The 5 Steps To Running A Modern Day Harem

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Hey guys, Kyle from This Is Trouble here. I’ve been writing at ROK for three years now. The lessons I’ve learned from this have been essential to my growth as a man. It’s helped transform me from the awkward virgin to a guy who travels the world, has sex with beautiful women, and runs his own business from abroad.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that the power of choice is especially important when it comes to women.

If you’re not able to have a choice with women, you end up settling with one who is below the standards. And we all know the effects that a damaged woman can have on a man’s life…

Crazy, psychotic episodes of rage.

Divorce rape.

And a lot more.

The power of choice with women is important to living a good life. Once you have the ability to choose, your life will transform. You’ll go from the one getting chosen by women to the one doing the choosing. Women will be hitting you up for sex. And finally, you’ll learn how to truly screen for the best women out there, instead of getting the crazies.

The ultimate form of choice with women is acquiring and running a harem.

With that being said, here are the steps to running a harem in today’s modern (and brutal) dating world.

1. Define What You Want


Wandering through life without an end goal is pointless.

Do you want a long term relationship, but the freedom to still sleep with new girls when you want? Or would you prefer to have a harem of four different friends-with-benefits relationships?

Simply put, you must define what kind of harem you wish to have, because based on that you must figure out…

2. Where To Find Them

First, a disclaimer: it’s best not to look for girls for your harem in your social circle.

The reason for this is because girls fear judgment. It’s best if neither of you know each other’s social circles. This leaves meeting girls at night, during the day, and online game as your options.

Generally speaking, the slutty girls you meet at night, or online are going to be your best bets for a harem. Of course, you can meet the naughty girls during the day, too–but we’re stacking the odds.

This goes back to #1.

If you want to have a lot of casual sex, it’s best to pursue the night and online options, and then set them up in a harem (more on how to do that below).

If you’re wanting to pursue a long term relationship with a bit of side action now and then, maybe you’re better off finding that relationship-worthy girl during the day.

3. Balance Your Life (The Rules of 3)


It’s very easier for girls to become a huge part of your life when you finally decide to “handle the women problem once and for all.”

However, putting all your weight into women can cause unhappiness in other ways. If all of your self-value is derived from women, what happens when you remove them from the equation (i.e. have a dry spell).

You fall apart.

Therefore, a critical step towards building a harem is adhering to the rules of 3.

Here are those rules:

3 New Dates A Week

Keep to a maximum of three new dates a week while building your harem up. That’s 12 dates a month. If you convert just 25% of those, that’s 4 new bangs.

3 Dates To Sex

You should not wait for more than three dates to have sex with a girl. It’s rarely worth it.

Most women I’ve slept with have flat-out told me that they knew they wanted to have sex with me within an hour of meeting me, so it’s not a case of them needing to make up their mind.

3 Platforms For Dates

Trying to daygame, nightgame, and handle multiple dating apps will burn you out. Pick two, and focus on them.

3 Solid Prospects – ALWAYS

I make sure I have three leads who would be down to meet up within a couple of days if it came down to it. This ensures that I keep working enough girls that I’m not suddenly going to be left with nothing, and if I lose a girl in my harem, I can easily replace her with a new girl in a matter of days.

3 Strikes And She’s Out

Girls fall off the radar. In most cases, it’s not worth it to revive them. Once a girl hasn’t responded to your texts three times (at most) simply delete her number and move on.

3 Days Of Cooking 

Cooking at home will keep your health and walley in check.

The added bonus of cooking at home is that it’s very easy to get girls over for dates if you say you’re going to cook dinner for them.

3 Meets In Ten Days

Do not see any girl in your harem more than there times (two is better) in a ten day period.

3 Girls At A Time

I believe this is the golden rule to the harem: have three girls.

One main girl and a couple of casual sex bundies is great. So is three casual sex girls.

Anything more than this and I can tell you it simply gets exhausting.

4. Own Her Heart And Soul


You must make each girl in your harem feel a little bit special.

This means that you must be present with her. You shouldn’t be talking about other girls with her, and even a basic fuckbuddy should feel like you at least care about her a little.

Doing this, combined with hard, dominant sex will bond a woman to you.

This is the true key to running an efficient harem where girls are begging to see you.

You must hit their buttons on both a physical and emotional level, even if it’s just casual sex.

This makes her far more likely to cone back for repeat business, as opposed to always having to hunt for new prospects.

5. Define The Relationship And Hold Frame

If you’re a man with game, girls you date are eventually going to want a commitment. But this last piece of advice is the best advice I can give you:

Girls do not fear physical cheating. They fear emotional cheating.

You’ll be surprised at how many girls are okay with you having casual sex with other girls as long as you come back to them. They much prefer this over you taking other girls out to romantic, candlelight dinners.

Make sense?

No matter what–always hold frame. Hold true to what you want out of life.

You’ll be amazed at the life you can live when you do.

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263 thoughts on “The 5 Steps To Running A Modern Day Harem”

  1. Honestly, I got into alt-right/redpill/man-o-sphere from the PUA /girls side, at this point of my life, 5 years later american women on the whole are so utterly worthless.
    This was a major change to realize, that for a man, his purpose is NOT defined by a woman, but what he himself defines as his purpose. For many of us, that is realizing the bad situation we find ourselves in as white males. THIS is the battle I think we know we are here for in our hearts.

    1. What’s needed is a cultural change, and this happens with each new President. They set the tone for the nation, in the same way a Pontifex Maximus would in Rome.
      The quality of women will improve under Trump, and, conversely, hit rock bottom under Hillary.
      The more effete society gets, the more insufferable the women are.

    2. I came to altright/redpill/neomasculinity from the PUA path, too.
      The problem with PU is that they behave like they swallowed the redpill but they didn’t internalize it. They just learned how to calculate but they can’t proof the laws of mathematics.
      Therefore they don’t have a true understanding of the real structures of life.
      And of course Pickup is a huge pussy pedestalizing contest. The sole purpose in a PUAs legacy is to fuck as many wet holes as possible. I can still remember that one topic on where a guy talked about his way to baging onehundred girls. He even posted Excel Sheets to track his success of NCs, KCs and FCs. That’s just sad.
      Btw most PUAs are Skypes: (((Neil Strauss))), (((Mystery))), (((Robert Greene))).
      Pickup is controlled opposition to another jewish movement: feminism.

      1. I agree, but it’s still often a necessary path.
        You need experience to have experience

        1. Absolutely true. If I had not been part of the pickup community I would have not read Esther Vilar, which was recommended to me by another PUA who just swallowed the redpill at that time (soon after that we both got banned because we spilled the redpill all over the forum but that’s another story), and therefore I would have not even started digging into that rabbit hole.

      2. Oh I didn’t know you were the saviour that we needed here on ROK. Can you tell us how to live our lives please?

        1. Offended by words, heh?
          I should have placed a trigger warning at the top of my comment.

        2. No, not at all, just tired of your non stop bs. Do you really have to be so opinionated and shout it from the rooftops and then call people names if they disagree?
          It seems to me that you are possessed by some sort of messianic complex which renders you unable to discuss anything without slapping 3 brackets on. “oh you’re blind, it;s so and so who did this, omg people I’ve found the truth now listen to me”. This is what teenagers do and being 23,I think it’s about time you behave like a grown arse man.
          You come across as a person who’s lacking importance and is never listened to.

        3. Well, you may not have a habit of calling people names very often but you do tend to call them Jews. Yes, there are some cunts within their ranks.
          While I don’t know you in real life or read your posts long enough, here, so far, you have managed to create a persona who seem to find every answer to any impediment to your dreams and desires in extremist ideology. And given that I’ve read about the Vrill society, heard stories about SS units and seen the 5 hrs Hitler movies before you even became a liberal, there isn’t much that would shock me.
          P.S. Stop talking about fast food all the fucking time.
          This is just advice!

        4. Wow, it’s nice that you can remember so many of my comments and the topics I talk about. Unfortunately I can’t remember your posts. But I’m glad you memorize my words.
          I’m not keen on creating a fanbase but what must be, must be.

        5. Being a bit harsh there Bob, humans aren’t inherently evil. He’s probably all lovey-dovey on the inside.

        6. Messianic complex is full effect but then again you’re just another Kraut who thinks he’s better than anyone else. Always worked wonders for you lot.
          I don’t read your comments much, you just repeat yourself so I assume you say the same thing every time.

        7. True, but some like the guy in question is masking some huge homosexual urges for tan dick.

        8. Didn’t I just say that all my critics call me names while I never call anyone names?
          Thanks for proofing me right.

        9. are you upset because of the word ‘nazi’ or ‘softie’. I wager it’s the latter, as you’ve self-referenced the former in previous comments

        10. Woooooooooooooh, that’s a bummer! Only if there was some strong german messiah who could have saved him! *Tears* Some sort of straight alpha!

        11. You mean like suck out the poison? That would be the kind of heroic self-sacrifice straight alpha would be really up for

        12. Not sure if he tales it in the mouth tho, but he’s known to steal frankfurters with his arse cheeks.

        13. yep our resident herr flick talks a lot about madonnas with big boobies but really it’s the knockwurst that’s on his mind the whole time

        14. He didnt call you a name.

          If you dont like what he says, fine.

          But i will call you a name. You are acting like a petulent little bitch.

        15. Yeah, it’s getting to be a bit much. This internet tough talk thing is extremely obnoxious.

        16. When did we start using feminist style shaming language when people disagree? Calling people you don’t like gay?
          This is why I step away from pickup at least 3 months of the year. If you spend more time around women than men for too long, you start to internalize their behavior.

        17. if the guy talks about killing people / genocide then I’m not sure the ‘non-shaming’ rule applies. In fairness though he’s full of crap though. It’s just trolling for the most part

        18. “It seems to me that you are possessed by some sort of messianic complex”
          — Just drifting through to see WTF this site is about. You nailed the problem, but you may be the only person here who isn’t programmed and controlled by ego. Some people here are likely psychopathic/dark triad and the trend you will see normalized…here especially! ;-D
          The problems I see with a site like this is 90% of people in this god-forsaken country are incapable of human reasoning because they controlled by their ego (emotion) — no one becomes a man until they have conquered the ego and developed the higher facilities of the mind. Concepts like truth, honor and sacrifice are often claimed by the fantasizing “man-child” or “little man” (fascist) and they are the weakest of all weak men. Weak men seek out other weak men, or weak ideologies, to ‘follow’ — who they mistake for strength. Trump is the embodiment of the American man-child fantasy — demonstrably dumb, claim genius, demonstrably weak (can’t self-regulate his emotions, claim strength, claims solutions, point fingers…
          These higher attributes are earned through self-examination and require effort, humbleness in demeanor and strength in ACTION — the dignity of which only cheapened and eroded, by claiming what must be demonstrated. People who achieve this state have come into their “own” man with their “own” principles. They march to their own drummer. True courage and bravery can only be tested in the fire, willingness to die, this requires spiritual values. 5% of men make the cut today, not anywhere close enough to protect freedom.
          Core problem: Men have no authentic understanding of the original teachings of any of the great religions or philosophies. They choose ignorance and ignorance seeks out more ignorance — ignorance is the core of fear and weakness.
          Key to overcoming weakness:
          “It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield”
          ― W.B. Yeats
          Keys to weakness:
          “To be deceived or uninformed in the soul about true being means that ‘the lie itself’ has taken possession of ‘the highest part of himself’ and steeped it into ‘ignorance of the soul.’”
          — Plato, Gorgias (382a-b)
          “Affirmation pure and simple, kept free of all reasoning and all proof, is one of the surest means of making an idea enter the minds of crowds. . . .
          “Affirmation, however, has no real influence unless it be repeated, and so far as possible in the same terms. The influence of repetition is due to the fact that the repeated statement is embedded in the long run in the profound regions of our unconscious selves, in which the motives of our actions are forged. . .
          ” When an affirmation has been sufficiently repeated, and there is unanimity in its repetition, what is called a current of opinion is formed, and the powerful mechanism of contagion intervenes.”
          — Gustav Le Bon, The Crowd, 1896

        19. Fuck is a great word. Fat fuck, fuck face, face fuck (interchangeable), fuck tard. Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Fuck me I think I’m feeling the fucking catharsis right fucking now.

        1. If you are learning lines to make the bread hop in your basket, it will make you look a bit foolish.
          Same goes with Pickup Autists.

        2. Nowhere in my comment do I reference the above article.
          I just explained why most guys in the pick up community are fools who think they get it (pretty much victims of Dunning Kruger effect) – from the standpoint that I was once in the same place.

        3. Damn those beta consumers, can’t get a text back from a wholemeal loaf of bread anymore! Getting tired of bagels

        4. You’re not clever. You built a fallacious train of logic and when you realised it was going off a cliff you dropped a non-sequitur.

        5. Oh, wow, I thought throwing all kinds of logical fallacies at your opponent even if it doesn’t make any sense was a german thing to do but sadly it even exist in the anglosphere.
          Btw everything you said was literally a argumentum ad hitlerum and totally a argumetum ad antiquitatem.

        6. And now you’re changing the subject. That’s a bottomless bag of tricks you have there Merlin.

        7. Pompous and ponderous language does not make a person intelligent. It makes them tiresome, and often times ironically silly and empty headed.
          And if you want to use certain terms, it’s good to appreciate what they really mean. That stems the ironic stupidity part.

        8. He’s poking fun at you, you dumb dolt.
          And englishbob is a fancy name for a homeboy, is it not?
          Keep it real.

        9. That’s sound advice. I shall pass it on to the children I’ll have with your mother.

        10. You really need to change your profile pic. It looked like Trump and Pence are training you even as we speak!

      3. There’s something comical to the analytical PUA approach and I have always had a bad feeling about it (although that does not necessarily mean anything).
        I suppose it’s cool for some people. I like to read some of the stuff, but just to create some intuitive reference memories. When I’m in the situation, I don’t like thinking about anything.

        1. “In the situation you have to think about DHV, so better have a wingman and a big SC with you, while you try to make a NC on your HBx Target. After DHV you have to initiate P&P to demonstrate AM, but just the fact that you talked to her proofs that you don’t have AA which is a good sign in the first place, get it?” – Every Pickup Autist

        2. To me they are like guys who study martial arts for ten years…they’re gonna end up in fights they could have avoided. PUA’s who are so involved as to have all that lingo are going to end up with 5’s and 6’s most of the time. It just HAS TO WORK when they’ve put so much into it. Why not stick with that 8? They leave the eight to go out and prove themselves yet again. This time it’s a cum-stained 36 year old with rosin bags for tits who they slayed with ‘game’. Becoming half-alcoholic and burning through cash in the process. I prefer to live overseas in countries where the hot 25 and unders are put to work. The cock carousel is simply monetized here. Very convenient with guaranteed access to Penthouse caliber tits and ass. Not the drunken, used up sixes of the PUA world. Freakish escorts get me back to my early teen libido when sex was all about physical fascination and not some psycho-social-approval game. PUA’s are so mental. Yeah, some of the principles are necessary to learn and that’s cool. But most of the big names seem to me to be trying to slay, slay, slay in order to stave off a massive insecurity about themselves. Most of them seem to run 90’s style, “I’m a girl too. I can really communicate with you” game, frankly. A lot of them are unusually effeminate. Hmmm…now what’s the insecurity that they have to slay three hundred 6’s to stave off?

      4. Robert Greene is not in this bullshit league, you advertise yourself as an unread dickhead making assumptions.

        1. Oh, did I just hear insults again?
          Unread? I read 273 books while being only 23 years of age.
          Tbh I don’t know a single person who read more so I had a good laugh when I read your comment.
          I actually read two of Greene’s books (48 Laws of Power and Mastery) and I highly recommend them.
          I also recommend reading anything from Esther Vilar, (((Franz Kafka))), Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Hermann Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche and Philippe Djian (=better version of Bukowski).
          Start with Hesse, Kafka and Djian (just for the great literature), then read Vilar as an introduction to the redpill, go on with the three stoics and finally read Nietzsche. Don’t start with Nietzsche because otherwise you won’t get the concepts and you have to reread his works – been there, done that.
          Glad I could help.

      5. Don’t worry buddy, you hit the nail in the head. I know many readers on RoK would agree with you, and a much greater number on the alt-right. Its just that we get tired of spouting that which become obviously.

      6. The difference for a PUA and a beta are only the number of women they bed. They still pedestalize them, the difference is that they pedestalize not the women anymore… but a very private female area.
        Still they’re degenerates, but happier degenerates. The manosphere managed to become part of the alt-right due to the fact that its first members managed to mature and really become men.
        Most women do not deserve the time given to them by men. If some do, they are not the ones for PUAs.

      7. Q. How can you know if a PUA has a harem of 10s? A. They tell you.
        PUA is basically a bunch of blagging ugly gobshites lying to themselves and the people they’re trying to sell shit to, eating up all the shite from the Skypes you mentioned and passing it off as their own. Yes, that includes YOU Kyle Trouble you ugly cunt.

      8. Started off years ago too. After hundreds of loose women, all such pussy just smells like cheese. Society has deprived men of sex for so long they are happy with sluts, like how a man dying of thirst will happily drink from a public urinal.

    3. Yeah because all the other males are having a great time.
      You sound like a feminist, opposing an argument nobody made (a man’s purpose is not defined by a woman – merely the mirror image of the common feminist platitude).
      Really you’re creating a cover for your insecurity (difficulty in getting a woman). Rather than hide from it brother, grow a pair and put it out in the open.

    4. I agree. I appreciate this article, but honestly can’t imagine wasting that much of my time every week pursuing low value American women. If one lands in my lap for ONS, as it does a couple of times a year, I’ll take advantage of it, but otherwise, I completely ignore 99.9% of American women, and wait until I travel abroad for real sexy, feminine women.
      This line stuck out in the article:
      “You’ll be surprised at how many girls are okay with you having casual sex with other girls as long as you come back to them.”
      I just don’t want to have a relationship with a woman that has that little self-worth or self respect.

      1. “I travel abroad for real sexy, feminine women.”
        A thousand upvotes. Yup….time. Work full time, read 6-10 books a month, lift, study language, commit to meaningful projects, sleep well…and…you got about 4 hours left a week. How can a guy bop around in clubs 25-40 hours a month, go on ‘notch-count’ dates, etc? I’m midforties though. The kids will do what they do.

      2. $99 ? Lol… This guy can buy his own hair product. Just my opinion but this all seems like a huge waste of time and money.

      3. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of self-respecting women who hold to old values while you sleep around no problem! I’m sure she’ll understand that you hate women that do the same things you do! Hey, I mean it’s just biology, huh? You’re born in your place, so you act it! Forget that our entire species is built on changing the natural world to suit us :3
        Yeah, those American women are too free-thinking and don’t fall for your BS, I get it, but I’m sure beautiful, foreign women fall for your manly charms no problem! Cheers, my entitled, double standard-perpetuating friend!

        1. It’s easy to find good american girls; go halfway into the country and find the girl who has no friends. You, girls like you justify their behavior solipsistically, in other words, by convincing other girls to be whores. You ostracize those who adamantly refuse. This used to be the other way around, before women and their feelings were elevated above the welfare of children in a global superpower to become one of the most privileged groups of people in human history.
          And the result? You hate yourself, by virtue of how much you disrespect yourself through your actions.
          The funny thing is it was my long time bar running buddy who ended up with the nice traditional chick. You truly have no control over yourself unless it is forceably built into society.

        2. I don’t convince anyone to live their life any way, actually. Please don’t assign oversimplified, cookie-cutter roles to people. Most of the time, they are incorrect.
          I’ve never ostracized anyone who refuses to do what I do, nor do I think I’m particularly deviant. I don’t have sex with people who I’m not in a steady relationship with, I don’t use it to get my way, or any other thing besides to be with the person I love and care for. In fact, I had two friends who didn’t have sex til they were married. Never once did I criticize their choices, and never once did they criticize mine.
          Also, why should women be the one’s so preoccupied with the welfare of “children”? I don’t have kids, and the one friend of mine with a child does her job just fine.
          “Global superpower”? Oh, you mean how privileged I am that I get called a whore for having sex with a guy I care about, or I get called a prude for denying someone who might frequent this site? How I have people lobbying to get the government to tell me what to do with my body, or get hit on and stared at if I leave the house? Yeah… guys have it tough in some things, girls have it tough in others. Why do people have to assume one has it better?
          The result? I love myself. I know my life is mine, and that I can do what I want when I want however I want, within reason. I don’t live by naturally occurring rules, or feel the need to answer to someone I don’t have business with. In fact, I’d say this mindset you defend makes more people feel insecure about themselves than my lifestyle.
          Your last statement has got to be the most insane, ludicrous, poorly rationalized statement I’ve heard. This website is all about blaming everything but yourself for things that happen. “I couldn’t get a date… she was probably a prude…”, “Wow, she just sleeps with any guy… sluts, man… what can you do?”, and “Why can’t I settle down with a good old fashioned girl? It’s because none are left.”
          These are statements that blame the world, women, society for all your problems, rather than trying to look at yourself.

        3. And your near fanatical, foaming at the mouth response confirms it. The reason you got so upset is because I directly confronted your solipsism, which you have never been taught, encouraged or even attempted to control. It has turned you into a cold egotistical shell, where other people don’t have thoughts and lying comes to you as easy as breathing. Luckily, there are 3 billion plus women on this planet and I can ignore your toxicity.

        4. I’ve known of Red Pillers and the like for a while. I just pretend they don’t exist most of the time. Not worth it to think about, really. I’d rather think the best of my fellow humans.
          Cold, egotistical shell? I could say that about this community. You people are literally aspiring to be animals. Your doctrine or whatever relies on biological urges to convince you, completely glossing over the fact that what sets us apart from animals is our ability to bend biology and the world to our needs.
          Nothing I said was a lie. You claim I haven’t seen your beliefs before? They’re droll and banal. I come across them occasionally when I turn down a guy and he goes apeshit; “foaming at the mouth”, because he feels he’s owed sex for trying to be nice for a few minutes. I’m aware of what your ilk believes, and I know it’s based on pseudoscience and twisted meanings to reassure failures that the reason they’re unsuccessful with women isn’t because they’re failures, but because women are all somehow the problem :3

        5. Good. Your saving everyone with a brain the trouble of dealing with your entitled sense of self importance when you turn them down, and they can go find better women while your genes go extinct, dysgenics from waiting to have kids makes extinction an eventual, or the environment you put your children in due to your toxic self-centered mentality kills their spirit and they fail to reproduce.
          Why would anyone buy such expensive milk when it can be had for free using psychological tricks that attack your weak mental state and the fact the much higher quality, younger and unused milk can be had for the much cheaper price of realizing there are countless women and your pedestal is made of hardened sewage.

        6. Thinking everyone is equal = Entitled self-importance… got it!
          I mean, trash seeks trash. You don’t want to work for decent women, so you complain online about them. Only women you get aren’t indicative of most women, but don’t let that stop your thinking! Don’t want to get in the way of your circlejerk.
          I doubt you’ll be getting any of that so-called “higher quality, younger and unused milk”, since that isn’t usually given to pigs. Not all men are pigs, but the ones here are.

        7. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
          That’s rich. I am stronger than 99.98% of americans, am smarter than 99.9978%, and make over 200k a year. Your entitlement mentality is showing again, when you think you deserve to have any man working for your sake, let alone all the men in the country trying to prove themselves to you.
          I have improved myself to a degree that maybe 1 out of a million american women will. It is american women who refuse to put in the work, expect me to provide for them during the best years of my life when you all decided to throw away your best. For half a decade I got a good dose of vengeance pumping and dumping you fools, but you are about to be outcompeted by a bunch of traditional foriegn women you consider backwards.
          The salt of your tears and anger is delicious to me. I’m not even angry at you all; I just take sadistic pleasure in watching your rationalization hamster squirm.

      1. I know what you mean. Obama’s unwitting brown shirts…with a blue blazer instead of the standard SS uniform.

        1. See that’s why I never call them khakis now. Chinos all the way.
          I hope that’s not politically incorrect. I wouldn’t an SJW thug scrum coming after me.

  2. The problem as I see it is if we trawl for girls indiscriminately, we end up with mostly shit quality.
    But on the other hand it’s also too easy to disappear into your own world, become detached from the game, and end up a pussy worshipping recluse.
    It’s balancing these 2 approaches. Become the man you want to be, then use THAT to get the females you actually want.
    I’ve seen too many friends either lose all game and become hermits on one extreme; or end up swimming in a sea of slutty trash (club girls, tinder dates etc) and end up committing to one of them because it became all they know, as another extreme.
    It takes some real tact and discipline, (whilst still getting your fuck on) to succeed in today’s world.
    Not easy. Not for the weak minded or hearted. Beyond most chump’s capabilities in a debauched marketplace

      1. I don’t even think it’s a conscious effort to wife the ho.
        It’s just an inability to imagine someone … anyone … better.
        The problem with clubs, pubs, typical pick up places, is you’re basically trying to buy a Rolls Royce in a Toyota garage, and sure as shit they don’t sell em.

  3. But this is not a harem, this is keeping a number of girls on a string. Harem is when you keep them all together at the same time and they know it.
    Can you do that? <wink wink

        1. True but what the author describes is how to cheat successfully on a number of girls who all think that they are the One.
          That’s amateurish.

        2. It’s wise to learn how to be a truly great fuck. Women can’t keep their mouths shut if they encounter a guy who can make them cum like nobody else. This gives you instant word-of-mouth advertising, as they will tell all of their friends, and all of their enemies; they will tell every cunt within five feet of them. And they’ll be glad to be part of your harem. They’ll wait in line. Patiently. Because they know you could fuck all of their friends, and all of their female relatives, and any other woman you wanted to fuck. Watching porn movies isn’t going to teach you how to make a woman light up and cum like a pinball machine, however. You have to do your research, and you have to do your hands-on experimentation. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well do it right, IMHO.

        3. Yes. It would make more sense to let them know about each other right from the start. Women are interesting in that their own masochism turns them on.

        4. The harem girl who enthusiastically asks for ATM and squirts during the orgy the most… is the one who loves you the most

  4. Never make women priority. This article does exactly that. Being involved with 1 woman already is enough work. Without any drama and difficulty it would at least take 2hours for contact,meeting and having sex. Do that with 5 women and without drama and you are busy for at least half of your day. If you include drama which will happen (you simply kick her out) it will take more hours. Don’t come at me with your women are not priority and then tell guys how to build a harem. fucking hypocrite.

    1. So the way to not prioritize women is to not pursue them for sex….
      Um, ok. Best to not be hypocritical and be a monk living in a cave.
      If I were a betting man, I’d lay even odds on you being MGTOW. How close am I?

      1. Totally wrong. I never said fucking girls is wrong. I said that making them a priority is wrong. So before you come to any retarded conclusions you should learn to read.

        1. Oh good, a new shiny fun thing.
          So how does one lure a girl home without at least, you know, at some point, listening to her, talking to her, dealing with her with some level of investment (omg!)? Do you just walk out onto the street and whip out your dick and if one comes along, you grab her by the hand and go fuck? I’m not saying it’s wrong if that works for you, in fact, I salute you if that’s what you do.
          Or do you, well, invest a bit of time and energy? And if so, how is this different than your silly “make them a priority” spiel? To spend a bit of time and energy to obtain a girl for a proper rogering takes a bit of prioritizing. Do you ask her to your place for a meal, or do you go walk the dog? Quick, which is it?!
          Please teach me, as I am a naive waif with ever so little experience with the female of the species, astonish me with your vast reserve of wisdom. I beseech thee, verily.

        2. “Do you just walk out onto the street and whip out your dick and if one comes along, you grab her by the hand and go fuck?”
          Dude, if your not doing that, you gotta take your game to the next level.

        3. Sidewalk Exposed Dick Day Game. We gotta get Troy to write an article covering that.

        4. I explained that even with the minimum amount of work that it will take some time of your day. With that I mean that building a harem will take a lot of your day and therefore becomes your priority. I hope you retards understand it now.
          Update: I will get back to work, have a nice day.

        5. Dude, you’re too “try hard”. You’re not an internet badass hoss, sorry. And relax, we’re all here for something.
          Building a harem really isn’t that hard if it’s a FWB thing. If it’s you constantly heading to each apartment and causes you to be out 30-40 hours a week servicing them, then sure. If it’s “Hey, I got a rotation of 3 girls that I can call out of the blue and have sex within two hours” then it’s clearly not a problem. Go with the later, I say.

        6. The way I see it, three a week for an hour or two would add up to less time than most people spend on the couch or what have you.
          It’s not far off from the advice given to game newbies.

        7. So I more or less agreed with your sentiment and you toss out more ad hominem.
          We don’t need people like you in the movement, Mr. Jones. Nobody, in any movement, needs people like you. Your value is determined by your contribution, not by how many names you can sneer as insults. When you get a few more years under your belt and graduate high school, come back and then we can talk.

        8. Right? Exactly correct. So if you don’t watch television (Hey, come to think of it, I don’t!) then you have plenty of free time, even if you do spend some of it on a rotation of 2-4 chicks, for other activities. Christ, it’s not like this is rocket science.

        9. Like the guy above you’re opposing an argument nobody made. Who here has ever said “make women a priority”?

        10. Dude, if you read 5 books you make reading a priority, is that too hard to understand?

        11. No, I wasn’t calling you Jesus. Don’t be such a narcissist.
          It’s just some kind of swearing, you know? Part of language, you know?

        12. Did you just call me a name again?
          Don’t worry I’m just a Prozac away from being happy again.

        13. This site seems to have factionalized quite spectacularly over the last few weeks.

        14. It’s those feminists pretending to be nazis! Either way, equally insecure.

        15. Yep, we now have the Klan, the Mgtows, the PUAs and the guys like me, who really don’t give a fuck.

  5. I think that “don’t date inside your social circles” is dependent on which social circles. We all have at least a few we belong to. Not dating work social circles, absolutely, bad news there. But if you’re in with a tight, cool clique of friends, you can get some great connections and introductions. As long as that tight, cool clique of friends knows you’re not out for anything but some wet dick fun time, then you should be golden.

  6. It’s very wise to learn how to be a truly great fuck. Women can’t keep their mouths shut if they encounter a guy who can make them cum like nobody else. This gives you instant word-of-mouth advertising, as they will tell all of their friends, and all of their enemies; they will tell every cunt within five feet of them. And they’ll be glad to be part of your harem. They’ll wait in line. Patiently. Because they know you could fuck all of their friends, and all of their female relatives, and any other woman you wanted to fuck. Watching porn movies isn’t going to teach you how to make a woman light up and cum like a pinball machine, however. You have to do your research, and you have to do your hands-on experimentation. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well do it right, IMHO. Learning how to be a great fuck will not only get you a harem, it will open other doors as well – like the opportunity to become a kept man. And that would be something to brag about, not to mention the fact it will give you warm-and-fuzzy memories for all of your years. Learn to be a stud – focus on technique. Outfuck the competition. Then make ’em pay your way. Yes, it can be done. But not if you fuck like a retard in a porn movie.

    1. But not if you fuck like a retard in a porn movie.
      Note to self: Do not use the following phrase when introducing yourself. “Hi, I’m Simple Jack”

        1. Tropic Thunder. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

        2. I’ve been putting off watching that one; have heard good things about it. Now I’m gonna have to queue it up…

        3. Robert Downey Junior shined like the sun in that flick.

        4. I’ll bet he pulls some prime pussy. But can he outfuck the competition. I guess with that kind of bank, it doesn’t matter…

        5. I really can’t judge entertainers by politics any longer. If I did, I’d have to give up Stevie Ray Vaughn, and all of his socialist bullshit, BUT…also his amazing guitar.

        6. I’d like to think that this is an extension of his “Tony Stark would vote for Hillary” quip as Tony Stark is a liberal cuck.
          While he appears in this commercial as RDJ, he’s only appearing in it because he plays Tony Stark and that’s enough to keep hope alive for me.
          Hopefully RDJ is still sensible and remembers that he’s not Tony Stark when he goes to the voting booth.

        7. Why would you have to give up the music of a dead guy because of his politics?
          It’s not as though he can vote for Hillary today. Oh, wait….

        8. He’s doing an acting job like any other. If he refuses to do this then it dries up and he knows it.

        1. I’m way too big and scary looking to inspire pity.

      1. Ha. Stay away from women who have their best orgasms vaginally. They are dick sluts, and they will fuck up your harem when a large dick comes along (horse, blue whale, whatever). But seriously, I say focus on the clit girls. Definitely.

        1. My experience is the opposite. Clitoral orgasm is a bit like masturbation, so she can cum with or without you. You and your tool are not so important. Plus, the clitoris is their little rudimentary dick so if you ask me, they should not touch it at all.

        2. What is not true, that women can cum by rubbing their clitoris themselves? Or that any man that licks a clitoris, in fact gives a fellatio? LOL

        3. A very muslim line of thought, but I can’t say I don’t understand where you’re coming from…

    2. You’re being sarcastic here right? Because chicks don’t give a shit about how well you fuck, only that you fuck them. This “ooh he made me cum” stuff is just for the movies.

      1. Seems to be my general experience. I don’t really buy into this idea that if you fuck a woman good enough, she’ll run around telling the world how huge your dick is and how hard you sling it either.
        As far as I can tell, what a girl says about you post-relationship depends on only one thing.. who dumped who. When a girl is telling me about a guy she broke up with, you get your standard “oh he was a really good guy” stuff, then if you care to probe further she will tell you all his failings.
        If she was the one getting dumped though, they ain’t got shit nice to say about him. I’ve heard maybe one or two begrudgingly confess guy had a big dick or the sex was really good, but that’s it. The only other mention of sex they’ll mention is that “he used me for sex” or something like that. Everything else is all emotions that they clearly haven’t gotten over

        1. The girl I gave the best sex to, with multiple orgasms (about six in a row one time), stabbed me in the back and twisted the blade. I still haven’t recovered from the mental scarring.
          Girls I couldn’t give two shits whether they cum or not, I can’t get rid of.

      2. Women brag about shit like that (lying) because they conform with other women, and yet want to conform harder. “Oh yet, well i met chad thundercock 3.0, not just 2.0…”
        Watch how fast that turns into ‘he was abusive’ if you keep women around like that for more than casual fucking.

    3. Tell me more about this porn movie that had retards in it. It sounds somewhat… unethical.

      1. Titicut Follies, it probably the closest thing you can get w/o venturing to the darkweb.

      2. It would be easier to tell you about the ones that didn’t have retards in them, it’s a much shorter list

    4. Yes fucking a girls brains out will have her yapping it all to her friends. It’s great for the ego but personally I no longer give a furry rat’s ass about pleasing a woman.
      Even when I was actively gaming every woman that passed the boner test I would tell them that if a woman cums it is insignificant to me. Sure this made them angry but they didn’t stop fucking with me either.
      I no longer see it as much of an accomplishment to fuck a random slut. Sadly it does nothing for me. If I look down and see a pretty face sucking my cock, it’s just a momentary lapse until I want her to gtfo so I can do productive shit.

      1. I agree. But then, I’m not 25. My advice was for younger guys…because having been there and done that, I know all too well that the brain does not override the dick when it comes to thinking things through in your 20s. So if they are going to try it (which they will), might as well go all the way.

        1. Agreed on that clarification. Without the experience a male needs to get his feet….I mean dick wet.
          Since I have always had very little patience for trifling matters I perhaps am on a rather extreme end of the spectrum.
          However I think most males after achieving the lust and love of much younger women will lose the naive idealizing of how great it is and go back to being a man. Building shit and destroying his enemies.

        2. Exactly. We all pay for our education one way or the other. It’s like we’re all fools, and we’re all stuck in the same educational system (of life). But a man is just a lot more naive when he is younger (as you know). It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You want to wake up tomorrow, none the worse for wear. And women can fuck that all up, nine ways to Sunday. Young guys don’t get that because their sperm counts override everything else. Ah well. It will all work out in the end…

        3. If you date black chicks you will have to get your feet wet, buy rubber boots instead of condoms

    5. A kept man? Does that really work out for men, it seems to me it would go against biological imperative the same way that the “stay at home dad” movement, which cultural marxists push, does.
      I once worked construction with a few guys who were doing it to pay their wives’ way through nursing training so that they could retire early and live off of an “allowance” from their wives, once they landed hospital jobs.
      Along they way they realized that this was a terrible idea.

      1. The definition of a “kept man”, in the way I meant it, is a man who is given everything he needs financially, in return for giving a woman everything she needs physically. In other words, he’s a gigolo. His entire lifestyle is supported by a wealthy woman, in return for his sexual favors. This could be an exclusive arrangement if the money is right (live-in), or it could be a part-time arrangement. Think of it as doing what women do to men these days – “pay for play”…

        1. What makes that any different than the “house husband”?
          Gigolo to me is someone whose job is to go around giving women their fix, which I consider separate from being a “kept man”.
          I can’t say it appeals to me, it runs counter to biological imperative.

    6. Good advice. Have had my way paid for the majority of my twenties, because I understood the principle of supply and made my demand increase. If you get all aspects right, getting paid dinners will only be the tip of the iceberg.

      1. That was what I was aiming at with my advice. During my 20s (which was, oh, a thousand years ago) I either had a harem of five or more women, or I had my lifestyle financed on either a full-time or part-time basis by hot women, some of whom were younger than I was. So it was advice born of experience. Take these twats down, young squires. Sharpen your game and work on your sexual proficiency. It can pay off like you’ve never dreamed, and it can give you confidence that will fuel all of your future endeavors.

    7. This is the most effeminate, beta comment ever. Your ultimate goal is to become the bitch in a relationship with a female. Why not just let an old rich guy pound you in the ass? They are much more wealthy than any woman so they can “keep” you better. The problem with “making love” the way females enjoy is that it is worse than celibacy.
      And women cumming in porn is way less common than in the general population, ya right. Porn chicks are so detached from their bodies, self conscious and stuck in their heads, that’s why they go off like sprinkler systems on command LMAO

  7. I have to jet out of here but wanted to leave you guys with a little tip. Monday Night football, tonight – take the Giants +4.5 points against Minnesota. Small unit bet. Nothing to bet the house on here, but if the line drops to below 4 (say, -3.5 or -3), by the time we get to kickoff, double that small unit wager.
    Below is my actual rake from the actual college football bets I made in Nevada this past Saturday. I wrote the particulars on the right-hand side of this screen shot.
    Any ROK-er who is planning on going to Vegas for a little R&R, you might want to rattle my cage and let me know beforehand, because it could actually turn out to be a very profitable trip for all involved, if you get my drift, and I’m sure you do…

  8. I’m not sure that “harem” is the right term. Historically, this was the area of a Muslim household where all of the women lived (i.e. wives, concubines and servants). I’m pretty sure your girls are not going to know each other, let alone live together.
    A better term was coined by an ex of mine. She noted how many black men seemed to have a “portfolio of women”, available to call upon when necessary. So by all means build a portfolio.
    I think that “3 Strikes” is too many. In my experience if a girl fails to respond just once to your texts this is a sign that she is not interested. And its pretty damn rude in my opinion. There is no good excuse for not acknowledging a text. Next her.
    I would apply the 3 strikes rule to initiating text conversations. If three times you are the one initiating, then she’s done.

    1. Portfolio? Mitt Romney seems like a reasonably classy guy, so since he only had Binders full of women it might be a bit pretentious for me to have a portfolio…

  9. I have to jet out of here but I wanted to leave you guys with a little tip. Monday Night football, tonight – take the Giants +4.5 points against Minnesota. Small unit bet. Nothing to bet the house on here, but if the line drops to below 4 (say, -3.5 or -3), by the time we get to kickoff, double that small unit wager.
    Below is my actual rake from the actual college football bets I made in Nevada this past Saturday. I wrote the particulars on the right-hand side of this screen shot.
    Any ROK-er who is planning on going to Vegas for a little R&R, you might want to rattle my cage and let me know beforehand, because it could actually turn out to be a very profitable trip for all involved, if you get my drift, and I’m sure you do…

    1. I live in AZ and make periodic trips to Vegas. I may hold you to this offer, sir.

      1. The line on the MNF game just dropped to Minnesota -3.5, 10 minutes before kickoff. So I’ll take the NY Giants +4.5 (which I can still get at several Nevada books) for 2 units ($440)…
        ***Update: Well, we took a hit tonight. It happens. Final score – Minnesota 24, NY Giants 10. Net for game: 0-2, -2.2 units (-$440 @ $200 per unit). Net for season: 14-4, 77.78%, +$1940 (@ $200 per unit).

    2. Just curious, as I was very interested in this kind of stuff back in college. Do you have some kind of system/formula? How are you coming up with your bets? Also haven’t looked into it in a long time, are the offshore betting companies still around or did the US Feds strongarm the foreign governments into locking up their website operators under Terism laws? I’m a ways away from Vegas, but the stock market is a total sham, I’m considering placing some money betting sports. Although like I said before, I think college sports are too risky, as the players are just too unpredictable. Then again, I think you have less pros betting, and more casual fans, and it’s really all about the odds.. I have heard from some old bookie friends that college sports has the best odds (ie pro sport odds are closer to mathematically accurate while college is skewed by which team has more gamblers emotionally betting on it).

      1. Yes. I have a system. But it’s not something that can be easily outlined in a paragraph, or even an entire book. It’s based on keeping records and making hypothetical wagers over a period of six years, and, it’s also based on having insider knowledge. And I don’t mean that I call some guy named Guido and he gives me the skinny. I just have insider knowledge about what is really going on – not just in sports, but in the world at large. You can’t get knowledge that will help you with betting from a book. Whatever shows up in a book has been preapproved for consumption by the gatekeepers. So that’s a dead-end. But there’s a hell of a lot of money to be made in sports betting, if you know what you are doing.
        Technically, offshore betting is illegal in much of the USA, although I don’t think it’s enforced. Things are about to change on that end, and soon. But I wouldn’t put a dime into an online sportsbook. They have a tendency to not pay off if you start cutting their throat. You have no way to exact redress from them if they rip you off; you won’t be able to find them, as they are an offshore entity, and well hidden, in most cases; they’ll just take your money and refuse to give it back if you get too far ahead. Bookies are the same way as online sportsbooks. You bet with a bookie, if you get too far ahead, he’ll either refuse to pay you or he’ll cut you off.
        Which is why, until they legalize sports betting in the entire USA – which will most likely happen within five years – the only way to go is to make your bets at Nevada sportsbooks, or at sportsbooks in other countries where you can bet on USA college and pro sports at the actual betting window…

      2. Don’t do it dude. The vig will kill you and there is NO WAY you will be smarter than an army of bookmakers and all of their software running all kinds of data to NAIL down the betting lines each week. If you want entertainment then fine but you’re fighting a massive army that makes each game a toss up (with the line) and they take 10% each time. Nothing is as exciting or seemingly easy as winning at sports betting. You can nail 9 or 10 out of 13 three weeks in a row and think you’re a god but it will all come back. Probably the only way to win is to bet on low-media programs like Oregon State, Purdue, Wake Forest, Washington State for the first three weeks of the season before the bookies catch up. I used to bet against perennial powers who started struggling like ND, Washington, Texas etc for the first few weeks in the season. Start putting money on smart teams in the last half of the season like Stanford, BYU, Duke etc as they tend to improve and don’t go into meltdowns like the thug programs do. Once you start throwing out bets all over the place, all season long, you are dead. Another trick is to follow SEC games when they are playing at home against a non-conf. opponent. Like if Tennessee hosts someone silly like Sacramento State. If the game is at all close, then load up on the SEC team for the second half bet. You can bet just on the second half. If Tennessee is only up 3 at the half, then the second half line will reflect that but the SEC refs are on the way to the rescue and the home team will blow them out in the second half.

    3. I like where your head is at. I like to keep the pulse of betting lines myself. Never anything too big, though. I bet with and for play money.

    4. Weren’t you the one asserting on here a short while back that the NFL was rigged?

      1. It’s not rigged. Sometimes my sarcasm gets a bit hard to fathom…but, if I thought it was (rigged), I wouldn’t talk specifics.

  10. “Wandering through life without an end goal is pointless.
    Do you want a long term relationship, but the freedom to still sleep with new girls when you want? Or would you prefer to have a harem of four different friends-with-benefits relationship”
    …and eventually once a man has enough experience with them he wanders away from females to pursue things more meaningful in his life.

    1. Every time a woman accuses me of cheating even jokingly, I ask, “You really think I have the patience to handle more than ONE female’s bullshit? Really?”

  11. “The power of choice with women is important to living a good life. Once you have the ability to choose, your life will transform. You’ll go from the one getting chosen by women to the one doing the choosing.”
    You may not always be able to choose to have a particular woman. You always have the choice NOT to be with a particular woman. If you feel you don’t have the power to reject a woman, you’re probably emotionally traumatized. There is always a choice. Or, in other words, there is always the option to go your way instead of being swayed by fear.

    1. It seems that is the only choice we have left. I am sure it is worse for you than me but, my choices were I live are slim, I find myself having to reject more so than accept.

  12. I had a lot more than three in my portfolio last year. At one point, I slept with five women in five days. I got tired of it because I was losing focus on my work. You really don’t need that much.
    Three is maximum. Best is two, if the side piece can be trusted to keep her mouth shut.

    1. A side piece who’s a single mother is great. She’s glad just to have you around and will avoid antagonising you because its tough for her to get another.

  13. The only benefit of a harem is that it is the closest thing to having a good sexbot in the closet. I like sex with women but you have to have your male empathy center turned off to juggle that. I live in the male world of work competition and troubleshooting decision making the point of a mate is a place to be openly kind and friendly kinda like playing with a puppy. Juggling modern women is nothing like that it is like going back to a job you pay them to work.

  14. This seems like too much effort. I can just pay to have a harem at the Asian washy house. And when I’m done they fuck right off.

      1. They wash your ass and balls. Soap you up real nice and leave you with a shiny nutsack.

        1. Hm, sounds good. I usually take a flight to Bangkok to pay five ladyboy hookers to serve my messianic complex. But maybe it’s cheaper to go to a washy house in the long run.

        2. Yeah, I know, I want to marry four of them but that’s not legal so I will convert to Islam in january and then proceed with the marriages.

        3. And to think that someone on here a while back took the time to painstakingly insist that Thailand’s legendary ladyboy problem had been greatly exaggerated.

  15. Calling BS on this article. Barebacking five casual bitches and walking away unscathed? Lol what a dream. Would rather raw dog one or two quality, nice girls and enjoy my health/no contact with police or the underworld. The paint on my M3 is still great too, and all windows are intact. Author sounds like a cat hoarder. Oh and if you pursue this route, put all firearms/precious metals and cash in an off site storage location. In today’s world, where bargain bin bitches have a voice in court/society…piss this idea off. Would only work in the old days, when you could put a skank to the belt.

  16. Harems work if you live in hotel rooms, have herpes, and date bitches with warrants who crave domestic violence. Look at author’s pic…critical thinking yields teh bullshit fag here mis amigos. Web nerd trying to find a niche angle to market to. Just one thai or latina gf would Laurena Bobbit your harem venture when she caught wind. 48 Laws of Power, find a hole and mine it deep.

    1. Seriously…this kinda shit really makes me question why I ever still read ROK. A 24 year old greaseball trying to sell some “harem” book? What a joke.
      That super top AMOG of the universe GOJ who somehow has the time to hi jack EVERY SINGLE god damn thread makes it even worse.

  17. I have an easier solution.
    Move to Saudi Arabia.
    Marry girl 1.
    Marry girl 2.
    Marry girl 3.
    Marry girl 4.

    1. Playa I got Mormon girls in Northern Mexico though?! Be like David Kouresh, start a cult.

    2. I have a better solution.
      Move to germany.
      Convert to islam, so you can basically do whatever you want, if they don’t allow it (of course they will) scream racism and islamophobia.
      Marry ladyboy 1.
      Marry ladyboy 2.
      Marry ladyboy 3.
      Marry ladyboy 4.
      If your Imam doesn’t like this scream homophobia and he will go to jail.
      Finished. You now have your own Harem of Ladyboys. They suck very good and make spicy thai food.

    3. But how is quality of life there? I think an educated white guy can easily earn $100k plus, but.. what about your friends, hobbies, etc.? Kinda boring out there in the dessert, amiright?

      1. I know, I was actually being a bit facetious. Foreigners can’t even marry Saudi girls there sadly.

  18. Last week’s article with the female matrix graph-notice how the loser quadrant has a lack of respect for the opposite sex. Date quality women that deserve good men, be a gent, enjoy life.

  19. Oh come on!
    With a harem you’re actually bloody MARRIED to all of them. I can’t think of a more disturbing thought than married to more than one woman!
    On the flip side: can’t say I see the point of multiple skanks. Encountering one is bad enough. Why in the world would I want several? That is multiplying one’s annoyances in an overly extreme manner. 🙂

  20. “Girls do not fear physical cheating. They fear emotional cheating.
    You’ll be surprised at how many girls are okay with you having casual sex with other girls as long as you come back to them.”
    I can confirm this.

  21. So…
    How do you build the actual harem where you deposit, enclose and secure these 3 women?

  22. There’s a lot of contradictory views on this site. You can’t encourage this kind of behavior and then complain about feminists and Betas. Somethings got to give.

    1. Contradictory views is a sign of a healthy intellectual community.
      That said, harems existed in real life in the most red pill societies ever created. So, well, there you go.

      1. Well those civilizations did have a tremendous amount of problems because of that. One thing they would do to allieveate the is they would send their men off to war at an early age in part so that they would not compete with the men at the top of the socio economic structure. The ones that didn’t die would be able to then marry. Men would physically die but they would die as men. Now I guess we just kill our young men’s minds and spirit through our culture and schools so I think you’re on to something there. I’m not sure what you mean by red pill though, those societies were agricultural, so they had to operate with human nature not against it. But for the most part we would consider the people extremely superstitious and uneducated by today’s standards.
        I’m not arguing against free discussion which is great but that this line of thinking is ultimately irrational.

      2. Except this article isn’t really about a harem. It’s about a quickly churning rotation where old blood rotates out and is replaced by new. A harem is something else entirely.

  23. The only way to get a “harem” is to be filthy rich and gather whores round you that want your money and are willing to spread their legs to get it. Simply put. No amount of so-called game will change that fact. Poor men don’t have swarms of women on them.

    1. LOL!
      No, seriously, that’s just funny shit right there.
      When I was an E-2 in the U.S. Army I was inundated with swarms of Slavic chicks and once I got to Ft. Bragg, every other kind of chick. When I was a nobody coming out of the military and with a factory worker paycheque, I snagged an HB9 and married her up.
      If you can’t do that, that’s fine. But your experience isn’t universal, chief.
      Money ain’t got shit on being in shape and having a great social personality.

      1. I’m too tired to google for that picture of Zuckerman and his wife, but it would be germane to this conversation.

      2. I’m starting to think that solid, strong bulk is where it’s at. I saw it in person recently. The hands down wittiest, funniest, most socially smooth English guy I have ever seen in my life got absolutely nowhere with a stable of young European girls over a long beach party weekend that I was at. The girls had their eye on the DUMBEST, most immature American GI thugs that I have ever been around. They had muscle. The Brit witster did not. Female sexuality is becoming very male in nature. Muscle is starting to effect them like tits do to us males.
        Girls are done with 90’s, sensitive “I’m kind of a girl too” game. They are too aware of the shame of ‘gold-digging’ and their feminism has almost written that out as an option (except for full-on hood bitches). Being funny no longer matters either. Girls can click on cat videos or fail videos whenever they need a laugh. Because of the internet, female sexuality is becoming far more visual. They are barraged with male physiques now whether they like it or not. Male celebs are all lifters now. Male neck, shoulders and bi’s are a prerequisite these days. Clever dialogue is not. Muscles by their sides are the new handbag that women need to have a complete ensemble.
        I think that women are more and more disgusted with flab on males, weak torsos etc. The internet covers their social-psychological needs. Feminism and the ‘gov’t as daddy’ has covered their financial needs. They are now becoming surprisingly like men in their physical appraisals of males. They want muscle. It’s the only thing left that men can give. My prediction is that women will start sniffing out game tactics too. Negs will soon be as stale as ‘what’s your sign?’
        Young bucks;
        LIFT fundamentally and eat meat, nuts, milk, produce. Don’t sculpt or be some gay low bodyfat, bodyweight workout faggot. Compound lift heavy and eat. Get a neck, shoulders, arm and back. Legs will come along anyway. Don’t worry about your gay little abs or some nifty forearm striation from breaking apples. Big three; deadlift, squat, bench (also press, pullups). This is real muscle. Don’t be a chest and bi’s protein shake bro. Get strong in a natural way will multi-joint lifts and a decent diet. The one physique that women really went nuts for unanimously was that guy in the Diet Coke ad about fifteen years ago. He was just a strong man with maybe a vague four pack. He wasn’t a mirror-obsessed guy whose abs look like he’s half-insect. I also remember some female friends of mine who swooned over Bruce Willis and his strong, natural torso, but he wasn’t spending hours in the gym by any stretch.
        Watch John Wayne and older Clint movies and start acting like John Wayne or Clint.
        Lift and act like the Duke.

        1. Negs will soon be as stale as ‘what’s your sign?’

          I suspect that they already are, even the (better-than-expected) 2015 movie Kingsman: The Secret Service made a point to scoff at how they were ~10 years out of date.

        2. When on holiday women go full prehistoric searching for the strongest but when in their home land they go for good looks aka preety faces indifferent of muscle mass.

  24. $199 for an ebook, damn are these pua scams still working this well. i should get into it pronto!

    1. And a retired software engineer to boot… that means two tough years in the corporate world and it’s off to retirement on $199 ebooks.

  25. A real harem generates lots of kids. Otherwise it’s hedonism.
    The Mormons and Muslims have this part right. That’s why Islam is spreading like wildfire.

    1. you can’t have a real harem as a western man, you’ll get crushed by the system.

    1. Man children who browse this site and think about what they’d do if they actually looked good, had a good personality, and empathy.

      1. Browsing this site takes a few minutes, going on 3 dates/week takes hours. Moreover, reading the articles on ROK gives results, as opposed to meeting women.

        1. I meant men become miserable when they seek validation from having sexual partners.
          Actually, I think you guys are the weak men, because strong men don’t complain about the things you people do.

        2. You are right; men can start to feel miserable when their self-esteem depends on female validation. That is exactly why there has been somewhat of a paradigm shift on this and other websites.
          You may consider the readership of this site weak, but the men here are striving to become stronger and more resilient by working on their personal character development and by educating themselves.
          For many other men life is pretty much a downhill ride.

        3. Not validation from females, but themselves, really. They see this site and others like it, read the stories and judge themselves based on it. They see posters here and other places and forget that people lie on the internet. Just look at some of the stories here. Even in this discussion we’re replying on:

          Hey guys, Kyle from This Is Trouble here. I’ve been writing at ROK for three years now. The lessons I’ve learned from this have been essential to my growth as a man. It’s helped transform me from the awkward virgin to a guy who travels the world, has sex with beautiful women, and runs his own business from abroad.

          Call it what you want, but my guess is there are a few awkward virgins here. Nothing wrong with that, but the way the author poses it is almost accusatory. If an awkward virgin reads that, how are they going to feel?
          I see the reader base here as weak, because strong people reflect on themselves. They realize that you can only change yourself, and if something is wrong, you examine your own self before looking elsewhere. Life is tough for everyone. I’m not saying it’s harder for men or for women.
          Genders have different difficulties, but that doesn’t mean they’re not equal. I can sympathize with guys having to deal with false accusations of rape, guys who struggle to get custody of a child in a divorce, or even just visitation days. I understand that and truly feel for them. It’s an issue, but I don’t think the way this community handles it is the right way.

  26. I don’t get it though. You criticise women who have casual sex, but at the same time you want casual sex with women. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  27. He is young and has the stamina, desire, and couldn’t care less attitude that you need to keep an ever changing harem. Later though, when he wants to settle down with a life partner, a woman worth having for this won’t want or have to share.

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