Political And Media Establishment Furiously Attack Trump For Being A Heterosexual Male

On Friday, our globalist elite released their most withering attack yet on Donald Trump: A ten-year-old recording of a private conversation where Trump said the word “pussy.” The coordinated media/Democrat/GOP Establishment firestorm that erupted reveals that these groups ultimately represent the same globalist interests.

Breaking News: Trump has touched female genitalia

On Friday, Access Hollywood released a recording of Donald Trump chatting with Billy Bush. During the off-the-record conversation, Trump talked about how much he loves beautiful women and how his stardom enables him have great success in attracting them. Here is what Trump said:

You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]. I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.

After the release of the recording, Trump apologized and pledged to be a better man.

I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, or pretended to be someone I am not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words today in this more than a decade old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me, knows these words do not reflect who I am. I said it. I was wrong. And I apologize. I’ve travelled the country talking about change for America. My travels have also changed me. I’ve spent time with grieving mothers who have lost their children, laid off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I have been humbled by the faith they have placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow, and I will never, ever let you down.

The coordinated attack begins


Immediately after the Access Hollywood played the recording, the GOP Establishment went into action with virtually every Republican establishment figure coming out in condemnation of Trump. House Speaker Paul Ryan canceled an event where he was scheduled to appear with Trump. Ryan issued a statement saying: “I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified.” Marco Rubio, who is perhaps best known for his “true conservative” jokes about the size of Trump’s penis tweeted:

Jeb Bush, who is still jealous that his low-energy campaign was crushed by Trump, said:

Cuckservative Senator Ben Sasse, who Mike Cernovich reports may be a pedophile enabler, called for Trump to step down:

Mitt Romney, who was too weak to defeat Obama in 2012, got on his moralistic high horse as well:

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that one of the heroes of my youth, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took the opportunity to attack Trump by saying that he will not vote for him. Thankfully, Arnold had the good sense to refrain from invoking high morality probably because, like Trump, he too has a reputation for being a pussy grabber.


But it wasn’t just GOP politicians who piled on Trump, cuckservative commentators also joined in on the orchestrated attack. Russell Moore, who is president of the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, became particularly unhinged. On Twitter he called Trump a sexual predator and alleged that any Christians who support Trump are doing harm to the gospel:

Kevin Williamson of National Review, who has been waging a holy war against Trump dropped readers a note to say, “I told you so.”

Americans and Republicans, remember: You asked for this. Given the choice between a dozen solid conservatives and one Clinton-supporting con artist and game-show host, you chose the con artist. You chose him freely. Nobody made you do it.



The above comments are only a small sample of the dozens of denunciations by the GOP establishment politicians and associated cuckservative commentators. Not a single one broke ranks and tried to provide an alternative perspective. It is obvious that this was a coordinated attack. But if it is an attack, who is responsible for coordinating it? It is no secret that while the Democrats and Republicans differ on a few social issues, on other issues such as foreign policy and tax shelters for the very wealthy, they are identical. That’s because both the Democrat and Republican establishments, including the lobbying and pundit class, are dependent on a small group of wealthy donors.

These globalist oligarchs fund both establishment parties to ensure that the elite agenda remains whether the politicians have a D or R behind their name. As I wrote back in March, Trump’s candidacy is the first real threat to the elites’ complete control of US policy. These same oligarchs own all the major media outlets. It was a simple matter for them to pass on the word that everyone needs to join in this attempt to destroy Trump. The release of the Trump comments at this time was also an opportunity to attempt to bury the latest Wikileaks which reveal the depth of Hillary’s corruption. I strongly encourage readers to check out Matt Forney’s definitive coverage of the leaks.


While Trump’s words were rude, they are not anything that shocking to anyone who has either served in the military or participated in a high school team sport. Men since the beginning of time have been boasting of their prowess with women. A priest who had served in Iraq tweeted that anyone who was feigning offense at Trump’s comments was a prissy. If our standard for President is a man who has never committed a sin, then our selection will be extremely limited. About half of our presidents, including some of the best ones, cheated on their wives. Hillary’s husband, who many liberals adore, is not just a serial womanizer, but has even been accused of rape on many occasions.

The US is at a critical point in its history. The election of Hillary will result in gigantic, permanent changes to the country. For that reason, I hope Trump will weather this storm.

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438 thoughts on “Political And Media Establishment Furiously Attack Trump For Being A Heterosexual Male”

  1. Welp, looks like we’re fucked guys. Time to start looking at tickets to the Philippines.

  2. I mean, great men like Bill Clinton, JFK, and LBJ would never have said anything like that in private. I just wonder what the liberal icon Martin Luther King would think about all of this.

    1. “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want.”
      Of course that’s true. But women HATE hearing that, because they hate admitting to their own natures.
      With that hot mic, Trump just lost ten million undecided female voters, the ones who go by feeeeelz.

        1. Exactly. Its as if Jammy is only concerned with if Trump is an easy winner. Whereas the rest of us are concerned about the principles involved here.

      1. Trump needs to bring out the big guns and not let himself get distracted or play with kid gloves like he did in the last debate. The risk of him getting bogged down without bringing up the real issues is even worse now. The fact that Clinton could very easily get us in a war with Russia might be a good one to bring up.

        1. Re: the debate, Trump has two choices:
          1) He discusses serious real-world topics with gravitas and discipline, listens carefully and empathetically to the audience members, and makes himself look presidential.
          2) He ignores audience members’ questions in order to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sex lives for thirty-five minutes, winning tiny gotcha points, all to puff up his own hideous and malignant grandiosity.
          Guess which one is going to happen.

        2. You’re really an idiot, man.
          Trump already tried option 1 in the first debate, sticking to policy and passing up opportunities to attack Hillary Clinton for her scandals (including the way she treated Bill’s rape accusers). And what happened? It was spun as “Trump doesn’t know anything about policy and he proved that today,” “Trump failed to attack Hillary,” and “Hillary really did a good job attacking Trump. She got under his skin and he wasn’t able to attack back.”
          Did ANYONE in the media say Trump looked “presidential” after the first debate when he stuck to policy and declined to attack Hillary over Bill’s affairs? No.
          All these people saying Trump should not attack Hillary and go after her weaknesses (because it’s not “presidential”) are people who are actually trying to bring down Trump. They know if he doesn’t attack Hillary but she attacks him, he will look bad.

        3. I am voting third party no matter what and was okay with Trump presidency until the debate. I really hope he loses. At no point in the first debate did Trump discuss policy. He incoherently spouted buzzwords and simple platitudes, e.g. “Law and order.” Never used facts, never explained a plan for implementing anything. How the fuck he runs a business like that I do not know.

        4. Are you kidding me?
          It’s fine if you criticize Trump, but you want him to lose? So you want Hillary a president?
          LEFTIST ALERT.

        5. The reality is buzzwords move people not logic but logic is what you need to run things. Generally great managers dont have the sales skills to get elected. People like Reagan are rare where they have both skills.

        6. It’s true that The Elite Media Monoculture declared Hillary the winner of the first debate; that was a forgone conclusion. But something funny happened on the way to the coronation; the post-debate polls showed Trump getting a bump among the hoi palloi. Imagine that.

        7. That is what a good manager does-look at warren buffets free time as another example of this.

        8. The actual scientific polls, including ones conducted by Breitbart, showed Clinton winning narrowly.
          His general election poll numbers dropped slightly after the debate as well.

        9. Yeah, he shouldn’t attack them while they attack him. Romney Strategy FTW!
          Voting for Hillary I assume?

      2. Well they don’t call them star-fuckers for nothin.
        At this point though the needle won’t budge either way. Is there really a huge demographic of people who are still undecided?

      3. Actually most of the call ins I’m hearing are for him, woman wise.
        You buy into the feminist narrative.
        Looking forward to voting for Hillary?

  3. So nothing about how Bill Clinton can shove a cigar up Monica Lewenski’s P****…..WHILST he was president

    1. He’s not running for president, moron. And he was impeached for lying to a grand jury about it, so consider Bill appropriately chastised.

      1. You might be missing the point. Which is, if I may attempt to paraphrase, if we’re going to try to hold Trump to some standard of what being presidential means, it might be instructive to look at how actual presidents have behaved.
        But you don’t want to do that, because you’ll have to admit, relatively speaking, Trump’s banter ought to be a complete non-issue. *Especially* for anyone who defended Bill.

        1. I have never and will never defend Bill or Hillary. Trump’s comments are an issue and problem.

        2. I think they are somewhat of a problem, too. At the very least, they are unhelpful to a candidate that could use some image improvement.

        3. Screw his image. Talk about the actual MAN. He’s a walking trash fire. Look up Tony Schwartz’s interview in the New Yorker.

        4. Well, it’s his image that matters right now in terms of getting him elected.
          There isn’t much of a choice anymore. It’s either Trump or Hillary. Trump might be a pile of shit, but Hillary is a much bigger pile of shit any way you cut it.

      2. His wife is running, though. You don’t get to completely separate her from him, especially since his presidency is THE WHOLE REASON SHE EVEN BECAME A POLITICIAN.
        She would be NOTHING without him. Apparently, according to people like you, she can accept all the benefits of being married to him, but as soon as something negative comes out about him, she’s her own person and separate from him.
        Also, what people are mad about is that she ENABLED his behavior by threatening the women who accused him.
        Fuck off, Hillary-loving troll. How does Hillary’s oversized clit taste in your mouth?

    2. Yes that does need to be laid out as well. But I still don’t understand how his private sexual life was anyone’s business. If he could run his presidential duties right that’s all that mattered

  4. The media manages to cultivate outrage towards this but when it comes to Bill Clinton’s sexual history or Hillary’s activities surrounding it, well, that can be compartmentalized with ease. All of their criticisms are centered around it being ethically repugnant.
    The same people who determined it was ok for Bill to get his cock sucked by interns in the oval office and who actually raped women, are telling us that some stuff Trump said is ethically repugnant.
    Just a friendly reminder that these people are baseless and trying to destroy western civilization. They won’t dictate what is moral or ethical for me. Fuck any shill in these comments or anywhere else who declares this election over from this non-issue.

  5. The left has legalized homosexual marriage and attacked private
    businesses who’s religious convictions prevent them from serving gay marrieds. They have promoted all forms of perversion including mandating that self-identified trans-sexuals be allowed to use women’s restrooms and are attacking anyone who disagrees with that. They are turning our military into one giant homosexual clique.
    Hillary Clinton’s husband has a well-documented history of abusing women including while he was president. She has vilified the women who accused him of sexual misconduct while promoting herself as a champion of women.
    Prominent leftist webzines and news outlets have excoriated Trump over fat and slut shaming while attacking imaginary frat-boy rapists. They have ignored and trivialized organized migrant attacks on European women while screeching about a phony campus rape culture.
    For them or anyone to be clutching their pearls because Trump made some off-color comments is laughable in the extreme.
    Looking forward to Trump returning fire in the debate and my pulling the vote lever for him.

    1. “Looking forward to Trump returning fire in the debate”
      God forbid, he screws up.
      One thing is certain, the debate will be rigged against him in more ways than one.

      1. Dude, he’s rigged everything against himself. If he’d had a hundred more feet, he would’ve shot them all off by now. There’s never been a shittier general election candidate.

        1. Hey, over here, whenever you have a different opinion or point out bias in an article, the furious crowd jumps at your throat to label you as a feminist. 🙂

        2. Anyone who can kill jeb bush the heir apparent with a simple name”low energy jeb” come from no political background and be even with the democratic front runner one month before the election would be the very definition of a strong candidate.

      2. The debates are not rigged against Trump. Trump simply was not prepared for the first debate. Perhaps Trump will be better prepared for debate number two.

        1. The argument I likd most was that he used this debate as a throwaway. To see what the enemy would do. Now he knows their tricks.

        2. Podiumgate check it out on youtube. Looks like the whole thing may have been essentially scripted with hillary reading from a teleprompter and even signalling lester when she wants to talk. Check out the videos on youtube about this..were not talking blurry fotos where people are half imagining things. Were talking teleprompter turning on when she walks to the podium,her scrolling with some kind of mouse, looking at it throughout the debate it turning off when she walks away at the end and it being ferretted away in full view while she is leaving.

        3. There was a strong appearance of collusion between Clinton and Holt based on just the Machado setup. May see more of the same from Anderson Cooper.
          But Trump could have done a better job and most supporters would agree. Even the pros blow it now and then. Expecting a better performance tonight.

      3. Do you think he realized when he started just how much hate he would have to deal with?

        1. I don’t know. To be honest, the massive onslaught against him has surprised even me.

        2. The MSM is the propaganda outlet of The Establishment, and a huge percentage of the population–brainwashed for 15 years by our Prussian school system–are obedient sheep. I think 1984 should be re-titled: 2016

        3. He’s the only candidate to take it on & keep on trucking. Any other candidate would’ve caved & endlessly apologized to accusations of every (bogus) ‘ism’ n ‘ist’ against them. The MSM’s job is to take TRUMP out. PMSNBC and CNN couldn’t contain their jubilation this weekend as they thought they finally got him with CNN going as far as to report for hours that Trump would be forced out by RNC.
          He’s not going anywhere.

        4. Bingo. Any other candidate would have caved to the left like Glen Beck
          And at least Trump is a real man who can get whatever girl he wants.
          Slick Willy cannot, he has to rape them and let his wife criminally threaten them.

        5. Trump himself has answered your question in yesterday’s majestic speech:

          With their control over our government at stake, with trillions of dollars on the line, the Clinton machine is determined to achieve the destruction of our campaign… They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. But I never knew as bad as it would be. I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious…
          I will not lie to you. These false attacks are absolutely hurtful. To be lied about, to be slandered, to be smeared so publicly, and before your family that you love, is very painful. What is going on is egregious beyond any words…It’s reprehensible beyond description, it’s totally corrupt.
          But, I also know that it’s not about me. It’s about all of you and it’s about our country. I know that. I fully understand that. That’s why I got involved. It’s about all of us together as a country. It’s a movement the likes of which we have never in history in this country seen before, never in history.

        6. That’s the only authentic human response I can think for being in his position.
          If this whole thing really is not just a huge sham… a bread and circus for the proles… then Donald Trump is truly a great man.
          Thanks for sharing this Stonebanks.

      4. I wonder if they will dig out that quote in the debate. Thrilled to see his reaction to that … although it will likely be a PC apology.

    2. Yes, it occurred to me that the lefties I see wringing their hands in horror because Trump bragged about scoring that once 11 years ago pretty much universally think Bill Clinton was a great president. If anything, that should prove that this in no way disqualifies Trump.

    3. Its disgusting faux outrage. Perhaps the LGBT crowd and their govt. enablers that endorse sodomy and fisting, ought to be more inclusive. Its ok for a sodomite male dressed as a woman to stalk the womens bathrooms, while gay men in provocative dress openly bugger each other in public streets in broad day light on gay pride mardi gras floats….. But straight white men cant have a little banter. Trump didnt even ‘do’ anything…… only talk…..

    4. I had to laugh at these comments. I think most of us have said far worse just here in the comments section.

      1. Exactly… I’ve had an enjoyable time calling out all the “men” and married women that whine about what he said as if they or their husbands have never said anything of the sort. This hullaballoo is more about demonizing hetero males than anything else

    5. “… that self-identified trans-sexuals be allowed to use women’s restrooms…”
      I have 1 little brother and 2 baby girl cousins. I definitely won’t let them to go pee-pee in public restroom alone. To my little brother, I’ll say,”Always carry an empty plastic bottle with you.”
      To little girls, I’ll say, “Always wear diapers.”
      To both, I’ll say, “Don’t ever go to public restroom without parents’/sane adults’ supervision!”

  6. Captcha says TRUMP IS HUMAN. Trump may don a toupee but he’s 100% human. Beware of the leaders in ‘big hats’.
    The ‘elites’ are very different from you and I. Egyptian pharoah Akhnatan had several notable non human ‘alien’ features such as the large head and dark slanted eyes resembling a ‘gray’ somewhat.
    The large ‘lightbulb’ contour of the cranium has also been found on mummified remains unearthed from tombs in Peru.
    And several more from Egypt
    Top it off with a nice hat and PRESTO!

    1. When Trump is pharoah he’ll cop a feel of Nefer’s titties, and she’ll thank him for it

    2. Those deformed craniums are a result of the ancient cultural practice of headbinding infants while their skulls were still pliable and growing

  7. Arnold is a huge cuck, something I’ve known for a long time.
    Fuck that hypocrite.

        1. Absolutely right. He wanted to fuck someone else. No big shakes. Pussy’s pussy.

        2. Yeah, but dude, seriously… There is steak and then there are moldy, maggot infested ground up rat gonads.

  8. The link about the Cuckservative Sasse-hole being a pedophile enabler doesn’t work for me.

  9. First off.
    EVERY WEEKEND its “There’s no hope for Trump Now” from wapo and CNN.
    But he keeps rollin’
    If this conversation was recorded without either party’s consent/knowledge, even if accidentally, its use should be prohibited by law. I’m very curious to know if Hollywood Access should be left open to criminal charges and if the washington post should also face some sort of punitive measures for its dissemination of illegally intercepted recordings.
    Access Hollywood.

  10. Wow, Bill Clinton came all over Monica’s dress and had rubbed up and down about ever tart you could think of in Arkansas when he was Governor, but Bill’s different, isn’t he. He was allowed a free pass, while, Trump who’s not being accused of any crime is being hauled over the coals.

    1. well Bill wasn’t allowed a “free pass” in case of Monica. that’s exactly the problem with Republicans. if they didn’t start witch hunt on Clinton because he consensually fooled around with some stupid intern – they wouldn’t have to disavow Trump now. conservatives only shot themselves in the foot in this case.

      1. While it’s true both D’s and R’s are hypocrites these two situations are not related in any shape or form. Bill Clinton was the intern’s boss or at least the intern’s boss’s boss. Trump hit on some woman he met who he did not employ, failed, then talked about in a crude manner some time later.
        Most any leftist would demand some guy in middle management or even a CEO of a company be fired for Bill Clinton did. Consensual or not simply because of the employment relationship. They stood by Bill and didn’t demand he get fired from his job. He got a pass.

      2. Exactly. Bill Clinton had to do six months of mea culpas before the 92 election just to reassure the American people that he’d changed. And then the right-wing machine attacked him for eight more years, spending hundreds of millions of dollars until he voluntarily handed them the rope to hang him with.

        1. “Bill Clinton had to do six months of mea culpas before the 92 election just to reassure the American people that he’d changed.”
          A leftist lie if there ever was one, but you cannot help yourself. He denied all wrong doing and the press covered for him.

        2. right-wing machine
          How’s that Hillary vote going to feel? Good “brother”?

      3. Trump wasn’t president of the USA 11 years ago. Bill Clinton was at the time. Big difference. If I did in corporate America what Bill Clinton did to an intern that worked for me, I’d have been fired, the company would have been sued and I likely would never have worked in corporate America again.

  11. Trump just retweeted Juanita Broaddrick’s message:
    “Hillary calls Trump’s remarks “horrific” while she lives with and protects a “Rapist”. Her actions are horrific.”
    Now that all eyes are on him, (because he said the word “pussy”- LOL), he can call out Shitlary for what she really is- a rape enabler for her husband. People can see immediately that she is much worse. Trump just talks like every man does. Ladies, you have never in your life met a man who did not talk like this in private. You just don’t know it.
    He leaked the tape himself, this was all done on purpose. Now, if this is brought up at the debate, he has the perfect segue to delve right into the Clinton rape stuff.
    She took the bait perfectly. Go for the kill, my man!
    But, but, BUT, right from the BEGINNING, the first thing Trump needs to say is that the debate will be rigged. The debate commission has admitted that his mic’s volume was being lowered- this isn’t some nutjob theory, it’s a fact! Point it out!!! “I will be interupted more than my opponent”, He needs to say this clearly right off the bat!

    1. He leaked the tape himself, this was all done on purpose.
      I’ve heard others suggest this before, and I still don’t buy it. It sounds like a bit of wishful thinking with some rationalization mixed in.
      His campaign never would have allowed it. It’s not helpful at all. A segue is not needed to bring up the rape stuff, it can be talked about as an issue on it’s own.

      1. Maybe you’re right, but I heard that it was sent from his own building. A “mole” might have sent it, but it’s a conspiracy either way, so who knows.
        I still say he’ll do much better tomorrow than last time.

    2. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised in the GOP themselves leaked the tape. We practically have a one party system – the Republicrats. They do not represent the silent majority and are hellbent on keeping DC the way it is. Except for one thing.
      It didn’t work.
      Paul Ryan was booed off stage today, internet polling shows Trump ahead in the election, and Trump was even cheered today outside his building. We’re finally being heard.
      Oh man, the new world is going to be great.

      1. Hah, well, no matter how it happened, it seems that he’s making good use of it.
        I love how this is only going to fuel the impotent rage of those who say, “Trump could shoot someone and people would still vote for him”. (Implying that he’s already so outrageous that nobody should be voting for him.) Give me a break! Every time I hear that, I want to scream, NO! IT’S HILLARY WHO’S LIKE THAT.
        Harrassing the victims of her rapist husband? Stealing Haiti’s money? Endangering national security?
        ARE YOU KIDDING ME. It boggles the mind that some people are so plugged into the Matrix that they still defend her. The only reason to hate Trump is if you’re so weak-minded that you let the media feed you pre-made opinions.
        Rant over!
        Unfortunately, I’m Canadian, so I won’t be having the pleasure of voting for Trump, but when he wins I will certainly get drunker than I’ve been in a LONG time.

        1. Sorry man, but Im getting to a point now where I would be OK with him shooting someone.
          The difference is, I wouldnt bullshit myself about it, like the manginacrats do.

      2. I agree. The people speak louder than any poll or news piece can or ever will. His rallies are packed. Hillary’s are NOT. Short of voter fraud, of the Venezulean flavor he stands a damn good chance to win quite handedly. I won’t entertain this notion of defeat until the day of battle. Until then, our chances of winning against Hillary are better than she and her media would lead us to believe.

        1. I’d like to be the first to urge you to join the rest of us in the land of reality.
          Here, you will find out, political rallies do not ultimately affect the outcome of an election. After all, they’re free, and fun, and people like to get drunk before going.
          What matters is getting the vote out on election day, which is also free but much less fun. That’s why it takes an enormous network of community activists working on election day. This is called the GOTV (get out the vote) operation. Knocking on doors, picking people up, calling them, reminding them to vote, etc. Currently, Clinton’s GOTV is three times the size of Trump’s — and that was pre-tapes.
          Also, in this land of reality, there are things called polls, which when taken in aggregate, and averaged, are remarkably accurate. These things called polls currently show Clinton with 6% lead over Trump — and that was pre-tapes.
          Again, welcome to reality. I hope you stay a while.
          P.S. I’m usually not this condescending, but you seem like you’re living in a dream world. Srsly, educate yourself how things really work. http://www.realclearpolitics.com

        2. Go home globalist, you and your gang are not welcome here! The only person that lives in a dream world, is the one that votes for a known textbook felon and murderer (Hillary Clinton).

        3. Yeah dude. I’m not particularly thrilled by this but Clinton is going to win and win big

      3. The Leak is a Jeff Bezos thing. Trump called him and his connection to the media out in MANY speeches. The Washington Post (owned by Bezos) came out with the leaks.
        If you want to do anything against this shit: Boycott amazon. I just canceled my Prime subscription.

      4. If by “internet polling” you mean online polls where you just click a button and vote, those are not accurate at all. First of all, there are a lot of old people who vote for Hillary who don’t vote in those online polls. Second of all, you can vote as many times as you want in an online poll. Also, if the poll was done on a conservative website, there will be a conservative bias.
        After the fist debate, for example, every online poll showed Trump winning the debate, but the real polls (including one done by Breitbart) showed Hillary winning.

        1. I think he’s talking about the polls where you have to register and they re-sort based on demographics (LA Times, PPD, etc poll). The problem is all polling is suspect now – only 7-8% answer landline phones (and half the country doesn’t have landline) so its difficult to get a truly accurate poll anymore anyway.

        2. During the primaries, the polls were generally accurate. Not perfect, but not totally useless either.

        3. Actually they were usually off for Trump by an average of 4% and in the “close” states that mattered it was by even more. (IOW, the polls usually showed Trump winning [usually only in the last week or so] but still underestimated his win %)

        1. Their Septic Tank division keeps losing every single armor battle. Damnit!

  12. House Speaker Paul Ryan canceled an event where he was scheduled to appear with Trump. Ryan issued a statement saying: “I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified

    Paul Ryan is a modern-day Ephialtes, who betrayed the defending Spartans to the invading Persian hordes at Thermopylae.
    One can but hope Trump doesn’t let himself be outflanked by the enemy.

    1. Paul Ryan is the classroom tattletale that we all wanted to beat up in grade school.

      1. Yep, Ryan is the punk Omega nerd in charge of the shit show known as the GOP-led house. I thought permatanned clown boy Boehner was bad, but Ryan, second fiddle on the horrific Romney ticket, takes the proverbial cake.

        1. Trump is the spoiled punk whose dad never disciplined him and somehow made it through school without getting his ass whooped

        2. Ha! Trump is the rich kid that bought the bullies video games so he could hang out with them and was mocked as soon as he turned his back.

        3. No, Trump really was the bully. At his high school military academy, he attacked his music teacher and got into fistfights with his baseball coach. His baseball coach is still alive, age 90, and has been interviewed about it.
          I can understand getting into fights with classmates; I was in two. But with your teacher? Or your coach? That shows a fucked-up mentality, even at age 15.

        4. again, to me that reinforces attention whoring. “look what i am gonna do guys”
          I really have a negative opinion of the guy as a person. I don’t think he is evil like hilary….but I don’t like him. If one of those two clowns needs to win let it be him over her…but he really is a spokesman for a faggy, pompous, self important generation of hipster jerks in my opinion and I think the praise that he is getting from places like ROK is from a place of fighting against hilary for the most part — which is fine and good — but thinking this guy is someone to be admired and to emulate is just really a bad example.

        5. Don’t disagree but which of the other 17 candidates that ran were better (or for that matter, in the last 6 presidential elections?)

        6. Reagan doubled federal government spending, tripled the debt, and provided amnesty for millions of illegals. His record as a “conservative” is sketchy at best. (but you have 88, 92, 96, 00, 08, 12 as the last 6)

        7. I don’t know much about politics. I liked Reagan. I won’t argue because I don’t know the details.

        8. “Everyone” liked Reagan. 80s were good and he was like your kind caring grandpa. And he was infinitely better than carter and Mondale.

        9. That was my impression with the people I knew. Like I said I wasn’t making a big study of it. Just my feelings

        10. Oh I figured as much. But I get annoyed at the “reagan conservatives” that say Trump is a big government liberal but then ignore that Reagan borrowed 2x more than all the presidents before him combined and increased the federal budget by 80% during his term (plus amnesty). Trump certainly isn’t perfect, but people make Reagan out to be way better than he was.

        11. I honestly don’t know the the politics but I liked Reagan from the rat pack and roasts

        12. Congress writes the budgets and passes laws. So…check there first.

        13. Reagan did not get overridden on veto so that excuse holds exactly 0 water with me (ie he signed the bills).

        14. Veto it. No one forces a president to sign something. They (Congress) can override it with 2/3 vote in both chambers but otherwise you own it. If you were truly a small government champion, you’d be happy to have the government shut down anyway.

        15. Again, Reagan (or any president) can Veto a bill and if Congress cant override it and there is no budget, government shuts down or congress blinks or the president blinks. Reagan blinked. Reagan did not veto the bills, he signed the massive increases, ergo he owns them – especially 8 years in a row (and he passed amnesty). He also had 2 leftest USSC nominees as well.

        16. So Congress writes the laws and budgets. Agreed.
          Who had Congress during this time?

        17. Was Reagan’s (non-existent) budget veto overridden, yes or no? No one held a gun to Reagan’s head and forced him to sign the bills 8 years in a row (ie its better to have government shut down than sign 8 years in a row of massive government increases in spending and debt). Let congress hang themselves and override the veto. (Not to mention government spending went up massively from 2000-2004 when Republicans had all 4 chambers as well – President, house, senate, USSC)

        18. Who writes the budgets and laws? Answer the question, Democrat.

        19. Democrat LOLOLOL – GOJ – And i use to think so highly of you. I’m so far removed from a Democrat its not funny – I’m just not a blind Reagan fanboy like you apparently are. I can actually read a spreadsheet, look at the USSC nominees, and see amnesty passed and know how government works very well.
          CONGRESS writes the budget and the laws. Guess who has to approve it? The President! If the president doesn’t like the laws, he/she can veto them. Congress can then override it with a 2/3 vote if they can. Or they can pass laws that the president will pass. Or government shuts down. Reagan could have vetoed the massive increase in debt and spending and let government shut down like he threatened to do with the AT controllers but he didn’t. Year after year he signed bills massively increasing the size and scope of government AND he passed amnesty and 2 horrible USSC nominees. Why are Republicans so scared to shut down government? Veto shitty bills FFS. Let Democrats hang themselves. If they override you in both chambers so be it but don’t sign it and own it. Yes, Reagan was better than Carter and Mondale. That’s like saying a dog bite is better than being bitten by a cobra. Also, Republicans had the Senate for 6 of the 8 years of Reagan.
          And like I already said, Republicans had the president, both chambers and the USSC from 2000-2004 and government MASSIVELY increased.

        20. So Democrats wrote the budget. And passed it. Reagan did sign them because “bipartisanship” but generally held to his guns on many other things.
          Reagan shouldn’t have signed them, clearly. But they are not “his Budgets” and “he” didn’t create this, Congress did who could EASILY override his veto most of the time (thanks to RINO votes).
          What you think or thought of me matters not. I don’t post for your sake or any other person but myself.

        21. Republicans had control of the senate from 1981-1987 (iow Reagan’s first 6 years). Why you think his veto would have been overridden? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_divisions_of_United_States_Congresses). Most Democrats were pro-guns still in the 80s. Most of them didn’t go off the deep end until the 90s with guns. You may not care what I think, but it just shows you lack perspective with Reagan. Again, he was WAY better than Carter and Mondale, but again that’s not saying much. The last real conservative we had run for president was Goldwater. Your only excuse for Reagan is that “they wrote it first!!!” is hardly compelling. VETO shitty bills, period – especially when you have one of the two chambers.

        22. That is incorrect.
          “Both in and out of office, Reagan was always well-liked by the American public — based on ratings measuring the public’s personal opinion rather than its assessment of his job performance. Between 1984 and 1988, Gallup consistently found more than 6 in 10 Americans holding a favorable view of Reagan, including a substantial 81% in October 1986. In Gallup’s most recent measure of favorability about Reagan, taken in January 2001, 74% of Americans had a favorable opinion of him, and only 23% were unfavorable.”
          Not to mention he only lost one state in the 1984 election

        23. I never met a male high school teacher, especially shop or PE who didn’t deserve to get KTFO. Not a job for real men so you get a bunch of beta fags trying to power trip on teenage boys.

        24. Anyone who spends all his time on ROK and supports Reagan at the same has exposed himself as either ignorant or a hypocrite. Reagan supported no fault divorce and abortion while governor of California

  13. Its not like we’ve learned anything new about Trump. He went on Howard Stern and said worse. The 2016 election comes down to whether you believe what trump says is worse than what Hillary has done.
    As for the cuckservatives they still don’t get it why people hate them. Nobody likes weak little B#$!”×%

  14. Thanks for putting this in perspective. Men regularly talk this way about women when they are alone, and guess what: women talk this way about men when their amongst their own, too. Every detail about a man is discussed with friends amidst drinks and cackles. They do it, we do it, and if we are wise, we don’t want to record it, and we don’t want to replay it. Fair is fair.

    1. Yup. Women talk even dirtier than we do.
      Trump was just dumb enough to speak it INTO A MICROPHONE that he knew could possibly be recording him. At a time when he was actively mulling a run for the presidency. He did the same between takes on the set of The Apprentice. I wonder when that footage is gonna be leaked.
      What an idiot.

      1. At a time when he was mulling the presidency? You mean over 10 years ago? This is the stupidest nontroversy I’ve seen. Breaking Story: Guys like Girls, want to have sex with them. More at ’11.

        1. It doesn’t matter what you or I think. It’s what the undecided female voters think — and he just sank his own ship.

        2. Bro, you’re talking about what the “undecided female voter” thinks, but in a previous comment you defended Hillary Clinton and said she should not be blamed for Bill’s sex scandal (which she enabled).

        3. Be real, the female always is attracted to power and bad boys. Trump is demonstrating both. They can say anything they like in public, in the booth they vote for the baddest boy around. Clintons shenanigans made him more attractive, not less. The same principle should hold here,
          The average gamma male on the other hand…

        4. Women will always fall for clown game until a real alpha shows up. The second a real man shows up they see the clown game as clownish and look to trade up.
          Trump is a total wuss. If he ran against a democrat who looked presidential and was a deaf mute he would take a 50 state stoming.
          Running against hilary (who is only slightly more masculine than trump) he will wind up winning about a dozen states whose electoral votes count less than California or New York.

        5. That is very shocking lolknee, if anyone else had written that, I aould assume they were speaking shit, in your case, I get the feeling that you are genuine and so I am willing to give younthe benefit of the doubt. Why do you say trump is not an alpha? More importantly, can you define an alpha?

        6. I can’t define “alpha” really. I don’t think it is that simple. I will tell you that my opinion of trump hasn’t changed in 20 years. He has always struck me as the rich kid who tries too hard to be cool.
          I mean I don’t think he is a bad person. I don’t know what kind of person he is. But even this thing with Billy Bush. He is a real estate mogul and a celebrity sitting in a trailer with a kid what 30? 40 years younger than him and he still sounds like he is trying really hard to make friends.
          His compulsive need for attention, his ability to switch sides depending on what will make him more popular at any moment, his constant and almost all consuming desire for people to think he is cool? I know lots of guys like that. They are all chumps.
          If you need to pick someone to be president I get “not hilary” I really do. Where I see Trump as a wuss I am pretty sure she is pure evil. I’ll take wuss over evil.
          His absolute need to be in the spotlight strikes me as very feminine and if we are going to stick with the standard identification of alpha and beta…totally beta chump.
          If Beta Bux has a picture next to it in the dictionary, a billionaire who constantly needs reaffirmation and attention and the spotlight would be just the person to put there.

        7. Ah well, I was hoping you could give some insight in what qualities a man needs tp develop.
          Anyway, it sounds like you would have been a fan pf Calvin Coolidge

        8. I’ll be honest…I speak to ghost of Jefferson off board. I believe he is as close to an alpha as it gets. Not because of chicks or guns or blah blah blah but because he cares about his own life and can handle disagreement without being a child. He knows who he is and isn’t a baby when someone else doesn’t see it the same way. Everything else, women, guns, philosophy, whatever…that shit is hobbies…but being able to be a gentleman in a disagreement and politely dismiss ad hominem attacks is a very good quality that trump is sorely failing at

        9. Actually according to what I’m hearing on the local media, girls not only forgive him, but are giving him kudos for being a man’s man.
          Sucks for Hillary.

        10. The nice thing about being my age is that by tomorrow I can’t even remember my own name, let alone who you folks are, or your comments. On the other hand, I wake up next to my wife and go “Hey now, who’s this hot chick in bed next to me?!? Score!”

        11. Don’t you have some hair to restrict with barbed wire or something? Heh.

  15. Unpopular sentiment around these parts but, it’s one thing to be outspoken but a something else entirely to not know how to shut up.
    This current round of propaganda would be nothing if it was not backed by months of Trump speaking his mind on the very non presidential issue of fatties and his miss universe winner .
    If he had a steady temperament he would not be so easily drawn into pointless conflict. This video would not have been played if he had avoided talking about female waistlines and attitudes, but instead he kept at it like a moron. He could have at the very least stopped doubling down on obvious gaffs that were hurting him in the polls.
    As this post points out sexual conduct is not a Clinton strength, but Trump successfully managed to paint himself in a worse light by establishing a pattern that the DNC fully exploited.

    1. Does get him multiple headlines per day, it’s almost like he’s President already, and Hillary is dead and forgotten. Don’t know if it’s any way to get elected, will come down to if America deserves Trump, if Americans turn out to be a bunch of timid bitches and cucks Trump has better things to do in his final years

      1. Ramming your boat into an iceberg doesn’t make you a bad ass, it makes you sunk.
        He is getting earned media, but its all negative in the polls.
        Being a realist, he isn’t going to get significant minority votes. He can’t win if he doesn’t pull any white married female votes.

        1. Maybe in a narrow demographic it’s not, but all major polls since the debate trump has lost ground in key electoral states: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

        2. Major polls? I suppose you mean the anti-trump, jew run media on the shitbox? I’m sure they show us the complete truth.

        3. So I should believe in imaginary data? Give me one credible source that says trump just pulled a rabbit out of his ass.

        4. I honestly don’t know who’s ahead, but it’s very tough to make an argument that Clinton is ahead when many times the amount of people come out to see Trump and wait for hours and hours to do so.

        5. Most of the internet tracking polls (not website anyone can vote polls) showed Trump ahead or tied through yesterday (like the ones that showed Brexit occuring vs traditional polling showing STAY winning by 4-10 pts). Keep in mind the Brexit average going into voting was +2.5% to STAY and ended up +4 leave even with several of the “pro Brexit internet polls” included in the average.

      1. Explain how this is a winning strategy? How does it impact the economy, foreign policy, crime, immigration or any other actual government function? It doesn’t.
        If he could just shut his face when goaded into calling fat chicks fat etc… He would not be down by close to double digits.
        It shows weakness not leadership that he can’t control his message.

        1. I’ve been saying that for months. He can’t step up to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

    1. Really? Honestly he seems like a beta chump to me. He has all the classic signs of a total wuss

  16. if paul ryan wasnt’ such a pussy when joe biden went after him in the VP debate; romney would likely be president.

    1. “..romney would likely be president.”
      No chance. Romney did not go after JEF in the 2 follow up debates on issues where he was weakest and did not have a the attack machine on the ground needed to swing it his way.
      Romeny simply did not have the tenacity, or the killer instict, to win.

  17. He’ll be fine in the coming debate. At least there is zero chance of him saying of Hillary: I will fuck her right in the pussy, or anything sexist like that
    Talking of which I haven’t seen a picture of Hillary holding that big donut for a while. Trump will be just fine so long as Chloe Moretz doesn’t turn up for the debate waving hers around

  18. So I guess its safe to say that Trump didn’t read ROK’s article about Beck’s collapse.
    “As masculine men, we have many truths to use as a basis for living our everyday lives to the fullest. While the diverse array of rules concern topics game, self-improvement, and keeping your word as a man, there is one commandment that towers above all else. This rule consists of NEVER GIVING INTO THE LEFT’S DEMANDS. It doesn’t matter whether they have a rare but valid point or if they exert unwavering pressure on their target, we must never admit defeat because we suffer irreparable losses if we do so.”

  19. Trump’s mistake is in misunderstanding the “You don’t talk about Fight Club” principle. At the level at which he’s playing, there are no rules. There is no morality. It’s really a knife fight in a phone booth. However, it’s critical to act as if they are. It reminds me of an anecdote once about some amateur golfer talking to Tiger Woods about how similar they were, and Woods saying something to the effect that this guy had no idea what it was like to be Tiger Woods, what it took to be that good, and so on.
    Presidential candidates are ruthless, ambitious and driven by a desire for power that makes a forest fire look like a birthday cake. However, you absolutely have to conceal that from the voters. You also have to conceal the alpha that goes with it. Trump is not into hypocrisy, so he didn’t, and now they’re landing on him.
    JFK was an animal. As one example, he had a nineteen year-old intern, a young woman named Mimi Beardsley, blow one of his staffers while the rest of the group watched. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/02/06/interns-memoir-details-affair-with-president-kennedy.html Yet, he’s still revered because he maintained the necessary facade of being a family man and a moral human being.

    1. JFK’s facade was facilitated. People kept quiet about it until after he was dead. If all the people who have talked in the decades since talked when it was relevant what would have happened? No facade.

      1. I listen to a podcast that opens with JFK:
        “The very concept of secrecy is repugnant in a free an open society”
        Like that guy didn’t have secrets out the ass. It came out a few years go that he deflowered a teenage intern in the WH, for one.
        Its good to be da king…

        1. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago
          (no comment or anything, that’s all I wanted to say)

    2. LMAO, wtf kind of attention whoring senile old skank writes about blowing a random guy because the married guy she was having an affair with asked her to!? Her seven grandchildren must be so proud. AWALT. Always were, always will be.
      Metallic KO kicks ass

    1. Duterte is a true alpha who takes shit from no one. Duterte would tell the Feminist GOP cuckservatives like Ryan and Romney to FUCK OFF.

  20. I have 0 problem with what trump said (other than the gay best friend game he laid out) and feel the faggot side of the GOP really has no balls.
    That said, I can’t fault Mitt. His criticism is inline of his long held moral beliefs. The rest are just phoney little sissies but Mitt, even when it was a detriment to him, seems to have always been a man of strong faith and morals and his critique seems genuine.

    1. nonsense can’t be believed in, he’s a coward scrambling to condemn sexual options for a man in order to pretend that isn’t the single reason for the Mormon cult, Trump would have to hire a secretary to keep track of which of his wives’ turn it was to have her pussy grabbed if he was a Mormon priest

      1. Hey you don’t have to convince me that Romney is wrong, I’m just saying he isn’t a hypocrite like the rest

      2. Also, if trump was a Mormon he might go broke from all the faggy beta furniture trips he has to make

    2. He said it because he didn’t know he was being recorded. There is a reason for that – because it wouldn’t be well received in public circles. I talk like this in locker rooms too, because I’m a guy who likes sex. If we held every man accountable for what they said in a private conversation years ago, the U.S. would be worse than Germany right now.

      1. Me too. Like I said. I have no problem with anything he said. But I do think that Mitt Romney was being sincere unlike the other fagged out republicans who came out against him

        1. I only wonder how many of those moral, upstanding Christians knew Hastert was a kiddy-raper.

        2. I don’t know who Hastert is. Honestly I don’t know much about the politics guys or pro hockey.

    3. “That said, I can’t fault Mitt. His criticism is inline of his long held moral beliefs.”
      I would buy that theory if these cuckservatives were consistent in their outrage and they condemned liberals for their degeneracy. Instead, they’re deafeningly silent and/or meely-mouthed. But they suddenly have the courage to stand up to Trump. Go figure.

      1. All of them…yes but I give mitt a pass. I think this is just who he is

        1. Mormons are like going back to the 1950s morality and work ethic. They could make America Great Again.

        2. Some people think so. Some people I have a lot of respect for probably think so… for me? I’d rather hang my self

        3. Except they have completely whacked out religious beliefs, so its hard to take them seriously.

        4. Has Mitt called out the Clintons, Kennedy’s, and all other Left-wing degenerates with the same fervor he has Trump?

        5. I honestly don’t know. And if he hasn’t then I call hypocrite. But I feel his religious beliefs are well documented and honest even if totally fucking stupid

      2. 100%. Im also getting very tired of the hysterical outrage a lot of my fellow religious people have when it comes to perfectly natural things, but they get real quiet real fast when it comes to really terrible things.

      1. No I’m not sure. I have a feeling he has a moral compass that I disagree with but that he is at least consistent and honest with

    4. Excuse me, but there are a lot of us who have strong held moral beliefs and can grasp the difference between a man being human, and a woman being a walking threat to the entire country.
      If you are a religious man with a firm rock foundational belief in God and the sacredness of the relations between men and women, then you would never DARE to put down the Trump campaign. You hold your nose and shut up precisely because you care very much about marriage and morality and realize that if that woman gets in the white house you can kiss an entire generation goodbye.
      Mitt Romney has revealed himself as a sociopath, a fake, a man who pretends to religion but hasnt got the slightest concept of it.

      1. Maybe he just realizes that it is totally meaningless who fucking wins

        1. No, I dont accept that at all. We are talking about a man who ran a presidential election and who many people have accused of sociopathic behavior. Whats more, a truly moral man who really thinks about the situation of the community would never accept that bloody whore. At best, at best I can say someone is clueless. But even that is an indictment on someones character.
          My man, the election may very likely be meaningless, even if Trump is not lying through his teeth about his intentions, there is likely nothing he can do to change anything.
          But one must at least get out of the way of those attempting to fight for their lives, even if it is objectively hopeless.

        2. I get what you are saying and you are right. I wouldn’t walk into a bar where people were cheering for their football team and tell them to all grow up. I have been a little bit prickish where this is concerned. I will concede that.
          I will also concede that of the choices for president I would rather see Trump win if for no other reason than I won’t be able to tolerate seeing feminists dancing their fat asses in the street.
          With those two concessions in mind I do think that there is something important I wan’t to bring to the table.
          1) In peoples (totally valid) fervor to make sure Hilary doesn’t get elected I feel they have made trump out to be a lot better than he is….basically just an attention whoring insecure wuss. Watching people glorify this ridiculous wanker is very sad and I think indicative of the wishful thinking that is a staple of the left. I feel that a lot of good men are falling victim to a mentality that in any other sane universe we should all be fighting against.
          2) Despite her being evil, I do not think Hilary is the real enemy. Oh, she is a part of it but the real enemy, the real problem, is that too many men have sold their masculinity on the cheap. As men we should be putting our foot down and saying no, a puffed up orange attention whore is not our paradigm of a man.

        3. This is definitely a breath of fresh air. I support mr Trump myself, and encourage people to do so for various reasons, but I have always been disgusted with the deification of politicians.

        4. I think at heart we agree. Maybe some small differences but that’s ok because it’s a respectful disagreement and minor in scope. Well met sir

    5. What a pansified culture we live in now that worships women. Fuck that shit. I almost wish he replied “yeah, I did , so what?”,

      1. I told @unabashed off board that he should have just denied it and said hilary manufactured the video. Her credibility is such shit that it would at least be plausible doubt. Hell, if he jumped out and outright said it wasn’t me hilary had CIA make this video I would have bought it.
        That said—trump is still a beta fag and his furniture trip proves it

  21. What Trump said was red pill truth spoken here. Nothing surprising.
    It’s not against the law what he said. We have another presidential candidate that committed multiple felonies. That’s the difference.

    1. It’s not against the law what he said.

      Not yet. But under President Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife, it will be, at least if you’re a straight white guy.
      Trump 2016.

  22. Who freaking cares what Trump said? What about all the things that Hillary has DONE…I’d love to be the moderator/questioner for just one Trump vs. Clinton debate:
    “Mrs. Clinton, was it a difficult process to arrange for exclusive business deals with full government backing, for most of the rich people who contributed to the Clinton Foundation?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, did you know that many of those sweetheart business deals you negotiated for rich contributors to the Clinton Foundation, would dramatically drive up the cost of goods and services for the world’s entire population – such as the deal you negotiated for corporate lime-growers?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, did you know that your Blackberry was tethered to a private server in the basement of your New York family home, while you were conducting business with it as Secretary of State – and if not, how could you possibly not know about it?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, will you and your husband stop murdering whistleblowers if you’re elected president?”

    1. “Textual relations” haha!!
      One time I told a chic to either come fuck me or leave me alone, I’m not having a “textual” relationship. Then she said I was vulgar

      1. Which we all know and which has zero coverage. Elections have become about nothing more than swaying the totally stupid masses. Nothing else. The everybody (except, well, the stupid masses) knows it.

  23. I would love for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife to bring this up during a debate.
    If Trump is prepared, he can lay out all of her husband’s victims… and how she enabled his sexual perversion for her own political gain.

  24. Clinton body count video; excellent material, especially the stills of articles covering the “coincidental” deaths of 114-plus people tied to the Clintons, but the narrator is kind of a douche with his Illuminati references and other red-herring shit; oh well, nobody’s perfect –

  25. Trump is a clown with a flapping tongue. He has no integrity. Is everyone here really fine with a guy that talks about his daughter in a sexual way? It is one thing for a candidate to be a sinner, but we are scraping the bottom of the barrel this election with both candidates.

    1. We’re faced with annihilation of the white race in the USA and all you faggots can talk about is rude things he says?

      1. The annihalation of the white race? What are you talking about; there are 200 million or more white people in America.

        1. Same thing the stupid Germans fail to realize. The demographics are going to swing wildly in the next 50 years.

        2. Children under 5 in USA, only 50% are white. Plus race mixing, etc… in one generation it will be very different

        3. So when race mixing happens, genes just suddenly disappear?
          You people really are fucking idiots.

      2. Excellent post, Hillary wants to let every fifth worlder into the country and we’re actively being made into second class citizens in the country our people built and all the fucking white knights on the internet can’t get over that a man like Trump likes pussy. Big fucking deal!

      3. the “annihilation of the white race” starts with the destruction of the nuclear family. hitting on a married woman is exactly an action that furthers that agenda. he’s against what ROK and your so-called neomasculinity stands for

    2. He’s got my respect simply for taking everyone on. This is a fucking gangbang against him and the dude is still going strong.
      The worst thing he’s done is some banter with friends (which is true, women are whores to the rich)? Stop with the white knighting you faggot.

      1. Banter about his daughters tits is pretty disgusting. The fact that he doesn’t have the decency and respect for his own blood implies that he wouldn’t show any respect or loyalty to the people of this country either.

        1. My mother’s been saying the same thing. I’m just trying to imagine my dad talking about my sister like that … yeeeccch. Can’t go there. Nobody can.

        2. Going to need a source on what ever you’re bitching about. Unless he said he’s going to suck on her tits, then I stand by my point.

        3. Appropriate response: “Normally, Howard, I break the nose of any man who asks that question, but because this is some high-quality coffee, I’ll let you off the hook.”
          Protecting daughter, not exploiting daughter.
          Get it, yet?

        4. except literally 150 years ago, and still today in muslim worlds. we did talk about our daughters that way. we knew full well if there was a man around staring at her, we knew what he wanted. we weren’t coy and shy about our daughters. we knew if we had a hot one.
          and we married her off. she got married by our approval first and foremost.

        5. So…you voting for Hillary?
          Yes or no. One word answer. Go!

      2. no. the worst thing is trying to destroy a family. this goes even against your “neomasculine” standards. he’s against what ROK admittedly stands for. not that its readership live up to it either
        i really would love to see hime lose

    3. What are your thoughts on Hillary?
      Be specific.

      1. I think she is disgusting and there is nothing that could induce me to vote for her.
        I didn’t say what I said because I am a Hillary fan, because I am not. I posted because of the attitude around here that if you’re not a trump supporter then you’re a ‘cuckservative’ or a progressive or a white knight or whatever. Trump can do no wrong.

  26. Fuck all these faggot ass fake conservatives acting like trump said waa actually this egregious, like seriously you fucking pussies. These republicans i swear aren’t real men, especially mitt romney and jeb salamander faced bush. All real men I knew said im definitely voting for trump now

    1. The problem is the “men” who are controlled by their wives. If this election ends up being close, it might very well be decided in favor of Hillary because of men who want to vote for Trump but are told by their wives “if you vote for Trump, you’re sleeping on the couch.”

      1. I got threatened with leaving. Told her ‘Bye.’ Received an apology in the morning.

        1. This is an actual comment from a New York Times article on the Trump tapes:
          Will New York, NY 16 minutes ago
          My aunt gave my uncle (her husband of over 50 years and a Trump supporter) an ultimatum. Either the Trump yard sign goes are she goes.
          The sign is in the trash. Probably much to the neighbors’ relief.

  27. It’s ridiculous. I’ve read accounts where Trump is accused of sexual assault, when in fact he said he tried to hook up with Nancy O’Dell after buying her furniture. What normal, heterosexual male wouldn’t try to bang Nancy O’Dell if there was a chance? Trump made a play for her and got shot down. Who cares if she’s married; Bill Clinton certainly didn’t care that neither he nor his mistresses were married. Basically, they made public the type of chatter that occurs daily among millions of straight males. It is scary how the thought police can nail you for private thoughts made 10+ years ago. It is becoming an Orwellian society where people are combing through tweets and facebook postings to try to incriminate people.

    1. “Who cares if she’s married”
      maybe so-called neomasculine men. being an ROK reader you’re supposed to be one too. “neomasculinity” stands for nuclear family, Trump is against it. end of story. trying to destroy a family makes me sick to the stomach. I really wish he lose this election
      you ROK readers like to pride yourselves as being better than leftists still you’re now justifying Trump’s actions with a sick leftist. how the fuck do the readership of ROK view themselves as better than the left? I don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference. you’re now defending a person that goes against what ROK represents…

  28. I’m not a fan of Trump. I’m not a fan of Hillary either for the record. In any event, despite my misgivings regarding Trump, this whole “scandal” seems a little desperate. I heard the recording: sounds like locker room talk to me: vulgar and rude but so what? So while I don’t think Trump should be president, asking for him to step down over this is ridiculous.

    1. It necessarily sounds desperate, because for more than a year now there have been failed predictions upon the heels of other failed predictions regarding Trump’s candidacy. Everything but the kitchen sink has been thrown at Trump, and they’re hoping this is the one that finally gets traction. After all, if this isn’t a fatal wound, what possibly could be?

      1. They’ve all been implicated re: Jeffery Epstein. And by all, I mean Trump, Clinton and a lot of other very powerful democrats and republicans. Read up on it if you’re not familiar. Allegations, that while yet unproven, are much more salacious and serious than some vulgar statements made on a bus. Ever wonder why neither side takes shots at one another about this? Nor does any politically affiliated media report on it to any great extent. Too many characters from both camps will have to answer to their clandestine social lives.

  29. We need some new Pepe memes with the caption “Fuck her right in the pussy” to turn this around. MSM would go apeshit as it would be indirectly addressed to them.

  30. https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/simply-shocking/
    Jack Kennedy seduced a 19-year-old White House intern, took her with him on “official” trips (while leaving Jackie at home with John John), and then passed her around to pleasure his friends at the White House pool.
    LBJ, not to be outdone, doubled down on vulgarity and bragged that he’d bedded more women than JFK ever had.
    Jimmy Carter once admitted that he had lusted in his heart.
    Bill Clinton, who had shaken the hand of JFK as a high school student, found the perversion to be contagious. Virulent, actually.
    Bill also thought it was pretty cool. So he raped Juanita Broaddrick twice, and proved his guilt when he would not deny the rape when Sam Donaldson challenged him directly at a WH news conference (had Slick Willie denied it, the clock would have started ticking all over again on a defamation suit from Broaddrick).

    1. I believe Johnson said he’d gotten more “more ass by accident” than JFK ever had. He really put the “BJ” in LBJ. He also put the “Johnson” in… well, anything in a skirt.

  31. On the other hand, let us be reassured that Hillary won’t live more than two years into her term.
    Time also (within a week I’d say) will tell whether this backfires on the Dems and the GOPe, just as it did back in 1991 when Clarence Thomas beat the assault and remains on the Supreme Court to this day. I recall reading back then that after the Anita Hill story broke black talk radio shows were deluged with calls from black men coming to Thomas’ support. Hillary is doing as well as she does because she’s getting a lot more white male support than I expected at this point. If a chunk of those manginas finally take the red pill before election day, it could still be a competitive contest.
    The choice is obvious: continued cuntification, or MAGA.

  32. I rarely make political comments on social media. Not because I’m afraid of being doxed, but rather due to it being the lowest form of social commentary. Both right wingers and left wingers who constantly post on social media are ignorant morons who link nothing but spam articles that have nothing to say, but have wonderful clickbait headlines. Their opinions are worthless.
    That being said, I’m very near putting both several lefties and cucked righties on blast. Many of the men on my friends list–guys I mostly knew from high school and college–are virtue signaling like the good dogs they are. Saying shit like, “No man should say that about a woman. They are to be treasured.”
    I’ve personally heard several of these fuckers say far cruder shit, talking about shoving shit up girls’ asses, making them choke on their cocks–even about some girls who are mutual friends. So what do you think ROK? Should I tag these girls in quotes made by some of the virtue signaling pussies? Should I put them all on blast? It’s very tempting…

    1. Do what you feel you must. I’ve had similar experiences with self proclaimed alphas doing the white Knight beta dance on this trump thing, who’ve also said much more vulgar shit in front of the guys.
      One guy whom I’ve known for years has been playing both sides lately, toward me in private he acts like a man but in public he’s gone total omega lately. I’ve distanced myself as I don’t know that he can be trusted.

      1. I’ve decided to keep my mouth (keyboard) shut. It’s not worth the ensuing shitstorm. I might privately hit some of these guys up and tell them to find their balls.
        I know how it is with friends who talk big. I’ve had to distance myself from people who act similarly. They’ll drag you down eventually. Anything you say to them that can later be used against you, will be used against you if it benefits them.

    2. Virtue signalling without virtue. Seems about par for the course. Meeting social expectations.
      No need to do weird emotional shit. Wait for a while, and talk up some unrelated article or idea here. Let them read, let them “discover” it on their own. Be a leader and think long-term.

      1. Yeah, that’s the plan. No need to cause unnecessary drama, although it’d feel good to call them out, but at the end it has no positive effect.

        1. It exposes a phony two faced asshole for the hypocrite that he is. That’s pretty positive, especially if he is butt hurt enough that you dont ever have to see or hear his bitch ass ever again

    3. I can assure you it’s the same all across the globe. The herd mentality and virtue signalling is sickening. I’m sure it’s similar to what happened in the 30’s in Germany. Everybody wanted to show what a good little nazi they were.

  33. Trump really screwed this one up. He should have waited at least one news cycle to see if it stuck before issuing a midnight apology on Friday night. I don’t know how he brings this one back around and he probably just lost the election thanks to manufactured controversy that he bit into.

  34. As usual, all Trump did is tell the truth—namely, that women will happily spread their legs at the first whiff of a rich man’s money, Trump’s or anyone else’s. Nothing gets them wetter than money and power, with the possible exception of the prospect of being used by a black thug with a cock big enough to cause internal injuries. Only poor white men need ever worry about sexual harassment charges.
    This is how normal men think and talk among people they think can handle the truth and won’t tell tales to mommy.
    Trump did not need to apologize to Melania, much less the American people. She married him for the money and power that allows him to get laid whenever he pleases. If that bothers her now, she can take her brat and GTFO, because she can be a SJW in Slovenia.

    1. Yes but what you and many others fail to realize is when you play the politics game certain things you can’t say..It’s not what Trump said isn’t true it’s the fact that when you run for president certain things you can’t say…the president is suppose to be one of high moral value. Lets be honest all presidents are scumbags(Or power hungry) you have to be if you want that power. But I don’t see Trump coming out of this one or winning unless he has an epic debate tonight…..He really screwed himself but more importantly the GOP. This election is a disaster it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Trump let the GOP down smh..and it’s becoming more and more obvious he is sabotaging himself, he clearly does not want the job..He should step aside and like Mike Pence run In my opinon

  35. Women love upfront men in privacy, but in public they try to keep a whole innocent appearance so when they hear this they feign anger to cover up any expression of sexual interest so to not look slutty

  36. Trump’s tragic flaw is his weakness for women and media and he’s finally undone by both.
    Shakespeare could write a play about this, involving a man who got slighted by his first girl in kindergarten,never recovered from the trauma, and never got over his thirst for revenge. 😀

    1. Be proud, brag then mock anyone who sees a problem with what you said. The only response to Anderson Vanderbilt Pooper about this is “you blow other dudes”

  37. There are two Donald Trumps: the before-teleprompter and the after-teleprompter (post summer 2016). We need the PRE-summer 2016 Donald Trump. Being “presidental” is for pussies.

  38. I knew it.
    I just knew it would only be a matter of time…..before Trump would get pinned with something of a deviant sexual nature. I was having this conversation with a friend, just the other day…..
    I predict that any day now, some woman will emerge with claims that Trump either raped/fondled or harassed her …back in the 70s or 80s. And this will be shortly followed, by a plethora of copy-cats coming out with the same shit…
    These days, political assassinations are as piss easy as hiring a few desperate, post-wall attention whores…
    Trump never did have any chance of winning this election. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is kidding themself.
    EDIT ….a couple of months later —I’m quite happy that last sentence turned out to be wrong.

  39. I always thought that perhaps west is better for women and it is in some ways,but the way men talk about women is deplorable.Granted I am from a conservative country but this just makes me sick ,atleast back home they respect women and if someone tries to talk crap about women others(even men) don’t let them.
    There is a limit and every human being has honor,which people don’t seem to quite grasp here.Its just so sex driven ,everything is about sex you can’t even sell a burger without a woman.
    A man who disrespects women is considered alpha and heterosexual and some how this behavior is expected from heterosexual men??
    I hope POTUS nominee is ok when people treat his daughter like that.

    1. The way to respect women is to keep muslims and most non-whites out of the fucking country. You can reason with white men, you can’t with muslims and Mexican hordes. You’re not seeing the big picture.

      1. yeah its not Trump or other men who are disrespecting women.Its muslims and mexicans.

        1. The first step in earning respect is respecting yourself. Women disrespect their own selves more than Trump, Muslims, Mexicans, ROK, literally Hitler and the (((Jews))) ever could.

        2. How does a news presenter disrespects herself when Trump and his battalion rate her 7 ? Thats you guys own it.
          How does ROK who think that ” women’s behavior can be changed and it just depends on how men should treat women”,say that its women who are disrespecting themselves when its clear none of you want amish,muslim and nuns as your wives.
          Its clear that you have no respect of women a woman who just has an opinion that you might not like you start berating her on her looks ,thats disrespect.
          And No a women doing her normal chores wearing jeans and shirt are not disrespecting themselves but its you men who are rating them.(that clothing is modest in USA).
          And I am saying that even though I am a muslim Hijabi immigrant from a third world country.
          AND even 1 of those things make me untouchable here.And I am glad for that.

        3. New presenters here are liberal slut propagandists. They are not modest nor journalists.

        4. you are a retard if you think people live like that anywhere in this world.You have never been out of states so just chill.I meet really nice people everyday so I know the whole country is not like you men on this website.
          You must be like your King Doosh,is life really hard in your mom’s basement?

      2. So what do you think of Albanians, who are both white and Muslim?
        Did your head explode from the contradiction?

    2. The way western women act is deplorable. You expect us to respect them for being man hating sluts…
      You are not from a conservative country. You would not sound so spoiled and bitchy.

      1. West is a huge piece of land,and there are many types of people,Its you who is into pop culture and therefore you find women who are slutty.Because you go to night clubs to find women.
        I know white,hispanic and black women who go to church(not all) and they have nice families and they stick with their families,The fact that you dont find them is because you dont look at the right place and because you have prejudice.
        I may not agree with everything they do e.g sex before marriage but that doesnt mean everything they do is some how wrong.And which white man (except extremely religious) would want to marry a woman before having sex with her?
        Find people who are volunteering for good work,you will find the best people.
        Also not only I am from a conservative country I am a muslim who covers head to toe.

        1. And yet you just said that the way men (western) talk about women is deplorable. So you get to generalize about this huge piece of land, but I don’t.
          Fuck you.
          You are just another entitled bitch. Which is why you are on this site talking shit. You cover your head, but it’s your mouth that needs covering.

        2. So you now call me derogatory names even though I have only disagreed with you.not once have i disrespected you.
          Why shouldn’t I check out this website when it explicitly tells men how to bang muslim chicks?
          Its better to be safe than sorry.

  40. This PROVES the whole “controlled opposition” argument. I have been a Republican/Conservative for 15 years and I am fucking ASHAMED that voted for Romney/Ryan. Goddamn cuckservatives on there moral high horse- its absurd!
    Millions of liberal women suddenly pretend like they are offended by “pussy” when theh devour 50 shades of grey. Millions of liberal “men” pretend like they arent watching Pornhub everyday and are suddenly “Outraged” by the guy actually GETTING lots of top shelf pussy.
    GOP are globalist collusionist cucks. Trump threatens them as much as the shit-lib SJWs, if not more! A new political dynamic is shaping before our eyes. And as usual the Old Guard faggots are behind the power curve. Trump will win. And i hope all these traitors are voted out in 2018 replaced by a new generation of red-pill men bringing populist nationalism back while shifting the overton window more and more to the right.

    1. I was going to make a comment about how many millions of copies of “Grey” were bought, but you beat me too it.
      Wife saw Trump’s comments and mentioned, “so a rich man mentions he likes having sex with beautiful women? Thats news?” LOL

      1. Most women (and the emasculated males who support them) are mentally ill. The whole “women are to be respected/revered” propaganda is about as ridiculous as the “its ok for men to fuck each other” agenda that the media has been pushing for years. Quality women make up a tiny fraction of the women in America. Most women take the news as gospel, are predictably “outraged” by Trump, and will talk about him while NEVER mentioning shit that Hillary has done. For any asshole who thinks women are to be respected, I ask them to talk to Hillary’s “fanbase” and try to find ONE reason they’ll vote for her that doesn’t involve the word Trump in it. Odds are, they’ll just regurgitate one of the talking points a dykey woman or effeminate man told her, with no facts or logic to support them.

        1. Sorry I didn’t elaborate, my wife is russian. What Trump said shocked absolutely no one where she comes from.

    2. yeah yeah its normal whatever this 60+ man was saying in that video.yes 60+ men talk like this about women + affirming their daughter is a hot piece of ass is also normal across all cultures ,now the only issue we have is immigration and to preserve the most freckled colorless recessive race ever #sarcasm

      1. You’re not a male, you’ve never actually talked among males. If you actually own a penis, you were denied male social contact growing up and rely on your girlfriends (in the non-sexual sense) and mother to guide our judgement. Typical.

  41. theres no way this wasn’t preplanned long ago.
    first we have the entire media rallying against Trump. Trump then overcomes the odds and wins. some in the GOP(like Hannity realize that shit is about to get real if Clinton wins and quickly changes tune and becomes strangely the sole voice of reason in talk radio)
    Trump gains more momentum and even starts sweet talking the GOP and Fox into his corner.
    Trump then gets nailed in the first debate, but comes out okay enough all things considered….the powers that be have the Miss Piggy thing ready to go on standby.
    they then have his tax papers from 1995 ready to go right after the Miss Piggy thing dies down. Pence then comes out and stomps the other VP in the debate….a few days pass and it seems Pence has given Trump back his momentum. the hurricane is coming through and dominates the news which keeps the momentum the same which means Trump SHOULD have an edge going into the debate.
    suddenly….another decade old thing from Trump comes out. This time there is no constructive criticism defense to be had like there was for Miss Piggy, no it is straight up I want to and i like to fuck women. the true horror. and it is planted masterfully in a way where Trump cannot overshine both that and the hurricane. he now goes into the debate without anytime previously to counter punch this and the media now alternates between hurricane news and Trump is a sexist worthless pig.
    this forced all the betas and the entire media right and left into whtie knight overdrive mode. this was no longer constructive criticism in a beauty pageant which is how Trump dodged some of that…..this was straight up i can get any girl i want cause Im rich style abuse. which as you know white knight betas see that as high treason, worse than murder.
    this news was so big, that it overshadows hiliary wikileak stuff.
    this was planted masterfully. it’s almost like they could control the elements for this one.
    Trump caught in a corner, apologized.
    I’m all for Trump but he needs to absolutely nail and crucify Clinton on Sunday. He is going on the road in the playoffs of game 7 of the finals. if he cannot come out strong here, he may not recover. he has to deflect every single question which will be 100% against him, he needs to resist his greatest weakness which is to always be correct and counterpunch and instead deflect and reword questions with answers that absolutely murder Clinton
    if asked about the sex scandal? He needs to turn that into Clinton and her treatment of women via backroom deals with third world countries that don’t let women drive. also bill clinton and his sex scandals in the white house need to be be used to hit her over the head. ask her point blank if she is so offended then why is she sleeping with an adulterous womanizer like bill? stick with me red pillers….we need to play the media game….i know most here have no problem with bill cheating….but we can absolutely use that to nail her to wall and crucify her. fake your dislike of bill cheating on hilary.
    taxes? He needs to say he’ll release that just as soon as Clinton releases 90000 deleted emails.
    jobs? explain his business and how Clinton has been in office for 46 years and created 0 jobs. and needs to ask line by line how the government can create jobs when it is 20 trillion in the hole.
    building a wall is racist? He needs stories about mexicans crossing the border and committing crimes on standby and i mean violent crimes like murder and rape of women and gays. sorry my red pillers, the women and gays will win the sympathy votes and are the haymaker punches. might as well use it. He needs to ask her if she locks her door at home and if she has security detail with her.
    if he gets hit with the rich card….he needs to explain how you never work for a poor person and she has made billions off of tax payer dollars unlike him who’s earned billions. say “she stole billions from you, i earned billions by selling you products you love”
    if he does not do this, and instead walks head first into every single trap, and plays answer boy and counter punch boy instead of mike tyson knock out blow man….then he is dead.

    1. he held back way too much in the first debate. That’s naiveity in thinking you can reason with these people in a civil manner. You have to crush them brutally and immediately.

      1. that too.
        like i say….he has to come out and take them on like lebron james took on and destroyed the warriors in the nba finals last year down 3-1

        trump needs this kind of haymaker….he needs many of them

      2. My take is, knowing the limited attention span of most people, Trump was effective in the crucial 15 minutes, standing his ground, calling out the witch. He knew the debate is skewered and pacing himself would be self-defeating.
        Of course Trump could outwit it but since the media and debate structure is biased, there wouldn’t be an opportunity. Most people with a brain would realize this.

  42. MSM focus was on PC at first: “Trump said “pussy!”
    Then the liberal media said Trump was bragging he ASSAULTED women who “wanted” to say no but felt intimidated.
    Please. Groupies want to sleep with rock stars. Married women want to sleep with RON JEREMY. Trumps advisors made him back down from SJWs, but if he doesnt push back soon his surrender becomes a referendum on “Got game?”
    Some girls would melt in your arms if their hero made a move. You just know, when you see them, sure maybe wrong once every while, but Trump needs to stand up deliver the right message here. Trump has been running as a mans man, but if someone doesnt give him better lines to use soon, he might take everyone else down with him.
    What happened to the “women love me” Trump? I wish his town hall skepdicks had someone to remind him celebs are hot, provoke him into admitting he is PROUD to be so successful with women that lesser men are jealous.
    If Trump wont stand for masculinity, REAL men have to retake dominance over this conversation. Dont let Trumps pussifying be the only voice on social media!

    1. “Trump said “pussy!”
      no. It was “grab them by the pussy” see the difference?

  43. Men talking about pussy in private????? Where´s the problem, only gays don´t talk about pussy in private, all heterosexual men in this wolrd speak about women, come on, is this the best the globalit agents can do ???? They should be really fucked up if this is their best chance…

    1. Where’s the problem? maybe in trying to destroy a family? A person who admits something like this with such nerve must have done that several times before

      1. feminism and family law have wrecked families. The morality of the family was already shown to be bullshit when gay marriage was allowed. Family means nothing in the west.

        1. I agree with you but your comment is irrelevant now. neomasculinity (allegedly this site is also run in this spirit) stands for nuclear family. Trump doesn’t so in this respect he goes even agains the standards of ROK. That was my point

        2. take a look at a Trumps and what he has done for his children. Besides that the road to hell is paved with good morally sound convictions. The alternative is Hillary. I’ll take Trump faults and all over a manipulator and enabler of real rape and sexual assault that leaves a trail of mysterious and convenient deaths.

  44. All you said is kind of true but Trump is going to court on December for raping a 13 yo girl And it’s not just some allegations , it’s an open case . Is Trump a pedophile? Can you write an article about that?

    1. Funny. You come up with this all by yourself? Sounds like something a bunch of degenerate sjw losers would come up with.
      Here’s a clue: We. Don’t. Care.
      Want to talk policy? I’ll make time for you.
      Want to act like a whiny little b!tch, Return of Kings isn’t for you.

      1. SJW?? I really enjoy ROK’s content . But don’t you how this article was shit. He talks about pedophilia, when trump himself is going to court for pedophilia.Also his buddy Epstein was in fact found guilty.

  45. It now couldn’t be clearer what Trump’s ‘crime’ is and the left’s true agenda.
    It could not be clearer that Masculinity is what they hate and what they seek to eliminate.
    The next few days, and especially the debate, is going to be very interesting, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Men’s place in the new world order, or not, is going to be decided, or at least on display for all to see.
    Here’s hoping Trump turns it around… it really is his biggest test yet, in fact it is *the* one…

  46. The amount of hipocrisy here is astounding. All heterosexual men talk like this in private. And women are even worse when they talk about men.

    1. I never talk about hitting on married women. Perhaps because I’ve never done so and never even intend to

      1. That’s because none of them wink at you while you watch the notre dame game. Sorry about your luck.

        1. Cuckservative marries a flirty whore, but I’m the one degrading society.
          No cuck.

    2. as for the rest it’s bullshit of course. If it wasn’t for this he’d be attacked with something else. maybe they’d get back to his skin tone. but this time they’ve got something that makes me want him to lose this election

        1. The hypocrisy is all yours you dumbass. Respect for women and respect for family are earned by them. feminists and cuckservatives try to make it a birth right… and it’s not.
          Not every woman nor family is owed respect..
          Got it fag?

        2. that’s what I think. yeah. fag. what the hell is wrong with you? I don’t think you understood my comment. it started “as for the rest”. it’s actually a second part of the one below to make that one clearer. fag 😀

      1. Who exactly do you want to win? Would you rather vote for the Defender of rapist? Seller of state secrets? Selling votes to the highest bidder? Defender of the New World order?
        Whaaa Trump said mean things so I can’t vote for him. Grow a pair dude.

  47. His behaviour isn’t explained by his heterosexuality. Fame and riches certainly make you bold with women and rightfully so. But for fuck’s sake he tried to destroy a(t least one) family by hitting on a married woman. This goes even against your standards. The so-called neomasculinity values nuclear family. Trump has no respect for that. none whatsoever. How can you expect him to represent your values if he consistently goes against the most important one, a healthy nuclear family? Glorifying him and turning him into a martyr of the evil leftist meanines is ridiculous and frankly already a bit pathetic. A person with “values” like this will not be able to make that shithole great again

    1. It’s Trump vs Clinton, there is no doubt who would be worse for this country.

      1. still agree on that one. but it needs to be said out loud that he’s just a lesser evil

        1. Can you name a president/presidential candidate in the last 100 years that wasn’t the lesser evil? Maybe Eisenhower and arguably Reagan (who still doubled the size of government and tripled the debt)

    2. The most honorable thing to do is hit on married women. If they take you up on it you can warn their cuck husbands that they made a housewife out of a ho so they can trade up

        1. No I didn’t call you a fag. I suggested something else. But obviously I should have chosen “idiot” as my insult.

        2. Sorry, I just underestimated you. I thought you were the kind of boy who thinks people who like things up their buttholes are all homos. But obviously you’re much more sophisticated than that.

        3. Well your mom likes things up her butthole. Now that does that make her a homo? No. it makes her a dirty whore. Think.

  48. I revived my Facebook account a few days ago. When I saw my “friends” commenting on this issue i was utterly shocked. Obviously my “friends” are a bunch of 100 % Manginas, dooming Trump for this behaviour. What should I do?

    1. “I always knew you were gay “is my favorite insult in these circumstances. Then I immediately recite some of the choicest comments they’ve made… followed by ” man you definitely lost your mojo”

    2. tell them they better start learning how to pray to mecca five times a day and believing a pedophile pirate is the path to salvation.

  49. Anybody who did not see this coming should turn in their man card. The media fawned all over Trump, and gave him billions of free advertisement. Not because they like him, but because they knew he would be the easiest Republican to beat. They pulled the same trick in getting McCain nominated. They loved him, that rascal, until just after he was nominated, then they started the character assassination of him with the story in the NYT about him having an affair, etc. blah blah blah. I wanted Cruz, because you know, he actually is conservative, not a New York liberal. So yeah, I told you so too. All that said, I’m still firmly committed to The Donald, because he is the only hope to stop the Hilldabeast.

    1. “Anyone who knows me, knows these words do not reflect who I am. I said it. I was wrong. And I apologize.”
      Notice that he never said “sorry”, but just admitted that he once said something wrong. If anything it makes him more human, so long as he doesn’t make a habit of apologizing.

    2. They gave Trump free press because he made them money via ratings. It’s that simple.

      1. you certainly are naive. is that why suddenly they are attacking him now, when they played nice to him during the primaries? sucker. Pssst. hey, I have some beautiful ocean front property I can sell you for cheeeeap in Omaha, Nebraska.

        1. Except they weren’t nice to him. They quoted his most incendiary stuff to get eyeballs.
          Are you stupid?

  50. Tired of people calling you “Hetersexual male scum”?
    Try out our new brand “transexual lesbian”, and you can use the same tactics to shame ’em. For your ancestors worked hard and sacrificed much -including their lives- to secure their right to say such things!
    (For those of you not well versed in the newspeak of the fascist globalists, “transexual lesbian” pretty much negates itself into being heterosexual)

  51. This whole event was planned and timed. It has desperation written all over it.
    I have many questions to Hillary and the puppet media outlets, the first and foremost being is why are the media not showing Hillary’s aggressive attacks against the women who accused her husband of making advances at and or raping them?
    I seem to remember he was impeached for lying about one such episode with a young intern.
    The recording of Trump’s comments were nothing more than locker room talk with the guys. I am willing to bet that millions more of red blooded American men have had identical if not more harsh conversations.
    It saddens me that something so trivial is going to distract voters away from all of the bad deeds Hillary and the cabal that supports her have done to this nation in the past two decades.
    I would take the man and his locker room talk any day over the woman who supports transgenders invading women’s bathrooms, legalized gay marriage, lied to support her rapist husband, supports illegal immigration, taken millions in bribes from wall Street, supported the lies for the death and destruction of of the middle East( both our people and theirs), the white water savings and loan scandal, the death of Vince Foster, etc….
    The list can go on for days.
    This country has been beat up and divided enough. Please do not allow this to be the catalyst for the continuation of the destructive liberal agenda……

    1. Why on earth did McShamnesty or Romney not make this the center point of their campaigns against Obammy??
      Of course, we all know the answer.

      1. because then people would have realized that he was actually quoting someone, but i guess people on the right wouldn’t be able to discern the difference between quoting someone and actually saying those words but hey take your intellectual honesty cap off and throw it in the mud

        1. Doesn’t matter what he is quoting.
          This is what he is to the core.
          And his butch wife too.
          They are filth and have done everything in their power to destroy White America over the last 8 years. Any one with intelligence saw this coming, and by not doing everything in their power to stop it, both McCain and Romney have shown themselves to be more than just weak and ineffective. I would also they are anti-American and anti-White.

        2. “Doesn’t matter what he is quoting. ”
          yep. just throw your intellectual hat out of the window. does not matter if he was quoting trump himself. who cares
          “And his butch wife too.”
          jealous much?
          “They are filth and have done everything in their power to destroy White America over the last 8 years. ”
          and yet all of those people that still have the power in this country? you guessed it: White Men. So cry me a river. If you don’t like it move to Antarctica.

        3. “jealous much?”
          *dies laughing*
          Anybody jealous for -that- thing is either deranged or blind. What are we looking at there? A -20? 😀

  52. While Trump is rude Hillary actually has people killed. Did you hear that the intern that leaked the emails before the democratic convention got killed? Hardly the first time its happened. Take a peek at the videos of podiumgate and watch how hillary actually had a teleprompter that you can see and watch team clinton disassemble it after the debate in the most guilty way possible. Even Bill gets into the act positioning himself to block the cameras view of them retrieving things from the podium. Conspiracy theory my ass it doesnt get much clearer.

  53. Hahaha!!
    That picture of Arnold!
    Reminds of that Great AC/DC song “I Put the Finger on You”!

  54. The outrage regarding Donald Trump’s “lewd comments” about the women he has been with in the past is fucking ridiculous and borderline retarded. Newsflash that is typical man talk. I’ve been in plenty of social circles with guys that talk about women who we thought were hot and wanted to bang or shared sex stories of the women they hooked up with and those conversations were definitely not G Rated. Throughout the years men have always boasted about their sexual prowess with women amongst themselves whether it be at parties,high school,bars,sporting events,work,nerd conventions,and even in politics itself (despite those faggot liberal and the cuckservatitives being in denial about it) you will hear this kind of banter which is nothing new but what gets to me the most is that these motherfuckers say the most X-Rated shit ever when they talk about women but the when Trump does the same thing all of a sudden you go into SJW mode bitching about how “offensive” he is being. Those phony bastards need to shut the fuck up the only reason why your reacting this way is because the mainstream media and the sheep who follows them are so emotionally invested in their hatred for Trump that they will lose their goddamn minds over anything he say or does. The man can’t even lift a finger to scratch his head without retards running to grab the torches and pitch forks. And this is why the mainstream media has lost so much credibility because of the length they will go to in order to ruin someone’s reputation and chances of gaining political office just because Trump doesn’t play by their politically correct and hypocritical rules and does and says what he damn well pleases without a single fuck being given. Trump by no means is a saint and never claimed to be but his detractors projected their false morality standards and expectations on to him drawing up some imaginary visions in their heads of how they Trump should be as not only as a Presidential candidate but as a person but because he doesn’t live up to those fairytale expectations they get upset and rage at the man even when he does says something truthful or when his statements have validity to it. Just because Donald Trump is running for President and wears $900 suits doesn’t mean he is suppose to transform himself into a politically correct cuck faggot bitch like Obama or a emotionless robotic cunt like Hilary Clinton who regurgitates the same old tired bullshit that people like me are getting fucking sick and tired of hearing.

  55. “While Trump’s words were rude, they are not anything that shocking to
    anyone who has either served in the military or participated in a high
    school team sport.”
    Oh, come on now…they are NOT SHOCKING TO ANYONE!!!
    Girls in Middle School use worse language than this!!!
    This is the left wing hate machine, AKA the mainstream American media, trying to stop Trump by any means necessary. They are the worst hypocrites and liars you will ever find. Think of this. A vile, degenerate woman beater, rapist, probable bisexual and definite communist is WORSHIPPED by the left wing media to the extent that they gave this piece of sh*t a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in January! And here is Trump who by all accounts is a gentleman and a great father, being demonized by this same media. To me that says it all regarding their subjectivity and marxist agenda. They are NEVER to be believed.

  56. New Trump quote leaked: “It’s check-out time for women over 35!”. (Meaning that women have an expiry date at 35).
    I am not surprised that these quotes are leaked now…the establishment must really be scared shitless!
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  57. And yet the hypocritical left is perfectly fine with this, which I found on the first search of youtube “girls cursing”:

    1. but he’s a lil puss so he must
      that’s why every time he is in the same room as the people he mocked, he can’t use the same foul language

  58. So it is OK for regressive cucks to draw Trump with a micro-penis but a recording of him saying how he loves beautiful women’s pussy gets flak? It’s so sickening. And why did he apologise? NEVER apologise to SJWs. We are right, they are wrong.

    1. And if Trump didn’t like pussy he would catch hell for being gay. Nobody is ever good enough for these people. It’s not like he was talking pussy to a 3rd grade class.

  59. I’ve heard young black females use far more explicit language in public, in addition to threats of violence.

  60. Doubt very much that this changes the election. People who were going to vote for each candidate are still going to do so, and I suspect it’s rigged anyway since there is too much at stake for the elites.
    But it does make me sick to see so many “republicans” cucking out. What do they think is to be gained? The left is still going to hate them, lol.

  61. Nearly every hip hop record released in the last 20 years was far worse than this. Truffle Butter? Nuff said

  62. Cuckservatives have shown they are nothing more than a fifth column and must be purged once Trump is elected.

  63. Attacked for being a white heterosexual male. Any other race making this comment would be seen as ‘edgy’ and ‘artistic’

  64. i lost a shit ton of respect for Trump after his 1st debate performance. lets just say all that respect i lost was REGAINED after listening to this tape. fucking amazing.

  65. “women are meant to be championed and revered”? are you fucking kidding me w that shit. paul ryan is a cuck HOF

  66. Trump is a fucking baller, billionaire, game guru. How many women say to their friends how they can milk this guy or that for his money or how they fuck this or that guy only cuz he looks good or has a big dick. How many only pretend to like the guy, and how many women use their assets to climb the corporate ladder etc.
    Trump only stated the truth, we aren’t electing a new pope or Mr rogers so get over it.

  67. You can be sure a average girl would let a hot guy do what ever to her. More faux
    outrage by hypocrites.

  68. Btw wasn’t their an article stating this is EXACTLY the reason men need spaces to only men. This kind of banter is normal and historically has happened and will continue to happen around men.

  69. He is getting prosecuted for acting like a real man! If a fag or woman said this, they would be praised!

  70. “Donald’s comments were vulgar, egregious & impossible to justify. No one should ever talk about any woman in those terms, even in private.”
    I saw someone post this Trump stuff on Facebook. Most commenters were like ‘Well so fucking what. I had much worse conversations’. One guy posted a comment like that tweet you quoted here. It was something like ‘I never did say something like that’. And most people responded with: ‘Well that’s because you’re a faggot. lol’.
    Anyhow, Trump apologized. He backpedaled. Is that not what ROK has been criticizing about men in the public spotlight for years? How can you respect this?
    Anyhow, what the fuck is ‘degrading’ about his comments? The less I am ashamed of my own sexuality, the more I can just smh at such nonsense.

    1. Other public personas say worse things and are lauded for it. I suppose it’s all about the labels and categories of people. Rockstar? Is allowed Y,X and Z. Politician? Is allowed M,N and O.

    2. He apologized because he’s trying to get elected. Plus, what he said (not just the “pussy” comment, but also him hitting on married women)…let’s just say it’s not what Jesus would do. I’m not offended and I think the whole thing is stupid, but it’s not dishonorable to apologize for something you truly regret.
      Stop looking for bullshit reasons to hate on Trump.

      1. I am not hating on Trump. I am calling out a double standard.
        Yeah, he’s trying to get elected. Others try not to get fired etc. What’s the difference?
        Personally, I don’t care. I think it’s cool to do what you need to do to get ahead sometimes. But to call it ‘honorable’ in one case and to call it ‘cowardly’ in another is weird.

        1. If you’re trying not to get fired, that is a personal decision. If someone like Trump is trying to get elected, that is a decision that affects everyone. If Trump does the “honorable” thing and refuses to apologize, and it hurts his poll numbers, he’s letting America down by making it more likely that Hillary wins.

        2. Well, it’s still his personal life. Whether political candidate or not, Trump’s decisions are his own first and foremost. He does not carry a responsibility towards anyone. He does this because he wants to. And this makes the situation quite comparable. He has a goal and for this goal, he sacrifices some amount of integrity.
          Now, personally, while I don’t ‘hate’ him for it, I certainly respect him less for apologizing. Doesn’t mean I would vote for Hillary more, but who knows, maybe I shall just acknowledge that it is a hypocritical world out there on the public stage and it’s all about appearances, not substances. And that there is no candidate that really gets around this.

        3. “He does not carry a responsibility towards anyone.”
          Actually, at this point, he does carry a huge responsibility towards his supporters and towards the nation to do everything in his power to keep Clinton out of the white house. If he prioritized “personal integrity” or pride over winning the election, that would be a problem.

        4. “he does carry a huge responsibility towards his supporters”
          Well, before I argue against that, may I ask that you elaborate on that statement and explain why you think that and what that explicitly means and encapsulates?

        5. His supporters chose him over the other Republican candidates, expecting him to do everything in power to defeat Hillary. Every move Trump makes and everything he says is closely analyzed and has the capacity to affect the outcome of the election. Trump’s number one priority right now, and what his supporters expected when they nominated him, is to win the election and ensure that Hillary doesn’t fuck up the country. That’s far more important than any abstract sense of “honor” or “pride.”
          If you think Trump apologizing was a strategic mistake that will hurt him in the election, that’s debatable. But if not, then he absolutely has a responsibility to his supporters, and to the nation as a whole, to do what he thinks will give him the best chance to win.

        6. Strategic mistake would be an option I would suggest, but am not really interested in debating (if simply for the fact that I don’t understand that much about politics).
          Let me get a little Socratic on you here. What is ‘responsibility’? You bring up the fact that he was chosen by many over others. Arguably, those who chose him have expectations towards him. Likewise, it is possible he has some feelings of obligation to those who chose him (although I think that such feelings may make him weak). Is this an accurate analysis of that which you call ‘responsibility’ or am I missing something deeper?
          If not, we could argue based on this that a major thing that compels him to win are feelings of obligation / maybe fear of guilt (I somehow doubt that). If so, I could argue these are just emotions and a man shall be detached from outcomes (a little Stoicism/Eastern philosophy here).
          Holding on to an urgent and unconditional (which is kinda what you propose) need to win can only make him vulnerable in that this urge could practically force him to undo who he is, just to win. At which point winning would become pointless. So where is the border between a Trump that has used strategy to win the election and change the world and a Trump that has lost himself to the victory and no longer is the man that we want in the oval office? What would be the use of having a man in the oval office who is incapable (for whatever reason) to be the man we need him to be, and perhaps the man he is underneath the mask he puts up to ‘win’? When does the pretense stop and the real act begin? Once he is elected, can he just stop pretending, stop apologizing and be who he is? Or has this apology started him down a course without a way back?
          In my perception, it all becomes blurred and it kinda worries and confuses me.

  71. “The damage done to the gospel this year, by so-called evangelicals, will take longer to recover from than the ’80s TV evangelist scandals.”
    Wha? I thought the gospel was Truth. If the gospel is Truth, how can it be damaged?

  72. And when his tax returns come out (never), and it’s revealed that he was actually broke before The Apprentice?
    Trump is a simulacrum of a successful alpha. Real Alphas don’t boast.

    1. I’d advise studying politics and mass psychology. What or who you are mean shit, it’s how you make people feel and react. This is common knowledge since at least the early mid 20th century. Get with the times.

      1. Which is why George “Deez Nuts” Washington was elected for his flashy outfits and zingy catch-phrases.

  73. calls for Trump to step down for completely normal comments sickens me.
    Funny; i don’t hear anyone calling for the UK police to step down
    after WILLFULLY turning a blind eye to immigrant rape gangs
    who gang raped pubescent and pre-pubescent schoolgirls for years and years.
    The worst was when that one father attempted to enter a house to rescue his
    audibly screaming daughter.
    The Constables arrested the father and said quote
    “she probably is enjoying it”

  74. The real problem here is that he moved on a married woman. And of course, no one, absolutely no one gives a shit about it.
    Ive seen woman openly talk about seducing other women, taling about pussy, etc. thats all fine and good. And its also perfectly understandable if a man tries to fuck another mans wife, perfectly reasonable. But talk about grabbing a girls pussy, and EVERY GOD DAMNED HYPOCRITE IN A HUNDRED MILES GETS THE VAPORS.
    God damn these people. God damn them to Hell. They are complete hypocrites.

  75. All you faggots with Trump’s dick in your mouth can’t see the bigger picture. He screwed himself out of the election for having a big mouth. It’s like the annoying kid in class that thinks he’s funny and keeps interrupting the teacher with progressively retarded comments to see at what point he’ll be kicked out of class. So much for being the alpha-male you think he is.
    He’s a little bitch that can’t keep his mouth shut, not even to win the fucking presidency of the USA.

    1. So let’s go over this. He decided last year that he’s going to run for president. That was 2015. How exactly is he supposed to go back in time to 2005 in order to “keep his mouth shut” ?
      How is he supposed to “keep his mouth shut” when he had already said the words 10 years ago? What’s he supposed to do, not run for president out of fear that someone would release that tape? He didn’t even know it had been recorded, for fuck’s sake!
      You really didn’t think that comment through, did you?

      1. Not really. People like you that are constantly trying to defend his honor prove my point that you’re all pathetic and hopeless.

        1. Right, because I’m Mexican, and you have to defend Trump’s honor by telling me to go back to my country.
          If I do that, your lawn will be unkept and your wife really sad.

  76. According to WikiLeaks Trump’s entry into the political fray was promoted by Clinton months before his joining the political fray as a representative of the Republican Party.
    Knowing this one can’t help but wonder if Trump- and others- were actively involved in this shenanigan and to what extent.
    The idea behind this plan was to promote what was referred to as Pied Piper candidates such as Trump, Cruz and Carson to discredit them by portraying these individuals and the Republican Party of moving to the right- while in reality the GOP turned further left? -to garner more support for the Dems. Fascinating stuff.

  77. A tip of the hat is due to Mayor Rudolph Juliani who has remained faithful and looked at this neutrally, unlike most conservatives who were just waiting for an excuse to stab him in the back. I hope Juliani finds a place in Trump’s cabinet.
    It should not be impossible to endorse guys like Paul Ryan or anybody else who has turned on Trump, as the Republican nominee in the future. They broke their oaths. Can’t trust an oath-breaker.

  78. I came here to see what y’all were saying about the Trump Tapes. Honestly I thought it was a perfect example of beta behavior. Bill Clinton is a true natural alpha male, he never needed to rape anyone because women came to him. Trump on the other hand was talking about how he just walked up and started kissing or grabbing women by the pussy and they “let him do it” because he was “a star.” I encourage you all to listen to the conversation because no true alpha would be having such a juvenile conversation about what is, essentially, poor game and the ways in which Trump giddily pretends to be some alpha male but is actually a grade-A creep. Hanging around beauty contests pretending to be some benevolent bigshot, then going backstage to see the girls naked saying “everything alright back here?” I think the community got Trump wrong, he is no alpha, he is a fluffed up beta. No game, he thinks he can buy pussy (and granted, sometimes you can, but it’s a beta tactic).

    1. Nothing is more beta than constantly trying to prove oneself with insults and constant shit-talking. He is physically disgusting with piss poor game (in another article here on ROK, a writer even said he was handsome). It boggles my mind why people on here think he’s some savior alpha male. With that demeanor and temperament, he’s sure to bring this country to the dumps.

  79. The leftist establishment has finally located women he used to know and is giving him the treatment they give Cosby for not being a black stereotype.
    I wonder how much they pay these broads and what they threaten them with.

  80. all these sensitive people are upset with his use of the P word. But the real issue is that Trump is being accused of advocating “sexual assault.” which he isn’t necessarily talking about. He was just bragging about and likely over exaggerating the perks of his celebrity status. We don’t know how aggressive he actually is when seducing women.
    i think that’s the real issue. His masculine heterosexuality is being attacked and redefined as “sexual assault.” You will likely see more attacks on his masculinity as time goes on.
    With that said, I predict that when trump is president, his words and behavior will cause even more of these types of attacks on masculinity and will fuel their obnoxious, sensitive, rage. I’m not sure how beneficial that will actually be for red pill men.

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