Can Too Much Sex Lead To Dissatisfaction With Women?

I have had unmitigated success with women since learning the harsh truth about women featured here on Return Of Kings. Through the collective wisdom of men on this site, I’ve gamed and bedded women all over the world, and enjoyed some real stunners along my path of debauchery.

However, as my notch count reaches well over the century mark, I am finding that the more I know about women and the more of them I have flings or short term relationships with, the less I like women overall. I am not the first man to feel this way, in fact a highly-rated novel was published by one of the great red pill authors (before the term was even coined) in 1978 about this very phenomenon.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the book, and how they have helped me deal with my dissatisfaction with women. They may be of help to you, too, if you’ve found success with women and are drowning in ass but have come to the realization there are no unicorns. We can start our discussion by letting it be known that even 40 years ago the decline in the quality of American women was being chronicled by one of the great writers of the day:

American women drove hard bargains and the ended up looking the worst for it. The few natural American women left were mostly in Texas and Louisiana.

Today, they drive impossible bargains and are destroying the society. This is common wisdom in these parts of the internet, so let’s move on to the dissatisfaction that ultimately comes when a man has more women than he knows what to do with. Reflecting the real-life circumstances of Charles Bukowski, his novel Women reflects the fictional success of his character Henry Chinaski. Much like the real-life Bukowski, at age 50, Chinaski finally sees his star rising, and right on cue here come women out of the woodwork ready to help him spend his newfound cash and revel in his newfound status and power as an author.

After a lifetime of low-rent living on the bad side of town, Chinaski is finally about to embark on a new chapter in his life as his success means more booze, bitches and lifestyle accoutrements than ever.

Where did all the women come from? The supply was endless. Each one of them was individual, different. Their pussies were different, their kisses were different, their breasts were different, but no man could drink them all, there were too many of them, crossing their legs, driving men mad. What a feast!

"The blondes with the tight pussies came too late, I'm too strong." -Bukoswki

“The blondes with the tight pussies came too late, I’m too strong.” -Bukoswki

Indeed, once a man realizes success or simply learns how to game women, he can find himself going from famine to feast in an instant. He morphs from being totally invisible to having sexy women throw themselves at him. And, it’s like a cascade. The more women a man has, the more women want him. However, the same man may find that he is dissatisfied in some way, sooner or later, with every new woman he encounters. In his experience sleeping with and studying the mentalities of countless women, Chinaski summarizes female psychology with one astute paragraph:

Women: I liked the colors of their clothing; the way they walked; the cruelty in some faces; now and then the almost pure beauty in another face, totally and enchantingly female. They had it over us: they planned much better and were better organized. While men were watching professional football or drinking beer or bowling, they, the women, were thinking about us, concentrating, studying, deciding – whether to accept us, discard us, exchange us, kill us or whether simply to leave us. In the end it hardly mattered; no matter what they did, we ended up lonely and insane.

This realization, once a man has it, leads to dissatisfaction more than any other, as well as the fact most relationships end in disaster. In addition to the secret plotting and planning women do, and record keeping of every actual and perceived slight a man does to her that will be released in an explosive tirade of venom and vitriol when the relationship ends, the following paragraph alludes to the fact women are very good at putting on an act when meeting men.

They will tailor their act according to the man they’re trying to lure (Schopenhauer called this dissimulation). I personally call this the “tuning the radio” phase of the relationship, and it’s fun to make women jump through a few hoops as they try to find which frequency you are on as a man and adapt their act accordingly. Bukowski writes:

Human relationships didn’t work anyhow. Only the first two weeks had any zing, then the participants lost their interest. Masks dropped away and real people began to appear: cranks, imbeciles, the demented, the vengeful, sadists, killers. Modern society had created its own kind and they feasted on each other. It was a duel to the death—in a cesspool.

Once the real woman appears and the sex and fun phase has passed, thus begins the downswing portion of the relationship. I have been here many times, as have many men, I suspect. It’s when you just want to get rid of the bitch but she wants payment for services rendered, be it material things or your very soul. Another great line from the book describes how women will attempt to take everything of value from a man, including his soul. (Usually, before placing him into the discard pile.)

And yet women—good women—frightened me because they eventually wanted your soul, and what was left of mine, I wanted to keep. Basically I craved prostitutes, base women, because they were deadly and hard and made no personal demands. Nothing was lost when they left. Yet at the same time I yearned for a gentle, good woman, despite the overwhelming price.

No Woman To Run To, Nowhere To Hide

Indeed, prostitutes or whores make the goal of fulfilling sexual desire much less bothersome, since a man pays for the interaction one way or the other: by either turning himself into a clown, paying for her McMansion and SUV under the guise that marriage isn’t legalized prostitution (when in fact, it is just that), or just avoiding the sophistry inherent in today’s society and paying her up front for intercourse. “Sophistry,” i.e. the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving when it comes to our base desires like sexuality and dominance, I feel has become much to big a part of our daily lives. Bukowski touches on this “game-playing” in all areas of our lives in the novel.

I was naturally a loner, content just to live with a woman, eat with her, sleep with her, walk down the street with her. I didn’t want conversation, or to go anywhere except the racetrack or the boxing matches. I didn’t understand T.V. I felt foolish paying money to go into a movie theater and sit with other people to share their emotions. Parties sickened me. I hated the game-playing, the dirty play, the flirting, the amateur drunks, the bores.

Another failed relationship, Linda still talks shit about Charles in the documentary about his life "Born Into This"

Another failed relationship, Linda still talks shit about Charles in the documentary about his life “Born Into This”

Of course, it’s hard for a man not to become disillusioned with women once a man has seen the dark side of the female psyche repeatedly.

Once a woman turns against you, forget it. They can love you, then something turns in them. They can watch you dying in a gutter, run over by a car, and they’ll spit on you…

After a while, and repeated abuse from women, a man just stops giving a fuck. He goes through one woman after the other because he has seen, perhaps, they are all the same and he will never find that unicorn he desires so much.

Then I gave up trying to please her and simply fucked her, ripping viciously. It was like murder. I didn’t care; my cock had gone crazy

As hard as it may be to believe, Bukowski’s character Chinaski touches on a situation many men will find themselves in after a surfeit of tight, young, nubile ass has spread its legs before him. Knowing what women are psychologically and how they view men is enough to take the steam out of the whole interaction when you’ve had more women than you even care to remember.

My cock was hard, but my spirit wasn’t in it.

That’s quite a feeling, when you just don’t care anymore.

Hopefully, these lines have been therapeutic for the man who has pushed through to the other side and had too much pussy and too much female attention. This is usually the point self-medicating with alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics comes into play, when a man that knows too much just wants to forget what he knows and enjoy the moment.

Even great authors have found discontentment in success. Which is why a man must have higher goals for himself than women. They may be fun to screw around with, but never look for contentment from a woman. That’s a lesson I’ve learned, and apparently Bukowski learned it, too.

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289 thoughts on “Can Too Much Sex Lead To Dissatisfaction With Women?”

  1. Until fairly recently, it hadn’t occurred to me that there could be as much psychological damage in the glut of pussy as there was in the total lack.
    Perhaps the ancients had it right: moderation. If you moderate your food intake, you neither starve nor grow fat and sick. If you moderate your drink, you neither become slave to drink nor feel you’re missing something from abstaining. Perhaps, then, one should moderate his sexual conquests, so he neither feels lack nor glut.

    1. I’m more or less the same; I’m actually in a bit of a dry spell, but I don’t mind it terribly. When it happens, it’s a bonus. When it doesn’t, I still live another day. That’s the joy of life and unexpected surprises.

      1. Self imposed poosy exile can be good for a man.
        A time to thnk, reflect, save cash and plan ahead.
        Women are a distraction with their vaginas, drama and shit tests.

        1. That’s what happens when you make a conscious effort.
          While living overseas I I limited myself to only the occaisional tart for 18months. I forbid myself relatinships, dating etc that cost money and cause drama.
          I also focused more on my health and lost weight and got fit.
          In 18 months, I was able to take on extra PT work, live more frugally, pay back $23,000 in student loans and still save some cash..

    2. It’s not too much sex that leads to dissatisfaction with women. It’s being around too much women period that leads to dissatisfaction with women.

    3. Not to go all political here but frankly Bill Clinton looks like your classic case of screwing yourself into an exhausted form.

        1. Heaven only knows the full dimension of what that couple is hiding from the world.

        2. He definitely caught something.
          Despite looking like a hollowed-out shell of a man though, he still has that glint in his eye and that affable charm that propelled him to the Presidency.
          How Hillary could be around (not with lol) such a slick charmer for so many decades and not learn anything, remaining a sleazy phony “robot” who makes Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney appear human, is a mystery.

        3. sorry, but white males who are straight and non IV drug users simply do not contract aids.

        4. The odds are right up there with being struck by lightning. When I was growing up though, AIDS was supposed to overtake us all, and become some kind of mass-extinction event.

        5. They don’t live together. The only thing that gets them together is campaigning.

        6. If she’d deigned to pick up even a tenth of Bill’s people skills then she would’ve had it made.
          Thankfully she never did…and it looks like her body isn’t going to let her stick around long enough to make amends for that mistake.

        7. Are you sure he’s never used IV drugs though? He’s done enough ‘caine…
          Regardless though, the man looks horrific, almost 20 years older than his actual age.

        8. No I’m not. But I am sure he didn’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex

        9. We are prob near same age then. When I got in college I remember orientation was like 10% where shit is and 90% you are totally going to get AIDS

        10. Isn’t that what I just said? That straight makes can’t get it? Take you head out of your ass and go make you talking points elsewhere dipshit

      1. Given the longstanding allegation that BJ Clinton suffers from Peyronie’s disease, I wonder if it isn’t his curse to be such a prolific “poon hound”.

        1. I could never bring myself to blaming bill for knocking down some poon. His questionable taste in poon not withstanding, so that guy got his rocks off with loads of bitches. What’s the problem there. Not commenting on his politics or anything else, just his policy on “getting head is good” and that doesn’t seem to be a bad policy to me.

        2. The whole elitist bohemian grove orgy culture seems like its driven by demonic lust. Nasty old crones like hillary and Madonna doing ritual sexual blood eating shit just lacks all grace and beauty. It’s kind of like the body mutilating goths and freaks who are repulsed by the creator and his creations of beauty. I’ll estimate that Soros looks only a fraction as dead and slaughterhouse carion faced on the outside as he actually is on the inside. At least Trump keeps the spring in his toupee.

        3. I don’t fault him for putting his bone in everything he could. I do fault him for the perjury about it though.
          What I’m getting at is BJ Clinton’s longstanding “poon uber allen” philosophy looks like it took its toll on him, and if he really does have Peyronie’s disease than it would be a curse.

        4. I’m with Nixon on Bohemian Grove, it’s all about men getting with men 🙁

        5. Man had no taste. JFK was slamming down 9s like it was going out of style. Bill reminds me of Tiger. Bagged a bunch of mediocre skanks.

        6. As I’ve long heard it, BJ Clinton would screw anyone without a Y chromosome.
          When it comes to whores, Clinton schlongs the 9s in addition to the 4s.

        7. i think that the problem is that it appears that he is a Class A rapist. By that I mean a “real” rapist, not a date “rapist”. A psychopathic predator of women. He is actually the kind of rapist that women should worry about instead of frat boys on campus.
          This is why I try to explain to guys here that what a woman wears is largely irrelevant when it comes to “real” rape. Bill would rape them all. A psychopathic rapist will operate in precisely this fashion.

        8. I don’t know enough about it either way. I do know he is charming and powerful and that is the kind of thing that women like inside them. I would need some serious evidence about a guy like Clinton before dropping that label.

        9. Yeah, Bill was in the tall weeds with taste but I can’t fault him for wanting sex.

        10. I don’t know about all that but I plan on having my dick sucked right up to the point where I’m dead

        11. Englishbob is correct. Bill is a swarmy sociopath. I don’t blame him for banging chicks married to that mutt, but he raped more than a few over the years.

        12. So nuts. I guess it must be a mental disconnect. I mean, there is no shortage of women who would have very, very, very willingly done pretty much anything he wanted, when he wanted and then turned their sisters over for the same. So if he was raping chicks (rape rape, not mattress girl rape) then he must have actually be into being told no and then forcing it.
          I am not going to bother looking into it because, ya know, yeeesssshhhhhhh who the fuck wants that. But man, the fucking routines people throw down these days.

        13. He’s a pyschopath and charming and powerful tends to go along with that.
          Look into his history, particularly when he was the Governor of Arkansas and his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair. You’ll find plenty of serious evidence.

        14. Oh I believe you for sure and I don’t really want to look into it. What I am wondering is the motivation. I don’t think anyone would argue that if BC wanted some consensual sex he could put up a sign and women would line up around the door. So if he is raping bitches, rape rape, then it must mean he gets off on the lack of consent.

        15. The poblem wasn’t getting the head it was lying about it and misrepresenting himself as a “traditional” married monogamous religious family man as that is the prerequisite to get into politics if you want the masses of dumb sheeple to be able to relate to you and vote for you because they are too retarded to know every poltician is a perverted lying pos. That is the reason they support democracy and vote in the first place

        16. Democracy is a joke to begin with, but more than that: a married man lying about his side piece doesn’t offend me. It offends me that he was even questioned about it. The presidency itself is a meaningless office, but even if it mattered who was president—whether or not he had a little bish on the side to blow out now and then couldn’t possibly matter

        17. Confirmation bias much? There are also sites online that will tell you Elvis is still alive. Save the tinfoil for weak minded fools

        18. Actual rapists, it is a mental disconnect. Had a guy in one of my units once that had women throwing their panties at him, but instead he tries to molest an 8 year old girl in a school bathroom. The fucktard was there in uniform for some troops reading to kids thing, so it made identifying him real easy. When he was released on bail, the sicko kidnapped 2 boys around the same age, later releasing them and turning himself in.

        19. Yeah that is terrible. I have never met anyone like this. So sad

    4. I half agree with you there. It’s not the (insert noun here) that’s psychologically damaging, it’s attachment to that (noun). It’s trying to hold on to something that was never yours, or endlessly craving more of anything outside of your own psyche.
      The Buddha’s four noble truths are pretty damn accurate.

      1. agree. well said. Yes, if you can rise above need then there is no amount of (insert noun here) that you can’t and, frankly, ought not enjoy. It is only for those who cannot manage the endless craving that forced moderation or even abstinence is necessary.

    5. The moderation, not too much or too little. Starvation kills like drowning suffocates. Even ‘mother smothering’ constricts like feet binding and a cranial vice that restricts cerebral expansion. The middle road, keeping level is the most productive and least wasteful path to propogate from point A to B. Like a jetliner fuselage that cruises level versus one that climbs or descends too fast. With the pitch too steep while climbing, the plane stalls and falls back on its ass, spinning downward, crashing and burning. A plane out of feul also stalls, its nose dropping too sharply and also spins downward landing on its nose and it too crashes and burns. Keep it level, in frame and under control.

    6. Hahaha
      Its so badly writen this comment,trying to pass off as smart … well, what did i expect from the average men after all?

    7. There are two ways you can go with this. You can be cynical and miserable like Bukowski or you can accept that this is the way of the world and look for the goodness in life and people.
      It may seem corny but it is true. It comes down to the perspective you choose to take. For me, I have boned enough chicks now. If I never bone another one I will be fine. So in actual fact, I am now ready to have just one chick. I don’t need any others. As a result I can calmly take my time and evaluate women. Every woman has flaws. You just pick the flaws that you can live with.
      And this doesn’t mean oneitis. You will go into this with your eyes wide open, fully aware of the risks and you can prepare accordingly.
      As such, you will not “let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner”.

        1. So are you going to puss out one day and get yourself killed in a situation you could have prevented?

    8. There is a lot to be said for how societal incentives can help harness men’s (and women’s) natural impulses and restraints.
      Maybe the main error of globalisation, feminism, SJW hysteria and every other leftist-inspired ideology is their failure to understand human beings.
      Lack of a rigid moral code is another one… As an ideology the barbaric sand people get this right.

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      1. yeah, it really is a healthy expression of masculinity to part a good amount of C.
        I made so many “parting the red C” jokes when I went to Ireland.

  2. Excellent article, I felt the same way after a couple of years of game. Women are wombs, wombs are empty and only have a meaning once a man puts a seed inside, or give birth. Women are empty souls for most of the time .

  3. my favorite Bukowski quite:
    She had a tight pussy and she took it like it was a knife that was killing her. She reminded me of a butterfat little piglet. There was enough meanness and hostility in her to make me feel that with each thrust I was paying her back for her ill-temper. She’d had one ovary removed and claimed that she couldn’t get pregnant; for only one ovary she responded generously.
    No one else has ever so eloquently described my kind of woman.

    1. I had no idea there was a call on the sexual marketplace for fat, mean, hostile, single-ovaried women. You really do learn something new every day.

      1. I don’t get fat. I think the single ovary thing is a bit of poetic license (Bukowski is a poet) which is to describe the fact that she is in fact damaged but not totally damaged. And just enough hostility to make her wiggly is a lot of fun for me.
        Think just got mba, has fucked a few dozen men, is a total narcissist, wears expensive clothing, is a bit of a bitch and a social climber and sips martinis at an expensive hotel lounge in the afternoon. Yum.

        1. jesus man, bukowski couldn’t slap together a rhyme much less a coherent sentence. like most of his books, his poems were incoherent ramblings of a drunk that dumb ass baby boomers took as gospel. release him from your idol worship you fool

        2. I’m sorry if he didn’t sound like Doctor Suess. You are objectively incorrect about Bukowski. If you don’t like him that’s fine, but your opinions on poetry and literature seem silly and foolish

    2. ”butterfat little piglet” I’m triggered to make a quick run to Baskin Robbins now.

  4. “under the guise that marriage isn’t legalized prostitution (when in fact, it is just that)”. This is why I keep reading ROK, even though that essentially means I get called a mindless slut in every other article (because AWALT). ROK writers aren’t afraid to call it like they see it, and call me cynical but I have always been of the opinion that marriage is just legal prostitution. Doesn’t make it wrong or bad, but let’s quit with all this “soul-mate” garbage and stop saying “love” when 99% of the time what we mean is “lust and/or a desire for material convenience”.

    1. Ahhh “marriage equals legal prostitution”, the Bermuda Triangle where (((feminism))) and the (((manosphere))) overlap lol

  5. Excellent piece. Today’s young women have been raised on Internet porn. They are always looking for the biggest, baddest, most-desirable monster dick (while not realizing that most porn dicks are Hollywood prosthetics – oops). And they are way more aggressive in that quest, and way more dissatisfied as an end result. Meaning, what Bukowski experienced in his day, pales in comparison to what men on the prowl experience today. True, women always want guys with money and alpha power – but they are always searching for that basically non-existent Perfect Monster Porn Dick, too. It’s all a social-engineering clusterfuck, when you boil it down, designed to make men and women miserable. Divide and conquer, on steroids, at an entirely new level.

    1. On the same note, you have a generation of men searching for coke-skinny, fake tittied, virgin girls next door who love double anal.

      1. Double anal…..I suppose it is true. When girls are told they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to, even double anal is possible.

    2. I’m realizing more and more thatporn is poison. The snowball effect it’s had on my sexual tastes is sick. I found myself one day watching a certain gendre of porn that I would’ve found disgusting at 18. And asking how in the fuck did I get from being able to whack off in under 2 minutes just by SEEING the cute neighbor, to, HAVING to see a specific kink on a screen and work myself up to climax?
      Humans weren’t designed to watch other humans do untold shit to each other on demand, for sexual pleasure for as many times they desire. Doesn’t occur in nature, wasn’t intended. So these kids nowadays, by the time they’re roughly 30 or a bit younger are going to be where I’m at now mid 40s, with a lot left in the tank….terrifying.
      I’m even aware that I need to stop so I can rewire my brain, and it’s still a challenge. ..And I get laid minimum once a week like clockwork.
      These kids are going to be fucked up, bad.

      1. Incorrect, Alpha vikings would do and watch these things live, whenever they wanted instead of just watching them on screen. Post tribal warfare raping and pillaging were common for most of history. Caligula, Marquis de Sade, etc.,

        1. Yup because that happened every single day. Just like the internet is at our fingers every second of the day, the ability and want for every day people to arrange for two people to engage in a sex act in front of them whilst simultaneously ordering them was not only easily accessible but easily duplicated numerous times in the course of a day or on a whim….and from the anonymity of ones home as to avoid judgement.
          Super great analogy.

    3. You just outed yourself as the unfortunate owner of a micro penis. Most of the sluttiest pigs complain when you go “too hard, fast, and deep” with an average sized cock. Giant livestock sized cows and old hags who had a litter of kids with subway tunnels between their legs excluded, but why would you go anywhere near that shit in the first place? Even they start to have the same complaints when you vigorously use their other 2 orifices

  6. “I was naturally a loner, content just to live with a woman, eat with her, sleep with her, walk down the street with her. I didn’t want conversation, or to go anywhere except the racetrack or the boxing matches. I didn’t understand T.V. I felt foolish paying money to go into a movie theater and sit with other people to share their emotions. Parties sickened me. I hated the game-playing, the dirty play, the flirting, the amateur drunks, the bores.”
    That’s fucking brilliant, I feel the exact same way. I’m currently married, but if it ever reaches a point where I’m not, I will more than likely just pay for a prostitute. I was never drowning in ass like the author, but I had my share and at the end of the day I realize that it wasn’t worth the time/effort/expense.
    Hopefully some of the young bucks on here take heed and focus on themselves rather than the pussy.
    Great article.

    1. When you find a keeper that is also content with living a simple life and enjoying life with you, the rest falls into place. Between work, cooking great food at home, sleeping well, working out, cleaning the crib and banging-what else do you have time for or care to bother with?

      1. The problem is that they’re sorare.. Mid 40s here, been with over 50 women, close to 60. Never been married, not a damn one was worth it. Except my fiancee, met few years back. Thing about her was I never thought she was marriage material at the start. I could tell her number was high, I was right. So I’m like well this will just be fun while it lasts. Sex was/amazing as you might guess. But what I didn’t bargain for…she has consistently treated me great for years on end, super generous….And been faithful far as I can tell….I’ve tested and snooped to check on my investment.
        Here’s a woman most if not all men here would’ve thrown on the scrap heap…And I wasabout to too….I had been picky enough to stay single into my 40s. It is slim fucking pickins Out there!

    2. Same. I figure if I find myself single and wealthy, I’m probably just gonna hire high-class call girls when I feel the need for company.

  7. Have sex with enough women and you’ll soon realize that is all they are good for.

      1. There’s more to life than women though. You either have not had enough sex or are still trying to chase that one special princess.

        1. Neither applies to me. I have a wife and she’s not what’s described here.
          Under other dystopic circumstances maybe she would be what this guy encountered, but in this life no.
          She has the capacity for bad just like me, she just chooses not to do them.
          I agree with you there is more to life than women – 100%. A lot of pedestalizing cucks could save themselves a lot of heartache learning that lesson early.

        2. 101% agree.
          Some guys seem to think it’s either banging 100 women or being a cuckolded beta provided. No in between, no subtlety, but hey its ROK what do you expect

        3. if you’re first instinct is to make that kind of remark i must say i don’t envy your profound trust issues. people think that way because they don’t think they’re worth the commitment.

    1. I think the problem is after you have to many do you start think that’s all they’re good for. and if you’re racking up those kind of numbers. Admit it you’re not meeting them in church, these are not good girls. Not that finding good girls anywhere is particularly easy but

      1. I’m not so sure that church is even a “safe place” nowadays as so many of them are more liberal than even Pope Francis wishes the Catholic church were.
        Episcopal church = rabid lib
        Lutheran church = ultra-lib (making bank on the rapefugee trade)
        etc 🙁

        1. You’ll find that the more conservative churches actually have the far younger and better-looking women in them. The liberal churches are mostly filled up with dried up cat ladies

        2. Judge your church very hard and critically. Judge a church by how it keeps its women. When you hear women in church opening their mouths and talking hypergamy and women talking about their ex’s, call that shit out and get your clan away from there. If bitch hen biddies running the place is the norm, it will be an uphill battle just to un-normalize the bitch control of the place. The place is a trap and you’ll regret ever walking your woman into there.

        3. Catholics are cool with pedophile priests raping their kids, because muh forgiveness, muh judge not yet ye shall be judged, muh let he who is without sin cast the first stone

    2. I have borne child by woman who I did lock down to her duties. Sex for the sole purpose of reproduction isn’t at the forefront of considerations, at least not in my mind, but at times it is. Sometimes I just want to slap it and reset my balls so I can walk and do other manly he man stuff that’s more important. Never let your woman see you losing game or losing your edge. She’ll jack the price if she thinks she has a monopoly. If she’s about her duties, sometimes it’s good to stop and tap her from behind as she vacuums or irons. Just blap her right there if she’s anywhere within 3/4 month’s fresh. It’s always good to give those little loving reminders of God’s glorious order of patriarchy.

    3. Then you realize the vast majority are not even any good at that once you have had a real trooper

  8. We are lamenting a specific type of woman, not “women.” We might like and enjoy the experience, but eventually grow weary of the whole thing.
    So what does the female equivalent of this experience look like? If allowed to fill their appetites to fatigue what is it about men that would disgust them?
    We all have impulsive, sinful natures with limitless capacity for gluttony in all forms if we seek it out.
    What’s described here are both men and women who surrendered to it.

    1. Woman just seem to lose the ability to bond when they have had to much cock. They still seem to fall in love. But that love lasts about week. I have seen such woman talk about vibrators as if they were real lovers. Then comes the day they no longer even like sex.

      1. Interesting. And when you look at recent studies you have much better marriage prospects with a woman who’s had few or no partners.
        Maybe this is why women instinctively keep that number to themselves or lie about it; while the harpier ones shriek about how the numbers don’t matter.
        You’re right – they DO matter.

        1. Red flag any woman who talks about the sexual double standard. We all must remember that a lock that can be opened by any key is broken. But a key that can open any lock is a master key. It’s not a double standard it’s just the truth

        2. You wonder what they’re complaining about.
          They already get to screw every other John without telling anyone; it seems the only thing missing is bragging rights.
          You’re right – stay the heck away!
          Will have to ponder that lock/key thing, good points.

        3. Any girl who isn’t hideously ugly only needs to say yes and she can rack up a notch count in the hundreds or more. Any man who breaks 10 has skills, any man who breaks 20 is awesome. if a man hits a hundred, Assuming he’s not a rich celebrity he is truly a master.
          And any of you guys paying for it that doesn’t count

        4. This is going to sound like a humblebrag, but I always take for granted that the average man has only seven partners in his life. That’s gotta be frustrating when jackasses like me had that beat before even knowing about game.

        5. I will agree. I didn’t even know about the use of the word game as a description of going after women, or even the whole red pill concept. I actually learned that from sites like this. And that didn’t stop me from going out with girls.

        6. Some guys have that number beat in high school others are unwilling virgins in their twenties. As I told my son 80% of the girls are banging the top 10% of guys. With 20% of the girls doing way more than their fair share. Leaving the top 20% of guys fighting hard but geting it and the bottom 80% I’m sorry

        7. Pretty much. Even I can’t explain it, except perhaps from a survival viewpoint. Life in Latin America can be very tough, so even the naturally good looking guys have to work hard to attract women, lest an ugly looking but crafty and wily guy takes over. I suggest you watch some Mexican comedy films we refer to as picardia. In these films, there are actors like Rafael Inclan and Alfonso Zayas who portray guys that are not attractive physically, but make up for it by displaying initiative, inventiveness, and pure unadulterated hustle.
          American guys, meanwhile, seem to rely too much on parties and alcohol to get laid. Mind you, I’m not taking girls like Mattress Girl off the hook for being drunken sluts. But, when young good looking studs who live in prosperity and privilege like alleged Stanford rapist Brock Turner have to rely on chicks to get drunk to get laid, then that is a problem

        8. I grew up in East Los Angeles as a young man so so I saw firsthand the particular Mexican way of pursuing women. It was far different than the Gringos who we seem to rely on just being naturally good-looking or having money. We think that’ll do it for us and you’re right, drunk girls are a particular specialty of the young white man. Those years left me with a soft spot for the Mexican culture and particularly the latinas. But that memory is a generation ago and even the Latinas are not quite like they used to be. though they look as good as ever.

        9. You always pay for it some how. Either directly with cash or on the installment plan with food, drinks, shelter, and bling.

        10. That is about the oldest saying there is. And it’s not true. Getting a woman to want you is far from the same thing as paying a whore $200 an hr to be with you

        11. That is true. But I was speaking from a standpoint of cold economics. The “transactional” aspect of it all.

      2. It isn’t just sex that does that, though. I’m a 100% never-even-been-on-a-date virgin and I take a pretty dim view of men in general. Partly “daddy issues” (not all girls with absent/lousy fathers turn slutty, some go the other way), but tbh the more I read ROK the more I’m convinced that I shouldn’t hope to ever be anything more than a whore/maid to a man, and that men and women can never truly love each other.

        1. Talk to my wife about that 32 years Talk to my daughter married 7 years she is very happily married. Nether are whore maids. Life is good, be honest don’t be self centered and learn to love. You will do well. Don’t fear living life fully

        2. Yikes. That is a dim view. I didn’t marry my wife to be maid or a whore, I married her because she was happy being a feminine woman and I was able to identify her as someone who would be a good mother to our children.

        3. Good, accept then embrace that and go with it. That makes you “smarter” than most bints, congratulations. Maybe next you will realize that no form of “love” actually exists since it is a fictional fabrication from the romance era.
          1) “Love” for your kids = natural instinct to propagte your genes/the species
          2)Love for you parents/relatives= a sense of gratitude/guilt/obligation to repay the favor of raising and supporting you.
          3)”Love” for friends = fondness,admiration, common interests, similar/compatible personality traits.
          4)”Love” for the opposite sex= lust and subconscious instinct for reproduction even when you consciously practice birth control.
          5)”Love” for a spouse = natural instinct which facilitates successful child rearing(see point 1) habit, familiarity, comfort, desire for companionship when old ugly and insufferable, fear of being/dying alone.
          6) “Love” for the the same sex, mankind, pets = mental illness, brought on by religiosity and childlessness.
          Oooops wtf am I doing, tits or gtfo

      3. They never really liked it like man does to begin with. It is a manipulative mean$ to an end. At best it is about stress relief (hence the fondness for vibrators when they have self esteem issues) reproduction, “bonding”and narcissistically feeling attractive/desired. At worst it’s work. They didn’t call it a blowJOB for nothing.

        1. Dude you are just a bit to negative. Men should not be blind to the truth. But if what you see as the truth is just kill yourself depressing. Your not seeing the truth you have a major issue with depression. Life is a wonderful thing. Try to enjoy it

  9. I seen this jaded unable to really care about any woman before. But I have never felt that way. There always has has been a woman who could stir my heart. I would hate to wake up one day and my feelings for a one night stand were the best I had. What a sad thing it would be to know that no woman could touch your soul.
    That wwould be a form of death. I have seen that coldness in both man and woman. The thousand cock stair is more common than the jaded man, but he is a sad beast. The first and best player I ever knew. My old best buddy, is such a man. He no longer cares, the fire is gone

      1. No truer words than those. With men we give some of our soul with every real relationship, the longer and deeper it is the more we give away to that one girl, once given it is gone. But we give none at all for sex. Woman seem to give less of their soul to a relationship, but they give some of it away with every romp in bed. And they do not get it back ether. I see a lot of cold men who still have something left to give, just not much. And soulless woman who gave it all away.

        1. None of you churchians have any evidence of the existence of a “soul” because it is another fictional concept like “love” invented to manipulate and comfort infantile “adults” who can’t handle the reality of pointless, meaningless, nothingness and the dark void that inevitably awaits every living thing

  10. “…as a supermarket bagboy holds a college degree..” lotta prescience in this poem

  11. Every single time a man gets married, it’s his way of showing a good will towards society. There is no reason beyond that to get married, including leaving a legacy. One day you will be dead. You won’t be able to care about not leaving a legacy, so why care now?
    Women withholding sex until marriage, not being allowed to speak in certain situations, so that they wouldn’t accidently reveal their shallow nature, all that has had for a purpose to trick the young man into getting married. Because that was needed to build our civilization, and because women wouldn’t survive on their own.
    Society, some men included, have forgotten that whenever a man gets married, it’s him doing the favor, not the other way around. It’s time to remind them that.

  12. “I am finding that the more I know about women and the more of them I have flings or short term relationships with, the less I like women overall”
    The men who still respect women simply have not had enough experience with them.
    “Even great authors have found discontentment in success. Which is why a man must have higher goals for himself than women. They may be fun to screw around with, but never look for contentment from a woman. That’s a lesson I’ve learned, and apparently Bukowski learned it, too.”
    Exactly. Young boys in the west today are weened from a very young age that their whole reason for being is to make some hormonal driven beast the center of his universe. That’s child abuse as far as I’m concerned.
    Every man needs to dump his load with a chick – it’s part of being a hetero male. Women exist for this purpose, and turning this around is sick.
    BTW ol’ Bukowski should have tried harder – all the women he’s been with always seemed butt-ugly.

    1. Some guys don’t give a shit about looks. They want to try different vaginas and that’s all there is to it. Hot girl pussy or ugly girl pussy…as long as it’s not with a fat ass, what’s the difference? Not a damned thing.

    2. No hetero man ever died from not dropping a load in a cum dumpster. Apparently not ejaculating can cause prostate cancer later in life but no female is necessary for that. Try not taking a piss or shit and see how long you live for though

      1. I agree but Bukowski could have waay prettier women especially with his fame than the snouts and entrails I’ve seen him with.

  13. “The few natural American women left were mostly in Texas and Louisiana.”
    Is this sarcasm?

      1. The context was a American woman who was natural in nature and style. a real woman natural not fake.

  14. Dissatisfaction with women is independent of the amount of sex that you may or may not be having with them. Sex (or lack thereof) could play a role, and could even cause dissatisfaction….but that dissatisfaction would be with the sex act itself, not generally with women.
    I thought I’d go off into a lengthy explanation, but I changedy mind. The statement stands alone, and is correct. Women in 2016 are generally putrid creatures. Just having a functional brain will make you dissatisfied with the great majority of them.

    1. I still wonder about the Birth Control Theory. Being hopped up on hormones, being in a state of perpetual quasi-preganancy, ain’t natural and I could see how it could lead to women “Betaizing” men.
      Not to mention the documented (on lesser animals) physiological effects of all that female hormone in our water supply.

      1. i don’t subscribe or care about 79% of the crap that passes as content on this site, but i will say that just walking around a small area of roughly 10 million people (and my experience is fairly small), i find that 9/10 girls don’t even deserve or get a second look in my book.
        it’s just the number of tattoed up, pierced, fat and anorexic chicks has gone up tremendously in the two years since i’ve been single.
        and i’m not even talking about the immigrants, that are probably 1/20 cute girls.

  15. The question s/b what does he want out of them? so he’s at a 100 -big deal.
    The average male sex -according to internet search- last about 5.4 Minutes – IE 30 seconds to 2 hours. So…that’s what your down to. So I believe the average man spends a lot of “mind time”; thinking about how to get 5.4 minutes twice per week. A whopping 11 minutes. there has to be something else. Is it the company? Unless your tight lipped; – your pretty much beta to a gal so of no value outside of bucks. …If your Alpha and doing the neighborhood… ; its fun -but a lot of energy used for a small patch of real estate.
    Maybe the answer is a lot of game/chasing without giving it up and get into a regret or an oops…. Save your energy and your heart for your own goals. The average relationship last 8 weeks. So, maybe you just need to keep it in your pants a little longer and see if after 8 weeks this little gal is worth the effort.

    1. The average of 5 minutes! damn I didn’t know I was such a stud. I can’t say I’ve never done it that fast, but I can say it usually takes me far far longer than that …. foreplay anyone

      1. brag if you want – but its 5.4 minutes. There are a lot of lying men out there going squirt at the sight of a hole.

        1. I’m going to have to believe that I really wonder where they get their information. It’s not bragging to say that penis in pussy lasts longer than that for me. Then there’s foreplay though maybe if you average that out from when I was 16 I think that took 30 seconds but I came back for more damnit. I think I finally got it right the 10th time

        2. Lying I just don’t understand the hurry. 5 minutes .. good lord it almost takes that long to get her naked.

        3. Foreplay doesn’t count. Some gals like to pull your clothes off immediate and go at it. I knew several gals that didn’t want to waste any time drinking from the fire hose.I am in my 40’s and believe me ; its not that uncommon. The warmup is how fast her lips can get down there. Dam near lick the floor as well…..The question is can you go 30 minutes without blowing it out not whether you can strip her down over a two hour period. Personally, after doing at least 100 different gals- not that hard really…… I would rather not do it all from an energy perspective. I am looking to buy the sizzle somehow. The steak is a mirage.

        4. Most American women I’ve fucked totally rejected foreplay. Sex with them was like going to restroom, but instead of taking a shit inside a toilet bowl, cumming inside a vagina.

        5. Hell I’m no porn Starr. Real world few woman want it that long and hard anyway. I find how fast you go has a lot to do with how intimate you are with her. Not in the mood to spend time down on a woman I don’t know that well. No matter what this old guy does not get done in five minutes. Even a whore takes twice that long.

    2. I don’t really care how fast I am. I mean if I blew my load within a minute every time that could be bad I guess, but I don’t really care to go on for 30 minutes of thrusting. If a girl can make me blow my load in a couple of minutes, she is doing something awesome or just has an amazingly tight hole. If I have to plow on for a long time, she’s either loose, boring, or I’m wearing a condom. It’s all about the orgasm, and if she can give me more of them faster, then great. The female orgasm is not important biologically, and so many of these messed up broads these days can’t even have them because they’re screwed up emotionally from sluttery and hormonally from taking pills, drugs, alcohol, and BC.

  16. So whats a guy to do when he reaches the point ol Bukowski did? Maybe a bout of depression and finally acceptance? I won’t go into too many details but for me after full acceptance settled in, I got on with my life with me first in all of my primary goals, my immediate family second, my friends third, etc. in order of priority. Women fill an occasional biological urge now and then and that’s all to be expected.

    1. They seek higher or lower forms of fulfilment. Ask Roosh- I suspect he is moving to higher ground these days.

  17. 90% of women are garbage, so no shit sherlock, massive exposure to this cesspool will zap your hope & drive. Can still treat my wife like a screen door in a hurricane though, and maintain a happy mind.

  18. Some of the best sex I ever had with my now ex-ewife was when I hated her guts… not sure why..

      1. Yes! Imagine your dick as a WWI line of soldier’s tearing through her trench! Be sure to shout “for the empire!” when you splooge. Now i need to give that a try.

    1. I have to say I enjoyed banging my ex more when she was my ex than before, maybe because it was almost trolling her at the same time.

  19. Hi fellow ROK members. I am proud to be a part of the community. Since there is no one to properly introduce me, I shall resort to doing so myself. I am a proud cuck slayer and a feminist slapper. I hunt them daily. I catch them using vegan meals and fake miley cirus tickets as bait. I hog tie them and carry them away to the depths of the deranged underground where they belong; Until ready for the circus, of course. I strongly believe feminists/liberals belong in the circus for our entertainment. They need to be laughed at and ridiculed. We need to be able to throw things at them and hurl insults their way without reservation. Cucks need strong intervention, some kind of beating preferably. Ohhh, the feminist, liberals, nothing I despise more than such walking dead with purple and blue hair (the mark of the liberal). I don’t insult my friends and family anymore by using conventional insults, I simply call them liberals, even when they are not. My goal here, being a part of ROK, is to vent my frustrations to like minded individuals and to show them exactly how bothered I am by the cuck society. I will not fail to insult these feeble minded, empty headed, ghouls and goblins, nor will I fail at sticking up for my fellows who have been enlightened. But I will waist NO time attempting to convince a cuck why he shouldn’t be a cuck, as that is work that needs patience, and patience I am lacking, as I would rather slap a cuck and spit on him while he looks at me in confusion from below with his cuck eyes that make sense of the world using the limited capabilities of his cuck brain. Enough! Glad to be here and may we slapacuckandafeminist for the sake of societies healing. May my mentality be with you!

    1. We are not a “community”. We are a movement that tries to create a new political system based on neomasculinity.

      1. Forgive me for my rather liberal, progressive and soft choice of a word to describe ROK members. lol “community.” Slap myself for that one.

        1. your a SJW white knight in disguise. I can smell garbage like you a million miles away. Go away- go watch oprah or something. Your just a two bit liberal that is looking for a response so you can post it to your social justice website.Like Hillary today when she invited the florida killers dad to a rally. In fact, you probably think your 80 IQ language makes you some kind of linguist.

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        3. I can tell your blood has been gayed because you are too cucked to realize you were dealing with a purebred mastadon cuck slayer. Jolly fucking joker? I’m sending you back to your fucking safe refuge where you belong. Take another fucking “pill” before you come out here cuck blood. Make sure you thicken that diluted blood of yours cuck. You have been tainted by feminist ways. Your brain is weak and noticeably too susceptible to the gay to be anywhere close to my level. Where did your cuckery cone from? Your father I assume? Your father who was slapped around by another man who acted as your “mother?”

        4. “Hillary today when she invited the florida killers dad to a rally.”
          Glad you spotted that. The man’s son shoots 100 people, killing 49, and he comes to a potlical rally? Democrats are evil. Every-fucking-one-of-them.

        1. I know he is probably a troll, I am just very strict with the use of language.

        2. Probably A troll? LOL. No probably. count on it. He probably gave to the Hillary campaign.

  20. The more flings you have, the less you like them?
    I don’t game, but I pretty much feel the same way. Maybe it’s just to do with growing older and wiser.

    1. Yeah, I feel I have come to basically this conclusion while not sleeping with an excessive amount of women. It’s just not that rewarding even a day or two later, sometimes minutes later haha.

      1. When I slept with a girl, the tension before it actually seemed a lot more interesting than actually fucking. But I have some mental issues and didn’t quite feel my dick, so there’ that.

        1. Yeah, after you get the bang, there’s really not anything the girl can offer you, other than repeating it, but it typically won’t get any better than that. And while I’ve had far more sex than typical men, according to surveys, it’s far less then guys who are out at the club every weekend and gaming girls constantly. One night stands just don’t interest me that much. I had one last month and enjoyed it, but really could take it or leave it.
          When I was a teenager, I used to say the most fun part of the relationship was the first month, when you are having that tension, getting to know them, etc. Of course things have changed quite a bit since then and that period can now be counted in minutes.

        2. Well, they can offer children ;-), that’s what used to be the idea anyway.
          I’m for the most part uninterested in ONS these days, it’s just not worth the hassle. Flirting and seeing how far I can get is still more often fun though.

        3. Truth. Women have so many options these days that their interest is fleeting and can sometimes wane before you can even rush them into bed. This unfortunately just happened to me; good thing another woman is always just around the corner

        4. flirting won’t take you very far nowadays. You need to bed a woman as quickly as possible if you want her around for even a brief amount of time

        5. It’s impossible to really feel like banging anybody for longer than a year at the most

    2. I felt that way for a short while and then grew out of that too. I have transcended and evolved to a point where I can truly enjoy the opposite sex on a short term and fluidy basis. Further, I am not of the sentiment that those who feel that the primary focus of sexuality is procreation are basically the same kind of animal that I eat and shit out….a less divine being. And if a man is going to live his life like a breed animal I see no reason he should be accorded any respect, rights or dignity.

        1. Dude really. I don’t have the patience for low functioning closet homosexuals. Go play with other mental defectives.

    1. Not unfulfilling to me nor to the girls I am with. The idea that sex is just for making babies is absolutely outrageous for humans. You are not an animal. She is not a breed sow. There are things in the erotic that speak to higher level beings than the farm animals. You deny your own humanity and the divinity within you when you don’t enjoy sex qua sex for its own sake.

    2. One can only be fulfilled by what one wishes to gain from a situation. If I’m walking down the path to may car, and ducks are not on the side in the pond quacking, it’s hardly true that I am unfulfilled in my walk, since the ducks were never the goal of the walk in the first place.

    1. Or you can do both. Knowing that she is a human being like yourself capable of great femininity or great wickedness.

  21. Sounds like a great state of mind to strive for. At least he didn’t die by his own hand like so many alcoholic poets.

        1. No, that’s alright. You go find some man ass somewhere else. This is a hetero forum. Good luck, Mary.

        2. Listen Richard, when momma tells you spread your sweet buttercup for daddy you do as your told!

  22. This is a great read! I find before my notch count was more than 5, I cared and enjoyed a woman’s company. Now with a notch count around 100, I just don’t care about women and find it hard to want a relationship. I believe the same thing happens to women. I also find, I crave more pussy and can’t stay with just one.
    Sometimes, I wish I was born in a religious family and just had 1 woman, that way i can experience something cause these days I just feel dead inside to woman, just like westernize women who are just dirty sluts. If you ever fuck these woman, they are just emotionally withdrawn. This is how I know I’m with a slut or a real woman with less than 5 dicks!

    1. Same here. But it is not our fault, most of us, during our beta days we just wanted a damn girlfriend to potentially raise a family, as we were told.

      1. i know… it’s just as bad as being brainwashed by feminism and waking up one day to how you have destroyed your life!! kids don’t know any better!

        1. lets see, tough guy video game avatar. check. hostility to men expressing masculinity? check. Belief that sex is for procreation and serves no other purpose check?
          I really only have one question: Are you a closet faggot or just an SJW?

        2. Are you not ashamed of the amount of bullshit you spew on this site? Did I hit a nerve? You consider yourself very manly don’t you? You have any kids? Oh no, you are so alpha and prime you can’t take responsibility for them, can you? No time, ‘banging’ dumpsters and commenting here? The amount of likes your degenarate comments gets is saddening really. Being a manwhore is not a masculine trait, by the way. It just shows depraved character which by your comments judging you are the prime example.

        3. The day I take masculinity advise from you is the day I replace my doctors with dachshunds. Go crawl back to your fantasy world and websites that reaffirm your opinions through confirmation bias and leave the real men alone.

        4. As soon as you answer my question I will answer yours. After all, I asked first. So which is it? SJW or closet queer?

        5. Never mind, don’t bother. Can’t be bothered with you. You are disingenuous, uninteresting and effeminate. No time to waste on your likes. Have a nice day.

        6. To your dissatisfaction, neither, it’s just your obnoxious ‘I AM THE PRIME ALPHA MOFO AND FUCK 300 SLUTS IN A DAY AND AM A TRUE MAN’ are just vomit inducing. That’s all.

        7. LOL are you some kind of authority here? You don’t dismiss people on internet, you as real man should know that. You responded first to my comment and now dismissing me? Rat move.

      1. You’re yet another jackoff who refuses to hold women accountable for the choices they make. Fuck off

        1. So only women should be accountable for their choices but not men, you fuckwit? It is so hard to keep your cock in your pants? It’s funny how depraved manwhores would like tender virgin girls in the end, fascinating really.

        2. It takes two to tango, but White Knights of your ilk never hold women to the consequences of their actions. And I could care less about virgins since I have no plans to ever get married. There aren’t enough virgins around nowadays for it to matter in any case. Church girls really want to fuck those bad boys, and they get started earlier with every passing year

        3. If men lived to higher standards so would women, they are followers after all. If all they see are depraved players all around no wonder they will want the part of it too. So you don’t want to get married, probably don’t wants kids either, but you would have a pie and have it daily wouldn’t you?

        4. You need to go talk to that Christian nice guy over there who just got told by the nice church girl that she really wishes her badboy boyfriend could be more like him. Women see plenty of men who aren’t alpha players. They just aren’t attracted to them. Too bad bub, that’s life. Hypergamy doesn’t care about your Christian moral views.
          Like they say–don’t blame the player, blame the game.

    2. The funny thing is, I had the same experience but I have come full circle. I have come to truly enjoy the very short interactions with women that are about fun and sex.
      I am not one of the guys here who think women are terrible. I just feel like they are women. If you treat them correctly they will give their best. Women are soft and fun and bubbly and bring levity to a room and never cause too many problems so long as you maintain form.
      I will take a girl out and let her be drunk on the experience of having fun and a few dates later move on and be glad for the experience. I find that my desire that I was different and that I had a religious family and 1 woman was a temporary thing that had to do with me idealizing something I didn’t have…much in the same way that men who are with one woman will, in their fantasy, idealize about banging out everything that walks.
      It is old had to think the grass is always greener on the other side. But now and then you should stop, regardless of which side you are on, and realize that the grass is pretty nice and green right where you are too.

  23. The more experience you have with women the more you realize that 90% of of them are completely interchangeable.

    1. 90%? try 100%, that includes your mother.
      Beyond small idiosyncratic habits they are literally interchangeable, all have a pussy, boobs of some form, etc.
      the rest of them doesn’t really matter, if they behave well enough- good- if not or rather – when not, next them.
      To me being with a girl is just enjoying it while she behaves knowing that almost for sure at some point she will turn into a harpy and I will move on to the next one.

  24. This is what happens when a man stops seeing women as a person and only views them as objects. There is no fulfillment in an object, objects are only there for your use and nothing more. The constant sex with so many of them is a neverending desire for happiness and fulfillment that will never come from the action he’s using to find it. For a brief time the happiness will be temporary but as time goes on it diminishes until there is only contempt left. He hates these women as they cannot make him happy in the way he is trying to find it so he just ravages them and tosses them aside. He never realizes that the happiness he seeks is not in sex but in the relationship. He has forgotten how to have a relationship though. Forgotten how to open himself up to a woman who in turn will open up to him. Without this opening or giving of the soul to another person there will be no fulfillment. To find happiness and fulfillment in a relationship you must open yourself to the possibility of being hurt or even destroyed by the other person. It’s a dangerous game to play but it is truly the only way to find that lasting a completely fulfilling happiness you seek.

    1. Relationships in some mystical fairy tale way are bogus. Real relationships are work, and generally require a huge amount of self sacrifice that is rarely if ever reciprocated by a female for any length of time.
      There is no magic, I’m afraid. Invest in a relationship for specific goals, but never delude yourself that it’s anything other than a means to an end. Be content with filling your soul with substantive things and not fairy tales.

      1. I understand where you are coming from but still disagree. Women will reciprocate their self giving. But it’s not free and it’s not guaranteed just like yours isn’t. This process of self giving happens as both people slowly drop the barriers they initially put up to protect themselves. As the barriers fall you get to see more and more of the soul of the person and not just the picture of themselves painted on their wall at first. When that self giving is complete the two become one and are inseparable. This giving of yourself to another person is the most soul filling thing you can do. You give yours and they give theirs and you fill each other to capacity.
        Fleeting pleasures from substantive things like sex or alcohol and stuff will never fill a soul. It may fill it a bit at first but eventually drops it lower than it was before. This is why selfish people end up like the dude in the book. Everything they do is for themselves and they don’t give a shit about anyone else. They keep trying to fill their soul with stuff that will never fill it.

        1. I mean no offense, but your post reads as somebody who has idealized some form of “romantic love relationship”. Real life, yes people give and take, but it’s not some kind of soothing psychological fantasy magic thing. Giving yourself to another person is nonsense. If you wholly enmesh yourself in somebody else, you WILL fall into misery in very short order.
          You can share with others, but to give everything, the “self giving”, is to lose yourself totally. That’s a horror story, not a love story. And it will always lead to contempt from a woman.

        2. Why are we here if not to connect with other people and the ultimate connection is with another person who compliments your masculinity with their femininity to form a complete and whole union. This doesn’t mean that you lose your identity or individuality. You have to have yourself to give because if you lose who you are you have notihng to give.

        3. We are here to do one thing, according to Nature, and that is to make more of us. Most choose to do so, some choose not to do so (yet still have the urge as expressed through a sex drive) and a fleeting rare few are genetic outliers who remove their faulty genes from the gene pool, but that’s the only “purpose” in life, if there even is that.
          Share with another, great, no worries. Conflate that sharing into some kind of mystical state of being, on the other hand, is dangerous. You are basically programming beta males reading this with “No, really, women really do want this”. They don’t. They have a goal, we have a goal, it’s best to simply recognize reality and accept it. Sure, enjoy the woman (or man) you have chosen to be with, but expecting a whole mess of sappy “giving of self” Hallmark stuff almost always (and I have found no exceptions) leads to misery. Every single miserable sonofabitch I’ve ever met who is married thought that your path was the right one. Now they pray for death each morning, pray for it as a bestowed gift.

        4. You can recognize their goal if they have one. These goals are selfish in nature and stand out if you are looking. The misery is most often caused by people not doing this. By people hiding themselves, intentions, things they are afraid to mention. They hide things from the perosn they are supposed to be the closest to. This hiding and lying is what brings the misery as it effectively closes or hinders communication and openness with each other. I know so many people who have gotten divorced and in talking to both parties it’s incredible what they never told each other and how hiding these things from each other eventually led to resentment.

        5. But some things are yours and yours alone. You should of course not hide obvious things, but I’ll be damned if my wife needs to know what I was thinking when I was 18 years old and XYZ event occurred. It’s irrelevant.

        6. Excellent points you’re making here. Looks like Silas has yet to give up the blue pill frame. Like Rollo says, men are the true romantics, and women are incapable of loving men as men feel they should be loved. Finding the magic unicorn is so heavily emphasized on this site that these truths are mostly forgotten.

        7. “You give yours and they give theirs and you fill each other to capacity.”
          I guess the men who disagree with you have been doing it wrong. Maybe they should buy wifey a strap-on and incorporate pegging into their routine like you did

      2. Relationships/marriage are on some level contractual it sounds like. Think couples need to go into relationships as if they are business partners …

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Excellent points. I fucking love sex but it’s not fulfilling on its own. Certainly not long term. I do think most young men should fuck everything that moves for a time to figure that out and then properly appreciate women and what they can do for us.

      1. The problem with this is that many times a young man will get too far into hitting everything that moves and find the way out of the object and use mindset to be incredibly difficult.

        1. We’re all objects, and men wanting women for sex due to their outward appearance is wholly natural and right, it’s how reproduction gets started, wishing against “objectification” ultimately is wishing for species extinction. Once they realize that, if they do, then the shaming of that taunt goes away.
          I don’t think you’re wrong that many men never realize this and end up confused, bitter or “unfulfilled”, but I’ve already made a comment about such above, so I won’t repeat it.

        2. Of course we find women attractive and they give us boners for a reason. We want to have sex with them. The objectification I’m talking about is when all women, including the one closest to you is nothing but an object for you to look at and use. That’s what the women were to the guy in the story. They were no different than a shoe to that man. Put it on, use it for a bit, buy a new one when it wears out or you just want a better looking one.

        3. That’s because they proved themselves to be nothing more than what they were, ergo, his dissatisfaction. That’s the whole point. He was expecting them to fulfill something other than what they were at their core. The onus is on him to come to an understanding that his expectations were in fact, fantasy. That’s where unhappiness comes from, failed expectations. The problem is either that the thing you’re sad about hasn’t met them, or you put expectations on them that would never have been fulfilled in the first place.

        4. Tit for tat, those whores wanted nothing to do with him until he was rich and famous and they most likely discarded the man they were already with because they considered inferior.

    3. A relationship is something horny betas have to suffer through and tolerate to get the occasional tedious, routine bang

  25. under the guise that marriage isn’t legalized prostitution (when in fact, it is just that),
    Congratulations on fully absorbing the long pushed and well known position of radical feminists.
    You may want to rethink your take on marriage, sir.
    As to the article, there is nothing special about a “relationship” that puts it on a higher pedestal than heading out a couple of times a week with a new girl. The men who get caught up in the “Oh, woes is me, fucking lots of girls has hardened me” types are actually closet romantics with vestigial blue pill mindsets. The underlying thought going on is “Why can’t I find a nice girl who interests me to settle down with, why are they all whores” which is, when you examine it, little different than the blue pill simp whimpering “Why aren’t there any women interested in meeeee!” It is wanting to invest your soul in some magical dream world fantasy which, alas, has never come to fruition.
    “But Ghost”, you say, “you’re married! How can you say that?!?”
    Good question. Easy answer. I am married but I do not delude myself about the nature of women, not even if she is my wife, or daughter. I am well aware, acutely aware even, that my wife could (and may well eventually) walk out the door and take half of my shit one day. If that happens, I have a lot of things in my life, outside of my relationship with her, that give me joy. My kids, hobbies, intellectual pursuits, creative pursuits, friends and socializing. She is what she is, there’s nothing I can do about it, so I proceed each day doing what I find interesting and if she wants to be a part of that, great, and if not, that’s ok too. If she walks, there are countless other places in my life that I can and will turn to that will fill whatever void was created by her departure. If she takes half of my shit, then I’ll earn it back once the legalities are done. It’s just how it is, I accept that about it. I don’t romanticize the relationship and I know it has boundaries and once I accept that then I can proceed without disappointment when those boundaries are reached. IOW, I don’t live for the relationship and I haven’t invested my soul in her interests, like 99.9% of men do in a relationship. Do I like spending time with her? Yes. Do I want her to leave? No. If she does, will it devastate me? No.
    Being content in one’s soul will purge a lot of this hand wringing on both sides of this “question”. Women are women. Lose the blue pill still sitting in the back of your mind. Don’t make the pursuit of women your sole pursuit in life and things like “I’ve slept with hundreds of women and am still unsatisfied” do not appear. Enjoy women for what they provide that you find good, and leave it at that.

    1. You are some man !! I had a message wrote out to you yesterday on another article but computer jammed and i couldn’t be arsed re-writing.
      I see real intelligence and logic in your points and perspectives. I took as much as you from this article and the author of the book. I also think as successful as they are or claim to be with women they are simply fucking whores which isn’t hard nor never fulfilling.
      Maybe they can’t or maybe they aren’t willing to find that rarest of rarities, the good woman.
      I am currently seeing a drop dead gorgeous woman 8 years my junior with all the great breeding attributes(nod to you for that yesterday) wide hips,large breasts,nice ass etc and she is the kindest sweetest,loyal woman I’ve ever met.
      However I have to acknowledge the world we live in and more specifically the times. So while she is naturally a good person and loyal I am constantly grooming her and manipulating her to reinforce it all the while reminding myself that happiness isn’t tied to her nor my future if she walks.
      I’ll do my best to keep her but plan without her. Keep my friends,interests separate to hers. Which is what I do anyway and I do naturally dominate women but its important not to caught up in them.
      I far prefer your/mine perspective on women. Yes they are fickle but they are also beautiful and enhance life. I don’t hate them I’m just realistic about their nature.

      1. Right, exactly. I don’t blame the tiger for killing its prey and eating it, this is what a tiger does. Seems foolish to project our own expectations on women who are clearly incapable of living up to those expectations. They are who they are, accept the good, ignore the bad and move on with life.

    2. “If she takes half of my shit, then I’ll earn it back once the legalities are done.”
      Dude, I enjoy your commentary but that’s very Blue Pill. I’m well past the point of worrying if women are interested in me. I see they aren’t interested in anybody except themselves as I can get women who are in relationships to sleep with me on command then play the part of the innocent angel as soon as her man comes home from work. There are some things a man sees with women he can’t un-see. Then it just becomes a matter of accepting things the way they are and still finding a way to benefit.
      I would never be devastated by losing a woman. In fact, I’d be out living it up the same night. It’s the sine wave of life. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down…sex is sex and the point of my article is never to look for fulfillment from a woman. They’re providers of sex and lifestyle accouterments and that’s about it. To me.

  26. You overeat, you feel sick from the sight of food, you oversleep, you fell groggy and so on. Why dedicate a whole article on obvious things. Use common sense.

  27. As Hans Gruber once (mis)quoted: “And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.” Familiarity breeds contempt.
    A good portion of the article hints at the fact that Western women have moods and loyalties that are as predictable as the wind. You never truly know one until she divorces you.

    1. One can take all the gardens but cultivating them is much more difficult and long-term.

  28. A man must shape his world according to what he wants out of life, and this includes shaping a woman into a mother if he wants children. The river that is woman will flow in whatever direction men allow her to. All of a woman’s failings are a result of men not knowing how to be men. Man’s nature is one of will, and woman’s nature one of willingness.

    1. My god what wise words. The name fits.
      I love the attitude.
      For all their talk about banging this and banging that,THIS is true alpha male attitude. If what you want to take isnt there. Make it. Shape it then take it !!
      I’m currently in the process of this. I’m glad to have read this my friend.

      1. So let me get this straight: This guy who says something that confirms what you already believe must totally be right? You see, that is the problem.

        1. hahahahah actually thought of you and a few others on here when i wrote that. Guess i was right.
          Seen as you are struggling let me clarify. He put it far more succinctly and concise that I had in my head not to mention added something to it. Hope that helps you comprehend it better.
          Now if you can’t muster a response beyond stating the obvious and being ambiguous I’ll leave it at that. You can take that as a victory if you like. Seems like something you’d do.

        2. ha, no victories involved. Just different lifestyles. It just seems that the people who live the breeder lifestyle are often (though not always) quick to tell the world that what they are doing is objectively correct whereas from my perspective, my lifestyle is correct for me and yours is correct for you. I always feel that that sentiment comes from the breeders because they have made dangerous life long commitments and need to confirm their own beliefs as objective truths because of internal fear that they are wrong.

        3. See the first part of that I can agree with 100% I don’t ever want everyone to think the same as me or live the same as me. So let me clarify I think meeting a woman and reproducing is right for me and is and should be right for the majority of men. It’s not a steadfast rule or even quite a rule of nature. It’s normalcy and for a very good reason.
          As for the second part about “breeders” most certainly can be true but in the same token it can be true of absolutely EVERYTHING. From people who just go from one whore to another,to people who bought houses vs rent,to people who save versus people who invest.
          It’s ridiculous to suggest that logic is somehow inherent to people who settle down. Someone living your lifestyle is just as likely to use that logic to justify life style choices.
          It’s plain fucking stupid to suggest that people who have children are griped by internal fear over any other demo graph of people.
          And although you will of course refute it,you seem to projecting fear heavily yourself with your ludicrous language “breeders” for fuck sake man get a grip. And the cherry on top “dangerous life long commitments” the fact that you use the word dangerous lays your fear out naked for all to see.
          That’s me done on this subject.

        4. The term “breeder” alone tells me how insane you are.
          And thats good. Better for humanity if insanity does not multiply itself.

        5. Homosexuals came up with the term breeders for straight people. Reproducing is natural and good in a world that is natural and good. Unfortunately the world is now complete and utter shit and “breeders” are condemning their offspring to a life of misery even worse than the life of the previous generation.

  29. The ultimate Telos of sex is reproduction. Walking on the hedonic treadmill of sex with different women is different than doing it with the best most high quality woman that you can find and having children with her.

    1. THIS is the ultimate truth.
      The very reason why we like to have sex with different women is the fact that it produces more babies. Sex for fun alone gets stale at some point.

    2. The more high quality women you have sex with the more you reproduce. What do you do when you come across one better than the first one you thought was the best and chose to knock up? Why would you stop reproducing when the first one is already preggo or too old?

  30. Even if he banged a different slut every day every waking minute after he got famous Bukowski did not get alot of pussy in his life, he actually got much less of it than the average guy does. The reason Bukowski was indifferent to pussy was because he was a bitter, ugly, socially retarded loser who never got any until he could afford to buy it when he was 50 years old, which is near the end of a human’s natural life cycle if not for medical intervention/surgery/prescription pills to keep your already degenerating,rotting,decomposing body still moving like the walking dead/a zombie while you pretend to still be alive and kid yourself that you are still living!
    Degerate old substance abusers like him don’t even get drunk or high from the booze and drugs anymore, they just need them to not feel sick from withdrawal.
    Trying to be enthusiastic or get excited about dumb cunts after you have outlived your natural life cycle is like trying to get excited about getting Leggos or Star Wars action figures as a gift for your 20th birthday. Chucky had a classic case of too little too late, a day late and a dollar short.

    1. I’m no fan of Bukowski. But when you reach fifty, why don’t you kill yourself? The rest of us will be as excited as grownups celebrating our parent’s eightieth or ninetieth birthdays.

  31. So, in other words:
    He was scared of good women and the expectations of emotional engagement that comes with them. He went for the whores instead, and sex without any emotional engagement, which felt rather meaningless after a while, so he concluded that women are whores and relationships with them are meaningless.
    Makes perfect sense, huh?

  32. Another depressing opinion piece at ROK.
    Don’t know much about Bukowski. But I did see the documentary about him on Netflix. Does not make me want to read him. Especially his free verse poetry. Than again, the Mickey Rourke movie Barfly, did not make me want to read him either. Which does not have quite the same affect. In the end, the most interesting thing about him, was his employment at the Post Office. A job he quit after a while. Then, realizing his mistake, begged back in. Which I found hard to blame him for. Because considering his attitude about life, and women, was well suited to.

  33. Old Hank came to the same Schopenhauer’s conclusion:
    “The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal and torture and damnation.”
    — Charles Bukowski

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