What White Men Should Understand About White Women Sleeping With Black Men

A while back on ROK, my colleague Donovan Sharpe penned an article that shed some well-needed light on the phenomenon of white girls dating black men. The comment storm and reactions it created showed that it hit a nerve.

I personally found it thought-provoking and it helped me put words on many thoughts I had on the matter, bringing me the necessary and impartial point of view of a red-pill black man. I convey that, as for white men, we don’t have it so bad. As Donovan justly points out: “The fact of the matter is that white dudes are pretty much every woman’s type.”

In his no-nonsense analysis, Donovan attributes the existence of this phenomenon to many factors, such as female low self-esteem, need for attention, the perceived image of black men and the expectations in that matter. All of that while remaining well aware and honest about his own capacities, the perks and the limits that being black brings to his game.

I observe a growth of this phenomenon and it would be a lie if I said that I find it positive. I myself had my fair share of pleasant sexual experiences with exotic girls but I want my wife and children to be white and look like me.


I circled around discussing the issue for a while and finally decided to give my take on what should be the reaction of your common white man to it.

1. One cannot alter the nature of women


Ah, the woman. This curious animal, half-hamster, half-lizard and never unicorn. It is common knowledge that their emotions are what matters and that long-term planning is not their forte. It is a given that the more the man sends the image of an alpha, whatever colour he is, the more women will want to sleep with him. Danger, social norms or logic do not apply to tingles.

They just cannot resist something forbidden and exciting. If there were today a hypothetical country with a majority of white women in its population and if being caught dating a black man meant public humiliation, torture and death row, women would still sleep with black men. Guaranteed.

If there was even a rumour among that female population, that a thousand years ago, a woman managed to sleep with a black man without being caught, however extraordinary or pathetic the sex was, you can bet your bottom dollar that the curiosity and the excitement of breaking the law to be special will push at least a few of them to taste the forbidden fruit.

2. One should focus on personal problems first

Greek Diety Atlas Carrying the World on his Shoulder

Like other occurrences  such as feminism shoved down our throat or false rape accusations, if you have been spared, you would be tempted to think “so far, so good.”. One must think “Does this phenomenon immediately affect my personal life?

There is only so much influence you can exercise on the outside. You cannot have all the women in the world. Instead of only blaming external factors, you should focus on your immediate environment and start by protecting yourself from the sexual competition, black or otherwise by reaching the peak of you potential sexual value.

Becoming the best version of yourself should be the priority, by reaching high financial and social status, independence, family goals, high standards of physical fitness, learning more about game, red flags and surrounding yourself with high quality women.

3. One should just see it as another red flag


I would never see a woman that had many sexual partners, regardless of race, as a prospect for a long term relationship. But even with less than the current and highly debatable “good girl” total of two lifetime sexual partners (I agree on the fact that a virgin would be ideal), knowing that she has slept with a black man or is sexually attracted to black men would remove her from the LTR category in my book.

I want to know if she has slept with a non-white man, just as I want to see other red flags before I go any further.


It means that she is or was attracted and surrendered the goods, being seduced by possible traits of black man game:

  • Buying into the natural alpha (or “near the extreme poles of the financial hierarchy”) or big cock mix: She does not think ahead. She listens to the media, likes bad boys with dark triad elements or gangster aura. It makes her dangerous to become a mother and she would endanger my household and my progeny with her impulsive attraction for jerkboys.
  • Enjoying the forbidden aspect of it: She has an independent, rebellious spirit and does not follow rules. I cannot trust her word or her judgment.
  • Knowingly sacrificing her SMV for a fantasy: She does not care about what people think. She craves the attention and the drama more than she fears the consequences of her actions. She cannot control her urges and will not change with time.
  • Following a possible genuine attraction for black men: She will always think that she is dating down by being with me. First opportunity and she will cheat.
  • Pursuing the liberal virtue signaling: She thinks that being tolerant and morally superior is more important than tradition and that following fashion goes before the interest of her children (both groups will rarely totally accept them).

A woman that chooses to have children with a man of another race is turning her back on her heritage and nature to adopt the one of her mate. It tells a lot about her loyalty and feelings towards her own kind. The Current Year Cult and cucks of all colours can vociferate, it does not make it less true.

With this in mind, you can choose not to invest anything personal in her. You can just see her as a temporary vessel for your sexual enjoyment.

4. Male and female sexual behaviour cannot be controlled

"It ain’t sad because I want my child to look like me, every intelligent person wants their child to look like them, I’m sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my identity?" Muhammad Ali

“It ain’t sad because I want my child to look like me, every intelligent person wants their child to look like them, you’re telling me I’m sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my identity?” Muhammad Ali

Let’s use familiar examples. Roosh is Irano-Armenian and ROK writer Donovan Sharpe is black. They both have slept, sleep and will continue to sleep with loads of white women. That does not keep me up at night. I do not want to harm Roosh or Donovan because they sleep with white women.

As men versed in game, possessing a good knowledge of the world and social dynamics, I am convinced that they bring a positive influence around them. I hope for their good fortune and that they will be happy with whatever woman they interact with.

But casual sex and procreation are two different things. It is common sense for a man to want children that will look like him. But saying this out loud is now a thought crime.

Nonetheless, every man has the sacred right to prefer one woman over another based on what attracts him. The people that are the angriest at white women consensually sleeping with Black men are usually the ones that blindly idealize white culture or do not believe in game.

This questions brought up by Roosh to determine your position on the matter are one of the most pertinent on the subject:

1. In your ideal nation, will white men be able to consensually sleep with non-white women?
2. In your ideal nation, will non-white men be able to consensually sleep with white women?

Ce qui est vraiment important

Black men that sleep with white women are merely the tip of the iceberg. The main problem comes from the elite that imposes this phenomenon to the masses as being the norm and the “right thing,” which fits their agenda, as was displayed in Apple’s iPhone7 event yesterday.


A population that is not homogeneous, without a strong common social fabric is easier to control. Promoting interracial relationships, depicting Whites as weaker men and mates or silencing its detractors helps you do that..

If you do not embrace it full force and celebrate it, you are the racist, the wrong thinker that must be eliminated. But here are some pressing issues that should matter more than your neighbourhood mudshark:

  • The same elites that through mainstream media push the weak, racist white man versus strong, leading black man dichotomy
  • Islam endangering Western civilisation and the migrant crisis, possibly the greatest Trojan Horse of our time
  • Degeneracy and stupidity being promoted instead of intelligence, merit and talent
  • The Left’s agenda to soon push pedophilia and other depraved sexual orientations as acceptable

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1,187 thoughts on “What White Men Should Understand About White Women Sleeping With Black Men”

  1. Women can fuck who they want to fuck. Men can marry who they want to marry. In making important choices, it is good to have lots of data points.

      1. Point generally taken, but some women these days do peg their cuck hipster faggot boyfriends.

        1. Yup. But even those who espouse feminist androgynous bullshit subconsciously realize its not really fucking… so they use the term pegging.

      1. Good to know if you’re considering marrying a girl who gets around. Data on how may dudes she’s been with.

        1. They think they can keep it hidden. If you know what to look for, it’s easy to see the truth.

  2. “Black men that sleep with white women are merely the tip of the iceberg.”
    The Icebergs married the Spielbergs.

  3. I avoid women who indulge in this behavior because it is an indicator of the following:
    1. Poor relationship with parents.
    2. Lack of respect for heritage and culture.
    3. Propensity for hard drug and alcohol use.
    4. Low self-esteem.
    5. Narcissism

    1. 6. Probably got AIDS from sleeping with a black drug dealer freshly out of prison.

      1. More likely got it from the drugs. I have a hard time believing that AIDS comes from heterosexual sex.

        1. Heterosexual sex with treated HIV positive people is safe.
          People with AIDS (untreated HIV positive)… You are pointing a gun to your head. It’s about maths: millions of active viruses vs. only a few.
          Unless you think Sub-Saharan Africans are all on drugs.

        2. I’ve heard it’s the passive element who’s more susceptible to get contaminated, no matter what type of fornication.

        3. Ok. I will refine. I do not think that heterosexual sex in a first world nation between two employed non-drug using people of middle class social status or higher will ever result in HIV.
          I barely acknowledge the existence of anything outside of Manhattan. I definitely don’t believe that there is such a thing as sub Saharan Africa. However, point taken and statement revised.

        4. The “freshly out of prison” implied that he probably got it from booty, or from drugs.

        5. I believe that. However, what I refuse to accept is that non drug using upper middle white professionals in a first world country are at any risk for HIV. When I was in college it was HIV madness here. Red ribbons everywhere. They made you feel like if you took a piss for too long the aids might jump inside your hole. IN reality, it is a disease for faggots, drug addicts and savages. I am confident that I am at 0 risk.

        6. Yea he, fuck that noise. The concept of normalizing AIDS is constant and an insanely irresponsible way to run your life.

        7. It doesn’t. But suppose that guy was in prison or took it up the arse. Or that he got AIDS from a needle and then fucked her up the arse.PIV sex is almost impossible to transmit HIV either to the female (a minute chance) or to the male (unknown) Your chance of contracting AIDS from fucking a female who has AIDS is near nil and then there are few white females who are even HIV positive.
          The usual sequence is that some homo/bi tales it up the arse and gets infected and then he fucks a female up the arse but even if she contracts it she can’t pass it on.
          In England, homosexuality was no longer a crime but buggery (usually called sodomy in the US) was still illegal (for both sexes)It mean anal sex so while homos could do all sorts of things buggery was still illegal.And btw it may still be illegal in some states.
          The age of consent in England is 16 but it was 18 for homosexuals. When they were debating lowering that age to 16 in the House of Lords the main worry was that since they knew that homos engaged in buggery and that AIDS was primarily transmitted this way that it would expose younger boys to the disease and perhaps even younger girls to buggery and disease.

        8. The sexual transmission is always the result of buggery.
          I’m not even sure that drug/needle use accounts for much since addicts heat up the drug in a cap and that would kill the virus.So perhaps using the same needle assuming someone had the virus may spread it along with a lot of other diseases like hepatitis.AIDS is not all that easy to spread but some poofter who has taken it up the arse a 1000 times is certainly going to have a higher risk of contracting it.These homos also used drugs like amyl nitrate that relaxes muscles.How else are you going to get a dick in your bunghole? The vagina will stretch to accommodate a big dick but anal would have to cause some injury however minor and allow the virus into your bloodstream.

        9. Back in ’81 when AIDS became known no one used condoms in the 80’s. Many men like myself had sex with hundreds of females(I’m not exaggerating) but I’ve never know of even one case of AIDS or any other sex transmitted disease with anyone.There was some minor herpes but 1/2 the people carry the virus and it just never acts up. It’s no different than what people call a cold sore and in fact you may have contracted it as a kid in kindergarten when that little snotnose would slobber on you.However, like many diseases there are always rare cases where it is acute and those are the pictures the puritanical femtards like to show to scare you.
          Even something common like psoriasis can be acute in rare cases where the person has to be hospitalised.
          The hysteria about ‘anyone can get AIDS’ and the condom use for ‘safe sex” lol was pushed by homos and femtards. Homos because they wanted to make people believe they were just like everyone. And femtards for the usual reason of their hating men and trying to scare normal females about sex with men.

        10. You’re playing Russian roulette with anyone who has ever been HIV positive.There is no treatment that can guarantee anything.treatments are only palliative.

        11. Who said it was drugs? The reason that it’s more common has to do with the downlow and something like 50% of negroes in Africa and the US are on the downlow.It’s so common that they hardly think of it as sex and if you were to say they are homos they would object. Who me? Why I have a gf or wife I’m normal lol
          There’s also something called ‘dry sex’ where they like their Hos to be perfectly dry and where they use alum to achieve it.This of course causes irritation and a greater chance of transmitting something.I don’t know why they do this but perhaps it’s because negro men have smaller dicks on average and feel loose in a big Nigerian female’s pussy.May also explain why they go in for buggery.

        12. That is not what actual Western Medicine is saying right now. Treated people are safe from being contagious, as long as they have not developed clinical Aids.
          The fact that therapy is not a cure has nothing to do with likeliness of partner infection.
          On the other hand, HIV negative people practicing unsafe sex (with AIDS patients) while using anti-retrovirals will get infected most of the times.
          Of course, to be absolutely safe, you should refrain from sex with anyone infected or in risk of getting infected. But that doesn’t change what is (or not) considered generally safe.

        13. You certainly know your stuff. Probably a medical doctor or have some advanced degree in science,right?

  4. Also let’s dispel the (((Media))) notion that black men are the top of the food chain with white women.
    Seal: Got Heidi Klum after she rolled around with Ric Pipino and a greasy Italian rich dude.
    Michael Jordan: Married Yvette Prieto after she was pounded by multiple Hispanic guys for years. She went for him primarily for his money, and he could have gotten a virgin if he had real game.
    Jamie Foxx: Claimed Katie Holmes after she banged three white guys.
    In other words, blacks typically get the slops left by other races.

    1. I don’t see any media promotion of black men as top of the food chain with white women. I do however, see a lot of butthurt white men who couldn’t get these same women to sneeze in their direction, let alone the time of day.
      Most men period get sloppy seconds, whether they realize it or not.
      I’ve never seen a high value black man (money/looks/status) with a fat/ugly white chick. Low status men fuck fugly women all the time, no matter the race.

      1. So what you’re saying is all those black dudes mentioned are not high value. Fair enough.

  5. The agenda is pushing “diversity” to destroy true diversity in the human genome. The elite want standardized human beings with no significant differences in the human livestock, racially or behaviorally. Hence, constant race mixing propaganda and social engineering from cradle to grave. This agenda will be pushed until all races mix into one NWO race.
    Personally, white women are so bad I don’t want them. I dated a 21 yr old last year and was reminded why I avoid them. But, wasn’t that the purpose of feminism? Make white men avoid white women? I have pondered such things.

    1. Feminism was pumped for a while in the black community to say all black men are bad. As partners they are abusive and as father’s they are dead beats. The media consigned it and now that is the main image of the black man. Doesn’t stop black men from being partners and fathers. I imagine the same will be the case for white men who are being sold the tale of being shot lords and racist overlords.

      1. Yes. One has to get out of Anglo America for a while to cleanse his mind of decades of manipulation. Once away for a while, say a year or two, one begins to see and stare in horror at just how manipulated that society is by the media and “education” system.
        Black men here in Latin America are actually socially conservative, as are black women. Clearly, that community was targeted by social engineers early on in Anglo America. Blacks are the “testing grounds” for schemes that then spread to other castes in Anglo society.

        1. It is funny, but many people in America are so close to that truth but skirt it out of convenience. Ever heard this statement before: I know a black guy. He is smart, works hard, and has a beautiful family. Me and him get along great. I wish all black guys were like him. Then the real question, what is his background, comes up. And 8 out of 10 times he is either a foreigner or of foreign descent. Usually this is where the thinking stops. But if people were to an extra step further, the only reasoning behind one being more acceptable than the other is that the foreign descent has a different culture they are working off of, while in America, a black man is begged to tattoo criminal, wife beater, Mandingo, on his forehead. Remove the programming and you’ll be surprised what the man “becomes”.

        2. I could tell between the african-american and the caribbean-black-american in Brooklyn.

        3. It’s only programming if you accept it though. Successful blacks (outside of the entertainment industry, where they profit from race pimping) generally reject that kind of programming and thus live functional, full lives. In this day and age where welfare is nearly a guaranteed right, along with job training, free libraries, free internet (at the libraries), etc. there is no excuse to live in poverty and blame others for it.

        4. You know why that’s that? Heres my theory: the caribe an blacks have been around one of the most educated type of white man there is and have been subjects of their protestant religions. The culture shaping them has been uber white. The was the case and probably still are plenty of conservative blacks around in the US. my interaction with them proves this very theory and compare them to the working class white (and blacks) in thr UK you’ll easily see that they’re in some cases more cultured than the other working and lower middle class peeps.
          Some of the Caribbean islands carried on that tradition after the whites left the place or were not longer in power. Bermuda and Bahamas spring to mind. They haven’t the minority mentality because they come from a country populated by people similar to them. They have an identity. The US black have always lived in WhiteY’s country and have been second place and that’s the reigning mentality.
          *catches breath*

        5. Yes that is partially true. You won’t see a group of Ginger Pharaohs building pyramids in the Sahara.

        6. At a real unemployment rate of 20% I wouldn’t say no excuse (with 1 in 6 men of working age in particular out of work).
          No excuse to be a criminal or demand handouts certainly. Some excuse to stop importing third worlders to replace the natives however.
          I do take your meaning though.

        7. Importing the hordes, yes, that has to stop. I mean it’s not even a question, it needs to cease immediately.

        8. Right? Pretty red head chicks go right to the front of the line with me.

        9. I read an article yesterday about the 1 in 6 men not working, saying it was possibly worse than depression-era. Then today this propaganda:
          This Is every bit as bad as the old Soviet propaganda newsreels stating “we just produced record levels of wheat again this year.”
          They’re taking a page right out of Goebbels Big Lie. If they said “things are about to improve” people would be suspicious, but when they say “we may already be at full employment” then it must be true.

        10. They’re at the top.of my list too. Scottish, French, Irish, Spanish, Slavic. That’s my Read head rankings of attractiveness.

        11. You mean the one who played Ygritte? She IS pretty hot. I guess I’m just thinking of Alyson from back in the 90s. Forgot she’s almost in her 40s now with kids, though it looks like she’s taking good care of herself.

        12. I always find it amazing that we have around 94 million eligible for work adults in this nation who are not employed, yet we’re told how peachy the economy is and how we’re only at around 5% unemployment. We’d have to be way, way fucking more populated than China for that 5% number to be accurate.

        13. Unemployment resulting from a lack of any marketable skills. If one chooses not to learn how to make it, he should not complain that he doesn’t make it.

        14. That’s correct, I was thinking of making the same point.

        15. Some random chick who pinged my radar as “Yep, she’ll do, wash her up and send her to my chambers”. She looks way more natural and, well, happy and fun.

        16. I love this crap. Hedonics is hilarious too. Price of steak is out of reach, so the economists notice people are buying more hamburger meat as a result. Presto Chango- no inflation, the ee kom uh knee is doing great

        17. Interesting and relevant point of interjection:
          In order to be deemed unemployed by mandated, measurable standards, an individual must be actively seeking employment…

        18. Yep. When you come to see how they openly fudge the numbers with their “constraints” it’s clear it’s all a massive Bullshit Festival. And the way that they swap out basket items in their Inflation Index is laughably transparent. Somebody pointed out the steak thing just a few posts over top of this one, and that’s what they do. When food gets too inflated in price, they take it out of the basket and drop in, I don’t know, sock purchasing and say “Look, no inflation!” Bullshit.

        19. It’s pretty much how global warming works, too.
          “If we ignore our satellites and this fraction of our ground-based stations, then apply a magic adjustment factor, you’re not standing waist deep in snow.”

        20. Unemployment that is no shit structural is more like it. As much as I’d love to blame these lazy kids nowadays, policies that actively favor foreigners and offshoring combined with expensive social programs cripple the American worker (if one sixth of your body stops working you’re a cripple).
          Calling someone lazy worked when old economy Steven roamed the earth. Telling someone to make bricks without straw is cruel.
          “They don’t have skills!” is provable crap used to justify the H1B program. There was a professor at Wharton who did some great work on this, Google Peter Capelli.

        21. I really hate those douchnozzle “chefs” on the fuckin Food Network for popularizing skirt steak- that was a best kept secret

        22. And the above article made its conclusion that things were fine because *NEW* applications for unemployment payments declined. If you think about it, the point at which NEW applications for unemployment protection are at their lowest would be the absolute WORST part of the recession. The important number is how many people are collecting unemployment insurance, not when they first apply.
          Imagine we are at 90% employment, then gradually drop over 6 months to 50%. Then over the next 6 recover back to 90%.
          Months 1-2 would see big increases in unemployment filings. But the economy would still be doing relatively well, perhaps around 80% employment.
          Months 5 and 6 would see new filings for unemployment protection decline and eventually drop to zero as everyone gets laid off that will be (50% of the population in this example). At this point unemployment filings are lowest but the economy is absolutely horrible.
          But of course the media spins this and says “declines in unemployment filings are a good thing”. That stat is actually irrelevant. The relevant stat is the NUMBER OF PEOPLE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, which will be at its greatest when new filings are at their lowest. Notice how they will never report this number. If it’s like the unemployment data, the government will tell you they “stopped tracking that in order to save costs” lol

        23. Yes, it’s part of my own bitterness at the establishment right as well. They hamper Americans, then tell them to compete all as a con to make unemployed Americans feel like it’s just them while they import slaves from south of the border and India.
          Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps doesn’t work when they take away the bootstraps. It’s like shouting “You’re full!” at a starving man.

        24. But its not going to stop. Guy who drives truck delivers to LaGuardia Airport. He says he sees people getting off ups cargo planes- who are these people and where are they going? probably to your neck o the woods

        25. Wow, my dorky “hmm actually” moment has arrived..
          Actually, genetic and scientific testing has proven that Ramesses II and Seti I (19th dynasty) were both of European stock, and had red hair.
          Set was kind of the god of foreigners, and had a shitty reputation until Seti I socially engineered viewing Set in a positive light.
          So from all of this you can deduce that Seti I (Ramesses I’s father) had foreign (social climbing) ancestors. And that this look wasn’t common among Egyptian royalty prior to Seti I.
          There are many examples of blonde and red-haired genetically European Egyptian royalty, even many centuries prior to the Alexandrian conquests.
          But I totally get the point you and jz95 are making and I agree with it. Genes are the roots, culture is the flower.

        26. They don’t seem to have arrived in any great number yet, outside of the Somalis. We have our clear illegal immigrant hispanics, but they’re still more of a novelty than a staple.

        27. Dont you find this mindblowing? I was trying hard not to believe it, but the guy is a blue collar dude, he seemed so enraged by it all that I had to assume he is telling the truth

        28. Also note that after a certain period of time collecting unemployment benefits, DOL requires you to accept any job offered (even burger flipping) and that benefits expire after 6 months and cannot be collected again without going back to work for a period of time first. At that point, one is no longer counted amongst the unemployed and is completely fucked.

        29. That’s true, and I employ that attitude every day but, c’mon nobody is taking apprentices and the solid guys are being replaced by guys working for $5-$10/hr like slaves. They do shit work, are shit neighbours and have nothing to offer but desperation.

        30. Have to admire this guy’s persistence- I woulda said “fuck it” and unplugged my website years ago

        31. I agree with all of that, but a highschool dropout who chooses to sell weed instead of even learning a trade stands absolutely no chance regardless of any of that.
          Its the willingness to just say “fuck it” that places so many young people squarely behind the 8-ball from jump street.

        32. Craig Ferguson was the man. He was replaced with a chubby pussy who sings showtunes. We will never have another talk show host like him again

        33. Or the Army. Or get a job in a hospital. Or go to trade school for something in demand. Anything other than just saying “fuck it.”
          There are ways up. I’m living proof.

        34. That was the case in much of the ancient world.
          Although blonde and red hair was common in Rome (I think Octavian even was naturally blonde) blonde and red hair was hugely popular among Roman aristocracy. Both for wigs and for slaves.
          Dying the hair with henna is common in some parts of the ancient world, and its obviously for aesthetic/cultural reasons. But in regards to Ramesses I and Seti I, they actually tested the deeper hair follicles of the scalps of their mummies, to prove their hair color which had turned gray/white with age.
          It was more shocking to me, that their haplogroups were European in origin. They managed to become essentially living gods to the Egyptians, despite not even being of African origin or looking like any kind of African.
          You can see pictures of some Egyptian royalty who were so respected they received mummification, with red and blonde hair. I certainly didn’t suspect any of this.

        35. A few black guys from Nigeria befriended me on Facebook. I kinda had this cliche in my head that they are all fucking like rabbits and that that was why they had so much AIDS and that most kids just died. I mean, that seems to be the justification for half our existent “help the 3rd world” corporations. So I basically asked them about this and they couldn’t fathom what I was talking about. They told me they considered sex a very sacred thing etc.
          Of course, they may not be representative, but still. Weird world.

        36. From that article:
          “The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength even as the pace of job growth is slowing.”
          What the fuck does this sentence mean?

        37. I think you’re referring to James Corden, and yes hes a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge pussy. He fits the polite English boys who rides to studio in horse and carriage stereotype.

        38. Yeah, “news” like these always remind me of the announcements in 1984.
          ‘Razor blade production has increased by 27% compared to last year’ and stuff like that.

        39. There’s a good documentary called, “Exodus Decoded” that, while not about the subject of your comment per se, has some interesting take aways if you know what to look for as in the European stock you mentioned.
          The early European settlements of Troy, Rome, Iberia, London, and Ireland began with people leaving North Africa and Egypt and all have Hebrew origins. The striking similarity of Welsh to Hebrew, and the near identical syntax of Gaelic and English to Hebrew makes translating almost a word for word effort. Several translators have commented on these similarities and those among other European languages, as well. Gaelic and Berber (spoken in North Africa today) are almost identical. As archaeology and science advance more of these connections are coming to light.

        40. I haven’t seen the documentary, but I’ve never bought the claims of Rome’s foundation being anything of Hebrew origin. Its on par with the Afro-centrists who think Octavian and Caesar were black to me.
          The Pheocians (also Semitic) founded Carthage, and had a massive influence on Mediterranean, on par with Rome until the Punic Wars. But the only colonial forces involved with Rome were Greek, and that was in no way colonialism as we are accustomed to as an idea. Very small scale.
          Rome was a Latin kingdom, then a Latin republic. Genetic testing supports this.
          I know very little about language and syntax, but couldn’t the similarities like the ones you’ve stated more a product of the ancient Indo-European language that was spoken 10,000 years ago? I mean, as opposed to the possibility of Hebrew colonialism of Britain, or Europe, or even Troy. I only ask because I’ve never really heard of any of this.

        41. The empty areas of N Africa and the Mid East were settled by Ice Age Europeans 10k years ago.At the time the world population was 1 m almost all of the Caucasian type. The only other people on earth were a tiny group on the West coast of Africa, probably ancestors of the modern negro, and a tiny group in the Far East.The world population explosion, which is still ongoing,eventually increased the Negro population and then managed to cross Africa to the East and then begin migrating N into Egypt but this wasn’t until about 1k BC.The descendants of the original Caucasians living in the Egypt area built the Great Pyramid 4500 years ago, long before any negroes were in Egypt.To put it into perspective, that pyramid was already 1500 years old when Moses was around.Don’t confuse the Great Pyramid with the more recent Valley of the Kings(King Tut) in another area.

        42. The original Caucasian homelands were Europe, Asia and N Africa and they had pretty much travelled around the world even in prehistoric times.They are reffered to as simply the Old Europeans or the OLD Meditereans.The Indo European types of Whites from Asia north of the Black Sea settled in Europe and were Latinic speakers (Sanskit a related language to the East where they settled) and changed the language and culture of the Old Europeans who they mixed with.No one speaks any of the pre Ice Age caveman languages.
          As I said the Indo Euros came later but everywhere they went and spread their customs and religions like Hindu then Buddhist the local people thought of them as gods. Even today you’ll notice that the gods are white in these religions even when the local people aren’t.So the preference for white runs very deep and the white man is always viewed as the alpha or top of the group.

        43. You watched some video on Youtube and you think you now know something?
          What’s your higheset level of education and what degrees do you have?
          As the poet wrote ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’
          And btw, Troy, Rome etc are new post Indo European Aryan cities.
          People had towns in Europe 50k years ago.

        44. You’re talking about modern human history here. We know exactly what Romans like Nero etc looked liked because artists painted them(they’re not around either due to aging or the fact that Nero was sort of expunged from history at the time)Sculptures and also accurate descriptions.
          In his book The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Suetonius describes Nero as “about the average height, his body marked with spots and malodorous, his hair light blonde, his features regular rather than attractive, his eyes blue and somewhat weak, his neck over thick, his belly prominent, and his legs very slender.
          He was a pale blond with very light blue eyes. He even says the guy had BO, a pot belly and pimples so you know it’s an accurate description.

        45. I was referring to his claim that Rome, and may other European societies over time were essentially colonized by the Hebrews. Its an out of left field perspective I’ve never even heard before.
          And in your other comments, when you say original Caucasians, do you mean Cro-Magnon?

        46. He was referring to the Christian Identity theory, where Whites are the original Hebrews (hence the lingual similarity) and Jews are impostors. Regardless of religious divisions, there are some interesting discrepancies in the currently accepted dogma.

        47. You have this right Ghost. When I worked in the US I only knew successful black men (a handful were African). These were intelligent and driven men.

        48. This feeds into my earlier point. Unemployment is a choice. If you are not actively seeking employment, fuck are you doing?

        49. Pimpin the system. It’s really the only alternative. Unfortunately it doesn’t lead to a storybook ending for most..

        50. Bullshit Bob. I know you da real Alpha Male who’s always in demand from employers, but structural unemployment is real. A terrible economy is real.
          Acting like you could never be on the skids through no fault of your own is the financial equivalent of the guy who’s convinced himself he could never lose a fight.
          Now is it an excuse to check out and stop fighting? No, of course not. But if you don’t accept the reality of misfortune, you don’t accept reality.

        51. I’ve been laid off three times (two of those two jobs in a row)and been unemployed by choice at least once (due to an international move). I have been through two major recessions and survived.
          Tell me again how this is bullshit.

        52. Sweet, those first two times you were laid off, you were unemployed and not by choice.
          Hence, unemployment is not a choice, not always anyway. Additionally, even during the Great Depression, some guys made it out ok. Was everybody else who didn’t, “making a choice”?
          You got opportunities to work, what if you hadn’t, for a year? Two?
          Telling everyone who’s unemployed it’s their fault and fuck them (which is what “unemployment is a choice” has to mean, why aren’t you choosing to be employed) is not the way forward.

        53. I live near the largest Somali immigrant colony in the US. There are quite a few Somali women that are more than welcome to dance naked on my mailbox. Of course, they are all stuck up bitches (a direct quote from every white woman in the area).

        54. Have you tried joining a union lately? They have more criteria than a POF woman.
          I have nephews that have finally gotten into the trade unions. It took knowing someone to sponsor you.

        55. The Army/Navy/Air Force is pretty picky these days. If you are a high school drop out you can forget it. If you have a criminal record of even so minor as a couple of speeding tickets you are SOL. If you don’t test high enough no go. Of course if you are a woman then none of these restrictions apply.

        56. Nah. I joined the Army. Then made them pay the bulk of my college, then went into sales which I didn’t need a degree for anyway…
          But two of my closest friends joined the painters union as tapers and a third waited on a callback list and kept harassing them til he got the interview… Then didn’t go because he’s a bum-ass.
          Networking helps. Everybody knows somebody. If you want a referral you have to go find it. Regardless, the addendum I added to the post you responded to mentioned that there are always some ways to get a leg up if you’re willing.
          If the labor pool in your area is that contested, you don’t necessarily have to stay (I moved 300 miles for my current job).

        57. Too true. I got in on a waiver post 9/11 era because I have guaged ears. My GT score was collasal so the recruiters were drooling over me. 8 years ago my friend was supposed to join with me but couldn’t pass his asvab. I shit you not they were gonna waiver him in for that as an 88M (truck driver). He flaked on me and ended up joining the union…
          Regardless, they have GED programs and unless you’re covered in ink, retarded or criminally diverse they’ll take you.
          And btw, the feminization of the military is precisely why I didn’t re-up on my contract.

        58. In fairness, “Learning a trade” =/= a job. Most contractors are one-man bands or maybe the owner and his sons(-in law). No chance of guys like that hiring a random kid fresh out of trade school. Even large construction sites will hire workers as ‘self-employed subcontractors’ meaning they need to provide their own (often expensive) equipment. Being a construction worker requires a minimum of £10K upfront investment (£5K for an old banger of a van, £3K to insure and tax it for a year and £2K for sundry tools and equipment). Not including any money spent on trade school.
          The work isn’t guaranteed – if you go self-employed you’ll spend years doing low-paid odd jobs to build up the good reputation needed to get a decent client base. If you go down the subbie-on-a-building-site route you’ll go through gluts and droughts of work as you flit from one pre-fab new-build to the next. And don’t get too attached to any of your body parts – if you’re not prepared to remove a sheet of asbestos cement precariously hanging 4 stories up with nought but a hammer and a rickety ladder for £50 a day then the gypsy firm up the road will.

        59. So you save money, live modestly and save up for that van. My buddy just bought a chevy van for 2500$
          Regardless, I need to make a simple analogy here.
          All trades are not created equal. Ive done asbestos demo, dangerous heights, basic brute labor. There are other blue collar jobs that pay more for a bit of knowledge over backbreaking work.
          Its like going to university for gender studies vs going to school for STEM.
          If one goes to a trade school, he’d better choose welding, hvac, plumbing, ELECTRICAL.
          I was on craigslist just yesterday looking for a gig to pick up some electrical apprenticeship (had a guy I worked with last year that was old and sick and stopped taking jobs)
          I found no less than five recent postings looking for guys with schooling to apprentice starting at $15/hr.
          Hell. My step father was a taper from the time he dropped out of school. Afforded a nice suburban house, big vehicles and a boat just by sticking to his work. Was it easy for him? No. But there are guys working out there that need help. My buddy was a startup carpenter with no van using Home Depot (large chain home improvement store in the states) rental trucks to move his supplies. I helped him write up a full home remodel contract for a customer found on craigslist (you could also use angieslist and other similar sites).
          TLDR: TRY

        60. On top of that, buy your tools second-hand too. You can afford the nicer stuff when you’re making it, but hand tools, drills, saws are all available online for cheap. They might be stolen, but that’s something actually worth saying “Fuck it” about.

        61. Actually, the market is pretty good right now if you are on the labor end. However, a few years ago it was very bad.
          I joined the Navy back in Vietnam War times. They paid for my undergraduate, the company I worked for paid for my masters, and I found out that nobody pays for a PhD (the universities prefer to pay you a stipend and a scholarship so they can have you by the balls and you will go along with anything they say.)

        62. I was comparing it to when I joined up. During Vietnam the medical consisted of taking a deep breath, if you could do that you passed. When people are getting sent home in body bags they loosen those requirements damn quick.

        63. I think some of the reason American black men are is a result of unchecked female hypergamy. Women, all women, when allowed total freedom to pick men typically choose violent men over nonviolent men. In the black community, it’s not uncommon for a black woman, who’s productive to have children with or a boyfriend that’s a complete criminal. I overheard a black man talking about his sister’s boyfriend who she has kids with. The man’s sister works as a RN at a hospital, but she’s dating and having children by a man who’s in and out of jail and is safe to say, unemployed. This seems to be common among black women and not just your lower class ghetto black women.
          On the other hand, you hear those black men attempting to be productive always having trouble with women.
          Of course, the desire to mate is an inborn desire. So the men have to adapt to what the female wants. So among black people now, male criminals and hence their genes, are reproducing with the most fertile of black women.
          Meanwhile, those productive black men will produce fewer or no children and those genes will become less and less.
          Notice how much better the black community was when female mate choice was restrained.

        64. You do realise that thousands of red haired mummies are in Egypt, and many Pharoahs had red hair. There are heiroglyphs of them. Red heads account for most of the mummies. Amenhotep II and Ramses II’s remains are gingers, as well as many others. The oldest remains in China is a red head guy.

        65. Not saying it’s impossible, just wanted to warn any Millenials who might be reading that going to trade school will no more guarantee that you’ll fall into a decently-paid job the day you graduate than going to college will. You’ll still need to pay your dues working for minimum wage as a gopher for a guy who’s been doing the job you want to do for decades to gain real-world experience.
          Take your example of a skill that you think is so sought-after that any wet-behind-the-ears trade school alumnus who graduated with a barely-passing grade can find work at $15 an hour. Wiring up a lighting circuit and giving your handiwork the once-over with a 2KΩ Multimeter is one thing in college but a completely different animal out in the real world. In trade school you’ll mostly practice doing new installations the right way; in the real world you’ll mostly be cleaning up the mess left by the last guy to ‘fix’ your client’s wiring, which 9 times out of 10 will have been the omnipresent firm Bodgitt & Leggit Ltd.

        66. Lol why warn a Millenial? They weren’t going to bother going to trade school anyway. They’re far more likely to take out loans and go to Uni just for the party experience, then drop out with nothing to show but 20g in the debt pile.
          Yes, I understand. As it pertains to real-world electrical work, that’s actually what I like about the whole thing. Every job is at least a little different, whether you’re dealing with old knob & tube troubleshooting or doing a service upgrade.
          Not everyone has the aptitude for it, which is why I suggested some other items as well.
          Know what I hate? I’m 27 which, to some, places me within the dreaded millenial range. I disagree heavily though… My early years were spent outside, and I remember a time before widespread cellphone use. I’m a conscientious objector to social media and I prefer to plan ahead and achieve my goals rather than seeking instant gratification…

        67. “You watched some video on Youtube and you think you now know something?”
          You, AlexDeLaMelle, Habitual Libertine and De Ge aren’t much better. Do some proper research and go back and pass high school World History before you go pulling shit out of ass about the Egyptians, and whatever other ancient people you just heard about while watching Ancient Aliens

        68. If you want to save your white race you need to stop your women from aborting. Also those “illegals” are stepping in foir those would be whites that were not allowed to be born.

        69. I get paid something like 6000-8000 bucks every month for freelance tasks i do at home. So if you are eager to work basic at home task for some h /a day from your house and get good benefit in the same time… Test this invitation http://2.gp/G8zm

        70. Weren’t you the same one who accused blacks of being lazy in the comments section of another article? Now here you’re “woe is me” about white men. You can’t have it both ways by victim-blaming blacks and crying victim as a white.

        71. With respect, no and hell no that wasn’t me. My disqus profile is public and if you look through my old messages not only will you see that it wasn’t me, you will also see consistent attacks on both racism and antisemitism.
          Don’t shoot until you’re sure you have the right target.
          [Edit additional: incidentally who said anything about white men? Black men are getting hammered by immigration and outsourcing as well as native born Latinos. Seriously look before you leap, li’l Ms. Jumpy.]

        72. This is one of few problems i am dealing with. When I act like a bozo then pussy rains from the sky and gutters below.
          When i started making 30k/yr then i get “pros” coming out looking for a hand out while their men sit at home broke. It sucks trying to find a decent woman these days and one without a bunch if children and bunch of baby daddy issues. The hood is so fucking disgusting and i feel like what you say doesn’t scratch the surface.

        73. This is the subject that no one will touch concerning crime in the black community. If someone does, they’ll be accused of sexism and told women have a right to do what they want with their bodies.
          The fact is, young black men are not going to want to be law abiding citizens, doctors, lawyers, professionals etc if it offers no reproductive advantage. If being a criminal, pimp, drug dealer or athlete (nothing wrong with being a pro athlete, but the chances of making it big are slim to none, even if you have the talent, you still need luck).
          If all or most of the black women in their reproductive prime want to sleep with a low life with a huge felony record, then that’s what the men will aspire to. This is why women’s sexuality was controlled in the past because it is anti civilization. The men who exhibit more anti civilization traits are sexually rewarded while the men who help build civilization go without. What’s the point of graduating from college and earning 6 figures when you can’t find a attractive woman to even go on a date with?

        74. Well shoot now I feel bad. Thanks for the apology and I’m sorry for being harsh, well at least a little sorry 🙂

        75. Right. Condescension and insult in response to something you disagree with. There’s proof of an admirable intellect if ever there was any. Did you get a degree in that as well? If “a little learning is a dangerous thing”, and you claim to have “a lot”, perhaps you should have stopped short of a little. “Educated idiots” and their “degrees” have done more harm than good to society. Climb back into your ivory tower and try to find something relevant to say.

      2. These feminists don’t show the studies of black mothers and the rates they physically punish their sons. There are Christian campaigns to try and get these women to calm the fuck down, as surveys have shown a large percentage of them give “whuppings” to their children from the age of…6 months (and even some cases of 3 months). As always with women, no thought is given to the adult that child will become; its just “I have to shut this fucking kid up so I can watch Oprah”.

    2. RF, no amount of brainwashing is going to cause all the races to converge into one mass “coffee-colored race.” 90+% of people are going to mate with people who look like them. The incessant alt-right fear of “race-mixing” is entirely overblown.
      Even if humanity were to somehow mix into “one world race,” there would still be variations in skin tones, eye color, hair color, etc. There would be no standard “beige” look.

        1. The only way I could realistically envision the people of the world mixing into one race is if some cataclysmic event wipes out 99% of humanity, and the people who are left mix with one another simply because humanity will die out if they don’t.
          And even then, there will still be variation in physical appearance.

        2. A cataclysmic event?
          Reminds me of this sentence in ‘Project for a new american century’:
          “Like a new pearl harbor”.
          Exactly one year before 9/11
          Oy vey.

        3. We’re living in an artificial world where the useless underclasses are almost paid to reproduce.In the world you mentioned there would be no safety nets or would people give a damn when their survival was at stake.
          Now, who do you think would survive and reproduce? Whites or the lesser groups who would probably revert to cannibalism and then die out quickly.There’s a reason that whites were virtually the only people on earth until fairly recent history.

        4. The “useless underclass” includes more than a few white people.
          By “lesser groups” (learn to spell) I’m assuming you, like most alt-righters, are referring to Negroes. People survived in their various corners of the world long before western Europe (and it was WESTERN Europe, the east largely didn’t do jack shit) connected the world.
          And again, you people have no one to blame but yourselves for the current state of the world.
          Of course, I realize you’re going to hate on groups you consider to be beneath you no matter what facts may be presented. Typical of small-minded people such as yourself…

        5. By underclass I meant that group below even the lowest in the Unskilled segment of the working class.These are the hereditary class of people who never really work and live from hand to mouth either on benefits or charity and will only occasionally work at some menial job if they get desperate enough.In the US about 5% of whites and 35% of negroes fall into this category.

      1. Only time will tell. Look at how successful social engineers have been getting people to abandon their culture and families and live lives of empty, overworked, sexless, meaningless consumerism. You have to get out of America and stay out for a while to see just how successful they’ve been, and how empty and nihilistic existence has become up there by virtue of their successes.
        They’ve also reduced whites from 92% of the population of the US in 1960 to 43% by 2050. A 50 percentage point drop.
        “Optimism is cowardice.” -Oswald Spengler

        1. Western Europeans are a strange people. This is something that only could have happened in countries founded and populated by western European peoples. Anywhere else it would have failed, including eastern Europe.

        2. Your stats are right. But whites need to start taking more responsibility for themselves. Nobody is stopping whites from having more bigger families…The same way I would tell black americans that nobody is stopping them from not being over represented in violent crimes

        3. Save for the fact that there is every incentive possible to break that family up. Take away the courts and social engineers in education and psychology and you may have a point. But thats approximately where we were 100 years ago.

        4. You’re exactly right that whites need to start taking more responsibility for themselves. But a lot of the demographic disappearance of them from their own country is also related to politics (i.e. Immigration Act of 1965 spearheaded by the drunk Ted Kennedy) and the ongoing shaming and guilt culture in politics and the media directed at marginalizing whites.
          The powers that be masterfully pit the races against one another in a divide and conquer strategy that profits them. United, we could rise up together and fuck up their game.
          That said, I live in a place in Latin America now that is majority black and love the place. Blacks inside and outside America have often treated me better than whites. The fact the races don’t get along in Anglo America speaks to the fact that social engineering, yet again, has reared its ugly face.
          Personally, I want to see each ethnicity maintain itself and its culture and prosper and get along. I don’t want to see us all blend into one, and for that reason people like me are true lovers of diversity, not leftists. Maybe I’m just a dreamer.

        5. And guys like us are the true feminists, because we want women to fulfill their nurturing and motherly roles that they can perform better than men, and will bring them true happiness and fulfillment.

        6. “But I’m not the only one…”
          As the Heartiste says, “Diversity + Proximity = War.” If we stop forcing proximity and merely allow people to segregate as they choose, we can have diversity without the current conflict.

        7. I think I would alter that to Diversity + Proximity – economic prosperity = war

        8. This guy had two apts I believe. One was below- market, rent stabilized, whatever its called. I woulda voted for him anyway. That facial fur is magnificent

        9. Perhaps, but even in the fairly prosperous periods between the 80’s and 00’s it was simmering.
          If you want to prevent war, you must either cut the proximity or cut the diversity (or both). If I were to move to Japan (which I’m considering – it’s a nice place with great people), I would do my best to become as Japanese in culture as I could so that I could understand and be closer to the people around me. It’s fine to be Christian there, but it would sow strife to be disrespectful, trashy, loud, and American pop-culture obsessed.

        10. Its very easy for a white guy to fit in if you are moving there- you just need to go heavy on the eyeliner, youll look just like em

        11. The more I think on it, the truer it seems.
          There was a time, not even a century ago, that a house cost about a year’s salary to the laborer. It was no mansion, but it was enough to raise a bevvy of kids in relative comfort.
          Now a small condo costs about three years for me, a well-paid engineer.

        12. I’m busy building a projected budget, including food costs, child-care costs and everything under the sun.
          Honestly, it’s terrifying.

        13. I’ve found my minimum individual survival requirement is about 20k post-tax. My fixed income will be at about 16k for a few short years. I’ll have to get a job temporarily to supplement my current path, and to be able to save anything.

        14. I’ve got a feeling the local costs are going to skyrocket before too much longer. Guess the one thing that keeps it from booming too fast is the cold winters.

        15. The housing market is primed for another crash. The policies that broke everything before are still in place.
          Hopefully I’ll be ready to buy when it happens. Rent always skyrockets post crash, but housing becomes more reasonable after a bit.

        16. You won’t regret it if you decide to go! I can’t say enough great things about my years there. Its such a refreshing 180 from the things that are so grating about america. Initially some of the Japanese seemed cold or aloof to me, but after you pass a brief “are you another american dipshit?” test, you have a friend for life. Youll also be able to find many Christian churches to choose from, there were 3 within miles of where i lived, and that was even in a small city considered “backwater”. As far as hitting on girls go, from what ive seen it can be challenging, but can only think that’s a good thing imo. Still, 11/10 would recommend

        17. Stop with the projections that never seem to become true. According to the CIA (their job is to collect data) Caucasians are 79% of the US.
          And btw, it’s not where you are born but your ethnicity. Whites are still a large part of South America.
          Brazil and the north are the places where there were slaves but not the rest.

        18. That’s not even minimum wage. Shouldn’t you be working or doing something constructive instead of playing on the Internet?

        19. My present income is much, much higher right now. It’s going to take a dive though during 2017, due to planned events.

        20. No confusion or subterfuge about strength and weaknesses/”inequality”. Everyone seemed to be happy with their natural state and truly celebrate the differences.
          Also, an awesome snackhouse outside Iwakuni is called Niagara, you’re giving me twinges of feels damn you

        21. Japanese accept their lot quietly. Something to be said for people that hold their cards close and don’t share their feelings in public that’s for sure..
          Fuck me those Izakayas I know hundreds of awesome places in Tokyo. Used to go out 3 nights a week..miss the Japanese ladies as well…

        22. While Kennedy did play a role in the Immigration Act of 1965, it was largely a Jewish-led effort ( http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/05/ted-kennedy-did-not-pass-the-immigration-act-of-1965/ ). That’s an article by Kevin MacDonald, a very authoritative voice on the Jewish Question.
          The bill was also known as the Hart-Celler Act, with Celler being a Jew who made this subversive bill the main mission of his career.
          Congressman Jacob Javits, another Jew, was also heavily invested in getting this bill passed. As a supposed “Republican”, he was in a good position to swindle fellow Republicans into voting against their own interests. Javits is still known for being one of the most liberal Republicans ever to serve in Congress.
          Perhaps most importantly, Norbert A. Schlei, a Jewish lawyer, actually wrote the legislation. If you’ve ever tried to read legislation passed by our government, you’ll see why this is so important; the lengthy legal jargon is one of the ways they are able to slip so many things past the American people. This was the same Jew that drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964

        23. Perhaps one of the most important thing I learned in Japan is that the Japanese, and by extrapolation much of the non Western world, rest of the world does not share our point of view and certainly not our aims.
          From there I realized I was brainwashed and much of education, especially university had been a waste of time..
          Ohh so much to learn overseas..

        24. Step 1. (((Slumlords))) buy rental property in middle class white neighbourhoods with money they acquired through fraud/organized crime. They bring in the vibrant diversity, there goes the neighborhood, the white people move out, property value goes down.
          Step 2. The (((slumlords))) buy up everything for cheap and subdivide decent sized single family dwellings into cramped apartments.
          Step 3. They then evict the minoritites and the rent and property value goes back up. The neighborhood becomes trendy and stupid yuppy hipsters pay big bucks for tiny, shitty apartments that aren’t big enough to raise several kids in even if they could afford it, which they can’t. They make twice as much as their grandparents did at the same age, but they pay 5 times as much for an apartment in the exact same structure that was spacious enough for their grandparents to be able to raise several children in.
          Check out the film “A Walk to Remember”

        1. So, aside from the creepy uncanny valley effect…
          2050 isn’t even that far in the future. Less than two (K-selected) generations.

        2. Trust me Spicy. It’s not going to happen.
          There’s more mixing today than there was even a hundred years ago because now the world is more interconnected than it has ever been. There will be an increase in the number of multiracial/multiethnic people as we are seeing. But there will be no “one world race,” and especially not by 2050.

        3. There will be an increase in the number of multiracial/multiethnic people as we are
          There are places and countries where this is common and they’ve been around for centuries eg. India, Maylasia etc
          This doesn’t mean that the whites in the US are going to start mixing.And I can assure you that the more intelligent and upper class never will. What would they even have in common aside from the fact that where they live is always all white and they wouldn’t even know any non whites except perhaps for a few upper class orientals like Japanese.

        4. If that’s how you have to rationalize your own feelings of fear and inadequacy in the sexual marketplace, whatever floats your boat.
          By the way, India is not racially mixed. South Asians are not descended from several different population groups.

      2. The “one race” shit is mostly targeted at YT. I think the Elites know it would be impossible fully intermix, say, India and China.
        My current theory is that they want Whites reduced to a minority but not totally eliminated. That way they can work to support the system but don’t have the numbers for an uprising. Or the establishment of a Libertarian or Tradcon government since the massive dependant caste will happily increase taxes or expand government power whenever the Elites want.
        And yeah, even if they did get everyone the same color it would hardly be an end to discrimination. The computer programmer in Helsinki would be lighter than the construction worker in Mombasa so you’d have a situation not unlike India.

    3. I always find it amusing to hit libtards with their diversity paradox. By trying to make sure we’re all diverse, they are making everyone the same. Soon there will be no diversity. Mission accomplished!

    4. While the so-called elite have favored fungible human resources for a long time they also use the differing groups to keep the masses from seeing where the real conflict is. People fight each other, not them.

    5. “This agenda will be pushed until all races mix into one NWO race.” Unrealistic in the near future unless you somehow introduce obligatory DNA manipulation.

        1. Yeah, well, even if that happens, it is improbable that the gene pool will just be swept clean. It’s not like combining two races creates a permanent perfect 50:50 mix.

    6. The purpose of (((feminism))) does seem, in part, to get White men to become so disgusted with their women that they cease being attracted to them, and lose their protective instinct for them.
      And it worked very well. White Western women have become so hideous and insane and immoral that they don’t even deserve White men anymore. They deserve the idiotic trash they are stuck with.
      But all of this leads to doom for our race and culture. We must fight back the hostile anti-White media and restore normal order.

      1. You are, like many of us men, of sound and sane mind. We are, since the end of WWII, witnessing the extreme social re-engineering of our country, culture, and relationships. Far too many men do not care until the horrors become part of their own realities. For example, all of the women I Had dated not only drank, but had problems with the drink. Several were on pills. None were virgins; a few of the 11 cheated on me and I found out and lowered the boom. This is so common today in the former republic of the US, it is encouraged by all mass media, colleges, etc. It is in the films, books, literature, music, newspapers, ads, magazines, internet, dating advice columns, etc. 3rd Wave feminists taught the brain-washing and inculcation of their female forebears. Miscegenation is aimed principally at Western European, and North-American whites. Globally, whites are outnumbered. Why the push for diversity in the US and not in Uganda; Ecuador, Botswana, China? The end product? Read 1984, Brave New World, Ape and Essence, Logan’s Run, etc.

        1. It’s funny but in all those books the people were white.At least in Logan’s Run the girls knew how to dress for a date.

        2. That and the fact that white women are so fetish-sized by non-white men that even an obese bitchy blonde will still have hordes of non-white men after her.

        3. It’s called gene hijacking. Demarcus knows that no matter how white trash that fat, bitchy bleached blonde mudshark is their kids will still be better looking, smarter and easier to sponge off of in the fututre then if he had them with Shaneekwa.

    7. If white women want to literally shit all over their DNA ancestry then so be it. However, I will raise daughters (God forbid) to breed so that it improves our biological stock (More pure Caucasiod than I)

      1. The more you do that the greater the chance they will spread their legs for the biggest, dumbest niggra they can find to piss off their “horrible, old fashion, racist dad” when they go through their rebellious phase thanks to the (((social engineering))) they will be bombarded with unless you home school them in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no radio, movies, tv, internet or neighbours.

    8. Good comment and apparently the only one focused on the article. Lets get back to that.
      The article is at its heart ridiculous and speaks to the innate fear that American white men seem to have for Black men. Its demonstrates aptly the inferiority complex suffered by the author.
      White women and black men have been sleeping together for millenia. And somehow the human race survived. This fear is actually a way of shifting responsibility for your inability to get a woman to an outside agency. In this case Black men, in other cases smartphones, and so on. Admit your faults and become stronger. Blame other entities and continue to fail.
      I was in Brighton the other day and saw a large number of white men with black women. Number of fucks given by me? Zero.

      1. There is no human race. There is caucasoid , negroid , mongoloid race and mixtures. You talk like libtard SJWs.

        1. I know but that doesn’t mean there aren’t physiological differences between these groups. Just like different dog races have different characteristics and some races are worth more than others. Street dogs that are a mix of all races are the most worthless. The homogeneous one brown human race , the globalists’ wet dream , will be the human equivalent of street dogs.

        2. “Some races are worth more than others.”
          Take your racialist bullshit elsewhere. There is no such thing as “racial worth.” Period. Get it through your thick skull. In the end, the only thing that matters in biology is survival and reproduction. And right now whites (which, might I add, is not a race but a skin tone) are failing big time.
          And even if humanity were to merge into one “race,” there would still be variation in phenotype.
          Actually learn some real “racial reality” and not the bullshit spewed by Roissy, Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer.

        3. I’m not going anywhere. Last time I checked RoK was meant to be a place for hardcore red pill truths not a safe place for sensitive bitches like you. And try to add some more arguments and facts in your responses instead of getting all emotional and accusing me of racism. Feminists and lefties do that.

        4. And one of the hardcore red pill truths is that there is no such thing as “racial worth.”
          I already gave you the facts. Sorry they don’t fit what you want to believe, but facts have a funny habit of doing that.

        5. Can you prove to me any other race will recreate or at least carry on what whites built? Than I’ll die in peace knowing humanity is in safe hands. Blacks weren’t able to build civilisations , nor make any inventions , nor have I heard of any black Newton, Einstein , Tesla. Why am I supposed to believe they are now magically able to do that because lefties say so ? Asians and arabs built civilisations and did many major inventions but nothing post medieval times. Asians have basically just adapted and inovated everything build on the West. Europeans built almost everything and the Werstern civilasation is (or was at least) humanity’s peak. So these are facts and based on these facts race hierarchy exists. I’m looking forward to your counterarguments based on facts.

        6. Once again, “white” is not a race. European is not a race. Europeans, Semites and South Asians are all Caucasians. And don’t get into semantics about the name. These three populations are similar enough to one another genetically that they can all be classified as one larger sub-racial group? Don’t believe me, loo up Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance.
          I think we already discussed east African civilizations.
          Western civilization is European, but not all European nations are western. The Irish, southern Italians and Slavs have not achieved nearly as much as northern and western Europeans. Look up Charles Murray’s map of human accomplishment in Europe.
          Ok, Europeans created more technical advances than any other group?
          So what?
          The simple fact of the matter is we don’t NEED any of this shit. How do cell phones, the internet, and television aid our ability to survive and reproduce? In fact, I’ve said it does the opposite, especially where your white women are concerned. Hell, you can even argue that advances in medicine and healthcare have been detrimental to human fitness, since now the “weak” are allowed to survive and pass on their genes.
          Human beings evolved to survive in their various environments. The simple fact is (non-East) Africans didn’t need to develop civilization to survive. Orientals didn’t have to be creative. There is no racial hierarchy because you’re comparing apples to oranges.
          Anything else?

        7. Man you just back up everything I say with your arguments. I know there is the big caucasoid race and whites ( europeans ) are just a subgroup but even between races or even groups there are differences. Just like you said italians , irish or slavs have not contributed as much as western/northern europeans. I , as a southern european myself , will admitt that northern europeans have better genetics. It’s just the way things are, no point lying at myself.
          I agree we don’t need many of the modern technology but what we discuss here and what matters is not the thechnology itself rather the ability to built. Who has the ability to build that shit in case we need it ?
          And here come the best part , you said just what I wanted to say yourself. The fact that africans didn’t need to build civilisations means they didn’t evolve to be able to build it. The fact that asians didn’t need to be creative means they didn’t evolve to be creative. Europeans did coz they went through specific struggles and difficulties ( harsh climate etc ). Now for blacks and asians to achieve this level of evolution they need to go through the exact same struggles and difficulties euros went through. Not much likely nowaday. FACT : blacks can’t built civilisations and asians are not creative. Fact : There are phisiological differences between races.

        8. I never said there weren’t differences between races.
          But there is NO RACIAL HIERARCHY. That’s what you don’t seem to understand. That’s just you trying to justify your prejudice against other groups.
          And those “superior northern European genes” really don’t seem to be helping northern and western Euros in the slightest right now. In fact, they’re doing everything they can to commit suicide.

        9. If your idea about humanity is living in the wild like 10.000 years ago as hunter-gatherers than sure there is no racial hierarchy actually africans would have the advantage. Not that I have a problem with that , actually I find it a pretty masculine way of living , but I was refering to a world of civilisations anyway.
          I have no prejudices. I have known good and smart people of all races. What I say applies to large groups of people not individuals. I am just somebody who likes to make observations and think for myself.
          Those western Euros are being brainwashed. They are the target. If they ever learned what we know , they would be much more trouble to the globalist elite than any other group of people.
          Anyway neither you , nor I are going to change our views today. Further argument is pointless. Have a nice day.

        10. You like facts? Here’s a big one to chew on.
          FACT: Western Europeans have willingly bought into their own destruction, and have no one to blame but themselves for the state of their societies today. No one can be forced to believe something he does not wish to believe or is not already inclined to believe.

        11. Don’t forget you are talking about these guys. The problem with the europeans today is that the younger generations have had a very easy life and think the world is a place of love , peace and rainbows. This aplified by all the all the leftist propaganda and brainwashing. It has nothing to do genes. But when they witness the nightmares of the third world first hand in their own homelands (probably when whites become minority in EU and USA) and their survivalist insticts awaken you will see what these people are capable of.

        12. On the contrary, it very well could (and in certain regards does have everything to do with genes? Why have western Euros been so receptive to every form of degeneracy and liberalism which has come along? Feminism, multiculturalism, Marxism, every single thing they bought into willingly. You cannot force a people to believe something they don’t want to believe.
          The men in that picture died a long, long time ago. The western Euros of today aren’t necessarily the same as those men, genetically speaking. It doesn’t take a very long time for genetic change to occur.

      2. Maybe if black “men” weren’t violent knock out game playing apes white men would be less leery of them.
        The reason you didn’t care was because those beastiality practicing white losers you saw were slumming with sheboons that even black males are disgusted by.

        1. Somehow they keep deleting my posts English bob. I raise a few valid points questions the mindset of the author and exactly what his problem is considering there was a time white man forced themselves on women of color with no one caring. All the mixed race babies born during the slave era have black moms and no one cared about obliterating one race. Now that people can chose who they sleep with it becomes a problem. I went into detail but unfortunately cannot retype my deleted post. I get the feeling that this blog has become a forum for white man voicing their displeasure about society without looking at the broader picture and is therefore lopsided. He talks about losing white culture and heritage. What heritage I ask? Slavery, colonialism, oppressing other races, forcing themselves on women of color? Now that the world he moved on from that and people have the right to peruse happiness the way they see fit it’s a problem. But whose problem is it. Definitely not the people in the relations. So it must be the author who has a god complex and believes his opinion and let’s not forget it’s just an opinion is more valid that the rights and freedoms of individuals.

        2. Well said. Additionally, what is “white culture”? There are many different cultures that form out of the European disapora and many of them are diametrically opposed. Socialism and Capitalism for example. The Russians are effectively in a cold war with Britain and the US. Are all of their cultures the same? Hardly.
          And you are right. There is something vague sick about someone who worries intensely about what other people are doing when it has no tangible impact on them. The kind of person that wants to mind your business is a dangerous person indeed.
          When I have problems posting sometimes I write and save in Word and then copy across to RoK.

    1. “Next” for you maybe , but that black guy who’s fucking her couldn’t give 2 fucks about how it makes you feel…because..he’s busy fucking….

      1. Actually to me its pretty unemotional – no feelings involved whatsoever. That said you can have the white girls who mud shark – I’ve never once met one who is high value..

  6. ……….
    Why is this an issue at all? Every man from every race wants to sleep with any woman he finds beautiful. Some how, if a white woman does it, she has superior agency to any other woman and wants the downfall of her race? This still sounds like immense pedestalization of white women. My question is why?
    I may want black children. A black woman sleeping with a white man doesn’t keep me up at night. Her being a whore would. A woman who sleeps with 10 or more men is a whore. Why would you want one of these women as the mother of your child? I’m sure there are outliers even here, who can still make okay partners to someone. Just won’t be me.
    Asian men must be considered the far low end of the totem pole because there have been several articles here enjoying their women by men of varying descent. Most of the key articles came from white men. Yet, there is no call against them as women. I still see Asian women getting white women but hurt when they are with white men in public.
    This is for all sides. If you are butt hurt by a woman of your side of the race being with a man of a different side of the race, you are too much of a bitch. Being a bitch is irrespective of muscles, height, wallet, social status, etc. If one woman, or several of the woman you are attracted to seem to sleep with choices that are not you, the problem is you.
    Keep the chagrin for whores but stop complaining about mud sharks or whatever name you have for women who sleep outside of the race, and improve your own life so you have joy to spare to not focus on bitching.

    1. It’s not that a man shouldn’t sleep with a woman of his choosing, it’s the very, very blatant propaganda going on anywhere you look now. It’s in our face, all the time. When something is pushed this hard by every media outlet, you gotta step back and ask “why”.

      1. “Why” is, as always, the key question.

        Why do so few college stock photos contain masculine white men, favoring instead women and non-threatening minorities of darker skin tone?
        Why do so few ads exist in which a married white couple is happy, with the husband being anything but a dumbass?
        Why do magazines and advertisements shy away from fit racially-homogenous couples, usually by replacing the woman with one of lighter skin tone?

        Of course, sometimes the answers are obvious enough. Colleges are vying for female minority applicants, as there is more government favor for them. Feminism requires advertisements use the “man dumb, woman smart” dynamic.
        But why is it so important for peoples of America to avoid being with their own cultural and genetic peoples? I can only assume it is to break down the tribal societies that preserve social order. And, of course, if the couples are happy it means feminism doesn’t have all the answers.

      2. I’m a little confused about when you say “it’s in our face, all the time.” The only thing I’ve seen lately is that “Cheerios” commercial that had a black dude and a white chick. I would’ve just ignored the liberal implications and moved on, until they came right behind it with a commercial with two gay dudes. Right now, GAY is what’s being pushed in our faces 24-7. In the last few months, we’ve had a gay Sulu on ‘Star Trek,’ lesbians kissing each other in the Olympics, gay couples on nearly every network TV show, and transgenders beating down the dressing room and bathroom doors for the ‘right’ to leer at our wives and daughters in a state of undress. Don’t let the libs fool you: just because the Kar-trashians (who are middle eastern, by the way) and a few strippers and porno sluts here and there have an occasional taste for chocolate (and even a lot of them don’t delve into that), doesn’t mean it’s taking society by storm. Think about it: how many black men/white women couples have you seen on TV over the last three months versus the number of gay/lesbian couples you’ve seen on TV? I’m certain you’ve seen much more of the latter.

        1. Is it that it’s no longer in our faces, or is it that we’ve become accustomed to it? On the rare occasion that I happen to see advertisements, I note that only older couples are expected to be dating a person of their race. It’s not always “Black man, white women”, true, but it’s probably common enough if I’m noticing it.
          Of course, you are right that this isn’t the prevailing blatant propaganda. They’re currently trying to get us over our innate disgust at homosexuality and convince us that an aging Tina Fey is hilarious (AmEx has a big budget, apparently).

      3. I swear they are really trying to kill male friendship, everywhere u look gay guys banging on tv, its ridiculous. Me and my one good friend went to the casino and hit up the bar and i asked him to cover for me for the round of beers since i onyl had a c note with me and the lady bartender was like “oh gonna have to put out now” we both just looked at each other and shook our heads like wtf. Its almost as if 2 heterosexual guys cant hang anymore unless they are gay and banging.its almost come to the point that if u hang out with someone 1 on 1 its assumed ur banging no matter male or female

        1. Even when it’s acknowledged that it’s a hetero friendship, it becomes a “bromance” just to keep that gay feel to it. We’re being ghetto-ized.

        2. Scrubs was the worst for this. It elevated the omega/beta to the masses. Followed up by big bang theory.

        3. I was at a new breakfast place I hadn’t tried before with a brother-in-law who recommended it.
          Sat us at a 4 seat table. We chose to sit caddie corner to each other. At one point the waitress asks us why we aren’t sitting closer to each other. We both ask her “why should we?” (with a furrowed brow).
          She didn’t give a direct answer but just motioned with her hands that we should move closer. We both said “no thanks.”
          We live in a blue state (which I hate) that probably plays a large role in this mentality. He’s the only guy I hang out with because all my other friends left after they got serious girlfriends.
          If I want to hang out with them it has to be scheduled months in advance (unless it’s a double date event). Even then it’s no guarantee it’ll happen.
          They’ve destroyed male friendships and it happened really fast.

        4. I fuckin hate shit! If you can’t hang out with your buddies you need to find a new woman, dump that insecure bitch, end of story!
          My wife knows my weekends, especially nights, are for drinking whisky with the boys, mostly brother inlaws and nephews etc and bbq’ing and eating our favorite snacks and talking.
          That is my 40 weekends a year. It’s cheap and mentally stimulating.
          Men need this to live in this sort of interaction and no broad should deter them from it..

        5. So did your ‘friend’ bang you?
          And btw, I’m not friends with females.If I’m with a female and we look like friends I’m banging her. Otherwise men and females have nothing much in common.

        6. Maybe you both looked gay to her lol
          Personally I would have said to her’Ms Barmaid, what are you implying’?Would you like your boss to find out that you harass customers?
          Now, open a few bottles of Dom, they’re on you unless you want me to have a word with your master.

    2. Excellent points. I used to think like that in my teen years but then I realized how stupid and petty it was. For a young man to realize that’s one less chick to worry about is quite liberating. The only thing I do give a shit about is the numerous bastard children that are a result of these pairings. All of us wind up paying for them through our taxes and we have yet to see any acceptable return from it.

    3. I agree with you oddly enough. I wouldn’t want a whore to be the mother of my children. Of course, I consider children a sexually transmitted disease akin to herpes and pray I never contract it. So I just enjoy the whores.
      Don’t be so tough on whores. They are fun. And I like women with a little breaking in.

      1. Oddly enough, I am not as hard on hoes, except when they trick their way into relationships. Tell me your number and we’ll get along famously for 90 days. After that, it will be like we never met but for 90 days, we can have a lot of fun together. It hasn’t failed me yet for any hoe I’ve dealt with.

        1. I feel the same, only I am not hard on the hoes who trick into a relationship. I know the whoring season is almost at a close and the Whore Bowl (Halloween) is soon upon us. Afterwards all these hoes will be looking to pack on a beta chump to buy Christmas presents and pack on 10 pounds under their clothes. Is it their fault? Fuck that.
          I don’t fall for it. Doesn’t mean girls aren’t out there trying to get it from me. I don’t blame them for playing supporter game just as I expect them not to blame me after I next them.

        2. The Halloween comment made me laugh. Does anybody remember exactly when the shift from kids holiday and excuse to watch horror movies happened? I remember vaguely about 10 years ago looking up, staring a “sexy” female Tin Man in the face and thinking, “Hold on, what the Sam Crazy is going on here?”

        3. I don’t know. I see whore season pretty simply. Basically Easter kicks off preseason. They bring out their summer dresses and get back into the gym. Season starts on June 1st. Whoring in full swing. 4th of July is the All Star game of being a thot. Then the second half of the season winds down right now. Still warm, dresses still on, but the end is near. They are thinking about snatching up some beta bucks but they still have a bit of time. Then Halloween is the championship. After Halloween they take whatever sucker they have and enjoy off season.
          Seeing patterns helps you manipulate them to you benefit. Thank god I live in a place where the top 15% of women have to compete like prizefighters to get the men they want so the dresses stay, but the fur coats come out.

        4. And the winner gets German herpes!
          In all seriousness, that breakdown seems to capture it. Toss in the home from college crowd during summer and it fits the women hibernate in winter hypothesis.

        5. yeah. I didn’t allow for things like spring break as I have been out of college for a good while and also my analysis is based on NYC weather…I assume it is a different came in LA.
          My target audience is fitness instructors, fashion models, young corporate girls and pharmaceutical reps so usually people who try to play 12 month seasons, but this is a pretty fair general assessment I believe.

        6. Personally I’d rather fuck with strippers and higher end prostitutes than the modern career slut kool aid drinker.
          A woman who sells her body is just soneone actually capitalizing on her only asset. It’s completely her choice and you know exactly what she’s worth and what you are getting out of it. Also it’s very easy to not have any attachment to these kinds of women and unfortunately that’s what is needed now.
          Any attachment you develop with a woman will naturally be exploited.

        7. So kind of Bass season?
          Except you don’t need a license and catching them is way, way easier from what you’ve told us..

    4. Baloney. We’ll observe and draw conclusions about the effects all we please.
      Black men have extremely poor rates of supporting white women (actually *any* women) they have children with. Vox Day has posted stats and it’s something like 95%+ rates of abandonment. That is clearly DYSCIVIC. Oh and of course whitey gets the bill – and gets a cherry racist on top for his troubles.
      If you watched the olympics this kind of race mixing crap was a constant feature and theme, and it’s now something you can’t escape anywhere. Oh you don’t like it? Well that’s ok we’ll take your career, reputation, and any status in the community you once enjoyed.
      Blacks don’t have the means to push this propaganda, they just happen to think they aren’t suckers on the same stage (hint: black women are very lonely).
      The blow back from all of this is going to be delicious.

        1. What exactly is he telling the master race? After all we’re free to listen or not listen.

        2. Your skepticism of Vox is meaningless and doesn’t address my larger points, none of which you’ve proven wrong.

        3. Vox is opposed to race-mixing, viewing it as irreligious and going against natural law.
          But Vox is “triracial.” What right, according to his own views, did he have to reproduce (with a white woman of all people) and to continue his existence in “homogeneous” Italy?
          Seems like old-fashioned hypocrisy to me.

        4. We’re still stuck on Vox. I haven’t heard him say he opposes all instances of race mixing – perhaps you can find where he denounces ALL instances of it.
          Also please provide links where he calls ALL instances irreligious and against “natural law.” Sounds made up actually.
          I don’t like race mixing – largely – at this point because it is clearly a desire on the globalist’s part to push it while denying they’re doing so and destroying your career and reputation for noticing it. Must be important!

        5. I recall a tweet in which he says “race-mixing is antireligious.” Feel free to search his twitter, but you’ll have to go back quite a ways.
          As to “natural law,” I guess that’s more Faith and Heritage than Vox, but their ideologies have been known to overlap.
          And nobody’s forcing anyone to mix. Don’t like seeing interracial relationships in the media? Stop watching and paying into the mainstream media.

        6. Respectfully, I guess that would be an elaborate “can’t do it” on the citation – just as I’d knew would be the case.
          You’re 100% correct that I shouldn’t consume media offensive to me. I made the exception with the Olympics because it has sentimental value and I wanted to see athletes who make enormous sacrifices to be where they are (while dating white women).

        7. I do not have a twitter if that’s what you’re thinking, nor do I intend to make one any time soon. If there is a way to search someone’s twitter feed for a specific tweet, I do not know how to do that.
          Has there ever been a Vox Day article where he supports race-mixing or has anything positive to say about non-white (especially black) men, despite being himself a non-white man?

        8. (((Nobody))) definately is. White men are getting less college educated, told they are above trades therefore poorer which means celibate and childless. Nignogs are getting hired as tokens in their place or even worse paid millions to run around after a ball or mumble obscene nursery rhymes over noises made by a laptop.
          It’s the exact same strategy the same (((nobody))) used in communist Russia in the last century except it was hiring mongolians, gypsies and arabs in factories while white men were unemployed, poor therefore celibate, childless and drunk off their asses on vodka all the time.

        9. I’m pretty sure eastern Europeans were drinking huge amounts of liquor long before communism. Eastern European has long been a shithole in comparison to the west. There’s a damn good reason communism caught on in the east.

    5. A woman who sleeps with 10 or more men is a whore.
      Not really. The purpose of sex is reproduction. She may just have a stronger natural desire to reproduce.
      And why is it that you insecure beta incels always want a virgin? Are you afraid that you won’t measure up if you ever get that 1 in a million chance to have sex? Or if you do get that 3 are you so insecure that you’re afraid of her leaving you?
      And no one gives a damn about mudsharks because they are always the white man’s rejects.We figure that once they go black they’ll never be back and are just absorded into the inferior negro ‘culture’ bye bye
      We don’t care about the handful of good looking white dingbat females either who are usually models, actresses or some other stupid job who go with well off negro basketball or entertainer because they’ll learn their lesson soon enough and they too-bye bye
      You will never see a well bred upper class white female go with a negro and on the very rare occasions that you do the guy is some top professional. Like a Judge Thomas and his white wife.

    6. It isn’t about jealousy you fucktard, mudsharks are at increased risk of std infection and passing it on to you unless she only takes poisonous black snakes or admits to race mixing so you can avoid her.
      It’s the same reason to be anti faggots who will all experiment with being “bi” with one of their fag hags if given the chance and enough alcohol/molly has been ingested

    1. Not something to brag about anymore than an ancestor from 1650 getting really lonely on the farm

  7. I think it’s just the fact that the (((globalist media))) is doing everything in its power to marginalize the white male, which also includes breaking up the relationship between the white male and white female. Just look at your TV: blacks are always shown as alpha bad boys while white men as beta, emasculated, weak manbabies who are all concerned with not offending others.
    This phenomenon is entirely absent outside of liberal/neocon social groups, showing that it’s really artificially induced; if anything you will see the opposite (white male with brown/asian female) as those kind of couples have much higher chance of success statistically as these are not targeted by far-left’s propaganda as much as white women.
    So yeah, it’s all artificial conditioning.

        1. That is offset by the protein-rich seafood which swells my balls to stupendous proportions.
          She cooks the fish with the skin and head intact. When we sit down to eat I give her the fish head. Fish heads have a surprising amount of meat on them.

  8. I think this article is both sexist and racist.
    But who am I to judge, I’m just a good goy.

  9. This is not the axis of the problem. It’s not the attraction for “another race”, but “attraction for the other”, the problem, here. Couples without a shared ancestry and common values (different religions, ideologies, nations, races, etc.) will not be able to raise their children as confident, determined, strong-minded men and women. Their progeny will walk this Earth their whole lives trying to “understand who they really are”, experimenting genders, parties, “styles” and tribes, and will end up accepting what others/the “system”/ the daily tv show tells them as the only truth they know. The biggest flock is always going to gather the most sheep, hence the necessity of sheep. And then, after their monthly paycheck and their daily “Colbert Report”, they’ll have nothing to call a life.
    Do you want to marry a black person, a muslim or a chinese? Ok by me, as long as you can tell me how//with whom/what for will your new family live. But, as seen by increasing divorce rates and low fertility, only a few are able to think ahead, nowadays. It’s not the interracial children of today who are a problem. It’s the chaotic Society of tomorrow, and its hordes of selfless, random and weak people (of all races) that we should… fear. Because they will obey tyrants, they will demand your taxes and your submission. And they will have nothing to lose.
    Anyone disagreeing with me, please explain me why diverse countries like Brazil, Mexico, Syria or Egypt always turn out so well.

    1. Tbh there isn’t an option anymore. Not in the west. The only solution to have white kids is East Europe.
      I as a german male would never ever fuck a german female again. They are the fucking worst nightmares I ever experienced.
      I am a full blown MGTOW now as long as I am in germany.
      Will fuck around with east asian and south american girls for the next twenty years. Maybe I will have kids in east europe when I am old as fuck.

      1. As I said in the 2nd paragraph, “ok by me”. As long as you know what you are doing, and you can raise your children with a minimum of certainties in their lives, namely, they should know why they are unique, who they are, and where did they come from/ what is expected from them.
        Also, as someone with german ancestry and travelling to Germany many times a year, I fully understand you. German women combine traditional qualities of the Germans (like blind obedience to moral and legal rules) with a deep degree of cultural decay (common in Central and Nordic Europe). At least the younger ones living in big urban centers are, indeed, remediless

        1. I think germany, canada and sweden are the winners when it comes to cucked behaviour, liberal ‘values’, brainwashed sheeples and beta males.
          Just search for a person in those countries who supports Trump – your journey will take several days.

        2. Some Canadians do not support Trump because they are not media illiterate hicks so they recognize that he is too moderate and just controlled opposition being used to keep a bit more than 50% of the population voting in order to maintain the charade that America is democratic. Trump is the Alex Jones of politics. Both Al and Donny’s daughter married into the tribe. Donny’s little girl is BFF with Chelsea Clinton FFS

    2. Egypt is 91% ethnic Egyptian.
      Syrian Arabs are 74% of the population of Syria (higher if ethnic Syrian Christians are included).
      I notice, of course, that there is no mention of Russia, with its 185+ ethnic groups.

      1. Have you ever contacted with any of these populations? Russia is completely segregated, there are towns for “Sybyrsky”, and towns for Russians, neighborhoods for Ukraynians, neighborhoods for Russians, and others for Armenians and Georgians, etc.
        Syria and Egypt, like all middle Eastern countries, have these populations forced to coexist in small, overcrowded urban centers. “Syrian Arabs”… is almost fiction, as a concept, as religious factions were always more relevant than ethnic ones (exception for the Kurds).

        1. The Alawites and Lebansee are the descendants of thr mighty Phenicias. The whole Arab umbrella comes with Islam as one poster of N. African Berber decent has previously posted.
          Persians can’t stand bring called Arabs.

        2. Exactly! Among these so-called “Syrian Arabs”, there are descendants of Assyrians, Phenicians, Persians, Arabs (of course), Jews, Romans… The whole area is still ruled as a tribal system, outside the cities, as is the whole region.
          “Arab Nationalism” was a political creation, mainly by Ba’ath enthusiasts and a few regional interests.

  10. It is common sense for a man to want children that will look like him.
    Every sexual partner leaves a bit of his DNA on the skin of the woman’s vagina so future children’s DNA will be cocktail of all the sexual partners the mother has had. This is possibly why the human male is the only animal to do so much thrusting during sex – chimney cleaning.
    On top of that the more partners the woman has had, the more her oxytocin receptors get worn out and as a result her ability to bond with a permanent partner is dimnished.

    1. I knew a girl who used to eat hamburgers. Her kids turned out to look just a wee bit bovine. Strange, seeing kids with horns. They were always popular around Halloween though.

        1. I suspect I need more coffee, you’re making less than your usual hard to decipher sense to me this morning.

        2. I’d ask you to back that up with proof, but you and I both know where that would take us. I’m feeling gregarious and happy today, no need to ruin the mood.

        3. From the article:
          Caffeine has also been seen to improve memory creation and retention when it comes to “declarative memory,” the kind students use to remember lists or answers to exam questions.

        4. In other words, it makes you a parrot.
          The useful tip to extract from this article is that it boosts your speed, but not your skill – depending on your skill set.

        5. It’s memory dude. That’s brain capacity by any measure.
          So, anyway, hope your day gets better.

        6. Which is part of brain capacity, additionally, there was no mention of reduction in brain capacity. Boosting speed but not skill is irrelevant to your claim.
          So anywho…

        7. well if anyone in the world would be an expert on brain capacity reduction….

        8. Yet strangely looking for “reduce”, “reduction”, “redu”, “decrease” bring up nothing on the page and “lower” refers only to something unrelated to brain function.
          Give it up dude. The article you provided mentions that it does increase memory retention (of a certain kind) and speeds up brain activity. That is the *opposite* of reducing brain capacity.
          If you need to dig yourself further in the hole, by all means do so, but I consider this specific topic closed at this point.
          Besides, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the photo you originally posted, which still makes, well, absolutely zero sense in the context you posted it in.

        9. It blocks receptors. What do you think this will lead to?
          It’s annoying how you always insist on closing a debate whenever it suits your side of the argument. If you are lazy to engage in talks with me stop replying to my posts. To make it easier for you, I can just put you in the Blocked Users lists … most of your buddies are already in there anyway, you’ll like the company.

        10. Which does not reduce brain capacity, it simply stops your receptors from shutting down. As the article stated, it creates a “wooden block under the pedal” effect, which does not affect the gas pedal, only the brake pedal.
          Of course you’d block me. You have a closed mind with regard to where any dissent of your already preconceived ideas are rejected. Good luck in the future with that kind of outlook.

        11. Which you’ve done with a whole mess of people on this site. One wonders why somebody like you would even come here in the first place. You’re not open to any ideas but your own, you loath dissent and you provide nothing to back up your claims that has any substance. I mean shoot homie, go to HuffPo (if it’s still around), they’ll welcome you with open arms.
          Assuming you really did block me, this is more for the reading audience than anything. You’re not even smart enough to be a troll, and that, well, that’s pretty scary when you take it in the context of “he’s allowed to vote”. Heh.

        12. Yet it’s anti-oxidant qualities rid the blood of toxins and increase blood flow to the brain anyway. It’s a BEAN, man! Of course it’s good for you. Coffee is GOD and green tea is JESUS CHRIST.

        1. If we wanted that to be culturally accurate, he’d be stealing booze as opposed to burgers.

        1. Well, you are auroch in a storm, that much is certain.

        2. Flag thrown. Meme is Offsides. Ten yard penalty. Replay 1st down.

      1. And they grew up to take jobs in nice mazes, the Minotaur industry is legendarily hard to break into.

      2. If you said that joke in front of a live audience you would’ve been “Moooòoed” off stage

    2. Dafuq?! Wow, if this is true, then a woman should shove a sirloin steak up her cooter, so her kids will be strong like bull!

  11. There is nothing to understand: white women fucking niggers are race traitors, and they deserve the worst punishment.

    1. Race purity is a dying concept. I suggest you stop worrying about the white race and move to Africa where men still marry virgins and feminism is an insult…(hint: don’t go to SA)

  12. Give me a break, “She listens to the media, likes bad boys with dark triad elements or gangster aura.” Most of this article was spot on. I agree that ANY woman who actively engages in a relationships with a man of another race is in part turning her back on her heritage and in some, if not many cases, is attracted to excitement and/or risk. But we simply do not like seeing our own with someone who doesn’t look like us.
    Yes, thug culture is too prevalent in black culture but the truth is ALL sluts like bad boys. She’s not attracted to black guys because they’re thugs and she’s as pure as fresh snow. It’s like a tattooed chick who dates bikers, they’re made for each other.
    You call it a red flag but I suspect that many white guys would marry a girl who’d slept with 3 bikers over a girl who’d slept with one black guy.
    But the black guys who date ‘high quality’ white women and even the black girls who date ‘high quality’ white guys are culturally similar to them. They are the 1% black people that grew up in a Cosby Show household. These black people have lots of white friends and even speak differently. They sound more ‘white’ i.e, have higher/less deep voices.
    Listen to a youtube video of any of these guys or the black cheerleader talking. They are not your gangster wannabe or your low class girl with 5 kids:
    Husband/wife: Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader MiaPruitt (black) & Chanlder Pruitt (whte)https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/474938167200854016/eBjzRNBb.jpeg
    Olympic married couple: Ashton Eaton (black) & Brook Theissen Eaton (white)http://www.nbcolympics.com/sites/default/files/styles/951x536_rectangle/public/field_image/21May2016/usatsi_8384169.jpg?itok=VWxSQRRu
    Bachelor Engage couple: Grant Kemp (black) and Lace Morris (white…I think)
    No matter how you want to package it, I don’t think we want to see the opposite sex dating people of different races. It doesn’t matter if they’re not good husband or wife material for you, i.e. if she’s a bar hound or if he’s a felon. I don’t like seeing it and I’m in a relationship and not remotely attracted to most of the guys I see dating outside of my race. I just think it’s innate, some kind of tribal sentiment from caveman days.
    I guess what I’m saying is, that though this article has some valid reasons, the real truth is we don’t like it. Period.

    1. Good job describing and finding pictures of the lightest skinned “black” people in the world. The white spouse and their kids would still be better off with another white person though.

  13. “Turning her back on her heritage.”
    That’s a pretty slippery slope, I’d think. Does that mean other European peoples shouldn’t mate with one another? You’re mixing heritages, after all.

    1. There is a valid argument against it. Historically it was only done to form alliances between kingdoms in war time.

  14. Here’s another point of consideration:
    Though we’ve all grown up a bit now, all of my closest friends (brothers) happen to be black and we were all on the less-legitimate side of business, if you will. They’ve definitely run through a train of white women over the years.
    They weren’t looking for love and these girls knew it but many stuck around angling for the long-term anyway.
    One ended up fathering my younger brother’s two sons, then defected and slapped him with more child support than he may ever be able to repay.
    One betrayed my older brother and got him sent to prison for something she herself had a very sizeable hand in.
    All of these “hoes”, no matter what the rating scale would tally, were the wrong damn type. My brothers knew this and weren’t looking for ‘keepers’ but ended up getting burned anyway.
    If even the alpha-triad type can suffer in dealing with them, so can anyone else thereafter.

  15. Excuse me. This article is horseshit. Any white woman who has any kind of voluntary sexual relationship with any black man is a slut and a whore, filthy as they come. There is a reason white men have always demanded this separation. Blacks as individuals may be very fine people; many of them are. But as a race they are a step down the evolutionary pole, as recent research has proven beyond any doubt. Any white woman who bears a mulatto child has betrayed humanity and brought into the world a mongrel who should not exist. This may sound harsh but it is true. Having lived in countries where the color line does not exist, or is hazy, I can assure you NOTHING good comes of miscegenation, ever. The more intelligent whites in these places understand it and would immediately disown a daughter who so much as looked at a black. I wish black people well. I hope they are happy but this is where you draw the line. A white woman who has dated a black should be tattooed on her forehead to warn white men to stay the fuck away.

      1. It’s a Spanish last name. Spain = Europe. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that he’s central or south American. Not that I know the dude, just sayin’…

        1. I know you are trying to help, but his whole comment renders that obvioius fact of no consequence.

  16. You cannot watch any entertainment these days without seeing this pushed as the norm. The worst part is that we all pay into government assistance to the kids of these mud-sharks. Then those moms vote for Democrats/Leftists who end up taxing the working class and borrowing to create social programs. This will not end well.

  17. This wouldn’t come off as so racist… if it weren’t so racist.
    If you think a 20 something chick that has put out for two dudes (one black and one white) is different than another chick that has put of for two dudes (both white) something is wrong with you.
    Both girls have the same profile and if any of them have a fetish it’s girl #2 who might be in the closet about it.

      1. Come on you are smarter than that. I think.
        The fetish was a reference to the possible secret dark desires of girl #2. Reread it. Girl #1 has a boyfriend that is black. girl #2 craves some BBC and a gangbang. Shhhh.

        1. Makes zero sense. Girl 1 is off to a horrible start, no shame and is risk adverse.
          Moreso it sheds light on your thinking if you conclude girl 2 secretly desires black men. Laughable. Ive only ever heard this line of thinking from a black guy. Wishful thinking.
          Girl 2 at least has the possibility of a bright future ahead of her.

    1. I dont know about ‘racist’ but I imagine that a white single mother with her black kid is less likely to attract mates from her race than if she had a white kid…

      1. So a single mom with a white kid is more desirable to you than a woman that has no kids, but who has slept with two dudes… one of whom is black. Got it.

  18. Pretty sure this is what Brexit was really about…
    If it weren’t for Europeans lacking in racial identity because it’s the current year, I wouldn’t give two shits about white chicks dating black men.
    The world has always had centres of racial and cultural mixing (e.g., Constantinople) and that’s probably the way it should be. The spice must flow.
    But to push race mixing on an entire continent of people is unacceptable and could create hysterical conflict. Many people including myself take pride in the basic fabric of their being and will not give it up easily. What is more fundamental than your physical constitution?
    All this social liberalism is going to disappear once people get a taste of real poverty and material strife.

    1. I agree, and in particular with this:
      “The world has always had centres of racial and cultural mixing (e.g.,
      Constantinople) and that’s probably the way it should be. The spice must
      When you have a population that continually breeds with itself, you end up with retards because the gene pool is not strong. So my theory is that these mixing centers have always been important to help ensure a strong gene pool. They provide a mechanism for controlled introduction of valuable traits to a gene pool.
      But, overdoing it also dilutes the advantage this provides because if everyone is the same, you don’t have the diverse gene pool that can breed stronger people if necessary.

      1. If you look at dogs you would get an idea of what mix breeding leads to – looks wise and health wise.

        1. That makes sense. You don’t want to do things differently from dogs. Keeping in the same general IQ is a good plan.

      2. Gene introduction is only valuable if in small amounts and in orderly fashion. Otherwise, dominant genes delete recessive genes in phenotypical expression.
        Dominant genes are most of the times pro-survival, counter evolutionary for humans (agressive behaviour is usually dominant, while intelligence is frequently recessive).
        Also, decay of isolated populations happens only in dysgenic environments (this knew the Ancient Spantans very well, being weak children let to die)

      3. You can reproduce with a second cousin without any risk of retardation or birth defects to the offspring. This is common to royalty and the richest old money families who rule the world.

    2. But what is Brexit REALLY about? Anyone see a new tv spot for home mortgages, the voice over says “Thanks to Brexit, we can offer you loans as low as…” What does that mean? I can get a home mortgage in the US from an English bank?

      1. Yes, but only in Pounds Sterling. If you can talk your home builder into accepting a few quid in lieu of dollars, you’re in like Flynn.

    3. I have a perfect solution though it’ll never get implemented.
      Simply have immigration policies based on looks and aesthetics for women, and for men, superior talent in a discipline that cannot readily be filled by a domestic talent in the host country.
      So if we were to experiment with say the Polish population that had been coming to the UK we would do the following. Single mom’s or anyone woman with kids would not be allowed in. (sorry thems the breaks, procreate in your own lands). No Polish men allowed unless they are high iq and have expertise in a discipline that British men can’t readily fill. So only doctors and engineers would come over if that.
      If you are a single Polish woman 17-28 you are allowed to enter the country so long as you maintain a specific bmi, long natural non-dyed hair and a tattoo free body. Plastic surgery is acceptable though frowned upon. Same for any and all other female migrants from countries that have good looking, healthy non emotionally fucked up women. (so for example no Swedish women, or Afghan women as an example. Special permits only available for exceptionally hot from these lower tier countries)
      What this would do.
      This Forces British women to up their game. Suddenly a whole host of exceedingly fit Blondes are entering the sexual market place. In order to compete they will have to adapt and shed their mannish feminist tendencies.
      British men would benefit, as from an aesthetic and “colour palette” viewpoint eastern europeans are compatible with brits. So if you were to bed and marry a virtuous East European woman you could have kids without any issue or circumstance, as they would look like you and there would be no rustled jimmies by racists wanting to criticise your race mixing.
      Second part, male immigrants only allowed in if they possess skills that aren’t readily available to the domestic workforce.
      So an example is, if you are a specialised scientist or engineer that has skills which are in need in the uk and theres no easy way to train up brits to take the job OR the person coming in is actually going to be training British people to be able to take that sort of job in the future, then they are allowed in. I.e. Rare, high iq, high skilled workers.
      Next we take a page from trumps America. I like how he considers it team America and team everyone else. For him team America is basically anyone who is in the country legally and a citizen. I think that’s a great way of taking the race bluster out of criticism of nationalism.
      Imagine if in the uk they said “everyone who is in here legally is a Briton and will continue to remain so. We will prefer you over any other migrants. We are with you first and always regardless of race/economic profile etc” deport all illegals, if they’ve bought some possessions allow them to sell them and then go off with that money.
      That would be a sellable idea to most people.
      Next allow people within the country to set up areas the way they want. Do it mostly on trade, not artificial government policies forcing diversity.
      If a neighbourhood or area is predominantly white or black, keep it the way the residents want it kept. If places get gentrified so what.
      Next what about British citizens that have foreign brides. Well this would have to be vetted depending on Region. (I have a better solution down below)
      If you’re always getting an influx of foreign wives that are in turn having children that are not taught common values then you have a voting issue 18 years later.
      So for minorities living within the UK they will have find someone else in the uk to marry. Doesn’t matter who or what race or anything but they cannot bring spouses over.
      For majority brits they are also not allowed to specifically bring woman over for the purpose of marriage but the aforementioned extremely favourable immigration policy to young hot foreign women will help ensure a steady supply of hot women.
      The immigrants coming in would be high iq and highly educated. If married they are only allowed to bring their spouse and no other.
      British females would be forced to up their game due to the increased competition.
      Minorities which are now British would benefit from just the same benefits as the majority so, but they aren’t allowed to bring anyone over for the purpose of marriage. They have to settle for anyone in the uk pool or hot foreign women coming in.
      I think all in all this would be a fantastic policy in which everyone benefits from market incentives to improve themselves. The country develops a more shared identity and by keeping everyone who is currently here legally, a brit, you avoid human rights violations and the like.
      Who can honestly say, black, white, brown or anything else that this is not a great idea?

  19. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem. The nanny state makes women feel safe reproducing with low-lifes and true alphas are rare enough that less intelligent women round the jobless guy with tattoos up to alpha out of ignorance. Obviously, I don’t care if two educated people of different races start a relationship.
    What gets my goat is the media portraying single mothers are heroic, thugs as heroes, and working men as losers. The Elites want subjects who are easy to control because they have no supportive extended family or sense of ethnic identity. This isn’t even conspiracy theory material anyone – just look at George Soros’ donations or the recent creepy UN report on “population replacement”.

      1. It’s like The Tribe is taking a victory lap and essentially saying “yeah, you were right all along but it’s too late for you now.” The propaganda isn’t even remotely subtle anymore.

        1. They can’t help but get cocky and start bragging to soon like a James Bond villain and it has always bitten them in the ass

  20. “They just cannot resist something forbidden and exciting” makes sense in Adam and Eve situation when Eve influenced Adam to eat the apple.

    1. Like children who are warned not to put their hand in the fire, if they don’t want to listen they get to feel

  21. White guys most wanted guys? I don’t think so. In white countries you only count if you’re at least 8/10 in every aspect of life, like looks, status, income etc. Otherwise you’re just one of the many white guys around and doomed to settle with low quality women.
    In non-white countries white guys are wanted, because they have the reputation of being rich and succesful and women are attracted to succesful guys. Otherwise they’re just looking for a beta provider, because their own men aren’t willing to be like that. No surprise the biggest white losers go to Asia, because they can’t get high quality white women.

    1. It is not my experience that Asian girls want White men simply because they are rich, any more than White girls want Black men because they know how to get drugs (or whatever). In Asia, there is a stronger tribal order (especially in Japan), so there is naturally a stronger sense of taboo in dating a reasonably attractive outsider. The social danger alone can be enough to date a foreigner.
      Of course, it helps tremendously to be fit, bearded, and game savvy.

  22. Kin selection is the evolutionary strategy that favours the reproductive success of an organism’s relatives, even at a cost to the organism’s own survival and reproduction.
    According to Rushton’s Genetic Similarity Theory of individuals tend to be more altruistic to individuals who are genetically similar to themselves even if they are not kin, and less altruistic, and sometimes outwardly hostile, to individuals who are less genetically similar. Rushton examined blood group genes and found that sexually interacting couples had more similar blood group genes than randomly paired individuals.
    NOTE TO WOMEN: Rushton was a proponent of that idea that racial differences in IQ are partially related to genetic inheritance. So breeding with a black man will result in lower intelligence of your off-spring.
    Based on this information you can begin to see that elite’s efforts to create multiracial societies are in fact part of their population control and overall social control.

  23. White women in america are decimated. Their pussy is wrecked. Blame black men if that makes you feel better.

        1. Coming from you that is quite the compliment. You can crawl back into your sad little hole now with the knowledge that you were an Internet tough guy to a better man for a quick moment. That should make you feel pretty good.

  24. This seems a little hypocritical. There is an abundance of articles that state men should date/marry a foreign woman (i.e. Asian, Indian, etc.) on this site. So why does there only seem to be an issue when black/white relationships are discussed? I know I am opening myself up to alot of criticism but I would like an honest answer.

    1. White American women have been ruined. I’m convinced they are not an option for white men in American.

    2. This seems a little hypocritical.
      It’s the opinion of one guy. The contributors and readers here are far from monolithic in their views. There is plenty of dissent in these comments.

        1. It’s not always external criticism, either. We do it to ourselves just as frequently.
          An article on X appears, and there’s that one guy that bothers to complain “there’s too many articles on X. We should focus on Y.”

        2. Well I see that argument as more legitimate than the hypocrisy one. The argument of there being too many of articles on X is an opinion that can be measured and quantified. The hypocrisy argument doesn’t hold water because it neglects the fact that these viewpoints aren’t all coming from the same person.

      1. Not only that, but it is conflating two different topics. One is about dating and hook-ups (having some relationship/interaction) with a focus on foreign women over spoiled Western women especially aimed at those considering whether to visit somewhere abroad.
        The other is noting what many see as a trend and providing one point of view as to why that trend (or at least perhaps a media-based portrayal of one) exists. One opinion of many, one potential reason of many. One voice of many.
        Is it completely baffling to people so used to group think and herd mentality to accept that there are still many of us willing to entertain differences of opinion and opposing views without being triggered or having a caps-lock tantrum? Or even, God forbid, discussing such things openly and with some sincerity? Of course it is, what was I thinking?

    3. Porcer34 gave you an explanation.
      This is not HuffPo nor Jezebel, uniformity of opinion is not required nor even desired here. We’re men, we like examining new ideas and debating them. Echo chambers are for women and Leftist faggots, not men.

    4. 1.Thats the hypocrisy of WN’s that’s never been addressed, but I think its just the human characteristics of tribalism, Some dudes will get salty when they see “their” women with dudes of a different race but rationalize it when they date outside of their race.
      2. Alt-righter/WN’s tend to pedestalize and worship the very same women that have betrayed them for a better part of 5 decades, which I find quite amusing.

      1. I am black and do not agree with your assertion. Men and not women keep the tribal blood flowing. Most women, regardless of race can be married to any race consequently giving up their own. For men, simply giving in to the colonization of their race (done through their women) is harder. Men have pride, women not so much
        On the other hand, social conditioning via Hollywood and MSM have not spared the white men. Biology has neither done them a favor as the white genome is not dominant. Most black people could care less if a sister hooks up with a white boy. The offspring can never be white (biracial is just another fancy word for the nonwhite race)…That said I can date any race but can only consider a black woman for procreation

    5. Women are associated with risk-mitigating behavior. There has never been any kind of extrinsic benefit for them to take excessive risks.
      Speaking just for America, the average AA male not only produces a high level of personal risk for himself, he also generates excess risk for the people around him. (NABALT) That’s why blacks tend to get singled out more than the other particular races.
      On a different note, I’ll rehash my comment on Tribalism:
      “Humans are tribal. Of course they’re going to denigrate folks that attempt to stray outside of the perceived tribe, and rationalize it when they do it themselves.”

    6. “So why does there only seem to be an issue when black/white relationships are discussed?”
      It disgusts a lot of white men. Disgust is one of the most difficult emotions to get past.
      My buddy from high school married a white woman, and he’s raising her kids from a prior relationship. His very beautiful sister married a white man. Its never effected me at all emotionally in a negative way. I was pretty happy for all of them.
      I don’t view white women as “mine” and I’ve lost any interest in that perspective. I agree with Psquare entirely on this.

    7. Kind of like white women betrayed their race first, your men are following suit. Some white men would still like white girls (has to be very loyal) for long-term things like the writer. However, most (most ROK writers and commentors) have lost faith in the race and are choosing SEA where they are appreciated

    8. Fuck an honest answer. How about an honest question. So is the lioness a little hypocritical because she only lets lions with a territory fuck her, when she herself has no territory.
      Read more Darwin and less feminism.

  25. I stopped reading at “I want to know if she has slept with a non-white man, just as I want to see other red flags before I go any further.”
    And how is that a red flag? I think this author doesn’t have alot of experience in dating/gaming/pickup…whatever you want to call it…
    A woman will never be completely honest about her past if she knows it’ll effect what she can get from you. That’s why Nice Guys(tm) always finish last, the pedastalize every woman they meet so the woman always ends up dating/fucking the dude that displays the characteristics of a MAN. Whilst you are staying up at night about whether she’s slept with a non-white, thats the last thing on the mind of the alpha that just sees her as his plaything.
    Read up on some history, racial mixing has always existed ever since the first racially different tribes collided.
    I guess any man has a right to want what they want but when you say that you’ll denigrate a woman for sleeping with men outside of her race, that indicates that you have very little experience in the “dating world” because we are living in one of most promiscuous era’s in the modern age.
    Adapt or Die. Period

    1. Stormfront trolls are anti-game at the core. Same with religious conservatives. They are both old school (pre-feminist) blue pill paradigm.

      1. Since when old school is bad? Old school is based on wider statistical data therefore more objective.

      2. I find that a bit odd, considering that several pro-Game writers are associated with the Alt-Right. Vox Day (alphagameplan.blogspot.com) and Scott Adams (blog.dilbert.com) spring immediately to mind, but Roissy and Roosh have also associated with it to one degree or another.

        1. Blue pill is blue pill. Doesn’t matter if its traditional or contemporary. Blue pill has always existed even before feminism was articulated.

        2. All true, but in what ways is the Alt-Right blue pill? From what I see, they are heavy on philosophy and truth-seeking, which lends itself toward the red pill.

        3. A man can marry within his own race and religion and still be very blue pill. Lots of examples here.

        4. That’s not the point. Stormfront trolls and religious conservatives have adopted red pill as a way to re-brand themselves in the market place of ideas, because their numbers are shrinking, they see fewer young people in their movements. They jumped all over red pill and bastardized it for their ends, and at their core beliefs they are the old original blue pill of society. They claim to be the red pill of politics or the red pill of religion, then self appoint themselves honorary “alphas”. Its a joke.

        5. Conservatives, on the whole, hate the Alt-Right. Even in my own family, when I bring up the fact that “Christian Conservatives” have failed to conserve anything or preserve Christianity, I am reviled. One has only to look to Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, and the entire National Review to see this.
          Stormfront is another matter, but a small one. Their memes are weak, and their only interesting ideas are better expressed (and more reasonable) by others.
          I do not doubt that, as the Alt-Right rises, many of the parasites will attempt to glom onto it, but I can only hope they are rebuffed.

        6. Stormfront trolls and religious conservatives abhor game because they want to control who other men fuck. That’s as blue pill as any feminist.

        7. And what will the alt.right conserve? A movement built around anime-loving trolls who hang around /pol/ and consider Pepe the Frog a poltical statement will have limited impact and appeal, to say the least.

        8. GamerGate was built around basement-dwelling nerds. More has been done with less.
          The value of the Alt-Right is that it does not want to conserve anything. Conservation is the enemy, because while we try to stand in place the enemy keeps pushing. Rather, the Alt-Right as an idea is about pushing the other way, exposing the destructive elements of society and driving them out.
          Think of the Alt-Right as a secular reconquista. For too long, our enemies have spread their destruction through our country and our peoples. The solution is not to say, “this far, and no further”, but rather “Drive them back into the sea.” In this regard, the movement is not unlike this community – we seek to break feminist conditioning, reestablish masculine virtues, and expose the corrupt and evil.
          That is not to say there aren’t or won’t be less-than-acceptable elements. The “Red Pill” greater has the stain of the more oppressive MRA’s and extremely gamma MGTOW’s. But that does not mean the whole movement is without value.

        9. You mean occupied Palestine and every other country besides Cuba, Iran, North Korea and up until recently Iraq for the Jew.
          They have no historical claim to Palestine aside from Abraham hallucinating on manna (psychedelic drugs) that God told him they could have it if they mutilated their male infant’s genitalia

      3. Yeah those evil stromfront trolls!
        Those evil old-school conservatives – they built the most free least racist society ON EARTH. EVER. How dare they build literal civilization!
        These feeble white males are anti-game to the core! They should be out crushing dat puzzy!
        You trolls have ZERO gratitude for the glorious civilization built on the backs of white conservatives.
        It won’t be a nice place to be when they’re gone.

      4. Actually, the Daily Stormer is easily the most visited alt. Right website. The Right Stuff ranks up there pretty high too. Stormfront doesn’t even come close.
        “Stormfront” is usually just a term thrown around by Jews on comment boards who are unaware that the meme is outdated. I’m a White Nationalist/National Socialist type and I could care less about Stromfront. I don’t go there.
        If they are unaware of biological instincts and differences between the sexes, that’s their problem, not ours (the vast majority of the alt. Right).
        If you were to actually read up on Daily Stormer’s (Andrew Anglin’s) thoughts on how we should deal with the White woman problem, you would realize that we are VERY “red pill” when it comes to woman behavior.

      5. Duh, gee I wonder why. Game was invented by the same (((people))) who created the dystopian societal conditions that made game necessary to get your dick wet.
        They are the same people responsible for creating and controlling the world’s 3 major monotheistic religions. There is the predatory Talmud, Jesus was the son of a hypergamous, cheating, lonely housewife, slutty jewess and then this
        You are the one who couldn’t be more “blue pill”

    2. The racial mixing happened when the men of one tribed invaded and killed the men of the other tribe then raped their women. It was early positive natural eugenics and good thing.
      These days it’s dysgenics being accomplished through cowardly, shady (((propaganda))) and (((economic manipulation))) because there is no way a bunch of Africans could invade european countries by force, they can’t even build a sail ship to make the trip over on their own without it sinking, a kid drowning then needing to be rescued by the coast guard of the nation they are attempting to leech off of and ruin.
      As a low IQ, less evolved primate who admits that you can’t even outsmart a simple chicken head you prove the point. If a suspicious white guy wants to know if she burns coal he pretends to have a cuck fetish and tells her how much he fantasizes about seeing her do it to see how she reacts. If it is with anything but rage and disgust he kicks her to the curb where you can pick her up on garbage day.

  26. Over complexified. Women do what they are told by the media, (or at least the jungle fever statistical outliers). The flavor of the day is white genocide by mixing. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Angela “Chocolate is yummy” Merkel “the great destroyer.”

    1. Not when it comes to sexual attraction. Women follow the tingles. Black men may be dysfunctional and feral but they are strong and tough. They grow up fighting one another and the weak get eaten. It’s a Jane/Tarzan kind of thing. There are actually zero interracial relationships with white woman/black male on television.

      1. By suggesting there are no interracial relationships on tv, and media in general, you have pretty much discredited yourself sorry, you dont see it. As a quick exercise google “white man white woman” and look at the image results. To be honest I’m shocked you don’t see this. Apparently you have never heard of Heidi Klum or seen Angela Merkels pamphlets on how to start a relationship with a refugee. Good luck.

        1. I said television and you bring up Google. You have to search for yourself, the images aren’t being shoved down your throat the way you claim. Merkel’s pamphlets were directed at refugees, teaching them how to interact with German women in a silly attempt to stop rapes, not mix the population.
          Interracial relationships aren’t nearly as common as people think, and they are almost non existent among 8+ SMV white women, unless a high status celebrity is involved. It’s a non issue to me.

    1. Yup, I live in Paris, this is how it is.
      Be careful. Nowadays, many would call you a racist just for recording the “jungle” (i am mentioning the last part of that video)

        1. Yep.
          But it’s not by shooting 60 bullets a year at the gun range that they’ll know how to use it.

        2. Yes they do. Shotguns around the Eiffel Tower and government buildings are a perennial sight now.
          PS: I live in France, but I am a Brit by birth and blood ;P

      1. Paris-la-Morte. It is ruled by women—since the superego is at least 75% female. It has become one giant shopping mall and rip-off perfumed accommodations.

        1. It’s still a nice place to live in. But you have to be really careful not to put your feet outside the shopping mall. The suburbs are a mixture of Afghanistan’s lawlessness and Congo’s tribalism.

        2. Maybe the granddaughters of the French Resistance fighters can have little wooly haired mixed babies lol. Hitler’s revenge!

        3. They do have those babies. Some months ago, they aired a documentary about an Isis fighter whose grandfather was a Resistance hero of sorts… In truth, in France there was always a “caste” of militant leftists. Their allegiance was only superficially bound to their nation, but more than often coincides with Europe’s enemies. It’s only natural they are turning mocha, now…

  27. HA HA HA HA
    I love all the defensive white womenz and all the insecure men on here saying that anyone who disagrees with interracial relationships is a “WHITE NATIONALIST” boogie man or a member of the “ALT-RIGHT”!
    WE DON’T WANT TO DESTROY OUR OWN PEOPLE! It’s that simple. So many guys on here throwing around pejoratives like it means something.
    “Diversity” means less white people.

    1. So if this chart is your bible. Then Indian women are most desirable. Can’t have it both ways… like a feminist.

  28. Any preference a man may have is thought crime now. Men aren’t supposed to have preferences of any kind when it comes to women. Women however can specify the man they want right down to shoe size and if he doesn’t match it, too bad.

  29. I think you nailed it here:
    “The people that are the angriest at white women consensually sleeping with Black men are usually the ones that blindly idealize white culture or do not believe in game.”
    When race-central articles pop up on ROK, it amuses me that the comment section seems to recognize the lowest common denominator of black people as “all” black people, be they Western or African. I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it again. A black man with poise, game, intelligence, prospect, etc that is still unwilling to play by white folks’ rules is YOUR worst fear. Those of us that are fortunate enough to break through have (nearly) all the privilege/swagger of our white counterparts, with the bonus of being seen as extra-special to your women.
    “He’s smart, has a great job, AND he looks different than other guys I’ve dated? Instagram will love this! JACKPOT!”
    P.S. white mothers love a well-spoken brotha as well. and as I’m sure you’re aware by the abundance of articles touching on this subject, the white mother runs the American household.
    Good luck, happy hunting.

    1. “Game” has absolutely nothing to do with it. Constant media propaganda for several decades has EVERYTHING to do with it. You’re being used as a tool – a wrecking ball against the White race – and you love every minute of it. Better enjoy it for just a bit longer while you still can. The party is about to come to a very ugly end.

      1. Game has plenty to do with it. Even, as you say, the media is controlling women, a guy still has to be appealing in some way to take advantage of that control.
        And I promise you, I’m not being used. And I am enjoying it thoroughly, thank you =).

        1. Is that Muh Dicking all ya got boy?
          It’s like George W. Bush patting himself on the back for being such an incredible businessman.

    2. what are white folks’ rules?
      And I never received my white privilege card … was it lost in the mail?

      1. oh there’s a whole list of them that we minorities know, too many to list here.
        but I’ll clue you in to a couple of rules we intelligent minorities keep in mind when dealing with our Caucastic coworkers –
        1. work harder/faster/more accurately than the closest white guy in your position. It doesn’t matter how well the Asian or white woman or other black person in your office is working; just make sure you’re demonstrably better than the white guy.
        2. if you are in control of an opportunity for a rise in the ranks, start from closest to your identity, then work your way out (unless there is an obvious choice for best candidate). For example, I’m a black man, so if i was in a promoting role, I’d favor a black man, then a latino man, then an asian man, then a woman of any race, then somewhere down the line i’d check on the white men.
        If you’re seeing a pattern here, it’s due to the fact that no one wants a return to old-fashioned slavery, but a nice, slow, under-the-radar takeover of a lot of the things white men hold dear will be enough for me to not cry about reparations.

      2. I think white privilege cards come through the mail quicker if HItler isn’t your avatar. Just saying.

  30. “A population that is not homogeneous, without a strong common social fabric is easier to control. Promoting interracial relationships, depicting Whites as weaker men and mates or silencing its detractors helps you do that..”
    Yup. That’s what a lot of men feel today. And the author is correct in that several decades ago people dated and procreated withon their race – and goong outside of this cultural norm was met with social outcasting – and for good reasons.
    Also factor in that when white supermodels started mudsharking, every female wanted a man of color.
    The author is also correct: It’s simply another red flag of what garbage white women have brcome – hence nothing to get upset about and nothing to take personally.

  31. The whole “I want my kids to look like me” thing always cracks me up. Unless you mate with an alien who has a vagina on her head and tentacles for legs, your kids are going to look like you.

    1. Half-breeds between Black and White are particularly ugly and unappealing to me – a sentiment shared by billions of other people.
      Nobody pays good money for a mutt. The purebred is always more valuable – whether a dog, horse, or human.

        1. Herd? Not sure where you get that. I follow my instincts and my visceral reactions to things. Most people have the same instinctual reaction to seeing an ugly half-breed baby, so they go overboard to demonstrate how beautiful they think it is. Just like how the most racist people always hide behind leftism and do-gooderism. Psychology 101.

        2. “a sentiment shared by billions of people”
          “most people have the same instinctual reaction”
          You’re conflating your subjective personal preferences with the rest of the planet. Unless you’ve polled billions of people, in which case I stand corrected. Either way, the definition of ugly varies from man to man.
          Frankly I find all babies grotesque. White babies are just as butt ugly as half-breeds. Like Robin Williams once said, they’re like little old men dipped in 40-weight oil.

        3. Nope. Try again. The proof that I am correct lies in the fact that we presently have distinct racial groups, and that halfbreeds are a tiny minority. This tells you that the vast majority of human beings see mating with their own race as normal and healthy, and view miscegenation as an aberration or even a perversion. It has always been shunned and punished, in every society through history, of every different race.
          If everyone was fine with race mixing, there would be no White race left alive today. We’d all be brown (the leftist dream).

        4. Eh, you have fun being “correct” and I’ll have fun with my traditional mudshark wife as opposed to the skank bitches passing themselves off as white women these days, lol.
          People who obsess over skin shade simply aren’t very bright. As I said earlier, humans are humans. Some are tanned, some aren’t, and some place an inordinately hilarious amount of stock in this despite seeming otherwise logical and possessed of common sense.

        5. Babies are not grotesque, but innocent humans until the brain dead get to them, and shape them into worker bees and clones of television stars. Adults are grotesque, duplicitous venomous, spiteful, and in most cases, deserve the prison they build for themselves. Wake up, untruth.

        6. I’ll wake up when you learn to read. Given the context, it was abundantly clear that I meant physically grotesque. And they are. Babies are butt ugly, lol. Innocence and the rest of your rambling have absolutely nothing to do with the point I was making.

  32. The (((media))) is the mother of all problems.
    Just ten years ago, mudsharks were extremely rare, and were mostly obese, ugly, insane, or all three. Today, it is becoming extremely common among otherwise normal girls. When you look at the promotion of miscegenation in the media, it tracks perfectly with what we see happening in real life. Women are the ultimate lemmings. Whatever the media tells them is cool, they will do it no matter what. This is why we will never solve any of the major problems in society until the (((media monopoly))) is broken apart, and the production of news and entertainment is placed into the hands of the rightful citizens. Not a bunch of cosmopolitan parasites.

    1. So, the way I read your statement is, women are only going with what seems cool, and apparently women also run your world because you can’t evolve past what they think is cool.
      Don’t let women upset you; I think you’re cool, with your cool hoodie and cool scowl. Don’t worry about what they think; WE think you’re cool, and that’s what matters.

      1. Aren’t you that black guy, Thwack, that keeps trolling Red Pill comment sections with variations of “muh dick”?

        1. I already knew you were black, due to your obsession with your own genitals, and with antagonizing White men with tales of stealing their women. That much is a given. But I’m pretty sure you’re a liar too, Thwack. Couldn’t hang over at Heartiste, right? They don’t tolerate shit-for-brains over there.

        2. When did i mention my dick? YOU mentioned it first, John. Where is your head at?
          And I have not told one tale of me stealing a white man’s woman, because fuck a bitch that would leave her man for me. Why would I want that?
          Now, if you want stories of women coming to me through their own volition, I got you there.

  33. -In the vast majority of films, the white guy gets the girl in the end though, and not the colored guy
    -If you mean that Islam is endangering Western civilization by traditionalism, I’d think that was a good thing.
    -The age of concent should be lower, to where one can have an orgasm.
    But the sex ed they teach to 8 year olds etc. is ridiculous. My cousin’s school now has 3 bathrooms instead if the usual 2. This is indeed turning into the ‘Brave New World’.

  34. You’ll notice that black men are huge hypocrites on this issue. On their own websites they talk all kinds of trash about “bed wenches” – black women who go after White men. They are disgusted and threatened by it.
    Then they come on White websites and talk all kinds of trash about how they have superior game, and muh dick, and White men are just jealous haters. They seem to think we are fooled by their feminist-inspired shaming language.
    Any man who does not care about the protection and preservation of his own women and his own race, doesn’t deserve to be called a man.

    1. Well, anyone would be seen as a hypocrite if you think of a whole group as a monolith. That’s just not true though. Plenty of black men are against race mixing, plenty of black men are fine with it.
      Are you a Clinton supporter because most of the white guys I know are Clinton supporters?

      1. Wrong. All black men are intellectual cowards and hypocrites, who hold double standards and see nothing wrong with it. You only disagree with race mixing when it’s your women. If it’s you getting that sweet White pussy, you have no problem at all with it. Which begs the question – why do black men hate their own race so much? Why are they so obsessed with White women? Why do they view White women as so superior to their own people? How come, when a black man makes a little bit of money, the very first things he does are move to a White neighborhood, and look for a White wife?

        1. I’ll try to break this down. You keep saying “you” when referring to all, so I’ll answer as if you’re just talking to me:
          1. I don’t personally disagree with race mixing, but if someone does disagree, fine. I’m not going to change your mind, you’re not going to change mine.
          2. I don’t hate my race, I personally *LOVE* being black. You know that feeling when you see a white guy that can dance really well, so he stands out? Well that’s me, in my industry. I wouldn’t call what I do assimilation; most of my friends are black because I find it more relatable, but I’m also smart enough to ‘wow’ white folk with my work, thus allowing me some access to their channels.
          3. I’m personally not obsessed with white women in particular, nor do i find them superior in any sense of the word. I actually find them dangerous, as a whole, like this site loves to point out on a daily basis.
          4. So a man makes money and moves to a better neighborhood. Isn’t that what all men should be trying to do? You know, safety and security of family and all? What’s your point?

        2. So you’re claiming to be an ally of ours, but your sole purpose for being here is “muh dicking” and buckdancing in celebration of your “victory” over Whites by taking their women. If you were a good man, you wouldn’t have even brought it up on this site. You just get a kick out of antagonizing White men.
          And, why would a neighborhood be better, just because it’s White?

        3. What in my statement led you to believe i was an ally, aside from the fact that I’m a man with a pretty good lane in life? I’m a successful black man who enjoys diversity and doesn’t share your AWALT sentiment. Maybe AWWALT (all white women are like that) is true, but I’m definitely not AWALT.
          If you call me interjecting an opposing opinion into a website for men “antagonizing,” then it looks like you need someone like me and others in order to stop the echo-chamber effect it seems most of you commenters are turning into.
          I’ll admit, it does put a smile on my face when someone like you gets reeeeally deep in their feelings when you see a non-White guy seemingly walking a better lot in life than yourself. Nothing is owed, pull yourself up by your bootstraps young man! *white guy voice*
          A better neighborhood would most likely be white due to many factors, the biggest factor being there are simply more white people in America than anyone else.

        4. If you smooth the steps out a little more, you’d have a moonwalk. Do you know how impressive white guys who can moonwalk are to all girls, no matter the race?

        5. Nothing is owed? I am bombarded on a daily basis by emails featuring career and networking opportunities explicitly for females and black (or other minority) students.
          White men have an issue because despite being smarter, working harder, etc, the system gives preferential treatment to others.

        6. If I’m going to copy the dance movies of any child rapist, it’s going to be John Wayne Gace.

        7. Bill Bailey did it first. Decades before Michael got his chance to entertain white folk.

        8. Well shucks looks like my degree in Afro pop culture wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on

        9. I get those notices/emails too, but they are coming from other societal minorities. The way I see it is, do like the white folk do; look out for your own when an opportunity comes up. There’s no way you can argue with that thinking.
          Where white men are losing ground is that literally everyone is against you. Even a lot of white women. Have you ever heard the saying “If you’re the only one in a room that believes everyone else is an asshole, then you might be the only asshole”?
          That’s where white guys are right now.

        10. True. White men are on their own. I think there is a great deal of rancor and animosity between white males and white females. A lot of mistrust. I personally do not want anything to do with white women. Personally or professionally. I’m sure a lot of white men feel just as I do. I think they will get their comeuppance when they’re older and are looking to marry and will find a lot of white men aren’t as willing as they once were.
          My view: I missed out on a lot of fun when I was younger. Why the FUCK would I sign up for obligations, scut work, etc when I’m older?

        11. see, John Freeman? I’m your worst fear. An unapologetically black man with the confidence, success, and swagger of a mediocre white guy.

      2. I doubt they’re fine with it.
        People love to point to the case of Emmet Till: how could those adult white males feel angry at, insecure because a 13 year old black boy whistled at some white woman.
        Well. I was 6ft tall at age 13. I didn’t look like a boy. I’m pretty sure if I went up to Harlem in 1955 and whistled at some guy’s wife, touched her, and said, “Hey brown suga,” I would have ended up floating in the Harlem River.

        1. good thing this isn’t Harlem 1955 then!
          Do it now, the worst that would happen is you would get laughed at.

      3. Shit.. after reading that exchange between you and @waldemar_pabst:disqus, y’all need to get a room, there’s obviously some unresolved sexual tension going on.
        But jokes aside, kudos for keeping a cool head, and for the record, not everyone here is threatened by a successful black man. I call them “colleagues” and “neighbors”.

  35. I have already told my 13 yo daughter that I expect my great grandchildren to look like my great grandparents. That not only means that she should marry and have children with a white man, but that she insists that her children do as well.

  36. I think it’s important to delineate why a woman is dating a person of a different skin color than her. If she’s genuinely attracted to that type that is one thing, and really doesn’t affect you too much because if she likes black or brown guys, for example, and you are white, you will NEVER be within her parameters. But I do believe there is a very small portion of women of any race that truly fit this trait.
    If she’s dating a person of a different color because she’s an immature, rebellious biatch, or follows whatever pop culture tells her she should be following, that is a whole other issue, and should not be given a free pass when her clock is ticking and she needs to find a white guy that she’s always truly wanted even though she’s spent 5 to 10 years riding the black or brown cock carousel. Those types should be given the penance of barrenness until the clock finally runs out on their egg production.

  37. The fundamental problem here is the fact that in a diverse society, interracial dating benefits black, hispanic, and arab men to the detriment of white men.
    To be blunt, white men do not want to date black women.
    Are there attractive black women? Yes, a few. I’ve seen some. The ones that have dark skin (Aren’t mixed), straighten their hair, have a nice JUICY ass, and perhaps most importantly – speak white.
    But those are very few and far between.
    Therefore, there is a net benefit to black men at a loss to white men.
    If there was an even trade, most people would not have an issue. But the deal is definitely lopsided with white men getting the shitty end of the deal. Black guys get white women and we get? Some loud ghetto bitch? An arab woman with caterpillar eyebrows who looks like a ninja’s ghost. No thanks.

    1. That’s a big part of why it’s a shitty deal for Whites.
      There are other important reasons. For example, if you care about the propagation of the White race, you observe that each White girl who race mixes is taking her womb out of circulation permanently. No decent White man would ever want to procreate with her after that, so she’s ruined for life. And when a White woman has a baby with a Black man, the black man benefits because his child becomes more attractive and intelligent. But the White woman loses because her child becomes less attractive and less intelligent. The child also loses, due to his/her feelings of confusion and lack of belonging.
      It’s a losing situation all around. Not good for anyone.

        1. Regression to the mean my foot.
          If regression to the mean prevented organisms from getting more intelligent or taller there would be no wiener dogs.
          Explain WIENER DOGS.
          You cant!

        2. IQ is not measured in dogs, so there is no meaningful data to be gathered under your scenario. I think regression to the mean usually refers to intellectual and behavioral characteristics rather than physical.

        3. Yes, but behavioral characteristics are secondary to anatomy. If I want to breed a superior hunting dog, I breed the ones with the big floppy ears to have even bigger floppier ears.

        4. Yes, but “regression to the mean” refers to the fact that the child of two people with superior IQs will not have an IQ greater than either parent nor even as high as either parent but rather lower than both and closer to the norm.
          Which if true would mean it would be impossible to breed for certain traits over generations.

        5. I’m not a biologist, but my answer is that dogs evolve at light speed compared to humans, because they are much simpler creatures. This is how it’s possible to get such distinct breeds. But they DO regress to the mean, behaviorally. It’s just that it’s easier to gradually change ‘the mean’ in dogs.

        6. EVERYTHING is measured in wiener dogs. The Great Pyramid at Gize? 2250 wiener dogs tall.

        1. Facepalm. Do some real research and get back to me.
          Here’s a shortcut: Black children raised in affluent households still under-perform White children raised in barren poverty, on standardized tests.
          The correlation between race and IQ is widely known, amply demonstrated, and completely hushed up by the leftist establishment.

        2. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That was a good one!
          Someone needs to tell all those short Asian men that height differences are a figment of the imagination.
          I wonder why the NBA is 70% black. uuhhh…. never mind it’s not genetic, black people somehow just now how to bounce a ball better right?

        3. If I have a stable of horses and they can run the mile at 1:59 and another guy has a stable where they do it at 2:00 that’s only a 1 sec difference but I’ll beat his horses every time and win 1st prize.1 second doesn’t seem like a lot but at the finish it is 5 lengths difference.
          Now, if one group has a mean IQ of 100 and another’s is 85, who do you think is going to come out on top?
          And that 100 group which of course are white have other traits in common that also help them succeed.

    2. You’re exaggerating. White men still have a much easier time getting white women simply due to common culture, social circle, and higher financial achievement.
      Only a small fraction of white women are dating outside of their race. I see it all the time. Black people still only make up 13% of the total population (assuming you’re referring to the U.S.).

  38. I truly can’t relate to white women anymore. I think in a way, they do have a lot more in common with black men.
    I think most will agree that the male is more intelligent and less emotional than the female.
    Also, there are IQ and temperment differences between the races with the asians being (on average) more intelligent and reserved and less demonstrably emotional than whites who are in turn more intelligent, more reserved, and less emotional than blacks. What this means, is that white women are more able to relate to black men and white men are more able to relate to asian women.
    This fits with what I’ve observed: white women are uninterested in anything related to intellectual pursuits, are only focused on materialism and consumption, and follow the mainstream pop culture. Tallies very well with the average black male: all the rap songs are about YOLO, makin’ it rain the club, etc.

    1. To be clear, I don’t like seeing white women with black men. But at the same time, I do not want to date white women. I can’t relate to them. To be blunt, they’re stupid and lazy. The only good connections I’ve had with women have been with non-white women, mostly asian. Asian women respect intelligence. White women do not.

      1. If White men start dating all the attractive Asian women, who are the Asian men going to date?
        This problem doesn’t solve itself by going around in circles, playing musical chairs with our mates. It ends when we attack the source of the problem: (((the media))).
        White women USED to be good partners, intelligent, and moral. They were deliberately ruined by a 60-year assault on their value system.

        1. Unfortunately, I rarely see an attractive white male with an attractive asian female.
          It’s usually a tall geeky balding white guy with a kinda brownish asian girl.
          The really attractive asian women (white skin, doll face etc) rarely date out. They actually like their own men as opposed to white women who despise their own men.

    2. Yep, and now you know why most TV and movies are aimed at mudsharks and negroes. They are the only ones stupid enough to buy the garbage they are selling!

      1. It’s funny how most movies show the nice guy getting the pretty girl at the end, but in reality it doesn’t work that way.
        If TV/movies are so influential to women, why aren’t they all falling in love with the good, responsible guy?
        Women aren’t fucking men because of influence. They’re fucking whoever provides whatever it is they want at that moment. They’ve always wanted to fuck the bad boy, current society is telling them it’s ok to indulge because we’ll help pick up the pieces when things crash.
        Just like men can’t be influenced to find fat/ugly women sexually attractive. Sure, plenty of us are fucking them, but it’s out of sheer desperation (barring guys with a legitimate fetish).

        1. The movies are presenting the White beta males as the “sensible” and safe reliable choice. They are never presented as sexy, dangerous, and self-possessed. At least not since the seventies. The Jews who produce these movies understand female psychology very well. Whatever you tell a woman is the safe and sensible choice, she is sure to do the opposite.
          The negroes, meanwhile, are played as universally alpha, tough, sexy, cool, funny guys who take no shit and get the job done. It’s a complete inversion of reality.

        2. White men are the overwhelming majority when it comes to leading roles where they are the bad asses. They’d have to be because you’re still the majority demographic.
          Yes, you also get the wimpy guy roles but you’re still the defacto standard. You play all roles.
          How often do black men play side kicks or second fiddle to the lead alpha male white man? More often than the reverse, by a lot.
          Game of Thrones is a prime example.

    3. Correct about women and blacks but the last asian man who proved he was more intelligent than caucasians was Genghis Khan

  39. Stormfront trolls and religious conservatives present themselves like omega males who dropped out, but want to self appoint themselves honorary “alpha” status because they embraced a movement or are anti-feminist. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not red pill. That’s delusion. They are still plugged into the matrix just using old legacy software and technology, the pre-feminist era matrix, still trying to control who beta males bang but using different language.

    1. you should move to a country without all the evil stormfront trolls and religious conservatives!
      I hear the grass is much greener in other parts of the world. A virtual utopia!

  40. White women are complete hypocrites. They would call the police on you for making a comment if you saw one with a black guy but they give you such an intense evil eye / look of hatred when they see you with an asian girl. Hilarious.

    1. Everyone is a hypocrite on this issue, except people like me who openly admit that they view race-mixing as abhorrent. I have seen massive amounts of evidence over my lifetime that nearly everyone feels the same way I do, but they just try to hide it because they are afraid of being called racist. You should have seen the evil looks and the threats I got from black men when I used to date a pretty light-skinned black woman and paraded her through the hood. The KKK has nothing on these guys.

  41. I’ve fucked more white girls than i have black and i’m a black dude. White girls are just sluttier, nastier, and get wayyyy drunker. Black girls (that arent from the hood) are way classier. So now after i pumped and dumped tons of white chicks i will circle back and marry/have kids with a black woman. Now all those white girls are dating unsuspecting white guys after i’ve stretched their pussies to the absolute breaking point HAHAHAHAH

    1. This seems to be the sum total of thoughts running through black males’ brains. And they wonder why they are reviled and viewed as a threat to society.

        1. The funny thing is, if White men wanted black women, they could have ALL of them, and you brothers would be insane with jealous rage. But the fact is, black women are so disgusting that NOBODY wants them – not even YOU!!! That gives me the biggest laugh of all.

        2. lol i love black women. ALL black women dont want white guys except a handful. Yall are too pussy. I know white guys that CRY from getting yelled at. Yalls dicks are too small. Thats why you have to go to a website to have to learn how to be a man lmao.

        3. so fucking stupid….
          Most black women want White men but know they are too fat and ugly to get them. If you ever read their message boards, you know this.
          The most badass guys in the world are White. The heavyweight boxing champ, the top military leaders, the most feared businessmen. And a White guy has the largest recorded penis size on earth. But you cling to your myths and fairytales as a salve for your inability to earn a respectable living or provide for your dependents. It’s all much more transparent than you believe.

        4. hahahah you cant even name 5 black women off the top of your head. They literally DO NOT want you. your dick literally wouldnt be long enough to reach between those asses and hips. If they detect ANY bitch in your blood its over for you. you have to be a super super alpha male. thats why its nothing for me to get a white woman. Its like a walk in the park.
          Ive fucked white girls that are dating white guys at the same time. Whats so funny is the white girls whos dads are racist want us the most cause its so taboo. So your daughter will be bouncing on a BBC

        5. another lol
          largest penis in the world records book is a white man homie.
          and statistically there is no difference between between black and white dicks
          ALSO – I love how your whole contribution to this article has been basically “MUH DICK”

        6. dude when i say white guys are too pussy im not even joking. My job i work right now is in construction management. White collar stuff but you have to go out to the field where you’re dealing with ex cons, ex/current military, and just rough whites, mexicans, and blacks.
          These sissified white collar white guys CRIED from women and men making fun of them. one guy even went to HR from a WOMAN calling him a pussy. Thats why they sent me up there because they know black guys are tough as nails.
          You can even go listen to your beloved white supremacist rockwell talk about how soft white guys were back then and how black guys had a distinct advantage in that field. White women see your men behaving like women and since they arent lesbians they want a real man (black man)

        7. take the best of the best from every race and they would get along way better then the best with the average/worst of the own race.
          white people in general are weak, black people in general are very stupid. im white but i have nothing in common with other whites. i am ashamed of whites and blacks and any other race.

        8. Agreed with your statement that the best of every race would get along well. As a black man, I’d be lying if I said I get along better with some of my cousins in the hood than I did with some of my caucasian counterparts.
          Disagree with your next statement; the problem with the majority of white people and the majority of black people in America is complacency. White folk as a whole are seen as weak because you’ve gotten comfortable at the top. Blacks as a whole are seen as stupid due to being used to being on the bottom, given not much reason to rise up out of their current situation.

        9. that guy would be an exception, not a rule.
          and there’s definitely a statistical difference between white and black dicks, especially in america. that’s what happens when you force a specific group of people to breed like livestock.

        10. the point of the second statement simply was : i dont like people unless it’s the best of the best. im very picky.

        11. That’s not the way the world works, bro. There are enough women to go around. Learn to have an abundance mentality.

        12. nah thats tai lopez. the dude that does the youtube commercials lol. im a light skinned black dude.

        13. The difference between penis size is a myth. Sorry little man. The only reason there appeared to be a racial difference between penis size is because the studies with black men were self-reported. As soon as they did, real, in clinical studies the average size for black males plummeted to where all the other races are.
          See: encyclopediadramatica.se/The_Great_Black_Dick_Hoax

        14. This is a cherry picking article, Mayo Monkey. I could find the direct opposite bias article claiming yours is wrong. Unless youve seen multiple dicks of all races, all we have to go on is stories from women and gay guys.
          I’m convinced they would both say on average, black dick is bigger than white dick.

        15. Saying that anecdotes are the “only way” to prove something like this is simply retarded. I’m sure they would say that. I’m sure a ten year old who hasn’t even seen a dick would say that as well. This is the stereotype that the media constantly propagates and thus confirmation bias will play its part on anyone. The reality is that any statistic points to it not being true.
          Here is a perfect example: in the article linked near the top of this one, the write shares a link to the supposed “most conclusive penis size study ever done”, which showed the avg US males penis size to be 5.2 or 5.3in. This was an IN-CLINIC test with researchers measuring the penis size themselves so as for no bias. There is another study, cited in the encyclopedia dramatic article you claimed was “cherry-picked” (yet provided the links) that shows the avg Hungarian penis size at roughly 6.1in. Now, why would US males dicks be smaller than European males if all these black men have big gorilla dicks? Wouldn’t that skew the US size? Shouldn’t the US penis size studies be far bigger than any in Europe??
          Here is a link from an AFRICAN scientific journal showing the avg. Nigerian penis size measuring in at 5.26in:
          Sorry but you’ve provided no evidence to the contrary. All scientific in-clinic studies destroy this myth. All you are coming back with, is literally “muh-dick” type responses. This is what people on the alt-right have been saying for close to 100 years now. You people literally can’t process data and can only throw around ‘muh-dick’ – which our ancestors have been telling us for hundreds of years is all you people seem to think or care about. This is why no societies around the world respect you and constantly rape Africa.

        16. Did you not read the Result? The measurements show Nigerians were the biggest. Also, the last line contradicts the conclusion.
          “The penile length for Nigerian Blacks was longer than those of the other races, but the differences were only statistically different in comparison with the Koreans.”
          This study didn’t measure western blacks, who were forced to breed like cattle. “Survival of the Fittest” definitely plays a part in breeding, which is also why there are so many successful black athletes.
          The myth you are now trying to dispel was created by white folk’s own doing.
          Try again, Wonder Bread.

        17. Are you kidding me? Look, when statistics are that close, they are statistically insignificant. The Nigerian men measured 5.26 and White British measure like 5.2. Also, you are failing to take into account the Hungarian 6.1 study as well as other various Nordic countries that measured around the 5.5 range in other studies. Thus the “differences were only statistically significant in Koreans” part of the study. The Nigerians size difference was so SLIGHT as to be statistically insignificant (I.E. if they were to do the experiment again, another group might come out as being the longest – this is what statistically insignificant is) that’s why they conclude by saying it is a myth.
          So now that you have been statistically disproven you are going to try the “well they bread us like horses!” argument – guess what genius, body size does not correlate to penis size. Regardless, whites on average are actually taller than blacks in the U.S.:
          Again, your Mandingo fantasy is destroyed. Not only do you people not have bigger dicks, you aren’t even taller on average, lol. Again, you haven’t shown even ONE data point this whole time. Your entire response to those statistics destroying the myth was entirely anecdotal.
          “created by white folks own doing” – created by the Jewish medias own doing, actually.

        18. You have to understand that Roosh doesn’t exactly attract the creme de la creme here in the IQ department.The internet has become even more dumbed down as more coloureds got computers and smart phones now that everything has become dirt cheap.Beginning in 2000 computer prices began to fall so more and more of the lower classes began getting them. The 10% who had high speed began to increase to what you see today. It became just another toy for the unwashed masses which is why you see all of these stupid lower class boys on it today.Not one of these boys has any sort of real education or are they able to understand statistics anymore than they can understand %, fractions or ratios, something they should have learned by the 5th grade.I guess they were too busy bouncing a ball around in their ‘hood ‘school’ which was basically a day care centre paid for by my taxes.We spend a 1/4 million each just to send them from K-12 and they still don’t know shit.

        19. Ludwig Wolf, who made a study of the physical anthropology of the
          Baluba tribe, remarks that ‘As a general rule the male organ in its
          relaxed state is astonishingly strongly developed;’ but he was informed
          by Negresses who had cohabited with both Negrids and Europids that, when
          erect, the organ is of about the same size in the two races. Topinard
          had claimed that though the penis of Europeans was smaller than that of
          Negrids when flaccid, it was larger than theirs when erect.

        20. Actually, no. Jews are not White.
          In 1917, Black nationalist Marcus Garvey became famous for storming out of the NAACP’s headquarters proclaiming to be “dumbfounded” by the apparent domination of “Whites”.
          These “Whites” included board chairman Joel Spingarn, his brother Arthur who was pro bono counsel, Herbert Lehman of the Executive Committee, Arthur Sachs, Herbert Seligmann – director of public relations, and his secretary Martha Gruening. All Jews.
          Try telling a Holohoax organization that “6 million Whites were murdered in the Holocaust.” LOL. You’d have the full weight of the SPLC, the ADL, the (((media))), and every other Kosher outfit in America coming down on you.
          Or, try telling Dr. Tony Martin that the Jews who dominated the trans-Atlantic slave trade were “White”:

          The most important aspect of Jewishness is found within their DNA. Israel has fine-tuned their DNA tests to prove Jewishness. Practicing Judaism (the religion) is not a requirement to be in the tribe.
          It’s a damn shame that Blacks continue to be played by their Jew masters.

        21. What did you expect from a species that lags whites on the evolutionary power curve by 100-200,000 years.
          These knuckle draggers and their white fans/apologists need to read Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Dr. J. Phillipe Rushton.

        22. That’s because all 3 groups belong to the same pack of mentally deficient morons “being kept down by the white man’s patriarchy”

        23. Unfortunately you don’t belong to that group otherwise you would be educated enough to know that the best caucasian makes the best black look like a monkey

        24. i dont live in a place where black people are common. so i may be right i may be wrong. i don’t even care to defend that point at all.

        25. blacks play on the team of Jewish white folk because it gives both a leg up over everyday Hellman’s mayonnaise white folk.

      1. and this seems to be the sum total of most the guys on this website. again, i think you respond to comments before you fully realize what you are responding to.

      2. so its okay for you to go fuck slavic women, phillipino women, and other asian women but its not okay for us to make white women cum and squirt way more than you ever could?

        1. I’m not out poaching women from other cultures. That’s not something I’m interested in. If I were mentally disturbed, and hated my own kind, I suppose I’d feel differently.
          But, even you have to admit, there is much less difference between Whites and Asians, versus Whites and Blacks. Culturally, intellectually, and behaviorally, Whites and Asians are very close, while Whites and Blacks couldn’t be further apart.

        2. Hypocrite. White women want an alpha male which black men are obviously that. When we walk in the room we command it. They want the head honcho. Plus now they are so slutty and literally get black out drunk they are just cum dumpsters now. Where as my beautiful black women (that arent hood) only drink 1 or 2 drinks wear long dresses and act demure.

        3. I agree with muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. However he promoted only have sex in marriage. YOU dont believe in that. So obviously ima get my nut off just like you. why not with white women who are total freaks.

        4. His point was that there is something mentally wrong with a guy who obsesses about another race of women. And he’s right. If you really thought black people were good, you wouldn’t want anything to do with White women. You would be focused on building a black family and improving the black community. Your thoughts are betrayed by your actions. Just another shallow hypocrite who bases his self worth on his dick.

        5. Yeah if youre black and you ONLY think white women are beautiful and think black women are ugly hes mentally screwed up. Ive got malcolm x’ autobiography in my house right now
          but if im just trying to bust a nut with a slutty white woman thats just a sign of immorality.
          But yes i am simultaneously taking black women out to dinner and i dont try to have sex with them. looking for wife material
          by the way i grossed $80K this year so far. more than you

        6. nah im really not. Although i think its funny that white guys get so upset seeing their slutty white women like black guys. I have a redneck friend who literally gags when i tell him my last conquest. I dated one for 3 years that was smoking hot. Literally had her doing some of the most depraved disgusting shit i could think of. Now shes dating a white guy and i still get her to cheat on him with me.

        7. By this logic, shouldn’t you also condemn the white guy articles about dating asians/muslims/latinas?

        8. What are those differences between blacks and whites? pray, tell us.
          White women have been flocking to black men, even when the latter were slaves. Now, think about that for a moment. Could there be something that the black man has that the white man lacks? Rather than being angry against these white women, why not focus on building up the white man to make him so attractive to their women that black men won’t even show up on the rather of these women? That is if it bothers you so much, as it obviously does?

        9. Reverse psychology. By your logic, there must be something mentally wrong with the white women who get involved with men of other races, especially blacks. Going further, there must be something mentally wrong with white men who are bothered that these mentally unstable white women are going after these other men.

        10. Genetically, there are virtually zero differences between black and white people. But culturally and environmentally, there is a world of difference, as you yourself admitted above.

        11. That’s not a “believe it or not” statement; of course they do, like in any race.

        12. Well “Dat Youtube Nigga” was talkin as if all Black Men are alpha which is absolutely not true…

        13. this whole article talks as if all white women think alike. it’s generalization to cut down on all the qualifying statements.

        14. It’s interesting that black men actually believe this stuff about themselves. Okcupid came out with racial statistics a while back on who does the best with each race. Black men faired about in the middle with white women. Lower than white and hispanic men, but above Asian men (this can be easily looked up on google). The “BBC” is a porn myth. You must be trolling – nothing your saying matches any data whatsoever. Black men seem to live in this strange fantasy land where “they are the alpha males and every woman wants to fuck them” – I’ve heard you all express this sentiment before. Not only does the data not match it, but I’ve heard the exact opposite sentiment from many girls who are simply not attracted to BM and find them creepy etc…

        15. Black men, compared to white folk, arent big on online dating. There’s got to be a skew in the data.

        16. I literally go to a bar near LSU packed with drunk white women all the time and white women line up. They are just naturally sluts with everyone. Ive had some jerk me off in there, ive fingered some in there, and took some home and fucked them easily. They literally have to take a break from my dick stretching them out like silly putty when im fucking them. The only time ive ever used OKcupid is to try and find a 3rd girl to have a threesome with me and my bisexual white ex g/f. Tinder/bumble is where its at.
          Lol let me guess you’re the type of guy that believes your girls testimony when she says shes only been with 2 guys. Shes gonna say whatever you want to hear dummy. Ive fucked a white girl that said her dad would literally disown her if he found out. She was a solid 9/10. Literally couldn’t get enough black dick but now that shes had her fun shes dating a semi professional white baseball player. You think shes gonna tell him she got her pussy ran through by a bunch of BBCs?

        17. That Ali clip was from before his jewish managers give him the memo: that race mixing is to destroy whites and make everyone brown, not to destroy black people. Obviously excluding the jewish vipers, who become the defacto white race that rules over mud people.

        18. Cool, good for you but it’s all just anecdotes. I certainly don’t believe modern women are angels. But It’s not just white women, it’s all women who live in the West. I have anecdotes too… I was once at someones birthday party and this black girl came in and domed off every dude in the room without even saying a word. I had a friend who fucked this fine ass black bitch and she wanted him to call her a slave and slap her and shit, and then started crying when he pumped and dumped her, lmao. If you really think black girls are some pure group you’re retarded. It’s really not a race thing but a culture thing. I’ve hooked up with Asian girls while their Asian boyfriend is in the room next to us. This is not something I go brag about online to Asian men, though, and so I’m inclined to believe you’re either very insecure or completely full of shit. Probably a mixture of both.

        19. Are you really this stupid or are you just young and inexperienced and believe everything you see in the media and Hollywood films in this day of rampant propaganda?
          The negro man is the lowest on the totem pole everywhere on earth.Lowest IQ, no education, no real job or money,and spends his days thinking of obese white girls and smoking weed.he’s been brought up around some irrational ghetto slob and doesn’t even know who his daddy is. From being brought up around females he acts like one himself and in fact negro boys are the biggest pussies around unless he’s in a gang of a 100 against some white guy.If you have to beat him for impertinence he cries like a little girl and plays the victim role. His only choice in females are either some fat black female who uses him or some fugly white girl who’s been rejected by every white man.
          White men can get any female they choose everywhere on earth.They have nothing in common or to learn from the lowly nogger who is viewed as a clown.

        20. Because they’re stupid? You see, the white man is smarter and can figure out the odds.He knows that even if the country were all white going into one of these businesses like boucing a ball around in some kid’s game to earn a living or even acting etc there is only a very slim chance of being successful.Studying or working at something that he knows he can reliably support himself at makes a lot more sense and he doesn’t have to get his head beaten in and suffer brain damage or other injuries.The negro rarely has the brains to compete with a white even at a low end cubicle worker job so he hopes he may be the 1 in 100,000 who may make money at sports, either that of pray he wins the lottery so he can get a white girl that isn’t totally fugly.

        21. Chemically there is practically 0 difference between morphine and apomorphine. Yet, apomorphine is not addicting or can you get high from it.It’s used to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning. So even a minute change in chemical structure can make a tremendous difference.
          The same is true in genetics. A slight change in a sequence of genes can also make a big difference.Most genes are the same because they control basic functions in the human or gorilla.

        22. Blacks have Joos promoting them in fictional character rather than as they are. See Liberia or other ghetto realities

        23. Joos
          When they play internationally they barely win and have suffered defeats from Spain, Argentina and Russia
          The usa is huge. If one combined all of Europe into one team it might be fair and they are similar size and population

    2. >Black girls (that arent from the hood) are way classier.
      you gotta troll harder than that son

    3. In 2014, 44% (19,540) of estimated new HIV diagnoses in the United States were among African Americans, who comprise 12% of the US population. Among all African Americans diagnosed with HIV in 2014, an estimated 73% (14,305) were men and 26% (5,128) were women.

        1. But given those stats, would you want your white daughter doing the wild thing with negroids?

    4. Thank the Joos then
      100 years ago you’d have been tied to a tree. I hope you make it to Liberia soon my nigga

  42. I’m conflicted on all this. I personally don’t like white women. They have the mindset and intelligence of a child. But white men do not have access to other women, e.g. that black, hispanic, arab men have to white women.
    It is considered alright for asian parents to disapprove of their daughter dating a white male but racist for a white father to object to his daughter dating a black male.
    That is the problem: arab women for arab men, black women for black men, asian women for asian men, but white women for EVERYONE!

    1. What a load of horseshit. White women are not robots. They are capable of making intelligent choices, and if white men have lost their masculinity, their women must look elsewhere. Women are not complicated, irrespective of the color of their skins.

      1. Anyone who thinks women think or make their own choices, much less intelligent ones, lacked oxygen at birth

        1. And what on earth are you doing with women who are too dumb to think or to make their own choices? You obviously don’t want such women in your life. Why should you care who they date/sleep with?
          You can’t have it both ways, dude. Either you admit that these women make conscious choices to be with the men they pick, or they simply are not your types. In either case, you are wasting time bothering about them.

    2. Its only welfare dependent single mothers who ae race mixing, usually to have a fuzzy haired niglet to show off to their trashy friends, whilst being given free goodies from the state, and a free house – which would otherwise be unattainable. Those types aren’t giving two fucks about their childs future identity crisis. I know well adjusted blacks with mixed race kids and their childrens heads are gone; they aren’t accepted by their dads black families as black, nor as white. Look at the amount of hard-core marxists of colour, and most often they are mixed race types with a massive grudge against whites. Obamas regime is full of these mullatto types. They want to reorganise society to get rid of their identity crisis, presumably by killing off whites.

  43. The author goofed big time in this article. He is also obviously oblivious of some fundamental truths about human biology.
    First, it is the height of ignorance to classify people based on skin color. It is like saying that a red S-Class Mercedez is better than a green vehicle of the same make and model, when the truth is, both are exactly the same under the hood. All humans, irrespective of skin color or other physical characteristics, are 99.999% identical in their genetic makeup. Most of their perceived differences are a result of their environmental exposures.
    Though identical, each person is different in their personal preferences. The author, like the late Mohammed Ali, is deeply concerned about how similar his kids look compared to him. Many women are in the same boat. AT THE SAME TIME, there are both men and women who don’t give a rat’s stinking butt in what color their love interests come, or what shade their offspring put on. And it is sheer folly for anyone to get overly worked up by another’s personal choices. I have dated women of almost all shades and colors.
    The author should get a life, and focus on being the best man he possibly can. That is far more rewarding than obsessing about something he has absolutely no influence over, or which is none of his frigging business. It is better that my kid marry a responsible black spouse, than a useless white person.

    1. There is quite a bit of variation between human racial groups, even though in the end we have largely the same DNA. And no, contrary to the beliefs of white nationalists and stormfront hopefuls, we are not different species. We are the same species, different breeds.
      What’s more, as far as your genes are concerned, it does not matter what the race or ethnicity of your child’s mother is (I’m assuming you’re a man). When you have a kid, 50% of the genes are yours and 50% the mother. It DOES NOT MATTER where that other 50% comes from, so long as your genes get to replicate themselves and increase their fitness.

      1. (((jz95))) a question: are there any comments you’ve made where you don’t mention Stormfront?

        1. Whatever, man. Clearly it must be an honor to be considered a Jew, since it’s clear they’re a higher force responsible for everything that’s ever happened to whites.

        2. Is it an honor to be a virus? Because everyone has had the flu and diarrhea, especially oxfam Africans.

      2. Species were just a system of classification invented by white men.Sometimes they have to be revised like adding the Neanderthal into the H sapiens species and are today considered the same species. Even closely related species can mate.
        The negro may be in the H sapiens species but Euromen men are H sapiens sapiens.
        As I said, closely related species can mate.Two different species may even look identical and it’s only behaviour that is different and pu