14 Answers To Lifestyle And Health Questions

Last week I asked for your questions and received over 300 of them. It made the most sense to group the questions by topic. Here is the first video on lifestyle and health:

Here’s the index so you can jump around:

“Roosh, we often laugh at the antics of feminists and SJW’s but the focused effort against you from the ROK meetups must have still been withering. What mindset principles and practices did you use to stay mentally strong during that fiasco?” (UNABASHED)

“With workplaces becoming increasingly hostile to men, with women acting as the gatekeepers to employment, affirmative action being commonplace, etc., do you have any actionable insights or tips for men to prevent, deal with, or get out of poverty in a declining society that routinely denies them opportunities?” (CONRAD STONEBANKS)

How important are partners in business, teamwork or life in general?” (DWRD CFLA)

“What stack of skills do you think 18-30 year olds should begin to hone to live the best life possible? Do they change past 30?” (LIBERTAS)

“How to be true to yourself while living in a Leftist-dominated society like Canada or Western Europe where,oftentimes, people like us have to lead double lives out of fear of reprisal?” (NEVSKY)

“Hi Roosh, just read your latest book Free speech isn’t free – loved it, then bought your whole collection of books. My question is – If you decide to start something new, how do you push away all thought such as these “You should be doing something else, this is a waste of time”?” (TIMMAH)

“How did you support yourself while writing your first ebook? I’m writing some fiction. It will be a 5-10 year project. I’m not expecting to make any money on the first book and I am working in property to support myself.” (TOM)

“Considering what you’ve seen and to my knowledge accepted through the work of Marcus Aurelius, does the time spent chasing women for hedonistic pleasure seem worthwhile to you now, or do you now think there may have been better things to spend your time doing?” (STILBON)

“If you was send back in time to when you were 25, what would you then do?” (SCANDINAVIAN JAKE)

“How can we escape the system?” (MR. LEON)

“What tips would you have for starting a politically incorrect blog like this one? Would it make sense to hide my identity?” (PYRO)

“The more people I know, and the older I get, the more misanthropic I become. Have you also become more misanthropic with age?” (RK ROMA)

“You said awhile ago that you don’t cocern yourself with happiness, you’re just a man who has had experiences. Could you expand on that, and potentially give some advice on how to be like that?” (OCON)

“I remember in one of your videos or live talks you said you ate very little to maintain the figure you have.. Am a few years older and always experimenting with various habits and rituals to keep the diet such that one stays trim and toned. Of course exercise and weights too.. Do you have any tips for a man in his thirties for how to stay in form?” (STADTAFFE)

More videos are on the way…

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10 thoughts on “14 Answers To Lifestyle And Health Questions”

  1. Really enjoyed that. Lots of wisdom there. A lot of it reminded me of Thoreau with his emphasis on freedom and experiencing life, even though politically for his time, a pre-SJW.
    “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

  2. Been saying this for a long time. HR is an enemy. HR is filled with mentally ill women who were drawn to a degree, hoping it will help them understand or make sense of their abuse as a child. Therapy in exchange for a diploma. The education may have prevented them from slitting their wrists but they are not mentally fit to evaluate the character or skill of a healthy professional male.

    1. What the hell is their *point* anyway? To help you understand your benefits? Publish a booklet. Here is our health insurance company. This is how many vacation days you get. This is the dress code. If you have any questions, ask your boss. What do they add???? I suppose they can screen through potential applicants before a job interview, but any secretary could do that.

      1. We both know the answer to your question. Spread the money around to support these evil soulless worthless individuals (life support to the walking dead). I just had an idea when I was driving home from the grocery store. I sincerely want everyone’s opinion on this. What are your thoughts on referring to this condition of our society as the “zombie apocalypse?” It ads a little romance to our movement and implies a valid argument. They’re destroying our society, they are mindless, worthless, soulless, bottom feeding, resource draining, can’t think for themselves, it’s perfect.

        1. I witnessed people this weekend obsessed with the Pokémon game, and turned to my friend, and said, look, look at these zombies. It’s absolutely appropriate.

        2. Perhaps I heard it from you or someone else on ROK. I’ve heard the term “Zombie” mentioned once or twice here. Pokemon game, yeah…. I heard about it….. From a grown ass adult….

  3. A bit tired from being such an awesome specimen but I will certainly take the time to watch this thanks for everything you guys do to help men out with your work.

  4. This is kind of pointless, as we’ll never be inside the head of a woman (nor would I want to) but re: regret around 25:00, I don’t think it is a feminine thing to worry about the past or bad choices. In my experiences, women have very little perspective or remorse or think much about making mistakes in the past.
    If anything, they are completely oblivious to making a mistake, and everything is always someone else’s fault.
    I do agree with the overall point, that one should critique and analyze the past, and learn from past experiences, mistakes, and successes, but not live in fear or regret. Just disagree that women are very regretful.

  5. Thanks Roosh I listened to all of it and my diet section a few times. One has to remember masculine = hard, feminine = soft, and not be too emotional about stuff. I don’t put myself in the firing line at this point in my life re airing conservative views in the presence of SJWs. There was one misadventure with facebook and its wonderful privacy whereafter I quit facebook. Interesting how you observe that people will want to kill you if you air the wrong views in their presence. I was noticing a collection of stickers placed by a bunch of left-wingers in Germany, all this stop racism rubbish and can certainly see the potential. I’m sure I will one day end up slightly in the firing line but prefer to operate cat-like in the politics department. Yes, don’t let them make a martyr out of you. Good to be reminded of that although I can usually smell the type of person who will do that to you and leave well enough alone. Work ethic and forcing yourself is very inspiring to read, and staring at the cursor. Also think men need to chase success rather than happiness and some of us need reminding. Have also noticed how a lot of people need lies rather than the truth but I think soon a few liberals might just change sides as they see the cracks in their ideology with all these terror attacks. So yeah, am probably eating too much if I don’t feel the starve for many hours per day, but am trying to apply your theory and move breakfast from like 7:30am to 10 or 11.. Trying to keep it paleo as well till a few more kg are gone, and am particularly wary of beer and alchohol in general.

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