Why The Overton Window Is The Key To Defeating Leftists

In my previous article, I examined the tactics that are employed by street level SJWs, with the hope that our community could understand and employ them in an equally effective manner.  While keeping the street level SJWs in check is a good start, more must be done if we are to ultimately diminish their influence.  

Specifically, we must first take back the initiative in the culture war that we are currently engaged in with the left, and then win it for good.  This is an objective that is even more important than winning elections because, as Andrew Breitbart once noted, politics is inextricably linked with culture.  This is because every boring policy or unoriginal political position adopted by a politician has some basis in that individual’s world view.  This means that to only fight the left at the political level, like mainstream conservatives do, results in an uphill fight that the left usually wins. 

Although the tide is beginning to turn against the left, due in part to intellectual and cultural dissidents such as ourselves, there is still more work to be done.  Accordingly, it is necessary to discuss the most important tool that the leftist and globalist intelligentsia uses to manipulate public perceptions and opinions.  This tool is the Overton Window, and once it is fully understood, it can become another tool that we can use against the SJWs.

The Overton Window Explained


How ideas are deemed “extreme”

First created by Joseph Overton, a former senior Vice President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the Overton window is a mechanism used by the SJW intelligentsia and political elite to determine the viability of a movement or idea.  If something is within “the window,” it is seen as a “normal” or “respectable” position or belief that a citizen is allowed to possess.  If a belief or movement is placed on the outside of the window, it is deemed “extreme,” “outlandish,” or “foolish” by the powers that be.

This is an incredibly effective tool that can be used to subjugate an entire population because it only requires a powerful individual or small group of individuals to first decide what is acceptable or extreme, and then use the government, religious institutions, and the media to push ideas that are deemed “acceptable.” It is especially potent because this “window” is never fixed in one place, meaning that it can be moved in any direction based on both external factors and the user’s beliefs.

The Overton Window in Action


Only became “popular” after a few court cases and favorable media attention.

A great example of the Overton Window in action can be seen in the Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual, Bi-Sexual, or Pan-Unicorn rights movement.  In the 1990s, and even in George W. Bush’s second term ten years ago, this movement had very little political power behind it.  Even with the heavy artillery provided by Hollywood elites, and leftist strongholds like Massachusetts and California, most Americans were either apathetic or opposed to gay marriage and the gay lobby itself was never able to portray themselves as a mainstream part of American society.

This all changed in 2008 with California’s Proposition 8, a ballot referendum where a majority of the Californians voted in favor of defining a marriage as between a man and a woman.  Even though the gay lobby lost the popular vote, they were able to overturn the will of the people by appealing the vote and ensuring that the case ended up in the hands of a leftist judge.  Their legal victory over Proposition 8 signaled a shift in the window, in which homosexuality and other similar identities were now mainstream, and any criticism of them was now “bigoted” or “extreme.” 

Because of this, we have now seen stories of executives being fired from their jobs for believing in traditional marriage, businesses being boycotted and banned from cities because they wouldn’t kowtow to the gay lobby, and even Christian bakers being fined six figures and slapped with a gag order because they refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.  Such a change would not have been possible without moving the Overton window in a direction favored by SJWs.

How we can manipulate the Overton Window


The political elite hates it when someone like Trump turns the window back on them.

Just because the SJW intelligentsia has had greater success in using the Overton Window than us, doesn’t mean that their enemies can’t use it as well.  One key example of the potential that shifting the Overton window would create, can be seen with Donald Trump’s run for President.  Before Trump announced his candidacy, the race was going to look very much like a repeat from 2012, where a Republican and Democratic candidate that were both anointed by the media and the political class would pretend to have major disagreements over policy and ideology, but would really disagree over one or two minor issues.  

This all changed when Trump declared his candidacy, at roughly the exact same time that news surrounding the shooting death of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant began to circulate.  With this incident, Trump saw an opportunity to make illegal immigration and border security his primary issues, and since then has expanded to include a variety of pro-nationalist positions and policy objectives.  As a result, his candidacy has garnered widespread support amongst a wide cross-section of the American public because of both his positive message and the fact that he has turned back every leftist attack that has been leveled at him, thereby making him one of the strongest candidates that non-leftists have been able to produce since Reagan.

His candidacy itself is solid evidence of our side’s ability to move the window in our direction as well, because Trump’s candidacy and the issues he discusses on a regular basis have resulted in the window being moved further to the right than it has been in decades.  Even ten years ago, a modern border wall and a ban on migrants from countries compromised by terrorists would’ve been unheard of, yet Trump has succeeded in making these proposals mainstream.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the Overton Window, and its importance in shifting public opinion is a critical element of any political revolution.  This is especially true with the Alt-Right, whose efforts in their free speech war with Twitter, culture war with campus radicals, and exposés concerning Hillary’s health or other dirty secrets; have helped to shift the window further in our direction.

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128 thoughts on “Why The Overton Window Is The Key To Defeating Leftists”

  1. Excellent article, well done. Some thoughts. In addition to moving the overtone window, and apropos to the author’s emphasis on culture, I must again underscore the importance for our side to start creating our own cultural content…our own “art”. I very much agree and enjoyed reading about this in the context of homosexualism, since I continue to be perplexed by how swift and radical American culture changed to favor gays. 10 years ago most people were simply disgusted by homosexuals (as they should be), today gays are championed. Somehow the very natural deep seeded repulsion against perverse sexual acts was over-turned. Gullibility and conformity describe much of this, but, importantly, if such a revulsion can be overturned, relatively quickly, then it can most certainly can be reversed. In other words, if culture can be turned radically one way it can be turned radically again i.e in another direction entirely or in reverse. Seem to “radical” for you, well, 10 years ago homosexual marriage was unthinkable. This can be accomplished leveraging the new media and, again, our new culture (art).
    Trump can very much influence this kind of change and here is why. He doesn’t have to target homosexualism and, in fact, has mentioned that he’d let bruce jenner use the ladies room at Trump Tower. Typical politics. Remember at the heart of homosexualism is a radical rejection of any and all kinds of discrimination i.e. no tolerance. But what if it was acceptable to discriminate? Trump’s position on immigration moves the overtone window to once again make discrimination an acceptable thing. Once you make discrimination okay again then its a matter of time until its acceptable to tell homosexuals to fuck off. And lets face it, yes, discrimination is generally a bad thing, but, many times its not, in fact, its a necessary part of everyday life whether you’re discriminating what kind of food you want, what kind of doctor, who gets admitted to an elite academic institution and who you want to avoid because they might do harm to you – thats all discrimination.
    The recent attacks from ISIS etc all demonstrate that we must discriminate.

    1. No! No! Bad goy! Don’t discriminate!
      Isis is your friend! Just like Israel is your friend.
      Now give me your shekels!

    2. I categorically disagree with the idea that discrimination is a bad thing, even the kind most people instinctively think of because they have been trained, Pavlov style, to think.
      Ask yourself “why” people discriminate? The superficial answer is that they “hate” these people, and if you ask “why” again, you will get another superficial answer about irrational bigotry that has been taught to them.
      It never occurs to people that some people might hate others because they have had negative experiences with that group. Some would point out that these experiences can’t speak for the whole, and that entire races or groups should not be held to account for the few bad apples among them. But why not? How are the bad apples brought into line if not by pressure from those closest to them within their own peer group? Shouldn’t those folks be made to feel shame and pressure so that they in turn would pressure the worst among them to get in line and correct whatever is causing the hatred.
      Imagine the type of person you like to hang out with. Now imagine the race that you hate most. If every member of that race suddenly adopted all of the attributes of the person you most like, and abandoned all of the bad, how much longer would you really hate them, or discriminate against them? Why would you need to?
      I am not saying that we should celebrate or encourage hatred and discrimination. But I am saying that we should also not be so zealous in trying to eliminate every perceived instance of it. First, it is impossible and wasteful to try. Second, it creates the ever expanding state and furthers the whiny snowflake culture that infects our society. And third, these days it is largely unnecessary. There is no more systematic discrimination, and it is not likely to return. If it does, perhaps we could revisit legal prohibitions, but in doing so, maybe we ought to discuss what caused the discrimination, and what costs we are reasonably willing to bear in order to try to stamp out something that is by and large just the result of natural human interaction.

      1. Discrimination is natural. It’s a survival instinct honed over thousands of generations.

      1. I think the member berries are a metaphor for the altright.
        Just look at this article: It addresses gay marriage, immigration, ISIS and Reagan – the same topics the member berries are talking about.

        1. Perhaps also GamerGate, to a degree. As the degeneracy has ramped up, we’ve gone from quoting movies and discussing games/books/etc. to talking about culture on the whole.

  2. Excellent article. This is the first practical advice for making change I’ve seen on RoK.
    Most of the time, articles propose pie-in-the-sky policy ideas that would never get passed by Congress. While I agree with many of them, I am realistic about the chances of their passage.
    We need to push for a paradigm shift where Jeb Bush, with his current policy postions, is considered an extreme leftist and Roosh is considered a moderate conservative, with the alt-right as the Ted Cruz wing of political positions. People like Bernie Sanders don’t even exist.
    The day Roosh is considered a moderate in America means we have won the culture war.

    1. Its more than possible and the route is not through congress its through the culture. The good news is you can change culture more easily today than in any time in history.

      1. Between the public school system and wishy washy interpretations of christianity… “conservatives” believe that there is some virtue to be had as the “loser”, as well as any suffering that arises from such a loss.
        They neither know how nor want to win.

        1. No, it is even worse. Go read Kirk’s _The Conservative Mind_. All the brand name NR types have and swear by it. Conservatives, all the way back to Burke, don’t know what ‘winning’ would even look like, which is why they never even try. They don’t really like the Sunny Uplands of History, most understand instinctively that it would be a nightmare; but they have no idea where they would steer the Ship of State were they to be given the rudder so they just do their ‘can we go slower’ thing.
          We might want to consider the same question. If we defeat the Progs, what do we want? Turning the clock back to 1800 (or 1500, whatever) isn’t really a viable plan so what do we want?

    2. Any of the ideas at ROK are practical, any ROK idea could become accepted in society. It takes time and effort. Like homosexuality and feminism were once deemed impractical, but are now considered practical. The same can happen with the publics perception with any ROK idea. Life is a battle of wills.

      1. Well yeah…they are practical, there is just a very low chance of them passing until the political paradigm shifts to where Jeb BUSH is considered a radical leftist and Roosh is a moderate.

      2. I completely agree.
        But who ever called the gay lifestyle practical? Lmao. Moreover, even the feminazis don’t claim practicality, just moral superiority. And, yknow, that men are all wannabe Hannibal Lectors or something.
        But the crazy thing is that they’re all of such ridiculously weak mental and emotional constitution. They’re all consistent failures at exercising willpower and simply following the path of least resistance.
        I blame the orbiter crowd..

    3. Well. We’d better get started in a big way. The left keeps getting more rabid and fanatically desperate in their attempts to control the narrative. They keep shifting the window at the drop of a hat.
      Case in point:
      Famous black man accidentally says “Nigga” during speech to predominantly black audience, ergo he’s horrible and Trump is racist. That’s right, now not even black people can use the dreaded n-word.

    4. The left is a faux wing of human governance. It is anti-life. It is depopulation agenda and it is suicide. How the rainbow gay-marriage/no borders/globalist left ever projected itself as an equally weighted and opposing ‘wing’ of governance over man is the con game of the ages.
      First of all, the ‘wings’ of governance, right and left have no room for woman ‘bitch-rule’, at least not for humans. MAN rules over the human species, not woman. In the animal kingdom, it is the wild bitch mother who eats her young. In the insect world, it is their order of nature that the queen bitch mothers suicide their warrior youth in their chess games. This is alien to patriarchal humankind. Man forms packs in conquest.
      WE MUST REJECT the counterfeit ‘queen bitches’ amongst us humans. The insects have their female queen larve egg sack that has lifelong fertility but human females lose their fertility at half life, yet more proof that we are genetically a patriarchal species.
      The comforts of technology bring the trappings of the lower alien cultures that reside amongst us in the terrasphere. We get ‘bug fever’ and exhalt our bitches. We adopt insectoid titles for our females like ‘queen’ and ‘princess’. ‘PTOOEY’! HORSE SHIT! They’re our bitches to breed and dominate.
      Originally our female split was cloned from the stem cell of man’s rib. The lower male rib contains stem cells and is the only part of human anatomy that will grow back like a chamelions tail when severed. Woman came FROM MAN and not the other way around.
      Our current task here on Earth is to restore order to our females, to get control over the herds of wild unrestrained bitches without sparking a pussy war that breaks the fragile technological tools we men have created. There are pussy rebellion brush wars everywhere. Women are the keepers of our seedlines. They got the eggs but not the compass or brains. That’s just the way it is.
      THE DICK must rise in this turbulent day to stop the bleed out of our future lineage. The covenant of circumcision must end and an ORDER OF CLITERECTOMY put down on the brandishing alpha and despot females. With their yappers capped and the wells tapped for posterity and progeny, our species will make it over the coming crucial hump.
      MAN WILL THINK clearly and see the stars and the course for the future of our species once the pussy noise dims and the riot deadens in its resting place; a hallowed bucket of snipped clitorises.
      NOT ALL women clipped, just the feminist shitsters and roving divorce rapists. Divorce rape is the rapest of rape to which there can be no statute of limitations. A good virtuous woman who pumps progeny, services her master and tit feeds absolutely deserves to keep her ‘happy hat’.

    5. Ted Cruz?! That guy is a phony, he’s a “Bushman” neocon who merely masquerades as being alt-right, until Trump called him out on it.
      The “alt-right” should have no place for a conman like Cruz who cosponsored the Iran deal and then climbed up on a big stage in DC and declared that he’d fight the Iran deal tooth and nail, that it would be the most important issue of the 2016 primary.
      …that’s the kind of crap 0bama perfected, creating a mess and then promising to fix it if only we elect him.

      1. Well, the reference to Cruz was simply meant to communicate that the alt-right should occupy the position of “far right wing” or “very conservative” as we think of it today in the ideal political paradigm.

    6. It’s USELESS. What matters is demographics. The only solution for US right now is splitting the country among whites, hispanics and blacks.

      1. I think countries like Latin America,Middle East and Africa needs a dictator like Pinochet or a monarchy to ensure healthy countries.
        Democracies have shown themselves to be ineffective in those countries.

  3. I kind of developed this on my own. The Overton window is a political subset of an idea I call “Social Momentum”, namely in what direction society is going and how to predict how it will move. This can be applied to anything: financial markets, price bubbles, social trends, fashion trends, etc.
    The key assertions in the Verelst Theory of Social Momentum are as follows:
    – Most people could not care less about facts and like to consult other people, partly because they aren’t intelligent enough and partly because they don;t have enough time.
    – Social stigma has enormous effects. Once something is socially stigmatized, it is in its death throes unless a counter-culture or a sub-culture can developed/
    – If social stigma can occur next to a rapid galvanization of counter-cultural movement, counter-culture will crystallize, form a coherent apparatus (of scholars, media arms, activists, etc) and counter the current culture.
    – For every social movement there is an equal and opposite social movement. The harder society moves in one ideological direction, the other direction will move that way.
    – The MSM will side with whichever side it deems winning.
    This can apply to markets fairly well. 200 people sell something. If one person wants to sell something at a higher price, nobody cares. If 10 people do it, some might get it, but others will have to reduce their price. If 100 people do it, the price will go up, as the other 100 see it as an opportunity.

    1. I agree except for this part:
      “- The MSM will side with whichever side it deems winning.”
      The (((MSM))) has a clear agenda.

      1. > The (((MSM))) has a clear agenda.
        And that agenda is make $$$ and they’ll say whatever is necessary to keep corporate advertisers coming in. Say what people want, watch them watch, watch ad revenue come in.

        1. If that would be the case they wouldnt make a feminist reboot of Ghostbusters that completely flops.
          There is a clear agenda and we all know it’s (((cultural marxism))) even if they would operate in the red.

        2. Just like the banks and the fiat fed try to pass off that they are the ‘creators’ of value in a society. Same schuysters behind banks and MSM alike, only the MSM runs a different shell game than the banks.

        3. WRT recent “grrl power” movies like Mad Max, Star Wars and Ghostbusters, it might be more a case that Hollyweird:
          – Overestimated the “kewl factor” of chicks doin’ stuff,
          – Overestimated the size of their target audience, i.e. girls/young women and (young) cucked males,
          – Overestimated the “shame factor” in other males,
          – Underestimated the resolve of uncucked males.
          These movies weren’t flops, but they weren’t the roaring successes everyone expected, and they certainly lacked the impact and staying power of their predecessors.
          It wouldn’t be the first time movie execs misread the zeitgeist. At any rate, they made sure to milk the whole “everyone is sexist!!!” thing for all it was worth.

        4. True to at least some extent.
          Consider Fox News’ treatment of Trump last year compared to today.
          Also note that Fox’s views have been coming to resemble a kind of watered down alt right.

        5. Mad Max and SW were both critically acclaimed, and made loads of money. Ghostbusters, while critically panned, still made positive money and advanced the SJW narrative.

        6. exactly…money is simply printed out of thin air…we do not operate inside a free market vacuum, there is an (evil) agenda at play. the MSM would never side with a group like ROK no matter how much we paid them, we are their ideological enemy

        7. Quite correct.. “critically acclaimed” by media cucks too afraid to say “this movie, in a word, sucked”. In that, the producers were quite clever.. nobody who wants to retain employment is game enough to slam movies with such overt feminist themes. Even with Ghostbusters the critics fell over themselves emphasizing they weren’t panning the female cast.
          But like I said.. who remembers Star Wars VII now? Shit, even Jar Jar Binks has more staying power to this day than Rey Whatshername.

        8. Ha. They were converged generations ago. They see the media companies merely as resources to be consumed in the cause. If CNN dies, they know they will all get jobs at the replacement anyway. Of course they ‘know’ many things that aren’t so. The media is dying.

    2. I think you overlook the deep, subconscious, even genetic pull toward conforming to the tribal majority. This is a survival instinct- it was a matter of life or death if you were safely in, or cast out of the dominant tribe. I look around, and I would say 70-80% of Americans are ‘joiners’ or ‘team players’. they work for large corporations, they root for their college and pro sports teams rabidly, they are proudly pro-military, if they go to church, it is a large, established and generally bland one. The biggest driver for most people, past making a living is to belong to something safe, and bigger than themselves.

  4. Trump has done something else that has become accepted in society. He has basically dismantled political correctness. A few years ago in the comment section (and in society), the hot topic in rightwing politics , was PC. Everybody was bothered by it, and fearful of how it was affecting society. Then Trump comes along , and he discussed PC’s absurdity, and at first it was like ” i cant believe he’s saying that ” of course he was saying things everyone agreed with but were afraid to say because of PC. Fast forward to today and nobody really thinks about PC anymore ,and speaking plainly has become accepted, to an extent (PC hasnt gone away completely but its better than before)and its really, thanks to Trump ( in truth, sites like ROK started the anti-PC momentum). Of course this can all go away if hillary gets elected, and if that happens , our PC muzzles will be put back in place.

    1. >>”if hillary gets elected . . . our PC muzzles will be put back in place”>>
      The muzzle won’t be so quick to be accepted with compliance once citizens have had a taste of free thought and speech. We the people were muzzled for decades and we didn’t like it. It was like living through a communist dictatorship. Now the alt media is snowballing and people are aware that the old guard and the gatekeepers are on their way out. Whether or not the old guard is crumbling on its own is inconsequential. We the people are rejecting it and hacking it to bits regardless. With each chunk of the old guard that we chip away and throw aside, we do so with free will and open mind.

    2. The reason nobody thinks about PC anymore is because it’s become so ingrained in the language, media, education, pop culture, and our very psyches. People aren’t afraid of saying the wrong thing, simply because saying the wrong thing has become.. well, unthinkable. That Overton window shifted so senselessly to encompass PC that we don’t even see it anymore. And yet again we see how Orwell was a prophet.

      1. I don’t think that’s correct at all. I’m hearing a whole mess of anti-PC talking in public nowadays. Stuff I didn’t even think was possible to hear back in 2007.

    3. If Clinton gets elected, it really means that we will be further divided and that the union will end. Likely not in a peaceful way.

  5. Trump in a very peculiar manner is actually the embodiment of what we mean by free speech in an open, democratic society. What rule says that political representatives cannot express their feelings about societal issues in whatever way resonates most authentically with the populace?
    Free speech is fundamentally about honesty of public discourse. There cannot be topics that are automatically precluded as being not acceptable because it might, not matter how abstractly, offend someone out there. That’s what free speech actually means, a dialogue between all of the people and not just what’s prescribed as “acceptable” from some ideological set of concepts. The onus is on him to demonstrate the validity of what he claims to be true or otherwise. I find it not just insulting, but dangerous to our democratic instincts to allow debates on crucial issues of State and society to be dictated in advance by what a person can and cannot say. This is a form of self imposed dictatorship and Trump no matter how naively has none much to free up discussion around matters that the general populace really are concerned with.

    1. This is one of the best explanations of it that I have seen. I think people see it superficially as Trump being politically incorrect just to piss people off. And maybe he is. But in so doing, he is also defending the bedrock principle of free speech that we should be allowed to TALK, and to do so in a way that is compelling to our intended audience.

  6. NIce article. I’ve always wanted a term to encapsulate the phenomenon you discuss–now I have it. I do think, however, in your discussion of gay marriage, you are putting the cart before the horse. The media had been pushing this agenda for almost ten years by subtly masquerading it as a Civil Rights issue akin to what occurred in the 1950’s. They used words like “heroic” and “courageous” to describe anyone challenging traditional marriage, and in doing so skipped the moral discussion all together and the question as to whether sexual orientation is equivalent to race.

  7. Before Trump threw his hat in the race, a single police/black citizen shooting in St Louis blew up into Fergusson. Now look how Charloette Mecklenberg fizzles out on the launchpad. The enemy is trying their best to fire duds and they can barely co-opt a hundred man ruckus or even a 50 man blip. I doubt they could even start a successful dumpster fire right now. Like a moving overton window TRUMP NOW COVERS the sky like the sun and the wind and the BLM/elitists can’t even light the fuse in Charloette. Their matches blow out and they’re all out of matches. HA!

    1. Very nicely done. Love the shot of Anthony back there with his icecreams and pedo grin 😉
      “Low-T recipes that will send you into orbit”.. Heheheh =D

    2. I don’t think Anthony’s bed will be colder than a left over dinner for long. Chicks are lining up for the chance to sample his tube steak wrapped in underwear. Next!! Her value drops, his does not. The only problem is the 18 year baby tumour.

  8. I disagree with one point: “Even ten years ago, a modern border wall and a ban on migrants from countries compromised by terrorists would’ve been unheard of.”
    The border wall was first authorized and built under President Clinton in California Arizona and Texas. Operation Gatekeeper in California, Operation Hold-the-Line in Texas, and Operation Safeguard in Arizona were the first stretches of the border wall.
    So this was not unheard of ten years ago, a big chunk of it already existed and was put there by the husband of the very woman who now claims its “wacist” to finish it.

    1. That’s absolutely a true point, my point was to emphasize W’s attitude towards illegals, as well as the fact that the portions of the wall we do have could certainly use some modern upgrades.

      1. Sure, I understand, just wanted to make sure people understand something about this issue that the powers that be would prefer to have buried in the memory hole. Let’s push that window right back where it started AND make Clinton look like a clueless hypocrite for her current position.

  9. Bloody good article.
    As I said below, the main reason nobody thinks about Political Correctness anymore is because it’s become so ingrained in the language, media, education, pop culture, and our very psyches. People aren’t afraid of saying the wrong thing, simply because saying the wrong thing has become.. well, unthinkable. That Overton window shifted so seamlessly to encompass PC that we don’t even see it anymore. And yet again we see how Orwell was a prophet.
    To reiterate the author’s words, what Trump has done (and what every other cuckservative has been afraid to do), is to slowly grind that Overton window back the other way. It’s a painful and shocking process, since PC and SJWism and every other Leftist outrage has become so entrenched in the way we think.
    As an example, look at the hew and cry raised when Trump merely mentioned the poor state a lot of males find themselves in these days, daring to suggest men & boys are deserving of the same dignity and assistance that women & girls receive. He was booed down and labeled a misogynist from one end of the media to the other, for what.. suggesting actual gender equality.
    Sorry, isn’t that what the Left has been about for the past 100 years, equality? Ah, no. Rather, “teh poor womynz” and every other feminist umbrage at the cornerstone of leftist politics sits smack in the middle of the Overton window at this time. Essentially, Trump has called for a rethink of the very foundations of feminist/SJW theory.. but as we know, *a lot* of people’s livelihoods ride on that vast lumbering dinosaur of professional victimhood.
    But with a lot of effort, debating and light-shining, we can shift that window, and consign the laughable notion that “women are oppressed” to the dumpster of history (sorry, herstory 😉 where it fucking belongs.

      1. You have never actually encountered anything but American tourists have you?
        Your view is shallow and uninformed and little more.

        1. My view is based on historical knowledge, having lived in 5 different countries including many years in the US. You Americans do not share blood, nor genes, nor history. You Americans are divided by “””ethnicity””” and orphan from identity and history: this is why cultural marxism managed to penetrate your country so fast. You tried (?) to make the one from the many, and failed.
          I must say, though, that being a country of immigrants has many positive aspects, this is why I am living in your country and I am thankful for it. But unfortunately, it also leads to spread a dreadful disease among the rest of the planet: cultural marxism and globalism, which is destroying my beloved Europe: the craddle of Civilization.

        2. Spare me the “you Americans” in “j’accuse!” form.
          If you want to blame Marxism on something, how about the highly socialistic culture that spawned him in Germany? Last check, Frankfurt isn’t located in Indiana.
          Or would that rob you of “you Americans!”?

        3. Viruses can appear anywhere. It is unpredictable. But Europe and Germany always found methods to keep them under control or exterminate them. Unfortunately, some of these viruses managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, were they found a weak host culture. Later, this contaminated host culture managed to spread back the virus and killed any chances of cure. The rest is history.

  10. So long as the government has the schools any gains by liberty will be small and/or temporary.
    The schools were taken first for a reason. That’s where those who control them get to establish what they want in the minds of children. Those children become adults and by and large refuse to accept new data. The programmed ideas then come about. The down side is that it has been much slower than originally intended which is good for us. When you hear progressives how they want to get kids in school earlier, this is why. They want to short out those first few years where the kids get ideas from their parents.
    Please read or listen to John Taylor Gatto on the history of american education.
    Also see Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, “The deliberate dumbing down of america”. Lots of facts and references but much more difficult to read and listen to. She just doesn’t have the skill of presentation that John Gatto does. But if you’re looking for the more technical detailed read, that’s where to go. I recommend Gatto first because he’s just more enjoyable to read and listen to without losing the factual content.

    1. Reagan said he’d free the schools, it didn’t happen and no one held him accountable for it.
      Trump says he’ll free the schools, but now he’s championing the “school choice” blunder and is proposing billions in federal funding for it, which will just enslave more schools.

      1. He actually tried and the attempt was stymied by the Leftists.

        1. So the story goes but Reagan went along with the leftists in 1984 and 1986 (and 1988) spectacularly and willingly.
          1984 might be the most telling as his Minimum Drinking Age Act, besides being unconstitutional, actually expanded both the federal government and DC’s control over the states, something a conservative who was elected on reining in DC should’ve been hellbent against.
          Trump has pointed out that Reagan wasn’t very conservative, and it has come to my attention that Reagan was perhaps the first to call for NAFTA. Combine that with his missteps as POTUS and I really do start to wonder.

      2. Reagan put Iserbyt in some office or the other and she started on it. Reagan made a number of system breaking appointments in his first term. Then that family friend of Bushes son shot Reagan and Iserbyt and others found themselves abandoned and isolated in the system of the permanent government. Each eventually quit or was fired.

  11. The Window works both ways. Not only is it used to shift issues into view that were ignored previously, but it is used to push ideas that the Cloud People don’t want discussed completely out of view.

    1. I don’t know what you meant by “Cloud People”, but it did get me informed that there was a mini-empire of (putatively) Nordic white folk in Peru during the time of the Incas.

  12. The Loony Left always manages to put forth a shocking idea by some
    seemingly unconnected group, which is so shocking as to set the public’s
    mind that “this is highly extreme and wrong.” After that’s been
    ingrained as ‘extreme’, the mainstream Left is able to front an idea
    which is not AS extreme, so by comparison it seems normal or rational,
    and hence are able to push this as a ‘sane compromise’ position. Rinse
    and repeat. Net result – they compromise to a ‘sane’ position which
    would have, by itself, been seen as extreme, but in comparison to the
    wacko idea, seems rational. Thus, they can continue to move the
    goalposts toward the extreme end.

  13. According to that chart the trend on gay marriage started to change in 2004.
    This was about the time that Americans were getting fed up with the Iraq thing.
    Nation building and overseas conquest b.s. helps the left.

    1. If Dubya had come up with an actual reason for our presence there, the Iraq fallout wouldn’t have been so bad. Sure, Iraq had WMDs, but Dubya didn’t explain why Americans should actually care about that.

      1. The No-Fly Zone violations were all that was needed. Iraq had WMDs and in fact used them on the Kurds. When the Left which controls both the news and the tv/movies pushes the narrative Bush/Hitler/Idiot/Unjust war for 8 years, on top of the Pentagon not fighting a truly 4th generational war, public opinion is changed. Never mind the fact after 9/11 the democrats approved the war.

        1. Maybe that’s all Dubya/Cheney/Rumsfeld thought was needed, but it wasn’t a visceral, “common sense” reason. To me it leads to more questions.
          Saddam didn’t do anything that other nations in that armpit of the world hadn’t done before, during or since. We didn’t care when Iran and Iraq were duking it out with each other for years, for example, but suddenly he had to be offed for a comparatively minor infraction?
          About the best that can be said is that Dubya gave more reason for why we had to topple Iraq than 0bama has given for Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey & Libya.
          Seems to me that we should’ve been going after Iran as they’re not only more dangerous but they only became so messed up because the USA screwed up.

        2. You forget that during the Clinton years the UN passed 14 resolutions due to Iraq’s attempts to create more WMDs, and that Iraq played constant games with the inspectors and the no-fly zone. Personally, I think the Middle East can kill itself without our help, but there WERE reasons for us to be there. The US has lost every war since Vietnam and will continue to do so until we get serious about 4th generational war.

        3. I didn’t forget that, I content that it isn’t a real reason for our involvement. Dubya most importantly never took control of the narrative, never gave a real reason for our involvement let alone why we were meting out such extreme punishment, letting the left run with it and use it for its purposes (until Trump “reclaimed” it…).

        4. Easy to say when you don’t have to fight all the news and tv and movies. Reasons were given, but if the general population doesn’t know…..

        5. Iraq was never an existential threat to the US. They were a threat to Saudi interests though. Our involvement in Iraq was largely due to the machinations of the Saudi Ambassador, affectionately dubbed ‘Bandar Bush.’

        6. Dubya didn’t try to fight anything, he just went quiet as a church mouse and let everyone else write the narrative.
          On one hand, we have the “We’re the ‘World Police’” explanation, the best spin that could be put on it & OTOH we have the leftist “Dubya went into Iraq to avenge his dad” narrative.
          Sadly, the latter argument is the only one that explains why we had to go in and overthrow Saddam, hunt him down and hang him.
          TBH it would’ve been better if we had gone with the Rumsfeld plan of taking the oil in payment. At least then we would have gotten something out of it, instead of being the “altruistic” shock troops of the UN (at best).

  14. Those on the right must push for ideas even further to the right than we want, so we can seem reasonable for agreeing to what we really wanted.

      1. False. The left has been winning for the last 150 years. PS: Thank you, America, for fighting against Europe in WWII.

        1. Thank you for killing the best DNA europeans had and turning europe into a cultural marxist shithole?
          Are you drunk?

        1. I also detest the aborting of children. However, in the case of leftists aborting their young I see it as a mercy killing. Imagine growing up in a leftist household….eeeuuuuggghhhh……

        2. The very few of them that choose to actually have heterosexual sex.
          They’ve set themselves on the express elevator to extinction. If the theory is true that their kind of Leftism is a genetic defect writ into politics, we may see the end of Leftism and all of its branch deviant politics in the next couple of decades.

        3. There will always be Leftism, just as there will always be conservatism. They rise and fall at opposite paces.

    1. Leftists have smaller families, higher abortion rates and higher divorce rates than conservatives. This present rise of the left has lasted for a generation Look at the USSR, that socialist utopia. Where is it now?
      It is fast coming to an end for leftists. It’s all about demographics hence the lefts preoccupation with importing left leaning rapefugees who vote for free government cheese. Trump will end this and get things back on track. Trump/Pence 2016.

      1. *Slow Clap* lol you can run along back to the school yard with your 6th grade insults lmfao pathetic hahaha

        1. Pulling out all the classics lol I love it. You forgot ‘Towel Head’ and ohh my personal favorite ‘Sand Nigger’ combines two racist ideologies into one 😉 youre welcome good sir

        2. ‘racist ideologies’: “Racism is an ideology that gives expression to myths about other racial and ethnic groups, that devalues and renders inferior those groups, that reflects and is perpetuated by deeply rooted historical, social, cultural and power inequalities in society.”
          Stereotype: widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
          My point: Racist ideologies have no bases in reality or support from experiences. Yet these ideologies perpetuate any and all stigma associate with a group. ie A ‘Towel Head’ – when regarding Islamic head wraps or turbans is grossly incorrect as no one in the Islamic faith wears towels on their heads for religious purposes.
          A stereotype holds no water – ehhh sorry I got tired of explaining relevant issues – I let this one get away from me.
          I forgot this site is full of idiots not deserving of thoughtful conversation.

        3. lmfao whaa? Dude that was so specific. Are you sure you don’t have anythign to get off your bird cage excuse for a chest there my friend? BAHAHAHAHA

        4. Circle Jerk: (plural circle jerks) (vulgar, slang) A group of males masturbating (“jerking off”) together (with or without interpersonal contact) –
          As soon as you come up with a better descriptive word, I’m all ears Monsieur de Dickbag

        5. Well done you can copy and paste. So Muslims never engage in camel and goat love? I never said anything about “towel heads”. I did suggest camel and goat fuckers…..and there is an element of truth in all stereotypes….
          Back to your make believe land of camels and goats. I am not your friend. Looking forward to the new crusade….. you seem to lurk here all day every day, you love ROK, yes you do…….. oh and goats…..

        6. Oh but you are my friend – and you give me great laughs at that good friend 😉 lmfao
          “Those who fantasize of war are often the first to fall” – Winston Churchill
          I’ll see you on the battlefield friend BAHAHAHAHAHA

        7. LOL I do love ROK and I’m eternally thankful to the internet for providing me the knowledge that you group of inebriated, limp dicked, sewer dwellers are out there. So you bet that sweet ass that I love ROK

        8. if you call watching outdated youtube videos “Ready” then best of luck my friend lmfao lol get a life you simp ass BAHAHAHA

  15. What’s really interesting is that Hillary’s campaign deliberately scheduled the presidential debates during NFL games. Given that some players are protesting the national anthem now, ratings have dropped considerably. That means more people will now tune into the debates over watching football.
    Yup, the Left shot themselves in the foot on that one.

    1. Also, to not sound too much like a dick… falcons v. Saints isn’t a super exciting matchup.

      1. Yeah, but it used to be just hanging out with the boys on Monday night having beers and a good time regardless who wad playing. Back then, the players weren’t unpatriotic like they are now. It’s a disgrace.

        1. The preaching from the NFL, even before this particular drama, was practically unbearable.
          The vast majority of NFL viewers are White. 40k+, Middle-aged males. You’d think they’d forgotten where their bread is buttered.
          Roger Goodell is just maximizing returns. He’ll cash out long before the collapse comes.

        2. Even though I still watch the NFL (pats fan for life), this is why I prefer college football.
          Not as much SJW ism.

  16. Agree that this is an important article. It’s important moreover because it appears at ROK a site which our progressive overlords have been desperate to place outside the window.
    The left’s entire strategy has been to redefine what is normal, thinkable, sayable, and outside of a Siberian death camp. The last few decades have seen a gradual tightening of that realm, and there is nothing about that which is accidental, or which has not been planned in great detail.
    And of course, that is precisely why sites like ROK are attractive, and why they attract such interesting participants, and host such interesting debates.
    That doesn’t mean outlandish or extreme is necessarily better. Stretching the overton window shouldn’t be the same process as fisting some poor sod’s arsehole. Indeed if we are talking about learning from the left, and from the tactics it employs, it is the subtlety of the arguments and rhetoric employed that matters. I have little time for people who simply call it out as they see it, if what that means means no more than intemperance and indulgence of opinions that are little more than the basest prejudices.
    That’s not a judgement about the nature of the ideas (whatever they me be) but about the discipline exercised in expressing them.
    Maybe we should be trying to persuade people that it is ideas rather than sexual orientations that are just like different flavours of ice-cream?

    1. I forget who it was that posted below, but we should be using EVEN more outlandish ideas to trigger and distract leftists, while presenting our true goals ad “reasonable” alternatives.
      A magician uses his left hand to do sleights of hand, while his right hand performs the trick itself. If the left can do it, so can we.

      1. I agree to a point, but beyond the ethical problems with some such ideas (which wouldn’t necessarily invalidate them for the narrow purpose of widening the horizons of debate) some thought needs to be given to the effect of going down that line. I have little sympathy for some of the extreme ideas found in the alt-right (yes, I am very conscious of using a word which itself is used to maintain the overton window as it is) including because it tends to reinforce rather than shatter that window. Widening the overton window doesn’t necessarily mean shattering it completely. All I’m saying here is that a limited, and strategically thoughtful approach is more likely to yield fruit than any kind of bezerker approach

  17. Years ago, I said that homo-erotic marriage was an absurdity, but it was a fashionable absurdity. Its ascendancy was testament to the power of fashion.
    Now fashion-chasing in women is something amusing to watch — from behind a protective barrier — as a man, speaking for myself and anyone else who will subsequently adjoin to this opinion, Fashion SUCKS, and decent men have nothing to do with suck.

  18. This Overton Window has also exposed the glaring weakness of the GOP party and what it supposedly stands for, Trump has no doubt changed the politics of the GOP for what we haven’t seen in a long time. The internet via social media has really taken over the major media establishments that has now taken the stage in influencing public opinion. Thank goodness freedom of speech still exists.

  19. SJW intelligentsia, Overton Window? Is this Candid Camera?
    Any push to subdue the masses and change public opinion is called propaganda. Cultural, social, political. It does not matter. Repeat a lie often enough and it will become the truth. Reality is what propaganda makes it. That is why we are Red Pill. Disconnection from it and examination of tactics and strategies are a vital part of defeating it.

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