Chris Brown Gets Arrested After Accusation By Unvetted Woman He Allowed In His Home

As you may already know, Chris Brown was sensationally arrested this week after a woman alleged he pointed a gun at her head in Los Angeles. Self-declared beauty queen Baylee Curran claimed to have still been “in shock,” but immediately found time to speak to Entertainment TonightTMZ Live and Us Magazine.

Yet even as the media rules that Brown is guilty because of his past legal problems involving Rihanna, far less attention has been paid to Curran’s long history of general deceit. For a start, she was stripped of the beauty pageant crown she says she retains, Miss Regional California 2016. Another beauty title purportedly on her resumé, Miss California USA Ambassador 2016, is one organizers assert she never even entered to win. She is also wanted for questioning in New York for a very serious allegation of larceny concerning a stolen $1,000 purse with additional cash, credit cards and other items inside.

As for the night in question, Baylee Curran has claimed that Chris Brown’s associates began to verbally abuse her after she looked at expensive watches and jewelry items being laid out at his mansion. It was then that she says Brown pulled the gun on her. A veritably massive police response followed Curran calling 911, including a helicopter presence and a SWAT team. Brown ended up posting a mammoth $250,000 bond to obtain bail.

While Chris Brown has again exposed himself to the status of pariah, especially based on his standoffish and volatile video response before being arrested, if his background is being used against him, it is only fitting that Curran’s is explored, too.

Oh wow, another aspiring actress/singer/music video girl/celebrity

Duck meets horse.

Witness reports, albeit currently hard to confirm, tend to support Chris Brown’s story. Brown himself insists he was asleep at the time he is meant to have aimed the gun at Curran’s head. For her part, she has said that she was there to secure a role in one of the singer’s upcoming music videos. Because her beauty pageant experience has only given her a limited public profile, despite her dethroning as Miss Regional California coming after a nude photo scandal, the woman has a lot to gain from allegations against Brown, proven or unproven.

The speed in which Curran sought media attention is troubling, to say the least. She could be definitively outed as a shameless fabulist before too long and nevertheless escape with whatever money she has accumulated so far from media outlets. Plus there’s the fame she has achieved from her “ordeal.” As I will outline, Brown undoubtedly worsened his situation. Regardless, a very savvy Baylee Curran has seized her opportunity to seek fame, rather than “justice,” which would have been better served by her allowing a criminal investigation to take place by either remaining silent or not talking to purely tabloid outlets like Entertainment TonightTMZ Live and Us Magazine.

Some Serious Mistakes Chris Brown Made Or Might Have Made

1. He barricaded himself in his house.

This mistake is certain, as the rambling video Brown made of himself makes clear. Irrespective of the overkill most people would associate with the SWAT and helicopter arrivals, the singer had no chance in hell of avoiding the police once they arrived. He may have every right to be angry, but that anger led to an incredibly stupid decision to hole himself up inside his mansion for so long.

2. His language only insulted and would have infuriated police, in addition to alienating much of the public.

Another confirmed error. There’s a difference between vociferously fighting an unfair charge/false allegations and completely flying off the handle at authorities. Brown chose to do the latter, at least verbally when he barricaded himself in at home. “Fuck everybody,” “fuck the police,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “the worst gang in the world…[is]  the police” were just some of the very, very non-erudite (and totally unhelpful) phrases coming out of Brown’s mouth. Moreover, countless people already, even if unfairly regard Brown as guilty because of his previous criminal history involving Rihanna. A rant like this only solidifies people’s perceptions.

3. He and/or his entourage likely did no simple background checks on the girl in question.

This one is harder to assess. Curran’s problematic personal story is an immediate giveaway and she says she had met him before. If true, Brown would have benefited from knowing about her lying, namely about having titles she was either stripped of or had never competed for. That said, he could not have reasonably found out about her alleged crime in New York. At the end of the day, party girls and groupies can be fickle at the best of times, let alone when they’re very public liars and you’re a man who has faced previous male-on-female violence allegations that can be easily exploited by a calculating, self-serving individual. A man with Brown’s history needs to be relatively cautious about his company and the risks of being taken for a ride in the media or legal system.

4. Brown or members of his entourage probably went over the top with their anger

This is without even countenancing the gun to the head allegation. I can readily believe the girl acted like a brat, touching or getting too close to things she should have avoided, but oftentimes situations are best defused with an absolute minimum of fuss. It’s perfectly possible that Brown or someone else inflamed the situation with words or emotions, and they figuratively kicked a viper who ended up calling 911 to attention-whore to the world. People may deserve rebukes from you. These rebukes are, however, frequently not in your best interests to deliver. They can suddenly and very momentously create trouble.

Be very careful about who you associate with

All that glitters is not necessarily gold.

Other news circulating around centers on Baylee Curran being in cahoots with the mother of Chris Brown’s child and a text message Curran might have sent, saying Brown was “going down.” The baby mama angle is particularly relevant, as his ex was schooled recently in court for her antics in a custody dispute. These even more sensationalized elements of the scandal are best to left to the side for the time being. Right now, Brown has enough to process and learn from, as do we as observers.

The moral of the story is that rich, phenomenally famous men are not immune to female accusations. In fact, they are sometimes far, far more likely to attract them. A man is vulnerable to a female trying to tear him down, no matter what his station in life.

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182 thoughts on “Chris Brown Gets Arrested After Accusation By Unvetted Woman He Allowed In His Home”

    1. What can we expect? This IS California, where both machines and people are silicon/e enhanced.

  1. If cops can point guns at people to get them to follow orders I don’t see why a citizen can’t point a gun at someone to expel them from his home.

  2. This is why whenever things go south with ANY chick… you start recording them with your phone, especially if they’re in YOUR house. If he or someone in his crew had done that, and just remained calm and civil when the police showed up, things would’ve turned out differently.
    But there’s multiple fault lines in this. Between the attention-seeking chick with a history of misdeeds, Brown’s hood-like upbringing, and the fact that his ex actually got burned in family court… this was never gonna end well.
    It just proves, once again, that many problems like this can be resolved if you have a strong male figure to raise you, and friends who are loyal to you for reasons other than money. I’m assuming neither of those factors was going in Brown’s favor.

    1. He isn’t “gangsta” enough. Hoes will never try to pull something like this if they know they will never get away with it. Much better to be feared than “respected”

  3. Any time a woman comes over, you start recording with your phone. Keep it in your pocket or put it face down on the desk or whatever. It’s such a tiny easy thing to do and it may save your life. I am baffled that most people don’t do this, because in this climate it seems like an absolutely necessary precaution to take around females.

    1. But unfortunately covert recordings in your home either video or audio without consent are often illegal. Although there may be some exceptions as long as it is not shared or publicly posted. Best seek legal advice.

      1. Lying about what transpired in a tryst is also illegal but that doesn’t stop it from happening.
        Even if it isn’t legal, perhaps it could be used to subtly blackmail/discredit the liar, similar to how the millionaire accused of beating his wife (allegedly) released that video of her beating herself up.

      2. Depends on if you live on a one or two party consent state. People should be doing this at work, also.

      3. Even in a two party consent state, what would you rather be facing, rape charges, or illegal recording charges? Factor in that when they charge you with illegal recording, you are going to go to the public in places like this with your story about how they’re punishing you because you successfully defended yourself from a false rape allegation. I’m lucky enough to live in a one party consent state, but even if I did not, I would record anyway.

      4. That’s incorrect. Most states, and by that I mean the overwhelming majority of them, have one-party consent regarding recording. Meaning that if you’re in the recording, you consented to it (since you recorded it) and thus, you’re fully covered legally.

  4. He’s a rapper or something?
    In other words, a piece of dirt.
    And if she went to his “stash house” with him and his thug crew, then she is a moron and perhaps a mudshark.
    Don’t give a [email protected] about either one of them.

    1. Yeah but that “piece of dirt” has all the more means to enjoy his life while you’re commenting about him off your shitty smartphone, in an apartment you’re probably struggling to pay for monthly. Doesn’t masculine principle teach not to envy but strive to achieve such?

      1. I don’t own a smartphone. I have a flip phone as that is all I want & require.
        Yes, I live in an apartment, but I do not struggle to pay rent. In fact, for income & net worth, I am within the top 10% for the US. I live way below my means as I have a compulsive need for “f-u” money.
        Not sure what “masculine principle” dictates, but I am sure that some if not most the values are I grew up with are far superior to the vulgar crap that goes on today. Do you think that rap is a viable form of entertainment? Or have white kids been so brainwashed by the ultra left wing public school system and Americans media’s worship of the black that they mindlessly spend their money on this vulgar crap? Let’s face it, if white kids did not buy this garbage, these thugs and miscreants would not be millionaires. And do you think it is acceptable for white females to fraternize with blacks? Or once again, have they been brainwashed from kindergarten to believe this is OK? When I grew up back in the 70s and 80s, the only time you would see a white female with a black male is 1) if she was very fat or ugly, and even then it was extremely rare, 2) if she was a VERY bad drug addict, and once again quite ugly, or 3) a streetwalker with her pimp.

        1. It sucks not being able to afford a smartphone. Hell I didn’t even know they still made flip-phones.

        2. I’ve had it for 8 years. It works and it suits my purposes so there is no reason for me to get rid of it. Anyway, I don’t want a “smartphone”. Guys with those have to answer emails from work on the weekend.
          I also still have my 2006 toyota camry. It drives great and there is no need for a new car. More f-u money for me.

        3. Why do they have to answer emails from work on the weekend? I don’t.
          I’m with you on the car. Mine is a 2003 VW. Runs beautifully.

        4. I’m an IT contractor. You’d be surprised what goes on over the weekend.
          If they need me, they can call me.

        5. Spot on. Most (if not all) of the authors on this site think it’s acceptable for white females to fraternize with blacks. All the while claiming to represent nationalism and support traditional Western values.

        6. So with your understanding of “nationalism” and “biblical laws,” does that mean that western Euros should not fraternize with Slavs?

        7. Hate to break it to you my friend, but your white women are whores. If they weren’t fucking black men, they’d be fucking white Chad Thundercock. The 50s are never coming back, bro. Time to accept it.

        8. You gotz a grill AND a chain, amiiiright homie?
          They call it “nigger rich” for a reason yo!

      2. Wow Jim did we insult your black boyfriend.What would you know about masculine anything?And I saw zero envy in his comment,much like the rest he just stated what pieces of they are.

  5. Ha. I literally (hitler) have no idea who any of these people are. I love that the article starts off with “as i am sure you already know”
    I would bet you every dime I have that I could have lived my entire life without ever knowing these peoples names, much less hearing this story for my entire life if it wasn’t on ROK.

    1. I didn’t know who they were either, thank goodness. Evidently a talentless thug that morons think is cool and a nasty ole mud shark. I am much more concerned over the possible banning of Kratom which is sure to cause dogs and cats to start sleeping together and making the rivers run north.

      1. You should be concerned about both. If they call in the paramilitaries to deal with Chris Brown but merely have a “siege” what do you think they will do with you, if you commit a crime (like sending exotic flowers through the mail without the proper paperwork).

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        2. It would depend on what kind of flowers they are I guess……
          I did think their response was a little overboard, a whole truckload of cops and a helicopter too? SMH

    2. Same here, I don’t know or care about entertainers or tv shows. People don’t believe that I never saw a single episode of “Cheers” or “Three’s Company” or anything else that followed because I didn’t give a shit. I used my time to work and invest so that I could travel abroad and take early retirement living off my rental properties in Hawaii. We all only have the same 24 hours a day and now that I have free time I find all you great men on ROK to be far more entertaining than that faggot Hollywood industry.

      1. Pfft. I can one up you. I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, and the first time I saw Justin Bieber in a magazine cover, I seriously thought he was a girl. Also, I’ve never seen an episode of either Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy. It is a blessing in disguise not to have cable.

        1. Pff, I can one-up both of you. I don’t know who that girl is, don’t know who Chris Brown is, don’t watch television shows, haven’t slept on a soft mattress in 3 years, shave my beard with a straight razor, run an hour back and forth to catch the train to work, eat live insects for protein, fucking shit on a hole in the ground and wipe my arse with thorny leaves….
          Alpha male represent bitch?

        2. You’re a pussy. I sleep on a bed of nails, shave my beard with a chainsaw and walk the tightrope on razor wire…. why? Cos fuck it that’s why!

    3. I only had a vague idea he was some sort of entertainer. However, the “As you may already know” referred to the arrest, which I admit to being well aware of. As the barricading and police response was ongoing, I did keep an eye on whatever live video was available, hoping to see some good quality television in the form of a shootout or something.

      1. In summation: a plastic, self involved, fraudulent Anglo woman and a wimpy, loudmouthed Black ‘entertainer’ had an incident. Thus, no worthwhile people involved. Next.

      2. I am disappointed that you and others here lack the maturity or insight to understand the significance of this event to you and and to others.

        1. His problem is that he lacks good judgement. My empathy is generally reserved for people who do not bring about their own problems.
          I understand the problems facing me, but they’re completely unrelated to this story. I can’t find a one that intersects with Mr. Brown.

    4. Chris Brown is the man that gave Rihanna a beating. Probably the not first and probably not the last.
      I think we should draw important conclusions from this. Yes Chris Brown is not the brightest or most articulate man. But he is a man with some fame and some money and is being put through the wringer by this slut. I understand that she actually wormed her way into the house – she was not invited. Her story seemed implausible to me right from the start. If they were concerned with her fascination with the jewelry there had to be a reason. Most guys are happy to show off their stuff to women.
      More importantly, and more disturbing is the disproportionate police response simply based on the word of a known liar. This could easily have turned very nasty. What is wrong with simple knock on the door by a couple of detectives following up on her accusation. This kind of response implies bullying and an assumption of guilt that goes way beyond the supposed crime itself. There was no accusation of harm, merely an accusation of threat absent proof.

        1. I read it in the Daily Mail (yeah I know). Actually even they thought this bitch was full of shit. The police on the other hand…

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said, but I have to ask what was the crime in the first place? Some strange bitch comes into your house and starts acting like she’s going to steal valuable shit and you can’t pull a gun and tell her to get the fuck out of your house? If that’s a crime, that’s retarded. What a nation of fucking pussies we’ve become. If people are this dependent on the police, it’s no wonder you have a SWAT team response.
        What should have happened is that two detectives showed up to talk to her outside, asked her what happened, listened to her story and then told her “You’re lucky you don’t have a bullet in your face. Don’t act sketchy in a strange man’s house around his valuable shit. Have a good evening. Case closed.”

        1. That’s not a “nation” thing, it’s a California thing. Big difference.

        2. Noooooooo. It was Chris Brown and the trigger moment occurred. GoJ moment? Two cops in a squad car.

        3. Hey now, ghost! ::arms akimbo::
          You know us Cali folks are the most progressive, sensitive, open minded, immigrant friendly, …fiscally responsible (lol) state in this backwords nation! WE ARE LEADING THE CHARGE….OFF THE CLIFF!

        4. Uh, is Chris Brown even supposed to HAVE guns in his house?
          He’s a felon, right?
          A tiny chick TOLD him she was gonna steal something, or she “acted like she was going to steal” (sounds like a typical big lie from the idiots in Brown’s entourage….or as Brown describes them, the brain trust….LOL). They NEEDED to pull a gun on this chick, with all his homeys there?
          Sounds like the typical hoodrat lies you hear on “Cops”.

      2. When you have that kind of status and money, you should do more to protect yourself from gold digging sluts. Probably easier said than done.

        1. Right…a moat with crocodiles and a few packs of wolves running around the yard ought to do it.
          Perhaps an auto-turret or two with pepper balls that only shoots at clowns.

      3. He is only famous cause pasty white bitches and their manginas get off on his performances and drama.

      4. Sure, except she reported ‘he pointed a gun at my head’. And then he barricaded in and would not respond to LE. That will usually bring heavy response on anyone, anywhere. Even if disproportionate, that is the current reality.

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        4. I agree in principle. But if i call them from your driveway and tell them you pointed a gun at me- guess what? They’re coming right on in.

      5. You’re absolutely spot on except for the fact that knocking on the door of the home of someone who was reportedly threatening someone with a gun is asking to get shot. She wasn’t a known liar at the time. The call and the video have yet to come out…

        1. I’m not so sure. I think that (and I don’t mean in this case), storming an armed man’s home is more likely to get you shot (as has happened). Which is why police only storm into people’s homes when they are reasonably sure the person is unarmed.
          In this case, I think if the guy is not a known violent criminal (I don’t think that domestic violence qualifies frankly), a polite knock at the door should be safe enough. Do we really think there are many people that answer the door by shooting through it?
          I think that the police ought to be able to determine if someone’s story is bullshit or not by interviewing them. They must see this shit all of the time.

      6. An article I read on another site has shed some light on Chris Brown. It said that oral herpes is running rampant in some Hollywood circles (not surprisingly) because of the hedonistic lifestyle these people lead. Sexually Transmitted Infection are always a constant in Tinseltown; just look at Charlie Sheen.
        It was claimed that Rihanna contracted herpes and passed it on to Chris, which is why he got so pissed off at her and almost beat her to death. Understandable, but not excusable.

        1. Interesting. She contracted it by cheating on him? That said, most people have oral herpes (even if you’ve never had an outbreak, you probably do). Its not particular to Hollywood.

        2. Some paparazzi photos shown on that site (which I forget the name of) show pics of Rihanna with what appear to be cold sores. She may have contracted it from the people she sold her body to to promote her career and then passed it on to Chris.
          The site in question was about Rihanna and Chris being members of Madonna’s Kabbalah Centre (in Florida?). They were allegedly involved in a break-in at another artist’s studio to steal songs for Madonna so she could keep her music career going.

        3. Interesting. At this point though, I don’t think anything can keep Madonna’s music career going.

        4. Agreed. She’s had her time.
          One thing about Madonna, though. Most pop singers don’t always write their own songs but have professional songwriters do it for them. Why couldn’t she have hers write more songs for her instead of having her goombas do the B&E thing? Did she really think she wouldn’t get found out?
          Pop stars, and celebrities in general are just mind-controlled dolls made to sing and dance (and do stupid shit) for our amusement. They’re there to distract us from the important stuff (that’s why tabloids sell so well), so it’s best to pay them no mind, other than using them as a cautionary tale.

    5. wow lolknee, this comment is similar to ones I see on youtube videos of classic rock bands. those videos usually feature a top comment saying some shit like, “hey I’m 4 years old and I love this band and at my school no one likes these guys they all like gay pop music which suxx :p”
      it’s like virtue signaling. you are letting everyone know how hipster you are by either liking “obscure” rock or being ignorant to pop music.
      really lolknee, are you a hipster.

      1. None of that is true. I listen to and have spoken here of all kinds of music including rap. I have just never heard of these two

    6. Literally hitler upvote
      You live in the rotten apple

      How can you possibly avoid pip culture so thoroughly????
      I dont care about it at all, and never seek it out

  6. I don’t know about you guys, but every morning when I wake up, I pop a Chris Brown C.D. into the player. Either that, or a C.D. by that guy who played the banjo in “Deliverance”. Usually, the latter…

  7. Player got played… I can’t say I give a shit about either of them. But seriously, if you have money and fame be careful who you associate with. There are lots of predators/gold diggers out there, looking to make bank, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

    1. Well said. Especially if you consider he’s a bit of a hot head, he’s one bad move away from going bankrupt, and possibly going to jail. In fact, Roosh just touched on the Mike Tyson saga, and it was a scenario just like this one.

  8. Hypergamous sloots pursue the alpha thug over the boring betas, then act all hurt and surprised later. What was she doing over at his house?

  9. It’s hard to have any sympathy for Chris Brown but yes I suppose you are right in that he was set up.
    Still a low consciousness thug though

  10. Duck meets horse.
    Even the eyes of the horse seem to be saying “Get the fuck away from me!”

      1. How did that harpie ever win Miss CA Regional in the first place??? Surely the most populous state in the country could produce something better than her!

  11. For her part, she has said that she was there to secure a role in one of the singer’s upcoming music videos.
    And how was she planning to ‘secure’ a role? Isn’t that something that the makers of the video decide? She’s basically admitted she was there to have sex with him in order to get the part.

    1. She was probably rejected and ignored in the house and couldn’t swallow her pride. Nobody takes rejection worse than a wannabe hot girl. House full of alpha males treat her like she’s invisible, kicks her out for lurking around expensive shit and she cries victim.

  12. Here’s what I don’t get about this. True, Chris Brown has a history of violence, reckless behavior, and total douchebaggery. Yet, even assuming he is a walking red flag, women are still going to his doorstep. And even assuming he did point a gun at this woman, it will not deter other women from approaching him. These women are just asking for trouble. Or maybe it’s hard to sympathize with a guy who I would love to punch every time I see his smug face.

    1. There was an article here about this very subject way back when; women–and especially doable ones–can’t stay away from pure, scum of the earth guys. Chris Brown, Joran van der Sloot, Jeremy Meeks; chicks just go apeshit for that.

      1. In these warped female minds the danger equates to excitement, you just don’t know what might happen next, keeps them on the edge, that is why they don’t leave and it attracts more as it goes on.

    2. I’ve met many women that love being slapped around and habitually date abusers. The drama and stimulation in those intense moments is like a drug to them. They’re adrenaline junkies and usually mentally and emotionally unstable. This is exactly the type of girl that would be a Chris Brown fan. She starts drama, pisses angry men off, they react with violence, she gets tingles and satisfaction from the whole ordeal. Ordinary men are just too boring for these types.

  13. Adding two more cents, that bikini pic up there is one of the many reasons American women just turn me off. Clearly these girls are trying too hard to be sexy and attractive. And then there’s that U.S flag bikini. Say what you will about Kaepernick not standing up for the Star Spangled Banner. Personally, I would be more offended by a dirty skank rubbing her STD infested crotch all over the Stars and Stripes.

    1. Lol okay Mr. mexican master race. Tell me you wouldn’t fuck her or any other chick who looks like her given the chance.

      1. First of all, take a look at how many white men in this site don’t want to fuck American women and can’t wait to move abroad. It’s not me being a “master race”, that’s just how it is. And yes, I’ve had the chance to fuck girls like this in the past. And drunk girls too. It’s not just the aesthetics that I’m not attracted to, but precisely because I had a bad feeling about these kinds of women, and this article confirms it.

        1. Okay man, look. I know there’s some decent men on here who really are what they say they’re about. These are the guys that ought to be representing our ideas. I am in no way saying this about all men on here, no way, but a lot of guys who read RoK and other manosphere articles are he-man woman haters solely for the fact that they aren’t good with women. Sure, some guys had a wife and kids and such then got divorced. Okay, I get that in a way, but it still indicates bitterness against American women. Yes, I k now, American women are fat, they have porky mouths, they’re STD ridden, yada yada yada, but if we really gave no shits about them, why do we talk about them so much? Me, I don’t hate women. None of us should. A lot of our women are far from perfect, but be real. There’s 320 million people in the US. At least near half have to be women. Tell me that out of those possible 160 million women here, don’t you think at least a fifteenth, or even twentieth of those women aren’t marriage or girlfriend material? Masculinity shouldn’t just be hating on sluts. It should be more about self improvement to the best you can be.

        2. A lot of men do value RoK for the locker room/bro-zone benefits, among other things. It is the added value of it being a place where they can vent, verbally.
          I don’t know if you’ve ever played team sports or worked any manual labor jobs for an extended time, but I’ve heard some truly fucked up deplorable shit in those kinds of places. It didn’t really effect me in any instance when I heard those things, except initially, when I was very young.
          It was off putting at first, I didn’t know what to think. It was way more graphic and messed up than anything I’d heard at that point, even in movies, and I certainly didn’t talk or think that way. .
          But in time I just stopped caring. They felt like revealing something they wouldn’t reveal anywhere else, and its whatever, different strokes, right?
          Calling people out on their bullshit is one thing. Its entirely valid, and necessary for masculine development, I think. But critiquing on bullshit that doesn’t objectively effect you isn’t very conductive.
          Plus, Manuel has a point. She’s naturally cute, but that shit only goes so far. And its a depreciating value. If you look at the details, you can spot the damage of this woman w/o knowing her history. Knowing that she associates with the people she does makes it even worse.
          In terms of an approach, I would rather shoot for a cute, well styled girl than another run of the mill, dyed (and poorly maintained) blonde and who’s probably just going to give me another meaningless bang (and probably some HPV on the side) at best.

        3. This article confirms nothing more than speculation. It actually irritated me to see an article defending this piece of garbage. Cmon ROK. Lots of guys get setup, but I have zero sympathy for Chris Brown he’s a psycho twat wannabe thug.

        4. I get a strong impression both from your ideas and from the way you write (“be hating on…”) that YOUR women in the US number about 20 million or so.

      2. I’d say to beware of fucking her or any other of the modern twats walking around nowadays — unless you want to be on medications for HIV/AIDS/Herpes, or having to occasionally get warts removed from your urethra for the rest of your life. The majority of these ‘liberated’ twats have cesspools and Petri dishes of filth between their legs nowadays, and you know that they won’t admit it or even acknowledge it. But because the Bad Boy who gave them ‘da tingles’ infected them, they’ll happily infect you to ‘get even’ with all men.
        Don’t believe me? Check out the web and do your homework…

        1. Other STD’s? Yeah, very possible. Straight men don’t get HIV. Its very, very, very difficult. If you use a condom, do not fuck dudes and don’t share needles, you’re not gonna catch it.

  14. I don’t give a shit to follow celebrities, and I don’t even listen to Chris Brown’s music, but most of you guys seem to be missing the point(“Miss California”, and many other women are scandalous). And sure, you may consider him just a lowlife thug….but be honest. The guy can have almost any and all the snatch he wants. Plus he’s fucking set for life. Most of you guys would trade spots with him in a heartbeat. You can say whatever you will to the contrary, but the truth is we shouldn’t be gossiping like bitches.

    1. I do wonder if he’s set for life, or if he’s going to ride the MC Hammer/Michael Jackson train into bankruptcy.
      It doesn’t appear that he has proper management. Maybe he needs to rewatch that “infamous” NFL video and learn that he needs to have a crew with fall guys…and someone to vet his bimbos to make sure they’re not trojan horses sent by his psycho ex.

    2. I’ll be very honest…NO I would not trade places with a for all that precious money you so worship.Boy you need to take a hard look at what has true value in life.You claim to know what we think and you do not.You say the black ape is set for life with no idea of what you are talking about.Don’t come here and speak to us in absolutes when you are so obviously a low intellect,easily impressed wigger bitch boy.

    3. No amount of jew paper or used up mudshark snatch would ever make me want to trade places with a porch monkey you capitalist pig

      1. A crony capitalist? No. But a capitalist? Damn right. Go deep throat Che Guevara, Sid Vicious or whoever the fuck it is that inspires you.

        1. Only because all the idiot white teens who have been brainwashed by the public school system and left wing media to worship the nogs and buy the kind of crap that he peddles.

        2. Another admirer of the flared nostril/bow legged race.How is he dumb?Because he doesn’t have a hard on for black savages like you do doesn’t make him dumb.

        3. Exactly.Seems like some of these commenters value dirty filthy money over race,quality,wholesomeness,values,culture and God.They are sick in the head and love that monkey music and watching those black simians prance and dance in sports and anywhere else.Most black males strike me as feminine and its well known they are mostly all open to sex with other males if the impulse hits them.

        4. His inaccurate picture makes him dumb. According to his pic,, chris brown will never have a job that pays taxes. Stupid picture in an attempt to be funny.

        5. That’s funny, because I see the majority of white males as sideways-talking tryhards who wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Your comment is the kind of shit that you wouldn’t say in public, but feel totally fine in your autistic echo chamber comment section to say out loud and proud.
          Hard to trust a man that talks like he’s never been punched in the face.

      1. This must have been made before the chestplate phenomenon. A whole other level of mental illness/neediness right there.

    1. They tell me that in the before time, artists actually had to, you know, create art in order to be considered great. They also generally didn’t dress like thugs either.
      Man, we fucked up bad.

  15. Moral of this story is, don’t allow anybody in YOUR house if you can’t completely trust them. This story has all the signs of a mediocre bitch trying to extort money from a multi-millionaire via playing the victim. It’s sad that we live in a society where the police (and the govt) will believe anything a woman says, without ANY shred of evidence. I believe the legal system is meant to fuck over hetero men for monetary gain. Why else would women be trained so feverishly to put cases on us, at the first sign of a troubled relationship?
    As for Chris Brown, I don’t condone punching women, since we have the ability to kill them and whatnot. But at the same time, anyone is capable of making a mistake that’ll change the course of their lives. Btw, I just read that this Baylee whore also made false allegations against her former roommate.
    “According to Princeton, here is what happened: “I had a girl over and my
    door was locked and I didn’t have a key to it, so I called my brother
    to bring the key over… so I was waiting in [Baylee’s] room with a girl
    there. Baylee came and she kind of got frantic about it… she got into it
    with the girl I was with. She swung at the girl and I caught her wrist.
    She made up all this BS saying I hurt her wrist, I pushed her against
    the wall, that was after she called the cops.”
    Roseborough says Baylee “accused me of hurting her wrist, pushing her up
    against a wall, and saying threats like I was out to get her.”
    He continued, “She made false accusations against me… the fact that
    she’s going to do this with Chris Brown… I feel like she’s just trying
    to get herself well-known. She just likes to cause drama… I’m not
    surprised if she’s doing this for publicity.”
    So basically, this is what we thought it was, a bitch with nothing, trying to secure money and (victim) status by manipulating the legal system the way she was taught.

      1. You still don’t understand that in situations like this it’s men vs. women/white knights/the police/courts. Him being black is irrelevant, manipulative sluts will target any man with resources.

    1. If a gun was pulled on her she probably made a scene and threatened people in the house. Drama queens push people’s buttons and cry victim, Ive seen it many times.

  16. I’m neither defending nor accusing Chris Brown, but you’d think he would avoid shit like this after what happened to Rihanna.

  17. After reading this i decided to look up a little more to see what police said. Apparently the girls old roommate just came forward saying she has a known history of theft and lying to police.

  18. It’s very difficult to muster sympathy for anyone, especially a millionaire celebrity, who screams “blacklivesmatter” at police. Nevertheless, Brown deserves the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, just like the rest of us. Of course, as a male, we know that’s not gonna happen.. certainly not in the court of public opinion.

  19. ““Black Lives Matter,” and “the worst gang in the world…[is] the police”
    were just some of the very, very non-erudite (and totally unhelpful)
    phrases coming out of Brown’s mouth.”
    In many scenarios bringing up the race card and invoking BLM might have helped him somehow.
    But not in this situation, the woman’s female victim level was above his black man category.
    He would have needed to be an islamic refugee to out-victim her in the privilege hierarchy.

  20. That millionaire with cameras in his house should be an example for all. Spy cams are cheap.
    If he let some rando woman get close enough to accuse him of this and he doesn’t have a security system that can record then it’s on him.
    Especially a clearly attention starved girl like this. Stupid.

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  22. She’s white and he is black! If it was the way around, the police would have just laughed and hang up the phone! Just the same as if a woman sexually assaulted a man.

    1. If a black woman claimed that a white man pointed a gun at her head, the police would not have laughed and hung up the phone, and Black Lives Matters would be marching.

  23. These people are worthless. Their deified status will disappear in an instant the moment the media falls.

  24. he shouldve gone with some pornostar and dressed her up as a beauty queen in the video instead.

  25. Violent negros and white whores. They’re a match made in heaven. I hope they all rot in hell.

  26. I did security a few years back at his concert and I thought he sounded like all the other no talent ass clown rappers.
    I also got to guard the pit at a nine inch nails concert and that was a good show compared to the likes of that ass pirate brown.

  27. She is a woman, and she should automatically be believed, as any woman should automatically be believed, aside from all the women who insist that Bill Clinton raped/molested/harassed them. Then again, Brown is black and his accuser is white, so that might change the rules and… wait… I’m so confused.

  28. TMZ likes to delete comments about the true nature of women, apparently.
    “How dare you speak the truth about women. Don’t you know that they’re
    equal to men in every way? (According to the more delusional ones,
    anyway). I heard this quote about them the other day – “A woman CANNOT
    be logical, because her logic is based on her emotional foundation. So
    as she changes in her mood, so does the foundation of her logic”. But
    back to the topic, women will say anything to demonize a guy, because
    making FALSE allegations has little to no repercussions for them. I
    believe that if a woman accuses a guy of rape (for example) and she’s
    found to be lying, she should have to serve the EXACT same jail time
    that the guy would’ve served if he were found guilty. By setting that
    precedent, women would be less inclined to use their emotions to act
    irrationally, imo.”
    They deleted that comment, but most negative ones about Brown still remain. Gotta love the misandric narrative.

    1. That’s EXACTLY what happened to my reply to you lol. The SJW brigade has slammed its gavel – and neither rain nor shine shall see the light of day – it MUST be fair weather ALL the time, lol. Even at the expense of growing plants. Terrible.

  29. Disappointed at Brown for parroting the terrorist BLM slogan but aside from that we can empathize at his anger. Unless you rehearse how to react to police abuse you will be caught unprepared and think on the fly in a confrontational manner.

  30. If Rhianna has ANY sense of decency,she will come to Browns defense.Given that she is no different from the worthless attention seeking whore that is doing this hit job on Brown….don`t hold your breath.

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  32. total psycho, I heard her interview, Manipulative, psycho, cunt to the core. Hopefully he has video of her in his home, if he does not CB is a fool. This fruit fell of the same victim as that nut that said she was beaten by Trumps campaign manager, when he only touched her arm.

  33. You are what you attract and Chris Brown attracts stupid bitches. Don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

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  35. I’d advise well-off black men to stay away from attractive white women who go after them. They are almost always batshit crazy, damaged sluts.

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