Male Heterosexuality Is Becoming Illegal

When a man travels outside a sexually repressed culture and stays out for a good while, one of the first things that crosses his mind is the libertine nature of many other cultures. In stark contrast to the United States, people abroad are often literally fucking like rabbits. Sex is readily available to an attractive, well-dressed man in Latin America, which is totally the opposite of Anglo culture in which women commodify themselves then sell out to the highest bidder or have the one night stand with a thug.

Is the fact sex flows like water outside the borders of The Matrix merely an illusion brought on by hypergamy? It is a product of r/K selection? Or is the welcome “culture shock” the product of having been stewed and basted in a culture that has long had problems with sexual repression, and has recently made moves aimed at making heterosexual sex itself taboo in a form of Neo-Puritanism?

After all, sex has been around a long time, and women have been feverishly trying to control sex for economic and social status advantages in Anglo culture from the beginning. The government now appears to be in the process of legislating and propagandizing to completely take pleasures of the flesh away from Beta males.

Neo-Puritanism is on the rise in Anglo America

Neo-Puritanism is on the rise in Anglo America among Marxist social engineers

Lawmakers, along with their prostitutes in the media (i.e. the gatekeepers and agenda setters) are pursuing a multi-pronged approach to make straight sex taboo. There are several ways social engineers are attempting to make heterosexual activity a legal and cultural albatross for men Anglo America and Europe. These are only a few of the ways this agenda is being pursued.

  • Constructing a “Human Trafficking” facade which is based on mostly spurious claims of women being forced into prostitution, then passing endless laws to combat this phantom enemy (sound familiar to terrorism?)
  • Passing endless rape laws pushing men farther into a corner with regards to normal heterosexual activity, i.e. the “Josie was drunk” ad campaign and affirmative consent laws
  • Promoting homosexuality as sacrosanct while prohibition and public shaming still extend to the world’s oldest profession, prostitution; Johns also have their lives and careers ruined around the U.S. by a voyeuristic police force and media
  • Promoting the view that sexuality is “dirty” and something to be embarrassed about among the Plebeian classes, as something reserved for the elite and well-heeled men
  • Promoting plague terror for over 30 years, especially a “cooties” campaign for adults as the HIV epidemic (contrary to what we were told in the 1980s and 1990s) remains confined to risk groups and the CDC’s own statistics say heterosexuals could have sex for more than a lifetime and never contract the virus (a nearly 1 in 10,000 chance of spreading the virus through vaginal intercourse)
  • Passing insane laws which are now making flirting illegal in the UK
  • Shaming men who have normal heterosexual urges and pushing HR policies which make both sexes behave androgynously
  • Promoting confusion of male and female genders with the transgender bathroom agenda being pushed by the U.S. government, extending into public schools and down to small children (get them while they’re young)

These are only a few of the ways sex is being made confusing and taboo among heterosexuals in America and Europe. But, there are calls among Neo-Puritans for the state to do even more to “protect” (i.e. pedestalize) women against us “evil” penis-wielding men.

Jake is 1/8 human in the eyes of the law, because according to the poster's own narrative Jake can't consent either

As the holder of a penis, Jake is 1/8 human in the eyes of the law because according to the poster’s own narrative Jake can’t consent either

Calls For Regulating Sex

Elizabeth Bernstein, “Women’s Studies” professor recently published a book entitled Regulating Sex: The Politics of Intimacy and Identity which proposes to put the government in everyone’s bedroom. The book calls for government regulation in numerous areas of people’s private lives, from the ability of people to travel abroad to the state controlling “erotic practice” worldwide.

Bernstein and many other feminists are merely putting a new spin on a very old idea, one that has infected Anglo culture from day one in America: the view that sex is inherently sinful and that sexual contact between straight couples was a “necessary evil” intended only to propagate the human race. Since Marxists want negative population growth, they’re falling back on this old idea, ironically one with religious roots, repackaging it, and making it even more virulent than it was before as they try to make straight sex an “unnecessary evil” in modern times.

As usual, the dreams of Neo-Puritans like Bernstein are first implemented on college campuses, which have become nothing more than Marxist social engineering labs in the early 21st century. The Washington Examiner warns us how these laws are making straight sex the new “evil” of our time.

The rules for college students having sex have become absurd. The new Puritans are practically begging for abstinence by making consensual sex so impossible that it is better to forgo. Part of this problem stems from a broad definition of sexual “violence” that includes unwanted comments about someone’s physical appearance (which could be as mundane as someone telling their female friend they “look good” today). These comments constitute sexual “violence” even between two people involved in a committed relationship.

Just as in Britain, men even talking to women is becoming a prosecutable offense.

Affirmative consent is another cultural cancer spreading not only on college campuses, it is also metastasizing into adults’ lives in the state of California where it was recently signed into law. Thanks to endless rules made up by micromanaging lawmakers, a man literally has to ask a girl before he can take off her panties or face the possibility of being convicted a rapist in California.

“Affirmative consent,” [is] a new rule that requires college students to constantly say “yes” to every sexual act — though it’s never really defined just how often they must say this. Some affirmative consent policies even state that the “yes” must be sufficiently “enthusiastic,” otherwise it’s sexual assault.

Under the law, it’s conceivable a man must further ask a girl if he can finger her once the panties are off. “Yes, you may.” Then if he can suck her tit. “Yes, you may.” Then if he can penetrate her. “Yes, you may.” Did she not say it with enough enthusiasm? Be careful. If she’s less than begging for your cock you may be committing a crime. What kind of idiocy is this? What the hell is the United States of America turning into? What kind of Beta, nay, Omega males is the state trying to socially engineer?

Shame on you for having sexual urges! Those are reserved for six-figure men and thugs

Shame on you for having sexual urges! Those are reserved for thugs and six-figure earners (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks)

When looking for the root of this strange world of constant propaganda and the social engineering of sexual activity, one must go back a century to psychologist Sigmund Freud. Think Freud was wrong about everything from Penis Envy to psychoanalysis? He wasn’t. His ideas have been implemented for over a century and have led to the empty, nihilistic, materialistic culture of the West we see everywhere around us today.

Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays first laid out the model of social engineering the corporate-government complex now uses to rule society, and especially men, with an iron fist. Although, it’s an iron fist neatly concealed in a velvet glove of emotional manipulation. Bernays words literally changed the world and led to today’s social engineering schemes by sociopathic elites:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

Using the power of the corporate media that dominated communication in the U.S. for 50 years, people’s minds were indeed molded according to the desires of corporate and government profit and tax farmers. This model has been falling apart since the advent of the Internet.

Almost 20 years ago, Alec Rawls wrote an essay in The Stanford Review called Why Politically Correct Social Engineering Backfires, which predicted social engineering schemes like the marginalization of sex would eventually backfire. So far, they haven’t, even though the process should have been accelerated by the collapse of the centralized mainstream media propaganda model.

Additionally, Rawls knew well the shameless duplicity of the media in shoving sex in everyone’s face 24/7—from the leg-crossers on Fox News to endless sex in every kind of program from soap operas to movies – while at the same time marginalizing heterosexuals using the bullet points presented above.

The media has also been subliminally pushing the message that women must make the sexual advance for it to be valid, as most big screen and little screen scripts follow this model:

In our politically correct world, “uninvited sexual attention” is officially taboo. It is always the woman who asks out, always the woman who initiates a kiss, always the woman who climbs on top. These rules are absolutely universal with only two exceptions. One is the creep, who is crass or repulsive, or simply a loser, and who is immediately scorned by the woman. The other exception is the charming man who turns out to be a rapist or a murderer.

In effect, the media are literally cucking men with their messages, and reprogramming the way people who watch media think about sex without them even knowing it. Establishing the cultural meme that women control sex and men who attempt to control it are violators is the intended purpose of this messaging.

What are you in for? Having consensual sex with a hot girl

What are you in for? Having consensual sex with a hot girl

Legally Enforced Chastity

If Rawls is correct, policing of instinctual human behavior like sex will build up like pressure inside a boil until men with enough balls to resist being turned into criminals for having normal male sexual desire came along and lance it.

Correctoids think that by imposing their hypersensitivity, they can make the world a more caring place. Unfortunately, social engineering tends to backfire.

One should change the last sentence to “Fortunately, social engineering tends to backfire.” Because if it doesn’t, someday in the not too distant future it may be not only illegal but culturally taboo for a man and woman to have sex with each other. This is the hellish world leftist academics and the legal class have brought us into.

On a more philosophical level, if one reads the prophet of Western decline Oswald Spengler, this weird sexual world we have entered in the 21st century can be seen as manifestation of Faustian man (i.e. Western civilization) trying to turn himself into a machine, divorcing himself from his biology in an attempt to realize perpetual economic growth. It is also the product of Puritanism re-imagined by Marxist social engineers in an already K-selected, sexually repressed culture. The ultimate goal, of course, is a totally sexless society. Or, at least a matriarchal society in which men are little more than worker bees and sex toys of women.

When the day comes, these types – leftist academics and the legal class – need to be the first who are exiled…or otherwise creatively dealt with. Shakespeare’s advice of what to do with lawyers (and let’s not forget lawmakers) certainly comes to mind, if only in a fleeting fantasy.

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        1. good find. Actually, I think this is the work I was thinking of (the book that is, I wasn’t even aware it had been made into a film)

        2. The story you mentioned I have not read and is not related to the film as far as I know although I am sure it deals with some similar thoughts. “Things to Come” was written as a film. It exists in no other form. When I took an anthropology course on Wells’ science fiction I was introduced to “Things to Come” and much of the meanings behind the various scenes. It was the first place I heard the word technocrat. Then 20 years later the news media starts using it.
          Wells was one of the conduits to either condition us to the future or warn us of it. The Wells treatment is more of a wonderfully engineered world by the elite and their experts so it’s probably more of a preparation than a warning.
          Sadly I sold the book on film after the class was over. I didn’t think I’d need it 20 years later. I looked up the professor because I wanted to see what he thought of how things had changed in the world with regard to the film and found he had passed away.

        3. I remembered reading something about Well’s utopianism and the fact that he put forward some kind of utopian vision that could be taken as a blueprint for a world state. It looks like the Korda film is based on a story Wells wrote called “The State of Things to Come”, where the emphasis appears to be on ‘the state’ if you read the Wikipedia entry. This story is probably what I remembered and not the book I linked to originally as I recognised the title of the film. Even if the film is only loosely based on the story it pretty much has the same title.
          Checking the Wikipedia entry this utopian blueprint or with hindsight (partly) counterfactual history seems to involve the following:
          – the creation of the World State
          – the abolition of all organised religion “an act deemed indispensable to give the emerging “Modern State” a monopoly over education and the complete ability to mould new generations of humanity”
          – the ultimate aim of this utopian world is to produce a world society composed entirely of polymaths,
          – Wells then envisages a benevolent dictatorship, “The Dictatorship of the Air”, arising from the controllers of the world’s surviving transport systems, who are the only people with global power.
          – This dictatorship promotes science, enforces Basic English as a global lingua franca and eradicates all religions, setting the world on the road to a peaceful utopia.

        4. “The shape of things to come” does have considerable parallels to the film.
          And yes, it’s world government (David Rockefeller), people living in massive underground cities (agenda 21, agenda 2030), corporatist/fascist dictatorship (1930s to the present), etc and so on. The sad thing is reality has the bankers running the world instead of the engineers as Wells had it. Wells doesn’t realize that engineering is a discipline that doesn’t attract many sociopaths, psychopaths, and others that seek power over others.

        5. true. Bankers have a necessary commitment to volatility for without volatility there is little profit. I can’t judge Well’s vision before I understand it better, but even a society run by engineers and technocrats (as perhaps Saint-Simon envisioned in the previous century) is still concerning. While the complexity of world affairs is likely to make an increase in technocracy inevitable to some extent (you can’t always vote on how to administer a complex system or machine) even a benevolent society of engineers-kings is ultimately just another elite. One more elite substituting for the last lot. Wells is clearly sacrificing freedom for ‘peace’. But what part did the elites, whether bankers or technocrat have in creating the situation to be solves in the first place. If the bankers created the situation to be solved (and one must emphasise the ‘if’ as it is possible the analysis is wrong) why would any kind of authoritarianism be a solution? Are Well’s engineers necessarily a separate class that we can be sure are beneficent rather than malevolent. Maybe it’s just good cop versus bad, and either way at the end of the interrogation we’re all going to jail

    1. LLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!! OMG! That should be the statement of the year! Thank you. I will remember to use that at work.

  1. Bernstein… Just a coincidence I’m sure… I wouldn’t want any of you guys to think I’m a bigot after all…

      1. One of my favorite movies is the originator of that meme, Dark City:

        It was based on Plato’s parable of the cave, while it may not be intentional it is the best interpetation of the parable.

        1. It also has a great soundtrack, I am not going to spoil anything, but if you see it, it is crucial to find the director’s cut edition, its changes are minor but crucial, the theatrical version is dumbed down as hell.

        2. They unintentionally based the movie on Plato’s parable of the cave? How does that happen?

        3. No they did that intentionally, what I meant was that I did not know if they interpreted correctly to the end or if they did not know how to end the movie.
          If the ending was intentional it would prove that they understood what the cave is about, if not they would have understood how the cave should look like.

    1. All of these Jewish women who become feminists apparently show that they find their own men inadequate or repulsive.

      1. I said it and I say it again, most of the rich Jewish women and WASPy women types who praise feminism on TV (somehow they pop up as part of an NGO’s marketing team, wink wink) end up marrying a rich wall street guy or the like then become howsewifes with kids.
        Somehow their kids end up in v v v v white private schools.

        1. Yep! Go to Fairfield county Connecticut and see it for yourselves. I did and I ran away as fast as I could.

      2. Jewish people have a belief system that is designed to protect them, not one they actually believe or follow. Feminism is for goys.

    2. well unlike what the article claims, she didn’t publish this drivel “recently” – but in 2004. since then it accumulated a whooping ONE review on Amazon in 2008. omg omg the end of world is near omg 🙁

      1. These (((culture vultures))) will sink to any low in their attempt to turn western civilization on its head.

      2. they call that art? my little brother can doodle better than that.

    3. I have noticed recently on TV they are now having the woman push for sex and dates and the man holding off because “it wouldn’t be right”. I’ve even seen men refuse blowjobs (said no man ever).
      I had to point out to a female friend that a woman asking you out is a major red flag and that also, sorry but no man is refusing sex from a hot chick. He’ll do the deed and worry about the rightness tomorrow, after a good nights sleep, some bacon, eggs, sausages, maybe a nice mug of wake me up coffee, a good read of the paper, a day at work, a good sesh at the gym and wait… what was I supposed to worry about?

      1. “I’ve even seen men refuse blowjobs (said no man ever).”
        These are clearly science fiction films no?
        “He’ll do the deed and worry about the rightness tomorrow, ..”
        Or right after he’s done thinking “F*** what have I’ve done!?”

    4. (((They))) are culture vultures. Always were and always will be. We are cursed by their presence in our western countries.

  2. Laws should exist to punish deviancy from the norms of human social interaction. Murder, theft, false testimony, and the like are all things that are antithetical to proper social function, and thus are considered deviation from the norm worthy of discipline.
    Prohibitions have failed over and over because they punish a norm. When, say, 30% of Americans drink on a regular basis, the alcohol prohibition makes a normal activity illegal, and the collective human spirit ultimately rebels.
    It’ll go worse with these prohibitions. It’s one thing to punish a largely harmless habit of a large group; it’s another to punish a biological urge.

  3. Promoting homosexuality as sacrosanct

    Well, duh. Our elites’ social model holds up the atomistic, deracinated, emancipated, cosmopolitan man, with weak or nonexistent bonds to family, tribe, race, nation, tradition, history, investment into the future and even his biological sexual identity, as the instantiation of their utopian goal that derives from the Radical Enlightenment in the 18th Century. Gay men check off most or all of these boxes, and they have especially broken barriers by their willingness to bugger men of other races in a sterile parody of miscegenation, as we saw in Omar Mateen’s case over the summer. This shows why gay men have become the shock troops in our elites’ project to destroy and remake traditional, patriarchal societies into the image of their dystopian nightmares

        1. that’s my point.
          I actually think a lot of feminism amongst jewish women is a (over-) reaction to the patriarchal nature of jewish orthodoxy

        2. How can he hate it then?
          There’s nothing patriarchal among the Jewish orthodoxy – most of them look like retards. Because being Jewish is feminine in nature. Read Weininger. He was a Jew and knew about it.

        3. I would say there are both patriarchal and matriarchal aspects to orthodoxy, even if it can’t be individualistic at the same time as being group-oriented (can nationalism?). Weininger was a brilliant thinker, but he was also deeply conflicted, hence his suicide. From what I know I’d say his analysis was over-essentialised

        4. No, he was right on the money, you just have to analyze it deeper to start seeing the evidence of it around us. His suicide was related to his poor health not his intelligence.

        5. No-one denies he was a smart guy but he was in his early twenties. His work may have been neglected because of political correctness but that doesn’t mean he should be accepted at face value. I haven’t much of him but what I read didn’t strike me as compelling

      1. Well, I’m not exactly an expert on Jewish matters. Perhaps ROK should hire one.

  4. There are too many people in the world. This is an axiomatic truth for the modern world, and in many ways it is difficult to argue against. There is only so much cake in this Malthusian world, and in such a scenario de-population, particularly if it is dressed-up as concern for the environment and respecting nature, seems like a self-evident good. So long as this attitude prevails, heterosexuality, as the method of life, will be under scrutiny, and will arouse suspicion and hostility. Feminism, and the valorization of homosexuality, and low-procreative life-styles will flourish in such an environment, for – to state the obvious – they tend towards population reduction.
    So we have a paradox here. The world needs a healthy population perhaps, but it cannot sustain infinite population expansion, any more than european countries can sustain infinite immigration, yet to the extent that we want to limit population ideologies which work to undermine heterosexuality, and therefore masculinity will proliferate and likely prevail.
    I am actually beginning to believe that we are at the threshold to an answer to this problem. It is the Elon Musks of this world, promoting space exploration, and colonization that will help change this attitude. Once we break the atmostpheric barriers both literally and conceptually (spiritually), the earth, over-populated and over-burdened will need to be re-conceived as something that – if we can overcome gnostic anxieties – can seed the universe.
    Don’t want to bring a child into this world because the world is so full of evil? Well, then don’t bring it into this world, squeeze it out on Mars. I’m not talking about the human population spreading like cancer, or a swarm of locusts onto unsuspecting planets, but in the first instance of the change of consciousness that will be required to turn us from disaffirming our creaturely bodies towards going forth and multiplying with hot alien chicks.
    When is Roosh’s Bang Venus coming out? A lot sooner than Bang Uranus I hope

    1. Urbanization is the problem not over population as shown in the Rat Experiment where the rats were confined within a limited space.
      p.s. Elon Musks is a crook draining tax money.

      1. perhaps, but my comment was really about the modern mindset in relation to sex and over-population.

    2. Malthus is discredited long ago.
      The entire alleged population of the world could fit comfortably in Texas (as living space) in single-family homes.
      Elon Musk is a delusional psychotic tax crook.
      I’m surprised you drank that koolaid.

      1. It’s not about whether Malthus was right or wrong. I’m merely referencing Malthusian economics here as reflective of a state of mind. LIkewise Elon Musk might have fancy ideas that will never get off the ground, but again it’s a question of the psychology required to believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial expansion. An expansive vision of humanity and the possibility that it might be only beginning it’s journey rather than being close to ending it depends not on technology or science, but on an orientation of mind – towards the heavens rather than downward towards the chthonic

      2. Malthus was never discredited. That’s a cretinous claim.
        He couldn’t be discredited because his entire theory was just common sense, and demonstrated time and again throughout history.
        But it’s amusing that you act as if Malthus is nonsense, while repeating that tripe about how the whole population of the world could comfortably live in Texas.
        Again, it’s the most common sense that such a claim is utter nonsense.
        For anyone not to comprehend the most basic infrastructure, energy and food limits to sustaining a population in an area is fantastic ignorance.
        Really, no debate against such stupidity is warranted.

        1. You’re the moron, patsy.
          Malthus was discredited by his own bullshit math, reality just buried his social-engineering attempt deeper.
          Second, I stated the fact that the entire population of the world would fit comfortably in single-family homes in Texas, which even you acknowledge, dimwit.
          I specified for living, fool.
          Food production, etc, could easily take place elsewhere, shill, but that wasn’t the point.
          Now toddle off and euthanise yourself ASAP

  5. Since when did Dr. Faustus try to turn himself into “a machine and divorce himself from his biology?” If you’re going to make a Renaissance allusion at least know what you’re referencing

  6. “Josie cannot give her legal consent”
    Hey, just wondering. They want to be all independent and strong and responsible … how does infantilizing come into this? I mean, what independent strong and responsible woman likes being told ‘You cannot give your legal consent because you’re drunk’ by the government?

    1. They can be independent in terms of having the right to fuck around/be hypergamous, but they can’t be independent when it comes to giving consent and being responsible for said hypergamy. Therefore they can be sluts and if you don’t like it, you are an insecure misogynist, man up!

      1. I just think THEY should man up if they want to be equal.
        Drunk man = Must (CAN!) take responsibility for himself AND her.
        Drunk woman = CANNOT (!) take responsibility for anything.
        I think that’s mean.

        1. Equality is only needed if women are not superior, if they are superior they are equal.
          You obviously have no degree in gender studies if you don’t get this!

        2. Programming is inherently misogynist/racist/xenophob.
          You can change the topic of a literature course by replacing Shakespeare with – let’s say – 50 Cent.
          But you can’t change a white cis-gendered programming language with a programming language created by lesbian somalian women, because whites always oppressed the personal computers of africans through imperalism. Therefore programming should be banned from the globe.

    2. Feminists are redpilled because feminists understand that women have the minds of young children, thus they can’t be found responsible for their own actions or sent to adult prison.

  7. If boys and men are going to be branded as criminals for being such, it’s time to start acting the part. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of the elites.

    1. That’s a rational position. I’ve said the same thing regarding gun laws. If they’re going to make my every action with a firearm illegal, where’s the incentive to not go ahead and just convert everything to select fire and start having some fun down at city hall?

      1. As much as I hate to say it, the Ay-rab who recently used a truck instead of a firearm in France to mow down DOZENS of people is the biggest “I told you so.” to the “See! See! If we didn’t have guns, nobody would kill anybody!” bullshit in recent memory.

        1. I’m waiting for the terrorist who uses a beehive to kill people. That way I can tell my liberal friends we need a seven day waiting period on beehives.

        2. ……And to think that this was originally agitprop to slander the caucasians but now has become a role model for us all.

        3. This country desperately needs some common sense apiary laws.

  8. sometimes ROK blow things way out of proportion. yes its bad, but if you walk around a city one afternoon, you wont notice much out of whack. ROK has a tendency to depict things like 1984 is actually happening 2016. while i think it may get to that point hundreds of years from now, its not all that bad yet.

    1. “hundreds of years from now”
      I was almost with you until you said that. Events can move very fast indeed, especially when there are determined social engineers at work

    2. That Jake and Josie poster? That’s actually a thing. That’s how the people in charge actually think, right now. Do we want it to get any worse?

    3. Some of the stuff like affirmative consent is already being taught to kids in colleges. These kids grow up to be adults and have families, and all the lies they were taught about rape culture and affirmative consent are repeated and any girl graduating college firmly believes in them, as do many males. It’s not blowing things out of proportion, it’s just being perhaps one year ahead of the curve.

      1. Duke. Home of the fake rape lacrosse! They haven learned shit. Oh the irony. Real men do not let their sons attend. Boycott.

      1. Eh, he kind of has a point. I read about this shit here, but don’t really see it much in real life or with my kids and their schools, etc. It’s easy to take the extremes and claim that they’re the new normal.

        1. I get out more than 90% of the men here combined. I’m a biker, chief. I ride more of the countryside and socialize with more people than you, your mom and your dad combined.
          So yeah.
          Most of the observations in articles are happening, but extrapolating them to “this is how it is everywhere” is still a lot of hyperbole at this point. Now it’s good to listen and observer and fight the trends, but we don’t live anywhere near the distopia that people think we’re living in now, yet.
          Perspective helps.

        2. Ok kid, sure. If that makes you feel better and superior, believe anything you wish.
          Slainte Mhor

        3. How many new girls have you fucked this year? Please recuse yourself from this discussion. The current sexual marketplace is not something you know about.

        4. Well now, you tell me, how many new girls have I fucked this year?
          You’re arrogance and ignorance is humorous. It actually made me chuckle a bit in real life. I’ll let you continue to stew in absolute ignorance and continue to make a fool of yourself in front of others who know me far better than you do.
          And last, this discussion is about “heteroseuality is becoming illegal” which has ZERO to do with your snarky little passive aggressive quip. I could be Bob SexualHermit and it would have nothing to do with my observations and objection to feeling we live in some kind of distopia.
          Now go play child, the adults are talking.

      1. LOL it was metaphoric.
        I don’t think I’d really literally murder them either.

        1. tbh I now do too since the outrage over that 11 year old video of Trump saying he gets pussy.

  9. Women want taboo sex even more. You can’t tell a woman No with hyper-puritan rules. They will find a way. They will have to agree to affirmative consent even if it is a romance killer.

  10. I take umbrage at this article. The Noble Homosexual has been oppressed and forced into the closet ever since the evil cisgendered white man came across the oceans. Gays and other sexually liberated people’s have been enslaved and their magnificent advanced civilizations were destroyed by these evil patriarchs, who wanted nothing more than to force women into slavery (marraige) and gender non-binary people into disenfranchised servile social roles so they could never be themselves all because of the white mans evil nature an his evil white religion. Its about time lgbtqza diverse people took back the country that was stolen from us then all of ours, and the worlds problems will go away.

    1. This might be decent trolling material for posting on some lgbtqza-themed site to see how much mindless lauding it attracts.

  11. Excellent article, but one correction: “The government now appears to be in the process of legislating and propagandizing to completely take pleasures of the flesh away from Beta males.”
    When up against a man with a badge or a man in a robe with gavel, all men are Beta by default because these men (or women) can lock you up. Let’s not lull Alphas into a false sense of security. The cool campus jock has as much chance of running afoul of these laws as does the sex-starved Beta. All it takes is one angry female — and that female can be an onlooker, eavesdropper, administrator, or “advocate” which is why the axiom “women forgive Alphas” does not apply. An Alpha’s woman might forgive, but OTHER busybody women on the scene might make sure he’s behind bars.

  12. “….boil until men with enough balls to resist being turned into criminals for having normal male sexual desires!” The main problem here is that people don’t know who they are meant to fight and therefore, how.
    Men do feel the strange, eerie push of an invisible force but for most men out there every lead point töwards women. Who wants to fight women? Not me and you dont want neither, our mothers are women ffs. The current gender war some millitary grade bullshit pushed by the elites for the fear that too many people in the world would lead to an unstoppable revolution which will wipe them out.

    1. The current elite consists of banker and industrialist with few remaining cooperating aristocrats. They took the power from the aristocracy by deceit and inter-marriages. They are not afraid of a revolt of the masses as the masses never revolt.
      The feminization of society has more to do with making control easier as women’s nature is easily manipulated.

      1. I have to agree with you in that one. Testosterone levels dropping due to a plethora of causes, most already mentioned on this website. You just have to look at the number of revolutions started by men vs those started by women.
        However, the aristocrats have some blood on their hands as well.

        1. I always wonder then how those of us with high T have managed to not be affected by all of these “factors”? I think it’s less to do with chemicals/hormones/etc. and more to do with the philosophy that you adopt. How you frame your life determines what kind of man you’ll become. Take a hipster to the gym 5 days a week and force him to work out, then get him to a gun range and against all of his wishes get him firing downrange, and in 3 months he’ll have quadrupled his testosterone, shaved off his “ironic” beard and will start negging chicks with gusto.

  13. I’m glad you mentioned the human trafficking facade. I find it curious that every year, right as Super Bowl weekend nears, we hear all about how hundreds of thousands of children will be used as sex slaves in whatever city the Super Bowl is taking place–like every male attendee is going to bang some 12 year old girl once he has a few beers and watches some football. The sheer volume of child prostitutes makes this sound insane; kind of like how those in elite social circles accuse children who accuse them of pedophilia of being crazy.

    1. Something tells me they don’t play those ads or PSAs in the countries where human trafficking supposedly originates.
      You know, where the real “problem” is.

    2. Same with Football (…Soccer…) World Cups.
      2006 in germany: “Oh my god, so much forced prostitution of east european women in germany – all soccer fans are rapists!”
      2010 in South Africa: “Oh my god, so much forced child prostitution of black girls in south africa – all soccer fans are pedophile racist rapists!”
      2014 in Brazil: “Oh my god, so much prostitution in the favelas, poor little latinas – all soccer fans are pedophile racist rapists!”

      1. Yep. Pretty much when any major event, especially sporting events with a majority male attendance, come to town, all we hear about are the thousands upon thousands of poor, innocent children being forced into sex slavery. Yet I hardly read stories of the police breaking up these supposed sex rings, even though they somehow know all about them, know where they will be, know how many men will solicit child sex, etc. It doesn’t add up, unless you’ve seen the light and realize they’re full of shit.

        1. And when you hear something about the police breaking up sex rings it’s probably veiled by MSM. Just like the Rotherham sex scandal.
          “Ah, who gives a damn about white girls raped by Pakistanis? They don’t have enough privilege points to mess with muslims!”

        2. I have also seen multiple cases where the ones doing the pimping were women. And, as is par for the course, the media is quick to push that little tidbit under the rug. Because, you know, it’s men doing all the beating and raping. Women are little angels.

        3. The unknown is always scarier than the known, they can paint any picture of horrors that bad people do, and statistics will do little to dispell it.

      1. Outside of the BBC, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party elite pedos are relatively rare. The MSM do like to project though…

        1. Don’t know about the UK, but in the US one is statistically much likelier to be molested by a public school teacher/employee than by a Catholic priest. I say this as a non-Catholic.

        2. Makes sense since the average American spends more time in a public school than a Catholic Church.

    3. The more I learn of what goes on among the political class the concern for child sex trafficking seems to be one of projection. Start with the mysteriously shit-canned discovery channel documentary “conspiracy of silence” and work forward in time.

    4. Oh it happens. It was one of Bill Clinton’s friends, Jeffrey Epstein who organises it but you have to be a friend of Bubba’s to go to the island.

  14. If they want to keep doing this, then let’s use a long favored leftist tactic against them: boycott 95% of western women, and 100% of the sjw chicks.
    Date only foreign women, and the rare few in the west that meet our standards.
    Let those who support this stuff hit the wall and fill their emptiness with cats. It’ll be hilarious for us.

      1. Getting dick is not the equivalent of a boyfriend, fiancé or husband. By the way… didn’t you here him say control?

  15. I received the title IX sex talk in college, I.e. Where you have to ask for consent every step of the way. “Can I kiss you?” Yes. “Can I take your panties off?” Yes. “Can I touch your vagina?” Yes. If you don’t get consent every step of the way, it’s rape. I was thinking to myself “Damn, I guess I’ve raped a lot of girls” haha

    1. Awkward and old fashioned. Asking someone and receiving permission manually?
      What this process needs is a smartphone app and let a third party record of all the consent, none of this he-said-she-said nonsense.. Chicks can log in and check buttons ahead of a date indicating their preferences for the evening. She can tick the kissing, breast fondling, and light biting checkboxes, and the guy can receive real time updates on his phone.
      And if the evening is going well, she can simply log back in and click the twenty-four inch black dildo option and request a Rear Admiral. See? Easy.

      1. Exactly… Like Dave Chappelle’s Love Contract. It’s sad that the joke has become reality.
        “And initial here for anal…..”

  16. “If Rawls is correct, policing of instinctual human behavior like sex will build up like pressure inside a boil until men with enough balls to resist being turned into criminals for having normal male sexual desire came along and lance it.”

  17. The media/government has no problem telling men how they should behave around women, but even suggesting that abortion should be illegal (except legitimate rapes of course) suddenly it’s a women’s choice and nobody can tell them what to do with their bodies. Such hypocrisy.

  18. By controlling sex and sexual behaviour, the government gives the impression that it wants to control future generations right from their daddy’s ballsack.

  19. “Promoting homosexuality as sacrosanct while prohibition and public shaming still extend to the world’s oldest profession, prostitution; Johns also have their lives and careers ruined around the U.S. by a voyeuristic police force and media.”
    The Mob controls prostitution. Why do you think it’s only legal in areas of Nevada? Girls who try to freelance (i.e., set up a Backpage ad as free-agent contractors who work without a pimp) are first warned that if they don’t accept a pimp, it will go badly for them. If they ignore the advice, they are pressured hard to pay protection money (i.e., work with a pimp). And if that doesn’t work, they are snuffed out.
    Why do you think so many prostitutes wind up dead, often under the guise of having been murdered by “serial killers”. I can name one well-known group of motorcycle thugs who specializes in this sort of thing. (At the behest of their overlords, who are mobsters; it always kills me when I run into some Hell’s Angel who thinks he’s a free agent – heh. Crews are overseen by the elite; they get their cut out of the criminals’ shenanigans or those crews are put down, or sent to prison. No exceptions to that rule.)
    We’ll see prostitution become legal in the USA at some point. Once the mobsters get their ducks in a row and get women under the thumb of federal supervision, it will happen – as it has already happened in other countries. Then, the women will pay licensing fees and other fees, along with taxes, and at that point, the deal will be done and it will be accepted as being normal (which, when you break it down, as you and I already know, it actually is – it’s normal for women to take money for sex).
    After all, who do you think runs the government. “The Mob” is just another way to say “the elite”. The elite have their lackeys and organized-crime militias, not to mention control over everything else, including every standing army on the planet. And that’s the long and short of it…
    The Alt. Right itself is part of their far-flung plan, or it wouldn’t exist. Eventually the Alt. Right will be accepted. It is the only answer to the insanity of the SJW culture. It will balance it out, making members on both side of the aisle look normal, as the elite control the entire sphere of behavior from behind the scenes, just as they always have.
    The goal is to destroy families, and make all people the same – mindless robots who have no opinions of their own, most of whom avoid procreation like the plague. That is already happening. More and more formerly blue-pill men are waking up to red-pill concepts; this results in extreme selectivity when it comes to picking a partner, or total avoidance of procreation altogether, or monastic, MGTOW lifestyles. Again, this is all part of the plan. Controlled opposition is the name of the game for the elite. They make new ideas seem radical, but slowly, they are accepted, due to the influence of the mainstream media and the educational systems, which they both control. The Alt. Right is controlled and infiltrated, too. Nothing makes it into the mainstream media unless this is the case. And the idea wasn’t hatched by some free-thinking dude with a chip on his shoulder, it was hatched in a think tank, like everything else that becomes well-known over time…
    “Truth is the mother of all hatred.” – Ausonius

    1. Hell’s Angels. Makes me think back to my ride to Sturgis in 2015. I open carry a Ruger Blackhawk chambered in .45 Colt (not ACP), and carry it in my hand made, hand tooled leather holster (that I made). So I walk around South Dakota and nobody blinks an eye because “Old West”. I walk into a store in Sturgis proper, just fiddle around, motorcycle parts, all that shit. It took me a about thirty seconds to notice that the store was *really* quiet, where when I walked in it was normal hustle and bustle. I look around and all of these guys are just eyeballing me, stoic, unmoving and silent. I notice that they’re all wearing red, white and black.
      And then it dawns on me….
      I was in an “official” Hell’s Angel shop. I didn’t even know they fucking had businesses. I mean, wtf?
      I put on my Cool Country Boy smile, give a slow drawn out “Y’all have a good day now, didn’t mean to intrude” and walk quietly out the door.
      I still think back and wonder how I wasn’t “handled appropriately”. Luck was on my side that day, heh.

      1. Yep. Red and white. “Support 81”. And of course, 81 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet – H. And the first letter – A. These guys are organized, big-time. But they don’t jump unless the Mob says jump. They don’t blow their noses unless the bosses at the top say, “Wipe your nose.” They own motorcycle shops and lots of other businesses – especially bars. They finance their operations with these things, to a degree, but it provides cover as well.
        Now I know you’ve probably seen this one, GOJ – you walk into a bar, and there’s a big sign out front, “No club colors”. (Meaning no motorcycle club colors.) Who do you think owns that bar? Heh. That’s right – it’s cover.
        Be that as it may, nobody runs dope, runs prostitutes, engages in extortion rackets, or does anything else without Mob approval. The Russian mobsters try to break into things in the States, sometimes successfully. That’s because the real Mob said, “No problem, we are getting a cut.” If they don’t get approval first, they go down. Then you read about things like that shootout in Waco, Texas, at the Twin Peaks, a couple years back, where bikers got into a firefight with the police. Well, guess what, some of those motorcycle clubs were non-mobster approved. Heh. Who do you think runs the police? So in that case, the offenders were assassinated or sent to prison. You try to muscle in on crime territories like Al Pacino in “Scarface” and you are in for a world of fucking hurt…just business as usual.
        In your case, in Sturgis, you weren’t a threat. They don’t fuck with people who aren’t a threat. So it’s not surprising that you didn’t get in any sort of a bad situation. I’ve been verbally accosted by H.A. crew members here in the Desert Southwest a couple of times, at H.A.-controlled bars. The lower-level crew members have a few drinks and they live under the Convict Code, of course (meaning, the idiots are willing to kill pretty much anybody if they think they’ve been “disrespected”, which includes simply being looked at; heh, but why do you think they accept that code, and are willing to die for it? – because they were indoctrinated into accepting it…it fills up the private prisons, which are also owned and operated by the Mob, aka, “the elite”). These guys are brainwashed like everybody else. They work for unseen masters.
        I had a group of five bikers start shit with me last summer at an H.A.-owned bar here in the Phoenix area, because the girl they were with was giving me the eye (she was actually doing more than that; she was wearing this uber-short skirt and every time I walked past her I thought she was going to open her legs and point at her coochie). They accused me of looking at them. One of them said “What the fuck are you looking at?” I said, “I’m not 100% sure…but I’m pretty certain I’m looking at a biker crew member who thinks he can fuck with somebody who is way higher up the ladder than he is, and not get sent to prison for life, or just get his face blown off, prior to being incinerated at a local mortuary.” (Or words to that effect.) Got absolute crickets back from him and his crew after that one…doh. Strange world out there. Trouble at every turn in the road…stay thirsty, but stay vigilant, my friend.

        1. I’m normally cool with the 1%’ers, I just was caught by surprise. Normally my SA is through the roof, but it was a hot sunny day, pretty girls all around, people having a good time and I just didn’t notice. Yeah, I know they could have pounced on me if they thought I was a threat. The cold silence and un-moving stares told me it was best just to go ahead and step on out and find another store.
          We have Outlaws here in central Ohio. I get along with them just fine, I’m unaffiliated, unpatched, no rocker and no loyalty to any MC, and I make leather items for a lot of them (holsters, seat covers, bags, etc) across the board, so I’m given something of a free reign in their stomping grounds. I know them, and I know what to expect. The HA’s we don’t have, so I felt it better to be safe than sorry. Sure, I could have taken six on my way out of life, but there were way more than six. I didn’t know how many it would have taken to kick my ass, but I knew how many they were going to use (heh, thanks Ron White for that line).

        2. Haha. Most club members are pretty cool, at least in my experience. Looks like that’s your take, too. Most of them aren’t the big badasses they’re made out to be. They work for a cause, but they don’t realize it. And most of them don’t do anything that is big-time illegal. You know, like lower-level members of a secret society. They think they do good work, supplying toys to kids at Christmas, etc. Heh. So they are just ignored, and they wear their colors, and they do their thing. But the guys higher up the ladder, they do the dirty work. However, here’s how they get controlled – if they are asked to do something big-time illegal, and they do it, now the Mob has them by the balls. They can tell them to do anything, including murder. If they don’t do it, they are sent to prison – which is controlled by…yes. There are 10 guys willing to take the guy’s place if he is sent to prison (or put down, whacked). So they have this huge pool of idiots who thinks it’s cool to be a club member, who have dreams of being outlaws who score big cash and lots of pussy (rap music promotes the same shit for Crips, Bloods, etc.). But it isn’t what they think it is…not even close. Once they cross a line, they are completely owned and operated. It’s merciless, but brilliant.

        3. Yeah, I’ve no problem with them individually. I have my own wide group of friends that make up a sort of unofficial riding “association”, where I’m one of the recognized alphas. The 1%’ers sometimes ride with us, sometimes don’t. End of the day, they’re just normal blue collar guys, by and large.

        4. Agreed. I’ve met some super-cool dudes who were club members. They’ll talk philosophy, drink with you till your shitfaced, laugh with you, etc. As you said, most are regular guys with regular jobs. That’s one nifty piece you carry, GOJ. I think that would stop a charging grizzly at 20 yards, no problem…not to mention an acid-crazed biker who got triggered (pun intended).

        5. Thanks man. Took me a solid weekend to crank out the belt and holster set, a total work time (not including glue drying, dye drying, any kind of drying in short) of about 14 hours, give or take. All hand sewn, no machines used. Lined belt, lined holster, it hugs the gun real sweet but lets it go if I need to draw it out fast.

        6. What type of ammo do you use with that beauty…do you pack Glaser Safety Slugs on road tips, or…???

        7. Hornandy Critical Defense. When I’m riding on the bike I’ll just wear my Cole 1991A1 in an ostrich leg holster since it’s for utility. The Ruger rig is more my stepping out on the town piece, for when I’m feeling all fancy.

        8. At least once a year, usually two or three times. I had to skip out on Sturgis this year, but the 75th Anniversary last year was amazing.
          By cross country I’m assuming you mean across state lines, and not just putting 200 miles on a sight seeing tour down in southern Ohio or up near Cedar point. If you mean < 600 miles, then the number is much, much higher.

        9. Haven’t really, no. I’m thinking about doing a tour from the start of Route 66 to the end next year, and that gets me kinda-sorta near Nevada, but not really too near. Generally I stay in the northern part of the old West, Montana, Wyoming, that kind of thing.

        10. I hear ya. If you ever make it down that way, it would be my pleasure as your host, to tip a few cold ones in a sportsbook with you, play with the hot, swarming gold diggers, and stack up some coin on our table in the process. So keep that in mind, good sir…that goes for any of your crew members, too, including ROK-ers.

        1. Not ones wearing this on his hip.

          My assumption is that they might have figured me for somebody coming in to start something. It’s South Dakota, which is like Ohio in that open carry is not a big deal, but when you walk into a wolf’s den you’re not working by the normal rules.

    2. Damn good comment.
      This type of thinking has me weary of a Trump presidency. Not because I want hillary… but because after seeing the establishment come down on him (and fail, so far.. anyway), you know a lot of them are just biding their time and seeing which team they need to line up behind.
      So that leaves me wondering.. if trump does win, is it because “we” the people… really got out and made it happen, or because “they” let it happen?

      1. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
        Wikiquote claims Roosevelt never said it…but who do you think controls Wikiquote.
        My old man is mucked-up at the top of the greasy flagpole. In 1991, about 20 months before the election featuring Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, he told me Bush was out, and Clinton (who was largely unheard of at the time), was going to be the next president. This despite the fact that Bush Sr. had the highest approval rating (about 70-plus percent) of any president since the aforementioned FDR. These things are arranged long beforehand. The rest of it is a sideshow for the plebes…

        1. A guy I know whose father was a life long Teamster, pointed at the TV screen one night back in 2005 when a jugged eared freshman senator from Illinois was introduced and said, “there ‘s your next president.”
          I never heard of Obama and shrugged it off.

        2. It’s just one of those things, John – truth being stranger than fiction and all. I don’t proselytize. Gave that shit up a long time ago. Because I finally realized that most people are incapable of waking up, and the vast majority of the rest don’t want to wake up. I persuade, quite often…just lay out what I know sometimes, and if that gets somebody thinking, and they look into it and see it has merit, that’s fine. But ultimately I don’t care what anybody thinks, because most people think other people’s thoughts and do not know it. If they see the truth, they will see it; if they don’t, they won’t. Doesn’t really matter either way. Life goes on. We’re all fools. We’re trying to quit, but it’s hard. The world is how it is, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not…most people whistle past the graveyard. It’s human nature…

        3. “.. truth being stranger than fiction and all.”
          It is. Ever try to tell a loved one something you know is true just to have them disbelieve or deny you? The truth, or parts of it, surfaced later to prove me right, but I simply learned to keep my mouth shut a long time ago.

        4. It’s extremely weird. But that’s just how it is. For example, change is the only constant. Scientific theory being just one of myriad examples. The only absolute law in science is the law of change. No scientific theory or belief has withstood the test of time. “The world is flat…no, it’s round…no, it’s elliptical”, etc. And yet, people cling to their beliefs like virgins cling to their panties. But that’s due to social engineering, it’s due to indoctrination. I’m preaching to the choir here, but you know what I mean. People are demented creatures by nature. That’s just how we are. But we can’t stop being demented until we realize we are demented. We can’t stop being machines unless we first realize we are machines. That’s the tricky part…

        5. Human beings take the path of least resistance and are habitual. Challanging your own beliefs, or what you hold to be true, requires a lot of intellectual honesty and discipline most do not have these days nor is it promoted.
          Truth is objective and in most cases it isn’t evident until you seek it. When anyone starts talking about “subjective truths” you know bullshit is about to follow.

        6. Exactly. Truth – there are two types of people in this world, those who insist that you believe what they tell you, and those who do not. When somebody starts talking about subjective truth, as you said, bullshit follows. They usually wind up attacking the messenger, because the message cannot be assailed. You know…like SJWs do, and feminists do, and die-hard believers in any sort of dogma do…demented by nature. Machines. Until they realize it. But most never will, and I think once you realize they are not going to wake up, you have to at that point focus on finding out more for yourself. Share it with others who are in various stages of awakening. The rest is a waste of energy (like trying to wake up family members, friends, etc.).

  20. Not to worry. Men are starting to figure this shit out, even without being officially “red pill”. Hit the indie music scene, the real artists that can’t get past the “Gatekeepers” of corporate music and you’ll find a ton of great music and themes you’ll recognize almost intuitively.
    This guy should be the next Hank Williams Jr. if we still had a music industry that rewarded hard playing, hard hitting artists instead of “pop stars”. Listen to the lyrics. Red pill as fuck.

    Throw a set of DD’s on that chick and she very closely resembles a….friend….of mine. Love that look.

    1. Somewhat in relation to your comment about indie music….
      It seems things are getting like that for almost anything. Films, videogames, books. It’s as if the big players are simply churning out boring junk year after year. To find anything worthwhile you have to look elsewhere.
      I guess it’s like that with women too. If we’re talking the US. 🙂

  21. You forgot the main contributor to the table: constant slut shaming of women. You run articles that demonize them on and on for loving sex, then wonder why sex is increasingly a taboo. Lol.

    1. Because yeah, ROK articles are affecting the whole swath of American society. Lol.

      1. Don’t forget: we are also all the same. No respectful differences of opinion here.

        1. Indeed, we all are the same. In fact, we’re all One, indivisible. We simply have 200 Disqus accounts and spread our collective personality across them and post in ways that prove the idea of quantum tunneling. We are…Legion.

        2. It’s so funny ya know. Feminists don’t understand how you can go to a website, read things you appreciate while not agreeing with and maintain contact with people who don’t parrot everything you say.

        3. And thus we learn the lesson on the difference between rational individualism and collectivism.
          They are the same people, exactly the same people, who in the year 1620 would be out screaming for “witches” to be burned at the stake. No matter how much they think that they’re enlightened, they’re not, they’re the same screaming voice of intolerance that has plagued humanity throughout history. Only with nipple piercings and clown hair.

    2. Slut Shaming is one of the best things to do if you want everyone to be having sex. Otherwise women become sluts and do nothing but chase after men that are above their station ruining their minds and bodies. Whereas a society that has strong taboo against slutting around spreads sex much more evenly amongst its members.

    1. Reminds me of this social experiment. This is how society treats men in contrast to a woman.

  22. “Elizabeth Bernstein”, why am I not surprised ? the chosen people showing us the light again !

    1. I looked through history trying to disprove the thing you mention, but no matter where I turn, I’m confronted with the truth.
      Elizabeth Bernstein
      Queen Elizabeth
      Elizabeth Hurley
      Elizabeth Taylor
      Elizabeth Montgomery

      The list is never ending.

      1. Those damned Elizabethans. They have been running culture for centuries. This oppression must stop!

  23. Last weekend, I went to Vegas for the first time, with friends. We also went to a nightclub. Personally I’m not fond of nightclubs but my friend wanted to go so I went along. I figured it would be fun to people-watch.
    I was surprised to find that there were much more women than men. But what surprised me the most was that most of the women, although dressed to the nines, mostly slender and decent looking, were hardly getting any action. The men were content to stay in their groups, drinking and having a good time. The women were also in groups for the most part, mostly looking bored, or talking inanities among themselves. One group of women, whenever some men passed by, would form arches with their arms, letting the men pass under. They would wiggle their hips and do some whooing but the men would pay them no attention.
    Even on the dance floor, there seemed to me quite a separation between the sexes, the women up at the front, and the back of the floor being a total sausagefest.
    I did see a few PUAs operating, however.

      1. Now that is an idea. With the economy sucking, more and more women are moving toward their true nature, and sucking for cash. No doubt about it. They go to Vegas to do what comes naturally…

      2. Perhaps some of them, but not the majority. I found out later that local girls get a big discount to get them in the club. Maybe they showed up figuring dudes would get them free drinks. They thought wrong.
        Forgot to mention, many of the men opted for gambling instead (the club had a number of gaming tables outside the pool area). It was quite amusing, men would rather invest in blackjack than buy women drinks, or even talk to them.

  24. And you boys think Pimping a bitch is wrong…One day you’ll realize what’s really important about a bitch. The proving ground today is bigger and more fucked up than it has ever been. You better step your fucking game up because Trump ain’t your fuckin savior. He’s got no more reservation for your weak shit than these feminists do. And he shouldn’t. Get your shit together fellas. This shit is getting deeper by the week.

      1. …just make sure you put it directly to your temple, not under your jaw like in the movies. quicker that way

        1. So I guess you’re one of those Big Brother cock suckers who think guns only belong in the hands of a monopoly of coercive force?

        2. Wish? Your dick got hard as soon as you seen my post. You couldn’t wait to tell me some stupid shit…wish granted bruv.

  25. So HIV is a boogyman. I’ll admit it’s prevalence in strictly heterosexual relationships is overstated, but what about antibiotic resistant and other viral STDs? These are real and very much out of control.
    Anyone who says the US is too sexually repressed is not seeing the world I’m seeing.

  26. Men with lots of built up pressure go on shooting sprees and get shot or apprehended. What else can they do? I’ve found a girl I’m comfortable with and I’m working on starting a family.

  27. If you are forced into being a criminal, then don’t do it lightly, the people who get screwed the most are the people that only go half way. Some places were giving out drivers licenses to illegal aliens. You know what one fake drivers license is? A one time get out of jail free card. I remember laughing reading about some poor guy who kept getting pulled over and thrown in jail because his identity had been confused with some criminal. “But-but I’m following the rules! I swear officer you’re confusing me with someone else!” Another victim crushed by the machine that doesnt care.

  28. How many corrupt police officers and globalist assassins can they send after you until they’ve expired enough of their fraud money trying to put you down? Not enough, but we have to fight. Take the fight to the puppeteer politics and the farcical media and destroy it all.

  29. The above only applies if you are a low value, unattractive man. Don’t be that guy.
    Right now? I’m eating dinner my main girl made me while I keep my side girl on simmer with some playful texting. I plan on banging the one, doing my workout, then slowly bringing side girl to boil and keep her there until I can fuck her tomorrow.
    I’m not on a US college campus, so I don’t give a rip.
    Edit: one more thing. You need to remember which character says kill the lawyers. Think about it.

    1. I heard an old conservative commentator years ago, may have been Rush, can’t recall, who said Japan has seven times more flower arrangers than lawyers. The US has a glut of predatory lawyers sharking for business everywhere and more than 50 times more lawyers than flower arrangers in the US.

      1. Japan may not be the best example. It is very difficult to become a lawyer, and most jobs that would be done by a lawyer in the West would not require a lawyer in Japan. Paralegals and such fulfill most of the roles.

    2. This further perpetuates the delusion that these women think they’ve only should get the best. No they shouldn’t. A low value man is still higher than the woman. I’m not defending pussy ass losers, but I am here to help us realize that stupid sluts are running rampant with their fantasies.

      1. um, are you like a fat fuck?
        I’d rather fguck a pretty girl than a dirty fat fuck. A “low value man” is worth shit – unless you are a desperate fat girl or a dirty old fat fag.
        You’re pretty much fucked.

      1. Well, here’s what side girl said “leg warmers off or on?”. If that’s what “sounding like a bitch” results in, then I’m okay with that

        1. LOL
          Is your side girl a Fame fantasy from the 1980s?
          Idiot, who the hell even cares if the leg warmers are on or off?
          If she has to ask what you prefer, you’re a bitch.

        2. You missed the point long ago, here it is: I get so much trim I can indulge in silly fantasies. I have girls that want to please me.
          Have you even seen a pussy? Maybe you heard a description once?

  30. The government schools must go away or be limited to the most local level. The social engineers created the modern public schools based on the Prussian system first for a reason.
    All the sexual messages have no effect unless boys have been repeatedly punished or so threatened with punishment from an early age. When all sorts of absurd social rules are enforced from the time a child is four or five (soon to be two if the usual forces get their way) by the time the sex rules come along a boy knows he is going to be punished for violating them.

    1. The modern education system does not originate in Prussia, it originates in France under Napoleon III. Why would you be against it?

      1. It originates in Prussia to create fungible human resources for the corporations, government, and the military. People became fascinated by it because of Prussia’s 19th century achievements. It spread to many parts of the world.The american system is a modified version of the Prussian system.
        Even wikipedia doesn’t try to hide where the modern american schools come from.

        1. Okay? Why are you acting like its a bad thing? What different system would you even propose?

        2. You think being socially engineered and conditioned is a good thing? Being trained to be just good enough to do the work to keep things running but unable to sit down and figure out how you’re getting fucked over? Because that’s what the system is designed to do and that’s what it has been doing for decades.
          A replacement? The traditional american system which the ruling class in this country still use for their own children.
          See John Taylor Gatto, “The Underground History of American education”

        3. “You think being socially engineered and conditioned is a good thing?” Social Engineering is just a fact of life. Everything you do, every policy in place, every meme, is social engineering. Putting people in prison for murder is Social engineering. Why do you have such an irrational fear of social engineering?
          “Being trained to be just good enough to do the work to keep things running but unable to sit down and figure out how you’re getting fucked over?” You can’t teach people to be intellectual, it is something pretty inherent to people.
          “The traditional american system which the ruling class in this country still use for their own children.” Annnnnnnnnnd what is this system? What are it’s tenements? How would it actually be implemented?

        4. You think social engineering is a fact of life? Then surrender to the foundation funded SJWs right now. It’s obvious that you consider being livestock the natural order, so be livestock.
          Read the book I referred you to if you want to understand what the difference between the prussian model and the american models are. I am not here to educate those hostile to learning something.

        5. “You think social engineering is a fact of life? Then surrender to the foundation funded SJWs right now. It’s obvious that you consider being livestock the natural order, so be livestock.” Umm no, just because I support social engineering like any self aware person without cognitive dissonance would, doesn’t mean that I support SJW social engineering. I am sure you being of the ROK crowed want to reinstate “the patriarchy”, how will you do this? Well obviously through social engineering. If you are truly against social engineering like you claim, then do you support the legalization of murder? After all, laws against murder are social engineering.
          “Read the book I referred you to if you want to understand what the difference between the prussian model and the american models are. I am not here to educate those hostile to learning something.” If you do not feel strongly enough to defend your own believes, I see no reason to investigate them.

        6. I don’t believe in restoring anything. Just to get that out of the way.
          The dominate social engineers today work through the big foundations. The people who control them, well their ancestors, brought the Prussian system to the USA. They created the modern public schools. If you think it’s a good thing, then accept your position in society as they have determined it for you. A human resource to serve them. You or the ROK crowd are not going to supplant them if you cannot even accept what the modern public schools are designed to do. If you agree with them on principle that people need to me socially engineered you’ve already lost.
          Laws against murder are not social engineering. They are codification of what is known as natural law. What the school system is designed to do is much like dog training. To break children, to domesticate people. Humans don’t need to be conditioned not to murder each other. Outside a very small segment of the population who murder despite the law humans need to be conditioned to murder each other for the benefit of those who rule.
          I am not here to bring you up from zero. You don’t even know the basics are hostile to even accepting the basic facts of where the school system came from. It’s more than a paragraph to explain it and more than an essay to explain it well and you’re not going to accept it so why should I bother? Here’s an essay from Gatto that illustrates the difference:
          It’s about as long as I would have to write it to explain it to you.

        7. “Humans don’t need to be conditioned not to murder each other.” I know that, but its still socially engineering to eliminate murder. Someone is still managing a system in order to modify human behavior.
          As far as education reform, I am fine with it, I honestly do think their needs to be reform, however, it seems like way to many reformers are simply deconstructing the current system and not suggesting any proven solutions to the issues at hand.

        8. Murder (of the non-state sanctioned variety) hasn’t been eliminated. There is no social engineering to eliminate it. Only laws to punish to ideally prevent repeat offenses and act as some additional discouragement.
          The educational system cannot be reformed because it is working as it is designed to work. The reformers are simply improving the design almost every time.

        9. “Murder (of the non-state sanctioned variety) hasn’t been eliminated.” Are you really this cognitively dissonant? Of course murder hasn’t been eliminated, and of course it wont be, the point is to try to work towards elimination or achieve near elimination.

        10. Cognitive dissonance is holding two incompatible views at the same time. You should understand what you fling before flinging. You should also read things in their entirety.
          My point is that laws do not socially engineer. They prescribe punishments for people who do things and get caught. Laws do not eliminate murder. They do not eliminate murder any more than they have eliminated drug use. Laws often have the opposite effect and result in higher rates of the behavior or act they make illegal.
          There is this famous quote from Bertrand Russell’s work:
          “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between
          rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different
          species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an
          organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton”
          That’s social engineering plus eugenics. Eugenics has played a significant role as well. The point is that when a human being is properly conditioned he won’t even think of whatever behavior that is being eliminated. Weighing the consequences of murder (government imposed punishment for breaking the law) isn’t social engineering.
          For instance this thread, if heterosexual activity is made illegal will people suddenly never think of doing it upon the passage of a law? Of course not. They’ll simply weigh the risks, rewards, and consequences and in many cases do it anyway. The behavior will move underground. Criminals will take advantage of laws that make things people want or want to do illegal. Law is a crude and violent tool and not social engineering.
          If laws have any relation to social engineering they are usually capping achievements there of. That is such a large portion of the population now thinks a certain way everyone else can be forced to behave that way or suffer the consequences.
          Murder is illegal because people find it wrong. They do not find it wrong because it is illegal.
          The confusion of morality and legality may be a social engineering tool. Not a very good one, but it does work on some of the population. People who think smoking pot is wrong because it’s illegal for instance. But such confusion doesn’t promote the law by itself to the level of social engineering. It’s still nothing more than violence. Live as I say or else. The moment that threat isn’t there the person goes off and does as he wants. With social engineering a person needs no guards, no enforcement. Laws do not achieve that.

        11. Yes you do have cognitive dissonance, because you think that any laws you support are not social engineering, and any laws you are against are social engineering.
          “Laws often have the opposite effect and result in higher rates of the behavior or act they make illegal.” Proof that this actually happens?
          ” Law is a crude and violent tool” Just because its not a subtle or in many cases effective method for social engineering, does not mean that it isn’t social engineering.
          At the end of the day, I don’t see why you have so much against this social engineering. I mean obviously you were smart enough to see through it, why do you care?

        12. I haven’t mentioned laws that I support and laws I am against. That’s irrelevant to my argument.
          You need proof of laws creating more of what they prohibit? Have you driven an interstate with a 55mph speed limit? It’s illegal to go faster. Usually when the speed limit is made sensible, near the 85th percentile of free flowing traffic, the fastest drivers will typically slow down. But the severe law, the 55mph speed limit law, just had them say in for a penny, in for pound and they drove 90mph. In Illinois the legislature overcame a veto twice to make the speed limit in the Chicago area to better reflect real traffic speeds. In the trade off they made 26 over up to 6 months in jail. The permanent government refused to increase most of I-294 and other expressways. The result is 81mph is jail and the 85th percentile speed is still well over 70, about 75-78mph. So what is realistically three over can be life altering. Now that gasoline is so cheap I am seeing tons of people doing over 80. Did the law work? Nope. The war on some drugs. It’s been found that once prohibition is dropped usage goes down. I can go on and on and if you had half a clue you wouldn’t even need an example.
          The simple fact is you don’t understand what social engineering is. You don’t know what the scientific management of society is. Again, social engineering is where you are conditioned to agree with what you’re supposed to agree with. Law is just punishing for you for not obeying. It doesn’t change your nature or beliefs. When the oppressive force is removed people go right back to doing as they were before. Nothing was engineered. It’s just force.

  31. “Shame on you for having sexual urges! Those are reserved for thugs and six-figure earners (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”
    Fuckin nailed it.
    Indeed male sexual urges are only acceptable in society for men who have mega bucks or are a violent ex-con piece of shit, or both.
    Whatever you do – do not be the average decent man, your survival depends on it.

    1. He’s wrong on the number of digits. In NY (and I have to believe, LA, Chicago, MIami, SF, etc..) 6 figures is not enough.

  32. Russia is where it’s at baby!! Long live Mother Russia! A new up-and-coming man’s country going back to the days when men ruled!!

  33. “Constructing a “Human Trafficking” facade which is based on mostly spurious claims of women being forced into prostitution,”
    – Very, very true. Peruse SA, or Backpage, or Eros, or P411, etc.. to see girls who are very willing to trade p*ssy for money. Nothing being forced at all.
    “Shame on you for having sexual urges! Those are reserved for thugs and six-figure earners (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks)”
    – Um…the author got this one wrong! I can’t speak for Tulsa, or Wichita, or Podunk, but here in NY 6 figure incomes are nowhere near enough! I’ve been making 6 figures since I was my late 20s and all that gets me is a higher class of hooker. The hot girls want the 7+ figure guys here — for the money, of course. The author is spot on regarding thugs/jerks/loudmouths, though. The girls go with them for sex & “excitement”. Of course, the beatings and black eyes that usually follow are a little too much excitement for most of them.

  34. Globalists are from a European culture and history. Only Europeans care so much about butting into other nation affairs

  35. I myself favor the “or otherwise creatively dealt with” solution to Leftist academics and lawmakers.

  36. Man, really, what the fuck is that?! I would never think a day would come when heterossexual activity would be harassed. If I was american I would be really pissed off, I could even kill someone (maybe Hilary Clinton?) so that I could spend my anger. I know the influence of liberalism is really big nowadays, but I don’t believe men would ever allow this to happen.
    Even if this happen it woun’t take long until men rise from the ashes of virginity to conquer what is rightfully theirs. Every men on this worlds wants a pussy, and they would surely fight and die for it.

  37. I think that there is a yoga principle that when you have sex with a woman, part of the spiritual force of the man flows into the woman, with him being weakened and her being strenghtened.
    I wonder if that is true for Western culture, where men seem to be diminshing and women holding all the cards.
    I am not sure I believe that, but I think the easy ability of women to have men at their beck and call for socially accepted sex is making it harder for men.
    But it is clear to me. MGTOW is not really mainstream. But the dudes I see college age of my son do not have the same ego attachment or ego investment in having a girlfriend that I did.
    I can see both good and bad in that. Not sure how I feel.

  38. Clearly a policy that is applied to white males only. Let’s see…white males not allowed to have sex leads to no white babies which leads to no white race! So there you go.

  39. So I see today in the news they now say HALF of the young people identify as either gay (small %) lesbian (small %) or bisexual (like 45%). Now I don’t really care that much what people are, and I’d assume most of you don’t either.
    Don’t you see something wrong with this picture?! How can the % change by leaps and bounds in just a generation? I’m sorry but I dont believe half the population is this category.
    The frightening thing is what does this do to people and their psyche if they are being fooled into this lifestyle? If it’s all fake and they feel they must do it to be relevant, or maybe they were totally conned unto this lifestyle? Isnt it like the white guys that put on the fake I’m a gangsta persona? We can see those people are empty.
    Do any resident experts know more about this?

  40. To address early in the article regarding beta males; I see that many would think…”I’m an alpha, screw the betas”. So who cares if they are outcasts in the heteronormative sexual marketplace?
    Well it matters quite a bit, besides the fact that betas are the backbone of most of society. Alpha men are not just desired by women by other men as well (not for the same reasons), so of course they are valued. Alpha men are higher value than women, the only reason they are banging so many women is because they have no other options; women aren’t meant to be on the same status of an alpha male, or *any* male. Resinating the patriarchal order of heteronormative relations and chaining up hypergamy is the the necessary steps to 1) rein in happy sexual relations between male and female, 2) stop false rape accusations 3) no delusional women of their status 4) less sluts; at least less celebration of sluts 4) everyone wins.

  41. If Trump wins the presidency im sure this “Consensual Sex” nonsense wont last very long.

  42. If you think the Anglosphere has a sexually repressed culture and that the governments regulate and restrict male heterosexuality, then I guess you haven’t visited India. This nation would single handedly give the Anglosphere a run for their money when it comes to absurd level of sexual repression and demonization of male sexuality. Maybe that explains why Western Feminism has found a fertile ground in here.

  43. Their trying to opress our right to “Rape.”
    After the banning of the magic mineral: Kratom this is an affront we can’t accept.
    “Rise up” and FHRITP! It’s ur last hope..

  44. Meanwhile, this embittered entitled femicunt (most probably daughter of illegal immigrants) is propagating “Toxic Masculinity” propaganda:
    Because of this nag, I barely read Matador anymore. Her “articles” are just short paragraphs containing some re-fried acrid anti-patriarchy rants over a video or a link to another article she plagriarised the stuff from.

  45. LOL
    You guys are fucking insane!! – who wrote, “Just as in Britain, men even talking to women is becoming a prosecutable offense”???
    This is entirely untrue. In Scotland you’re unlikely to get more than a warning for punching a girl if she starts it. My mother got punched in pub by a guy for disagreeing with him and punched him back and no police action was taken when they heard the story.
    Fucking nonsense.
    If you piss off a Scottish girl, you’ll get beaten.
    I think girls are DRAMATIC.
    I’m gay, and in my last two relationships, we fucked each other up. Like one I ended up in hospital and the other, he did. Both times no one pressed charges either time, so. We were just like, we beat each other, fuck it.

    1. No fag. You are insane.
      “We’re pleased to see Nottinghamshire Police recognize the breadth of
      violence and intimidation that women experience on a daily basis in our
      communities,” The manager of Nottingham Women’s Center, Melanie Jeffs,
      said. “Understanding this as a hate crime will help people to see the
      seriousness of these incidents and hopefully encourage more women to
      come forward and report offences.”

      1. You’re stating the obvious – I already clarified I’m a fag. I can’t get enough cock, tbh.
        At least I’m not crying like a little bitch about girls.
        You are fat, dumb and probabl;y a murkin.

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