4 Additional European Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses

It is good to see that many of us here will stand their ground in case of a total cultural collapse. Among the many arguments backing this decision, was the possibility to purchase guns and get organised, coming from our mostly American readers.

As a Frenchman, I do not have this luxury, being surrounded by liberals that would rather take my hypothetical guns and join the invading hordes than being called “racists.” Sadly, we are still waiting for Charles Martel to Make Frankia Great Again.

If the nimble navigator does not reach the White House, I would perhaps have to consider one of the following countries for permanent resettlement.

As previously stated in part I of this series:

The nations are reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Level of English
  • Difficulty of the local language(s)
  • Gun laws
  • Quality of women (considering beauty, femininity, careerism etc):
  • Non-native immigrant population
  • Possibility of a long-term stay
  • Male competition
  • Importance of religion
  • Culture of entrepreneurship
  • Presence of masculine culture/traditional sex roles
  • Quality of food
  • Importance of physical fitness in the local culture
  • Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse

1. Serbia


Level of English: Medium. Serbians do speak English and have a keen interest in improving it.

Difficulty of the local language(s): Medium. South Slavic. Uses frequently the same etymology as Russian or Polish. Knowing Serbian, you can get around in Bulgarian, Croatian and Slovenian.

Gun laws: Lenient. Strong gun culture and second highest number of guns per capita worldwide.

People over 18 are allowed to own guns, but must be issued a permit. People with criminal history, mental disorders, history of alcohol and illegal substance abuse, cannot be issued a permit. (…) background check prior to license approval. no court appeal possible if denied. At home, the guns must be kept in a “safe place”.

Quality of women: High. The “Polish girls” of the Balkans. They like sex, give importance to their elegance and appearance but don’t send the “ice queen” vibe that Ukrainians and Russian can have.

Non-native immigrant population: Low. Albanians as they are next door. Few Westerners apart from the occasional tourist or student (for now).

Possibility of a long-term stay: Possible (for Westerners). More here. Or be Steven Seagal.

Male competition: Medium to High. Decent foreigner value. As I said previously, Serbs probably have one of the highest level of game in EE.

Turbofolk culture and recent bloody conflicts give them a bad boy head start by treating women as replaceable commodities and war spoils.

Importance of religion: Medium to high. Orthodox Christianity is the second most important religion in Serbia after cold hard cash. Abortion is legal under request.

Culture of entrepreneurship: High. Money and success are revered. Corruption is omnipresent. You will need local advisers.

Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: High. Masculine Balkan culture. Feminine girls that have been exposed to what a society looks like without male order. Western culture appeals to the youth. Hostile to homosexuals.

Quality of food: High. The products are usually local. Tasty, fresh cuisine. Fairly easy to obtain supplements and good meat.

Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: High. Fitness is seen as an important part of life. Women are usually fit and fitness is popular. Fairly low obesity rate.

Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse: Low. In view of the recent events, their worst decision would be to join the EU. European and global culture has already brought a lot of damage.

2. Czech Republic


Level of English: Medium to High. Due to the high presence of tourists, it is easy to find an English speaker in Czech Republic.

Difficulty of the local language(s): High. Speaking Czech will improve your value but it is a commitment. Could help you in Polish but legions of words are false friends.

Gun laws: Lenient. Recreational shooting is the third most popular sport in the Czech Republic, behind football and hockey..

Gun licenses may be obtained in a way very similar to a driving license – by passing a gun proficiency exam, medical examination and having a clean criminal record. Unlike in most other European countries, the Czech gun legislation also permits a citizen to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.

Informative article here.

Quality of women: Medium to High. Love sex but less classy than Ukrainians or Serbians. Exposed to a lot of gringo seed since Prague turned into a tourist hell hole.

Non-native immigrant population: Medium. Avoid the capital. Especially if you cannot stand stag parties or pub crawls. Large number of foreign students. Weak nationalist sentiment.

Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners). More here.

Male competition: Low. Czechs are in majority low-T and beta. Girls love gringos but you will not be their first. No wonder it is a swingers (gateway to “cuck”) hotspot. Still not close to Denmark, the Jante cuck Emperors.

Importance of religion: Low. Czechia is one of the most atheistic and religiously-tolerant countries in Europe. Religious vacuum creates ideal terrain for a aggressive, conquering ideologies and men.

Culture of entrepreneurship: Medium: The economy is in growth. The local laws tend to favour foreign entrepreneurs.

Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: Medium (in decline). Men become weaker and hipster weakling culture is on the rise. Girls love the carousel and their careers. Less and less hostile to homosexuals.

Quality of food: Medium. I was not impressed by the quality of the food. Products are of a reasonable quality. Relatively easy to buy supplements and good meat.

Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: Medium to low. Too much beer. Not enough sport. One of the Eastern nation where fitness is the least popular. Low to medium obesity rate.

Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse: Possible. The xenophilic nature of the Czechs and their placid character could be their downfall. They are worst off than Poland foreigner-wise.

3. Georgia


Level of English: Very Low. Quite rare to find a Georgian that speaks English outside of a city. Start learning Georgian or Russian.

Difficulty of the local language(s): Very high. You will have to learn a new alphabet for Georgian or Russian. Georgian includes sounds unknown to foreigners like the consonant clusters, which will give you the impression of playing with the noodle alphabet.

Learn Russian. It will open you a lot of doors.

The word "Georgia" in Georgian

The word “Saqartvelo” (Georgia) in Georgian

Gun laws: Relatively lenient. Georgia’s gun laws follow the FSU model where “only allows licensed gun owners may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition.”

High number of unregistered guns circulating since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Quality of women: Medium to High. Rare to find a blonde. Quite stylish but smallish. They are expected to be virgins when they get married. They are always exceptions. One night stands are very rare.

Non-native immigrant population: Low to Very Low. Not many Westerners. Large minority of Russians and Armenians.

Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners) up to 360 days. More here

Male competition: Medium to High. Foreigner value but the women are hardly accessible. Definitely not player orientated. Men there have a reputation for being horny and having aggressive game.

Importance of religion: Very High. Orthodox Christianity guides their life. An unmarried deflowered girl brings shame to the family. Girls have strict rules to follow. More on that (bit of a beta point of view).

Culture of entrepreneurship: Medium: Corruption is an essential part of the economy. Scams are everywhere. Georgians are known to be cunning in business. Get local help.

Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: Very High. Very strong archetypes of man and woman. Western culture has only reached Tbilisi. Think that homosexuality is an anomaly and a disgrace.

Quality of food: High. Great fresh fruit and veggies. One of the best diet in the world. Relatively easy to buy supplements and good meat.

Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: Very High. Infrastructures are poor but people train regularly. National sports: wrestling, weightlifting, chidaoba and judo. A man has to be strong in Georgian culture. Girls do not always train but have an excellent diet. Very low obesity rate.

Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse: Very Low. Managed to preserve their culture and religion. Political situation is stable for now. Not a land ideal for players but for men looking for a place where to raise a family.

4. Switzerland


Level of English: High. High number of expats and good level of English among the Swiss.

Difficulty of the local language(s): Medium. Choose between German, French and Italian depending on where you intend to go. Those languages will be useful for the future.

Gun laws: Lenient. Fourth highest number of gun per capita worldwide. Strong militia mentality and gun culture. More here.

Citizens of the following countries cannot buy guns in Switzerland: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Albania.

Well, well, how can it be?

Quality of women: Medium to Low. Liberal, Westernized, career-driven but there are sluts in good numbers. European Pay-For-Play hotspot. Find a foreign girl or bring your own for long term relationship.

Non-native immigrant population: Medium to High. High number of foreigners attracted by the local level of life. Recurrent problems with Muslims from Albania, Kosovo and North Africa that refuse to assimilateStrong national identity.

Possibility of a long-term stay: Likely (for Westerners). More here.

Male competition: High. Like in the West, fierce competition. Tinder-sponsored all-you-can-eat cock carousel for the girls and clown/psychopath game for the guys. Country hosts the highest number of rich concurrents in the world.

Importance of religion: Low. No state religion. Morals are very liberal. Pro-gay and abortion.

Culture of entrepreneurship: Very High Money talks. But not too loud. Free for all. The world’s piggybank.

Presence of masculine culture and traditional sex roles: Low. Religion is bad. Being manly is backward and being a slag is awesome. I am an attack helicopter anyway.

Quality of food: High. As in highly overpriced and sanitized. Easy to obtain supplements and good meat. If you have the coin.

Importance of physical fitness in the local culture: Medium to Low. The Swiss skies and hikes. That’s about it. Highly sedentary lifestyle. Medium obesity rate.

Likelihood of 50-year similar cultural collapse: Likely. Would be like Germany and France if they did not have a highly armed populace and a great sense of private property. Liberal ideas, multiculturalism and islamisation are on the rise.

Fais tes bagages!

I hope that those suggestions bring some light on the factors that will influence a hard but necessary decision, if the time unfortunately comes. It is in the people that rise against the cultural decline that I see hope.

But even if the plane is a relatively safe mean of transport, the pilot always brings a parachute. A bientôt.

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278 thoughts on “4 Additional European Countries To Emigrate To If The West Collapses”

  1. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:
    With all due respect, I will be staying and fighting for my homeland. I will not flee the socialist/SJW/Islamic plague. Running away only delays the inevitable and gives them a stronger position from which to strike. My stand is here, in my country.

    1. I support that sentiment.
      It also doesn’t seem pragmatic to me to flee to Europe as Continental Europe is screwed. Milo says it today, Rand said it ~60 years ago and there’s no doubt that it’s true (unless a miracle happens).
      Even the countries of Eastern Europe that looked strong are getting cucked: Orban of Hungary, ignoring everything that the UK taught us, has wimped out and now wants to beg Brussels for leniency. 🙁

      1. The only refuge would be smaller, nicer third world countries where things are much more laid back. And the big powers don’t really care as much. Belize for example. Or Chile. There are a few that could work. Eventually it will be worldwide and total, so it’s really just buying time.

        1. Chile & Belize sound a lot better than European enclaves.
          They’re not trapped among a socialist monolith, a de facto invading army of muslims & Vladimir Putin.
          Though I have to wonder about Belize as the John McAfee incident has me doubting their government, plus I’ve heard that non-citizens living there have to periodically leave and reenter.

        2. McAfee did everything wrong: flaunted his wealth, upset the neighbors, acted arrogant, and possibly killed someone. That’s a perfect formula for bringing your foreign host in the third world down on you HARD. He’s a drug addled fool.

        3. I wonder how much of that he actually did and how much is just rumor that’s become fact.
          I’m inclined to give McAfee the benefit of the doubt.
          BTW isn’t flaunting wealth something that is unavoidable for westerners in the third world (is Belize really 3rd world)? We can “dress down” but everyone knows that these governments aren’t admitting paupers, which might make modesty come off as parsimony.

    2. The last stand? But, that’s the trouble, you often don’t see the true enemy until it’s too late. You then end up shadow boxing while the band plays on and on and on…

        1. I don’t have any plans of losing. Good…but what’s happening to change our countries into internationalized multicultural asylums is done at levels where ordinary citizens like you and I have no real say. The most insidious part is not actually done by Governments directly but through the media and especially the education systems.
          Even today, I was driving home from work and I was listening to a movie review show on a mainstream radio station about Ghostbusters and all of the panelists where falling over themselves like unctuous cretins about feminist “construct” of the movie. Of especial hilarity and praise was the “trans gender role reversal” where a male character plays the role of the dumb, clueless secretary to the four chicks with their macho power packs. Man, it’s going to be hard to fight this war, maybe we’re best just turning the dial!

        2. And these people make up probably less than 10% of the population. And I mean that in regard to all hardcore leftists and their special “pets”. We’re not outnumbered, nor out gunned. Fact is, we’re starting to wake up to that these last ten years. When we finally rise and strike, the hammer falling will deafen the world with it’s noise.

        3. You’re just tapping into a primal emotion here, nothing more. There’s no rationality to what you’re saying. You’re not being reasonable at all. What’s your first move? Walk out the door with your rifle loaded? Then do what?

        4. Concur and besides what with the defeatism? Plenty of “millennials” fought in the war on terror and plenty of “millennials” are voting for Trump. “Millennials are scum” is about as true a representation as every police captain on TV being gay.
          Even with all the propaganda, immigration and arm twisting in the world they still can’t manage to reliably get 50%+1 of people to go full blown leftists.
          I like masturbating to the end of the world as much as the next guy, but, shoot, why do we think they are all powerful all knowing gods who oppose us? They frak up their own plans all the time!

        5. I agree. I find my tendency towards toleration becoming more strained on a daily basis. I despise what these people have done to our once noble achievements. They’ve made perversity normal and character something to be ridiculed and mocked. Perhaps, I’m more sad than angry, but, the day will come, not out of choice, but by sheer necessity were we’ll have to defend what’s dying before our eyes, but, still how can we fight something so intangible, yet powerful (that cloistered 10%).

        6. With all respect, and I do respect you, I’ve been hearing that line for at least 30 years. No ‘rising’ yet…

    3. The writer makes mention that this may not but such an easy option from his position as a European.
      While I may be inclined to defer to his migration suggestion to friendlier Western nations, I would still ask the writer to fight with every breath he has to reclaim his home nation prior to, or while in exile in another country.
      If your position as a European is so dire that you would need to repatriate elsewhere I suggest you take those energies to find like-minded individuals and establish black market supply lines for the “gear” you’ll need to resist the invasion of your borders.
      Easier said than done, I know, but extreme times call for extreme measures.

      1. Especially since European police forces seem to be the keystone cops on Muslims but are Johnny on the F$&@ing Spot on “right wing extremists”.
        Take a leaf from the Mafia, family members and friends you’ve had forever.

    4. That’s noble, but you will waste your life doing it. But perhaps your attitude will help in the long run.

        1. Sir, you are delusional. They totally control the military, police, banking, infrastructure, transportation, media, education, and have won over the hearts and minds of the majority of women and most everyone under 30. (Who starts and fights revolutions? Males in their late teens and twenties. Period. You think those guys are going to fight for liberty? They lick the boot and love it… most of them, not all of course. Who supported Bernie the Commie?) Can’t wait to see you go up against drones, titanium fighting robots (a couple years away at most) laser weapons, total information grid…. ad nauseum.

        2. Do you honestly think most people in the military want to kill their fellow countrymen. I gurantee there will be a mass dessertion of the armed forces if a new civil war starts between libertards and the rest of the American population.

        3. You don’t enjoy that independence any more. Americans swapped the British for the CIA.

        4. The classic “revolution” is not performed by crushing the entire military which is impossible. But I agree that I also don’t see the will to do it in a generation brought up on xbox and internet porn.

        5. You mean the forefathers who left for new lands instead of staying and being shitted on? Those guys? Hmm…

        6. Yeah. Anyone who wants to ‘stand and fight’ hasn’t spent any time with millenials. My parents will pass away having had long, good lives. I’m middle-aged and ready for 20 more years of mobility and fun. I don’t have children. Millenials can reap what they sow for all I care. They are terrible pieces of shit 9 times out of 10. “Stand and fight” for millenials? No thanks. And Bernie is damn near senile. He never changed. He’s been all “Feed the children” “The rich are bad” since the 60’s. He hasn’t changed at all, but the culture has decayed down to his level. Finally his astonishingly weak and piddling platform gained relevance because our population has become so stupid.

        7. There won’t be any kind of war. That’s my guess. And it will never get close to any kind of war. That only makes it even more laughable when guys get all pumped up here, ready to go out and Conan a fool. There will be no way to ‘stand and fight’ without any kind of attack. This war is being waged by wombs and voting levers. You guys and your gritty “Red Dawn” fantasies are way off.

        8. You’re the one getting bent over by propagandists who are filling you all full of silly patriotism.

        9. Ell mostly because there really is no where to go anymore not really. Even our own forefathers in America left the nation they were born in but brought England with them. 10 years before the revolution every man jack of them would have referred to themselves as Englishmen and kings men.
          There is no where to go for that anymore. Not really.

        10. There’s no where to go if want to be a part of a collective. If you make moves to become an independent operator in this world, you can go just about anywhere. The exchange rate between nations opens up a lot of opportunities to live very well.

        11. Depends when this “civil war happens”. If it happens in 15 or so years you can bet at least 50% of operational units will be drones, not soldiers. Hence the urge to perform “research” in better autonomous technologies and the push for automated transportation. It’s not a coincidence ie. push a button and half the nation cars will deactivate.

        12. I’m not saying moving isn’t physically possible, but we’re not all going to be location independence entrepreneurs. We’re just not. Plus plenty of the places to move to aren’t as safe or stable as we’d like to think. If you think the cops are scary here, wait till you deal with the 3rd world where a rich foreigner looks like a fun way to score some cash.
          It’s not collectivist to recognize that there is strength in numbers either.

        13. Of course we can’t all move, given the various jobs and family situations. But I’m surprised when guys can move are impugned as cowards or some such thing. If I was stuck in America for whatever reason, paying for my enemy’s causes, then I would celebrate a guy who had the chance to avoid that fate.
          I don’t think the cops in the US are scary at all. I’ve lived in the third world and have never had a problem with cops. I absolutely cannot speak for Africa, Central America etc. but smart is smart. There are ways to watch out for yourself, imo. One way is simply to not appear wealthy if you think you’re in too much of a shithole. In my experience, street crime is largely based on simply having things to steal right on your person. Camera, cell phone, watch etc. It’s amazing how people think they can cart that stuff around. That’s a digression. China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Eastern Europe, Russia. These are some huge places for starters where you can learn the language, be friendly with the locals and really live a good, safe life. Stay in at night if you feel too much heat.
          It’s an option for a very few but guys shouldn’t shit on the expat life as some form of cowardice. It takes big balls to do it in general.

        14. Fair point.
          I wouldn’t say expats are cowards either, but I think that the reaction is one that is against the idea that things are irretrievable, so you should bail to a country where things aren’t much better long term.

      1. We’re never going to be as armed and ready to stand against this, as we are today. And frankly, we’re the only ones who can bring us down, internally. We have an army of 110+ million strong, who wear no uniforms and live next door to the Establishment’s families. Even if half of us are invalid/too out of shape/too cowardly to fight, that’s still a 55+ million man armed force, most of them military trained.
        Ain’t nobody can stand against us.

        1. Let’s see, perhaps Trump gets elected and cleans up everything I know I’m being naive now..

        2. I’m saying nobody can defeat us if they decided to invade or, domestically, try to “take our guns”.

        3. They haven’t done either of those things so far, and yet you are living in a debt-ridden, drug addled (Rx) totally PC marxist/socialist police state. Right now.

        1. And they booted out a small British presence here, thousands of miles from home. And they had the exact same weapons as their enemy, for the most part. Not even comparable to our situation, at all.

        2. Some will stay, some will run, some will fight.
          Everyone, in the end, will have to make their choice based on the information and suffer the consequences (good or bad) of their choice.

        3. I wish you the best. We are on the same side. We may differ in strategies. I live to survive and thrive. That is my definition of winning.

    5. It’s our home. Indeed.
      We have acreage out in the country side. Enough to grow and raise enough food not just for our family, but for a small community now. Not going to leave that, although I do daydream about Russia sometimes. It would all be for nought though. Stay, stand, fight, persevere. We’re not those cowardly fleeing Islamic dirtbags running like dogs into Europe while leaving their women and children to die.

      1. I have no children. And the women here will die ? Meh, sorry to say it. It’s not what I want but I can’t get worked up over it.

        1. Not my women.
          My line, my son’s line, my wife’s line, all come from better blood. We have no intention to die or lay down or flee.
          We have an army larger than any in history on our side, which is, us. I know you’re Danish so you probably have no clue how many of us are talking and coordinating at our *countless* gun ranges and clubs.

        2. That’s good. I would fight if I knew how but nothing short of a revolution will end this madness. And that is not going to happen here, half the population is fat hipsters.

      2. Why do you assume those wise ones of us who will flee would leave our women or children behind? “When you are persecuted in the land, flee…”

        1. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be357p:….,…

      3. Ghost,
        Just out of curiosity, how much land is “enough for a small community”. I’m looking to move into the country and am just wondering when you pass from “enough for me” to “enough for lots of people” with land. I’m looking in the 40-60 acre range, which I know is enough to eat “Capital Grille” style for the rest of my days, but I’m wondering how much surplus would be produced if I chose to farm the entire plot. I’ve heard about 1ac per person before?

        1. I have 40 acres of farm land. Your general grain crops can take 1 acre and produce enough flour (after milling) to last you and your family ten years, per year of harvest, give or take.

        2. I’ve said this before. It’s probably only realisable in America, despite the clusterfuck that your country is currently in.
          Why can’t we, the traditional right, buy land, and create our own community, town, laws and values? I know I’d be in, and commit serious dollar.
          …Or, will that inevitably end up “wako” style? :-/

        3. Ghost:
          Oh my god. I had no idea that grain was that productive. I’ve only ever grown vegetables, and while 1 acre of veggies is a TON for a family, it’s not 10 years worth. Guess that explains why flour is so cheap though!

      4. One of the ways that people escaped Roman government oppression was to just leave. Likewise for Einstein and Von Mises. Its a good idea to keep your options open. Your women and children could just die in America.

        1. Thought provoking, English Bob. I’m a long time lurker, rare poster. But I always say when accused: “NOT racist. CULTURALIST”. It’s not about colour; it’s about wherever you lay your hat…

    6. Good thing the founders and my Irish ancestors RAN and came here. Wisdom says go where you can be most free. Suicidal stands on principle are romantic and foolish. The dudes at the Alamo should have high tailed it. They were out numbered vastly and all died for nothing…. btw, do you live in Germany?? The USA has NEVER been referred to as the homeland, at least not until the Feds installed the freedom crushing patriot act.

    7. Most probably where you’re from, it won’t get any better. Why stay and fight for a dead cause, western women are mostly unfit for LTR with divorce rapes everywhere, these arabs will breed like crazy (you dont know how they believe more kids better life), SJWs will attack and silence you and have corrupted your culture, most likely your children will be liberal as fuck and your son can become a homo and your daughter starts riding the cock carousel at 12 and there is nothing you can do about it.
      You only live once, its useless fighting for a lost cause.
      I’m Egyptian an Arab and a muslim too, I left my country cause there is no way im going to change it … Its a shithole and I’m seeking a better life (I’m not a refugee btw lol, I’m doin my graduate degree).
      I walk in Montreal everyday and I see white women with black men, pink/green haired girls wih tattoos everywhere, career focused by day and drunk sluts by night. I’m sorry but even tho I’m here, I would like to leave again and seek a better life. Your country betrayed you just like most governments betrayed their people

        1. Ofcourse it’s a problem, a huge one. Not going to lie but white women in general compared to other races are better looking, mixing with blacks will breed an uglier race.
          White population growth has been falling, mixing with blacks will be like a catalyst to that.
          It’s not a problem for me, it a problem for white men. I would fuckin hate it if I saw an Arabic girl with a black guy but thank god you never see that or rarely.

    8. As I’ve said before, if 50% of the men left the US tomorrow, feminism would be dead within the year, high heels shoe sales would spike, dresses would become tighter and shorter. Hair would lengthen…Female behaviour would adjust to male desires not vice versa.

    9. True but what can we do about the feminazis? Enslave them?

    10. For anyone squeamish about the idea of fighting, I would also point out that countries like Georgia and others in Eastern Europe are former Soviet satellite states, and that Russia has its eye on reclaiming them long term. So you could flee a cultural fight here, only to end up in the middle of a real fight there. Each man must make his own choice, but if I face the possibility of war anyway, why fight it for someone else’s turf in a land where I am the outsider?

    11. LOL @ Steven Seagal. Teaching the Serbs Aikido. He is a well known pretender. The Serb police are doomed.

    12. “Running away only delays the inevitable and gives them a stronger position from which to strike”
      Man shut the fuck up. Put your head down, work hard and enjoy life. You ain’t fighting shit.

    13. “Running away only delays the inevitable and gives them a stronger position from which to strike.”
      No. Going overseas or going Galt withdraws/lessens the funding that they are currently accessing. It weakens them. They are nothing without the hard work and funding provided by their enemy (cons. white males). Civil disobedience and a refusal to join the collective state is a very strong play here.
      It’s a weird war because to ‘stand and fight’ means little more than rant in an echo chamber online, give some ‘fuck yeahs’ to Limbaugh in your car while driving to work and go to the gun range and think you’re doing your part, but you’re not. Oh, about work. That’s you PAYING FOR YOUR ENEMY’S CAUSES. You should celebrate the idea of guys going Galt overseas. The sooner white males start balking at their bitch role in our culture, the sooner things change.

    14. Much as I hate our current slo-mo cultural collapse (unlike the lefty-adored “rapefugees”, that like the cowards they are have run away from improving the situation in their homelands) I will stay and *fight*. As my Grandad did in the trenches of WW2.
      I will not run away, I will not go silently into the night.

  2. Are any of these countries (as applicable) planning on leaving the EU? If they’re in it, they’re screwed.
    As I recall, Georgia was actually invaded by Comrade Putin. If the West collapses, I doubt there’ll be a Georgia.
    Isn’t Serbia right on the “rapefugee” highway into Europe? As I recall, those wimps were relying on passing the buck further into Europe and have been in a fit ever since Hungary’s Orban “went Trump” and walled ’em off.

    1. I was just in Belgrade, Serbia and yes it’s on the way to mama Merkel’s Islamaburg. You definitely see some scruffy Mohammeds around the train stations but it’s nowhere near as bad as other European countries

  3. I’d like to emigrate under that table in the top photo. Just imagine the perfect, model-quality legs on those fillies.

    1. I have to say, while we disagree on some major matters, well, when you’re right, you’re absolutely right!

        1. You are welcome to address me directly and skip the derision. Also, simply that you don’t (or wish to act like you refuse to) understand it doesn’t qualify it as word salad.

        2. I too have no idea what you are talking about. And your online macho posturing is pathetic.

  4. Georgia the dragon slayer is a hidden gem of a land. I was there about 10 years ago when it was going through a difficult transition from being a post-soviet satellite.
    Outside of Tbilisi the countryside really opens up into large plains in one direction and dense mountains off towards the east. I remember going on a day trip to visit some ancient Christan monasteries near the border with Russia which was impressive.
    The language is very difficult to read and isn’t even Cyrillic based. I couldn’t understand a word of it to be honest. The people seem reserved but also friendly, but, I’m not too sure if it would be easy for a western to settle in there.

  5. Another article about running away and going unicorn hunting. Save your money for guns and ammunition.
    Stay home home and go Sasquatch hunting, your probability of success is the same.

    1. Sometimes you gotta run, sometimes you gotta stay and fight. I didn’t make up my mind yet but I just can’t imagine myself having much of a future here.

      1. Running right now is futile. I still look, of course, and consider, but ultimately the U.S. will not only implode but bring most of the world down into chaos with it. If you’re living in XYZ nation when that happens, you go from “friendly ex-pat who buys us all drinks and is a nice guy” to “one of *THEM*!”. Every time.

  6. I was just reading about Switzerland last night & wondering to myself why I’ve never heard it mentioned here before. Seems like sooner or later the Muslims might overrun it, being smack dab in the middle of the EU as it is; nonetheless it’s my new hope for a better tomorrow and I’m glad to see it made your second cut.
    Now let’s stop talking about it forever so everybody doesn’t rush over there and ruin it for me.

    1. They receny banned the building of mosques in switzerland by national referendum….. no muslims worth their salt can do without their wailing mosque

    2. Switzerland is generally great. Not easy place to just show up and stay. Very militia minded and honoring of individual privacy, for the most part.

  7. No. As a Frenchman you have even more responsibility to stay and fight. France is a blood, soil, religion nation. The States are an Enlightenment experiment, or at least that’s what they’ve become. And even here I’m hesitant to give ground.
    They’ll follow us wherever we go, and the world will be poorer if France is overrun.

    1. Jim, what are you talking about? France is done. Your streets have been overrun by immigrants and there seems to be an infinite supply of socialist and public sector employees marching around and demanding what “rightfully belongs to them”.

      1. Well, I’ll leave aside that you think someone named “Jim” is French, and just say that attitudes like yours are what has emboldened Europe’s enemies so much. It isn’t over until Jesus comes back and shoots all the bad guys with friggin laser beams as far as I’m concerned.

        1. It is not likely but maybe an immigrant from an English speaking country. If you are not French then chances are I am a lot closer to them geographically than you. And to the European right, France looks like the main source of leftism.

        2. And His Kingdom is not of this world… he laid no hand against the Roman tyrants and their abuse.

      1. Yeah, when I first saw the news, it was just breaking. Still at the “Possible” unconfirmed stage.

      2. At least 60 now confirmed dead and over 100 injured after a Muslim drove a goods truck at high speed into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day. Truly awful scenes, makes you wonder if someone was armed could this have been prevented to some degree?

        1. How can you stop this kind of terrorist attack? It’s very difficult, but, at least if someone was armed, perhaps they could have taken him out while he was driving at them.

        2. But…it’s France. They gave up their ability to have each man armed as he desires very long ago.
          I wonder where Monsieur is these days, haven’t heard from him in a while?

        3. This fanatic drove 2 frigging kilometers while deliberately steering the truck at men. women and children. Imagine, if there were some armed men in the crowd. Perhaps this fucker could have been taken out or the tires blown before he’d done his most serious damage.

  8. At the speed that ideas spread in today’s world how long to you expect those places to hold out? If Serbia & Georgia are good places to go to now, how long before western ideals and feminism starts to grab hold.
    I’m from an Eastern European country with religious/conservative values. No matter how much the older generation wants to maintain the old ways, young people today are much more focused on a career. Modernity is currently winning, especially in the tier 1 and tier 2 cities.
    I’m afraid that running away to XYZ country is only a temporary solution. You may well find yourself a good girl to marry and have kids with, but by the time your kids reach schooling age who is to guarantee that they won’t get brainwashed by the very ideas you are running from.

    1. I agree- it’s only temporary due to viral contagion from the internet, media and easy travel. But in chess you make the best possible move of the moves available to you now…

    1. If you have decent money, and are fit, you will be treated like a King. No morons around and very nationalistic.

    1. Really awful. There was a lot of kids at this event. What sick, west hating religious nuts we’ve harvested. I don’t think you’ll ever reach a “amiable” understating with them.

      1. Imagine what we’re doing to their children in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Yemen.

        1. We’re doing?
          Got a mouse in your pocket?

        2. Do you prostrate yourself for islam because you are muslim or a cowardly western apologist for evil?

        3. Not a Muslim, just a man with enough common sense to know that if you desecrate an entire people’s cultural hearth, there will probably be some backlash.

        4. Who’s “we” sweet tits? You should ask that Hillary bitch that question?

        5. Unfortunately he has a point. Had the West not invaded, destroyed and killed on behalf of foreign interests (corporations, “closest of the closest allies”) while at the same time invited the muslim world into our lands, this wouldn’t have happened. For long time I though my country was the only one that had lost not only the faith, but reason and its memory, but I am wrong it seems.

      1. The governments are doing very little, in France, Scandinavia or the USA. That leads me to conclude the next wave will be vigilantism. People are fed up, and as Ghost is saying, quite well armed. Unfortunately they will use poor judgment and control and probably create a big mess. But organisms react to infections….

        1. Except they are not all well armed even in the USA. In France and Sweden no one except the 5-6 farmers left have guns or can get them.
          What you will see probably is either retaliation bombing, i.e. Bombs going off in mosques, Muslim enclaves and markets, and gangs of guys with clubs beating to a pulp anything that looks non European. In some places there are already street patrols of locals.

        2. I’ve never been to the USA so I can’t say much about it, but what I said is likely here in Europe. And for a large part I would support it.
          People want payback.

    2. That was incredibly difficult for me to watch. Time for the French to fight back. They were trying to celebrate the spirit of fraternetie and let in other cultures, and be accommodating, but it’s clear that can’t work. Sorry for all the peaceful Muslims who were living there, give them a month to GTFO and then start the cleansing war. Call on your brothers and we will answer.

    3. Anyone beside me think these images a bit strange? bodies very evenly spaced every so often. Blood patterns- who looks like this after being hit by a truck? It would be mostly internal injuries. But there are several that look just like him. Strange…

  9. From these articles, I have noticed a common theme in locations with quality women…..their country is or was recently a shithole. Nearly every country that has enjoyed a high standard of living for several decades seems to have women become spoiled brats. I don’t know if there is a way to have both quality women and a quality standard of living. It reminds me of the pride cycle. A nation starts off low and humble, people work and prosper, success leads to pride, pride leads to apathy and finally destruction. Is there any way to short circuit this so people are humble yet prosperous?

    1. Japan. But then again depends a bit on your definition of quality.
      I like north East Asian look in girls, I like their traditional views etc, and I like that it’s a bump down in economic scale to come to Western Europe.
      But that said there are plenty of trashy girls in Japan too, but only really prevalent in big cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama area, Nagoya etc.
      In the boonies they are all quite straight and proper if your frame is strong.
      I’m married to one from the boonies.

  10. Correction of Czech Republic, Czechs are certainly not “xenophilic.” They have by and large rejected taking in the Mohammedan migrants, are overwhelmingly anti-Gypsy, and they are largely pro-western and proponents of the western way of living, given the former Czechoslovakia’s experiences of being under the jackboot of communism for nearly half a century.

    1. It really does depend where you go in Czech Republic. Prague is more liberal and decadent while the rest of the country is like you say anti-gypsy and against muslim immigration.

      1. As a Czech I can confirm this. Our country has a long history of being fucked up by other nations ( West included).That´s why we don´t agree with every bullshit EU says.

    2. Rejecting the Islamics and the Gypsies seems pretty friendly to actual life, if you ask me.

      1. Wasn’t arguing against it, GOJ. Just a refutation to the author’s blurb about Czechia being “xenophilic.”

        1. While Gypsies don’t really count in that, I’d say that rejecting Muslims is actually a pro-life type thing. Christ, they’re killing by the boatload now with impunity.
          But I get what you were going for, certainly.

        2. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and those Slavic states are much more cognizant of the epidemic hitting Western and Northern Europe, and I admire those countries for their vigilance and willingness to protect their respective populations.

  11. Pretty disappointed that Italy wasn’t included on this list. It has a pretty low chance of cultural collapse due to the massive Church influence-it’s the capital of Christianity.
    Very homogenous. Economy is slightly better than the countries you are mentioning. Huffington Post just wrote an article on the most “xenophobic towards refugees” countries and Italy was near the top of the list, with the majority of inhabitants being against the refugees.
    According to Geert-Hofstede studies, Italy is more masculine, less indulgent, more hierarchial and less infected with individualism than the U.S.

    1. From everyone I’ve talked to that has visited Italy, it is like the deep Southeastern U.S. of Europe outside of Rome and Venice. Very close minded, abrasive, overly religious people that are hostile to outsiders. Italian women are amazing but dealing with their families and friends would be difficult. If I’m leaving America I’m going somewhere peaceful and relaxing.

      1. That doesn’t sound like the south east of the U.S. to me. They are warm, decent people. Religious, very much so, but not hostile to outsiders. I always get along well in places like South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, etc.

        1. Oh bite me. Heh.
          See how friendly that exchange was? We both went “heh”. See?

        2. You’ve forced the matter, sir. I throw down the gauntlet at your feat and challenge you to a duel, sir.
          My baby Jesus is better than your baby Jesus.
          Tomorrow, the peach orchard, at dawn. Pistols will be provided, bring your own valet, sir. Good day, sir.

        3. My baby Jesus rides a Harley, flies the southern cross and don’t take nuffin from nobody, I’ll have you know. He’ll ride in on a mad chopper, gun you down then save your soul like a boss. You’ll be singing Amazing Grace to the tune of Freebird when he’s done with you, sir!
          Honor roll baby Jesus ain’t got no chance, you swine snouted buffoon!
          I swear, I hope that somebody in the future looks back at archived conversations and starts qualifying personalities for history. The conversations we’all have on this thread (I just made up a new word, we’all, which is semi-Southern with a Buckeye influence) are really strange.

        4. If you challenge him, he gets to pick weapons you damn uncouth Yankee!

        5. Actually I was born in the South. Heh.

        6. Escrimas, well, I suppose, if you’re not into the weapons of your people, culture or history…

        7. I was going to be your valet but, since I have no idea what escrimas are you are SOL.

        8. What kind of word is that for sticks? You some kinda furiner or something?
          I googled pics of escrimas……I would want a longer stick….

        9. Jesus is not a baby anymore. And He be comin’ back… prepare accordingly.

      2. We down here are mostly only hostile to those who move here and tell us how much better it was “back home”.

        1. New Yorkers come immediately to mind. They drive me mad with their endless honking about how much better New Yawk is, when they spend time down in Florida.
          STFU and go back then.

        2. Youse redneck suthnas don’t know nuthin bout cultcha!
          They always sound like they are talking through their nose, it’s like nails on chalkboard sometimes.

        3. It sounds like somebody buggering geese to me. A constant honk honk honk. The most grating accent in the world on a woman, although on a man it can sound cool if he’s sufficiently masculine enough.

        4. I will make him an honorary southerner, we can overlook his accent…….if he doesn’t talk much.

        5. If you call him a Southerner he’s going to think you mean some borough in the south of NYC.

        6. Jacksonville Is full of them, I had few beers with a bunch of them one time, after couple of hours I couldn’t understand anything they said…..I just started smiling and saying “hell yeah” whenever they said something

        7. Jacksonville is where I go in Florida, I have family that lives there. The NY types drive me *nucking futs*!

        8. We would have him drinking moonshine,eating cornbread and driving to town to pick up his own groceries before you know it.

        9. LOL, yeah, dream on. Boy would put a bullet in his brain before he’d accept life without concierge service or a pillow turn down and fresh mint when on vacation.
          I say this with, believe it or not, some amount of respect. He lives and thrives in a world I simply could not deal with. Put me in NYC for three days and you’d have your next mass shooter on the news.
          On the other hand, cub scouts would survive camping longer than him.
          So, well, there you go. Heh

        10. I couldn’t deal with NYC either,to many people, too crowded. Everytime I go to the big city and deal with traffic it makes me appreciate living in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. I’m maybe quarter mile from a lightly traveled U.S. Highway in one direction and dirt roads for 7 or 8 miles in the other direction with one other house on it until you get to the closest “town” of about 250. It’s great,mix of farmland and forest for miles around. I could walk outside and the only noise besides frogs and crickets would be the center pivot irrigation system down the road. You just have to watch where you walk because we have rattlesnakes and copperheads knee deep-helps keep the riff-raff out.

        11. Sounds similar to my place, without the copperheads and rattlesnakes. We do have some really vicious rabbits thought.
          God, Ohio must be the most blessed state in the union. Nothing here can really kill you, you can grow ten acres of corn by spitting on the ground, and deer and fish practically fall into your lap.

        12. Those rabbits are some treacherous mofos, remember when one attacked Jimmy Carter?
          We have the deer and fish thing covered along with wild hogs(if you get hungry enough) but, a man can starve to death growing corn around here with our heat and rainfall patterns.
          Got gators up to the armpits too, they taste like fish though.

        13. We fend off rabbits with Holy Hand Grenades of Antioch. Hard to come by at times though. At least in quantities larger than five…three…

        14. There is nothing quite so repulsive as an obnoxious New York/New Jersey ‘woman’ who can’t/won’t shut up.

      3. I’d like to think I wouldn’t be an outsider myself. But you are most likely accurate, but northern Italy is more sophisticated. Milan, Venice, Turin, Bologna are pretty westernized. Sicily and Naples are like a 3rd world country.

        1. they are dumping tons of African refugees in Sicily right now. The mafia has been getting involved

    2. I only have personal anecdotal evidence, but it suggests Italy is at the forefront of cultural collapse.
      I apologize for the brevity; I is my nature to be more clear (perhaps to the point of long-windedness), but I haven’t the time right now. The younger generation seems to be embracing everything about the west that makes it suck. I also managed to get off a bus at the wrong stop, and had to check the stamps in my passport to make sure I didn’t accidentally cross into Yemen. They might not embrace refugees, as the article states, but they are long past significant cultural dilution in the cities.

    3. I wouldn’t be so sure. Women are stunning but the Church influence has been on the wane since the 60s. Not even the Pope is catholic now and all the Italians I’ve met have been secular. If anything, Italy will be at the forefront of the Battle between Islam and what’s left of the West (because the West is not a synonym of Christendom anymore…)

      1. I’m not “so sure.” Idk, calling Italians “secular” is a stretch. There’s a church on every street in Italy.

        1. Externals are not the same as tried and imperfect devotion. Their dismal birthrates and their leftist bent as well as their liberal politics (gay civil unions and marriage anyone) are all I need to know they are doomed like the rest of Europe unless a miracle happens.

        2. “Most Italians believe in God, or a form of a spiritual life force. According to the most recent Eurobarometer Poll 2005:[35] 74% of Italian citizens responded that ‘they believe there is a God’, 16% answered that ‘they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force’ and 6% answered that ‘they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God, or life force’. This makes Italians much more theist than those of most other European countries, including France, Spain, and Germany.”
          From 2005, but still.

        3. Those churches are empty, with few oldsters in them. It’s a very secular country, like the rest of western europe. with a strong catholic culture and traditions, for sure. But not actively participating.

        4. Something like 88% of Americans believe in God. How’s that fairing here??

        5. Yeah, most “believe” in God and their birthrates (the native Italians not the recent imports) are below 1.4, in company of Japan, Germany and other dying nations, a country in which less babies are born than in 1860 when the state was formed https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/13/italy-is-a-dying-country-says-minister-as-birth-rate-plummets (and had far less people…); yeah right, such Christian country. Italy’s Catholicism has been dead a long time ago, otherwise the Vatican II council would have been rejected in its cradle just for starters…
          The same could be said of americans and most support gay marriage so what gives?
          Their “belief” is like women’s spirituality, we all know how it works…

        6. The low birthrate is caused by the poor economy, not careerist women. If Italy had a similar economy to the US, they would have healthy birthrates. Nothing is more important than family in Italy.

        7. Yeah, yeah, that’s why in the 1800s when the situation was really shitty compared to our times, Italian families had even less children…o wait
          Economy plays an importan role, but Italy is as sick as the rest of the west. Maybe the disease is less advanced, but the symptoms and its consequences are still there…

        8. Lol. You just compared a society without effective contraception to a society that now basically every girl s on the pill.

        9. Exactly. Thanks for making my point. The issue is not Economics (however is an important consideration) but culture and lack of belief in anything, a serious belief. Catholicism is dead in Italy, all that’s left are just the externals (Churches, monuments, costumes) however it’s just an empty hull like the rest of Europe, better preserved in comparison with North Europe but an empty hull still.
          You can look at Israel, which due to their strong beliefs in a national destiny and in a religion have reported birthrates way above the replacement rate and no, they are not as rich and prosperous as Switzerland (other dying nation) neither as peaceful as Italy. I wouldn’t go a live there even if you pay me but one must give credit where it’s due.

        10. You are the one with anecdotes. The pill is rarely used for serious family planning all the polls concerning first sexual encounters and number of sexual partners show how the pill and other contraceptives are used in the real world and Italy is no exception for anyone who has been there.
          In reference to religion I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I leave you with this: http://www.thelocal.it/20160330/the-popes-still-catholic-but-half-of-italians-arent
          Only the first link is disingenuous, so to speak, since the Pope hasn’t been a Catholic since the sixties but that’s a another story.

    4. I love italy, have spent good blocks of time there. The women are fantastic, along with most everything else. Problems: Economically on the verge of collapse, and being hit hard with refugee flooding in from Africa. Also the demographics are very bad, which doesn’t bode well for the future. But yeah, most things haven’t changed much in 1000 years there- and I mean that in a good way.

      1. Demographics are bad? The country is 95% Italian/Catholic. The demographics are excellent besides for the 2% of Muslims.

        1. I meant demography in terms of the future- they are aging out rapidly and that creates weakness and power vacuums. It will get ugly in no time at all…

    1. Yes, nigh impossible really, barring being a billionaire.

      1. Tip: Corporate sponsorship. I had interviews there in the past and know a few families who made the move.

    2. A coworker wanted to move there; you had to prove you had Swiss ancestry (he is white, so I assume they make it harder for us)

    3. It’s difficult; it’s not impossible. There are ways, but it takes either lots of time or lots of resources. No free lunch.

  12. Georgian here. While I appreciate my country getting
    mentioned on RoK (even though some of the claims made about it in the article
    are dead wrong), I strongly object to the call to migrate here. We are known
    for our hospitality, but everything has its limits. While not visible to an
    outside observer, Georgia has plenty of internal problems, and a sudden flood
    of Europeans who neither speak the language nor are familiar with the land’s
    customs would exacerbate them greatly. And let’s not even mention what a wreck
    would it make of the job market.
    Besides, every Georgian is marked by a history of war and
    resistance. When hordes of Moslems invaded our lands, our predecessors rose and
    banded together to fight them off, whatever the cost – and persevered. They did
    not flee, and neither should you. Moslems are some of the most disgusting
    creatures on Earth, but turning your back on them would place you even lower.

    1. On-the-ground employment in almost all of the countries mentioned is bad. That’s why most of the manosphere stresses so much about ‘passive income,’ living on blogging and ad revenue and such. It’s unlikely any of the countries mentioned (maybe Switzerland) would EVER be a ‘mass migration of the dying west’ destination. It would be a handful of people who probably wouldn’t do very much to hurt the job market.
      Other points are pretty valid

      1. Let’s make clear distinctions between active/passive income, and local/online active work. You seem to be mixing them all together. My point being, you can work actively online most anywhere in the world and local conditions are irrelevant. No one knows what you’re doing on your laptop.

    2. But the situation is different. Your government was behind you. Ours are the ones who invite them. Our government is actually trying to kill us.

      1. Europe has a long history of toppling rulers who overstepped their limits. The guillotine was not invented to kill peasants, you know.

        1. That was before entire populations were made into SJWs and hipsters. A revolution would be “racist”. But lets see..

        2. And a bunch of pussies?
          God, stop typing. You’re an embarrassment. Go try and discourage someone else. Or go find a nice place where you can stick your thumb in your mouth and your ass in the air, whatever gets your mangina wet.

        3. No, but it didn’t kill all the folks that it should of, namely the folks who ordered the guillotining to begin with.
          Robespierre and his boys were worse than the aristos they overthrew.

  13. The problem with Georgia is that the country is unstable as it has two frozen conflicts. Plus there is growing Turkic ( Turkish and Azerbaijani) influence in Georgia. Instead of Georgia Hungary, Poland or Slovakia the Visegard Group or V4 would be better alternatives.

  14. Serbia sounds nice, and it’s good to know that the Czech Republic allows concealed carry. As I’m essentially a Boy Scout when it comes to a clean legal record, that’s a hurdle I wouldn’t mind (too much) overcoming. My strongest objection to leaving the U.S. is that I refuse to give up my firearms and right to self defense (as well as freedom of speech, conscious and religion). If a nation is so close that it doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, so much the better.
    Dobry Den, Czesky!
    In reality though, probably not gonna leave. I have family, land, blood and history here now. The only other nation(s) where I have that, are already nearly dead (the U.K.). If anything, I’ll sell my Ohio acreage and move to Wyoming with like minded libertarian-ish folk and wait for the inevitable.

    1. Wyoming has the most amazing landscape – tough to be self-sustained there though.

  15. In light of what happened tonight, you should disavow this article and write one about why France is worth fighting for.

    1. That would be a pamplet.
      Reasons to fight for France:
      It’s history.
      It’s cultural, religious, scientific, military and artistic contributions to the world in the past as well as it’s amazing cuisine.
      It’s good, decent brave people who have endured for over a thousand years through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. The ghosts of La Resistance, the memory of Charlemagne, the contributions to world altering history that came from William the Conqueror. The beautiful women, the refined yet pleasantly decadent men. The joi de vivre that France gives to the world.
      Because France is us, and we are France. We’re all men of the West.
      Nothing more follows….

        1. We have a 1500 word limit on articles here, so yes, a good start.
          J’adore la France. I really do. Despite being further to the right than Attila the Hun on most topics, I cannot help but feel a dreamy wistful nostalgia when thinking about France and my trips there. So beautiful, and such hospitable, decent, pleasant people. A culture second to none, although with the Islamic invasion, that may soon be gone. Tell you this for free though, if a call came for help, I’d go there in a heartbeat to fight with them.

      1. Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne) was not french, even his old capital was in Aachen, not in the later kingdom of the Franks. Just for clarification.

      2. France (and I love it; studied the language for years) is the home of modern socialism and the PC movement. Unfortunately…

  16. I see a pattern emerging. The poorer and closer to Russia a country is, the more promising a refuge it is, mostly for lack of feminists and Muslims (the feminists leave and the Muslims stay away).
    What about Northern Ireland?
    Living standards are comparable to much of western Europe. English is the official language. There are very few visible minorities, and the locals make sure that any Muslims tempted to settle in Ulster quickly reconsider. Women are hideous but by now ROK regulars should know better anyway.

    1. I’m not moving to another anglo women hellhole. Anglo women are almost as bad as muslims.

    2. I’m from Northern Ireland (but live in Latvia), and would observe the following:
      It is the most conservative part of the UK. For example, gay marriage is outlawed, you can own handguns such as Glocks, you can even own semi auto rimfires, you can homeschool your kids unmolested by the state, and as you say, Islam is very much unwelcome (in the pro-UK Protestant areas).
      Sadly, though, the pro-Ireland Catholic minority have something of a proclivity for all that is leftie and blue pill. They are pushing for gay marriage, love the Islamic hordes and wish we would let them in, love the EU, etc., etc.
      As for the women, they generally don’t compare looks-wise or femininity-wise with eastern Europeans. I was in Riga airport earlier this week waiting for my wife (who is Russian) and our kids to arrive and my word, one would have thought it was a supermodel convention going by the quality of the beauty on display just casually milling around the arrivals area waiting for family or friends.

      1. I worked in Dublin for a couple of years, but travled all over Eire. My obervations match up with your post. I didn’t know about the handguns in NI– ROI is nuts when it comes to guns and I never understood the love of leftism in some enclaves.

  17. How would someone go about emigrating to one of those countries though? I mean as far as acquiring a permanent residency and not being an illegal alien there

    1. Corporate sponsorship is one way. Your employer might have a subsidiary abroad and you could ask about a transfer. The more skill sets you have to offer, the better your chances. Once there you would ask for a residencey permit and greed card to remain.

    2. Check out: Sovereign Man, Live & Invest Overseas, etc. Plenty of ways, but it either takes time or resources. There’s no free lunch, but it’s well worth it. I’m set.

  18. I’d like to see 2 more criteria added.
    1. Height of local men (of importance to short western men like me)
    2. Acceptability of age gap relationships. (how easily do 40 yo’s date 20 yo’s)
    On another note, “Rare to find a blonde.” , how is that even a criteria? I prefer dark haired/olive skinned girls myself. In Bulgaria I’d go for those gypsies.

    1. For some reason if I go for a blonde, she has to be American (southern, traditional yadiyada..). But I’m totally down for the olive skin and brunettes overseas

    2. Just wait until you’ve been here in Bulgaria for a little while and noticed that the favorite pastimes – aside from hanging around in their ghettos – for a seemingly significant portion of gypsies appear to be dumpster diving, street begging, pick pocketing or fancier cleaning jobs in malls. And blocking street traffic in the capital suburbs with horse carriages where they collect all their dumpster prizes.
      I had a completely neutral attitude towards gypsies before I moved to Bulgaria – they hadn’t really made their way to my previous area of residence – but now I can’t imagine myself ever trying to game any of the relatively few genuinely attractive gypsy girls. And that’s even without taking into account the types of problems you might run into with her family, somewhat similar to trying to date a muslim girl.
      The regular dark haired Bulgarian girls are an entirely different matter though. But you won’t mistake any of them for gypsies when you’ve been here for more than a few weeks.

      1. I know they aren’t necessarily quality girls and indeed you made the right comparison with muslim girls: splendid dark beauties but nearly untouchable for a westerner. I envy muslim men tbh

  19. Serbia sounds nice. I think it is a right wing country, too. Hope they stay our of EU.

  20. The only thing I look at is gun laws and ease of finding a job as an English teacher.

    1. Pay can even be crappy as I plan on going over with a small pension from the USA

    1. How would an American be welcomed there, if staying long term? And would he need Czech language skills to function? Most places I’ve been, most of the people under 40 or so are fairly fluent in English.

      1. Best starting point for a foreigner is Prague. Here you can “survive” with English. But if you want to settle or visit smaller towns than you should have some basic language skills. Best option would be to live in Prague and after learning the language stay or settle in a different town.

      2. Best starting point for foreigners is Prague. Here you can “survive” with English. But if you planning to visit or settle in a smaller town you are going to neeed at least some basic language skills.

  21. Hilarious how the morons here want to keep their own country homogeneous, but want to migrate to countries that are way too different than their own country. Eastern Europe is Slavic and under the influence of Slavic culture. You won’t fit into their homogeneous society as a non-Slavic or Western person. They have their own customs, religion and heritage.
    It also proves how cowardly you are. Fleeing because you can’t handle feminist women boeehoeee!!!!

    1. The truth is we’ve nothing to gain from continuing to put up with their shit, and we want to find places to live where men are not treated as walking ATMs or scapegoats for the inability of women to make good life decisions unassisted.
      The feminists can henceforth inquire with their Muslim white slavers about their alleged entitlements. We’re done. Life’s too short.

    2. So, our country is being invaded by non-Euro, non-Westerners often openly hostile to us and our way of life – aided and abetted by crypto-Marxists and straight up Communists in our own government – and you mock the desperation shown by those living here?
      The tool with the name “Caligula” levels charges of cowardice.
      You don’t get it, do you?
      War is coming. Both to Europe and the greater West. Whether we want it or not. It will be horror writ large and made manifest, and our children will learn of it with their own eyes.
      That some choose to find safe harbor rather than stand and fight is their choice.

      1. Stay and fight ? If the war breaks out it would most likely be against Russia or China or both..and I have no interest fighting them because I think they are actually doing things a lot better than the current establishment in the West. No way I’m giving my life for a government who is trying to replace me with Muhammad and Akbar.

        1. Just had a semi-farcical exchange with other folks on another site about selling everything, buying a shallow draft blue water boat and blowing outta here when things go to shit. The Earth is mostly covered in water – that’s a lot of wiggle room.
          It’s an attractive idea.
          But, I am as the Good Lord made me – I will stay.
          But I fight for me and mine, under my own flag. I was born here and I will be buried here. All’s I ask is to have a say in how I get closed out.
          But, others have their own choice to make.

    3. Culture is a matrix of values and behavior. Not that you would know. People are not considering fleeing b/c of feminist women. They wisely see the writing on the wall. Rhetoric always turns to action, and the government and the system are verbally attacking our values every day. It will become physical persecution before you know it. It already is in divorce court, childern/family services, big corporations…

  22. As a Czech man I regretfully have to admit that your description of the Czech republic is spot on.

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  25. I live in Ireland, its not a bad place in a collapse, self sufficient in food, not many muslims, not a feminist hellhole, good community spirit , english speaking etc.

  26. Who said you will be allowed to emigrate there?Especially the swarthy leaders of this beta cult here?
    Shocking.Forget about central and eastern europe,you are not wanted and you are not welcome.
    And shame on polish men for allowing the sandn*gger who started this snake nest to stay in Poland.

  27. A singlemans median or minimum budget/location would be an excellent addition/revision to this very good red pill article.

  28. Good places, but you’d better be warned. Ex soviet republic are beautiful but hard places to live, and switzertland expect you to behave exactly their way.

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