3 More Important Lessons I Learned About Civilization From Living In A Hippie Commune

Last summer I had the opportunity to help build a miniature civilization.

As I wrote about in “3 Important Lessons I Learned About Civilization From Living In A Hippie Commune,” every year there is an event called Rainbow Gathering, where roughly 15,000 hippies gather in the middle of the woods and set up a temporary civilization. Think a more “granola-y” burning man.

I ended up going with this cute hippie chick, and it was a blast. I really wanted to go, however, so that I could learn about civilization. I wanted to see how the bureaucracy evolved over the course of a couple of weeks, how the people would be fed, and if there would be a healthcare system or not. I wanted to learn how to build a society from the ground up.

The first three lessons that I covered were that most human beings are very lazy, natural gender roles emerged, and that women are attracted to power. The ROK community liked these lessons so much that they wanted a “part 2,” so if you haven’t read “part 1,” I would highly recommend it (click here to read it).

So, without further ado, here are three more important lessons I learned about civilization from living in a hippie commune.

1. We Are Incredibly Oppressed and Repressed

Authoritarianism works best if you can make people love their slavery

After getting to my campground, the very first thing I was struck by was the amount of generosity and genuine happiness of several individuals. Yes, some people were very negative and conniving, but most people were incredibly genuine.

Upon arriving, I was immediately greeted by a dread-locked, hemp-pants-wearing hippie man. “Hey, dude! Need any help with your tent?” Yeah, I did, actually. He was more than willing to help me set up my tent, a deed that took around 45 minutes (it was a huge, two-room tent).

I was a bit surprised that he had been willing to help me out without even knowing me, but I figured, hey, everyone’s here relaxing on vacation, so that’s to be expected.

Then, no more than an hour later, I was trying to find a particular outpost. One of the men offered to walk me there. After a 25 minute trek through winding dirt paths and marked trails, we arrived. “Thanks man,” I shouted. “Any time, brother,” he responded. And like that, he walked away.

There are dozens of examples of little things like this happening that I could cite, but the point is, that people were genuinely happy to help one another. It wasn’t some fake guise, like the bellhop who gives you excellent service just to get a nice $20 tip. It was genuine.

I started to realize that this is the natural state of man; to want to build a community and help one another, so that as a whole, we may achieve greater things than we could alone. This is how man existed for years. It’s in our nature to be outgoing and helpful! I wondered why “regular society” wasn’t like this, and the answer became abundantly clear: the culture is different.

It is in man's nature to help one another.

It is in man’s nature to help one another.

We live in a manipulative, fake, shallow, back-stabbing, pseudo-third-wave-feminism-infested culture that completely robs us of our humanity. We have the passion and joy for life crushed out of us at a young age by our warped school system, and any sort of humanity that we express is quickly capitalized upon by the droves of sociopaths that lurk in the workplace.

I recall seeing two men greet one another on a dirt road. “It’s good to see you, man,” one of them spoke. The other looked deeply into his eyes and replied: “It’s good to see you too, my friend.” They embraced, as if they were two WWII soldiers meeting for the first time in years, and then walked down a dirt path together.

This type of thing would be seen as “gay,” or “weird,” in our repressed society. A beautiful representation of the power of male bonds that can span a lifetime, is belittled and twisted to be something that’s “gay.” This expression, then, was only “normal” outside of the brainwashed culture that we live in.

Our society is incredibly repressed—we cannot express emotions that were normal for 99.9% of history without social repercussions. And not only are we incredibly repressed, but we’re also incredibly oppressed.

In the forest, there really were no rules. Just don’t be a violent psychopath, and we’ll pretty much be fine. And although America calls itself the “Land of the Free,” the drastic juxtaposition of “forest culture” vs. “American culture,” outlined the folly of such a title very quickly.

If a group of men wanted to start a campfire, share a bottle of whiskey, and hoot and holler all night long, they could. If a man was tired of walking so far to the latrine, he could just dig a giant hole and make another one. If we didn’t like the way that somebody was acting or behaving, we could get a group of men together and tell them to stop.

In the “Land of the Free,” any one of these actions would be met with severe consequences. Oh, you’re out drinking in public with your mates? Sorry—doesn’t matter if it’s one in the morning on a Friday, it’s illegal. Here’s a $125 fine and you’re going to prison for the night.

Oh, a girl willingly goes home with a guy? “SLUT, WHORE, BITCH, SKANK!” yells the crowd of gossipy bitches. “Uh-no! He raped me, it’s not my fault!” Then the next thing he knows, he gets thrown in jail.


Oh, a man doesn’t like the chipping paint in his apartment and decides to paint it? Or he doesn’t like the lack of lighting in his apartment, so he decides to install several upgrades? “Sorry, sir—that’ll be a $1,500 fine.” “But I literally upgraded your apartment for you!” “Sorry, it doesn’t matter. We’re a massive bureaucracy and you have zero freedom to deviate from our cookie cutter apartments.”

We say that we are free, but we are not free.

2. Communism Isn’t Practical on a Large Scale


There were certain elements of communism within our civilization. Everybody got fed regardless of whether or not they contributed money or helped gather and prepare the food. Everybody had access to medical care if they needed it. There were a ton of activities and workshops to do, for free.

But do you know what made those things possible? The fact that there were rewards for doing these things. This is the essence of capitalism: you get rewarded more (whether it be through money, power, girls, connections, or social status) by doing certain things that benefit the group.

I talked about this concept in “part 1,” but it’s basically the idea that the men who put in the work to help the village are rewarded in some way. The men who collect and organize the food get first pick. They get to choose who eats what. If someone’s an asshole, they won’t get any food.

The Native American man who was in charge of the clinic got rewards, too. His students got to learn first hand and gain massive experience. His school (he had a natural medicine school out West somewhere) got massive publicity. He gained social status, and the respect of his peers for healing the sick.

The man who put on the yoga workshop for free? He loved doing it, got to network with people, and probably had a ton of girls invite him back to their tents to “chill.”

Do you see the point? Putting in work is rewarded, and this allows us to have a mildly communist system. The problem is that when the system gets too big, helping out your community is actually discouraged.This is the reason why communism does not work on a large scale. When it’s implemented on a large scale, you actually get PENALIZED for helping your community.

Oh, a doctor works really hard, goes to school for the first 28 years of his life, and then busts his ass for 90 hours a week, helping sick people get better? Haha, sorry mate! Gotta take 65% for the masses.

Are you fucking shitting me?

Are you shitting me?

Oh, you want to start a business? Good luck covering overhead costs when you’ll be taxed twice and will have to jump through countless loops and holes in order to register with our corrupt government so that we can take even more of your money.

Policies such as exorbitant, progressive tax scales, and setting up barriers to entry, actually DISCOURAGE men from helping their communities. So, none of them do. Business and innovation stagnate, nobody is willing to put in any actual hard work, and the economy goes to shit.

3. Men Need Guidance

What do you mean I'm not a man? I'm 21!

What do you mean I’m not a man? I’m 21!

Without male mentors, boys do not grow into men. Past societies recognized the importance of male mentors; from the Spartans to the tribes of South America, nearly every culture that has come before us encouraged male mentorship.

They recognized the importance of developing your masculinity, because without it, your life goes to shit. Boys need to be taught how to be men, because masculinity is something that’s developed through struggles, through hardship, and through overcoming challenges. It isn’t something that just randomly comes into your life when you’re 16.

Despite the obvious importance of male guidance, our society gives none to young boys. They go to school where they’re indoctrinated by feminist, man-hating teachers, and then they go home and play Xbox for the next 5 hours without ever going outside, exploring, or rough-playing.

It was quite refreshing to see how the “hippie culture” of the forest seemed to actually embrace masculinity, and the need that young boys have for male mentorship. The entire tribe had a small circle of elders (anywhere from 5-15 depending on if they could all make it to the yearly gathering or not), that was in charge of governing the growth of our civilization.

These were men that had put in their dues before; they had worked long and hard in their younger years, setting up countless kitchens, digging countless latrines, and sweating for countless hours helping build the tribe. Because they had to work their way up, they understood how to actually govern a society. They weren’t some isolated aristocrats raised in a bubble. They know the common problems that Rainbow Gathering faces, and how to deal with them.

When two of the men in the village got in a fight over some girl, what do you think the elders did? They let them get in the fight. They didn’t try to intervene, because they understood the importance of men confronting one another over many things (especially women). Rather than some stuck up feminist who thinks she knows exactly what boys need trying to raise boys, we actually had men raising boys.

When we were uncertain about the best strategic position for a kitchen, the sanitation of a particular water line, or how to deal with a particular criminal, whose knowledge do you think we drew upon? The elders.

The elders sought their best to preserve the natural, gender-role-based culture that we had by showering good deeds with praise. I recall at one point that a young man, probably around the age of 19 or so, was taken in front of everyone at dinner time. Thousands of hippies sat in the middle of a field as they chowed down on the soup that was served to each of them. The great elders stood up, and raised their hands to quiet us.

They brought this young man up, and congratulated him: “Last night, a man was caught breaking into this woman’s tent. She cried for help, and the man that stands before you single-handedly apprehended this criminal, and saved a woman of our tribe from being raped. Thank you, my friend—you have earned our respect.”

The crowd burst with applause, and the young man seemed to stand five inches taller. He was proud of himself, as he should be. By giving honorable men praise, the elders were able to perpetuate a culture of honor. That young man probably got laid more in the next three days than I’ve ever been laid in my life time, as he should be.

Men should be rewarded for strength and honor, not punished for it.

Men should be rewarded for strength and honor, not punished for it.

We live in a culture that forces men to repress their masculinity, but then in times of stress or violence, they’re expected to somehow magically know what to do. The elders understood that this was ludicrous, and that if you want men to act a certain way, you must reward those men who act as such.

Every day, one of the elders would visit the “Kid Village,” a designated safe-space for children, so that they wouldn’t be exposed to the drugs and alcohol that most partook in. The elder would tell them a story about some noble warrior of the past; he would inspire them, and breathe masculine life into their little minds. And they thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The young boys would rough play. They’d tussle and fight one another, all in good fun, because that’s what boys do. In fact, they were actually encouraged to do this. The elders, and the entire forest civilization, understood the importance of boys exercising their masculinity.

Now, in modern day society, we punish men for being honorable, and then somehow expect them to be honorable. Being genuine, helpful, and outgoing, will oftentimes get you stabbed in the back by a man-eater or a manipulative co-worker. And then we look around and wonder what happened to honor.

If we want an honorable culture, we must create it by giving young men guidance. The men of today create the culture of tomorrow, and most men of today are doing a pretty shitty job.


All in all, I learned a great many lessons on this journey. I gained insight into the emergence of civilizations that most men will never experience, and I’m very grateful for that. I hope that you can all learn from the lessons that I’ve brought to you today.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I love hearing feedback on my articles and try to answer any and all questions that you might have. Until next time, friends.

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289 thoughts on “3 More Important Lessons I Learned About Civilization From Living In A Hippie Commune”

  1. The problem is not just that communist societies don’t function on a large scale, but that society in ALL large countries are plagued the same ills you speak of. We have certainly traded liberty for security (and power), and it has cost us dearly.
    The best that ancient societies could do was to have a large empire ruled by a central government to keep the peace generally, with everything below the county level totally left to local governance. But in the 19th and 20th centuries, what remained of those empires were overtaken by the industrialized powers and forced to institute totalitarian control. Local freedom and loose standards of control meant collective weakness and humiliation at the hands of the better-organized.
    The precise reason that the Western countries could outstrip and overpower even proud ancient civilizations like India, China, and Russia was because the legal systems in the West became very intricate, technical, and divorced from traditional notions of honor and manliness. They began to serve not men and family but the social and corporate structures that fed industrialization and thus power projection.

    1. Very insightful. I think that we need a hybrid of both, however.
      Local power for counties needs to be stronger than state or federal power. That’s the big key.

      1. Local authority should be “feminine” in the sense that it is highly involved in fulfilling the specific and particular needs of a small, tight-knit constituency.
        The problem we have currently is that the central authorities act as they see fit to push policy across local communities instead of affecting effective global action, which if you think about it is like a stay-at-home dad who is raising the kids of an unfaithful wife (i.e. corporate power, which evolved from local guilds that served a community).

        1. Exactly. I’ve long thought about a system that the Native Americans used to use that was quite interesting.
          When the tribes started uniting, what they did was this: each individual tribe’s leader was chosen by the women of that tribe. The leader of all the tribes, however, was chosen by the men.

      2. Unfortunately we have a structure that holds both state and local governments hostage. Having lived in Denver for a few years, I witnessed how one metropolitan area controlled the entire state. That’s why the northern area of Colorado wanted to create a separate state. The media made a big joke of the thing, but those ranchers and farmers were dead serious. Denver’s politics were screwing them over, and they had had enough.
        I also knew a few people working for the state department. They mentioned that the federal government, especially under Obama, threatened to pull federal funding if they didn’t follow his edicts. So the state started adopting some of the fed’s oppressive policies to keep the gravy train flowing. The states sold their souls to the fed, and many local governments sold their souls to the state. Money talks, and many local and state politicians will gladly sell out their districts for 1) More funding and 2) A chance at gaining higher political office for playing the game.

    2. What do you mean big societies don’t work though? Japan works fine. Switzerland works fine. America may not be the best country, but we have running water, something almost no medieval village could do…

      1. Local power in Switzerland is concentrated to the communities. It works by community and then state (canton) and then finally Federal. The Federal Govt. of Switzerland has very little power. The cantons have power, but the local communities control their own areas. Federal is very much in the background. Even the federal president is just a 1 year rotating term.

      2. Switzerland is very small- total pop less than most of our big cities. Japan is the most homogeneous culture in the world. So you’re basically citing exceptions out of the 220 odd countries. Running water is a function of advancing tech, and yes a degree of division of labor. But it’s not something that requires a giant society.

        1. you could have added the Nordic countries to the list. They were – until the recent Islamic invasions – nearly as homogeneous as Japan. That’s why they were able to afford a “welfare state” that most Western countries could not. When everyone is the same colour, goes to the same church, and speaks the same language, you have SHARED VALUES. When you have the polyglot/theist/gender nonsense that we have in the West today, you have no shared values.
          It’s like a rowing team. If everyone pulls together, the boat flies out of the water. If everyone is pulling in different directions, you go round in circles. Look out the window, and tell me what’s happening where you are.

        2. Homogeneous society and “shared values” are less than excrement if they weaken the society, which what the atheist secular and welfare addicted Weltanschauung of the Scandinavian countries did to them, economically (none of them are economic/industrial powerhouses or sites of innovation) and then socially and mentally, first enthroning feminism as a de facto religion of the state and later on enabling the Islamic invasions…

        3. “Switzerland is very small- total pop less than most of our big cities.” Unless you live in China or India, you are wrong. Assuming you live in America (like most ROK readers), then you don’t live in a country with ANY cities bigger than Switzerland.
          “Japan is the most homogeneous culture in the world.” Okay? That doesn’t mean it’s not big. It has 110 million people and a city of 35 million.
          “So you’re basically citing exceptions out of the 220 odd countries. Running water is a function of advancing tech, and yes a degree of division of labor.” Okay want more? Literally every country on the continent of Europe, the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and many parts of the middle east. All perfectly functional. All have running water. All of low crime rates. All have high life expectancy. I don’t understand what other metrics you could want.

    3. Oh, for pity’s sake. You don’t think that the invention of the steam and gas engines, telecommunications, and computers had a bit of an impact?
      Think of an empire like a body – before telecoms, it was dependent on mail to receive and provide information. Mail that traveled by horse (at best) overland, and by ship over seas. It would have taken weeks to send Nelson instructions at Trafalgar; of course he had to follow his head.
      But now, those empire/bodies have fibre optics (nerves), television (eyes), radio (ears), and brains (computers). OF COURSE they are going to be constituted differently than older empires; their feedback loops are much faster, more detailed, and more prevalent. In fact, one of the problems today is we get so much negative feedback so quickly via social media, it’s hard to move forward (brush up on control system theory if you need help understanding this).
      The whole history of mankind is one of a swinging pendulums. The moral pendulum swings from austerity and repression to license and libertinism (NOT libertarianism; that’s something quite different). The political and economic pendulum swings between decentralization and centralization. The sexual power pendulum swings from men to women. But here’s the point: when the pendulum gets too far, IT SWINGS BACK. I expect, if I’m alive to see it, that in 2030 or so, we will be living under a repressive theologic gov’t, (I hope it will have a Christian bent, but I’m afraid it’s going to be Islamic, since most Western men are pussies who won’t fight it.) with much more power ceded to the margins (states, cities, villages, rather than DC). The only good thing is the feminists will be told to STFU, as no one will give a crap what they say.

      1. I don’t deny that, but I don’t see how it invalidates what I said. Top-down control of populations and taking away their rights through over-legalization has simply been made easier by modern infrastructure, which is a product of industrialization.

  2. I just want to say 3 things.
    1) Jon Anthony, While I am incredibly triggered by this article your field research has really shown me something I otherwise would never have access to do for that I thank you
    2) I am curious if you think that this knowledge can be reapplied in a practical manner to life in society or if once back in society the structures are such that you can’t bring the state of nature in
    3) without joke…I am like 75% sure I banged that chick with the sign that says all men are rapists.

      1. not even kidding. it’s like her name is on the tip of my tongue (no pun intended).

        1. I never understand dads who name their daughters mackayla. I suppose they are at the point where a room full of slutty 16 years old for a sleep over is worth the fact that the daughter will be on the pole

        2. My friend had twin sisters, one was named Natalie the other Makayla only Makayla turned into an uberslut. Seems like strong proof to me.

        3. They are both uber sluts. AWALT.
          That said, Makayla will just have less of a need to justify it to herself so it will present easier

        4. Everyone says all this grand shit they would do with a time machine. I would go back and remind myself to feel as much 14-17 year old cunt as possible before it became illegal

        5. the next thing out of her mouth isn’t even in her mouth yet.

        6. If I ever had access to a time machine the first thing I would do is go back to my 16 year old self and forcibly remove my head from my ass.

        7. In pretty much every biological aspect of humans there is a bell curve. Unless you are telling me that every woman has exactly the same number of partners? Would you say that every man is the same too? There is no Alpha and no Beta?

        8. I am saying that even virgins are whores. Just whores who have been trained better. Pitbulls aren’t, by nature, vicious. A pitbull who is born and well loved and guided with a firm but caring hand will make an excellent pet.
          A woman’s nature is to be a whore. That said, nature can always be overcome with training. A good father trains a daughter right and then marries her off to a good man who trains his wife right and she will be fine. But make no mistake, drop frame and spoil her and she will jump on the first bag of dicks she sees.
          Women are, by nature, submissive. It just depends on what they are submitting to. Most, now, are submitting to a culture of hedonism. Those are the Makaylas. And while you can not make a housewife out of a whore you can makesure a girl never becomes a whore in the first place.
          Men are, instinctually, problem solvers and leaders. Some are better and more aggressive (just like some women are more or less susceptible to domination) but it is just varying degrees of the same shit.
          The problem with the very beta men today is that gender is in fact fluid. The fems are right about this. And generations of fathers have been letting down their sons and allowing society to strip them of their masculinity.
          Likewise, women are taking on more masculine traits. As Ronin’s article the other day pointed out, the values are being transvalued and we need to get into the game.
          That is neither here nor there though.
          To answer your question…the bell curve only represents the actuality. A number count if you will. It doesn’t take the tendencies into account. You give me a nice amish virgin girl for 6 months I will send you back a spoiled whore.
          There is nothing objectively true about our natures.
          Homo Faber. We are men. We make things. Amongst those things is ourselves and those without our inspirational purview

        9. You know she’d turn you out, you’d be churning the butter and milking the cows within the week.

        10. HAR! I will take that challenge.
          That bitch will be wearing la perla lingerie and 6 inch heels quicker than you can say waxed amish.
          As a side note, my beloved and now dearly departed grandfather, used to call the amish “the Pennsylvania jews.

        11. I was always amazed how often I ran into mennonites in South America. The locals talked about how tight and hard working they were too(especially compared to the locals I would say). Odd seeing some bean pole blond guy in overalls in the middle of Bolivia.

    1. You can.
      Realize that you’re repressed, fight against oppression, vote for people in office that will change things, and set a good example for young men.

      1. Talking to the wrong guy. I love society and my part in it. I don’t want it to change and I would never vote. I do, however, think I set a good example.
        Our very different mindsets aside, I am glad for the glimpse into your world.

        1. That’s fine. I have an article scheduled in a week talking about how we can vote with our dollars and create a manosphere economy to start having some economic power in the world.
          I’m a columnist now – my articles will air every Weds. 🙂

        2. I look forward to reading them. I suspect we have much in common and just as much otherwise….but nonetheless your perspective is a welcome one in my book.
          grats on the weekly.

      1. yeah, but it doesn’t explain the look on her face. It doesn’t quite have that “all hope has left the universe” look most of mine do 🙂 Kidding aside, I really am pretty sure on this one.

        1. You should reach back out to her and say you saw her on the internet. It could set up a magical feminist trolling opportunity.

      2. In the future, “What’s your sign” no longer refers to your astrology, but instead, what triggers you.

        1. Haha. I see so many of these things, I’m surprised chicks don’t carry them around in their back pocket or something.

        2. I can imagine dyke feminists hitting on girls with the line “whats your trigger?”

    2. “) without joke…I am like 75% sure I banged that chick with the sign that says all men are rapists”
      I’m pretty sure I plugged the chick with the big muscular ass in the header image.

        1. while i admit some have been way better than others, none of them have been boring

        2. now that’s funny, mr lolknee…….clearly, you need something that motivates and challenges you……boredom can be fatal

    1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    2. I walk through this during rush hour to get home
      EDIT: without exaggeration I think it is one of the most beautiful things in the world

        1. I usually get on the local at 33rd street, but when the weather is nice like is has been I like to walk to grand central and walk through that chaos, with the feel of my leather shoes on the marble and the history and the people. I love it.
          Not for everyone.

        2. I have a few friends in NYC. Fun to visit, especially in my younger days, for the people and history you mention (I could spend days in just the armor section of the Met). It is also fun to watch the staff as I wander into high end men’s stores in my Carharts and camo hat (I was looking at a sweater in one then saw a $2300 price tag and carefully put in down and backed away). But I last about three days before getting too tweaked and fleeing. I can’t sleep with a constant sound of cars, people, alarms, and sirens.

        3. it isn’t an easy thing to handle. It is nature to me. I imagine coming in from another place would make it impossible. It’s what you’re used to I guess.

        4. The choice women are nice too. I love my tough Alaska chicks in leggings and Xtratufs, but am always in awe at hordes of nubile things dressed to the nines.

        5. yeah, I am a sucker for the nubile girls who are dressed to impress. They are my specialty. It’s nice to know that in this world women still dress in stilettos and thigh highs to go to work

        6. btw if you ever find yourway back here don’t hesitate to let me know.

  3. The problem is less communism but when one set of “know it alls” decides to impose their ideas about what is best, what should be produced, exchanged, etc.
    What you describe is more capitalism with barter and with reputation instead of money. The exchanges are voluntary, free, and there is a realization nothing is free, so someone who sacrifices creates a debt on the part of the beneficiaries – which can be repaid in various ways.
    Humans are fallen but not intrinsically evil. There will be bad actors, but those can be handled organically.

    1. One problem I see is indeed the blind belief in “elders”. All those “know it alls” need to do is to look old and wise and call themselves “elders” and say “respect the old, they have experience” while they are clueless motherfuckers.

      1. True, but it is a part of pride, where Elders who don’t have their position through experience and wisdom and argument, but simply because they are old failures.
        The way we did the constitution for the federal government is with 3 branches, plus the states, people, and press.
        If it would be a go, there would be a similar separation with the chiefs, shamans, elders, and the rest.

        1. Age is normally associated with wisdom but need nit be.
          Just as you look at someones race, gender, or other physical aspect to create an impression, an “elder” was normally considered wise because they lived through and had to solve more. But it ain’t necessarily so, to quote Gershwin.

  4. Great article!! One question, what are you thoughts on diversity? It seems to me that one of our biggest problems in the West is diversity.

    1. I don’t think that diversity in the sense of race etc. is normally a problem. The beginning of the US was a very diverse culture.
      The problem we have today is a forced diversity, you pack people with different goals etc. together with force instead of letting them choose.

      1. I really, really hate people saying that “in the beginning US was very diverse”. No it wasn’t. It was built on the backs of WASPs who in some cases had slaves. That’s it. A lot of WASPs doesn’t mean “diverse”…

        1. -cuall great civilizations got started by a homogeneous group. When they go and conquer, the conquered are usually of the same race but not the same ethnic group. The Romans conquered many ethnic groups that are from the same Caucasian race.
          The waves of euros who went to the US are yes different culturally(religion, customs, language) but they assimilated better because they were Caucasians.
          The new waves of immigrants will not assimilate easily. The only Latinos that i see assimilated well in America would be what Americans call the white Latino.
          Multi-culturalism does not work long term.

    2. The problem isn’t diversity, the problem is that people think every opinion is equal.
      I’m fine with differing opinions, ideas, etc. ONLY as long as people don’t go full retard and assume that violent islamic rapists are “equal,” or that SJW theory is as legitimate as evolutionary biology.

  5. Blow a tornado through the hippy village and then see how much community there really is… hippies are some of the most fake and shallow people…. blaming their problems on the ills of a society that supports them….. in the hippy village where did the food come from ? from real people who really work and a real economy that actually (more or less) functions.
    What is essentially missing from a larger society is trust. Trust and honor – it’s too easy to freeload or be dishonorable and then fade into the shadows. With that in mind a legal system springs up to try to regulate how people (and businesses) interact with each other. That same legal system is then used and abused by twisted legal type minds, who are out to get their own way and put on a facade of honor, whilst actually being totally two faced.
    The reason they do this is because they themselves don’t trust anyone. They feel the need to angle for advantage and gain resources in some kind of competitive way. Thus you end up with a huge web of legal bureaucracy and legal types using it to their advantage.
    Government is an extension of this…. it’s an intellectual and socially competitive environment, rather than a physically or technologically competitive environment. The removal of trust and honor (because the society is that large you cannot know everyone) and the ability to hide in plain sight behind a web of legal machinations, allows the psychopath a place to rise up. He can appear to be trustworthy while garnering advantage via an intellectual and social competition that is hidden from sight via a legal and bureaucratical machine.

    1. Bro have you met any REAL hippies? Not fake LA hippies, I mean like legitimate “live in a commune” hippies. They’re nice as shit and super cool.
      Agree with the trust part, though.

      1. I traveled extensively through India in the mid 90s, pre-internet….. I had a set of dreads…. rolled with them all…. it’s kind of fake. I get the sentiment, but it’s kind of fake.

    1. camping (v): The act of being in a hotel that does not have a 24 hour staff concierge

      1. Have to admit I don’t particularly enjoy camping (know how, been lots, really not that into it, can go to spelunking a girl in a sleeping bag just fine indoors). Though I do still really like climbing, hiking, fishing, boating and other similar outdoor activities.
        The only time I’m liable to be pitching a tent is because the chick I’m paddling is taking too long removing my boxers with her teeth (and that is also the only time paddles are acceptable outside ping pong).

        1. I like all of those activities as well as long as after they are over I am going back to my hotel to clean up, get a massage and then go out for a nice dinner and drinks.
          Well done on tent pitching.

        2. hey, last weekend my pedicure lady was out and I had to use a different one so, like, yeah, I know.

    2. Any specific reason? I grew up in a rural area, but after 18 lived in cities and did that whole thing until I moved to the country in my late 20’s. Spending your day cutting wood and filtering water, and passing a J or a bottle around a campfire at night with a sky full of stars is the true essence of man. Makes you realize how weak humans are how lucky we are to have brains to create modern civilization.

      1. Bugs suck, chopping wood sucks, sleeping on the ground sucks, I don’t smoke weed. I’ve never filtered water outside but I can’t imagine it’s that fun.
        The better times I’ve had camping were the times I brought a shitload of stuff to basically recreate living indoors. I will agree that a clear night sky away from a city is beautiful, but not worth the 5-6 hour drive from my place to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.
        The times I’ve gone camping with they guys they are having a blast as they are away from their wives (why get married again?). One time it was pouring rain and they thought they were in a Corona commercial.

        1. I don’t understand the get away from the wife thing either. My wife encourages me to go hunt and play outside. We spend most weekends during the summer camping with the dogs.

        2. Like I said, if the wives were included, most guys wouldn’t camp, golf, fish etc. 🙂

        3. On the other hand, I’ve never understood women who drag their husbands to the mall. How is that fun for them? What spineless man agrees to spend hours watching some broad browse through clothing?

        4. I take either the Boy Scouts or my kids camping lots. I would agree, there is something about getting away from the wife. However, there are times that I camp with only the wife, those are good too. The worst is taking the whole fan damily and having to make sure the kids all have their jammies, brushed their teeth, etc. that you don’t have to worry about when it is just the kids, and you get more roughhousing and tell them to deal with it over a scratch.

        5. To me, the worst is lying there and just sweating away in your tent while the hard ground pokes your back. I don’t mind the building a fire, cooking, hiking, etc. but I do like a nice soft bed with climate controlled temperature and humidity at night.

      2. Seriously people ask me if I play golf and I always reply: “I don’t have to play golf I’m not married.”

        1. Haha. Soooo true. A golf course is a haven of whipped beta males. Just one of the many reasons I hate golf.

  6. “Policies such as exorbitant, progressive tax scales, and setting up
    barriers to entry, actually DISCOURAGE men from helping their
    This plus the disrespect for masculine behaviour are the worst parts of our society.
    You can’t have a stable society and disrespect men at the same time. It won’t work for very long. Men choose to leave society in some way (don’t marry, don’t reproduce, leave the country) or they try to fit in and become medicated pussies with no self respect.
    edit: Great articles btw. Although I don’t agree with everything an interesting read.
    And if you compare the way children are living in the article to the way of a common western child it’s fucking depressing.

    1. Agreed. The thing is that a society needs alpha males and beta males to exist. The alphas provide order and innovate, the betas work menial jobs.
      Once a country stops respecting men, first the alphas leave. That’s why so many bloggers in the manosphere live abroad.
      Then, the betas stop marrying, get cucked/divorced, or just give up and kill themselves. Slowly the society crumbles.

      1. You’ve got it backwards. Betas innovate and advance society because that’s how they get girls. Alphas already have their pick of the women, so don’t need to work nearly as hard.

        1. You’re conflating ‘innovating and advancing’ with ‘changing.’ Betas don’t make society better, they simply attempt to change the rules, at whatever cost.

        2. I don’t think so. Betas follow the traditional path society lays out for them (get a corporate job) because they think money will get them girls.
          Alphas don’t give a fuck about girls and they follow their own path, and consequently they end up changing the course of history while also getting tons of girls.

      2. What do you mean by “menial”? It seems to me that betas are the people who do quite a bit of skilled labour. But then again, I am not sure what people even mean when they say this “beta alpha” bullshit.

    2. Do communist countries really dislike masculinity? I mean shit, they certainly had great sports teams!

      1. old school socialists were masculine and very different to socialists in today’s world. In fact a typical socialist in the 20th century will be hated by socialists in the 21st century.
        Look at Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Yes they are loved by many leftists today but many modern leftists will not do what both men had done. Both men were into militarism, guns, killing, both were big womanizers, both did not think highly of blacks and indigenous and lastly they were white. Today’s socialists hate militarism masculinity womanizers, “insensitive” comments on blacks and natives and have a negative view of whites men.
        Che ans Fidel aren’t the only leftists who were like that, many old school leftists were the same. Mao Zedong had a lot of women to fool with.
        Imagine a white guy today trying to be a Fidel or Che. Yes he will get shit from right wingers but he will get shit from left wingers too.

        1. This is one of the reasons I really cannot call modern SJW’s Socialists or Communists. They really aren’t. People like Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Stalin, etc. would have either laughed them off or used them as useful idiots. They (the modern SJW) have uniquely stupid philosophies.

  7. Your second point makes the observation that Communism is not scalable. I would draw the link directly with the concept of “community.” My neighbors, friends, relatives, others that I interact with daily are my “community.” Because I am close to them, my own success or failure often depends on them, and I have a much greater incentive to help out, to say nothing of the intangible benefits of doing so.
    By contrast, I know no one living in some inner city LA slum on the other side of the country, and I don’t know anything about them other than generalities, most of which are negative. They don’t give a fuck about me, and consequently I see no reason to give a fuck about them, particularly when the state forces me to surrender 40% of my income at gunpoint to support them already. They are not my “community,” my fate is not linked to theirs, but even if it was, I’d probably be better off if it was not.
    That’s why communism is not scalable. Because “community” is not a scalable concept, regardless of what globalists would have you believe.

    1. The elders didn’t tell everyone this…a key point.
      They realized that you have to withhold some information, because a lot of the masses will react viscerally because they’re retarded and have no foresight or wisdom.
      I heard from one of the guys in the kitchen (an ooooold hippie, been coming for decades) that they all sat him down in the middle of the night and tied him to a tree. The elders all questioned him and basically showed him how shitty of a human being he was until he broke down and started sobbing.
      They told him that if the girl wants to press charges, she will. If not, it isn’t their place to say.
      But they banned him from coming back and told him that if they ever saw him at a gathering again, he’d end up buried 15 miles deep in the woods.

        1. I’m not a big friend of punishment in general, but I think this is quite fair. May have taught him a better lesson and given him more introspection than he would have got in some shitty prison.

        2. Totally. Although “shaming” has been attacked in the past few years, I think public disapproval by your peers might often be more effective than some punishment handed down by “the man.”

        3. I dislike shaming, but I don’t see this exactly in that light. If somebody trespasses your boundaries in a crass way like that, you have to make it clear that you will not tolerate it. That’s healthy. Shaming people to not be fat or the likes, that I consider a transgression of their boundaries.
          I read about some tribe who, when somebody did something “bad”, they basically came together with him and the whole tribe and they sat around him and everybody told him what they liked about him. Pretty awesome idea, imo.
          Thing is, a rapist likely carries a lot of shame and pain already. Telling him he is a piece of shit, well, that’s probably what he heard his whole life and why he did it in the first place.
          Well, who knows the right answer…

        4. If we knew the answer, we’d be rich men. I’ve heard about that tribe thing too. I know up here in the rural villages, where there is little to no law enforcement and lots of alcoholism and sexual abuse, there is a push to get the community more involved and supportive. I think its a good idea.

        5. The thing is, the support must come from somebody who is more enlightened than you and can have sincere compassion. A cripple can’t pull up a cripple, heh. I think that’s the difficulty, even in our society. Sure we have teachers. But the teachers we have should not be teachers.

      1. “..told him that if they ever saw him at a gathering again, he’d end up buried 15 miles deep in the woods.”
        Another happy end.

      2. You mean he didn’t have to register as a sex offender on the bulletin board in the latrine door?

      3. I liked thst, because they made it clear they werent olaying, but at the same time they were more focused on “order” rather than in “vengeance”

  8. There are millions of these communes going on today. They’re called “two-parent families”.

    1. Agreed.
      I was even thinking “that’s how my family has always been.”
      Not to mention it sounds eerily similar to the small town of fewer than 400 people I grew up in. Everybody knows each other, everybody looks out for each other, and yet no one would be taken for a hippy.

      1. I live in a town of about 100 people. People know and help each other. No police and no need to lock doors either. Grown men are expected to volunteer at the fire department. Yet it is one of the most conservative counties in the nation.

    2. I often joke with my kids that they live under a communist dictatorship. Within my household, there is wealth redistribution (my money is redistributed to my wife and kids), and I have the final say in all matters, although I am not a tyrant.
      It holds true, except charity is 180 degrees out of phase with socialism. I choose to give a portion of my wealth. A socialist system would be more akin to alimony and child support where they are taking through the legal system.

      1. Families are socialistic in redistribution without the corruption and usual death of human spirit.
        BTW: Socialism is where discussion ends with a gun to your head. Communism is where discussion begins with a gun to your head.

        1. Communism is not anarchy. There was always a very heavy top down enforced system. What it always is, however, is slavery. The proletariat becomes the outright slaves of the party, and the party becomes the slaves of the party leaders, who in turn are the slaves of the top dog. Stalin is the rule not the exception.

        2. The USSR was socialist, not communist, hence the name ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’. Communism is indeed anarchy according to the Marxist theory. Do you know Marx called primitive tribes communist societies?

      2. The difference is free choice vs imposed by force. All the difference in the world. And redistributing assets that you own, vs redistributing assets of others.

        1. All government is by force. Just try not paying taxes in protest and you will see plenty of force applied.

      3. You have hit upon one of the problems with the welfare state. When people give charity freely, it makes them feel good, and the person who receives it feels grateful. When you make it a state bestowed ‘right’, the person who gives it (e.g. the “Personal home worker” who comes to his client’s house, turns on the TV, and watches soaps all day) doesn’t feel “good” about what’s he doing. It’s a job, and he will do as little as he can get away with. The recipient, instead of being grateful for any help, will now complain that he isn’t getting the “quality of life” he deserves. Neither of the latter two get anywhere near the satisfaction the first two do.
        I volunteer on a crisis line once a month. It humbles me, because I hear the stories of bad luck and bad decisions, and I know I could easily be the one on the other end of the line (in fact, at times, I was). I try to help people because I know how miserable I was, and if I can help someone escape their misery, then I think I’ve done something good. Real charity, given from the heart, is a wonderful gift to both the giver and receiver.
        Welfare cheques and personal home workers mandated by the state lack of all these qualities. It’s the difference between writing your girl a love poem you composed, and photocopying Donne at the library. Donne’s poem is probably much better, just as people get more money from state welfare than they do private charity, but that’s like saying there are more calories in McD’s fries than there are in a tomato. One may provide enough energy to keep you alive, but the other provides all the nutrients that let you LIVE.

    3. Yes, but 2 parent families fail at a 60-70% rate and 1/2 of the 30% that succeed are too poor or too stupid to break up, and just get stuck out of convenience not design.
      A real family needs two sets of not divorced grand parents and married siblings on both sides, some aunts and uncles and great uncles, cousins etc. and this creates an extended support system of trust.
      A real familly is 50-100 adults and their children – THUS when the poor over run parents on child no#3, are exhausted and also needing to get some work done and generate revenue, they are not sapped with a sick 3 year old at 4am, rather the grand parents, sister, aunt, cousin etc. is there to help.
      It’s a job for 10 adults raising 1 child. They are very demanding and require constant and endless supervision – at least for the first 10 years… and those years are some of the most productive professional years for the parents. Without an extended family support system, grand parents, aunts, uncles etc. the 2 parent family is dead in the water. Like a bicycle trying to be an 18 wheel truck.
      INFACT one of the best things about a divorce is that it makes the parents lives that much easier. Suddenly there are two ports of call for the kids. The parents remarry bringing in new partners to help with child care. If dad wants a weekend off, the kids are with mom and her new fella, and visa versa, much easier.
      2 parent families fail and then re-create artificially the extended support system – all be it at the expense of the kids and with no intact mom and pop left, but it’s better than 2 people struggling on their own.
      Selfish baby boomers and rampant divorce killed the 2 parent family, not by their initial divorces entirely, but by virtue of the attitude that they get to be free and single forever young and relive their 20s and 30s again without kids. So the last thing the current grand parent generation want around is their grand children. Grand kids now are just a trinket, something for convenience.
      This is NOT the case in Asia and Latin America where families and especially the women side, sisters, mother in laws etc. are hands on helping the parents with the young kids. It’s almost impossible to intelligently raise kids, without 70-80% of the extended family intact, or by being wealthy enough to hire an army of servants. Even then… the extended family is generally a body of adults you can put 100% trust in. Whereas a hired stranger doesn’t ever have that same bond.

      1. I’m a father of four, on my first wife, married ~17 years. I get your point about the village raising a child. I believe your intentions are true but misguided regarding divorce though. Of all the social indicators of a failing neighborhood, the most powerful is the rate of single motherhood/divorced moms. In practice your idea of double the parenting from a divorce just doesn’t happen and the kids fail, compared to those kids in intact families. Good talking to you, have a good day.
        Oh we don’t have much family around, just us two tending to the kids but live in a decent urban neighborhood where the parents around here are looking out for each other. On that point, I’ll give it to you. It does help when the culture promotes good behavior of the local youths.

  9. Regarding your first point, it’s always awesome to see people come together and help out like that. When I started racing, I really didn’t know anybody or even what I was doing. After a few on track sessions, it blew me away to see how many people were so willing to help out so quickly. Never met a lot of these guys, but they were willing to loan tools, tires, and even engines. And the only thing they expect in return is don’t be an asshole. Things like that really make me want to believe there’s some hope left for our society.

    1. You find that a lot in people that are passionate (who haven’t had their humanity crushed).
      That’s why when you go to hobbyist type conventions, since everyone there is passionate about the hobby, they’re all cool as fuck to one another.

      1. Very true but there’s a flip side. You’ll also run into someone who is an elitist dick within the group. Probably someone who has had their humanity crushed.

      2. You also find it in very out of the way communities like very far up north.
        I had a rather amazing experience collection a few years back. First I went far up north in Finland with a cousin and a friend, just camping, fishing and trekking, moving camp every two days further and further up north. Anyway, I fell absolutely in love with an area way up, close to a small town called Ivalo.
        So I decided to go solo the next year and for a whole month.
        I was visiting my aunt I believe just after New Years and had gotten my fishing gear together almost for the trip, and I was in the restaurant car of a train (aunt lived far away) having a beer and reading a fishing magazine, and this guy strikes up a conversation and it turns out we share the same favorite kind of fishing, northern narrow streams.
        So we started buying rounds, and we had to get off to switch trains but went to a bar, got plastered, missed the train, and I had some of my aunts home made wine which we then drank until morning when we parted ways and caught our trains.
        Then some months later on I went on my trip. 1000km straight shot up north from where I lived. And when I got there this old dude started talking to me (5:15 in the morning) he, like me, was waiting for the breakfast place to open. Anyway he invited me to his gold prospecting plot and so on later, but back to the guy from the train.
        Turns out he was one of like 3 guys my age (25) in the town (Saariselkä) so he introduced me to all the other and they were all really cool guys and we had a bunch of beer and so on.
        The village itself was also quite something, at one point I broke or lost something that I didn’t have the money to replace, the bartender of the bar we were in who didn’t know me at all, just gave it to me and said “pay me back when you can”.
        I tried to give it back as I was embarrassed but he would have none of it.
        Paid him back a week later or so.
        Up there everyone helps out happily if they think you are a good guy. All they want is indeed, don’t be a dick. The saying there is with all the wilderness, dick type guys have a weird tendency to just disappear…
        Anyway, I have lots more from that trip but this is already really long for a comment…

        1. I think that’s the major key, man – when a community has a strong patriarchy, they can enforce their own order.
          If someone’s a dick, they don’t need “daddy government’s” permission to do shit.
          And the more in nature you get, the more natural gender roles emerge (like I talked about in part 1), so the community tends to have a strong patriarchy that enforces its own order.

  10. Great article. I was aware that this group exists but didn’t know the first thing about it.

  11. Excellent article, man. And if these experiences are indeed as profound as you say they are, then watch what happens over time if America continues down the same path – these hippie get togethers will be banned because the attendees will come to the realization that the current system they live in the so-called Modern World is a dystopia. The powers that be will feel threatened.

    1. There’s actually been some controversy about them, man.
      They sent the park rangers out to talk w/ us and it was a very interesting experience. The way it usually works is that there’s a few satellite gatherings all around the US, and they kind of naturally flock to whichever one has the best infrastructure, leadership, and resources.
      How they find out, I don’t know. But I found out that there was another group somewhere out in Oregon that got kicked out of a national forest – literally like a migration of several thousand hippies fled to Michigan (where I was at).
      But anyways, the park rangers (an extension of “the powers that be”) were actually cool as fuck. They were just interested in seeing what was going on, and they actually cooperated with us at times.
      Just goes to show you that men who have “masculine” jobs, live in the wild, tend to be in touch with their humanity a lot more than some fucking loser bureaucrat at a desk all day.

      1. “But anyways, the park rangers (an extension of “the powers that be”) were actually cool as fuck. ”
        Glad to hear this. In the past attending a hippie retreat is not something I would have done, but given the environment today I’d welcome it if it wasn’t for two things: I’m in my late 40’s (I highly doubt I’d be welcome in a group of young people) and I’m currently in Europe.
        But keep us posted please – I’m enjoying your articles.

  12. Great article and a very interesting insight.
    On the subject of communism, I don’t believe what you witnessed was in fact aspects of communism, but rather it was more so ‘community’. Very different beasts, the former did attempt to harness aspects of community but in a rather unnatural way.
    The flaw of communism is in the central planning aspect, it’s an unnatural, unstable state for people.. We don’t function well as ants simply completing meaningless tasks. The larger a communist society becomes, an ever increasing sum of force is required to maintain the power structure. The moment that force can’t be maintained, it collapses..
    Community on the other hand is a natural and stable state for people. We function extremely well in small, self contained, self managed groups within a larger hierarchy. I believe this is why you found the commune functioned rather well and cooperatively.
    The one factor that would have been interesting to observe is if competition was added into the equation. It’s all good and well while there isn’t any competition for land or resources, but would the commune dynamic have changed if say another commune was situated within the proximity and competing for the same local resources over a longer period of time?

    1. Communes in this sense are villages or towns. Large cities would require stiffer organization backed by force, would it not?

      1. A city is basically a group of communities in close proximity, or at least it used to be that way a few decades back, something that has slowly been engineered out.
        As they increase in density and merge you will see the increase in competition for land and resources. So yes they do require stiffer organisation due that increased competition.
        That’s why i’d have been very interested to see how the dynamic changed in the hippy commune had their been some nearby competition for a prolonged period of time. Competition has an incredible effect on us as a species..

    2. But point #3 is that men need direction and planning. I think individuals working together for the group can be beneficial. Even when force is involved, it can work. Look at the Third Reich. As long as you weren’t Jewish / Gypsy and lived in the Third Reich, your standards of living, community pride, wealth, etc. all skyrocketed.
      Of course, the 3rd R wasn’t communist, and despised communism, but it was certainly collectivist for the greater Germanic peoples.
      The point is people get very emotional over buzzwords they don’t give much thought to. Most people foam at the mouth at anything which is “socialism” when society in itself is rather socialistic. Especially city living. Capitalism, on the other hand, values profit above all other values. I have considerable problems with both. The answer is not in an ideology but in common sense and practical judgment.

      1. In terms of giving the group priority over the individuals, yes for all intents and purposes the Third Reich was collectivist. As a political and economic system, the Third Reich was far from collectivist. Have a look at the structure of their industries during that period, you will find the regime was privatising the means of production at a very quick pace.
        Collectivist in the communist sense is associated with the latter definition. It’s the political and economic system more so than the idea of cooperation for the good of the whole.
        I agree that men need direction and planning. Unfortunately there is as many ideologies in that department as there are for economic systems..

    3. Communism isn’t actually centrally planned, it’s extremely decentralized. Way to many people confuse communism with Socialism…

  13. What you are describing is a tribe. We evolved living in tribes – it is the most natural thing ever.
    When I was in the Marines, I was in different tribes – we called them teams and rifle squads, same idea. My tribe would go out in the woods or desert looking to fight other tribes. Sometimes we would just count coup (training). Other time we fucked them up for real (the Gulf War). Never felt like I belonged to something so deeply before or since.

    1. I think that is the way the military enchants people. Give them something that they miss in their daily lives – and in turn demand them to fight pointless wars.

      1. Very few service-members will ever actually ‘fight pointless wars.’

      2. You might try reading Marshall Macluhan. He pointed out (over 50 years ago) that the mechanical production line had reduced people to mere cogs in a machine (as Charlie Chaplin lampooned in one of his movies). However, because electronic communication is instant, a world in which people are dissolved in radio/cell/TV/text waves is one where they will be dissatisfied as “cogs”. As Macluhan wrote, they want ROLES, not “jobs”. Who do we watch on TV shows? Cops, lawyers, doctors, army/navy, etc. Those people have roles (fighting crime, healing the sick, protecting the innocent), which is why we perceive those jobs as more fulfilling than working on an assembly line.

    2. I think it is a natural thing. With division of labor, mixture of personalities, naturally developing power hierarchies, etc. And it can be from 3 to around 30-ish people. Once the unit gets bigger than that, it must divide to maintain the intimacy level required to function. Like cells in the body. They don’t just get bigger and bigger, they divide and reproduce at optimum size. Then relate to each other in a natural network and system.

      1. That’s one reason public schools suck so bad- they take kids of the same age and lump them all together, rather than allowing for a more natural and varied mixture. The one room schoolhouse is mocked as backward and pathetic, when it was actually very effective. The kids helped each other, and benefitted from the small scale, teacher attention, and their differing abilities.

  14. Mentorship begins with the Man. Be a Man your son can look up to. Find a woman that can teach your daughter to be one.

  15. I think many of these people are self actualized, or nearing enlightenment, or however you want to put it. Maybe they aren’t going to have much financial wealth, maybe they are not the brightest out there (though I have met some rather intelligent hippies) but they have accepted their place in life and decided to just enjoy it.
    Imagine if you were retired tomorrow, and were given a small pension to spend the rest of your years out. What would you do with yourself? I think at some point, there is the realization that happiness, community, sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, etc. with others and being a helpful guy that others respect and enjoy your company, is the simple answer for living out your years.
    That is how I see many of these hippie types behaving. No, I don’t mean the stab-you-in-the-back hipster, but a real chill hippie type. And of course it isn’t what everyone wants. I’m probably more of a loner than “average” and could enjoy just living in a quiet cabin for much of the time, but part would definitely be spent selflessly socializing. I think that’s when the genuineness of these types of people comes through.
    While I am in the rat race (and I still am) there is the aggressive, self interested type of mentality, that I let go of when I am on vacation. When I’m at home, I will correct the checkout girl if she charges me $3 for the $2 bag of grapes. When I’m abroad, I don’t mind overpaying some vendor in a market or tour guide in a third world country. I am laid back, happy, and making the most of every moment. It’s a lifestyle I strive towards. The key is to not letting the rat race kill this emotion by the time you reach retirement.

    1. I think there are many who are thirsting for small community that just don’t realize it. From caveman times until the 1970’s, people thrived in small communities. You see hundreds of self-centered robots with their noses buried in their Iphone that become unhappy, unfulfilled, and selfish. They lost touch with the people around them to focus on people on their television sets whom they will never associate with. I have felt the same way, especially when living in the city. I had next door neighbors that I never associated with, other than dealing with annoyances. This has to change, it is not healthy.
      I have read on several occasions that we are not to open doors for women, that we should not treat them like princesses. Agreed, but what about everyone else? I say we should, as long as we are being just as (or more) courteous to everyone else. The little old lady is far more deserving than some physically capable young woman who has done nothing to earn your respect other than wear a halter top and sport a tattoo……….. Knock on your neighbor’s door and tell him that you will grill up some steak if they bring some potato salad; throw a baseball; ask your neighbor for some cheese, and return with something bigger; join some charity club or church…..
      The list is endless, I would have to say the biggest thing is attitude. Being helpful and kind to those around you may cost some time and energy, but the payback is immense.

      1. Exactly the reason I’m considering move to the country. When there are too many people around, we all grow hard/cold and self centered. As you get into areas with less people, they become more engaged with one another and more interested in getting to know those around them. I can go weeks in a city without a meaningful conversation, going to the grocery store in a small town usually leads to a 15 minute talk about something new/interesting.
        IMHO, most of the problems we see are because we’ve turned women into a protected class and made them “demi-gods” of the land. But a lot of the rest of the problems are simply because there are too many people living too close together. People need space, much like rats in a cage, 2 rats, no problem, 20 rats, they start ripping each other apart.

        1. One time while attending college, I took several friends to see my hometown. We went sledding on this hillside along a road that we just parked on the shoulder. During the course of the day, several people stopped and asked if we were okay, thinking we were broken down. My college friends from the city couldn’t fathom that strangers would just stop and offer their time like that.

    2. I definitely noticed a lot of that at the gathering. Some of the hippies were wanderers and drifters, but a few that I met were actually extremely successful. One owned a non-profit based out of new mexico, the other was a political lobbyist for sustainable produce, etc.

  16. I really want to attend this. We need a secret word in case there are any other ROKers lurking at a gathering. I think the pet store thing is overdone.

    1. Yeah man it’s hard as fuck to get in. I lost touch with the hippie girl, but if you want a connection I’d recommend getting involved in your local co-op or health foods store.
      Literally just ask around and see who knows. They’ll want to get to know you better, but when I’m ready to go back that’s what I’m going to do.

      1. I actually visit the local co-op health food place regularly. And have been chatting up hippie-ish people ever since reading your article, and have met a couple who have been to Rainbow Gatherings. It’s a very fascinating thing. I ended up watching that documentary about them too, although I feel it only scratched the surface, and your article did a good job of giving us a glimpse into that life.

  17. I will openly admit I suffer from lack of manly development. By that I mean, I do not understand what it is like to be a man, a father, a leader, the way my ancestors did. There are no male role models that I can think of in my society. And certainly none of the “leaders” ie politicians are to be emulated in any way.
    We have minimalized institutions like the church, public school, male clubs, boy scouts, the family, etc. which performed the roles of developing boys into men. Yeah, I know some good skills through my years as a scout. Yeah, I am very self reliant, can fix a lot of stuff myself, and have learned domestic duties as well. Yeah, I have developed skills with women through game, but it mainly involves how to get them to undress and let me penetrate them. Yeah, I do fairly well financially and in my work life, and am mostly happy.
    But I do not feel like a true leader, an elder, a father (30s and not yet married, with no real desire to be), a rock, in other words, a MAN. This site is definitely a help, but it is no replacement for how men were created throughout the centuries.

    1. I feel ya. One thing that helps me greatly in this is meditation. I used to think that all the knowledge and that has to be passed down and explained, but the more I am into it, the more I believe that it is really programmed into us like an instinct, in a collective unconscious or so if you will. The trick is to take a shovel and shovel away all the dirt that is on top of the real thing so that the real thing can come out and shine.

      1. I would agree, I am a father with six kids. I never had younger siblings. My wife never did either. I was halfway through my junior year in college, and never took any leadership positions. I still felt like a kid. Yet, we took the plunge and got married and immediately started having kids. Our oldest son was born about a month into my Senior year. The thing is, you do have a sense of where you are going and what to do. Like driving down the road at night, you don’t know everything about what is ahead, but you can see far enough to know what to do. Honestly, I am much happier and fulfilled now than in my single days. I enjoy coming home and roughhousing with the kids. I enjoy working with my son on this go-cart he is building, or my daughter with her art. I I take pride in seeing them grow into respectable people, much more pride than my job. It is a step of faith.

        1. Yap, I heard this from another father, too. He said that the moment the kid was coming, some instinct simply kicked in and he knew what to do.
          I can relate to this when it comes to women. I generally used to have a lot of anxiety around women – still do – and thought a lot about how to pick them up or whatever. But when it comes down to it, I never really had to think about it when the right situation presented itself. It just flowed. The only thing that kinda fucks things up is when you try to put too much brain into these things. Life is not science, it is life.

        2. It really is that way with most everything. Like dancing, you may learn a few moves, but really you just plunge into it and swing her around a bit. Pretty soon, you pick up some more complex moves. If you overthink it, you struggle or become scared of it. Who cares if you screw up a couple times, that is life.

        3. Yeah. Seen Elvis dance? Most of the head-people would go around analyzing every single of his minor moves and try to mimick them to be “like him”. Do you think that he ever studied dancing or thought much about it? No. Because if he did, it would never look that organic.

    2. Mate, I agree 1000%. That’s literally why I started masculine development.
      It’s sad that literally 85% of our culture’s problems could be fixed if we just had strong male role models, and a community of elders/patriarchs that cared about the young children in our communities.

      1. Have you explored a traditional, conservative religion? Orthodox, Conservative Jewish, probably any Muslim haha, or Mormon? I think you would find a good group of strong male role models there.

        1. Not really – I don’t think a religion is necessary to establish a patriarchy or any sort of masculine elders.
          I’ve talked a little bit about spirituality on my blog, but as it evolves I’m sure I’ll talk about religions, too.

        2. Certainly not necessary, but it’s a good place of seeking out those types of people. I’m not religious myself, either, but see the value in religion.

        3. One thing about an established religion is it helps you maintain your set of standards. I became a Mormon at 23. Prior to then, I grew up in an atheist household. I was into mountain climbing, I would say I had plenty of “spiritual experiences”. But, those experiences were at best fleeting. I would soon turn back to my old ways and take up the same bad habits. The regular church attendance, voluntary positions (I teach the adult men once a month, and am a Scoutmaster), and established expectations help you remain committed.
          My advice is to take a step back, and look at the various religions out there, objectively and with an open mind. Look at some of the individuals in that church and ask yourself if you could see yourself in their shoes. As Christ said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them”. Look at the women, see if they are flaky or not (that is what got me to investigate).

    3. I heard a priest on Catholic Radio say there a LOT of young men (20’s and 30’s) that are simply AFRAID of pulling the trigger on getting married..although I cannot blame you for being picky since most women are straight up nuts.

  18. Oh, a girl willingly goes home with a guy? “SLUT, WHORE, BITCH, SKANK!” yells the crowd of gossipy bitches. – well, this is what this website does, too.

    1. The difference here is we don’t believe her bullshit “I was raped” story afterwards.

      1. Nope, the difference is that she is not slut-shamed in the first place.
        I think slut-shaming makes women defensive and passive aggressive. It makes them cautious and it makes earning their trust so difficult. It twists their attitude towards sex and forces them into this awkward position where they have to deny their own basic human need.
        Shame women and they will yell rape. Make them feel comfortable and they will fuck your brains out.

        1. I think if you’re a slut, you’re a slut. Don’t slut your shit around if you can’t handle being called out. Either own that shit, or close your legs.
          I think being slutty makes these girls defensive.
          Last time I checked, it wasn’t my basic human need to be a slut.
          You’re excusing these girls behavior. There’s no excuse for lying about rape. Not only does it ruin men’s lives, but undermines those who have been through actual rapes.
          “If we don’t slut shame, women, they won’t cry wolf” is essentially what you’re saying? Fuck that. Don’t excuse that! Besides, plenty of women cry rape without ever being shamed by anyone else other than their own guilty conscience the next morning “oh no, I got too drunk and fucked around on my boyfriend, time to cry rape”

        2. And yet you can’t stop responding to me… Hmm.
          Maybe (and only as a suggestion) you shouldn’t go around telling other gown men what to do and whom to reply to. the_situation seems like an intelligent being – perfectly capable of making his own decisions.

        3. If the broad in question provides valuable insight through her comments, she can stay. And this one does.

        4. You don’t tell me what to do, mkay?
          Let me teach you something, son: The first rule to actually getting laid is talking to women in a normal, relaxed way.
          Hating on them and treating them like trash will only lead to more blue balls, which will only lead to more hating on them.
          Break the vicious circle. Just try to talk to women in a nondismissive way and it will work wonders for your sex life.

        5. See, I called it, you are intelligent.
          And I don’t totally disagree with the above logic.

        6. What does your little rules say about calling a man you dont know son?
          Indont care. Stfu talking to broads on this site

        7. Lol. Still can’t stop yourself. Do you lack control in your offline life as well?

  19. Who won the fight over the chick? Did they do much damage to each other? I am of the opinion that men shouldn’t fight over a woman. You can rest assured she was behind the two men facing off against each other and the injuries they inevitably inflicted on each other.

    1. The point isn’t who won…the point is the guy who “won” found out she fucked some other guy three days later.
      They both learned that it’s stupid to fight over girls…very, very quickly 🙂

  20. I helped start an alternative community on a big block of land which used to be a 4 star resort with a hatted restaurant and 20 cabins on it, was an epic, expensive project, still going.
    We made 4 acres of food gardens, ran a vegetarian pay as you feel restaurant, 20 first class cabins rented out to the public. Water captured on property, sewerage treated on property, 50 solar panels, huge property to manage.
    Just 2 mid 30’s blokes from the city, talked about it for 2 years.
    Our main disagreement was that human nature is gonna be what it’s gonna be vs LOVE everybody all the time.
    After the first 6 months, we didn’t let anyone in from the rainbow tribe to stay on property.
    One of my jobs was to get the hippies to do an honest 4 hour shift a day in exchange for food/sleep and living in Paradise.
    Trying to get 25 lazy ingrates to start work at 9 was a mission.
    These kids were backpackers from all over the world, 8 out of ten behaved exactly as a lazy parasite would when given the freedom to manage themselves.
    I live in a region full of these useless windbags, all on government handouts, most a few mushrooms away from never coming back, it’s just party, party, party, so many single mums on benefits around here could be a suburb in the USA.
    It was something like a cross between faulty towers and a safe space
    In Mexico in 2012 no one wanted the rainbow tribe in their towns, no one would serve them, as they had a bad reputation as free loading dirty thieves.

    1. This mirrors my observations of “hippie” social groups over here. Free loading and dirty with a huge love of getting high… which is funny considering they’re bent on organic produce one minute and dropping all sorts of chemical concoctions the next.

      1. I’ve found there’s a couple types of hippies. I think the word hippies is so vague.
        There’s the kind you’re referring to, and then there’s the actual hippies that study Zen Buddhism, grow their own herbs, use natural medicine, and believe in energy fields and shit.

        1. True. There are probably four main categories. The one you described, the one I described, one somewhere in between both and one that is strictly for show, a fashion statement or social mask.

  21. “The guy who stopped the rape probably got laid a bunch”
    Doubt it. Unless of course he capitalized on it and had game. If not I have a difficult time believing that that fact would have the slightest bit of difference on him getting laid.

    1. Nah, dude. You don’t need game when the entire tribe looks up to you. Women will feel more safe around him, they’ll talk about how he’s so brave, etc. Massive social proof right there

  22. The hippies have their problems, but they get some important things right too. It show that it is good to know a variety of people.

  23. Communism like all political states is based on violence. You did not experience small scale communism as that requires force. You experienced voluntary society. The statists claim that voluntary society does not scale as their justification for using force. However what they present as evidence usually traces back to some sort of government interference that kept society from functioning correctly.
    The fact that voluntary society works on the small level simply means larger societies at the very worst would need to be composed of smaller ones in a voluntary arrangement.

    1. Communism was only based on violence in practice. In theory it wasn’t (aside from the initial transition which Marx wrote about).
      I agree that it wasn’t “hard communism,” but there were elements associated with communism such as how 10% work to provide for the other 90%

      1. Communism doesn’t work without force because it requires a state and state functions which require the monopoly on legal violence. See the communist manifesto.

    2. True communism is voluntary society as shown in this, technically the USSR, North Korea, etc. were Socialist, not communist.

      1. Communism and socialism requires force and has always been implemented by force, by a state. There’s no other way to do it. The communist manifesto requires a state.

        1. No, the communist manifesto advocates the abolishment of the state. Obviously that is la la land, but it does…

        2. The ten planks require a state.
          1. without private property, an institution is needed to manage property, that is the state.
          2. progressive income tax, collected by the state.
          3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance, property goes to the state.
          4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. Same.
          5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state. Obvious.
          6.Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the
          hands of the state. Obvious.
          I can go on….

  24. And here was I thinking hippies were all lazy Kombi-driving potheads who sat around singing kum-ba-ya and blaming “The Man” for all their problems. After these two excellent articles, I’ll never look at hippies the same way again.
    Mind you, if the articles are anything to go by.. whoredom is the default state for women. And by that I mean rewarding the hard work and favors a man does for her, with “favors” of her own.

    1. Depends on the hippie tbh. Like any group of people some are pieces of shit and some are really cool.
      I wouldn’t say whoredom, but rather hypergamy. The second she sees a higher status male she’ll be tempted to sleep with him.
      Doesn’t mean that she will, but nature is telling her “This guy has better genes…fuck him”

  25. Man thank you for the article! This sounds like an amazing time, you have to know someone to attend that gathering right? The fact alone that men are recognized for their actions sounds much better than what we are experiencing in the west now

  26. Capitalism is not a meritocracy where we are rewarded based upon contribution to others and society at large. Capitalism rewards wealth investors with more wealth.
    How does a slum lord contribute to the village? How does Warren Buffett? They take advantage of scarcity and corruption.

    1. I would amend your comment to say crony capitalism – not just ‘capitalism’… there is a huge difference.
      True capitalism rewards hard, meaningful work that contributes to the larger society, thrift, and reinvesting into future ventures – a Calvinist work ethic, minus the religious baggage.
      In point of fact, the only way “contributions to others” are even possible is due to the prosperity brought about by capitalism in the first place.
      Which sort of makes your comment ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’…

  27. Jon, you have nailed it! I have always wanted to attend one of these gatherings, but it seems like something always gets in the way of my going. I appreciate the reality of organic gender roles and expectations because it recognizes that the genders really ARE different and appreciative of those differences. I would most definitely be one of the very hard workers busting my happy ass to help out in the building and taking-down process because I am a natural helper and workhorse, but I would do so without ANY expectation of getting laid. If it happened, WONDERFUL; if not, THAT’S OKAY. I would be there to help them realize the vision. I think these gatherings would be great for men who experience jealousy/envy, as it would force them to re-evaluate what is truly important in their lives apart from sexual relations. There is nothing at all wrong with the idea of meritocracies. They WORK, and those who say “judge not” in relation to these are those who expect to get something for nothing. “He who would eat must work,” in other words. GREAT article, Jon!!!1

      1. I believe you can find it by Googling “Rainbow Family of Living Light.” Now, I may be off, but I THINK that’s the national/international name for those who meet at these Rainbow Gatherings. I’ve been curious about Rainbow Gatherings, and I know they’re held in my home state (Nebraska), but I’ve never gotten the chance to attend. I bet they’re not only exciting, but great places to see how REAL men and REAL women live.

  28. The best 3 lessons should be:
    1) Be nice & respectful to those who are nice/respectful to you.
    2) Work hard for whatever you want in life, Nothing comes for free.
    3) Never be afraid to fight anyone who tries to give you trouble.

  29. Great article. If we can dismantle some of the nanny state we live under, this will all grow back naturally. Feminism is already sabotaging itself.

  30. Communal living is common tribal custom. It is a misnomer to call any large nation ‘communist’. Pure ‘communism’ is theoretical and exists only on paper. It has never been practiced in any large form outside of a jewish kibbutz or farming co-op. The old Soviet Union was never communist. What they had was ‘state capitalism’ where the state owns all the shares and the members of the communist party recieve the dividends. ‘Red’ China was never communist. What they had was traditional dynastic feudalism under martial law. Leading clan oligarchs and provincial marshalls and judiciary comprised the ‘party’ members and were ‘communist’ in name only. It’s like a (donkey) Democrat in the US. A ‘Democrat’ or ‘democratic’ worker’s party member in the US is a parasite, neither ‘democratic’ nor a ‘worker’.
    ‘Commune’-ism on any large scale is a pipe dream. It doesn’t exist in practice for anything larger than a small cooperative tribal farm.
    Hippie communes sound cool if they can be enlightened with neomasculinity and with the tools to keep a lid on the bitch hamster, keeping the true nature of a woman shackled on the reproductive treadmill and off the carousel. The jewish kibbutz model but without the ritual circumcision dickchopping. A commune with chopped dicks and hypergamy becomes a carousel boohjiobez and an eternal matriarchal hell like the saucer lipped niggerz of Java, and if it’s a jewish kibbutz, things get interesting with the added forebrains of world class casino swindlers.
    Pre Napoleonic France had feifdoms and Ancient Greece had city-states which grew much larger than the typical tribal commune but they retained their unique cultural, tribal, racial and ethnic identities. AND the city states and feifdoms did not have established city state or fifedem religion that mandated DICKCHOPPING.
    When the commune expands and becomes large enough in population and with sizeable territory to be annexed by an empire, tribal and ethnic purity can still be maintained when the elders are wise and learned men who are UNCHOPPED. You don’t have to throw your seedline away into a cultural mosh pit of an empire when your men retain patriarchal clan rule, when beneath the wide and wise cerebral craniums of the learned elders are seated the second tier of command, the legion of LITTLE HEADS. Sheathed and uncircumcised, like obedient lieutenants the little heads report accurately the unsevered neuro feedback info. The unchopped dickhead and brain form a continuous neuro information feedback loop. Like a loop antennae the dick functions as a receptor gathering ‘dicksense’ and ‘intel’ needed for the elders and ordinaries to keep the commune’s bitch hamsters in their place.

  31. I’m going to assume that the Rainbow people have evolved since my heyday in that those women who reach “elder” status aren’t viciously and manipulatively sabotaging their perceived competition on their way to the top. While a huge class of men were sucked up by and either slaughtered or damaged beyond repair by Vietnam and/or drugs, an overabundance of women in my age group and slightly older were involved in so much in the way of palace intrigue that I had to get out and beyond their clutches myself.
    Rainbow and even some BDSM culture “gatherings” are of limited time span such that the female-orchestrated intrigue isn’t given enough time to culture to its anaerobic conclusion, and that’s why it’s a vacation rather than a lifestyle. When it comes to more permanent settlements inspired by Rainbow, Burning Man, the Yippies and their Fourth of July D.C. Smoke-in’s, and the trust-funders who built up certain California, bordering states, and New England enclaves, this matriarchal culture unfortunately pervades and comes to dominate overtly or covertly.
    By all means, if given the opportunity, I recommend that anyone partake of these types of endeavors. Simply fucking enough women hard enough tends to calm down the hysteria. The studs willing to take on the otherwise castrating wife return her to her husband in a more manageable state. The “elders” are grateful for the reprieve.

  32. Not a horrible article, Jon.
    But, let me give you a bit of advice – even though I know you didn’t ask for any – using the lens of my 48 years.
    Most of the guys on this site – I’m just guessing based on the language used by most – are anywhere from early 20’s to late 30’s, with a few 40-somethings thrown in. Being younger isn’t a bad thing, but us older X-ers have been where you are. Long time ago. So, it might behoove you to listen.
    1. There is no altruism for anyone outside the Tribe.
    In other words – there is no such thing as a free lunch. For most of our history, humans have Tribed Up. Meaning: It actually made MORE sense to attack and wipe out neighboring tribes and take their resources so that your tribe could flourish, rather than helping out a neighboring tribe with which you would have to compete for those same resources.
    That your little hippie commune experience gives you the impression otherwise, remember that every single person there knew that – if things got really bad – there was the safety net of Civilization waiting for them. It’s easy to do this stuff with that knowledge in the back of your mind.
    Plus, there was zero competition between your little hippie commune and anyone else for the same resources.
    But, as an example, let’s say Doctor Nefario completes his Evil Plans to take down North America, biffs a nook above the Ionosphere (which sets up The Compton Effect – a real thing) resulting in an EMP that blows us all back to the 16th Century, technology-wise.
    How altruistic do you think people would be? Oh sure, some would be because of religious convictions, like the Mennonites or the Amish, etc.
    At first.
    But once people realized that Civilization as they have always known it is GONE – there is no safety net anymore – how long do you think that altruism will last?
    Answer: It will vanish like a fart in a high wind. Welcome to the High Middle Ages, son.
    We Caucasians are a curious people – we are the least tribal of the races of the Earth, but we are the ones with the most highly refined sense of altruism. Historically, we supported our own little Tribe if only to see it flourish. For everyone else, nothing. Unless we stood to gain something by it – some benefit we could not obtain ourselves. Or wanted to ingratiate them to us and then we could leverage them.
    But just giving away Free Stuff to people not of our Tribe because we had extra and we wanted to be seen as doing a “nice thing”?
    Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that.
    If anything, having other Tribes thinking your Tribe was “nice” was the LAST thing anyone wanted – you wanted competing Tribes to quake in fear at the very mention of your name, lest they try and steal your shit and/or try to wipe you out.
    2. You say that boys were being taught to be men, by men. Then you follow that up with some nausea-inducing phrase like “safe space for kids”.
    In point of fact, historically boys who were too small to actually work the farm or do hard labor (supporting the Tribe) were set to wandering the woods with either bow, spear or a rifle, powder and shot – alone.
    It was their job to go out and kill something suitable for the pot. We’re not talking Mastodons or Rhinos… small things – birds, rabbits, etc. After a few training sessions with an experienced woodsman – usually the boy’s father – it was “Welp, Og, here’s your pointy stick – go get em!” and he was expected to bring something home.
    I’m betting Pointy Objects were in short supply in the Children’s Village.
    Girls were expected to help their mothers and the other women-folk. Learning the things that women did to contribute to the family (tribe) – in other words, learn the jobs they would eventually have to teach to their own daughters. Things like weaving cloth or tanning hides or making soap from animal fats and ashes – hot, smelly, time-consuming work.
    I’m betting there wasn’t a whole lot of stirring boiling pig fat and ashes in the Children’s Village Safe Space…
    My sarcasm aside – the ONLY reason why they were even able to conceive and set up this Safe Space/Children’s Village is because of the safety net of Civilization – which is the same reason they were able to feed everyone, regardless of contribution. Trust me – indirect competition with other Tribes or when your very existence is on the line – those who do not contribute, do not eat. Those who do not contribute are also jettisoned at the first opportunity if their laziness continues.
    And leadership – those men who were best at conflict resolution and managing people – putting those with the right skills in the right jobs – was way more important than who dug holes the best, or set up a kitchen or handed out Free Shit.
    I got more, but this has gone on long enough… probably too long.
    Good luck to you… interested in more Dispatches from Behind Enemy Lines…

    1. I didn’t see evidence of him helping another tribe. I considered the entire commune that he was a part of his “tribe.”

      1. You’re missing the point.
        His entire experience is based on ‘creating’ this little ‘civilization’ – when his ‘civilization’ isn’t competing with anyone else for anything and moreover, gets all their Free Stuff they give away from an advanced, 1st world civilization…
        Think of it as an experiment.
        If you’re conducting an experiment in a sterile vacuum – alone – is it realistic to consider your results a valid example of reality, especially when you compare your results to everything else that exists under completely different circumstances?
        Of course it isn’t.
        He said that people behaved a certain way – altruistic, polite, etc – and compared that to the world he knows. Fine.
        But it’s a false premise from the word go – they’re not competing for resources, not fighting for their tribe’s survival, not selecting out undesirable traits (soft eugenics) to strengthen the tribe overall… more.
        I can guarantee you 100% if you took that entire commune and dropped them all into remote Siberia with no supplies, no safety net, no lifeline, no comms, no nothing – and they had to compete with other tribes for the same resources – compete, or perish (which was the default setting of humanity for most of our existence) – their behavior would have been very, very different.

    2. Yours is a very Hobbsien world-view. And it is in stark contrast to the Lockian world-view of the author.
      This philosophical discussion is not new but still interesting.

      1. BOOM!
        Someone gets it. +1 to you.
        Now, I’m not a big advocate of Hobbes’s state of nature “Bellum omnium contra omnes”, but not being a fan does not mean it’s not true.
        I merely recognize reality for what it is and adapt to it.
        And adaptation is necessary for not only surviving, but thriving.
        I see hippie communes as interesting in-a-fishbowl experiments that have nothing to do with reality and are doomed to failure when applied to the wider world.

        1. Do you know what I appreciate about your response?
          Is that you can make the distinction between preferences and actual reality.
          Most people don’t get what they like and want really has no bearing on what actually exists in the real world.
          Utopias are a nice distraction from reality but Utopian thinking doesn’t give you the mental tools to deal with the world as it exists.
          I try to to test theories in my life and I hate say it but fundamentally people are out for their own interests, and most of the time those interests are not even conscience interests, but what they perceive as fundamental to their own survival at the time they engage in action– despite the fact that the action they take may be destructive to themselves and the people around them in the long-run. It is a paradox.
          A commune may survive because you have so many like-minded people all committed and aspiring to the same thing, but put that commune thinking into the real world with disparate interests and you might as well be saying to the lions to the world, eat me. Nobody can stop the world from turning and nature from being nature.
          And this is what Utopians don’t get: You can never stop the lions of the world from being lions. Pretending otherwise is a source of self-delusion and suffering. The world doesn’t care about your feelings.
          The real key to life is deal with the circumstance of life as they are instead of what you wish them to be.
          If people want to live in communes isolated from reality, then that is their choice, but I think to be prepared for everything that may come your way is actually more interesting and gives you an exciting life.
          Forgive me, but I am just re-stating what you wrote elsewhere but with different words.

        2. Not at all, I welcome the contribution and I thank you for it.
          It’s refreshing to run into someone who actually gets it. In fact, I have to admit you are more eloquent than I am – which actually will probably win you more converts than my method.
          I tend to juxtapose the seriousness of the subject matter with the occasional profanity – a verbal face slap. A leftover from my military service and not welcome or needed about half the time, but I have found that those who take umbrage at harsh language or use it as leverage against me are the ones who “won’t get it” and likely never will.
          If they cannot handle the occasional bad word, how can they handle much larger distasteful subjects, such as “Your worldview sucks, is completely wrong and will probably get people killed”?
          They can’t. So trying to convince them is a waste of time.
          Not trying to make this “the wonder of me”, but I have found – being in the military – that survival and thriving is about risk minimization.
          In other words, don’t do THAT.
          Minimizing risk begins with adept and accurate threat assessment. Which involves seeing the world as it is. Which counts the Utopians out by default.
          I don’t have to like it. I just have to survive it.
          Your comments are welcome anytime… be well.

        3. There is nothing wrong with being frank and it always puzzles me that people get upset when people speak with directness and candor as if that were somehow a crime against civilization.
          The time for coddling is over. Between you and me, that is part of the problem, if not the major problem we are facing as a society. Coddling and entertaining Utopian philosophies essentially wastes time. And for what? So people can hear others say that they are right. What does thinking you are right about a Utopian vision have to do with measurable results? Nothing. It is a deflection from action.
          I was thinking about this last night. I think it would be an engaging documentary to interview lifer drill sergeants about their experiences with training young men over the decades to see what has changed in terms of both policy and the type of people they are getting.
          The point I am making is not just limited to being prepared to serve in the armed forces and surviving battle but for life in general.
          Because if drill sergeants have to tone it down and coddle recruits to not hurt their feelings, then they are not only putting the recruits’ lives at risk but everybody around them as well, and for the sake of what? Your life is more precious than any temporary feeling you might have.
          Lowering the bar and standards, coddling, sweet talk,deflecting from inconvenient truths doesn’t serve anybody in the long-run.
          These dudes who live in the world of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, don’t hurt my feelings, and it ought to be this way Utopian ways of looking at the world doesn’t serve them well. It is a distraction from what one needs to do right now to live life and make oneself be great.

        4. Directness and candor are not welcome in Western society anymore.
          In fact, not only ‘not welcome’, but new and more obfuscating words are being invented on a daily basis to not bell the cat and state the obvious.
          When some event happens that is too big to ignore – someone shooting up a mall in München, for example – out comes the obfuscation. When that fails, out come the excuse makers. When the excuses are not enough, out come the Moral Equivalency arguments. When that doesn’t work, then leveraging someone by lobbing PC-conflict epithets at them becomes the default setting. When that doesn’t work – violence.
          Anything except truth.
          I can tell you for a fact that the quality of solider has declined over the decades. Not talking about the elites – just overall quality. That in and of itself is a topic that could run pages, so I will pass for now…
          The point I am making is not just limited to being prepared to serve in the armed forces and surviving battle but for life in general.
          As am I.
          Most people… I refer to them as iCrap Zombies. They live in a moderately delusional world where Cognitive Dissonance and Willful Ignorance are the norm. When Bad Things happen, depending on the level of dissonance and willful ignorance, I have seen them completely shut down – just freeze – and they retreat into their own minds, becoming non-responsive.
          In their minds, nothing bad CAN happen, because nothing bad HAS happened.
          And, in fairness, Americans have had it pretty damn good. For awhile. So there is some justification for them thinking that way.
          But they’ve allowed themselves to be lulled into this special snowflake thinking – that they have the “right” to not only not be offended, but that their lives are somehow sacrosanct.
          Uh, no… sorry. Everywhere in the world, that has proven to be false. Life is cheap. You’re as liable to get shanked in the liver for pocket change in any American city as you are in the wilder places of the world… being aware and expecting that to happen – then being pleasantly surprised when it does not – is very much preferred to the alternative.
          This isn’t to say live your entire life in fear. Not at all. More like “Expect and prepare for the worst, but hope for the best”.
          It was the way our grandparents, and theirs before them, thought and lived and it served them well. I see no reason to change what has proven to be effective.

        5. Actually, that is exactly what Drill Instructors do now. Look up the use of “stress cards” in boot camp. In order to get Millenials to join our all-volunteer force, they have had to essentially create safe spaces…at boot camp, for fuck’s sake.

    3. Dude, I’m about your age and I say maybe it’s time for decaf. You are reading way too much into this article and letting it make you way too angry. Your one or two valid points are being washed out in the angry static.

      1. You see the above post as “angry”?
        I wasn’t angry when I wrote the above – perhaps you are misinterpreting my use of ‘bad words’ as “anger”…
        Nope. It’s just the way I talk and think.
        Why would you accuse me of being ‘angry’? Why would you want to?
        Couple possibilities come to mind –
        1. You don’t like that I dished out a rebuttal to Jon’s article everyone seems to be gushing over, and seek to discredit me somehow – you won’t argue the data, but you can and will sit back and lob ad hominem attacks. (You mad brah? You sound mad brah. Try decaf).
        2. You genuinely misinterpreted my use of harsh language or ‘bad words’ as anger – which is about as far from the truth as possible. A more favorable approach would be to ask me if I were angry before making accusations. (And no, “you mad brah?” does not count).
        In my defense, I did not “read into” Jon’s article. Jon posted up his experiences for us to read and comment on in open forum. I gave a critical take on his experiences and why I consider them invalid when comparing them to the wider world – and my points are completely justified.
        Instead of trying to discredit me by saying I’m inventing things that are not there (“reading into it”) or attacking me personally (you mad brah?), why don’t you argue the data?
        Unless, of course, you can’t…
        Edit: Having read your comments further upstream to Graft, I amend this post to include a third possibility: You are attempting to dog pile because you don’t like the beat-down I dished out to Graft for being an insufferable, thick headed, misguided, insulting tool while I was trying to help him.
        Fucking kids, man…

        1. Kids? Heh, I’m almost your age, shit stain. I was in 8th grade when the first space shuttle blew up. When I started school, Jimmy Carter was president.
          You think you gave Graft a beat down? You’re not just an asshole. You’re a delusional asshole. 😆😆😆

        2. Only a pig-ignorant fucktard thinks that physical age equals maturity. I knew your fucking dumb ass would glom onto that and try to get traction – big old bear trap, and you didn’t just step in it, you threw your puny dick in it. What a dumbfuck.
          Best guess is you’re about 13 years old, mentally and emotionally. It must suck bumble-fucking through life stuck at 13 years old, watching everyone else pass you by…
          Why 13? Because why else would you ignore the entirety of my post and focus on one sentence like a little bitch – it’s what a 13 year old would do.
          Probably because I’m right – you are dog-piling and shit-flinging while offering nothing of value – and you have the nerve to call me an asshole… that’s called “projection”, you cunt.
          Truth stings, doesn’t it?
          Eh, why bother with you… if your blockheaded, stunted ass hasn’t figured it out by now, you won’t.
          Enjoy whatever that shit is you call a life, choad-spank.

        3. Heh, if you only knew, asshole. I’m a national authority in my field. On the other hand, you argue like some teenage punk in his mom’s basement.

        4. I’m a national authority in my field.
          And that’s what? Sucking dick behind a dumpster? Being a bomb-throwing fuckboi? Best techniques for being an insufferable mother fucker? How to be a pederast and not get caught?
          You got that shit down cold.
          “National authority”… pfft… I’m supposed to do what now? Be all fuckin impressed because… well, reasons I guess? Concede everything to you because you say so?
          Yeah, fuck that and fuck you.
          Good gosh Mr. National Authority, I had no idea – someone get the mother fuckin’ PRESIDENT on the phone! Tell him to drop every fucking thing because it’s Mr. National Mother-Fuckin AU-THOR-I-TAH!
          What a fucking insufferable piece of dog shit.
          I’m done with you.
          Seeya fuck stain.

        5. You are a pathetic, angry little man, aren’t you? God, it must be exhausting to be that upright and pissed off. As for me, I’m amused by your obvious misery. Shadenfruede!

  33. It’s finally here! Great job man.
    You really hit the nail on the head. I have an example. The other day I was out for lunch, which is longer for me as I work longer, and at the gas pump a man approaches me. He asks for $8.63 for his daughter’s symbicort. I nonchalantly say to hold on, walk inside and pull it out and gave him a 20.
    This is incredibly fucked up for several reasons:
    1) He had probably been their for hours, begging people.
    2) People are so used to being betrayed by those closest to them they probably assumed it was a scam (as if a scammer would ask for such a specific amount!)
    3) People are so addicted to consumerism that the price of his medicine was too high, no one had money to spare because they spent it on useless shit they do not need, instead deciding their kids not having jobs and watching a little girl have an asthma attack is preferable to not having an obscenely large television.
    4) Our society is so fucked up that the only thing deemed acceptable by society in instances of helping others without judgment is giving money (I won’t go into that time I handed blankets out to the homeless when it was -26 and was stopped by a cop who treated me like a bank robber)
    And we are seeing in the west what happens when you systematically punish and destroy virtue: invaders come and no one is their to save the women who ruined it all when the beatings and rapings begin. As it was at the end of Rome, so it is today. There is no virtus anywhere. This is a sterile and cold place where you are taught to buy shiny things and never do anything for yourself or others.

    1. Great comment boss. Your last line rings true, and brings what little emotion I can feel to the surface.

  34. Jesus Christ, great post my man.
    Your first paragraph is a utopia without the cancer that is white/western individualism.
    People, men and women alike seek to collaborate. Men collaborate to accomplish great feats and women, well, collaborate to gossip. I see society becoming increasingly isolated with the rise of technology combined with the sickness of individualism. Sometimes I wonder if the elites manufactured individualism to prevent guys like us from rising against the government.
    “We live in a manipulative, fake, shallow, back-stabbing, pseudo-third-wave-feminism-infested culture that completely robs us of our humanity. We have the passion and joy for life crushed out of us at a young age by our warped school system, and any sort of humanity that we express is quickly capitalized upon by the droves of sociopaths that lurk in the workplace.”
    Yup, pretty much a combination of pathological individualism, technological innovation, and regressive leftism as the cherry on top. Ironically, I believe that the cause of leftism is individualism-a large government collectivist movement is a blowback from the insane selfishness of our culture.
    Everyone should take a look at the Geert-Hofstede scale of various countries which evaluate their culture on: masculinity, individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation, and indulgence. Unsurprisingly, western nations are extremely high in both individualism and indulgence.
    I don’t advocate for collectivism, especially under the state, but it’s not a coincidence that the countries ROK advocates towards migrating to are considerably less indulgent and individualist. It’s not a coincidence that the West, despite having the most financial success, is a land of broken families, high divorce rates, shallow friendships, and nihilistic hook-up culture.
    Take a gander at Italy. Still considered an individualist country, but the family unit is highly cohesive and intact. Resources are shared amongst the immediate and extended families, every activity is done together, all the cousins are super close. If someone goes bankrupt they are helped by family, no questions asked. Living with parents is not looked upon with scorn as it is in the U.S, it is in fact expected because the families are so close. In a general sense, friendships are formed locally during childhood and kept throughout the entirety of one’s life. It leads to a very parochial existence, but an existence which I feel is distinctly superior to the U.S.
    When are the Sean Hannity’s and Rush Limbaugh’s going to address the cultural problems of the United States? Why is it Graft, from NYC, who calls out the selfish and unnatural way of individualism? Because money, money, money, and wars, wars, wars, is all these cuckservatives care about. They are willing to keep the United States as a dog-eat-dog melting pot of human commodities.
    To make a practical example that relates to us, our movement will never be shit unless we practice some form of collectivism. I don’t get paid for writing this comment. Roosh probably barely gets paid with the site itself. We do it because we are coming together to fight the degeneracy which we will face throughout our lives. It’s predictable, yet concerning that individualist men such as ourselves have been commenting and posting on this site for close to five years and have yet to officially form tribes and communities to help one another.
    There are some hardcore American individualists who will inevitably disagree with me and worship at the throne of individualism. That’s fine. But as we watch our families break down, our birth rates plummet, and witness an overall cultural collapse, toxic individualism will be one of the causes.

    1. Your first paragraph is a utopia without the cancer that is white/western individualism.
      Are you speaking about Bork’s radical individualism or the classical Enlightenment concept of the individual?
      There is a big difference.
      I consider myself fiercely independent – very much an individualist. Unapologetic, too. That does not automatically mean I do not care for or support my family, because I do. Since my father passed, I am family patriarch, though those bonds have weakened since the time of my grandfather…
      And I staunchly oppose any Collectivist Bastard who thinks they are my moral superior by virtue of the fact that they say they are, who think they get to tell me what I get to own, how much, where I can live, that I have to cough up ‘my fair share’ of my daily bread under pain of imprisonment or violent death so they can give the stolen loot to useless eaters, moochers and layabouts…
      Radical Individualism is the handmaiden of collectivist tyranny – but I do not think you know the difference.
      Same as the Occutards who rage against “capitalism” who are completely pig-ignorant of the difference between genuine capitalism, which is good and wholesome – and crony capitalism fueled by unlimited fiat currency that was unleashed on August 15th, 1971 and is completely toxic, corrupting all it touches…

      1. Good response. I’m not going to fully retort because I believe that I made my disdain for state collectivism quite clear.
        I was referring to radical individualism, which is clearly the domain of the United States.
        I agree-some Paki living in Minnesota is not part of my “community”.
        My community is:
        1. My eventual family (we’ll see)
        2. My loyal and like-minded friends
        3. Neomasculine men, preferably of my ethnicity.
        4. My ethnicity.

        1. Fair enough.
          But, in fairness, I did not think you made your disdain for state collectivism all that clear – otherwise I wouldn’t have come at you like that. And I don’t agree with Bork 100% – his great failure is that he is a Statist, but he wants his faction to have the power of the State at their disposal – not the left.
          Von Mises, he ain’t.
          My “tribe” is:
          1. Family – but not all.
          Yes, I made the judgement call that – if things well and truly go to hell in an ice bucket – no, not all my family will get my support. One in particular is a raving lunatic of a leftist. They are most certainly NOT welcome. I had to triage – those who have a skill – or the means to learn one – and their head screwed on straight get my support. Can’t do that if they’re at cross-purposes with me. Regrettable, but there it is.
          2. I have maybe 2 or 3 other men I consider my genuine “friends”. Meaning, I trust them not only with my own life, but with the lives of my family. I’ve known one for 30+ years. Everyone else is an associate or casual acquaintance…
          3. I don’t have any friends or acquaintances or associates of any other race other than my own.
          4. Same. When it comes down to it, everything for MY people, nothing for anyone else. The Free Shit train is at the end of the line… and I’m fresh out of empathy for anyone else other than my own people.

        2. “I don’t advocate for collectivism, especially under the state”
          Don’t know how much clearer you want it.
          “I had to triage – those who have a skill – or the means to learn one – and their head screwed on straight get my support.”
          This is a slippery slope. I agree with you on the lunatic leftist-they are not part of your tribe. But the ones with skills and their heads on straight don’t need your help. The weak need your help.
          When I was mentally ill, or broke, or homeless, I needed a helping hand. Now I don’t.

        3. Don’t know how much clearer you want it.
          Okay. I was trying to be nice.
          You clip not even a whole sentence, but a fragment of one – leaving out the second, qualifying half (but it’s not a coincidence that the countries ROK advocates towards migrating to are considerably less indulgent and individualist.) – then use that to directly infer I am being obtuse.
          Your entire post is an incendiary condemnation of individualism, save for that one sentence fragment you cherry-picked.
          And that’s you being ‘clear’?
          If I hadn’t called you out on not differentiating between radical individualism and classical Enlightenment individualism – and some young person came by and read your comment and took it to heart – they would not know that extremely critical difference. If ever, possibly.
          But the ones with skills and their heads on straight don’t need your help. The weak need your help.
          The “strong man vs the world” meme plays well in a movie and makes for a good book. But in reality, things go to hell – fast – no matter how many bullets you have socked away, no matter how fortified you make your home, no matter how many cans of Beanie Weenies you got stashed away… you are still alone.
          And the Golden Horde will roll right over you.
          They absolutely will ‘need help’. We all will. Which is the whole point of me triaging and pre-vetting people.
          Skills, knowledge and abilities. Someone who has zero skills, who has spent their whole life in Ivory Towers obtaining a completely useless degree, who has never done a day’s hard labor in their entire LIFE, who has zero practical skills, knowledge and abilities, who is your ideological opposite and sows discord everywhere they go?
          NOT welcome.
          And I am done justifying my decisions to you. My lifeboat – my rules.
          Edit: An afterthought – if there is someone who is ‘weak’, but they have critical knowledge and experience that nobody else has – an aged Chemist in his 80’s, for example – then aiding that individual and incorporating him into the tribe is simply protecting our brain trust – especially if they can replicate the facility in miniature to create the Holy of Holies – fixed nitrogen. Our entire civilization revolves around it. Things go to shit, there won’t BE any more.
          Someone like that? I would move Heaven and Earth to make him part of the tribe and take care of him, though he is “weak”, a drain on our resources and unable to contribute directly.

        4. “They absolutely will ‘need help’. We all will. Which is the whole point of me triaging and pre-vetting people”
          I understand that.
          “Someone who has zero skills, who has spent their whole life in Ivory Towers obtaining a completely useless degree, who has never done a day’s hard labor in their entire LIFE, who has zero practical skills, knowledge and abilities, who is your ideological opposite and sows discord everywhere they go?”
          You are talking about two different things:
          1. Someone who has no skills
          2. Someone who is ideologically different, politically
          #2 I agree with you on. They are the cause of whatever societal collapse may happen.
          If you only seek to help those that have skills, you are by default only assisting those who can assist you.

        5. You are talking about two different things:
          1. Someone who has no skills
          2. Someone who is ideologically different, politically

          In this case, they are one in the same person. Her super power is being useless, insufferable and annoying.
          If you only seek to help those that have skills, you are by default only assisting those who can assist you.
          That’s a fact.
          Mercenary? Yep. Privateer? Yep.
          So what? The whole purpose of this thought experiment is so that me and mine – the tribe – not only survives, but flourishes.
          Of course, those true friends of mine – and their families by extension – get special dispensation.
          Some schmoe off the street begging at my door? If I fed even a tiny fraction of the unlimited army of schmoes, me and mine would starve to death. Never-ending altruism to an unlimited army of schmoes without getting an ROI is at cross-purposes with the survival of me and mine.
          I’d inherit the moral high ground – about 6 feet of it.
          And what of the safety and well-being of those who put their trust in me – to ensure their survival? What happens to them?

        6. Bullshit.
          I am absolutely ON topic – despite your best efforts to the contrary.
          OP lays out his case and his in-a-fishbowl experiences with some hippie commune. Every single post of mine has segued into that post in some fashion.
          I tried being nice to you. You proved immune to that. Welp, meet Mr. Clue Bat.
          You don’t like it that I have systematically demolished you wherever you’ve popped up. Raining them down on you like Jazzy Joe Johnson from the 3 point line.
          You don’t like getting dunked on, so now you’re just making shit up out of thin air…
          I’m done here.
          You’ll either figure it out on your own, or you won’t. And I don’t much care which it ends up being…
          Enjoy your life.

        7. By your logic you could argue that your children, or your grandmother with cancer, should be left to die because they cannot contribute.
          This article is literally based on a fantasy story where two strangers get stranded on an island. It is a silly analogy which is not applicable to real life scenarios.

        8. Wow, first the homosexuals and women invade the comments. Now, the Omegas and Beta Simps follow. Though Malgus may be none of the above. He may just be a garden variety, contrarian asshole.

        9. Yeah, it was definitely one of the weirder comment exchanges that I’ve been in. It started out pretty normally then he seemed to get butthurt.
          The funniest part was: “Last attempt at forcing you to see how the world works. If you don’t get it after this, then you are literally beyond all hope and salvation – and I wash my hands of you.”
          He acted like my future prosperity was in his hands and that he had some sort of leverage to force me to take his advice. This is all while pushing a philosophy that says he only gives a fuck about himself. According to his philosophy, he would never have helped me anyhow.
          i had never had an exchange with him and had never seen him comment before.

        10. And you might be a bomb-throwing troll who delights in stirring the shit while offering nothing of value.
          Or a bone smuggler.
          Or a pederast.
          Or an alcoholic.
          Or a wife-beating meth-head.
          Or homeless and mentally ill.
          Who knows? I mean, I could sit here all day and directly infer via phony questions that you are all these vile things, but what would it accomplish other than rubbing your nose in your own shit?
          If I wanted an Echo Chamber where everyone sits around, nodding their heads and agreeing with each other, I wouldn’t come here.
          Meaningful progress is achieved via the free exchange of ideas – and that means talking about things others might not agree with or are uncomfortable talking about – to answer the age-old question: “What are we to do?”
          This is supposed to be a place for Men.
          Perhaps you should start acting like one.

        11. I attempted to help you because – as I stated before, we Caucasians are a curious race – we are the least tribal of the peoples of the Earth, but we are also the most altruistic. It is hard-coded into our nature. Some more than others.
          I tried to help you.
          You got insulting and nasty.
          Therefore, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
          The End.
          Apparently, you like playing the victim card. Not surprising given your admitted history.

        12. Do tell, how you were trying to “help me.” All I saw was an online debate where you argued that “my life is-MINE.” If we are really in this fantasy tribe rebuilding scenario, how do I know that once I finish building a house or gathering food that your sociopathic ass won’t kill me and take all of it?
          Do tell where I got “insulting and nasty.” Getting insulting and nasty with an internet stranger is way past my domain of giving a fuck.
          Now apparently I like “playing the victim card” because I question the motives of American society.

        13. Do tell, how you were trying to “help me.”
          You really want me to go through my own posts and quote myself?
          No. Just. No. Ain’t gonna happen, old son.
          From calling you out on your omission of the true definition of individualism, to multiple fruitless attempts at showing you how the REAL WORLD works, to citing others who attempt to do the same thing.
          That those efforts have proven to be ineffective on you only shows the depth and breadth of your mental disconnect. Either intentionally or otherwise.
          Which brings me to “not my problem, nor my fault, nor do I care anymore”. I gave it my best shot. I failed. You cannot save those who do not want to be saved. Time to move on.
          All I saw was an online debate where you argued that “my life is-MINE.”
          Multiple paragraphs over multiple posts, including posting up links, and you reduce all that to 4 words.
          Intellectually honest, you ain’t.
          If we are really in this fantasy tribe rebuilding scenario, how do I
          know that once I finish building a house or gathering food that your
          sociopathic ass won’t kill me and take all of it?

          a) You don’t.
          b) The OP’s entire post is about – wait for it – a fantasy tribe-building scenario. Hence the title of his post.
          c) I take umbrage at you using the word “sociopathic” in describing me. I could easily throw epithets at you, such as: mentally ill, homeless loser, bum, chemically addicted, crazy, probably a pederast, psycho… more and worse. And believe me, I can get A LOT worse than that…
          But, you see me doing that?
          I laid out how the world works. Reality, on the ground. And the mentality needed – and steps someone needs to take – so them and their family and friends can survive when things go to hell in an ice-bucket.
          You got shitty and insulting. I took the time out of MY life to try and lay out how things actually work in the real world for you in the hopes that you might actually get it – and what do you do? You get insulting. You shit on me. You dish out ad hominem attacks. Then you play “the victim” when someone else comes along (I dunno man, I was just standing here minding my own business and then that guy started in on me… I’m totally innocent… I dindu nuffins).
          Yeah, fuck that.
          Do tell where I got “insulting and nasty.”
          Go re-read your posts. If you have a shred of intellectual honesty left or are not completely morally bankrupt, you’ll admit where you got insulting and nasty – I even called you out on it already.
          So, no – I am not going to quote myself. You can fuck right off if you don’t want to admit it.
          Now apparently I like “playing the victim card” because I question the motives of American society.
          Blatant intellectual dishonesty and bald faced LYING.
          You are playing the Victim Card by pretending to be the aggrieved party in your exchange with Dirk – and NOWHERE are you “questioning the motives of American society”.
          “I dindu nuffins. I wuz juss mindin my own business an shit an he got butthurt an started in on me..”
          The fuck are you? 14? “Butthurt”? Really?
          Get your head out of your ass. Don’t even know why I am wasting my time on a mentally ill retard like you anyways….
          And now, I am done with you – bang away whatever rebuttal you wish, I won’t bother reading it.
          Fuck you.
          The End.

        14. I agreed with some of your points. I disagreed with some. The real world is not two strangers stranded on a lifeboat and recreating a Gilligan’s Island fantasy. It’s a complex world of tribal, social creatures.
          The OP’s post wasn’t quite a fantasy scenario-it was a modern day replication of how our cro magnon ancestors used to function.
          Shitty? Insulting? Ad-hominems? You are grossly overestimating the amount of fucks I give for an internet stranger. I actually complimented your original post and agreed with some points in all of your posts. I read it again-I did not insult or throw ad-hominems, and I never will, even in my discourse with leftists. The “sociopathic” remark was well past you losing your emotional cool, and referred to your statement of only caring about those whose skills benefit you. That is a hallmark trait of a sociopath (not that I have anything against sociopaths, most are harmless.)
          The conversation is right up top, completely unedited and without insults. I wouldn’t even know how to insult you-because I don’t even know anything about you.
          I wouldn’t say I played the “Aggrieved victim card,” because the conversation did not diminish me or make me a victim. In fact, it didn’t change my demeanor for the day, hour, or minute.
          “Mentally ill retard?” “Fuck you?” Why would I retort? You are a random avatar on a blog, as am I. I’ll be the more stoic man and let you wind down your emotions on this one.

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