Hillary Is Planning To Attack The Entire Alt Right At 1PM EST—Here’s What To Expect

Today at 1PM in Reno, Hillary is planning to marginalize and hurt the alt right. While we are not officially an alt right site, we share much overlap with them in the general alternative sphere. An attack on the alt right by an establishment force such as Hillary will have repercussions at ROK since the mainstream media is grouping us all together.


Hillary’s alt right speech comes only eighteen days after I stated that Hillary will try to shut us all down if she wins the election. She has moved up her timeline because of the damage that the alt right is doing to her campaign. This morning I was on Pat Campbell’s show talking about Hillary’s speech and what it will mean for us and Donald Trump (the recording is now on Soundcloud).

Last night I gave an overview on my Periscope of what will be in Hillary’s speech and how we should respond (click here to watch directly on Periscope).

Hillary’s speech will be streamed live here:

We will report back after her speech is complete.

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411 thoughts on “Hillary Is Planning To Attack The Entire Alt Right At 1PM EST—Here’s What To Expect”

  1. “I’m no ways tirrrred…”
    Seriously – I don’t see this speech doing much damage. She’s the second worst candidate I’ve ever seen in my life (only to former MA AG Martha Coakley, who lost to Scott Brown six years ago running for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat).

    1. I wish the rest of the electorate felt the same as you. Unfortunately, she has the unwavering support of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the media, and basically every other powerful entity.

  2. I’ve said for a long time that the Democrat party is no friend of anyone who is a straight white culturally-Christian male, especially if he is working class.
    This speech will cement this truth, and hopefully galvanize any flailing girly-men into recognizing this fact.

    1. I hear what you’re saying but we will see if this fucking marxist cow shoots herself in the foot or not.

    2. The differences are only skin colour deep, we’re all human, race is a social constract …all white males are evil rapist bigots

    1. That’s right. Every time the Left doubles down, it backfires. Roosh’s confrontation earlier this year with the SJW mob and the establishment, though terrorizing at first, drew more men toward ROK and quickly made Roosh an instant celebrity. Even if he didn’t ask for it.

  3. I’m thinking her speech is going to be a pretext for the media to attack the alt-right so as to distance Trump from them. I fully expect the GOP establishment to get on board with this as well. If the GOP can do away with the alt-right as a force for Trump, then he will naturally have to rely the establishment for support, which means he would have to compromise his positions.
    The good news is the media will try to define the alt-right in the most extreme terms as possible, which isn’t going to work, as it hasn’t worked on Trump for the past year.

  4. Hillary is also attacking breitbart as of late. The batch said she would shut it down if she gets elected.

  5. Their mistake. Thanks to these sorts of things we’ve gone from a loosely associated set of people with similar ideas to a true grassroots movement.
    Anti-GamerGate did the same thing, and it united peoples of all races, political philosophies, and nations.

  6. Just channel this demonic knife-wielding psycho monkey, and whatever the Hildabeast throws at you won’t hurt.

  7. Progressives hold the imaginary, empirically challenged beliefs that have come crashing down around us because they don’t work in the real world. The Manosphereans and the Alt Right, by contrast, have rediscovered the perennial wisdom of man and the essentially tragic nature of the human condition. We have become the voices of reason and maturity in a world screwed up by the Enlightenment’s pseudoscience and make-believe.

    1. I think we’ve discovered an ancient sith holycron and are wreaking havoc with it; Marvellous.

        1. Hey if it’s 10 cents a word, I’m in…if I can pitch from the right, instead of the left.

    1. “I’m of the mindset that the left will swallow her speech like they swallow every lie their politicians hurl out”
      I agree too this is what will happen.

  8. What did Vince Foster say about his job as Deputy White House Counsel for Bill Clinton.
    “I need this job like I need a hole in my head…”

    1. I mean, that was the term used to describe post 1930’s American foreign policy specifically with respect to staying the fuck out of international affairs. Not sure what it means now

      1. I’ve been seeing it used in the context of attacking Trump for his position of wanting to make the likes of Japan, Germany, and South Korea pay a bigger share of the cost of America providing for their defense.

      2. I’ve heard it used to describe people who avoid urban areas (rural folk). You know, the farmers and such who keep food on people’s tables, but are labeled stupid racist hillbillies by lefties. They’re considered to be in isolation because they don’t care to get involved with society’s bullshit.

        1. I haven’t really heard anyone use isolationism. I tend to avoid rural areas except for the few times per year that I go home to see my family and they tend to avoid cities except the few times per year that they come and visit me but I have never noticed it as a hostile relationship. There is good natured ribbing on both sides…me being a spoiled city faggot and them being uneducated hilly billy pigs….but it is family and we bust each others balls. It’s love.
          That said, I am aware that there are people with those prejudices for real, both urban people, suburban peoples and rural peoples and I think the lot of them are all defunct. Still, I’ve not heard “isolationism” used to that effect. Hell, if anyone is an isolationist it is me. I barely acknowledge the existence of any part of new York city that isn’t park adjacent.

        2. Isolationism was the USA’s policy towards WW2 (besides selling arms to the allies) until Japan bombed the fuck outta Pearl Harbor.

        3. right. the word makes sense in that context. Isolationism meaning isolated from that craziness that is going on over there in Europe. Not our circus. Not our monkeys. We were brought into that war through an act of violence. What isolationism means now is anyone’s guess. I think the left just considers it bad. Like “isolationists didn’t want to get involved in WWII. WWII was all about the evil Nazis. Therefore Isolationists are literally hitler. We will call our opponents isolationists.”

        4. Funny how the poles have shifted. Dems were (at least vocally) isolationist until the Libertarian movement came around.

        5. I know I have seen/heard it used a few times, usually by hard left-leaning outlets like MSNBC. I’m fairly certain I heard some talking head use it during the rancher stand off several months back. They were probably just trying to sound fancy by using a five syllable word, not knowing its true meaning.

        6. I think you are probably right on the money with wanting to sound faaaaaannnnncccccyyy. Lol. Problem one is taking the talking heads as indicative of the way real people might talk or think. Boy they are insufferable shits.

  9. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
    1) Perform cunnilingus on Hillary.
    2) Bang Leslie Jones.
    3) Cut off the little finger of your left hand.

    1. In all seriousness… I think I would grow the most as a man from cutting off the little finger of my left hand. Going through adversity, adapting to change, experiencing pain and discomfort, learning to staunch bleeding… all of these things I would practically enjoy compared to option one and two.

      1. 1) Perform cunnilingus on Hillary.
        2) Bang Leslie Jones.

        experiencing pain and discomfort
        This is not exclusive to option 3.

        1. Heh. Though I’d upgrade it to ‘experiencing agony and disgust’. Well-played my good fellow.

    2. I’ll own it. I’d bang Leslie Jones before either of the other two alternatives.

      1. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
        1) Vote for Hillary.
        2) Watch the new “Ghostbusters”.
        3) Visit a gay bar for three minutes.

        1. 3. There’s a bar in New Orleans that makes the best burgers you might ever eat.

        2. Watch the new ‘Ghostbusters’. I can always sneak some phones and music in and get through an album or two.

        3. I don’t vote. Never have and never will. So that leaves 2 and 3. I won’t watch the ghostbusters movie. So that leaves the gay bar. Possibly an untapped resource for meeting sexually frustrated women? Definitely a resource for free booze.

        4. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Attend a Trump protest.
          2) Watch porn with your sister.
          3) Go on a date with a fat, blue-haired feminist.
          (Getting a little trickier now…)

        5. I will take option 3. I can troll the fuck out of her for lulz and almost surely get her offended enough to leave quick as can be.

        6. Also, where I am, if you are in an upscale gay bar you have a fair chance of meeting models and other fashion industry types.

        7. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Attend a feminist rally wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Women Are Satanic”.
          2) Enter an airport and scream, “I have a bomb!”
          3) Eat live worms and cow brains.

        8. Gay bars are amazing places to meet women. Their guard is down for them to really be comfortable with you. Then at the end of the night they sigh and say “You know, I really wish you weren’t gay”, upon which you smirk and say “well actually…” as you unzip your pants and whip out your cock.

        9. The first option is something I would do just for fun. The third is something I have already done. Worms are disgusting, but whatever boys will be boys. Cow brains are fucking delicious when cooked right. Number 2 seems fun but I really don’t want the rectal probe so either 1 or 3

        10. I have always suspected that. I have been to a lot of fashion industry parties that were at bars and lounges that weren’t specifically “gay bars” but when the fashion people take over it is defacto.
          Want to know the best way to get laid by an aspiring model half your age, dressed to kill and as close to a natural 10 as is found in nature? Dress nice, maintain form and be the only guy who thinks pussy is sexy in the room.

        11. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Walk into a feminist meeting and expose yourself.
          2) Walk into a church and bark like a seal.
          3) Walk into the Democratic Convention in black face.

        12. Yeah, on second thought it’s not the best environment for a straight lad to whip out the old banger.

        13. That’s odd, such an opinionated voice you are and you don’t vote! Why’s that?

        14. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Dive off a 1000-meter cliff wearing a wingsuit.
          2) Freedive in the ocean to a depth of 200 meters.
          3) Climb Mount Everest during a winter storm.

        15. again, easy peasy.
          I will not feel my life is complete until I do a wingsuit base jump and I would totally, with proper gear and training, do Everest. That shit would be amazing. I have never gone diving, but I am a very strong swimmer and don’t feel comfortable when I am away from the ocean which is why I could never live anywhere that didn’t have a coast. For me this isn’t a which one would you do…i’d do all three happily.

        16. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Run across a busy highway during rush hour wearing a blindfold.
          2) Hike 20 miles in the Arizona desert in summer when it’s 120 degrees.
          3) Sit outside in minus 30 degree weather in your underwear for 30 minutes.

        17. I believe you give up your right to an opinion once you vote. Surgeons can’t operate on family members and Judges can’t sit in judgment on, say, murder cases if they have had a murder in their immediate family. It is my distance which allows me to have a valid and unbalanced opinion. Everyone else is too close.
          Further, I see the entire system as a scenario of power which is, when it comes down to it, totally meaningless. Who wins the presidential election matters far less than the brand of toilet paper I use. It is just another reality show like American idol. If voting makes you happy or entertains you go ahead, fine by me. But I refuse to participate in this farce.

        18. no way, i’d want her to walk out so I can yell “don’t worry, I’ll pay the tab”

        19. I’ve done it before. That time the girl mentioned the wage gap and I told her the only gap I had any interest was was between her legs. She left in a huff.

        20. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
          1) Marry a fat, blue-haired feminist and stay with her for 10 years.
          2) Marry a female serial killer and stay with her for 10 years.
          3) Marry Hillary Clinton and stay with her for 10 years.

        21. Actually, come to think of it. I will take 3. I can marry Hilary. She will be busy pretending that being president means something and I can go around the country bangin’ chicks and covering it up. Plus, I’ll be rich as fuck with all my embezzled money.

        22. I died when I was 16. Drowned. It was great. I didn’t want to come back. (So I’d recommend drowning, as a means of dying…you just black out, and – poof – you’re gone.)

        23. I was thinking more of being fed unconscious by Giada DeLaurentis and then her suffocating me with her incredible titties.

        24. Number 3. I like climbing mountains when it’s storming: The wind whistling, some drumming by lord Thor… And you’re exercising at the same time

        25. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. They can pick you out that you’re straight and they leave you alone.

        26. A group of girls took me to a gay club once, unknown to me what kind of club it was, and one thing I can say is that the men’s restroom had about 20 urinals. Even more than at a sports stadium. Just use the stall and close the door behind you if you don’t want to be surprised from behind with your pants down.

        27. Well then it really isn’t a valid option. I call shenanigans on the question

        28. Yeah, I’d drink a beer and let a gay dude hit on me for 3 min over watching that movie, and I ain’t voting for her nohow.

        29. I was swimming laps underwater in the family pool behind our house. My record was eight or nine laps (can’t remember which). I tried to beat the record…and I blacked out. I floated face down, apparently for a couple of minutes. My stepsister was watching me, and she thought I was playing possum. I don’t recall all the particulars of where I went, when I crossed over. But it was incredibly peaceful, and I knew the people who were there. I knew them from some other lifetime, or whatever, but I knew them all the same. We talked for a while. I was so thrilled to be there, to see all of these old friends again. Then I was told I had to go back. But I didn’t want to go back – it was incredible there. Next thing I know – whoosh – I’m coughing, and I’m standing up in the pool. I actually felt cheated. But since then I have had zero fear of death. Now, I know somebody who has never expired, will say it was a hallucination, or something similar to a dream. But the only people who will try to explain it away, are the ones who have never crossed over. I was talking to a guy about a year ago, and he had a similar experience. No white light in a tunnel, none of that shit you read in New Age books on the paranormal. Anyway, I was dead, at least in terms of crossing over. No doubt in my mind. And it may not be the same for everybody, when they die, but I have basically been looking forward to crossing back over since that time…absolutely nothing to fear, and I think life is the real hell, and what’s waiting for us is indescribably good.

        30. Wasn’t aware “models” were as close to 10s as could be found in nature. News to me; considering most look like long haird, skinny, 14 year old boys, or the ugliest, non white, “exotics” the gay overseers can find.

        31. You do realize rush our traffic in just about all American cities is a bumper to bumper crawl if there’s any movement at all.

        32. And this comes from all of your vase experience around women in the fashion industry I’m sure? Lol kid, “news to me?” I’m sure there is a lot that would be news to you. When I want the opinion of a closet fag with no smv and low IQ I’ll give you a call.

        33. Any animal brain is dangerous to eat. I think I would take 2 because nobody could really hear me in a wide airport and I can say it jokingly

        34. There was a man called Tony who had his legs blown off during a tour of Afghanistan. When he got back he found his wife was fucking the milkman. In divorce she took their kids and everything else away from him, leaving him with a mouldy bedsit in which to drink himself to oblivion. People tried to reach out to him, but he pushed them away, sinking deeper and deeper into despair with each passing day. One day, he flicked on his computer and decided to smack himself off as he watched some porn, only to remember that along with his legs, his dick was blown off by the landmine. With nothing to do, he mindlessly browsed the internet, seeing where it would take him.
          In the morning, the neighbours found him dead. The night before, in the unbearable grip of sadness he decided to take his own life. The suicide note indicated that he’d just given someone bad advice over the internet, and couldn’t live with himself.

        35. Don’t be a dumb ass, “Closet fag”? what part of not being attracted to skinny-ass women who look like little boys equates to gay to you? Look, If you like little boys, or Twinks for that matter (who am I to judge) do you.
          It’s no secret the ‘model industry’ is run by fags. Just be real and admit you and your friends prefer women who look more like the twinks at the gay bar.

    3. You have to do one of the following, or you’re going to die. Which would you pick.
      1) Vote for Hillary.
      2) Watch the new “Ghostbusters”.
      3) Visit a gay bar for two minutes.

    4. Ill bank Leslie Jones, well, try to because I won’t be able to get a stiffy!
      Worst case scenario, it looks like someone smeared Nutella on a bit of cauliflower, just a bit of carbs!

  10. This is a diversionary tactic to try to take the focus off of the horrible revelations of influence peddling at the Clinton Foundation that have been surfacing this week.
    18 USC 208 makes is a crime for an officer of the executive branch to participate in a particular matter where he, his spouse, of an organization in which he is serving as officer or director has a financial interest.
    It has been revealed that people were paying millions to the Clinton Foundation, founded by Bill, while Hillary was working on matters involving those donors at the State Department. How that is not blatantly criminal is beyond me (well, not really, it’s not criminal because our useless, complicit FBI and DoJ care more about their jobs and careers than the rule of law).
    Do not take your eyes off the ball. Racism is not the issue. Don’t let her frame the debate. Keep the focus on the Clinton Foundation and all of its sleazy dealings.

    1. “18 USC 208 makes is a crime for an officer of the executive branch to … ”
      Unfortunately the powers that be are not even paying attention to the Constitution anymore.

      1. Ahem…let me refer you to the following quote spoken about 4 and 8 years ago…
        “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

        1. Oh for fuck’s sake… grow up, boy scout. Words, oathes, and promises mean nothing today.

    2. Pay for play politics taking “donations” for her “non-profit” organization from foreign countries while working as sec of state.
      Hack those emails.
      Hillary for Prison 2016.

    3. Right, Hillary’s trying to retake the narrative because she’s sinking in a pile of her own shit.

    4. Yes I mentioned that this is diversionary in the interview, but it’s a good one that requires us to brace for the media flood. After we outlast it, we can resume the attack.

    5. Probably the reason were being viewed as a threat. The vast majority of those on this side of the pond have too much critical thinking & intellectual rigor to fall for the gladiatorial games, theatrical farce & political deviation being pulled to manipulate us.

  11. When I started writing on the comments section of ROK 2+ years ago I never thought the discussion could get so heavy that fucking Presidential Nominees would have to acknowledge and even try to smear it.
    To my fellow Shitlord Brethren, I salute you.

      1. Unfortunately, all the media wants to talk about is that degenerate Milo, who i still believe is just attention whoring for personal gain

        1. Who cares, he’s spearheading the movement, HARD, and his gayness gives him a shield. If he were a black or hispanic transsexual, it would be even sweeter. He’d probably get assassinated if that were the case

        2. You do have a good point. Liberals always have celebrities as usefuls idiots. As long as the message stays intact, might as well do the same.

        3. YES! this is why I’m for Milo. We have no choice but to play the same dirty tactics they use.

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  12. Anyone else got Trump’s livestream Manchester rally open in another window? This is gonna be good. The YouTube chat is already full of hilarity.

    1. The mottto “There is no such thing as bad publicity” definitely applies in this case.
      I suspect the increased attention will win us many new supporters. Watch.
      Those who are turned off would have been anyway. Good riddance to them.

    1. This woman definitely took possession of Chairman Mao’s wardrobe. Every freaking picture with that uniform

    2. Trump should definitely use this picture. It will divide the female vote. The feminist will fume, but many women would find it pretty funny. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to start calling Hillary ‘The Big Donut Girl’ or something. The SJWs wouldn’t be able to resist initiating a campaign against misogyny meaning that the whole of the USA would start associating Hillary with having a big Donut. The Krispy Creme would fall right out of her campaign

  13. Eventually, if Hillary becomes POTUS, I expect a “nacht und nebel” type directive to “deal” with the (alt) right:
    “Nacht und Nebel (German for “Night and Fog”) was a directive (German: Erlass) from Adolf Hitler on 7 December 1941 targeting political activists and resistance “helpers” that was originally intended to winnow out “anyone endangering German security””

  14. LOL!!!! THAT is her edgy dangerous attack?
    “Dat’s raycisssss”???
    LOL, it defies logic how someone this bungling could even be considered for a position such as the Presidency. The manboobz and xxy feminists are in pure panic over Trump. LOLLLZZZ!!!!!

  15. Good interview. Roosh’s public persona and presentation skills have improved a 100% since this time last year. Bit confused as to why the audio goes dead for about 10 minutes though

      1. ok, thank’s for clarifying. But I nearly switched off after the first half assuming the interview had finished

  16. The alt-right will grow exponentially with this free marketing coming from hillary.
    As the alt-right grows in popularity, many imitators and deceiving frauds will try to cash in on the alt-right movement. Many will start their own blog and try to water down the movement.
    Make sure to direct family and friends to the proper alt-right sources. Pop the misandy bubble and red pill everyone.

    1. I would like to agree with this, but I do not think Hillary will paint an accurate picture. And, many who would listen to what Hillary says today will not question her mischaracterizations, rather, they will simply take what she says at face value.
      There will be a few who investigate further, and will see for themselves the rejection of PC speech, or something else they like, but it won’t be ‘exponential growth’.

    2. “The alt-right will grow exponentially with this free marketing coming from hillary.”
      So true. Bernie Sanders almost won the nomination by speaking to the outgrowth of the OWS movement. And OWS, in its purest form, was not something most people would be inclined to support.
      Having someone draw attention to you on a national stage like this, when you have very rational common sense positions cannot do anything except work in your favor.

      1. There are about 50 behind the podium, facing the camera, and no two of them share the same skin tone. Everyone in the general audience, with their backs to the camera, is pasty white.
        I’m sure this is mere coincidence.

        1. Most of the people in the back are also young and attractive and have that ‘young college student eager to explore the world’ look.

        2. Yes, I just picked up on that. The average age in the general audience appears to be about 65ish.

        3. They are young and thin. It’s hard to tell more from the low resolution, but I don’t see a single mammoth sitting there.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if those people had been hand-picked for the ‘honor’.

        4. I see:
          * one bald white dude.
          * 45-ish hindu
          * few middle ages women
          I wouldn’t call them that young. And overall they are dressed in rather baggy clothing or so it seems.
          But you are right, it is hard to tell because of this resolution

        5. Heh. You are right, on closer look, they are not all young and thin. Maybe not even half of them. But you can’t deny there are a couple of young cute girls in there. More than you would proportionally expect in the populace.
          Maybe my mind simply tricked me into only noticing the hotties while completely refusing to notice the average ones, heh.

        6. Happens to me sometimes too. Right now resolution is just too low to notice hotties for me.

        1. According to some forum thread I just googled, the best composers get some 750.000$.
          If I was running for president, I would absolutely do it. Music is so important for manipulation. I wonder how they can spend so much on advertising and so little on the music. It’s irresponsible for a proper psychopath.
          But then, maybe psychopaths don’t get how important music is, because they don’t ‘feel’ it.

        2. There is a lot truth to it. When I was very anty-social I never listen to music. As I became more social I started to listen to more music. There is connection to socialization and music. For psychopaths it should be even stronger.

        3. Psychopaths do socialize. It’s kinda their forte. It’s just not ‘genuine’. They don’t feel it, it’s just a means to an end.

      1. … or ‘Two Steps from Hell’, John Dreamer, Thomas Bergersen, Audiomachine, Twisted Jukebox, Immediate Music, Brand X music, C21FX, Imagine Music, Epic Soul Factory, Steve Jablonsky, Zack Hemsey…
        I agree with you.

      1. I was just wondering what I have done wrong, because right now I have nothing better to do, and her shriek isn’t something appealing

      1. I’m not talking about displaying emotion, but making audience feel emotions…
        At least that is something that I would expect from crowd manipulation. Act on emotion, and when you can pass emotion via voice it is great asset. Just like music can pass emotions, so can voice

        1. She’s playing to her audience well. Of course, these folks are already in the bag so what does it matter?

        2. In this generation expressing oneself and giving real emotions is long gone, in it’s place is emojis, hashtags and fake women emotions

  17. Things are looking up. A colleague of mine who self identifies as liberal left holds some pretty red pill opinions when you dig deeper.
    The messsge is out there, there’s a huge paradigm shift happening. When a self identfiying lefty can tell me he thinks marriage is too big a risk, modern women are just looking to trade up, and multiculturalism “just doesn’t work in reality”, you know there’s a changing to come

  18. This is sick. I want to vomit. 99% empty rhetoric about “feel good” non-real equality.

  19. ‘That is the definition of a racist comment’
    Does it strike anyone else as obvious that to leftists, it is not even about whether somebody IS a racist. Only whether something they say may be INTERPRETED as racist.

  20. I don’t fallow Trump that well, but let me guess she is just attacking image of Trump, not Trump himself. Not even ounce trying to argue with him.

      1. Yeah, that is it… just making image of somebody in minds of audience and then attacking this image. Don’t have to put effort in attacking actual person. In it easier to attack fake one.

        1. Strawman 101. She might as well build a Trump doll, and kick it after every sentence.

    1. Look at her eyes when she pauses and looks over the audience… there is something strange there. Fear?

  21. Re her 9/11 comment:
    Leftists don’t argue whether something is true.
    They instead say that something is too disgusting to think to even be adressed.

  22. Yes, she was with Obama, as the world’s economy sinked, as Isis rose to a state-level menace, as racial civil war was brought back to life in the US.
    REMEMBER THAT! She was there, with him.

  23. Funny how she attacks that somebody may be asked for his religion (basically a large belief-set) and judged by it.
    Funnt how at the same time she makes a speech against a set of beliefs called ‘alt right’.

    1. She killed her own argument. If an answer can’t be checked as false, what’s the problem with the question?

  24. Anybody else notices that she does say nothing about her own campaign and basically just relies on attacking Trump?
    Can you imagine Trump rambling on and on about Hillary?

  25. Since 1856, Ohio has favored the Republican presidential candidate (in terms of the number of votes cast for all available candidates, including Democrats), 28 out of the last 40 elections. Two of the times that it didn’t vote Republican, were allegedly during the last two elections. This is extremely odd, because 85% of Ohio’s residents are white. Only 11.5% are black.
    Which begs the question – how in the hell did Obama “win” Ohio in the last two elections? It’s a predominantly Republican state. And it only has a black population of 11.5%.
    In a recent poll, Hillary Clinton allegedly leads Donald Trump by 6% in Ohio. I just have to call bullshit on this one as well…Ohio is a conservative state. There’s no way in hell she leads Donald Trump by 6% in Ohio…no freakin’ way.
    Here’s an interactive map that shows how Ohio has voted in every single presidential election since 1856:

    1. Obama won by fraud. That’s one “conspiracy” that I know for a fact, is, well, an actual fact.
      GOP Statehouse overwhelming majority
      GOP governor
      GOP mayors (majority)
      Countless towns where you can’t find a single Democrat
      And…Obama takes Ohio? Bullshit. Utter bullshit.

      1. I think the same thing happened when Bill Clinton “won” Ohio twice, in 1992 and 1996…wink-wink, nudge-nudge. My friend…I think I can now count two conspiracies which you might acknowledge, the other being the full-on takeover of mainstream media programming by Commie, SJW, liberal mindfuckers. Perhaps you consider that a business arrangement, however, and choose to use other verbiage while describing it. That being said, anybody who thinks Obama legitimately “won’ the presidential nod in Ohio, probably thinks the 1919 Chicago White Sox “lost” the World Series on the square…

  26. Heh. Now I finally know who Hillary reminds me of right now.
    She reminds me of my old grandma who used to ramble on about what an evil man my father is and how she would like to kill him (for giving me the confidence to move out of home).

  27. Well, USA and Russia signed treaty agreeing to protect Ukraine in exchange for its atomic bombs (Ukraine had a few after fall of USSR) and Obama completely ignored it… but lets just forget about it… 😉

  28. Make America Hate Again…ooooh so catchy.
    Tell me, Hillary, under which Presidency has race relations gone down the tube? Oh that’s right, Obama’s! You’re right in line to do the exact same thing to men/women relations.

      1. “Racists”, alt-Right and Putin, Nigel, etc are not people. They are untermensch, so they don’t count, in her mind.

  29. We need people that got completely pasted, and people that I’ve dumped all over back in the Republican Party again!

  30. ‘You get to where you need to be when you work hard! That is the American bargain!’
    ‘But to get there, we need to work together and support each other!’

    1. A more roundabout way of “Teh 0ne’s” infamous
      “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

    2. There’s no way Hillary believes a single word of any of that! She and her husband have been influence peddling for decades!

  31. That is it? Seriously? I expected something more… At least a hint of argument. And not just he is bad, because he said that, that and that….

      1. Fuck it! This is just funny, this is first political speech I have seen in years…
        If somebody wonders why I hate democracy… Wonder no more. That speech is best argument against democracy one can give. I couldn’t do it any better.

  32. So did the black doctor make an appearance, or has he vanished back into the ether?

      1. it would be interesting to know exactly what became of him. He must have been reassigned. And I don’t mean at the bottom of the atlantic ocean

        1. but where is he? what is he doing? If her health is fine why has been removed from the frontline

        2. well yea obviously he was there to stop her seizures or whatever. They either paid him off or he’s at the bottom of a lake with concrete shoes.

        3. there used to be such a thing as reporters, even investigative reporters. No more

      1. her stool remains at the very centre of her campaign speeches where it always was

  33. Have you guys seen the rating of the Youtube stream?
    343 upvotes, 6591 downvotes…
    Still think her audience is ‘representative;?

  34. Imagine this scenario: the election is rigged and Hillary wins. President Hillary Clinton will go after Breitbart first then Alex Jones, Drudgereport, Return of Kings…and the list goes on. What do we do then?

      1. Sounds better than the “Second Foundation” that we’re currently living in.

    1. Buy more of Alex Jones’ Apocalypse New Line of Products lol
      Edit: this time we’ll need them.

        1. Yeah, because someone shouting at you at the top of his voice in a commercial is sure to get you to buy a perfume

        2. It was a dark night; the rain beat down like it didn’t care.
          I didn’t care either; she didn’t know that we were done.
          I stopped under a doorway to light a fag and to anticipate what was going to go down. She wanted my meat, but tonight it was going to come seasoned. I’d spent the last week putting Apocalypse for Men on it, and the burning just got to a dull pain today; I was mostly immune to it by now, and I grinned away the remaining ache by the thought of her flying off the bed entirely by the power of a ten million Scoville nuked cooch.

    2. It was an interesting speech. It reminded me of Cameron denying that 9/11 was an inside job. The elites – with Hillary as their agent – are trying to associate racism, white nationalism and “conspiracy theory” as a single thing. If they succeed in turning Trump into a pariah – i.e. someone you cannot admit to supporting without effectively admitting you’re on the same side as far rightest (David Duke is the obvious one, but even pretty liberal Alex Jones came in for a hammering in her speech) then effectively the left-liberal ideological control system will have been strengthened. This is the tactic they’ve always used: stigmatisation by association. Trump wants to (temporarily) ban Muslims, see Obama’s birth certificate etc because he’s a racist. Guess what if he also says he won’t take money from Goldman Sachs lobbyists that’s also going to be because he’s a racist. The whole thing will always return back to how Goldman Sachs and the big banks need to be protected just like innocent ethnic minorities etc.
      Trump is actually potentially vulnerable here. What he should do is go easy on speaking his mind about hispanics etc and re-direct everything back to the campaign corruption and the crisis in democracy that is candidates like Hillary (potentially) allowing their presidencies to be bought by big money
      It is profoundly interesting to see ‘conspiracy theory’ being explicitly addressed by the elite candidates. This may or may not go their way. They will find it difficult to keep the lid on what people discover

  35. Roosh I think you announced the time wrong – she was just finishing up when I tuned in. But ih well – I’ll wait for the responses here.

    1. She postponed it until after Trump’s speech. The bitch started speaking around 3 if i remember correctly.

      1. After she spoke the video was posted at the exact same channel which I did not know they did that – so I was able to view the speech.

  36. The only thing I’m worried about at this point is Hillary getting yanked out of the Democratic slot (due to the Clinton Foundation revelations, or her health issues, etc.), and Bernie Sanders getting put into it. They can’t very well rig it for Hillary at this point – too many people would go ballistic, as it would be so obviously rigged. I hope it doesn’t happen…but you never know.

        1. They can use other than Bernie. He’s already “toasted”. Michael Bloomberg would be more likely…

        2. Hillary Clinton, like Lyin’ Ted Cruz, is a supremely arrogant sociopath who could never swallow her pride and step down now.
          Especially as she, if she has any cognizance remaining, knows that her extreme health issues mean that she won’t ever get another shot at it.

        3. Bloomberg has said one or two many pro-capitalist, common sense things over the years to be picked IMO.
          I recall that, during the primary, there was talk of pulling in the CEO of Starbucks when it looked like Hillary couldn’t hack it and Biden wouldn’t step up.

        4. Bloomberg would easily defeat Trump. He owns the media, the (((Tribe))))’ s money, a good image, and knows Trump’s NY streetwisdom tricks all too well. And he is sort of consensual, in the Left.
          The only reason the masterhag was chosen lies between her legs (twice: since birth and since Bill visited).

        5. Outside of the “alt-right” and NYC, does anyone even know who Michael Bloomberg is?
          The man has no hype and I doubt the media could create enough for it in
          <3 months…NBC couldn’t even hype the Olympics successfully.
          Even if they were to, would the voters respect him? I have my doubts as his nature is not appealing:he’s something of a capitalist, a neurotic nanny and an out-of-touch “elite”. IMO that’ll repel lefties, righties and the “in between”.

        6. I can’t say I see the path for Michael Bloomberg, the nanny who actually broke changed the law so that he could illegally run for a third term as Mayor of NYC, to the White House.
          IMO it’d be better for him to pay to cover up Hilary’s problems and then just pay her for access to the White House and favorable treatment.

        7. I’m not saying I like him, but the only reason there is still a run is the fact that Clinton is DESPISED. Trump has made too many fatal errors already.
          Nevertheless, I am here, from this side of the Pond, unconditionally supporting Trump in spirit.

        8. Trump does seem to be banking too much for comfort on his sorta-self-proving statement about not shooting someone on 5th Avenue.
          Bernie and Trump had a lot of overlap in their anti-establishment platforms and they rode it all the way to the top legitimately. Hillary’s establishment platform, like the GOPers’, was a non-starter.
          IMO that puts any substitution candidate for Hillary into a bind.

        9. I don’t think the Puppet Masters put themselves into a bind. If they want a candidate to “win”, that candidate wins. Look at Ohio going to Obama, each of the last two elections. It’s 85% white. It had voted Republican in 28 out of the 40 previous presidential elections. It’s a blue-collar, conservative state. If the Big Boys want a guy in, he gets in…the electronic voting machines have made that shit as easy as pushing a couple of buttons. (And Hillary is allegedly “leading” over Trump in Ohio by 6%, after eight years of Obama – and most especially, his signature “achievement”, Obamacare, which alienated everybody with an IQ over 35, be they black, white or something else.)

        10. Call it naive, but I’m inclined to believe that the Puppet Masters were caught with their pants down with the Trump situation. As at least one alt-right site I’ve seen has made the case that the 2016 election was “locked in” as Jeb v. Hillary as far back as 2014.
          That said, Ohio is a crazy state. It does border West Virginia so maybe there actually is “something in the water”.
          What I don’t get is how they didn’t go for Romney in fraud-proof numbers but they went for Kasich (and the orange drunk who has a fetish for lawncare). Unless they bought the “my daddy was a mailman” shtick, Kasich was the same milquetoast out-of-touch “slash and burn” banker elite as Romney.
          The only difference is that he, like Gary Busey and Joe Biden, has no filter on his speech.

        11. Your analysis about Ohio is mostly correct. We elected a Republican Statehouse in overwhelming numbers, we elected a Republican governor and most of our Mayors are Republican. Then we elect Obama? Bullshit. Utter, fucking bullshit. Cleveland I can buy, maybe, but the rest of the state? It makes zero logical sense. Plus I know people in “100% Obama votes!” districts that voted for Romney.

        12. The electronic voting machines – plus no exit polls, for the most part – makes it easy as hell. When nobody squawked about that, when they first started implementing those, I just shook my head.
          Candy —> Baby —> Take it – etc.

      1. This was posted by the New York Daily News only 23 minutes ago…
        Here’s a quote from the article (titled, “Hillary Clinton’s latest Clinton Foundation scandal makes it impossible to defend her”) –
        “More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation. It’s an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.”

        1. So we have a liberal-leaning pussy who writes for the Daily News…and he’s bashing Hillary? Uh-oh.

        2. Wow.
          Just a few months back, the liberal-leaning media would never have questioned Hillary.
          I’m sure she pines for the good old days of Iowa and New Hampshire, when the media allowed her staff to humiliate them by roping them in public and when the media literally tripped over itself in order to catch a glimpse of her.

    1. I doubt Bernie could go the distance now, he really alienated his supporters.
      Trump was right: Bernie did seem tired at the end, like he just wanted to go home and now he can…to the $600,000 vacation house dacha that Hillary and her cronies bought him.

      1. I don’t know. I think his supporters would forgive him and jump back on the bandwagon. Lots of SJW nutcases backing him up. And I think he beat Hillary – they rigged it for her. Lots of rumblings about that all over…we’ll just have to wait and see what the cuckoos in the clock have up their sleeves.

        1. I’m sure Bernie did actually beat Hillary in several states, particularly Nevada and Iowa where the results were determined by a card draw and a coin flip (respectively).
          But Bernie went from bashing Hillary for being corrupt to endorsing her in record time. Between that, and the jet + house scandals, Bernie bernt his support.
          Man who so eschews wealth that he’s never donned a tuxedo suddenly is revealed to own 3 houses worth well over a million bucks in total? The Occupy Wall Street types would probably pillory him now.

        2. Here in Arizona, people are still grumbling about Hillary “winning” the state. Massive incidences of vote fraud, etc. But I smell a setup here. The timing of that New York Daily News article, literally posting it shortly after her speech…I think it all depends on what happens in the next few weeks. If the mainstream media starts bashing her en masse, and they call for an investigation, it’s going to be more likely that they’ll yank her and replace her…

        3. If they do, if Hillary has the wits to realize what’s happening then she’ll fight it with all that she has, I suspect.
          If there is someone in the Democrat world who can make her “take a dive” again, I don’t think she’ll go quietly.
          Though I can see the case for Hillary being replaced as not only was Trump right about how easily he could damage Hillary but she is so toxic nowadays that she’s even nuking her allies (eg: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz).

        4. Yeah I mean, it’s a perfect setup, if it goes that way. And I think they could easily sell the public on Bernie (or someone else) beating Trump…but they can’t sell the public on Hillary beating Trump.

        5. I still think Bernie is bernt. Trump would just bash Bernie repeatedly over his swanky new palatial vacation house.
          Besides that, Trump has already made inroads to the Bernie supporters, reminding them that he espouses most of what they loved about Bernie’s platform.

        6. Would Bernie run for the dems now?
          He took their metaphorical 30 pieces of silver but he has taken great pains to avoid being labeled a dem (until this election cycle) and it looks to me that they really screwed him over.
          I’d like to believe that Bernie isn’t the DNC’s “gunga din”.

        7. Well, if the Dems do go begging to Bernie to save them, I hope he’s used his time off to read Art of the Deal and negotiates better terms from them.
          He got a palace, maybe this time he could get that all-expenses-paid jet that he wanted?

        8. The OWS people never had an issue with individual wealth, or even foreign businesses using slave labor, otherwise they wouldn’t all own iPhones.
          Their protest was about high-level corruption and the corporate buying of politics, which means they while they weren’t outright naming the Jew they were still talking about the Jew.
          The Jew took offense and destroyed them in the media, which is coincidentally run by Jews. That’s why you never heard a single “message” from OWS in the (((news.))) Instead they injected social justice heavily into the organizations so feminists could do what cancer does best; destroy them from the inside. Half the town hall sessions became bogged down with blue-hairs in problem glasses demanding that something be done to make the camps safer for women and intersectional trans-ponies.
          When that didn’t happen, they started rape-crying. The protests became almost as dangerous for women as a liberal college campus where 1-in-2 women are brutally consensually sex’d after they had two Coronas at a party then got caught by their boyfriends the next day.
          Meanwhile the media (completely coincidentally) spent their time interviewing the drug-addicted homeless that were bussed in, and feminists that self-identified as ketchup as the “voice of the movement.”
          Hillary’s “Pay to Play” scandal and accepting massive donations through the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors is exactly what the core of OWS was about.
          Sander’s people are so blindly loyal they’d easily dismiss his treason and completely selling out to the enemy in exchange for a few trinkets as simply a defeated old man that wanted to live out the rest of his days without being found in his home with two bullets in the back of his head from an apparent suicide.

        9. Trump is the last person that would insult anyone directly over wealth, or the ways a candidate chose to spend their campaign donations. It serves no tactical purpose.
          Even the attacks against Hillary’s fortune relate not to the accumulation of wealth, but the outright criminal corruption driving those donations and how blatantly she is accepting bribes in exchange for policy.

        10. He’d attack Bernie with this for much the same reason as you listed for how and why he attacks Hillary.
          Bernie was bribed, he sold out for a $600,000 dacha. Leaked emails show he would’ve sold out earlier for a private jet.
          Bernie ran on anti-corruption and his anti-materialism. Trump would take Bernie to task as he lied about both…and if he wouldn’t, his people would

    2. More likely they’d put in Joe Biden. He’d be a much easier sell to the rank and file, much better liked.

      1. Oh yeah…and young women love Biden. He gets a lot of support from female porn stars and the like. Great point.

        1. He’s the closest thing the dems have to an “alpha male”. The way he made Paul Ryan his bitch in 2012 lives in infamy.
          He’s also been, by his brain injuries, made into a sort of “Democrat Trump” as he says what he wants, gets away with saying the craziest crap and doesn’t apologize.
          He’s also a faster runner and better weightlifter than 0bama.

      2. That’d be the “last resort” IMO…Gary Busey doesn’t get cast in too many movies these days.
        Sadly Biden, the man with 2 confirmed brain aneurysms and surgeries, is in better physical health than both 0bama and Hillary.

  37. Look at how small that crowd is, compared to Trumps 10K+ rallies/events, but she’s ahead in the polls they say! …..yeah ok…

    1. Brings to mind Bernie packing convention centers and a MLB stadium but somehow losing.

        1. Wow! You lost your seventh coin flip in a row? Such terrible luck, Mr. Sanders. Maybe we should draw cards instead?
          No really, those Superdelegates aren’t locked in till the very end! You’ve still got a chance! :^)

    2. The polls are run by liberal. If you jump on social media, most comments are people that can’t stand Hilary. Even Hilary youtube speeches have at least 50% more down votes. It’s clear evidence the media/polls is all corrupted! Personal online polls by people shows Trumps is dominating!

    1. The “debates” are going to be nothing but heavily-loaded anti-Trump softball questions to Hillary, of which she will have been informed of and had a script prepared for ahead of time.

      1. Yup. Didnt “the press” sometimes ask obama what his favorite ice cream was? Itll be ice cream questions for hilllary too.

  38. CNN reports Dr. Drew show was just canceled (and only a few days after Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health; his last show will air Sept. 22nd). Video regarding this appears below; one of Dr. Drew’s quotes in the video, “When she hit her head, she had to wear these prism glasses – that is brain damage…”
    Here’s a link to the CNN cancellation announcement –
    Here’s a link to information about prism glasses and brain trauma –

    1. Dr. Drew should count his blessings. He could have tragically committed suicide after all.

      1. Yup. He could easily have turned into Body No. 367 (or whatever it’s up to now)…who knows, he still might. Give it time.

      2. A man who just had his career ruined would be quite emotional. The Clinton Campaign is saddened to find out he overdosed on bullets, after taking two to the back of the skull.

  39. This is a brushfire that’s now a full out of control wild fire.
    Their narrative is over.
    Welcome a new dawn!!!

  40. Never knew Roosh was on radio. Love this site, but try to do a better job of keeping us posted when you do a podcast. Wouldn’t mind tuning in. Do not have as much time to read now that I am walking 50 + miles a week. But I generally listen to mp3 podcasts the whole time, so it is not too boring.

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