The Delusional Reality Of Social Justice Warriors Is A Form Of Mental Illness

Until quite recently, I thought social justice warriors were basically the online version of the campus radicals that I knew from my college days. I figured maybe the SJWs are a little more lazy, loudmouthed, herd-like, and fuzzy-minded. Being behind the keyboard 24×7 can do these things, as well as hinder one’s self-development. However, I discovered that there’s an essential difference between SJWs and the hard-line leftist ideologues I’d encountered in the past. That is, the social justice weenies are seriously out to lunch.

It’s one thing to be faced by opponents with at least a bit of respectability, with arguments worth addressing. As things are now, SJWs—the True Believers of the religion of cultural Marxism—are like grackles attempting to peck society to death.

A textbook example of SJW mobbing began when someone posted a limerick about the Ferguson, Missouri riots:

There once was a thug named Brown

Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown

Six bullets later

He met his creator

Then his homies burnt down the town

This set off the howling pack of hyenas. They posted the home address of the user who shared the limerick, resulting in threats of murder and arson, and even hassled her mother. After this classy and proportionate reaction, surely the forces of evil were thwarted and the universe was restored to balance.

The oppression olympics

open mindedness

You can’t get much more open-minded than that!

The terminology of social justice weenies is quite illuminating as to their state of mind. I don’t mean just the academic buzzwords they throw around, floating abstractions larded up with unstated assumptions like “privilege” or “microaggression.” It gets far more interesting than that.

Some of them believe that they’re non-human: plants, machines, shapeshifters (basically werewolves and the like), or even celestial objects. Sometimes multiple identities inhabit the same body, etc. I remember playing make-believe when I was a small child; these are young adults who still haven’t grown out of that phase. I’ll charitably assume not all SJWs are that far out in left field (if you’ll pardon the expression). Even so, they keep company with people who believe they’re not human, and apparently don’t find anything particularly amiss about that.

Then they have a larger number of descriptors for their sexuality. Fortunately, this means many won’t breed (either from lack of interest or lack of competence in opposite-sex relations), saving our gene pool from further degradation. Actually, a man believing that he’s a woman isn’t really all that odd compared to a man believing he’s a parakeet, a fern, or a robot. However, that’s only the beginning. Many of these sexuality-related terms are things seldom encountered in the real world, concepts that would have left Sigmund Freud bewildered. Once again, they’re so open-minded that one suspects they’ve undergone trepanation.

Having disabilities is a special badge of honor, rather than a neutral characteristic or something they’re stuck with but work around as best they can. An able-bodied SJW who isn’t creative enough to make up some affliction can be “transabled”; for instance being able to see but believing deep down that he/she/it shouldn’t be able to do that. Could all this be posing, along with not knowing what species they belong to, and the multiple variants of gender-bending? All this adds up to negative “privilege” points, which is currency in the SJW world. Most people have much better things about which to boast.

Wallowing in misery and loving it


Is he off his meds, or was he triggered?

One universal characteristic of SJWs is that they live for taking umbrage at things. They delight in opportunities to spout venom about anything in the world around them, be it real, trivial, or imagined. They like being constantly upset about anything; it gives them a sense of purpose. If they got everything in the world 100% the way they wanted, they wouldn’t be happy; they’d be crushed by boredom. This is psychologically unhealthy. What kind of a way is it to live like this?

What injustices are they protesting? It’s pretty much anything you can think of, and many more that will surpass your imagination. For one thing, if you like Mexican food (without being Mexican) that’s “cultural appropriation”. So it’s a thoughtcrime to like enchiladas, and maybe support someone’s family restaurant? The rabbit hole goes very deep. Recapping one page of postings from SJWs, we find:

  • Going ballistic about a video game without a transsexual identity option (play something else, duh)
  • Hating every last man on the planet except her fiance (I really feel sorry for the dude)
  • The expression “communication is key to a relationship” is ableism (WTF?)
  • Objecting to a pet’s name (is Fluffy less triggering?)
  • “There is NO such thing as a ‘Vagina’” (that person certainly has never been near one)
  • Someone disappointed at not being autistic (where do I even begin?)
  • You’re not allowed to speak Spanish unless you’re Hispanic (46 million Europeans in Spain disagree)
  • Saying “stupid” is ableism (that’s stupid)
  • Rant from someone wearing size 36 bottoms (too many cheeseburgers)
  • Demisexuality is real (actually I agree; Demi Moore is sexy)
  • Politically correct pronouns (seeing English slaughtered like this is triggering to me)
  • Trying to persuade someone to be transgender (I thought being that kind of crazy isn’t a choice?)
  • Not sleeping with someone infected with HIV is discrimination (fine, I have discriminating tastes)
  • Criticizing meth use is “drug shaming” (denial’s not just a river in Egypt, you know)
  • Men are not allowed to talk to women (these snowflakes have issues with freedom of speech)
  • Preferring thin body types is “privilege” (I spent all those hours in the gym when I could’ve used that line instead?)

Is this the would-be revolutionary vanguard today?

deadly embrace2

Son, let me tell you, Communism was a force to contend with, back when I was your age!

The far left used to have some substance, backbone, and panache. Even the most far-out Trotskyist wouldn’t dream of sinking to that level of blathering depravity. Many Jacobins were fruitcakes, but they were up in arms about real problems. They set up barricades and fought for what they believed in. The Chinese Communists trekked 5,600 miles through rugged terrain on their Long March. The thought never crossed their minds to try to take over China by bellyaching. The Viet Cong would stop at nothing. They’d fight even vastly outnumbered, carrying on even if they had to hide out in dark tunnels for days while suffering from dysentery. These social justice weenies, though, are simply big babies with no understanding of logic or proportion. If Leonid Brezhnev were still around, those losers would make him sick.

There are some moderate leftists out there who can have a thoughtful conversation. Some of them I admire even though we disagree on ideology. However, the most radical of the radical left are crazier than bedbugs. Up until now, I thought maybe there’s a way to get through to them, or persuade them to do something constructive to make the world a better place. The only redemption for a spoiled crybaby like this is growing up and embracing reality.

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224 thoughts on “The Delusional Reality Of Social Justice Warriors Is A Form Of Mental Illness”

  1. Quite honestly, there are only two possibilities when it comes to people insisting that black is white and up is sideways. They are either malicious individuals, or they are somewhat insane.
    I do not believe the likes of Hillary Clinton or George Soros are insane (in this way). I fully expect they are just garden variety evil, with sufficient power and money to make a terrifying impact.
    The common SJW, though, is insane. Anyone who can look at a penis and say, “Huh, that woman has a penis,” and anyone who insists that their delusions be accepted by the world, must be insane.

      1. well if they’re consistent it should really be in equal proportions
        (but probably isn’t)

      2. excellent point! we chalk it off to insanity because the endlessly charitable people on the right to some extent refuse to believe the rank and file libs *choose* these things freely.
        if it keeps up – stock your basement etc. etc.

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    1. Of all the idiotic nonsense pushed by these SJW phagz, the most heinous was the gender fluidity tripe. Once that domino fell, all forms of honest discourse with these people ceased, and they went straight to the gender warpath with no holds barred.
      Gay Marriage? Up for debate.
      Abortion? Up for debate.
      Welfare Reform? Up for debate.
      “gender fluidity is a thing” = Fucking insanity. Amazing how once something becomes even a discussion point in the mainstream (however fringe or ostensibly unaccepted) it shifts the overton window. This is what the cucks didn’t get; they thought they could discuss such things, and provide a logical opposition, and lay it to rest. Not so.
      What happens instead is they legitimized these insane ideas by even addressing them instead of smacking them down and throwing these people in the loony bin where they belong.
      We’re currently paying the price for the nativity of “traditional” conservatives.

      1. It really is interesting how the transsexual thing has trumped all the other Liberal issues. Gay men are derided as “privileged” and Feminists are choking down aspects of the trans ideology that would have been horrifying to them a decade ago.
        Maybe we’ll see a Lefty civil war the vein of what the Right is going through with Neo-Cons vs Alt-Right and Libertarian types.

        1. Even M-F trans are starting to feel the pinch of their own camps. After Bruce Jenner (I refuse to call him anything else) won the woman of the year award, feminists came out in droves talking about his white male privilege. Even the Ugandan(?) 400 meter trans woman (M- F) who beat out all of her competitors got some backlash from feminists due to his obvious edge over his biologically female competitors.

        2. Right. In ine breath theh deny male and female are anything but superficial social constructs that dont mean anything and in the next complain about the biological advantages of maleness etc.

        3. Eh, he got a legal name change. A name isn’t inherent to ones existence, it’s just a label. I have no issue calling him Caitlyn. Ashley was a man’s name until fairly recently, after all. Ryan is becoming more common as a girl’s name (cringe), and pink was a boy’s color until feminists declared it to be exclusively theirs a few decades ago. Things change.

  2. Okay, the SJWs are insane.
    Now what the hell is wrong with everyone else that the SJW antics aren’t ridiculed and shut down? How does the SJW have space to exist?
    Are ordinary people that susceptible to being fooled by the pseudo-academic buzzwords? Do they think they’re not qualified to question the nonsense a SJW spouts?

    1. Most are afraid. Most people just want to live their lives in peace. SJW’s love the opportunity to intimidate people who question their ideology.
      Watch some of the SJW videos online and you’ll notice a reoccurring trend:
      “What’s your full name? Tell me your full name! Stay still so I can get your face on camera, and speak loudly so it can pick up your full name.”
      Most everyone has heard stories of people getting fired from their job for something that went down in their private lives and clam up when the camera is put on them. Unlike SJW’s most people on the right work respectable jobs they would like to keep (read: not baristas).

      1. If that’s the major component, then the HR department and executive management of every business is to blame. They’re so risk averse that they’ll yield to the insanity instead of protecting one of their own employees.
        But I have to believe if there was more widespread ridicule of SJW nonsense, nobody would have to live in fear of their livelihood. If it was clear to HR that upsetting a lunatic only matters to a few other lunatics, then there isn’t anything to worry about.
        As a practical matter in the current social climate, we do have to worry about what HR thinks about it. But HR didn’t define the world, they’re merely reacting to their perception of it.

        1. HR, yes, but also the litigious world we live in with all the parasite attorneys. Fear of law suits for the ever expanding definition of discrimination.

      2. I once lost a group of close acquaintances because one of them was a fat bisexual SJW and I offended her. She was praising Britney Spears for shaving her head and I dared to contradict her by saying that mental illness should not be celebrated and admired. Fat SJW told her other loser friends and they ostracized me.
        Just to provide context, the fat SJW couldn’t get attention from men to save her life. She was hetero for years and then decided to eat pussy because men were repulsed by her. She constantly ranted about feminism and rape culture. When Jian Ghomeshi was rightfully acquitted, Fat SJW was whining about victim blaming even though Ghomeshi’s “victims” lied on the stand. Her friends weren’t much better. One of the women suffering from daddy issues because her father was a coke addict and her mother remarried for the 3rd time. She rode a motorcycle and chose men who were addicts.The other friend was a horse obsessed psycho with an enormous nose and a beta husband.
        I’m telling this story to illustrate why people are afraid to speak out against SJWs and feminists. They are concerned with being ostracized. As an anti feminist, I have nothing in common with SJWs and I’m glad that I no longer live in an area where SJWs are trendy.

        1. You’re right. It was just jarring the way the fat one was so aggressive about turning her cronies against me because of one little comment. I suppose that’s just the way SJWs think.

  3. Jesus was a social justice warrior, and he would NOT have approved of these sociopathic clowns.
    We need a new word to describe these idiots. Suggestions?

    1. Interesting analysis. I myself never saw Jesus as a social justice anything, because his central purpose was to be Godly. All his teachings that sound like social justice in one way or another are teachings about personal responsibility and ethics, or attacks on the madness that was Judaism at the time.
      Did I miss something?

      1. Jesus boldly spoke out against inequality, helped the oppressed, condemned the oppressor, and embraced the alienated. Elites hated and feared him.
        Social justice.

        1. Interesting. My reading was that he criticized the wealthy Pharisees and crooked tax collectors for building their wealth at the expense of the poor.
          As to the oppressed, I note that he was setting up his disciples’ ministry during his lifetime. When he made chummy with the Samaritans (hated by the Jews), it was to reveal to them that He was their Messiah, too. When he healed the Roman’s daughter, he did so to show that he was Messiah to the Romans, too. In fact, when a Canaanite woman came to him to heal her daughter, it was her faith (and not her status – “It is not meet to take the children’s meat and cast it to the dogs”) that convinced him.
          Some elite Pharisees hated him, this is true. But one cannot say the Roman governor Pilate hated him, or that the religious leaders Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea hated him. Even tax collectors, despised by the locals but technically among the elite, numbered among his followers.
          I think you can make the case that he was in favor of Social Justice, but it’s a weak case.

        2. One I hear a lot is about telling the rich man to give up all his money. But the message I took away was twofold:
          first- a re-emphasis on the commandment about having no other gods (which metaphorically speaking I took to mean anything one might obsess over, go to excess on, or generally replace their relationship with God, which would be the more literal point).
          second- meant to show that the amount or what was given was not as important as the earnestness (which I think was a re-emphasis on the Cain and Abel sacrifice presentations).
          My own readings, so if someone more familiar with the material has corrections or other thoughts, I welcome them.

        3. The first point is the real key, and you absolutely nailed it. There is a danger to acquiring and possessing wealth, because it tends to become an obsession (it’s fun to win!). When you are focused on money, you are not focused on God, and you are prone to all manner of evil (see: Soros, et al.) As it is written, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” And again, “You cannot serve both God and mammon (money/wealth).”
          Point two is made better by the story of the poor widow. The rich men gave lots to the temple treasury, but the poor woman put in two small copper coins. Jesus said, “Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.”

        4. Btw your happiness stays the same doesnt matter if you have an accident or if you win a million $ now. The study that pointed this out is from the 70s.
          So therefore hunting money like a lunatic doesn’t make any sense. It’s good to have enough money so you can get your basic needs (maslows hierarchy) fulfilled. That’s all one ‘needs’.

        5. Yeah, that is absolutely true. And because I didn’t eat for 24h I will now drive to Burger King. With new tires 🙂
          I will eat a Crispy Chicken, a Long Chicken and a Double Chili Cheese.
          Are those available in the US? I know that there are some burgers you only get in the States, that makes me wonder if they got completely different menus.

        6. ‘Sandwiches’? You call some of the burgers ‘sandwiches’?
          That’s awkward.
          Hm, I just took a look at the bk website.
          Germany: Long Chicken
          US: Original Chicken Sandwich
          Germany: Western Burger
          US: Rodeo Burger
          Germany: Crispy Chicken
          US: Tendercrisp chicken sandwich
          But where is the Chili Cheese Burger??
          It’s the best burger on the planet.
          Don’t tell me you dont have Chili Cheese Burgers in the US?!

        7. Yeah, but I am talking of BK. And where is the Big King on the website?? It seems like BK in the US doesnt offer their best products.
          Seems like people in the US eat Whoppers.
          Nobody orders Whoppers in germany.
          Everybody eats Crispy Chicken, Chili Cheese and Big King, that’s it.
          And we dont have hot dogs. Who goes to BK to eat hot dogs? 😀
          Sadly we dont have Red Robin or Sonic in germany. 🙁
          We only have McD, BK, Subway and KFC.

        8. ‘Sandwiches’? You call some of the burgers ‘sandwiches’?
          Burger has always implied beef to me. So it would be incorrect to call something with chicken in it a burger.
          This also makes a burger a specific type of sandwich. It is not technically an error to call a burger a sandwich, though it would sound abnormal in most applications.

        9. Yeah it seems like english speaking people make the distinction between sandwich (chicken) and burger (beef).
          In germany we dont make this distinction.
          A sandwich is two slices of bread with something in between for me.

        10. I think the quality of the fast food over there is superior to ours. No GMOs and such. This will change if Bayer is allowed to buy Monsanto of course

        11. This is a problem going from Chinese to English as well. The most commonly used term for sandwich in Mandarin, 汉堡, is a phonetic translation of hamburger (han bao – it’s also used to refer to Hamburg, Germany). Dictionaries and translators therefore preferentially treat this term as hamburger. So here I was taking people out for beef hamburgers, while they thought they were asking for chicken.

        12. All garbage. You need Popeye’s Chicken. Only fast food chain to get a Michelin star

        13. Well, the English invented the term Sandwich, so I figure that they can use it how they want. Heh.

      1. Jesus is said to have said ‘render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s’. This makes any kind of revolutionary political campaigning (let alone violent political campaigning) kind of difficult to justify. Based on that statement alone it seems to me wrong to argue that he was a SJW.
        Out of interest though it is precisely this statement I think that may have generated the conspiracy theory of christianity, which claims that the Romans invented Christianity to keep ‘the sheep’ from challenging the social order. Interesting theory, not sure I buy it though.

        1. What you cite, was actually a riddle. Most people don’t understand that.
          What can be apart from God, that man holds alone? Nothing.

        2. I agree, but you can look at it in more than way perhaps, particularly if you acknowledge a distinction, however impermanent, between this world and the next. This is one of those issues that people may disagree about, not least because some see gnostic aspects to parts of the new testament. Jesus refers to his father in heaven (rather than earth). Part of the passion also has him asking God why he has been forsaken on the cross.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how power and influence these complete and utter morons seem to have.
    They have managed to shame so many institutions, companies, and groups into buying into their wicked, degenerate, and destructive Narrative, whatever it happens to be.

  5. The SJW phenomenon is creating a level of general mediocrity and critical laziness unheard of.
    good G.Orwell had it right:
    “Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state Oceania as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as “thoughtcrime”.

  6. If you spend any length of time at Breitbart eventually someone will point out that leftism is a mental illness. It’s becoming a bit trite sure enough, but it is not without some justice.
    Social justice is after all a relationship to reality, and not necessarily a health one. At it’s most deranged – as in what we are discussing above (and potentially a whole lot worse too) it is fundamentally a psychotic relationship to reality. Or rather social justice is a psychotic relationship to social reality, insofar as the status quo is the thing that must be turned upside down.
    To be an SJW in this sense is ultimately to fall foul of Hume’s guillotine, to fail to appreciate that ‘what is’ does not of itself invoke ‘what should be’, let alone the praxis of the revolutionary ‘what is to be done’ (Lenin, Malatesta, Emma Goldman etc). The article points out correctly that what makes these people truly deranged is that unlike the afore-mentioned revolutionaries they are not sufficiently in touch with any form of reality to make the bloody revolution that would bring the status quo kicking in screaming into their brave new world (the nightmarish realm of social progress implemented at gun point). The truly psychotic element here is that the gap between the ‘is’ and (their dumb idea of) ‘the ought’ must be bridge through masturbatory social and political fantasy (as in “I am whatever I identify with because in an ideal world that is what I would be”).
    One last point, it may be worth noting the above is the reason the right and the left so completely misunderstand each other. The right speaks of what is, about the nature of reality in the present moment – the ‘is’ whereas the left regards the truer reality as the realm they would like to live in. It is a truly broken variety of ‘faking it until you make it’ in the (perhaps unconscious knowledge) that they are never, ever going to make it.
    Beware though, there are far more serious guys around, who do intend to ‘make it’, and they are prepared to fake it until they do so, because the end for them justifies the means. Any means. They too are deranged. But in their actions they are more in touch with reality of what it takes to create revolutionary change

      1. I had never heard of it until this article. I googled it. Really, I won’t steal the pleasure of you finding out. This is too much.

    1. I suppose the end result is we are all to be “translabeled”?
      But then again, if we should gather too many labels, will we still fit neatly into the “-ism” categories they want us in or will there begin to be overlap shared with some “oppressed” group? Then that would make the people doing the labeling some sort of oppressive “-ists” and no true Scotsman would be running around kilt aflutter, proclaiming new vocabulary homework hither and yon, and…
      Somebody help, I think I’m stuck in a cyclic redundancy loop…

    2. Wait for the Transabled Olympic Games. I mean we already have the freak show of paralympics. How far a strecth could that be ?

      1. I like paralympics. That Brad Snyder guy is great. Lost his eyesight serving in Afghanistan in 2011. Starts swimming. Wins gold medails in 2012 and 2016. I have much more respect for this dude than I have for any ‘normal’ athlet.

      2. It’s as bad as having Down Syndrome models. Yes, they actually have Down Syndrome girls as models as if they are equal to normal women models

    3. I want to see the ones who will amputate healthy limps or cause irrepairable nerve damage to themselves to get in touch with themselves! Clearly basket of deplorables was used to characterise the wrong crowd!

  7. Leftism is the opiate of the landless. The USA, after the immigration act, has created a country of rootless, identityless individuals, raised in suburbs, who belong nowhere and who need to create their own insane identities to justify their miserable existences. Moreover, this new cultural marxist USSA is forcing Europe to adopt the American Minority System (AMS), which is destroying our history and cultures.

  8. I just browsed the german equivalent to buzzfeed/HuffPo which is called bento and they have published an article on US rape culture today with some photos….these photos are just so ridiculous…..everytime when you think it cant get worse they come up with something that is even more fucked up..
    the message: everybody is raped by bad white male! Kill all white males!

    1. that black guy looks like he hardly notices the eggroll in his ass. The blonde shick is smiling and that Asian chick is, by all accounts, living every fucking girls fantasy

        1. Yeah, I think the guy on the pictures is actually a hero because he isn’t racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or anything else. He is just banging people.

      1. I just stick my wang through the pee hole when time is right like that too. Goes over well enough. That Asian guy is really getting himself into some kind of weird fuck crouch there…

    2. That’s me alright. Just cant help raping White women, Chinese women …. and hispanic men, apparently

  9. It’s funny how Marxism fled economics into the mushy social rubbish we see today.
    The irony is, Marx himself was a materialist, and would have been disgusted by this wishy washy horseshit evolution of his thinking.
    Marxism lost the economics argument. Post Marxism is currently in the process of comitting suicide in the social and cultural spheres.
    SJW lunacy is now so rampent, so obscene and ridiculous, I feel compelled to encourage them further, and hasten their inevitable doom.

    1. one of the most frightening things you can read is Alain Badieu’s the communist hypothesis. Actually it comes across as very reasonable, but he makes clear that he sees communism as something to be perfected through trial and error, as though if enough effort (and blood) were expended (and spilt) eventually commies would get it right.
      The point to take away is that communism isn’t going to remain the same thing. It is about humanity evolving to the next (commie) level, and will itself, demonstrate an evolutionary bent. This is worth bearing in mind given the stock response of progressives who insist that whatever subversive shit we are suffering at any given moment has nothing to do with communism, because in the 1840s marx said marxism was about factory workers rising up or something

      1. Communism is seductive to the mediocre middle. Adequate consumers who really resent the more genuinely productive classes both above AND below them.
        It’s a toxic cocktail of both envy and superiority complex.
        Its only skill is getting basic things incorrect in sophisticated language

        1. I agree, and disagree. The point is that if it reappears (or if it has reappeared) it won’t necessarily take the same form as before. It may be better or worse, but it won’t be the same, and may therefore be difficult to recognize

        2. maybe, but it’s difficult to say in advance. What one can do is identifies continuities and discontinuities. ultimately it will depend on how marxism / communism is defined

        3. Some aspects of marxism simply won’t die in the minds of the left
          For example, the completely arbitrary us-and-them divide between proletarian and bourgeois.

        4. class warfare is a method of the revolution. What’s clear is that composition of the oppressor and oppressed classes is not necessarily fixed. As working class males have discovered to their cost.
          To be honest though I don’t hear the word proletarian very often

    2. I’m inclined to agree; they lost the economic debate in the 80’s, during which time being a socialist bore a scarlet letter. Since then they’ve focused on the cultural aspect of it, which has now peaked and on its way out.
      When I hear of the latest sjw outrage in the current year, i smile because i know it brings them one step closer to irrelevance

  10. I very much like this article and find it to be both poignant and on point. One place I wish I would see it go, however, even if only for a paragraph, would be to point out how the stormfags, white nationalists and other groups who, on the surface might seem like they are of like mind, are really no different than the SJW, BLM, Fags etc. It is all coming from the same place and that place is weak, corroded and corrosive and totally toxic to any real sense of masculinity.

    1. Neo-Nazis are funny, because the worst they do is play paintball, picket, and do vague, unreported “hate crimes”
      What is this world coming to when Neo-Nazis are pantywaist?

  11. “Being behind the keyboard 24×7 can do these things, as well as hinder one’s self-development.” – 100% agree, as a sort of an unscientific experiment I tried commenting on every article here for a few weeks. It ended up the way I expected (something akin to the addiction found in drunkenness): harmful to me just like any other bingeing. And that was an extremely limited sampling of one site over a very short length of time, and not even 24/7. I’ve gone back to occasional sips of internet (like having a quick shot of bourbon to clear the cobwebs instead of going on until I black out and wind up in coyote ugly) interspersed with travel and outdoor activity. Sure, that means I catch the latest articles later, but greatness is timeless.
    “It gives them a sense of purpose.” – Again, 100% agree, and I think a major contributing factor not only to the grievance-cult, but the entirety of human nature which when skewed by mental imbalances/disorders presents as we see in SJWs. Some people look to religion for this, but the entire purpose of Marxism employed to bring down Western culture was to prey on humanity’s need to believe in something greater to ultimately replace the traditional with the State.
    I think the ease of our first-world lives has largely led to this, along with the sense of entitlement, thin skin, and ungratefulness. They know deep down that their “accomplishments” and participation ribbons mean nothing and how much time they choose to waste instead of improving themselves or being beneficial/productive. But they were told constantly that they could do anything and nothing was their fault. So without developing skill over time they want the accolades others earn without putting in any of the effort. Most know they need to grow up, but don’t have any clue how, like someone is supposed to flip a switch and suddenly, as if by magic, they are adults. For most, fear rules everything about who they are, what they do, what they project, and how they define other people and on top of that they’re afraid to admit it so they have to invent justifications to cope with the staggering irrationality.

    1. Just remember to write down your password when you take a break from this site- Im already on my third screenname

        1. WeirdWhiteCastleChickenRingsWeirdWhiteCastleChickenRingsWeirdWhiteCastleChickenRings

        2. Lol, just googled White Castle Chicken Rings.
          I really need to come over to the US.
          Just for the fastfood. It’s pretty interesting how many types of fastfood you have and how many different franchises.
          Just like with the types of bread here in germany which isn’t surprising because my family pretty much only eats tenthousand types of bread and potatoes..fries, boiled potatoes, puree with sauerkraut und Nürnberger Rostbratwürstchen….
          The german diet is like 80% carbs…so fucking unhealthy.
          I could eat burgers everyday and would eat healthier than the average german. At least I get my protein.

        3. White Castle is a horrible, terrible, awful thing that I am forced to eat every five years or I will die from cravings. It’s evil and terrible and so wonderfully, wonderfully tasty.

        4. They dont taste the same- I think its bc they dont put reconstituted onions on the cheeseburgers anymore

        5. I have them so infrequently that I haven’t noticed, or wrote off any slight changes in taste to “not having them in a while”.

        6. She’s so scrambled I think you might actually hear the echo of the egg-timer ding in her head whenever anything she passes off as a thought hatches, “Well if I’m shriveled up without any eggs, nobody else can have them either.”

        1. Ah yes. Sectioned (in this context) isn’t a word an American would use. Although it would be understood properly, for some reason.

  12. All that happened because those loonies believe and push ideas that offer easy ways out for the dregs of society.
    Sluts now are empowered, lazies now do not work, are not forced to and are helped with taxpayers money to keep them out of jobs! All these when he have glorified homosexuals and the clearly sick in mind transexuals. Cowards and bleeding hearts surrender their countries to Islamic invasion and are praised as humanitarians for it! The list goes on and on.
    If these original ideas were judged for what they were: clearly delusional from the start, and the ones pushing them excluded from discourse, the world would have been, sadly, much better now.

  13. We might be a step or two behind the game. The powers that be seem to know that the SJW contingent are useful idiots to be used for financial gain.

      1. You are probably right. Before it can come to pass, I can see the looney left attempting to categorize neomasculinity as a ‘violence’ disorder, right next to males exhibiting masculine traits.

    1. Lol. Yes. DSM probably has SJW’s covered under “arrested development”. Most SJW suffer from the condition of severe denial. In their widdle minds, they themselves are not responsible for anything, and their own behavior is never an affront to others (let alone be wrong).
      Like children, the world is there for their own amusement. Anything that hurts their “feelings” is “bad” and must be made to go away by daddy, er, the “Patriarchy”. If it’s not fixed, they will have a temper tantrum because daddy isn’t doing enough for them.

      1. If I consider monopoly money as real money, then wouldn’t big corporations have to accept it since I feel that it’s real money? After all, if some loony thinks he’s a she, we have to take him at his word.

    2. Never, the DSM IV removed homosexuality from its pages after the gay lobby threatened the people who were responsible for determining what qualifies as a mental illness back in the 70’s. That’s all we need to know about how they handle this stuff.
      Regardless of how this election goes, expect to see some combination of “mysogyny”, “masculinity”, or “insensitivity” (the inability to make 100% of decisions based on feels) on the next version to be released.

    1. What’s weird about her is that she was pretty for literally (Hitler) only a very, very short while. I mean, she didn’t even have to hit the wall before she self destructed. Girl went from girl-next-door cute to “what in the fuck” in less than 12 parsecs.

        1. Yeah, that’s girl next door cute. You’d bang it, but it’s not where you want to be in life ultimately.

        2. Trust me- Demi was lovely in this movie. Also triggering- middle-aged man with a teen girl

        3. I can’t remember when she went to “WTF?” precisely, but I think it was mere parsecs after St. Elmoe’s Fire?

        4. i know this was about 35 years ago but still ew. thats nowhere near 6.5. not my type. even if she was the girl next door i would not even say hello.

        5. She’s too young there (did I just type that? Dufuq?).

        6. Blame it on Rio she was pretty fucking young. I posted the “more or less her prime” photo above to you.

        7. Not really my point. Don’t make me pimp for Demi Moore. My point was that she was highly overrated from the start. 6.5’s shouldn’t be movie stars pushed as “beautiful” when she was, when in fact, she wasn’t really that much to begin with. A girl like looks in that picture I suspect most guys on here would take home if the bar was emptying and there wasn’t anybody else around, and not feel like they lost too much self respect. I mean, eh, she’s ok. Just not a sex godess or beautiful.
          Even then, her “peak” was like fleeting fire, she got really bizarre really fast. Now she’s a picture of everything wrong with modern women attitude wise.

        8. Right, but it was the 1980’s. And who knows what the fuck they were doing with her on that set to make her try to look 16. It clearly had bizarre results. I agree with you 100% that “eww” to that pic.

        9. admit it you followed her whole career. all i know about her is that she was married with bruce willies and is now with ashton kutcher. she is irrelevant

        10. Um, no, I was just a teen in the 1980’s. You didn’t get much choice then, movies were made and a small group of actors played in them. You could no more avoid seeing her on the screen at the time than you could Molly Ringwald.
          WTF dude? I’m agreeing with you, and you’re trying to kick dirt on my shoes. At tops, by anybody’s estimation, in her best shape and prime, she was “meh”. Now she’s uber wretch.

        11. Ah, didn’t catch the sarcasm. That’s the problem with the written word sometimes.
          We’re cool.

        12. If they do that, I will arise more powerful than they could ever imagine….

        13. Do you think that Demi would have been better off if she stayed with Bruce Willis? It must be hard for Demi to watch her ex enjoy life with a beautiful young woman while she languishes with her wrinkles.

        1. Marrying Demi was also unbearably foolish and embarrassing.
          I’m glad he came to his senses and upgraded to Mila Kunis.

      1. I saw her in some movie on Showtime the other night…uh…forget the name. Kiefer Sutherland. They were trying to sell her as this hot idealistic beauty. I thought, “That chick is skank material. Stretched-out and wall-crushed…” But Hollywood is a dream world.

        1. she is the one that was married with bruce willis and is now married with ashton kutcher. ashton you got punked.

        2. No shit…she’s got the 1000-demon stare…the bad-boy blues…she’s in a telegonic trance…I wouldn’t fuck her with Charlie Manson’s dick…etc.

        3. who cares. its a circus show. hollywood is a one huge swinger club. they will hook up angelina jolie with justin beavis if they see fit.

        4. the point is she is a whore like any other person in hollywood. with whom they put her together for the public is meaningless. i think every girl that wants a roll gets gangbanged and no male is spared either.

        5. for all I know she’s retired to a nunnery to lead a life of prayer and contemplation. But she isn’t with Ashton Kutcher

  14. The Unabomber had these douches pegged decades ago. He pecked this out on a typewriter in a cabin with no running water. Despite his odious bomb attacks, well worth a read:
    9. The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “oversocialization.” Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.
    10. By “feelings of inferiority” we mean not only inferiority feelings in the strict sense but a whole spectrum of related traits; low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self- hatred, etc. We argue that modern leftists tend to have some such feelings (possibly more or less repressed) and that these feelings are decisive in determining the direction of modern leftism.
    11. When someone interprets as derogatory almost anything that is said about him (or about groups with whom he identifies) we conclude that he has inferiority feelings or low self-esteem. This tendency is pronounced among minority rights activists, whether or not they belong to the minority groups whose rights they defend. They are hypersensitive about the words used to designate minorities and about anything that is said concerning minorities. The terms “negro,” “oriental,” “handicapped” or “chick” for an African, an Asian, a disabled person or a woman originally had no derogatory connotation. “Broad” and “chick” were merely the feminine equivalents of “guy,” “dude” or “fellow.” The negative connotations have been attached to these terms by the activists themselves. Some animal rights activists have gone so far as to reject the word “pet” and insist on its replacement by “animal companion.” Leftish anthropologists go to great lengths to avoid saying anything about primitive peoples that could conceivably be interpreted as negative. They want to replace the world “primitive” by “nonliterate.” They seem almost paranoid about anything that might suggest that any primitive culture is inferior to our own. (We do not mean to imply that primitive cultures ARE inferior to ours. We merely point out the hypersensitivity of leftish anthropologists.)

  15. I never thought I would say this, but it almost makes me sad that we defeated communism. The communists would have put these fucks up against the wall. And when we had a real adversary, we would have too.

    1. “Defeated communism”? Are you crazy? The reason “the wall” came down was not because communism had been defeated. It was because everyone realized that it was the same on both sides of “the wall”.
      The world is now safe for “the seed of the serpent”.

    2. Communism wasn’t defeated. It was exported to America under the guise of “refugees” from Russia and Germany. Their weapons are usury, subversive ideology and nepotism, not bombs and bullets. But the devastation is nearly complete.

  16. I only have one critique of this article: the use of the term “moderate leftist”.
    There’s no such thing as a moderate leftist, or an actual moderate for that matter.

  17. Confession time.. I’m actually a leftist at heart. I cannot tell a lie. In fact, I find myself cringing at nearly half the stuff I read at this website. But here’s the thing: the leftists (especially SJWs along with the leftist media) have gone so batshit insane, with their “white/cishets/males b evil” narrative, that it’s driven me to the right. Because fuck that noise.
    So here I am at RoK, because it’s one of the few websites that actively opposes the libtard narrative, and one of the few places on the net where I’m not required to be ashamed, period.
    Oh BTW if I were American, I’d be voting Trump.. because fuck that male-hating old hag, and fuck the “black” guy she rode in on.

  18. The first picture is genius, I never realized that feminists are basically the female equivalent to autistic males, at least autistic males tend to be more withdrawn as opposed to having a chip on their shoulders though

    1. I love this observation.
      What do you consider the equivalent of men who date and marry feminists?

      1. Hmm, thats a tough one, considering the fact that its healthy for a woman to date a domineering man. Just another example of how were not the same.

  19. The cause of SJW’ism is the lack of tit feeding during infancy. The colostrum in REAL mama’s tit milk enhances natural immunity and boosts brain function. These SJW’s were likely bottle fed.
    Note the dull red eyes, the unnatural bulk and lack of TITS on these dykes that results from the artificial growth hormone treated bovine whey source formula that they were likely fed as infants? Or worse the GMO kosher corn sweetened goop soy based crap. Then they’d have bean sprout bodies with grasshopper eyes bugging out and still no TITS.
    NOW COMPARE the radiant bright eyed and alert look on this young fellow who is lucky enough to have a real loving mother that feeds him fresh source colostrum from the spigot. FRESH FROM MAMA’S TIT! He’ll never be brainwashed into becoming an SJW for sure.
    So there we have it folks. TIT FEEDING is the preventative for SJW’ism. If your church doesn’t display a picture of a TIT FEEDING Mary, then something’s wrong. So many times I see this:
    Jesus that’s an exhalted bitch goddess. WHERE’S THE BABY?? There should be a law. Only display Mary doing her role – TIT FEEDING. That would fix things. Lord there are plenty of classic oil paintings depicting Mary offering up a jug to DA MAN ya?
    Just look at his toes twitching. That’s a happy camper. Archives are full of the original REAL TIT FEEDING Mary. Few post 2nd wave churches still show THE TIT and the mother strapped to her proper role. The bra burning era had something to do with the exhalting and pedestalizing of the bitch goddess with the influx of parishioners who were liberated working females. If your church doesn’t show the REAL TIT FEEDING MARY then you should demand it.,_Newcastle_cathedral.jpg?itok=14ZTL-KD

  20. But these people hates religion, unless it is Islam of course. I dont know why so many here supports religion and more so the old testament. The torah, old testament and the quran supports slavery, killing, etc. Islam being the worst with sex slaves, not taking other for friends, slaves, jihad, child marriage(aisha was 9, i myself got married young but 9 is just a child)and dressing modest is good and many dress like prostitutes these days but you dont have to be like all your body is vagina and be in a burqa. I support marriage, family life, traditional values, not cheating and all that. But to me religion and in particular islam is so irrational and a evil and i hate when people start to tell lies about it to convert you. So why you all support religion? I am fine without religion, many are fine without. Religion is root ro much evil and much good in the world today.

    1. and what is the thing with the jews, why people keep hating? Its the most functioning land in middle east is israel.

        1. What makes “jews” evil is their descent from “the serpent”. In other words, it is their genetics [which, thusly, produces the mindset] that is evil.

        2. So, you expect me to appeal to that only slightly-disguised branch of the Talmudic Kabbalah [originally called “Alchemy”] now called “science”?

        3. I just ask for proof. If you are truthfull then you would just come with some sources for evidence.

        1. At this point in modern history? I would say Isreal and the fact that they know that Jews are a pack of lying rats.

  21. Hispanic means from Spanish speaking country. Latino would be any country south of the border. Spaniard = Hispanic, Brazilian = Latino and Mexican would be both.

  22. The biggest mistake people make with SJWs is assuming genuinity from them.
    Almost none of them are genuine, they know it’s a fad but they also know it gives them a certain power.
    Think of it like the Victorian Puritans: in public they were all holier-than-thou but behind closed doors they were often more degenerate than the average person.
    When you know you’re arguing with a dishonest person it’s much easier to counter them.

    1. There’s nothing ‘genuine’ about the SJW phenomenon. It’s not organic. The same suits that feul and promote a commercial entertainer or rock star with sirens that kick off the frenzy and mania in a concert crowd switch their resources to the cause/movement at hand. They apply resources and schedule gatherings. They’re large scale ‘party planners’. The SJW movement is cultlike. Sjw’s eat, breathe and party for their group identity movement. The allegiance borders on a cult-like following similar to the counter culture hippie movement of the 60’s. Like the SJW craze, the hippie movement was also organized and led by subversives, chiefly marxist professors. Like hippie communal living, contemporary SJW’s are frequently communal members of their movement, crashing at each other’s pads or basically living or ‘nesting’ communally. Mind altering substances like psychalellics characterized the recreational activities of hippies. Similarly with modern SJW’s, perscription and bartered psychotropics and recreational intoxicants attract group followers into groupthink egatherings initiated on the web and on extracurricular pac movements on campuses. The dope is always there. It’s always a ‘party’ with the crowd. Munchies and head benders. Meanwhile venue organizers in academia provide logistic guidelines, marching permits and a deluge of trolling keyboard propaganda for the SJW cause.

  23. Boy scouts and Nationalists proclaim “For God and Country”. White racialist (WN’s) proclaim “For God, race and country”. Something is missing – “tribe and family”. Tribe defines race and family is the progenisis of tribe. Family/clan therefore comes first.
    A nationalistic state can hi-jack a tribe while holding family hostage. North Korea is as hard core nationalistic as we’ve seen since WWII.

    North kerea is lacking something. They tout young females marching with light auto police gear. A 50/50 internal swat force but no prego females shown. They’re lacking the iconic symbol for their females:
    Honestly what kind of mother or spouse goes boot stomping around like that? What took prominence instead in North Korea was a giant statue of SOME BIG JEW.
    All the while the North Korean people boiled themselves down into a genderfluid stomping hoofbeat. Tribe will fold when males ascribe to dough boy nationalism that doesn’t properly conscript the females as per natural order. Nature is the biggest bastard ticket writer/traffic cop out there.
    THE TIT is the woman’s link and anchor to her tribe, not her trigger finger and BY NO MEANS her illogic spewing yapper. Her TIT is the cusp, the retainer that keeps the mercural testicular magnificant BALL BEARINGS rolling. THE MIGHTY DICK is the straight edge and rule for the order of family and tribe. THE BALLS are the uranium core that powers the engine of our species.

  24. Micro (μ) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10^-6 or 0.000001. That means every microaggression is equal to one one-millionth of an aggression.
    By equivalence, that also means that for every full aggression, such as yet another murdered police officer, raped white woman, or store burned down after it is looted whites may call them niggers one million times before they have aggressed equally.
    Some argue that “da n-wurd” should be ranked more seriously than other hurt feelings for historical reasons. Assuming we elevate it to the next standard measure, as a milliagression you’d still be justified calling them niggers 1000 times to equal one full aggression.
    Hitler, in comparison, committed six megaagressions against the Jews, which is why the Jew is justified committing any combination of 6e+12 (6,000,000,000,000) microagressions, 600,000 decaagressions, or 6,000 kiloagressions towards whites until they can call it equal.
    … and liberals hate math for some reason?
    >and if any of this is wrong, decimals be rayciss

  25. SJW’s are mentally ill. They do not have an ideology, they have a condition. Don’t try to reason with them, only mock and insult them.

  26. “Some of them believe that they’re non-human: plants, machines, shapeshifters (basically werewolves and the like), or even celestial objects.”
    This fact should bar them from adult discussions of any kind. Adults used to tell children and child like adults to just STFU. We should start this practice again.
    I also very much belive that these SJW scum the insane product of Feminism via daycare. Studies have shown that neglected kids at a young age, 5 and below, shrinks the human brain by as much as 40%. The brains of all these sad and pathetic humans are literally shrunken from being neglected because their mothers needed that damn career. Now their kids are retarded and we have to deal with them. Thank you Feminism, truly, from the cockels of our heart’s.
    Here is one such study. There are more of them. An article could be written here on the subject.
    Early Neglect Alters Kids’ Brains | Romanian Orphanages

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  28. If you’re not happy with the size of your penis, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Some women really like men with small dicks. My friend in high school killed it with women. He had a small penis, but he was able to use his wit, charm, charisma, social smarts and ability to fit in to get lots and lots of women into bed with him.
    If you have a small penis, don’t get dragged down because you want what you can’t have. Just rise above it and be happy with the fact that you can use other attributes to attract a woman. You might not satisfy her sexually like a bigger penis would, but you can still have sex.

    1. If you’re not happy with the size of your penis, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      It is clear that you are a SJW troll masquerading as a man. It is apparent in the stereotypical Argumentum ad Hominem that you apply in lieu of a real argument. Your arrogance is obvious in the way you feel justified to insult people merely because they do not hold leftist ideas as unquestionable holy. Your immaturity shows through in how you think that “small penis” rejoinders are cutting (they, aren’t but those arrested in childhood seem to think so). You’re all about “feelings” so you project this vulnerability onto those who you oppose.
      Too bad. All you are doing is proving to all that leftists are self-righteous juveniles that know they are wrong, but can’t admit it.
      = = = = =

      Some women really like men with small dicks. My friend in high school killed it with women. He had a small penis, but he was able to use his wit, charm, charisma, social smarts and ability to fit in to get lots and lots of women into bed with him.

      Not only do you show that you are just a child, you show that you really have no understanding about what things women actually look for in a man. Name one culture that has dress customs that show the “size” of a man’s erect penis. Name one. Come on, we are waiting.
      I’ll save you some time. The truth is that women don’t actively look for men with large penises. In fact, most will not be too keen on having to accommodate ones of significantly larger girth or length. You need to grow up. As far as “wit, charm, charisma, social smarts…” that is largely secondary. Women in western society (and most other societies) are attracted to what they believe are idolized by their peers. That would mean the stereotypical “bad boy”, above average height (but not too tall), muscular but not a roid-junkie, and most of all wealthy. All the charm in the world is not going to do much when you don’t make the initial cut. You need to stop reading fantasies and fairy tales.
      = = = = =

      If you have a small penis, don’t get dragged down because you want what you can’t have. Just rise above it and be happy with the fact that you can use other attributes to attract a woman. You might not satisfy her sexually like a bigger penis would, but you can still have sex.

      One of the giveaways that a troll is just a child is in how their posts revolve around sex, and as mentioned, how they think that men are obsessed with “penis size” like how young girls are obsessed with how their looks rate with their peers. Men are not “hung up” on being “hung”.
      You can’t offer a real informed opinion, much less engage in an adult debate. Grow up, troll. Your butt-hurt is showing.

  29. It literally is an un-diagnosed mental illness. But it can be spread socially. Although those who are socially infected, or those who have self-acquired the disease can be cured much more easily than those who have the actual psychiatric illness.
    I’m serious. I only wish I was kidding.

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