3 Ways That Non-Profit Organizations Are Ruining America

Several years ago, I helped a friend out with his non-profit business. I qualified for a position (got fingerprints, etc.) and I was given the title of a BST—short for Basic Skills Trainer. Within a few days, I was sent to a client.

My first client was a single mother. I drove her to the unemployment office where she picked up a welfare check. This woman was 25 and had two children—from two different fathers, mind you. From all appearances, she was a perfectly healthy woman. I noted that in a third-world country, she’d be selling apples (or vagina) on a street corner. But thanks to Uncle Sam, she was living in a condo, collecting unemployment, and receiving the help of a “non-profit.”

The experience left a bad taste in my mouth. And it made me wary of the “non-profit” industry. So I began doing research, which lead me to an ugly conclusion: the non-profit industry is contributing to the decline of American culture; it does this by promoting feminism, undermining the role of the father, and bloating the egos of women.

1. Many Non-Profits Are Feminist

The Feminist Majority Foundation, Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian’s site), Feminist.com…all of these are non-profit organizations; in other words, they all receive their funding from the federal government. That’s ridiculous. The fact that the American taxpayer is funding Anita Sarkeesian should produce a small taste of vomit in the back of your throat. Apparently, the government believes that making YouTube videos about video game tropes is deserving of a pay check.


In today’s speech, I’ll talk about how to grease the government for thousands of dollars.

The feminist non-profit also highlights a blatant double standard. What manosphere site that fights for male causes (ROK, Rationale Male, Chateau, etc.) could receive non-profit status? Well, the question is rhetorical—none of course. If anything, the reverse has happened. The government has ignored a host of transgressions against the members of the manosphere: death threats, doxing, etc.

The companies I mentioned are only scratching the surface. There are hundreds more where that came from: Her Justice, Safe Nest, etc. These organizations take money out the taxpayer’s pocket and they route it back into the coffers of a feminist “company.” In short, the government sponsors a culture of misandry that undermines the edifice of the American family.

2. Non-Profits Undermine The Role Of The Father

Non-profits undermine the father by providing a parachute to women. A woman can cheat on her husband, file for divorce, and emotionally damage the children…no problem; the government will catch her. The non-profit is a safety net for women that make bad decisions.

I’m living proof of this. When I separated from my ex-wife, she went to live at a non-profit shelter for women. She stayed there for two weeks—all on the taxpayer’s dime. Meanwhile, I stayed in a hotel for a hefty fee. Of course, these stories are common to the readership. We know that equality is an empty slogan, and that misandry is the de facto philosophy of the government.


A non-profit leader, encouraging your wife to “Divorce that jerk!”

Without the non-profit, a woman would think twice about her actions. She’d realize that she has no safety net—that her actions have consequences. As Machiavelli stated, “It’s better to be feared than loved. People respect those they fear, but are fickle with those they love.” Very true. The ancients were strict with women, and the women behaved accordingly. But the modern government is a supplicating beta, bending over backwards to its female constituency. The result has been an increase in divorce and a generation of broken families.

3. Non-Profits Give Women Horrendous Egos

The women who work for the non-profit industry are usually arrogant. This was pointed out by Roosh in his video “10 Reasons Why Washington D.C. Sucks” (cue to 1:28).

“The city is stock full of boring, cookie-cutter women who get all of their value from their careers. This is a place where a woman think she’s made it in life, she’s   accomplished, not by being beautiful or by being a mother or by serving a man. But by having a fancy business card, for having a business card from a  non-profit…”

My experience has proven this to be true. From the case workers down to the secretaries, I found the women to be unbearable. They act as if a degree in social work is the apex of intellectualism. But most of them are credentialed—not educated. If you have a conversation with them, you’ll find that most are parroting the talking points of “girl power”: sexism, patriarchy (then rinse and repeat).


I’m so impressed by your shirt…let me put my head in the oven when you start speaking.

And God help you if you decide to date one of these women. The pitfalls of the “strong and independent” career woman are well documented. You’ve already been warned.


12% of the current US economy is the non-profit sector. Let me phrase this another way–the government creates jobs for 12% of the workforce. If you removed the non-profit industry, the unemployment rate would be close to 20%. People would begin speaking of the United States in the same way that they speak of Greece–a place with massive unemployment and a struggling economy.

Non-profits are draining the US economy. The US is 19 trillion dollars in debt and counting. It’s time to stop funding projects that don’t work. Non-profits do not create anything of value: iPhones, software products, medical devices, etc. Instead, they focus on helping people that–for the most part–are incapable of self-improvement. Moreover, they rob the country of valuable finances. This money could be used to cure a disease, or to explore a distant planet. Instead, the checks are going to Anita Sarkessian.

Now truth be told, some non-profits might serve a useful purpose. And I’m all for a kid with cerebral palsy getting a little help on the side. I’m not heartless. But as we all know, noble purposes in the US are quickly denigrated by the SJW Weltanschauung. It doesn’t take long for them to turn a “Let’s help” mantra into the “Fight the Power” battle cry.

Remember my adage—most women do not fight for male causes, and they are indifferent to the suffering of the average male. Therefore, you have no obligation to support their causes. Moreover, you should look for a way to end their government-sponsored organizations, since these organizations are taking money directly out of your paycheck.

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  1. Excellent article. The worst part is that feminazi NGOs don’t stop at America but want to empower girls in the 3rd world as well. Soon there’ll be no place to get a good, submissive, uneducated (with gender studies) girl anymore.

    1. western feminism sucks the blood of women in less developed countries, who will rarely see any material benefit from adopting feminist policies. Possible exceptions might be places like India where there already is a matriarchal tendency,

      1. “ossible exceptions might be places like India where there already is a matriarchal tendency”
        Which pisses me off as I’m very much into Indian broads.

        1. Seriously. The few Hindu twunts I’ve heard open their pie hole were Force 10 bitches.

    2. Of course, which is why they constantly shriek about child rape in rural third world countries – not!!

      1. The likes of Sarkeesian may not as they are just keyboard warriors interested in their youtube adsense revenue but that is not to say that there aren’t NGOs there who try to prevent men from visiting prostitutes or getting mail-order brides under the guise that it is to bust paedophile rings only.

  2. If you removed non-profit gigs, the UE rate would be 20%? The actual UE rate is around 25%, if these jobs disappeared, it would be 33%
    PETA spends ZERO dollars on attempting to change the laws btw; its all PR stunts. How many hundreds of thousands a year do the “executive officers” make for accomplishing absolutely nothing?

    1. PETA, like most non-profit advocacy organizations, really has no reason to exist anymore. Animal cruelty has been illegal for a long time. These laws are fairly well-enforced. Most people believe culturally that harming animals is wrong.
      Aside from PR stunts what else is there to do?
      You could say the same about groups like MADD, the Komen Foundation, etc.

      1. PETA need to have animal cruelty to continue in order for them to exist. They will start to redfine what “cruelty” is. Soon, not telling your dog you love it would be animal abuse.
        It’s the same thing with feminists and the rape hysteria. Rapes are so rare now so they say complimenting a woman will be considered sexual assault. See how that works. Then they say they are “fighting” for the cause.

        1. Great point- once the bogeyman has been vanquished, they need to redefine it or create new ones to justify their existence

        2. “Soon, not telling your dog you love it would be animal abuse.”
          Referring to your dog by “it” would be a crime. You would go to a jail if you don’t call it with faggot pronouns.
          “Then they say they are “fighting” for the cause.”
          They’ve been having it too good for too long, They need something to fight for to give their life a “meaning”.

      2. MADD was taken over by prohibitionists. The founder left over it. MADD won’t stop now until alcohol prohibition is re-established.

      3. GOODWILL is the worst.
        Cheapest mofos to work for as acontractor
        …. but spend lavishley on their HQ’s, personell and while offering programs for the “needy” we could offer out the back of Econoline van for $50 a month.
        Would loive ot know what % of collected donations go to actual “charity” at Goodwill..

  3. NGOs always struck me as slush funds for chosen people with the people working there with the same work ethic as public servants (aka. useless). Isn’t most of the money, regardless if stolen from the tax payers or raised through private donations (which are tax deductable), used mainly to pay high salaries to staff and then the rest donated to leftist political campaigns? Even then, those running them tend to embezzle as there is hardly any accountability to keep them in check (Google: William Aramony of United Way fame..heh).

    1. I think I just read they only need to report who they give $ to, not where they get the money from, sounds like a swell way to launder money. Dont forget all the sweet parties where everyone is patting each other on the back

      1. The Clintons Global Iniative/ Foundation was exactly that. Bribes donated to the fund (laundered) which are used to support the Clintons exploits and lifestyle. Keep in mind, this is from classly Bill Clinton who wrote off his used underwear at $3 a pair as a “donation” on one of his tax returns before he became POTUS.
        That is the type of people I associate with NGOs.

  4. Non-profits, like charities are all scams designed to empower those who are too stupid and too fucking lazy to do a thing for themselves. Then these genetic dead ends and wastes of human flesh will be pointed like guns at you, taking your jobs, taking your money and taking your dignity.
    It’s all well and good though because when the looming societal collapse occurs, these types of groups will be targets and their members will be easily identifiable thanks to all their social media bragging and virtue signaling.
    Can’t say I’ll shed any tears for these pukes when reprisals come from those they have helped to disenfranchise.

  5. 4. They open borders and encourage ILLEGAL immigration of third-worlders to the first world.
    5. They promote third-world cultures over European first world culture, while deconstructing it.
    6. They promote degeneracy in all of its forms.
    7. They help the average leftist to proudly promote his leftism through moral signaling.
    9. They try to export liberalism to the few remaining conservative countries.
    10. They do their best to drown the rise of the alt-right.
    11. They do their best to destroy first world economies and they help to ship industry and services to third-world countries.
    12. They help illegals pass through border fences by providing them the tools necessary.
    There! fixed it for ‘ya! Whoever can add anything please answer to the post.

    1. No man should ever volunteer for anything unless he has really vetted the initiative. Otherwise, it is safe to assume that it will be a PC, feminist, globalist driven initiative.
      All this ‘lean in’, ‘takes a village to raise a child’ is pure crap. None of if has any substantive meaning other than to be pure propaganda to control men.

      1. No man who lives in a country where tax is above 10% should give to charity. In the EU we are gobsmacked by how rich Americans get peer pressured and cajoled into giving to charity. Tax ALREADY is coerced charity.

        1. One of the worst things, IMHO, is that churches magically conflated charity with government relief programs, without realizing that they were getting in bed with the devil. Once government money is used through an organization, it has to conform to gov’t mandates.
          True charity is not done by stealing from one person (taxes) and giving to another (social relief programs). Charity is voluntary giving – where a person can control the use of the money. Do I want medical research on MS? Fine – I’ll send my voluntary charitable contributions there. PP? Hell no – but because it’s gov’t funded, I have no choice. Gov’t has NO BUSINESS in charity, period and stop.

        2. The church – particularly the American Catholic church – learned about this the hard way when they supported leftist politicians and eventually got Obamacare shoved up their crucible.
          Now Catholic organizations have to either cease offering health insurance or comply with Obamacare rules about paying for abortions, birth control, etc. Meanwhile they actively enable the “refugee” flood into America, unchecked and mostly male, pissed off and Islamic. Then the embarrassingly demagogic Pope calls capitalism evil and tries to tell me how to vote – in support of the one promoting more abortions-?!
          Is it any wonder guys like me stopped putting money into their collection baskets every Sunday?

        3. Also, in Massachusetts, they had to quit with adoption placement because the state decided that gay marriage was okay and that anyone working on services like adoption HAD to go by state rules. If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. And yet, the leaders seem surprised by all of this.

        4. Non profits Christian organizations are one of the main hands in refugee relocation. My research has shown that they do this without local government approval in a lot of cases.
          Sounds close to treason.

        5. I give my tithe to my church willingly, but mind you this is a super traditioal church and most of the money goes to missionaries.
          If i went to a mega church i woild not feel good giving money cause tey would probably spend it on shit like strobe lights for the worship service.

        6. I would approve of a welfare/healthcare system to a certain degree.
          For instance, if one were to lose their job suddenly for no fault of their own (company downscaling/outsourcing work or plain closing down) without any forewarning, you’d get about 6 months of your current paycheck to give a certain amount of time to find another employment. Alternatively, the company who wants to fire an employee for non-disciplianary issues has to give a 3 months forewarning. This is to promote social stability without promoting laziness.
          Similarly so for healthcare. Everyone would have to pay taxes equally for healthcare, but everyone could get deductions if they prove that they do the following things:
          – Prove that they follow a training regimen (subscriptions to state-certified gyms with electronic attendance reports)
          – They don’t smoke (here in Italy you have to use our equivalent of the Social Security card to buy cigarettes at the automatic dispensers, although it’s only to prevent minors from buying them.)
          – Keep an healthy body weight (see following point)
          – Subject themselves to voluntary medical examinations every six months (this would not only serve to demonstrate the a person has been eating healthy, but would also help detecting health issues in the early stages, when recovery would be both easier and cheaper).
          If one scores a 100% their healthcare-related taxes would be close to zero.
          One could live as unheatly as they want, but ultimately it would cost them more $$$, while people who live healthly would get access to free healthcare in the event that something unfortunate happens.

        7. It’s honestly a wonder to me that there are still card carrying Catholics out there but w LP said all the same.

        8. I would like to see a ROK article highlighting your research – now is the time for that kind of light to shine.

        9. You and I both. There’s a lot of stuff ROK should be writing about in my opinion. I often feel they are a little superficial in most articles, and your right the time is now to get deep and drop bombshells.

      2. Robert Conquest second law of poltics:
        “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”
        The founder of Green Peace, Patrick Moore, actually quit the organization as a result. Quote: ” Ultimately, a trend toward abandoning scientific objectivity in favor of political agendas forced me to leave Greenpeace in 1986.”
        Also once an organization has been built, grows and completes it’s original goals, new goals will be found to keep the apparatus going rather than dissasembling.

        1. That founder of Greenpeace was featured in the British documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” about eight years ago – he thinks the whole global warming thing is a complete sham that has nothing to do with Greenpeace and their original mission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Mx0_8YEtg
          That quote by Robert Conquest is pure gold. Limbaugh said this is why he will never have a “Limbaugh Foundation” of any sort – since long after he dies, it will, just like so many other once conservative foundations (Annenberg, Pew Research, Carnegie, etc.) become yet another leftist run drone.

        2. Or simply put an organization that allows women to become a majority sooner or later becomes a SJW organization.

        3. “..he thinks the whole global warming thing is a complete sham”
          It is a sham. It has nothing to do with science or honest enquiry, but a is facade to force through political objectives connected to the UN’s Agenda 21. I mentioned it before, I but I had prof who actually spent time working on the Kyoto study and he told my class back in 94′ that you will be seeing pseudo-science being pushed down your throats all connected with political objectives in mind. And here we are.
          *For the record, he said that after the 10 year study the evidence was inconclusive if humans had an Impact or not, but that was trashed and the doom mongering lies you have seen the last 20 years is the “narrative” we’re stuck with.

        4. The founders may have had good intentions, however the family dies off; new board member are elected over time who all fellow travlers and they start directing funding toward the causes of their choice.

        5. CO2 driven global warming is a complete scam. Anyone who understands how science should be done, how data should be handled and opens up the hood and looks at what they have been doing can see exactly how CO2 global warming is imposed on the data.
          Tony Heller over at http://realclimatescience.com/ has done impressive work showing the complete disregard for basic science to push a political agenda. He takes the publicly available data and shows how it’s manipulated and deceptively presented.
          The most damning evidence is the fit of surface temperature data adjustments to CO2 level that Tony did. The R^2 value is nearly perfect. A near perfect fit. That isn’t accident, it’s not coincidence. They are adjusting data to fit theory.

        6. Yes indeed, but why then does not an equal and opposite law exists? That any organization not explicitly left-wing sooner or later becomes right-wing?

      3. I do believe in the “it takes a village to raise a child” saying actually.
        But I interpret it in the traditional sense. That we ought to create strong bonds and tribes with others like us. And that we raise our (many) children within these tribes (villages).

        1. I get your broader point. However at the end of the day it takes a mother and father to raise a child. A village is no substitute for that.

        2. I tend to the think the natives Americans had it correct, in that their extended families, i.e. Brothers, uncles, cousins all lived in the same geographical areas. You could literally travel from village to village in a certain area and all would be kinfolk with the same unique customs. Ofcourse, at the end of the day father and mother are most important, but some balance is needed.
          Maybe we shall move to Wyoming and mimic this type of familial ancestral structure.

        3. I don’t think it’s meant as a substitute but as an integration. In fact, unless they keep their kids locked inside the house, children WILL be influenced by society. If you want to reaise them well, you need a good social environment as well.

        4. Indeed,
          That’s a given. But there seem to be something missing when two people try to do it “alone”. If nothing else, without a village or tribe which gives both the parents and the children a social context (complete with traditions and values), it’s likely the children will succumb to the mad values of the ruling liberal establishment (and generally be rootless).

      4. In Yemen all the non-profits were bribed by dictators that kill people and steal, except for Christian baptist missionary one and mother Theresa’s nuns. Hard core religious non-profits are alright when they are small. United Vision is so huge it became corrupt. Any secular non-profits are corrupt as hell, stay the hell away. Trade, not aid.

      5. So true. The reason I still do any work with these groups is to subvert from within. I’m the sweetest shitlord they’ve ever met.
        I do it to reach the young boys, to give them one strong voice of truth, reason, and experience in a sea of feminized, marxist hate.
        Young boys are STARVING for truth and masculinity but all they are getting is moar indoctrination, moar lies. Kids are much more keen than they are given credit; they know they are being abused but they lack the tools to express their discontent and the power to assert their will, and thus become just more kids with “problems” that need to be “counseled” and medicated.
        It can be heartbreaking. The hardest part is dealing with the bitch-hipped shitlib neckbeards. Which is to say, not punching them in their punchable faces, but having the restraint to employ more subtle shaming techniques.

    2. Brady gun control “for your safety”
      Media matters you know to fact check right wing “lies”.

    3. Yup, feminist do support third world immigrants. Take a look at the raging feminist lesbians in this video in Chicago supporting degenerate Indians:

    4. Well done. I volunteer quite often in not-for-profit. I have been cutting back my time because the SJW/Progressive agenda is becoming intolerable – and openly hostile to my kind (unapologetic white male).
      They used to at least try to hide the fact that they want to destroy western civilization, aka “Progress”. No more. So even though much of what they do can be categorized as “good”, the whole of their work is a perversion of that goodness in the name of something darker.
      Evil does not destroy directly, it leverages human nature to pervert, which results in an inversion of values, a new relative morality, unbound by natural law, and thus fostering corrosion from within.
      Here’s a few more, from my experience:
      13. They pervert the righteous morality of profit, but solicit from those who actually create profit through hard work and taking risk.
      14. They pervert virtuous human emotions like compassion and empathy by appealing to the base human emotions (see: moral self licensing) in order to propagate their agenda.
      15. They pervert the righteous morality of altruism by impregnating it with guilt and shame until it becomes a pathology where only the most self-destructive are truly virtuous.
      16. They propagate the Intolerance of Tolerance by constantly balkanizing and then preying upon the resulting strife among the various groups they have created and fed with hate.
      17. They pervert the idealism of youth into the dogma of progressivism, often forever trapping young souls in a dissonance of lies that forever stunts their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. They literally steal children; luring them to the Land of Toys where they become Donkeys.
      18. They pervert the development of wisdom through experience and introspection, in favor of indoctrination, entrenched dogma, and eventually: extremism, absent of morality.
      19. They divert intellectual and human potential from productive enterprises – and thus the path to liberty, self-sufficiency, and surplus, toward the parasitic class, forever enslaving them in a paradigm of perpetual deficit as mere tools of the elite. AKA The matriculation of the Useful Idiot.

    1. Because in theory they use the money only for the accomplishment of a particular task or goal and not for their own enrichment. This is true only for the volunteers, but the commanding executives have their own set of rules.

      1. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a profit to be able to accomplish something that’s important to you without having to give anything in return?

    2. I’m coming for you, Tom.
      Just furnished my room in the shared apartment here in Munich.
      First thing I did was taking a dump.
      Now the toilet is blocked.
      My future housemates are still working.
      So the first thing I will tell them is that I took a dump and my shit got stuck.

        1. Seems like there is no plunger here.
          Can I use your toilet for the rest of the day?

  6. #3 is so true. Half the time when I meet these broads, they think the mere mention of “non-profit” is enough that I should be already putting them on a pedestal. Typically, they’ll simply describe their job as “Oh, I manage a non-profit startup firm.” As if “Oh, I work in a taxable industry” is a specific enough description of my job (actually, that’s about as much detail as I prefer to give out to strangers, but they are attempting to use their occupation as a sign of social status).
    I don’t really care how the tax authorities classify your business; if I care about it at all (and I rarely do) I’m interested in what you do at your job. And yes, all non-profits I know of pay salaries, often good ones; they differ only in that any funds left over at the end of the year are not called “profit” and don’t go back to the owner. Unless you’re the owner of a business, the non-profit status doesn’t affect you at all.
    Anyway, I’ve run businesses that don’t generate a profit–after paying me a manager’s salary, there are no funds left over. That doesn’t mean I’m doing anything holy or special, or that I’m shunning greed. Just that the revenues are all paid out as salary to the owners. Amazon was a “non-profit” company for many, many years and only recently turned a paper profit. You think a lot of people involved at Amazon weren’t filthy rich during those years?

  7. And when they throw around the increasing number of women becoming board members of companies I wonder just how many of those companies are not for profit outfits?

  8. One problem with non-profits / charities is that the workers end up having an awkward relationship with their own egos, something which seems a lot of the time (if not necessarily always) to result in hypocrisy and a kind of submerged resentment vis a vis the rest of the (profit-making) world. People who make money doing what they love tend to be happy people, but with charities etc, your main occupation involves working towards some pro-social cause for a wage (although some work for free) as though doing good was what you loved and making money wasn’t really that important (since the wages are rarely going to match those in an incentivised private sector)
    Well-organised charities etc. tend to manage this tension quite well by financing themselves / fund-raising effectively, but that tends to the exception. In the charity sector, by virtue of it’s non-profit making nature, the importance of fund-raising or grants, etc, money often becomes all important, and people who who think they are there because they are good people who care about important causes, slowly realise they are more self-motivated than they thought, and in some cases, maybe most become dire hypocrites. When you add in the inevitable viciousness of a internal politics inherent to any organisation where resources are ordinarily scant, you have a recipe for hypocrisy and strife: people who will sublimate the frustration and resentment they feel into greater political or social goal they are working towards
    There is also a strange relationship between political power and charity / charitable foundations (the Clinton foundation being the most obvious and notorious example). Making money remains to this day a slightly dirty idea. Charities may be technically non-profit, but what they do provide is social capital, something which can be more valuable than gold. The rich and powerful always get richer and more powerful to the extent they can freely exchange and convert social and political capital from one form to the other.
    Someone needs to psycho-analyse the charity sector

  9. Remember my adage—most women do not fight for male causes, and they are
    indifferent to the suffering of the average male. Therefore, you have no
    obligation to support their causes.

    HeForShe just had their second anniversary. This morning I watched a Sargon of Akkad video about it. The whole time she spoke as though she was about to start crying. This is their objective:
    UN Women’s Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality bringing together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all.
    So Emma Watson expects that men groveling and white knighting to women is somehow beneficial to men?

    1. I work in a County jail in upstate NY. Everyone sheds a tear for the pregnant crack whore, yet men are not given the same treatment. When I point out that most male inmates (about 80%) were raised by a single mother/female and therefore are the victims of single mother bad parenting, I almost get physically attacked. My shoot’em down point is: “well, we’re equal now, so women have to take up 50% of the blame”. They always try to give the argument that I blame single mothers. Not at all, just 50%, because we are EQUAL!!

      1. Nothing screams oppression and victim hood more than being a pregnant crack whore!
        The stats regarding the children of single mothers speak for themselves. They have a much higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. Boys have a much higher rate of getting in trouble with the police and ending up in prison (as you know first hand) while girls have a much higher rate of teenage pregnancy.

  10. Nonprofit – the term itself suggests high minded altruism. So many people don’t realize that nonprofit is simply a tax category – it doesn’t mean nobody makes any money. See the higher education industry for several examples of feeding at the public trough for fun and (“non”) profit.

  11. My problems with non-profits have always been :
    1. Whichever problem they are working on eventually is taken care of so they will expand the definition to suit their needs, modern feminists are the perfect example for this.
    2. If this were the private sector, many of them would be put out of the job given the lack of success for many of the problems many claim to work at yet are still many out there. Preventing child abuse is one, and I live in a city where almost daily you hear about either physical or sexual abuse of a child while like clockwork you’ll hear from the non-profit anti-abuse groups. Despite the number of groups, child abuse in my native town has stayed approximately the same statistically.
    3. They always need more money. Never mind the grants they receive from the government, that’s never enough. More money without any means of proving where or how it was spent. Tax payers, whip out those checkbooks because we need more money to show Jason and Jennifer don’t deserve to be spanked for yelling at daddy when he said no and they threw a tantrum over a toy at WalMart.

    1. It’s not about a toy at WalMart. It’s mommy and daddy being completely irresponsible and squirting out kids because a social services safety net is there. Crack whores and drug addicts just can’t figure out going to a drug store and buying condoms.
      I wonder what the percentage correlation is for single parent households and child abuse is?

      1. “I wonder what the percentage correlation is for single parent households and child abuse is?”
        Through the roof. Mom brings home strange men and likes to party which opens the opportunity. Even if she keeps it out of the home, she still needs babysitters which still has a risk.

    2. “Never mind the grants they receive from the government, that’s never enough.” No shit Sherlock, have you ever thought that hmmm, maybe the world just has a lot of problems?

        1. I don’t have a solution for everyone else, only me and mine. I would suggest that a good place to start would be to de globalize.

    3. I dont know much about child abuse charities, but is their goal really to end child abuse or to just help those who have suffered from it?
      I would have thought it was the govts role more to reduce child abuse though, media campaigns, trained officers for dealing with it, punishments to deter, specialists to help vulnerable families in crisis or remove kids from the parents custody. Its something that is going to be really hard for a single entity to reduce, as not a lot people knows what goes on behind their neighbors doors, until it has already happened, sometimes years later.
      As for item number 3, when it comes to govt grants they really should be made accountable, and I’d be surprised that they don’t I could be wrong tho. It would be good if non profits also had to have a financial affairs (PnL and BS and CF) page on their website.

    4. Keep in mind they have to drum up the child abuse claims as much as possible to receive more funding no claims no funding.

  12. Why don’t we start our own non profit to help men dealing with divorce rape?

  13. Hey yall, im a daily reader of this site and have applied alot of the advice given here in my own life as a 23 year old male. However im still clueless as far as what to do with my life. Can anyone share with me any advice as far as what is a good career to go to school for, or the best trades to get into? Any thing with a promising future in the job market.. thank you and God bless

    1. If you have a high IQ -> STEM
      If you have an average IQ -> pick a trade like electrician, plumber, oil rig worker etc
      If you have a low IQ -> join BLM

      1. Heh. I like the low IQ thing.
        I don’t think it’s necessarily the case though for high and average IQ’s. If you’re high IQ but social, or enjoy working with your hands, you’ll be perfectly happy as a plumber and probably will end up owning a plumbing business (which requires brain power). I’m high IQ but I routinely refuse to hang with uber-IQ types in real life, I loath them generally speaking. They’re either introverts and painful to draw into a conversation, or they’re snide arrogant pricks who end up repelling me due to their lack of social awareness. Generally I tone down my “intellect” and hang out with blue collar men, where I find a level of honesty that I can’t find with the high IQ types, they’re social as hell, and fun to hang around or ride out on the open roads with. Chad Stockbroker or Biff Engineer bore me to tears.

        1. You’re right on high IQ individuals being pricks. They are the prototypical academics, SJWs to no end, desperate virtue signalling whores. Prof. Moriarty from Youtube channel Sixty Symbols comes to mind as he recently started to stare in pro-SJW cause videos and of course that guy who sent the space probe (forgot his name) and cried because he wore the “wrong” shirt comes to mind as well.

        2. I actually mean real high IQ, not SJW virtue signaling idiots spouting big worded boilerplate. But yeah otherwise.

        3. Thunderfoot may not be a SJW but he does identify as a leftist though.

        4. If you mean rightism is the status quo or in the past, and you mean leftism is everything else, then yes. The reason rightism isn’t popular with people of high intellect is due to rightism being fundamentally anti-intellectual. Rightism automatically starts with everything in the past being good and any change is bad, regardless of the situation.

        5. Ah a but like the dilemma I have calling myself conservative (as in rightist) but being an atheist at the same time. I used to be on anti-religion forums until I couldn’t bear the feminist ideas of my former “allies”. It’s a difficult position to be in. I feel 100% home in neither group.

        6. Why do you call yourself a rightist in the first place? While many of your ideas might align with the right wing, that does not make you “right wing”.

        7. I never said you are a leftist, I asked you why you are a rightist. Not being a leftist doesn’t automatically make you a rightist or visa versa.

        8. I believe in small gov, low taxes, property rights, submissive feminine women, traditional gender roles.

    2. Don’t look for a career “just because”. Instead, figure out what kind of life you want to end up living. Will it be one defined by oppulence and travel, or one of contentment and peace, or one of excitement and thrills. Where, in short, do you want to be in life when you turn 45? Figure out what the end point destination is as far as your goals for life (not career). Once you know your end point, reverse engineer what is necessary to get there from a career perspective that utilizes your natural strengths.
      A short example:
      Goal: “Life of contentment and peace with great sense of job satisfaction.”
      Careers that offer this: Skilled Trade careers, computer programming, writing (for example)
      What to pursue as education: Trade schools, self-taught programming or college for literary education (or just picking up a keyboard and start writing)
      That’s basically how I’d suggest moving forward. I can tell you “Hey, get a degree in engineering!” but then, you may not find any real satisfaction in that ultimately for a variety of reasons. I mean if you want to be a billionaire, unless you invent something fucking amazing and patent it, you’re not going to become one as a mechanical engineer. And so on.

    3. cronyism/nepotism- what do your friends/family do? Work that angle, “following your dreams” doesnt work much anymore
      govt job(yeah, I know Ill get heat for this, but its hard to get shitcanned from those jobs)
      If you are a white guy- look into your background, go to ancestry.com , even if you are only 1% Native American, put it down on a any job app that you are a minority/other

        1. It is what it is. Play the gay/transgendered angle if need be just to get your foot in the door. 2 or 3 years later, when you get a better gig, just tell your coworkers you were confused at the time, straight as an arrow now

        2. Or, just say that you self identify as a female lesbian transgendered otherkin. Nobody will know what the fuck it means and it leaves you free to boff girls with impunity.

      1. I found out some of my ancestors bought land in Mexico before the various states became American territories/states. Guess who’s now “Hispanic?”

        1. Muy bien, amigo!
          I’m fucked, I’m permanently Bleach White and there’s no way around it since we don’t have much history in the U.S. as of yet.
          The Scots were brought to the U.S. as slaves once upon a time, usually the criminals that the English got tired of, so they’d Bottany Bay them over to the U.S. (and, of course, Australia). So technically speaking, I’m the motherfucking descendant of slaves, where’s mah gibmedats?!?

        2. Any Irish in there? You might be able to play the “centuries of oppression” card because they were considered second-class in the US…

        3. Nope, not a lick o’ Irish. Except, you know, Scots are actually Irish who moved a bit north. But we don’t like to tell people that in public much, because it’s fun to keep folks off balance trying to “guess the brogue” (hint: there isn’t a difference)

    4. There are three things EVERY company needs: someone to handle money, someone to keep technology running, and someone to do the schmoozing.
      If you’re good with organizing and prioritizing, get some job working with money.
      If you’re good at trouble shooting and dealing with irritating people, get a job with technology.
      If you’re good at making people feel comfortable, get a job schmoozing – sales, recruiting, purchasing. BUT you’ll need to be good at something else as well. Schmoozing only works if you eventually deliver.
      The key to being successful though is persistence. The main reason young people fail is a lack of patience and persistence. At 23 years of age, you are worthless. I don’t mean you’re a bad person, or failed in any way… I mean that you currently possess virtually no value. You lack experience and likely possess too much confidence. You likely want to receive more than you contribute.
      We are all like this at your age.
      No matter what you do, the only thing that matters is ability. And ability only matters if others are aware of it. AND even with ability and recognition, you’ll have to work hard.
      The thing you must understand is that it takes YEARS to get anywhere. If you’re in sales, it’ll take you about 5 years to make connections and to develop a reputation. Until you get those connections and rep, you’ll never make any money.
      The barrier you face, the barrier all young people face is this: EVERY new employee performs well initially. What employers need though is stamina. Take advertising: young copy writers all start strong with solid ideas, but 6 months later they’re a dry well. To make serious money in advertising you MUST have a rep for being able to produce day in, day out, for years.
      You can be successful. You need to listen. You need to obey. You need to be patient. But, most importantly, you need to make a decision to stick with something, anything, until you’re good at it. Getting good at anything will take you years. Not days, weeks, or months. YEARS.
      Myself? I do a little of all three I’ve mentioned. I make good money. I like my job. I’ve got respect and power. It’s taken me about 15 years, and some seriously lucky breaks.
      Good luck, son. Keep a good attitude. Be helpful. Listen to the old farts who seem to have a good thing going. Kick ass, and then quietly let people know you kicked some ass. Slow and steady, and keep your course.

  14. My wife used to work for a non-profit. It seemed like an immensely toxic place to work. Lots of guilt-trips when someone wanted a raise or decent health insurance but the women at the top of the pyramid made money hand-over-fist. There was always some sort of “voluntary” charity event going on every other weekend, too.
    One of the big scams you see nowadays is these used goods donations. You assume they’re going to be distributed to the needy or sold to directly fund the charity. But what’s actually going on is that they’re partnered with a for-profit company(either a Goodwill sort of place or an overseas wholesaler) that buys the stuff from them by the pound.
    They’ve gotten increasingly evil as they’ve grown, too. United Way teams up with corporations and employees are strong-armed into donating. Susan G Komen sues smaller charities constantly.

    1. My experience with non-profits is that they conceal the true nature of crime and where it comes from.
      A lot of criminals – rapist, arsonists, child molesters – are mentally ill and should be institutionalized. These same non-profits are the people who killed our mental institutions. Non-profits quite literally put predators on our streets and are now paid by the government to keep them on the streets. The revolving door criminal system is due to these mentally ill monsters who get special treatment because they’re wards of the state.

    2. United Way is the worst in my book. People need to realize that you might want to donate to a couple of specific chararties under their umbrella, but you do NOT get to decide where your donation goes. UW does.

      1. According to the rep at work you can pick where you want the UW to send your money. But I doubt that is actually the case. And if it were it would beg the question of why the middleman is needed in the first place.
        Similar deal with Heifer International where you can supposedly pick whether to send goats to Kenya or chickens to Bangladesh or whatever. You have no way of knowing where your money was actually directed.

      1. They’re really defensive of their IP in ways that resemble the Olympic Committee or Disney. No one else is allowed to race for a cure, et cetera.

    3. “They’ve gotten increasingly evil as they’ve grown, too. United Way teams up with corporations and employees are strong-armed into donating. Susan G Komen sues smaller charities constantly.”
      I am sure that there is some cattiness involved. One woman “executive” does not like the female “executive” of another company, because she is married and lives in a nicer house. Some such nonsense. Never underestimate out a woman’s ability to be ruthless to her fellow kind.

  15. Let’s not forget education and medicine. Teachers and nurses are two of the biggest drains on our taxes.
    Social workers, nurses, and teachers – it’s a triumvirate of derp. I get to deal with all three on a regular basis. There’s no word to describe the disconnect between ego and ability.
    English teachers who are functionally illiterate and who think J.K. Rowling is Shakespeare or Wodehouse.
    Nurses who cannot create a new file folder on their desktop think they’re cross between House MD and Jesus curing lepers.
    Overweight, 2 pack a day, 12-step-fake-it-till-you-make-it social workers who go into courts and make recommendations on how others should live their lives.
    We’ve allowed women to raise the worst of us to the status of heroes.

    1. What the hell do you have against nurses? They do a hell of a lot of work and it’s nearly a thankless job most of the time. It’s also a proper career for channeling women’s natural impulse to care for others.

      1. Do you work with nurses? Nurses are some of the dumbest, trashiest women alive. I work with nurses. They’re warm bodies and manual laborers at best.
        And “natural impulse to care for others?” Are you trying to be funny or sarcastic? What sort of shit is that?
        Have you ever seen any of the horror stories regarding what women do in day cares and retirement homes?
        Women do not have some natural nurturer gene any more than men have a natural fighter gene.

        1. Maybe a small percentage but the ones I know are very homely and crazy about kids.
          And it’s not easy work unless you call a 12h+ shift easy.

        2. Nurses give good head.
          Get that side of the tongue fluttering under the cock head? HO! Talk about serious nut porridge.

        3. I work with nurses and your statement is a wide brush painting them all with one stroke.
          ER nurses deal in emergent situations that require quick thinking and interventions to stabilize life. ICU nurses need to have a deep understanding of pathophysiology for long term care of patients with life threatening illness.
          As for the comment regarding nurses in retirement homes and nursing homes, be reminded that those nurses are the ones that could not cut it in the hospital and found themselves wiping ass and feeding grandpa because she cant take direction or think fast enough in the operating room.
          I am not sure where you work or at what capacity your work puts you in contact with nurses. But the regional hospitals and medical centers where I come in contact with nurses are top notch and filter out the scum quickly.

        4. Work with them? I’m married to one. Works in Oncology, treating seriously horribly ill cancer patients. Whatever the hell the nurses you know are doing, I just can’t tell you.
          Men do have a natural fighter impulse, and women do have a natural caring impulse, shit, it’s built into mammals by default, hoss.

        5. Excuse me? What are you smoking? I know a lot of nurses, and they are about the smartest and most compassionate women I know. Most nurses in hospitals know more about a patient’s condition than the doctor making rounds. There are some bad ones, but your generalization is wrong.
          But – quality of US-educated nurses, like educators, is rapidly going down. In times past, an ambitious woman went into teaching or nursing – and they were damned good. Now, the brightest try other things, leaving the dregs of female college populations to go into nursing and ed.

        6. Women go into nursing because its a 100% guaranteed job when they graduate thats why a lot of them or fat whales or whores, its either that or being around bratty kids in school.

        7. Imagine that…going to school for a guaranteed job. How dare they have the foresight to consider good paying and stable careers.
          Also, most women are fat, its not exclusive to nurses alone. But I would wager there are far more fat office working female that sit in front of a computer all day as opposed to nurses that are constantly on their feet.

  16. “I noted that in a third-world country, she’d be selling apples (or vagina) on a street corner. ”
    Interesting that the author mentioned this. In fact, in Mexico City’s markets better known as tianguis, many of the leaders of vendors associatons happen to be women. My understanding is, most of these women got to where they are but selling stuff on the street, anything from fruit to tacos to used clothing. Not to say that these ladies didn’t use some feminine charm or trickery to get their way, but still, seeing how though 3rd World life is, can one blame them. Heck, seeing how females have made it to the top of no other than drug cartels speaks volumes of the toughness and resourcefulness of these women.

  17. Someone post the actual percentage of your donation that reaches a charity cause…is there an 80% “management” fee? Like hawking penny stocks or running a cult

    1. It depends on the charity. Some dealing with veteran’s affairs are under 5% management fee. On the other hand, things like the Clinton Crime Family Foundation are reported to have over 150M in expenses one year, and gave 5.8M to charitable causes. If you are going to donate, you must do research to find out it’s legit.

  18. And let’s not forget the worst non-profit of them all: Public Universities. It’s basically boot-camp for social justice warriors.

  19. Part of destroying free market capitalism in favor of socialism is to convince people that earning a profit is evil and selfish. But if not for the incentive of making a lot of money and living the good life, many of the inventions that changed the world and made life simpler, safer and healthier would not exist.
    All non-profit means is that what money comes in goes out. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it goes toward worthy causes. Many non-profits pay their personnel exorbitant sums that don’t necessarily correlate with their effort or the the difficulty of their jobs, but hey, salaries are a deduction on the tax forms. Many personnel of non-profits take their clients and business liaisons on expensive lunches and dinners 4 or 5 days per week that involve a generous alcohol bill is as well.
    These non-profit jobs are usually rife with women and men who have little ambition but Cadillac tastes.

  20. Too bad The Turks missed Anita Sharkfacekeesian’s family back in 1916. Is every single American woman with a drop of Armenian in her many shades of worthless??

  21. I’ve helped create a few small to medium size non-profits and I sit on the board for only one of those. I am the last non-liberal director, and I fully expect to be replaced by an Entity lackey inside of two years.
    When I say ‘Entity,’ I mean exactly what it sounds like. It’s a category of gigantic, cold and callous organization/business. It can seem like an Entity makes more paperwork and rules than any actual product. When you deal with an Entity, you are on the phone for about an hour with robots and helpdesk drones, the paperwork sounds overly “official” and any product probably went through HR and several focus groups. They can’t even return an email without redirecting you to another department or rule while inserting a 23-line long footer. They favor bureaucracy and political correctness. They are the system.
    Anyway, new non-profits generally have to recruit their board of directors from volunteers. This is a problem since Entities like Unicef or United Way take the opportunity to insinuate their own underlings into the board. This just produces nonprofits that act a lot like the same awful Entities we all love to hate. It’s a plague.

  22. Fuck non profits fuck charities and fuck the sniveling little cunts who are always trying to shame you into giving your hard earned post tax dollars to them so they can take 30% of it to cover their “overhead” costs of lining their executives pockets.

  23. I’ve been noticing things like this for a few years now. If you pay attention to activities at work, on social media, walking the street, pretty much everywhere, you can’t escape someone asking you for money.
    I’ve seen countless friends on social media pushing their go fund me pages only to find out they are simply raising money so they can travel to Europe. I’ve even seen people start up non-profits where they travel the world running 5Ks for women in the tech industry. They get to that country, run a 5K, shake hands with the girls (who have great jobs and are not oppressed) and then they go party. And then off to the next country. In other words “Please help me help women by funding my world travels so I can get more stamps on my passport to brag about.”
    Then you have people setting up go fund me pages for friends when their dog dies, when their car breaks down, when they get a speeding ticket, blah blah blah. Its like a society full of mooches.
    I walk 3 blocks to work and in that three blocks I get asked for money by someone 6 times both ways. It is unavoidable. Gay rights activists, churches (a dude with books and probably not from a church), kids with fake fund raiser sheets for their school sports teams. These are kids walking around with a wrinkled xerox copy of some bullshit fundraiser and they have neck tattoos and dressed in their hood gear asking for money for a middle school sports team.
    I get asked by regular bums on the street. Some are really homeless, most are not.
    I get asked every single time I check out at the grocery store.
    I get asked when I go to a concert, sporting event, beer fest.
    And the worst is at work. Thats the one place outside of home where I’d think I’d be free from that since there’s actually work to be done and we’re busy. Nope. There is always some poor oppressed group they’re all taking money for (groups that aren’t oppressed.)
    So the only conclusion I can make from all of this is that somehow these socialist fucktards that have taken over our government have somehow had their “redistribution of wealth” ideals permeate every second of our lives everywhere we go. Its like one big training session pounding it into your head that “your earnings aren’t yours.”
    I like to help people. But I prefer physically helping someone or obtaining something they can use going forward rather than just throwing money at a problem that will likely get stolen or misused.
    /end rant

    1. Fuckme thank God I drive a big pick up everywhere these *uckers know not to make eye contact or I might run themover.
      Remember some old begging cunt downtown ask me to buy her lunch as I went into a restaraunt with a co-worker. Told her to “Fuck off and die!” Man that felt good!

      1. I get hit up by these gay rights activists on a daily basis. One day they were like “hello do you have one minute to talk about gay rights?” And I was like ‘I’m sorry I’m on my way to Chick fil a.”

        1. You should say “No thanks mr Queer, I don’t want to catch aids.” LOL
          Here they hit you up at the liquor store as well. “Do you want to donate $2 to such and such hospital.”
          I’m thinking **** my %50 overall tax rate and all the mouching the Sate does off me isn’t enough for as many MRI machines as we need?
          There are days I wonder what do I work for? For lazy c**** to prosper??

  24. Another overly simplistic and superficial look at the present condition without understanding how it got this way.
    The wealthy industrialist and banking families of the early 1900s failed in their mission to create utopian societies through economic domination, company towns, and so forth. As a result of this, tax code, and their desire to manage society the various large foundations we know today were created.
    Today these foundations often fund other smaller more local non-profits that are working towards the desired aims. Meanwhile the various think tanks and policy orgs which often trace back to the same people have pushed competing private charity out with the welfare state. The welfare state depletes the funds people of lesser means can give to charities. Hence the non-profits that have different ideas are fewer and poorer.
    So the message left standing is that of the social engineering that is desired.

      1. It fails to get to the root cause as I explained. The big old foundations along with the big new ones fund these small ones and the history and underlying agendas go back a century plus. Without dealing with the root cause the problem remains.

        1. I see what you’re saying in that there is more to it. This is definitely a subject that needs more exposure and a deeper look. I just disagree with the “superficial” and “overly simplistic” part of the comment.
          Maybe contribute your own article? They accept them here and this is an important subject.

        2. It is superficial and simplistic because it leads to the wrong conclusion. Taxing these organizations will simply further damage and destroy the small charities that do not follow the big foundation line of thought. The organizations you find agreeable will be taxed and those funds will then be used for politically directed welfare controlled by progressives. The big foundations will either deal with it one way or another. Even if they cannot avoid the taxation, what they pay will be guided and used by like minded people. They still achieve their goals.
          The solution is to eliminate the welfare state and the taxation which supports it and drains what ordinary people may contribute to charities of their choosing. While the big foundations will have the upper hand thanks to a century of head start such a reform everyone else would at least have a shot and the big foundations would have to bear the full cost of their vision instead of forcing it upon the taxpayers.

  25. 99% of not for profit organizations are scams without question. The problem is they self perpetuate and seldom have any competent leadership or fiscal wherewithal. The large variety of bullshit charities and not for profit never ceases to amaze. Some examples…
    Vettix – Because those tickets won’t sell themselves
    NFL – was a not for profit up until a year or two ago
    Make a wish foundation – paying appearance fees to wealthy “celebrities”
    Various – feed the little brown foreigners
    I am sure there are countless more even more ludicrous than these. On the other hand there are a few charities which I do support. The money goes where it is supposed to and the purpose isn’t superficial. These include the Salvation Army, Misericordia, Shriner’s Hospitals, Regional animal charities (not national!!!), and Catholic or real Lutheran charities. These and the local soup kitchens.

    1. Make a wish foundation – paying appearance fees to wealthy “celebrities”
      Really – If its a token fee cost of travel fee I think that’s okay, but if its big bucks for say Rihanna to show up for lunch with some cancer girl, then, sorry but the cancer girl can go to wish #2 on her list. The celebs can get the free publicity, and donators can get better return on their money on some other wish. Fuck making cancer kid a good side earner for some wealthy celeb’s career, The concept of the MAW foundation is great as it is with numerous non-profits, it just have to spend the money its generously been gifted in the best way possible to benefit the unfortunate individuals and indirectly the greater community. Most of the church based charities (like you listed) I find are really wonderful in this regard.

  26. Tons of women have cushy government jobs and are insulated from competition and performance incentives. They live a life of ease in these horseshit organizations.

  27. A non-profit leader, encouraging your wife to “Divorce that jerk!” ?? So that this butch dyke can move in ??

      1. Suspect ?? Humph.. I’m convinced ?? Just have a good look at those so called feminists ?? All butch dykes, because no sober man would ever dick them ?? Frustration, frustration & Hell has no bigger harpy than a frustrated Butch Dyke !

  28. I am very happy to see an article that calls attention to this. Women’s studies departments, the mainstream media, and non-profits (including those like MADD and PETA) are pillars of feminism. The latter has been almost completely overlooked by anti-feminists (aka normal people).
    On a side note, maybe some of us should look into starting a non-profit.

  29. “in other words, they all receive their funding from the federal government.” No they don’t.
    Brian Logan seems to have taken his expedience from one none profit organization, which did one specific purpose, and decided to apply that to a whole type of corporation.

    1. Hmm you are aware that contributions are deductible?
      So if I am supposed to pay $1000 in taxes, and give a $100 to a non profit, I can deduct it from the taxes I have to pay and only pay $900.
      I’m simplifying but this is essentially how it works.
      So wether the money goes via the government or not, it’s still out of the same pot.
      Some non profits are funded in part by people who do not deduct, sure, but the vast majority of the funding going to them is not from individuals who don’t deduct.
      Non profits are Literally Hitler!

      1. Ahh yes, so basically the author of this article is advocating totalitarianism. Now please tell me, do you really want the government deciding what nonprofits are “worthy” of being deductible based off what they are fighting for?

        1. How on earth do you get to that conclusion?
          I skimmed the article again, and what I understand as the point is that we should stop the governments support in any form for ALL nonprofits. No federal money, and no tax deduction.
          I seriously have no idea how you get to a statist totalitarian conclusion from the text in the article, but if I missed something feel free to point out what.

  30. the other side of this are the charities that are basically fundraising scams like Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They’re supposedly fighting breast cancer but not really helping at all. Instead they pay themselves outlandish salaries. Something like 600k for the CEO if I remember correctly. They’re getting fat and happy and not really helping their supposed cause

    1. Yes some maybe many do that these days. Charity work has become a business and unfortunately a lot of the donated money goes to support the apparatus first before going to the really needy. I did a charity drive for I think it was Motor Neuron Disease and I dropped the money in at its office in the city. This charity had close to the top floors of a new swanky building and foyer & offices were well decked out and spacious. It was way better than the last few places I worked at. I’m sorry but that’s not on, for a business that should be putting their unfortunate clients above their own welfare. I dont expect them to work for a pittance and prop up their desk with cinder blocks, but they should be run very lean with an altruistic motive. People will still work for them.
      I know the aspect you mention does put some people off from donating to charities which is a real shame. I think the title of this article is misleading – ‘it should be some non profits are not helping america’. There are a lot of disadvantage people out there that non profits do help and it provides crucial services and create employment. Just disbanding these non profits is not going to have these people create new wealth for the country by building a new Apple company unfortunately.
      It seems in washington though a lot of that sector has been hijacked with feminist focused groups, that funnel funds to help just the one gender and to support female as victims theme with the politicians who they get grants from, but not all charity organizations are funded that way..

  31. So you’re basically saying we shouldn’t help the disadvantaged because they are being run with a fem initiative? The real truth is most volunteer work feels feminine in a way. Look, I volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity. In case some of you don’t know, you work with your hands to build a home for a family. I volunteer to help people because I want to. And I think it’s a cop out to say you’re going to let the big bad fems keep you from do it. Just man up and say “I’m too lazy and too uncomfortable with the work.”

    1. I am too lazy and uncomfortable to build a scumbag a house for free while others profit greatly.

  32. THIS. ” I noted that in a third-world country, she’d be selling apples (or vagina) on a street corner.”
    Thanks to ‘ol Uncle Sam she has avoided repercussions from her poor choices, but she is of the same cloth as a peasant whore. Dont forget that when you dumbasses are courting singe mothers.

  33. I agree. I really don’t understand why state should pay for all these non-profit organizations? They should find their own financing. If their cause is worthwhile I’m sure they’d find sponsors.

  34. These western nations have been a women first children second case. Children have become nothing but a meal ticket and property for women and they can discard when they so choose (abortion). We need Solomon’s rule. Send that child to child labor to work for his meals and education. And in that instant the parent that speaks up to take the child’s place or will pay child support is the true parent and gets custody.

  35. Never, ever, ever work for a non-profit. They are run by women, mostly. Completely incompetent organizations, who if for-profit and tax-paying, would fail immediately. I made the mistake of working in non-profit healthcare for 15 years. Will never make that mistake again.

  36. What is this new trend with nonprofits (museums, etc.) actually not only asking for volunteers (while paying execs and admins big bucks) but CHARGING people for the dubious privilege of volunteering for them?
    Several well known museums now require that volunteers sign up as a “friend” ($100-200 per year) in order to also become a volunteer. They get friend benefits (a certain number of free admissions per year, for instance) but there is basically no more advantage to volunteering with them.
    Also, many of them make it explicit that volunteers with a good track record with the organization do not receive special consideration or advance notice when a paying position opens up. This used to be one motivation to volunteer — to get to know the inner workings of the organization (and have them get to know you) in the hopes of getting a paid job with them at some point.

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