Rioters Yelling “Black Power” Burn Buildings And Target White People In Milwaukee

Via Breitbart:

Late on Saturday afternoon police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin shot an armed suspect fleeing from a car on the city’s North Side. Not long after the shooting a large group of residents initiated a confrontation with police that included at least one squad car being burned. A gas station and other autos were also torched.

The officer-involved shooting occurred at around 3:30 PM and involved two MPD officers who had stopped a car near the 3200 block of N. 44th Street. The two suspects inside fled on foot with the officers giving chase. In short order one of the suspects pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the officers and was killed, according to CBS.

In the hours after the shooting groups of residents in the mostly African-American neighborhood gathered near the crime scene and soon began taunting police officers investigating the incident.


The taunting continued for some time and then turned violent, with police cars being swarmed and pelted with bricks and rocks as a small-scale riot broke out.

Some 100 protesters engaged in a standoff with police, some of whom had responded in riot gear. As the riot grew in intensity cop cars were stoned and one set aflame.

The conflagration grew from there with other cars being set on fire. A local gas station also became engulfed in flames.

The MPD said that someone in the crowd began firing shots, perhaps in the air, according to the Milwaukee Sentinel. There have yet to be reports of anyone being hit by gunfire.


Police also reported on Twitter that Milwaukee fire fighters were kept from extinguishing the flames because shots were being fired by some of the rioters.

Officials added that thus far one officer was injured by a brick thrown through the windshield of his squad car.

Milwaukee Police Assistant Chief Bill Jessup told the media on Saturday evening that the 23-year-old man shot earlier in the day had a lengthy police record.

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458 thoughts on “Rioters Yelling “Black Power” Burn Buildings And Target White People In Milwaukee”

      1. From a comedy perspective I’d rather see them get exactly what they want.
        Take Baltimore for instance. A cop there knows full well that most of the people in that city hate his guts. He knows also the top brass in the PD will not have his back should he need to stick his neck out. He also knows that the political leadership of the city will literally persecute him for doing certain parts of his job.
        I would love to see all of these cops find gainful employment in jurisdictions which value their efforts, and then they can quit en masse. Let these thugs live without the police they hate so much.

        1. Indubitably. Give them what they want in having the police leave them to their own devices. Cordon off their communities and let them kill each other and then after two days when they are tired from murdering raping and robbing each other and are burned out pleading for the police have them return on the caveat that they round up all the BLM and black panthers and other racial hatred groups and clean up their communities.

        2. … have them return on the caveat that they round up all the BLM and black panthers and other racial hatred groups and clean up their communities.

          That won’t work. The people in these places themselves would still be ideologically anti-police. They still would blame the police, whites, or any other convenient bogeyman for the systemic and pervasive cultural problems among their own.

  1. Lets make this clear that these are IGNORANT ghetto motherfuckers and NOT black people…These are the niggas (don’t like this word but its true). In every race there are extremists and these are them…sad and disgusting. Damn wtf is wrong with some of my people???

      1. The question is: why do you have to be responsible of the welfare (taxes) and safety (draft) of people who are completely different from you?
        Any white american is ten times closer from any Canadian than from those dudes who burnt Milwaukee. Wouldn’t he choose to use his taxes to support other white people before welfaring those dudes who burnt the city?
        And however, he’s tied to that group of savages, even if he has no bound with them, because a paper, the passport, says so. A paper that the government is handling out like a free gift.
        How can be a paper more important than the culture of a nation?

        1. Well them black folk have been in the USA far longer than than the vast majority of those descended from white Europeans. They are not at all Africa anymore, so this is thier home. They have no choice. And ether do we. They are our countrymen. We need to deal with that fact.
          Now I do not talk this way with emigrants. They do not belong here and they do have somewhere else to go. That somewhere else is called their homeland

        2. So you think that’s an option.? and by the way in South Africa was almost unpopulated. The original tribes were very small in number and were an almost Asian looking people. The Blacks who run the place now were actually labor brought in from the north. Sort of like American’s Mexicans. Yes the white south Africans were too damn lazy to do their own work and paid the price

        3. Because it’s an idiotic idea. Do you really think you’re going to forcibly remove people from land they have every right to? personally someone tried that with me would catch a bullet. I think you’d react the same way. Forced relocations are actually damn close to genocide. Your not going to get white people to get involved in genocide. and you’re not going to get black people to sit back and take it. You’re advocating a very bloody Civil War

        4. Seriously do you think you’re going to get all the black people United States to march willingly to say Mississippi? And what about the white people in Mississippi? they are likely not going to be real happy

        5. If they don’t, they’d be illegal immigrants. Nothing new.
          Of course, no right to vote (they can vote in their new country) and new Constitution, no right to get the passport, neither their children.
          Then, if they stay, it’s their problem.

        6. Sure that will work. They are at least as American as you are. The frist blacks were brought here in 1619 The last of them were brought over about 1820. I doubt your people have a claim as good as Thiers for being Americans. What your honestly calling for is for us to kill them. Because it is their land, they have no other, they will fight. As any man would fight Under those terms

        7. I didn’t say anything about killing. It seems that if you’re not willing to share land and resources with other people, it means that you wanna kill them.
          Eh, nope. You know, there’s middle points. It’s about being neighbors. Even good neighbors. And you can have commercial relations and cooperate, but as different countries.
          If you don’t want to live with somebody, it doesn’t mean that you want to kill this person. It just means that you want the divorce. That’s all.

        8. Whatever dude it’s an inherent right to protect yourself, to protect your land from an illegal seizure is a right under god. no real man would not fight back. And what do you do when a man fights with a gun for what is his and you plan on taking it? you must kill him. don’t be dishonest you’re calling for murder

        9. That’d be their choice.
          When you divorce, you split the house. Or you should. Maybe you want to keep using the whole house. Maybe you don’t want to accept the divorce. Many people don’t. Maybe you draw a gun and say that you have the right to keep using the whole house.
          Well, that’s your choice.

        10. It looks like your ancestors are one of the more recent people to come here. You have no understanding of inherent individual rights. Of rights above the power of government

        11. I’m not talking about the government. I’m talking about nations. I’m talking about people.
          And people don’t have the obligation to live with you if you don’t share some core values. There’s not inherent rights that makes anyone responsible of people who don’t share the same values.

        12. Shut the fuck up. But honest stop the bullshit. You are calling for a genocidal race war. You just want it to be very one sided. The way Germany did it.

        13. Don’t make up things.
          I’m talking about splitting a country so people can live with their own and with people who share their values, and can live in peace as neighbors, instead of living in a balkanized state in a perpetual conflict. And you’re talking about nazis? Are you nuts?
          Stop the bullshit.

        14. You’re either incredibly ignorant or a total liar. No you don’t just split the country up and take away the land and rights of 10% of the population and do not believe it’s going to be a fight.. you are calling for a genocide admit it or shut the fuck up

        15. Don’t be when calling for driving out people who have at least as good a right to their land as you. And judging by your lack of respect for the inherent rights of man, that our Nation was based on. I would guess their claim is far better than yours. as you are likely Slavic and certainly not English in ancestry. A new immigrant compared to American blacks. There’s nothing respectable about you

        16. No that was a position statement. But it is over your head as you honestly do not know what rights are. Proving my point.

        17. To the kind of person who insults, makes bold statements and assigns alleged intentions entirely invented… nope, not really.

        18. Sorry guy but you can only be one of two things. A liar or ignorant. I see you are too cowardly to say what you mean. At Stormfront you can be more honest about it

        19. The forcible relocation already started in the 90s. They made entire new cities, called Prisons. Why do you think the crime rate has dropped so much since then? 25% of black males that would be otherwise reaving, pillaging, and reproducing have been detained.

        20. You are comparing enforcing the law with taking away human rights and the forced relocation of citizens at the point of a gun.

        21. You take a dismissive tone towards him, and his understanding of America, because you accuse him of having Slavic ancestry, and not going back enough generations. And imply he wouldn’t know anything about freedom because of that. While lecturing him about prejudice towards a group.
          And on the point of implying people whose families have been in America longer, and have Anglo heritage, and are therefore more American, have a better understanding of America, while pretending to condemn nationalist prejudice.
          And showing anti Slav prejudice. And essentially adopting historical blood and soil nationalism, with regards to Anglo Americans, for America.
          Mate, you have any idea how ironic and idiotic you are?
          But there’s one more way. Clearly you are nationalist, and prejudiced. Good for you. But aside from taking a hypocritical and idiotically ironic stance, you are, as an Anglo, saying that Blacks are more of a favored and similar group to you, than other white Americans, with Slavic ancestry. And in light of what’s been going on with Black/White race relations recently. That’s insurmountable irony. Amusing irony, but so bloody much of it.
          If you’re going to be a nationalist, don’t fucking deny it, don’t fucking lecture others, and don’t be a fucking twat about it. Wes.
          Also please note the following:
          1. Didn’t even mention what the guy was on about, just called you out on what you were saying. You’re prejudice against non Anglo whites is an issue apart from what he’s talking about. Which is the point, really.
          2. I’m a recent commenter, while the both of you’ve been around a while, I see. That’s nice. I’m not on the other guy’s side, nor am I against you as you. Don’t really know either of you. It’s just a shame you had to be a twat.
          3. Feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up. And launch any number of ad hominems. Stupid is as stupid does.
          4. I’m afraid I can’t indulge you in an argument. I tried to fit in everything in one comment. Saves time. Have nothing more to say. Anything else would just be arguing over new information. If you had made good points, and it might have been a constructive argument/discussion, I might engage in one. But you didn’t, that’s the point, and so there’s no point in arguing. Take it as you will.

        22. You take a dismissive tone towards him, and his understanding of America, because you accuse him of having Slavic ancestry, and not going back enough generations. And imply he wouldn’t know anything about freedom because of that. While lecturing him about prejudice towards a group.
          And on the point of implying people whose families have been in America longer, and have Anglo heritage, and are therefore more American, have a better understanding of America, while pretending to condemn nationalist prejudice.
          And showing anti Slav prejudice. And essentially adopting historical blood and soil nationalism, with regards to Anglo Americans, for America. While accusing the guy of being a stormfronter.
          And you claim he’s “dividing our people” i.e. dividing Americans, and favoring some over others, while saying Slavic Americans, those with Slavic ancestry, have less of a claim.
          Man, you have any idea how ironic and idiotic you are? Fantastically stupid and ironic. incredibly stupid and ironic.
          But there’s one more way. Clearly you are nationalist, and prejudiced. Good for you. But aside from taking a hypocritical and idiotically ironic stance, you are, as an Anglo, saying that Blacks are more of a favored and similar group to you, than other white Americans, with Slavic ancestry. And in light of what’s been going on with Black/White race relations recently, and what this article’s about. And even now, you pride yourself on being non prejudiced towards blacks, and being an inclusive American, while being prejudiced against Slavic Americans. That’s insurmountable irony. Amusing irony, but so bloody much of it. Amusing stupidity, but so bloody much of it.
          If you’re going to be a nationalist, don’t fucking deny it, don’t fucking lecture others, and don’t be a fucking twat about it. Wes.
          Also please note the following:
          1. Didn’t even mention what the guy was on about, just called you out on what you were saying. You’re prejudice against non-Anglo whites is an issue apart from what he’s talking about. Which is the point, really.
          2. I’m a recent commenter, while the both of you’ve been around a while, I see. That’s nice. I’m not on the other guy’s side, nor am I against you as you. Don’t really know either of you. It’s just a shame you had to be a twat.
          3. Feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up. And launch any number of ad hominems. Stupid is as stupid does.
          4. I’m afraid I can’t indulge you in an argument. I tried to fit in everything in one comment. Saves time. Have nothing more to say. Anything else would just be arguing over new information. If you had made good points, and it might have been a constructive argument/discussion, I might engage in one. But you didn’t, that’s the point, and so there’s no point in arguing. Take it as you will

        23. Yes those whose cultural background has a reverence and understanding of natural rights are more American in culture and thinking than those from other back grounds. The last thing the USA needs are more people who do not understand what rights are.
          It is noted that he could not deny what I said was truee.
          All that said anyone can of course learn to understand our system. It’s just a lot easier for people who have understood it since birth. If youhe didn’t t think himself somehow more American than a black American whose family has been here since the Fourteen hundreds. I would not have felt the need to Even bring it up.
          Welcome to the discussion

        24. Thank you, but I have nothing to discuss with the likes of you.
          I do however have this to add. Call me a fan of comedy:
          You’re against the notion of profiling a group, especially profiling them as un-American, while saying a guy with Slavic ancestry, being that is his ancestry, wouldn’t understand American values, and would not have as much of a claim to being American.
          And even worse, on an article that’s about a bunch of blacks rioting, burning, and so on. Showing considerable disregard for said American values, to say the least. And facts being facts, and black crime rates being fantastically high, you’re saying they have more respect for American values than those with non-Anglo heritage.
          Everything I said stands
          And please note, that even dorks on stormfront are white nationalists, and don’t show a prejudiced attitude to Slavs. Even the actual Nazis and Nazi sympathizers aren’t so base.
          And after that last irony of yours I have nothing left to say. Promise.
          Note: In light of your response, I might have been more polite. Oh well, who cares.

        25. Why the need to invoke Germany in this discussion. Man, it gets a bit tiring to always hear about Zee Evil Germans..

        26. Oh good God not a person that doesn’t read. Because I believe in god-given rights rights that the government or people have no right to infringe on. Trying to take another human beings inherent rights from him will cause blood to flow. Any normal man will fight before he lets it happen . a black man will fight before he lets it happen and so will a white man. Calling for forced relocation is a call to genocide , a call to race war.
          As to how do I feel about the racists call Black lives matter? They are thugs, they are dirt bags, they’re criminals. before going on about what somebody believes. it’s best to know what you’re talking about.

        27. They don’t have to be our countrymen. 14th amendment is extremely contentious.
          Had Lincoln not been blown away, he would’ve completed his plan to deport them.
          Repatriation is the right thing to do.

        28. Sure, Lincoln was going to do it.
          It was done with the Indians and the Japanese. Besides, 0bama has already perfected methods of “peaceable” and voluntary black relocation. Perhaps they can be used in reverse.

        29. Wouldn’t make a difference. They’d surge right back over the border when things got bad enough, ala Mexico. Not even mentioning public consensus from politicians and the bleeding hearts. Or the dispossessed.
          I thought Elysium was an amusing movie. It failed in its message because it showed how bad and destructive uncontrolled immigration was.
          That’s why I get a giggle out of the ‘Separate Countries for Iraq’ strategy. No one would care about the borders. Those people believe everything within eyesight is their divine right, and they’re all willing to kill for that it.

        30. The problem is not immigration. The problem are the laws that guarantee passport and right to vote to people who have completely different values. The moment they get the right to vote, they own the country.
          In United States, Obama wouldn’t have been elected if you discount the votes of the people who migrated after the 60s. The same will happen with Hillary, quite likely. Right now, in US, the very people who founded and built the country are losing control of it.
          In South Africa, they were doing quite well until the right to vote was granted to the black majority. Now, the country is destroyed. And let’s remember that those black people were not indigenous. They were mostly immigrants that came from the north because there was jobs and living standard (even with the apartheid) was way better than in other African countries. The country was built by white people, and now white people are persecuted.
          The problem is not the immigration. The problem is the citizenship and the right to vote.

        31. I’m interested to read your thoughts on Israel’s apartheid on the Palestinians and the continued confiscation of their homeland.

        32. The problem in a democracy is that these people are peddled over through generations in order to rig the vote. The best system is a limited democracy, but the problem is that people will always expand it to get more power. So it’s a brief, fleeting ideal. It’s why Jefferson talked about revolution so much. He expected revolutions to be fairly common.

        33. I know a white girl who is 20 who went to SA for….vacation….who the fuck goes to SA??? She is NUTS.

        34. Actually, the Germans during WWII viewed the Poles as “sub-human” which is sad as I love Poland.

        35. Blacks tried to live in their own communities–with their own schools, hospitals, and workplaces–in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Rosewood. They didn’t get a chance to enjoy it long, did they?

      1. I’ve met a couple who are surprised initially (judging this purely off of facial expressions and body language) at how well spoken I am but they quickly realize that I’m human.
        When the media portrays SOME of us as lunatics, of course, there are some people who watch WAY too much TV and lump us all together…I think thats just how the mind works…

        1. We need leaders with your mindset to lead these people, unlike the Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Obama types. The messed up thing is they will call you a sellout if you try to talk logically to them.

        2. I think that you need to go visit the ghetto. This isn’t a misperception driven by the evil media, there is a real problem with black American culture that needs to be addressed. Before any of that gets trotted out.

        3. Very true…Are you familiar with the Moynihan report?
          While I do understand slavery and various other forms of oppression we’re used in the past I know of black people who are building and not using slavery and oppression as their everyday excuse…

        4. My logical approach would be seen as cooning and wanting to be the white mans lap dog. I rather work in the union while learning to trade stocks on the side and stack my money so I can travel some more before I die. Gonna have to start approaching to get laid though…
          It was my more aggressive counterparts that were in demand where I’m from, when we’re younger anyway. As we age (23 now) men with fatherly characteristics are sought out to raise bastard offspring…
          Kinda like that black lady who spoke out against black lives matter, she was deemed a coon. Just look at south side chicago, bastard children with ain’t shit men killing each other in droves…

      2. Got to be embarrassing when a lot of ignorant black folk think the cops are just going around shooting black guys for the hell of it, then burning down their own neighborhood.

        1. He wrote about that. I’m sure he feels the same way about them as I do about heroin addicted white trash. Only worse because I don’t need to watch “white trash matters” being treated like saints by the Democratic party and clueless rich collage kids

        2. That’s what blows my mind about it, how do you make a saint out of someone who was carrying a stolen weapon, had a rap sheet a mile long and was probably involved in criminal activity at the time of the shooting?
          If some cop shot a black college kid on his way to class I could understand it but, jumping to the defense of a dindu is just…..silly.

        3. A guy was shot in suburban Mil a few weeks ago, remember? the GF live streamed the aftermath? Turns out they werent pulled over for a busted taillight, he fit the description of someone who committed armed robbery a few days earlier. Also turned out to be a gang member who was under fed indictment for being involved in trafficking underage girls in the sex trade. These last two sentences were not in the MSM of course…

        4. All this is what kills me the tendency to make heros out of the worst scum in the black community. Michael Brown was a thug trying to take a cop’s gun from him. The best thing that happened in that altercation is that the cop manage to kill Michael Brown. he did the world a favor. We don’t hear about Eric Gardner the black guy who was killed selling cigarettes. It wasn’t an intentional killing but it was wrong that New York City puts that kind of violence into enforcement of thar stupid law. Who was the black guy in Tennessee shot 6 time in the back while running away? And why don’t they talk about that? Because they arrested the cop and charged him with murder. Blacklivesmatter their entire reason for existing is based on a lie. The lie that blacks suffer greater at the hands of bad cops than white people do. And that’s a lie, bad cops are pretty equal opportunity abusers

        5. No the idea that the cops just murder people is crazy. but that cop did shoot a man that every right in the world to be armed. that cop should not have a job he is far too easily frightened to be a cop. Though it was not a murder it was an overreaction

        6. Rudy don’t worry nobody’s planning on kissing your ass. Me doubts your hygiene would allow for anybody to do that.

        7. For some reason you wanted to butt in. Its probably an inability to realize how fucking annoying it would have to be. To be a black man watching all these people on CNN kissing a bunch of thugs asses. Letting a bunch of idiots speak for you as if they represent you in some way. It would have to be like being Ben Carson world-famous neurosurgeon knowing that there were people looking at him thinking he only got there cuz he was a black affirmative action hire. knowing it’s true with some of the other black doctors.

        8. This comment right here…
          I know of people that had that same look as Mike Brown, that I can do whatever the fuck I want and there will be 0 consequences for my actions.
          One of them is dead, we grew up as childhood friends and as he got older he wanted to live that fast life selling drugs, smoking weed everyday(nothing wrong with the occasional use), and fucking hood rats. I slightly envied him in HS but I knew where his life was headed…
          Sad part was he was VERY VERY intelligent he just wanted to be a thug got involved in some fuckery and ended up getting shot in the neck during a drug deal, 2 weeks before christmas.

        9. The Gardner incident was very bad. However(and I believe his mom or sister said this) it wasnt fueled by racism. A BLACK capt told that unit to go down there and get rid of him, and, off camera, there was a BLACK sergeant overseeing the fiasco. Why send tiny men and women to take down a giant man? The media, as usual, fanned the flames

        10. At this point, do you feel certain people in this country are fomenting a race war? Im starting to feel this way

        11. Oh wow I’m dealing with an internet tough guy I bet you’re one of them massively manly men probably 5 foot 8 300 pounds of blubber sitting in front of the keyboard

        12. Sounds like the kind of guy who wouldn’t think anything of snatching somebodies chain or committing some kind of bullshit. We’re better off without him. It doesn’t matter how intelligent someone is, it matters how decent they are. Fuck this highly intelligent piece of shit.

        13. Kinda this shit is crazy my friend just fucking crazy.
          Are there cops who hate blacks? Yes, but not all cops hate blacks…idk why are they choosing to show this in mainstream media based on a couple of bad examples.
          Might be a distraction from something else maybe…IDK. I saw a video from 2013 where a white police office pulled over a back family (maybe for speeding). He told her to get out the car with his gun pointed at her she didn’t listen the first time but its still scary as fuck…The family got out defended her managed to get in the car and then drove away…
          WHY SHOW IT 3 YEARS LATER???

        14. Its a really fucked up cycle, and some people who dont deserve it get caught up in it. It goes like this:
          crime goes up a bit
          people start to complain, perhaps go to the media
          media reports it
          this puts pressure on the mayor
          he then puts pressure on the police commissioner and the DA
          those two then put pressure on the rank and file cops to make more arrests, Asst DA’s pressured for more convictions
          mayor and police commissioner go back to the media and say crime is down, etc, although more people are getting arrested when the probably shouldnt have in the first place

        15. Again he was a childhood friend it hurt me deeply to know what had happened and the fact that he choked on his own blood and died. Please show some respect. He wasn’t into chain snatching, just smoking weed, fucking bitches, fighting, and selling drugs (60%).
          I stopped hanging around him when he posted a gun on FB…While I do agree with you, its different when you grew up with a person. He used to come over everyday during the summer to play tag, manhunt, and ride bikes as kids (the only reason I had a tiny childhood, abusive mother, caring but SLIGHTLY absent father; separated) Visualizing him choking on his own blood in the middle of the night is unsettling…

        16. Sounds like New York city. They started attesting everybody in sight for everything and then brag about the lower crime rate. well it does work but St what cost?

        17. haha nyc is where I be. They have some horseshit thing called compu-stat, its a bunch of malarkey. Still, Im amazed how little crime there is in a city with 8.3 million people

        18. Between fining ever small thing then jailing all unable to pay the huge fines. And the ridiculous and rising cost of living there. It is close to against the law to be poor and heaven help a poor rebel. No not much crime

        19. Why do you say he “had every rght” to be armed? And why do you assume that what his weed head, side bitch tried to paint as the narrative is in any way true?
          There was no confirmation that he was liscenced to carry. And there has been no official report on what actually happened.
          For all we know, the cop walked up to the car, started asking the usual questions, noticed he was going for a gun between the seats, screamed repeatedly for him not to grab it, then opened fire.
          All we – the public – know, is she filmed her f-budy dying, and a shook up cop repeating how he told him not to reach for it, all the while she’s claiming he was simply reaching for his concealed carry permit. She may be a hood bitch, but don’t under estimate a hood rat’s ability to decieve.

        20. Appreciate that my friend. I missed the funeral too, made a FB account the day after the funeral…but thats life…

      1. My next door neighbor came from the projects and when my uncle called the police on them, for blaring music at 4-6 afternoon, (loud enough to make the house shake) her precious son dindu nuffin…

        1. Dindus have a difficult time understanding the concept of personal space and not invaiding other peoples. Anyone with negro neighbours knows this, even if the people outwardly seem friendly, they just can’t grasp that loudness isn’t a sign of sexual virility, but is annoying. Everything they do is so base level and sexually obsessed, they blast loud music and dance like everything is a big mating ritual to attract females.

        2. LMFAOOOOO!!! Funny as fuck not all of us are like this but you’re right the dindus are…My family is west indian (Jamaican) its pretty much the same thing except with more hard work, less excuses, and ALOT less fuckery.

        3. What you said here as well as a few other things really clarifies why you have the stance you do. My guess is you are either first generation immigrant or first generation born in America.

        4. Correct my friend. My moms from England however and encourages me to marry someone of a carribean decent, not all american women are ignorant just the one that are shown on tv sadly…

        5. As a first generation citizen I can say I agree with your mom. Go Caribbean. First because it will be easier to relate to. Second, you won’t have to be become a caricature King or Queen, just a whole person. Third, odds are higher for having a child with a good foundation with a Caribbean woman, over an American black woman any day.
          The main problem with most of the American women is the more embedded in American culture they are, the more detrimental for you they will be. Baby father’s, violent tendencies, have had many partners, being career driven over family driven, these are the biggest things to worry about.

        6. Agreed on all points. Hey i noticed you posted in a self defense post, what do you think about karate as self defense? Im still going to do it, i have a background in various arts MCMAP, boxing, and may thai…Just wanted an older mans opinion.

        7. Karate as self defense has been muted. There are some applications but as with most schools, they want you to learn the ways to fight, stay for a few years, and maybe bring other students along the way. Learning how to fight is of low value now as we don’t have to do it. Guns trump whatever you can throw with a punch.
          However, fighting builds character, determination, reflexes, skill, and dexterity. It also fosters a winners mentality and removes the idea of excuses. From there it adds a philosophy. All things that hold much more weight when you are less strong and agile than you are now. Since you have already started down a fighter’s path, Muy Thai has the better techniques. The human body hasn’t changed much in its design so movement will be similar in how to attack and defend outside of stances. Try it out for a few months and see if you like it, but learning to fight is always secondary to taking in all it took to get to the point of being a fighter.
          If you really want a balance with fighting seek external and internal styles.

        8. Thank you for your insight on the subject if it doesn’t workout ill most definitely go back to may thai.

        9. “Learning how to fight is of low value now as we don’t have to do it. Guns trump whatever you can throw with a punch.”
          Untrue. Learning how to fight unarmed is absolutely indispensable and very valuable self defense wise, and can be equally if not more valuable than owning a gun. Especially when you’re unarmed. Not only will you not always have a gun, they’re are are many places you’re not allowed to/can’t carry. If you do have the opportunity to use it, what about situations such as crowded areas where you run the risk of shooting someone that isn’t your target? Not to mention 90-95% of the time most people are unarmed, without a gun or a weapon anyway. Your own body many times is your first and last means of defense and unarmed training should not be neglected.

        10. If your going to go into Karate, make sure the dojo you choose spars full contact and does so often and definitely check out bareknuckle styles, Kyokushin etc. if you think bareknuckle’s specifically for you and if you can. Since you have a background in other arts it goes without saying but make sure to vet

          Karate can be a great for self defense, like any other art. Just stay away from mcdojos and make sure to train/spar hard.

    1. The thing is, they start rioting before there is an investigation, in this case it appears that they were interfering with the investigation. If it were apparent that the police covered up a bad use of deadly force incident or refused to prosecute a cop for a bad shooting, THEN it would be time to raise hell. They don’t do that though they start burning down the town before anybody knows what really happened and attemp to make martyrs out of common criminals, it just doesn’t make sense to me.
      I agree with the other commenter” if you have nothing in common with them, they aren’t your people”.
      Also there are quite a few people who make a living by stirring things up. They lead people to believe that cops go to their pre shift briefing and have bets on whose going to shoot the most black people every day and gullible people believe that stuff.

      1. When slavery ended 2 black classes, already in their infancy during the slavery period, emerged. The 90%, the physical, less intelligent, black male, and the 10%, the mixed race, less physical, and more intelligent class. The 10% manipulates the 90, by claiming kinship. They separate themselves, in high-class gated communities, like the one Obama is from in Chicago. They agitate, provoke, and yoke the 90 for profit.

      2. They are dumb people and have been driven by the media to think that there is a black genocide being made by the police. And as they are way more tribalistic than whites, they will flare up and defend their tribe.

      1. Very true…Even speaking out against black lives matter will get you killed, jumped, or labeled as a coon or trader…

      1. There was a black lady on FOXNEWS, i believe who said Black Lives Matter was bullshit…I rest my case. We’re not all the same homie do your research before telling someone to check themselves.

    2. Oh no you don’t. Only 1% of American elites owned slaves. So 1% owned slaves 6 generations ago, and on this I’m judged. Blacks blame all whites and you want a pass on all blacks? Doesn’t work that way. On skin color alone I am judged. See it works both ways. No pass.

    3. I’ve lived in the Deep South all my life, trust me ‘nigger’ behavior has less to do with skin color than attitude.

        1. I love music. I think black music peaked in the 70s. White music lasted 20 years more. Its all gaebage now

    4. Too true, I hate how the alt right has been infected with Stormfronters who can’t tell an enemy from a friend. Used to be the Left had a plan (even if it sucked) now they’re just the enemies of civilization.
      It really is about civilization, not race. Lily white feral Kosovars wouldn’t be any better, and African descended people who embrace civilization are not to be feared.
      Everyone who insists its his right to take something that doesn’t belong to him by force is one with the Mongol, the Hun, the Tartar, and every other malevolent looting tribe throughout history,
      The rioters know nothing of the facts they just see an opportunity for some excitement and looting.

      1. “It really is about civilization, not race.”
        That’s an interesting statement considering that history shows us that great civilizations formed via a particular race and were mostly destroyed by multicultural hordes.

        1. Persian Empire: Multiracial
          Macedonian Empire: Multiracial
          Roman Empire: Multiracial
          British Empire: Multiracial
          French, Dutch, German, Russian Empires: Multiracial
          Visigoths, Huns, Tartars: Monoracial
          Mongols, Muslims: Multiracial
          Mixed bag, really. More like a culture from a particular ethny gets going into a civilization. Romans and Ancient Gauls were both “white”, but really different and antagonistic. Roman domination kind of elevated the Gauls, though.
          So what’s the plan, scream that DNA is god until we’re hoarse, or treat all law abiding men with respect and unite against the actual, not theoretical, looters and murderers?

        2. “Persian Empire: Multiracial
          Macedonian Empire: Multiracial
          Roman Empire: Multiracial
          British Empire: Multiracial
          French, Dutch, German, Russian Empires: Multiracial”
          That’s a lot of bullshit you are saying there, kiddo. All these empires turned “multiracial” in their expansionist impulse, but they weren’t multiracial in their cores, and certainly not in the modern sense of multiracial (as of people of different races sharing the same space in big scale).
          “Visigoths, Huns, Tartars: Monoracial”
          No, not really. That’s a bit pushy. The visigoths would be the closest of “monoracial”, but they absorbed several germanic tribes. The huns and tartars not at all.

        3. Kiddo yourself oh aptly named one. No ones saying one tribe wasn’t on top, but they all functioned great with diversity of peoples and cultures because there was an objectively superior overlay of western law enforced with ruthless efficiency on top. They generally used locals to police locals and it wasn’t uncommon for the Imperial Court to have advisors and representatives of great cultural variety.
          You called “bullshit” and followed it up with “of course they were multiracial”, what the hells that?
          And c’mon the Huns were pretty Monoracial, that’s why you had the Great Migration fleeing them, that usually only happens when integration isn’t an option. You may kind of have a point on the Tartars, western usage of the term referred to a particular phenomenon more than the tribe of Tatars themselves.

      2. Civilization is inseparable from race.
        I’m not a purist like some of the psychopathic Alex Linder types, but this is simply a fact. I take more the Spenglerian view of race – not a pure race, but a strong one, i.e., recognizably White, and I would exclude any jew who isn’t already intermarried with a White person, because jews are anti-everyone else and anti-Christian, and, therefore, don’t belong in the West.
        America, and every Western country for that matter, should be at least 90-95% White. What’s happening now is directly related to letting low-IQ idiots into an advanced society. And no, Asians don’t belong in the West either, any more than a White man belongs in China or Japan.

        1. See, it is highly correlated. It’s just that when I’m not down for genocide or just don’t want to be a bastard to people that aren’t harming me I get accused of “virtue signaling”.
          “Edge signaling” does us no good. Every fool from Stormfront is trying to be more Aryan than thou. I think there is absolutely something to be said for a group of people trying to live by a system that was developed by themselves and for their unique culture and geography.
          I still believing in what the French used to call the civilizing mission. If a man worships my God, speaks my language, lives by my laws, and doesn’t interfere with me, I have no just cause to interfere with him. Some ethnic groups are more likely to do that, but ethnicity by itself is a correlating not a determining factor. I don’t want white Bosniak Muslims telling me how to accommodate them and I have Chinese Christian neighbors who are a credit to my neighborhood.

        2. I pretty much agree. Asians should be allies, and then we can split land or something. The two most targeted groups when America breaks down will be Asians and Whites. I get alienated by some of the extreme signaling too, but I understand where it comes from. Our society has been rotted from the inside out, and we’ll be lucky if it lasts another decade.

        3. The whole Aryan thing is kind of dumb too.
          White Americans aren’t Aryans. We’re mixed between Slavs, Armenians, Celts, AmerIndians, Nords, Lebanese, European jews, and Aryans. The combo of those ethnicities mixed together I consider either White or American. They were all let in as White (except for AmerIndians, who were already here), and if they intermarried, they’re American as far as I’m concerned. I get the feeling a lot of people use the word Aryan because they think it sounds cool.
          I exclude all jews who didn’t intermarry and disappear but instead opened the borders and told us to intermarry with the third world. Anyone who’s paying attention knows exactly who I’m talking about: the Weinsteins, Weiners, Kristols, Cobens, Shapiros, etc.

    5. Sure pal-95% of blacks are ruining it for the other 5%. You think tire’s racism now? The worms gonna turn.
      When you run out of things to loot & burn in your ghetto shitholes and come into my neighborhood…

    6. Are you worried that the tap will get turned off, and whites stop paying for your life? Blacks are living in a civilisation in which their own brain power cannot create nor maintain. South Africa demonstrates this on the world stage. On average, blacks will destroy and turn to shit everything good, creative and beautiful, and all evidence supports this, be it nations, cities or just local communities. This technological civilisation is soley down to European and Asian creativity/ brain power. Blacks are here merely as a tool of jewish merchants/ bankers to keep European people burdened with another problem to distract them from the jewish control of finance and politics. You have no history and nothing to offer other than being a dancing, running, jumping sports monkey for the entertainment of brainwashed Whites and Asians. Blacks are worthless now, were worthless before the Civil Rights Act, and can only attain any worth by defiling a European or Asian womans womb/ potential by greating slightly higher IQ mongrels (which lowers the IQ potential of the White/ Asian womens offspring). You look at our great scientists, artists and engineers and you have nothing to offer, other than being tools of jews in trying to re-write history/ appropriate history with sob stories of oppression and the whole “We wuz kangz” fake history. Nothing good has ever come from balcks and nothing ever will. Even with 25% white DNA in the average African American, you’re still shit and worthless parasites.

        1. Life has taken a first priority as of late, so I don’t post as much. I am glad to see the message of being a discerning man who handles life instead of becomes it’s bitch has not been lost on you. Loving your comments!

    7. What’s wrong is that the extremists are being rewarded by white assholes for their extremism. But 9 out of 10 of your people keep voting for the same fucking assholes.

      1. Listen to this shit all the time….its true. Patrice O’ Neil was the same way, RAW as fuck but he died sadly…Bill Burr is another one but he married a feminist SMFH…

        1. You know why guys like Burr end up like this? You get lonely and the indoctrination wears you down over time if you don’t remain vigil.
          No one gives a shit about traditional relationships, they’re really hard to come by.
          I’m not saying it’s impossible but for a traveling comedian it’s probably very slim pickings.

        2. Nah homie trust me, there are good women out there. TRUST ME!!!! You have to approach often. I’ve talked to enough to know the difference because I’ve talked to THE WORST!!!!! It was one of the good ones that helped me to accept myself a LOT more, on my self love journey (sounds corny, but its true).

    8. Look it…the great black hope!!!!! I love how whites jump on the jock’s of the few blacks that are purple pilled. Well….why is it that there are complete sides of dindu towns and cities my Lilly white ass can’t ever dream of walking around in but NOT ONE white town that you couldn’t get thru? I’ll tell you why….your race is fucked in the head and violent/primitive by nature. The few of you that are decent (which 99% of the black population give the rest of blacks a bad name) are like the very few actual Africans with a brain that go….”Fuck this….I’m out of this hell hole.” Unfortunately, during slavery, whites brought a shit ton of the Africans over here that go “muh dick.”

      1. Some of us are and some of us aren’t. Have you hung around any black people or are you basing this off of television and media?

        1. Born and raised in Pontiac MI (predominantly black). Was jumped way more than once in my life and there were always race issues. I was a white dude….meaning….not a wigger. I loved metal and the white girls that homies wanted as well. Eventually it turned into us verses them. And us (meaning whites) were severely out numbered. But I made it out and wouldn’t change it for anything. I was red pilled early in life.

        2. Ok I understand your hatred, these types are in every race jocks asshole they’re all the same….I ended up in a better position than most and they’re probably going to end up in dead end jobs or jail and blame racism…
          So your problem is with the ghetto ones and not with us civil ones then? I understand why you would say we’re mostly fucked up but trust me there are good ones…I actually feel bad you had to go through that shit. They would’ve done the same to me though and they almost did but I was cool with one of the and they save me from getting jumped, when I was 13 (they were 16 and up)

    9. The difference is that the trash of every race except for the blacks of America gets disposed of. That’s why there is this problem along with perverse incentives.

      1. I agree…Its sad, but I stick with a diverse crowd less fuckrey, less stress, less chance of getting jumped. Its ALWAYS the bad ones that get shown on television….Like that dumb ass that robbed someone and then his ghetto ass sister said, “How else was he supposed to make money???”

        1. And its always riots and protests when a criminal black is shot by a cop. And not in any other circumstance.

        2. Yup I agree with you trust me…There were two of my people on the news recently protesting against “Black Lives Matter”. Look at south side chi town (not my people) niggas are killing each other over fuckery!!!!!!

        3. I think at some point when civilized black grows powerful enough they must pacify the rest that are uncivilized for the good of the black community.

        4. Its impossible…We as human beings are drawn to violence and destruction just as much as we are to peace and love they’re two sides of the same coins that MUST coexist. Unfortunately and they’re always in the news somehow…
          Speaking of, my ghetto ass uncivilized neighbors just got evicted ( 5 MONTHS RENT UNPAID) and the Jamaican land lady is moving back…There just might be a GOD. Peace at last…

    10. Did you read Taleeb Starkes book The Uncivil War? This subject is addressed there. He is a black man living in the hood. Like a war correspondant….

    1. The problem with Stefan is he is a libertarian. The first 5 minutes of the video are great. Then it gets into goldbuggery and Hayek nonsense. It’s not 2008. It is 2016. Nothing these people have predicted is true. South Africa is bad, but we know why it is bad. It is not due a “credit bubble”.

      1. Point taken. I’ve edited and placed Stefan’s video after the other ones.
        Anyway, and even I don’t agree with him many times, his videos use to have plenty of interesting info.

        1. What is the alternative? From a libertarian position there would not be a migration problem if that’s your worry (read Mises and Rothbard later works).
          What we have is not capitalism let alone free market economy.

        2. You could say the same about Vox Day, in my opinion. Although I’ll grant that Stefan Molyneaux tries to look at all angles of an issue, though.

        3. Free market economy is the banner corporate globalists get behind when they outsource a nations jobs or pilfer its natural resources.
          We don’t need just a system for economic means but a system which reflects the character of the people within it.
          Free trade occurs naturally among free men.

        4. As you said free market is their banner but they by no means live by it, just ask the fat cats in Wallstreet or all the lobbyst fighting to add ever more laws and hinder competition…

        5. Right. But what is said and what is acted upon is always the grey area these types like to operate within. Just like every president we have had in the last fifty years or so has expanded the role of the federal government. Despite their rhetoric which got them elected.

      2. Yes. Because fiat currency and concomittant devaluation combined with massive public as well as private debt are just what we and the rest of the world need…./sarcasm

    2. This whole nonsense illustrates what BLACK POWER really is, the ability to destroy the society white men built. By doing so, they’ve indicted their race on the charge of being nothing more than violent destructive brute beats seeking of nothing of value — only death and destruction.

    3. I am working my way thru the Molyneaux clip. Their power grid is FAILING, yet they are starting to fire white engineers because of affirmative action quotas. This is madness

        1. its really sad, but Molyneaux bombards you with the facts. Here is something more humourous

  2. Dey shot him an he dindu nuffin, he wuz a goot boy! He ain neva been in no trouble befo da po-leece jus be shootin niggaz fo nuttin.

  3. So how many more centuries will the “noble experiment” continue? I’m taking all wagers here …

    1. But one day it will be like the Garden of Eden where the lamb and the lion sleep next to each other lolz … just give it time people!

  4. This shit has been going on for literally centuries: the Stono Rebellion, the Turner Rebellion, the Haitian Revolt: innocent Whites being sacrificed for the “privilege” of living in a diverse society.

  5. It’s important to realize that most Whites would rather meet a violent end at the hands of a dindu than live in an all-White society and be thought racist.

    1. I mean can you imagine living in an all-White society? Ugh. It would be so boring! No Miles Davis, no po’ boy sandwiches. No flava to speak of. Just a bunch of crusty old White guys. An occasional blood sacrifice is a small price to pay to keep us from such a sad condition! lolz

      1. The food part of multiculturalism always blows my mind. I don’t live in China, but there are these amazing things called websites, where I can pull up recipes of everything Chinese. I don’t need Chinese people to eat Chinese food. I don’t need Indians. I don’t need French people.

    1. I go there regularly for work. YT is all over downtown and the East Side. Just West of the river there’s a White hipster enclave. The Whiskey Tangos live in the South. The Northern suburbs are pretty White as well.
      The Northwest is no-go territory for any non-black.
      There’s a pretty nice Mexican-American district in the center of the city too. It’s got some great restaurants and the people are friendly but they don’t take any shit from the mayates. Some thug tried to hijack a car there and got beaten unconscious, stripped of his clothing, and left in a snowbank.

  6. None of this new: The Civil War was nothing but Whites elevating the lives of Blacks above their own, just as they do today. The agenda of this country is determined by Blacks: whether the Blacks are happy, whether they’re discontent. We can’t do anything until every Black is happy, all Blacks are somehow raised to levels of White success. Go to the Moon? Honkey, is you crazy? We got niggas here on Earth who in need of help. Dey need food and healthcare. No lifting your eyes skyward until everyone on Earth has a blanket and baba!
    Go now White men, march forth into the volley of musket fire and grapeshot and kill your brothers. Slavery is an abomination. And it be far better to slay your White brothers by the hundreds of thousands than to let just one black remain in shackles.

    1. “The agenda of this country is determined by Blacks”
      Not to nitpick but, do you perhaps think there is any other group that shapes the country’s agenda??

      1. You know how weathermen use a barometer and weather vane to make a forecast? Politicians never act, never make any legislation or pass any law before considering how it will impact the Black community and gauging the response from the Black community.

    2. Do you know what SJW’s think is the biggest outrage of WW1? That the American army was not integrated and that Blacks were not allowed to serve in combat roles but had to serve in the rear as a cooks and drivers. They don’t care that millions of White men killed each other in a fratricidal war, only that Blacks weren’t allowed to join in the killing!

      1. Don’t die, go supply. Really, are SJW’s able to follow any train of thought to it’s inescapable conclusion, that thousands of black men would have died if they’d been on the front lines in WWI?

      2. Blacks served in the infantry with the US Army in WW1, look up the histories of the 92nd and 93rd Infantry divisions. They were relegated to support roles during WW2, lucky them.

      3. Look at feminism. We want to die younger! We want to be stressed out! We want to have shitty children! Unhappy families! Men we despise!
        Where’s the female benefit of feminism? Voting? Most women vote 2 ways, they vote for the most handsome idiot, or they vote on what their husbands tell them.

  7. This was happening in the 1960s; Watts, Detroit, etc. It will be happening in another 50 years. Nothing will change.
    Whites will continue to skirt addressing the elephant in the room and we will continue to make our blood sacrifices.
    Liberalism is a religion. The Aztecs purportedly sacrificed thousands to satiate their god Quetzacotl.
    Modern liberals sacrifice an even larger number each year to their twin gods of diversity and tolerance.
    I wager all the victims of the knockout game, robberies, rapes, and shootings each year in the US pales in comparison to the number of people the Aztecs sacrificed. Remember, knowledge is power!

    1. Modern liberals sacrifice an even larger number each year on their twin gods of diversity and tolerance.

      And they make damn sure it is not any of their own either.

  8. Dear Black America,
    Good luck black America. We actually all liked you a lot at one point. You were our heroes when we were kids. We wanted to like you….Good luck.

    1. Its not all of us and some of us are more ignorant than others…Trying to change some of their minds is like talking to a child who doesn’t want to be wrong nor wants change it is what it is.
      In every race there are extremists and people who do things by the book and try not to make excuses…

        1. Sure, but it would be better for Black police officers to put don this insurrection and restore order to the Black community, from the perspective of a person that wants to see his race get their shit together, at least.

        2. BLM are separatists. They are angered by “white law.” They want “jungle law.” It’s a back-to-Africa movement, except they know they can’t collect welfare in Africa. Instead they want to make parts of America into Little Africa, where they can set up individual tribes and rule accordingly with bling, penis gourds, and gibs.
          They make a fair case, in their defense. We allowed the American Indians their own tribal lands where white man law does not apply. The Africa Americans just want some of that too.
          They’re demanding segregation again. I, for one, support it entirely.

      1. I just think you would be putting yourself in harm’s way at this point. Not worth the effort. Find a nice black chick, have a family, and get as far away as you can from the hood…its too far gone to be changed

  9. and now the White taxpayers have to shell out $50k for a new cop cruiser. Strange how the police always get the newest and greatest toys. No driving around in a 20 year old jallopy for them. They get the newest models and the most spacious SUVs.

    1. Its another form of corporate welfare, the big 3 automakers have “fleet” deals with cities and gov agencies…easy profits for them

    2. >chimpout imminent
      >park your oldest high-mileage vehicles on the streets
      >watch them burn
      >insurance claim pays for a new one
      Rinse, repeat with the next gudboi who dindu nuffin wrang.

  10. It was the wealthy plantation owners who imported blacks to work as slaves hundreds of years ago. And today it is the corporate / tech internationalists like Zuckerberg, Gates, and Soros who are promoting unfettered mass immigration.
    It was never the poor White farmer, the poor White factory owner, or the poor White engineer doing these things,.
    It has always been the wealthy / rich fucking over their own countrymen in an effort to maximize their profits.

    1. When a rich White man wanted to pick cotton, he bought 100 slaves.
      When a poor White man wanted to pick cotton, he invented the cotton gin.

      1. Meanwhile Eli Whitney gets the “blame” for slavery persisting in the South, when it was exactly this sort of invention that would reduce the need for slaves in the first place.

        1. False. The cotton gin allowed cotton to be harvested as a viable crop. The cotton gin removed seeds. The ensuing cotton boom saw a redirection in slave usage. Most slaves were initially used for sugar cane, in the Caribbean.

      1. Apart from all the English, Portguese, Spanish, French, Arab, African, etc. slave traders.
        Seriously even if you believe in Jewish conspiracy theories, and you shouldn’t, they can’t be responsible for EVERY damn thing

        1. You are saying that Jews are banker like it was their own fault for being such. Jews became bankers because Christians weren’t allowed to, but money-lending was a requirement for economic growth. Jews were the only group eligible to the role in middle age Europe. Is it their fault that others put them in what would become the most profitable category in the world?

      2. My younger sister’s high school history book coincidentally forgot to mention Africa’s involvement in the slave trade. The “triangle” was never mentioned, nor the fact that Africa was selling slaves in vastly greater numbers to everywhere other than the colonies. Slavery was all jus’ dem ebil white folk stealin Tobys.
        I noticed this when I was helping her with her homework one evening, and introduced her briefly to actual history. At the time I didn’t even realize the significance of this act.
        She asked about it in a classroom discussion a few days later, only to be immediately hushed and sent to the office for “creating a disruption.”
        The red pill is a bitter one, but it must be swallowed.

  11. More hope and change, I see.
    Turnin day life around. Enn denn…day dindu nuffin. Gibsmedat!
    ‘N shit. (keek keek keek)

  12. Typical.
    Everywhere in the world, regardless of the history, or the kind of government, or the demographic makeup, this is typical.
    Always the same people building.
    Always the same people destroying.
    The same group is always civilized.
    The same groups are always savages.
    It’s almost as though biology plays a role…

      1. Seriously, those white Southern segregationists back in the 1950’s and 1960’s look like pretty smart guys now. They warned us that blacks couldn’t integrate into white society. Our parents and grandparents should have listened to them.

        1. An interesting historical aside, Abraham Lincoln openly believed the same thing. During the Civil War he had attempted to deport freed slaves. The plan failed in part because the countries on the receiving end were concerned that if the South had won, they’d have a case for war against them because they were holding on to their “property.”
          Presumably had Lincoln not been assassinated, he’d have continued with this plan. So in a very ironic sense, John Wilkes Booth is, and should be honored as, a civil rights hero.

  13. Breitbart? PrisonPlanet? It’s grains of salt time. And what does this have to do with “frame”or “game”?

  14. Another black POS is rightfully shot and the apes riot burning down private property. Next week, they will then complain about the lack of stores in their part of town. Screw them already! Those who can behave can stay; the rest need to be deported back to Africa or exterminated. Or maybe moved onto reservations of some sort.
    Why is it that whites or Hispanics don’t riot every time one of them is shot?

    1. I’m beginning to think this might be the only way. The blacks who work and contribute to society can stay. The gang bangers and race hustlers can go to Liberia, free from the evils of “white privilege.”
      But why stop with blacks?
      La Raza Mexicans can go back to Mexico. Islamists can go back to their Islamic hellholes. White socialist liberals can go live in their Scandinavian socialist paradises (which, from what I’ve read, weren’t exactly paradises even before the migrants started pouring in).

    2. I’m pretty sure there was some sort of “Back to Africa” campaign. I wonder why it don’t get many attention.

      1. Because the man in charge of it was murdered. The people that replaced him purposefully left the blacks in the South, as a punishment to the people in the region.

  15. Any casual reader of ROK can identify a major cause of these riots: the breakdown of the family.
    Many moons ago, black families were quite stable. They worked, went to church, and raised their kids right. If any of their kids caused any trouble, the kids would pray that the cops would hold them, because their parents would beat the snot out of them.
    Fast forward to the 1960s. Welfare, public housing, and other subsidies replaced the father in black households. Too many black women now thought they did not need a man. They could ride the cock carousel, and Big Daddy Uncle Sam would take care of them. This has left a lot of black boys and men without any positive role models. They grew up without any alpha male father to guide them. The same thing is starting to happen in white communities, and the feminists are cheering.

    1. Your comment cannot possibly be thumbed up enough. Illegitimacy and bastardy will destroy even the greatest of civilizations.

      1. No I can not. I am not so foolish to think that all races are equal. They are not. However, past American cultural mores did have a civilizing effect.

      2. Thats a sweeping statement that was not made in any way. This has happened in America because of figures like George Soros using his money and power to affect policies that make it more beneficial for black women to ride the carousel and collect money proportionate to the number of bastard children they have.

    2. Agreed. The Black community was a petri dish the Elites used to test out the destruction of the nuclear family via handouts.
      White and Latino families are the current project now that the Elites have blacks exactly where they want them – dependant on the government and buying overpriced low-quality products just because they’re endorsed by successful blacks(Air Jordans, Dr Dre’s Beats headphones).

        1. Makes sense to me. Besides the anecdotes passed down, if black criminality hadn’t been a serious problem pre-civil rights then there wouldn’t have been JC.

        2. Maybe.
          Their crime rate back then was as bad as it is today, and incidents like the Brownsville Affair establish that what is today known as “stop snitchin’” was alive and well over 100 years ago in the black community.

        3. Would blacks have policed themselves instead of allowing anarchy to rule?
          Maybe its gonna resemble a dictatorship of some big man. They probably need it along with harsh draconian punishment to enforce civility on par with the Yassa law of Mongolian empire:

          Apparently in the empire a beautiful virgin girl can walk from one end to the other end of it carrying a sack of gold on her head without molestation.

        4. And of course consistent capital punishment applied within one year for murder proven beyond reasonable doubt.

      1. It is sad seeing a large segment of the black population parroting corporate slogans, being pimped by another man’s brand and gloating about it the whole time too.
        Sad in a way you see a rabbit caught in a snare before the hunter devours it.

        1. Moreso:
          If I don’t wear overpriced Jordans those hoes at the club are goin home with someone else.

      2. Dre, fake gangster, worth a billion dollars. Sly Stone, he literally lives in a van down by the river…

        1. Dre is fake but he is a good producer. The Chronic was great between his production and the DOC writing most of the lyrics. Beyond that, fuck him and his headphones. Sly is really homeless? How’d that happen?

      3. Minorities and soldiers are always the Elites lab rats for testing social engineering projects before releasing them to the public.

      4. When Booker T’s plan to train blacks for trades was negated, government dependency was the only choice left, short of finishing what Lincoln started.

    3. Superficially tht might seem so, but history shows that blacks had much higher rates of criminal behaviour (than whites) before the Civil Rights Act. They were dumped onto America by Dutch Jewish slave merchants who knew full well that it would rot America from within. Blacks have been a net burden to America, especially the average working American man. All the data shows that those races in the Southern Hemisphere that didn’t live/ evolve through the harsh conditions of the last Ice Age have significantly lower IQs and IQ potential. You can say “Oh they just need a good father”, well that might help a bit but they are still a burden that whites should not have to put up with. Multi-racial societies do not work, never mind racial differences so profound where negros peak at a pitiful 140 IQ, in a society so dependent on high IQ problem solving/ cratiive thinking. But blacks will die fighting to save their position as a millstone around white mens necks.

      1. Go spout your human biodiversity bullshit somewhere else. Racialism is at the same level of idiocy as feminism, and contains similar levels of non-critical thought. Not to mention there’s nothing to back it or any of what you posted, up. You’re also glossing over years of history,which you’ve clearly haven’t bothered to research at all; and relegatedt to the the same level as ‘we wuz’ horseshit.

        1. Unreal that there are still people out there that believe racial differences aren’t well-established in science, despite the abundant scientific evidence to the contrary. Then you try to pathologize the science by calling it “racialism” just as a feminist would use the word “chauvinist” to try to shut down a legitimate conversation on gender differences. Sad shit.

        2. What’s unreal and sad is that you’re implying what De Ge posted above is scientific in any way; moreso that you say I’m trying to pathologize bullshit that isn’t science. The only abundant evidence for any of that was pulled out of someone’s ass. And there’s legitimate to shut down. This isn’t science. And calling out bullshit that’s not critically thought out in any capacity isn’t acting like feminist, it’s not being a dumbass that jumps to a stage of pseudoscientific idiocy.

        3. It’s been well documented that Asians have the highest IQ, followed by whites, hispanics, and blacks and the bottom. While IQ is hardly an accurate measure, it still suggests that certain groups have evolved to be more intelligence than others. You can get mad, or stay neutral as a scientist would, and make your personal views based on the evidence available.
          Are there bright blacks and hispanics, sure. Are there dumb whites and asians, absolutely. However, overall most of the assumptions made about the intelligence of various groups is in fact true.

        4. Whites easily challenge Asians for highest iq.
          We create and build while they reverse engineer our creations

        5. Haiti vs Iceland
          A lush fertile rainforest with negros vs a barren polar cap land with short growing season and white Europeans.
          Nuff said

      2. Just imagine the world without dindus. I really dont mind diversity and it comes with exotic chicks-but dindus are nothing but negatives to a society.

    4. A total “talking points” comment that has been repaeated for generations with zero originality or real thought put into it. Whites have been subject to those same social programs. Everyone has access to welfare, “free” housing, food stamps etc. Would you abandon your kid? Odds are you would not. It is biologically programmed in people who migrated out of Africa to have, what is called in behavior genetics, higher parental investment. If you travel to other parts of the world you will see that blacks behave like blacks where ever they are found, whites behave like whites and Asians behave like Asians. It’s just genetics.

      1. This.
        No matter how much money, welfare socialism, free market capitalism or volunteerism you put into these people, they will stay a Stone Age, tribal species of humans.
        As they grow in numbers, they will instinctively and subconsciously shape their environment to reflect that. And I see no valid moral obligation to feel compelled to try to help them or changed them in any way.

        1. Look at South Africa as an example, the perfect canary in the coal mine.
          Put aside the Apartheid BS, this and that, just like communism, every idea looks great on paper.
          First ruled by conservative Protestant Christian folk, build a first world infrastructure and a very functional country, then came 1994 and it all got handed to a communist crime organisation with head terrorist Mandela, who started to give free reign to criminals and their activities.
          Now you have collapsing infrastructure, soaring crime rates and corruption to shame even the best corrupt politician.
          A lot of it comes down to the people and their “culture” or the lack of it.

      2. Really? Whites on welfare aren’t doing too well either. I think it’s pretty clear that destroying the family unit and having big daddy government take its place is a recipe for disaster.
        I will admit however that the effects these things have seem to differ to some extent by race/ethnicity. Black males seem to become feral as a result while white males become feminized pussies. For females however, both seem to become carousel riding whores. Black females have a couple decades head start, but white girls are catching up with a vengeance.

        1. Please give this a read:
          Not a perfect article, but it will give you some springboard ideas. No one is saying the welfare state has a beneficial effect on any group. What I and I believe others are pointing out is that we are not all created equally. We are a product of natural selection with characteristics such as, empathy, IQ, propensity for violence, disproportionately dialed up or dialed down depending on our genetic background.
          Take N. Korea as an example. It has been a police state for several generations. Those that are able to conform, follow the rules and be disciplined will pass on their genes. Those that can’t, won’t. After a few generations this will have a profound effect on the behavior of future generations. Welcome to the field of behavioral genetics.

        2. I am already quite familiar with behavioral genetics.
          But do you honestly think that fifty years of encouraging the worst of the black community to breed indiscriminately had nothing to do with welfare? Thanks to Great Society welfare, the lowest IQ portions of the black community are allowed to breed like rabbits, passing on their dysfunctional genes. (You could probably apply the same logic to aid to sub-Saharan Africa).

        3. You clearly don’t have a good understanding of behavioral genetics or you would know that African Americans, likely because nearly 90% have some Caucasian genes, have 15 more IQ points than their Sub Saharan kin. I also don’t know what you are objectively referring to when you say “encouraged.” And lastly Black murder rates aren’t just fairly uniform through American cities, but from country to country whether you are in South America, Africa or the US, which completely invalidates your argument.

        4. According to some sources, African average IQ is closer to 80 than 70, considering the fact that sub-Saharan Africa has many environmental pathologies which are deleterious to IQ. The fact that the average American black IQ is 85 is because American blacks are on average 25% European.
          If these welfare systems were not in place, these welfare queens and gang bangers would not be having 10 kids because they would not be able to support these kids. And how exactly did black crime rates invalidate my argument?

        5. Again, respectfully, this is ridiculous. So ridiculous I am going to stop replying to you and this will be my last comment and then you can end it how you will.
          Africans are breeding at virtually the same rate wherever they are found. Subaharan Africa is expected to add over 1 billion people over the next 35 years. Most of these countries have absolutely no welfare state. You are falling into the exact same thought trap that the people we are suppose to hate, the SJW’s think out of. “It’s not biology, it’s society’s fault.”
          And I will say, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars.” It’s in the genes.

        6. And why is sub-Saharan Africa reproducing in record numbers? Because of aid to Africa propping their numbers. When Europeans “discovered” Africa, it was sparsely populated by hunter-gatherers.

        7. I mean no offence but international aid is a form of Welfare. Had the African nations been forced to fend for themselves, the history would be probably bloodier but at least the survivors would have a chance for a better future.
          In a smaller scale the same would happen to black Americans, had welfare never been setup. Of course genetic differences are there but selective breeding works even in shorter spans than we thought possible.

        8. That’s a thoughtful comment. You are correct that changes can occur “reasonably” quickly. However, keep in mind that the people that left Sub Saharan Africa that went on to become, let’s just say everybody else, left about 100,000 years ago. They went through the Bronze Age, they adapted to the harsh conditions of their climates, they selectively survived the starvations of winter, they invented agriculture, created agricultural societies which completely reshaped human interaction and on and on and on. To suggest that somehow withholding subsidies from Africa would somehow make Africans rapidly evolve, I think is very far-reaching. When Europeans and Asians anchored on their shores, Africans were still in mud huts. For the record, individually there are obviously lot’s of good black people, but as a community wherever they be found ugh.

        9. I understand what you are saying. But in this era, with conditions changed (global trade, open international competition, open tribal competition due to modern transportation means that shorten distances), they would be forced to change. The conditions in Africa didn’t change for thousands of years, so if the model r/k is correct, their stagnation was to be expected.
          Moreover, there are some interesting theories about how violence in Europe decreased throughout time, despite the fact that Europeans let’s say in the pre-Christian era and even up to the early middle ages were every bit as violent as the tribal Africans (dueling was just the formalization of that random violence). In this interesting article there is an interesting premise about how the “war on murder” using the death penalty “liberally” (death penalty for murder, heresy, counterfeiting, “lese-majesté” , theft etc.) led to the “pacification” of Europe over the centuries (the article claims from 12 up to the 17 century ). The references in the article are interesting.
          It’s also important to note that Africans were never Christianized, one of the great tragedies of Africa colonization (and no, someone who attends the Church at day and goes to the necromancer at night is not Christian).

        10. Another well-thought-out comment. I honestly appreciate your critical thought. Let’s extrapolate a few human characteristics that natural selection clearly had a role in distinguishing present racial discrepancies in performance and behavior. Let’s say IQ, propensity for violence, ability to work well within groups and parental investment. Now let’s take the total Negroid (that is the Anthropological term) population. Let’s call it 1.3 billion. There is simply no way, given those large number, that you could possibly have a meaningful shift in the behavior of that population. Far too many variables. Half of Western Europe descended from one man. The totality of Europe had descendants from a total of about five men. By this time they were already well into agrarian societies, metal work, frame works for civilization etc. So those men likely passed on the characteristics we see today in present day Europeans. Having natural selection work on a small group is an efficient way to pass on meaningful genetic changes. When you have larger groups you usually have what is referred to as regression to the mean take place. In other words, it’s a wash.

        11. I understand your point but…I never said I intended to change 1.3 billion Negroid people so stop the strawman argument. Second, Europe and Asia, as well as animal husbandry are clear examples that support my hypothesis. In the first case, despite the loathe many here feel for Christianity, the tenets of this religion had a civilizing effect on the people of this continent, to the point where it could unleash the hidden potential of its peoples.
          One can look the difference in the Ancient era between the Mediterranean coast, where all the civilization on the continent was located (either Greek, Roman or even Carthaginians on the Hispanian coasts) and the barbaric north vis a vis what happened from the Middle Ages onward. The process took over a millennium but for good or ill the European man changed during this really short time. The European man (whether southern or northern) from 1000 BC is radically different from his counterpart in 15th century, not only in the gadgets and knowledge at his disposal but physically, spiritually as well as psychologically. Let alone the changes that took place in the 20th century. Human nature stays the same but it’s obvious that yesteryear’s men are for good or ill different animals from us.
          Had Africa undergone a purge of its most troublesome elements like Europe did (see my previous post) and Christianization, by force if need be, their situation would be completely different from what we see despite their (so far observed) lower IQ potential. Now they have to fend for themselves and find the way, preferably in their own lands not on the West and without our assistance since it’s obvious that beside some technical knowledge we are an empty hull when it comes to social solutions, mores or spirituality.

        12. Not a straw man argument at all. We are talking about disproportional aberrant behavior in Blacks wherever they are found in large numbers. So, of course, you have to apply this logic to the masses, especially in the more or less open borders world we are living in.
          As for Europe, which I usually don’t like discussing in such an argument because others often misinterpret it as having hegemonic connotations, the Germanic tribes that I believe you are referring to went through massive adaptions for thousands of years, especially while they lived up in present day Scandinavia. They practiced monogamy. They had highly regimented hunting teams that unquestionably left people behind who did not pull their weight which, likely contributed to modern day work ethic and ability to have efficient group collaboration and they unquestionably had harsh laws. To compare the Germanic tribes with the “civilized” Romans and Greeks is an unhelpful exercise, because, again, most of the significant group genetic changes had already taken place, including IQ changes, which allows them to build these civilizations in the first place. As for Christianity, we are not talking about adopting religious tenets, which should have a pacifying effect through self regulation via regarded “moral behavior.” We are discussing genetic adaptions. No question that a good religion can change the timbre of a group of people.
          But to get to the point of it all, as long as you are not for the Islamifaction or Africanization of Europe I could care less what else you believe around these issues, as that is the only thing that really matters in this day and age of globalization and rampant anti-white sentiment.

        13. My apologies if I sounded harsh. However your argument looked like a strawman fallacy at face value. As I said before I am not advocating “saving” 1.3 billion people. If an improvement is to happen many of them if not most will have to die, just like it happened to the European peoples throughout our history. A harsh judgement but it’s the truth. For the path they have chosen (the Blacks and others) is leading them over the cliff (and many others with them).
          My points were:
          1. that the pressures in Africa, combined with the absence (or lack of development) of an ethos that punished the wrong doers and awarded the formation of families along with long term investment in children have selected for a different kind of individual.
          2. Eugenic pressures in Europe made us what we are. And those pressures were confined to those from nature. Most of them come from the late Roman empire period and the introduction of concepts that were foreign to Europe (a rational god, thus a rational universe ruled by laws, an ethos which extolled the virtues of marriage and monogamy, in contrast to what happened in the east, punished the wrongdoers with death etc.)
          Worst of all when Colonization happened, we didn’t have the character and the conviction to preach and impose our religion, hence it’s absurd to think there are millions of Christians in Africa when the “missionaries” the west sends there are either naïve girls looking for adventure and opportunities of virtue signaling, and the rest are blind idealists who don’t realize how cheap life is in that place and how they were supposed to focus on the souls of that people not building stuff and filling their stomachs; in a nutshell It’s laughable. The few Christians from that region are those that have made their own research.
          To your last point, no, I am not deranged and I’d rather have real diversity than the “diversity” we have had to endure.

        14. I have yet to read a comment from you that doesn’t seem borderline retarded. Do you have a valid source backing this claim of yours up?

        1. Dude…I like you…you just literally took the words out of my mouth. I thought I was the only one who originated that!

      3. >Everyone has access to welfare, “free” housing, food stamps etc.
        Actually, whites have less access to the “free” housing. There are a limited number of subsidized properties available. Priority is given to blacks first because “white folk have more job opportunities” and single mothers of either race get priority over men because we have to think of the childrens.
        The nice black lady working at the state housing authority was kind enough to explain the pecking order when I went in to help a fucking white male fill out his paperwork.

      4. I can’t speak on other countries, but in the U.S. blacks were much better before welfare, that’s a fact.
        Black people were actually more competitive in the job market back then until minimum wage was instituted. If they couldn’t work cheaper then everyone else they pretty much got screwed.
        During the 20th century there was a booming black population in Tulsa Oklahoma, referred to as the Black Wall Street. Information can be easily found on this so I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say, the current dysfunction has an explanation.
        I don’t buy into the idea that it happens because blacks are inherently animals who can’t function civilly.

        1. Keep in mind that white values were forced onto the dindus. White society is not natural for the dindu, thus why they, like a fish put back in the water, went right back to nigging after whitey lost control from the civil rights act.

        2. Absolutely correct. In particular, the construction industry: southern blacks were taking jobs away from the established northern construction companies by offering cheaper, better service. But, as you stated, minimum wage ruined that.

      5. It not genetics. For example, after WWII, black and white soldiers had children in Germany. A study was made decades later on those children and it was discovered that both the black and white children had no difference in IQs, education, criminality, etc. By your baseless argument, there should have been notable differences, but the fact is that there is NO genetic link to behaviors among races. There is not one shred of evidence supporting it. It is all about CULTURE. In America, there is a black sub-culture that has a growing victim mentality that is sparking this idiotic and reprehensible behavior…which is a shame because it was wasn’t such a problem before the Obama administration

        1. That’s utter bs.
          Mullatos show higher iq than blacks but lower than Nordic whites.
          If what you wrote was true, Brazil would be just like Germany, rather than a dysfunctional cesspool , dumbass

        2. I’m not in the business of making shit up. It’s taken from Eine Untersuchung der Neger-Mischlingskinder in Westdeutschland, also known as the Eyferth study. It is not free to read, but there are plenty of sources that reference what the research entails, for example “Intellectuals and Race”. Even JP Rushton acknowledged the findings of this report.

        3. Not sure what your logic is here. The circumstances in Brazil are not comparable to Germany, as Brazil was part of the African slave trade and where most of its black population come from. I’m no expert on Brazillian culture, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some sort of black sub-culture in Brazil, as there is in the US. The case I argued with Germany was that because there was no black or white sub-culture, just a German culture, blacks and whites have similar IQ’s, income levels, etc. It’s your basic nature vs. nurture argument.

        4. In other words you can’t find it. But who cares what you think. You’re the kind of asshole that believes Joooos win 70% of Noble prizes in science, despite being between .2% of the population, because their mom’s gave them extra hugs. Your beliefs, the nurture argument, are no differently rooted then the feminist’s belief that gender is a construct. Stop talking to me. I am going to stop talking to you.

        5. I was wondering how you’d respond to actual proof. Can’t say I expected you to pretend that I didn’t give you any. But that’s the confirmation bias that one would see from a feminist. I did expect that you’d take the typical passive-aggressive approach and avoid further conversation: typical feminist behavior. I’d bet if you were an admin, you’d ban me too. Coward

    5. You’re wrong. Blacks are fucked in the head the world over. Just as Saddam contained the radicals in Iraq white America kept the blacks in their place. It was once they were fully freed to roam (around 1965) their true colors were revealed. Quit with the projection, blaming the left and pathological altruism.

      1. Well, I am not trying to be altruistic. There are differences in the races that are not addressed.
        Let me tell you about the East Frankford neighborhood in Philadelphia. Blacks have been there for decades. The Quakers taught them how to farm and how to read. As the neighborhood develop into a sea of row homes, there got jobs in the city’s sanitation department, or working for my great grandfather, as well as my grandfather. It was a stable neighborhood and there was very little crime.
        Then in the 1960s, do-gooder lefties form the bleeding heart neighborhood of Chestnut Hill took power in the city. They shoved the Whitehall housing project down the neighhood’s throat to house the blacks from the south who wanted all of the welfare benefits. As the crime and vandalism rose, the black families left. There were grown men in tears telling my grandfather that they were quitting, because they could not live in the neighborhood anymore.
        Anecdotal? Perhaps. However Steve Sailer wrote about how a similar thing happened in Milwaukee at the same time. Welfare benefits were greater in the northern states than the south. Yes, there’s a greater rate of crime among black communities, but the handouts from the government has been a disaster among the blacks.

    6. Brilliant. Just brilliant. You summed up the situation and its genesis superlatively.

    7. Many moons ago, black families were quite stable. They worked, went to
      church, and raised their kids right. If any of their kids caused any
      trouble, the kids would pray that the cops would hold them, because
      their parents would beat the snot out of them.

      Not so, that’s really a myth. If that happened “en masse”, it was only because our forefathers instituted JC to ensure that it did.

      1. What evidence do you have that it’s a myth?
        Considering the conditions blacks found themselves in when they were brought here I think they did exceptionally well. Where was ghetto culture and gangsta rap? It’s a modern disease.
        What’s mind boggling is the sort of dysfunction that’s popping up all over this country among ALL races, with a clear understanding of why, but somehow critical thinking goes out the window when it comes to blacks.
        Oh they do it because they’re just stupid, low IQ sub humans.

    8. MIlton Friedman said that the minimum wage laws were the most anti-black law ever, before that time blacks actually had a higher employment rate than whites. I guess when you don’t have work you tend to turn to violence and crime-I would rather than starve.

      1. My grandmother was good friends with a black woman in Philadelphia. She told my grandmother that welfare is worst than slavery for her people. She also said she was not black, but colored.

    9. What’s really tragic is how hard it is to find the guys in the ORLANDO area. There are a couple of us and we’re looking to build our numbers. Reply if you’re in Orlando and can join the happy hour gang.
      Reply if you’re nearby.

    10. Niggas gonna nig with or without a daddy.
      Haiti is a prime example 2 centuries ago. They killed all the white French, the. The mullatos. It went from the richest land to the poorest In The Western Hemisphere in a short time.
      Now we have to teach them in Haiti, a jungle rain forest, how to catch rain water to drink clean germ free water.
      Destruction is a black thang.

    11. This + entitlement mentality – always the victim and everyone owes cos of Slavery (not that they look at who sold them into slavery – we don’t talk about that shit). This is why I bought an AR15 – this shit breaks out around my house – I got 500 rounds of 5.56 saying “Get off my lawn”

    12. I agree. But we’ve got to focus on where all that welfare, drug use, and the like came from. It didn’t arise out of a vacuum. Decades ago, factories began shutting down left and right all across the country, with the bulk of American blue collar businesses being shipped overseas. Granted, a lot of whites worked blue collar jobs back in the 50s and 60s, but blacks even moreso. That blue collar work allowed black men to gain economic traction, and gave them social status in the community. When the warehouses started shutting down, these men found themselves unable to find additional blue collar work, and were not trained for the white collar computer-intensive economy that kicked off from the 70s and continues to this day. In came welfare to replace the man, who no longer had a job, and had thus become pretty much superfluous (which meant he no longer had any real place in his home or in his community, which in turn answers the age-old question of why the black man isn’t in the home). The drugs were soon to follow, with their peddlers offering prospective users a false escape from the rampant unemployment and poverty that vexed them. And we’ve had almost two generations of this.
      Whites by and large were spared this fate as many were able to obtain white collar/clerical jobs or were able to use their blue collar skills to set up their own auto repair shops, car lots, etc. That’s because the plan all along was to use blacks as crash test dummies to determine how the nuclear family could be broken down, and to insulate whites from the fallout in the interim. But now, the white family is the new target, but the elites’ weapon of choice is not economics (because they’re still riding on the economic inertia from decades earlier, which includes generations worth of inheritances). No, the white family is being attacked through ideology, e.g. feminism, the predatory family courts, etc. All of this just further evinces the fact that, at the end of the day, we’re all just pawns on these elite bastards’ chessboards.

  16. I predict BLM’s impending collapse. Did you guys see their newest manifesto that’s essentially demanding Communism? (Wide-scale redistribution of wealth and the nationalization of whole sectors of the economy.) It’s like the new OWS. Weak leaders, a push for many impossible goals instead of a few practical ones, the frittering away of their media darling status, and annoying road blockades.
    Hillary is making a mistake pandering to them. Look what they did to Bernie. He was the candidate most sympathetic to them and they humiliated him and revealed him as a weakling.

    1. BLM has moved quickly into the “overplaying their hand” territory. Most normal people, even those who do feel that there are legitimate problems in the police, are getting tired of this.

      1. There are still plenty of cucked white men who are pussy-whipped by their stupid wives into supporting it. I saw a beautiful, conservative girl that I used to know from school talking about attending her first movement, and I laughed. Those people, given the opportunity, would rape the organs out of her through her mouth.

        1. Bear in mind, most women will mold into any political movement that best suits her social situation. No women inherently cares about conservative or liberal, or what the platforms of various candidates actually mean for her. All she cares about is that Justice Beaver has stated his dislike about republicans, and she will follow suit because she cares about being accepted among her peers whom do the same thing.
          I think there’s an article about this phenomenon…

        2. It’s not just women. My family was like this. My mother was a man-eating feminist… who voted republican, because her husband was. My brother was about as left as you can imagine, but he identified as republican, because, again, my father was.

    2. Good, hope her pandering to BLM and the Islamic trojan horse ensures her a defeat so tremendous no amount of voter fraud will compensate.

      1. Hopefully Trump will continue to remind voters that it is Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife who continues to give a sympathetic ear towards these domestic terrorists.

    3. lol you really think disbanding the official ‘BLM’ is going to stop blacks from acting like this? wake up man

    by Rudyard Kipling
    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.
    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    1. Dude, the Saxon of today is hardly the Saxon of Kipling’s day. If Kipling was alive today to see what his people have become he’d shoot himself.

    2. Anders Breivik is the last remaining Saxon Kipling wrote about, and unfortunately he now rots in a Norwegian prison for allowing his hate to compel him to choose the wrong targets.

  18. Why do I get the feeling that the way things are trending in this “2nd wave of civil rights” that police powers will be limited in doing their duty when dealing with certain ethnic groups, nationalities, or persons of different sexual orientations? Is this dystopian scene from Demolition Man the future?

      1. It’s not closer to the present.
        It. IS. The Present! 🙁
        And with the way things are going, our FUTURE, as well.

        1. Kind of what I was getting at but yeah. If things continue down this road, the police will soon unable be able to do their jobs. At that point in time, armed militia will take up th role of protecting their communities. When that time comes, groups like BLM will be begging for the cops to start doing their jobs again.

    1. This movie is frighteningly prophetic. When I first saw it, I almost couldn’t believe how true it was.

  19. Enough with the pc BS. Give these ghetto idiots a choice: either stay and behave like decent citizens or leave and go to Africa. I wonder, how many would choose the second option…

  20. The weakness of police is a critical step in the progression of an insurgency. All the factors are there for a armed insurgency keep in mind these were the black monkey soldiers but there obviously are smarter people organizing and assisting this terrorist movement.

  21. If they don’t like America and evil white people, why don’t they just go back to South Africa where whites are actually second-class citizens. The ghetto thugs don’t have to worry about money to move back to Africa. This guy, Femu Adunagame, will cover their expenses and give them a home, car and $1 million, should they move to South Africa if Trump is elected POTUS.

    1. They know in their hearts the worst ghetto in America is better than anywhere in Africa. They were offered a reservation in West Africa (Liberia). They wouldn’t go.
      The real question is: what do WE get out of putting up with their shit at this stage? Robots are quickly taking over the agricultural jobs they were brought here to do. We need to insist that they return to their country and kindly give our cities back to us.

      1. Whether or not I agree with you, it’s much too late in the hour for that. One of 2 things is going to happen in the future, 1. White/Euros will be bred out, or 2 there will be some kind of race war. Unless there is a paradigm shift, 1 sounds much more likely.

  22. If you can’t see BLM,a Soros funded group, for what it is, then I don’t know what to tell you. They are obviously being funded to be agent provocateurs to provoke a race war and obviously, the simple minded will buy into it and go on destroying each other.

    1. Blacks commit 8 times the number of violent crimes against whites than vice versa. You act like this is new, or that soros created it.
      They have always behaved this way.

      1. Soros and the other reptiles are opportunistic and act on this proclivity you speak of. Like adding gasoline to a fire.

    2. We had a discussion about this with a “I’m voting for Hillary because he’s not Trump” acquaintance in the group. He, predictably, blamed black criminality on white people. Because slavery and shit.
      Liberals gonna lib.

  23. John McCain and Lindsey Graham fully support the BLM attack on Whites as does all the other Republicans.

  24. BTW in case some of you haven’t realised this yet, these police shootings are fake/ hoaxes using crisis actors, with the goal of creating such distrust in the state/ local police that black communists, as they are doing now, demand that Obama create a federal police force – which will be the end of the world for Americans (i.e whites). Then gulags.

    1. It always happens that lesser external powers move in and fill the vacuum when your women are liberated. The women get spoiled and entitled. White men should be horse whipping AND DICKWHIPPING their women at this point. Put your women’s noses back to the grindstone white motherfuckers.
      Notice JUST BEFORE the purge of head chopping began in revolutionary France, the old bourgoeise class was full to the brim with entitled princesses. Guess what? During the late 1700’s it also became fashionable for the married Parisian society women to have a second man or ‘mistress man’. French women were becoming cheating cuck ho’s at an alarming rate immediately before the entire class of Bourgoeise WAS BUTCHERED. They had become debauched out the ass and you would swear they had it coming. At the time, the professional working bourgoeise men all had entitled bitch princesses and this was all pressured onto the class so as to emulate the entitled jewish princess model. The boug’s households weren’t simple producing gene mills but were adorned with glass cabinets of un necessary decorations pleasing to only a FUCKING QUEEN B!! Look around your house professional white man. Do you see rugrats in training or do you see wall to wall chinese junk and collectables? Now the jew practice of circumcision is forced onto American males by Kellogg so as to get American males to ape the uber beta chopnik jew men.
      But you’re right. We whites are headed to gulags if we don’t get a vice and clamp down on our women like everyone else, except the jews that is. Just look at our big mouthed women, screwing monkeys and large dogs, aborting their firstborn, your firstborn too, acting like entitled jewish princesses even when they’re not. Collecting bling. Houses full of rif-raff baubles and stupid shit but no foot pedal sewing machine. And the spoiled white bitches try to excuse their low non-replacement breeding. It’s as much their fault as it is the white men’s fault for NOT belting them. And for NOT beating your woman up and down angrily like you should with your big white dick. The dumb white bitch will say ”Oooh, but I’ve got a migraine”. Yeah right. The bitch got hedache and work/career anxiety so you’re supposed to believe that she can’t poot out and tit feed anything above 0.3-0.75 offspring when three generations ago white women’s pussies were kept properly belted by king dickdaddy and the bitch was kept in full breed mode beginning at puberty and kept PUMPING for a good decade or two!!
      We’re headed for a headchopping if we don’t crack smack control our bitches now.

  25. Don’t kid yourselves, blaming Obama and Soros is just a smokescreen, this is how blacks really act and they hate white people.
    Everyone acts like if Obama wasn’t ‘egging them on’ they would act like normal people or something. They will always behave like this.

    1. Obama’s comments are the highest form of social validation. He doesn’t cause the issues at root, but he helps to amplify, prolong, and rationalize the senselessness.

    2. Not quite. This is how they behave when there are no consequences.
      That well-regulated militia in the Second Amendment? Those were men deputized and trained to use lethal force to put down chimpouts.

    1. I pity anyone who turns in their guns upon declaration of martial law, especially during a staged event. Who could fall for that shit anymore? People who are glued to the boob toob that’s who.
      People envision martial law with highways blockaded and checkpoints in flyover country while some distant inner city federalized welfare ghetto rocks and sporadically burns. What bullshit and laughable misdirection of forces it would seem.
      Face to face battles between police and civilians have not been seen to any large extent yet. The ‘freeze’ mentality still has hold and the cops generating revenue and entering homes of families to serve protective/walking papers to men remains the norm. Cops need to cut that shit out and axe their administrators who implement globalist fembitch interest. We don’t need yes-men system bitchcops. We need patriot citizen-soldier cops.
      The current generation of mangina/white knight cops and entitled bitch cops hasn’t been shit tested to date. There have been no open field battles between civilians/police. The masses of muzzies in cities like Dearborn would pop off like the Milwaukie niggaz YOU’D THINK right?? But no they remain reserved. Why? Because they’ve obvionsly been planted and haven’t recieved any activation signal. Patriot CITIZENS have to be vigilent and watch them. Don’t let them get away with being armed by foreign pipelines. We don’t want Nicaragua in Michigan.

  26. I’ve never understood the need to identify with others. I like to swim. If a swimmer gets murdered, I’m not going to protest on behalf of swimmers. My brother is a career criminal. If he gets merced in the middle of one of his senseless crimes, I’m not going to protest on behalf of him, or white people, or males.
    I’ve known some quality, respectable black men, who have zilch in common with the stereotypical hoodrat, and 10x more in common with me, but for reasons unknown, at least initially, they feel some identity with Mike Brown, or Trayvon, or any of the other 1000 dipshits that get themselves gunned down. I will never understand this.

    1. This is not a choice. This is a forced machination of American design to have all races grouped by color to form solidarity. It kept Native Americans isolated and on reservations. It kept Black American unilaterally separate from America as a whole and fodder for race baiters. It also allows a bunch of white Americans to call themselves real Americans and make claims of who should stay and go, and claim superiority, all while doing nothing but being born white.
      It is all a funny farce of make shift nationalism. A nation built by immigrants where immigrants are making claim on who are the better immigrants based on colors.

      1. Segregation doesn’t need to be forced, it’s natural. The blacks clamored for integration, and within 10 years they’d already re-segregated themselves. The Indians didn’t want to live on their land with settlers, they wanted to live on their land alone, and separate.
        Even the Europeans when settling didn’t integrate. People make that claim, but the only reason why the appearance of integration occurred is because most of the Europeans simply shared similar values. It took 150 years and 2 world wars for euro-integration.

        1. Like most things that doesn’t settle the whole picture. People want integration enough to find those, of whatever race affiliation or creed they might hold, who are like them and will settle in on those aspects. Integration should follow that aspect to create a cohesive society. Segregation comes about by living standards just because people feel safest amongst those with similar beliefs. Just because I feel as a citizen, with the same rights as you, should be held to the same standard as you, doesn’t mean we need the same home to sleep in.
          Black Americans were not viewed as full citizens until American integration happened.

      2. Most immigrants here were white back in the day. 90% at the date of my birth. The difference was nearly superficial.
        Today…not so much.

        1. But remember, there’s a big difference between white and white.
          Would this nation be as great had it been founded by the Russians, or the Poles, or the Greeks?

        2. Precisely. Not only that, but Northern Europe vs. Mediterranean Europe, and Celtic Europe vs. Germanic Europe.

      3. Technically, the “true” Americans are the Anglo-Germanic Protestant Europeans who founded this country. The English, Scots, Germans, etc.
        However, few white nationalist/alt-right types seem to make this distinction. If the founding fathers had been alive during the early 20th century, they would have been appalled at all the Irish, Italian and Slavic immigrants in the United States, even though they are all considered “white” today. If you were to ask George Washington or Thomas Jefferson if they thought they were the same race as a Pole or an Irishman they would have laughed in your face.

      4. Wrong
        If diversity was natural it would not need to be Forced on us
        It is a biological truth to have affection for ones own

    2. There are some rare exceptions hence my proclivity to use the word ‘black’to fescribe the race of people whom are upstanding and productive citizens who possess certain laudable or admirable qualities and ‘niggers’ for the criminal dregs who happen to be of such race. I deplore racism hence my very deliberate selection of words to make the above distinction.

      1. Racism is natural.
        From the youngest ages, children identify with their own -whether dolls or other figures.
        The word racist comes from Russian joo Trotsky in1930 to brow beat whites into accepting their own ethnic displacement

    3. It’s a black thang.
      Don’t try to understand it it them
      It’s natural to have an ethno tribal affection but never think they are you or you are them

  27. What blacks don’t realize is, they are being used as pawns in a game of chess, and if the NWO has its way (and it will), they will be first in line for a serious dose of final-solution ethnic-cleansing. In the end, this is about survival of the fittest, and a person can say that it’s a shame, or it’s horrible, or what would Jesus do, but getting mad at it is like getting mad at the sun for coming up – because it’s still going to happen.
    “Truth is the mother of all hatred.” – Ausonius

  28. This isn’t even a close case and the media isn’t even trying to build a false narrative on this one. There is bodycam footage that shows the teen pointing a gun at the cop. Watch for this to conveniently get buried under the next anti-Trump story starting tomorrow.

  29. These are not real blacks!
    The Nice attackers were not real Muslims!
    El Chapo is not a real Mexican!

  30. Nice video. “Best no white person come down Sherman”
    I have the sneaking suspicion that i can live the rest of my life without violating that edict. I never have come down Sherman nor do I ever plan to.

  31. The white cops in charge are saying that they “were right” by shooting the guy because he was holding a gun. ……Hey white guy in charge- black thugs don’t care and don’t want to hear it. They want destruction. Obama sure as hell aint going to say anything about this.

  32. Make America White Again
    ANYTHING any nigger in America has, even the “luxury” of shitting in a clean toilet, is thanks to white people.
    Slavery was the biggest mistake, this happens when you import low quality genetic material.

  33. George Soros retribution against Sheriff Clarke for his outspoken support of DonaldTrump. Clark gave one of the best speeches given at the RNC.

    1. Yea
      Negros actually needed a reason to burn dat bitch down in Milwaukee and are incapable of violence
      Rolls eyes

        1. also, what is the sainthood for. I think you need 3 miracles for beatification and being an effeminate weirdo, a homosexual and filled with the rage of the impotent doesn’t seem to qualify.

        2. For being a prophet and loving his people, fighting Marxism and for Christianity.
          Hitler jailed atheists and Marxists as well as satanic Joos and Freemasons.
          2500 new churches were built during his tenure and Germany became the greatest nation on earth with Joos out of banking and pornographers jailed, as well as abortion made illegal.
          Yes Saint hood.
          I’ve heard he was a devil worshipper, a transvestite, a one balled cryptoid and now a homosexual… All joo speak, who fear his return and another rising.
          Had he won ww2 there’d be no communism, Obama, world bank, usury, irs, Israel, theft of palestine, gay marriage, transgenders, interracial relationships, flooding Eurooe with brown and black third world trash, or porn. Ie. Real horrible
          His sin Was resisting Judaism

        3. My great grandfather lived through 8 Nazi death camps.
          One night he was taken by Ilsa, the Nazi she wolf who took him in a back room. She proceeded to rape him and used a riding crop in his backside.
          Then five other German wenches took turns. He said it was horrible, but I don’t really believe him.
          He is trying to write a screen play but needs cash. If you send a $100 bill cash I will send you an autograph from Moses himself, who met my great grandfather on the mount. This is all true

        4. why do you have such a hard on for jews? you catch your sister blowing a rabbi? You know, if you put even some of the energy you put into being stupid into, ya know, not being stupid you might actually accomplish something more than just whining like a chick about how life isn’t fair.

        5. No, because that would require the alt-righters to actually, I don’t know, take responsibility for their own lives?
          The similarities between the alt-right and the regressive left never cease to amaze me.

        6. That is the part that gets me. BLM fags all sorts of regressive left groups show zero difference from alt right or storm fags or whatever. Do they really not see that they are part of the core problem the world faces today: a refusal to grow up, take responsibility, find your nuts and make a life for yourself and instead just being whiny little bitches pretending they are special snowflakes.
          They are basically fat chicks who hate jigs and kikes

        7. Man, I thought the upside to all this fag acceptance we had to deal with is that you people would stop being so crazy and go get your fudge packed like you always wanted to.

        8. uhm ok. I was just talking with someone about this. I have a serious question for you. I will drop the “literally hitler” and the calling you names for fun because I would like a legit answer.
          Do you realize that you express the exact same characteristics of regressive left groups, black lives matter, fat acceptance movement, gay rights etc? That same lack of ability to take responsibility, to think you are a special snow flake, to be a man and instead find some weak way to make yourself feel better? I mean, do you ever stop and do a self evaluation and realize that you are a huge part of the problem?

        9. I’m a racial realist, a nationalist.
          And that lead me logically to an affection for fascism. Mussolini, Franco, Hitler all built great societies and were a thorn in the side of joo global Marxists.
          Milwaukee is proof that we are at war. One must choose a side and that side is the side of your racial heritage.
          Tobit 4:12
          You simply are uneducated, you’ve never read the bible, studied history or understand basic human behavior, read history in Haiti or South Africa. Rhodesia, Liberia, of the white shaved in North Africa or the USA

  34. Most of the rioters have seemed to overlook the inconvenient fact that the cop himself was black. This is the political climate that Black Lives Matter and the self-loathing Neohippie guilty White liberals who help them have created.

  35. “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down.”
    Never forget your conceal carry. Never let a negro on your six. Never enter a Dindu village without backup. Humans fear the darkness for a reason.

    1. Huh?
      Hitler resisted Judaism and threw them out of banking, spurring an economic miracle in three years, making Germany the wealthiest in Europe, taken from the poorest with no gold and only 10% military GDP.
      Blm are Marxist, low iq nig nogs funded by the joo Soros to Brow beat whites, extort, and sow discord

  36. If you want to stop riots in America make an executive order that states “If your town or city has a riot, for that year all welfare benefits will be suspended to cover the cost of rebuilding what has been destroyed:!! Effective Immediately ” All riots will stop pronto

  37. America is self destructing. Hillary or Trump, its just a matter of making this less or far worse..

    1. You sound like a cuck too weak to fight for greatness and lacks the testicular fortitude that will come with deportations to Mexico and Liberia for the brown/black hoardes

  38. The media and political correctness have fanned the flames that have elevated these thugs and criminals into hereos. Our lemming useless politicians are to blame for failing to call these violent degenerates out. Our country has lost its moral compass.

  39. You shouldn’t fall into the trap the globalists want to put us in. The title of the article is misleading and shows exactly what G. Soros and the cabalists want : A racial war between whites and blacks, moslims and christians, etc.
    I would have choosen another title : “This is what the globalist want to drag us in” and not Black people are attacking white people which is factually true…but we all know what is the big scheme of these people.
    We all like this site and we know that you should keep it alive and sometimes click baiting should be put aside when it comes to serious business.
    You can click bait us with nudes and cute brunettes…that’s fine

    1. Newsflash Einstein
      We already are At war… Milwaukee is just further proof in addition to the 1+ million annual black ON white interracial crimes.
      Wake up McFly

  40. This behavior of rioting and destroying cities is disgusting.
    Any black prison with a criminal record should just be sent to a concentration camp similar to the one the US stuck Japs in during WWII.
    At my last job I knew a few black who had complete disrespect for cops.

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