Why Men’s Lives Get Ruined From A False Rape Accusation

Gentlemen, it should come with no surprise to you that when a man is accused of rape, the odds are immediately stacked against him. As has been made so abundantly clear by the UVA Rape Hoax, police officers speaking out, and the stories of numerous ROK writers (including yours truly), women have the upper hand when it comes to false rape accusations.

But why exactly is this? I believe that it is paramount to cultural improvement for us to understand why these things happen, for if we understand why they happen, we can mitigate them. Ultimately, the reason why men get fucked over when it comes to false rape accusations, is due to the startling difference between the “social narrative,” and actual reality.

The Social Narrative

For those of you who don’t know, the social narrative is essentially a collection of beliefs, opinions, and thought patterns possessed by the vast majority of human beings. This social narrative changes, depending on the region of the world that you’re in, but for the purposes of this article, I will focus on the social narrative of the West, and the many lies which it passes off as truth.

But first: some groundwork. As you all know, women cannot physically stand up to a man. Men are bigger, stronger, and faster; for a woman to confront a man head on would simply be folly. So, as an evolutionary mechanism, women have unconsciously evolved to use social paradigms to their advantage. This is what gave birth to the social narrative.

A woman can’t physically confront a man? That’s fine—she has a plethora of options. She can choose to make the man feel guilty for hitting her (even if she was acting like a complete cunt), and cry to make herself look like a victim. She can publicly shame the man for being “abusive,” while simultaneously being a complete bitch in the personal arena. She can even leverage the stupid beta males that every civilization has to fight the man for her, or to even get him thrown in jail.

Our Social Narrative


In countries where patriarchy reigns supreme, the social narrative is typically skewed in the favor of men. In countries where feminism has spread, the social narrative is typically skewed in the favor of women.

In the West, as I’m sure you know, the social narrative is EXTREMELY pro-women and very hostile towards men. Here are a few of the beliefs within our social narrative:

  • When a man and a woman get into an argument, the woman is always right.
  • Men should never hit a woman, even if she acts like a brat and attacks him.
  • Men are all sexually aggressive and are potential rapists.
  • If she wants sex to happen, she’ll verbalize it.
  • Men and women are equal.
  • Women want a sweet, kind, man who’s a doormat.

Now, obviously some of these beliefs are unconscious, but even so, this actually makes them more powerful, because they cannot be attacked directly.

The Social Narrative vs. Reality


Women unconsciously change the social narrative to suit them whenever it feels best. This is why the social narrative is not based upon logic, but rather feelings.

This is why women can simultaneously expose themselves, butt-naked, yet be angry when men look at them. This is why women can yell at men for all being rapists, yet expect them to be sexually assertive and do the escalation. This is why women can complain that they don’t get paid enough money, yet insult men who don’t pay for their dates.

Do you see the point here? The social narrative is in women’s favor.

If we look at actual reality, however, we will come to a completely different conclusion:

  • If a woman exposes herself completely, it’s normal for men to be sexually attracted to her.
  • If women expect men to be sexually assertive, then the idea of affirmative consent is completely retarded.
  • If women want to get paid the same as men, then they should be expected to carry half of the financial burden of a relationship.

As you can see, however, saying any of these points in the public arena will essentially label you a sexist, making you a social pariah. For the sake of this article, I would like to focus on the second point above: how men are expected to be sexually assertive. This is the true reason why false rape accusations are so twisted against men. We’re simultaneously expected to be assertive and sexually aggressive based off of a woman’s body language, yet when we do this, we’re framed as sexual predators.

How The Social Narrative Destroys Men


As you can imagine, whenever the vast majority of society accepts this social narrative to be true, men start getting fucked over. It’s why most men are complete beta-male chodes, it’s why most men (and women) are unhappy, and it’s why men get fucked over in false rape accusations.

“But just how are they fucked over, Jon? Isn’t the legal system unbiased?” I can hear someone ask.

Unfortunately, no—the legal system is extremely biased in favor of women for reasons which I will soon explain.

The legal system is merely an extension of the social narrative. If you have a bunch of judges and congressmen growing up believing that men should be strong and confident, yet genuine and kind, then we will have a legal system that encourages these things.

If, however, you have a bunch of judges and congressmen growing up believing that men are all potential rapists, women are always right, and masculinity should be crushed out of children, then we will have a legal system that encourages THESE things. And unfortunately, our legal system does, in fact, encourage these things.

Our Crooked Legal System


A generation of men raised by feminists has led to, quite possibly, one of the most pussified, beta-male legal systems in the history of the world. The West is the only place that I can think of to have ever existed, where if a man and woman have completely consensual sex, and it’s PROVEN to be the case, he can get thrown in jail, because she had buyer’s remorse the next day.

As I said before, the most fundamentally important social narrative talking point that nearly all false rape accusations revolve around, is how men are sexually aggressive. This is the primary reason why men are so vulnerable to false rape accusations; I haven’t even got my numbers into the triple digits (yet) and I’ve been formally accused once, and implicitly accused more times than I care to share.

The reason for this is that our beta male judges don’t know game. They don’t know that, if you’re a man and you want to get laid, YOU are expected to be the mover in the interaction. You’re supposed to be the one who’s aggressively passing her shit tests, plowing through resistance, and taking her by the hand and leading her.

Now, of course, while you’re doing this, you should be aware of any subtle changes in her body language. Is she uncomfortable? Does she not want to do this? Should you stop? But the beta male judges have no clue about how to seduce women; they don’t understand the nuances of body language and of emotional sub-communication well enough to see the trap that men have been put into.

The Trap

"Rock, Hard Place" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Here is, essentially the trap: have ample sex, but risk getting falsely accused of rape, or simply die a virgin. It’s really that simple. Talk to anybody who’s been in the game for a while (even just longer than a year should do it).

They’ve likely encountered some form of a false rape allegation. It can be a formal one, like I’ve encountered, or it can be a “she spreads rumors behind your back,” type one, which I’ve also encountered. In both situations, however, I found that the odds were against me. Again, it was for a very simple reason: beta male authority figures don’t recognize the necessity of sexual assertiveness if a man wants to get laid.

This is why she can say things like “A-And then h-h-he…he went put his penis in without asking me! RAPE!” When in reality, she sucked his dick, pulled her panties off, and grinded her vagina against him, biting her lip and moaning. Any man with half a god damn brain KNOWS that these body language signs mean that she wants you to fuck her. But again, to the average beta male chump who doesn’t have game, he’ll only see the verbal side of things, and assume that the man raped her (when he clearly didn’t).

And Then There’s This


And to make matters worse, some women even WANT you to “rape” them. This is a well-known phenomena to many of the players in the manosphere. It is not at all uncommon for women to respond extremely favorably when you pin them down, smack them, and choke them.

In fact, as others have alluded to on ROK, sometimes women even say “NO!” but when the man backs off, she asks him “Why did you stop? I wanted you to keep going!” Combine this with our 50-Shades-of-Grey culture where every young, stupid girl who’s even slightly literate is reading this pathetically written dribble, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Ever girl nowadays thinks she’s into “rough sex,” because that’s what all her friends are doing, and it’s what sexy romance novels talk about. That’s why it’s very common for girls to regret having sex the next morning; they feel ashamed that they asked a man to smack her and call her a slut, like they read about in 50 Shades of Grey.

Alpha Males Can’t Speak Up


Ironically enough, even the people who KNOW these things can’t say anything, because again, women control the social narrative. It doesn’t matter if you have a job as a doctor, netting you $150,000 a year. If you speak out against the social narrative, you’ll lose your job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a charity worker; if you speak out against the social narrative, you’ll lose your job. And if you’re a politician or a judge? You’ll not only lose your job, but you’ll lose your entire reputation.

Why is this? Well, it’s simple really: the beta males are far too many. For every man who’s aware of the truth of false rape accusations, there’s at least a dozen who think that women would never lie about such a thing, when in fact, it’s the thing they’re most likely to lie about. The fundamental problem here is that there are too many brainwashed beta males.

The Importance of Beta Males

Interestingly enough, however, there’s an ideal number of brainwashed beta males that we need. Why? It’s simple—if all we have is alpha males who just go around fucking hoes left and right, we wouldn’t be able to have a civilization. In order to have a civilization, we need a certain number of beta males to believe in “true love,” and whatever other nonsense the mainstream media promotes. This way, they’ll settle down, and take the “well trodden path,” of getting a degree and working for a corporation. This makes a society stable.

The problem is that when there’s TOO MANY of them, they start infiltrating every single area of our society. No longer is the beta male confined to menial tasks and labor, but he’s now the district attorney. He’s now the mayor, the president; he’s now the news anchor. The beta males now have influence.

So What Do We Do?


Men, I would like to propose a two part strategy: part reaction and part action. On one hand, we can’t be foolish; the social narrative still has an enormous amount of power, and so do the judges that enforce it. On the other hand, however, we have to take action to stop this madness or else it will never end.

So I propose that we prepare ourselves for the worst. Read this article on how to prevent false rape accusations. Learn how to screen women that are likely to falsely accuse you (I wish I’d known this earlier). In addition to this, start taking action. If you’re EVER falsely accused of rape, and you have the financial means to do so, COUNTER-SUE.

Stop sitting around complacently and start standing up for yourself; encourage other men to be more masculine by working out, taking a martial art, or going clubbing together. Our number one weapon in this war is information. The feminists fight facts with feelings, but all of the feelings in the world don’t change the bitter truth of false rape accusations.

Start spreading the word, but be extremely careful—don’t you dare say any of this if there’s women in the group, or a single beta male. Conversation about the prevalence of false rape accusations should be limited to close buddies who you know aren’t chodes. Start getting the word out to more and more men.

Share articles about the UVA rape hoax, support alternative media sites like ROK, Danger and Play, or Breitbart. Show the feminists that you will not tolerate their bullshit. This is the only way out, men. There is no going back. We either fight our way out of this hell, or let it consume us. The choice is yours.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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397 thoughts on “Why Men’s Lives Get Ruined From A False Rape Accusation”

  1. Another good piece JA. Keep knocking them out. Way to go.
    In this sentiment I will share with you gentlemen something I saw this morning. Actually, I see it happen EVERY single morning when the whether is nice but today I didn’t just see it, I fully understood it.
    About a block from my house there is a large plumbing company. In the morning when people are walking to work, and mind you this is a very well travelled and young part of Manhattan, somewhere between 50-75 plumbers gather outside waiting for the days orders. Who goes where etc.
    The scene is exactly how you would imagine it. A bunch of guys wearing the same t shirt with the name of the company on it, drinking coffee, eating eggs sandwiches, smoking cigarettes, bullshitting. All around 25-45.
    When I walk past this 10 foot section of sidewalk it is crowded. I never really notice. Just a bunch of tradesmen. I work in construction management it is nothing I am not used to. However, I noticed something today. The girls who are in their dresses and heels, when they walk through, always get looks. Some of them get comments. You know, fucking normal. A girl in a mini dress and heels is walking through a group of 50-75 young blue collar dudes.
    However, today I noticed that, and traffic is funneled past this direction because it is on the way to the Lexington avenue subway line, that it is absolutely, perfectly, equidistant for women to walk on the side of the street with nearly 100 plumbers just sitting around, bored and waiting for work, or the other side that just has a 7-11, a closed restaurant and, frankly, more area to walk.
    So why, I ask you, is it that the side of the street with the plumbing company has, when I leave the house, a dozen girls in dresses walking through a throng of plumbers and the other side of the street looks like fucking Tombstone when Wyatt Earp cleared people out of the OK Corral?
    The plain fact is that these girls, young, attractive, successful girls love being fucking objectified by these guys who have never even considered for a moment that it might encroach on their “feelings” or “rights” to totally sexualize them. Fuck, these girls bought those dresses and those heels in order to be totally sexualized. They don’t just not mind, they fucking crave it with their entire fucking being. What they don’t want is some guy who has been feminized beyond belief pretending, or worse, drunkenly acting like they are going to sexualize them. They want the real deal. They want to be fucked and fucked properly by someone who doesn’t fucking care about their college degree or the annual review coming up
    I have been giving a lot of thought to what has inspired the last few years of women wanting rougher and rougher sex. At first I thought it was just the 50 shades and girls bullshit that was out there. But I am starting to believe that they want rougher and rougher sex in response to men becoming more and more pussified.
    In short, and in response to Jon Anthony’s excellent article, I will say that the one sure way to avoid a false rape claim is to make sure you don’t half ass it. Don’t make sweet love to her. Don’t be excited and grateful for access to the pussy. Aside from all the other pitfalls in shit like that, that is the kind of stuff that will lead her to claiming you “raped” her. Fuck her. Fuck her good. Fuck her properly. Make sure her legs shake when she gets out of bed. Get her to text you 2 days later that she still feels the remnants of your cock in her and get her to beg for more. Only by totally dominating women can you get them to truly believe that the sex was consensual.

    1. OT, last night a woman in front of me was talking to the clerk about PokemonGo. I asked him if he was still playing he said no, it was boring. He downloaded some sort of cheat code where he didnt have to move, he gobbled up all the pokemon while standing behind the counter. so much for getting kids off their asses and moving around

        1. Is that Sonny “Im a degenerate gambler and I owe tons of money to the mob so I took a dive” Liston?

        2. you are correct sir. My bad. Frasier won TiM TKO and Frasier won by judgment in NY. Can’t remember third fight. will google.
          Not sure about that Liston dive. Couldn’t say either way. I am not, btw, in the ALi is the greatest of all time category though. I am firmly a Thuns out Guns out Tyson man.

        1. Look what you started manuel. Heh.
          Chuck Norris died 20 years ago. Death hasn’t had the courage to tell him.

        2. If we blanketed the US with outdoor tv and print ads featuring a pic of chuck and these quotes, I bet we could get him elected president. he would never even need one press conference

        3. Chuck Norris got into a who has more testicles battle with lance Armstrong. Norris won by 11

        4. Chuck Norris doesn’t take Kratom.
          Kratom takes Chuck Norris.
          We needed that one…it’s been awhile.

    2. But I am starting to believe that they want rougher and rougher sex in response to men becoming more and more pussified.
      True story – several of my wife’s friends have said they want to bang me . . . in front of their husbands! Take a guess what kind of guys these are.

        1. Nope. Consider that for a moment. To be honest, I find this to be very awkward when it has happened.

        2. Ive had married women come onto me, but it was when the hubby was nowhere to be found….thats pretty brazen

        3. Should have pulled out dick and stuck it in one of their mouths.

        4. wokka wokka.
          Actually, you should have walked over to fridge, nice and casual, pulled out zucchini, handed it to girl and said “honey, go take care of yourself…im starting to get a little creeped out”
          So worth it to always have a zucchini on hand for just such occurrence.

        5. You probably have to understand my wife’s friends to understand this – these are very liberal women who bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. They are career gals who lied to themselves so much that they actually believed that they wanted a sensitive, effiminate man. And that’s exactly what they married – bookish, effiminate, uber-liberalized pussies who will cry at the drop of a hat, support whatever retarded shit their wives say, and sit around and talk about feelings like a woman.
          Where I grew up, shit like this would have, and still today would provoke a fight – either between the spouses, or the dudes, or all of the above. But in the hyper-liberal environment I’m in, these dudes are weak, and they are fundamentally pacifists. They are exactly the type of men that have been willingly neutered of their masculinity that you see discussed so often on this site.
          So to see these spouses interact, it’s bizarre. Almost like the husband isn’t there, or to the extent that he is, he’s a female friend who is indoctrinated into the hive mind. But there is no, and I mean no pushback from the husbands on any of the shit these women do. And I have seen them do some really fucked up emasculating shit, aside from these types of comments.
          Honestly, even though I could dominate these guys, the “husbands” not speaking up has nothing to do with me – they won’t even stand up to their wives. If my wife said similar shit, I’d immediately correct her in front of everybody, and I would also correct anybody who tried to intervene. Of course, my wife doesn’t say similar shit, in part because she knows that’s exactly what would happen.

        6. THAT would have been the best response, hands down. Not only is it still completely dominant, but it is also degrading to the woman because it shows she’s not even worth the cock she craves.

        7. It is awkward. Last year my wife ran into one of the mothers from my daughters class and she told her, “your husband is my type.” She found it awkward and asked me if it is a compliment or a warning? LOL

        8. This is astounding. How the fuck can these men live like this? Do they laugh it off or something?
          What kind of conversations do you guys have after a statement like that? Why don’t you intervene for them and put these bitches in their place. At a minimum even if you don’t want to help these guys, you shouldn’t have your wife hanging out with these people, not to mention how the fuck can you stand their company?

        9. I understand what you’re saying, but to me, this is about picking your battles. I already have to deal with my wife’s little shit tests occasionally. If these “men” want to be henpecked simps, good for them.
          Realize that I am already an outsider in this group – apart from being masculine, I am also one of the only non-super-duper-liberals (though I keep this to myself and just quietly avoid political conversations). I have enough qualms with these people to waste my energy on, should I choose to do so. But I also recognize that we are in a precarious position with society. I don’t think it is that far fetched to imagine that things could become violent after the election, probably not full scale societal collapse, but smaller scale stuff seems increasingly likely.
          I can dominate any one of these guys on an individual basis, and I would still feel comfortable in dealing with small groups of them, but there is only so much one man can do. Right now, they don’t necessarily know my true leanings, and have not identified me as a common enemy. No reason to give them a reason to right now.

        10. “I am already an outsider in this group – apart from being masculine, I am also one of the only non-super-duper-liberals”
          I know that feeling. Your wife has got to know your leanings though, so I’de imagine the group already knows.

        11. Possibly, but I also drill into my wife that she is not to discuss our personal shit with everyone. And I am also good at deflection when this shit comes up, so no one has ever really pinned me down on anything. My feeling is that they may suspect I harbor different political opinions, but that I am basically left of center, which to them seems conservative, but tolerable.

        12. I shake my head at today’s beta husbands.
          This shit where men talk about “man caves”. This guy stopped by work (a friend of a friend) and we talked a little about a few things. He tells me to stop by place and check out his new TV in his man cave.
          I stopped him and asked him again…his what? He said his sweet man cave.
          I told him I guess I have one too…it’s called a house. I pay for the whole thing so I can hang my TV anywhere, go in any room and do what I want to do throughout the whole thing.
          This nonsense with the restriction to one room is ridiculous. Men have always had workshops, a garage, etc…but this man cave shit (in my opinion) is the woman giving you one room of the house.

        13. I actually just had a conversation where a woman tried to convince me that having a “man-cave” is a good thing. She even said, “I’d love to have a room that I got to decorate the way only I want.” I responded with the fact that she had done that very thing with every other room in her house, because I knew for a fact her husband never looked in the bedroom and thought” you know what would go great in here? a bed skirt and thousands of pillows that are only for show, not sleeping”. On top of that all the pink walls and frilly crap through the rest of the house wasn’t his idea either. I then pointed out the fact the she even had input shit in his supposed exclusive space. Even when she tried to drag the poor bastard ( he’s really done it to himself) into the conversation to take her side, he couldn’t bring himself to. Yet again she got pissed at me and stormed off in a huff, while he stayed behind and admitted he lived vicariously through me shutting her down once again. He’s an old friend, practically family, but F**k I wish he’d grow a spine back.

        14. I’m trying to teach many of these younger men not to cave to this type of bullshit. If you’re paying for a house then it’s your house. You don’t get to pay for a whole house and then get one room (like a teenager living with his parents, again). It’s sad.
          I don’t hang a large flat screen TV in a “man cave”…I hang it in my living room and I watch it when I want to watch it…in my living room of my house.
          These men have convinced themselves and others that they are making out by being relegated to one room or the made up “garage” of the house.

      1. I believe it. I think that I have really bought the narrative that media and movies and shit like 50 shades were shaping women and making them crave savage sex, but the truth is…..women have castrated men and are now looking to remember what it is like to be a woman again, underneath a strong and dominant man. It is reaching extremes because it is getting more and more rare.
        Every time someone says “happy wife happy life” another woman wants me to spit in her face, turn her over and pull her hair while smashing her cervix.

        1. Remember that 50 Shades was written, poorly from what I hear, by a woman. This is a woman telling you exactly what she really wants. And the sales, mostly to women, tell you the same thing. They are so desperate for this that they are willing to read complete garbage just to think about it.

        2. Man, when that book came out I was so confused. I go to work every day in a sharp suit and tie and have a nice corner office in a Madison ave building. All of a sudden I noticed a dramatic spike in the amount of pussy I was getting….a sustained spike. Took me weeks to equate the book with the extra poon. 3 months later I was straight up fucking exhausted.
          Your point, of course, is correct. The author cashed in on a female desire to be dominated. What is often missed (and what I think I have been missing for years) is that that desire is rooted in the very “equality” they are demanding.
          Basically they saw some abusive males and under the pretext of fixing that problem they castrated all males and now they are begging for abuse.

        3. 1) There is no such thing as a happy wife. They are never really carefree, without worry in a state of happiness. It goes against their nature.
          2) I had baby boomer males tell me the secret to marriage was just saying ‘OK Honey’ to whatever your wife says. My retort was ‘ so I should just give up my pride and become a doormat so she can get whatever she wants?why would I do that?’. I’ve yet to get a good answer.

        4. exactly. I knew a guy who said something similar all the time “i get the last two words of every argument. yes dear” How does a person even look at themselves in the mirror every day with that mindset.

        5. And the movie is bad. It’s basically just softcore porn. I watched it halfway and I was done with it. Mind you, the guy did have alpha tendencies, but the film let it know that he was a mommy’s boy while trying to put her as some sort of strong independent woman while yet at the same time, trying to set her as the victim who was manipulated.

        6. My grandfather used to read the newspaper when grandma would go on a bitching tirade against him. It was rare, but it happened. When she was done with her soliloquy on all of the faults he had, usually measured by whatever she wanted him to do that he refused or failed to do, he’d look up from the newspaper, smile a large happy smile and say “Did you say something?”
          Every. Freaking. Time.
          She’d storm off and smash pans around on the stove a bit, then settle down and an hour later she’d be cooking him dinner and talking about the day as if she was a happy little lark in summertime.
          You can learn a lot from a man like that. I did.

        7. Maybe the “OK Honey” is not meant in a literal way. More like a shrugging it off. She says: “Go buy me a tampon”. You say “OK Honey”, but don’t move a limb.

        8. Ha! well done. I like that answer a lot. I would also have accepted “nice hat” but only if she wasn’t wearing a hat.
          Truly though, that is the perfect way to diffuse this shit. You can’t tell them not to be women. You don’t want them not to be women. You can, however, be a man and in the end they will appreciate it….either short or long term.

        9. Perhaps a particular type of woman… ham planets, ham planets everywhere…… read 3 or 4 pages of it actually…. put it down in disgust at the crimes it committed against the English language….

        10. We’re seeing the same thing happen in the sexual marketplace that’s been happening in the economic marketplace–destruction of the middle.
          More and more guys are (rightfully) afraid to be assertive with women, and they are not getting laid; meanwhile the upper end guys who treat women as sexbots are getting laid left and right.
          Likewise there are very few jobs that let one live comfortably without heavy reliance on debt, but there are an increasing number of billionaires.

        11. He’s not allowed to use the mirror. Those are for his wife’s use. He only gets the ‘man cave’. Unless his wife has friends over. Then he gets the garage.

        12. lol. I never remember where I heard the quote but it was something like “My grandfather had a man cave. It was called “the house” and he let his wife use the kitchen whenever she wanted and have a little room off to the side for her sewing machine too”

        13. And on the same note, the alphas are becoming more alpha, and the betas are becoming more beta (to put it rather simply).
          People that’ve plugged into the manosphere are becoming more confident, more decisive, more assertive…just generally more “conscious” and aware.
          And those who haven’t are becoming more dumb, more insecure, more flaky, and just generally more “unconscious” and unaware.
          It’s almost like this “cultural split” is on all spheres: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial.

        14. But things cannot continue this way. At this rate in another decade the alphas getting women will be violent criminals and the betas living in their Second Life will be pudges of wasting flesh and fat glued to video terminals. And if girls become any less feminine, I’m afraid it will no longer be alpha to pursue them.

      2. ” . . in front of their husbands! ”
        Damn!! When the respect is gone, there is no going back. The cucks should have smiled, stood up and announced “we’re through” as they left those bitches behind.

      3. My wife’s work friends have said the same thing to her before, just matter of fact. Without me around. She comes home, tells me, and has this nearly frightened doe look thing going on. Nothing like solid unintentional dread game, heh.

        1. Your wife has to secretly love that. It means she won. Nothing makes a woman feel better than snatching a prize that other women want 🙂

        2. Damn right…I use that dread game often.
          I’ll make a comment to one of the women I’m seeing at the time similar to:
          You women are terrible. (shaking my head) Damn, I just walked by that group of women over there and I felt them undress me as I walked by. You women are just as bad as men and you want it more, I see.
          The look on my woman’s face is priceless. It’s a look that says: well, we are horny and you’re with me.
          It’s a look of pride on her face with a side of ownership. It does let her know that women are eyeing me all of the time….much dread game.

      4. That’s really disgusting that any wife would openly talk about cucking her husband in front of him.

    3. “In short, and in response to Jon Anthony’s excellent article, I will say that the one sure way to avoid a false rape claim is to make sure you don’t half ass it. Don’t make sweet love to her. Don’t be excited and grateful for access to the pussy”
      Nailed it.
      Guys that do not get a false rape accusations thrown at them are ones who not only act the part, but look the part. Do not be a beta simp; because having the beta personality is asking for trouble.

    4. The more the girl is dominated and pushed to her limit, the higher the chance she will shut the fuck up about it and never mention it again to anyone.
      Hell, OJ forced himself on Nicole when she was 18 years old on their first date, and she ended up marrying the guy and having his babies. According to her friends, that wasn’t like her, and remember, this was like the 70s, notch counts for teenagers were typically very low. She was mesmerized by his aggressiveness and domination, and would have never considered reporting him. Her friends only knew after seeing her ripped clothing.
      If all public rape accusations are false, then what does that tell us about actual rape?

    5. Very insightful post! I agree – the increasing popularity of rough sex is due to men being increasingly weak.
      And what’s funny too is when you actually fuck a girl hard (not all want it, mind you, but many do) she’ll literally become obsessed with you, because it’s so rare.
      I used to think that ROK and the manosphere was relatively popular, until I looked up their analytics and traffic. The manosphere is literally like .0000001% of the internet, it’s ridiculous.

      1. Can you look it up compared to only non porn sites. A more accurate reading perhaps.
        On a side note, your articles are getting increasingly better, tighter and I can see your style elvolving and growing. Well done bud!

    6. Women have always been this way (the attention factor). The problem has been with the rise of single mothers raising their sons (alone) and how these boys grow up to be “men” (or not).
      A woman is always going to crave attention…it’s what they do. You’re right…why wouldn’t they walk on the other side if they didn’t want to be objectified? It’s ridiculous and more men need to call them on this bullshit when they hear women complain about. Honestly, hot ass women aren’t complaining…it’s the other beasts who are complaining (no attention).
      The problem here with these women is the boys (young men from single mothers) are so afraid to speak up. They have been programmed by their single mothers to follow instead of lead. To keep quiet instead of speak out. Women need to be smacked (or verbally set straight) from time to time. They need it, crave it…from a man.

      1. “Honestly, hot ass women aren’t complaining…it’s the other beasts who are complaining (no attention).”
        And that, sir, is exactly it. You know, I don’t mind that women want attention. Of course they do. They are women. They want to wear pretty things and smell nice and have men pay attention to them. That is the very point of their existence. That is why I like them in fact.
        It is the fat ones complaining on behalf of the hot ones that are annoying because it is just jealousy. I think the single mother issue is one of the top, if not the single biggest reason. “A generation of men raised by women” as Tyler says in fight club. But it is also culture in general, music, video games, shaming of masculinity — really all the stuff we talk about here. As men get more feminine the itch that women have will have more and more need to be scratched ever harder and harder.
        For what it is worth, that works out just fine for me but I can see how, for society as a whole, it is pretty fucking terrible.

  2. What we as a society are facing is the criminalisation of men. Make no mistake that we are indeed, living in a gynocentric society where the cards are stacked against men in almost every way possible. When women are given preferential treatment in nearly every imaginable circumstance, then men are essentially faced with the dilemma of what they must do to preserve their status. In today’s world, the norm has now become “guilty until proven innocent” and by innocent, I mean if the woman comes out and admits she lied about making a false accusation. But how often does that happen?
    If you happen to do the research, then what you will find is that nearly 99% of false rape accusations are made by women. It is unfortunate that the genuine rape victims have to deal with the ordeal of what it was like to go through something atrocious and horrific like rape. But then to see that their genuine victimhood being mocked, ridiculed and used as a weapon by today’s generation of dysfunctional lunatic women who think that it is acceptable to play the rape card just to get even at another man, is something else that is also grotesque, not only for the genuine victims of rape, but also for the legions of innocent men who have been indicted and charged with this crime.
    It appalls me to see that we now have a generation of asinine women who have been brainwashed and indoctrinated with the corrupt pop cultural trends we are seeing on a regular basis such as celebrities making public proclamations of being raped, and then using all of this to influence their own decisions of making false rape allegations without even considering the consequences of their own actions. This is unfortunately the end result of what will happen to a society if feminism continues to entrench every pillar that plays an important function in our society. Instead of going after the real culprits who make these disgusting fake allegations for wasting the time and resources of the legal system, we now have a society where prosecutors will now go after any innocent man with even the most miniscule of unreliable evidence, just to make a prosecution stick.
    This is beyond belief and indeed, should be considered as a warning to all men out there. While there are genuine cases of rape, the frightening reality is that there is also in reality, another statistic that you won’t see being discussed in the mainstream media and that is the false rape statistic, because it does not reflect the interests of maintaining a feminist driven society which is determined to make innocent men suffer while pursuing its sickening agenda by continuing to influence the narrative of ignoring innocent victims. Just yesterday, I saw a news article in which it claimed that nearly 50% of women are “harassed” in the workplace. This was clearly just another hit piece against the demonisation of men but also, a important reflection of what has become of mainstream journalism and the fact that it has been heavily influenced towards the persecution of innocent men.
    The truth of the matter is that if you are a man, you must now learn to be very careful about what you do in society, Whether it is in the workplace, the college campus or some other environment which is comprised of radical feminists who simply want to disregard men by destroying their lives by any means at their disposal such as screaming rape even though she clearly is lying, men must now realise the severity of the times we are living in and that men by default, will constitute as the villain in a feminist driven society.

    1. The thing is, truth, and it is ironic and a bit hard to see….but women are shooting themselves in the foot at every turn with this nonsense and it will, eventually, play back into our hands.
      Yes, society is criminalizing masculinity. But look what it is leading too. Women can’t even get off without having their hair pulled and being choked any more. They are erasing masculinity and in its absence they are craving it. This craving is leading them to fall all over guys like me who will legitimately fucking brutalize them and they will beg, literally, beg for more.
      While women are castrating men, the few men that remain with their masculinity in tact are the ones that will rule the world, create the world. It is actually pretty funny how in the search for “equality” women have wound up begging to be slapped around, choked, spit on and called whores. They are actually begging, begging for the shit that made them start the fucking equality movement in the first place.

      1. And this is the only scenario under which I can see any of the Chicken Little Depopulation Conspiracy Theory guys may have a point. If you destroy society to that level, the guys who are brutalizing women don’t want to be fathers and the caring fatherly types are not getting laid, whores are just getting slapped around and savaged by players from night to night, the entire plot of humanity is erased, the family disintigrates and civilization falls apart.

        1. It isn’t erased. It is just changing. It is always changing. It will continue changing in one way or another for the rest of time. We will never go back to a previous point. There is too much baggage. However, the current state we are at will evolve into something new at some point and so on and so forth.

    2. I would add, look very closely at the false rape statistics. They are intentionally created to be FAR LOWER than they actually are.
      Just as rape stats are inflated by the academics (they decide whether something was rape regardless of whether the woman feels she was raped or not), so too are the false rape stats deflated.
      Well, one way is that we only count CONVICTIONS for false rape. In other words, a woman can report you, you can prove she is lying, but unless she is charged, prosecuted and convicted, it will not count in these statistics. Realize that the cops don’t want to even charge these women in the first place – if they did, there would be no end of work because it happens so often. And, it isn’t helped by the fact that many men who find themselves falsely accused are just happy to see it go away and don’t want to go after the woman. Fuck That!!
      If you are falsely accused, there should be no mercy until that bitch rots in prison, the same as you would have. YOU did not commit a crime. SHE did. She is a sociopath who will go on to victimize others. If you believe in justice, you must insist on filing charges and aggressively prosecute these women.

    3. “… I mean if the woman comes out and admits she lied about making a false accusation.”
      Would not change a thing. I once read a case review about a woman accusing her husband of battery. Police picked him up and dragged him to jail. Sitting in the court room, she stands up and admitted she made it all up as she was angry at the time. So the judge asked her, “you are admitting filing a false statement? You know that is a punishable crime, don’t you?” She shut up and sat back down. Husband was sentenced to 3 years. The judicial system needs to be dismantled.

      1. Right, because they will just say she said it didn’t happen because he intimidated her into recanting. Once she claims he was hit or raped or whatever, no amount of her saying “i was lying” will be seen as valid.

        1. Correct. Once the authorities are notified, it’s done. They have to respond and it is usually with the removal of the male from the premises.
          The marriage is over the moment the stupid bitch places the call.

      2. The same is similar with statutory rape. In 2008 I believe there was a 13 year old girl who represented herself as a 19 year old to two young men 21 and 22. She even DROVE over one of the guys house. From her pics she appeared to pass for a late teenage girl. I know one of the guys who had sex with her found out she was 13 after the fact.
        He called the girls father thinking he was doing the right thing to let him know what happened. The father went to the cops and even after the girl admitted her deception he was given a year in jail.
        Now if a 13 year old girl had a fake ID and was sold liquor, got drunk and hit and killed someone, no one would blame the liquor store, the liquor company or the clerk at the store as long as everyone did their due diligence.
        Somehow, this man was supposed to have correctly guessed her age. I remember commenting on the story and a female comment or replied that the guy should have known who he was sleeping with. Not once did she decry the girls deception. She made all sorts of excuses for the girl while everything was his fault. I asked her was there anything he could’ve done, in her eyes that would make it NOT his fault. Say he did a full FBI background check, two pieces of I’d and notarized statements from het close associates and still came to the conclusion that she was 19, would it be his fault? Her response was that he should’ve kept it in his pants.
        She’s the kind that can vote. And there’s millions more like her.

      3. I agree. The judge just gave the woman a pass (and legal advice) while sitting in that courtroom. That case should have been thrown out right then and there because new information about the case just presented itself.
        The judge didn’t have to punish the woman but the judge should have thrown that case out, period.

        1. Always remember, the process is the punishment. I know a wealthy guy who fought 2 years to stay out of jail due to his lying gold digging wife. When it was over, most of his money was gone, lost his CEO job and his ex-wife was already re-married to another rich man (after she cleaned up in the divorce) even though he “beat the charge.” He packed up and renounced his US citizenship.
          Even wives who willing face charges that they lied, as they realize their meal ticket is about to go to the slam, sometimes the husbands still get locked up.
          Avoid the police and courts at all costs. Once the farcial court system gets a hold of you, they are going to grind you down. It has nothing to do with justice.

  3. If women want to get paid the same as men…

    Actually this buys into the social narrative. Women are paid the same as men for the same work. It couldn’t be otherwise.
    Also, lets make something clear; is it Alpha to run around fucking hoes and Beta to settle down and have a family? Or is Donald Trump not an Alpha?

    1. Correct. A female cardiologist at the top of her field with 20 years experience will be paid the same as a male cardiologist at the top of his field with 20 years experience.
      The bullshit social narrative is telling you they don’t get paid the same because a female adjunct professor in women’s studies, or a female barrista don’t make the same as a male cardiologist at the top of his field with 20 years experience.

        1. right. But in the cases of apples to apples, and while rare some do exist, the pay is identical.

        2. You are correct of course but this is precisely the point. They don’t compare apples to oranges. So in the case of the cardiologists you mention, the female would probably still earn less total money, but we would find that she works less hours. I say this because sometimes “they” imply that they are comparing apples and apples but they will leave out details like this.

        3. right. if we prorate the salary to compensate for all relevant factors it is equal and, I would bet, in many cases, if there is a gap, it favors the woman

      1. You always have to remember that women only want equality when it comes to a clean work environment. You’re not going to find women complaining about the lack of equality in construction, plumbing, etc…only in the nice, clean office jobs.
        Wouldn’t that be a first (and funny)? A march, by women, for more equality in the sanitation field.
        More men die on the job because men do all of the hard work, the work that requires risk (i.e. working on an oil rig, construction, etc..).

    2. Amusingly, whenever data seems to support this idiotic social narrative, it is always revealed that the people pushing the narrative are the biggest violators!

        1. I had her in mind, but supposedly Obama does the same thing with his staff, and there have been similar revelations about several congressmen and senators.

        2. The other amusing thing is that when caught they will use precisely the same arguments that we are using here but without a trace of irony.

    3. Agree. For us to win this debate, we must first use the correct language. Women are paid the same as men. This can be easily proven and companies risk severe penalties if they’re caught not paying men and women equally.
      The issue is that women EARN less than men. Why? Put simply, they work less hours than men and take more time off on average.

      1. That they earn less due to working less is not an issue to me for sure.
        They try to make it an issue but that doesn’t make it one.

        1. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m getting at. They then whine and turn the conversation into their obligations outside of work.
          “Well I have kids that I have to pick up and take care of and blah blah blah.”
          Yeah, here’s the thing (take notes): NO ONE CARES. You made the decision to have kids. Businesses are not legally, ethically, or morally obligated to make the difference up to you. If you can’t work the same amount of hours that men work, then make do with less pay.
          “But why don’t the men step up and take time off for the kids instead of me?”
          Why would that matter? You’d be in the same boat (reduced familial income) except now it’s the guy instead of the gal.
          This kind of shit is why I can’t take feminism seriously. That and sexist A/C.

        2. I didn’t know alternating current was sexist. Damn. D/C it is for me now!

        3. Nikola Tesla invented a non-sexist electrical current. It did not require two poles (omg), but only one.
          I don’t think he ever proved it, though.
          Then again, some claim the government is keeping his papers secret.

        4. “But why don’t the men step up and take time off for the kids instead of me?”
          Well, if that’s what you want, get a man who fucking will, bitch.

        5. Tesla was amazing, but always keep in mind that he was very keen on playing on public perception, he was a showman as much as an inventor. I take his genius inventions for what they are, which is, well, genius, but the unsubstantiated things with no paper documentation (that is plausible) I take as him doing a sales pitch to gather interest.

        6. Yes! by all means, lower the sexist ac so women find it easier to whore it up in the office. Never mind I wear a jacket at work and then walk out of my office into 90 degree weather in the winter….fucking sexist august weather.

        7. Air conditioning is sexist, doncha know? Because it’s used to keep larger, more muscular male bodies cool and the ideal temperature for the woman sharing the same space might be a degree or two cooler, but its oppressive to suggest she should just wear more clothing.

        8. I tend to agree. One of the most basic tricks women employ is distraction and emotional manipulation. I see this ALL the time, and even when I point it out, my friends can’t resist but arguing with a woman over something silly.
          They know they are paid equally. They just like to throw bullshit out and see if you will take the bait, get emotionally involved in it, and respond. If you do anything other than laugh or smirk when they say they are underpaid, then they have succeeded into distracting you and manipulating you and they have already won.
          I have a friend who lets this girl who he isn’t even dating shit test him and he responds 100% of the time in a defensive way. I don’t know if the girl is just practicing her skills on him or what, but I pointed out, she would never say those things to me, because she knows I don’t give a shit what she says.
          I don’t value her opinion, especially if it’s a judgmental statement about me. By responding in a defensive manner you fall right into her trap, you get upset and agitated, look weak, and she manipulates you.
          Look how already on this thread we are discussing the non-issue of pay differences between the sexes instead of women ruining the lives of men with rape accusations.

        9. You touched on what I was going to bring up about the A/C. Look around an office and see what women wear vs men. Women get away with skirts and sleeveless tops while men are expected, at the very least, to wear dress slacks, and in many instances, full business attire. That’s a lot of layers. To accommodate the people with a stricter dress code (men), the A/C is usually kept lower. Like you said, if women have a problem, bring a fucking sweater.

        10. It’s funny you mentioned this. In south Texas, the weather is approaching triple digits if not already there in some places. Imagine being a poor bastard in that outfit when women can dress down to skirts, light blouses and open toe sandals.

        11. AC/DC are sexist too. “Big Balls”, “Big Gun”, all of that is a reference to the male genitalia, and that’s oppressive to women.

        12. You’d think the average landwhale cow would need more cooling due to the layers of blubber.

        13. Quitchyer bitchin, son, them sweaty broads in the businesshoe attire would embarrass a dude in boxer shorts due to the rods caused.

        14. I’ll be back in black to thunderstruck those sexist bitches to my ac/DC highway to hell. If she shakes it all night long, I’ll ring her hells bells, and TNT she can watch me explode. So for those about to rock let’s shoot to thrill and remember that even in sexist offices dirty deeds are done dirt cheap.

      2. They are clever in their arrangement of statistics, you know.
        They make a whole sheet and then they say “This is all from full-time employees”.
        Then they compare different industries and see that generally, in each industry, women are paid less on average.
        Then they compare different ranks of jobs (like CEO or drone) and again, women are paid less on average.
        What this statistic completely disregards is this possibility:
        1. They are paid less in the same industries because they have different ranks.
        2. They are paid less in the same ranks because they work in different industries.
        And as if that wasn’t enough, after reading that 50 page pamphlet, some smart person comes along and tells you: You are aware that in this particular country, anything above 15 hours a week counts as full-time?

      3. Pretty funny and worth mentioning here.
        The armed services in the U.S. has opened up to let women enlist (combat as well)….and you know what’s happening? They aren’t enlisting in droves like the military (and higher ups) thought they would be enlisting at this point.
        Another narrative, destroyed…and thank god. I was waiting for an all woman army to get run over by the all men army of a foreign country.

    4. I think they’re talking in generalities … In general you can expect the married guy with a family to be more beta than a dude who fucks lots of women… That doesn’t mean you can’t settle down with a family yourself though.

      1. I’m not sure that the alpha = fuck loads of women, beta = married really works. To me alpha is the top dog in a given situation, whether is the King of your household, or the ladies man in the club. In my view “alpha status” transcends whether you have one woman or many.
        Frankly, I take issue with this beta = married thing because it cuts across what makes us men. Having a family and heirs to our thrones.

        1. Alpha is contextual, you are absolutely correct.

    5. Alphas are leaders, betas do the actual work that the alpha commands them to do. So they both have their place. Alpha bangs hoes left and right but they also have an actual practical function in society. But obviously there can’t be too many of them, as there aren’t.

      1. In any tribe I think you would have many Alphas but there would be a hierarchy of alphas. Everyone falls into their place. But for example you could (and should) be the alpha in your household but beta to the chief. And there is nothing wrong with this.

      1. I understand your intent, but I think that the way you expressed it could play into their hands.
        Just my opinion.

  4. I’m going to object to the alpha vs beta dichotomy used here.
    Being a family man doesn’t mean you’re a beta any more than having a sports car means you’re alpha. It’s about how you live your life and your attitude.

    1. Agreed, but I was getting more at a typical mindset that most people have where they’re just like: “Hmm I’ll get a job and get a wife like everyone else, because that’s the thing to do!”
      Starting a family, because you want to pass on a legacy is alpha as fuck. I actually had a whole article about this on my blog how alpha/beta is a mindset, NOT a behavior.

  5. I dig one of the newer South Park episodes where PC Principal goes around collecting sex consent forms from his frat bros after crushing pussy.

  6. To ROK readers and people making comments:
    Can some of the people please stop filling up the comment section with stupid and pointless posts . Seriously, I have noticed this over the last few articles where people are constantly making silly and small comments, that the useful posts to read, end up getting buried because of the irrelevant nonsense being posted. A lot of people cannot be bothered to scroll down the page and as a result, end up not reading some of the other people’s legitimate comments, thanks to the idiocy shown in the comment section.
    Please show some respect to those who want to post important and relevant comments here and that they have a chance of being read without being buried under the useless posts.

    1. Some are genuinely fun, some are dumb. But the attempt to make a fun comment is a divine right that must be preserved at all cost. The same way the comment section is filled with these long snooty comments rambling about things we already know, and the really thoughtful and astute ones.

      1. As Thomas Aquinas (also known as St. Tommy Q) said: so that the “…the saints may enjoy their beatitude and the grace of God more abundantly they are permitted to see the punishment of the damned in hell”
        Translated for the modern reader, even saints needs get them some lulz

      2. At least my ” long snooty comments” as you call it, display more relevance, intellect and realism compared to the stupidity of the irrelevant nonsense posted on some of these comment sections.
        My posts have displayed more enthusiasm and popularity over the last two years with some even going as far as calling my posts worth “gold.”
        But please, by all means, keep supporting the stupidity of the comments section. Keep supporting the nonsense about pokemon, Chuck Norris and whatever other garbage that can be found in the comments.

        1. high horse? I thought it was get off the high whores. I guess your version makes more sense in this context. BUt when someone is down on their luck I still go with “get back on the whores” because get back on the horse just sounds creepy

        2. Crack whores are almost always high so getting off high whores means you must have gotten on at least one first.

    2. too much seriousness not healthy. A bit of levity is actually an important thing in order to keep men from becoming insufferable bores.

        1. Yes (((chess))) today. after (((lunch))) you demon possessed, illuminati, masonic ninja

        2. Wait! I can!!
          | . 💦
          |. . 💦💦💦
          👟. 👟. 🙆💁🙆🏻

        3. I sent this one to you already. Looks so much better on phone. The girl in the middle really seems to be enjoying it there.

        4. I used to enjoy Chess but haven’t had the opportunity to pursue that since the beginning of July. Need a new game. Heh.

        5. Good thing you haven’t invited me. I would slaughter you both like pigs.

        6. mammaries ! in the corner of my mind. Misty water colored mammaries. Of the way we were.

        7. You slaughter pigs while playing chess? You may have the wrong game.

        8. Never was a fan of that particular form of entertainment.

        9. I’m on https://www.chess.com/
          My handle on it is the same as my disqus account just without spaces.
          We can play one move a day, or once every three day…
          If anyone has the audacity to think he’s a man enough to challenge me, let him move forward.

      1. some folks see this site as a confessional booth. some see it as a cool bar like Cheers. some see it as open mic night at the Comedy Cellar. Me? I see it as all three

      2. I am asking for people to keep the level of discussion involving humor, at a moderate level. That was all. But instead, I now have people berating me for simply pointing out a legitimate point about how the comment section is being filled up with irrelevant nonsense.
        I do have humor. I just show it at the right place and time. That is all.

        1. I don’t see anyone particularly berating you. Mostly just saying that you are incorrect to think that the comments section of a website is not the place to lay a little silliness down along with the more serious stuff. As I scroll through the comments I think it looks about 70/30 weighted in favor of serious ideas. That is a perfectly acceptable, I would say, ratio and the silliness is what separates the men here from places where people are totally focused on the issue. It is like oneitis for some issue or something. The reason it is so good here is because a group of men, even, and maybe especially, ones that disagree with one another can have a civil bit of discourse and be silly at the same time.

        2. It’s funny though, that this 70/30 equilibrium basically arranged itself without serious intervention. Just the natural flow.
          Now imagine you get attached to that equilibrium and try to conserve it. Then you start counting comments and become paranoid about whether you are allowed to write this or that. And it all goes to hell.
          Freedom generates goodness. The attempt to create goodness, on the other hand, generates shit.

        3. Exactly correct Mr. Arrow, exactly correct. And, Kratom articles aside, if you look at the comments on pretty much all the articles I would guess it looks about 70/30 serious discussion to goofing off a bit. This kind of seriousness wreaks of graduate student to me.

        4. The goofiness sets in usually long after all of the serious, weighted comments are thoroughly analyzed and responded too as well.

        5. Why did Mickey Mouse break up with Mini Mouse? She was fucking goofy.

        6. When people start mocking me for posting “long snooty comments” or people calling me “a fucking snob”, then yes, I consider that to be berating and a high level of disrespect.
          I would appreciate people to show one another some level of respect and not have to engage in the use of profanity. That does not equate me to being a snob, but rather, asking for civility.

        7. Well, you calling many comments stupid, irrelevant etc, is disrespectful as well. You think your seriousness makes you better than those who enjoy more light-hearted stuff. It doesn’t. That’s where the “snob” came from.

        8. meh. Don’t be so sensitive. It’s all in good fun. There is a huge level of respect here between people which is earned, not given and isn’t formal. I am a huge fucking snob and pretty much everyone here knows it. Part of the respect comes from ones ability not just to yak on with some good sense about a topic, but to take a few hits, admit when they are wrong and show a genuine interest in learning. Unless you grew up in Elizabethan England I don’t see why you would be so sensitive about the less than genteel nature of ribaldry going on alongside the discussion.

        9. You clearly do not know me. Lets see, people making comments about “Pokemon”, “Chuck Norris” and “Ali and Frasier” fights and burying the entire comment section with irrelevant nonsense that the actual posts that have ties to the article are not even read anymore- yes that equates to being “stupid” and “irrelevant.” Not to mention, not even funny.
          That is not showing disrespect but rather, showing constructive criticism of the type of comments being made here. I do not think of myself as being better than anyone else. I am simply defending myself from the hurles of insults involving profanity like the ones you and the other person have posted about me.

        10. you are def a fucking snob. lol. It’s one of your better qualities imp

        11. Hm. Well, I interpreted your comment as disrespectful, hence I felt a need to defend myself – as I know I often make those kinds of comments.
          Your comment – in my eyes – reeked of entitlement, especially the part where you say that people can not be bothered to scroll all the way down. In my eyes, it’s not that big of a deal. Upvoted comments also always stay at the top.
          Using words like “stupid” and “irrelevant” and “nonsense” seems like a judgment to me. When I say “snob” in return, it is simply me giving back the pleasure.
          But oh well.

        12. Ive been on this site almost as long as you, I do like most of your posts, but you do get repetitive. This site has been up for what, 3 years now? Not many trails left to be blazed at this point. By shooting the shit, I feel like Ive gotten to know a few of these guys. You? not so much. You fire off a missive every days, but rarely interact with anyone. And thats totally fine, but not everyone comes here for the same reasons as you

        13. I wasn’t insulting you, I was making a point that went right over your head and made you go on the defensive like an offended special snow flake.

        14. I think you would be better suited to explaining that than I would.

        15. Again, been on this site almost as long as you, never,ever, have I seen you post something funny. AliFrasier is an inside joke between me and bob. Maybe if you read other people’s comments, not just checking your upvote tally, you might be to know them a little bit. You are pretty much a cypher to me, I dont know anything about you at all

        16. Your interpretation is your own perception. But make no mistake, that the words that I use are clearly, not on the same level as the kind of profanity and derogatory statements that you and the other commentor have made against me.
          As for the entitlement complex, you are wrong. A lot of people simply want to read the great commentary of the some of the people who post great and useful life advice. But the reality is that most people will not even bother to do so because of the long list of posts and constant scrolling. That is not me being an entitled “special snow flake” as the other commentor has referred to me as.
          Anyway, I will leave it at this. You can have the final say if you like.
          Good day to you.

        17. Being a bit presumptive, are you not? I enjoy “truths” thought out posts and he is free to express his discomfort.

        18. My posts are repetitive, just as the articles on ROK are just as repetitive. But the advice I give, nonetheless, is just as relevant and useful to this day as many of the other comments that I make.
          As for the length of my commentary, well I consider it to be very fresh and engaging for so many to read. That would probably explain the popularity of my comments. You don’t have to read them. Just skip them if you like.
          But unlike the length of my comments, this entire forum is filled with non stop garbage that the relevant discussions and commentary being proposed by others, ends up getting buried.
          That was all I complained about.

        19. The only thing I see filling this thread, outside of the first comments about ali, are you and others battling over a topic unrelated to the thread.

        20. Well if everyone hates me here, then I might as well stop writing that real estate book that people were highly demanding for. As for my comments, well I might as well bring them to an end. So no more long and enjoyable comments from me.
          But lets see, if everyone hates me here, then let each individual speak their mind.

        21. For me that was an insult. I never, have insulted you Monsieur de Charette and have read many of your comments. But the fact that you refer to my comments as being “long snooty” and now referring to me as a “special snow flake”, well yeah, that is an insult.
          I will leave it at that. You can have the final word if you like.

        22. lol I picture you saying this with your hands on your hips. Lol. I am dying.

        23. You realize that you basically said “I’m going to take my ball and go home.” Come on man, toughen up a bit.

        24. I don’t hate you. I stated above that I am sure you have interesting stuff to say, as is evidenced by your positive upvote count. My comments were not about that.
          That said, yeah, you seem a little sensitive.

        25. No. If people genuinely dislike my comments and “hate me” then I clearly have no self respecting place left in this forum. But I will judge that by the amount of negative responses I receive here.

        26. dude, every regular on this site has their role to play- you have yours, and you do it well. Others post about philosophy, world history,geopolitics,political intrigue, pop culture, and so on…Most of the articles are soul crushing, I mean we all got the memo, the world is falling apart…since Im never going to have a bar where we all meet up, can you just accept the occasional derailing of a thread? DONT LEAVE THIS SITE MAN

        27. Agree with Arrow here. Your comments are interesting for the most part. Today’s stuff about levity in comments section just seems odd to me.

        28. I think lolknee has a point. If one comment by one individual that says “everybody hates you” is enough to make you leave, you should toughen up.

        29. I don’t give reaffirmation to women and they put my dick in their mouth so don’t look for too much of a pep talk here.
          I will say that I feel your original comment and first few reactions seemed to be a bit extreme and might have invited the onslaught that followed.

        30. Thanks. It wasn’t an insult, for my point was that if someone was calling to limitate serious comments, he could argue the same way you did. It was exagerated in order to show you how exagerated yours was.
          I actually enjoy most of your comments, but think that you’ve been too sensitive on that last one.

        31. Are you role playing your emotions for gender re-assignment surgery? What’s it like presenting as female?

        32. Yeah, right, aren’t you the guy who flashed all those innocent broads, with your “humour”, and they thought it was a bad joke?

        33. Sometimes most people hate the truth. A wise ay-rab once said, “it’s good to know the truth but better to speak of palm trees”.

      1. Don’t be an idiot. I am not a snob. I was simply indicating that the comment section was being buried with irrelevant nonsense. I don’t mind humor. On the contrary, I enjoy it. But when people start to make pointless posts with no relevance, it can be really unpleasant. That is all.

        1. Well, man, I don’t see this reality that you describe. That the good stuff is being buried by the nonsense. That kind of observation did not even enter my mind in over a year of commenting here.

        2. But sweet baby jesus, man, fucking is good but a little foreplay (or lube) makes it better, no?

    3. A good point, but I think several things:
      1. The most insightful comments typically get a ton of likes, naturally making them easier to find.
      2. Joking around helps build a sense of community, which is very important for the manosphere to do.

  7. I think the final solution here is simple. But it must be implemented on an individual basis. Individuals have to take action, if they really want to stop all of these ongoing SJW nightmares. If somebody fucks with you, retaliate. That’s all there is to it. If you don’t do that, you deserve anything that happens to you from that moment on. You have the right to protect your life and your property. A false-rape accusation is an attack on both. Men are in this mess today, because they sat on their hands for decades, while the SJW’s took over every aspect of their lives. So just stop being pussies. If somebody fucks with you, fuck back twice as hard. (Off my soapbox now…)

  8. “In order to have a civilization, we need a certain number of beta males to believe in “true love,” and whatever other nonsense the mainstream media promotes. This way, they’ll settle down, and take the “well trodden path,” of getting a degree and working for a corporation. This makes a society stable.”
    So damn TRUE!

  9. This reminds me of when I was at the psychiatry and I told them about how I got into a fight with the cops. I more or less shrugged it off and said: “Well, that’s what men do, we get into fights”.
    The female doctor and judge looked at me with pity, as if they were looking at a totally mentally retarded and deformed baby and decided I needed to stay.
    These people are sick, man. But they think they’re the ones who are healthy.

        1. The law doesn’t like nobodies attacking their precious law enforcers. Better to show resentment in front of the judge.

        2. I keep thinking what I’d do if some female judge sent me to prison for it or to psychiatry again or forced me to do therapy or shit like that. I’d probably feel like throwing a fucking chair into her face.

        3. Females should not allowed to be judges unless they are very beautiful women who meet with the males in prison they have sentenced.

    1. This complete denial of men wanting to settle things physically really pisses me off.
      It used to be that if a man insulted you or did something shitty, you could start a fight with him. Just a few punches, nobody got seriously injured.
      Now you have faggots that either pull out a gun because you said something they didn’t like, or you have faggots who get beat up and then sue you for $100,000 and aggravated assault.

      1. Yah, I hear you. And I didn’t even mention that I was bound to a bed, unable to move, when that conversation happened. They once stood around the bed and asked me “Would you like to punch us now?” and I looked at them, pissed about my captivity and said “Yes, considering that you keep me bound to a bed, I would”.
        Last year, I insulted a handful of cops. Stuff like “asshole” and “idiot”. Now I am to pay 5.940 EUR for insulting them. Feeelz.

      2. That is true…that’s how it used to be “back when”.
        and it most cases….you had a couple of beers after it was all over. As you got older, the fights are shorter and the drinking is longer.

  10. You say we need beta males. I say bullshit. You say civilization won’t work without them. I say we don’t need civilization. Civilization is a fucking scam. Of all people, you should know it, with your experiences in those hippie communities.

    1. You’re right. Civilizations are designed around women’s need.
      Law is like a door standing in the middle of an empty field. Only the crazy one will open it and walk through it instead of around it.

      1. No, civilizations are designed around the needs of the species to procreate successfully at a high rate of reproduction. We work better in groups with things like mutual defense and each contributing certain skills that others may not have. Men’s needs are served by this as well as women’s needs, but at the meta level the needs of our species are ultimately fulfilled better.

        1. Maybe I’m just living in hope but I have a sneaking suspicion when the shtf generation snowflake will be wiped out…..I actually heard a guy on the radio today say he gets scared if he sees a gun…. nobody even holding it….. what a fuckin sissy…..

        2. You are atomizing.
          All species have a need, it’s built into our nature. This is a basic for a lot of biological science (on the macro level I mean).

        3. I don’t see how that is a reality. In this, I actually dare say: I don’t FEEL how this is a reality.
          I do not feel connected to all the 80 million people in my country. Do you?
          I do not feel a call of the species to procreate, at least not as some notion that is in any significant way not just an expression of my individual programming.
          I can see how you could say that the desire to procreate of each individual, on average, can be abstracted into the species’ desire to procreate. But it is still an abstraction based off individual desire.

        4. Nature doesn’t care about your feelz. Heh
          “Abstractions”, please, let’s not go down that path. Abstraction != “automatically wrong”. Math is an abstraction, but it’s a very useful tool. Language, is an abstraction, but again, very useful. The human mind excels precisely because, unlike the lower animals, we excel at abstraction and are not bound solely to concretes.
          Bugs, with no higher thought, reproduce in predictable patterns for each species. Social animals, like ants, have an ingrained cooperative strategy that benefits more ants overall, than if each ant went solo. There are singular type animals, and there are social animals. We are classified as such based mostly on our survival strategies as a species. Humans are social animals. We thrive better as a species in civilizations/groups, than solo.
          I say this as a hard individualist libertarian, btw. But I recognize reality as nature has programmed it into us.

        5. I don’t say abstractions are wrong. But we must not mistake the abstractions for concretes.
          For instance, you may say “the species wants to procreate”. Now, if I were to say that I want to create a little segregate community with max 500 people, on my own, this could indicate that I am denying the “species” our cooperation. Making me feel guilty towards “the species”. Which is nonsense. I would simply be choosing to create something new with these 500 people and ignore the other millions of people and let them do their own thing.
          As for the social animal thing, I think we are somewhere in between. Surely we are not as social as ants and not as individual as an alligator.

        6. For instance, you may say “the species wants to procreate”. Now, if I were to say that I want to create a little segregate community with max 500 people, on my own, this could indicate that I am denying the “species” our cooperation.
          No, actually, you’re acting fully within norms. You’re creating a form of civilization.
          As to what we are socially, we fall in the same area as wolves. Hierarchical based pack animals who have a strong core of individualistic personality involved. This is contrasted with ants who have no identity and cows who have a little but who act as a group given the opportunity every time without fail (when the situation calls for it).

        7. Not sure I see what you mean with “norms”.
          Is it your intent to state that we are not total individualists and need one another? Then I agree. But I disagree if you say that this “needing one another” needs to involve 7 billion other people.

        8. We are individualists, however, we work more successfully in groups than we do striking out on our own in nature, from a perspective of the propagation of life (our own kinds life), which seems to be the entire point of life from ameoba to elephant. Our individualism lay in our own self awareness and ability to act independently if required even if alone, yet our social skills nearly demand that we seek others of our own kind (humans) at some point or another in our lives, and our upbringing actually demands it. We have a social order based on the strength of the individual (generally speaking), where strength = ability to create subservience due to skill/actual strength/wiles/intelligence/etc. Just like wolves.

        9. “This is contrasted with ants who have no identity and cows who have a
          little but who act as a group given the opportunity every time without
          fail (when the situation calls for it).”
          And the Chinese.

        10. Years ago at a college party, I knew a guy who looked like an average Joe type. I knew him a little better than most as we both liked to converse about guns, babes and our hitch in army. The topic of SHTF came up and someone made the comment about “we our too civilised to go slide back to barbarians.”
          This guy replied with a glint in his eye, “my crew will come to your house, drink your booze, eat your food and fuck your women all in front of you. You should prepare accordingly if you want to live.” Nervous laughter erupted, but I knew he meant every word.

        11. Let’s put it this way – women are the lock and civilization is the key for fair but unnatural procreation.
          The more developed the civilizations the more effeminate men are, because civilization cater for women’s needs – security, comfort and socialization.
          Early civilizations mean fortresses, late civilization – open borders. Open borders mean a slut ready to open her legs to anyone.

        12. How is it unnatural? Is an ant colony unnatural? We’re exercising our natural faculties and utilizing nature’s artifacts (wood, water, fire, whatever) as provided to give ourselves a survival advantage. That’s not unnatural, what’s unnatural is if we had these gifts and eschewed them.
          Civilization in the year 1955 was pretty comfy, yet men then were highly masculine. Civilization is a tool, the end result is formed only by how you use it.

        13. It is unnatural because it actually lowers the fertility rate as we see in the developed first world countries. The growing population is due to artificially decreased infant mortality through medical care but this way more and more people with bad genes get to procreate later in life which perpetuates the problem.
          Hell, it’s bad for dogs too.
          Study showing decline in dog fertility

        14. You’re confusing correlation for causation. People were pumping out broods of kids when I was a teenager in the 1980’s, and the technology was not significantly different than now outside of silly superficialities and one or two big things (Internet, iPhones-social mediea).
          It’s how you use it, how you allow it to be used on you and what expectations you put forward with what you will and will not tolerate regarding its use.
          Recall, the kings of old were up in arms that young men were playing tennis and chess all the time and were becoming “weak”. Turns out, it was just a silly misperception.
          Now THAT being said, we have seen people become quite complacent and “anything goes” with regard to social expectations in the face of technology. That’s a choice, not a cause.
          Last, the decline in birth rates is explicitly due to feminism and the Pill. We’ve removed the shame from being a slut, so the Pill is acceptable (which allows you to, hey, slut it up), and we’ve refused to keep our own women in line because we (not you and I, I mean generally) figured that feminism was a venture of good will. These are choices, and wrong choices.

        15. Feminism and contraceptives are parts of the causes – there’s also sex-binding chemicals, sedentary way of life and … drinking hopped beer. All products of our civilization.

        16. And until 25-ish years ago, they didn’t seem to affect reproduction rates significantly.
          As to beer, dude, the Vikings were slurping that shit down wholesale, and making tons of baby Norsemen as well as being extremely manly.
          Blaming the object instead of the actor who uses the object is *always* wrong.

        17. The Vikings were drinking gruit beer which is the polar opposite of modern hopped beer – it was an aphrodisiac.

        18. And their descendants hopping around trenches in 1913 were drinking regular hopped beer. A pretty masculine, self defined lot, they were.

        19. I wouldn’t call the Vikings though – where are the horns on the helmets? LOL
          I am not saying hops alone can emasculate men but it’s a factor.

        20. They didn’t have horns on the top of their helmets actually. The few that have been found have been discovered to have been ceremonial, not battle gear.

        21. I find it interesting that you acknowledge that we function better in groups and still stick with the individualist narrative.
          I have been speaking out against individualism in past posts. I believe our movement will amount to nothing if we don’t realize this.

      2. “You’re right. Civilizations are designed around women’s need.”
        Hahaha.. I have always had a conflicting view on that, or maybe the concept is a paradox in and of itself. For instance, we have all heard the joke, “Why do men build houses? Because women won’t fuck in cardboard boxes.” And to a great extent that is true. However, I gotta wonder about a man who is content to go through life in cardboard box without wanting to build a house for himself. Either literally or metaphorically speaking.
        Or do you mean Civilizations are designed around women’s need is “the way it is” as opposed to men building civilization for themselves and as a result benefits women as a “how it should be” kind of model for civilization?

        1. What’s wrong with a cave? You’ve got running water and constant temperature all year round.

        2. Women will in fact fuck in or on top of cardboard. They will fuck by a river bank, they will fuck in the middle of a field of daisys. They will fuck in a parking lot, they will fuck in the closet inside a church. Women can and will fuck everywhere.

        3. I know and you are right. I just didn’t articulate what I meant very well apparently. Building a house for yourself, living through enlightened self interest provides for the best self fulfillment and benefits those around you, especially the women that you choose to be a part of it. To me that is a “way it should be” idea which is in direct conflict with “the way that it is” as described in the concept of civilization is designed for women’s need the way he described it.
          And you saying that there is a difference between building a house for yourself and what I see as civilzation illustrates that. Kind of a “build it and they will come” attitude of the way it should be vs. “build it for them” kind of reality we live in today.
          That is what I was trying to say.
          Or there is a very real possibility that I am just not able to efficiently put into words to adequately describe the concept in my head. It’s been a couple days since I have had any sleep, so I could just be loopy at the moment.

        4. I agree. The will do it in a house. They will do it with a mouse. They will do it in a box. They will do it with a fox. They will do it here or there. They will do it anywhere. They will do it on a train. They will do it in the rain. No matter where they don’t give a damn. But they sure do hate green eggs and ham.

        5. I had a feeling this was going to come up. Heh.

    2. I’m not sure we have he same definition of civilization. To me the hippy communes are just as much if not more civilized than the west now.

      1. Interesting. Google defines as “the stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced”.
        But here’s the thing. We learn words through association. When I think of the word “civilization”, I get stuff like this in my mind:
        – Skyscrapers
        – Greatness and glory propaganda
        – Proud self-righteous science
        – Consumerism
        – Capitalism
        – Restless empty pursuits of success

        1. But but it’s the year that it is….. it’s the most progress we’ve ever had in this year that it is….. it must be the year that it is isn’t it?

        2. Seems to be trotted out a lot more frequently in this year that it is…… people who use it should be called out on it and told it is not an argument in this year that it is…..

        3. None of those spring to my mind when I think of the word, so I was correct.
          To me civilization is constructive advancement of humankind in an organized and structured way.

        1. After you. There still are non civilized cultures on this earth. Go there and make yourself confortable.

    3. We don’t need beta males the same way we don’t need women. Sure, we could get along fine without either of them. But it would be an incredibly different world. Women are enjoyable in the sack, and in a few other minor instances. The products of beta males in the rat race give us all the modern luxuries that, yeah, maybe they’ve made our society weaker, but I’m not really ready to give them up. Beta males are essential for the KIND of society we live in. Imagining one without them is very difficult.

      1. Luxuries? Like what?
        Okay, so maybe there wouldn’t be internet. Or mass produced cheap food. Or video games. Or the useless pharmaceutical industry. Or cars. Or skyscrapers and high-class appartements with designer interieur. But are these truly things that make us happy?

        1. Just pointing out that returning to a society without those things is never going to happen, unless the result of war or natural destruction.

  11. By the way, I think that one of the social narratives is that women are the only ones capable of shaping the social narrative.
    I have, on a handful occasions, turned the whole thing around. I have tried to use the same tactics they use against them. I called them sexist for wanting equality and denying sex differences. I called blacks racist.
    I even tried the “you will die lonely” shit. Or the “everybody can see what a piece of shit you are”. I know, it’s petty. But it actually works. This stuff is not about truth. It is about what you can make people believe. Like “Munich is in fear”.
    Tell a girl “everybody can see through your mask”. And you don’t even have to think of anything particular. You just have to deliver convincingly. Her brain will simply associate and feel exposed even if you have not actually exposed anything.
    Why leave petty shaming to women? We can do it too. Just my 2 cents.

    1. This stuff is not about truth. It is about what you can make people believe.
      Not “believe”, rather, “feel”. You can make somebody believe something using any form of argument, whether it’s logic or authority or emotions. Moderns work almost wholly on emotions. Which is, from what I gather from your comments, what you were evoking by turning the tables on them.

      1. Yeah. I kinda grew annoyed with their stupid emotional appeals, but then I thought: Oh well, why hate them for it? I can do it, too!

    2. Flipping the script is my favorite go-to. I gave up on actual logic. I have now crossed over into the Ben Shapiro-Reverse Alinsky style method of dealing with these people.

    3. That’s a good line “everybody can see through your mask”. Makes her brain flip. She doesn’t know if you just made fun of her makeup, or her character. She’d be more offended if you made fun of her makeup.

    1. I am of the belief that organized ROK meetups are probably a bad idea. If several members selectively find outlets to email and chat off site and meet up it is one thing, but a publically announced meet-up, imo, is more trouble than it is worth.

      1. What if we set the address to Wrigley Field as a trick?

        1. oh GOJ! 1060 West Addison. Never fails to make me laugh. It is right up there with telling them when they get there they should ask for Abe Fromer, the sausage king of Chicago.

        2. You know…….this would actually fucking work. If Roosh made a some public meet up posts and let it slip that the national meet up was at 1060 West Addison there would be protesters. It would be such golden fucking trolling.

        3. nothing beats 1060 West Addison. Nothing. This is a good idea, but Wrigley Field is the move.

        4. So few people are even aware of modestly recent cultural things, let alone things from the “ancient past” of the 1980’s, that it would be glorious to observe.

        5. Have you ever seen the film The Yes Men? It’s the true story of these professional trollers who actually got real policy changed because they faked it first, and the PR was too much for the companies to backtrack.
          For example, there was some huge chemical explosion at a plant in India I think. The big multinational company never took responsibility for the deaths of its workers, and it was a big issue. Finally, these dudes invite themselves to a fake conference they organized, and announced that as executives of this company, they are officially apologizing, instituting new safety rules, and paying the families of the deceased. The media picked up on it and the company was too shamed to come back and say, uh, no we’re not, fuck those dead guys, so it just happened.
          There was also a housing project in New Orleans that the feds wanted to rebuild after Katrina and relocate a bunch of people to a new housing project miles away from their families. The residents protested and said just let us in our old place. These dudes showed up, held a press conference in front of the building, and told all the residents that they could go back to their homes. Lol.
          I would love to see this kind of tactic used in the manosphere. Just start making up pro-masculine policies about a lot of companies, spread rumors that 10% of Panera Bread sales in August is going to a fund for male paternity-leave lobbying, and that Starbucks is encouraging male happy hours at 7 pm at all its locations. It will enrage feminists, but what if it actually took off and became true? haha.

        6. Then have everybody meet at a bar across the street so we can raise our glasses to the clusterfuck going on in our honor!

        7. I like that idea. God I wish I was a secret billionaire to fund all of these kinds of civil disobedience projects.

        8. When I first started reading your comment I thought you were unhinged. Now I think its brilliant.

        9. I’ve been saying we should do something similar to this. Find targets that are openly hostile to men, whites, etc (SJW companies) and have the ROK community loudly and proudly start praising them. Let the feminists catch wind of it and they’ll go bat shit.

        10. As I recall, it was two young twentysomethings with a lot of time on their hands and a good sense of humor.

        11. remember, you are dealing with a subset of people who think it is perfectly rational to demand rights for men who are dressed like women to go into women’s only public bathrooms so there is literally no amount of absurd that you can bring to the table that they will reject.
          “This month 10% of starbucks profits is going to pay for attorneys to defend men accused of rape and another 10% goes into inventing a flesh light that feels pain”

        12. I think it would be funny to see how far you could push it to the obviously fake and made up, and still have protestors show up. Remember there was that pee-in-your-pants to show rapists what’s what movement, and several feminists fell for it.

        13. The thing is, get them to believe something that is NOT absurd. It’s like that thing with being artsy. They will accept anything as long as it is NOT reasonable. Somebody on my blog once suggested that we today live in a kind of “reversed” world in almost all aspects. Where everything that is important is considered unimportant and vice versa. And where the female and the male are exchanged. And where reason and nonsense are exchanged. Where slaves dominate the masters. Where pain equals pleasure.
          “”This month 10% of starbucks profits is going to pay for attorneys to defend men accused of rape and another 10% goes into inventing a flesh light that feels pain””

        14. Aristotle spoke to this in the poetics. A totally over the top falsehood will be more believable than a simple truth. He meant it in terms of a play and not in life in general, but life has become a reality show so I would say the rules apply.

        15. I am more interested in the flesh light that feels pain. Maybe if it could get depressed and ashamed too.

        16. You joke, but feminists are already debating how it will be immoral for us to penetrate a sexbot.

        17. I shared this video on Facebook of a Macbook getting machine-fucked by USB sticks. On the LCD, there was an anime-like face with the eyes widening in shame and shock.
          A girl actually reacted to it with a “crying face” reaction.

        18. oh good. That is pretty much what was holding me back. I don’t like to penetrate anything without violating it in a way that cuts to its very core.

        19. Consider what roosh accidentally discovered with the meet-up outrage. Harness the stupidity of the masses and the internet to your advantage.

        20. You just gave me a vision here. Imagine you want to rob a bank. And keep the cops away. Easy. Spread fake news stories of a black guy being shot by the police. Announce violent protest on major streets. Let the niggas fill the streets. Rob your bank.

        21. But 50 shades is good because… whatever. The male character in 50 shades is essentially a male sexbot created by female author.

        22. What would be even better is if the target was staffed by mindless HR drones (as a SJW likely would be) who couldn’t even respond themselves because it would be breaking protocol and instead of denying anything would state “I must refer you to the corporate press office and can neither confirm nor deny these statements” which would just add to the conspiracy theory effect.. he he he.
          That’s really how the Yes men did it–they targeted big, inflexible organizations.

        23. Talk to the friendly neighborhood rabbi and rent the community space.
          The media won’t know what to do when they try to spin feminists making bomb threats against a Jewish temple.

        24. Make the troll address on Martin Luther King Blvd. Doesn’t matter which one the feminists show up to protest… they’ll all work.

        25. hahahah you need to come to NYC. Martin Luther King Blvd is becoming a fucking hipster paradise. lol it’s absurd.

        26. Set the address to the epicenter of some feral ghetto in Chicago southside, or for the Euro side, the train station in Cologne on a Friday night would work…

        27. Check how many of those successful pranksters ‘committed suicide’ with 5 bullets to the back of the head, were in inexplicable low-speed fatal ‘one car crashes’, etc.

        28. I was once exposed to a concept – that the best fiction is thinly-veiled truth. The veil is needed to make the truth more believable. Very thought provoking…

        29. Looks like he’s worried. “It’s gittin’ dark, and I kaint remember whar’s muh fleshlight”.

      2. Far too many variables at play and too many loose mouths who haven’t the faintest about Internet anonimity. It’s basicall putting someone’s life and career in some strangers hands.
        Remember the LinkedIn idea? Exactly.

        1. agreed. Too much at stake to. The best possible outcome is having a fun time with some decent people. The worst possible outcome involves you losing your job, your home and possibly going to fucking jail. Sorry, cost benefit analysis mixed with up and down sides shows bad math at play.

        2. You think some femnazi will start taking pics at the pub with her smart phone and post them to twitter with captions that damage your credibility? You can’t live your life like that. Then you’re Winston in 1984. That’s not a real existence for a man. You’ve accepted the submissive beta role of living in fear of Big Mother.

        3. No, I do not think that. However, maybe a news group will show up. Maybe my face will be on the news. Maybe some of the people I do city negotiations will see it. Maybe they will make it hard for me to do my job taking my value from my employer.
          Or maybe some cunt will show up enraged and toss a beer on me and I will have a moment of bad decision and punch her in the face,
          Living in fear of big mother is not something I would ever advise. However, I would suggest that people think about what they are doing. The footage of Roosh getting attacked…if that was me I would face serious consequences.
          I have a life that I have carefully crafted in order to bring about a particular outcome and my plan is not just working, but working well. Fuck if I will do anything to jeopardize that to have a beer with a few strangers, no matter how much I like you fellas.
          Winston in 1984 might say don’t go out, don’t talk to women, always be afraid and that is very bad thinking….as you point out. However, it doesn’t take Winston 1984 to see that prior attempts at meet up have met with controversy and the brand of controversy is contrary to my own personal best interest while, in the end, not offering me a tremendous upside.

        4. As I recall, Winston in 1984 defied the fear and went and had the (to his mind) covert affair despite all the risks. He also fought Big Brother until the very end of Room 101. He’s getting a bad rap here. Although he caved in the end which I don’t understand, fuck it, have the rat eat my face and I’ll spit curses at you until my tongue is gone.

        5. Its a challenge to be anti-fragile. It helps to be independent contractor, run your own small business with no female employees, or retired with money in the bank.

        6. I am none of those things and feel pretty happy with myself (though I hope to be retired with money in the bank one day). It isn’t “fragile” to be cautious. Cautious to the point of missing out on life, yeah, maybe. However, the idea that I would risk the life that I have worked so hard to build, even if it is only on an off chance, just to meet up with some people I met on the internet is just insane.

  12. Following my first objection to the alpha/beta definition used, I have a further one.
    We don’t need betas. At all. They are not, never have been and never will be the driving force of anything other than emasculation, pussywhipped worship and shitty women.
    Civilization was not created by pussified cuck shitforbrains, but constructive strong alphas who wanted to create something. In part to get pussy but that’s a minor aspect, major aspects are safety, prosperity etc for them and their offspring.
    We could get rid of all the betas of the world without much real productive work slowing down, much less stopping. We’d probably be more productive within very short time as we’d have less HR managers and cuck politicians getting in the way.

    1. You got that wrong. See the black community right before your eyes to see what a world of emasculated betas looks like. There is absolutely no respect for an honest productive black man. It is so bad now such a man is considered to have something wrong with him. Productive men should never ever be disrespected by law,culture or church. Imagine how sexy to pussy productive men are in that world. As it stands now women tingle for worthless alphas and the state rapes and punishes the betas because the cunts don’t find them sexy total madness. respect for the productive man is the purpose of civilization itself. Marriage, legitimacy taking the mans name was the foundation of civilize society. The whole concept of the “slut” was for that purpose also.
      The fact that you mentioned how the beta ‘s adapted to feminism to the destruction of civilization shows how important they are.

      1. What exactly did I get wrong? Either I’m reading your comment backwards or you just brought up good examples of exactly the issues I raised?
        In my view the US blacks are cucked betas to he max, I never said any different.
        To me a constructive strong alpha is someone who doesn’t take shit and gets work done, which is who I said created civilization, for the purposes I stated.
        So to me it sounds like you’re agreeing with me?

        1. in the manosphere the definition of terms is important “constructive strong alpha” to me this is an oxymoron there is no such thing. This man you described is a red pill beta man. An alpha male is generally not good for society but gets the pussy. This guy used to be called a cad or the classic play boy. He is the bad boy calling the rest of the civilization builders and maintainers suckers for having a 9 to 5 while he fucks the wife while her husband is at work.
          We maybe on the same page in the big picture so we definitely need to get the definition of terms down for our points to be fully understood. I wonder how much infighting in the manosphere comes from this issue between men that are in agreement?

        2. See, your definition of ‘alpha’ (and most other westernised manginae, not saying you are one) is actually an anti-social destructive sociopath, which real men would exterminate every chance they got, until feminazis (probably worked by these kind of sickos) ‘liberated’ them.

    2. The beta of fifty years ago would be an Alpha in comparison to the beta of today. Today’s betas are feminized, emasculated chumps.

    3. ‘Betas’ used to be called (and were) ‘the slaves’.
      The pyramids weren’t built in a day, you know.

  13. Any man can logically do a number of precautions like don’t date anyone at work or school or any organization where both participate. In other words, be complete strangers and have no attachments or mutual friends. On the other hand, if they are more than mere acquaintances, establish a relationship first and establish a paper trail. The advice that you never listen to a woman applies. If she insists that you get rough or hit her, just leave. It isn’t worth it. Sometimes, even sex should be delayed if it feels wrong. Certainly, I hear of many stories that she can get revenge on a man when he refuses. Revenge could be a false rape allegation. Better to get that false rape allegation when you knew you didn’t have sex with her.

  14. Beta males have bought into the feminist narrative because they think its the best chance of getting laid. Game is the alternative. But game gets over-sold and betas get disillusioned trying to make themselves into alpha. I think the manosphere has done a bad job of managing expectations that way. There needs to be a better articulated role for men between alpha rock star and beta simp door mat.

    1. I think there is something to this here. It is inchoate in my mind now, but I feel there is a way to address this that would be interesting, intelligent and helpful.

      1. All them tomes you downloaded and read are paying off. Now you can actually slang a word like ‘inchoate’ in context, effortlessly. How da phuq does one even pronounce that word? (I seem to recall you mentioned you ‘torrented’ every book ever written in English)

        1. in-CO-hate
          Ha, I mean, there are files like “1960-1980 all fiction books” I have millions. I also have a bunch in French, German and I have pretty much everything which survived in classic greek. Inchoate is a creat word though.

        2. I honestly salute those who expand their vocabularies.
          And not only get/have books, but read them.

    2. The middle way is to follow your true instincts. Men know how to be men and women know how to be women. It is a knowledge similar to the ways of your heart. You don’t need to tell you heart how to pump blood, do you?
      The problems begin when you attempt to be something artificially constructed – like game or being a submissive beta. I have never tried to apply any game and have never had problems getting the girl I wanted. My notch count is very very low compare to some self-professed “stallions” here but it is because I never considered the chasing of women as an important role in my life. The funny thing is I still get young girls coming up to me even though I am twice their age. No game, no trickery.
      And I am pretty sure the whole Game is part of the conspiracy to emasculate the modern man. Most of the first Game theorists were Jewish. They usually have an abnormal attitude towards sex.

      1. Fuckin A.
        “The middle way is to follow your true instincts. Men know how to be men and women know how to be women. It is a knowledge similar to the ways of your heart. You don’t need to tell you heart how to pump blood, do you?”
        That’s exactly what I am sure of deep down. There is still a lot of indoctrination in my head and body, but once I get rid of it, I am confident that the thing that will remain will be a self-sustaining masculine core without any need for rules or “rationality”.

        1. The whole thing gets trippy when you take their suggestion a step deeper and consider that we actually pass down memories with our DNA, which has been proven true for rats.
          In that sense, you could actually argue that over a long enough time span, indoctrination may change the DNA enough to make men more feminine.
          On the other hand, I somewhat believe in the idea of a true self, as you have also brought it forward. So it is likely that it is possible for mental illness to be propagated through DNA, and thus also indoctrination.

        2. Biological evolution likes to take its time to see if the changes are beneficial so I don’t fear that men will evolve into being more feminine.
          I firmly believe though, that there is a very active fluidity within one’s sex. So men could lean more towards the less masculine spectrum of their sex. Nevertheless it does not change anything on DNA level.

        3. That would also make sense as an adaption for survival. When you are “too masculine”, it can cost you your life in some situations.

        4. Too masculine is above the need for survival. The material world is a lower, feminine existence, and the higher world of ideal forms is masculine.

      2. I think as humans we can be too smart for our own good at times. I have heard that humans are the only creature that is able to swim that can also drown without being held under, and it’s because some of us panic in the water, messing with our inborn swimming instinct. Sometimes you just have to let your body do its thing and not let your brain interfere.

    3. Maybe it’s about the definitions we use.
      To me some guy who gets tons of pussy because he knows PUA tricks, it tall and has cash is not an alpha, rather far from it. I commented on this below in this thread.
      I think for a lot of men the objectives need also to be redefined. Getting pussy for the sake of it, or for the sake of reputation, should not be part of it. Self respect, however, absolutely should be included and this is where many men are lacking these days.
      Root cause for that is culture and single moms I think.

      1. The media and modern Western culture treat sex as the ultimate goal in life for men. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
        Getting this idea to young bucks with raging hormones is tough.

        1. Because at that age, it IS their ultimate goal. Which is fine. The problem is that the propaganda is so thick that they never realize later in life that they must be something other than a teenaged horn dog. I don’t care if a 19 year old dude only thinks about pussy, shit, that’s cool as hell, good for him. I do care if by age 26 he hasn’t shaped up and realized that there’s more to life.

  15. Most women raise their sons to be a beta simps…the kind of men they have no sexual desire for, but to be used and abused by the female serpents. These mothers all hate their daughter-in-laws because they can see their own sons being taken advantage of, yet they want their sons to be a doormat…to themselves. It’s the most bizarre paradox.

    1. The solution to this, that I’ve found, is to remove the mother from the loop on things like dating and female expectations. I did this by presenting myself as a source of knowledge about women to my son, and cautioned him strongly against going to his mother for dating or “what do you do to attract women” advice. I also simultaneously advised the wife to not take part in the discussions and not set expectations as we don’t want to “raise a young man to turn out like all the rest of them are turning out”. She was actually rather amiable to that, she loathes the men-children that are in society today, so she was happy that I took the reigns on that front.
      I think her only real input at any given time prior to this was to instruct him not to be cruel to others in a general sense, how to be polite when out and about (not doormat, rather, mind your P’s and Q’s), which I agree with so that was fine.

      1. That is great advice for a family who has a dad in the house. Sadly, too many households here have single moms.

        1. True, but even a divorced father still has input, they usually always opt to forgo it in order to “keep the peace”. So that makes them pussies too. But I get what you’re saying.

        2. You are correct. While my parents were divorced and me and my brother lived several states away from my dad with my mom, my dad had constant input in regards to discipline THROUGH my mom.
          She fed us well, clothed us well, loved us well, as children, but as we started becoming teenagers, she would defer to dad. If I was being an asshole punk, she would ask, “what would your dad say about this bullshit you think you are getting away with? Why don’t we call and find out?”
          Or she would straight up call him and ask him if he would like an unscheduled visit, put me on a plane and send me there for the weekend to “straighten me out.”
          You’re right. The Dad HAS to have input in the divorced case scenario. And that input has to be masculine. It is the unknown dad or forced out dad scenarios that produce these pussies. Or these pussies become divorced fathers themselves and give pussy input.

      2. This is a good one on dating advice….always see a man for advice on women.
        You have to remember that women say one thing but you have to watch their actions. These boys are getting bad advice from mothers because they are going to say all of the correct things (to display that they are morally good) but their actual attraction to a man is very different.
        I’ve asked women this question countless times:
        Do you ever see a woman’s dating profile (online) that says she is looking for an asshole who is funny, drinks a little, likes to choke a woman in bed, rides a motorcycle, a little bit of a rebel, etc…?
        You’ll always see the same old bullshit (the fluff) like:
        I’m looking for a man who wants to spend time with my kids (because they are my world), someone who likes good music and wine, cats, blah, blah, fucking blah.
        Young men should always talk to a man for advice on women…especially an older man (more experience).

        1. That’s what I do. I always ask a guy whether is from work or when I work out at the gym.
          On my first day as a valet, I met a guy from Cuba who work as a valet manager for the area that I’ve worked at. Then months later, I signed up at the gym where he goes so we can work out together. But all that time, I asked for advice and he did gave me some good ones.
          I never ask advice to a pastor and my mother (sometimes I do it :/ ) why? Because a pastor is saturated with the word of God, and all the fluff that a christian women should have and how christian men are different from “non believers” and how should treat women (the ultra nice guy). And if you say I want a women that in her 9’s the hottest girl you can ask for, they will call you a “worldly christian”, “your a driven by the flesh”, etc.
          In regards of my mothers she always uses or resorts to her horrible experiences with my father and always tells to treat women nicely (like all single moms do I guess).
          Anyways id rather seeks advice from men who fucked a lot of girls, I have currently a friends who fucks lots of women in a given month. Id rather seek advice from him, than from my mother or a beta male made christian male (sadly).

  16. “If women want to get paid the same as men, then they should be expected to carry half of the financial burden of a relationship.” Adding this one to my “True things red pillers say that nobody else has the guts to” file.

  17. I once had a woman try to force me to rape her. I refused to play her messed up game, got up, got dressed, and got out.
    Chicks ain’t worth a man’s time.

    1. I had a chick say she wanted to “cut” her with a razor on her thigh. While licking her pussy. I was pretty freaked out by that request. Needless to say I wasn’t with her for very much longer.

  18. It’s almost funny to see how First World women think the narrative is skewed in their favor everywhere. A year ago, a German tourist visiting my third world country had (((consensual))) sex with a forest keeper. When she realized those men are bottom of the barrel in the social ladder here, she cried rape and forced prosecution against him. Even the German ambassador was pushing to jail him. But three FEMALE judges said: What we have here is a woman who regreted an intercourse, it is not rape and it will never be.

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more ,the good news is allot of betas are waking up now.

  20. It is an irony that it is feminist and alike who support mass migration and are first to accuse “racism” on others. They’re the ones who will end up getting gang raped by the muslim horde when they out-breed the rest of us. After decades of beating natural masculinity and aggression out of boys, demonizing and vilifying men for being men, what man is going to care enough to put up a fight? How many men will even be able to? The common question, “where are all the good men?” is going to take on a whole other meaning.

  21. Heres a tip: Send a text the next day with: “Last night was fun ;p” Get her to confirm thru text that it was a good time. A lot of times she won’t even think about replying. Save all these screenshots.

  22. Video tape it. Even if it is with a hidden camera. Beware that in many states with two party consent laws this is illegal. But getting charged with wiretapping as opposed to rape is hugely different. Plus if you were able to use your hidden recording to prove a false rape accusation I highly doubt the prosecutor would choose to then turnaround and charge you with wiretapping.
    This also doesn’t mean you should put the sex tapes on the internet or engage in “revenge porn”. Just keep them on a hard drive not connected to any device that reaches out to the internet. Once or twice a year go through and watch one last time for your viewing pleasure and use a program that actually deletes the videos and overwrites the sectors on which it was written.

  23. This is a very good site, this ROK. I only recently started coming here. But I have to admit, I am confused about the terms “alpha male” and “beta male”.
    I have always thought that “alpha males” were leaders, such as presidents, CEOs, military officers, police captains, etc… And beta males were, for lack of better words, foot soldiers, worker bees, etc…you know, the 80+ percent of “regular guys”. So figure 10% Alpha males, 80% beta males, and 10% omega males (MGTOWS [another term I learned from this site], and outcasts). I would most likely be an omega, as I have been an outcast/reject/defect for as long as I can remember. But I do what I have to do to get by.
    The impression I get here (and on other sites) is that “Alpha Male” really means “type A personality” and “Beta Male” = “type B personality”. Is this correct? In that case, I suppose it would be close to a 50-50 split.

  24. I am beginning to see ‘they are both drunk! so they raped each other!’ But how can that be? Drunk men can’t get it up, as it’s a well known fact that alcohol lowers testosterone. So he obviously wasn’t that drunk.

  25. What about being falsely accused of molesting the children when she decides to divorce rape you? That’s a whole other article.

    1. That happened to me after I received custody of my three preteen children. While permanent custody was still being adjudicated, her true self had been revealed, it had became obvious that there was no way that she was going to regain custody, and (gasp) she then would have to pay child support, so she and her parents made false allegations that I had molested my daughter (that’s even gut wrenchingly difficult to state). I, of course, was mortified. I knew she and her family were lowlifes but I couldn’t believe someone would make such heinous false accusations which could possibly send me to prison. I was extremely anxious to have this investigated so the accusation could be conclusively disproved and I could get on with life. Luckily my daughter was a very strong young lady who resisted her mother’s constant badgering. Also, I had already placed myself and my children in individual and family therapy. When I frantically explained the situation to the therapists, they seemed amused. I was not. Besides having spent enough time with my kids to see the ludicrousness of the allegations, the therapists stated that they were aware that these type of false accusations from women against men are used as an exceptionally common female strategy. I got off relatively easy, although I still feel sickened over it, but I have since learned of some horror stories about men who were not as fortunate. There are also support groups for men who have been falsely accused.

      1. Sorry to hear about that. I really think that’s the ultimate betrayal from a woman. To be accused of molesting your own children by their mother to discredit you.

        1. It is. I’ll never completely recover, but there are many, many more men who experienced far greater consequences than I. This is an extremely common ploy by females. The really bad part is that women seem to be able to actually believe their lies in order to rationalize their instinctive gynocentric and misandristic agenda.

      2. Younger men need to understand that all women (in the end) will look out for their own best interest, first (even if it means throwing children under the bus). The difference in men is honor, loyalty and integrity.
        Women are very selfish and self centered (all of them). You, as a man, need to be equipped with this knowledge and know what you’re dealing with when dealing with women.
        I love women and I see many of them…but I know the truth about them as well.

  26. >>”’The problem is.that when there’s TOO MANY of them, they start infiltrating every single area of our society. No longer is the beta male confined to menial tasks and labor, but he’s now the district attorney. He’s now the mayor, the president; he’s now the news anchor. The beta males now have influence.”’>>
    You are a very wise man for your years Mr Anthony. This statement is true. Beta mayors?? Good God! Beta judges?? Yikes! Beta cops – well those are the white knight mangina jack boot enforcers that worsen the crimes of the elites by making them aggrivated offenses. All of it becomes aggravated vice when agents push women’s advocacy and the ‘legal’ child protective racketeering/abduction business with their guns. The mangina cops shrink away from scary dark neighborhoods but they gladly shuttle flaky runaway mothers to the shelter and serve countless protective orders rubber stamped by some circumcised jewbastard family court robojudge. They provide the muscle required to de-patriarch the home and eviscerate any remaining tribal heritage from the community of their jurisdiction. They fork the women over to the nanny state as they slam the man. My God do they all need cleaned out of the system! They ARE WHAT MAKE the bitchsystem. THEY ARE THE FRAMEWORK of feminism. They are it’s skeleton. Indeed.
    Without the mangina-knight beta crikes, the liquid (fluid) amorphous structure that is feminism could not stand on its own. Without its supportative backbone of mangina dupes, feminism would run like liquid into the gutter with each rain. Feminism would never stand. Manginas are nothing but standing soggy female aberrations. They must be hosed, deboned and brought down. Mangina betas in positions of authority are possibly the worst threat to our species that exists.
    It is a huge and terrible problem. Betas are so numerous that they have insinuated themselves into positions of authority, functional positions in our civilization that demand a competent alpha, not a beta. Betas in power have become jaded and entitled. They need to be brought to their knees. It’s no wonder that so many of the commissioned and elected beta white knight manginas crowd out the clergy and even police administrative positions. These betas don’t understand that THEY’RE THE PROBLEM and the great turn is beginning whence they will be marched out in droves, driven out and swept aside, removed from the seat of authority completely, DEMOTED to the happy mule work of the un-enlightened. Make way for the alpha patriarchs CHUMPS.
    (Both cute couples in their own way, but one looks considerably more alpha. A kindergardner could draw a line in a workbook connecting one pic to the White House and the other pic to a carnival joint.)
    A beta is largely a working mule. Only in a society that has been hi-jacked by feminists and circumcised jews or muslims, you see the true alphas being persecuted en masse. (note the link now between feminists and muslims?) That’s the core of the allegiance. The circumcised whack-dicks are the feminist bitch brigade’s first choice for a running mate, feminism and its armies of ritually circumcised men.
    Only a tiny layer of alphas rise to the top in such a bitch-rule society and the rest of the alphas are persecuted and jailed too early in life to gain a foothold. There’s no room for err with a driven alpha who lives in a bitchsystem, and many alphas learn their first lessons the hard way and waste away in the prison system which is in turn run by more dippity do gooder white knight mangina yes men, bitch boy beta brown nosers who likely lick the ass of the bitch goddess herself.
    And the circumcised muzzies too are beta bitch whips to their imams. The muzzie suicide bomber isn’t alpha. You kidding? He’s more of a stupid little bitch tool and beta brown-noser to his brainwash cult than even the most willing and robotic ‘Stepford wife’ you could imagine. That’s pretty effing beta huh?
    So . .we must increase awareness of the alpha-beta schism and the true nature of the secondary sex (woman). She was created to serve man. She came from man, from the rib. She is an appendage. Her soul is incomplete when it lacks the insertion of a patriarchal masterdrive.
    The tenets of patriarchy must be pounded deeply and spread far and wide. Civilization can only exist in an atmosphere of patriarchy. The atmosphere about must thunder with the voice of the patriarch and the wind must carry his presence to the farthest reaches.
    The beta rulers and enforcers of the bitchsystem will see their system collapse within their lifetime. With broken legs they will fold to their knees and continue to tow their line, crawling and perplexed with their oft understood remorse. Like the dumb bitch, they too never know what they did wrong. Let them crawl and pull the rope with their teeth. How dare they try to rule over the alpha patriarch.
    The alpha patriarchs will step up, their chains released, their prisons flung open and the memory of the cracking bitchwhips igniting within them a righteous vengence that cannot be extinguished. And the architecture that is supreme patriarchy will rebuild once again.

    1. Beta males are chumps given blue pill lies they will use their inherent efficiency to delver on the lie. At the same time red pill truth works the other way with betas. The beta male can be a pussy begging simp or a man able to face the dragon for a nation. It all in the civilization. A solid christian foundation, with masculine structure with red pill truth and reality makes for a wealthy and strong nation.

  27. Being a rape victim is trendy and popular. Young women now believe that the easiest way to get sympathy and attention is to say they were raped. It really doesn’t matter if they were raped or not, they will be celebrated as heroines anyway. Just look at Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Emma Sulkowicz, and Kesha who have all been proven to have lied about their being raped, but they are celebrated as some sort of role models.

  28. No. We need to speak out loud and clear. I have been falsely accused and I will NOT be quiet about it. It is time to raise awareness for it. I have an entire blog and hundreds of pages of documentation proving that the allegations were false. I will not be quiet until my abuser (because that is what she is) faces justice! Say it loud – say it clear! You want to an alpha? Grow a pair and speak out!
    Afraid of your job? Why do you want a job where you can be dropped at a moment’s notice?? Do you want to end up like Tim Hunt? The social contract is broken. False accusers can walk away without justice. The allegation alone destroys lives. I REFUSE to acquiesce and invest in a future that can be wiped away like that, at a moment’s notice, with a phone call.

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