Women Who Sell Their Bodies For Money Don’t Want To Be Called Prostitutes

One benefit of certain strategies of “game” is that men are allowed easy access to an endless supply of promiscuous women who can be rather easily bedded with an easily patterned set of vocal and behavioral cues that men can learn.  And yes, if one intends to merely “enjoy the decline” there can be large amounts of hedonism and physical enjoyment to be had.  But civilization, if anything, is looking at more than mere reaction to physical stimuli and western civilization developed the philosophies, art, architecture, science, religion, and culture that it did precisely by limiting and controlling primal urges and desires, and channeling them to proper areas.

What we have witnessed over the past 50 years is a rapid unwinding of centuries worth of civilization.  Easy access to promiscuous women can be fun on an individual scale, but it is certain suicide for an entire culture or society.  Indeed, much of the current decline can be attributed to our lack of social unity.  As religions, families, men’s clubs, and social organizations have been destroyed, men in the west have become atomized, looking out for their own interests with no sense of group unity.  ROK is one step in uniting men together for goodness and progress.


Control of Basic Desires is what separates man from animal

The internet age has provided new tools for women to act on their hypergamous sexual desires and to experiment with multiple men with relative privacy.  As recently as the 1970s, there were strict social rules for relations between the sexes.  At many universities in the U.S., dorms were strictly segregated, and indeed many entire schools were segregated by sex.  When potential suitors visited, they were required to sign in, where they could then meet in a semi-public dating parlour to converse with their dates.


1970s Dating Parlor

Women interested in more racy activities would need to travel off campus (in a time where a woman traveling alone would have been questionable at the least, and most did not own their own automobile), and would need to invest time and effort into seeking out a discreet encounter.  Often, the woman would need to obtain clothing that visually identified her as a person of loose morals, and travel to certain areas or establishments that catered to a certain clientele.  Hotel rooms would need to be rented, and considerable time and effort was required by both parties.


Today, a woman can sit in the comfort of her dormitory or apartment, paid for by daddy or daddy government, and, using the recent advances made possible by the internet and smartphones, sort through hundreds of men in mere minutes by sliding her finger across a touch sensitive screen full of possible suitors.  She need not dress up in any certain way– sweatpants and a dirty t shirt taken at a proper angle to minimize the appearance of her excess poundage (both literal and figurative) will easily attract one hundred thirsty men over a 24-hour period, who will inflate her ego and shower her with affections, gifts, and money in exchange for attention, and the possibility of sexual congress.


She has similar products to distort her mind and body

Beauty products, mood altering psychotropic drugs, contraception medication, and makeup, along with plausible deniability of a discreet encounter that was easily arranged with a few movements of her index finger, all conspire to hide the long list of dirty encounters she has in her past.  Indeed, many men would be too disgusted to accept her offer of free sex if they truly knew her past.


Not an ad for prostitution

In addition to hookup apps and craigslist or backpage prostitution, which for the most part were used by the minority of women who throughout history occupied the World’s Oldest Profession (an honest and useful one at that), rampant promiscuity has gone mainstream over the past few years.  SeekingArrangement, a website connecting mostly young, attractive college girls to older men willing to spend money on them in return for intimate and sexual favors, had over 1.5 million student members in 2016.  Considering there are approximately 17 million students in public and private 2-4 year institutions, including men and retirees, the fact that a single website promoting pseudo-prostitution attracts almost 9% of college enrollees is quite impressive, assuming the numbers can be trusted.


Those are NOT breasts, they are a purse for holding money from my J-O-B

Vanity Fair recently published an article examining the mainstreaming of the New Prostitution Economy, and interviewed many participants in this new sexual free-for-all.  One 22-year-old Texan stated she wasn’t attracted to any of the older men she started boning for pay, but it’s a job, and not everyone likes their job, right?  After all, as she says, “What right does anyone have to judge you for anything you do with your body?”

I will judge a woman for anything and everything she does to her body, including the kinds of food she puts into it, the amount of alcohol she consumes, the amount of exercise, the shape and genetics, the looseness of the sexual organs, and the mental damage done by a promiscuous past that she innately knows is wrong, or she wouldn’t hide it.


Another 21-year-old who signed up for Seeking Arrangement, but claims she has not yet used it, was held back because of “the stigma if anyone finds out.”  In other words, she has no concerns about the health, safety, or moral and mental side effects of her actions, but merely doesn’t want others to know the dirty things she has done.  This confirms that without repercussions to their behavior, most women will behave in a wildly irresponsible manner.  As the influence of their fathers, their church, and social shaming, all declining, women ramp up promiscuous behaviors that will leave them as poor wives, or more likely, single mothers, in the years to come.


Mainstream media articles further normalize prostitution

And in the past, where streetwalkers needed a specific wardrobe, a pimp, and a jurisdiction where prostitution would be tolerated, today women have all the tools they need to sell their bodies, without splitting the funds with anyone, and risk almost no social shaming or danger of police intervention.  As one 22-year-old stated “I could always just get a sugar daddy.  I guess I could just start camming… It’s not like you need a pimp anymore.  You just need a computer.”

What’s one of the early steps in legitimizing destructive behavior?  Renaming it.  A 20-year-old Canadian student stated “People don’t call it prostitution anymore.  That sounds like slut-shaming.  Some girls get very rigid about it, like This is a woman’s choice.”

So Prostitution is no more.  In 2016 anyone arrested for prostitution is simply Doing It Wrong (still using a pimp and using the wrong vocabulary).


NY Magazine explored the idea earlier this year in its article “Is Prostitution Just Another Job?”  which documented several freshman girls who began selling their bodies on Backpage or Craigslist after leaving for college, and hearing about the exciting stories of other sex workers.  A 22-year-old who recently moved to NYC and started sex work at the age of 18, grew up in a conservative family, who found out, cut her off, and no longer have anything to do with her.  (Her response? “It was a big deal.  It was hard then, but I’ve definitely gotten over it”).

Any woman who can so easily write off her father and family as something she “just got over” is not going to make a pair bond long enough for the ink to dry on the marriage certificate.  But these girls will marry.  Thirst is high, and men who have no idea what kind of past these women have will wife them up just as their ability to extract money from men based on their looks is fading.  And a side effect of servicing hundreds of men is she will know how to please him physically, and will know precisely how to lie and manipulate a man, after testing out little white lies on her customers for years.

As prostitution and fornication with hundreds of men becomes the status quo for the typical American teenager, an entire generation will be lost.  As bad as the typical reader may think things are today, at least you grew up in a society where there was a stable family (even if it wasn’t yours), where government maintained some minimal amount of ethical education in the public schools, and where the church enforced some amount of moral restrictions on unfettered sexual behavior.  But the next generation is growing up entirely without these limits.

The single mother prostitutes of tomorrow will be unable to raise the next generation of children to be anything but weak, stimulus responding attention seeking hedonists.  And all the past struggles, battles, ideas, philosophies and culture that we call western civilization will be thrown into the garbage bin.

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347 thoughts on “Women Who Sell Their Bodies For Money Don’t Want To Be Called Prostitutes”

  1. When the societal and economic crash happens to this country and the world for that matter, young women will be giving it up for a candy bar or a can of soup, maybe a pair of jeans or a warm place to stay.

    1. Giving it up for a warm place to stay? I’d just say that’s most marriages, from ancient times to the present day.

      1. Say he raped her, and tossed a Klondike Bar on her after he was done. Works every time. From slut to hero in 60 seconds.

  2. There is something very wrong witht he current zeitgeist of our world. Everything that is absolutely reprehensible and repugnant in nature such as prostitution and getting fat, is now considered to be normal in our society. When will this madness end? Where do we draw the line and define what is moral and acceptable in our world or do we continue to go downhill and join the masses in their conquest of cultural decadence and social depravation?
    It is beyond belief and utterly unfathomable to see what today’s braindead generation are doing in their desperate attempts to look for any reason whatsoever to justify the grotesque behaviour and deplorable acts such as engaging in prostitution. It is not only a sickness that has permeated in our society, but one which continues to pull down the important aspects of human nature that are in need of dire protection such as self respect and dignity.
    The repulsive and objectionable actions of today’s women must continue to be highlighted as it clearly illustrates the fact that the parenting and teaching of our modern day society has failed. As mentioned on numerous occasions but worth mentioning again, when we have a continuous vicious cycle of divorce households, children being born out of wedlock, fathers being absent from the picture and the demise of the public education system, all hell will eventually break loose in our society that the consquences and damage which is inflicted on today’s youth, may become irreversible.
    All of the above mentioned is a sad testament and yet honest, reflection of the culture in the Western hemisphere and what has resulted after decades of ignorance and the destruction of the moral fibre in society. It is now getting worse over time that people can easily with no conscious whatseover, resort towards these depraved means as a way to justify earning a living. Instead of promoting the good virtues and values of our society such as entrepreneurship, traditional family values and financial discipline, today’s society in conjunction with the revolting pop culture and low life celebrity degenerates, encourages young women to replicate and emulate the abnormal behaviour of today’s celebrities such as taking pictures of themselves naked as a sign of “female independence” or some other pseudo rational of empowerment.
    Times are simply getting tougher, and for those who are fathers, it will require even more hard work and devotion to ensure that your children, both boys and girls, continue to stay on the path of righteousness where everything you teach them, will thrown out the window by the educational establishment the environment your children are in and by those who surround them such as radical feminist teachers and low life hoodlums.
    So remember, no matter what the current state of society is, it is imperative as a man to ensure that you do everything in your power and capacity to make sure that you spread the values of ethics, morality, self respect and honor, to help create and influence a postive and truly enriching environment and to help fight back against the cultural filth that is turning our society into a gutter.

    1. The embrace of extreme individualism has created this unbelievably shallow and without higher purpose way of living in our western societies. The saddest part is that nobody seems to notice or care for what is happening and what we have gradually become…

  3. But remember, if you go visit a Tantra Masseuse, she wants you to call her “Goddess”. Oh and she’s definitely not a prostitute for giving you a ‘holy hand job’ as part of the $200 per hour so-so massage routine. Hypocrites the lot of them.
    (Thankfully the only one I’ve ever had I got for free). “Namaste” Y’all !!

    1. Ain’t no woman I’ve met deserves to be called a High Priestess, much less a goddess. And I dabbled in that New Age nonsense a long time ago.

      1. Women eat this ‘New Age’ crap up for breakfast. There is a whole plethora of women on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. who post about “vibration” and “manifesting” and “yoni eggs” and all that crap. And what they are trying to sell you is beyond worthless and ridiculously overpriced.

        1. I can Reiki your chakras into alignment for $19.95 per session! Call now, and we’ll also throw in a free spirit ball just packed with good vibes!

        2. “seal your intention” with this jade rock! Only $199.95 !! 😀

        3. Amethyst necklaces for fast healing! Blessed by a real* Native American medicine man.
          *0.025% genetic lineage or more. Medicine man may be a pot-smoking hobo from New Jersey.

        4. What the f*** is Reiki can someone please explain to me what that is. My hippie half brother is into that and I don’t know what it is neither does anyone else

        5. It’s a New Age practice started by a guy who claimed a Japanese Ki master awakened his inner energy. For $25, he or his disciples can awaken your ki centers by touching you and humming for thirty seconds. Then you are a Reiki master, too!
          Based on my experiences with the practice and its practitioners, it’s bunk.
          Not saying Qi is inherently ridiculous, but Reiki is yet another scam.

        6. Not going to dispute it. My meditation teacher did activate it in me and I do feel something, but as I said, very mild. You may very well claim that it is just the power of suggestion. But then, maybe Qi is just that. To wield the creative subconscious with confidence. To induce the effect of a good placebo without the need for lies.

        7. I’ve always noticed that the word for “spirit” and the word for “breath” are the same in many languages. “Qi”, in Chinese, is the word “air”; “pneuma” in Greek is “breath”; “ruach” in Hebrew is “wind” or “breath.”
          We know some forms of meditation have a power over the mind and body. We know some people who practice such meditation have greater strength and endurance than others with similar exercise programs. So, we know your breathing can affect you deeply.
          It’s my guess that there’s more truth here than I’ve discovered, but I am always on the lookout for con artists, liars, and the naifs who follow them.

        8. I understand your concern about con artists and liars. It seems like this has indeed been one of the biggest fears in my own life, to believe someone who is trying to trick me. With that came a lot of confusion about whom to believe – cause in the end, everyone says they are right. And no one can really prove it – although they can give you a good illusion of proof.
          The only thing you can do, really, is to listen to your gut and go your own way. And I do not mean that in a MGTOW sense, just in a kind of “follow your own flow” sense.

        9. Life is a process of making mistakes. Wisdom is learning from them.
          I love con artists, in a way. There is no better way to learn about myself than to determine how I can be tricked.

        10. Ever heard the saying that the most intelligent people are most easily manipulated?
          As long as you rely on your mind and logic, you will always be – easily! – manipulated. The reason for this is simply that if you evaluate your life purely based on logical axioms and values and principles, all someone needs to manipulate you is to know these.
          For example, you could say “I believe in manliness” as a logical principle, coupled with “a real man has a lot of women and good friends”. Now, some idiot could come along pllaying a few prostitutes to pretend to be his women and some bums to pretend to be his friends. He would put on a perfect show to you and logically, you would be forced to conclude that he is a “real man”. But it is very likely that your gut would tell you that something is fishy about him. And yet, if you rely on your mind primarily, you will likely ignore that gut feeling and end up making shitty decisions.
          Sometimes the mind just doesn’t know – but you can feel how you need to decide.

        11. It’s where somebody puts their hands on you and just lets them sit there for several minutes, then afterwards they tell you your ailments are healed because of magic energy. Like, they say it can do anything from heal a sprained ankle to cure cancer.
          My mama does it. I haven’t seen her in 10 years. She was a heavy smoker and I reckon she’ll be dead of lung cancer before long.

        12. It can actually work, but it is very very rare that you will ever meet someone that actually does it for real. And people like that do NOT like to do it. I.e. All that negative energy? It doesnt just dissipate into the “ether”. It is fucking painful and can do serious damage. So thats a little hint that will let you know if you are dealing with a real practitioner or a delusional idiot/bullshit artist. If they have some beautific expression on their fsce then it means nothing happened.
          Also, guys like that hate it if you publicize that they can do it. They might take cash, but its really going to be done as a favor because there isnt enough money that makes it worth the consequences.
          Its basically like asking someone to break his arm in three places so you can get rid of some pain. He’ll do it once, maybe twice if you are a close friend, but he’ll tell you to fuck off the third time.

        13. So if a woman rubs my chakra in the right way, long enough you are telling me I can have a big “O” or I will die of my cancer.

      2. What if God is a temperamental female who’s trapped in some emotional blindness and can’t see the wood from the trees?

        1. Hmm Kali the “black one”…the goddess of destruction, but, also of creation. Sums up the feminine perfectly.

        2. She’ll have your head on a plater for that! Like that spoiled little Daddy’s girl brat who demanded John the Baptist’s head…why? Because she was bored!

        3. So I can’t power up using my Ki and go super saiyan four after screaming really intensely for a set amount of time, then defeat her?

        4. Nice picture and works for this site. Kali is in the full female destructive mode but this picture is at the moment of her shame and regret. The God Shiva realized he could only appeal to her emotions so he laid down in her path. The moment she realized she stepped on him she was filled with shame and stuck out her tongue in regret.

        5. In the West its insulting to stick out one’s tongue, but in the East like Tibet, China, or India it symbolizes embarrassment. And you are right, in the above picture Kali just stopped her blood lust rampage, so sticking out her tongue means she realized how badly she behaved.

        6. I know that emotional expression is not homogenous across cultures, but I am unable to empathize with this expression of embarassment still.

        7. Yes because i always stick my tongue out in regret. I never say sorry or that I will make amends, just stick my tongue out and back away slowly. Seriously, I believe the story is from a Kali worshipper as if you really look and read the picture, there isn’t any regret, just bloodlust, destruction and death. Assuming that this site is is bad is just what women like you do. You never fully try to comprehend the messages or our reasoning. Because it isn’t feminazi speak it has to be full of bad men. Your Social Justice World isn’t the answer, it will be full of weak, dependant grown children unable to be responsible for their own actions and mess. They will find a social group to excuse them and support them in their life choices.

        8. That is a nice explanation for the pic, unfortunately very few women ever feel regret over their most destructive actions. They NEVER stick out their tongue at me. Shit I have been to Asia and never seen any women sticking out their tongues unless its for fun. I love Asia with all my heart and the women are so wonderful, conservative and loving. They will give you everything if you don’t cheat. Just don’t ever tell them you will bring them back to the West. That way they never feel that is part of the bargain.

      1. Haha yeah, I’ve been able to mold a few past lovers into that game. Always funny to reprimand them for not spelling it out with a capital “G”. We men have to level the playing fields here.

        1. that’s a shame …. or not. Just read something about it – apparently it can be dangerous

        2. Yes, it is a very strong power. I had the chance to work with it for a brief time a few months back. I was lying on my bed, meditating and feeling the energy in my hips. It made a little jerk and threw me some 20 centimeters to my left, as if I was weightless. And I sensed that this was maybe 2% of what it was capable of.

        3. that sounds like more like a poltergeist. I will reserve judgement until I learn more about it, but I tend to be a little sceptical as a matter of policy

        4. What if “poltergeist” is simply the name that we give it when we approach it with fear and judgment?
          I think that the concept of demonic possession, for instance, is in large parts a shaming mechanism implemented by the elites to prevent people from allowing themselves spasmic or weird movements. The reason for this is simple. The body inherently possesses a mechanism to release trauma and pain in this way. If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, look up somatic experiencing as a therapy for PTSD and the reasoning behind it.
          It serves the elite to prevent us from healing, because healing would mean to release the slave program that has been beaten into us. By shaming the body’s ways of releasing this pain, it is kept inside and you stay in victimhood/oppressor mode – in one way or another.
          The shame for crying is a good example of that, too.

        5. Demons, I’ve met.
          I’ve seen the human body do many things under its own power and agency, but I’ve been possessed. The damned creatures pretended to be friendly and loving, but they were anything but. Praise be to my Lord Jesus Christ, for he freed me from their torments.
          Not saying you’re completely wrong, though. I know there are many things of the flesh that we have yet to understand. Frankly, I think Qi is probably among them. But we are hardly alone in the spiritual realm, and not every spirit is a friend to man.

        6. that’s interesting. But I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from, with this sudden talk of elites – last time I spoke of elites you referred me to a video on reptilians. I’m not quite sure in what way do you believe ‘the elites’ benefit from keeping us from bodily release etc. unless you’re referring to the psycho-pharmacological complex that sells us myriad kinds of happy pills.
          As for demonic possession I’m inclined to agree to a degree. I’m quite sure it’s a way of shaming people, however much shaming may be one of the dominant forms of social control down the ages (administered by elites, but not necessarily the same ones). Epilepsy, mental illness / psychosis etc have all been blamed on demons and the like. in fact I once was present when some mental health social workers (albeit not western) described schizophrenia as something resulting from demonic possession. Possession, mental illness whatever, may well be an artefact of our use of language before it is anything else, but of course there are many people today who still use that language – and I’m talking about westerners not African’s still attached to notions of Muti and Magic. Daemonology is still a big thing. It’s a question of how it is understood

        7. Agreed. I think demonic possession does exist, but I would think it is rather rare. And even then, a demon is just another being that wants to heal and be loved. There is no absolute “evil”.
          About the elites … I am being a bit polemic. I have a gut feeling that there are people pulling the strings behind the curtains, but I can not prove it to you. Not that it is THAT important, either. It should suffice to observe that this shame does exist and it is wise to let go of it. The reason why I believe that there are people (or… things disguised as people?) pulling the strings is that I can not imagine that people would come up with that kind of shaming by themselves. It is madness. Since people naturally possess the ability to heal, why in the world would they want to give it up, if not because somebody forced them to? A somebody who does not operate on a normal human emotional level, but is of a much cooler kind of intellect? Psychopaths are said to be often among the leaders, for instance, and also estimated to be somewhere around 1 or 2 % of the population. They lack most of the emotions of “normal” humans or experience them in such a mild manner that they can easily ignore them.

        8. Yes, I think there is truth in both perspectives. Or to be more precise, both possibilities exist.
          Glad you got rid of them! 🙂

        9. “I have a gut feeling that there are people pulling the strings behind the curtains, but I can not prove it to you”
          Does this not represent a degree of departure for you? is this what you thought this time last year (or thereabouts) when you directed me to that video or have you changed your mind.
          Perhaps it is the issue of shaming which is important to you. Shame is of course an interesting area of psychological research. Feminists have explored it, and it’s high time that there masculinist equivalents did the same because there’s no doubt that feminism’s ‘good man project’ is highly dependent on cranking up levels of male shame. Yet shame is in itself, when transparent, a powerful behavioural constraint for all people. If you get rid of male shaming should you also get rid of female shaming. What of those who do despicable things etc. I’m entirely convinced of ‘anything goes’ in this respect merely that the psychological mechanisms of shame can be used for oppressive purpose, and almost always are used for such purpose.
          Your opinion on demons is interesting. It has been a real eye opener for me, coming from a gently religious but generally rationalist background to discover that there are so many people who do entertain such ideas. I’m not scoffing. I have a very open mind, albeit one which rarely over-commits. But on what basis do you think that demons / daemons actually exist, and actually possess people? And if they only want to heal and be loved what makes them demons/daemons? Are you proposing a breach of the boundary of good and evil, or simply positioning the latter on the side of the good, at least ultimately as on the side of the good?

        10. “Does this not represent a degree of departure for you? is this what you thought this time last year (or thereabouts) when you directed me to that video or have you changed your mind.”
          This time last year, if I showed you such a video, I likely did it to make fun of it. So yes, it is a departure. But it is not all that meaningful, really. It’s not like seeing truth makes truth any more true than it was before, if you catch my drift. In a way, seeing truth is the polar opposite of excitement. 😀
          I would definitely want anybody to be free of shame. Everybody who wants and is ready for that, that is. I would not want to force healing onto anybody, and neither could I. Everybody is having the experience they need at any point in time.
          What about criminals? Those need it the most! I dislike the term “criminals”, because I dislike the law, but let’s say “people who hurt others”. I think that the only reason why (normal) people hurt others is because they are hurt themselves and want for that pain to be heard and acknowledged. I think the reason why they need to act it out is precisely BECAUSE they feel ashamed of it. They are unable to love it, hence they suppress it until they no longer can – and then massacres happen.
          “But on what basis do you think that demons / daemons actually exist, and actually possess people?”
          I guess you would need to define “possession”, but I entertain the possibility simply because I have heard about three stories about something like it from people I know. It is not that I think it is definitely true. I simply consider it a valid possibility and I think it would be intellectually lazy to just dismiss those stories.
          Which also brings up the next good question you ask.
          “And if they only want to heal and be loved what makes them demons/daemons?”
          What is a “demon”? “Demon” is just a word. In our culture, it is a word with a negative judgment attached to it. But if you trace it back (Google “demon etymology”), you see that its original meaning is simply “deity”. So what is a demon? It is a word that we assign to beings that have no physical form, I’d say.
          The interesting part is the judgment, which is also kind of a key for the meditating stuff. What comes first? The badness itself or the judgment? Is the emotional response that we would call “evil” a reaction to the observed thing itself or is it a reaction to the judgment, to the thought “this thing is bad”? Is the thought “this thing is bad” an expression of the objective badness of a thing or rather a distortion that has been superimposed on that thing? I will let you find your own answer to that, but I am convinced it is the latter.
          “Are you proposing a breach of the boundary of good and evil, or simply positioning the latter on the side of the good, at least ultimately as on the side of the good?”
          I think that ultimately, this question is irrelevant, because a distinction between good and evil only exists in the mind. That said, I would say that illness exists. Is an illness evil? No, it just is. It is painful, but not evil.

        11. I am in two minds about shame. It is not a positive emotion, but it serves certain purposes, and it may also serve ones own purpose rather than necessarily be something imposed from without on account of the judgement of others. Beyond that I’d have to say for the most part it is something which constrains from an external position: it requires ‘the looking glass self’ so to speak. One could argue that as an emotion that constrains behaviour it cannot be part of any kind of self-legislation, but I am not entirely sure about that. There is a strong argument that we cannot quite get beyond a sense of socialised selves. Perhaps the best we can hope for is a future world where one not be bound by shame, but would find some more principled conscious reason for determining (not necessarily constraining ones behaviour). I’m not entirely sure there can be such a thing though
          “its original meaning is simply “deity”. So what is a demon? It is a word that we assign to beings that have no physical form, I’d say.”
          From reading around the issue I’d say it is standard practice to blur the issue: to leave it open (to the imagination) whether demons are in some sense real (existing in some ethereal realm but capable of being evoked / invoked by the human practitioner) or something which is purely artifactual of the play of human language and of course of human psychology. Projection, thought-form? I sense a reluctance to rationalise things away. If though you really believe in demonic possession the question arises what might such an entity be if not projection or thought-form? I am not so different to you though. I like to keep my mind open. But not too much so

        12. “There is a strong argument that we cannot quite get beyond a sense of socialised selves.”
          Those socialised selves, those are our egos. The ego ALWAYS has a justification to stay in place. “Because it is pragmatical…” “Because if I did not feel ashamed, I could …”. Basically, this is founded on the belief that we can not trust ourselves to make innately good decisions. On the other hand, to fully trust yourself to always make the right decisions, without needing to control it, that is the essence of that elusive magical “confidence”. 🙂 The ego, of course, says: “It would be too dangerous to trust myself that much.” Well, is the ego right? Only you can find your own answer. I would say that an ego is useful as a defense mechanism when others punish us for being who we truly are – but most of it, I think, stems from more or less subtle childhood/infant rejections. As a baby, being rejected is a threat to your life, so you readily accept shame and adapt your behavior just to survive. But as a healthy grown up, shame from other people really is not that big a deal, unless VERY severe.
          Again, I think both exist and both are true, and in most cases they are likely projections, as I can testify. I think both exist simply because this seems logical to me. Here’s the thing. Surely you would agree that other people exist, right? And yet, our projections exist as well. We can project something from our inside, but we can also happen to get real input from other people. Those are not mutually exclusive. Of course, you can at some point say “We are all one” and it will not matter either way. Which is, frankly, why this question does not even bother me much. As I said, all that matters is to be in the moment. Whether it is a “real” demon or a projection, the solution for the “problem” will present itself all on its own. Provocative question: What if other people are just projections of ourselves?

        13. “Those socialised selves, those are our egos”
          Yes, but the implication is that they are not simply squatting in our skulls but somehow distributed and potentially dialogical. I don’t doubt shame is a significant category and it deserves extensive enquiry both as a social problem and as a potentially pro-social adaptation. You seem to see shame as an obstacle to us discovering who we truly are. I don’t necessarily disagree with you. We can too often remain slaves to our childhood complexes but your truer self does sounds reminiscent of Crowley.
          “Provocative question: What if other people are just projections of ourselves?”
          That is solipism. I take it as an article of faith that other people do exist, and I think would continue to do so, if you were to prove to me that logically they could not. Yet, what you seem to be suggesting is that we ‘take in’ parts of others just as we project our own parts (ooh-er). We’re getting all Melanie Klein here perhaps

        14. I don’t know Crowley or Klein unfortunately, so I can not follow up on that!
          Yes, it is solipsism in a way, but solipsism as it is used normally implies that you only see others as imaginations, there to serve your needs or whatever. But that is from the perspective of the human self that you are located in right now. From the perspective of consciousness, this makes more sense, as it allows your current human self to still respect the free will and boundaries of others. But nevermind it, I really just wanted to provoke a little with that question.

        15. fair enough. Solipsism from the human point of view and solipsism from the divine may mean something somewhat different.

      1. She definitely looks like a novice at this game. Very wooden posture and a facial expression which just yells “nervous”

    2. they believe sexual energy is a route to the divine, but there’s often another side to it, as it may involve re-direction of those energies away from the heterosexual climax. Imagine damming a river and re-directing the energy in question towards some alternative (less natural?) purpose.

      1. My biggest beef with these Tantra-type females is that they genuinely believe they are the oppressed gender and redefine themselves through a “goddess” narrative.
        Yet they have carved out a potentially very financially lucrative niche (which requires fuck-all training) purely by exploiting their (presumed) youth and beauty. An option which men simply cannot capitalize on.

        1. The irony is that if they were truly enlightened, they would not hold on to their victimhood. Assuming that’s what they do.

        2. the goddess / sacred feminine movement has long been a (stupid) part of feminism

        3. I guess the stupid part lies in the emphasis on “sacred”. As if that was in contrast to something “unsacred”. “Sacred” is not a justification to dominate others. In fact, I would argue it is the opposite.

        4. “”Sacred” is not a justification to dominate others” – do you mean in relation to these women who advertise themselves as goddesses? It does strike me as a somewhat strained way of interacting with others

        5. Yeah. I mean, yeah, they are sacred. But then, everything is sacred. No thing is more sacred than another thing. Saying that something is sacred is like saying that it exists. It is a tautology without much consequence.

        6. “No thing is more sacred than another thing”
          There’s a jewish book I’ve meaning to read, which basically (albeit not necessarily originally) argues that everything is God – I’ve forgotten the author name for the moment. This is not necessarily an orthodox position though I think. The notion of the holy has traditionally involved the notion of boundaries, of clean and unclean etc (although this is partially challenged in Christianity I think). When you get to the idea of everything as God, or everything as sacred or of the spirit…well there are implications to that. This article is about prostitution, not about sacred prostitution. Perhaps there is a sense – a higher level – where that is holy or sacred – but if so we’re going somewhat off message here. The point of the article is that womens’ behaviour insofar as it resembles prostitution is kind of the opposite of the sacred. So we have a tension here between the idea that the sacred / holy implies limit: holy / unholy, heavenly / demonic or whatever.
          Perhaps it is all good, but we have to consider whether we are in the position to say that. Can a human say that? Perhaps only a God can

        7. Yeah, that is precisely what I am saying. All is God. If you are logically honest, I think you will have to agree that everything else just does not make sense. Even the darkest being can hardly be made out of anything else but light, can it? If Lucifer was made of light and then fell, does that mean that he was no longer made of light? That would imply he was no longer Lucifer. Then what was he? And if that which he was afterward was not light, what was it? And how could it exist if not because God created it?
          Of course, as a human, we have to make wise life choices. You can jump off a cliff and break both your legs and it will be sacred. But it will be darn painful! 😀

        8. I do understand this argument, and yes it is logical – at the ultimate level, to use Spinoza’s phrase ‘sub specie aeternitatis’. The issue though is that we are human, and we do not have a perspective ‘sub specie aeternitatis’ however much we might strive towards it, or alternatively emulate and ape it. Yes, that jump from the cliff may be sacred, and maybe it can be sacred to the person whose legs are shattered, but is that the human perspective? Of course, at the end of the movie, the guy who plays Lucifer will be shown laughing and joshing around with the other actors (do you remember the end of Predator?). The light is trapped no more. But what do we lose when that happens? How does that help us with regard to people whose families are wiped out in Syria or whatever? At some point it ceases to be about philosophy. There is a point beyond which we cannot go without losing our humanity. When everything is God, and one ascends to partake of that, what happens to the limit that is our finitude as human beings?

        9. Well, if it is sacred to jump off a cliff and break your legs – it is just as sacred to prefer to not break them.
          As for other people (you bring up Syria), I think the wisest choice is to simply let it be and observe impartially. Sounds a bit cruel to the Western mind, but from what I have read, the Buddhistic teachings kinda do imply such a form of indifference.
          If it (Syria or whatever) bugs you, I think this is because you have personal unresolved pain that you are projecting onto those people. Ultimately, they are simply not your concern. Their pain has nothing to do with you and you are not responsible for it. If you needed everyone in the whole universe to be happy and content before allowing yourself happiness, you would never be happy at all. It is our own lives that we are responsible for, nobody else’s.
          Actually, there is kind of a beauty to it. It is basically to say: I trust that those souls have the strength and capability to resolve their own issues and heal when the time is right for it. It is empowering and positive!

        10. “If it (Syria or whatever) bugs you, I think this is because you have personal unresolved pain that you are projecting onto those people.”
          That probably would have once described me. But manny many years ago. I’m not sure I agree with your feeling that what happens in the world is nobody else’s concern – responsibility is complex to the extent that we may bear a share of responsibility – but I do agree that when people get worked up about things happening in far off places that may often reflect a projection of personal issues onto the wider world. Not necessary though
          While I agree with the principle of requiring responsibility of each individual soul (otherwise we might have a metaphysical welfare state) but to some extent your position depends upon a particular metaphysical take on the nature of being. It easier to not be responsible for others if they have their souls and we have ours. Less so if this is all there is.

        11. Hm. Well, maybe you – and some other people – do feel a calling to help others. I guess that is also cool. But unless personal pain is completely gone first, this can simply be an ego projection, hence my caveat. Projecting neediness (need for help) is also a bit arrogant. If someone explicitly asks for help and you positively resonate with the idea of helping, go ahead, I guess!
          I am afraid I don’t get the last few sentences you wrote.

        12. “Well, maybe you – and some other people – do feel a calling to help others. I guess that is also cool. But unless personal pain is completely gone first, this can simply be an ego projection, hence my caveat”
          I’m no bleeding heart. My list of good deeds is not very long, although that’s not necessarily how I would have it. I’ve acknowledged that some altruism may be be motivated by pain etc. But then if altruism (or whatever) is based thus I’m not entirely sure its a problem
          Re. my last few sentences, all I was saying really was that it struck me that you believe in the existence of souls.and that might colour your perspective

        13. “But then if altruism (or whatever) is based thus I’m not entirely sure its a problem”
          It is a problem insofar as our “helping” can become a selfish power play to make us feel good about ourselves as “heros”. As they say, you can not help anybody. You can only help them help themselves. Altruism, from the wrong angle, can make you disrespect someone’s boundaries. Psychiatry is a great example for that. When a doctor assumes that he has a right to force his help on a patient that openly rejects it, that is a violation of personal boundaries. On the other hand, if the patient explicitly asks for the doctor’s help, that is a different thing. But even then, the doctor has to take care to just provide that which is asked for – and not what he interprets the person to need.
          The problem is that when you force your help on somebody, you are not actually helping, because that person is resisting it. For instance, you could shame someone into no longer overeating, but it is likely that this person would simply switch this with another, more socially accepted, OCD.
          Yes, I would say I believe in souls, although it is really less of a belief than a simple awareness. There is nothing magical or “special” about a soul. And then, it all depends on what you actually mean by “soul”. It is again just a word. But you have to admit that logically, in case a soul DOES exist, it is rather your perspective that is coloured by your identification with your mortal form.

        14. I actually agree with most of that. With all the ‘virtue signalling’ that goes on these days we should be in a pretty good position to appreciate just how narcissistic a great deal of ‘helping’ as you put it actually is. This goes back to the looking glass self perhaps. When we do good or noble things (doesn’t happen often) the more conscious we are of ourselves, and I would say historically we have been more reflexive in that sense) the more ethical behaviour becomes contaminated by such hidden motivating factors: how did I look as I jumped into save those drowning children. To the extent you get your narcissistic reward through such a process, then you have your reward, there is nothing left that you deserve. What counts as moral behaviour changes with our understanding of our own motivations and their considerable complexity
          I also agree about the pitfalls of psychiatry. The idea of people being forced to receive help/treatment etc is perverse and while there may be justifications for this in some cases it is typically counter-productive. A great deal of the psychiatrist patient relationship is arm-wrestling and on the latter’s part, paranoia wrought at least in part from encountering a ‘system’ which however well intended it may be cannot help but function to socially control, observe, monitor and in the process re-constitute the object of concern.
          Re. personal responsibility being the bottom line, I agree with this too, but in mental health one does often encounter almost desperately poor levels of personal agency. In the above I’ve agreed with you about the counter-productive nature of any kind of muscular intervention, but where agency is virtually non-existent, there may be a case for some responsibility being assumed by a third party, although it is a difficult area.
          Re. the nature of the soul, yes it does very much depend on what one means by a soul. I do think though that there are some concepts that can be effectively operative in the computations we make but which we are not always clear about to the extent that we neglect to define them clearly. If the description is secular and we use it interchangeably with a more obviously metaphysical conception of a soul as something that might for instance way 7 grams (or thereabouts) and float upwards to heaven, then we may just be confusing the issue. Having said that, I am not particularly inclined to commit to material over a spiritual sense either, but it shouldn’t hurt to clarify what we mean when we refer to such things

        15. “A great deal of the psychiatrist patient relationship is arm-wrestling and on the latter’s part, paranoia wrought at least in part from encountering a ‘system’ which however well intended it may be cannot help but function to socially control, observe, monitor and in the process re-constitute the object of concern.”
          That was exactly my experience. Add to that that I felt ashamed of this paranoia. I told them that I was afraid of psychiatry and they immediately pre-diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. Mind you that I was bound to a bed without being able to move even enough to lie on my side. I swear I want to repay those bastards for this, make them eat their own damn medicine. After a month in there, I was so exhausted from fear and terror that I was almost suicidal.

        16. it beggars belief that that still happens. Yet from experience I know them to be mostly good people who mean well. Hospital psychiatrists tend to be over-worked and over-subscribed to the medical / biological model of ‘disease’. They are far too quick to diagnose and often get their diagnoses plain wrong. I am a little bit wary of anti-psychiatry but generally speaking the over-reliance on drugs and readiness (however reluctantly) to resort to compulsory treatment needs to end. Unlikely the funds are going to become available for 60s style therapeutic communities which were quite promising

        17. One thing that pisses me off about it is that the cures have been around for thousands of years. Keyword: Psychedelics. Meditation, too, of course. But guess what, the pharma industry would not want people to actually get better. Rather, they want to keep curing the symptoms with their expensive shit pills. So they start their little fear campaigns: “If you take LSD, you will go mad and jump out of a window.”
          Science makes a big mystery out of everything by needing “proof”. But if you need to saw off a branch from a tree, do you read research about sawing branches off a tree or do you just fucking do it?
          Yeah, good intents. Everybody has them. They don’t pay the bills and they help nobody. There is a difference between well-meaning and well-being. And there is a difference between intent and skill – even if the skill is to just do nothing.
          When I was lying in the bed there, I looked that female bitch doctor in her stupid cold eyes full of contempt and said: So, basically, I am feeling like shit because my brain is weird and you will give me a pill for it and that is the end of the story, right? It is THAT simple.
          I swear to you, she did not even flinch. She looked me in my eyes and said: Yes.
          Man, that made me feel fucking helpless. Like I’m talking to some kind of soulless “medical machine” that really just wants to force-shoehorn me into being a good nice citizen again and considers my pain an annoyance that needs to be numbed with drugs.
          And after 3 months of administering pills and effectively achieving shit, I get a bill over 33k EUR. Fucking ridiculous. For that money, I could have bought me enough LSA pills to … gee, I’m too lazy to calculate, but probably enough to eat one each day for a few years.

        18. I’d agree about meditation. The CBT fad was all about modifying ‘unhelpful thoughts’ but mindfulness can work even better as something that evaporates the thoughts themselves. I’ll reserve judgement re. psychedelics. I understand LSD can have therapeutic effects, although some are rather less complimentary about those effects. That side of psychiatry, alternative and experimental, gave way unfortunately to drug-pushing big pharma selling chlorpromazine as a miracle cure and nothing much has changed since, except perhaps a lot more talk about service user satisfaction. The disease model of mental illness has arguably distracted focus from the way in which the arm-wrestling we spoke of previously may impact on the course of the disease. There is a paradox here: a compliant patient is a patient that has to some extent lost their agency – has submitted to an external order and the particular illness model in favour at the time, yet a non-compliance reflecting comparatively superior agency (a supposedly good thing) produces effects that may do more than exaggerate symptomology: I don’t like reductive single factor explanations but I would consider that a great deal of paranoia and psychosis is down to a not necessarily unhealthy ego engaged in non-compliance with a system that is experienced as hostile and faceless. I would say that there is also a gendered aspect to this.
          Horrendous bill but I don’t quite understand how you can get charged for an involuntary admission. Seems very unfair.

        19. Life’s not fair, is it. 🙂
          The thing people dislike about LSD are “bad trips”, as with any psychedelic. Psychedelic deactivate the mental barriers that you have put into place to keep down painful memories and emotions. Basically, all your greatest fears and pains will come rushing at you and if you even think as much as resisting against them, you will have a terrible (although nonetheless enlightening) experience. But the drug itself does not drive you mad; at max, it confronts you with too much off the stuff you are not ready to handle yet.
          Yeah, the mental illness categories are quite unsatisfactory. Every individuals story is unique, although there may be overarching themes. You can’t really treat “narcissistic personality disorder”. You can only treat the person at hand.
          I would agree with the paranoia and psychosis thing, although I think that in most cases, the system acts as more of a trigger for something more personal: Childhood trauma, rape, stuff like that.

        20. I was surprised to learn that there is still some serious psychiatric research being done on the therapeutic benefits of LSD. I would be wary though. Bad trips aren’t necessarily a minor thing, and other drugs – cannabis / skunk – are implicated in exacerbating psychotic illness. Maybe it could be a treatment option in the right circumstances, and obviously with full consent.
          Re. paranoia and psychosis, I’m not suggesting ‘the system’ is the cause, but that to the extent that any kind of compulsory element to treatment (which in a few cases this may be genuinely unavoidable) is likely to make things much worse.

        21. I don’t think it can be exacerbated necessarily. As I said, I believe that it can not bring up anything that is not already in you. Maybe you can, after a trip, appear outwardly “more mad”, but this is likely simply a version of you that is more down to the core.
          Although I guess you could have some problems if you take an extremely high dose. Like, 20 blotter pieces of LSD. No idea what that would do to the organism. But you can also just take very mild doses which – to me – has the effect of simply sharpening your cognitive abilities and your emotional focus a little.

        22. I seem to remember Baudelaire saying something similar about hashish only bringing out what is already there, although I believe the neuro-chemistry is rather different from LSD, so I’m not quite sure why they should work similarly (if they do).
          While I was looking for it I found this quote, which appears to be from Baudelaire: ‘All of the secrets about which theologians have grappled and which have
          been the despair of human understanding, now appear transparent and
          clear. All contradiction is resolved. Man becomes god.’
          I am a little intrigued, but I’m not quite sure how much. The presumption behind your idea seems to be that there is ‘repressed stuff’ and that the fix is bringing it up to the surface. I don’t disagree necessarily but would note that mental health difficulties often manifest as failures of self-management / coping. If so, the implication here appears to be the need to lose control in order to regain control. Except many people who do drugs (perhaps LSD is different) continue to lose self-control

        23. That is a good quote, I like it. In states of great awareness, I can empathize with it.
          As I said, this is outside stuff. Let’s use an analogy. Let’s say you have cancer. It’s basically growing inside you without affecting you much at first. But when it starts to force itself into your awareness, it will greatly affect your performance and ability to keep working.
          This is on purpose. The pain is telling the mind to start focusing on it and listening to it. If the mind refuses to do so, the pain is going to keep increasing until the person is so severely impaired by the pain that he no longer can ignore it. This is the principle behind psychosomatic illnesses.
          You could say, of course, that LSD is not a natural way of the pain to come to the surface, but firstly it does not matter, and secondly, I think that when a person’s mind decides to do psychedelics, it happens because the body senses that it needs that experience right now.

        24. but cancer is the disease par excellence because it is relatively discrete and identifiable c.f. to the fluid, nebulous, more or less made-up entities that pass for the same in psychiatry. Sure there may be a a functional explanation for pain as in ‘the body’ (or in this case the deep unconscious) telling the conscious mind that something is wrong, but if mental distress / mental illness is a variety of that, then I don’t see how becoming aware of such pain would indicate any particular kind of treatment. Hunger is a stimulus that requires a solution through food consumption for example, and perhaps mental illness is similar insofar as a neuro-chemical imbalance may require a neuro-chemical solution (synthetic or otherwise) but that can be achieved in many different ways: through convention pyschotropic drugs, ‘recreational’ drugs such as you’re advocating, or the promotion of the kind of brain chemistry that is simply produced through better self-management of ones basic needs. Sure LSD might do something specific in accessing the deep unconscious, but is that necessarily the solution to mental ill health? The underlying assumption here appears to relate to (sexual) repression as a root cause of mental distress. That’s always been a contentious assertion. This is the same thinking that bids the homosexual to ‘come out’ of the cupboard. That act might be therapeutic to someone covered in shame about their secret desires and hiding in said cupboard, but oftentimes I suspect there is nothing in the cupboard at all, and people decide to come out anyway. The problem with (anti-) repression is that it may be a manufacturing process as much as it may be liberatory of something that actually exists

        25. “but oftentimes I suspect there is nothing in the cupboard at all, and people decide to come out anyway”
          Nobody acts without reason or some form of causation. If someone comes out as gay despite not being gay, he likely has another reason for that.
          “The problem with (anti-) repression is that it may be a manufacturing process as much as it may be liberatory of something that actually exists”
          That may be true when you presume to know what it is you are searching for. In that, searching for it could very well fabricate it. But that’s not what LSD does. LSD just shows you what’s there. If nothing is in the drawer, there will not be much for you to discover and you will have a very positive trip, simple as that.
          Interesting example about food. Yes, maybe I am being too short-sighted to completely dismiss biological or purely physical illnesses. But it is indeed my belief that nothing that happens to you is without a message, hence I do not really believe in completely pointless illnesses.

        26. “That may be true when you presume to know what it is you are searching for. In that, searching for it could very well fabricate it. But that’s not what LSD does. LSD just shows you what’s there”
          You don’t have to be religious to discover that the axiom ‘seek and ye shall find’ is applicable in a great many circumstances. Perhaps there are deep things buried in our unconscious mind, but the retrieval process may also be manufacturing process and if so it isn’t clear exactly what we may find buried.
          Re. the purpose of illnesses, it is a human need to find purpose and likewise that may mean furnishing meaning where that need arises. I see nothing wrong with that. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the aforementioned ‘manufacturing process’ either, except to the extent it is misidentified. There is nothing in the closet that you have not put there perhaps. This is the difference between ‘finding meaning’ and taking responsibility for providing it where a need arises. That doesn’t mean there are not things we are deceived about, have not buried or covered over, but that retrieval is itself a constructive process. Frequently a narrative one moreover

      2. Yes, I have read about the possibility to redirect the energy of the lower chakras into the higher ones to achieve a very peaceful and blissful state of consciousness. Although I believe that it is a free choice to do that and not irreversible.

        1. I was under the impression you were quite well-acquainted with all this stuff

        2. Just amateur-grade really. I have not been into it longer than for 8 months or so and I am still basically in the process of resolving all the trauma in my body. Until that is done, all this fancy stuff is off limits to me, I am afraid.

        3. Nope, although some (like Buddhism) advocate certain steps or rules or whatever. Personally, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that there is only one thing that is the essence of it all: To just stop doing anything. To simply be.
          There is no “way” to get there. You just practice it and get better at it.

        4. Would likely not work for me. My lower chakras are a big mess due to having been raped. Truth is, I am usually unable to even feel a clean and focused sexual desire. Need to clear that shit out first.

        5. “To just stop doing anything. To simply be.”
          well that’s not gonna happen is it? Do you really want to become ascended master or whatever the oriental equivalent is?

        6. It’s more of an internal thing. It does not mean you have to lie down and die. Quite the opposite, actually. You just stop resisting. If your body needs to shit, you go shit. If it needs to eat, you go eat. If it needs to talk to somebody, you talk to somebody. If it needs to fuck, you fuck. If it needs to do some work, you do the work.
          You just do all of it consciously and try to keep your mind and judgment and control out of it as much as possible. In other words, you basically get out of your own way. You make the ego (your fake, belief-based, compulsive self) smaller to allow for the uninhibited expression of your true self.

        7. I can buy most of that. But a part of me thinks that’s actually a description of the unconscious rather than the conscious. I have some difficulty of conceiving of consciousness separate to language and therefore of thought. Awareness sure, but post-linguistic may not be so different from pre-linguistic

        8. Yeah, I understand and know what you mean. This is simply because you are identified with your thoughts. “I think, therefore I am”. 🙂
          As I said, I am no pro, but meditation helps you realize that you are not your thoughts. Psychedelic drugs can have the same effect – although it usually is not as permanent.
          There is no way I can reason to you that you are not your thoughts. You have to experience it. I myself am not fully there yet, but I have had very lucid moments. Today I had a mild dosis of acid and I was in the park, lying beneath a tree and I shit you not, I was at one point so intensely in the moment that I was convinced I was telepathically communicating with the tree and sensing how the tree was a living being just like myself, moving in the wind.

        9. You don’t really have to convince me. I’m a believer in mindfulness, and of its utility – even if that in itself is not quite the eastern spirituality you might be situated in. I’m a believer but not a very good practitioner. I’ve worked in mental health so I know – at least intellectually – how thoughts and not reality are often the problem, and that management of thoughts, whether by wielding them more effectively or by not having them may be therapeutic. But my point was really about language in relation to consciousness. Easter spirituality seems (from my uninformed position) to speak of higher consciousness, but if it that occurs without structuration in language is it conscousness in a genuinely human sense. You can communicate with that tree because you are not at the moment a not-tree.

        10. I have a lot of contempt for psychology and psychiatry. They are so fucking helpless with most shit. They can explain to you WHY you are sick (your parents, society, your brain), but they have no clue how to fix it. The best they can do is give you pills.
          Sorry if that is a little unfair, but I have a personal beef with psychiatry…
          I see. Well, just fyi, I do not really identify with “Eastern” philosophy that much. I would just say it is the closest to my beliefs. Check out my article “Buddhistic bullshit” if you want to know what I think of Buddhism.
          This higher consciousness is still aware of the human, but it no longer thinks that it IS the human. I think this is what they traditionally mean with “selfless”. You observe the tree and you observe yourself, without putting one above the other. Of course, you still reside within that human body, so you may have to defend yourself against a thug or whatever. But if you go deeper, you see that this is indeed logical. It is not you (consciousness) that needs to defend itself. Rather, it is the human body in which you currently live. So you can basically observe both the thug and (yourself) fight without expectations. At least, I think that this would be kind of the highest form of enlightenment.

        11. “They can explain to you WHY you are sick (your parents, society, your brain), but they have no clue how to fix it. The best they can do is give you pills.”
          I would say they have pretty much no clue why you are sick either. Of course I understand your beef with psychiatry. Perhaps you should become a psychiatrist: work it out of your system. Wounded healer heal thyself and all of that.
          Re. your higher consciousness…..that’s kind of what worries me…that it ‘no longer think that it IS the human.” They mystical impulse for union with the divine isn’t going to go away. It is eternal. But we are not. It’s not so much a question of the nature of being, but of a sense of ethics / aesthetics – I am not sure we look good wearing God’s pants.
          Again when you speak of the ‘human body in which you currently live’ you are taking for granted the real existence of the soul. I am not denying that existence, but I am asking whether it is necessary a legitimate basis for acting in the world, including with regard to defending yourself against a thug who has little concern for either your body or soul.

        12. “They mystical impulse for union with the divine isn’t going to go away. It is eternal. But we are not.”
          You say “we” and you mean your human form. You can logically understand what I am saying, but your mind tells you also that you are a mere mortal bag of flesh. The fear of shifting from the “me” as a human to the “me” as eternal consciousness is the essence of the ego which is afraid to die. Have you ever dropped acid? If not, try it. You may get a good clue what I mean!
          “but I am asking whether it is necessary a legitimate basis for acting in the world, including with regard to defending yourself against a thug who has little concern for either your body or soul.”
          As I said, you still need to shit. You still need love. You still need to defend your life. To identify with the “soul” or whatever does not mean that you have to neglect your needs. Quite on the contrary. You will be able to love yourself much more deeply and that will give you also more confidence to stand behind yourself and your needs. What you gain is simply a more objective and a little more distanced, more peaceful view on it. As Eckhart Tolle writes, even the Buddha did not become enlightened until he abandoned the practice of asceticism.

        13. “your mind tells you also that you are a mere mortal bag of flesh”
          not really. I’m kind of coming in the other direction. Bodily needs and frailties have always somewhat surprised me. It has always seemed to me rather unreasonable that I should have such constraints. Simone Weil sees the ego, or as she calls its the personality as standing in the way of communion with the divine, and for the most part i agree with her. Yet if in pursuit of the divine you get out of the way so to speak in what direction do you move. There are two positions perhaps: that of the Godhead, and that of the ego-less human. At some point they may be one and the same I just think they are not necessarily one and the same at that particular point. Can you see God and be God at the same time?

        14. I would say you are God always. You are simply not aware of it.
          Which direction to move? There is no need to move. Simply become aware. You are never disconnected from the divine. You are only unaware of it – hence that Simone Weil has a good point!

  4. Look, if you wanna be a whore, be a whore. It’s the oldest profession for a reason, ladies. We got cash, and if you’re clean (and decent looking) you got business.
    But don’t you dare get mad at me for calling a spade a spade.
    If you need to feel better about openly selling your body and oh-so-valuable sexuality, just pretend you’re a temple prostitute from one of the ancient pantheistic religions. It’s less dishonest.

    1. What happened to the idea of “owning it” anyway? The women in the sex trades I could think of as remotely honest, exactly because they just said: “yep, we’re whores.”

  5. So there’s no God, no women, no borders, and no jobs…
    At least there’s Starbucks.

    1. you NEED to make this into a bumpersticker. Im serious. Big seller potentially. Your ticket out of Canuckistan

  6. Result: no children and rampant loneliness for a big part of the population.

  7. Women have been trading sex for favor for eternity. We call it marriage.

      1. Nah, the only difference between now and then is the identity of the John (From Husband to State).

        1. The state has existed an eternity already.
          A husband is not a John. A man would not allow her wife to use sex to manipulate him nor to attract other males, as that would invalidate his own masculinity, and risk his future offspring.
          It is in her nature to use sex though. But the state does not allow men to be men, thereby prostitution becomes a normality in different forms
          The same with women killing babies, in our species the infanticide is the female. But when the state supports it, it becomes normal and men can’t do anything due to emasculation. Man vs the state.
          The man is the only one who can prevent her negative tendencies…

  8. Is there any value in letting women know that you’re on to their ways and true nature?Will they consciously try to avoid the behaviors you point out in causing societal decline? Or nah, just enjoy the decline and game them all the way? Not my problem.
    I wonder if guys en masse caught onto some of the ideas in ROK and started telling women, nah, I’m not going to be your beta simp, whether the women would en masse start modifying their behavior.

    1. They know when you know. When you don’t respond to their personality in the way it is designed to manipulate you, they know you know.

      1. The quality of men has determined the quality of women. Men became lazy and entitled after the Industrial Revolution made everything comfortable. Just as there have always been whores, there have also always been the johns who used their services.
        People complaining that there’s nothing to do but “enjoy the decline” are degenerates worse than sluts, since sluts are just the product but men are the ones with agency and not using it to rebuild civilization.

      1. I would guess they do not want to be judged, but forbidding words is hardly accomplishing that. Just because someone dares not voice his judgment does not mean the judgment does not exist.

    1. Uh except it’s not just another job.
      Would you marry a hooker and have children with her provided what’s left of her snatch works that way still?
      And let her continue “working”?
      I’m guessing no. Heck I wouldn’t fuck one if she paid me. Wouldn’t talk to her either.

    2. I think the point of the atricle is its NOT just a job. The effects go far beyond the individual. Its the end of Western Civilization.

        1. I do not have any kids. Frankly, now that you mention it, I would not want to bring any kids into this world at this time. I just don’t have the courage. All the bullshit they would need to go through – government indoctrination in the form of school, etc.

        2. A common sentiment, however if everyone thought that way then this really is the end. One should consider that during WWII, when things were as bleak as they have ever been, during the Cold War when many people thought their end would come in a mushroom cloud, people still had children. It takes true courage, love, and optimism about humanity to have children nowadays.

        3. Well, a nuclear bomb and war is no reason against children. The chance that they may die is always present. This is worse. A nuclear bomb would just wipe us out and I would hardly take notice of it. But seeing my kids being broken and turning into mindless drones of the state? I don’t want to be a witness of that.

    1. Lonely ol’ (((George))) needs some company when he’s not financing degeneracy and divide-and-conquer initiatives across the world.

      1. When millennial kids ask me why I hate Soros, I gently remind them that the man said working for the Nazis, taking gold off the bodies of the people they executed, was one of the best times of his life.

        1. you ever see that segment 60 Minutes did on him about 10 years ago? Truly chilling

    2. Icke was right – he looks like a reptile – which makes them two lizzards! LOL

      1. Icke says some good stuff, but he loses me with that stupid Lizard conspiracy stuff. Same with Rense and his obsession with UFO’s.

        1. Tarpley is the best, certainly the smartest and the most educated, but he is very left wing.

      1. Maybe Diablo or Mephisto? Could be Azmodan or Belial as well. Need to brush up on my Diablo series folklore.

        1. Diablo 3 is literally the ONLY game I have on my PC. It’s just perfect for mindlessly killing an hour or so every couple of days when you’ve got nothing to do (and WANT nothing to do).
          It’s one of my battery recharge outlets, but don’t too suckered into it. Got work to do, gyms to hit, women to game, etc.

        2. Ditto. I’m in my early 30s now and video games are a rare event. I just can’t get into anything that’s new. All the better really, it’s an expensive hobby.

        3. “I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he once wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”
          so basically this is Soros the God controlling himself so that he doesn’t go too far

        4. The worst part isn’t the monetary cost (which, thanks to Steam, can be fairly low)…
          It’s the hours. It’s the days. It’s the years I’ve voluntarily sold Nintendo and Ubisoft and the rest, dirt cheap.

        5. Glasya-Labolas.
          …I wasted some of my youth studying the occult. There’s a Goetic demon said to cause homocides, incite wars, and manipulate people to form alliances.

    3. Talk about James Bond villain stereotypes. Does this chick have some kind of double entrendre name like Pussy Galore?

    4. she sued him for a flat he bought – she thought it he’d given it to her. In any other male / female legal contest the women would be likely to win but not in this case

        1. George is more subtle than that. He is always several degrees removed from the mayhem he causes

        2. It’d be more his style to get her involved in a radical movement, then have her either arrested or killed while she’s in the process of committing a criminal act.
          (Of course, I’m spitballing. There are so many possibilities for a man with that much cash and cache.)

        3. George is responsible for a great many sinister things. I don’t think he’s a criminal in any direct sense though. We’re talking about a napoleon of crime who most likely obeys the letter of the law the better to breach the spirit

  9. Women have no concept of morality, and thus, are completely incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. If a woman kills her kids, it’s because of her depression, medication, or because her husband beat her. If she consumes some alcohol and gets pumped and dumped, she’s most certainly not a slut, he raped her. If she shoves a dildo in each hole while broadcasting over a webcam while thousands of men across the globe jerk off, she’s not a prostitute, just a college girl trying to get by. How dare we judge her? Female independence encouraged a surge in immoral, degenerate behaviors. They are children, and if you don’t give them boundaries, any and everything is on the table.

    1. Well, this is now a world where a woman can acquire moderate fame and fortune for wiggling her toes in pudding. And wasn’t becoming a “re-virgin,” a thing a while back?
      Wouldn’t be surprised to see that revived. “Hey fellas, I’m a chaste Virginal, ex-novitiate, wanna see some of my habits? Bitcoin me. $30 a wimple.”

      1. Very funny . I went on the site and her a comment :
        Manesha Tillotsonil y a 1 an
        k first of all, i am a webcam girl myself and ‘white trash world?????’ really? first of all, there are plenty of Asian, Indian, and black/African webcam women that i put at the highest respect. they are usually very sweet and talented! second of all, how the fuck are they ‘white trash’ when they make more than you do in 1 week? :/ sad
        Oh and yes, my mother knows and quite frankly doesn’t give a single fuck. it’s a job that pays, and obviously if you’re jerking off to it you must like it. fuck off~
        Well, gentlemen, we got confirmation, everything in this article is true 🙂

        1. You aren’t talking to the male webcam viewers here sweety. Those guys are pathetic, we are the real men. English Bob and Roosh and my fellows on this site are the true men standing for what is left of the good in life. But I doubt you would understand as a feminist SJW.

    2. I love it how the preeminent site catering to male fantasies – Ashley Madison – turned put to be a total bullshit fraud, with the site’s operators recently admitting to bilking beta males of huge amounts of money by using “fembots” to contact the almost exclusively male user base. Meanwhile, “sugar baby” sites like Seeking Arrangement give their female customers everything they want and not only that, they even help rationalise womens’ amoral hamsterizations for them.

      1. To play Devil’s Advocate: a Sugar Baby would be closer to what was historically called a ‘mistress’ or a ‘fancy/kept woman’. Not as respectable as a faithful housewife, but still a step up from a common prostitute.

        1. I disagree: there have always been women who would occasionally exchange their affections for commodities but who wouldn’t consider themselves prostitutes because they weren’t full-time sex workers and they didn’t have a pimp or a drug addiction. The lines, if they are there (it could be argued that even a respectable faithful housewife effectively exchanges her body for her husband’s resources), have always been blurred.

        2. I always thought of a concubine as being a bit more official with a bit more public recognition than a standard mistress. Sort of like a second wife for men who live in jurisdictions where polygamy is illegal, or a ‘wife’ who has fewer rights than the man’s main wife because she brang less to the marriage (I would, for example, consider the ‘servant girl’ of Exodus 21:7 a concubine). So I compared sugar babies with mistresses rather than concubines because I suspect most sugar babies/daddies are keeping their relationship on the down low.

    3. I love when ho’s say “You can’t judge me”
      Judgement takes place in the mind. I judge. You judge. We all judge, all the time.
      Then again nobody said feminists were for freedom of thought, let alone speech.

      1. absolutely.
        Those who are never judged can never be vindicated, validated, or elevated. A hero is a ho is a coward is a cow. Equality is a race to the bottom.

      2. This ‘you have no right to judge me’ response is big out there now with many women. For sure these women are judging prospective men, their co-workers, people they meet socializing, their friends, people in the media, people they interact with online, and so on. People are just as judgmental these days as they have been for a thousand plus years of modern society. The feminine imperative now however wants to sham any judgment on women. Say the slut word and you will now get annoyed reaction/looks from the women around you, Now it seems prostitute is trying to be made a phrase from the past, as I’m sure, whore, hooker, ho will also attempted to be shamed out of usage.
        “People don’t call it prostitution anymore. That sounds like slut-shaming.”. WTF! Sorry if you a sugar baby, your a whore/pro. Just because you are not getting busted by the cops dont think you’re a ‘specialist companionship consultant’. So are guys who pay for sex going to be elevated in status now too by women. If there is no shame, then it should be cool for said women to tell their boyfriend/fiance about their $ for sex past or their tinder pussy smashing past…right. Nuh they aint going to do that.

        1. So I have a confession to make…
          When I was younger I used to think less of black men who called their women ho’s and bitches. But with age and experience, life has taught me they where right. Their women just showed their true faces a lot sooner.
          Now that being off my chest, it’s not a big stretch to expect white women to become as nasty as their counterparts in the hood in a near future. God, the selection to choose from is becoming smaller and smaller. Soon we will be left with only sexbots as options…

      3. Nothing but a knee-jerk, canned answer from cognitively dissonant women who are fully embarrassed by what they have become (materialistic amoral dong-grovelers, that is)…definitely remind these disgraced slatterns “That’s cute, but debatable…acting like you’re exempt from the human race, as if we’re not all being judged every day, constantly.” Then remind her of her rank in the actual hierarchy. They’ll go batshit, and you will restore the meaning and truth in your life. I never let a woman get away with the “Don’t judge me” BS — my silence is their win. Fuck that. Never give them safe quarter or respect. GET RESULTS! They don’t like it? Tell ’em to go call the cops if they don’t like it.

    4. Ah yes the don’t judge me platitude. Dont you know womyn are so strong and independent these days they don’t need no consequences.

    5. This makes so much sense. It’s just like there’s no soul inside her to tell her right from wrong, she really doesn’t care about anything. She is like a wildfire looking to burn anything and everything down and somehow you need to control that fire to the wick of a candle.

    6. Pimpin Ken: “A ho without instruction is headed for self destruction”.

    7. The godly women who are NOT like this are rejected by men! Stop CHASING whores!

  10. They already had redefined “prostitution” long ago called “marriage”.

    1. Marriage is having one steady customer willing to pay through the nose.
      Prostitution is an army of faceless dicks dropping you a twenty when they’re done.

    2. But feminists complain that female marriage is “unpaid labor”!!
      How dare women cook meals and spread their legs without financial compensation!!

  11. Women just love labels. In this ever-expanding evolution of labels, it is our job to simplify and keep labels at their root-core. “Prostitute” became sex coach, tantric expert, sugar baby, etc, kind of like “sales” in the corporate world became customer service representative, account manager, associate, etc. That’s how they keep us tricked or keep themselves tricked, by changing the name and adding fake prestige to something unprestigious.

    1. Gardener = “Landscape Irrigation Technician”
      Bartender = “Alcoholic Beverage Mixologist”
      Taxi Driver = “Motorized Transportation Officer”
      Yup. You gotta give all job titles 3 words with the final word having a very science or authority lean to it.

      1. Haha, yea, I love how bartender became mixologist, cab driver became “rideshare driver” and how Zappos salespeople are called happiness specialists ( or something like it). Don’t dare call these people the base term, or else they get really mad! They swear they are very different.

        1. $9.00 per hour is still $9.00 per hour. Let them have their petty illusions

        2. I hear at Subway they call the guys who make the food “sandwich artists”.

    2. Don’t forget the avalanche of engineers. I met waaaaaay too many engineers without a degree. Some examples include: H&S engineer, gas engineer, software engineer, resources engneer, and the list goes on.

  12. Let me guess, none of this income these pros make is ever counted when they do the pay gender gap statistics. If it’s just another job, then why not include this in the calculation. Instead these women never report these incomes and then can get all kinds of freebies from the government for being ‘poor’. And they never pay tax on this income.

    1. Yes. And what about pay discrimination against men in the porn industry? If anything the men must “work” twice as hard (snigger) for a fraction of the money female pornstars receive!

    2. Nonono,of course not. That’s why I’m for the legalisation of weed and hookers. These people pay no tax and since they have no registered source of income the gov fill their pockets with paper. Not all but quite a lot of people receive money while “trying to feed the family” and their addiction to expensive fashion brands, Iphones, etc.
      Back in the day gangsters would control the prostitution as a means of taxation for brothels. They know that sex sells big all they way back to the Romans and Egyptians.

    3. Ding ding ding.
      … Aaaaand men just hand over a huge chunknof their pay to women, to spend however they want… Always on worthless name brand bullshit

  13. “I will judge a woman for anything and everything she does to her body”
    Judging is so tiresome… just hurt the brain. Live and let live.

    1. To what extent? If a woman was a prostitute, am I not supposed to judge that before making her my wife? If rampant prostitution is attracting drugs and other crime to my neighborhood, am I wrong to judge the antisocial behavior at the root?

      1. To say that you are wrong would be another judgment. 🙂
        You are free to judge whomever and however you please, of course. I am just stating that I find it bothersome.
        I would not judge a woman who was a prostitute before making her my wife. If I felt bad about it, I would simply not marry her and marry someone else instead. If no woman suited my needs, I would simply not marry. No need to judge. Read: No NEED to judge. As in: Judgment is not necessary, although it is not wrong.
        I would not marry a pig, but I would not judge a pig for being a pig. Catch my drift?

        1. Judgement IS necessary in order to have a civil society.
          But besides that, your full of shit about not judging. Everyone does, all the time. You choose, select etc, even when you buy milk you make a judgment on which brand to choose, you don’t close your eyes and pick one at random.
          Discrimination and judgement are the basic building blocks that everything works through.
          And to take it further, anti discrimination laws are so bullshit and useless it is hilarious that any intelligent human would think they can be good or work for that matter.
          It’s like making thinking illegal.

        2. Maybe there is something extra implied in the word ‘judge’ for one of us.
          I would not marry a pig
          Then, I say you judged the pig. You didn’t judge the pig for being a pig, but you judged the pig.

        3. Well, first of all, there is a difference between judgment and discrimination. Discrimination is to say “I prefer A over B”. Judgment is to say “B is bad, A is good”.
          Secondly, I did not vilify judging. I explicitly stated that you are free to judge.
          And of course I also judge, it is indeed a part of the human condition – but the more I become aware of this, the less I see a need to do that. Judgment is only human. But then, so is anger – for instance. And yet, an overreliance on anger makes you sick.
          I agree that anti-discrimination laws are bullshit – that should follow from me saying that you are free to judge as you see fit. I do not want to restrict your free will in any way at all.

    2. So do you judge the stocks and securities you buy? Or do you just buy them at random?

      1. False dichotomy. I would not buy them at random, but neither would I judge them. I use the word “judge” as “making a moral judgment”. To judge a stock would be to anthropomorphize it. But if, when you say “judge”, you simply mean “I choose the best according to my needs and values”, then I would say I do judge indeed.

    3. Without judgement there is no discernment, without discernment there is no ability to make decisions or choices in life.
      You can live and let live, while still being able to judge that some people are doing bad things, and others doing good things.

  14. I don’t understand why sexually experienced men refer sexual rejects to escorts. Why would these men have a better experience with escorts?
    People seem to assume that prostitutes come from an alternate reality where the women operate according to rules different from the ones for regular women who rejected the nerds in the first place, but I find that unlikely.

  15. It’s interesting, isn’t it?
    I find it amusing that people, studied people, don’t realize what our ancestors were already pointing out – that for a society to thrive, there needs to be a set of restrictions on our most primal, basic urges…but not only that, but also a way for us to “safely” discharge our animalistic desires.
    Nietzsche writes that the foundation of Marriage is a way to apease to the animal within Men that wants to be a Master (over his family), to have Property (Wife and Children as property), to stabilish something that will keep existing and be bigger than his own life (A desire for eternity, of sorts), to have acess to Sex.
    All those are not merely restrictions on men, but a combination of Restriction AND Satisfaction of many of our instincts.
    He believed no men can be in a healthy state if he absolutly castrates his primal urges (Which doesn’t mean he thougth we should indulge in all of them – he called the inability to refrain from responding to stimuli a decrepit form of weakness), but about a balance.
    Current society, full of hedonism and the incapability to resist to urges, just makes it obvious how right he was.
    Freud used to say Civilization was built on the basis of Sexual Frustration derived from marriage.
    Freud was an idiot. Sexually frustrated males go around conquering, pillaging and creating new order in which they will have mates. Or, in the worst case scenario, they just check out of society – as we can observe with the vegetarian men, with the MGTOW movement, among others.
    It is only when the sexual urge is somewhat under control, and when Men have an incentive (their family, their property, but also their place within the community) to behave and contribute that society thrives.

    1. Very well said, and indeed Freud was an idiot. Nietzsche for all his flaws and fixations was far from an idiot and a keen observer I would say.

      1. There are aspects of both their madness that are true, effective, and reasonable. In particular, I think Freud’s philosophies of the mind’s composition (and how it can be manipulated) are valuable – such understanding is the basis for both hypnosis and more subtle forms of persuasion. The same is true of Nietzsche’s “will to power” conception.
        But the systems by which they viewed the world are wrong. In the end, it drove Nietzsche to madness and Freud to fuck with everyone he met.

        1. Effective and reasonable I’ll go with, True? Not even close.
          Heh I’m by no means a good practitioner I think, but get what I want…

    2. Technology and the easy life it has provided people has made them all massively arrogant.

  16. Words matter:
    It is not a profession,
    It is stealing, not just extracting,
    It is male denial: he will not see it as stealing,
    It is taking advantage of male sexuality, for money,
    It is men being sexual, and females manipulating with sex,
    It is not men being perverts but the inverse would be ‘abuse’,
    It is women being perverts(not for sex), but won’t be called abusers,
    It is not for necessity, it is female nature disguised and supported by males,
    It is our entire culture constantly stimulating men sexually, to steal things from him,
    It is the same with divorce, street harassment, infanticide or abortion, domestic violence, contraceptive pills, oppression myths, wage gap, STEM, IQ… It is all about giving women a reinterpretation as a victim, or ‘normal’, to so humanize her behavior

  17. I have seen to much in my life. Too many pretty little girls follow our cultures advice and becoming whores. It has not worked out well for any of them

  18. As an aside, my cop mate says most prostitutes in northern England are now “respectable” college and university girls

    1. I’m shocked at who I see going into prostitution. And supposed good girls banging every man in town. Hell they might as well get paid for it after that.

    2. I used to party with a stripper/hooker in undergrad and she had a car, apartment, drugs, fun money, and paid all her tuition on time.
      Now she’s married to a fat Asian computer programmer who doesn’t mind her past or her latent coke addiction.
      She’s a fat as fuck SJW now, but she took easy street and it more or less worked out for her. She has no kids though… so it all seems kinda pointless but whatever.

    3. A hell of a lot more do webcam stuff! I overheard this being mentioned by 3 groups of girls and I met one guy who recruited these women. The amount of money they make is pffffffff……do I need mentioned it!
      I was walking with this guy out of the pub, for a cig, then saw a scantily clad hottie get in to a car with an old guy. She got into the driver’s seat of a bmw z3! guy
      Guy: She’s a prozzy and goes to the local Arts college!
      Me: Maybe she’s got a rich dad!
      Guy: Look, he’s handing her money and kissing her on the lips!

      1. I’ve been to chaturbate. In fifteen minutes, I saw a fully-clothed girl make 100 bucks without doing anything resembling any sexual act.
        The thirst is strong, and some smart girls are profiting well off it.

        1. Like many young bucks in their day I took the bait of Live Jasmine with their previews and saw dudes paying like 10-20 quid just to make a girl laugh and get her attention.
          Madness! That level of desperation creeped me out as fuck!

        2. Nature always balances things out and it won’t last forever. By the time these girls hit the wall they will be left with nothing to hold on to (that’s if they haven’t gotten married then) and with no skills to make it without whoring their bodies.

    1. Are you saying you wouldn’t judge the girl on the left as being too fat for you?

      1. Whether I want to sleep with her or not has nothing to do with the kind of judgment I mean. I think feminism is partly responsible for a bit of nonsense there. The truth is that I can love her for who she is as a living being – even if that means that she is not attractive to me. But feminism would have you believe: She deserves your love. And by “your love”, we mean your cock and desire.

        1. Sounds like semantics to me. If you don’t want to sleep with her, that’s “judging her physical appearance” in my book. That doesn’t mean you have to think someone is worthless as a person. I’m not for stoning prostitutes, but you better believe I”ll judge them because of their actions and choose to have nothing to do with them on anything more than a superficial level.

  19. “After all, as she says, “What right does anyone have to judge you for anything you do with your body?” I will judge a woman for anything and everything she does to her body, including the kinds of food she puts into it, the amount of alcohol she consumes, the amount of exercise, the shape and genetics, the looseness of the sexual organs, and the mental damage done by a promiscuous past that she innately knows is wrong, or she wouldn’t hide it.”
    This is gold.

  20. So you can’t call a woman who sells her body a prostitute, but buddy, you fuck one chicken…

  21. About a dozen years ago I read about this chick, Jessica Cutler, who wrote about her sexapades while a Senate staffer, including some pay for play. Just perused the Wikipedia article on her; things haven’t gone so well.

      1. Yes, but you’re looking at it from an “enjoy the decline” point of view. The more sluts become single moms, the more ghetto kids they produce.

  22. “As prostitution and fornication with hundreds of men becomes the status quo for the typical American teenager, an entire generation will be lost.”
    More pussy for us…if you can’t beat ’em, bone ’em…

  23. What right does anyone have to judge you for anything you do with your body?”
    That is, until they hit the wall, then they will judge you for boning gorgeous young tarts. That, and they will judge you by the size of your weiner.

    1. You do not not judge for others to feel good about themselves. You can only choose to not judge to have less stress in your life.

  24. What are we meant to call them then? Service attendants? Night coaches?

  25. I betcha anything that some gal somewhere is reading this and saying, “Bu-But-But…Men do it too!” (of course I don’t see that anywhere) But you guys already know the hamster-wheels and the mental gymnastics lol.

  26. Fuck all that noise. A whore is a whore. If you trade sex (or the possibility of sex) for favors, be they monetary or any other, you’re a prostitute. Which pretty much makes every woman in history a prostitute on some level I guess, but there it is.

      1. Unless they exited the womb as nuns, I have a hard time believing that any woman has refused every opportunity to use her femininity to get something she wants/needs.

        1. Of course women use their attractiveness and bodies to negotiate their way through the world. They’re naturally weaker than us, but, I wouldn’t begrudge them this or equate them as being mere whores in this regard. If you follow your argument to its logical conclusion there would be no human race as women would have to use their bodies during the act of procreation. This is just a dumb observation on a fact of life you don’t evidently like.

        2. That makes little sense. I’d be careful throwing the word dumb around if I were you.

      2. They give their vaginas to Jesus in exchange for heaven. A real man can’t offer them eternal bliss, only money and favors.
        Church virgins are the biggest whores, churches are the biggest whore houses. The reason they fight like hell to make sex for money illegal is because it cuts into their business(sex for a man’s soul). Just like how WalMart is demonized.

        1. In the Gospel Halls that’s true I’d reckon, but, in the Catholic church the virgin wombs were locked up from the Devil’s seductive eyes. You see Islam and Catholicism have something in common after all.

        2. “the Devil’s seductive eyes”
          And by that, of course, you mean the shamed masculine Shadow Archetype of the seducer.

        3. Don Juan was never a “shamed” archetype. We know he’s troublesome, sulfurous and dangerous, but we love, rather than respect him. This is the critical difference, but, the seducer and the charmer have never been a shamed shadowy Archetype in western culture.

        4. Don’t confuse Western literature with Western culture, though. All the girls love to read 50 Shades of Grey, but how many actually allow themselves to live it out. I think that is what we have Hollywood for: To see others live the parts of our personality that is forbidden to us. If that were not true, I imagine a big part of contemporary storytelling would quickly fade into meaninglessness.

        5. That’s always been the purpose of storytelling from the most primitive times. To articulate taboos and the punishments that come to those whom transgress these laws. However, to fantasize and to act are completely different states of being and the whole basis of our law today is still based upon the notion of consequences for people who for example want to kill others because they enjoy doing this.
          You cannot allow people to live out the majority of their fantasies and this is a deep and abiding principle of our species that goes back to our very foundations. If you allowed this, you’d essentially open the door to the most base, childish and destructive energies to flow unchecked into everyday society. This disrupts the stability of the collective and reduces people to a status lower than animals.

        6. You miss the point, though. We do not watch murder because we actually want to murder. What we truly want is to tell our stupid boss to go fuck himself sometimes, to not let that bitch disrespect us, to stand up for our own needs. But we never do that, and the resentment grows. Like a river behind a dam. And to release that amount of energy, you need something extreme. While it would not at all be that extreme if you simply enforced your boundaries in a healthy way in everyday life.

        7. Speak for yourself when saying we never do that. I had my boss come over to my house and tell me I have to sign a paper. I was seriously ill at the time. The paper was that I agree to the company firing me and that I would not sue.
          I told him to take a long walk on a short pier.
          I’m of the opinion that it’s better to release the steam at what caused it than keep it inside.

        8. Sorry for generalizing. Of course that is precisely the healthy thing to do. But I think many don’t – hence the appeal of consumerism to dampen the anger.

    1. I didn’t marry my wife to get sex, I did so to have children and control over them to some degree, and to build my own family tree branch.
      Anyone getting married to have sex is a dumbass and will get disappointed most likely.

    2. Oh come now, that’s Feminist reasoning. They came up with that spiel in order to call being a housewife “prostitution”. Don’t fall into their trap.

  27. We’ve been involved in a spiritual war, most people don’t want to accept it or believe it. As Satan said “I will turn your daughters into whores”.
    In the grand scheme of things, women trade sex for something in return of value or something that makes her feel good about herself. Taking a look at the bigger picture, it’s all prostitution even if it’s not for money alone. If a girl sees that a guy has lots of friends and a busy fun life that she wants to be a part of, then she will essentially seek to date that guy and exchange sex to acquire what that guy can provide. So it’s all prostitution! Exchanging sex for something of value.
    What eliminated this? Something called marriage that was made with a covenant between the couple and God. And the idea is that the couple would only be having sex after being married and not before. Since sex took place after the marriage and within the covenant in the presence of God’s grace, it could only be seen as a pure exchange of love and something of beauty and devotion and NOT prostitution. By being married, the man and woman were sacrificing themselves for one another, meaning they both removed themselves from the dating pool to ONLY be with each other until death. And that way, it also gave other men a better chance at finding wives since “mr. top 20%” was out of the dating pool and not having sex with 80% of the girls that were chasing him. Duh.
    So all sex outside of marriage is technically prostitution. A girl chasing a guy because he has money and is a doctor or something, and then having sex with that guy without being married is prostitution. It’s no different than a girl asking for $500 to have sex with a guy. It’s all for something of value, something superficial. It’s all prostitution outside of marriage. So, Satan did succeed. He sought to destroy the family through cultural marxism and also devalue marriage. Satan turned women into whores and the whores today have no idea that they are absolutely no different than the backpage hooker trading sex for dollars.

    1. We know that the god of this world is the deceiver. That is no surprise. Yeshua said, “my kingdom is not of this world but heaven” Good points, I enjoyed reading it. Shalom

    1. Ding ding, we have a winner for tonights The Obvious Is Obvious award.
      How about a demand built into genetics?

  28. Marriages in patriarchal societies offer men more than just a regular sex partner. The opportunity to be involved father, protector and leader. Something men should naturally crave.
    But in our modern society, men are at best just sperm donors, expected to be passive slaves of the government, corporations and whatever women think they want.
    So of course men see that in our society all sex is prostitution(even married) and all women are whores. Thank you feminism.

    1. Very well said, and the way I see and experience marriage is the old way.
      That said most guys I know, even married ones do not seem to see themselves as a leader of their family for some reason, and that also extends to them demanding that their wives work as much as they do and so their kids grow up surrounded by strangers in daycare.
      Then again they also are lefty pussy manginas for the most part so it may be part of the whole system in some way.
      Either way, to me they are not men in the proper sense.

  29. This is just the natural progression of legalising birth control. You give a women the ability to have sex without kids, then you have men who will pay for sex. What can we expect to happpen?

  30. Most “modern” women want a different definition of prostitution, because they no longer offer any traditional services to a man: cooking, cleaning, raising children. They only thing they offer is their vaginas, which places them on the level of a common prostitute.
    Thus, they have to change the term since it highlights what their new “liberation” amounts to – sex for money.

    1. Yeah i can’t stand that, they’re trying desperately to make it into a legitimate profession for women, even though it’s exploitative and harmful to women. And isn’t it funny how us ‘evil misogynists’ actually seem to care more about women than feminists do.

      1. And they love to make the ho the victim but the nameless John’s an evil oppressor. Outside of child prostitution and slavery which happens to BOTH boys and girls, most ho’s are voluntary and revel in their ability to make easy money.

  31. I can’t believe there are guys on this site calling me a traitor because I’m a Caucasian man who’s interested exclusively in traditional SE Asian girls. I mean, are they reading the same articles like the one above as I am? The West is fucked. It’s like calling me a traitor for refusing to drink sewage – because I have standards.

    1. You and me both man. I refuse anything not Japanese, with only exception being Scandinavian girls because that’s where I grew up.
      I don’t feel like I am a traitor to anything….
      Actually I think if I didn’t find the best girl to plant a baby in I would betray every man who came before me genetically…

      1. I said the exact same thing earlier today – except I said I’d betray not just the humans before me but the whole 4+ billion years worth of ancestors.
        In any case, we’ve got a duty to our ancestors to reproduce, but Western girls whoring their way through university obviously aren’t going to help us with that, so there’s no choice but to go to SE Asia.

        1. Hehe I’m fairly well along with that plan, except for me of course it has to be from Japan.
          My Japanese old school wife is pregnant. In December we will have a new member of my clan hehe. CSC junior!
          I think it would be a terrible waste if I didn’t produce children, and so do many who know me well… So version 1 is nearly done, and version 2 will follow soon after hehe

        2. Check this video out, man. Kratae is nice to look at, but take your eyes off her tits and read the subtitles and listen to what she’s saying.
          Basically, she’s telling Thai girls that if their boyfriend dumps them because they’re fat and ugly then they need to make an effort to lose weight and be beautiful again.
          I can’t get over it. It’s the most sensible message I’ve ever heard in a pop song. At a time when Western girls are being protected from fat shaming, SE Asian girls are telling each other to wake the fuck up and get sexy. It really highlights exactly why to go for SE Asian girls. There’s simply a quality difference.
          Here’s some quotes from her song:
          “‘Cause you’re being dumped, you need to get prettier. No need to care for anything. Make sure to get slim and perfect.
          “‘Cause you’re getting dumped, just get hotter. No need to be worn down. Just make sure you look deliciously pretty with no resting.”

        3. Oh, congratulations on the baby, by the way. Now, all you got to do is repeat the process at least 9 more times!

        4. Yup nice song, and message. In Japan there are some similar things but not as explicit put out by idol bands.
          Every time I see a couple here the girl is fat… And I mean I would not touch with a stick fat.
          I’m curious,do you also think Asian girls are best spooned or no? I’m my experience it works the best and I have less pubes to pick off my dick…

        5. It’s going to be hard to hit those numbers, I will need auxiliary forces.
          So I’m recruiting and it seems I have hit home run on the first.
          But the main point is my brand of insulting commentary will live on!

        6. LOL Best spooned?! What?! I’m not that savvy with the names for all different sex positions, man.
          Spooning is where you both lie down on the bed together on your sides and fuck her from behind, no? If so… I mean, she’s hairy down there, is she?
          You know, every Japanese porno I’ve seen the chick has always been hideously hairy. I wouldn’t stand for it.
          There’s a cure. What you have to do is shave her mons pubis with a razor – preferably a safety razor.
          So what you need to do is do it yourself, like everything else that involves a chick. You got to get in the shower with her and shave her hair off, man. If she won’t let you then get her drunk and do it when she’s passed out, okay. You could try offering monetary incentives to get her to co-operate, or you could offer to take her shopping.
          Anyway, that’s what I’d do.
          The idea of having to spoon just because she’s hairy… no. No, I wouldn’t stand for that at all.
          I like to go doggy-style, anyway. Whether lying, kneeling, or standing, I like to be behind and relatively on top. Spooning… I only do that when I’ve had sex too many times in one day and I can’t come and I’m getting tired, then spooning is good because you can just lie down and keep going forever (until eventually you come, an hour later).
          Good luck with the hairy monster, man

        7. Hahaha not sure if you know about Japanese girls but they all come with a carpet down there…
          They have sometimes asked if they should go have it removed, but I’m saying nope… Because if they do I might like it too much and not be interested in other pussy lol.
          Anyone who isn’t the mother of your child is ultimately interchangeable…

        8. If the problem is that bad then you should get a really sharp razor and shave the pubic hair off dry and collect it in a little box. See how much pubic hair you can collect.
          I’m not entirely sure why anybody would do this, but it seems like a genuinely interesting thing to do. After you had an entire bucket full of Japanese chicks’ pubic hair, post a photo of it in a RoK article and there shall be LOLs abound…

        9. Hahahaha! The only problem there is that it’s hard to do because of Onsen culture. Women see eachother naked and they all go ‘Au naturel’ lol. So to convince them to shave is also basically shutting them out of going to an Onsen…
          That said in general they are almost hairless naturally except for the bush, which in my book beats a shaven European girl every time.
          In the beginning it was weird as I was used to shaved europussy but now I don’t really care…

        10. I like the overall message and we definitely could use that sort of pop culture in the west. I’m not sure how accurate the translation is, but some of the “No need to care for anything, just look pretty” bit strikes me as superficial and narcisistic. Perhaps a more accurate translation is “don’t worry or fret” but ‘don’t care for anything but your looks’ will create a bunch of plastic, shallow, superficial girls who care for nothing but how hot they are and how much attention they get. I’d like to see a little more submissive behavior and dedication to a man, not a “you go girl” fat shaming video.

        11. Well, it isn’t perfect, but honestly considering it’s technically advice for a girl AFTER she’s been dumped then it’s quite reasonable. I mean, after you get dumped don’t fall into misery, she’s saying, instead go on a path of self improvement.
          Thai pop stars are by no means intellectuals or anything. I think what’s notable about the message is what it suggests is absent from the culture. It’s quite apparent from watching this that, in comparison to Western culture, there’s no notion of coddling and safe-spaces for fatties in Thai culture.
          Sometimes what’s ABSENT from a culture is more important than what’s preached by it.

        12. I would have to say I used to care more about what a girl thinks or so than I do now. To me the main thing is actually for them to look pretty, and be welcoming and compliant.
          And in some way any form of fat shaming IMO is good. I work with some people who are triple the weight they should be, and it’s ruining my appetite and mood.

        13. Shaved is better – it looks much more youthful (which is a pretty pedo statement, but the truth of it’s undeniable). The consequences – which sound a bit silly, whatever you’re talking about there – like the mons pubis, are mine to shape.

        14. oh you are Noth?
          Going to Japan in October.
          Worldfriends worked out great.

        15. Yes hehe my old nick got banned. Good work! Kagoshima is further south than I have been. Glad to hear it worked out, my Japanese wife is now pregnant and the baby is due in December hehe.
          If you want to talk privately my email is my old nick @ gmail.
          Once more, well done! Very few people put to practice the advice given but you did!

        16. Hehe I don’t need more youthful look… Most Japanese 45yr old women look close to 12-13yo as it is…
          But the peso comment does remind me of a joke a fat beer bellied trucker ones told me while eating a burger: “if meat has hair on it, it’s past its due date”

        17. Congratulations. I’m glad to hear that things are going well and that you’ve got a young family on the way.
          You’re right too in the fact that you basically have to go to Japan to find a good woman. The ones that are local or travellers are usually too experienced and finding one from a good family even if her English isn’t fantastic is the best bet.
          I’ll definitely email you soon and we’ll have a further conversation.

        18. You will get used to the language thing. I understand most domestic and common Japanese, so my wife just speaks Japanese to me most of the time.
          I answer in Japanese sometimes but most of the time in English.
          You will do well if you learn a bit of common Japanese customs and language. It kind of flatters them the more you know and act according to custom.
          Have patience with her ;-). You’ll know why I say this when you get there…
          And don’t be afraid to tell her what to do, she will most likely expect you to…
          I did with my now wife, I told her what we are going to do and when, and she organized things around that.

        19. Same thing in Colombia. If the girls put on a little weight, they get feedback from Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers and cousins. They aren’t allowed to go in public unless the clothese are clean and pressed. They are (almost) always polite, deferential and well mannered.

  32. Women lie about EVERYTHING; ALL the time.
    They are particularly good at lying to themselves.

  33. Prostitution is legal in almost all countries of the world. Prostitution was legal in all states of the USA until approximately 1915 (Its still legal in Nevada). I think there will always be a subset of women willing to work as prostitutes. There is also a segment of men who will need those services. There are some men who will always be denied access to sex no matter what. I think the laws should be changed to allow it.

  34. To fathers of daughters thinking you can keep your girl from turning into a slut prostitute is not possible with the way it is

    1. Of course it fucking is you limp wristed shit. If I have a daughter I will make damn sure she doesn’t turn into a harlot, and if that means beating her black and blue or locking her up in the house, then so fucking be it.
      Defeatist attitudes like this is a good part of what’s ruining society and giving justifications to spineless pieces of shit.

      1. The minute she goes through her teen rebelious phase you will be the one locked up. You will learn to relate to her though because while you are being raped by Tyrone, she will be having a train run on her by his pimp daddy homies after she meets them on visiting day at the prison.

        1. Yeah right. Nothing stops me from raising her in a country where corporal punishment isn’t just allowed but the norm.
          Get your head outta your ass.

  35. That’s really scary. Sorry, i have a 6 year old girl and ive made sure that my husband is one of the top influences on/for her. But hes a feminist (yeah i oopsed and didnt read the fine print).
    Im scared to death she will go down the slut road. Articles like this only highlight that the road ahead is going to ve hard but worth it!

  36. Excellent article, very well thought out and nicely written. A whore is a whore is a whore, harlot, harpy, strumpet or whatever they are all the same.

  37. She’s a ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho and ho. No euphemisms. Slut shame and slut Shame some more. Normally I wouldn’t even advise or advocate this, but: if you must get something out of the ho, do not give her anything. Then shame her after the deed is done.

  38. Do whatever you want and have no blowback whatsoever? Not living in the real world. The gold star of brilliance will be when they get that degree in sociology and find out that they will never make back the money they spent on college. Should have just been a hooker and put it in the bank or stock market.

    1. ah, but the idea is that if they become a sugar baby then it wont be such a hit to their bank account, as their wealthy sugar daddies will have bankrolled her degree.

  39. I avoid denigrating the Oldest profession, as they sell only their own body. The people in the state and national capitol – those are the whores. who sell their souls – and yours. But, as P.J. O’Rourke reminds us, in a democracy, Whores R Us. Granted, some times supply can create its own demand, and when the cultural revolution of the 1960s started, it is clear that initially men benefited. “You could get it for asking on the street” is a famous quote about that time. Now is the era of the owner operating escort service, in which category we must place most single American females today. That many of these unashamedly denounce honest working girls as being objects of exploitation, is one of the many things that puzzles me about contemporary manners and mores in these United States.

  40. He gets what he wants, sex with a presentable young girl who he didn’t have to troll for on the streets like a creep, and she doesn’t have to sleep with a sleaze ball in some back alley. Win win for everyone.

  41. Is this the ultimate evolution of ignore women, acquire currency? Eventually you have so much you can blow a few grand a month on a college chick to fuck every weekend?

  42. It’s weird that prostitution is illegal, but what exactly does the typical “dating” process for hetero men in America consist of? Spending money, and more importantly your TIME on a woman, in the hopes that she’ll invite you inside one or more of her holes. Prostitution is just a way to expedite the process AND limit drama. The only reason it’s illegal is because the govt hasn’t found a way to monetize it, without calling it what it is. That’s why women use cam sites instead. They can WHORE themselves out on the internet, get paid ridiculous amounts of money, and still be able to claim they’re not prostitutes, because the site told them they’re “performers”. Bottom line, it takes VERY little to convince a woman that her toxic behavior is ok.

    1. The government would love to monetize it and they easily could. They’d make tons just like they do on alcohol and cigarettes. These ‘workers’ all get away with not reporting their incomes.
      The reason it is illegal is that society and women especially want to force men into marriage with women that suck and working their ass off to pay for the American dream. In countries where it is legal, the women are better wives and girlfriends because they have competition.

      1. I agree with you. Lets be honest, prostitution is only illegal if you’re below a certain status level. How many politicians and entertainers have been known to pay for pussy? Also, marriage in American society is the biggest hustle the government has going for it, imo.
        Just had an epiphany (kinda). How many feminists would cross over into the realm of prostitution if it became legal? Would they sit back talk shit about, and marginalize hoes like they currently do housewives? Or will they join in as a way to be “progressive” in an “its my bodeh, and I can do with it what I please, and you better not argue with me or you’re a sexist” sort of way? 😉

        1. That’s already happening in Toronto. Prostitues who identify as feminists. They interviewed one a couple of years ago when there was some media hoopla about making it more legal. She said it was empowering. I think calling prostitution empowering is completely delusional. Its a sex trade nothing more. I’m not so sure that the average prostitute is going to buy into a feminsit spin on accepting money to let some guy jizz on her face, though, so I don’t see an emergence of a widespread feminist spin on prostitution.

    2. Indeed it takes very little to convince her that her toxic behaviour is ok, considering the high volume of men very interested in paying to sexually benefit from that toxic behaviour. Whatever people think of it, it’s a business with a growing clientele thanks to the Internet making it easier for prostitutes to find customers and vice versa. There’s even websites where male customers review services and discuss their experiences with prostititues. They call themselves hobbiests and prostitutes also post on these sites. It doesn’t get more mainstream than that.

      1. Very true. I haven’t referenced Patrice O’Neal in a while, so fuck it. I think he boiled the toxic behavior phenomena down to, “Women want a man to give them permission to be a whore”. And I think he said that back in 2007 or 2008. Dude was a prophet.

  43. Civilizations go up, civilizations go down. There is no changing that. You can only slow it down as much as you can to contain damage and then start building it up again while the ashes are still warm.

  44. As men, we want to have sex with all of them. But we also want a madone to raise our kids. It’s impossible to get everything.
    Women are all the same, but they are very good at hiding it.

    1. The Pimps prayer from a pimp called slickback
      You say it all…like tribe called quest

  45. Thank goodness I left sex work, and my current boyfriend is very very understanding so when I told him I used to, he didn’t dump me there and then.
    Go onto tumblr and be shocked at the volume of ladies who feel that it is 100% acceptable to be paid for their bodies.

  46. The Game is not easy for most of men. It’s a lot of work that gives poor results and a lot of rejections, even if it’s supposed to be a stupid sequence of actions that are supposed to lure all the poor weak whores automatically.

  47. It is up to MEN to stop encouraging this behavior, so STOP CHASING AFTER SLUTS! As a single Christian woman, it is frustrating being constantly chased by slutty married men, while young men ignore me completely, because I am not “easy”. The married male sluts know they have nothing to lose, and know that they can shamelessly flirt with no repercussions. Meanwhile, a whole generation of MEN are NOT INTERESTED in marriage and children, and especially not Christian women. MEN, by encouraging this, YOU are allowing it to spread! Just BOYCOTT whores!

    1. I’d be really surprised if its just married men only showing interest in you. I doubt very much single men are completely ignoring you, but more like as you say, losing interest when they find out you are not easy and a religious woman. I don’t see why married men would not lose interest also if there is no chance of them getting any nookie. They probably keep flirting though as they probably have a humdrum sex life at home and get a kick out of it. the single me men move on to other prospects rather then lead you on thinking they want something serious. At least they are not deceiving you to get laid though it would be frustrating for you still.
      I’d say the majority of the single women I know are doing the hookup scene. Some are promiscuous and open about it and some like to think they not and/or do it on the quiet (you cant judge a book by its cover when it comes to this). Good looking men are having a ball with lots of women, and women kid themselves if they think it does not snowball through the ranks of men. The beta boys & nice guys want their share of the hookup pie too.

    2. I have to laugh (not at you). This behavior is on both sides of the aisle. Many of these articles talk about how women are damaged goods because of the 15 year slut carousel women ride. And yet, the guys don’t see the same thing happening to themselves. Emotional detachment is rampant.
      Keep in mind, the attention that sluts get is very fleeting. During the early 20’s, before anyone is thinking about marriage, the sluts get the attention. As people are looking to settle down, you will be in demand if you keep your virtue. The sluts that get the attention early on become the bar hags that get neither attention or respect.

  48. The last decade has seen the destigamitizing of sleeping around by women, and it seems now there is a a bit of a trend to do the same when it comes to sleeping around for money…sugar babies.
    Well here is another cog in that social process – check this sh1t out…
    “..Ohlala is an app for any woman who thinks she ought to be compensated for her time and efforts when she goes out with someone. It seeks to turn leisure time — a precious, dwindling commodity — into billable hours.”
    So it seems the woman is the prize, who’s time & temporary companionship needs to be earned and compensated for by the man. His time & company & entertainment of her or even bedroom repertoire is worth zilch in this era. The opening transcript of an encounter is a WTF situation. The guy had agreed to pay the Ohlala using woman $600 (and that doesn’t include drinks/meal/taxi) to go on a date with him and when she got whiff of him wanting her to go back to his place, she made it clear she is not that type of girl.
    If this was promoted as an app for escorts it would be fine to me, but then it couldn’t snag the US market, so its being pitched to busy women who feel men need to compensate them for gong on a date with them. I hope this app ends up in the IT graveyard.

  49. You forgot two other items: 1. Men kill other men at 8 times the rate of killing women. 2. Men do the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in society, including the military, firefighting and police work. While it it true that only 5% of CEOs are women, 100% of garbage and sewer workers are men. No woman is crying inequality here!

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