4 More Half-Truths Women Regularly Tell Their Significant Others

Last week I wrote the prequel to this column. I rarely look at comments from articles I write but every once in a while I’ll peruse a bit to see if our readers can offer additional ideas, anecdotal or otherwise.

As usual, our readers came through and pointed out a few half-truths I’d forgotten about as I hadn’t heard them in a while (or I just tuned her out after she tripped my bullshit-o-meter). The format will be the same as last week’s but this time around I’ll add my own stories as they apply.

4. “I was raped”

What she’s trying to convey: That a man forced himself on her and had sex with her against her will.

What it likely means: She got buyer’s remorse the morning after a hook up.

Escape technique: You find out she dated the dude she accused of rape…after the alleged rape:

You: “Wait a minute, didn’t that guy rape you?”

Her: “Well, yeah but I was drunk and couldn’t consent so legally that’s rape.”

Follow up question:  “How much jail time did he get?”

“…and when I woke up and saw I was taller than him, I realized I had been raped.”

This question puts her on the spot and immediately forces her to start giving details. If the man who allegedly raped her didn’t get any jail time, she’ll have to explain why he didn’t which opens up a can of worms she’ll wish had stayed shut.

This is a no-win situation for females if the words “I was raped” comes out of her mouth. If she’s lying, she’s radioactive meaning get the hell out of there asap. If she’s not, she’s damaged beyond repair meaning get the hell out of there asap.

3. “I was with a friend”

Hey, fuck friends count as friends too……right?

What she wants to convey: That she was with a female friend, meaning nothing (hetero) sexual occurred.

What it likely means: She was at her fuck buddy’s place getting banged out.

Escape technique: You find out she was with a guy, and not her girlfriend on the night in question.

You: “You said you were with a friend!”

Her: “He is my friend. But one thing lead to another and it just happened.”

Follow up question: “Which friends?”

This simple query forces her to either lie, or come clean. Since we know she’s not coming clean (if your frame and game are both extremely weak) she’s probably going to give you more detail than necessary to convince you she’s telling you the truth. She’ll give you exact prices of drinks, colors of outfits, exact times, and a slew of other particulars in her attempt to kill a fly with a sledge hammer.

It’s also good to pay attention to other stories involving her “friends.” She’ll purposely avoid identifying the sex of her company saying things like “They came and got me” or “I’m gonna hang out with them again.” Carla did this routinely and even as a blind beta, I knew she was talking about another man.

The bottom line is that if your girl tells you she’s with friends without identifying them by name or sex, chances are, she was with someone she wasn’t supposed to be with (read: another dude).

2. “I was a late bloomer”

tight sweater

“I grew my boobs late so I was a virgin for like 3 decades!”

What she wants to convey: That she was an “ugly ducking” so she got a late start on the carousel meaning her notch count is much lower than “all those other sluts.”

What it likely means: She was an ugly duckling. But when she turned into a swan she opened her legs for as many men as she could to keep validating to her sexuality to herself and others.

Escape technique: After about the 40th “hilarious hookup story” she’s regales you with….

You: “You’ve hooked up with a lotta dudes. I thought you were late bloomer.”

Her: :::laughing::: “Oh I was but I’ve made up for lost time!”

Follow up question: “So you didn’t have sex until you were 22 because you were ugly?”

Similar to the follow up question when she claims she was in an “open relationship,” you’ve badly sharp angled her. She can’t tell you she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 22 because she’ll think that you think something is wrong with her if men didn’t want to sleep with her until then (typical inverse projection) but she can’t tell you she’s a raging slut either.

She’ll attempt to tell you a story that puts her directly in the middle, but again, if you’re wearing your neomasculine spectacles you’ll see right through her lies.

Personal anecdote: An older woman with huge tits tried to drop this on me a few months back. Apparently she didn’t become as well endowed as she is today until after she turned 30 (which I didn’t completely believe either). Here’s how the conversation went:

Her: “I was a late bloomer.”

Me: “And?”

Her: :::giggling::: “And what?”

She’s giggling because she knows I don’t buy the story she’s trying to cover up which lies just beneath the surface.

Me: ::sarcastically::: “So because you had small tits for 30 years you must have lived in a convent, is that it?”

Her: :::laughing::: “No…I…”

I interrupt her

Me: “Look…just because you didn’t grow boobs until you were 30 doesn’t mean you were a nun. We both know you were doing what everybody else was doing.”

Her: :::still laughing::: “Damn you’re harsh!”

Which is code for “Damn, you saw right through my feeble attempt at making you think my notch count was low!”

Nice rack or not, most girls hop on the carousel at some point regardless of their aesthetic beauty. We as men need to understand that just because there are no fat ugly studs, that there are no fat ugly sluts…and there are plenty waddling around. And if ugly, fat chicks can be sluts, then any female can. Including “late bloomers.”

1. “He kicked me out”

on the street

What she’s trying to convey: That her evil boyfriend or husband came home one day and decided he didn’t want her in his house anymore and kicked her out without cause.

What likely happened: She cheated on him and didn’t stop so he finally kicked her out after he had enough.

Escape technique: You find out why she got kicked to the curb after a friend of hers tells you the real story.

You: “You got kicked out because you were sleeping with so-in-so. You lied to me!”

Her: “I told you he kicked me out. That was the truth.”

Follow up question: “Why?”

This forces her to fabricate a long and drawn out story that paints her ex as an evil sadist from the very start of the relationship. Even men who are still plugged in to the matrix know there are two sides to every story. But he doesn’t press her on the facts because he’s afraid to foul up his chances of sleeping with her.

Personal anecdote: A while back I wrote about the experience that finally taught me once and for all that saving women never lead to having sex with them.  I didn’t get the whole story until someone else filled me in:

According to her sister, the father of Carla’s youngest son (whom she had custody of) had been released from prison a few months back and she’d started fucking him behind her live-in boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend got wind of it and told her to end it. Carla said she did but kept fucking the baby daddy anyway, and when her boyfriend learned she hadn’t kept her promise he finally kicked her out.

Dudes don’t kick women out for no reason. In fact, most women get away with all kinds of shenanigans and still manage to have a roof over their heads. So when a man actually has the balls to put a female out of his domicile, you can bet your ass he had a damn good reason.


As I stated in the first installment, there are many more half-truths females tell their significant others. The bottom line is that you must always assume that what a woman is telling you isn’t the whole story. Believe everything she says as the gospel truth at your peril.

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405 thoughts on “4 More Half-Truths Women Regularly Tell Their Significant Others”

  1. Decent article; Women lie and expect men to believe it. But, the third picture really stands out. Gotta love a late bloomer. Daddy like boobies

    1. I like tits, like any other man, but generally I have a C cup preference. That being said, it seems that outside of my wife, every woman I’ve ever done the naked bed dance with had something approaching double D’s.
      Don’t get me wrong, there are worse “curses” to have in life to be certain. I just think it’s kind of funny how life works out.

      1. I know, right? DD’s look ridiculous on the frame of an average 5’4″girl unless she’s really fat, in which case already packing a solid C cup from fat boobies syndrome.
        But if the girl is thin and fit (I know, they’re in the minority), then DD’s just look like strange unshapely mounds on her otherwise flat chest once you get the bra off. The never feel quite right in your hands because there just not enough natural tissue to mitigate the fake feel of all that silicone.

        1. Oh, I don’t mind big titties on a fit girl at all. Tatties (fat titties) are gross, but actual nice tits are fine. I’m just more into the classical beauty thing, which usually has them with C cups.

        2. I am more of a B cup man. While I won’t complain about larger (so long as not tatties though at this point we can assume that) I have just never been a fan of the bigger jubbly wubblys

        3. I guess I just have a look that says “Mister, what you need is a big titty bikini chick” or something.
          Again, this is not a complaint.

  2. The “a friend” without identifying the sex of the friend is absolutely 100% true and I’ve not encountered a woman yet that won’t pull that crap. It’s like they think that we really are that stupid.

        1. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il656r:….,…….

    1. If you want to find such a woman, just relocate to another country. The word “friend” is gendered in most other languages.

      1. Interesting. Perhaps differentiating male and female in different languages had a practical purpose.

        1. That genderless grammar that English has is a really big flaw, and feminists exploit like crazy, one way or another. In most other languages you must gender all adjectives and nouns in second and third person singular accordingly. There is no such thing as “gender neutral”, so hijacking such languages would be a really difficult, uphill battle.

        2. All gendered nouns are rendered moot by pluralizing them, usually, the article changes most of the time.

        3. When I said “nouns”, I actually meant “verbs”. My mistake. However, in some languages nouns that refer to people still get gendered if the group they are refering to is an all-female group. So if a girl says that she’s going out with her friends (all-female), and she goes to meet a mixed male-female group, it’s lying.

        4. Even objects are gendered. La mesa. El carro. El vaso. La camara. All is gendered in spanish. I want to see the feminist try to make gender neutral spanish. Eso, esa. El, La, gato, gata. Los, Las. Newspeak will be hard in latin america.

        5. Something tells me our current brand of liberalism will die out long before we get to that point.

        6. When you say los amigos. It’s implying that there are one or more male friends. All female friends is las amigas. But they do this trick. They went with las amigas but los amigos join later. So she is telling the half truth. She just forget to mention that male friend join them later in the night. That’s a mexican girl BS.

        7. You’re right it is the current year.
          It is the current year because it is the current year.

        8. Yeah unfortunately they are ruining the language, the Anglo-feminist disease is all the rage there. That’s why I’d rather try to get the old editions of the books I buy in that language.

        9. Sorry but it’s too late. The disease has spread, and they are trying to change the language down here too…but it’s an uphill battle as Duncan said…

        10. We have that in Slavic languages too (maybe not in all of them, but the ones I’ve had to deal with have that).

        11. There certainly will be attempts. However, using third form singular (“it”, “das” or whatever) usually sounds disrespectful. Lets see how that works out for them.

        12. If they those male friends are deliberately playing that game too, it probably means they are ass-kissing beta orbiters. Maricones.

    2. I just throw that right back at ’em. “Yeah baby, I was out with friends last night at club xxxx, as if it were any of your business anyway.”
      Besides, girls are dudes, dudes are chicks. To start labeling sex and gender is hateful bigotry.

    3. Spanish speaker does not have that problem. Amigo is male friend. Amiga female friend. Amigos could mean all males or mixed.

      1. Right. I’m speaking of English, the preferred language of choice in the Anglosphere. Get some, today!

        1. It’s 2016, and racism is a social construct.

    4. “My Friend” or “a friend” is always a guy, and almost always an ex-fuck or a current fuck.

    5. Interestingly enough, this one only works in English, at least among European languages. In Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc. there’s no easy way to avoid specifying the sex of the friend in question.

  3. The one I didn’t see on the list,
    “My Father was abusive to me me.”
    Translation, “I was a rebellious slut who rejected the instruction and discipline of the one man with the most authority in my life — the man who gave me life and supported me all those years growing up. I wanted my freedom that I deserved as a strong, independent feminist loving teen to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I hated his lecturing me ancient religious morality and outdated patriarchal ideas of acceptable female behavior.”

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard that more times than I care to have heard it. I had a girl describe how her father in law “sexually abused her” when she was, I dunno, 16 or something. The “abuse” basically was stare rape. At the same time she’s telling me this, she running her hand up and down my…ahem…pants, in a crowded bar yet. I think that the “daddy” thing is nothing more than hamster for “and this is why I’m a slut, doing slutty things to you!”
      The dad thing is usually always in the same conversation where she tells you that the last guy she was with “abused” her. I’ve come to realize that that “abuse” means “didn’t give me everything I want and one time, he told me no when I demanded something”.
      It’s not that they say these things that gets me, they’re women, it’s that time after time stupid white knight thirsty simps will sit there and give her “sympathy” and treat her words as Gospel truth. Freaking morons.

      1. I’ve come to realize that that “abuse” means “didn’t give me everything I want and one time, he told me no when I demanded something”.
        Amen brother.

        1. No, she was being serious (in tone). Then she’d stop talking and she’d attack kiss me with ferocity, usually involving some level of playful bites on my lower lip and a grand slam tongue that, it turns out, should have been awarded blue ribbons by a distinguished panel of judges. She was, not sure if it’s the right word, but an exhibitionist-ish type chick. It wasn’t like she was doing shit to turn the room on, she literally just didn’t register that there were other people in the room.

      2. Yes, I’ve been called “abusive” myself by my cunt ex simply when I wouldn’t open my veins up for her upon demand, more or less. And guess what? She had no relationship with her own father since she was 14, her own choosing and her own doing. Shocking she would toss around “abusive” so willy-nilly, isn’t it?

      3. Same girl who wanted me pulling hair out her head, screaming while I wore ear plugs, and smacked hard enough to leave marks claims after we’ve been screwing for 2 weeks, her grandfather rapped her as a child. Hmmm. Mmkay sissy. Any other wack ass bullshit? And did he get killed by your dad or uncles or anyone? Nope. I call bullshit. You made up that story for attention, sympathy, and because he actually represented strict father figure in your life and probably spanked you when you deserved it as a little shit-head kid.

      1. Dude, I beat you to the punch 28 minutes ago. Heh.

        1. Fuck! In my defense, I just finished a round of golf before coming in to the office, so I’m behind the curve. I should know by now that you guys would get all the obvious points within 38.2 seconds.

    2. The word abuse has been trivialized to mean a male raised his voice, or just sounded negative.

      1. Exactly this. Even stating “no” firmly becomes “yelling!”
        Freaking out of control emotional crap. So much drama, so little care on my part.

      2. Yah. One time at my old office job, I came into a room and with a normal uninhibited voice asked for something. In the quiet office, it must have seemed like a shock to the girls, one of whom immediately reprimanded me and said: Tom, don’t scream!

      1. It reminds me of Jenny from Forrest Gump… “You dont know what love is Forrest”..translation: “I am going to fuck around with every single bastard i can find, and, when i am sick with aids and knocked up, i am coming back to you”

        1. Jenny embodies the ultra bitch. Forrest, although retard, the typical white knight moron.

        2. Yup, a lucky fool in life but putting a crack whore up on a pedestal and is too dumb to have any self respect to know any different……..

        3. Ya touched a massive nerve there, buddy. One of the ultimate naked truths of bitches evil ways ever exposed to the mainstream.

        4. Yesterday, I started rewatching “101 Dalmatians” from 1996. Had it in memory as a nice movie for kids.
          So basically. Man meets woman. They go home together. And he asks her whether she would marry him. And she does say yes. And at that point, they haven’t even kissed yet.
          Gaah! Stop the madness!

        5. Isn’t that set in the early 20s though? I know pre-flappers, that anything above holding hands (and not for too long, in public) was a bold move.

        6. Hehe, indoctrination is strong in those movies. I call it the Disney big lie, the notion that women will have sex with you if you are a knight in a charming armor. Reality is so different. Another classic example of culture versus biology. Biology always win!

        7. Well, it actually started out kinda promising. He was not exactly totally needy at the beginning and even bantered with her. But then, he also let her hit him with a brick without defending himself and then … yeah … what I said.

        8. Its simply a mandatory movie for men that want to get free from the matrix regarding womens nature. It ranks top with the “Last American Virgin”.

        9. Jesus…i never though about that but its a interesting possibility. Well, his mother did prostitute herself for Forrest to go to a normal school, so the odds are there.

        10. True Story, last year watching 101 Dalmations on ABC Family Channel with my 7yo daughter, walk away at commercial, and come back to ad for series on same channel about 2 teenage lesbians who fall for each other in high school, start making out and groping during a study session… I had the honor of being the proud father who explained this question to my daughter while quickly blocking out the TV with my body. “Wait, wait dad move.. I wanna.. I… why were those two girls kissing like that daddy?”
          No shit.

      2. Yea, when the “pole dancing” fitness classes started 8-9 years ago, you had to know the US was going to hell in a hand basket, females driving the bus. “Hmm.. did ya ever think ladies that middle-aged moms pole dancing is essentially telling your daughters prostitution is OKAY ?”

      1. A balance definitely needs to be struck. Some fathers think putting their kids to the screws will solve everything, when it often backfires.

    3. One I’ve heard quite recently: “My father raised me to fear him and be submissive”.
      More or less means the same as “My Father was abusive to me.”

    1. Hitler, literally didn’t have Kratom and that’s why he was pissed off at the Jews and that caused Eva Braun to blow Goebbels under the table.

        1. Chuck Norris, after taking Kratom, challenged Lance Armstrong to a “who has more balls contest” Chuck won by 11 balls.

        2. I tried this, as it turns out Hitler is Figuratively Anne Frank. so go figure right?

        3. (((art school))) They actually did him a favor by not stealing his tuition money and giving him nothing in return unlike what they are doing to kids today

  4. Another half truth
    Her: “I need to find myself”
    Translation: I’m going to slut around for a while until I feel like trash. Then I’m coming back for you to console me.

    1. “I watched eat, pray, love and went on my own journey of eating (adding another 15 lbs), praying (which I got bored of after 5 minutes and gave up on) and love (I rode 5 new cocks in half that many weeks, mostly while out of control in a drunken stupor, but those really don’t count).”

      1. Another one is,
        Her: “I acted like a bit of a slut”
        Translation: She was and still is a slut.

        1. “I acted like a slut [now I don’t have to, it’s my 2nd nature actually]. Do you forgive me??” :'(

      2. Whenever I hear of “journey”, I have to think back of this old ugly “hippie” hag I became acquainted to in Peru. Once we were on a boat across the Amazon and another boat with a lot of men passed by. She was there with us, with another very hot young French girl. The old hag – the haggard type with a mean witch face – exclaimed: “The men on that boat want me.” The young hot French girl shrugged and added boredly: “Yeah, me too.”

        1. From personal experience, Latin men will go nuts over mediocre-to-horrible white women.

    2. “Its not you, its me” This is also a very good one. Translation: “I am tired of you and i am going to find a new cock to ride”.

        1. Indeed. Most of the times, their parking lot is already being used by another guy. Some guy is already leaning on them.

      1. Or “I want a break”, meaning “I’m going shopping for/already have lined up new cock and if and only if that doesn’t suit my needs I MIGHT come back to you in full but don’t hold your breath, or do until you’re blue, I could give a fuck less either way”.

        1. The thing is: do they think we are stupid or something??? I blame this on the manginas of the World…If they men the fuck up, these liars would not have such a lack of decency.

        2. Sure, because relationship are like football games. Wtf do they mean with i want a break??? Ho, let me guess…” i want to fuck around”

    3. Haha. A classic for sure. Had one essentially pull that shit a while back. She came back and tried to get me to fucking go through “dating” her … as in, after 8-10 months away literally courting her… then I dropped this shit before the date I never planned to attend: “Apparently you mistake me for one of those fags who pays his dues more than once with a bitch, you should know me better than that by now..” Later tramp. You leave the kings court, risk exile from the kingdom.

  5. I got seriously interested in Red Pill stuff about 3 years ago. But to this day, the more I read about it, the more disgusted by women I get. Is this ever gonna stop?

    1. When you (1) find the least objectionable woman, place her under your dominion and (2) have a daughter that you raise to be virtuous. Then it will stop just for your lineage.

    2. It honestly depends on your mindset. There are aspects of women that I find abhorrent, but here I am, married with kids and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It all boils down to the question “Can you live with their flaws and predispositions?”

      1. It’s not only about flaws, it’s about the fact that she has probably had a dozen of cocks in all her holes. I know I should be able to tell good and bad women apart. But when the pool of good women shrinks as we speak, its kind of frustrating.

    3. Nobody, I went through my disgusted by women phase and came out on the other side. The trick, in my experience, was understanding what women are and what they are good for and organizing your expectations accordingly.
      I am seeing a girl now. She is young and pretty and in the fashion business. I can take her out and she is lots of fun so long as I understand that she is, at best, a mastrabatory tool, an attractive bit of arm candy and someone who I am never to have a serious conversation with. As long as I look to her for fun, direct her away from talking about whatever the fuck it is she believes, enjoy my time with her and use her body in a way that is enjoyable she winds up living up to her role as a female and I am not disappointed or, for that matter, disgusted.
      My disgust in women came from me expecting them to be more than they are. Expecting them to somehow be “good” or have something of value to say. The problem wasn’t that women are filthy whores. The problem was that I expected them to be something else.

      1. “whatever the fuck it is she believes”, this. Let them rabbit on. I am notorious when women talk for not paying attention. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it is the frequency, but I just unconsciously switch off when they start to disinterest me. I look like I’m paying attention but if they asked me to repeat just one line of their wittering no dice……

        1. I find you can actually direct them to things that they know about. Let them tell you about the dress they are wearing. Let them tell you how much they like the place. Let them talk shit about couples at other tables. This is stuff women are good at and if you are in the right frame of mind can enjoy.

        2. And you know, I will look forward to seeing her again. The last time we went out she told me about her country (Poland) and I learned some interesting things. She told me about fashion week that is coming up in New York and we discussed what kind of wine and music she likes. THen I beat the breaks off of her and I must say, all in all, I have a really fantastic time. She is a little hinty hinty about a future together, but I know how to dismantle that.
          Now if I went into this and talked to her about her view on politics or philosophy I would probably want to kill myself before the evening was over. There is a tool for every job. If you manage your expectations of what women are good for properly they can be incredibly fun.

        3. I really hope you’re writing all this down….a future in literature beckons….. presently I’m doing the 3 pages in the morning schtick…….

        4. Writing, not typing. Moleskin notebook, nice pen. Mostly outside so far. Anything, any thoughts that come into your head. So far seems to clear my mind and become more focused on the trials of the day……

        5. I’ve missed a few days but takes about 30 mins out of your morning…. make it a ritual along with your coffee/tea/juice/protein shake… etc…….

        6. My wife frequently gets disgusted with me and says, “You aren’t listening to me.” My reply is “I am trying not to but you are making it difficult by being so loud and annoying.”

        7. Ill take a music snob chick over a pop music chick anyday.

          Give her a dizzy album and some reefer cigarettes and youre in for a swell time.

          As long as she isnt literally hitler.

        8. She is def literally hitler and I have a strong rule against pot smoking. But the dizzy is good.

        1. You have to write a book brother, entitled “Its not you, its me. How to address lines bitches use to justify the cock ride.” You can thank me latter.

      2. ^This! I want to print this, frame it and put in on the wall in my living room!

    4. What lolknee said. Change your expectations of women.
      Plus, if you are in the US, get thee to a country with thin, feminine, submissive women. Yes, to a degree AWALT, but I’ve found an enormous difference when going abroad. The culture in US is so toxic that I can’t imagine more than a string of one night stands with a western girl.

      1. I’m actually from Eastern Europe, that part of the world that some Westerners consider the Promised Land. When I was a high school prom, there was that girl (a freshman) who couldn’t wait to brag to all her female friends about losing her virginity at the age of 12. The legal age here is 14, but still she couldn’t wait that long. I could witness how she was turning all the other girls into toxic, slutty bitches.
        I expect most women here to start behaving the way Western women do. There are very few decent girls left.

        1. Sadly, that is the trend everywhere. I believe the main impetus for the wars in the Mideast, and the violence that was instigated there by western intervention, is to destroy one of the last remaining cultures that rejects the consumerism, hedonism, and loose morality of the west, which is one of the last impediments to world government. If one is looking for a good woman, I would go outside the west, to either rural Latin America, or rural Asia. Maybe look at conservative religions in your area if you want a wife that looks more like you. Someone posted this guy’s video here recently, and I really like his stuff.

        2. I had never thought about the difference between being an Alpha and being a hero. Insteresting indeed.

    1. but whore or housewife, they still will babble on and on and on and on

      1. Kratom is capable of many miracles and wonders however the only thing that will make a woman be quiet is sewing her mouth shut.

  6. My favorite:
    “I don’t usually/normally do this…”
    At this juncture, that’s more or less used like a handshake or “just something people say.” But of course, she always does it.

      1. When they utter these words, they’re just auto-suggesting aloud. Just ignore and keep going.

        1. Yeah, i noticed that women in asian porn always looks and sounds like little girls crying when they are fucked. bah. They don’t sound like real women.

        2. Exactly. I was sexting with a Chinese girl a while back and she then took the role play to a place where she felt violated and was crying. Fucking weird. Maybe there is something in their culture that they are processing this way…

        3. I actually thought they are some weirdos who, because of hentai, herbivores etc., have forgotten how to enjoy sex, and had to do crappy plays. It also explains why some Asian women probably have more hair on their pussies than I do on my entire body.

        4. It’s slut guilt in a society based on respect and harmony. I guess crying is their way of harmonizing. I just hope they feel irreparable shame. haha.

        5. To me, it feels more like they are trying to reenact some kind of rape scenario to process it. But it seems so common. Really weird.

    1. And listen carefully. “Usually/normally” is not the same as “I have never.” Of course, that would be a complete fucking lie too. But the qualifiers indicate that she’s a much bigger slut than you probably think.

    2. LOL. When they tell you that…. you know it’s gonna be good… because you know she’s done this more times than she can count.

  7. Her: “I told you he kicked me out. That was the truth.”
    Follow up question: “Why?”

    Her: “I don’t know. He was mean. Why are you taking his side? All men are assholes. (cue tears).
    The monologue never changes, no matter how old you get.

  8. Tit development in women usually stops by or before age 18. Late bloomer age 30 sounds impossible unless boob job. Boob job will explode the notch count.

    1. I have a hard believing that there is any woman with a notch count under 50 that has a boob job.
      BTW I really enjoy boob jobs. When done well I find the just delightful. Under the muscle, good doctor, good work they are just spectacular.

      1. Boob job is an obvious slut tell. What kind of woman is going to drop $10k to make herself more of a sex object?

        1. Pretty close to 100% of them given the opportunity. Of course that doesn’t mean you are wrong; just that pretty close to 100% are sluts.

      1. Weight loss and weight gain can change size of all body parts. That’s different from tit development, which is what a woman is talking about when she uses the word bloomer.

    2. I don’t know man, lots of dudes develop massive breasts around age 30 and forward.

        1. everytime you post, I read your screenname as “Mets Game”; its triggering

        1. Face book is literally like….
          Oh man, I can’t do it….wait…..wait….

        2. If this Hitler thing takes as long to burn through as Kratom, I’m sure we’ll still be saying in a year.

      1. Gaining 100 pounds will cause all kinds of changes too. That’s not the same thing as “development”.

        1. Not necessarily. Mammary glands do swell with milk. My wife got back into shape quickly but her titties stayed Stripper Huge for a long while after she was back to pre-baby weight, as she was breast feeding. When she stopped they returned to normal size.

  9. I think you can skip most of the “I was raped” back and forth and go straight for the end question, “How much time did he get?” To me at least, everything else seems like irrelevant filler. Either she took the guy to court or she didn’t. If she didn’t, you know it was not rape but rather an alcohol induced romp in the sheets.

    1. And, to make sure you never have to hear about it again, when they answer no, I always throw in a “So this guy is just running around now, victimizing more innocent women? That’s terrible. [disapproving look]” After this type of exchange you are basically guaranteed to never have to hear this shit again.

        1. I don’t know. It depends on when this comes up and how you play it off. But, to be honest, any woman that is going to say this kind of thing is not the type of woman I want to put up with. As you say, on tomorrow’s date, you will be the alleged rapist.

      1. Since this site, I’ve been on rape guard. No rape goes through unfiltered through the Hoe-Facts check. Best to me was when I decided to talk about this in public. It went something like this.
        Whore: Well you know, rape is a real tragedy and our girls need a strong support system. So many men rape women and get away with. I was raped too.
        Internal Me: Hey bitch, that’s great and all, but me and my friend are half your age, and really don’t care to know you have a vagina but okay, I’ll humor your lie.
        What I actually say: So what age were you raped?
        Whore: 16. I was out drinking with friends and this guy was a long time friend.
        Me: How old was guy?
        Whore: 22. He was a drug dealer. I used to mix with the wrong crowd back then but he was a really nice guy.
        Me: So you were under aged, drinking, and around a known convict.
        Whore: It wasn’t like that. (Deflection) All I’m saying is you shouldn’t not believe women when they say they were raped. So where are you guys going tonight?
        Internal Me: Thank God for Red Pill
        What I actually said: Have a good night…

        1. I have heard my fair share of these “I was raped stories.” I have yet to hear one that actually sounded like rape.
          I like to corner them with math. Their favorite statistic is that 1 in 4 women are raped in their lives. I always get them to admit this, and to admit that it includes all of the “unreported” rapes (it does, and it also includes a lot of non-rape sexual assault – everything from a slap on the ass to an uncomfortable stare to verbal threats). Then, once I’ve gotten them to commit to the 1 in 4 number as a ceiling, I will ask them how many of their friends have been raped.
          Almost invariably, I will hear an answer that virtually all of them have been raped.
          I then act confused and point to the math – if only one if four women will ever be raped in their lives, either you have the most unlucky friends in the world, or some of your friends are lying.
          Try that and watch the hamster start to give off steam.

        2. Nice one! It adds just enough ground to completely shut down the rhetoric. If they say no, more rapes go unreported than admitted, then census was wrong and unusable as evidence of rape going forward. If she says some women avoid telling their stories it means she admits women should not be believed as they are lying even when it could protect them. If she admits the census is right, she admits she is a liar and can only be trusted as far as you think you can get away from a false rape charge from her. That 1 in 4 is the gift that keeps on giving.

  10. “It just didn’t work out”
    … is a circular statement. She explains the cause of the breakup by repeating that there was a breakup. It’s passive and removes blame.
    Read instead as: “I lost interest in him because my vagina makes me run away from good men. I’m a total bitch in a relationship.”

  11. How about the “It’s just not the same any more” or “I still care about you but….” The minute you hear these tell her to get the fuck out and don’t look back…..

        1. I like “sugar tits”….. it’s not too offensive, the right proportion of sweetness, sugar, and derogatory terminology, tits…..

        2. Is it really derogatory- ‘It’s such a friendly sounding word. It sounds like a nickname…’

      1. Her: We need to talk
        Response: Is talking the thing with my dick in your mouth?

      2. I hate that.
        No honey, YOU want to talk. I don’t need to at all. Not even a single word.
        When men have something to say, they just tell you, they don’t phrase it as a “need” that other people have.

        1. Too true… and when they start to cry, it’s not for you, the end of the relationship, the moon, the stars or anything else, it’s because she “feels” bad….. all about her….

        2. I loathe those conversations, man. I think most of us do.
          “We need to talk”
          “I don’t need to”
          “You know what I mean. We need to talk about us”
          “Ok, what do you want to say”
          “Where are we going? You know, as a couple”
          “Nowhere right now, we’re not even in a vehicle”
          “Stop it, I mean, you know, how do you feel about where we’re going in our relationship”
          “I don’t know, where are we going in our relationship?”
          “That’s what I’m asking you!”
          “About us! Where do you see us in five years?”
          “Stop it!”
          “I can’t, I already called the moving truck and the appointment can’t be canceled”
          “Are you ever serious?”
          “About what?”
          I can do that dance all the fucking live long day. What the woman actually wants is some kind of emotional validation that confirms her entire world view, but she wants to hear it come from a voice deeper than hers. If I wanted to sit around exploring my feelings all day I’d just get it over with and go Full Jenner.
          “What are you feeling right now?”
          “Well if you’d come closer, probably your titties”

        3. Gold. I’m going to risk the infuriation and use that last line the next time I hear this.
          I will report back with the results.

        4. What’s the first thing a woman should do after being discharged from an abused spouse clinic?
          Make me a sandwich, if she knows what’s good for her!

        5. I have successfully used that line, and a variation of it “Your sweet little ass”.

        6. In no way does my last comment encourage domestic violence in any way shape or form. It does however encourage putting your woman over your knee and giving her a good spanking…. they love it!!! Yes they do…………

        7. I love the disclaimer! Return of Kings. Keeping it Kosher friendly (Aside from actual Jew jokes) since March 18, 2016.

        8. “What are you feeling right now?” – “Give me some tools to manipulate you with.”
          “Where are we going?” – “I want to be sure that you are ensnared in my trap and you won’t get away while I’m looking for someone better.”
          That’s how I read these.

        9. A man can learn a lot from Who’s on First. Swear to Bob, that routine is probably the best stand up act ever conceived.
          I was seeing a girl one time, who every time she tried to “talk” I’d basically grab the back of her head and give her a Leaving The Country, My Flight Just Arrived type kiss that would stop her cold. Worked a treat for a long while, then she sputtered out one time “We really need to talk but I just can’t control myself around you”.
          When a woman tells you that she can’t control herself around you, she’s actually telling you that you control her completely. Women seem to want physical domination, but I find the psychological domination that goes along with that very satisfying. Like to the point where you simply brush her arm and she goes nearly orgasmic because she’s been psyched to the point that even casual contact with you throws her entire game off balance. Or training her in bed to the point where you can order her to cum and she does, or order her not to and watch her writhe in ecstatic pain waiting for permission. Dig that shit. Heh.

        10. That is precisely correct. It’s like an employer asking you to list your biggest weakness on your self-review. Yeah buddy, that’s gonna happen.
          “List an area where you feel you can make improvement”
          “I’m a workaholic and can’t stop doing excellent work!”

        11. “That was harsh”
          “well so is your coffee”
          I tell men all the time that they should dress and groom like these men with a clean shave and a tie and short neat hair at all times.

        12. I like how the older lady has to read what the can says to her (like an episode of Sesame Street) because everyone knows she’s a ditz and can’t make decent coffee.

        13. Yeah, I noticed that you need game everywhere – school, college, work. People try to game you in return too. And if they fail, they get the same bad results that a man gets when he fails his game with a woman.

        14. made me think of an old Family Ties episode where Alex is applying for a job and the interviewer asks him if he had any flaws and his response was “I am absolutely perfect. However, if forced to give one possible flaw I would say that it is my humility”

        15. I loved that show back in the 80’s. I always felt it was about an intelligent kid forced to deal with his idiotic family. That this wasn’t the intention of the writers didn’t bother me any more than the fact that All in the Family was an ultra liberal show bothered me…it was still hilarious.

        16. I agree. People think I am odd but basically I have several levels of clothing. There is suit (which I wear to work) there is work casual which is trousers, a shirt and a jacket with no tie (Friday work or casual dinner) there is casual which is shirt and pants, no tie, jacket depends on weather.
          There is this photo I love. I can’t find it. It was shown on some Sinatra special. It is a picture of Sinatra looking at Janis Joplin and her band in a people magazine. Sinatra is wearing a white shirt, tie and cufflinks and he has a look of utter disgust on his face. His daughter was then explaining how he just didn’t understand the hippie generation. How they could dress like that.
          If I ever find that photo I am going to frame it and put it on my wall. It is such a great thing. I always laugh when I see men complaining that women aren’t feminine any more while they are, themselves, dressed like slobs.

        17. Why do you never buy a woman a watch?
          There is already a clock on the stove.

        18. I get great results from, “I have a problem where I’m not satisfied with an unsolved puzzle. I get fixated until it’s resolved, and sometimes I need someone to tell me when it’s ‘good enough’.”
          Managers eat that one up.

        19. Make her cum on command. YES. You know you rule her universe when you can say, “Give it to me. Cum for me”, and they do. I have noticed that cumming on command seems to happen quicker when ya got your hand around their throat.

        20. I think my Grandma’s only remaining purpose in life, and for the past 40 years, is to make my Grandpa breakfast, lunch and dinner.

        21. Any position of absolute physical dominance works, usually. Throw in staring them straight in the eyes and ordering it like you are ordering a slave to bow before you also helps.

        22. Looking back on some of my younger photos, my parents should’ve been beaten for most of the clothes they provided me.

        23. My weakness is my aversion to bullshit, cliched questions.
          This was my reply in a telephone interview for a contractor role last August

        24. I wonder if coffee was code word for “vagina”.

        25. That commercial becomes amazingly hilarious if you substitute “vagina” for “coffee” like I wondered about below.

        26. I’m actually at a loss at how this is “sexist”?
          Oh, and I substituted the word “vagina” for “coffee” again. Because juvenile sense of humor.

        27. The ads of today are night and day more sexist, simply in reverse with making men look like buffoons and incompetent.
          That’s okay, nobody with half a brain mistakes them for being realistic anyway.

        28. A college professor asked a mixed sex group to list their faults. Men responded with a variety of real issues. Women all, invariably, responded as being too wonderful.

        29. My favorite was from the annual review a few years back. The manager asked where I saw myself five years from now. My reply was, “Sitting on a tropical beach drinking from a glass with an umbrella.” He was dazed so I helped him out by saying, retired. Being about my age he rejoined with, “Me too.”

        30. What is the difference between a female orgasm and a lost golf ball? A man will look for a lost golf ball for up to 5 minutes.

        31. There a lot of stuff about that on Tumblr actually. It can teach you how to train a woman to be a good little pet.

        32. As of late, I’ve just agreed and amplified my way into a realm of “Wow just wow,” by all these clone sluts. I say, “You need a label, here’s one, OVER, just roll with it and shut your low EQ babbler.” I honestly say shit like that on a daily basis unphased.
          “List an area where you feel you can make improvement” – “Your mom’s bed” done.

      3. Real life translation: “I want YOU to shut up and listen to two hours of nonsensical verbal diarrhea.”

        1. My grandfather said of my mother:
          “I taught her to talk when she was two, and I haven’t had a day of peace since”
          Loved that dude, heh.

        2. That was my mother’s complaint. You spend the first two years of a child’s life teaching them to walk and talk and the rest of their lives trying to get them to sit down and shut up.

  12. The third one is very important. Women that have a lot of male friends, have it, because they are usually hot and they are all trying to fuck her. And guess what, one of them is doing just that already. It reminds me of Wagner adulterous affair.

  13. Just going to put this out there. If a chick is a late bloomer in the chest department it’s one of two things: 1: they are implants, 2: she has kids or carried a child full term and probably breastfed her baby.
    I am going to guess anyone would want to know about door number 2.

  14. If you barely know a woman, and she’s already telling you about being raped, run. Run far away and don’t look back.

    1. Or if you’re feeling particularly cruel, one up her story to make what she “experienced” seem trivial.
      The girl who was “raped” by her father in law that I detailed below, I followed up her story by telling (lying to) her that my family split when I was twelve and then my mother abandoned me in the house we had out in the Nevada desert, which gave me two weeks before the utilities were shut off. As a consequence, I had to live in abandoned cars for a while until I was able to hitchhike back to Ohio and contact my family, during the course of which I was propositioned by a hairy trucker and had to jump out of his cab when he got to a truck stop, and then ran and hid until he drove off. If you can add little pauses in the story for effect, look wistfully into the distance sometimes, and make it sound pained in a soft voice, dude, chicks just eat that shit up. Make it outrageous but just plausible enough that she can’t call you on it. If she has a follow up story (“Well, I was also raped by Chad Thundercock at this frat party once…”) then have another one ready to one up her with until she stops.
      Yes, sometimes I get that bored.

        1. Exactly. You’ve seen some of my work first hand. I don’t know why I get such a thrill out of fucking with people’s heads sometimes, heh.

        2. I am still laughing about that. Really, every time I think about it. So many classic lines in there. I would, 100%, subscribe to podcasts of you taking those phonecalls.

        3. Besides, during yesterday’s battle, that white flag was waved by an American.

        4. But you Americans also do surrender jokes, therefore it is only justice that I return you the favor.

  15. I fell for the “kicked me and my stuff out” story. I later read that a sociopath’s goal is to make their audience feel sympathy towards him/her. Too bad I read that book after sucking up years of sob stories.

    1. From an article I like:
      “TCP calls the different dynamics “Control dramas”. The control drama of each individual is usually established in childhood, when the child first begins to think they are not worthy of the radiant flow of life energy, and begins to close the crown chakra and cut themselves off from Source. Children really need to be nourished by their parents love energy, and it is a natural survival tactic to learn to manipulate their parents to meet their own needs.
      The sixth insight mentioned in TCP outlined 4 main control dramas that people use to feed on each other’s energy. The 4 types are the Interrogator, the Aloof, the Poor Me and the Intimidator.”
      Here’s the original: http://kundalini-teacher.com/chakras/ethic.php

  16. Half truth: she says she doesn’t like to give oral.
    What she’s trying to convey: you aren’t alpha enough.
    What it likely means: she was on her knees 2 weeks ago greedily swallowing the cum from some guy she met online.
    Escape technique: ?
    Follow up: ?

    1. you know, I have never heard “i don’t like to give oral” from a girl before.

      1. Yeah, me neither. I’m trying to think of a witty repartee for that now.
        “That’s cool sweety, I know plenty of girls who do”
        “Your mom does” (yes, “your mom” jokes are literally Hitler)
        “That’s cool. I don’t like to pay for dates.”
        Hmmmm….gonna mull this around for a bit.

        1. Women always have seemed pretty eager to get the meat stick in their mouths. I mean, maybe not back in freshman / sophomore years of highschool but I recall that by junior year girls were already pros and that was a long time before our modern whorishness.

        2. A more cerebral possibility:
          “That’s just because you aren’t any good at it yet, but just like anything else, the more you practice the better you’ll get and the more you can start showing off.” Then start skull-fucking her.

        3. Men hate women so much that they pay men extra money simply to not work with females
          You know, that actually isn’t that hard to believe when you think about it.

        4. (ROK PSA for our lady lurkers)
          There’s really only three major rules for women to follow when it comes to head:
          Attitude – show some enthusiasm, gals. Eagerness and focus can counter poor performance fairly well. Eyes can speak louder than words. A bit of dirty talk can work wonders.
          Frequency – minimum once every 8 hrs. Spontaneity doesn’t hurt anything either, but chafing does. Hide under his desk at the office, catch him having “alone time” in the shower and lend your lips (when it comes to the dipstick any lipstick shade is his color), wake him up with a volcanic eruption, (let him know you need cream with your morning coffee).
          Creativity – throw in some humming, suck a ball down your throat, use both thumbs under the crown, try honey, don’t worry about excess saliva/drool, invite a girlfriend to share the load.
          * Teeth/biting, ball-busting, milking, fingering, and urethra inserts should always be discussed and agreed upon before hand.

        5. Freak you’re into cock and ball torture. You pay hookers to walk on your dick with high heels.

        6. Or, less cerebral.
          “Not yet, but you will”

        7. oh they know. You know back in middle school when they separate the boys and the girls. While they are teaching us math and logic, they are teaching the girls 2 things: how to make those origami fortune telling things that they all know how to do and how to suck cock like a champ.
          If she gives you a less than stellar blowjob it was by choice.

        8. A small pay cut to avoid working with sneaks and tattlers? Not a bad deal at all until a better gig can be found…provided there is one in your occupation.

        9. I’m usually pretty fast on my toes with wit, though sometimes a statement stumps me a bit.

    2. If I may quote the indomitable MC REN from the NWA classic “She Swallowed It”
      Now I’m a break it down with a fact
      Since the last “just don’t bite it” girls don’t know how to act
      Sayin’ that they never would suck a dick
      But when they’ve tried it they couldn’t quit
      ‘Cause 90% of the bitches today they love that shit
      And those are the main ones that say they don’t do it
      But MC Ren knows the bitches are used to it
      So fellas, next time they try to tell a lie
      That they never suck a dick, punch a bitch in the eye
      And then the ho will fall to the ground
      Then you’ll open up her mouth
      Put your dick in and move that shit around
      And she’ll catch on and start doin’ it on her own
      Actin’ like she’s tryin’ to suck the meat off a chicken bone
      And then she won’t let go
      Because bitches suck nut out of a dick just like Drano
      Get the Last drop, unclogging the pipe
      Then the stupid bitch is out doing the same shit the next night
      Because she just can’t quit
      Cuz she’s addicted, addicted, she’s addicted, addicted
      She’s addicted to suck a good dick.

    3. Please this is game 101. When she feeds you some BS line like that, just act relieved. Then tell her some crap to the effect that it’s a positive, you really have never enjoyed getting one, you don’t really know what the fuss is all about as a BJ has never really got you even close to an orgasm. This will kick into gear her competitive nature with other girls and make her want to prove how great her BJ skills are. Before you know it she’s begging you to cum down her throat on a regular basis. To keep them going just act like she’s extra special and really you’re just doing it for her.

  17. Off Topic: Thinking about commercials of old reminded me of my favorite Canadian PSA about workplace safety. Man, those cannuks are really fucked in the head

      1. It is one of 5 commercials that aired in Canadia as public service announcements about workplace safety. Fucking brilliant.

        1. Nah, she’s a TV dinner cook and gives head only blow jobs…if she’s up to it. When a woman crows, assuming the direct opposite is many times closer to the truth.

      1. I thought it takes a long time to become head chef. Besides marrying a female head chef means never seeing your wife because she’s always at work. The marriage would have ended in divorce. She would have got bored and tired of all his complaining about her never being around. She, being surrounded by men would soon cheat on her husband because it’s the fallback move for strong independent women. Now that her face is burned off the boyfriend can decide if he really loves her for her looks or her personality. On the bright side he now has a stay at home wife who knows how to cook.

    1. I’m having trouble getting over how much the dude needs to be kicked in the teeth.
      “There’s been an accident!”
      Oh, is that why I can barely hear you over the even louder blood curdling screams?
      “Someone help me!”
      And, if there is time left over, someone should look into the chick on the ground who just boiled her face off.

    2. She falls backwards but still manages to hold the pot of boiling water parallel to her body so she can then throw it all over her face.

      1. Ha. Most realistic part of whole scene. The hubris of the woman who thinks she has everything under control right to the last moment

  18. I’ve dated a lot of divorced women. Strangely every single man that they were married to was a jerk, a cheater, a liar, a drunk… Not one girl owns up to their role in the marriage failure. It’s like the world is filled with horrible men and perfect women.

    1. yup Every divorced woman had a horrible ex just like every mother has a beautiful child. But when I meet the ex they never seem so monstrous and if every child is so beautiful why is 80% of the population totally unfuckable.

        1. Cuteness in babies is a defense mechanism. It keeps you from strangling them for that sweet sweet silence.

      1. I just want one woman say, we got divorced because I was a selfish bitch. Then I will know there is one honest woman out there.

    2. I asked a divorcee on a date why she got divorced. She answered because her ex was “co-dependent”.
      That’s the new way of saying her ex was too beta. Not that he cheated on her, or couldn’t provide for her.

    3. What’s fun is to hold them accountable. Come on, there is never one side of the story…I mean we all fuck up from time to time right? Take me for instance…insert random story of how you did random thing in random relationship to get her guard down….no judgment zone
      here babe. And watch the stories flow….then you can ask follow up questions with a non judgmental tone. Then you get to see what you’re dealing with.

    4. Same here. It does not necessarily have to be divorcees, it can be women just referring to their latest or longest LTR, but it is definitely a theme these days, that their ex was a ” jerk, a cheater, a liar, a drunk, a controlling arsehole, lazy, etc. There could well be elements of truth, but it has been exaggerated to paint him as terrible and her as the victim. I think women do this for sympathy + also bond to other women with their ‘omg dating/relationship stories’ + also to demonize the ex so it justifies their leaving/cheating/divorce raping them and that they are so better off now. I have no doubt I’ve joined the list of jerk exes. I find when it comes to many divorces – there is her version, his version, and the truth in the middle.
      When I hear it I’ll be a bit skeptical and certainly wont automatically give her sympathy or praise, without more details. Overheard a recent ‘jerk husband story’ – he is looking at porn. What was beneath the part about her being tired with raising a child, and P/T work & having some sort of health issue, was that she was not interested much in sex anymore with him and it was rare she did him.
      Where its a red flag (beyond the fact that the ex is 100% to blame) is where I hear of ‘I’ve dated lots of jerks’ or ‘I’m a magnet for losers’.

      1. One of my favorite questions is why do you accept alimony, or child support if you already have a job? Why do you get half his retirement if you already have your own retirement. They usually say because he made more money or I had to sacrifice my career. It’s the same bs. I don’t get into argument I’m just gathering intel as to what type of person they are.
        I try not to take sides because it’s in the past and I’m trying to get laid. I just remember not to look at them as long term material since they have already demonstrated how ruthless they can be or should I say soulless.

        1. I find with women as they get older and taking money from their ex husband or defacto husband there is often a ‘I deserve this’ or ‘I’m owed this for what I put up with or sacrificed’ attitude. ‘Whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours’ works well when the guy makes a lot more, but post divorce, when they are cashed up, that philosophy doesn’t apply anymore I notice especially with guys who dont have as much as her and she is now tight with money. They can cash in and they do and they will naturally rationalize it and demonizing the ex is part of that often. The $ help to offset the fact they did not end up with the type of guy/life they really wanted, especially in the case of betabucks guys.
          I dont take sides either for the same reasons, plus you have no proof to counter anything she says (in absence of finding out more from her friends) and she knows it which is why she can embellish.
          “…already demonstrated how ruthless they can be….” I agree, it provides a good indicator, something that can catch a lot of guys out when they originally married and they don’t see that side of their woman. Often the change in demeanor comes later, after she has locked in her security (house/baby/marriage). Some of my friends married, sweet cutie pie girly women, but when the marriage soured, you saw a different side to them when they turned quite nasty & ruthless.

      2. Reminds me of a guy I knew in the Navy who ended up marrying his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer. She was so repulsed by the obvious B.S. her client was spewing and the actions her client had taken
        ( typical Navy divorce. Guy comes home from the deployment, wife met him on the pier with the divorce papers and a restraining order. Wife is living with a boyfriend, none of the bills had been paid,
        credit cards maxed, bank accounts emptied–‘no idea where the money had gone. Expenses.’)
        that she asked him out by way of apologizing. Pretty serious bit of lying to get a lawyer to feel sorry and a bit guilty about what they did to the opponent

        1. If that’s a typical navy divorce then that sucks. Young men in the navy or intending to join the service, really need a heads up on what to maybe expect from their current or soon to be wife.
          The divorced husband dating his ex wife divorce attorney….sheesh that’s an unusual one. His $ probably went to pay her fees as well to help paint him as a bastard in court.

        2. It was typical at the time. Before the ships’ personnel had internet and email access, ships were all male crew.
          Much easier to monitor the accounts and credit cards now- you can do it while you’re underway.
          I’m assuming there’s still the same- welcome back I want a divorce; and that now women sailors have the same thing happen.
          BTW- back in the day I knew one guy who got home, wife didn’t even meet him. (She’d been writing-no hints at any problem) He took a taxi home to find squatters had been living there for at least a couple months. Place was trashed, his personal stuff gone and no way to determine if his wife had them, had sold them, or if they’d been stolen by the squatters.

    5. Men are viewed as tools, that’s why. Just like the final stages of an electronic device or car are never pleasant memories, that’s how women perceive their exes. EDIT: Perceived as useless in their eyes, that is.

    6. I was widowed very young. My first husband died, alongside one of his many mistresses, in a single vehicle DUI accident. He was the drunk driver. He was not abusive in any way, but he was a prolific philanderer, unbeknownst to me until his death. No one outside of terrorists, serial killers, and child rapists actually deserves to die, but it’s pretty hard to conjure up a lot of tears. In retrospect, I don’t think he was the type to ever be faithful (there were also rumors he was about to be charged with embezzling his employer, but I digress). That said, we were horribly ill suited and under heavy pressure to marry. Who knows honestly, our marital misery might have eventually driven both of us to cheat. I believe that’s a sufficiently balanced and honest account.

  19. This is one of the first 5 or so rules that should be said to a guy whose tongue is still red from just taking the pill – NOTHING women say is without pretense or a well worded deception.

  20. I’ve said it before but I must have a completely different experience of women than you guys. My partner didn’t lose her virginity until she was 21 and that was to me. She’s never been with anyone else. I trust her completely and have no issue with her hanging round with male friends. Guess I must be super lucky…

    1. I trust her completely and have no issue with her hanging round with male friends.
      That, gentlemen, is what we refer to as “infamous last words”.
      You can practically feel the freight train rumbling down the tracks.

      1. It’s normal for a person to wonder what they’re missing when they’ve only ever been with one person.
        Women and men really don’t have any good, natural reason to come together outside of sex.

        1. Just keepin’ it real and fresh, mah homie.
          I mean it’s like the Gods of Blue Pill walked in and handed us his post as an offering or something.

      2. At the risk of putting the Parrot of Paranoia squawking on his shoulder:
        Can you trust her male friends? Can you trust her male friends?

        1. How do you know that? Are you the only guy who would bang her because of her homely appearance?

    2. “My partner didn’t lose her virginity until she was 21 and that was to me.”
      That’s what she told you anyway

  21. Haha. Amusing and insightful article!
    “Dudes don’t kick women out for no reason. In fact, most women get away with all kinds of shenanigans and still manage to have a roof over their heads. So when a man actually has the balls to put a female out of his domicile, you can bet your ass he had a damn good reason.”
    That actually makes a lot of sense.

  22. “I love you”
    What she wants to convey: That she is The One. Not only is she a being capable of love, but that she loves you and only you. And that the love she has for you is the magic, fairy tale kind that will last forever.
    What it likely means: You are doing a good enough job meeting some of her needs at the moment that she wants to keep you around for a while. She is most likely setting you up to be her beta bucks. She is in the process of spinning you through the death roll to wrench all of the alpha out of you, and will soon shove your beta soul under a rock to devour later (after she rides a few brand new alpha cocks). Alternatively, you’ve maintained your alpha frame and shivved her to the curb, and she’s dropping the ‘love’ bomb as a last ditch effort to get some more tingles.
    Escape Technique: “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”
    “I did love you once, but now I’ve fallen out of love with you.”
    “I’m not that person (that loved you) anymore. I’m a new person, filled with 10,000 cocks, none of which are yours.”
    Follow up question: Forget questions, just Han Solo her ass with an “I know” as you strut out of her life and slam the door behind you, never to acknowledge her existence again. Then fuck all her hot friends.

    1. My only question is why did you wait until this point to fuck all her hot friends? If you had you probably would not have reached this point.

  23. Another thing (and I’ve seen this referenced on here a few times) is outright lying about having or “might have” cancer, especially since it appears they have become savvy to men not buying their copycat rape fables anymore so they had to invent a new go-to fabrication to try and garner some sympathy. Apparently feeling chronic fatigue and headaches and digestion issues from chasing Tinder schmucks and several late nights of drinking and cocaine along with jokes of gym/attention-whoring sessions leaving them feeling bedraggled equates some way somehow with them self-diagnosing having cancer, and what better way to sound like a helpless victim and fit in with everybody else!

  24. Things I avoid…divorced parents, shaved pussy, fake tits, tats and rape tales or bullshit tests. Bad part is, irrelevant of your game skills, there’s still a lot of weeding out involved.
    Every now and then you’ll want to drain your balls thoroughly in a goofy chick’s mouth and that’s when you need to keep your wits in order. Don’t say you’ve never gotten distracted by a seriously killer blow job. It’s happened to the best of us at least a time or two.

    1. “Don’t say you’ve never gotten distracted by a seriously killer blow job. It’s happened to the best of us at least a time or two.”
      Yup, well said…

  25. Another rule. When you first start seeing a girl, she says she’s not seeing anyone else. Bullshit. She’s got a guy on standby, a fb, an ex she hasn’t completely broken it off with yet, couple dudes in the friend zone that will absolutely hate your guts by default. She will always tell white lies about these guys with the justification of you two weren’t official yet. Once she realizes she’s addicted to your cock, does she start putting an end to these relationships….and most times you need to specify this is your terms for exclusivity.
    It’s dealing with children.

  26. She’s keeps her maiden name in her online moniker – ergo, “Cindy Slutly Whorecunt”. That’s a major red flag and it always means she’s keeping the door open for old flames, potential new beta orbiters, and potential new “better deals”. To which she will tell you that she only does it so that her old female friends from years gone by can find her, which is total crap, because if they were real friends of any sort at all, they’d already know she’s married, while also being aware of her current last name…if you bring this up to her, of course, she will scream and yell and maybe try to get you arrested, but whatever you do, don’t fall for her shit – ditch the skank.

      1. Thanks. I try to pay attention to their subtle scams, to warn others…devious cunts, oh yeah.

  27. Tats on neck , face, sleeves, tramp stamps yuck.
    Kids by too many dads. Duh.
    Ex is or has been in and out of prison. She picked him. Afbb, you’re most likely beta bux in that equation.
    Big big red flag for me is if she lies to friends and family about stupid shit. It is a huge indicator of future behaviour for me.
    Thinks she can do random man shit better than you. Aka don’t respect you.
    Is shitty to servers.
    Road rage. I get myself into enough fights thank you very much.
    Male friends. Uhh no.
    No relationship with father. Can’t accept judgment or accountability, if he’s in the picture that is.
    If I have super weak game on first date and still get the ass, super ho. Now if I read everything right and I’m on my game and get it, I cut her some slack because I’m older…we all know the game by now.
    If she gets shitty with me really early on, this is her true self. Remember we
    are all putting the best versions of ourselves forward in that first few months…if she lets that slip get ready for drama. I put up with zero disrespect.
    Drug user. Not against weed per say but always inquire where and who shegets it from. Lots of these girls will do favors for just weed. Grill her over any inconsistent facts.
    Just off the top of my head.

    1. Ohh you should be fucking like rabbits in the beginning. ..if she doesn’t put out enough for your sex drive in the beginning it is only going to get worse.
      Cooking. A good indication of STRONG interest is she will cook something for you early on even if she can’t cook well.

  28. dude, if she steps out on you …. you have 2 choices, leave her immediately, or put her in a rotation and distance yourself from her.

    1. So many guys never consider the rotation option. I get it, why even fuck with a hoe but I think it’s an important option to at least consider…it helps you internalize this game concept and really helps you read peoplebbetter down the line. Ultimately safeguarding yourself.
      See, Becky here is exhibiting ho like traits but she’s into me. Now if I go into this putting her at the top of rotation then I’m gonna get used…..that’s what hoes do. Now if I know Becky is a hoe from the get go, I’ll treat her as such…putting her way down in the rotation which has the side effect of spinning her hamster into, hey why isn’t this dude chasing me? Which automatically ups your value. You don’t get burned by loving a hoe but get all the benefits whileshe fights to get up the ladder. If she drops off, hoes gonna hoe.

  29. Two things..1) If you know ‘what she’s trying to convey’ and understand ‘what likely happened immediately next the “significant other.” You already know what’s going on, so with the exception of adding more words to the article, what is there to discuss. The creme de la creme that everyone wants will look at the inference making as a failed shit test and label you accordingly–so you lose anyway. The only time this additional conversation/questioning is ok is the first time it occurs–just in case the expectation hadn’t previously been set, it is now.
    2) I won’t go so hard on this one bc the title did say “significant other,” but you shouldn’t be playing house with a woman until you are sure it is on the path to marriage and even then tread carefully. An additional studio for you or her won’t break the bank and if you’re in places like California it can save you legally by maintaining a separate residence after dating for a prolonged period of time.

  30. Yeah, so by like the third time I’d heard the “I was raped!” bit in my younger years I knew something was amiss in this society. Thankfully I found out that it is simply a victim/martyr/sympathy tactic they use and also a sick way of making themselves feel more valuable on the sexual market to where people want them so damn bad they would “rape” them just to have them sexually. Fucking sick!

    1. Most women fantasize about being so irresistible to men, that men just can’t help themselves and they break down in the face of their Siren-like qualities and simply “take them”. Might have something to do with a biologically hard-wired, feminine impulse to procreate with dominant men. Then again, it might just have to do with the fact most women are impossibly fucked-up. Or something else entirely. The Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico believed that women were insane due to having that extra hole that men don’t have – their vuh-jay-jays. I think that’s as good an explanation as any. The notion being, all sorts of weird energies crawl up in there…mostly unseen energies.

  31. Since we’re sharing. Many moons ago in a galaxy far away…
    In the throws of passion, rounding third base with plenty of momentum approaching home plate, she blurts out of nowhere: “My stepdad used to molest me”
    On another occasion with a different girl, she says “My brother and I fuck all the time, I like your dick I want to take you home and fuck you. Maybe you can watch me fuck my brother too.”
    Could not run fast enough from either of the two. Never put your dick in crazy.

      1. Indeed. The first one was looking for a provider and apparently thought saying that would kick in the white knight feelz. The second I found out was a stripper on her day off. Batshit lol

  32. A woman sucks your dick but then later she refuses to let you have a drink from her cup because she’s worried about ‘germs’ ?? Is she lying about her germ-o-phobia or is she hogging the drink? Later you frost her face like a toaster streudel after she again sucks your dick and then she refuses a drink from YOUR bottle. She’ll drink the first swig when it’s opened but won’t share back and forth. She wants to lip everything first and won’t drink afterwards off of you for fear of ‘germs’ ?? Is she really afraid of real germs or does she really just have no respect for others? She’ll swig from the milk jug too but no one else can without her going off and wanting a new one. Is it disrespect on her part? Is it ‘germs’? She’ll say her mama taught her to never share drinks due to germs but obviously mama never mentioned dicksucking. No the dicksucking says she’s basically dumber than a bag of rocks.

    1. My girl is the same way. She’ll cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe and swallow the gravy… then get upset because I took her a slice of pizza out of the box without washing my hands first.
      I call her on it, she just gets flustered and says “s-shut up.”
      I don’t think it has much deeper meaning other than girls are dumb. The emotion of “www germs” means more than the logic of where her mouth was an hour prior.

  33. Of course, let us not forget the great half-truth of NAWALT.
    What she’s trying (MISERABLY) to convey: That she’s a special snowflake; that (maybe) one in a billion women ARE like that, and somehow cannot be representative of the rest; that it’s unbelievably SEXIST and, more importantly, MEAN of you to say anything disparaging of ANY woman, and that you are the worst possible combo of dick and asshole (and not in the endearing way that we know works in real life, but in the beta chum-bucket way).
    What it ABSOLUTELY means: It’s firstly in the phrasing (NAWALT, not I’m Not Like That: she has at least the sense to know that she would sound COMPLETELY like the 4-year old leaving a trail of crumbs from the cookie-jar, but NAWALT is only marginally better). That all women, but mostly those with a discount pass for the carousal, know as deep as they dare venture inside, that they are closer to tire-slush snow than special snowflake, or just plain old yellow snow. That they know the rank vapidity of their own ‘sisters’, and they can’t bare to engage in an intimacy that would only prove that the one in a billion figure above would be closer to accurate, if reversed.
    The Follow-Through: Proceed to game, pump, dump, & rinse yourself of this walking cliche, but not before you pump her in a way to rub in how she IS like that (depending on whatever prompted her to NAWALT you).

  34. She says: “Let’s take this slow, OK?”
    Translation: “I’m comparing you with two other thirsty dudes that want to date me”

    1. This advertisement is not realistic since she would have backed right over him to justifiably kill him for hurting her feelings. The sympathetic jury would have found her not guilty since it was an accident and she didn’t mean to do it. The man would have also been responsible for damaging her BMW with his dead body. The advertisement is also an example of what is considered to be comical, since it’s happening to a man. Naturally, if the roles were reversed, the man would have been charged with domestic violence or assault. It really gets old having men portrayed by advertisers as a bunch of incompetent idiots. Since women control something like 80% of monetary spending, due to their propensity to buy junk that does nothing to improve their way of life, the advertisers cater to women who appear to enjoy the portrayal of men as incompetent idiots. I try to boycott any product who perpetuates this BS stereotype, but this is difficult to do since the problem is so pervasive.

  35. Yeah the term friend has to be the most abused word of the females vocabulary.

  36. “I’m not ready for a relationship right now”=I want to ride the cock carousel a bit more before settling on my beta boy

  37. kek, this site is hilarious. its like tumblr for men. fuck all of you sjws lol. god fuckingn damn it i hate sjws

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