Changing Demographic Tide Will Favor Democratic Party For Decades To Come

Don’t let the media fool you when they tell you Trump is up 5 to 7 points in the popular vote. Trump is still behind in many polls of the electoral college despite having such a commanding lead in the popular vote. Why? Waves of immigrants are changing the destiny of the United States forever. The Democratic party will be heavily favored in the 2016 election in the electoral college, and the math only gets worse in future presidential elections.

Look for states to increasingly swing to blue and stay that way.

All Return Of Kings readers should be concerned in 2016, and especially beyond. Democrats could have a virtual lock on the Presidency very soon, as white people scratch their heads and wonder why their voice no longer counts in elections. Demographic changes intended to dispossess whites from their homeland—a country in which they were 92% of the electorate in 1960, but will be 43% in a few short decades with their offspring representing only 38% of children under 5—means emboldened Democrats will likely move even farther to the left towards Communism as they have a lock on the Senate and House as well.

Despite Hillary’s criminality and investigation by the FBI, despite the low turnout at her rallies, despite her image as a crook and a liar, despite her health issues, despite Trump being up in the popular vote—Hillary was still winning in the electoral college as of Sunday, September 18, though just barely. She had 274 electoral votes to Trump’s 258 in this map from Electoral Vote, with Nevada and its 6 electoral votes up for grabs. 270 votes are needed to win the presidency.

270 to win: Hillary still has the edge thanks to demographic changes brought on by globalists

270 to win: Hillary still has the edge thanks to demographic changes brought on by globalists

How is this possible? How can such a damaged goods candidate even be competitive, let alone WINNING in the electoral college? Call it the devious plans of globalists coming to fruition. Globalists have been flooding the country with immigrants for decades, and now the country is about to make a permanent electoral swing towards Communism.

Today’s mostly non-white immigrants (i.e. reliable Democrat cannon fodder) tend to congregate in the largest cities of the country. States with the most electoral votes have a lot of electoral sway simply because they have the largest cities where all the immigrants – legal and illegal – happen to be. Even deep red Texas will swing permanently blue in the coming decades as Anglo whites only make up 25% of the population under age 5. (Whites thinking they don’t have to have dirty little babies and families is catching up with them.)

The blue "Democrat" areas are mostly the Lily White (and clueless) Northeast, major metropolitan areas, the "Black Belt" in the south and areas with large Hispanic populations

The blue “Democrat” areas are mostly the Lily White (and clueless) Northeast, major metropolitan areas, the “Black Belt” in the south and areas with large Hispanic populations

The weight large cities carry in the electoral college is easily seen when one looks at a county by county breakdown of the vote. Generally speaking every area in the country except metropolitan and minority areas voted red Republican in 2012. This illustrates the devious brilliance of social engineers bringing in replacements at the ballot box. All they have to do is drown out traditional American’s voices in the major cities. The “flyover country” people (i.e. whiteys) then have their preferences nullified at election time.

Taxpayers vs. Tax Takers

What if only taxpayers voted? The United States would have completely different leadership

What if only taxpayers voted? The United States would have completely different leadership

Here are some maps that illustrate how debased you, the traditional United States worker bee has become from your own nation. If only taxpayers rather than tax-takers voted in the last election, the milquetoast turncoat Mitt Romney would now be president having been elected in a Reagan-like landslide. There would not be people waiting for Obama phones to be distributed.

Further, one must imagine in a nation that looked like the one above electorally Romney would never have been selected in the first place and a hard-assed conservative would have been running and elected in the last election instead of a compromise candidate like Mittens. Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama would never have been elected president in the first place back in 2008, and proceeded to “transform the United States” into a Communist worker’s paradise by destroying it from within.

People who bear the burden of enriching the treasury vs. those who filch from it vote quite differently. Letting people who contribute nothing to the system vote for freebies and social welfare schemes so transforms the electoral map that Obama was able to reverse this potential landslide and turn it into a defeat for the John Galts of America.

What if letting deadbeat bums vote (you once had to be a landowner/stakeholder to vote) had not been foisted upon the nation? The nation’s representation would be the polar opposite of what it is now. What if women didn’t vote? It may surprise you to know the current clusterfuck America finds itself in with female voters voting themselves more money at the expense of the Beta male taxpayer was predicted 100 years ago by those against women’s suffrage.

Immigration and Women’s Suffrage

Without women's suffrage, the looting of the treasury would not be underway

What if only men voted? Without women’s suffrage, the looting of the treasury would not be underway

If the country looked like it did in 1960, before the treasonous Immigration Act of 1965 was signed into law and feminism killed the flower of family, we would definitely not be on the road to Communism and on the path to have such a lying, sickly piece of crap like Hillary winning the electoral college. There’s little doubt, a right-wing candidate would have won in an electoral landslide in 2012 rather than the overt Communist we got if the nation hadn’t been so fundamentally changed by social engineers. Running the numbers, if the population was still 92% white as in 1960 the conservatives would have won by a 400+ vote electoral landslide.

What if there was no women’s suffrage? The above map shows a similar conservative landslide would have played out last election. Moreover, the nation would surely not be one in which 70% of revenues are used in schemes of wealth redistribution, money that men are forced to pay to subsidize their forced removal from the family by Big Daddy Government.

The worst thing is realizing we were warned about this a century ago. A pamphlet published in the early 1900s warning against the social costs of granting women the right to vote (lampooned by modern media) has largely been proven true by the effects we are witnessing today. The pamphlet warned against voting for women’s suffrage for the following reasons:

  • BECAUSE it means competition of women with men instead of co-operation.
  • BECAUSE 80% of the women eligible to vote are married and can only double or annul their husband’s votes.
  • BECAUSE it can be of no benefit commensurate with the additional expense involved.

How is that not an astute summary of exactly what has happened since the suffragettes won. Speaking of “additional expense involved” as RealSexism knows, women avail themselves of Beta male tax money, and even replace his utility by having the government forcefully extract his resources rather than dealing with him directly:

Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending. Men only spend 40% of what they earn after tax. In contrast women make up 38.5% of all income but control 75% of domestic spending, women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN.

Men pay over 70% of income tax but the vast majority of public spending is on services for women. There is more money spent on breast cancer than lung cancer and prostate cancer combined, despite the fact that lung cancer alone has 3-4 times more fatalities than breast cancer. A man’s chance of getting cancer is 44% and 23% of men will die from cancer, 38% of women get cancer and 19% die. Yet there is vastly more money spent on cancer for women, this is lethal discrimination.

Women pay 60% less tax despite spending 300% more in domestic spending than men. Women also consume two third of public spending, there are 3 times the amount of gender specific health services for women than men despite the fact that for equal increases in health spending a man’s life expectancy rate increases nearly twice as much as a woman’s.

Laughably, leftists claim to want to save the world environmentally while supporting policies that encourage rampant spending, materialism, and consumerism—all driven by women! These are all predictable consequences of a country that marginalizes and demonizes its men at every turn.

Consumerism and environmental destruction illustrated by Harvard; they ironically brag about female "empowerment"

Female consumerism and environmental destruction illustrated by Harvard; they ironically brag about female “empowerment”

It Only Gets Worse From Here

So where does this all leave us? It leaves us in the middle of a situation that’s almost impossible to turn around without a revolution. Men, and particularly white men have been asleep at the wheel for a century as their nation and their voice in it has been repeatedly and steadily undermined. We must begin righting the course of the ship of state by having discussions about our self-interest or be left to wither and die in foolish optimism that somehow our fortunes will be reversed by being Mr. Nice. The New Modern Man warned about where this road leads late last year.

That’s why contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

Make no mistake, you have very little voice left when it comes to choosing a president. Trump literally may be our last chance to stop America from turning into a grotesque parody of the intentions of the founders. You will effectively have no representation, but you will surely be expected to foot the bill for everyone else’s wishes.

Oh, and if the demographic changes don’t sway the election, voting machines that are designed to be hacked just might. We are in a fight for our very survival as the “deplorables” i.e. the resistance to the New World Order. Trump went around the corrupt system. But, even if he wins the presidency, our battles have only begun. And winning will be no cakewalk.

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384 thoughts on “Changing Demographic Tide Will Favor Democratic Party For Decades To Come”

  1. This argument is incredibly misinformed and not based in any historical facts or election results.
    1. Republicans continually lose the whitest states in the country–Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest, and New England, and continually win in the most diverse states in the country.
    2. Republicans control more elected seats right now at the local, state, and federal level than in the last 100 years. This fact defeats the author’s argument in itself.
    3. Congress was controlled by a liberal Democrat majority for 40 years when the country was overwhelming white.
    4. Democratic presidents with the most radical social agendas–Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ– were elected in an overwhelmingly white country.

    1. “…not based in any historical facts or election results…” Historically, the country has never looked like it does now and will look even less like the USA of old in the coming decades.
      1. Virginia, California, New York, New Mexico, Maryland, Nevada, Illinois, and Washington are the most diverse states. Solid blue or trending blue in every state. (The article points out clueless white people in New England.) Texas is also ethnically diverse but demographics (i.e. dying Anglo populations) will favor it turning blue in the coming decades. Once that happens, the electoral math will be infinitely more difficult for Republicans to overcome.
      2. State and Congressional elections are largely decided by an older group of voters. As these people die off, this Republican edge will vanish.
      3. Old Democrats and New Democrats are nothing alike. Whites have also been leaving the Democratic party in droves since the turn towards socialism. To little, too late as their votes are being replaced with immigrant votes.
      4. You can’t compare Hillary and Obama to FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ.
      Demographics is destiny. Don’t kill the messenger just because he brings unpleasant news.

      1. The right wing who are raving about Trump are the flipside of the liberals that were raving about Obama pre election. Trump will win and it will be a disaster. Hillary will also be a disaster…. but they will save the first woman president for another hoax ‘change you can believe in’.

      2. You didn’t refute one word of my counter-argument.
        1. The Deep South is the most diverse part of the country. Many Deep South states are 30% black or more. The whitest states in the country are in New England and have voted Democrat every presidential election since Reagan.
        2. The fact is that Republicans control more elected seats at the local, state, and federal level than in a hundred years. Your notion that older white voters are the only people who vote in local, state, and federal elections is not based in any evidence. The fact is the Republicans are widely successful at getting elected in a country that is at its most diverse. Math doesn’t lie.
        3 and 4. No, the social and economic agendas of liberal Democrat presidents between Woodrow Wilson and LBJ were far more radical than anything that Bill Clinton or Barack Obama had proposed.

        1. I can see you just want to argue. Actually, I logically destroyed your counter argument with facts.
          The Deep South has more blacks, but their numbers are not growing demographically. They’re reliable Democrat voters, but because Deep South demographics are not changing as rapidly as other areas of the country Republicans still have an edge. (Blacks will remain a minority there. Whites are becoming a minority elsewhere.) Moreover, two of the reddest southern states – Virginia and North Carolina – have been trending blue in the past 2 elections.
          “…not based on any evidence…” Look up demographics of who votes in State and Congressional elections. Older (i.e. whiter) voters in the age 45-64 and 65 and over age columns made up 54% of those who voted in 2012. They made up 67% of those who voted in 2014. That’s a 13 percentage point advantage older voters have in midterm elections.
          Why are you getting so steamed up over this?

        2. Why are you so afraid of dissent and factual counter-argument?
          Fact: Republicans control more elected seats at the local, state, and federal level than in a hundred years with the country at its most diverse. That defeats your argument.
          Fact: The whitest parts of the country vote for liberal Democrats and the most diverse parts of the country vote Republican. That fact defeats your argument.
          Fact: Congress was controlled by a liberal Democrat majority for 40 years when the country was at its whitest. That fact defeats your argument.
          Fact: Liberal Democrat presidents running on massive social agendas, expansion of the welfare state, and high taxes won in overwhelming landslides when the country was at its whitest. That fact defeats your argument.
          You have no evidence that demographics equals out come.
          If that argument was true, the country would be controlled by liberal Democrats at every level of government and that isn’t true in the slightest.

        3. Perhaps you should deal with evidence instead of your feelings.
          Your feelings are not facts and/or empirical evidence.

        4. “Most Deep South states are 40% black or more.”
          Not sure where you’re getting your info, but that’s way off base.

        5. Thanks for correcting me. I am off on the numbers.
          Black population:
          Texas 12.4% 3.3 million
          Louisiana 32.4% 1.5 million
          Alabama 26.6% 1.3 million
          Mississippi 37.4% 1.1 million
          Georgia 31.4% 3.1 million
          Florida 15.7% 3 million
          South Carolina 27.9% 1.3 million
          Total 14.6 million
          38/199 million = 19.1% of white Americans live in the Deep South
          14.6/42.1 million = 34.7% of African Americans live in the Deep South.

        6. When whites are a 2/3 to 3/4 majority as in the Deep South, that’s not diversity. Real diverse states, like California, are bluer than blue.
          Also, since you are being so hard on everyone else’s facts, in many circles Florida is usually no longer considered part of the Deep South, nor is Texas. Why? Demographic change. Large Hispanic populations in both states, and Northeasterners moving to Florida in droves.

      3. One reason the Republicans will not fight the electoral college system is because of political shortsightedness (someone here compared it to the Native Americans welcoming the whites for short term economic benefits and we all know how that ended up for them).
        I live in a ridiculously gerrymandered district. The map of my electoral district looks like a rohrshark inkblot, because they drew a line from hundreds of miles away out in the rural black country, up to my city to include the black pockets in my city, but not the white ones, so that all the blacks would be confined together and they wouldn’t spill over into the rest of the city. The rest of the city is in its own district that tilts Republican. The Republican party looks at that and says “Oh we love this system, we don’t want to give it up, look at the advantage we get in the city here”. Meanwhile they shut themselves out of winning any national elections.
        Note: Fuck the Republicans, I never vote for them anyway, just pointing out the facts.

    2. When is number 3? As for Number 4, they may have been socialists, but they were not Social Justice Warriors.

      1. What do you mean?
        Democrats controlled Congress between 1932 and 1994 with one election in 1946 where Republicans won the majority, then lost it again right away.
        Republicans controlled the Senate between Jan 1981-1987.
        Other than that, Democrats all the time until election of 1994.

        1. “Democrats controlled Congress between 1932 and 1994 with one election in 1946 where Republicans won the majority, then lost it again right away.” Okay, well your statement is invalid then, as the US has only been on the 6th party system since 1965. The democratic party of 1932-1980’s is very very different from our current democratic party.

        2. You didn’t refute one fact that I wrote. You didn’t refute the time Democrats controlled Congress.
          The Democratic Party created the massive welfare state and federal bureaucracy between 1932-1980s.
          You ever hear of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier, and the Great Society?
          The Democratic Party was more socialist back then than it is now.
          When was welfare created? When was Food Stamps created? When was Section 8 created? When was Medicare created? When did the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy expand?
          Under a White Democrat male controlled Congress.

        3. You seem to not understand the difference between Social Justice Warrior and Socialist. The Democratic party was Socialist, but it wasn’t SJW. Economic policy has become secondary to social/cultural policy in the 6th party system.

    3. Both the Democrats and the Republicans seems to hate Trump.
      So digging into your history to explain why the author has it wrong is maybe not such a good idea.

      1. That is a non-sequitur that has nothing to do with either of our arguments.
        If Republicans hated Trump, they wouldn’t have made him the nominee of their party, which defeats the point of your post.

        1. They simply had no choice, there are still never trumpets. You are quite obviously chalk full of sissified horseshit.

        2. You are quite obviously devoid of any facts or evidence.
          You are so ignorant that you think Republican voters in a Republican primary hate Trump despite the fact that they made him their nominee.

        3. No, quite the opposite. I clearly recognize that the republican PARTY hates him and has consistently tried to run him out DESPITE massive public approval. It is obviously not in either parties interest to provide a populist option to people. Hillary obviously colluded with the DNC to oust sanders, it was a real pity. Trump however was able to break through. I’ll take a dark horse despite the sage advise of someone so obviously significantly more intelligent than me. Congratulations on discovering the word “devoid”.
          P.S Hillary voted in favour of a wall on the Mexican border when she was a senator.

    4. 1.) the whitest states are the most liberal. The people who are in favour of illigl immigration and general fucking around are those that are insulated from the consequences of their votes. That makes sense.
      2.) There are more seats now. I may be wrong but, I don’t think so. Either way I’d be curious to see how that works. This also negates the general push to the left for both parties.
      3.) Yeah, when things are good the system milks. Under republicans its military soending while the democrats favour soending in social programs.
      4.) yeah, sissy white people are a real problem. We try to improve too much sometimes. That actually accounts for a lot.

  2. BS….. Trump will win in a landslide and just as Obama was the ‘choice of the people’ …. so too Trump will be the ‘choice of the people’. After he gets in then you won’t have to worry about socialism…. rather national socialism better known as nazism. Trump will make Bush II look like Donald Duck. Trump doesnt stand for freedom he stands for fascism. Not that Hillary is any better…. but you see the system is rigged so that even a victory is just an even more crushing defeat. Wait and see….. the libtards and socialists raved before Obama was elected…. change you believe in…. more open politics……BS….. Obama turbo charged the Bush II security state and Trump will too…. Trump is the Pinochet of the USA. Hillary is Bill’s lebo hag fake wife….. she’s built to fail its all a con.
    Trump is the one you love to hate (but secretly like) who will be the perfect president to ramp up political prisoners. Fema gulags and default on the debt making the US into a giant version of Mexico with huge poverty and outrageous open corruption.

    1. trump openly called out fat people and believes they are disgusting. in my book that is a solid indication that he is a true nationalist and patriot. he knows that America’s obesity problem is the result of the cultural marxist plan to take over america, full stop

  3. Native Americans often welcomed Whites because of the short term economic gains offered through trade with them (metal tools and weapons, textiles, etc). We all know how that ended. Whites are now making the very same mistake, for they are handing over their land in order to get the short term economic gain cheap immigrant labor provides.

    1. The USA was built on cheap immigrant labor…. irish and italians and before that plain slavery. The problem is not immigrants… its the welfare state that cannot support them. Thats why they come illegally and are welcomed with open arms because illegally they have no welfare and must work. The futility of the ‘immigration problem’ is the same as the war on drugs.

      1. Importing Irish and Italians still had problems at the time, and I’m saying that as an American of Irish descent (importing Irishmen at half price caused a lot of suffering for the native born). Even so, importing Western European Catholics on purpose and importing MS13 by accident are not the same thing.
        There’s nothing futile about restricting immigration, I’m tempted by libertarianism too, but the destructive effects of illegal immigration are too numerous to ignore.

        1. I am technically a libertarian, but I cannot be. The West is no longer separated by the rest of the World by weeks of boat trip and telegrams. We have internet and low cost airlines and a third World which is overpopulated. Libertarianism will have to wait.

      2. Simply securing the southern border, deporting the illegal immigrants and ending welfare for immigrants would solve a lot of problems right off the bat.

    2. all those fucking boomers who wanted to save $20 a week on their lawn care unconcerned about the damage they did to this country can rot in hell.

  4. Let me just sum it up: the US is going to the dogs, that’s pretty much a certainty, however, the author thinks that a Trump victory might as well be a chance to prevent total chaos. Why why why? The forces behind all this are much more powerful than a little President. The processes they started might not be further accelerated by Trump as President but I don’t see any way the US will be a leading world power in 20 years. To me that’s marvellous news. What on earth could possibly reverse this all-consuming rottening and how?
    I’ll personally be more than happy to witness this from overseas. Being a NATO-member means that we’ll PROBABLY not get invaded and destroyed by the falling giant. I fell sorry for the ones thet will get though.

    1. I’d take it one further and say that Trump is the perfect straw man to burn the whole house down….. end of the USD and USA splits into 5-6 pieces in total chaos….. now the IMF and World Bank and UN etc. have complete global control. Global currency, global govt. and smart phone gps finger print tracking on every move you make. Only thought police are missing.

      1. Agreed. JFK was probably the last president who had the power to change America for the better. He tried, and they shut that down, pronto.

        1. That’s exactly how I see it (obviously this is an outsider’s perpective but maybe that’s a good thing in this case) and I can’t get my head around the fact that the people of ROK see him as a Saviour. I wish I were proven wrong but I see no chance of that. If I lived in the US I would be doing everything within my power to move somewhere else

    2. If you’re referring to canada the United States is the only thing standing in between that and an industry raping. People fought wars for oil, it’ll be the same with water. Canada is being put on a shelf until needed.

  5. It’s always Coke vs. Pepsi in the elections…gee, which poisonous drink should I choose. I could mix things up and vote for Mountain Dew – you know, that poisonous Libertarian option with no chance in hell of winning. Or maybe go even more hog wild, and vote for Barq’s root beer. Cast a write-in ballot for Mr. Pibb (oh wait, we can’t use paper any longer, when casting a vote…never mind).
    The bottom line is this – you may as well just go out on your front lawn and lay there, naked, with your thumb up your ass because it’s the same thing as voting, when you boil it all down. Everybody’s doing it, though. Gotta be cool, don’t wanna be socially stigmatized by your neighbtards; just go along to get along, just do the same thing. But it’s “doing the same thing” that got us into this mess to begin with…which the average plebe doesn’t seem to realize.
    People get the type of government they deserve. If they let rich oligarchs run right the fuck over them, if they let the television tell them what reality is, to the point where they gladly give up freedom for security – which is where we have been for a long time now – well…they’re terminally cucked to begin with. The game’s over and it’s sleepy-sleep time for the billions of Pajama People here on earth.

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        2. If Trump wasn’t anti-NWO why are trillions lined up behind Hillary?
          If you don’t vote for Trump then you’re part of the problem and deserve the hell which is coming to you.

    1. If TAB and Virginia Slims were running, I bet they would clean up with older female voters

    2. South Park nailed this with Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich. They brought it back for last weeks episode.

      1. Season 20 has begun?? I need to check it out. In germany we are always one year back so season 19 is airing right now.
        Season 19 was just the most brilliant thing since the invention of pizza.

        1. 20 is great. “token lives matter” shirt. Member berries wrecking SJW wars / ghostbusters / Jurassic world , innocent guys getting blamed for trolling when it is the Jew stirring things up. Bots getting blamed for the troll an allegory for all gamers/whites getting blamed.

      2. SP was weird. You would figure the woman to be the giant douche… But I guess Garrison/Trump help clean pussy up. They are refreshing and purifying.
        Hillary is packaged in pretty white wonderbread but is waste on the inside.
        I thought SP was being neutral but actually they are clearly pro trump. Only the smallest jab about him not thinking of a plan. So what? Plans can be revised later, I want someone I can trust. Better no plan than bad plans and dishonesty.

      1. I love Dr Pepper because you don’t get it at every corner here in germany.
        It’s like a golden Pepe.

        1. We had it here in Australia for a few years, but it was taken off the market for lack of interest. But not before I developed a liking for the stuff. Detractors whined that it tasted like cough medicine.. fucking wimps. Now I can only find it in specialty stores, along with Pop Tarts and Louisiana hotsauce, at greatly inflated prices.

    3. Politics follows economics.
      When joe-sixpack has a stable job and can blow out his money on shits and giggles (he has economic and personal security), joe-sixpack doesn’t really care who’s in power or what’s going on around him.
      Whether it’s opening the floodgates of the country to immigrants, ignoring illegals creeping in or slowly stripping away freedom and putting draconian surveillance in place, none of it matters because all is going well for joe-sixpack and he can’t see beyond himself.
      However, when joe-sixpack loses his job, he starts pointing his fingers at everyone: immigrants, illegal aliens, globalists, you name it, but never at himself for letting all these problems sprout in the first place.
      The average person is a selfish idiot who doesn’t care who’s in charge, what system is in place or what’s going on around him as long as it’s working for him.

      1. If we had the nation many of the founders intended who the president is would be irrelevant. He wouldn’t have the power to change anything with regard to our lives.

    4. FYI, in 2012, Ron Paul ran as a Republican. He’s a man with a 30 year track record of trying to reduce government spending, welfare, and many issues listed in the article.

      1. Ron was probably my favorite option thus far in my life. +40. I can say with certainty his concepts were the most correct to fix a plethora of problems. However, where Ron failed is to connect the dots for the morons. You have to both lead them to the water and dunk their head in it.. Just leading fools to water and expecting them to drink doesn’t work.
        He would have taken a much larger % of the vote as a Lib or Rep. had he just pragmatically explained HOW the transitions would occur. Instead of just ; “POOF, no Fed, POOF, no IRS, POOF no Dept. of Education. POOF, opposite international relations” The irony though is, the morons don’t know that with even “POOF it’s gone”, we could probably roll with for quite a while before major issues arose. A flat tax, or consumption tax would fix damn near all of it. And stop meddling in other nation’s b.s.

        1. Ron Paul couldn’t win because there is no way to correct a century of modern public schools in a few months. People are well conditioned and don’t accept new information.
          Typical political arguments hit emotions and are soundbites. They are oversimplifications and wrong. libertarian thought is paragraphs, essays, and books. Especially when they have to be explained from zero. History also has to be taught through the process.
          The more I learn the more pessimistic about humanity I become. It’s not like these issues are new. Cicero, Jesus, and others have stood up to the welfare-warfare state for thousands of years and nothing never really changes.

        2. Agreed, 7 billion humans yet so little humanity, Jesus tried then understood this knowing only an act of God could save us…

      2. Guys like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan could have won if they had more money. That’s the difference between Trump and them. Trump would have been sunk from the get go without his own money.

        1. Of course he had no chance to win. The point was that Americans had an option in their 2 party system to save their own country from collapse (albeit from monetary system, women not having kids, etc w/e). They chose temporary happiness with long term pain. But they still chose.

        2. And the media hammered him. That should tell us all we need to know what role the media plays in this.

    5. This. A million times, this. Your vote is meaningless in a system that allows the flagrant, willful corruption and deceit of Shrillary Cunton to go unpunished. It’s not a matter of your vote not counting at some point in the future if the Democrats win this year. It ALREADY doesn’t count. You have no voice or say in how the government is run NOW. It’s only going to get worse from here on in.

    6. This is not coke/Pepsi. I would have agreed with you in 2008. Even 2012. But you must wake up recently as I have. I am largely a democrat and have supported the liberal left all my life until now. But even I can see they have gone too far. The Bush blinded me to the goodness in the right. My desire for slowed population growth and hatred of religion in government turned me against them. But those are small potatoes now.

  6. It’s never made sense to me why non-tax payers are allowed to vote – they contribute nothing yet ruin everything
    Same with women – they always vote for the bigger state/security
    Still, with the mass flooding of the goat raping mud monkeys coming in, they’ll soon be banned from voting and driving (thank God) and they’ll only have themselves to blame
    Unfortunately for normal people; that means we have to watch our nations turn to shit first

    1. I’m all for watching it burn to the fucking ground. All for seeing the beta males trampled to death and western skanks mutilated by the incoming hordes of savages.
      You get the world you wanted! Far be it from me to prevent that world from crashing like a freight train outta hell gone off the rails right through your fucking door.
      When the western whore begs the remaining men of the west for help, there will be more men like me turned cold and barbaric who are going to scoff and laugh as they suffer.
      When the beta male cries out for help and strong men to save him instead of the crumbling government we will happily put around his neck our own leash and lead him to his dog house and work pit.

        1. Pan Europeanism under the Christian Church through Christ is the only solution. This would of course have to take on a hierarchical feudal structure, very similar to meidevil Europe. Well look at that, the structure that the original liberal faggots revolted against, is the very solution to the mess the “enlightened” leftists put us in. Of course that can only come after a long and deadly holy war, one very similar to The Savage’s description. Where every single leftist is either put to the stake or ball-less they can kneel in Savages court because, with all due respect I don’t think I could stand the sight of a eunuch.

        2. I agree, they asked for this. They begged for “muh diversity” and told everyone that Muslims are no different than the average Westerner. When the women are forced into burqas and the faggot beta males enslaved I’ll sit back and laugh. These people aren’t worth saving, and they will beg the few modern alpha males to save them.

        3. 100% right. The only ideology that can unite and give purpose to the West is Christianity. There is no other solution, no other great flag under wish the men of the West can unite and fight. But savage is right…this is going to get worse, before it gets better. When the personal freedoms the West, fought and bled for, begin to be erased, when our women begin to be enslaved by the muslim animals, when the State begins to attack economic and religious freedoms that only the West respects, when everything we stand for begins to be destroyed, then, only then, will the traitors of our age, the marxist scum, the women that go to refugee camps and give up free kisses, the weak men that submit to the decline…you name it, will come for help. I only pray, there is someone to help when the time comes…

        4. Yes! Then, at that very moment you described , we will be at our greatest potential. All will be for naught. Like you say, destruction, death, and bloody violence will come too the Sinners. Sin breads death and violence it is natural law. Only Gods will can save them but, if he is just, I’m not sure he would until after immense sufferings.
          We have to spread knowledge on a United Europe under one God, one Church, one Christ. As you say the flag of the holy cross is the Last and Only hope for not just Europeans (though they be of the most importance) any man who would wish to join the European tradition and continent that is becoming extinct.
          God bless

        5. There is a solution. Abandon Western values in favor of blind striving of will to power. Make Republican economic policies benefit the minority demographics the Left likes, and even help Muslims enforce Sharia. Blast the immigration doors wide open to ultraconservative Hispanics and Muslims. Give different religious and ethnic groups the ability to govern their own territory above whatever the Democrats say. This would in turn give us the Black Baptists, Hispanics, and Muslims – all of whom have until now, been slaves of the Left – and allow us to consolidate the conservative aspects of all races into our system. It’s simply turning multiculturalism to our advantage. The Left will have no clue how to handle their precious minorities turned against them. Then, create a nationalist system based around the conservative values of each, with the goal of getting rid of the degenerates amongst each race, for the purity and strength of the nation, and spread it until liberalism is no more!

        6. That’s a very interesting idea. Once you take these minorities out of the Left’s control, they will be ruined.

      1. As stark as that sounds – it may come to something like that
        It bugs the hell out of me that the end of western civilisation will come from within – the hordes of camel fucking saracens would pose no real threat if we were allowed to deal with them, like they should be dealt with
        But as you say, it’s the beta male chutney ferrets, that are brainwashed with marxist bollocks, that undo all the hard work of others – but when they get this bullshit sand ape utopia, they’ll be begging for a return of traditionalism

        1. Ha!
          The ball less fuckers are halfway qualified already
          I’d feed them to the sharks though, can’t stand being around beta fags – their sodomite characteristics endangers the feeble minded around them, like dog farts

        2. And yes, this is what happens when you have a big legion of thirsty and beta males who fight their fairy tale known as “social justice”. Fucking cultural Marxists.

        3. Yeah
          Marxism is pretty much cultural suicide – they hate themselves & all the achievements of their nations
          Guaranteed the spotty little fuckers that bang on about the benefits of socialism are jobless khunts and live in mortal fear of pussy
          I’m not of any proper theology – but without real Christianity to support it; the west has turned to shit in less than 100 years

        4. Marxism is a real virus, it’s poison. With your example on how the West has turned to shit due to the weak presence of Christianity, I’d like to mention that you only need to look at Spain to see what a piece of shit that country has turned into.
          I’m not a believer myself, but I follow the Christian traditions because I’ve been raised with them and because I believe them to be the best way to mold Western societies. Without Christianity the west has gone to shit. But I truly and firmly believe that it’s the fault of the Church, which has portrayed Jesus Christ as a weak, beta and permissive man instead of the Hero he represents.

        5. Exactly
          Christianity hasn’t been immune to the affects of these progressive twats, who will subvert as many of the teachings to their limp views. Christ might well be a man of peace, but he had a fucking spine too
          Take faggotry for example – white nations are the only ones who not only outwardly accept it, but promote it as normal. Blacks, muslims & to some extent asians; despite having a few closet monsters, take a dim view of fudge packers
          I think there are many people – whether they’ll outwardly admit it or not – would welcome a resurgence of Christianity, even if not for the religious aspects, but to reassert their culture and traditions. Russia is an example of this, they rejected the failed marx shit and Christianity took hold again, that’s why lefties hate modern Russia

        6. I’d welcome a resurgence of Christianity in fact. But, it doesn’t have to be Christianity like in the old times, archaism is a mistake. The unique way to defeat death is by giving birth to something new. It can have some traits from previous things (like Christianity) but it has to be something new in essence.
          I’m from South America, more exactly Peru, and the same that happened with white nations is happening here. A complete and restless war on religion and a promotion of progressivism in all of its shapes (promotion of homosexuality, sick gender ideology, legalization of drugs). Hopefully, my country is one of the few here in SA that has resisted the restless attack from these progresivist fuckers, but I’m afraid to say it won’t last long. Younger generations – which will be a majority very soon – fully support all of these things. That’s why sometimes I feel like a lone wolf, because I’m young and yet only a few people I know share my same or similar views.

        7. It’s natural to feel isolated when you take a step back and look at what really goes on in social/political aspects of culture. A lot of people either don’t or refuse to see how they are manipulated and will go with the majority or the flow, lacking the courage to stick out
          I have lots of ‘friends’ that I haven’t actually fallen out with, but just drifted away from as I strongly disagree with their views – again; I think this is a natural part of self reflection; as you begin to realise that you have a stronger bond with those who share the same views
          I genuinely feel that the days of the progressives are numbered & there will be rise of nationalism again, which is a good thing. Many confuse nationalism with racism; which isn’t the case – most nationalists want the best for each nation yet at the same time realise that multiculturalism is a detriment to each nation in which it is forced upon

        8. Yeah, there seems to be a misunderstood with nationalism. It’s the product of leftist propaganda, which tries to tie dissident movements to things like racism, violence, etc.
          What are your views on fascism? I like some aspects of it but not everything, for example, I don’t like the idea of a very big State controlling every single thing. I may be wrong with his, but the unique nationalist group I have in my country follow Fascism.

        9. I find fascism hard to pin a definition on; as it can be incorporated into both sides of the traditional political spectrum.
          Historically most left leaning parties accused those on the right of being fascists, however the left generally like to project their own ill habits on to others. Most communist/socialist countries and even the national socialists (who were most assuredly left wing) have fascistic tendencies
          This isn’t to say those on the right don’t have these as well – I suppose it has to do with who gets into power; as most of the right leaning people I know are for restricted government; but most strong leaders of a nation need to be dictatorial to some degree

        10. It’s very funny to see people here in Peru talk bullshit on Pinochet and Franco, but admire Fidel and even North Korean fatty dictator. It’s beyond insane!
          I like the social vision of Fascism, yet I don’t like a government controlling everything I do. I hope you understand what I mean. Just that this fascist group in my country despises the right as well as the left. On some degree I know it’s true, but I consider myself as a right winger with fascist tendencies.

        11. Homosexuality isn’t particularly the problem here. A growing number of them led by Milo are realizing Islam is an enemy that wants to wipe out the western culture they are part of. Gays can also be taxpayers. Like I give a shit if they pack fudge. I just wish they would do their demos in parks not parades.

        12. I couldn’t really care what benders get up to either, just means there’s more sluts available
          However deviancy is something that will only expand if you give it room. It started with the shirt lifters, now we have weird fucks meat spinning in womens toilets & it won’t be long before peadophilia is recognised as being normal, instead of something you should be set on fire for
          All these things are pushed as social reform & according to the liberal bellends; they show how far we have come as a civilisation – yet since these things have become acceptable; innovation has given way to hedonism

        1. . Bring it motherfucker.
          In fact you wanna run your dick sucker to me on the internet boy? I got 1000$ that says I curb stomp your fuckin ass in a fight. I’ll even pay to fly your bitch ass out to where I’m at and you can put your money where your mouth is.
          Lets go chump. You decided to run your mouth to a stranger on the internet now ante up ho.
          Come and fight me like a man and see what the fuck I got for you.
          We can video it and put the results online

        2. You’ll be old, broke, and social isolated when the collapse happens as well. Have fun not trying to change things now and waiting for the “collapse”

        3. lol, you don’t think Jew master flex hasn’t anticipated how to deal with you guys? They’re going for attrition, and they will completely outlast you unless Trump gets in and fucks up their currency debasement plans.

        4. I have my money on Trump, and I don’t want to see any of my neighbors suffer. When you have an abundance mindset and Love God, then you’ll see how little value there is in “winning” while everyone else loses.

        5. Yep. All hail the omnipotent, omnipresent Jew force who can make no mistakes, and control every aspect of our daily lives and somehow one man will overthrow all their nefarious plans. Doesn’t seem like they’re all that powerful if one man can throw them into disarray….

        6. The distinction you are failing to make here is that people whose political and economic choices cause harm to their “neighbor” can and should very well suffer the consequences of those choices without being bailed out or “forgiven” their sins by blank slatist slave morality preachers like yourself.
          Just like your ilk have done all your “missionary” work in disgusting 3rd world shitholes, bringing them technology and your “goodwill” which has caused their populations to skyrocket beyond their natural means and now we have to deal with these hordes of low IQ morons destroying western civilization because of your pathological altruism.
          Take your jewish god and your faux morality and go fuck yourself with it.
          By the way
          “and I don’t want to see any of my neighbors suffer.”
          That betrays your first comment to me in which you seemed to take pleasure in letting me know how I will be one of the first to die lol.
          Your own comments betray you as a hypocrite and a liar. Perhaps you had better pray for more forgiveness?
          Perhaps you had better shut your fucking mouth more. Take that plank out of your own eye pharisee.

        7. “The distinction you are failing to make here is that people whose political and economic choices cause harm to their “neighbor” can and should very well suffer the consequences of those choices without being bailed out or “forgiven” ”
          They won’t suffer without bringing down most of us with them, fool.
          “Just like your ilk have done all your “missionary” work in disgusting 3rd world shitholes, bringing them technology and your “goodwill” which has caused their populations to skyrocket beyond their natural means and now we have to deal with these hordes of low IQ morons destroying western civilization because of your pathological altruism.”
          You’re confusing Christianity with Catholicism. Common mistake so I don’t blame you. The Pope hasn’t preached the good word since the 1960’s when Vatican II co-opted the Catholic Church.
          Christianity doesn’t call for giving people means to produce unlimited children. This is the opposite of Charity. Christian nations were among the first who decided it was moral and just to limit the amount of children we have in order to create better upbringings, as we were culpable for the treatment of our children in the eyes of God.
          “Take your jewish god and your faux morality and go fuck yourself with it.”
          No one cares if you sound tough on the internet man. Either you’re here to learn or you’re here to blow off steam.
          “That betrays your first comment to me in which you seemed to take pleasure in letting me know how I will be one of the first to die lol.”
          What are you talking about? I never took pleasure. But it is a duty to let others know the truth.
          There is no hypocrisy, just your ignorance and denial.

        8. You make it sound like what the Bankster Jews is doing is difficult. It’s not. Anyone who controlled the world’s money supply could easily orchestrate a genocide of anyone people they so desired.
          They aren’t geniuses. They merely control the world’s money supply, which can easily be used to destroy billions of people. This is why it’s imperative to fight back now while we are still strong and numerous, while we still have a chance. Once the true economic collapse sets in, it’s already too late to do anything.
          Vote Trump. Only chance at this point. Things are that far gone.

        9. You’re a Christian man as well, yes? Why are you placing all your hope in Trump? Don’t get me wrong, I harbor no love for Hillary and hope she suffers a massive stroke during the debates, but this obsession so many have for Trump is unhealthy. He’s not our savior. Invest in yourself, your tribe of like-minded men, and most importantly, in God. We’ll overcome regardless who the POTUS is come November.

        10. He’s got a good point tho. Im a protestant christian and every church Ive gone to for the last 30 years gives a ton of food and clothing to third world countries. Some of our missionaries got murdered when I was a kid. A lot of good that did. I dont think they died for the cause. They died during a robbery of goods. After I heard how negatively the charitable giving affects these people, I stopped supporting it. These are people without morals who give AIDS to children through petophilia and human trafficking. They think condoms are bad luck. Giving food to them leads to more Starvation and lower quality of life for the whole community. Im sure you know that, just a recent epiphany for me.
          I remember some apostle was saying ” dont wash Jesus’ with those oils, you could have gave it to the poor” and Jesus said ” the poor will always be here.” Lol so even He had a flexible outlook on charity.

        11. The kind of charity they perform also contradicts another teaching of Jesus, “Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”
          Matthew 7:6
          It’s from the Sermon on the Mount, amazing how people overlook perhaps the most important part of the Gospels and follow their own feelgood bullshit Christianity.

        12. Because Hillary is going to result in the deaths of millions of my neighbors, tens of millions of Americans, and hundreds of millions worldwide. She will put us on an irreversible path to America bankruptcy and that event will change the world for the worse forever.

        13. I am even older. I will not be old, broke, and socially isolated when the collapse comes; I will be dead immediately or at least very soon. Regardless, bring it on as the only way to save my sons.

        14. LOL investing in god. WTF. Divisive shits centering your tribe around your theism. This is what loses you the atheist kids to the liberals.

      2. I think the Saracens are actually our best bet at reestablishing patriarchy. We’d have to abandon most Western values in favor of a brute coalescence of Will to Power, but I think that if this is done by the Right- if we grasp all of the minorities (black baptists, Muslims, Hispanic Catholics) who have an absolute hatred for the kind of degeneracy the Left promotes (homosexuality, transsexualism, feminism, abortion, no fault divorce), and combine them with our existing forces, we will crush the globalist project for good. The Left relies on people who benefit economically from their policies, but absolutely hate their social policies. Fixing that demographic will make their whole tower come tumbling down.

        1. I was always curious about that. Latinos are very catholic, and every brother I know is christian. Obviously muslims are pretty patriarchal. None of those three put women on a pedestal or promote the social values of wimpy, liberal leaders or movements. If conservatives eased up on the racial differences and anti-immigration stuff, we could come together with one common enemy…
          In terms of the incoming middle eastern influence: I dont support genital mutilation or abuse… But if each man had a couple young wives, who stay indoors and only speak when spoken to… That sounds like an upgrade from all the miserable, entitled women Ive met so far. I might brush off the old arabic language book and start practicing my flem sounds after all.

        2. Spot on. I live in Peru and most people I know (not young people, most of them are lost) despite the promotion of homosexuality, abortion and all of that degeneracy. If we united forces we would be able to defeat the globalists, once we turn the minorities against them.

    2. Where do you draw the line though. I pay close to 30 times national average in taxes. Should I have more of a vote?

        1. Income tax, but let’s be honest the real problem is the hand outs, not the people living on low income (although they tend to be one in the same). Those that work minimum wage instead of living off welfare are fine in my books.

        2. No one escapes without paying some taxes. Sales Taxes will be paid on some things you buy. How much skin is required? How can you accurately track that? Just because someone doesn’t pay income tax (children, small business, low income), doesn’t mean they pay NO tax at all.

        3. Right but those minimum wagers need health insurance and housing and tax refunds and schools for their fucking runt kids to go to and guess who ihas two thumbs and will be paying for that shit….that would be this guy right here

      1. Interesting point
        I definitely think there should be requirements before you can vote. Deciding the fate of a nation isn’t for the mob. Allowing everyone to vote; just makes it easier for those in power to manipulate the retards and invaders to vote for them
        Off the top of my head – I’d put an age limit of probably 30+, in full time employment (that would cut out the arsehole socialists and the whole of Scotland), land/property owners & no women – they’re for fucking not thinking
        Probably a few salient points I’ve missed – but generally if people have roots or a proper investment in their nation; they won’t vote to fuck it up

        1. Good points, though I think simply requiring voters to be taxpayers would eliminate most of the waste. And for the love of God, let their be proof of identity before you drop a ballot.

        2. I think @ghostofjefferson has it right. Land owning should be a requirement

        3. What would you consider ‘land-owning’ in modern society? If we’re following it traditionally, you’d be eschewed (I don’t think you vote though, tbh) simply for using an apartment.

        4. Unfortunately in this climate, there are those who should own land and don’t specifically because they refuse to play the b.s. games played in politics and business, games protecting pieces of shit that would otherwise in a normalized society not be possible because the fucked up legislation in place couldn’t protect their scamming asses like it does now.
          I like to hope we’re not too far gone already, but we might be.

        5. I don’t vote, you are correct and modern land ownership would make it complicated indeed. Not even just because of apartments, but also mortgages. People who pay their mortgage can talk about home ownership all they want but that house belongs to the bank until the note is paid

        6. Sounds about right to me. Wrt land owning, how do you parse out mortgage holders

      2. There’s what the average worker pays and then there’s the average paid. A lot of people in this country make diddly squat outside of handouts.
        I don’t even make all that much and I’m in the 90th percentile or so of income of men my age.

      3. No tax paid, No Vote.
        More tax paid. Stronger vote.
        Why should a man pay two three or four times as much as the next yet have no more power in his society, especially when us men are paying for this shit government.
        voting to me is like following the World Series anyway. I always know the teams and players but, is their really any difference if the Yankees or the red sox win this year? So just let me know when somebody blows up the World Series one year, than you have my interest.

        1. Why should a man pay two three or four times as much as the next yet
          have no more power in his society, especially when us men are paying for
          this shit government.

          If the vote of someone who pays more taxes weighted more than the average Joe’s then voting would be a pointless exercise. Those who have money would decide for everyone else and they would decide that the average Joe’s would have to work for next to nothing.
          I’m not saying it isn’t already happening. Voting seems to have become a joke but at the very least it’s still something “the elite” has to dance around to get their cake.

        2. Agreed on all counts. I never vote not because I think that the vote is meaningless but because I think the office is meaningless

        3. I see your point and don’t nessecary disagree, you always run the risk of an autocracy, but the whole systems screwed up. Whether you agree with voting or not there has to be a more efficient way of handling it, besides letting some crack whore have equal say to me in government.

        4. Indeed. I don’t understand how in the US you don’t have to show an ID to vote. I’m from Italy and we aren’t that good at running bureaucracy, but when we vote we must show an ID. Aactually you can’t even vote except in your own city, where they’ll double check your name with the list of residents before giving you the voting paper. Only disabled people that are physically unable to go to the voting booths are allowed to vote from the Web, while Italian citiziens abroad for one reason or another must go to their embassy.
          I mean, we’ve got mafia running stuff especially in the south, but at least we got that part covered.

        5. The only reason I can wrap my head around is so Obama and his cronies can possibly get some illegals or maybe some other degenerate to vote for them. Over here the republicans want to make it just like you say Italy is. Which is the best way, they want only permanent, law abiding, tax paying, and patriotic people who know politics to vote. The Dems though, they would like it if Big daddy govt just sent all 350 million a text to vote, with of course, the dem candidate would always be number 1, where, you would have to press 2 for the republican, haha , it’s very true.
          Not that there is even a difference between establishment right and left here!
          Ah yes the mafia, I know much about the Italian Cancer you speak of. You can say moussolini was great even if you don’t like anything he did, just because he ran the mafia out! Which unfortunately brought the fuckers here. They are loyal to eachother though, I’ll give them that ( or so they used to be)

        1. Lol. Yeah, I vote exactly how much I like—not at all. Never having voted allows me to have valid opinions on the issues. I believe that people who vote have no right to be opining on The issues. They lose the right when they go into the voting box

    3. They are allowed to vote because it suits the wealthy ruling class that they vote. The underclass is weaponized against the middle class, which poses a threat to the upper and ruling classes.

  7. I laugh when people point to socialist countries like France or Denmark and say something like “we should be more like them”. If only. Our future isn’t France or Denmark. Our future is Venezuela: a wealthy, entitled, crony elite ruling over a large population living at subsistence level.

    1. “Our future is Venezuela: a wealthy, entitled, crony elite ruling over a large population living at subsistence level.”
      Note how the rich and talented Venezuelans have already flooded into neighboring countries. They already said, “Fuck this noise, we’re getting the hell out of here.”
      In the near future, we’ll see rules against successful Americans leaving the country for an extended stay; mark my words on it.

      1. A female school friend of mine came from venezuela in 2004 to live with her mother, stayed until she got a german school degree in 2010 then went back to her father in venezuela – now that venezuela goes to hell she came back one month ago and works at a local pizzeria.
        I talked to her and about the situation in venezuela but also about the situation in germany and she already realized that germany isn’t nearly as good as it was in 2010 and in that 1 month she got already molested twice by refugees on her way home.
        Just imagine that she will maybe in the future even flee germany.
        From venezuela to germany, from germany to venezuela, from venezuela to germany, from germany to ???
        She’s a smart girl and she has one hell of an latina ass. I still remember how she teased me with dat ass all the time six years ago.

        1. I imagine. I have met several highly educated Venezuelans who bailed after the Chavez/Maduro fiasco.
          This happened before, on a smaller level, in Jamaica after its independence. They quickly realized that Britain was providing a high level of intellectual power, so they negotiated with them to stay on.

        2. I had a shot with a gorgeous Venezuelan back in the day, once. She eventually married a dorky white guy.

      2. There are already rules in place, and they are setting up currency controls to curtail this. Meanwhile, every year brings a record number of Americans permanently renouncing their citizenship. Renouncing. Not just moving to another country. But saying F U I’m not ever coming back here. These guys are not in the bottom 99%.

        1. Considering how they try to steal (tax) all your money abroad, you’d be an idiot not to renounce it if you have no intention of coming back

        2. They continue to tax your for 10 years after you renounce your citizenship. So, if you are a wealthy retiree, they will squeeze you until you drop dead, unless your family is extremely long lived.

    2. Right up until a demagogue convinced the proles that they could just take everything from the rich and dictate the price of everything they wanted. Now you have a semi communist shithole where there is no medicine, even aspirin, and little to no food. Violence is everywhere and crime (just to survive) is a necessity.

  8. Why are there only two political parties in US? In my country we have dozens of political parties, and many still appear… It’s simply ridiculous for Americans to believe that the only political options are republican and democrat…

    1. Because the US 1) Uses a presidential system and 2) Uses a first past the post voting method for it’s elections.

    2. Because we have 2 political parties that are Too Big To Fail.
      As much as they dislike each other, they’ll work in cooperation to keep any upstarts from busting up their duopoly.

    3. It’s the perfect way of implementing an evil agenda. Whatever horrible law they want to pass–let’s say it’s an internet censorship bill. They have one party propose something really horrible. Then the opposition will propose the law they wanted all along, and everyone will support it, because there are only ever 2 positions on any issue.
      So one party proposes only the government will run sites that allow comments or unfettered speech. And the opposition party says, no, that’s fascist, you just need to create a government ID, and everything you do will be traceable under that account, and that’s what they pass.

      1. Such a simple strategy, yet the avg joe cant wrap his head around it.
        I just found out FB labels you left/moderate/right based on what you like and the ads you click on; I assumed they did this solely on what you posted, but this isnt the case.

      2. one ID.. Windows 10 has non-option automatic updates, iPhones pushing touch ID with fingerprints. all uploaded to the cloud, Snowden is clearly onto something. we’re all trackable as it stands unfortunately.

    4. Briefly, the US does not follow a Westminster (or any other) type of parliamentary system, nor do we practice power sharing. What some believe was intended, and frequently happens, was the leadership at any particular level in the US is selected by a true majority, not merely a plurality as is the case in multi-party systems. The practical result is a two party system, meant to be ruling and opposition factions. Not that it actually works, especially recently, but that’s the theory, anyway.

        1. The gains by AfD are encouraging. The gains by Die Linke, not so much.
          I’ve never thought very highly of power sharing schemes of the type Germany engages in, where everyone votes, and then the elitists get together and make a bunch of back room deals to decide what the election meant and how the country will be run.

  9. That graph of consumer spending is absolutely shocking when you look at Canada vs the US. I think of Canadians as having basically the same quality of life as Americans–and yet they are spending a barely visible fraction of what Americans are? Insanity. I hope this consumerist culture permanently crashes and burns. Shopping centers to become wastelands.

      1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when populations of countries are compared to one another in anything other than per capita comparisons. It’s so stupid. Canada population is around 1/10 of America, which means their entire purchases are still smaller than our female controlled purchases alone.
        And yeah USA had more gold medals in the Olympics but I think UK was the real winner, they had 2nd highest number of medals but for a much smaller country. Whoever has the most winners per capita is the true winner in my book. Otherwise, a nation could just annex a huge area and claim it is #1 in everything, but that wouldn’t really mean anything. China might make more Swiss cheese than the Swiss, but that’s just because the population is so much larger. Per capita, the Swiss produce far far far more cheese, and of course the Chinese stuff pales in comparison.

  10. What we need to do is start hacking away at the racial politics that the left pushes. Many non-whites with decent jobs still vote Democrat (the socialist party) due to the belief that the Republican Party is the evil white man’s party. They’re being played, and they need to learn that. Communism is Hell, and if all Americans wake up to that fact, we can still turn things around.

    1. It’s not just the “evil white man’s party” it’s that the Republican party focuses almost entirely on stupid shit like foreign policy and big business interests, and things like opposing clean air and water, and not enough to support the average worker. If they would just come out in favor of a couple of basic common sense issues that help the average man, they could dominate (Trump talks about these daily, which explains his mass appeal).

      1. The Republicans fight for the top 1%, the Democrats the bottom 20%, and the remaining 79% get shafted.

      2. Republicans aren’t opposed to clean air and water. That makes zero sense. They live here too. I’ve not heard one, once, ever, go on about the great wonders of dirty air and contaminated water. That’s a Leftist conceit. Every conservative area I see has clean air and water.

        1. The problem is that not since Richard Nixon passed the Clean Air Act in 1970 has the Republican party been on the right side of environmental protection. I agree it’s ridiculous, and many of the most Republican areas (Midwest) are some of the cleanest, but the politicians don’t match up with their constituents beliefs.
          It’s gotten so silly that some Republican politicians proudly tout how they are “for dirty coal.”

    2. It’s all based in pure selfishness.. the thought is “since my life & career, schooling, etc. got better – some of it flat out paid for – the gov’t in office during my success must be the best.” When you’re given help you don’t ask for, eh hmmm. “minority owned businesses” anyone? You begin to believe the help doesn’t even exist as an underlying component to your success.

  11. The problem w/ your thesis is the mythical “Latino vote” keeps not showing up to actually vote in anything akin to the numbers we keep being told they will because, frankly, they don’t give a **** (just look at where they come from–they didn’t give a damn there and they mostly don’t give a damn here). This is the crux of endless arguments by people like Ann Coulter that merely securing 4% more of the white vote would mean the Hispanic (and insert special interest group) is entirely nullified, and that’s assuming all Hispanics are voting at Obama-like rates for the Dem, which is a faulty assumption.
    (This is so self-evidently true in off-year elections, that the Dems basically no longer compete in them.)
    There’s also the fact that Latinos/Hispanics are ‘genociding’ blacks (when blacks aren’t busy aborting themselves into oblivion) so you end up w/ a trade-off where you lose black votes but gain an unreliable number of Hispanics in exchange, when the Dems would have been much better off shoring up the black vote by *not* supporting rampant abortion-on-demand, than trading them for the utterly unreliable Siesta Jose and co.
    There’s also the issue that the person up in the popular vote, 95%+ of the time will win the electoral vote–it is an aberration, in the extreme, for someone to win the popular and lose the electoral, and has happened 4x (?) in nearly 250-years.
    Now, it is true that raw numbers of Hispanics keep going up while white America ‘ennuis’ itself into demographic oblivion, but we are still a long way away from the nightmare scenario posited in this article which has become something of received wisdom on the alt-right.
    In short, let’s see what happens in November–if Trump comes up big, we can take the doomsday clock back from 11:59PM and move it to something more reasonable like 9:50PM because it means whites have sufficiently woken up to the threat (at least on some primal level) and the end might not be nearly as nigh…

    1. Great point. With the correct leadership and outreach Hispanic Americans can become our loyal allies against all left wing causes.

  12. Immigrants aren’t the only problem. White millennials are largely ignorant dipshits who voted for Obama in 2012 despite the overwhelming failures of his first four years in office. And the generation beyond millennials is going to be even worse in terms of accepting social bullshit like feminism, gender fluidity, etc.

    1. I’ll be honest. In 2008, Obama looked great. Compared to the multiple wars, housing bust, low interest rates, sky high debt, voting Republican didn’t look too appealing. God, McCain looked like a terrible president. But damn my opinion changed fast by 2012.

      1. What exactly looked great about Obama, if you don’t mind? I can’t say I’ve ever seen an emptier suit in my life.

        1. Compared to his competition, he looked like a saint. Remember it was either Hillary or McCain. And the Republicans did a terrible job for the last 8 years, that anyone looked great compared to them. But Obama specifically? Nothing much just didn’t look insane (which is saying alot when he was running vs sarah palin).

    2. The older half of Millenials you mean. The ones who are in their mid to late 20’s. The younger half, the ones in college now (and in high schools) are actually turning out far more right wing than their older “hipster” members of the generation.

  13. The following Modern Beta Magazine cover suggestion was made by ROK reader MKDAWUSS, and seconded with urgency by ROK reader Lucas Thomas…giddyup, I heard ya loud and clear, guys –

  14. I dont live in the US but does anyone see the US breaking up? white people will start avoiding certain states because of crime or worse education system etc. Its going to be like South Africa in some places

    1. Can’t break up, not really. Too spread out, too interconnected. Any “breakaway” states if anyone tries (and they won’t) will be immediately surrounded by stronger enemies. Just a long slow crappy burn.

      1. Don’t underestimate the American spirit throughout this century and the next. Wilder things have happened in the past! Won’t be in our lives but, we can’t know for sure where that fiery, patriotic, American soul will go.

        1. True words! Look at the Roman Empire, it died in the West, lived in the East, died in the East, rose again in the West.

        2. Yes exactly. Empires rise and fall, it’s the natural tide but the spirit never dies, ancient Arya, Egypt, the totality of the Roman Empire you aptly described all the way to the modern “American Empire” which outside of material wealth and world hegemony has very little in common with the aforementioned. They simultaneously rise and fall and they are at any given time working for good in the world or evil, I will let you decide on which of these is which. I believe empire at its roots is good though not all follow that path.

    2. I live in the American southwest and with the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised that if in 50 years from now it gets split into two possibly three seperate states, one being the republic of Texas of course( and believe me I am not a Texan, though I have deep respect for Texans) or atleast revolution and civil war accross the land with martial law and of course The Republic of Texas.

  15. Why can’t Mexican and black men use their fucking brains and realize the government isn’t your friend?
    Why is it only white males (and only a portion anymore) can even comprehend the concept of limited government?
    Women and non-whites are killing this country. Can’t they use their fucking brains and see they will create the same 3rd world shithole they’re running from?

    1. Two letters. IQ.
      And yes, lots of black and “non-white” men are very, very intelligent. But, the numbers do not lie, on average, most are not as intelligent as whites. They also come from a culture that’s not as good at grooming intelligence.
      This question was answered by “The Bell Curve” long ago.

      1. One word, propaganda. The Dems have been telling them since 1964 that their only hope of survival is by voting democrat (which is the same as voting for socialist large government). They have been convinced that the Repubs would herd them into concentration camps and kill them.

    2. Because they can’t compete. White males have over the course of history (say last 500 years) always been on the leading edge of civilization. Jealously is a powerful force. They rather be poorer, providing the white males suffer more. Of course after this country is drained, they’ll seek out a new country, maybe Canada.

  16. Are non-whites just not mentally capable of comprehending limited government?
    Why do they have such a hard-on for government telling them what to do?
    It’s like they wanted colonialism, they want a master. They don’t want freedom.
    The fact that democrats so reliably control them shows there’s just genetic mental differences that can’t really be overcome.

    1. That makes absolutely no sense.
      Every western country has a generous welfare state and massive bureaucracy at every level of government.
      Name all the non-western countries that have such a robust welfare system and massive bureaucracy on par with the western countries..

        1. That has nothing to do with the fact that western countries have massive welfare states and massive bureaucracies and most non-western countries don’t.
          So name all the non-white countries that have bigger welfare states and bigger bureaucracies than the west and defend your argument with actual facts.

        2. They would but they don’t have the resources / infrastructure white countries have.
          I’m sure Somalis in Minnesota would like the same welfare benefits back in Somalia, but they don’t have the organization skills to do it themselves.
          They have to come to a white country to vote for benefits, because those benefits don’t exist in their own dysfunctional shitholes.

        3. That is a straw man argument and has nothing to do with the fact that every white country has a massive welfare state and government bureaucracy at every level of government.

        4. Sorry, but Europe is mostly white and they created and expanded their welfare states without women having much power and no non-whites living in their countries.
          The US created its welfare state during the 1930s when no women had any political power and there were no minorities in a positions of power either.
          Name all the women and minorities who had political power in the US in the 1930s

        5. Yes it was created by white men but you’re ignoring it has grown massively due to women and non-whites. they are the fuel to it’s growth. we have brown people flooding the country, women who only care about more free shit from sugar daddy gov, and you think pointing out that a white president created it means women and dark people aren’t disproportionately high on big gov

        6. No, the welfare state was created during the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s when white men in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe controlled the reigns of power.
          Name all the white women and minorities who had power in the western world during that time.

        7. What is wrong with taking care of your citizenry ? I am knot sure that I understand your position. Immigrants and assholes abuse it beyond its intended purpose. What is unclear ?

        8. I am stating facts. Do you have a problem with that? I am not making a value judgement one way or another.
          I am just refuting the notion that white men despise big government and the welfare state and women and non-whites love it.
          White men of European stock created the welfare state. That is just an indisputable fact.

        9. According to your logic, democrats have no need to flood the country with as many non-whites as possible, and exploiting womens’ innate desire for a provider.
          The democrat party’s actions are in line with what I’m saying; they know they need non-whites and women to grow their power / government.
          You pointing out that white men created these 70 years ago or whatever doesn’t change the here and now of non-whites immigration destroying the country.

        10. Your feelings and straw man arguments are not facts.
          You said that white men like limited government and women and minorities love big government despite the fact that every western country in the world has a massive welfare state and massive bureaucracy all of which was created by white men long before women and minorities had any power in any of these countries.

        11. —–so you think once whites are gone, all the non-whites will vote to get rid of the welfare state?

        12. That wasn’t your original argument and whites aren’t going anywhere.
          Most if not all European countries are 90% white or more.
          The US is the only country where its white population is massively shrinking.

        13. Just look at how many german men are writing books about the idea of an unconditional basic income. These fuckers want a big welfare state, too. Everyone wants welfare.
          Feels good, man. More comfort.

        14. Have you heard of germany before?
          That’s where I live and from my day-to-day observations I can tell you that the white population is caving in.

        15. Dude, have you heard about the term ‘refugee crisis’? Have you heard about the non-existent fertility rate of german women? Are you trolling me?

        16. Why don’t you deal with fact and evidence instead of your feelings?
          Germany has 82 million people.
          7.7% of Germany is composed of foreign nationals many of those foreign nationals are white.
          Deal with facts.
          Even if Turks and other Muslims make up 4 million people.
          78 million people in Germany are white.

        17. Deal with the fact that every year at least 400,000 muslim migrants come to germany while the german population is declining due to a 1.3 fertility rate.
          I hope you’re a troll. Otherwise you’re a lunatic.

        18. I love how you call me names instead of dealing with facts and evidence.
          Germany has 82 million people.
          At most, there are 4 million Muslims.
          Don’t blame me because you don’t understand basic math.
          The Muslim invasion just happened.
          So don’t lie and say that 400K Muslims in Germany a year is the norm.
          You call me a troll, you can call me a lunatic, but at least, unlike you, I have integrity and tell the truth.
          Your feelings and paranoia are not facts.

        19. Germany has 82 million people, at most 4 million are Muslims.
          Deal with the mathematical fact that there are 78 million white people in Germany.

        20. Considering the fact that you responded in under 60 seconds you didn’t watch the video. That makes you a troll.
          Btw you are still only pointing out current numbers without taking a look at the development.
          It’s like saying ‘68% of US americans are white, therefore the US is still predominantly white in the year 2760’.
          You’re obviously a troll.

        21. Calling me names is not an argument.
          Germany has 78 million white people who are not going anywhere.
          Anybody who thinks Germany is going to be ethnically cleansed by 4 million Muslims is a fool.
          Instead of relying on propaganda videos to do your thinking for you, deal with the math as it exists.

        22. Okay you are obviously not able to understand the words ‘influx’, ‘migration’, ‘age pyramid’ and ‘muslim birthrates’.

        23. You are blocking the truth.
          You are so math challenged that you think 4 million Muslims can ethnically cleanse 78 million German white people out of existence.

        24. most white men would prefer fending for themselves, limited government, etc… the welfare state you are referring to wasn’t created by your average white male. it was created by the globalist at the point of a gun.

        25. lol you state 7.7% with such certainty, did you, yourself take that poll and count everyone inside germanys borders. is it at all possible those numbers could be erroneous because there is an agenda at stake? wake up dude, you are like the guy from along came polly. absolutely 0 emotional intelligence. you just take any number that comes your way and treat it as a “fact”. boots ON THE GROUND in Germany suggests that minorities are over-running the country.

        26. Thanks for not telling anyone that most of those 78 million people are very old and those Muslims are very young as a fellow cuck I like to play games and BS with stats too. Ya man 99 year old great grand motherthe Gertrude will contribute as much as 18year old Mohammed.You are so cleaver I hope nobody sees past your Bull shit.

        27. I promise not to tell anyone that the German population is very old and the Muslim population is very young. I think we can fool them if we keep this fact a secret fellow cuck boy.

        28. you are so tricky let’s not mention the fact that those 78 million are very old and the 4 million Muslims are very young. Most Germans are well past their reproductive years aand most Muslims are just entering theirs, but lets baffle them with Bull shit keep throwing out that 78 and 4 number, I think we got them fooled fellow white cuck boy.

        29. Ya baby I think we got him fooled no one will find out the German population is very old And the Muslim population is very young. You are such a tricky dick liar, You are my hero DICK Saunders

        30. Thats a good one,” blocking the truth”, but lets make sure the truth that the Germans are very old on average and the Muslims are very young does not come ou.t lets make keep the illusion alive that a population with 80 year old great grandmothers are going to have children at the same rate as a population largely made up of 20 year olds.

        31. do you mean the ratio of Germans that are in the reproductive years verses Muslims in their reproductive years or are we including 50 60 70 80 90 year olds that the German population is largely made of? Oh Dam sorry I was should not ask that. It will be our little secret. I admire you, you are so tricky Dick, you are truly a fellow cuck boy..

        32. Women gained universal suffrage on August 18, 1920. Perfectly coinciding the growth of the welfare state of the 30’s, 40’s 50s, and 60’s.
          The very first issue women voted for was in overwhelming favor of the Prohibition. You saw how that worked out.

        33. You’re absolutely correct. The growth of the central power coincides with the female vote.
          Women’s suffrage was passed on August 18, 1920. The very first thing women voted for was in favor of the Prohibition, passed in October 1920.
          Our friend Richard is displaying his proud cuck tradition for all to see.

        34. Google one word: Fecundity.
          Overall population means nothing if their are no fertile women reproducing more than 2.1 children over a lifetime span. It’s basic biology.

        35. I really don’t honk that you understand what a “fact” is or how to appropriately use them.

    2. Single motherhood. That’s it. They know who will fund the choice they made and who won’t. It’s not about intelligence, it’s about self interest at this point.
      Stop funding single motherhood and the black community will shape up to something closer to what it was in the past really fast (back when you had a Black Wall Street in Oklahoma, and a Black Beverly Hills in California, shoot Compton, once upon a time, just a normal working class community).

    3. The Irish still vote Democrat to this day. Scandinavians do too. Do the Eastern Europeans really care all that much about limited government?

      1. on average, mights are more likely, out of any other race, than to vote for limited government, and thte concept of limited government with liberties. other races it’s skewed for more disproportionately to large government. the ONLY resistance to large government anymore is white men, however few we may be.

        1. Well, “white” isn’t a race, but I’m not going to get into that right now.
          Europeans are hardly a homogeneous group. It’s really only northern and western Europeans who as a group have had any concern for limited government and the freedom and rights of individuals. Compare eastern Europe to western Europe in terms of corruption, among other things.

        2. I feel identified with it. Nowadays in my country the unique dissident group I can find are people who advocate for a Fascist-like State. An omnipresent State which controls everything (highly linked with corporatism). I have a hard time finding people who are up for a limited government with liberties.

      2. I used to live in the South. I grew up in the only state that voted against Reagan’s second term. My whole family is yellow dog democrats, they would vote for a yellow dog if it was on the democratic ticket. I asked the southerners (at that time 100% democratic, times have dramatically changed) why they went with the
        Dems. They said it was because Lincoln was a Repub. I asked my parents why they voted Dem. They said it was because FDR was a Dem. I pointed out to both groups that the person they were voting for or against was not running, and in fact had been dead for a long time. This did not make a dent.

    4. They don’t understand our culture when it comes to Magna Carta, AoC, bill of rights but, I live in the southwest and live and work with Mexicans. Believe me when I say with the proper knowledge they are just like us my friend. I mean they are a very civilized race, they are just brainwashed by leftist governments and leftist media

  17. New cover of german magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ (one of the three biggest magazines):
    “5 Minutes before Trump – Hillary Clintons weakness leads to a great danger for the planet.”
    I love it. According to german MSM Trump is way worse than Hitler. He will quash the planet.

    1. The obviousness of the rigged component become very clear during the recounts for Bush. Recount? How the FUCK is it even possible to NEED a damn recount? Total b.s., agree rigged… the question then becomes.. HOW rigged are they? My guess is increasingly more with each election.

      1. Indeed.
        You’re guess is right. The elections are getting more and more rigged because their game is becoming more and more obvious. Plus they way they conduct the economy is becoming mathematically impossible and in order to keep kicking the can down the road they need solid political backing.

  18. The fact that women and non-whites vote for bigger government means on a deep level they don’t feel they can compete with white men, or don’t want to try to survive on their own. So they want a nice democrat politician to allocate them resources.
    So many women leave their ‘careers’ early to get pregnant and never go back, even the ‘smart’ ones know they don’t intend to care for themselves.
    Japan, China, Poland, and Hungary might be the only bastions of civilization here soon.

    1. Indeed,
      What worries me though is that “civilization” might be the very problem that got us here. If they (the civilizations) are successful, they end up with an abundance of resources which is inevitably converted to comfort through technology. And excessive comfort breeds weak, triggered people who vote that more of other people’s resources be redistributed to whoever has the greatest sob story. Not exactly a competition that favors manly men.
      The ultimate measures become “happiness” and “quality of life” (instead of i.e strength and meaningfulness).
      This goes on until the weak people are coming close to annihilating themselves through unsustainable living (i.e like having very few kids). The comfort collapses and men with strength, courage, mastery and honor will return once more to restart the cycle.

        1. Sadly, that’s something I don’t quite have an answer for (yet at least).
          And we may not want to avoid it entirely. It has given us a lot of good things too. But it also seems to contain the seeds for its own destruction.
          I guess it’s about finding a sweet spot between barbarian and civilized virtues. But that’s not easy to do when you have these giant states and giant companies, vying for power over you. It in in their interest that men stay soft, non-violent and easily controlled.
          I recommend that men read Jack Donovan. Begin with the Way of Men if you haven’t read it.

        2. I don’t think you can. I think you just have to be prepared for the collapse, in whatever form it comes.

        3. many take a cyclical view and assume that civilizations take a ‘natural’ course, before declining. That’s a bit defeatist though. Perhaps what you suggest is possible

        4. I am prepared for all types of collapse. I say that because in any collapse I can envision, I will be dead very quickly. Not my problem anymore.

      1. The problem is that government washes violence.
        These people would not grab a gun and do the deed themselves but through the voting booth they are suddenly brave enough to do it. Not only that but it becomes socially acceptable to do it.
        Government is the monopoly on legal violence. Get rid of that or at least severely restrict its use to the defense of life and property against aggression and the other problems will work themselves out.

    2. Seriously man fuck China, they have completely destroyed their environment and don’t value life. They have millions of people enslaved and are content to live in fear of their government. That is seriously misguided looking up to them.

      1. I’m saying they keep their population homogenous with mostly shared values compared to white communities being flooded with muslims in western countries.

      2. They might fuck of their country themselves, but they don’t allow OTHERS to fuck them up. Subtle but important difference.
        I doubt they have jews running the banks and government, or horny muslims roaming the streets.

        1. Well I’d rather be a non-elite beta male here than a poor slave worker in China. And the sex ratio is so horribly skewed that most men will die as incels

        2. That’s a fair position, I am just saying that it’s a bar fight not a gang war and I don’t think that their culture is compatible with ours. Their unbridled greed has cost them their homeland as had ours.

    3. forget about Hungary man… I live here. This society is also rotten to the core. Mind you, in a slightly different way than yours but unfortunately feminism is also rampant here (obviously not so much as over there, still it makes me sick to the stomach), not very many people are religious, true national pride is all but non-existent, we are a depressed, self-loathing, apathetic people who are unable to stand up for themselves be it at an individual or at a societal level. If you started to beat up someone on public transport you know what people would do? look in the opposite direction. Any and all incentives to make this country a more livable place is nipped in the bud. We are doing our best to write ourselves off of history.
      Sorry. That’s the ugly truth. Oh yeah and English is my second language. If anyone corrects any mistake I’ll really appreciate that. Have a good day!

      1. Well that sentence about the incentives is exaggerated a bit. But believe me Hungarians are experts to fuck up this society and country

      2. Much of what I see (and perhaps others with a favorable view of Hungary) centers around PM Orbán. A nationalist Euro-sceptic that takes a dim view of Islamic immigrants. In a first order analysis, it will seem like the people of Hungary are getting their politics right.

        1. It’s a bit more complex than that. What you said is correct. However, having our shit together would mean so much more than that. Our education system is in ruins for example and the government isn’t doing anything to make it better. There are tons more things they are not doing although they bloody well shoud if they actually wanted to preserve this country

        2. As for his nationalism he prevented multiple times the abolition of the communists’ pension. There are still a lot of people who get pension after having worked to maintain the then-socialist regime. Basically subhuman criminal scum. Orbán and his party voted against the abolition of their pensions. Multiple times. We even had an ex-deputy PM who was responsible for some of the retaliation after 1956. He got an awful lot of money as pension even though he committed crimes against humanity. Orbán had no problem with that. This is just one example. I could go on and on and on but I think you already get it. He’s not such a good guy as he seems when he talks about immigration

        1. I’m honestly not in a position to be able to answer that. What I think is that given how westernized these societies are I wouldn’t give any of them a lot of chance in the long run. This shit that flows right in here from the West is so strong that the trends it started are imposssible to reverse in my opinion. It’ll only get worse. Roosh also had an article once about how much worse Poland had become in a few years. They are still a lot better than us.
          If you include Russia in Eastern Europe I’d go for that provided they can come up with someone who can carry on Putin’s legacy

        2. Social media are just a huge echo chamber of cultural marxism.
          I mean, just compare germany 2006 to germany 2016 – those are 2 completely different countries.
          Social Media is killing our nations faster than anything else.

        3. yea I was thinking Russia.
          Most of their muslims are either in the Dagestan area, or are central Asians whom I don’t think are as crazy.

        4. “yea I was thinking Russia.
          Most of their muslims are either in the Dagestan area, or are central Asians whom I don’t think are as crazy”
          True – and even more important is that anglo Russians will not tolerate a groping or any bs from their muzzies.

    4. But it’s interesting to see how birth rates are collapsing in every wealthy country doesn’t matter if they are influenced by cultural marxism or not.
      The birth rates of south korea, japan and taiwan are the lowest on the planet.
      Prosperity doesn’t procreate.

      1. Well it happens when women enter the workforce. They don’t have time for kids anymore, or perhaps just one or two to avoid becoming cat ladies. Very simple and thank you feminism for destroying the only job women are good at.

        1. The following countries have the highest female activity rate in the EU:
          Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany.
          And now ask yourself which countries are the most fucked by low fertility rate and feminism.
          You’re right.

        2. Denmark is pretty feminist..and we have low birthrates. If we are the best in EU then EU is completely screwed.

        3. If countries are the best, they are going to get worse.
          No antifragility in fluffy environments.
          No diamonds without pressure.

        4. And the ones they do “raise” are chaperoned into becoming SJWs out of the womb… add that to the declining birth rate.. the rate of devalued societal leeches

  19. Checked out the map. NC will not be blue in my opinion.
    Republicans need to lower immigration. And appeal to Hispanic catholic values. If it were not for the cultural marxist radical Latino groups, Mexicans could be great conservatives.
    Mexian dudes of my age even wear cowboy boots. Alternernative right needs to reach out to them.
    I like Mexicans. Just slow immigration so those here can become middle class and republican

    1. “Mexicans could be great conservatives”
      If this is the case, why do so many of them as well as those from other central and southern american countries vote overwhelmingly for the left?
      Those countries have been leftist since the turn of the 20th century (especially Mexico, which itself has been under one party rule for 95% of the past century). You can’t just teleport someone from point A and expect them to abandon their beliefs when they arrive at point B.

      1. You are misinformed.
        The parties that have controlled Mexico have been far-right or right-wing.
        Mexico was a military dictatorship for most of its history and for the last 100 years has swung between right-wing and far-right. Or PRI and PAN most recently.

        1. What does gun ownership have to do with right-wing or left-wing? That is just silly. Name all the countries in the world that have gun ownership as a right under the law.
          Fact: Mexico was a military dictatorship for most of its history.
          Fact: Mexico was controlled by PRI for most of the last 100 years and it is a right-wing party.
          Fact: The only real competitor was PAN, which is a far-right party.
          You have no evidence that Mexicans are left-wing or lean left-wing.

        2. I used gun ownership as an example to illustrate why the left right paradigm as we understand it, cannot be properly used for other nations.
          Also, last I checked, PRI is a party that’s affiliated with Socialist International, that SOMETIMES goes “centrist”. That’s not exactly “right wing”. And even PAN itself isn’t what I would call “far-right”.
          Your characterizations surrounding political ideologies, as well you attacking me for not inundating you with “evidence” despite you not providing your own, invalidate your argument.

        3. PRI is a right-wing party and has always been a right-wing party.
          Anybody can look up the history of the parties of PRI and PAN on their own.
          You can continue to lie but that is your problem and not mine.
          Mexico is not a left-wing country and never has been during its entire history.
          Give me on shred of evidence that Mexico is a left-wing country.

        4. Social International is not evidence of anything.
          PRI has been the major party of Mexico for the last 100 years and it is a right-wing party.
          Mexico has a left-wing party already and it is not PRI.
          It is called PRD.
          PRI, PAN and PRD are the major parties of Mexico.
          PRI and PAN are right-wing parties.
          PRI has always practiced national socialism. It has kept industries nationalized as part of the national interest and not necessarily because it believes that the state should own the means of production.

        5. Silly? Private gun ownership is a huge issue in US elections.
          Most people are apolitical and their vote hinges on a couple of single issues and most politicians know that.

        6. Socialism is a left wing construct in the American paradigm. You are just arguing two sides of the same coin regarding differences if the parties.

        7. You are seriously deluded. The PRI is a social democratic party that embraced a Third Way economic model similar to New Labour in Great Britain. Calling them right-wing shows you are severely uninformed about foreign politics.

      2. i seriously question if hispanics(white or non-white) will ever be Republicans. Post 2012 election autopsy said they should appeal to hispanics because of family values etc. I think whoever did the autopsy is absolutely retarded. I seriously wonder if the Koch brother’s paid someone to put that bullshit in there so they can push amnesty to lower their labor costs legally. Because after all, right or left, all those billionaire types, all they care about is making more money. Community and country be damn.
        The fact is, most of these Latin American countries are leftist banana republic regimes who are incredibly corrupt and get reelected by promising hand outs to the poor at the expense of rich/successful people. THERE IS NOTHING CONSERVATIVE ABOUT THAT. Not to mention, most hispanics do not consider themselves white and therefore have the minority complex which makes them feel inferior to whites.
        The Republican party IS the party of white people. rather than try to branch out and alienate those who actually are natural conservatives it is best to circle the wagons and advocate for policies that strengthen your base. Trump is doing this with stopping immigration, calling out global warming for what is it (a farce) and his childcare policy. He needs to start allowing higher levels of immigration from European countries such as Greece, Poland, and others.

  20. If anyone thinks the popular vote actually matters, I have some nice beachfront real estate to sell you, here in Denver.

  21. If Trump killed a bulldog that was attacking a baby, tomorrow the headlines would read”Trump murders family pet!”.

    1. Similar to the actual German newspaper headline of a jihadi blowing himself up in an attack at a mall, “Syrian Refugee Killed in a German Explosion.”

  22. Personally, I think Trump takes PA, MI, NC, and VA. I think he loses CO, NV, and possibly FL. He also has the outside chance to pick up NH and ME. Ultimately, I think he wins this election. Especially with the recent terror attacks in MN, NYC, and NJ.
    I think he is able to win PA and MI because he is able to make inroads with black voters. I think he will take 30% of the black votes, currently he has ~20%. Additionally, I think he can get a lot of Democrats in PA and MI to swing over to him. A weak candidate like Romney lost PA by 300k votes. Trump only needs to swing 150k of those to his side to close the gap. I think he can do it. I think Trump will win.

    1. I’ve got Trump anywhere from 250-266. I think he’ll win the popular vote, and just come up short of the EC.

        1. Iowa, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Nevada
          Maybe NC, NH. I think PA will barely slip away, and it’s really the crucial state.

  23. This is why even if Trump wins, it is merely delaying the inevitable. Demographics will kill us in the end, since native born Americans aren’t having as many kids as the illegals and welfare colonists are.
    Balkanization is America’s future. I wish it weren’t the case, but when they eventually outnumber us outright (without the white and black cucks that will side with them), they’ll begin to “vote themselves largesse”, as Frederic Bastiat put it.
    What’ll be interesting to see is how the white liberals that sided with them in the name of “equality” respond when they become the ones discriminated against.

    1. White liberals suffer from white guilt so they are ready to lick the boots of minority’s to prove they aren’t racists. They think whites deserve payback for past transgressions so are more than willing to help eleminate thier own.

      1. Unless they get eliminated by minorities before us “deplorables” do.
        If it happened in 1917 russia, it can happen here.

  24. Women get to vote but aren’t required to register for military service. Social parasites who pay no income tax are allowed to vote in federal elections. This can only happen in a society where males are raised and educated to be beta as all fuck. The social contract is broken for tax paying males.

    1. There have been calls this year by democrats to allow convicted felons to vote. Of course, they will have to let them out of prison to vote (and they will).

      1. I believe the wording on that was once they were released they would be allowed to vote. Many released prisoners do reform themselves once they leave the jailhouse, and I’m not one to believe you should be forever punished if you served your time and have turned yourself over.

        1. Point taken.. however, do you think a convicted felon would more likely vote for a party which is traditionally tough on crime, or a party which is soft on crime? Seems like yet another ploy by the Dems to stack the deck.

        2. I see your point and it is hard to say that felons as a whole will vote for conservatism but, I myself am an example of RockOn’s point. I have done time, learned my lesson and am now a man who is law abiding, God loving, faithful to my family and community and am now far right enough to even be called reactionary in most views.
          With that said in order to grant felons the right to vote we would first need an impeccable test to determine true reform.

        3. Read my comment and what I say is true, you don’t want me to vote because I committed a crime at the fresh age of 18? Now a drug dealer in and out his whole life I agree. But a comprise is beneficial to you and I and society.

        4. How they vote is irrelevant, I’m merely saying that once the punishment has been served, they can vote however they choose. I’m simply saying that someone shouldn’t be punished forever for something they did in the past, especially after they served the sentence for that crime.

        5. Their motives are exactly the same as the Republicans; to get elected and reelected and to hold onto power as long as they can. Anything else is such a distant second that it can’t even be seen from number 1.

        6. I don’t agree. It isn’t democratic. It allows one era to outlaw something and deprive the future of a voice. Why should someone never get to vote for torrenting music?

        7. We get to decide who votes in a democratic society. Felons are a burden on society and are not worthy of the honor. We finally decided to let women vote and it was a disaster.

  25. Is America / Europe Too Far Gone?
    We, the ROK are the remnants of what is left of our own countries… Some of us are young, some of us are old. Some of us are ageless, like yours truly …
    Who would have thought that western countries would have gone so deep into the abyss?
    How far have we drifted off course in a short 25 years?
    Things aren’t what they used to be… America went down a very slippery slope after 911, but the inside plumbing job got botched up.
    So instead of completely flushing America down the toilet, the globalists are now stuck with trying to poor liquid multiculturalism down our throats to unclog their drain… Fortunately there are still way too many good people in western world, to give up what so many have fought, labored, and died for.
    We will not go silently into the night.

  26. George W Bush was a republican. Jst sayin.
    Its funny how ya’ll talk about smaller government like when republicans are in power you don’t pay any taxes.
    Balance is key, the only problem with the USA is corruption and selfishness at the high end of town. I watched a movie on the weekend called the world according to Bush. I think it pretty much sums up what the American government’s priorities are.

    1. Much as I fear military service I think Starship Troopers democracy is good. That way only a minority of women would vote and it would be the right kind.

  27. Damn I post a comment saying how we should not underestimate the ability of Mexican Americans to be swayed to right wing causes and they pull it down is ROK establishment? What the hell

  28. I live in the Southwest US and work and live closely with them. Mexican and Latino Americans have been brainwashed by shithole leftist governments and shithole leftist media. They are very faithful to Catholicism and family. The right outreach and leadership and we can turn this demographic divide here in the US to our advantage!

  29. I cannot see Hillary winning this election honestly. Nobody likes her except aging Boomer spinster feminists. The millennials hate her because of what she did to Bernie, so don’t expect a big turnout from my generation. Trump’s winning the biggest share of the black vote a Republican candidate has received in decades. Apparently, he only needs about 15% of the black vote to win the election. The blacks really aren’t too big on Hillary either, so I wouldn’t be expecting a huge black turnout for her And Hispanics aren’t as monolithic a voting bloc as blacks tend to be. The only way the hag will win this is through fraud.

    1. Latest la timespoll has trump up 8% with millenials and has trump at a whopping 20% of african americans and over 30% of Latinos. Hed do better with those numbers than any repub candidate since Nixon with non white voters. He might of saved the Republican party by changing who is defined as a Republican because like this article states the old republican platform wouldn’t gwt these minority voters

  30. Basically, if we were to create a government, exactly like the original US government, same constitution, but without the commerce clause, and explicitly BANNING wealth redistribution of any kind, we’d keep the r/K in our country balanced toward K for a LONG time. Hard to be a piece of shit when daddy government won’t write you a check. And nobody would starve either, charity exists, and maybe then they’d be grateful, since nobody was forced to give them anything.

  31. Immigration has been weaponized… It’s a demographic takeover by the Dems/Libs/Commies . Treason and sedition I think….

  32. One counter-factor is that as Hispanics and Asians become the major taxpayers they won’t be so eager to pay for the welfare parasites.

  33. We were warned in the Bible’s book of Genesis the carnage a woman’s choice can have on man. We still haven’t learned.

  34. “Men, and particularly white men have been asleep at the wheel for a century as their nation and their voice in it has been repeatedly and steadily undermined.”
    At times I’d peruse the occasional family tv shows that gets posted on you tube – like Leave It To Beaver, Dennis the Menace, My Three Sons, Andy Griffith, and even the Brady Bunch to name a few. Watching these old relic shows gets the nostalgia going, which leads to a melancholoy about just what has happened to the white race.
    The author of this article is correct: whites dropped the ball. They became less tribal, and softer in the spine in an era where the bible and the symbol of Christ gets insulted in the media very frequently. They also were not paying close enough attention to the migrant policies of the political elites. Christians also ate the poisoned apple known as feminism which caused women to automatically throw family under the bus and pursue careers, which caused huge drop in their numbers.
    It is sad – indeed the demographic landscape is changing, but whites have only themselves to blame for their extinction.

    1. Spot on. Christianity has been under attack for a long time. If you think about it for a minute, they converted the figure of Jesus Christ into a beta, permissive and always-forgiving male. They tell you that in order to be good you need to be passive and forgive all bad. When we should look at to Jesus as the Hero he really represents. This has been one of the things that has contributed to the actual status of the West.

      1. ” They tell you that in order to be good you need to be passive and forgive all bad”
        Oh man, you know it, good sir. This is the kind of excrement both my father and mother taught me, hence why I grew up a simp who never defended himself, especially from non whites.

        1. There’s a book: “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. It speaks very well on this issue, on how the figure of Christ has been transformed into something weak and permissive, instead of the Hero it should represent for us, a real role model and not the weak man he represents nowadays.
          I also passed through that stage where I became kind of a “pacifist”, but it lasted less than 1 year. In a country like mine you cannot afford to be like that in school. If you allow other guys to insult and mock on you and even hit you, and you don’t fight back, then you are set for a very tough time in elementary or high school.
          Our world is cruel and hard, we cannot afford to be pacifists. That’s where modern Christianity has failed and has allowed this disaster to happen: millions of immigrants flooding the west, degenerate promotion of homosexuality, feminism, etc.

        2. Well, to be frank, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jesus after all, never exactly fought back when he was crucified. Didn’t even go out like a man fighting with sword in hand as Thor would have done.

        3. I’m not a believer myself, but understanding the myth like this is not the answer. He didn’t fight back when they tried to crucify him, but he came back from death. Pretty much what a Hero needs to do in order to be considered as such: separation of the world, an important victory to win and come back from this venture to share the wisdom and knowledge with the rest of humanity.
          This is the problem. Instead of teaching us this, they have told us that to be good you need to be literally weak and forgiving.

        4. “Our world is cruel and hard, we cannot afford to be pacifists. That’s where modern Christianity has failed and has allowed this disaster to happen: millions of immigrants flooding the west, degenerate promotion of homosexuality, feminism, etc”
          You nailed it.

    2. It is Christian to love people who insult Christ. What did you expect? Old school heretic burning wasn’t Christian.

  35. The time to prepare for the coming storm is now, gentlemen. As Roosh stated, if Hilary gets elected we are screwed. Either expat if you can, or if you are going to remain Stateside, get tribal by discretely organizing with like minded men. There have already been a few articles on arranging such a network, so best get busy, or at least figure out a plan now.

  36. Republicans are progressives that are a couple decades behind. It’s all one club. Nobody is a better example of that than Donald Trump. He’s like a 1970s democrat.

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      1. What really irks me is how it doesn’t even register as being disrespected by your average beta. They just chuckle at their own humiliation.

        1. You should see me during the small windows of time that I watch TV. Fuming at a lot of the commercials and shit. Everything has become so incredibly superficial that it drives me insane. Advertisers don’t even bother hiding it anymore. They almost outright call you fat and stupid and then demand you buy their product.

        2. The dynamics is not what you have stated. They are calling men, especially white men, stupid, fat, incompetent, and socially inept. They are not selling to men. Men are not the ones buying. Women spend 80% of every dollar made by anyone. The advertisers, like the politicians and society as a whole, don’t give a rat’s ass about men. The advertisers at least are merely going for the money. Politicians are only going for the votes. Society seemingly just hates men.

        3. I understand the response… Do it myself even. They tell themselves it proves they are.tough because they are.not bothered by it. But it is a.nervous chuckle. Not a guffaw of true enjoyment. They a siege mentality and must bare teeth in submission.

    1. This is why I dont own a TV and havent for over a decade, and I cannot stand the radio either. Advertising makes people stupid, insane, and brainwashed. I can’t tolerate either for longer than a few minutes.

      1. I’ve been unplugged from the electric jew for nearly 7 years now. It’s liberating. Alternative media is overtaking mainstream / old media for a reason.

  38. It’s the Federal Reserve. As long as the government can print money, it can steal our money without asking. No need for legislation or tax increases. Without money, all of the government shenanigans would stop.
    Buy gold and bitcoins. Find ways to generate passive income. Be a creator, not a consumer. Make kids. Cut out mass media and spectator sports and stop wasting money.

  39. I think there is little chance Trump will win. Popular votes and general mentality doesn’t mean anything anymore as you have this dumb electoral votes system. So Trump can win in most states, but if Clinton wins in just of couple of states which have high number of electoral votes, he is screwed.

    1. Hillary can only steal a ‘win’ through dishonesty, gangland murder and now it’s cover ups and acts of desparation including her followers. Trump treads on consistently. Beneath the surface is the will of the people and a growing energy to live, be great and reject bedridden death and the euthanasia of the nanny state. Hillary’s screeching voice will trigger a reaction in many of her femboob followers at a point and cause them to begin projectile vomiting out the overbearing false ‘mothering’ of the anti-tribal ‘bitchstate’. If you’ve ever became sick on a car ride or train ride you know what I mean. You’re fine one munite and the next munite, you see someone in the cabin or you smell something that is repulsive. You ‘see’ with clarity a negative that you must shut your eyes to and get fresh air away from. Your head swims and you feel vomit welling within seconds. It is rapid. The will of the people is life and the nanny state is death.

  40. I see many more trump signs in yards now than I did over the summer. They’re popping up everywhere. You can now start a Trump convo in the store with a stranger, any stranger. Let’s throw out the word ‘stranger’. Who the hell redefined fellow countrymen as ‘strange’? Hmmm? People who were anti-country, that’s who. People are connecting everywhere.
    The Hillary signs are so few you can take note and now you see the hard core shitsters in your community that cling to the corrupt cabal. The shitsters, you can’t even talk to them. It’s like talking to a reptoid lizard. On a street row of Trump signs, you see a neat yard with a lone Hillary sign and no kids, sterile, no life. The place is dead. Even without a nose you smell when you’re in the presence of death. If the people do come out, they’re voices shake. Neurotic, stupid poor feminist bitter clinger or some profiteer man of culture killing. The racketeer cabal man or petty local tyrant can’t even hide behind his moustache and his eyeglasses fog up. Good riddens. We see you now. All along they had their hapless dupes sirening for them, shaming those who supported Trump. The nutjob sjw “you’re racist, you’re Hitler” falls on deaf ears now. It doesn’t work anymore. Their trusted community of hapless dupes are turning silent. Their energy is gone. Their only trusted currency was the brainwashed masses of ‘hapless dupe’ supperters. Their hapless dupes wisened up and did their own wake-up brain-cleanse right under the noses of the cabal and the fodder is turning. There is hope and LIFE elsewhere. Even the predicted sheep followers of Hillary, they see it too. She is death.
    Hail victory! Trump 2016!

  41. Demographic changes are very important, that much is true. However, I think that if trends continue the way this article predicts we won’t have a United States of America. I think the country will disintegrate. That being said, I’m optimistic about Trump. The demorats had a terrible week last week…Trump soared in the polls and hil-dog had a seizure and collapsed on television. Oh and, the week prior hil-dog also severely insulted 1/2 of the people in the US. Oh and there was yet another domestic bombing by ISIS. Numbers notwithstanding, calling half of the voters deplorable made a lasting mark. If we break up then so what. I would much rather we did to be honest, unless, of course, we can break out of this socialist/communist stage we’re in (and many nations have before us). hil-dog is not only corrupt she is unhealthy to the point that based on health alone she is unfit for the office. The recent domestic terrorist attacks play to Trump.
    Another poster below pointed-out that Hispanics, although being mostly democrat, are very traditional people. These are not the people who are going to go along with the sexual depraved for the long run. At the moment Islam and feminism and homosexualism seem to be making strange bedfellows, but come on…this “alliance” cannot and will no last. Hispanics and other traditionally orientated groups, likewise, cannot stand with such groups either.

    1. I’d be content with a break up if it happened, assuming that Ohio gets ceded to the Western/Midwestern nation. Don’t want to be attached to the East leeches at all, ever.

      1. Part of me thinks this is just America’s phase in socialism/communism just like with many other nations like Russia and Eastern Europe. But, lets be fair, this “phase” exacts a tremendous cost, Russia, for instance has seen its population halved due to the ravages of communism. America may fall apart or worse. But, it is a phase. It makes no sense and can not work. Things change.

  42. Aw man, I am sure glad this article let childless white betas off the hook, alphas reproduce in the wild if a beta has a cub the alpha will often kill it . In our culture the alpha government tricks betas in believing abortion, ,global warming and other BS. Iet a beta like me and my hero Limbaugh off the hook. I can’t put two and two together and figure out how Limbaugh and millions of other childless white boys are in fact a large reason why demographics are changing in this country.We get off watching our sports hero’s have tons of out of wedlock kids bit have no family of our own. We should only focus on immigration not childless tools like Limbaugh who marry divorce 4 times and ruin 4 women’s fertility years by refusing to have children. This is an example to millions, thanks for
    not making the childless by choice short sighted feal uncomfortable let’s ignore the one thing we as men can actually do something about.Solving a problem is too alpha let’s whine like betas

    1. cuck
      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    2. “only alphas reproduce in the wild if a beta has a cub the alpha will kill it .” Ummm citation? Which Animal is this?

      1. Oh ya majoring in the minors helps me get by too.This was clearly a lesson in animal reproduction. There is no results if you Google dominant males killing rivals cubs, you win, I used the word only wow , you are so brave facing the major issue of animal biology. Are you childless? Did you abort any of your children? The west is dying this is very uncomfortable for you you continue to need to focus on animal reproduction, maybe you need to go to the Kardashians Web site, ya man.

  43. None of anything you said made any kind of sense. Like legitimately do any of you actually truly believe this dibble nonsense? No fully functioning human can believe this lmfao But it’s whatever stay in your moms basements you collection of Homunculus

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