Byzantium Emperor Justinian Shows How “Gender Equality” Leads To Decadence & Mass Slaughter

Emperor Justinian I fought fiercely to restore Rome’s former glory. But in 532 A.D., he rounded up and slaughtered 30,000 of his own Byzantine citizens. How could such a strong and accomplished ruler commit such an atrocity?

After Justinian’s death, his top general published a scathing insight into the emperor’s life. Justinian’s fatal flaw was the woman he chose to be his wife, and that he granted her equal power. Despite expanding expanding and strengthening the kingdom, Justinian saw many failures because he put the wrong woman in charge.

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Broken Women Do Not Reform

To understand how a woman undermined Justinian’s glory, Procopius began with a description of Theodora’s early life.

Theodora’s parents got her involved in popular entertainment as a child, like a Hollywood celebrity today. As a popular actress, her mother got Theodora the position of suppliant at the hippodrome. Then, as we often see with daughters of celebrities today, Theodora turned to a life of stripping and became a prostitute at a very young age.

At 16, Theodora became a companion of a Syrian official. Procopius notes that sensible men avoided Theodora like a “bird of ill omen” from this time forward. Later, she converted to Christianity and met a fellow hippodrome colleague who had ties to Justinian. She moved to Constantinople, gave up her life of harlotry, and finally met Justinian.

But did Theodora really change? No, her lascivious lifestyle got much worse after Justinian courted her. She secretly murdered the queen of the Goths because she was jealous of how pretty she looked. She also had one of her slaves, Areobindus, killed for apparently no reason whatsoever, even though she was madly in love with the young man.

No other tyrant since mankind began ever inspired such fear, since not a word could be spoken against her without her hearing of it: her multitude of spies brought her the news of whatever was said and done in public or in private.

Theodora became pregnant from one of her adulterous lovers, and when she proved unable to abort the child, the father stole the baby away to keep him safe. Theodora finally tracked the child down and had him exterminated. All motherly and feminine affection was gone from this woman.

Adulterous Women Ruin Men

Procopius notes that Theodora’s adulterous behavior spread throughout the kingdom.

The ladies of the court at this time were nearly all of abandoned morals. They ran no risk in being faithless to their husbands, as the sin brought no penalty: even if caught in the act.

Men who accused their wives of adultery were fined heavily, whipped, and imprisoned. The men then become “complaisant” to the adultery. This is what happens when you put a “reformed” harlot in power.

General Belisarius married a celebrity friend of Theodora, and predictably she cheated on him. After catching her in the act, he foolishly accepted his wife’s flimsy excuses.

The adulterous relationship continued, and Belisarius finally became so consumed by jealous rage that his military career was almost destroyed and Byzantium lost precious ground in battle.


Gender Equality Leads To Genocide

Theodora already had a child from another man when Justinian met her, but he didn’t care. For some reason, he overlooked her horrible behavior and gave her more and more power.

Through him Theodora was able immediately to acquire an unholy power and exceedingly great riches. She seemed to him the sweetest thing in the world, and like all lovers, he desired to please his charmer with every possible favor and requite her with all his wealth.

The extravagance added fuel to the flames of passion. With her now to help spend his money he plundered the people more than ever, not only in the capital, but throughout the Roman Empire.

Justinian was so enamored that he made Theodora practically equal to him in power. They were “two co-equal sovrans [sic], and some thought that Theodora had greater power than greater power than Justinian himself.” Theodora stands as every feminist’s dream of “gender equality.”

School textbooks today praise Theodora as “a tough-minded and capable woman who added strength and resolve to the grandiose plans of the emperor. She was Justinian’s equal, and perhaps more.” The Guardian lists her “achievements in power.”

But the truth is Theodora turned Justinian selfish and cruel. Political factions united in the opposition to Justinian’s new oppressive policies, and in January 532, an uprising started during a chariot race in the hippodrome.

The hippodrome served as the traditional venue for nonviolent protests. But this riot spread like never before. Justinian was ready to flee from the city, but Theodora did not want to give up her power. She made a historic speech:

My lords, the present occasion is too serious to allow me to follow the convention that a woman should not speak in a man’s council. Those whose interests are threatened by extreme danger should think only of the wisest course of action, not of conventions.

…for one who has reigned it is intolerable to be a fugitive. May I never be deprived of this purple robe, and may I never see the day when those who meet me do not call me empress… I agree with the adage that the royal purple is the noblest shroud.

At Theodora’s direction, Justinian ordered his troops to surround the hippodrome and slaughter everyone. Over 30,000 unarmed civilians were killed.


Government Is A Two-Party Facade

Justinian and Theodora did nothing “without the consent of the other.” But they put up pretenses of disagreement to make it look like they represented the factions of the people.

Much like the Republican and Democrat parties of today, they “gave the impression often that they were acting in opposition” to each other. This whipped up violent emotions among the subjects in order to maintain a “firm and mutual tyranny.”

Also as we see in today’s legal system, they took opposite sides in legal disputes and “robbed both disputants of most of the property at issue.”

Justinian and Theodora propped up useful idiots who were unqualified for their positions but provided personal loyalty to the throne, in order to “defraud the State to the limits of their ambition.”

When the puppets were no longer useful, they “would fall out of favor with Theodora, and straightway be ruined…. Then Theodora would use them shamefully, while he, unconscious as it were of what was being done to them, confiscated their properties and boldly enjoyed their wealth.”

Inviting Terrorism With Platitudes

Justinian and Theodora “set the barbarians all to fighting each other,” and “with idiotic magnanimity gave them large sums of money, alleging he did this to secure their friendship.”

This foreign policy proved foolish because other barbarian tribes soon sought inroads with Byzantium in order to collect tribute, and eventually all the tribes were either invading Byzantine villages or being paid off not to do so, or both.

“Thus the Huns enslaved the Roman Empire, and were paid by the Emperor to keep on doing it…. Consequently no place, mountain or cave, or any other spot in Roman territory, during this time remained uninjured; and many regions were pillaged more than five times.”

Justinian further prevented his armies from going after the Huns when they invaded, as he sought diplomatic alliance with them, as leverage against the Goths and other tribes.

Some farmers went after the Huns anyway, “induced by longing for their children and wives who had been carried off to slavery.” Justinian arrested these men, and “beat and torture[d] them and seize[d] their property.”


Mask Of Generosity

Finally, Procopius notes the Theodora and Justinian put on a countenance of generosity to various factions. Even “those who confronted him improperly or noisily never made him angry,” as we saw with Bernie Sanders who allowed Black Lives Matter to take over his rally.

But this was all lip-service. With a “a gentle countenance and unruffled brow” he “gave the order to destroy myriads of innocent men, to sack cities, to confiscate any amount of properties.”

This speaks to the policy of gender equality to made Theodora the most influential empress in Roman/Byzantine history. Feminists make mighty promises and say that it is the only fair and compassionate policy. But the second they gain power, they only care about accumulating more power for themselves. Who does this describe today?

Hillary Clinton is today’s Theodora.

From Benghazi to Whitewater, she leaves a long trail of blood. She commits brazen acts of gross illegality, yet everybody is afraid to do anything about it. She raises whispers of scandal from her relationship with a close advisor.

Byzantium’s quick decline after Justinian can arguably be considered the result of Theodora. What will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes leader of the United States? How high will the body count be?

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267 thoughts on “Byzantium Emperor Justinian Shows How “Gender Equality” Leads To Decadence & Mass Slaughter”

  1. Byzantium’s quick decline after Justinian can arguably be considered the result of Theodora. What will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes leader of the United States? How high will the body count be?

    Millions, maybe hundreds of millions, one way or another the world will have much less population than today, however not all will run according to plan…at least for the elites and their puppets.

    1. Actually in the middle ages more people used to carry arms for self defense, even more so in villages, as bandits were common, these weapons were distinct for them mimicking agriculturing tools and requiring similar moves by the villagers. City weapons were either daggers or small shortswords. The only problem was that these weapons were no match for the ones used by the militia and the army, who also had superior training, in truth though they helped lowering the crime rate though, and were a designing factor in village defense against bandits. In the case of an army villagers left some supplies in the village took theiry belongings and animals and run to hide in the forests the armies would pillage those supplies but not go to the forests, and in few days would live.
      The second amendment is hated because the current power in america wants to project its power against the citizens, does not care for the crime rate, and wants to humiliate the people. For this exact reason Macchiaveli spoke against confiscating weapons, as it made the people unruly and angry with the monarch, who clearly did not trust them with arms.

      1. I think you are talking about medieval Europe. Byzantium…I don’t know. Can you cite sources?

    2. For now at least, unless SCOTUS tries to get rid of it. I have no faith in most people resisting such a move.
      For the sole reason that we’ve been told, for decades, that things like rebellions and succession are bad because of the civil war.

  2. Excellent article.
    Justinian was a bit of beta man, which explains his rather long-lived infatuation with Theordora. He was the first emperor to have never been in the battlefield. The military victories at that time were thanks exclusively to General Belisarius.
    Theodora together with Belisarius’ wife, Antonina conspired against the general. Nevertheless, he agreed to lead to army to save Constantinople from the Bulgars in 559, who came very close to capture it.

  3. The only time I will disagree with a criticism of a woman leared. Theodora did only what was necessary for the times, as the empirial aristocracy and church were nothing but spineless cowards who faced a danger that they could not possibly answer back to.
    The empire was under siege of the Huns who attacked Rome and Constantinople for loot and money, to continue the existence of their parasitic kingdom, while the predecessors of the muslims, the pavlician heretics where spreading their faith of peace one village at a time, while the empire was under pressure to lose parts of its territory.
    In fact think of it as the cuckservatives of the time and place, who acted upon what now in Greece is called “Byzantinism”, i.e. a corrupt bureaucratic upper class that cares for nothing besides its pockets. The aristocracy was unwilling to act if the problem did not hit their revenues, while the church overlook the slaughtering of its believers and preached non-violence. Theodora and Justinian went against all this.
    By paying the Huns not to attack Constantinople they focused on Rome while the byzantines invested on building a very big and strong surrounding their capital, when it was complete they stopped paying them, their next tries at siege being fruitless their parasitic kingdom started to collapse as it lost the ability to extort money slowly, from both cities.
    The slaughter of the people in the hippodrome can be compared with May of 68, the time when the left took hold of its power, the difference was that this was the way the aristocracy to throw an emperor. So it was a countermeasure sad, atrocius but needed for the time, as it would have been of the USA campuses during 68 to send the rebellius students to the draft. If that happened, second wave feminism and leftism could be unheard of today. Also in modern Greece, student protest like the ones in the hippodrome are commonly used to throw down governments in the same fashion, extremely violent “peacefull protester children” who burn cars and loot small shops, while breaking even the pavement, to make rocks to throw!
    Last, the empires future failings happened because of the inability of the couple to produce children. the empire reverted back to its Byzantinism, and it simply would not care at all if a catastrophe occured in Sicily, Spain or Egypt. That and increasing political corruption plus the inate instability of the byzantine system of power, a riot could bring the emperor down, because it did not have a solidified understanding of dynasties, i.e. it wasn’t easy for the son of an emperor to keep his place, lead to its eventual downfall.

    1. That is how the history books conventionally described Justinian. I think he accomplished great things for the nation and broke through the corrupt bureaucracy. He was doubtlessly a good ruler.
      But from what I read the Secret History by Belisarius, recorded by Procopius, it sounds like Justinian got pulled into the Byzantine corruption, and that it was Theodora who pulled him in. I urge you to read Secret History, as it sounds exactly like what is happening today. I don’t see any reason why Belisarius would lie about what happened.
      History professors describe the Nika riots as a bunch of violent fringe revolutionaries like in ’68. But Belisarius describes a union of political factions who were fed up with the country’s leadership, and who had very legitimate grievances, though the protest certainly got way out of hand. Specifically there were 26 new taxes. Belisarius describes Justinian as a vampire who took everything and redistributed to his puppets.

      1. Basically I do not trust Bellisarius or Procopius they were both coming from a corrupt bunch, and also it was very common from failed medieval aristocracy to smear the ones who defeated them. I am not saying that the couple were saints, but think the case in which trump wins and manages to fight corruption effectively and closed the borders. The leftists and the cucks would describe him as a monster for every little flaw. In the middle ages it was even worse, they would make up new flaws. A good case, although baroque, was the myth that Catherine the Great of Russia fornicated with a horse. This was a lie pushed by her butthurt uncle when she refused to put the interests of Prussia (she was Prussian) over Russia’s.
        The fact that the couple redistributed to their puppets was normal for the byzantine court IF an emperor wanted to be alive, surely that excluded Belissarius and Procopius. You never empower your enemies, even if Belissarius was needed to fight against the bulgars they could not give him power.
        Alternate history is good if it is written by the right people sadly, to my knoweldge, this case is not one of those.
        Thanks for the polite comment!

  4. The hippodrome served as the traditional venue for nonviolent protests. But this riot spread like never before… At Theodora’s direction, Justinian ordered his troops to surround the hippodrome and slaughter everyone. Over 30,000 unarmed civilians were killed.

    Now I’m not so sure about the whole at Theodora’s direction as it’s pretty vague, but the way that you paint the protesters as just unarmed civilians is quite despicable.
    Let’s get a list of what these unarmed civilians had done in the span of 5 days:
    1: Burned the palace gates / sieged the palace
    2: Burned down the Sancta Sophia
    3: Burned down the Baths of Zeuxippus
    4: Burned down the prison / freed the prisoners
    5: Burned down a quarter of the city
    6: Demanded for a new emperor/ tried to appoint an emperor from one of the relatives of the old
    In my opinion, this is enough to be considered grounds to execute these civilians.

    Byzantium’s quick decline after Justinian can arguably be considered the result of Theodora.

    I would be more inclined to put the blame on the expansion of the empire too rapidly without loyalty of the citizens, the nobles being the descendants of the same nobles and politicians who fucked over Rome in the first place, and the Plague of Justinian which killed over a third of the population in Constantinople alone.
    Long story short, I find you to be misrepresenting history.

    1. Good points. “Might was right” in the 6th century AD and Justinian acted accordingly. I think the re-conquest of the former Roman Empire would have been a lot more successful and enduring, had Justinian out of paranoia, not periodically recalled the brilliant Belisarius from the field of battle.

      1. I always meant to read Robert Grave’s Count Belisarius but never got round to it. Anyone here tackled it?

    2. Justinian and Theodora’s affect on the Empire was the same though. Their stupidity sparked a series of wars and weakened the empire.
      Justinian was a real twat in that he had one of histories’ greatest commanders, Belisarius, pretty much reconquer the Mediterranean for him. However, Justinian was so jealous of him he was constantly undermined and couldn’t translate those victories into lasting political gain.
      There’s a lot to be learned from the history of the Byzantine Empire. It would be nice if ROK would do a regular feature on it.

    3. No he is not. People dont riot at government for no reason at all.
      They were being overtaxed and overregulated in order to maintain massive corruption of Justinian and Theodora, the massive bureacracy, and perhaps the outrageous milittar spending.
      Mosr’s interpretation is likely correct.

  5. If feminists want gender equality, let’s give it to them Roman style! Male and Female mortal combat in the Arena! Of course the female gladiators will lose terribly and only men will be left standing. Afterwards they can go out for “mens night” at the local bar and the women will pay for their drinks! Gender equality, YAAAAAAAAAHHH! 😀

        1. Beyond better cameras, cloud storage, and whatsapp, I pretty much wish technology stayed stuck in 2003. Right before the social media / attention whore explosion.

        2. Me too, social media where the worst though, every slut (eh-hem empowered woman) now takes all her attention by betas and omegas all the time from just uploading a photo in facebook, while a landwhale, an SJW or a worthless white knight, who only wants to have the idea that one day one special woman will apreciate him, can ramble about everything and ruin peoples lives, disgusting!

        3. got to agree. i somehow wish we could get our HD graphics and somehow nuke facebook from existence.

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      1. Just heard on the radio during the news break, some story about how while women make up around 50% of the population, actresses are only around 35% of the acting roles, and this was an important news story. Because we all know that Hollywood fiction is a complete and realistic depiction of real life, right? haha. What BS. But yeah, today this wouldn’t be allowed, even in a historical piece.

        1. Most of the guys in the audience for Hollywood films these days are women…same for most of the male actors, so…I might have to quibble with the percentages give in that news story…

    1. Well, to be fair, archery doesn’t require anywhere near as much brute strength as sword fighting.
      Also, it’s also really nice to see they lack beauty. Nowadays, movies and TV shows seem very keen on killing off the hot chicks while ensuring the survival of the ugly hags.

        1. Indeed, I was referring more to the shortbow. Then the Frenchies went and made themselves the crossbow.

        2. Or the Mongolian recurve and they average 70-80#. I shoot a modern recurve now at 55-60#. And that’s no joke.

    2. Mike Tyson in his prime vs the best female heavyweight boxer. But something tells me that it’d be a fight that could be measured in seconds rather than rounds.

      1. reminds me of that Ronda Rousey chick….saying she could take on mayweather i think it was? mayweather i think agreed….which was sad….but what was even more sad was NO ONE FUCKING CALLED HER ON HER BS.
        everyone just went “oh she says she can so it must be true”

        1. She’d get her ass handed to her. I came across this boxing match on YouTube between a female Marine and a male Marine. It was a virtual massacre. Of course in favor of the man. It ended up with her on the canvas choking on her mouth guard.
          There was even a tranny mma fighter who fought female opponents and the last opponent the he she fought ended up in the hospital with career ending injuries.

  6. Reminds me of the average woman in the average workplace.
    Gossiping, backstabbing, poisoning the well, and obviously fucking their way up the greasy pole

  7. It’s interesting how history repeats itself. This is especially true with Barak Obama’s disasterous foreign policy moves with Iran and Hilary with Benghazi. This one part of the article grabbed my attention:
    Inviting Terrorism With Platitudes
    Justinian and Theodora set the barbarians all to fighting each other,” and “with idiotic magnanimity gave them large sums of money, alleging he did this to
    secure their friendship.”
    Obama administration admits paying entire $1.7billion Iran bill in CASH from little-known fund of taxpayer money
    Officials say cash payments were made on January 22 and February 5
    Treasury spokesperson said ‘effectiveness of US sanctions’ were to blame for cutting Iran off from the banking network
    But opponents including Trump say cash is ‘likely’ funding terrorism
    Read more:

  8. small town america, insulated against the tides and tempers of petty liberals and bureaucrats will become the new america, as the old one is burning.

      1. gtfo where will all the fat people go to walk slowly and annoy everyone in the world.
        You guys can all keep small town America. IMO it is the pits.

        1. I’ve seriously had a family of fatties block up a large (approximately 15 feet wide) aisle simple because they walked side by side and decided to all stop to look at something without moving to accommodate others who wanted to pass. I’m starting to believe there’s a correlation to how a person looks on the outside and their personality.
          Fat = greedy, gluttonous, self-absorbed, inconsiderate

        2. I don’t believe that. I mean, if you do it too sledgehammer-like, I can imagine it. But if you just turn to the side slightly and shove them aside with your body, I can’t imagine they can arrest you for that.

        3. Get a running start just tangential to where they stand and use their mass in a gravity assist swing by maneuver.

  9. This video is the perfect proof that we men will never be able to understand women, either, at least not on an ’empathic’ level. Yuck.

      1. Oh, I wouldn’t judge it so much. I am willing to swallow my disgust for the sake of free expression. My point was rather that men and women simply feel and experience the world in a fundamentally different way that makes notions of equality ridiculous.

        1. My disgust towards her is my free expression in this matter. She has a right to make it, but I also have a right to call her a talentless, perverted hack only interested in shock pieces.

        2. Reminds me of this leftist cunt I had a debate with today on Facebook. She lectured people about Islamophobia and that kind of stuff and how ‘people have a RIGHT to get serviced’ by a producer. She said that ‘when you decide to be a baker, you have to do cakes for everyone. If you don’t like it, don’t become a baker’. You can tell she’s just repeating 1:1 the bullshit she was inseminated with at high school. Poor soul. She then later went on to compare ‘the right to get serviced’ with ‘the right not to get raped’ and jumped through hoops to make someone who does not bake a cake for you based on your religion/sexuality equal to murder and rape. What the fuck is going on in these people’s heads???

        3. Did you ask her if she’d be ok with a baker having to make a Nazi themed cake that says “Legalize the rape of women” at the bottom of it? It’s free speech, after all.

        4. That’s the crazy thing. She actually said ‘That’s why I’m not a baker. If I was a baker, I would have to service you even if I hate you and I would have to make a cake with whatever text you wish.’
          Seriously … what the fuck is going on in their heads?

        5. Free expression supporters should be shot. It’s their fault if all art has turned to crap now.
          They should be executed alongside the hipsters who shave their eyebrows.

        6. Well, I don’t think everything has turned to crap. It’s more that the crap is more visible these days. But search in between and I’m pretty sure you’ll still find a few gems.

        7. She lost her consistency when she said: ‘You have a right to freedom of choice, but not when this would infringe on other people’s rights. So when somebody wants a cake from you, that is their right and you choosing not to service them would infringe on their right’.
          I’m sure you can see the logical problem there.
          Twisted fucks.

        8. This is true. It used to be that if you were in the art world you would see the crap. Out of the crap grew the stuff that got consumed on a more popular and populous level. But with the intertubes you see everything.
          Condemning it would be like seeing every brain storm session that goes into a product. Yeah, so, one guy suggested that maybe the new smart phone should be round. It was a dumb idea. But without the freedom to toss out really dumb ideas in a non-judgmental atmosphere you never get the good stuff. The fact that all of art, even the very cutting edge and esoteric stuff, is now available for popular consumption and criticism is a shame.
          More than this, who are people to be criticizing art anyway? History will sort it out. In the meantime, be happy to be in a culture of art producers.

        9. Yep. These leftists are never intellectually honest in their arguments. Argue with them long enough and they’ll eventually start contradicting themselves. They’re as philosophically deep as a toddler’s wading pool.

        10. Agreed.
          My dad uses to say: We only think that art was better in the past because the only stuff that is still well-known today is the stuff that was actually good.

        11. It’s not philosophy to them. It’s ideology. They don’t ‘think’ about it. They just take what they learn as absolute truth and then repeat it. In that sense, I do have compassion. They don’t even know how much of a slave they are themselves.

        12. Not exactly, it is the religion of the self, their expression is holy and elevated to the status of scripture, their sorry existence is thus deified, and all their shortcomings become powers!

        13. right. can you imagine if there was an internet with permanent records of every dip shit who tried to paint something during the renascence. It would be like knowing every single religious idealist at the time of Christ. Like ok you have jesus. But also there was bob. He thought everyone should pick their noses into the kingdom of heaven. And don’t forget Eddie. That was the guy that thought that masturbation and good nail hygiene was the beez kneez.
          The ironic thing is that in our world of ultimate impermanence the records of every stupid fucking idea is going to float around forever.
          I cringe to think of some of the papers I wrote in college when I thought I knew everything (unlike now when I know I know everything). If I ever had to read some of the shit I probably wrote I would never stop punching myself in the face.
          I am so glad there wasn’t a robust internet until after I was smart enough to know not to put dumb shit on it.

        14. I think art was better because the mecenas would sponsor only the best of the best. Crap would be left on the sideway to rot and its author to starve.

        15. “Culture of art producers”
          It’s not anymore. People glorify women swallowing paint in the mouth or vagina and throwing it up on paper.
          Look it up.
          A giant dildo has been exposed on the Place Vendômes in Paris, and a giant vagina in Versailles.
          It’s not about their freedom anymore, but about our right not to be bothered with shit, which is being taken away.
          There need to be some bloodshed.
          Also devotion to artists is a modern bourgeois degenerate thing, and like devotion to women, it leads to them behaving like spoiled children and shitting on everything beautiful.

        16. Then, many who are famous today were poor back when they lived.
          I used to think of stuff like Van Gogh as ugly childish stuff, but I am actually starting to like it. Not in a worship kind of way, mind you, but simply because I find it a pleasure to look at. I do appreciate very accurate art, too, but I am glad that there is variety.

        17. Effectively, though, you will never stumble over most of that stuff, just like in the real world. 99,9% of the internet will remain forever dark to you, simply due to the approach you take in searching content. For example, if you use Google, your results are already subject to popularity vote in a way.

        18. But that is the point. Art requires the freedom to do all sorts of stupid fucking shit. History will week out the nonsense. It is better to let artists have unfettered and free voices. Scientists and philosophers too. If you don’t let it get silly sometimes then you will never get anything worthwhile.
          All modern art is, by its very nature, degenerate (also, I am a modern Bourgeois degenerate thing and I fucking love me!).
          I would much sooner silence people reporting politics than artists. Artists are far more relevant. There are some wonderful things happening right now in art and they are happening because there is a culture which allows them the freedom to explore the edges.
          Don’t be such a prude. I have seen your big butt plugs and dildos over there in france. I like them

        19. Also, the things that are beautiful sometimes need to be shit on. Maybe someone does, like tyler says, need to wipe their ass with the mona lisa and do the elgin marbles with a sledge hammer

        20. I use duckduckgo but yeah, I take your point. But people are putting this shit in social media and so it is being accessed randomly. We have an exhibitionist culture and artists are loving it. It’s just something new. It’s interesting. I like it.

        21. Even then, social media is not random. It filters by learning algorithms to give you the ‘most interesting’ stuff. I mean, when you have liked 100 pages that each churn out one post each 2 hours, there has to be a filter.
          So yeah, you do get random exposure to something unexpected … 1% of the time. But I can’t imagine this was ever different.

        22. No! God no! Camping sucks. I said I know everything. I know that all three types of ticks suck. You see, I am able to claim omniscience on my own terms…not yours. I don’t need to know a particular type of tick. All I need to know is that camping, ticks and most south eastern regions of the USA suck

        23. Or we can just not shit on them and do things beautiful instead of being lazy college anarchists…
          Can you keep that kind of pseudo-subservive gibberish for the young female art students you sodomize ?

        24. I know what you are saying. But also, it is not like a 16 year old douche bag artist who grows up to be a 40 year old master will ever be able to purge his BS in the flames the way Pollack could. 100 years after he is dead people will find the shit he did at 16 when he was just looking for a voice and attribute it to him no less than they do his mature work

        25. It’s a raping socialist-government-sponsored sodomic kraut who put a giant butt plug in the middle of historical avenue, beside a statue of Napoleon. You fracking nihlist.

        26. Oh, I don’t mind this as much as you do. If I do art, it’s because I value the art. Not because I want to build a trademark around my name. That’s narcissism. You heard that? Narcissism! And narcissism is literally Hitler.

        27. You would have us always looking backwards. Art is a dialogue and if it repeats itself then it is boring. I want to see what happens next. If I want to see what already happened I will go to your shitty museums and take the tour.
          All art is, at one point, modern art. The past is in the past. Some was good. Some was bad. It is over and dead. This is my world. Our world. It is the future that interests me, not your half fag French masters that are now old and covered in dust.
          Yeah, they are great. I have seen it. I have read about it. It has been analyzed to death. It is so sad when I see people harping over art of the past. Like when two guys in their 40’s get together with fat beer guts and talk about “back when we were young and cool” It is pathetic.

        28. God! No. That is horrible. I have my laundry picked up and delivered by jews and think that everything south of 57th street is “down town”
          I am sure it is possible to fuck a sewer rat, but not knowing exactly how doesn’t make me feel that I don’t already know everything. That shit isn’t even in the margin of error.

        29. The fact that that kind of ‘great art’ has been done is the reason why it does not need to be made again. Because it has already been done.

        30. It isn’t the trademark around the name that I would care about at all. What I do care about is that I pick and chose a finished product and don’t leave that up to society as a whole.

        31. Well, but you did choose to spread it as a 16 year old. Saying you regret your choice now is like a girl who cries rape because she has bad feelings the day after.

        32. Right. But my stuff at 16 was all in notebooks that I had the choice to throw away. I still have all the notebook sketches that lead to my eventual dissertation (on Rhodia graph paper pads nonetheless) so I could follow the evolution of my thought. I certainly don’t have my journals from when I was in high school and if I did I would burn them

        33. Either way.
          To be honest, if one doesn’t have eyebrows reminiscent of Sonny Chiba in the 70s, then there’s nothing particularly brag-worthy anyway.

        34. I already said it before: “modern art” is neither modern nor art, but a big pile of shit, a sign of the decadence and degeneracy of our time. Just recently in Portugal there was a scandal because this “artist”, sponsored by the state, presented a collection of photos name “assholes”…Guess what…It was a collection of human assholes and nothing more. Now compare this with Bernini “Rape of Persephone”, and we either cry or laugh.

        35. If you don’t have three things: A good divorce lawyer, a supply of ready cash, and a good right hook, you’re gonna get divorce-raped…

        36. What’s the problem? It may not be ‘art’ in the classical sense, but it’s still interesting in a way. I mean, if nobody thought that way, there would be no doctors.

        37. The backward move that the archer makes when shooting an arrow is the most crucial move to the all operation of shooting an arrow to the knee.
          If that move is not done properly and with enough power the arrow will fall on the ground.
          It’s the same with this world. The ones trying to live in “the future” are the one that fall.
          The ones reaching to the past are actually those that will shape the future the most.
          The history of art is currently written by the victor and it’s been more than 100 years that utter crap is being gloryfied in museums, while the best real modern art stays unrewarded on pinterest.

        38. Tell me how Steve Jobs ‘reached to the past’ when he created an empire out of practically thin air. And did it better than all others as well.

        39. Whats the problem??? The problem is that my taxes are funding a idiot and assholes. That is the problem!

        40. Living in the future is as absurd as living in the past. Living in the present and being excited for the future is the only valuable and authentic way of living. Period.
          Looking back to the past with envy is just sad.

        41. The original joke is:
          How does a mathematician build a fence around a herd?
          He builds a fence around himself and defines the ground he stands on ‘outside’.

        42. I sometimes find myself doing a strange thing. Being envious of a former self of mine. For instance, I find some old stuff I did and I realize it was pretty cool and then I find myself wishing I would just once more be that creative.

        43. I guess it has to do with my lack of knowledge of the internet, but it strikes me as odd that everything is “out there”
          That will sound pretty immature to people who are more versed in all things technology. I come by it honestly though. I am not a luddite at all and love modern tech, I just don’t know how to use it very well…at least outside of the realm of stuff I use on a daily basis.

        44. Why in gods name would I ever be wet. My doorman holds an umbrella over my head as I walk to the uber.

        45. It’s a move not a look backward. Read again. You shape the future from what you know, meaning your past, meaning the move backward. That’s art that shit on the past is always shit.

        46. That is something I can understand. For me it takes the form of wishing I had the time and freedom to allow myself to be creative instead of working a job that demands so much energy and brain power that the thought of doing something creative is akin to the thought of painlessly shitting out a pineapple.
          Still, the transience of situations means that the current situation will pass as well and lead to new ones.

        47. Well, let me tell you that firstly, not everything is out there. When I began writing my Honours work, I was amazed just how much information and knowledge is out there in books and nowhere to be found on the internet. It just isn’t there. You know … try to find information about some specific scientific topic on the internet. Forget about it! You will have to buy or lend that 200 EUR book written by some egghead.
          Secondly, and this is more to do with being realistic, most files that you upload, outside of maybe some forum posts, will vanish sooner or later.
          1. It is so improbable to be found that it never will be.
          2. Many file hosters delete inactive and old files.
          3. Websites that host content regularly close down. That may not seem apparent in the short run, but I have recently tried to visit a few sites that I used to frequent back in the days and if they still existed, they were mere remnants of what they used to be and most content was lost.

        48. I do not give a frack about Steve Jobs. And he did not create an empire, just sold a bunch of crap to hipsters faggots without eyebrows.

        49. yes yes yes…we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Sometimes you just need to put a giant cock next to napoleon to wipe away all the dusty relics and clear the ground for the new. Archery analogy not withstanding….when I first started riding a motorcycle I was amazed at my ability to change lanes just be looking at the lane I wanted to go in. By looking at where I was going I just went there. See, I can make analogies too.

        50. Which proves nothing we do lasts forever, it all crumbles to dust, so do what you can today and hey, tip a few cold ones while you’re at it…

        51. Well, if you won’t call his thing an empire (and no, I am not obsessing over etymology, just using the word as it is commonly used to refer to very big corporations), then what is? Then your choice is arbitrary.

        52. the one is not awesome. But the fact that there are a bunch all over the city and it is trolling the fuck out of people is pretty fucking cool

        53. I just don’t get why they will erect dildos, but not simply real dick statues. In ancient cultures, this stuff was not uncommon. I’d like a little real phallic symbolism!

        54. Some…not much. I have a bigger problem with Aristotle who, in an attempt to make philosophy more of a hard science, whitewashed the mysticism and magic out of the pre-socratics.
          Oh, Pythagoras was fine for old Aristotle as long as he was hanging with Isosceles and figuring out triangles. But any mention of his claims of partial divinity or his miracle working had to go. And don’t start me on the job he did on poor Empedocles and Parmenides! Want to read a fascinating book? Grab Reality by a friend and former college of mine named Peter Kinglsey. Man is brilliant. He is one of the few people who is unapologetic in his claims that Zeno was right and that motion simply doesn’t exist.

        55. Interesting. I remember, right after college I visited the Husserl Archives as well as some libraries that still had freaking stuff by kant that not only hadn’t be translated, but was still in fucking handwriting.

        56. Yes, it’s true that many a good artist would starve, however my point is that the mecenas used to sponsor the best of the best, even though some great works of art were missed by them. In contrast today our modern “mecenas” just sponsor the worst of the worst (piss and feces as master pieces, abstract art that communicates nothing and means nothing, etc.)

        57. Interesting. So, are you defending mysticism and the divine because it appeals to you or because you simply want anything in the world to have a voice?
          Can you summarize that thing about how motion doesn’t exist? Some parallel dimension that we switch through thing?

        58. Well, if you think of it, it does communicate something. For the first time in centuries, human sexuality is very out there in the open and is ‘shaking off the shackles’.
          I mean, art always kinda expresses what people want to express at a time. Like, in the industrial time, you had those realistic dark almost depressing imageries.

        59. Like that part of the communist hymn :
          “Let’s make a clean slate of the past,
          Enslaved mass, arise, arise!”
          No one need to do that actually. Just bored and bitter people that cannot rise to the level of what’s before them.
          My analogy is beautiful, and is true. What would be, for example, Lord of the Rings, or even (although I do not like it), Game of Thrones, without that move toward the past and these multiple references to ancient art and history ?
          You need to work on your analogy. Since the move of the bike pedals also go backwards to go forward, I can use it against you.

        60. Words to live by and insightful wisdom in art, but a slight missed opportunity in my opinion, just consider how Arseholes roll off the tongue there.
          Also, I Have Been in You, is great as a post-coitus “sweet nothings” icebreaker.

        61. It really doesn’t work so well in light of infinite mathematics and all the math and science that came out of the last 70 years or so.
          The famous example zeno gives is of an arrow. The tip of an arrow shot 100 feet must cross a point of 50 feet first. Before that of 25. Before that of 12.5 before that of 6 1/4 etc etc etc. An infinite regressions of halves with show an infinite amount of points. As suck, for the arrow to travel between any two points it must, in a finite period of time, transgress an infinite number of points.
          Because of this motion is logically contradictory and something that happens in our minds as a result of our interaction with the world.
          It seems almost naïve now, but to think this through 300+ years before Christ was a wonder. And that is only a basic example. The work that is done here goes very deep and is very interesting.
          I am not defending mysticism itself. But there is stuff in the pre-socratics that Aristotle tried to gloss over because he didn’t feel it was serious enough and a lot of it had a lot of power.

        62. It’s really a myth, this whole ‘everything is on the internet’ stuff. It’s an idealization that is nice in theory, but far from truth. The fact is rather that the internet is full of people with half-knowledge and basically an echo-chamber for a small set of often unsophisticated ideas. Just take stuff like nutrition. I have a basic nutrition book at home that greatly explains all the caloric stuff and minerals etc in a very concise manner, with great illustrations, diagrams, layout and whatnot. Try finding something like that on the internet.

        63. It’s not art, nor was there any conquest associeted with building an empire, only money and useless crap, and I wish it would not stay in history, and it probably won’t, but since we live in “Brave New World” and there is a religious devotion to him akin to the devotion to Ford in that book (“Ford be blessed !”) I could be wrong.

        64. Interesting. I heard that argument but never really thought more deeply about it. Always striked me as weird and irrelevant.
          By that argument, there is really only one logical explanation for movement: There is a limit to how small the steps can become and we basically do not move, but jump from one of these microstates to another. Which of course makes us wonder how we do that… a guy called Bashar on Youtube said that if we have no doubts in our minds, we can freely choose a reality to ‘jump into’.

        65. So you don’t agree that Apple’s initial smartphones were vastly superior and very well made in terms of operability, handling, design, ease of use, etc?

        66. See, I personally don’t like Game of Thrones. Never interested me. I get bored when I see historical movies. It just annoys the hell out of me. Lord of The Rings on the other hand, is fantasy and well written one. Actually, I wonder what kind of reference to the past you see in Lord of The Rings, other than the, say, technological state of the story.

        67. I sometimes get carried away an deliberately start to take words literally. So then when a girl calls a man an asshole, I just think about it with a serene mind and realize she has made a nonsensical statement, because how can a man be an asshole? An asshole is an asshole and a man is a man. They are two separate things. Then I giggle over my detachment from the metaphorical realm.

        68. Yeah right, because our ancestors didn´t have sex before the XX century. If anything our art just shows how decadent, permissive and lost we are. In that we are completely in agreement.

        69. Well, there’s always more perspectives to it and there’s good and bad things about it.
          I like the permissiveness. I don’t like the ‘being lost’. But after a long time of being stricter and dogmatic, it only seems natural to feel lost. Like a man who after spending years in a cult gets out into the open world and has to rediscover what freedom means. Not necessarily a bad thing.

        70. I don’t know the right word in English but the right word to describe the condition is “ziellos” in German…just think about it.

        71. Permissive to a certain point. But beyond a threshold permissiveness becomes chaos and we start to suffer it instead of enjoying it (example: feminism, gay supremacy, etc.)

        72. Neither do I but I know he likes it.
          The Lord of the rings is full of biblical, mythological and historical references.
          Return of the King- Return of our King.
          The siege of Minas Tirith is the siege of Vienna.
          Smeagol murdering Deagol is a pretty obvious reference to Cain murdering Abel.
          I could go on and on, but I’m too lazy and brillant analyses have been done on the symbolism and historical references in his work. Not surprising since he was a devot Catholic and a huge history buff.

        73. We pierced the thing, it falled flat and the degenerate fagget compaired us to nazis. Even our president did.
          THIS is France.

        74. Couldn’t know since I don’t have a smartphone. Since, you know, it is useless crap for hipster faggots.

        75. I disagree. I don’t think that this stuff is powerful because it references anything of the past (if it does so consciously). After all, I do not even really know about the things you mention and still enjoyed reading it.
          I think that rather, this stuff is based on Archetypes that are deeply ingrained in the human collective unconscious and thus move us deeply.
          In other words, LoTR did not point at Cain & Abel. It pointed at an Archetype in the collective unconscious. Just like Cain & Abel did.
          For instance, I bet that if you let confident kids with not much cultural background come up with stories, they will intuitively create stuff that is based on those Archetypes …. adventures, sieges, fights, loves, etc.

        76. Actually, that’s not permissive. That is deliberately putting one thing above the other and actually being non-permissive to non-gay or non-feminist stuff. That is not permissive at all.

        77. You say ‘ziellos’ as if it was a bad thing. I think that’s just an ego fear. Ultimately, life IS aimless. That feels only threatening to someone who is used to following routines and fixed ideas. But it is really the ultimate freedom.

        78. no it isn’t. Modern art is modern art. If you don’t like it that’s cool. It probably isn’t for you anyway.

        79. so in france you only tolerate flaccid penis? Yeah, maybe that’s why the French girls all liked jumping on my lap. Figured the locals trying to fuck them was like playing pool with a rope

        80. yes, it is only really relevant in the scope of the history of philosophy. The math to explain limiting how small a step can be, even if reason dictated it, simply didn’t exist then. This was a revolutionary and wild thought at the time. It’s historical context is its only really philosophical significance. The reason we have the math to do shit like that today is because people were trying to prove him wrong hundreds of years after he died.

        81. I odn’t know enough about it. I kind of look at the internet with suspicion at times.
          I am pretty sure that every square inch of free space is taken up by cloud based images of genitals so that all walking is necessarily a walking through digital cocks.

        82. Yes, a stepping board is helpful. Now get your relics out of the way. The future is coming.

        83. Yeah, well but he said himself, that the history of the Lord is the ultimate archetype of all humans and supernatural truths, therefore is it present everywhere.
          That’s how he built his work, and how he made it so convincing, by searching in old books about, you know, what shaped the past.

        84. You are smart enough to figure out how to use Disqus and even put your name into superscript, but you say ‘youre new to the internet thing’. Amazing.

        85. Well, it has its appeal, I grant you that. But as I said, I like variety. Just because that stuff is powerful does not mean nothing else is. If everything was like LotR, I’d be bored to death.

        86. That is a fairly legitimate gripe. Though I do think some public money ought to go to art it is there that I think appreciation and education about the classics is where that should end. But that has to do with the people making the rules, not the people making the art.

        87. Hahaha, that name into superscript took @unabashed and me like 3 hours of brain storming. It was a fairly sad thing. I am good with learning stuff and once I do I don’t forget it. I just haven’t had the time to learn. I would love to learn Photoshop and other Adobe suite things and have no doubt I could…but time needs to be spent judiciously and I just don’t have it to spend on that.

        88. hard to say. I don’t have the ability to say wrong or right. Kinglsey, who might be one of the most brilliant men I know, says he was right.

        89. bad attitude. Should have tried to fuck her. I am a big fan of French women. Also, I have been looking for a reason to shoehorn the “playing pool with a rope” line in somewhere.

        90. A lot of illiterate people still think of them that way, while tip-taping on their iphone.
          Also Hitler said that the sky is blue, I say that the sky is blue, but I ain’t Hitler, not literally. (fallacy).

        91. I couldn’t. I mean, I kinda wanted to, but I was paralyzed. I literally couldn’t move my body to make any moves. I’m a fucked up dude.

        92. They go together. The people making the art now launder the dirty money of the people making the rules.

        93. Sorry tom but only women and slaves are aimless. True freedom is the ability to pursue what you want. Even now I am pretty sure you are not aimless and are devoting time to develop some ability (photography maybe…)

        94. but the ‘great art’ will endure while Tracey Emin’s bed or whatever already stinks and will need to be incinerated before long. Effectively the innovation is in removing the prefix ‘great’ and making it ephemeral and disposable

        95. it’s just ugly. Ugly will make people depressed and demoralised about their surroundings

        96. Says who. I think it’s a whimsical farce on simulation of sacredness pointing not to its own absurdity but rather to the absurdity of the tradition it is juxtaposed against

        97. Seriously … what the fuck is going on in their heads?

          Nothing. The cunt is just mouthing platitudes for FEELZ.

        98. fine, it may be exactly that, but as art as soon as it is consumed – usually by middle class intellectuals – its ready to be flushed down the pan. Sure there is some good modern art worthy of succeeding the great art of the past, but that itself would violate the idea of a “farce on simulation of sacredness’ – modern art doesn’t seem to create anything of lasting value

        99. Like Tom astutely pointed out, stuff wiyj lasting value has already been done. It’s in the museum. You can see it. You don’t keep redoing the past.

        100. so all stuff which (imj) has lasting value has already been done? Are we at the end of time then? I’m not condemning the modern for being modern. I’m condemning that part of the modern – most of it – which won’t last the century in all likelihood

        101. Most of it wont.and plenty of it is shit. And there is good stuff to be made that will last. All that aside, permenance is no longer a metric by which beauty can be described.
          A sun set last a few seconds. It is beautiful nonetheless. The themes of single timeless moment have been played with since Kierkegaard described the rapture as a “blink of an eyel back in the late 1800’s.
          To dismiss the stuff going on now as silly or trite because it doesn’t have permenance the way art of the 17th and 18th century did is folly I believe. It’s like complaining that your brand new laptop doesn’t have the heft of a IBM typewriter. Of course not. It’s something new and that is the very meaning behind cutting edge modern art. It is supposed to be something new. Something we haven’t seen. It is supposed to offend our sensibilities. That is the job of art. Not to just look pretty on a wall. If ou want a picture use your smart phone to take one ya know

        102. “permenance is no longer a metric by which beauty can be described”
          Well that’s a bold statement. I would that it is wrong, even if you make a case for the presence of beauty in the ephemeral. What endures makes a claim on the eternal and of being more rather than less beautiful by virtue of enduring. I would say that goes back to the Aristotelian notions of art (or at least poetics) as requiring ‘magnitude and order’ – what endures is more likely to fulfil aesthetic criteria than that which shines for a moment and then is gone forever, even allowing for the relativity of what passes for permanence in human society. Your sunset moreover partakes of the beauty of all sunset doesn’t it, and art that captures such a sunset will also capture that more or less ‘eternal form’ that the sunset has (in the Platonic sense). A sunset, the beauty of woman that fades, or simply a moment of significance, connexion or synchronicity or whatever can all be related to the transcendent, considered sub specie aeternitatis. Perhaps everything has beauty on that basis, except the kind of beauty you seem to be describing often seems not merely to reflect the evanescent, but even to be attacking or negating that sense of the transcendent of the kind of beauty that endures. If Plato is right then I’m sure there is an eternal form in the mind of ‘God’ for iconoclasm too, but when art consists primarily of iconoclasm then I don’t see that it has any obvious connexion to beauty except as it’s counterfeit. Modern art appears designed not to uplift, or connect us to the sublime, or eternal (and perhaps those are not the same thing) but more often to do the opposite, to bring us down, to sever our connexion to the transcendent.

        103. Very well said. The problem is that Plato is wrong and, more than that, the fact that this stuff leads to discussion is part of why the art is important. People don’t have to like it, but to deny that it is art or that it has the possibility that it can be good based on outdated notions is a mistake.
          Boldness is a good thing.

        104. cheers. I understand why people consider Plato mistaken and why he’s come under such sustained attack but I’m reluctant to write him off.
          Re. art I don’t think when people say that modern art isn’t art they are actually denying that it is art. They’re just making a judgement about the effect it has on them.

        105. I’d never suggest writing him off of course….but taking him with a grain of olive oil ya know

        106. I state this over and over, “EQUALITY is not SAMENESS” Point this out to every sophist everywhere. Four quarters and a dollar bill are “EQUAL” but not the same. By implication and tacit understanding of the words, the egalitarians are perpetrating a sham based on an inaccurate redefinition of the word “equal.” This seems like a small point. But, redefinition, is one of the fundamentals of propaganda.
          Equality among sexes and races is attainable. But, sameness is not. And so, the false necessity of the unattainable is put into place by the true sexist and true racist, feminist, race-baiters, and government in order to unbalance the system in favor of the “unEQUAL” parties.
          By the way, Theodora’s acting including her portrayal of the popular at the time Leda myth. She would stuff her vagina with grain and have a swan eat it out…

    1. Anytime that harpy Anna Kasparian starts speaking, I just can’t watch anymore. Her pompous, young feminist stance is too much. I can’t wait until she hits the wall.

      1. At first I didn’t think that she was serious about the 6000-8000 dollars but then I saw it was a busty woman so, ya know, I figure it must be legit.

      1. Thanks Tony. I have been avoiding doing work projects lately. Time on my hands. Started doing these covers like three or four days ago. Gives me a kick, doing ’em. Glad you appreciate ’em. I’d do more, but I gotta eat! Heh.

        1. Lol, Keep them coming Sir! Hopefully Vol. 13 will discuss why men shouldn’t be so “judgemental” when their gf’s give them AIDS.

    1. Powerful meme, Mr. Smith.
      You bros may kill any nice guy tendencies left in the west with memes like these.
      It will be good riddance when that happens.

  10. “because he put the wrong woman in charge” . There is never an instance where the “right” woman is put in charge.

  11. Fixed:
    “Justinian saw many failures because he put a woman in charge.”
    Justinian you mangina pussy.

  12. You know, I generally love this website, but the propensity for hyperbole makes me LOL on occasion. I mean, “gender equality leads to genocide”.. FFS. Yes I suppose technically it can.. in the same way religious fervor and right-wing nuttery can also lead to genocide. Far from demonstrating that having a female in the political echelons will cause doom and hellfire to automatically rain down, or that Justinian’s downfall was somehow caused by gender equality policies, this episode simply emphasizes what we at RoK already know.. that beta cuckery and simptitude (along with a big dose of good old cronyism) are the most expedient roads to ruin for men and nations.
    BTW, in any other context Theodora’s speech would be pretty goddam inspiring. It’s also worth noting the Byzantine Empire survived another 900 years after Justinian’s “terrible” reign.
    Probably the best counter-example I can pull out of my ass at this time, is Isabella of Castille. She, along with Ferdinand, were the duo instrumental in finally kicking the Muslims out of Spain after 1,000 years. But by all accounts, Isabella was the real power behind the Reconquista, with her husband along for the ride.
    Of course having said that, the collection of self-interested, anti-male, safe-space crybabies called the “modern feminist movement” bears no resemblance to the few but notable powerful women in history who accomplished great things. It’s doubly ironic that feminists will pull out these examples of “great women”, while in the next breath bleat how all women have been historically oppressed, therefore Affirmative Action etc.

  13. Why is it no one ever discusses the myriad soldiers and men at arms that do these peoples bidding. Without the violent strongmen the leaders would not have any power.

  14. I’m fairly well read on Byzantine History and this is a fairly different interpretation of the events and personalities involved. However – I’m not a professional scholar and don’t speak Classical /Medieval Greek, so I’ve not read any of the source materials to argue for sure.
    Then again, alot of historians are blue pill progressives who fall over themselves to fawn over women of power – what few there are, in the past.

  15. The Akathist hymns of Christian Orthodoxy date to around the time of Justinian. They are some of the worst vagina worshipping idolatry I’ve ever read. Also, the Orthodox Church has on record some gay marriage ceremonies. They aren’t done anymore, but they also date back to the time of Justinian and maybe a little earlier. I believe it is no accident that Mohammed and Islam came along right around this time also. The Byzantines were cuximus maximus.

  16. Very good and important article here. Female leaders have frequently led their followers into disaster. Oftentimes, men in particular, like to invoke Boadicea as a strong female leader. Boadicea was a disaster and she got all of her followers killed along with many other innocents.
    If you follow a woman she will lead you straight to Hell!!!

  17. A boss puts his unqualified mistress in charge of the company so she can torment the employees and keep them in line, while pretending he has nothing to do with it.
    When a man puts a woman in charge over other men, it is for the sole purpose of breaking those men. Nothing more, nothing less.

  18. Any American who does not see the evil in Hillary Clinton is a damn fool. She will destroy our country.

  19. How high will the body count be for Hillary if she is in office? How high is her body count now??!

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