13 Signs That A Woman Is Toxic

As feminism-infused women lay waste to modern civilization by destroying men and families, it is becoming more important than ever for the awakened men to filter out these toxic women from their lives. While much is said about the intricacies of female nature and women’s ability to toy with man’s passions, there is a faster and more efficient method to detect red flags out of women: through their body characteristics. You see, unlike words that can be easily manipulated, it is far more difficult to hide one’s true nature expressed in the face and elsewhere. A woman’s personality tend to be expressed through her body more than she realizes.

While the following characteristics may seem obvious when pointed out, it may be much harder to recognize them when you’re actually interacting with women. And once you do discover them next time, know that it’s not enough to simply refuse having a relationship with these women; if possible, you must avoid them completely lest their toxic negativity poisons you.

1. Fish Mouth


Women with fish mouth always have some serious attitude problems. They have chip on their shoulders and they’re looking for ways to stir conflict non-stop. If you’re ever wondering how they even developed those mouths, it’s the result of their constant snarking and bitching. Not surprisingly, many feminists and SJW’s (including some men) bear this tell-tale sign on their faces.

2. Abnormal Body Modifications

Dyed hair, butchered hair, tattoos like a gang member, piercings and rings like a pirate, and other freakish ways to attention-whore are all huge red flags. I wouldn’t even treat a man who turns his body into a post-modern art seriously, so why should you with women?

3. The Thousand Cock Stare


The thousand cock stare is hard to describe in words: you either recognize it or you don’t. I think the best way to describe it would be as a vapid lifelessness of a woman who’s trying her best to hide her slut past and post-wall desperation. It’s not surprising that they often resemble a recovering addict—which they are, in some ways. They also tend to look older than their real age as excessive alcohol and cocks destroyed their youth. I knew one gorgeous girl, who was the closest thing to a 10 I’ve seen in my life, hit the wall with visible TCS by the time she reached 24.

4. Crazy Eyes

Guess what this one ended up doing.

Crazy eyes are so glaringly obvious that I’m surprised there are men who still marry these women. If the eyes are the window to the human soul, you can tell that these women are deranged and unstable. Having a relationship with a crazy eyed woman is as dangerous as carrying a box of nitroglycerine on a shopping cart that only has three wheels.

5. Too Much Makeup

I’ve never found girls who are afraid to show their natural face attractive, and for a good reason. Women who cover their face with makeup are not only hiding their ugly faces but also their ugly personalities as well. I have yet to meet a decent woman who constantly wears thick makeup (even when swimming). On the other hand, I generally find that the less makeup a woman puts on, the more pleasant her personality and attitude is.

6. No Smile Or Fake Smile

“Could you be so nice as to do me a favor you would never do if I didn’t have a vagina?”

The reason why men tell women to smile more and why feminists go berserk in response is because a smile can tell you a lot about a woman. I get the impression that North American women stopped smiling at a collective level to put up a bitch shield against the hordes of thirsty males.

On the flip side, I notice that more and more women are using fake smiles to tease their beta-orbiters into currying favors. For the desperate simps, even the slightest female approval is the closest thing to a sex they’ll ever experience, which is why they’ll always be ready to jump any amount of hoops in order to earn it—and the women know this. One girl (who was much younger than I) tried to turn me into her servant by telling me to fetch something for her. You should have seen just how fast her fake smile disappeared when I told her “no.”

7. Middle Finger

Would you put a ring on her next finger?

I don’t know where girls started getting the idea that it’s hip to be crass, but the phenomenon is epidemic now. I’ve even seen one teenage girl give the finger to her father as a joke (the cuck just laughed it off). There’s no reason for a woman, even as a joke, to be using the finger.

8. Forward Head

Belligerent and confrontational women love to get in people’s faces. If you see a girl who habitually pushes her head forward like a chicken to make a point, lose her. You have nothing to gain by interacting with her.

Forward head as a posture may also be a sign of too much cellphone use. Besides, it just looks plain ugly. One of the things I noticed about foreign women when I moved out of North America is how almost all of them have a much graceful posture with their heads straight up.

9. Alpha Smirk

The alpha smirk isn’t even common among men as it is only used by the smug and cocky ones who are full of themselves (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing for a man). So, if you see a woman is doing it, you can be sure that she is pure toxic. I have yet to meet a woman who smirks who weren’t total manipulative, back-stabbing, dark-triad whore.

10. The “Tough Girl” Look


A sign of high testosterone. These chicks want to be seen as tough and they will put up this front as if they just grew a dick. I admit I used think these “tough” chicks were hot, but that was when I was 13 years old.

Newsflash: If you think girls with this look or personality is attractive, you’re most likely a supplicating simp.

11. Condescending Look

Similar to tough look, women today seem to think that their inflated SMV value and career elevates them far above the commoners they see around them. Even if woman is deservedly in a high position, her lack of modesty equates to arrogance and zero empathy. It’s no surprise that many of these women can’t hold onto a man and will most likely die alone.

12. Forced Deep Voice

Another pathetic attempt to puff up and appear stronger than they actually are. This is rare, but I’ve actually seen few cringe-worthy women who would deliberately lower their voices to yell in people’s faces. There’s zero reason for a woman to force herself to sound more like a man. Mock or avoid these types completely.

13. Hands On Hips

The universal “I’m a woman begging for your respect” pose.

You’ll see this body language with insecure career women desperate for everyone else around them to see them as being strong and capable. Anything short of groveling will trigger these type of women into a hissy fit. As an example, I personally had one older manager (who was desperately single) who would always do this pose with her hands not on her hips, but all the way up almost at her chest level. She also had 10, 11, and 12 listed above. Everyone at work thought she was obnoxious and ridiculous, but didn’t do anything to challenge her. I was the only person who would not take her shit. And every time I refused to “respect” her, she would throw a tantrum like a fat kid being denied an ice-cream. Eventually, she filed a false accusation against me just as I started being more soft towards her.

My experience shows that even if you’re not in relationship with these women, and even if you try to pander to them, they will find ways to infect you with their blackened soul. Be aware and be alert. Because if you let your guard down, they will destroy you.

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445 thoughts on “13 Signs That A Woman Is Toxic”

    1. Especially, those into veganism. I haven’t met one that isn’t crazy. Too much copper and not enough zinc to counter balance it leads to brain dysfunction.

      1. CrossFAD! Oh man, such a bizarre orgy cult with the silliest costume outfits under The Sun! It’s definitely what “tough” girls flock to for attention whoring (especially on social media) and to surround themselves with what they perceive as alpha cock. Too bad most of the schmucks only have nice abs from buring more calories than they eat and, well, that’s all!

        1. Adderall is a performance enhancing drug?
          I can name at least one famous politician (Marco Rubio) and MLBer (Chris “Crush” Davis) who appear to make the case that Adderall is a performance-gimping drug.

        2. Yes, they are all on PEDs, but that statement holds true for anyone competing at an elite (or even “high”) level in just about any strength/endurance sport anymore. We all do it, we all lie about it. It’s like the huge cycle of bullshit swirling around the world of sports that almost nobody know exists but defines much of who these people are. And yes, adderall is a PED, especially for mental tasks. I hate it, but it certainly helps with focus and drive.

  1. “Could you be so nice as to do me a favor you would never do if I didn’t have a vagina?”

    1. “Can I sweet talk you into….(a given task)?”
      “I don’t know….can you? Give it a try. Bonus points for a pre-task blowjob”

  2. Regarding #1, mouth-breathing isn’t caused by their attitude. It’s a sign she has trouble breathing through her nose due to adenoids or another factor. Normal human beings breathe through their nose(which acts as an air filter) and only breath through the mouth as a backup when sleeping, winded, etc.
    It falls into the family of signs that a woman isn’t physically healthy. Some others to look for: are bad posture, hair that is dull and thin instead of thick and shiny, bad breath, yellow eye whites, dark circles under eyes.

  3. 14. Has masculine hobbies
    This is a big one for me, girls who want to talk politics or about cars typically cannot (and will not) cook a simple meal or keep a clean house. They also have a very simple understanding of the subject matter, and will pretend to be experts. They are absolutely abhorrent to have conversations about in their “field of mastery” and impossible to talk to them about anything else.

    1. Yep, 1,000x concur. All the try hards with video games, comic books and football are both hideously disgusting (I suppose they feel the need to over-overcompensate for their shortcomings by pretending to be men since they have no prayer of succeeding as true females) and insufferable to be around.
      I can’t wait to see just how many Harley Quinns will be out for Halloween this year. Bet you won’t be able to turn your head five degrees in any direction without seeing one, and of course they’ll all be sneering at one another sporting bitchface over which one is superior. Watch how predictable it will be!

      1. I was recently at a comic convention in Dallas and Harley was the defacto choice for girls there. Only one was able to pull it off but I felt bad for her poor mom having to follow her around all day in that outfit. The rest of them should’ve dropped at least a good 30-40lbs before trying to squeeze into those shorts.

        1. You’re a much braver soul that I am, I wouldn’t go to comic-cons to save my mother’s life. All the cosplay attention whores make me want to spray lead like Jesse Ventura in Predator.
          Oh mark my words, this Halloween is going to be a circus like no other due to Harley Quinn!

        2. I’ve been going to cons for years. Great way to do some networking, met artists I like, get reviews, and buy some nice stuff. This past show in Dallas was the biggest I’ve attended in years and I had a lot of fun. You’ll meet all sorts of people there.
          I can concur about the cosplay girls. One of the more professional ones I met was surrounded by a wave of thirsty dudes all staring at her tits. I waited towards later in the day and went back to talk to her. She was pretty nice but kept shoving her tits into my chest or side as a sales tactic. We talked for a few minutes after that. What was surprising was that I found out was that the dude behind the table with her (who I thought was her boyfriend) was actually her brother. He handled all her money, prints, and kept creepy guys away.
          Here is the cosplayer I mentioned https://www.instagram.com/kristenhughey/

        3. The requisite beta male Likes and Comments are in full effect, thus giving her a monstrous ego for sure. Oh well, it isn’t her fault for wanting as much as it is for the lowlife schmucks enabling.

        4. I went once, its was cool, although it stunk of corn chips and male virginity

        5. Hey, might as well use her assets for the better until 40 hits and she slams into the wall and then the party stops abruptly.

        6. Think that was bad? Try imagining it back in the mid 90’s and early 2000’s. The convention circuits allowed adult and erotica models and actresses into the show. So they would fill up all of artist alley with a bunch of sleazy looking dudes all trying to take pictures with their favorite porn stars and washed up Playboy models. Eventually parents and comic companies complained about the disturbances and crowds they would get and the convention management barred them from coming to shows. I did meet Aria Giovanni a few times before she stopped attending.

        7. She’s in her later 20’s now. So that wall is going to be hitting fast. But if she stays in shape and in good health she’ll milk it for as long as she can.

        8. Might as well. But if she’s ODing on The 3 Ds (drinks, drugs, dicks, as mentioned in this article) she’s hopeless.

        9. Thankfully the, ah, land whales that I’ve seen doing the Harley Quinn getup have gone for less-skintight variations of her original ensemble.

    2. Girls have very short attention span and they get bored very quick. They need constant stimulation so they will do anything to try to “fit in” and feel “important”.

  4. 14. Admits to being “super liberal” (or some other variation) within the first half hour of meeting you.

    1. “I’m as far left as you can go, tee hee.”
      I took this as a warning sign, even when I was a Liberal.

  5. If a white woman gives her religion as Asatru or calls herself an Odinist, that could go either way. She could combine a screwed up life with support for Donald Trump.

      1. I find the vocal fry particularly annoying.
        Think nails on a chalkboard annoying.

        1. Overuse of “like” is more annoying to me. But these are all vocal tics of peak SMV women (18 to 24). By age 30 they talk more normally.

  6. I would also add a history of lesbian curiosity and experimentation to the list.
    Our forefathers knew all along that gay men have toxic personalities. They sort of vaguely knew about lesbianism, but lesbians kept a low profile and took advantage of the tendency for men and women to live in separate social spheres, so men didn’t have many opportunities to witness lesbian behavior.
    Now that we’ve had more experience with open lesbianism, and we can see how normal girls can turn that way due to women’s more plastic sexuality, we can see the toxic nature of lesbian sexuality as well.

    1. Here here. I was, unfortunately, around a bunch of lesbos at a recent farm fair. Luckily, I don’t normally see people like this very often but a group of them must have bought a groupon or something. They’re off-putting to say the least. There is something…kind of like an odor although its not actually an odor, that describes their personalities. Indeed it is uniquely lesbian but also equally obnoxious since their whole being seems to personify entitlement and this perpetual chip on shoulder, which I think has very much less to do with being a lesbian (and therefore a “marginalized” group), rather, with deeper issues. Deep issues that they use lesbianism to escape or distract from, which means they never confront the real problem. They’re repellent. Some of them had “kids”, which is really just terrible to see One of the lesbians with a “kid” could have been a decent looking girl, but not a perfect 10. She was speaking a foreign language to her “kid” (or better yet “pet”). Now, in general that’s good, but it wasn’t Spanish or French or German…or any practical language. It sounded eastern and I can recognize all the aforementioned or languages that matter. Bottom-line – this was impractical. I can’t imagine this is some kind of an ethnic thing, since, lesbians hate nationalism and are all leftists. So, its her trying to make her “pet” different, so, she can brag to others that her “pet” can speak some obscure language making her look sophisticated and worldly. In other words it serves the lesbian not the pet to whom she is attempting to show the world that she is a superior “mother” too. This, of course, negates that very attempt, because normal parents put their kids before themselves. So, a normal parent would be speaking, say, Spanish to her because it will more than likely serve that child well by learning it. But that’s the things about lesbians (and homosexuals in general), I see this deep rooted yet heavily concealed selfishness about them. After all, what is homosexual “rights” but the forcing of complete strangers to like and approve of them…in fact, praise them. Last comment, apropos to issues, selfishness and this lesbian above. She wasn’t a 10. Could she be a solid looking lady – YES. But not perfect. And that’s what I think gets these women to go batshit, specifically, that they were not made 100% perfect. Again, the selfishness.

      1. You’ve just described 90% of all lesbians today.
        I don’t dislike them for their sexuality — I dislike them for their chip-on-the-shoulder attitudes.

        1. Lesbians are generally mean and violent. Highest rates of spousal abuse are found in lesbian households.

        2. The National Violence Against Women survey found that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women living with a same-sex partner experienced intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes.
          This is compared with 7.1 percent and 20.4 percent for men and women living with an opposite-sex partner.

        3. Or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated by the presence of a pool table in your community.

        4. I dislike lesbians for the way they demand acceptance while putting down normal women who like men. They use “heteronormative” as an insult when they are the degenerates.

    2. Well I may disagree with you on many topics but you are spot on this time. Oftentimes I am flabbergasted to see how many acquaintances think that is cool if their girlfriend or their lovers have a “lesbian streak”, in the hopes they might bring another chick and have a trio. This wouldn’t be so bad if some of those simps (a significant minority) wouldn’t end up in a serious relationship and even wifing up those skanks.
      I guess we men will have to learn to hold lesbianism in the same low status as male homosexuality.

      1. I’ve always found that attitude confusing. Like somehow the woman controls the relationship and maybe, you know, if she’s like, totally, you know, lesbo then bang, a threesome!
        Threesomes, to me, are the 1970’s and earlier kind, where the man was the Super Star and the women were the guest stars both intent on serving the man. The modern “2 lesbians and some random guy” type threesomes look boring. Women should be looking to please me in bed, I shouldn’t be there in a secondary role.

        1. I had one of those modern threesomes you describe, GOJ. And yeah, just as you suspect, it was kinda boring. The two girls, who were a 6 and a 7, were mostly into each other. I was a third wheel.
          It doesn’t even rate on my sexual highlight reel.

        2. I’ve always had a hunch it would be like that.

        1. LOL, I had a dyke take a swing at me for swooping her “girlfriend”. It did not end well for her, she learned about the difference in upper body strength between a man a woman first hand. She quit her “kickboxing/mma” class and stopped taking female superhero movies seriously after that

    3. Sorry for all the comments, this is just on my mind. During this encounter, I was getting ill. Because I’m around people that, as a straight white hetero male (who is Christian and a former football player and Marine) I know they hate me and disapprove of my life etc. Yet, I’m not suppose to hate or judge their lifestyle. ??? The fuck. Moreover, when you’re their midst and you see their “pets”…urr “kids”. It actually hurts, because I really feel for those children. Being immersed in this abnormal situation and knowing they’ll be caught-up in all the bullshit their “parents” have about society making them into miserable malcontent haters who blame everything else but themselves for their life (misery loves company). And knowing its really that these women are just pissed at life for not being made into geniuses or beauty queens etc. You see all that compressed into one moment and it just hits you like a word that we have yet to create, but, the closest thing we currently have is repellent. I don’t want to be like that, I don’t want my love ones to be like that and I know people like that, lesbian or not, drag others down to their level. Its then that one realizes how foolish and devastating homosexual “marriage” really is. Not only for all those reason above, but, and here is the cherry, you then know that this is not some “live and let live”, this was an is a societal endorsement, which has been extorted from me to approve of this “parenting”. In the case of lesbians, to fully agree at a tacit implied level that “yes, there is absolutely no need for a father (male) to be present). Since I come from a divorced family and my Dad was largely absent, I know, from thorough and honest self reflection, that a Father is critical for a child. Likewise for male homosexuals, a mother (female) is equally critical for a child, and as it is with lesbians, we all now “agree”, per this “law” that a mother and a father are not necessary. That’s what homosexual marriage has wrought. I will not and cannot believe that.

      1. Have you ever met young men who were raised by a lesbian mother? These guys are walking train wrecks.

        1. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/the-heartbreaking-sex-ed-premier-wynne-gave-her-own-children
          Chris Cowperthwaite is the son of Ontario’s lesbian premier who broke up her family for a lesbian relationship. Chris witnessed his beta father being banished to the basement while Kathleen Wynne moved her lesbian lover into the marital bed. No wonder the poor guy is traumatized and gay!

    4. Reminds me of the first Lethal Weapon movie when Mel Gibson is disgusted by the revelation that the decedent had been engaged in lesbian sex right before she died.
      …It’s probably the second best “Christmas Movie” of all time, come to think.

      1. The first being, of course, “Die Hard”.
        “Now..I..have a machine gun…Ho, Ho, Ho”! ~ Hans Guber

    5. Lesbian sexuality is a dead giveaway for belief in toxic feminism and social justice. I have yet to meet a lesbian who isn’t very damaged, fat or ugly.

  7. Women who talk badly about their parents, especially fathers. It doesn’t matter if their dad really did do bad things, because even if it’s true it’s just a “fruit of the poisonous tree” situation.

    1. Right, women who have toxic role model fathers. Freewill allows for people to be different than their toxic male figure in their family.

    2. A good friend of mine was dating a girl who was always talking shit about her father. The guy finally got to meet her father, and she literally Hitler worshipped him every moment she was around him.
      I don’t know if she just really craved male attention or made up lies about her father because she thought it would get her beta comforting points, but the girl clearly didn’t even believe her own bullshit.

      1. It does seem like a common way they get pity/attention from their orbiters.
        One headcase at my work used to switch back and forth. Her dad was either a highly sought-after surgeon who loved his daughters or an unemployed alcoholic who resented not having a son. Turned out the former story was the true one, of course.

        1. Surgeons are often sociopaths..its a rare person who can hurt someone to make them better.

      2. The other possible explanation would be that she was intimidated and thus acted in a co-dependent “I love you” kind of way. But I feel this wasn’t the case here.

    3. Fully agree. Women who disrespect their family will disrespect you.
      They also forgot to add vegans, animal rights activists. Those are some very angry women. It’s different than a woman who happens to care about her family pet.
      Disagree about point #5 for the SJWized west, but true for Ukraine, Russia, etc.
      5. I disagree about the too much makeup part for the west. I know men aren’t into too much makeup, but hear me out. It takes work to learn how not to crayon your face like a clown and just put something subtle that makes you feel feminine. In the west, the fact that a woman has makeup on means that there are smaller chances of her being an SJW. There are fewer opportunities for women to learn make up in the west due to SJWs being mainstream. If a woman has makeup on in the west and no blue hair/tatoos/piercings, then the chances of her being an SJW is lower.

      1. I’ve seen too many vegan women to know they are bent. There’s one vegan chick on YouTube, think her name is Freelee the Banana girl, who made a video a while back about how everyone should be forced, FORCED, to become vegans; how eating meat shouldn’t even be an option. Seriously psychotic. The only thing scarier was there were a ton of commenters who were right on board with her idea.

        1. I think some one should write about it. That and anti fur activists are the angriest craziest people I’ve known. Hindu women from strong families who are vegetarian are lovely. But non Indian women who are vegan/animal rights activists have so much hate. They got me into eating meat and wearing fur. I was more eating fish than meat except once a while, but now I eat meat more often and wear fur just to spite them.

        2. I’m just a natural carnivore. A day without meat is a day ill-spent.
          Perhaps I’ll write about it further down the road on my blog. Will require some research to write a compelling case…or I just make a trolly post to trigger the vegans.

        3. Invariably the girls I know who go vegan simultaneously:
          – Become sexually deviant
          – Cut their hair short and/or dye it
          – Become deeply SJW
          – Develop crazy eyes

        4. Absolutely. I’m studying environmental engineering so I’ve seen many, many vegan women – they all have dyed hair, they all are SJWs, they all have tattoos and I could go on and on and on..

        5. Check out “telos of flesh” on my blog. It is a philosophically reasoned argument against vegetarianism from the point of view that it is cruel to animals not to eat them

        6. Of course. What is the purpose of a gazelle? To be a leopards lunch.
          Where can i find your blog?

        7. I remember that post of yours. Mark’s Daily Apple linked a video a long time ago of someone who did a study of desert wastelands that grazing animals were introduced to. It turns out that the plowing action of their hooves coupled with their fecal matter turned these wastelands into lush grasslands. In summary, to turn everyone into a bunch of vegans would wreak untold devastation upon the world.
          EDIT: To clarify, these wasteland areas were once agricultural areas that were so over burdened by constant gardening that they went barren.

        8. Look at Onision’s legions of followers. Guy is nuttier than a fruitcake. Militant vegan as well.

        9. There were some areas that were damaged simply by having animals removed, even wild animals. It’s part of a complete eco-system. There are others who have tried the eco-system restoration approach with success as well. Animals and plants build upon each other and a desert becomes a lush environment even though there still isn’t much regular precipitation.

        10. In india its a healthy tradition like eating curry. Here its just twisted unnatural human beings.

        11. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of his followers are spineless young females, who completely lack any sort of direction in their lives.
          That we don’t have more cults in this day and age really surprises me.

        12. I’m born to a Hindu Family ( but I’m an atheist ), where the hell can I find such women ?

        13. I take it you’re not surprised by this though, since studying Environmental Engineering is akin to working for Greenpeace.

        14. True. I didn’t know why most self-professed vegan chicks were usually overweight. Over time I realized most of them weren’t eating healthy, they were just getting a majority of their calories from processed foods. If they exercised at all it was from patting themselves on the back that they were, by some next level hamster math, ‘eating ethically.’

        15. Oh don’t get me started with that obnoxious bitch! It’s so painful to endure her videos beyond the 30 sec mark. She’s a walking example of most the red flags exposed in this article. Every time she slaps her fingers or start back-clapping I feel like sinking her Botox face in the toilet bowl and flush it.
          Did you ever watch her rant about how ALL men should be forced to GET VASECTOMIES? She lives in a delusional world where she is literally Hitler.

        16. I wonder if the Vegan Bitterness comes from their inability to healthily channel the kill impulse.
          Humans can be murderous. I think that those that kill to eat, tend to be less violent towards people. Since they don’t “kill” their food, that energy has to go somewhere and it becomes bile and bitterness as it builds up. And since they value animals over humans by not killing and eating them, that bile and bitterness gets turned toward the “inferior” humans.

        17. And all of which is borne from anger. An anger that is nature’s way of trying to prevent a female human from becoming an androgynous sub-human.
          Failing to heed the dissonance and resulting anger metastasizes into a longing for death.
          I have to deal with many of these vegan birds and their vegcult manlet worshippers because I have some dealings in both Yoga and alternative medicine. I know, painful.
          If they were just tedious fanatics that kept to themselves I wouldn’t mind so much, but as they descend further into the warped psychology of non-human animal worship it just becomes one more vehicle of hate and oppression that they thrust upon others at every opportunity.
          Veganism is a pathology, one dead star in a constellation of slow suicide.
          Like all leftist trappings, it dehumanizes, inverts and/or overwrites natural laws, values, and universal morals, via “Progress” that only ever leads to more of the same.
          The belief that somehow all life on Earth is not intrinsically connected through death, that energy can be sequestered from the equation according to a manufactured value system in the minds of certain “believers” is deeply dishonest and ultimately destructive.
          And it relies, of course, on unprincipled exceptionalism. According to their own warped value system, they should just kill themselves.
          But alas, they are too fearful and would rather convince you to kill yourself instead. They might as well be wearing purple Nikes and waiting for Hale-Bopp to take them “home”.

        18. Her very name sounds clownish and deranged!
          I agree that most vegans are horribly self righteous and militant.

        19. I’ve seen that one. Banana Girl. Jeez. How much more subliminal can you get? Simps leave supportive comments with women like that because somewhere inside their twisted simp minds they think “she’ll like my obviously supportive response so much that she’ll want to meet and fuck and fall madly in love and we’ll live happily ever after.” There are guys who are that delusional. Peace…

        20. We all feed on death. Even vegetarians. Even Spock said it in Star Trek Wolf in the Fold: “In the strict scientific sense Doctor, everyone feeds on death, even vegetarians.”

        21. If I will ever show you some things from Peta and Peta2 it will make your heart bleed. There are serious reasons for becoming vegan and the amount of torture these beings get is unimaginable.

        22. Accusation in the mirror, who would have no soul but one whose first interaction with a stranger is to call her “bitch” than thoughtfully engage

        23. Decency is not scary.
          American’s are forced, FORCED to do – and not do – thousands of things. They’re called laws (build on ethics).
          Human beings should not be using animals… as performers, slaves, or food. And we are herbivores/primates anyway.
          – The CarboRAIDER (Gary High-fruit)

        24. “natural laws”
          Human beings are herbivores/primates. Watch “Forks over knives” (that is a dare).
          And you got no business talking about values. Human beings should not be abusing animals… as performers, slaves, or food.
          – The CarboRAIDER (Gary High-fruit)

        25. Are you working for her?? You certainly got started; made people wanna check her out. And HOW do you know her so well, if you can’t stand her?
          PS – what do u mean “back-clapping”?
          PS – she only said meat-eating men should be forces (US doesn’t let people on death-row have kids. Do u have a prob with that?)

      2. I prefer the Goldilocks approach to make-up. Not too much and not too little but rather “just right”.

      3. I had the same thought with the makeup point. There are women out there who have bad/too much makeup simply because they don’t know how to do it properly. That said, it’s still a warning sign, just not a full-stop one, but an investigation one if willing and there aren’t others.

        1. I will admit I am one of them. I’m jaded and do not care about my fellow human. That said, I do support men’s right and the red pill. Too many friggen people on the plant wasting space and fucking each other over. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more apathetic and choose to spend my time with my dogs over most people. More loyal and less drama.

      4. Agreed. The problem is the clown face, many women does that. can look gorgeous in pictures but in real life you think it is a childs painting.

        1. the same secular expressions that you have also lead to feminism. If you use vulgar expressions, remember that inspired feminists to have Vagina Monologues. I prefer a 1950s civilized west where people were polite, kind, principled, beautiful and went to church.

      1. Exactly. Shows lack of respect or a product of toxic Western parenting.
        My parents are still Mom and Daddy even though I’m 34.

    4. Of course you shiuldnt talk shit about your father or talk about it to strangers, but in close relationship it is normal to talk about what happend and such.

    5. This.
      Every girl in california hates her parents. When I dig deeper, they were fucking spoiled. Nothing more. 100% of the horrible girlfriends I had, were girls that had poor family relationships.

    6. they need to control their daughters more. I wouldn’t want my daughter (if I had one, I am still young) to show the stomach at some night club photo.

    7. Excellent observation. I once dated a girl who could not stop bashing her dad whenever she was with me. Even in an email she called him a fool. Her bashing was so regular and predictable that I began to notice. When I finally met the man, he was a respectable family guy. A preacher, actually, who did not look at all like the monster or an idiot he had been portrayed to be by his daughter.
      Meanwhile this girl never said one negative word against her mother. Not once. I met the mother too. She was a strong-willed, “I speak my mind” type of woman. Am I so glad I didn’t marry her daughter!

      1. It would be great if she had a hologram of a cuckoo clock over her head going off 24/7 (might be a biz idea right there)

      2. That’s basically a target for your convenience when cumming on her.

    1. I have to agree with you. I’ve reluctantly come to see the need for girls to receive traditional religious indoctrination to try to keep them in line.
      It doesn’t follow that a god has to exist metaphysically, of course. The “self” doesn’t exist, either, but it works as a useful fiction.

      1. I guess it would be a feminine thing to believe there is an all powerful loving God, very hard for a male atheist to admit.

      2. This is some dark red pill here…women aren’t evolved enough to be atheists without being whores, from my experience. Not that religion necessarily solves the problem.

  8. The fish mouth is VERY real and I had a very close call during the finding a girl for marriage part of my life.
    My marriage was arranged by my parents.
    The very first woman my elders introduced me to was a girl from another remote village about 30 kms away from mine and was recommended to my elders by a second-cousin.
    Without going through the onerous details on our customs, both her family and mine decided to meet and we finally met.
    After both families got familiar with each other, the girl and I decided to go to a separate room to get to know each other better.
    The girl even when she was smiling, looked like she was sad. This looked very weird. She was a total bitch from the start. From the exterior, she looked like a pious girl but after 10 minutes into the conversation, I knew something was terribly wrong with her. She was extremely bitter about the lifestyle she had been pushed into by her restrictive parents, but had to put up with it due to our patriarchal culture.
    I knew our meeting wasn’t going anywhere, but I just carried on anyway for another 40 minutes or so. After we both went back to our families, I was respectful with my elders and told them this isn’t going anywhere, nothing is clicking, etc. but didn’t make any disparging remarks or anything.
    She went back to elders and made up all these lies of things I said to her: I was too serious, I didn’t respect her feelings, etc. just a whole bunch of garbage that no one that actually knows me would ever say about me.
    Her parents tried to pressure her to accept me, but I told my elders that I’m not going to marry a woman that’s bitter, doesn’t respect me (or her own elders even). There’s plenty of other very good girls and we’ll try somewhere else.
    Everything was called off and both sides left in disappointment (this was mid day). Later in the evening, I called her her father to tell him that it’s unfortunate things didn’t work out and to console him and her family, but he just shot right back and accused me of all sorts of bullshit that the girl had convinced them which were totally unfounded.
    I lost my temper and hung up the phone on him, half an hour later he calls back my uncle and threatens to call the police on me for bringing shame to his family, not knowing my family was very well connected and after saying a bunch of names of high profile people, they finally backed off.
    After a two-week break, the next girl that I approached (after very thorough and careful vetting of the family and the girl) was my future wife and she was the total opposite when we met, just like a traditional village girl: very warm, friendly, submissive, loving, enjoys cooking great meals, cleaning and playing with kids, etc. and everything has been going great.
    Anyways, long story short: if a girls lips are puffy and pointing down when she’s in her neutral face, NEXT HER. The woman is extremely bitter from the inside over something.

    1. Fascinating story but I have one question: Calling the police on someone for bringing shame to their family? That’s a thing?? What country do you live in, if you don’t mind my asking?

      1. I live in Canada, but I had gone back home to India to find a wife.
        Calling the cops for things like this is routine over there.
        This story is exceptional, but should serve as a warning for men approaching the fish-mouthed girl.

        1. They do, unfortunately. The Punjab Police is very corrupt and will do anything for the right price from jailing, beating, etc.
          Connections are vital in a third world country.

        2. It is? Then that explains why Hillary Clinton, the self-described “Senator from Punjab”, is as corrupt as the day is long.

        3. There’s a couple of Punjabi-origin “Sikh” oligarchs that have been friends with the Clintons for a long time (e.g. Sant Chatwal) which is where she gets that monikor from. Most Punjabi’s are aware the Clintons are as corrupt as they get and don’t like them.
          Punjabi’s themselves are actually very honest and hardworking people; the Punjab Police is just an instrument of the Indian government to suppress and control Sikhs at all costs.
          The police in basically every third world country is corrupt.

        1. Great, me too. I’m from the North Eastern Region. I’ll say that it’s becoming too risky to get arranged marriage here. There are few men like you who’d screen a girl as a potential marriage.

        2. Me too, Doaba region. There’s still plenty of good girls, but unfortunately, things just aren’t the way they used to be.

        3. I have a maternal uncle who got into an arranged marriage with a fair skinned woman, simply because she was fair looking. That woman later turned out be a dumb and lazy broad who behaved no less than a spoilt child. Now they are in their 20th year of marriage, and you should see how my uncle looks way older than his age. He has two kids, both them are rotten and spoiled like their mother, and it’s sickening to see how his own children use to berate and disrespect him.
          This is one personal example of how a wrong choice in arranged marriage could fuck up your life.

        4. Perhaps your uncle’s wife was spoiled and lazy because she was given special treatment due to her light skin?
          Beauty and skin tone is only one piece of what an acceptable spouse is. At least you’re too smart to make the same mistake.

        5. I guess not. She ( my present aunt ) comes from a family where she got treated like a spoiled princesss by her parents.
          The reason why I mentioned my aunt’s skin tone is because she was the second candidate for my uncle’s arranged marriage. As I remember, the first candidate had a brownish skin tone, because of which, my uncle rejected her. Who knows, maybe that first candidate would have been a better wife than my current aunt.
          I still can’t believe why a very intelligent man like my uncle married a woman who’s dumber than a 10 year old kid. I mean, even I can’t tolerate her stupidity.
          Her kids are dumb and rotten too.
          As for me, I put a little emphasis on a woman’s fairness ( provided she looks good and feminine ). It’s too early for me to get married since I’m in my early 20s.

    2. Thanks for sharing that.
      I sometimes wonder if letting your family vet your potential spouse is not such a bad idea. Unless of course, if one comes from a bad family and you wouldn’t want their interference.

      1. It’s actually very good as it screens bad girls from bad families when a man is at his prime and due to sexual urge may overlook bad traits.
        Her family actually wasn’t bad: they were sincere, innocent, typical village parents which is why she was recommended to me.
        The thing is they were very religious and puritian-like. Unfortunately, all those types of parents I’ve met in life often have the worst most spoiled children because the parents automatically assume their children will grow up to be just like them. They are unwitted and know only the good side of humanity and nothing about the bad and the ugly.
        Her parents expected her to be religous just like them, bit she didn’t want that. Hence, there was a fundamental mismatch between the type of son-in-law they wanted and the type of husband she wanted but was unable to communicate this to them out of fear of hurting their feelings.
        In the end, she was just very cunning and a great actress and her innocent parents were manipulated by her to believe her.

    3. I knew a fishmouth woman who used to verbally abuse her boyfriend so badly that I barred them from entering my home until she learned to behave herself.
      Fishmouth also played a role in ending my marriage by urging my ex to walk out on me.
      Then Fishmouth delivered me the divorce papers. Personally. On her motorcycle. (Not joking.)
      Fish mouth is toxic. Beware.

        1. I suspect that Fishmouth is a closeted lesbian, which is why she was “friends” with my ex, who was a hot piece of ass.
          But no. Six months after our divorce, my ex remarried … to a Mexican immigrant with poor English and no job.
          Totally ridiculous, but I can laugh about it. My dad said it’s like she quit the Supreme Court to become a bail bondsman.

        2. She probably felt that you expected too much from her. Men with their shit together intimidate women, they’ll never admit it. The modern American women HATES standards of any kind, thats what feminism is all about. If there are no standards for beauty, behavior, chastity, etc. then they never feel inadequate and never have to improve themselves. At least thats how they think it works.
          I have a friend who’s ex girlfriend went to the Dominican Republic for study abroad and came back with a guy she met there. Spoke barely no English and worked chopping plantain trees his whole life. Since then I haven’t seen a single picture of her with makeup on or dressed up at all. It seems like most women are really just looking for a secure situation so they can stop having to try at all.

        3. Thanks. Mostly it was control. She couldn’t dominate me — nobody can — and so she swapped me out for a weaker man. That’s what happens when a dominant man (me) marries a dominant woman (her). The woman either submits or walks out.

      1. Only a very foolish woman would keep such toxic friends in her life.
        Any friend who disparaged me for being traditional was immediately cut off. I also got rid of anyone in my life whom my husband had reservations about.
        It sounds like you are better off without your ex.

        1. 100x better. Life has improved enormously. I’m not getting sick anymore — her toxic attitude had lowered my body’s immune response.

      1. More like 12. Don’t trust anything that bleeds for a week every month but doesn’t die

  9. That Hogwarts broad, whatever her name is (I forget), is a real piece of work. I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t find her as anything but average looking and she thinks she’s an HB10 with all the rights and privileges that come with it. A snarky, preachy little feminist bitch.

      1. Yeah, that’s it. Thanks.
        Typical dingbat with delusions of grandeur. Sneers how men need to be more feminine, but dates highly cut rugby dudes. Chick is a 6 to 7 depending on the day, how she gets away with shit, outside of supplicating men who get hard thinking about mediocrity backing her up, eludes me.

        1. Thirst is really high. Besides, people watched this chick grow up from a child. Miley Cyrus is another child star, but she makes this chick look conservative. Remember, there are few feminine role models. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere but the industry always promotes the degenerate ones.

        2. Hmm. I thinks she’s a 4. I live at the beach and the average EE summer import is more physically attractive than her. Her body really is non fertile looking.

        3. She does not fool me. In the sack, she is one of those who like it rough and to dominated. she the poster girl for feminist shit test.

        4. Yeah, I can’t really remember anything exceptional about her either, even though the last time I watched Stargate was 10 years ago.

        5. I recall her being was feminine and caring. Not Strong and Independent ^TM. But yes, nothing exceptional.

        6. Sweet little Hannah Montana is all grown up and making Disney proud. Vomit Warninghttps://www.google.com/search?q=miley+cyrus+dildo&safe=off&client=ms-opera-mobile&channel=new&espv=1&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiKgqzE3dHPAhVEwj4KHRtDDNgQ_AUICCgB&biw=360&bih=477#imgrc=nBhl8HijPLG8-M:

        7. And making Daddy proud.
          But seriously. Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus creep me out. Sometimes I’ll joke on Trump or Steven Tyler doing it with their daughters, just for the lulz. But with these two, I just shudder.

        8. She is normal feminine woman. Not overpowered and important part of the team. Star gate itself is a perfectly written show. Nobody cares about gender, race, etc. The only think that matters is that the characters do their jobs correctly.

        9. Important how?
          IMO, and half-seriously Star Trek TNG might’ve been the best “women in SciFi” show as the female cop didn’t work out, the female doctor(s) actually quit after just a year on the job and the other female character was actually in a job suited to her natural empathy.
          None of this ridiculous “women are better than men at manly things”/”the women are the men” nonsense.
          Sadly, Carter seems to fall into that camp.

        10. It’s funny. I just looked at the personal histories of its actors and none of them are divorced.

        11. She takes care of the scientific things. Star gate follows a simple model. You have a team of four people who travel on different planets. You have a leader, O’Neill, Carter, who takes care of the scientific things, Daniel Jackson, guy who focuses on culture and languages and a silent badass Teal’c.
          No character is overpowered and they would be screwed without each other.

        12. Her character backstory seems like a feminist fanfiction though, she’s both an accomplished fighter pilot who spent days flying over Iraq in Desert Storm and a supremely qualified theoretical astrophysicist?
          In other words, the brains of Jackson and the “brawn” of O’Neill?
          I hate to say it, but it sounds to me like Stargate’s “Female Spock” was more a feminist creation than T’Pol of Star Trek: Enterprise, the actual “Female Spock”.

    1. You have to wonder what we’ll do with female celebrities, comes the restoration of a healthy patriarchal society. If you read biographies of actresses from the early days of Hollywood, you’ll notice that many of them engaged in the degeneracy that has become mainstream for American women, and mainly because they made more money acting in a film or two than most Americans could earn in a lifetime. Their financial independence from men in the deracinated, Jewish-run world of Hollywood enabled this behavior.
      I mean, sheesh, read Tallulah Bankhead’s biography:
      Apparently we’ll just have to regulate women like Emma Watson who act in films and make sure they don’t earn enough money from doing so to finance their dissolute private lives and feminist delusions of empowerment. Perhaps their extra earnings above a living allowance would go into a trust, run by responsible men; and they could only pull out the money for reasonable expenses after they marry and start a family, like buying a house or paying for their children’s schooling.

      1. Actually, I don’t know if she’s starring on any movies other than Harry Potter. I know her from the HP. That’s it.

      2. To think that a democrat once publicly censured and effectively banned Ingrid Bergman from the USA because she took it upon herself to be a degenerate whore in reality.

    2. I don’t understand the guys who thirst over her.
      She looks like a prepubescent boy. No tits, no ass, no curves, nothing. Her face is also nothing to write home about. She’s completely unexceptional.

      1. That’s exactly how I see her too. I just don’t get this fascination so many have with this stick figure little bint. I like thin girls, but thin girls with curves. And that face is nearly a hatchet face now when she’s young, when she hits the wall she’s going to be full Tomahawk.

        1. Thank you so much for saying this, sir.
          I’ve always been accused of being a “hater” because I think Emma Watson looks like a skinny man. Why would any man think that a woman with no chest or bum is attractive?

      2. Gimme Christina Hendricks any day. At 40, still more of a more a Prime-A juicy Texas steak than any other starlet.

    3. She’s way over hyped by beta male wizard larpers and feminists.
      I remember reading a blog post years ago from a guy who went to the same college as Taylor Swift(before fame), and he said that she was a 5 compared to the HB10s on campus.
      Take the make up off of Emma and shes probably a 4 at best.

      1. Swift started at 14 years old, broke out in 06, and was world famous by 08.
        Considering she’s 26, your friend’s statement doesn’t make any sense. And she’s never attended college either.

        1. Wasn’t a friend of mine who wrote it, but I guess its not verifiable anyways, considering I could care less about looking deep into a celebrity’s personal life.
          Anyways, the point still remains about some women being over hyped in the media.

        2. I agree with the point. Some women are famous because they’re pretty, and others are pretty because they’re famous.

      2. Her hotness is increased for them by her association with harry potter. The same guys probably get a secret chubby when they see the Weasley boys too.

      3. Another one who gets hyped and is actually not as hot as she is made out is Charlize Theron. I was in the same primary school a few years ahead of her, spoilt little rich brat, nothing to look at without the make-up.

        1. She is completely toxic. She saw her whore mother murder her father. She is openly anti apartheid in South Arica where she is from. She probably saw her mom burn all kinds of coal. Her mom probably bumped the father of her child off because he was an obstacle to her (((bbc gangbangs))) which she included Charlize in. That’s the only way to become a leading “lady” in (((Hollywood)))

      4. “TayTay” is still a 5. Curveless and a face that dwells in the “uncanny valley”, possibly related to #5 on this list.

    4. You aren’t in the minority. She’s a Harry Potter fan’s masturbation fantasy. Harry Potter. NUFF SAID.

      1. Good to hear. I had Heartiste go ape on me for not worshipping this prissy little prima dona.

    5. You are not in the minority, her type seems to be pushed excessively in the media, the 10 Year old school boy look, like Rhonda Rousey…
      Now who idealises that look?

  10. A lot of this is signs she is a slut, to be truly toxic she is going to be doing push/pull on you, running hot/cold – typical BPD/narc type stuff. I wrote about it here http://bit.ly/2e3USrp but some other signs are if she wears boots, or ever mentions sex.

  11. 18. Man handshake. Tries to out-man you and display dominance with her handshake. She is probably in sales.

    1. There is a solution to that, which she will not like.
      Give her a crushing man handshake right back. She’ll fold like a deck chair once it becomes clear that you can take off her hand entirely if you wish to.

  12. Speaking of toxic women, I wonder how much Yahoo stocks will be worth at the closing bell today.

    1. Black (hole).
      Everything on her and around her is black. I’m surprised she hasn’t put on a black lip stick. She sucks men’s enegy in like a black hole.

    2. Let’s see…fake tits, fake lashes, fake hair color, caked with makeup.
      The trap has been set.
      She’s bait.

      1. Looks less like implants and more like structural undergarments and boob makeup. Yes, such techniques exist.
        Anyway besides the optical illusions created with makeup the idea is to push the mass upwards and distract the eye from noticing it has been displaced from below. If she had large implants she would be full above and below.

  13. Add funny women to the list. I hate Lucille O’Ball. Milo would agree because of her red hair.

  14. As a woman I should probably be hugely offended by this, but its so funny that I’m going to give it a recommend.
    And then I’ll get radiated each day with my morning milk, to increase my level of toxicity. 🙂

  15. Describing women as toxic is slightly incorrect. They could appear toxic to us as are really soulless people. The well-known phrase, “Women have no character,” really means the same thing.
    The ancient Chinese from time immemorial have denied that women possess a personal soul. If a Chinese man is asked how many children he has, he counts only the boys, and will say none if he has only daughters.
    Aristotle must also be considered. He held that in procreation the male principle was the formative active agent, the “logos,” whilst the female was the passive material.
    In recent years the idea was exploited by Henrik Ibsen (in the characters of Anitra, Rita, and Irene) and August Strindberg. But the popularity of the idea of the soullessness of woman has been most attained by the wonderful fairy tales of Fouqu.
    The strongest proof of the soullessness of woman could be drawn from that she demands a soul in man. When she demands his attention she in fact desires his soul as expressed in his intelligence or sense of humor as they define it. The soul is a masculine character, pleasing to women in the same way as a masculine body.
    The interesting question though is how is it that woman, who is soulless herself, can discern the soul in man?

      1. Let me expand your mind:
        Undines are a category of elemental beings associated with water, first named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus. Similar creatures are found in classical literature, particularly Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
        Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. The group contains many species, including nereides, limnads, naiades and mermaids. Although resembling humans in form they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful he is fated to die.
        What undines lack, compared to humans, is a soul. Marriage with a human shortens their lives on Earth, but earns them an immortal human soul.

        1. Having mind expanded by father of three would be like Lena Dunham having her cunt expanded by Jackie Chan

        2. that twat is un kung fuable. I am pretty sure that if she got hit by a 1984 Cutlass Supreme at 75 miles an hour it would just absorb itself into her cunny and MAYBE she would lit out a slight moan.

    1. A little off topic, but that Douchebag reminds me of a joke the comedian Doug Stanhope once said… It goes something like this – “Years ago, we had role models like Jack Lalanne and Charles Atlas. Now, people have such low expectations that their goal is to look like Jared from Subway.”

  16. #14 Claims to be “One of the guys” as if it’s something to be proud of or brag about.
    Sure honey, equate yourself somehow with being a man or call yourself a “tomboy”, because that’s so incredibly attractive!
    Don’t even get me started on women who wear cologne…

  17. Users,
    Takers and
    A woman has to have (or be)
    * Integrity
    * Honesty
    * Loyalty
    * Trustworthy
    * Giving
    * Flexible
    and some other things…

  18. Users,
    Takers and
    A woman has to have (or be)
    * Integrity
    * Honesty
    * Loyalty
    * Trustworthy
    * Giving
    * Flexible
    and some other things…

  19. Christianity is more democratic;it says all people were made in the image of God, very democratic and uplifting to all souls and sexes.

    1. Jesus was the first feminist. No wonder many attribute the fall of Rome to the adoption of Christianity.

      1. Actually, the fall of Rome was due to the loss of allegiance from the invading hordes into Rome. No longer did the new citizens care for the values of the Romans and it collapsed, the spirit the hero was replaced by Barbarian values but eventually Christianity took over the Barbarians to create a better Europe. Jesus was an individualist.

        1. The Goths (Visi- and Osti-) were both highly hero worshiping groups.

        2. The Roman men stopped to care when the women were given the power to be independent and exercise their hypergamy freely. The same is happening today. The invading hordes could not respect a culture which was weak and feminine. The same is happening today.
          Jesus was a hippy.

        3. Matthew 10:34-35: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”
          I’m afraid the hippy thing is a product of asinine protestant churches in the US. Quite silly really. If the “Christians” would freaking pick up a Bible they might fire all their milquetoast, beta, idiot, (insert your favorite pejorative here) preachers.
          Too much work I suppose. 🙂

        4. And in some cases, if you listen to the Romans (via surviving works of course haha), those barbarians were effectively more moral than the Romans. Things were a -mess- at the end.

          Sort of like the US…. Although, let’s face it. The US wasn’t as great as Rome. Nobody was really. Every major power since Rome has usually been trying to boast about being the “new” empire. 😉

        5. The empire taxed people so greatly the invaders were cheaper.
          There are many factors that bring an empire to an end.

        6. Jesus was a radical libertarian.
          He spoke out against the welfare/warfare state, religion (the institutions there of), and the banks. Two thousand years later governments, banks, and religions are still running the same scams.

        7. Ha. Right though?
          Problem 1 christians who have never bothered reading the book
          Problem 2 christians who have read the book with their mind already made up so find passages to conform to their beliefs and ignore all else
          Problem 3 christians who read the book without an understanding that it is not literally (hitler) true (except the part about Elisha sending 2 she bears to massacre 42 children for making fun of him for being bald…that part actually happened).
          I mean, it really isn’t that difficult of a read to be honest.

        8. Yeah…I remember how they worshipped Robert Smith back in the days. A bunch of sissies

        9. That verse is exactly what the stupid, hippy, degenerate boomers were doing in the 1960’s

      2. That’s why all of his apostles had vaginas. That’s why he made it clear being a slut is not acceptable.
        Just shuddup

        1. …by letting a whore “wash/kiss his feet”. I guess she reminded him of his mom who got knocked up by “GOD” when her gullible cuck husband wasn’t around.

      1. At my local pub recently I saw an African man with a white woman. The woman had half of her hair dyed black and the other half raspberry red. And she had black, aggressive, punkish clothing. To kiss an African man and a swedish pub gives her an extra provocation point, in case the hideous hair and clothes weren’t enough.

    1. There is this one white nationalist women. She totally hates the alt right, has a sailors mouth, is overly sarcastic, hates Roosh, and men that go on sites like this one. She’s a vegan, flat earther and you can check off quite a few things on this list.

  20. In the west, the fact that a woman has makeup on means that there are smaller chances of her being an SJW. It takes skill and time to learn how to apply makeup like a dress, so that you feel feminine but not look like a clown. Where SJWs are mainstream – there are not many resources to teach women to be feminine, so some feminine ones look kind of ridiculous – but you can teach them. You can’t teach an SJW to be a better person, they are toxic. Sad but true.
    ANY makeup, no tatoos/piercings/dyed hair = less likely to be an SJW. Now in countries where feminine women are common like Ukraine and Russia… too much makeup or too much weight is less ideal than the right amount.

    1. No. sluts and whores wear lots of makeup. Have you never heard of slutwalk for chrissakes?

  21. also don’t forget animal rights activists, girls with PETA and anti-fur buttons on their bags, they are the angriest most hateful people I have seen in my life. They got me into wearing fur. I decided to try on fur just to spite them but ended up loving fur

  22. 14) Her vagina is the size of an airplane hangar
    15) She gets excited when you pull out your wallet
    16) Her eyes dilate when she finds out you have a big male dog
    17) She asks if you have double-indemnity life insurance

    1. 18) Gets a prenup for whatever crap she owns but gets pissed when you consider getting one yourself.

  23. Mhhh I don’t know…some aspects are certainly true (body modifications), but other ones don’t really matter that much, are highly subjective (what is “too much makeup”) and utterly rubbish (Fish mouth? Cmon!)
    I would like to present my red flags:
    1. Women saying “Having sex is not that important” or anything related
    2. Women from dysfunctional families
    3. Women who claim to be psychologically ill (Mostly they are not clinically, but twisted F*cks nevertheless)

      1. Obviously…however, I never met one in my “career”. Might be a phenomenon more prominent in the US, idk

        1. Must be, every other bitch here in the states claims she’s been raped or at the very least assasulted.
          Fuckin whores, too much Maury Povich as a kid.

    1. “There’s more to a relationship than sex!”
      Translation: When I was young I was passed around like the village bicycle, to the point that I finally realized that I just don’t like sex. The last man I was with left me because I’m a frigid bitch and he hated being in a sexless relationship. If you want me you better sell your dick before even thinking of shaking my cold, frigid hand.

      1. Or…I’ve got you sized up as a financial benefactor and I don’t want to fuck you right now; my pussy is sore from getting railed out by the Green Bay Packers last Friday night…

      2. Yep…thats quite accurate. Thank god I finally grew balls to get rid of these hoes. Once the frequency drops lower than 2 times per week sheeees outta there

  24. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are eating at a drive-in. The waitress comes over to their car on roller skates. Trump and Hillary recite their selections from the menu. About 10 minutes later the waitress comes back with the food. Trump hands her a $20 bill, and the waitress short-changes him, skating off with all the loot. To which Hillary says, “You should have grabbed her by the pussy.” To which Trump replies, “I slipped the $20 bill out of your purse…take that bitch out, killer.”

  25. This makes for a tiny island of uninfected women that’s far from shore and all our boats have holes.

    1. As far as elementary teacher goes, ONLY if she intends to teach in the private/parochial schools. The public schools and their unions are one of the worst left wing toilets in the US. The only thing worse that I can think of is social worker.

      1. Yup. But Private school is not a college major. This article is about red flags, not deeper dives.

      1. Because you think any female can be trained to act right? Or because he married her in the first place?
        If #2, then anyone can make a mistake. The idea is learn and not repeat it.

        1. Because I think all women without strong masculine guidance will turn into whores.
          Some are already lost like the ones this article talks about. But if you get one that isn’t totally lost and she turns into a cum dumpster on your watch that means you weren’t doing your job as a man…that job being to sherperd women.
          Saying a woman is a whore is like saying a pitbull is vicious. The girl acts according to her nature. She has no real logic and no ability to hold herself accountsble. “Good girls” are girls who have benefited from the lessons of strong men.
          So if it is true that she was a super good wonderful girl when he met her and then she started gobbling cocks like a whore after then the problem is that the masculine influence in her life, namely him, didn’t do a good job being a man

        2. Right… Oh my god, it makes sense!
          When I look at girls with (strict) religious view, they’re not whoring themselves like girls who admitted to be “atheist”, probably because they are afraid of God (as a strong masculine authority).
          “My way or hell fire, women!”

        3. I’m not taking comfort in your simile for while a pitbull can be trained, the control its owner exerts over its vicious nature is dubious at best and illusory at worse.

        4. I only know one person with a pitbull and the thing seems like a lovesble kind of dog. That said, I am certainly not a dog expert so I won’t fight for the simile. The intention is obvious however so I will try to think of a nkre cogent one

        5. God has always been the strong masculine figure….That is his point and yes women will have much more pure values if they are religious (despite religion) because of the idea that daddy is watching.
          The thing is, the world is filled with traps and women are not suited to fend for themselves so they need men to guide them.
          What a girl did before you is on her and her father. But once you meet her, anything she she’s is down to you. If, like the straight alpha here, you find yourself making out with a girl after she blows a pack of dicks, that is because of your failure to be a man….she is being a shitty, slutty child…that is the definition of a woman…it is the mans job to control that.
          As for me, I don’t want to settle down so I like a wiggly little slut who knows her way around a bed.

        6. She was never a “good girl”, some just hide it better than others or are late bloomers

      1. Dick count could be one and she still could be the worst kind of whore. Whores trade sex for $. The worst kind pretend to give a shit about the guy and put him on a lifelong payment plan instead of quoting him a price up front. Much more expensive for less variety and a rapidly depreciating asset

    1. Live and learn. Every player has been burned once, but it was necessary in order to see the light.

    2. Every man has the potential to be a genius, every woman has the potential to be a whore.

  26. “Having a relationship with a crazy eyed woman is as dangerous as
    carrying a box of nitroglycerine on a shopping cart that only has three wheels.”

  27. Just remember boys AWALT. These signs, though they are good, are just pointers that the girl is beyond repair.
    Every whorish slutty woman is that way because the men in her life were limp dicked little faggots and didn’t know how to make them act right.
    If you are really looking to settle down find a girl with a strong father who has avoided pitfalls of modern world and then don’t be a weak little shit with her

    1. Good luck with that when she calls 911 and you find out how you are the limp dicked little faggot when your cell mate is breaking his dick off in your ass

    1. Can’t say I agree about the rap music… actually quite the opposite. Most femacunts get all outraged at real, raw, underground rap music. Some of the most red pill lyrics you will ever find.

      1. Rap today in general is disrespectful. It’s a rebellious genre and you don’t want a rebellious woman in your home. It’s all about fuck this and that and my pussy or vagina. It leads to hypergamy. Much of today’s pop music is the same.

        1. That would be some rap music. Just like any genre there is cuckold, anti family styles and red pill style. There is allot of good rap that tells men to grow a pair and handle business at home. Also tells women to respect their man and ride or die… or else get the fuck out of the house and the man’s life.

  28. I think we can safely assume that ALL woman are toxic to the core. Some just display that better and some hide it better.
    Woman are only “good” woman and byproduct of what the society, her father or her husband allows her to be.
    In other words, Men.. if you don’t put your leash (metaphorically…) on a woman and you pamper her just for being a female, she will act like out of control dog.
    Woman are all toxic just waiting to come out and show their inner demon.
    A virgin woman who was raised to be a good daughter and raised in strict, conservative farm land with stable family and good values. If you move her to the most toxic place in the United States, I bet you… within couple of months, she will turn out to be the most unrecognizable cunt.
    Vice versa doesn’t really apply here because if you take a damaged good slut and you move her to a strict conservative traditional countryside, there are chances she will still act like a hardened bulldog but she knows she must adapt so she will try to put up a “good girl” image but her visible tattoos, piercing and thousand cock stare won’t change all that. Even if she does not have any physical signs like that, her behaviors won’t hide anything.
    Some girls are so damaged to the point of no return.
    Experiences make Men strong. Experiences destroy women. This is why in all culture in the old days, Father tried so hard to not let daughters play outside. All it takes is one bad move and it will be over because women cannot and never will make a good logical decision.

  29. If she ever uses inspirational quotes by Rumi on social media she def does anal

    1. Rumi? I can’t say I’m familiar with that, if someone had dropped that name on me I’d have thought they were saying a colloquialism synonymous with “capacious”.
      Thankfully Wiki is here to tell me that he’s some arbitrary muslim guy from Iran’s “glory days” with a serious man-crush on muhammad.
      Maybe that explains the association with anal? It certainly explains why I didn’t know him.

      1. It’s possible. I just see all these girls quote him and every last one is a total fucking whore.

        1. Any “inspirational” quote meme that has the words Soul, Strength, Independence, Yourself, or any combination of “Alone but not Lonely” in it is a sure sign Cosmoprah Disorder.

  30. If, after trapping her prey and stinging it, it falls limp and then dies. Pretty clear sign she’s toxic. Or a scorpion.

    1. not just the eyes…these two also have the 4 finger forehead ….. that freaks me out.

      1. Ok, so, I don’t get it, four finger forehead?
        Four fingers wide? Girl, you got a big ass forehead.

  31. I found that forced deep voice is very common here were I live. Sometimes, they think that they will get more respect from men, but I think it is totally the opposite. There is nothing more attractive for a man that a sweet, feminine voice. At lest, it draws my attention and respect.

  32. Women like these…come in her mouth and go home. That’s all those ones are good for, so use a tool what it’s designed to do. What’s she gonna do? Tell your wife she sucked your dick?

  33. obsessed with fiction/escapism i.e. disney chick, game of thrones, any Netflix bing watching slop etc….similar to beta males who are overly into fiction/escapism i.e. pro wrestling, video games, sports. they’re toxic habits and say a lot about a persons lack of drive and focus, lack of identity and lack of foresight.

      1. Interested and erudite about the Jewish power and Leftist metapolitics. This, men, is the coolest thing they will call an “obsession.”

      2. Women have helped to turn our real world into a dystopia. They support just about all the bad trends of modernity: feminism, phony democracy, sexual freedom, miscegenation, gay degeneracy, mass immigration, etc.

    1. This just didn’t happen earlier in my lifetime. People in the 1960’s didn’t gather around the water cooler and talk about last night’s episode of The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan’s Island or Star Trek.

    1. Agree 100%.
      This is by far the #1 red flag.
      Kind of where I was going with the “listens to rap music” comment.

        1. Hahahaha nice catch! It would mean that all the Latinas, Asians, Persians (and all middle easterners), Ethiopians and also the attractive black girl at number 8 in the article are red flags. Merely because at one point those women dated within their own ‘mongrel’ races. I’m waiting for the next article that tells ‘neomasculine’ men to move to the Philippines or wherever, for the sake of laughing at the inanity of it all.

  34. #14 Crossed arms.
    My two cents on the crazy eyes thing. That woman up there was from Dallas. I believe she killed her daughters to get back at her husband. Not surprisingly, although not all of them are this psychotic, most Texan women have this crazy eyes look. That, and the short haircuts, the tats, the excessive rhinestones all over their clothing, the overtanned and wrinkly skin. If you fellas think this is just a liberal thing, think again. After all, who do you think gave birth to the current flock of crazy girls?

    1. Too bad as Texas would be considered one of the better states to meet a good girl from
      Go foreign

  35. The poser hipster/art student girl. Gives off strong ltr vibes with her whimsical personality and relatively modest fashion sense, but little did you know she keeps her 50+ kills on the down low. Mostly a threat to bluepillers who are susceptible to oneitis.
    The femme fatale wannabe. Has a 9/10 or 10/10 body and face. Wears expensive and stylish clothes to look like a model. The only problems are that she has the personality of stale bread, and a lack of enthusiasm for sex and romance due to the seemingly never ending buffet of cock.
    This one kind of ties in with number 7 and 10, but the vulgar and unlikable cunt. Due to Hip-Hop having more of a growing unisex fanbase in recent years, this produced a lot of younger girls who think its fashionable and attractive to talk like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Feminism also subtly conditioned them through culture and media into thinking its righteous to have a chip on their shoulders, all this really does though is increase their odds of getting a backhand to the mouth.

  36. Excellent article & the beginning of a very good way to spot trouble before it gets close.

    1. I actually knew a nutritionist who was a lot of fun and had some interesting ideas in her head so you could talk to her. Since there was only one I can’t say for all but so far my experience has been good.
      On the other hand…every female chiropractor i met has a) been bat shit crazy b) been an excellent lay c) been a totally unrepentant whore

  37. Well, males have to put in work to gather resources, and females just have to recieve and pass them on. Biological parasites are inherently ‘toxic’. Patriarchial host is the established order.
    Funny how the feminists tend to attract the hedonists (recieve) and the marxists (pass on) because genuine alphas are immune to their game now.

  38. Maybe a little simplified, but still interesting.
    Our society puts too much value on apperance, I think. We streamline body language, our damn grimaces, everything, to the point of being unable and scared shitless to express ourselves, incluidng our ‘weird’ parts. This is actually very interesting, because it seems much less pronounced with, say, indigenous tribes. They have a nuance of expression through body language that is alien to us. The instinctive effect this has on a Western mind is to feel ashamed. Because we repress all that shit.
    But yeah, if they are like this all the time and not just on a single photo, it likely is some form of tell-tale sign. Like obesity, I guess.

  39. If a woman gives you a feeling that of being cucked, avoid her and let her ovaries dry up and whither. It is these white knights who continue fertilizing these women and lead us into a death spiral!

  40. For as long as I can remember, I never understood why a man would want to date a bitch. I have gone round and round with other men on this.
    Me: “Man, that chick was a fucking bitch.”
    Other guy: “Yeah but who cares, she’s hot.”
    Me: “I don’t care how hot she is, did you see the shitty faces she was making, and her shit attitude, man it would suck being around her for an extended amount of time.”
    Other guy: “Whatever man, I don’t care, she’s hot.”
    Me: “No she’s not, not until she cleans up her shitty attitude.”
    Other guy: “hmmmmm, ummmmmm.”
    Same fucking conversation for years on end. This reminds me, how I discovered return of kings. I searched, “How to deal with a bitch.” And an ROK article came up, “How to deal with a bitch.” I wanted to learn how to get inside these bitches heads and really fuck with them. Picked up a few pointers and they work. I use them all the time at work. Not acknowledging a woman right away, pretending to be busy whenever they call for me, minimal eye contact, ignoring her. Yesterday at work this chick wanted me to move out of her way, she said “come back here,” (and threw in some bitchy traffic director hand motions). Without breaking stride, I kept doing what I was doing, I had a brief case in my hand and I was putting it away, then I started talking to two guys, I instantly had a smirk on my face when I noticed her with her hands on her hips in my peripheral. Then I heard a “uh’!” At this point it was hard for me not to laugh. This bitches blood was boiling. It’s been a lot of fun.

    1. Hilarious about hand hip. I also find with bitchy women if you mimic them they go totally fucking nuts
      Bitch: I hate when you do that
      Me: I hate when you do that
      Bitch: stop copying me
      Me: Stop copying me
      Bitch: UGH STOP!
      Me: UGH STOP!
      This will actually kill them.
      That said, I pose this question back to you. You say you can’t understand why a guy would want to date a btich. I can see that assuming you mean have a lasting relationship. But can you see why a guy would want to pump and dump a bitch. Like some hot little snotty cunt who you go out with a couple times, beat the brakes off of and then lose contact with?

      1. I can’t see having a lasting relationship with a bitch. I hope that if a guy decides to pump and dump a bitch, he does not put her on a pedestal in the process and release her back into the wild. When it comes to dumping time, gives her some constructive criticism. Then by all means, go get your dinky stinky.
        The guys I’m talking about don’t appear to have this mindset at all. When they say, “yeah, but she’s hot,” they might as well have their hands in their pockets, shuffling their feet around saying, “oh goshhhh, she’s just so pretty.”
        I like how you put it, “bitch come here.” Beat the brakes off, “see ya, and hey, I recommend 2 years of therapy to clean up those daddy issues.”
        But now that brings up another question, if a daddy issues girl puts herself through 2 years of psychotherapy, will she lose her ability to suckstart a leaf blower?”

        1. No but the therapy will only teach her to hide her nature not fix it. Like treating injuries with pain meds. Just masks the symptoms rather than attacking the underlying problem

    2. Typical scenario when the other dude is infected with “One-itis”. Doesn’t matter how many warnings he gets from all around, guaranteed he’ll still be like “No, man.. she’s not like that” … “oh, I guess you’re right, but not her, man. She’s different”.
      Those gelatine-spined eunuchs deserve to be arsefucked.

  41. Has been overseas to allegedly “study abroad”. Red pill men know damn well what this was actually for, and really, no native English speaker needs to go abroad to study a Romance or Latin-based language, they aren’t THAT damn hard. If you like getting sloppy thousandths, well have a good time!

  42. Crazy chicks tend to be good in the sack (most of them). As they tend to make up for their lack of personality by being a porn star. Just be careful because they’ll boil your rabbit.
    I like athletic chicks because the soft ones tend to not want to do fun things and want to be pampered like princesses. The trick is to find one that can be soft when needed as well. Too many of them have penis envy.

  43. Hello RoK and readers
    I just read after this, *another* article on sluts and hypergamy. How it ruins society and women. The detriments they suffer via STI’s, depression, ostracism.. Etc.
    This is a general comment for the manospheres. Something I have noticed is you are all wrong. All the articles. All the comments. They are all wishful thinking.
    Sluts are not depressed, not suffering from social ostracism. Russians and Eastern European women who are prized here for being ‘traditional’ are not in the slightest (I fucked several traditional women in London from the Ukraine, Montenegro, Russia etc).
    Most of the sluts I know who have been fucked by multiple Google’s are getting married to betas who are providing nice homes for them, and who are immensely pleased to wife a slut. My friend has his stag do next week. He is marrying a slut with blue eyes and blonde hair who has a brown baby with curly brown hair and brown eyes.
    From all my reading of the manosphere I don not see anybody addressing reality, I think most of the articles are completely wishful thinking.
    Women are not having a tough time, they are lapping it up. Betas are lapping it up just for the opportunity to put a ring on a slut. Googles are having the greatest of times. Fucking multiple Blondes, having lots of brown babies, and being subsidised by the betas who wife the ho’s and raise their babies.
    I’m not being negative, I appreciate what everyone is trying to do in the manosphere, I just think it’s wishful thinking and not based in reality. I don’t know if anybody agrees but I don’t see anything being done. May be it is just my country but things are not getting better, they are getting worse.

  44. 14. Cannot shut her big mouth. 15. Never is wrong. 16. liberal hillary voter 17. vegetarian/vegan 18. bossy

  45. Studies have found that #12 means they don’t like you sexually, which means you generally wont be dating them anyways.

  46. great article. Most of these are unattractive in and of themselves. The ones to watch for are bird flippers and tattoed bitchZ because in certain cases it can be a turn on. They are often great in the sack and you can have great fun with them. The reason for this is that they both have an astounding lack of self control, and these are always the best fuck bunnies because they will let an alpha do anything to them and do anything he tells them. They are also the most destructive. Birdies are typically reaction formation types and are acting out as underneath, they secretly want an alpha to manhandle them. These are often the “mad at daddy” types with scant outlets for their frustration, which is to say all other outlets (i.e. achievement and success) require (GASP!) real work. As such, birdies tend to be lazy and not real bright and they are easy to manipulate into doing things for their and your own good The tattoonies are a bit more complicated. It’s quite a thrill to doggy style a chick with “Super freak, want some?” tramp stamped in glorious cursive paid for with her rent money right before the eviction. Say what you want about marrying a good girl, but the head of your cock will definitely swell bigger looking down at a well done naughty slut tatt. Many of these women are like dogs or cats suffering from boredom who start to gnaw on their own paws – a sort of “sexual fit” born of frustration as outside the porn industry, fulfillment for their kinky fantasies is scant. Most men and especially men their age do not know how to “flip their switch.” This is also true of smokers, cutters and amphetamine abusing “colored molly skull” raver bitchZ, cutters on average being the most intelligent. Remember always: a woman who vandalizes and does not respect her own body most certainly will not respect any type of relationship with you. I have yet to meet a girl with more than 3 small tattoos who did not come from a dysfunctional home and a tattoo sleeve should be viewed as relationship leprosy. A psychiatrist I know says that more than 3 tattoos or any tattoo that covers more than 10% of the body has a 90% correlation with axis 2 personality disorders. Remember the following, use a fake name and a motel if all possible, hide your wallet and if banging them at your place, also hide the silverware —
    Relationship Life expectancy:
    Tattoonies: 9 1/2 weeks
    Birdies: 9 1/2 days
    If in the adult business: 9 1/2 hours

  47. It’s a terrific article. I think I’ve always been feeling bad with these types of females, but couldn’t put words on that. Your analyse helps target and identify them quickly, thank you for that. I would appreciate an another article about how men psychology appears on their body language.

  48. Adopts “black” speech patterns and mannerisms: head moving from side to side (and head forward as mentioned), index finger pointing up going side to side. Bonus points for eyes bugging, and “talk to the hand” as well as listening to music involving boasting about money.

  49. Males gather resources, Females just recieve and pass them on, Males nurture future gatherers. Biology has made women to be inherently toxic parasites.
    But they would have no leg to stand on if hedonistic puas and marxist betas started doing better.

  50. “dark-triad whore”, “beta orbiter”, “bitch shield”… man I love your writing style!

  51. #10 – tough girl look
    Anyone who thinks its sexy to see Ronda Rousy fight is only hurting the American cause
    who are those perverts?

  52. That’s sickening. The Communist Party (known as Labor to some) has to be smashed into a fine powder along with the Greens and the Liberal stooges who buy into this horseshit. I am beside myself with rage.

  53. I think this applies to men as well. I feel as if many men as well as women have been influenced by society to abandon common morals such as polite language and behaviour. It is very uncomfortable to see the condescension and artifice that both men and women in the contemporary society deign appropriate.

  54. #1 – Raised in the 1st world to a single mother = pure poison. She’ll absorb her Mom’s bitterness and man hate from birth. By the time she’s 19 she’ll be in her 2nd year of college majoring in “pansexual” dance – will have seen more dickends than weekends – will have the obligatory tats and piercings and the morals of a hyena. In other words, 80% or more of the profiles on Tinder.

  55. 12. Not just a deep voice; any exaggerated vocal style tailored to maximize attention. There’s the high whiny voice, the sneering nasal tone, or the horrific tss tsss tsssss talking with the incisors.

  56. And if I have 13 reasons why I or any other man in his right mind should not date American/Western women, I would give you that list.

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