9 Types Of Feminists And How To Counter Them

If you want to fight the disease that is feminism, you should know that there are different strains with their own characteristics. And depending on their form, you must counter them the right way for maximum results.

Oftentimes, it’s best to simply ignore them for these losers are simply seeking ways to provoke you and drag you down to their level, but there are some actions you can take to counter them. First, know what you’re trying to accomplish. If you just lash out in hostility, you’ll simply confirm their beliefs that masculinity and men in general is something toxic that needs to be controlled. It might feel good in the short-term, but it offers very little in terms of results. If defeating feminism is your goal, then you must aim for these three results:

  1. Make the feminists question their own beliefs, weakening their resolve in the process.
  2. Bring those who are neutral to your side or at least make them repudiate feminism by exposing its lunacy.
  3. Stop feminism from spreading by tainting its reputation so that only most deranged individuals will cling to it.

If you’re unable to do any of the three, you’re likely wasting your time and energy. You wouldn’t get angry and waste your time insulting a dog shit on the sidewalk, so why would you do the same for some harpies desperate for male attention? In those cases, it is just better to avoid contact and carry on.

Now, the following types of feminists are the more visible and dominant ones you’ll encounter. Of course, one woman may possess traits that overlap these types, in those cases simply use your judgement on how to deal with them.

1. Bitter “feminists”

Trust me, no one can mistake you for a girl or rape you even if they tried.

These hapless women are barely even feminists. These sad individuals have only just jumped on the feminist wagon so that they can blame men for their own miserable (single) lives to feel better about themselves. These women are usually obese, ugly, and have terrible attitudes which prevents them from finding a male partner that will cure them of their man-hating. They’re essentially the female version of the MGTOW.

Counter: Ignore them and let them drown in their own misery.

2. Fat-acceptance feminists

They’re fat, they’re ugly, they’re disgusting, and they know it. They also know that they can’t compete with women who are thinner and more attractive (not to mention being tormented with envy), so they must distort what it means to be beuatiful and healthy so that they can at least safe-guard their petty self-esteem.

Counter: Never let being a fat pile of lard become the new normal. Mock them while encouraging healthy lifestyle.

3. Rabid feminists

They love attention and they get turned on by being manhandled.

These are the mentally unstable radical feminists. They’re the most aggressive, violent, and repulsive of the feminists listed here. If any men behaved the same way as these degenerates, they’d be locked up and the media circus would have a field day reporting on a violent misogynist group that had gone wild. (You can also tell that the “moderate” feminists implicitly support them by the way they keep quiet like the cowards they are).

Counter: You should avoid these human garbage completely. As tough as they pretend to be, as soon as a finger is laid on them or if someone says something mean, they’ll immediately act like a helpless little girl to play the victim. The best thing to do is to use them to taint the feminist movement in the eyes of those who are neutral.

4. “Moderate” feminists

Actually, much like yourself, girls are more likely to pretend they’re smart and brag about their education to impress a man.

Believe it or not, most feminists are not blue-haired orangutans that screech at your face. We just get that impression because it’s the freaks that make all noise. I’ve actually met quite a number of pleasant (and feminine) women who called themselves feminists. I get the impression that these women only decided to associate with the movement because they bought into the all the lies of feminism without ever hearing any counter-arguments. If you approach them calmly and explain things in facts without getting emotional, many will actually listen to you.

How we deal with the moderates will determine how many of them will see the truth and convert or at least distance themselves from the feminism label. Of all the types of feminists, this is where our battle should be fought.

Counter: Start by throwing out small tidbits of facts that go against the feminist myth without any emotion or opinion to see how they react. If they’re receptive, continue on and dismantle the feminist ideology step by step in a rational manner.

5. Naive feminists

Many young and impressionable people, especially when they’re in college, want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world. Some take up cause for the environment, some decide to help the poor, some volunteer to contribute to society, and some end up fighting for social justice and feminism.

These naive kids literally believe that feminism “just means equality for women.” They don’t have any opinions of their own and they simply parrot the lies they’ve been told to believe.

Counter: Assess their level of fanaticism. Many are emotionally charged and will not listen to counter-arguments no matter what. Seek out the moderates among them and bombard them with cold facts. You might be able to salvage some from going full radical.

6. Privileged feminists

These feminists are the women’s rights version of champagne socialists. They live luxurious lives thanks to their fathers or their supplicating lap-dog husbands, yet they complain about the invisible patriarchy. They’re extremely condescending and seem to believe that they are intellectual powerhouses.

Counter: These women are so out of touch with reality that you’ll be able to find many lies and double-standards in everything they say. Expose them for the public to see so that those on the fence will know how ridiculous and sanctimonious they are. These con-artists are also very thin-skinned, so it won’t be too hard to make them shut up by challenging them.

7. Celebrity feminists


A special subset of privileged feminists, celebrity feminists only wear the feminist label to boost their sense of self-importance or to appear hip to the fans with their virtue signaling. Most of these entertainers are actually completely clueless and are blind to their own hypocrisy, often more so than the average feminists.

Counter: Use these tools to your advantage. Point out how ridiculous and hypocritical they are to the masses so that they’ll see how inane the entire feminist movement is.

8. Disgusting feminists

These feminists are sick in the head, plain and simple. They have no value to speak of and they hate themselves almost as much as the people they’re trying to provoke. These leaches thrive from the attention they get by making others feel disgusted. These are people who deliberately make themselves as disgusting as possible by growing armpit hair, vandalizing their own bodies, getting fat, and by smearing their menstrual blood on their faces. You must understand that this is not just an act of insanity but a deliberate attack on your senses to force a reaction out of you.

Counter: Ignore them and use them as the poster child of feminism. Force the moderates to either acknowledge them as one of their own or to disown them.

9. Male feminists


I almost feel sorry for these losers who don’t even realize that they’re being used as pawns. These emotionally and sexually underdeveloped man-children hate themselves so much that they supplicate to feminism in hopes of gaining female acceptance. They feel so guilty about their own existence and sexuality that they rage against other men and accuse those who are actually enjoying relationship with women of being misogynists and rapists. You should also know that many of these individuals are severely unstable and exhibit paranoia and stalker behavior.

Counter: Male feminists are their own worst enemies, you have nothing to gain by interacting with them. Don’t give them the attention they desperately seek (remember, they’re immature) and just continue being the better man—nothing will enrage them more.

The real battle starts with yourself

Above all, the best way to defeat feminism is by continuing to be a man while supporting others doing the same. You should take pride in the fact that your very existence is a thorn to the feminists and a defiance against the establishment. In the future, a path may unfold for an open and active resistance, but for now, you must keep steady and solid and wait for the time to come.

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235 thoughts on “9 Types Of Feminists And How To Counter Them”

  1. All these women need to visit a third world country to see what real oppression and struggle is and maybe then they’d realize how good they got it. Same goes for a lot of Americans in general too.
    Edit: just thought about it and realized they’d probably argue the case that that’s why they need to be in charge.

    1. Forget it. You could tell them, but they wouldn’t believe you and continue blathering on about the evils of western patriarchy.
      As far as visiting, they would never make the connection. You can hear about the female activist bragging about her working in third-world holes for a NGO occassionally, but they are usually upper middle class white girls padding their resume and riding foreign carosels. Ask them what “help” did they think they actually provide and you’ll get a blank look. They do not give a damn about anyone, especially other “oppressed” women.

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      1. They’d be too busy going to “exotic” (Ha!) places like France or Brazil and letting swarthy guys with “cool”accents pulverize their anuses then saying all of it “Doesn’t count!” because they were on vacation or “studying” abroad (that clichè always makes me do a quick 180)!

        1. Years ago I did a favor for a friend and picked up his college aged sister-in-law at the airport and dropped her off. A complete spoiled llittle bitch. She was coming back from Africa on some animal “study.” Later I saw the pics she had… little petite blond dancing around a swathe of black dudes. I laughed openly. “She is riding cock on someone elses dime. Hope her parents are not paying for it.” The friend admitted she mentionend that at one point the dudes were fighting over her and the local police had to get involved. LOL.

        2. Dafuq that white bitch cold in here or what? She even got any ‘isibele’ (boobs) under there?
          And the glorious annual FESTIVAL OF VIRGINS.
          The festival is state sanctioned. After the ceremonies, the king has the first pick of the teen ladies and crowns another virgin princess for his harem after which time the local men are allowed to claim and wife up the remaining virgins. Has any white western country ever had such a form of tribal centered nationalism? Shiver me timbers. Can you imagine any white western government arranging parades to display the finest white virgin girls on the local high school football field, the most fit and abled young virgin teens dressed not in cheerleading outfits but topless and dancing, competing for the approval and attention of the men in the bleachers in search of virgin brides? Sheesh. If you’re Zulu, your state actually promises and delivers to you a virgin bride.
          Unlike Bill Clinton, King Mswati III of Swaziland gets to keep all his women as princesses in his palace and the male citizen populace receives quite their fair ration of virgin brides as well. Everyone is happy.
          Mswati exiting his Airbus with one of his 14 wives – a tiny Learjet would be overloaded of course.
          Like a true king. On the other hand, Charles with the floppy ears and his cuckdick history with the ‘lady’ Diana could take some lessons on how a real king swings his balls (from front to back and not left to right) ya?

        3. No, you sound like a lot of fun to have a soley sexual relationship with (protection of course), who suggested otherwise ? You’re obviously not interested in settling down so I confused as to what problem you’re referring to ?

        4. Is there something inherently wrong with women who enjoy sex?
          How do you think you were conceived ?

      2. Blank look because you didn’t praise her immediately. You both make good points. The only reasons women show empathy or sympathy for anyone is for personal gain. “Look at me, look how much I care.” And they are back to talking about shopping or Facebook within seconds. If you were to “show them real oppression,” they would turn the focus back on them and give you an example of how they are oppressed here with their cushy life. Expecting a woman to rationalize is to expect her to think like a man.

    2. Richard Dawkins attempted this reasoning with a crazed feminist not that long ago in his (what should be famous) Dear Muslima letter.
      I don’t know what was worse, the blowback that he got, or the fact that on one subject, I actually found myself agreeing with Prof. Dawkins.
      Sadly, he later apologized for the letter.

      1. I’ll look into it, I don’t care for the guy but that sucks he caved and apologized.

        1. what a shock that the guy behind the modern atheist movement and all its affiliated degeneracy turns out to be a gutless phaggit

      2. That “letter” is not even very special. Could have been a typical comment of any somewhat Red-Pill aware dude. But it’s suddenly important because a celebrity writes it. Meh.

        1. Dawkins is not really a “Celebrity” in your common sense, such as Taylor Swift.
          He’s actually a scientist with reviewed papers.
          Also a pussy that goes back in what he said.

        2. Well, I call people celebrities when they are kinda famous and well-known. You may disagree with that definition.
          Yah, apparently. But he does not have much qualms bashing Christianity, ironically.

    3. And most of the mitlitant feminist are white women. As a woman I find their platforms nauseating. Must be nice to be a college educated white woman from an upper middle class background with privilege shouting into a bull horn “representing” all women, while women in some counties are stoned to death for kissing a guy or forced into marriage at age 12.

      1. A lot of our most “militant feminists” are ptsd survivors of rape and sexual abuse, or know someone who has suffered this, and knowing it traumatized them.
        What do people on ROK make of children female and male who were raped by their step dads?
        Its not as easy as “Get over it”. That shits heavy! and those issues are the burden feminism takes on.
        Politically, no other group is assuming responsibility for sexual abuse survivors, or really discussing sexual abuse– its feminisms job and its kind of a shitty one.
        I was super traumatized when I learned how common incest and catholic church abuse was in my community, and this is the reason Im really pro educating women and girls and children (and grown ass people!) on all matters related to this..
        I am a big feminist in that case. We need sexual equality in places where people are super vulnerable to getting raped and left in a dumpster.
        Otherwise, I dont see how we can protect each other from nasty serial repeating, respected older dudes.
        Institutionally controlled rape
        (or what femininsts have been taught = “patriarchy”)
        Not everyone realizes that things such as rape with a power related contingent can happen to men and boys as well,
        and this is where inequality really fucking happens.
        Sexual inequality is vast and complicated… applies to men and boys too.
        Its Everyone’s problem, and men and boys also matter. I am happy to say that.
        Do any of these “feminist” tropes say that ? Probably not.
        I dont fit into any of these categories.
        Im a dissident feminist; Most of these feminist subtypes really annoy the shit out of me, and dont always help their cause… They get off on theatrics and power that they hypocritically try and eliminate.
        So yes, I am militant about people who are survivors of institutional abuse. Stuff that gets me crazy ?
        I have been sexually violated by male hospital caregivers while unconscious on drugs.
        I have a male friend who was been gang raped by his high school teachers.
        I learned a class mate was gang raped by her employers and staff at a work party. They drugged her.
        I feel militant when I hear about all that…. and I trust it happened, and no one Wanted that.
        The feminist movement ideally created for this type of thing,– ROK isnt really doing shit but I like that it makes banter among smug cheese dust coated idiots.
        its too fucking bad that these 9 types are the face of the movement, because they suck, and they are not me.

        1. Oh for fuck’s sake – how many “Omggggg I’m a ‘survivor’ 2 it happened 2 me 2 omg omg!” copycats martyrs are now going to come our way??

        2. Yeah I know but like, my best friend was raped by his (professional, held in high esteem) dad when he was 3.
          I was extremely disturbed learning that.
          Its not about my victimhood.
          Its more about people I love.
          Sure, it sucks focusing on that horrible stuff,
          but yeah his internal organs as a child were wrecked, and that kind of stuff can be prevented by responsible people who are aware of sexual violence!
          –And this isnt the only person I know of this happening to. Like men raping infants, children of any gender who cant fight at all is a big faction of the feminist movement.
          Maybe you dont know enough people as well as I do.
          Maybe more people will open up to you later in life.
          Doctors are sworn to secrecy with what they see at their jobs… some people have SO much power over what happens sexually to children and who has access to this information. This type of information sends people to jail.
          I know what you mean.
          The victim card is tiresome in ways.
          but the feminist movement is really important for giving a voice to people who have endured horror stories.
          Their existence need to be discussed and unvelied, otherwise, nobody believes such acts of violence exist in the first place. The dramatic part is not needed.
          The feminist movement, I will repeat, is a more or less solitary worker, doing drudgery of dealing with all social issues sex related. Slavish, its a giant burden for a particular group of self identified people, when its issues in reality extend to every member of society. Anyone is part of it.
          Death by metal!, I am sure you know people you totally love who have suffered very dark episodes of sexual abuse.
          They probably just have not shared it with you. The worse it is, the more concealed.
          When my friend told me about his internal organs being wrecked as a child, I really couldnt throw the victim card his way. I felt kind of freaked the fuck out.
          The feminist movement is super important, is designed to deal with these problems.

        3. I get it, we men need to hand you large bags of money through the government, enable your shitty behavior, create company quotas for hiring incompetent women, destroy the careers of brilliant engineers who wear the wrong goddamn t-shirt to a press conference, fuck ourselves over in the family courts, create laws that get us a beatdown if we so much as look at the wrong woman and in general self castrate because otherwise our Dads will rape us.
          Brilliant. Thanks.

        4. Wow… you suffered so much in your life already… so sorry about that… we didn’t know… :'(

        5. I really dont have much power to wreck anyones career more than anyone else.
          Shit happens to people, and both sexes can screw.
          I happen to have a vagina, and it has its super powers, to make babies, and trap men awful legal binds if I were into that sort of thing.. OK, but I dont see your point.
          Anyways say hi to your mommy for me sometime.
          Or not because you like many users and authors here have severe mommy issues. I just have this feeling this site has the right idea but its using bro-culture marketing to bait in sad, confused, loner guys.
          Like, whats up with the marketing?
          .. The ads here kill me… What kind of intelligent readership sponsors “A trick to get any girl (who looks like a 14 year old with tweezed off eyebrows) to be your girlfriend” and “Boost your testosterone”? lol. Red flags. You poor souls.
          Do you guys have an official Energy drink yet?
          I am all for male identity, and seeing injustices and showing where one group is getting the short end of the stick,
          but ROK is still in this ball sweat and creatine marketing that injures men imo.
          Think of yourself as a vulnerable castrated male, but meta it– Include your use and participation in ROK literature under that definition of exploitation.

        6. …ok… i guess… then i get to cry about it on a shitty men’s right article 😀

        7. Oh, and by the way… I was talking to the guy that replied to you, lucia. Sorry if that wasn’t clear

        8. There was a time when female commenters were banned, or at least ignored on this site.

        9. to answer your question about “Do you guys have an official Energy drink yet?” the answer is that we use kratom it boosts testosterone

        10. Feminism is the “solitary worker” in defending folks from rape. In fact the histrionics of the 3rd wave feminists makes it less likely that anyone will believe actual rape victims. The I had 3 beers so he raped me( despite the fact that he had 10 beers and had more to regret in sleeping with her, so didn’t she rape him?) bleating begins to deafen people who hear it so often that they don’t listen to real victims. Concepts such as “eye-rape”, and killing girls in video games being decried as rape are the calling cards of feminism. Defending the practice of not prosecuting false rape accusers, because “it might intimidate real victims from coming forward”, lessens the voice of actual survivors of rape, but there are the feminists chanting how brave such criminals are. The reality is such criminals actually add doubt to any person who hears from a real victim. Feminism is the voice that screams when some female teacher bangs half her 5th grade class, that she’s the real victim and needs to be helped ( but if it was a male teacher, then crucify him!). The fact is none of the writers on this site advocate actual rape ( despite mischaracterizations of the MSM), and actual rape victims deserve to not have been victimized, and that the voices that want to cry rape at everything in their own mad grasping at power they’re unable to earn are victimizing them further. Feminism in the 3rd wave has become nothing more than a grab for power at the expense of people who actually earn it, and has NOTHING to do with equality or helping actual victims.

    4. No shit – in much of the world people worry about clean running water, functioning electricity, or when and how they will eat next (if at all) and these jackasses worry about… if Hollywood scripts have enough tokens written into them for “equal representation”??? Just goes to show what kind of people there are on this overcrowded rock!

      1. Could you please shut the fuck up? Because… come on, people… I cant believe you actually buy the crap you say. Now it is a rule that you can only talk about one problem at a time… and it has to be from biggest to smallest? Please… look at the article you are reading you donkey… i have to say i agree with your last sentence… so just die ok?

        1. Christfuckingchrist, you still haven’t been banned yet?? Waiting (im)patiently…

      1. It’s not that there aren’t feminist in those countries but rather what they are bitching and whining about. Do you really think a feminist in a third world country who struggles to eat or be above slave level is bitching about being “visually raped” whenever a guy looks at her? Or thinks it should be against the law for a man to start a conversation? I have no problem with women not wanting to be slave like in some countries and treated worse than the cattle but we are talking about the ones beyond hope who intentionally look for shit to complain about regardless of how good they actually have it.

        1. What you are doing is bitching. Be honest at least once in your life. Feminists from third world actually give support and help to women who were gang raped, taped and exposed on the Internet. I’ve actually seen it happen… so Just stop bitching Like a little baby, please.

        2. How am I bitching? And you are agreeing with me. I said I am all for third world feminist wanting a decent life, what I was referring to Is western feminist complaining about dumb shit when they have it good here unlike third world people.

        3. You are bitching. When this shit happened, what do you think the fucking upper class reacted? (just saying that they had formal education and shit)
          They blamed the girl. Jesus fucking christ, while most men against feminism were blaming the raped woman, the feminists (many of them white upper class women) were doing everything to help the victim and arrest the rapists. But yeah…. you are the one thats right, because feminism is only about trivial problems. Because… rape only happens in the third world too… gosh, you are so smart

        4. I had no idea I was talking to feminist and once again I was referring to the petty problems of western women, not the apparent rape epidemic going on in America that seems to be going on everywhere according to you but luckily for you there “yes means yes” laws going around.

        5. But that’s exactly the point… if it is so damn unimportant the petty problems, than why every fucking person on this site gets so offended?… has it ever ocurred do you that… it IS petty to you. But not for them. And for the ones that really are pointless… why tua fuck is it the most proeminent exemple of feminism for you? Because… dude, ir I were to Judge every man by the standards of people in here… then, wow, you are not assholes, but dumb and crying children too

        6. People on this site might get upset with what feminist want because it could seriously effect them. Do you think guys are happy they’re scared to get married knowing a woman could turn around six months later and ruin their life and take half of what they worked for? Or how about actually loving a woman and having a kid in hopes of having a family only to get raped in court on child support charges and only getting to be a dad on weekends and certain holidays? Or what about the college kid who gets kicked out of college and reputation ruined because a woman regrets hooking up with him? The difference is feminist demand equality while actually wanting something else. How would you even enforce laws against approaching a woman or looking at her like some of them want?

        7. “Some of them”…
          Ownt… did they hurt your feelings big boy?… I mean… theres two possibilities
          1. Life and people are not as simple as you, whiny man babies, believe
          2. Women… urgh, they are the devil
          Grow up fuckface

        8. By the way… wich one of the sad little stories are yours? Because… you know… I could paint a lot of scenarios were women are the victim… really, grow the fuck up

        9. None of them are mine but I know guys that got fucked over and I was simply answering your question yet I’m the fuck face child? You’re the one trolling a website that you disagree with while insulting someone having a civil conversation with yoh. It’s dudes like you that make people dislike feminist.

        10. Hahahahahahahahahaha
          Omg… so sorry that i treated you like the donkey you are. This is not civil… never was… look at the fucking tag line you asshole. “Know your enemy”…
          Bunch of fucking stupid little babies, crying a river about shit that don’t affect you. I also know some stories. I know about a friend that was almost raped in the work place. I know another that got raped unconscious by three MEN for being lesbian. What do you want? Wanna compare feminism with egocentric people, is that? Because I know a lot of assholes, the great majority are men . Could you stop crying now?

        11. Lol you’re the one crying on the keyboard about the online article that triggered you. I don’t care about feminist or what they want because most are spoiled like most Americans. I have a great life too and that’s why I don’t complain because I’ve been to a third world country and I’m fully aware of how blessed I am. The point of my previous comment was the gender equality feminist demand even tho they already have it, but let’s hear your rant and insults on it…

        12. It’ just… fun. 😀
          You guys are so clueless and self centered it’s… kinda funny actually

  2. Here’s another one: “Social(ist)” feminists: They type that try to pass themselves off as “socially conservative”, think “church lady” type.
    They are usually married, may even have a kid or two. But scratch that phony veneer and they are raging, ball busting cunts.
    Back when I was young and went to church services, I saw this variant. Was friends with a son of one of them and remember going over to their house. Holy fucking shit… Mrs. “Smith” wasn’t the kind, lowly “Christian” she was in church. I remember her bitching and yelling about EVERYTHING at Mr. “Smith”, who took it like a ballless twat. I never looked at either of them the same again and I never went to that house again either.

    1. I come from a strict religious background and still have a lot of people from the religious university I attended on Facebook. I’ve noticed this type of “Christian feminist” a lot lately. Lots of virtue signaling from them about how it’s our Christian duty to accept millions of Muslim “refugees” into the US like Sweden and Germany are doing. I normally don’t do Facebook political debates, but I brought up the Cologne sex attacks with one of these ladies (married, active church goer, with a few kids like you say) and she shot back “of course we have a strong rape culture in the US too.” The rest of the exchange was pretty much the same as talking to any garden-variety feminist.

      1. Why am I not surprised? You should have brought up the time Rome accepted a bunch of refugees who later turned on the empire. Additionally, there’s the issue of the Mexican migrants and other Latin American immigrants who are already clogging up the system from one end of the U.S. to the other.

      2. Man I found a true non-feminist Christian woman, beautiful too, probably an 8 to 8.5 once. Went out with her for awhile (only complaint is that she was only into giving out BJ’s). After moving on and sampling the market place I should have realized what I had stumbled on to and married that woman. If anyone knows of the location of a time machine please advise.

        1. the time machine is located in Costco, but it costs millions of dollars

        2. That is basically where we are headed. That was certainly a movie before its time. Just like Camp of the Saints.

        3. You probably don’t deserve her anyway… I mean… look at your comment…hahaha

      3. There you go. Feminism is a fucking virus that’s infiltrated every facet in every corner.
        And then they wonder why men that have half a clue use them as disposable organic sex toys…

    2. “I do not suffer a woman to preach” – Paul, circa AD 60
      The Frankfurt school of critical theory was a Marxist philosophy group based out of Germany that has infested the Western Christian tradition. They got hold of the seminaries, where they teach all manner of SJW nonsense and rebuke any truths found in Scripture. This is why so many pastors preach a Christ other than that preached by Paul and the Apostles.
      When the church attendees abandoned the Scriptures (as the pastors did), they created “Churchianity” – the social construct of the Church remains, but any actual value to the institution died where Churchianity reigned.
      Dalrock documents all manner of depravities preached by mainstream Churchians. His blog is worth a read.

      1. Ahhhh Dalrock. God bless that man. His article on single motherhood and how feminism removes female responsibility is great.
        He’s the only manosphere blogger I hold above Roissy, and that’s because he lacks the religious background and doesn’t shame men as well for sleeping around (something God adamantly agrees with).

  3. Women are followers. So are most men. They will join whatever is popular right now.
    Here is the short on defeating feminism.
    Associate feminism with crazies. Convert moderates with reason.
    But overall, remember 90% of people are lemmings and since feminism is an offshoot of egalitarianism they will not abandon the egalitarian order until society collapses on it’s own lies.
    Ride the tiger, or something like that.

    1. Very true and while it is quite commendable to fight these types we must realize that these feminists are but a symptom of the philosophies spawned during the French Revolution & Marxism. What we must really do is battle against the institutions, philosophy, and indoctrinators that poison minds to save people before they are lost

      1. Yeah… you are on the common sense side of things, but others are the mindless zombies. You’re so full of shit that it is falling on the keyboard

        1. Looks like we have a # 3 maybe a # 9. Probably 3 because your insult was so plain and unfunny. If there’s one thing women are known for it’s not being funny.

    2. I agree but associating feminism with craziness probably attracts many young girls that just seek attention. YouTube is full of silly little girls making statements like “kill all men” and “all men are rapists” for shock value and views for being a crazy feminazi.
      Tell them that only low value, girly men are attracted to feminists to get their attention. Show them pictures of the husbands of their favorite feminists in contrast to the husbands of submissive, feminine women.

  4. I don’t agree with the last point regarding male feminists because these are the people who do 99% of the dirty work of the misandrist movement. They should engaged, ridiculed, humiliated, and shamed like the losers that they are.

      1. A new book idea: “Modern feminism – Preparing for Obscurity.”
        Once a woman no longer has social market value (eg. wife, mother), they will become invisible and ignored. They will be lucky they don’t end up like Yvette Vickers (actress whose decomposing corpse was found a year after after she expired).

        1. I like this part, though: “(you, with the toddler-on-wheels: astonishing news just in! You don’t have pavement priority over the rest of the world!)”
          A sentiment I share. But then, I’m a man.

        2. You know, around my area, it’s not just people with kids that are guilty of this. No one seems to have any consideration for others. It gets really bad in stores. People will slowly push their shopping carts in the damn middle of a wide aisle way and regularly swerve from side to side or just stop right in the middle and block as much space as possible. I’ve gotten to the point where going out shopping is a rage inducing process. I just want to start shoving people out of the way.

        3. Heh. I don’t have much consideration for others myself, I admit it. But hey, you know, when somebody comes my way, I at least move a little so that we can both pass instead of bumping into each other. A couple times, I ran into stubborn dudes and it almost escalated.
          But anyhow, you wouldn’t believe (or you would) the entitlement of girls and especially girls with baby karts. They think they own the world. I make a point out of not going out of their way. If they don’t move, I just stand still, look at them, and wait for them to go past. And often, they will sneer at me or literally call me an asshole for daring to not go out of their way. Fucking princesses. I mean, I know I am playing this game. But they seem so self-absorbed that they actually believe they have a right to free passage or something like that. Incredible.

        4. It’s funny how you can abuse the concept of authority. People are so scared of cops and the likes that they will obey simply out of fear of getting into conflict with the law.
          Cause instinctively, I would want to tell those guys to go fuck themselves.

        5. Damn, man. I was quite misinformed about that experiment. 65% did not stop giving shocks. Fucking sick. Humanity fucking sucks. Where do I sign up for Nihilism?

        6. Working off memory, I remember three individuals who stood out above the rest.
          One guy was willing to administer shocks until the guy stopped responding. He then absolutely refused to continue until someone went to check on him.
          One guy refused at first sign of pain, saying he didn’t want to give pain and nothing the authorities would say made a lick of difference.
          One guy gave pain no matter what, because he liked it.
          Three different alphas, as I see it. Two had a personal code that they would not break, and one was probably a sociopath. Considering how many people were tested, it’s appalling that there were so few who stayed steadfast in their own beliefs.

        7. There’s a more modern version of that in England. The worst offender was this cute, slight, mousy looking woman. She was practically bloodthirsty.

        8. I have to wonder if that experiment was just as bogus as the Stanford prison experiment.
          CBS’ TBBT is wrong on so many accounts, but it is dead-on when it says that the social sciences are hokum.

        9. Even as a non-New York resident I fully support this. Unfortunately it’s too reasonable to actually pass government scrutiny.

      2. “hot” refers to the feeling you have when you pee after she gives you gonorrhea

    1. She didn’t invent 3rd wave feminism, or sex positive feminism. Whores are empowered. That kind of idea.
      According to her book publicist she… “drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2”

  5. The “mild feminist” is probably the easiest to engage and possibly convert from their evil ways. There is no way you are going to get some sort of ugly unshaven she-beast to reason. Best just to avoid the other 8 archetypes of feminists completely if possible.
    For the mild ones though I have found that they usually just identify as “feminist” because that is the default setting out education-industrial complex brainwashes them with these days. Poke a few holes in their standard talking points, throw them some Alpha game, and sometimes they will become receptive.

    1. I cant deal with anything stronger than a mild feminist. well, maybe a buffalo feminist, definitely not a habanero one

  6. All feminist movements are the same- dysfunctional by nature and strays away from reality. In all honesty, feminism has done nothing to achieve true gender equality but rather by pushing and dictating for a mandate that requires all men to adhere to the double standards and hypocrisy of the modern day radical feminist ideology, which is to kowtow to the whiplashing of female supremacy and to allow a matriarchy to develop in society. This clearly does not equate to gender equality since the laws of nature would dictate otherwise. But what can expect when it comes to feminism? Afterall, logic and rationality will not compute in the minds of the average feminist. That would also be known as an oxymoron.
    The truth of the matter is that feminism is somewhat of an ideology that is based on the childish behaviour and immature rhetoric that we see in today’s modern day women. Always screaming for special entitlements and privelages while ignoring the concepts of accountability and responsibility. This has resulted in a generation of the most awful and repugnant women that man has seen in decades. You would think that it can simply be ignored and that hopefully these attention seeking morons would grow up one day. But now that you have these people entrenching every aspect of society, but especially, the workplace in the form of the human resources department, all bets are off in being able to maintain a stable form of life. Feminists have essentially, brought their insanity and delusional antics and drama to the modern workforce and all of this has resulted in the cultivation of a modern hostile and psychotic environment.
    From the false sexual harassment lawsuits, the office drama, office gossip, office politics, diversity training and other nonsense that has permeated througout the corportate world, no man is now able to work in a safe environment. All it takes is for some special snowflake to make up some allegation against you, and you are out of the job. When it comes to getting you fired from your job, then you can clearly see that modern day feminists are determined to spread their twisted ideology and destroy your means of being able to provide for your family and pay your mortgage or rent. This is the end result of decades of feminism and if you are a man, then you will simply have more of a difficult time coping in society. So what can the average man do to be able to retain his position of self respect in this world which is entrenched by these horrendous creatures that aim to make our lives difficult?
    Well for a start, it is essential to understand that no amount of logic and rational debates will be able to convert a feminist. As I have already said, that would equate to being an oxymoron. No matter how many times you win a debate or argument, the average feminist will go back to their old ways and habits. Worse, they will use their usual tactics of playing the blame game to ruin your life. So it is best not to use this tactic as it would also be a waste of time and effort on your part. Rather, learn how the average feminist thinks and to protect yourself at all costs. You have read the many stories and articles of false rape accusations, divorce extortions etc. Learn from the mistakes of other men, and understand that the fight between men and women, is not a battle, but a war. A pointless war that has been declared over men and one which will require you to use your wit at all times.
    Unfortunately, the times have indeed changed but as a self respecting man, always maintain a calm and professional composure no matter what challenges are thrown at your direction. By understanding what it is you are dealing with, then you as a man can always become the virtuous one and will be able to withstand against the many battles that will come across your way in this life.

  7. You defeat feminists by completely ignoring and avoiding interactions with them. Arguing with them is a waste of time because you won’t sway them with logical arguments. You are merely giving them attention, which is exactly what they desire, and they will repeat their illogical arguments into perpetuity until they wear you down by attrition. Feminists eventually consume their own, especially the emasculated male feminists. Leave feminists to their female-worshipping male counterparts

    1. Isn’t this exactly why they created the SJW List? The goal was to get more SJWs hired into companies they already dominate, so that the company would eat itself faster.

      1. If you’re talking about the Vox Day SJW list, then no. I’m a good friend of the man who created and maintains this list. It was originally designed to keep track of all known SJW’s so individuals could avoid inviting trouble into their company or know about one before striking up a discussion with them. It’s purpose as I understand it is so you know who’s likely to try to attack you so you can A) avoid them or B) be prepared.

        1. tsk tsk. That is not at all the official line.
          The official proper statement of intent is to enable these SJW types to more easily find work since, as we all know, their ideology makes them more valuable to a company, not less.

    2. Validation is critical for women. Even in her sexuality, she is empty, needing to be acted upon. See how they desperately vie for attention. When women truly despise a man, they do not insult him, they simply are unaware of his existence.

  8. All I registered were no.4, 5 & perhaps a few from no. 6 as being of the bangable variety. Dealing with No.1 & No. 2 deserves a shortening of sentence in Purgatory.

  9. Excellent analysis and tactics to counter them. IMO though, I think the best course of action for all 9 types is to simply ignore them. Employ the methods prescribed above only if confrontation is inevitable or if they make a blatant display about it (like if some fatty strips down to her skippies right in front of you, then show the appropriate amount of disgust).
    While my wife is relatively traditional (for an American woman), she does have some of that GRRL PWER indoctrination that most US women have. That being said, she is fairly receptive to the little truth bombs I drop from time to time about SJW’s and feminists. I told her plainly the other night I will never be a feminist because they are toxic and abusive. I knew she was on the right path because she actually agreed with me.

    1. I feel like one can make traction with #6, but the rest are lost causes. A lot of people are naïve and can’t imagine that someone would be spreading propaganda (like men and women are actually paid the same and there is no rape culture). I think the first time I heard the one in 6 statistic (it keeps growing) I was in college and believed it. A couple years later I thought about it and I realized… uh that’s impossible.

    2. This course of action is best. Feminists hate it when nobody pays attention to their shameless antics. It would also help if feminists saw the joys of traditional relationships so that they would know what they were giving up in order to be a feminazi.
      Most women identify as feminists partly because they are too afraid of being ostracized by other brainwashed women. Refusing to be a feminist is akin to being a child molester in today’s world.

    1. Funny the contrast to gang initiation rites, though.
      Do what they dare you to do (unless they are just fucking around) and you gain their respecct.
      Do what a girl tells you to do and you have lost it.

  10. why is the woman in the top pic wearing a corset over her shirt? Or is that for scoliosis? Showcasing how brave she is and all?

      1. with scoliosis? We need a cleansing plague to burn thru most of the world

  11. I can’t tell the difference between any of them, except male feminists, because they have much higher levels of penis envy and lower testosterone
    How to counter them: DDT

      1. as long as the insecticide in question does the job the details don’t matter

  12. You need to offer more specific counter arguments. Use examples if necessary. It’s too vague.

    1. Is it worth the effort to engage the hamster in logic? Does the hamster wheel ever go anywhere?

      1. If by the hamster wheel you’re referring to feminism… I’d say yes. Otherwise we wouldn’t be reading a post like this.

      1. They sort of do look alike. The one on the left is what? A senile old hag who wants to look like a man?

        1. 🙁
          She is simply an older woman in a corset.
          I wonder what you will look like at her age.
          You will all never have medical complications in your life, I presume.

        2. You’re really going to go with whatever this is needing a corset for a spinal brace? Lol proof even you folks can’t rationalize this kind of shit

        3. My flesh might not look pretty then, but I can assure you I will not turn into a freak.

  13. “Feminism” basically means “I want the human species to become extinct.”

  14. “The feminist in disguise.” The feminist in disguise can be sweet, fun loving, attractive, affectionate and feminine. She will be your little slut on a leash in the bedroom and tell you how much she enjoys serving you. They are the best manipulators of the feminist types and they know it. They are keenly aware of mens hatred of loudmouth, fat and ugly feminists and they use it as a manipulation tool to drain a mans resources. The feminist in disguise will dress in sexy lingerie, put on high heels, make you dinner and blow you under the table while you enjoy a nice meal, you can even turn the TV on, she won’t get angry. Not afraid to admit she loves being objectified, you can write “slut” across her forehead while she’s blowing you, if you so desire, she outwardly likes it and isn’t afraid to express it. The feminist in disguise will bash other women who “use their female privileges,” “Use their single mom card,” or “woman” card in general. She will claim to hate feminists for two reasons; 1. Because she does not want to be associated with the fat, loudmouth, ugly shorthaired mule dyke (sincerely, she doesn’t since the feminist in disguise is more than likely an attractive girl). 2. She knows YOU don’t like the feminist mule dyke either which allows her to maintain her cover and continue to manipulate. The feminist in disguise is charismatic, people like her since she will relentlessly power through the day with exaggerated enthusiasm in every social interaction wearing a Cheshire Cat grin on her face all day. She never takes a break from carefully assembling her team of enablers. She is a social chameleon.
    The feminist in disguise is on a war path. She is not a loudmouth protester, she would rather destroy men one at a time. She seeks revenge and all men will pay for what her daddy did to her when she was a little girl. Despite the constant grin on her face, she is constantly walking on egg shells, holding a ticking time bomb. She WILL pull the female card ironically, she WILL play the single mom card and abuse her female privileges but ONLY when the timing is right (key element, the bull dyke femenist is always lurking underneath the water). She will make bogus sexual harassment claims in order to get a man fired. She will physically beat men while screaming “man up!”, push them into a corner in hopes of retaliation with the goal of putting a man in jail with the added benefit of getting to experience what it’s like to behave like a man with all that pent up penis envy. She’s well aware the cops will be on her side when they show up. Like all feminists, the feminist in disguise is supremely entitled and expects to get whatever she wants regardless of merit.
    The feminist in disguise loves sex, male attention and wants to be worshipped. But ultimately she hates men due to the overwhelming amount of envy she has for them. She hates white knights with a burning passion but needs them and uses them. As sweet as she can be, the violence will occasionally leak out. Not afraid to admit that she would like to murder someone. Oops, did I say that? Back to being sweet again.
    Ironically, the feminist in disguise will morph in and out of her disguise. Overwhelmed with penis envy, she will occasionally throw on a black jacket and dark sunglasses, try to act tough, act and talk like a dude. She wants to “try it on” like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, in his basement with his dick tucked between his legs. But she will immediately morph out of this persona since she realizes it impedes her goal of manipulating and destroying men.
    Counter: 1. look for the red flags; very sexual and complements you constantly. 2. Be organized. Document as much as you can. Take pictures, voice records, receipts ect. Be organized when the shit hits the fan. Save your emails (I have blocked women from my phone which resulted in her relentless pursuit to badger me via email. Her dialogue completely crushed false claims she had made against me since females don’t understand irony or hypocrisy, block her and save the emails). Put your used condom in your pocket if you have to (I caught a girl inseminating herself with a condom she dug out of the garbage after we had sex). Be organized and ready to expose her when she makes her long awaited attempt to imprison you or make you lose your job. Last but not least, when the shit hits the fan, call her a feminist.

  15. Solution for attractive feminists: Insert penis
    Solution for ugly Feminists: Insert knife

    1. See, this was the problem polygamy was meant to solve. Only people (and by people I always mean men) are still too selfish and short sighted to make it work.
      Ugly women who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance in hell of getting together with a high status man, would love to be the third or fourth wife in a relationship with a man who would properly know how to train her and use her to advance his own household.
      What’s more sons from such a relationship would tend to be mentally tougher as they would have the genes of an Alpha and the scrappy mindset of being the underdogs as the sons of the hardworking ugly mother in the family. The daughters would also be better looking than they otherwise would be and they would learn the hard work ethic from their Mom.
      However, the problem is always one of selfish shortsightedness. Men have to be willing to put aside their own self interests and look after the well being of the other men in their society if they want to make a polygamous structure work.

  16. One of the decision I made was to homeschool my kids, including my girls, should I ever get any. I’ll teach them real, useful subjects, and every one of them, male or female, will inherit a business or create one. They will then teach the same things I taught them to their children, and they will date whom I approve.
    This may go against RoK wisdom, but I’ve seen plenty of girls in third-world countries do things like learn sonatas by age seven, beat men at archery and run businesses. The degenerate western socialist culture beats that out of them. Many of the examples of female nature we get here are based on western culture. I want to create my own culture, where people will be judged by their achievements.
    The Verelst School will teach things such as fighting skills, engineering, survival skills, anatomy, first aid and butchering, writing skills (which is English, minus the communist reading list), critical thinking, thrift (which is economics with an emphasis in earning money), fitness and history with an emphasis on application (namely military tactics, political maneuvering, etc).

    1. That kind of thinking is how and why things started to go south real quick. Women belong in the kitchen, plain and simple. When your daughters start to get older and have children of their own, they will instill a little of “you go girl” power in them. And those grand daughters of yours will teach their children even more you go girlism. After a few generations of that, full blown feminism.

      1. I don’t really care about your opinions as to what women should and should not do. I care about my daughters and their safety. Feminism only appalls me because it’s a movement staffed by socialists who want to take my family’s money and trains women into whores.
        It should be noted part of my instruction will include discussions as to why monogamy is the best for both genders.
        Oh, and by the way, go fuck yourself.

        1. Haha so you show partiality because they are your daughters, I can see why. But with that mentality you are not fit to lead anything, Maybe you can feel tough around a bunch of wenches.

        2. Nope, you’re in no position to assess my ability to lead. Not the same thing.

        3. “That kind of thinking is how and why things started to go south real quick. Women belong in the kitchen, plain and simple. When your daughters start to get older and have children of their own, they will instill a little of “you go girl” power in them. And those grand daughters of yours will teach their children even more you go girlism. After a few generations of that, full blown feminism.”
          the guy who said this not wrong and hits the nail on the hammer….he gets it like few do.
          and it is clear you are a feminist troll.
          you state this:
          “Feminism only appalls me because it’s a movement staffed by socialists”
          THIS IS FEMINISM….literally this it the doctrine of feminism. you cannot divorce socialism from it. it is impossible.
          socialists like yourself keep hopping through mental gymnastics to somehow find the perfect math formula to make a communist utopia when the math equation will never ever balance that way. it cannot. it is a physical impossibility. and its not from lack of trying…it simply cannot be done…ever.
          the knowledge on this site sufficiently lays this out so I dont feel the need to respond to your in further depth when the knowledge is there, on the site you are commentating on.

        4. State me one sentence that indicates I believe in socialism (gender equality =/= socialism; see the Samartians (where female aristocrats fought alongside their men).

        5. unless you accept the fundamental truth of the differences between the sexes….then explaining how gender equality is a part of socialism is useless.
          so before we get to that….tell me how the sexes are actually equal? because when i look at a man and a woman i see two different looking things in appearance, size, genitals, behavior, etc.
          socialism makes everyone equal….I am acknowledging fundamental differences. so i ask….how the two sexes equal and not different? in other words….pretend this is math.
          2 = 2 is a valid math statement
          man = woman….how is this a valid math statement?

        6. Your logic is slightly flawed. Just because women and men are not identical, does not mean they can do the same things albeit in different ways.
          Example: A man gets into a fight. He uses his superior upper body force to bulldoze through the opposition. He wins the fight. A woman gets into a fight. She uses her small size to evade punches. She then moves around her opponent and uses her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to end the fight. She wins the fight.
          If I were to teach a woman how to fight, instead of giving her the stand-up style I’d give a man, I’d likely teach her to target the man’s vital areas (balls, throat, solar plexus) and teach her things like judo throws and BJJ locks.
          Socialism, especially in Sweden, believes men and women are absolutely identical and are only different cause patriarchy. I believe men and women are different though they can do the same things, albeit differently. That’s the key difference between me and them.

        7. except it DOES mean they cant do the same things. thats literally what different means.
          women are not built nor designed for said fighting. they are designed to be mothers. they grow fat instead of muscle during puberty. it’s literally an undeniable piece of biology.
          if you are raising your daughters for anything other than motherhood you are failing them.
          your example doesnt even hold water….say she gets in a fight with a man. shes 5’3 we’ll say and 130 lbs….the average man is at least 5’10 and clocking in at over 180 lbs. so unless she can move 50 lbs more than her body weight shes already physically out matched. and teaching her to kick a man in the balls is just going to piss off that guy. secondly woman can get boob shotted and crotch shotted too and it tends to hurt them more. so if they happen to run into me in a fight and try that i will return the favor. and if you think im going down after one kick to the balls, you are fucking deluded as hell. you’re just going to piss off that man who might have shown you mercy.
          theres an unwritten code your fucking your girls over with….men dont hit below the belt….teaching your girls to do that is going to get them literally raped and then killed.
          contrary to video game logic and movie logic….small size doesnt equal speed. she will have no advantage there. its muscles that matter and women lack muscles in comparison to men.
          “In conclusion, we found considerable differences inhand-grip strength between young male and femaleadults. The mean maximal hand-grip force differs bymore than 200 N, with only a small overlap of strengthdistribution and no significant influence of hand size.Appreciable differences in the order of 100 N remainwhen using lean body mass as reference. Surprisingly,even the group of highly trained female athletes mat-ched only the 25th percentile of our untrained or notspecifically trained male controls.”
          girls suffer more concussions in sports than male football players.

          The US Mens U-17 soccer team played the USWNT three months before they won the Gold at the Olympics. The U-17 Men’s team won 8-2. from sports

          pro USA and pro AUSTRALIA womens soccer teams lose to high school boys teams. lets end this debate that women can fight men. its proven false here and now and on this website.
          seriously man….teaching women to be anything but mothers and housewives ruins them. the top athletes can barely compete against the untrained slacker men of the world. their body is not designed to fight. it simply isnt. accept facts.
          teaching women to act like men harms them more than helps. and it is a socialist doctrine that makes both sexes universally equal. sweden is not an anomaly. you cannot have socialism without these level of equality. people want to pretend you can morph socialism into something other than communism which is what it turns into, but you can’t. and God knows its not because we havent tried.
          read that last sentence….let it sink it. socialists need that last sentence beaten into their thick skulls.

        8. “except it DOES mean they cant do the same things. thats literally what different means.”
          The example I gave was of a fight and who’d win. If you read my argument more closely, you’d realize I was agreeing with you that women cannot do the same things because if they did, I’d give the example of a man and a woman boxing at each other.
          As for your motherhood comment, motherhood includes things such as purchasing food, investing money in businesses, etc. etc.
          Your science is sound, I’ll concede as of here.

        9. “If you read my argument more closely, you’d realize I was agreeing with you that women cannot do the same things because if they did”
          i suppose so….though that wasnt how i took it obviously.
          “As for your motherhood comment, motherhood includes things such as purchasing food, investing money in businesses, etc. etc.”
          yes motherhood includes many things….but well there is a father too and business is one area where the father should be taking charge was the thrust of my point. but i suppose you get that.
          “Your science is sound, I’ll concede as of here.”
          fair enough. someone conceding on the internet….a rare man indeed. i salute you.

        10. “business is one area where the father should be taking charge was the thrust of my point.”
          A historical point: in Renaissance/Enlightenment France, middle-class women oftentimes taught themselves how to read and arithmetic in order to assist their craftsmen husbands. This is backed up by women signing in their husband’s names.
          In other words, while the man is beating a piece of iron or carving a piece of wood, he has no time to learn how to read. While the woman is sitting on her ass eating bonbons, she realized she could teach herself how to manage the money he earned.

        11. it isnt that women cant work or are incapable of it all together. and in those cases the girls were married. but it s the fact she does not excel at it and encouraging it the way we are doing today breaks down marriage and the family structure.
          it is one thing to our of pure necessity do something, it is quite another to encourage it just because. youll also note you said to assist the husbands which is another key point. she was still under the direction of the husband and not going freelance which is another key point.
          yes now and then women were in charge…but it was rare and usually due to being a widow. if women worked, the husband approved and it was to help him usually. none of this modern “whats his is ours and whats hers is hers” or even worse “the wife handles my bills”
          its not that women cant work or are physically incapable of hard labor…it is just they are like children and cannot be left without someone in charge. which should be the husband and father of her children.

        12. “its not that women cant work or are physically incapable of hard
          labor…it is just they are like children and cannot be left without
          someone in charge. which should be the husband and father of her
          Why is that? (I say this because, unlike what many here would have you believe, a lot of women are very responsible and a lot of men are very irresponsible)

        13. women can be responsible and men can be irresponsible and vice versa.
          the problem is these are not men…..as men are rarely raised correctly, often in single parent homes, put into feminized school systems, brain damaged and sexually damage via that thing called circumcision, told in the media and TV constantly how much men suck, plastics increase estrogen levels and so on. the point is we are saying men are irresponsible but the fact is these men were abused and raised very much in an anti-male society so it is no wonder these men are broken shells of what they could be. so you cannot say men are irresponsible and blame it all on them….the blame truly lies with society.
          that said….they do need to get their act together despite this somehow…..and adopting the red pill mindset is one big way to do that.
          part of the red pill is understanding the true nature of women….which is childish. yes they can be responsible but so can a child, so can a dog. both can be smart and responsible and work hard. nonetheless you do not leave them unsupervised.
          women are like this because they are emotional beings and they have to be emotional beings. to raise children requires you to put emotions first. children need this. for example you need to an emotional expert aka a woman aka a mother, to understand the cries of an infant which factually sound the same yet to a mother they sound different. a child often needs their emotions and their crying validated before you can teach them anything and before they are old enough to reason. it takes an emotional being to play with a child who can do little more than cry and baby talk the first year of its life. it is not logically to play with such a being and that does not stimulate the logical part of the brain….but rather the emotional part of the brain.
          women excel on this. they thrive on this. it is why they’re so damn good with head games.
          i am trying to be short….but the thing of it is to be mothers, they have to be emotional because that is what a child requires first and foremost especially in infancy and toddlerhood.
          it also takes an emotional being to want to carry a child to term and spit them out very painfully at the risk of death even.
          motherhood is not rational….it is emotional. fatherhood is rational and logical not emotional. a woman seeks to have a child because her biological clock forces it during a certain time….a man seeks to have a child because he can and wants too by a conscious choice but nonetheless does not have too. a woman cannot avoid this biological craving unless she dopes herself on birth control. so it is only via technology that she can avoid her natural instincts….but as nature tells us, it is unwise to avoid such natural instincts. there is nothing wrong with acting according to nature.
          so because she is emotional she is not fit to rule. but because of the state of men today because of how poorly they are raised, she is forced to step up. but she is unhappy and miserable. go read the many articles about the modern woman and her mental health problems. she is not happy even if she appears to be so.

        14. The fact I’ve seen so many men, even rational alpha men, act emotionally, leads me to believe all humans are inherently emotionally driven.

        15. the fact still remains women behave more emotionally than men and women are not fit to lead. they simply arent. you can deny it endlessly but the sex that doesnt initiate dates, doesnt pee by themselves, and is on the bottom during sex and cannot go outside without 4 hours of makeup before hand is NOT the sex designed to lead.
          women and children is a phrase….men and children is not.

    2. Don’t worry, the first-world brand of degenerate socialist feminism is catching up with 3rd world women. Remember ladies, your enemy is not poverty, disease and deprivation.. it’s men!!! Quick, make lots of female-only charities and rail cars…

  17. Since feminists act like children, the best way to counter them is to treat them like children. And that is to completely ignore them and starve them of attention while they throw their temper tantrums.

    1. Women want to be where men are, this is a timeless truth. If we suddenly abandoned sports, clubs, and film, they would follow us to whatever new thing we come up with.

      1. Never a truer word spoken. Case in point, football (soccer to you u.s guys) here in the u.k . Always solely a working class male spectator sport right through til the 90’s, until 3rd wave feminism kicked in . Then they just had to follow us , under some gormless pretence of liking soccer players legs or some such , but really it was just to follow us

    2. You agree with this badly written and stupid article about “the enemy 😱”… but yeah… they are the children. Whatever makes you feel good buddy 😀

  18. One way to avoid the life destruction wrought against men through rabid gynocentrism (feminism):
    MGTOW: Never give a women or a white knight the legal, financial, social, physical, financial or psychological power to destroy your life.
    ANTI-MGTOW: Say whatever is necessary to keep men from becoming MGTOWs, for our own sake. We need those little betas to keep getting destroyed. It’s good for the womenz and white knightz – dontcha know.

  19. Women and white knights hate beta males. Why? Because they’re ‘good guys’. Women and white knights look down their noses at men capable of responsibility, devotion, love, empathy and compassion. Why? Too boring. Not enough excitement. Easily manipulated. Boring, boring, boring. Plus – there’s a ton of money to be made and much forced wealth transfer to be had to the benefit of women and white knights – which is why ever more anti-male laws and policies need invoking. Beta males, while the engine of society, are the scorn of the earth. They need to be kept in their place – lest women and white knights suffer.
    It’s all so simple – yet so difficult to comprehend for those without a clear understanding of women’s and white night’s hatred of 90% of men. How does one counter their hatred? Cut off their life support – which is your eventual destruction. Cut their jugular – their hatred of betas. Simply refuse to leave yourself vulnerable to the laws, policies and social constructs they use to destroy your life. Simple, simple, simple.

  20. The worst and really the most dangerous kind of feminist is the nominal conservative who has internalized feminist ideas. Think of the conservative schoolmarms who lecture about how men today aren’t men because they aren’t doing the responsible thing by marrying these sluts. Or the conservative politician who thinks that abortion is murder but thinks that women should not ever be punished for aborting their children- because after all, women are just helpless creatures who are forced BY MEN to kill their children so that they can whore around with more convenience.

    1. If casual sex was demonized like it was in ye olden times, we wouldn’t be having this discussion on abortion. One of the many logical inconsistencies of this site.

  21. Emma Watson is simply playing Feminist, like most of the pretty ones do. It’s advantageous to her image and status.

        1. As I understand it, Roman walled fortifications had smaller walls and obstacles that had to be crossed before getting to the main wall.
          Isn’t 26 the first wall, the first small one on the way to the biggun’?

      1. I think she’s a muff diver, using her shelf life to fill her bank accounts before she cries 30 years from now about how mean Male America kept her in the closet for so long.

    1. “#10 Exacerbated feminists.. these women exist closest to the actual dictionary definition of feminism, and are constantly being harangued, bullied and threatened by the 9 others for criticizing and lamenting what the movement has become. These lone-wolf feminists are notable for their extreme rarity, and surprising empathy with Men’s rights/Red-pill beliefs.”

      1. She Wolf Feminism , pro sex, contortionist, reads marquis de sade, can listen to Shakira and Rolling Stones without a conniption ..

        1. Marquis de Sade.. from whose degeneracy the term “sadism” is derived. He smeared his own shit on the walls of his asylum cell.

        1. LOL wait so let me get this straight … what group exactly are excaberated “white knight” feminists trying to have sex with while they simultaneously defend? marginalized Women ? marginal(ized) Dudes? Are Lone wolf feminists just horny do gooder justice warriors?

        2. Exacerbated feminists are quite capable of countering the other 9 on their own, they don’t need our help. From my POV, it’s more the case that feminism has become a lost cause, so people like Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, the “Factual Feminist”, and the few other “good” ones are flogging a dead horse.

      2. Along with Wendy McElroy, Paglia are the only women I have respect for that call themselves feminist. And McElroy doesn’t even write about sex and gender issues all that much. Except, of course, when she is verbally disemboweling Jessica Valenti in a debate about rape culture. That was a priceless debate.
        For anyone that wants to watch McElroy eviscerate Valenti, I’ll leave this here. To watch Valenti struggle to come up with the right fallacies to counter McElroy’s facts is worth the forty minutes of popcorn eating.

        1. Glad ya liked it. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was to see the look barely concealed panic in Valenti’s eyes as she walked to the podium. She knew she lost before she even got out of her chair.

        2. What about Christina Hoff Sommers? I think she, and the folks mentioned above-particularly Paglia, are good at assisting number 5, Naïve Feminists, to understand the history of feminism and it’s evolution to insanity and seeking privileged status.

        3. I like CHS for the most part, but she has her issues. While she does stand up for men when it is obvious they are being targeted, her beef with modern feminism is that it is turning men against women; men that would normally be happy to serve women. Basically, her thing is, “Hey Third Wavers. Cut it out. You’re fucking up a good thing we had going.”
          Paul Elam had a good critique:

  22. #1 will be a bridesmaid at Lena Dunham’s wedding to give the impression that Lena’s more attractive than she normally is.

  23. It’s not surprising that #3 also tend to be the biggest sluts. They just crave the touch of strange men upon their publicly-nude bodies.

  24. This is one of myriad reasons why whenever somebody tries to brag about going to college now I simply and roll my eyes:

    1. It has gotten to the point now where I mentally deduct “points” from someone’s likeability scale when they tell me the “have a degree.” I have noticed that the truly intelligent don’t even have to qualify their discourse with a recital of their resumé. They let their actual talking do the talking.
      When someone has to make a point of announcing their level of “education”, to me that is a built in Argumentum ad Verecundiam to whatever psuedo-intellectual bullshit they are spewing. It is usually accompanied by, “Oh yeah? What college did YOU graduate from?” As if that is a legitimate counter argument to a disagreement.

      1. Right – with so much free-flowing information everywhere now there is no need to formalize it at an exorbitant cost. All graduating from college tells me now is that you are good and meeting deadlines for assignments and maybe you work well in groups and have the ability to finish said assignment. That’s it, that’s all.

        1. I respect someone’s degree to a certain extent depending in the subject and the person’s attitude about it. But your right. A degree and high GPA are just indicators of one’s ability to jump through hoops.

        2. And they should NEVER brag about or talk down to somebody else as a result of it, because memento mori!

        3. I am amazed at how low the bar is set in regards to intelligence. Somewhere out there is an online quiz that allegedly can guess your level of education. I scored “PHD”, yet I BARELY graduated high school. I know it was rigged for idiots because aside from maybe 2 or 3 questions, every single question otherwise was about stuff I learned in junior high or early high school. There is no way it required college level thinking to answer the questions. Just regurgitation of junior high and Alex Trebec trivia questions. Yet you know a bunch of morons actually think they are smart after taking that test.

        4. I’m not so sure, as I’m going through college classes now (required for my career field), and many of the things they supposedly are “teaching” me is the same crap I learned to regurgitate in middle school. College doesn’t really require that much actual thinking.

  25. These hobgoblins are conquering the planet. Putin is the last barrier. When he is gone, they will be everywhere.

    1. you, sir, just used hobgoblin in a sentence. I bow to you. Well done.

  26. One wonders if the Mexican white slavers would be interested in any of these to take back to the brothels of Mexico. We’d be rid of them, and the Mexicans could show them real patriarchy.

  27. Feminism only exists in decadent developed countries where people have way too much time on their hands.

  28. That… creature, in the first photo, is just mind-bendingly, eye-gougingly horrible to behold. I’d rather gaze upon Cthulhu.

    1. Cthulhu brings only madness…and just wants to eat you. True…it’s a better deal. 🙂

  29. Continuing to be a proud and better man is the best way to turn moderates and naive insecure feminists. By leading by example they’ll fall for you and you’ll eventually have them wrapped around your finger.
    Fat lesbian trolls and manginas will get more enraged since you will be stealing all the good women while giving them the time of their lives. No matter what they say, being a masculine man is rewarding and will always be.

  30. So funny how Emma Watson is named in the Panama papers and its no big deal, yet all of these male world leaders have to step down and face public outrage. But no Emma, she was protecting her privacy, continue your inspirational work for the UN

  31. I consider myself a feminist but my focus is encouraging women to not fall into the trap of needing to beautiful. Women spend hours and hundreds of dollars a week buying and applying make-up, spend hours and hours shopping on clothes that show off their “strengths” just right to find approval theough their appearance. But for what? Objectification in the big scheme of things only makes them feel used and small. Think young girls binge dieting and obsessing over gaining 10 pounds, and showing off their cleavage and rear to 16 year old boys.It is not a healthy environment. I think any man who loves women, truly loves them, understands the hardships women face. I’m not even angry with the writer. He is just so out of touch with women today and so angry.

  32. The stop these feminists the best way is to ignore them. Pay attention to the more attractive women around in your work places/churches/gyms ect. Make HUGE deals out of men with attractive wives, compliment the makeup they wear, the way they dress, show interest in the more attractive women at work ESPECIALLY if they have just had a child and did not gain much weight. Such indirect put downs will slowly make them realize that they need to shape up. And if these fat feminists should start screaming what a pig you are how disgusting you are, ect, ignore them. Don’t acknowledge them. A plant can’t grow if you don’t feed it.

  33. ‘Turd flinguing monkey’ and the guy from ‘Freedom alternative’ (Lucian) wrote good articles and video and this subject. I strongly encourage you to see them.

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