How To Spot The “Nice Girl” For A Potential Relationship

The word “nice” has become negatively connoted since it has been associated with being a nice guy. Before, niceness was a virtue, equated with gentleness, goodness, respectfulness. It was part of the courtship process, as a “nice” man would take his time to know the gal he was courting, organize dates and social activities with her—and this was legitimate as long as the gal cared about him, or bothered about looking as if she cared, as much as he did with her. Some conservatives have even claimed that niceness was a basic element of sociability.

Now, niceness has been ousted as a negative feature by almost everyone with a skin in the game. Feminists crucified nice guys as “hypocrites,” because, y’know, a heterosexual man cannot be nice, cishet are just a bunch of oppressors, and how do nice guys dare to have their own interests and desires at all, and so on. In the manosphere, niceness is often equated with betaness, inability to take action, living inside the illusions of the blue pill, and the surest way to loserdom.

Neither metapolitics in general nor the red pill in particular can be described as nice: metapolitics mean cultural fight, unmasking the mainstream worldview and ideas, pushing ours, all these often indirectly; and the red pill teaches us that negging girls, kicking their ego, escalating when we can, are part of being confident and getting notches.

Yet the very notion of niceness does not deserve to be universally condemned and rejected. In a normal society, people are nice or at least try to be nice to each other, if only to their closest friends and kin. In the world where courtship worked, having interests and desires did not mean one had to play the jerk in order to basically succeed. And though we cannot be nice to anyone, if at least some girls are, society ends up much happier and peaceful than if everyone must keep jerking around to pretend his life is a success.

This is what I want to talk about today: not about the nice guy—whom I would like to mention again eventually for other reasons—but about a far less acknowledged figure we might call the nice gal.

The quiet trad girl


Now I’m not talking about the so-called anti-feminist females who, although they may be helping us on the struggle for the cultural victory of neomasculinity, tend to use it for attention-whoring purposes. What I’m talking about is this kind of girl who, even if she does not say it explicitly and does not know it herself, is still somehow innocent, avoids getting knocked by new guys at every weekend and longs for something akin to the white picked fence dream.

This girl has been derided as a wilful slave by feminists who, like Betty Friedan, compared the privileged life of an upper middle class housewife to a concentration camp (!). She might be passed on by PUAs who will see her shyness and resistance as a loss of time for themselves. But, on the other hand, such a girl makes for an excellent long term relationship material, and though she is often hard to both find and fuck, she is also someone you can trust as a partner.

Here are some of the nice gal’s features:

Though hard to have sex with, she turns (and remains) emotionally loyal and affectionate

At the beginning of the dates, she will block your escalation moves but also stays in touch with you, cares about your well-being, and does not fuck around when she does so. Her vibe is very different from the usual girl who pretends to be into you, but has no time to share your company, does not actually care about you and has sex with at least one other guy at the same time. The basic feature of the nice gal is that she cares—and not about her Instagram, Facebook, or getting invited to the next popular and fashionable party next door. With practice and disappointments, differentiating between the girl who actually cares and the girl who pretends to do so but is just another phony becomes easier.

She may be superficially a leftist, as most university girls are today, but will accept your politics

When you are still dating her, you can do some jests about, say, the good side of the dissenters (us) versus the ugly side of current power; she may say you are macho but won’t  go overdrive shrieking and screaming. Eventually, when you are nailing her on a regular basis, you can be honest about politics, teach her about the Jewish power, how native Europeans are getting displaced, or how feminism actually engineered a sex war and ruined families. She may argue a bit—just a bit—and, incrementally, will get convinced that what you say and believe is right and true provided your frame is strong enough.

Speaking with her is genuinely pleasant

Framing, bantering, escalating are of course on the menu, yet doing all this creates a good vibe and allows you to lead true conversations. The seduction process does not feel like a tedious struggle to keep her attention, escalating before she flakes or getting exposed to massive amounts of bullshit from another spoiled brat who thinks she knows it all.

She only slept with a few guys before


If she is young enough, she may be a virgin, and if she is, she will be quite shy given that a “late” virgin girl often gets mocked by other girls as “retarded” or unable to have fun. Here again, be careful not to confuse her with the typical Western girl who chronically lies about the number of guys she actually had sex with. A truly nice gal does not really want to have sex with numerous guys: she wants to reserve herself to one guy, and at worse practices serial monogamy, not random hookups.

She is physically average or slightly above

Most girls who grow hot early in life quickly know way too much about their power over men and other girls, and wielding such a power destroys niceness, especially in a world that celebrates irresponsible slutiness. Being physically average, the nice gal will sometimes be approached and complimented like almost every young girl, but much less than hotter girls, and she won’t be deemed interesting by the alpha males pursuing hotter and easier lays—a condition which restrains her natural hypergamy.

She’s got friends, of course, but is not too dependent on them and on what they say

You don’t have to be accepted by a mother hen inside her group to be able to approach her. Nor is she too dependent on fashion and entertainment culture. In her case, some shyness and distance from the mainstream sociability mean preserving her integrity. A nice guy living through such a condition will die off by failing to achieve anything meaningful, but a nice gal can preserve herself for becoming a housewife, and this matters a lot.

Sometimes, she has a personnalité empruntée


This means that she acts this or that way in front of her friends, but what she does has a strange vibe of fakeness. If you find a girl who seems to satisfy the aforementioned conditions and feels a bit strange or fake, it is up to you to dive deep enough—mentally and physically—if she can be considered nice or not. Often, the nice gal with such a personality won’t even know that she has one. The incongruent mask turned into a second nature. Fortunately, nature isn’t that plastic, and an incongruent second nature means contradictions and repression inside, which in turn reveal as explosiveness in bed.

She often has developed feminine virtue

For example, she knows to cook a proper meal or do a massage to a man who’s tired. She may have learned these virtues from her parents or has been spontaneously attracted to practising them: in any case, the very fact of having retained them is a proof of genuine femininity. Needless to say, she has no more than a few whore signs, or none at all.

Where can one meet such girls?


Nice gals are undoubtedly easier to meet outside the West. Everything else equal, the most traditional a society, the nicer the girls one can find there. As for myself, having lived a couple of years in Brazil, I have found some easy lays there, but also a variety of gals who still did not have sex with too many guys, enjoyed more the quieter events and definitely became attached after but a few time. One of these girls was a fake hipster whose problem glasses hid a refreshing gentleness and some political openness. Another one was a journalist who worked for a Leftist party, but accepted your humble servant for the outspoken libertarian he was before taking more of the red pill.

This may stem from the fact that Brazilians still have a strong family culture and that so-called “gender” roles are still quite clear to them. A decent amount of girls there prefer going back to their family home in the hinterland during weekends over partying at the city center. It won’t help the PUA to get his lays—although, in Brazil, there seems to be enough girls in most places to satisfy the PUAs—but is definitely good news for those who are looking for long term relationships.

Et alors?


If you happen to score a notch with a nice gal, you are technically free to pump and dump her, but seriously, avoid doing too much of that. As everyone knowledgeable enough knows, the more partners a girl has before marriage, the more likely she is to divorce, and to divorce soon. Thus, if a girl gets pumped and dumped by too many PUAs, she might be whorified for life and unable to support a family over the long term.

Concerning the nice gal, her shyness and reserve tend to protect her from the PUA, but some players are smart enough to get the notch before moving to other girls. If this happens too much to her, who deep down wants more than hookups and drunk parties, she may turn disillusioned and sour… and prey for the feminists.

A nice gal is part of a normal, today non-mainstream world. Look at your mothers, grandmothers, grand-grandmothers and you are more than likely to find women who once were nice gals. These were home pillars, and they are necessary to sustain a future, for a Brave New World humanity where children are engineered and grown out of the womb is barely human at all.

The path of the notches is, or has been, a necessary step for most of us. We gain experience, autonomy, ability, even dignity by achieving the opening of a girl’s legs. But this is so because we live in an abnormal and somehow savage world. In a normal world, boys receive experience and modelling from their fathers, and girls are much more trustworthy and altruistic than they are today. In a normal world, a guy did simply not need to score many notches as to exist or pretend to be a success, and men could go to the brothels in order to get some extramarital pussy without endangering the whole social fabric.

Now, being precautious and “respectful” in general towards girls would amount to white knighting and be a failing strategy. But if you happen to meet a girl who is still more than an oil pit for sex, perhaps you should marry her and consider having children, especially if you can do so outside the US as to escape its repressive, anti-men divorce laws. As long as the nice gal remains nice and as you reward her for being so, she will likely be a good mother, lover, and householder.

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635 thoughts on “How To Spot The “Nice Girl” For A Potential Relationship”

  1. Also:
    Doesn’t swear
    Doesn’t tatt
    Bonus: she works as a nurse or an elementary school teacher.

    1. I know some slutty elementary school teachers and nurses. Mega slutty. I would say something more along the lines of marine biologist or a profession that actually requires work ethic and studying.

    2. some of the biggest whores, professional serial daters are nurses or elementary school teachers ! Beware ! Strippers, hairdressers, psychologists, school teachers & nurses… in that order of crazy…

      1. I should’ve made it clear that it’s in addition to all the qualities listed in the article, not apart from them.

      2. My favorite (and fertile) stomping ground is fashion models, pharmaceutical reps, admins from fortune 500 companies and young MBAs just getting started in the business world.

        1. Kazakh models that study education while knowing how to cook.
          Very specific, but I`m that classy.

        2. There is a little hypocrisy there though too. I just finished dating a model from Siberia. She was a good girl as far as that life is concerned but that life is not conducive to a girl who knows how to or likes to cook. Those girls are into fashion. They barely eat. I spent the last week and a half going to parties for NY Fashion week with this girl. She was fun, and filled with champagne and hotter than the sun in July and one day she will want to settle down but not before she makes the rounds. Asking for a model to be a good housewife is no different than saying you want to enjoy promiscuity and only want chaste women.

        3. I was referring to knee’s comment: ‘Asking for a model to be a good housewife is no different than saying you want to enjoy promiscuity and only want chaste women.’

        4. If you found one that is great. The model I was dating was serious in modeling world. I went to several of her run way shows during fashion week and more of her roommtes and friends. Everywhere we went there were fashion designers, models, drugs, champagne, musicians and sex was everywhere. That was her business. Being incredibly sexy and living a posh life was literally (hitler) her job. When she gets to be 26 and starts aging out of work she will most definitely husband shop and, my guess, find some beta who she will torment but she won’t come to him innocent….none of the girls on the fashion circuit will come to a man innocent…not one.

        5. I want to invent the first quadruple standard.
          Tom, have you ever read my favorite modern fiction novel The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer? I think you would enjoy every word of it. If you give me your email I will send you my e-book copy. I think of it now because a philosopher and a one armed bank robber, both lazy, after robbing a bank in france decide that a get away is too much work so they go next door and order a bottle of wine and some pate while the police mull around and start setting up roadblocks…effectively inventing the get away lunch

        6. Oh yes. Haen’t done that in a while. I don’t know if it true anymore but they used to all stay in the Hilton oon 42nd street. I used to go to the hotel bar with my buddy and just scoop them up. It is where I developed my taste for Icelandic chicks. Been a long time though,

        7. yeah, it’s pretty fantastic. The book is one of my all time favorites. It really is brilliant.

        8. a quote I have saved from that book:
          We’ve all had that moment, though, when having enjoyed erotic communications with a young girl (of more charm and beauty than she has a right to) and she is having a shower, you pick up her passport and inspect it (I read everything including cornflake packets) and you perceive what you hope is some sort of serial number, but is in fact her date of birth and when you have triple checked the figures on paper and on your calculator, you understand that what you’ve done is not only immoral, which is livable, but also illegal, which perhaps isn’t.

        9. pharama reps are way different from nurses. Essentially they are just hot sorority girls who got done with their communications major and realize that the only practical skills they have are sucking cock, looking cute and making nerds do their bidding. They get themselves an anne taylor card, a box of medical samples and are set out on unsuspecting doctors who they take out with expense accounts which rival stock brokers and ply with orgies, cocaine and booze.

        10. Hence how I specified `studying education`. Some of her friends seem like the ultimate cock-carousel riders.

        11. It is possible, but if she goes into modeling full time it will be tough. Also, beware….while models do not make a lot of money for the most part, they are exposed to a very posh lifestyle. A lot of them have a hard time settling down without the champagne

        12. Or you could just give them the champagne. (I’m trying to get as loaded as possible before I marry for this reason).

        13. Pharmaco reps are 100% number close. I despise the medical tyranny but I can convey the thrills of scaling the nearest roof and playing spider man. Those girls are always super fit. Like bond women.

        14. Try ballet dancers. Most of the same attributes required with none if the sex drugs and rock. There just isnt enough cash in it.

        15. I must always get the wrong flights. The stewardesses I see have been flying since the 1960s or early 70s more often than not. The others well they don’t fit down the isle very well. Then there are of course the stereotypical homosexual men.

        16. Damn i always try to pull them. Whats your strategy? Approach on the plane while going to the bathroom? Or do you meet them at an airport bar or something?

        17. Strike when opportunity arises. Its no different than any other place/game. If its on the plane, strike up the banter. If she’s in the bar, do the same. Location has no bearing.

        18. A model can’t beat a chaste, fit girl with a passionate heart and a beautiful mind. Not even close, no contest. Such a girl is rare. Priceless!

        19. Depends on what you are looking for. What you describe is great no doubt. But I’m looking for a 6-8 week relationship tops and more often than not done in 3 dates. As good as what you describe is it simply isn’t what I’m looking for. The idea of marriage and children is abhorrent to me. No judgment on men who feel otherwise. But rare priceless girls aren’t my thing

        20. Perhaps you have become cynical. Given up hope of a keeper. A statistical rarity in the US but very probable in far away places.

        21. Well, this is an interesting place.
          Just wanted to say “Hey”. I’m glad you’re looking out for and appreciating women of moral stature.

        22. Quality over quantity. Find a gem among stones. That was how I was brought up. I know value. I always have to my loss.
          This place is where men are men among men. And they know women. You do too but never let on. Afraid to take a stand with the truth. You can’t stand with truth and falsehood at the same time.
          Good to see you here, though. Thought you chickened out again, when push came to shove and the rubber hit the road.
          Long story. Its on my profile. You can ask your friend too. One you think you know but don’t, not one bit.

        23. OK. Sorry to intrude. I believe I’ve misunderstood something or other. That’s on me. I’ll accept that. Either way, good to see you.

        24. No, you are not intruding. You are always welcome, as you well know. You have to stand with your friends. That I know.
          Friends you know nothing about. Who or what they are. I always stand with the truth let chips fall where they may.
          But you are always welcome. I respect a man. Even when he is on the other side with lies for reasons not known to me. Just be sure some of it does not get on, corrode you.

        25. Thank you for your understanding; and, feel free to point out the lies with which I stand in your perception. I understand you far better than I did two years ago, with thanks. I trust that you will always remain true to your Self – as I wish to always remain true to my own. I’ll exit here. I made a poor decision, but simply to bid a friend (you) a good day.

        26. You made a good decision. And you are welcome as I have already said.
          You are smart enough to know where the lies lie. You can read up the couple of exchanges i had with Ilisha when she accosted me out of the blue after banning me from her blog. In my profile, if you like. Ilisha is a liar and a fake. So is LW. As if you don’t know.
          You have known her and LW before I did. Don’t tell me you did not know what they are all about. That which I know now was not known to you?
          Your decision was not wrong and there was no intrusion. You are always welcome as far as I am concerned. Your decisions are your own. As they should be.
          All are strangers here to me. But genuine truthful open men. Like normal men are.
          Take a stand where you will but do know where you stand. Have empathy too for what I am going through.
          Thank you for coming here, you too have good day HSkol.
          Peace be with you and yours.

        27. I understand little, yet I understand more than others think I might. Sorry for that little quip. I’ll offer my e-mail to you the next time we’re “live” at the same moment, if that’s OK. It would be nice to speak outside the grunge. If not, that’s cool too.
          Do take care and Peace be upon you.

        28. You go ahead and read through my profile. Get the full picture. There are two of hers and one of mine. I could not answer her second one because it was heavy for me and then the blog thread closed. Maybe later I may reply to her else where.
          Her profile and of almost everyone one on LW have theirs on private, says a lot about them.
          But you can go through mine to the actual publication and read both of hers, see how she ambushed me. You will see of both hers and one reply of mine.
          I will consider replying to her second one. She said she will avoid it and may have blocked me. But matters not. I do the right thing and will put cards on the table anyhow. You will sense her lies, faker and gaming.
          Move from here now
          Peace be with you.

        29. El Cid, my friend, I’ll try to review tomorrow. The most unfortunate piece here, perhaps: I very greatly value friendship one-on-one and tend to steer away from others’ likes or dislikes, etc. of one another. I’m certain you’ve taken note of this peculiar characteristic of mine. Some people really have a problem with me because of this; and, I guess I can understand why they do – Team A versus Team B and all. That’s not how I roll though. Nonetheless, I will be thankful to resume our worldly conversation and understanding of one another through time, likely elsewhere.
          I look forward to speaking with you again. Until then, and beyond, may Peace be upon you.

        30. Awalt my friend. However, I do believe you can get one from a good family who has been uncorrupted and then, by working hard and keeping frame, make her a good wife. But that not what I want. I hate kids.
          I have a great life filled with beautiful woman and little personal responsibility. I like it like this.

      3. I know what you mean about nurses and I have a theory…
        They’re frequently surrounded by high test, big money surgeons. It’s like one of the smart guy equivalents to being in the NFL.

        1. Lol, most doctors are the absolute opposite of High T. Generally they’re pretty dweeby, flaccid, and introverted except for the actual medical part of their life.

        2. That’s why I said surgeons though. I do know what you mean, but most surgeons I’ve met are pretty nervy, confident guys, they kind of have to be. I may be basing this mostly on some relatives I have who are this way though.

        3. Surgeons are by and large assholes. Arrogant God complexes.
          Source: All my friends who went to medical school.

      4. Ive crushed so many nurses. My sister is 8 years older and she pimped me out to her nurse friends. They all popped pills and drank like fish because they hated their asswiping jobs.
        A lot of their doctor “friends” were just sugar daddy white nights.

    3. The problem with being a nice girl is men dump us when they find out we aren’t going to sleep with them right away. It’s very hard to find a man who will wait longer than 3 dates for sex. Nice girls often get dismissed as “too boring” or “too conservative.” I won’t even go into how nice girls are treated by other women who want to corrupt us. I’ve had some many whores with tongue piercings try to give me “makeovers.” I had no desire to look cheap like them.
      My husband tells me that I am only woman he has met who had no tattoos or piercings besides my ears. He also appreciated the way I offered to pay for part of our dates even though he never accepted. The clincher was when my husband found out that I only had two partners before him and I wouldn’t sleep with him even after a month of dating. He was accustomed to immediate sex.
      Betty Friedan is an idiot. Concentration camp inmates have to work their fingers to the bone and live in subpar conditions. Upper middle class wives like myself live in comfort and we’re rewarded for doing what we are told by adoring husbands.
      I will admit that I swear while I do planks because that exercise is very arduous. I also swear when I injure myself. My husband doesn’t mind because he knows that I am only cussing because I am in pain.

      1. You`ve pointed out a clear problem in the manosphere that me and others have pointed out in the past: Roosh & Co seem obsessed with bedding as many women but hate it when women do the same, then accuse them of not putting out. He just wants women to please his boner.
        You either allow both genders to sleep around or you disallow. No middle ground.

        1. I don’t know if I really agree with you. About the “&co” I can’t say, but I have seen Roosh as more of a person who is evolving rather than someone who says he wants to bed all the women and he wants women who don’t bed. You have to make allowances for personal growth in men.
          That said, I can’t say the same about everyone here for sure. I want to plow loads of women, but have no desire to ever get married. If I am despoiling your good girls well, tough shit…I planted my flag. But for me to say that I want pure girls that would be total hypocrisy and, if you look back, you will see me frequently comment that I like my girls a little broken in. Don’t get me wrong, if I see Miss Mary Churchvirgin on her way home from Sunday school I will fill all her holes up with so much cum that genetics tests would show she is related to me. But I am not specifically looking for that. I am actually looking for something different.
          Back to Roosh, I think if you read his articles over the last few years it seems clear to me that it isn’t hypocrisy but rather that his ideas are changing along with his age and level of experience.

        2. Yet his double standard still exists. Nobody will take us seriously until we eliminate that double standards. Just because you want to plow loads of women doesn`t mean you can basically allow slutiness one minute and then complain about the next minute.
          Instead of extolling men who sleep around while demonizing the women that sleep with them, we ought to unilaterally criticize sexual promiscuity as a social ill.

        3. But that’s the beauty of the ‘manosphere’. Lots of different guys with lots of different values. If someone gets hung up on ‘what Roosh thinks’, oh well. I personally like promiscuity. Doesn’t mean I think everyone should live that way.

        4. I agree that the double standard exists and needs to be dealt with. But I do not think that it should be at the cost of castigating people who enjoy the promiscuity of our modern age. I think rather is should be about castigating the people who want both the purity and the promiscuity.
          I don’t believe that sexual promiscuity is a social ill. Why should we unilaterally criticize it. Some of us like it very much. I do think it is a problem to criticize promiscuity and also enjoy its fruits. There you have my support. But in the meantime, I feel that no one here (myself included) is in a position to criticize the lifestyle choices of another. If I want to enjoy and laud our new age of sexual promiscuity as a positive thing and enjoy the fruits it brings that is fine. If I turn around and say that women are terrible whores and I can’t find a virtuous one then I am a fucking asshole.
          I get that you feel that sexual promiscuity is a social ill. I feel the exact opposite. I think it is terrific. In other areas and on other topics we may agree. I think a better hallmark than just being a unilateral site of prudes would be that we are a group of men from different places with different lifestyles and often different and even conflicting opinions that can come together and discuss things respectfully….we can agree where we agree and disagree where we disagree and walk away after that.
          Yesterday’s fun with xojane and many of us getting banned (especially @ghostofjefferson who wasn’t even trolling but rather just making rational arguments in the face of ad hymenium (TM) attacks) shows where our strengths are. Men can get together, laugh, taunt each other, talk about things, be helpful to each other and even vociferously disagree without falling into a pit of being a bunch of flaming faggots angry that the whole world isn’t in line with out lifestyle.

        5. It’s not a double standard. The sluts who are now sluts and have been sluts are fair game. I’ve seen plenty of leeway given to “nice virgins” as in “leave them alone”. Women are not monolithic, it’s not “fuck all women” or “fuck no women until marriage”.

        6. Fair enough. Just don`t complain about sluts if you want to fuck them. Makes us look hypocritical as shit.

        7. Where have I complained? A woman debases herself and sluts out, she deserves her fate. A good girl ™ who waits until marriage, I hold as “Do not touch”.

        8. You can believe whatever you like about your partners. Just don`t morally chastise them if you aren`t ready to do the same for men.

        9. You’re trying to put me in the “morally chastise” camp. I’m stating that if you engage life as a slut, then you’re fair game. If you don’t, then you are worthy of not being gamed by some slimeball player.

        10. Roosh comes across as a massive hypocrite outside (and even inside) the manosphere when he demands women stay chaste for him and then fucks them. As a person of a religious bent, I oppose promiscuity on the grounds that it`s anti God and anti family. End of.
          That being said, imagine a newbie comes in here with no influence from either feminism or the manosphere. He reads our articles. Some written by Moner advocate trad catholic patriarchy. Others, written by the more game oriented writers, give tips on how to bag women. What does he think of us?

        11. It is worth noting I`ve met sluts who are extremely in control of themselves, never cheat and never get plated. They`re gold if you find them.

        12. The logic works biologically, but falls apart at the collective level since you can’t have a functioning civilization with a large umber of players and sluts. At this point manosphere folks go into a couple directions. One is the “enjoy the decline camp” which is more nihilist and individualistic; the other is the underdog idealist camp who is likely religious, nationalist, and supports Trump.
          In history, the former group were always the bad guys, i.e. enemies of civilization, while the latter were the ones who made it run or rebuilt it after cataclysms. Marxism has turned this truth on its head by reducing the very ideas of civilization and morality into components of class struggle theory.

        13. Roosh is starting to mature (or evolve) as an individual. I think Lolknee said it in a different article, [If you can look back 10 years and not dislike the person you see, it means you haven’t grown.]

        14. Roosh is growing, though his tendency of having an extremely uncouth writing style and a very blurry definition of when a woman wants to do it doesn`t exactly make him a great spokesperson. Then again, until he stops promoting promiscuity, I`ll stick to my guns.

        15. I don’t see any problem with wanting chaste women, while still getting some action. I think most guys, if you go back in time to when you were a virgin, we valued courtship and chivalry and being a nice guy and all that stuff. At least me and most of my friends and many ROK readers.
          At some point we realize that there are basically no chaste women left. Women are freely giving their poosies. Men then have two choices: Act like Mormon missionaries, feign disgust at the hot sloots giving away snatch every weekend, and MGTOW, or take advantage of the pleasurable experiences with said sloots.
          Option A will leave a guy horny, confused, frustrated, and angry. Option B will satisfy a guys physical needs, and the research has shown that promiscuity has massive impacts on females, but far less of an impact on a man. In other words, there is very little downside to a guy taking advantage of free pussy, but a huge downside to a girl being a slut. A guy can still want a chaste, conservative community while taking advantage of sluts.
          The same way I will go shopping on the sales tax free holiday in September that my state offers while acknowledging its a stupid, unfair, bad idea. Yeah, you can call me a hypocrite if that makes you feel better, but I’m not leaving money on the table.

        16. One could argue that in certain cases, biologically, it is more efficient to have more than one husband, namely in a case where there are fewer women than men and men tend to die.
          Biological arguments don`t convince me as you can use evo psych to justify any theory if you can string together evolutionary biology and reproductive anatomy in a convincing way. I look at it from a sociological perspective.

        17. > and the research has shown that promiscuity has massive impacts on females,
          > Option A will leave a guy horny, confused, frustrated, and angry. Option B will satisfy a guys physical needs,
          Or option C: a life of religious contemplation and the practice of disciplines to reduce that horniness without jacking it.

        18. I think option C is the best for society as a whole. And I think an argument can even be made for sites like ROK to preach that message. But if we are only teaching the men and end up with a bunch of honorable, virginal, wise, strong men, and a bunch of fat feminist sluts that completely ignored option C, is society really any better off?
          Is there ANY movement that spreads the message of betterment of women?
          As for the evidence on female promiscuity being detrimental, I did a quick search, I’m sure you can find more easily with the search function:

          8 Ways Women Destroy Themselves (And Everyone Else) By Sleeping Around

        19. I figured the religious grounds on the anti promiscuity. I respect that. I feel differently, obviously.
          As for Roosh, maybe you know better than I. I feel like he has been on a trajectory leading from poon hound to a more serious kind of settling down guy since his article on what kind of woman he would like to marry. I don’t know him personally and I can’t testify to his character, only my sense of it.
          As for Moner. I like his articles quite a lot. I think if a newbie comes here with no influence from either feminism or the manosphere and sees articles by moner as well as by Donovan as well as by jon Anthony etc etc etc he will think that this is a website of men who all come from very different perspectives and share with each other in an atmosphere of respect, who aren’t afraid to disagree, who bust each others balls and laugh at times and who all are strong individuals, all their own men.

        20. Well that is true, I was just saying that traditional social values fit with how people work biologically.

        21. Debatable. Some would argue traditional values go against biology cause biology is inefficient.

        22. Short anwer, promiscuity is pretty established as a bad thing for people (disease, bastardy, emotional/psychological cost, divorce, sex addiction, and the hits keep going), however I feel the same way about it that I do about alcoholism.
          If you want to drink, drink. If it’s consensual, it’s people corrupting each other and screwing each other up. It’s bad, and for your own sake it would be great if you stopped, but grown men are going to make grown men decisions.
          Of course promiscuity is harder on women than men, but like everything else, it’s not a no cost decision. I don’t expect people to live like monks, but you need to count the cost.

        23. No decision is a no cost decision though. I honestly disagree about a lot of the things about promiscuity. Bastardy and disease are easily avoidable (I’ve been at this near on 3 decades and have had neither problem). Sex addiction feels made up to me and always has, but even if it is real it is, like you say, alcoholism. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. Divorce isn’t a problem if you don’t get married. As for the emotional or psychological cost, yeah, that is a thing. But there is also an emotional or psychological cost to getting married. In the end, I think your opinion makes sense and that you don’t try to put your own beliefs in the head of others but allow them to make their own decisions (or in your seeing mistakes) is to be admired.

        24. Been reading your comments and nodding my head. You should really check out the Red Horse by Eugenio Corti, it almost won the Nobel Prize but was “too Catholic”. His characters embody a kind of manly Christian chastity in the romantic subplots that is pretty rare to find examples of in story telling (Corti himself was a man’s man, Eastern Front survivor and joined the King to liberate Italy from the fascists).

        25. For every study there is an equal and opposite study. I’ve also seen it said the same happens with men. There was also one that said that certain types of promiscuity (namely boyfriend swining or doing vanilla fucking between relationships) are less harmful.

        26. Or they adapt against it. The Bible teaches us that man’s nature is fundamentally evil, and that through God’s word, we can move towards a more just existence.

        27. Unfortunately for women sleeping around damages them, not us men. Men and women are not the same and we have different rules regarding sex. If a woman could bang 50 guys and then go on to live an emotionally healthy and stable life, Roosh and Co., myself included, would have no issue with female promiscuity. Sadly for everyone involved, that’s not the case. Women slut around then dumb their broken, worn out bodies on innocent men and ruin them. Not to mention single mothers, divorces, and rape accusations.
          I know several guys with high notch counts that are great husbands and fathers. Sexual experiences build men up but tear women down. Don’t get mad at us for pointing it out.

        28. You say “his double standard” like Roosh invented it. He didn’t, it’s just the way things are. Just like women can cry watching the bachelorette and we can’t. Get over it.

        29. I’ve also seen men who sleep around who are utter scumbags and make terrible husbands and fathers. Anecdata vs anecdata.
          For every study there is an equal and opposite study. I’ve seen studies showing women get worse by sexual promiscuity and others showing no such effect. Some even showing greater satisfcation when having many partners. Given “satisfaction” is a nebulously defined term not easily quantifiable, that’s not a nail in the coffin.
          To best maximize both genders benefits, we ought to discourage promiscuity. Why? Because even in your belief, if men don’t sleep around, women won’t be unhappy and make bad relationships, and men won’t feel a thing.

        30. ” you either allow both genders to sleep around or you dissallow.”
          If you check out a book rich with surveys called ” why women have sex” you’ll read 80% of women who have affairs will fall in love with the affair partner. That number is around 10% for dudes.
          We are totally different creatures. A woman who sleeps around also has a heart torn to pieces and low self esteem. On the contrary, men become braver and more confident with each notch.
          Another example: 1 billion men on this planet have picked up a pair of dirty, smelly, maybe even blood stained panties and sniffed them for sexual pleasure. A woman will never understand that. To hold us to the same rules is like judging a dog by how well it can climb a tree.
          When a man has sex, its because he was hansom, charming, funny, popular, wealthy, lucky or all of the above. When a woman has sex, its because she is giving in.
          Believe what you want. Men in the comment section sometimes exaggerate and brag. In the end, I think most of us are here because we wanted an evenly matched relationship and love, but someone hurt us. Instead we found women who wanted to party and sleep around until they turn 35, then marry a rich guy. After ten years of meeting girls with that same outlook, some of us say fuck it. We’re a lot better at that game then they are, because it makes us men stronger, while it just devalues women emotionally. Their only options after that are to be cat lady’s and cougars.
          Ladies are beautiful creatures and men should never attempt to do what they do and vice versa. It goes against evolution
          To judge us by the same standards is feminism, aka, encouraging women to act like men. 50 years of feminism is NOT going to undo 5 million hears of evolution.

        31. > If you check out a book rich with surveys called ” why women have sex”
          you’ll read 80% of women who have affairs will fall in love with the
          affair partner. That number is around 10% for dudes.
          What you ignore is that doing this in the first place is not only anti-God, but disrupts families. Allow, or disallow. A man`s ability to have affairs doesn`t count into this.

        32. My personal belief is that I agree. All holy religions say that it is harmful for both, although perhaps moreso for women. People should marry young, in their teens/preteens while virgin.

        33. “imagine a newbie comes in here with no influence from either feminism or the manosphere. He reads our articles. written by the more game oriented writers, give tips on how to bag women. What does he think of us?
          Well, here I am. Reading, thinking, wondering if you all are masters of game you got game, am I missing some thing. Or you bartered away quality for quantity. But then you are pragmatic and know that quality is not promised…

        34. I have a feeling a lot of guys here have inferiority complexes and need them filled by banging as many sluts as possible and then demeaning them for retroactively not having given them anything.

        35. I can agree with your manosphere summarising post, but can see room to incorporate Raphael’s ideas too

        36. I’m conflicted with your sentiments but from a religious standpoint the bible is clear, sex is for marriage period. Our great-great grandfathers were virgins and/or had little experience when it came to intimacy with women and there were far manlier than too many men today i.e. they fought in world wars, conquered frontiers, built the empire state builder. Promiscuity is bad for both sexes but especially for women.

        37. Did the imaginary man in the sky tell you that himself or did you get that from reading books written by men?

      2. Sigh.
        I sigh because you are only going to find men like that when said man has real no joke religious commitment. Unfortunately, finding a man like that who is a Man is rare.
        Believe me, I’ve lived it and am living it. I think I came out somewhat normal because my religious life got set by my father from a young age and it was a very what you might call “unencumbered” Christianity. Military chapels, orthodox on the fundamentals (KJV forever), no emotional weirdness or excessively feminine flavor to religious observances.
        I went to one of the largest religious universities in the world and guys who grow up in the evangelical bubble have a strong tendency to have the man kind of kicked out of them. They’re not fundamentally unsound, they’ve just been messed up by bad theology and weird programming about what being a Christian man means.
        [Edit: word change]

      3. You’re married, so I don’t know why you are complaining about finding a mate. So you had to date a bunch of men who expected sex right away. Well, when 95%+ of women offer sex freely, men will assume that they’re going to receive sex when dating, because that’s typically what happens. In fact, it happens in basically every date a modern man goes on. That’s a simple fact of modern life. Get angry with other women if you want, but that’s pretty pointless.
        Men are more attracted to mate with women with fewer partners. You had 3, congrats. I will say while that is a very low notch count, relatively speaking, in today’s pool of women, but it is the upper end of what most top-tier men are looking for in a mate. I’m currently with a girl with a notch count of 3. Anything higher and she’s pump and dump material. So you’re just barely on that cusp. By the way, the Teachman data supports the number 3 as being the upper limit of # of partners before the risk of inability to pair-bond becomes too high. So it’s not just men’s personal preference; the data bears this out.
        Statistically speaking, marrying your 3rd sexual partner is the “last chance” a woman has at making it work. So if this husband didn’t ask you to marry, you would have busted your hand, so to speak. Kudos to you for having morals and being better than most women, but instead of considering yourself a special snowflake, consider your self lucky that it worked out with guy #3.

        1. My husband and I will consider me what we choose since we both know what most women are like these days. LOL Who cares what cusp I’m on since I’m happily married to an Alpha provider? Nothing can change the fact that I am a rarity. My husband is humble and intelligent enough to realize that BOTH of us are lucky to have found each other.
          My comments about finding a mate who will wait for sex was a commentary on the trials of being a woman with morals. If other women want to sleep around, they can and there’s nothing I can do to control their actions. Strangely, loose women are very insistent that women who behave differently should follow their lead. I never understood that.
          As for being “angry” and “complaining”, please remember that who started taking random petulant shots at me for no good reason. You also made a laughable attempt at cutting me down by commanding me to change how I view myself and my marriage. I don’t obey beta simps because you are all pathetic; especially since you sound like whiny girls in grade seven.

        2. Another “happy and satisfied” woman with plenty of time to post in a men’s only space. Always have to come back and defend themselves. No one here knows you and no one cares. We post ideas here, not personal details. And women aren’t allowed. Hang on to that husband, toots.

      4. “Men dump us when they find out we aren’t going to sleep with them”. Keep in mind: those are the men you have chosen. For every guy a woman dates, there are 30 other men whom she rejects. If you are referring to experiences you had in your twenties, or during college, the caliber of man and age of your options was probably more to blame than men in general.
        I believe men should always date a woman 10 years younger for this reason. Hopefully at his age he is mature and ready to be a real man for her, while she is still beautiful and innocent. The two can age together this way without a sudden mismatch in attraction.

        1. My husband is 8 years my senior so I agree with you. He always says that I’m never going to grow old and I love how patient and chivalrous he is. I have dated some older men who were very immature but that was the exception and not the rule.
          It’s impossible to tell if a man is going to dump a woman for not having sex as soon as she meets him. That comes after a few conversations or one date. Other women I knew with low notch counts and certain morals had the same experience. Men just wanted to get into our pants and when we refused, they would dump us and move on to some easy slut. I noticed that very beautiful women got away with being promiscuous as well.

        2. That wasn’t my experience. I wasn’t allowed to go on dates, though. My dad was very discerning about the men he allowed into our home to spend time with me.
          I was 20 when I married my husband, who was 35. So, I married a bit younger than most of my other American friends. We’re Russian Orthodox, and age gaps like that aren’t uncommon in our religious and social circles.

    4. Nurse ain’t an indicator. I met a girl who was friends with my ex (both nurses). She is 19 and admitted to having had more than a dozen sexual partners in the last year alone (!). She was also known to her peers for frequently fkking around on weekends with various dudes.
      Some of them are caring and have altruistic tendencies, but you clearly can’t categorize these personality traits by profession.

      1. I knew a nurse she had mental issues and wanted to fuck me but I was fearfull for getting something from her! I have never found a greater slut in my life even though there was a close (the most slut tells but wasn’t crazy).
        in a few words: STAY AWAY FROM NURSES.

        1. Amen bro. Used to bang one, she was a real whore, also my boss daugther (25) is a nurse, 7 knowm former boyfriends wich should be like 14 cocks and counting

        2. Nonsense. There is no healthcare profession that makes anyone a slut. None. Nurses, doctors, physical therapists, administrators, etc. All have no bearing on anyone’s moral makeup. Similarly, no profession makes anyone chaste either. Even priests could be pedophiles.
          You want a nice girl? Look in the right places. Younger, homely, countryside dwellers, are more likely to be nicer. But the most important thing to do is to get to know her for real, and vet her like crazy.

        3. Wait, so you’re telling me that there is no such thing as Slutocology?

        4. Absolutely true. I briefly dated a virgin who was in her 5th year of residency, and the stories she would tell me about her slutty coworkers, oh man…. All the nurses are banging all the married doctors, and who knows what else.

        5. Working in a hospital is definitely a very easy way to have casual sex. I know what i am talking about 😉

        6. Other redpillers say that nurses are the best GFs because they like to put in some effort and help other people.
          I actually don’t have any experience with nurses.
          I just know that all nurses in my town are hipster sluts.

        7. Young ones are really weird. I know quite a few nurses. GenX and older they’re decent enough, although as a young man I strongly suspect you’re not prowling for 40+ year old women.

        8. I do not believ that nurses are all sluts, but for some reasons they have a terrible reptutation. Also Doctors tend to be more held up, as they require many hours studying to take their diploma.
          What you say is the best response but it is better to improve your chances by environment.

        9. She was very close to that type you describe (as hipters are thank God quite rare in Greece, though trendies are very common).
          I really believe though that if a nurse has her mind right she would be a good GF.

        10. Nurses are huge sluts, primarily because their job doesn`t leave a lot of time for family. They also have a somewhat preternatural ability to feign emotion,

        11. Of all the nurses I’ve bed, I would only have said was GF material. So, 1 in 12…what’s that percentage?

        12. LOL. No, dude; there is no such a course yet.
          But those who major in Strippology or Escortology are generally considered qualified for honorary Slutocology. So they CLEP it out.

    5. My exgf I described in my other comments will be an elementary school teacher in 2 years. So I have to disagree.

    6. I was with you right up until the occupations. In my personal experience these two professions attract a lot of fake nice girls. Kind of like nice guys with their sissy chips swapped out for slur chips. Especially teachers, they fuck around like crazy where I am from.

      1. I would agree. Education majors are the dimmest bulbs in the university circuit.
        Hey jaybird, was your mom a teacher? Yeah. Shot in the dark.

    7. Nurses are busy nursing others. They come home too tired to care for dick-o-daddyo. I knew a businessman who put his middle aged homemaker wife through LPN training because it’s what she always wanted to do. Upon graduation and her first job, she filed for divorce. She didn’t need him anymore. Some incident with an argument about “I’m tired of doing your [email protected] socks all the time” and she had turned completely. She had plenty of carousel skanks at work that patted her on the back and told her “go girl go” and “run Jane run”. No one in the community even shamed her or stoned her. Jew divorce attorneys with pictures of Bahaman vacations and Lambourghinis on the walls of their office waiting room (all the great things you can TAKE the man for if you do ‘business with us’) managed to get a pretty hefty killing off the husband. With the divorce rape industry, the courts aren’t about ‘fairness’. The competing yellow page parasite lawyers compete with each other for ratings. Who can beat the guy and get you MORE if you do busines with us. It’s not about fairness, it’s about WINNING you more blood money off the guy.

  2. There are a ton of nice girls in the deep south and Midwestern plains states but gaining access to them is difficult. They don’t leave too far from their hometown and are very close to their family. I spent a summer in Minnesota some years back and I still regret not locking down one of the girls I met while I was there.

    1. I just finished listening to a manosphere radio show that features a prominent blogger. His co-host is… a girl. I’m supposed to see value in her sharing thoughts on men’s issues, yet instead I’m disturbed at the platform she was given. I believe this is the exact moment that the manosphere has jumped the shark, where I’m now embarrassed to be a part of it.
      August 12, 2013. Roosh

      1. Ive tried, but “nice” girls all seem to go for extremely boring guys, or fixer-upper projects who they waste years on.

    1. maybe, but you need a nurse to wax her. You don’t want to be dealing with no coma bush.

      1. Have to keep the tongue-piercing from getting tarnished, too…somebody’s gotta buff that sucker.

  3. I agree on politics, they say a lot.
    Out of all the girls I had, the only one who was a degenerate was the only liberal one.
    Some might pretend to be liberal but deep down they are clearly traditional – but again, this does not mean you can “teach” an actual liberal woman out of liberalism. I have seen that stuff backfire way too many times, most times they’re just a time bomb waiting to go back to liberalism.
    “I fucked only a few guys” should be zero guys if she’s 22 or below, 1 if she’s 22-27, max 2 if 27+. Above those limits = degeneracy.

    1. You don’t have to teach a girl politics, she will adapt yours in time if you get into a relationship with her. I mean the ones who are semi-apolitical or lukewarm leftists. The militant ones I don’t know, because they repel me.

    2. Today you got to give them that long term relationship that failed. But banning 20 guys within a month after that is getting to be the norm. And not acceptable

  4. Let’s just see niceness as a trait in the wheels of evolution. Some (sub)species adapt it because it works for them, others discard it. Some value it, others don’t.
    That said, I don’t think niceness and assholeness are necessarily polar opposites. They can blend neatly into one vibrant persona.

  5. Man, having lived in the big city for 5 years I can’t remember the last time I met a truly nice girl. In my personal experience, nice and demure girls will stay in small towns or the country, while their wild counterparts will move to the big cities.
    My theory for this is that word gets around in small towns. If you’re nice and non-offensive people won’t mind you. But if you’re a slut or a drug addict or a delinquent (Or all 3), people WILL talk about you and you can’t hide and will probably face being ostracized. These types are usually the ones who move to big cities because it’s possible to be 100% anonymous here and do tons of crazy shit and not face any consequences.
    What’s also sad is that if a demure girl moves to the big city for a job opportunity she can’t pass up, she WILL end up becoming a delinquent. I’ll never forget talking to a girl on OKCupid who had just moved to the city and was kind of nerdy but was friendly and bubbly and intelligent. I found her profile a year later, and my God did she change. She was covered in shitty tattoos, she had half her head shaved, and her profile read like the manifesto of a serial killer. Maybe she had the potential to be one of these kind of girls anyway. But either way, the city corrupted her and I doubt she’d look like this had she stayed in her small hometown.
    tl;dr: Women are ruined by experience.

    1. The speed that girl can go down hill is frightening. In thirty days they can go from sweet to slut. But never back. The one thing about women I was slow to learn. The one thing I did not learn until I ran into guys who talked about the “Red Pill”. Woman are herd animals. They conform to whatever group they are in.
      Once I knew that so much of what I had seen in my life made sense. It even explained wife beaters and why their woman put up with it to to me. And why those guys always isolate their woman

      1. After the breakup my ex went from the super cute girl with a notchcount of 1 to a hardcore feminist with bleached short hair, piercings, tattoos and dozens of dicks in the puss.
        I’m now glad that I am not in a relationship with her.
        I’m blessed.

        1. What you ran into hurt like a bitch. But yeah you’re blessed, she could have held it together and not went self-destructive until after you put a ring on her finger.

        2. Oh yes rest assured what she did is purely self-destructive. her life is fucked up for the rest of her life. she will not have a good one. And one day you’ll get over it and you will have a good life.

        3. Yeah, I’m freaking blessed.
          And this really opened my eyes to AWALT.
          She was just your cute girl next door when I met hear. Long, black straight hair, a virgin and a singer.
          She sucked my cock every single day without me asking to do it. And she also gave me massages all the time. We went to school together and helped each other out. Damn, it was like heaven. And then when we got our degree and she moved to the city (she moved from a 300 people village to Mainz which is the german city with the highest amount of students; 20% of inhabitants are liberal students) she went completely insane.

        4. Nah, it’s the city and the influence of a hardcore liberal campus. (there also is an ‘antiracism’ movement at the Johannes Gutenberg University which is criticizing the university for having so many white professors…well, if they don’t like the amount of white people in a predominantly white country…why DONT THEY FUCKIN MOVE BACK TO AFRICA, BIMBOS!)

        5. Mainz has a nice catherdral and the walk along the river embankment is nice. I didn’t even know they had a university there as I find the rest of the city to be a bit of a dump.

        6. Because, reasons. They would have to admit that Africa is a third world shitty-ass continent, and the only excuse is that the US has been stealing it’s resources like the colonizing robber baron nation it is. And Africa sucks balls, and nobody would get free iphoneses there, or be able to bitch about how bad off they are.

        7. I have a feeling that someone found out his special snowflake was eating a box of dicks before coming home and giving him a big wet kiss

      2. “The speed that girl can go down hill is frightening.”
        Saw it happen to my buddies gf.
        Cute 7/10 but with easily 8-9 when done up
        Going to school and had ok job already
        They break up
        She starts riding the CC
        Gets addicted to coke
        Loses job and stops going to school
        Totals car
        Hangs out with drug dealing bf all day doing lines and he just fucks her for the fun of it
        now pregnant
        all happened in one month.

        1. I have similar Tales to tell. I don’t do it because they still upset me. Not my girls but just seeing it. It hurts. It only takes thirty days

        2. Yeah I still think about this beautiful swimmer girl. Dumped me 5 years ago and started doing meth. She disapeared. Apparently moved in with the meth dealer. Two kids now with some random bar fly and about 45 extra pounds.
          I remember she texted me saying she ” just didnt want anything serious.” Meth addiction and a pregnancy from a one night stand aren’t serious?

      3. women can reverse the whore lifestyle , but only to disguise their past, to ensure their future. I knew a girl in highschool who had a 3some , she was a big pot head and partier. A couple yrs ago i saw her on social media looking sweet and inocent , she was in a relationship with a Man who appeared successful and gentlemanly. It was apparent this Man must have been oblivious to her past, and she did a fine job of erasing any traces of her former whoring ways(complete appearance change) ,to convince this guy she was wife material. She saw a meal ticket and altered her life accordingly to get it.

        1. And that’s the absolute worst. A whore who manages to hide her past and suckers you out of a ring. The girl might even believe she can leave her past in the past. But a whore will always be a whore.

        2. You should have sent that poor guy an anonymous message and give him the heads up on that skank.

    2. This. It’s the reason my husband and I left the city we were living in and moved to the countryside. Nobody gives me a hard time about being a housewife here. It’s actually rare for wives to work where I live.

      1. Why anyone would give you a hard time about being a housewife is beyond me to begin with. Tell’em to piss off.
        Damn city dwellers always getting into other people’s business grumble grumble grumble.

        1. hey, don’t look at us. You guys are the people who do things like know what your neighbors are up to. 2 years on the 5th floor of a building with 10 apartments and I cannot recognize a single one of my neighbors let alone know what they do in their personal lives.

        2. You’re kidding right? I’ve spoken to my next door neighbor maybe twice since we moved in 5 years ago and called the cops on another neighbor close to a dozen times for noise disturbances. I don’t care what they’re up to and you couldn’t pay me enough to care.

        3. haha are you telling me that my knowledge about the world that I have received mostly from television may not be correct?

        4. I can’t find it anymore, but I once saw some photography project about these multi-story buildings that were set up in the second half of the 20th century. It was basically photos of how it actually looked vs photoshopped versions of the utopia version it was supposed to be.
          Reality: Ugly, dirty buildings with graffiti, immigrants, gangster culture, people who don’t give a fuck about each other.
          Utopia: Lots of happy jolly people who grow close and intimate due to being very close to each other. Pristine clean buildings. Socialistic paradise.

        5. I went to my farm last week. I drove out in my son’s car, which the surrounding neighbors had never seen before. Within minutes a nearby neighbor (as in, lived within a mile of my place) drove up and startled me in the barn. Once he saw me he was all cool, and it’s good to know that when I’m not there, that the locals are watching out for my property.

        6. such a difference. I am pretty sure that family annihilator could break into my building and murder every man woman and child in the other 69 apartments and so long as he didn’t come to my door I would have no idea.

        7. I get not knowing what theu do, but not recognizing them? I dont see how thats possible. Isnt it inevitable that uou bump into them every now and then?

        8. Same here. The place I lived at before, with my mum, I got myself hated by pretty much most of the neighbors. When I said ‘Don’t worry, Ill be gone soon’, they said ‘Good!’

        9. I leave the house early for the gym and never see anyone. If I ever pass people in the hall I am oblivious. It is a gift which comes from being rasied in a city where ignoring the homeless is a big hobby. I know there is a couple who lives directly next door to me but if you put them in a police line up I wouldn’t be able to pick them out. There is one hot chick I smile at and make small talk with in the elevator who lives on the third floor but if you told me it was a half dozen different chicks I wouldn’t be shocked.

        10. Funny, GK Chesterton talked about the early version of that phenomenon in his day. He said it was odd that even if you were going to build houses for poor people, why wouldn’t you ask the poor people whether or not they wanted to live in a beehive?

        11. Same here, 100 apartments in my building and the only person I know by name is my next door neighbor. Apparently a group of dudes my age live next door to me. I had no idea because I never saw them.

        12. Of course you know why, my dear. It’s because being a housewife is “old fashioned” and “anti feminist.” Meanwhile, the working wives have disgustingly dirty homes and they spend their money on restaurant dinners since they are too tired to cook at the end of a long day.

        13. Yeah, twas being facetious, is all. You do you and be proud knowing you’re creating welcoming a home for your family. These feminists are a disgusting lot who espouse grrl power until a woman decides to exercise said power in a more traditional role. If we had more mothers who stayed at home and fewer trying to be everything to everyone, there’d be a lot more happier women and a lot more intact families.

        14. Exactly. The workplace would also not be the PC mess that it is now what with women starting drama.
          My husband is in a rigorous science based field. He needs unwavering support at home because he has no time to worry about keeping our house clean or laundry. My husband’s demanding job requires so much discipline and mental focus that he cannot be distracted by a nagging wife. He needs a calming environment at the end of the day as well as an attractive and gracious wife who makes him look good in front of his superiors. He also needs a woman who is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle since he is a runner. While my husband goes for a run, I am working out at home.
          Women play secondary roles very well if we allow our feminine qualities to shine through.

        15. Sure ignoring bums is a good skill. Even better is situational awareness. No need to make friends with the unwashed masses.

        16. That seems like a good way to keep up game but a risk if a newbie screwed up due to future awkward rides.

        17. “Why anyone would give you a hard time about being a housewife is beyond me to begin with. ”
          Because they are deeply jealous of the fact that the housewife went against the feminist BS programming and has everything that they want. Feminists have brainwashed women, and when they see that in the flesh (a housewife who’s happy, doesn’t have to wake up and work a soul crushing job and has a nice family) their entire world view comes crashing down. Hence, they scorn the housewife.

        18. “Utopia: Lots of happy jolly people who grow close and intimate due to being very close to each other. Pristine clean buildings. Socialistic paradise.”
          Having lived in a condo tower twice in my life, I can’t tell you the name of a single neighbor (not sure I could at the time I lived there either). Now, in the country, I could name off most of the people on my street as you drive to my house.
          Cities are, ironically, at least for some, horrifically socially isolating. Great place to score meaningless lays; terrible place to actually, you know, get to know someone.

        19. It’s funny, I’ve tried to explain New York situational awareness to people. I feel it is different, though no less strong. I notice any kind of abnormality and register it immediately however the things I take for normal are different.
          I will step past a bum freshly released from psych and walk through traffic while texting and none of it phases me but if there is something that doesn’t belong I pick it up right away. Hard to explain.

        20. A lot of people find big cities to be very lonely. It does something to the personality of the natives. Everything gets all backwards in a way. For instance, the only time I don’t feel isolated and alone is when I am actually home alone. When I am around other people that I know I am of at peace the way I am in total isolation.

        21. Exactly! Who in her right mind would choose to have a long commute and a long day in some superfluous and underpaid position?
          I will say that I still work. Cleaning a home takes a lot of energy and burns calories. Meal planning and cooking can be tedious and very hot. Keeping my physique also requires effort and stamina. Trust me, I don’t sit around and watch soap operas all day. I would hate myself if I was lazy and my husband would never stand for it. *wink*
          I know some housewives married to betas who look terrible and actually have the gall to order meals with measured spices and ingredients. They clearly have no respect for their husbands. There is no reason why they cannot cook from scratch. Of course, they are married to beta simps who allow such laziness.

        22. Don’t get this the wrong way, but I find classical architecture ugly as hell, usually. Or, I can see a form of beauty in it, but I don’t see why one should be attached to it. Why follow ‘styles’? Just do what pleases your eye.

        23. Yeah…but you can’t deny those beehives are horrible. The original beehives have some beauty on them, the man-made ones are just plain ugly.

        24. Well, everything has some kind of beauty in it … like, a tsunami for instance. Or a man in a woman’s dress. There is a weird kind of beauty to that diminishing humiliation.

        25. Well if we go by that theory, the US should be a bunch of mud huts. Fits with the shape of the women.
          😉 😉 😉

        26. By mult-istory buildings do you mean council flats? Because private apartment blocks stay looking nice.

        27. The point I was making was I exercise regularly which is more than many so called housewives do. I see a lot of SAHMs who are land whales around here. I don’t eat cereal and I rarely eat sweets. Thanks though, hon.

        28. Too right! In my old building my next door neighbor died. Eventually the smell attracted attention and the cops/paramedics were called. The cops were going door to door asking general questions. The cop asked me if I knew anything about the 200lb guy next door and my honest response was ” guy? I thought it was a small Asian lady. Meh, must be thinking of a different apartment.”

        29. I know! By “city” is this woman actually talking about a kebbutz in Israel?! See my comment above. Lifestyle choices?! I don’t even notice when my neighbors die until they start stinking up the joint.

        30. Take solace in the fact that close quarters means eventually your bloated corpse will be attended to.

        31. Yep. The only two people I recognize are members of my inept condo board. And I only recognize them because I frequently pick fights with my incompetent board and these two members are gym rats like me. Makes working out awkward at times, but our building does have a really well maintained gym.

        32. Big difference. I understand your neighbor has good intentions, but I would find that annoying and intrusive. I don’t want to feel obligated to make small talk with some dude whose life I couldn’t care less about. Screw neighborly concern, that’s what insurance is for.

        33. I once saw a documentary about some guy who murdered his girlfriend and then stuck her in a chest freezer. I guess he kept meaning to properly dispose of the body, but hey, we all procrastinate at times. Fast forward a decade and this guy still has the body in a working freezer in a stolen moving truck, he’s lived in various cities in various states by now. Then he makes a terrible mistake: he moves himself, the truck et al to the Burbs. Within days some angry neighbor has called a by law officer to investigate the “eye sore” of this moving truck. Busted! You can get away with a lot in this world, but don’t you dare mess with some suburbanite’s view of their prize winning begonias! Shit will get real.

        34. reminds me of one those murder investigation shows….i can’t remember how the guy got caught exactly…..but he basically hid the body in a plastic bin you buy from walmart in his garage buried amongst a pile of other bins and crap for like 20 years. sort of amazing….the whole phrase “right underneath your nose” or “hiding in plain sight”

        35. Yeah, pity about those who are abused by their husbands, after devoting their entire lives to them … and their children. It is hard to break the cycle of abuse. You lads aren’t helping.

        36. Really? I’m happy for you, and agree that cleaning is hard work. Your husband ‘would never stand for it’? That was a bit odd. Enjoy your life & happiness in not being a ‘betas’, whatever Americanism that is. Yes, it is great to cook from the (organic) garden, glad you do too.

        37. Oh, this is really beneath you. Nasty, in fact. Can you walk for a moment in the shoes of a SAHM (whatever that stands for)? Example: man dies, wife discovers ‘lover’ and total lack of financial cover for her family. Must stay home to clean? Or must work to pay the mortgage/rent? Hmmm …

        38. Crap. Men are control freaks and can freak out if ‘their’ woman needs to work even. Seriously, you lot get jealous of a woman spending time with her own baby, at a critical time of child development, which can never be replicated, ever again. Get over your egos, PLEASE.

        39. True, OMG. I just agreed with something someone wrote on the most sexist site ever, lol.

        40. Wow, I live in a lovely place, with 2 nesting birds atm, plus our 3 bunnies – none of you sound happy, you are cheering me up!

        41. Oops, not exactly ‘cheering me up’, but I am completely OVER the drama with the Daddy sleep-over: our daughter bit him today, kicking and screaming ’cause she didn’t want to go, and he chose to swear over her head, which was a particularly stupid choice, as we all want what is best for our children, right?!?!?!? Creating stupid drama is never the best thing for children, ever.

        42. Yeah, man … must keep that in mind next time I consider murdering a fellow human being, great advice, loony

        43. Hang on: let me get this right: a/ you are PROUD of ignoring the homeless, uhm, b/ you are a selfish git, c/ you are a selfish git – oops, said that already, you selfish git

        44. NONE OF WHAT YOU JUST SAID ‘BELONGS’, you sound very sick. A person is a person, how best can I ‘mansplain’ that to you … I can’t, can I? Cause you are so full of your own self-righteousnous and genuinely feel that you are a more ‘worthy’ person than a homeless person

        45. Well, I’d prefer it if they would all be rounded up and put somewhere else but so long as they are on my streets i am quite pleased that I have the ability to ignore them

        46. I am absolutely more worthy than a homeless person. Infinitely much more. Not sure why you are all riled up this morning sugar but if you are local and aren’t fat I’ll help work some of those tensions out for you 😉

        47. Why? What if you lost your job? What the ?? ‘Rounded up’, like cattle? Lost their humanity for you, obviously. This country is going down the drain following the Americanisation of everything – where people don’t matter, but you are such devout followers of random people

        48. Wow, that is, like, seriously, your life? Oh, man, there is an entire world out there, a lot of it good , 1 question: WHY???

        49. Hun, the problem is that people think that by being born and maintaining a regular heart rate you somehow are special and deserve respect? They are bums. Stick them in some shelter or some shit. God knows I pay enough taxes in this ducking city. I’m not suggesting we should be allowed to hunt them for sport but get them out of the street.
          What if I lost my job? I would live off of my savings until I found another one.
          And no, not rounded up like cattle. Cattle are important.
          I took a look at some of your comments. It strikes me that you need a good fucking. You are so bitter and nasty. Someone needs to remind you how to be a woman.

        50. Gtfo
          While classical architecture is wonderful, there are things going on in modern architecture that are simply outstanding.
          Stop pedastalizing everything that is old. It’s fucking absurd. Today’s modern towers are wonders of the world.
          Of course some people build on the cheap and just make filing cabinets for people but that is not indicative of modern trends.

        51. You don’t think that what is pleasing to the eye is at all connected to the larger theme of the current epoch?

        52. I upvoted this comment from a stone tablet with a chisel.
          Christ, fucking hipsters and their praise of the past

        53. In America It’s ok to absue women. In Soviet Union women abuse you!

        54. Well, now that you have been an ignorant bigot and bully maybe you can lay down and feel a little self esteem again.
          Nice job refuting my point. Enjoy your cats you annoying cunt.

        55. Ha, you total SICKO. You think you are better than others, but you aren’t. However, we are all special, of course. No, not rounded up ‘like cattle’, people are important. You can kid yourself till the day you die that you are more ‘worthy’ than anyone else .. and, yes, you will lose your job, if your employer is intelligent- hopefully that is the case

        56. Wow, here comes the sexist abuse, lol, seriously: ‘you annoying cunt’, wow, that’s boring and non-innovative

        57. This site is known, world-wide, for its sexist bizarre treatment of women. I was just having a look, 🙂 Yep, ‘they’ were right….

        58. I will lose my job the second that i don’t deliver a benefit for my employer commensurate with my coat. Hasn’t happened. Don’t foresee it.
          In the meantime, bums are smelly and eat my garbage.

        59. It is a shame that you are exposed to this rubbish, cause I think some of you are quite decent human beings

        60. You said to do what’s pleasing to the eye and not follow fads, which seems correct. But I am suggesting that in doing so there will be retain similarities because of the current epoch and so in some ways fads are merely an expression of zeitgeist and are reinforced even when we are not following them but rather just doing what pleases us

        61. You lost credibility with your statement and now I don’t feel in need to address you with any particular dignity or respect. Nothing to do with sexism it has to do with you, as an individual, being an annoying cunt

        62. Btw I am out roaming the streets of ny this morning trying to snap pictures of people doing walks of shame. I want to get 100 of them and caption them and make a art piece of it. Figured you would get a kick out of that. I did it before with sleeping homeless people “dozinbos” and one I have the pictures for but haven’t captioned called “blondes eating bacon”

        63. That is SOOO nasty, seriously, a ‘walk of SHAME’? YOUR ‘CULTURE TOTALLY SUCKS!!!

        64. Did I specifically say ‘what’s pleasing to the eye’? If anything, I am more the ‘do what you feel like doing’ kind of guy in this aspect.

        65. Why? It’s an interesting cultural phenomenon to see a disheveled girl in her high heels from the night before walking home at 8 am

        66. DONE … WITH MURDOCH & FAIRFAX, not really ‘into’ stupidity and classical architecture, either … simply wondering why people below the ‘poverty’ level have no assistance, apart from through ‘private charities’ in this country.


        68. Panini with turkey, roast beef, chicken, and muenster cheese. Also add mayonnaise and horseradish mustard. Make sure the bread is toasted to golden brown and serve it with an ice cold beer. Thanks doll.

        69. In America perverts are rewarded. In society union, pervert rewards you

        70. Very cool. Have you seen my dozinbos? If not take a look on my blog. The captions took a long time

        71. No. not at all. I am very fond of women. I do not, however, offer the courtesy I offer to women to … well…er….whatever it is you are

        72. Same point though. How much of “what you feel” do you suppose is related to the times?


        74. Well of course not. But then, -are- there any women in the US to abuse?? THAT is the question!!
          🙂 🙂 🙂

        75. There’s a lot to be said for stone tablets! They’re heavy so they keep you in shape. They work nicely as an improvised weapon. And as long as you don’t drop them, they’ll last a really long time.
          Plus, at the rate the country is going, everybody will be using them again soon!

        76. Right. But I’m asking your opinion. This is one of those rare occasions that I don’t know everything and have decided to be curious rather than pontificate

        77. It was yes.
          There haven’t been any women in the US for a good generation or so!
          You kind of walked into that one. 😉

        78. It’s more of a personal thing. Something for me to do for fun. I have plans of other ones. I own where I plan to eventually put up articles on men’s style, diet, exercise, cooking blah blah blah. Lulzsalad was my first attempt at a blog and it is more a personal thing

        79. I especially like ‘Sample Post 4: New Line’! Did you write it yourself?
          Yeah, I am not saying it’s bad. It’s just not my cup of tea. Right now, anyway.

        80. Yup. I get it. It’s a little all over the place and I haven’t put a ton of time into making it make sense. I just wanted to get a feel for what creating a blog was like

        81. No, that’s not what I am saying. It does have a certain consistent feel to it (I focused on your photo commentaries). It’s just not something I feel I can tune into right now. Of course you can improve the look of the blog, but that’s not what ‘bothers’ me.

        82. Oh that. Yeah that was a bit artsy. I was going for that. It’s actually an interesting back story. I had gone 3 weeks without sleep. I really almost went insane. I tried sleep meds but I kept falling asleep and waking up walking the streets. I tried meditation and yoga and drinking and working out and changing diet. I went to multiple doctors. I really was going nuts. And I would see bums asleep and then think about my 1000 thread count sheets. At the time I was living in an amazing apartment on Central Park with a view and a fireplace and a little home office. I had more comfort than you could imagine and I wasn’t sleeping and these fucking homeless cocksuckers were and it really fucking bothered me. I decided to do an art project of it. But yeah, I can see what you mean

        83. Haha, now it actually makes more sense! That’s an interesting back story. I think you should post it along with it, then it’s cooler.
          How did you solve that problem?

        84. I did…in the last post called “fin” I told the story.
          As for the problem, I didn’t really solve it. It just kind of stopped happening.

        85. It’s equally beneath you to troll a website just to take shots at others.
          Only stupid women automatically assume that ladies who stay home have no financial contingency plans. Go fuck yourself with a dildo since it’s clear that no decent men want you. That’s why you’re on ROK looking for trouble.

        86. I think you’re oddly stupid. If you read this website properly, you would know what a beta and Alpha is.

        87. I’d put it somewhere in a sidebar or so, where it becomes apparent what it is all about.
          Maybe the purpose of the problem was to enable you to do this piece of art.

        88. No I don’t. But you are wrong also. Discarding classical architecture is akin to destroying all the progress of one’s ancestors and trying to get away from what works.
          Hence all the monstrosities. And while modern towers are tall and big they lack the elegance of the classical principles that gave rise to beautiful forms of the past.
          I see all those expensive towers but they are far inferior objectively in Aesthetics.

        89. Also I forgot to mention. Too much of modern aesthetics are more highly energy intensive than older forms.

        90. Not sure why you think I am discarding anything. Also, I’ve never been wrong so don’t be absurd.

        91. Your comment gave off the impression that classical forms had little to no role in the modern world.

        92. Not intended. Apologies. 8 think classical forms were absolutely amazing but that they are from a time past and we should enjoy the modern now.

        93. The modern should be based on the classical. What modernism is about is throwing away all the advancements of our ancestors in terms of aesthetics. Starting off as ugly brutalism but moving away from that remaining in many ways aesthetically inferior.

        1. Such is the paradox of mankind … you and your ilk may actually have some interesting comments on society, if you could possibly pose them in a way which includes the other 50% of humanity … just a novel idea at this stage

        2. We may indeed have some interesting ideas. I don’t about my ilk, though, I have an ilk’s head on my wall and it never has any ideas.

      2. I don’t know why housewives get so much flakes especially from those careerist “strong independent woman™”. Personally, I have found these type of women to have a miserable marriage and family life, and they are the worst women that you could have as a mother/wife.

        1. That’s because they are selfish. They think they are “having it all” by being a mom, a wife and a career woman when at their home lives are suffering.

        2. Well, you can’t have it all. Nobody ever could, but I’m not sure this is driven by selfishness. There’s an awful lot of pressure on women to have a career and a family, as outlined by the woman above. Moreover, depending on where you live, most families need 2 incomes just to get by. I know a lot of women who’d give anything to be full time moms, but where I live the husband would need to be in the top 10% of earners to make that feasible.

      3. You mean you actually lived in the city and you didn’t become a delinquent? Wow, you’ve been lucky, that was a close one !!!

      4. I retired double. I’m 46. Please tell me where. of course not exactly, but the general area you live in….I think I need to have a look. Thanks!

    3. Absolutely. I live in the city, and sometimes briefly get excited when I meet a girl who is from a small town. But invariably her brief time in the city has already ruined her.
      It’s almost like all the things that men love and cherish, like freedom, civilization, education, experience, travel, are things that destroy femininity.
      Anyway, its foreign girls from here on out for me.

        1. There’s a Douglas Adams joke here somewhere, but I cannot recall the exact context.

        2. “In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.”

      1. >It’s almost like all the things that men love and cherish, like freedom, civilization, education, experience, travel, are things that destroy femininity.
        Thats why men and women are different. They want/desire different things and when you have a woman that understands that combined with a guy who isnt a beta faggot you have a happy family.

      2. This is why guys benefit from traveling and women don’t. Guys will experience things, try new things, learn about themselves, etc. But girls will just go to beaches, eat fancy food, and then sample the local cock. It’s always a major red flag for me if a girl says she likes traveling, because I know she’s “eat pray loving” the entire time and wouldn’t dare climb a mountain unless she’s with a boyfriend.

      3. I’ve become so spoiled with Latinas over the past 10 years since my travels abroad began, and now expatriation to Latin America I can never look at an American woman the same way. On the rare occasion I see them here as tourists, I literally cringe.

      4. Yes is a paradox. It seems our forefathers were right all the time, in “opressing” the little girls, for their own good.

      1. You have no idea how much I hate that photo and those three sluts; they deserve the rope for being traitors to their homeland and their race.

    4. Don’t forget that nearly every major metropolitan center in the US is liberal leaning. Those groups reinforce their own ideas. Feminism runs rampant in the city.

      1. Everytime I move to a big german city (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Mainz…) I see some antigerman graffitis in the city center.
        Something like ‘Germany never again’ or ‘Kill the germans’..
        this shit makes me sick.
        Big city centers are 50% hardcore liberals and 50% hardcore islamists.

    5. A year and a half ago. A sweet, cute, feminine girl with long hair, that she had about 50 different ways of wearing, moved from a small town to a big city. I met her early on, and she seemed damn close to a true unicorn.
      Fast forward to the present, she has dyke purple hair, stupid clothes and is dating a genetic female who wants to be a guy.
      Truly sad turn of events.
      You couldnt make this up. Its a fkn nighmare.

      Where my country gone?

    6. This sounds eerily familiar, the half head shaved girl. The girl who shaved half her head, if you’re talking about who I think you’re talking about, I may have crossed paths with this same girl. Compare photos. This girl, I suspect she fell in with some dominant lesbian. No PUA would ever shave a girl like that. She was wise to PUA so my angle with her was trying to get her to just hang with my clan. She would have been a good egg breeder, a prize. She was like 19 and I told her she looked like Rosanne Arquette. She didn’t know who that was.
      I told the girl she looked like a doppelganger of an old movie star and showed her pics to open her when I first saw her.
      Arquette starred with Madonna years before she was born I told her. Arquette eclipsed Madonna in hotness in their 1985 movie and this young lady was a carbon copy of Arquette. Thirty years later in 2014 here I meet a look alike of Arquette who is working piss hours at a medical supply house. I saw her whenever I passed through. I’d try to get her off her bullshit wage slave schedule and hang, do something. She was a newbie in town and low low notch, maybe zero. A few weeks later BAM half her head is shaved and she’s wearing 80’s Madonna garb. An identity crisis? Was it something I said?
      If it’s the same girl you’re talking about then shit man we must be neighbors. I don’t know what city you’re in but that would be a trip if it’s the same girl. She shaved it, half of it. Couldn’t believe it.

      1. Hah hah, this isn’t the same girl. But female behavior is really predictable if you know what to look for. If I lived in a small town and a girl did this crazy shit then she’d stand out. But this is the big city, these types are walking around EVERYWHERE.

    7. So sad. In the city, the mosque is full of nice girls, most tattoo free. Most wear a hijab to the mosque, but very feminine, most have long hair, most are virgins and are much like this article. Being respectful is key, we block feminist-chasing & slut-chasing assholes. At the same time, nobody likes creepy white knights, ewwww. Respectful girls want a strong confident, brave, protective man with a strong frame. but is caring and kind to loved ones and little ones.
      A solider saving a kitten is a great example. Guy killed other men in battle, not afraid to die, but is gentle to kittens. Nice girls love men in uniform, be it cop, soldier, security guard, bouncer, lawyer, etc. Muslim nice girls also like engineers, doctors. I noticed there were an unusual number of nice girls in the Orthodox Christian and Mormon communities. Outside the support network of a church/mosque/faith – secular society will crush a nice girl, and force her to be someone she doesn’t want to be to “be nice” and try to fit in, unless she has a very strong personality.
      Asshole game doesn’t work with nice girls, use Grandpa Game. What did your grandpa do to win over your grandma? What did other guys his generation do? Most men were brave then and most women were “nice girls” then, kind of like the funny people at the mosque.

      1. Respectfully disagree with you. Nice girls are defined by their kindness to others. This makes them just as vulnerable if not more so to asshole/jerk game if she is the primary recipient. Then she can assure herself of how tolerant she is to this misunderstood badboy. Less nice girls would reject him for his rudeness, but she is understanding!
        For those Muslim girls, I do find your hijabs cute, and Islam could potentially be toned down to tolerable standards as christianity has been. I kind of wish I could just export your modesty/burqa without your Allah though.
        I much like the cute Muhammad/Aisha pairing but worry the modern muslima is too indoctrinated by feminism to be tolerant of that.

        1. “Muslim girls, I do find your hijabs cute,
          been. I kind of wish I could just export your modesty/burqa without your Allah though

          You did not get it. A Muslim girl’s modesty Hayaa is Allah Protecting her. Burqa is irrelevant, not in the Qur’an. A Muslim girl is just as good without it. Without Allah she is just an exotic slut.
          I much like the cute Muhammad/Aisha pairing but worry the modern muslima is too indoctrinated by feminism to be tolerant of that.”
          Absolutely, you got that right. No more Muslima. Feminist in hiding is a better fit.

      2. I know a Muslim girl who recently got married, and her life is as traditional as can be – Her husband works, she cooks his favorite meals for him every day, and she stays at home and looks over everything. I know she has typical Western female thoughts, but because of her religion she stays in line. Example, a few years ago I got her to send me nude pictures (We were flirting a lot after we met). She sent them, but the next day she texted to ask me to delete them, because she was terrified that God would punish her for being unchaste.
        I think Islam and the alt-right have way more in common than either group would care to admit, it’s just that we here on the right are pissed off at radical Islam using force to try and convert others (While we’re all “live and let live”). I’m personally an atheist and have no place for religion in my life, but that doesn’t mean I won’t respect your right to your religion. It just makes it tough when meeting an actual religious girls – I tried dating a Christian girl a few months ago, and the fact that I didn’t have religion, regardless of how good I am as a person, made me an unfit partner in her eyes. More power to her.

    8. Love those demure girls who move to town. I can always spot them. They are always dressed “correctly” but haven’t mastered walking in their heels yet. They are all working in midtown and eating at those make a salad joints for lunch. They blip my radar brighter than a supernova.

      1. Most of them can still smile, too. And they don’t seem jaded by ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING CITIES IN THE WORLD. There’s amazing things all around us here, but they’re nowhere near as interesting as her phone.

    9. You can find them though rarely in bars and clubs. Best place to find them is during the day working in stores, coffee shops or the gyms. The only downside is that most of them have boyfriends already, for obvious reasons.

      1. I’ve concluded that the nicest girl I know of in the city is actually my female roommate. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t party, she cooks, she’s quiet, she’s clean, no drama with her. The thing is I’m not physically attracted to her and I live with her. But yeah, after years of dealing with crazy girls and drama queens I’m done with ***stupidly*** thinking I can find a good girl at bars and parties. I actually tried a go with a religious girl a few months back, but I was a little too wild for her.

      2. And it’s funny, I’m so used to bars and night life that I just assume every girl I see in my life is single. I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually met a girl who had a boyfriend. The nightlife is for sluts and trainwrecks, they’re good for pump and dumps or FWB but nothing else.

        1. Well this is the issue I am having. Most of the girls I speak to now have boyfriends or are married. But that is because I speak to them in places outside of clubs.

    10. Environment is indeed the critical factor: ‘Beware of the verdure growing in manure.’ When asked what verdure growing in manure was, he replied, ‘It is the beautiful woman that comes from an evil environment.’

    11. I have found this kind of “nice girls” in small towns and megacities alike. I do not believe that they are particularly rare, it is probably more about which venues and social circles you have and, of course, what kind of image of yourself you project. Universities and dancing courses are good in my experience.

    12. Any man on return of kings seriously will never in a million years find a decent woman. Because, well, they are losers, antisocial, an crazed. Period.

    13. When I was little girl I wanted to be a slut (or a drug addict), I mean mostly because I wanted to live in the big city, and it seemed to be the only way.
      Either the way to get there or the consequence to be there.
      But I didn’t get a job opportunity, so I turned out nice and demure.

  6. I highly doubt if the overall nice girl truly exists. Things like massaging and cooking abilities are quite rare nowadays (as i experienced) as well as being a nice person to hang around with. I only once had a girl like this – we were merely friends with benefits and really enjoyed spending time together. However it was all ruined when I found out that she never used any protection during her heavy cock-carousel riding.

    1. My 17 year old daughter cooks like a restaurant chef, bakes like a champ, and is in all ways feminine. And no, you will never, ever meet her.

        1. Exception because she was raised to not be like “modern” women.
          This is how we win this culture war. Raise’em right and inoculated against feminism.

        2. I’m really excited to see what the next generation of cellphone slaves will act like in socializing with each other. Being wired to social media of all types from the early childhood on will be devastating to them and society as a whole.

        3. And if she must watch television, have Disney channel and anything owned by them “for teens!/for kids!” blocked immediately. It’s utter poison.

        4. I briefly visited a woman’s house the other day with a friend. She was in her 50s, sitting around a bunch of animals with the Disney channel blaring. She lives alone. That was some creepy shit.

        5. Yeah, they’re super young so they typically watch Disney Jr, but I’m seeing the toxicity get worse and worse. It’s all about grrl power. They’ve pretty much given young boys the middle finger. It’s all “Dream Big, Princess” garbage with no equivalent for young boys. I have all daughters and this irks me so I can’t imagine how irate I’d be if I had sons. if I could find something better to put on in the background while they play, I would….wonder if the Magic Schoolbus is still on some channel somewhere.

        6. Once my son got old enough to appreciate them, we started watching Clint Eastwood westerns, John Wayne and 80’s action flicks together, along with classic comedies like Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, all that kind of thing. When he was too young, I’d read books like Treasure Island to him as a bedtime story.

        7. The same. It’s why she’s a huge fan of men who look like Thor and who are masculine. Heh.
          Older television shows are good too, because they all had “good girls” in them, before the 1990’s. Think Gilligan’s Island, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, Andy Griffith, etc. We have a lot of that on tap in the house.
          For feminine influence, I found that her mother and family female relatives conveyed a huge amount of useful girl-knowledge (of the old school variety). It’s a strong, strong Lutheran (traditional) family on my wife’s side, they don’t cotton to Grrl Power in the least.

        8. Good to know. I’ll need to find some old TV shows to put on. I find if it isn’t cartoons, they’ll play with each other more instead of watching the TV (win), but even so, I’d rather have something more wholesome than this princess garbage going on all the time.

        9. She has been exposed to feminism, and I have made great strides in countering it whenever I hear it expressed, in front of her. She figured it out and now does the same thing around others.

        10. Only because she liked kissing men. How funny is that? Heh.
          Mary Ann, is the goal.

        11. You know how you’re getting old. You’re watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and Mrs. Howell starts looking really good to you…

        12. And you end up agreeing with everything Archie Bunker was saying.

        13. I’ve found the substations of the major networks if you use a tv antenna, carry this type of programming 24/7. IE NBC will have 3 channels, the main NBC, NBC2 showing old 60s stuff, and NBC3 showing weather 24/7.

        14. Are you aware that I ain’t aware whether you mean the ‘Are you aware’ or ‘you have pretty hands’ cycle, in order to awarely dissect the semantics of your aware comment?

        15. who I always laugh about because he was the person the show was based on. All in the Family was making fun of Archie, not promoting those ideas. It was just the Carol O’Conner did such a great job that people forget that that was an incredibly lefty show.

        16. I’m increasingly starting to align with Lolknee’s way of thinking.
          I really don’t think we can win this, and to be honest, at this juncture I’m not sure I care enough. Between the left, the alt-right, and all the shit going on in between, why the fuck would I ever want to bring a kid into this world? What’s more, if the west is going to fall, there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it. Civilizations rise and fall, what makes the west any different? What I do know is that we live in the most comfortable and prosperous society in human history, so why not take advantage of it? Bang sluts if that’s your thing, or turn to more cerebral pursuits (I’m kind of on a French literature kick at the moment, myself).
          No defeatism in this post. I think I’ve transcended that, but I think I’m starting to move towards nihilism.

        17. Are you trying to troll or actually being serious?
          If you’re being serious, honestly the phrase never really made sense to me either.

        18. If you do not desire offspring, then it would be understandable. For those who have kids or want kids, then you have to bear the risk and fight, or at least survive, the decline.
          Aaron Clarey is dead on with most of his present assessments, but his “fuck it, enjoy the decline” is an easy out. The deck is stacked to be sure, but giving up ensures nothing changes.

        19. I read “Swiss Family Robinson” to my youngest recently and think “The Hobbit” will be next. It definitely expands her vocabulary.

        20. You mean Meathead? heh.
          I occassionally watch old Johnny Carson late night shows on youtbue. I was a kid at the time, but remember alot of the faces and it is actually funny now that I get the gist.

        21. You’re free to give up and lay down on the battlefield. My family never cottoned to surrender, nor do I.

      1. So does my 92-year old landlord. However, I would not want to be romantically involved with her. There is more to the picture but the housewife qualities are a huge advantage, no doubt about that.

      2. Well done, enjoy the fruits of that. Number one qualifier for a ltr for me personally, is that the woman has a loving and respectful relationship with her father. If they don’t, they simply don’t understand how to live and respect a man. I wish you many brave grandchildren, it’s not an easy thing to raise a daughter right in this world.

    2. My daughter. She does it all raises two kids, one in the oven. her man is happy as hell. Married young, a year before getting pregnant, all the good things

    1. I like them a little broken in. But I guess it depends on what you are using them for.

        1. I win on troll goals. Some fucking dipshit made a separate account just to call me an asshole. It was fucking great. Back on yesterday’s article about the comedian. How bad do you need to butt hurt someone before they get a separate disqus account just to call you a fucking asshole. I high fived myself.

        2. he rambled on about how I am a total jerk and a troll and a real baddy. I think he has a crush on me. Trolling you seems particularly difficult. It can be done though.

        3. I had a girl get all mad at me here. I turned on the bad guy with a good heart (if you can find it) routine. Melted her.

        4. this wasn’t a woman. I think it is a closet homosexual who posts here as if he is tough shit and doesn’t like being called out as an effeminate simp and probably queer.

        5. The land of the SJW. Sorry I but cant be anything other than a dick to those girls. Getting banned just means you have a set

      1. I wouldn’t take a virgin. My intentions are not good and virgins are so rare. I had my share. Maybe the sweet thing will be lucky and get that one guy.

        1. I do alright Wes, but I am not turning any pussy down as long as it meets my standards of attractiveness. I bedded a religious Pentecostal girl who was a virgin. She had a very sparse room and a big cross on the wall over the bed. This was going back, god, late 90’s. At first I felt kind of shitty, but it was awesome.

        2. Now I would feel bad about it. The 1990s? I would have hit a quit a virgin after making sure I left nothing on her that was still virtuous.
          It is today I would not do that. There are so few virgins left of legal age.

        3. Most of them wouldn’t fit my type anyway as I like a bit of sass. That said, I don’t feel bad. If she wants to fuck it would be me or it would be the next guy. She is going to get what she wants. So if one of them who falls into my spectrum of fuckability comes along you best believe ill beat her cervix up.

      1. i meant only for a long-term relationship. for just fucking around, doesnt matter if shes not a virgin

  7. Where to find a nice girl? High school, if not earlier. By the time they get there msot of them succumb to the pressures of horny boys and other female peers. If you didn’t meet them in high school, well, I’d say you’re SOL.

    1. Its their girlfriends who bring them down. No girl wants to be the worst so they encourage each other to be the girl worse than they are.

    1. Ah, good old West Virginia, where you abrogate your family tree in favor of a family leaf.

        1. Which is nonsense.
          Wv is the second lowest crime rating for all us states. Joos hate anything white as they are mixed blood

      1. In truth, The Hood has all of its family trees abrogated. No one knows their daddy. Most are committing incest and don’t know it.

  8. My exgf who I spent 2 years with ticked all those boxes.
    In the end (2012) she dumped me for a drug abuser and I developed a huge Oneitis that made me swallow the redpill in the course of time. Thanks for the redpill, honey.
    But I completely disagree with the article. AWALT. Fuck bitches, get money. Or the reverse. Gain money and then start fucking bitches in South East Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. But don’t put a ring on a hoe.
    The world is a mess. A mess created by drug abuse, wicked religious cults, social media, online game, jewish induced cultural marxism and abnormal behaviour.
    This is not an environment where one could develope a lasting relationship.

    1. “Fuck bitches, get money”- see? This is why I hate rap music(and the world wide web). You should be talking like Boris Becker, not Method Man

      1. don’t insult method man like that…he is far more articulate and logical and far less of a simp.

        1. This is why I despise global “culture”, he should be listening to Kraut-y music.

        2. It’s interesting. I do have a very noticeable accent when I speak English, but how you can be this completely oblivious to more nuanced pronounciation is beyond me.

        3. I wasnt reffering to the accent, I thought all Germans wore Beats by Wagner head phones.
          Can you be anymore literal-minded?

        4. What in the name of tarnation is wrong with this Kraut?

      2. Rap has done more damage to women than any other single factor IMO. Thank god Rock was still king when I was a teen, rocker chics are so much better than those corrupted with ghetto thug mentality.

        1. I despise both of em. Chicks who like Jazz and Classical music are the best but they are fucking rare.

    2. Like I said they can go from virgin to whore in 30 days. But no they are not all the same. Any man playing the odds might as well think that why. Some guys are just going to get lucky. Looking for red flags makes luck more likely

    3. You can its just very hard if you’re looking in the usual places rather than church or clubs as in hobbyist types

  9. Good article. For the sake of the few normal people still out there, don’t fornicate with marriagables.
    I suspect this happened to the Albanian girlfriend of my childhood friend. The guy is capable and compassionate, but also quite progressive, supports Clinton and all that. A year ago, he was telling me about how great she was and how she had a conservative family—he happily informed me that she didn’t always agree with her parents on issues like gay rights—but by the end of year, he was finished with college and essentially told her that he wasn’t about to settle down with her, so he broke up and apparently she didn’t take it too well.
    Emotionally, this really caused me to lose respect for my friend, though I give him the benefit of the doubt considering that I don’t know what she and her family are actually like. But I can’t help thinking that if I was that girl, I’d be devastated, not just because of the breakup itself (she was pretty, so it wouldn’t have been hard to find another attractive guy), but because she had already introduce him to her family and was pretty much preparing to marry him. Her parents might not hate her, but on some level they probably think she is a whore. And indeed, she is probably on that path now if she wasn’t when she got involved with my friend.
    It’s worth noting that one of the reasons my friend gave for not staying with her is because his own parents are divorced after his dad cheated on his mom (also a European immigrant, incidentally) and apparently that has made an impact on him so he wants to be really careful before he settles down.
    In a nutshell, more confirmation for the truth that fornication is the sexual equivalent of barbarianism and should not be glorified by men who care about the world and communities they live in.

      1. was reading and responding to the article in wordpad to get rid of the images and subheds (i’m at work) and accidentally copied the whole thing into my comment.

        1. Dude, trim that shit up. The Edit button is your friend.

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