Women Refuse To Protect Themselves From Sexual Assaults

As the saying goes, come to a man for a solution to a problem; sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. One of the predictable responses from the narrative, whenever a woman is a victim of a crime, is to treat her activities and behavior up to the moment of said crime as absolutely impeccable in order to magnify her victimhood and maintain the illusion of feminist power over all events, everywhere. Suggestions of taking responsibility for your own safety, on the other hand, cause the feminists to bring out the knives, and we’re going to take a look at why that is.

Girls just “having fun”

The common story approved by the narrative is that one or two girls are either traveling abroad, or out partying, and they encounter a man, or men, who proceed to isolate them from their group, and take advantage of their inebriation, or at least their weaker physiques, have their way with them, and often kill them, sometimes even dismembering their bodies afterwards.

But she’s just having fun.

In the outpouring of grief from their friends and families that follows, any questioning of the details of what she or they were doing that led up to the tragedy is immediately condemned as “victim blaming,” as if there could only be one party at a time making bad decisions, and that abducting a girl from her bedroom in her parents’ house in Suburbia, USA and killing her is no more heinous than that same girl being snatched while she stumbled back to her resort after drinking in a not-so-safe part of Mexico and receiving the same.

Such is the psychology of the left. Instead of admitting that, perhaps, pretty women might want to take a little more care in the environs in which they associate, the victims are held up as yet another martyr to the feminist cause, and nothing is ever learned. Why?

A disclaimer

Before we get to why the above is what it is, I feel obligated to put a disclaimer in here. I don’t, nor do any of us at ROK, condone any sort of assault or rape, or any other violent crime on women, and certainly not murder, even if they made every possible bad decision they could possibly make before such a crime were to happen. If two college girls, on vacation in Mexico, were to decide, after a night of drinking, to streak naked through a neighboring slum controlled by a cartel at 3am, they would not deserve the bad end that would almost certainly befall them in any way. Poor judgment does not merit an execution or violent assault.

The real world

Men, and in particular the men involved in a real occupation where you do something to make the world go, know that no amount of wishing and engaging in mental navel-gazing will change anything in the real world. If a machine breaks at work, I cannot wish it back into operation, I have to go get a spare part, take the thing apart, and fix it before it will work again.

If you mountain-bike through a park that has angry grizzlies, no amount of panicking will stop one of them from eating you. If you are climbing a cliff, and you fall and your safeties do not work, no amount of wishing you can fly will make it happen. If you leave a bar with the wrong guy, and he takes you to his house where his roommate and he take turns on you, then kill you, no amount of screaming and writhing is going to stop a disparity of force. In all these situations, you’re going to die.

Just like this guy, your time to make decisions and influence the outcome was before the attacker saw you.

People who take responsibility for themselves know that they do not control the actions of other people and things, and only can influence their own. I know, despite the fact that I am a big white guy in good health who usually travels around heavily armed and is cynical and suspicious to a fault, that there is a time and a place, and, for a lot of locations, that is not the time or the place for me to be there.

Simple things like, is this a bad area of town? Shouldn’t I be home before midnight? Perhaps I should only have one or two drinks? Maybe I should make sure no one is following me. Is my gun loaded and ready to go?

Shattering of the illusion

The reason for the reflexive hatred of any woman taking responsibility for, well, anything really, but specifically for her safety is that it shatters her carefully constructed reality that she has built for herself over many years of painstaking social conditioning and artificial orders of society. Cognitive dissonance, the bane of all leftists, sets in as she realizes what she has been told, and what she tells others, is simply not so, and new, usually unpleasant, lessons are presented for her to learn.

The first lesson that a woman will learn upon threat or receipt of violence is that this world is not her world. She does not control it, and her wants and desires are really important only to her. An example would be a woman dressed to party, who, while walking to her destination, encounters a man intent on raping her. In her world, the man maintains his distance and does not encroach upon her personal space, let alone her body, and if he does look her way once too many times, she is confident the pepper spray she bought years ago, dusty and buried in the bottom of her purse, will be an effective deterrent.

This does not work.

In the rapist’s world, he waits till she walks by, hits her in the head with a sap, and hauls her behind a convenient hedge.

Whose world is going to win out in this situation, do you think? Her worldview depends on the man in the situation respecting it, otherwise it is broken immediately. The rapist’s worldview, on the other hand, only depended on her being attractive, female, and walking by; her respect for him is unnecessary and irrelevant. This brings us to the second lesson.

Not only is this world not hers, but she is not the baddest thing in this world, either. Woman are genetically smaller and less physically impressive in every category with the exception of longevity than men are. Although the modern woman has convinced herself that “she don’t need no man,” all women know that, in moments of violence, she either does indeed need a man, or she is going to lose.

While there are obvious exceptions like UFC fighters and mean redneck mountain girls, the average Western girl, with her sedentary lifestyle and diet-derived weak physique, will be no match for the majority of men out there, including the heinous ones bent on assault, violence, and murder.

No interest in stopping the violence

Aren’t women opposed to rape? Don’t they understand that, no matter how much they preach the Narrative, some men, especially those from cultures that mistreat women, are not going to care what they think and will rape when given the opportunity?

I don’t think they do, but, more importantly, this is a culture war. I’m a realistic man, I accept that there are evil men in the world, and, while I try to help spread enlightenment, I also protect me and mine from the possibility of their visiting of violence upon me. The anti-rape movement does none of this, and I will show how that is by explaining what I do to protect myself from violence, and how it is the same they could espouse if they wanted to do so.

I carry a gun when I go places. I don’t go places where I can’t carry a gun. I practice with it regularly, and I know the laws of my area. Women can carry guns just as well as men can, but the idea of arming yourself is frequently not thought of until after a rape shatters their liberal illusions that pepper spray is good enough.

I don’t go to bad areas, and I don’t go much of anywhere at bad times. This works for women even better than it works for men. You should never go to unsafe areas, and you should not be anywhere other than where you’re going to be for the night in the late evening, after midnight until about 4am. Oddly enough, it seems pretty safe after 4am, as the only people up are going to work or going hunting.

Lastly, I don’t act the fool. Drinking is fine, but drinking to excess leaves you at a disadvantage. This, also, is better for women, as they tend to get drunk faster off the same amount of booze than men do.

Do you see anyone ever saying this to women? “Carry a gun, don’t go to bad parts of town, go home early, and don’t get hammered”?


I think women indeed want to stop rape crimes from occurring, but I think they want other people to change their ways and conform to an idealistic worldview, as opposed to taking sensible precautions and living in the real world. Any man here owes it to the women he cares about to make sure they are grounded in reality and take real precautions for their safety.

As for the rest of them, while they certainly didn’t ask for it, they did nothing to prevent it, either.

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288 thoughts on “Women Refuse To Protect Themselves From Sexual Assaults”

  1. Agency, personal responsibility, reality, reason, accountability…
    So much misogyny! So much win!

  2. These stupid women should all go to a “multicultural enrichment” program in muslim nations or to India. Just recently we had a women that was famous on social media murdered by her own brother at request of their father!?! and another women that was rapped twice by the same men…after the guy was released from prison from the first rape!!! Where are all the modern feminists condemning these attacks???

      1. May God forgive me, but i am really beginning to loose sympathy for these retards. They vote in policies and politicians that promote this type of savagery in to the West…they will get what they deserve.

        1. At this point the only people I feel sympathy for are the children. They had no part in this fucked up society but many are suffering due to it. The carnage of the Nice attack was gruesome but what really rattled me were the dead children. Was mentally shaken for a couple days after seeing that.

        2. “Nice attack was gruesome but what really rattled me were the dead children. Was mentally shaken for a couple days after seeing that.”
          Same here. Disgusting.

        3. The carnage of the Nice attack was gruesome but what really rattled me were the dead children. Was mentally shaken for a couple days after seeing that.
          Me too. And for the life of me, I can not fathom how there has not yet been a massive and violent uprising from the male French population. It’s time they took it into their own hands instead of waiting for the government to do something, which obviously won’t happen.

        4. Exactly- I feel like I’m watching zombies getting mauled down- they’re just letting it happen without even caring. What’s taking so long? What are the men doing? You’d think that every single mosque in the country would have been torn down by now.
          It’s unbelievable that nothing has been done yet. It’s a toxic religion, and a toxic people, and it needs to be expelled.

        5. There probably will not be a response, and if it does happen, it will be too late, and large swathes of France will be Islamic. I simply cannot understand western Europeans. Any other country on Earth would be up in arms over these things, but western Euros continue to roll over time after time.

        6. Although I am also annoyed by the seemingly timid response from the French people, I would like to say it is not as grim as you may think.
          For on the fringes of modern politics (ie Internet), it’s getting real tough for liberal people to have credibility in France.
          Now it’s not to say Le Pen will get the crown, some say she has already lost because her ideas stagnated and internal politics have exhausted her.
          But I’m rather confident in my compatriots to see the enemy in the light of day.
          Vive la France !

        7. I sure hope so. I hope to take my wife one day to France as she would really love to see the sights, but the climate is just too dangerous right now. What is the situation with immigrants in France? Are they flooding you there like in other areas of Europe?

        8. Lauren Southern’s report on Germany was pretty harrowing. She talked about Germans just shuffling around hanging their heads and graffiti calling for the deaths of German people sprayed onto walls.
          And a defeat is one thing. There’s no shame to being beaten by the Mongol horde or Alexander the Great’s coordinated pikemen. But defeat by such incompetent retards is unbearable. They’re cowards who focus on citizens and not soldiers. They’re inbred. They’re too stupid to just keep sponging up benefits and breeding to achieve victory, they want it -now-. I can’t think of any non-Western country that would tolerate this shit.
          It’s definitely seeming like it will be on the Slavic peoples and Chinese to save civilization as we know it.

        9. The Slavs and Chinese will not and cannot continue western civilization. Only western Europeans can do that. If the west succumbs to Islam, it’s gone forever, period.

        10. You can still visit France, it’s nice and sunny right now.
          Concerning the migrants, it’s more of a gradual thing.
          I’ll take my case as an example : I live in a nice suburb of Paris (the wealthy 16th arrondissement) albeit in a small 12 square meter appartment. My contact with migrants is with beggars in the metro and pimps coaching prostitutes at the end of my street. To be fair, a mild annoyance.
          But come next october, the mayor of Paris has decided to build a refugee camp less than a mile away from my home.
          We’ll see how it pans out. Thank god I’m not a woman.

        11. In a social experiment, a group of people will sit in a room together when smoke is pouring in underneath a door and NOT GET OUT because they are all looking at each other waiting for anyone else to stand up and move. The researches said that most people would die for lack of being able to make a simple decision to leave a burning building.
          In only one of the several groups tested did anyone in the group possess enough confidence and decision making ability to get up and leave, with the rest of the group following the single “leader.”
          People will burn and the human race will die for lack of being able to do something as simple as point out an enemy and prevent him from attacking first — an act which requires much more will and effort than simply leaving a burning building.

        12. But come next october, the mayor of Paris has decided to build a refugee camp less than a mile away from my home.
          We’ll see how it pans out. Thank god I’m not a woman.

          I heard that a town tried to do that in Romania, secretly (they said they were building a home for old people, and somehow the word got around that it was really a refugee center).
          A large group of men grabbed some pitchforks and such, walked to the city hall, and let them know in no uncertain term that if they went through with this, there would be violence.
          In the end, there was no refugee center, and no violence, and all was well.
          This is the kind of thing that I’d like to see in France. They need to put their foot down hard, and mean it- refugee centers will not be accepted, and if the government does not heed their warning, there needs to be violence. This is what it’s come to.

        13. You are wrong we start a lot of hashtags ! And lit candles and pray for our killers !

        14. We’re taking Western Europe, not Russia. Don’t expect any of those emasculated pussies to do anything but kowtow!

        15. A real nihilist would not be rattled by dead kids. What are you, really? A humanist?

        16. Man ! you’re so … so … right about this !
          More seriously, french people are emasculated. They won’t do a thing because they don’t want to do some injustice to anyone (i mean muslim people). they’re so paralyzed with their “home of human rights” bullshit, they have been conditionned to not retaliate.
          see : the new logo for nice is “be nice”. Do you realize that shit ? they get killed, they are threatened and the unique idea is to promote a “be nice” motto. what a band of suckers. i’m ashamed to be french.

        17. no, a lot of migrants are in paris ou at calais. The rest of the country is calm.

        18. I’m afraid two world wars and mutliple purges of the conservative French culture, not to mention the republican bile force fed to children has done its damage.
          Unfortunately, people need to get hurt before they get smart. We’ll come to our senses eventually.
          We, in France, have a great tradition of “taking care” of traitors once the masses start to voice their concern.

        19. I can’t wait to see that.
          Perhaps it would be appropriate to start with something similar to the tactics used by the “Sons of the Harpy” in Game of Thrones.
          Alternately, I hear the Guillotine hasn’t been fed in a good long while. Perhaps it would be time for a feeding.

        20. Jesus man. You said you live in a wealthy neighborhood uet theres a muzpimp on your street.
          Why hasnt anyone taken him out?
          No one willing to take the initiative?

        21. Me too at what point do you start taking action yourselves as citizens of a country.??
          They should start with a show of force in muzzie areas..

        22. If I told you there is a police station and embassies in the same street, would you believe me ?
          To be fair, it’s not that bad. It’s even one of the nicer places in Paris.
          I also live near the boulogne woods, where there is a, let’s say, a unofficial red light district. It’s all harmless fun if you don’t annoy them.
          But that’s about to change when they build these installations for migrants.

        23. I get your point but, could the same not be said about the English with Rotherham or Americans with the knockout game, BLM, or the Knoxville murders?
          Where is this force going to come from? They have no weapons and havent been in any combat for generations. How are they suddenly going to rise?

        24. The Germans have been so guilted by WW2 thay they are almost at a suicidal stage. That’s a lesson to the rest of us highlighting what happens when we apologize and give in to special interests group.

        25. That is a good point, but I figure that at least most muzzies lack weapons as well. In the end, I suppose an organized group with pitchforks, crowbars and axes will have to do.

        26. It’s always tragic to see children dead like that. Those terrorists are animals.

        27. When the Uighurs pull any crap in China, the CCP brings the sledgehammer down swiftly.

        28. Westerners have been conditioned to say anything politically incorrect they would rather die than do that

        29. Refugee centers are the stupidest things i ever heard of what are they the Native Americans? In Japan their refugee centers are prisons and refugees are required to stay there and encouraged to leave the country

        30. Any man that gunned the truck driver down before it caused mayhem would be the criminal. Headlines read the truck driver was just driving down casually

        31. It’s decency and fragments of christian empathy that are abused by some.

        32. I am a Christian. Humanism, nowadays, is simply Christianity without the metaphysics and therefore highly corrupted by marxism.

        33. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait wouldn’t take them…they were “too different and would not assimilate”. LOL!

        34. Excuse me, but your comment about Slavs is wrong. The Poles are nationalist and will NOT let in muslims….

        35. They certainly are nationalist, but they still cannot create western civilization. Western civilization is largely the creation of northern and western European peoples, along with various smatterings of Mediterranean peoples, like Italians. Eastern Europe is not part of western civilization. Eastern Europeans can contribute to western culture, and they certainly have. So have Africans, Asians and other non NW Euros. But Eastern Europeans are just as incapable of creating western civilization as are Arabs. Not all whites are the same.

        36. I wish someone would invent a portable heat ray like the one H. G. Wells’ martians used.
          And, by the way, are rail guns illegal in Europe? I understand Russia has a fine sniper rifle — no smoke, flame, or any noise above a snap like a whip. All magnetic.

        37. They won’t do a thing because they don’t want to do some injustice to anyone (i mean muslim people). they’re so paralyzed with their “home of human rights” bullshit,
          This is the heart of the problem I think. They wrongly think that retaliation would be an injustice. Actually, the opposite is true! islam has proven that it is unable to do anything but bring chaos everywhere. ALL islam-dominated countries are shitholes. ALL!
          To expel them violently wouldn’t be an injustice, it would be the very definition of justice.
          “Human rights” don’t mean anything when you’re at war against savages. In war, there are no rules, the one who is more ruthless will win, end of story. Human rights are only a good thing when it’s a society where most people agree and respect them. During a war, “rights” need to fly out the window until the other side has been utterly crushed.

        1. He means the Pakistani shiela who was murdered by her brother.She gets compared to Kim Lardassian.

      1. Yep, lets just say she was imitating the worse of female behavior in the West.

    1. They’re too busy watching The Bachelor and Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be bothered with real problems in the world.

      1. Amen to that. Consumerism and stupid tv shows all make them slaves to the matrix. They are going to have a real rude awakening.

        1. Yup.
          Additionally, the two alarming trends are the growth in both augmented reality and virtual reality. Chicks are going to literally fall off of cliffs and walk into incoming traffic chasing computer generated cartoons on their 5″ windows to the world.
          People will die Ray. Yes, people will certainly die.

        1. lol Sadly it is not. Btw this is in Finland not Sweden, but in Sweden mental problems also run deep as they adopted not the jedi force but bumper sticks to fight off muslim rapist…Good ideia: in my viwe bumper sticks and free hugs are going to destroy Isis!

        2. You know I’m convinced these women on some level want these Muslim rapists among them. Women instinctually want to be made to submit to some man somewhere.

        3. Hands down. Its a gigantic shit test and men in the West are failing big time, namely in Scandinavia. Notice how many women go to Isis dominated area. The so called “intelligentsia” seems oblivious to the reason why but its very easy to understand, if one knows the basics of women nature. They go there to find excitement, challenges and dominant men that have no problem whatsoever to slap them around if needed. Exactly what they do not find in the West right now.

        4. Correct and how ISIS treats women is no secret. They see women as sex and domestic slaves.
          Besides I really don’t think that rape is a woman’s worst fear anyway as much as they fantasize about it. A woman’s worst fear is disfigurement or being made ugly. There was a video on YouTube where this woman was cutting her 13 year old daughters hair off and she was screaming bloody murder. If you pranked a guy by cutting his hair off in his sleep he may be mad at first but quickly get over it and laugh about it. If you did that to a young woman shed cry hysterically and probably have a nervous breakdown.
          Women may always harp on about rape, but they take disfigurement deadly serious. I’d be willing to bet that Swedish women would be demanding the government throw out thoserefugees if they were going around maiming women’s looks.

        5. “Correct and how ISIS treats women is no secret. They see women as sex and domestic slaves.”
          This is key i believe. I mean, do not come and tell (the media or the so called experts) that the women who go there do not know what to expect. They do, they fucking do! They go there knowing very well that they will be treated like shit and yet they enjoy it. We are told they are innocent and other crap…Innocent, deluded??? Really??? Do they not see and know that these animals rape women and behead children??? In fact, in a more global analysis, no jihadist group or ideology would be successful without womens support.

        6. Yeah. It’s like how these mass shooters who can’t get a girl to notice their existence before suddenly have women throwing themselves at them after they shoot up everyone. Or how women can find every reason in the world to stay in an abusive relationship but can leave their beta husband on the drop of a dime. Because he left t be toilet seat up. Or the rape fantasies women have.
          On a similar note, I’d be willing to bet that a scientific study would find that women in physically abusive relationships and relationships where the man demands sex those women are far more sexually satisfied than women in “equal” relationships with males who kow tow and appease.
          What’s also interesting to note is that many women say they can’t have orgasms from vaginal penetration alone, yet many women report intense orgasms during a rape while never having one with their husband or boyfriend. I’d have to wonder how “equal” is their relationship? If he isn’t more equal than her that explains why she can’t orgasm when having sex with him.

        7. You said it all. Women are attracted to crazy and strong men although not necessarily alpha. I mean, if we see these jihadists that go to Syria or other places from Europe or other places of the West, they are barely Alphas. Quite the opposite, they are shy, quiet and failed men in many aspects. As you said however, soon as they join this barbarian movement, they have young and in many cases attractive women at their feet.
          The case of abusive relationships is also very interesting. Women seem to endure this type of situation, using their children or income as excuses. Its all crap to me because it seems very clear that they like it, the danger, the challenge…I will never forget a documentary here in Portugal about that. A women was asked why she stayed with a abuse boyfriend and even married him knowing he was abusive…She replied she knew but that he was so sexy and gave her that element of danger, she could not resist.
          Now, i this cases of domestic abuse as crap and do not give a damn about these “victims”.

    2. Meu amigo, do they really need to go to India for that? Could they not just got to Stockholm, Paris or even Lisboa?

        1. Relative to Stockholm no. But, yeah there are significant amounts of Africans who contribute little.

  3. Q) How can you tell an SJW has been in your backyard?
    A) Your Black Labrador has lipstick on its cock and your White Samoyed has been castrated.

  4. This same logic should apply to liberals (male and female) who think they can live or work safely in black neighborhoods. Its a very dangerous proposition.

  5. Women have the right NOT to protect themselves from violence.
    The problem appears when they expect the rest of society to make sacrifices (more resources, less presumption of innocence) to make them feel safe.
    It’s like a person who doesn’t want to have a lock in his door. He has right not to have a lock! If he wants to let his door open, he’s free to do so.
    But then he wants more police, because he’s afraid of burglars, and everybody has to pay more taxes to get more police. And then he wants less presumption of innocence when he makes a complaint, so he feels safer even when his door has no lock. So at the end of the day, everybody has to pay because he doesn’t want to use a lock.
    And THAT’S THE PROBLEM. You wanna do what you want, fine. You want the rest of the society to pay more taxes and to have less rights because of it, not fine.

    1. What is a woman? Take a man, then remove reason and accountability.
      One of the best lines in a movie, ever.

      1. To be honest, many women have sense, and many men are white knights that are feeding all this non-sense.
        The problem is modern feminism. And even though modern feminists try to convey the message “if you criticize feminism, you criticize women”, it’s not the same.
        So, even if I find the sentence witty and funny, a more rightful one would be “What is a feminist nowadays? Take a sensible person, then remove reason and accountability.”

        1. There’s also the “privilege” factor. A man or woman with privilege expects protection. Without it, we don’t. Chivalry, National Socialism, and Feminism each envision all women and children as protected classes. However Feminism discards the traditional bargain which women made in exchange for the protection of civilizations.

        2. Yes Ma’am. It’s called female entitlement and it’s a key facet of feminism.
          Now scoot back to Taki’s. I’m sure Shaidle needs to get her comment count higher!

        3. It’s kind of like just accept that the world isn’t safe and people are disgusting and aren’t going to respect your space all the time. If you are walking alone at night in a bra as a shirt and short skirt you are going to attract the wrong type of attention. There are certain things that you just know are flirting with getting assaulted and it’s dumb to think you’re any different. When I lived in New York I’d walk with a cigarette or my keys out as a back up plan if I felt remotely unsafe. If i think my outfit is a tad too skimpy to wear in particular sketchy places I wear a jacket when walking to and from said place. I live in New Orleans now, and that is asking to be mugged or assaulted or shot, if you walk around alone in the homicide capital of the country.

        4. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a middle point. You can demand from society to protect you, but you must take some precautions too, so you put a smaller warden in the shoulders of society.
          Women should have the right to wear a mini-skirt and feel safe. That’s 100% fair. But asking the right to wear a mini-skirt in a dangerous suburb in the middle of the night and feel safe is excessive.
          (Not to say that the ones who use to ask for more safety for women are the same ones that use to bash the police. And the consequence of it is the police starting to avoid any conflict and to spending more time chilling out than fighting criminals, since any arrest that ends in trouble can make them fired).

        5. I’ve heard about old women being raped in their apartments. I don’t think that wearing a skimpy outfit is necessarily going to get you raped although it will get you attention (surely the reason for wearing it?). A rapist is generally a sick and psychopathic individual.
          To say that a skimpy outfit will cause men to rape you is to imply that men simply cannot control their animal urges like Pavlov’s dog. This is not true.

        6. I recommend that you find the largest dildo you can, smear it with maple syrup and sit on it you sarcastic cunt.
          I think that you’ll find that very helpful in removing your head from your ass.

        7. Do you see how your writing improves when you use adjectives?
          Don’t worry and keep working, English as a second language is not always easy to master.

        8. What’s the difference. Criticize women. Criticize feminism. Criticize whoever you want. If they need a safe (from criticizm) space, then f-them. Cry babies!

        9. Oh are we in the “should” business? People will say felons “should” get a second chance. People say rapefugees “should” have a place to live. People “should” be able to drink all hours and drugs “should” be legalized…how does that fit with: “women should be able to maximize sexual arousal while having an ‘eww leave me alone’ option at any point prior to or during intercourse.”… ?
          Pro-tip: rigged for failure.

        10. True, but saying ‘old women get raped in their apartments so I may as well dress and act like a whore’ is total woman logic.

        11. Why on EARTH would you move to the homicide capital of the country??

        12. In the USA old “first ring suburubs” that are closest to the city have become less safe…parts of Cheektowaga, NY comes to mind…

        13. The world is not safe, but not all people are disgusting.
          Many guys stop protecting women because they get played and used. That stuff doesn’t somehow reset when the girl is different if it’s still someone who can just play you.
          Women should either take responsibility for themselves or responsibility for keeping someone who will protect them effectively, like a husband worth anything.

        14. The only issue I have with your comment is about booze and drugs. If people want to throw their lives away on their own whims, they in my opinion have the right to do so. Not much different from going to a gun store, buying a shotgun and shells and offing yourself.
          But none of the rest of us nor booze makers etc should be held to account for what was a voluntary choice.
          You don’t become an alcoholic by having a second beer at a party. You don’t become a drug head by having a joint. You also don’t go inherently into bad territory if you dress provocatively. It’s all in where, how, when and what you do after that determines the outcome of that. I have been to plenty of parties with a model dressed in mostly a bit of lace and sequins and she was in no danger what so ever because she didn’t leave my grabbing distance.

        15. Most women who are raped tend to be between 12 and 34 years old. Eighty percent of those are under 30 and the majority in that group are between the ages of 16 and 24 with the average age of the rape victim being 18. What does this mean? That women who are raped tend to be near, at or slightly past (but still young enough to be sexually attractive) their peak attractive years. With the group most likely to be raped (16-24) at the apex of their sexually attractive prime. Rape IS about sex.
          Yes, a 24 year old girls 94 year old great grandmother can be raped too, but that is rare and her chances of it happening are exceedingly low as compared to her granddaughter. And usually those who rape the extremely young or extremely old have other sorts of issues going on.

        16. I like to think I keep myself transparent. If I’m not interested I’m not keeping you hanging around hoping I decide I’m interested. It’s not fair to lead anyone else on. I tend to get cases of oneitis with dudes and it has not served me well ever. I get dropped and am expected to already be on my way onto another cock and then I’m not and I get upset and it does not end well.

        17. Can you divide that statistic up into “violent rape”, “statutory rape” and “date rape”? Might be revealing.
          Violent rape is itself rare and is perpetrated by psychopaths. In their case, what the woman is wearing is generally irrelevant and rape IS NOT about sex per se.

        18. In those rare instances young women are still targeted more. Statutory rape is only a technical term. If a 18 year old female correction officer has sex with a 35 year old axe murderer doing 20 years, she raped him as legally he cannot give consent. So technically she is a rapist and should be put on the sex offender list.

        19. Right but does “statutory rape” fall under the rape statistics? It is rape right?
          Are young women “targeted” (which you haven’t proven) or are they simply more likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Who are they raped by? Can you prove that they are being raped because they are wearing skimpy clothes? How do you explain women who were raped when they weren’t wearing skimpy clothes.

        20. i guess that that specific age range group is due to them just being out later hours for whatever reason.
          the creepy dangerous feral animals that from behind the bushes, are more likely to prey at night, and the victim can be easily outnumbered out of nowhere, with absolutely no witnesses, and where yes referring to race crime statistics the blacks can also hide from their victims more easily in the dark.

        21. Stop arguing a straw man you cuck. The occasional old woman getting raped by the rare gerontophile rapist does not negate the fact that rape is also a sexual act not just a power act. Rapists want to feel attracted to their victims. Old women might be chosen for ease but only by oddities who manage to find them attractive.

        22. What they are wearing is not irrelevant. It is easier to get past panties by flipping up a mini skirt than by pulling down jeans. Unless they are doing a full kidnapping to gain unlimited prep time.then a rape operates by same logic as quickies for clothing.

        23. I know how men feel. I have thought about rape. Power is certainly an element of rape fantasy but its hard to get behind wanting to rape ugly woman and that is because sexuality is generally part of it. Generally guys will fantasize about raping attracttive women who have personalities they dislike.
          I guess it is possible there is a minority outlier group whonwant to fuck all women equally for power but they are probably statistically insignificant.
          So are you implying that I must have committed a rape because I try to understand their mindset? Are you like this with murder detectives too?

        24. Just speaking from facts and logic, my brother. Actually it’s feminists that claim that man can’t help themselves when confronted by girls in skimpy clothes and need to be taught not to rape.

        25. I’ve already explained this. Rapists are essentially psychopaths. There’s countless reports of ugly women getting raped.
          No I’m implying that I don’t think you know anything about rapists.

      2. True that! But to me the worst line in the movie was telling that post-wall waitress “You make me want to be a better man!”

    2. Women have no rights, because you have not provided a basis for their existence. If you provide a basis for the existence of rights, I will disprove it, since rights do not exist, and all material rationale to create them are weak.
      Only the supernatural can fabricate human rights. And if the cosmos has a supernature, then it is most likely to be Natural Law, which says women have only rights granted by Nature’s God, and Nature’s God most likely says that a woman (i.e. a daughter, mother, sister, neighbor, loved one) has an obligation or duty to protect her own safety.

      1. Rights we have by being human. If a person was alone on the planet he would have his rights. This is the logical proof. If rights were not natural they wouldn’t exist even if a person is alone. Of course we are not alone on the planet so those rights are often taken away by force or by emotional, social, and mental manipulation by other people.

        1. Your rationale for the existence of rights doesn’t even rise to the level of refutability.

      1. You are idealizing an illusion. There was no Rosey the Riveter. They all had victim complexes that is why they raised the age of consent.and gave out whites feathers.

    3. Same thing for fatties. They of course have the RIGHT to be fat. Problem is they expect the rest of society to pay their medical bills. Oh yeah- they also expect the rest of society to consider fatness as the pinnacle of beauty.

      1. I don’t get the whole ” tampons should be tax free, or free altogether ” thing at all…it makes no sense!

  6. You guys are so sexist!
    BTW, in order to avoid hypocrisy, I have my 2 year old son run back and forth across the freeway…..at night……in a black outfit…

  7. Women can never be responsible for their actions. Everything bad that ever happens to women is always 100% the fault of white men.

  8. This “victim blaming” shit hit peak levels of ridiculousness back during the huge celebrity photo leak (aka: the fappening).
    I remember Jennifer Lawrence doing everything she could to save face and blame anything/anyone OTHER than herself.
    Every time someone tried to step in and be like “uhm… but see, you put pics on the INTERNET… at that point, those photos were no longer private, despite how secure Apple told you their service was”… the victim blaming brigade would step in with their “nope, not her fault, can’t blame her for ANY of this!”
    These days… anytime someone plays the victim blaming card, I always reply with “it takes two to tango” and leave it at that.

    1. Stupid cow. A simple “That’s what you get!” for tossing naked pics of yourself on the interwebs should be the end of that discussion, not her backpedalling and blaming other who were merly picking the forbidden fruit!

    2. It reminds me of this 14 year old girl who put pics of herself in her bra and panties on the internet and it wasn’t her fault….she was 14. Its the fault of men who were looking at the photos and somehow were supposed to know she was 14. Her name was Angie Verona. Google her.

  9. What do they have to lose? Women don’t care about being defeated, and being victimized gets them sympathy. They’re more interested use rape laws against boyfriends, since they care about relationships

  10. Don’t go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid shit. Although be prepared in case stupid shit starts happening because stupid people showed up and made the place stupid.

      1. but who is going to protect you from the whoopin’ you are about to receive?

      2. Mama always said stupid is as stupid does.
        You’re right though. Women would never have any fun if we, misogynistic, oppressive shitlords, started preaching that to them.

    1. As Einstein used to say, there is a limit to smarts but there is no limit to stupidity

  11. Natalie Holloway: the good girl next door. A sweet Christian girl who got drunk in Aruba, got into a cab with two strange guys–you know, to tell them about Jesus and stuff–and was never seen again. But she was just having fun…

    1. my cousin saved a fortune on his honey moon thanks to that dumb cunt.

      1. I wish I were a little older at that time. I remember the flights/resort costs were insanely low, but low and behold, my parents bought into the media hype. No Aruba vacation for me 🙁

    2. B-b-b-b-but they had really cool Dutch accents and were tall! Come on man, don’t you get it? :)-

        1. Holy shit, those are downright laughable and heckle-worthy on a whole new level! Throw out a bunch of clichè tropes and the usual perpetuated myths and fabricated stats and draw them in comic-book form for the world to see!
          Yep, just as I suspected, all men lurk behind bushes and power boxes just waiting for some poor innocent snowflake in yoga pants to saunter by and then we pounce like Spider-Man hellbent on violating all three of their luscious holes and then leaving them a mangled heaped for passerbys to discover! The part about cutting their clothing with scissors took the cake!

        2. so great. I once read the wikihow on how to be happy. I was half way through it when I thought “fuck this”

        3. I love #4 to try pinching him on his upper arm. My arms measure about 16 inches cold and there is nearly no fat on them. I don’t think pinching will help.

        4. Couch rape. That’s funny! “Larry, the guy with the cool beard, he rapes co-eds.Stay away from HIM!”

    1. Women don’t have it in them for the most part to fight back. It’s not in their nature.

  12. I had a conversation with a girl that was “raped for 2 days by 3 guys” in a large city. She was a teenager and ventured into the city all by herself to spend the day alone with no means of communication. Pretty smart! Anyways, her conclusion was that we need to “teach our children not to rape”. I asked her “who teaches their kids to rape? Which parents are doing that?” As you could imagine, there was no answer to my questions, just backtracking and mental gymnastics.

    1. you also could have asked her how she can make sure that each and every individual is taught not to rape. After all, all it takes is one bad person out of a million.

    2. while she was telling you this you should have just dropped trou and put your dick in her mouth saying “sorry…I couldn’t listen to this nonsense anymore”

        1. I have always said there are two kinds of girls. Those that will let you stick it in their ass and those who will ask you to stick it in their ass.

        2. Oh, I know. We’ve had this covno about greek women at some point. I said ‘she’s greek, she’ll take it up the ass’ and you replied ‘no, it just means she prefers it up the ass’. Yet another pearl of wisdom that I’ve held on to.

        3. I do recall. Everyone sit around and listen to Papa Knee’s Words of Wisdom. That would make an excellent podcast.

        4. Yep, they all seemed to have jumped on that bandwagon now. What celebrity endorsed that out loud that they all started copycatting, I wonder?

        5. Ya know, I wondered that too. I think from pop stars slutting it up and porn being so mainstream, add a dash of slut walks and a pinch of body positivity and this is what we get. Whores.

        6. yup, just like how out of no where every girl wanted to have the shit slapped out of her. I know there are a lot of ROK’rs who will say that this is the end of Western society and they are probably right, but boy is it fun!

        7. Sure, they have every right to degrade and devalue themselves all they want. Correct you are!

        8. Works out perfectly for me. I get to have sex with loads of hot women all of whom have the experience to do it will and are broken in just enough to be a comfy ride. I don’t see a downside.

        9. Not sure if it is least resistance. I like sex with pretty girls. There are pretty girls. They are looking to have sex. Their morals are shot and I can pretty much do with them as I please so long as I maintain frame.
          It is awfully fun. I truly enjoy dating from the process of heading out to meeting them to kicking them out after. It is fun and I get to enjoy it with a lot of different women of different….erm….flavors.
          If the cost of that is western civilization, so be it

        10. I am proud to say that I will never have a kid ever. If I were to knock a bitch up I would drag her, kicking and screaming, to clean that fucking thing out.

        11. I always khalesi coffee in the morning for my ladies. I Crush up a few plan B, toss em in and viola

        12. Dude, that’s a vile thing to say. Especially to those of us who are making the effort to raise a family in the right way.

        13. Why does the way I live my life have any effect on someone else. It is slightly vile to me that you assume that raising a family is “right” but you don’t see me giving you shit for it.

        14. Dude, raising a family in the right, traditional way is the only way to restore our societies. You may choose to go your own way and thats completely your choice but, dont promote abortion or non families. We need both.

        15. I don’t promote anything to anyone. I am just me. I would suggest not promoting families because that would seem just as bad to me…but I don’t feel the need to have everyone do things the way I think is right.

        16. Anal sex is actually degrading to the man also putting your dick in a place festering with pathogens?

        17. I actually tend to agree with you in form if not for reason. I am not a fan of anal sex mostly for hygiene reasons. Still, butt sex jokes always funny

    3. We, as a society, take great pains to ensure that everybody knows that murder is wrong. We teach it in the home, in the church, in schools, everywhere.
      Turns out, it’s not just a matter of education.

      1. Idiots like her think it is actually quite the opposite; that rape is taught in every institution. She was a whore anyways. Who the fuck laughs about their 48hr gang rape?

    4. Two whole days??? Wow, sounds like a clichè narrative borrowed from a movie I’m sure she’s simply regurgitating for misbegotten sympathy and attention!

      1. I didn’t buy it either man. If that happened to her, why was she willing to leave her friends at the bar to go over to a strangers (me) house to gobble some knob? Either it didn’t happen or she is completely stupid. Or just a whore.

        1. These guys must have OD’d on Viagra and Clomid and had been chewing yohimbe leaves the entire time to keep those rock-hard boners they allegedly had to pummel her for two days straight like champs!
          Stay the Hell away from that kook, for your own sake!

        2. I am a romantic. I go Pump and Pump and Pump and Pump and then dump.

        3. Stupid women exist by the dumpster full. When I was about 25 I was at a college bar off campus and got approached by a cute little blonde. After a 10 minute chat I told her I was leaving and she asked if she could come back to my place. I told her I lived across town and she said she didn’t mind. I had a gut feeling– so I started to ask her a few questions…
          Long story short. She was 17 using her older sister’s ID and from out of town. I asked her, “but you are ready to get into a car with a guy you only known for 10 minutes without your sister knowing where you are going?” Walked away from that one.
          You eventually read about girls like this in newspapers.

        4. “You eventually read about girls like this in newspapers.”
          So many women will get creeped out by guys who are completely safe and harmless but maybe a little awkward or shy but will gleefully go off alone with some guy who is an obvious (to men) sociopath or psychopath.
          There’s got to be some error in the evolutionary circuitry there.

        5. She was a white, middle-class teenager from a small town looking get to laid and completely unaware of consequences. Once she revealed she was 17, I told her she isn’t coming home with me and when she asked why I told her I wasn’t taking a chance of facing statutory rape charges.
          Told my roommate, who was a cop, about it later and he laughed, “pulled a girl like her out of a river once.”

        6. Victims have been sainted in our culture for decades. “Rape victim” was the next step up in status. So now, women basically have to establish their rape creds to be legit. Look at how many celebs claim it. Incest victim status signalling is next up.

        7. Cultural suicide instinct is kicking in due to not only simple overpopulation but the illusion of massive, unprecedented overpopulation that internet access is giving to our brains.

        8. You should have finger blasted her in the bathroom like a gentleman. Seriously, good call by walking away.

        9. You know women especially young women do nonsensical crap. That’s why I believe it.
          Or many young women think they can handle themselves because they see women in the movies just like them who are every bit of 5’4 135 lbs and can beat up men twice their size. So that leads her to do things like go off alone with some man thinking she can get out of any situation that comes up.

        10. She definitely seemed like the ‘grrl power’ type. And she was more like 100lbs soaking wet.

  13. You do see people saying things like that. Especially the carry guns part. Larry Correia, science fiction author, particularly has gotten a huge amount of derision for suggesting those measures.
    In other news, the posts of his, his blog in general, as well as his Monster Hunter, Grimnoir, and now Son of the Black Sword series (only one book yet….), are all well worth reading.
    I mean, living the american dream, throwing your boss out the window (or get eaten by said boss as werewolf…).

  14. I don’t understand why women who cry rape get a pass.
    If I drink too much and get behind the wheel of my car I get a DUI, not a pity party.
    If I venture into the bad section of town and get mugged, people ask me why in the world would I go into the bad section of town. If you are a woman that goes to a frat with the nickname “rape factory” then really who is to blame there?
    If you wear a tiny skirt and crop top going out, don’t you think you are broadcasting to men that you might just want to hook up? Women dressed in a seductive fashion usually are showing their intentions if the situation is to their liking.
    If you have to get a little drunk to have sex with a man you have never met before, that is fine. But, if you get black out drunk then cry rape the next morning that is just your fault.
    If you end up with an STD (or pregnant) after a one night stand that doesn’t mean it was rape. It just means you were stupid. Try putting on those big girl panties and get some personal responsibility.
    It would seem to me that all these strong independent women who are Klinton liking feminists would be just that – strong and independent. Instead it is like they want a man with a badge to show up and “absolve” them of their behavior by treating like they were the victim and not an accomplice to any “crime”.

    1. take back the night should be a bunch of people driving shitfaced instead of a bunch of slutty women

    2. If I get blasted and wake up with some girl sucking my dick or bouncing up and down on me, my first thought is usually “Hey, cool”
      Which when you think about it, is rape in it’s own way. Men just don’t have this giant societal “shield” built up around how “precious” our ownership of our bodies are, like chicks do.

      1. Just look at the disparity in child rape sentences. If you a woman you might (and I stress might) get a few years in jail. If you are a man you get almost a life sentence and a guarantee that even when you are out of jail you have no chance of ever having a life in the outside world.
        I even heard one feminist defending a woman convicted of child rape (granted the kid was 17 so I don’t know the ultimate impact it would have on him mentally) saying that the boy probably enjoyed the experience. (Also granted if I were 17 again and a decent looking teacher bonked and sucked me off I probably would have agreed). But imagine flipping the script to defend a 17 girl who was raped by a male teacher. Same results? I don’t think so.

        1. I really don’t consider a 20 something and a 17 year old consorting voluntarily as “rape” or pedophilia like the law does. I know better than to go down that path in real life of course, due to consequences, but used to be that people would be married by age 14, sometimes older men to girls that were only 16 or so, and it was normal. We’ve infantalized our culture a *lot* in the last 80 years or so.

        2. I don’t consider it “rape” any more then you do. But the law, as applied, treats it as such and the disparity in treatment of such crime and sentencing as per gender is astonishing.

        3. Agreed. There are so many cases that could be brought before the courts, if we were given a fair hearing, that would knock a lot of this shit away under the Equal Protection clause.

        4. The problem is that no federal court is going to give a fair hearing to any real sexual discrimination case under the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment when it concerns men.
          In this day and age I am actually becoming a fan of the Equal Rights Amendment which is getting some renewed attention. Granted, I doubt the courts will apply it equally to men and it will probably favor women, but it does open up a whole avenue of litigation opportunities for men who find themselves victims of sexist, misandry institutions like family courts or false rape accusations in front of college tribunals. Even if men only win 1/3 of the cases they would still be better off then before.

        5. If an 18 year old girl gets hired as a correction officer and gets assigned to a male prison and ends up having sex with a 35 year old hardened convict doing 20 years for murder, in the legal sense, she raped him.
          She committed statutory rape and is a sex offender. Now, how many of you boys and girls think she’d do a day of jail time?
          That’s legally the equivalent of “raping” a 17 year old. Remember statutory rape laws aren’t meant to protect children as much as they are meant to put younger more attractive women off limits and thus eliminate competition for older women.

    3. Female hypergamy. Ideally women want to be free to indulge their hypergamy without any interference whatsoever. The same reason women insist on wearing skimpy clothes in the worst part of town is the same reason women don’t want shame for being sluts or the reason why they insist they are owed alimony or child support while she gets sole control over whether the child is born or not.

  15. I love the black bars over the eyes, lmao. Does that somehow provide anonymity?

    1. I just assumed it was the camera being unable to capture the void where her soul had been sucked out and devoured by a demon like clams on the half shell.

    2. that was superimposed? I thought that is just what happens when you take a picture of someone with no soul

      1. I *so* beat you to the “voided soul” comment, brah.

  16. Reading all these articles on the state of women today makes me really not wan’t to have a daughter…

  17. While American girls are the biggest culprits, I think American kids in general suffer from this. Lack of accountability. And parents, meh. They blame anything and everything, from Satan, to Marilyn Manson, to guns, to black men, to white men, to the Ganga, etc.
    Reminds me of the three retards who went hiking to Iraq and somehow ended in jail in Iran. While I have no love for the Ayatollahs, I am for once taking their side. I mean, these numbnuts think hiking in a war zone is a game, then cry foul when something goes wrong and call their detractors bullies. I’ll put it simply so any kids reading this can cram it down their brains. Seeing that the Middle East is fucked up right now, if you’re not military or other government functionary, a journalist, or part of an NGO like Medecins Sans Frontieres, then STAY THE FUCK OUT!
    In conclusion, these kids, but girls especially, know that someone will bail them out, be it the government, their parents or the collective white knights of society.

    1. I agree with you to an extent, and I’m a woman. If you voluntarily go into a dangerous and/or culturally different area of the world, and then get yourself into trouble, you can’t expect your government to bail you out. There are supposedly peaceful areas of the world where I simply wouldn’t travel without my husband. It would be unpleasant at best, dangerous at worst. Is that fair? No, I suppose not, but the world isn’t fair and it makes me that much more grateful to live in the West. As for sexual assault, a tricky situation. We walk a fine line between victim blaming and common sense. On the one hand, I don’t go running in isolated areas with my iPod. On the other hand if I do mistakenly end up isolated and subsequently a victim of assault, or robbery, or any other crime, my isolation and physical weakness doesn’t give the perpetrator the right to victimize me. The picture of the naked woman on the picnic table is a perfect example. Absolutely shameful, disgusting, behaviour, but that still doesn’t give someone the right to assault her. And you really need to question the mindset of said predator should something happen. Public nudity and drunkeness are a citation in most jurisdictions. Sexual assault is an indictable offense.

    2. Yeah, they were a special brand of stupid…”let’s go hike on the Iran/Iraq border. What could possibly go wrong? DUH! Double DUH! DUH!

  18. “…sometimes even dismembering their bodies afterwards.” Jesus Christ, is this really the latest myth the left is trying to peddle?!?
    Well, at least some of them might make for interesting conversation about VHS-era slasher films, since they seem to pluck plot points from those and throw them out into the ether of reality!

  19. Women should stop all the triggering that activates male rape behavior and stay in their safe spaces.
    We have permission for some reason to laugh at the Ultra-Orthodox Jews who refuse to sit next to women on airliners, when we can’t criticize Jews in general. But these Ultra-Jews show what has to happen in a healthy patriarchal society to protect women from rape: You have to isolate women from all unauthorized contact with men outside of the family. The Ultra-Jews want to demonstrate by example their willingness to hold up their end of the deal regarding other men’s women. When the progressive social model runs to its complete collapse, the restored patriarchal society that rises from its ashes will look a lot like the way traditional groups live now that our current elites want us to disrespect and mock.

  20. This point in history is one of importance in regards to manners. What is different than in most similar historical situations is that these changes may not be determined by any form of nobility or clergy or aristocracy. That may seem morally good or bad depending on your perception, but I think its a deciding factor in why sexual relations (especially in my generation) seem so vague, corrupted and absurd when any individual free of social dogma tries to analyze current social patterns.
    There is no true moral authority anymore, basically. There is a legislative and ideological authority, certainly. But its a hedge of post-industrial, post modern bullshit, intellectually weak feminists and all of their emotionally rooted buzzwords in a big legal cluster of crazy. We’re just scraping by, trying to learn how to defend ourselves against this insanity at this point. But the room for classical western concepts and principles remain wide open, and I think many see this.

    1. “There is no true moral authority anymore, basically.”
      There never really was.
      It was just what we have now, but with a different construction. Morality certainly has changed to something that would not be recognized 100 years ago. Masculine values have died out or changed. Reaffirming them might begin a restructuring of the old guard…in it’s own way, it will never be exactly the same….

      1. That structural change in morality is precisely the point I was making. It is no small thing. It is the cause of what has contorted our own western moral concepts and ideas, to the point that its as if it is weaponized against us. I’m not saying morality is the end we should seek, or anything pleb like that.
        I’m just trying to make the point of how it got to this point. This lack of sound, prudent judgement and necessary guidance (especially in stages of critical development) has contributed to the psychological brokenness and moral degeneracy of my generation far more than the external subversion we dwell so much on in RoK.

        1. I do agree with you. However, the moral degeneracy seems to be working in my favor.

        2. It certainly does leave exploitable angles, and that’s good fun. At least for a while. I wish I could deny this current perspective I have now and go back to that mentality sometimes.
          But I think the people who created this structural change in morality, and those who can profit from this change are betting on us remaining short sighted, focused on ourselves. The uncertainty and unchecked plurality aside, short sightedness alone would still turn the west to shit eventually fam.
          But on a personal level, I’m curious. When you embraced nihilism, did you just let that state of mind stay, or was it something you had to work to get back to? Or was the psychological battle different for you? Serious question.

        3. Your question is a fair one: I did and do have to work on it. I have some extant remnants of humanity still floating around. I do like to consider my nihilism a positive one whereby I have the ability, given my facticity, to build my life the way I want it totally unfettered to some structure of morals that would act as handcuffs and thereby freeing me to succeede or to fail based solely on my own merits.
          At the end of the day, I think the world is a pretty great place. Politics are not much different than sports and I have no interest in rooting for one team or another. And the way the world ebbs and flows is no more under my control than the tides. All I can do is watch for shoals and enjoy the sailing.

        4. Solid answer lolknee, thanks man. In shedding moral systems, avoiding misanthropic trappings seems like the most difficult thing to do.

  21. A sad testament that a disclaimer is needed regarding our opposition to rape. Sad that feminists and SJWs are looking for the smallest opportunity to deflect. If only the leftists were as forthcoming.

  22. “Not blaming the victim” exists for a reason, namely that there has sometimes been a tendency for perpetrators (or those somehow sympathetic ….in the wider ‘rape culture’) to blame the victim for “having it coming”. At its worse this simply results in a double whammy where the victim effectively suffers twice, is raped twice (once literally, once figuratively in the courtroom under cross-examination etc) etc. The problem with this solution is that not only does it prevent the latter from happening (“she was asking for it” / “deserved it” etc) it also as the article makes clear removes all responsibility from the victim (rape victim or otherwise). Effectively the cult of ‘don’t blame the victim’ ridiculously and harmfully “remits all sin” at the moment of victimhood. No longer do we have a world in which it takes two to tango, or in which there may be a complex background where both parties may have a greater or lesser degree of culpability and justification. No, under the cult of ‘don’t blame the victim’ the moment the fist, the penis, the bullet, touching the delicate flesh of the victim, all sin, all responsibility and therefore all accountability for anyone other than the perpetrator is wiped clean.
    This silly as it is lethal situation, while it has a degree of justification in seeking to correct a situation where perpetrator were sometimes able to blame those they raped, killed or otherwise persecuted is the main reason we now live in what might be called a false flag political and moral economy, one in which everybody is racing to take the great prize of being able to claim, to quote the Prodigy ‘your the victim’.
    Nothing else has done more to make weakness strength and vice versa. In the process society has bred a generation of deceivers, exaggerators and Machiavellis: people who treat morality, and right conduct as a cynical game of manipulation. To correct this we need to achieve a kind of synthesis: one where we can recognise that sometimes victims really are blamed for the crime against them, and are blamed unfairly (consider honour killings of rape victims in certain Islamic societies) but also where we can recognise that even where one party has the greater part of wrong, we recognise that most crimes, just as with most battles and most wars, involve two parties, who will by turns be both aggressors and victims, both engaged in a tango of evil and mayhem

  23. Anyone else past giving a shit about what happens to women?
    I’m all for finding the criminal and hanging them, but I don’t feel shit for the women.
    I feel the same about drug dealers. Kill the dealers, but the addict made his bed. Don’t expect me to care.
    Children and TRUE victims I care about, but honestly, they’re uncommon. Most people work long and hard for the pain they’re dealt.

    1. The only woman I care about really is my wife. And she basically doesn’t go anywhere without clearing it with me. She accepts me as her guardian, and in that sense it’s markedly different. Guys give me shit sometimes for having to babysit her almost, but I’ll take that over the alternative any day.
      But yeah, dope heads and dumb skanks are getting themselves into shit, no one should be giving them any sympathy IMO.

      1. Quite a few heroin addicts are actually people who were put on pain killers (quite often when they shouldn’t have been on them) and then the doctors took them off to early…

    2. Should we really hang them? You would be surprised how many people end up being innocent…

    3. Hear hear. I’m all about not giving a flying shit about ‘independent, empowered women who don’t need a man’ or anybody else who wilfully makes themselves into a victim because of stupidity, hubris or entitlement-when it comes to punishing criminals I would love for it to be gruesome. Children, the elderly, animals and real victims are a different story entirely.

  24. I was a teen in the late 70s and early 80s.. Im 50 now and all I remember hearing when I was growing up was that “women can do anything a man can” and I wonder where those women are?? Because most women I know cant do shit..Years ago I was at the auto parts store and some crazy bitch next to me had a flat tire and all the sales guy did was ask her what year and make the car was and SHE WENT FUCKING CRAZY!! I ran away and saw her outside with the sales guy…. She was driving a brand new Jaguar.. and I guess she didn’t even know it!! Must be nice huh??

    1. I had a couple I was acquainted with once upon a time. Her tire popped and neither nor her cuck hubby could fix it, so I had to come down and fix it for them. She started banging other guys shortly afterward, last I saw they divorced, and she’s with some yoked meathead now.

  25. Here(Australia) you are not required by law to come to anyones assistance if they are in trouble.I have the attitude that there is a fair chance that any woman I don`t know is probably a feminist.If I witness a woman being gang raped or beaten to within an inch of her life,I will do NOTHING to intervene and if asked by the police I will say I didn`t see anything.Feminist hatred for men has let me know that any terrible crime that befalls me is of no importance and only women can be victims.If asked to take the stand I will lie in court and suffer the consequences of that lie.

      1. A sad truth….having said that…fuck it…its not sad…you have your mangina..if he doesnt show up in time….NOT MY PROBLEM.

      2. I’ve worked many DV calls where the wife who just had the shit beat out of her turned on me like a wildcat for cuffing her man.

  26. The world is dangerous, especially where everybody can carry guns. 7 people out of 10 shouldn’t carry a gun. Unfortunately, criminals, mentally fucked-up, druggies, paranoiacs, impulsive and violent persons have guns.

    1. Who gets to decide who carries guns and who does not? Right now in many countries only criminals and police carry guns. Luckily in the US anyone who is not a felon can carry a gun to defend himself against criminals and if need be against an oppressive police state. You’ll be wishing you had a gun when confronted in your own home by a criminal.

    2. Perhaps you need to read the article again because your response is not only irrelevant to the point the article is attempting to make, it is also completely wrong in terms of the point you’re trying to make. We’re discussing women refusing to take common sense steps to protect themselves against sexual assault and rape. We are not discussing gun control.
      My advice is to look elsewhere for more liberal platform on which you can extoll the need for greater gun control using the tired, typical tactics of skewed logic, false statistics, and made up comparisons. Not all of us are caught up in the recent wave anti-gun fervor brought on by the recent police killings.
      TLDR: Stay on topic.

  27. In terms of wanting to undertake risky behavior, young women are no different from young men in that aspect. Young women know there’s a possibility of them subjected to rape or sexual assault yet they do it anyway because if they can dip into somewhere dangerous and out unscathed they feel like heroes, it’s like a rollercoaster ride for them. It’s like attempting a dangerous stunt of taking a skateboard across a ramp across a chasm, the ramp is there and the skater feels he has to do it.
    And even if she does get raped in some unwritten rule these women see it as some kind of rite of passage that all tough and beautiful women get raped and that they seek the approval of others in this sense.
    Women look up to slutty broken but brave women believe it or not the same way men look up to a U.S. Marine that has seen it all

  28. I’m going to go a bit off script here and say that women, today, are right to not protect themselves from rape. Why? Because, I think we all realize that “real rape” (getting hit with a sap and raped by a stranger) is about as likely as being hit by lighting. It’s a shockingly rare crime, and, because of that, it’s not really something that most women have to worry about.
    Now, “new rape”? That happens all the time, but it’s not because of walking in a dark alley, it’s because women change their mind AFTER having sex with a guy and then suddenly realize they were “raped”. But rape like you see on Law and Order? Yeah, it does happen, but it’s rare as hell. You’d be a fool to worry about it more than as a passing concern; just about all other real crimes are far more likely to befall you than being raped by a stranger.
    Unless, of course, your a man in prison. Then you’re very likely to be raped and wake in the infirmary with your eyes swelled shut and your asshole bleeding. “Real rape” is a crime where, because of our justice system, men are more often the victims than women. Of course, that doesn’t fit the narrative, so; back to snowflake carrying around a box spring on campus because she was drunk and the guy she slept with not hot enough the next morning.

  29. Nothing more logical than acknowledging the problem, acknowledging the threat, and then absolutely refusing to engage in active risk management/avoidance, because that’s “Victim blaming”.
    That’s why I leave my windows up and my doors unlocked.

  30. I grew up in an all-white city. Never did we have any issues with crime and never did I witness a crime problem in such homogenous, white or Nothern Asian societies in my travels. There was a time past where women could walk alone at night in big cities until the darkening of the people by immigration. The Color of Crime report, using federal statistics, estimates that New York City crime would decline by 91% if the buroughs were all white.

  31. Just like young men rather be Arnold Schwartzenegger, Hugh heffner or Chuck Norris not Steve Jobs or Steven Hawking
    Women want to be Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton not Martha Stewart

  32. If you leave a bar with the wrong guy, and he takes you to his house
    where his roommate and he take turns on you, then kill you, no amount of
    screaming and writhing is going to stop a disparity of force

    Actually it will. When people hear blood curdling screams they tend to investigate. What they won’t investigate is retrospective rape. But one of a women’s best defenses against attack is her scream.
    I have to say though, in my experience women do tend to be careful about when and where they go places. They expect escorts through dark streets and naturally avoid dangerous people. But of course, this caution goes out the window with a party and lots of alcohol.

  33. Up until very recently middle-class women have never had to live in the real world. Not only was the old system specifically designed so that women never had to grow up, but the very nature of attraction makes women’s prospects far more positive, which means they never have to actually push thermselves, thus never becoming a better person through trial and error.
    This is why we hear such retarded shit from modern women such as “teach men not to rape”, or that “men have privilage”, when the opposite is true. Women are like children who have been given the keys to the front door, but don’t want to accept that they now have responsibilies.

    1. And when I’m blamed for their shitty choices , just because I’m a honky with a dick, even though the actual rapist may have been black or latino, because white privilege is the real root cause, you know what? I no longer give a shit what happens to them. There are victims and there are volunteers.

  34. Oh, let’s see what they’ve cost themselves: They’re WEAK on crime…wherever you look and see these liberal slime, they’re the excuse makers for outright CRIMINALS. They’ve created a SJW boogie man, and then made them REAL by their light treatment and excused behavior of REAL criminals. So, they get raped, robbed, and murdered by the men (and women), who they refused to harshly deal with when their barbarity was first made apparent. When the civilization fails, as it will if we don’t change the course we’re now on, they’ll wonder what happened. When the watchdogs turn into the wolves, they’ll know real fear, because deep down, watchdogs are worse wolves than the wolves themselves.

    1. Crime would plumett if public corporal punishment was applied, prisons were run like military boot camps and forced labor camps and murderers were hanged in public after conviction. But no one has the nuts to do it.

  35. I completely agree except for the last sentence; they DID ask for it. This is a simple if-then, cause-and-effect situation.
    You show up on time, qualified, polite and looking good, you get the job; you were asking for it.
    You dress like a whore, act like a whore,
    wobble around higher than a giraffe’s ass, bumming a smoke at 3am off an obvious bad guy in a dark alley behind a shitty club…well, what did you THINK you were asking for??

  36. Women fear responsibility more than they fear abuse and rape. They flee from responsibility into illusion and childish displays, but they only do so when a sensible white person, male especially, says they need to be careful. That, of course, is being “controlling” and they don’t have to put up with it.

  37. I know I am least welcome here, but this website was truly life changing for me and made me a better person. I have been following it for about 3 years now.
    I never comment but this is an article that made me feel like I would like to contribute with my opinion.
    I am one of those people, a pretty girl who was alone in the street once. It was after a party and I wasn’t as successful as another girl to get the attention of my companion who left me for her so I was left alone, and started feeling really ill – I had a long history of kidney problems. After the party I desperately needed to go to the hospital which was no further than a 10 minute walk away on one of the busiest roads of a major city. Well lit, safe. It still did not stop that person from sexually assaulting me. The police never found him, could not see his face properly on the cameras but they could tell that he was following me for a long time.
    I was blaming myself for a long time for 1, being alone at 3am in the street 2, wearing a skirt, 3, having had alcohol. I could not carry a gun around in this country. Even if I had one, I was so shocked for so long that it would not have mattered.
    Then, I realised it’s got nothing to do with me.
    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY it’s got NOTHING to do with society. That was one sick sucker (who is still out there as they couldn’t catch him), but blaming this on the patriarchy, or other men? Where is this going? Me being out there in the middle of the night – not a good idea. Him being there when I was there – bad circumstances. I don’t think i deserved this but I am not blaming all the men on this planet. He was just a criminal. And these criminals are everywhere, as my case shows this. And this is why I have been warning everyone to take care, look back and waych and be aware because this is not a safe place. If I had looked back I would have seen him following me. And no matter how many feminists protest against rape culture and how often, those sick people will always, always be around and there is literally nothing you can do to stop it but to put them in jail but more importantly, to look after yourself. If everyone did, there would be a significant decrease in the number of crimes.

  38. There was an item in the 3 May, 1981 (Sunday) edition of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, “Rape study says teenagers, whites most vulnerable”.
    Ann Kirkham, assistant professor at TCU in Ft. Worth studied 319 rape cases and found victims were often raped more than once due to their habit of going to unsafe places and associating with trashy people. White girls aged 15 to 19 ran the greatest risk; teens were the primary target.
    63% of victims studied were white, 83% were single, 50% “vulnerable in some way”. 60% accepted rides from strangers.
    “Such women have a pattern of being in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time and sending wrong vibes’..”
    The article goes on to give various facts matching advice given here.
    I don’t know if it’s available online. Maybe the DM news could produce a copy if anyone wants one.

  39. I’ve mentioned a cousin who is a single mom with numerous tattoos and piercings.
    She has called me weeping because she drinks to excess with random men and has sex with them during her blackouts. She plays the “rape” card when she wakes up in an unfamiliar bed next to a stranger. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s being irresponsible and ridiculous.
    Great ways for a woman to protect herself against rape:
    -Do not drink excessively or do drugs so that men do not see them as easy targets.
    -If a woman must lower her SMV with drugs and constant drinking, she should not engage in those activities with men.
    -Do not go to man’s home unless she wants to have sex with him.
    -Do not go out after dark alone.
    -Stay under the protection of a caring male such as a father, male relative or husband.
    -Do not frequent nightclubs.
    -Do not dress provocatively.

    1. I have a 14 year old daughter .. I don’t want her to live in fear.. I give her mace to go out for walks/bike rides etc…- basically a spray to the face will incapacitate anyone. 6 dollars is worth not having a kid be indoors their entire lives if they are nervous.

      1. That makes sense. However, I’m sure you don’t encourage your daughter to walk around late at night by herself because that’s dangerous.

        1. No, but I am divorced and the kid lives with the x – 80-20% so I can’t always watch everything……Also, My belief is most rapes -about 70% are from people they know and friends at parties so I try to keep my teachings around taking drinks from others; going for “rides” to a house etc…Unless your in a bigger city; I think the total possibility of random rapes is pretty small . I want my kid to enjoy the outdoors. Mace is effective; she knows that she will never be strong enough to take down a male attacker but this does even the odds assuming she is quick on it and does not hesitate. thats the key in any fight- hit first, second third and don’t stop til the other guy is in the hospital.

        2. I see. Even married couples cannot watch everything.
          Yes, I’ve read that most rapes occur when the victim is known to the attacker.

      2. Mace? I’m former LEO. Let’s just say that there are a lot of holes in that defense strategy. Oh well, it’s your daughter.

  40. The basic problem is the well worn hypocrisy of modern women wanting to have unlimited option but not having to take any responsibility for those options. As a man, I fully expect to have to secure my property if I don’t want it stolen. I also take responsibility in securing myself if I wish to remain safe. Often this includes being appropriately respectful of others and not going places or doing things that have a high probability of getting me injured or killed. Obviously this works as I am still here. Is this philosophy a restriction on my life options? Obviously yes. Does this amount to unreasonable limitations in my life options. No, because as a responsible human being (that is, a man) I have weighed up what I wish to do in life and the consequences of doing so and come up with an overall compromise I am happy with. Basically, I have made decisions I am quite OK with being held accountable for the outcomes of. Outside of this are actions I do not do as the possible outcomes for me are unacceptable. To me, this is taking responsibility for myself.
    Women, on the other hand, seem to have no concept of either actions and outcomes or personal responsibility. Telling a woman not do to something because the end result for her is likely to be bad is like talking to a brick wall. Of course, when the shit hits the fan, the same woman will then refuse to take any personal responsibility for her own idiotic decision making.
    It has been said before but until women stop thinking and acting like children, they do not deserve to be treated any better.

    1. Here where I lived there was a rash of armed robberies and killings over Cartier sunglasses. Now I always wanted a pair but I had to weigh up the cost. Is it worth getting into a possible shootout over a pair of glasses? It is after all my right to buy and wear them and no one has a right to Rob me. And I could get robbed anyway. That still doesn’t mean I should get those glasses and wear them to the worst dive in town.

  41. Saw the movie Alligent (the Divergent Series) best quote from the movie – you want change with no sacrifice. peace with no struggle. the world doesn’t work like that – seems to apply to women at large, and every single liberal movement ever.

  42. It’s a good article, but everyone here already know this. It should be aimed at women and cucks instead… Just my opinion.

  43. Well written and informative, but you’ve wasted your time. Your advice will never be heeded by your intended audience. This is one for Darwin.

  44. According to women’s brilliant logic, soon enough feminist will be like:

  45. The Swedish girl passed out drunk on the Park Picnic Bench was perfectly safe I’d say, so long as she was with native Swedes. I don’t know how she got topless, probably did it herself. Swedes are happy drunks but unlike the Germans for some reason, probably genetic, often don’t know when to stop.
    In all cases I’ve seen a passed out girl has her shoes taken of by the men and they are then left on the couch. I’ve seen that many times.
    Most of the time men do the right thing.
    It seems to go wrong when a ridiculously drunk girl voluntarily goes of with a drunk boy and then passes out.

  46. I guess it’s difficult to go to bad areas when you’re just sitting in your mother’s basement crying about women enjoying themselves by exercising their rights in a free society. Any man owes it to the women in their lives to actively discourage other men from raping and killing them. When all the women are locked indoors who will the rapists target then? Probably other men I guess.

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