5 Half-Truths Women Regularly Tell Their Significant Others

We’ve all heard stories about how husbands and boyfriends are blindsided by the revelation(s) of past sexual debaucherous escapades of their wives and girlfriends. We hear about the hurt, the shock, the pain, and the confusion that ensues when he finally realizes his snowflake wasn’t who he thought she was. At some point we hear the crestfallen schlub say “How could she not tell me?”

She did. She just didn’t tell you the whole story. She’s been telling you half-truths. Or as she’ll tell her friends, “little white lies.” Rather than get into mental gymnastics or complicated explanations I’ll use a quick example:

You’re on a date with a woman who tells you her husband cheated on her so she filed for divorce. Is it plausible he cheated on her for no reason which caused her to up and leave? Sure. Nothing’s impossible. But here’s a better question: Is it likely?

In 2016, not a chance. Odds are she cheated first, stopped having sex with him, and when he finally had the stones to step out on her she finally had her reason to cut him loose (if he even cheated at all which, conveniently for her, there’s no real way to verify). The story she gave you was only partially true.

All women do this on some level to give themselves an escape hatch lest their husbands and boyfriends learn the entire story and call her out on it:

You: “You lied to me! You didn’t tell me you cheated too!”

Her: “I didn’t lie to you. I told you he cheated so I divorced him. That was the truth.”

See how that works?

“You’re the first guy I’ve ever had anal sex with”

Over the years I’ve heard dozens of lies like this. There are different variations and degrees to be sure, but I continuously hear the same ones over and over. That said, I’m going to give you the five most common untruths females tell, what she’s trying to convey, what it likely means, the escape technique she’ll use if you learn the truth, and the follow up question to avoid getting got in the first place.

Let’s get to it.

5. “I haven’t been in a relationship in over a year”

Couple kissing in railroad parlor car (B&W)

What she’s trying to convey: She wants you to believe two things: 1) That because she hasn’t been in a relationship in a while, she hasn’t had sex in a while which leads to 2) She doesn’t have sex unless she’s in a relationship.

What it likely means: She’s been hooking up and doing one-night stands with randoms by the truckload.

Escape technique: “I told you I hadn’t been in a relationship. I never said I hadn’t hooked up with anybody or went out on dates. There’s a difference.” Then when you angrily ask:

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

She’ll simply reply:

“You never asked.”

You can be as pissed off as you want to be but guess what player…she’s right. Being in a relationship is different from going out on dates or hooking up with random dudes. But she didn’t want to tell you the other half the story so she told you the half she wanted you to hear.

“You never asked if I’ve ever had a train run on me”

Follow up question: “So you haven’t been out on a single date or even hooked up with anybody?? :::pause::: for an entire year??”

Ask that question with a confused, yet skeptical look on your face to a girl who tells this particular half-truth and you’ve essentially checkmated her. She can’t answer no because she’ll think you’re thinking “What’s wrong with this chick if not a single guy has taken her out or even fucked her in a year?” (Because that’s what she would think if you told her the same thing.)

If she answers yes, she’s knows she has some ‘splainin to do. Either way, she knows you’re not gullible which will make her think twice about lying to you down the road.

If you choose not ask the follow up question and take her at her word, then find out she was the town bicycle during the time she lead you to believe she was wearing a chastity belt then that’s your fault. Never believe what a woman tells you. Ever.

4. “I just came out of a bad relationship”

What she’s trying to convey: The reason for her relationship coming to an end was her boyfriend or husband’s fault. Women know the phrase “bad relationship” implies physical or emotional abuse or infidelity (to gullible betas anyway) without actually having to say it out loud.

What it likely means: The relationship was “bad” because her ex failed too many shit tests, put her on a pedestal, and eventually became unattractive to her.

Escape technique: If you find out she was banging her baby daddy on the side, this is where she’ll actually tell you her ex physically abused her and called her names. Whether or not it’s true is irrelevant. You have no way of knowing for sure and she knows this so she’ll tell you whatever story she wants.

“Then he yelled at me and called me names. It was horrible!”

As far as girls are concerned any relationship they leave is a “bad relationship.” They’ll tell you and themselves whatever they have to to justify the bad behavior you find out about

Follow up question: “What happened?”

This simple question, again, pins her in a corner. Not only does she have to explain her situation in a way that completely absolves her of all responsibility, she has to do it on the fly. Women rarely expect you to ask them anything after they play the ace of spades known as the “just came out of a bad relationship card.” She assumed you’d just take her word for it.

Now if she’s a pro (and a lot of them are) she’ll give you the “I don’t want to talk about it” which ends the conversation. But, again, in the back of her mind she might think you won’t take whatever she says at face value. Besides, women can’t help but tell on themselves. At some point she’ll inadvertently start to trickle out the real story at which point you’ll have a better understanding of what really happened.

If she really has been in an abusive relationship, you know it’s only a matter of time before she goes running back to him or starts sleeping with him behind your back if you’re stupid enough to commit to her. Your only move in this scenario is to have fun with her for a few days and cut her loose.

3. “I have never cheated”

“I’ll just dump him, have my fun tonight, then call him crying tomorrow and beg him to take me back”

What she’s trying to convey: That she is a faithful woman.

What it likely means: She hasn’t cheated… well not technically. She broke up with her boyfriend via text while out on a date from a dude she met on Tinder. Ten minutes in she knew she’d sleep with him that night but because she wants to have her cake and eat it too, she sent the breakup text fully intending on getting back with him after she’s had her fill of her new guy.

Escape technique: Now you’re confused because she just told you about a guy she hooked up with during her time with her ex boyfriend:

You: “Wait a minute….you said you never cheated.”

Her: “I haven’t.”

You: “But you hooked up with so-and-so while you were with so-and-so.”

Her: “We broke up for a couple days then got back together. It’s not cheating if we’re not together.”

Damn, bitches are sneaky aren’t they? Once again she’s right. She dumped him so technically she was free to do whatever she wanted with whomever she wanted. To get to the bottom of this untruth before the confrontation….

Follow up question: “Ever get back with an ex after hooking up with other people?”

This query cuts cuts right to the heart of the issue without putting her on the spot. On its face, it seems like a harmless question which keeps her guard down. If she has ever pulled the ‘breakup to cheat then get back together the next day’ trick, she’ll probably answer yes without hesitation because she thinks you’re unaware of this 24 hour alpha fux-beta bux trick females have been pulling for quite a while.

2. “I got married young”

What she’s trying to convey: That because she was young when she tied the knot, her notch count was low.

What it likely means: She either got knocked up and walked down the aisle to avoid having a bastard kid, or she saw The Wall approaching quicker than she expected as a result of sleeping with exorbitant amounts of men and locked a man down before her looks started to fade prematurely. Whatever the reason, it’s not because she was a virtuous, traditional woman who didn’t want to waste her fertile years riding the carousel.

Escape technique: So you foolishly ask her how many men she’s slept with (as every blue pill boyfriend or husband does at some point) and you’re shocked when she tells you 32 (which probably puts the real number closer to triple digits).

It’s all fun and games until you find out your 21 year old wife has slept with 21 guys…..since high school

Her: “Why is that so surprising to you?”

You: “You said you got married when you were twenty!”

Her: “I did but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a little fun during my teens.”

Any time a female refers to anything as “a little” it usually means a lot… a whole lot. Especially when it comes to sex. Girls in their mid-twenties will often use this half truth to give men the impression that she’s a good woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage and proved it by marrying young. But girls are losing their virginity and much younger ages so by the time they’re out of high school, their notch count has long since been out of control.

To cut through this attempt at snowflaking, drop this on her:

Follow up question: “Well I’m sure you had a few boyfriends, though didn’t you?”

This, again, keeps her guard down. Every teenage girl has boyfriends so she’ll have no problem answering truthfully which is “yes.” After that ask her: “How many?”

Now this is a little more direct, but her guard is still down. In her mind, having sex with her boyfriend was normal and certainly didn’t make her a slut because every girl has sex with her boyfriend.

Whatever number she gives you multiply it by 7. That is, if she tells you she had 3 boyfriends before she graduated from high school, her notch count before she tied the knot is somewhere north of 20.

1. “I was in an open relationship/marriage”

What she’s trying to convey: She’s had sex outside of her relationship but her boyfriend or husband was aware of it and was okay with it because he was doing the same.

What it probably means: She cheated, got caught, promised it wouldn’t happen again, got caught again, proposed an “open relationship” giving him permission to sleep with other women so she could feel better about sleeping with other men and he accepted.

Escape technique: None needed. The moment you accept her “open relationship” explanation, calling her out on slutty behavior is useless. After all, she was in an “open relationship” which gave her carte blanche to sleep with whoever she wanted.

Translation: Keep calm. I cheat on my boyfriend all the time.

Follow up question: “Did he sleep with other women?”

This is easily the most effective follow up question and literally puts her in a no win situation. If she answers yes, she’s indirectly admitting she wasn’t sexually appealing enough for him to want to have sex with her and only her. If she answers no, her arrangement turns from an open relationship to her cheating on her boyfriend or husband all the time. Regardless of whether or not she had his blessing, she knows this makes her look like a slut.

I’ve heard this from more women than I can count and when I laugh in a way that says in no uncertain terms that I know there’s more to the story than just an “open relationship” the hamstering goes into overdrive. “He was there when he fucked me,” “I set him up with a female after I had my fun,” and “He said it was a turn on that I slept with other men” are all things I have heard with my own ears.

The bottom line here is that any female who says she’s been in an open relationship is just another slutty female. Characterizing it as an open relationship is just one of many ways they can talk about their infidelity without actually calling it cheating.

The bottom line is…

…women never tell you the whole story. Especially when it comes to their sexual pasts. They’ll never tell say “Our relationship didn’t work out because I slept around” or “Yeah, I fucked a lotta guys when I was single.” Deep down, they know what slutty behavior is which is why they hide it in the first place.

There are many, many more half truths women like to tell to make themselves look better than they really are. Though they’re all different in terms of context, timing, and purpose one thing remains a constant: Always ask a follow up question to get more of the story.

The look of a woman who has it all: A husband and a boyfriend.

Letting her get away with blanket statements like the ones above without probing for more information then indicating to her that you’re buying the bullshit she’s selling will end the relationship before it starts. She will have lost respect for you and it’s all down hill from there.

At that point it’s only a matter of time before she’s telling her next beau she just got out of a “bad relationship” with you.

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  1. As a reader of rok for some time I know that the “wall” means when a girl loses looks but why was it decided to call it the wall? Just a curious question

        1. I stopped watching the show. I am a bit of a nerd with the books….like in a bad way.

        2. Actually yes. Just one season left apparently.
          And then HomoBO will come up with another show loaded with gay sex and unbeatable female warriors.

        3. Oh. Thanks. I didn’t even know that was a thing for the first few seasons, it’s only really come to my attention in the last year. Haven’t watched it (or anything) though, so references to it bounce off of my puddin’ head.

        4. its 2 7 episode seasons left. The author still has two books to go.

        5. The first season of the show was truly terrific television. The second and third not as good, but still enjoyable. After that it became pretty much unwatchable.
          The books, however, are really fantastic and have a very large tapestry. Imagine the coolest, most detailed book about the war of the roses only with a little bit of magic, some dragons and a lot of food.

        6. I heard it expressed as one season split into two parts if you want to get pedantic about it. But the point is yes, the show will end.
          It has diverged from the books now.

        7. The show is already ahead of the books and the author of the books has stated specifically that the show and the books are in two very separate universes and will not be linked up with plot. I am fairly sure that the author hates the show but loves the 12 mil a year he has been making.
          He even said recently, in response to someone asking him if the show butchering his world bothered him, something to the effect of “as long as they keep bringing dumptrucks full of money to my house I don’t care”

        8. A lot of history could be improved by adding dragons. Dunkirk would have been *fucking epic* if there were dragons present, for example.

        9. Zombies are so common these days. I like a dystopia of mindless pod people, liken in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (a fine anti-communist tale, btw). Fortunately for me, that’s more or less where we are today, except I have yet to actually document seeing people-pods. Once that happens, it’s shotgun time!

        10. I really think that you would like the ASOIAF books. I would avoid the show in general with the exception of the first season and only then if you happen to be interested, bored and it is readily and easily available.
          However, the books are really fucking great. I am a lunatic and can literally rattle off the genealogies of the great houses as well as minor houses and I follow all the details, conspiracies and everything. Such a rich tapestry of stuff there.

        11. In America we call that “open borders policy” I believe.
          We’re suffocating in boredom in the West. Such an invasion might actually be a welcome thing, in my honest opinion.

        12. You’re trying to get me to use the term “+4 Vorpal Blade” but I refuse to be tricked into doing so.
          Oh, wait…

        13. man, Id love to have a dire wolf. Walking that thing around nyc, terrorizing all of the labra-cocker-doodles. But then, everyone would get one, and they would form a pack, probably start eating the homeless people

        14. That sounds like a win win, really, when you think about it. Dire wolves + a real solution to the homeless bum problem.

        15. Putting your imagination to paper for a million bucks a month is pretty fucking awesome. I would let me imagination wander to whatever crazy shit the Banksters liked in order to keep it coming.

        16. Like, literally it will end but it will always live on in the comments section and our minds.

        17. The huge battle in maybe the next to last episode of this season of Jon Black vs the penis cutter was epic. Truly one of the best battle scenes I’ve ever seen.

        18. The production values, costumes, most of the acting and the CGI stuff in the show is all pretty awesome. The script got really bad after season 3 to the point where in this last season, I saw a few episodes despite not following the show, was just abhorrent….not only did they let all the internal logic fall apart, character development and arc die and story fall by the wayside they injected a heavy dose of SJW bullshit.
          I will pretty much watch anything with swords and dragons. It’s just my thing. So I did watch a few episodes but found myself angry more often than entertained

        19. Yes, but you might want to watch again, some of the things that you thought you saw turn out a bit differently later… although yeah they endlessly worship the Dragon borne blonde bitch, even though she’s a terrible leader and keeps making huge blundering mistakes by trying to morph society to the way she wants it to be.
          I actually liked the idea of Arya Stark being a rebel, she hid by pretending to be a boy, and the idea that she would secretly seek revenge for the crimes against the Stark family by using cunning and wit and some feminine traits was unique. And the way she physically could fight back was just by using her agility to quickly pull out Needle and poke someone with it, but they didn’t try to make her into a Big Bad Bitch. But then in the last season she goes through this brutal assassin training regime and it got a little ridiculous.
          George RR looks a bit like Jabba the Hut but is at least married to a female, though, and I believe lives in the American West, so I feel like he isn’t a SJW sellout like the Warchovski? brothers of the Matrix.

        20. Oh yeah there was a brutal torture that went on for most of the season, this guy was tied up and painfully cut, and eventually lopped off his Johnson and later fed it to him as sausage. Lots of mental torture as well.

        21. Sounds like a writer is well acquainted with divorce through the Family Courts system in the U.S.

        22. The show was bad. I mean, even Arya. Yes, the story was pretty good. But in the end the showrunners turned it ridiculous. If you are interested and have a little time to enjoy it, google preston Jacobs youtube channel. Most of his stuff is on the books, but he does very good reviews on the shows as well.
          grrm lives in new mexico I think, but is originally from New Jersey. I don’t know what his personal politics are. And from his books, and I’ve read them all, as well as all the short stories, I don’t see any relevant modern politics on one side or the other coming out. He has created an insulated universe and done a good job keeping to the rules of it.
          I don’t care what his RL politics are so long as he keeps them out of his story which he has done in my opinion.
          I have already decided I am not going to watch any of the episodes next season. I will watch the preston reviews because, ya know, swords so yeah. BUt I can’t with the writing on that show.

        23. Just wish ol’ GR Martin would get done with the final two books already.
          I was never a reader of typical nerd fantasy tropes. But this book series has the right amount of grit & groundedness to keep me invested.

        24. Next one should be announced at the end of the year and released sometime around next may I would venture. The turn over, however, is 6 years for a book and he looks like he is one quarter pounder with cheese away from keeling over and dying. My worry is that he wont be able to finish.
          I always like the fantasy genre but these books are really special. I compare him to Dostoyevsky fairly often and for a lot of reasons. He is truly a special author.

        25. True. He has different qualities as a writer.
          The fantasy backdrop is underpinned by very believable human & political motivations.
          The world building details very much mirror our own complex world. Especially if one is into medieval history.
          I could never get into stuff as dense as say the Wheel Of Time series. Or the Dungeons & Dragons stuff.

        26. Wheel of Time started off ok, but it really dragged on after a bit. I wanted Lan to start hacking off random heads for sport after a while, just to liven things up.

        27. Wheel of Time I liked, but wasn’t crazy about. I was a big Lord of the Rings fan. But for all the reasons you say and more grrm is doing something special here.

        28. Haha. I used to go read up on some classic Robert E. Howard Conan when I needed that fix.

        29. Daenerys was a sympathetic character to me from Season One. But she turned out to be another emotionally ruled female leader. Appealed to many female viewers by being awesome for merely existing.
          Stannis Baratheon, supposedly hailed as the greatest military commander in Westeros but acting so out of character in his final season was..deflating. The annoying Sand Snake bitches. Annoying enough to annoy even a young female friend who identifies as mildly feminist. That’s how annoying they were.
          The Hound getting beaten by big Brienne.
          The blatant mind numbing need to give female viewers their girl power hard on got tiresome very quickly.

        30. Old AD&D huh? Lol, me too…but I also played sports. So I would leave my more nebbish friends “huzzahing” at about 11:00 so I could go out and test my CHARISMA score in real life.

        31. Yeah, back in middle school. I moved on to more adult-ish war games in high school then quit all of them altogether the day I joined the Army at age 17.5. The board games being mostly Squad Leader and its expansions, as well as Traveler (plus Snapshot expansion) and, occasionally just for shits and grins, Car Wars.

        32. One universal truth I have found over the years is, The book is always better. Of course millennials will never know this.

        33. It is always better. However, even though the book was better than the first season the first season was actually damn good television. Now it just sucks.

        34. Robert Jordan keeled over before finishing the Wheel of Time series. It allowed a writer to actually tie up loose ends and bring it to a great conclusion. I am positive that Jordan intended to continue milking it until the end of time.

        35. After the first few books I stopped reading them until the final three were written by the other guy. Then I went back and read the filler just to catch up.
          I am a major science fiction fan. I read and reread Stranger in a Strange Land enough times to wear out a couple of paper backs. Then one day I saw a special offer to read the “unedited” version, with 300 additional pages. I bought and read that version and noted not one thing missing in the edited version. Heinlein had a great editor. Tolkien desperately needed to borrow that editor. The three volumes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy would have been one decent book.

    1. It’s meant to convey the concept of hitting a brick wall with a car. The rides over and your not as good looking as you were before.

    2. Imagine what even the prettiest girl would look like if you rammed her face first into a wall.

    3. I think because Pink Floyd was the only band who would agree to release rights to that title. We were hoping to call it “moving pictures” or “OICU812” but alas…

      1. Speak for yourself. I can’t stand it when a woman hits the Aqualung.

        1. Yeah, that can turn her into a real war pig.

    4. Not entirely sure but we used the term “hitting the wall” back in cross country and track & field during my high school years. It basically meant you lost your steam and couldn’t maintain your current running pace. The sentiment seems to run a close parallel to your question (girl hits the wall and can no longer maintain her current looks).

    5. Hitting the wall is a long distance running term. Its the point when running is no longer a matter of will power, the body is shutting down.

  2. Women are always lying to get their own ways in life. That is how they behave in accordance to their nature. Any man who believes anything that a a woman tells him, should not be surprised at the ramifications of what her behaviour will do to his life. I am simply amazed as to how stupid today’s men have become in society. They are so desperate for the “love” and “affection” a woman will provide him that he is actually willing to live in denial. I mean it really pushes the limit as to how much a self respecting man can tolerate when it comes to the unlawful actions a woman will make. For example, there are now stories of men who will accept that his wife or girlfriend is sleeping around with other men behind his back, even after she is lying to his face.
    This is what has happened to a society that has lost its ways. When men cannot confront the situation of what has become to the today’s women, then you will continue to see this cycle of denial repeat itself over and over again with a new generation of men. The sad reality is that a woman’s only capability to get ahead in life, is to resort towards lies, deceit and betrayal. This was also reflected in the story of Adam and Eve and we all know how that ended up. Sure, some women work hard in life, but the vast majority only work hard at lying to make ends meet. This can be reflected in all of the stories that we hear about how so and so was caught lying on social media or was caught with receipts for a hotel etc.
    It is a sad sign of the times we live in when we see a society full of women constantly attached to their smartphones, doing who knows what, in order to fulfill their empty lives with short term pleasure. You can only imagine the amount of lies she is coming up with to tell her significant other, while posting what she really was doing in full detail for the world to see, without even realising that she is at some point, likely to be caught for her actions. Until men are willing to stand up for their own dignity and self respect, then I simply have no sympathy for his personal circumstances regarding his love life. The days of honest women who would stay home and respect their husband, are over. So if men cannot even pick this up, then he is simply a lost cause and will have to learn about life the hard way.
    When I hear about women claiming to be honest, this is my reaction.

    1. Very well said man. Good comment! Also, gonna book mark that video. IT will def come in handy in the future.
      I think you are hitting on one of the most important things and that is that blaming women for these issues is foolish. Women are just acting like women. The real fault is in the men who allow it. I think that a big reason this happens is wrapped up in many mens failure to become adults.
      Our society has encouraged peter pan syndrome in many, many ways. Between big papa guvment allowing single moms to “go it on their own” and thus never instill masculine value into the youth to tv shows which consistently up play the values of feminine virtue while mocking masculine virtue our world has, in essence, created an entire generation of man-children.
      If men would simply stop being children and start acting like adult men women will fall into line. On a small scale, if you do this in your own personal life you will notice that women who are snarky and cuntish to other guys will pretty much hunt for your dick and never want to be parted with it. If we did this on a larger scale, basically it would be the same as passing a society wide shit test and it would have the same effect on women in general that passing a shit test has on any one woman in particular i.e., drop her to her knees and make her say ahhhh

      1. Hey lolknee, just curious the women you hook up with are close to “baby-rabies” mode and trying to lock you down.
        or they are in YOLO, and having fun still…
        I used to bartend in that neighborhood — was good times!

        1. There is a fair mix. I don’t really have a single type. It is more about what am I in the mood for tonight. So sometimes it will be straight up giggling yolo girls. But at least as often, when I am looking for older women (late 20’s) who are in professional jobs, can see the wall looming up ahead, have expensive heels and lingerie…those are the ones who will always look to lock down. They know the wall is up ahead, they know that they are ripe and coming up on sell by date and I have a bunch of qualities that make them think I would be a good match (good genes, blue eyes, good job, etc.). Usually I will get bored with one and then latch onto the other, back and forth, back and forth.
          That Yorkville area is really blowing up now Sir Lee. ONce the 2n ave subway comes in it will be even crazier. I wouldn’t say it is as hoping as the meat packing district, but it isn’t very far off.

        2. Little lolknees? Sir, they will be called “Kid knees”, for obvious reasons.

        3. never. The idea of having children is abhorrent to me. I am my only child. I have plants.

        4. also, I already have plans for my fortune should I happen to have one. I want every cent remaining after I die to be used in the building of an enormous mausoleum for me. Literally, every single penny.

        5. The lolknee memorial brothel and whisky emporium?
          No no. I want my fortune to be spent in such a way that no one can possibly enjoy it. A big mausoleum and statue of me. THat is perfect.

        6. I guess, since I am dead, it wouldn’t make no never mind to me but I would suggest to you that if you find enjoyment in being in front of a statue of me that you seek psychiatric help immediately.

        7. Arrows…some call them junk, others call them…treasures…

        8. That’s the perfect monument to your monumental narcissistic nihilism. You are in rare form tonight.

    2. I enjoy this blog for getting a good insight into masculinity, and I usually agree with the majority of ROK’s points (including this article), though some blatant wording into generalisations in comments such as yours also contribute to men’s general dismay at women’s behaviour.
      Instead of living constant (emotional) disappointment, analyse (rationally) what you were hoping for and get rid of those hopes, hence no chance for disappointment. Approach people without assumptions until they show their cards. If all women you have ever approached told you lies, half-truths, or emotionally manipulated you, leading you to generalise all of them to be manipulative liars, try to figure out, and break the pattern that made you approach only that type of people in the first place.

      1. What an interesting way to try to convey NAWALT without openly saying it.

        1. I agree. Generalisations simply make me smh when someone reacts to them so strongly.

      2. Ehm, so let me see if I get this straight. You saying to that guys should drop all expectations and accept that women are like they are, and then go on to more or less say guys are to blame, and need to change and imply that there are women who don’t behave this way?
        I’m not really sure how you lump one two together…
        They are contradictory between them. Not directly but indirectly they are.

        1. It’s a funny request, as if girls who lie have a certain “look” about them or something that compels a man to approach them. But little Daisy down in Hooterville, Ohio with her innocent midwest smile and bright blue eyes can be every bit the liar as some Jessica Rabbit big city girl, and probably is. Saying “Well, it’s your fault for approaching ‘that kind of girl’ thus becomes silly. What kind precisely, what’s the tell to look for before you approach her? Oh, can’t say really? I see”

        2. Hm, let me try to clarify.
          If you have no expectation, you can’t be disappointed.
          If you are disappointed, or angry at something, look inside you at what caused the emotional reaction.
          If you get mad at women lying, what are you disappointed at? Were you looking to sleep with this girl only, or were you looking for something more?
          Just questions I ask myself when I get angry/mad and start generalising stuff to feel right while everything else is wrong around me. Just how I roll.
          This article has pretty darn good tips to break the half-truths and nip this stuff in the bud. I’m just honestly surprised at the emotionally charged reaction in truth’s comment.

        3. But if one has no expectations, there is also no reason to engage someone to begin with.
          Fundamentally all human interaction is transactional in one way or another, removing that there is no incentive whatsoever.
          Taking this further, lack of expectations doesn’t fix the issue of bad behavior being bad on its face. A lie doesn’t become good or neutral simply because there is an absence of expectation of truth. The lie remains a lie. Even if you expect a lie, it’s still a lie and bad.

        4. Exactly I would much prefer to expect the lie, but be pleasantly surprised by the truth.

    3. This is so true.
      However, is not so simple for most men. There are many varied situations, and mostly they are trapped.
      I overheard a friend’s house-lady ranting that he (the husband) should stand up to her (the wife). I said he cannot, she will continue to escalate up to including calling the police with false accusations…Loss of house, business, reputation, and kids.
      What to do? ultimately she left anyway – so may as well stand up take the loss and leave?!?
      I engage in tourist guide stuff occasionally.
      Take out all sorts of VIPs. One well know bad divorce in the media celebrity type was with his new “gal”.
      Although, very respectful to me in my position, I could tell she was a hen-pecking demanding disrespectful cunt to Mr VIP. It is hard to imagine why he would do it again??!!!
      He has money and fame and looks, can have a smorgasbord of women…
      Some guys are trapped and some guys is self inflicted…

    4. Excellent points and surely to fall on deaf ears for the modern fuckboy and enfeebled mangina.
      The modern male has completely unrealistic expectations when it comes to not just women but EVERYTHING about life and everything that exists in this world.
      He must first accept that there will be no divine intervention to save him. No angels to spread their wings over him. No gallant forces of “good” to protect him.
      He is on his own and no one gives a fuck. The best thing he can do is to embrace the merciless fate of this earth with courage.

  3. I’m so tired of hearing the truth.
    I want to go back into the matrix…
    The breakup – fuck other guy – get back together is the most poignant.
    I reckon 90% of my hookups have been in that “zone”…
    And they all rationalize they were not cheating, and never have, and never will…
    And were abused, etc..
    And when my girlfriend causes an illogical fight and disappears, I assume she is doing it…

    1. solution: be the other guy and not the boyfriend at all times.
      Once men are comfortable enough to be alone in life and even to death women are stripped of all of their power.

      1. If you’re going to be in cuck porn, ensure that you’re the bull and not the cucked asshat sitting and watching on the side.

        1. bingo.
          I am a big subscriber to AWALT. I wonder how you feel about it. My general sentiment is that women and children will act like women and children at all times. The only reason that it may seem at times that NAWALT is because some women have been properly trained by masculine influences and are kept in check by those influences.
          But if you take even the most appropriate, feminine, decent woman and stick her in a house with a beta cuck who lets her walk all over him she will test her boundaries and transgress them inch by inch until she eventually totally degenerates into bullshit.
          Not unlike dogs, women can be trained to be wonderful companions. But if they are abused (and by abused I mean not properly disciplined as well as actual physical abuse) they will act out. So AWALT. The question is, do they have men to properly train them?

        2. I agree. My daughter is technically NAWALT right now, because she has had a strong influence in her life with me, and my father, as well as masculine uncles. I know however that if you throw her into a situation where she doesn’t get that kind of feedback that she can and likely will go down that path because, well, AWALT.

        3. A guy I work with told me something interesting. He thinks that the least selfish thing I ever did was avoid marriage and children. I am far too selfish to put in the effort it would take to train a wife and children right.
          But rather than fuck it up I decided to not have them. It was my one selfless act.

        4. Exactly. The same reason why we don’t allow children to handle nuclear weapon discharge switches or powered heavy machinery.
          Just an understanding of the truth that they lack the faculties to behold the complexity of a situation & self regulate their actions responsibly.
          Ain’t no hate involved.

        5. not only is it not hate, I would argue that it is the purest form of love…to sacrifice of oneself and put in the effort to help someone else achieve their full potential. I could never do it, I am too selfish. But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it when I see it.

        6. I have to say I’ve got tremendous respect for your clarity & conviction in choosing to own that decision.

        7. The knee man is definitely an “own your shit king of guy”. Which makes it easier to hear if he calls ya out on yours. Haha

      2. Yep.
        That is the secret, to embrace “loneliness” at one end of the spectrum – if you do not have (yet) “abundance” at the other.
        Any way I have had much god times. but, not lately…
        So I live vicariously thru lolknee, and reminisce of the UES bar scene…

        1. Being alone can be result in either loneliness (bad) or a sense of solitude (good). It all matters on how you frame your life and expectations of it. Solitude is a beautiful thing, since it combines contentment and freedom. Loneliness is an awful thing, since it combines unhappiness and being bound to others in life in some manner (even if it’s only in expectation “why won’t she talk to me?!?!?”).

        2. Glad to be of service. However, as summer winds down I will probably spend some time, once the tits go away, enjoying being by myself.
          I try to explain to people all the time that the only time I don’t feel lonely is when I am by myself. Life is, in essence, a performance. It can get exhausting. But it is nice when I get home, close the door behind me and know I am alone. That is something women will never understand and it frustrates them to no end trying to break through that wall that that creates.

        3. Yes, this is why I am evaluating my life.
          I already have a kid with an ex.
          My gf is hitting wall hard. And is open and truthful that she wants to have kids -NOW…(that is why I asked lolknee if he experiences the same “harassment”)
          I reckon she has 10 years left (i’ve done it before)
          But she is honorable and truthful and traditional to wish to settle down…
          What to do? I want to stay with her and cruise along…
          But ultimately after all the parties and fucking and drama. Sex is about procreating….
          Just not a tenable situation for me right now…
          And I, like the fun part of sex too much.
          So, during the crazy fight times, I envy the guys I see in the same areabusiness…
          Alone and chilling…
          Need to embrace that my life is actually spectacular – I live in NYC winter, out “east” summer.
          May move back UES give lolknee some competition…Just have to re-calibrate my shtick

        4. “That is something women will never understand..”
          True. My sister once proclaimed she didn’t know how I could live alone all those years (before I married). She was amazed, but I enjoyed it completely.

        5. There is a difference between being alone and feeling alone. The irony was, in my last relationship I actually felt lonely and depressed mostly because I was being played. Now I live alone but I don’t feel lonely, simply because I got my family and friends and my goals. Can’t say the same about my ex fiancee.

        6. Back when I was laid up because of the lolknee injury I stopped going out on the weekends in the winter. It was simply too painful. One thing I would do, however, was go with my mother to brunch on Sundays. I would get home from work on Friday night and not hear my own voice again until I said “hi mom” on sunday and I was so perfectly content and happy.

        7. A bore is a person that deprives you of the virtues of solitude without proving the solace of companionship.

        8. There was a scene from Joyeux Noel, where the French lieutenant’s aide de camp sets his alarm every day at 10 a.m. just so he wouldn’t forget that was the time that he would drink coffee with his mother before the war.

        9. 6 hours ago
          “A bore is a person that deprives you of the virtues of solitude without proving the solace of companionship”
          Request permission to use it. That is some next level shit right there.

      3. “Once men are comfortable enough to be alone in life and even to death women are stripped of all of their power.”
        Dude. That is the most poignant synopsis of my inner frame distilled into one sentence. Have a Guinness!

  4. You will note how few single woman have any truly old friends. With every 5 year change of life they trade in their old friends for new ones. And reinvent their history

    1. I have noticed this. But I am not sure they trade in. They get new ones and shelf the old ones. This way, once every few years, they can have a big reunion! yayyyyyy

      1. “This way, once every few years, they can have a big reunion!”
        Twenty years ago I was begged by a friend of mine to come to a party his girlfriend at the time was hosting as he didn’t want to be the only guy there. She invited all her old HS girlfriends to her house for a gab-wine booze up. I sensed an opportunity and agreed. Big mistake. They sat in a circle out back and were bragging about all the guys they f*cked over. One was even cackling how she brought her ex-husband to tears and they all had a good guffaw about it. I invented a pretext and left early.

        1. I suspect this is a fairly popular hobby. It seems women have several basic hobbies. Fucking Strangers. Fucking Over Loved Ones. Shopping. Complaining. Asking for pity while demanding respect. And bragging about all of the above. Solution: Enjoy the fun things about women, ignore everything else.

        2. Lol! I have been the sole male in a gaggle of women in places like beauty salons. The way they talk about hookups is astonishing. Someone will mention a certain guy and a gal will respond with “oh yeah, I went down on him once.” And did I mention I was there listening?

        3. It was eye opening. They were boozed up and forgot about us two standing outside of the cirlce of bitchdom. The upshot, my friend dumped her a few months later and last I heard she is now a fat single woman not far from 50.

        4. I once briefly worked in a department where I was the only male. Desipte sitting in a cubical farm, I over-heard alot of the conversations. Stomach churning. These chicks actually kiss their kids with that mouth? Christ on a crutch.

        5. And that is partly why Facebook has such appeal to women. They can put Christian memes on how their family is blessed and then put a picture of themselves getting a drink with “the guys.”
          Now I can’t speak for other men here, but I recall our get togethers with guys where we would talk about sex. Someone would procure a porno flick, we would watch it, debate its merits and flaws, and then compare notes with our own experiences. The thing was, for one, no chicks around. The other one, whatever was said was kept among us. At least we had a sense of respect and discretion.

        6. That will work, but is far more effort than I am willing to expend. I don’t want breeders and see all women as my personal harem.

        7. you hang out in beauty salons and watch nudie flicks with other dudes- your behavior is freaking me out manny lol

        8. The beauty salon part was because I dated a manicurist. And the porn part was because we grew up in the 90s,where none of us had access to online porn, so we had to procure it from someone else. You millennials would never understand our hardships.

        9. I actually think men are more discreet about shit like that. It stays in the bar and it isn’t brought up later and thrown in someones face. My wife doesn’t believe it, but she thinks men get together and brag about their sex lives. Not sure about guys, but I damn well know women do.
          *Christian memes: Women taking them out of context and distort their meaning, but don’t point it out and upset the beer swilling bar fly.

        10. the good ol days of the 90s. Those movies were taboo, so you had to have balls to walk into that video store and rent one, praying your neighbor didnt walk into the place, see what you were renting, and tell your dad.

        11. I think the only time I recall men bragging about their sex lives is when they were in high school and didn’t actually *have* sex lives. Meaning, we’d shoot shit about who got to second base and with whom, all trying to one up the other on that but having the conversation break down once it was realized that nobody was really getting past second base much. Heh.

        12. Most of my male friends don’t even talk about sex, not the actual sex act anyway. Hell, there’s one guy who I’m not even sure if he’s done the deed before or not.

        13. Hah! Manny isn’t alone in that end. Only VHS was available then and unless if you got a tape yourself, you had to ask around and hope the guy was cool enough to let you see it. Preferably borrow. For a brief stint, selling porn was a viable business.

        14. VHS is the ONLY format in which to watch smut. HD and prono do not mix

        15. Same here. Years ago my best friend was a newly wed and started to describe something his new wife does for him and I cut him off. “I don’t want to know. Because every time I meet her I am going to have that sex act go through my head and I don’t want to associate her with that.” Men either are getting laid or their not, but it really isn’t an issue to talk about.

        16. Even selling used mags. Once, I went to work roofing over the summer up in Fort Knox. During the weekends we did dumpster dives to take out stuff Soldiers that were transferring couldn’t take with them, like TV’s and toys. Once I found a stash of Playboys and took them back home. After “reading the articles”, I took them to school once the year started and started selling them for a dollar a pop. I must have made about $60 dollars just on that.

        17. Sometimes well talk about boobs, then somehow the conversation drifts towards things as nonsensical as say, the merits of paprika, or what’s the better cheese for a quesadilla, Mozzarella or Oaxaca cheese.

        18. Right, that’s actual “sex talk” among men, generally speaking. We’ll comment on a hot chick and note her various…outstanding…features and then (get ready, here comes the “sex talk” part) say “Damn, I’d fuck that two ways to Sunday” or “I’d tap that ass”. Ta da.

        19. A friend of mine worked in the Video rental store (think Clerks) — was good to have that connection in a small town. He said the most suprising thing working there was seeing who rented the gay pron. LOL.

        20. Did the same when I was in middle school. Bought a few magazines and since every other page was some woman eating another woman out, was rarely at a loss for variety. Easy to become a small time business man when you have a cornered market.

        21. Except we wouldn’t have DVDs or HDTV if it wasn’t for porno, porn always is the driver of technology. For a while porn was the biggest thing on the internet. Now it’s probably in the lower part of the top 10.

        22. Media technology, yes. I doubt it had much to do with the Apollo missions however. Heh.
          “Houston, we’re touching down in Tranquility Valley, please forward ‘Behind the Green Door’ on video link, over” Psssshhhhk.

        23. I worked in a mom n pop store in HS and college- fun times. Got to know a lot of people in the neighborhood(old way of social networking). Dudes we didnt like would bring up a box from the adult section, I’d scream out the title of flick to the guy in the back (e.g., “Hey, can you bring me a copy of Sorest Rump?”) just to embarrass him in front of the old ladies

        24. The last time I was around guys who talked about sex must have been when I was in college as a freshman. It wasn’t until then that I knew it wasn’t uncommon to not finish while using a condom. Nowadays the conversation only goes so far as to what you would do to her.

        25. To be on the inside of woman talking about the men in their lives. They can often be horrible but you can sure spot the good woman in the crew if there is one. The only woman not trash talking her man is a rare Beauty

        26. you know the story they’re not all the same. some feel actual shame at such behavior. but our culture today encourages it so a good woman is rare

        27. LOL Classic. My friend used to recommend shit foreign films to Ppople in HS he didn’t like. He delighted in stealing 2 hours of their weekend.

        28. I have a feeling that, while the Internet did bring a few entrepreneurial opportunities, it did knock others out, like porn leasing. Heck, I can’t imagine kids these days selling lemonade without someone flipping out online about children being left unattended.

        29. That conversation will last about 5 to 10 minutes, then the topic changes.

        30. Yep. Usually it’s started when she walks by, and lasts only until some other more interesting topic pops up.
          “Damn, see the tits on Kelly? Man, I’d fuck her blind!”
          “No kidding, and she has a fine ass to, I’d tap that!”
          “So, did you figure out what that pinging was you were hearing in your car last week?”

        31. The first time I watched Transformers was in our shop in our downtime. We were commenting on how Megan Fox looked hot bending over Shia LeBoeuf’s Camaro. Then one fella said “She ain’t gonna fix it. We all know Camaros are pieces of shit.”.Turns out, the man.was a Mustang fan. As expected they all went at it. Me not giving a shit about sports cars, I just sat back and laughed at the chaos.

        32. The drunken group was encouraging the behavior, but I would assume they all ended up like their hostess in the end. Fat and alone.

        33. Girls who start off well but end up sluts usually end up fat, alone, bad hair, bad tattoos and piercings. 9s to 4s in less that 5 years

        34. Another sign of a shallow person- being in a committed relationship yet then showing loyalty to their pals instead. Wise men should only take worthy women serious, and likewise should respect the women of their friends. Douche bags and sluts dance on this boundary, because their relationships throughout life are pissant. Shit test for a good woman- when you observe a woman who doesnt air her man’s dirty laundry to other females.

        35. You can tell her thirst has been quenched…for now. She’s one sexy asstronaut.

        36. Meanwhile, men are getting things done. “Hey, has anyone seen Jenny?” “Yeah, she’s back there playing with the water again.” No but seriously, good for her. I’m glad she got to ride on the space ship.

        37. This is why the only “men” still using Facebook are complete phaggits. Once your eyes are open it’s so blatantly obvious how it’s main function (aside from an international spying tool) is for women to garner attention, manipulate men, keep a solar system’s worth of orbiters, and play the good girl while in reality is a complete ho bag.
          Of course because when they upload pics of “hanging with the guys” the dumb fuck betas actually believe thats all theyre doing

        38. Your cultural reference is probably unknown to about 60% of the audience on this site.
          On the other hand, it brought a smile to my face.

        39. I have six sisters. I knew how detailed and graphic women talked about sex before I was 10.

        40. Yikes! When my sister hit puberty I didn’t talk to her for 3 years. Unsufferable.

        41. I wasn’t talking to them either. I just sat quietly in a corner until they forgot I was there. All women ignore what is around them unless it is thrust in their face. They are far too busy paying attention to themselves.

        42. Heh, I figured that might be over the top. Having that problem a lot more frequently these days.

        43. I recently made an oblique reference from Casablanca to a guy over 30 and he just looked puzzled. I explained the source and his response was, “well that movie was from before I was born, so it doesn’t mean anything to me.” I explained to him that it was made before I was born as well, and is either the first or second best movie ever made, depending on the critic you read. Anything prior to the internet is ancient history to these young guys, and subject to instant dismissal.

        44. ‘They are far too busy paying attention to themselves.’
          Line of the thread. Well done.

        45. Ha, recently a hookup was telling me, after she did the foulest things a person can do with her mouth, that she indeed has a boyfriend and needs to keep our boning on the DL. I immediately thought about this sucker going in for a big wet kiss and laughter

        46. Porn no, but if you think we sent a man to the moon and our sex drive wasn’t a key motivator then that’s just plain nuts lol

        47. Why does this faucet smell like an asshole? Jennnnyyyyy!!!

        48. Ugh. Casablanca is the kneeman’s all time favorite flick.
          I fucking hate the youth of today.

        49. Second base? Is that anal? Not sure how the bases work near you.

        50. Ah yes, the glory days of going into the area of the saloon doors at mom and pop videos shops… I only watch vintage porn shot on film. It was grittier and more vile compared to the bleached anus botox monsters of today. There was something genuinely taboo and verboten about it all. Alpha Blue Archives has put some of yesteryear’s finest on DVD and even has compilations of certain director’s films. Check out Waterpower, Forced Entry, Long Jeanne Silver, Hot Summer in the City and Hard Gore for some insane shit from a bygone era!

        51. I recently stumbled upon a Playboy from the month I was born in 1978 in fairly good condition at a nasty porn shop with wood paneling and the classic 25-cent viewing stalls (straight out of a time warp, much to my delight!) and took it to the register. Asked the clerk “Hey this is cover price, right?” he said “Uh, yeah, sure”. Boy was I ecstatic!

        52. “A”?!? That had to have been, what, at least 20-ish years ago? Now that’s a routine and predictable stunt amongst the lot of them!

        53. Every real man who has enough experience with women knows good and damn well you can’t trust them. Only a fool, sucker or blind man would tell you otherwise. Your only options in the west (and possibly the world now) are marry and impregnate a slut or play on until your dying day. Your fucked if you do and fucked if you don’t.

        54. In 1995 I stated that porn couldn’t make money on the internet because there was so much material out there for free. The old BBSes had tons of material and it was being dumped into usenet since the early 90s and more was being put out for free every day. Well I certainly was wrong about people not paying. Despite mountains of free stuff people still paid and paid paid.

        55. I make all sorts of references and fewer and fewer people get them. And these aren’t obscure either IMO. Casablanca is one. Although I am more partial to The Maltese Falcon. Anyway many come from before I was born or even before my parents were born. Sometimes even from when my grandparents were children. It just amazes me how little effort people put in to learn things beyond the scope of their short lives. And not just art, film, music,etc but vital history.
          It’s not good. Either humanity will experience a crash or be enslaved at this rate because they just don’t learn.

        56. Not all women are like that…… Until they are.
          Women’s minds are wired differently. We cannot judge them on our moral platform…

        57. I used to drive night shift taxis in Australia.. And I was shocked by what I heard come out of the mouths of women when they were a bit drunk, with their friends. Something about taxis….. Women often talk like you are not even there. I guess they just view you as the hired help, and not worth censoring themselves for.
          I heard some of the dirtiest, sluttiest, words in my life from the back of that taxi.
          Stripped of all disguise, women are just self absorbed, selfish, hypergamous leeches.

        58. I make approximately 6k-8k bucks a month from working online at home. So if you are willing to complete simple computer-based jobs for few h every day from your house and earn solid income while doing it… This is a work for you… IS.GD/wAEVRO

        59. Or she just doesn’t have anything in the same level to brag about and stay silent, trust me she looks up to the “bad bitches”

        60. Bingo!, I’ve seen many women turn from decent wife and mother to malicious whore very quickly.
          Society condones and even encourages it these days.
          I mean in the courts, media, with programs like mothers allowance and the fact that anything seems acceptable in todays degenerate society.
          They’re emboldened.

        61. This one is important. I’m telling younger men to avoid any type of long relationship with a woman who already has kids (who the hell wants to raise another man’s kids?).
          Single women with kids should be avoided at all costs. At this point, they are trying to salvage their egos and they are looking for a provider to “share the load” – her load.

        62. I cannot understand who pays for it today, though. I mean, anything you want is available for free in a few clicks. Stuff I wouldn’t even know to look for in a video store.
          I suppose if you’re making 6 figures and don’t want to deal with all the ads and annoying tricks the free sites use, one could just pay for it, but how the hell is all this stuff getting funded? There are dozens of new porns created every day. I can’t understand the economics of it. Maybe they sell some of it to the porn tv stations, I could see those generating SOME income, but the internet, how has it not killed pay porn?

        63. There is only one fun thing about women: their smelly, semi-necrotic meat tents. And, perhaps jiggly asses, to smack.

        64. Ahhh I don’t think so. I like their company. I like making them laugh and saying something inappropriate and watching them blush. I like how they smell and how they walk in heels and how they smile when they lie. I truly enjoy feminine beauty.

        65. I think with women it’s different, a female usually has such nurturing instincts that she will mother any small, helpless thing, her own kid, someone else’s kid, puppies, kittens, whatever. If some people weren’t fine with raising other people’s kids, adoption wouldn’t be a thing. Which makes me think, guys who would never date a single mom, would you be against adopting if you and your wife couldn’t produce? I suspect the standard answer would be something like “trade that barren bitch in for a more fertile model”, but what if you were the infertile one? And would you feel differently about the single mom if she were a young widow rather than a divorcee or someone who got knocked up without marriage? In all honesty though, I’m a woman who doesn’t want to have any kids of my own, let alone raise someone else’s.

        66. If man or woman loves , he/she will love kids of their partners. I know a lot of couples in which men married women with children. They are happy. Each case is unique.

        67. Still remember a line between two of my sisters-.
          Younger one rambling on about how in love she is with some guy she’s infatuated with at her school.
          Older sister, “You’re not in love you’re in heat. Wring out your shorts and calm down.”

        68. Older sister explained something about girls and boys to me during my high school years.
          90% of the guys claim to have had sex and haven’t; 90% of the girls claim not to but have.

        69. Up to them. But supporting another mans children is without a doubt a negative. Now I find us older guys who have already had our own children, we do not mind at all. Maybe even like the idea. But a younger man who has yet to have his own. Maybe that is not such a good idea for him

        70. Women will go into more sexual details than men.
          The stereotypes are completely untrue.
          Men will also have too much respect for a wife or girlfriend to talk about their sex life with her.

        71. Exactly. A true Alpha male eschews social media unless it pertains to growing his business.

        72. Very true. The other issue is that good traditional women are shamed by the social pressure of feminazis.
          This is why a man who is fortunate enough to meet a decent woman needs to take her away from bad influences. He may even need monitor her relationships and the media she enjoys.

        73. This is such a fascinating question to me. I mean they make soooooo much porn. Are THAT many people paying for it?

        74. Yeah whenever you try to say they’re all a certain way you are pretty much wrong. but when you assume that their average and play the odds it’s safest. Average woman is not a good woman. You have to ask are you a Gambling Man are you going to gamble that you have found a jewel I don’t recommend either way follow your gut but keep your damn eyes open

        75. As I went to the trade I was usually is the super and I spent a lot of time with younger apprentices. whining and crying about what their woman did to them. And what some of them did with children makes you sick. The courts will give custody to a woman that is flat-out abusive and this will drive a father out of his mind not because of the money but because he actually loves his children

        76. Yes they say it’s a sign of an abusive man if you isolate a woman but to an extent you must. Instead of forcing them into isolation you need to leed them into isolation. Leed them to where the good lifestyle you’re trying to live is the normal one. Wherr the other women around are also living it. When you find this place would you let me know cuz I never found it I just kind of got lucky my woman was raised well

        77. There you go to know women does not mean you can’t love them. You just can’t be blind what they’re all about

        78. Now some of them are actually disgusted by them I wish the number was significant. But I can’t lie to you the number is few women are herd animals. There are a small number of alpha bitches and if they’re well-raised you can’t lead a leader the wrong way. But most of them are not

        79. Any rural area in North America with strong and traditional Christian values, my good man.
          My husband and I left the large city we were living in and he also told me that I needed to become a housewife. Now we live in an area where large families and traditional values are revered.

        80. We know that life is still there. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t complain about it not existing. we know it’s there and I’m happy to see an example

        81. Actually, the more you know them the better. It is the people who don’t understand them and take them for what they are not that get fooled and hurt and wind up hating them.
          I find women to be a delightful distraction to many of life’s woes and a charming and entertaining way to spend a night. I know women well enough to know their uses and because of this I like them quite a bit.
          If I try to use a hammer to turn a screw I might curse the hammer as a bad tool, but it is only me trying to use it in ways it wasn’t intended to be used.
          Women are not meant to be trusted, relied upon, asked for counsel or aid and their thoughts on higher level subjects are totally worthless. But if I am bored, or if I want to have a nice time out or if I want my dick polished and my ego stroked, they are just spectacular.

        82. They are soothing creatures. They make the nights warm the days can be fun. But rely on yourself. You never know they might fool you and come through in a tight spot. But don’t expect it.

        83. Exactamundo. A tool for every job and a job for every tool. The more you understand women the more you can use the correctly and not blow the ship up

        84. Dude you need to meet a better class of woman. The $50 hookers you run with can get a bit rough Late Saturday night

        85. It fascinates me as well. I remember well over a decade ago hearing that porn was a multi billion dollar business. A web search tells me American porn industry is at least $10 billion dollars a year. That just blows my mind. So every day, there is over $27 million of new porn created? Seriously? And then when you look at the low production costs vs a Hollywood blockbuster, the mind staggers at the actual *number* of films created. I mean, even if each film cost $100,000, that’s 270 new pornos *A DAY*. And each of these have teams of video editors, bom-chick-a-wow-wow audio editors, art designers for the logos and cover, casting, coke dealers, the talent, etc.
          Even if one is a porn addict, the number of *new* titles to choose from is overwhelming, not to mention the fact that there should already be sufficient porn created in every genre imaginable to jerk off to.
          Porn is arguably bigger than Hollywood. Worldwide, porn is a $97 billion industry. The worldwide Hollywood box office is $38.3 billion (including tv, dvd, video it’s $286 billion). How is that possible?!? There are movie theaters everywhere. Whenever I see one, I multiply it by 3 and pretend it’s showing porn, because that’s the equivalent prevalence of porn in society.
          Another thing is the online economy. Like who the fuck is paying someone money if I click one of these banner things that says “35 celebrities that support Donald Trump: Can you name them?” Someone is paying the operator of that site, someone is paying the operator of THIS site, and yet where the fuck is this money coming from? Is it all in the hopes that if enough people click on spammy stuff that a virus will be installed on 1% of the visitors and they can be identity thefted? The economics make zero sense to me. I can’t understand why facebook is worth more than $100.

        86. I suppose a lot of that money probably comes from targeted advertising right? I mean, I am still pretty much in the dark as to how google makes money too. For the record, I do not watch any porn and my computer, phone and tablet are all still virgins. So I don’t know.

        87. But targeted advertising for what? I have pretty good adblocking software (done at the router level) so I don’t even see most ads–this site is one exception. How exactly does anyone make money by a popup with “Secrets of Windows 7” or some ads enticing me to click on “25 transgender celebrities we have come to admire” ? I mean, let’s say I actually clicked that. Somewhere, someone is paying this site some money, hoping that I will…. do what exactly? They aren’t even selling anything. It’s just a bunch of celebrity photos. The whole thing is some Joospiracy as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it was all a joke at first but it’s like an emporers new clothes thing at this point.

        88. It’s tough and a lot of marriages break up over issues with the kids from the prior relationship. And dealing with the kids’ other parent. They may love the child and their partner– but the ex can make things a real nightmare. You have to go into the situation with your eyes wide open knowing you’ll be dedicating time and resources to the child just as if they’re your own — and without the legal rights of a parent, and therefore very little control.

        89. Each case is unique. I see other examples. Think positive. If people love each other they will love kids of their partners.

        90. There was a thread on this site a bit ago about avoiding single mothers. A lot of the comments were from guys who cared deeply for the kids and were more upset about being separated from those kids than the breakup with the mom.
          I would think the same would apply to a woman who gets close to a man with kids. Unlike your own kids you have a legal right to, you lose the partner you usually lose your connection to the kids as well.

        91. Loving the kids is a problem if you break up. You have no visitation rights. I loved an ex’s little girl but never got to see her again. Never dated another woman with kids.

        92. There are lot of stupid women ( men). They try to manipulate their partners using kids. They destroy their children’s psychology by own hands to satisfy their ego.
          Mature people try not to involve children in their problems.

        93. Yes. Like their (hopefully, although it’s easy to avoid the obvious skanks) tight vagina and full c cup

        94. Seriously, why should my labor and limited time be wasted on another man’s orgasm?

        95. Sure, but the real epidemic is single mothers divorce raping men to the point of poverty while ensuring that the woman receiving alimony and child support never has to work again. And then on facebook they humblebrag about how tough their lives are and how hard it is to sit in your pajamas at home and feed a couple semi autonomous beings a couple times a day.

        96. Actually the targeted advertising is proven to be quite effective, and cost efficient. Think of TV ads, some company paid thousands to millions of dollars to get the ad out there in the hopes that enough people see the ad to want to purchase the product (which the cost of the ad, filming, editing, etc. are then added to the purchase price of said product). The catch is the company doesn’t really know how many people watch which show would really care for their product (though test marketing does help them narrow this down). Now instead of paying big bucks to put your product on blast to everyone, you can pay a few cents per person that has shown a propensity towards the type of product you’re selling. Things like facebook become giant marketing vehicles, because the companies don’t have to try and guess the things you do and like, because your profile and activity already has you telling them all of those things, so they can more efficiently market to you, that you’re more likely to purchase. Thus the users of FB aren’t the customer, they’re the product.

        97. I’m reading this article and these comments with amusement. I believe the reason American men have these type of problems with women, is because most American men are S.I.M.P.S. Sure, society and our judicial system gives unfair advantages to women, but there is a type of man who always comes out ahead, or at worse, hold’s his own. He is the NON S.I.M.P. An average woman has very little sex appeal, unless one is extremely horny or drunk. She doesn’t have extraordinary intellect, she does not have amazing personality, and she does not have wealth. Why would any man take shit off an average woman, unless he’s extremely thirsty. These sort of women (75 percent of women) are so easily replaced (with something better) by any man with confidence and game. If American men would get out of S.I.M.P. mode, these types of problems would cease to exist.

        98. I’m reading this article and these comments with amusement. I believe the reason American men have these type of problems with women, is because most American men are S.I.M.P.S. Sure, society and our judicial system gives unfair advantages to women, but there is a type of man who always comes out ahead, or at worse, hold’s his own. He is the NON S.I.M.P. An average woman has very little sex appeal, unless one is extremely horny or drunk. She doesn’t have extraordinary intellect, she does not have amazing personality, and she does not have wealth. Why would any man take shit off an average woman, unless he’s extremely thirsty. These sort of women (75 percent of women) are so easily replaced (with something better) by any man with confidence and game. I don’t knock men who would raise another man’s children, but I would never consider doing it. There is one exception; I would raise my son’s children. I have two sons. One is an attorney and the other is in Med school. I don’t want them to settle for a woman with children, and I don’t think they will. Besides, I want them to pass on my genes. If American men would get out of S.I.M.P. mode, these types of problems would cease to exist.

        99. As one with experience in this department, STAY the Fuck away from single moms, do not engage in a relationship, beyond a filthy one nighter, they are damaged goods at best, the issues you will have to deal with is not worth the bother and that is only her issues, then there is the rug rats…
          Best line I have had, “suspected” he might be Gay / Bi, as if the petal would not engage herself when the opportunity presents.
          Sharing the load, especially if she wants some one for “herself” and not a new Dad for the kids, you have no idea….

        100. But again, targeted advertising for what? I don’t want to single this website out, but I seriously doubt many readers here are that interested in learning “25 Cheating celebs that got caught red handed” which is one of the ads I see here now. Even if I did give a shit about one of those celebs, and clicked on the story, so that the owner of this site and presumably the one I clicked on earns some money, who is paying that money and why? Are they going to hope I buy a subscription to People magazine (again, unlikely!)

        101. The clickbait type article you mentioned, gets paid for however many views it gets, based off the advertisers that use its page. It gets paid just like the ads on TV. The reason it’s on sites like this, is because the more places it is the more it might get clicked on, because not even everyone that goes on this sight (ROK) is the target audience. Just think of all the vapid virtue signaling trolls that get on the comments to voice just how offended they are ROK exists. Those are the kinds of shitbirds that will then go look at the 25 cheating celebs as they need to be reassured how much better than others they are before slinking off to their safe spaces.

        102. Right, I understand that, it still just seems like a black hole to me. Are those shitbirds actually buying anything to fund these advertising purchases? At some point real money has to come from somewhere. I mean it’s all printed fed reserve notes created from nothing, but that aside, at some point someone decides to shell out real currency to pay for “views.”
          I think MOST advertising is a scam, but I will grant that some small percentage of people will decide to buy a Ford Focus after seeing a silly Ford Focus ad during the football game. The clickbait articles? I just can’t find any real economics there. I think online advertising is an Emporers New Clothes sham.

        103. In large part I’d agree, but the point of them sometimes is to make them so abundant, that most people don’t pay attention to the advertising being layered into their heads until the consumer convinces themselves it’s all their own idea. Otherwise how would someone justify ignoring that they want a new car every couple years, and are willing to drop $5-10 on coffee flavored milkshakes. Because advertising layers in until they think they need this crap. Remember marketing is to show you where to get what you need, it’s to convince you that you can’t live without whatever crap they’re shilling, that you didn’t even know it existed for the last 20 years or so that you did live without it. A good book that I stumbled on that broke a lot of this down was ‘The Dumbest Generation’. Don’t know if it’s still available, but it’s worth looking up

        104. Yes, I have to admit I am immune to 99.9% of marketing, so sometimes I have trouble seeing how it works, but I can see the model of a few large multinational corporations controlling dozens of consumer product niches, and just urging more consumption in general would benefit them.

        105. No point having kids to begin with. Not trying to be callous to the infertile but not having kids is the way to go

        106. The thing is most women are like that is a term that can be used because women are wired hive mind collective. With the internet, women are turning more alike then ever. And any woman that isn’t like these women chances are you wouldn’t want to bang them either (old, obese, unwanted women that aren’t given the passes attractive women get)

        107. Now thinking about a single mom kissing her son after performing a fellatio on some random guy is making me sick

        108. I strongly disagree. Not having kids is not “the way to go”, just the easy way. As a man, I am less concerned with what’s easy and more concerned with doing what I believe is right.
          Live your life as you see fit, but please do not hold up childlessness as some sort of virtue.

        109. I’m concerned on the opposite, of how men think raising children is a masculine virtue but it just sounds to me like the lamentations of men constricted with the fate of raising children. I’ve recognized raising children is nurturing and the desire to do so motherly. You’re free to think otherwise but you thinking I can’t have an opinion you don’t like sounds like you want to force a belief on me.

        110. So true. I would drive all the way to the airport porn shop, to rent VHS movies, just to make sure no one I knew would spot me.

        111. I was talking to some young millennials just a year or two ago and they didn’t know who Michelle Pfeiffer was. Makes a man feel old.

      2. Oh you mean those one day reunions when they where they tell each other how much they love each other and miss each other. They never bring the old friend back in their life. So they can tell their stories about their old life and never worry that the people who know the truth are around.

        1. yes. but you forgot drink too much and try to fuck someone, usually a bartender, who is far too young for them and regards them as creepy and suspicious.

        2. I think they have always been like this but it was relegated to hushed whispers and laughs until stuff like Sex in the City and 50 Shades basically made being a whore not just ok, but some kind of status to be proud of.

        3. You and I both know that when we were in our twenties assuming you’re not still in your twenties women of that age were not attractive to us at all. you would only let one suck your dick if there was no other around. women of that age are only used by young man has something to degrade and it is better than masturbating

        4. In my life I’ve seen it where a percentage of women were like that and then it became a higher percentage and now it’s a majority. it has changed our culture used to shame women for acting like that now we make movies glorifying it

        5. I’m at the tail end of that generation I thank them every day I’m old enough to have seen what was screwed up, young enough that I really didn’t do it. but they’re my generation. This must be self hate

        6. I agree but I don’t think it is a shame. It happens to work out in my benefit. Like BIlly Shakes said, nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.

        7. I am in my 40’s and women of that age are still not attractive to me. You are 100% right with a +/- of a few young guys who have creepy mommy fetishes and money which does go a long way.

        8. Hahaha!!! Man, back when I was 21, some 34 co-worker with huge tits had liked me. I liked her tits so when I found out, I was pretty ecstatic. She gave me head a few times and bought me gifts. Very good times and played her position as a side piece well.
          Then, as it must, that day came when she wanted me to fuck her. Must have dodged it with the flair of Spider-Man because I didn’t have to do it for a month. When the well momentarily dried up and she was the only plate, it was a sad day when I gave in. Sad day for me and a defeat for America.
          Funny that now that I’m in the flipped position, I date more 21-25 year olds. Go figure.

        9. It works opposite in the direction you’re going now. It’s a good thing for both you and the younger woman, and there’s no pretending that younger women aren’t ga-ga over older men. The reverse, well, as you and others note, it’s kind of like fucking a fat chick, you basically want to avoid it at all costs.

        10. Men in their early forties have absolutely no trouble banging twenty-somethings assuming they’re in good shape and have other things going for them. which they almost always do compared to 20 something year old man

        11. I remember being a thirty-year-old guy running a large Housing Development and the number of 30 to 45 year old Mama’s who would walk around flashing their tits to me just baffling to me. I’ll never forget the day a skinny little mama who wss attractive, was leaning on me in an unwelcome fashion when her husband came home. He looked very unhappy. But he could tell by looking at me that I was not hitting on his wife while she was hitting on me. Thank God I had morals and a better far younger piece of ass waiting for me at home. The guy looked like a Mafia Hitman.

        12. I noticed that whenever Sex and the City is referenced, so many women seem to think it is a bragging point to be “Such a Samantha.”
          Uuuhhh, bitch, that ain’t something to be proud of.

    2. I don’t find this to be true. The single women I have known (many) have long time friends….who are just like her. There is no need to reinvent their history because her friends support it, do it themselves, and know all of the cover up stories by heart. True ‘ride or die’ friends

      1. we have different experience as I’ve known quite a few women and very few of them have longtime friends at least not the single woman. That said I have noticed that sluts do hang together and their friendships last longer

      2. Which reinforces the adage of looking at her sisters & friends, birds of a feather fly together.

    3. Very true… Ask a guy who are his best friends, and he usually lists a bunch of dudes from school or college….. 20+ years worth of friendship
      Ask a girl, and she will usually say some chick at the office she has been working at for a couple of years. Girls are adept at infighting… Don’t have loyalty beyond selfish utility… And those tend to shed best friends over the years.

    4. I’ve seen countless pulp books about how some post wall piece of junk reinvents herself. They even have reality shows about makeovers, like throwing a $99 paint job on an old car. The car sits for sale on a corner somewhere and some HS kid plops down twice as much as it’s worth and then finally runs it to death.

    5. Yes, indeed. If they do have any old friends, then you probably won’t meet them for a long time unless she wants to show you off.
      The reason is the old friend will let info slip out (as a joke) to trip up the girl with the new man. I’ve seen this one happen and it’s pretty funny (it’s petty and jealousy between two women).

      1. Strangely another big red flag as far as a man wanting to establish a relationship with a woman. never get in a relationship with a woman who says she doesn’t get along with girls. Now if you just want sex that’s a big green flag she’s probably a whore

    6. Women don’t have any real friends because they are always lying and pretending to be someone else.

    7. Every woman in the US does this now. I knew some bitch that got knocked up by a guy, took his house for a month and tried to take the kid. All of our mutual friends abandoned her for being a cunt.
      She moved 3 counties over and the guy has full custody of the kid. She has all these new “friends” who I’m sure think shes a saint.

  5. Here’s what’s really fucked up, women actually believe their own lies, so in their mind they don’t think they’re lying.

    1. What’s the term when men are like that, pathological liar (I think)? For men it’s a sure sign of being a sociopath, for women it’s just “Well, that’s how girls are”.
      Funny ol’ thing, life.

      1. people use “pathological liar” very often, but I have met one….only one….and it was really crazy. This girl would lie about everything.
        Usually there is some kind of point to a lie. You want someone to believe something that is not true so you lie to them. Or you want someone not to believe something that is true.
        But this girl just lied pathologically. It was crazy. I would say “have you ever been to this restaurant” and she would say no and then I would find out she went there with her father a week before. Or I would say “that is a nice coat, is it new?” and she would say yes when in reality she had it for years.It was like anything you asked her was responded to with a lie. It was really fucking crazy. It wasn’t like “oh you are such a liar” it was more like “uhm, holy fuck this person needs help”

        1. I might be using the wrong term though. I meant people who actually believe their own lies like they were God’s honest truth. Not sure if pathological liar means that or just somebody who just can’t stop lying?

        2. yeah, pathological liar would be someone who quite literally cannot help themselves from lying. Again, very rare and very frightening to behold. Not sure if there is a specific psychological term for believing ones own lies.

        3. lovitz is great and this skit is hilarious, but the pathological liar is even stranger in real life. Lovitz here is telling self aggrandizing lies which, while absurd, at least have a point. 3 star general Pulitzer prize winner? He is making himself seem impressive.
          What about when you say “hey do you have a tissue” and they say “no” when they have an entire package of tissues but they simply cannot help themselves but to lie.

        4. Sounds like a person who has absolutely no sense of self, and every question is a queue card about who she is supposed to be around you.

        5. I didn’t stick around long enough to really learn too much. A few weeks. She was hot. Smashed a bunch. Went out a few times and then went ghost. There was no way that that issue lived in isolation. I have a feeling that this girl had a host of fucking problems I wouldn’t want to know about.

        6. I’ve met a few of those. Mostly guys, one woman. I can certainly thank her for changing me though.

        7. Dude, you need to write an article on this site. You can title it “Lolknee’s guide to lolknee-hilism.”

        8. I have often thought of it. I think this site is very well served on most fronts however and haven’t thought of an article I would write that wouldn’t be redundant due to some other excellent article. The lolknee-hism article would read more like a manifesto. I was thinking of writing something clearing up some stuff on Nietzsche because he is an all-too-often misunderstood and abused philosopher. Who knows, I have a few days off coming up. Maybe ill pen something and send it to roosh

      2. Women are naturally sociopaths. I think it’s a cultural evolution, personally.

        1. Being the weaker sex women have evolved to be more manipulative. Believing one’s own lies is the best way to pass a lie detector test.

      3. Actually, it means the same thing for women. It is just since AWALT it goes unnoticed.

  6. I was seeing this girl I used to ride the bus with on our way to college. We never had sex but we did make out a few times. One day she showed me a picture of her and a two year old boy she said was her nephew. A week later she fesses up and tells me that’s her son.

    1. Big shocker, heh. At least you dodged a bullet with that one.
      Had a woman years ago claim she was going through a divorce that I took with a grain of salt, knowing how women love to stretch the truth. I figure I’ll just have my fun with her and be done with it until one night the husband calls, with a murderous rage in his voice while I’m driving her to their house. Turns out he came home early that night, sent his mother home who was watching their kids (that she never mentioned) and broke into her computer account to see what she was doing. I drop her at her friend’s house and leave, telling her to give the guy a day to cool off.
      Couple days go by and she calls, claiming they’re in an open relationship. I simply laugh and hang up. The ability for a woman to continue to lie even after being caught red handed is quite hilarious.

        1. I wonder, if a gay father and a gay son fuck each other, do they call it outcest?

        2. That’s the weirdest case of Oedipal complex I’ve seen since Steve Tyler had his daughter pole dance in an Aerosmith video.

        3. I know that was a joke, but I threw up a little in my mouth with that one. Gonna have to say eeewww gross on that one.

  7. Weak men are like that too and not all women are like that. There’s fluidity within the each respective sex.

    1. not all women are like that
      They are if they are not kept in check by men in their lives. Each and every single damned one of them, no exceptions. And the ones kept in check will only remain “NAWALT” as long as they continue to receive that masculine influence in their lives. Put an Amish girl in a sorority and within a year she’s a party slut no different than any other.
      Do you come here simply to be a contrarian? Serious question, what do you get out of this site anyway?

      1. “Put an Amish girl in a sorority and within a year she’s a party slut no different than any other.”
        This quote sums everything up so perfectly. I wonder, however, if it would work the other way around. Once the sorority girl has had a few trains run on her, can she, given proper guidance, be brought back or is there something irreparably damaged in her?

        1. I really think that the damage is done. There is no way to be a born-again virgin, no matter what they try to tell you in Churchianity.

        2. I agree though have no real world proof of it. It is kind of like a car. If you take care of it, properly maintain it, keep it well lubed and change the oil regularly it will last you a long time. But if you drop its first 50k miles without a single oil change and treat it like shit, no amount of pampering will get it to run smoothly again.

        3. Maybe that’s the point of the ritual of Rumspringa. Weed out the degenerate and keep the righteous.

        4. Leeching on your car analogy, there’s wrecks like Lindsey Lohan, and there’s well maintained models like Sofia Vergara that many men wouldn’t mind “leasing” or “renting” if only for a short ride.

        5. I disagree. Every single part in a car is replaceable with a new functioning part. A woman…nah.

        6. Says the man who claims to have been highly promiscuous! What was it, 1000+ notch count?

        7. The analogy falls apart there I admit. The point remains, but analogy needs work.

        8. I read they now have hymen repair operations available so it depends on your definition…

        9. Psychologically they’ll never be the same. Physical, who knows, it’s hardly relevant really. The real damage is to the soul.

        10. I would assume so but I haven’t really counted since back when Kurt Cobain still had a head. I am not sure the point of your comment though. Given your comment history it is probably just some stupid, wrong shit that no one cares about or will take seriously anyway

        11. It’s called hypocrisy and double standards. You are a male slut but expect women not to be.

        12. Actually, no that isn’t called hypocrisy. That is called asking a question because you are curious. And you are called a low functioning moron.

        13. Ha. I have a funny story about that. A woman I had a meeting with, very much post wall trying to be sex in the city type, mentioned that she was really into yoga within first 2 minutes of conversation (which to me is a clear sign that she wants cock) and then told me she got a vaginal rejuvenation surgery recently!

        14. Probably right. Good thing I like them a little broken in and somewhat damaged. No shortage of my type out there.

        15. She is a breed of woman that grows here in NYC and, I suspect, LA but is probably rare in other places. She is a woman who is over 50, has a shit ton of money, has had every single bit of plastic surgery, was probably hot in her day, at a distance could pass for late 20’s but then when she gets closer late 30’s until you look at her wrinkled hands….and the defining aspect is that they have zero filter. I had an 80 year old woman in a restaurant who I was being polite to and giving my chair at the bar flirt with me so aggressively I was grossed out. She actually told me “you know honey, I am like 4 20 year olds”
          Actually fucking said that! No shame in that old lady game.
          I had one woman tell me, this is a woman in her 70’s, that she divorced her husband because “he was so cheap that when he came in my mouth he wanted it back”

        16. Hmm, I actually know a lady with a 6 figure bank account, never married, who mildly flirted with me. She doesn’t have much time left and that would be a near-instant retirement for me… Was seriously thinking about Novagenarian Game.

        17. You know, you aren’t gonna get me to tell you not to there. For an instant retirement in the style I chose there are very few muffs I wouldn’t beat up.

        18. It’s quid pro quo. You bag and tag her wrinkly ass, make her feel like she’s going out like a champion, and she compensates you for your time and trouble.

        19. I can’t say it is a no brainer, but depending on circumstances and numbers it is something I am very much willing to consider. Also, seeing that I live in one of the, if not the wealthiest areas in the freaking world I shouldn’t have a hard time finding some diamond draped old betty who needs her wrinkles ironed out.

        20. Even cars have a point of no return, at least in practical terms.
          Beyond economical repair.

        21. LOL! DO IT! she cant live forever…time to rub the bunions spicy:

        22. It would certainly be good ammo when someone calls me out for being a creepy cradle robber. “Hey, I’ve dated girls 6 decades older than me. I don’t discriminate by age.”

        23. It’s funny to laugh at people and “cradle robber”. As if a young adult woman has no agency or ability to resist an older male, while simultaneously being Empowered!(tm) and able to Explore Her Sexuality!(tm). The contradictions make me laugh.
          I can’t say I’ve ever head an adult male get upset that another male is dating a girl in her 20’s when he’s older than 40. The old broads, on the other hand, can’t make a bigger shit storm out of it if they tried. That also makes me laugh.

        24. I think I had a girl that had that, or vaginoplasty. I have a decently big dick, and it was hard to get it in, like it was tight around the rim. She’d loosen up, and of course, she commented I was her biggest ever. I think she got that thing shrunk after her carousel ride ended, because I don’t normally have that issue with girls.

        25. If it looked like a teen snatch she was probably operated on. I’ve been with a chick like that, and her snatch looked like young teen pussy. I tend to call those designer vags, easier to pronounce.

        26. I could see that. Also, some girls are particularly gifted with the ability to clench those muscles. I once knew a girl who no matter how hard you pushed you couldn’t get it in until she stopped flexing. That girl would get on top of me and ride me with her cunt so clamped down it was like mr t was giving you a hand job. Oh man I miss that girl.

        27. “you are a male slut but expect women not too.”
          Sniff, sniff. I smell a Feminist.

        28. Yuppers. Either that or closet homo which is what I was guessing by his other posts

      2. Everyone, both men and women, needs to be kept in check, hence why people invented society with its religions, moral codes and scruples. Nowadays the society is disintegrating because of the lack of checks.
        Yes, I appear contrarian on the surface as the majority of people are usually wrong.

        1. Everyone, both men and women, needs to be kept in check, hence why
          people invented society with its religions, moral codes and scruples.

          Agree to a point.
          Yes, I appear contrarian on the surface as the majority of people are usually wrong.
          Well now, you certainly have some high self esteem there, chief.

        2. I wasn’t always like that and my masculinity has been fluid too as it is with everyone else.

        3. Sounds like a pretty dogmatic mindset to me. Everything that agrees with you serves as confirmation bias, and everything that doesn’t line up with your views is “people are wrong”. Nice, neat, tidy and a great way to elude critical thinking.

        4. You tend to degrade the conversation with silly jokes, so it’s not my fault, chief! Work on your manners.

        5. don’t bother. This guy is a low functioning moron. Not someone worth trying to reason with.

        6. And now you get pissy. My style of writing is my own, and I like to joke here and there. It’s called, get ready for a shocker, being “social”. It’s how men act and interact in real life. Serious topics, deep discussions interspersed with jokes that question the other male’s masculinity or sexual prowess, or sexual orientation.
          You are here claiming superiority and that everybody else is “wrong”. Don’t be surprised when people roll their eyes at your petty self-aggrandizement.

        7. Ha. that reminds me, I need to use my LGBT personality type joke again soon.

        8. GOJ some people are so far behind in the race that they actually think they are winning. smh. sad

        9. Real gentlemen don’t joke like that and especially online where the jokes get lost in translation.
          When I’m having fun with friends I do it face to face. Online I discuss things in a neutral manner.

        10. you don’t appear contrarian. You appear dumb, uneducated, misinformed, low functioning, low IQ idiot.
          Contrarians have something interesting to say once in a while and may even provide some usefulness.
          If you put a gun in your mouth and pulled the trigger you would single handedly raise the average IQ of the planet.

        11. Fluid masculinity? Is that when you mix kratom and orange juice?

        12. Oh spare me your “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Your humorlessness is well documented, don’t expect me to give a shit about your opinion on the matter.
          I suspect that engaging you this morning was a mistake on my part.
          Slainte mhor!

        13. What about the Kratom mixed with iced tea and lemonade—you know, the Kratom Palmer.
          The drink is one part iced tea, one part lemonade and 263 parts kratom.

        14. Aerosmith would get their record deal cancelled with lyrics like that today

        15. Well, I’m done here too seeing how our conversation has been infested by lolknee and his little freinds’ silliness. Apologies if you thought you wasted your time but you started it.
          Good day, sir!

        16. I’d counter, say western society is over-regulated. I think that’s purposeful, as the Elites appear to be attempting to turn everyone into slave-workers.

        17. Kratom juice cocktail is thing now in thailand. Brew kratom leaves in hot water and then mix the dark green juice with a soft drink, cough syrup, and tranquilizers. If you get arrested don’t blame me.

        18. arrested? on Kratom? They better bring an extra handcuff for my 16 foot raging, world destroying boner. When I take kratom I refer to my dick as Shiva, destroyer of worlds

        19. YESSSSSSSSSS THank you so much for this. You really brought a smile to my face today.,

        20. Why bother replying to this person…”fatherofthree” is more likely to really be “motherofzero(except cats)”

      3. Maybe being father of 3 daughters he’s in denial. Sometimes its easier that way.

    2. Did you actually just drop NAWALT in this comments section? Let me ask you something, boss. How many of your three children are actual yours?

  8. “What’s wrong with this chick if no one has taken her out or even fucked her in a year.” That statement right there is what’s wrong with western culture. Whatever happened to courtship…I think it’s all gotten ass backwards if it’s come down to, “well I just let him fuck me, it’s not anything serious like a date.”

    1. Didn’t you get the notice. The Obit was in the papers. Courtship has been dead for years.

      1. died with the patriarchy that nourished it along with chivalry and the concept of being a gentleman.

    1. Its almost always to the disadvantage of the male. The female can set up online dating profile in 10 minutes, state that she’s a “hot wife” in an open relationship, and her message box will explode with messages. If a man sets up the same kind of profile, he gets shunned by women, with the occasional hate mail about what a pig he is for cheating.

      1. Yeah exactly. I just don’t get why any man would ever agree to an open relationship. If it’s reached that point, just kick her out and go do your thing.

        1. I knew a guy who told me he and his wife were swingers and it “saved his marriage.” He was divorced about 3 years later.

  9. Thank goodness i didnt wife up this fragile slut about 5 years back. Spent a lot of time with her for a year, pretty much girlfriend. Who cares. She told me about her being the town bicycle after she got dumped for a girl with the same name. Said 15 guys was her notch count. I said 14. In reality it was about 40 for me. Its funny, if we were both really honest, it’d probably be around that number for both. Disgusting

    1. see for women it isn’t an objective number. It isn’t “how many dicks have been inside you” it is “of the dicks which have been inside you, how many do you consider as part of your notch count” because the guy from the bar that one time, or the two buddies in vegas, or that male stripper at the bachelorette party, or that time her sororities brother fraternity ran a train on her don’t count because she never dated them.

      1. And it’s a…… feminist! Cause only they can produce illogical results against the “patrarchi”

        1. He is disgusting because he lied about it. Why did he lie?
          I think sleeping with 40 people is disgusting for men and women.

        2. Precisely what is “your opinion” contributing to the actual discussion? The article is about lies women tell and how to draw them out, an article on tactics and strategy. Your feelings have no bearing on the article or the commenters.

        3. Most of the commenters clearly judge women for lying. But this men just did the same thing. He lied. And the majority of commenters will just ignore it.
          How do you complain about lying sluts if you act like a lying slut?

        4. He lied, ok, that was wrong and I suspect that he’d say as much in retrospect (I can’t speak for him however). It’s not that women (and men) lie, it’s the kind of lies and the gravity of the lies that is the issue. A woman fudging her weight or age a bit, no big deal. A woman hiding a closet full of 100+ guys that she’s had inside of her, that’s a very, very big deal. And most all of them do it these days. Hence, the article.

        5. I agree, it is a big deal.
          There is no need to hide your intentions and ask special questions. Just give her alcohol. Most women (and men) will tell you everything if they are drunk enough.

        6. Men can’t be sluts. Men are studs. That’s the error in your thinking. Now go back to HuffPo.

        7. And with that comes, of course, plausible deniability. “But, I was drunk, I didn’t really mean that!” and badda bing, no accountability.
          Stone cold sober is much better for this kind of thing.

        8. I don’t lie about how many women I’ve been with and I expected that she will not tell a lie on that to me.

  10. We need to do an article on five huge lies women regularly tell their significant others and start with this one:
    1. “Yes dear, of course this is your baby.”

      1. I just reply, “Gee, I’ve never had sex with a man so you are three up on me.”

    1. what about the good ones. Like, I know for a fact that a girl who, on a first date, mentions that she doesn’t have sex on first dates will, in point of fact, be fucking me afterwards.

        1. I’ve heard that 30+ times and I always respond “Sure you don’t. Me neither.”

        1. I had a date recently where the girl, with 0 baiting, started telling me she had recently got waxed. I knew where this was ending (I didn’t realize how freaky it was going to get but that’s another story). Anyway, the girls name was Jane. While talking to her I made a joke (post her just got waxed comment) about getting laid on the first date and she said “well YOU won’t be getting laid on the first date” to which I smiled and (I am so fucking proud of how quick I got this out) said “of course I will Jane. I know you like dick. There is a whole book about it”

    2. That one is easy enough to (dis)prove nowadays, but you have to consider if you really want to find out, because then if she IS being truthful, you’re on the hook for 18+ years.

    3. When my father died I made sure I got his coffee cup inscribed with 10 of the great lies. It is a constant reminder of the high level of mendacity in our civilization.

        1. A random sample of the lot is:
          My what a beautiful baby.
          The check is in the mail.
          I’m from the government and I am here to help you.
          The rest I would have to be home and look at it again. I seldom find a case where on of the quoted lies is not appropriate. BTW these are lies for men, lies for women would be more like the article above.

        2. One of the great lies- ‘Girls mature faster than boys’ told by men to young women to talk them into things they really aren’t ready for.

    1. The actual woman who portrayed Rosie the Riverter didn’t last 2 weeks before she quit.

        1. Are you being serious (and John Galt as well)? If so, where did you read this, I’ve never heard this before in my life?

        2. Serious as a heart attack. It is one of the many memes that have been debunked. I read it IIRC in a Wikipedia entry; which just shows that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  11. Oh yeahh. An article from Donovan. I knew it would be good.
    No useless high “formal english”.
    Straight to the point with no bullshit.
    And using only a few bulletpoints to make it easier to read.
    Great Job Donovan!

    1. What’s wrong with formal English? If anything, using it to shame sluts would sound more appropriate. Not to mention cool.
      Depart from me, yet filthy strumpet! Thou hath commited copious amounts of debauchery upon thine noble parts!

      1. If anything, using it to shame slurs would sound more appropriate.
        I’ve never actually attempted to shame a slur before. Sounds fatiguing.

        1. Fucking Autocorrect again. I’m a strong independent male! I don’t need to be corrected, especially when my grammar is spot on! Mysandrist assholes!

        2. Making fun of my texting disabilities is not cool bro. Don’t make me call PC Principal.

    2. Alas, it is with a great preponderance of intellectual mulling that I have come to agree with your well scribed post, my good sir. Soothly, there is so little to find disagreeable that I cannot help but stand in awe at the sublime perfection that is this article.
      But yeah, agreed.

      1. And to think my wife hates it when I use big words (according to her that is, heh) that she seems to fail to comprehend. If only she read more instead of watching Netflix.

  12. This is good stuff. You know it’s good stuff when you say “yes, this happened with this girl, and this happened with this girl, and I think this is actually about to happen with the current girl.” I actually hung with a 32 notch count girl a couple years back. I was still emerging red pill, and thought that she was being honest (even though it still wouldn’t work with that number) but now I wonder if she was in the triple digits and divided by three.

  13. Schopenhauer hit the nail on the head a hundred and seventy years ago. Every living thing has natural weapons and tools to support its own ends. Men have strength, reason, courage, and sheer effort.
    Women play with the truth. They’re not strong enough to assert themselves otherwise (not unless they live in an advanced civilized society that places them on a pedestal, and obeys their commands).
    They lie to get what they want, and also to protect themselves. In the natural state, where men are free to be violent and aggressive, the only strength women have is having men support them. Men won’t support them if they know the truth all of the time. Or they will, but they’ll resent them too. And if women misbehave towards their men, and their men find out, they know they’ll almost certainly be punished, or even worse, rejected. Now in modern society punishment for women’s misbehavior is virtually non existent. Even women murderers can basically go unpunished. And being rejected by a guy i.e. having your boyfriend/ husband leave you, is just a minor setback; or actually a fresh opportunity.
    But in the wilderness, having your male mate reject you, might be a death sentence. Thus women will lie to stay in a man’s good graces. Or they’ll lie to find themselves a new man. Without civilization, and even in most civilizations in history, women were dependent on men.
    Thus they lied. And they still do. It’s only logical.
    Either that or they behaved themselves, and were loyal and trustworthy to their men, and their group. But that was only because their men and their group demanded it, and were willing to punish them for bad behavior. Many cultures globally still are. The West however abandoned traditional and masculine authority generations ago.
    So women are only consistently honest and loyal when they feel they have to be. Because of either some morals that were powerfully instilled in them, or some social authority that holds them accountable, or their man who holds them accountable. Perhaps a small minority genuinely try to be truthful, and of their own accord, but in my experience even this is highly questionable. The women who are honest, or at least relatively so, are the ones who are pressured to be. Modern society however either entirely indulges dishonesty, turns a blind eye to it, or actually rewards it. Obviously this is unacceptable. Obviously it can’t last.

    1. Men do not lie?
      I am woman, I never lie. I am always direct with people and honest. If you are persuaded that all women lie means you were not lucky to meet an honest woman.
      I would like to say that men lie even more. Not all. Just erase liers from your life. Liers, cheaters, betrayers do not deserve even to talk about them. Life is beautiful and full of good people.

      1. Men do lie..but we’re talking about women (on this site), sweet heart.
        Huff Po is waiting
        Beat it ————————->

        1. Double standards. If you are not honest with women ( or not honest in general), you should not expect honesty from them. You meet exactly same people as you are. Sometimes happens we meet bad people in our life but they don’t stay too long. Life is a circle and we always get a payback for everything we do. What you give is what you get.

        2. You’re really trying to preach “honesty is the best policy” here?
          Like I said, beat it. I’m sure the many readers on HuffPo are missing you at this moment.

        3. Well yes. That’s kind of the point. Women have been lying for years, women have not been honest with men. The patriarchy is dead, now they can get what they give from guys as well- we are no longer required to be honest. It’s all good.

        4. There have always been those who violated the social compacts. They were shunned by the majority, ridiculed and considered shameful. But that was when there was a societal standard for behavior- with emphasis on living up to the responsibilities of the choices one made- like marriage.

        5. Actually considering all of the sacrifices men have made over centuries on behalf of and for women… that statement has some truth to it.
          The other thing to think about… is that women’s behavior in a large way predicts and determines men’s behavior. Men can’t reproduce on their own, so that leverage means that men often do certain behaviors because that’s the only way he’s reproducing.
          So when you start to think that men are all pigs and just want to hump and dump… start asking yourself why that is? It’s because that’s what a lot of women respond to, and such behavior is more likely for the man to have success. Conversely if women had their stuff together and universally demanded gentlemen who were protectors and providers… you would see that behavior much much more (as it was in the past).
          Next then is to ask the question “if women didn’t used to be that way… but they are now… why is that?”. In the answer you’ll see all sorts of cultural marxist nonsense such as “equality” and “feminism” and other assorted dramatic exaggerations. We’ve destroyed masculinity, pretty much destroyed femininity, and certainly destroyed the institutions of marriage and the nuclear family.
          So when you start whining about men’s behavior… take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what your behavior is doing to drive that along. If you’re honest you’ll see that it’s quite obvious…

        6. But today that dynamic does not exist anymore. A woman can falsely accuse a man of rape for no other reason than vengeful spite and hate. She’s not shunned by the majority in the slightest… she’s probably not even held legally accountable. And amongst some sick women she’s even lauded and celebrated.
          It used to be that a slut was shunned… yes. Today a slut is celebrated. So your argument, while valid 50 years ago, is invalid today.
          What you speak of… basically social consequences for behavior… used to be a very powerful tool in regulating people’s behavior. Pray tell… what sorts of behavior is a woman shunned for today? Because I can’t think of a single one. And that’s the problem. That powerful tool for regulating behavior does not apply to women anymore… and as such there’s very little regulating their behavior… which is why women today are sluttier and as characterless as ever before in human history.

        7. Agreed. And despite what women like to claim about men having been lauded/admired for being promiscuous, it used to be men were judged harshly for it as well. A father was understood to be well within his rights in beating up some cad trying to, or having bedded his daughter. When I was a kid, the men in my neighborhood roundly condemned adulterers as well as adulteresses.

        8. Please note that I didn’t write that all men are pigs! More than that, I don’t think that all men are pigs. Men here ( not all but most of men here) write that all women lie, are sluts etc…
          Also note that I am intelligent, nice , attractive woman . This is what I see in the mirror.
          Regarding my behavior, believe me I know how to be a woman, I know how to behave myself right.
          Women follow right men. Men want women follow them. Hence men should behave them self in the way women want to follow.

        9. Fair enough. You make some very poignant and truthful points. I think though that we’re talking about different things?
          You’re talking about women following men on an individual level. I agree 100%… that women follow right men. I believe it’s in a woman’s nature to instinctively follow a man, since that’s been the way things have worked for millenia of human evolution. And again, in an individual sense, I believe what you say as well… that any woman worth her salt is only going to follow a good man… not a douche. 100%.
          What I’m getting at is much more general and much more macroscopic. In order to analyze… you must generalize. It would take eons of time that neither one of us has to analyze and break down every individual interaction occurring between men and women.
          In a general, macroscopic sense… women’s behavior influences and then predicts men’s behavior. If women in general won’t stand for a man who’s concerned mainly with himself and mainly with sex… guess what… men won’t act like that. Sure some here and there will… but on a macroscopic level that behavior will be very limited. This is the dynamic that used to be between men and women through most of American history.
          However, with the advent of the sexual revolution and the instillment of feminist culture, women have become much more whorish than they ever have been in our culture’s history, even if you extend our culture back to England and the middle ages. That change then influences men’s behavior. Generally speaking, women today do not want a strong man with morals… they want the bad boy who pounds them like a whore. So what do you end up getting… surprise surprise… men who like treating women like whores.
          I agree that men’s behavior today is pretty lame in a lot of ways. But the genesis of that can be found in the 60s with the “freeing of women’s sexuality”. That’s not to say that men aren’t responsible for their behavior… hardly. But on a macroscopic level, the reason you see the decline of true strong willed men of character… is that because on a macroscopic and societal level, they’re not longer valued by women and no longer valued by society.
          I have no doubt that if the prevailing notion of society was that casual sex is degrading, that a woman who sleeps with men outside of marriage is a whore not to be messed with, that motherhood was the single greatest thing a woman could ever achieve…. I have no doubt that if we reverted to those ideologies that served us so well for centuries… that you would see a significant difference in the quality of men too.
          I was lucky, I was raised by a father intent on raising me to be a man, at least until my mom successfully had him removed from my life. I’m even more lucky that after that happened… most of the men on either side in my family walked the walk and talked the talk as well. So myself I try not to be the guy who goes out and bangs a girl just to throw her away. Unfortunately though the reality to me is that the % of decent women who will make a good mother and wife is so low anymore amongst women under 30.. it’s literally a needle in a haystack issue and it’s pretty much futile to go out looking for. I look at it like the lottery… I’m not stupid enough to buy tickets… but if somehow I get a winning ticket that’d be great. So sometimes you get to seeing that… and the “f$ck it” mentality rolls through your head and next thing you know you’re pounding some slut just to fulfill your biological need. I’d much rather be doing that with a woman I love and want to come home to everyday. Problem is they don’t really exist anymore. I don’t blame millennials so much as I blame the dogshit baby boomers who have pretty much been the epicenter for all that’s wrong with America in the past 50 years.
          So again… if you want to understand men’s behavior today and why it is the way it is…. you only need to look at women as a whole.

        10. Agreed 100%. I never understood where pop culture got this idea that a man whoring about was seen as some sort of champion. In HS locker rooms perhaps… not amongst real men. But it makes a nice construct for feminists to lay their grievances on… and since western civilization is 95% complete fucking morons anymore… it sticks.

        11. I understand very well man’s behavior and woman’s behavior. But frankly I am not interesting in generalizing. This is way in nowhere. Only one good thing a person can do for the society is to improve him/herself, to be a right person. In this world there is lot of shit , always will be. If you look only at shit you will see only shit. We always meet bad people in our life, but some of us are strong enough in order to move on and not to allow these people to be present in our life. Only we choose our own way.
          What about men who sleep out of marriage? On this forum I read about it a lot. More than that men proud of it. They are persuaded they are super cool they cheat on their wives. Do you think such kind of people will understand anything? Answer: no, they will not. But if we talk about society , to cheat, betray is not ok neither for men nor for women.
          Talking about behavior. Let’s take and easy example. This forum, ROK etc. Let’s analyze articles etc. maybe I am not lucky but I haven’ t seen any article here how to save relationship, how to impress a woman, article about how man or woman should treat each other, articles about family etc.
          So, what authors write, how to seduce a woman, how to pick up, about dating sites, how to travel and fuck around the world, focused on feminism ( seems all women in the world are feminist.) But with such man’s behavior I don’t wonder that American women are feminists. As result what we have? People like Roosh and Co write such kind of articles. Even if to assume they really do what they write about , means they lie in order to get sex, in order to seduce. They do it with young girls. As result these girls will think that all men lie.
          If you are single and want to meet your women try to change your vision and thoughts. Everything is in our head. If you are positive, you will attract only positive people. Negative people will be not able to stay near you. If you treat a woman right, are gentleman , woman will appreciate it. First of all we need to feel man loves us, takes care.
          Try to open the door for a woman in the shop , for example, you will see her smile and ” thank you”. At least in my country men do it.
          Conclusion: there is no sense to generalize. Live today and now, trust in best. Only thing we can do – is to improve ourselves in order this society becomes better but not to write on forums that all around are bastards or whores. Bastards and whores are forever. But you are better )))) Good luck.

        12. And this reply right here… is why many of us find ourselves on ROK. Notice the difference between our replies. In mine… I thoroughly acknowledge a man’s responsibilities and ideal expectations he should have placed on him. I acknowledge that we could be doing better than that.
          Your reply on the other hand… has none of that. It’s not entirely your fault, even if it is entirely your choice. Your (our) culture has raised you to be literally that self centered and primadona. And THAT is why we’re here… bashing the system that creates women today. You sound like a smart and relatively reasonable woman… and yet even you are pretty much incapable of looking at you and yours objectively. That self centeredness is one of, if not the major, root cause of what we’re seeing today, and why many of us men just aren’t that interested in a true relationship with women anymore. All due respect.

        13. If some men are not interested in relationship for some reasons it’s their choice. There are men who want love, children, relationship.
          There are women who don’t want children , families. This is also their choice.
          Most of my friends who have families are happy. Most of my friends who are single want to have families.
          Everybody gets what he wants.

        14. So if both men and women were condemned for adultery, and societal condemnation decreases the number of people violating social contracts, why did more men than women commit adultery?

        15. You’re assuming more men than women committed adultery, unless you have a link to some sort of verifiable data.

        16. Well, with me assuming that these days the rates of adultery in men and women are roughly similar (,having no strong reason to believe otherwise), and assuming that you agree with Coach that the increasing adultery among women is a particular problem, the women’s rate must have begun lower than the men’s. If they were equal and increased in parallel surely you and he would be decrying the modern permissiveness of both genders, if it is adultery per se which is the problem.
          That supposition aside, I don’t know when you were a kid, but I’ll list a few studies of the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s rather a mess of information and very, very summary:
          – Kinsey et al., 1948: 33% of men and 26% of women in American sample were adulterous
          – Hunt, 1974: 41% of men and 25% of women
          – Laumann, 1994: 25% of married men and 15% of married women (this article is quite good for info on Kinsey and Laumann: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/the_sex_issue/2007/09/american_sex_portrait.html)
          – Wiederman, 1997: 22.7% of men and 11.6% of women had extramarital sex (with sex difference disappearing when looking only at participants under 40 years old)
          – Natsal (acronym), 2000: 19% of men and 15% of women had been in overlapping relationships (I tried to find Natsal 2014’s result for overlapping relationships but gave up)
          – Treas, Giesen 2000: all things considered, being male increased the odds of having engaged in extramarital sex by 79%, but controlling for permissiveness eliminated most gender differences in infidelity
          – National Science Foundation’s General Social Survey, 2010: 19% of men and 14% of women

        17. Thanks for the links. I know Kinsey’s methodology was very sloppy. I’ll have to look up some of the other studies. The problem with so many of these studies is they are based on non verifiable self reporting. Are the women being as honest as the men? Are they, as this article states, exempting some things as ‘not really cheating’. Were the male/female populations analogous? Are men actually lying for some inner motivation? Interesting study recently which compared self-polling about obesity with medical records based on geographical areas. The self-polling showed significant under-reporting of weight in some geographical areas. It turned out obesity rates are pretty consistent across the country, just some regions were more honest than others. Thanks again for taking the time to provide sources.

        18. Why the fuck are you conversating with a feminist troll?
          The fuck is wrong with you?
          If I spent my time fagging around the comments sections of feminist blogs, Id be a complete fucking loser.
          So, what does that make a woman trolling this blog, huh?

        19. You are a loser! Only losers insult women. Who are you that you say people here to whom they should talk?
          If the rudeness is the only one way you can communicate with people means you are narrow minded person. Do you have at least self respect?
          Remember , if you insult women, you insult your mother, you do not respect your mother.
          You may not to like women but you do not have any right to offed women, you do not have any right to offend people in general, otherwise you should not expect a good attitude from people. Stop writing me about American feminism. I don’t care about it.

        20. Ill insult you ALL DAY of I wanted to.
          You arent welcome here.
          What I said was correct, THATS why you are whining.

        21. Not you decide where I am welcome. You are not the only one person here. I didn’t comment your posts, I didn’t talk to you, I did not insult you. If you don’t like, you don’t comment.
          Be happy with your anger. I doubt you will but you can try. To be happy is cool…

        22. Ironically lot of male players don’t realize pick up culture and creating promiscuous men as most manly was indoctrinated and encouraged by feminists to try and create rape statistics

      2. Your first point is changing the subject. That’s not what we’re discussing. Learn to pay attention.
        Your second point is also irrelevant. We’re talking about women in general, not you in particular. I know that it’s hard for you not to bring everything back to yourself, and make it personal. I know it’s hard for you and your magnanimous character to not be the center of attention. Of course you are different. You are that one woman who is so different, who we have all just been waiting to meet.
        Unfortunately, this isn’t some inane fucking dating site. This is a place where people reason, and use logic. You are sorely out of place. Your shame.
        Your claims are stupid and frivolous. You want to bash men on a masculine sight. You are stupid and shortsighted even for a woman. You clearly hate men. My sympathies. How unfortunate that as a woman you so badly need them. I can’t imagine the struggle of hating something so much, and yet needing something so badly. As a stupid, irrational woman, you have my sympathies. But the stupidity of your comment stands. The sense and intelligence of my comment stands. I feel sorry for you. But I am right, and you are wrong. And disturbed. Good luck with your problems.

        1. First of all I didn’t insult you. You even can’t be a gentleman talking to woman. Do you know me that you tell me I am stupid? Did I say it to you?
          Second I do not hate men. If you read attantily my comment maybe you can’t see the meaning. I respect men, women, doesn’t matter. I am married woman , you don’t have any right to insult me only because you are full of angry and hate.
          You say you are talking about women in general. Huh. You say you have logic? Do you know all women in the world that you talk in general? We can talk only about our own experience. To say in genera that all women lie is like to say nothing.
          Good luck!

        2. You don’t seem to have gotten the memo, the patriarchy is dead and with it the obligations of conducting oneself as ‘a gentleman’.

        3. As are ladies, yet there is no expectation to uphold obligations associated with the patriarchy.

        4. Maybe if you try to be positive, think positive, be good, be a gentleman you will attract good people, honest ladies, love and happiness. Try. It works. Start from yourself and you will see that life is beautiful, love exist, there are lot of good people around.
          It is your choice to be happy or to hate women saying they all are sluts and liars. There are everywhere bad people. Be better.
          We all have bad experience. Make conclusion why it happened. Usually it’s given to us in order we could appreciate good things.
          Haven’t you never lied in your life, haven’t you never done bad things or offended somebody?
          Let good things happen in your life. You make your choice every single day.
          Be happy, Sir.

        5. I am happy, thank you. My daughters think its a shame I don’t have a woman in my life. Single Dad, ex decided that she didn’t want to be a wife or mother anymore. Real hard on the kids. As a product of the patriarchy I’m still stuck in the mode of adhering to one’s moral code and that responsibilities to others come over personal desires. So, I’ve remained single to be a better parent- and so they see at least one parent doesn’t believe they are inconveniences and impediments to happiness. I also find I’m quite happy enjoying my time with them and seeing them achieve their goals. My daughters’ don’t like it when I point out my happiness may be because I don’t have a woman in my life, not despite it. Always funny to me when women claim they know someone I should meet and that I could make a woman so happy! (To them my function isn’t pursuing my goals, it’s serving some woman)
          Ever see Zombieland? Rule, 32 enjoy the little things. I savor every good thing in life- the ability to see or even take a deep breath. Having been able to kiss my kids every morning and every night. Providing them a safe space for their mother to visit them in free of the drama/tension of another woman in the mix.
          I believe that for the most part happiness is a choice. Some folks can have everything and still find something to complain about. Others have virtually nothing and are severely handicapped and are happy and a joy to be around. The reality that the majority of women nowadays are manipulative and liars isn’t something to be upset about or angry about. It’s just a fact one deals with. Similar to the reality that men are more visual and attracted to pretty women. One can argue about whether things ‘should’ be different– but if that’s the reality of the human nature than a better choice is to deal with it vice complain about it.

        6. I am sorry that your wife left. I don’t understand how woman can leave her children. But anyway.
          Your daughters are women also. If you really want to meet your love you will meet. Not all women are the same.
          I think as a father you don’t want that men offend your girls.
          May i ask you how old are you?

        7. 55 – the double nickel.
          Don’t be sorry, it was a few years ago and since my ex was never a greedy person I wasn’t left destitute. Do you want someone with you who doesn’t really want to be there? Tough at first, but I’m not living with the illusion that someone has my back who really doesn’t. Compared to a lot of men I came off quite well. Kept the house, the kids, all my income. Just split the assets and she got part of the retirement- only fair as she was a stay at home mom for a long time so hadn’t been in a retirement plan other than the IRA we set up for her. As you said better to look at the positives of the situation than the negatives.
          Leaving kids? Even one of my daughters has noticed a lot of women doing that, or making things difficult and commented on it the other day. She feels lucky that her folks can be in the same room/events like birthday dinners etc. unlike a lot of her friends parents. Part of what I think my ex was counting on is that I would never be a barrier to her kids if I got custody. I understood her well enough to know getting away from the kids was her goal, even though it took her a few months to do so after the separation. Her driving the kids out of her home was brutal on the kids though and hard to observe.
          I don’t really ‘want’ to meet someone. I’m not opposed to it, but it isn’t a goal- if that makes sense. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. One of the nice things about my religion is it forces one after a divorce to take some time prior to jumping into another relationship as a bandage. Take time to heal, as you said assess and understand your part in things, and learn to be happy and live as an individual again as opposed to part of a team. And what you’d want in a partner. Good example for the kids as well.
          The point of the article isn’t that all women are the same. There are always exceptions, but a way of dealing with a general reality until you realize you have an exception in your life. I read too many Louis La’mour books as a kid, had a great mother, friend’s mothers and I had a bit too idealized a view of women. I’m a bit more realistic now.

        8. If you are happy it’s great. Wish you happiness. Who knows, maybe you will meet a good woman, will fall in love.))
          Be happy

        1. Do you know me in person? If you are narrow minded person and you are persuaded that all women or people in general lie it is your problem. If you don’t trust in love or good things that can happen to you it is also your problem. First of all your enemy is your brain and thoughts. Good luck.

      1. I logged in just to down vote you. Saying “kudos” is as gay as taking it in the ass.
        Youve likely been told that before.

    2. A right woman never lies to his man if a man doesn’t lie to her.
      You do not trust women, probably you are not honest with them also.

  14. Right after I got engaged to my cheating ex-wife, she told me she needed to come clean. While we were dating she had a guy in her class take her to college in the morning since her car had broke down one week. She told me at the time it was her female friend in her class. The admission came out of nowhere and my dumbass didn’t recognize it as a half, hell, a 1/4 truth. She was trying to tell me she cheated on me before we got married but wanted to cop out of her responsibility.
    These hoes and shit, let me tell ya.

  15. This is truly a depressing article. I realized things were quite off decades ago but with smart phones, social media and the blatant promiscuous society of today things have gone to hell. We have hit the bottom. If you are a player, thug, pua or beta you can have these women because they physically give me ibs and major emotional stress. I think going foreign once again is the only halfway safe solution. Western women born and raised are the most dangerous.

    1. Oh, we’re nowhere near rock bottom yet, friend. If Killary the Witch gets elected you’ll see misandry taken to whole new levels of scary.

      1. Every time I thought we had hit bottom western women proved me wrong. I now firmly believe there is no bottom to hit. We are on a trajectory straight down a bottomless pit.

  16. #6 – “I was raped as a child” What she wants you to believe – that she was raped as a child
    What actually happened – as a 13 year old had a 22 year old boyfriend, dad found out and had him put away from statutory rape.
    escape route – “Well I was still a child when I was 13 and he’s now a sexual predator because he was convicted of statutory rape. Yeah I consented but I was a child and by definition of law I was raped so I was telling you the truth”
    Follow up question – “Was it consensual?”
    Bitches, right?
    Great piece Donovan. Sad sobering and brilliant as usual.

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