16 Magazine Covers That Will Trigger The Feminists And SJWs In Your Life

Due to the unsightly epidemic of beta-male behavior that is currently exploding all around us—the acceleration of which was largely caused by feminism and SJW’s—I recently came up with the idea for a series of satirical men’s magazine covers with the title, Modern Beta Magazine.

After putting them into the comments section of some articles here at ROK not long ago, and summarily being asked by various readers if they could look at them all in one place, I have attempted to comply with those numerous requests right here…

So here they are. All 16 covers.

1. Cooking for cucks


2. The winning play


3. Increase that beta sex drive


4. Earn extra holiday cash


5. 10 solid apologies


6. Rock her world


7. Pigeon-feeding tips


8. No means no


9. Let your wife sleep around – sound wisdom


10. She’s not a slut


11. Tell her you are CIA


12. Should you fake bulimia?


13. Positive benefits of divorce rape


14. Shadow puppets and other cool things


15. Quenching beta thirst


16. Calisthenics for cucks



Well, gentlemen, at least for today, we are still blessed with freedom of speech. Tomorrow is another story, however, especially if the myriad betas, cucks and simps—and their SJW and feminist handlers—get their way. So please do whatever you can to fight back. Make every possible attempt to wake up those men who are still on the fence. Because if you don’t, they might wind up exactly like the feckless fools on the above magazine covers.

You’ll be glad you did. And you’ll sleep a lot better at night, too.

Sharing this article with your friends and family members might be a good idea as well, if you feel these faux magazine covers have merit. And if those people should become irritated or shocked by them, well, consider it a blessing in disguise…because if that happens, you have just identified some serious beta males.

And as the entire manosphere already knows, they can definitely use all the help they can get…

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115 thoughts on “16 Magazine Covers That Will Trigger The Feminists And SJWs In Your Life”

        1. I didn’t mind it at all. That was more honest work than the ‘cool nice newsletter designing’ I have been doing for my old ass of a boss.

        1. I don’t really give a fuck about my CV. That said, if need be, I just put in what I deem important.
          That said … I haven’t been working for well a year. My CV is fucked up by now.

        2. Is it really that harsh? I’ve heard about a guy in my country who got into Java programming in his late 20s. He had studied something about economics in the university. So basically you could say he had never worked before, because he had been into another field. They hired him and he was doing well.

      1. I was triggered a few weeks ago when those nude pics of the fat ghost busters chick was leaked. I had to cuddle with a teddy bear in my safe space. Not the most alpha move but then again that was a special circumstance. I think I cried too.

        1. Let’s see who’s laughing when his mommy puts the starch in his drawers when she finds out he’s been spooging the doll.

  1. ‘How Saying You’re Sorry Nets You 10 Minutes Of Watching Her Have Sex From The Closet’
    That’s awesome. So you mean I finally get to see her naked?

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    1. I was watching Gavin McInnes this morning. The topic was “Cuckmercials.” Enjoy this disgusting cuckmercial. My favorite part happens at :18 when the cuck looks out the window like a mind blown retarded alien in disbelief.

      1. It’s about time that a list of man bashing commercials such as this were compiled. If the products they are selling were avoided en mass the marketing agencies would have to sit up and take notice. We simply could produce a boycott list outlining the offending products and then make sure it’s distributed across the manosphere. If a company wanted their product off the list all they would have to do is make another advert where the roles are reversed and a woman is belittled in a similar fashion

      2. Um….this may seem like a stupid question but is the cuck’s “wife” a woman? Her face and hairstyle are quite angular and masculine.

  2. I was waiting for this one Bob, good job on your memes.
    What I like about these is that some of the articles are meant for humor, while some (especially with pics, ffs) are meant to incite disgust. The random order makes it a stronger meme.

    1. I dig her face……”Boy you sure got some voluptuous cheeks! Let Mami munch on them! NOM NOM NOM!”

      1. Jeb is testing out a new tactic to see if he can finally get that hug close from Columba…

      1. Astounding, wasn’t it? What’s even more astounding is that Jeb was told that he WOULD be the next President – and he believed it.

  3. Can we get these in printable format? I want to see these taped up over urinals in random restrooms every where.

    1. That’s a great idea. Years back I was the inventor of the red button you see located above urinals in the restrooms of some countries across the world.
      You push the button AND THE FLOOR SHAKES!! Next I must invent an advertising insert plaque below the button where Mr Smith’s magazine covers can be inserted.

    2. If you right-click on the image, and select “View Image”, it should be fairly printable. If not, let me know, and I’ll try to make them sharper but I think that remedy should get the job done…

    3. I want to post these at the university i graduated from. No risk for me since I dont have any connection there anymore.

  4. Thanks Bob. These are excellent.
    If only these were on new stands and magazine racks back in the days before the internet.

  5. I was at the movies this weekend watching the new movie Sully (quite good actually). There was a 20 something dude crying in the seat right in front of me.

    1. Haven’t seen it. I went to Sausage Party last week and I can testify it is utter garbage. The sjw signalling is off the chart. The only thing that gave me satisfaction as I left was knowing that Seth Rogan is a cuck as demonstrated by Mike Cernovitch and Rogans wife…..fuck Hollywood….. last time they get my dollars……

  6. Bob, in volume 2 is the article on cunnilingus implying that it is a beta move? Will there be a future special on panty sniffing for white knights?

  7. Remember the 1990’s? We saw some of the most intense beta brainwashing immaginable. Without the internet we were at the mercy of the MSM gatekeepers. We were penned up like caged beta barn animals and our faces were sprayed daily with this type of stuff:

    1. The NFL takes quite a vocal queue in promoting domestic cuckery and emasculation

      Sensitivity trained cuck police especially are in league up to their eyeballs with local judiciaries and NGO’s who forcefully dismember traditional families. Combine a radical feminized police force in a jurisdiction with no fault divorce legislation and aggressively enforced mandated reporting policies you’ve got CANADA. No traditional family can survive with the fem zombie zealots breathing down your neck at every moment. Fear your government, fear for your children and trust only your clan and tribe. These ‘high heel march’ regions of the west that are bustling and overflowing with women’s shelters have become largely unsurvivable for the traditional family. A trad family cannot coexist and live in peace with government backed feminist cucks ANYWHERE. Either fight or pack up and run with your tribe. In these regions you’ll see the family patriarch disemboweled and disempowered before the marxist state and by force in most cases.

      Note the prominence of COPS at these ‘marches’. On their days off, is this as innocuous and face to face community friendly as these uniformed hero enforcers of social marxism have become? Also note the presence of the many service agencies that specialize in de-integrating women and children from their tribe. Specifically DISSOLUTION OF THE FAMILY by the state is the theme with these events. High heels may be ‘cutesey’ on the surface but no family is safe from government tyranny in these communities.

      A single renegade man could sling shit and fight back against the beta/feminist zombot enforcers but a family man and patriarch finds his wom(e)n at risk of being propagandized and his children threatened with being held hostage if he doesn’t grovel to the cuck enforcement standards being paraded in the community. We must keep pumping the steam to expose the marxist/feminist agitators and their fake crisis actor promoters.

  8. Pretty spot on.
    Raising a pack of thuglets is an awfully high price to pay for sex. I think I’d prefer to die alone if given the choice. But all around me I see guys marrying/supporting loser single mothers. It’s practically a rite of passage in the IT world.
    I find myself biting my tongue a lot at work. I want to tell guys that all they have to do is lift and fake confidence. Or that they make 80K a year and shouldn’t have to settle for the fat woman with a mulatto son.

    1. The daughter of a family friend just had her fourth baby for the third father of her kids.
      This father is in jail for beating her. I’m told she constantly complains that good men don’t “appreciate” how she doesn’t ask for much.
      Perhaps they don’t appreciate being expected to marry a low quality woman who can’t keep her legs closed? I heard she was very offended that her brother demanded that she get her tubes tied. Maybe she should go live in a pasture with all the other broodmares. Yuck.

  9. These are very good. It would be good to distribute the more benign ones widely. People might then be drawn into the racier ones

    1. So he could make money off of a real mag from the genuine cucks who would buy them and take it seriously, thereby financing the wider distribution…

      1. Good work! I really like them all but my favorite is number 9. “Cool hobbies to keep you busy while she gets gangbanged.” Fucking genious!

  10. Admits my bouts of laughter, I almost felt sorry for the cucks on account of those pathetic sorry pictures. But I quickly reminded myself, these things are the problem. All pity purged

    1. White males don’t need any special subsidized assistance programs to help them be more alpha and more in control of their tribeswomen. But notice that massive campaigns of brainwashing, pharma doping and assault by police force is necessary to suspend the west, to prevent white tribal hegemony, to arrest white family formation and the production of offspring and to maintain the propping up of white women like hillary puppets over their communities and homes. If the wrecking ball destructo program over the west had its plug pulled, white men would surge overnight like a tidal wave and restore natural order to the western lands and the women would fold and bend toward the patriarchal order like blades of tall grass in unison bending over for the wind.

  11. At least 2 of them seemed to imply that licking pussy is beta. I just love the taste. I wouldn’t want to give that up just to be more alpha.

  12. These magazine covers brought the tune of hard knock life to my head with new words.
    It’s a cucked up life for us. A cucked up life for us.
    Get it get it!
    You can see,
    We sit when we pee.
    It’s a cucked up life.

  13. I need feminism because…I still feel “unmanly” when my girlfriend ravishes me with a strap-on dildo

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