How The Cultural Marxists Of The Frankfurt School Subverted American Education

Perhaps you’ve wondered why so many college professors are so left-wing.  In your freshman year, you might have noted with dread—as I did—some of your fellow students “going with the flow” and molding their beliefs to fit in.  Perhaps one of them was you, before you grew up and snapped out of it!  The Frankfurt School is the answer to why so many universities are Social Justice Warrior factories.

The origins of the Frankfurt School

Institute for Social Research

The Institute for Social Research, associated with the Frankfurt School

They began as a Communist think tank at the Goethe University Frankfurt.  They noted that the masses didn’t rise up during the First World War to overthrow capitalism; instead, the citizens fought for their countries.  Only Russia became Communist, a place they didn’t expect Communism to take hold.  Since they took the writings of Marx as gospel, all this was quite shocking.  They decided they needed to prepare the way by breaking down traditional social ties—country, family, and religion—and afterwards the masses would embrace rule by a global Communist state.  That’s not working out too well lately, but all that’s another story.

They found themselves unwelcome in Germany during the 1930s, and one of the two reasons was that all of them were Communists.  They moved to the USA, settling down in Columbia University.  How did they repay the country that gave them refuge?  By subverting it, of course.  If all this sounds like McCarthyist alarmism, note that the Communists themselves claim them.

Because the proletariat just wasn’t interested in revolution, they rebranded Communism, taking out the elements of class struggle, and adding contributions from Freudian theory.  This was a mistake; Communism emphasized hard work and heroism; that much is respectable even if the rest of the ideology is badly flawed.  If you compare the Motherland Calls statue to Trigglypuff, you’ll understand.

How cultural Marxism took root


“You see, what Antonio Gramsci called ‘hegemony’ is, like, the value system of the Establishment, man! So don’t trust anyone over thirty, dig?”

They had two strategies:  ensconcing themselves into academia, and the criticism of society (hence “critical theory”).  Ultimately, this meant ideological subversion and basically badgering society to death.  (It seems incredible that they did so much without picking up a single rifle.)  They stressed moral relativism and the “question everything” atmosphere that became the 1960s counterculture zeitgeist.  A few of their books, such as Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse and The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor Adorno, have become classics in academia.

Many of their students graduated and became professors elsewhere, just in time for the 1960s.  Young people are at the most impressionable time of their lives, so indoctrinating college students was a very effective strategy.  It’s little wonder that campuses became hotbeds of student activism!  College draft deferments surely helped them reach more students sympathetic to their message.

Further, the ideological seeds of the Frankfurt School—along with the Communist Party USA—fell onto fertile ground.  There were several groups that they—cultural Marxists and garden variety Communists—infiltrated and subverted, for instance:

  • There was already a feminist movement, mostly moderate and mostly simply about equal rights (a goal which was nearly complete by then).  Under leftist influence, second wave feminism began, which was anything but moderate and effectively about deconstructing society.
  • There was already a beatnik counterculture.  With a little encouragement, this became a much larger youth counterculture, the hippies.  Having a significant toehold in academia put the Critical Theory folks in a very good position to influence the young Baby Boomers.
  • There was already a civil rights movement, which the Communists had put a lot of effort into influencing.  This included figures such as W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson, Stanley Levison (MLK’s top advisor), and Frank Marshall Davis (called “Pops” in Obama’s autobiography).
  • The gay movement was heavily influenced in the beginning by the Mattachine Society, founded by Harry Hay, of which most members were Communists.

Connecting the dots


KGB: the Committee for State Security

Earlier I had assumed that the Frankfurt School was an independent movement, with no particular encouragement or guidance from the USSR.  Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.  Franz Leopold Neumann, identified by the Venona decrypts as a Soviet spy, was in contact with leading figures Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, and also the spy Hede Massing, the wife of Paul Massing (another Frankfurt school figure).  Later, he became a professor at Columbia University, where all his buddies were.  Does the picture look a little clearer now?

Here’s another gem I found.  KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov noted that only 15% of the KGB’s efforts were spying; the other 85% went into ideological subversion; this is what he was assigned to do in India, until he got disgusted with it and escaped.  He explained,

It’s a great brainwashing process, which goes very slow[ly] and is divided [into] four basic stages. The first one [is] demoralization; it takes from 15-20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which [is required] to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy, exposed to the ideology of the enemy. In other words, Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged, or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism (American patriotism).

The result? The result you can see. Most of the people who graduated in the sixties (drop-outs or half-baked intellectuals) are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, [and the] educational system. You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated; they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind[s], even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. In other words, these people… the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. To [rid] society of these people, you need another twenty or fifteen years to educate a new generation of patriotically-minded and common sense people, who would be acting in favor and in the interests of United States society.

Memetic warfare

Yersinia Pestis

Yersinia Pestis multiplying

Even though the Soviet Union fell apart twenty five years ago, the memes they launched are still out there.  Many of the students the Frankfurt School taught became teachers and professors, who taught another batch of teachers and professors, and they’re now indoctrinating our youth.  Some others became ensconced in the media or in government positions.  This is what Italian Communist theoretician Antonio Gramsci called “the long march through the institutions.” Only a fraction identifies with Communism, but they still practice the party line even if few are aware of where their views originated.

If you’ve ever wondered where all of today’s Social Justice Warriors came from, now you know the story.

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204 thoughts on “How The Cultural Marxists Of The Frankfurt School Subverted American Education”

  1. The funny thing about Marxism is that Chaim Hirschel Mordechai also known as Karl Marx was an extreme Rusophobe.
    He and his pal Engels regarded Russians and Slavs in general as subhuman (völkerabfall) barbarians. Marx used the newspaper Neue Rheinische Zeitung to try and incite a war against Russia. The Soviets tried to cover up this fact about Marx and worshiped him instead.
    Btw, Marx was cousin with the Rothschilds and quite possibly their agent with the task to sabotage the nascent socialist movement.

    1. The second irony for today is that the Pick Up Artists culture actually stems directly and indirectly from the Frankfurt School of thought itself.
      Thankfully, Roosh is now trying to distance his movement from the PUA culture but ironically it was conceived from it so the offspring will inevitably carry some of the genes forever.

      1. Can you give any more info on how pua cukture is tied to the frankfurt school? I am very interested in hearing more, thanks.

        1. adorno’s negative dialectics was the very first use of ‘negging’ to soften up a target. I think that’s how he got off with Horkheimer

    2. You are using a classic technique: mixing facts with lies and exageration in order to discredit a complete model of analysis.
      Yes, Marx was a jew.
      Yes, his real name was Mordechai.
      No, he was not a cousin with the Rothschild.
      You are a troll, a nut, or a Cass/SPLC/ADL operative.

      1. One of Marx’s grandparents was Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen; her cousin had married Nathan Mayer Rothschild and bore Lionel Nathan Rothschild, pretended “baron” and the first Jewish Member of Parliament for the City of London.

        1. that’s pretty tenuous though. The child of a cousin of one’s grandmother isn’t necessarily someone you’re likely to have anything to do with. A problem arises if on the basis of such a link people assume Marx and the Rothschild were of a piece. They could be potentially, but such a link does not demonstrate it in itself. As some point the super-rich did get in on the act, but I don’t think it can be proved that the Rothschilds or the illuminati or whatever were behind marxism from the beginning. Marx made some famous remarks about jews and capitalism and it isn’t necessarily clear to me they were cynical

        2. The idea of Marx as a Rothschild shill…was raised as a concern by his contemporary rival in the First International, Mikhail Bakunin in 1869, who was not even aware of the fact that Marx and Rothschild were cousins. He wrote:
          “This world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.”
          –Mikhail Bakunin, Profession de foi d’un démocrate socialiste russe précédé d’une étude sur les juifs allemands
          The socialist movement already existed in Germany, France, Britain and elsewhere. Marxists have tried to monopolize socialism and insist that unless you follow Marx’s theories, you cannot be a socialist.
          Karl Marx re-framed all of the socialists who came before him as exponents of Utopian socialism and his ideas as so-called “scientific socialism”, the theory of which the people must follow dogmatically as a secular religion, no matter how much it fails in practice.
          No matter how distant the relation, the blood lines is of great significance for these families. And isn’t it curious how in his best known work the book Das Kapital, he fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and by his cousins, the Rothschilds.

        3. That’s a full response. I’ve read the Bakunin quote before. If I remember correctly he’s sometimes accused himself of being a freemason or something, although I don’t know how that would fit with his anarchism. The centralisations of the state, collectivism and the service this does to central banks is all true enough, the question is whether this sympathy was apparent from the genesis – much of Marx’s system was already mature in the 1840s I think. There was a quite widespread revolution in 1848 for instance – at least on the surface the Rothschilds I think were against the revolutionaries at this time (yes, it could have been a deception, but again the issue is evidence). The Rothschilds would also become central to zionism and the birth of israel, but the evidence suggests that initially they were not sympathetic to Herzl’s ideas (again a deception? maybe but I don’t know any evidence for it)
          Your points about utopian socialism are correct. Marx rubbished Proudhon, Fourier, Robert Owen etc unfairly – there ideas were perfectly viable. I actually think this attempt to destroy the competition – the multiplicity of socialist ideas – is suggestive, but again its not really proof of anything but the fact that Marx was an arrogant and domineering figure with a strong totalitarian streak.
          Re. money being printed out of thin air, are you sure that was the case back then? I don’t think there was any kind of fractional reserve banking (etc) then and printing money was linked to the gold wasn’t it (the gold standard)? I could well see Marx coming to the attention of the Rothschilds, but I don’t see any clear evidence that they were in cahoots from the get go

        4. Marx’s uncle was a super-wealthy banker and industrialist. It is admitted that this banker uncle Benjamin Philips did bankroll Marx while he was in London. But he was bankrolling him before that. Marx wasn’t working in Paris, so we may assume he was a trust-fund boy all along. In fact, it looks like Marx was sent to Paris as an agent, specifically to follow Arnold Ruge: to spy on him and undermine him.
          By that time Marx was already arguing that the proletariat was a revolutionary force. Do you think Uncle Benny the banker was underwriting this project, hoping that the proletariat would revolt and overthrow the industrialists?

        5. Well you’ve done your research. Do you have sources for this. Are you confident they are reliable? I’ve often heard Marx was an agent of some sort but still I find it hard to understand how the Marxist project could be entirely cynical. Psychologically that just doesn’t ring true. If bankers and Marxists really were in cahoots that could only mean they genuinely believed in some kind of communism. Statism, collectivism doesn’t seem enough. I remain highly sceptical of this.

        6. Marxism is/was like a tumor growth on top of the emerging socialist movement. It’s manage to conceal itself behind. Marxism means centralization and monopolization of capital. Where ever there’s a central power there is a need for central bank and funny money to feed the bureaucratic beast and the inefficient economy.

        7. Can’t agree with that at all. The central bank / big business nexus was the conceal factor with marxist and latterly progressive thinking. IMO it’s better to focus on that, which is tangible than to go looking for connexions which even if they exist we will never know much about unless more substantive evidence turns up. Anthony Sutton does a good job showing how left wing and right wing (capitalist) collectivism / statism fits hand in glove. At what point this meeting of superficially opposite principles occured is something we may never know

        8. Marxism is a joo utopia and distilled means ” we are confiscating All of your possessions goyim, by any means necessary” trust us we know what’s good for you …

        9. Historically it was probably the case that communism was quite popular amongst jews, particularly Reform jews I think, although I’m not sure there are any stats on the issue. I think the idea that its just a con, the flip side of (jewish?) capitalism – which marx was corruscating about – is wrong. I don’t think the Rothschilds etc were behind it, but the banks / big money may have understood that there isn’t necessarily that much separating statist capitalism and some forms of communism. Yes indebtedness can resemble communism in a sense, but you could overempathise this too. I think you are in danger of over-simplifying things. There still are jewish communists, and many progressives too, but there are many who loathe both, and I think quite genuinely so

  2. Everyone must know about this. Subversion was the only way to destroy the White Christian West, the Superior Civilization. I just miss in the text a mention on most Cultural Marxist leaders were Jewish.

        1. Which of the about thousand different and contradictory versions, translations, retranslations, editions etc are you referring to?
          Book, chapter and verse also? I have a copy of the Vulgata in original Latin so I can go back to the source, if needed.
          Faith is not my thing.

        2. There still is this idea, even with self proclaimed atheist jews that they must, for a biblical reason, guide the pleb. At least that’s what I think John means.

        3. Having spent lots of time with Jews also discussing ethics, morals and religion I’d really like to have even one indication that this would be the case.

        4. Laziest and dumbest answer in recent history, you don’t know shit.
          I bet you don’t know shit about the bible, or Christian history, or most likely anything else.

        5. Lenin is a good example. Trotsky also. Marcuse, Freud, Bernays, Spinoza…
          The list is endless.
          EDIT : did you mean indications in the kosher good book or examples of persons ?

        6. Something other than a handful of individuals yes, like bible reference or something like that, or something I could ask my friends about.
          Those people may be Jews but all Jews are not those people. Logic is a good thing you know.
          Hitler was Austrian but not all Austrians are hitler.

        7. I don’t claim it is a trait of the jewish people as a whole, even the jews have proles.
          However there is a pattern in “opinion makers”.
          I have French links so useless here. I think here’s a correct equivalent

        8. I’m not buying it, this is misreading the Talmud without the correct sense and context.
          I’m not doubting some rabbis have said weird things but they are not and never will be considered law or edict. They are opinions. I’m sure there are some who read this differently even among Jews, heck I have met some who are for current rabbis who demand the abolishment of the state of Israel because it may only be reinstated when Mosiach arrives, aka messiah since they don’t recognize Jesus as such.
          This doesn’t mean really much of anything, I used to mow the lawn of an ex SS officer, does that make me a nazi?
          French links are not useless to me, I’m not American and speak 5 languages and read most non Slavic European languages quite well.
          I’m not sure you know but the Talmud is the history of the Jewish people through the accounts and opinions mostly of rabbis if the various times.
          This alone is quite clearly blasphemous: “Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud, standing: he has such respect for that book.
          Tractate Mechilla/Me’ilah”

          So you have to have the context to understand what you are reading, not some copy paste diaper wearing keyboard warriors with a fight to pick.

        9. Again, I didn’t say it was all of jews. And you don’t even try to deny it : “this is misreading the Talmud without the correct sense and context. “.
          Not being a scholar of judaism, which I don’t know you are (or that would be interesting, as I am truly intrigued about jewish culture), I didn’t take the time to read the Talmud or the Torah (not helped by the fact I don’t read hebrew and nuances are lost in translation). I’m sure some jews are in the same boat I’m in.
          However, once again, I’m talking about atheist jews (some of them) and the place they continuously find themsleves as leaders of social, political and philosophical evolutions. Evolutions challenging the established society, for good or for bad.
          And I don’t know why you’re seeing this as a fight, rather than a dialogue. Some subjects, such as this one, really wounds up people.

        10. I could be said to be an amateur scholar of this and many other subjects.
          The fact that many atheist Jews get to that kind of positions could easily be explained by their intelligence being often a fair bit above that of Slavs or Western Europeans so that’s not really very surprising. Ashkenazy Jews are quite a bit above Western Europeans and even more so Slavs in average, this is borne out in every study made on it.
          As for the Talmud there are a few well done translations that are well checked and annotated, primarily of the Babylonian Talmud afaik, language also does not prevent one from perusing the historical studies of the time periods made by several English speaking scholars.
          I do get a bit annoyed when very sloppily done sources with obvious agendas are used, because it is intellectually dishonest and just driving an agenda that is not about truth but pushing narratives.
          I’m still of the opinion that the Jewish provenience of the people involved in communism is not relevant to the discussion of their opinions and ideas.

        11. I would agree with the statement that, on average, Ashkenazy Jews are more intelligent than Gentiles.
          However, it doesn’t dispel the fact that they are over represented in cultural marxism. Which was the subject at hand.
          I don’t doubt there are other components but this one is quite prevalent.

        12. It’s called Tikkun Olam, found in the Mishnah

          You may be a friend to the Jews you plan on asking abou this but they are not your friends shabbos goy. They see you as an inferior animal they can lie to, steal from and even kill without sinning.

          “Hitler was Austrian but not all Austrians are hitler.”
          This is the one thing you got right unfortunately

        13. Ask them about the Kol Nidre oath which sanctions them lying to non Joos. If we can’t trust Joos, who can we trust ?

  3. Straight from the horse’s mouth:
    Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever. – Vladimir Lenin

    1. love how he refers to a child as “it”. What a delightful man he was

      1. I don’t know how it is in Russian but in German a child is “das Kind”, a neutral noun…

  4. Hmmm, pretty much the same that I wrote in January:
    It was unfavourably discussed in the AVFM forum by Socialists/Marxists from the UK and Norway. I took it as proof that the Marxist/Maoist indoctrination still works today.
    Not sure how much I want to believe this Bezmenov guy, after all, his main job was lying to everyone.

    1. Maybe he is a double agent? Or maybe a TRIPLE agent? How confusing is that?

  5. For 10 points, most of the members of the Franfurt School are:
    1) Japanese
    2) Jewish
    3) Sami
    Clue: Every.Single.Fucking.Time

    1. You get ocasional gentile shills, but the Abraham’s seed definitely at the avant-garde

        1. There’s nothing worse than an anti-white white. Dr. Macdinald is the voice of sanity.

        2. All the whites up in arms about Paul Ryan’s picture with his interns, how there were too many white people.. It almost makes you think someone engineered and introduced a self loathing link in the European genetic makeup

        3. There’s so much evidence that (((those people))) are the problem in so many ways that it is discouraging to think that we haven’t got this figured out yet as a society. But, the problem is that the average person has a reality filter that allows them to live blue-pill land indefinitely.

        4. it’s as if white people don’t make up the majority of the country. I’m almost surprised that whites are the majority given how our interests and wellbeing are being cast aside for “minorities” or “people of color”.

        1. What’s going on in Munich tom? Reports you’ve got a shooter in a mall

        2. Its like the sunglasses in the movie “They Live” i think…

        3. Meh. It was boring. Hard to get near the action. Some dude showed me a video of the shooter. I don’t know man. If I had to make a wild guess, I would almost say it is all a hoax. It just feels fishy.
          Showed me one thing, though. Fear is a great ruler. When I was sneaking through the bushes and all those special commandos etc passed by, I felt like I was in some kind of warzone and my life meant shit.
          Now, just need someone coming up with the idea that this can happen anywhere, anytime. Perfect justification for a police state. All this safety and freedom that we take for granted. It’s an illusion. It can go away like this – (snapping my finger). And then people will seek for some glorious leader. Some asshole who will fuck up things even more. Man.

        4. I haven’t seen that much about it yet. Here’s a video of the guy popping caps or whatever. Maybe its real, maybe it’s not. If it fits the narrative too well, I tend to scrutinize it carefully as the war on terror / narrative of fear underlies 21st century politics. If it’s islamist I would imagine Merkel won’t be too pleased as she’s the most likely to suffer any consequent popular discontent.

          Re. the possibility that europe is becoming a police state, if it happens chances are we won’t know about it until we fall foul of the authorities

        5. Fuckin A, that’s the video the guy showed me. Glad you agree.
          Here is a video of a resident talking to the guy:
          Having lived here for a long time, it is very clear from his voice that he is a Turk or Arab. But he seeems more like an angry dude than an ISIS fella. You know what I think? When somebody chops off part of your dick as a baby, you carry this inexplicable strong pain with you all your life. No wonder they all like letting steam off. And indeed, most Turks or Arabs are kinda tense and angry and loud.
          What’s also very interesting is how blurry and bad the video looks on that liveleaks site. The video I saw seemed to be the original and it was very crisp. Always wondered how all those ‘leaks’ look like shit in a time of HD iPhones.
          And yeah, I mean, it will be funny for the politicians explaining away the fact that this person was Arabic.

        6. It’s all still pretty unclear. Before I saw that video, which as you say seems to show a middle eastern looking shooter there were reports that the guy was a right winger who had complained about foreigners (but was still shooting native germans). Shootings happen, and it may be real, but it doesn’t hurt to approach with a sceptical eye. It’s also not clear why they are filming this guy – presumably he was attracting attention, waving the gun about or something. The guy taking the video is also very calm in the circumstances

        7. Well, I can imagine I would do the same. I have a very morbid curiosity about these things. But I guess it is hard to tell when you have never been in such a situation.

        8. yeah, I guess when the hoaxer starts sawing your head off a little bit, that’s when you can relax your guard a bit. Seriously though it would surprise me if at least some of these dramas weren’t ‘managed’. BTW what’s with the German SWAT teams wearing summery shorts?

        9. Yeah. I mean how hard is it to make someone shoot blanks into a crowd and then get some dead bodies from a morgue and place them there, then pay some old granny to say her beloved boy died?
          Summery shorts? Where?

  6. We gotta be 10 years into the demoralization phase at this point

  7. When I think of the West today, Curt Cobain comes to mind – live fast, try things, experiment, enjoy your body, shine bright, and die young

    1. That was incredibly childish on all sides.
      Haha… what’s funny to me is Alex and the Turks guy are both big dudes.. they call in this little black female “security guard” to defuse the situation. LOL. What a joke.

      1. Yeah Alex Jones came across as an idiot here.
        He walks onto someone else’s show and the first thing he says is “I’m gonna sit on your lap” and tries to AMOG the cast.
        Then when they finally tell him to gtfo he complains that he was “assaulted” because that fat TYT guy got fed up and in his face.

      2. Yeah, I read Alex like five times a day, but I am sad to see him going around crashing people’s parties then getting upset he got spit on. Its kinda makes him look…stupid…

      3. Alex Jones is just trying to sell survival foods and gold certificates on his point and click/steal website.

  8. Take this for whatever it is worth: on my very first day of law school, in my very first class, my contracts professor (at a top 15 school) launched into a critical theory discussion as soon as the class started. This discussion continued for three classes before he ever uttered a single word about the law of contracts. We were well versed in how this clown saw oppression and unfairness all throughout the structure of our legal system – which has been carefully refined and developed for hundreds of years – before we even heard the elements of contract formation. I now practice in an area based on contract law. None of the garbage from those first three classes (or any of the other times he brought it back up) is remotely relevant to anything that I do. But I am certain it fueled a certain component of that class to become the type of social justice plaintiffs’ attorneys that are slowly but surely eroding the bedrock protections of our legal system (due process, burdens of proof, etc…). So when you hear that this indoctrination is ongoing, believe it.

    1. I think I beat you.
      In my law school we have to approve 2 complete courses of marxism/criticaltheory/whatever. The first one is only dedicated to the critical legal studies current ( ). The second one was a “philosophy of law” course about the same plus marxist thinkers like Foucault and Niklas Luhmann.
      Im talking about the best law school in my country.

      1. God. That’s awful.
        But, I don’t know what’s more insidious. At least they are up front at your school about what you’re being fed.
        What I’m talking about is a bias that was interwoven into the classes. And though I led with it because it was literally the first thing that happened to me in law school, this was not confined to the contracts class. ALL of the foundational classes – torts, property, civil procedure, criminal law – discussed critical theory, and plenty of the electives included it too. So, I honestly don;t know what is worse, having it put up front as a requirement like was done in your case, or having it poison the entire curriculum in less obvious ways as was done to us.
        It’s a fucking disgrace either way.

      2. This Tuesday I had to listen to a prof give a short rant about how horrified she is that The Trumpening might become POTUS.
        She was telling the class how “the people of Europe” are also horrified at the thought, referencing her recent trip to Italy for an academic conference.
        She didn’t clarify that to her “the people of Europe” are other liberal academics who make a living off of government grants, and in all likelihood have no idea what it’s like to hold down a real job.
        What bothers me about liberal academics (and I have a lot of experience dealing with these fucks) is how utterly convinced they are of their worldview, despite having very limited experience in the world of the common citizen.
        If this sounds too dumb to be true, just keep in mind these people are not accustomed to encountering different worldviews, or any criticism whatsoever. Their students know full well that if they disagree, they are likely to be punished for it in one way or another.

        1. That pretty much sums it up for the freedom of opinion. Those teachers aren’t educating anybody…they’re just contributing to the enslavement.

        2. The Academia, in the US and Europe, is filled with the worst kind of SJW. The level of brainwashing of their heads is beyond measure, and they try to do the same to their students; sometimes it works 100%, sometimes lower, but always a little bit remain. In my class I was the only immune, because I’m a die hard right-winger.
          It is brainwashing, pure and simple.

        3. I had a law course during this semester (studying engineering in germany) and I had to urge myself to not kill this professor. He ranted about how all of the Alternative für Deutschland are nazis and then later he spoke about how he never uses the internet because the internet is a place for thugs and the internet should be forbidden. Of course he’s an Apple User (11″ Macbook Air) which is rarely seen in germany. Especially most of the professors that are into engineering are using Dell and Thinkpad machines but of course this faggot needs to use a Macbook.
          The worst thing was that all of my fellow students were agreeing with him on the issue of the internet and AfD while my stomach was filled with rage.
          Today I had my last class with all of these SJW idiots. I’ll be a bachelor of science in a few month. Maybe I will get a master degree on another university but probably I will go working directly after the bachelor.
          Two hours ago I drove to my uncle who is a vintner and I drank a bottle of Spätburgunder Blanc de Noir in one go. I’m completely wasted. Normally I don’t drink but I had to celebrate the fact that I never have to sit in a room with those SJW ‘Refugees Welcome’ shirt wearing cucks again. My time at school was a trillion times better than my time at university because the level of leftwing lunacy was significantly lower. I remember when I was back in my last year at school in 2012 and Sally Perel was reading from his book ‘Ich war Hitlerjunge Salomon’ at my school. To all of you who don’t know who Sally Perel is: He is a jew who survived the holocaust by living as a member of the hitler youth. As a german pupil you will with certainty read his book in one class or another. Its pretty much forced on you. When I heard that he was at my school I was just telling my teacher: ‘Damn, those jews just know how to make money. Probably he just wanted to make money out of his past and made the whole story up. Nasty little jews.’
          My teacher just laughed at me while other pupils who were of course indoctrinated got angry with me.
          If I would have said something like this at my university I would have been instantly exmatriculated.

        4. You lack initiative. You should have provided leadership. You should have taken up the chant, led the chant: “Trump. Trump. Trump.”
          I’ve discovered that when some pinko starts mao-maoing Trump, the best most infuriating response is to start chanting, “Trump. Trump. Trump”

        5. …and you’ve clearly never done any research in this topic yourself. No honest person who’s ever inquired into the facts about the Holocaust believes in the 6 million myth or homicidal gas chambers.

        6. I’ve had plenty of moments of anger like that but I gradually learned to just laugh at the lunacy. Good luck completing the BSc.

        7. Well, there was one set of gas chambers. Run by five guys, on secret orders, killing maybe 1000 jews (mostly with the help of other jews).

        8. …geez, that didn’t take long…the *no honest person* (‘no true Scotsman’) logical fallacy in lieu of facts. But thanks for affirming the validity of this article, even if inadvertently and comically.

        9. U think 6 million really died in a 2.5 car garage sized Vented room, by use of bug spray, in 18 months…?

    2. I was lucky, when I started at my TTT school, it was basically a public interest mill. When I graduated last year, the school was beginning to move away from that to a corporate focus (even though there aren’t many of those opportunities up where I am). The SJWs were pissed.
      My group of friends from school were repulsed by the SJW crap we saw on a daily basis. We used all of our absences, studied on our own, and made each other rip shots of vodka or whiskey if one of us talked politics or law school outside of school.
      I think the experience varies… we had alot of leftists at our school, but we also had the beginning stages of a “race war”… it was interesting to say the least.

    3. Law school was so monolithic-leftoid that I finally broke free of leftism. That’s where I left the left. “Question everything” turned on itself and I questioned ‘questioning everything,’ the whole dogma imploded then and there. I still hate law school with their unholy socratic-critical theory hybrid style. Today I use next to nothing from my law school “education.”

      1. I actually enjoyed it. See my reply to SteveH above. I just turned that shit around on them. “Question everything? Fine, I question the bullshit you are feeding me now!”
        I am an attorney, and so use my education daily. But I could easily have completed the coursework I actually had to know in one year. Just like most of the education-industrial complex, it pads the balance sheet by forcing you to pay for a bunch of unnecessary add-ons.

      2. Now, with social justice warriors, we see why Socrates was made to drink hemlock. In the end, whether you use questioning, the search for truth, or pure logic, none of these are a replacement for common sense.

      1. Haha. Nah, fuck that. I actually traumatized a few SJWs and Profs during my tenure with my openly expressed wrong think.
        The key to success is to realize that the exams are anonymous, so the professors cannot know who wrote the exams and retaliate against you, and so long as you suspend your usual thinking for the exam and parrot what the prof wants to hear, you are golden. I actually graduated with honors even though I was actually booed (no kidding) for my views on more than one occasion.

    4. My cousin is a lawyer. Her degree had a Criminology module that was openly, and I do mean OPENLY leftwing propaganda.
      The crux, without question, was that society is collectvely responsible for all criminal behaviour and apportioning blame to individual criminals was discredited 19th and 20th century eugenics.
      To pass the module you HAD to conclude all this. Like the poster above, Foucault also featured heavily

      1. What is fascinating about this is that if you really think about it, it is an argument that we should not even have or prosecute crimes. Obviously this renders a huge portion of the legal field obsolete and unnecessary. And so it is curious that the apex parasites of the legal profession – academics – would advocate such views.

        1. Absolutely. She (to her credit) works for the CPS – she thinks the focus is on so-called rehabilitation now, hence the indoctrination

        2. A few years ago in Detroit, two 17 year old youths got into an argument on who made the best kool aid. It ended up in a shoot out. Now if racism is to blame for them having a gun fight over kool aid so it’s not their fault, why should we Even lock them up?

      2. I use this argument to destroy the notion that criminal behaviour is a product of society rather than the individual.
        If criminality is the fault of society rather than the fault of the individual. Then you can also say that society deserves to suffer the consequences of crime… How is this any different from victim blameing?
        Usually this ends in a total meltdown for those arguing this bullshit.

    5. Wow. I think we’re seeing identity politics overtaking the sanctity of the law. University kangaroo courts, divorce court shenanigans. Fairness and reason aren’t number one anymore. They key factor has become identity. Justice is no longer blind at all.

    6. I discouraged my kids from attending university for these reasons and the utter uselessness of sitting in a lecture room to hear information that can be read, viewed and absorbed through engaging media on the internet. Let me of accomplishments show the lies that children are fed in the education system — that college is necessary for success — and free them from this insanity.

        1. Why spend money and time going to University to learn about something they can Google online for free.
          No one is denied anything, except that institutionally issued pseudo-intellectual license to share one’s opinion at cocktail parties known as a college degree.

  9. Didn’t even finish the article – I just wanted to say…
    All you Russophiliacs, eat it up.
    Where’s that guy Drago, that was saying I’m a crazed lunatic.
    All of you guys calling me crazy….you’re all terribly misinformed.
    I can not verbalize the reality in Romania to make sense to your understanding, what I can do is report the facts and the facts are:
    Bolshevik controlled KGB still hold the nr.1 position in ….
    offering protection for organized transfrontalier crime.
    With pleasure.
    Oh, yeah, and another thing…
    What do you think about Merkel’s initiative of ,,suddenly” calling
    sand-people to come to Europe?
    What about the fact that zero to none of the Christian Syrians have arrived in Europe but mostly islamic – murderous men ?
    What’s the quickest route from the Middle East to Europe ? > Turkey. Who controls Turkey ?
    What’s the connection betweeen Merkel and Turkey ?
    Bolshevik Je333wish Subversion and destruction of Europe.
    Putin….he’s just a marketing asset.
    Shortcut – Merkel belongs to the KGB.

    1. I never said you were a crazed lunatic. I just thought, and still do, that your oversimplified hypothesis that Putin and Turkey are pulling the worlds strings is ridiculous.

      1. It’s okay, man.
        Sometimes, It’s just my paranoia talking.
        No dissrespect.

  10. I wonder how many successful, happy men with supermodel wives are well-versed in all aspects of critical theory? My guess is not any. Trump probably thinks critical theory is what beauty pageant judges have to learn when judging the finer points of swimsuit modeling.

    1. you’re probably right. There are lots of rewards to be had from buying into the system, knowingly or unwittingly. But if there is such a thing as cultural marxism and one purpose is to degrade and diminish masculinity, family life etc. then those successful, happy men would be living on borrowed time wouldn’t they? They would be dead men walking.
      Perhaps that isn’t the case but if not, then you would need to demonstrate how adapting to cultural marxism (or whatever is being taken for cultural marxism) is beneficial for men

      1. Yeah, I guess being versed in critical theory could help you navigate the system and spot a SJW more rapidly, especially those that have influence over you, and then work them with SJW game, which I am sure there is a way to game them just like women. Since they have hegemony in the system, that would be a good ROK topic–gaming SJWs to get what you want.

        1. Maybe. To be honest I got the impression that you were arguing that successful men don’t worry about such things. That could well be true and if that’s what you were suggesting I was rather interested in what made you think that.
          The question of whether critical theory might help with game is an interesting one, however the issues being addressed here are more to do with what kind of world we live in, and whether we can or should do anything about it

  11. Once I went into a sinagogue and asked an old Jewish woman “Why were you expelled from so many countries?” To which she replied “Because we were always on the side of a small man”. In other words – they were always against the ruling majority.

    1. Makes sense-it cannot be mere coincidence that they were expelled from so many different countries and over such a long period of time; quite simply they tried to subvert the order of things and were rightly removed.

    2. It had nothing to do with scheming, tax collecting, financing Muslim war parties, kidnapping and child sacrifice or their role in slavery or causing the Black Plague… ThAts for sure

  12. Great article. I’ve always marveled at how completely leftists have managed to take over the culture, from academia to Hollywood to the tech industry.
    Imo conservatives simply aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to win, whereas their opponents will do absolutely anything. Conservatives are book smart, they have common sense, and they’re capable enough to build their careers and families, but they allowed this insidious takeover when they should have utterly destroyed it and those responsible for it.
    Where are the conservative alternatives to Twitter/FB? Why are there no more openly conservative movie stars like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, etc? Why don’t parents stop sending their kids and their money to universities until some sort of ideological balance is achieved among the faculty?
    The staggering feats of social engineering by the left are almost as unbelievable as the collective complacency of the right.

    1. The right tends to be more introverted. The left tends to be more extroverted.

      1. True, and that needs to change. The right sits back and says well truth/God/whatever is on our side so we’ll win in the next life. Meanwhile, this life is a shithole.

        1. Part of that is prioritization. Most cons would rather spend a day taking care of their family. Most leftys would rather spend their day protesting, instead of dealing with their damaged, broken families.

        2. Yeah, but that’s the complacency I mentioned. I get that it’s hard to go out and volunteer or do something political after you’ve worked a 9-to-5 and helped junior with his algebra.
          But the alternative is the societal collapse we’re witnessing.

      2. Because the left are pursuing emotional payoffs via political beliefs. Their stances, protests etc are essentially their life. The right just wants limited gov’t and then they move on to actual life. For the left, politics is synonymous with life and personality.

    2. I have to agree with your analysis here. We conservatives are woefully behind on the times and are suffering for it. The libs are winning the cultural war because they leading the way in social media. Conservative and libertarians are starting to catch up, but it’s going to be an uphill battle as the libs have already deeply entrenched themselves. I’m a fairly passive viewer of Twitter and I am encouraged by the younger generations of conservatives taking the battle to the libs and they’re actually winning! I see examples of libs blocking people, deleting Tweets, or deleting their accounts all-together.
      I understand the sentiment to delete all social media and I agree with that to a large extent. However, if you want to fight back, social media is one of the most effective platforms to take the battle to them. Plus, it’s so deliciously easy to take these schmucks down as most of them are very low information voters. Painfully dumb in many instances.

      1. Agreed, but the problem is that Twitter is the enemy. They just banned Milo for no other reason than he is a conservative. So there’s only so many “victories” you can win when your enemy literally owns the battlefield.

        1. Yeah, I’ve been following that issue with Milo. There’s quite an uproar about that with people calling out the apparent hypocrisy of Twitter banning Milo and letting other, more inflammatory tweets, slide by. I totally agree that we need a neutral or right-leaning alternative to Twitter and other social media platforms. Until we have something competitive to Twitter, Facebook, etc, but on our side, we’re going to constantly be playing on defense.

        2. withdrawing / deleting your account without having an alternative to withdraw to seems counterproductive. Better to tweet offensively until banned or protest in other ways within Twitter itself. If a strategic case could be made for abandoning the medium then that would be fine, but I don’t think that has happened yet

        3. Oh yeah, I haven’t withdrawn my account. I’m just frustrated that no conservative tech geniuses have come up with an alternative. And unfortunately coding isn’t my thing.

        4. I think an obstacle to creating such a thing is the anonymity aspect.
          I don’t post on FB like I post here. In fact I hardly post anything at all on FB. I know that someone could copy/paste my ideas and get me reported to HR.
          ROK is my version of coming online to rant and share ideas. FB for me is good for gathering news about topics I follow.
          If we were to create a red-pill social media it would have to keep things like this in mind for it to gain a wide enough audience imo.

        5. FB yes, Twitter is a completely different beast. My Twitter account is attached to a burner email. Completely anonymous. You could technically do the same for FB, but it ruins the point of having a FB account. A Twitter-style platform is the way to go.

        6. I never tweet, but I do follow some conservatives. Over the past few months, Ive gotten 6 suspicious activity notices, change your password. This seems impossible as no one really follows me and I follow about 50 people/things. Maybe this is a way to get certain people to log off permanently? If I get another notice, Im gonna stop with twitter.

        7. Milo is perfect example of switching sides. As Nemesis Enforcer said above, the enemy isn’t necessarily left or right but will infiltrate whatever political movement they want to in order to have control. Milo in 1990 would have been public enemy #1 of the Republicans, and would have been too extreme for the Democrats to accept. And yet now he is one of the leading figures on the “right”. I’m not even indicting the guy per se, just pointing out how fluid these “liberal/conservative” movements are and they have no firm ideology.
          I’m not convinced he is conservative in any meaningful way (and his job is a “tech editor” though I never hear him discussing technology). I do hate using left/right paradigm but if I have to, he is basically just a center leftist that is only speaking some common sense rationality because the extreme leftists have gone so far. Kind of like how 1st wave feminists will often say something I agree with. Because the current feminism has gotten so insane.

        8. How much longer til you need a retinal or thumbprint scan to log onto the web?

        9. Come on, you know the Chinese will always step in and help you out for a few Yuan. There will be some political prisoner fingertips you can purchase and have shipped and delivered within 24 hours by drone which can be used for web access.
          I must fulfill the role of practical nihilist temporarily today…

        10. “There will be some political prisoner fingertips you can purchase and
          have shipped and delivered within 24 hours by drone which can be used
          for web access”
          The really scary thing is that if a requirement for thumbprint scanning for internet access ever developed, you can bet your ass that a black market that did exactly this would develop.
          There will never be an end to internet anonymity.

        11. Maybe, but it seems that this involves a lot more effort than killing some poor third-worlder, cutting off his fingers and shipping them.
          Consider that the purpose of the print is to establish identity. If you create the synthetic print, you have to create a fake, and passable, identity to go along with it, for every single print. By contrast, the dead guy already had an identity, so seems like a cheaper option. And those who would fall victim to this harvest are not the types of people the powers that be are likely going to care about.

        12. No, first worlders too, but I would suspect there will be lots of third worlders. I imagine that many of those poor Mexicans being slaughtered in the drug war would end up missing fingers when their corpses are discovered.

      2. It is not just that they are leading the way in using social media, but in HOW they use social media. SJWs advance the fastest and furthest when they get buy in for bad feelings.
        The problem with Conservatives and Libertarians is that they try to argue facts and logical conclusions as the basis for policies. This will not convince any SJW, or anyone who is vulnerable to the type of feelings based thinking they thrive on.
        The only way to win is to offer competing feelings that are worse.
        For example, SJW’s have successfully advanced gay adoption of children based on feelings that it’s sad that orphaned children would go unloved without caregivers when gays are willing to fill this role. WRONG argument in opposition: there are x number of traditional families to fill this role, research shows that children from traditional families end up x% better off, and no research has been conducted to understand the long term effects of gay adoption. CORRECT argument in opposition: this gay couple adopted a kid and pimped him out over the internet to pedophiles who raped him (repeated ad nauseum every time it happens).
        We will not win with facts and research. That is persuasive to rational policymakers, but we have none of those because our electoral system incentivizes listening to the Muh Feelzs crowd to secure reelection. The only way to combat this is to establish better competing feelz narratives and disseminate them widely.

        1. Bingo, and the correct argument for feminism and motherhood is to focus on the single, alone, depressed crazy cat ladies that never married and are now 45 and taking meds like someone in hospice care. And contrast that with the joy and natural happiness a mother feels.
          But we should somehow make it be an empowering choice for THE WOMEN. If they see how THEY are the ones choosing a better, happier, easier life by CHOOSING to be mothers instead of OfficeSpace Drones, then they will feel all empowered and cocky and strong, and will begin doing it. Or make it cool to be a single working mom, and they will rebel against that, which is kind of the case now.

      3. The fact that the new Ghostbusters trailer was the most down-voted in Youtube history says a lot. Conservatives are finally waking up. They realized that we haven’t had a truly conservative president in close to three decades, that the Republican party was a sham, hence Trump’s rise. The left has pushed too far, and the right is finally pushing back.

      4. I think the red pill community-or the conservative community-needs to invent its own twitter. And use it!

    3. A lot of it is because the world (and in most countries the politics) is more complex than left/right. I have never been a fan of the right for many reasons (environmental policy, eagerness to engage in foreign wars, far too pro-democracy and pro-globalism, policies which widen the wage gap, etc.)
      But when you only have 2 parties and one is the party of social degenerates and one is the flawed “conservative” party, I’m sorry but I’m not going to join either one of them.
      I will say that recent events have put me in the Trump camp, but I think the real reason we ended up here is because your typical person doesn’t want to yell in a homos face about they are going to hell. End result is trannies and hypersexualization of bizarre behavior. Typical people want women to feel happy and included. End result is insane 3rd wave feminism. Typical people don’t care if a stranger has abortions. End result is rampant promiscuity.
      I don’t see any of this as conservative vs liberal. Who in the conservative party is actually anti-feminism or anti-gay? And indeed you see the conservative party doing things now like applauding a speaker on Thursday who is “proud to be gay” and giving rabid standing ovations any time someone mentions Israel.
      It’s not that conservatives are losing–it’s that there is no real force in America who is standing up for western values.
      The conservatives occasionally get it right, because in a 2 party system, when one party says yes on an issue, the other says no, but it’s not based on any kind of principle (for example the Republicans have been talking peace all week at the convention which is absurd because when they were in power they were the most bellicose administration our country has seen, and we are still trying to extricate ourselves from those mistakes). But they pick up the mantle of “peace” because the Dems are trying to expand the wars. There is no ideology to it.

      1. I’d also add that *I* don’t care if someone is gay, *I* want women to be happy, and *I* don’t care who has an abortion. I have been voting for almost 2 decades and I didn’t even question these types of issues and consider their long term ramifications until the last year or so. Which itself is an indictment of democracy. I consider myself a thoughtful, intelligent, wise person, and am now of the opinion that prominent homosexuality, feminism, and birth control are probably *bad* things for society.
        I put forth far more effort into thinking about the world and these types of issues than your typical person. And I appear to have been “getting it wrong” for about 20 years. Which is why we shouldn’t let personal opinions and feelings lead to policy decisions, and why a monarchy with competent advisors and a legacy of tradition was a superior system.
        Regardless of what happens in this year’s election, kids being raised today are going to fully embrace ideas of multiculturalism, gay is cool, trannies are neat, let’s do whatever feels good. And in a few years, they will become voters. We need to realize we are going down a very dangerous road, and even if we can occasionally make a side detour with someone like Trump, we are all marching to the end of a cliff.
        Reading blogs, getting angry, voting, ranting about how the world sucks, isn’t going to change any of it, and indeed it is going to get worse. That’s why I say create your own community or GTFO of the west. We’re not changing the west, people.

        1. agree with all of that, non-constitutional monarchy aside. It will take a while before I can make that shift

        2. Creating your own community in the west is pretty pointless because you will be paying taxes no matter where you go and no matter what you do. Unless you’re just a criminal mastermind, lol.
          I’ve been struggling with whether or not to take my family overseas and carve out a tough existence in some place without running water, or stay here and continue being part of the problem by enabling the system.

        3. Good points. As long as people keep repeating these mantras – contrary to historical Western patriarchy – then the problems will continue.

        4. I share much of your concerns & admit we have an uphill battle. But, I’m reminded of the fact that my ancestors were oppressed by the Moors and faced much bleaker prospects. And they eventually won.

        5. You don’t care if someone has an abortion????? That speaks volumes about you. Real men (of the West, especially) have always been hard-wired with an instinct to protect the weak and defenseless. What is more weak and defenseless than a child… born, unborn, or “partially” born?

        6. Ya, those unmanly, effeminate Viking sissies were really protective of the defenseless women of the weak tribes they raped and pillaged from.

        7. If anything, I am more of an advocate *for* reducing the population of those who cannot afford to or don’t want to have babies. In other words, instead of giving hoodlums EXTRA MONEY when they have more children that they can’t already afford, we should be doing the opposite, or at the very least providing free birth control. There are studies which prove this reduces crime later, and of course removes a huge financial burden from society. Yeah, some call this Eugenics. I’m fine with that.
          The difference is, what I would personally choose for my family is different for the policy I want for society. It is up to the fathers in each girls life to instill proper family values and decide what to do when she is having premarital sex and ends up pregnant.
          Anyway, I certainly understand both sides; it’s just a matter of when one believes life begins. I believe life begins at birth, and feel strongly about improving the quality of life of children, but not a foetus. I understand others believe life occurs in the womb. Either way, I’m not a woman, and I have enough things to concern myself with, so I don’t spend much time worrying about what other people are doing. It’s not like this will ever change anyway. You think we will reverse the welfare state that rewards and encourages people who aren’t ready for motherhood to have children? Never.

        8. Well, a tip of the hat and a kind thank you , sir. The ROK community is indeed a classy bunch, where men can have rational discussion and debate, which is almost unheard of on the interwebs. I’m continually impressed at how we are able to have intelligent dialogue and tolerate dissenting opinions on a variety of issues, while we are all on the same page on the bigger issues. We are all just trying to figure out this huge mess our society has become and what mistakes were made, and how the hell to improve it, or at least improve life for us while we’re stuck in it.

      2. Your last paragraph I think is part of the real crux of it. There is no consistent ideology on the left-right spectrum other than “if they say yes, we say no.” And this is important to note because SJWs are not just a creature of the “left.” There is plenty of room for them to find a home on the “right” if the need ever arose, but for now the left fits perfectly well and they can hide there, advancing their agenda until it is time to switch. This is the real reason they are difficult to eradicate, as soon as you target them, they become your allies and force you to target something else.

        1. No. They are currently all on the left. But they will move to the right if they need to. SJWs do not fall in the current left-right dichotomy.
          To illustrate how they could morph, consider that the Right traditionally believes in small government and less interference in personal choice. It is not hard to see how you can easily adopt gay rights, abortion, fat shaming, etc… all manner of SJW degeneracy under thus rubric. They don’t need to do that now, because the left is happy to cater to them in order to have their votes. But if they ever find themselves shut out by the left, you had better believe that they will adopt these positions and try to find a home on the right.

        2. The alt-right/WN crowd are essentially the right’s version of SJWs. Many of their behaviors are very similar.

        3. “Can you give an example of a SJW on the right?”
          Yeah… the (((neo-cons))). The clowns who are “fiscally conservative but socially liberal.”

    4. There is no “Right”, only cuckservative who are in on the scam by playing devil’s advocate

  13. Anyone interested in this intellectual disease should take a look at the work of Michel Foucault. And then wash their brain with liquid cooling.

    1. Agreed. On some level, Foucault has a direct linkage with the social disease(s) that inflict modern France.

  14. I don’t really see how modern cultural Marxism has any communist economic influence though, at least not from the kind of communism that the USSR practiced. Cultural Marxism seems like a mix of capitalist consumerism and extreme social liberalism. Therefore, it seems obvious to me that American corporations were behind the rise of Cultural Marxism because it gave them generations of easily controlled worker drones.

    1. it’s become a rather woolly term as a result of being a popularised amongst dissident conservatives. In that very loose sense its come to be seen as anything that amounts to cultural attack on traditionalism. That’s not altogether wrong perhaps. Cultural marxism in the more precise sense arose amongst leftist thinkers, including the frankfurt school who noticed that revolutions weren’t happening in the advanced industrial economies – the US, GB, Germany etc (despite an attempted revolution there). The conclusion was that focusing only on economics missed something, namely the cultural, social, religious, familial bulwarks of capitalism. Classical economic marxism focuses on the ‘productive forces’ as something that must inevitably break through to the next stage, and which will in the process sweep aside the ‘relations of production’ the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class etc in the process (or at least will do with a little help from history’s friends – vanguard intellectuals etc). What the failure of the international / permanent revolution showed was that the relations of productions, the capitalist class system was far more deeper rooted than had been anticipated, hence the need to ‘critique’ (and thereby undermine) everything that was propping it up. Basically that meant, ‘culture’, although given the gender wars and the attack on the traditional family it means ‘culture’ in a very deep and ‘institutional’ sense. Basically, its the equivalent of say venom that breaks down the cell body or attack the nervous system, rather than a full-frontal attack by lions and tigers

    2. The answer is simple: It doesn’t. Cultural Marxism has nothing to do with economics, it’s “culturally centered” rather than economically. For all practicality, it has very little to actually do with Marxism or Communism.

    3. Cultural Marxism doesn’t have economic power so much as political power. It can’t make or do anything, but it can make your life miserable.

    4. (((cultural Marxism, Communism, USSR, Capitalism, consumerism, American corporations)))

  15. Ironically Karl Marx himself grew up classically educated. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the philosophy of Greek atomism, and by all accounts he read the Great Books in their original languages for pleasure – tragedies by Aeschylus, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Shakespeare’s plays, Goethe’s poetry.
    Yet today’s Cultural Marxist dismiss this literature because dead white men wrote it.

    1. to be fair, jews wouldn’t be so effective if most of the population wasn’t dumb enough to believe the ideas they push.

  16. I’m so glad I opted out of academia after completing my Masters. I was extremely successful, not because I studied hard, but because I figured out how to manipulate the system. In 5 hours, I could peel off a research paper that took most other graduate students 2 weeks, and receive better grades than them. Just throw in some left wing sentimentality, mixed with reasonable arguments, the slight manipulation of statistics (or interpreting them in a way that pleased my professors), and have solid grammar/structure/theory, and you’re golden. I drew the ire of my female classmates because they knew it was easy for me. They knew I partied, hardly studied, and didn’t start writing until a few hours before something was due. This isn’t to brag. It’s to prove that professors are mere simpletons who are insanely easy to exploit.
    One of my professors pushed real hard for me to get my PhD, but I declined. I was sick of school and wanted the real world. And I struggled at first. Why? Because academia did absolutely nothing to prepare me for it. I honestly think most professors are too frightened by the real world to venture out into it. They know that relative theory does not translate to real world success, no matter how much they try to spin it. I still see them making the same infantile political arguments as students 40 years their junior on Facebook. It’s pathetic. If your worldview hasn’t matured since you were 18, then you’re a failure. That’s why they need Father Government to provide their income, because real men with real companies making real money function in the real world–something these people haven’t had to do, but I have a feeling it’ll catch up to them soon enough.

    1. “I’m so glad I opted out of academia after completing my Masters.”
      Ditto. Everytime I contemplated going for a PHD, I thought back to what a bunch of sick fucks my SJW professors were in grad school (I was in a Liberal Arts program). Literally, they almost had me removed from the program because I didn’t agree with point 39 of their 40 point plan. Some faggoty Department Chair even tried to tell me “you’re not going to make it out there,”or some such nonsense.
      And you’re right about the social media arm. These dummies still go around posting to social media like unemployed dopers. Zero maturation.

    2. Good points. I learned this early on: how do you turn a “B” paper into an “A”? Just make some mention of women. Doesnt matter how obliquely or in what context, mentioning women adds a grade point every time. Seriously, pushing the SJW buttons of the average comrade-professor is so easy, it should be considered cheating.

  17. If this article is correct, which it isn’t. Why did the students rebel against their Marxist masters in 68 then? This analysis of the Frankfurt School is very simplistic and second rate.. Adorno for example, if you read some of his substantial late works like negative dialectics is more like a reactionary conservative rather than a Marxist. He was highly critical of both communism and capitalism and the author of this piece is being disingenuous in his rendering of this movement by describing them all as advocates for consumerism and communism. This is not the case.

      1. question OT
        Am I the only one that thinks the blue sticks out from the screen more than the red?
        A kind of 3d effect happening in the brain.
        Is that perception universal?

        1. Really? I can barely read the blue while red red is sharp and clear. Interesting.

        2. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
          Through my lenses the blue part moves as I move my head left/right, not so without them.
          I’ve noticed this for a long time.
          Edit: Some sort of prism effect.

    1. Why rebel? Because of the draft.
      Otherwise they had no notable accomplishments as a generation

  18. Critical theory is lazy. It’s easy to complain about how something has faults, but by not providing a viable alternative, you know that it is a sham.

  19. We cannot discount the (((religion))) of academics or rampant baby boomer degeneracy.
    What we are experiencing is the (((subversion))) being mindlessly consumed and spread by a bunch of geriatric, paint chip eating, drug addled, 7 hours of TV watching a day, illiterate whores – otherwise known as baby boomers.
    It’s the worst group of subhumans the world’s ever faced. They achieved nothing of note. For their numbers, they’re sadly underrepresented in Noble prizes.
    Worthless asshats, as a rule, blaming children for shit that happened before they were born.

  20. The biggest problem with conspiracy theories is that people are fucking awful at keeping secrets. Most of the people accused of a conspiracy couldn’t keep their lunch sandwich a secret if their life depended on it.
    Take it for what it’s worth, but it’s cyclical. Now I can’t speak for Ivy League schools… When I was in college, an eon ago by technology standards, professors were commonly very right of center in your public universities. They went left, and now it’s shifting right again. It also varies heavily by subject, with many “hard” courses being right of center but your “soft” courses left of center. The left has tried, and ultimately has failed, to change the “hard” courses as much as the right has failed with the “soft” courses.
    Two hundred and twenty odd years ago being accused of being a Republican, rather than a Monarchist, made you left wing. How far are we to go back? Supporting the Magna Carta was a very “liberal” thing way back. One can go back further, but I hope the point is established: plus ca change, c’est la mene chose.
    The real rot is in denying biology. That’s not exclusively a “liberal” thing either.

    1. They’re not shifting right at all.
      If anything they are more left and anti white

      1. You are shortsighted. Would you call yourself a Republican? Actually any “right of center” person? Less than 200 years ago you would’ve been labeled a leftist. The people on the “right” (Conservatives) were Monarchists, not Republicans.

  21. One observation, kind of related. Needs to be said as I’m sure some men around here, even dough they won’t recognize it will see it as true:
    The porn industry is spilling money into:
    Interracial porn.
    Cuckold porn.
    wife fucking another man
    Mom fucking son.
    Father fucking daughter.
    Hey, I watch porn from time to time, but shit is getting really anti-Christian. Fuck this shit.

    1. It was always anti Christian, you fool.
      See quotes from Al Goldstein of the Screw porn empire

  22. I agree with the evil influence of Frankfurt School, but I think there is a deeper and older issue. I always mention an example:
    “Then there were Philosophical Snobs, who used to ape statesmen at the spouting-clubs, and who believed as a fact that Government always had an eye on the University for the selection of orators for the House of Commons. There were audacious young free-thinkers, who adored nobody or nothing, except perhaps Robespierre and the Koran, and panted for the day when the pale name of priest should shrink and dwindle away before the indignation of an enlightened world.” (William Thackeray, ‘On University Snobs’, 1848)
    Full text:
    There were College SJWs in 19th century England. Just change “Robespierre” for “Che Guevara” and “Koran” for… well, “Koran.” What’s the explanation?
    About the high number of Jews in subversive rows, it is old news, the list is endless: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky (Levi Bronstein), Walter Benjamin, Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Bela Kun, Saul Alinsky, Allen Ginsberg, Bernie Sanders, Wachowski brothers, Annie Sprinkle (pornographer, Ellen Steinberg)…

  23. Who did the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School really work for…that’s the question. (Find out the answer to that one, and you’re at the top of the mountain. And it’s not any faction whom you’ve heard about, or read about. And that’s the beauty of it. How can you protect yourself against something if you don’t even know it exists? The short answer is, you can’t…)

  24. “I was Europe’s last chance” — Adolf Hitler
    And apparently America’s too. But we were sold out by our (((leaders))) and sold a bill of goods. When General Patton started publicly stating after the war that we fought on the wrong side, he was assassinated to shut him up. Now, too late, we see the truth.
    Enjoy the decline fellas.

  25. I am appalled now how it is mainstream for millenials to be commies. I used to like some of these leftists movements, but now that they have been co-opted into the PC leftist machine, all individual rights are disappearing. All PC tribes.

  26. Frank Marshall Davis is LITERALLY Obama’s “pops.” He’s his biological father, not the Kenyan guy. Watch the excellent expose documentary “Dreams From My Real Father.” Also, Google ‘Obama-Frank Marshall Davis’ and compare side-by-side pics of the three of them, then ask yourself who Barry’s real dad is.

    1. Or, if you give credibility to theories that have been examined on this site, he might have just fucked her a lot, and passed his genes on without pregnancy.

  27. Check out Angela Davis’ profile. One of her mentors was Herbert Marcuse, a prominent member of the Frankfurt School.
    Orwell tried to warn us. Like the pigs in Orwell’s dystopian novel, “Animal Farm,” persons at the top say they believe in equality. But they also believe that people like them deserve to be more equal than the rest.
    Commoners end up living disappointing to mediocre lives. Those at the top have to ramp up government’s police powers & withdraw ordinary people’s freedoms in order to sustain themselves in power.
    Putin is the richest man in Russia; Chavez was the richest man in Venezuela; Castro was the richest man in Cuba; Mugabe is the richest man in Zimbabwe; & there are more billionaires in China that any other country on earth. Hello!
    Does anyone see what happens when people go down that road (the proverbial road to serfdom)? A handful of people obtain unprecedented wealth & power & everybody else has to live in a dark & dismal authoritarian nightmare.

  28. This conversation can’t be complete without stating that the introduction of a new course called Social Studies being introduced in the ’50s was part of the plan. I was witness to the parents, including mine, who were screaming at those from the school board who came to placate the parents. I had never before seen a group of angry people yelling. What were they yelling? “What is wrong with teaching our kids reading, writing, math and constitutional government of the founding fathers?” “You are not going to teach our kids communism!” They were lied to by the school administrators, who were sent out knowing there would be push back, with the kind words of, “We are not going to teach communism, we are just going to show how much better your kids have it compared to other nations.” Very innocuous. It was the proverbial “Camels nose under the tent.” And so, enter into our schools socialism but let it not be said there was not a fight to prevent it. At least, not what I witnessed as a boy. Now it’s degraded so far that the American heroes are vilified. Home schooling or perhaps an awakening but it won’t come at the hands of govt indoctrination schools.

  29. Really, this is just hilarious.
    The dribblers and bed-wetters on the far Right (Wrong) are getting more and more desperate, in their determination to subjugate the left.
    The so-called cultural Marxists had good reason to reject American culture, and education system, because look at it now.
    Numerous studies around the world, have proven just how stupid, and inane white Americans have become.

  30. Really, this is just hilarious.
    The dribblers and bed-wetters on the far Right (Wrong) are getting more and more desperate, in their determination to subjugate the left.
    The so-called cultural Marxists had good reason to reject American culture, and education system, because look at it now.
    Numerous studies around the world, have proven just how stupid, and inane white Americans have become

  31. Reading your bio, and there’s not much going on is there.
    “Perhaps you’ve wondered why so many college professors are so left-wing.”
    Because those of high IQ, which are found, in many cases, in Academia, have a well-functioning prefrontal cortex.
    Unlike the troglodytes found on the far right, who rely primarily on their limbic system, and for that reason, don’t have any specific or major roles within social and cultural Western circles.

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