marxism is a Jewish advent. Thus anyone who is a Marxist, SJW, Globalist, “Anti-Racist”, PC Robot is a Jew by Proxy. The Last 3 Federal Reserve Chairman of the US, who have been in charge of monetary policy for nearly 40 years, have been Jews. Soros=Jew, Kissinger=Jew, Bloomberg=Jew, so many Ministers in Europe=Jews. Disproportionate representation, and overwhelmingly similar beliefs across all Jews gives you a Jew dominated situation. Obama and Merkel are Jew by proxy, because they are Marxists.

      1. I take my hat off for this guy, goddam! That’s really Savage hehehe, nice!

      2. I think I’m missing something here as the video goes from some caller talking about someone smoking in the bathroom right to Savage calling the guy a sodomite.

      3. It’s tough dealing with such flawed humans and not be dragged down in the mud with them. They practically beg for insults and derision.
        If you’ve read any accounts of an exorcism, it’s not unlike dealing with the Possessed.
        You have to — as best you can — resist the temptation and, instead, use facts, history and statistics.

    1. I never understood what the fuck it is with women wanting to get along with everyone until I thought about their dependence on social structures.
      A man doesn’t need shit so he doesn’t care what the rest thinks, a woman on the other hand constantly needs some form of support or help or whatever from someone.
      I think faggots are just perverts who don’t want the responsibility of being a grown up man in society so they play the girl and take it up the arse instead.
      That said I have seen a video where they compared the brains of dead faggots with normal brains and found some differences, but to me that could also be a change over time type of thing.

      1. Spot on. That’s why women have never been allowed to participate in politics. Besides, women are permanent adolescents.

      2. Actually, thinking deeper, we men rely on the ethnicity (the extension of tribe). That’s why women do not understand it and they want to “welcome refugees”.

        1. Women have evolved to fall in love with the conquering rapist who just killed their husband.
          Expecting male morality from them is silly.

        2. Christianity was the very thing that prevented or at least strongly mitigated this sort of behaviour (even during war) at a fairly deep level, but only in the west (Islam only thinks it logical to continue this behaviour), Christianity is failing and mutated into a suicide cult. We recently saw 19 girls burned alive for failing to provide ISIS with sex.
          The “black pill” assumes women do have agency. They can be held to account, but that isn’t happening. It must start with men.
          Women are heavily driven by the desire to achieve consensus arising from an instinct to build nurturing communities. They will enentually follow if shown leadership, mudsharks aside.

        3. Women are like liquid, they take the shape of the container you put them in. This is not the case of men. Remember: men and women are NOT equal.

        4. who is the tribe? nationality is a construct and we live in a competitive society. I live in Europe and my main problem is that the immigrants are inferior and wont adapt. If they were East Asian I might see it as a good thing as they would be an asset in the future.

        5. Who is the tribe? In principle, the greater tribe should be the members of your ethnicity.

        6. Remember the 19 women murdered last week by being burned alive by ISIS for refusing Sexual slavery. Remember them.

        7. Nationality is not a “construct”. It is blood, it is race, it’s is the posterity of the blood of our fathers. It is a man dying with his guts in his hands so that his country, family, sons and daughters can be free. No matter me dies for a construct, they do mercenary work for it.
          The lunar left have attempted to use weasel words to make it a “construct” mainly so they can then go about gaining passive acceptance for genocide by immigration.
          It was always about blood, an extended family. The term “construct” is shitlib weasel language. There is room for modest natural intermarriage but not the wholesale organised mass immigration brought about by elites.
          The East Asians are not an asset, they will displace you and your children just as the wave of an addition 1.3 billion Africans will only in a slightly less violent and impoverishing way.
          Either way Easy Asians will take your countyry, identity, social capital, self determination, future of children just as thoroughly.

        8. Yep. Were it not for technology and modern morality this would continue until such women became extinct.

        9. Thanks for the reminder but if what you are saying was completely true I’m pretty sure Adam would never have taken a bite of that apple.

        10. I don’t buy your assertion. No woman could physically resist rape by being caught and held down by several men, as was usually the case with conquering armies and bandit raiders. The truth is they were all raped and they just submitted to their new masters to avoid being killed afterwards.
          Then they grew to like their new husbands like most women in arranged marriages do still to this today (probably as an internal coping mechanism). It has been done for millenia and with time women have grown to adapt to who ever is the alpha in charge. Maybe the Stockholm syndrome rings a bell? Anyway women have no loyalty to the men in their lives, as soon as someone better comes along they are out the door, no questions asked.

        11. ISIS and Islam in general is a very insecure religion. They care so much about what enslaved women think that instead of just holding them down and raping them, they burn them alive for refusing sex! They care that their slaves don’t like them!
          I’ve come to realise that Islam creates small-dick syndrome in Men by teaching them that Islam is superior, Muhammad was perfect etc. When they see how the entire world, including countries they once dominated (INDIA :D), has overtaken them, they feel incredibly insecure.

        12. Stockholm syndrome rings a bell. But news reports of Yezedi girls taking up arms to fight their former rapists challenges this assertion. It may not be as universal as presumed. Probably they are more apt to wage psychological warfare on those men when they without guns.

        13. Adam had no game. He was given eveything and failed the first shit test.

        14. There are always exceptions to the rule. But 99% of rape victims do not fight back in a meaningful way (screaming and pushing is not fighting, its just a weak attempt at resisting and calling for help). That’s why the victims almost never have bruising from trying to fight off their attackers and you need a doctor to examine them to find out if what they claim is actually likely or not. Sure they can fight after the fact, with guns or in the courts but to me that is revenge for injustice. It’s not really self-defence or serious warfare.

        15. I have often wondered whether Islam’s success in converting men from Christianity was that while Christianity granted women status and rights unknown to the pagan world, Islam promised to remove them, and out women in a status even lower. Any one do or have research on this point?

        16. Also the Kurdish female fighters who carry – and use – grenades to kill the potential rapists. And women in the West whine if they break a nail.

        17. On a slightly different note, I always wondered if Eve gave good head. I guess only Adam knows. God knows where he is these days.

        18. There are reports that Korean women being used as rape toys by Japanese soldiers during WWII would regularly commit suicide, not “attempting”, commiting. To the point where they had to be restrained like animals. Same thing is happening with the Yazidi women.
          There is rape and then there is being ripped apart like a piece of dead meat.
          The retarded/mentally ill Western women are all for importing savages because they are hoping for some sexy rape fantasy. What they are going to get is being torn to shreds and beaten to death. There will be nothing sexy or attractive about it, it will be a horror.
          Just wait until the migrants start throwing acid in womens faces.

        19. Great way to die with honor. Not great genetically. So the winnowing continues.

        20. 19 Kurdish women just were burned alive by ISIS for not providing sex.
          There is somthing to the disloyalty thing however.

        21. Do not negate the fact that women would rather be with conquering, raping alphas, than whipped, effeminate men.

        1. Pretty sure it was this one

          Most common death for poo pushers after the aids, apparently

      3. I think that this might be the case with Jaden Smith but generally I think that gays are basically suffering from a disorder. This is obvious since they simply cannot do what a organism is supposed to do. Reproduce.
        Reproduction is job one.

    2. Love it how RoK uses the word gay “pride” against them. I always thought the word pride meant arrogance. Sick world we live in.

      1. Go meet lesbians. they don’t look like the ones of the linked article photo.

  3. I entertain the idea that “homosexuality” is just a degenerate form of game.
    Gays exist, so either it is entirely environmental or they have managed to reproduce somehow.
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just broken. Kinda like a mouse that dies from choosing sugar over food.

    1. I think its environment based, at least 90% of the time. From an evolutionary perspective, homosexual genes getting passed down would be so rare that there’s no possible way you could have the population level that they claim.
      Also, there seems to be a massive correlation between early social/sexual trauma and homosexuality. It’s pretty rare that you’ll find one that hasn’t been sexually assaulted in their youth.

      1. If you believe in the concept, you can also add sexual abuse in past lives to account for the rest. Although I would still not be sure that this guarantees to cover all the ground.

      2. It’s not genetics, look up mice utopia this is what happens when cities
        don’t have to struggle for survival.

    2. I imagine that there are a lot of guys who could go either way and would be exclusively with women if they were, say, in the Middle East or Latin America. However, in North America and Western Europe being openly gay gets you victim status and attention, so why not go with those occasional homosexual urges, especially if you need something to blame your failures on? I have a cousin who is exactly like this. “Openly gay” and talks about it all the time, but he’s had girlfriends and I catch him checking out chicks all the time.

      1. The proof is when dudes go to cage, many well happily bang each other buns without ever thinking they’re gay or even bisexual. Sexuality means different things to people when they’re in different situations or circumstances, but, we’re too quick to label it gay etc.
        I reckon that many dudes in the cage do it with others out of an urge for not just sex (if it was just sex they’d simply masturbate) but intimacy that they miss from their women while they’re banged up.

        1. Also dominance and status. I used to read up a lot on criminality and I remember one guy who’d been to prison saying that upper class and upper-middle-class people generally have no concept of how much sex is about dominance and status among the lower economic classes.

  4. Why don’t cigarette smokers form a coalition similar to the LGBT community. Certainly they face worse discrimination. There is a list of ills that come along with it–it’s harder to find a date, you are ostracized and constantly judged by society and all the other things ‘oppressed’ groups complain about. (Oh wait, I am suppose to use the term ‘systemically non-dominant groups’) I am sure we can drudge up a bunch of scientific literature that demonstrates they were predisposed to nicotine addiction as well, and therefore it was not really a “choice.” I can see it now: smokers pride parades, black lung pride day, and lawsuits up the ying to any school board that dares portray our lifestyle as “unhealthy.”

    1. I thought smoking was out, or had at least gone to those damned e-cigs, but in my local college town I’m seeing scads of youths smoking like chimneys. Did Mad Men bring back smoking?
      How they afford the cigs with our astronomical sin taxes here is a mystery.

      1. Like crayfish he was into Necrophilia. In pictures, he seems to have the deadest looking eyes I’ve ever seen in a human being.

  5. I try to treat all people with kindness, even gays. Nature has determined that their genes are unfit to reproduce and through natural selection they are removed from the gene pool. That genotype ends with that homo.
    That being said, homosexuality should never be celebrated or even considered “ok”. Celebrating homosexuality is celebrating death itself. I believe it makes sense homosexuals would engage in such degeneracy as drug abuse since they care not for their reproductive future.

    1. Some 45% of the paedophilic molestation that occurs is by the 2%-3% male homosexual population, it’s way out of proportion. It’s not only their own mental health they destroy, it’s those of many young male children. (They deserve the rope, and swiftly, why are we not doing this NOW). We are now in the situation that the main source of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the USA is the colons of San Francisco homosexual sodomites transferring bacteria anus to anus via penile transmission on an unprecedented scale. Soddom and Gommorah was no nonsense.
      Homosexual culture is now functioning as a substitute for White culture. It has displaced it almost completely, even marriage.
      It occurs to me that the shear energy most homosexuals put into their hedonistic culture is by its nature disruptive by displacement of a functioning fertile heterosexual culture.
      Therefore it must be ruthlessly controlled.
      A recent trip to Budapest Hungary during “Gay Pride” taught me there was only two types of culture left in the west:
      1 The holocaust mythology and the ugly self flagelation, racial self suicide culture, and narcistic virtue signalling which has displaced a nurturing love and respect in ones European heritage.
      2 Homosexual culture.
      Yes, there is some sport and movie culture but it’s contrived.
      As I toured It was noteworthy that the sacrifice of countless Hungarian men to save Hungary and Chritendom, their victories and deaths, was ignored despite the monuments of the city being intended to remind us of them. Young women ironically enjoyed their summary dresses, celebrated diversity or the holohype (holohype monuments are everywhere) while pointedly ignoring the blood of their fathers spilled so that they might be free of the Ottoman Muslim who would have taken their freedom are denied them this right.
      The execution of male homosexuals in the Old Testament is interesting, why did they think this was neccesary?
      Leviticus 18:22
      ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” (NASB)
      “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (ESV, NK
      Lev. 20:13
      “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.” (NASB)
      “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” (ESV)
      The word “detestable” is the same Hebrew word found in Lev. 18:22, “abomination.”
      First there is the sense that this does not conform to the natural order.
      Secondly the hygiene issues might have been noticed, thirdly the disruptive effect upon the culture which must be focused on young men and women bonding and commiting deeply. Moreover it requires the deep blood sacrifice that men will perform for their children and women. The homosexual is so often anti civilisation. Note how the faggot destroys his own civilisation by his politics.
      A few gays seem to be able to create massive distortions in nihilism out of all proportion to their numbers.

      1. ”It’s not only their own mental health they destroy, it’s those of many
        young male children. (They deserve the rope, and swiftly, why are we
        not doing this NOW).”
        Agreed. Those pederasts and pedophiles deserve to die.

        1. They need to be removed from society. We don’t have time to hate them, attempt to rehabilitate them or even to jail them. They need to be eliminated completely. Gone. There is nothing worse.

        2. The only provision I would give for them is a grace period of one year that they may get right with God. Then when execution comes submit them to him for judgment.

      2. These prohibitions are nearly unique to Ancient Israel. Other cultures would either tolerate or even openly allow them. The basic rule in the Hebrew Bible is that if your neighbors are donning it – don’t.

    2. “Nature has determined that their genes are unfit to reproduce and through natural selection they are removed from the gene pool.”
      We dont have, for the moment, any genetic evidence that homosexuals are born in to that predisposition, but, it is a interesting thought. Probably, Nature is making some sort of control on who can reproduce.
      However, if natural evolution is based on the desire for every specie to survive and to reproduce, there is no valid justification to homosexuality.

      1. Bang on. If it was purely genetic it would have disappeared long ago. There’s probably a certain personality predisposition inherent to homosexuality but ultimately it’s a psychologically disordered sexual attraction arising from social pathologies in decadent cultures which is reinforced by behavioral choices.
        If it is so healthy, normal and life-affirming why was homosexuality subject to social, legal and religious strictures in the first place? Because it doesn’t produce children? Ok I’m sure that’s part of it. But being a single man or woman without begetting children has never been subject to the same admonishment. Perhaps what nobody will acknowledge is that there was an ancient wisdom that homosexuality is a social pathology that can infect and corrupt a culture from within.

  6. The sad thing about the gay zeitgeist and its effect on our culture is that it will be impossible to point to verifiable numbers.
    The sociologists entrusted to study such things would be hunted down and killed if they ever legitimately found numbers/proof that pointed to homosexuality to be anything but normal and great and “better” than the nuclear heterosexual family.
    The studies will never be done outside of very extreme conservative groups which would also be dismissed as far right conservative bunk.
    Two gross fat lesbians raising a young boy is child abuse to normal logical people…but we’ll never know for sure….

  7. I’m honestly offended at the amount of time and resources dedicated to promoting gay causes given how statistically insignificant they are as a percentage of the general population. It annoys me how we are now forced to restructure our society and police our language according to their interests.
    What benefit does society get from it? Not much that I can see other than empty ‘feels’.

    1. They do it less for actual affinity for gays and more to troll/piss off right wingers. The same way my love for trump has less to do w trump and more to do w pissing off SJWs

  8. A lot of LGBT people experienced some sort of childhood trauma, mostly in the form of sexual abuse. Instead of helping these people, the mental health fields caved in and told them their sexual urges were normal. The few psychologists who stood up to the establishment were belittled and thrown under the bus.
    Religious organizations by and large failed to understand and properly approach mental health issues, thus failing them in that capacity. So a lot of LGBT people wound up lost between these opposing ideologies that failed to properly address the underlying psychological issues that drove them. Now we are at this point where this movement has gained so much steam that it’s impossible to stop. And if you try to reason with them and attempt to help them, you’re labeled a bigot. It’s a lose lose situation that will likely meet an ugly conclusion.

    1. I have read in numerous publishings both gay and straight at least for lesbians that eighty percent or so suffered sexual abuse during their developing years mostly from defective males but some from abusive women and I have read some similar accounts for homosexual males. In addition well he gay men I have known tend to have a lot in common that many of them didn’t know their fathers and were raised by domineering nasty mothers or watched their strong domineering mothers destroy their fathers and drive them out during their developing years. We are all a sum total of our experiences.

      1. Bullshit, and defeatist. Studies of twins separated at birth who grew up in different adoptive families show that something close to 80% of the outcome so to say, is dependant on genetics.
        I understand the idealistic idea of wanting people to be mouldable and evolving from experience, but there is no basis for this in reality. It’s to put it bluntly bullshit.

        1. Hahaha another Eugenics Nut and somehow Hasbians and ex-Gays exist which by your nazi view that it’s all in the genes should not be. Odd thing is if I were to claim criminal behavior to be genetic you and your crowd would be going postal. Losers love to make excuses ‘I was born this way’ being the biggest favorite.

        2. Actually, there is some research done which suggests that criminal behavior has at least some correlation with inheritance / genes. FYI, the book “Inside the criminal mind” advocates that idea, although I think it is a bit biased.
          And what the fuck about calling him a Eugenics Nut and a Nazi? Are you out of your mind? That’s a nuclear strawman, bro.

        3. That leaves room for 20% of outcomes coming from environment. This is of course the minority, but it’s a large enough minority that it’s still important to consider. I think the fact is though that children with good genes that have decent to great childhoods, will all turn out well. Children with poor genetics have no chance, no matter the upbringing. Children with good genetics who are abused terribly will likely turn out to be monsters. But slightly abused, probably won’t stop them from being as good as they can be. Hell, I think we’ve all been slightly abused at some time.

        4. Congratulations on not addressing the argument. And yes of course the logical conclusion of me quoting facts is that I wake up each morning and do a naked nazi salute to hitler with my pecker up for support.
          Grow the fuck up man.

        5. The articles I read showed the opposite. That twins would frewuently have one gay, one straight.

        6. Read his foul ignorant comments, I would say the Tail I stuck to that Donkey Fits Him Quite Well. As for your own comments well I believe in the Orthodox Religious View is We Are All Sinners, that we are all capable of doing bad things if put under the right circumstances like knowing we would be able to get away with it I know some people are just plain bad, your class room bully your internet troll and assorted low lifes, many turn to crime because they are too lazy to get jobs and work or too greedy to accept an ordinary life and an ordinary income or just plain enjoy hurting other people but some grow out of it.

      2. Maybe those boys whom had mothers destroy their fathers, had weak, queer fathers. Maybe that’s why the mothers wanted to and were able to destroy them. Think about it. A hundred years ago, most gay men reproduced via forced heterosexuality (or bisexuality). So, question, does anyone know. When a gay man has kids, is the child more likely to turn out gay.
        Or perhaps it’s better asked this way. Comparing adult males whom identify as gay and those whom identify as straight, which group had a higher percentage of fathers known to have taken part in homosexual activity, and what is the percent difference. My theory is that gay men often had gay or bisexual fathers, at higher rates than straight men.

        1. This is an issue well open for discussion and research. My theory is we are all the sum total of our experiences though with mental diseases some disorders may be expressed through sexual perversions as well. One girl I knew who claimed to be lesbian comes from a family with a huge history of mental illness and she is mentally ill. On the other hand many lesbians are overweight and unattractive either they have made themselves that way or as one chauvinist said quite cruel ‘Ugly Women Need Love Too and For Some Well The Only Love They Get is From Other Ugly Women’.

        2. I’d love to read thorough research on the nature of homosexuality to better understand it. As a movement, I think the LGBT lobby is incredibly corrosive for Western culture and I loathe it but I avoid judging individuals on the basis of their human foibles and follies. I have enough of my own.
          I’d like to better understand the issue but I can’t find any current, broadly available, thorough and objective research. Everything is so tainted by the political agenda of the gay lobby and its partisans.

      3. I also read an article from a female psychiatrist with mostly female patients who said that every one of her lesbian patients have a dysfunctional relationship with their mother.

    2. I agree and unfortunately Western psychology has been hijacked by crooks and drug companies. They need rewiring just like people with personality disorders.

  9. Dear Muslim Fundamentalists,
    As you know, the feminist-led gays and lesbians only pretend to like you because they know you’ll rip them a new asshole if they don’t. After all, they got this fat and decadent by stuffing themselves with pork while cursing Allah. Then they laugh during their conversations saying that Muhammad was gay while drawing pictures of him. You’re not going to let them get away with this, are you?

    1. The Muslims are going to fix this problem in the West since we haven’t

      1. And bring their own set of problems. Just because degeneracy is bad doesn’t mean totalitarianism is preferable.

        1. Who knows how it all plays out though? I’m no apologist for political Islam but whatever form it ultimately takes in the West, it will be unique to the West. At some cosmic level, if you believe that history is moved by the broad forces and large structures of human collectivities, I wonder if the growth of Islam in the West isn’t the forefront of a backlash against the LGBT crowd (which is as political as any crowd out there).

        2. I don’t think Europeans would take to Islam. More like be displaced and totally changed by the rapes resulting in a substantial injection of african and middle eastern DNA.
          A remnant would hold out and would reconquer Europe should that happen.

  10. Up until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) via the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) categorized homosexuality and bi-sexuality among its many known sexual disorders.
    In other words, homosexuality/bisexuality was understood as a mental disorder or illness on its own for nearly a century of psychiatric study. It was only through the baby-boomer cultural suicide of the late 60’s that science was turned on its head and everything once known as odd or abnormal had to be regarded as normal because….well it’s not nice to have differences. 45+ years later we have the current BS rape culture, multicultural strife, “transgenderism” and the homosexual mafia destroying the very foundations of Western culture…which was inevitable. Psychiatry pulled a global warming approach to mental illness –> data?! we don’t need no stinking data!!
    Look at the foundations of cultures that have refused to mainline degenerate sexual disorders like homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism. Are they brutal? Perhaps. Restrictive? Absolutely.
    Are they growing or waning? Growing without a doubt.
    It is the West that is receding and decaying. We have embraced these mental illnesses as normal and it’s only natural for a degenerate race of people to be replaced by another more fit to thrive. Unless of course, the illness is admitted and excised from the popular conscience. This is becoming less and less of a possibility with each passing year.

      1. We = the West, idiot. I beg people deprived of critical thinking to refrain from comment replies.

        1. I got what defeatist garbage it was right from the start. Again, speak for yourself rather than the entire Western Hemisphere. You got a problem with that?

        2. Yeah, I do. Come up with your own viewpoint or solution then. I’ll speak for whomever I please.
          I guess you think a doctor that says, “You have cancer.” is a defeatist too?

        3. No, if my reaction to the news is “there’s nothing I can do” then yes, it is defeatist. I call faggots out on their shit in the workplace and anywhere else, and have for quite some time.
          In short, there are things that are inappropriate no matter what the government “says”. You either stand up, or you accept the shocks to get your next snack from Dr. Pavlov.

        4. “I’ll speak for whomever I please.”
          Although you have to expect those who disagree with you to protest if they are part of the group you speak for.

        5. “No, if my reaction to the news is “there’s nothing I can do” then yes, it is defeatist.”
          Not really. That’s only the case if you assume that there is something you HAVE to do. But there isn’t. It’s a personal choice. Some shit just is not worth bothering with. Letting something be as it is does not mean that this is the apocalypse coming and your life is fromhereforth doomed. You can have a happy life still, even if you don’t get your way 100%. If that sounds defeatist to you, I would call you unrealistic.

        6. “Unless of course, the illness is admitted and excised from the popular conscience.”
          ^You read that part right? There’s your solution bra. Excise it from the popular conscience. It is not mainstream and shouldn’t be.
          In closing, good luck with the work fags.

        7. I get you, Tom. I don’t think that’s what the savant was asking. Do you? My life isn’t over because some mental deficients want to have a rainbow parade, but it won’t be on the street where I live.

        8. I normally do not have to give much thought to homosexuals. In the exchanges I have had, it consisted of letting them know that open sexuality in the workplace is open sexuality in the work place which is frowned upon.
          I pick my battles; particularly when it comes to the mentally ill. Psychology and psychiatry is “quack” science as it is and is dependent upon convincing the masses that “everyone is a degree of sick”.

        9. No one’s life is over on account of any of this. But it is a sickness and it only seems to plague 1st world nations of the collective West.
          If it festers as it has, it will get worse, more degenerate lifestyles will become the new gay movement and the generations that succeed us will inherit the insanity. This way of life will spread and eventually very few will be able to avoid it. (unless you live way off the gird)
          A culture (ahem..Islam) that does not suffer from the sickness will assume the position of dominance when the vacuum is created.
          I don’t want that day to come and would gladly die if it meant leaving this world before seeing its demise.

      1. True. But Google search: Images: “Folsom Street Fair”
        That’s enough data for me.

        1. True. But disgust is merely incidental.
          Like when you see someone with a physical birth-defect (e.g. cleft palate).
          The sight may be displeasing but regardless, it’s understood to abnormal.
          The only difference is, no one is wearing feather-boas to a “cleft palate” parade.

    1. We are living in a world where, if you think you are Napoleon or Jesus Christ, you are seen as a lunatic and sent to the asylum…If you are a men and think you are a women or vice versa, you are a courageous human being and are even encouraged to stop puberty, if that is the case, and take hormones against your own biology!
      Recently, i asked what is the basis for the difference of treatment and opinion for the two cases to friends of mine, and the only answer i got was: “ho its difference” and “one lives life has he chooses”.
      I already said and i am going to repeat it: we are losing the cultural war. We need a “cultural Brexit” to make people educated! Its a mad world brother.

  11. We don’t need a study to confirm what everybody already knows by default off the basis of being human. Criticizing homosexuality off the basis of evolutionary/psychosocial reasons and from calls to emotion off the “survival of the species” is shallow and has no weight of duty or obligation to it. Lowering everything to the standard of animals isn’t convincing at all.
    Why can’t we all call it for what is really is, that the act is intrinsically immoral and the visceral disgust that is the reaction of all normal people (as in those countries who haven’t been brainwashed by western propaganda and follow the zeitgeist of modernity) is just the base primal reaction we have that belies a higher, spiritual level? The symptoms such as mental illnesses, STD’s, early death, ect… is simply the post effects of an objectively immoral act.

    1. Morality is largely defined by what’s best for the ultimate survival of the species.

    2. Morality is bullshit, but I would agree that such an emotional reaction does exist. But the problem is that you can not assert with certainty whether all healthy men have this emotional reaction. Just like some people have additional cones in their eyes to see ultraviolet light – their experience can not be translated to ours.

  12. I find it very interesting how many gay people claim to be victims of sexual abuse during childhood, here’s a video as proof I’ve only ever known one gay person, who i actually went to school with, and i always remember that he was the first person at our school to start talking about sex, at like age 7, the chances that he was abused is high.

    1. That’s interesting. I was sexually abused (was unaware of that) and I remember that I made sexually suggestive comments at school. Must have been 11,12 years old or so. Teacher shamed and punished me for it. Thought she was just an anti-male bitch. Oh well.

      1. Human children DO possess specific sexuality: A CHILD-SEXUALITY.
        Only in time, and with favourable (as in “non-detrimental”) environmental influences, it matures into an ADULT ONE.
        Any imposing of ADULT sexuality upon CHILD sexuality is akin to touching butterfly’s wings with bare fingers – there IS NO touch “gentle” enough not to cause damage.
        Therefore, when “butterflies” play amongst themselves – mostly, no harm done; otherwise… :(((
        Premature adult-type sexualization of children is just another type of abuse…and it often leads to precoccious maturation…which, even in botany, is seldomly optimal…
        But, every tree is different…;)

    2. That’s a very important video. I remember seeing a ‘pride’ event in the 90’s where right after a ‘born this way’ speech a group of participants started chanting ‘10% is not enough, recruit, recruit, recruit!’…so they don’t buy their own propaganda. The 10% figure was propaganda as well. They wanted the public to believe their numbers are larger than they actually are. Whenever you find one with a desire to corrupt innocence you can know for sure that you are dealing with evil.

      1. There are no innocents. 🙂 And even Evil sometimes just wants a slow week-end. ;)))))

    3. What a disturbing video. That scene with the 10 year-old boy gyrating in his Speedo in front of those older gay men was sickening. We call Afghan culture sick and primitive on account of their “dancing boys”?!? Western culture is just as sick. The shit that goes on at these gay pride events – let alone gay culture more generally – is truly fucked. The mainstream media only gives us the sanitized version. The sitcom gays and the colourful parade floats.

  13. If that was the case of LGBT with faulty genes then a lot of disabled people like me would not be straight.

  14. “In other gay news”
    I do wonder if ROK hits the big time, maybe ten years down the line, there’ll be a ‘women and health’ section, lgbtq section, etc. For the time being maybe we could just have a ‘slags and queers’ section. You know …for greater inclusiveness

  15. I don’t know where this school was located but it could be anywhere. The cult marx standards have continuity of enforcement in all public education. These kids’s words seem somewhat scripted, clipped from double takes and you can hear a faggy sounding guy in the background prompting the kid’s responses.

    The moral:
    Mamas don’t you DARE let social marxist public school educators lay their filthy socialist hands on your babies.

  16. Homosexuality is being promoted because the governors believe gays are less likely to resist them. The Plutocrats see most gays as they see women: more easy to control with emotional “arguments” and other societal misdirection. But since it would appear many of the Plutocrats are also gay, it is hard to understand their reasoning in this. They must believe there are two types of gays.
    A healthy society would neither promote nor demote homosexuality. It is like trying to promote or demote blonde hair or freckles or thin ankles: it is the promotion or demotion that is unnatural and that can only lead to ruin of one sort or another.
    Isolating the sexes and breaking up the family have been two of the top goals of the financiers for a century, and if we add destroying religion, we have the top three. All of these goals are easy to link to the financiers, since only the financiers benefit from them. It was discovered long ago that single people with no religion spend the
    most money, since they buy the most useless and compensating products. It is these products the Plutocrats specialize in. It is these products that have allowed for the incredible expansion of all markets in the past 100 years.

  17. I disagree with the general premise that general healthiness, both physical and mental is tied into the ability of a Being to reproduce themselves. There are strong and compelling reasons why traditional heterosexual couples like myself and my wife didn’t have many children, and, to be honest it seems to have been a wise decision at this stage in my life.
    I believe from an evolutionary point of view that it’s both essential and vital to have members of society who don’t actually reproduce. In the past,the priestly caste, philosophers, shamans and other types of holy men didn’t generally embroil themselves in these types of relationships. Perhaps, evolution has produced these types of folks as sentinels that should be concerned more with the advancement of a given group’s identity and traditions rather then merely with the idea of reproducing and dying through having offspring.
    I can’t help but feel that sexuality and it’s manifold forms and indeed lack of it in some members of society has perhaps led in an almost subterranean manner to our greatest achievements as a species.

    1. I don’t see a lot of sublimating of the gay impulse these days. Today the ‘group identity’ they are concerned with are their own – hence the focus on identity politics. Freud reckons Leonardo was a repressed gay, but there is perhaps a difference between someone sublimating unresolved sexual urges to produce great tortured art and being today’s liberated, self-righteous and often promiscuous homosexual producing art and discourse obsessively about gay culture and lifestyle

      1. Historically important (Plato, Alan Turning, Michaelangelo) and not just in terms of the sexual repression theory which is a tad bogus (Although think of Beethoven and Shakespeare). The important inference is that sexuality as Schopenhauer supposed is the most basic and primordial manifestation of Will, especially in a man’s nature, so any adaptation that’s made to this aspect of a man’s life can have very profound ramifications for the world. Sexual energies can get challenged into destructive revolutionaries or altruistic scientists.

        1. But Schopenhauer as I understand it was a pessimist in contrast to Nietzsche’s embracing of the force of life. It’s not so far from the latter to Crowley’s ‘Do what thou wilst’ as the whole of the law. One of the strange things about progressive / feminist / queer sexuality is its discussion of ‘transgressive sex’ as a positive good, yet it only really does so with respect to the fairly specific transgression of heteronormativity as an oppressive system. The likes of Simone de Beauvoir saw that to understand sexuality as transgressive will you have to go back to at least Sade, and I’m sure a lot further back still

        2. But sexuality is by its nature transgressive in that it cuts across the very sexual codices of male and female. Logically, I don’t know if we can argue against this sliding, if normatively small range of deviation along this scale.

        3. Huh? How can something be by nature transgressive unless assuming that nature itself poses rules that can be transgressed – which is a bit ridiculous of an idea.

        4. Of course the rules of nature can be transgressed, that’s why we’ve got something called civilization and other odd anomalies like technology and the arts which merely don’t reflect back to us the mere laws of nature.

        5. That does not make much sense. How can they transgress the rules of nature while simultaneously existing within nature – and thus bound by nature’s rules?

        6. That’s precisely it. We are not like the other animals who are purely enclosed within nature. We are estranged from it by the fact that we can stand apart from its rules through having a language and form that we can impose upon it. This is where the concept of transgression comes into play. We constantly transgress its rules by being human in the first place, we cannot but transgress, that’s our lott.

        7. I absolutely disagree. If humans can do something, it is because nature allows them to do it. Our bodies are natural, our minds are natural and the tools that we forge to change nature are also made out of natural resources. There is no real believable distinction between “natural” and “unnatural”.

        8. You’re completely wrong. The distinction and gulf between the organic and inorganic for example is vast. People talk about “nature” as if they know what that word means, but, the reality is we don’t really. All we have is our laws that are formulated by our minds which attempt to describe the “other” which is nature. On other planets with other conscious beings, nature is perhaps something very different, but, the difference would not be because of differing natures, but, differing or perhaps more expansive minds than ours.

        9. I don’t think its necessary to worry about the nature of sexuality here, or any kind of objective normativity, even if that could be argued for. Heterosexuality is normative (hence hetero-normative) because of where modern western culture comes from (i.e. christian civilization rather than ancient greek) and the transgressive turn is relative to that. We tend to see that as relating to the feminist / queer critique, but there is arguably more to it than that. Crowley swung both ways for a reason

        10. Apart from “The distinction and gulf between the organic and inorganic for example is vast”, You speak true.
          Concerning the former, it is the tendencies at the sub-atomic level that matter. 🙂

        11. seems like an interesting figure. There is an antinomian side to both (heretical) Christianity and (heretical) Judaism vis a vis biblical / torah Law – different gloss on materiality perhaps

        12. Heehee….Thelema…fun times, too…;))
          In spite of resuscitating some REALLY annoying spells…Golden Dawn-ites were SUCH bores, in comparison.

        13. Good observation.:) The most amusing among “heretics”* on both sides, in spite of borrowing heavily from Mani (e.g. Katharoi/Cathars, Essenes…etc), were actually quite admirable people of stern principles, living a spirituality FAR superior to the mainstream swill being dished out to the masses today, by “major World religions”. ;))
          Then the Free Spirit, Fraticelli, Jansenists…not even to mention Great Baruch Spinoza – all people brave enough to “put their money where their mouth was”… ;))
          All gone.
          Pity, vae et eheu…:(((
          The Curse of Betamax seems to be universal.
          *(quotation marks are there because I acknowledge no authority that pronounces someone a “heretic”…nor claim such “right” myself)

        14. don’t know that much about them, mainly some stuff by mathers and westcott, which is more scholarly than racy whatever they may have done in ceremonial garb. I think there was something of a divide re. the sex stuff. There’s a somewhat prudish victorian tradition c.f. the Kybalion, (Paul Foster Case?) and then the OTO / Crowley side of things, which is perhaps oh so slightly more risque. If Crowley preferred the eye of Horus to the mouth of ISIS I imagine mathers & co preferred a nice up of tea. Probably without any added bodily fluids

        15. I visited Montsegur once, where the Cathars were burnt at the stake at the end of the siege. They certainly put their money where their mouth was. They have a rather mysterious lineage perhaps, and always seemed to me to almost embody a saintly kind of heroic virtue, you’d think the Catholic church would appreciate. Someone though, I think it was on this site actually, recently suggested that there was a difference between the Perfects and the lesser brethren, for the Perfects, having achieved Perfection, were no longer bound by the strict regimen of self-denial – they could do no wrong?. I do not have a source for this. Perhaps it is a calumny, but if it were true it might explain the attraction of such an austere and unworldly faith to the many nobility of southern france / spain who supported them.
          I have yet to read Spinoza in any depth, although I have been meaning to for a long time. I have a copy of his ethics kicking around

        16. You are right. Calumny it was. And much greed and envy of catholic king…all the way to the Pope.
          Of course, Perfecti were not THAT perfect, but the doctrine was more honest and hopeful. Even though they didn’t truly think the “non-breeding” part through…;))
          BTW, “Ethics” ARE Gold. 🙂
          Clear paths to You, Scholar.

        17. I imagine it is calumny but it might still be worth considering the possibility. They remain a somewhat mysterious group and their history sparely documented I think. The perfects were clearly supposed to live extremely ascetic lives (after the consolamentum) but is it necessarily the case that they always lived such lives? In the absence of evidence to the contrary we should give them the benefit of the doubt perhaps, but I wonder whether it was merely asceticism that attracted the gentry.

        18. Moreover it was easy loyalty of their subjects…and the stability of the system…all thanks to the doctrine. 🙂
          (As opposed to the heavy-handed feudalism of the catholic monasteries..))

        19. the church was certainly heavy handed, but it’s worth remembering that the crusade, however murderous it would become, did start with the assassination of the legate peter of castelnau. Perhaps not by a cathar – who I think eschewed violence – but probably by someone on the cathar side. The cathars have tended to get the best press because of the appalling way they were snuffed out. But that might not be all there was perhaps

        20. Ha! 🙂 You are right…but…well…such “pretexts” were used before…and much after that …all the way to “Reichstag arson”…and “polish attack”…;))
          I also recall a certain state dinner at the imperial palace of Hofburg, Vienna…in early 1913..where one of the palace kitchen chefs, blackmailed by the french secret service, lethally poisoned the russian (also, imperial) ambassador with a mushroom dish. 🙂 How unfavourably Russian Court reacted to this insult, “presumably perpetrated” by the framed Austrians…and how many thousands of gold rubles flowed into the pockets of serbian “Young Bosnia” terrorists during the following year – all that the World failed to note, due to the shock of “random” Sarajevo royal assasination, the next year. 😉
          Not in many history books, that one. If any. ;)))
          Ergo: if You want to crush someone – make sure it appears “just”.

        21. I hadn’t heard of that hofburg palace poisoning, but it’s consistent with all the revolutionary activity / spycraft that went on at that time. Politics uses pretexts, false flags, provocation etc because as you say it’s the justification that matters. I’m not sure about the murder of the papal legate back in the days of the cathars. I can’t remember the details, but if it was on the cathar side I don’t think it would have been a cathar who did it. I’m sure the church didn’t require much in the way of an excuse to decide to stamp out the heresy

        22. Remember – catholic church/papal state was a REAL state at that time…complete with armies, spies…AND assassins, as well. :))
          Poor foolish Pierre was SO proud of his inquisitorial task (he WAS sent to bring Count Raymond down, in the first place…the man who EXTENDED the tax exemptions for his people…at THAT time..)), that he never saw it coming.
          Even his bones are used for show purposes, by the organization who arranged his death, all the way….to this very day….

        23. I have no illusions about the medieval church / papacy. I haven’t looked into the matter but I’m not aware of any evidence he was sacrificed by the church though. Political murders were the norm back then. Who knows

    2. “I disagree with the general premise that general healthiness, both physical and mental is tied into the ability of a Being to reproduce themselves.”
      Why would it be. They are separate concepts. Unless you can prove a 100% solid correlation between the two, it’s just intellectual masturbation.

      1. I’m thinking about the idea of chastity or “unrequited love” that can led nevertheless to fulfilled and creative personalties that have left the world richer and more interesting.

        1. I wonder if they were so fulfilled. But yes, I would say that self-love can make up for sexual frustration. In principle.

        2. Who’s ever fulfilled? Discontentment is the catalyst for all our progress and insights. Are we more fulfilled nowadays? I doubt it.
          Self-love exists in most normal human beings, it’s part of what gives certain people confidence and charisma, nothing to do with sexual frustration….too much Freud is bad for you.

        3. I profoundly lacked and in some ways still lack self-love. I pretty much felt like a worthless piece of shit most of my life.

        4. Even when people feel like pieces of shit, some people love perversely the role of being a victim and “being a failure”which gives them a sense of odd entitlement. (I’m not speaking about you)

        5. You know what, you just gave me a good idea, man. Maybe it is simply that this facet (self-pity / victimhood) is given love from the parents, while the more assertive aspects of the personality are not. Hence, to feel self-love, they actually NEED to behave in a victimlike manner.

        6. Good for You. It’s a good starting point. The only way from there is upward. 😉

    3. Exactly. Symbiosis and specialization within the species. 🙂
      Teslas of this World may be excused from breeding. :)))

  18. I agree with most of what we’re talking about here in these comments but seriously….there’s not going to be any “extermination” of whites. Just as there won’t be some horrible calamity of everyone’s beloved Trump happens to lose. Some of you other readers are just as fanatical as some leftists.

      1. If the bitch makes it into office, I’d be righteously compelled to turn to a life of crime.

  19. This is old news. It’s been known for a while that they are more likely to use recreational drugs and have mental illness.

  20. On re-reading this article the argument is a bit bogus. The French as race for example smoke and drink liberally and yet have the lowest early death rates of any European country. Russians corresponding do the same and die well before what they should, but, neither group is doing this because they feel oppressed or victims? I doubt you can make such generalizations with gays too. Besides they are cases like the late Oliver Sacks who lived a very measured and modest life as a gay man and produced interesting and insightful books that had nothing to do with his sexuality.
    The problem I find with many modern gays is not they’re nothing else but their sexuality, it seems this is their whole defining attribute and it actually makes them uninteresting and boring and their entire personalty is built around “shocking” straights, which becomes pathetic after a while.

    1. Good point.
      You know, if I really honestly think about it, I met maybe 2 or 3 gay people in my entire life. Kinda funny that I even debate homosexuality as “much” as I do. Were it not for the media, it would hardly exist as something of importance in my life.

    2. Well stated. To define your entire identity around your sexual behavior preferences and peccadillos is nutty and really, really boring.

  21. Most bisexual women are just liars. On Okcupid, “bisexual” women overwhelmingly message men only. “Bisexual” usually is just a way for a chick to put up a front and let you know she’s unique or sexually adventurous or progressive.

  22. Unfortunately this is not a complete article maybe a thought piece. Hydenius i suggest u rewrite this article with more conclusive irrevokable evidences.
    U have left out the fact that homosexuals are among those with the highest prevalence of aids, next to intravenous drug users. Bisexuals pose a general threat to the heterosexual population since transmission of aids from homosexuals to heterosexuals can be caused via relations with bisexuals.

    1. Bring it, my 1911A1 and I are very allergic to pedos. I suspect the same may hold true for many others.

  23. There are sports I believe that encourage manliness and discourage homosexuality. ‘Air sports’ for some reason come to mind. These are any type of sport loosely defined as flying in the air with your balls blazing in the wind like ramp jumping, half pipe skating, motocross, bungee jumping and roof jumping.
    As a kid, I did bicycle ramps and show off stunt crashing and 1 story roof jumping for fun and come to think of it, I’ve never had the urge to suck dicks or be reamed in the ass with anything. I’ve always felt very heterosexual. I knew a kid from early school though who became a genuine fag and that particular kid never participated when the neighborhood gang went doing tree climbing and jumping. The poor kid wasn’t cut out for any sort of air sport. The kid was wobbly on a bike and weary of heights which is why kids need to start young climbing and jumping things.
    I guarantee a kid will never fear approaching women if he has no fear of his own roof.
    These next guys are damn good. They’ll never be thrown off a roof by ISIS, like it would even matter. I suspect ISIS is trying to teach the fags to like air sports and lose their fear of heights. You don’t want an ISIS crash course in air sports. Learn to love flying like a cannonball early on during childhood and you won’t likely become a fag later in life.

    Those guys are partaking in a sport that’s unofficially called ‘landing’ or ‘roof jumping’. Pro and even backyard stuntmen have a level of smv that can equal or compensate for money and power. As a kid, girls would watch with dazed eyes as we’d jump and do crazy shit. With game an air sport man can wreck a town so be respectful.
    Finally we see a 9yo Russian kid jumping off what looks like a multi story building AND HE LIVES!

    Ho-lee-shit, I think my balls just fell off seeing that. Hs’s 9 but I doubt any adult could survive that or anyone whose balls have already dropped. A young kid with the right bmi and definately a tight kidney belt. I’d say also a ultralight foam rail bike helmet. There’s too much physics to this jump. I can roll but this kid doesn’t even roll. Just a backflop into snow. NOO WAY. Hell no I ain’t doing that. I think I knew a kid growing up that struck me as similar to the russian kid. He landed cool with the rest of us but that kid held his breath incredibly long like Houdini. Now the Russian kid, that’s some rare DNA he’s displaying. Who knows what else he can do?
    Notice how the cops help him out? They’re ready to give the kid a congradulatory swig of vodka. It shows you how nanny state and emasculating the cops in the US are. US cops aid in persecuting manliness. It’s a different form of socialism when it’s driven by multicult/anti family women’s advocacy doctrine. If the boy tried that stunt in the US, he’d be surrounded by nanny state and socialist service goons and enforcers who would try to forcibly put him on psychotropics and imprison his parents. He and his parents would have to be amazing fighters then to break all the nanny state pig’s goddamn necks and get away. Simple masculinity has a hard time surviving in a nanny state.

    1. Haha some balls on that little guy for sure! I did some crazy shit when I was a kid but not quite setting myself on fire and then dropping from the roof. Highest jumped or fallen from distance for me is a 5th floor window, and I broke both arms and bounced 1.5m up in the air… Second time was about 10m up in a tree and I broke my shoulder. But in my defense I later did jump from more than 15m up in a pine and slide down unharmed several times.

        1. This parcour stuff makes you tough. Never did it, but I knew a few guys who started out being pretty unfit, and later … man. One of those guys, who was actually rather of a shy guy, complained about how “stupid blondes and the likes” watched him train and wanted him to fuck them. I thought he was an idiot for that. I would have banged the remaining brains out of them.

        2. I used to go cycling where they are taking down buildings, just a bit specific kind of bike. Stiff frame but massive forks and hydraulic brakes. Few things give as big a kick as jumping out of the second or third floor of a building on a bicycle hehehe.
          I have promised my wife that I won’t be that risky again, I have a child to consider. But it doesn’t mean I don’t get very close to that level of risky in other formats…

        3. I like climbing, especially on rocks. And going past the safe ways on hiking tours in the mountains. Sitting with my feet tumbling above an abyss, fills me with peace. But I was pretty boring when I was a kid; I was a fatty.

        4. I like climbing too.
          But nowadays I can’t really travel and do things like go a month to Lapland on my own, which I used to do.
          So my solution is to get a bike that is just ridiculous and this way I can do dangerous shit closer to home :-). If I crash and end up in a hospital it will be closer to home so my wife can visit without hassle ;-).

      1. Apparently, that’s just what his daughter said, or do you mean something else? He seems to have supported her and other women a lot in their careers. Does not make him a beta, either, or ashamed of his sexuality. If he supports women, he actually does it out of confidence, unlike most men – who do it out of instilled guilt.

        1. He’s right to a point. If you a come across a woman who has better qualities and instincts than the male manager you want to employ- well then hire her. There is much merit in being “gender blind” on these matters as there some truly excellent women entrepreneurs especially in England.

        2. Yup. I mean, I fully respect a man’s choice to not want anything to do with a bitch and I myself would likely choose so on many occasions. On the other hand, I can clearly see how it would be reasonably beneficial to just be indifferent to it. If I am confident enough as a man, I don’t need to “solidarize” with other men and can just take the person best suited.

        3. Of course, business is business and some women in this area are much more efficient and canny when it comes to cutting a deal than a man. A tough, but fair bitch can be one of your greatest assets on certain occasions. I detest weak men who want to be cut a special dispensation just because they’re a man is a crock of shit in my humble opinion.

        4. Did Trump’s liberal daughter Ivanka get him into some hot water again? 🙁

        5. Oh, she’s a liberal? That’d explain a lot.
          It would also go to show what a kind and respecting father he is for letting her say those things. 🙂

        6. According to Breitbart, Ivanka Trump talked Trump into stepping on the Planned Parenthood landmine and implored him to walk back his immigration comments.
          Somehow, she’s supposedly also friends with the spawn of Hillary Clinton.
          She also failed to change her voter registration from Democrat to Republican in time to vote for her father in the NY Primary, which the media had a field day with 🙁

        7. For religious reasons I may not exactly support women with authority over men.
          Although I am sure that there are ways to make use of them and giving them requisite credit without giving them positions of authority over men.
          One doesn’t have to be gender blind.

        8. “According to Breitbart, Ivanka Trump talked Trump into stepping on the Planned Parenthood landmine and implored him to walk back his immigration comments.”

          In 2007 she started dating real estate developer Jared Kushner. The couple married in a Jewish ceremony on October 25, 2009

          n July 2009, after studying with Rabbi Elie Weinstock from the Modern Orthodox Ramaz School, Trump had an Orthodox conversion to Judaism[50][51] and took the name Yael.[52][53] She attests to keeping a kosher diet and observing the Jewish Sabbath, saying in 2015: “We’re pretty observant… It’s been such a great life decision for me… I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity. From Friday to Saturday we don’t do anything but hang out with one another. We don’t make phone calls.”[45]
          Trump meditates twice daily, and has gifted a meditation course led by her friend Bob Roth to the members of “Team Ivanka”.

        9. Maybe Ivanka can offset the damage she’s done to the Trump Train by bringing in some of the Jewish vote? Though since even she didn’t vote for her father… 🙁
          I do wonder why both of Trump’s highest-profile offspring have jumped onto the Jewish bandwagon.
          Ivanka for one looks like she’s had no trouble adapting to that lifestyle as it appears that she’s fulfilling the associated stereotype of being a well-heeled liberal democrat.

        10. “Maybe Ivanka can offset the damage she’s done to the Trump Train by bringing in some of the Jewish vote? Though since even she didn’t vote for her father…”
          Religion trumps everything else, always.

        11. Sure, but so is Donald. Dude is (was?) so in bed with the Dems his entire life, on every single Leftist issue, that it makes me laugh at how gullible people today can be. In 1970 sure, who would have known, but today his positions are clear from countless videos and documented donations and statements in public.

        12. The Donald is, and for decades now has, disagreed with the left on its core tenet: Globalization.
          Trump has been against globalism and that’s really what matters most as Globalism is the greatest threat: Globalism destroyed Europe.

    1. The truth is real life lesbians look nothing like porn stars. They are usually fat and are usually a 1-4

  24. it’s like some brilliant and innovative psychiatrist had prescribed an intense course of radical dicking therapy as treatment for female hysteria, but his dopey assistant accidentally administered the entire treatment to the wrong gender…..and the rest is lgbtq history. A lot of mental health problems are probably at least partially iatrogenic

  25. Not too surprised. A gay guy on my normie Fecesbook account always has plenty of pics of himself and the boys in bars.

  26. I honestly don’t care what they do in private, but to have their degeneracy rubbed in your face is a bit much. The media seriously portrays gay men as pretty much the only OK men too, which is pretty galling.

  27. Mental issues? What about the most obvious problem: gays are far more likely to have HIV/AIDS

  28. Yesterday, while sitting at a coffee shop, I sat next to a 30ish guy, massively obese, with a deformed arm (3 fingers on one hand), what appeared to be a wooden leg, with rainbow tattoos on the remaining one, and with earlobe-enlarging widgets on the ears. How does one end up like that? Genetics?

    1. Looks painful, but, it must be want they like which is an odd corollary to the utilitarian idea that life is about the maximizing of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

      1. I am currently chatting to two girls on Facebook who enjoy the idea of being my little slaves, with violent sex and being tied up and all that. Can’t say it does not bring me pleasure to give them that. 😀

        1. Be careful with those facebook frauds..sorry friends! “Lord they know not want they need” Be careful, be wise, be foolish.

        2. They are two normal chicks from some philosophy group. I kept texting them dirty stuff until they added me and we went from there!

        3. Never mind someone mentioning that you should be careful, particularly on FB. Never mind me raining on your dungeon party.

        4. Right now? What have you written? Have you discussed their ages? A need to include animals? Whips and chains and leashes?

        5. Of course. I’m slowly working myself up the ladder. 🙂 Facebook is great because it takes away a little pressure, as you don’t feel that observed (body language, tone, looks, etc), but you can still play around with the vibe and general dynamic.

        6. So you’re saying you’re practicing “GAME” on FB? There is no working up from below basement level. You practice game with living breathing women, not psudonyms on a pseudo “social” site. Check around if you think I’m fulla shit…

        7. You shouldn’t give two shits. Lecture? Call it a reaction. Un-fucking unbelievable to me. It’s more like I just wasted MY time. Schooling you? Not a chance.
          You’re the poster child for broken homes.

        8. You go first. It may be the only fucking you get from the sounds of things. Thanks for playing along and removing all doubt.

        9. This is none of my business but . must inject: you’re the one who started trolling like a cocksucker for no good reason.

        10. Try to manipulate them into admitting (in writing) that they INDEED desire more of smut (as I am certain that they do!)) from You. That gives You a much higher ground…and a rather good “license to corrupt the willing”. ;))
          Still, You know…different countries, with different levels of SJW-ness polluting the judicial system….who knows what all could local hysterics distort into “constituting an assault”? :-O
          Other than that….go, get`em, killer…. ;)))

        11. I said no *good* reason. But oh well, fuck it. I should’ve replied earlier.

        12. You MAY be right about that. I’ve come to realize that some would rather hear what makes them feel good. I should have written, “Way to go man! You’ve got those bitches on the ropes and you’re SURE to get laid any day now. You’ve got GAME!”

        13. The whole “feds” thing was a little overboard, assuming these chicks were indeed 18+. If the dirty comments were unwelcomed and these girls were legal he’d only be dealing with local ball-busting cops for misdemeanor harrassment. Otherwise, if this dude really is pulling those broads, more power to him.

        14. Hence, my questions. How does one “pull broads” on FB without a meeting? Do we measure SMV by online masturbation? Etc ad nauseum…

      2. Pain gives Meaning to Pleasure…as Evil does to Good…and Darkness to the Light.

      1. You can’t. And going further-how can you not feel revulsion or the desire to not projectile vomit?

      2. It’s one thing to do this kind of thing behind closed doors but to do this in full public view just takes it to a new low.

  29. I can’t find it but I read an article regarding why they believe that the HIV virus spread so quickly among the gays in the 1980’s and caused so many deaths. The theory was that so many of them already had a range of various STDs and this compromised their immune systems which allowed the HIV to be so deadly whereas with people healthy immune systems the disease would have faced stronger resistance.

    1. I believe I read somewhere that Aids went undiagnosed as it was presumed the homosexuals immune system had shut down from all the sexually transmitted diseases.

  30. Youre not saying that there is something morally wrong with being gay? GTFO, get rid of this fucking effeminate author.

  31. Vanderbilt is heavily SJW and the professors are all in on the agenda. If even they acknowledge that gay people have mental health issues then it is obvious. In fact, I suspect that the numbers are even higher than those presented here. I remember I took an abnormal psychology course once and trans/bi/gay individuals were all over the place with personality disorders and various other abnormalities. These people are sick, plain and simple. Some part of their mind is not functioning properly.

    1. Yep. Vanderbilt is hardcore liberal territory. Will be interesting to see how the splitting of the medical side from the university side will impact their environment. From what I gather, the university side wasn’t making any money, hence the split.

      1. Hopefully the medical side remains male and rationality rules. However, I fear that too many of these males have now become “allies” to the cause. I went to the hospital not too long ago and my doctors were men, women, and from all walks of life. I even had a Middle Eastern doctor who admitted that he would never go back there because his people are savage and he came to Vanderbilt for an education. No doubt he will become liberal.

        1. In regards to the Medical School, I believe it’s too late. In 2015, our MCAT entrance exam was doubled from 4 hours to 7.5 hours.
          The new addition consisted of sociology and psychology emphasizing the Marxist teachings of Noam Chomsky.
          The powers that be figured terms such as “penis envy” and “white privilege” were just as important to aspiring physicians as amino chain reactions and kinematics.

        2. I’m in North Dakota, but was referring to the MCAT entrance exam required by all Med Schools. It too, has been tainted.
          I’m considering Vanderbilt’s Medical program as one of my backup choices. If I end up there, I’ll give you guys a shout.

        3. I’m fine with just hanging out on here. I don’t even use social media, and I don’t have Telegram. Thanks again for the offer, though.

  32. This goes to show how sexology has turned into a pseudoscience. Just pick up some mainstream college textbooks for Human Sexuality 101, and you’ll see nothing but propaganda to make college students accept feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism as different kinds of normal. The authors can’t pretend they offer the state of sexual knowledge as “value free,” because they have a definite agenda of values to promote in favor of sterility and social breakdown. Just imagine if textbooks about cancer in medical school pushed the idea of accepting cancer as an alternative kind of human tissue instead of showing it as a life-threatening disorder of human biology.

  33. On more of a philosophical level, gays show the ultimate destination of the process of social disintegration that started in the Enlightenment. The gay man lives a hyper-modern life, where he has alienated himself from organic social bonds and he exists as an atomistic, deracinated, emancipated and often cosmopolitan individual. Gays feel no tribal loyalty, obviously, because they engage in sex acts with men of other races in a sterile parody of miscegenation. Their alienation from humanity also shows why they have no real basis for “gay history” or “gay community,” despite the make-believe to the contrary.
    This hyper-modernity sheds light on why gays have naturally become the shock troops for breaking down traditional, tribal societies. They show up with feminists, progressives, open-borders globalists, social-justice warriors and similar degenerates, not because of some spooky coincidence, but because gay behavior works well with furthering the goals of these various enemies of civilization.

    1. Brilliant exegesis on how all these disparate sick strands ‘colloquy’.

    2. They should be celibate and channel their sublimated desires into works that benefit civilization like possibly what michaelangelo did.
      Marriage is not the end all or be all for everyone.

  34. Not surprising that self-proclaimed ‘bisexuals’ have nore health problems by far than gays do.
    I remember being in highschool and unfortunately knowing a bunch of rather damn ugly/overweight/mentally stagnant girls that always hung out with the rocker dudes. It seemed like an overnight transition that all of them suddenly declared they were bi and started having ‘girls’ nights.
    Even women shaped like members of the cast of cartoon characters from old school McDonalds ads have a sex drive. Its just a deaperate act of necessity to suddenly discover their inherent bisexual drive as a convenient excuse to get somebody to come within striking range.

  35. I’m a regular reader of this blog… as much as I really support the guys here, especially those who are victims of feminist injustice, I can’t help but frown at this article.
    To all the self-righteous readers of this blog, this is my question to all of you, especially those who commented very negatively on LGBT people, obviously extremely hateful retards. We have been called worse than this… this is not something new to us (i’m bi by the way). I do not need to recall how, in the past, gay and bi guys were treated horribly and persecuted, especially by those who claim to love God and Jesus. LOL. HYPOCRITES!!! So if this is an article that’s meant to spew hatred on us, I’d say FUCK YOU!!! this article will not achieve shit, any more than you hating feminists for man shaming you. not all gay and bi guys will join pride parades like the ones you show here… some are merely surviving and living their lives, just like you…
    So after all the shaming and the hateful propaganda spewed here, my question to all of you is. What next? What are you, self-righteous haters, going to do? Kill gays and those you deem undesirable in your eyes? Persecute them? Deny them jobs? Bully them at school, at work? make fun of them?? Call them horrible names like ‘faggot’ so as to promote in public their isolation? What? What?? What do you propose to do?
    FYI, there are many gay and bi guys who are fully against feminism and they are your allies. Me included. But if you keep posting hateful articles like these, you will not achieve anything, and you’ll merely thin out the short list of allies that you have.. What’s more, you will further alienate from you the gay and bi men who are supportive of your cause. Stop the hate!!!

    1. Since when does citing medical evidence and studies undertaken by Universities constitute hate? Or is it that your sense of self-worth is so eggshell thin that when valid academic inquiry demonstrates causal links between homosexuality/bisexuality and health issues you cannot help but become apoplectic instead of trying to rebut the findings in a scientifically valid, judicious and well-researched manner?
      You yourself in your rambling are not even sure whether this article ‘spews hatred’-if you actually stopped being emotional and exercised some grey matter all it does is articulate findings showing the very real health detriments of that lifestyle. The conclusion is only a rejoinder to the facts presented and is a valid one insofar as it questions why such a lifestyle is viable given how destructive it is.
      I believe you are being overly emotional and coming to some ridiculous conclusions-if you honestly believe that following writing this article people are going to act like the SS and start issuing badges and the like to identify gays you are evidently living in a fantasy world and need help.
      Your observation re losing allies is analogous to all the Muslim stooges who profess to be moderate but take umbrage when people exercise their freedom of speech to lampoon that bloodthirsty pedophile Mohammed and issue the caveat that by doing so these writers/authors/free press lose allies against ‘fanatical/extremist Islam’. It is not a very good look and you have made yourself look very foolish.
      For the record, not that it is of any consequence-I do not hate gays/bisexuals etc., I am largely indifferent to them and will treat them civil as befits having a modicum of self-respect but their histrionics, bloviating, crude attempts at social engineering and propaganda sickens me.

      1. Scientific evidence… pls read my comment clearly… i never disputed the supposed scientific evidence purported in this article. i granted the article a benefit of the doubt..if you say gay men and bi men are ill, WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE TO DO WITH GAY AND BI PEOPLE??? Isn’t it right when someone is ill, you treat them with extra compassion and understanding?? Right??? You don’t insult people with mental illness, nor call them derogatory names to lower their dignity as human beings. You do not bully them nor make fun of them. you do not write articles like this to show to everybody how sick they are, right??? Right???!!! Because it does not help. Only a very evil, sociopathic person will insult and harm the mentally ill. And btw, im a medical scientist by profession, so dont lecture me on scientific evidence. And as for your science goes, let me ask you something. In this present day, some scientists are claiming that a human embryo is not a human being, that it is merely a clump of cells without any form of humanity in it??? So should I suppprt the feminists in their campaign to murder an unborn, undeveloped human being because of ‘scientific evidence?’ They even have euphemisms now so feminists will not have a trace of guilt when they kill their young. So what say you??
        You think you are somehow morally superior to gay men and bi men just because you are straight? Is moral superiority measured by someone’s sexual orientation??? Lol.. what makes u any different from the feminists who claim they are superior to men just because they are women? Ask yourself that. That’s why i question this article and how it was created. I’ll repeat myself because you simply didn’t get what i commented earlier… gay people have been shamed and persecuted for hundreds if not thousands of years while you guys are experienxing persecution from feminists for only a handful of decades. We have been called so many derogatory names we are numbed by it already.
        So answer my previous question please. What do you propose to do with gay and bi people??? What if one day, your son tells you he’s gay? Or your best buddy? Or God forbid, your father? What if soemone you love dearly tells you they’re gay?? Answer that question, because your reaction to that question is the one that defines your heart, not your scientific evidence. Will you shun them? Feel disgusted? Will you avoid them from now on? Will throw them out of your home, your life??? You answer those questions. Because people will not care shit about what scientific evidence you know, people care what you do for them. Think about it.

        1. Evidently you lack the capacity to paragraph and make a cogent point without devolving into a blubbering mess.
          Having regard to your observation-what you mean to say is effectively that homosexuality can be regarded as tantamount to a mental disorder-you’re really not doing yourself any favours. If you are a medical scientist that I am the Maharajah of Uttar Pradesh. Present your reasoned scientific rebuttal or quit the charade.
          Am I morally superior? Not necessarily, but I’m not an evolutionary dead-end. As far as I what I propose to do with homosexuals and their ilk-nothing, they’re not my problem. They’re free to do as they please. As for your point-if someone I cared about supposedly was ‘gay’ I wouldn’t think less of them; it’d be something I would not be enthused about and provided I did not have to hear about it I would not give it a second thought. However, nobody in my family, extended family and ancestors were and there is no chance my progeny would be because their upbringing would not allow the social/psychological factors to develop culminating in such.

        2. How can a presumably intelligent ‘medical scientist’ man claim to qualify their aberrant behaviour into a group identity saying ”we gays have been shamed for thousands of years”. lol ”we gays” Gays aren’t a tribe or even a people with a direct chain of reproduction. Gays in and of themselves can’t reproduce and there’s nothing to hand down, no culture, nothing. Ok then, ass packing is your culture but you can’t call that a cultural tradition like the greeks with their ionic architectural style. Ass packing is not a style. Gays are under cult supression like sjw’s, brownshirts, bolsheviks, occupy protesters or any other throwaway group. You get flushed down the toilet when the elites are done with you. You mistake a man’s ass hole for a woman’s vagina, not once but over and over again. It’s no mistake. It’s intentional. ”we gays”. Come on man that’s like an islamic deviant saying ”we goat fuckers”. That I’m aware, there has never existed a great ‘gay’ tribe. Somewhere down the line you got a serious motherload of slow kill gay brainwashing back when you were a school geek. I feel sorry for ya man.

        3. Sexuality…and religion…is much like penis; it’s good to have one, you can be proud of it and enjoy it in private…but, it is not nice to wave it in the street, or shove it down other (non-volunteering) people’s throats.
          People here seem to be mostly irritated by “flaunting” and “celebrating” it in public.
          The same way I am TRULY irritated by young (hetero-) lovers exchanging kisses in public….being heterosexual, myself. 🙂
          That Envious Evil Eye of mine!

    2. Since when did ‘LGBTQ’ become a solid block?? I mean, Lezzies are as different from ass packers as you can get. And then the big tall tranny drag queens? JESUS is that an act or what? Do they make money for their clown act or are they like streetcorner mimes, or cat jugglers in the park or anyone else that entertains passer by’s for free? Do you throw the trannies your change or do you save it for the blind guy with the monkey act?
      But to lump such oddball groups together and say ”Hey, we’re the ‘LGBTQ’ and we’re here to stay”. What the fuck does that mean? That’s like saying ”Hey, we’re the Black Pigmy Eskimo Dislexic Penguin Space Cadet Two-headed Snakes”. There’s a little inconsistency there. ”And we’re a PAC voting block and we’re courted by suits in Washington”. . lololol . .ooooh that’s impressive. Waaashington. But what a hodge podge assembly isn’t it? ”Hey washington, who wants to represent the ‘LGBTQ”’. Those jew pimp politicians are really running out of places to dig for a buck aren’t they?
      Duuude, whatever public educator or counselor or cafe gay swooning shit talker convinced you that your identity is defined by some voting block of politically courted misfits, I’d go back and make them eat their words. If it’s a lefty college, I’d demand my money back.
      What do lezzies and fags have in common anyway? A rainbow bus ride to a protest march must be hilarious to watch. Fags sitting next to lezzies. Fags want to fudge pack in back and lezzies want to dress up and do dominatrix and whip their bitches. Fags be openly jacking off. Then the lezzies start fingerfucking and pussyfarting and the trannies emcee like it’s a backstage ellen show. (now I don’t know this for fact, but I’m just assuming if a bus ride is long enough). They ain’t going to band camp.
      So what’s it like sitting next to a lezzie? Your DNA says bang her but your brainwashing says no. The whole atmosphere around that crowd must be the most immature fucked up shit. Almost like ‘sexual retardation’. They don’t grant ‘mentally retarded’ people entry to selective schools over ones who mentally excel. Neither can a society be driven or sustain itself by ‘sexually retarded’ people.
      I’m not saying you’re sexually retarded being a ‘bi’ male as you claim, but maybe half sexually retarded. What would make you want something up your ass when eyeing the lezzie next to you? Do fags have busted out ass to where they have to ram some object in it to compensate? Me, I only shit out of my ass. I’ve done a few big turds in my time but I don’t even like doing an enema when I get jammed. Nothing goes in. My shitter is one way – OUT>

    3. STFU! You are the way hetero/ bi females contract STD’s and pass them on to hetero men! You get infected with GRIDS through your faggotry and then infect the females with it who then pass it on to hetero men. You are a million times worse than any male feminist/white knight and cause more damage than an army of them ever could
      What support/assistance against feminism could a pariah like you possibly provide that would offset the damage you do and what makes you think any decent man would ever want it?
      Your first suggestion is the correct course of action to take for any sane society which still has any sense of self preservation if it wants to stop a plague.
      Your cognitive dissonance causes you to support democracy while at the same time defending your tiny minority’s deviant behavior which harms the majority, you mentally ill hypocritical freak.

    4. In case you haven’t noticed there are a bunch of Muslims immigrating to the West. This is against the best interests of all freedom loving people. Gays are so against social conservatives that they consistently vote for the most leftist political candidates. These left wing politicians support open borders, feminism, and gays. The Muslims that are coming are going to kill you, they are going to rape any woman who walks down the street alone. The freedom that was created by white heterosexual Christians is about to be destroyed by the voting practices of the coalition of gays and feminists. I’ve got my guns ready do you? Do you really expect the same state that invited these barbarians into the country to protect you?
      We might say things that hurt your feelings but we are not the ones you should be afraid of.

  36. You know, why has no one talked about how women want to be acknowledged by the gays? I mean they are so desperate to be accepted by the homosexuals? What do the gays give them as a tangible benefit? If they can change the laws of nature and sexuality, why can not we do the same? Isn’t that not only a double standard but a disparate impact as well? I only ask if there is only one standard for all to be judged by.

  37. In the same way, if you tell a black person enough times that the police
    are after him and want to shoot him to death, for nothing more than
    walking down the street, eventually he’s going to believe it and start
    resenting cops and society in general.

    This is complete bollocks. I resent the police because I have actually been harassed by them for nothing more than walking down the street or driving my car down the street. As for society in general, I don’t know what you mean.
    Don’t make stuff up.

    1. I’ve been followed by police in town while on my motorcycle. No loud pipes, current license plate sticker, plus I’m a stickler on signals, helmet, and body armor. Maybe it’s because safety inspection sticker is hard to see since it’s wrapped around bike’s left front shock. City boasted that parking ticket revenue increased 300% in past four years. I doubt it’s racism – hard to tell color with gloves and full face helmet. It’s more likely revenue generation. I don’t like it that local cagers and riders are used as cash cows by revenue-strapped municipalities, however, it’s a fact of life for more than just Ferguson. Haven’t been harassed while walking, however, since the Boston Marathon bombings I don’t carry a backpack in stores and public spaces.

      1. Call it whatever you like but it definitely happens. In your case, the reason is obvious. The cops have just come from watching an episode of SOA.
        I carry a backpack wherever the hell I like.

      2. I absolutely agree with you. I live in a low-crime, suburban area, and definitely this is the case.
        Far too many stops for very petty things. Race has not been a factor.

    2. And men are watched and suspected more than women because they commit crimes at a much higher rate. When walking in the park you ignore the chihuahuas, but keep a close watch on the pit bulls.

    3. Yeah, and I’ve been harassed by cops too for no good reason. Turns out, I’m white as Wonder Bread. Now if somebody spent my entire lifetime telling me I was targeted because of my skin color, then one day I was randomly harassed by cops, that would be what we call Confirmation Bias.
      The blacks in inner cities are watched closer for *very* good reason, statistically speaking.

      1. Statistics. From the word State. Meaning to treat groups of people as if they are homogenous particles in a petri dish. Frequently leads to invalid reasoning.
        Btw, just because you are harassed for no reason doesn’t mean black people are not being harassed by racist cops. And furthermore, I’m not a criminal. Just because some black guy in the ghetto commits a crime why should I be punished for it?

        1. I’ve heard the “from the State” thing before. State schools teach that 1 + 1 = 2 in elementary schools. Does that mean thus that because it was taught by state schools, that it’s incorrect?
          Crime statistics are pretty objective, they’re simply tallying various facts.
          Btw, just because you are harassed for no reason doesn’t mean black people are not being harassed by racist cops.
          And by the same token, it also doesn’t mean that blacks are being harassed automagically simply because they’re black. Yes, some cops are racist assholes, no question. I’m simply noting that your Confirmation Bias could equally apply to my experience, if I grew up in a world that constantly jabbered on about cops targetting white males. “Hey, they did that to me, cops hate white males, why should I be punished because some other white males did something wrong?!?”
          Point being, I think a lot of the victimhood mentality is taught by black “leaders”. Inner city thugs do not represent you, clearly, but you may well have been harassed because the cop was bored and, being a cop, felt he could harass somebody with impunity. Just like happened to me. Assuming it was because you’re black is responding to the Al Sharptons of the world who like to keep everybody divisive and angry about “collectives”.

        2. Its not “my” confirmation bias its yours. You are the one asserting “confirmation bias” not I. Not only that you are arguing against yourself. Either black people are stopped because of statistics (in which case it is because they are black) or they think they are stopped because they are black. Which is it?
          Your first paragraph is specious. Nobody is making an ad hominem argument against the State. Nowhere did I claim that statistics are invalid because the practice is derived from the State. I was clear in my argument that applying general statistical measures to non-homogenous populations is invalid.
          Cops do target white males on occasion. That does not mean that there are not racist cops who target black people.
          Lastly, the practice of police harassing black people for improper reasons has been well documented going back more than a hundred years with witness statements not only from the victims but from the police themselves.

        3. I’m not the one claiming to have been harassed because of my skin color. You are. I am only pointing out that unless the cop stepped up and said “Hey nigger, we don’t like your kind in these parts!” (and if he did, then you win the point that he was harassing you due to skin color), then chances are you’re simply taking a bit of harassment that happens to *people of any color* and extrapolating it out to mean that cops harass (apparently only) blacks because…black.
          The police harass everybody for no good reason, going back way more than a hundred years.

  38. Nobody is born gay. The condition develops over time as genes (that all heterosexuals possess) interact with specific environmental factors that push the individual down the gay path. Just like girls raised without fathers are more likely to become sluts because of that specific factor, there are factors which make you more likely to become gay.
    Yet nobody is born gay. This should be so much more obvious to people. 4+ billion years of evolution doesn’t produce reproductive failures so easily. It takes a certain degenerate culture to confuse human biology and fuck up the natural process.

    1. THIS.
      It never fails to amaze me that people can’t see the blinding obviousness of this!
      By definition homosexuality is a LOSING evolutionary strategy and CANNOT FAIL to be eliminated from the gene pool each generation!
      Slaps head and walks away laughing…

      1. Yes. This is why it is scientifically impossible for homosexuality to be an evolutionary adaption (all adaptions are there because they, in some way, enhance reproductive success). So it must be a by-product – a result of 2 or more functional adaptions combining in an unexpected way to produce the negative and unintended result of reproductive failure. Even natural selection would use the statement “shit happens” to describe homosexuality.
        The only reason evolutionary psychologists don’t shout this out loud is because of political repercussions, but it’s become quite obviously true now.

        1. Not necessarily true. Sickle cell anemia is deadly to children but being only a carrier ( one good gene one defect) provides protection against malaria. Sacrifice one child in four to make two children of four almost immune to the deadliest disease on the planet was apparently a good evolutionary deal in Africans, even if it shuts off reproduction for the unlucky child. Gays might have had a similar benefit back in the spear chucking days.

        2. Basically, it is fair to say that if one is “born gay,” then it would have to be considered a birth defect.

        3. Educate Yourself, lil’ bro.
          (see references above).
          True science knows no SJWs. Or, the opposite.

    2. And interesting theory I read suggests that gay uncles would bring extra resources to their sisters’ kids, providing a small benefit to the family genes that outweighs the uncles’ lack of direct reproduction as males were much less likely to reproduce at all, had almost zero paternity certainty, and yet were the vast majority providers. Female homosexuality on the other hand was suggested as a way to keep the ladies busy with each other inside the Harlem so they don’t piss off their alpha male provider and therefore end up dead of starvation.

      1. The hypothesis that gay men exhibit enhanced avuncular investment doesn’t hold water. Simply, it was tested and gay men just don’t invest heavier in their siblings’ offspring compared to straight men in any noticable way. It’s a failed hypothesis.
        Men become gay because they have a high sex drive and a tendency to repeat behaviors that have paid off in the past.
        Now, a man has such a high sex drive that he’ll put his cock in a lot of things, including other men, children, and even animals. Men are also aroused by simple things like photographs or pieces of plastic. Some high sex drive animals also exhibit this same behavior – male elephant seals will rape juvenille males and they’ll even rape female corpses (male elephant seals have such a high sex drive that they are, literally, pedophiles and necrophiliacs).
        So, when a human male wants sex he might have sex with a man, and once he’s done that he’ll learn how that’s an easy way to get sex and develop a habit for it – he’ll become “gay”. Men repeat things that work out well. This is quite normal. For example, if you find a $100 bill every time you walk to the shop down the street, is it not normal to go for walks often? Of course it is. Or if the girl who works at the shop gave you free sex every time you came then you’d be a regular customer, no? We repeat such beneficial things because of the positive contribution they make to our reproduction strategies (i.e. acquiring easy resources with which we can attract mates, or getting easy mates).
        Yet the error occurs when these 2 normal behavioral strategies collide – repeatedly having sex with something that isn’t a fertile female. Natural selection would only be able to select against these traits by either lowering male sex drive or by selecting against repeating beneficial acts. But if natural selection did this then heterosexual males would suffer. It’s a balancing act, see. Homosexuality is a by-product that cannot be selected against because it would reduce the reproductive effectiveness of heterosexual males to do so.
        Lesbian might be slightly different. I don’t think keeping “busy” in a harem is reasonable, though. A better hypothesis is: Let’s say a caveman has 2 wives and several children with them. Oneday, our caveman gets eaten by a bear, leaving his family vulnerable and alone. It would enhance the reproductive success of the women if they bonded strongly with each other in order to finish raising their children. Thus, lesbianism might be somewhat natural – not necessarily the sex, but the extreme female-female bonding.
        Moreover, the two women left alone are now much more vulnerable to rape by other men passing through their region because they don’t have a man to protect them. This means the lesbians might still get pregnant despite their sexuality. In fact, it’s quite probable. Due to this, it’s no surprise that women in modern times who are statistically more likely to be raped (due to living without a male presence in their lives) are also more likely to become lesbians – it’s an old reproduction strategy playing out.
        However, lesbians still aren’t born that way. They are born heterosexual and seeking out a male mate is the primary reproduction strategy for all females. They only become lesbians after their genes interact with environmental factors (such as the absence of a strong male presence) and this triggers an alteration in their reproduction strategy to gear up for rape-made pregnancies and child-rearing without the aid of men.

        1. Oversimplification and ignorance….again. (sigh)
          Homosexual experimentation in pre-pubertal and adolescent children has a MUCH higher rate than the percentage of adult homosexuals within the population…and has NO relevance for developing fixed homosexual affinity. And, yes: “dick measuring” and “piss-contests” qualify, too…;))))
          Your “Lesbian Theory”, on the other hand, other then being silly…actually made me smile. 🙂 Ah, fantasies….)))
          In reality:

          Oops…sorry…”it was Internet, again!”…

        2. They may not invest more today, but 50,000 years ago when we lived in small tribes of 50 people the likely mood of two gays was low, therefore their investments would have gone to related children instead of to their per suit of male partners.

        3. Do you think that idea wasn’t accounted for? Do you think we haven’t thought of it already? Do you think evolutionary psychologists are idiots who don’t give a fuck about discovering the truth?
          Let this be understood: The hypothesis that gay men have increased avuncular inclinations to benefit their female siblings’ offspring was tested by people who believed in the hypothesis and wanted it to be true so they covered all ground, and they failed. They were honest scientists, and they admitted they were wrong in the end.
          They tested their hypothesis in multiple populations around the world. They accounted for the fact that many gays in modern society live far from their families and this might impact things. So they went to Fiji where gays are accepted in society and still live in closely knit communities with their siblings, because this was the optimal environment for the supposed traits to express themselves in. The Fijian gays were noted to be generous, but the significance of their avuncular investment was not at all great.
          If the hypothesis was true then there’s no way to explain why Fijian gays weren’t investing higher amounts of resources in their nieces and nephews. If we’re talking about a genetic inclination then it should be expressing itself wherever possible, but it wasn’t. It just wasn’t there and the only answer as to why is the hypothesis is a fucking day-dream, okay.

        4. This doesn’t address anything I said, and you link to more psuedo-science.

        5. You are hopeless.
          But, it’s OK.
          I will close my eyes and imagine that You are a brook.

        6. The problem is you’re linking to things that aren’t based on evolution theory. It doesn’t matter what the “science” says, if something isn’t filtered through the laws of evolution for scrutiny then it should be ignored in its entirety.

        7. Of course, Judge Minos…;))))))
          “Science”, as you say, is bullshit…and your feelz are right…;)))))

    3. I like Thy style, little brother…but here Thy (rightful) rage maketh Thee stray from truth. 🙂
      In many species, homosexual affinity IS genetic, either by random mutation, or as a recessive trait which SOMETIMES and in SOME species (emphasis on “some”), it is debated, might even bring some fitness advantages (especially to the social cohesion of the group) (e.g. fruit flies, wild sheep, etc.)
      Roselli, Charles E.; Kay Larkin; John A. Resko; John N. Stellflug; Fred Stormshak (2004). “The Volume of a Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus in the Ovine Medial Preoptic Area/Anterior Hypothalamus Varies with Sexual Partner Preference”. Endocrinology 145 (2): 478–483. doi:10.1210/en.2003-1098. PMID 14525915. Retrieved 2007-09-10
      Bonobos do it simply for fun (up to 60%); amazon dolphins, as well ( the only species that does HOMOSEXUAL SKULLFUCKING…i.e. nasal sex…i.e. homosexual blowhole genital penetration…;))))
      With Earth’s (currently) dominant primates it is not so.
      While there might be no “homosexual gene” in humans, dimorphism of sexual affinity IS of neurologic origin, formed pre-natally, within human mother’s intra-uterine environment. The subtle play of pregnant female’s endocrinology and imunology, either favours the development of sexual affinity concordant with the given male/female genotype…or, stumps and/or distorts it.
      This is particularly visible in high correlation of order of subsequent male births by one mother with chance/rate of homosexual affinity in her progeny, where obviously immunological factors (anti-y-chromosome-associated-activity) may skewer the natural setup…(at least, considering male homosexuality).
      (…So called “fraternal birth order effect”…there is even a Wikipedia article on it.)
      So, yes – they ARE born that way…no, it is not genetic…and yes, women are to blame for that (again).

      1. The link on fruit flies is just psuedo-science, as is most of what you wrote – especially in the final paragraphs.
        “Bonobos do it simply for fun (up to 60%)”
        How is this not covered in what I said? So bonobo males have a high sex drive that causes them to be gay. That’s exactley the same as humans. So what? You’re not addressing anything of what I wrote. In fact, you’re either ignoring it or perhaps you just didn’t understand it.
        Dolphins, sheep – both polygynous males. Same deal as with humans. They have a high sex drive which causes them to be confused about the optimal place to shove their cock.
        You need to answer the question as to why natural selection would design a strategy that harms the creature/gene-carrier. That is what you’re suggesting. You’re saying that natural selection is completely random and there’s no rules that bind it or anything. Basically, this is like saying a shop in the US starts making guns that have the barrel facing at the shooter’s head, so when he pulls the trigger he blows his own head off. And then you’re asking me to believe that these guns are really popular. They’re all the rage. Americans are in love with these guns – because, you know, they’re such a good idea – and they’re buying them and blowing their own heads off. Because, you know, that’s how logic works. Shit doesn’t happen because it makes sense. It happens because it’s irrational and retarded.
        Try reading some actual books on evolutionary psychology and stop doing research on the internet. Even books, yeah, there’s some bad ones out there. But the internet gives every idiot a mouth-piece these days and is much worse. There’s a lot of political push right now to make homosexuality a valid, biological reproduction strategy that natural selection designed because it quite clearly enhances the reproductive success of the creature. I mean, just fuck off.

        1. Oh, yes Little Shepherd(ess),
          Your cherry-picking and dismissing the human research not approving of YOUR agenda as “pseudo-science” is the right way, indeed! ;)))))
          The fact is, that during the long, long time that I walk this wretched planet, sheer boredom forced me to use my (plentiful) time somehow….and I did add some titles to my Vanity Armoire…M.D. and PhD in biology being among them. 🙂
          Concerning that, (and myself being what I am) I wouldn`t normally even consider entering an “academic piss-contest” with a human child, that You obviously are…but I do not feel especially malignant today, and I shall grant You an explanation…in simple words, so that You might even understand them. 🙂
          Evolution is NOT an entity; it is a process of INCREMENTALLY increasing fitness of the species: either through epigenetic adaptations (which may, or may not pass into the germline), or by co-developing (mutually) beneficial symbiotic relationships (within-, or out of the species itself). Random mutation is also an important factor.
          Nature (also not an entity) therewith doesn`t give any shit for “morals”, “reason”, “logic”, as puny humans boast to understand it; what works – stays, what doesn`t – perishes.
          On top of that, the Luck Factor (praised be Fortuna, Empress of the World! …yes, She IS an Entity…;)), in case of catastrophic event(s) plays also a MAJOR role in development of life in this Universe.
          So, if gays are there (and always were), there is, obviously, either something that favours fitness of the species (the reproducing part of it, anyway) …or, it is a recurrent pathological syndrome, arising fresh, with same statistical probability in every generation…much like Down Syndrome (only, not of genetic etiology).
          In first case….it is (somehow) “good” that they are here….in the other one – You can do nothing about it…and “killing them off” would be as “useful” as wiping out all those cute, retarded imps with chromosome 21 trisomy… ;))))
          Concerning books…You do not wish that 1/1000th of my non-virtual library falls on Your prideful head, Little Shepherdess…it might actually break Your neck…. ;)))
          For deeper understanding of Evolution, You might want to check out this:
          Stud Hist Philos Biol Biomed Sci. 2008 Mar;39(1):135-46. doi: 10.1016/j.shpsc.2007.12.008. Epub 2008 Feb 13.
          “Why don’t zebras have machine guns? Adaptation, selection, and constraints in evolutionary theory.”
          Shanahan T.
          In order to avoid “unworthy Internet”…and, if You were any closer, I would cheerily shove a hardcopy of this article into any of Your preferred orifices… 🙂
          Multiple ones, if You wish so.
          Stay well…and learn, human. 🙂

        2. You obviously don’t understand evolution very well.
          “So, if gays are there (and always were), there is, obviously, either something that favours fitness of the species (the reproducing part of it, anyway) …or, it is a recurrent pathological syndrome, arising fresh, with same statistical probability in every generation…much like Down Syndrome (only, not of genetic etiology).”
          This proves you don’t know what an “adaption” and a “by-product” are. This paragraph seems intended to cover all possibilities of how homosexuality can arise, yet it doesn’t cover the fundamental possibilities of it being a by-product of 2 or more adaptions coliding. There’s no way you have a firm grasp of evolution if you can make such a huge oversight.

        3. Sure.” Adaptions”. “Colliding”. With “by-products”. Of course. ;)) How could anyone miss it?? ;)))))))))))
          (Guffaw.;))))) Keep on. ;)))

        4. Well, you’ve given no signals that you actually understand what I’m talking about. Yes, a by-product is caused by 2 or more adaptions colliding. I gave simple examples of this, and you refused to show signs that you were capable of recognizing the basic idea.
          An example I gave: The desire to have sex with fertile members of the opposite sex is obviously an adaption to help us reproduce, and this also causes high sex drive in males – the high sex drive being an adaption. The desire to pair-bond is another adaption to help couples raise children and help us reproduce. Those are 2 adaptions. Yet if two men with high sex drives pair-bond with each other, this is not an adaption because it serves no practical function. This is a by-product caused by 2 adaptions coliding.
          This is the most basic level of evolutionary theory, and yet you give no signs whatsoever that you’re even remotely capable of understanding it… and YOU’RE laughing at ME?!
          Keep in mind people are watching this conversation. They are not all idiots and you cannot trick them easily.
          If you have no interest in learning evolutionary ideas then don’t engage in a conversation on the subject in the future, okay.

        5. First, the word is “adaptation”. Second, Nature does not deal in “desires”. Desire is a human construct, with no objective measurement possible. (If you disagree, you might “teach” me the name of measure unit for “desire”)
          Third, You confuse “desire” with biological imperative: an evolved endocrine-neurological response to external stimuli…in this case, as you say “presence of a fertile female”.
          Third, pair-bonding in humans is post-coital (i.e. post-orgasmic…also post-uberal/post-breastfeeding), due mainly to the specific psychoactive action of oxytocin. Therewith, oxytocin secretion is not partner-gender specific…but action-specific (orgasm, breastfeeding). Fourth, two pair-bonded men (or, women) NEVER lived on a “lonely island”, but in a human society (in pre-historic times, even more likely, within extended family-tribe). Societies also evolve and tend to favour development of symbiotic relationships , opportune for the fitness and survival of the species, as WHOLE. (therefore also, selfless self-sacrifice of “soldiers” in eusocial animals…e.g. naked mole rats, etc.)
          Fifth, therefore there are “no adaptations colliding” in this case.
          So, hush finally child…or you will miss the school tomorrow…

        6. Stop calling me “child”. You’re a complete idiot. Now you’re arguing grammar. Did you even research the words before you tried to “correct” me?

          They’re the same word. It does appear a lot of evolutionary psychologists are using “adaptation”, but they’re the same word, so shut up.
          Your comment about desire was also retarded. Another idiot tried to pull me up when I said natural selection “designs” things. It cannot design, he insisted, because design requires conscious effort. That’s just semantics. If you cannot grasp the basic meaning – which in this case was that natural selection “shapes” things and by shaping is a sort of design – then you’re just too retarded to be bothered having a conversation with.

        7. Natural selection is not the only instrument of Evolution. Instrument, as in “tool”. “Tool”, as in you. ;)))
          As for the rest – absolutely; you talk crap and then insist on others “understanding” Your own private little version of “grand deeper meaning”…while dismissing science and research, at the same time. 🙂
          Brilliant young man indeed, You.
          Your mother certainly agrees with that definition.

        8. What are the other instruments of evolution?
          My ideas aren’t original. I’m mostly repeating other people’s research. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but you’re wrong in any case.

        9. Socially driven mate-choice, for instance.Not necessarily and not absolutely correlating with fitness increase. Sometimes not “utilitarian” at all. Long-hair and tattoos…Feather colors…particular birdsong-pattern preference…:)
          Yes, females CAN devolve or extinct the species with their choices…;))))
          Repeat some proper research, in the future…and choose Your duelists better. 🙂
          Disagreement is in order…but, insolent tone won’t be tolerated.
          Your improvement in that matter is well noted, Young Shepherd.

        10. Fuck you, dumb ass. Better?
          “Socially driven mate-choice”
          But all choices are biological in the end. Culture – i.e. society – is a product of our underlying biology – our genes – interacting with others. Culture is biological. Thus, culture is not a non-biological influence on evolution separate from natural selection.
          However, even if culture was separate from biology, this would still fall under natural selection. I mean, getting eaten by other animals falls under natural selection, and it doesn’t necessarily have much to do with our own personal biology.

        11. No. Getting eaten or not is, more often then not, sheer luck…and not natural selection.
          Lots of almost syngenic species demonstrate that amply.(sardines, much?)
          Other than that, you just arrived to the point where you affirm the point of homosexuality (and its current culture in society ) being adaptative and inherently genetic…probably, even without noticing…;))))
          “Culture – i.e. society – is a product of our underlying biology – our genes – interacting with others. Culture is biological. Thus, culture is not a non-biological influence on evolution separate from natural selection”.
          That…and refuting herewith Your initial thesis of “Noooo-gayness-be-no-way-evolutionaryyyy”…makes YOU a dumb fuck. 🙂
          Sadly, pederasts will still be there, when your line, however insignificant it may be, will be long extinct…
          Have a nice futile life.

        12. Yes, doctor, we are all just chemical machines. That would be why none of you truly understand the nature of how the brain works, eh? The physicists seem to understand it better.

        13. A “complex god” would hit closer to the mark. ;)))
          Here, a cigar.

        14. Aaah…Another favourite subject of mine. 🙂
          And yes…You are actually right.
          The modulation of human neuronal network happens, at its base, at sub-atomic level. Therefore “fuzzy logic”, so many GIPSes and fathomless memory…:)
          Not there yet…but getting there soon. Matrix comes for sure, don’t worry…and Disney will make all things better.

        15. Those Gates are truly glorious…;))…alas, “pearly” they are not…:)

        16. This makes no rational sense. If you think that 2 gay men having sex are passing on their genes to future generations and engaging in evolution in any way then you’re frankly retarded. I never affirmed that.
          Also, predator-prey relationship is one of the most cited examples of natural selection. Little kids are taught in introductory videos to evolution that baby turtles scurrying down the beach towards the water and getting picked off by predators along the way is a prime example of natural selection in action. The slower, lazier turtles are all eaten, whereas the faster turtles survive to pass on their fastness genes. This is natural selection, and you just proved you don’t even know more on the subject than an infant.
          I’m finished talking to you. You’re an idiot.

        17. LOL People should Google the guy in the link there, Stephen Gould. He’s the worst fucking evolutionary psychologist ever. Why do people who “disagree” with me consistently link to that idiot?! Conspicuous, no?!
          Evolutionary psychology isn’t a science for big names (aside Charles Darwin), it’s a science for big theories built by many hands.

        18. Good name for a school science project.
          Beats the soda volcano by far.
          BTW, Gould was paleontologist…and NOT an “evolutionary psychologist”. Neither are you, my feeble little fellow. 🙂
          You amused me for a while. Now off you go.

        19. Gould was an evolutionary biologist. It’s pretty much the same thing as evolutionary psychology. He wrote a lot of psuedo-science books on evolutionary psychological subjects.

      2. Hey, if you’re cool with calling a bonobo chimp “brother”, who am I to keep you from it?

        1. Thank You for Your generosity , Little Brother. 🙂
          I aprecciate it. Truly.

    4. A lot of the more current research would disagree with you but whatever

      1. If that’s true then I’d like to see that research. It’s not true, though. Yet I’m honestly not interested in proving a point. I’m interested in the truth. The problem with “current research” is they’re doing it to justify homosexuality as natural. I actually think homosexuality is natural (because by-products occur naturally, and homosexuality is a by-product behavior – it’s natural). Yet many people aren’t satisfied with that assessment. To them, homosexuality being natural isn’t enough. They need it to be an effective reproduction strategy – an adaption – which is ridiculous.
        Evolutionary psychology has shit tests, though. Simple heuristic questions that you can ask in order to assess the likeliness of something. One such is: “What would’ve been the evolutionary fate of individuals living in ancestral populations who possessed the traits implied by the new hypothesis?” If the answer is “utter extinction” then the hypothesis is bullshit.
        It’s not hard to gauge the merits of something once you’re aware of at least the majority of relevant factors steering natural selection.

        1. Well put. No amount of twisting the truth or science can refute what actually works.

  39. How are Pride Parades even legal? Are they not just one giant public act of lewdness?

  40. Certainly matches up with all the ugly ‘Out and Proud’ Trolls I used to encounter at Yahoo posting pure ugliness and hate in response to its various left leaning articles and often ganging up on decent people posting their own responses. I got turned off on Yahoo because there decent people speaking ill of homosexual issues got their comments deleted often their accounts terminated but the gay trolls well no matter how ugly their comments they seldom got purged or banned. I got so disgusted I stopped visiting Yahoo both for its left wing bias and its biased trolls they weren’t man enough to deal with.

  41. Some have suggested that drugs and alcohol may numb gays to the “voice” that tells them that they’re living an immoral and unnatural lifestyle.

    1. No drug can numb an affinity. Appetites are to be satiated.
      Hunger, if sufficiently great, knows no morals.
      But, that appetites can kill you, as well…that is another story… ;)))

  42. Never was sure if it’s a born thing or not. Considered the possibility that it’s nature’s effort of keeping the inherently unstable from reproducing.

  43. Good article. The gay communities are notorious for their drug abuse and addiction. However, the media never spills the beans on it.

  44. Being gay IS a bad thing as it’s disgusting and immoral and nobody can say that without being labeled as judgemental or an asshole. Society is made for gay people now I guess.

  45. Rates of HIV in homosexuals increased by 33% in the last year in Ireland and they are seriously thinking of lifting the ban on fags giving blood. Its fucking unbelievable.

  46. I have a couple of homosexuals in my extended family. To me it is something you accept (or not) but never celebrate. What is there to celebrate?

  47. Am I the only one that saw this “I’m not saying that there’s necessarily something morally wrong with being gay”? That is a huge red flag in this site, that is how you start letting evil in, you tolerate it. Then it comes to **** you in the ***.

    1. It’s Swedish grammar most likely. The compound sentence continues with the object of what the writer IS vs ISN’T saying ”just that they’re a small minority of the populace for a reason”

    2. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is a problem with being a faggot.
      I have a few close gay friends. They’re normal, fairly redpilled, professional people. They are not promiscuous drug-using manwhores. They just happen to appreciate the company and loyalty of other men over that of women. One is a Trump supporter that hates the Sanfranfaggots and their parades and think trannies are mentally ill.
      Just like most “raycissts” have no problem at all with blacks. They have a problem with niggers. Subtleties.

      1. UM Yeah. There are many things wrong with being a HOMO. Don’t equate it to a traditional relationship between a man and a woman.

        1. Like what?
          Most “traditional” relationships aren’t producing offspring any more. The Jew has convinced the whites that are left they need to be bred out. White genocide, using the very definition of the word the Jews crafted.
          A “normal” gay couple is doing no more damage to society than a hundred million other white millenials that would rather advance their career or play video games than breed.

        2. Yeah, I agree with the corrosive impacts of Judaism onto Western culture but, that doesn’t mean that because things are currently so bad that I need to lower my moral standards and the moral standards that my entire civilization is based upon and accept homosexuality as somehow equal to traditional couplings. It’s a complete fallacy.

  48. Often times when I bring up the fact that gay couples cannot reproduce, the person on the receiving end of this fact always has to divert to the idea of how they think the world is overpopulated anyway, which has nothing to do with the topic. It’s a favorite tactic of the left to shift the discussion when they are on the losing end of the debate.

    1. I don’t really care for faggots but to be quite honest, the world is overpopulated. When guys my age(early 20’s) have to compete with grown-ass men for a simple merchandising job, that’s when you know shit’s not looking up.

      1. No it isn’t. You could place the entire world’s population in a very small country and still have elbow room. Most land is absolutely *deserted* in the world, barren, nothing on it except worms.

        1. Worms are offended by Your dismissive innuendo. Much triggering expected.

        2. Then you’ve never been to Fresno. You’re not missing anything good.

      2. I don’t know what country you live in, but there are several reasons why you cannot get a job, overpopulation not being one of them. The world is currently going through a huge economic downturn. Some even say economic collapse. In the US, decent-wage jobs continue to be lost to Mexico, China and India in favor of cheaper labor. If the corporations of the US would just put their own people first, and not some other nation, people would get employed again. Nevermind that the continued free-for-all influx of immigrants (legal or not) continues to dilute the workforce, driving wages down.

        1. Well currently I’m working two jobs. I’ve been looking like hell to replace the second one. I do agree. Seeing as how the entire world is seeing this economic downturn, I’m from California’s Central Valley. Unemployment rates are worse here than in many parts of the states.

        2. Any way you can get out of California?
          Europe is starting to turn really nasty. One Italian bank has already collapsed, and Deutche Bank is in serious trouble and on the verge of collapse, as is Bremen Landesbank.

        3. I’m a 22-year old millenial prick working two jobs to pay off my car before I return to school to get a STEM degree….living at mommy and daddy’s place. Moving isnt an option for me.

        4. Got it. If I may suggest, make extra payments towards the principle only if you can, even if it’s just 10 or 20 bucks. It will help in the long run.

        5. I only have $2400 left to pay. With my two jobs I’ve been able to pay anywhere from $600 to $900 a month, with the majority being principle.

  49. Being gay is like being ugly or stupid, a defect largely determined by birth. It isn’t necessarily inherently morally blameworthy but certainly doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. Well, I celebrate it in some cases – ugly people, foreigners, others who I prefer to exit the gene pool.

  50. I actually think there is something physically wrong with them. And that their behaviour is just a manifestation of this underlying problem. Most probably they were either exposed to hormone altering substances in the womb or later in life and it is this in conjunction with the promotion faggotry, lesbianism and bisexuality that made them what they are today. In other words modern western society has exasperated their preexisting medical condition.
    And don’t get me started on why male pedophiles mostly go for boys or why serial killers are almost always bisexual.

  51. Left out of this article are some very alarming stats on STDs. If you are a Black male homosexual…you have a 50% chance of contracting AIDs! Fucking 50! You think that live and let live is the way? Well, in a moment I’ll show you how they do not want to let you live how you want too. In the meantime consider that we now have antibiotic resistant strains of numerous STDs. And, maybe “they” are close to curing AIDs, well, so what – new and improved diseases come from this “fabulous” community. BTW, how many resources went to cure aids, which is caught by assholes who can’t control themselves versus curing real diseases. Oh great, aids is cured and now what people? homo’s can buttjam themselves even more. Come on. These people have way too much power. The medical reality of their lifestyle is proof enough that this is not a desirable life, period. But we celebrate it as if it was the best fucking thing ever. You see, they never wanted rights and they always had them. They wanted power, but, power to ultimately lecture you on morality and, get this, to elevated themselves to the “cool kids”. Its a testament to the folly of man in the highest. “pride”…yeah “pride” indeed, hubris to be exact. And “morality”? I don’t care what religion or if you are an atheist…do you honestly want your “morality” defined by homosexuals? To underscore the point, let me remind everyone that homosexuality is hand and glove with pedophilia.

    1. Link to where you’re pulling your statistics from please. I’m curious.

      1. I found this article, citing a CDC study. (Link invalid within article, study posted as second link.) It appears to check out. Lifetime risk for gay black males… really high. 1-in-2 is an aggregate lifetime risk “at current rates…” which assumes nothing changes in the next few decades. Or gets worse.
        Of course the gays making AIDS prevention “homophobic and anti-semitic,” shutting down all AIDS-awareness as anti-gay back in the early days, and encouraging bugchasing as a hobby because antiviral drugs are so effective, combined with free health care for poor blacks has probably encouraged this phenomenon.

  52. Given the prevalence of bi-sexuality in pre-Christian civiliation (exclusive homosexuality was actually rare), I have to question the claim that bii-sexualism is necessarily mental disorder. As popular culture becomes less Christian every year, I would think the moral constraints that once reined in the ‘any hole will do’ idea creates the enabling condition for it re-emerging. Since history rarely repeats itself exactly, a post-christian iteration of an older practice may take a some what different form.

    1. I don’t know about that. For starters, all this newly discovered history about how people were all gay long ago comes from the same people who deny actually history and have re-written recent history to fit their politics. So, methinks its mostly embellished bullshit. Its beneficial to homosexualism if everyone was a homosexual in the past. I won’t deny that there were documented homosexuality or bisexuality in previous civilizations such as the all popular Greek civilization that seems to be entirely made up of homos? Indeed, there are modern examples to prove you more right…but lets examine these societies. Afghanistan is one. Yep, you heard me and it coexists with a very strict strain of Islam? Hmmm. But it fits many of the characteristics of the past, pre-industrial and hardly civilized. Point – its not just homosexuality or bisexuality that is popular here…the Afghan form of homosexuality is bacha brazi which is pedophilia. And, for all those civilizations dominated by fluid sexuality it always includes institutionalized pederasty and pedophilia. You see that what unrestrained sexuality leads too.

      1. Maybe I’m incorrect but didn’t the ancient Greeks bum young boys and any interaction between older men was frowned upon?

  53. Every gay pride week i ask myself… how can you be proud of inserting your pennis in another man´s asshole ?????

  54. I’ve always felt that the term “gay” is a misnomer – if you look under the surface, very few are actually happy people.
    That’s not to say that there aren’t periods of time where they are elated about something – but actual long-term happiness eludes the gay community.
    Maybe that’s also why they are constantly protesting over whatever issue captures their attention – because when they achieve their objectives and get a law or policy changed, nothing improves, they are still unhappy and unsatisfied.
    The gay marriage issue, I personally had no problem with – if they want to get married for legal reasons, fine.
    But all that’s happened is that there was a big rush of gays getting married and now there is a big glut of gay divorces – look at any of the married gay and lesbian celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell or Melissa Etheridge, they have been divorced several times.
    The fact of the matter is that modern world society is not the problem or source of gay people’s problems – the issues that they have reside within themselves and until they can come to grips with their own issues and not place blame on others, they will always be unsatisfied and resentful.

  55. Next time you watch lesbian porn you should spare a thought at how many drugs those women must be smoking. Do you think it will concern you? Probably not. If it doesn’t then I fail to understand why a pride parade would worry you so much, trust me, nobody will be hitting on you any time soon. Those gays have really high standards of personal hygiene.
    I’m sure you’re abstaining from sex anyway, right? Especially if human beings are meant to mate for the benefit of the population, as you so argue. Man, I can’t imagine what it’d be like being in bed with you – Some brief pump action, no fun whatsoever, all for the purpose of repopulating the nation. So very serious. Zz.
    If it so turns out that you can have sex for fun then it’s also the case that homosexual and bisexual people can have all the flaming gay sex they like. I can’t believe you’re calling people faulty for wanting to fuck, what kind of faggot are you?

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