9 Things I Learned From Writing 100 Articles For A Major Alternative Media Outlet

This being my 100th article for Return Of Kings, I thought it would be worth taking some time out to reflect on what lessons that writing has taught me. This is not to blow smoke up my own ass—it will hopefully be of value to those interested in journalism, blogging, or content creation generally. There are however also some more general themes to be drawn out that apply to guys who want to persist and get good at anything, be it getting girls, creating a business, or excelling in your career.

1. Consistency is key


Yes, it’s been said a million times in self-help and business books, but consistency really is key. I wrote my first article for ROK, 7 Tips For Building A Harem, back in February 2014. After a gap of a couple of months (during which I was presumably trying to think of a suitable follow up, or out macking girls, or both) I submitted 6 Tips For Getting Laid In London. After that I was away, publishing posts on a more-or-less weekly basis consistently right up until last year, when a legal battle I was involved with meant that I had to take the odd week out (and even that is making excuses for myself—really I should have pushed myself harder during those times).

When Roosh offered me the gig as game writer for ROK I made a commitment to him and to Winston, the site’s editor, that I would deliver regularly. More importantly, perhaps, I also made that commitment to myself. What that meant was the even when I didn’t feel like it, I would sit down at the keyboard and bash out an article. Or, if I was going to be away on business, or on vacation, I would write and submit multiple articles ahead of time to make sure my slot got filled. That’s not to say I’ve been perfect—no-one is—but in general I’ve kept consistency front of mind.

Consistency has many benefits both for you and for those around you. I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve tried to be as consistent as possible, and when I have, it’s made me feel really good. Because there’s nothing better in life than holding good on promises and accomplishing what you set out to do.

2. Over time, you will get better


This is the other key thing about consistency—if you stick at something long enough, you will get better at it. Do I think 6 Tips For Getting Laid In London is a brilliant piece of writing? No. Would I write the article differently if I tackled it now? Yes, of course I would. But around the time I had published Use the ‘One Strike’ Rule to Improve Your Dating Life in May 2015, I believe I had begun to hit my stride. It was around this time that views on my articles really started to go up, I was getting great reader feedback and my posts were regularly in the top 5 of the week. I was also getting emails from readers and famous PUAs, and sales of my book The Seven Laws of Seduction were up.

Understand that this isn’t to give myself a pat on the back—it merely underlines the fact that if you do something consistently for long enough, you will start to improve.

3. There is an abundance of content


The rule of abundance applies in writing (or creativity generally) just as it does with girls and money. There is an abundance of everything out there—you just have to internalise this and believe it. When I first agreed with Roosh that I would write a weekly article for ROK, I had no long term plan for what I was going to submit. I just knew that the subject area of dating, girls, and relationships was one that I was passionate and knowledgeable about having had a long background in game.

I never thought too much about where the next article was coming from. I knew only that I had made a commitment to the site and its readers, believed in abundance and sat down every week to write. As it was, life invariably threw up circumstances that I was able to use as the raw material for articles, while hopefully helping other guys at the same time.

My experience here taught me that there is no lack of content out there—in fact, there’s an abundance of it. The same is true of girls, things to say in a conversation, jobs, or business opportunities.

4. Write about what you know for a defined target audience


Writing about game and relationships was a no-brainer for me, since it is something I have done myself, and taught, for over a decade. I’ve also written a book about it. Nearly all of my articles include some example from real life which I use to illustrate the technique or phenomenon I am describing.

At the same time, after a while it became necessary for me to start looking outside of my own experience for inspiration. This is where writing for a defined audience really helps. In my case, I often think about my mate Steve. Steve is a great guy who has often needed support and advice with meeting girls and a lot of my ROK articles have been born out of real life conversations with him. Perhaps surprisingly, it turned out that Steve’s individual issues actually resonate with a lot of guys.

Anyone writing or creating content is well advised to either keep a real person in mind while they work, or at least create an avatar of your target audience and speak to that one person.

5. You can never tell for sure what will be popular, so just start


Sometimes you bust your gut over a piece of content only to find that your article bombs. Other times you create something quickly which you feel is a bit throwaway only to see it become incredibly well-viewed with readers really engaged in the comments section.

As has been said of the movie business, “no one knows anything.” Of course experience is valuable. I believe I have a better idea now of what will play well with ROK readers than I did two years ago. But still, every article you publish, every book you write, every business you start and every approach to a girl you make is essentially a crap shoot. You never know 100% what’s going to fly. On that basis then, why not just start? You never know—this idea could just be the one that gets you the girl or makes you a million.

6. Haters gonna hate—but there’s no such thing as consensus


On a related note, any time you put yourself out there in some way, whether it’s by publishing an article, launching a product or chatting up a girl, you will get haters—it’s just a fact of life. People will disagree with you, tell you you’re doing it all wrong, and suggest that you crawl back into your mom’s basement and never come out again.

Like all ROK writers, I have received my fair share of hate over the years, with people leaving derisory and sometimes personally insulting comments under my articles. What’s interesting though is how diverse opinion actually is. For every detractor you get, you will always get at least one person who thinks what you’re doing is brilliant.

This backs up something I wrote in The Seven Laws of Seduction—there is no such thing as consensus. There is no “right” opinion. If you approach a girl and ask her out in a club and she rejects you, then maybe some guy watching will think you’re a douchebag. But equally, the guy standing next to him will admire you for your balls and wish he could be more like you.

In life you have to stand for something. There’s no point in holding back out of fear of what people may or may not think. Act with integrity to your core purpose, whatever that is, and don’t let people who think or feel differently hold you back.

 7. On the internet, all publicity is good publicity


The good news about haters is this—if people are talking about you then you can make money, regardless of what they are saying. The weeks when I’ve received the most vicious reader feedback are also those when my book sales have been highest. Go figure. As above, if you act with integrity to your core purpose then those who like what you are saying will seek you out and support or reward you.

8. Headlines are really important—as is having a great editor


Online, a snappy, engaging headline is the difference between being read or not. Furthermore, your copy should be well-written in order to get your ideas over informatively and entertainingly. When you are creating content solo, this is all down to you, and it’s your responsibility to get things right. Fortunately ROK is blessed with a great editor, Winston, as well as Roosh himself. Many times I have submitted articles with okay headlines, only to see these transformed into showstoppers on publication, causing my numbers to skyrocket. Great editing is a skill acquired over time, so props to those guys.

9. Be helpful


Finally, when creating content of any kind, the best way to go is to take a step back and think about how best you can help your audience. Is it by solving a particular problem? If so, would a certain example from your life help out? Is it by entertaining them? If so, how can you make your work funnier or more dramatic? Is it to move them? If so where can you add more poignancy or pathos. If you always put your audience’s needs first when creating content then you won’t go far wrong.

I hope that at least some people have found some of my first 100 articles helpful. Many thanks for reading—here’s to the next 100!

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39 thoughts on “9 Things I Learned From Writing 100 Articles For A Major Alternative Media Outlet”

  1. “there is no such thing as consensus. There is no “right” opinion. If you approach a girl and ask her out in a club and she rejects you, then maybe some guy watching will think you’re a douchebag. But equally, the guy standing next to him will admire you for your balls and wish he could be more like you.”
    Needed to hear this, thanks Troy!

  2. Good article and congrats Troy. Always look forward to seeing your articles and this is excellent advice. Thanks!

    1. Splendid comment on a good article and congrats for these thoughtfull congratulations Lol. Always look forward to seeing your comments on articles and this is a sincere and poignant recommendation of an excellent advice. Thanks again !

  3. I can vouch for #5. There have been articles I’ve written in the past that I made as more of a throwaway rant but turned out to be some of my most popular posts. Congratulations on your 100 articles.

  4. All the same tips apply to full-length books as well. Be consistent, target your demographic, work hard.

  5. I always like the “stop planning to do it and do it” advice. In life it’s easy to fall into that trap, where you plan and read, watch videos, talk, think, and wind up putting it off forever. Speaking of that, I should probably find the time to submit an article.
    In other news, pepe the frog is now officially listed by the ADL as a white supremacist hate symbol. Then again, I think this is the same group that lists lizard-alien-enthusiast David Icke in the same manner…

  6. I wish I could write something that people would pay for, I just have to give my extraordinarily well thought out advice for free.

  7. I’m consistently impressed with the quality and quantity of articles on RoK: a complete refutation that those on the Right are ignorant or uneducated or inarticulate.
    Also, keep in mind that the liberal rags like HuffPo are run at a LOSS. They don’t make money. All those staff writers that write doggerel and verbal scree are subsidized by liberals who made their money doing something else and run these liberal news / opinion outlets at a LOSS!
    Ford donated what? 10 million? 100 million dollars to BLM?
    The Left has deep, deep pockets.

  8. Writing for me is rewarding because it allows my ideas to gain traction in the minds of others. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in my observations. RoK is an island of sanity in a sea of madness.

    1. Lol that’s definitely not a real girl but most likely not even a human but a spambot.

  9. A few things I have learned:
    1. Quit drinking. Seriously. I was a big boozer for years. Alcohol slows your mind down. Words come to you much faster when you are sober. You will not be able to type or write fast enough to keep up.
    2. The more you write, the better you will write. Quality will improve with practice.
    3. Keep a list of works in progress, random notes. etc. Return to them later.

    1. Some of the most riveting speeches and potent tirades I’ve ever given were when I had downed the better part of a bottle of wine.

    2. Regarding the drink. Mine actually speeds up after a couple or three. Too much however and it slows down, diminishing returns and all. I’ve done some of my best work on a 2-3 drink buzz.

    3. I once wrote an explosive piece when shit faced a few years back. You can’t read and comprehend well while innebriated though but if you’ve got ideas stirring and built up while sober, then get loose on a good alcohol buzz a good piece can happen.
      Drinking alone for the sake of maintaining a buzz is like fapping but on the other hand, closing a deal with a woman while A-game is on or when you’re stumped on a tricky approach, sometimes a drop of booze is like adding gasoline to a fire and it makes the shit happen. It can be like emergency medicine. Use as directed.
      Whiskey is actually one drink I consider medicine and belongs in the medicine cabinet. I won’t drink whiskey unless I have a cold. Any other drink is fine, but whiskey, because of the grain used to produce it has some immuno properties that fight colds like a silver bullet. Don’t wear out whiskey when you’re well. It’s gold and will kick your cold. I chop up raw ginger in an onion chopper and mix it with whiskey if I ever have a cold. The ginger draws out the congestion.

  10. Your articles are some of the best, Troy. I always enjoy them. I agree with your point about RoK’s editor Winston and Roosh. It is impressive how they can spice up the headline. I always appreciate that. Also, I enjoy reading the comments at RoK. There are a lot of intelligent readers and I always learn something new.

  11. Thanks. If I ever think of something that serves a need which isn’t currently met I will submit it. For now I am content to muck rake.

  12. That’s pretty fucking impressive.
    There was this Nigerian prince who offered me a fortune in an e-mail once, all I had to do was pay him $53.
    I turned him down, and I still regret it to this day.

  13. By freelance tasks you do at home, do you mean prostitution?
    Because it sounds like you mean prostitution.

    1. It would amaze me if one of these spambot commenters actually responded. But then I once heard of a hippie way back who went out one morning and began yelling at all the street signs. Some hallucinogens must have been kicking in when the street signs then started moving and chasing him!

  14. Troy, you are one of my favorite writers. Is there a way for me to see all of Troy’s articles in one place other than the “game” section? I’m on mobile so maybe I’m missing something

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