7 Ways My Body Has Changed After Hitting 30

In spite of my best efforts, I have been unable to halt the effects of time upon my body. While I have no serious health issues, a crop of minor annoyances have popped up. I want to share them so the young men reading today have an idea of what to expect as they get older.

1. My sex drive has reduced


In my early 20’s, I remember masturbating at least once a day. I used to think about sex constantly and be ready to fornicate with anything remotely decent. Today, I don’t think of sex at all unless I’m in the vicinity of a beautiful girl or I haven’t been laid in at least two weeks. Because of that, I’ve been far more productive when it comes to work and can think more clearly, but I do feel like I’m missing out on a primal motivator that drove me in the past.

I know many men who take various hormonal substances to re-gain their vigor, but I don’t yet see it as a problem requiring medicinal supplementation.

2. My urine flow is more lazy


It takes me more time to shake off the remaining drops after urination, as if there is greater leftover still in the pipes. I’m aware that I could do reps of squeezing exercises that hit my PC muscles, but it’s not yet a big problem

3. I’m more fatigued after working out


After a workout, my body wants to call it a day and rest. To combat this, I sometimes have to take an espresso shot to help get me through the remainder of the day, something I didn’t have to do when I was younger. When I was boxing in Ukraine a couple years ago, some of the workouts were so intense that I had to go to sleep right after. Working out is supposed to increase your overall energy in theory, but you must account for long periods of rest.

4. My joints are getting stiffer


When I wake up in the morning, my spine, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and knees feel rigid, and I have to move around a bit until they are lubricated. I also have to stretch a lot more than when I was younger.

5. My kidneys are more sensitive to salt, caffeine, and alcohol


After eating a salty meal, I have to drink huge amounts of water afterwards to re-balance my system. My kidneys also go crazy if I go too heavy on diuretic drinks during the day, such as consuming coffee in the afternoon and then beer in the evening. During periods of drinking coffee every day, I feel like I’m in a chronic state of dehydration.

6. My eyes get so dry they burn


I’ve always had slightly dry eyes, but during the winter it’s getting bad enough that I have to sometimes skip out on wearing contacts. I’ve been able to temporarily solve this problem with eye drops and heat compresses, but I’m not producing enough eye oil. My eye doctor thinks it’s due to being on the computer so much, where blinking is less frequent.

7. My stomach sticks out slightly more


I haven’t put more fat on my stomach, but I noticed it’s a bit more distended than when I was younger, as if it wants to round out. My guess is that this is from lower levels of testosterone and just general aging.

The above changes aren’t debilitating by any means, but they are changes nonetheless. Based on what I see in my father, I’m guessing that my body will degrade slowly at first, and then a bit more rapidly after I hit 50 and all the little problems escalate further. As long as my dick works and I don’t need to hire a Filipina nurse to sponge bathe me, I think I’ll be able to adapt to the changes that come.

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391 thoughts on “7 Ways My Body Has Changed After Hitting 30”

  1. I’ve noticed some of these issues as well. The biggest one is I no longer have a cast iron stomach. No longer can I carelessly wolf down fast food whenever I please. If I do now, I regret it later.

  2. You are going at a rate about 10 years faster than I did. But time waits for no one and age has caught up to me with a vengeance. But the truth is, I don’t think many guys really miss their 20’s. I would love to relive that pure energy and drive, with the brain I have now. But I do not think you can think as clearly at 20 as you do at 30. That drive we have in our 20s just turns our brain off.
    30’s are your best years. Your body is in some ways stronger than your 20’s. Your mind is twice what it was. What most people call age in the 30s is really just over eating. If you stay in shape you look at good as you ever have.
    40’s your mind has peaked, you income has peaked, your cool factor has peaked. Your body is on its way down. Girls might still like you a lot. But not at first sight like they used to. Assuming you have kept in shape, most have not. But at 40 it is still fairly easy to have a very good body
    50s don’t fool yourself. You best have a good family already, amazing genes, plus game. And lower your expectations

    1. I am 23 and the hair loss is kicking in.
      I can’t wait for the 30s.
      I will be so much wiser, I will rock a bald hair so I don’t need to worry about a hair dryer again and my pupil size will shrink in the process of aging so the lasik complications related to my huge pupil size at dim light will reduce over time. I will also have much more money than I have now as a student.

      1. Dude I’m sorry. Your genetics sort of suck. I guess you are at your peak. May God help you.
        Let me be blunt, you are a student still, you have yet to live life and school does not teach life…. In 10 years you will feel the same way about what you are like now, as you do about the way you were back in middle school. Yes you are that stupid compared to the way you will be. You are so far from your peak now, that it can not even be seen on the horizon. You are still a child. And you will agree with what I just said, no matter how much you disagree with me now. 10 years from now, you will understand why I am laughing.

        1. yup sir. It’s funny, a young bartender last weekend told me he was tired and I told him I didn’t even yawn until I was 35.
          Looking back is a funny thing. If you don’t think that you were a total fucking moron 10 years ago then you didn’t do any growing in that 10 years. I hope that every time I look back at any age I always laugh at myself. The day I don’t is the day I know I have stopped growing.

        2. I was always a slug … so I can’t say I have less energy than I did when I was younger … my brain always felt like it was getting cooked unless I got sleep. I simply can’t do good work when tired.

        3. I think some of us just feel the passion of life longer. Other than maybe losing hair, your body is as strong as ever well into your 40s and there are still no wrinkles in the skin at that age.

        4. I find this true as well. I still recommend proper nutrition, hydration and exercise but I would recommend that to 16 year old boys as well. I wonder if in some way living in a fast paced city doesn’t also keep me more energetic. I think it is common knowledge that a city like new York will burn a person out, but I am starting to think that that wisdom is more for transplants who have to contend with the high stress level without being born into it. As Bane was born into the darkness, I was born into the chaos of a new York city life and I thrive on the energy of the city where often (though not always) transplants are crushed by it.

        5. I can speak for LA which known to be fast paced. When I grew up there we had a work hard play hard philosophy. Now that balance might be harder to do. My hard working one week check at 20 years old was enough to pay my months rent. I don’t think the young guys starting out now can dream of paying for a place of there own with only one weeks pay. I think work hard and rarely play is a soul killer

        6. I have only been to LA twice and both times only for a short stay. One time I was young and had very little money and another time I stayed at the four seasons. The second time was fun. I don’t know if it is indicative of the city in general or just my experience. I know that NYC, while incredibly expensive to live in, has tons of free stuff that you can do at any income level. I could have fun in NYC on 20 bucks and never go without or on 20k and have stuff I didn’t do yet.

        7. LA is simply expensive now but back in the day if you had a car and they were cheap. There was a lot to do that cost very little to nothing. LA glorifies living the life so living cheaply could be depressing as hell in LA now. Times, people and places are all different. And a local knows things a traveler never will

        8. I figured about the local. I was in LA about 25 years ago. Crappy hotel. No car. No money. Wound up hitting some crappy bars and then moving on down the line to the eventual destination, TJ.
          Then about 3 years ago I flew out and stayed in Bev Hills at four seasons, did I up with restaurants and European pools and good booze.

        9. A cheap hotel in LA, even 25 years ago. That means you were in a shit part of town. No car in LA means, you were screwed. That could not have been a good time

        10. It was not. I was with a buddy and we were traveling down south from san fransisco. A lot of hitching. I mean, I was young and we made the most of it, but it wasn’t exactly the best time ever.

        11. I worked in San Diego every summer when I was in school. TJ was always a fun trip. SD is a real fun town, if you know it and have a car. But having a good job there is not easy.

    2. I would disagree. Your 40s is your golden decade. You have amassed knowledge and some wealth which allows you freedom you haven’t had before and your body (if you kept in shape) still allows you to do what ever you want. At 50 you have hit your peak and it is all downhill after that (speed may vary).

      1. That’s correct except the 50 peak part, which I have not yet reached.

        1. I don’t know if I have more, but I’m still heavily invested in doing the Bed Dance.

        2. The only joint issues I have is if I legitimately stress one out with super heavy weights, which has happened to me before at all ages. As a steady state thing, so far, no real creaking and groaning going on with the joints.

        3. I am a bowl of rice crispies in the morning. Can still pump heavy weight though. The meniscuses in both knees are shredded, so my jogging days are over.

      2. It strongly depends on how fast you did live your 10s 20s and 30s.
        Those who are beta-genes who later in life did experience success in terms of career + money leading to hotter women (or any women) are indeed rocking their late 30s and 40s very much.
        Those who are natural born pussy slayers with alpha genes did ravage pussy like no tomorrow in their late 10s and did experience all the good stuff live has to offer in their 20s.
        By the time these guys are mid30s they do think about early semi-retirement, a wife, children, big house with garden and dog. Seen it all, done it all you know.

        1. True. I am basing my opinion on observations from past acquaintances. If a guy decides to marry and have kids, which is an understandable desire, you can forget early retirement however. Not to mention the large financial risk you undertake with said wife.

      3. I was close enough to peak to end up with a 20 year old hard body at 49 years old. she helped me ruin my marriage 10 latter. (Now in other words). But her attraction to me had more to do with me being vastly more sophisticated than any young men she knew.

        1. Hope your survived the marriage intact?
          I understand the draw of young women to older men. As an old finnish girlfriend once said, “men get more interesting when they age. Women just get old.”

        2. It sucks paying for your sins years after you stopped doing it. Oh well my fault. I will get though it, thank you

      1. Dang, he’s in much better shape than I thought he would be after being relationship raped and thrown away by Hollywood.

        1. And expecting his 9th child, 1st with his 25 year old girlfriend.
          His new movie Hacksaw Ridge is supposed to be a huge hit. I’ll definitely check it out, much to (((their))) dismay.

        2. If I had as money as him, I’d be popping out kids constantly. The biggest reason educated people have such a low birthrate is because they’re actively attempting to preserve their wealth.

      2. HGH and T therapy for sure (not that theres anything wrong with that for a 60 yr old)

        1. Not necessarily. I’m almost 50, and he’s 60 there, and pretty similar shape (although my face doesn’t look old-old man yet like his). I know it’s a ten year spread, but if I can hold it till 50, it would have to be a super drastic fall to get below where he is at 60 I’d think. Guess time will tell.

        2. I would say he is taking a lil sumpinsumpin. Youth/rejuvenation clinics are popping up all over the tri-state btw- Its gotten cheaper, in the $500 cost range (HGH is much more expensive than T, no idea why)

        3. Yeah, they are both shots. I would take em if I could afford em, especially HGH (cheapest one I found was once a month at $350 a shot)

        4. You couldn’t pay me to do a T supplement. I enjoy NOT having boobies.

        5. No and no, guys.. Come on. You don’t grow boobs from testosterone unless you’re a fucking idiot. Everyone knows that taking T also raises E, it’s very easy to control (Arimidex is what most of us use). And you don’t take any steroid that I’m aware of IV. HGH is a SC shot, simple as hell to take:

          HGH is expensive as fuck, which is why most people stick with T supplementation. They really work in totally different ways, T makes you bigger/stronger/faster and, as the primary male hormone, also more “male” (horny, aggressive, etc). HGH is the “youth” hormone, and as such, does different things. Skin has more plasticity, hair feels nicer, joints recover more quickly. But nothing at all for your dick or your mental state. I”ll be on both in another 9 months, I’m waiting until another milestone birthday before I start on HGH, I’ve been on TRT now for close to a decade.

        6. Note, I have NEVER done any of these personally.
          But a lot of people in the bodybuilding circles are talking about the HGH releasing drugs as a replacement for HGH itself. GHRP-6/2, CJC1295, etc. I’m hearing that they are as good as HGH without the obscene cost. But yeah, HGH is expensive as hell. And don’t buy it anywhere but from a doctor, it’s also the most faked steroid out there (for obvious reasons).

  3. For me, I found that I absolutely cannot eat any carbs after 8pm, lest I get nasty stomach cramps in the middle of the night. Even if I previously skipped a meal there’s no way to avoid this so I will go to bed hungry instead.
    Of course most people should not be eating after 8pm anyway.

  4. Well, point 6 disqualifies the Roosh for Lasik eye surgery. The flap that gets cut during this procedure never grows on to the rest of the cornea and nerves that regulate the tear flow are permanently cut. Therefore many people with dry eyes have huge issues after Lasik eye surgery. Luckily my eyes were wet as a pussy in front of Chad before the procedure so that I don’t have any issues with that now. Then there is the pupil size issue that affects me – but that’s another story.
    TL;DR: Stay away from Lasik, Roosh!

  5. I’m 39 and my sex drive has always been super high. It’s actually a paradox because I believe I suffer from all the symptoms of low T except a low libido.

    1. This strongly depends on how much sex you have.
      If you have say 3-5 times sex per week over several years you will notice that sex no longer is a big thing for you.
      To understand this remember when you got your first car. Wow, was that amazing. Now with over 30 you have 10++ years driving experience and you no longer feel excited when you drive around town. It has become a normal, often boring part of your life.
      Same applies to sex drive. Or food. Or money. Or hot women around you. Or your job. Or travel. Or whatever you do on a daily base.

      1. Then it’s got more to do with habit than age and a teen getting sex 24/7 might tire of it as well. I’ve indeed been deprived of the amount of sex I desire most of my life and am currently again in a long lasting dry spell. I’m planning to get it abroad as I’m clearly a victim of the 20/80 rule (even more like 5/95 nowadays)

      2. This is also why time passes faster when we get older. We have seen everything and our brain works on autopilot most of the time while a kid experiences every moment as a totally new adventure.

        1. “This is also why time passes faster when we get older.”
          I would add that you usually have taken on more responsibilites (job, family, etc..) as you got older, hence the time flies by even faster.

        2. Yep. No downtime for me when I get home after work. As soon as I hit the door, I got three little tykes who are ready to wrestle and be chased around the house. Doesn’t quiet down until about 8:00PM.

        3. Routines definitely help as well. I’m still young, but the past few years have absolutely slipped by, because almost every day is the same as the previous, with the occasional permutation.

        4. Same here and I travel with the job on occassions. The weekends fly by and we all dread Sunday night.

    2. That is very possible. Up to a point, the mind is the biggest factor in libido. It can and will overcome hormone issues for a while

  6. That doesn’t sound like aging Roosh. Well it does, but only if you’re not hitting the weights religiously and eating a less than optimal diet. It’s how I watched my contemporaries and friends from school age.
    I’m 49 and have arms bigger than any two Millenial hipster’s legs strapped together, around 50 inches for my chest and a 36 inch waist. No joint aches. Sex drive through the roof (just two years ago me and my girly girl went 19 times over the course of a weekend). Eyes perfectly wet (and vision still perfect at a distance, although very close up I do need glasses). Whizzing like a champ.
    Your take of “it’s not yet a problem” should be addressed now as if it is a problem, regarding all of the things you say it about. Neglect now means a much higher bar to clear to catch up when you get older. I never stopped anything at all, health wise, and have been on the same diet/weight plan since 19. If you’re thinking “things are slowing down, etc. now but it’s not a big problem yet”, well friend, it is you just don’t realize it yet.
    We’ve talked via private email before, if you desire some tips on aging in a way that doesn’t find you tired after working out, gaining weight and losing your sex drive, drop me a line.

    1. I have to second this. While I am not as old as Ghost of Grandpa moses I am only a few years off and I have none of the same complaints with the exception of joints but keep in mind that I had a major knee surgery and currently have 3 herniated discs and nerve impingement. In the places where I haven’t been injured I feel great.
      I will say that I can no longer stay awake like I could at 19 where I would go to my morning classes, do my homework in the afternoon, work a night job, go to an afterhours and get tanked and then shower shit and shave and be ready for class again in the morning. But that is probably a good thing.
      I would recomened to @roosh to re-evaluate life style. I am a big advocate of weight lifting, but that is me. As long as a man is getting a legit hour of intense exercise a day it will suffice. Weight lifting is goal specific, but as @englishbob will tell you body weight exercise is just as healthy or as @disqus_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus will tell you martial arts will be a good way…..anything really, anything but crossfit…that’s for fags.
      If you are getting enough exercise check your diet. @jonanthony is dead correct when he says paying attention to organic food and non GMO stuff etc is not just for hippies. Eat healthy, eat regularly and make sure you are getting the right amount of calories, a good macronutrient basis and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Further, I will say this as an absolute, unwavering fact: If you are not drinking a minimum of one gallon of water daily you are not operating at your optimal health. I have never had dry eyes or problem with urination. Almost all people are severely dehydrated. That will also lead to premature aging in your skin. Get o that shit.
      If you are already living a healthy life style and eating healthy food and you are still having all of these problems, I seriously suggest you get to a doctor for a very thorough physical complete with a hormone test. You could very well have some imbalances which can be corrected with diet and exercise. It is a horrible thing to allow age to beat you. Roosh, you are way too young to be having these chronic problems. Hell, you are more than a decade younger than me and judging by this article I am much healthier than you.
      If you are experiencing these problems I seriously consider you follow my advice above. I would be happy, if you email me, to go over specifics with you and even help you create a diet and exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and needs. I have been doing this for a while and have helped other people. If not me, then find someone else. And water, water, water, water. If all of this is on point, find a doctor man. Not just for your own benefit, but because as a recognizable face of a movement which encourages men to be their best it is incumbent on you to lead by example.

      1. “I had a major knee surgery and currently have 3 herniated discs and nerve impingement.” In other words, you are (or will be) LITERALLY (!) screwed.
        Precious advices, and my complete assent about the need for a good rest.

        1. ha…no getting literally (hitler) screwed for me. I am not doing the decompression surgery. I am going the natural, chiropractic and just dealing with it routes.
          It is funny some of the things I have noticed as I age. I need to get appropriate amounts of sleep, yes. But also, fresh produce seems to be exponentially more important every year. I now follow which fruits and vegetables are best at any given time and feel unreasonably happy when I get to the farmers market and get some old man tomatoes or when whole foods gets the Pango Manogos in from Puerto rico.

        2. I’ve felt that way about fruits and vegetables since my late 20s. It means you’re in touch with something primal. Someday I’ll be sitting in front of my old-man garden with a shotgun over my knees watching for squirrels lol.

        3. ha! I just started an indoor hydroponic cherry tomato garden in my apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. When I eventually retire there will be a hot house, a shot gun, a straw house and demands that both people and varmits remove their bodies from my lawn.
          I really didn’t start getting excited about produce until my mid 30’s but it has grown every year to the point where I am doing online research before going to the market.

        4. ha! yeah. in my miracle grow indoor hydro tomato garden with sun lamp. I will be freebasing cherry tomatoes in no time.

        5. I had three herniated discs. Surgery is for pussies. I toughed that shit out and I’m fine now.
          Make sure you get some physio to work the fine back muscles which will have atrophied.

        1. I tell people all the time…drink 1 gallon of water (filtered if possible) a day for 30 days and then honestly reassess how you feel. Every time it is a huge net gain.

        2. I’ve been a gallon-a-day discipline for a few years now and my only complaint is having to pee that much more.

        3. yeah, it is pretty redic. I am running to take a piss very frequently. Small price to pay but it has been inconvenient at time. I don’t drink alcohol on weekdays and on the weekends I have a rule that I need to get my gallon in before I have any booze so I chug hard and heavy lol I could put out a fire by the time I get to the bar.

        4. The constant need to piss makes for a good reminder to get off my dead ass and walk around too – essential for us desk-jockeys as you’ve pointed out.

        5. Yes I am also known as Sir Pissalot. I guess that means my insides are getting a constinuous rinse out.

      2. The only correction I’d add to your advice is that you don’t really need an hour of exercise a day. I’m about your age, and I do 25-30 minutes of intense weight training or body weight exercise five times a week. It’s all I can manage with my schedule and it’s plenty, as long as I keep to a good diet.
        By good diet I basically mean eat whenever you’re hungry but only natural food that people 100 years ago would recognize. Very little sugar, soy, and wheat, and lots of vegetables. Had to specify that because when a lot people here “diet” they think “go hungry.” I believe that going hungry is one of the worst things you can do for your health and overall wellbeing.

        1. I say an hour but I also have a sedentary job where I am at a desk all day. I usually do 1.5 hours but that compensates for my lack of movement otherwise. If you are moving around then yes, I would agree with you. But stuck at a desk I would recommend more.
          I agree with your assessment of a good diet. Lean proteins, loads of veggies, some fruits, olive oil, avocado and almonds. As long as you get properly hydrated, satiating your hunger is always going to be fine. If you are dehydrated though, often times the feeling is mistaken for hunger and leads to over eating or, worse, crap eating.
          I never think of diet as in starvation for weight loss. Actually, quite the contrary and when I am in full swing of heavy weight lifting (probably start picking up later next month) I find myself eating a lot of food. For health, what you say is dead on. After that there are goal oriented specific concerns. Are you looking for visible abs? Are you looking to put your raw score over 1000? Are you looking to run a marathon. Different goals have different specific nutritional requirements but while we are just talking about borderline being healthy I would say that you have it exactly right

        2. About the workout time, in my experience intensity is more important than amount of time. That is, the hard 30-minute legs workout I just did between my first post and this one that left my staggering out of my workout room is far superior to the 50-minutes-on-the-eliptical-while reading-a-magazine workout that you see a lot people do at the gym. I mainly wanted to make the point that you can get very fit and look great, even at our advanced age,with short, intense workouts that fit into almost anyone’s schedule. Of course, if you want to put more time in and you’re not overtraining, that’s great.
          About the desk job thing, I have one of those. I just moved to a standing desk, which supposedly is great for counteracting the negative health effects of being an office drone. I’m interested to see how that will go.

        3. Yes, I agree totally. I have different goals and I am trying to put on weight while maintaining or even losing body fat. I go in for very long and very intense weight lifting sessions that have taken me years to build to. So, for instance, my typical Leg Day will be:
          Max Out Deadlift Session Reps: 20,16,14,12,1-,8,6,3,2,1,1,1-rm
          Working set of Squats: 5×5;3×3,2×2,1×1
          Superset Leg Extensions and leg curls 10×10
          Calf Raises 10×10
          Barbell Lunges 5×5
          Goblet squats 10×10
          Hack squats 10×10
          Then I will go and stretch for about 15 minutes and then do hanging leg raises for abs. Usually 10 sets to failure
          Finally I will end it up with 10 minutes of HIIT sprints (on non leg days it is 30 minutes)
          This is way more than I would tell someone who is just tryin to be in good shape and healthy. This is a personal obsession of mine, my hobby and my passion.

        4. It depends what that hour consists of. An hour of walking for example, is easily done, fantastic exercise and doesn’t require recovery.

        5. I ever thought of it. I’m going to look into it. Doesn’t being on your feet all day cause issues?

        6. If you get a sit-stand desk then when you arefatigued you can lower the desk. If you combine it with a “real” ergonomic chair (the kind that are designed for people with back injuries), customized for you, then you will be in great shape.

        7. I never saw the pic though. I think the universe is doing my laundry today.

      3. At 32, i have none of these issues mentioned. At 26, i had every damn one of them though. Only difference is the lifestyle I live today. I workout like a madman. Lift heavy 2 days, 1 day of HIIT, 1 day of rest, repeat. I also run a low carb, high fat, high protein diet (ketogenic). Drinking….well when i was young i drank like a madman. Group of 7 guys doing 5k a night, 2 nights a week. Today, i might have one margarita a month.
        Lifestyle is everything.

        1. I try to walk at least 4 miles a week, about the only workout I do anymore. I’m a disabled combat vet, so most of the time I’m gaming on my custom PC I built, and smoking weed in a legal state.
          I do long hikes occasionally, stuff like the Appalachian Trail, think 20-30 miles a day for months. Probably do the Pacific Crest trail next year since I live in Washington now, or at least that section.

      4. I used to fall asleep in class all the time at 19. Now since I fixed my diet this never happens.

    2. Agreed.
      This “matured sex drive” issue could be a good ground for a new discussion itself.
      I mean, I haven’t lost my vigour, but I can’t say Johny Downstairs is the machine gun of my yester years. Thank God for that! I start slower, but I feel like I am painting the Sistine Chapel. Girls are not complaining about it at all.

      1. Some people here have seen me and even met me in real life.
        I’m just saying, if you start slacking, you lose your edge fast over the age 35. What Roosh is describing is what I watched every one of my friends go through. They wouldn’t listen to me, and now they’re all old men with beer guts slapping down blood pressure medication.
        Do with it what you will.

        1. Yeah, easily. My mid 30’s was when I noticed that all my buddies were starting to look like old men.

        2. Yes, a lot of people don’t realize that weight training along with a healthy diet is essentially as close to a fountain of youth as you can get in real life. I’m almost your age and I too am healthier, stronger, and look and feel better than my coworkers, all of whom are younger than me, many by decades.

        3. you’re right, safe strength training is the way to go for me as well. Hitting 45 soon and got a hard on every morning, good sign the T is flowing.

        4. I’m no friend of Time magazine, but their latest issue’s cover story is about the benefits of exercise, and how no medicine can compare to it. I highly recommend anyone read this, which is probably the only time I have ever recommended Time.

    3. My experience:
      Age 40 runs just as fast as age 22.
      Age 40 lifts just as heavy as age 22. (Heavier, in some cases.)
      Age 40 has lower bodyfat % than age 22. (Thanks to paleo.)
      Age 40 thinks about poon less than age 22.
      Age 40 slays better poon than age 22.
      Age 40 is smarter than age 22.
      Age 40 makes a ton more money than age 22.
      The only negatives?
      Recovery period after exercise. It now takes 48 full hours to recover from an intense upper-body session at the gym.
      I’ll take it.

      1. I never really timed my recovery, because I’ve always followed the 2 day rest per muscle group. I do a slightly modified HIT routine and have for the longest while, which mandates the recovery period basically.

        1. I’ve noticed more soreness than before, and it lasts longer. I used to be sore for only 24 hrs.

      2. I am 23 and for me it already takes 48 full hours to recover from an intense session. Maybe this gets better for me when I am 40.

    4. “I’m 49 and have arms bigger than any two Millenial hipster’s legs strapped together, around 50 inches for my chest and a 36 inch waist”


      1. I’m not going to claim that I’m Arnold sized when he was at his peak, since I don’t really know his measurements at the time. And no doubt he was tuned way tighter than I ever want to be. That said, I will say that I’m a gigantic motherfucker

        1. No. I avoid all sugars if I can. I have never liked sugar, it’s got to be something genetic. My family stopped giving me cake and ice cream for birthdays starting at age 4 because I wouldn’t eat them.
          In the realm of curses, this is not a bad one to have.

        2. Oh, heh. Well clearly no, I don’t. I forgot the term for it, how’s them apples? Lol

        3. Arnold was 6’3 245 pounds. in 1975. His impressive stats are recorded as 22 inch biceps, 57 inch chest, 34 inch waist, 28.5 inch thighs and 20 inch calves.
          His max Snatch was 243#
          Clean and ress 264
          Bench 440
          Squat 545
          Dead 710

        4. He ain’t 6’3″. I’ve stood right next to him and talked to him a bit, I tower over him and I’m 6’3″. I’d say more like 5’11”, 5’10”.
          I’m with Spicynujac, tracking one’s lifetime max snatch count sounds like fun, and kinda kinky.

        5. his official height was recorded as 6’3. Never met him in person. But this is Mr. Olympia measurements. Hard to dispute at least the 1975 size. It is possible that due to disc issues common in body builders along with age he has shrunk down a bit but those Olympia guys are pretty careful with measurements.

        6. I know there is some controversy on his measurements. I am taking the Mr Olympia measurements as fact though.

        7. If he was 6’3″, he’s shrunk, a lot. Perhaps disc issues, yes. Plus he’s freaking old, which also shrinks a guy a bit naturally without any external issues to worry about.

        8. Ronnie Coleman also 5’11” (max offseason weight 330, got onstage at 295)
          Dorian Yates 5’9″ (max offseason around 300, onstage around 275)
          I cant believe such avg dudes can walk around with that much weight (I know, I know)

        9. I will say though that if those weights are accurate, he’s got 10 pounds on the current “me”, and has given me a goal to shoot for on bench. Once you hit a certain point adding even five pounds on bench is like doubling the stress of lifting it, at least as far as I’ve found.

        10. “Men’s Health magazine compared claimed heights to actual heights and discovered that Arnold Schwarzenegger was 5-10, not 6-2, that Charles Bronson was 5-7, not 5-11, and Burt Reynolds 5-8, not 5-11.”
          That was 1999. I’ve lost an inch-and-a-half since high school and I never lifted heavy things for a living. Maybe he has actually been squished since his Olympia prime?

        11. it is true. Keep in mind, his lifting numbers were no where near those of the huge power lifters. After all he was a body builder so his goals were pure aesthetics. His body fat was absurdly low and he was more interested in poses than weight on lifts.

        12. I’ll never get to the powerlifter amounts, and I’ve no need to. You know my bench, if a man of 49 is not happy with that, he’s wacked in the head.

        13. you wouldn’t even want to. The amount of weight you would need to put on is ridiculous. You wind up looing like a football center. Meanwhile your bench is significantly higher than mine. Bench is my weakest of the 3 major lifts and I have yet to put 300 up. I do think I might have a chance at it but I don’t have a spotter at current so I am not about to try. God knows I don’t want to be a gym fail meme.

        14. I remember buying a copious amount of coke for a weekend party out of state from an old dealer years ago. He’s was short, but ripped like a silver back gorilla. He was cutting up a few 8 balls and asked me if I was interested in any juice, and I said the same damn thing “I’m trying to avoid sugar” and he burst out laughing saying nooooo roids man. I didn’t oblige, but seeing before and after pics of him, that shit works.

        15. I’ve never had a real need for ‘roids. I’m not and have never been in competition for bodybuilding, and using them otherwise seems like way too much danger, both physical and legal, to justify a bit of vanity. Besides, I’m big enough already.

        16. I was just laughing to myself about the whole “juice” misinterpretation we both had. After he stopped with the roids, he got all saggy and looked really weathered; all by his mid 20’s, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

    5. I’m 49 and have arms bigger than any two Millenial hipster’s legs strapped together, around 50 inches for my chest and a 36 inch waist.

      Instant upvote.

    6. Well said – about the same age as GOJ and he’s correct. Pay attention now or your small problems will become much bigger ones before you know it.

    7. This is my goal! Thanks for reminding me it can be done…. some days I think turning 30 will be a nightmare.

    8. Additionally, I am given to understand that there is no reason for your testosterone to drop as a consequence of aging. Its like how people erroneous suggest that aging causes you to be fat because people tend to get fatter at the same time that they age. Actually it is more to do with the passage of time and that you get fat as a consquence of eating fattening food… over time.
      If your testosterone is dropping then it is it likely a factor of something you are doing or eating (lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, etc.) the same things that cause you to get fat or suffer other symtoms. A distended stomach sounds like bloating, generally caused by a food intolerance.
      For me, the most worrying symtom is dry eyes. I do not suffer that and I wear contacts. This is a strong sign of diabetes. I would get it checked out.
      As for sex drive… I can’t hold it back!

    9. I’m not big because I don’t have the body for that. I am 36, 5’11, 150. Even when I worked out religiously 6 days a week, 2 hours a day, and was solid muscle, I weighed 163. I looked really good and got a lot of attention at the gym and elsewhere, but I’d never be big.
      I have growing health problems from serving overseas, so I can’t really do intense workouts anymore. I do take a good 2 mile walk at a local park a couple times a week, though, and watch what I eat, as well as cut back on the drinking.
      I have a low sex drive, but that might just be the PTSD. I have joint problems, but that could be due to super long hikes like the Appalachian Trail and carrying 90 lbs all the time in Iraq.
      I’ve always drank a ton of water every day, though, I think that is essential.

  7. I’m 45 and I’m very healthy and I have the body of a 25 gymnast (I’m an amateur gymnast) but the sex drive is definitely low and guess what?
    I love it! It’s the ultimate liberation from the magic of women. For some weird reason though I get more interest from women than ever before (wife incl.). So I guess, the T levels are fine (women smell testosterone) but the sex drive is not as urgent as it used to be in my youth. I can go with sex and I might go without it just fine.
    Lazy Urination – drink three quartz of sprint water, limit sex and especially orgasm to once a week, rest adequately, avoid constipation. Rub the feet daily, including the kidney/bladder, urethra areas.
    For joints – high potency curcumin.
    Dry eyes – stare less at the screen.

    1. “I have the body of a 25 gymnast ”
      This makes more sense now. You are a little girl!

      1. The little guys can age well. I wouldn’t trade place with him, but they do look young. That is a good thing at 45, but a sad thing at 25

    1. This is why we prefer Scotch.
      I’m using the Royal We. Because reasons.

    2. It’s the hops. They contain high amount of phytoestrogen. Never drink beer on a a date if you’re hoping (pun intended) for sex afterwards.

        1. Guys who drink beer never get laid. Duh. Take it from a 45 year old 25 year old gymnast.

        2. The Germans could only reproduce as a people, for centuries, via artificial insemination. They invented it back in 400 A.D. to compensate for the hops that they started putting in their beer and mead.

        3. people think that northern European monks were celibate but that is a common mistake. The problem is that they were making and consuming ale so all the fucking that went on in those cloisters never yielded any children.

        4. Now here we have some good bullshit. Germans do not put much in the way of hops in their beer. But I do worry about the drinkers of North West IPAs

        5. Hops have been in beer for a very, very long time. Before hops it was usually something else like certain flowers or spices.

        6. The hell they don’t. Hallertauer, Tetznanger, Saaz etc are in normal hop amounts in their current (and past) beers.
          They’re not IPA’s but IPA’s are a new trend, not a historical thing outside of the English.

        7. Agreed. I don’t mind a true IPA from time to time, but the modern ones are going way too hoppy.

        8. We are going to find out what hops do now. IPAs they have hops in massive amounts. English beer, once they started using hops. They used far more of them then Germans ever did. And German beer has never used much in the way of hops. I have brewed beer I know. Only the Belgians used less. And American mega beer

        9. I brew beers too. The German beers don’t seem any less hoppy than an American beer (not Budweiser, I mean a normal American craft). Generally 2 ounces per a 5 gallon batch, give or take.
          IPA’s I think are going to be the tell on hops in the future, yes. Lots of estrogen type Hipsters around, maybe IPA’s are contributing to their flaccid appearance?

        10. Lets look at an average English beer vs an average German
          Your typical Märzen which is one of their hoppier styles has 20 and 28 UBU’s while and English bitter which is one f their lest hopped beers has 25–35. Geman pilzener is their most hopped 22 – 40 UBUs while an English style IPA 40 to 60 IBUs
          US craft beer uses more than both. We be hop crazy

        11. As you make beer try to make in the old gruits style – without hops. It’s the opposite of hopped beer – it’s an aphrodisiac.

        12. Yeah, but then you’d call it Coke and ruin the everything.

    3. Dry, dark red wine. Mega health benefits and no gut-fattening. Ive downed a bottle a day for the past 5 years and haven’t developed a gut, while all the beer drinkers I know are steadily blimping out.

      1. I hope you go easy on any alcoholic drink, because your liver ends up paying a heavy price digesting it, and the damage is irreversible.
        Google “alcoholic cirrhosis” for more information. You can also develop pancreatitis, which can lead to cancer. All the while, your belly might not round up at the beginning, but it’s only a matter of time.

        1. I have a feeling some of that might be due more to genetics than to consumption. I know men who drink a hell of a lot more than me live into their 80’s, while others can barely tipple and end up with liver cancer.

        2. True. But how will you find out? It is like sticking your finger into the fire to see if it burns. By the time you find out it is already too late.

        3. My guess is that observing your family history on both sides is a pretty good tell. Not foolproof, but if your family has people who drink light or moderate levels of alcohol and keel over by 50 from liver cancer, then you should probably avoid the sauce.

        4. You’re right, no foolproof.
          But irrespective of family history, alcohol is an equal opportunity liver destroyer. Over-consumption will ultimately lead to liver cirrhosis. No two ways about it. Your forebears may have escaped that toll because they probably did not live long enough to experience it, not because the train-wreck wasn’t going to happen down the road. With modern life prolonging medical science, we owe it to ourselves to properly maintain the only body we will ever have this side of the skies. Science still hasn’t found a cure for liver cirrhosis though.

  8. Somehow all of history has not managed to drill in a fundamental lesson.
    Everything decays eventually. Prioritise living big rather than living long.

    1. While what you say is true, what about “living well”
      You can live big. Belushi lived big. Look where it got him. You are right, of course, everything decays. But keeping yourself in optimal health will ensure more than just a long life, but a healthy life filled with the energy and strength to enjoy to the fullest.

      1. I did use the word prioritize.
        Living big, as in making the biggest impact possible, and of course “living well” if that’s what it takes to achieve it. That’s the real fun part of all this.
        No point in living as long as most women and modern men do, if
        …….well you know the story.

        1. I have a good friend who used to say that he wants to live fast and get no older than 50. When we were in our late teens this sounded fucking cool. In our 20s it still kinda made sense.
          Drinking, fucking, party and fun. Now he is past mid 40s.
          So far his life went as he wished for. Problem is, he now wants to live much longer than 50 with a heavily used up body.
          We are very good friends still, but i wouldnt want to be in his shoes for even a day.

        2. It is cool, only if you are a man of your word. And that is hard to be, when you have confused living big (pushing boundaries, facing challenges, etc. which tends to take way the guarantee of living long) with fast(hedonism). That actually ends up being even worse as it yields neither.

    1. In some ways it definitely does. I remember being 10 years old and riding my bicycle to the town limits with a friend was exhilarating. Now I can travel across the country from point A to point B and it is routine.

      1. when people say they wish they could go back to being 18 again I always tell them “18? are you fucking nuts? give me 10 any day of the week”

  9. The biggest change I went through was losing the iron stomach everyone takes for granted from childhood through their 20’s. If I eat something spicy after 5 PM I can be sure I’ll woken up at 3 AM by acid reflux. Dairy often gives me diarrhea. Going low-carb to recover from the holidays leads to constipation. Any combination of alcohol and sugar makes me feel nauseous.
    Otherwise, I don’t really feel or look different.

    1. I feel your pain and made a similar comment below. Most of the fast food meals I enjoyed now give me diarrhea, so they must be avoided. I avoid dairy most of the time anyways (except cheese). I’m slowly switching from beers over to liquor and that seems to help with recovery the next day.

    2. I’m impervious to anything but Red Bull. That devilish thing is harder on my stomach than any pure vodka…

        1. Martini (mostly) and JW-Coke, if I go out. It’s usually too much trouble to get a Martini down here (They’ll attempt to give you an entire glass of ‘Martini and Rossi’ Vermouth), and I’m sure they’d look at me like I had a dick on my head if I asked for an Old Fashioned.

        2. Now when you say Coke, do you mean Coca Cola, or are you speaking Southron and using it to mean “every non-alcoholic carbonated beverage ever created”?

        1. I have had good experiences with redline, but for the cost getting a tub of Mr Hyde pre workout will be even better.

        2. Lol go on, give me more reasons to buy a fake ID… Anyway, I’ll see if I can find that Redline here in France (or Portugal). Sounds like a brothel, must be good.

        3. You can buy it online: GNC, Vitamin Shoppe. If you try to buy in the store like Walgreens, they will card you.

        4. Can you buy the Jack3D original formula with 1 3 dimethylamylamine (commonly DMAA) in it? The fags over here banned it because nanny state. If you can get that stuff though it is the absolute best.

        5. I’ll give that try. My go-to source of caffeine is the lemonade and orange flavors of Rockstar. They’re not too sweet and never give me that energy drink aftertaste.

        6. It’s banned here, too. France (generally speaking) bans a lot more than elsewhere, and I remember how severely they went at DMAA, a few years ago…

        7. I stockpiled a shit ton of it before the ban came in but have gone through it all. I loved that stuff.

        8. I favour weaker stimulants like plain coffee, Red Bull (not anymore, hélas!), yerba mate, carnitine… Probably because I tend to use them through the day, and something like DMAA would cause me huge insomnia.

        9. A lot of people said that about DMAA. I would do a double scoop after work and then hit a 1.5 hour lifting sesh followed by 45 minutes of HIIT cardio back then (this was like 2010-2013). By the time I got home I would scarf a fuckton of protein and go to bed like a baby. But I can also have 2 or 3 espressos after dinner with no noticeable effect to m y sleep.

  10. Numbers 1 and 2 could be related. If you don’t already have a urologist, it’s time to start making yearly appointments. I’m getting in my late 30s and it was one of the best things I did for my health. I discovered that the prostate can start giving problems even in your early 30s due to enlargement and/or infection. Prostate issues can also affect your nuts and give you infections, such as epididymitis. Get it checked and follow your doctor’s recommendations. You could require anything from a course of antibiotics to changes of daily diet and habits. Even a change of type of underwear to better support your sack can help a lot. Certain spices can even aggravate a previously existing issue.
    After following my specific recommendations, I noticed an increase in sexual desire and ability, a second wind of sorts. Additionally, my urine stream has improved. Of course, you’re not ever going to have again the loins of your 18 year old self, but you can prolong your enjoyment.

  11. The older I get, the younger the girls I prefer. When I was younger, i thought it was cool to date / fuck older women. Now, the only girls i find attractive are legal but like just legal. 18. They seem sweeter, less jaded, less cynical etc. Older women seem mean, bitter, jaded. At heart, I’m still who I was as a teenager so I can relate to 18/19 year old girls better than soulless careerist cunts who have had a battalion’s worth of cock.

    1. while 18 year old girls will always be fucking hot, I like them a little older. I like that 23-27 age range. I think it is because the jaded, cynical, cunty nature is a turn on to me. They are, after all, just girls and when you take that attitude and break them and make them purr like a kitten it is just such a great feeling.

      1. 23-27 age range
        I’d go 22-27 but yeah, that’s the sweet spot. Except I’m not fond of bitchy attitudes. But I know you are.

        1. don’t worry, I am not throwing the 18-23 age range out! I use 23 because it gives a girl time to get a 2 year MBA or a head start on a law degree where she is working as a legal clerk or apprentice and has her cuntiness thoroughly engrained, she has learned how to be stylish and has shed the façade of her young naiveté and put on the front she thinks is necessary….

        2. I met one of those critters once. From NYC actually. She was at a convention in Harrisburg, where I was hotelled up due to my own job, I was training waves of people from across the nation and Harrisburg, PA was the central point.
          She was 26 I believe she said. Originally from Odessa, Russia but fully integrated, no accent (she came over when she was 8 with her family). Fucking drop dead legit 10 in looks (to me), just perfection on a stick, physically. Had the bitchy attitude, but it was fairly easily cracked.
          Now we didn’t do anything, I wasn’t gunning for her, just flirting. But damn, she was cunty at first but warmed up quick as we spoke. I knew I had her number when the following exchange occured.
          Me: “That’s fine, baby girl” (to something she said)
          Her: “You know, I’d find that whole baby girl thing insulting, demeaning, misogynistic, but when you say it….I can easily get used to hearing it”
          Me: “Well ain’t you a sweet little thing” *sly grin*
          After that she relaxed, got comfortable, started to giggle and act all girly.
          Gave me a bunch of “don’t judge” comments whenever her poor hubby would text her and she answered, while sitting at the bar with me. That guy is so going to be cucked, if he wasn’t already.
          New York girls. Weird lot.

        3. I have met some on my travels and never understood the mixed vibes. Sort of, “hey, I like you. Now I am going to be an unsufferable bitch all evening.”

        4. That’s where she started. Her and her girlfriend opened me by asking to wear my hat (aka cowboy hat) so that they could take pictures of themselves wearing it. That lead into a conversation where I mentioned the Rule of the Hat, which offended the NYC chick, but made her friend (not originally from NYC) giggle. She got all snooty with me for a while, but eventually I won her over. By the end of the evening it was me, and her, alone at the hotel bar around 1 am in the morning.

        5. I found it exhausting and waste of my time. On one occassion it played out with a cute blond from Brooklyn, but her attitude just sucked the air out of the room. I cut her short and wished her a pleasant evening. Made my way across the bar and eventually started another conversation with another woman. By the end of the night Ms. Brooklyn was at my elbow with a more pleasant demeanor.

        6. Yeah, she was a bit of work. If I hadn’t taken an interest in seeing what was at the bottom of all of that ick factor, and if I hadn’t enjoyed just simply breathing in her ship launching beauty, I would have walked.
          Generally, I’m just not of the mind that I really want to put up with that much bitch shield.

      2. I prefer them in the later 20s, but finding them at 18 gives you better odds of catching them before they’re indoctrinated at some liberal college and lost forever.

        1. I am not looking for long term prospects so that isn’t really a consideration for me. That said, for those who are looking for long term prospects you are probably absolutely correct.

        2. I wouldn’t say I am only looking for notch count. I actually enjoy dating. I like getting dressed well with a beautiful woman on my arm and doing the town. It’s fun. I just have no desire to be connected to a person.

    2. Game principles often work better on younger women. It’s often a longer path to the honeypot but running the gauntlet builds anticipation.
      Older women put out faster but require less game. Just show up, look good, demonstrate listening skills, and make ’em laugh a little. Nothing else required.

    3. It means your life force energy is exhausted and you need to suck it from young girls – like a parasite/vampire. Which is why the pedophiles are usually elderly men.

        1. a conception of biology and health that basically comes from street fighter. This is a real dolt.

        2. As soon as my mana recharges, I’m so going to cast a lightning bolt in his direction.

        3. that is how Brazilians stay so fit despite eating at those crazy steak houses that keep bringing you meat. They crouch down and generate electric.

        4. Those are my favorite restaurants in the world. Took my daughter to one last month, her first time there. She said that this is what she pictures heaven looking like, a bunch of hot guys walking up and offering you every kind of roast animal ever born. She’s quite anti-vegetarian.

        5. yeah they are great. I remember one time I was at one when the guy wheeled the freaking suckling pig over and asked if I want some…I just laughed.

    4. You think you can relate to an 19 year old until you actually try to have a conversation with them.
      Hey Nineteen
      That’s ‘Retha Franklin
      She don’t remember
      The Queen of Soul
      It’s hard times befallen
      The sole survivors
      She thinks I’m crazy
      But I’m just growing old
      Bust out the Cuervo Gold and fine Colombian.

    5. I agree on the appeal of younger women, though I dont have to go as low as 18. Late 20s is when I start to see the fade in sweetness. A lot of older women think its all totally about the looks when older men want a younger gf, but its not. I cant deny the sex appeal of youth but the attitude/spirit/nature of younger women is a big appeal as well, for many men.

      1. Absolutely agree. I think it’s cause 15 years in the workforce kills a womans soul. In the west, we have to catch them young and happy.

  12. At 38, I can’t easily say that I am in the best shape of my life, though its close. In college I was a world class sprinter in the 400 and 800 at a major university. Olympic qualifying times. I was 145lbs at the time, 10% body fat. Now, I’m struggling to get back to 155 lbs for fighting qualifiers. Currently 170lbs at 16% body fat. My joints hurt on a daily basis due to all the Thai Boxing, Tae Know Do and BJJ, but all that is from overuse. I take daily 5000 mg of glucosamine to help the joint stiffness. If I miss a day, I can feel it. Drinking massive amounts of water is essential, I’m taking in about 2 gallons a day. Sex drive is still high. Time is more limited though. So, a good week is probably 3 times. I can’t say anything about salt or caffeine, since I limit how much I ingest. Diet is everything. Alcohol, that’s a tough one to compare. In my younger days, I drank the shit. So, it follows that I would feel like crap the next day. These days is all top shelf, and I rarely drink to get plastered, what’s the point in that? No problems urinating at all. The stomach thing is real though. I can see my abs, but they do seems to stick out further forward. Through it all though, I wouldn’t trade a second to go back. My quality of life is so much better as I get older and more established.

  13. My boxing trainer is in his 60s and has the body of a guy in his 20s. Works out, runs,always ate clean,was always active. Great genetics; he could have competed on the elite level but wasnt interested. He did do very well against some famous guys in the gym though. He still spars against the young guys,but gets tired quick, injured easily, and recovers slowly.

    1. This is the point I was making – in spite of your genetics and how good your body looks like, age sooner or later becomes a big factor.
      I believe we have a certain amount of life force energy and once the tanks gets low, you can not keep refilling all you want. There comes the point that it runs out completely.
      We, humans, will never be able to extend life at a considerable length as some billionaires of the world today are hoping.

  14. I was feeling pretty good yesterday for being an old man (I’m pushing 60, in case anybody’s interested). Went for a hike in the desert out here in the Phoenix area. It was early when I got started, about 6:00 a.m., and upon sunrise, the painted desert sky was quite a sight to behold. (If you haven’t seen the desert sunrise in the American Southwest, it is something to put on your bucket list, for sure.) After watching the sun nudge its way up over the mountaintops in the eastern distance, as I sat on the edge of a cliff and drank it all in, I hiked down into the neighboring arroyo. The going was easy since it was downhill and I soon found myself walking briskly across the hardpan of the canyon floor.
    About two minutes later, I stopped and listened intently, because I thought I heard something that sounded like…breathing (???). More like panting, I finally decided, as I cocked my head to listen more intently. I continued forward for some time, stopping to listen occasionally, but each time that I would stop, and look behind me, and listen, the breathing would stop, too. I chalked it up to my own breath, echoing back to me somehow, from the nearby rocks that surrounded the floor of the canyon. This didn’t make much sense to me, but since I could think of no other plausible explanation, I just shrugged and carried on with my hike.
    I stopped to drink some water from the canteen I’d brought along, about 10 minutes later, and as I gulped some of the still-cold water, I heard a new sound emanating from directly behind me, and to my right – a low, intense growling. I turned my head around quickly and spotted something moving behind the brush, approximately 20 yards away. The growling had stopped at this point, but I now saw the source of it – a mountain lion. It was now crouched behind the brush, stock-still, but the sun was directly behind it and I could clearly see the outline of its massive frame as a result.
    My mind started spinning. What the hell should I do? Should I yell, scream, throw stones at it (I kicked myself right then and there for not bringing my Beretta .380 Cheetah along, something I normally did when hiking). The mountain lion didn’t move a muscle as he continued to lay flat behind the brush. I scanned my surroundings and saw an opening in the rock wall about 30 yards to my left. It was a cave. I had passed it several times in the past and had once even ventured inside of it for about 15 yards or so. I had a flashlight with me, tucked inside the inner breast pocket of my cotton vest. Right or wrong, continuing to just stand there struck me as being a losing proposition, so I turned away from the figure that was still crouching behind the brush in front of me, and started walking swiftly toward the cave opening.
    It only took me 10 or 15 seconds to reach it. I looked around for the cougar, didn’t spot it, and quickly ducked inside the cave. I turned the flashlight on after I’d traversed about 20 yards of the cave’s interior, to the point where the dim morning sunlight supplied no luminescence. The ceiling was low, about three feet above my head, and as I continued to press forward, amid the echoing of the mountain lion’s pants and growls (yes, it had followed me inside), I noticed that the mouth of the cave was very narrow. The walls on either side of me were only four or five feet away. I continued forward in this fashion for a few minutes, pausing to listen for the big cat as it padded stealthily behind me. And each time that I stopped, I heard its soft footfalls on the stone floor, and heard its panting breath; and each time that I stopped, it stopped, too. Fuck. In retrospect, it was probably not a good idea to enter the cave. But hindsight is 20/20, fuck that, my mind was whirling now, what are my options here. What are my fucking options. Be calm. Be calm. Panic will get you nowhere. I couldn’t back up, I had to go forward. And so I did.
    The ceiling of the cave continued to get lower and lower with each step that I took. The walls on either side of me began to get closer and closer, too. And soon, I was bent over, aiming the flashlight directly in front of me as I lurched forward like a hunchback in a bell tower. Not a minute later, and I was on all fours, crawling on my hands and knees, the cold stone floor of the cave skinning my knees and elbows as I crawled, crawled, crawled the fuck forward. I held the flashlight tightly in my mouth, moving as quickly as I possibly could, because I heard the mountain lion’s breath behind me, and it was much closer now. The cavern’s passageway was made for a creature like him, and the more narrow it got, the more I began to panic. Keep calm, keep calm, the cave will open up at some point, it has to, there has to be a way out, up ahead, somewhere up ahead. Another 30 seconds later and I was flat on my belly, crawling forward, the flashlight still clenched between my teeth. From behind me I could hear the big cat’s steady breathing – much closer now – and it was then that I realized I had made an irreversible mistake. For you see, my friends, it doesn’t matter what type of physical shape you are in, at this age, or at that age. Because death comes calling for us all, eventually.
    And it is a ghost who has written this to you…
    (My father told me this story when I was a little kid. Nice little bedtime tale to tell an eight-year-old, eh…)

    1. My family are fatalists. You are going to die on the day appointed to you; no amount of shying from battle will save you, no amount of charging head first into the fray will shorten your span. Live life fearlessly.

        1. Me, a well sharpened Bowie Knife, a pouch with flint and steel, and the mountains, wandering out looking for that bear to fight. On my last day, if I get a choice in the matter, this is how I want it to be spent.

        2. Nice. Not much chance that either of us is going out by white-knighting. Maybe it will be standing shoulder to shoulder with like-minded fighters when the real shit comes down. Death is nothing. Life is the hard part.

        3. My favorite part of the LOTR movie series was when Gandalf described what lay on the other side of death to Pippin. Beauty, goodness, sunshine, contentedness, happiness.
          “Well, that doesn’t seem so bad…”

        4. When I croaked in a swimming pool at 16, that’s pretty much what I saw. Plus, people I knew, friends from ages long past, whom I had forgotten. Felt cheated when I came back to life. I have zero fear of death. I’ve just been biding my time since then…

    2. That was grim and I like stories that end on the utter fallibility of mankind. The elders in my family are from Germany, where there is an apparent fondness for pleasant or captivating stories that end in death (as an object lesson), or merely the “death” of innocence/naivete. These are often told to young children to remind them they can die from accident and illness — or simply fall out of grace — at any moment. The original Grimm’s Fairy Tales (not the watered down modern ones) had that same moralistic lesson of death or inevitable failure in them.

    3. Indeed death doesn’t discriminate. I remember a classmate during my college years just flat out died at the age of 33. Healthy looking person, didn’t seem like he had any issues. Didn’t show up the next day wife notified the teacher and sent a mass email for us. The teaching continued for the rest of that semester.
      Just with everything in life when we die the world doesn’t stop, the sun doesn’t stop rising. The birds still eat, and all the planets still orbit. Live life to the fullest and screw all the inhibitions holding you back. We have 1 shot at this reality. Whatever you believe in after is different for us all. Leave a legacy behind to the community to those around and rid of all pettiness.Even when Michael Jackson died no one could do anything to save him or bring him back alive. Yea he was a millionaire had everything he could ask for, but in the end did that allow him to buy more life? Rich, famous or poor. We all go in the same dirt once our time is finished on this planet. And that’s fact.

    4. My dad bought me a bigass buck knife with a belt clip for my birthday a few years ago when I moved to california. He told me hikers get killed and eaten by mountain lions and mexicans so I’d better keep it on me haha.

      1. True story. Your dad is a wise man. They’re all over the Continental U.S. now…except maybe Hawaii.

        1. You’re a youngster. Enjoy yourself man. Wheat causes “wheat belly”. Stop eating it for a month and you’ll see wicked results. Potatoes are fine, no wheat. No wheat. No wheat. That’s all…

        1. Shit like this happens when you read one book after the other for 3 years straight.
          Do you know how many times I left germany in the last 3 years? Yeah, exactly. 0 times.
          Stop living makes you wise.

        2. No shit man. It’s about buying the time to do the studying, reading, researching. Life keeps us jumping from one foot to the next. Have to find a way to buy the time…

        3. The reason why I did this was that after my breakup 4 years ago I wanted to understand how this could happen to me.
          She was the perfect girl, a virgin before we met and I was good looking and the valedictorian so how could she drop me for that drug abusing skater dude???
          This is what led me here. Now it feels like I read the manual to life for three years. It’s about time I start to practice doing stuff again.

        4. We all pay for our education – one way or another. If you are ready, you are ready. I like to take long breaks from life, “buy the time”. Read, write, think. It calms me. Makes me realize I am just a fool like everybody else, trying to wake up from someone else’s bad dream…

        5. True words. Do you read and write on a daily basis or are you doing it intermittently – like living for a year then introspection for a few weeks then living for a year and so on..the second way is what I will probably do. For some reason I can’t do all things on a small dose everyday. I can’t read for 4 hours then workout for 1 hour than start reading for 4 hours again. I can either read for 8 hours or I do an intense workout and don’t read that day. I am super monotasking. Maybe that’s because I was diagnosed with ‘autism spectrum disorder’ when I was 5.
          I also don’t have a normal drivers license because I can’t use a car with a manual gear change and clutch because that would be too much multitasking. I am only allowed to drive automatic clutch cars so I drive like an average american (I seriously don’t know why in europe the manual clutch is still the norm).

        6. I don’t drive. Gave it up about 20 years ago. Having a car is like having a full-time night woman (live-in girlfriend). Just as expensive and very distracting. I get things done by being single-minded. Hate being distracted. I can multi-task, but I don’t like it. I like to focus like a laser beam and get whatever project done that I am working on, to the exclusion of everything else. You can really move mountains that way. I just took a four-month break from work, pretty much. Did a little here and a little there, but nothing major. I was recharging my internal battery. Now that fall is here, I’ll jump back at it, bang down a bunch of money in the next month or two, then work on other projects I have lined up (personal ones), to the exclusion of everything else. I can tell you that from personal experience, you can really generate intense internal power/knowledge by focusing on one task to the exclusion of all others. Why this is true, I’m not quite sure, but I think you do indeed realize that this is true. When you have a new perspective after intense periods of research/thought, etc., that is the proof. I think life was designed to keep us jumping from one leak in the boat, to the next, so that we never have time to step back and really get a long look at the big picture. Trust yourself. Trust your internal compass. Nobody knows better than you do about what needs to be done…

        7. I completely agree on the part about cars. I drive my fathers Smart but I don’t own one myself and I don’t want one myself.
          Yeah, I prefer that laser focus, too. When I write, I write for 10 or 12 hours straight. I love that shit. There is a reason there is Straight in my name. I also found out that doing two tasks simultanously needs much more time than doing one after the other….oh, and now I need to leave the library. They are closing.

        8. Ive never been dumped for a better man, and only once for an as-good man. Every other time, whether I dumped her or she dumped me, she then went for a way crappier dude in any measurable or intangible regard. Which honestly is more insulting than being dumped for a better man. (but so few of them exist heh)

  15. OT: I am wrapping up and getting ready to head out and the news feed just announced Angelina Jolie filed a divorce from Brad Pitt after 12 years of mariage. She also wants custody of all 6 kids. LOL.

    1. Brad has high SMV. He’ll be bangin’ hotties left and right. “Angelina hit the wall, doo-dah, doo-dah, Angelina hit the wall, oh, doo-dah-dayyyyy….”

    2. So Brad is trading her in is he. They both can afford it. Not too sure that Angelina Jolie still has her looks

      1. She doesn’t. She looks gaunt, stretched, kinda skeletor.

        1. Indeed. She tumbled greatly when she started her ink phase. Before that, when she was young, of course she was quite hot. Then the crazy set in. Never looked back at her after she got ink.

        2. I agree, though she looks ok in some photos if she has put on a few kgs, plus when you factor in what the average early 40s woman in the street looks like, a lot of middle aged men would love to date her. I first heard about her back when she married to Billy Bob and they had a bit of a kooky love life, I thought she was gorgeous then. He was the lucky one I reckon. Its not a case of Brad trading her in though as she is the one filing for divorce..reckons he is not a good parent.

    3. Whats worse is she was at the UN yesterday, saying we need to take in many more Syrian refugees. Useful (albeit hot) idiot

    1. I have never tried but I have heard horror stories about bitch tits as well as how TRT can pretty much shut down all natural T production. I don’t know if this is true or not. The interwebs is crazy that way. I can find 100 sites that say its true and another 100 that say it isn’t

      1. They gave me steroids to help my knee heal. They worked great but turned off my natural testosterone production. SO I know a lot about that subject now. TRT it will always shut down your natural production. That can be prevented if they also give you shots of HCG which in men tells your boys to keep working. And tits you take an anti estrogen for that. It is all rather complicated and very few doctors know what they are doing. That Bro science you hear is probably better than what most doctors know

        1. I wouldn’t rule it out, ya know. It just seems very complicated and very expensive with some dangerous side effects. Going to take a while before the CBA evens out.

        2. It is not so complicated when you deal with people who understand it. It is just that some of them end up screwing you up. Some docs do not know that they need to make sure your thyroid is active before starting. Others put guys on gel, not enough to do much and it costs a lot. Others do not give HCG so your balls shrink and might even get depressed. Your balls make more than just testosterone. And others do not understand that your body converts testosterone to estrogen, which in excess causes far more problems than just tits.
          The drugs are all cheap, tests about $500 a years. Total costs are only about $1000 per year cash. If you really are low, insurance will cover. By way of men’s clinics it run $200 a month

        3. It’s really not that complicated, here’s a very reasonable routine that most TRT docs would recommend:
          100mg test 2X per week (.5ML, typically) – Injected
          .5mg Arimidex 2X per week (day after test shot) – Pill
          500IU HCG 2X per week (day after test shot) – Injected
          That’s pretty straighforward/easy; stops the bitch tits (Arimidex) and keeps the boys pumping out test (HCG). That’ll take most men to a total test of around 1100-1500, which is either “high” or “way high” depending on your starting level, but feels great for most.
          I’d add in Rogaine and something to control DHT (Propecia) to that stack, but, not necessary if you’re not predisposed to baldness (however, most of us are). But that’s it, nothing all that complicated. Get your levels pulled every few weeks for the first 3 months to make sure you’re responding well. Then blood work every year to make sure everything is remaining the same. Drop the HCG if you want to go sterile.
          It sounds like a lot, and people LOVE to overcomplicate it, but, end of the day, that’s a cycle that’s going to work for 99% of the people who try it. You’ll grow muscle easily, you’ll be horny as you were at 20, you’ll recover faster and you’ll feel better.
          Testosterone is NOT a fucking poison as the MSM would have you believe. Even if you don’t want to do it, we would all be better served by not saying shit like “He’s going to drop dead because of “the juice””. It’s what makes us men, and while too much of it can be bad, it’s not the fucking boogeyman devil incarnate that it’s made out to be.

    2. Roosh is still young it would be rare to need TRT. And if he were low there are ways for a younger guy to kick start things back up. TRT that is forever

  16. Great post. I just turned 30 and I’m noticing some of this stuff, including stiff joints (I sat on the floor recently for 5 minutes and I had trouble getting up, even though I work out and can run long distances with no problem).
    I’ve also been unable to really enjoy shitty food like I could in my youth. If I eat anything remotely sweet I get a huge surge of energy and then crash hard. I used to be able to eat fast food every day and not feel a thing and still remain skinny, but now eating one burger from McDonald’s or Burger King will sap my energy for the rest of the day and make me feel bloated. And I don’t drink as much a I used to, but the hangovers I get are severe, sometimes lasting 2 days. When I was in college I could drink till I blacked out, then wake up in the morning and go to class and make it through the day. Today I could have 8 beers over the course of 6 hours and it’ll still take me till about 4PM the next day to work up the energy to even get out of bed and shower.

  17. I use to fully operate on five hours of sleep a night when i was younger, a full weeks work was easy. Now, if i don’t get eight hours every night i’m about useless.

  18. I’m 37, and I’ve only noticed #4, and to a small extent, #7 – though that’s because I’m losing weight. That said, I am gray, whereas many men in my family (including my younger brother) are bald, so I’ll take it.

  19. I’m 38 and can’t handle sugar as well and pretty much almost ate myself into diabetes last year while relying on refined carbs to get me through work. My hunger signals were completely out of wack. It is easy to see how impulses can take over.
    I’m had strain type injuries in my hands since my late 20s from poor computer posture etc. Now I have it in my shoulders, neck and jaw. My physio believes my problems are due to a sedentary lifestyle and has now instructed me to build up my middle and lower traps to support my shoulders and neck. I have ‘upper cross syndrome’ which is often caused by poor posture etc.
    Otherwise I’m ok health wise, but too many carbs has a serious bloating effect. Now I eat low carbs and have increased the fat in my diet. I feel better than I have in years.

  20. A nice dose of kratom and electrolytes would take care of all 7 problems.
    Surprised no kratom comments yet.

  21. Having a lower sex drive has its perks. The things I have accomplished since my mid-30’s. I remember being 14, 15 years old, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but sex. Hot girls all around me in class, and I was trying to concentrate on the class material but it was almost impossible. That was excruciating. Glad it’s over. (Sex is overrated, IMHO. Unless it’s mind-blowing, other-worldly, beyond-words sex. Once you’ve had that, the rest of it is like blowing your nose…)

    1. Gosh, this must be heaven. I am 23 and I watch at each women’s ass while walking the streets. Just can’t stop doing it. The little pervy that I am.

      1. I look at those asses, too, they just don’t affect me like they once did. And it is heaven, in a way. If you have money and you’re in decent shape, you have no limit as a man when it comes to SMV. The bigger your stack (of cash), the higher your SMV. Throw in a good body and you’re gold with virtually any woman. I get more attention now than I did in my 20’s. And I know why. Confidence, a good body and financial success. I knew those were the keys in my 20’s, I was just too caught up in chasing pussy to focus on them. It’ll happen, all in due time, if a guy wants it bad enough.

      2. You’ll definitely still notice them, for many years to come, but after they pass by, they wont have the total focus of your thoughts still. One of the free joys in life is rubbernecking.

    2. My uncle survived 2 massive heart attacks, and the 2nd one his doctors claimed they had never seen a man so ill not die. Afterward he told me what a relief it was to not care about pussy anymore, and he claimed to have hosed over 300 women in his lifetime.
      Favorite story of his was how he fucked 2 lesbians and made them cum a total of 17 times. The following day they left 17 roses on his doorstep lol

      1. Ha ha! Great story. I was a massive slut when I was younger. Now I look back at it and think that I was very lucky to not have gotten murdered by some insane cunt. I know a woman whose sister was caught cheating by her pastor husband, and she framed him for child pornography. (He was nearly killed in prison.) That’s just a taste of what women are capable of doing when cornered…scary shit. These days, I usually hire professionals. (They’re all professionals, anyway, when you break it down.)

  22. “As long as my dick works and I don’t need to hire a Filipina nurse to sponge bathe me, I think I’ll be able to adapt to the changes that come.”
    I hear what you’re saying Roosh – but for me the issue is when I become invisible to chicks under age 30. Escorts are not for me. Not sure how I will react when this day arrives. I know this happens eventually to every man, but when the time comes when young hotties perceive me as an old guy, this will represent a major chapter in my life; a time that admittedly, I’m not looking foreward to.

    1. There is a solution: prostitutes.
      And when you are old, you don’t even need to bother about the lifelong horror of AIDS.

    2. I agree on this. Its one of the great joys in life, and when it seems like you have passed that point when you can score a hottie or even just a young fun loving girl, its when it really hits home you are past your prime. I’ve read some articles on the male mid life crises as discussed by men, and a number of them commented that it wasn’t the niggly little health issues that Roosh has listed or necessarily the way they looked in the mirror that hit them psychologically, but more how their wife had totally lost her sex appeal to them, and they really missed that sexual desire for someone they used to lust for.

      1. Inversely, if I was married to a woman my age I’d lose my sexual appetite for old hags too. I don’t want some vericose-veined, saggy titted grandma groping me. So I’m quite content to become invisible to old women.
        But when the day comes that the young hotties no longer want to bang me – that will be a moment of truth for me.

    3. Well, I don’t know when that day arrives, and I’m 49. So my guess is, you probably have a long time before this becomes a major concern.

      1. I hear ya GOF – but a friend of mine a few years older than me took his life when it became obvious young females were no longer interested in him.

  23. Ive been surprised that most of the substances recommended by TCM or Ayurveda are toxic(antifungal antiviral antibacteria hepatoxic is a common profile). And it has been those substances over all the other things that has improved my health the most. It makes me think that our largest problem isnt necessarily aging but that our unhealthiest cells arent dyimg and being removed and replaced properly. There is a great video on youtube about a pilot who.was shot down couldnt eat lost a third of his weight and when he did the astronauts test he got the third highest score. Almost died! He talked about it being like a rebirth.

  24. Mid 30’s as well and I can relate to #’s 1, 3, 4, 7
    I have started realizing this happening to my self over the past few years. My explanation on what is happening below.
    #1 I’ve banged enough girls to satisfy my number count, courting/gaming chicks has lost it’s appeal, literally let them jump in the boat, which happens enough to keep me happy.
    #3 & 4 being a high level duel sport athlete for 25 years of my life came with many injuries of all joints and muscles, this is just my body wearing down and like my reasoning above it’s like Ive exercised or worked out so much already in my life that I have already done enough for a life times worth, I got a lot of miles on this body
    #7 the beer (which I have cut down on considerably) and lack of exercise (due to the reason above) is catching up
    I am still in good shape clothes fit me well and no need for panic and I agree with Roosh as long as my dick works (which it still does) I am confident in my game and the assets I am accumulating, that when I get to the age of around 50 I’ll let the money and my charm do the talking.

  25. At 42 I’m more aware of the body and its signals, and I’m a better internal listener, but the body doesn’t quite go exactly the way my (still-youthful) mind assumes it can. When I overdo it with exercise–usually inspired by a “positive fervor” or the simple joy of movement/sport, the body damage payback is on a 48-hour delay (2 days after the workout or intense exertion, it hits me).
    Leanness and muscle — at this age, you know what they say: Hard to obtain, easy to lose. Working on it means being relentless, because entropy is also relentless…that’s the tug-of-war of life/survival knocking on the door. Keep a regimen, and an understanding that all forms of power eventually diminish and fade away.

  26. I’m 32, and I noticed a few of these things several months back when I moved to a small, boring town for work and started drinking more. After downing a six pack, I would wake up lethargic, and although I worked out, it wasn’t at the levels to which I had grown accustomed. I also started eating less healthy foods due to laziness/boredom and became more dependent on caffeine (which it sounds like you might be).
    I have nipped this in the bud the last few weeks. Other than a drink or two every now and then, I have stopped drinking and have cut out my binges. I am also cooking all of my meals and avoiding unhealthy microwaveables and eating out. In just a few short weeks, every single one of those symptoms disappeared. I am working out at high levels, have tons of energy, and the only pain I feel is from lingering injuries suffered years ago, but even those are bothering me less now that I have quit drinking so much and am sticking to a healthy diet.
    For the younger guys, once I turned 30, I noticed that alcohol and unhealthy foods had much more noticeable effects. You will not be able to drink/eat like you did when you were 21. You’ll also go to bed earlier, but get much better rest if you work out and eat healthy.
    For Roosh, I would try cutting the alcohol/caffeine consumption for a couple of weeks and see what that does for you.

    1. “For the younger guys, once I turned 30, I noticed that alcohol and
      unhealthy foods had much more noticeable effects. You will not be able
      to drink/eat like you did when you were 21. You’ll also go to bed
      earlier, but get much better rest if you work out and eat healthy”
      Totally agree and I was given the same advice when I was in my 20’s from older brothers, uncles, cousins, friends etc. But you don’t believe it until it starts to happen! 30 is a big turning point for a mans body. The body just does not work and feel the same. It kinda sucks

  27. I can definitely relate to number 3 “I’m more fatigued after working out”
    I will train jiu-jitsu for 1 to 2 hours, and although I can go hard during training without issue, I will get home and often feel exausted. It plays hell on my desire to go lift later at night.

  28. More frequent heartburn, my bones crack when I get out of bed, & the occasional unintentional fart creeps out, like when I pick up something heavy. It happens at the gym on occasion, probably more than I’m aware since I have my headphones on most of the time. Oh yeah, tinitus, too.

  29. My knees arent as good going up stairs unless properly warmed up first. Plus little niggles in my joints also occurs occasionally. Oh and grey hairs are abounding in my beard

  30. We are so perfectly designed that, as we lose the capability to do certain things, we also lose interest in those things and even see them as being a bit pointless
    That’s why elderly people (assuming they are still relatively healthy) are often really happy

  31. Give up coffee and definitely soda-pop, and replace them with several cups of white tea per day. Read up on white tea, it does wonders for the body. I swear my hair stopped falling out and I pretty much stopped aging 10 years ago when I became a religious white tea guzzler. PS make sure you use purified water, or else your tea will be cloudy and taste awful.

  32. I don’t think this is typical post-30 aging. Sounds more like what I’ve experienced since turning 50. Wonder what other 30+ year olds have to say.

  33. I am 55. I completed two workout routines today including powerlifting then elliptical. I am somewhat stiffer, but that can be worked on by stretching more and staying mobile. My sex drive is fine. Although I can no longer have sex 6 times a day like I could in my 20s and 30s. The men in my family line never lose their sex drive. Good genes. Thank you God. Yeah that’s right. Happily married to a beautiful accommodating wife who can also cook like a chef. Eat your heart out. The envy of even rich men.
    Of course I have slowed. I would never pretend I could compete in weight lifting the way I did when young. I have to be more precise and careful. Injuries take longer to heal.
    Hang in their my young friend. If you have the right genetics, life can go just fine after 50 but it requires some adjustment and a little more work.

  34. I’m 29 my hangovers have gotten significantly worse from relatively small amounts of alcohol. 6 beers I’ll have a nasty hangover. In college I could drink 10 + liquor to get an equivalent hangover.

  35. I’m 56 and athletic. From my early 30s and especially from my early 40s I found that injuries take a LOT longer to heal so my first priority is avoiding injury. The best way to do this is to warm up a lot more especially in cold weather. I take a good walk before exercise or if it is raining do a real lot of warm ups first. I found from my early 40s that no matter how much I warmed up I kept getting injured from weights and running, even jogging. My training now is on the heavy bag, shadowboxing and karate katas, also push ups and chin ups but not too many. In my youth I was keen on karate but I don’t go to karate clubs now, I have no illusions that I could hold my ground in sparring with a man 20 years younger who is equally skilled. My sex drive has not diminished at all. I don’t take any supplements or vitamins and I eat plenty of fatty food, but I keep salt to a minimum and try to avoid food which contains preservatives colours and flavours. If I eat a packet of chips I eat the ones containing only potato oil and salt, never the flavoured ones. I get as much sleep as I possibly can. This is what works for me, you need to find out what works for you.

  36. Funnily enough, some things have improved markedly after 30. My alcohol tolerance for one thing. In my 20s I was a “two-pot screamer”.. but now, 3 big martinis barely touches the sides. Also, hangovers are a thing of the past, even on the rare occasions I manage to get roaring drunk. I’m not sure if all this is a good thing..
    On the downside, eyesight really fucking goes, especially after 30’s. I’ve been shortsighted since 20 and required to wear glasses, and the myopia has crept gradually downhill, which is to be expected. But to counterbalance I’ve always had excellent near vision, being able to clear focus on things quite up close, even while wearing near-sighted corrective lenses. Yeah, that was then. However since my mid-30’s my near vision has plummeted by a brick. Now I can barely focus on shit closer than 30cm (1 ft). Tasks like writing, shaving and fiddly repair jobs are getting increasingly difficult.. I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get bifocals. Fucking BIFOCALS, just like my dad wore.
    So as you age, your depth of vision narrows horribly. It’s called “presbyopia”, literally meaning “old man vision”. Yet another way in which God hates us.

  37. Lord, do I detest more than any midway drift below the belly button are those unsightly man boobs that can appear in the upper regions from your late 30s onwards. Yes, you can work and push weights etc but paradoxically they can come with an even greater vengeance to those who work on regularly, especially in later life.
    I’m pretty lean, but, man on occasions when you catch yourself bending in the mirror when you’re shaving, especially from the side, you can see those little nipples hang out a bit too m much! I think they’re related to falling testosterone levels too, so no about of working about can change them completely from mid 40s onwards, even if they’re very slight.

    1. Not exactly falling testosterone levels, but rather rising estrogen levels. Around about 40 your body has an enzyme that seems to increase or at least it increases the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. Falling T levels dont help none, but its also the falling T/E ratio that hurts too. There are some natural supplements to help lower estrogen levels but they are not powerful. There are some meds on the market that help, but you will need a script from your doctor. A lot of ignorant doctors just dont think estrogen is a problem. Working out will help but as you said it wont make the effects of T>E conversion disappear. I’m not sure why nature would make this happen to older men.

  38. Roosh is 37 right? So am I and none of these are accurate. The only thing I can figure is that perhaps… women really do suck the life out of men!!
    Perhaps Roosh should have stuck to one or two instead of… however many there were. 😉

  39. All good advice in the comments section guys.
    Me, I lost 50 pounds 4 years ago by swapping soda for water and smashing a couple salads/smoothies/juices a day. As some advanced tips:
    Liquid cod liver oil makes my face look like a baby, and I think it actually healed a cavity. It also helps with joint pain. Especially when I got bit by a mosquito in Mexico and got Chikungunya Fever!
    Also, 8 weeks on ashwagandha makes me need to jerk off twice a day. Try it out, I may have mentioned it before. Just make sure you have a girlfriend, or you’ll rub your dickskin raw on the couch. I wish I was kidding.

  40. Everyone starts feeling the effects of aging once they are no longer young – well, with the exception of the online world where many men are still studs and attracting 20 year old babes even though 70.
    The trick is to use this to your advantage. As Roosh notes, not thinking of pussy every moment of the day frees you up to build up other areas of your life. Getting the nagging pains and energy slowdowns can encourage you to take your health more seriously, practice a good diet, stretch, meditate, exercise and think through what lifestyle really works for you.
    The different stages of life can make life more interesting if you take advantage of them.

  41. Number 2: pumpkin seeds. A small handful a day. Zink and vitamine K. Prostate problems -squeezing your tube preventing full streaming power for urine and prostate fluid- for most of us men when we get older. If you shoot less than 1 meter you know it is coming to you. I got my dad (now 70+) from a PSA above 10 to 1 by making him eat them. Tomatoes are also good. Every week, consistently.
    Number 5: milk thistle to empower your liver for the alcohol breakdown. A little several times a week.

  42. I practically live off of salmon, avocados, blueberries and strawberries. Always good to have some chia seeds and flax seed too, just dump it all over whatever you’re eating. Works for me.

  43. I experience all those. I would decrease salt, sugar and carb intake and lower eating portions. Eating twice a day (with fist sized portion). Workout everyday and do not miss any day and avoid alcohol unless you are doing it for business reason (potential business meeting that would get you more client) otherwise avoid alcohol period.

  44. I’m turning 50 and none of that shit has afflicted me yet. If you’re having that at 30 you may be dying and not know it, see a doctor.

  45. Let your mind control the changes of your body in your mind, not in your body. I know, some new age bullshit. Maybe.

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