How Popular Music Turns Men Into Beta Males

Popular music is crap. Most of the singers can’t sing and the music is dull and formulaic. But the lyrics of the songs make popular music really toxic to impressionable boys and young men. It is one of the reasons that so many men enter adulthood as betas. Here are some of the pieces of terrible advice perpetuated by pop songs.

Putting women on a pedestal

A lot of pop music paints women as beautiful, magically perfect creatures who merit more praise than the divinity. Bruno Mars is especially guilty of this in his sugary song “Just the Way You Are”:

Oh her eyes, her eyes

Make the stars look like they’re not shining

Her hair, her hair

Falls perfectly without her trying

She’s so beautiful

And I tell her every day

If you adopt Bruno’s approach, it will guarantee that you will be spend your entire life in the friendzone of one woman or another—if you are lucky. If you are unlucky, you will marry the woman and she will cheat on you. Women know they are unworthy of worship so when they run across a man who does, they will naturally despise him.

Fortunately, most men have enough common sense to avoid this error.

Being a doormat

Closely related to putting women on a pedestal is the idea that women must be loyal servants of these wonderful, mystical creatures who possess a vagina. Surprisingly, a lot of men get caught in this trap. My youngest brother spent a year of college catering to every whim of a cute blond. She gave him enough attention to keep him on a string so that he would provide chauffeur services.

There are many songs that perpetuate this idea but one of the most egregious examples is the Beatles “Any Time at All”:

Any time at all

All you’ve gotta do is call and I’ll be there.

If you need somebody to love, just look into my eyes,

I’ll be there to make you feel right.

If you’re feeling sorry and sad, I’d really sympathize.

Don’t you be sad, just call me to tonight.

Most of the early Beatles songs adopt the beta stance. This is because John and Paul were both giant betas—or gammas. John was completely subservient to his wife Yoko. On one occasion he taped tampons all over his body and walked out in public to humiliate himself to show Yoko his love. Paul married a one legged woman of dubious character with NO PRENUP even though he was a billionaire at the time. It is a warning to all of us that even if we are wildly successful in other areas of our lives, we might be betas when it comes to relationships.

Trying to hold on to relationships when the girl has checked out

While worshiping a girl is not common, almost all of us, at some point, make the mistake of trying to continue to pursue a girl even after she has lost interest. In some rare circumstances it is possible get the girl back, but most of the time the best course of action is to move on. After all, that is what dating is about—you are testing each other out for compatibility.

While rekindling a lost spark is the exception in the real world, it is the norm in pop music. There are tons of songs that are anthems about a loser male trying to get back into a failing relationship.

The 1980s Phil Collins song “One More Night” is typical of these sappy ballads. The song is about a man who has been cast aside by a woman and who is pleading for a second chance. In one cringe worthy lyric, the indecisive beta male is so weak that he can’t even muster the balls to call the girl:

I’ve been sitting here so long, wasting time, just sitting at the phone.

And I was wondering should I call you.

Then I thought: maybe you’re not alone.

Please give me one more night. Give me just one more night.

Oh, one more night, cuz I can’t wait forever. Please give me one more night.

Oh, just one more night.

The song even sounds painfully wimpy.

Songs about leftist social causes

One of the most effective aspects of pop music is in getting people to agree with a leftist social message. There are lots of men who are not fooled by the bad relationship advice of pop songs  but who are suckered into adopting ideas that undermine the patriarchy and thereby weaken the whole foundation of society.

I put Macklemore’s gay marriage song above, but I won’t bother to quote it. You already know its message. Suffice to say, whenever popular music has a “social change” message, it is always in a liberal direction.

Songs about alphas

While the vast majority of popular music is aimed at turning you into a beta, there are some songs that are about alpha males. Not surprisingly, some of these songs are written by women who are just being honest about what they want.

One example is Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams—–a song about a woman who is having an affair with a man whom she knows is not committed to her. Of course she wants a long term relationship, but she’ll settle for a fling if the alpha promises to remember her.

He said, “Let’s get out of this town, drive out of the city away from the crowds.”

I thought heaven can’t help me now, nothing lasts forever but this is going to take me down.

He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well.

I can see the end as it begins. My one condition is:

Say you’ll remember me, standing in a white dress staring at the sunset babe,

Red lips and rosy cheeks say you’ll see me again

Even if it is just in your wildest dreams.

This song is proof of the Chateau Heartiste maxim: “For most women, five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta.” Girls don’t want betas who tell them how beautiful and perfect they are. Girls want men who are masculine. As an aside, the video for this song evokes a more elegant time—–it is beautiful.

There are some older songs that also exhibit steer clear of the weak, cloying attitude of beta boys when it comes to girls. Take Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation”:

A little less conversation, a little more action please.

All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me.

A little more bite and a little less bark.

A little less fight a little more spark.

Close your mouth and open your heart

And baby satisfy me.

I should mention that we shouldn’t take the lyrics literally. These are not pick up lines. Rather, they represent an alpha attitude.


As we get older and learn more about the world through direct experience, the insipid messages of pop music begin to lose their power over us. Thus, we may come to the conclusion that these beta-making messages are not powerful. But keep in mind that they wield a strong influence on the minds of boys who are probably listening to this stuff from the time they are ten years old.

If these boys don’t have a strong father or older brother to guide them, they will waste years learning things the hard way. And some of them may never find the red pill.

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689 thoughts on “How Popular Music Turns Men Into Beta Males”

    1. treat them both like whores. You will save yourself a lot of headaches that way.

        1. Treat women like domestic pets. Oh how I wish I had a girl with my cat’s brain but the outward appearance of a hot exotic girl.

        1. I get that everyone has different tastes. For me, I will tell you, that dressing up and going out for nice dinners, drinking good wine, going to a nice upscale jazz club and having a good scotch these things are fun and they are more fun when a young beautiful girl is on your arm. Yes it costs some money. Most things do. But if I enjoy it then that is great. Is some whore getting the benefit? Yes, but only if her looks and personality fit the scene I’m trying to create for myself.
          Also, I’m not sure what your “Alpha Instructor” credentials are but please, don’t bring that weak ass shit up in my house.

    2. I learn something new everyday. I always heard that one as:
      “Treat a whore like a lady, and a lady like a whore.”

    1. I like how Rammstein sounds, but they are degenerate leftists. Lots of songs about gay sex.

      1. They are a poor man’s Landser, Die Lunikoff Verschworung, Stahlgewitter, Burzum, etc.,

  1. Closely related to putting women on a pedestal is the idea that WOMEN must be loyal servants of these wonderful, mystical creatures who possess a vagina.
    Needs a small edit here:)
    Otherwise good post.

    1. Every time. Seriously. You could pretty much say anything with that Soda Popinsky ico and I would upvote.
      That said, yup. Pop music seems to have forgotten that vaginas are just holes to beat up with your dick and the women attached to them are just pretty little life support systems for those cunts.
      I am reminded of my favorite toast:
      Here is to women in high heeled shoes
      that smoke your dope and drink your booze
      they are all whores but don’t blame them for sins
      they still have the box their cherries came in

      1. “Pop music seems to have forgotten that vaginas are just holes to beat up with your dick and the women attached to them are just pretty little life support systems for those cunts.”
        Beautifully put:)

      2. Would you go for artificially grown vaginas from real bitch DNA?
        Think of it … one day, we will be able to literally fuck our pop stars.

        1. Nah, I like the token resistance of the slightly broken in slattern who is trying to keep her dignity even though she knows my balls will be in her mouth after dinner.
          I guess I am just old fashioned that way.

        2. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
          I know what I like.

  2. “Popular music is crap.”
    Perhaps because the males all sound like sniveling, nasally whining beta male fags and the women skanks.

    1. That’s a good point. You don’t get voices like Frank Sinatra’s anymore. You know, manly voices. It’s almost like all the male singers today are castrati.

      1. Try Gary Numan, not everyone’s liking, grew up with his old stuff and quite like the new stuff too.
        This is one of my favourites, lyrics are good, The Fall

    2. I was just thinking about this a few days ago, and I think that song “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 is the best example. It’s about being a doormat, putting a woman on a pedestal, and being the shoulder to cry on. Not to mention, the singer has one of the most annoying effeminate voices I’ve ever heard.

      1. Yeah, but that’s because the lead singer IS a whiney, effeminate Jewish guy and those ‘guys’ have effeminate voices.

      2. Yep
        Or have a listen to “Why you want treat me so rude, I’m going to marry you anyway”. Give me a break.
        Thank the joo record industry for the social engineering

  3. It is in the esteemed opinion of the kneeman that everyone needs to go back to old blues music to get a good dose of masculinity. Robert Johnson, T Bone Walker, Bo DIddly, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James
    Check out Louisiana Red: I’ll have a hard time missing you baby, with my pistol in your mouth / you may say you heading back up north, but your brains are staying down south
    Big Bill: I am lookin’ for a woman ain’t never been kissed, maybe we will get along and I won’t need to use my fists
    I am a big fan of loads of different music. I would say that there is a different music for different occasion. In fact, I have a cardio play list plus a separate play list for Leg days, chest and back, arms. They are different moods. I have playlists to just relax to. Play lists to clean to and to party to. I have a Spotify playlist called “Bout Ta Get Laid”
    But I always come back to old blues. Before I go out on a date, before I go out for drinks, when I am home and just want to listen to something powerful.
    There is no music, imo, more masculine than the blues.

    1. I have an eclectic taste in music as well. Last CDs I recieved as gifts were John Coltrane and Miles Davis and I would say you are correct– the older blues music is raw and keeps you coming back.

      1. This song was in a similar article years ago, but here it is again. It kinda cuts both ways, but its still full of wisdom and really funny. Black folks had one of the richest musical heritages the world’s ever seen. It’s depressing that it’s been derailed so badly.

        1. Yea Africa is a real bastion of great music… Rolls eyes
          Hint. It all comes from white Celtic and Appalachian roots

    2. Don’t forget Son House. There is video of him beating the shit out of a guitar while playing Death Letter that is incredible.

      1. Son House is another great one. My list, of course, isn’t exhaustive. Lonnie Johnson is another great that should not be missed.

    3. Some blues is really sappy and whiny about women. After all, it n is called tje blues.

      1. some is. But there is dirty gritty blues. Trust me, there are no sappy lightning Hopkins songs. I can promise you that.

        1. Each and every one of these tunes is just great. Going Sane, you are right on my level over here.

        2. which video was this? I get the reference, dont remember the song

        3. ah, okay. thought this was a reference to a Bruce song where Clarence was wearing a Santa hat…will remove the upvote as I didnt know what I was voting for

        4. The Exploited, FEAR, Sex Pistols, Black Flag…..the decline was spotted long ago.
          Forget the screamo gayfest ‘metal’, its really no more than a cheap alloy, get back to the roots.

    4. Of course, there is always the B.B. Kind great- “I pay the cost to be the boss.” I have always loved the song.

    5. Something that bugs me about blues and also rock (its derivative) is that it is all a bit fatalistic and whiny. Like a disillusioned comedian. It has its appeal, but if I listen to it too much, I become depressed.

      1. I guess it is in the listener. I find blues, at least the stuff I have named here, to be grimy and real and, in its own way, uplifting in that it is letting you know it is not just alright but good to be a man.

        1. Of course, you can never generalize. I may be biased, because I used to be paid to take videos of “singer songwriter evenings” and those were full of sobby whiny beta males crying about what poor babies they were while making their metallic country guitars wail with a bottleneck.

        2. take a listen to my favorite, lightnin’ Hopkins. He is the real deal. Robert Jonson too. But yes, personal bias may ruin things.

        3. It’s just good music. Allowing race to play a role in it is weak

      Woah, go bring me my shotgun
      Oh I’m gonna start shootin again
      Go bring me my shotgun
      You know I just got to start shootin’ again
      You know I’m gonna shoot my woman
      Cause she’s foolin’ around with too many men
      Yes bring me my shotgun
      Yes man and a pocket full of shells
      Yes go bring me my shotgun
      Yes man and a pocket full of shells
      Yeah you know I’m gonna kill that woman
      I’m gonna throw her her in that old deep dug well
      Hide her from everybody they won’t know where she at
      That woman said Lightnin’ you can’t shoot me
      She said now you just dare to try
      I don’t take a dare from nobody
      She said Lightnin’ you can’t shoot me
      She said yes and you dare to try
      I said the only reason I don’t shoot you little woman
      My double barrel shotgun, it just won’t fire.

      1. I listen to this song several times a week as it is in nearly all of my playlists. This is one of the great tunes. But all his songs are amazing.

    7. Old school gorilla pimp blues is why segregation existed. Do you have a spotify playlist called about to pay for play? I know, I know it’s not the same as giving Tyrone $100 fo 1 o hiz bitchz. Those college skanks are sucking your 40 something year old limp bizkit because of how top shelf your game is and not because you make more in a month than they do in a year. Wasting money on a gourmet meal for a chicken head who can’t tell the difference between that and a Mcdonald’s trio is traditional therefore enjoyable

      1. This is not my experience. Your mileage may vary.
        My personal experiences have been more enjoyable than this makes it out to be
        Also, not sure the connection between old blues and segregation and honestly don’t really care. It is amazing, raw and masculine music.
        Why are you so threatened by blacks people and people with more money than you. Reading your comments j feel like you spend too much time thinking about and being fearful of other people and not enough time enjoying life

      1. Some of his early stuff isn’t bad, but all in all not to my taste. Most of it just sounds like noise to me

  4. We should not forget that these songs are aimed at the general population (e.g. sheep) and are written in such way to generate revenue. Just like trash romance novels are written by millions because the authors know women will buy them to read while eating a gallon of ice cream straight from the bucket.

    1. There is a chicken and egg story here though. Yes, the songs are written to the general sheepish population, but the general sheepish population are following the songs. A large concerted effort could change things.
      Look at the Beatles. They are mediocre musicians with fair to midland harmonies and mediocre lyrics and that is their best stuff….the rest is just crap. But the world was sold the beatles and 3 generations later people still think they are great.
      Of course it will never happen because it simply isn’t profitable, but the sheep eat up this beta faggot music because they are fed a line that they ought to. If you fed them something else and seasoned it correctly they would eat that up just as eagerly.

      1. I always said I could fart into a microphone for 3 minutes and it would be #1 on the charts if every DJ had it on heavy rotation then told the listeners how amazing it was. The power of suggestion

  5. Calling this drivel music is quite generous. Modern music is nothing but electronic algorithms, auto tune, focus group tested lyrics, product marketing, and SJW platitudes sprinkled in. I would bet 95% of these so called musicians can’t even play a recorder.

    1. Do you know that deep base swoosh that came to be “in” thanks to the film director Nolan?
      I swear, if I hear that shit one more time in a trailer, I am going to scream in despair.

        1. Like this:

          At around 0:24, you can hear this kind of dark horn-like stuff. I first heard it in this movie, I think. Although he uses it rather intelligently. A lot of trailers that came after that copy this stylistic element without any finesse, just for empty drama. I hate the guts out of it.

    2. Some millenial bitch boy came up to me work and asked “Hey you know that one song that goes ‘Panda-Panda-Panda’?” and had something on his phone he wanted to show me (I think a parody of it) and I simply said “I have no idea what that is”, truthfully and gleefully. I’m oblivious to this degenerate filth by choice and I’m certain that I’m not missing a goddamn thing!

        1. Unless its Beyonce and Shakira singing “Beautiful Liar”. That song is about me…

        2. Haha! But still, you gotta admit that’s a raw and fast album that’s both catchy as Hell and short and sweet!

      1. Exactly.
        When the author didnt bother to quote the song referenced because ‘you already know’, I was lucky enough to be one who doesnt.

    3. “Calling this drivel music is quite generous. Modern music is nothing but electronic algorithms, auto tune, focus group tested lyrics, product marketing, and SJW platitudes sprinkled in. I would bet 95% of these so called musicians can’t even play a recorder.”
      Nailed it.
      Everything is a formula now. It would not surprise me in the least if lip synching became the norm and accepted; all elements and aspects a complete design by an A&R man.

      1. The thing is, with those modern lyrics, you can turn that stuff into game. Girls love to hear that stuff (and yes those songs are for girls not guys) and if you say it with sly smirk then they wonder if you mean it or not. That turns them on…

        1. Yeah I hear ya – but its still drivel – but good enough to bang bitches with.

        2. LOL… The perfect tagline to Bruno Mars.
          I bang bitches to Rick James though…

    4. As an ex pro musician from the 50’s and 60’s I fully agree with you. Rock & roll died in the 70’s when disco became popular. The sappy music that followed further destroyed the genre.

      1. Rock and Roll made a comeback in the UK big time in the late 80s/early 90s

        1. It did in the U.S. as well. The golden oldie thing. It was old folks reliving their youth. I know, I played it.

      2. As a man born in the 60’s and grew up lovin Led Zep, I have to disagree. A lot of 70’s bands kept the fires burning until Grunge took over. See Van Halen, Aerosmith, Etc…In the 80’s, Metallica, some Motley Cue (kickstart my heart, Girls girls girls), some Bon Jovi (Living on a prayer), etc…then the sound of Seattle…grunge took over in the 90’s. I haven’t heard what we old folks(in our 50’s) call RnR since the mid 2000’s. But then 50’s 60’s RnR was rhythm and Blues (borrowed that is) with a little bit of Country mixed in. And that all died by 1966, with Beatles Sgt Peppers album, the Doors etc….but Clapton and Hendrix tried to keep it alive until Led Zep ruled with it throughout the 70’s. RnR was the music we danced to at prom, way before disco…people today don’t believe that though.

        1. It’s martini time! In that same genre social distortion.

      3. I gues you haven’t the gonads to be interested in punk, metal, and thrash, so to you it did die.
        Im almost 40 and a couple of months ago I went and moshed at an Anthrax show and two weeks later saw Iron Maiden from the nosebleeds.

        1. All of the genres you mention are offshoots of R&R. As a spectator you wouldn’t know the difference. You are a spectator that thinks he is an authority but in reality you don’t know one note from the other. Unless you have stood in the trenches you don’t have the gonads to comment on the subject. I am 72 and I was there for the whole thing.

        2. Too much of a pussy, thats what I thought.
          Cant wait for you bloated boomers to fucking die.

        3. I fucking hate old people.
          Useless old codgers ALWAYS talk like they know everything, yet look at the state of the world they leave to the next generation!
          You stupid motherfuckers cant even drive.
          What the fuck could you possibly be so proud of?

        4. Like I said, you are not qualified as a spectator to comment on anything musical since you don’t know one note from the other. You fail to realize that you too will be an old man, that is unless you kill yourself with the drugs you’re taking. By the way, why are you so angry?

        5. You stupid fuck, I play guitar, drums AND bass so Im ‘qualified’ on a level far above you.
          I can play the bass Left AND Right handed so take a seat, limpdick.

        6. Sure you do. I played six nights a week for 8 years and 4 nights a week for sixteen years and I did jobbing after that. Lets compare that to playing in your garage which I doubt that you could even pull off. Let see if you can think of some more insults. Why are you so darned angry?

        7. What. no foul mouthed insults? What is the string gauge on a Korean made Danelectro longhorn bass?

        8. What does that matter?
          You really stupid enough to think that being in an unsuccesful bar band while you should have been building a career makes your opinions more valid than anyone else’s?
          Thats why you are a fucking moron.
          For guitar I use Dean Markley Blue Steel in .10-.46 and Ernie Ball Slinky on my bass.
          I have a lefthand Carvin Les Paul double cutaway flat top, fixed tuner bridge, with stereo output.
          It has an ebony fretboard, brass string nut, and inlaid abalone Carvin logo.
          So tell me, what is the thickness gauge of the cocks you sucked to get permission to play in dive bars?
          Maybe you should search ROK archives for the article that explains why people hate grown 40 year old men that play in bands before you start to think bragging to grown men about childish hobbies is a good idea.

        9. Where do you play Mr, guitar hero, on guitar hero? I see you’re been looking at guitars on the internet to learn some guitar nomenclature. Good for you, you learned something today. I see you’re showing your IQ again with the foul mouthed insults, good job!!!

        10. Speaking of IQ, its nomenclature.
          I DONT play anymore because ADULTS have better shit to do, thats why Im making fun of you for acting like a jr high kid while pretending to be old and wise.
          I only mentioned it because you thought you knew more than I, which you dont, fucking hippie.
          You can train a monkey to play guitar so obviously you need some new goals to meet.
          A loser from a failed bar band-thats ‘qualification’ for you.

        11. Pretty sure if I had just looked up buzzwords to impress a FAGGOT like you, I wouldnt have referenced a LEFTHAND guitar of 1980’s vintage.
          I work in a college town, yet YOU are the biggest faggot Ive had to suffer today.

        12. Oh, I see. You never actually played anywhere because you aren’t good enough. At least I have experience at something you only dream about. You probably collect guitars and see yourself in your delusions as being on stage with an adoring crowd of little girls itching to pull you clothes off. Always remember it is better to be a has been than to be a never was. People that are losing an argument always fall back to being spelling monitors because that’s all they have. Go back to your dreams of stardom little man.

        13. Oooooo, the F word. You are showing your IQ again. What kind of work do you do? Sorry but a never was cannot impress me no matter how hard you try. By the way, did I ask you what kind of work you do?

        14. At least I have glory days but you can only have them in your delusions

        15. A lot of real wisdom from the hippie retread who thinks only ‘musicians’ can have an opinion on music.
          All you need to know is that I get paid more than you and my skill level is unmatched by you.
          Go ahead and make up some more shit to make you feel better and tell us all about it, while you are at it, Im sure youve some vids you can post to ‘prove’ how succesful you were at being a fucking loser.

        16. Seventy two years under your belt and thats all you got?
          Stories of high school talent shows arent endearing you to me.
          Since you are such a great musician (lol), post some vids.
          For 99% of us, guitar is a hobby and just ONE MORE skill to have.
          For the rejects, its ALL they have.
          Lucky you.

        17. Why not answer my question then if your skill level is so high. I would think you’d be proud to grace me with what you do for a living. What kind of work do you do little fella.

        18. Yeah, Ive got a lot to prove to you.
          Either post vids or it NEVER happened. Fucking lying ass hippie.

        19. In my day we never thought about video. Now tell me, What kind of work do you do? By the way, I was playing Motown in a band with three horns, guitar, bass, B3 Hammond and drums, hardly a hippie. By the way, didn’t I ask you what kind of work you do? What kind of work do you do?

        20. Why are you afraid to post a video of you playing guitar?
          Vids or it never happened.

        21. I’ve had a stroke and can no longer play. I can assure you it did happen. Now answer my question. What kind of work do you do? I’ve got and idea. Since I can’t post a video of me playing I’d be very interested in watching you play, why not post a video you playing. By the way, WHAT KIND OF WORK DOOOOO YOU DO?

        22. A video of me doing what?
          Playing guitar?
          Being at work?
          I only mentioned I used to play guitar because of that bullshit youdsaid about NO ONE is allowed an opinion on music unless they are a musician.
          Because, obviously, I would have to be Wagner or Tchaikovsky to be able to know whether I like a song or not.

        23. I can manage a restaurant, design and install all kinds of landscaping, masonry, carpentry, car mechanic, construction, pipe welding, metal fabrication, press brake, furniture building and repair, wireline operator on a fracking crew, CDL, and many more things.
          So what?
          If you need a $5000 conference table, I can hack it.
          Need a 383 stroker shoe horned into a Chevy? That too.
          Metal ANYTHING as well.
          A real man is varied in his skills.

        24. I shouldn’t have said you weren’t allowed an opinion and I’ll let you off the hook on the video because I’ve obviously turned the tables on you. Sometimes I miss the old days but it doesn’t give me the right to punish someone like you because of your opinion. Those days are gone forever, just a memory now.

        25. I need a good laugh so now you have the opportunity to explainhow you think youve turned the tables on me, especially since the INCOMPLETE list of things I can do dwarfs your skill list.
          I never said I was a bad ass at guitar, but I sure as hell know how to play it.
          Either way, neither of our opinions on music are at all valid to anyone but ourselves, so Ill let you off the hook for being a little senile.

        26. Okay little fella. I did turn the tables on you about you posting a video or were you too dim to catch that? In was subtle but it rings true.

        27. As stated above: a vid of what? Guitar or me working?
          Im quite sure you can make it without it.

        28. Punk, Metal, and Thrash lack any artistic merit. They are genres that pride themselves off being simplistic.

        29. KilltheBank is a retarded asshole. He apparently thinks that he can play guitar gives him some sort of skill level.

        30. Oh, horseshit, just TRY to outplay Kirk Hammet.
          The Sex Pistols album Nevermind the Bollocks has lyrical content above and beyond the queer shit you think is ‘artistic’ and to this day is still relevent to society.
          Until I see you best the likes of Kirk Hammet or Kerry King, then you are just a retard with too much condescending nonsense that you should fight the urge to share.
          Making blanket statements about things you know nothing about is pathetic.
          Theres more manliness in an Anthrax album than all the faggot shit the beatles released in their entire career.

        31. You are such a faggot.
          Kirk Hammet was personally trained by Joe Satriani, who also taught Steve Vai.
          Those are three of the best guitarists who ever lived and Im sure Chopin wouldnt be too much of a CUNT to try to deny the credit that is due, because such behaviour is beneath most decent men. Unlike you.
          How many quadruple platinum albums and sold out crowds have you got under your belt?
          You sound like one of those classic rock faggots who thinks every other form of music sucks, because hearing the same five shitty songs from foreigner and boston for the last 40 fucking years somehow sits well with stupid people.
          FYI- The fucking beatles fucking suck. John Lennon was a faggot, Bruce Springsteen is laughable, and whatever you listen to is limp wristed bilge.
          I mean, fucking spare me your retarded opinions.
          Stevie Ray Vaughn made my fucking ears bleed-doesnt mean I think he cant fucking play!
          Fucking faggot

        32. Vid of you playing guitar and no stand ins. I will know if you are bullshitting. Why won’t you tell me what kind of work you do? I agree with Andrew that you are a retarded A**hole.

        33. If you have all of this talent that you say dwarfs anything I can do why don’t you prove it by telling me what kind of work you do. Post a video of you playing guitar.

        34. Your boyfriend need your help, now?
          Anyone who says that my opinion on music isnt qualified is obviously looking for an argument.
          Calling yourself ‘more qualified’, to a stranger, because you call yourself a musician is pretty fucking snobby and obnoxious, so if thats how you roll too, you can fuck off as well.
          I told your butt buddy earlier that he isnt the only motherfucker on planet earth who can strum a chord and that you can even train monkeys to play guitar, so bragging about it in no way reinforced his argument.
          Now you come along spewing your cock breathe like you really got something to say.

        35. Fuck off and die, already.
          Snobby douchebag retiree.
          The beatles fucking suck dick, the hippie shit you farted out in the good old days sucks dick too.
          Just fuck off you annoying shit

        36. You know I’m starting to think you don’t even have a job. Sitting in your mom’s basement typing away, making up stories. Or maybe you do have some low level government job that allows you spend all day typing BS on the internet. Or maybe you work for the CIA and can’t disclose your work He He He. I wonder if your boss knows you’re spending all day on the internet.

        37. Won’t you entertain me with a video that shows your stellar talent? I would love to hear a refrain or two. Just make sure you I.D. yourself by saying this is me playing guitar three times before you start thrashing. By the way, I see you’re back to your real talent of reeling off vulgar insult after vulgar insult. I have to admit that you are very good at that!!!

        38. My my, The moderators are not liking you very much are they, shame on you for such language.

        39. I would flag you for using such fowl language but the moderators are doing a great job!!!!

        40. Why is it inexcusable. The truth is always the truth, little man. You must be a beta looking to learn how be an alpha like me. I must say that you are failing miserably.

        41. I was never a Beatles fan but you seem to be obsessed with them. Maybe you’re a closet fan of theirs. Maybe deep down you wish you were there at woodstock with the rest of the stoners. Yes I think that sound about right!!!!!

        42. By the way, andrew agrees with me that you couldn’t even play guitar hero. I love to annoy you but I also wubb you, my little friend.

        43. Awwww, You went away and I was just starting to like you. I wubb you little guy!!!!

        44. what the hell happened in this comment thread?
          “I fucking hate old people.
          Useless old codgers ALWAYS talk like they know everything, yet look at the state of the world they leave to the next generation!”
          i saw this one valid point which is indeed valid and then from there it spiraled out of control.

        45. Punk can be fun at times. I get people like metal and thrash, but it is just rebranded crappy pop music. Very little talent involved

        46. The guy started with the vulgar insults, that’s why it spiraled out of control.

        47. When someone starts with the vulgar insults they get what they deserve.

        48. Seen Maiden six times; there is no better band on Earth. The talent, the emotion the way that band speaks to my soul…
          All that success and with minimal radio or MTV help speaks volumes for their brinkmanship!

        49. “You will be an old codger some day.”
          totally isnt the point.
          its the fact old people will cry “back in my day kids werent like that” while ignoring the fact you old twats voted in liberalism like laws and policies that got us to where we are today.
          old folks let public education become what it is, women out of the kitchen, divorce laws, gun laws, LBGT laws, circumcision becoming a thing, and so many other things. you old folks have got your social security while us young folks pay dearly for your idiocy. you old folks rode the wave of the decline, the roaring 20s if you will and look back indifferently as your children and childrens children will be facing the great depression.
          so old people screwed us is the point and they seem to not be aware of this fact and instead shout “DAMN DUMB KIDS….back in my day….”

        50. Not me, I was always a conservative and I never voted to put in place anything you suggest. Social Security was promised as a way to supplement income in retirement. I am quite sure you would have eagerly taken it yourself had you been in my position. It was liberals that have destroyed the country not conservatives. I raised two very good and well balanced children. My son is retired at 47 yrs. old and has 10 million dollars in the bank after rising to second in command of a fortune 500 world wide company. My daughter was a diver on the US national team and is married to a Navy Captain. I have five grand daughters that are very well balanced. So you see I am none of the things you accuse me of. Yes many youngsters of today are quite dumb and it is largely due to poor parenting and single motherhood. This is something you should consider if you have children or are planning a family. By the way my kids and grand kids will be just fine.

        51. fantastic….you’re the exact opposite of what i say? guess what it really doesnt matter and is irrelevant to my point. whether what you say is actually true or not is besides my point.
          people 35 and under today are behaving like insanely. and it is for the reasons i listed about and oh so many more reasons. and those reasons are the fault of OLD PEOPLE….aka PARENTS. strangely enough i always hear….”but I was a conservative” or “back in my day it wasnt like this”….guess fucking what grandpa? either you are lying, a very very rare outlier, or you are all talk and no walk.
          its the only thing that explains how so many old people are so delusional.
          but the proof you are a liberal?
          ” I am quite sure you would have eagerly taken it yourself had you been in my position. ”
          dead fucking wrong. I hate liberalism. and as such I would promptly reject this. you cannot be a conservative and pro social security. you simply cannot. I would have voted no at this every single chance i got.
          unlike you apparently. so it is old folks that saw “Free money” signs from the government that claim to be conservative that ruined us. aka RINOS aka liberals.
          young people arent helping usually….but old people sold their children out for a few dollars. #TheCakeWasALie
          I am angry because of what old people did…..they burned my country down and set it to ruin before I was even conceived…..and now I must find the very small tiny amount of young folks that still have a functioning brain and the will power to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and actually do it. my generation has every reason to hate you old people for what you did. you sold us out. by and large 99% of you sold us out and left us to die.
          its no secret young whipper snappers like myself are angry.
          Im not aimed directly at anyone person….rather a group of people that largely failed their children and now sits around dumbfounded as to why their children are LBGT My Little Pony PokeMon Go fans.
          ” My daughter was a diver on the US national team and is married to a Navy Captain.”
          here again you are a liberal and you failed your daughter….no self respecting father would be proud of their daughter who is a working mom like her. a working mom is a failure. for to be a mom is a fulltime job and then some. she cannot acquire the skills of motherhood while diving for the US team can she? no she cannot. thus she will have children who will lack a competent mother. thus there is jack shit to be proud of.
          any girl who aspires to be more than a mother is a failure. a mother is her absolute highest calling and from there she will find her true fulfillment.
          take my mother…..she has many talents….but her first and chief priority has always been to be a mother. she is a talented gardener, can fix things, can be a doctor-mom, and many other things….but it all stems from first and foremost being a mother. the skills she learned were first and foremost that of house to be a housewife….all other skills were secondary and became beneficial to this role of being a mother. as a result her other skills are quite good because she is at her highest level of happiness and fulfillment first and foremost. a mother and a wife.
          she is no fool….yet if she had become a US national swim team member she could not do this.
          so you daughter is a failure.
          this is liberalism….it shows a false air of success, yet is a failure. it is the same shit that happened in the 50s and 60s….successful career mothers….yet look what happened to that generation of children? sexual revolution, drugs, high divorce rates….all from one single generation of working moms which in effect created beta fathers. aka you….you didnt tell your daughter to STOP WORKING.
          it may seem as if I ranted….and It may seem as if I am crazy…but well whatever….working mothers are not to be celebrated. this i know. and this any red piller knows. any conservative with his balls knows.

        52. Yes I agree that you are crazy. Whether you believe me or not is up to you, I couldn’t care less. You know your logic is very flawed. My daughter Was on the US team before she got married. How old are you anyway, 16? I really don’t care what you think. By the way brevity is the soul of wit. But I wubb you.

        53. glorious job refuting all of nothing of what i said.
          i wish old people for just one moment would admit how badly they fucked over their offspring without hiding it behind some bullshit excuse. considering they love to claim how they teach their children to admit when they are wrong….well fucking admit when you are wrong you hypocrites.
          but i digress….if my logic is flawed show it.
          and big whoopie dee fucking doo….your daughter did that before she got married….she’ll still be a crap mother? wish to know why? women doing things outside of the home breeds feminism….which breeds bad mothers….she gets a heavy dose of girl power. this is a thing the red pill teaches quite plainly and it is very evident to all to see(see all institutions that have a lot of women). so my point stands….she will go on to teach her sons to be betas(bonus beta points if she is pro-circumcision aka rape and mutilation) and she will show her daughters how she became a US team member and give them a heavy dose of girl power.
          she will fail them. nevermind that time spent training could be spent learning true mother skills….diaper changing, cooking, cleaning, sewing, playing with children, etc. you dont pick this up overnight. nevermind athletic women are usually ugly and nearly boobless further ruining her feminine appearance.
          but you claim my logic is flawed so show it. I’ve said several ways your generation and even you have screwed up….screaming NO YOU like a child wont change that.
          I presume you have some measure of investment here since you’ve replied so much.

        54. If you’re trying to troll me, it wont work, turd. oh silly me, I me I mean toad

        55. The tragedy of WASPs is that they promote the restriction of fecundity rates with no concern to the long-term effects of demographic transition. They don’t seem to understand they are inviting the annihilation of their own social constructs and the promotion of those they disagree with. On some level it is a holiness spiral, on another level they are empowered through their tribulations.

        56. if Im wrong….as i said, tell me how. refute my many points against my elders.

        57. “Oh by the way, I still wuub you.”
          the only thing that truly matters!!!!

        58. Every word I used was English (rather common words at that) but I’ll rephrase if you prefer.
          White Anglo-Saxon protestants do not understand that religion is a social technology. It doesn’t even matter if religion is true or not really. By turning women into men you break that social technology. The reason sports are sex segregated is because women are unable to compete with men and make a poor imitation. It is a form of disarmament. Breaking that technology is not so bad in and of itself, but inviting in other peoples who have a functioning and hyper-competitive social technology (Islam) is idiotic. You are encouraging the abolishment of your own Judeo-Christian values.

        59. Not of he is lucky, and even if he is he might still spare those who still have control of their bowels and stfu about the “back in my day” glory stories grandpa Simpson

        60. Lmao, a “conservative” R&B “musician” most likely up on stage with a racially mixed band creating the equivalent of the noises made if we threw instruments into the chimp pen at the zoo. Tell us how your 10 year old grandson cured cancer.

        61. Rant appreciated, you couldn’t seem more sane. The reason this “conservative’s” granny wife has plastic on the couches is because hse was a squirter back in the 1950’s during the BBC gang bangs with the “diverse/vibrant” members of his band she cucked him with. How else could he brag about his daughter squeezed into a skimpy sheer, skin tight, wet piece of spandex in front of a crowd of people? Typical clueless, self centered, hypocritical baby boomer.

        62. His band coverd this

          But try taking love to the store to buy groceries. You go to jail if you refuse to have taxes extorted from you so an old queer who tells other strange men he loves them over the internet can get social security even though he probably got paid in beer and a little cash under the table for his “musical performances”

        63. They don’t care, they are delusional solipsists with no repect for their ancestors and no loyalty to their descendants who think “color is only skin deep,brother…like everyone is the same inside, man”

        64. Your generation was full of pro “musicians” who could not read musical notation or even english apparently.

        65. Luckily all boomers will soon be dead so we can leave their graves open and install port-o-potties over them. The kind found on construction sites, not the ones who used to dive competitively and our now flown into Dubai

        66. Sid Vicious never picked up a bass in his life until they shoved that junkie degenerate up on stage @ The Screen On The Green. Punk “instrumentalists” were never known for their technical ability

        67. Metal is electric classical music, evolution made it possible for 5 guys to sound as powerful and epic as an orchestra.

        68. Progressive Rock or Baroque Rock/Pop could be compared to traditional western music, but heavy metal isn’t even comparable. Traditional Western Music is constructed way different than Heavy Metal.

        69. Cooommmeee Onnnn. Lighten up. Life is too short to be such a hater. Remember, I wubb you!!!

        70. Thanks Paddedummy. glad someone else understands what old people did to this country.
          old people don’t get called out on their crap near as much as they should.
          “How else could he brag about his daughter squeezed into a skimpy sheer, skin tight, wet piece of spandex in front of a crowd of people?”
          well modern society has taught me this is every parents dream!!!! but sexual predators are apparently bad(except mohels and doctors that cut off half your infant sons dick). sweet glorious illogical feminism/liberalism.
          “But try taking love to the store to buy groceries.”
          clearly not listening to hilary clinton….stupid stores….”we need more love not walls”!!!
          “You go to jail if you refuse to have taxes extorted from you so an old queer who tells other strange men he loves them over the internet can get social security even though he probably got paid in beer and a little cash under the table for his “musical performances””
          I truly love this description of social security. its glorious and fantastic. I didnt have time at the moment to truly get into it with my inlaw….but he was trying to tell me how social security is a good thing for my retirement and Im trying to tell him, look we’re 20 trillion in the hole(and thats just the official numbers….nevermind the off the records numbers and other stuff)….I won’t see Social security. worthless twat couldnt grasp this. and insisted it was a good thing and obamacare is a good thing and minimum wage.
          I never realized he was such a liberal idiot….then i find out he listens to michael savage….I just cant grasp the mental gymnastics or cognitive dissonance one has to have to argue this and then be a fan of michael savage.

        71. You are confusing “power” with arrangements. A PA system made them loud, but that doesn’t make them good.

        72. Good job on that ONE example, must have been hard work.
          Is the nickelback and dave matthews SHIT you jack off to known for their technical ability?

        73. My mother 70, has a masters degree, but she and her cohorts of that generation are complete idiots.
          They and the generation ahead of them, left us an almost impossible task if righting their wrongs.
          They are merciless, spoiled, morally corrupt and will sell out their own children for their ” entitlements” and gibmedats

        74. Only thing I hate about maiden was their anti Germanic tunes. Pro intervention muh war for Churchill and Jewry

        75. I know you have all the answers. Tell me, how will you and your generation will go about righting all of the wrongs. The fact is that every generation has their idiots and greedy people. The trick is to keep them from getting into positions of power.

        76. “One wonders what has come over this great, free country. We are the
          descendants of a once great breed of men who had problems and had
          them plenty. But did they whine and whimper and crawl through life on
          their hands and knees piteously demanding of some so-called
          benevolent government that they be taken care of? Not on your life!
          They stood solidly on their feet and they took care of themselves.
          And they built the greatest economy in the history of the world —
          one that has made available more goods and services to more people
          than any other in the long life of mankind on earth.”
          Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

        77. And when was their last album release?……….exactly. btw punk was a huge factor in RnR, just didnt want to write a novel here just to prove a point.

        78. Thx troll. But as a matter of fact I was a Radio DJ from 1981-1998. So I stood in trenches you never had access to. So I speak as an industry insider, not some wannabe dead head like you. BTW, at 72, you stopped listening to the radio after 1976, so you were absentee since then. And since u know nothing about RnR since the 70s you have nothing intelligent to say.
          So take an asprin and STFU..

        79. He was a dipshit 20 something in the 1960s, so he thinks only that music is real. But in fact he was high the whole time. Btw even Madonna sounds good when ur high right bong head ranger….?

    5. While I’m inclined to agree, this also reminds me of too many folks refusing to acknowledge music that is too dissimilar from that of their youth.

    6. popular music has always been shit. There are big bands who are good like Zeppelin nirvana and others but the majority of mainstream has always stunk. At 35 now I can’t listen to radio anymore so I’ve been buying vinyl. It’s cheap (kind of well not really) and if you like electronics a good hobby picking up old gear and messing around with combinations of tone arms cartridges and speakers all that. 👍
      But there are still good bands coming out like the black keys, fall of Troy few and far between but they are there.

    7. I mainly listen to WFMU, a college radio station without the basketball..they have been around since 1957 and survived Upsala college going bankrupt…some of it utterly sucks, some of it is sublime like nothing else. Check it out…

    8. “…focus group tested lyrics,”
      Very true. A telling read is Ralph Murphy’s book on songwritng (Vice-president of ASCAP). He basciaily lays out how all the hit songs have to follow a template that caters to women, particularly in country or pop, or else they have no marketability. He uses statistics to show how all the top hits basically repeat this testicle-free formula for success.
      Little wonder that modern music is largely dead. It has, like so many other art forms, been used to serve the lowest common denominator of women (which is pretty fucking low).

      1. Agreed it’s all just a really long boring commercial for things I hate by people I detest

  6. This is why it is rare for me to listen to music released after 1980, which is 3 years before I was born.
    My favorite song of all time is probably “The Minstrel Boy” written by Thomas Moore.

  7. The truth of the matter is that today’s music does not have any real quality. In
    essence, the soul that music once posessed has gone, and no longer can be found in today’s mainstream music. What comes out today and is listened to by the sheep, is what I would equate to noise pollution. It really has become that bad where nearly every genre of music, is amalgamated with some degree of electronic dance music and where traditional instruments such as guitars and pianos are no longer hearable in this atrocious era of music.
    It makes me feel uneasy when you now have a generation of young men who listen to some of the worst music that is playing on the airwaves that they do not even seem to realise what great treasures were once playing on the radio. Is it any wonder why the radio has died and can no longer capture its once prime demographics. It is absolutely horrendous to see what has become of even some of the once traditional great artists of the earlier decades that produced great sound and no longer considered to be great as they try to fit into an era of millenial trash who have no clear concept of what good music even meant. No, I am not going to talk like an old man today. Rather, I will show you exactly by what I mean when I talk about cultural decline and the loss of quality music by comparing some of the popular artists of the earlier decades from the pop and rock era that the youth listened to and illustrating what they have now become:
    Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River (2002)
    Justin Timberlake- TKO (2013)
    Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved (2004)
    Maroon 5: Animals (2014)
    Matchbox 20: If You’re Gone (2000)
    Matchbox 20: She’s So Mean (2012)×200.jpg
    Linkin Park: In The End (2001)
    Linkin Park: The Catalyst (2010)
    The list goes on and on. Today’s music is absolute drivel and disgusting reflection of today’s horrendous pop culture and the kind of entertainment that today’s generation love to listen to and watch. Sickening and a perfect reflection of the declining standards we are witnessing in today’s world. If I were to ask anybody today what they think of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker or some other tremendous jazz musician, they would be clueless. Same with asking them about orchestra such as Mozart or Beethoven- they would be clueless. Its a shame but at the same time, I am grateful to have even experienced some of the greatest music from the earlier generations, unlike the filth that comes out today

    1. Said EVERYONE about any and all music that came after the formative years or their generation.
      Half the shit you guys outlined in this comment thread was considered degenerate drivel in it’s era. Especially Blues music.
      I do agree that the mainstream music scene far too formulaic and derivative. But frankly if you care to search the interwebs; you’ll find there are plenty of independent and never before heard artist making excellent music of all types. In fact i’d say there’s MORE great music to enjoy now than ever before. We are no longer limited to what a program manager deems worthy of our consumption. We can go out and find music from any era of any genre that is to our liking and avoid mainstream crap all together.

      1. Blues is derivative, degenerate drivel. The lyrics posted above are no better than modern day gangsta rap. Nigs gonna nig, always did always will

  8. As a side note, put on a best of Edit: sorry I meant Lightnin’ Hopkins. album the next time you are about to get laid. I don’t know what it is about that mans music, but it has never failed to make women go crazy in my experience. Women of all ages, of all tastes, of all nationalities lose their shit for Sonny Boy

    1. I experience similar results with Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf. And, believe it or not, Chuck Berry works pretty good too. Although most people know his mainstream and teeny bopper stuff, he has some raunchy shit too. I Want To Be Your Driver, for instance:

      1. yes, double down on all of them. Chuck great. Also, Buddy Guy, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Willie McTell. So many, all fantastic.

        1. I’ll tell you who else – Big Bill Broonzy. And for all these whiny bitches in hip hop who think they’re keeping it real, he drops some fucking knowledge about real racism.

        2. I mentioned Big Bill Broonzy in my first comment. No one keeps bitches in check like big bill.

    2. “I don’t know what it is”
      The whores you get are fantasizing about his BBC the (((porn industry))) brainwashed them into believing he is packing instead of what the whores are about to have to settle for.

      1. I don’t know about that. Seems like the only one I am talking to who is obsessed with BBC is you

  9. I want to drop in an say that Taylor Swift should not be counted as “bad” Pop music. Her lyrics REALLY DO portray women as they really are, it’s almost red pill.

  10. Here’s one from Foreigner. Makes more sense now after taking the red pill.
    “Don’t drive no big black car
    Don’t like no Hollywood movie star
    You want me to be true to you
    You don’t give a damn what I do to you”

  11. This is great child-rearing advice too. Mock popular modern garbage and indulge them with older, quality tunes instead.

  12. Yes! I actually had been wanting to write a similar column for several years.
    Beatles have several examples- I’m a Loser, Yesterday, We Can Work it Out, I Should Have Known Better, and many more.
    Journey- Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’, Separate Ways,
    And more recently, “Shut up and Dance”
    Funny enough, Police made a career making fun of betas in their songs.
    But it seems like most pop music is from the perspective of a whiny beta male.
    Oddly enough, more truth comes from female artists’ Alpha fantasies (I suppose they are beta males’ fantasies too)-
    Pat Benatar- Hit Me with Your Best Shot, and Heartbreaker
    “You’re the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy
    The invincible winner and you know that you were born to be
    You’re a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker”
    Joan Jett- I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
    “I saw him dancin’ there by the record machine
    I knew he must a been about seventeen
    An’ I could tell it wouldn’t be long
    Till he was with me,”

    1. Worst Beatles lyric ever: “Come together right now, over me”. WTF
      The song was on Abbey Road, but would have been more appropriate on the White Album. Maybe Yoko can do her own version and rename it “Bukkake”.

      1. I’m pretty sure the absorbtion factor was the reason Lennon wore a kotex as a hat, he wouldn’t want any guys slipping and hurting themselves

  13. I’m extremely ashamed to admit that as a teen I loved these romantic fluff ballads. I used to believe girls loved them too and that they wanted a “man” like in the song. One day while on a bus I overheard some teen girls making fun of people who liked romantic songs and how they preferred metal bands and other noisy music. No need to say I was a virgin until 19 and even that one time I got laid was due to extraordinary circumstances (and just a one shot). At 23 I married a girl from a 3rd world country who was becoming extremely bossy but I refused to submit to her BS and we ultimately split. (kinda goes contrary to the alpha narrative of be strong and don’t be her doormat and she’ll crave you actually but I think money was all she wanted,she hated my “stinginess”) I had never heard about PUA or Red Pill at that point. I had another encounter where I acted very beta with another girl 7 years later (after another dry spell) I heard about PUA after looking up “how to get my ex back” (lol) and later about red pill. PUA never worked for me (I can’t apply the stupid gimmickry) and the red pill is actually a very bitter pill for me but I can’t ignore the facts, sadly.

    1. Don’t worry, the sadness goes away. The truth is not sad; sadness is just the feeling of the lies leaving your body. 🙂

    2. Don’t go to a third world country. There are millions of women for you to choose from in America, women in third world countries are most likely digging gold.

  14. Growing up in the 80’s, the popular stuff in my community were bands like Van Halen, Motley Crue, ACDC, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne…..etc. Now all I hear when flipping through stations is women like Katy Perry, Lady Gagging, and Justin Beiber. Is there even any modern genre of music that isn’t dominated by women?

    1. Now all I hear when flipping through stations is women like Katy Perry, Lady Gagging, and Justin Beiber.

      Music radio as a business is dying.

        1. They just need to take some humble pie and start making what people want again, instead of this SJW stuff.

        2. I’m wondering if Hollywood is starting to feel some pain. I know ESPN is having problems because more people are dropping cable TV so they lose that revenue stream.

        3. So far it’s only made back about 30% give or take from the estimates of the budget. There were numerous cases where the theater were either empty or near empty.

        4. that is the same thing I said about the new fag wars movie. Ugh. Brainwashing is strong with them.

        5. I read somewhere they already announced their intention to make a sequel, regardless of how much money this one makes.
          SJWs always double down.

        6. I didn’t mind the new Star Wars movie that much. It doesn’t hold up to the originals, but it’s not bad. But it was the Jedi chick that ruined it for me. And ironically it was the focus of the whole movie.

        7. I have enough affirmative action in the real world and don’t need any more in fantasy world. I can’t even be bothered to watch it.

        8. The west coast propaganda division of Wallstreet will just ask the mensches back east to print up more funny paper to keep crapping out more bombs

      1. Radio has always been sort of lame. You are basically letting other people dictate your choice…

    2. I used to drop the kids off at school. I had Led Zepplin greatest hits CD in the car too long that my kids know some songs by heart. My wife flipped out when our youngest was walking through the house singing the “Immigrant song” full chorus.

      1. I do the same with my kids. We have this playlist containing music of most genre’s (excluding rap and hiphop) from the 1930’s to about 2000. My 11 year old son hates any modern music.

        1. Same. My girls love Frank Sinatra and were a bit upset when I told them he has been dead for quite awhile.

        2. Teaching children to appreciate real music must be typical of Alpha fathers. My dad’s album collection is worth over 50K because he has original 45s from 1950. I grew up listening to artists such as Sam Cooke, Sarah Vaughan, Marvin Gaye and Etta James to name a few. I agree that modern music is awful.

        3. Admittedly I’m not a big fan of Sinatra. But if I had a choice of listening between Sinatra and Bruno Mars, I would go with Sinatra.

        4. You’ll grow into it. I wasn’t a “blue eyes” fan either when I was a young man.

        5. Well, I have a wide taste from classical (Vivaldi, Brahms, Mozart, etc..) to blues, jazz, some country western and classic rock. Wife listens to Russian and French songs (Joe Dassin a big one) from the 50’s-80’s. The kids get a variety in any case.

        1. Hot for teacher was, Gimme all your loving is ZZ Top…..I have both albums.

        2. That was in an era where women dressed like women and hitting on them was normal and appreciated.

        3. Lipstick, mascara, big hair, tight pants….and that’s just the guys in the band. Twisted Sister and Poison is enough to make me laugh. Funny thing is, they are still way more masculine than Justin Beiber or any other modern musician.
          But yes, the women were hot.

        4. Yes. The bands dress that way as a costume which is why the heavy metal bands like Megadeth hate that kind of shit.

        5. It goes back to the idea that it is the music, not the show. Those bands were for the show, and have dropped off. Modern music is for the show. Once Beyonce or Taylor Swift reach 30-35, they will be forgotten as well when the younger crop of women come up.

        6. While I do differ with ZZ Top on the definition of a sharp dressed man, the song does touch on the point of looking fly.

        7. I’m more inclined to black tuxes. I’ll give merit, though, to any man that can make a white suit look good while keeping it clean.

    3. This is true. However, for me, growing up in late 70’s early 80’s I feel the same as you. But then I wonder how much guys like MOtley Crue and the rest just looked like a bunch of fucking faggots to people who grew up with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. And those guys just looked like a bunch of pretty boys to the generation that grew up with Glenn Miller etc.

      1. They looked like the devil. Bunch of degenerates. At least there were clear gender roles still then.

        1. were they. Long hair and make up? When I see Vince Neal I don’t think he is masculine, I think he looks like a fairy. Masculine, to me, is Sinatra putting on his cufflinks.
          So yes, I guess it depends on where you stand. To me those 80’s rockers look like a bunch of nancies but they still look more gender appropriate that what we have today.
          My point was that it is a sliding scale. There is this great video where all these celebrities turn out for Chuck Berry’s 80’s birthday and he was looking at the rock stars like he was two seconds from calling them all faggots.

        2. Well, I was referring to men liking women. Those poser bands definitely dressed like fags.

      2. True, the younger generation always looks like pretty boys to the older generation (probably why guys in their 30’s do better with women than guys in their early 20’s), but if you look back at the Glenn Miller films back in the day, he was a skinny guy, wearing a white suit and really didn’t look very masculine. I think a lot of it is guys get more masculine as they age.

        1. fair enough. Miller might have been a bad example. Point remains though and I think you are right about men and women too.

        2. As far as women, I think the same holds true. The further you go back, they typically get more feminine as well. The modern twerkers like miley cyrus or beyonce is erotic, but not the turn on of some of those earlier singers like Loretta Lynn or Julie London.

        3. lolknee, I remember on one of your posts, you mentioned an “I’m gonna get laid” playlist. I get the impression you are fairly successful with women. What suggestions do you have for getting my wife in the sack?

        4. I have no idea how to get your wife in the sack…..kidding….sorry.
          To be honest, I have no husband game to offer. I can’t imagine why anyone would fuck someone consistently for more than 3 months. There are some married guys on here who I think might answer this question better.
          If you want to know how to get a newly minted MBA in heels into bed, hmu. I don’t mean to be flippant, but I just have never maintained a relationship with interest. My entire thing depends on me being an exciting novelty.

        5. There is this story in “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.
          Dude comes to the Anonymous Nice Guys meeting, smiling like a fruit cake, saying he banged his wife.
          The others say: Whoa, how did you do it?
          He says: I asked her.

        6. I see what you are saying, I typically get it 5 times a week. But, everyone can step up their game in one way or another. If you get to be complacent and boring, she will do the same. I am married, but I still work out, flirt and take her out to keep it going. Game doesn’t end at marriage, it just changes. That way, all I have to do is ask.

      3. The “generational gap” didn’t really form until the baby boomers. The Frank Sinatra fans probably also enjoyed Glenn Miller too.

  15. Or this one “I’m gonna marry her anyway”.
    Before I heard this I had honestly thought it became common knowledge that marriage is a one-sided deal.
    I find this song cringe-worthy.

      1. Of course. I bet it’s one of those “at work, soft hits” station.

    1. Dude didn’t even know what the dude looks like! Fuck you for that one! That’s like the Lina Dunham of music!

    1. This is why I don’t listen to modern rock stations and stick to 90s stations on IHeart and TuneIn.

  16. Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics sang “It’s alright baby’s coming back, and I don’t really care where he’s been” which is a bit more red pill than average.. Jimmy Hendrix sang “Cause if my baby don’t love me no more I know her sister will”
    in Red House. Now before we forget about the Beatles, it they also sang “Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man” Is an interesting idea that John and Paul were betas, had never thought of that. Do struggle to think of some more recent examples though.

    1. The protagonist in Run for Your Life is supposed to be an asshole. Even though I love The Beatles, their pre=1966 stuff about girls is all pretty beta.

  17. “Popular music is crap.” YES IT IS! I am still listening to old stuff. I am also one of those evil cord cutters too. I’m always happy when ever I DON’T know who some rapper or celebrity is someone else is talking about. From what I see, betas tend to usually be rap or pop fans, and not of the old party rap or oldies pop, but of the type that glamorizes how living in the a roach infested ghetto dealing dope makes you a hero and a rich rapper in the end. Or how being a beta is what chicks want in the case of pop. Pop and cRap is the Affirmative Action of music.
    Can’t sing?, no problem. Can’t play an instrument?, no problem. Can’t write a song?, use someone else’s song, no problem. Not really a musician?, no problem, we’ll call you an artist anyway.

    1. I still enjoy listening to gangsta rap on occasion. As crude as it is, at least it’s more real and relatable. In fact, most of us can relate to growing up poor, dealing with cops and gangbangers, and of course dealing with the neighborhood slut. And the aggressive music is the same reason I listen to thrash and punk.

  18. I don’t purposely listen to pop music. Was driving with the family once when that horrible “You’re a cunt but I’ll marry you anyway” song came on. I went on a pretty good rant to my son about how this guy is a retarded sap and to dump a girl who gets bitchy IMMEDIATELY.
    My wife protested that is was just a song and to be nice. The boy just listened and agreed with me.

    1. instantly thought of this and am always pleased to bring it out

  19. I grew up listening to old J. Geils songs – they were either about getting some (“Give to to Me”), partying (House Party, Detroit Breakdown, Shoota your Shot) or made fun of betas – like the intro to “Musta Got Lost”.

  20. It all started with the Beatles and the following “British Invasion” which infact was a psychological operation “Rock and Roll” by the MI6 and the CIA, run by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
    A promotional photograph for the Yellow Submarine album shows John Lennon flashing the devil horns. Paul McCartney makes a ‘666’/EYE OF HORUS hand sign.

    1. The Vigilant Citizen is a place for you.
      However, there is a grain of truth in this. Of course the (((elite))) and its minions support everything that corrupts and promotes decadence (who are the (((owners))) and principal (((producers))) in the record industry?); but saying that The Beatles were engineered solely and directly as a operation of the MI6/CIA/whatever is a little too far.
      As a side note: your behaviour online is highly suspicious. I think you are either a nutjob or a paid troll (ADL/SPLC?).

      1. I highly doubt they were part of some conspiracy involving the music industry. The Beatles operated pretty independently of the record labels, and eventually made their own record label.

        1. So? He wasn’t a major person in the music industry, and he died in 1967, arguably before the peak of the Beatles…

    2. 1) Rock and roll started several years before the Beatles, and rock still would have been very popular even without them. 2) You give me too photo’s, and no actually evidence. What did they actually do that influenced culture in a bad way?

  21. After reading the comments I am reminded that there is no good music or bad music, but rather music you like and music you don’t like.
    Sometimes we listen to music for its message, sure. But mostly we listen to music to feel good, and what makes us feel good is a very personal thing.
    I don’t like to listen to new county music, that doesn’t make it “bad music” or these artists “untalented”, it means nothing more than I don’t enjoy listening to it.

    1. If you ‘like’ the music, it makes the subversion easier on the handlers.

      1. Be that as it may, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes the same thing, and it’s not a bad thing that individuals like different music.

        1. Not saying that it is. Merely stating that even subjective/artistic workings can be qualitatively measured. If music keeps degrading at the current rate, it’s going to be nails on a chalkboard accompanied by some grunts and screams.
          A particular artist or song can be liked by many, many people but still score as a poorly written/composed song. Like whatever you want to like, baby doll. I won’t judge, heh.

    2. I don’t like new country music either. My favorite singer is Tammy Wynette. Here’s a little known song of hers from the 1971 album “We Sure Can Love Each Other” :

      1. 🙂 my mother use to play her music all the time when I was a little girl. I don’t remember this one tho, so thank you.

  22. Should I go for the easy pink or the difficult brown? ACDC everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask……

  23. Honorable mention should go to the aptly named The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”
    Every breath you take and every move you make
    Every bond you break, every step you take, I’ll be watching you
    Every single day and every word you say
    Every game you play, every night you stay, I’ll be watching you
    Oh, can’t you see you belong to me
    How my poor heart aches with every step you take
    Every move you make, every vow you break
    Every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I’ll be watching you
    Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace
    I dream at night, I can only see your face
    I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
    I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
    I keep crying, “Baby, baby, please”
    Oh, can’t you see you belong to me
    How my poor heart aches with every step you take
    Every move you make and every vow you break
    Every smile…
    Not only is it creepy as hell, and I wouldn’t blame a woman if she called the actual cops on you if you acted this way, but it is an extremely powerful example of pedestalization.

    1. Copeland hated that song and didn’t want to release it as a single. If you watch the video he is less than enthusiastic. Made them shit loads of dosh however. I don’t think his bottom line was complaining……

    2. I hread the song was origninally about state surveillance as one of the Police band member’s had a father who worked in the CIA. The public took it about a scorned lover. Not sure about the validity though.

      1. Copeland’s father was in the CIA…. high up apparently…..he (Jnr.) spent most of his childhood in the Middle east and Europe…..I think I remember hearing that about the song also…..

        1. Morrison’s dad was the admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, Hendrix’s dad was military, Janis’s dad was military.
          Timothy Leary worked for the military before he became the LSD messiah.
          The 60’s was a psy op cooked up at Langley, a movement (like most others ), was started by Intelligence agencies to control young impressionable minds.
          It was never counter culture, it was always counter to culture and to counter the culture of your parents, you know mum and dad, lots of kids, under one house, religion, traditional way of life.
          All of a sudden your parents are your enemy, fucking everything that moves is freedom, being drug fucked is way cool and selling out your country, people and heritage is edgy.
          It’s a big red pill to swallow, but it started way earlier than the 60’s,
          He who owns the record labels owns most peoples minds.

      2. I actually got this reference from a book about the Berlin Wall. It was used by the author to explain how the East German Stasi kept a close tab on its population. But it can be used as a good metaphor for how most guys nowadays obsess over women. Instagram can be used as a litmus test on how this happens.

        1. I know a woman who told me her brother got picked up by the Stasi and held for 7 years without every being told why. The released him one day and he walked home.
          I currently travel to former East Germany alot. It’s a depressing place.

  24. There are periods in Western history where women were banned from theatre.
    Our ancestors would rather men dress in drag than a woman go on stage. I’m not sure that’s an acceptable workaround. Maybe theatre should be dropped all together? The end product can be neat, but If you’ve ever been in theatre, you have to admit its all pretty gay, both figuratively and literally.
    The Hebrews in the Old Testament were forbidden images of any living thing, as are the Muslims. This is why the Muslims put their art into calligraphy and architecture instead, and this is why many kosher product labels have no icons like a can of red bull might have a picture of a bull. (Research: “Aniconism.”)
    Protestant Calvinists are some of the only Western Christians that preserve this notion today, but they interpret the forbidden image as pictures of God, or gods, but maybe they’re wrong, and the Jews/Essenes and Muslims are right?
    Maybe there should be no theatre at all? No music videos. No models. Maybe your image is sacred, something personal, not be be”taken”and put on display for some stranger to gawk at?
    Observe the modern woman and her endless parade of selfies. She is vapid and empty. Maybe photographs really do steal your soul?

    1. As far as I am aware in classical Greece and Rome actors were regarded in the same social class as prostitutes. They would sleep with anyone……..😁

      1. I love the line in I Claudius where Messalina is about to have a sex competition with a prostitute. An actor leads in the prostitute and says, I am -(don’t remember)- everyone who is anyone knows me.” she replies, “I’m a whore, everyone knows me.”

      2. Musicians as well. The truth that many will ignore is that musicians, sports players, celebrities are undeserving of their fame and wealth, they’re nothing but clowns, entertainers
        These jobs were appropriate to hobos and slaves like gladiators

    2. It was more than just dressing them in drag. The Castrati were boys who were castrated so their voices would never change. They would dress up and play the female parts in Greek plays. They were like superstars.
      Women were also forbidden in the agora in Athens. That’s right…keep your twat out of the market.
      And there is a reason that old muslims jews and Christians wanted women’s hair covered….that is the seat of their beuty and femininity….women cutting it short today should be a crime.

      1. Long, well maintained hair is always the first thing I notice on a woman… even before t&a… it’s a big selling point for me.

        1. Me too. When I first saw Anne Hathoway in the movie Love and Other Drugs I straight up thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I knew nothing about her, nothing. I had never heard her name. But I saw her hair and I was pwned by her. Then, as it turned out, she was … ya know, a miserable cunt who chopped her hair off and now I wouldn’t even throw her a bone.

        2. Amen. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why so many girls with long, beautiful hair go and give it “the chop” once they hit their 30’s…show me an attractive woman in her 40’s with longer hair and I’ll show you a cougar I want to tap!

      2. 1) Christians never made women wear veils. 2) You have to cut your hair at some point, and I don’t see why everyone on ROK has a huge fetish for ultra-long hair…

        1. 1) you’re wrong 2) sorry if a lot of men enjoy long hair. What is it you like? Cock?

        2. That wasn’t forced, it was 100% voluntary and for women who chose to live as nuns.

    3. Oh man … I was always infatuated with that story about natives thinking photos steal your soul. I abhore the narcissistic selfie culture … and now you tied the two together. Thanks! Now you have my gears grinding for the rest of the day!

      1. Haha, you’ve been there too. Yes, crazy girls are fun for a short time, aren’t they?

        1. Absolutely! There were some serious sexual highs at drama school for me. There was one crazy bitch -a very proper spoken English Rose type- who used to quote lady Macbeth when I was fucking her. As for the lows, there was this plain Jane American girl with a cunt as dry as a biscuit who kept asking if I thought she was a good actress during sex.

    4. No screw that. I would much rather have the ability to see paintings, sculptures, movies, plays, etc. than not, I don’t care about some stuff Jewish or Muslim traditions, two cultures that have brought literally nothing to the table when it comes to art.

      1. I don’t hold art as sacred. It is always and everywhere a refuge for the degenerate, the radical, the subversive. For some reason the most vile behavior can get a free pass if it’s done as art.
        In philosophy it is difficult to tell if innovations come from art or philosophy first. But it is easy to see that art is so close to philosophy that they are effectively the same. Yet if a philosopher commits a vile act in the name of science or philosophy he Getty no free pass.
        Treat art as you would philosophy. It is full of ideological content.

  25. Reggae song.
    Jacob miller — ive got the handle

    Most red pill song of all time.

  26. “A little less conversation” is awesome. People talk way too much about way too unimportant bullshit these days.
    I agree. The songs you quoted are puke-inducing.
    But you may be giving it a tiny bit too much credit. Firstly, these songs are not written for men. They are written for girls.
    Secondly, most people – to my dismay – don’t really care about lyrics. They really don’t. They like the melody and sing along. I have countless times asked people about music they like and they showed me something which sounded cool but had terrible lyrics. So I, countless times, said “seriously? that’s totally bland and moronic”. And they just shrugged their shoulders, cause the words are really not there to convey meaning – just to sound cool.
    And I am starting to be like that myself. Today I was cycling through the city singing “Hey Jude”. The lyrics are kinda pointless, but damn, the melody has spirit.

    1. I’m a bit of a mixed bag with music. I want stuff with a good melody, but if the lyrics are bad then I can’t enjoy the song even if the music itself is on point. One song where I’m neutral about the melody but the lyrics absolutely annoy me is that safe and sound song. At one point in the song they sing “Even if we’re 6 feet under ground, I’ll know that we’ll be safe and sound.” I’m sitting there thinking, how the fuck are you going to be dead but then claim you’ll still be safe and sound?!? Now some people might argue that they’re talking about spirituality, but I highly doubt it coming from these morons.

      1. I love surreal, nonsensical, and weird lyrics like you hear in some of the early Bowie stuff and late magical mystery era Beatles stuff, but if there is one thing that I cannot tolerate in music, it’s shitty, poorly written lyrics.

    2. I know what you are talking about. Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” comes to mind. I never paid attention to the lyrics, but I loved the sound. My wife, on the other had, pays attention to the lyrics. I was listening to the song, cranked up. She comes in asks me if I am into girls with fat butts, probably a shit test. I reply, “I married you, didn’t I?”. (She is fairly skinny)…..Never can win.

      1. Last time I heard it on the radio (it never gets the same airplay as “We are the Champions”) I was in the car with my wife. I started singing along and my wife just shook her head and smiled. Having an emotionally secure woman is a real luxury in this world.
        Spinal Tap made a pretty funny song based on the big bottomed theme too. How can I leave this behind indeed.

  27. There is also a racial angle. The Agenda™ dictates that white male pop stars must be faggy and effeminate while only blacks are allowed to be masculine. Thus if white boys want to appear like they might actually possess a pair, they have to be wiggers.

    1. And even then, we see Kanye West throwing tantrums all over the place. Even the black performers are becoming feminized.

    2. +1,000. Not just music, but most forms of popular culture today as well.
      Can anyone name one masculine white male portrayed positively in a TV show today? Al la Magnum PI or Tony Soprano. They’re all geeky little betas today. Hell even MacGyver had more stones and masculinity than any TV character today.

      1. Watch Strike Back, which just went off the air last year after 5 seasons.
        The white guy leads are very masculine, even though the rest of their team is team diversity and female leadership for the first few seasons.

        1. Was one of the best shows on tv.
          I have less respect for tv viewers since it couldnt stay on the air.

        2. That wasn’t the show that, early on, featured the lead dude, who was married, in the combat unit shtupping a combat coed on the side, breaking it off (because he’s trying to have a kid with his wife) and then having to deal with her mission-endangering petty retaliation, was it?
          I’m thinking it was. Wiki’s episode synopsis seems to confirm that this is the show that I’m thinking of 🙁

        3. yep thats the one
          The main two guys are manly (the american character more so), but they’re surrounded by nutjobs until they get an old white dude CO who is manly too.

        4. Thanks, I’ll have to revisit that one. I think I only saw the one ep of it.
          Old manly white dude CO reminds me a bit of The Unit, the forgotten CBS show that Robert Patrick was on before they roped him into bringing some testosterone to their show called Scorpion.

        5. I liked the unit, I just would skip every portion that dealt with the wives, which turned out to be like 65% of the show.

        6. Sadly the “homefront” did get more time than it should have. Dunno if they were trying to pitch it to both sexes or what with that.
          There was some “silver lining” with that though, like showing Snake Doctor’s daughter to enlist and showing the negative consequences to all parties.
          Just like when NBC had an anti-gun control episode on one of its shows, I’m surprised that CBS allowed a coed military to be shown as anything close to the disaster that it actually has been…I’m also surprised that they let the black guy have the callsign of Snake Doctor lol.

      2. Watch Burn Notice, although it wrapped up a few years ago. Suits on USA is pretty good as well. Both shows have/had very alpha, masculine, and witty white leads.

        1. Ehhhhh…. I’ve watched both shows. The men in them seemed rather “metro” to me to be honest. Alpha in some regards perhaps. The kind of men I’d want around me if I crashed in the mountains and needed to survive… uh no.

        2. All due respect, Suits is a show where women find the men masculine but, men certainly would not.

        3. Suits had an alpha, but they turned him into a beta 🙁
          Mike was always a beta, as evidenced both by his demeanor and his roller-coaster relationship with his pushy mulatto coworker.

        4. I really don’t watch much TV but a few shows- Suits, Walking Dead(and Fear), Big Brother, and when it was on, Burn Notice. I’ve tried other shows but for the most part there’s better things to do than watch them.
          Comparatively to what’s on TV today, I feel Michael Westen or Sam Axe (BN) is probably as alpha and masculine as you’re going to find where they are portrayed positively and the good to do types without being complete slobs or doormats.
          There’s really not a market for those goody, alpha roles/shows anymore. Majority of viewers of 1 hour series are 18-50 year old women who (and as a woman I’m ashamed to say this) are much more interested in shows about marital affairs, strong/bitchy female in some role of power, and vampires o_O
          And that’s usually why my tv is turned to TVG, if it’s on at all. Even $10,000 claimers at Canterbury are more interesting than most of what’s on tv today.

        5. Yeah, they really did mess Harvey up by trying to give him a love interest back a couple seasons ago 🙁
          This season looks a little more promising though.

    3. I think that was true for a time, 1995 to 2010. But now even hip hop artists are becoming more effeminate.

  28. All modern music is crap and promotes decadence. Especially mainstream music, filled with niggers, negroid rhythms, drugs, alcohol, leftism, etc.
    I usually only listen the classics. As for modern music I do prefer the most “right wing” of them all: metal, mostly black, trash and viking metal. Yes, it is decadent, but at least is not filled with leftism and niggers.

    1. I like some metal, but I find most of it quite uninspired. The most creative stuff you usually hear is an orchestral intro, to be followed by the same deafening bullshit you hear in every other song. There are exceptions, though.

      1. There are excellent groups. If you want the real good stuff, not the drinking and fighting music I posted before; try early Therion (Theli and Vovin), Agalloch, October Falls and Solstafir.

      2. I am a big fan of Finntroll and folk metal. I can’t get into the real noisy Burzrum type black metal. I need a melody.

        1. In Flames lost it after Clayman-ever since they’ve been a pathetic joke.

    2. I never could get into metal. I know there is something there and a lot of people whose opinions I respect are big fans, but it just doesn’t hit my ear right.

      1. Maybe you are listening to the wrong type, there is a wide spectrum, and not all sounds the same.
        In example, there are groups that hardly sound like metal, but they are:

        1. I am like 32 seconds in and it is already grating on my nerves. It isn’t about the music, it is about me. Just the sound of it beats up my ears. I am sure there is stuff I think is just terrific that others feel the same way about.

        2. No he’said not. If you like metal than more power to ya. But generally it’seems mostly to be intentionally barely organized noise. It’s saving grace – if done well – is it’s subversive lyrics. 90 percent of metal isn’t so fortunate. It’s generally just anti-social rebellious/disenfranchised Pied Piper music for the socially rebellious.

      2. One of the first articles that really attracted me to ROK was one about the masculine lyrics of Rammstein, especially Du Hast, which has not only awesome music, lyrics, but even a pretty cool video and a great anti-relationship message.
        You have
        You have me
        You asked me
        You asked me
        And I did not respond
        Will you until death does sever
        Be upright to her forever
        Will you ’til death be her rider
        Her lover too, to stay inside her

      1. You are in the wrong place, for the Huffington Post type “ugly angry feminists lesbians communists dumb losers” in Google; then enter in the first result of the search.

        1. I’m not so much of a loser that I get all upset over a few little pop songs.
          I like it here thanks, it’s funny. You’re funny.

        1. Didn’t say there was anything wrong with the 1950s it’s just that it was a very very long time ago. a lot of the comments on here remind me of stuff my great-grandmother used to say!
          What’s a pinko? Is that a gentler form of being a red?

        2. Its the original red diaper baby. McCarthy, and your grandparents were right about everything, and they came from a better time where by nearly every non-medical standard almost everything was better. Even some blacks now are calling for segregation from whites.

        3. Don’t think so. My great-grandma was a Fucking nut who had 3 kids by 3 different men (it was an open secret in the village). She used to have fist fights with other women in the street. Then when she got old she went all conservative and talked about things being better in her day – even though she was Fucking GIs for nylons all through the war.
          Great character but like I say – nutcase.
          (PS what does red diaper baby mean? I’m not from the US so don’t get all the terminology)

        4. Well the 1950s in the U.S. is taught in economics as the golden age of American capitalism. And for good reason. It is also looked at as the most proper and prim time in American history, where technology met with tradition without fully corrupting it yet. The war was over and the tumultuous 60s were yet to come. Black families were by some measures stronger than now. Women were happy at home and kids were raised by both parents. it was a productive, happy, comfortable time.
          Sure, there were problems, most of which are blown out of proportion by modernists who loathe anyone not dysfunctional, like them, and every other child of the 60s that “don’t trust anyone over 30.”
          Alot of these terms can be Googled, take care of your own damn research.

        5. oh dear! Sorry I asked! You didn’t have to reply though sweetie.
          Not sure I’m all that interest anyway. I’ve always found US history pretty dull.

        6. Because your grandmother was smarter than the rest of you and didnt need 30+ years to read the writing on the wall, thats why she was unafraid to say those things.
          The ‘bad old days’ had a hell of a lot more right with it than what you have wrought upon the next generation.
          Just post some lame attempt at being clever and piss off.

        7. In spite of what I said I did look up ‘red diaper baby’. And you’re wrong, I’m not one of those. I was born in the late 1980s in a working class small town in the north of England and neither of my parents were left wing. I learnt something new today though so thanks!

        8. Oh I really wish you’d met my great-grandmother…no actually, you probably would still think her smart! You could have sat in the corner together dribbling and ranting about the past.

        9. No. Well it kinds of skips generations. My Mum is just like my Great-gran (mad whore) and I take after my grandma, hence part of my decision not to have kids! Couldn’t deal with risking bringing another one of those nutters into the world! Both me and my late grandma are more chilled out live and let live kind of people – someone like you probably wouldn’t get on with us.

        10. I should maybe hook you up with my mum though. I think you two would have so much in common.

        11. What are you on about?
          Quit being desperate for attention and get back to work.

        12. Off work today. And I crave your attention (even though you are more my mother’s time). Everytime you reply to me it gives me such a sweet thrill.

        13. Your great grandmother had common sense and yet you still turned out to be an idiot

        14. Interesting you think so. Not sure about her common sense levels but she was a mad violent whore who had 3 kids by 3 different men (none of them her husband) and her weak gentle husband she terrorised to the grave. She was a real family ‘character’ but I admit I never aspired to be like her.
          I disagree I’m an idiot (well I would wouldn’t I!) I just don’t believe everything was brilliant in the 50s and rubbish now. Every era has its highs and lows, its winners and losers.

      2. More like from 2050. A few generations from the now the surviving enclaves of white people will see the Alt-Right as way ahead of its time.

      3. Calling people racist doesn’t work. It’s not 2010 anymore it’s 2016.

      4. Temporal politics is a fallacy unto itself. Avoid using it in the future.

    3. Whatever man. By definition Metal’s main demographics are try-hard antisocial degenerate wannabes. Even as a musician I never took music seriously. Because you begin to realize that music is more of a emotion manipulating drug than anything else. And the type of music one listens too is more a reflection of their mental and emotional state that their political and social understanding or the world.
      Actually the only people who even consider music on that level (political) are dumb assed teanagers….

    4. Solid picks-I love black metal and have been drawn increasingly to the more atmospheric iterations of such but I also really enjoy the lo-fi first wave style too and then classics like Sodom (early), Celtic Frost and so on.

        1. Lovely. Check out Spectral Lore, Elysian Blaze, Batushka and Midnight Odyssey.

        2. Spectral Lore are Greek, Elysian Blaze is from Australia and Batushka is Polish but their music is in Old Church Slavonic.

  29. Excellent piece and so true. Popular music is one very subtle / metta level of indoctrination that goes unnoticed. The messages are much easily snuck in.
    “If these boys don’t have a strong father or older brother to guide them, they will waste years learning things the hard way. And some of them may never find the red pill.”
    Quoted for truth.
    Thank you for this article.

  30. Speaking of Elvis… how about the song “Hard headed woman” which starts like this:
    “A hard headed woman. A soft hearted man. Been the cause of trouble ever since the world began (oh yeah)”.
    Sadly the song ends with him saying he would cry like a bitch he she ever left (Elvis, abundance mentality man, she isn’t one in a million, she’s one OF a million!)
    Anyway, still a good rock n’ roll song with at least an attempt at some Red Pill truth.

      1. Listen to the Ballad of Thunder Road by Robert Mitchum….no, it wasn’t ballads. Video and internet is what killed it. The show is now more important than the music.

  31. Grew up with classic rock (Zep, Stones, Dead), 80’s music, tail end of punk in late eighties (Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag), then grunge (nirvana) and alternative (pixies/chili peppers). It was a awesome experience beta, alpha or not. There is however a lot of agreement on the inter-webs that something drastically changed in the late 90’s when I basically checked out. Britney Spears, really REALLY bad rap and everything sounded like Nickelback/Limp Bizkit on the radio. Then 00’s techno boom like the daft punk/chemical brothers, indie bands by the millions with one hit wonders and few which actually were pretty good like the White Stripes and Blue Keys. Just recently saw The Cure, Billy Idol (highly recommended). Duran Duran and The Specials will be next on the summer list. Now I am over 40 and have absolutely no idea about anything because like my parents back in my day I just do not get modern music. It all sounds to me like Corporate American Idol, Social Justice, USA Parade with a sappy beat.

    1. Slim Shady ”bitch you make me hurl”

      Why can’t they have lyrics like this in Country & Western or from the Grand Ole Opry or from slick instrumental sounding dance pop? Why does the message have to be delivered in ebonics while saying ”yo” all the time? Mix it up. Put church organ music to it and tambourines.
      Here’s one that uses a familiar tune with quite different lyrics. ‘Afroman’ uses ‘row row row your boat’ melody with disgusting lyrics. It’s total debauchery but the formula using a familiar song melody makes it catchy. Red pill/nationalistic themes can utilize the same humor piggy backing over familiar folk melodies to spread the word. Albeit this song contains debauchery, it’s worth analyzing for its construction and use of familiar melodies.

  32. Sometimes I watch this and think that by this time Mick Jagger must have been so fucking bored. I mean, ok, so I heard this story about some family that was blowing off fireworks for 3 days straight and someone got hurt. All I can think is, 3 days????? I could literally sit in a 3 Michelin star restaurant, on a throne made of cocaine being fed and blown by a dozen Victoria secret models and I would be bored stupid in like 3 hours. I can’t even imagine how Mick feels…then I watch this and say…yes, this is what happens when the boredom goes full circle.

        1. You have to live the life of mick jagger for 30 years for this to make sense. He is on a whole other level. I love it.

        2. ha. Never seen him in person other than on stage, but I have no trouble believing it.
          My boss is about 5’4. I once commented about him being short and a co worker reminded me he is much taller when he stands on his wallet. Likewise with Jager, he may be a tiny guy but when he is on stage, even now, he is still the biggest man in the room.

        3. yup. with a 29 year old ballet dancer. He is fucking awesome.

  33. I’m still in my late 20s, and stuff like this is why I emphatically REFUSE to keep up with everyone else my age, culturally. My music choices consist mostly of stuff from 1980-2005, depending on the genre.
    That said, not all is lost. For every Macklemore, there’s a guy like Ty Dolla Sign who makes a video like this. It’s basically a recut of E-40’s “Captain Save-a-Hoe”, but I’ll listen to anything that even slightly supports red pill ideas.

        1. Well not entirely. Girls only have sex with betas in exchange for something.

        2. Not cock. Money, attention, homework help.
          I phrased that really poorly.

    1. That’s the song that got me interested in Muddy Waters and eventually the Blues in general.

      1. Hell yeah! Glad to hear it.
        It’s way before my time… but YouTube does have it’s uses when it comes to digging up hidden gems.

  34. This is the ultimate red pill song…read the lyrics, so many truths in it. If you want redpill music, listen to Jay-Z, Snoop, Dr.Dre, etc…rap is very derogatory towards women, but of course liberals don’t go after it cause then that would be racist

    1. Ah rap. If there’s one things black guys gave everyone, it’s red pill wisdom.
      Every time I need to get into a masculine polarity or start falling for some chick, I listen to some of this. Great therapy.

    2. ‘red pill song’!? Hum…sounds a little like you’ve been influenced by dappy popular culture there!
      Next article could perhaps be about how Sci-Fi intended as a bit of fun has turned certain men into paranoid, whinging, losers.

      1. Like I said, just listen to the song and read the lyrics. It’s basically about beta males that wife up cheating hoes that are attracted to rich alphas.

    3. Red pill? yes, ultimate red pill rap song…NOT EVEN IN THE RUNNING. Never mind the lackluster beat and generally uninspired lyrics from Memphis…Jay Z phoned it in. And I know Missy produced, but this sounds like a throw away beat for her.

  35. I’ve always considered country music about the worst offender in sending negative messages to men, and generally avoid listening to it. Marrying the ‘high-school sweetheart’ right out of high school? Irrational attachment to a “hometown”? Working the same crappy job that your dad did? Complacency in the extreme. No motivation for self improvement.

    1. Modern country, yes.
      Old school pre 1960’s country, and a bit of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, c’mon son, that’s just good music.
      And there’s nothing with being attached to your community. It’s the Leftists that are atomists, not us.

      1. There was no question that someone was going to call me on the old school country. I was about 85% certain it was going to be you. Heh.
        So, yeah, no arguments on that.
        I do feel the need to clarify the difference between hometown and community, though. I’ll make two statements:
        – I am attached to the community I am in now.
        – The place where I was born and raised is full of losers, and I would not voluntarily associate with them.
        It’s funny, I haven’t lived there in about twenty years, but I’ll still refer to it as ‘home’ in casual speech. That’s the spirit I take it in when I hear it in modern country music, and the spirit in which I used it above.

    2. And holy shit! The horrible guitar in country! Why do they need so much twang?!?! I go back and listen to the old country music from the 60’s and before, and none of it has that, why do all modern country musicians feel the need to put so much in their songs?

  36. This is hilarious! Anyone who grows up thinking pop song lyrics are a guide to life has more to worry about that being a ‘beta’ (whatever the fuck that means anyway). They should worry about being locked in a looney asylum!
    News flash: popular culture whether it’s pop songs now, horror stories of the 19th century, saucy plays during the restoration or rude etchings on a caveman’s wall are not meant to be taken as a model of how to live life. Only the weak minded would be influenced by to any significant extent and the weak minded will grow up hopeless no matter what they are exposed to.
    For God’s sake (and your own sake) chill out!

    1. Anyone who thinks pop music is worthy than anything else than giving an ear seizure is a fool.

    2. you are right….popular culture never underpins and guides civilization….oh wait, no, the opposite of that happens to be true…sorry.

      1. I disagree. Of course it’s related to society but the strong make their own destiny no matter what.
        As a sane person it’s tiring being stuck between feminist who say violent raps oppress women and you lot who say romance songs oppress men – you are both equally pathetic. Popular culture is an outlet for the extremes of our emotions and shouldn’t be taken this seriously – also it’s optional. Don’t like a certain aspect of culture? just avoid it.

        1. I didn’t say either of those things. All I said was that pop culture, music included, has a huge influence on society.

        2. Or is it the other way around? Currently reading a great book linking Shakespeare’s writing to events and trends of his day. I conceded culture can have a powerful force but we have to be careful not to overstate this or we risk turning into complete whimps with no sense of fun or perspective! I think the article goes too far in that direction.

        3. and I obviously concede that the relation is symbiotic. I would not argue you there. Further, you are right that whimps will be led around by the nose by whatever fads or fancies are going on.
          At the same time, ignoring the influence that popular culture has, even on the strong, is a very good way to get swept away by the under current.

      2. Not to mention that the majority of people are weak-minded and even the strong can be subtly influenced regardless of whether it is some “harmless” pop culture entertainment or something overt like a cult meeting.

        1. Correct. And further, music has the power to move people. No one is so strong that they are total devoid on influence. Pretending otherwise is a sure sign that you have been incredibly influenced, no?

        2. put your claws away kitten.
          It is a very small and very simple claim that music and art and literature and movies and all of popular culture has an impact on the world around us, for better or for worse.
          I am pretty clear on the fact that I am pleased with the world as it is an my place in it. But to imagine that a person can be devoid of cultural influence is just plain incorrect. Of course some people are more influenced and the weak minded especially. However, there is a world out there, we are all part of it and popular culture is one of its guiding forces.

    3. This is RoK. It’s all about freaking out over pop culture trivialities. And if you want a really “beta” song, listen to “It hurts to be in love” by Gene Pitney. Friend-zoned liitle twerp is afraid to make a move. Sad.

  37. Bruno Mars’ views of the sexual market and seduction dynamics are expressed in the type of hat he wears

        1. Yup. Me too. I would totally rock a fedora or some other such hat. Damn hipsters

        2. Those are the ones, they glow in the dark I think.
          Add a pair of garish Bermuda shorts, some dollar store flip-flops, a few color coordinated rubber bands and leather wristbands, a fanny pack, and a shirt that says:
          “Are you sitting on the F5 key? Because your ass is refreshing” to complete the ultimate hipster ensemble.

        3. wow.
          I am going to go cut myself now. I need to feel anything other than the disgust I am currently experiencing.

        4. Sad part is, that wasn’t my imagination.
          There was a guy walking down the sidewalk dressed exactly like that (except the spy glasses, I had those in elementary school along with a hand-made periscope, thought I was the 007 shit watching James Bond Jr. on Saturdays), out of control beard, no mustache, acne, and every girl he passed looked away and moved to the side.
          Maybe this might help take away the disgust?

        5. That is AWESOME. What is the yellow chain thing? To pimp out your bike? PS It’s missing a flannel shirt or thrift store one with the name on the lapel.

        6. I rock a NY Mets cap with a peacock feather. great conversation starter on the subway

        7. yeah. Someone put these all over Brooklyn one day. I didn’t run into them in person, but it was on the local news.

        8. They better leave bike chains alone, ya hear!?!? Those are mah people!

      1. Real men have big, robust skulls too big for most hats, so let these low-test faggots have them, they’re welcome to them.

        1. I guess. but come on, I could totally go full out Elliot Ness 3 piece suit and fedora.

        2. Well, I suppose it’s not about the clothes but who you put in them. I could wear a fucking crotchless adult nappy and still look badass!

      2. Not all hats. You’ll never see hipsters sporting a Stetson. That shit adds 50 points to your Testosterone level just by putting it on your head. That would triple a Hipsters t-levels and make him turn into something resembling a male.

        1. In New York? Cowboy hats? I’ve never seen a snapshot of one in that city, except for that “naked cowboy” dude that marches around…well…wherever it is that he marches around.

        2. I’ll get you a snap. It’s rediculous. Skinny jeans sterson and beard. Couple bracelets. I’ll see it at least a few times today.

  38. Oof, you just described my early college years. I got really into Motown and 60’s soul music, much of which had a really doormat/pussybeggar vibe (“When A Man Loves A Woman”, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”, etc.) I remember having oneitis for this girl in college who I eventually ended up fucking, but I became such a sap and tried to become like a character from one of these songs. Of course she left me for a dude who rode a motorcycle.
    Fast forward to today, I play in a band where the singer has a lot of swagger and sings lyrics about being macho and doing shit to girls (Even though beneath the facade he’s beta as fuck)…..And this band is the only band I’ve been in where I’ve actually gotten girls because of the music. I bet that if I became a sensitive acoustic singer-songwriter and played 100 shows I wouldn’t get anywhere near the amount of female attention I do acting like an asshole on stage in my current band.
    And I definitely agree about listening to female singers to hear what they want. Or better yet, listen to the music at the clubs that hot chicks go to. It’s all songs about girls wanting macho guys or guys violating women (Consensually, of course, they’re alphas). You think a girl in a club would be receptive to you going up to her and saying she’s really pretty and you like her dress when she’s dancing to a song where the rapper is calling women bitches?

  39. Corollary to my last post: Being a sensitive ninny regarding music really only works if you’ve built up musical status. I’ve heard it said that since it takes guts and balls to go up on a stage and open yourself up that it gives you status and some edge, moreso than a guy who opens up to a girl in a letter or face-to-face. So that’s why someone like Ed Sheeran who looks like a Treasure Troll and sings sappy ballads can still pull hot girls (Of course the status and money he has doesn’t hurt). This is why the Beatles had thousands of screaming girls following them around even though they wrote pussywhipped songs – They had no issues putting their hearts on their sleeves and being unapologetic, and the girls ate it up.
    But this can backfire when you get into Morrissey territory. I personally really like the Smiths and I think Morrissey wrote some powerful songs about alienation and loneliness. But god damn are songs like “Hand in Glove” depressing. Writing lyrics like that will definitely put you in incel territory, unless you can be like the Cure and get legions of fat messes to follow you……Maybe being an incel would be better.

    1. Exactly…. just look at the fan bases of the bands you just mentioned. Any birds I ever knew into the Smiths had a skrillax, dungarees and dock martins, wouldn’t touch ’em with yours…..

    2. That concept goes with one of the long standing truths about manliness. That you have to be a man before you can be a gentleman. Being polite, courteous, and kind are marks of a gentleman, IF the individual has first invoked dominance, toughness, and strength. If the guy is not tough, strong, or confident, those refined qualities are to no avail, and he ends up being mealy, timid, and beta.

      1. Great post, and I never thought about it that way. But it’s true, a guy who’s got natural alpha qualities can get away with a lot more seemingly beta things that even a beta could get away with because they have that core strength down.

    3. Morrissey never wanted sex, the only thing that got him off was wanking to his own pictures.

      1. As far as I know, Morrissey was also mostly asexual. He says in his autobiography that he never had a relationship until he was in his 30’s (And it was also with a man, so take that how you will).

    4. Ed Sheeran’s status and money isn’t just helping, it’s the ONLY reason he’s getting any gash.

  40. Great site and articles Roosh. But you need to talk to your I.T. peeps about stopping all of the stupid back screen pop ups. They’re driving me nuts!

  41. This article could’ve been 557,000 pages longer…the shear volume of beta excrement in pop music is that long.
    Probably the pinnacle of omega, cuckdom “music” has got to be Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” If you are not familiar, I envy you. Sadly, I am ear-raped by this trash at work five times a day. If you love pain and insist on checking it out, keep your barf-bag handy.

        1. Bwahahahahaha!
          Jesus Christ though, I couldn’t listen past the first chorus without wanting to smack my head with a carjack.

        1. Even Kurt Cobain admitted his lyrics were jumbled up shit without any coherent meaning…

    1. “One of the great unrequited love songs, ‘To Be With You’ has a true story behind it. Mr. Big lead singer Eric Martin wrote the song when he was still a teenager – 16 or 17 in his estimation. The girl was Patricia Reynolds, and he had it bad for her.
      “We were really, really good friends,” Martin said in our interview. “I was totally enamored with this woman. She was beautiful. Smart. I mean, brains, beauty, break down the walls, made me crawl on my belly like a reptile!
      “I just loved this woman, but she just wanted to be my friend. She’d have tons of boyfriends, and maybe she misconstrued promiscuity for love. But I wanted to be the knight in shining armor. That’s what I was, a knight in shining armor. But basically, I didn’t get my feet wet. I wrote it about how I would have done anything to just be more than a friend and a confidante.”
      By the time he put this song together, Eric Martin knew that he and Patricia were not to be. He had a different motivation by this point: “I wrote it mainly to impress my sister’s girlfriends,” he said.

    1. The song “Eggs for Satan” is about how dull Western civilization would be without jews. To Maynard his precious jews are the fluff of western civilization…If you know anything about cooking you will get the metaphor. Look at all the other evil anti-western crap that band has put out. Screw Tool, if you like them you are a Tool.

      1. Hey, maybe, just maybe youre right; however, Ive never seen you on this site before, and the first thing you do is insult one of the regulars…not the best way to ingratiate yourself…

        1. I’m not attempting to ingratiate anyone. I never was good at playing the sycophant.

  42. I remember back in my private Christian middle school days all of us would sing along to Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life.” It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that that happy-go-lucky song was all about smoking crystal meth and fucking. Same goes for Dave Matthews’s song “Crash,” which has BDSM elements mixed within the lyrics. The point is, it wasn’t until I got older that I started noticing the lyrics. Maybe the messages affect kids subliminally, but I think younger people just like the tunes. I think television shows that portray beta behavior have a much larger and impacting influence on kids.

    1. Subliminal messaging has been proven to be, well, bullshit. How can you understand the meaning of something that well, you don’t understand?

        1. Either you know something consciously or you don’t. You can’t not know that you know something. This is especially true if the person being messaged does not have any idea what the subliminal message is. Example: How is a kid going to be able to subconsciously process that a song is about meth if he doesn’t know what meth is?

  43. Art has always been used as propaganda by the political class. That is the only purpose of art; propaganda.
    Other than that to quote Oscar Wilde “All art is utterly useless”.
    Lets quote Orwell too, “All art is propaganda”.
    Art with a purpose is called mathematics. You have to actually have a brain to appreciate art with a function; i.e. science.

  44. Painting with very broad strokes there, way to generalize 3/4 of existing music. But I’m sure the clickbaiting pays off. No integrity..

    1. I’ll offer to paint some broad strokes all over your face if that will make you feel better snowflake

        1. Dude, between this and your “prostate massage” comment, I think I will avoid becoming your bunkmate.

    2. Seriously?
      Go back to your “best dressed at the VMAs” lists and never come back.
      3/4 of existing music IS, in fact, soulless trash.
      Just like you sweetiepie.

  45. You know what really grinds my gears? When hard rock stations play shit like “Live”… “her placenta falls to the floor”, or some other equally retarded Ballad of Pussy Tuesdays music.

  46. Modern music is shit. The songs are garbage, the “artists” talentless fools. Besides the music brainwashing young boys into being pandering beta clowns and leftist ideology sympathisers, misandry is also very prevalent – “Menocide” by Otep. Just check out the lyrics on that lovely little ditty.
    Would love to see what would happen if filth this hateful was out there about women, for the listening pleasure of teenage boys.

      1. I didn’t know they were lesbians. I only heard this disgusting song once.
        The fact that they’re lesbians explains a lot though.

        1. Nah, just Otep herself is a lesbo. The band is named after her; all the other musicians are men.

        2. Oh, sorry. The musicians look like lesbians too,…really ugly ones. It must be the beards, tattoos and chunky builds that lead me to that conclusion.

      2. Do they have any power ballads devoted to their love of vagina?
        Gotta ease off the man hate with a ballad every now and then.

        1. As I mentioned below, it’s a lesbo singer named Otep with a male backing band. Ballads like “Perfectly Flawed” could go either way.

    1. I did:
      no compassion
      kill your masters!
      kill your masters
      kill your masters
      kill your masters
      Otep – Menocide Lyrics | MetroLyrics

        1. Yes, only when it’s aimed at women. When it’s aimed at men it’s deserved or it’s humor.
          Sad how sick and depraved this world has gotten.

        1. I issued a caveat about it being grounded in horror films above and was being ironic. Looks like a bug crawled up your ass or you’re just a mangina with no sense of humour.

        2. you’re missing the point, which is to win the argument. A video about raping and strangling women isn’t a great starting point for condemning a pop song about ‘menocide’.

    2. There’s Cannibal Corpse who are absolutely fantastic but to their credit their songs are based on their affection for horror movies than some kind of mission statement or world view.

  47. Or, you can think of it this way. If someone is listening to pop music, it helps people know they are the beta males. Therefore if you reject that sort of music, it opens up the market for you.
    Not too different than tattoos on women, it helps you more easily weed out the trash.

    1. I think it’s funny, though. One doesn’t have to be so super-serious about those “great” hits. I mean, come on, it’s just fucking music. Chill.

  48. Pop radio stations have these giveaway contests where poor young betas and fat office drones listen to the music, piping it into their brains while they call in to win these diddly squat prizes. The pedestalizing themes are repetatively hosed into the listeners gourd subconsciously. It is quite ingenious how the brainwashing is administered in click bait form by forcing the listener to absorb the smooth instrumentals while the cacophony of unnatural illogic and psy op sexuality overwrite goes into the brain. Avoid pop music.
    In addition, pop concerts have stole the ‘mania’ from our youth that great orrators and leaders used to glean. In the past crowds of youth swayed and revelled before the great leaders on stage and now it’s degenerates on stage stealing the western nation’s prime growth energy. Pop stars are cultural ‘energy vampires’.
    MUSIC RESONATES. You can’t get it out of your head. How many times have you had an annoying pop music ditty start replaying itself in your head? They pipe it in like elevator music. It’s everywhere. Years back I saw a fine young piece of eye candy sitting in front of a 7-11 and her head was bopping up and down. I noticed she had no earphones so I sat next to her and began bopping my head and smiling, snapping my fingers telling her ”man I love this song, don’t you?”. If only I had known the dance move where you take the girls hand and swing it around your head, then you lean into her thereby throwing her off balance. You catch her back with your other hand and pick her up by her butt and twirl her, finally cradling her in your arms. Takes about two seconds. She thinks you wanna play dance and before she knows it, she’s in your arms like a baby. It’s like a Judo move throwing her off balance.

    Fatties are out. They can’t be lifted. I always think, ”could she be twirl-lifted” when I see a girl.

    1. Hey, my wife won a pair of Kenny Rogers tickets for us. It was awesome to hear “The geriatric of the County”

  49. Beatles, Phil Collins and all the others shouldn’t be taken seriously at all : sing the lyrics but don’t read them if you know what I mean.
    Take up Led Zeppelin and sing your bird a bit of “The Lemon Song” live adventures with “Achilles Last Stand” and “Immigrant Song”.

    1. Immigrant Song is one of my goto songs during Karaoke. That and Ramblin’ On (basically a dude walking away from a chick with a devil may care attitude).

      1. If they ever have it I do Heaven & Hell by Black Sabbath or maybe Don’t Talk to Strangers by Dio-both great tracks.

    2. Led Zeppelin is the most over rated band in history. They lack any originality and their singer honestly isn’t that great. They don’t have shit on The Beatles.

      1. Plagiarists. Black Sabbath hands down blow them away given how many countless bands they influenced-they invented a whole fucking genre!

  50. Popular music also promotes lesbianism, even if it disguises a “girl crush” as heterosexual jealousy. We should pay more attention to the pro-lesbian propaganda because girls have a more plastic sexuality than boys’, and they provide soft targets for promoting sterile sexual degeneracy.

    1. That one is being pushed on ‘click bait’. The imagery and instrumental sound is HD and refined but the message is cultural suicide. How many Aussie women really want to go dancing into their graves culturally? The music made ’em do it. A few old Rock songs actually use that line.

    2. I loathe that song with an unholy vengeance.

  51. Of course most modern music is crap. Most people around my ago listen to pop crap (except for the hipsters).

    1. “Confident” is basically Lovato’s attempt at therapy for being a real life cutter and suicidal basket case. She’s trying to overcompensate for her own bad choices and low self esteem by doing the Grrrll Pwrrrr ™ spiel to the nth degree.

  52. “Uptown Cuck”, a musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “Uptown Funk”, made popular by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, et al.
    This bitch
    Her eyes cold
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    She’s too bold
    This one, for them top girls
    Them hot girls
    Straight bastard pieces
    Smilin’, while in
    Wastin’ my time in the city
    Got no chance, but I still dance
    Gotta kiss myself – I need pity
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    I get no action on Tinder, man
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    Made Bruce Jenner retire, man
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    Got a small dick, you know who I am
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    And I don’t have any money
    Break it down…
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    Saturday night and we got no shot
    Don’t believe me just watch (come on)
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Hey, hey, hey, oh!
    Wait a minute
    Grab a blow-up doll, put my penis in it
    Shoot my wad, watch some porn
    Julio! Get the stretch!
    Ride to Harlem, Hollywood, Jackson, Mississippi
    If we show up, we get tossed out
    Quicker than a geek with a stiffy
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    I get no action on Tinder, man
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    Made Bruce Jenner retire, man
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    With a small dick, you know who I am
    I chew twat (hot damn)
    And I don’t have any money
    Break it down…
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    Girls treat me like a fool, yeah (woo)
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    ‘Cause uptown cuck gon’ give it to you
    Saturday night and we got no shot
    Don’t believe me just watch (come on)
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Hey, hey, hey, oh!
    Before we leave
    I’ma tell y’all a lil’ something
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    I said uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Come on, dance
    Jump on it
    If you sexy – I’ll orbit
    If you freaky – I’ll buy it
    I’m a beta – please try it?
    Come on, dance
    Jump on it
    If you sexy – I’ll orbit
    Well it’s Saturday night and we got no shot
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Don’t believe me just watch
    Hey, hey, hey, oh!
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up (chew twat?)
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up (chew twat?)
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up (chew twat?)
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up (chew twat?)
    Uptown cuck you up, uptown cuck you up

  53. Quickly looked up Wildest Dreams, and while Swift gets some writing credit, a lot of the writing probably has more to do with uber-song producers Max Martin and Shellbeck. Two men.
    Now, I don’t want to undercut the obvious high-level of journalism that happens here at ROK, but maybe you might want to do a little more research rather than posting.

  54. Great article. Pop music is garbage. And thanks for calling out the Beatles for what they are, a sappy boy band. Silly, childish fluff like “I wanna hold your hand” and “Can’t buy me love”. Lame…

    1. You have to put their music into context with the time it was written and played. Today a lot of it sounds goofy but back in the 1960’s that shit drove women *insane* with lust.

      1. True. Although I wonder if it was the fame and money that drove the women insane with lust or a genuine love of the music. I’m guessing (and hoping) the former.
        Like Marilyn Manson said (who I’m not a fan of) “They love you when you’re on all the covers, when you’re not, then they love another”.
        Women always want what they can’t have.

        1. Well they didn’t operate in a vacuum, there were plenty of other rock bands at the time. The Beatles however were famous for being the (second, Elvis was the first) to have women fainting and going into hyperventilation over them to such extremes.

        2. Interesting. Didn’t realize women were that fanatical over them. But then again, I don’t follow music much at all. OTOH, seems like it doesn’t take much to make women faint or hyperventilate.

        3. Beatlemania drove them absolutely crazy-Tom Jones would also and they’d be throwing panties at him.

    2. The early Beatles is completely over rated, they got better once they started moved away from pop.

  55. Despite the truths in this article, being from Liverpool I’ve always loved The Beatles and will continue to do so. Most would say the biggest Beatle tragedy was the day Lennon was shot, but for me it was the day he decided to pump Beatlejuice into that horrible, talentless ugly gook Yoko.
    George Harrison’s output with the Beatles was far more alpha. From the indifferent “If I Needed Someone” to the outright arrogant “You Like Me Too Much” and “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby”.

      1. Imagine is one of the most syrupy, sappy songs ever recorded. Literally makes me cringe when I hear it.

    1. Harrison was criminally underrated and underappreciated in my estimation.

  56. Great article Mr Sebastian. I’ve been harping on the music brainwashing for decades, the sneaky beta-think brainwashing and how they use perfected and smooth instrumentals to open up the brain to accept the brainwashing lyrics and imagery that goes into the music video. The sweet melodies are the sugar that helps the toxic message enter the mind unfiltered. Since the mid 70’s with synthesized sound, psy op workers have landed on the perfect delivery mechanism to pump brainwashing into the brain.
    We need to compile a billboard list of ‘BOTTOM’ 100 hits that are the most infamous for programming bitch-whipslave beta-think into the listener, and also songs that trigger hypergamy in women, causing even the most sedate of western housewives to go slut zombie shitstupid. Once you analyze a song for being on a ‘bottom’ undesirable list, you’re then able to deconstruct the song and critically identify the brainwashing mechanisms at work.
    I nominate this song ‘Miss Independent’ by Neyo as being the ‘Bottom’ #1 song for the 2000’s. What great instrumentals (see what I mean), but the lyrics make any red pill man want to projectile vomit.

  57. Macklemore deserves to be punched to death, just for being a self-aggrandising moron.How much more so for that vile, inexcusable pile of steaming turd he crafted to pander to the Sodomites?

  58. Pop music is mostly prayers to the beta goddess. A real sick perversion of the left being hoisted on guys who think this is the way to be a man.

  59. I have noticed lately that newscasts have been putting suspense music in their stories. Commercials have become more story like and sappy to appeal to the viewers on an emotional level. All to manipulate the bewildered masses

  60. Any article that mentions the alpha Elvis has my full support.
    More than one of his songs mention that “a woman’s place is in the home”.
    And Taylor Swift, aye yay yay, she pretends to be a feminist but her lyrics and music clearly scream out “Would some strong alpha male please fuck the feminism out of my soul! I beg for it, plead for it!” She might recover from the treatment the industry gives pretty girls, she has hope.

    1. “Fuck the feminism out of my soul”, definitely a strong chorus to a song right there…… need some feminist harpie to see the error of her ways and sing it….loud! Lady Gaga?

  61. Also, songs about the “one” that got away such as Akon’s “Right now”

  62. I can’t even listen to the radio these days. Pop music? Either ebonic tribespeak and beats or effeminate wailing like Mr Mars’ mentioned above.
    I grew up in the ‘Blue da ba dee da ba dye’ generation, and that was crap, but at least it was happy crap with no hidden agenda and meant to be taken light-heartedly.

    1. Buh-dee-baah, I never could figure the meaning out. Nice instrumentals though. Some 90’s stuff was somewhat family wholesome.

      And then there’s this from the 70’s. ”see speakers of kites” . . ”orange birds and river cousins dressed in green” . . ??wtf . . right out of clockwork orange. They must have been tripping on acid. For nonsensicalness, this one puts ‘buh-dee-bah’ to shame:

  63. Nothing wrong w vibing out to music you like. Just don’t emulate what the lyrics say. If you can divorce your beliefs from the message of the song, that’s maturity

    1. I agree with you, some things to think about (from the perspective of a musician)….
      1. Most of the target demographic does not have maturity. Kids listen to the bullshit lyrics and believe that it is normal to be a pussy and obsess over girls/boys/relationships (one example of many).
      2. I love SOME of coldplay’s MUSIC, but I have never seen anyone (man or woman) examine their feelings at such length…my 16 month old son has more T flowing than chris martin.
      3. Bonus Round – look up ‘dashboard confessional’ and give a listen…prepare to be mad, very mad…

      1. Most kids aren’t smart enough to analyze lyrics. I hear them listening to music, and am just dumbfounded by some of the retard, simple, and meaningless lyrics..

      2. yup. as i just wrote above to someone else: usually the consumer mindset analyzes the message. it is the artist who doesnt give 2 shits about the message, but rather analyzes the technique, intentionality, craft, etc. i try to approach most of life from the latter mindset.

    2. Which is why I still love the Beatles. I don’t listen to “i’m a loser” and think, “hmmm, I’m going to be a snivelling loser today”, I think “fuck me, those harmonies and that harmonica!”.

      1. You might not think it, but over time it gets planted into your sub-consciousness. It’s programming which works just like hypnosis in the long run, loser 😛

      2. usually the consumer mindset analyzes the message. it is the artist who analyzes the technique, intentionality, craft, etc. i try to approach most of life from the latter mindset.

  64. This makes a lot of sense. Traditional popular music (Beatles, Phil Collins), more so than e.g. visual art or cinema, seems to be created from strong negative emotions, be they anger, anguish, despair, etc. Most or many songs are written when life has kicked a man in his teeth (or when he’s suffering the negative consequences of his actions). So you’re hearing a guy at his worst, consumed by self doubt. These guys have hit more pussy than most of us ever will, but in life’s troughs, the inner beta can emerge.
    And then with today’s pop music, it’s created by 30-something men trying to write for an audience of 11-14 year old girls, so it’s going to be simplistic and pathetic and purely fantastical. It’s sort of the aural equivalent of a thirty-something man trying to fit into a tween’s ballerina outfit.

    1. “It’s sort of the aural equivalent of a thirty-something man trying to fit into a tween’s ballerina outfit”
      Huh, what?

  65. This article could so be in a feminist mag with just a few tweaks. ie replace moaning about men writing lovey dovey songs and setting a mad example to young men with complaining about women singing love songs and teaching girls that male approval is all and you’re nearly there.
    For the record I think you are both wrong. If I guy or girl wants to write a song to their one true love then good luck to them. It’s nothing about boring gender relations it’s about how they felt about their loved one and that’s that. And none of this shit is new, love sonnets and roman poetry had writers putting their lover on a pedestal. Not your thing? Fair enough – it is pretty sapping, but to say it’s damaging the youth (male or female) of today is just OTT and taking the fun out of an art form that isn’t meant to be taken that seriously.
    Both feminists and male rights guys should just chill the fuck out and leave us all to make our own choices about what we want and how we want to live.

    1. So, you cite (presumeably) love sonnets from the High Middle Ages and even ancient roman poetry – putting their one true love on a pedestal – but almost in the same breath you say “it’s not meant to be taken that seriously”…
      Uh huh…
      What are you doing here anyway? Counter-intelligence work? Because we can decide these issues for ourselves – we don’t need a woman’s help.
      Don’t know about any of the other posters, but I come here to give these guys the benefit of almost 5 decades of experience. Note the key word guys.
      No offense sister – it’s not my site – but I think your opinion is about as welcome as a fart in church. And worth about the same.

      1. I don’t understand your first comment. Whether it’s old poetry or modern pop music lovey stuff isn’t meant to be taken that seriously. It’s entertainment then and now. Why the ‘Uh huh…’? Don’t get your problem with my statement.
        What am I doing here? Having fun, I find this stuff funny. I’m not here to help.
        My opinion is not welcome? Oh my god I didn’t realise, I am so so sorry, I didn’t mean to speak out of turn (That’s sarcasm, I don’t care if you think my comment is welcome. If you’d had some witty counter arguments you might have tickled my interest, but no – you just complain and whine – typical)
        Tip – really want me to go away? Stop replying and get the site to stop posting pathetic whingy articles! This site stops being funny I stop visiting.

        1. I don’t understand your first comment.
          Whether it’s old poetry or modern pop music lovey stuff isn’t meant to be taken that seriously. It’s entertainment then and now.
          Entertainment? Do you even hear yourself? You are a walking, breathing example of everything that is wrong with modern females.
          What am I doing here? Having fun, I find this stuff funny.
          True to form, the female ridicules the male and his serious concerns, hoping to damage his ego and derail the conversation.
          Except that only works with the cucky little Betas you’ve been sleeping with – you’ve grown used to pushing them around and manipulating them by attacking their egos… Sadly – for you – that does not work on me.
          If the situation were reversed – a bunch of women having a serious conversation about things that concerned them – and a male showed up, mocked them and belittled their concerns, he’d be labeled a misogynist and driven out under a hail of accusations, abuse and insults.
          But you seem to think you get to show up here and get to tell us how things are, mock and belittle our concerns… because reasons, I suppose.
          No, you don’t.
          My opinion is not welcome? Oh my god I didn’t realise, I am so so sorry, I didn’t mean to speak out of turn (That’s sarcasm, I don’t care if you think my comment is welcome. If you’d had some witty counter arguments you might have tickled my interest, but no – you just complain and whine – typical)
          The definition of irony: whiny bitch barges in, writes a screed that does nothing but whine and complain.. then accuses others of complaining and whining.
          Or should that be the definition of hypocrisy? Could also be the definition of cluelessness… eh… doesn’t matter.
          Tip – really want me to go away? Stop replying and get the site to stop posting pathetic whingy articles!
          Not my site. Complain and bellyache to the guy who runs it.
          This site stops being funny I stop visiting.
          I don’t care what your motivations are. Far as I am concerned, you’re a bomb-throwing, manipulative, abusive cunt.
          Get lost.

        2. What’s wrong with entertainment? Why is dismissing pop music as light hearted entertainment something ‘wrong with modern females’? I think my attitude is healthier than yours. Plus I disagree with you, many women I know take fun stuff way too seriously always banging on about her pretty models in bikinis are harming girls. Guess the woman you know must be more like me, happy and chilled out…which apparently you don’t like!
          I’m glad I haven’t harmed your ego, I would hope it’s more robust than that and am glad for you if it is.
          FYI – I do ridicule articles on feminists sites. I think anyone who bleets and blames society or some great feminist/ patriarchal conspiracy for what they don’t like in their lives are beyond pathetic. Men or women I don’t discriminate when it comes to identifying losers.
          I ‘seem to think’ I can come on here and say what I like becuase…guess what? I can!!! (You don’t have to respond if you don’t like it).
          What am I whining about? Christ, you argue like my mother (and No that’s not a compliment). I’m not whining I’m happy, happy with modern music as it is (I don’t listen to the stuff I don’t like), happy with this funny site and happy with gender relations just as they are in my life. I’ve got nothing to complain about, life is pretty good.
          I’m not complaining about pathetic articles, I’ve already said – I find them amusing.
          ‘Get lost’ – Make me.

        3. What’s wrong with entertainment?
          What’s wrong with entertaining yourself at the expense of an entire demographic? Everything.
          Why am I not surprised you cannot see this or that it is a completely alien concept to you?
          Why is dismissing pop music as light hearted entertainment something ‘wrong with modern females’?
          “Pop” has it’s roots in the word “popular”.
          “Popular” music which is listened to and supported by modern females via sales and concerts.
          Look at the screaming throngs of teenaged – and older – females at any Taylor Swift concert (Swift, who couldn’t hold a note if a handle were welded to it), who are basically worshiping her, and then you refer to it as “light-hearted entertainment”…
          The cult of personality around her is so strong, if she said “Anyone wanting to come to my concert for social justice should shave their head as a show of solidarity”, you’d see nothing but a sea of stubble…
          Plus, there’s no accounting for taste. Some people – you, for example. Swift’s screaming throngs, another example – just have shit for taste and happen to like the mediocre, the talent-less. Probably because they don’t know any better, but then, that’s not my problem. Nor my fault. Nor do I care.
          I think my attitude is healthier than yours.
          And yet, I do not care.
          Plus I disagree with you, many women I know take fun stuff way too seriously always banging on about her pretty models in bikinis are harming girls.
          And yet, I do not care.
          Guess the woman you know must be more like me, happy and chilled out…which apparently you don’t like!
          Un-provable bullshit statement is un-provable.
          Plus, you’re a liar.
          You come in here, throw bombs around, stir the shit to cause trouble – you’ve already admitted for your own entertainment – then describe yourself as “happy and chilled out”.
          If you were so “chilled out”, you wouldn’t come here for the purposes of trolling for your own amusement.
          Ergo, you’re a liar.
          Men or women I don’t discriminate when it comes to identifying losers.
          Then apply the same metric to yourself, lying shit-stirring troll that you are.
          I ‘seem to think’ I can come on here and say what I like becuase…guess what? I can!!!
          No, you seem to think you can come on here and say what you like without any blowback or criticism.
          Having a vagina does not earn you a free pass. You throw bombs, stir the shit and troll for your own amusement/entertainment? You get flamethrowered like anyone else.
          What am I whining about? Christ, you argue like my mother (and No that’s not a compliment).
          This is the best you can do? You need to bring your A-game.
          I’m not whining I’m happy, happy with modern music as it is (I don’t listen to the stuff I don’t like), happy with this funny site and happy with gender relations just as they are in my life. I’ve got nothing to complain about, life is pretty good.
          a. Your posts have been nothing but whining.
          b. You cannot gaslight me.
          c. You are under the impression I actually give a shit about you or anything about you.
          I’m not complaining about pathetic articles, I’ve already said – I find them amusing.
          I know you already said that. You’re repeating yourself. If I didn’t give a shit what you think the first time, you somehow think repeating it will change things?
          ‘Get lost’ – Make me.
          Nope. My only goal right now is to amuse myself at your expense – to heap as much abuse on you as possible before you leave.
          Cue accusations of misogyny in 3… 2… 1…
          Just to cut you off at the pass, sister – I am enjoying heaping abuse on you not because you have a vagina. I am enjoying heaping abuse on you because you are a lying, shit-stirring, bomb-throwing troll who considers lying, stirring the shit and throwing bombs “entertainment”…
          Oh, I forgot. You’re also a manipulative, abusive cunt.
          And I feel sorry for the skinny Beta male who calls himself your boyfriend. I’ve only had one encounter with you on the internet, and I can’t stand your ass – what kind of sadist would be your boyfriend… on purpose!

        4. You care so little that you’ve written this lovely long reply? Malgus, Malgus, I think you’re being coy. I think you quite like me.
          I am surprise that you feel pop music threatens an ‘entire demographic’ I never realised young men were so weak and feeble. Thanks for enlightened me, from now on I will treat them much more gently.
          Don’t blame me for all this music harm though. I’m not really into pop, the only live music I’ve seen in recent years has been opera. So I can promise you my money it’s funding this foul abuse of the helpless modern male.
          If you think I’m a liar I guess there’s nothing I can say, I’ll just have to take it on the chin. I forgive you.
          You have got one thing wrong for definite. I welcome you’re replies. I’m happy to read your criticism. Please send as much as you like. All my vagina gives me is multiple orgasms, I certainly wouldn’t ask anything else of it. Please if you want to have a go don’t hold back on account of my genitals.
          You are giving the impression that you do give a shit because you keep replying. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this but what would probably upset me most if you ignored me as I am currently enjoying your cute replies.
          Could you send the last bit again? your message ended at …”manipulative, abusive, cunt” for some reason and I want to know what the last bit was.
          Cheers xxx.

        5. We can add “reading comprehension” and “intellectual dishonesty” to the list.
          Your entire smug post is based on the false premise that I somehow did not say this —> “My only goal right now is to amuse myself at your expense – to heap as much abuse on you as possible before you leave.”
          Do I give a shit about you or anything you say?
          I am replying solely for my own entertainment – and I very much enjoy heaping abuse on you. This, I care about. It makes me smile.
          “I’m a whiny, lying piece of shit and I’ve done nothing but complain and try to mock, ridicule and belittle you and everyone else on this site – but could you do me a solid and repost your last post for me? My dog shit iCrap won’t let me see it.”
          Eh, no.
          Fresh out of favors or fucks to give. Come back later. I might have some in by then.

        6. But I’m not complaining I’m enjoying this exchange. And if you’re enjoying it too then it’s a win win situation.
          How nice that two strangers can still bring happiness into each others lives in this cruel world. Gives one faith in humanity eh?
          Would you prefer it though if I got more upset? I will struggle as I’ve never really understood why anyone finds online abuse upsetting. I’m not easily offended generally and to take offenses in something a complete stranger says is almost unheard of. You’re welcome to try though. Go on little soldier – give it your best shot!
          Sad you won’t repost, sure I’m missing out on something highly amusing. (I’m on Android, can’t abide i-anything).
          If you think of more send it along, I’ll always make time for you my sweet.

        7. Oh the last bit has appeared now!
          My man isn’t skinny and he’s my husband not boyfriend. Don’t feel sorry for him he likes me – maybe I’m better in the flesh that online and you’re not feeling my full charm? Probably good you don’t like me too much though…I wouldn’t want him getting jealous of all these flirty messages you’re sending! You cheeky little thing!
          Not sure if he’s a ‘Beta’ or not as I’m not sure what your definition is. He’s handsome, clever, funny and successful and has a wife who adores him and thinks he’s the best man in the world…but he doesn’t believe he’s being persecuted by a world wide feminist conspiracy so maybe that makes him a ‘Beta’?

        8. I’m sure the only thing you take on the chin are multiple loads of semen while you are forced to give yourself those multiple orgasms manually

        9. No. I do sometimes go for it manually of course but only when I am alone so there is no semen involved.

        10. I don’t know but I am so glad to be getting some attention again. Before you no one had replied to a message of 2 whole days and I was going off this site. But you have help to make it interesting again – Thank you.

  66. With muskets in one hand and balls in the other.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    We’ll drink to good p*ssy and follow no other.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)

    Raise up your tankards and join in me toast!
    (Soon we will drink it all down)
    Drink to the treasures we all love the most!
    (Then we will have another round)
    A toast to our Captain who won’t let us slumber.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    He calls out our orders with a voice loud as thunder!
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    A toast to me fellows, for they have no rivals!
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    As sure as the sky’s blue they’re drunk on arrival!
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    And here’s to our ladies so sweet and so fine.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    They spend all our money and drink all our wine.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    Now raise up your tankards to England so dear.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    She gave us the barley with which to brew beer.
    (All the night long laddies, all the night long)
    All the night long laddies, all the night long (X3).
    Poxy Boggards – All The Night Long
    Modern music sucks ass. Y’all need to start listening to good shit…

    1. I just listen to their “I once had a lass” and “drink ’til I die” songs. They are fucking hilarious!

  67. An equally prescient article would be “How popular music turns women into feminist sluts” – you could certainly keep Taylor Swift’s cover photo!

    1. Taylor Swift has seen more fucking ceiling than Michelangelo, and is STILL trying to maintain a good-girl image.

  68. This is one of my favorite game-aware songs. “If you knew how much I love you, you would run away, but every time I treat you bad, it makes you want to stay”:

  69. All media = Feminized. This is particularly the case with social media. Facebook away fags. Twitter each other like little girls arguing in the schoolyard.
    Consuming media should be like consuming refined sugar. The results are quite similar. If you like to be distracted once in a while, fine, but know that the messaging is eroding away at your manhood like a tooth soaking in Coke.

  70. A+ article. Extra points for quoting the Chateau maxim.
    As someone who plays and sings lead vocals in several bands, including a classic rock/pop cover band, I have to say that sometimes the cringeworthy betaness of songs even from the “patriarchal” 1950s is almost too much to handle. For example, if I were to say the lyrics of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to a gf in serious fashion, she’d think “ewww whys he being so beta….kinda creepy he’s so invested in me.”
    However, when a hearthrob (note: alpha) pop star like Frankie Valli sang those words, it is different because it makes girls tingle from dreaming of having such investment from an unattainable alpha man.
    At the end of the day, if I have fun singing the song and get the number of a cute girl after the show, I don’t mind singing a few beta lyrics.
    Yes there has been betas and beta music since the dawn of time. In fact,the Fab Four (except Ringo, who was actually somewhat of a local badass and tough guy in Liverpool) showed that with the attainment of sufficient musical skill, betas can transform themselves into alphas almost overnight…..that is, if we define alphas as those men with substantially higher quality and quantity of women than the average man gets.
    Yes, the inner beta in John, Paul and perhaps Ringo never left but they had their pick of almost any women in their heyday and bedded an astounding amount even in their early Hamburg days.

    1. I was in Croatia last year and there was this killer track playing on the radio there… I don’t speak Croatian but the lyrics were something like “…. mastiya, ….. disastiya”.. anyone know it? I want to download it

  71. Popular music today is a tool of the left to continue pushing their narratives. It’s time for some music that promotes nationalism instead of globalism.

    1. Black metal. There’s bands that are incredibly nationalistic and masculine to the core. And best of all they don’t give a shit about appeasing anybody.

      1. Lol genisis was a great fucken band with Peter Gabriel.
        If you’re a young male listening to Bruno Mars and Taylor swift youre a homosexual so women are not a concern 😜

        1. It’s no coincidence Patrick Batemen used Genesis to set the ambience for murder. Perhaps what the director was getting at was that pop culture breeds insanity in those who consume it, and who can argue that? Just look at the followers of trends today and see how misguided they are.

        2. Peter “help the negros ” Gabriel.
          Hypocrite Boycotts White Boers but Israeli apartheid is okie dokie

  72. Hence why I listen to the most extreme of metal which is fuelled by machismo and testosterone and is also uashamedly and virulently anitfeminist ((and a great many despise leftism too). Black metal is your friend.

    1. Strangely enough, Christian music has the same attributes, although with a little less testosterone.

      1. Yes. I can imagine. I like the aggression of black metal and the disdain for slick production and complete disregard for fan service and pandering.

  73. Pop music is specifically designed to appeal to a wide audience, so it simply reflects the stupidity of our current generation.

  74. Besides the shitty music, the one thing i can’t stand about pop music is that all the women act and look like prostitutes, and these then become the role models to little girls. Turning your little angel into a little whore.

  75. I note that primary schools encourage and weave into their curricular and extra curricular activity PoP Music and all its messageing / propoganda and mind control

  76. Hey not all ballads are terrible.

    That’s right, you ain’t gonna see me cryin’
    I’m glad that you found somebody new
    ‘Cause I’d rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass
    Than spend one more minute with you.

    1. It’s Weird Al Yankovic. His songs are parodies, and thus don’t count.

    2. “Ballad of Thunder Road”, Robert Mitchum
      Let me tell the story, I can tell it all
      About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol
      His daddy made the whiskey, son he drove the load
      When his engine roared, they called the highway Thunder Road…………..

  77. please don’t ditch Taylor. I had sex with her country songs in my pickup truck and I am not even American. Why cant you be like that, you fucks Americans. I don’t know what is she “making” anymore.
    And no matter what she will be our eternal Aryan Goddess..

    1. “You fucks Americans” makes no sense translated via google from Slavic or whatever. Neither does the interrogative regarding what she is making at present. It sounds like you jerked off to her songs alone on a country road in your Tacoma and are proud of that.

      1. hahaha. now I read it again it is a mess. No really had sex, but it was 8 years ago i think. I don’t know what is she doing, if she had succumbed to the merchant. Nevertheless she will forever be our Aryan Goddess.

  78. There’s plenty of good older music. Don’t know if people would think of them as being particularly redpill but Genesis wrote some amazing, weird, beautiful songs. What modern band would write a ten minute ballad about the lives of railway miners in 19th century England? –

  79. The article reminded me of this video. Today’s ‘popular’ music is horrible, bland and downright stupid.

    1. trying too hard, just relax with some older country, blues, or rock and roll.

  80. No genre is perfect, but country music is your safest bet. From classic to modern country, there are plenty of gems that praise God, nationalism, family, and masculinity.
    Beware of female country singers, however! They are most always feminists!

    1. Country’s most recent golden era was the 1990s. After the turn of the century, when the globalists got hold of it, it went to shit too. Once the purists like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Waylon, and Merle left, that was the end. Now there is the watered down versions like Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton whose early stuff was OK but they ushered in the “country as pop” era.

      1. Agreed. Thanks to my mom, I grew up on 90s country, and I find it superior to anything newer.
        However, I think the absolute best country songs are way back in the days of Hank Williams (Senior), Sons of the Pioneers, Johnny Horton, etc…

  81. Pretty much confirms my theory that most of my frnds were brainwashed by mtv and sappy 80’s romcom teen flix in their youth.

  82. Listen to Motorhead and Iron Maiden. It’s not a request as much as it is a prescription to scrub your mind clean from listening to the pop music cited above.

    1. Lemmy was a rock and roll God; his passing still hurts to this day but he went out with a stellar final record and doing what he loved.