Women Would Rather Be Raped By Invaders Than Stuck With Beta Males

She is dying for you to put her in her place, beneath you. A woman wants to be conquered, she wants to submit to power, she wants to give up control, but first she has to test to see if “it” exists within you. To submit to a lesser man is rape, to submit to a superior man is harmony. Feminism and other female SJW endeavors are societal shit tests. If you fail, they’ll push the boundary again, and again, and again… If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.

The female imperative was never supposed to be 100% successful, though. Eventually, some man somewhere is supposed to not put up with her shit and put her in her proper place: beneath him and one half-step back. A woman’s job is to see you fail. For if you fail, you were never “worthy” in the first place. Western culture is now embracing that very failure.

The Beta That Broke The Western Cultures’ Back

beta _that_broke_the_camels_back

Betas occur naturally in the wild, but over the past several decades, governments, corporations, media, and academia have attempted to artificially manufacture them en masse beyond natural levels with the assistance of female nature (stated earlier). They’ve indoctrinated man into believing blue pill sexual strategy that women despise. They’ve stripped fathers from the home and had females infiltrate male spaces containing masculine role models. And they’ve legally restrained a man’s ability to discipline and properly set boundaries in the home, the very same discipline and boundaries that women instinctively seek. All with the proud help of women.

So what’s left? A whole generation of men raised by women and the state, taught to be pussies and supplicate to females and authority.

Now, the feminization of man has hit critical mass and women’s amygdalas notice. Women are unknowingly witnessing their own creation and are left disgusted, wondering, “Where have all the ‘good men’ gone?” Now women are seeking another tribe…

The Invaders


“[…] women actually want strong male authority figures in their life.

But will deny it until the day they die.

If they admitted to it, it would allow non male authority figures (beta men) to emulate alpha qualities.

They want men that just get it. Even if that means takeover of Western European / u.s. Culture by Islamic militants.”

— /u/antariusz (Source)

Europe is currently witnessing female nature being expressed freely on a societal level without a civilized, masculine balancing factor. The truth of the matter is, women have no in-group loyalties. Whoever the powerful are in that moment, women drift their way with their asses bent over, knees quivering, and legs dripping with tingle juice. They want to be conquered, but they don’t care by who. Whether it’s daddy government, her father, a boyfriend, Chad Thundercock, violent criminals, or a horde of rapefugees doesn’t matter.

In times of war, women are constants. Men and boys are killed off, but women are simply transferred and assimilated into the new tribe to be the sperm receptacles of the victors.

Observing the weakness of many European men, women want a different set of male suitors. They call this initiative “diversity” or “multiculturalism.” In plain terms, women want to import men they perceive to be powerful and masculine to replace the weaklings they are stuck with. Women LOVE playing multiple men against each other to battle for her vaginal affections. It’s basically the plot of a every rom-com and romance novel.

Thanks to the 1984 police state, politicians and social media titans like Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, that new tribe so happens to be the biggest group in history to never reform itself to Western society: Muslims (over 2 billion of them). They give absolutely zero fucks about Western Civilization and their inhabitants. They never back down. These people are not just willing to die and be imprisoned to defend their beliefs, but kill: “There is no law, but that of Allah.”

This is attractive to women. Women LOVE violent males. Women love their conviction. It’s extremely arousing to them. The fact that it’s backed by a mental illness doesn’t matter. These Muslim immigrants are violent, they don’t break frame, and are becoming powerful. That’s seen as masculine. That’s sexy.


Most modern Western man doesn’t stand a chance. Rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed since immigrants have been allowed to settle into Europe, yet women and feminists were silent on the subject. Why? Because they would rather live under the threat of rape by invaders than settle with skinny beta manginas protesting at slut walks and minoring in gender studies. There are even instances where European girls refused to report their immigrant sexual assailants in the name of multiculturalism and fighting Islamophobia or just because they felt bad for them. But that’s bullshit. The power of the rapists gave her tingles and then she tried to rationalize it.


You see that, betas of Europe? That’s your future.

The only thing saving North America from being Cologne, Sweden, or Britain is that there are two oceans separating us from Africa and the Middle East. But Obama seeks to change that by importing thousands of Syrians into small traditional family towns (view: Roosh’s video). Not to mention the education system, specifically the colleges here, are getting brainwashed to the max with anti-white “diversity.”

Betas of the United States and Canada? Keep it up, and women will encourage the same thing to happen here, embracing the enemy with open legs.

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493 thoughts on “Women Would Rather Be Raped By Invaders Than Stuck With Beta Males”

  1. It’s amazing how all the different religions were created in order to divide people and set them against each other. You gotta have some serious mindfucking chops to pull that off. But the skirt of a woman? You just gotta have some halfway decent game to pull that off…

    1. It’s amazing how all the different religions were created in order to divide people and set them against each other.

      What liberal bs is that?

    2. Religions were not constituted to pit us against each other. They are thousands of years in the making.

      1. But is religion truly a necessity, though? The more I learn about human biology and group differences, the less religion, or perhaps more specifically the way we view religion, seems to hold true.

        1. Religion is a product of the human mind and a mere crutch for the society to maintain an equilibrium; it a set of philosophies meant to provide a quick answer.

        2. If we look around at our godless culture today, I’d say that it seems to be a rather critical component of culture. Atheists suffer under the delusion that because they may not need religion as individuals that the rest of humanity doesn’t either. This has shown itself to be a rather foolish assumption to make.

        3. My own personal opinions aside, it’s pretty obvious that religion, of some form or another, is crucial to maintaining and expanding civilization.

        4. Which is no different than any other set of philosophies.

        5. Christianity is one of the main pillars of Western Civilization. Without it, decline and rot set in. Look at the state of Europe which rejected Christianity and embraced secularism. Essentially, they replaced a robust, healthy set of beliefs for nothingness (secularism is merely the absence of religion. It has no real principles). What’s going to take Christianity’s place? Nature abhors a vacuum and the spoils go to the strong.
          People don’t fight to preserve secularism. They fight to preserve their beliefs, traditions, culture and ethnicity. But, remove one of the main pillars and it will be replaced. First by toxic Leftist doctrines and, now that the West is entirely infected by these destructive and bankrupt ideologies, the weakened Westerner has little stomach to fight off hordes of invaders that have that fire in them.
          Only by rejecting the Leftist ideologies and standing up to the traitorous elites (and fighting the hordes of savages in their lands) can the West be reclaimed.
          Bringing back a robust Christianity is paramount (look at Russia – compare with the weak West (Churchianity, as practiced by North Americans is an effeminate and cuckolded version of Christianity and equally useless).

        6. The more I learn about human biology and group differences, the more I am convinced that only certain groups have benefitted from Alien Intervention and others have been left in the deep past. All these “gods” were most likely ETs. And that’s fine with me, and it is also far more plausible than spirits or formless timeless omnipotent deities who have nothing better to do than sit on their heavenly thrones judging humans.

        7. To be sure, militant atheists like Richard Dawkins are no better than the Christian/Muslim/Jewish etc. evangelists that they love to hate on so much.
          I would say that some kind of philosophy providing higher meaning (be it western Socratic philosophy or Eastern Buddhism) is necessary, though the concept or belief in a god or gods might not.

        8. Even the ancient Greeks had their pantheon of gods that they revered. Absolute secularism is a total bust.

        9. Like I said, some sort of higher force/meaning if not a god, a la Buddhism. I’ll say again, the fact that human groups are so different in terms of achievement (among other things) kind of seems to weaken the concept of a universalist God who is actively involved in human existence.

        10. God never mentions keeping everybody equal regarding achievements. In fact, there is a distinct acknowledgement of individual differences in the religion.

        11. I’m not talking individual differences. I’m talking group differences.
          If Christianity is supposedly what made the west great, how come Rome and Greece were great (arguably greater) before Christianity? Why have the Orientals (particularly the Chinese and Japanese) been so successful without Christianity? Eastern Europe has been Christian just as long if not longer than western Europe. Why haven’t they (and for that matter, Ireland and southern Italy) been as successful as northern and western Europe?

      2. What about the religion of conformity…you don’t mind if I abstain from joining that one, do you bro.

        1. We all conform in one manner or, most of the time, many manners to various facets of society. We wear clothes, we communicate in the native tongue, we follow traffic laws not out of threat of pain but out of a respect for our fellow man, etc.

    3. How are the teahings of the Inuit deities on ice fishing going to create conflicts with the teahings of St. Paul? Didn’t they both originate from Machu Pichu?

      1. Fucking Inuits!
        I’ve decided I am going to be randomly anti inuit.

        1. Wait until they team up with the Nenets and then you’ll see the true power of the Polars.

        2. Nah, fuck that frat buy bullshit. The Inuit are good people, I’ll do the adult and respectful hint and adress someone worthy he way that they prefer to be referred to.

    4. The first episode of The Bible is about how Adam’s girlfriend cheated on him and it destroyed civilization. In some ways that’s about as deep an insight as a society needs to basically function…
      I think religion has a bit more going on than just to pit different groups against each other. To justify war in the hearts of men does seem to be one of them though.

      1. All teligions aren’t the same. This is what Christianity has built. There were no divorce rapings, unequally enforced hate friend legislation etc etc. I’ve never seen solid Christians bicker, bitch and fight like I have atheist sjw’s, or people of other faiths for that matter. I think that your argument may apparently apply to Jews, Muslims and Hindus but, I don’t see that playing out in Christianity.

      2. Good stuff…many of the major religions date back thousands of years, for sure. But the math implies there was social order and social engineering going on, even back then. How so many different religions could appear, and usually, only within certain geographic regions, hints strongly at social engineering – or divide and conquer. But the underpinnings for each, I agree that those are based on a profound truth of some sort. As you pointed out, in terms of the underlying rationale behind their design (or perhaps their usurpation, I might add), “To justify war in the hearts of men appears to be one of them though.”

        1. Interesting.
          As far as I understand it Constantine instituted Christianity as the dominant religion of his state with a clear rationale in mind. I need to study more history.

        2. I’d be interested in knowing what that rationale was, if you dig it out…I like this subject matter.

        3. If I’m not mistaken, there is virtually no written record of Jesus Christ, until about the time mentioned in the article to which you linked, concerning Constantine’s decree regarding Christianity. Around 300 A.D. That’s one heck of a coincidence. Big gap there. I don’t know if you’ve ever read, “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold”, by Acharya S, but, aside from being dense, enormous, and boring as fuck in some places, once I got through about the first 90 pages, I had a whole new perspective on the matter. You might pick it up if you are interested. It definitely makes an overwhelmingly strong case for something fishy going on in the realm of Christendom (and elsewhere). Here’s a link to a Bing search, listing websites that offer the book in PDF format, supposedly for a free download, if you are interested –

        4. Kool thanks for sending this.
          My interests in religion have moved away from trying to determine which one is the real truth. My interests in religion have become more about what role they have played in our evolution and whether they have practical application now.
          Most of my life I’ve had an existentialist worldview and rejected Catholicism when I was young. I skirted around different world religions out of curiosity. I related the most with Taoism, which I view as respecting the essential simplicity of things.
          What I’ll say though is that I also reject the materialistic society we’ve created based on secularism. Even though I myself cannot be easily convinced to follow a specific religion and its superstitious beliefs, I think I might prefer living in a society of God-fearing folks rather than Western degeneracy that I see around me.
          If religion is what is necessary for people to embrace virtue, then so be it.
          In this way, I think the Muslims have more dignity than the current crop of limp-wristed Western liberal cowards.

        5. Excellent points. I agree – if people are indoctrinated, and that indoctrination makes them more civilized and well-mannered, I’m all for it…

  2. I don’t trust a man who doesnt, in some way, seek glory on the battlefield and honor for his country.
    At RoK, there are a lot of pseudo-betas who hate the idea of military killing. They often mock it from a libertarian/isolationist viewpoint.
    One criticism is valid: it has become too cliche within the US military to avoid ‘glory seekers’.
    Fuck that. When I was in, I volunteered for the most dangerous shit I could.
    In a sense, I have respect for those hadji idiots who went up against MRAP’s with AK-47#. None the less, fucking up their world was a real pleasure. Because they suck.
    We need to rediscover our desire to destroy our enemies. We need ro remember that the National Honor is more important than the lives of Iranians, Russians, Chinese or anyone who is against the US or Great Britain.

    1. Dude, I’m a libertarian and am a vet and am fully in support of the warrior ethic. That being said, I’m also a Constitutionalist and don’t believe in war for war’s sake.
      Destroying enemies though, I’m all for that. As long as they are not enemies of convenience. Fortunately, Islam has provided us with real actual enemies.

      1. I am not against Libertarians or Libertarianism. But just as we can have enemies of convenience, we can have excuses of convenience. Too often, dishonest ‘men’ use Libertarianism/non-intervention as an excuse rather than reasoned amd rational opposition.

        1. But not always. We haven’t had a real enemy to fight since the end of WW2. I’m all about a Swiss level of militarism and preparedness, but not so much into invading places just for shits and grins.

        2. Invading places for shits and giggles would be ok if we got something out of it but, we usually just give it all back.

        3. The randomness of modern combat, coupled with forever-wars with no endgame makes war a completely worthless, inglorious pursuit.
          Modern war only serves to further line the pockets of politicians, brass and defense contractors.

        4. You’re right a forever war without a decisive win is a waste of resources.
          Reminds me of the problem with ISIS. We just back a few shady rebel groups to fight them and drop a few bombs now and then. It will be a never ending operation. Should we even be involved there anyway? What difference does it really make to us? That being said however, there is no reason the US couldn’t wipe ISIS from the earth PDQ if really needed so why not just do it and get it over with or pack up our toys and go home.

        5. That is legit. However, we havent really invaded anywhere just for ‘shits and grins’, so to speak, since the Banana Wars of Smedley Butler fame.
          Korea was a fight against Communism. Vietnam was a poorly planned fight against the same. Desert Storm was to protect our own oil interests, and OIF/OEF were to sate our need for revenge after 9/11 (even if Iraq wasnt involved).
          Fighting against our ideological enemies, for vital natural resources or even for honor/revenge isnt necessarily inappropriate. The Commies were a real threat. And I have little problem looting resource rich countries for the benefit of America/The West if the leaders of those countries are genocidal tyrants.
          I just wish we’d exercised rights of conquest after Iraq and Afghanistan. Believe it or not, the people of Afghanistan (and possibly Iraq) would have accepted that more than our attempts to win their hearts and minds: they are hyper-masculine culture that respects strength, not philosophical platitudes. We dont need to be brutal or inhumane: allow them to surrender with honor but make it clear who kicked who’s ass.

        6. Ww2 was legit, the cold war was legit (with some fuck ups like Vietnam) but I’m struggling to see how iraq and Afghanistan have advanced national interests. The region is more dangerous and more unstable than before. The West is also weaker than before. I just can’t see how we are better off now.

        7. I think the biggest mistake in Vietnam was trying to define victory by body count. In literally no war I am aware of is “enemy killed” a good way of measuring strategic objectives.
          Killing enemy soldiers is a means to an end, and should almost never be an end in and of itself. Typically, one must kill enemy soldiers to take a city, or occupy strategically significant terrain etc…

        8. It’s not a ‘waste’ of resources. It is an expenditure of replaceable assets, a disposition of commodities. Once those assets have been expended, those commodities used up, then more assets and commodities must be purchased.
          Modern American military warfare is a not national security or military concern, it is an economic function. It depletes surplus and creates demand for goods and services.

        9. They were total fuckups, but not necessarily wrong in principle.
          The moral for both should be ‘dont fuck up’ rather than ‘dont go to war’

        10. Can you imagine the collective pearl-clutching outrage? Laying waste to the richest parts of Iraq and claiming it (and its oilfields) for America?
          Build a huge-ass wall around it, call it New Texas, and tell Saudi Arabia to go fucking hang.

        11. One can justify Afghanistan on the basis that the Taliban were harbouring bin Laden. But tell me what the principle behind Iraq was?

        12. A dual-pronged spear of freedom and profiteering. Of course freedom was really secondary, and we screwed that pooch up hard.

        13. The assassination attempt on a sitting US President as well as genocide and a policy hostile to US interest (oil in particular).
          However, we should have handled it better, such as forcing a surrender with terms favorable to the US (maybe oil at $10/barrel for 20 years?)
          Overthrowing Saddam was unecessary, but defeating him could have been very beneficial if we had the wherewithall to do it.

        14. Invading Iraq was totally pointless. It overthrew a secular dictator in favor of radical Islam. Same thing with Libya. It’s amazing how many people don’t get that.

        15. What’s so amusing about Iraq is that Cheney, arguably the architect of the W invasion, predicted exactly what would come to pass back during Desert Storm. Then proceeded anyways. Wtf dude?

        16. It’s a waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere if we aren’t there to win and help ourselves to whatever they have.

        17. Don’t forget to add Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak in that mix. He was a great stabilizer for that region.

        18. “I doubt this is the fault of too much civilization. I suspect rather that it’s due to something else. Like, oh say, cultural Marxism. Because in 1955 in Russia, shit sucked hard.”
          “We haven’t had a real enemy to fight since the end of WW2.”
          The (((enemy))) remains at large. It is the same enemy that is about to be confronted for the 110th time.
          The National Socialists of Germany were fighting against the very Cultural Marxism you speak of, the very Cultural Marxism that the US and Britain sided with during the war. While the National Socialists were left of center economically (which I don’t really have a problem with in a racially homogeneous nation), they were, by ROK terminology, “red pill” when it came to social issues. Hitler fully understood and embraced the natural role of women as mothers and nurturers:

          That’s why, under National Socialism, healthy families were applauded and even rewarded for having many children. Today, in nations that supposedly “won” WW2, we have just the opposite and worse. The government does all it can to ensure that Whites don’t reproduce while at the same time they help pay for the offspring of non-White invaders; if Whites do reproduce, the female is incentivized to end up as a single mother.
          The allied victory in WW2 ensured a future for banking usury (institutions like the Federal Reserve who our Founders would have rejected outright) and a completely Jewish owned media that spews constant garbage and lies (such as the Holocaust lie). The allied victory led to radical feminism (a Jewish-led movement), racial integration, degenerate faggots parading in front of our children, race mixing, massive non-White immigration into our homelands, and the eventual Islamophication of Europe (remains to be seen).
          We defended a rootless tribe that has been removed from 109 nations/territories since 250 AD as a result of their shenanigans, and this is the consequence. Our collective refusal to admit this will only lead us into deeper shit.
          The battle against the “Nazis” wasn’t some glorious fight for “freedom” or to “stop tyranny”, it was a war waged against natural order, against a people who rejected the Jew. It was a war that facilitated the soft tyranny that Europeans and European-Americans live under TODAY.
          WW2 was Whites killing Whites to ensure that Whites would have no long-term future and the Jew would rule over them. Brilliant.
          There really is no greater irony than somebody who demonizes National Socialism (the “Nazis”) and then goes on to complain about the current social order in the Western World.

        19. Thanks for the votes, Dank One. I trust you’re staying busy and doing well. It must give you great satisfaction that Pepe is enjoying so much acclaim recently.

        20. Dank, hear me out brother. Fear and herd mentality both help shape Western public opinion on Islam. Hard to believe as it may be, once upon a long time ago, the Muslims didn’t suffer from a myriad of deficiencies and weren’t so self-destructive. Islam was at one point a beneficial and influential force in the world. The Führer himself admired the religion. He was sensitive to Islam in terms of religion.

          It’s far more important Whites don’t fall for Zionist schemes in the way of joining the chorus against Islam than it is for them to learn about positive Islamic contributions to society. Acquainting yourself with the Islamic empire’s influential impact on the development of medieval Western Europe is not imperative for survival. True enough. Of course Muslims can pose a racial threat. As well as a cultural threat. But I’ve got nothing against Islam the religion. And it was Islam the religion we were talking about on that thread. It can be a force for good. In the Muslim world, mind; I’m not offering to kiss the feet of any invading or ‘uncivilised’ tribes and I wish I didn’t have to add, every time I make a comment on Islam which doesn’t involve ridicule or objection to any one of its rules, the fact of my not wanting the religion imposed on us because it doesn’t belong in our countries and isn’t compatible with our culture. I wish it would just go without saying. Forgive me for questioning why we persist in observing everything from a racial standpoint. There is nothing awful about that except that I can’t do it. I don’t wake up with the obsession every morning and I don’t go to bed with it every night. Somehow, I think the world and events are a little more complicated than the races narrative will allow.
          Elders. I want to tell you something of what I’ve learned from their conversation. They say it’s easy to think otherwise, now that most of us have never known an all-white society, but getting rid of all non-whites won’t create a better society to live in. That’s not to say homogeneity isn’t important, or looking out for one’s own isn’t a necessity. It just won’t fix all problems. But sure, it’s a start. My friend, who you remind me of, (he too cherishes Pepe the Frog’s “subversive” role in the degenerate West telling me “they’ve written articles and have done news segments on TV about how evil this thing is. They’re triggered hard-core by it”) says you fight and chip away at their “order” with your chaos. And once their order has been swept away and your order swept in, then you make your own rules. I think the rational argument about race and immigration relates to numbers and nothing more than numbers.
          Call me odd for this. I’ve come to realise that very few of those who champion Hitler’s Nazi German society would be able to genuinely enjoy or otherwise fit into its mould. There is no way most could cut it. On a personal basis, it was exactly the type of society I would care to live in. Regimented. There was a need, a desire to obey, to submit, for the greater good. I don’t think very many of us possess this same desire today. The fascination with Nazis reminds me a little of the way teenage girls my age like to toy with the idea of a dominant man. They like the theatrics, like most appreciate those of NS Germany; the philosophy of it. An instinctual predilection for something. But few of these girls would actually be able to submit to one. I’ve discussed this with the friend I mentioned above and he made the point that Nazi Germany had its specific time and place and its own unique circumstances. The context is very different now. I’ve said it before, to Joseph, a new philosophy of politics, economics and life itself is needed for a truly prosperous society. Those who see things through the strictly racial lens lack ambition. They’re essentially blind to the higher exhortations of humanity. Too much of a good thing.

      2. What is the present def of a libertarian? I thought I knew, but then I said/accused people of being libertarians, and they freaked out (“Me? No! I am a Republican!)

    2. The funny thing is that the left and their elite overlords are very clever; they have been, are currently and will be chipping away at the foundations of the masculine institutions until thy have no masculine value in the eyes of men. Would you waste your time or risk your life/livelihood to defend the army? Many veterans would be disgusted at the thought of sending their sons to bleed for hawkish pedofile queer politician’s interests.

    3. Everything little boys are taught these days are the exact opposite of all that. I remember little boys reading war stories and wishing they were there or dreaming that they were the best fist fighter on the block or imagining they are going off to the far corners of the world to fight the savages and gain fame and fortune. Now they dream about going to the mall and buying skinny jeans.

      1. It’s becoming harder and harder to find clothes that fit and aren’t for skinny effeminate males. The clothing industry to catering towards the obese and skinny hipsters cuz money.

        1. So true. Me and my old man were discussing how now you have to buy jeans a couple sizes too wide just to accommodate your junk. And on the flipside, no one makes clothing for a fit/athletic person anymore. In highschool I wore “large” size T-shirts; if I were to buy a new “large” T-shirt it would be halfway down to my knees and 8 feet wide.

        2. Your convo with your dad has me laughing…no disrespect meant of course…cant imagine this ever came up in 1976

        3. My uncle told me and my bros about 70’s chics putting their ass-tight jeans on with pliers, and how sorry he was for us that bitches are so fat nowadays. I think I’d give up computers to go back in time when most chics were at least bangably hot. Hell even in the 90s fatties were the exception rather than the rule. The fatocalypse has made at least 3/4 of all women undateable.

    4. Having never been there I have to ask, do any of those magic carpet riding mofos know how to shoot? I always see them on the news holding their AK over their head above walls or around corners and blazing away.

      1. Not very well. Many of them have uncorrected vision. I recall a lot of ‘spray and pray’ from your average jihadist.
        The events in Lone Survivor where four Navy SEALs (Stolen Valor disclaimer: I was never Special Forces of any kind, just a leg infantryman) take on over 50 Taliban militiamen is not implausible: the training, medical care, and equipment quality is so vastly different, it would be like fighting the Napoleonic Wars with WWII technology.

        1. I spoke with an Iraqi when I was over there who did some years with Saddam’s army and I asked him once “how much time did you spend on marksmanship?” He said they usually fired 1 magazine a year at a target 50 meters aways. That was it.

        2. Reminds me of the Highway of Death when a brigade? (I believe…it was before my time) took on the elite Iraqi 1st Armored “Hammurabi” division and utterly destroyed them.
          A U.S. Brigade of average quality (by our standards) won one of the most lopsided victories in history against the cream of Saddam’s Army.

        3. “Not very well. Many of them have uncorrected vision. I recall a lot of ‘spray and pray’ from your average jihadist.”
          They take the concept of ‘spray and pray’ literally (ie, the bullet hits what Allah wills they hit).

      2. three basic skills of terrorists:
        1) Holding AK over head
        2) Climbing Monkey Bars
        3) going across that horizontal ladder suspended in the air.
        I am not sure why terrorists love monkey bars so much. Probably planning on invading a junior high.

        1. They certainly appear to have mastered the arts of monkey bars and wasting ammo along with animal

        2. Wasting ammonand monkey bars may come in handy one day. I really think it’s hilarious that the number one skill for terrorists is monkey bars

        3. Cowboy George was the single funniest episode of any tv show to ever be on tv

        4. One would think that since ones primary occupation is international terrorism that one would have a wider skill set than maneuvering horizontal ladders quickly and firing AKs without actually aiming or even looking in the direction they are firing in.
          While I’m not a firearms professional I am thoroughly convinced that AIMING would increase the probability of a hit. Maybe they should just stick with sticks and stones and animal love.

        5. You left out monkey bars. It’s all about the monkey bars. Randomly firing hundreds of rounds from an AK without aiming and maneuvering horizontal layers just makes you a gangsta from La. It isn’t until you have your monkey bar merit badge that you are ready for Isis

        6. Also: sticks and stones will break your bones but Un aimed AK’s will never hurt you
          I think that is from the Quoran

        7. Monkey bar merit badge……..HAHAHA!
          Come to think of it I bet the gangsta bros could give some monkey bars hell.

      3. My father knows a muslim guy that was part of the mujahideen (the afgan/pakistani muslims who fought against russia) who said that the training camps were brutal. They only got an onion and other small amounts if food and water each day and had to train like crazy in 100+degree heat, usually endurance exercises. That guy actually got caught but the russians let him go cuz they thought he was one of them. Not sure why; I’ve seen him and he is light skinned but I wouldn’t mistake him as Russian. But then, he probably looked a lot different when he was younger. He’s a mechanic now. Nice and polite guy, but there’s a definite intensity there.

    5. Agreed.
      I never served in the military, but there is a part of me that looks forward to a full-scale revolution so that I have a reason to put my gun training to the test and solve this nation’s problems at the same time. I don’t want to make peace with BLM, with leftists, with jihadis, etc. I want them gone from this country, one way or the other.

    6. Yea nooo. Im busy drinking hot cocoa in my pajamas talking with my bengali friends about how great obamacare is.

    7. Every nation should be prepared for a fight, but are those countries necessarily enemies, even if they might be. And how as policy isn’t that just a more gung-ho extension of neo-conservative foreign policy?

    8. “I don’t trust a man who doesnt, in some way, seek glory on the battlefield and honor for his country.”
      Why should I seek to honor a country that seeks to spread the Gospel of Progressivism, or does not seek to honor the standards outlined in its own national anthem

      Then conquer we must
      When our cause it is just
      And let this be our motto
      In God Is Our Trust

      1. The popularity of an obviously nationalist candidate like Trump (in spite of my reservations about him) and the Brexit gives me hope that this nation will one day return to its Victorian Era greatness

    9. @thetorystorm:disqus

      Fuck that. When I was in, I volunteered for the most dangerous shit I could.

      Spoken like a true internet troll keyboard warrior, Mr. Private Profile 😀

    10. “Great” Britain, the traitorous Albion would’ve been crushed a long time ago were it for its voluntary subjection to the U.S.
      Besides, unless you were planning to restart the crusades, the invasion of Iraq and the rest of the military interventions in the region make absolutely no sense from the perspective of Western nations. Moreover if corporate interests were not the power behind the curtain, the West would have bee weaned off oil a long time ago.

  3. The bigger problem than women in the West is the government. When men get punished and incarcerated for warning about the danger of Islam, then you know that it goes beyond the power of women alone.
    All the Red Pill men in the world could unite – maybe 2% of the total population and then the globalist governments would send their armies or secret services against us. We would be violently subjugated.
    Women by nature are always anti-civilization and highly r-selected. They are sheep who go along every step of the way. Even an intergalactic civilization would be betrayed by them if Neanderthals invaded their country. They would go back to being fur-clad primitives living in caves rather than admit that they may be wrong.
    It’s only good that the globalists are no fools – the Muslim migrants are useful tools just like the SJWs and feminists. They will all disappear as soon as they have served their purpose.

    1. Maybe civilization was never meant to go this far. Maybe this is simply nature correcting itself.

      1. In 1950, when we had 80% of current technology available, we were patriarchal, strong and dominant. Almost everything you deal with today was around in 1950, except now it’s wrapped in prettier plastic (PC’s and their offspring being the exception). A Western man listening to the radio, watching television, driving in his car and eating plentiful food at the table in 1955 was highly civilized, decent and confident.
        I doubt this is the fault of too much civilization. I suspect rather that it’s due to something else. Like, oh say, cultural Marxism. Because in 1955 in Russia, shit sucked hard.
        It’s a matter of philosophy, not civilization.

        1. To be fair, Ghost, Russia has kind of always sucked hard for the average Russian. I don’t think cultural Marxism had anything to do with that.

        2. I’m curious, with the problems that come from garbage food and an increase in our sedentary lifestyles, to see if lifespans drop rather significantly in 30 or so years.

        3. Longevity is already decreasing for rural white uneducated people. There are many early deaths from tobacco, meth, obesity-related diabetes, cancers, etc. WashPost just published a series on it.

        4. There’s projections on nanomachines in around 30 years that they say could improve lifespans greatly. I have a feeling that the rubes won’t ever see this technology. It’s way too convenient to let burdensome elderly die off and be replaced by cheap young labor.

        5. Harder for those who bordered with Russia. The love-hate relationship the Russians have with their past is something to behold.

        6. If you’re lucky, you’ll have nanobots by then and still speak English
          If not…

        7. True. It was outright Marxism that turned peasants into out and out sheep lead to the slaughter.

        8. Ukraine and Georgia was Russia saying “Look what happens when you stray too far, satellites.”

        9. I’d be 101 then. I probably COULD still be alive and healthy but the left is working against biological advances for anyone not an ultrarich liberal.
          At least the useful idiots who aren’t in the upper political class will also perish before they’d have to.

        10. I was watching one of those ancient aliens shows and there was a guy who basically was suggesting that if there are highly technological aliens out there they are probably morons because as their dependency on technology grew their minds would atrophy.

        11. I have extreme longevity on both sides of my family. Other than one 2nd cousin who offed herself back in the 90’s I have never been to a funeral for anyone in my family younger than 90.
          This depresses me because if I have to live for another 50 years I am going to go fucking nuts.

        12. Suicide among middle-aged Caucasians is also spiking right now but apparently that’s not important to the MSM.

        13. Perhaps it is a matter of too much population rather than civilization. The worst of the problems, at least in the West, seem to congregate in the larger cities and more populated areas. Modern media has made it much easier for these ills to travel, of course.
          I think it is a combination of increasing population and toxic culture. Culture is contagious, after all.

        14. Where were you watching it? H2 was taken off the air in favor of Vice. Or is it back??

        15. You know the author William Gibson? He thinks those nanomachines are gonna kill us

        16. The value of a human definitely appears to decline when there are too many around. Truthfully I would be happy with a world closer to a 100 million population rather than 7.4 billion or the 10B we are heading towards. It’s setting up a time bomb for resources. Plus, in academia, their only answer seems to be to make each manner of life more space-efficient. So instead of each person building a career, acquiring land, owning a big, beautiful home and other items wherever your interests lie, they say, as in Japan, live in a 300-square foot efficiency apartment, right next to your factory job, eating some processed but nutrient rich paste instead of a balanced diet, and for fun rent, or share via tech apps, your other experiences. My answer is always ‘or we could reduce our population and not be forced to limit our quality of life.’ Of course it isn’t the 1st world countries with an out of control birth rate, but it’s our ‘leaders’ telling us to limit ourselves so the others can thrive.

        17. Still if it affected any other demographic it would be cause for a national emergency. But at least they mentioned it.

        18. That’s not an entirely implausible idea. I sometimes wonder if biological intelligence is just an evolutionary step towards machine intelligence and that ultimately a society progresses from biological to mechanical as a natural progression. Meaning, I’d bet that by the time “we” get to starships, “we” won’t be around anymore, only the machines we created and taught to think.

        19. Bulleye. In addition, I seriously doubt we could put people on the moon at this moment. We’ve lost the a ability. Our skills are blunted

        20. There might well be nano-machines injected into your body for everyone if it helps governments control their populations. In which case maintaining health would be the pretext. Bit dystopian but not entirely far- fetched.

        21. I can look it up. Honesty don’t remember I was just channel surfing

        22. I can’t wait for Alzheimer’s. A perfect nihilist disease. The only person not effected terribly is the person with the disease. Everyone else suffers

        23. I have a feeling my father will be the first person for a long time in our family not to reach 90, or even 80. I think he’ll malady-out somewhere before his 70s. Probably the same for my mom.

        24. Why???? I can’t wait for my dick to go limp. I’ll finally have time to write my book

        25. You white guys don’t give yourselves enough credit. With the exception of the ones from the Middle Ages who created algebra and actually took an interest in the liberal arts, most Arabs on average are stupid. Throughout history, white men have always conquered. No racial superiority intended here, but the history books show this. Eventually, the people are gonna decide they’ve had enough bullshit imposed on them and they’re going to take action.

        26. Yes, the way society goes reminds me of the short story ‘The Machine Stops’ from Forster.
          In the end we will all sit around in our room 24/7 watching at a screen talking to amazon echo and Twennybars will be our daily meal.

        27. You would enjoy the show Black Mirror. I think the 3rd episode is a similar nightmare to what you describe.

        28. Sometimes it feels that way. Being the next stage of evolution is exhausting

        29. technology has removed most of, (BUT NOT ALL OF), the need for family and community….. such that a man (boyfriend or husband) is far more likely to be caught up in a women’s needs…. simply because he’s the only one left…… women need a support system around them…. especially when children come into the picture….. in the past it was filled by females in her extended family and community …. now she likely doesn’t have much of that available… so you’re going to be filling that role….
          maybe you can play all tough alpha in a nightclub, but as soon as you move into anything beyond basic dating and fucking…. suddenly you will find yourself filling the roles that in the past were provided by her extended family female support system…. which is gone…
          this is where the real problem lies….. the concept of the BFF and all that is some pseudo attempt by women to replace what they naturally need…. a woman simply cannot run a family and have children (never mind run a career) all on her own….. with just a husband… it’s a farce……
          so men are being leaned on and pulled into providing a female social support system that naturally makes them feeble and more feminine….. the separation and natural polarity between males and females in the community has been lost…. partly replaced by technology, which has also left a huge gap…… which unfortunately many men end up filling…..
          at the same time women have been conned into thinking they can behave and perform exactly as men… and maybe they can, but it proves nothing, since the ultimate achievement of a women is her children…. any cunt or dick can play football or wield an assault rifle in battle… .only a good wife and mother can raise well balanced children…. THIS is what is missing !!!…
          children are just rats to get shitted out and she can get back off to work… this was communism’s design…..

        30. Suicide as well. My husband grew up in a backwater village and many of his friends committed suicide. There was no opportunity for young men there. That’s why my husband went away for university and then relocated.

        31. I think you are both partly right. It is clear that every great civilization has fallen after enough time. Some, like Rome, endured much longer than others.
          I don’t know if out and out cultural marxism took hold in each of them, but many things seem to be consistent. It’s basically that the cultures all became too weak, too soft. The cultures and the people.
          In Rome, many things happened before and during the fall that are the same for us. They devalued their currency. Women started taking on less matronly roles. Welfare was rampant in the city of Rome itself. Free trade, which had really created the Roman Republic and then the empire and brought it to it’s greatest heights, slowly eroded away. Taxes increased and increased. The definition of citizenship changed and by the end it appears that citizenship was being handed out like candy to many people whom had no allegience to Rome and even the military became filled with mercenaries. (Most of this info is from Stefan Molyneux’s youtube page).
          There are even more similarities. So maybe something similar to social justice, communism or cultural marxism has to develop in a civilization before it falls, but maybe every great civilization is doomed to develop it as they become so great that life is just easy for everyone.

        32. TNJJ the whites have never faced as insidious a threat as this before. Their past victories were straightforward. This is our infrastructure invaded and corrupted.

        33. I watch television less than twelve hours a day in the living room so I’m less than halfway there.

        34. “That’s not an entirely implausible idea. I sometimes wonder if biological intelligence is just an evolutionary step towards machine intelligence and that ultimately a society progresses from biological to mechanical as a natural progression”
          I’ve often wondered the same thing GOF. Even if we look at medical nano tech we are slowly going from carbon based entity to carbon-silicon based and what-not. Add in artificial wombs and external reproduction means – the advancement of AI to the point where machines can make other machines and it’s going to be a very different world 200 years from now.
          In fact for many of these staunch UFO investigator guys – some theorize that some alien visitors are not extraterrestial, but rather “evolved” humanoids from a few thousand years in the future who have also managed to time travel back in the past and visit us in our here-and-now. This might be – assuming any of these alien encounters are real, how can one account for the fact that despite vast differences in appearance, these “aliens” have hands and fingers, two eyes, holes for a nose, etc.

        35. The Alien comment was interesting. It does put down my normal blowing off of UFO types with “Explain to me how your aliens evolved primate features that exactly mimic us except in superficialities”. The countless trillions of random events that happened from the creation of the universe until now to cause human evolution to produce who we are today are too random to be replicated with apparently every other species of “alien” in the universe, yet somehow all aliens are humanoid. It makes zero functional sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

        36. The population is not so much the problem. Moreover there is no European nation with more young people (15-35) than in the 1900 before WWI. Western nations (and Latinamerica in 20 or so years) are aged.
          If we had real problems with overpopulation, space exploration and colonization would be promoted, however the elites are not interested in the least. They would prefer to rule over a shithole than share power and let go.
          Besides if the world had 100M we would be hunter gatherers, civilization in a global scale even today would never have risen.

        37. I have to agree with jz95 on this, the fact that the western world was so successful in the period after WW2 meant that almost all men got to have children.
          It`s not surprising then that a lot of SJW freaks came out of the baby boomer generation(s).
          Remember that according to our genetic record the average rate of male reproduction (trough our history on the planet) was something like 40 percent. In the 1950-60s it was closer to 90.
          No doubt this has had a massive effect on the gene pool, that is perhaps reverberating in younger generations as well.
          (Add to that all the more masculine males that died in WW2 and Vietnam etc.)
          So indeed it might be just nature “swinging” back to an equilibrium, as it usually does.

        38. I bet you won’t. Besides, extending life a few years only to spend it as an old person in some old age home is no advancement. A better thing would to be able to extend youth even if you lived no longer.

      2. Our current situation does follow the cycle (though there is no set longevity for any society) as all must, but as GOJ says, it is more about “philosophy” in this instance, accelerating the decline.
        Civilization can endure a lot of things, except too much diversity (our “common ground” simply erodes from it).
        If we come to a point, as we have, wherein we are actively denying the natural order (gays are in the open, family is destroyed, women think they are men, the weakest are supported, favored, and kept alive through artificial interference, etc.), then as you say “nature” will correct itself and push us further around the cycle toward eventual collapse.

        1. BLM is now against the nuclear family. Black community wrecked in the past 45 years, this “movement” doubles down on the stupidity. All a coincidence Im sure…

        2. Black community has been wrecked a lot longer than that. BLM is just acknowledging the current condition, seeing that the nuclear family ideal is so far away for most black folks, why even bother.

        3. I think BLM was founded by a pair of gay feminists. So maybe not such a surprise

        4. I agree that most Blacks do not come from nuclear families. However, it should be noted that the nuclear family is becoming a relic in North America for all races. This is because of feminism, The “Eat-Pray-Love” mindset and no fault divorce laws.

      3. Nah – mankind should go the next step and reach for the stars colonizing space. And even food-wise – the UN admits that we produce enough to feed 12 bio. easily – Africa alone can feed 20 bio. if Western farmers would be using the land.
        The Earth is nowhere near at capacity.

        1. Would any other civilization in the world willingly give women the right to vote? I kind of doubt it. The only reason women’s suffrage is taking root across the world is because of the western world’s dominance.

    2. Women only do what men allow them to do, and two groups of men allow them to do anything.
      1) Beta Males
      No explanation needed
      2) The government and elite
      These guys use women as vehicles to exploit and oppress men legally and economically. Male and bluepill romance propaganda is everywhere. Modern laws are not in favor of women, they’re AGAINST MEN. Big difference. Women aren’t a threat to power. Masculine, enlightened men are.
      This tradcon-religious/progressive-retard-policestate dichotomy exists because the government and elite wish it so. There is less power and money to be had in the middle and more from the latter. Freedom, peace, education, and masculinity, are not very profitable. So tyranny, chaos, delusion, and feminization, shall take place
      Men are their own worst enemy and only two groups understand this, while one has no fucking clue and another doesn’t care.
      Here’s a video of a white girl entering a refugee camp for kisses and attention whoring.

        1. I think the media is so fucked and the majority of other videos are done by Non profits that are just a extension of government propaganda.
          Truth is we have no clue what the hell is going on. Can any one tell if there are any Syrians left. Would we noticed if they were all replaced with Saudis?

      1. the concept of the alpha male is largely bogus…. back in the day a man was more alpha by design because existence was more dangerous so he had to be able to fend for himself when necessary…. none the less he usually existed inside an extended hierarchy of family and community and thus was rarely a true alpha, just a more masculine version of today’s pathetic breed.
        at the same time, women were far more separate from men…. they had their own hierarchy, the grandmother, the mother in law, the aunt, the elder sister, the sister in law (your sister), cousins etc etc. etc. kept the wife in check……. so the husband didn’t have to…..
        now the extended family unit is dead, so when wifey needs help changing the diapers or unloading the groceries from the car… you’re the only one she has to call on…. the family unit is a horrid lonely struggle…. where the man does most of the heavy lifting that in past was done by extended family females and other females in the community….
        it’s thus no surprise to find pussified men pushing strollers and answering to their wives, because they are simply forced into filling natural family and community roles that a mother needs as part of her support system that is almost entirely missing….
        in the modern family the man has two choices…. asshole a.) abandon the whole mess…. asshole b.) be the beta wife pecked pussy man…… there’s is no option c.
        so all of this red pill and alpha big talk, is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic…. the ship is holed and going down…..

        1. Wow. You made an incredible point. The fundamental structure of modern society disrupts natural hierarchies that existed among men and women.

        2. The whole alpha/beta talk in the manosphere makes it hard to read many articles. It’s been over exaggerated and I think it’s harmful to young men learning about women. Women are hypergamous but they do give their bodies to men that show signs of intimacy and kindness. Even this article is a bit over the top. 95% of women do not want dirty Arabs to rape them late at night on the street. Women that want real rape are mentally unwell. Islamic men are not alphas, they’re the most insecure men on Earth. The women fear death and violence, they’re not submitting out of attraction and respect. Alphas do not force women to submit or commit.

        3. Neither, I get with women in real life unlike many guys here. This site has become a MGTOW support group. The alpha/beta conversation is way too simplistic. Women are not repulsed by intimacy from an attractive, confident man. This idea that women only respond well to overt, uber-masculine behavior keeps many guys from approaching and bedding women. Their misconception causes them to think “girls only like losers”. Maybe the “losers” have a more realistic view of women’s desires.

        4. Does it really make a difference why they run and submit to the invader?
          Whether it’s out of respect, or out of survival, they still sense the winds and abandon us.
          And the fact that they’ve engineered the collapse of society, and have the gall to whine that we are leaving them, doesn’t help their case.

        5. No, no I was talking about Muslim women submitting out of fear. European women are not submitting to Islamic invaders, I don’t know why you or the author of this article think they are. They are being raped, the opposite of submission. Women crave dominance, and some have rape fantasies but they’re not lining up for their turn with Syrian refugees. You’re all exaggerating.

        6. Some of it is creative license but can you look at young German girls lined up for free hugs and attention whoring and think it is “exaggerating” by that much?

        7. There’s more important shit than getting laid. You missed the entire point of this article. It’s not a guide to getting women, it’s an analysis of why CIVILIZATION has gone down and how it’s happening

        8. I get the point of the article, it’s implying that Alpha Islamic refugees are being welcomed into Europe by women wanting to be raped. I disagreed.
          As for civilization, it’s all about getting laid. We wouldn’t have civilization if it weren’t. Sex with women keeps a man sane and without it, he loses his grip on reality when it comes to female desires and motivations.

        9. Lining up for hugs and attention is far from lining up to the violently gan raped on the streets of Berlin at night. Yes, it’s exaggerating.

        10. Brock Samson
          Perhaps there is some hyperbole in this article but there is an essential truth that you don’t want to face. Most 3rd world immigrants are single young males, particularly the latest invasion, it is nearly all single young men. Many come from countries that have been practicing female based abortions using cheap ultrasound for the last couple of decades, this has produced a skewed gender ratio. In addition Africa and the Muslim world practice polygamy which even further increases the number of single young males. These men see Western women through the internet and think these women will have sex with them at the drop of a hat, that is not available for them in their cultures. Unless they have money and status in their countries they can’t have wives so they target the West.
          Western women are quite aware of the enormous disproportion of single males being exported to the West, more young men makes them feel more powerful as women, they can play these men off against Western men. Young women, who already have demographic advantages, are particularly motivated to play this game, it’s not enough to be a young woman and have more men after you than you could ever have sex with, they want the power of having even more men around.
          So while, no they don’t “really” want to be raped, they do accept the possibility because of the social advantages conferred to them due to a skewed gender ratio of way too many single young men.

        11. If several million young single females were queued at the border of Germany how many of those young girls standing with signs “welcoming” immigrants with little hearts and flowers on them would still be there. Somehow I don’t think there’ be too many, if any.
          Of course then there might be single males standing there welcoming them, but at least women don’t rape or commit crime at the level men do.

        12. Women that want real rape are mentally unwell.
          Are you sure about that? Maybe not on a conscious level but perhaps on an instinctive level.Why would a woman walk around on her own at night after having some drinks? Or do other things where she might have the chance of some man grabbing her? Why do females put themselves into positions where they can be fucked? Even in primitive biblical days a female wandering in a field away from the protection of the home was really just subconsciously asking for it and people sort of understood this which is why the female was blamed if she got raped.
          Why do females start to lubricate just being around aggressive men? Why do females who get ‘raped’ have orgasms so often when they never do otherwise?
          As far as the orgasm part the lamebrained feminists will say it may just be a natural reaction she can’t control but that of course is bullshit.When you are really afraid of something you’re in the ‘fight or flight’ mode and your blood vessels are constricted. You need dilated blood vessels and blood flow to the clit and pussy to have an orgasm (same is true with men)

        13. If it were young female refugees the German females would want to put up a wall and vote to ban immigrants lol

        14. If cultural sublimation isn’t countered, that is exactly what will happen.
          Nobody said it would be overnight, but it’ll happen.

        15. You’re completely correct about Muslim men. They have zero SMV, on account of extremely low career potential; are all hugely desensualised; are often in the pockets of their mothers; and as you say both Muslims and Islam are so thin-skinned that it cannot tolerate parody or negative critique.

        16. Very good appraisal. I would add that the majority of women holding banners ‘welcoming supposed refugees’ in Germany and Sweden would never date these invaders, as they were merely virtue signalling. Plus, kind of goading, subconsciously, the indigenous men.

        17. I can imagine a million lone 18-34 year old Argentinian women arriving in Europe. Even I may turn up for that..

      2. This adds on to the second group and it is just not against European peoples, it is a war against everyone, whole countries in upheaval, mass population dispersal all adds to more chaos the average man can deal with and pre-occupies him with irrelevant issues.
        Our Elites have been usurped by a class of people worldwide who does not care about their tribe, nation or race only money and total control.
        The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan
        “What the elites try to present as an inevitability of modern life, is
        actually the product of a plan conceived around a table and
        prepared over decades, to completely change the face of our continent.”

        1. It’s all a branch of Talmudism whether it’s Marxism, feminism, racism bullshit, pc etc
          And stop referring to them as Elites (whoever started this nonsense) because there is nothing elite about them.
          Refer to them as the Scumbags or Slumdogs in future.

      3. If that was my girlfriend I’d shoot her.
        I feel bad for the german men who have to just stand there and be insulted like this. Nothing says “I hate the men of my race!” more than pulling this shit.

      4. And yet those same girls will complain about sexual harrassment if a german man asked them out for coffee.

        1. “And yet those same girls will complain about sexual harrassment if a german man asked them out for coffee”
          Yup – Roosh did an article that explained that rape culture was created simply to keep the native white male population in check, and in fear; yet nothing happens when a muzzi rapes.

        2. Who is afraid of both Christians and Muslims and is happy they fight each other ? The names starts with J

        3. It not so much giving vote to women the problem. The problem is white men putting white women on a pedestal. Understand this : When you put someone on a pedestal (man or woman) they will end up looking down at you, losing all respect.

      5. your second paragraph is a very interesting premise and makes a lot of sense. for all the feminist claptrap like pay equity (which has been proven to be BS), nothing is actually done about it by the political elites. what has been done however is that women are especially hired over men in order to create this idea that company X is a “leader” in gender equity. women weren’t given special status per se (the job is the same no matter who fills it. pay is the same no matter who fills it) but the man had the unfortunate luck of being left out in the cold regardless of his CV because an employer ingested the progressive propaganda.
        here in Canada, weve witnessed first hand what gender equity as the main goal looks like. we have our federal liberal PM who went out of his way to ensure his cabinet was a 50/50 split regardless of ability. essentially we have some women who are at least qualified while others who are complete airheads. again, its the same job with the same pay but men were shut out competing for the position.

        1. ‘Gender Equity’ = equal outcome for females, not equal opportunity.
          The only way women could be equal to man is when man has when males have been systemically ridiculed, handicapped, and discriminated against in the media, corporate america, and the school and legal system for 3 generations.

      6. I’d have this girl tried and if found guilty imprisoned under something similar to the 3rd Reichs Racial Hygiene laws. Make no mistake, this girl is committing an infidelity worse than cucking her husband and wasting his life raising a child not his. She is betraying her father, mother, ancestors. All the men that died with their guts in their hands in battle keeping invaders out. She disgusts me.
        Alphas punish when necessary. There must be order and that includes foolish virtue signaling girls

      7. Many western women are not smart enough to know what is good for them and thus should not never been allowed to vote. What western women get all wrong about muslim men and Islam is that they will not be able to do with muslim men what they did with western men…. It was darn too easy with western men. They will regret it when Islam is there, but it will be too late… And guess what ? When that happens white western men will gladly convert to islam and regain their lost power, and white women lose everything save their stupidity.

    3. I agree they are no fools but I think the Muslims might be harder to make disappear than many people think. What, will the powers that be just kill them all?
      Maybe a last ditch war between the west and Islam is the plan for that huh? Take out large populations on both sides. And if they can force our women into war as well, our population may never recover.

      1. Yup – sounds about right – billions killing themselves in WW3 and then globalists ushering in the One World Government sounds like a solid plan. But maybe an Orwellian superstate will be sufficient. Don’t know which one is worse, since the Orwellian superstate would come after the war anyway.

      2. The problem with Islam is what sect gets to represent the religion worldwide? Most muslims are Sunni but the Shiites don’t want to submit; thus, the continued chaos in the middle east.

    4. The Globalists are FOOLS!
      The Muslim immigrants will not disappear, rather they will take over, violently if need be. The European nations as we know them today will cease to exist and a new Dark Age will be the reality for a very long time to come.

      1. I think it’s more likely they are very clever indeed and reckon they can handle and exploit the situation

        1. It’s like the industrialists in 1930s Germany who thought they could control the National Socialists. That worked out really well for them, didn’t it.
          The same thing is going to happen again. Whatever motive Soros and the elite had for bringing in the migrants will be rendered irrelevant when Sharia is declared and these elite are relegated to dhimmi status and subjected to the jizya. By then it will be far too late to do anything about it.

        2. Yes it went badly the last time, but who knows whether that will be repeated with ISIS or some modern day caliphate. It all depends on who ends up in control. Not just formally but in compromise behind the scenes as well. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over Soros if I were you. He’ll be just fine

        3. The “Globalists” are all Jew bankers (same pos who brought us Communism and all its ugly byproducts such as feminism and Orwell surveillance state) and they’ll just trick the white people to fight the Muslims to the death and both sides will be so depleted that the globalists can implement their planned NWO. Look up Albert Pikes 3 World Wars- that’s their plan.

    5. “Even an intergalactic civilization would be betrayed by them if Neanderthals invaded their country. They would go back to being fur-clad primitives living in caves rather than admit that they may be wrong.”
      Here’s a link to Milo’s latest article. He argues it’s the lost world of domesticity that women hanker for. Every time feminists go on a march about everyday sexism or whatever it’s because they miss washing linen down by the stream, and kneeding flour into dough

      1. No reason to wipe out technology. Yes – the Pill is bad health-wise and should be disbanded, but the rest can be dealt with via simple social measures. Imagine if everywhere – from media, entertainment and academia you hear slogans of women looking for husbands early on, femininity being a virtue, masculinity and strength a male prerogative and the educational model would be changed by allowing women to have children and a home-based online curriculum from ages 18-26 (and then only later higher education and work for those few who are very intelligent or willing to work – since the husband would make enough for them).
        The washing machine would not be problematic in such a world and most dating apps for young girls would be used to find the best possible husband for her when she is 18-20 and not to sample the highest amount of YOLO-cock.
        Technology just as money is not evil – what we do it with it can be used to enslave or liberate us.

    6. K-selected women submit to their husbands and keep the house. K-selection works differently upon the sexes.

        1. While K-selected men are the result of a focus on quality over quantity and face direct competition with other men making sure that only the best of men win and get mates.
          K-selected women are selected by K-selected men for their feminine qualities that of a kind and gentle spirit as well as their sexual attractiveness.
          The kind of women who obeys their husband and guides the house. Who nurtures the children and ensures that they grow up healthy and strong. Who takes care of their husbands.
          They ironically are the most fit of women.

        2. So women who are more naturally submissive and beautiful, who’s goal is to make sure that her boyfriend/husband is satisfied in all aspects of his life? How often would you say a K-select person ends up being with a non K-select? This whole idea is really interesting to me.

        3. It depends. But very often masculine women are repulsive to K-selected men.
          But as with biology it ain’t clean cut and perfect. There will be instances where K-select person end up with non K-select.

    7. “The bigger problem than women in the West is the government. When men get punished and incarcerated for warning about the danger of Islam, then you know that it goes beyond the power of women alone”
      Nailed it.

      1. You did it to yourselves because you refused to stand up to the government when it was small and slowly peeling away your rights. Now this thing is massive and cannot be challenged! However, it is not too late.

    8. That picture above from Game of Thrones implies Daenerys was being raped, as did the show. In the book she gives herself willingly to him, for essentially the reasons given in the above article.

    9. More men are beta because this is imprinted on them at an early age onward.
      Schools teach men:
      Run to teachers when bullied instead of putting them on the asphalt.
      Group beliefs are god.
      Never struggle to learn anything, mindlessly memorize and regurgitate.
      Above all else, every man who stands for himself is a ‘dangerous element’ that needs to be irradicated.
      The majority of educators are women and male children have little clue that they are failing shit tests and being conditioned to fail them in the future. Female teachers see no problem with this because they are entitled and solipsistic.
      It’s always better to get kids that listen, because they can be reprogrammed to alpha glory better than 99% of betas in their twenties.
      Society used to understand that sex segregated schooling or small schools where upcoming whores could be shamed into social destitution were best.

    10. Just a correction: Women are a sexual dimorphism, not a race or species. Women cannot be r-selected where men are not r-selected.

      1. Women without religious or cultural guidelines are even more r-selected than men in terms of instinctive behavior. If religion (as in West) and culture (as in countries like China) weaken, then women shift the sexual market towards r-selection. Men are taken along for the party – divorce laws, daddy government etc – all those steps destroy the Western k-selection adopted since the stone age. if women continue with that crap, then society might return to the caves over time.

    11. Women by nature are always anti-civilization and highly r-selected. – funny thing is, the minute civilization disappears, what happens to women? They become commoditized. SMH, as the kiddies say….

    12. Women’s emotions are more easily manipulated because they rely on them significantly more than men. I have found that even intelligent women find it hard to give up the need to deal with issues emotionally.
      Hence politicians that no longer value independence and freedom of speech are getting elected.
      They virtue signal to each other by acting “nice” in public this is why they will welcome clearly fake refugees, it’s basically an chance to virtue signal to other females. If there is problem they try and deal with it with charm, smiles and hugs because they have few abilities apart from trying to shame men.
      They can’t switch of their emotions to do some basic demographic calculations or look at the horrible future.
      Men died trying to hold their guts in to protect Europe from muslims that would have turned Europe into a massive Turkey. Unfaithful slut women are just giving it away unappreciative of the freedoms they had.
      Make no mistake about it, feminists are cucking their nations men as much as any adulterous woman.
      They think they can wear a summer dress with some décolleté and heels, get lightly buzzed on alcohol and not get gropped.
      They’ve given that right away, they no longer have that right.

  4. Women would rather be “raped” (successfully courted) by a Return of Kings reader who learned game, than be white-knighted by some fat SJW mangina.

  5. Betas need to understand that you must take what you want to protect.
    They want to protect a woman that they have no ownership of. That’s suicide.

  6. This article is repeating a universal truth: alpha fucks, beta bucks.
    I am ashamed to say it, but most white men in this times are pussies; just look at your average hipster. Now, look at your average invader. Who would win in a fistfight?
    Like the author (and many others before) said: women have no in-group loyalties. The only way to enforce loyalty in women is through force, period, end of story.
    This brings us another universal truth: women are just overgrown children, and you must treat them accordingly.

    1. Correction: White women have no in-group loyalty. I doubt many Iraqi women slept with or married American soldiers even though the Republican Guard was routed and destroyed. Asian women are also very loyal to their beta men.

      1. There’s a reason why Asian men isolate their cultures. They don’t stand a chance when facing competition.

  7. when humans are reduced to their basest natures, breeding and survivng is what its all about.

    1. And killing. Make no mistake, “civilized” humans will revert to violence when their lives are put in jeopardy over an extended period of time and when deprived of food and sleep.

  8. Women’s revealed choices are the stake in the heart of feminism. The female id wants to spread cooch for menacing members of outgroup, not niceguy members of ingroup.
    This internal contradiction *should* make feminists’ heads explode. It would, if they were rational.

    1. Women are rational in this regard. You’re just projecting your desires onto them. They have an opposing sexual strategy unless you happen to fall in the top 10%.
      Women are not mysterious, they’re intentionally ambiguous. Women use irrationality to obtain a rational result (This is hard for most men to understand). They like having control of the narrative so they can morph it into what benefits them the most in that moment.
      Without a cloud of mystery, women can’t get what they want because
      the things they want can’t be obtained through reasonable means (i.e.
      entitlement to resources they didn’t earn). Without a cloud of mystery in a room filled with blue-pillers, women can’t pursue the alpha fux without collapsing the matrix they have created to keep betas in the dark for exploitation and safety.

      1. Good point. I was projecting my rational male privilege onto women, lol. Won’t happen again.

      2. What we consider ‘betrayal’ as a member of the in-group is primal self-preservation on their part. In a clash of beta and alpha, the alpha will be expected to win via the female psyche. If the beta is your in-group, as a female you must gird yourself for his loss, and accept that his vanquisher will now control you.
        Basically, western females have decided, unconsciously, that western males at large are the eventual losers and not worth saving.

        1. Youre right except that western women didnt decide. It was decided for them . brainwashed

        2. Women have no in group loyalty because the ancient women who did were killed before they could pass those genes on. The women who accepted their new conquerors with open legs got to live and breed. Women of any race will gravitate to whomever she perceives as the alpha and hence most masculine. The most racist white woman would go to bed with the black football player who gives the nerdy white guy math club president a swirly. Provided her only two choices are black football player or white male nerd. Preferably, there’d be a tough white boy for her to have, but in his absence if the only alpha that’s around is that big, negro buck football player, she’s going to his bedroom. Race loyalty be damned. Her female instincts won’t allow her to settle the nerd just because he’s white
          Now if the big, bad black football player came to stuff him in a locker one day and the nerdy white male bludgeoned the football player over the head with a lock in a sock, then and only then could he get the white woman’s sexual attention.
          Until then, at best he gets her completely platonic maternal pity. The same as she’d give to a child or puppy. At worst, he gets her utter disdain and contempt for being a weak man. She may laugh and join in as he’s stuffed into another locker.

  9. Arabs worldwide are the lowest and least attractive men to women, with the exception of East Indian men (Though they do resemble each other)..It’s so sad that subconsciously these women were so desperate to escape disappointing beta cucks that they would actually rather have ignorant odorous, unpleasant, men that they find physically repulsive, rape them rather than have the white cuck take em to dinner and a bitch flick..Btw Muslim men are no alphas.
    Just because they’re aggressive and put their women in their place doesn’t mean shit..Alpha by default is NOT Alpha..All it takes is those Western European men to grow some balls like the Poles, Hungarians,and other Eastern Europeans and those greasy smelly fucks would shit their pants With respect…Be prepared to go all out on them. Remember..They supposedly would happily give their lives for allah…
    Let’s work on making them happy.

    1. “Arabs worldwide are the lowest and least attractive men to women”
      I strongly disagree with this. It seems Arab men are the only men women dream to be raped by. It’s thin beta white men who are the least attractive to women and I would know because I once was a thin beta man while young and was thirsty af.

    2. You obviously haven’t lived in a city with a large Lebanese population. We’ll fuck your women senseless. Ride ’em hard and put them away wet. You can have them back ‘post-wall’.

      1. a large Lebanese population
        Seattle? Or did you mean San Francisco? I hear both are quite friendly to lebanesians.

        1. Bravo. I see what you did there. You conflated Lebanese with Lebsian. I wonder what type of intellectual horsepower one requires in order to come up with that.

        2. Your mistake, at least in this instance (you make many across the thread) is to assume that a smart person cannot have a lowbrow sense of humor. You are incorrect in that assumption, Haji.
          Now you have yourself a zippidy do dah day, mmmkay?

        3. I most certainly will remember your well wishes when I’m balls deep in a white woman later on cuck!

        4. Sure kid, sure. It’s your curry smell that women find so alluring.

        5. Shouldn’t you be busy splashing acid in your sister’s face because some guy cat-called her?

        6. Right? Dude is totally neglecting his abuse duties.

        7. Probably Flint. I know a few lebs up there and they are cucked like the rest. However I know a guy who was in Lebanon on business and the women were throwing poon at him. The odds were in the males favor from what he saw.

        8. But what kind of white woman? Some land whale even the blacks and Mexicans wouldn’t have, most likely.

      2. Sort of like how Sharon did at sabra and shatila? He and the IDF fucked the Lebanese pretty good. Skull fucked them.

      3. The most prevalent thing I hear from women of all backgrounds is how you guys smell like pickle juice mixed with old milk. Almost instinctively if a woman sees you, she’ll cross the street before passing you on a sidewalk.

    3. This. As a tall, muscular white man, I can’t tell you how often I get a Lebanese, Persian, or Arab princess giving me the “let’s fuck” eyes through her oppressive towel as we make passing glances. I live in DC, and we have a large population of middle-easterners, and one thing I will say is that Arab girls are the up and coming Latinas. They are wild in the sack- I don’t know if it’s cultural or something hereditary, but whatever it is I can see why these goat fuckers wanna blow themselves up for 72 of these sex kittens.

    4. Yes, you are the real alpha. Don’t change the subject. Your women are all whores and you have no control over them whatsoever. There is no such thing as a chaste white woman.

  10. This is why females are wearing them asinine burkini they want to be dominated
    and support Islam and are against Islamophobia.

  11. That video was rather enlightening, the videos shown on the news here doesn’t look like that. Just a bunch of hungry downtrodden refugees looking for a safe space.

  12. There are only 2 solutions then.
    Solution 1: Final Solution (no real explanation needed, just gun down refugee men on sight, steal their women and female children, ban feminazism and kill degenerates too such as tattooed punks, SJWs, LGBTs etc, kill our former politicians who betrayed us)
    Solution 2: If you can’t beat them, join them. Let sharia overthrow feminazism and play the game along, marry our and their girls and breed like crazy.

  13. Sickening though it is to say, I think the thesis is more right than wrong. Debased men have no future.
    But if this thesis is true then Trump should get the women’s vote on the day of the election yet the polls leading up to that will not show it.
    Why is that, why would the polls not show this deep emotional response to “Daddy” Trump while the outcome of the vote might demonstrate a contradiction of women supporting him? Because we all, including women, want to think that we are the authors of our own stories, that primitive needs are not our primary set of directives, that reason and intellectual considerations will direct our decisions. We don’t want to be seen as automatons lacking in free will. But we do want to be seen as whatever the popular description of “virtuous” entails. We want to fit in and the Media tells us how that is to be done.
    (Yes, the media sets the standard for the mainstream of what is “virtue”. Virtue is parroting the false claim “We are a nation of Immigrants!” when we all actually know that we are a nation of citizens, a democracy. The media hates Trump so the only virtuous position is to go along with that. We all know this. We see the illogical smear campaigns, the ridiculous false arguments that Trump is racist, that he does not care about the poor in the USA, despite that being his signature reason for re-industrializing the USA to rebuild the middle-class.)
    But anonymity breaks all of that. In the voting booth privacy/anonymity is sacrosanct. In the voting booth you can choose freely with no external judgements or censure for your choice.
    And when women are asked “Who will you vote for?”, women know that their expected appearance to the world is to be that of a nurturer, not what is perceived as being “tough” or “strong”. Hillary, being a women, fits that perception even if her policies will spell ruin to working American families, the opposite of nurturing. Trump will win the women’s vote because strength trumps false claims of virtue.

  14. A more appropriate subject would be: “Women Would Rather Rape Their Beta Husbands During Divorce Then Be Stuck With Them”. Plenty of articles available discussing divorce rape of men by women in the family court system. I have to disagree with the concept that women prefer to get raped by anyone.

    1. Yeah, the article was a little misleading. Women don’t dream of true rape, the kind with head injury, concussion, severe bruising, and internal injuries. Women DO dream of powerful strangers taking total control of them, leaving them breathless but intact afterwards.

      1. Fully agree. No fault divorce means that frivorce (i.e. frivolous divorce for things like being unhappy or bored) can be initiated at any time, for any reason. Being the right alpha/beta mix in a marriage can lower your chance of getting divorced, but is no guarantee. As repeatedly stated, marriage is a losing proposition in today’s environment. When people can initiate divorce for fickle reasons (such as being unhappy or bored) it is no longer worth the risk. Who doesn’t get unhappy or bored at some point and how fast can you dance trying to make someone else happy? Each individual is responsible for their own happiness. I use to go to weddings and congratulate the groom and really mean it. Now when I congratulate the groom, I’m actually thinking: what the hell is wrong with you. Tact requires me to convey the white lie congratulations. BTW, been married going on 40 years and I think that I have a screw loose since I’m so unusual, but can’t envision ever doing the marriage routine again if something were to happen with my marriage.

        1. I was frivorced by a spouse who simply lost her attraction to me. Nothing more, nothing less. Immature little narcissist. Marriage to such women in 2016 is ridiculous, and I’ll be avoiding it in the future.

      2. Chicken or the egg? The men women wouldn’t want to rape them usually don’t have the balls and the ones they do are the ones that do it anyway.

    2. You have to understand that female attraction differs from male attraction. Ours is more look based. All a woman has to do is exist and be pretty. Outside of her having bad hygiene, not much would kill a man’s sexual attraction to a pretty young woman.
      With women, looks don’t matter as much. While white women may not consider Arab men to be the best looking, if they show themselves to be the most dominant, they’ll get wet for them. A woman may not consciously want to be raped but she does want to be submissive, even if forced to be. Ideally she’d choose who she’s submissive to, but even if she’s the chosen instead of the chooser, shell be happy with that as well.

  15. The rights new slogan could be the armies old one. “Be the best you can be.” I think it sums up the manospheres approach to continual self improvement. Get better physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, in your skills, career and confidence at every chance you get, every step along the way.
    Lots of beta males will never be alpha, but they could all still lose about 60lbs of fat and gain 20 lbs of muscle and be so much better off in life just from that one change alone.

  16. There’s a lot wrong with this article. It over-estimates Muslims, and especially, Muslims’ masculine qualities. Practically the entire Muslim world was colonized by Europeans. They are servile in defeat and usually are defeated easily in any kind of open battle, because they are cowards. Western Europe will make short work of Muslims the second we feel actually threatened.
    Next, let’s not confuse “beta male” with “pussy.” They are two separate categories. Beta males are known for taking care of business. They want their one wife and their own family. They build civilization. They don’t go looking for trouble. But if you mess with them, you may find it — in the sense of a highly organized response. They are the file clerks defeating the convicts in a war. They are humble, but you don’t want to screw with them. They are happy to be led by alpha males.
    Pussies are a different order. Most of the Millennial men are wussified. Not all. Heck, a lot of them have been fighting wars overseas. But there are not a lot of them.
    The fault also lies in our alphas. It’s alphas who have conceded the field. We have very few strong alpha leaders in our culture. There are plenty of good betas looking for someone to lead them.
    The West is about to be led — Germany, the U.S., and the U.K., by women. That’s because of a lack of strong male leadership, and alphas are avoiding politics.
    However, they (and the betas) have gone about the business of fixing this country. We are borderline energy-independent, and that’s exactly what we needed to to do.
    Let’s not over-estimate our enemies or under-estimate ourselves.

    1. Yes underestimate Muslims, a group that militarily conquered both the Persian and Byzantine empires and created an empire that stretched from the borders of China to Spain in a few decades. The group that dragged western Europe out of the dark ages and reintroduced mathematics, science, classic Greek and Roman texts to the bumbling neanderthals that inhabited Europe. Don’t get it twisted, your ‘cultural superiority’ is grounded in military technology created by the industrial revolution. Western hegemony is predicated upon maintaining a fractured and disparate Arab / Muslim world. Once that domino falls, it’s game over.

      1. A very fractured, weak Byzantine Empire that was obliterated by an earlier Crusader-army…

      2. The group that dragged western Europe out of the dark ages and reintroduced mathematics, science, classic..”
        Such as?

        1. You see we live in age with various resources and technologies that make access to information very easy. I suggest you employ those resources and encounter that information for yourself. Why don’t you start by looking into the history of algebra.

        2. Did pre-islam persians come up with algebra? This always seems to pop up every few months.

        3. I’m just wondering why the Persian fellow credited with monumental advancements in mathematics and algebra would be named Muhummad…

        4. You event a fabrication and tell me to search for the answer? LOL. Taqiyya, you must be a rug merchant as you lie like one.

        5. Yes I evented the fabrication. You’re not doing much for the supposed hypothesis that the white man is the pinnacle of intellectual superiority.

        6. Your lying and baiting, with same crapped out leftist BS, leads me to believe my rabbi is closer to being a muslim than you.

        7. History is a hobby of mine. And more than one source says the Muslims burned down the libraries of Alexandria.

        8. What was the quote again? “If it mimics the Quran, it’s redundant. If it deviates, it is Heresy.”

        9. No John. I despise everything about the left. I assume we would largely agree on many topics, including the movement that RoK represents minus the hatemongering towards my kind.

        10. Then you would also know that that account is widely discredited. The ‘evidence’ is from a Christian writing 600 years later. He also claims that the library took 6 months to burn because of all the books. Very credible.

        11. Muslims kept alive a lot of work from the Library of Alexandria, and benefitted from two 4000 year old neighbours – Hindu India* and China, as well as living on the lands of ancient Egypt and Sumeria, so it is a bit of a stretch to take credit for Europes progress, as if it came from Islam. Ancient Egypt was created by blue eyed Pharoahs, ancient Sumerias Gods had blue eyes, so they weren’t Arabic, yet Arabs benefitted from that source. I think you might be missing the fact the Europe, post Roman Empire, was kept at a deliberately backward level by those dynasty families of ancient Rome, that survived through the Byzantine Empire. As soon as Byzantium failed, Europes progress exploded due to the Italian Renaissance (which could have happened 1500 years earlier had Rome decayed as it did).
          *Look into the origin of the Vedas, and they come from Northern Russia, i.e white people.

        12. Dude, first of all, Arabs are Caucasian. There are blue eyed Arabs.
          Second of all, do you have any proof that the Egyptians were “white” that doesn’t come from Stormfront or one of its affiliated sites? This is a reconstruction of what King Tut would have looked like:

        13. Sorry, I’m so used to arguing with afro-centrist “we wuz kangz n sheeiit” about Egypt. I stand corrected. BTW ASuperEgytpian and 7phonecian7 are excellent YT channels for info on ancient Egypt.

      3. Eh. Yes Ottomans did these things. But of course, that was nearly 100 years ago. The real domino that is going to fall will be the shift to an alternative fuel source. Once that happens, it is game over. The west will no longer need the Arab/Muslim world, and as a consequence the Arab/Muslim world will lose much of the influence it currently has.
        The only way forward for Arabs/Muslims would be to end the fractured and disparate nature seen in the region today, stop killing each other (and westerners) over pointless shit, and revamp their economy and culture. I’m not convinced that we’re anywhere near seeing that happen, and I haven’t seen much to convince me otherwise.

        1. The only way the problems in the middle east will cease is if the Arabs stop inbreeding.
          My hopes are not high.

        2. The west doesn’t need the arab world now. Arabs have contributed absolutely nothing to the whole of human history except violence and misery. The only reason the arab world still exists is because of our politicians.
          If the US was ruled by someone with sense, balls, or both, we would have invaded the middle east already, killed the Saudis, and taken their oil fields for our own. Or just use coal and alternative fuels.
          But none of that serves the globalist agenda like cucking up to arabs.

        3. No kidding? I aced calc in high school and graduated early. I guess you’re claiming that they invented the algebra I aced at 13 years old, rather than the Greek mathematician whose name escapes me?
          Even if they did, which is historically questionable, it doesn’t make up for the fact that their (your?) little corner of the globe remains a third-world shithole despite white men inventing airplanes, computers, space travel, etc. Get back to me when the arabs climb out of the 5th century and stop decapitating each other in the name of a child-molesting false prophet.

        4. Yeah, someone like you! If only you were in charge, not these cucks! Someone who’s been practicing for years on Call of Duty.

      4. Muslims dragged western Europe out of the dark ages??? The dark ages were a result of Muslims, you idiot! And it was the west that introduced civilization to the barbarian Muslims, not the other way around. You can’t be serious with this idiocy.

  17. Beta males are the real reason why there is misery in the world. Beta Adam let Eve eat the forbidden fruit. A moment of betaness caused Abraham to listen to his wife who suggested to impregnate their egyptian female servant, hence Ishmael, father of the arab world. Plenty of examples from the old times.

    1. Does a guy really need to have his arm twisted by his wife to go off and have sex with a sexy young servant, maid or babysitter. What was the reason the wife wanted him to knock up the servant and doesn’t that go against the principles of the bible?

      1. Because in those times, the servant was considered the master’s property. If the servant became pregnant, it was legally considered to be the master’s son. But, God promised Abraham a son through Sarah, Abraham’s wife, instead of their servant, Hagar. Show’s too that Sarah probably grew impatient and pestered Abraham 24/7. Beta Abe gave in…

  18. Damn. Fantastic article. The way women gravitate towards Alphas is really the same way female animals gravitate towards alpha in a pack. The alpha of the pack gets the females , and the betas get nothing. Sometimes a beta challanges an alpha, and defeats the alpha and the places are swaped, and the females just transfer to the new alpha with no remorse or concern for the old alpha who is no more. They simply attach to whoever is alpha and at the top, secound best doesnt cut it. The males of the west are the alpha being challenged by the beta newcomer muslim invaders, the males of the west by way of afluence appear to be alpha with their abundance , but their weak ideology of masculinity will eventually cause the affluently beta but masculinly superior immigrants to possibly overthrow the westrern males weak feminized culture, and the women will simply shuffle over to the victor.

    1. If an alpha is defeated by a beta, was he truly an alpha or did he just turn into a beta prior to his defeat? Females ability to “flip the switch” and turn love (whatever that is) or attraction on or off is well documented. Once the switch is flipped to off, it usually stays permanently off with women. Thus, I basically agree with females transferring to the new alpha which conforms to the hypergamy philosophy of branch swinging to the next better option. In nature, the alpha is eventually defeated by a stronger opponent. Not saying that the alpha didn’t enjoy the ride before getting his ass kicked or killed by the new head honcho.

      1. A study was done on chimps and the most alpha chimps were found to have more dopamine levels in their brains. While the more beta chimps had less. When the beta chimps had their dopamine levels increased, all hell broke loose in the chimp cage as the beta chimps forgot they were betas.

    2. Because at the end of the day, might makes right. In civilized society, we want to avoid violence at all cost. If someone picks on you in school, tell the teacher. If someone does something to you as an adult, call the cops or sue them in court. But whatever you do, don’t punch him in the face. Or you’ll get in trouble. Trouble can mean suspended from school, fired from your job or put in jail.

  19. I don’t think this of many articles on here, but this was one was ridiculous. I highly doubt that the various beautiful women of the European countries would find thesr camel jockies attractive in any way. I’m not talking shit just to troll. Show us proof.

      1. Yeah. Rape. That doesn’t mean Swedish women are throwing themselves at those sand monkeys. I don’t know any women who finds those beards and robes sexy. The author makes it seem like those European chicks are fantasizing about getting raped by one of them.

        1. Lol check out Mills and Boons. Female equivalent of porn. Dominant Arab men are definitely the stuff of white female fantasies

        2. >That doesn’t mean Swedish women are throwing themselves at those sand monkeys.
          Many of them are. Meanwhile their legal system protects the islamic invaders, while swedish men continue to allow it.
          The professor knew what he was talking about when he named women falling in love with their own abuses “Stockholm Syndrome.” Sweden, yes!

        3. I don’t buy the fanaticism. Yes, its fact that Sweden and other European countries are having an invasion-I mean integration forced on them. Yes, there are many rapes by force occuring. That does not mean Swedish women actually LIKE or find these Arab fucks attractive. And come on…women are more superficial then men, despite what they say to the contrary, and white people are the most attractive people universally. There is no Stockholm fucking syndrome going on. White women are not falling head over heels for a bunch of sand monkeys. Just aint happening. If you were a woman, would you really feel compelled to suck some ugly camel jockey off just because he’s “brutal” and “more alpha”? That just sounds like bullshit, guy.

        4. A decade of immigrant rape. A decade of Sweden-level legal punishment, if any punishment at all for the rapists. And these women are still pro-immigration. They want more.
          >If you were a woman, would you really feel compelled to suck some ugly camel jockey off just because he’s “brutal” and “more alpha”?
          The number of women attracted to criminals is staggering. Yes, women are overwhelmingly attracted to these “bad boys” because Swedish men are even softer than our women.

      2. Are the swedish rapes being committed mostly by foreigners? Also getting raped does not equal “find these camel jockies attractive”. While I dont doubt quite a few eu girls will have a fling or be a f-buddy on the quiet to some of these immigrants, I don’t think the bulk of them want to marry these dudes. Feminist women might get turned on by the non beta nature of the muslim men, but I doubt many want to be good muslim wives.

  20. Game of Thrones, aka tits and dragons. The most listed tv show by female profiles on dating sites in the anglosphere. Its all about the tingles. Women think with their vagina. No agency. She would take 15 minutes of alpha cock over 15 years of a relationship with beta.

  21. And muslim men are alpha hey?
    Women don’t know their heads from their arseholes so any concept of what they consider alpha is null and void.
    I have mostly seen women choose spineless crying bitchy little betas that are faking it but never making it.
    These articles are getting stupider and stupider.
    Alpha male = Alpha bitch.
    Play womens games. exploit humans/nature for resources, consume like a girl, dress like a girl, behave like a girl, hang out with girls,
    so you can get access to some silly inane twat “poon”, so alpha.

    1. I wouldn’t say converting to islam makes a man alpha, but there is less tolerance for western feminism. Muslim males are less likely to fall into the trap of thinking that being a try hard male feminist is going to get them sex.

  22. First, the “migrants” are an infestation. They are like roaches infiltrating a house and bringing it to a disgusting ruin. Second, if you look at it globally, this is what the globalists want. They want to destroy the dominant culture and the white race. Third, for this reason we are seeing the Alt Right grow. The Alt Right is a symptom of what’s happening. White people have been constantly told to not stick together (while every other race does), to accept everyone into their neighborhood or country (while other countries aren’t required to do so), and whites are constantly beaten down for every word or gesture. It’s already becoming cool to be called racist if you’re white. Trump doesn’t give a fuck when people call him racist and neither should we.

    1. Because Trump isn’t a racist, nor has he said or done anything which seeks to bring harm to another group, which is what racism is. The closest he’s gotten to “racism” is saying we should deport the illegals (which is a matter of federal law, race is irrelevant) and the ban on Islamic immigration (which again has nothing to do with race, but religion).

      1. The term “racist” is Leninist mind control tactic to silent dissenters. The white man does not need to apologize for organizing for his own interest against his natural enemy and founder of Communism-the Jew central banker.

        1. As I’ve said many times before, an idea can only gain traction if enough people buy into it. Even if “perfidious Jewish interests” are responsible for the west’s current state, why did westerners buy into every single thing hook line and sinker?

    2. I’m becoming more nationalist and alt right than I ever thought I would. I actually used to be a Liberal, for fuck’s sake.

  23. I just love the fact that this got posted today after I spent my whole day at the public swimming pool here in germany again. Like I pointed out before you see many muslim refugees with many german girls and just a tiny minority of german couples.
    German girls just love the fact that finally a horde of men with balls arrives. Of course they would never say it like this. They are just against national borders because everyone deserves to have a chance in every country and refugeeeeeeees welcome!
    Germany is completely different from the USA because if you would draw a graph of percentage of men on y-axis and betaness on x-axis it would look like a perfectly normal bell curve in the US, while it would look like an inverted bell curve in germany:
    On the one side you got the muslim refugees who are totally alpha because in their culture a girl that gets gangraped deserves a death penalty and women are just birth machines without any rights in general and on the other side you got the german males who are thaught to be the biggest omega male work slaves of all time (like me).
    It’s game over for german males. As a german I got 3 options:
    a. MGTOW
    b. Leave the country
    c. Convert to Islam
    Like I pointed out many times before there isn’t even the option to go to the brothel because the brothel is next to the mosque: in the center of the muslim street.
    I wouldn’t be seen dead in a place like that.

    1. Are other of your country men talking about the current situation? What are you going to do?

      1. I dont know..the whole thing is bizzare. They aren’t talking about it because german people are the most brainwashed on the planet (besides north koreans).
        ARD and ZDF are the german equivalents to buzzfeed and HuffPo and the whole nation watches their propaganda news.
        I tried to educate them but they tell me I am a xenophobic, racist, sexist fucking privileged white male who shouldn’t complain.
        I want to leave the country but I cant right now. I got to fix the problems with my eyes*, I need to write my bachelor thesis in Munich and so on…exiting the hellhole will need much more time. At least two more years. If this country still exists in two more years….
        *I copy this from my reddit post:
        If you wonder why I spent all day at the public swimming pool:
        I got LASIK surgery done 4 weeks ago and while my vision is perfect at day I see terribly without sunlight.
        I know figured out the problem: the Laser treats a zone of around 6 mm in diameter on the center of your pupils. Therefore your pupil size at bad light shouldn’t be 7 mm or more. They didn’t tell me that before the procedure of course because they wanted my money. Turns out my pupil size is gigantic (9 mm) and I wasn’t a candidate for a laser eye surgery. I will probably sue them but the eye clinic (it’s pretty much a franchise) is actually known for their nearly criminal money obsessed behaviour and they won nearly every time in court.
        If I would have seen this german TV report before the surgery I would have canceled my appointment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0umBozopbZg
        As chance would have it I’ll move to Munich in october where a specialist is located that focuses on laser repair surgeries. If my cornea is still thick enough I could get another surgery from this luminary where he increases the size of the treatment zone with a topographical laser so that it fits the size of my pupils.
        I just hope that I am a good candidate.
        Otherwise my dimlight vision is fucked for the rest of my life.
        So I paid 2 grand for being a cripple under bad light conditions.
        Just because I wasn’t educated enough and because some doctors are so freaking greedy.

        1. They should be correcting your vision for free. There is no excuse now with advanced Lasers to make such an elementary miscalculation

    2. No offense intended to you, but it looks like we killed the vast majority of German men with balls 70 years ago and your race never recovered.

      1. My wife says that post ww2 Soviet women gave up their bus seats to young men out of respect for the man shortage of the era. Hitler threw all the young men away and then even threw in the boys. Unlike Germany, the ussr didn’t go through post war guilt over nazism which haunts young German men to this day. German feminism was a work ethic to rebuild the nation similar to Rosie the riveter campaign in the USA. USA feminism was beta male bashing, pure and simple, tolerated by the men because feminism, at least initially, slutted up the women. USA culture was and in many ways still is the most prudish compared to Iran or Saudi Arabia. The USA poison feminism spread to the anglosphere and from there to Germany but also from Sweden which also was messed up for other reasons.

        1. I did say the vast majority, not all. When that attitude expands to the cuck government and becomes the norm, I’ll reconsider my original statement.

    3. A german girl I knew hated trump and his policies. SHe said they needed to help refugees find work and shelter. Wut? She’s 24 btw

  24. This is definitely partly true. However, it is also true that there are powerful innate factors within women that keep them from mating outside their people.
    This has been shown in studies, and is the main reason 50 years of promoting mudsharking has still not produced a major number of women sexing blacks, asians or moslems.
    I think what they want most is for European men to smack them down and retake the reigns of power in Europe. This is happening, slowly. The age of the betaboy is dying as alpha male power reasserts itself.

  25. Well Japanese women were raped by American soldiers during ww2.
    Of course women love rapists over wimps.

    1. Where did that happen?
      The girls(who were raped by the IAJ) from china, korea, phillipines, etc.. want to know!

      1. Edit: All my years of reading history I have never read of an American soldier raping a Japanese woman. They never were in physical contact outside of Okinawa.

        1. Even if they did, if they were caught they would have faced severe consequences, whereas the Japanese condoned it if not encouraged it.

        2. European theater, 49 American soldiers were convicted of rape and shot by firing squads. I would not doubt others got away with it.
          Unknown to most, in the US military being convicted of rape today still holds death as a possible sentence.

        3. http://www.kamikazeimages.net/books/japanese/sato/index.htm
          “”After the Americans had left Chiran, a young woman named
          Fujiko who worked at Uchimura Ryokan realized she was pregnant. The father was
          an American soldier named John. During the author’s research for this book, she
          met once with Fujiko, who revealed that John had raped her. She explained that at
          the time she felt nothing could be said against the occupying American force.
          After finding out she was pregnant, she went to Fukuoka to give birth secretly
          to a boy called Toshibo. When she returned to Chiran, Tome Torihama took her and
          her son in and let her work at Tomiya Restaurant. As Toshibo grew up, he
          always went about town wearing a cap to hide his brown hair, but he
          successfully graduated from high school. He moved to Fukuoka for a job after
          graduation, but he suddenly quit this position and disappeared. Reiko Akabane
          finally located him in the Tokyo area working at a gas station. She found out
          how angry and embarrassed he felt upon reading the book Tokkou kichi Chiran
          (Chiran, special attack force base) by Toshiro Takagi when first published in
          1965. Toshibo found out about the details of his birth from this book, and he told
          Reiko about his anger toward his mother and his chagrin that everyone except he
          seemed to know about his background. Reiko’s mother Tome became very angry at the
          story’s publication since she had warned Takagi not to write about this.””

        4. Wow that was severe. I would have thought they would have got court marshaled and a jail sentence, less than in civilian cases, unless they are doing it in times of peace.
          During ww2 the Japanese and Russian soldiers were the worst when it came to rape.

        5. UCMJ hands out harsher sentences and it is easier to convict. I’ve been involved in a couple of Military trials. Theaters of war they are even harsher and expedient–but that was in the old days. Ike had one US soldier executed for desertion and the press never shut up about it. The Germans shot 20,000 for desertion and the soviets even more.

        6. Black troops raped thousands of Italian / Sicilian women and the commanding officers did nothing
          “In Naples, South Italy, an Italian survivor states that Black American troops were allowed by their superiors free access to Italian women. In Italy, the number of rapes committed by blacks during WW2 in South of Italy alone – amounts to roughly 60.000 women, children and teenagers. The result of this interracial rape and sexual slavery was the production of a generation of pitiable mixed-race children, a result of interracial sex between Italian women and Liberal beasts.”

    2. You’re pulling that out of your ass. American soldiers didn’t set foot on Japan until after Japan surrendered. There’s significant sub-set of asian females that are just horny for western men in general. Post-war there’s much more freedom to travel for all cultures so its more obvious to see.

        1. we’re not talking about rights. this is about women secretly preferring the strong (alpha) invaders over their weak (beta/omega) males.

  26. Brilliant article. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They have no concept of a nation, boundaries, or group. Their hamster overrides any logic you try and place on them.

    1. Even my grandmother, country and traditional, thought women shouldn’t vote. God rest her soul, she was more Red Pill than many modern “men.”

  27. And the whole irony of this article is that those many consider alpha, such as the police and military do zilch against these same invaders. Or worse, would shoot their own countrymen if they dared fight back.

      1. So alphas take their marching orders from feminized cucks? Doesn’t seem so masculine to me. Of course as glorified mercenaries I suppose that would add more weight to selling our country to the highest bidder.

        1. Why do you assume someone is Alpha just because they are police or military? I assure you, it isn’t true.

    1. The system is designed to not allow a legal means of taking back control.
      There’s military high ranks that are alphas, but they have to remain silent until the coupe comes.
      American soldiers on the other hand can not be alphas. They willingly go to wars that benefit nobody but Israel.

      1. And when will this coup that you mentioned occur? Five years from now? Ten? It better be sooner rather than later, or else at the rate this culture is de-evolving all the top brass will start looking like my avatar.

  28. What about the feminists who continue to be feminists despite angry, white men attacking them (online) and send death threats to them. If feminism was a testing, then why isn’t the exorcism working as “redpillers” claim it would? Basically every feminist in my country who write articles gets death threats and hate from native, white, nationalist men.

    1. because white men don’t show up and chop their heads off and do honor killings, which is what muslims do. They follow through with their threats, and openly demonstrate what they do to women in their sharia communities.
      Don’t worry, once white men are gone or (like in Germany) no longer care to protect white women, you’ll find out what muslims do.

      1. Refugee centers are being burned down as fast as they go up
        Don’t ever suggest German men aren’t resisting

    2. A lot of these “threats” are self generated by the feminists. There have been a lot of exposes of this tactic.
      I long to see the day when you get to experience real oppression from actual real scary dudes. I’ll watch them destroy your kind through my rifle scope but won’t fire a shot to help you.
      You’re welcome.

    3. because they are nothing but threat, the day some white dudes will make them spit their teeth they will know their place.

    4. Considering how many men feminism has destroyed can you blame them? I don’t. They brought it on themselves.

      1. ofcourse, I don’t defend feminazis. Point is though that the red pill says that feminists are like they are because they are looking for a reaction. They get a reaction, so shouldn’t they be pleased that white men attack (verbally but it can be creepy) them and after that stop being feminists.

    5. Feminists exaggerate the actual threats or even falsify them. Every feminist I knew was actually shocked when encountering polite intellectual resistance because they had lived in a bubble for so long. Even now, they throw a hissy fit over roosh whose at best a niche media influence. It’s a house of cards and they know it.

  29. I do agree with some points Michael Augustus is making.However, I want to call out something. Traveling to Germany, I can say that most German women and the Germans in general, do not like the refugees coming in. This may go against everything this site is about, but I saw more German women with pussy and weak men then I saw women with strong masculine men(however me being athletic I found no problem connecting with the fore-mentioned women) and masculinity is not dead in germany, I met someone who beat the shit out of a rapeugee because he was cat calling his hot ass girlfriend(about an american 9). I agree most women are not attracted to the weak “beta” men(I put beta in quotation marks because in the wild the beta takes over when the alpha is gone or dead). In fact today I realized this red pill truth. I shared some of my red pill knowledge with a hardcore “beta” or an omega whom was dating a feminist(poor ass sucker) and I told him to be a man and not let the bitch put a ring in his nose. Well being the typical beta he became pussy struck, today the bitch told her story about why she dumped him, he was emotionally needy and weak. red pill truth confirmed.

    1. I’m surprised the cops (government) didn’t jail him for hurting a precious rapeugee.

      1. They would have if caught, maybe even spiced it up with hate crime charges.
        Germany is Literally Hitler!

        1. Yeh the hate crime laws which add to the ever increasing legislation that gives the govt control over our lives, which have popped up in a number countries help give government more power to curtail nationalism by the local citizens.

  30. If every one of you castrates a hundred muslim men it will certainly help. Wait until they sleep then steel-toe-boot them right in their sandy junk.

  31. What the actual fuck is going on with this site though? Is this what Harambae died for?

      1. With all the testosterone on this site we should be able to get a whole lotta dicks out for Harambae. Just a few more dicks out and Harambae will be fully regenerated and then maybe he can save us from our sinful lives of being on this site to begin with.
        Dicks Out For Harambae 2K16.

        1. Remember to keep your dick out to spread the support for Harambae. Every dick counts my man.

        2. Spreading the good word of Harambae isn’t meant to be a humours act, I apologize if it would come off as such. Please take my apology and try and accept Harambae into your life. All it takes is a dick out and you too can support Harambae.

        3. shut it you evil SJW omega male, Harambe is our true lord and savior yet he was killed by clinton

    1. Jesus Christ has returned, he’s back. Bigger and badder than ever.
      Jesus returned later this afternoon in the form of a benevolent Western Lowland Gorilla who brings a message of hope, love and repentance. Please kneel before this humble creature of joy who suffered at the hands of persecution but defied all odds.
      Since Harambe the gorilla was shot earlier this year his body has been sitting in a lab waiting to be picked apart. The corporate fat cats were quick to send him away to profit from his body once again, but the grace of the lord has returned him to us to confirm that he is indeed the messiah we have been waiting for.
      Some theorists suggest the CIA were ordered to murder Harambe following a viewing of “Planet Of The Apes” in the white house which rightfully shook the whole room. The anti-gorilla propaganda film shook President Obama so much that he ordered the death of Harambe. The American government saw him as a threat to their agenda of war and hatred and much like the first carnation of Jesus, was murdered for the way he lived and what he taught.
      Much like the old Jesus Christ, Harambe appears to have pulled a fast one and no one can locate him. Another angel in heaven or is he walking amongst us again?

      1. My life has forever changed due to the grace of Harambae and the injustice of his death. Harambae 3:14 “Dicks out”

    2. ok you got me with that one. Honest to Harambae I laughed out loud.
      Side note: you think this is what “bae” means…a shortened version of Harambae meant to denote affection?

      1. That’s a good observation. It would seem plausible that such a benevolent being would be deserving to become a slang word of affection for the newest generation, thus spreading the love for others and Harambae in the same gesture.

  32. This the exact same reason women typically sided with blacks on racism. Blacks come from a much rugged background and are straight up on what they want from women. You don’t see women defending asians against racism now do you. Probably because asians bring similar factors as white cultures do

    1. Nah
      Kim Kartrashian and People magazine are used to foster a new and improved socially acceptable more and trend. That’d beastiality aka King King or Planet of the Apes
      No one wanted to be seen with let alone date a smelly nigga two decades ago

    1. The asshole was enforcing PC speech control on her. Deep down inside, women while in beta company will get wet thinking about the prospect of being dominated by a savage. They’re miserable around pussified men. They long to bite the pillow while being pounded wrecklessly in the ass by an alpha. The ‘men’ in the beta group if you could call them men should have began screaming war whops and rallying to defend their turf. That would have directed her tingles and the wetness towards the tribe chief in the room. Her loyalty will fold towards the most alpha man in the vicinity.
      Years ago I was sitting in a mixed group of friends and one was a pregnant teen who was in between boyfriends. I was 20 something and the discussion in the room was about some neighborhood rip offs and about watching our cars and catching whoever was doing the break-ins. I said we should take command and get a neighborhood posse and lynch the motherfuckers. The pregnant teen immediately became wet at me and she got these glowing eyes saying to me “oooh I love it. I love it when you talk blood and guts and gore.” Now maybe she was desparate to wife up someone but clearly she reacted to the idea of alphas taking matters into their own hands. The mere mention of a posse of alphas drew her allegiance. I told her to return to her master, the alpha rolling stone who knocked her up and I preached some general red pill daily bread to her and she quit trying to sit in my lap. Two other teen chicks in the room then chatted me up. So it is established that when a man pursues a dominant line of speech and shows a drive to take charge of matters themself, this draws the entire focus of females in the vicinity. Thus, the only government or authority that exists in a female’s mind is the visible and outward activities of the nearest alpha in the vicinity.

  33. “You see that, betas of Europe? That’s your future”
    “Betas of the United States and Canada? Keep it up, and women will encourage the same thing to happen here, embracing the enemy with open legs.”
    This article was long over due and thanks for posting it.
    The writing is not on the wall; but rather it’s on the huge brightly lit neon sign – the elites are out to destroy the west intentionally no doubt. But it is really disconcerting to see white females preferring beastiality i.e. fucking these lower primates – all while hating on the men of their own species. It makes it very difficult for any white guy to get motivated to fight for his culture. I’m not saying to throw in the towel, I’m just noting that he’ll have to be very strong psychologically to take back his heritage while the females of his race scream that he’s a racist for doing so.

    1. i think the elites of the past are behind ROM doom, and the elites of today want to do the same. i guess the fall of civilisation open new opportunity, and they intend to grab them.

    2. It’s a small minority that do in reality.
      The worst crime is that women don’t support the fighting to remove them, but that is not their job or their nature

  34. Good article but I wouldn’t consider rapefugees to be alphas, more like a misogynistic, but better alternative to pussyfied European male, of course from women standpoint.
    Btw, I am from Croatia (Balkans) and everybody knows about our war history with Ottoman scum.
    I am not exactly sure if it would be same to us as its in Middle and Western Europe. They were throughout history only fighting (or not) with each other, not fighting a fundamentally different enemy (Jihadists) like we did.
    We serve only as transit point, just to ship them to Europe, minor incidents only, thank God.
    But somehow I am sure that we will not back down like them if shit hits the fan here.

    1. Yep
      Women are about feels and nurturing, ESP whites women. It’s akin to them taking in ten stray cats. You don’t find many black cat ladies. Rapefugees are not seen as alpha but as misunderstood and oppressed people that need a white woman’s touch and love blah blah
      Worst case roll out Syrian drowning baby for full effect

  35. This is what happens when you give women the right to vote! They totally destroy our country cause they believe everyone can get along and be good. They are naive little children that shouldn’t be given any power. Once the Muslims take over, at least they will be sent back to the kitchen so the white male race can retake their country back. The beta men will have the shit kicked out of them which will turn them back into alpha men. This is the future people but I think the white race won’t have the numbers cause the Muslims will limit the amount of white babies.

  36. “women have no in-group loyalties”
    I believe this should be; Anglo-women have no in-group loyalties.
    You don`t see this kind of behaviour is say Japanese or Korean women, at least not to the same extent, even though their men are currently pretty beta in their behavior.
    Evolutionary differences?

    1. me thinks anglo-women centuries ago did have in group loyalties, when white man was busy conquering and building civilizations.
      same with japanese women when their men carried swords and built empires.
      I’d guess the same for other cultures / races.

      1. Case in point Korean women and German women. Both Korea and Germany were divided into two camps. N and S Korea are the exact same racial lineage but the two nations are wedged apart, similar to a family that is forced apart in a divorce court.
        In a family separation, the cucked father is the one who swallows the mandates of some bitchjudge in a skirt. Also a shit test of a nation is whether the people rebel when someone tries to forcibly divide the country. With true healthy nationalism, people will resist like bloodthirsty savages when their bloodtribe nation is threatened with being chopped in two. If they lay there like a giant carcass in a butcher shop, or if they animate themselves and stampede the butcher – that is the true test of their fortitude.
        The Koreans chose to be cucked by the world elites. They laid there and obliged while the globalists sawed thir racial body down the middle and then put a big statue of some revolutionary Jewish guy like it was a fucking cake shop or something.
        The Germans were also hacked into two and then separated by a wall and a statue of THE SAME JEWISH GUY stuck on the eastern side like a damn wedding cake. HEY I SEE A PATTERN. Someone in the butcher bakery business is playing tiddlywinks methinks. Did the German people place an order for this Jewish guy to come trapasing in and run his Ezekiel bread route? The big Jewish guy is semitic which derives from ‘semi’ or ‘half’. He’s a half breed. His blood is mixed. Blood isn’t important to him. Neither his nor yours. The Germans couldn’t rise from the ashes without their Fuhrer? They took their separation orders from semites? How cucked is that? Is blood not stronger than some statue of a Jewish guy??
        E and W Germany were always the same blood while Europe in general has always been a diversity of white tribes. I can understand having a border between Spain and France since they’re different tribes, but East vs West Germany??The Nordics, Celts, Welsh, Saxons, Teutonics, Basque are all unique and have characteristics that are like separate races altogether. Borders between European tribal kingdoms of different haplogroup bloodlines are understandable like Swedes being Separate from Finns and Germans being separate in blood from French and Basque. But East and West Germany and a wall to keep the camps divided and an off limits train leading to West Berlin? How cucked can a people be to swallow that kind of shit?
        I always compared the division of Germany to what a family is subject to in divorce court. The bitch mother makes the call so it’s really not her call. It’s the Jew enablers. The Jew feminist leaders ’emancipated’ our grandmothers and now the Jew robojudge rubber stamps the separation orders as per the bitch mother’s petition.
        A nation being conquered and divided and having to pay dues to the new governing body is just like the nanny state dividing a family and the Father being restricted visitation with his own blood offspring under the auspices of some Jewish family court magistrate and some Jewess child support worker keeping tabs on the blood money the Father has to cough up to her office.
        Any red blooded man would go Rambo on those insects, the parasite worms invading the structure of the bloodline. How jewcucked and bitchcucked could the Germans or the Koreans really be to acquiesce to a fucking statue of some dead Jew?
        Koreans divided have far less tribal loyalty amongst their women than if they reunited. Western servicemen pick up South Korean women from the landscape like a Bissell steam cleaner. The fact that they swallowed the cuck and divide mandates of the global nanny state says that the Korean ‘daddy’ didn’t have the balls to do a Rambo at global ‘city hall’ and flatten the place.

      2. Anglos have less in group loyalties in general, regardless of gender, I think that`s quite obvious.
        Look at the Immigration policies of Japan and South-Korea.
        It follows then that their women are also more sceptical towards foreign men, which I think holds true.

  37. You also forgot to add into the equation gender construct. Why is it that only WHITE men are told to embrace their feminine side and NOT men of Middle Easter or African heritage who have a HIGHER testosterone level? Most of your betas are white. What whites who are NOT betas are pretty much MGTOWers.

  38. Feminists ignore Islamic rape for the same reason they ignored the home invasion and rape of Cytherea: because the perpetrators weren’t the cis White males they despise – and envy, if they’re honest.
    Leftist Logic 101 concerning criminals: if they ain’t White, they’re alright.

    1. Never heard of this until reading your comment. Then went to youtube and saw the local news clips of the crime. Real horrible, no matter what the victim does for a living. Isn’t is sickening how the lefties in the media protect their little pet monkeys?

    2. Just did my own research too. Didn’t hear about it at all. Horrible crime indeed.

  39. Women are programmed by nature/God to want to have children. They naturally look for males who have characteristics that would enable their children to survive. Women don’t gravitate to bad boys because they desire to be with someone who is bad but rather the bad boys generally show strength and, ironically, leadership qualities. Beta males can be supportive but they are not exceptional in any way and are seen by women as okay to settle on as “leftovers.” Strange though, women tend to like men who are into having kids. I know lots of Mormon guys with big families who get hit on by single women not because these women find the religion desirable but they see fathers who create little tribes and deep down want that. Maybe if males began to embrace the desirability of having children again they might find women, regardless of what they say on the outside, longing for them? Besides, we need to raise the birthrate. https://freedomfromconscience.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/10-reasons-to-have-children/

    1. who is dumb enough to make babies when war is coming. nature goes like this: war is over then comes the babyboom.

  40. ever since my son entered the public indoctrination system, I have seen this feminization take place. boys have absolutely no outlet to vent their primal urges in the school yard. if the game in question has any sort of physical contact required that goes beyond the violence of a handshake, the law comes down on it. the curriculum is based more on feeling over fact. one could say its SJW-Junior Edition. I would rather head to the grave than to witness my boy being brought up as a female with testes.

    1. Good for you, Brad! You are a good father and your boys are lucky to be your sons. Never compromise or give up!

  41. Except German women disliked refugees more than men after Cologne. They’re just dumb and thought the refugees were women and children imo.

  42. Some unpleasant truths just have to be said. Great article, but one I cannot forward to more than one or two dudes open to truth.

  43. We should expell all non-whites from white lands and go back to a normal civilization.
    Women shouldn’t work if they are unable to give at least 2 babies to the society.
    This sounds fascist, but if this is the only way to prevent white extinction…

  44. Anyone who thinks they are an alpha are far from it. Small dicked pussies think they are big bad tough guys who are actually very insecure about themselves and put on this bullshit front. So fuck off all you lesser men with this racist and misogynistic bullshit. Pussies like all of you are so god damn pathetic. You’re scared of everyone else in the world because you aren’t actually “alphas” you’re all just putting on this front because you’re all actually scared to death and are full on cowards.

    1. Looks like this article got at least one mangina’s dander up.
      Shortly after his post he went back to being beta, though.

    2. One look at your photo, and we know who wears the pants in the relationship, and who’s taking it up the ass from his wife’s dildo. Does it still hurt now, or have your muscles relaxed enough for you to enjoy being pummeled nightly?

  45. After reading the article…. what I see here is a lot of narrative, and I’m
    left wondering how much truth there is in what I’m reading.
    used to be a man. When I sat with women as a man, and introduced
    myself by running through some of my history and accomplishments –
    specializing in biomechanics for 10 years, living in Malaysia for 4
    years, writing a few books, switching careers and becoming a mental
    health specialist…. women just ate that up, and had extreme interest
    in me. It’s not hard for me to be confident given all I’ve been
    Now that I’m a woman, when I say that exact
    same thing, women are totally turned off. I’ve had women get up and
    leave the table within 30 seconds of me talking because I said a 3
    syllable word they were unfamiliar with. I could take off the makeup,
    go back to using male voice, and the reactions are totally different.
    I’ve not been intimate with anyone after becoming female nearly 3 years
    This feminist “research” that shows “men are terrified of intelligent women” is of course bullshit. Not just because I can easily pick apart the research itself, which is so poorly conducted it’s laughable, but because I can falsify it as many times as you’d like to see it happen. I can approach any man, be as smart and witty as I want, and in 20 minutes have him come home with me. And if I had any sexual attraction at all to men, things might be less difficult for me.
    So it’s an interesting speculation that women
    are actually *wanting*, on some level, to be dominated by men. As I’m only interested in women, it’s difficult to relate. So it’s something to think about.

        1. I’m not seeking your approval. Transgender identity and related questions – such as whether it’s a mental illness – is currently a hot button topic in our ongoing national debate. We happen to be on a public forum, which is precisely the place to be having this exchange.
          If you’ve decided you want to bow out from this, that’s also fine. Otherwise, you put forward that being trans is the “epitome of insanity” with no evidence backing your claim. I’m kindly asking what you – or anyone else on here who thinks like you – would accept as counter evidence that would change your mind.
          Because if the answer is “nothing” … well, that’s the definition of faith, and that’s precisely what 3rd Wave Feminist do.

        2. you call bitter sweet. lets argue about why an animal deliberately destroys its reproductive organ and wants to be seen as mentally healthy. It even establishes itself as a “mental health specialist” and its granted as such by the government even tho its clearly showing that it is insane, absolutely crazy and perverted.

        3. Or we could argue about how “sane” people sing songs to dead trees and eat candy out of socks because a fat man crawled down your chimney and delivered presents because a dirt man and a rib woman ate fruit from a magic tree after being tricked by a talking snake and how this all results in the obvious conclusion that the tip of your dick should be cut off shortly after you were born.
          Or how people force themselves to wake up so early that they need state sponsored drugs in the form of a beverage just to become aroused so they can fight traffic on highway systems meant to resolve traffic and get to a job they hate to buy things they don’t need and do the impossible for the ungrateful, all the while hoping to fall in love and meet someone because you didn’t already have enough drama in your life without a divorce and losing half of what you own.
          ………. but someone thinks they might really be a girl?
          Okay, now *THAT’S* insane!

        4. you changed the subject. and you can’t comprehend. have fun with your artificial vadge LOL. can you get pregnant LOL? you have to go to gay bars to pick up homos because no sane person would ever accept you as a real woman. Do you wish to get a prince charming a Ken and you are his barbie you plastic thing. Go and swing your butt around in the gay parades. you probably depend on the government to steal a child for you so you can share your insanity with the little ones. “someone thinks they might really be a girl” and a polar bear thinks he might be a little bird. no he doesn’t but lets grant all the freaks their crazy wishes and what do we get? a messed up insane world exactly what we have now.

        5. I didn’t change the subject. Your point was that if a person’s lifestyle choice deviates from your own lifestyle, then that’s how insanity is defined. I’m showing you just hard that standard of sanity fails.
          There are cis-gender women who can’t get pregnant. Are they somehow not women?
          I don’t go to gay bars, I go to lesbian bars. Because I’m a woman, and I date other women. Unless you want to turn back the clock to 1965 and define homosexuality as a form of insanity as well. If so, then we’re done, as I don’t feel motivated to sit here and walk you through how mental health is defined when you’re trying your best not to understand.
          I am also a Republican, and do not “depend on the government”. It seems you’ve made quite a number of assumptions about something you know very little about.

        6. Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness until 1973, the same year Joos got our judiciary to sanction slaughtering our children and selling their body parts for lamborghinis. A Joos got to eat no?

    1. Of course they do. *SCIENCE* has proven that many times. One of the most common fantasies women have are rape dreams. Day- or nightdreams. Educate yourself you naive child.

      1. That’s Bernie Sanders fantasy talk.
        Most women desire a stable family and loving husband. The rest is degenerate fantasy joo speak

        1. Hillbilly, i dont remember the leftist bernie sanders speaking about his wifes rape fantasies. Where did you hear that?
          A stable family and a loving husband and rape fantasies go hand in hand. Why? Because the “loving” husband is often a boring beta male who does not satisfy a womans needs in bed.
          A stable family with a loving husband who is a wild beast in bed and will dominate her to multiple orgasms each time they have sex is the holy grail for each and every woman.
          Pretty rare find though. So the majority of women go with “beta bugs and alpha fucks” or in other words; they marry mr stable and boring office drone and daydream (or day fuck) about Mr. KickassJohnson.

        2. Meh.
          All joo speak and precisely what joo Bernie Sanders wrote years ago.
          Google Bernie Sanders on women and rape.
          Women desire a family and loving husband…. think June Cleaver 1950s not raped by a nigger as Bernie would have you believe

  46. Not sure this is the best place for this comment, but weight-lifting is actually quite feminine, in the traditional sense. It basically didn’t exist before the 1960’s, and didn’t start catching on until the 1980’s, as a reaction to the loss of traditional patriarchy.
    When traditional society broke down, and female-mate-choice came roaring back, men started peacocking — decorating themselves, like women traditionally did before — in an effort to compete with other men.
    Traditionally, body-building/weight-lifting (I am not making a distinction) would have been seen as very unmanly prior to the 1960s.

    1. Those naked roman and greek bodies in ancient art are pretty gay with small dicks. But women love a good set of muscular biceps. In the past you get those naturally doing your daily manly job. Women love to feel secure a tall big strong man fit the requirement. We don’t have natural big muscular men. Testoterone levels are low. Body building obsesion is just a form of narcism. It’s ok to work out. Too much is gay.

    2. You are right and wrong at the same time.
      You are right: Weight-lifting is indeed “unmanly” in the sense that the barbarian warriors of old did not have to lift weights in a gym. These knights wore heavy metal armor several hours a day and did train with 30 pound swords for hours.
      You are wrong when it comes to “peacocking”. The lifter may still be a degenerate product of a degenerate life full of sitting and comfort. He is however a lot more manly than the degenerate office drone and city dweller who does NOT lift.
      And then lets look at the soldier or criminal who does lift and train martial arts and weapon fighting. These guys do not do this to “decorate themselves”, they do use their strength and skills to crush weaker men. Not feminine at all.

  47. You have hit gold and this needs to be indexed and linked by Rollo. His “War Brides” post explains this is how it was. Dr. Warlock’s post explains this is how it is.
    >>”they’ve legally restrained a man’s ability to discipline and properly set boundaries in the home, the very same discipline and boundaries that women instinctively seek.”
    Yes!! The rot runs deep. I was banned by Dalrock for merely commenting that men once had the power of “life and death” over their families and their women. Apparently this is “Combox Tourettes” to the anti-Churchian. Doc states it exactly right. Men could spank their mouthy, bratty wives for all of human history until recently. All the way until the late 1950’s a bitchy wife was likely to be thrown over your knee. Playing the sexual denial game? Not likely.
    This power is exactly what makes women wet and horny and it is this power that has been taken from men. Sorry Dalrock. You may not want to talk about it and you can ban men for mentioning the truth but you can’t avoid the truth. It will set you free you know.

  48. Hey, azzhat, I don’t remember getting a vote on the invasion of Mestizos or Somalis and Syrians. Neither did these people. As more women continue to buy firearms in the U.S., you will find out if women want to be raped.

  49. The problem isn’t muslims. Muslims always wanted to conquer Europe. But Muslims are dumb as shit, they don’t orchestrate anything.
    So why are they a nuisance? They’re a nuisance because we are ruled by globalists who use those cameljockeys as a tool of infiltration and corruption, just like they use SJWs, antifa and feminists. They are all their tools and they’re one and the same. You won’t solve shit if you just kick out muslims from europe (And i’m not saying it’s a bad idea at all). Something else will take the place of muslims in a couple years. They always cycle their tools.
    To solve the problem it’s the globalists that shall be obliterated and their tools will be useless. If the next big war is between us and muslims, civilization is fucked. We’ll all be too weak and deluded into thinking we’ve won, to face the real enemy.
    Know your enemy, above all else

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