14 Self-Defense Tools To Use Where Weapons Are Banned

With the growing presence of angry leftist mobs in any large Western city, as many of my colleagues at ROK pointed out, security becomes more and more of a concern. Luke Stranahan’s recent advice is an important piece on how to use a gun to defend yourself against violent organisations such as Black Lives Matter.

It boils down to the advice: be aware, be armed and shoot first. The only issue is that with the growing leftist sentiment around the Western sphere, many of our readers live in areas like Western Europe (or in American leftist spots like New Jersey or California and their strict gun laws), where guns are outright banned and so is any kind of object perceived as a weapon.


You might get in more trouble for carrying something to defend yourself than punching someone into unconsciousness in the street. So goodbye knifes, tasers, machetes, sword canes, whips, kitchen knifes and other expandable batons.

But if we must not fall in the survivalist paranoia, any man has the right to defend himself, even more so if outnumbered. Knowing the context, we must avoid the items with blades as they directly classify as a weapon and therefore include harsher treatment by the law if prosecuted.

1. Screwdriver or hammer


The important part here is the legal status of both weapons as they are both common trade tools. If you are searched, you can explain that you enjoy DIY (as in a lot of places, you can carry them under a “valid motive”). If you don’t look like trouble, the worst that could happen would be to see your tool confiscated.

The screwdriver would have the advantage of being lethal even if it is quite small. A problem that can’t be solved with the hammer as the stopping power and the fear it inspires depends of its size.

The hammer is also lethal but enjoys a much more sinister reputation from all the portrayals in Hollywood horror movies. Law enforcement would be immediately more suspicious towards you.

2. Box cutter


Quite an effective blade as the lacerations inflicted will be deep and make the attacker bleed profusely or slice an artery, but stabbing wounds are unlikely as the blade is very thin and would likely snap on impact.

Proof it works: it is the first thing that all the migrants buy in any shop around Europe when they arrive. I did a test in Berlin recently going in a few hardware stores and supermarkets. It is practically impossible to find them as Soros’ minions have already bought them all. It has a bad image in Europe as it is the thug’s weapon of choice. It would be extremely hard to explain why you carry a box cutter if you don’t work at the local arts and crafts shop.

3. Metal pipe turned into a flute


Had this idea last year, as I wanted recreate a Bulgarian flute called a “kaval.” I find the melody sad and beautiful, even better when the instrument is made of steel (it is traditionally made of wood).

A metal pipe is a simple, reliable and weapon that allows you to strike from far, either in a circular motion or in a thrust like with a spear.


I was practicing outside and realised that if any trouble came to me, this stupid pipe with holes could safe my life. And it cost me the equivalent of a whole four dollars.

4. Self-defense keychain


It has the advantage of being legal but has to be deprived of sharpened edges. The only issue is that it often comes in the form of a pitbull or a kitten.


A better option

Easy to carry and to reach, the defensive key ring comes handy when the aggressors are after your money and think that you will give them your wallet by reaching in your pocket.

5. Monkey fist


Probably one of my favourite of all this list, as it is extremely effective and has a simple design. It is easier to reach than one’s belt and less obvious. There are tutorials for monkey fists everywhere on the Internet.


For maximum efficiency, it would be better to use a steel ball or a marble for the core. The most common way to make it is to use a bit of parachord and a ball from a ball bearing. It uses the same circular motion as a medieval flail. It can easily crack a skull or break bone as demonstrated below

6. Belt or belt chain


It takes too long to take it out of one’s pants, is obvious and an advancing attacker can grab it and counter attack. It is a last resort weapon to use only if nothing else is available.

The iron buckle can break and will only make the attacker angrier if the victim does not hurt him seriously. Same for biker whips and chains attached to the pockets like skinheads and punks used to wear, it takes too long to unhook.

“If there is a knife and you have none. You shoot or you run”. Look at this clown. :

A stealthy alternative to this type of defensive clothing would be the sap cap, a weaponised baseball cap ballasted with a lead disc. Undetectable, effective and fast. The only problem is how it is seen by the laws of your respective country.

The sap cap

The sap cap

7. Kubotan (pocket stick)


The pocket stick is easy to carry, cheap and can also be homemade. It can hardly be seen as a weapon, especially if its appearance is quite plain. It can easily fit on a key ring. The problem is the short range and one must be accurate during the strike as it is mainly designed to hit the soft areas of the body like the stomach, groin, neck or face.

A perfectly legal alternative would be its cousin, the tactical pen.


8. Electric torch


Ideally, it would be very sturdy and roughly as long as a hand. It is also extremely useful even for any other occupation than self defense. It fits on a key ring and a torch with a high number of lumens can blind a person even in broad daylight.

A heavy and large torch would not be easy to carry in addition of slowing you down. A small electric torch like this one could have saved the people in the Orlando club shooting.

9. Sling


The great perk of the sling is that it is extremely cheap and easy to make and when it is in its finished form, it is just an inert, harmless rope. The main issues would be to carry around enough projectiles and not staying too static if attacked. Plus the trouble in which you can get if you cannot get rid of your projectiles fast enough, plus the association of the two elements that makes it a weapon.

Second problem would be accuracy (the most accurate sling practitioner usually hits a competitive target (the size of a head at 25 metres) about once out of four shots. No mistake, the shot will be lethal if it hits a vital as the crack heard when the sling is used is when it almost breaks the sound barrier.

10. Socket spanner


Fairly cheap and common, the socket spanner would be a better choice than an usual spanner and lighter to use as it is hollow. It is absolutely legal to carry one anywhere.

You can always pretend you are a mechanics enthusiast if searched by law enforcement.

11. Stone


If it sounds stupid but it works, it is not stupid. Do not forget that It was also the weapon used during the first murder stipulated in the Bible and was also probably the same in human history. A stone fits also easily in a pocket and has the advantage of behind found everywhere for free.

12. Millwall brick


Made popular by the hooligan firms of the eponymous London Borough, the Millwall brick is a tightly-rolled newspaper folded in two. Cheap as dirt and can be made heavier with a few pebbles or pennies at the end of it. With this, hooligans were still entering the stadiums, even after being searched, and still able to seriously hurt the rival firm.

The following video’s hosts are two fruitcakes but the explanations are quite clear.

13. Umbrella


It is an innocent relative to the illegal sword cane or the suspicious cane if you are under seventy (although a crutch could fool a police officer). In addition to the fact that you are not a gentle sir tipping hats to any M’lady passing by.


You have M’sword cane, M’lady!

A solid umbrella with a wooden handle and a metallic tip can seriously hurt.

There was an actual XIXth century European fighting style based on wielding an umbrella when swords and sword canes became illegal to carry on the streets.

14. Bonus: Slash resistant shirt


I heard about them a while ago during the knife carrying epidemic that spread around the UK when I was leaving there. Panicked parents at school were buying slash resistant uniforms for their kids in the rough areas.

The guys who created them quickly made a lot of money, capitalizing on the fear of the parents for their children. The idea was genius as the clothes look plain and give you a second chance if struck by a sharp object. It is legal everywhere and light, but can get a bit pricey.

Frappe le premier et frappe fort


But here lays the eternal question: is it worthy to carry a knife, in the unlikely event of an aggression and get in serious trouble with the local law if searched or opt for a weapon not as lethal and risk serious harm by not packing enough power?

For our readers in the USA and especially confronted to domestic terrorist groups and violent mobs such as BLM, I would back all heartedly my colleague Mr. Stranahan’s advice, in addition of proposing a secondary weapon: the bull whip or a bit more exotic, the sjambok, which used to be the weapon of choice of the South African Police. Hippo hide, guaranteed quality and efficiency.

Its imagery and heavy historical past would make any leftist, whichever his colour, think twice before charging someone wielding one. It would make any self-hating white break in tears and curl into an apologetic ball.

NOTE: ROK does not advocate violence. Self defense is a right when in danger. Consult your local legal adviser regarding your rights on carrying means to defend yourself.

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217 thoughts on “14 Self-Defense Tools To Use Where Weapons Are Banned”

    1. This is almost identical to what I have. I also have a 3 foot long axe I was given by the FDNY

    2. Everyone better hone up on their tomahawk skills. You’ll be Mel Gibson badass and screaming out “GIMME BACK MY SON!” in no time!

        1. Tut tut tut.
          You’re looking at guerrilla fighting that allowed the American colonists to resist conventional British regulars who had no f*cking idea what the hell was going on when they were hit like this.
          They were repetitiously drilled to perform as static firing lines, accustomed only to combating opponents using like tactics.
          Exaggerated? Sure. But it allowed them to hold in the face of the most powerful army on the planet long enough to win it.

        2. The Colonials got their butts kicked up and down the colonies with their guerrilla tactics. They only ‘won’ because Britain had other problems at home and abroad that were more pressing.

        3. The continental regulars and auxilary militia troops got their asses kicked on the feild. Inferior quality troops couldn’t stand toe to toe with British regulars.
          This was not the case in the woods using hit and run tactics, unconventional attack patterns and, of course, farmers with longrifles.
          While Brittain definitely undercommitted to the conflict, it was like a single 6th grader fighting the Varsity starters and winning (with some late game help from the wrestling team)

        4. Read Martin Crevald’s book on Fourth Generation Warfare. 4GW is imminently scalable.

        5. Just like the North Vietnamese got their buts kicked in every battle by the American army/Marines. Yet, some how, they won the war. War, contrary to popular myth, is not about winning battles, although that is fun, it is about removing the enemy’s will to resist. The American revolution and the Vietnam War were wars won by the side that wanted it more and was willing to pay the higher price over a longer time. Just like in relationships the one that cares the least, wins (that is cares about the costs and the time least).

        6. They didn’t technically “win” that war. The Paris Peace accords of 1973 were effectively a surrender by North Vietnamese. South Vietnam stood as an independent nation for two years after the US forces left – people tend to forget that part.

      1. Hmm reminds me maybe make a gillette tomahawk like prisoners do. Take a toothbrush, trim the brushes or leave them to conceal. Weld a razor in the middle of the brush. You can use a lighter or any lit flame to weld it. Now you got a pocket sized weapon

    3. You couldn’t find the Raising Arizona fight scene to go with that comment?
      You would think Hollywood would want people to see their movies.

    4. Kukri knives 2lb blade, people will run away at the sight of it. Also, if you buy an Eswing axe, get the rubber handled one (black or blue) this^ leather is slippery.

    5. I won’t pimp them, but for those interested you can look up “Cold Steel” website. I have never purchased from them, but I haven’t heard any complaints from those who have.
      Roosh is correct though. Your local hardware store will have the tools you need for close quarter combat. That is the easier part. The biggest is keeping yourself prepared for it.

      1. I’ve got a little cold steel knife that I bought mostly because it looked cool, and it’s great to carry a functional knife if you are working in a job where you spend a lot of time outdoors(cutting strings, opening boxes, etc).
        Still have it and love it.

    6. I already have a hatchet and a moderate axe I used to chop up fallen branches and protruding roots. Even in spacious areas I would prefer the hatchet. Axe is almost as slow as my sledgehammers.
      Screwdriver still seems like a better option though. Much harder to grab away than a hatchet and faster.

    7. Too obvious – looks like you prepared to use it, especially if not in a wooded area or countryside. In the city you would be better with something more commonly found and easier to justify. It would not be unreasonable for you to have a 10″ kitchen knife or a very heavy rolling pin in your kitchen which just happened to be the first thing you could grab to defend yourself.

        1. But does it have a motor in the back of that Honda? Cause my Anaconda….never mind

    1. I have that exact one buried in my car trunk. I’ll have to get it out…those things are pretty heavy and obviously no reason for a cop to question its presence. “The Club” indeed.

      1. While I was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego, one of the best news stories I heard was how a woman used her Club to whip an attempted carjacker’s a**: when he stuck his head in her passenger-side window and told her to get out of the car, she rolled up the window and trapped his head inside, then took off, and grabbed her Club from the floor at her feet. She started beating his head, and since the car was moving, he couldn’t get out of the car window. He was yelling and begging her to stop and let him go — which she did, right in front of a cop car.

  1. Bartitsu is the 19th century umbrella fighting style.
    I have both a hatched and a longer axe at home. I’m dying for someone to break in. Seeing a jacked guy in matching monogrammed silk pajamas holding an axe and smiling would give even the hardest criminal pause I think.
    On a side note: am I the only one who looks at sledge hammers at Home Depot and thinks fuck this noise, I’ll get one of these warhanmers

      1. Holy crap! I’ve seen these Dead On bars at Sears and I’ve always wanted one.

        1. Yeah. I used to work security for that godawful company a few years back.
          Employee discount was the one good thing about working there…

    1. I look at axes, not hammers. Wife once quipped that she admired the way I would gladly check out the “bump” she heard in the night. She was always afraid someone was in the house and I was counting on it. Heh.

      1. I have the axes which is why i look at the hammers….hahah Axe rules

    2. I have a very deadly sword cane from my great grandfather. I can’t wait to get old, and / or have knee problems, and thus to have an excuse to carry it in public.

      1. you don’t need knee problems. Just put on a suit and top coat, get yourself a nice attache case and use it as a walking stick like a proper gentleman

        1. And then I’ll need a nemesis so I can have this doosey of a chat
          Just perfection

        2. Its a shame that recent mediums try to portray Watson as effete and weak. He’s really quite a man’s man in the books.

        3. He is. His “weakness” in the books is that he is fool for a pretty girl.
          But I don’t see him being made to be weak in the modern shows

        4. “Thank you for your concern love but I am sound as a pound, it’s for my penis”

        5. Good Sir, I would suggest you to have a dinner at “La Fontaine Gaillon”, one of these fridays. In case you will be in the presence of a group of (5-6) gentlemen, possessors of some frontal development, appreciators of a sweet, well-aged Port, and speakers of “a good, snooty English”… please, pull a chair and be welcome. And more so, if you bring Mr. Knee. It’s time we engender a “soirée parisienne” in the fashion of ROK.

        6. True; Basil Rathbone was my favorite actor for portraying Holmes, but I thought that Nigel Bruce (the actor that they partnered him up with for Watson) was one of the worst to portray Watson; for one thing, he was too old for the character, and his Watson was too much of a bumbler.

      2. Just get your hair coloured grey and walk slowly like everything hurts.
        I was getting 25-cent senior citizen (65 years and older) coffees forced on me by even aboriginal employees of fast food restaurants that way when I was 35 (though my hair turned gray itself and the pain was real).

    3. I had a silent alarm on my truck long ago. I was shacking up over at an apartment in a rougher part of LA. About 3am it went off. There is nothing like large naked man with a .45 running full speed to make Olympic sprinters out of two car thieves. I was gaining on them when I thought about where I was (Dark ally behind scummy apartments) and what it looked like, me chasing two guys buck naked, gun in hand. I ended the pursuit

        1. They probably knew I just wanted to beat them half to death. But a cop might have seen it your way and shot me. LAPD was known for its fast justice back then

        2. Well, the beating half-to-death part would’ve been the well-known “foreplay” – LA was (still is?) known for sexual psychopaths back then, but I digress…

        3. Nope, no hard on.
          (BTW, for the younger crowd this is a reference to Dirty Harry. Harry Callahan: Well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard. That’s my policy.
          The Mayor: Intent? How did you establish that?
          Harry Callahan: When a man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher’s knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross.

    4. I must confess, sledgehammers have been some of my most reliable comrades from the youngest days.
      The small, handheld 5 kilo model, the big 10 kilo tool…
      Swing it til it sings on reinforced concrete walls in demolition jobs, swing it til the horde parts like the red sea…
      Particular men must obtain a sledgehammer collection and proficiency in wielding and use.

    5. No but fun as it is to hit tires with them in the back yard you’ll realize that while it might help bust the kneecap of some large dude that a wirey home intruder could probably dodge a sledge swing pretty easily.

    1. There was an old SNL sketch Laverne and Shirley, the Japanese version. There was a “commercial break” within the sketch, the commercial was a giant cockroach turning into a chocolate covered candy bar.
      Thats about the only thing I can think of that parallels the weirdness of that cheese spot

    2. I swear I thought the package said Feine Scheißen.
      Does anything good ever happen in your poor country anymore?!

      1. Technically speaking, the whole commercial and the whole concept of miscegenation is Scheiße.

    3. Subliminal messaging to women — you loooovvveee cheese as much as you looovvvveee the black cock. Eat our cheese. It’s satisfies two fantasies at once: a. you are think, pretty and graceful when you dance and b: you can get that fit, talented, cultured black man who moves like a gazelle. Both are works for pure fiction. But the cheese, yeah, you can buy that at the hypermart, or whatever they call their feeding troughs in Deutschland.

    4. I was in the Caribbean last year and I saw a tour group from Germany: about twenty of so older couples. Every single one of those German women (between ages 50 – 70) had a butch haircut, no makeup, and dumpy clothing.
      Meanwhile, all the German guys stood next to them like, “Yeah, I’m cool that my wife looks like a man. No big deal.” Granted, these woman were past their prime, but they could at least make the most of what they have: dress up nice, put of some makeup, let their hair go to the shoulders at least. The men were enabling this unacceptable behavior in their women.
      There are some social major problems in Germany, and the men need to start doing some soul searching. It’e embarrassing.

  2. While these items are useful and technically legal across Western Europe, using them for self-defense purposes is another matter altogether.
    Defending yourself when attacked by migrants will likely get you arrested and jailed, while your attackers walk away without consequences.
    Over the years, I’ve read about many such cases from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, and the U.K.. It wouldn’t surprise me if judges in those countries have orders from above to harshly punish natives who dare to fight back.
    That being said, it’s still better to take your chances when attacked and defend yourself by any means necessary than being maimed or ending up dead.

    1. Yes, and read up on the law. Real self defense is no place for pride or making a point. Know what the limits are and recognize that you have more options than you may think and stay within the law.

    2. “(…) Defending yourself when attacked by migrants will likely get you arrested and jailed (…)”
      Only if your identity is known and you wait for the cops…..
      Hit and run my friend, hit and run.

      1. “Hit and run my friend, hit and run”
        There will be no formal declaration that we are at war, so fuck the police. And yeah it’s going to get slowly and progressively worse – at first police throwing innocent people in jail, then nowhere to be found when people ask for help because shit is going to get too dangerous that the police will be too scared to leave their station.

      2. I suppose a mask can save you just as much. The law never said anything about covering one’s face

        1. Im not sure about regulations in the US and Europe about it, but as a lawyer (not from the US) I can say this: if you are white and you defend yourself againts invaders/niggers/whatever you are going to jail, that’s a fact. (((The media))) and the authorities will tell that you are a racist/fascist/nazi/Trumpsupporter/homophobic/whatever, even if you are not. They will treat your case not as self defense, but as Hatecrime, with all the implications of that.
          So, why let them have your ID? why wait to be lead to the gallows?

        2. In most jurisdictions in the US covering your face or in any way wearing a disguise in public is against the law. TPTB are way ahead of you on this one, and have been for centuries.

    3. I know what you mean…i remember when a medical student who defended himself against four attackers and hurt one of them during the fight was sentenced to four and a half years in prison some years ago somewhere in south germany.
      However, I prefer being the protagonist in a courtroom over being the protagonist on a funeral

      1. “However, I prefer being the protagonist in a courtroom over being the protagonist on a funeral”
        Same thing. Any man who has his day in court, it will be his last day.

    4. “Defending yourself when attacked by migrants will likely get you arrested and jailed, while your attackers walk away without consequences.”
      Exactly. Thats what it is all about. They put law abiding decent citizens in jail while the scum are allowed to kill and plunder. It’s not about which weapons are legal, it’s about using the lower primate migrants as a trojan horse to destroy a culture.
      Honestly, the first step to fight this is not at the point of the migrants, but rather the political elites who are mandating the immigration policies as well as the policies of how law enforcement treat their citizens. Taking back one’s nation starts with government leaders NOT selling out their country.

    5. You could go to jail for a few years for defending yourself of even just carrying weapon, versus a few more years for cold blooded murder. Seems to be a warped sense of priorities over much of Europe. WTF?

  3. I suggest making a self defense kit consisting of a Ski mask, Box cutter, Duct Tape. You can never be to careful out there.

  4. The really sick thing about the anti-gun/Authoritarian movement is that they always go after non-lethal weapons once guns, knives, and the like are banned.
    Many people think I’m some kooky conspiracy theorist, but the only possible reason to bring charges against a woman for using pepper spray on a rapist is to create a culture of helplessness that enables the government to interfere in every aspect of its citizens’ lives. No, they’re not bumbling Utopian thinkers who care just a little too much about the rights of criminals. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    1. The proof for what you say is based upon the fact that Government elites have armed guards, so they know how effective a person with a gun is at deterring a threat, the threat may simply see the gun and decide its not in their best interest to escalate, and should an attack still happen the threat can be easily nuetralized. So when politicians say gun free societies are safer, they are lying, because they know that having guards with guns is more effective at keeping them safe , then having guards without guns, and by implementing the safety procedures of armed guards for themselves they are admitting to the philosophy that “goodguys” with guns stop badguys. Its just the peons like you and me that the government has decided would be safer if we weren’t armed,..or maybe the government believes it would be safer if we weren’t armed…all thieves in the night think the same way.

    2. Depends on who you’re talking about. The top levels do. The mid-level bureaucrats actually are that stupid: they can function logically up to a point, but will ALWAYS find a way to rationalize whatever their emotions tell them….and their emotions are largely whatever emotions the system tells them to have.

    3. Pepper spray should be legalised. It’s often used by law enforcement above and beyond even going hands on. Why public can’t use it, to shoot to attackers eyes and escape I do not know.

        1. How would you justify having hair spray in your pocket/bag in the situation/incident?
          If you can come up with a decent answer then potentially. If your bald and you’ve got it in a nightclub and the bouncer has pointed you out to the cops as being involved in a fight and you spray someone in the eyes with hairspray, you better be able to justify having it on you and use of force….
          That and I’ve no idea how effective it would be???
          Having used pepper spray in a conflict situation and it did fuck all, I’d say your better off with a right hook to the jaw.

        2. “How would you justify having hair spray in your pocket/bag in the situation/incident?”
          If you live in a jurisdiction where you are prohibited from carry devices that assist you in your natural right to defend yourself, then you are living in the wrong jurisdiction.
          Move! Vote with your feet. Let those authoritarian cesspools continue to fester without your tax dollars supporting them.

        3. Easy enough when you’re in the US. For those of us in Western Europe it would mean a change in Citizenship, and moving to a new country.
          Which is what we’re trying to address here, alternative means to defend ourselves and deal with the legal fallout of doing so, without access to firearms.

      1. Funny thing, in Canada it is illegal if called pepper spray, but the exact same product marketed as bear repellent is legal and actually encouraged if you venture into the woods.

        1. There are some woods nearby in the center of the city where I live. The number of trees are very few, but it is still a woods and I am certain there are bears there.

        2. Bears… yeah, I guess I could see bears hanging out in a park in the center of the city. heheh….

    4. They go for non-lethal weapons because they want to control you. That’s how the Far Left operates and has done so since Lenin.
      Even Stalin once said, “We don’t allow our enemies to have GUNS, so why would we allow them to have IDEAS?”

  5. The first picture about disposing of knives is where I live in the UK. I never heard of this and own a pocket knife, I didn’t know how easy it was to get attacked by your own knife and the laws surrounding carrying a knife are surprising to me.

    1. The problem is that most people have a knife but are hesitant to use it, then have it taken off them. If you commit and go for the kill, people (niggers), run.

    1. Get an aluminum one; drill a hole in the top of the handle; fill in cement to fill about 3-6 inches of the bottom of the bat.

        1. The idea is not mine. I saw “concrete” bats like that being used in my old neighborhood in the 70s. The wooden bats had a bad habit of breaking.

    1. come and get one in the yarbles…..if you’ve got any yarbles

  6. A “gunshot grenade” that makes the sound of rapid gunfire would be useful for dispersing hooligans in a riot situation. If anyone knows of such a device I would be interested in getting one.
    Off-topic but my blog is turning influential heads as incontrovertible evidence mounts that Salon is lifting my essay ideas.
    Salon’s Uncanny Valley Between Feminism and Parody

  7. When south Texas was flooding a few months ago I prepared a bug-out bag. One useful item was a walking stick which could help me ford water. Some guy on youtube showed how to make a walking stick-defensive weapon using a heavy duty broom handle.

  8. Honestly most of these seem like they will get you popped by law enforcement. Carrying tools without a proveable excuse (“I’m a locksmith/handyman/what have you on the way to a job”) may be viewed as going equipped.
    Some of these things are no joke weapons and really shouldn’t be carried. Honestly check your local laws and options. Believe or not some options like pepper spray are legal in many places in Western Europe and even though it has the reputation of a woman’s weapon, being mobbed by violent men is not the time for sentiment.
    That being said, if you live in a rainy climate, the umbrella won’t lead to a batted eye.

      1. I always take it with me while jogging because I got attacked by dogs twice already. Fucking german cunts always walk around with their dogs that they fuck because ‘they cant find a good man’ and because they have to compensate for their unsatisfied nurturing instincts due to the fact that they are statistically sterile.

    1. Lie. You found the hammer laying the street. I have found tools laying in the street on a number of occasions. On justrolledintotheshop over on reddit tools are frequently ending up in tires. I even found a hammer once. It was technically on the property of gas station near some recent but uncompleted work so I gave it to the cashier on duty, but I could have just as well kept it.

    2. When the State makes it impossible to be a law abiding citizen, it is time to consider the benefits of being a outlaw.

      1. Or just legitimately take up handyman skills since that will be useful in the zombie apocalypse. Problem is finding a good place to learn them.

  9. Another one I have seen is Wasp spray, perfectly legal and would put someone in the hospital if you sprayed them in the face. It projects a thick spray a good distance. Keep a can at strategic points in your abode.

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    No. 5 Clemson +1.5 vs. No. 3 Louisville (2 units)
    USC -8 vs. Arizona St. (3 units)
    So that’s nine games total, and a total of 14 units wagered. Last night, I correctly picked Washington -3 at home against Stanford. What today might bring is another story, but it will definitely be green…headed in one direction or another.
    To profit at the betting window, you have to win about 53% or more of your spread wagers, after factoring in the juice (also called the vig, or vigorish), which is 10%.
    If you wager $100 on USC vs. Arizona State, for example, your total bet would be $110 – with the juice factored in. If you win the bet, you get back the original $110 you wagered, plus another $100. If you lose, well, you lose the whole $110.

    1. Early game results:
      Ohio St. 58, Rutgers 0 Loss
      Miami FL 35, Ga. Tech 21 Loss
      Florida 13, Vanderbilt 6 Win
      Oklahoma St. 49, Texas 31 Win
      Baylor 45, Iowa St. 42 Win
      Net for early games: 3-2, +0.80 units (at $200 per unit, that’s +$160)

        1. I don’t bet baseball once football starts. Unless I see something that really stands out. All the money is bet on football, pretty much, once the football season starts – so that’s where the money is. But…I made a prediction back in June, I think (in a comment somewhere here at ROK) that the Washington Nationals would win the World Series. Why? It’s an election year. If they get to the Series, some of the games will be played in Washington. So all the political bigwigs will get face time during the games – Obama, congressmen, et al. Also, Dusty Baker would become only the second black manager in history to win a World Series – perfect timing, in this PC, non-discriminatory, “just like us” age of ours. And he would probably have to go through the Cubs to get to the Series, and the Cubs are his former team. Great drama. I wouldn’t bet much on it though…

        2. One more little prediction here about baseball…it is highly likely that the Cubs will meet the Red Sox in at least one World Series in the near future. Could be this year, but I’m thinking it will be next year – or the year after. Theo Epstein, GM of the Cubs, against the Red Sox, his former team…too much drama there for the Big Boys to pass up. That one will definitely happen at some point.

      1. Late game results:
        Tennessee 34, Georgia 31 W
        Texas A&M 24, South Carolina 13 W
        Clemson 42, Louisville 36 W
        USC 41, Arizona St. 20 W
        Net for late games: 9-0, +9 units
        Net for day: 12-2, +9.8 units (at $200 per unit, that’s +$1960)
        Net for season: 14-2, 87.50%, +11.8 units (at $200 per unit, that’s +$2360)
        Until next time, kiddies…class dismissed.

    2. Late game results:
      Tennessee 34, Georgia 31 W
      Texas A&M 24, South Carolina 13 W
      Clemson 42, Louisville 36 W
      USC 41, Arizona St. 20 W
      Net for late games: 9-0, +9 units
      Net for day: 12-2, +9.8 units (at $200 per unit, that’s +$1960)

    3. How did your bet come off with Stanford? I read a book on statistics and sports and gambling and basically the college kids are too unpredictable to reliably have a system to bet on them. It can be done in the pros, but there were arguments when the book was published, that games were manipulated, because of the HUGE amounts of money resting on every game.

      1. If you mean Friday night’s game (9/30), I had Washington -3…
        Final Score: Washington 44, Stanford 6

      2. Within five years you’ll be able to bet on sports in pretty much every state in the USA. In the meantime, if you ever wind up making a trip to Vegas, let me know….

  11. In regards to the slash resistant shirt…guess where the fear of bein attacked by edge weapons originated from? Hmmm….I smell sharia

    1. In Europe, gun owning Americans are unsophisticated reprobates.
      I am an expat voting Trump, but I can never admit that without consequences. We are all Jews now.

    1. Yeah, I have a feeling that a sling is probably in the same category as nunchucks.
      I support its use anyway. Like my grandmother always said, if you are going to be murdered by an angry mob of spades you might as well go down hilariously

      1. Dude a sling would be so much harder to use than chucks. Chucks only seem hard because of all the fanciful drills people do with them to increase hand eye coordination. Its like saying daggers suck because they are hard to juggle.

  12. Good suggestions, but the first and foremost self defense weapon is your mind and your body.
    Train both.
    If your mind and your body are weak, not even a Ka Bar or a Beretta 93R can save you.

  13. Most of the attacks have I have seen are sucker punches to the back of someones head so the main thing is to pay attention, be proactive, and try to avoid being in an area that is “protesting”. It takes the George Soros thugs at least a couple days to take over and the media is going to be salivating and signaling they was some blood and fires so just don’t go. There is a reason the 2nd Amendment was a non issue for over 200 years. I was amazing how respectful the BLM riot… I mean protesters were to this white guy in Charlotte! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad6e5916a7e300fe62187f1efbfd834ede703bf0671338261e3f8dde20a0572e.jpg

  14. Unarmed, caught off guard, outnumbered or just out classed. NO warming no second thoughts, no guilt, you did not start it. You need to remember only one thing. The Eyes, take them out by any means. If you so much as touch them and assailant covers up. And the sight of someone screaming with their hands over their eyes, That is a frightening sight. It is rarely hard to get you hands into someones face, go for the eyes have no mercy

  15. For the house I got a pair of pitchforks, one with an 8′ handle (with the revolver I got for my birthday, among other implements). In my patriarchy war wagon I got a few telescoping metal scrub brushes.
    Fortunately, a refugee’s natural habitat tends to be the city.

    1. ..until they move the refugees to the villages by design like they do it here in germany.

      1. I just read a small town german mayor just got the crap beat out of him for wanting to let refugees in

        1. In eastern germany.
          Here in the west where I was born, raised and live they will beat the shit out of you if you say anything against refugees.
          They will now build a new big mosque in this small town that has a capacity of 2,000 muzzies.

        1. So you just live in the middle of nowhere?
          This is probably illegal in germany, smh.

        2. Pretty much: the entire area used to be my grandfather’s farm. There’s a few houses here and there, but separated by several hundred feet of forest and field.
          Worse case scenario, I flee to Bald Mountain or Kelly’s Stand.

        3. My mother has a huge area used for agriculture but it would be illegal to build anything there. It’s in the middle of one of the Rhine meadow camps so if you would dig there you would find many nazi bones.
          Edit: But the fact that it was once a camp is not the reason you are not allowed to build something there. There is just no land-use plan for the area. No plan, no building.

        4. Germany in this case is a mirror image of South America. Down here you can build without any plan and in many cities and villages is just a mess. In Germany no plan, no building. When sane persons are at the helm this is the best system but when that’s not the case…

        5. They don’t have this sort of administrative divisions in the US. Even a 20 people locality is seen as a small town. Town and bigger ones are cities.

        6. The fact German folks are not upset about those camps only goes to show how well the mainstream media influences ’em. It may be eye for an eye, but then you get two people without depth perception.

  16. This article is bullshit. Close-quarter weapons are the worst for self defense.
    OK, you can make a fatal stab/blow/hit with some, but if you make a fatal stab with your knife, that person may bleed to death in hours, and unti that, he has the time even to beat you to death.
    Where guns are illegal, basically the pepper spray is the best option. If used correctly (from 0-2 metres distance) it makes the opponent BLIND immediately for half-1 hour.
    Not to mention training. Most average people (including me) wont spend hours a day to train themselves

    1. Just made a photo, this is all the equipment I got. Remember I am a kraut and defending yourself is pretty much illegal here. The purpose of the german men is to watch their sisters and daughters get raped while getting beheaded – because (((germany must perish))).

    1. This is actually a good idea. Guy might be too ashamed to press charges or ask buddies for revenge.

    I thought of this just a moment ago while sitting on the pot seriously.
    FIRST the recipe for homemade DIY pepper spray (commercial product can be costly)

    *powdered cayenne pepper
    *lemon juice
    *coffee filter (to filter out particles) the cayenne enzymes and acid remains in the solution
    Brew up a big enough batch to fill mop bucket and also fill some extra spray bottles for added side holster ‘six shooter’ John Wayne action.
    It don’t matter what color you is when you a blinded motherfucker.
    Now here’s the fun part. When the crowd of marauders closes in, dip your mop head in the bucket and swing it round and round. You’ll have to dip the mop head repeatedly to wet it so here’s the ingenious idea that came to me here:
    IMPORTANT: A rubber hose ‘feed line’ must be fitted to the end of the hollow mop handle and inserted into the mop bucket solution. When the hose is kept primed, the swinging action of the mop creates centrifugal force and the flow of liquid is continuous from the bucket to the flailing wet strands of the outer mop head. It’s a great 360° sprayer that will take down the entire crowd surrounding you! Depending on the rate of flow, the bucket could supply up to 5 min of continuing spray action, dropping motherfuckers right and left. Best of all it looks like a common ‘cleaning guy’ set-up. Why you could even inconspicously make money shining shoes and polishing hubcaps before the riot erupts. ‘Keep your bucket filled’.

  18. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal to carry… You have to search case law in your jurisdiction, to see if use of force is legal.

  19. This is why I am glad I live in America. I can carry a gun just about anywhere in most states.

  20. You get caught with one of those in London and it;s jail time,however, you may get a pass if you’ve got a toolbox and work as a tradesman. Apart from that, even nail clippers could be considered lethal weapons.
    Ah, and if you want to do more damage to the adversary you could use the Scouse inventions of taping two box cutters (or Stanley knives as are called here) and unleash hell. The two knives will slash the face by two parallel lacerations making stitching very difficult. And remember, never attack first as self defence is a carte blanche to rip the other guy a new one without fear of prosecution.

  21. Can’t believe golf clubs aren’t listed. My 3-iron is my most trusted self defense mechanism outside of a firearm.

  22. Stick/Staff, even if you don’t know what you are doing the range and damage is great. If you know what you are doing you can absolutely wreck anyone in melee distance and ‘all it is’ is a hiking staff.

  23. The thing that annoys me the most is when non-lethal weapons get banned because
    criminals might use them is insane of course they will use what ever tool they can use.
    So they get banned and no one can use them. How about just punish criminals who
    use weapons or self-defense tools in a crime, would that not make more sense than
    banning everyone from owning them.
    My favorite self defense weapon is the baton.

  24. Being able to deny it is a weapon is paramount. Carry an extra set of socks (sweaty feet/athletes foot) and a big set of keys with anything metal you can think of (Just don’t have multiple bottle openers!!). Put keyring into sock and you have a devastating flail.

    1. Ball bearings in a sock. I saw that used by GIs in a street fight. Effective. They called it “the snake.”

  25. The problem with perforating weapons is that there’s not a lot of stopping power usually, without hitting vitals (which is usually hard) the other guy can keep going until he loses a lot of blood an then you’re looking at murder.
    So IMO it’s better to look at concussive, long weapons, which could be also used for defense (parrying), knocking down by hitting the head or incapacitating by hitting an arm or leg. Among those tennis rackets are some of the easiest to carry without raising suspicion. Not sure about the sturdyness of modern, carbon-fiber reinforced ones, but I had an aluminum one that withstood quite a beating.

  26. Growing up in rough part of Los Angeles and attending college in the Bronx, I will attest that reaching into my coat like I had a gun then chasing my attackers got me out of two tense situations where I was outnumbered.
    If no weapons of opportunity present themselves, and you’re outnumbered, go fucking berserk: lock eyes onto the leader, reach into your coat or back pocket like you’re carrying, and growl something like “I’ve been waiting for you Motherfucker!”, and immediately chase after him like you’re going to kill him while angrily yelling at the same time.
    I got my cues observing the homeless while volunteering on Skid Row. Sell the image that you are psychotic-and not to be fucked with.
    When the pursuit of the two particular groups in my case created enough separation, it bought me enough time to sneak out through back alleys toward safety.

  27. ROK readers already have a job. You should try pushing your wonderful offer on the BLM forum. They definitely need jobs.

  28. From what I’ve heard regarding many places where actual weapons are banned, simply using something to defend yourself is enough to be dubbed a deplorable.

    1. Thats a little tougher to pass off I think.
      Where’s the plausible deniability in a squirt gun filled with bleach?
      I like the idea of wasp spray or making a flamethrower from spray on deodorant and a lighter.

        1. I’ve only ever used it to kill wasps or just to play with fire, but I imagine it’d ruin someone’s day in a hurry.

  29. Smith & Wesson make a “tactical pen” that looks very similar to #7. I think it’s around $25 or $30. I carry one, you can even take it on a plane if you sand off the S&W logo on the cap. Good thing to have in places where weapons aren’t allowed.
    I should really start carrying this when I travel, as the TSA no longer lets me carry my small pocketknife, which puts me at great risk when I land in a foreign country as a defenseless tourist. I’m far more worried about the risk of something bad happening due to me being completely unarmed than of any supposed hijacker.

  30. A can of insecticide for destroying wasps’ and hornets’ nests puts out a strong, thin, easily-directed stream that reaches fifteen feet or so. The idea is that one wants to douse the insects with it without getting near the nest.

  31. Excellent piece of info
    I also recommend reading this book
    A Guide to Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You’ve Got
    Schappert, Terry & Slutsky, Adam

  32. When I lived in the big city, I put a rusty but very sharp meat cleaver under the seat in my vehicle. I wrote on the brown paper bag “dad to sharpen”. I made sure dad knew the story if something went down. A tennis racket, golf club or other sports equipment will always do in a pinch.
    I love the Millwall brick. Also, if you are carrying a baseball bat, do yourself and your attorney a favour, make certain that you have a glove and ball handy.
    Remember, if anything goes down, the police are not your friends. Even if you spend a night in the can, DON’T TALK TO THE COPS!!!

  33. Monsieur Jean-Batave, could you tell me more on the fighting style with the umbrella?

  34. I have never seen a monkey fist before, but I like the idea. Make the lanyard a little longer and wear it around your neck. Looks like it would be easy to conceal beneath a sweater or coat. I’m going to look into making one of these.

  35. They’re going to ban all weapons until we’re stuck using purses and dildos.
    Maybe we can make a vibrating knife

  36. Sew metal plates into a leather jacket. Leather jackets alone provide protection from knives

  37. Jamaican guys have told me that they carry jerk sauce or tabasco sauce=LEGAL pepper spray. In the UK where virtually nothing effective or deliberately designed as a weapon is legal to carry if it might harm a mugger, this stuff will BURN if thrown in someone’s face.
    Plus, it’s good on your lunchtime chicken. Everybody wins!

  38. Good lord, you people in the UK are sheep – can’t even carry a pocket knife without “good cause”? You all let this happen to your country – though it could just as easily happen to the US.

  39. How pathetic has this faggot world become, that a normal well adjusted non-degenerate man has to come up with innovations like these to exercise his God given right to defend himself and his loved ones from mindless savages? And let’s be real here: the true reason they have eroded our God given right to self defense has absolutely NOTHING to do with leftist sentiments. It comes from a perfectly amoral motivation of reducing the public to a state of enforced helplessness in order to rule without fear of opposition. It’s tyrannical and Satanic.

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