Confessions Of A Former Journalist In The Corrupt Media Establishment

I doubt anyone needs to be reminded that the media is rotten to the core; even the most reluctant and closed-minded people are accepting this as a given now. But despite the media being widely condemned nowadays (my special thanks to Germans for bringing the word “Lügenpresse” back), few people know or understand what’s really going on in the journalistic kitchens, where the foul slop of lies that people are fed every day is cooked up. However, there is always a way in—through purposeful infiltration or, in my case, by accident.

I have an old friend—let’s call him Sven—whom I always knew as a kind-hearted and sincere man. However, these traits are also coupled with always assuming the best of people and being rather naive. Due to this, he keeps ending up in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations. One of them turned out to be a short stint as a journalist for a popular online newspaper. He barely maintained contact during his employment and eventually went completely off the grid. In about a month, he resurfaced a changed man, and not for the better. As he explained, he quit the job and then shut himself in for a while, armed with nothing but alcohol, to cope with the depression working as a journalist gave him.

Now, this probably sounds very soft to many of you, including myself. Men don’t sink into depressions or try to drink themselves out of problems. While I granted my friend the clemency of explaining his failures to him, I also recognized the usefulness of his experience and started questioning him about what he saw and heard at the job. I will relay his findings below; however, I will not disclose his true name or the name of his employer—given the “free” country we live in, this can land him in very hot water.

Whoever pays you, owns you


Just your regular journalists waiting for their paycheck.

Sven joined the ranks of journalists to tell people the truth. To his credit, he believed he would be doing exactly that. His first assignment sounded so simple, after all—talk to a person, record the conversation, write an article, publish it. The reality turned out to be diametrically different—after our fresh-baked journalist returned from his first interview, he was immediately ordered to transcribe the recording and email it to the content manager. Half an hour later Sven received a heavily edited version of the transcript, with the parts he considered most crucial replaced with meaningless buzzwords or removed completely. When he went to the manager to voice his indignation, the manager simply replied: “This man did not pay us for an article that would disparage him. Get back to your desk.”

This was far from the only case of Sven witnessing how much pull money has in journalism. His numerous colleagues almost never produced independent content—they were too busy publishing one paid article after another. When Sven asked whether these articles should be marked as sponsored, the only reply he got was a bitter laugh. Very often the content manager would come over to his desk and say something along the lines of “Do you know the guy you are writing about is a close friend of our boss? Do not screw this article up.” Sven was also surprised to see that many interviewees (usually politicians) would not even bother to talk to him, instead referring him to their secretaries or assistants. One of them even went as far as to hand him a pre-written speech, tell him to work with it and walk away.

However, our Sven also happens to possess a burning sense of justice, which has several times led him to ignore the “recommendations” his content manager gave him, deviate from the official story and allow small snippets of truth to make their way into public view. For each of such occurrences he was called to the manager’s room, given a strict admonishment and had his paycheck for the month reduced. Any “unsanctioned” things that he wrote were quickly edited away afterwards—even if the article had already been read by thousands of people. And his was supposed to be a “neutral and objective” media outlet!

Standards? Never heard of ’em.

Those who do not support sex with children are bigots, according to the media

It was a big shock for Sven when he finally realized that his employers were beings without conscience who whored themselves out to the highest bidder. It was an even bigger shock when he discovered how nonchalantly his colleagues treated their responsibilities. Investigative journalists relied on information they got from Google searches and Twitter posts, editors and sub-editors used rumors and hearsay to write scathing op-eds, website managers just posted any content that caught their fancy as long as they could come up with a flashy enough headline for it to attract people. Fact-checking was almost unheard of, unless someone specifically paid for it.

When it came to choosing topics and writing articles, the guideline for the entire establishment was simple: do not make the people angry. Not the regular people, mind you—those were not even considered human beings, just a faceless mass that one threw articles at and got pageviews and money in return. No, the label “people” was reserved for people who mattered. This included representatives of the powers that be, well-known public figures, moneybags with fingers in the political pie and, of course, personal buddies of the outlet’s owner.

These were to be protected, coddled and praised at all costs, while everyone else was fair game. Needless to say, politics held as much sway in the outlet as money did—whenever something noteworthy happened, “protectors of truth and objectivity” immediately went to work spinning the events in a way desirable for those holding their leashes. Hit pieces against political opponents and undesirables were churned out, smokescreens were cast, facts were omitted, denied and misinterpreted. Sven confessed to me later that the day his outlet covered the parliamentary elections was the first day in his life when he spent the entire evening drinking. Journalistic ethics, a term that the media loves throwing left and right, turned out to be nothing but hot air.

In the media omelet, you are an egg


Meet Peter Wolodarski, your new boss. He is here to make sure you keep writing articles about how your people should go extinct.

The title says it all. For top dogs in the media business, a rank-and-file worker is not just a pawn—he is a condom. Contrary to what many people think, a typical journalist’s existence is quite pathetic: underpaid, undervalued, thankless and constantly bossed around. Staff turnover in the “kitchen” is very high, and not because people are getting promoted. In this field, the term “veteran employee” frequently means a poor sod who has no alternatives and cannot quit.

According to Sven, plenty of his colleagues worked only for the sake of getting their paycheck, which explains their negligence. Grey faces, pinched mouths, shifty eyes and sour attitudes—whatever it takes to get through the day. In addition, the higher-ups avoided any responsibility for the published content: whenever an angry reader called the office and complained about an article, the guy who wrote it was immediately thrown under the bus, even if his work was reviewed and approved by the management before publication. After all, what does it take to find another office drone with half-decent writing skills?

However, Sven also describes those of his coworkers who enjoyed their job. They arrived at the office with a spring in their step, a smile snaking across their faces and a mischievous glint in their eyes. These were the “talented” favorites of the outlet’s boss—unfeeling, cold assholes who would sell their own mothers for a juicy piece of gossip that they would later smear all over the website. Whenever they got a chance to write a hit piece, spread a nasty rumor or ruin someone’s life, one could almost see them light up from within. Remember all these smug, holier-than-thou, oh-so-intellectual articles churned out by rags like Salon, Dagens Nyheter and Huffington Post? You can bet your pinky finger they were (and are) written by these people. Which brings us to the next topic.

No wrongthink allowed


The staff of Aftonbladet, one of the most vehemently anti-White newspapers in Sweden. Notice anything?

As you have probably noticed long ago, the media field is a huge and accommodating Petri dish for all varieties of Kulturbolschewismus. In Sven’s case, it wasn’t just a fear-based company policy of snitching and self-censorship, but an actual agenda at work. He told me there was a flowchart hanging in the newsroom explaining what to do when reporting crimes and incidents. It went something like this: “Was the perpetrator native (white)? Y = report in detail, amplify, N = gloss the details over, downplay.”

Sven wrote an article about a national holiday once, but his content manager refused to approve it for publishing due to it being “too patriotic,” advising him instead to “write more inclusively about minorities’ participation in the festival.” Anything praising the country and its indigenous inhabitants was undesirable and omitted whenever possible, while any piece that brimmed with self-hate, praised inhabitants of other (read: African and Muslim) countries or attacked the natives and their way of life was a big hit and flew through approval like a bird.

Needless to say, the outlet’s newsroom was crammed full of women, their pet cucks and, of course, Jews. The former enjoyed absolute power regardless of their position—a simple complaint to HR was enough to fire anyone, no proof required. The cucks, represented by twig-armed, piercing-laden, wispy-bearded creatures in Che Guevara shirts, were very pleased with the way things were going, sipping lattes and snitching to HR on those who expressed ideas incompatible with the narrative. Jews were in their native element in the newsroom, doing their usual “arrogant intellectual” schtick and getting promotions out of nowhere. The majority of articles bashing natives, their culture and values came from them, as later study of the newspaper’s website showed me.

Liars for hire

So, to sum it all up: the media is not composed of good but misguided people, as many still think. On the contrary, it is a very purposeful and self-aware entity that positions itself somewhere between an unscrupulous opportunist and a loyal lapdog of the state. At best, it is faux-patriotic (“such a wonderful country we have, let’s invite more immigrants!”), while at worst, it is openly hostile towards the indigenous population of the country it exists in.

Moreover, it allows for consolidation and self-affirmation of globalist forces—the traitorous governments, the world Jewry, the multinationals, the entertainment industry and the like—against the increasingly disenfranchised and declining native population. And last but not least, the media is complicit in crimes committed in the West by non-White immigrants due to purposeful obfuscation of them and, if that fails, rabble-rousing to pressure the courts into letting the criminals off scot-free. To me, the latter reason alone is enough to send all the journalists and their owners to the gibbet.

The bottom line is to always remember that the media is not your friend in any way, shape or form, even if its lowest tier operatives fit the description of hapless victims rather than nation-wrecking enemies. The media must be opposed, exposed and boycotted at every turn until it starts bleeding money and choking on its own venom.

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257 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Former Journalist In The Corrupt Media Establishment”

  1. Sweden is top cuck but France is soon following. An 82 year old man is held in custody for having fired a warning shot when burglars penetrated his home. The burglars are absconding. (note: since he is held in custody nothing prevents them from burgling his now empty home)

      1. Insane. He should’ve shot Justin TrueHoe instead. His detention wouldn’t have been for nothing.

  2. There is an old Chinese saying to the effect that when one witnesses injustice, they must dip their pen in blood and write. And growing up in a devout Catholic household, I had always believed that truth telling was good for the soul. So I went to college to become a journalist, even after strongly suspecting the media was foul and rotten to the core. It was wrongly believed by me that I could help change things. HA! The arrogance and hubris of youth. My experiences with the feminazi, Marxist vermin from classmates and professors solidified those original perceptions.
    Rancid femcunt whores, bitchy, rump roasted queen pillow biters, mangina professors as far as the eye could see preaching “objectivity, afflicting the comfortable, telling all sides of the story” and all kinds of other feel good bullshit when they were spinning stories, pushing their leftist narratives, and crying about being “offended”, “traumatized” etc, and having editorials spiked for what would now be considered “hate think”, attempts to have me expelled for daring to think for myself clearly demonstrated the folly of my ways. So witnessing the explosive growth of “trigger warnings”, “safe spaces”, group hugs and singing kumbaya is old hat.
    It was the biggest mistake of my life, but nearly 20 years of experience and observation has only solidified my original suspicion of the media being a degenerate cesspool of filthy lies worthy of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. But thanks to articles like this, I can thank God that I didn’t compound my youthful hubris by actually continuing in that nasty, soul destroying business.

    1. Over the past year, I have realized why top “journalists” are paid millions of dollars. It’s not because they are super talented. It’s because they have to tell obvious lies, and do it with a straight face. They have to be sociopaths. Most normal people would be driven to drinking, depression and suicide.

      1. Same for politicians, well-known artists, well-known musicians, CEO’s, etc. Talent and intelligence and “working hard” have nothing to do with it. Connections are everything. If you are willing to spout the party line and promote the cause, and you are related to a Blue Blood family in some way, you have a shot. Otherwise – nope. Land of the fee, home of the slave…

        1. Hm, I am not so sure about artists. It may not be an invalid thing to say about them (seeing how many very talented musicians never get even enough exposure to make half a living), but you still need to be able to produce decent content.
          Although… as I type this, I am almost calling bullshit on myself. Let me rephrase: You need to be able to create a technically acceptable recording and technically master your voice and/or instrument. And create somewhat harmonious chord transitions.
          At least that goes for a lot of pop music, I’d say. There is a lot of good well-known music out there, but yea, there’s also a lot of shit that makes you wonder: What made this person famous?

        2. Made this comment before somewhere, but it bears repeating. Used to live in Dallas, Texas, and hung out with all kinds of interesting people at this downtown bar. One of them was an artist. Or at least, that’s how he was marketed. At the time, Seagrams (liquor company) was doing this promotion. “Renaissance Men”. And this artist friend was in one of their ads. It was fitting because I’ve never met another human being who could consume so much fucking alcohol.
          One night we were talking about his art, and he asked if I wanted to walk down the street to his studio so I could see how he created his “masterpieces”. I agreed. We get to his studio, he takes two canvases. He puts one on the floor, face-up. He grabs about three tubes of paint in each hand, stands over the canvas, and starts squirting the paint out, willy-nilly. Then, he grabs the second canvas, and places it face-down on top of the other one. Then he put a weight on top.
          Then he came over and sat across from where I was seated at a nearby table, and we talked a bit and finished our drinks. Then he gets up, removes the top canvas, holds it out to me at arm’s length, and says, “There you go. A (Name Here) original.” And he just smiles sarcastically…

        3. Haha.
          Well, come think of it, why not? I actually don’t think that this kind of “art” looks terrible. It can create quite interesting results. Nothing to hate about it. It’s basically like when I take some video clip and apply random filters in After Effects and then get some crazy shit as a result.
          The only thing I protest against is the worship of this stuff. Innocent playful experimentation becomes an intellectual ideal with lots of empty words lost about it.
          I would hang such a picture in my room maybe. If it created a nice atmosphere. I wouldn’t talk about it. I would just have it there. Like furniture. You don’t talk about furniture. Well, I guess some do…

        4. Did you miss the part where he mentioned the “artist” was an enormous alcoholic? Because doing “work” like that would quickly kill your soul. You’d start to think of yourself as a parasite that was making his culture worse.

      2. In high school I read Dante’s Divine Comedy, and in the Inferno portion, the lowest rungs of Hell were resetrved for traitors: Brutus, Judas, and Mohammed. That is what “journalists” are: traitors. Traitors to their readers, traitors to their nation, and traitors to their people. And you’re no doubt correct about the top “journalists” being sociopaths being bought and paid for for millions. They sold their souls to Satan, and Satan now has a receipt for their asses.

    2. Good comment. I put in a few years doing video production for “news” back in my late teens. Disgraceful infotainment at best. Is it crazy to think that maybe we should have at least 1 independent tv news station?

  3. Well, interesting stories, but nothing most of us didn’t already know. As I tell people, journalists are trained storytellers. Since by definition, most of life is boring and most journalists are mediocre, they have either have to lie to make a story interesting and sensational, or increasingly have to insert themselves and their experiences and biases into a story to bring any interest to it.
    I’d rather see most of these people learn a real trade like plumbing, carpentry, construction, etc. At least they’d provide something of value to mankind.

    1. Soldiers exist to protect the borders.Police exist to protect the peace. Journalists exist to protect the truth. That’s why freedom of the press was written into the constitution as a right of near equal importance to freedom of speech or freedom of arms. That the bulk of them have sold out and started working for the assholes they were meant to shine a light on only makes the vocation more important than ever.

  4. Journalism is the most pathetic job in the world. In order to become a journalist all you have to do is be attractive, and bonus points if you have a “really cool” British accent. So clearly it’s a job you’re begotten to have, not made.

    1. I had this really rich jewish female friend in college and she would go on and on about how ‘they were the only ones who could work in the media’ because of some perfect voice or something. She was strung out on drugs most of her life and still has millions in the bank.
      That’s ‘superior’ races for you.

      1. No, it’s simply because they formed a clannish mafia early on in the history of media that only hires kinfolk and checks last names before giving anybody jobs.
        She probably was a raging bitch who fucked black people and stalked her boyfriends and blew up their phones like many of them do.

      1. No, simply pointing out the pre-selected phoniness of the journalism world in The West.

  5. “Give the people what they want!” The man once said, and apparently what they want is base material, and if not sell it to them anyway because if we do it enough it’s all they’ll want some day.
    En masse, people are a herd of lemmings and staring into a wall of blank soulless eyes in a crowd makes some of us feel there’s no future, but hey, our obliviousness can continue so long as we’re thoroughly entertained, no need to peek behind any curtains or expose the heart of darkness, just watch our ideals drown at the bottom of a bottle.
    Oddly relevant:

    Btw, love listening to “music journalists,”: “We don’t know what the lyrics are about.” HA!
    Last point, as they numb us with melodrama and sensationalism, they have to grow more bizarre just to keep us hooked, red pill is the only way out so long as you don’t get hung up looking at the tasty goodies and tabloids on display at the checkout.

      1. Pinfield actual listen to music and knew history of the genres in question. There is music video by the Blood Hound Gang, where they made fun of him. The funny part about it is parody was talking about some minuscule thing in detail that only Pinfield would know. Looking back at that video, it made fun of him and at the same time was endearing as it shown Matt knew his music. The same can’t be said with current music journalist.

    1. Hey, keep lemmings out of this. Here’s a bit of education for you folks.
      Lemmings do not actually swim out to the sea to die. It is a myth that was created through a documentary with clever angles and editing. Guess who produced the documentary? Disney!
      Since we’re about calling bullshit on the media… 🙂

      1. Same with quicksand. It doesn’t suck you down to the point where you “drown in a liquidy sea of sand”. Another big myth there. Our brains are full of ’em…isn’t it great.

    2. I don’t know about music journalists, but you could say the same about film journalists.
      There is a quite “contrarian” film critic who got kicked out of the New York Critics Circle (or sth like that). Black guy. He sometimes rants on about racist undertones, but aside from that, he has some pretty cool insights and is often like a single voice against a storm when it comes to otherwise well-loved movies.
      For instance, I believe he bashed this Black Swan movie, which I also hated. Heh. But everybody so loved it, because, hey, it was all made up to be super artsy and “profound”, while saying nothing. Like politics, come think of it.
      His name is Armond White.
      Sidenote: While he is called contrarian, I saw some statistics about rotten tomatoes or something and he actually seems to agree with others about 50% of the time. Which seems like a good number for realistic individual thinking for me.

  6. Gee whiz, seems like there is a concerted global effort to push a certain narrative. nah, I am being paranoid

  7. “The media must be opposed, exposed and boycotted at every turn until it starts bleeding money and choking on its own venom.”
    I wholeheartedly agree that it must be opposed, exposed and boycotted, but the media has been bleeding money for a long, long time, and that will not bring it down. Over 90% of the MSM is owned by just six major corporations. Those entities make so much money via other endeavors, that they don’t even feel the loss of the money they bleed via the MSM (they just write it off). This is about multinational corporate control of every single thing we ingest – from what we eat and drink, to what we read in books, to what we see on TV. This is about social engineering and mind-control, from cradle to crave.

      1. Mind boggling, isnt it? Sadly the avg joe doesnt get it. Remember that video of Wolf Blitzer partying it up with the DNC when the convention had wrapped up? Nah, he isnt biased, he is an upright citizen…

        1. It explains why you have people like perfect ‘david muir’ who so coldly tells us why trump rapes 6 million women, then the token minority cecila vega who wow just wows over trumps comments. All of this of course gets some passing ‘Killary isnt perfect but best candidate we’ve ever seen’

        2. Shheeeeeeiiit! What I remember best about Wolf Blitzed is him getting his ass handed to him on “Jeopardy!” by Andy-Fucking-Richter!

      2. journalists in hilary’s back pocket? Wow, and people thought guys like Murrow were brave. I wouldn’t get near her back pocket

    1. Well said. It’s a non monetary investment to them. What it produces buttresses their other investments.

    2. As with any corporation or conglomerate you never attack them directly. Always go for their source of income. Same as in wars with superior enemies, you go for the soft targets and their logistics, never head on with their main fighting force.
      Feel the need to send a complaint? Do it to their advertisers instead. And don’t just boycott their paper, TV channel or webpage. Find out what other businesses they or their holding company operates and boycott them too.
      Share your findings with friends and family. People are lazy and don’t look up things because it’s too much of a hassle. But if you can just drop that MSM X who they hate also operates Company Y who they buy services from, they will think twice before spending there again.
      There is no simple win button because billionaires can still take huge losses. But if we are to make a stand, this is where we begin.

    1. Urolagnia Is a recognized paraphilia. Pissing on MSM? That is just flirting

      1. True. Maybe we should take a shit down their collective mouths. That’s like a good second date for their ilk…

        1. Years ago I dated a girl who worked at a go go bar. Went out a few times. Had fun. Ran into her a few years later. She had gone from go go to stripping, got into drugs, prostitution and was working at a Dungeon doing some things that shocked even me. I asked her if she would sit with me for a couple of hours and let me interview her so I could write a story about insider prospective…all the different types of people she did really the WORST fucking things with, the girls who worked there etc.
          She said she would do it for 1000 dollars. I rejected, bought her a drink and left her at the bar after having a 30 minute convo that totally altered my perception of the world

        2. Life is fucking eye-opening, isn’t it – and not always in a good way. Women can be so self-destructive, like the girl you mentioned.
          A long time ago I dated this classic California beauty who had just turned 18 – drop-dead gorgeous, witty, funny, smart as a whip. I was managing a clothing store in Westminster, California, and we would meet at my apartment for “lunch”, the last two months that she was in school. My apartment was right across the street from her high school. Man, this girl was five fucking stars. Everything you’d want in a female. When she graduated, I didn’t see her for a long time.
          Fast-forward a year and a half. I’m getting some gas at a station about 25 miles from where she and I used to hang out. Hadn’t seen her since that time. She had dropped about 30 pounds (probably weighed about 90 pounds) and looked like a boat person. She saw me, came running over, and jumped on me, with her legs wrapped around my waist. I hugged her for at least a minute. Then I set her down. She looked like she was half-dead, so I asked her what the hell was going on with her. She was addicted to speed, working as a prostitute, and living with her pimp.
          She started crying and said she was falling apart and had no clue who she was anymore, “Save me, Bob!” – she had her face in my neck and was just shaking and wailing and hugging me in desperation. It took every ounce of strength that I possessed to resist the urge to play white knight for her, right at that moment. I left California a couple of days later and never looked back. That was just too much for a guy to absorb; what a waste. She went from every guy’s wet dream, to a bucket of shit, in less than two years…still think about her.

        3. Agreed. That was my first experience with the chance to play white knight. You just can’t do it. Even if you want to do it. I’ve often wondered what would have happened if I’d snatched her up and taken her away. But I know the answer. A girl like that wants to destroy herself – and take down everybody around her.

        4. That story gets repeated in this world so many fucking times. Funny, the girl I was talking about was from Torrence, CA and was very similar.
          The save me is very hard. I am glad you come right out and say how difficult it was. I don’t care how much of a hard ass a guy is, if that doesn’t move a person then they have nothing inside them.
          Obviously made the right decision. Sad thing is, if you would have taken her, left CA, nursed her back to health and married her she would have, almost assuredly, have been sucking a bag of dicks behind your back sooner or later. She was already totally broken by that point. If she was a dog it would have been more humane to put her down.
          Fucking life.

        5. ok need to lighten it up
          What’s the dumbest animal in the jungle?
          A Polar Bear

        6. Yeah…I swear, Kneeman – “ would have been more humane to put her down.”
          Hard choices are hard choices, but humanity is what sets us apart. I wanted to snap her up. I wanted to protect her from the cold, cruel world, but I knew that was impossible because the world always beats us in the end and she was hell-bent on self-destruction, as you pointed out.
          But I painted her portrait in my bedroom one rainy afternoon. Nude portrait, nothing great, just a quick effort. But goddamn. She had this top sheet covering the lower half of her legs and she was on her back…the smile on her face, the way she looked at me, with her eyes wide and dilated and her legs slightly parted. That’s the memory I choose to pull up the most – instead of the other one.
          Life is over in the wink of an eye and the wolf is always at the door. If we can share just a few moments that are beyond words with someone, we’ve experienced the very essence of what makes life worth living, I think. But it’s evolve or involve, when you break it all down. We just have to move on…keep moving on…or we’re fucked.

        7. Your post and bob’s really bummed me out. Lets guess what H’s inauguration song will be- I say its “Simply the Best”

        8. In days of yore, such a story would be relay to young girls the dangers of such a decisions to lead to such a life. Now it celebrated. Girls and boys are no longer taught the dangers of self destruction, but then again no one longer has parents to keep them from jumping off the cliff to the abyss.

        9. just because the last 100 years have been a kick in the pants doesn’t mean that the millions of years of the evolution of the male brain to immediately protect the women folk don’t matter.
          Life is something bub. I will tell you that. My favorite line which is along the lines of what you said is that life is only a brief spark of light sandwiched between two eternities of pitch black.

        10. Spoken like a true nihilist. Well done. I’m in a different camp. I tend to lean towards this – life goes on and on, as does consciousness. Guess we’re both going to find out, one way or the other. And we could bet each other on the outcome, but if what you think happens, happens, neither of us will be able to collect. So in the meantime, take the Washington Nationals to win the World Series. (Election year. Final series game is on November 2nd, just a few days before the election. Washington…Nationals. All the government officials in their private boxes during the home games. A black manager winning it all, holding the trophy, while Obama looks down from on high, smiling. It’s just too perfect to pass up laying a couple hundred down on it…)

        11. Ok. I will. How do I make a bet. Like online or something. I really don’t know anyone who would bet money on a baseball game with me.

        12. “She had gone from go go to stripping, got into drugs, prrostitution…”
          That road is so beaten, it must be an 8 lane interstate by now.
          Had an faint acquaintance who was rotating back to CONUS to Ft. Bragg. He just married up a real slut. Less than 2 years later I was there and ran into an old platoon dog and asked about the “newlyweds.” Divorced, she was a stripper to feed her crack habit and was last scene selling her ass in Fayetville.

        13. I wouldn’t bet online, because those outfits are known to stiff you if you win. You really have to find a bookie that is reputable. I don’t trust bookies, but since you are in NYC, ask around. If you spot play, you should be able to suck money from him until he cuts you off (which he will do if you win consistently).

        14. You know what, I don’t recall if she told me about her home situation. But I would imagine she was either raised by a single mom, and/or her uncle or daddy gave her one too many hugs…

        15. Its the old garden of Eden lesson, repeated over and over again. Some people have it all but somehow fuck it all.

        16. I guess most of us have to beat our heads against the wall until we either get the message, or perish from the trauma.

        17. Yep. I weathered the storm (and still look back at it)…she was something else until she cracked.

        18. look no further than Woody Allen in Annie Hall for your answer
          “I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That’s the two categories. The horrible are like, I don’t know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don’t know how they get through life. It’s amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you’re miserable, because that’s very lucky, to be miserable.”

        19. Actually, I read somewhere that blind people are quite happy with their lives often. Think about it, they are isolated from all that manipulative visual input.

        20. Great story. Puts a whole different perspective on giving women “freedom”. Yeah freedom is great, but look at how just a little bit of freedom can utterly destroy a life in 2 years. Now I understand why older, wiser men are more conservative.
          There are some girls who innocently just want their own apartment and job, but allowing that means hundreds of others are now free to slut around without their father’s supervision because it’s no longer seen as taboo to leave your parents house prior to marriage. Freedom can be great, but the question is, is it worth the risk?

        21. I was just thinking today, with the media dragging up all these old hags who had regret sex with Bill Clinton 50 years ago, did NWA actually record Bill So Horny, or was that just someone editing Me So Horny to make it funny?

        22. I don’t either, but if your cobbler doesn’t know, then I really am stumped how the hell he is paying his rent.

        23. That’s the rub. Is it worth the risk. I fear for young women (and men) today. They have no restrictions. In fact, the controllers go to great lengths to paint parents as ignorant fossils, so that the government and the media can supplant them as the children’s guardian angels. That girl I wrote about was a peach. No doubt about it. A diamond in the rough. But only in the right hands. She went the other way, long before we hooked up. Now, if I’d have snapped her up when she was 18, there might have been a chance that she could reverse her course. But only a slim chance. Why? She hung out with sluts. I would walk to my clothing store job, every morning, because the shop was two blocks away. And she and her two best friends, would follow me down the street, saying the nastiest shit you ever heard. All of it sexual. “I want to suck your cock until you blow your wad down my throat,” that kind of stuff, but even worse. So…there you go. Didn’t have the right sort of upbringing. So she’s probably dead now. Probably died a long time ago. And as you know, that’s what we have going on today, but to a much greater degree. I pity you younger guys. If I were younger, I’d pay all of them for sex and that’s it. Until I found one that might be worth it. We all die in the end. It’s about making the most of the time we have, while minimizing our chances of encountering disaster. The rest is a crapshoot…

        24. Ah yeah, it was a long day, just spent 7 hours in the car. Anyway, that song really cracked me up. I think I was reminded of it because these talking heads kept bringing up Vernon Jordan, who I only know through 2livecrew lyrics.
          “I’m a freak in heat, a dog without warning!
          Your dick is much bigger than Vernon Jordan’s.”

        25. It’s so hypocritical for the west to tell other nations how they should treat their women. Hell, if they really believed in “freedom” the way they claimed, they would let each culture be free to choose what level of liberation vs tradition they wanted. And the whole idea of freedom is that you allow a bunch of different groups to experiment, and through the magic of the “invisible hand” the most successful will rise to the top. That’s the theory anyway.
          So it isn’t unnatural but expected and required that there are other cultures that are both more conservative and more liberal than yours. The idea of the 50 states is that each state would run things their own way, and we would have 50 different models to examine and see what works best. Instead, the feds dictate that everyone must operate identically.
          Lately I’ve been pontificating on how even if I lived in a shitty place with a dirt floor, but that’s all I knew because I never was introduced to air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and Netflix, could I actually be happier than I am today? With a traditional wife and family and traditions and holidays and religious festivals we celebrate together. I mean maybe instead of bombing those goat herders we should be interviewing them to see what their stress levels and life expectancy is.

        26. God. How dismal. My ex-girlfriend’s niece is wifed up to a Marine in Fayetteville. Several years back I was living with my ex, and she and her niece (and the rest of the family, including the niece’s husband) would get together during the holidays. One Christmas, the niece was seated at the dinner table to my left. Her husband was to her right, directly across from me. She took her left foot, crossed her legs, and started pressing the bottom of her foot against my left knee. And she just held it there. I thought, “Hmm, she must not be aware that her foot is against my knee, she probably has on thick-soled shoes.” So I moved my leg, shook it a little. Thinking she would realize what was going on, and it had been an accident, and she would pull her foot away. Nope. She just left it there. So I shifted my position so she couldn’t put her foot against my knee. Later, she got up from the table and she was barefoot. But I blew it off. Two nights later, we’re playing cards – the whole family again. She is seated right across from me. Everybody is staring at the cards in their hand. So I shoot her a glance and she stares directly into my eyes and gives me “the look”, and then she blushes. And then she brushes her hair out of her face. Again I blow it off. So we went to her house for New Year’s, a few days later. Her dog peed on the carpet in the living room. The husband takes the dog out back. She gets up and gets cleaning supplies from the back of the house. She walks past me (I’m seated in a chair in the corner of the living room), and she bends over, right in front of me, and she’s wearing jeans and a thong, and I can see her ass, and she slowly…starts rubbing…at the stains. She stayed in that position for a full five minutes, aiming her ass at me. My girlfriend (her aunt) is sitting on the couch in front of her, with mom and dad (my girlfriend’s) right next to her. When the niece finishes the cleaning job, she stands up, turns to face me (her back is to my girlfriend and her parents) and licks her lips, smiles, and mouths, “Fuck me”…yep. That’s what we’re churning out. Hypergamous sluts by the hundreds of millions…

        27. You are going to go far, my friend. Keep doing what you’re doing. This should be upvoted about ten thousand times.

        28. That sweetness, the ability to trust and bond is being turned against them and us in that situation. Exactly what makes her a great person to be with is what turns her out.

        29. In the words of the great Bill Walsh “you don’t want to be in a position where you are confronted with a situation and you don’t know what to do but have to make a decision. That is all situations if you don’t plan ahead. When you are in this difficult position you will be thankful that you were prepared before hand and already know what to do, because you foresaw this and without the tangle of emotions getting in the way the decision is easy.” Plan for this shit ahead of time and fall back on it because if you don’t you might get rattled and fuck it all up. Sage advise.

        30. Check out some great books that address this called “The paradox of choice” and “Flow.” People with less options are usually pretty damn happy.

        31. I googled a short quote from Paradox Of Choice. I suppose the interesting question is: Do we really have more freedoms these days? Of what kind? We are free to do a lot of stuff that previous generation haven’t been, but that misses many things former generations WERE able to experience, especially an environment that is appreciative of masculinity and maybe some darker emotions that get pushed under the rug these days. (“Being angry is bad, power is evil etc”).
          But let’s say it is true. I did not read the book obviously, so I am not sure whether the author makes a logical link between our modern dissatisfaction being caused by too much freedom.
          Maybe the point regarding blind people is not so much less choice but an unawareness of such a choice even existing or unaware of the consequences of such a choice (being able to see).

        32. Yeah its a huge compilation of studies on the “ignorance is bliss” concept basically. Those two books together kind of explain how our brain is wired for critical thinking. That’s great evolutionary advancement, but sometimes we apply it to situations that just cause a lot of stress and unhappiness. When a person’s options are limited (blindness, paralyzation), suddenly their world is simpler and easier to gamify.
          “Flow” talks about something called “psychic entropy.” That’s a thought loop when our brain obsesses over a situation that has no black and white answer.
          After reading those two, I became pretty minimalist. I gave myself rules for media consumption, and I spend 1 month in a 3rd world country every year with a family.
          I was a miserable over-thinker so it was eye opening for me.

        33. “”Flow” talks about something called “psychic entropy.” That’s a thought loop when our brain obsesses over a situation that has no black and white answer.”
          That sounds amazing, this actually brings a lot of things in my mind to the point to a T. Hm.

        34. Even if you did want to play the white knight what could you have really done for her besides putting a couple a cheeseburgers in her and dumping her off at a rehab facility somewhere?

        35. Classy lady. I can really see why you would have been attracted to her and even tempted to save her even when she looked like what she always was. If you get cancer anywhere on your junk/throat when you are old you will know what it’s from just like Michael Douglas

  8. Perhaps the single biggest lesson I learned about swaying opinion occurred in college at this hyper lib one I went too: its better to be emotionally compelling than to be right/facts.
    I see that all the time, and in 90% of cases when dealing with people, this holds true.

  9. You can only choose to be one of the following; which would it be?
    1) MSM journalist
    2) Lapdog politician
    3) Cockroach

      1. Creative selection there. I don’t know about the protocol, but it probably wouldn’t take long to get all the cookies…

      1. I admire your candor. I wonder what being a politician among cockroaches would be like. “Now if you like your filth plan, you can keep your filth plan”…etc.

        1. Guffaw. “We will LEGISLATE, so that they are forced to leave the cake on the counter, uncovered. We will LEGISLATE, so that they are forced to leave the toilet lid up, so we can drink…”

        2. “And you’re all gonna become voters…and you’re gonna vote like your friends vote…”

      2. I wouldn’t want the loss of privacy though. Otherwise, it’s a great career path for the scrupleless.

    1. Damn … you know, I want to believe this. But then I always ask myself: How hard is it to write a fake email and publish it with “New Courier” font to make it look “real”?

  10. We are reaching a point in history that prostitute is becoming a more noble profession compare being journalist. Both whore themselves out, but one is more honest with themselves with the outcome.

    1. We’re past that point already. Prostitution IS a more honest profession than journalism is now. The term “Presstitutes” have been used to insult the Press, but honestly I think that’s insulting to the ladies of the night.

    2. Journalism. Ha. “What do you want me to write, boss?” That’s all it is. Or pluck it off the wire services and parrot it. “Bwak! Bwak!”

  11. Do as you’re not told; consider the nutrition newsletters and break-throughs that those glorious innocent, surgeon-martyrs have every day as they stand around operating beds in neat clean gloves, then condescend to share with the peons. Yep, eat your vegetable oils. They’re good for you.

  12. You know the world is going to hell in handbasket when a prostitution is becoming much more noble profession compare to modern day journalism. Both lead to the destruction of a person’s soul, but a prostitute is more honest with herself.

    1. It’s so direct. No pretense. Cash for sex. It’s what we all negotiate, in the end. Some girls do it for cash, some girls do it for refrigerators. The difference is, you save so much time and headache by getting right down to the bottom line, instead of jumping through the hoops while hoping you land an LTR unicorn. God bless hookers.

    2. Ain’t nothing wrong with hookers. They’re just not marriage material. At the very least you always get exactly what you pay for.

  13. Only in Jew York!
    NYC Pharmacy Slaps Male Shoppers with 7% ‘Man Tax’ to Fight Gender Inequality and Trump
    A Manhattan pharmacy has begun charging its male customers an extra 7 percent “man tax” as a protest against gender-based income inequality as well as a political move to promote Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.
    The architect of the scheme is Thompson Chemists owner Jolie Alony, who claims that the tax helps level a playing field that is tilted against women. It also makes a political statement in support of women generally, and the Democratic Party in particular.
    Surprise, surprise – the owner’s surname Alony is an Israeli surname.

      1. One can tell there’s something profoundly wrong with these people only by the fact that they celebrate the new year in … October. In fall, when nature is gently preparing for things to wither and die.
        April, or Aries, is the beginning of the year. It seems entirely normal that April, Spring time, when things are beginning to sprout and grow from the dead of Winter, should be the beginning of a new year. But they always promote things that are known to be outside of the accepted norms – moral relativism and reversed perceptions.
        They fully represent the destructive and decaying aspect of nature.

        1. This is where the equal rights laws clash with the basic notion of freedom.
          If we are to believe, that everyone is equal then this practice should be outlawed.
          If we believe is maximized freedom for all, then anyone should be allowed to run their business as they see fit and customers can take their business elsewhere.
          I lean toward the latter, IF people would be ok with a store implementing a Woman Tax. Don’t see that going over so well though, so equality under the law for all it is.

        2. So what? This is NYC. There are literally (hitler) 10k other pharmacies. I am happy to live in a world where people who own businesses get to make those choices and customers have options to go elsewhere.
          It isn’t like it is a city ordinance. One pharmacy owned by some fat woman in a trendy homo heavy area of manhattan has decided to add 7% to mens purchases. Is it asinine? Yes. Would you rather live in a world where she couldn’t do it in her own business? Fuck no.
          The area that is in she will probably actually make MORE money because of this. That said, voting with money is voting that even I think matters. As long as it is clearly posted so if I run in there to get something I see that i will be charged more and then I can walk out and go to the next place.
          The part that bothers me is that if a man did it the other way around they would probably send in the national guard but the hypocrisy is another story. Business owners ought to be able to do stupid fucking things like this if they want.

        3. Didn’t consider it from that angle. And now that you point it out, I’ll bet men will stay away in droves. Women will flood the joint. So it’s just one more place men will avoid, in order to stay away from the toxicity of liberalism. Sweet. Kind of like a slut getting face shrapnel or sleeve tattoos…warning signs. “Do not enter.”

        4. “The part that bothers me is that if a man did it the other way around they would probably send in the national guard but the hypocrisy is another story. Business owners ought to be able to do stupid fucking things like this if they want.”
          That’s what bothered me, too.

        5. Different issue though. I have no problem with this woman doing this.

        6. Exactly. It’s either government mandated equality or unfettered freedom to run your business however you like. I would go so far as to say businesses could discriminate on sex, race, religion, etc. It might sound like I’m a KKK Nazi, but minority and female owned businesses could discriminate against me (charge me more, not allow me in their store) and I’d be perfectly ok with that. They don’t want me shopping there? That’s fine. I’ll go somewhere where they want people like me. Freedom of association, baby!

        7. I wonder what would happen if you went into the store (as a man), and said, “I identify as a woman.” Would they still charge the tax, or…

        8. Somebody should go there. And do just that (lolknee?). And record the whole thing with their cell phone…I love the smell of burning hypocrisy in the morning.

        9. neither is being correct. Consistency is there though…constantly wrong.

    1. I actually don’t see this as a problem at all. This is a man who owns a business and can add a 7% increase to his customers for any reason he wants. The customers, in turn, can go to any of the 10 thousand other pharmacies on the island.
      This pharmacy is in Soho which is where high fashion (read hot women and faggots) are. He will probably get more business than he loses in that area for this.

      1. So in the name of profit you would rob men to please women and gays?
        No wonder you and I do not get along AT ALL!

        1. uhm no.
          I would just go to the next drug store which I am willing to bet is less than a 5 minute walk.

        2. This is a business promotion pure and simple. If it works she makes money. If it fails she loses business. I am not going to shop there that is my option and right.
          and we don’t get along because you are a moron.

        3. This is not a matter of business. It is a politically and ideologically motivated action and as such you ought to condemn it as it demonstrates a distorted bias and it’s aiming to impose influence on other people.

        4. I condemn it solely on the principle that if a man were to implement a Woman Tax at his store, he’d immediately be shut down. If a man were allowed to implement a woman tax without any federal/legal repercussions, then who am I to say a woman can’t do the same with a Man Tax?

        5. I do condemn it. Trust me, I won’t be buying my shampoo. I am sure many other people won’t either. What do you want to do? Go there and blow the place up? Kill the woman? What do you think a reasoned response would be? I think that it is perfectly reasonable to not ever go into this business. I also think it is reasonable to say publicly that you think this is a shitty thing for a person to do.

        6. I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of behavior. And I like the outside-the-box thought processes you display in your posts. But, this part of what you wrote – “you ought to condemn it”. Well…let’s just say that I just choose to disagree with the “ought to” portion there.

        7. Sure is, isn’t it…tough to stick to one’s guns (especially with Democrats running around)…

        8. Simple solution: Sue the business for discrimination based on sex. If you win, they got to go back to how it was before. If you lose, the precedent has been set and now a business can charge a Woman Tax and if they get sued, they refer back to this legal precedent.

        9. If they make money then it was a clever business move. If they lose money it was a dumb business move. But, along with it being an ideological move, it was a business move. She effectively raised prices for half her customers and will give it to charities or whatever.
          I think it is abhorrent. I won’t shop there. I don’t get why this is so complicated for you.

        10. someone already has said they would sue. This is a big publicity grab. It’s absurd. Suing her will work because it is in direct violation of NYS law what she is doing. But if everyone would just fucking ignore people like this I think the world would be a better place.

        11. It is, Bob. Freedom implies that all people are capable of handling it but they are not. History, for example, is the history of freedom – a chronology of the free human acts and their unforeseeable consequences.

        12. yes the hypocrisy is annoying. But I have no problem with a business owner trying to play on current events to drum up business.
          Knowing that she is in a super left part of the city filled mostly with homosexuals and seeing that she is a business school graduate I would be she is banking on this publicity being good for business. It very well might be.

        13. Kneeman, Unabashed and I would enjoy it if you went into that pharmacy wearing a wig on Halloween, in order to ask the proprietor to cut you some slack on the tax, because (drum roll)…you self-identify as a woman. Just to see what happens.

        14. So you’re solution is….have all the men condemn it and boycott? Sure, could work or at least cause them to lose business IF you could get every male customer to stop going there.
          Personally, I think suing them is more productive. Regardless of if you win or lose the lawsuit, you still win.

        15. I don’t disagree with you. But one man’s freedom is another man’s feedom…semantics and what have you. I really like your passion on the subject. That I do.

        16. now that i am looking at the story she did it for 1 day. She had a one day thing. This was absolutely a publicity stunt.

        17. now it can’t happen. it was a one day publicity stunt. I was already thinking about who i could get to video it.

        18. I think we would do very well, if we all just said fuck taxes – new taxes, old taxes. But I’ve always been a dreamer, so…

        19. I am sure she won’t be getting any straight men shopping there. Given the neighborhood that will probably destroy a solid 2% of her customer base while making her a hero to femicunts everywhere who will go out of there way to pass other stores to shop at her store from now on.

        20. What Unabashed wrote…video or it didn’t happen. Hell, I’d put that video on every website I own and manage…heh. Viral.

        21. I totally would have but it turns out it was a one day publicity stunt.

        22. Aha. So it isn’t strictly narcissism. (Wink.) I had this client accuse me of taking steroids yesterday. Fat beta male. Gets tiresome, doesn’t it…

        23. it does. I am not pushing very hard right now and am actually scheduling a microdiscectomy due to one of my herniations going straight back and being directly on the nerve which is basically hell on early (figured id do a MD and hope it doesn’t come to decompression).
          I have pushed at full for a few weeks now and I feel slower and sluggish and flabby but then I remind myself that that is only compared to my best…if I look out at the world I am still in very good shape.
          That said, when I am going at full blast I get asked if I am on steroids freaking constantly. I am naturally very vascular so and everyone takes that as a big sign.

        24. Agreed. I hate that people can get sued for sexism. To do the same … well, from one perspective it’s playing their game and playing it better. From the other perspective, I just hate running to daddy government.

        25. I am happy to see someone who is capable of hating and understanding a thing at the same time. You are living proof that relativism does not necessarily have to make you a doormat.

        26. yeah i googled the story. It is some fat cunty dyke who went to business school and has a pharmacy in a neighborhood almost exclusively populated with bigs from the fashion business and homosexuals.

        27. Rob?
          You have no other choice of pharmacy? You are too dumb to do comparison shopping? He held a gun to you?

        28. Looks like you’re off the Naughty Boy list! Yay you!

        29. That’s just fucking stupid. Then again, if I pull my sickly self into a pharmacy, roam the aisles picking out medicines I need and finally stumble to the checkout, delirious and sick, I’d be pretty pissed to find out I’m being charged an extra premium for being, white, tall, straight or any other bullshit. If he posts two prices for everything so it’s clear up front, I’m fine with it.

        30. I’d like to see someone who is a passable tranny (Thanks, SJWs, for that term) walk the streets of some questionable neighborhood, and record all the guys assuming she has a vagina saying vagina-like compliments to him, and later being triggered about it.
          As a matter of fact, I think we should make trolling propaganda to counter every single thing the SJWs release.

        31. Why not asking an homosexual baker to make a ‘dixie’ cake or burning cross bread or a sugar gibet ?

        32. “Simple solution: Sue the business for discrimination based on sex. If
          you win, they got to go back to how it was before. If you lose, the
          precedent has been set and now a business can charge a Woman Tax and if
          they get sued, they refer back to this legal precedent.”
          Just … perfect…

      2. Unrelated question, Mr. Knee, on New York neighborhoods, but why are they so diverse and named so differently? I understand there’s an area for LGTBQ artists named Chelsea right next to a working class transportation industry area named Hell’s Kitchen.

        1. There are a few different reasons. Many having deep roots in the history of the city and a lot of the reasons having to do with marketing.
          Hell’s kitchen was traditionally the way you suggest. It has to do with access to the highways amongst other things. But now it is a very popular area for super expensive nightclubs. 1 BR apartments there have rents starting around 3k a month. Chelsea is pretty faggy but most of the artists are long gone.
          Also, neighborhoods get created. For instance, the few blocks north of little italy is now called NoLita. But that wasn’t a word when I was a kid. In fact, that area was a really bad shithole. But as the old places were bought out and luxury towers put up they wanted to rebrand the neighborhood so they could sell it as something new.
          A funny story. My uncle, in the 1960’s, started a company when he got out of college. He took his little bit of money and a small loan and bought an office south of houston street which, at the time, looked pretty much the way Taxi Driver portrays bad sections of new york. Soho is south of houston and Noho is north of it.
          Anyway, loads of young artists moved to that horrible neighborhood because it was cheap…same reason my uncle was there. Soon trendy cafes and bars opened to cater to the artists which brought in hip youth. By the 1980’s Soho didn’t have many artists living in it because they got priced out, but art galleries started cropping up because the area was synonymous with the art and the galleries wanted to cash in on the image created by the artists they displaced. At this point, the idea of moving to soho unless you are a millionaire is totally out of the question and it is mostly fashion industry faggots there along with ultra high end boutiques and stuff. My uncles business was kind of undercut by the internet which made him irrelevant and he eventually went under. He sold his office space that he had bought on the cheap 30 years prior, for 15 million dollars though. Go fig. So neighborhoods are constantly evolving. Even in my lifetime so much as changed it shocks me.
          One last thing, while the city is small don’t take the idea of one neighborhood being next to another as really indicative of anything. I mean thing about this…the upper east side is one of, if not the most wealthy and affluent communities in the world mostly composed by old money folks. the next neighborhood north is Harlem which, while it is currently in a gentrification process isn’t 100% there yet. This would mean that Billionaire Yale Legacy people live about 2 miles away from black housing projects.
          The city is set up in such a funny way and changes so often that very few constants seem to remain. The UES proper (not Yorkville which often calls itself the Upper East Side but isn’t) has been the only neighborhood that hasn’t changed cultures in my life time here and that is because it is filled with uber wealthy people who have no desire to see it change…

        2. by the way, on a somewhat related note, here is an interesting fact that many people here will probably get a laugh at.
          Many of the old Steakhouses (over 100 years) are all in one area in midtown east not to far from the United Nations. I think people just usually assume that the UN is a good place to put a lot of high end expensive steak houses. But then you have to realize that the steak houses are all older than the UN….
          What people don’t know is that the site of the united nations, before they built that deplorable shit building, was the site of the New York City Slaughter House.
          So what was once an area where a lot of blue collar guys unloaded cows, slaughtered and sold beef to the cities restaurants is now where you see tons of well to do diplomats and all the associated businesses that follow them.

      3. I agree with you on this. Business should have this type of freedom. It goes both ways though, religious minded business people should be able to refuse business to any degenerate, if they so choose. Government economic policy should only include monopolization control, maybe add a little foreign trade protectionism if nessecary, but everything else should be in the owners hands.

        1. Yup. Win or lose at least trying something. In the meantime, I don’t like it so I wouldn’t shop there. That is how it is SUPPOSED to work

        2. You wouldn’t and I wouldn’t, but hipsters and yentas would. Targeting a general product in a crowded market to specific demographics is always a good idea.

    2. Lol. I would tell him to go fuck himself and visit another pharmacy. What a travesty.
      I agree with lolknee. His business, his decision. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be fucking pissed at that moron. I’m still human.
      The real irony here is that he probably won’t get charged for racism or sexism. Double standard commences…

      1. in the end it turns out it violates NYS law. She may pay a fine for doing it. She did it one day as a publicity student and given the demographics of her area probably increased her stores customer base in a big way.
        I don’t like the politics but it seems like a fair business gamble given all relevant facts.

    3. The guy should sue the store for calling him a man and charging the tax. Maybe he was a woman that day. What an insult!

  14. This makes me fucking angry.
    I experienced procedure like this in a job I worked in, but it was not a major media outlet, so I thought maybe it’s different elsewhere, because there’s more people to ‘check’ you’re doing it right. Guess I am naive as well, if what you write is true. Then, it wouldn’t surprise me. The bigger the corporation, the more sluggish, inflexible and dogmatic it is in my experience. Although inflexible is not the same as unethical, I can imagine how one leads to the other.

  15. A few years back, I was a witness is a highly publicized federal case. I did a couple of interviews with some major media outlets. Now, they didn’t necessarily twist my words, but there were a couple of times where they placed my words within the wrong context. Or they half-quoted me. It wasn’t anything that made me look bad, but it also cut out some very important details. After that experience, I’ll never talk to the media again (if they ever come calling).

  16. Their readers and viewers are dropping every day ,thus they are slitting their own throats ,lets not stop them!

    1. What do they care about their readers for? They’ll be paid by their backers regardless.

      1. Good point ,but if they have no readers or viewers they become the crazy guy talking to alley cats.

  17. Ever notice how the News only shows the good looking people who are killed in accidents or some other tragedy are mostly White, attractive, Mostly females teen to middle aged goes on “live at 5” all the unattractive people (everyone else) get nothing or a small blurp with no photo.

  18. To quote the late Hunter S. Thompson, “Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits.”

      1. “Get out of the way, god damn animal! Where people learn how to drive? Fuckin cocksuckers!”

  19. The campaign of Donald Trump uncovered just how slimy the media really is. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.
    Either way, after this election i’m turning independent. Can’t trust nobody but yourself these days.

  20. This article reminds me of all the reviewers that wrote the new star wars was great. Those writers are as much of a bunch of sellouts a JJ Abrahms

  21. “The staff of Aftonbladet, one of the most vehemently anti-White newspapers in Sweden. Notice anything?”
    All subpar women and wimpy cucks. Hottest girl is probably around a 6 but is a 10 compared to the rest. Expect a beta boy from the group shot to fall in love with her because she says “hi” to him every morning, then sign up for the Roosh V forums asking how to go out with her.

  22. I think Sven’s tale might have grown in the telling. A newspaper where the opinions of Jews were valued might have done more reporting on Muslim crime—and emigration of Swedish Jews to Israel.
    Unless, of course, he meant people who style themselves Jews to shut down any criticism as anti-Semitic and retain access to a second passport for when Sweden becomes an Islamic state.
    Such people don’t actually give a damn about their contract with God or keeping their end of it. They rarely speak well even of Israel—Zionism is just as racist as any other patriarchal nationalism, you see.
    To them Israel is the embarrassing elderly relative of whom the less said the better, until you need to beg him for a bed because you’ve burned all your bridges and shat in every bed and have nowhere else to go. Who was it said home is where they have to let you in?

  23. “The media must be opposed, exposed and boycotted at every turn until it starts bleeding money and choking on its own venom” Wrong, the media must be destroyed, utterly, simply, and completely. I reckon this comment will garner the vitriol of the fetus-sucking shit-eating elites, much to my delight. When the Legion takes over, all media representatives and churnalists still showing their true colors and loyalty to the globalist cockroach empire will be executed via the breaking wheel and left to rot for crows to feast on.
    Ave imperator, morituri te salutant!

  24. It’s kinda surprising to me that Sven has decided to not use names here. I’d be jumping at the chance to burn those fuckers down.

    1. Hiel. I’m not saying he was right, but he was far from wrong 🙂 Compared to international Jewry, this guy was a saint.

  25. Well, unless this author is an old school fan of Voltron, I’m guessing this happened in Scandinavia. Good to know that it’s not just America where this happens.

  26. There’s a recent french proverb. “A journalist is ether a whore or unemployed”.
    I disagree. There are definitly a number of independnat whores eaarning correctly their life, and there are some honnest whores, too.

  27. While I buy the premise, I think the one thing the article suffers from is a lack of concrete evidence. The hiding of the person’s name (while understandable) doesn’t give the piece any sort of credibility. At least give us give up the organization our anonymous journalist works for, ya know?

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