US Judge Has Decreed “Non-Binary” As A Legitimate Third Sex

A female judge in a county court in Oregon has officially decreed that in 4,000 years of modern advancement, we failed to realize that besides man and woman, there is also a third category of transdoodle known as “non-binary.”  Setting aside the fact that “non-binary” is a “non-answer” to the question “What sex are you?”  (In the same way one cannot answer Are you pregnant? with “I’m non-binary.”) and indeed “attack helicopter” or “transdoodle” would be better choices than “non-binary,” this is a legal first.

While most rational people could laugh and chuckle as Tumblrinas and Facebook addicts changed the virtual world to reflect their fantasy that there are not two sexes of human (how many sexes of dog are there, by the way?), suddenly the ravings of the mentally ill mob have become a matter of law and public policy.


Similar to the manner in which a person may legally change their name by filing paperwork with the court, a person can now legally change their sex from male or female to “non-binary” in Oregon and California (more states to follow soon).  A 52-year-old female lesbian army retiree, Jamie Shupe, decided 3 years ago that despite likely being in menopause already, she wanted to be a man.  Let all that sink in for a moment.


Well, she DOES have a point…

I’m “The Man” In The Relationship

Jaime has a female spouse of 27 years, and has refused surgery to make herself more masculine, so from what I can surmise, she is the bull-dyke butch of the relationship, and so why not just call herself a man.  After all, Bruce Jenner is a brave and stunning woman, right?  The Army resisted calling her a man unless she had surgery to change her sex, which, if there is any such thing as a rational position in the transgender arena, seems to be the only reasonable one.  But Jaime refused the surgery.  All of the benefits with none of the risk, right?

Relinquishing The Pussy Pass?

We know that 25% of women are mentally ill, and I’ll throw all the cash in my wallet in the pot and bet that both Jaime and her spouse fall into this category.  She is not getting a penis.  She likely is in menopause already.  So she wants to be a dickless man that scissors with his wife?  And on top of that wants to give up the all powerful pussy pass that she currently has?  That sounds certainly insane.

Government Rules

In order to obtain a driver’s license, passport, credit card, or variety of other documents, one must select either male or female.  There is simply no other option, and no other option is available to be displayed on the document.  Anyway, if gender is something one can “choose,” then it’s entirely pointless to put down on an identification card in the first place.  What’s the point in categorizing me as “male” when I can later choose to feel female?  The category loses any value to the issuing agency.

Furthermore there different obligations and benefits based on one’s sex:  Males must register for the military draft.  Women can label sex “rape” or consensual based on their feelings, even after the fact.  Women have an array of government benefits designated just for them (WIC, special women’s training, housing, and education plans).  Women benefit from government hiring quotas.  Women have the right to alimony and child support payments, and are granted default parenthood in the case of divorce.  Females have special rights after childbirth (remind me to identify as female right after my wife gives birth, for some extra vacation time).  Women hold the all-powerful pussy pass.

What will happen to all these differences if one is “non-binary?”  Does one lose the rights and obligations of both men and women?  Will non-binary people be granted their own special set of rights and obligations, with government programs and departments created just to serve their needs?  Nepal and Australia have already issued “X” passports which are for special snowflakes that will die virgins.

Slippery Slope Argument Was True


Non-binary Oktoberfest

I never cared about gay issues, and thought, hey, if someone is gay, they have a rough life.  Why not let them get married, and have parades if that makes them happy.  I laughed at the old codgers who said this would lead to people lopping their dicks off or having sex with children or animals.  Indeed, child sex is entering the arena of progressive causes that feminists adopt, and when no straight man is left on earth that wants to fornicate with them, I suppose they will turn to animal sex to satisfy their urges.

In retrospect, social change is not something that should be radically or quickly altered.  Change is fine, but it must be adopted slowly, with much discussion, debate, consideration, and preparation.  It should be tested and analyzed and carefully considered before it changes the very fabric of society.  Our ancestors risked their lives, fortunes, and families in order to build and preserve a strong society with organized rules and moral standards.  We are wiping away centuries of progress in mere months.

Looking back at the changes of the past 15 years, I shudder to think what the world will look like in even 5 more years.  I cannot fathom what another 15 will look like.  On the bright side, the government will now have a database identifying of all these freaks.

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309 thoughts on “US Judge Has Decreed “Non-Binary” As A Legitimate Third Sex”

    1. Their whole movement is full of inconsistencies and irrationalities. You can’t have a tranny movement (people switching from male to female and vice versa) and also believe that there are an infinite number of gender categories and that male and female don’t really mean anything. But logic means nothing to these people.

      1. if the elites can make millions of people turn into transsexuals like they turned people gay through the media and education system. it is very entertaining to me because i am not part of this lunatic society. whats next? making people cut their arms off and if you dont support that you are nazi! please do it society! more entertainment please!

        1. what is the ” the carlin perspecitve”? nevermind. i know what you mean but calling it after that guy is limiting. why putting a freaking attention seeking comedian who is irrelevant on a pedestal?

        2. I don’t see why they can’t start making custom limbs and stuff by cloning muscle cell and grafting it onto titanium framework. The tech for it has been around since the ’30s

      2. They can cut off / transform one half only (along the length). Then they will have half a penis and half a vagina. And of course, you can slice it up even further and have any kinds of mathematical fractions (gray shades) in between.

      3. yes and no.
        There have always been two movements. The gay liberation movement – mostly males – have always argued they were born that way, and in all probability can’t remember being any other way.
        Queer feminists on the other hand have always been politically lesbian / queer, and there entire philosophy depends on screwing with young womens (and increasingly young men’s) heads in college or earlier (in the case of sex education)

        1. “and in all probability can’t remember being any other way.”
          It’s a common pattern. People rewrite their memories to make themselves believe that all the choices they made were in accordance with where they stand today.

        2. yes, they do. Especially if it allows them to justifies their behaviour to society and to themselves

        1. no i just turned gay last week, but this is the next step i guess. i think i am mature enough now, i will do it. i cant wait getting new friendz.

      1. Glee tend to make the songs they do shit. I prefer the original versions of the Safety Dance and What Does the Fox Say to their bastardised versions.

    2. The “born this way” logic was a dirty red lie. The main thinkers of that one admited it themselves in their manifesto “After the ball”.

      1. no lgbtq person will ever admit to having read or been influenced by After the Ball
        They will all use the ‘just another flavour of ice-cream’ argument though

    3. they were born into the wrong bodies youfool. Their souls have always been totally gay or whatever

      1. A child acquires sexual schemas from their role models, usually their parents. With a lack of parenting, kids today find comfort on the internets and are instantly gratified.

        1. kids are literally getting their sexual schemas from facebook drop down menus. It’s deranged

  1. Only with Duterte we can stop this shit.
    We need Duterte as the great leader of the globe.
    Like he said yesterday:
    “Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there are three million drug addicts… I’d be happy to slaughter them” – and of course MSM, especially here in germany, are going full Another-Shoa-Mode on him for comparing himself to Hitler, comparing Skypes to Drugaddicts and Making A 3Million-Hoax out of a 6Million-Hoax.
    Duterte is the only one who can save us now.

    1. that joke was lame, also i have not seen sufficient proof of the holocaust yet. i cant accept schindlers list movie footage as proof.

        1. No, he was just preparing the United Nations for the slaughter of three million people.
          And I approve this message.

        2. Yes, they will probably remove him like Gaddafi after he said all those things (and telling the UN and EU to fuck off…and calling Obama a son of a whore..and so on).
          If they wont stop him,
          he will first kill 3 million drugaddicts,
          then he will kill 30 million Skypes,
          then he will kill 300 million Googles
          and in the end he will be the emperor of the globe.
          That means men from the Philippines will travel to the western country for the purpose of sex tourism.
          SEA men will probably fuck all white women.
          For safety purposes you should prepare your anus because they will probably turn us into ladyboys.

        3. That’s the power of Duterte.
          That’s why he can turn white sex tourists in SEA into SEA sex tourists in white countries.

        4. the rapefugees will defend the white sluts. SEAsians wont dare to make war against the muslims by taking their harems.

    1. Germans warned us that this depravity was coming and did everything they could to stop it. They were called Nazis.

  2. This is fucking bullshit. 3 Genders????
    What about my Gender?? Lucale!!
    A specific gender that can only not be unlawfully discriminated against by allowing … no … making me fuck every Victoria’s Secrets model on the planet, whilst ensuring that a lavish welfare state bankrolls my sloth-like existence.
    If you object or disagree with this, you’re clearly a demented, Trump-supporting, fascist alt-right bastard

    1. You made a great mistake: YOU WANT TO COPULATE WITH BEAUTIFULL WOMEN!!!!!
      You should have desired fat feminists with shaven heads with unshaven body hair and colloured bodyhair the least to give even a snitch of what you would desire!
      Check your privilege,you… YOU… LUCALE!!!!

      1. That’s a good point. But you repressed “my people” 500 years ago, so you owe me those fucking models, you Cis muthafucker!!!

        1. Look, give me your money you racist fuck.
          Either directly, or preferably through Kafka- esq bureaucracy

        2. Narrator:
          “And so on the swearing continued the demands never ceased. They both were barking through their keyboards, calling for the other’s privilege and money. Thus they continued arguing ’till the Goc gender was declared! And Gocs took everyone’s money.”

  3. I’m not entirely sure when “slippery slope” became a logical fallacy. How is it illogical to say, “If you take out the first floor support beams, the entire skyscraper will collapse?”

    1. People misunderstand fallacies. A fallacy is not necessarily untrue, as shown by your hypothetical. Fallacies only cause problems because they might not necessarily be true. For example, in your hypothetical, perhaps the the removal of the beams would not result in the collapse of the skyscraper because the columns and other higher level support beams would take the load and only the first floor would collapse. So a fallacy is not necessarily true, and only causes a problem when people treat it as though it is. But a fallacy could always be true, and there are frequently cases where even though reasoning is technically fallacious, it is nonetheless obviously true.

      1. It just strikes me as an entirely different class of argumentation from, say, Argumentum ad Hominem. The classical fallacies are all rhetorical devices disguised as dialectic, with the result that they have no bearing on a dialectic argument but do have rhetorical impact.
        The slippery slope is simply a logical progression from a given set of premises. Its basic form, “If A, then B; A; therefore B,” is basic logic. As a logical argument, it is sound so long as the premises are sound.
        It is, on the surface, of a kind with the Red Herring or the Strawman, but those fallacies are fallacious for a reason. The Strawman makes the argument knowing that the initial premises are false, which destroys the logical chain. The Red Herring argues, in essence, “A is important; B is more important; therefore A is irrelevant,” which has only the appearance of a logical progression (making it more of a kind with ad Hominem).
        I just am having trouble understanding what it is about the slippery slope argument that makes it a fallacy. If a fallacy is something that takes the place of meaningful dialectic, then what is it about the slippery slope that is distinct from otherwise meaningful dialectic?

        1. Perhaps we are getting caught up in semantics. Can something not be fallacious (wrong) without being a logical fallacy?

        2. It is my understanding that a logical fallacy can still lead to a correct conclusion, but in spite of its lack of logic (not because of it). This is why people call them out – even if you’re right, you didn’t get there rationally.

        3. Well, technically a slippery slope requires more than just one step. So a more accurate set up would have to go: If A, then B. If B, then C. A, therefore C.
          The fallacy could certainly be true, meaning it is not necessarily a fallacy.
          But, it could also be false for a number of reasons. First, the chain could end at B. Alternatively, B could have various other possible outcomes like D, E, and F. Finally, C could occur for a reason completely independent of A.
          The more steps you add to the chain, the more tenuous the logical connection becomes.
          People try to lump all fallacies into a big bucket, which is somewhat true, but you are correct that not all fallacies are created equal and in reality they have a variety of uses from formal logic to rhetoric. And some are much closer to solid reasoning than others.
          But be careful and remember that even Ad Hominems can be true.
          For example, If you say, “you should eat lots of doughnuts to stay healthy,” and I respond with “shut up, you are fat,” I have committed an ad hominem, but my ad hominem does not undermine my correct point (though I admit that I have not stated that point – eating doughnuts is not healthy – clearly).
          Similarly, a straw man argument could be true. For example, suppose you argue that trucks case too many accidents, and in retort I argue that this is no cause for concern because cars are getting progressively safer, I have committed a straw man fallacy (I talked about cars generally instead of the trucks in your position). But, it could nonetheless be true that the safety advanced I note in cars are also happening in trucks, and so my argument is valid even though I have distorted what you said.

    2. More that saying it will automatically happen is a fallacy. Unfortunately too many people found a list of fallacies and run around screaming “Logic! ” without the real skills to understand logic and it’s limitations.
      Slippery slopes do happen, just saying that A will automatically lead to B isn’t necessarily so, hence the fallacy.

  4. The author wonders what it will be like in 5 or 15 years? I think better, to be honest. You just can’t go around and declare things that are flat out un-true to be true and that is exactly what this “judge” did. In fact, “judges” have been out of line for way too long. The whole homosexual “marriage” issue is only here because of fucking judges. This is becoming to fucking crazy. I think the nation is making a huge turn to the right, because, its very clear now that for all our “compassion” we’re just letting deranged losers control us. Note, how they all make themselves into “heroes”.

    1. Definitely possible.
      Young kids want to rebel against authority, and who is more authoritarian than these SJW fucks?
      Right now we are the counter-culture.

      1. Hard to imagine a forty something man like myself as the “counter culture” but talking with the public these days it’s true…

    2. Even tho young, gen z (gen after the trash millenials) is the most conservative gen in the last 70 years, so i think ur right

  5. They can have as many genders as they wish but there are only male and female sexes.
    “Men” and “women” are utterly distinct. On the scale of sexual polarity the “ideal man” is in all respects the direct opposite of the “ideal woman.” The “ideal man” is characterized by internal homogeneity and clear subject boundaries. Whereas the “ideal woman” is an amorphous aggregate dissolving subject boundaries by means of her corroding sexuality.

    1. The girl on the right is very bangable. Having said that, at peak thirst I’ve done worse than the bitch on the left

        1. You don’t think Jesus is alpha? Get back to me when you’ve mastered cult game. Nevermind.. double negatives are so confusing.

      1. Well, I have found a pattern with german chics.
        They either are so strongly influenced by the pill that they prefer feminine guys – then the result is what you can see on the image I posted.
        If they aren’t influenced by SJW propaganda and the pill, they will still prefer Alpha males. But because so many german men are feminine and german men are portrayed as cucks since decades they will then fuck with blacks and arabs.
        That’s the reason I had way more sex 4 or 5 years ago when I was pretty much looking like the guy on the picture I posted (well, not THAT feminine but still like a pussy) and didn’t know of PUA, the redpill and so on.
        Now I am a masculine looking german guy and that means I am stuck between the types german women prefer. I am not as misogynistic as an arab guy but not as cucked as a typical german guy.
        I pretty much look like Roosh, just with brown hair and beard, bigger lips, green eyes and younger.

        1. Well, if it would be that important I would lay more bitches than Brad Pitt, and we all now that Brad Pitt is totally alph…oh, wait.

        1. I’m trying to say that Marko Perkovic (the guy in the image I used in my earlier comment) looks more masculine than the guy Straightalpha posted in his comment.

      1. That’s because you haven’t seen a german male in Munich.
        How do you enjoy your kebap?
        I will move to Munich in 4 days, btw.

        1. That’s right. Kebap has lots of protein. But I still hate the people who make it.
          Aren’t you the one who reported live on the Munich shooting?

        2. Hilarious. I was just telling him yesterday how much I loved a damn Doener over there, even if every Turk looked like he wanted to decapitate me with a dull spoon.

        3. Hm. I can’t say I haven’t encountered at least as many friendly Kebap sellers as one’s who were looking rather grim. But then, looking grim is not something I’d restrict as an observation to Arabs. Whether they want to decapitate me … I think that is something of an interpretation of that grim look. Or?

        4. The ones close to my base were outgoing and friendly.
          Im pretty low-key but the guys I was with were blatantly Amerikanisch. Further away from the main drag, yeah more than a couple of places we went there was an obvious tension in the air…
          Maybe not the same experience for the average Deutscher, but after some Albanian guy threw a chair at me for being American and asking a random girl on the street for a Feuerzeug everyone in my group started to sharpen up.
          (Polizei stomped the fuck outta that guy btw)

    2. Are we sure that’s not a brother sister photo? That guy can’t be over 14 and that girl looks around 19.

        1. Are you fucking kidding me?
          Tell you what mate, send her my email, she clearly is in need of an actual masculine male in her life. It’s in my profile. Heh.

        2. A cutter eh? Meh. The “newer” picture she looks fairly nice.
          To hell with fixing her, I just want to make her an alpha widow. Give her some self respect so that she’ll stop dating 14 year old pre-pubescent dudes.

        3. I wouldn’t touch her if you gave me money.
          Have heared too many BPD stories and I have quiet a few experiences myself with these sluts.

        4. Fishing Tackle in the face is a no go. She probably doesn’t even put her own bait on the hook.

        1. My local gym just created a “gender neutral bathroom”. (If they had just stopped being PC and called it unisex I would be fine with it). If there are no cameras around, I think I will print this off and post it on the door, he he he.

        2. In a way, it’s cool. If the men’s room is full, I’ll just go to the unisex closet. I mean, who can claim I am not secretly … erm … something?

        3. I don’t mind unisex bathrooms. We’ve had them for thirty plus fucking years. The liberal “virtue signaling” is what pisses me off.

        4. They used to do great tranny killer thrillers. de Palma’s Dressed to Kill being the best one loads of the Italian Giallo’s were about tranny psycho-sexual killers, and even Basic Instinct played on that theme.
          Now they’ve been ‘normed’ and if you’re born straight and male it’s you who are automatically the twisted psycho-killer

        5. Yeah, unisex just means anyone can use this, it doesn’t imply anything disgusting about your private parts the way “post op tranny restroom” does.

    1. More and more nowadays I’m reminded of the kids story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
      Never figured it was a prophesy….

      1. Bob, I have been saying that very thing for over a year now. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who see the insanity that is out there.

    2. I am surprised in a heavily armed country like America there haven’t been any Anders Breivik incidents with the judges. I think fear of that is behind gun control attempts

  6. In Soviet Russia sex determines you. In failing america you determine your sex. OK guys i identify as m1garand which likes swimwear models(female swimwear model’s for God’s sake). ANY OF YOU CIS GENDERED,HEALTHY AND SANE PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM?

  7. “when no straight man is left on earth that wants to fornicate with them, I suppose they will turn to animal sex to satisfy their urges”
    Apparently you missed the articles on rampant dog fucking.

  8. “I shudder to think what the world will look like in even 5 more years. I cannot fathom what another 15 will look like”
    In the EU, sharia will slit their throats.

    1. Wow, you just reminded me of my half-german half-kurdish exgf again.
      She was raised by a german single mother and was a result of a ONS with a kurdish man.
      When we were in a relationship she told me that when she was a child she constantly heared her mother fuck arab guys in the living room (they lived in a 3 room appartment and the living room was right beside her room and was only separated by a curtain).

    2. Oh, now my other story reminded me of when I lived in Bingen am Rhein in a small appartement for 4 month and in the appartement below mine there lived an eighteen year old single mother with BPD who gave me the ‘When you have time come over and fuck me’ sight many times when I passed her door.
      One day I was learning for an exam and then I heared how she screamed with her baby boy and he started crying. Then it was ringing on the door and just a few minutes later I heared how her flesh got pounded, she moaned and in the other room her boy cried (seems like she locked him in the kitchen).
      Now you know why I only lived there for four month. Hell, I don’t know how I could stay in this fucked up neighbourhood for so long. There were also a family of hardcore muslims living right beside me.

        1. Well, I am literally living in my mothers basement atm. Like Roosh 😉
          But I will move to Munich in 4 days. I will live in the companies appartment there so only 3 minutes walk to work and only engineers as neighbours.
          That should be way better than BPD girls and radical muzzies 😉

  9. Since this means you can change my gender at will does this mean someone could force the Government to keep transferring me between the men and women’s prisons depending on what gender they feel that day? Or will we need to set up a new institutions specifically for the mentally ill?

  10. The mentally ill have way too much power in this country. The left is comprised of mentally ill insane people

  11. I have to admit, I stopped reading after the first words:
    “A female judge”.
    Everything else is superfluous.

    1. I hate female judges. One of them decided ‘out of her pure heart’ that I needed to stay at the psychaitry. Would love to beat that cunt up.

        1. I was wondering where you’d been. Wasn’t sure if the Germans had dropped you in a hole somewhere.

  12. Non-cooperation and converting the ones sitting on the fence is of paramount importance now. Let your own progress doom them, even if they have all the equality fantasies written on some paper.

  13. So these two empowered women are riding a camel down the center line on a busy two-lane highway. Suddenly they stop and the blonde woman dismounts and walks to the rear of the camel and lifts its tail, peering intently at the animal’s backside. To which the other woman says, “What are you doing, blondie?” To which the blonde at the rear responds, “Some guy just drove by and screamed look at the two cunts on that camel…”

        1. That would be a good thing, I think…one solid way of stamping out the virus of SJW-ism might just be shocking the liberals, fucktards, betas and feminist cunts into seeing what they have become.

        2. Everything changes…it’s a law. The question is, “How long will it take”. Which might be a century, I see your point…

        3. True. But I am a lukewarm optimist. Most people see the glass of water as being half empty. I see it as being half full of toxic sludge…

        4. what can i say to that? i agree the glass is full of shit. i know what to do with it: avoiding it and looking for a clean mountain spring.

        5. I see the glass as being too big.

          A smaller glass would be full.

          And really whats the point of a glass of water? To drink it? Wouldnt a half glass mean you drank some?

        6. I always see the glass as full. It’s filled a certain amount with liquid, and the rest is filled with air.

        7. Now you just need to upload them to some SJW site that Google gives priority to, so that people searching for “Two female friends” will get that, just like when you search for “white man white woman” google now serves up some PC propaganda instead of what you are searching for.

    1. That picture pretty much sums it up. You traded everything that made you worthwhile for a shitty, drugged up family and an early death.

  14. what the seriously fuck is going on.
    I just know that when I catch one of this “transwomen” or whatever in the same WC as my 6 yr old niece I will grab him out of it and break his jaw.

    1. no you won’t. you’ll call security and be frustratingly loud about the whole situation.

      1. That probably how you would react. But I’m not a cuck like you 🙂

    2. I’m shocked, SHOCKED you aren’t using the proper pronouns. It should be:
      “…I will grab him/her/it/thing out of it and break him/her/it/thing’s jaw.”

    1. What you miss, Bob, is that women ARE the leaders. They are the ones sitting back while men do all the work for women’s enjoyment. The argument should be rephrased: I, the woman, am the leader. Which is why I sit back and do nothing and you keep running after me while showering me with great classical arts, compositions etc.

        1. But seriously, look around. Hasn’t this always been so? Women demand, and maybe sometimes reward with sex. While men keep improving themselves etc. You can see it in indigenous tribes, you can see it on the internet, in PUA forums, it’s fucking everywhere. And I met my fair share of men who said that male leadership is only the front, while secretly the woman is the one doing the decisions. Like buying stuff.
          Not saying it SHOULD be that way or that it always is, but tendentially, I see very strong evidence that this is so for most people.
          I mean, why build impressive palaces? As far as I am concerned, a straw hut is perfectly fine. But to impress pussy? Aye, let’s do that classical architecture thing.
          Not my conviction, mind you. Just feel like throwing this idea out there.

        2. I think the richest men lead, and they brainwash the rest of us into thinking women rule the world. But women don’t have massive holdings in the top corporations. The people who do, are men. And they write the social engineering scripts. But yeah, to the average guy, women are the leaders. I hear beta men virtually once a week, saying something like, well that sounds good, but I gotta home and check with the boss first, heh-heh. Fucking pathetic, but that’s how it’s been engineered.

        3. Well, either what you say is true, or here’s another perspective: Why would a confident male leader be interested in cucking all other men into becoming women’s followers? I don’t buy it. How about this: Those leaders are overachievers motivated by some form of wish to prove themselves worthy. Worthy of whom? Their women.
          And as for the holdings in the top corporations: Why would women want them?? It’s too much hassle. Too much responsibility. Too much danger. It’s much easier for a woman to pick the wealthiest man she can earn and simply get her ‘paycheck’ to get whatever she wants. Let the men build all those big companies, manage them, rule them, while leeching off them.

        4. It’s not really even a question. Doing something for somebody doesn’t mean that they’re leading you. A kid coming from a snowstorm all cold and wet and miserable and you give him a cup of cocoa, that doesn’t mean he’s leading you.

        5. Tom, I truly do love your contrary nature. Keeps me thinking…instead of getting all warm and comfortable in yesterday’s opinions.

        6. I agree. Women are little children – all of ’em. On TV, they try to make it look like it’s the other way around. But that’s just for social engineering purposes…you know, which we can see the proof of by just looking around at the “modern world”.

        7. A lot of the whole ‘power’ thing is in the interpretation of events. Sometimes it is clear who’s in power. Other times, two different observers could conclude different things about who’s in power.

        8. I feel tears swelling up in my mind (but not reaching the lacrimal sack). This must be the first time anyone appreciates my contrarian nature.

        9. Well, consider the following scenario:
          A guy talks up a cute girl.
          The girl is there with her male friend. Her male friend cockblocks and ‘saves’ her from the ‘evil badboy’.
          The ‘evil badboy’ thinks ‘Meh.’ and goes away, can’t be bothered.
          Some may conclude that the cockblocking male friend just scored a victory. Surely he will feel that way.
          Or when a man thinks ‘he is better than other men’ for not ‘taking advantage’ and listens to her while she cries on his shoulders. Surely he feels a dose of approval and inner moral greatness.

        10. I was with a client of mine last night at Hooters. He was going on and on about how his ex-roommate (a female) was taken to the cleaners by a bad boy she married. He was saying he’d like to punch him in the face, and he talked about how he had been soothing her on the telephone, etc. I didn’t say a fucking word while he spilled his guts, I just kept smiling at the hot bartender who kept giving me “the look” (you know, the “I’d suck your dick all night” look) – at the end of his story, I just said, “There’s another side to that story, and you’ll never hear it, and white knighting is for suckers.” He didn’t know what I meant. But I am not even going to try to enlighten a beta sucker who has that much octane in his revved-up cuck tank – he’s beyond saving. Same thing you were saying, basically, about the beta who thinks, “Can’t be bothered” when he gets CUCK-blocked…

        11. I was like that guy a few years back.
          My dad uses to say: You can’t just overwhelm people with truth or beat it into them, as much as you want. What you have to do is plant a seed. You give them a little tiny idea that contradicts their beliefs. With time, that little seed will grow into a real cognitive dissoannce and eventually, that person may start to question their beliefs, as soon as the ego allows it.

        12. I totally agree with your dad. You have to strategically plan it all out, plant a seed, and be patient. So I have to expand on this story from last night, because women are so fucking dastardly, and this just proves it. This waitress comes into Hooters last night with her boyfriend. She and I have a history. She tried to get me to kowtow to her once, and I made fun of her in front of her entire crew. She yelled, “Don’t walk away from me without saying hello!” one afternoon at the outdoor portion of the bar when I was walking back into the restaurant part, so I turned around and held my hands up in front of me, cowering in mock terror, and didn’t say a fucking word – and then walked away. So she became enraged at that. So of course, now she wants to fuck me – yes, women are insane. So she brings her boyfriend in last night, comes right up to me, all drunk and horny, puts her arms around me, and hugs me and kisses me and shoves her big fucking tits right into my chest, and then crawls up on my fucking lap at the bar. All while the boyfriend is standing right there. And then she introduces us. And he has this look of absolute rage in his eyes as I shake his hand (which she knew would happen) – heh. So I look at her like, “You bitch”, and she smiles, evilly. Then she got off my lap and walked away and I talked to her boyfriend about how cuntish all women are, how they try to make men jealous over absolutely nothing, while taking great delight in it. When she came back a few minutes later, we were doing a shot while talking and laughing, and she was simply…amazed. Fucking cunt. And I’d bang her, too. Probably will. Hate-fuck the hell out of her, because that’s what she wants. And her beta bf isn’t giving it to her, that’s for sure. Speaking of cuck-blocking. And betas. “White knights and betas and cucks – oh my!”, etc.

        13. “You have to strategically plan it all out, plant a seed, and be patient.”
          I think the best thing here is outcome-independance. Not trying to ‘help’ anybody. Just throwing an idea out there. If it will do something, fine. If not, also cool.

        14. If you could beat sense into people, there are some folks who could benefit from being treated like piñatas.

        15. Sage advice, and besides, if that doesn’t work out you can always wait until the seed sprouts and grows into a big sturdy tree then tear a limb off that sucker and beat them with it anyway.

      1. Being taken care of is not “leading”. Cats and dogs are not leaders, they are welfare recipients. Same with most women.

        1. Well, who has the more comfortable life? Who is the one getting something for ‘nothing’? GOJ, I don’t doubt that this shit is quite different in your own life, but you yourself once remarked that you listened to your woman chatter with others who talked shit about their husbands while yours was the only one who didn’t.
          Unless one has the (willl)power to actually make the decisions, he cannot be called a leader.
          A man who earns a lot, has big muscles, great charm and game, and CEO of a big company, is still not a leader if basically at home, the woman decides how to spend the money, how to decorate the house, when to have sex, what-fucking-ever. He is just a very potent slave.

        2. Comfortable life has nothing to do with leadership. Spartacus was a leader, and his life sucked.
          Leadership involves direction and decisions. So sure, if a guy surrenders his leadership to the woman voluntarily, and she makes the decisions and hands out decisions, etc. then yeah, she’s the leader. Just doing things for her, not due to her directing you to or making decisions on how and what your doing, is not ceding leadership.

        3. I’ve always said if I ever find a woman who is smarter and wiser than I am, I’ll sit in the back seat and shut the fuck up…it would be a relief. But that’s not gonna happen. That’s like an SJW wishing the world would conform to its wishes (“its”, not “their” – SJWs are not human, IMHO).

        4. I kinda agree. Just saying it’s a slippery slope. What when all the decisions and direction are only made in an effort to make her feel good? You could say that you’re still a leader, but you’re ultimately serving.
          In fact, I have read quite convincing essays pointing out that leadership is, in many aspects, a service provided to others.

        5. There’s a young man that I’m semi-mentoring. He has a reasonably decent woman, she wasn’t allowed to date until him, and she dated him and married him. Presumably he took her virginity (she seems the kind that would hold out). She’s attractive enough, and educated enough that she doesn’t sound like a dillweed when she talks, and she’s pleasant. Win for him. But he seems to be trying to “follow the trendy thing” with regards to women and has started the “I married somebody smarter than me!” bullshit spiel. Dude is a C++ programmer, this girl is nowhere near him intellectually (he doesn’t look the part though). I’ve pulled him aside and gave him calm advice “Dude, don’t do that. It’s bad for you, and in the long run it’s bad for her too. Being submissive when it’s clear you’re superior in that department is only going to set you up for a life of servitude because eventually she’s going to believe you. You’re the leader here, lead her, don’t give up your rank as captain”.
          He seemed kinda receptive. Hopefully it will take.

        6. The thing is … in order to judge someone’s wisdom and smartness, you still have to rely on your own values. If a woman was actually smarter and wiser than you … you wouldn’t be able to recognize it. Heh.

        7. Leadership doesn’t mean you don’t do things for others, is my point. Genghis Khan had to manage the logistics of his raid, or appoint people to do so and then manage them, in order to keep his quaint little ravaging of Europe moving along smoothly.
          I agree with your last sentence, mostly. We’re social animals, there’s always a social dynamic of give and take to every relationship we establish with another human being. Can’t be helped. If there was not, we wouldn’t be able to enter into relationships at all (in the generic sense, not the man/woman sense).

        8. Sure you would. You don’t recognize when somebody is objectively smarter than you (I mean in the sense that you know that he’s more talented at analysis, or memorization, or whatever, than you are)?

        9. Well, it’s apparent sometimes. Say, when somebody beats you at fighting or in a game or something. But when it comes to wisdom, I think it is basically in the ‘life philosophy’ area. It’s difficult to say whether someone’s life philosophy actually is better than yours, because it depends on your values. You may retrospectively find out someone really had good life advice, but not before you actually tried it out for your own life and it worked.

        10. Depends. Some “life advice” from people is clearly drivel. I generally judge the quality of advice by gauging the quality of the person who gives it to me. So, for example, if an old crotchety fellow who is on food stamps advises me to play $100.00 a week on the Lotto in order to get rich, I note his condition and what he does, If he’s poor (already noted) and barely has any money left after the Lotto spending he does, and he’s done it for 40 years and has won shit, I’m going to say “Eh, you’re wisdom regarding how to spend one’s money and become rich is…lacking”. Sure, in theory he could be the one in 400 million who hit the number, but as a real piece of advice, he’s feeding you a crap sandwich.
          Now if some clearly well to do gentleman who is a self made man offers me financial advice, I’m going to pay it more attention and give it a higher amount of importance. I may not understand it, but I’ll listen and consider it, because clearly something is working for him.

        11. “I don’t care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise.” – Great Leader Duterte I.

        12. You’re talking about measurable advice. But what if you have to decide between, say, ‘become successful and enjoy pleasure and sex etc’ and ‘money and external things don’t truly make you happy’ or ‘what you really need is not happiness, but peace and self-love’. Those may or may not be contradictory in the first place, but this subjective kind of stuff is difficult. It is relatively easy to say whether someone’s advice on getting a lot of money is good. More difficult: To tell whether you SHOULD pursue that.

        13. Yah. Being a leader is / should be a responsibility, not a mechanism of purely narcissistic self-gratification. If more politicians were at peace with themselves and just wanted to do what’s best for others (truly, not just outwardly), the world would be different.

        14. There is no compulsion to pursue any advice really. The measure of the ambiguous advice appealing to you depends on what’s already registered inside you as desirable, more than anything. Generally human beings have their decision in hand before they rationalize the reasons to justify it.

        15. Agreed. But sometimes what you register as desirable is not necessarily what will ‘satisfy’ you. There’s no other way than to try out. Which is why I like freedom. People must be allowed to make mistakes to grow out of them in peace.

        16. That’s why we need Duterte as the global emperor. But sadly (((they))) will kill him for the statements he made yesterday.

        17. The leader is the one who has a goal, has a plan, and somehow manages to get others to cooperate in achieving that goal.
          My daughter is a natural leader, and it fascinated her teachers. Because she didn’t yell, or plead, or start by asserting herself, or get emotional. She would start at whatever the task was, others would notice, she would ‘suggest’ what they should do, they would then look to her for direction. Teacher found it interesting in that she’d get group tasks accomplished more quickly and efficiently than other groups. The ‘lazier’ kids certainly benefited, their grades would be worse when they were in other groups. But my daughter achieved her goal and got the necessary cooperation/input from others to get there .

        18. A lot of leadership is being willing to be accountable for results. A lot of folks don’t want to be in the decision making position, they’re quite happy to let others do that, they don’t want the responsibility.

  15. Yo old people are lucky, they lived in yhe kind of world i always wanted to, at 22 i cant imagine the kind of sick shit im gonna have to see happen to this country

    1. “Well…a bit less fat in it than out of it, sweetie.”
      “No, you look fat in the blue one…like an overripe blueberry or that brat from Willy Wonka.”
      “I wouldn’t say fat…that would be an understatement.”
      “I’ve no idea, I couldn’t really see around your fat ass.”

      1. “Why do you ask if you’re fat? Do you feel fat?”
        Answer a loaded question with a loaded question. Fuck a yes/no response that is never going to be anything an argument either way.

        1. My favorite comeback for that line, and feel free to steal it, whomever might have a mind to do so – “The only weight I can see on you is mine.” Works. Every. Single. Time.

        2. That’s good for a flirty vibe, I’ll steal it, sure.
          When I’m feeling meh and don’t want to deal with another shit test, I just turn questions around on them with more questions, and then use my fast-twitch language skills (heh) to lead the conversation to things they never intended to talk about.

        3. And they used to say that Rock n’ Roll was evil! Next thing, they will say that they are objectifying women and creating a disparate impact on someone.

      2. Or if you want to be a dick:
        “Yeah, but you look fat in everything, so…”

        1. I’ve really only got the two modes, the one is somewhat charming and can work off-the-cuff poetry directly into the conversation, the other is a dick, perfect for getting inside to poke the proper button.

        2. Wwwwhhhhaaaaatttttttt???? Areyou suicidal? You never, ever say a broad is fat! You lie and tell her that she looks great!

    2. “I wish my daddy would sing to me right now and brush my hair”
      Core programming issue spotted. Debugging maybe impossible.
      Abort abort abort.

    3. I’ve been with several woman that sounded like this. Heh it’s almost verbatim that it’s scary. Most of the time I tuned them out, or just replied with “oh were you talking?” and went about my business.

  16. If I had a penny for how many sexes there are I’d have 2 cents…Here’s my two cents: stop the madness you are all idiots.

    1. I fucking love that kid! He’s so fucking right. If Muslims are allowed to wear hijabs, he must be allowed to wear a penguin costume. No fucking way around it.

  17. I’m out the door but thought I’d leave a little tip for anybody who’s interested.
    Take Washington -3 tonight at home, against Stanford.
    If I’m wrong – well, it happens. But it ain’t likely. Not tonight.

    1. I have Stanford +10.5 and feeling like a fucking idiot. Stanford is fucking terrible. Can’t do anything right.

      1. Final Score – Washington 44, Stanford 6 (you guys should listen to your Uncle Bob when he talks football…)

    1. Apparently it’s not without precedent. They did it for Mandela, John Paul II, Anwar Sadat, and a few others.
      What I find odd is that, under the flag code, you fly the flag upside down to signal danger or seige (that is, if your fort is under seige). What if we did that to honor the victims of terror, instead of just half-mast?

      1. The only other two foreign figures this century were John Paul II, a beloved religious leader, and Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid hero with worldwide significance. Honestly, I didn’t recognize this guys Peres, at all. I figured he was some South American leader. He was president of Israel from 2007-2014, and as far as I can tell didn’t do anything extraordinary. Just more political pandering in an election year, I suppose.
        I agree, there is not near enough upside down flag.

      2. I think people should fly them upside to signify that our government has been taken over by communists.

    2. Ok. Now I guess I understand. We were vexed that we were required to take our flags to half. No one had any clue as to why.

  18. Couple of quotes I like:
    “The graveyards are filled with men who thought they could not be replaced.”
    Roger Zelazny (Amber series)
    “Put your finger in a bucket of water, then pull it out. That’s how much of a hole you’ll leave when you’re gone”
    Zane Grey

  19. I like it how you are referring to all whites just as Europeans now. Finally some tribal unity among our people.

    1. When the enemy targets you for your skin color, you don’t have time to waste arguing over the little stuff. Like the Crusades of old, they’ll kill us for what we have in common, so we should fight in common.

  20. For fuck sake. Just behead these people or toss them off a building and just be done with it.

  21. If someone breaks into their house, the man or woman will come out of them naturally as they will slip in their roles. Or worse, both will be the woman and be fucked
    Say what you need to say. Make up whatever concept you feel like. Have fun spinning and spinning new definitions and views on human nature
    Have fun
    But when push comes to shove, “It is what it is”.
    You can’t stop a human from pissing just as you can;t stop a human from taking a shit. Do your best reading a Bible and going to Church
    What exactly is that going to do once a gunman decides he “Hates all these Niggers” or “Hates all these white people” and decides to use you or your family as target practice?
    When the fuck did Ideas become bulletproof in REAL time?

    1. Oh shit I actually wanna try that at the TSA. But I don’t wanna visit the TSA any time soon…….

    2. That will backfire, my man. Ask and ye shall receive; the government is SURE to have them on-staff at every large airport..

  22. Shit like this is why our legal system is a joke. In the past, a person who believed this sort of thing would be put in a nuthouse. The opposite is true today, where people’s lives are actually affected by her every day because she is a judge and her rulings are, for the most part, legally enforceable.

  23. This is why government puts women in charge of so many things. To carry out their totalitarian ideas no matter how retarded they are, women are most likely to go along with it.

      1. How thoughtful of you. That’s one fine fräulein i would like to havs the schwanzendöoödle dance with.

  24. The changes are intentional. Traditional society is family based. The family and the Church acted as a buffer between the govt and big business on the one hand and the individual on the other. By destroying the family and the church they destroy people’s loyalties, and the result is that everyone is an individual consumer who replies completely on the government.
    I expect that children’s rights are coming soon. There will be a case in which a kid will claim to be transgender and want the hormones or something like that. The school or some other govt run organization will act as the intermediary between the child and the parent. It will be declared that children have a right to choose their gender.

  25. Never supported gay marriage and still don’t support that lifestyle, call me a bigot
    all you want I will wear it as a badge of honor.

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