Milo Yiannopoulos Devastates Time Magazine’s Joel Stein And His Pro-Censorship Position

Time magazine just published an alt-right hit piece by Joel Stein entitled Why We’re Losing The Internet To The Culture Of Hate: How Trolls are Ruining the Internet, effectively calling for internet censorship to assuage hurt feelings of leftists on the internet. Gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos recently had Stein on his podcast (Youtube link), revealing Stein to be no more than a barely competent typist emotionally pushing the leftist agenda.

No sooner than Stein comes on Milo’s podcast, Milo levels this blow, calling into question Time’s obvious bias:

Why are all the victims liberals in your piece? …because I have a theory about this.

Stein then offered this poorly reasoned rationalization:

I think they are more upset and more hurt. But I could have [put conservatives in the piece]…lefties get trolled more effectively.

Leftists might be overly emotional, but even Journalism 101 teaches “journalists” to get both sides of the story. Right away, Milo reveals the biases of Time.

Stein pushes leftist talking points in his hit piece on the alt-right and manosphere

Stein pushes leftist talking points in his shit piece on the alt-right and manosphere

Indeed, every single one of the victims in the Time piece are leftists, feminists, and other political opponents of the alt-right. Milo then goes on to expose feminists and other leftist “victims” everything from professional grievance mongers to whiny provocateurs who can dish it out but can’t take it. Milo says the grievance mongers actually love the hate they get online because that’s their currency—it gives them fame and fortune.

As the podcast plays on, Milo continues to assail Stein, running over him with a freight train of logic. He throws out some names that would have at least balanced the article a little if one wants to talk about women being trolled and having their names drug through the mud—Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Margaret Thatcher. All these women were victims of hateful leftists who are never challenged by big media about their internet trolling and flat out lies. Milo says:

Conservative women get the worse abuse in the world…you made some partisan choices in the victims you chose for this piece. Everybody gets trolled on the internet…but you chose a particular side of the political divide to characterize as victims. You decided you were going to choose women and feminists…

Predictably, Stein had no rebuttal except to say he “should have” put conservatives in his story in a tone of voice that made him seem like a deer caught in the headlights of unrelenting logic from Milo. He then couldn’t resist playing the victim card himself saying “it’s very easy to troll me because my last name is Jewish.” Huh? Apparently, it never occurred to Stein that in writing a cover story for a supposedly unbiased national magazine he might need to try and balance his coverage a bit. Milo goes on:

[Michelle Malkin is] a very prominent conservative blogger in the United States wrote a book about [being trolled] and yet you didn’t interview her, you chose feminists. Put me through the reasoning.

Stein again had no logical comeback or reasonable excuse. It’s thorughly enjoyable to hear a leftist from Time magazine speechless as his tower of lies and half-truths comes crashing down all around him.

The Media Velvet Glove Conceals The Government Iron Fist

Milo peels back the velvet glove of the media and reveals the iron fist in this interview

Milo peels back the velvet glove of the media and reveals the iron fist in this interview

Beyond astounding bias, make no mistake Stein is playing his role setting up the narrative that we need government intervention to protect us from the internet so Hillary can take control of it, if God forbid she wins this year’s election. His piece uses the tried and true Hegelian dialectic model of proposing a preconceived solution to a “problem” the media invents out of whole cloth. Let’s take a closer look at the hit piece in question. Stein wrote:

It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. Once it was a geek with lofty ideals about the free flow of information. Now, if you need help improving your upload speeds the web is eager to help with technical details, but if you tell it you’re struggling with depression it will try to goad you into killing yourself.

Always remember media propaganda is usually based on spurious claims like this one. If someone is that emotionally sensitive that internet trolls push them to the edge of suicide, they might not need to be on the internet in the first place. Or they might not need to be alive because people are mean whether they’re online or not. Just look at how mean Stein is stereotyping the entire alt-right and manosphere as nothing but evil trolls.

One must understand, as Milo obviously does, the media and government work hand in hand. The media is the velvet glove concealing the government’s iron fist. The media constantly pushes campaigns of fear, and in response an increasingly tyrannical government is only too happy to come up with all sort of new laws and regulations designed to “protect us” when in reality our freedoms and our money end up getting taken away and the “problem” never gets solved but it does get forgotten about by the scandal sheet writers. This is the case with pushing the “hate speech” narrative. The idea the government needs to “fix it” will come later, after the narrative has been established.

One of the leftist women featured in Time article’s victim parade is feminist Anita Sarkeesian, who made her name by using the victim card. From the Time article:

In 2012, after feminist Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a series of YouTube videos chronicling misogyny in video games, she received bomb threats at speaking engagements, doxxing threats, rape threats and an unwanted starring role in a video game called Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian.

Milo nuked this claim:

Feminists don’t do anything, they don’t write books about it. They’re lazy…[feminists] whine professionally to journalists and get all kinds of press about it and donations for their fundraising drives. These people don’t produce very much, they tend to be primarily famous for whining about harassment on the internet particularly when their careers start stalling. The way Sarkeesian got famous was she went on a round of interviews claiming she was getting abused and harassed, and she was getting all these death and rape threats. She wasn’t at the time but then she started getting them…and she got all this round of nice press from credulous journalists.

He then uses the Sarkeesian example to destroy the liberal victim narrative:

My reasoning is that the reason people always go with these liberal victims is that feminism is capitalizing on men’s natural chivalrousness and instinct…from all the journalists like you whose natural instinct is to protect women. Love them. Cherish them. Nurture them. I think you’re being abused by opportunistic gender activists. I think what’s happening is they’re coming to you with sob stories that you and other journalists in the media we don’t like very much, the “mainstream” media…we would say that you guys are credulous. We would say that you guys don’t check your facts. We would say that you guys don’t look into these [feminists].

Attention feminists and other leftists: Your victim card is about to expire

Attention feminists and other leftists: Your victim card is about to expire

Whining indeed gets feminists political power and attention as they play victims and the media bends over to kiss their fat asses. Check out this excerpt as Stein attacks the alt-right and manosphere while implying Big Daddy Government needs to step in and police online speech. The implications of his proposal are frightening:

The alt-right’s favorite insult is to call men who don’t hate feminism “cucks,” as in “cuckold.” Republicans who don’t like Trump are “cuckservatives.” Men who don’t see how feminists are secretly controlling them haven’t “taken the red pill,” a reference to the truth-revealing drug in The Matrix. They derisively call their adversaries “social-justice warriors” and believe that liberal interest groups purposely exploit their weakness to gain pity, which allows them to control the levers of power. Trolling is the alt-right’s version of political activism, and its ranks view any attempt to take it away as a denial of democracy.

Attention, Mr. Stein. The First Amendment was not written to protect polite speech. It was written to protect offensive speech, particularly offensive speech of the political type. That’s exactly what “cuckservatives” is, offensive (if truthful) political speech. In case you didn’t get enough of Stein’s victim card playing, here’s some more:

When sites are overrun by trolls, they drown out the voices of women, ethnic and religious minorities, gays–anyone who might feel vulnerable. Young people in these groups assume trolling is a normal part of life online and therefore self-censor. An anonymous poll of the writers at TIME found that 80% had avoided discussing a particular topic because they feared the online response.

Once again Stein falls back on the old gnome of women, ethnic and religious minorities having the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed, victimized at the hand of evil white male conservatives.

Another interesting exchange had Stein labeling multimillionaire actors and actresses as “sensitive, emotional” people. Milo once again slices through the bull:

You’re kidding, right? We probably know as many people as one another, right. 75% of them…pure sociopaths. They don’t do things by accident.

Stein, obviously backed into a corner and bleeding, then tried to laughably use the conspiracy theory claim on Milo for claiming most people in the media are self-serving assholes. It didn’t work. As someone who has worked in newsrooms all over the country, Milo is right. Most people on TV whether small time or big time are pure sociopaths and consummate game players.

Quite honestly, one would expect more from a man writing the Time cover story than this feeble reasoning.

We Finally Have a Voice

In the Crossfire: Milo on the right

In the Crossfire: Milo on the right, one of the growing chorus of voices challenging Cultural Marxism and its narratives

The Time article was obviously nothing more than hit piece on the alt-right, in what is a coordinated effort to have us shut up. Hillary attacked us last week. Time did a hit piece on us. Facebook and Twitter are banning people for speech they don’t approve of. (Milo knows all about that). The genius of this interview is in the fact Milo reframed the argument and put leftists like Stein on the defense. This interview is a case study in screwing up the left’s narratives. Gentlemen, we must relentlessly reframe and put the left on the defense as Milo so masterfully did if we are to mark a turning point in the culture war.

The beauty of the internet is the Silenced Majority is now having our say. And the power structure does not like it one bit. Expect more hit pieces, character assassinations, and labeling of the alt-right as evil oppressors in the coming months and years. We are the last bastion of truly free speech in the country. We have two choices: uncontrolled speech that might hurt someone’s feelings, or Pravda. Stein obviously prefers the latter. Remember: reframe, and put lefties on the defense. Works every time. Listen to this interview. Remember it well. It plays like an instruction manual on how to devastate blowhard lefties.

Globalists and the power structure obviously want to shut us up. Which is why we need to get even louder.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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137 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos Devastates Time Magazine’s Joel Stein And His Pro-Censorship Position”

  1. They’re not going to stop my trolling of SJWs and other asserting pussies. I may have to use an extra proxy and more encryption, but we’ll keep going

  2. “one would expect more from a man writing the Time cover story than this feeble reasoning”
    I expect shitty pajama-blogger writing from Time, just like I expect it from HuffPo, Buzzfeed, etc. Time has for years been making use of 1099 contract bloggers who work from home and wouldn’t know how to be a real reporter if their lives depended on it.
    Same thing at Forbes.
    A lot of people don’t know this, I guess, and because the names Time and Forbes meant something in a bygone era, people assume they still do.

      1. I really don’t bother anymore with the MSM, it’s all globalist propaganda. Like a steaming pile of dog shit, you simply don’t get near it.

        1. Unfortunately you do need to use it to cite points on Wikipedia. The key is doing so craftily.

  3. Good Article! Strong points that articulate well how to strike back at the establishment, although, a site like ROK has done so quite a few times with Tuthmosis, Matt Forney, Donovan Sharpe articles, just to name a few. It isn’t that we are all Republicans who are waiting in the wings to make the nation great again. It is that we all value a nation where truth, honor, valor, respect, and humor aren’t buried so some person can grab at power with a fake claim of needing a safe space.

    1. Perhaps the recent wars did to reporters what WW1 did to the British and exterminated all of the worthwhile ones.

  4. The all-right get 100x more death threats and violence. Anyone outside the dysfunctional liberal agency are second class citizens and have basically no rights or value!

  5. The most ironic part about all of this is that feminist cunts like sarkeesian are some of the biggest bullies on the entire Internet.

  6. Oh lolz these cucks can’t defend what they themselves claimed that is utter devastation in debate….. AND OF THEIR FUCKING “FEELINZ”. And they expect us to listen to this ape

  7. Every day when I wake up, I immediately think, “What does Time Magazine have to say today? CNN? Fox News?” I just can’t go more than a few minutes without getting my mind right. I need their lies. I want their lies. I just can’t fucking live without their lies. I need someone to tell me what I am seeing. You know, like, it isn’t really a feminist trying to destroy freedom of speech on behalf of her handlers, it’s a victim of misogyny who is trying to find her own safe space. Shit like that.

    1. I use CNN mostly for the headlines. If I’m curious in a topic, I’ll search for it independently later.

  8. I’m reminded of when Limbaugh referred to Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and all my feminist friends wanted him off the air/advertisers boycotted etc. Agreeing that that was poor word choice, I asked them if they had a similar reaction to Bill Maher’s calling Sarah Palin a “twat” or Olberman’s referring to Malkin as “a bag of meat with lips”. Most hadn’t heard that. One said well she (Palin) IS a twat.
    Then I reminded that Limbaugh had apologized almost immediately, and Maher steadfastly refused to.
    Trolls are weak by nature, always make your argument, apply logic and reason. The problem with the left is that for too long most of the media has let them set the tone that this ubiquitous hate-storm besets them on all sides. Confronted with this onslaught, lefty trolls are justified in anything they say. It’s all nonsense, but the big lie…

    1. Agreed. So many of these supposed “deep thinkers” on the left are nothing more than intellectual flyweights. You can tell by Stein’s embarrassing interaction with Milo that he has never been forced to really examine the hypocrisy of his absurd argument.
      But no worries…Stein is a committed leftist. He will continue to emote and call it “logic”.

  9. I love it how this Time article’s underlining premise is that when liberals are forced to defend their positions they lose.

  10. “When sites are overrun by trolls, they drown out the voices of women, ethnic and religious minorities, gays-anyone who might feel vulnerable.”
    Of course, to accept this nonsense, you have to ignore that the articles above the comments are written in giant, permanent ink establishment backed articles that are widely distributed around the world.
    But yes, they’re “vulnerable” because the anonymous commenters think the headline stories are complete bullshit. Please.
    And, fuck their vulnerability. These people wanted majority rule, and that’s what you get. Since there are not many transdoodles, you have to suck up the fact that life is tough for you. You;re free to advocate for a better station for yourself, and the masses are free to tell you to fuck off.

    1. Yes, they are.
      We are, or should be, free to call whores, faggots, chimps and goatfuckers by their names, and/or pieces of shit who need to do the rest of us a favour and kill themselves.

  11. It is interesting to watch Milo’s influence because it demonstrates “tolerance” by the right as “tolerance” was originally conceived.

    1. If black guys want to fuck Milo instead of women that only decrease the notch count of women which is a plus. He doesn’t appear to support marriage so I have no beef with him. I would also be comfortwble celebrating him as a national hero for children to look up to. I just hope that the homosexual kids do not emulate his behaviours prematurely as BBC is dangerous to the unprepared.

  12. Journalism really died after Nixon’s Watergate scandal. You used to actually be able to read a balanced piece of news back then but after that it became “in style” for the media to just trash Republicans and anything really right of center. The norm really set in back in the 80’s when Reagan was President. Some “journalists” even refused to write the phrase “President Reagan”. They would just use other words to describe him knowing exactly what they were doing – just being mean and deriding the man because they did not like his political stances. The state of modern media is pretty sad. Good thing though we have the internet because back in the day if you wanted to get anything other than liberal white washed news it was literally niche mailed newsletters, word of mouth, regional conferences, or even bulletin boards.

    1. good comment. First it was journalism that died and then academia. Both now pursue politics instead of doing their job. The danger is that their enemies may follow suit, and abandon objectivity and integrity in favour of anything goes warfare

      1. Yes it took another decade or so for higher education to fall. The PC movement which really moved in around 1988 did a good job of killing the academy. I was on campus at the time and most normal people were like WTF. Old school professors would tell them just to go to hell and would mock them. I don’t imagine a professor would have the balls to do that today in the second wave of PC on campus. Even if they did I would guess they would be fired quicker then you can say PC.

        1. Back then we all thought they were a bunch of harmless old marxists. But they were always deadly serious. We just couldn’t imagine they could be like that; that there could be people like Hobsbawm who thought the end justified the means however many died

        2. This is why when people tell me “just ignore them” I say bullshit. Ignoring them was the problem. They need to be destroyed not ignored because they will never quit.

        3. Its the ideology that needs to be tackled. Braining zombies achieves very little.

  13. I love how they don’t know what to do with Milo Yiannopoulos. He’s a fabulous gay, Jewish/Greek, Black-loving man, but he’s a right-leaning Catholic reporter.
    They say “he’s racist”, and he points out that he favors black partners.
    They say “he’s sexist”, and he laughs.
    They say “he’s Alt-Right”, and the Alt-Right laughs.
    They say “he’s biased”, and he says “yeah?”
    Here’s to your health, Dangerous Faggot.

    1. The funny part is he’s written very plainly on how to beat him and he brings it up regularly yet no one on the left can still do it. Seriously, how sad do you have to be when you can’t beat an opponent after they’ve laid out a bulletproof method on how to beat them?

    2. Milo’s a pretty unique character, but on the other hand he may well be representative of how the left-progressive juggernaut will probably find itself destroyed by those who on the surface should be it’s staunchest allies and defenders. The left is a very uneasy coalition of people who if you scratch the surface have serious problems with each other. So, scratch away

    3. I just saw that interview where Roosh says he is on the same team with Milo. I am confused, is Roosh not straight anymore or did I hear it wrong. That attention whore straight guy kissing Milo – honestly Roosh had to call the cuck a cuck and say it doesn’t represent Conservativism. Milo has a way of playing fighting with his jewish liberal cousins and then gradually pushing conservatives to be more marxist, made Bill Graham cucked forced to pray with him.
      If we support whoever kind of is in our direction and sacrifice our values – our values mean nothing. Many KGB agents like Henien infiltrated conservative movements to cause discord and weaken the movement. He suspiciously went on a race-charged rampamge against religions with traditional family values and immigrants instead of bringing conservatives together.
      I don’t see how secular conservativism can survive. It will get infiltrated by marxist athiest who sound conservatives then they will sow discord, attack moderates and others in the movement – the result a lot of people leave the Right to the Liberals & SJWs, who only force their wacko values on Christians.
      Leftist SJWs are smart and devious. Their 10 point plan on destroying family values.
      They 1) impose their wacko values on Christians, ridicule and harass Christians, pay for a super model/Beyonce/Hollwyood actress to make SJWs look hot. Hide behind minorities like blacks
      2) Infiltrate the right. Infiltrate secular jewish groups left and right because they are so traumatized and its easy to manipulate emotional traumatized people. See Stien vs Milo. Hide behind minorities on the right, like secular jewish community.
      3) Divide the right, scare immigrants, non-Christians away from the right who are natural conservatives. A white Conservative Mormon has more in common with a Muslim or Hindu than a white athiest SJW cousin or white Democrat of their same race.
      4) Push atheism & SJW values on non-whites & immigrants, push them to make the same compromises the cucks in the church did instead of fighting back. More kid s leave the church
      5) SJWs tell non-whites and immigrants they are not going to pose their wacko SJW values on them, vote for them and they’ll only attack white Christians but will protect them. The right meanwhile tries to push SJW values on non-whites and immigrants.
      6) Immigrants, business people, non-whites hold their nose and vote SJW to escape SJW values forced on them.
      7) Christians & secular right wing are forced to accept SJW values like a straight man kissing a gay man or “you support Islam” “you support bad races”
      9) Conservative immigrants + non-whites forced to vote liberal + businesses scared racism will impact their business + SJWs = more votes than WASP Conservative Republicans. Result: Republicans don’t have the numbers and lose the election, just like what happened in Canad
      10) The church will be pushed by secularist infiltrators in the right to make sure women are sluts (Just Watch latest Lauren Southern videos), men are emasculated – just to show we aren’t Muslims. Eventually all white people will be SJWs or convert to Islam. SJWs would succeed in wiping out white culture that made the west great.
      Can’t you guys see this is happening. If you read about how KGB agents promoted SJWs, read how they infiltrated and destroyed communities and taught this to the hippie forefathers of SJWs.
      Initially Milo was bringing people with tradition and family values together, and said that its wrong for gays to attack religious people…. then as time came he did exactly that to Muslims when a gay Muslim who got AIDs from his latino ex-boyfriend decided to shoot up a club in revenge as he was going to die of AIDS anyway. I know so many Conservative Republicans who just left the Republican party because of Milo.
      Stick to your values and be led not to temptation but ask the Lord to deliver you from evil. You can disagree with me about this how you want, but a year from now, you will realize I was right about lefties infiltrating the right.
      One jewish western Ashkenazi atheist secularist LIBERAL told me he was voting for Trump because “we have him under control, we have our people in who will make sure that he will be steered to a course we like. Without us media jews, goyim will be killing each other.” So arrogant, I was shocked. Conservative Israelis are decent people, not like that at all. Many conservative practicing jews I know are not voting Trump because they don’t want SJW values shoved down their throat by their liberal cousins.

      1. Maria “team” can refer to more than just a heterosexual/homosexual dichotomy. Milo is an ally even if the ones we want to fuck have different genitals.
        Your complaint smacks of concern trolling meant to divide the manosphere. Stop trying to destroy our brotherhood. We are vigilant for any traitors but will not preemptively abandon our own it because betrayal might suck. If we did that we would all be alone.

        1. This is no brotherhood. I love many of the idealogies present on this website, but I wouldn’t even want to share a beer with at least a third of the readers on this site. The “manosphere” if you wanna call it that has just as many fanatic imbeciles as these SJW’s we stand against. But I do agree that in the end, we believe in the same things, more or less.

        2. I agree with you. When it comes to Milo though, as a full fledged straight as an arrow guy, I’d have a beer with Milo.

        3. Look let’s be honest. When Return of Kings had the battle of Montreal, half the people attack SJWs were Arab/Muslim. There are 2 billion Muslims who for good and bad support Red Pill philosophy and refuse to be blue pilled. The bad news is that our criminals, like western criminals of the past such as Al Capone and Billy the Kid are also red pilled. In the Wild West and Middle East, everyone is red pilled. Then you have Sikhs, Hindus, also big supporters, Mexican Catholics (legal immigrants though) etc.
          Milo basically kicked out all the non-whites from the alt-right, made it as unattractive… so what will happen? We’ll have to hold our nose and stay home or support Hillary or Johnson. Sure a couple non-whites youth will vote Trump, but do you think someone responsible for a family or a company would support Trump or the Red Pill. Meh, they’d do their own thing. Milo did a better job of alienating more people than he did bring on board to the alt right.
          I think if Roosh has patience, stick to his values, be fearless, ROK can outgrow Brietbart.

    4. If you understood how the KGB would infiltrate conservative groups in the 1970s and taught this to SJWs, you’d be worried about Milo. USSR liked to hide behind minorities to bash a majority – today SJWs do this, like BLM. Just be careful. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
      Milo starts with making good points to rip feminists he later allies with, he retweeted my videos in the beginning and then … once you are hooked.. the subtle pushing of the SJW agenda begins.

      1. I respect the paranoia but we can assess Milo in present time and abandon him if he turns. I felt “hooked” on Daily Show and Colbert Report and Full Frontal until recognizing the SJW agenda and ditched Jon/Steve/Samantha. Now I just watch Face the Nation with John Dickerson.

        1. I loved how fucking hilarious and often clever both Jon and Mr. Colbert were. Even if I disagreed with almost 9/10ths of what they said, it sure was funny.

        2. I remember when the daily show wasnt all about politics and it was funny.

          Its been nothing more than propaganda for a very long tume.

        3. Yeah but rose colored glasses, at least it was my prop. Mocking religions and stuff. Leftists are beginning to alienate the secular as they become more alike to a religion themselves.

        4. Milo is kind of turning. I love some of his earlier material, but he is like that other jewish guy, Ezra Levant, whose married straight male attention whore employee made out with Milo. Being half Russian I can smell our agents a mile away. Milo has Kremlin stick all over him, and by the way most Russians want to kill Americans and destroy the west for how the west destroyed us in the 1990s and killed our family members with Harvard Shock Therapy. It was a treaty of Versailles, my uncle was killed and my grand aunt starved to death. I believe in God, so I forgive but most don’t.
          Milo will show his colours. His earlier material was good but that’s how our agents get people hooked. I will put up a video on our agent Henien and how he destroyed the Estonian diaspora or divided it in half. So at first Heinen was an ultra right loyalist and very loyal with a colourful story, won trust. Then he began finding enemies within the estonian community and attacking it internally more than he attacked the supposed enemy he claimed to have (the USSR). Our enemy is SJWs. When someone attacks other natural conservatives more than SJWs & terrorists .. and divides the movement internationally … it’s a leftist plant. USSR is long dead, but Soros’s Tides Foundation continues a lot of the dirty tricks. I used to work for two left wing parties in the Canadian parliament.
          I used to be the typical immigrant that leftist parties say we love you, we are your friend, conservatives are bad. Then I worked in parliament, and it turned out they were super corrupt evil virtue signalling hypocrites who were raping women then firing them, doing horrible things while covering their butts to have female college students push false accusations and so on. Very dirty tricks, while Conservatives, rough on the edges, were actually decent people who treated their staff well and weren’t known to rape their staff. Left wing parties would then fire raped staff when they fired a police report. Then they would find a scape goat like PUAs, or so on to hide their dirt.
          You have no idea how dirty the left is, none. You see the right reproduce sexually – women and men get married and have kids. The left don’t have kids, so reproduce asexually through indoctrinating kids of conservatives, when that runs out bring in naturally conservative immigrants and indoctrinate their kids. Also they have to get immigrants, who are naturally conservative provoked and fighting local Christian conservatives, or they will die out. Never under estimate how dirty they are.
          So my criteria for is somebody an agent: do they bring more people to the movement than they alienate? Then they are not. If they alienate suspiciously more groups than the numbers of people they bring to the movement … then they are most likely a Soros guy. And Soros guys were messing with our election in Canada, they are incredibly dirty. People on ROK are naive just how dirty the left is. If Republicans were dirty like Democrats, Huma would be a Republican working for Trump. The left is so pretty, because it virtue signals. If something is too shiny and too good to be true it probably is.
          I would exercise caution with anything too good to be true and remember that Soros does very dirty games.

      2. I agree with keeping distance from Milo. I know he’s useful right now, but if the Right really starts winning, there will be a time when we have to tell him, Milo, put it back in the closet. You can do what you like and I’ll never advocate laws against homosexuality, but like all sexuality, it shouldn’t be overtly displayed in public.
        I think that’s when he’ll have to separate with the right. Unless he’s amenable that all sexuality ought to be hid away from public view.

        1. I once heard Milo say something to the effect that the homosexual lifestyle was far more fun when it WAS in the closet. As soon as it was out and “celebrated”, it became boring and banal. Milo could very well be amenable to your suggestion.

    5. Look the man is intelligent but damn! I was listening to his podcast Sunday morning and he was talking about how sexy Rudy Guiliani is… That was… disturbing…

  14. “An anonymous poll of the writers at TIME found that 80% had avoided
    discussing a particular topic because they feared the online response.”
    what a bunch of fags…..real reporters risk life and limb in warzones (and not only on the internet)

  15. I read the entire Time magazine story and this one. I have to say I agree with ROK, it really is shocking how the political left will demonize certain people on the internet in their attempt to ban hate speech. Stein’s cherry-picking of leftist victims of ‘The Patriarchy’ ignores the fact that there are just as many trolls on the other side. He talks about Reddit and FatPeopleHate, but he makes no mention of the brigading trolls on ShitRedditSays who manipulate posts they don’t like by linking to them and organizing mass downvotes. And on Twitter and other Disqus sites, there are just as many liberal trolls as their are conservative ones. If you want to see something really vile, just look up Sarah Palin memes. It’s one thing to disagree with a politician but it’s entirely another to devote so much time and energy toward smearing someone’s family and reputation. I don’t even like Sarah Palin but I can’t help but feel sympathy for her after seeing all the vitriol aimed at her online.
    “Attention, Mr. Stein. The First Amendment was not written to protect polite speech. It was written to protect offensive speech, particularly offensive speech of the political type.”
    This is a brilliant line. As ugly as free discourse might be, it is necessary. People need the right to share any opinions they have, no matter how offensive or un-PC they might be. Any efforts to curb the sharing of opinions will inevitably lead to nanny-state tier speech codes.

    1. “Attention, Mr. Stein. The First Amendment was not written to protect polite speech. It was written to protect offensive speech, particularly offensive speech of the political type.”
      This sentiment has gone back to the founding of our country. The founding fathers knew that the freedom of speech was the cornerstone of our nation and must be protected at all costs.

    2. Reddit is dominated by feminist mods. I thought after the ellen pao debacle that things would calm down there. Its still just as bad. Anything that questions the feminist narrative is quickly wiped.

  16. If you need to wonder why the left has taken control of the media, you just need to take a look at yourself. Are you a pussy with a pen behind a desk? Or are you out in the world taking it by the horns? Its really as simple as that. The left needs to stay in the safe spaces behind glass walls. We are out living life to the fullest.

  17. A few months ago, I wanted to go meet up with some guys, just to hang out and have a good time. For whatever reason, people on the Internet labeled us rapists and threatened to commit acts of violence against us. Why can’t we get a fucking article, Joel?

    1. Because it’s not “hate” and “oppression” when they do it. Leftists are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

      1. The left would oppress their target if given the chance. They want to dominate and they want revenge. In a lot of ways, they already are. Single moms oppress their sons.

    1. Ok, so this is the second article in a row where you’ve posted the same condescending, pointless comment, this time with a few added adjectives/adverbs.
      I know you had a bit of a back and forth with some of the guys here last week, but this is just childish. If you don’t like the articles as you so vocally proclaimed last week, then just leave. You’re gaining nothing by acting like a butt hurt teenager.
      If you don’t agree with the article, articulate why. If you’re just here to troll, then at least up your game. We enjoy a good troll from time to time, but this is uninspiring.

      1. “Inspired you enough to post that long assssssssssss reply” now run along, it’s rude to leave your partner while breaking up the circle jerk to type all that up.

        1. Mo is right. This fawning over a flamboyant homosexual is not worthy of a site that prides itself on masculinity. But then, Spartan warriors butt-humped each other, so, whatever.

        2. You’re missing a piece of context. He’s done this on 3 articles in a row. Nearly the exact same comment.
          It has nothing to do with Milo. He’s just being childish because some people got his dander up last week.

        3. Butt humping is secondary for Milo and Spartans. Its not as f we are celebrating Milo doing a documentary in butt humping. That is a side hobby he occasionally refers to for humor during his WORK.
          Milo Yiannopoulos is Dalton Caroline Castle.

        4. Why are you stealing my signature “good bye” bro? Heh.

    2. Aughhhhh buddy would you like a wittle attention? Is your wife creating on yiur fat arse and hasn’t got time to hear you talk about Star Wars fan fiction?

      1. Milo can expel a retrovirus which rewrites our cells to produce Kratom but it is a sexually transmitted infection.

  18. I’m not much on conspiracy theories. But it’s pretty suspicious that Hillary gives her speech last week, and this week the internet is filled with articles about how racist and hateful the alt-right is. The online publications I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, since they could churn something out in a week. But a print publication like Time? No way.

    1. There are no conspiracies. Watergate never happened. Enron never happened. Rich people sit around constantly, agonizing about how to give back all the money they stole from the masses. They don’t sit around scheming about how to abscond with even more of it. They don’t sit around scheming about how to use the press to vilify free-thinkers. They don’t sit around scheming about how to silence dissent. And even if they did, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy, it would just be business. That’s right – just business. And anybody who thinks otherwise is crazy…

      1. That’s right Bob. They’re people just like us. With the same interests and goals as the masses. Just like you and me. Of course. *delirious cackling…

        1. One man’s conspiracy is another man’s normal business practice. In the case of the latter individual, if he suggested going to the left while walking down the street, I’d go to the right…programmed robots who don’t know they are robots. Their lack of discernment makes them dangerous to themselves and everybody around them. Perfect Manchurian assassins. Destroying freedom while they think they’re upholding it. A really good argument for the NWO, right there…

      2. Same with anyone who doesn’t want millions of illiterate Syrian refugees in their country their also “racyst” and “Crazzy.”

    2. Politicians and journalists work together to set the agenda. It’s not even a conspiracy theory it’s just something that most people are unaware of. For example politicians deliberately ‘leak’ information to journalists who then duly write stories about it. It’s likely that Clinton’s people leaked this to sympathetic journalists who then wrote pieces thus setting up the news cycle.

  19. As I’m sure everyone was painfully aware from the Milo/Leslie Jones saga (not that it was ever actually reported on anywhere other than sites like Breitbart), Leslie herself had posted hugely racist and offensive tweets in the past, but was the sheer media darling a month ago due to some derogatory comments she received allegedly orchestrated by Milo and co. If you’re going to criticize, it obviously has to go both ways.

    1. Liberals can’t be rayciss because raycissms = prejudice + power and since you white Trump-supporting raycisses are the minority in the world and have no power any more we still ain’t rayciss you cracka ass cracka mothafucka KILL WHITE COPS! KILL CRACKA BABIES!

  20. Hearing that episode of Milo’s show was hearing man being penetrated by logic violently and asking for more. Stein was not prepared for a dangerous faggot to systematic destroy his article and argument. Once again, Milo proves he has more testosterone any MSM reporter.

    1. You used “penetrated”, “testosterone” and “Milo” in one post. Well done!

      1. Milo could penetrate me with his logic anyway. I wish there were more charming homosexuals like him. They need to thrust themselves into our awareness to be celebrated or we will assume they do not exist.

  21. Anybody else noticing this phenomenon in the comments section at ROK lately? When somebody writes a comment, using Disqus, if you are viewing the existing comments, you can see the prompt, “Somebody is writing a comment” (or words to that effect). Lately, I see the following anomaly occurring quite frequently – the comment being written never appears. Now, I realize some people decide not to make a comment that they are in the process of writing. But when this happens seven or eight times in the span of 30 seconds in the comments section of a “hot” post, and this repeats itself over and over, well, I would tend to call that statistically significant…

    1. Noticed that to. Sometimes when I see someone writing to me, I am expectant to see what it is and then it never comes. I don’t know if this is some kind of a bug.

      1. I see it all the time. Especially lately. And I noticed the comments posted this past weekend were far and few between. Might be some sort of algorithm in play, to limit the number of comments that appear. It’s definitely some sort of anomaly. A programmed anomaly. It happens too often for it to be otherwise. I realize Disqus processes a lot of comments, and there are delays. But that wouldn’t account for the recent increase in frequency of the phenomenon. Something fishy is going on…

        1. Sometimes some of my comments just don’t go through. Could be that the comment box is timing out (I like to take my time to compose my thoughts) or something more sinister…

        2. It would make sense for this site to be targeted…that’s for sure. Doing this would certainly make it appear more like some sort of “fringe group” to a first-time visitor, and dissuade them from sticking around to read. Perception vs. reality, etc.

  22. On the topic of shutting down trolls from the internet, The Last Psychiatrist covered this 2 years ago:
    Essentially, dismantling online anonymity makes it easier for businesses to profit from female writers and producers of content.
    How? Two reasons.
    1. People will be less likely to troll using their real identity, thus making women feel “safer” online and more likely to write listicles and nonsense articles for peanuts while corporations make more profit.
    2. Women will no longer be able to use the internet anonymously either, thus making it easier for corporations to exploit them. Writing anonymously as a female writer will not generate as many clicks as using a photo of herself. “Everyone will click on a pic of a chick.”
    Real women don’t get married and form families. Real women write about their sexuality on the internet for nothing.

  23. Maybe Roosh should get a new avatar. That stupid frog guy with a beard. Fashy undercut hairdo, too. And how come it’s “Milo”, not (((Milo)))? After all, when you’re alt.right you’re alt.right all the way. I think that line was in a musical.

  24. Stein claims half of the female journalists at TIME had considered quitting because people had said mean things to them on Twitter. Pity they didn’t actually do so.
    We, white straight males of Christian and Jewish extraction, built and invented everything. The rest of the human race has contributed nearly nothing of value to civilization, and has no right to complain, much less dare to lay claim to any of the fruits of our labour. When they do, it is our right and duty to tell them to fuck off and kill themselves.

  25. This is the second ROK writer I remember pushing Milo. It says in the ROK terms that gays aren’t welcome. This is going to backfire on ROK. If you keep pushing Milo this site is going to be over-run by gay trolls.

    1. Being unwelcome doesn’t mean unwanted or unneeded.we naturally have an awkward unwelcoming discomfort toward him. I feel the same toward Arabs I encounter. Not being welcoming doesn’t mean we need to shut off communication though. We are able to assess his message fairly in spite of how weird his negrofucking makes us feel.

  26. As a liberal I never thought I would see the day where liberals and liberal organizations like all the social media Internet sites would be the ones to advocate censorship. When you see the clamp down of any perceived offensive speech on college campuses and in many liberal companies like Microsoft and Apple it’s like a bad dream. For long it was the conservatives who were accused of censorship of arts and free speech but now the world has seen the true nature of this new breed of liberals. Censor anything and everything liberals disagree with. Just ask Dr Drew the latest victim of this new world order of liberals.

    1. “For long it was the conservatives who were accused of censorship..”
      The operative word is “accused.” The proof was always at the feet of the liberal (another hijacked word), but misdirecting and accusing was always a means to further the cause (by any means neccessary).

    2. “Liberal”, “Conservative” etc are just a form of marketing. The people controlling both “target markets” are the same people.

    3. Steve, sorry man, but the Left has always been for censorship and, when given the opportunity, killing enemies. You bought into a fairy tale, sir. I’m glad you’re awake enough to realize that things are awry though. You have an opportunity for further intellectual growth that few realize. Good for you.

  27. This is why Obama wants to turn control of the Internet over to the UN. The plan for ethnically and culturally cleansing white Western countries can’t continue smoothly as long as the web is a source of free speech.

  28. Milo’s ripostes make me swoon like a damsel. Its a weird feeling. I mean looking at the guy he seems thin, effeminate, twinkish, but he has a strong assertive personality and bravery that gives me the strongest idea of his women feel like as damsels getting rescued.
    I think it is novel for us because we are not accustomed to having people battle for us. Women take it for granted, as they have it happen so much they aren’t impacted by it as much.
    I feel the same way from the Honey Badgers. Not from heterosexual PUAs or MRAs though. It comes without the awkwardness of having to affirm an antisex atmosphere. With HBB there is no controversy in admitting attraction to them and with Milo he has his manlust in the open so the pressure is off, easy to look past and know there is more.

  29. Check his article recommending uninventing the washing machine and birth control pills, libs are no doubt going to accuse Milo of Hating Women or something much worse.

  30. Hey if there were not all the garbage out there people would not be so disgusted it is more the left is upset that people are speaking their minds about the world around them the messed up world liberals have created for the past fifty plus years.

  31. Groupthink and doublethink definitions from wikipedia:
    Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.
    Doublethink in George Orwill’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (published in 1948); doublethink is part of newspeak. In the novel, its origin within the typical citizen is unclear; while it could be partly a product of Big Brother’s formal brainwashing programmes,[2] the novel explicitly shows people learning Doublethink and newspeak due to peer pressure and a desire to “fit in”, or gain status within the Party — to be seen as a loyal Party Member. In the novel, for someone to even recognize – let alone mention – any contradiction within the context of the Party line was akin to blasphemy, and could subject that someone to possible disciplinary action and to the instant social disapproval of fellow Party Members.
    Sort of describes what’s going on with the attempts to suppress freedom of speach in today’s environment.

    1. This is pathetic with men are reduced to using a faggot to debate feminists for them. ROK is manosphere site in decline.

      1. How do we know Milo is biologically a male? Where’s the adam’s apple? And the lady hands. What a perfect cover for a tall female anti-feminist who doesn’t want to get wifed up or maybe who has reproductive organ motor issues but is otherwise red pill self educated. Maybe he/she was mother smothered by a bossy professional mommy with an overdeveloped reptoid brain. I can’t find any evidence of an adam’s apple. He looks kind of like a tall geeky version of Ellen Degeneres. It could be he’s genderqueer which is a group who work to erase sex completely. Feminists are too pro female for the genderqueer. To stamp out the sexes would effectively do a lobotomizing wipe on the species leaving humans like ant zombies ready to be programmed by the controllers. Reproduction would then be totally in the hands of the controllers and any breeding would be assigned either by other higher ups or perhaps by non human elites. We’re talking Eloi here.

      2. The liberal’s strongest weapon is slander. They will shut down and dismiss any argument by screaming insults in an attempt to shame the speaker and ruin his image and his career. Even you hide behind a false name here, and you damn well know why.
        Milo is a flaming Jewish faggot with a love of black dick. He doesn’t have an image to preserve, and this is his career.
        He is immune to their attacks. They can’t accuse him or racism when he talks about black terrorism. They can’t accuse him of being a homophobe (or the alternate liberal favorite “you’re probably just can’t get none of dis puzzzzzaaaay, you virgin!”) when he counters the bullshit of women and feminism. They can’t accuse him of anti-semitism when he names the Jew. They can’t physically attack him, as liberals are so freely encouraged to do against white males without any fear of repercussion; Milo carries two sigils of the Protected Class– and the liberal would not dare risk their own “hate crime” laws physically assaulting a gay Jew. They can’t even get college feminists to make false rape claims to destroy his career.
        All they can do is flee back into their safe space and try, desperately, to block him from speaking, ban him from social media. But they can’t harm him. He is unkillable.
        He is a weapon more powerful than Metal Gear.

      3. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Anyone who can make the SJW and PC crowd mumble, bumble and stumble like idiots is OK in my book.

  32. You can start to see how the traditional left and right are both afraid of the alt-right. Whatever criticism you want to make of the alt-right, at the end of the day, it’s the only place where free speech is occurring. The traditional outlets are handicapped by politcally correct narratives, afraid to speak out lest they lose their jobs.

    1. The “traditional left” and the “traditional right” are both owned by the same masters.

    2. Yes, that is true. But lets clarify something. The traditional left and right are really one of the same. Focusing on the right, since that is who we are, its worth pointing out that this is the right wing that is spineless, opportunistic, cowardly and wholly antiquated as well as demonstratively impotent in fulfilling true right wing interest. And so it must be eradicated as much as the left.

  33. IMO sites like facebook that invited all the parents, “adults” & shallow women to the internet, Ruined the internet.
    The internet was great before social media.

  34. MY is smart guy, but a trojan horse, I suspect. Making good points now, and a welcome voice in the national debate, but carries the whiff of sexy fascist. Best to keep an eye on him.
    That said, 100% enjoyed the trashing he gave to Stein, who is a mouthpiece puppet of the Davos/Bilderberg types — gets his marching orders, delivers them dutifully, happy to sell his integrity for the book deal and cover story. Sad case, would be laughable but for the “influence” he wields (or maybe doesn’t — does anybody really care what TIME says anymore?)

  35. TIME magazine would greater serve the American reading public and be a much more useful publication if they would print it on perforated paper.

  36. Milo is not challenging any cultural marxism, for God’s sake. He is a product of cultural marxism.

    “So perhaps what’s needed now is a bolder form of censure after all, because the internet is not a universal human right. If people cannot be trusted to treat one another with respect, dignity and consideration, perhaps they deserve to have their online freedoms curtailed. For sure, the best we could ever hope for is a smattering of unpopular show trials. But if the internet, ubiquitous as it now is, proves too dangerous in the hands of the psychologically fragile, perhaps access to it ought to be restricted. We ban drunks from driving because they’re a danger to others. Isn’t it time we did the same to trolls?” -Milo

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