How To Meet Women Through Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

As dating becomes more and more difficult in the West, men are turning to new methods to meet women. One of the biggest kept “secrets” these days is the utilization of sites traditionally reserved for gold-diggers girls in need of financial aid.

It’s become referred to as “sugar dating”, or “splenda dating”. In a nutshell, you pay the big bucks to join these sugar dating sites, where women traditionally are looking for men with a net worth of over a million dollars. Then, you exaggerate your status to get responses and dates.

Finally, when you get them on a date, it’s as simple as this: trick them before you get tricked. These are not honorable or traditional women, and so this is not a game for the faint-hearted. If you’re willing to take these risk, then this guide is for you.

1. Pick The Website

By far the biggest sugar dating website is Seeking Arrangement. And truthfully, it’s the only one I’ve personally experienced with. I’ve had such success with it, I never found a reason to stray away from it.

There are plenty of other websites that out there, so do your due diligence before you pony up the money to join them.


2. Pick A Schedule

With sugar dating websites, the fees are very high–Seeking Arrangement will cost you $70 for just a one month membership. Compare this to something like Tinder Plus, which you can get an entire year of for less than that.

Why pay that price? Because the quality on these websites is out-of-this world. 

If you have any doubts about that, make a profile and browse for yourself (you can do this for free, just not message the girls).

The current prices for Seeking Arrangement are:

  • 1 month: $69.96
  • 3 months: $59.95 ($179.85)
  • 6 months: $49.95 ($299.70)

Sure, you can save money with a site like Seeking Arrangement by paying for more time up front–but can you actually get enough use out of a site like that for six months?

If you’re any good at online dating, probably not. The number of girls to message simply won’t be high enough to entertain you for six months. Instead, it’s far better to completely blitz the site for one month, take three months off, and then sign up for another month. As a result, over a year long period you’d only end up paying $210 instead of a full $600.

And you’d probably get the same results.

The best thing to do is to sign up, and blitz the site hard for a couple of weeks. Then take a week off. Finally, during the last week of your membership being active, go hard again. You can potentially get several dozen leads, which you can then try to meet up with over the course of the next month.

2a. Be Aware Of The “Come Back To Us!” Scam

While they’ll never admit it, many premium dating sites that cost money have a little trick to get you to sign up, or come back.

Have you ever noticed that when you first register your account on a site, you get dozens of messages–yet, you can’t read or reply to them? Ever notice that when your membership expires that you get another flood of messages in the week after your account has been downgraded from a premium membership?

Simply put, they’re dangling a carrot in front of your eyes in the hopes that you’ll sign back up (many of those messages come from fake profiles).

Don’t fall for it. Have discipline. When your time on a sugar dating site is up, shut it down for a while until the real population of girls has been replenished.

(As sugar dating gets more and more mainstream and popular, the amount of time for this is going to decrease.)

3. Crafting Your Profile

Sugar dating sites have very similar profile criteria to traditional dating websites, but with one exception.

They’re going to ask for things like your annual income, net worth, and “lifestyle budget”–i.e. how much money you’re willing to spend on these girls.


So the question becomes… how much do you lie?

Truthfully, you need enough of a cover story to give her plausible deniability about it. I was only 24 when I started utilizing sugar dating, and I found that I could get away with saying that I had a net worth of a million bucks, and made around $300k a year. This was backed up by the apartment I had (5 minutes to the beach in Los Angeles), the job and company I worked for, as well as the way I dressed.

The reality is that neither my net worth or my income were nowhere near this, but I gave enough of the illusion that it didn’t stop girls from meeting with me.

4.. Bring The Money Issue Up ASAP


I was a big proponent of making it clear to girls that I wasn’t going to be forking over any money for them to spend time with me. I made the argument that having a successful guy who they could have a lifestyle with was worth the trade off of getting a monthly allowance (which is what most sugar daddies pay their babies).

Because I wanted to screen girls I went out with hard, I added this tidbit in my profile for them to clearly see:

I’m not looking to pay an allowance. I’m not old like most guys on SA. I’m more than happy to share my lifestyle with and whatnot but I wouldn’t buy a car without test driving.

So, I’ll let you decide if getting to spend time and do cool shit with me, who is about your age, is worth the trade off. Also consider I don’t care if you have someone who DOES do that for you as long as you are present with me. The end.

My profile basically subconsciously portrays this: I’m not paying you anything, and I expect sex before things get serious. I’m young, cool, and charming. You’ll get perks of the “sugar dating” life but with someone you don’t have to be ashamed about.

Now, you could call me a cuck for adding that last bit in–but you must realize that these girls are ruthless. I didn’t want to lose girls who would be down for sex with me–but truly needed the cash. Would you ever consider being in an LTR with a girl you found on a site like this? Probably not.

Most men on these sites are paying women simply for their time, not their vaginas. So no, I really didn’t care if a girl I was dating off the site had an older gentlemen who paid her $500 a week to have dinner with him.

5. Messaging

Here is where you must keep a key game lesson in mind: when you are already high value, you do not need to overgame!

Remember that these girls think you are a millionaire. They expect you to be busy, aggressive, and to not waste time. Millionaires don’t have time to waste playing endless text games with girls.

Something as simple as, “Hey, your profile intrigued me. If the interest is mutual send me a message back with your number and ask me anything you’d like to know about me.”

This message consistently got me a 50% response rate with their number. Some of them needed another message or two to give it out.

Confident, straight to the point, and best of all–cuts through all the bullshit. If she’s interested, you’ve got a new lead and potential date and bang. If she’s not interested, she’s simply not going to respond. An often-overlooked aspect of game is just filtering through all the white noise. This messages completely filters girls into the yes or no category.

Once you’ve got her number, keep on the same path.

There is no need to spike attraction or do anything too much over text. Banter for a bit and ask her out. Keep it simple. “Let’s meet for a quick drink for an hour and see if we click.”

Your perceived status plus your “normalness” (most men on this site are old and weird, remember) will result in her not being able to say YES fast enough.

6. The Date Itself

Here’s where it gets tricky, but as long as you’ve set the frame up appropriately from the start (the disclaimer in your profile, and not mentioning money over text), you should be good.

Simply treat it as a normal date and escalate as per usual. Don’t take her to a fancy restaurant or let her order food–drinks in a classy lounge are enough. You should expect to pay for those drinks.

Under no circumstances should you pay her actual money. I don’t think there needs to be any discussion about that. Sugar dating is really just legal prostitution. These girls will hamster it to themselves, but you needn’t do that too.

If it gets to a point where she is really pressuring you for money, or is giving off strong gold digger vibes–simply walk away. When you’re experienced with game and have a high abundance mentality from being on a site like that, it’s easy to walk away.

There are plenty more fish in the sea.

7. Conclusion

I heard so many stories from girls.

There was the one who was paid $3,000 a month to go out to dinner once a week and hold hands with a guy.

There was the other who was paid $500 an “outing”, which mostly consisted of riding around town in his Ferrari–until he crashed it.

There are so many girls on these sites, but not enough men with game to satisfy them. Sure, these girls are looking for money, but deep down they’re all rooted in the same biologically. They will respond to game and charm. If you give them this, there is no telling the possibilities that they will go to keep you around.

You certainly shouldn’t go wife hunting on Seeking Arrangement, but who doesn’t like a little (free) sugar from time to time?

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210 thoughts on “How To Meet Women Through Sugar Daddy Dating Sites”

    1. Because unlike most other places in Western countries, they’re stocked with hot, young girls down for NSA sex. Of course they want money for it, but if you can manage to find a way to game the system and make them have sex without paying them anything (substantial), great. And if most men on there are weirdos with no game, it sounds plausible.

      1. Considering women’s propensity to fuck any dude no matter how old, fat, nasty, creepy, whatever, as long as he’s got the $, I can hardly see self-proclaimed gold-diggers giving a single fuck about a guy’s looks or game.

        1. But then again you seem to know shit about women or life as a successful adult, so nobody cares what you think.

        2. Females are always flipping back and forth between alpha fux / beta bux. You can’t change that, so game it to your advantage. I’m not that articulate but spend a few days at rollo tomassi’s site, he explains better.

        3. @Bollockser:disqus You obviously haven’t lived much. Women have a dual mating strategy.

        4. I need to double down on explaining the obvious:
          A woman on a gold-digging site probably doesnt care about the looks of a guy on a gold-digging site. Of course she cares about looks out in the real world.

        5. Yeah I am well aware of flippant flaky female nature but I thought we were talking about pseudo-Johns volunteering to pay online women for sex cuz they can’t get it for free based on confidence/charisma/looks/game, whatever. “Minimize your costs now! sign up and pretend you’ve got money and then game her into bed for FREE!” sounds like a damned infomercial scam lol

        6. That is an interesting point and the question is if you are willing to or if it is healthy and wholesome to willingly choose to wear the shoes of the latter..

  1. This strategy sounds feasible for some and not for others. But all gold diggers have hook ups with men who aren’t paying. Can the OP do follow up article with actual field report of women he’s banged from SA?

  2. Make up your mind ROK, I thought the goal was to spend the least possible amount of money per bang?? Besides sugar daddy sites are nothing more than prostitution. If you have to pay a bitch to hang out with you youre probably ugly and old. Fucking pathetic.

    1. The way I interpreted the article, the OP was positioning himself to get the benefits, while some other beta bux blue pill man gets used as the ATM cash dispenser. $70 site fee plus drinks sounds high, but consider some other man is paying her rent.

      1. So we’re talking about scamming bitches. That’s like hiring a prostitute and not paying her. What woman is going to hook up with a guy under the pretense of getting paid to get laid, and then suddenly change her mind and be fine with putting out for free.

        1. It’s not really scamming if you tell the girls right up front you aren’t going to pay them (like the author did in his profile). I guess how it works is the girls go in to this expecting to have sex with old dudes in exchange for money, nice dates and being associated with a rich man, but in this case they get the nice dates and associating with a man who (they think) is wealthy, minus the cash but also with the added perk of sleeping with a young, possibly reasonably good-looking guy instead of an “old creeper”. I mean if you had a choice between going on a few dates with a young girl in the 5-ish range or going on a few dates with an ancient hag but getting paid for it, which would you prefer?

        2. Some girls also sign up for sugar sites just to see if they can find an attractive older man. It isn’t easy, since most of us men let ourselves go physically and mentally. BTW I haven’t used any sugar sites, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

        3. Except given the context it’s just issuing a challenge to the women. They wouldn’t go on the same date with this guy if they actually knew his real net worth. They read the text and just think it’s worth the shot to see if they can be the one that breaks through to the pot of gold. He knows it. That’s the whole point.

        4. Man, it’s sick, just think of that old dude reaching into his wallet and counting out bills under the table..

        5. Agreed. My resistance is $70/month site fee. But if you pull several bangs a month then your cost per bang could average out less. But if you struck out after one month, or the females weren’t attractive enough for you, I’d drop it for a free site.

      2. You say that lik paying for a dating site and pretending to be wealthy to bang a hooker is anything but Beta.

  3. Are any women ethical? I just can’t see gold diggers changing their mind about getting paid to associate with a guy because he thinks he is so hot/so cool, whatever he thinks he is. The whole reason they get on these sites is to whore out for money, not because they like you as a person.

    1. Are any women ethical? That’s a different conversation : )
      There are different kinds of gold diggers, and sugar babies have been known to give free samples. Before SA existed, I pulled 25 y/o stripper from okcupid who was starting to slowly get fat and was thinking about her future. She had no problem with the idea of giving a free sample. I’m not alpha, and I’m certain she was qualifying me as a provider. Just don’t let yourself get played.

    2. “Are any women ethical? I just can’t see gold diggers changing their mind about getting paid to associate with a guy because he thinks he is so hot/so cool, whatever he thinks he is. ”
      Exactly. These bitches are on business mode. This article has to be one of the worst crock of shit pieces ever to be posted. If ROK is getting desperate for articles, it should do more reposting of great articles that have already appeared in the past.

  4. Splenda dating (taking them on a date, banging, and not actually paying them) may just be the greatest life hack I’ve ever stumbled across.
    Drill this gold mine before its tapped out.
    The quality is incredible.. For now.

    1. My understanding is that “splenda” daddies are sugar daddies with less rich budget, like splenda isn’t actual sugar but it still is sweet and gets the job done. That is different from getting the occasional bang for nothing while some other man takes her shopping once a week.

      1. My understanding is that Splenda is the fake sugar.
        A Splenda daddy has the appearance and taste of a sugar daddy but doesnt spend any money on the girls.
        You can literally take these girls out and bang them on the first date without paying a dime outside of drinks and a decent pad.

        1. Splenda daddy flies her economy class instead of first class because he doesn’t have as much money. Splenda daddy still pays but gets a less hot female than the sugar daddy. That’s different from hacking the whole “arrangement” paradigm and just going for the bang.

        2. Sugar dating Hacker / Spenda dating. Call it whatever but it’s a gold mine. One that doesn’t actually even require expensive drilling machinery. I think that’s the main point that is trying to get across here.

        3. Exactly. I don’t understand why so many guys are posting BS comments for this article. My experience mirrors the poster, although I eventually enter into some sort of monetary arrangements with gals so I can bang them multiple times and go on fun dates with them. Then I drop them after a few months and start the cycle again.
          Gals of all ages and with all agendas are on the site. Just filter out what you don’t want. I go for chicks between the ages of 21-32, with slim or athletic bodies, non-smokers and preferably no kids. My financial offer is accepted by about 80% of the gals I offer it to, and I bang 90-95% of the gals I got out with from the site.

        4. Sorry but I don’t really understand the logic behind what you guys saying although I’m from Europe and never been to the States. If most of the women in USA are ugly, or at least far from European girls, and on the site you say there are a lot of beautiful girls… Then it’s safe to say that most of the girls between 20-30 and 7-9 ARE ACTUALLY on this site, or has been lurking up there lately… If this is true than this society is going in a very very wrong direction :-/ it’s hard to understand from here and hope this mentality never comes here… I just imagined all the nice girls here who are almost all are up on tinder, going to this site when they feel like it, without the risk of losing their privacy of course, and then set their standards from there. It would be a fukin catastrophy :-/

        5. SA is big in britain. Do your own research on google. It does tend to naturally filter out less attractive females, because men’s expectations are higher.

        6. Apparently it’s becoming big on campus. Someone down the thread posted something on it.

        7. I’ve also heard the stories first hand.. Just something about a close link between a woman and a wad of cash is too off-putting for some of us.. I’ve always had an issue with it long before these sites were around.

        8. Dude, you’ve NEVER fucked a gal for free. Think about it. You’re paying one way or another with every gal you’re with — money, time, blood, emotions, etc.

        9. iv done this a lot. pro tip: use a .edu email and sign up as a sugarbaby then change it to daddy and you dont have to pay anything. you got nice house, car, clothes and game and they but right in. quality easy peasy

    2. The quality is incredible…

      Perhaps I’m being jaded, but how do you define quality?
      It better be 18-24, hot and tight, oozing femininity, and without the lippy attitude and immaturity of most young girls.

      1. I could see the 18-24 hot and somewhat tight being found, but you’re not going to consistently find mature, feminine American women at any price. The culture simply reprograms them.

        1. That’s why I questioned the “incredible quality” being touted by the OP. I’d rather use my time and money to travel to poosy paradises where my time and money go further for much higher quality women.

        2. I imagine by quality he means highly attractive and is not referring to their personalities.
          Honestly mate poosy paradise doesn’t exist. Women with quality personalities are few and far between. I’ve done travel many times, and you’d be better off pursuing the quality girl on your doorstep rather than the phantoms in foreign lands…

        3. I knew English Bob when we did time together in Wormwood Scrubs, at the time he had long blonde hair, a mini skirt and red lipstick, doing his best to find a Prison Sugar Daddy to look after him. If anyone knows how it works from both the male and female sides, it’s English Bob.

      2. This isn’t wife shopping, it’s sloot-shopping. If you want to smash copious amounts of women, you’re going to have to put up with virtually everything you don’t want in a permanent squeeze.

        1. 1. I’ve done the wife thing. Not shopping for one again — ever.
          2. If this is sloot-shopping, then you’ve opened the door for the most improtant metric — CPL of professional pussy, ie prostitute pussy.
          Professional whores are the glass ceiling for sloots, sluts, gold-diggers, sugar babies, or whatever creative moniker you care to use. If a man can quickly and easily obtain top-shelf pussy at the rate of $200 – $300/hr, then why waste time and money gaming anything that costs him even half that, whether online, day gaming, or night gaming. Charlie Sheen has it right. You want what you want from women, then you want them to leave. If you want a GF experience, you can pay for that too and get exactly what you want, while not having to deal with the usual bs of the general-issue western female.
          So, make the case of playing sugar daddy game based on the premise that “the quality is incredible,” when I can say the same thing about professional pussy, albeit with a 100% chance I’ll get what I want, when I want it, and not waste time and money on silly games with less than 100% chance of success.
          Now, fyi, I’ve have not ever nor do I ever plan on pay-for-play. I’m simply using this idea as a way to calibrate the cost/quality/time equation when saying one form of game is good, better, or even best.

        2. I agree with you. As I’ve probably said a thousand times, if I ever end up single and wealthy, I’m only gonna hire high dollar escorts as my ‘girlfriend’ for the rest of my life.

        3. Excellent plan!
          I see it done in my older, more monied venues. You run into the occasional gray-haired professional or business owner with some 20 year old bimbo on his arm. You can tell from the interaction he paid for that date in case, up-front, as is customary with such girls.

        4. I AM single and wealthy. At least midwest USA single and wealthy. My problem is that I can’t kill this desire to have a lifelong relationship with one girl and have kids. Fortunately, my standards are high enough that I won’t be getting married anytime soon with what’s available around here.

        5. I see American women from time to time, from different places in the states, and while most are vapid sluts, there are still a few, on rare occasion, that might’ve warranted a check in the box.
          I’m going back to the US soon, after a long, long absence, so I suppose I’ll get a fresh look at the apparent decadence that permeates the place.

        6. That’s because your desire is a natural biological imperative, something that the young guys are unaware of (yet). I’m in a similar situation. No woman seems good enough.

        7. You realise that you can make women leave by telling them to right? You don’t need a hooker for that. Plus some of us finding messing with a hooker just plain disgusting.

        8. I want to be like Prince and hire two twin escorts to go to the cinema and eat popcorn.

        9. that desire is dangerous and will fuck you up if you aren’t careful. from a guy in a similiar boat

        10. You can. But if they’ve already got their hooks in you, they can use all manner of weapons to get you to do their bidding, ranging from the crazy stalker approach, fake pregnancy scare (got a fellow RoK’er sweating that as I type), to the full-blown false rape accusation. They may leave, but girls aren’t necessarily gone.
          Hookers on the other hand — well, they want to leave and move on. They’re going to leave you alone unless you call them for another round. If they get weird, crazy or violent with you you’ve got the goods on them and can really cause problems for them. You can’t say that for the amateur you’re trying to pick up on S.A.

        11. Honestly I wouldn’t pick up any chicks on SA. Not my style. But a woman can only get hooks in you if you let them. You can tell crazy girls up front. Just stay away.

        12. You’re right, but I am saved by the fact that I am bitter as fuck and seem to turn most girls off.

        13. Yeah, the popcorn bin in his lap as he sat betwixt the twin hoez was just cover, it had a hole in the bottom…

        1. Does it? I’m not sure. That’s why I’m asking. In my experience, most girls looking for sugar daddies are “mature,” meaning their approaching, hitting or over the wall. They’ve given away their share of free pussy. Now, they are experienced at extracting money from men to pay for all their shit. And I’ve been the one to bang some of these damaged women who were being supported by other simp men. I got off with a few drinks. They were paying the rent, insurance, and utilities.
          So, without plunking down $60 or more on S.A., what’s the quality of the women that anyone is actually closing?

      3. This piece is so bad that I would wager “The City Bachelor” is a sock puppet account or a ringer account for the virgin, highly inexperienced junior high school kid who wrote this article.

        1. Yeah, possibly. Here’s the deal. It’s old news at best. Here’s a thread from over 3 years ago about this whole situation, including links to the article about he Hebrew Hammer, who is the superstar of S.A. game, if not the first.

          I didn’t pursue it then, and I’m not sure I’d spend the time or money now on a statement as unqualified as The quality is incredible So far only one person has alluded to what kind of quality might be on Seeking Arrangement — young college girls looking for an expense account while they blow daddy’s money on a college.

      4. It is I know one of these girls. Hot feminine submissive 19 years old. Oh but she is a hooker. She is hoping to get lucky. She doesn’t tell these guys what she really does for a living .

        1. Well, that kinda illustrates my point. I’m not sure what you mean by submissive, but I’m not thrilled at shoring pro’s between their paying customers, hoping that I’ll be their steady paycheck.

        2. I’m not even sure they’re denying it. I don’t think they feel any Shame about being a prostitute. they just want to be one that doesn’t need to work very hard and makes a lot of money.

        3. I’ve known a couple guys that have used this site, since Backpage became lousy with law enforcement.

      5. I can say from experience they are 18 to early twenties and you can cherry pick. These women are basically prostitutes in total denial.

        1. Ok. I’ve gotten that assessment from you and others. That’s cool. At least the quality is there.
          Now, if you’re dealing with amateur whores, you ensure your Cost Per Lay (CPL) is well under that of professional whores, because S.A. game requires my much more valuable time to shore these girls, while professionals are a sure bet, albeit you pay-to-play. Either way you’re paying.
          However i’ll give it a go for a month and see what I can pull from there.

        2. This was years ago, and my dollar to orgasm ratio was extremely low to tell the truth. Give it a go.

    3. Agreed. I’ve used to bang chicks in the States (Scottsdale, Las Vegas), Canada, Mexico and Colombia. It will always cost you something (at least dinner, drinks, taxis, etc.), but the quality is very good and plentiful in most major cities. I pay for the discounted monthly package, then go hard getting numbers and setting up dates until my membership expires. I then date and fuck most of the chicks (sometimes setting up monetary arrangements per date that always includes sex) over the next 2-3 months until I’m tired of them or cut them all loose for something that pisses me off — it always feels great to cut a hottie loose for being late to dinner and seeing the look on her face or read her incredulous texts!!! They play to my tune and then perform well in bed, or I dump them unceremoniously, regardless of how hot they are. The dumping of these fucked-up, delusional chicks is almost as fun as being raunchy with them in bed.
      And no, I’m not a multi-millionaire, but I certainly look and act the part to pull it off without a hitch.

    4. Indeed. I was doing this years ago. Prime place to pump & dump 18-23 year old (smoking hot) chicks without having to drop big money on them. Take them on a nice date and that’s about it. It’s like hanging a carrot in front of their faces. Idiots.

  5. Good write up. One thing – I am not sure all the profiles that mysteriously pop up near the end of a subscription period would be fake. It could be an algorithm that knows when a subscription is about to expire, then releases new, previously unseen profiles to that subscriber right before he’s about to punch out. Would not be hard to do and would not involve the use of completely fake or otherwise suspect profiles.
    One other thing to remember – assuming you are able to game one of these amateur prostitutes into the sack, have a plan in case she demands money after sex. That is, keep messages between you two in the event she pulls a surprise because she feels “cheated” after giving it away for free. If they are anything like the rest of the “sex worker” community, forewarned is forearmed.

    1. A girl I banged once last year started texting me photos of diamond necklaces. I nexted her immediately. Pretty sure she was a Dubai port-a-potty too.

    2. I’ve had this happen too, you can be assured that a couple years from now there will be an Ashley Madison style revelation about SA.
      Just keep plugging away, watch out for the time wasters, fake profiles, anybody from more than 25 miles away, club promoters and finally hookers!

      1. And Match and all the other pay sites. They all work the same way. Lots of fake profiles to get men to pay.

  6. Sounds good at first, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the rape accusations start to fly when she finds out you don’t have the money she expects.

    1. I heard a joke once that went, “If you have sex with a hooker and don’t pay her, is that rape or theft?”

  7. “most men on this site are old and weird”
    Just wondering at what age a man becomes an old weird guy? Sounds more like a teenage girl talking.

    1. I thought exactly the same thing. Feminism has totally penetrated American society, even in a site like this one!

    2. 42, if not younger.
      Where I work the women are mostly 30 or under in age. The conversations I hear make me wish for a private office with soundproof walls and steel doors.

      1. Ok, so I guess I became an old weird guy a decade and a half ago. Good to know. Thanks ROK 😉

        1. I’m alright with being labelled weird, but it’s the ‘old’ thing that gets me riled up enough to take my blood pressure pills.

  8. So you’re basically scamming women, lol. It’s not really for me, but the thought of it does make me chuckle. Well played.

    1. Well played indeed. Even this new wave of online game is tempting me to try it

  9. Wouldn’t this defeat the purpose of a Sugar Daddy site? How are you getting tricked if you actively sign up to give money to girls? You know what you’re going to be up for, stop being stingy. Alternatively you can go on Tinder/ or maybe even try meeting girls IRL.

    1. Sounds like a butt hurt gold digger tired of giving away free samples that didn’t lead to an arrangement. lol

      1. You and your mates say women are tricksy when it comes to getting money out of you – constantly complaining about how you’ve been ripped off somehow – but then you’re also willing to believe that you can trick women into giving something to you for free? On a site made for a very specific business transaction nonetheless. Your logic is kinda flawed bud.

  10. My understanding of the site was that it was used not by millionaires, but guys with slightly above average incomes as a way of easily banging barely legal girls. In other words, the girls weren’t expecting millionaires, but were expecting guys who had several hundreds dollars on them at any given time, and would freely throw them a bone in exchange for teen poon.
    I normally wouldn’t be attracted to this type of site, but considering how the younger girl / older guy thing is so socially shamed in the west, and this site is screening for precisely the type of girl that *expects* to be dating an older, more mature guy, I think it’s pretty brilliant, and easily worth $70. Now if you’re able to do it without even paying them, then more power to you, but if you’re having to dress, act, and entertain them like you’re a millionaire, chances are you’re already spending a good bit of dough indirectly on them. If you don’t love the overpriced bar scene, you may be better off just paying them directly.

  11. One more reason to be cautious of young western women. Imagine ending up with one of these women!Shudder, knock on wood!

      1. I was thinking about some poor sod who’ll end up marrying one of these women.

    1. Most men would never know, if they married a sugar baby or even a short term hooker I reckon. Probably only a couple of her closest friends would know she was doing this. From what I gather the whole ‘sugar baby’ thing is increasingly seen as less of a big deal by many women (but they still wont want it known they dabbled in it), and I feel many of the women doing this can be regular girl next door university student types and not emotionally damaged types. Is a ‘seeking arrangement’ type woman any worse then the ‘woohoo DTF party girl’ with big cock count. Its real easy for the sugar baby to mention to her fiance how she dated a couple of older successful men when she was younger but leave out the part about how they paid her rent & tuition.

  12. This is pathetic. Please don’t have this “author” back on this site. ROK just took two steps backward.

    1. The manosphere isn’t a monolith. Shudder at the thought that some folks here are still pickup artists. /s

      1. This isn’t about that. I mean, you are right 100% but this article seemed like a kratom advertisement. The sheer amount of time and effort that would go into this method I could, and would much prefer to, find a girl, buy her a couple of drinks and stick my dick in her.

        1. I don’t disagree. Seems more trouble than it’s worth overall. But for some folks, allegedly, it works. Just another avenue of approach.

        2. I have no doubt it works. I just feel that it is the Rube Goldberg version of getting laid. Unnecessarily complicated

        3. Refer to article in NY Observer in 2013. Man claims 50 first date bangs from SA with minimal effort. He was med school student with no money who presented himself as worth $5mm. Never paid more than cost of one date. Never called them back after.

        4. You’re an inspiration, brother.
          When the next high-tier porno blockbuster comes out, titled, “Lube Goldberg – Human Sex Machine”, you’ll be in the credits.

        5. Even more awesome, thanks to ROK, they’re getting Quan (the Asian fugly pageant winner from Michigan) to cameo right at the beginning: “You Lube Gordbulg – me ruv you rong time!”

    2. I am with you. I feel like this article could be called “how to get laid in a whore house with a fist full of 100s”

      1. That’s if it’s not an advertisement masking itself as an article. Pay-for online dating has the business model of extracting money from men. They don’t care how the men use the site so long as they pay.
        And the whole play ‘rich’ thing. This the age of leverage. It’s not difficult to pretend to be a millionaire.

        1. Maybe it’s not difficult to pretend to be a millionaire but it is also not difficult to get laid while being honest

    3. I can’t help but agree. At the end of the day he is paying for sex. At worse, he is paying for an expensive dating site with no guarantee of hookup.
      I am not Billy Moral over here, but from what I gather, this site is about being authentic and confident and making women want you because you are a man.
      Not paying premium price to pretend to be something you are not to get after high priced hookers.

      1. I’ve only been around this site for a relatively short while but most of it seems to center around how to pretend whatever some target audience of women will go for. Maybe sometimes a fake it until you become it. But there really isn’t much about men just being themselves except in the random article attacking MGTOW.

    4. He certainly does stir us up, stir up the kind of reader who is attracted to ROK, ie a red pill, reality over lies character.. Can say a lot of people tried to tell me in my early days of chasing women to go down a path like this, flashing dollar signs, could just never do it. It is just offensive somehow

  13. “Sure, these girls are looking for money, but deep down they’re all rooted in the same biologically. They will respond to game and charm”
    No they won’t, jackass. Those sites are literally escort sites spun in a way that satisfies our stupid puritanical laws in wasteland USA. Paying for sex is illegal – unless the event is recorded on video and made available to the public i.e. porn. So in order to pay for sex and not pretend you are an adult video producer, these sugar daddy sites exist.
    But yeah – sure pal, go to a site and meet a chick who is absolutely expecting money and then convince her to fuck you for free. Are you a 19 year old delusional virgin?
    Douchie article; fail.

    1. You are wrong. I ran this scam on three girls this year. I did take them out on real dates but I fucked two of them before we ever even talked about money. I would still consider myself a beginner or maybe intermediate on game.
      From there you can dump them, continue as is or start paying them.
      I will disagree with his assessment of the talent though. I think it is slightly above an okc or
      These girls are going to be combative too, we are not the only ones planning to pump and dump them.
      I’m going to keep improving and try it again later this year.

      1. I would be more interested in comments like this from men who have successfully used SA to get bangs, and avoided the “arrangement”. I can see this working for more seasoned players. The way I see it the women on SA have made themselves into pump and dump by their own actions. They are rolling the dice and hoping for a pay out, knowing not all “dates” are going their way.

        1. I have read a few articles by SBs and SDs on the pay for arrangement setup. It seems men can have an advantage with women who are young and new to the market. They can be a bit intimidated by the ‘successful’ men and feel uncomfortable bringing up and discussing money. It was possible for a sauve & savvy man to postpone talk of finances and bed some of the naive and less self assured young women before any firm agreement was reached. I also read a few reports from some of the SBs who were quite self assured & savvy & thought they ‘were all that’ and were hard negotiators with a ‘show me the money first’ attitude. So I guess it will be a case of for some this strategy will work and you would likely be better off avoiding seasoned SBs who have been on the site for a while.

      2. ” I ran this scam on three girls this year. I did take them out on real dates but I fucked two of them before we ever even talked about money”
        But eventually you paid which is what the arrangement is all about. The article is entertaining some silly fantasy about fucking a chick without giving her monetary compensation she is expecting.

  14. I use the site in Mexico and Colombia and treat it like a selection of reasonably priced escorts. I typically come to an agreement with a gal that I pay her about $100 per outing, which includes dinner and sex (with 2 pops) over the course of about 4 hours or so. That’s a good discount from standard hot escorts, plus you have more time to build chemistry and tingles. In fact, I’m going to dinner and banging an SA chica in about 3-4 hours from now — literally. She asked me last week if I wanted to pay her university tuition for this year (about $1,800 USD) and I simply said “no.” She said she was embarrassed by the request and understood if I didn’t want to see her again, but I blew the whole thing off and said I’m still happy giving her a C-note and a stiff cock once a week, so she’s happily back on the bandwagon and knows not to ask for anything more. This chica has a 9.5 body, fantastic puss-puss (no kids), 7 face, 8 personality and dresses well. Fair enough I say. The site has value in this modern world of hook-ups.

  15. I don’t date. And I’ve never done online dating. I’ve never needed, nor wanted, to deal with the fugly fakers and SIF’s on most dating sites. However, I am a man of means and I’m willing to explore sites like S.A. if the quality is there.
    If you’re telling me from experience that these are mostly young college-age girls who are rolling the dice to pick up a sugar daddy to pay their non-school lifestyle expenses, then maybe it’s worth taking a look.
    You say it’s a new paradigm, but it’s not really new. I read about the Jewish Hammer using SA to land serious poon a couple years ago. Even then I wasn’t quite sure it was worth my investment of time, but perhaps I’m wrong.

      1. As in Secret Internet Fattie, like an overweight girl who only posts headshots with MySpace angles to hide it.

  16. This is a neat idea and quite an ingenous one too. Young Russian tycoon of Vladivostok, Yuri “Bike” Chainov in town to plow some local talent.

  17. A question I’d like to have pondered by us is the following. If you have the disposable income to do it, is there any reasonable objection against buying sex with a hot woman through sites like these? While that isn’t the point of my colleague’s article here (his is to actually game the website AND the girls), is there actually a problem with taking a girl out, paying for the activities and food, and leaving her 100 bucks after a few hours of good fucking?
    I am not talking legality; legality is if they can prove prostitution. According to our theories here, a sufficiently confident man who has put in sufficient effort should be able to succeed on his own without paying for sex, and I agree, but, if it’s not a lot of money, and she isn’t a career ho, is there any harm?

    1. “legality is if they can prove prostitution” Legally it might not be prostitution, but, that’s essentially what it amounts to. I’ve never met a woman who’s not a prostitute (not that I use them) who’d agree to be offered money in the way you suggest. There’s something just “dirty” about this, for both parties, isn’t there?

    2. Exactly my point of view. I mix and match when it comes to banging women, and $100 is not a lot of money for me to guarantee a good time in the sack. And when you do it routinely, it feels Alpha as hell, let me tell you!! The girls try much harder also — always on their best behavior and virtually no bitching or venting.
      Depending on my mood, my schedule, my location and my budget, I’ll pursue and bed self-admitted escorts, quasi-escorts in denial (chicks on dating and sugar daddy sites), cute street girls (traditional prostitutes), professional bar girls who work in high-class brothels, and so-called civilians (self-proclaimed non-whores). I don’t discriminate the different types of pussy, but I understand that access to them is NEVER free, regardless of your “relationship” with them. I go with the flow and try to enjoy the best bang for my bucks. After 10 years of experience on “the dark side” (mongering) I find sex is better when money is openly acknowledged. I also have better conversations and more laughs (fun) with working girls as a general rule — there’s much more honesty and much less BS. I’ve also established better chemistry with professionals on numerous occasions, which turns into regular sexual escapades that are quite fulfilling.
      My current long weekend plans: going out to dinner and bedding a chica from (she’s doing it for “tuition money”) in about 1 hour later tonight. Going shopping and for lunch tomorrow with a real cute civilian from a good family, who is single and with no kids at the age of 31 — it may or may not lead to sex afterwards as she’s kind of a prude. Tomorrow night, having an escort come over to my pad for 1.5 hours if the civie doesn’t pan out. Monday afternoon (a holiday here where I currently live) perhaps visiting a pre-pago — a gal working out of her apartment as an escort for less than a traditional escort charges (typically $50-60 USD instead of $100 USD, but you have to travel to them). Regardless of anything, I’ll enjoy myself, eat well, probably buy a new pair of shoes and…. bang some very decent ass along the way also. Fair enough, no?

      1. Why don’t you then just pick up a regular hooker from the street? I hate, as a self respecting man paying for sex. It means, I’ve failed in some way and I won’t accept that.

        1. I wonder why so many people have this view? For some reason paying for sex has never struck me as being a “failure.” I’ve never done it myself, but I mean ethically speaking, the idea of it doesn’t bother me one bit. If I lived where it was legal, I’m sure I’d do it all the time and wouldn’t feel remotely guilty about it. It has nothing to do with “failing” or being unable to get sex normally. It’s about the ease and convenience, and not wanting to put up with BS. It actually appeals to me, in theory.

        2. Exactly. That’s why I eventually tried it to test the “theory” and it was better than I expected. Some nights I just want laughs and an inviting pussy with no BS. I’ve realized I can buy that arrangement for very little money in many countries. It’s efficient, convenient, economical, enjoyable and with no strings attached. And I say this as a handsome professional with some loot in my pocket. In shape, above-average height, most of my hair and dress well.

    3. The biggest incentive is that you won’t face the possibility of a false rape allegation afterwards.

    4. 100 bucks. ppfff. I doubt even the chubby average looking mid 30s sugar ladies would bother with a daddy who only springs a $100 on them. For some that might get you drinks for a hour before she goes off elsewhere and no nookie. Did you see the screenshot of that Lifestyle Budget from the SA site where it had suggestions for monthly spend – moderate is 3000-5000 euro. The girls on there have $ $ signs in their eyes and $100 is what they expect the guy to drop on a bottle of wine and not for a night out + sex with them. The author of this article is ruling out the typical SD allowance role and for sure also the fee for service role as well as the SBs would be expecting top escort rates + many might be wary of doing it that way as that’s clear cut prostitution whereas an allowance is in the grey zone and make them feel like its not a sordid arrangement.
      I saw your post below and how where you live you can get hooker for $60. Man that’s real cheap, so if you used to paying that I can see why you said $100 and the fact you are in Sth America, In the US/UK though if you’re supposed to be a multi-millionaire on SA I cant see hardly any of the women being happy getting a $100 tip for sex, when she likely has notions of pulling in at least $3k a month from her wealthy benefactor

  18. I wonder if it even matters that you arent rich. I did super well on a military site, and no one seemed to care that I wasn’t military. The contrast is key.

    1. “The contrast is key”
      Yes, this exactly. For instance, my advice to anyone who is trying to bang a woman who is married or has boyfriend is to figure out who her husband/boyfriend is and play up the part of your characteristics that are totally opposite. Women want a buffet these days. If she is married to a guy who, say, loves football and she brings up football and you blow it off and are like “wtf is the point of that” it will make her all moist.

      1. Its exactly what women do to married men… it works inversely as well. It the key, but its the key to a door with shitty things behind it. A better example for those who take what they read here literally is that if the woman you are trying to screw or start something with seems to be attracted to everyday dudes, be the antithesis. Being a NON-gamer did wonders for me among the women in there lower 20s.

        1. Agreed about the non gamer approach which is essentially what j have always used. Notice, I do not recommend the method above but merely point out that it is effective. Everything is a tool. How a man uses it is up to him and him alone.

        2. I was never a big video game guy. My knee injury coincided with when skyrim came out and I played the fuck out of it while I was laid up. But after that really didn’t play much more. I can see how video games and porn are similar in the soul and energy draining departments.

  19. Move into a trailer park (but keep your regular house) and find the 18 yr olds with no daddies and young desperate single moms. Toss em’ 25/50 bucks from time to time. Cheapest way to be a sugar daddy. That’s if you don’t get em’ pregnant.

  20. Im not a fan of lying. It is not necessary and my lying is degrading myself in order to get laid. No woman is worth my honor.
    That said these girls have no honor and fully deserve being deceived and used. I’m just not going to lower myself to do it.

    1. I agree. However, Wes, I try not to get down on a girl for having no honor. That’s like saying “that man sucks at doing laundry”
      Honor is a higher order state which is inaccessible to women. A woman’s honor is defined by the honor of the man she is with at any given time.
      When I go out with a fun and attractive woman to a nice restaurant it is like I put my cloak around her. Her value is tied into mine. She wants to be highly valued so the more valued I am the better she feels about herself. Men and women have separate jobs. It is the man’s job to comport himself with dignity and respect and with honor and courage to the world around him and the woman’s job is to comport herself in such a way that adds joy and, in turn, incentive for them to be strong.

      1. I like your outlook. I’m going to guess that we both behave in a similar manner. But I do find the suger daddy arrangement to be self degrading. For the girls. It’s not so much that I have a lot against them individually. it’s that I have so much against this culture that has so many women like this. So many families have raised so many girls so wrong

        1. I agree, I could never be a sugar daddy. That said, I always pay for dinner and drinks. It isn’t misplaced chivalry or a me being a sucker. To be honest, I like being the big man. I look going into a restaurant you need reservations for and the owner comes up and hugs me and tells me he will get me a seat, brings me a drink on the house…I pay for everything. She is all in her little tizzy and I am being the man. No matter what beliefs she thinks she has, deep down this is what she is craving. it will make her happier and more fun to be with and not just ready and willing to fuck, but she will crave it.
          A girl once told me after I stopped seeing her (like 2 weeks), she called me and said “after 5 dates with you I “literally can’t tolerate boys anymore. lets go out. it doesn’t have to be serious”
          To an outside observer it would look like I am buying her. I am in my 40’s. She will be in her 20’s. I am paying and she is pretty. But it is more than that. I get off on it.

        2. Yes I understand completely. You like the classic night out. Your not doing it to impress, you love it. And yes you also love a happy girl who holds you in esteem. Hell that is heady stuff. My favorite place is Tulio’s in Seattle. Walter the founder and head chef. We are friends. Maybe it’s an older guy thing

        3. That said, btw, that me paying for dinner will never translate into gifts, help with bills or rent. It is just part of the package deal that comes with a date

        4. It very well might be. You know, I tend to date much younger women. People always ask me how I pull shit off. I mean I will be 2 decades older than a girl. The truth is, if I was in a club I couldn’t pull them. I can’t/won’t dance, the place is noisy. Yeah, maybe some chick will think I am cute but that doesn’t help me. When I meet one of these hot young girls who is always at clubs at a cafe or the gym or the park whatever, I bring them to places I like, like Tulio’s for you, it is something they haven’t had an experience of yet. They are young professionals usually and will do happy hours, or clubbing. But when I pull them into a 100 year old hotel bar with a pianist playing jazz for a cocktail and then go to dinner I am giving them something that the 10 guys before me and 10 guys after me won’t. They are all young. She is getting to play grown up princess. And yes, I eat that shit up.
          Just tonight I turned down a date. Polish girl, super fucking hot, early 20’s and she is dropping texts which are basically an invitation to her twat. But it is 95 degrees with 113 on the heat index and humid and I am going out tomorrow early so I turned her down. She is so fucking depressed. The last time I took her out we did up the town. I doubt she hears no very often if at all. She will wind up with some guy taking her out and doing typical 22 year old shit and all the while she will be thinking about this man literally old enough to be her father and the amazing experiences she could be having.
          Transcendental cockblocking.

        5. Well, to be fair, boys are literally like Hitler.

        6. The only type of “professional” chicken head in her early 20’s can be is a professional whore.
          “And yes, I eat that shit up”
          Coprophagia is beyong kinky! With the polish one can you taste all the cabbage in her diet?

        7. see, it is people like you that make young, attractive, interesting women go for older men. The thing about hypergamy is that all women of all races or all social classes of all nationalities of all tastes will always chose men like me over weak and insignificant people who are afraid of and hostile towards them.
          I would suggest, for your sake, that you immediately forget everything you think you know, grow a brain, a heart and a dick and try to be a better human being…either that or get used to the smell of sour milk and being one of the sterotypes that ROK readers get accused of spanky.

      1. Obviously pussy means more to you than your own honor. Or your man completely without honor your word means nothing to you. Either way you’re not somebody I would ever look up to, nobody should. Really all you have is your word that pretty much means you don’t have anything

  21. Much easier and cheaper method. 1) Buy a ball of blow 2) Go to strip club 20 minutes before last call (that is 3:40 am near me) 3) get lap dance 4) offer to share blow at your place.
    I do not advocate doing this in general. I advocate walking up to girls and being fun in such a way that they want to spend time with you. However, if you are thinking of going on a sugar daddy website, trust me…the above method is a lot faster, cheaper, less dangerous and pretty much idiot proof.

      1. I did that job when I was in college. It was kind of gross but I was 19, making over 1000 a week in cash (and this is the early 90’s) and was friends with strippers. It was a pretty solid way to earn money in college but I didn’t make a career out of it lol

    1. No, all the moderators have gone to bed except me. Give me a break, man, it’s people doing the comment deleting, not a bot; sometimes that takes time to get to.

  22. I’ve heard that in Western Europe feminists are pushing an idea of “rape by deception” and want it to be illegal to lie about your income, job, et cetera.

    1. I would love to see a guy file a “rape by deception” criminal complaint against a woman who:
      1. Wears makeup.
      2. Doesn’t mention any children she’s had.
      3. Wears a girdle, corset, padded bra, or anything else in that vein.
      I suppose even in extreme cases, you could add plastic surgery to the list too.

    2. I took have read this. When women go to prison for wearing spanx or taking misleading dating profile photos I will be willing to discuss rape by deception.

      1. What about those bras that give her the look of the perfect rack, but without it those granny tits point straight down at the floor? Or that ugly tat you discover on the big night that covers the entire side of her right ass cheek, looks like the target logo painted on her ass? Women aren’t disclosing that up front. I’m calling an attorney.

  23. Why should I spend time and money on such sites (plus time for meeting, plus money for drinks) if I can fuck a prostitute in Germany for 25 dollars (20 euros)?

    1. That’s impossible to believe in developed first world economy. That would buy you lap dance, nothing more.

        1. That must be abhorrent, $25 would rent a farm animal in a village in khazakstan. I will never trust anything you say about women again.

        2. You can get blowjobs for 15 dollars in Germany. At least in the Cologne/Bonn area. It is partially due to the influx of tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian sex workers.

  24. Not bashing so don’t take this for that
    Anyway , I don’t get this. If I was rich enough to pay a girl 1k -10k a month then why would I need a dating site?
    I expect this to be top quality trim to be worth it. I’m talking , being able to buy a relationship with Jennifer Lawrence quality.
    Don’t get me wrong. I totally see the sport in bagging women for a first date bang and then moving on. Just saying I don’t see how these sites work in practice.
    Adding to that, men still gotta pay? Bump that! If I was wealthy they should be paying me. Why even in this scenario where the men are the product they still gotta pay? I’d pull up in my rolls Royce and pick from a Lin up of all the women ogling my Rolex.

      1. My point was a celebrity. I don’t keep up with them, and yes…id bang her.
        I’m not ashamed.

    1. f I was rich enough to pay a girl 1k -10k a month then why would I need a dating site?

      This sounds more like a logistics/convenience issue. One would pay money to save on the hassle of having to figure out where to meet the women.
      As long as one doesn’t get sucked into becoming Captain Save-A-Ho this shouldn’t be problematic.

  25. “How To Meet Women Through Sugar Daddy Dating Sites”
    “How to make yourself think you’re going to bang a hooker for free while spending money on websites to do it”

    1. If you have to ask…….
      It’s about how to scam women for sex. The women are upfront and honest about what they are looking for. You may not like their attitude but they are honest about who they are. Is it really alpha male behaviour to lie about your status and intentions instead of working to improve yourself?
      The author of this article and those who follow his suggestions can make no such claims. This is simply a how to guide on exchanging integrity for sex. You might as well use a hooker and refuse to pay or do a runner from a restaurant.

      1. “It’s about how to scam women for sex. The women are upfront and honest about what they are looking for.”
        And what about all the women who have scammed men by leading them on at some point? Call my a cynic, but i’d think all women have engaged in or benefited from this practice at some point..

        1. Of course. If you’re happy being a beta then emulate that. There are people who managed to have nsa sex without compromising their integrity but perhaps you’re not one of them. She did it first is a perfect justification. If you’re less than ten years old.

        2. What you’re missing is why this site exists in the first place. The red pill movement is a reaction to feminism, not the other way around. Had women maintained the age-old exchange of a pure, virtuous woman marrying a good man, then none of this would have ever happened. Instead, now, women trashed their virtue in return for hedonism, yet they still want the good man at the end. Part of the red pill is to appear to be a badass so you can get the hedonism, and another is to appear to be a good man so you can get some without having to marry her.
          Women are upset that they don’t have a monopoly on being duplicitous and breaking social norms.

        3. If your idea of alpha male is to scam prostitutes then fill your boots. Your rationalisation hamster is clearly well fed and happy on its wheel.
          By the way, the age-old exchange of a virtuous woman marrying a good man never existed. You’re harking back to an imaginary utopia or maybe to a dream you had from books or romcoms you saw as a kid. Real life was never a Norman Rockwell painting. Anyway, this is the world and we all have to find a way of living in it. If the best you can hope for is blagging women from a sugar daddy website, well that speaks volumes.

        4. An alpha goes after what he wants in life, and if he can afford hookers, that’s his business. Effort goes into getting sex, and whether that’s a night of entertaining a girl, or making the money to pay her, it’s all the same. This is reason, not rationalization. Women rationalize; men reason. You prove this yourself by using one of our terms outside of its meaning by rationalizing that a criticism of women used by men could just as easily be used in the reverse.
          The problem with that is women have an emotional view and look for evidence to support their view (rationalization) whereas men look at the evidence, then form their view (reason.)

        5. You’re missing the point. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with paying. In fact if a guy wants to pay for sex and finds someone he can do that with I have no problem with it at all. You’ve become so emotional you’ve lost your capacity for reasoning and analysis, if you ever had it.

        6. Did you have a point? Other than out-of-context quotes of our talking points as your replies? Why would I have emotion for a discussion with a troll of whom I can edit or delete her comments as I see fit?

        7. Why have emotion? I have no idea. I’m not inside your head (thank God). Reading your replies it’s clear that you’re not using reason since your interpretation is not what was expressed. Now, having used used rationalisation rather than reason you have resorted to obfuscation (in reality there are no out-of context quotes), name-calling (troll) and a threat to delete.
          Delete all you want. It won’t change the fact that you rationalised the opposite meaning out of what was written and you’re too fragile to admit it. You must be the alt right version of generation snowflake.

        8. Your reply made no sense. I did not threaten to delete your posts, I said that I don’t really care what you say because I can edit it or delete it at will; it’s the difference between “shape up or else” and “you don’t really matter.” We generally let trolls run so they drive up the comment count, then nuke them once they get too big. You’re fine right now.

        9. If you are looking for the reason why you should pump and dump these whores, read this thread. If you actually attempt to use the site as advertised you will pay through the nose and likely get no sex out of it. If you run the scam method on them you will likely get sex out of them for free. This is the standard alpha beta dichotomy we discuss here. The beta follows the rules and gets scamed out of his money by girls like Jessica that have been pumped and dumped (you can hear it in her comments). The alpha runs the scam, gets laid and pays a tiny fraction of his time and money for the sex. Do you think that if you told Jessica you wanted an arrangement and paid her, that she would come over and fuck you enthusiastically? No, you would just identify yourself as her next mark!
          Always run the scam fellas as this site demonstrates clearly, beta males get punished and alphas win.

      2. The OP is correct in that men shouldn’t accept or enter into the woman’s frame on a site like SA. The male should make the woman enter into his frame.
        As far as lying goes, survey says 80% of females on mainstream dating sites lie. I’ll assume that on a site like SA that number is 100%. AWALT

        1. I wouldn’t have thought more women lie on sugar baby sites then would regular dating sites. I’d reckon they would be more upfront since they are not looking for a relationship, so less need to put on a false image. They wont hide from the man the fact that they are hard up for money. Many might deceive the man that he is special when they sleep with him in return for their allowance but that’s not an upfront lie, and I’m sure many of the men are not deluded that if the flow up funds stopped so would her availability. I’d would have thought many of the young women on the sugar baby sites looking for help with rent & tuition would be more attractive than the regular sites, and thus have less need to drop their age & dress size & take deceptive photos & use a ton of makeup.

        2. Of course they will lie like hell if they think it gets them more expensive jewelry. The OP has it right, if you can’t get the first date bang as a free chemistry check or audition, then next them gently. Text and fade…

        3. the reason why I thought they would lie less is that the process of dating a sugar baby is more shallow than a conventional date where each other wants to get to know the other person and see if they are compatible for a relationship. People will lie or hide their true self. When it comes to seeking arrangement type setups its more shallow and very upfront on what each is to bring to the table. Man = $ Woman = sexy. The guy doesn’t really care about her past or if she has issues or if she is a single mom or if she does charity work or if she has some sort of health issue or whatever. He is not planning on marrying her and she is not planning on moving in with him (for the majority). Its glorified prostitution. Young pretty hookers dont have to lie – the john sees all he needs to know. She just has to look good and be friendly company and have sex with the man.
          Lying for jewelry – but lie about what? The original premise is that she needs/wants money and the guy knows it upfront. Her performance is based on how much of a convincing gf experience she provides the guy as to how well he becomes enchanted with her and wants to reward her. To me that is the big lie, in convincing the wealthy dude that he is special and she has feelings for him.
          To pull of this scam the guy needs to push any $ negotiations off to the future, and put the focus on seeing if there is chemistry up front (audition her as you say), then fade. It will work well with young girls new to the biz uncomfortable with negotiating than the older more savvy ones.

        4. Yeah, the chemistry check is most commonly referred to as a “test drive” in reference to the site (S.A.)

  26. If you want the same quality girls, just go the a good brothel and with 150$-250$ you’re gonna have a really good night.
    The girls on websites like this are not really “quality” girls. They are just typical hookers. Maybe just a bit younger and fresher.

    1. Yeah, but these ones, the sugar site method, are probably unchecked. There’s no drip and crabs worth all that aggravation, especially with a fee with no guarantee.
      Agreed on the old method. Pay a one time fee, drain the sack and go home.

    2. That misses the point. Hookers don’t give free samples, sugar babies will give up a bang with the goal of establishing an arrangement. Also hookers are getting pumped by several men a day, sugar babies are more like several men a month so they are less used up.

      1. Don’t be so sure of that, “sugar babies” have incall/outcall adds up on Backpage also, like throwing more than one fishing line in the water. Same as how you simultaneously send dick pics to Tinder sluts and try to trick “good girls” on into beleiving you really want a monogamous LTR/ kids to get a bang

  27. “Most men on these sites are paying women simply for their time, not their vaginas. So no, I really didn’t care if a girl I was dating off the site had an older gentlemen who paid her $500 a week to have dinner with him.”
    Your naivety is as apparent as the sun on a clear day. Go back to your Pokemon Go.

    1. LOL, that $500 was actually to let that geriatric deviant “gentleman” urinate in her gaped a-hole 20 minutes before the author bought her overpriced lounge cocktails

  28. But why would I want to fuck that sort of filthy whores ? I don’t care how little it would cost me, how clever this “hack” is, or how “beautiful” they are, frankly the only thing I’d want to do if I met one of them is spit at her face. And before you tell me that all women are whores : well, no, but even if that was the case, there are degrees. These are the lowest. Even actual whores are more respectable, cause they don’t pretend to be something else, like they’re living some kind of kardashianesque lifestyle.

  29. If your time is worth over $100 an hour and you have decent game, this website is a pretty reasonable proposition actually, especially if you use it in the way Kyle outlines. If you have a whole lot more disposable time than money I can see how you would be really skeptical of it.

    1. Go away Schlomo
      Next you’ll tell us that 6 million really died in a 3 car garage sized vented room, by use of bug spray in 18 months

  30. “I heard so many stories from girls.
    There was the one who was paid $3,000 a month to go out to dinner once a week and hold hands with a guy.
    There was the other who was paid $500 an “outing”, which mostly consisted of riding around town in his Ferrari”
    Stories was the right word for this b.s. because if the whores you met told you what that money was actually for you would throw up in your mouth a little and not want to bang anymore. The “sugar daddy” johns didn’t get rich enough to afford a Ferrari by paying $100 for a BigMac when they could get surf and turf for that price.
    You watched that “Pretty Woman” movie too many times boy.
    The most valuable tool a prostitute/sugar baby ( or wtv wacky new title you millenials come up with) posesses in her box (besides her actual box) is her ability to lie convincingly
    about how much she got paid,
    what she got paid for,
    about liking you,
    about having an orgasm,
    about using the money for college tuition,
    about how long she has been selling her dirt box for,
    about not being a junkie,
    about being STD free,
    about her limits,
    about never doing bareback,
    about not being on any prescription psych meds,
    about being a perpetually horny nympho,
    about loving men and what she does for a living,
    about how she wasn’t a fatherless latch key kid who got molested before puberty,
    about not being pimped,
    about not doing black guys,
    about how “empowered” being a turd wave feminist public pay toilet makes her feel (because her old dyke cultural marxist jewnidiversity women’s studies prof told her it should),
    about how many guys plowed her that day before you were up,etc.,

  31. “Most men on these sites are paying women simply for their time, not their vaginas. So no, I really didn’t care if a girl I was dating off the site had an older gentlemen who paid her $500 a week to have dinner with him.”
    Completely false. That’s what the girls want you to think to protect their reputation.

  32. Seeking Arrangement may be not the best sugar dating website, as it is ranked #3 place at

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