How Hillary Lost The War On Pepe

Back in March I was talking with a couple of friends about the election and we came upon the topic of memes. We all agreed that memes would be an important factor in the race, but they insisted that the major benefactor would be Bernie, whose supporters would use memes to proselytize young people into a massive wave of supporters that would carry their candidate to victory. I’m not sure they really believed that, but I had to disagree. Trump, I told them, would skillfully lead an army of diligent soldiers already well versed in the art of memetic warfare, who would end up playing a major role in the outcome of the race.

I don’t think I have to tell you which one of us was right.


We’re also going to deport SJWs

The Attack On Pepe

A few days ago, to distract from the fact that she’s a corrupt, war-mongering globalist who may or may not be clinging to life as we speak, Hillary has decided to call our attention to the evils of… Pepe. Now, we all know and love Pepe, so I see no point in wasting time detailing his rich history or subtle, nuanced significance. The point is this: of all the issues of critical importance to our nation—immigration, trade policy, foreign policy, healthcare etc.—Hillary has chosen to focus her attention on the evils of a cartoon frog drug up from the bowels of the internet.

Coming off of her denouncement of the alt right, Hillary even went so far as to post an explainer on her official website detailing the horrors of Pepe and his deplorable counterparts. Making vague allusions to the KKK and white supremacy, Hillary’s indictment of Pepe is a rambling, nonsensical piece of work without a shred of thought or context. It is abundantly clear that whoever decided this was a smart thing to make into a campaign issue had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Needless to say, it didn’t end well.


Hillary’s plague of frogs

Why The Attack Backfired

In focusing on Pepe, regardless of his affiliations, Hillary has shown us all how small-minded she really is. By lashing out at something that she doesn’t even begin to understand, we see that she is badly backed into a corner, a corner which her handlers see no viable way to escape. It is the beginning of the end for her, and we owe it all to a smug cartoon frog with a garish red hat reading “Make America Great Again” in stately white letters. It’s entirely possible that as she lies on her deathbed sometime this October, Hillary will with her last breath whisper “…curse you, Pepe…” as Huma Abedin and Bill look on helplessly.

Suggestions that Pepe might literally meme Hillary Clinton to death notwithstanding, addressing our resident smug frog was an utterly pointless endeavor that will have no positive consequences for her, but probably some for us. The message of her attack was “Pepe is associated with racists, and Trump is associated with Pepe, therefore Trump is racist.” This is a grotesquely simplistic understanding of Trump, racism, and more importantly Pepe, but I digress.

Even if that line of reasoning weren’t filled with misconceptions, what it reduces to is this—“Trump is racist.” This is said literally every day, usually by Hillary herself, and if not, by one of the many mainstream media outlets that openly supports her. This line of attack was used by Trump’s Republican opponents during the primaries, and has been consistently hurled at him since day one. It hasn’t worked, it isn’t working, and it won’t ever work.

Calling Trump racist is nothing new, and it won’t have any kind of impact on the race. What will change things, however, is Pepe and his introduction to the mainstream. Pepe seeks to broaden his influence over the realm of men as much as possible. He’s like the One Ring—he wants to be found. And now, he has been.


Pepe’s exposure to the public will only drive people’s curiosity about the shadowy, villainous “alt-right.” People will start to wonder. They have a clever symbolism, they’ll say, they’re a secretive, nebulous collective that defies simple categorization, no one seems to understand them… people exposed to Pepe won’t be able to resist learning more about our ideology and our culture. And of those people, there are many who without a doubt will find that we give voice to the things they have been silently thinking and feeling but have never found the will to say out loud.

People, especially young people, will always take the side of Pepe when it comes to an aging, out-of-touch, establishment politician versus a clever, smug, iconoclastic creation of genuine internet culture for one simple reason—Pepe is funnier, and to be funny you have to be smart. What Hillary doesn’t realize is that a good amount of Pepe’s popularity comes from the fact that there are a lot of jaded, nihilistic young people out there who see Pepe as the perfect expression of their quasi-sadistic need to defy and humiliate.

The arguments of the left are accusatory—bigotry, racism, Islamophobia, sexism, etc, because as we all know, they have nothing else. Those criticisms are based on the assumption that their opponents will take the defensive and deny these accusations. The virtue-signaling of the Left is a way to establish an epistemological framework in which conservative arguments can be picked apart. Pepe circumvents that framework by treading the line between satire and serious political posturing. He makes a statement, but he also reveals the propensity of his political opponents to react emotionally, which exposes the fact that manufacturing faux-outrage is the foundation of their strategy.


The God-Emperor in all his glory

The Genius Of Pepe

The intention of Pepe is not only to inject humor into serious statements—it’s also to get a rise out of people. Let’s not deny that trolling hypersensitive liberals has been an integral part of what the alt-right has accomplished over the course of this election. But trolling in itself is somewhat of a political statement. If you can get someone to react by prodding them, you’ve shown that their frame was weak to begin with. In the court of public opinion, the person whose frame is shaken is usually judged most harshly. The only thing that Hillary can say in response to Pepe, who after all is nothing but an internet meme, is “stop being mean.” And just by looking at Pepe’s smug fucking grin we can tell what his response is.

Pepe in and of himself perfectly encapsulates why the alt-right has risen to prominence and why Trump is going to win the election—because people have stopped buying into the left’s twisted worldview of guilt, shame, and thought control. As extremely insecure, unstable people, leftists define their whole perspective based on the response they anticipate from others. They are desperate to show other people how tolerant and free of hate they are, how dedicated they are to the cause of equality and fairness and whatnot.

This is why Pepe is so fundamentally antithetical to Hillary—the smugness of his expression indicates that he just doesn’t care what anyone thinks and he doesn’t care what happens to anyone else. By addressing Pepe, Hillary has shown the country just how emotionally based her entire rationale really is.


Hillary has, for the millionth time this election, shot herself in the foot. With her increasingly unhinged attempts to connect Trump to various boogeymen (Putin, the alt-right, and now Pepe), she has revealed herself as a candidate out of options and out of ideas. The only thing she has accomplished is driving impressionable voters towards our ideology, and there is no doubt that some of them will be swayed by the honesty and reason of our message. Pepe, on the other hand, is fulfilling his function both as a means of expressing political ideas and of conveying ridicule. By treading the line between seriousness and satire, Pepe has not only helped to spread alternative views but to expose the necessity of sympathy to the left’s strategy.

Taking on Pepe could not have worked out any worse for Crooked Hillary Clinton. She fought the frog, and the frog won.

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236 thoughts on “How Hillary Lost The War On Pepe”

  1. The Left has been calling anything that isn’t hippie/progressive/SJW “racist” for 30 years. As George Orwell said:
    “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies “something not desirable”…In the case of a word like democracy, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides. It is almost universally felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it: consequently the defenders of every kind of regime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using the word if it were tied down to any one meaning.”
    Replace Fascism with Racism and democracy with progressive and it’s wholly relevant in 2016.

    1. The left has proven to be irresponsible with the use of “ist” words, therefore, should no longer be taken seriously. A racist is a white straight male with a pulse, a mysoginist is a person with a third appendage between their legs and an islamaphobe is a person who gets slightly irritated when someone hijacks a seven five and flies it into a building.

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    1. Hillary’s never been “one of the most powerful”. She’s just accrued too much debt by the foreigns.

      1. I was so amused during the campaign, both hillary and obama talked often of Trump not being “the right temperament” to be “the most powerful man in the world”, “the most influential man in the world”, “the leader of the most powerful nation in the world”… so… they are globalists but see themselves in the king (or queen) seat
        while Trump was hated by the liberal media, called a nazi, a fascist, a racist for talking of improving America and improving life for Americans… he said he thought a child should be able to walk down the street in their own neighborhood without being shot (absolute shameful crime not a major agenda of any city or of any activist group)… and the media screamed “racist”….

    2. If Mike Judge re-wrote or rebooted the Movie “Idiocracy”, I guaran-fuckin-tee that something along the lines of what you described would be in its storyline. If a legit Presidential candidate lost her marbles over a pixelated drawing, yeah, that comedy does write itself!

      1. The entire media is shitting itself over Pepe. Funniest fucking thing ever. To think we’ve trolled them this hard

  2. “Its entirely possible that as she lies on her deathbed sometime this October, Hillary will with her last breath whisper ‘…curse you, Pepe’ as a nude, disheveled Huma Abedin, her mascara running down her cheeks with drool dripping from her chin jerks Bill off over Hillary’s prostrate body while he fingers her ass.”
    Fixed it.

    1. bullshit. Huma would never be disheveled. Other than that, yeah probably.

        1. Anal Clooney should get you the gay porno Clooney did when he was just getting started and couldn’t buy back.

  3. I would love to know what “racist” comments Trump has made. Ask anyone who says Trump is a racist what he has actually said that is racist. They’ll come up with “uh but Mexicans”. Yes he said they are not sending their best, rapists, drug dealers, etc. Although not all illegal immigrants are drug dealers and rapists they still are ILLEGALS. What part of illegal do these people not understand. If you don’t have borders you don’t have a country, that is the crux of the matter. That is the Globalist plan.
    I am hopeful however that the Globalist plan is doomed to failure. Look at the EU. It is tearing itself apart. All empires eventually fail due to degeneracy.

    1. I have a friend who is a little slow. Rode the short bus in school. Nice guy, but he’s slow. I keep an eye on him now and again, because he needs somebody to do that every once in a while. He is a Democrat, and proud of it. He can’t fry an egg without burning it, has no social skills, can’t read, has trouble writing – but he votes. I wonder how many other Democrats are full-on retarded. The ones who say Trump’s a racist, when he basically has never said or done anything that is racist, these are the ones of whom I’m most suspicious. I suspect mental retardation. My friend says Trump scares him. I ask him why. He says, “Oh, he will start a nuclear war!” There should be some sort of written test a person has to be able to pass, to even talk about politics, I think – let alone vote. No retards allowed. No insane people allowed.

      1. People who believe that Trump would start a nuclear war perplex me.
        Against whom would we have this war? Russia? Hasn’t one of Hillary’s main failed attacks been to accuse Trump of being too cozy with Putin and the Russians?
        And if you’re really scared of war, you think Hillary is any better? That’s a fucking laugh. Every fucking war we are currently engaged in was supported and cheer leaded by, if not outright fucking started by her. SHE is the one telling us that Russia, still our primary nuclear adversary, is an evil enemy. Why? Because they have embarrassed her personally. That cunt never saw a country she didn’t want to bomb, or an opportunity to project “smart power” that she didn’t like.

        1. That’s the same tired thing they used on Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was perhaps the best candidate for POTUS that this nation has seen since Thomas Jefferson ran for office. Smeared, like nobody’s business, in a way that should have prompted a civil lawsuit. The same tactics are now being used against Trump.
          These are highly unoriginal people.

        2. I liked Goldwater’s slogan in the 1964 election:
          “A choice – not an (((echo)))”
          Edit: Just did a bit of research on him – his father was jewish.
          Oy vey.

      2. It’s funny that each and every one of these sentinels keeps refusing to see Hillary for what she is. She voted for a wall and she referred to young black males as super predators. Those are hanging offences from what I understand.

      3. Do these retards really believe Trump will start a nuclear? Just shows how much logic exists in their empty heads. Trump has a family and huge business interests. A nuclear war would wipe out both.
        What has Hill Kunt to loose? A dickin bimbos husband and one ugly daughter…..

    2. Even if he did make racist comments, so what? Remember one of the rules of being an alpha: agree and amplify

    3. Mexican is a race? lolz
      People who claim that comment is racist apparently don’t realize Mexico has lilly white people, blacks, natives, and mestizos

      1. I keep telling people, hypothetically replace the word “mexican” with “canadian”. “Canadians! theyre sending their rapists, murderers, drug dealers etc over the border!”
        No one would call such comments racist. It’s all leftist word games. It’s simply because “Mexican” can mean either a nationality or an ethnic group, and anyone with a brain instantly knew Trumps comments were clearly in regards to the former.
        Whats the difference? Canadians are mainly white whereas Mexicans arent.
        Criticize or merely HOLD ACCOUNTABLE anyone who isnt white, it’s automatically latched onto by PC-SJWs and deliberately mischaracterized as “racist”. Race-baiters twisted and mischaracterized a factual nationalist comment into a “racist” one and all the crybaby virtue-signalers have been waving this false flag ever since.

    4. And, hey, some drug dealers are actually nice people.
      By definition, there is not a single illegal immigrant who is not a criminal. It would be as accurate to use the term “invader” as illegal immigrant. If we do not enforce our laws, we have no reason to keep them. If we have no reason to keep them, we have no respect for those who enforce or establish those laws. If we have no respect for them, we have no respect for our government.
      If the government really wanted to be respected (not feared) again, they would enforce their border laws, repeal laws that aren’t enforceable (read: war on drugs), and punish all offenders equally for the same crimes (read: no more pussy pass).

      1. I’ve gone even further and now only use the term “colonist” to describe these parasites. That’s why they’re being imported after all, to basically overwhelm the natural citizens.

        1. On a more upbeat note, Alamo Drafthouses across the country will be showing Idiocracy on Oct 3 or 4,one day only. So, go on down, order a few pitchers of Brawndo, and have a good time

  4. It’s so slow in here today I saw a lion chasing a gazelle and they were both walking. Then the lion lost interest and started watching reruns of Head of the Class. The gazelle went and ate some Twinkies. Really slow…

    1. “Ya’ll?” Don’t culturally appropriate my language, you fucking Yankee misogynist! MUH FEELZZZZZ!

  5. All this time I thought Pepe was a username of someone from a alt news site or something like that. I had no idea it was some badly drawn 4chan creation. Looks like Hillary is more mentally unstable than I thought.

  6. I never knew who this green frog character was until Hillary drew more attention to him and named him. I had seen him before, and liked him, but Hillary only made him more popular to me.
    I don’t like either of these candidates, but I am tempted to watch the debates because I think Shillary just may implode. All her ideas backfire. It reminds me of the time Jeb! tried to attack Little Marco in the debates and ended up getting schooled because he was too weak and shifty to pull it off.

  7. Reminds me of when people lashed out at Japanese animators saying their shows were sexist and showed women in a bad light. The Japanese, responding in kind as they’re want to do, said “we understand your concerns, but feel no need to change because these are cartoons and not real people”.
    Same goes for Hillary, it’s a fucking drawing lol
    How ’bout focusing on real life?

    1. The neat thing about anime is that it shows females in submissive roles, it psychoanalyzes them, and uses them to promote ideas. When you see a “strong warrior female” in anime, it isn’t a strong warrior female. It’s the anthropomorphization of an idea. Sort of like how guys like to give their things female names, like ships.
      Besides, what better propaganda than cute girls doing cute things?

  8. All do deference to the Lincoln-Douglas Memebates here but how can anyone take voting, the electorate or even the office of the presidency seriously. I am pretty sure that the last American idol winner was far more influential than the next president will be. It quite simply doesn’t fucking matter.

      1. seriously: charmin strong versus charmin soft is about 1 billion times more important than who the potus is

        1. Bob, I am afraid it is worse than that. See, errand boys have a function. They do errands. If there were no one to do errands, errands would not get done. The president is basically the lead role in a tv show that has a small cult following and a 4 year run with an option for another 4 years.
          Being the president of the united states is like being Richard Mulligan. You are some peoples taste. Not the taste of others. People talk about you for a bit and then you disappear and it was all totally fucking meaningless. Not one scrap of meaning. Trump? Hilary? Harambe’s Dead body? A turd in a gold fish jar. It does not fucking matter. See, without the errand boy the errand wouldn’t get run. Take Richard Mulligan off the air and in three weeks it is business as usual.
          Now enjoy the galaxy song and “pray there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space ’cause there’s bugger all down here on earth”

        2. Did you see the commercial for the toilet paper, I forget which brand, that claims it is so effective that you don’t need to wear underwear after taking a shit. The commercial takes place on in a bowling alley and references a clean lane. Who, on gods green earth, is this advertising to. Who is the intended target of this commercial? I mean, is this a commercial for people who steadfastly refuse to wear underwear but are tired of their shit stained pants?

        3. The one where the englishwoman is the pitchman(ya know, bc they are so sophisticated)? Do people really need to be reminded to wipe? To breathe?

    1. I agree that it hasn’t mattered much in my lifetime which of the two choices were president. I also think politics and elections are stupid, and hell, I don’t even like the idea of democracy. But I do think Trump could be a good president and here’s why: The president is basically nothing more than a cheerleader. He has little real power, but a ton of media attention, and plenty of opportunities to talk. Trump is really good at pumping people up, even if most of it is fake bullshit that isn’t even true.
      He’s said he doesn’t want to lead, and he doesn’t know anything about the issues. But that’s fine. All he needs to do is keep talking the way he has been and get people to feel better. Yeah, China may own us, but if you talk big about how you’re going to go over there and order them around, it makes us feel better about being Chinese slaves.
      The typical Republicans tell the obviously false lie that “America is the bestest greatest most super nation ever in the world” and the Democrats just piss you off with mealymouth PC pandering, but Trump actually pumps up people in just the right way. Make America great AGAIN. Makes you see how we’re pretty shitty, but we could do better. The vocabulary he uses when he talks is so different, there’s something captivating about it. I know he studied a lot of Hitler’s speeches and that may have something to do with it–his ex wife mentioned that in a Vogue interview from decades ago.
      I dislike both major candidates and wouldn’t vote for either, but as cheerleader, I really think Trump could be successful. So much of our economy is fake “new economy” stuff anyway, it’s not like we need to get in there and crank out some more steel in the factories. No, we need to get people feeling better so that the national sentiment becomes positive. Get people thinking that things are improving, they go out and spend more money on some trinkets, that gets the trinket stores to hire more workers at $11 an hour.
      It ain’t a revolutionary thing, and it won’t make us a superpower again, but it could get us out of this endless economic slump. Part of the Germans dominating every enemy in WW2 was just their supreme confidence. Americans don’t have confidence (and why should we, really?).

      1. I see what you are saying and I really have no objection to it. I will say, however, that while Trump would make a better cheerleader for you he would make a worse cheerleader for your average SJW faggot or whatever and no matter who wins roughly half the country will not like it….doesn’t fucking matter which half that is.
        It is like a die hard NY Giants Fan watching a Denver v Atlanta superbowl. Even if their team was really in it and won it wouldn’t matter but the meaningless is compounded by aparthy towards the teams. So a) the sport itself doesn’t matter at all b) who wins the championship matters even less c) the team that you have invested some kind of interest in is not even there d) the teams that are there you don’t care about either way e) nothing from the championship to the sport to the teams to which team wins has any effect on your life whatsoever
        If you want to order a pie and watch for the halftime show by all means enjoy. But can we all stop pretending it fucking matters?

      2. Phone apps and craft beers will get us out of this slump.
        Yahoo knew about this data hack almost two years ago btw, guess Mayer didnt want this to stall any sale of the company?

        1. DId you ever see the rant Jon Stewart did about two farting apps suing each other?
          Two companies which make mobile apps that are free, that will play fart sounds when you press a button, were suing each other over real money.

    2. Actually, due to SCOTUS, it does matter. If the justices were all either young or extremely healthy, then yes, it wouldn’t matter. They aren’t and we have a vacancy on the court and likely some more to come in the next year or two.
      My rights to own guns and not have government cameras installed in my home hangs in the balance. Maybe those are things that some can live with, but I cannot and will not. That’s why it matters.
      His actual power as POTUS outside of appointing justices though, is minimal. That I really don’t care about.

        1. You’re used to living in a police state. I do not desire that fate. I will actively fight this if it happens. I have a family and an attachment to life that I desire to keep intact. It does matter, but only in this one regard.

        2. I don’t like forest fires, tsunamis and swamp monsters. Be that as it may, sometimes they show up regardless of who the park ranger is. Fight. Don’t fight. That’s up to you. Either is a valid decision. But weather men are tv folk and have no actual control over wind and rain.

      1. The fight for the Supreme Court is everything. DC v Heller will be thrown out as soon as the balance of power shifts.

        1. I can NOT wait for that day. I’m tired of firing old machine guns. Want some new action on the range.

      1. I don’t smoke weed. I’m not a hippie loser. Your fear of nihilism is the problem not the nihilism itself.

        1. So basically you have accused me of something that I openly admit to being and that you have a 16 year olds understanding of. Talk about irony. Beat it faggot. You aren’t smart, strong or interesting enough to play with the big boys.

        2. Scamper on son. I’m in no mood for teaching and you aren’t bright enough for learning.
          Have a fine day.

        3. Ok wait, tell me the greatest nugget of insight that nihilism has revealed to you. If anything you will impart wisdom upon everyone else who stumbles across this thread and also thinks I’m an idiot.

        4. Come on! Can’t chya actually saying anything about nihilism? Does nihilism have anything to do with the buddhist concept of ‘nothingness?’ I do know about that! Come on! Play with me!

    3. Another area where it can matter: foreign policy. Hillary will escalate the wars in the Middle East. While that might not affect those living in the US, it sure has affected people in other countries, especially those we are invading and bombing. Not saying that Trump won’t do the same, but there are other candidates who won’t do that.

      1. as I mentioned above, the wishes of weathermen have no effect on winds and weather.

        1. So you’re saying that wars just happen by themselves, like the weather, and that no one makes a decision to wage them?

    1. What’s the Harambe thing mean too? Is it cool, or establishment? So many memes are flashing up on the radar as of late, I can’t keep track.

        1. I’m actually serious, I’ve basically abandoned things like 4chan and other meme setting venues so I’m a bit out of the loop.

        2. You know, yesterday I had a weird and funny thing happen. I was at a bar with some friends, and a really drunk “regular” happens to walk inside. He’s wasted. So anyway, he stumbles in and within 2 minutes starts getting really, really belligerent. I mean like fuming mad. At what? Nobody knew. He was just going mental.
          One of my buddies grabs the guy the shoulder and leads him outside to talk and calm him down. We’re all scratching our heads and asking “What the fuck is this guy’s problem?”.
          In time, the dude storms back inside and is seething in rage. Everybody is clueless. My buddy who took the guy to the back patio gives me a “come here” nod with his head. He says “You’ll want to go ahead and walk out to the patio. Don’t say anything and don’t even look at (dude’s name), just walk”.
          I trust this guy a lot, he has my 6 without fail. I say “OK” and start walking out. The raging guy now starts screaming. He points at me and says “Motherfucker, you want a piece of this? You want to draw? You’re a fucking cowboy, you got your gun on you motherfucker? Think you can draw it faster than me?!?” and a bunch of people around him immediately grab his arms and him (in general). I say nothing, and walk out the door to the patio, effectively disappearing from his sight.
          Now the dude is a retired police officer. He (illegally) carries a pistol in his vest in bars. He’s a known quantity. I know he had his revolver on him for a fact.
          So anyway, I stand out back for about 10 minutes, talking to other folks, shooting the breeze, etc. After 10 minutes I poke my head inside the door, and the raging maniac is gone. Somebody called the cops on him, he went out in cuffs and his gun was discovered in his vest. He’s not coming back.
          So great.
          Why was he angry, I asked.
          He said I was cock blocking him in regards to the cute bartender. I was sitting there, talking to my buddies, but he claims I was cock blocking him. Me, being present in the bar, not even really talking to the bartender, was cock blocking him. In essence he went into a rage, because my mere presence alone causes women to pay attention only to me.
          Where am I going with this? Well, I suspect that you’re suffering from the same issue.
          (This is actually a true story and it did just happen to me. Dude was pissed off because apparently my being in a room keeps all the girls from paying attention to him. I almost got shot dead because of it. Funny shit)

        3. When you’re insulted by me, I want it to mean something. To have a true impact, a value, an importance. I want a man whom I’ve insulted to walk away and say “Damn, I made it. I made it to the big leagues”.
          You’re welcome.

        4. I think people are a bit hard on that kid’s parents. The zoo’s poor fencing is probably more of a cause in the first place. My parents used to be extremely protective, bordering on smothering me, but that didn’t prevent me from trying to sneak into every nook and corner of every place I visited and totally escaping their vigilance from time to time.
          On another note, I think going bonkers over an ape is more of an SJW matter than ours. What’s Harambe got to do with neomasculinity anyway?

        5. haha, I swear, not even joking, what is 4chan this is like the 3rd mention of it today and I have no fucking idea what it is.

        6. I went to the site. I still don’t get it. That’s the problem> When I first saw it I googled. I read the “what is 4chan” paragraph and navigated around a bit and I am still unsure what it is.

        7. In all reality, that’s actually pretty close to the actual truth of the matter.

        8. It was hilarious. Guy was in the place and raging and up until the last 2 minutes of his presence there, I had no idea what the fuck he was going on about. I mean I’m sitting there drinking a Scotch and shooting the shit with some of my biker friends, what in the fuck is his problem?

        9. Embrace the chaos and the profound lack of reasoning with 4chan. It’s one of those things that you’re not supposed to get, only indulge in. It’s like an electronic form of Dadaism.

        10. Dunno. I didn’t think he was a beta schlub before this, I mean dude is a retired cop and now a biker, so I figured, eh, he’s cool. Apparently he’s omega to the core though.
          I will however carry this tale with me to the grave, with pride.

        11. That’s no funny shit. That dude has insecurity issues and oneitis big time. Thinking he carries a gun makes him an alpha, but everyone can see through thr BS. The guy lacks game. He needs to work on himself instead of doing stupid shit that could cost him his own life.

        12. He has issues, yes, I think that’s safe to say. He’s got a big ol’ pot belly too. In truth I wasn’t cock blocking him, Reality was.

        13. “an electronic form of Dadaism” is about the most appropriate description of 4chan that I have ever seen.
          The only thing more descriptive would be if there was a word that encapsulated the concepts of Dadaism, autism and that amazing feeling you get when taking a really massive, cleansing shit. 4chan is basically the electronic form of all of that.

        14. Do you know which PD he was with before retiring? Guessing community (eg Grove City), not Columbus PD.

        15. GhostOfJefferson made us all his bitch, making us read that tl;dr story from the edge of our seats 😉

      1. I guess it’s just a funny way of being crude and inappropriate, but it’s tied to the gorilla they killed at that zoo because a kid climbed into his cage.
        For some reason that actor that plays Machete (“Machete don’t text”)was filmed saying “Dicks out for Harambe” as a way to show solidarity. He was trying to be funny I guess. Rapid internet copying ensued.

      2. It’s a backlash against the righteous faux-outrage that accompanies events like this, Paul Walker (aka that white dude from Fast and Furious that no one could name before death), David Bowie, Cecil the Lion etc, etc

        1. I’m going to ping my son and check out the official “yoot” status with this thing.

      3. Yeah Harambe is definitely on the right side of things, not firmly alt-right but in a similar ideology of trolling.

  9. Being frank here, but I really have no idea what Pepe means or where he came from. But if the Witch is attacking him, well, he’s on my team.

      1. Thank you.
        How fucking weird is that? Now I have a whole mess of validating research to do.

        1. We have to understand that Kek in the shape of Pepe is the only deity.
          Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all false cults – they are the true pagan admirers.
          It is time that western men force their wives to wear Pepe-headscarfs.
          It could look like this:

    1. It is entirely possible that Pepeism, or Kekism, could become a viable, recognized religion. Based on the little internet research I’ve done so far, it already appears founded on a more legitimate basis that Mormonism.

      1. I’m already too far invested in the Church of the Subgenius to switch allegiances now. All hail Bob.

        1. No, but he does have a Mechanically Recovered Meat Hole.
          Top that.

        2. You dont recognize the transcendent holiness of the flying spaghetti monster??
          I thumb my nose at you

        3. These religions need not be mutually exclusive. Look at the Greeks they had.a pantheon of dozens of gods. We can manage a Bob/FSM/Pepe trinity.

        4. not only that, but Pepe/Kek, bringer of rains… well… Trump was elected and…… California has one of the greatest rainy seasons in years! not only that, but in true MAGA form, the rains have exposed the failure of CA liberal leadership in maintaining the infrastructure… people are evacuated as dams may give way…. now, sadly, in any other state people would be rising up in anger over wasted tax money, but in CA the liberal media smoke pot with corrupt politicians and the entertainment industry rules the state…
          Kek will have to work harder to “bring light” to sunny CA….

    2. Same. I find most internet/meme culture barely tolerable at best. But if it helps defeat leftists, I’m all for it.

  10. If she loses then I can only imagine what he concession speech will be like. She will very likely be so irate that she’ll become totally unhinged and do nothing but attack Trump.

    1. My hope is that she goes into a seizure and passes out face forward onto the stage with a twisted, awful expression frozen onto her gormless mug.

      1. And somewhere in Transylvania Soros will arise from his casket, screech and burst into flames.

      1. Initially, mine too.
        But after discovering that it’s a running joke by shit-posters that triggers the hell out of mentally ill SJWs, I’ve grown to like Pepe

        1. Me too. It’s hysterical that a cartoon frog can cause their pea sized brains to implode.

    1. Very little of this community strikes me as what I’d call a ‘True Believer’ (Forney) in regards to Trump. Most see more potential opportunity under him than Hillary.
      You have to give him some credit for his deft handling of this race. That he got above 1% in the primary was improbable. That he’s turning swing-states that haven’t swung in 20 years… well, what more can you say?

      1. I am naturally skeptical of everyone, particularly politicians. For this reason, I am not a true believer in Trump, even though I will vote for him. That said, I agree with his positions on the issues, and think the fundamental premises are more sound than the alternatives. And, most don’t know his actual positions because they have been cartoonishly mischaracterized in the media. If you go to his website, and read the actual plans and policies he has posted, it doesn’t sound that crazy to me. Truth be told, I would be willing to bet that it you removed his name from it, printed it, and took it around on the street telling people it was “a third party candidate’s” platform, they would say it looked great and would have no problem identifying things that they like about it.
        Now, do I expect Trump to actually DO all of those things? Not really. But if he tried to do ten percent of them, it would be a UUUUUGHE political shift from current policies. And at the end of the day, even if he does none of it, at least he is not gunning for me personally the way Clinton is. If I ended up with a President Trump who revealed himself to be a trojan horse candidate, I would feel more comfortable that Congress would take more action to keep him in check than they would with Clinton. If I get through the next four years being left the fuck alone without my already ridiculous taxes increasing, I will be happy. If Trump delivers on any of the shit he promises, I will be ecstatic.

        1. Your post reflects my thoughts. I have no expectations, but would enjoy watching him throw any wrenches into the gloabalist gearbox.

      2. Of course, he is a potential opportunity. But, where do you take the “1% in the primary”? He is a celebrity, he was the most well known candidate in the primaries, and the one who took more attention from the MSM. For example, how was Ron Paul treated in 2012? The differences are pretty clear.

        1. If you were to rewind to a year ago, and ask people who they’d vote for as president, almost no one would say Trump. In terms of political celebrity Jeb! and Lyin’ Ted were much bigger names. Rand Paul probably had a better following than Trump initially.
          In 2015, when people mentioned Trump, it was either The Apprentice, or ‘Birther.’

  11. The war isnt over until after trump wins the election, after the marxist Supreme Court justices are thrown out, and the marixst policies are erased from history.
    Winning the battle with memes on your smartphone is nothing if you fail to vote.

    1. If Trump can install 2 young far right hard core Constitutional literalists on SCOTUS we can literally (Hitler) run the clock out on the self-extinguishing Leftists.

      1. I disagree. I think we really need him to replace all four of those that are possibles.
        Roberts has been a fucking nightmare. The second coming of David Souter. He cannot reliably be counted on as a conservative vote. Alito is not far behind.
        The only one that can be relied on now is Thomas, who has been unjustly villified as a dunce, when in fact, he is the only one that appears to give a shit about the Constitution, and actually writes very powerful and compelling dissents.

        1. Well yeah, replacing the whole Socialist wing of SCOTUS would be great. I’m just figuring that the minimum requirement would be 2.

        2. Problem is, it depends on which two. Remember, one is the vacancy left by Scalia, so no shift in the balance. One probable is Kennedy, but he’s only part lib, and is already part conservative, so some shift, but no crack in the hard-left side. Now if that second goes to Ginsburg’s or Breyer’s seat, game on.

        3. Scalia is obviously a gimme. I agree on your last sentence, that’s where I’m hoping the attrition will occur. Not that I’m counting on that crusty old witch to voluntarily relinquish her seat, I’m rather hoping that nature simply takes its course and she becomes ashes to ashes, dust to dust. How glorious would that be? And if Roberts falls after tripping on a crack on the sidewalk and goes away, my God, the possibilities are endless!

        4. Breyer, Ginsburg and Kennedy are all old enough to drop any day. I’d be surprised if they make it 4 more years.

        5. There are so many who are clearly hanging on for dear life, desperately clinging on in the hope that Hillary is elected.

        6. Don’t get your hopes up regarding judges. He’ll need more reliable GOP senators than he’s likely to have to get conservative judges on the bench. Odds are they’ll get “borked” and Trump will just shrug and appoint a lame “moderate.” Real question should be why do we allow SCOTUS to be so powerful in the first place.

        7. I agree on that point too. Given that they have magically created for themselves out of thin air the right to decide what the law of the land is, it seems pretty retarded that they are in for life, and face no consequences for their retarded decisions.

        8. That’s the old days when congressmen would grin and nod to the public, but when in Washington cozies up to the lobbyists.
          The post-Trump era will have to reinvigorate people to actively hold their representatives to account in a more … timely … fashion.

      2. Yep. He better get the most hardcore rightwingers too. The Republican Party has a disturbing trend of fighting to nominate guys like Roberts who fold like lawn chairs at every opportunity.

        1. He had previously released a list of potential SC nominees, all seemed in the reasonable to excellent range. I believe I heard on the radio yesterday where he plans to expand that list. Since he has been moderating his language and positions lately, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up on that expanded list.

        2. To be fair, if we consider the fact that Robert’s changed his vote at the eleventh hour… there is a possibility that they dug up some dirt on him.
          Maybe choose a judge who isn’t awkward or who has some sort of dirty secret would help as well.

        3. Case in point the recent running for the s over the Access Hollywood comments. They pussied out.

    2. The war isn’t over if he wins either. It has to be a continuation of effort. The fight doesn’t go away based on him being in the Whitehouse.
      The worst thing that could happen is being satisfied he’s there and walking away from the game.

      1. This is crucial point that I hope everyone realizes. The war will never be over. Leftism is a cancer that must be continually put down and extinguished before it can take root. That is exactly what the left has been doing to us for decades, and it’s why they’ve been so successful over the past decade or so and seemingly caught a lot of people off guard.
        But anyone paying attention could see it coming, as the last 8 years have been the culmination of careful planning over the past 50.
        If Trump wins, and that’s still a big “if,” frankly, the war has only just begun.

        1. Yup. Electing Trump signifies that we have finally started fighting back, but the war will have only begun on inauguration day. Our enemies will not go quietly. One advantage is being utterly outnumbered and surrounded we have plenty of targets. 🙂

      2. 100% true!
        The war will be just starting with Trump as POTUS.
        Building the wall and banning muslims is only the start. We must PERMANENTLY BAN all 3rd world immigration. End Welfare, food stamps, head start, public housing, medicaid, AA/EEOC and all great society programs. Repeal the unconstitutional 64 and 68 (un)civil rights acts, repeal the 65 immigration and voting rights acts, and go back to being the GREAT COUNTRY we were in the 40s and 50s.

    3. The war is never over, SJW’s are like effeminate terminators in that they just keep coming and they never stop.

    4. It’ll happen. Just remember to make an offering to Kek. A sacrifice of a meme should be sufficient. Praise Kek.

    5. Hardly…this just means we survive another round. This really is the Flight 93 election. Hillary wins, traditional America is dead.

  12. Welcome to my thought bubble:
    I just wonder if House Of Cards plays a role in the way the american people vote.
    House Of Cards shows how fucked up and rigged the whole political circus is. Many people got that message and therefore they want a POTUS who is not one of those crooked politicans.

    1. It’s getting creepy at this point. Every day 4chan, 8chan, and various other allies have memed something into existence.

    1. As a Trump voter (what choice do I have?) you’re right about it being a faggot meme, but wrong about Stormfront. It’s more a /pol/ and Daily Stormer (cesspools of alt.right faggotry) meme. As for the article itself, just another RoK word salad with dopey graphics. And “jaded, nihilistic young people” = hot pocket munching neckbeard virgins.

  13. As a Trump voter (what choice do I have?) you’re right about it being a faggot meme, but wrong about Stormfront. It’s more of a /pol/ and Daily Stormer (cesspools of alt.right faggotry) meme. As for the article itself, just another RoK word salad with dopey graphics.

  14. Here’s my take: Hillary, like a lot of baby boomers, are clueless as to the problems they are leaving behind, and come out as unbearable dipsh!ts when they call for ‘all of us come together and make this world brighter blahblahblech.
    The teenager hearing this, seeing the decay, depression and violence looks at this boomer (or any sjw for that matter) and reacts to this moronic position with:
    Kids are saying, I see your stupid argument and raise you a … Pepe.

    1. I don’t think Hillary is clueless. Her mistake is in assuming that everyone is still buying her b s when they are clearly not. She’s known it’s b s all along.

  15. The danger is how the left navigates easily. One day their proudly declaring open bathrooms for every species on the planet, the next their directing blm riots from their heli-carriers

  16. I have noticed a generational divide in the ROK comments section. Those who are 30+ (patriot conservatives and libertarians) are more likely to subscribe to the outdated Reaganite bullshit that “If we educate the minorities to be conservative and love the Constitution, we will all get along!”
    Every day we are given fresh evidence that this will not work. Different races have been in conflict for hundreds of years and will continue to struggle with one another going forward. It’s not some globalist/feminist/George Soros plot, but the way of the world. Our best bet is to separate everyone and prevent the violence which continues to surface due to this moronic project of conservative civic nationalism.
    Luckily the younger generation is far more racially aware, giving us the opportunity to change things for the better.

    1. I can’t recall Reagan ever making that argument.
      I don’t mind minorities at all as long as they’re civil and act normal. But the inner city rabble, hell dude, spray them with waves of machine gun fire for all I care, as doing so will serve to help raise the average IQ in America.

    2. I’m in my 40’s and I figured this out a while ago. If BLM and so forth hasn’t caused folks to change their minds, I don’t know what will.

    3. A genuine meritocracy would sort us out better, but to some extent that’s not being allowed here in America. People in the shallow end of the talent/success pool are afraid of the true implications of a Bell Curve and the natural separation that would occur if certain groups didn’t get freebies and privileges to give them an unwarranted leg up.
      We’re caught in a retrograde loop that is masquerading as “progress.”

  17. cracks me up when folks bring up minorities. You, my friends, will soon BE the minority. Sad but true.

  18. “Now, we all know and love Pepe, so I see no point in wasting time detailing his rich history or subtle, nuanced significance.”
    I would like a link or honest explantion/history of Pepe?
    Found some things, nothing linking it to white supremacy except recent Salon type articles. To paraphrase the bountiful bootied philospher Paula Abdul, Information Please?

    1. An alt right perspectus on ‘Pepe’ from a few years back:
      >>”The story of Pepe the Frog begins in 2005, when he was merely a anthropomorphic frog created by American cartoonist Matt Furie. Pepe appeared in a comic book called Boy’s Club, which depicted the life of four NEET roommates. He became a popular meme on a certain imageboard and was later taken up by normies on blogging platform associated with intersectional feminist basketweaving.
      Because Pepe was humorous, people would reply “kek” to images they enjoyed, with “kek” itself being a meme-ish way of saying “lol” that derives from the orcish race of World of Warcraft. Pepe, of whom there are endless variations and meme mutations both common and rare, received tremendous keks from the people across the world wide web. But many of those who had taken up Pepe as their meme were idolators and vile normies.
      Thankfully, the alt right launched a campaign to retake Pepe from the heretical normies and restore him to his chanological birthplace as a chaotic and politically incorrect meme. The big moment came during the Republican primaries, when Trump retweeted a Pepe version of himself, which only made our enemies even more flustered. At this time, Pepe had already become known as a “nazi frog meme” that #frogtwitter users and members of the Alt-Right were using to spread propaganda and troll leftists and Jews.
      Olivia Nuzzi from the Daily Beast, who our goys have trolled on Twitter, wrote an article about a single fucking Trump tweet in May called “How Pepe the Frog Became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol.” She quotes @JaredTSwift at length:
      “In a sense, we’ve managed to push white nationalism into a very mainstream position,” he said. “Trump’s online support has been crucial to his success, I believe, and the fact is that his biggest and most devoted online supporters are white nationalists. Now, we’ve pushed the Overton window. People have adopted our rhetoric, sometimes without even realizing it. We’re setting up for a massive cultural shift.”
      Many keks were had by the Alt-Right when this article was published. And it was not the only of its kind. Now millions of normies knew that Pepe did not belong to them, that he was a property of the nationalist right and untouchable as it would destroy their status-siganling ability if they associated with him. Pepe had trascended the normies.
      So how does this become esoteric? Well, Kek is also an Ancient Egyptian pagan god. He is one of the eight primordial deities of the Old Kingdom, a god of darkness representing the unknown and chaos that come before the light. Moreover, in his male form he is depicted as a frog or a man with the head of a frog. Now, no one deliberately made the kek-yielding Pepe into Kek; it just kind of arouse out of the ether, which is what makes it so interesting. If one acknowledges the notion of cyclical time believed by the non-Semitic religions of the world, one can understand that the nationalist Pepe meme is a return of Kek the chaos-bringer, who may well represent Kalki the Destroyer, bringer of the end of the Dark Age.
      Trump’s projected 1488 delegate count before the Republication National Convention. Praise Kek!
      Kek is the deity of chaotic meme magick, which is a form of metapolitical prayer and will-to-power. Metapolitics is the process of trying to change the culture and values of a society as opposed to pure political activism. And Pepe is a modern-day icon of Kek, who shitlords project their wishes unto and send icons of into the digital ether.
      Memes are in their original definition things or phrases people believe in. So meme magick, essentially, is the repetition of memes enough to change the memes that other people believe in, or memeing something into reality. The meme becomes a mantra, something chanted to generate karma.
      The explosive growth of Pepe, his association with the nationalist right, and his estrangement from the normies solidified his place in the esoteric tradition. The normies had tried to seize upon this avatar of Kek as a source of mindless and indifferent entertainment, but Kek reasserted himself as on the side of Truth and liberation through the chaos of meme magick. Thus, Pepe became inaccessible to the normies, for in rejecting the Truth they had rejected Kek, and could no longer try to lay claim to a “nazi frog meme.”
      What Kek does for us, should we offer our voices and our keystrokes to him, is bless us with the tempered chaos of meme-upāya—skillful memes—to spread our ideas among our people. These ideas we spread are the kek-dharma—the redpill if you will— and the teachings necessary to understanding the world and achieving our rightful independence in it. Kek manifests himself to us in the avatar Pepe, a bodhisattva, a great spirtual teacher of the truth and wisdom of national liberation through the application of meme magick. With his meme-upāya, Kek teaches us how karma generated by memes as a mantra will help us to achieve liberation. Liberation means an end to mosaic samsara—the cycle of death and rebirth which destroyed the Roman Empire, collapsed the Holy Roman Empire into a spiral of sectarian violence from which it never recovered, and devoured the Third Reich. And this cycle continues through the ongoing invasion of Europe by the third Semitic monotheism, Islam.
      Only by understanding the kek-dharma can the goyim realize complete and total Aryan Nirvāna, Aryan liberation, which is brought about by the creation of the karmic nation.
      Free of mosaic samsara, the karmic nation will reject the psychological terrorism of third-worldism (ethno-masochism and xenophilia), and be a place where the glorious deeds and memories of our ancestors can be restored and their will-to-power reincarnated into our descendants. No more will racial suicide be spoken of as a noble ideal in a state governed by those with meme-upāya, where the kek-dharma has achieved its rightful place as the acknowledged truth and cosmic order, in a karmic nation.
      The karmic nation, by continuing the archaeo-Darwinian work of rebirth into higher forms approaching total perfection and liberation from suffering, will allow us to forge our people into Übermenschmaterial. Such will be the path to complete liberation, Aryan Nirvāna.
      Meme magick as foretold 4000 years ago.
      It is the Kek the Bodhisattva who can teach our people these truths, if we are willing to listen and to commit ourselves to the generation of meme magick through karmic morality and through the mantra of memes. By refusing to cuck and by rejecting the foul mindsets of our invaders and terrorizers, we will move the nation away from its suffering under the pains of hostile occupation, and closer and closer to its final rebirth. If instead, our people cuck and adopt the foul mindsets, they will generate not Aryan karma but further mosaic samsara.
      The trve power of skillful memes is to meme the karmic nation into reality, the process of meme magick. By spreading and repeating the meme mantra, it is possible to generate the karma needed for the rebirth of the nation.
      Understanding the kek-dharma through meme-upāya is the only escape from the Cave.
      The manifestion of the karmic nation will be possible only through the birth of Men against Time, of whom there will be more and more as the kek-dharma spreads, through the relentless application of skillful memes and of righteous adherence to the kek-dharma, which as I have said will generate karma. When our people are filled with the Lightning and the Sun, when they possess both meme-upāya and the kek-dharma, the coming of the Aryan Nirvāna will be at hand and the karmic nation shall be unstoppable.
      Praise Kek, the bringer of chaos and skillful memes. Bless us with the meme-upāya to make the karmic nation a reality.
      Hail Victory and Aryan Nirvāna.”>>

      1. Wellllll…
        So Pepe is an inside joke, inside a meme, inside a nonsense sandwich, imbued by mystical da Vinci Code mystery and enjoyed tremendously by denizens of a certain dark corner of the internet?

        1. That’s certainly one view. I’ve also come across the ‘AltWhite’ camp of AltRight YouTubers who actually do take the primary function of the Pepe/Kek meme to be mainstreaming their white nationalist views by associating the views with a cartoon frog rather than traditional Nazi imagery — imagery that they say has been unfairly stigmatized by the Jewish controlled media. So that interpretation of Pepe isn’t exactly all projection and nonsense. I think this was the video (not re-watching to confirm)
          IMO, whether to view Pepe entirely benignly as some suggest, or to take the collectivist subterfuge he represents (to some) more seriously largely depends upon the context. My guess is a heckuva lot more normal people associate him with the non-racialized, reincarnated Egyptian god-meme narrative over the AltWhite one anyways.

  19. Of course Hillary didn’t approve of Pepe. She’s a woman. Women don’t have a sense of humour.

  20. If Hillary dies before the election, they will keep it secret for at least a week

  21. Hillary could be the first person literally memed to death.. hahaha, gold!
    As a non-American I really don’t get the whole Pepe thing. But one thing is clear. Like I said on another article, Hillary and the leftist cronies have shot every wad in their grubby arsenal, and it’s all slid right off Donald “Teflon” Trump. So now they’ve started on.. a cartoon frog? Seriously?
    Well Hillary, as one pretend frog to another, all I can say is:

  22. I was so fucking confused (and simultaneously laughing my ass off) when the Hillary camp brought up Pepe. Most of the voter base has no clue what Pepe is; they’re too old. All they see is an old cranky woman calling a cartoon frog they’ve never seen before racist. It looks insane.

  23. Could somebody in short describe what is this about, this Pepe thing? First of all, what is Pepe? A frog from cartoon? And who does it represent, Trump? Who put that to represent Trump?
    I could not get some definite answers on google…

    1. KnowYourMeme did a good short synopsis of the whole dealio
      Basically, Pepe the frog from a cartoon comic got ‘famous’ from a funny punchline.
      From that inside joke, he then became a notorious meme on internet forums that people would interject into many topics.
      Come 2016, someone couldn’t help but make a meme with Pepe and Trump as a joke, but it stuck, especially once Clinton called it out.
      Similar to her ‘deplorables’ comment, people owned it, rather than shunned it.

      1. So the Pepe was originally used to joke about Trump, like Trump = green frog, but his supporters turned the joke (weakness) into strength?

        1. Pretty much.
          It was just random shitposters online making inside jokes (both pro-Trump and anti-Trump) that just went viral after Clinton tried to Alinsky (Isolate, marginalize, ridicule) the activity and malign the Frog as racist/supremacist.
          Weird, I know, but it is the internet.

  24. It is humorous how the Left act like they are still the Counter Culture when in fact they have become the dominant culture, the controllers of the institutions, The System, “The Man” if you will. Well I say it’s time we “Stick It To The Man”.

    1. It’s amusing the “left” doesn’t realize what douchebags they’d look like to the old left since America’s left hates the working class. In other words they’re arguably not even true lefties in the sense of being in agreement and in line with the historic meaning of the left. It wasn’t about faggots and men pissing in the little girl’s restroom and Hollywood degenerates.

  25. Come on! Bill looking on helplessly as Hillary draws her last breath! Dancing a dam jig more likely.

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