Hillary’s Alt Right Speech Bombed

Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited alt right speech in Reno was a failure. Although she peddled the same ad hominem insults and falsehoods expected by Return Of Kings, her focus on a supposedly fringe rightwing conspiracy centered on the alt right was glaring in its holes. After connecting herself with renowned influence expert, Robert Cialdini, we had anticipated that her lies would have been a lot more believable, internally consistent, and less tenuous-sounding.

After a significant two-hour delay, Hillary finally made her way to the lectern at a local community college. From higher rates of schoolyard bullying to Brexit leader Nigel Farage appearing on “Russian propaganda” outlets, Clinton endeavored to link Donald Trump to so many nefarious happenings in America and the world that one would need a team of full-time accountants to keep track of them.

Clinton copied the Wall Street Journal‘s inherently vague definition of the alt right in her speech:

… a loose but organized movement, mostly online, that “rejects mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to white identity.”

She then took immense artistic liberty in throwing the alt right alongside basically any policy or group she did not like.

Ridiculously, Vladimir Putin has been blamed for Trump-style nationalism and the alt right

For someone who claims to oppose Trump’s “hysteria,” Hillary Clinton does a good job of generating her own. Particularly after Trump made a joke about Russian hackers going after the DNC, Hillary Clinton has gleefully sought to reduce The Donald to the status of Vladimir Putin’s stooge. The Reno speech went one step further, alleging that Putin is one of the primary impetuses for the ideology of Donald Trump and the alt right.

Lacking any evidence to make these kinds of assertions, Clinton claimed that Nigel Farage, who had appeared with Trump at one of his rallies in the Deep South this week, was appearing in “Russian propaganda” pieces. A clear reference to Farage’s appearances on RT, formerly known as Russia Today, Hillary’s scathing assessment of the Brexit leader ignores how Bernie Sanders and countless other Democrats have appeared on that same network. Fittingly, neither Sanders nor his time speaking with this “propaganda” mouthpiece was mentioned in the Reno speech.

No discussion by “racism-hating” Hillary of her love for ex-KKK leader Senator Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd, late Senator and serious KKK leader and recruiter, also a great friend of Hillary’s.

We are meant to believe that the alt right is a hotbed of racism, all while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s own chequered racial past. Clinton has been obsessed with linking Donald Trump to ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, who endorsed the Republican Presidential nominee. Her speech in Reno continued this pathetic theme. Tellingly, Trump has had no working relationship with Duke, unlike Hillary Clinon’s fawning admiration for the late West Virginia Senator and senior KKK leader Robert Byrd. Clinton described Byrd as a “mentor” and was inconsolable when the long-serving legislator, responsible for recruiting well over a hundred people, if not more to the KKK, died.

Roosh gives his analysis of Hillary’s alt right speech

Hillary claims Trump will deport “millions of immigrants,” without mentioning that they’re illegals

It is now racist to ask that US border laws, flouted for decades, are finally enforced. Donald Trump and the alt right are racist according to Hillary because they want to deport so-called immigrants, without her bothering to mention that those targeted by any Trump Administration would be illegal arrivals.

Trump is “increasing” schoolyard bullying, even as anti-Trump supporters practice real-world violence

Hillary was lightning quick in describing how American youngsters are apparently amping up their bullying at school, most notably against children of “color,” all because of Trump and the alt right! Another massive stretch she indulged in was referencing a group of high school students in Indiana, who had allegedly used Trump banners and shouted “Build the wall!” during a sporting game, and tying it directly to Trump’s “racism.”

Meanwhile, here are some examples of the real violence that has followed Trump supporters in recent times:

Why wasn’t the alt right branded a criminal conspiracy?

The failure of Hillary to come out all guns blazing was a surprise. It seems likely that she is going to try to deal with Trump first and then directly go after the alt right once in office.

One thing’s for sure, though: Trump has no reason whatsoever to feel threatened by Hillary’s half-hearted attack on him and the alt right today.

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224 thoughts on “Hillary’s Alt Right Speech Bombed”

  1. If Hillary isn’t elected president it’s all because of a vast right wing conspiracy….. and the Russians. Did she take her meds today?

      1. The 7 supporters that came to her speech would agree with you. Seriously she has less of a draw than an exhibition WNBA game.

  2. To smear your reputation in the 1950s, they’d call you a communist. Today, they’ll call you a racist

    1. And it’s the commies that are the ones that call you that. Ironic isn’t it? While McCarthy was right about the communist infiltration of America, by using their tactics to stamp them out, he made them a victim of oppressive government and created an oppressive monster that is eating us alive.

    2. the only “smearing” I know was in grade school when we used to smear the queer

      1. Hahahaha I used to love playing Smear the Queer. I forgot about that. Aaahhh the black eyes and bloody noses where like badges of honor.

        1. Smear the queer. suicide. 2 for flinching. Growing up used to make you tough

        2. What was “suicide”? We probably played it, but since your new York and I’m Texas, we probably had a different name for it.

        3. Throw a blue rubber ball against a wall and everyone goes to catch it. If you catch it you are next to throw it. If you try to catch it and drop it then you have to run to the wall and touch it before someone pegs you with the ball. Suffice to say, when you try to catch it no one is being gentle with you and if someone got their hands on one of those little super hard balls they use for racket ball everyone went home bruised.

        4. Oh yeah! We called it Spread Eagle cuz if ya got nailed on the way to the wall, ya then had to stand spread eagle and whoever nailed ya on the way to the wall, got a second free shot…..
          Damn. I sure miss those days of innocence.

        5. yup. forgot about the second shot. You know, people always say how they would love to be 18 or 21 or whatever again. Fuck that noise. Give me 11. I will take 11 years old any day of the fucking week

        6. Shit yeah. No responsibility. Just Atari, sports, and playing in dirt. Although by that age is was a little curious why my dick would get hard everytime Barbi Benton came on Fantasy Island.

        7. can you imagine a teacher today going into a playground and saying:
          Teacher: What are you kids playing?
          Kid: SMEAR THE QUEER
          Teacher: drops dead

        8. Yeah…no shit…they probably don’t even play Bombardment anymore. Now THAT was a great game.

        9. honorable mention to Jinx, punch buggy, king of the hill, red rover and, of course, the king of them all, dodgeball…rip dodgeball, rip

        10. Which version? We called dodge ball where everyone stands against the wall and one guy has to peg everyone with the ball. Dodge ball that’s played in the movie, we called it Bombardment. And yes. That was the most awesomest game ever. We played with nerf balls that were wound up tight with masking tape. They were smaller, harder, and easier to throw fastballs than those big rubber balls. Damn, that was the greatest.

        11. I was the other way around. Everyone standing against the wall and getting pegged was bombardment but two teams like in the movie, dodgeball. We played with balls that were like basketballs but not quite as dense. They had a pebbled outside and, aside from dodgeball and bombardment, i have never seen them used for anything.

        12. Kickball, yes. So dodgeball, kickball and bombardment—those are the only time those balls are used. Do they still make them? I want to buy a bunch for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

        13. yeah, i know. so fucking insane. Once again, this is why I will keep notching girls half my age. They look at the fags their own age and just have a deep primal crave for something better.

        14. We used to play a game called British Bulldogs which is what I believe is called Red Rover in the US but the difference being it was every man for himself with one person tagging to begin; once you’re tagged you helped them until only one person was left. I’d go in with fists flying and fly kicks; good times.
          There was also something called ‘poison ball’ which is the US equivalent of dodgeball-not the team sport variety but where you’re encircled by people throwing balls at you in a group of say 10-20; if you caught the ball you got an extra life. There was an unofficial rule that head shots only counted.
          Essentially, I grew up in a very rough, industrial, working class suburb where you got your ass handed to you if you were a queer or pansy and you were toughened up very early on in the piece-be it through the above and also playing soccer etc. where it was almost anything goes.

        15. They banned kickball?!?!?! Nothing better than watching a girl strike out playing kickball. bastards!

        16. You had that Barbi Benton problem too eh mate? Her, Daisy Duke and some of the girls on Hee Haw caused mysterious rumblings in my loins.

        17. Holy shit, I forgot about the Hee Has girls! Which of course leads us to the Mandrell sisters. I hated country music but I would watch both those shows just for the scenery. The funny thing is, the Mandrell sisters still look hot for 60 year olds.

        18. Ha! Being a polack on the east coast, we called it “Polish Handball”. Good Times, growing up in the eighties…

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          Bangkok— same thing just lower.

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        21. Slight regional term difference but I Imagine the game is the same. See vw bug, say punch buggy no punch back and punch someone. Slug isn’t a word in ny for punch the way pop isn’t used for soda

      2. I got to see that become ‘unacceptable’ during the apex of my childhood. Mine was the last to have ‘fun.’ Now it seems my peers are leading the idiocy and decay of modern society.

      3. That or a big steaming dog turd all over someone’s face you didn’t like.

      4. Kids now play a literal version of that but I hope what they play is not what you are referring to

  3. “views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to white identity”
    On the contrary. Increasing numbers of non-Whites in White majority areas only strengthen White identity.

  4. Her speech was a joke. But I must admit, I see sheep falling for this picture she portrays. They are trapped inside the bubble of msm where none of the valid criticisms against her or Trump his actual policies are addressed.

    1. And you hit on the root of the larger problem. The sheeple are so stupid that despite prima facia evidence that their horse is a lame loser, they’ll still rationalize every crime and misdemeanor she commits and vote for her anyway.
      I’m going to test this later tonight when I”m out and ask Clinton supporters who their 3 state leaders are. Yes, 3: 2 senators and their representative to the house. Sometimes they’ll recall the 2 senators, but almost always don’t know their representative. Worse, they’re not even aware they have one.
      The whole electorate is a joke. The illusion of choice is just that anyway, an illusion. That’s why I’m leaving this mess to the sheeple who keep voting for the same ‘ol.

    2. The comments sections of articles across the Interwebs have shifted very much to the right and alt-right the last five years or so. Don’t be so sure that everybody is a sheep these days.

  5. Was that it? To think we manned battle stations for that weak, low energy, zero stamina ‘attack’. It was like being savaged by a dead sheep. We vastly overestimated her ability, I think as a result of us projecting what we would do in the circumstances.

  6. I just got off the telephone with Vladimir Putin. He’s a bit disappointed that Hillary has blown his cover and announced to the world that he’s controlling the alt right, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Breitbart, ROK, and white-on-black racism. I told him that I’ll distract everyone with Leslie Jones nudes so they’ll forget that he controls everything.
    Sent from my iPhone, paid by Putin

    1. I’d rather drink a twelve-pack of Bud Light than look at those nudes again, which is half of what I’d need to scroll any further than the second pic I got to.
      Hey, speaking of race traitors, did anybody catch that miserable piece put out by Kevin Van Valkenburg this morning?

      1. What’s wrong with Bud Light? Other than that terrible commercial with that left wing moron and the fat girl?
        I didn’t look at the gorilla pictures, I will just take your word for it.

      2. It looked like something out of an old National Geographic, from the 50’s.. those first two.

    2. Lefties don’t understand satire, so more than a few of them will take this at face value.

    3. I also understand they’ll be using rubble from the old Berlin Wall to build the Great Wall of Mexico.

      1. One of them was unjust. The other is totally just. Why is protecting our borders even a question?

        1. I am all for stopping this nonsense. At the same time have you seen my millennial generation? I watched a new hire lose control of a grinder over and over. Didn’t ask a soul why he had to keep dodging sparks and flying pieces… He was using it backwards

        2. LOL!
          At first, I thought “coffee grinder”.. I pictured a typical millennial office simp going all “OHMYGAHD!” and being showered with coffee beans 😉

    4. Roosh has been kidnapped and replaced by Putin. This is the reason for the beard. There is no more Roosh, only Putin.

      1. The Russian government has also been stockpiling Kratom over the past few years, ready to unleash in the water supply and turn American men from sensitive betas back into patriarchal shitlords. Growing of beards for all males will be mandatory.

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        2. Brilliant Russian scientists have discovered a way to infuse all alt-righters with Kratom WIRELESSLY!
          What you think is EMF is actually Russian high strength Kratom.

      2. What if there never was Roosh?…What if all this time, who we thought was Roosh, was actually Putin…..

        1. Wow! That means Putin was teaching us Game! We will have to thank Putin for the glorious gift!

    5. Roosh, are you saying that leaked pics of leslie jones nudes are, waaaaiiiit for it…….black propaganda?

        1. yup. I have a feeling there was an uptick on leather chaps, ky jelly and lisps today thanks to leslie jones. This is all part of the lbqfghngtzjhds;lakh agenda to make everyone a flaming faggot.

        2. Could be marketed as birth control? “A safer non hormone treatment… Lesjo” See your local pervert today

        3. As funny as this is we have to stop. It’s 8 pm here and I need to go to bed soon and I don’t want to have scary dreams

        4. Just like Anaconda Malt Liquor.
          “Man, do you want to live….do you WANT to GO ON?!?!”

        5. Lol, man, I doubt hardly anyone on this site has even heard of that movie, let alone that awesome line.

    6. I seriously hope that the left continues to embarrass itself like this. I am in my last year of university right now, and I can tell you that these people taught me just how much I want to be a conservative. Perhaps a little pressure from the political sphere can cause them to show the rest of my class why liberalism is such a bad idea.

    7. I polished my jackboots for nothing then. I’m so disappointed we didn’t get our marching orders yesterday after Hillary’s speech uncovered us.

  7. Quick response. Nicely done. I can see why Hillary thought she needed to give this speech. The alt right and other associated traditional/conservative movements are her biggest threat. But she really gave a terrible speech. The only advantage is that it helps solidify the media narrative about conservatives.

  8. Summary:
    If that’s not proof enough that the aneurysm has finally taken over Hillary’s brain completely, I don’t know what is.

  9. School bullying is a part of the design of government schools, but now it’s Trump’s fault? This is getting ridiculous.

  10. I watched the Trump speech on MSNBC, and when they cut back to the newsroom the talking head went into a partisan attack on Trump and defended Hillary in an embarrassingly juvenile manner. Then I switched to Fox and watched Hillary speak, and when she was done, re-closeted gay Shepherd Smith started energetically jacking off over every insipid word she had spoken–he just couldn’t stop expressing how much Hillary’s speech had blown his mind, and what a monster Trump is.
    The Establishment is beyond parody now. And it’s frightening.

    1. was talking about this earlier. U Chicago is a very right leaning university, the home of the Neo Con movement and has always been a counter foil in both undergrad, graduate and law school to the lefty extremes found at UC Berkley and Harvard.

      1. Really? That’s pretty shocking given the leftist shithole that the rest of Chicago is.

        1. Yeah. University of Chicago School for Social Thought was the home to Leo Strauss and in turn Alan Bloom and Paul Wolfowitz and pretty much dubya’s entire cabinet and anyone who mattered in that administration. the neocons had their flaws to be sure, but there was also a lot of good people with good ideas. Alan Bloom was an unrepentant faggot for sure (think Milo only a lot smarter) but his book The Closing of The American Mind is one of the books I suggest all people who care about american culture read.

        2. Yes it is. Especially the economics department. The “Chicago School” of Economic Thought is very libertarian also. From all the people that studied under Milton Friedman, they have pretty much founded libertarian economics in America in a more palatable way than the Austrians have.

        3. You would be surprised with Chicago conservatism (oxymoron?). They are fucked by numbers and corruption but are battle hardened. Very insulated and powerful clicks

        4. My old man went there. It’s a major grooming center for globalist point men armed with advanced degrees…

        5. Yes it is. I have friends and colleagues who work there. However, globalist though it may be, it’s not the same brand as our lovely dems. They aren’t right at Chicago but they aren’t nearly as wrong

        6. Agreed. My old man took a sabbatical and taught economics at Florida International University for a year (the “International” is the tip-off there, that it’s a globalist project)…

        7. Remember, the Roman Empire were globalist and they had a lot going for them. I really recommend that people read Leo Strauss and Alan Bloom for an insight into the theory behind neo-conservatism–its roots. The other exiled Jews from Germany went to the New School to start a socialist oasis. But Strauss was a different breed, a brilliant man and someone who should be taken very seriously — even by those who don’t agree with him

        8. I’ve got nothing against globalism. I’d like to have some input into its underlying tenets, but I won’t. There’s something appealing to me on a primitive level, about survival of the fittest…

        9. If I may disagree with the Knee; the Romans were not globalists in the modern definition of merging all nations into a NWO, they were globalists in the First Millennium definition, as in “we will conquer as much of the Eastern Hemisphere as we possibly can and use the spoils to fund the Empire.” They wanted the world to be under Rome, which I agree was not a bad idea.
          I actually think a nation could have done well back in Medieval times by not occupying, but just conquering and sacking a neighboring country once a generation, maybe hit a different one every five years. “All right boys, this year, it’s POLAND!!!”

        10. Not disagreeing with me at all. Actually making my point. I just took some poetic flourishes

        11. Actually died of aids
          He had loads of young boy toys. He was t quiet about it. I don’t think this diminishes his achievements or thinking one bit though

        12. The fact that he was a faggot doesn’t change that he was one of the best conservative thinkers to ever live. The fact that you are so afraid makes me think that you might be a queer

  11. The Hillary campaign is collapsing. Nobody on either side of the political spectrum with half a mind can honestly believe anything she has to say. Diehard liberals I work with are backing down and shutting the fuck up. Between being an elite, a liar, a criminal, an enabler, and all around mean person; she has no chance. Trump will outdraw what he loses from sourpuss cuckservatives and get a good chunk of Bernie’s anti-establishment following. My question is if they, the elites and/or DNC, will pull the plug on her campaign for “health reasons” or some other ridiculous nonsense.

    1. They wouldn’t pull the plug if she was on her death bed the day before the election.

      1. death bed? bitch comes to life like this

        laugh at end and all

      2. I believe there is a good chance she gets sidelined. Trump hasn’t even really campaigned yet and Hillary has already lost the initiative. This is very similar to how Bernie snatched the initiative in the later primaries and reeled off victory after victory. Hillary is gonna get the hook and I suspect a Sherrod Brown type will get the nod to replace her if current trends continue.

        1. I’ve been predicting that for six months. As soon as Trump gains a solid 5 points on her, they will try to swap her out, with an excuse about unexpected health issues. I guarantee there is a Democrat warming up in the bullpen right now to get ready for this.

      1. They’re talking about Georgia and Arizona being swingstates. I don’t believe that for a f-ing second.
        Trump will take NC, Nevada, and Florida, at the very least. Don’t be shocked to see him pull New Mexico, Wisconsin, and several other states that’ve gone to Obama.

    2. I can second the “leftists are shutting the fuck up” thing. In a bar yesterday I was talking to two black guys who I know for a fact are Democrats (they’re open about it). They took every criticism I had of Hillary with shut mouths and nodding heads. They loath the bitch.

  12. It’ll be interesting to see how long the media can keep propping up this decrepit old hag, especially when Assange’s next round of emails comes out.

    1. I’m hoping it links the (((the foundation))) to direct profiting or supplying Isis with money. No fucking way to get out of that.

      1. The FBI has just revealed she used software called Bleachbit to erase many of her ‘private’ emails. These seem to have included ‘private’ emails about the Clinton Foundation, so unfortunately she may well have disappeared all those emails Cc’ing Chelsea and Bhagdadi

        1. all those emails to Cher too! Guess we will never know what they talked about

        2. the National Enquirer claims “Cher is flat broke, alone and near death!” She and Hillary can probably relate to each other then

    2. I’ve got a feeling the best is yet to come. Everything has been calculated with the timing of the release of secret emails that were retrieved from both Assange and Putin.
      I can’t wait to see the look on hillarys ‘a face when Trump starts taking out the trash during the debates.

  13. I hate the bitch. If she wins, I’m going underground…off all the internet crap there is…fuck it, the world isn’t going to survive anymore of this shit…they’ve got us under water by $22 Trillion in current deficit and another $200 trillion in promises. I see the people around where I live and the people I know being completely oblivious. Trump should win this thing, but he should have been smart enough to KNOW that the media would unleash hell upon him and acted accordingly. The opposition has had its head up its ass for over 30 years, since the end of Reagan…the system deserves to FAIL.

    1. It’s a litmus test. If Trump loses, the inmates have taken over the asylum, and it’s time for the two suitcases and a passport lifestyle.

  14. Frankly all this foolish hateful woman has to go on is hate, resentment, greed and envy, she can’t campaign on anything positive for unlike Trump she has nothing positive or good to offer, no bright positive future to lead a people to so she has to push this disgusting spiel. The Alt Right she screams at did not force blacks into bad areas of our cities or force their children into awful schools nor did they empower black women to become welfare queens. The Alt Right is not forcing latinos into ghettos and second class citizenship by keeping them out of the melting pot and not allowing them to assimilate into our society. The Alt Right is not encouraging girls to grow up and become whores empowering them to be corrupt. The Alt Right is not importing foreigners to take American jobs or shipping American jobs overseas. She blames the Alt Right of many bad things yet really all the bad things being down to the people she describes as victims are in their awful condition because of her and her party’s programs and policies.

    1. “The Alt Right she screams at did not force blacks into bad areas of our cities or force their children into awful schools nor did they empower black women to become welfare queens. The Alt Right is not forcing latinos into ghettos and second class citizenship by keeping them out of the melting pot and not allowing them to assimilate into our society. ”
      This message needs to get out to the liberal minorities. They are bribed into those situations with subsidized rent, free phone, ebt card etc. It sounds enticing, but its a trap.

  15. Everything that old bag says and does bombs, IMO.
    How any White American, male or female, can support her is beyond me.

  16. No doubt Hillsy is full of crap 99% of the time, but the alt right movement does have a noticeably vocal contingent of hardcore racists. FFS, go back to Roosh’s article in February about the alt-right. That shit shouldn’t have any place in the manosphere–or anywhere, for that matter.

    1. Every large-ish group has its contingent of hardcore racists. Of course, some are bigger and more vocal than others.. *cough*BLM*cough*. For us, sure we got our beloved Heartiste, where every other word is “nigger” or “joo”.
      The difference is, they (Hillary, Dems and their Leftist media shills) are trying to brand the entire alt-right and Conservatism, and Trump by association, by the racist ravings of a few loose nuts on a blog somewhere. Don’t fall for it.

      1. There is also a much larger difference. Hartise uses WORDS while others use FORCE. To me, that is the important difference. People can be as racist, communist, conservative, liberal, SJW, nationalist, hate, love, ignore all they want…when it is all confined to words. It is when people try to use actual or threats of violence (either directly or by proxy of voting) to force their ideas and desires on others, that I have an issue.
        I think all people have the right to shoot without reprisal, any violent thug who comes to do them harm, whether they be hoodrats and gimmedats or tax collectors and ticket agents.

    2. Modernity has a deeper set of problems than just race, blacks and Jews, and these problems started in the Enlightenment. I think Curtis Yarvin, a.k.a. Mencius Moldbug, has pulled on a important thread in modernity’s Gordian Knot by identifying the role of “chronic kinglessness” in our world’s post-Enlightenment’s dysfunctions.

      1. “chronic kinglessness” – hopefully that will be a sub-section in the DSM-6

      1. No concern trolling, but that alt-right racism is pure poison, and anyone who studies that movement for a minute would know that. And yes, there’s certainly racists on the left with that BLM bullshit.

        1. There’s a difference between being aware of group differences and having a deep and irrational hatred for other groups because they are not your group. Certain parts of the alt-right (and to be fair, BLM) fall into this second group.

        2. These discussions on race and national attention of the alt-right is a win all around. The word “racist” is horribly outdated. Irrational hate that aims to unjustly harm someone based only on their race is definitely evil and wrong. When some people hear the word “racist”, that’s what they think of.
          On the other hand racial awareness, segregation, nationalism, and scientific honesty about race are virtues based on truth. Even people who have contempt for other races, and exclusively desire the company of their own race, is based in self preservation. This natural inclination is virtuous and every person’s right. These things have been allowed to be lumped in with “racist” and “evil” for too long and are far from either.
          The word is outdated and current events are long overdue.

        3. I agree with your first paragraph completely, but disagree with your second paragraph.
          Understanding the reality of race is not a virtue. It’s simply a scientific fact. There’s nothing virtuous or not virtuous about it.
          Nationalism is a mixed bag to be sure, but no one has yet come up with a better system.
          As for segregation, when the state tells people that one group may not marry a person from another group, or use the same businesses or services as another group, or live in the same neighborhood with people of another group, there is nothing virtuous about this. I assume you are afraid that if segregation does not exist, individual group characteristics will disappear. This is a fear which is unfounded. Marriage between racial groups is only about maybe 10% of all marriages, and is unlikely to increase beyond that percentage. Generally, we tend to associate with people who are most like us anyway. This is freedom of association, and should not be infringed upon. However, freedom of association goes both ways. If someone decides he wishes to associate primarily with people from a different group, this is his choice, and the state should not stop him from doing so.

        4. Understanding the reality of race is not a virtue. It’s simply a scientific fact. There’s nothing virtuous or not virtuous about it.

          “But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” (1 Peter 2:9 NASB)
          It depends on your paradigm. The apostle Peter, along with many other divinely inspired authors in the Bible, equated virtue to understanding the scientific facts of race reality. Understanding and applying these facts is virtuous because it deals with moral issues. The caps are not my emphasis, by the way. The NASB uses caps to emphasize when an OT verse is being quoted in the NT.

          Nationalism is a mixed bag to be sure, but no one has yet come up with a better system.

          Biblical law is a perfect system. It’s nationalism done right. Most people have never heard of it/considered it, or they gnash their teeth at it.

          I assume you are afraid that if segregation does not exist, individual group characteristics will disappear.

          To a degree it does but I don’t fear it. I agree with most of your assessment here. If individual group characteristics were to disappear it would have no doubt happened millennia ago. Race mixing is condemned as a sin in the Bible, 7th Commandment transgression specifically, and humans have been doing it since that long ago and before. There’s nothing new under the sun, and our human DNA comes pre-programmed, so if individual characteristics were to disappear they would already be long gone.
          I don’t believe in interracial marriage any more than I believe in homosexual marriage. God ordained “kind after kind” so anything that adulterates, or “adds a foreign or inferior substance” sexually, is not marriage according to the Author of marriage. In a society governed by Biblical law, freedom of association is limited to association that’s moral. Interracial (Ezra & Nehemiah provide excellent commentaries on this) unions are immoral on many levels despite the successful propaganda campaigns normalizing it the last 60 years. What people do with their genitals affects society as a whole and should be governed as such. Free will does exist and those associations will always happen to a lesser or greater degree depending on the moral temperature of a people. The judgment in this case is for the person to send away their foreign wives and children or to be “cut off from among their people”. In other words, in this nation we respect our racial heritage, culture, and have plans to preserve and expand it into the future. If you want to live here you honor your racial heritage. If you choose someone of a foreign nation above that of your own, you’ve despised your birthright to this society, forfeited any claim to it, and go live with them.

        5. I thought I was talking to someone rational at first, but clearly I was wrong.
          My friend, Jesus was a Semite. I’m sorry to break it to you. Your Euro-centric Christianity is a myth.This is a picture of what Jesus probably looked like:
          How do you think the various non Sub-Saharan African Negroid populations came into existence? Racial mixing with other species of humans, particularly Neanderthals. All races of humans outside of Africa (with the exception of Capoid people like Ethiopians) have a certain percentage of Neanderthal (and in some cases, other non-homo Sapiens) DNA. If God is truly against race-mixing, then God must be against, well, everyone who’s not an African negro.
          If you think about it, western European men must be the greatest sinners of all time, don’t you think? If God had supposedly intended us to all stay in our particular areas of the world, western Euros sure messed that up. The world is hopelessly interconnected now, thanks to western colonialism/imperialism. Western Euros are also the most notorious miscegenators of all time (look no further than Latin America for proof).
          I suppose I can almost understand what you mean when you say that the western Europeans are the true chosen people. If Christ came to save the sinners, than western Euros are the greatest sinners of all time by your logic, no?

        6. Taking shots at my rationality? Hopefully you can hang with me in the arena of facts and not discredit your position with baseless insults. If not, someone’s rationality is definitely questionable here and it’s not mine.
          You are absolutely right that Yeshua (Jesus) was a Semite. A “Shem-ite”, or descendant of Shem. He was also a Judahite of the tribe of Judah, a Galilean, and a Nazarene. One thing He definitely was/is not is a “Jew”. This fact is easily proven a multitude of ways.
          The portrait you have posted is typical of a lack of understanding of the Hebrew word “Yehudi” and the English words Jew, Judahite, Judean, Semite, etc. The man’s portrait you have posted is that of an Ashkenazi Khazar. They comprise the modern religion of Judaism and are erroneously called Shemites. The Khazar people converted to the religion of Judaism in 740AD. They are not Israelites or Semites. They trace their descent through Shem’s brother, Japheth and are a “race” that is the product of the miscegenation between Japethites, Mongols, and Hittites. For the sake of space, here’s two witnesses out of a multitude:
          “Nathan M Pollock has a beef with the Israeli government. His elaborate plans to celebrate this September the 1,000th anniversary of the Jewish-Khozar alliance were summarily rejected…He has devoted 40 of his 64 years to trying to prove that six out of ten Israelis and 9 out of 10 Jews in the Western Hemisphere are not real Jews’ Jews, but descendants of fierce Khozar tribes which roamed the steppes of southern Russia many centuries ago. For obvious reasons, the Israeli authorities are not at all eager to give the official stamp of approval to Pollock’s theories.” – Leo Heiman, “The Jews That Aren’t,” San Diego Union, August 28, 1966.
          “What we can say for sure is that Jewish Y-DNA [male DNA] tends to come from the Middle East, and that studies that take into account mtDNA [female DNA] show that many Jewish populations are related to neighboring non-Jewish groups maternally. All existing studies fail to compare modern Jewish populations’ DNA to ancient Judean DNA and medieval Khazarian DNA, but in the absence of old DNA, comparisons with living populations appear to be adequate to trace geographic roots.”
          The Biblical Judahites were forbidden to let a mamzer (mongrel) person in the congregation by Biblical Law (Deu 23:2). This is what they practiced even during the time of Yeshua, who was “fair and ruddy” just like David was and just like Adam was. The Hebrew word “Awdawm”, translated “Adam” in the Bible literally means, “ruddy, to show blood in the face, species of mankind”. Adam was a white man and so are his descendants.
          Neanderthals have no bearing on this topic. That’s dealing with the fossil record and the creation account of Genesis, “race” vs. “species”, etc. Noah’s sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth are thousands of years after that. Sub-Saharan blacks have no bearing on this topic at all why bring them up? I could assume here but I’m not going to do that because I don’t like it when someone assumes on my behalf. I detect some teeth gnashing on your part and a contempt against Caucasians. I hope that isn’t the case it would ruin an otherwise interesting chat on the subject at hand.
          It’s an assumption on your part that Yahweh (God) “. . . intended us to all stay in our particular areas of the world”. That’s another topic as well. It is interesting you throw in, “western Euros sure messed that up”, because they are the only race who ever did that, right? Sounds biased and “blame whitey-ish” to me.
          Christ did come to save sinners. The word “sin” literally means “to transgress the law”. So, yes western Europeans are the greatest sinners of all time because they are the only people to ever enter into a covenant (agreement) to keep the Laws of Yahweh. Dead on, there.

        7. My friend, Caucasian is NOT a synonym for white people, or Europeans. Caucasians are a racial subgroup of homo sapiens which includes Europeans, Middle Easterners/Semites and South Asians. This is documented in Nicholas Wade’s book A Troublesome Inheritance.
          And sub-Saharan blacks have everything to do with this conversation because I am speaking about the scientific origins of mankind, which show that all human beings share a common female ancestor from Africa. This does not mean that we are all sub-Saharan Africans. As I have said before, all other human races have a certain percentage of Neanderthal blood, which indicates that there was a certain amount of mixing between homo sapiens which came out of Africa and the other human races which were in existence at the time, on top of several hundred thousand of years of evolution in different climates.
          As for “disrupting the natural order of the world,” I say again, who colonized Africa? Who almost completely and irrevocably changed the genomic structure of Central and South America? Who forced Asia (or at least Japan) to open borders and trade with the outside world? Western Europe. Whether these actions were good, bad or neutral are in the end irrelevant. The fact remains that western Europe has shaped the modern world, and at the same time has nobody to blame but western Europe for the problems it is now facing.
          I think you need to put down the “religion” and look into the science of human biodiversity. You might even learn a few things about your own group. I am more than willing to introduce you to this world if you so desire.

        8. Evolution is a hypothesis at best not a theory. Belief in it definitely takes greater leaps of faith than my “religion”. I’m all for science be careful not to prejudge. A closed mind can be very limiting.
          I’m going to have to disagree with Nicholas Wade and say confidently that Caucasian is a synonym for “white” European people. Russian whites no. Mr. Wade’s assertion otherwise is, without a doubt, in the minority. Even when self identifying race on job applications, the US Government defines Caucasians as the “original peoples of the Middle East and North Africa.” Caucasian has it’s origin in the word, “Caucus”. As in the Caucus Mountains leading from the Middle East into Europe. Why did you bring up the meaning of the word Caucasian?
          Ignore “religion” to your own disadvantage. I still find it amusing how some people are so quick to attempt to discredit the Bible and never took the time to learn anything about it. Historical and archaeological facts are facts; this is different than religion. I’ve already used “religion” to correct you on the topic of who the Ashkenazi Khazars are in the area of “human biodiversity”. I’m not boasting, just using this as an example of where you stand to gain some truth by being open minded in an area you currently are not. Is that different than your own appeal to me? I feel confident you have things of value to contribute in areas you are passionate about, but attempting to completely devalue another person’s contributions based on a personal dislike of “religion” is not a way to inspire value of your own. I can tell you have an unreasonable bias here.
          What do you mean “disrupting the natural order of the world”? Who are you quoting? What’s “the natural order”? European colonialism is a huge topic. I’ve never said anything in defense or condemnation of it at any point. I’m not against colonialism per se, but to say that Europeans didn’t commit atrocities in violation of Biblical law would be false. It’s interesting you bring up colonialism, and I agree with you on the subject, but you have to realize the subject can’t be approached without a discussion on morality. Yet at the same time you don’t consider the “instruction book on morality” and how it completely relates to the topic of Western Civilization/colonialism. The two cannot be separated.
          DNA is designed to replicate itself. I shake my head when I hear a proponent of evolution attempt to argue that hybridization or mutation is responsible for new species (or races). There’s no proof. There never will be because it’s impossible. We definitely are not all sub-Saharan Africans (I’m glad you point that out and agree) and sciences assertion about the common female ancestor from Africa is interesting. The jury is still out on what that means.
          Neanderthal blood:
          “. . . a study of temporal bones from Arcy-sur-Cure and other sites indicates significant differences between Neandertals and modern humans, suggesting interbreeding did not occur (see “Neandertal News,” ARCHAEOLOGY, September/October 1996). If Neandertals made a significant genetic contribution to modern humans, similarities should exist between DNA of Neandertals and that of people from Europe, where the Neandertals persisted the longest. Pääbo and his colleagues compared the Neandertal DNA to that from five modern populations, but it proved no closer to DNA from modern Europeans than to that from four other groups. While this does not rule out the possibility of Neandertal and modern human mixing, it suggests that the Neandertal genetic contribution to modern gene pools, if any, was small.
          So, no “mixing” of Neanderthals and modern humans. I understand you’re trying to establish something to the effect of “everyone’s mixed”, and the Neanderthal angle is a “hinge” on which that argument hinges, but I think you’re missing why I said Neanderthals aren’t in the discussion. Neanderthals died out 40,000 years ago. Yahwehs’ moral law, which includes prohibition against race mixing, originated with Adam 5000 years ago. Since all the Neanderthals had been dead for 35,000 years, the command of “kind after kind” and His law against race mixing did not concern itself with the “race” of Neanderthals. As far as the contemporary discussion on race mixing goes, unless some scientist created a Neanderthal a la Jurassic Park, the Neanderthals still do not enter the discussion.

        9. You’re telling me I’m closed-minded? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black…
          I’m going to put it bluntly. I don’t care what your personal definition of “white” or Caucasian is. Genetically speaking, Europeans, Semites and South Asians are more closely related to one another than they are to Negroids, Mongoloids, Australian Aboriginals or Amerindians. The origin of the term is irrelevant. These three genetic clusters of people can be generally lumped together into a bigger subcategory, which happens to be “Caucasian.”
          I never claimed to dislike religion, nor have I said anything for or against your claim of the Khazars. I will conduct my own research on the topic, but for now I will consider it irrelevant to the topic at hand.
          As for colonialism and the “natural order of the world,” Christian segregationists claimed that God had created the different peoples of the world as they are, and that they were meant to remain separate in their particular parts of the world. The European slave trade brought Africans out of their native Africa into the new world. Yes, I know that their fellow Africans sold them into slavery. And yes, if we want to go into the horrors of slavery, by far the worst slave trade in the history of mankind was the Arab slave trade. But the Arabs did not transport African slaves to the four corners of the globe. Western Europeans did. (This is of course, to say nothing of European imperialism in the Americas, the middle east and Asia.) Again, I am personally indifferent as to whether the effects of colonialism were good, bad or neutral. It happened once and now it’s largely over. But if western Euros had not “meddled” with the rest of the world, and remained in their corner of the globe, would western civilization be facing the problems it faces today? An interesting question, I think, but I digress.
          “DNA is designed to replicate itself.” If by that, you mean that we exist to continue our DNA, than yes, I agree with you 100%. But here’s the thing: your DNA does not care who you reproduce with. Doesn’t matter if it’s Susie the co-ethnic girl next door or someone from a different racial group. When you have a child, 50% of the DNA is yours and 50% the other parent’s. As far is your DNA is concerned, it DOES NOT MATTER where the other 50% comes from, as long as your genes get to replicate themselves.
          As for the Neanderthals, the esteemed HBD blogger HBD Chick has several articles and links referring to Neanderthal DNA in Homo Sapiens.
          Never said it was a huge amount of mixing. But some mixing did take place.
          Evolution is not only a biological reality, my friend, it is ongoing to this very day. The biblical story of creation is an interesting one to say the least (and is in certain regards not incompatible with the theory of evolution), but in the end, it is a story. Once again, if you would like to learn more, I am more than willing to point you in the direction of several websites which provide an interesting, analytical and (more-or-less) impartial look at human biodiversity.
          Also the Hebrew meaning of the name “Adam” is “man.” I don’t know where you got your definition from.

        10. You make some good points. I think where we start to disagree is regarding the law. I’m against any man made set of commandments dealing with association. In short, I think the answers are to be found in the “perfect law of liberty”, God’s moral and civil law, which does regulate association between nations on racial and ideological grounds. It does so virtuously and balances these issues humans keep trying to “square peg into round hole” solve.

        11. The picture you posted is of a racially mixed, Sepharidic “Jew”. Sephardic Jews are not Israelites. The Sephardic Jews do have a history of living among the Israelites of the Bible, but thy are still not Israelites. The name, ‘Sephardic,’ actually comes from the Hebrew ‘Sepharvaim,’ which is a reference to a Canaanite tribe that lived in the far southeast of Idumea, near Babylon. In 745 to 701 BC, the bulk of Israelites were led off into captivity by the Assyrians. Along with deporting the Israelites from their native land, the Assyrians then imported the non-Israelite Sepharvaim people into the land of Israel (II Kings 17-24~31).
          This is supported by Biblical, historical, and scientific evidence. If you refuse to accept it and prefer instead to repeat widespread fallacies to the contrary, you can of course do so. The facts still remain.

        12. The facts? What facts? All you do is spew pile after steaming pile of bullshit. Why don’t you give me some actual sources.
          And no, Stormfront, the Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, and Vox Day are not legitimate sources.
          “Racially mixed.” What do you think Caucasians are? All non African populations have Neanderthal DNA.

        13. All commandments are manmade.
          If God wanted us to remain separate, he did an absolute shit-tier job of doing it.
          He never should have “created” western Europeans. They’re the ones who brought the world together. Western European men are the biggest race mixers of all time. If western men had never existed, would there be any globalism?
          Chew on that for a little while.

    1. Glenn Beck has gone full cuck. I believe he’s being paid by someone to repudiate everything Trump stands for.

      1. No, Glenn Beck has transcended “Cuck” and is so far beyond I cannot think of a word for it. He had (((Ben))) on today, and used some articles to mock them instead of reasoning. I’m waiting for him to repeat the Cheetos episode with Guacamole for Pepe. When he does, remember I Toad you So.

        1. Ah, the old parentheses around the name trick. For the uninformed, (((name))) means the person is Jewish. A classic alt.right troll tactic.

        2. Are (((Jews))) proud to be jews or embarrassed? If Jews are proud, they should consider the ID as honor. If not, they should examine why not.

  17. Hahaha, congrats guys. I literally just wrote about this, I almost lost my shit hearing ‘alt right’ on the news. Of course it was going to be a smear, but ANY attention for us is probably good.

  18. For those of you who missed or couldn’t stand listening to the full speech, you missed a golden troll in the crowd. Listen for right after when she mentions the alt right…

      1. Pepe is this stupid frog avatar that alt.right wackadoos adopted as a meme. If you see Trump
        as a frog, that’s Pepe. It came from 4chan I think.

  19. If Hillary said”I sacrificed a kitten this morning to the gods of communism and then I shit in my pants”, the press would say she gave a very moving speech and DONALD TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER!

    1. No. I keep my views under the surface, and I definitely don’t spit out a label. Most people have no idea what they, their politicians, or their parties stand for. You can get a ‘hardcore leftist’ to recite Conservative Gospel rather easy if they don’t realize that it is indeed Conservative.

      1. Agreed. Never felt the need to distinguish my conservatism nor apply some newly made up label.
        It’s not even clear that the people who do use it have reached a universally accepted consensus on the definition.

      1. This dumb broad could be president. Buy a gun and lots of ammo- your going to need it with this horse a in charge.

    2. I consider myself a “noocrat”. Using logic and reason to determine the best political course.
      It’s a rather niche term, not much used since ye olde roman days.

  20. I wonder if that telepromter is shoved up her ass before each speech like the old Texas Instruments “Speak and Spell” where you press buttons and the thing talks?
    Or is it just harwired into her pidgeon brain?
    I’ve never seen someone with such shitty public speaking skills, nevermind the ADD content and the audience hooting and hollering “You ain’t all dat” and the like..

  21. She literally said nothing about her plans as president and it was a 2 hour late anti Trump smear to ~80 people.
    If you get the chance around 55-58 minutes $hillary says the word “Alt-Right” and a based anon screams “PEPE”. Top kek

  22. CNN reports Dr. Drew show was just canceled (and only a few days after Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health; his last show will air Sept. 22nd). Video regarding this appears below; one of Dr. Drew’s quotes in the video, “When she hit her head, she had to wear these prism glasses – that is brain damage…”
    Here’s a link to the CNN cancellation announcement –
    Here’s a link to information about prism glasses and brain trauma –

  23. I find it interesting that no politician I know of has attacked people who criticize the Federal Reserve System, calling those people dangerous crackpots whom politicians need to disavow.
    Perhaps that says something about trying to use the Fed as a weak point for breaking up the elites’ power structure. The elites don’t feel threatened by anything anyone says against the Fed – the Jekyll Island meeting? LOL! – and they just blow these critics off.
    Ordinary people can’t relate to the Fed critiques any way. They can see white dispossession with their own eyes, however, and they can understand emotionally what the Alt Right talks about. And that sheds light on why our elites find the Alt Right’s grievances a real threat to their power.

    1. the fed = economics, which most people are always going to feel challenged by. It would be easier to argue that there’s a conspiracy in advanced mathematics and show them a formula strewn across a blackboard and tell them “now do you understand how those maths professors have been screwing us all these years?”

  24. “… a loose but organized movement, mostly online, that “rejects
    mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to white identity.”
    She says that like it’s a bad thing.

    1. Yes, get out all quotations from “Tail Gunner Joe” about the International Communist Conspiracy and start “Hammering” (and don’t forget the sickle ) those people. Also remember that Sen. Elizabeth Warren lied about being a member of the Cherokee tribe. As I recall, it is a felony to pass yourself off as a member of an American Indian tribe. Does someone have that legal citation? Thanks.

      1. How did so many countries become communist without there being an “International Communist Conspiracy”? Free elections aren’t really the communist way even if commies will still take advantage of democracy.

      2. As I recall, it is a felony to pass yourself off as a member of an American Indian tribe.
        Um…doubtful. Show me the “law”.

  25. Favorite moments:
    – Her ‘amused laugh’ when she said that Trump was questioning her health.
    – Her saying ‘I wish we could have a reasonable debate, without name-calling etc’

    1. I’m still pretty fond of her term “Super Predators”. This lady always with the GEMS!.. I wonder when Trump will become a Super Racist or a Super Bigot. Capes for everyone!

  26. I have the sinking feeling that Clinton is going to find a way out of debating Trump. Neither it will be cancelled or she will refuse to be in the same room with him, causing it to be done over skype. That way she can stay off her feet and stay in her home.

  27. Who gives a fuck what that silly broad says anyway?
    Keep moving, folks. The Don 2016.

  28. hILLARY does not grasp that very few people actually suport the PC crap. Many dems , like my mom, are voting to keep social security. They are choosing dems out of habit, but hate radfems, , gay marriage, PC etc.
    Hillary can only lose voters by reminding people of the PC left that has hi-jacked the party.
    I was a dem when dem meant union hardhats. And GM factory wages.

    1. enough do. mainstream media promotes this crap. People are stupid cattle. She will likely win this thing. I may never turn my tv on again and on the internet cheer at every attack that takes out liberals. These people are just dumb.

      1. The glimmer of hope is that liberals sometimes believe their ideology. Most dems just want social security check and decent schools. They hate all the PC, race baiting, transgender crap etc. It is worth recalling that even in liberal California, gay marriage lost at the polls. Even though now, they manage to portray opposition to LGBT marriage as a loony fringe.
        But when the representative of the party starts to actuallly run on their platform, that is when they lose votes. Notice Trump’s rise in the polls lately. Small, still trailing by a tad, but there is a slight chance. Kind of like I felt for the Brexit.
        I do not regreet that I was a dem in the 80’s and even the 90’s. I just want good teacher pay, a social security check, unions, trade tariffs to replace income tax and a few economic things. Hate TPP.
        But I will vote republican as long as there are rape kangaroo courts, atttack on Christian business by LGBT, BLM shooting police and not getting cover of dem party, attacks on 2nd amendment
        I would have happily voted Bernie Sanders if he had supported the 2nd amendment and were Christian.
        It is not that I am against a Jew being president. But I am leery of how they have captured that fake hippie Bohemian element. The background of the idealist living in basements was actually appealing to me. But I cannot help think that this kind of (apparently)renegade would not have been able to make it without some Jewish money “discovering” him.
        Jews, as evidenced by Hollywood, know how to market an image. Bernie Sanders was an appealing one. I was hoping he would beat Hillary.
        But Trump, even with his flaws, is my candidate.

        1. Bernie was pretty good on gun rights; much better than Cankles is. And I’m not too concerned about a President’s religion (so long as he’s not Muslim!). But Bernie didn’t get the nomination, so for me it’s Trump by default.

  29. If Hillary gets in, after a few months wrangling with the likes of Kim Jong-Un, the most fire she’ll be able to muster is being able to cut those brussel sprouts herself.

  30. What will be remembered from Hillary’s speech:
    1. anti-White.
    2. Pepe!!!!!!!!
    That’s it

  31. Weekly Reminder that the contents of Hillary’s unsecured and illegal private server were so highly controlled that the Inspector General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence DID NOT HAVE CLEARANCE TO EVEN READ THEM.
    But this wasn’t a matter of national security, goy. She didn’t mean it, so no crime was committed. It’s not like she forgot to delete some photos off of a phone or anything malicious and worthy of 30 years in prison. :^)

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