Why The Media Disinformation Campaign Against Donald Trump Will Fail

2nd Amendment. Babies. Purple hearts. The NFL. Breastfeeding. Immigration law. EB-5. H1-B. Iranian press footage. Endorsements. Deli meat. As someone who is involved in the Presidential election, I couldn’t be more confused as to the types of comments I’ve received in the past week. Here are a few of the best:

  • “Is it true Donald is dropping out?”
  • “Which side of the feud are you on, Lewandowski or Manafort?”
  • “Donald needs to control his erratic behavior.”
  • “Why won’t Donald listen to anyone on the campaign?”

To say I didn’t know how to answer would be understatement in the least. At one point on a concall, I muted and turned to an associate and we each had to shrug our shoulders and carry on, explaining what sarcasm is—all in attempts to mollify certain members of the media who have the stunning ability to find fault with every single thing Donald did this week. If he crosses his arms and looks to the side, then “Aha! He’s Mussolini!” If he furrows his brow at a reporter, then “Aha! He’s Rudolph Hess!”

Trump Speaking in New Hampshire

To say the media onslaught is brought on by a pack of blithering idiots would be an insult to blithering idiots. The simple fact of the matter is that this is still a very close race and the media is falling over themselves to try and trip up Donald. The same tactics were employed in the primary by 17 very qualified opponents, and all I really need to say is—where are they today? (Jeb Bush spotted this week carrying a box down a dark cobblestone street in Boston.)

Jeb Bush Walks Alone in Boston

It is interesting that the media is now taking an “All of the above” approach to their endless attacks, and this is rather noteworthy. Gone are the blanket recitations of “Trump is a racist” or “Trump is a sexist.” Instead, the media is employing a tactic the Marines refer to as “spray and pray.” They don’t have any specific targets, but they know they are cornered, so they are wildly swinging about with their finger down on the full auto trigger. Hillary herself seems like an inexperienced boxer flailing about looking for an early K.O. since she knows she will not last the 15 rounds.

The further rumors of the dropout of the race or dissension within the campaign are, in a word, slapstick. The mood within Team Trump is full-steam ahead, with any sign of a feud or rift within our ranks as pure media artifice. Sure, people have differences of opinion on tactics for a specific issue, or timing and roll-out of a specific announcement or endorsement, but nothing that would be any different from a group of friends trying to decide what kind of pizza to get or what movie to see on the weekend (though none of us would ever choose this new Ghostfrumpers monstrosity).

The team remains laser-beam focused on long-term strategy and while the media of course refuses to report on it, many of the statements Donald are making now are laying the groundwork for things to come later in the Fall. Little nuggets of foreshadowing, we call them.

Disinformation is out there.

Some of the team has prior military service, and its interesting the parallels they draw between what the media is doing to Donald and a military disinformation campaign. Essentially, good disinformation plants seeds of doubt in the mind of your opponent, demoralizing them, and causing dissension in their ranks. On the flipside, the same disinformation should serve to energize and enliven your own side. These are the same tactics the US military has used in conflicts from Germany to Vietnam to Afghanistan. Demoralize, Disrupt, Discredit. Without firing a shot, your enemy can become so fractured and anxious that internally, they have already defeated themselves.

The clearest example of this is the (widely ridiculed) Reuters and CNN polls which are practically sampling Democrats over Republicans at a 2:1 ratio. Such a high ratio is not reflective in any reasonable nationwide accounting of party registration, but hey, who cares? Let’s just run it anyway since it makes for endless grumbling and gnashing of teeth!

The biggest single factor working against this narrative is social media. In 2016, 78% of Americans have at least one social media account. Americans spend on average 3 hours a day on social media. Contrasted with that is what more and more people are referring to as The Death of Television. Mobile viewing, cord cutting, online video, and yes even torrents, are all cutting deeply into the traditional TV market. The majority of millennials (who are voting for the first time in 2016) do not own at TV. Overall, 18 to 34-year-olds spend nearly as much time using digital devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) as they do watching TV.

All of this has massive implications for the Hillary Clinton campaign. She is spending millions on TV ads that simply do not move the needle. Donald is not. Her Twitter posts are ridiculed and her messaging is amateur. Her main slogan has our candidate’s name in it and not hers. Repetition is the key to retention, that’s Marketing 101. Even more importantly, the media narratives do not survive on social media as well as they do for TV-only watchers.

Instead, CNN, NY Times, WaPo, etc are merely only one of many voices twittering about, and fact-checking is easier to do than ever. Hillary and her media dogs spend millions on messaging, while all Donald has to do is send a tweet and his narrative is immediately absorbed. Furthermore, in terms of numbers, she has a gang of bullies on social media, while we have amassed an army. Take a look at Reddit sometime if you don’t believe me.

The media is run by extremely clever people who know what they are doing. Their onslaught against Donald will almost certainly have some scratching their heads about what is going on with the campaign, and why Donald seems, for once, to be on the defensive.

All I will say to that is, there is a plan. There is a strategy. There is a method at work here. When the enemy has you surrounded—that only means there’s no way for them to escape. We are right where we want to be in August.

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287 thoughts on “Why The Media Disinformation Campaign Against Donald Trump Will Fail”

  1. One of the most revealing things in the DNC Wikileaks was that the media was colluding with the DNC to publish FALSE stories about Trump. It made me rethink every time I’ve read something that he supposedly did that was outrageous, only to go verify and find that there really wasn’t much there but some overblown out of context bullshit. It doesn’t really matter if any of these false stories ever actually aired. Once I saw that, and considered what I was already seeing, I flipped the “I don’t believe any of this bullshit” switch.

    1. A young lawyer filed a lawsuit against Wasserman and the DNC, claiming the fix was in for Hillary from the get go. He died a few days ago. Nothing to see here of course

        1. This is the biggest political news in perhaps the last 12 months. Is it getting ANY coverage in the mainstream media?

        2. Trump in speeches yesterday was calling out Obama and Hillary for creating ISIS. In the same way Al Gore created the internet (ie it wasn’t his idea but certainly helped it and made it happen) it’s true. I reeeaaaally hope this gets legs.

        3. But Trump said something about how Obama started ISIS. That’s way more heinous than people dying after opposing Clinton in a meaningful way.
          It’s not the first time people have died mysteriously around the Clintons. It plagued the 90’s, but it’s never been considered newsworthy for some reason…

        4. I believe the body count around this evil couple is around 90 or so, and counting.

        5. If I could use computers for more than emails and hilarious comments I would make a video montage of all the people they killed with pics of bill and hill looking menacing and the song Let The Bodies Hit The Floor playing

        6. please! Kings Landing is far more relevant. DC is more like Castle Black….vicious battles for power which mean very little to the rest of the world

        7. I really wouldn’t even know how to begin creating something like that. I am an idea man. Need some practical engineering. It would go viral in like 2 seconds.

        8. If any of their opponents (Mike Cernovich, Roosh, Milo Yiannopoulos, or anyone with an R after their name) had even a fraction of the mysterious deaths around them, what would the media do?
          It goes back to that thug LBJ. In Texas, everyone of an age to have encountered him knows he was a thug. My great-grandparents swore to their deathbeds that he was behind the Kennedy assassination.

        9. JFK was dropping him from the ticket, right? Multiple indictments for murder…I still kick myself for reading that horseshit book Master of the Senate

        10. Look, white flags just don’t make themselves, buddy, they take time!

        11. They are still fucking trying to blame Russia as recently as YESTERDAY and Assange or whatever his name is has said quite plainly, “That’s was our source”!

        12. You want to make ME overconfident? Monsieur, if you had done any studying of me at all you would know that that is absolutely impossible.

        13. White flag….kilt…white flag….kilt….
          Hmmmm….so hard to decide which I like better. Heh.

        14. *cough cough world wars cough cough*
          Sorry, got something caught in my throat.

        15. Ah, well then, good show. How did your matches with lolknee go yesterday, by the way?

        16. We invaded a lot of your women, that much is certain. Heh.
          Hey, if y’all are cool with being subjugated by Nazis, just let us know the next time.

        17. Here’s what I find really fascinating about this:
          This same group of people believe that Bill Cosby is the worst rapist of modern times because around 60 women have accused him with zero proof – in essence he is guilty by virtue of the sheer number of allegations alone.
          Yet, with the Clintons, a larger volume of allegations exists and it’s, “well, they’re just being mean to Hillary.”
          It is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance

        18. Vichy wasn’t that bad. In other circumstances, would’ve been fun. Definitely would have prevented the shit in which we are now.
          It’s not like we did not participate in our own liberation though : Marechal Leclerc and his 2nd Armored division, for example.
          Capturing a fortress full of Italiens, with one canon, which was moved super fast between shots from spot to spot to make believe that we had more.

        19. I suppose he’s gonna tell ya your grandmother smells of elderberries & he’s gonna fart in your general direction 😀

        20. Assange’s old lawyer just bought it by train as well. There was one other weird death recently, as well.

        21. 90? I’ve lost count after Vince Foster. You’d think there was enough malfeasance to at least get a good ‘ol investigation going against Shillary. I’d love to see the list.

        22. People opposed to the clintons just have predispositions to suicide by nailgun to the back of the head. Pure coincidence.

        23. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il81r:….,…

        24. good evening, old blaze friend.
          read “the benghazi brief” by sundance at conservative treehouse. staggering re-construct of the players and timeframe of the covert gunrunning to islamists scheme concocted by hillary & paneta, approved by O.
          all the pieces – just like the cover on the puzzle box.

      1. Yeah, nothing to see here (if you care to see your next birthday).
        Also, “Russia” hacked the DNC. But DNC data analyst Seth Rich is shot in the back in a “robbery attempt” where nothing is taken from his body. The more simple explanation is that Rich, or someone liked him, gave his credentials to someone who then hacked it. Maybe this was Rich.

        1. I’ll let the intelligent minds here read this statement from Julian Assange and do the math.
          “Whistle-blowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks,” Assange said. “As a 27-year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.”
          When the interviewer interjected that the murder may have been a robbery, Assange pushed back.
          “No,” he said. “There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.”
          When pressed as to whether Rich was, in fact, the leaker, Assange stated that the organization does not reveal its sources.

      2. It’s more dangerous to run afoul of Hillary and the DNC than to shout “nagger” in the heart of Baton Rouge. You may be in the sights of a CIA hit squad.

  2. “When the enemy has you surrounded—that only means there’s no way for them to escape.”
    Nuts. (101st ABN reference)
    I share your optimism Dirk, but it is only because of being a bit of a wonk and doing some poltical work a lifetime ago. The dems are throwing everything on the wall to see what sticks and they are getting no traction. Despite a large war chest and the media lapdogs pulling out the stops, Hillary cannot widen her slight lead with less than 8 weeks out, which historically spells doom for a dem candidate, and they are running out of time. I don’t see any enthusiasm for her on the street, however I said the same about Obama’s second term which I suspect due to massive voter fraud in the swing states and suspect even worse this election.

  3. It’s game of reverse psychology and the masses seem to buy into it.
    They are secretly backing Donald Trump … while pretending to hate him as ‘the new Hitler’. However, the same people are deliberately (in their controlled media) making Hillary Clinton looks increasingly un-electable and they are doing their best to whip up a tremendous enthusiasm for Trump among the masses . In other words, Trump is their man of choice — but they need to pretend they hate him.
    On top, I’ve got strong evidence that Trump has Jewish roots.

      1. I like most the things he says too but I am not naive to believe him. His script is written in that way.
        Game recognized.

        1. You like to think you know thing others don’t, it often turns into you making things up mixed with facts to make your assertions seem legitimate. Nice try, but you might want to find another place to spread your manufactured version of factual research and never before heard amazing realizations. Have fun.

    1. Shhh … You need to keep this kind of stuff to yourself or risk being labeled an a “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist” or even worse an “anti-Semite” which everyone knows are very bad things to be …

    2. I can’t believe they let you have Internet access. Let me know which mental institution you are in. I want to have a talk with the head shrink. Ffs dude. I’m starting to think you have whatever brain disease Hilary suffers from

      1. technically, if not necessarily in spirit, you are now aligned with David Duke’s position on the matter

        1. I can absolutely confirm david duke invented little butt exposing shorts. Usually in a confederate flag pattern

    3. Jewish roots? Dafuq.
      Trump has german roots. That’s pretty much the opposite of jewish.
      This is his grandpa:
      Trump comes from a vintner family in Palatinate – just like I do.
      Maybe my grandson will be president of the United States some day.
      Hell yeah!
      You probably got something wrong there and read Palatinate as Palestine.

        1. He was a barber but made his money from a chain of brothels. Which might explain his grandson’s obsession with women.
          His real surname is Drumpf. I wonder why they changed it. Don’t they know in England it means … fart! LOL

        2. Not quite correct. His ancestors who emigrated here had the surname of Trump/Trumpf according to records at Ellis Island. If his family ever had the last name “Drumpf” it was prior to the 30 years war in the 1600’s.

        3. My grandfather was a diesel mechanic. For the life of me I cannot become obsessed with Mack Trucks.
          It’s as if, somehow, what one’s predecessors do does not get passed down genetically or something.
          Trump’s obsession is with super hot women, not just “women in general” like Bill Clinton. Nothing wrong with being virile and into hot babes whatsoever.

        4. His granddad run brothels in the Wild West, D. Trump runs casinos in Texas and Miss America. Different era, same thing.

        5. A brothel is a whorehouse. It is not the same thing as a casino, nor a beauty contest.
          My grandfather worked on diesel trucks, I work with high level programming languages. Different era, same thing.
          See how that doesn’t work?

        6. Jews have known ill obsession with sex, hence why I pointed out. It has nothing to do with how professions get passed down the generations.

        7. Right, us Gentiles, why, it’s all you can do to even get us to thinking about fucking every now and then.
          Strange too, I guess that makes me a Jew as well, since I love sex and pretty girls. Damn. Another part of my family history I just discovered, thanks to you.

        8. So what? I don’t know you well enough to use you as an example.
          Running a casino, yep, that’s an ill obsession with sex. Got it. Thanks.

        9. So the millions of immigrants that changed their names to assimilate (all you lefties out there, take note) were all closeted Jews? Dafuq?

        10. There’s a pretty good chance it was never actually changed, or very little changed. I know wikipedia isn’t the end all source, but they seem to have this documented fairly well.
          “The immigration records list his name as Friedr. Trumpf, but sources including the genealogy organization FamilySearch, a genealogist at About.com, and the 2013 book America’s Obsessives concluded that both his father and his aunt’s surname were Trump;[15][16][17] while the 2001 book The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate wrote that the family name was changed from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years’ War of the 1600s.[18][19][20]”
          Basically this “Drumpf har har har that’s funny!” thing is a Leftist thing along the same line as calling Tea Party participants “teabaggers”. They are a wholly juvenile lot.

        11. As Yosemite Sam said after the fire breathing dragon caught cold and sneezed in a silo filled with dynamite, as they rocketed towards the moon: Dragons is so stupid.

        12. When you have billions of dollars, you can afford to get your skin acid-washed, lines removed, zits/pimples/moles eradicated, teeth bleached/straightened, and nearly anything else that’ll keep you looking good.

        13. I work on engines, both gas and diesel and am also very fluent in programming. The latter pays my bills, the former I do for fun or because it’s needed. My grandfather was a farmer. Maybe it’s just the “I know how to do shit myself” gene that gets passed on heheh

    4. What we know of his family history shows Christians all the way down. Show me your “strong evidence” please.

      1. First, let me first show you something “peculiar” about his mother’s side genealogy.
        Go to Genidotcom and to his mother’s page here – https://www.geni.com/people/Mary-Anne-Trump-MacLeod/6000000013186316923
        Her full name is Mary Anne MacLeod. Then click on her father, Malcolm MacLeod. Then click on his mother, Anne MacLeod. She is the wife of Alexander MacLeod, so that is her married name. What is her maiden name? Whoops, it is also MacLeod, because her father is also named Alexander MacLeod. So both her father and her husband have the same first and last names?
        Did she marry her own father?
        Direct link here: https://www.geni.com/people/Ann-MacLeod/6000000013186536964

        1. Wow, that’s really strong evidence. It is entirely impossible for two people to have the same name, so clearly, that means she’s a Jew. Damn. Wished I’d known earlier.

        2. You would understand, your eyes would be opened if you only used kratom more regularly. It has electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.

        3. Well as I think we all know, with a MacCleod, there can be only one.

        4. There is a Methodist hospital down the pike from me. If I die there, does that mean I’m a Methodist?

        5. I said, slowly, Tiger.
          It might mean something it might mean nothing at all but it’s part of the WHOLE set of evidence where we look for emerging patters.

        6. Nothing you’ve presented thus far shows a pattern of anything. Now if you have a case, just lay it all out at once, in one post, instead of trailing inconsequential “facts” as some kind of mysterious lead in. If you’d be so kind, I mean.

        7. LIJ is also one of the best hospitals in, oh I don’t know, the fucking world. It is where rich people go btw that is why it is on long islands gold cost where the densest cluster of millionaires and billionaires in the world live. Don’t pay attention to this brainless twat. He is lost.

        8. Glad to know that. I was starting to look at maps of Hospitals in my area so that I could ensure that I die at the right one, and not accidentally convert to another religion on my deathbed.

        9. I would, but could you tell your little friends to stop interrupting? If they find it too much, they can go play else where.
          Next …
          One of Friedrich Drumpf’s, Donald’s great-grandfather, sister is listed as Elisabetha Freund.
          Freund Name Meaning German: nickname for a companionable person, from Middle High German vriunt ‘friend’. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German Freund ‘friend’.

        10. Friederich was named Trump, not Drumpf. First correction.
          Freund does equate to Friend, yes. Its use is not restricted to Jews.
          But even if you’re correct, where you’re going with this is that his great grandfather’s sister married a Jew (her maiden name would have been Trump after all), ergo, Trump is a Jew. Is that basically your whole case laid out then?

        11. That kind of ties in with my fetish though, in a strange way. Spiderman’s first girlfriend was, you guessed it, a red head and she always called him Tiger.
          Which, as I think is clearly seen, means that Spiderman was a jew who ran casinos, ergo, through association and a close tie in with my adoration of red locks, means that I too, am a Jew.

        12. As Bugs Bunny would say. Don’t look now but there’s one too many people here.

        13. Well, spiderman sounds like a jewish name and I heard that his great great grandfather had a large nose.

        14. By the way, if you have never pulled the spiderman you really should. When you are just about done having sex cum in your own hand then jump around the furniture and sing the spider man song and toss a web from your slinger in her face

        15. I already stated that it’s Trump. His grandfather did not change the family name when he came to the States, it was listed as Trump(possibly with an f on the end). The family Trump changed their name somewhere around the 30 Years War, which happily, was in the 1600’s.
          My family name changed in the 1300’s. That doesn’t mean that I go by that name still.
          I asked you to lay out the entire case. His great grand aunt marrying a Jew (which is not proven, I’m just assuming it for sake of argument) is not some giant connection into Jew World.
          Make your case in one post, or we’re through. I really am finding this rather tedious.

        16. Catholics and Protestants. Virtually all of the wars at that point were either Catholics vs Pros, or Catholics vs Mooselimbs.

        17. St. Peter: GOJ you have been a good man but our records show that you died at a Lutheran Hospital. Please step to the left and go straight to hell.

        18. When they came through Ellis Island, the Parkers changed their name from “Fleicher”. That name means “butcher”.
          So Spiderman is the child of murderers!

        19. According to most people? No. But if you have a pattern of giraffe like behavior, well, we’ll just have to say “quite possibly, yes”.

        20. One of my favorite lines is grandpa simpson while running away from prosecution as a grifter: Call me mint jelly boys ’cause I’m on the lamb

        21. He was actually considering Spidermensch, but decided against it at the last minute.

        22. “I’m just assuming it for sake of argument) is not some giant connection into Jew World.”
          Jew World – Is that a theme park?

        23. Shcuster is German, ‘Shoemaker.’ Because Jews were often cobblers, it isn’t surprising that many of them would’ve co-opted the named.

        24. Ellis Island shenanigans. I am guessing Ellis was a jew. It sounds jewish. Probably Eli Isenburg Island was shortened.

        25. Correct but it does not refute the original claim considering her other sister adopted a popular Jewish name which happens to be a pure German word.

        26. I can’t say for certain, but I would not wager against the notion that the island also has, or had at one time, a casino.

        27. The only thing it really proves is that once upon a time his sister’s husband had a German-based cobbler in his distant history…

        28. It’s been relocated to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. When you buy your tour ticket, you say “Oy vey! I’m schvitzing like a moyel over here!”
          Turns out I couldn’t make minimum bet.

        29. “Oy vey! I’m schvitzing like a moyel over here!”
          That is pure Gold! heh

        30. Casino Eponym Isenberg was both the great grandfather of the Island and the inventor of the Casino. He also invented eponyms.

        31. I would have dismissed it myself if it was the only evidence but it is not, so therefore there’s a strong possibility that it means more than that.

        32. So far, if true, it is the only evidence that you’ve actually presented.

        33. The Gefilte Fish Log Ride is good fun. There’s also the Challah Holler, a charming roller coaster with an Appalachian mountain theme.

        34. Schuster, seriously? Dude, they are Germans, and even have a freaking coat of arms. Additionally, lots of people took the name of the Lord/nobility of their village/town when first and last names became the “thing to do”.
          You’re going to have to do better than take every German name and tell me it’s “Jewish”. The link you provide states about Schuster, and I quote (get ready…)
          “Schuster (“shoemaker”, “cobbler”) is a common family name in German.”

        35. Let’s make a slight Friday detour then.
          D. Trump was born in 1946. Which other virtually unknown at the time presidential candidate, who snapped the election from the incumbent president in 1992, was also born in 1946?

        36. Let’s make a slight Friday detour then.
          Let’s not.
          So far you’ve gotten nowhere with your claim of strong evidence. It’s all assumptions and incidental. Look, I really don’t care if he does or doesn’t have Jewish roots at some level, but so far you’ve made zero points for your claim.

        37. My goto grandpa Simpson line is on one of their Halloween specials, Bart comes running to Lisa saying something like “Oh my god, I’m afraid that if I fall asleep I’m going to die!” and grandpa says “Welcome to my world!”

        38. Wrong. I asked because you made a positive statement of strong evidence. Since you tend to blow bullshit out of your ass faster than a fifty horsepower snowblower during a Minnesota winter, I wanted to see you back it up. You could have claimed you had “strong evidence” that he was Lutheran and I would have asked to see the evidence.

        39. And also non-Jews, as in, normal Germans.
          This is getting tiring. You have no “strong evidence” in a real way, you are simply using the same kind of bizarre logic that conspiracy theorists use when they’re getting really “out there”.

        40. Don’t get too lyrical on me, explain why would Trump state that hes grandfather came from Sweden in an officially published book?

        41. It has nothing to do with the point we’re discussing.
          Tangential sidebars and trying to steer a discussion towards other topics is not something I’m prone to fall for.
          Make your case, or concede that you really don’t have one but you just suspect as much based on little to no evidence.

        42. His children were marrying Jews; son Donald Jr. marries Vanessa Haydon, daughter Ivanka converts to Judaism to marry Jared Kushner, and son Eric has an extravagant Jewish wedding when he marries Lara Yunaska.
          Of course, this means nothing to you.

        43. I’m doing all the hard work but you’re getting tired!
          No probs, we’ll leave it at that. Although, the best evidence was still coming.

        44. His children marrying Jews doesn’t mean that he has Jewish blood in him.
          You can’t admit error can you?

        45. I figured as much. You were invited to actually present your full case, instead you chose to do sentence by sentence posts, and when it gets wearisome, you retreat.
          You don’t now and never had strong evidence. And that’s fine. Next time just be elusive and mystical on the front and don’t try to prove your non-existent case.

        46. I’m not going to present a full case here because it’s not the right place – it lacks like minded people. I am only giving point of reference if anyone (not necessarily you) is interested.

        47. You haven’t even presented 1% of an actual case, is what I’m saying. You’re jumping to conclusions, your “facts” have no real bearing on anything regarding his actual ancestral blood (if your great aunt marries a Quaker, you don’t suddenly acquire Quaker heritage, sorry).
          I’ll just leave this be and posit that the second paragraph of the post you’re responding to is where I stand with you and your “evidence”.

        48. Just as well there aren’t any Moslem Hospitals as far as I would be aware-but that would be a contradiction in terms given how averse they are to science of any kind 😉

        49. Then there’s the Brisket Broiler which is like the Gravitron and the Spinning Yarmulkes is also fun.

        50. Hell, one of the best footballers of all time was Bernd Schuster and he was as German as bratwurst.

    1. It’s certainly a credible theory, yes.
      Allegedly stemming from her fainting in 2012. To me her reactions look epileptic, which can result from trauma

  4. I think Joe on the street will opt for perceived security, as opposed to the unknown. That, our election map, and the stacked demographics favors Clinton greatly.

    1. I love how “experts” keep using old metrics to predict the outcome of this race, so far they have all been wrong.

    2. Most average Joes loathe Hillary and have since the 1990’s. The popular perception of her, generally speaking, is of a highly dishonest crone who will do anything in the world for power. That’s not a good selling point when looking for “security”. Besides, Trump’s “build that wall now” thing appeals directly to a very real life problem that none of us can avoid seeing no matter how apolitical we may be, which is the rapid influx of illegals overwhelming the nation at the moment.

  5. Trump isn’t politically correct. This pisses the media off more than anything. At the same time, nothing he does sticks. For instance, calling a white man racist would normally result in the white guy apologizing a million fucking times and being completely ruined. Not Trump. He doesn’t apologize for anything. He has a “fuck you” attitude towards the establishment.
    The truth isn’t something most Americans are used to hearing out loud. We’re either told to shut up or say nothing at all. Especially, if you’re a straight white male. But Trump doesn’t shut his mouth. He doesn’t do as he’s told. He talks the way we would all like to talk in our daily lives but can’t because every-fucking-body is a censor. I like Trump for a number of reasons but one reason in particular makes me like him more and more: his political incorrectness (which means, telling the truth.)
    Yes, this campaign is a war. It’s a war of words and will. Trump is like Mike Tyson in his prime fighting Pee-Wee Herman. No match. KO with the first punch. That’s what the debates are going to be like. As soon as Trump speaks Hillary will fall. He won’t pull any punches either. He is going to be a force like none she’s ever reckoned with before. I can’t wait to see that!

  6. As much as I want to get my hopes up for a crushing defeat of Hillary, I just can’t. The system is just too corrupt and I fear she’s going to get into office due to massive voter fraud. That being said, I’ll still be out there voting for Trump.
    My small glimmer of hope is she keels over and dies from either the debates or the stress of being president. Sooner is preferable, but I’ll take smug satisfaction in any case of it happening. Karma is a bitch and this corrupt harridan has a lot to answer for.

    1. I keep thinking the same thing about the rigged election. Or, one of Hillary and Bill’s hitmen will do something to Trump. All the men connected to the DNC leak were murdered so was an author of anti-Clinton books. It’s not conspiracy theory either. So, I hope and pray Trump remains safe.

        1. I think the DNC would be more likely to sacrifice their own, already dying cow… if you get what I mean. Manufacture their own crisis.

        2. Shocked they would off her? No. Them trying to pin it on a trump supporter could backfire splendidly however. With all the information being leaked out of the DNC, something is bound to come out showing that it was an inside job. They’re just to large and inept at this point to do anything hush hush.
          My guess is if they took that route, they’d pass it off as part of her deteriorating health and quietly sweep it under the rug, not try to make some grand spectacle of it.

    2. I’m more worried about the population than voter fraud. It seems like a lot of people I see in social media bash trump using the tired argument “he’s racist”, “he’s sexist”, etc. These people are way too attached to Bernie and the scary thing is they make up a significant population of the voters even though they seem to have little information about politics. I’m talking about most millennials who are old enough to vote. Hopefully, they would just vote for Trump instead of third candidates or staying home.

        1. I read your comment quickly. And for a second i thought you said we should lead a purge

          Im down

      1. Here are the possible scenarios at this pt:
        Hill wins, many think election was rigged, all hell breaks loose
        Don wins, leftoids flip out, all hell breaks loose
        Don wins, leftoids behave, but he is incapable of delivering of any of his promises, everyone flips out, all hell breaks loose

      2. They’ll stay home as a millenial and having millenial friends i can see large portions of them just gettjng baked instead and saying fuck ot

    3. A collapse on stage would be magnificent, especially if it doesn’t kill her outright but leaves her in some kind of semi-coma for the next ten years. You know, where she can’t really move or say anything, but still has enough consciousness left to feel pain. It would seem like a very, very fitting end to this cackling witch.

        1. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly stated that I want somebody to go through something that awful. But she’s earned it.


      1. And wait a few generations more till we find out that some of what we were brainwashed, oops taught, about Hitler isn’t true either.

        1. Meh true or not true I know he was an effeminate wierdo with the foresight of a mosquito.

        2. Perhaps one could look at it that way or they could interpert it that he did have foresight, took a risk and lost.
          Not easy to defeat the prevailing ism (Marxism, feminism, etc..) of the day. Perhaps the same will be said of us who tried to stop feminism.

  8. Even if Trump doesn’t win, if he comes close (within 1-2 % points) it’s a serious wake up call to the republicans in congress and the senate. They will have to acknowledge the increasing dissatisfaction with the entrenched government class. It also speaks to the weakness of Hillary if Trump can almost beat her with the overwhelmingly negative campaign against him.

    1. No it won’t wake them up. The same thing was said when we voted in a slew of conservatives. The RINO’s just went about business as usual and made the fresh meat fall in line. The only way the GOP gets turned around is if we get a bunch of people with actual spines in; those not interested in being career politicians.

  9. I don’t know. Most of my Facebook “friends” seem to get all their news from the the Facebook trending news feed. And as we all know, Facebook have all but officially declared war on Trump. As a result, severe TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) seems to have afflicted most of my Facebook contacts.

    1. I think 80% of FB people say their sole source of news is FB; however, less than 20% even believe what they are reading

    2. I am not on “facebook” but the Google Opinion Aggregator (aka Google News) has gone full retard in publishing anti-Trump opinions and misinformation as news.

    3. “And as we all know, Facebook have all but officially declared war on Trump.”
      Serious question – is there a possibility that if Trump were elected, he would wage war back and shut that fucking shit hole down? If so, I’d be tempted to vote for him a handfull of times.

      1. Trump will never become Dictator of America.
        Lots of Obamanites had that fetish, that Obama would swoop into office and pen anything they desired.

        1. Yeah , I agree. But I don’t think he needs to become dictator of America to give me something I would still enjoy. I would still be happy just like to see him do petty little shit like Obama has – you know, sick the IRS on them, deny them federal permits whenever needed, demagogue against them and publicly ridicule them as unpatriotic, refuse to speak to him or given him a platform. Basically, I want to see him henpeck that little Zuckerberg simp until he falls in line.

        2. Except to hot women! Hey! Haha.
          Seriously though, all that dude’s money, and that frumpy plain-jane wife was the best he could do?

      2. Constitutionally, he could not, because FB is a corporation and is not obligated to provide a forum to anyone. OTOH Obama has shown complete disregard for the Constitution, so a President Trump might follow that precedent.

    4. One big problem is that Facebook requires people to use their real names, and many Trump supporters are wary of losing their jobs.

  10. …they are wildly swinging about with their finger down on the full auto trigger.

    That’s a vivid image, and a relevant one. What it brings to my mind is this: Doing that with any of the more common full-auto guns will empty the magazine in about two seconds. Will the Left’s magazine empty on them, and if so, will they find other slanders to load into it?

  11. The media is trying to convince everyone that what Donald Trump says is worse than what Hillary Clinton has done. Well Donald Trump hasn’t killed anyone, sold state secrets, or the million other things that Hillary has done.

    1. It’s the complete controversion of the “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” that we all learned before we even got to Kindergarten.
      These fucks would have you believe that Trumps words are worse than Hillary’s goons.

    2. What the media is disregarding is that these things that Hillary did are CRIMES. There are criminal statutes on the books with serious penalties.
      The BLM groups commit crimes that the Leftist turn a blind eye on. They have no regard to the rule of law.

  12. The absolutely shocking levels of cover up for Clinton whilst latching on to anything Trump says and making it sound like he advocates sacrificing children to Satan every morning, is so fucking blatant that it smells strongly of back end control by Clinton. It’s one thing to leave a person unvetted, such as they did with Obama, but quite another to see how blatantly they’re covering up her very well known faults, mental illness, number of “accidental” deaths surrounding anybody who opposes, etc. This witch is pure evil, and it’s not hard to find tons of damning evidence to back that up, but the so called “mainstream” media covers for her so completely that you’d think that she was an angel from Heaven, here to help guide us down a path of holy righteousness. It’s just disgusting.
    I dislike Trump, honestly, and I know he’s a con man and a flim flam artist BUT I’m voting for him if it’s the last thing I do. He may be a snake oil salesman, but at least he doesn’t have a long trail of bodies behind him.

        1. Man, weaboos are so fucking annoying. Talk about no self respect.
          The Japanese cringe when they see images and videos of people like that. They don’t say anything out loud, but you can tell from their facial expressions just how disgusted they are.

      1. I like to use fun, unusual or unused words and terms to spice up my posts. Heh.

    1. Geez, I wanna vote libertarian and dispense with this lesser of two evils thing … but, I will probably vote Trump.

      1. What’s sickening to me is that basically my entire reason for voting for Trump is to keep a murderer from the White House. I mean it used to be about at least somewhat political things, now it’s just to keep an actual murderer from the seat of power. Christ, how we’ve fallen.

        1. A couple of months ago I would have disagreed with you vehemently. I agree with you now. My enthusiasm for Trump has evaporated. I’m voting for him simply because he’s the lesser of two evils. Although I’m sorry to say Ghost, I don’t think Ted Cruz would have been any better.

        2. Trump smeared him to kingdom come, to the point that it’s no longer even worth the time to argue. Cruz seems to me to be the perfect choice for the Supreme Court vacancy however. Dude is, no matter how you cut it, a very strict Constitutionalist.

        3. It does look like we’re fucked no matter who wins though. You’ve got the alt-right/neo Nazi Roissys, Vox Days and Forneys on the right, and then you’ve got the “invade/invite the world” globalists on the left. It’s a recipe for disaster no matter how you slice it.

        4. Cruz on the supreme court sounds like a good idea. I’m sick of this ivy league lawyer shit. I need to check it out but I don’t think you even need to be a lawyer to be a federal judge.

        5. That’s Cruz’ only hope of ever advancing beyond Senator, after his debacle at the RNC. Guy had the nerve to think his potential sponsors would laugh if off and welcome him.

        6. Constitution is fine as is – just repeal a couple of the newer amendments and go back to the original interpretation of the 10th amendment from before FDR threatened to pack the courts if they didn’t stop overturning his laws.

    2. Christ, how did politics in America get so low. It’s reduced two candidates, one a known a double dealing, sociopath, who’ll throw anything or anyone under the wheels in her pursuit of absolute power (Hillary Clinton) while the other candidate’s ego is so volatile and cartoon like in its utterances it’s difficult to believe that someone isn’t pulling our leg.
      What would your forefathers think? I’d almost abstain from voting if I was an American, however, if push came to shove, I’d vote for Trump, because, despite everything he doesn’t have a record of KNOWN human wreckage after him like Hillary Clinton. You’re right, she is a bad, bad person, the only thing she loves is POWER, not America, not the future, not all the children of the nation (sic).

  13. Trump is speaking the truth, that is why the elites hate him and lie about what he says. But then he backs down.
    It’s an obvious fact that if judges ignore the second amendment, guns rights people will resort to violence. It is not encouraging violence, it is stating an obvious fact.
    ISIS was just a religious group until the founders(Obama and Clinton) decided to arm and fund them because they didn’t like Assad since he was not a globalist. They did make ISIS into a military organization.
    Why doesn’t Trump say this? Why does he latter back down?

    1. He plants the seed, then walks away. It’s classic persuasion – you don’t want to put pressure on a new idea or people usually reject it, but if you seed it and then back off people will muse over it.

  14. There was a independent poll that stated Trump was at 79 percent. Not sure if it was valid but it screams extreme rigging by the elite if true. I do know a lot of Obama kool-aiders who will be voting for Hillary. These people seem to be getting nervous because they are not getting as many likes as they hoped on Trump facebook bashing posts.

    1. These polls are hard to read. They poll people via landlines rather than cell phones. People screen their phone calls or refuse to answer. The biggest challenge is that in the last presidential election 100 million eligible voters did not vote. How do you compensate for those numbers, when there is always the possibility that the other 100 million might vote in an election.

  15. The legacy press (broadcast TV, newspapers) is more desperate than ever – they instigated the BLM movement with every story of white cop on black perp violence, regardless of facts, just to piss off the black community and get eyeballs on ad space. Predictably, Hillarycunt jumped on their limited bandwagon in an effort to keep the BLM vote. But in terms of raw numbers, that isn’t enough to carry an election. The bulk of her votes are still coming from dried up old baby boomer tarts. Now that the DNC pissed off the youngish Bernie supporters, they are drifting to protest votes for Johnson, sitting out the election entirely or in some cases even going to Trump himself.
    In the end, there is a silent majority who’s had enough. They won’t put a sign in their yard, or a sticker on their car (for fear of a BLM or other thug vandalizing their property), and they will not discuss politics at work (for fear of being fired or accused of harassment by an SJW cunt) but they are out there in droves.
    Trump is doing ***FAR*** better than the press will ever credit him.

  16. Top Kek! Way to channel General Patton!:
    When the enemy has you surrounded—that only means there’s no way for them to escape.

    1. Interesting how Patton suffered an unfortunate accident when he started questioning the official narrative…

      1. They killed him. Staged the var accident and hit him with a low velocity sniper bullet. Ask yourself why he was the only one among 4 people in the car to be injured. And then, when he was recovering in hospital, he mysteriously died. Note that the preferred method of assassination of the KGB (then known as the NKVD) is poisoning hospital food.

  17. Many on the left are embracing the fact that cankles is crooked. Like we need an amoral cold calculating manipulative old lady in the white house. The Notorious HRC they call her.

  18. Two promising trends I’ve noticed in my day to day life:
    1) Trump supports coming out of the wood work.. I actually had a discussion with a guy AT WORK, in a ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE about our support of Trump. A year ago we would’ve been laughed out of the room.
    2) The majority of people that say they support him seem to also say something along the lines of “I dont trust the media anymore.. I don’t watch any of the major news outlets or read what they have to say”
    The thing is, when you DO turn on the TV, all you hear about is Trump. They’re either making some stupid joke about him, trying to sensationalize some mundane thing he just did, or just generally talking about how “he can’t be president!”. And oh god, the hair jokes… the stupid hair jokes. Countless people parading around endlessly with a dumb orange wig on their head.
    How does the DNC/media at large not see how they’re shooting themselves in the foot? Like this article points out… it’s clear they’ve no options left and are just coming out guns blazing, but you think they’d actually turn the barrel around and aim at the ”’enemy”’.

    1. I remember back in 2000 they did this with Bush and ultimately he won-same deal; when the media tries to mock you you know they are absolutely terrified.

  19. Man.
    Two Trump articles in a week… that weren’t written by Matt Forney.
    Things are looking up around here!

  20. Personally, I am tired of Trump being referred to as “dangerous” by the LSM. The only danger he holds is to the elites on both sides of the political spectrum.

  21. I knew about the Mockingbird Press, I knew about the lies and propaganda in the press, the CIA scripts, I trusted very little of what they had to say about anything…demonizing Putin, non-stop hysterical smear campaign against Trump while Hillary and her crimes get total protection – not a discouraging word against hillary EVER…………then I found out that Reuters was actually rewriting polling questions and how they figured them so that Hillary would ALWAYS come out on top….and now I am of the opinion that press is making her stealing the election sound plausible…nevermind that people don’t show up at her rallies, nevermind that the alternative news is all over the fact that she is clearly sick – very sick….AND never mind all those Wikileaks proving she has been selling out America for decades….the criminal establishment FULLY plans to install this demented old crook as POTUS…
    The press is our enemy…..never forget that….

  22. Fantastic article! Do you have any specific advice for ways for Trump supporters to help out? i have been battling Hillary’s paid trolls and The NeverTrump morons (it’s hard to distinguish these two groups sometimes) on sites like Instapundit, Althouse, and and LIon of the Blogosphere. But i would like to do more. Please advise.

    1. how could Hillary only lose 6 points if there’s 11.3% extra dems (51.3 vs 40) and 11.8% too few indies (13.2 vs 25). should the corrected poll have Trump way ahead?

  23. If this was really written by a Beltway and Trump insider, contributing unflinchingly to ROK, I am gleefully optimistic. Godspeed the new patriarchy, there is hope for Western civilization yet.

  24. Here is another bit of information that is encouraging. Trump owns the older vote, by a big margin. As mentioned in the article this is mostly a war being fought on TV, but the TV crowd is already owned by Trump. As such can it ever be truly effective as anything other than a disinformation campaign? They won’t win votes for Hillary, but they might discourage some not to go out and vote. The race is very close, regardless of what TV tells you.

  25. The next Wikileaks dump will end the Klinton campaign. Assange has said that there are things that Hitlery has done, thats so blatantly illegal it will lead to her being indicted. Supposedly this will all be coming out soon.
    Lets hope and pray!

  26. Trump won’t do a damn thing about Putin’s imperialism. He’s helping the butcher Assad stay in power, and his ramshackle Air Force is slaughtering innocent Syrians and moderate western allies. Now Putin has established a base in Iran! If we let this New Age Mussolini strut around the world stage unimpeded, we are looking at a new world war down the road. Russia and Iran both need nation building–they both need to be transformed into harmless western-style democracies no matter the cost. Trump would never do this.

  27. “Sir, we’re surrounded!”
    “Excellent. We can attack in any direction!”
    ~ An Army Officer

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