If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed

In the past year we’ve been the target of establishment attacks. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with insiders who understand the globalist master plan. Combining my own analysis with those discussions lead me to conclude that if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election, attacks against us and ideologically similar right-wing groups will explode in number, with the goal of shutting down our counter-narrative platforms and ensuring a Donald Trump figure never gets populist support again.

It’s easy to stay apolitical as long as political forces leave you alone, but the second you become a threat to the existing order, politics will become a painful part of your daily existence as pressure increases on your speech and behavior. Many young men in universities are finding this out right now as false rape and harassment charges ruin their lives before it gets started while men working in corporate America are already aware that they are one “sexist” or “homophobic” statement away from losing their livelihoods. The fact that many men are now recording their consensual sex encounters shows how badly men are being targeted.

Hillary will attack us on multiple fronts


If Hillary Clinton wins, there will be a huge increase in “acute” attacks against individuals and groups. At the same time, there will be a rapid introduction of dystopian new laws that serve as the leading edge of the “chronic” front. All men will be negatively affected under a Hillary presidency in one way or another, meaning that the globalist boot is fast approaching our faces.

The acute attacks will be witch hunts from the media, local politicians, and the Federal Government. They will target us, the alt right, alternative media, patriot groups, survivalists, traditionally conservative groups, and anyone else who strongly supports Donald Trump, tradition, or masculinity. The purpose of acute attacks is to psychologically break down, impoverish, and imprison those who have a powerful ability to counter the narrative or those who have the strength and organizational skill to resist tyranny with arms.

If the media can’t take someone down through their focused lies and distortions, like with what happened to me in February with the meetup outrage, the task will then be handed off to the Federal Government to pursue bogus “hate speech,” “extremist speech,” and “incitement to violence” charges, as is already being done in Europe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). The IRS will be involved to wear down groups with targeted audits, like they did with the Tea Party, while the FBI will infiltrate and subvert groups that are meeting physically using COINTELPRO tactics.

The chronic attack phase will include passage of unconstitutional hate speech laws (or malicious interpretations of previously banal laws) that a compromised Supreme Court will not stop. A stricter variant of “Yes means yes” laws will be passed nationally, making every man who has consensual sex guilty of rape until he can definitively prove otherwise. Just as globalist insider Ezra Klein stated, the goal is for you to feel a “cold spike of fear” when interacting with women. So it shall be done.


Talking to girls in public will be illegal harassment or “hate crime,” and be enforced any time you make a girl feel bad for whatever reason, even if you merely stare at her the wrong way (such laws are currently being beta tested in the UK before wider rollout). Blatantly discriminatory “gender equality” laws in the workplace will lower the incomes of all men so that less qualified females can receive job positions and promotions at male expense.

In addition, the law will be selectively applied to maximize pain against men. Those who break the law against you will be allowed to walk, just like Hillary did after the charade of her FBI investigation, while you will be prosecuted for the most minor of missteps that the other side gets away with. The veneer of justice will be removed and only raw power will remain.

Hillary will be far worse than Obama


Obama was the “race” president, and look how badly he has damaged race relations in only eight years. Hillary will be the “gender” president. The future we have in store should be absolutely clear to you if she happens to defeat Trump.

Not only will she move to establish a techno-matriarchy where men are second-class citizens to any female, but she will ensure that no movement or organization will be able to challenge her or her establishment cronies ever again. This isn’t a trivial matter of getting banned from a web site like Twitter or Youtube—many of you will be forced to escape the country for no other reason than you happening to be a man who found himself on the wrong side of the establishment.

Many men say that Trump is controlled opposition. The evidence to that has been wholly uncompelling based on the genuine establishment attacks he’s received, but even if he’s lying about all of his policies, including building a wall, the one guarantee we can make about him is that he won’t attack men. There’s absolutely nothing in his candidacy or behavior in the past 40 years of his life that suggests it.

If Trump happens to win and does attack us, I will proudly wear egg on my face, with the depressing realization that our last hope for some semblance of normality has been destroyed and the dark age will be brutal for us all.

A vote for Trump is a vote for self-preservation


My vote for Trump is based on self-preservation for myself, my brothers, and all the men who support me. If Trump wins, I’m confident that we will be able to exercise our free speech without unfair persecution and not be wrongly tried in courts for masculine behaviors. If he does only a scrap of what he promises, we’ll be able to pursue our constitutionally given freedoms without fear of destitution, imprisonment, or worse.

I predict that a masculine renaissance will occur upon his victory, where men can once again focus on their own individual goals with Trump as a patriarchal role model. I would devote more of my energy to helping men successfully pair bond with women, like I started my writing career with, instead of having to play political defense as masculinity becomes retroactively classified as hate speech.

But if Hillary wins, we’re doomed. I’m not saying this out of emotion but out of careful consideration of the globalist master plan and the increased speed of their advancement in the past ten years. What you saw against us in February is just a warm-up of what will come to hundreds of individuals and organizations on the right, all while the justice system pushes genuinely insane laws that force all men to prove they are not rapists after their sexual encounters. I do not look forward to how my life will be like if Hillary does win, or having to wake up every day to see if the “big” attack has started against us or not.

I therefore urge all American readers of mine to vote for Donald Trump on November 8, 2016. While I am skeptical of some of his promises, and wonder if America is too far gone to make it great again, Donald Trump must win so that the pause button can be pushed against this nightmare of insanity that is already crushing men. He will allow us to regain our footing after being forced to watch in disbelief at all the negative changes that have been recently forced upon us. Let us all breathe a sigh of relief if he wins, and pray to God for safety if he doesn’t.

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763 thoughts on “If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed”

  1. Jesus fucking Christ, calm down. Mostly everyone will be just fine and will see no change, no matter who is elected.

    1. Alternatively, they will see no acceleration to change one way or the other, same as always. We don’t notice the earth moving because its path and speed do not change appreciably.
      People fear Trump because he threatens to accelerate the change in the other direction. They will definitely notice something like that, because it is change.

      1. Because of this a lot of Obama voters are being cited as saying they will vote for Trump due to the likely hood of change they didn’t receive with Obama. This is a demographic that isn’t very well represented in either right or left news. Also many many people “saying” they will vote for Hillary to avoid friends and family turning from them…. it has the makings of a surprise landslide victory.

        1. Scott Adams publicly endorses Clinton because he fears the retaliation if she wins and he endorsed Trump. He states he has no fear of the same if Trump wins, because Trump and his supporters are less vindictive.
          It was a great post.

    2. Unfortunately I know too many men who have been screwed with false rape accusations. The girls who were raised on “rape culture” are out in the world now and causing a lot of problems for men.

      1. ^ this, I’m so sick of women, cucking men here in the West – in the workplace, in relationships, it does not matter where you go, the “rape culture” manta, is so toxic, and I’ve had it! I’m voting for Trump, because at the very least, the SJW crap and PC shit, will be subdued. If Hillary wins, I suspect American men will be unable to get a hard on, due to seeing/hearing her speak daily.

      1. what does that have to do with all politicians being essentially ineffective?

    3. That’s what people said about Obama. With that being said, return your Soros money and get a real job trollkin.

      1. Jersey or the Cayman Islands. I might consider Belize if they lax their gun laws.

        1. John McAfee makes a case that Belize is not all that it is cracked up to be.
          Additionally, I’m under the impression that Belize is one of the countries where foreign residents must leave Belize for a certain period of time every so often in order to retain residency…and and every nearby country to Belize is a craphole.

  2. I don’t know if it’ll be as bad as Roosh states in this post, but I do have some speculations about what will happen if that harridan does get in:
    1) Agree that she will do to gender relations what Obama did to race relations. No doubt in my mind the gap between the genders will increase by leaps and bounds.
    2) Rampant immigration will take place. Prepare for a mini-Merkel in the USA.
    3) She will probably not survive her first term. No, that is not a threat on her life. It’s from observing her health issues. Hillary is mentally ill and frail. She is on multiple medications and the stress of the campaigning is wearing on her. If she doesn’t collapse into an epileptic fit during a debate against Trump, she will during her first term.
    My suggestion would be to hunker down and prepare to weather the storm. Become independent in every facet possible (financially, grow your own food, etc).

    1. I will never, ever vote for a female “leader” for high elected office. Even considering a female for any institutional leadership position is a total joke and is as blue pill as it gets.

      1. There would be better female presidents to choose from for me, Hillary spear heads the way for eugenics and feminism, a combination of those is a deadly one. Never in my life have I ever been this fearful for a certain president to be elected.

    2. Her gross lack of press conferences is a testament to her, likely, mental deterioration. The debates are going to have to be pretty closely nannied by the establishment to keep her looking competent.

      1. Have you seen the video where someone was heckling her at a rally and she froze up? I’m talking wide, deer-in-the-headlights, eyes and pursed lips. There was a “Secret Service Agent” that came up to her and told her “It’s ok. Keep talking.” There’s a lot of debate about this SSA, and there’s proof that he might be a medical professional hired to follow Hillary around.

        1. To put it mildly, it’s bad optics.
          This is what America should and does fear – a leader who absolutely freezes when posed with a crisis.

        2. Bad optics? Man. Somebody who carries that amount of fear from something, probably has some trauma. Who is to say that she is not out on some kind of revenge plot against everybody who resembles her (conjectured) attacker?

        3. Reminds me of 0bama when he is forced to improvise, but worse.
          This has to be a sign of mental decay on the part of Hillary as America’s Cersei wouldn’t allow herself to be flummoxed by the peasantry were she all there between the ears.

        4. “proof” ..try conspiracy theories. she is not a great candidate, but come on..

    3. Hillary is too old and sickly to be any kind of leader. Years of alcoholism and possibly drug abuse have caught up to her. She is being controlled by men behind the scenes, in my opinion. Who controls her behind the scenes? Just look at the foreign elites who she has been doing favors for and receiving cash from, the Saudis, the Chinese, etc. Consider what those powers want for America. I don’t think they want American men to reproduce and lead America.

      1. Looking at the pictures of the lump in her tongue and, now, the crater in her tongue that resulted from that lump being cut out, maybe she and Huma are corroborating Michael Douglas and Bruce Dickinson’s controversial statements.

    4. Im saying there is a strong 60% chance trump puts her into a seizure during the debate.
      But of she wins, get ready for the EU of the americas. Free travel, voting rights, and a new ID card for all mexicans and canadians. New voters for the next 50 years.
      After she buys the votes, she will stack the Supreme Court and destroy the constitution. She will disarm all white people.

      1. Even though I’m in Canada, I absolutely can not wait for the debate. I obviously can’t support Trump with a vote, but I’m watching this with bated breath and I hope that all Americans will do the right thing.
        1776 motherc*ckers!!!

        1. Oh but you can, haven’t you heard, no id required to vote in the states. LOL.

        2. Seriously though? Would it actually work if I just went over to the US, went over to the voting booth and voted there? Surely it isn’t actually that easy?

        3. Shit. I’d heard there was a lack of screening, but this is ridiculous. What’s preventing people from voting like 100 times?

        4. Nothing, blacks voted several times for Obama. Even the dead rose from the grave to vote for him.

        5. That easy.
          Why do you think leftoids hate any kind of voter id law?
          Prevents illegals and felons from voting. And the dead.

        6. In my former state, all you need to vote is proof of residency, which can be met with just a utility bill.
          At the worst, you could come down from “America’s Attic” and vote Trump for the low cost of a month’s rent of some hole in the wall place.
          Besides, we Americans welcome Canadian citizens to participate in our elections and government. Play your cards right and Texas might make you their next junior Senator 😉

        7. Also, there’s nothing to stop anyone from voting as someone else.
          At my polling place, where there is no voter ID, you can procure and use a ballot for anyone if you have the following information about them:
          1) Name
          2) Address
          3) Date of birth
          4) Political party
          I know scads of Democrats who are going to sit out the election because they so despise Hillary. If I didn’t want to risk prison, I’d vote Trump for them. With early voting allowing voting for 1 whole week, it wouldn’t even be a challenge.

        8. Voter fraud is horrible over here. The Democrats win the “deceased vote” every year. They also somehow manage to do a great job at getting peoples dogs registered to vote.

        9. No, it’s not that easy. That’s a right wing talking point. First, you would have to be already registered to vote, as a state resident, and misrepresenting your identity in a federal election is a felony. There are extremely low numbers of vote fraud (at least this type). I’m no fan of Hillary or voting or democracy, but this is simply not true. Also, once you vote, you are marked off a list and can’t vote again until next year.

        10. You’re being told utter nonsense. I think you can tell how unbelievable the nonsense is too. My polling place wouldn’t let me in without “proper ID” because they didn’t want hassles.
          Think about it: if everyone could vote numerous times, then there’d be literally tens of millions of votes coming from every city, for all top candidates. There’d be billions more votes than there are citizens. Be smarter than that.

        11. Sure thing, chief.
          And when they open their car door in the morning, there’s a bloody hook stuck into it too.

        12. They want to see your signature against your address in the USA. But they do not check ID at all!

        13. This. Yep. Its not “easy” to vote multiple times or for somebody else…unless they are dead!

      2. She is actually a very protectionist candidate – much like Trump and Sanders.

        1. LMAO – Hillary is none of those things, all though she does support Cucked trade, formally known as NAFTA.

        2. She is, actually: http://reason.com/archives/2016/08/08/hillary-clintons-protectionist-promises
          Both candidates would do terrible things for our economy and future if they go through with their uneducated and populist agendas. The days of Reagan are long gone: “Our trade policy rests firmly on the foundation of free and open markets. I recognize (. . .) the inescapable conclusion that all of history has taught: the freer the flow of world trade, the stronger the tides of human progress and peace among nations.”

      3. I don’t think Hillary will debate Trump: she would gain nothing from that. She can just say she won’t engage with a bigot, racist, misogynist, etc and claim the moral high ground. Trump would schlong her in a debate. She knows it.

        1. That’s the problem: he would totally schlong her… but he’d LOSE to her (or any person, really) in a debate that uses words and expects you to put them into sentence formation. Donald is functionally illiterate. His sole “speaking skill” is juvenile name-calling (“Little Marco”, “Goofy Elizabeth”, etc.) He doesn’t answer questions; he farts around and farts around and farts around until he sees the other person looking bored and then he wraps up with how wonderful he is and how his [non-existent] plans are the best.
          Fuck. The man is an embarrassment. We can only hope that all of the voters he is hemorrhaging will vote en masse for Gary Johnson and NOT for Hillary Clinton.

        2. Right, he’s so stupid compared to the likes of you. Go pander your Hillary crap somewhere else.

        3. LMAO, I will bet you a burger and fries at McDonald’s Gary Johnson does NOT win, nor any other third party shill. Apparently, someone forgot how machine-politics work. Hillary wants you, to vote for Gary to dissipate the vote even further. Don’t fall for it.

    5. Also, as a stated opponent of fossil fuel production in the States, expect the price of oil, gas, and coal power to rise as she cuts down on our ability to produce.
      Apparently the shale oil miners have developed their technique such that they could get production up to meet total demand in a few months, all for cheaper than OPEC oil. She takes enough money from them that, should she become president, we can be certain she’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure OPEC is unchallenged by local production.

    6. The bitch looks and acts so fucking phony and fake, I just can’t understand how anyone would even consider her as a president.

      1. I imagine it’s much the same as how millions of people considered the equally phony and fake Lyin’ Ted Cruz for President.

      2. Don’t underestimate the power of the masses in being unable to engage the rational part of their brain. My ‘wise old mother’ thinks she’d make a wonderful president.

        1. Based on what? Her vagina? Estrogen? Her “qualifications” (lol!)?

        2. Exactly 🙂
          Didn’t wanna trigger my poor ol’ Mum with my truthful misogyny though.

    7. “Hillary is mentally ill and frail. She is on multiple medications and the stress of the campaigning is wearing on her”
      Oh, really? What are the names of her medications? And what’s the name(s) of the doctor(s) who prescribed them? I mean, I have read numerous baseless claims about her taking “mysterious, un-named meds” on loads of conspiracy websites, but those sites also claim that all world leaders are lizards too.
      But I digress… tell us all the names of her multiple medications IF you want to be believed. And cite your sources too. Don’t be that guy who cites “but everybody knows it’s true”.

      1. “What are the names of her medications?”
        Clinton’s publicly available medical records show she was first placed on Lovenox, a blood thinner, in 1998 to treat blood-clotting problems…he anticoagulant was replaced with Coumadin – also called Warfarin – which she began taking after developing a blood clot in her head from a fall and a concussion she suffered in December 2012.
        Some info is public knowledge or you just trolling?

        1. Quoting a far-right rag which has had to retract as many articles (‘Beulah Montgomery’ and the ‘five-month pregnant, man-hating liberal feminazi who aborted because her fetus was male’ come to mind as two of the most fucking absurdly obviously fake stories they ran with) as it has printed is hardly a source of public information.
          You may as well quote Stormfront on how super blacks and gays are. The only trolling here is posting links to sites which couldn’t get their stories straight if they tried.

        2. Sure kid. Hillary has medical problems, even her fan boys admit this, and you ask for names of her medication. Proof was provided and you dismiss it out right “Stormfront” propaganda.
          The old lesbiasn is ill and she is on meds. If you cannot see that for yourself then what’s the use of anyone proving evidence to a dupe who refuses to see. Do you own research and make your own conclusions twat.
          Edit: US media is the propaganda organ of the democrat party, hence why no one trusts them. Check the ratings for yourself or better yet, ask people not in your bubble.

        3. Trump has medical problems, all psychiatrists admit that too. Her medical problems, small as they are, are insignificant compared to Trumpsterfire’s problems.
          You didn’t provide proof, you provided a link tantamount to Stormfront claiming gay Jews are behind 911. If proof existed, I bet you would’ve hopped to it and provided it. Google only uses the same low level of “proof” you’re OK with. That makes you an idiot, but I’m hoping that your idiocy doesn’t extend much beyond hating Clinton at all costs, for that I scarcely blame you for lowering your proof tolerance.
          Calling her a lesbian is a tired, school yard level insult. No basis of fact at all, and it only makes the name-caller (y-o-u) look bad. But it seems you enjoy looking bad and using bottom-of-the-barrel “evidence” as proof. If we started mandating an IQ test prior to letting voters in, you’d be pissing your diapers about how the damned pro-education liberal mafia stole your rights. And then you’d link to Alex Jones.

        4. Little lying bitch. Provide proof of Trump’s “problems” as I am sure mass media would have been exposing that. Clinton’s medical issues are on display depiste the media slience, but ignore it– we won’t. The provided link was not stormfront, but your trolling. Google away simp.
          Hitlery is a dyke and it is true. Sorry if that upsets you. I know from people who worked with her. If you cannot see your gray Marxist grandma being helped up the stairs, slurring her speach, etc.. you are in denial.

        5. Yawn. Quick question when you give rimjobs at the local synagogue do you find it empowers you? You go girl.

        6. Dismissing something because it is “far right”.
          There is a better website suited for you
          ——> Jezebel.com

    8. Gotta prepare for the worst. I can see her winning. If only just. I hope I’m wrong.

    9. I, for one, am starting to jog 3x a week, take vitamin B12 for energy management ( I feel ten years younger) and plan on going fishing with my sons soon…Also, I want to buy a chord of firewood for an outside firepit…for cooking….

      1. Yeah I need to work on my cardio more. I’ve been lifting more so I’m getting stronger, but my endurance has gone down the crapper in a very bad way.
        Illimitable Man mentioned what he takes on Twitter a week or two ago, so I’ll be looking into those supplements:
        30 ml fish oil
        5000IU vit D
        200mg DIM
        1000mg NAC
        400mg magnesium glycinate
        Seems like a solid combo of supplements.
        I have a firepit and a small supply of fire wood ready for burning. I got some limbs to cut down this fall so my pile will get larger soon.

    10. Are you high? How about for once, people unite, vote for Trump and defeat her, instead of giving up before the fight, and accepting the status quo. This whole, oh, defeat is inevitable mentality, is just pathetic. Vote that bitch down, this fall!

      1. Where in my comment did I say roll over and accept defeat or just accept the status quo? The closest I got to that was suggesting you prepare for the worst but that’s hardly rolling over and dying. I suggest you stop drinking the Trump kool aid at least long enough to regain your reading comprehension.

  3. These elections are more important and more crucial than the elections that brought Hitler to the Reichstag.

  4. Trump probably won’t win. I don’t think catastrophism is likely to help things. Often the tide turns precisely at the point when outwardly things are dire. If as is likely Hillary wins yes, she’ll push forward the globalist feminist agenda, but the way they work this would probably happen despite a Trump win, and despite Trump, even if he might slow things down a bit. The fact is a Hillary win will not only be bad for democracy (and ordinary men and women by extension) it will also be demonstrably bad for democracy: she is someone we know to be in bed with the elites, having taken ridiculously large speaking fees from the likes of Goldman Sachs which are effectively bribes, being associated with voter fraud potentially, and a demonstrably corrupt DNC; neo-con wars, etc. The point here is that Hillary could be a pyrhhic victory for the globalists. it would be great if Trump gets in, and we should all hope for that, but Trump too could easily be a pyrhiic victory for anti-globalists: look at how the Brexit turned out in Britain – it immediately turned into an elite stitch-up and was used as an excuse to push the elite banking agenda to de-value the currency, lower interest rates and print more money.
    Sure, Hillary will push an anti-male globalist agenda, but she won’t get the free pass Obama got. She will be seen for what she is: a corrupt, dishonest, unstable puppet of the elites; elites who will be more exposed as a result of getting their way

    1. I am inclined to agree. She will further destroy the country and turn more people against the globalists and leftists. The only caveat I will add is that might not matter. The next POTUS will get to choose 3-4 Supreme Court justices. If it is Hillary, she will be able to put in some VERY liberal judges that will be in there for many decades to come.

      1. She might well do that. One way or another there will be more stupid liberal shit if she gets in, but I do think that might be an own goal, even if it means things getting worse before they get better. In a sense I think the issue is more about becoming ‘conscious’ of what is going on, which may require that things get worse still. The narrative is already dead for us, but once she’s done, it will ring hollow for everyone. I hope Trump gets in, but if he does there will be a more head on battle. Both the right and the left will be galvanized potentially, which could also serve to distract from the lobbyists and globalists running the show, although that will depend on what Trump does once he’s in office.

      2. Someday, perhaps under Trump, Congress will reclaim the lawmaking power that it illegally ceded to SCOTUS.
        Congress’ power over the SCOTUS is staggering but they elect not to use it.
        For instance, Congress could (and, historically, has) fire judges from SCOTUS and replace them.

        1. I don’t think that’s true in an “at will” kind of way. The Justice has to commit an actual crime, they are otherwise appointed for life “during good behavior”.

        2. Congress can get around that by firing the SCOTUS judges indirectly by exercising its power to set the number of judges on the SCOTUS.
          Congress came close to doing this when it reduced SCOTUS from Lincoln’s 10 judges to, ultimately, today’s 9.
          Aside from that, Congress also has the power to regulate which cases can even go before SCOTUS. There are however a few types of cases, explicitly listed in the Constitution, that Congress can’t regulate.
          Seems to me that, even though SCOTUS was never supposed to have the law-making power that it does today, Congress was granted abilities to preemptively check the SCOTUS as there’s no way (except a Constitutional amendment, as applicable) to overturn its rulings after the fact.

    2. Keep in mind, Trump had “no chance” one week before Cruz dropped out. Don’t let the MSM numbers fool you. I Agree on the Hillary points.

        1. The more sense Trump makes, the bigger the Poll lead Hillary will get, they want Trump voters to feel discouraged to go out and vote.

  5. 1. Don’t forget she is a blood thirsty warmonger. Expect even more confrontations with Russia and China. And they are not like Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. Russia and China are not afraid to fight back and give the US a punch right in the mouth.
    2. Increased taxes on the middle class. She said it herself at one of her rallies.
    3. More government “Departments”. Maybe a “Department for Social Services for Gender, Racial, and Religious Minorities”.
    4. I think you’ll see a “LGBT Day” start to be elevated to the near status of MLK Day or Memorial Day. Maybe an extra federal holiday?

    1. They never add a day to the calendar. They’d probably take it out of Memorial or Veteran’s day, because they’re basically the same thing, right?
      It’d be President’s Day all over again.

      1. It’ll be Columbus Day…it’s already controversial with the SJW crowd, so it will be ‘reconfigured’

    2. GAY DAY!
      If you dont dress up like a queer and takenit up the hershey highway then youre a bigot and everyone will shun you.

      1. “If you dont dress up like a queer and takenit up the hershey highway then youre a bigot and everyone will shun you.”
        Or in the interest of diversity acceptance every boy (boys only, nothing required of girls) in the USA in the 6th grade will be required to take a federally mandated anal penetration in the form of two fingers by federally trained personell…
        Seriously, this new Orwellian nightmare novel called America 2016 is writing itself.

        1. Next on the homo aka pedophile agenda,
          all boys are required to have gay sex with federally man”dated” “professionals” to know how it feels to be a girl and to check if he’s a homo or not, their pulses will be checked, when it spikes higher than a certain degree while getting penetrated that boy is automatically branded a homosexual and must live accordingly
          emotionally confused and afraid he will turn to his pedophile mentor to help him understand his assigned sexuality
          congress and the pope approve

        2. “emotionally confused and afraid he will turn to his pedophile mentor to help him understand his assigned sexuality
          congress and the pope approve”
          That’s when one looks up to the cosmos and prays for the doomsday meteor falls out of the sky and puts us back to that big puddle of shit from where we came from.

        3. Fuck yeah. I am ready to bug out to Poland like next week…as if I could!!!

    3. Russia and China are on the brink of collapse though.
      If they were to pick a fight with us, even though we’re so economically damaged, it could be a repeat of the Falklands war, with them playing Argentina and us playing Britain.

      1. Russia and China have always been on the brink of collapse, that’s just how they roll.
        They know how to make do with the bare minimums, unlike Americans who haven’t seen any real strife since the great depression.
        Sorry to break it to you. But once the container ships stop comming and your supermarkets run out of stock. You will be fighting a war against your own people.
        I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of monkey business and chimpouts would happen if your EBT-cards became useless because the shelves in the stores were empty.

        1. The US has complete leverage over China, leverage that Trump plans to wield. Their economy is already crumbling and it is predicated upon building junk on the cheap for the USA.
          We’ll be just fine without the container ships coming from China. Food will still flow to the supermarkets as we produce our own food, we’d be better off without the sketchy Chinese food.
          We’ve seen at least one major “chimpout” when the EBT failed and we survived that easily. If we were to have one en masse it’d be a good thing as it’d lead to the US solving a problem that hasn’t been lingering since the mid 1800s.

        2. We grow and produce more food than anybody’s business, we’re not dependent (or wouldn’t be) on other nations to feed us.

        3. Food is not everything. The U.S imports about 15% of food from abroad and most Americans could use a diet anyway. But most importantly is, uranium and crude oil, vital nessecities for any post industrial society. No oil or very litte because domestic production goes to the war effort, means little gasoline/disel will go to civilians (transportation & farm equipment), it will mean no fertilisers and pesticides derived from oil, no plastics, no hygenic packaging for foodstuffs, little heating for homes (few have fireplaces nowdays) etc. You do the math. Then you can take into account blackouts in major cities and the consequences of your unruly citizens there.
          Look im not trying to be an ass but most Americans today have a very unrealistic take on reality. This American exceptionality is also you biggest achilles heel. Don’t overestimate your capabilities. It’s a recipe for trouble.

        4. Actually I think the U.S is more likely to pick a fight with China than the other way around, but what would I know.
          China produces cheap crap for the whole world. They would certainly take a hit. But they don’t rely solely on the U.S for their survival, neither are they limited to sea bound trade routes should war arise. Short term the U.S has much more to loose.
          We will see what happens but even if Trump gets elected the Democrats won’t go away. He is not going to have an easy time as president.

        5. China can’t even make its own flag correctly, as we’ve learned from the Rio Olympics 😉
          If the US implements “fair trade” with tariffs, China is instantly brought to heel. And the Chinese know it.
          Even under 0bama’s extremely beneficial to China (at America’s expense) trade policies, the Chinese economy has already come close to imploding; when the Chinese gov’t is in the habit of keeping its stock market alive by temporarily “disappearing” key players in this day and age, you know they’re going to get schlonged under Trump.

        6. On the otherhand they have recently pegged the yuan to gold and will probably make it completely gold backed in the near future. While the U.S has trillions of dollars in debt, a fiat currency backed by empty promises and a humongous trade deficit.
          It looks to me that they are calling your bluff and putting the petro dollar out of business.
          Some Chinese are obviously ignorant as hell but their regime seems way more competent than all western governments the U.S included…

        7. Don’t let yourself get duped by the facade the Chicoms are putting up, their economy is in the toilet and they’re doing all that they can to hide it.
          The Yuan isn’t pegged to gold, it’s pegged to government lies. It is fiat currency masquerading as real currency.
          The USA does not have a “petrodollar”. We’d be better off if we did. Then again, Putin’s Russia has a petrodollar and that’s been a source of Russia’s recent great financial strife.
          Besides, the Chicoms surely know what happened to the last government that tried to break free of the world market and use a truly gold-backed currency: it was overthrown and its leader was sodomized to death with a bayonet.

      2. Right, the West has been saying this for as long as Russia existed, yet it stands, over 1000 years, still stands strong and proud. Murica is on the brink, if you live there, you’ll be right in the eye of the hurricane when it happens. Good luck playing Britain.

        1. We already saw Russia collapse once, and they recently had a significant economic collapse.
          The Ruskies are more respectable than China (they were/are America’s last respectable adversary), and have a sturdier economic foundation, but the country hasn’t gotten back up to speed after all the communism.

      3. Hey, could you post a link to that so we can all check it out? I thought they were doing ok….

      1. She gives all illegal immigrants and muslim refugees citizenship so she gets more votes for a second term

    4. There will be no confrontations with China. The wealthy Chinese are buying up all the prime real estate in California, NYC, Houston, Vancouver etc. 300,000+ Chinese study at american universities each year. There will be no conflict with china.

        1. Venerealtines Day?
          St. Poofters Day?
          Oh this is gonna be all day isn’t it?

  6. No, we will be screwed either way … Hillary represents the “left-wing” Globalist wing of (((the elites))) and Trump is masquerading as a nationalist but really represents the “right-wing” Zionist wing of (((the elites))) … If he gets elected, he will ultimately take his marching orders from Tel Aviv and we’ll be headed for more wars for Israel in the Middle East …

      1. Here he is endorsing his boss Netanyahu … Trump knows where his bagel is buttered …

        1. (((the elites))) Just say “Jews.” If you’re going to be outwardly antisemitic, at least be honest.

        2. Yes, you’re right of course being the good goy that you are — the truth is anti-Semitic …

        3. But there is no “truth” to that; it’s the same tired shit spouted by Jew-hating tinfoil nutters. “Global elites,” “Jews control this, Jews control that…”

        4. “tinfoil nutters”
          Not bad but you forgot “wild-eyed conspiracy theorists” and “Mom’s basement” …

        5. Obama tried to influence the elections in Israel, and you slur the the endorsement of Netanyahu against the US democrat presiden? And then you note his Support of Trump, his rival Party, as taking orders from his “new Boss” ? Nigger please.

        6. You are a bit incoherent so I’m not sure what you are getting at … my original point was simply that I believe Trump is a pawn of Netanyahu and his fellow Zionists … you are of course obviously free to disagree with that contention …

        7. Forgive the typos… iPhone. Keep it short…. Netanyahu knows the democrats are not his friends.

        8. Boogety, boogety boo. Here comes the big bad jew.
          Scapegoating. A fashion that has never gone out of style.

  7. If Trump loses it will signal that it’s okay to openly shit on working class folks. Both parties can just continue ignoring them and calling them bigots. John Smith in the Rust Belt doesn’t feel like globalism is a fair deal because his factory was killed by NAFTA and his son has to compete with H1Bers willing to working for 12/hr and a bronze health plan? Fuck him. He doesn’t matter.
    My biggest issue is the goddamn social engineering, though.
    I made the mistake of buying a condo in a new building a few years ago. They couldn’t sell all the units so they turned to the government, who happily brought in some new tenants in via Section 8. The short of it was that the unit was a complete loss – thugs hanging around outside, stomping around and shouting 24/7, regular police visits. The really funny thing was that the denizens kept getting evicted. They couldn’t even a follow a few basic rules(like not moving in people who aren’t on the HUD form) and pay a couple hundred bucks a month to keep their .5M condos. I ended up moving my family in with the in-laws for a few months.
    And the refugees who’ve been causing so much trouble for Germany and Sweden? They’re not slated for California or Massachusetts… the plan is to put them in the Plains States.
    I’ll mention the Transsexual issue too. Obama’s administration demanded no questions asked bathroom access for trannies at public schools. No professional diagnosis or hormone therapy is required. Just walk on in! Are they going to take responsibility when the guys start bringing cameras into the girls’ locker room? Of course not.

    1. In new developments in the DC area, the government actually REQUIRES developers to give a certain percentage of units to Section 8 in order to make housing “affordable.” This is in addition to vouchers that send the ghetto to the suburbs and beyond.

      1. Exactly the same as here in the U.K , when a new housing development (ie “estate) gets built, a certain percentage is allocated to “social housing” , which I guess is equivalent to your section 8 . Within a few months of said development being completed there’ll be an army of pregnant Nigerians or shrouded ghouls (muslimas) pushing their buggies down the road , nowhere is safe from this enforced “enrichment” ..

    2. Great example of that was Minnesota in the 90s. Bill imported thousands of mostly Somali refugees in a deliberate strike against the folks of that region. 25 years later, and they’re still pooping in the streets,

      1. They are all over the damn place…and the crime rate skyrocketed because of them.

    3. A second example was the Salvadorean importation in the wake of their civil war. In the late 80s, nearly a million Salvadoreans were imported to the US. They repaid this generosity by forming 2 of the most brutal gangs in history, gangs which have essentially destroyed any hope for El Salvador, and are rapidly expanding in the US.

  8. Democracy is a con. How many times do you have go through this process to figure it out!? These people are just puppets. Whoever get selected will have to follow their script.
    While the USA is right now the preferred attack dog of the NWO, the globalists have decided to move their base from your country to Asia. The USA is no longer an economic powerhouse. Her downfall began under the presidency of Ronald Reagan and as such is no longer as powerful as she would like to appear. The US may have a strong military but even that is not impressing anyone any more.
    They now want to drop the US dollar and therefore the USA. In other words, there is no more blood to suck, the parasite needs a new host and the most appetizing host right now is China. It is a done deal. The financiers have decided to give up the US dollar to go with the Chinese gold-backed Renminbi.
    The aggressiveness being displayed by America is nothing more than the signs of her near demise. Everyone at the top knows it and many cannot wait to see her pass away at long last. They also know that the near future is in Eurasia but none understands better than the parasite.
    The USA are now at a crossroad with 2 options.
    The first one is to willingly accept the end of their bloody hegemony which is what Trump seems to preconize.
    The other option is a war against Russia and China and the rest of the free world to try and maintain their superpower status by maintaining the blood-stained rule of the petro-dollar.
    The oligarchs in control of America feel the USA have nothing left to lose if a world war breaks out. Or maybe they are in a ‘Samson Option’ mode, whereby if America goes down, they will take the world down with them.
    Those behind Trump know that the end of the US dollar and therefore the US hegemony is non-negotiable and irreversible. I think their goal is to prevent a crash/a war which will devastate the American people and do all possible to allow a ‘smooth landing’ and salvage what they can before it is too late.

  9. Secret Service was told to stand in a closet because Hilary doesn’t like seeing them.
    This women is a psychopathic whore. She will be very vengeful upon becoming president.

  10. Hillary will croak before her first term is up. Write it down. Prepare yourself for President Kaine.

      1. Has a nominee been elected, and died between November and January? What happens then? I know there was one guy in the 1800s who croaked rather quickly, but I’m fairly certain he was inaugurated first.

        1. I don’t know that we have anything in place right now. If she is sworn in, the order is established, but what if she dies before she lies on the Bible?
          Hard to say.

        2. Did some research, so if she wins the election, but dies before the electoral college meets, the electoral college chooses the president.
          If she dies after the EC meets, her veep gets the nod.

        3. The DNC would reconvene and appoint a nominee. Apparently their process is a little more murky and complicated than the RNC’s tho. Not really shocking.

        4. Dueling with swords or pistols should make a comeback. It sorts the right kind of people.

        5. Check your privilege shitlord. You just want the men to win. Even though women are equal. Society is just keeping them down.

        6. THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! That would be better than watching any debate, guns or knives?

        7. From what I’m finding, there’s a time period of a few weeks between when the EC votes and she becomes Pres-elect where if she (God forbid) croaks then Congress gets to decide the next President.
          This time period is the time between the EC meeting and the Congress meeting to count the votes.
          A death during that time would leave it up to Congress to decide if the VP gets the nod or if the House of Representatives gets to pick a President from one of the top 3 other contenders, the “12th Amendment Election” that the neverTrumpers have been crowing about for months.

        8. Reminds me of the quote from Patton where Patton proposes that war should be distilled down to generals duking it out personally.

        9. I wonder if Paul Ryan would have the gumption to put himself up there. That would take balls unheard of. People might literally revolt if someone simply gifted themselves the Presidency.

        10. I don’t believe that Lyin’ Ryan could put himself up for the Presidency in this situation as the 12th Amendment states that the choices for the next President, when it is invoked, have to be the 3 remaining people who obtained the most electoral college votes in the most recent election.
          Though on Ryan and gumption, I wonder if he’d put himself up for being the first Speaker of the House who is not a current member of Congress if he should be voted out of Congress either tomorrow (8/9/16; Wisconsin primary) or November.

        11. No, I believe that the closest scenario to your question was William Henry Harrison, who served about three months before dying. If the president-elect dies before inauguration, then the vice president automatically ascends to the presidency.

  11. Hillary is gonna die of illness before then. Her state is deteriorating rapidly (hello, karma). I suspect once the public gets wind of this, they’ll vote for Donald. Even if they don’t like Donald, he’s still better than a sickly, impaired old woman.
    I’d like to state, not if the public knows, but WHEN. The media is doing a great job censoring this fact, but as we all know: the more one hides something, the bigger it’ll blow up once exposed.
    I hope Donald wins and this culture can be salvaged.

        1. just reading it. Ordinarily I’d be sceptical but it looks genuinely serious

        2. I’m surprised he didn’t just keep opening and closing her jaw for her manually. It would have been about as subtle

    1. Hitlery dying before the election (even if natural causes/illness) could be really bad for the US as the creepy pedo looking vp would step in and claim all sorts of victim/sympathy votes.

      1. What’s the worst Tim Kaine could possibly do? Can’t possibly be as bad as the hag.

      2. From what I understand, the VP only rises to the President role should the actual President be incapacitated. DNC would select someone else. But yeah, he is creepy looking lmao.

  12. If Trump loses then some sort of political separation of the States into two or more pieces is probably inevitable. Whites are being asked to surrender their majority status and their cultural inheritance voluntarily. When in history has something like that ever occurred without resistance?

    1. Last time this happened there was a civil war to pull the states back in. If that were to happen again, there’d be a lot of bloodshed and the USA would probably wind up whole again, regardless of the contempt felt by those who wished to secede.

      1. The only fighters the lefties have are borderline worthless. The military would defect en masse.

        1. Not the entire military sadly. There are quite a few useful idiots that will blindly follow orders. I remember having a conversation with someone in the Army back when Obama was first elected. I asked very plainly what would he do if there was a civil war and Obama ordered the military to kill American civilians/militia men?
          He said his job was to follow the orders of the President to which I replied, “I thought your job was to protect the Constitution and your nation.” He simply repeated his first answer.

        2. I’m just saying in general. Of course you’ll meet some enlisted from time to time, but the vast majority are right-oriented.

        3. Technically, all civil servants (including the military) take oaths. Among the oaths is the line, “I will support
          and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
          enemies, foreign and domestic.”
          Consider who the enemies of the State are, because this oath suggests they could even be in the White House.

        4. Most people throw that out the window, and do what’s best for their families.

        5. Truth, but in case of a revolution, secession, or civil war, it makes things more complicated for people.
          It is my hope that, should the time come, all who have sworn such an oath take it into consideration.

        6. Not necessarily. There are a lot of gangbangers in the military who sign up for training and access to equipment.
          The majority of the US armed forces is probably conservative, but it’s not the overwhelming majority that it used to be.

        7. Most of those guys are Guard (read, worthless) or they get washed out of Boot, Infantry Training, etc. Or they survive POG ranks, gain zero skills, and still wash out eventually.

        8. Which might be why 0bama has been packing it full of non-citizen scum of the earth and giving as many loyal-to-America folks the boot.

        9. That oath seems particularly pointless for those in government as Congress has (illegally) decided that the only people on Earth who actually can support and defend the US Constitution are the 9 judges on the SCOTUS.

        10. I wouldn’t either, but it jibes with my personal experience so I’m inclined to give it some credibility.
          You’d think that the military, excepting the “5th column” that 0bama has put into it, would be all for Trump as he is promising to make the military bigger and better while also reducing its chance of actually being used in a massive conflict.

        11. With so many millennials, the first generation to be fully indoctrinated by the federal education system (thanks Reagan & Carter), in the ranks I could believe 20%.

        12. Most I’ve met that’ll vote for her are women, and the occasional Mexican.

        13. People are surprised by this, but throughout history, the vast majority of every military supports their leader, no matter how insane he is.

        14. At this point, If I were them I would wait a few short years, maybe a generation, boil the frog a little more , in order to have most of the Army replaced with robots, in order to counter the risk of defection. I don´t know what goes on in their heads, maybe they want the bloodshed of a civil war in current conditions…

        15. This poll was in may? Since Comey at the FBI revealed what a crook Hilary is, many servicemen hate her and mock her now.

      2. Who would be doing the fighting this time around? Pretty sure active duty and veteran soldiers share similar political views, along with a lot of law enforcement

      3. Disagree. The next US civil war look more like the Spanish Civil war with a mix of balkans.

      4. The first Civil War was fought because companies with too much pull in government were oppressing Americans.
        The next Civil War would be fought for the same reason, the only difference is that the dissidents would be fighting for a protective tariff whereas the dissidents of yesteryear fought against an oppressive, crony corporatist tariff.

      1. Yep, been dead since the 1960s.
        The last guy who was championing them got shot just up the street from DC.

      2. Sorta of. Check out gun laws and death penalties for crimes (38 states still do that).

      3. States themselves could end up splitting. Many have deep blue urban counties in the middle of a sea of red

    2. ” When in history has something like that ever occurred without resistance?”
      This time around there is a little something called “white liberal guilt”. Just as Germanic europeans will do anything to avoid having the Holacaust thrown at them, whites in the States and Canada will do anything not to be called “rascist”.
      The politicians know this and are taking advantage of this for their immigration policies.

      1. I don’t disagree that the low-T white lib crowd will elect to go down with their sinking ship, especially if their only alternative is to make common cause with the flyover whites they despise so much

  13. Roosh is swooning like a woman. Trump is very unlikely to win. No we aren’t all screwed, she is a terrible candidate but we’ll make it out just fine. Vote Gary Johnson

    1. “Trump is very unlikely to win… Vote Gary Johnson.” Great idea, I’ll vote instead for someone who is guaranteed not to win.

      1. Why is it that almost all Trump denouncers have to add a personal attack to every bit of advice? lol

      2. As a person who was an out and proud libertarian back when Ron Paul was around, and who still holds many conservative libertarian values, I find it funny that several of my friends/family members who have always been establishment Republicans, who constantly gave me hell for my libertarian beliefs, who insulted me when I told them the truth about their favorite president (W), are suddenly all aboard the libertarian train and supporting Gary Johnson. He is nothing more than an opportunist who knows that many establishment neo-con voters don’t like Trump, and that many on the left don’t like Hillary. He will not get my vote.

      3. If Gary Johnson wins one state in a close race it could throw it to the house. Looks unlikely at this point since a lopsided Hillary win now looks very probable.

        1. If Gary Johnson could win one state, he should make it New Mexico and run for governor there.
          He has to be better than the drunken, disorderly racist woman who is running that state now.

        2. Hillary win looks probable? Last week they were saying Trump would win. Even several prominent liberals said this. Now Hillary has the edge. They haven’t even debated yet. This is far from game over.

        3. Romney’s win was in the bag, until election day 2012.

    2. Actually, you are reasoning like a woman. Since Trump is “unlikely to win” you plan, in a fit of pique, to make it him more unlikely to win by throwing your vote away on someone who has NO chance of winning.
      Also, Gary Johnson? Really? Wait… are you gay?

      1. It isn’t going to matter in my state anyway. Face it, unless you’re in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, or Virginia it doesn’t matter. Compared to Gary Johnson Trump is a pussy.

    3. That’s what they said after obama. America is now on downward trajectory with each election.

    4. At this point in the election cycle, Mike Dukakis had a 17 point lead over the Republican nominee, George H Bush. Carter had a 10 point lead over Reagan.

      1. Not a fair comparison, the Republican conventions were later than the convention in 2016 which has already occurred.

        1. Agreed, but still… Those guys led by 17 points and it evaporated.
          Anything is possible (either way.)
          I happen to like Trump under the gun. It will force him to not take things for granted and to be aggressive. Right wing politicians of the past (almost) 3 decades have been meek. If Trump tries to go silent, it will kill him. He’s past the point of no return:
          Bill Foster: I’ve passed the point of no return. Do you know what that is, Beth? That’s the point in a journey where it’s longer to go back to the beginning. It’s like when those astronauts got in trouble. I don’t know, somebody messed up, and they had to get them back to Earth. But they had passed the point of no return. They were on the other side of the moon and were out of contact for like hours. Everybody waited to see if a bunch of dead guys in a can would pop out the other side. Well, that’s me. I’m on the other side of the moon now and everybody is going to have to wait until I pop out.

        2. I’d say the debates this time around are a far bigger deal than they were then. I didn’t even watch any of the Dem convention and only Trumps speech of the Republican one. Effect of convention much less than effect of debates. Look at the tv ratings.

    5. Gary Johnson and his VP running mate have nothing but kind words for Hillary. Coincidentally both are white men and both are former GOP governors. It’s almost like they were brought in to siphon off votes from a specific group.

      1. This isn’t true at all Gary Johnson also ran in 2012 vs. Obama. He isn’t saying anything nice about her, link me if that’s not the case. If anyone is brought in to get Hillary it would be Trump himself. Hillary was in attendance for at least one of his weddings. And pre-candidate Trump is on the record saying nice things about Hillary. Insulting veterans is a political no-no, is Trump throwing the election to get ol’ Hillary elected?

        1. It appears that you’ve made up your mind as to who you’ll vote for, but in terms of veterans being offended by Trump remarks, Trumps still holds the majority of the veterans support. I expect him to win majority from both acting and former military.
          Regarding deceased veteran Humayun Khan and his father speaking at the convention and denouncing Trump. You cannot enter the public realm criticize a political opponent and then state that you are above criticism due to the fact that you lost your child.
          Regarding John McCain, he is despised by a lot of veterans. His service in Vietnam is honorable, he was captured, tortured, and forced to make a false confession. On that same note John McCain was instrumental in opening relations with Vietnam even though they never properly accounted for the POW’s that were never returned. When people tried to find out the truth behind the Vietnam POW’s McCain was at the forefront of fighting them.
          If you are wondering why active duty and retired military support Trump look at who he attacks. When people enter the public forum of debate they can be criticized.

    6. Gary Johnson is the new cuck candidate. If you’re a cuck, go right ahead.

    7. Gary Johnson is taking money from those who support Hillary Clinton.
      He’s just there to split the vote for Hillary’s benefit, siphoning off the Berners and the Cruzers.

  14. This article is 8 years late. America was screwed with election of obama. America is becoming 3rd world country. California, america’s most populous state is already 50% there, outside silicon valley and hollywood does anybody speak english in california any more?

    1. Conversation I had with the man sitting next to me on an airplane last year:
      Him: “I learned to speak Spanish while on a mission for my church.”
      Me: “Oh? What country did they send you to?”
      Him: “Well, it was L.A.”

    2. Dubya screwed us solidly as well, so did Clinton.
      Have we had a president who hasn’t screwed us since Silent Cal?

  15. This gets old. Yes, Hillary is the most horrible candidate running, so I’m very comfortable being #NeverHillary.
    Trump? I was a Cruz supporter through the primaries, and Trump has assured me that that he not only doesn’t need me, he doesn’t want me, or those like me. So, until that changes, you and Trump need to just soldier on.
    You seem to believe in the importance of a Trump victory more than he does. If HE thought it was important, he’d have apologized to Cruz and Cruz followers for the lies, distortions, and crude innuendo both against Cruz himself, but also his wife and father.
    When that happens, let’s talk.
    You want my vote without that?
    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    1. Cruz is a pure scumbag. The greatest irony of this campaign season is that he of all people drapes himself in the trappings of morality.

      1. Man I cant up vote this enough. Cruz is a ‘Holier than thou’ hypocrite to the Nth degree.

        1. Yep, he’s a less likeable Mike “The Huckster” Huckabee, the man who would be the “Pharisee in Chief”

      2. I need to interject. He is a principled man who knows what he knows. I would have to go with Schopenhauer on this… his experiences (Vision) is as far as he understands the world. The collective knowledge of the men here exceeds that, so try to have perspecitve for a mere senator from Texas. Ted would have been a much better POTUS that Obama alas.

        1. Sadly, he would not have been.
          Even the GOP despises him, he’s a male version of Hillary Clinton and he doesn’t have an affable Bill Clinton equivalent to smooth over the extreme dislike he engenders.

        2. I address the 3 Posts below… I disagree. Ted has promise as Long as he does not compimise when he get there. Cruz is way better than Clinton or Obama.

    2. What this tells me is that you are equally okay with either Trump or Hillary winning the election. It strikes me as odd that the “Conservatives” who would support Cruz would think this way, because surely Trump could be no worse than Hillary (even if he were the devil incarnate, as I keep hearing from that faction).
      We on the nationalist side would love to have your support. We would love to have you alongside us, questioning particulars while supporting the idea. Even the great kings of old needed advisers who questioned them.
      But if you will not join us, we will find a way to do without you.

    3. Go and buy some Preparation H for that butthurt. Cruz lost, Trump won. Stop whining and man the fuck up.

    4. Scorned little huzzy you are. Politics is ruthless sport. Fellow Cruz supporter here. We lost. I am voting Trump as a means to burn down the GOP.

    5. You’re taking Trump’s attacks on Cruz a bit personally, no?
      I see two ways to sort that out. Let Cruz worry about Trump’s attacks, and you worry about a Hillary presidency.
      Alternatively, recognize that Trump reached out and invited Cruz to speak at the convention. Trump opened the door wide to repair the relationship and work together, and Cruz slammed it shut again. Nothing much for them to discuss at this point.

      1. No, I take Trump’s attacks on Cruz as an indictments of Trump’s character. Sort of the political equivalent of Tyson biting off Holyfield’s ear. Pretty sure Tyson apologized for that one though.
        Trump did indeed invite Cruz to speak. Then knowing that no endorsement was coming Trump did indeed orchestrate the WWE-type booing of a completely benign statement that we should vote our conscience.
        You are right that there’s nothing for them to discuss at this point as Trump’s clearly using Cruz as the WWE style bad guy, or to mix metaphors the target of the 2 minutes of hate that he seems to think his followers need.
        FWIW, I received 8 comments on my post, and yours is the only one that approaches what might be called civil discourse. The rest validate my decision to quit the GOP, and I guess in a way validated Trump’s decision too go with 2 minutes of hate to focus his followers on the real villains; conservatives.

    6. Wow. What a bitch. “He attacked St. Heidi de Goldman Sachs and Cruz’ daddy! I hate Trump! Waa!”

    7. Cruz was the “projection candidate”. He made it easy for folks to delude themselves into thinking that he supported their ideas.
      When I saw that both conservatives and globalists were both supporting him, the blinders came off.

    8. OMG!
      What are we gonna do without YOUR vote?!
      We’re gonna get Hillary cuz a supporter of the former Adams Family campaign is butthurt.

  16. I actually registered to vote for this election, which is something I never do. We can’t let this disgusting, grasping, cunt of a woman in the White House.

  17. Donald Trump as a president will not stop slutwalks, feminazis, helping sissy men to get laid or stopping college girls from sleeping with 60 guys during one year. I can’t believe why are so concerned about Trump, sure his immigration and islam policies are good, and he has copied them from European parties btw. Nationalist parties has been present in Europe for long time.

    1. All that will accelerate at faster rate in american culture under hillary matriarchy.

      1. Presidents don’t have power over people’s sex lifes, and the right to have tacky demonstrations is protected by the constitution.
        Trump is good on islam and immigration. In other areas he doesn’t help the manosphere. Has he ever suggested that women should not have voting rights?

        1. You’re living in a dream world. Under hillary, males who founded companies will be “fired” just so females can have their chance. TV images will be dominated with “strong” women in authority over men who are always apologizing to them for no reason. Beta males will do jail time for awkward social approaches. Anything wrong with feminism will become exponentially more toxic.

        2. The president has the ability to amplify the effects of those demonstrations. By offering even a blip of support, Obama has greatly empowered a series of movements that would’ve faded swiftly otherwise. Now we have mainstream politicians coming out in support of BLMers. Hillary will do the same for the feminists. The slippery slope isn’t a fallacy.

        3. Immigration laws have not been enforced for the last 8 years under obama. Every major american city is now a “sanctuary city”. Hillary is promising amnesty by a different name. Borders are meaningless if they aren’t enforced.

        4. Does he have to? His acolyte Ann Coulter has for years been pointing out how disastrous womens’ suffrage has been.

        5. Obama had record deportations. Don’t make me defend the guy with the truth lol. He’s a terrible president, but one doesn’t need to distort his record to attack him.

        6. “Has he ever suggested that women should not have voting rights?”
          Trump is politically incorrect, not stupid.

    2. During his intro speech, his daughter talked about what a great progressive feminist he was, how he hired the first women ever to run a major luxury hotel, etc.

  18. If you don’t vote for Trump because of some asinine reason such as “he’s not a real conservative…” than don’t cry like a bitch when Hillary packs the Supreme Court, all federal courts, and federal appointments with people who want to see your entire way of life ended.

        1. <<n:u. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz564a:….,…

      1. The only thing really preventing judges from doing whatever they want is their reputation but when other judge positions are appointed feminists and SJWs their reputation lies in making decisions favorable to the SJW and feminist collective, in other words we’re screwed

    1. Real conservative? He’s not a real CANDIDATE. He’s the fucking JOKE CANDIDATE, like Mary Carey or Jimmy McMillan. This is an embarrassment. I don’t want to hear about fucking Hilary Clinton – conservative America has no one but themselves – ourselves, I’m ashamed to say – to blame for blowing this.

      1. It’s simple, #NeverTrump=hillary4president. There are only two presidential candidates in this election now, Trump, and Hillary, the time to nitpick and look for other options and alternative candidates are over. Men have to support Trump, or expect a Hillary Clinton victory.

        1. I do expect a Hillary Clinton victory, and I blame my own fucking idiot fellow conservative for the fact that it’s come to this. This is literally an unpopularity contetst. Hillary is so despised that Republicans could have chosen ALMOST FUCKING ANYONE and beaten her – but no, fuckin’ mongs wanted Donald Trump. Fuck.

        2. Its almost as if theyre only there to poke fun at the American people and show what a mockery the election process is.

        3. but all of the cuckservatives are too afraid to take on the problem of 3rd world immigration.

        4. He had the largest voter turn out ever, it’s not supposed to be up to the party, it’s up to the people and they have spoken

        5. Trump was better in political ideology than all the rest of the half-assed “conservative” candidates this year. When you have morons like Jeb Bush claiming illegal immigration is “an act of love”, I really have to question how you think the alternatives would have been any better.

        6. This site is a cuckold magnet. There’s far more than one.
          However, Johnny Salami ain’t one of ’em, and he only speaks the truth.

        7. When you say “no chance”, followed by “idiot”, it only seems as though you’re signing your post as “idiot” and just forgot to put the comma before it.
          Hate her as much as we do, we are still in the minority. Trump is REMOVING hatred from Hillary and garnering more hatred for himself. More people hated her BEFORE Ol’ Orange-face opened his arglebargle yap against her. He can’t stop digging his own hole deeper and deeper.
          America’s only chance is to replace him and replace him QUICK. Trump cannot, and more importantly WILL not win. There just aren’t enough people with IQs below 75 who are registered to vote.

        8. This is exactly what it is. I can’t believe anyone is actually voting. How much more clear does it need to be that the office of the presidency is totally meaningless before people will stop wasting time on a Tuesday.
          Shit, the winner of American idol is a far more important role

        9. You totally miss the point, many could have beaten her yes, like Cruz,
          but there would be NO political change whatsoever.
          That`s the whole point here.
          You see how the GOP establishment are all against Trump and basically side with the democrats…well, it`s because they are one and the same.
          Trump represent the ONLY possibility for a real change.

        10. Totally Agree. I’m actually really proud of the Republican voters for not allowing our Candidate to be picked for us by the Establishment. I don’t know how democrats can look at themselves in the mirror knowing what mindless sheep they actually are.
          Trump was not my first choice. I started out for Rand but he just wasnt ready for Primetime. Trump became the Alpha Male up there on the stage and thats why he is our candidate now.

        11. Trump can win. In fact, I would argue he will win without any election fraud. If the Republicans had chosen another Bush or any other insider, we wouldn’t be in any better position. Honestly, I would have rather had Rand Paul at the beginning, but he’s weaker than Trump and quite honestly would have had less of a chance of winning. Same thing with Carson, great guy, too weak socially.
          Whom else should they have chosen. Almost everyone else was an insider and Ted Cruz proved himself to be a grade A political shankster.

        12. I think this is important to note. As corrupt as the establishment Republicans appear to be, their nomination system actually worked properly this time and the people got their candidate of choice, despite what the establishment wanted (it looks this way anyway, assuming he’s not some sort of psyop).
          The Democrats however, blatantly stole the nomination from the people and gave it to their pre-ordained candidate right in front of their faces. I thought before that both parties were equally corrupt, but it appears the Dems have the other side bested by at least a little bit, and they don’t even apologize after they fail at hiding it.

        13. My IQ has never been tested officially, but it’s pretty fucking high and I’ll vote Trump just so he can place a supreme court judge and she can’t. For that one reason alone. People whom are going to vote for Hillary because Trump says a few things here and there that hurt peoples feelings are likely the fucking idiots with IQ’s of 75. The problem is that we have too many idiots with low IQ’s on the wellfare state out there that do get to vote.
          I know you are a leftist because you equate being a Trump supporter with being a low IQ idiot. Donald Trump supporters may have less education on average, but that doesn’t equate to lower IQ’s. That just equates to less indoctrination and a more realistic view of the world around them.
          I know plenty of very intelligent men whom are highly educated and will get on the Trump smear campaign. Funny thing is, they are quite when Hillary is brought up. It’s clear they don’t like her but are afraid to say it in front of their female educated peers and the few loud mouthed male feminists around them.
          Take me for instance. I’m highly educated but I’ve left all that crap behind and brought myself into the blue collar world. That’s the bigger divide than intelligence in support for a candidate here.

        14. The fact that you think Ted Cruz could beat anybody in an election for dogcatcher shows you are not dealing with correct facts.

        15. Absolutely correct. 538 has him down 30 POINTS from Monday. Good luck getting consensus with the gathering of the Juggalos in time to do anything about it. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas…

        16. Actually there are as many as 4 Supreme Court vacancies for the next president to fill but your IQ is “pretty fucking high” according to yourself so you must have known that and said “a supreme court judge” (“justice” actually) to show your realistic view of the world.

        17. Well it isn’t, the presidency, and democratic system i am referring to.
          Its compulsory to vote here (Australia) but i hadn’t bothered to vote for a few elections because of apathy or whatever, and just took the $20 fine. However, alot of people here are sick of the bullshit from the two major parties and voted for smaller independent parties which got them alot more strength in the senate to block policies from the major parties. which gave me some hope that the system actually works.
          Now, the current prime minister didn’t like this, and changed some of the rules to prevent what had happened. He called a double disillusion election to clear the senate, but the same thing happened again, no one likes the major parties as it is obvious that they are serving only themselves and their business friends interests. I voted this year, and didnt include the major parties on my ballot.
          I would suggest that Americans get out and do the same, however it is absurd that your election is held on a fucking Tuesday!..even that is quite obvious that they dont want the american people voting at all.

        18. “Hillary is so despised that Republicans could have chosen ALMOST FUCKING ANYONE and beaten her”
          -Was responding to this.

        19. Trump needs to filter his comments, yes. But that is as far as I agree with you. Replacing him would be political suicide.

        20. With elderly Trump supporters getting hit with tire irons by angry negroes in broad daylight, it does not surprise me that many cucked silent supporters of Trump stay silent for fear of having their privates removed. Or losing their job.

        21. Rand Paul is not nearly as Feisty as his dad, sad to say….he is simply WEAK. It’s sad.

        22. What, by equating intelligence and personality? You know why most politicians are corrupt lawyers? Because idiots like you and salami live in fairy tale land where the king is supposed to be some perfect propositional archetype out of a disney story.
          In reality, your obsession for a subjectively perfect candidate leads to you voting for liars pretending to be perfect. Perfection doesnt exist, so grow up and stop holding other people to a higher standard than you hold yourself.

        23. He did cow tow to the establishment a lot more. I wouldn’t be surprised if his dad lead him down that path after finding out he got blocked at every turn from ever achieving anything. Think about it. Ron was very successful in getting his message out to the people but non of his policies have went into effect before he retired from politics. He might have told Rand to play the game more than he did so they could get some bills passed (like Audit the Fed). If Audit the Fed passes (we’ll need Trump plus a Republican House and Senate for it to happen), then he will have succeeded where his father failed.

        24. There is only one guaranteed right now. You’re dealing possible future scenarios, not guaranteed.
          And if you are suggesting that rote memorization (justice vs judge, they are judges even if their official title is justice) has much to do with IQ then you are misinformed on what IQ measures (mostly ability to navigate different types of complex puzzles).
          Or maybe you are only saying my view of the world is unrealistic. I’m not sure what you are getting at though since I was replying to “Guest” whom had suggested that only idiots vote for Trump. Are you saying that only idiots would vote Trump?

        25. Not filtering his comments is what got him nominated. If he changes now, most of his supporters will assume he sold out and they won’t go to the polls to vote.

        26. I think my core point is that anybody who has to say “my IQ is pretty fucking high” rather than just impress someone with the strength of their argument miiiight not be as smart as they think. But of course you already knew that

        27. But no, you don’t have to be an idiot to vote for Trump. You could also be criminally insane, or be a really smart mad scientist who just wants to watch the world burn. Big Tent.

        28. But I would love to hear a defense of Trump that doesn’t involve “character” or xenophobia of some kind

        29. Except Trump has no real governing experience. All he does is act like an internet troll and read cue cards from the libertarians. A vote for Trump is not an actual vote for Trump, but a vote for the people working him like a puppet from the sidelines. He’s as much a puppet candidate as the other Republicans are. The only difference here is that we don’t know who pulls the strings.

        30. But only in the primary. There are a lot more people in the country and they are a lot more diverse.

        31. If your IQ has never been tested, its because it is NOT high enough to garner attention.
          No one is going to read any of the rest of your comment. Just the first sentence, and then laughter ensues.

        32. His father didnt fail, YOU did by not voting for him.
          ALL of you are to blame for that situation.
          Now, Its Trump or civil war.
          99% of you will cuck out at the last second. Its what youve always done.

        33. Well then, if a projecting and ignorant stranger on the intertubes says so I better get to changing my ways. Smh. Shut up

        34. Thank you, you reminded me of the 3rd reason to support Trump, which is that you are a child who can only resort to name-calling when challenged.

        35. A joke, why? I’m only telling the truth. If Trump is to triumph, he needs to surround himself with the right people. Not ass-kissers, not campaign managers, but people who will tell him no when the time comes. The doom of democracy is the Spoils system. It has ruined both parties.

        36. Bro you nailed it. I was actually leaning towards Rubio initially. Not because I love all his positions but because he seemed forceful about killing Muslims and he seemed the most “electable” (yuck!!) but when i saw Trump punk him the fuck out completely effortlessly up on the stage.. the scales fell from my eyes. Trump will bring balls back to the White House like we havent seen since Teddy Roosevelt was cutting down Cubans with a sword.

        37. He wants to improve relation with Russia and disengage from Europe which means peace.

        38. For one thing, it’s of no particular importance for us to improve relations with an economy ranked #14 globally (on par with Mexico for productivity and population) that’s set to decline further now that their oil seems to have run dry. In fact, Russia’s only bargaining power has come from the fact that it’s been willing to act recklessly, something which aligning with NATO has been able to more or less resist until recently.
          For another, I would give some hard critical examination to the notion that favoring Russia politically (as opposed to admiring some of their qualities) is part of the neo-masculine platform. It’s been barely a decade since the Berlin Wall fell. Before that, the Soviets were our sworn enemies and talk of “bettering relations” verged on treason. They are hard, tough, bitter opponents who aren’t afraid to die in huge numbers and who take advantage of any weakness. Keeping them isolated is, to my mind, a better strategy than bringing them into the fold, where their naked self-interest, familiarity with espionage, and internal issues all pose real danger to the common good. Just something to think about.

        39. Russia’s economy and population are on par with Mexico: not a major world economic player, and nothing to gain by allying with them more than absolutely necessary. Just a few decades ago, they were our sworn enemies and the scourge of the world. Their oil is nearly dry, meaning the only thing they have going for them is their suicidal tendencies and their love of espionage. The correct strategy is to isolate them and keep them in check, as the West has been doing. I agree with ROK that they are a bastion of masculine virtue but it does not follow that we should ally with them and more than absolutely necessary.

        40. Weren’t you insisting that nobody audits the fed, that it’s a “SECRET”, just a few days ago? You’re welcome for the information.
          This is interesting to know, this wasn’t on my radar at the time it came out, thank you for sharing.
          Still seems that the information makes its way from PCAOB to congress .
          This should clear things up: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2015/02/17/qa-explaining-audit-the-fed/ . It says the fed is audited, and that Rand Paul is factually incorrect when he says it isn’t. But that there is a legitimate question of a tradeoff between oversight and functionality.

        41. Arent you insisting on grandstanding to an audience that isnt watching? You have no credibility.
          So if you told me the sky was fucking blue, Id still look for myself.
          You are a sad excuse for whatever the fuck you are supposed to be, so by all means, keep screaming at the walls of your padded room. “They” might even hear you if its loud enough.

        42. I’m not coming down to your level. I educated you and now your life is better. You returned the favor. Go to bed.

        43. Its sad how lonely you are. Someone with your social ‘skills’ shouldnt have to beg for attention from strangers for three days in a row.
          Like I said, sad.

        44. “Cuckservative”: a ROK-coined term that had not caught on, that no one gives a shit about, and the use of which demonstrates that you know what Roosh’s dick tastes like. Ya cute lil fanboy.

        45. While you have been on your computer all day like a pathetic bum, Ive spent the day driving my brand new truck to historic Eureka Springs Arkansas to spend the day.
          Too bad you havent had anything better to do than waste your saturday night BEGGING for my attention.
          Im sure you are just happy to have the night off from serving fast food or cheap booze.
          Doing whatever it is that a liberal with a master’s in gender studies would do.

      2. I have no idea how you can come to this conclusion. The most conservative candidate, one who aligned themselves entirely with the Constitution was, Cruz. He lost. It wasn’t conservatives who voted for Donald Trump, however, if we don’t stick together on his candidacy, we’ll surely hang separately, because the Left will leave no stone unturned persecuting each and every one of us. Wake the FUCK UP.

        1. Maybe YOU could benefit from waking the fuck up?
          Trump’s nomination came 100% from his longtime buddies’ — the Clintons. He was truly the ONLY candidate on the Right who could lose to Clinton, and he is obeying her commands every time he diarrheas out of his orange face-hole.
          Trump is a dumpster fire, and he’s throwing this election because the Clintons want him to. He can’t even APPROACH her numbers in any polls. He’s making people LEAVE the Republican party ffs.

        2. In your mind, facts about Hillary are less important than wild conspiracies about Trump.

        3. I thought Cruz seemed pretty great as a Senator and really did fight the establishment, but after the nomination faze I wonder how much he’s been corrupted. He didn’t impress me with his character when it got down to just him and Trump.

        4. You’re right, the Clintons probably encouraged him. And how do you explain how more Republicans voted for him than all the other candidates put together, by a factor of 2? Does HRC control where you stuff your ballot?

        5. His character after the nomination IS Cruz. He’s a Bush globalist shill at heart. The staunch conservative Christian act didn’t come until they needed someone to run against Dewhurst in Texas. The conservative Christian act focus group tested the best, as they knew the TEA party could then be duped into supporting him.
          No way he could have beat Hillary. Not a chance.

      3. Many a person fucked this up, i didnt want trump. But thats who we have, and its a hell of a lot better than hillary

      4. I agree. This site and it’s followers will not discuss the idiocracy of the GOP and how a joke of a person like Trump made it, but will continue to try and bash the others. It’s like when your kid steals another kid’s candy, but you blame the other kid and not your own. This website has become a joke. Rollo Tomassi is the only red pill guy worth following. He also calls out Roosh on his dumb dynamics.

        1. He calls people out from anonymity, how convienent when you have no skin in the game.
          More importantly, he won’t touch politics , religion or race. He’s good in his little niche but he’s on the sideline while Roosh is dead fucking center, walking the walk.

        2. You sir are in the wrong / trolling …
          Trump was a key figure in exposing the fraud perpetuated by the uniparty. Without him, most of this lunacy would have remained in the shadows..

        3. Christiano, assuming you and your family didn’t illegally immigrate to the U.S., Trump is the best president for LEGAL Mexicans. Why you may ask?
          Mexicans and Latin Americans in the U.S. dominate in lowly-compensated labor and agricultural jobs. When you inject more illegal immigrants into the system, this gives legal [Mexican] immigrants far more competition to compete against to have an even remotely half-decent wage. If you want to have a better chance at having a living wage for your people who actually came here properly (aka, legally), then voting for Trump is your best bet.

        4. Not effectively though. This site doesn’t so much “bash” the GOP as it does “neg” them slightly now and then to sound hip and edgy and not like they’re blowing the GOP Establishment night and day.

        5. But he’s obviously not legal or he wouldn’t be crusading against Trump on an internet message board.

        6. Unfortunately when dealing with a grade-A dick like Trump, everything good you can make up in your mind is disconfirmed by something that actually happened. Google “Trump Polish Workers” to see how he actually treats legal foreign workers. Whoops!

        7. I do not see anything in that article which contradicts the claim that he imported workers, that they sued him for lack of payment, and that he settled with them. Do you?

        8. “Sometime between 1979 and 1980, Trump hired a contractor to demolish an old building in midtown Manhattan to make way for Trump Tower. The contractor signed on workers from a local union and, to meet Trump’s tight deadline, also brought on 200 undocumented laborers from Poland dubbed the “Polish Brigade.”
          The Polish employees were off-the-books, working 12-hour shifts seven days a week for $4 to $5 an hour, with no overtime. Some workers were never paid what they were owed.
          In 1983, union members sued a union boss, Trump and his contractor for cheating the union out of pension and welfare funds by hiring the Polish Brigade. Trump owed the union pension fund $1 million, the plaintiffs said.
          Appearing in court in 1990, Trump blamed the violations on the contractor and denied knowing that the Polish workers were undocumented.
          It was Trump’s contractor, not Trump himself, who hired 200 undocumented Polish workers to demolish a building to make room for Trump Tower in Manhattan. Trump said he didn’t know. The lawsuit sought $1 million in damages, and a judge ruled that Trump had to pay $325,000 plus interest.”
          Key word: CONTRACTOR. They still ended up getting paid at the end of the day anyways. More victimhood nonsense.

        9. The contractor was paid by Trump and answerable to him. Trump also made the decision to settle. We don’t know what portion of their back wages they were paid (although given the disparity in their resources to fight a court battle, one would guess it wasn’t the full amount). Again, a real alpha/good businessman takes RESPONSIBILITY for his people. Blaming the contractor is passing the buck.

        10. Statistically untrue. It would make it harder for any individual immigrant to get in, but it would channel more resources and stability into the Latin American community in general. The people who would shoulder most of the blow are the business owners who employ illegal immigrants (which is, if you broke it down, includes many suburban businesses owners, rich households employing cleaning staff, restaurants, and probably some portion of the entire agriculture industry — in other words, a significant sector of the US economy).

        11. True but also Sanders from the other side.Together they made a stronger symbolic statement but a less effective demographic one, as they effectively cancelled each other out.

      5. You sir, are a mindless idiot / moron .. The kind of person who has absolutely no idea what is really going on even in your own country..
        Yet you bash others..
        you sir are just proving how effective the mass mind control in America is working..
        Your ignorance knows no bounds sir, fix it!

      6. Numbnutz.
        This election is only about 2 things…
        1 illegals and deporting them
        2 Jobs and creating them via deals and currency.
        On That front Trump wins and is the only true conservative nationalist.
        He also favors auditing the Fed. I know that angers you and your relatives and you’ll have lots of time to oy vey on your deportation ride

        1. We haven’t created jobs via deals & currency since the 80’s. NAFTA/TPP are by and for corporations, to get access to cheap labor. Domestic jobs are created (and yes, sometimes destroyed) by high-tech. Israel, Japan and S. Korea didn’t become economic powerhouses overnight through playing games, they developed high tech and kept working to protect their lead. Compare the reality to preach to others, to the reality we all live in.

        2. ^^^^^HA HA HA HA!!!!!^^^^^^
          You must have a fine array of drugs to dull you enough to be able to view your smarmy face in the mirror.
          Its not a fucking audit if its all done in secret MORON!

        3. Oh, what the fuck do you know?
          Looking at the dozens of liberal posts youve shit all over this page, its clear to EVERYONE that you are a disabled parasite making ends meet by paid trolling.
          EVERYONE here can see that, so FUCK what you gotta say.

        4. I don’t say “liberal” or “conservative” things, I say true thing and call bullshit on the false ones. “trade deals” — of the type that have been orchestrated in the past, that are on the books with TPP, that Trump is pretending he has up his sleeve – always favor corporations, that’s why they exist. Don’t go around calling people doody heads, like a five year old. Show you have a superior grasp of the situation by point out a single sector of the economy that’s been helped by a recent “trade deal” that didn’t use it as a vehicle to outsource labor costs/American jobs. Or don’t, and admit that you really don’t understand what I’m talking about, and go kill yourself.

        5. Wow. That’s all you have to say now that I’ve made your life better by exposing one of your core beliefs to be false, with a simple google search. How do you deal with the humiliation?

        6. Wow. Your screen name is “KilltheBank” and you didn’t know the Fed already was audited and there’s a link sitting right there that proves it! Man. You must be embarassed. Will you change your screen name now?

        7. i’m GONNA capitalize the unimportant words IN the sentence SO you can feel what it’s LIKE to read something really stupid WITH capitals in it

        8. Its not a real audit, its just more lies from paid trolls on disability, like you.
          OBVIOUSLY my name is KILLthebank, not auditthebank, FAGGOT.
          Just making shit up is pathetic, and the audit you refer to is not a total audit, so you just got pwned first thing in the morning.
          Everyone sees that you are an invalid who likely accepts tax payer money to LIE on the internet.
          “Steering the narrative” doesnt work when absolutely NO ONE has any respect for you as a person, mainly because youve never EARNED any eith your childish make believe.
          You are a democrat. Why are you posting here?

        9. KILLthebank isnt auditthebank, FAGGOT!
          When an entity audits itself or has a friendly entity audit it and then keep parts of the audit secret, thats NOT A FULL AUDIT.
          You know that, you are just a LIAR.
          Who wants to here what a PROVEN liar has to say?
          Since you believe erroneously that you have a brain dright enough to light the way for the rest of us, go ahead and shiw me where the Constitution says that monetary policy can be handed of from congress to a PRIVATE corporation?
          The fed res act was UNCONSTITUTIONAL and Id love to watch you make up more lies to justify your willingness to allow large dicks in your ass while telling all of us we should do the same, so you dont feel like the only one.

      7. His recent actions are confirming the theory that he’s been a pro-clinton troll all along.

      8. Teddy roosevelt was thought of as a joke. So was oda nobunaga. Playing the fool is a strategy to make your opponents overconfident and reckless. Besides the fact that image is based on a personality almost entirely taken out of context by the media.
        Notice a pattern here?
        Trump is misquoted.
        He lets it run and gets free air time.
        He corrects the media, making them look like idiots.
        He has been using the same strategy over and over again, and people like you who arrogantly assume themselves above others keep letting your ego lead you into the trap. Its your mentality that is a joke, if you value results over appearances.
        Now back to playing checkers, the adults are playing chess.

      9. The United States isn’t ready for a “real conservative” again yet. We need someone who understands, and can destroy, the brainwashing and media corruption. There is simply NO OTHER OPTION until this happens.

      10. STFU, you di ck lickers had your chance to vote for Ron Paul.
        Since you DID NOT, you will fu cking get Trump, and you will like it, Cuck!!

    2. I am no Hillary supporter, but if you really believe that Trump is going to be a great president, I have lost all respect for this website.

        1. obungle is wondrously stupid and globalist but even he steps on eggshells around the sleeping silent majority. With as shady as his beginnings are, if he stomped through bear country like hillary likes doing he wouldve never made it through his first term

        2. Obama opened the way for turning boys gay and indoctrinating them into homosexual or transexual lifestyles. The power of feminism has also risen higher since Obama was president.
          But he is still better than Hitlery Clinton

      1. Did you read anything Roosh wrote?
        Roosh is skeptical of Trumps many promises.. but he very clearly says at least one think we can know for certain with Trump is that he won’t use his presidency to promote feminism and to em asculate men, and enact punitive laws against men.
        I don’t really care for Trump myself.. but it’s not for me decide. I’m Canadian. But I think Roosh make a compelling argument about why Red Pill who don’t care for Trump and his policies might still consider voting for him.

        1. I am much more fearful of the state of the US economy and the state of foreign affairs. You guys are worried about feminism, homos and crap shit like that? I am fearful for my life and the well being for my family in this country! Look, the system will correct itself – as it did for Brazil when they elected a female president. I could care less about feminism because majority of people don’t care for it. Hillary won’t force feminism down my throat! But nuclear war and an unstable economy? I have no control over that. I mean, look at what Bush did? He drove this country down the shitter with a war that shouldn’t haven’t even taken in the first place. Even Tony Blair came out forward and showed the corrupt lies that Bush and his band of cronies committed.

        2. Don’t give up liberty for security. You are the type welcoming Agenda 21 with open arms.

        3. So you don’t like Bush but would vote for Clinton who would continue Bush’s neocon foreign policy? A policy that not only will include the middle east but be expanded into animus with Russia? That’s what you want to vote for?
          And feminism is a huge threat. Ask those in Scandinavia.

        4. I love how everyone thinks trump will be terrible in terms of economics, when his economic policies are sanest. Unless you have a quasi religious devotion to free trade even as others refuse to trade by the same principles, making free trade make absolutely no sense.
          It might no correct itself. When rome gave females power, society fell apart to the point that europe entered the dark ages.
          You say you are concerned for your family, think of an entire generation refused the ability to have a family. They will revolt and the country will devolve into sectarian violence.

        5. You really believe women caused the downfall of Rome? Roman women couldn’t vote or hold public office. Rome fell because they outsourced too much of their military to barbarians, which is actually a pretty stupid plan when you think about it, attributable to Roman men being too pussy to fight their own wars.

        6. Trump’s “economic policies”? Like what, specifically? “Trade Deals” and shell-game manipulation of the sort that bankrupted all of his companies (usually stiffing workers in the process?) What is the hated TPP, if not exactly one of such deals?

        7. I absolutely believe it. The only reason men produce in any society is the promise of an exclusive wife which means a stable family and children. Women of the last years of rome were recklessly promiscuous and yet lived lives of great luxury at expense of others. Men will fight eachother, destroying civilization when they can no longer be gauranteed lineage; who can blame them when their argument is essentially one of pure natural drive and avoiding having their bloodline wiped out for the whims of privileged narcissists.

        8. Any actual historical women you’re talking about, or are you just regurgitating something somebody told you?

        9. You judge entire groups of people as if they are clones of their leaders apparently. Historians follow general attitudes, individual accounts have largely been lost. Since your going to keep up with the equivalent of denying evolution based on the fossil record, showing your academic knowledge as 40 years outdated, reasoning with you is impossible as you are too ignorant to accurately assess your knowledge. The point is that every empire that allowed women more political and social power than men has fallen soon after.
          People pretend to follow principles, but in the long run they follow incentives. During the stone age, 20% of men reproduced while 80% of women did. That is why humanity at that time was locked into constant infighting, even among genetically similar individuals. Men had no reason to build society if they werent gauranteed that they would have offspring who would enjoy the fruit of their labor. The same is true today. Eventually, enough men will be taken to the curb that they will cease producing altogether. Women will take over, and then they will lose to nations where men have the most power. This is the law of the universe, and crying about it based on your emotional assumptions about the world is the same as screaming at a tsunami that it is sexist and acting surprised when you still get killed by it.
          Next you’ll say humans have evolved, but we havent. The devices that give you such a comfortable lifestyle l, i am willing to bet you dont know how 99% of them work. You think you can oppose nature and build a little fantasy land based on you mistaking the power of technology for your own ability.
          Next you’ll say i dont know either, and i’ll respond that i never said i did and i am not trying to oppose something that may as well be a god with nothing but hubris.
          The reason you are so predictable is that the media and schooling in the west have preprogrammed your responses to avoid you asking questions.

        10. Evidence of Fossil record: Lucy, homo habilis, australopithicus, etc…
          Evidence of what your talking about: ….?

        11. Again: what is your source that claims that Roman women were promiscuous? By all accounts they were an almost puritanical society with an emphasis on fidelity : [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexuality_in_ancient_Rome].
          You seem to be confused: the canard is that Rome fell because of homosexuality. This is nonsense, of course, but at least their predilection for buggery is a matter of record.
          I expect you’ll find the ideological origins of what you’re talking about (ie the decadence of Western culture leading to the fall of great Empires) in the truly most boring of 80’s arch-conservatives like Robert Bork, if that’s who you want to share shelf space with.
          Rome (the western half which fell 1000 years before the other) actually was suffering from poor agricultural production, not excess. (Likewise Greece was weakened by a plague, and not of a moral variety in case you extend your argument to them). [http://www.ushistory.org/civ/6f.asp]
          Your claim is thus refuted. QED

        12. I countered your point adequately. Men tend to be cowardly and decadent when they have no genetic future and are thus basically fighting for nothing. You lack reading comprehension; men quit because when sexual restrictions are lifted from women, they chase after the same men and leave 80% without descendants. Would you fight and die so some asshole can have fifty kids while you die alone? The answer is no. Just because you dont like the cold brutal logic of nature does not mean you can completely ignore it consequence free.
          This is pointless anyway. You will completely ignore what i just wrote, pretend it isnt there and then make a strawman out of my position. Protip; if the assumptions you make before starting the logical process are false, every logical conclusion is false also. The idea men should produce out of a sense of duty for nothing in return is false; men with such inclinations would go extinct as men who put themselves first outbred them. The idea that men and women are equal is false; men are stronger than women, faster than women, and there are 8 male geniuses for every female genius.
          My viewpoints come from my studies of biology and chemistry; it is you who is regurgitating epicurean nonsense that the elite disseminate through our culture and then making a style over substance fallacy to try and justify it to boot.

        13. People say the incomplete fossil record proves evolution may be false, but we use similarity between homologous enzymes to classify organisms now.
          In the same way you are trying to say a hodgepodge of individual accounts are needed when we have ydna tracking and can tell which haplogroups died due to their survival strategies. Everyone thinks Nero was a terrible emperor because the first records of him we found were propraganda ‘flyers’ against him. Even after the correction, the public and public primary schools lag decades in their understanding.

        14. That was near the beginning of the republic. And guess what happened when the women were puritanical? A mighty empire rose. When they started being sexually deviant while drinking milk of the poppy, the empire finally was reduced to replacing its demoralized men with mercenaries, who eventually found out that the emperor had no clothes.
          Homosexuality is a symptom of matriarchal society; women become so insufferable and beat down men until they give up on everything and pursue nothing but pleasure, no matter how degenerate.
          I have no more time to educate you, a good book on this is sex and culture by jd unwin. The premise is simple: when men are gauranteed children, they work hard to build society. When they arent, they try to kill the 20% who are and take their women for themselves. In modern society, they turn to vice and slowly kill themselves instead. Women are not level headed enough to vote in matters of self defense. Every woman alive today is alive because one of their descendants chose to sleep with the invaders rather than be killed. This happened hundreds of times and is now hardwired to their dna. That is why the women of europe are currently voting 81% for more refugees even as they rape them and commit attacks of terror against them. Your entire belief system runs contrary to nature; dont cry when your reward is extinction.

        15. Does this book provide any factual examples to back up its’ claim? Kindly provide one and you may convert me to your way of thinking.
          It’s not that your perspective is hard to understand. It’s not that original. I’m asking if you actually have any reason to believe the veracity of your claim, or just live in an echo chamber of anti-feminity.
          Refugees was a grab for cheap labor by Merkel, btw. 68% working age males going into Europe. 16% labor shortage. But yes, I agree, a bad idea.

        16. How many times do I need to ask? Is there a single example of a Roman author saying “Our women are promiscuous”?

        17. You need to show it, or say “no” and shut the fuck up. If you don’t have facts, you don’t have an argument.

        18. None of this is original enough to be controversial. You haven’t shown that it is applicable to Rome.

        19. My point in this is in showing that, without a proper foundation in fact, you can run and run with theories and get very far off track indeed.

        20. But Rome didn’t “allow women more political and social power than men” at any time.

        21. No, you haven’t “countered my point”. As you say in your “protip”, your conclusions are false because your premise is false. Prove your premise re: Rome first, then we don’t need to argue about the conclusion.

        22. You have responded to none of my arguments. Like all leftists, you use strawmen to make up for your lack of punch and think how you say something is more important than if it is true or not. If you think political enfranchisement is the greatest form of power then you are a collossal fool. I cant help you, have fun watching everything you care about die. Rat running in a wheel you are, repeating the same mistakes humans have always made, firing arrows from the tower of babel.

        23. dafuq you talking about. I don’t care about your theories. What you said is categorically false in regards to Ancient Rome, a society where their own historical record shows a culture where gender roles were highly structured and women denied acceess to power. You will conceded the point, now, or argue it with a different set of facts.

        24. THIS (my comment above) is the comment that you need to respond to. Don’t give me another chapter. Either show where this comes from, or say “No, this is conjecture that is flatly contradicted by history”.

        25. This isn’t about ideology. This is about not tolerating shitty thinking based on shitty research.

        26. THIS (my comment above) is the comment that you need to respond to. Don’t give me another off-topic paragraph. I’m challenging your premise. Either show where your information comes from, or say “No, this is conjecture that is flatly contradicted by history”.

        27. “Rat running in a wheel you are”. Are you Yoda now? I’ve literally never encountered anyone who has this much purple prose just waiting to ooze out. You need to be in a bad poetry slam, not a debate. Actually, political enfranchisement is always the consequence of economic and social rise, cf: American women in the 20’s following Industrial Revolution and women working, Civil Rights act, etc. [See what I did there, backing up my point with concrete examples of history? Try to respond in kind, without any unnecessary adjectives or eye of newt, thanks]

        28. How interesting. You had paragraph upon paragraph of verbiage to share your theories to someone who wasn’t interested, but when called upon to support your basic premise, you are suddenly quiet. Perhaps you fell down a well.

        29. So let’s start from the premise that your factual basis re: the Romans is wrong, and you are too lazy or dishonest to admit or refute it.
          Let’s also point out that you are mistaken, political enfranchisement IS the greatest form of power, because with enough of it, you can arrogate any other sort of power to yourself. You are welcome to put forth another idea as to what power might be greater (instead of coyly hinting at it like a demented priest), but you will probably be wrong.
          Next, let’s put your theory to the test. If what you say is true, that giving societal power to women leads to the downfall of societies — patriarchal societies would outcompete egalitarian societies in warfare, economics and culture.
          But this is not how reality has played out.
          * The far more egalitarian Western culture has outcompeted patriarchal Chinese, African (a mixed bag but generally patriarchal), and Middle Eastern cultures on every front.
          * Outside of the West, egalitarian cultures (Korea, Japan) greatly outcompete non-egalitarian ones
          * On a state level within the US, states that hold less adherence to traditional gender roles (via devout Christianity) outcompete those that hold more.
          Your riposte can only be that 200 or so years of egalitarian society is too early to tell. Fine. And as I’m not a soothsayer (although perhaps you think you are) I can’t say for sure either. But I see no threat on the horizon from any patriarchal culture, except perhaps Russia, but the truth is that for all Putin’s bluster, Russia’s economy is cratered and shows no signs of improving. Why? Because of Russia’s stubborn refusal to modernize or conform to contemporary Western values and economics.
          Which is why I caution you not to follow elaborate theories based on a priori principles, but observe the world around you and deduce the principles from what you see.
          The facts contradict your theory both in regards to the past (Rome) and to the present.
          If you think HRC “hates men” and that a “civil war” is imminent, you are not in touch with reality.
          I think that HRC probably lacks the conviction to undertake any serious gender warfare. If she does, I will attempt to resist through legal channels.

        30. Ok Yoda. You’re right. Political enfranchisement has nothing to do with a group’s ability to influence society. Your made-up facts about the Roman empire brilliantly support your point. Patriarchal societies aren’t being utterly dominated by egalitarian ones in the world right now.

        31. You understand that Milk of the Poppy is from Game of Thrones and not real, right? Or does it come from your reference book Made Up Facts about the Roman Empire? Likewise outsourcing the military was an idea that worked for 500-1000 years, until it didn’t. The Eastern Roman empire continued to employ mercenaries for the remainng 1000 years after tthe West fell. You’ve overlooked the adopting of Christianity, and splitting the empire in half as development much more temporally aligned with the fall of the Western Empire.
          And I’ll thank you not to denigrate my belief system of Smurfism.

        32. If you’re all for the state of the US economy, then you’re undoubtedly voting for the wrong person. A Hillary victory empowers feminism and places it on the forefront of American “issues”. She might not force it down your throat, but plenty of others will. Trump doesn’t give attention to feminist issues because his focus is beyond that. He’s the one focused on creating a stable economy and more jobs, not Hillary.

        33. You are wrong on many things you have written in your posts.
          China is outcompeting North America and Europe: westerners outcompeted it from the 18th to the 20th centuries when they were non-egalitarian patriarchal societies.
          Japan is in a deep economic stagnation like Europe.
          In Imperial Rome women gained rights as divorce and property rights: the roman (real romans) birth rate fell and Octavianus Augustus introduced a celibate tax and discriminatory laws for unmarried men and economic support for families with three or more children while legally discouraging adultery.
          (see Moral legislation of Augustus)
          The Eastern Roman Empire was reduced to a mini-empire by the arabs about two centuries after the fall of the western one and never resurrected to former glory again: its mercenary armies weren’t even enough to reconquer the Holy Land without the european Crusaders.
          Patriarchal peoples are demographically growing and invading the west while matriarchal (feminist) peoples are dying out

        34. 1) The Islamic laws enshrining a woman’s right to divorce (Al Hidaya- Kitaab At Talaq- Kitabul Fatawa) were being written literally around the same time as the Arabs were decimating the Byzantine Empire, as you say, marking a clear victory of a more matriarchal culture over a patriarchal one, by your own standard.
          2) Any claims about China are going to be muddy. For the first, it’s too early to tell whether they will every really outcompete the West — while they certainly have the numbers, they lack for resources and have been battling the same problems of corruption and rule-of-law to the point where the only conceivable enemy is Chinese culture itself. Add to this the fact that Communism is extremely egalitarian, that the Cultural Revolution was supposedly Mao’s wife’s idea, and Chinese women are as bossy, demanding and loud as any in the world (love ’em), and the fact that, judging by their pop culture, they’re much closer to the Western culture than they are to traditional culture, and I’d say you have a very weak claim to say China is more Patriarchal than the West. But I’m merely surmising from the outside — if you have evidence to back it up, please do share by all means.
          3) I believe you may have missed the example of when Western culture proceeded to utterly dominate every other culture in the world, which happened in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This overlapped neatly with the promulgation of female rights and suffrage.
          That shows correlation, not causation, so there’s an argument still to be had about whether females are truly the equals of men etc etc but if we’re doing this from a mere win-loss record, wouldn’t we have to admit that egalitarian societies have the best track record in terms of
          1) land area held
          2) how widespread is said area
          2) resources held
          3) amount of cultural and religious penetration
          Nobody comes close to the British Empire, to say nothing of territories held by France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands…

        35. Not that you’ve proven here. China’s patriarchalism is dubious — Chinese Communism in particular has historically been very heavy on egalitarianism, to the point where the Cultural Revolution was supposedly Mao’s wife’s idea. So is their economic status — their economy is essentially a shell propped up by currency manipulation, and their last economic report revealed a far less-than-expected growth.
          In the meantime, Japan, despite stagnation, remains #4 in the world, despite having a fraction of the population of any of the top 3.
          Regarding the Lex Julia you don’t provide any dates to correlate with Imperial rise or decline but in any event you seem to self-contradict: if these laws were enacted, and effective, they would have increased the Roman birthrate. Perhaps there’s a point here I’m not understanding.
          The same Arabs who ravaged the Byzantine Empire also granted women divorce and property rights.
          Most crucially, you have conveniently neglected to mention the late 19th and 20th Centuries, which correlated a rise in womens’ suffrage and status with the total Western domination of every country and culture in the world.

      2. You’re just mad Trump will deport illegals, build a wall and bill Mexico for it. Ie a typical Cuck

        1. He isn’t a cuck. He’s just a foreigner who wants to destroy the US for his own benefit.

        1. How could any male of any ethnicity vote for Clinton? It makes absolutely no sense. She hates men and has made that clear.

        2. If you say so cucky. Personally I think a Trump lose will only accelerate the civil war and Im quite ok with that. But, you rock on girl.

        3. not really. I’m fascinated as to why you guys are so phaggy and weak spiked. Like watching a car crash.

        4. seems like you mention it a lot. There are websites you can go to that cater to your exact needs

        5. Do tell.. where do you go to find the dudes that bang your chick?
          Does she peg you afterwards?
          Man you cucks are twisted.

        6. You want me to try banging your wife? Wow. You progressives are even more perverse than I thought. No thanks.

        7. What’s the big deal? Why ask all theses questions unless you want to try it out? I’m a cuckservative who likes other dudes to bang my wife, and you’re a deluded manchild who thinks HRC (who operates in an environment that’s 99.9% male) “hates men” and bloviates from the safety of his keyboard of the coming “civil war”. Everyone has their escape from reality.

        8. What’s the big deal? I’m a cuckservative who likes other dudes banging my wife. You think HRC “hates men” and eagerly await the “civil war’ from the safety of your keyboard. We all have our escapes from reality.

    3. Trump has a lot wrong with him but… at least he’s not evil.
      Hillary is… Evil with a capital “E”.

      1. Is any candidate perfect? I love how the media conveniently refused to vet Obama who has a very questionable past but have no problem tearing apart Trump from every angle.

      2. You got that right. I think she and Bill have murdered people in staged phony accidents or “suicides”….there was a guy who was their personal cook on a local radio show here and after he was on the air talking about working for the Clintons-and how unbelievably shitty they are-his PHONE got hacked. Coincidence?!

        1. I’m curious to see how Tom Cruise’s new movie works the Arkansas angle. Bill was knee deep in the drug trade during the Eighties.

      3. “Trump has a lot wrong with him . . .”
        Only if he loses.

    4. A real conservative is whatever a bunch of primarily Jewish DC and NY based pundits say it is (i.e., open borders, big gov, constant war, and flows of cash to their minions – things that were anathema to America for its first 200 years of existence).

    5. ” and federal appointments with people who want to see your entire way of life ended.”
      What way of life is that?
      It is the right who brought in no fault divorce, child support imprisonment, and has passed every feminist law with the support of the democrats.
      If you think trump will be any better for men, you are deluded.
      The only area trump might be better in is in Foreign policy, as Clinton is a war mongering lunatic.

      1. Trump has ‘his’ general, Flynn. The guy sounds to be a modern Curtis Lemay. Trump is surrounding himself with some very bad people that are shaping him to the standard or even sub-standard neo-con view of things.

    6. Fact: Apple Inc, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc are all bootstrapped businesses that became huuuuuge, much much huger than Trump Inc, each and every one of them have, and will always be owned by Liberal minded people, and, they all agree that Trump would be a colossal mistake for America. Now, don’t you think that the acumen, the smarts, the drive it takes to create such incredibly succsesful companies lends legitimacy to that idea?

      1. They have smarts. But Apple hasn’t done anything great since Steve Jobs. All those companies are tech companies that mainly profit from the SJW pushing their agendas. Why would they support someone who is going to lose them money?

    7. This is not good. I am more concerned about Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood gaining complete control over government in the U.S. With HRC, they could actually pull this off in 4 years. And it’s unlikely that the Republic would survive in that time.
      Eventually, I can see reverse Nuremberg Laws being enacted, whereby whites would not be allowed to date, marry, have sexual relations with whites, or have children with whites…as the ultimate goal is to destroy the Caucasian race.

    8. I’ve had the same arguments with “principled” conservatives and libertarians.
      If Trump loses and the Democrats succeed in legalizing millions of new leftist-voting Mexicans and Muslims, hopefully those that refused to support him can use their principles to fend off the cartel and jihadi violence.
      Because voting is no longer going to be an option.

      1. Nice projecting. Why do you think Roosh would be exempt? White supremacists hate him. You think Trump will let him stay? Haha.

        1. Projecting huh? how about you reading. Trump has no white supremacist affiliation nor does he want to deport US citizens of any color race or religion. Nice try troll.

        1. No. But I familiar with federal immigraton laws, you just have hate. However I am glad we are both supporting mass deportations.

    1. Russia, and many other foreign regimes, own her. Where do you think she obtains the cash for her campaign warchest? Ghetto/burio/tralier park dwellers?

  19. Trump has more female voters than hillary has male voters. This election hasn’t been decided yet.

  20. As someone who has lived and worked in different cultures across multiple continents around the world, it’s so blatantly obvious to me that Men are already 2nd class citizens in America. It’s one of the greatest tragedies of the modern age that the vast majority of the population of the once leading civilization of the world is, willingly or unwillingly, completely blind and complacent to this phenomenon whose utter subjugation of men has taken decades to unfold before their very eyes…

  21. At this point in the election, anything other than actually voting for Trump is essentially the same as voting for Hillary.
    Standing on the sidelines because Trump isn’t conservative enough, or that he was mean to Cruz’s wife, or whatever, will benefit Hillary because the Dem get-out-the-vote effort will ensure tons of illegals, dead voters, etc. will be casting votes for Hillary.

  22. Her IBS will probably flare up whilst she`s visiting Putin in the Kremlin.
    The Russians will interpret it as a gas attack on their leader, and launch all there nukes towards the US.
    Game Over.

  23. Osama bin Laden watched the pitiful, meaningless response of the Clinton administration to the naked corpses of our Marines being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, and it inspired him to move forward with the 9/11 attacks. He saw a weak, vulnerable America that did not have the stomach to fight the kind of war he was fighting.
    Consider what the Osama bin Ladens of the current age will think if we elect Hillary Clinton after she left the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and those other Americas to be murdered in Benghazi. She left the official representative of the United States of America to be butchered purely to avoid the political inconveniences of sending in the military to save him.
    Imagine the message that would send to those who want to destroy us.
    Now consider her (alleged?) role in creating and supporting certain terror organizations that are actively carrying out terrorist attacks against soldiers and civilians.
    If you are the next Osama bin Laden, and America elects the woman who helped organize and fund your terror group as its President, how can you do anything but laugh and feel assured of your eventual success in destroying the Great Satan?

    1. Hillary negotiated the treaty that gave iran nukes, stood by and did nothing as american consulate staff got ass raped in libya. You don’t think muzzies are watching and taking notes?

  24. Her logo looks like a Hospital sign. Quite fitting, she’s gonna put western culture in critical condition.

  25. Consider also that the defeat of the Trump boogeyman by Hillary will be used as justification and a “mandate” by the progressives to move even more aggressively.
    For example, Trump has clearly staked out the anti-immigration position. If Hillary wins, they will use this as “evidence” that the American people have rejected anti-immigration and want even more immigration, not less.
    The media will also say Trump was a conservative, and his defeat means the American people have rejected conservatism. It won’t matter that you don’t think Trump is a conservative, or that you voted for Gary Johnson, they will still use it as political cover to keep pushing harder and harder left.

    1. If she wins… expect a new amnesty program centered exclusively focused on military service (as opposed to what DACA is now).
      Maybe even something where she offers illegals with prior military experience from other countries a higher rank to re enlist with our military (example: illegal was prior private first class in Honduran army, gets to be a corporal in the USMC).

  26. I tell the Never trump people all the time that if they want all of the shiny things they like such as court rulings that restrict abortions (since most pro-lifers only support token measures when it comes to ending it), they have to first roll back leftist advances made over the decades.
    That will never happen if Clinton gets to appoint judges (the judiciary is already 3/4 communist, but many of them will die of old age soon).
    But then again, cuckservatives probably never read Marx or Alinsky for fear of being corrupted by it, which is funny because that only happens to the weak minded.

    1. Agreed. Those assholes are too busy barking the “chayzuss” and “job creators” pukeathon. What job creators are they talking about? Certainly isn’t the business owner looking after his flock of employees and customers.
      More like slogans from the liberal poisoned faggots that will fuck their own grandma to save two cents by sending their work to the illegals, and communists. Couldn’t give two shits about the poverty stricken Americans that would rather have goals and pride from a good paying job. Leftism thrives from the chaos it creates.

  27. We also need a President Trump to disengage America from its colonial subservience to Israel and declare our independence. Deport Israel’s colonial administrators and foreign agents, stop Israel from using our armed forces as its foreign legion, and stop its propaganda projects in this country coming out of Hollywood and other media.
    I suspect these propaganda projects extend even into American Christian churches, BTW. This bullshit coming from the pulpit about how Israel fulfills “bible prophecy” and signals the imminence of the rapture and the end times just looks way too convenient for Israel’s secular interests to have become a nearly mainstream American belief by coincidence.

    1. The way things are now, it’d be an improvement if we only were Israel’s “foreign legion”.
      Better than what we’ve been doing with our military-helping out ISIS, Iran & Saudi Arabia.

  28. Trump is a palliative. His victory would be emotionally meaningful, but would put off the inevitable. The White working and middle classes must be alienated from the current system before they can really build a proper consciousness and begin advancing their interests.
    There are no saviours. Only decades and generations of work and toil.

    1. The various government agencies would also block everything he does with lawsuits.
      If government agencies can be gutted of funding to do anything, and if we can fight back on campus/in the culture war… that’ll be a good start.

      1. This is true. The real rulers are the mass of unelected technocrats who would do their best to undermine trump.

  29. Can you not vote for any independents? I don’t know how the american sustem works but from my POV, both major party candidates are awful.
    What did Obama do to race relations that was out of step?

    1. In the US, independent candidates are almost always promoted by major parties in order to split the vote to their benefit.

    2. This is actually one of the best years ever for Libertarians, probably who will get my vote. They are currently at around 10% but need 15% to get in the debates, which is of course a catch 22.

  30. Government’s already rigged…both parties want different types of securities by elimnating different types of freedoms…vote with your wallet and lifestyle best you can and stock up on guns and ammo. I can respect you if you vote Trump based on the high court selection. That’s it, though.

  31. Yours truly wishes he could cast a vote and support you guys in Trump 2016.
    I think the relevance of Trump winning this election stretches beyond only the borders of the USA. Much like Brexit, I think this election has the potential to inspire and influence men and women across other regions of Western civilization.

    1. Don’t worry, nobody is checking if you are registered… or if you’re a citizen… or if you’re even alive. So you’re good. Go vote for Trump 20 times.

        1. I’ve worked on campaigns, and worked polls before in multiple states. This is simply not true. Trump is repeating this so that if he loses, he can blame it on fraud, and the idea that the people really want him, but fraud made him lose. But it’s simply not true. One must be registered to vote (and loses registration if you didn’t vote the last election) and showing up at the poll and claiming you are someone you are not is a felony, and there are very few cases of this.
          There’s a lot wrong with our voting system, but this isn’t it. If they want to steal an election, they do it through the vote tallying machines. As is usual, distrust any distraction. They want people talking about fraudulent voting because they can find one or two people doing it and make them the scapegoat, meanwhile everyone ignores the hackable Diebold machines that are in almost every precinct. Look at HBO’s Hacking Democracy. THAT is how you steal votes.

        2. Thanks Nujac I was genuinely confused for a second there.
          “If they want to steal an election, they do it through the vote tallying machines”. Yeah the back-end stuff seems like the only way to actually rig a voter count. It’s practically a black-box.

      1. Hmm. I’m not American. I’m half white & can pass as American with my accent.
        I’m sure the USA hasn’t deteriorated that badly security wise though.

    2. Pick a “blue state” that’s to your liking, make sure it has no voter ID laws, and fly on into the USA and cast your vote.
      In too many states, all that one needs to vote is “proof” of current residency.

  32. “Donald Trump must win so that the pause button can be pushed against this nightmare of insanity that is already crushing men.”
    Except the pause button is not enough. Either men rule or cunt rule. I prefer men rule.

  33. I guess we are screwed then, because there is no way in hell he is going to win the election from here.

  34. I kind of hope he doesn’t win so we can get this revolution started. I’ll fight for “Texit”.

  35. Trump seems pretty left wing on many issues, like gay marriage and abortion. Also, it’s difficult to see how traditional blue collar workers will be better under him as his track record is not great when it comes to workers rights.
    I must admit, the choice is lousy, as both are less than suitable in my opinion, but I suppose he’s marginally better. He really needs to start acting presidential at this point and stop shooting his mouth off as he’s not CEO anymore, and people will only vote for a president of they trust him/her and both of them have challenges here.
    I prefer the European system if voting for a party or candidate who’ll form a government and not just for a leader. The great advantage of this system is that the PM can be removed by this own party or parliament if he/she turns into a megalomaniac.

    1. the number 1 priority is public safety, which means keeping it white. everything else can be sorted out after. Having cities with people from 100 different countries is causing chaos and no social cohesion. Diversity doesn’t work.

    2. Keep in mind abortion / gayness only became “conservative” issues in 1980; before conservatives were mainly about economics. I don’t really care about abortion or gay marriage, but we do need Trump to end the insanity with our finances before this country goes bankrupt.

  36. Speaking as a monarchist, to me it doesn’t really matter who wins. Sure, I suppose Hillary would be worse than Trump, but I can’t say for sure because Trump’s a bit of a wild card. Regardless, it says more about our nation that THESE are the best we can do, after 240 years. Forget about the third or fourth party candidates; they’re pawns.
    There are only two forms of government that concern human affairs, monarchy and oligarchy. We are a oligarchy, which means rule by the few or the many, depending on your point of view. Oligarchies always turn the nations they rule into pig troughs, because government becomes a means by which they can trade political power, and piggies gotta eat. Regardless of who wins any election, the purpose of government is to make sure the piggies get fed. It matters to the oligarchs who gets first dibs, how much, and how often, and so it does matter who wins in that regard, but in the end the oligarchy always wins in a nation created by oligarchs, for oligarchs.
    Now, before one might think I’m sowing class envy or whatever, understand that oligarchs are in every society, and they are rather necessary for a society to function. They do what most ordinary people can’t do or won’t do; rather like sewage workers, we appreciate what they do, but few of us can do it or would want to. But, oligarchs, being what they are, are not responsible for the nation on the whole; none of them are. Not even the President to a certain fashion. No elected leader really is, because in the end he doesn’t really own or possess the country and therefore bears no responsibility for it. It’s like what a lot of libertarians point out about the Tragedy of the Commons; if nobody owns something, that means nobody cares for its well-being.
    Because of that, oligarchs, historically, have been notorious for being disloyal to their home countries. Every monarch throughout history has had to deal with malcontentious nobles, aristocrats, businessmen, government officials and military generals, in one way or another for various reasons. When oligarchs don’t get their way from the sovereign, if they don’t accept it with due patience, they may betray the nation and they won’t even know they’re doing it, because of the nature of their existence. Because their agendas have nothing whatsoever to do with the nation on the whole, and often because of that, they can’t make it that way.
    For example, suppose Cecile Richardson, President of Planned Parenthood (an oligarch) had a Road to Damascus moment, and decided that PP wasn’t going to conduct or fund abortions anymore, or sell off baby parts. How long do you think she would remain as president? And if she were to somehow remain, how long do you think it would be before PP split off into various organizations hungry for some of those federal and state dollars funding abortions? You can see the situation.
    Without a farmer to keep the piggies in the pen, you get anarchy first, and then the piggies begin feeding off every other animal and crop on the farm. It’s just the way they are.
    So, whoever wins this election, we get the leader we deserve. Until we get a King, our nation will decline.

    1. I’ll take self governing please
      You can have your king and stay off his land and rivers. No hunting or fishing for you. And render your tax too.

  37. Fiance’ visas will be sharply curtailed to prevent an influx of Melanias as well as to provide room for Muslim refugees.
    When war breaks out, President Clinton will send an expeditionary force as a show of her resolve. It will be lead by the first female Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the first openly Gay theatre commander. When a small group of American infantrywomen is taken prisoner and a combined placardhashtag campaign proves ineffective, the president will enact the draft to force reluctant men to “man up” and follow the women’s lead into combat. Twitter will “explode”.

    1. If they do this, I’m gone. If I’m forced to select from an Americunt or no woman at all, I will no longer be an American.

  38. Read about Spain 1936.Its doesnt matter if Trump wins or not , Spain 1936 will follow in the entire west.If Trump wins the globalist will stage a coup, if he looses they will try to clamp down and start wars everywhere.Whatever happens it leads to civil war.We are not at the end of the road, we are not at the end of Rome, we are in its civil war phase in a interregnum between the republic and autocratic rule.The rise of the new ceasars has begun no matter what.The globalist dont rule the planet.They have enemies and with the clampdown and wars the fabric of the west,production,wealth,security will collapse too hence they cant just do what they want.The time after 2016 will be violent.

    1. All Americans are packing heat….any coup against Trump will see a lot of dead hipsters lying around….Ezra Klein would be the first.

    2. “The globalist dont rule the planet.”
      Not to overstate the obvious, but the globalists are largely Jewish. So we are talking about a small group of cuckolded men, living in fear that their “people” will become exposed someday. These are not pillars of great physical strength, but rather, quite the opposite.

      1. Yes, their power lies mostly in throwing money around not strong arming.

  39. If Hillary wins, the West is doomed. Every shred of what made us great will be gone in short order. The best hope is in the rebuilding. Hopefully there will remain those solitary pockets of patriarchal thought and action that can stay off the radar long enough to survive through to the rebuilding period.
    Everything the Democrats say they hate, they will inevitably usher right back in.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah. The sky is falling. Doom and gloom. It’s what conservatives live for. The rapture. In 2008 conservatives said Obama would destroy the nation. Here we are. America is still what it has always been. Just as violent. Just as hateful. Just as ignorant

      1. Please stop your trolling crap. For all his faults, Obama wasn’t a total fool like HIllary, who has been shown to be corrupt, venal, ignorant, impetuous, and obviously not physically well (I’d throw in mentally unfit, but there is still not enough proof). Obama is a fuck up, but he was/is somewhat rational. Hillary is a totally different story. So you really can’t compare Obama and HRC, as they competely different approaches. Hillary’s track record speaks for itself–and it’s wretched.

  40. If Trump were secretly colluding with Clinton to hand her the presidency and destroy the GOP in the process, I’d have to say he’s done a brilliant job.

    1. That’s been open speculation since the moment he came on the scene. It’s not without some intellectual merit to contemplate such a scenario.

  41. One of her ideas is to mandate that every single publicly traded company board of directors be at least 50% women. Yes you read that right. Half the board HAS to be women, but more then half can be women. The maximum number of men you can have on the board under her plan is 50%. So 60/40 women. Fine. 60/40 men. Discrimination.

      1. No what will functionally happen is boards will just put enough on the board but put into their bylaws that ties are broken by the chairman (who will be a man of course). Women don’t actually want to run the company they just want the large salary that comes with being a director. They will be happy to watch men keep the actual business afloat.

    1. Just fill the boards with male transgenders.
      Fems will hate, hate, HATE it (fems and dykes hate transgenders almost as much as they hate us).
      And there’s nothing they can do about it because their ideology forbids them from proclaiming the truth (that they know deep down but dare not utter) that the transgender men aren’t really emotional, female, wimmin cuntz cuz their brains are male brains and not female brains.

  42. If Hillary wins, you guys are always welcome in Europe. But don’t wait too long, our borders won’t be open for long after Merkel gets ousted in the next election.

    1. No thank you. I don’t run away. It will be tough but somebody has to deal with the huge ass-end of my generation when the time is right.

      1. One wonders if going to the US during that time would be good, to try and assist you guys. It seems like change would be possible over there, unlike Sweden.

    2. Now, I don’t know why they would want to go here, unless it’s to Poland for instance. Although it would be nice with more sane people around here…

  43. Should she win…what’s left of the original Republic, ends. We’re already close to being completely bankrupt, and the civilization will also, end. It only took 40 years for the Roman Empire to completely collapse, it won’t take us that long.

    1. Technically it’s taken us longer. This has been in the works since Woodrow Wilson.

      1. Can you specify a brief timeline from his era? The banks have been trying to get in here since before Andrew Jackson was president.

        1. Well there are always groups “trying” to do things to give themselves power. I generally go with when they first start succeeding as a starting point.

  44. Can someone please explain to me why, if Trump is such an alpha male, he is doing so poorly with women voters?

    1. cuz Hillary will give them birth control, abortions, and hiring mandates, all paid for by taxpayers (men). government is the ultimate sugar daddy for them and they know it. Look at title 9 in college, womens’ sports only exist by taking money from the football team (men).

  45. All good points made, all of them most ROK readers have suspected for quite some time now.
    But what would be very useful at this particular point is an article on what to do / how to prepare if the aged cunt gets elected.
    Unless one is going to put a gun to his head and call it quits, you will still have to get out of bed each morning, and be able to have some kind of existance.
    I would highly encourage ROK to focus on this.
    ROK writer Thomas More predicted this correctly back in 2013:

    The Manosphere Needs A Communication Alternative

    1. I think if she wins, we will need to entertain some “extreme ideas.” Rather than fighting the system, we should adapt and learn to exploit the new paradigm to our advantage. That may include things like two (straight) men claiming to be gay and entering into a fag marriage for benefits (surrogacy, adoption, etc.). I fully expect surrogacy and adoption for straight males to be made illegal soon. The rationale: with so many high quality eligible post wall women, only a pedophile would want to raise a child on his own.

      1. ” The rationale: with so many high quality eligible post wall women, only a pedophile would want to raise a child on his own”
        Exactly – all the while gay male couples will adopt little boys as “sex toys”.
        The push for pedophilia for gay men will go forward, while socially shaming any hetero man who thinks about dating a women more than five years his junior.

    2. I would go with black market agorism to counter the economic fiasco. Then defend it with all the guns and ammo that said black market produces. I think the best counter action to such extreme globalist communism is guerilla anarcho-capitalism.

  46. You conservatives, right wingers, patriots, true Americans, whatever said the same bs about Obama in 2008. Obama was the anti Christ. Obama was going to take your guns. Obama was going to lock up all YT people. Blah blah blah. Now you’re regurgitating the same crap about Hillary. You’re just a different face of the same coin. You’re all being played by the wealthy who donate to both parties and then watch as you fight over immigrants or this group or that group.
    You’re just as bad as the people you claim to hate. You’re always looking to blame someone else. Meanwhile, the elites couldn’t care less about who’s in the white house. Trump is a 1%er and a disconnected a$$hole. Hillary is the same thing, but you’re all just chasing your tail.

    1. “You’re all being played by the wealthy who donate to both parties and then watch as you fight over immigrants or this group or that group…..Meanwhile, the elites couldn’t care less about who’s in the white house”
      Then why do they donate so much money to candidates and throw hissy fits when someone comes along and tells them where they can put their money? If it’s a show, then they’ve roped in the entire republican and democrat establishment to play the false opposition to the false opposition
      PS Obama did turn out to be the anti Christ. Hillary’s just a step above that in the hierarchy of the damned

    2. Unlike in 2008, the conservatives had a majority on the SCOTUS, before and during Obama’s election and re-election. That luxury does not exist now, especially with Scalia’s death. We can’t afford four years, when a good many SCOTUS appointments, are up for grabs. It’s all about SCOTUS, and which side, will make 40 years, of court precedent.

    3. Never in the past 20 years has news left and right been united against a candidate. Globalists all around are brutally attacking Trump, George Soros is donating millions to Clinton.
      Trump actually openly says he wants “Americanism, not globalism”.
      You are proposing apathy like a real loser.

  47. Look at the Olympics right now…the commercials are drippings with brown people and women….white males have been intentionally wiped off the scene….what a shit show…..now fast forward 8 years of Hillary…

    1. it cracks me up when they show women winning their medals. their skills are vastly inferior to the men’s yet they get all this publicity like they accomplished something.
      It’s literally the special Olympics segregated for women so they don’t get destroyed by men.

      1. That’s a good meme you have there.
        We should all refer to women’s sports as the ‘other’ special olympics.

    2. Vastly different coverage of the Olympics overseas. We actually get to watch the different competitions.
      When I left the US today, the coverage was some discussion on SJW issues – pathetic.

  48. worst of all she will flood every white town with as many muslims as they can possibly fly in. and force white people to pay for it.

    1. You don’t want 25 year old Muslim men posing as 15 year-olds attending high school with your daughters? You racist?

  49. Even though Trump has made some unrealistic promises, at least there’s HOPE. With Hillary, we KNOW it’s going to be horrible. With Trump, at least there’s a CHANCE things will get better.
    God bless Don.

    1. Even if crooked Hillary cooks the books and uses voter fraud then gets in. Be disobedient and stop obeying her stupid corrupt lesbian laws. Spend your time on things that matter to you personally. Trump is honest and is addressing real issues, terrorism, dodgy immigrants etc. It’s time people stop paying Hillary any attention, she has nothing of value to say.

    1. Funny how the American Left advocated for detente and coexistence when Russia was the Internationalist Soviet Union…

      1. …..and now they’re trying to tell everyone that we gotta stop Putin from resuscitating the USSR ever since it’s been made clear what side of the fence Russia’s actually on today.

    1. I agree and wish I could upvote you a thousand times.
      All politics and coercive governance literally retards human and societal initiative, innovation, development and cooperation.
      Because it is an attack on your fellow man by proxy is why the discussion of politics seems to inspire so many amygdala hijackings. Politics brings out the absolute worst in people. I hate politics so much, that when people start to talk about it, I automatically take the contrarian stance to whatever policies they blabber about. I am anti-politics. And until the anti-political people (who actually out number the politically minded) start shooting these fuckers in the face when they come to collect taxes, the human race will continue to retard its own development through the continued replacement of one brand of tyrant with another in a perpetual cycle of revolution that gives Trotsky wet dreams from the grave.

  50. Good luck, you guys will need it.
    I have a question..
    Venezuela is governed by a socialist president, the opposition is backed by Obama who is a globalist (and I don´t know if he is a kind of “leftist”) So, our elections are radical leftist vs “light” leftist?

    1. “So, our elections are radical leftist vs “light” leftist?”
      Well, the DNC helped Hillary to cheat a true socialist (Bernie) out of the Dem nomination.
      “light” leftism is likely just elite globalism (it’s well known that the elites coopted socialism in order to safely steer any real grassroots leftist movement in the ground (e.g. occupy wall street).
      The elite’s so called ‘socialism’ is just sheep’s clothing for the wolf.

  51. You guys have to get out there and fight like the U.N. is here taking your guns.
    1. Register to vote.
    2. Make sure all of your friends are registered to vote, especially swing states.
    3. Volunteer to door knock, sign hang, phone banks, anything you can do.
    4. This is all much easier than actually fighting a war, so do these things now.
    I wouldn’t be voting if Trump wasn’t in this race. Usually the GOP nominee is the “slowly remove the band aid” option as opposed to quickly removing as democrats do. However, Trump has done something remarkable. He has:
    1. Castrated the son of the most powerful political/banking family in U.S. History, the Bush family. He utterly and completely humiliated this man, who would have been the nominee, and in the process Trump burned through 300 million of “their” money.
    2. He beat the media. Finally someone had the balls to stand up to their bullshit, and it turns out that’s all it really took. A weaker man would have apologized for making fun of Megan Kelly’ bitch fit, or insulting the pope, Mexicans, and Muslims. Trump spoke the truth then said ‘fuck you I own it.”
    3. His plan’s are actually very sound, and when you cut away from all the static they are a perfect plan to collapse the pillars on which the global order is built. He has called to remove us from NATO, remove our support from OPEC, threatened the cartels in China, and said firmly we are limiting immigration/colonization.
    *These are the only issues that are non negotiable for the elites, and they only truly care about what advances or secures their power. NATO expands the power of the IMF, on our dime, making slaves out of the third world. OPEC defends the power of the petro dollar, at our expense as well. The elites don’t give a rats ass about gay marriage, or feminism, as that is the tail.
    ^These are the heads of the beast, and Trump has pointed a gun at them.
    4. Politicians say a lot of bullshit, and you should only pay attention to who fears them. So who fears Trump? That’s right, the entire establishment, the media, and it looks like even the generals do.
    Get out there and vote, campaign, and yes donate.

    1. the problem is there is a lot of stupid people. I know people that will vote for hillary. They don’t even know why or what the issues are- they are like grass fed cattle to the slaughter. that is why I think she will win.She can lie, cheat, steal ..whatever – the media will protect her.

      1. That’s not the problem. The problem is conservatives refuse to manipulate these dumbasses. We aren’t going to eliminate them so we might as well get their vote. We have to operate like the democrats, buses, limos, you name it. We have to operate like the democrats.
        Even the way Trump speaks is dumbed down. It’s genius, really.

  52. Roosh, I respectfully but strongly disagree with your stance that we must have Donald Trump for President. He is COMPLETELY unqualified and unfit to serve in this most important of political offices.
    He is NOT fit to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. He is NOT fit to put our troops lives on the line. He is NOT fit to have the nuclear access codes and authorization to launch nuclear weapons. As a 20 year veteran of the USAF and former cold warrior who spent the great majority of my career in the B-52 bomb wings of Strategic Air Command (SAC). I am HORRIFIED at the prospect of such a foolish dilettante being given this most dangerous of responsibility and power.
    I understand your frustration and the frustration of many people who can’t stomach the prospect of Hillary Clinton as POTUS; but, IMHO, all of you need to take a big step backwards, take a big deep breath, compose yourselves and look at the truly big picture. With nuclear weapons, there are no mulligans or do-overs. Once the birds are launched, they can’t be recalled……..PERIOD.
    There comes a time when it is necessary to sacrifice your ideological purity for the good and betterment of your family, your country and the rest of humanity. While such a stance may not increase your revenue via clicks and merch sales and may, in fact, cost you money, it is the right thing to do…..the MANLY and MASCULINE thing. This is what real men…..ALPHA males do.
    ‘Nuff said.

        1. Hillary lies every second word. .How is she fit? She isn’t because she is a bold face LIAR.
          “There comes a time when it is necessary to sacrifice your ideological purity for the good and betterment of your family, your country and the rest of humanity.”
          your claiming that is Alpha? WTF are you drinking. I bet you get on your knees and kiss womans’ asses. You don’t understand the term alpha; let alone have any idea what your quoting. I can see your pure beta. No alpha would ever put a woman first in any circumstance unless they were his own kid.

        2. My ‘heart felt’ conviction?
          Jeez, Jack Nicholson’s less over the top than you.

    1. I vehemently disagree with your analysis. My Dad told me, the same crap was said toward Barry Goldwater, then, what happened? A Democrat was elected, and the United States ended up in another war (Vietnam). I’ll be damned if a felon, is elected to the presidency, this fall, I’ll be damned if Hillary Clinton, becomes president. She can be bought. She can be blackmailed. Nuclear weapon fears? Give me a break, the world is already on the edge of destruction, with Muslims coming into America, and the entire population of Latin America, taking over with it. I don’t care if you pushed papers at the Pentagon, you’re full of shit, if you think Trump is unfit, to have access, to nuclear codes, when we’ve had Bill Clinton, lose them before, and hell, even JFK, of all people, almost launched them, because, oh, the communists were building other communist nations, outside of America. Explain to me, how Hillary Clinton, a textbook felon, someone bankrolled, by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, is fit to have nuclear access codes, if that is the red-herring, you’re going to argue on? I don’t give a damn about nukes, or who has them, when damn near, nobody, can afford to put food on the table, when millions, can’t find work, I just don’t care.

      1. Joos killed jfk.
        He opposed Nam, nukes for Israel and interest currency.
        3 months after his death Israel got nukes. Re Nam, we went from 16,000 intelligence advisors with NFL to 380,000 troops in less than 18 months under Lbj who was a crypto Zionist

    2. “it is the right thing to do…..the MANLY and MASCULINE thing. This is what real men…..ALPHA males do”
      Fuck off with the shaming language, paid troll.
      (No shit, everybody.
      Check out his comments.
      They read like Hallmark greeting cards.
      He’s got his nose up WAY too many assholes to be legit.)

    3. No surprise a USAF vet is such a raging pussy. You’re a disgrace to your country. Trump built a multi-billion dollar empire. He’s not some “foolish dilettante” that’s going to be a retard and start a nuclear war. A real MANLY MASCULINE SUPER DUPER ALPHA WITH A 2 FOOT DICK would get his head out of Clinton’s dusty vagina. For fuck’s sake, if community organizer Obama hasn’t pulled some idiotic stunt with nukes then you’re just being hysterical that Trump would.

    4. The New York Times and the mainstream media have succeeded in putting you into hysteria. Congratulations.
      Who needs to consider policies and facts when you can rant fairy tales about how Trump will use nuclear weapons, right?

  53. Just want your opinion ?? It’s time for the USA to have a true american president!! I have the impression that your leadership has always been european. Honestly we are 1 billion people in the new world and US elites are still obssessed with europe asia russia.From alaska to terra del fuego we have it all(oil,diamonds,wood,iron …)We are protected by 2 oceans and obviously we dont need the west of the world .Dont tell me about ethnicity or religion . the new world is christian and i believe no white american dreams of england portugal or spain and no mestizo or black dreams of the guinea gulf!!

  54. Regardless of who wins the November election the nation is polarized to such an extent that social upheaval is all but assured over the next few decades and will only get worse.
    BLM, illegal immigrants and Islam will reject a Trump presidency and lash out in the ways they already have but with more intensity and perhaps with more coordinated funding and tactics.
    Survivalists, Nationalists and Christians will reject a Hillary presidency and begin to entrench even more, hardening defenses and openly training and brandishing the ability to resist, with potential trial balloons floated, to gauge authoritarian response.
    Both sides are naive to believe that whoever wins, things will be better. Globalism and the establishment will not be denied their goal of a flat global economy and unilateral control over populations.
    We are in open warfare with the global establishment, some of us are either unaware or unwilling to come to terms with this reality. I highly encourage ROK readers to become aware of what 4th Generation Warfare is and how it is fought. You can begin to see how its used against you and how you can use it against the massing hordes.

    1. Unfortunately, if Hillary wins, Whites will still show up to work the following morning and endure the jeers and smug looks from female and colored coworkers. They will keep on keeping on. If Trump wins, Blacks and Hispanics will riot and burn cities.

      1. “If Trump wins, Blacks and Hispanics will riot and burn cities.”
        But mostly their own.

    2. “Survivalists, Nationalists and Christians will reject a Hillary presidency and begin to entrench even more, hardening defenses and openly training and brandishing the ability to resist, with potential trial balloons floated, to gauge authoritarian response.”
      Doubtful. Those people, much like Trump, worship authoritarian figures like the police and military. In the end, they are, despite their collective self-delusion they all seem to share, will fall in line like all the rest.
      The only option is escape to a different country.

      1. Escape to a different county has been the cry of MGTOW for the last decade. Run from the problems if you like but they will only follow as globalism will eventually dominate nations not yet in bed with the IMF.
        America is filled with the kind of people that are able and awake enough to fight against encroaching globalist totalitarianism. Some may say Russia and I might be inclined to agree, but ultimately they are communist and I prefer a republic based in individual freedom and free markets, if we can turn this ship around and reclaim and re-establish those principals.
        Nationalists, survivalists and Christians will only take so much. For the last 5 years gun sales have exploded like no other time in history. I can say from experience that tactical training and survivalist schools are seeing a large uptick in students. Your broad brush of authoritarian worshipers is unfounded, people who like cops, firefighters, military and paramedics understand how fragile civilization is and how those people keep us from descending into utter chaos on a daily basis.
        Don’t be confused that Trump supporters worship Trump, The man is a symbol of resistance to the establishment, just Like Sanders was to the left. Sander’s supporters just got a hard lesson in rigged elections and the illusion of choice in our current corrupt government. Trump supporters are under no illusion, the republican party have been weak, ineffective enablers to globalist agenda for some time now….we endured McCain and Romney…we know the score, that’s why Trump is our nominee. Trump is the people’s hand grenade tossed into Washington DC to see who runs and scrambles for cover, effectively exposing themselves as traitors and criminals against the American people and our sovereignty.
        “Falling in line like all the rest” was the default position when only 5% of the population was awake and aware of whats going on in our nation. Welcome to the 21st century, the legitimacy of nation state’s ruling elites and their media apparatus has fully eroded.
        The only thing for certain in the coming decades is war among nation states and war among tribal and factional players. You can’t run from that.

  55. Hillary is a 100% complete liar. A vote for her is rolling the dice. My take is she is incompetent and corrupt as well.

    1. Not to mention with some serious health problems. You’ve seen the videos of her spasms and uncontrollable laughter.

  56. Hilary is going to win in s landslide that will make Reagan’s win seem small
    Still doesn’t matter

    1. She has a lot of female and the traditional black vote -94% who voted romney. (those un-racist black folk you know) Its probably enough. It doesn’t take much for a landslide if you have California and NY. Pretty much the rest of the nation doesn’t matter.

      1. I really can’t see her losing a single state. Good thing it doesn’t actually matter

        1. She isn’t going to win texas and a lot of others. I completely believe she will win overall because their are a lot of stupid people that don’t want change. Folks that just kind of get through the day without putting to much thought into anything. She will win those grass fed liberal media voters. I am from MN; in our state- they could raise taxes to 98% and put people on trains to re-education camps and they would still vote liberal. I see them everyday; people that are just there- and will believe whatever the media will tell them. Like Bernie supporters; they will vote for Hillary even though everything she represents is against what they believe. Bernies big deal was “wallstreet”. Guess what, hillary takes millions and no one from the DNC even thinks its a big deal at this point – over 50 million. .Trump was less than 2m … She is going to sell you liberals –especially blacks down the rat hole and your going to love getting your ass whipped.

        2. You seriously don’t see her losing Wyoming? Or Utah? Or the Dakotas? Seriously?

        3. iowa and Minnesota is filled with naïve white people who can’t seem to grasp what will happen when 100k Somalis are flown into their neighborhood. I don’t see how Minnesota people can be so blind anymore when the agenda is right on their doorstep.

        4. I can hardly believe those things are actually states. The game is NY CA OH FL. Everything else is generally meaningless

        5. Minnesota is composed of ethnic Swedes, which makes me think their self-hatred and xenophilia are congenital.

        6. NY and CA are not in play, they are a given notch on the Dem belt. Swing states, yes, in play.

        7. I really wish we would just put vince McMahon in charge of this whole nonsense election and make it straight out of the WWF….ladder match or something. It would simultaneously be entertaining and highlight how truly meaningless the whole fucking circus is.

    2. You’re a New Yorker. Your perspective is utterly skewed leftist, even if you’re on the right. NYC is a festering little pool of Leftism, the vast majority of the rest of the nation doesn’t see life as you do.

      1. I hope you are right GOJ but I don’t see it. At any rate, I suspect we will know one way or the other this movement when the electionbowl happens

        1. If you came to being in a pool of water, whose ground fit around you entirely perfectly (as it would for any pool of water) you’d think “there is no other way, this is the way it’s always been and will always be”. Believe me, there is life outside your perfectly fitted pool, mi amigo.

        2. Agreed. I just have an inexhaustible faith in the stupidity of mankind. Add that to the fact that pretty much everyone knows trump is a stooge and that the office of the president is largely a joke and I think we will have a Hilary landslide

      2. I will bet you 1 dollar that Hilary takes Ohio GOJ. A gentleman’s bet.

        1. I don’t bet Ohio ever, because Cleveland is wholly corrupt and has been for many elections now. Bet me Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, or the Dakotas.

      3. Also important to remember is that the vast majority of the nation doesn’t matter. NYC does. 🙂

    3. She will win comfortably, but no way her numbers equal Reagan’s numbers or Nixon’s numbers in ’72. She is just too unpopular and divisive to garner that amount of votes. Her victory will probably be closer to Obama’s in 2012.

  57. And don’t forget all those poor humble,huddled refugee Muslim masses yearning to be free that Hilary will swamp us with if she’s elected…*shrugs*..I already got the beard…Just gotta shave the mustache…

  58. I love how Trump’s asking, several times, why he can’t use atomic weapons (because nobody will give him a straight answer) is somehow proof of his insanity, not his putting the American people first and being willing to solve the Muslim problem once and for all.
    We have technology that could end the war against Islam in a single night. In President Trump we will have a leader unafraid to use it. And use it we must.
    Trump to the White House. Clinton to the gallows.

  59. Fuck conservatives. It’s because of “family values” cucking, we’re in the shit that we are, as a country. American “family values” is just code for, hey, you, the single American male, will be shamed, into getting married, and cucked. You will be used, to be the provider, of all things, your wife wants, but you have no needs, no wants, you are meaningless, and if you fall out of line, our skirt church will shame, and excommunicate you, because thats what jesus does – tell men that want sex daily, to just pucker up, to the fat land whale, have no standards, and be sorry fat fucks, until we’re dead. Good grief, I hate todays conservatives in America, who are not even. Conservatives today, need to get a grip. Nobody wants the reagan bullshit, trickle down crap. I’m a fan of the alt-right, we are for the most freedom, do what you will, and if you can’t deal with hard core porn being on during the day – turn it to a different channel! Vote for Trump, and watch all the SJW’s cringe.

  60. “even if he’s lying about all of his policies, including building a wall, the one guarantee we can make about him is that he won’t attack men”
    Amen to that.

  61. Predictions for Life Under a Hillary Administration:
    1. Gender ratio at universities will skew even more in favor of women, from the current 60/40 to 70/30 or 75/25.
    2. The best (most elite universities will be effectively closed to Americans, especially poor / middle class Whites. The international student enrollment (from China) will surge. Expect top schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton to be 50% international students.
    3. American male students enrolling at university may have to undergo chemical castration to be allowed to attend (to prevent any possibility of rape).
    4. Mass immigration of Muslims to be settled in the Midwest, i.e., the Whitest states. Expect 25 year old Muslim men lying about their age to attend high school to gain access to the young girls.
    5. Social program (borrowed from Sweden) that promote social fraternization (dances, events, etc) between American White girls and male Muslim migrants / refugees.

    1. 6. Impossible for business to receive government contracts unless 50% of upper management is female and 10% gay.
      7. Men will be fired for socializing outside of work with co-workers unless they invite women and gays.
      8. NBA will be forced to pay WNBA players same a men.
      9. Universities forced to fund as much for women’s sports even though men’s sports bring in way more money.
      10. Prostitution will become a male only crime. Prostitutes are 100% victims that can sue their johns for emotional distress.
      11. Calls to repeal the 19th amendment will be prosecuted as a hate crime.
      12. Bill Clinton and muslims will be only men allowed to have sexual relations without expressed consent.

      1. 13. The American Empire collapses for good, ushering in a new Golden Age not seen since the end of the Enlightenment.

  62. In a way, while I do absolutely want Trump to win, Hilary winning should expedite the collapse even further, so though I will be even further disappointed in the U.S. — I won’t be too abashed, because this seems to be the only way to reinstill a patriarchy.
    Only this time, hopefully, we won’t be fucking stupid enough to give women the right to vote.

  63. Latest news, add Shahram Amiri to the Clinton body count.
    Next year RoK writers, if she wins.

    1. “Next year RoK writers, if she wins.”
      From your keyboard to God’s ears.

  64. Even if Trump wins it only means a (possible) 8 year reprieve. Money is the key, you have 8 years to make some and establish for yourselves an economic apartheid whereby you can live separated from society as a whole and dictate your interactions with others.

    1. Hitler showed a nation how to recover in three years producing wealth for itself from the joo/Masonic death grip of fiat usury…..resisting Judaism was his sin.

  65. Those empty eyes makes me think about reptilians being real.
    On the real side, she just looks and have look of dangerous psychopath.

  66. get ready for war because voter fraud on a scale unseen is going to be used to get her in.

  67. Trump refused and refuses to visit Israel, told Aipac he doesn’t want their shekels. That he can’t be bought.
    That was when Joory went into full body Kvetch mode.

  68. Joo National Insecurity Experts Warn Dumb Goyim(Yiddish for cattle) Not to Vote for Trump
    Info Stormer
    August 9, 2016
    A group of Joo national insecurity experts are warning the dumb goyim not to vote for Donald Trump.
    This is because the only things that can keep America safe are open borders, stupid undeclared wars for Israeli and job killing trade deals. Oh yeah, and we also need to have World War III with Russia because Vladimir Putin is a mean person who hates queers. Only when these things happen will America be safe from terrorism.
    CNN did a story on this and I lost track of the Joos that participated in issuing this warning. Read it for yourself. Nothing but Joos and neocons pushing anti-Trump talking points parroted by Hillary Clinton supporters.
    One of the joos promoting this gibberish is named Aaron Friedberg who worked for Zionist war criminal Dick Cheney. He was interviewed to discuss his Jewish vision for American insecurity. Watch the vermin spew his scatterbrained Joo drivel below.

  69. Trump is the first right wing candidate we’ve had since before WWII, which shows how corrupt and unrepresentative our government is. I’m skeptical that a population as decayed and gutted by immigration as Americans and that elected Obama deserves or will support Trump but at least they are finally given a real chance to preserve themselves.
    In any case, I will vote for Trump but be buying ammo and working on a second passport.

    1. I wouldn’t classify him as right wing, Hank.

      1. You must have an unusual definition of right wing. Supporting anti-immigration policies at home and an isolationist foreign policy is the bare minimum for a candidate to be classified as right wing, which excludes most of GOPe. Of course, one can argue that the meaning of words has evolved over the last twenty years, up is down, black is white and GW Bush’s philosophy is right wing.

  70. Let me make it real simple for all of the obtuse guys who aren’t supporting Trump yet: it’s either him or Hillary. Either he wins or Hillary wins. If you don’t vote for him, you’re passively supporting Hillary. Good job.
    “Trump’s not a real candidate!” That means absolutely nothing at all. A totally frivolous statement. Totally stupid too, given he is the candidate, and the only real alternative to Hillary.
    “He’s not a real conservative”. Seriously? Trump’s not good enough so let Hillary be president? That’s like somebody in the market for a house, not being fully satisfied with any, so deciding he’d rather live in a tin shed.
    “Trump won’t do anything.” Ok mister wiser than everyone. Except you literally can’t know that. All you can do is predict based on behavior. You know, make a judgement based on evidence. Claiming someone won’t change anything, just because you think (aka, feel) they won’t, isn’t reasoning. It’s making a claim based on feels. No need to mention how worthless that is on a supposedly masculine site.
    But using reason, and considering behavior – Trump might help a great deal. He might not, but there’s also many reasons to believe he will. Hillary on the other hand, using the same reasoning, is practically guaranteed to be a horrendous president. And completely against the interests of men. Let alone supposedly masculine men.
    So, using reason, Trump is the obvious pick, given it’s between him and Hillary. But he’s also a decent choice otherwise, since he may significantly help the political situation in America, and to a lesser extent the cultural one.
    You can not vote, or vote for Hillary, or vote for the male Hillary the never Trump cretins have selected. But then you’ll just be supporting choices which are obviously much worse than supporting Trump.
    But again, in the end, it’s Trump or Hillary. If you don’t support Trump, you’re basically ready to accept President Hillary. Good luck with that, really.

  71. I am afraid the only chance Trump will win is if there is a big enough silent minority afraid to admit in the polls that they will vote for him. I am afraid that the core of the electorate is too easy to influence by the media. And at this point, Trump has EVERYTHING against him: the Democrats of course, the whole media who basically says he is Satan, and even half of his own fucking party, the Republicans. It’s very very hard to win under this unfair battle rules.
    For example, Clinton is shown having a seizure on camera. You will have to dig very hard to find this in the media. On the other hand, a crying kid moved out from the room suddenly is shown as proof Trump is a baby hater.
    I am also afraid on the consequences of a Clinton win but unfortunately it will take a miracle to counteract her in this environment.

  72. “Many men say that Trump is controlled opposition. The evidence to that has been wholly uncompelling based on the genuine establishment attacks he’s received, but even if he’s lying about all of his policies, including building a wall, the one guarantee we can make about him is that he won’t attack men. There’s absolutely nothing in his candidacy or behavior in the past 40 years of his life that suggests it.”
    He falsely accused the central park 5, and paid for bill boards to do so while they where going to trial.
    He has been married and divorced multiple times, so he worships women and likes giving them free shit.
    He has said women are superior to men.
    He has said that he pays women more for the same job as a man.
    Trump supporters are deluded fools, and have no self respect.
    Go an worship your daddy figure.

  73. We are already seeing democrat’s attack masculinity with the Orlando shooting
    with blaming it on toxic masculinity and guns instead of blaming it on Islam with
    editing of the Orlando shooter’s confession.

    1. I thought the true story on that Orlando nightclub massacre was a closet gay man who probably struggled mentally with his religion and his sex life and the failure of his marriage and his failure to get the career he wanted. Both the Islam and gay aspects were subsequently down played by the official media releases.

  74. Unfortunately, Hillary will beat Trump.
    I hate to say that but a president of the most powerful country on earth should not be as erratic and lacking in self control as Donald Trump.
    Trump is the problem, not Hillary. Virtually any other Republican nominee would have easily beaten Crooked Hillary.

    1. he says the truth about muslims. to politically correct pussies, that is ‘lacking in self control’, in which you mean afraid to say shit about reality.
      That’s how women are, they’re never blunt about anything.

  75. Have you ever noticed that we don’t have any comedians, well any that are truly funny, on the right wing. I think its rather pathetic and probably points to something that is missing within fundamental mindset of us right minded people. Louis CK, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, John Stewart, Conan, Stephen Colbert, and on and on and on are all left wingers. Are we not funny because we are less creative and shun our sensitive side, our vulnerable side? It could be a protective mechanism that keeps us locked in a dance with a perceived “better” way. I don’t know, you tell me.

  76. It doesn’t matter. If Trump is legit we would need 100 years of our people in charge to fix the damage done. That won’t happen. Hillary will kill us, and at best Trump will buy time. It’s unavoidable that the remaining sane minds will have to bare knuckle brawl in defence of our freedoms at some point.

    1. Trump- 2 terms and then his son two terms, and we can reverse damage and make progress.
      Joos, Browns and blacks will wonder what in the hell happened

  77. Where is Trump’s masculine virtue, really? He assures us he’s a multi-billionaire but every business he’s been in has gone bankrupt. Why else wouldn’t he release his tax returns (the IRS has said that there is no restriction on doing so)

    1. Casinos mostly.
      Not towers or high rises.
      He uses the laws on the books.
      He employs people and he is an iconic success. He doesn’t release his return because he’s being audited, dipstick…

      1. “Trump Entertainment Resorts and its predecessors have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection four times, in 1991, following construction of the $1-billion Trump Taj Mahal, and in 2004, 2009 and 2014.” So his casino business is bankrupt…

        1. One files BK to take pressure off of creditors and that’s what he did preventing liens and or expensive legal action or foreclosure
          It doesn’t mean or imply it wasn’t profitable. It was just More profitable TO file a BK. It also had to do with the stock and where it was. All of Vegas was BK in 2008.
          My gosh some of you are stupid, as in full retard.

        2. Are you being serious? Please provide evidence for what you’re talking about. A company that cannot pay its debts is by DEFINITION unprofitable.

        3. Usually the ceo makes out the best but if there are shareholders( joo investment banks), they too get a nice slice.
          I know a large electrical contractor that got the job on a huge Big 10 stadium. He made about 20 million on the job, also then filed a BK. The business anyway. It’s what businesses DO. It’s a tool. Trump has advisors and banks to please as well.

        4. Sounds like a “tool” to make sure he gets paid even when a project is unprofitable. Did your large electrical contractor make sure the workers and investors got paid? Bet not. It may be legal, but it’s not something you want to see on someone’s CV. Trump said of McCain “I like soldiers who don’t get captured”. I say I like businessmen who don’t file for bankruptcy.

        1. It will effect an audit ESP if he has to amend or has to enter negotiations with the IRS. It would be pure stupidity to do so.
          Stupid cuck has never been audited or understands audit procedures or showing your hand, which is in effect what you and other cucks want him to do.
          This board is going full retard

        2. That’s exactly Trump’s argument (which is how you know it’s BS). How SPECIFICALLY would disclosing his returns to the public – like every other candidate – effect negotiations with the IRS? Give one example and I’ll concede the point.

        3. Below I give you the best One example, dipstick, in addition to the fact that No tax attorney would advise their client to publish the returns in the middle of an audit! Forbes already addressed this. Read much?
          “It is one thing to have a few IRS auditors reviewing the returns and proposing upward adjustments. It is quite another to having the entire world pick them apart and give the IRS lots of new ideas. From a tax viewpoint, that would not be smart.”
          Now go away Mgtow cuck

        4. “Because it might give the IRS new ideas”. And which people would be most apt to do so? The people who know the false and contradictory information that must be in those tax returns. It’s a shit argument — essentially the same as your argument re: his bankruptcy, which is that by using the law (created by your “joo lawyers” by the way so you can give them a big thank you) – whether to obfuscate the truth and to protect himself and screw everyone else when his businesses inevitably go bust – that this is somehow an alpha trait. It’s not. The leader of the pack ensures the safety and survival of the pack. He doesn’t take off running when there’s danger, and he doesn’t lie and hide his accomplishments. You don’t know what alpha is. Alpha is capability to generate REAL wins for everybody and HELPFUL intelligence. Why would you follow someone you know will screw you over? Fake alphas like you and Trump always lose in the end

      2. The “laws on the books” you refer to are the laws you invoke when you have FAILED. You have proven only that his activity was lawful, not that he’s a good businessman at all. We know of dozens of failed businesses — real estate, steaks, the entire Atlantic City project – what about the successful ones? I expect the tax returns will show income from the Apprentice and possibly from his shady University, as well as residuals from property management using his name but out of his control. In the meantime, if I’m a “dipstick” for using fact to back up my argument, what does that make you?

        1. No. Not failed, just made business sense.
          You file rather than do a scheduled repayment or restructuring of debt. Most of it was written by joo investment banks as well and you can bet they called the shots.
          Arguing Trump is a bad business man is like arguing that Rocky Marciano wasn’t a good heavyweight because he lost a few rounds.
          You are and remain a cuck

        2. Bankruptcy, scheduled repayment and restructuring of debt are 3 options you have when you LOSE money instead of MAKE it. That Bankruptcy is the lesser of 3 evils does not make Trump a good businessman. Marciano had a perfect record — he did not LOSE.

        3. Marciano was knocked down and lost rounds, however, just as any business icon was. He restructured debt. And used laws to do so.
          Had the bailouts not happened in 2008 most US businesses would have failed. Trillions in wealth wiped out. Are those people any less successful or stupid?
          Trumps towers have never been in danger

        4. We’ll never know because he hides the numbers — but almost Trump Toweres operates at a loss. Know any other businesses (besides his own) that operate out of Trump towers, to offset expenses? Didn’t think so.

  78. Do these Hillary-bots douches on here really think taking cracks at Trump is going to sway anyone? Do they not realize that this site is designed to be the opposite of Huffpo/Salon/Twitter and the readers here smell sjw infiltration because we’ve seen it firsthand. Too many times by now.
    So Trump haters, here’s some advice. Try learning actual debate, with facts as to how electing Hillary over Trump would be anything less than another 4-8 years of Obama’s Reign.

    1. “…Do they not realize that this site is designed to be the opposite of Huffpo/Salon/Twitter and the readers here smell saw infiltration…” Really, I gave it more credit than that.
      In any case, the gist of your comment is just as bogus. While there may indeed be clinton trolls, russian trolls… all sorts of trolls cruising around this site, recognizing objective reality vis a vis trump’s campaign “style” doesn’t make someone a troll. It’s really getting harder and harder to ignore at this point.

  79. RIP America. That’s what you get for relying on cheap labor to satiate the greed of crony capitalists. Now that same cheap labor is voting you all out. Oh wells.

  80. I’m actually not sure Hillary is that interested in fighting culture wars.
    She’ll do it whenever it’s expedient, but I actually don’t think she’s the SJW ideologue that Obama is. She’s interested really in only one thing and that’s greasing her pockets and those of the people that sponsor her. Everything is secondary to that.
    Yes, it will be bad, and the inertia of the Obama years will surely continue, but Hillary actually may not put as much emphasis on it as you think. Let’s also not forget that she is incredibly unpopular, including with the same SJW’s she now professes to champion. She has no real support. She’s just…there, like a zombie that just won’t go away. She’ll be embattled severely from day one including from leftists. She will NOT have Obama’s popularity, and she certainly lacks the charisma of either him or her husband and won’t therefore be as efficient at organizing the media to come to her support.
    Just saying, we should never despair, and all is never lost. Change happens with rapid speed, as Quintus says often. Rigid regimes collapse like houses of cards often.

  81. Not looking good for Trump. Anything can happen but most experts saying he’s a long shot with a 30% chance to win. Going to take a miracle or for someone who has something really big to expose Hilary.

    1. Trump’s making it too easy for his enemies, shooting himself in the foot over and over again.
      If he’d just shut the fuck up and get back on topic, he’d be doing a lot better in the polls.
      Instead, he keeps getting involved in tangents and sidetracks that ultimately end up hurting only himself!

      1. So true. The left is playing the fiddle he’s dancing to and now he’s parroting the SJW mantra of free stuff. SMDH.