6 Reasons Progressives, Leftists, And SJWs Are (Literally) Hitler

For a long time, the political left has been on the rampage trying to call out Donald Trump as “literally Hitler“, obviously as an emotionally charged incentive to try to get (braindead) people to not vote for him. In many cases even his mere supporters have been grouped into the label as well!

However, little do progressives and SJW’s know, there are six (at the minimum!) ways in which it is actually they who are far more closely associated with Nazism, rather than the various libertarian and right-wing groups they are always attacking.

So don’t just sit back and take the punishment. Call them out and fight back!

1. They Both Use A Stupid Looking And Impotent Arm Gesture


The Hitler salute used in Nazi Germany


A wannabe-tough and Hitleresque salute used by Black Lives Matter and their leftist sympathizers

The Nazi salute or “Hitler’ salute was a gesture used as a greeting to powerful Nazi officials, and to glorify the German nation under the Third Reich. The salute was performed by extending the right arm to at least eye level, and straightening the hand so that it is parallel to the arm.

The George Soros-funded domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has a great deal of sympathizers and supporters from the political left, has also adopted their own (ultimately meaningless) arm gesture. Conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right simply don’t bother with such try-hard tough and faux-fascist nonsense.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

2. They Both Want Heavy Firearms Restrictions Or Outright Confiscation


In the build-up to Nazi Germany going on the war rampage, Hitler made damn sure that the non-military German populace (Jew and Gentile alike) would be thoroughly disarmed of any projectile firing weapons, as to prevent any kind of civilian insurrection or rebellion against his fascist regime.

Progressives and SJW’s in the United States by and large hate guns, and repeatedly call for heavy restrictions on firearms or outright Hitler, Stalin, and Mao style confiscation.

On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right (including neomasculinists) all respect and value the right to bear arms in order to stymie out-of-control criminality and keep government oppression in check. Not to mention it’s a damn good idea to have most of the population armed as a major deterrent against outside invaders.

Just ask Switzerland, who successfully avoided all of the chaos in Nazi-occupied Europe due to both their mountainous geography and by having the most strapped-up civilian population in all the land.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

3. They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population

white man

From “Progressive” website Alternet. Could have come straight out of ‘Mein Kampf’ when talking about Jews.

Despite being responsible for about 95% of all major technological and medical advancements for the past 600 years, and the upholders or creators (along with Northeast Asians) of the most advanced infrastructure, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and peaceful countries on the planet (i.e. highly desired for migration for people of all races and colors around the world), progressives and SJW’s almost never have anything positive to say about white males.

Every real or perceived societal issue must be caused by the white man and his “supremacist” outlook on life and his “racist” institutions, and no personal responsibility must be accepted for what plagues the African-American, Native American, or Chicano communities. The finger of righteous indignation can simply point straight back to heterosexual white males, who are “privileged” beyond all comparison.

(But please, keep it quiet that many Asian minority groups are economically outperforming white people and are being imprisoned far less per capita. Ok? You’ll ruin the leftist narrative.)

In similar fashion, the Nazi’s blamed just about everything that caused pain to Germany on the mannerisms, behaviors, and business practices of Jews.


Nazi Germany: Jewness will explain away nearly anything.

white culture

Degenerate leftist outlets like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and MIC work day and night to humiliate, belittle, and blame white males for every perceived societal injustice, in the same way Nazi Germany blamed Jews for everything.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

4. They Both Condone Violence Against Innocent People And Their Property

(2016 Alternate Universe: Black Lives Matter “Protest” And Beating Of Innocent Whites Begins At 0:42)

As part of the increasingly hostile treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, the Kristallnacht or “crystal night” was an evening in late 1938 where thousands of Jewish-owned businesses were destroyed or damaged in a coordinated act of malice. Additionally, several dozen Jews were murdered during the attacks and untold thousands were injured.

In the late 2010s, the progressive and SJW-supported Black Lives Matter have enacted several major “protests” (riots) in various cities across the United States which have seen hundreds of businesses burned or looted, and innocent white people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time have been specifically targeted for violent reprisal. Because, you know, another police officer (whether white or black) must have shot and killed another black felon.

But what do the SJW leaders of Black Lives Matter like DeRay Mckesson have to say about these destructive and inherently anti-white rioters? “We Stand With You.”


Progressives and SJWs are (literally) Hitler!

5. They Both Use Incessant Goebbles-Style Propaganda To Push Their Bogus Narratives


Ok, so Goebbles isn’t (literally) Hitler, but he’s close enough to how the progressive and SJW media acts in the 2010’s. Much like the Nazi propaganda machine of the 1930’s, leftist media outlets continually push lie after lie after lie upon the masses. All in the hopes that it will eventually become, via sheer repetition alone, “the truth” in the minds of the emotion-driven sheeple.

Even though these lies, such as campus “rape culture”, the “gender wage gap”, and “institutional racism” in policing (all by-products of a supposed “white supremacy” and “toxic masculinity”) have been disproven and debunked time and time again, they simply double down and keep pushing the lies one thousand times over. Like the Nazi’s, SJW’s……just……don’t……..QUIT with the lies and endless propaganda.

On the other hand, the vast majority of conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right are receptive to digesting actual facts about people and society. Untethered by the scourge of political correctness, and the scourge of favoring egalitarian “feelings” against factual analysis and data which may be discomforting to many.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Goebbles!

6. They Both Suppress Freedom Of Speech And Ideas


An SJW book burning rally against authors Roosh, Cernovich, Vox Day, and others.

Finally, the Nazi’s despised any concept of freedom of speech. There was a huge verboden (forbidden) list of books people could read, names which new parents could give to their children, and people who spoke out against the Nazi regime would be arrested, have their livelihoods destroyed, or even “get disappeared” altogether.

Modern day progressives and SJW’s take great delight in doxing people out of their jobs (and thus potentially reducing them to destitute poverty) if their manner of speech, writings, or opinions do not march lock-step with the social justice narrative.

If you don’t think transgenders are “brave” and gorgeous people, that homosexuality is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that Islam will culturally enrich the West, and that high black arrest rates are because of racist white cops, then you put your livelihood in great danger if you make those opinions public.

Most conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and Alt-Right adherents place great value on freedom of speech as one of the most prominent vanguards against tyranny. Progressives, SJW’s, and the former Nazi’s of 1933-1945 do not share that sentiment.

(1:10 – “We live in a free country. And that is a powerful idea. That’s a magnificent way to live. But there is a price for that freedom, which is that sometimes we have to tolerate things that we don’t necessarily like.”)

Progressives and SJW’s do not tolerate your freedom of speech. Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!


Now of course we know progressives and SJW’s are not “literally” Hitler (we act on logic and reason rather than wild emotional fervor), but people who closely identify with those sets can start to eat their own words when they want to moronically accuse Donald Trump of being “literally Hitler.”

Their own way of life, and the master whom they will likely vote for (Hillary), are far more closely associated with Nazi-era behaviors than Donald Trump and his supporters ever will be.

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479 thoughts on “6 Reasons Progressives, Leftists, And SJWs Are (Literally) Hitler”

  1. I cannot wait for the white nationalist portion of the Alt-Right to come in here and start screaming about how RoK are a bunch of cuckservatives because they are criticizing the Nazi Regime and Adolf Hitler.
    Just to be clear: Adolf Hitler wasn’t even a good Nationalist. He led Germany into a massive world war they couldn’t win, and LITERALLY repeated the same mistake with Russia that Napoleon did.
    So, Hitler is LITERALLY Napoleon, the bumbling fool who fumbled Russia.
    On a side note: let us make sure we don’t become like the SJW’s or Nazis and blame all of society’s ills on the Social Justice Warriors. They are pretty bad, and responsible for almost 90% of what is culturally wrong with America. But don’t become your enemy the moment that you preach.

    1. funny.
      Hitler really was literally Napoleon.
      Unable to attack England over a short swim of water ->
      Trafalgar/Battle of Britain.
      So “Lets invade Russia!”
      And died on the winter steppe…
      Plus Hitler named it after a German King who died on the way to the holy land on the 2nd crusade…And is lost to history unlike Richard the Lion heart…
      But yea, the SJW’s are merely the Useful idiots of the latest totalitarian internal invasion…

        1. no.
          Alexander died young after great conquest…
          Napoleon died old, in captivity…
          perhaps Alexander was literally Barbarossa?

        2. Literally Barbarossa? I will take it. The clip above with the fate of Europe hanging between napoleon and wellington that I posted is pretty much my favorite explanation of that war.

      1. Unable to attack England? Hahahaha
        I understand some here look upon hitler unfavorably but dude you need to look deeper than this.

      2. Germany didn’t want to annihilate Britain. They believed the UK was part of the Aryan society that should lead. Honestly, if Japan hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor, it’s likely the Germans would have won.

    2. Agreed. Our ability to discern comes from the inclusion of many minds. The minute we become dogmatic, we step ever closer to the realm of ‘white supremacy’ and whatever other flavor of the week statement needs to be said to make us the enemy. It also can pidgeonhole the identity the Alt Right (I say that being ignorant of their cause) has and make us a bigot placed site as opposed to a realist centered but facts hunting grounds.
      Self improvement is our goal here as men. Sometimes this will involve dissecting trends and hypocrisies. It is all for the aim of a better life through improving our own.

    3. Hitler was not a good nationalist but he was a good socialist, like most progressives and SJW’s at least aspire to be.
      I think you mean “fondled” Russia ;-).

    4. I agree, but we need not to over-include others.
      Allow me to explain: the current situation existed in the first place because one too many were tolerated. We should never allow feminists, cuckservatives and leftists into any alt-right movement. Also we should never allow ponderers to them to be included because the moment this happens we get transformed to a form of controlled opposition ala libertarians.
      From my perception though I believe the manosphere after it took its self-improvement beliefs became the tip of the alt-right as it creates a life-style, while the rest is more intellectual or political.

    5. You know it is coming…the cognitive dissonance brigade who doesn’t realize that they are no different than the SJWs and BLM and Homos they are putting down. They are literally (hitler) every single protester in charlotte.

    6. Russia’s greatest Generals are January, February & March.
      What was most impressive of Hitler was his highly advanced Ovens given to him by the the Vril Society. These were capable of extinguishing 15 million Jews in a year. And they only needed one person to operate! Only modern day Japanese crematories can get even a tenth of that amount.
      They also possessed 3D Printing tech that could turn Jew face skin into fancy lampshades.

      1. Vrilarinen are powerful, sexy witches. If only I could master my Vril… Or date one of them… Either, both, count me in.
        Wewelsburg’s dark magic always comes to the rescue ;P

      2. I add: the use of Zyklon B, a pesticide, as a weapon of mass destruction, launched from a hole in the roof over the Jews.

    7. Hitler was a leftist. His goal was to create an ethnically identical, classless society.
      Any “traditionalist” who praises Nazism is a LARPing fucking idiot.

        1. It was the Jacobins who destroyed regional identities and languages in France to create the myth of the “Frenchman.” Not the Kingdom of France. It was the Soviets who erased ethnic identity in favor of the “New Soviet Man.” Not Russia. It was the materialist neo-pagans of Nazi Germany that sought to erase traditional German society in favor of Aryan mythology. And today, the European Union seeks to annihilate all European identities in favor of “European identity.”
          The idea of an ethnic/cultural monolith that exterminates any and all differences is pure leftism. Basically, you’re fucking wrong.

        2. Something that could be added to that is the dissolution of the (correct) image of the United States as 50 sovereign nations united in a loose alliance.
          In the Civil War, Americans put their loyalty to state over (the corrupt) federal government. I can’t imagine that happening today, no military leader today would resign his post out of a greater sense of duty towards his home state.

        3. Jew influenced immoralism is traditional German culture?
          That is what Hitler fought against.

        4. Hitler was the embodiment of slave morality. A lifelong failure who died a coward’s death.
          You’re not a rightist. You’re a LARPer.

        5. Wouldn’t slave morality have been if he just knelt to the Jewish bankers and not attempted to defy them? I don’t see your point

        6. No, slave morality is embodied in sneering resentment towards anyone who is greater than you. In democracy and socialism. As if tracking down Jews all over Europe because they belong to the same ethnic group as some usurers is some kind of rational confrontation and isn’t just SJW projection.
          You don’t get it. He wasn’t launching a brave crusade against a select group of oligarchs. He was AIDS Skrillex (aka, “YOU’RE A FUCKING WHITE MALE”) with an army.

        7. The German aristocracy was liquidated long before Hitler. The aristocracy was suffering since the time of the reformation. After WW1 the aristocracy held very little power. Either way monarchy won’t return for another 500 years, atleast.

        8. You are aware that Hitler allowed Jews to move to Israel with all of their wealth intact before the war. This was actually an active policy of his. He worked with the zionists to get Jews out of Germany and into their homeland of the Levant. He worked closely with the powerful Jewish bankers to transfer individual Jewish wealth to Israel before the Jews even arrived, so when they did, they had all their money to invest in the new Jewish state. This was before it was called Israel of course.
          The Haavara Agreement and it would have continued if not for WW2.

        1. I can’t help it if you’re an illiterate LARPing faggot, thanks. Did you seriously upvote your own comment?

    8. You are right except for one thing…war with USSR was coming, whether he wanted it or not. The point is that his stupid policies (due to his wacky beliefs) and the ineptitude of his staff ruined it all….

      1. I thought it was more the cowardice of his staff, though some (eg: Goering) were wholly incompetent.

        1. Cowardice? These men took on the whole world with the sole purpose of curbing every ill currently infecting the world that we talk about on this website.

        2. Hitler’s policies led to his defeat in the East and the death of millions of Slavs and Germans. Moreover most of his staff were not his followers (weren’t even Nazis) but lacked the balls and the common sense to oppose his policies and allowed the lower-ranking stupid lackeys who follow them thus digging their own graves (Erich Koch anyone).
          Waged war against England however was not willing to exterminate its units or fight to the death with them (Dunkirk anyone?)
          I could go on…but I hope you catch my drift.

        3. No I do not catch your drift, you have an eskewed knowledge of hitler at best.
          But I cannot convince those who don’t want to know the truth.
          I used to believe the same as you until I decided that everything related to hitler seemed fishy. I then dug deeper, continued to dig, and now I know the truth.
          Good luck to you . I hope you continue to question reality.

        4. Pal, it’s been a long time since I understood Hitler was not the demonic madman/god of destruction/semi-retarded/hysteric the mainstream media wants everyone to believe (even though this beliefs are contradictory). However he was not a saint, not even a noble man. He was intelligent, I grant you that.
          His racial doctrine (read Mein Kampf as an intro, preferably in German if possible) as described by himself involved the ethnic cleansing of most of Eastern Europe, not the mere restoration of Germany or even the rise benevolent Reich for all Europeans. This philosophy permeated through his ranks and even though his major staff didn’t believe most of it at heart, the soldiers specially those of SS obeyed their order with gusto.
          They (the Wehrmacht and the SS)were oftentimes received in Russia with flowers by the humble folk, seen literally as liberators after decades of cruel communist tyranny. In the end they were bid a bloody farewell, literally. Their brutality awakened Russian nationalism from its slumber and Russians who would otherwise rebel against their tyranny were compelled to fight for their lives along with their despised commissars, knowing well that the Germans would kill most of them should USSR lose the war.
          Let’s not beatify the man just because his enemies won and are trying to do our whole civilization in. His time was a wasted opportunity and was a symptom of the disease of our civilization after the abandonment of Christianity.

        5. I find it funny that many on the alt-right worship both Slavic women/culture and Adolf Hitler, despite the fact that Hitler would have genocided the Slavs if he had won WWII.

        6. After re reading this comment with clarity, I do catch your drift. Your points are valid and correct. I would add that he never wanted war with Brittain but he should have been wise to know it was inevitable and then he should have gave them everything like you say and atleast attempted to destroy them.

        7. Cowardice because they were all afraid to tell their socialist-in-chief that his plans were nuts and that they were too scared of him to do what needed to be done in order to win.
          The only time a sign of a spine was shown was when one of the craven toadies decided not to enact the Nero Decree.

        8. Maybe, it is hard to say that all of them didn’t buy into the ideology though. Either way the majority of men seldom know what is good for them, not saying Hitler’s plans were good but the ideology behind his socialism was much in line with the ancient Aryan caste system in a lot of ways. This is the very reason he chose the swastika and why he made the Bhagavad Gita mandatory reading. You seem awful sure of your conclusion, maybe you have spent endless hours studying this time and place, maybe not.

        9. One more thing. If you are at all familiar with ancient Aryan teaching, you should know that them like all religions believe that at the end of our epoch A great incarnation of god will bring destruction and Conquer the entire world and then bring about the era of godliness and righteousness. In Hinduism this incarnation is called Hari. In both Christianity and Islam he is called Jesus and Isa. Hitler believed he was supposed to prepare the way for Hari. He is even quoted saying ” I am not He, I know what I lack therefore I can’t be Him, but since nobody is willing to prepare the way for Him, I must.”

    9. “let us make sure we don’t become like the SJW’s or Nazis and blame all of society’s ills on the Social Justice Warriors. ”
      This is important advice. I think the first person we should point the finger at and blame is heterosexual white males….yes, the kneeman has at least this one thing in common with the feminists.
      Who is to blame? It is us. The people who traded their masculinity for a job or for some pussy or to be “cool” or whatever. Every beta orbiter, cucked out wuss and man who does things against his own best interest for short sighted gains. Let’s be better than all the rest of them. Let’s be strong enough to recognize the flaws in ourselves and attempt to fix them instead of pointing fingers and crying like little bitches that it is all their fault. Lets be men.

      1. A million upvotes for this. More than ideologies, action. Above allegiances, masculinity and honour. And before changing the world, improving ourselves.

        1. If we aren’t man enough to identify and rectify our own faults without pointing fingers and blaming others than we are no better than the SJW faggots we complain about.

        2. I recently read an article that compared us to the SJWs we battle against, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t strike a chord

        3. I feel that SOME of us are exactly that way and it is something that I have been commenting on for a long time. The homos want to blame the straights. The blacks want to blame the white man. The Feminists want to blame the patriarchy. If we just sit around and blame the fags the blacks and the feminists how are we any different. It is why the “joo” blaming drives me fucking insane. I see the weak and the cowardly blaming the successful and crying about it to each other rather than creating something for themselves.
          I think one thing this country really needs is to have the natives be inundated with the immigrant mind set. Not the beaners who are sneaking over the fence or whatever. I mean the people who go through the process and come here legally, assimilate into their new culture, go without while working their asses off, strive to buy property and educate their kids even at the expense of their own desires and needs….this is what Jews did and Greeks and Italians and, right now, a lot of Pakistanis and Indians and Chinese are doing. While people who were born already ahead of the race are standing around and complaining about global conspiracies Mike Chu is working 20 hour days in some shithole convenience store and beating his kid for getting an A- because that fucking kid is going to be a doctor or a corpse.

        4. Here in England (and I’m sure over the pond too) there ARE minorities who, like you say, have this great mindset.
          One particular such group in my region are Pakistani Muslims. Now, I dont want my country becoming an Islamic Republic any time in the next million years, and would fight against that ever happening.
          BUT, on the other hand these people arrived here in the 60s, and in most cases, within half a century, are out-breeding, out-earning, and out-performing the native English population. They’re hungry, we are not. That worries me. And a whining, bitchy attitude on our behalf will see us head straight into the footnotes of history

        5. Why Locals Need The (Good) Immigrant Mindset
          Practically writes itself.

        6. Interesting observation that has also crossed my mind. I wonder about the Muslim hate frankly. From what I know of its theology, I’d say it’s retrograde and regressive. However, religion as exercised by the masses has little to do with any real understanding of its theology. I’m a Catholic and well schooled in its Catechism. However, the average Catholic of today (or yesteryear) has little understanding of the finer points of the faith. I’d say it was and is primarily an underlying set of basic foundational beliefs, some general understanding of morals and traditions and a code of behavior.
          I get how Islam can appeal to a particular strain of thuggish kook and I’m not blind to that. Globally, that’s not an insignificant population and there’s an inherent element of Islam that makes it so appealing to such a group.
          However, as I walk around my urban metropolis and observe the damage done by progressivism (a distinctly white – yes Jewish too – development), the fukced-up youth, the clued-out tarts, the sexually disordered and gender confused, the bastard children etc etc and compare that to the growing Muslim minority with their seemingly stable families, modest women, emphasis on education and success I’m less and less sympathetic to the, “West is under the threat of Islam” position. The West has fukced itself up and how can you blame the Muslim immigrants that cling to their faith and community for not assimilating? If I was a Syrian father that just arrived here with my young wife and baby and who, living downtown, stumbled across the gay pride parade, I’d say, “Get your veil on woman and keep yourself and our kid the fukc away from this degenerate melting pot.”

        7. EXACTLY!!! 1 Million Up-Votes! My family came to the US from Italy in the mid-60’s. My father worked his ass off, paid his dues, became a citizen and emerged as one of the finest chefs in the country. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and to Never Make Excuses. That’s all you ever hear these days… “Oh, this group or that group,” blah, blah, blah – Bullshit… A Real Man Creates his Own Destiny!

        8. My family is also mostly Italian though them came over several generations ago and that mentality is still passed down.
          I’m glad you see it.
          Blaming people for shit. Smh. Time for people to get their acts together

        9. Englands adoption of socialism took the hunger and strive out of the population. America is headed that way too, fast.

        10. The Royal family are now fully jewish, given Diana Spencer’s parents were both kikes, as was her alleged real father – the kike Goldsmith, Jemima Khans father (making them half sisters). We have a kike family on the throne of the first Christian country, England. Britains only hope is for Russia to sweep over Europe and help get rid of them and this judeo-masonic elite.

        11. Proof of outperforming? Out earning is explained by minority quotas. Out breeding is irresponsibility and welfare abuse or child neglect.

        12. This is something I have thought about for quite some time – it’s something that can be put down to any number of platitudes such as ‘when good men do nothing’ or ‘idle hands’ etc
          The reason shit has got out of hand is because we have let it. Liberals and lefties will salami slice their dogma into social reform, where it looks like you’d be an authoritarian nut to oppose it, yet after a few years there are sodomite parades, barbarian invasions and media outlets actively pushing peadophilia as normal
          If we carry on doing nothing; there will never be an end point; as liberals/lefties are insatiable & do not understand ‘enough’
          With regards to finger pointing though, I would always keep one in reserve for sjw faggots

        13. There you go again with that “we” slander. YOU.
          Not “us”.
          Most of you red pillers are urban yankees 40 years LATE for this party.
          Quite sure up until extremely recently 95% of you were comfy blue pills until it personally affected you.

        14. Yeah son, its high time you keyboarders actually supported those who have been fighting while you were asleep.

        15. Does your guv force taxpayers to subsidize the immigrants?
          Mine does.
          Thats not hunger driving their success, its YOU.

        16. not sure what you are talking about with your oddly worded and probably crazy response to some post I made 2 months ago. That you feel you can assume, down to an exact percentage, something about a bunch of strangers on the internet tells me that exactly 100% of you is just a mealy mouth little cunt who really doesn’t even deserve the time I put into typing this response.

        17. The reason that leftists, feminists, etc, are so shrill, and never satisfied, is because their conscience accuses them, and NOTHING can change that. No matter what change they achieve. That explains their anger too. They must substitute us as their objects of hate, because we make an easier target. But, they can never be satisfied.

        18. Their “”success” is very often due to a total lack of ethics. They have no problem cheating infidels, cheating on exams, falsifying documents, selling tainted food, bribing politicians, milking the welfare system, while pulling down a high, untaxed income under the table. They all have a scam going.

        19. The Muslims have had centuries to improve their own countries, yet, they are hell-holes still. Why do they come here, if it’s so awful? Why are their countries hell, if they are so wonderful. Stable families? Pedophilia, child rape, honor killings, women as property? Even in their heaven, women are brothel workers, a reward of 72 virgins.
          America had the real stability and prosperity as a Christian nation, but we despised it and destroyed it, and now praise a twisted version of it.

      2. Since you seem to be an authority on ideal masculine virtue, perhaps you could share some details as to how you are rising above those losers you describe above?

        1. one very simple way is that when I see something in my life that isn’t the way I want it I never fag out and blame some external force. I set a plan to achieve. I see more pansy ass scape goating from those types of people than anything else. And the absolute worst part of it isn’t that they can’t take personal responsibility, isn’t that they are weak cowards, isn’t that they are participating in an effeminate culture of playing a blame game but it is that they are the exact same type of people as the leftists and fags and sjws only with a different cause…..basically they all just want some gimmesuhms because they can’t compete with real men.
          I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am an authority on ideal masculine virtue but I can tell the difference between masculine virtue and puffed up crybabies

        2. escape goat
          It’s rumored that Dillinger tried using one of those once, but found cars to be a lot more effective in the long run.

        3. it isn’t what you need. That is like saying that pain killers are the solution to pain. They aren’t. They mask the pain.

        1. Thank you. I have been too. Maybe we could use a 5 ways men can stop blaming their enemies and look inward for real solutions article.

      3. I wonder if there need to be some bounds on the domain of that “us” as the more recent generations never had masculinity to lose as it had already been socially suppressed before they were even born.

        1. This is a fair question. I would say it is a case by case example. I am sure some of the recent generations were born with strong masculine influence. However, your point is well taken. At the end of the day, however, your eyes are open now….so what are you going to do with it? Now what are people like you going to do with it, not what is your family going to do with it, not what is your generation or your social group or your peers going to do with it, you….what will you do with this knowledge? That should be all that matters to you. Not what type of world you inherited and not the reasons it is the way it is….but who you are, where you are, where you are going and how your are going to get there.
          During the westward expansion and the building of the transcontinental railroad no one was going on their computer blaming jews or blacks or fags or weak beta parents for mountains that got in the way….they got some dynamite and blew a hole in them and kept going.

        2. Everyday I pray for another Carrington Event.
          Ill see anyone fit to live on the other side.

      4. Recently, I’ve found myself unable to keep keep silent in public and in professional circles as much as I used to be able to do. I am reasonable, measured, and polite, but I wonder a lot about how long it is going to be before I get in trouble and the system’s white blood cells come after me.

        1. Just remember my friend, always be the master of your emotions…never the other way around. If you are going to destroy bridges don’t burn them…..nuke them, napalm the remains and salt the earth….but never, ever, ever do it accidently.

      5. I agree… and you need to organise and let reason and logic shine brighter than emotions, which is the order of the day nowadays.

      6. Damn lolknee…us fellow metropolitan NYC bobo’s can’t be calling out our own lifestyle…jk. Well said man. Made me take a hard look at myself in the mirror when I woke up.

        1. I am glad. And I am not above reproach myself. One thing I often do is make short lists of places where I need to improve. I started doing this in the gym when I realized that I was avoiding certain muscle groups because they weren’t as strong so it wasn’t as fun to lift. People do this all the time. They get to the gym and work on their strengths because it makes them feel like a bad ass. But no one ever wants to tackle their weaknesses. But because of this they never truly grow. For instance, my weakest of the major lifts is the bench press. I can squat heavy and I am a fucking monster deadlifter and then I get to the bench press and my working set is about 155 and my max out is 225 and I don’t even get that all the time. So for a long time I just kind of avoided bench presses. Then I started realizing that my real weakness was to avoid my weakness. That it was just a lift and a lift could be improved. I set to working on it. I neglected squats and deadlifts. I still did them but made them less important. Now (even with a back injury) I am doing dumbbell deads with 110 lbs in each hand and can hit 285×3 on the barbell so long as I have a spotter. I imagine that once I am fully healed that will go up.
          After doing this at the gym some years ago I started doing it in my life. As it turns out, by working on things that I was specifically bad at I got better at them and more well rounded.
          I had to google “bobo” I like it. I have been using “oldppie” because I am a yuppie at heart but no longer young.

        2. Wise words. Also I didn’t know what bobo was until an article was published about it here. In reference to your lifting analogy – bench is my weakest lift as well.

        3. I never could figure it out. I think it has to do with my AC joint in my shoulder. MY form is on point. The strength is there. For some reason that is just a hard lift to do. The strict military press is the most humbling lift, imo, but I don’t feel it is a weak spot for me it is just a really fucking difficult motion. But the bench press strikes me as something I should be able to do really wall. I have very strong shoulders and back muscles, my arms are really strong and my chest is very strong. I guess some motions just stump people.

        Thats YOU and yours, not the rest of us who have steadfastedly refused the kool aid.
        Yeah, its necessary to call out the omegas for dragging the average down but it is NOT necessary to accuse everyone of falling for the stupid shit you fell for.

        1. no faggot…the point of this was to explain that we…..as men…..are just a bunch of pussy ass queers if we burry our head in the sand and point the finger everywhere but at ourselves when a problem happens. I do hope you grow the fuck up one day, your balls drop and you stop being a total asshole. Maybe then the learning can start. In the meantime, keep your childish antics to people who don’t know better. I am not going to play GI Joes with stupid children.

    10. It’s going to be rich, indeed.
      Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland to stop the persecution of ethnic Germans within the post Treaty of Versailles Polish territory (much of which previously belonged to Germany) was indeed out of line. Hitler should have just left it alone and allowed for the continued murder of thousands of these innocent civilians. No reasonable person would ever even think about doing what he did again.

      1. Seeing as his invasion of Poland directly led to six years of war in which millions of Germans died and the war itself was lost, it probably wasn’t such a good idea.
        Hitler was the ultimate cuckservative: He publicly spoke in Christian themes, but Goebbels writes that Hitler “hates Christianity” and the regime persecuted churches. He initiated several neo-con Wars of Aggression that led to him losing the war. He claimed he wanted to make Germany great again, but outlawed private firearms ownership, censored the press, put the state in charge of the economy, enslaved the German people into the military and ultimately wrecked the economy and got millions of Germans killed…for what?
        Half of Germany was subjected to Soviet Communism. The economy was in shambles. Millions of Germans were dead.
        If that’s your idea of a great, or even non-bad, leader…

        1. “Hitler was the ultimate cuckservative (…)” this, together with “there is a direct line from Marx to the NSDAP” said by one retardarian in other post, are going to the Hall of Fame of the Most Stupid Phrases Ever Written.

        2. His argument: You are a nigger and the Englishman is wrong.
          His conclusion: He wins.

        3. Hitler did what he needed to do to stop the spread of liberal Jewry. He hammered the press because sixty percent of it was Jewish degenerate lies. He disliked the modern weakened Christianity, praised it publicly because he Had to. He got millions of Germans killed so they wouldn’t be cucked by the Jews without a fight, unfortunately this happened anyway, but the attempt is what matters. Hitler and the nazis gave everything to stop this global kabal. What have you done to stop it.

        4. not sure he was a cuckservative but definitely a moron that started believing he was way smarter than he really was – he could have put Britain away, he should have told Japan to leave the USA alone, should have gone around Stalingrad or at least wait to fight Russia until Britain has submitted, etc etc

        5. Arguments are dialectical and logical constructions that can be manipulated very, very easy. I can give you a perfect (from the logical and dialectical point of view) argument about how the earth is flat.
          On the other hand, I can show you 100 facts showing that my affirmation was right, and you are going to simply ignore those facts and believe what you want to believe.
          There is no point in discussing with people who are simply too stuborn and entirely brainwashed.

        6. Hitler, ahem, literally only kept ONE promise to Germany:
          ‘give me ten years and you wont recognize your own cities!’
          ‘Course he had a little help from the RAF and the Mighty 8th.

        7. Hitler was a pawn who was painted into a corner by the zionists.
          Several goals of theirs would never have been achieved had they not manipulated him for their own purposes.

    11. You are a joke. If you swallow the ‘nazi = evil’ you are no different than the leftists you claim to hate.
      The fact your avatar is a UK thing is appropriate given the UK wanting to fight germany far before the war started.

      1. It doesn’t really matter whether he was evil or not: in the end, Germany was in ruins because of him and his failure to protect his country. Germany was in shambles after being defeated in WWII, and they lost because of Hitler’s diplomatic and military incompetence. He repeated the incompetence of Napoleon III in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 and lost.

        1. Napolean and Hitler gave eveything, literally eveything to stop what we see today. The fact that they failed and their countries are ruined only shows how strong this Jewish Kabal is. Should they have been like you suggest, and took it bending over with no fight?

    12. I’d like to believe that any advocate of nazism would spontaneously combust due to irony overload if they were to blast a critic of nazism a “cuckservative” simply because that person criticized nazism.

    13. Criticize it all you want, they tried to stop the globalization before it began. Their genetics were and always will be the best and most brightest on the planet, regardless of politics.

    14. The difference is a white male cannot change being a white male (and why would you want to), but a sjw has made a concious choice to gain 80lbs, dye their hair blue and start munching rugs. Just like you can blame a bank robber for the entirety of the bank robbery, so to are sjws responsible for the ills they cause.

    15. Hitler’s war was defensive strictly. Germans were being attacked in the Danzig and Sudetenland by polish Joos.
      Just pleas to the League went unanswered.
      And save 3 key mistakes, he could’ve won. And Patton may have come on board with him as we fought the wrong enemy in ww2

    16. Moron.
      White nationalists are still American citizens.
      How dare you subscribe to liberal marginalization and then come preach your opinions in an open forum.
      Is it illegal to be racist?
      Of course not.
      Is it illegal to deprive Americans of their First Amendment protections?
      Is it cuckservative to no platform those you disagree with?
      OF COURSE it is
      You arent speaking for anyone other than yourself.

    1. just redic.
      My boss has a kid who is in one of these progressive schools for billionaires. They assign the kid a PhD level “happiness advisor” blah blah blah. It is all the most insane bullshit you would imagine. But I always knew billionaires had their eccentricities and, to be honest, this kid doesn’t really need a good education. If that ultra small, ultra rich segment of the population fucks their kids up well….nothing new under the son.
      But this shit is just mind boggling. To quote Casey Kasem “Ponderous man, fucking ponderous”

      1. “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!”
        “Stars trigger me”

        1. Attendence
          Teacher: Joey
          Joey: Here
          Teacher: Suzie
          Suzie: Here
          Teacher: Billy
          Ed: Billy stayed home today but is self identifying as being in class
          Teacher: I will put that down as “here”

      2. That is the reason why most companies fail in the end these people have a privileged position, They can be CEOs on the start of their careers, instead they just throught their money away. This means that they develop no skills that can be of any use to them or society in general. It is the greatest sign of the decline as the upper class is normally being imitated.

        1. It is true. I work for a very large but family owned business that owns a very significant real estate holding. It will take a few generations of total fuck ups to destroy it but it will eventually happen. There is too much money here to do it in 2 or even 3 generations even if its just a bunch of moron druggies. I worked for the old man and now work for his kids (who are dumb, but smart enough to stand back and let other people run the show) and one of their adult kids who is trying to be hands on but is really fucking stupid. It is him who has the kids in these absurd schools.

        2. Often the 3rd generation loses it..
          I spend a lot of time in the Hamptons. Plenty of trust fund babies.. 3rd generation — enough money to survive.
          So drink/drugs,surf. But create nothing, add nothing…

        3. First of all the company will stop advancing then it will be eaten by the competition. the next generation will probably be the last, following that the companies mostly follow the 3 generations rule.
          The main problem I used to see was that most successful companies are made part by luck as there are many able people who run small companies successfully but either lack the ambition or they are in place that lacks opportunity, most of the time the money that is being made today is being accumulated far too fast.
          This creates the illusion that they are safe financially but with the same speed they may be destroyed. The man who sends his children to the idiot school is literally seeling the future of the company.
          In older times in Europe most money that were made by the nobility required decades if not generations for that wealth to be accumulated! That is why the oldest families managed to keep themselves they trained their offspring in conserving wealth, rather than making it. Also the money that these people accumulated in generations are nothing in front of the wealth that modern entrepreneurs make in a few years!
          It is insane in my mind!
          Also I used to know some offsprings of big entrepreneurs in Greece although they were generally good people their stupidity was insane! litteraly most of the biggests companies in Greece will be dead when the fathers retire! Only in one case I did saw a meaningful change in character and a maturence, but besides that one guy the other 4 I still believe to be doomed!

        4. I agree in general…the problem here is that there is not just a lot of money….there is more than that as well as a sizeable real estate portfolio and the owners kind of withdraw so they have an executive team running it who knows what they are doing for the most part.
          Nothing is too big to fail and this will eventually go down hill but as long as the company is generating a 250m/month net profit it has legs for a while.

        5. “Plenty of trust fund babies.. ”
          They are entitled and smug lot, but dolts all around from what I have met.

        6. yeah there was a huge company here which got broken up into several smaller though still big companies thanks to divorce. That will break down further. The guy who sends his kids to idiot school knows, at least, that those kids should never touch the company. There are some other kids that are in college now that seem a tad more responsible. I am predicting 3 more generations before anything bad here.

        7. the other thing is that there simply isn’t competition. There is such a housing shortage in NYC that we don’t really compete with other developers. We build high rises and they immediately fill up. Then we build another.

        8. So basically there is a monopoly or an oligopoly. Yeah they have more years before failing, and the guy with the idiot school is not that much of an idiot in the end, most of these guys do not stop their children from entering the company.
          Anyway the real reason why I believe companies and the bourgeouis fail is that they never learn how to conserve, so they live in a chaotic situation and do not try to enforce order even on their own backyards.

        9. not exactly a monopoly. There are loads of real estate developers in the city but buildings aren’t going up fast enough to meet growing demand trends. My current building is just a hole in a ground with a sub basement that is not scheduled to be complete for another 2.5 years and we are already getting requests to do pre rentals.
          I think you are correct about one of the major reasons for the eventual downfall and failure of the bourgeois…but I feel the clock starts ticking when the idiot kids start trying to make decisions.
          The insulation of the NYC real estate business is that as long as the buildings are standing and they are maintained at minimum up to code people will pay. I have a 500 sq foot studio in a 50 year old building on the market for 3500/month and there are something like 6 applications on it right now. They are getting to be choosey about who they put in. It isn’t like an investment bank where a half dozen very bad and very arrogant decisions could topple a 100 year old company.
          The value of residential high rise buildings in manhattan is significant.

        10. Yeh although in Greece the top dogs face little competition whatsover because they have local and state politicians in their pocket.
          If you have a solid asset portfolio and continue to build on it, you really don’t have to work. Ever.

  2. Somewhat relevant:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    – C.S. Lewis.

    1. I’m seldom sure how to take “robber baron” as the expression is a pejorative for more-or-less benevolent tycoons but it also can refer to the unscrupulous sort who actually made bank through extreme skulduggery, eg: Jay Gould, James Fisk, Henry Clay Frick.

  3. Good article….very good article….managed to be true, informative and intelligent while retaining a bit of a sense of humor. well done. Literally (Hitler) well done.

  4. There is a book called Pink Swastika that highlights homosexuality in the Nazi Party as a norm. Why do you think their uniforms were so flamboyant?
    Also Hitler was a vegetarian who banned hunting and animal experiments as he believed in animal rights and instead used jews for experiments. It’s really ironic that super leftist animal rights movements use videos of jews in concentration camps to compare with the state of farm animals

    1. Yeah that book was a classic. Written by Abraham Shekelberger, if my memory serves. Entertaining stuff.

      1. Actually it was written by a born again Christian from new England Scott Lively who has been a fierce anti homosexuality and anti abortion critic for decades. He wrote it along with another attorney named Kevin E. Abrams an attorney from Delaware who has spent most of his life fervently criticizing socialism. The main critics of the book have been homosexual advocacy groups and the southern poverty law center.
        But that’s ok right? Facts don’t matter. So long as the lie conforms to the truth that makes you feel less like the inferior little shitbag you are. Funny, you know who else does stuff like that….homosexuals and black lives matters people…you know the people you agree with regarding this book.

        1. Does the Jewish slumlord you slave for know that you spend 75% of your working hours wasting time in this comment section, on his shekels?

        2. Btw: you are the reason why white nationalism will always be an irrelevant blip and never really have any meaning. Your weak, uneducated, white trash tomfoolery has always been a footnote to men who make the world turn. Enjoy.

        3. Kekekekeke Too bad I’m smarter, stronger, and richer than you, fagboi! Now get back to licking your jewish boss’s ballsack. I don’t HAVE a boss, I AM the boss.

        4. BTW how come you keep shitting up these comment threads with your retarded 14 year old girly jokes? You think they are funny? You really do sound like an annoying little faggot. Bringing shame to this site by commenting so frequently and sounding like such a pussy. An average thread will have like 30 different comments from you, all try-hard, desperate for attention, making stupid word puns like a freshman in high school. LOL!!!

        5. Get that out? All your tough guy bravado? I’m sure you are very smart strong and rich. feel good now? It’s ok. Enjoy being the boss son. I’m sure it’s great

        6. Oh and by the way…no mention on how our current “discussion” started with your ad homoninum attack after I made you look like a drooling moron ? Ok we will skip right over that. You should just enjoy the federal assistance I pay for, day thank you and get back to making meth for toothless strippers boy

    2. “There is a book called Pink Swastika that highlights homosexuality in the Nazi Party as a norm. Why do you think their uniforms were so flamboyant?”
      First they came on the jews, and I did nothing
      Then they came on the communists, and I did nothing
      Then finally they came on me…..

  5. the daily onslaught of nonsense from the SJW’s makes me think that Rand, Orwell, and Huxley are rolling in their graves thinking:
    “Dammit, why didn’t I thank of that!!!????”
    but, for my life, I have to stand back and find fun and better lifestyle…
    Have been living too close to too many man-haters, and it has an affect.
    Hey lolknee — the UPE have as many women as Union Square area these days???

      1. Upper East Side
        really spelled that wrong!
        I read your location yesterday regarding bookstores video stores etc…
        on 1st…
        Used to bar-tend around there 1994-6 Fun times…
        Seems (although haven’t been there in years) gentrified now — families etc…

        1. Oh…lol. It is pretty gentrified. Union Square will always be on fire for young and super hot women. I mentioned to someone here yesterday that I do hot yoga classes there on occasion and it is literally (hitler) the sexiest things in the world.
          There is a lot going on on UES and the Yorkville area (east of 3rd) is very young……mid 20’s…..Madison and the hotel triangle are still what they have always been….

      1. Yeah, it probably would have been great had Hitler not picked fights with the countries surrounding Germany.
        Purely due to self-destructive idiocy, Hitler and the Nazis were a disaster for white people on the whole.

        1. Exactly.
          Hitler should have just allowed for the continuation of the murder of innocent ethnic Germans in Polish territory (that belonged to Germany before the Treaty of Versailles).
          What’s even more disturbing is that a consensus of roughly 98% of Austrian citizens saw fit to join Hitler’s Reich, and they greeted the Nazis in the streets with flowers and cheers. When you have an entire country getting behind your ideas, it is just more proof that Hitler was an evil monster!
          To top it all off, Russia broke the same non-aggression pact when they too invaded Poland and plundered, but we made the correct move in only holding Germany accountable. It sure is a good thing we did! The Soviet takeover of all of Russia and Eastern Europe gave us the repeat benefits of Cultural Marxism and a Cold War.

        2. Yeah, we’re all big fans of the Soviets here…
          No, actually, I’m referring more to the other Western countries the Nazis invaded, plus, y’know, causing a war that overwhelmingly killed white people.
          Spare me all of that “he only fought the Soviets” crap.

        3. I found a book called “Mein Side of the Story” that claims to have reliably replicated some of Hitler’s letters and speeches. The way that book tells it, Hitler begged Churchill to stop gearing up for war and threatening Germany because he didn’t want to go to war with England. As for France and Poland, the book claims they violated treaties in militarily hostile ways.
          Not saying it’s Word of God, here, but the story I was told in school rings hollow – no war has ever been that black-and-white. I’m not disinclined to believe Hitler didn’t really start the war, and I’m not disinclined to believe his worst trait was terrible taste in advisors.
          But, then again, maybe Hitler was Literally Hitler.

        4. Ah, whites should have just bent over for the international Jew? Yes no fight. Nazis should have just accepted liberal Jewry then? Yes they failed but they tried. They gave eveything to stop Jewry. But your right we shall just bend our knee to Jew.

        5. You mean the western countries that declared war on Germany. Hahahaha
          Yes Hitler should have just waited for France and Britain to invade Germany first.

        6. Why else would Hitler allow the Brittish to escape Belgium at the onset of the war? They were weak, depleted and retreating. He had much admiration for the Anglo Saxon. The book you read is accurate.

        7. When Goebbels talked about repeating a lie over and over again, he was talking about people like YOU, not about pro-German propaganda for the Reich. He believed that propaganda based on truth was the most effective, and he will soon be proven to be correct once again.
          Germany had every right to invade Poland and France after being fucked over by Zionist influence in WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles. Benjamin Freedman (a Jewish man) was at the Paris Peace Conference and personally witnessed how these Zionists manipulated America to fight with Britain and crush Germany. (see “Benjamin Freedman 1961 Speech” on YouTube for details). You have to have a firm grasp on WW1 to understand WHY an invasion of Poland and France became inevitable.
          Both Germany and Russia invaded Poland; it was agreed upon before the German invasion that Western Powers would side with the communists and focus resources on crushing Germany. When both the American and British government and press were infiltrated by Jews (who hated National Socialism and the fact that they nationalized the Jewish controlled Reichsbank), it isn’t really that hard to grasp why they allowed for the Soviet takeover of eastern Europe and the total destruction of Germany.
          Here are some excerpts (with sources cited) that explain quite well that it was Poland, Britain, and Russia who were the true aggressors:

        8. And his folly (allowing the Brits to escape) did him in. His wacky beliefs clouded his vision. He had good points, but all in all his blunders did Germany in, only Merkel has potential to be a worse Kanzler than him.

        9. Yes he should have stomped the Brits then and there, maybe he was naive. He should be looked
          at in a different light on here though. Take the good with the bad. Him and his regime had both positive and negatives. The absolute blasting I just cannot understand, not specifically you but a lot of the comments I’ve read today

  6. The author of this article doesn’t have the slightest idea what the III Reich was. His sources are memes, The Simpsons, and Hollywood movies. It is so absurd that’s actually funny.
    Good job!

    1. Not to mention, the Jews gave us feminism (that R.O.K. is “opposed” to supposedly), they dominate the media who is in an all out campaign to stop Donald Trump (who this site has basically endorsed), and dominate our banking usury system that is bleeding this government dry (just check out the ranks of the Federal Reserve and Goldman-Sachs).
      They completely control every major Hollywood studio which is pumping out constant filth (that R.O.K. likes to complain about), they have massive influence in the degenerate music industry to push their brand of sickness, and they were the main driver behind the 1965 Hart-Celler Act that opened our borders to the third world (which most R.O.K. readers claim to oppose).
      Jews brought the Frankfurt School to America (Columbia University, I believe) after the “Nazis” saw fit to remove those commie fucks, and that school of thought essentially led to the birth of the modern day liberal destruction we are facing.
      The Jews have been expelled 109 times since AD 250 for VERY GOOD REASON. These people hate us. They hate me. They hate you. And (assuming the author is White and not a Jew) they hate him too even though he shills for the enemy.

      1. “Jews brought the Frankfurt School to America (Columbia University, I believe) after the “Nazis” saw fit to remove those commie fucks,”
        Columbia University was founded by (((King George II )))in 1754 as Kings College. Jesus, can’t you fucking faggots get anything right?

        1. Apparently the Frankfurt School fled Germany (where Hitler hated their relativistic, Marxist, anti-culture) and set up shop in Columbia University in 1935.
          The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory messed a lot up. They decided morality was relative, our culture needs to grow and evolve because it’s not inclusive, Marxist utopia was the ultimate goal of civilization, and music/art should be ugly and soulless (because the alternative supports capitalist classism, apparently). I’m half convinced that we couldn’t have fallen so far so fast without them.

        2. Most of the Frankfort School cats were at the new school for social research. They still are. They didn’t just decide that morality was relative…they discovered it. That morality is relative, however, doesn’t make it any less universal. I am not a huge fan of the Frankfurt school but you also need to know that they were academics, many of which didn’t agree with one another, and many of which were quite brilliant.
          Cultural Marxism has a lot to answer for as do many of the academics from the Frankfurt school, but in the end their ability to freely pursue academic lines of thought is one of the fundamental rights given to a free society.
          You talk about a utopia where music and art should be ugly and soulless. Have you read Theodore Adorno’s critique of Jazz music? Are you an art expert that you are ready to explain to us what constitutes beauty in art? Do you have an understanding of the artistic dialogue of the last 3000 years and how we got to the place we are? Really, I am asking. You seem like a relatively bright guy and not one of the knee jerk reactionary doofs I see here. Do you really think that a couple dozen immigrant philosophy professors colluded with one another to successfully bring down civilization or is it more likely that they were a bunch of geeks who were writing books and teaching classes.
          Yeah, of course in some ways they were brain washing their students and yes in this respect they were bad teachers. They weren’t teaching the youth however. The vast majority of them were teaching adult graduate students. They are not blameless but have you gone to the primary sources of Frankfurt school theorists and read them? Have you read Horkenheimer and Marcuse…not excerpts like when someone pulls one line out…but have you read the books and followed the references back to the original source material?
          What about later stuff like Habermas? They don’t all agree. Most of them are working on tiny little esoteric questions. The idea that Columbia hired and was friendly to them is a testament to the American academy of old that looks at intelligent, hard working refuges that were escaping governments who, to paraphrase Indiana Jones, were more interested in burning books than reading them.
          My big problem here is that people like to make the FS out to be some boogie man when in reality it was a bunch of people seeking asylum from an oppressive anti-intellectual largely homosexual government holding its own nation hostage.

        3. A serious and well-reasoned response. I begin by noting that Zuckerberg is also just a geek, but a geek given sufficient following can be extraordinarily dangerous.
          Regarding music, it is indeed difficult to intellectually understand what makes it beautiful or ugly. I know some amazing music theorists who produce consistently ugly music, despite their theory suggesting it shouldn’t be so. At the same time, I know many musicians who basically “feel” their way to pleasing music, with or without theory . As a “feeler” myself, I assert that technique is essential to convey what is felt in the “soul”, but without that “soul” one cannot produce quality music. The same can be found in all artistic media – some poems are exquisite in meter and rhyme, but lack a certain something, and some poems are lacking in anything that can be considered poetry but contain that something – those poems with both (like “IF” by Kipling) are superior to both.
          Regarding original sources, it is true that I am lacking in this department. While I croon “ad fontes” at every opportunity, I haven’t yet had the desire or time to commit to learning about these things. In these cases, all I have to look at is the fruit of one’s labor.
          Regarding fruits, I also look at the geek John Dewey (who, contrary to popular knowledge, did not create the Dewey decimal system). He was of a similar mind to the Frankfurt scholars, as indicated by his ideas regarding teaching – namely, that education should be government-standardized and designed to prepare students for their proper places in society (“socializing”, as it were). One geek with a bunch of writings, but his ideas are the bedrock of the present US education system. Although the only work of his I’ve ever read would be the Humanist Manifesto (not singularly his work, but he was an original signatory), measuring the fruit would suggest his ideas were faulty.
          Or, again, we can look at a similar case among the medical sciences. Popular nutrition wisdom derives largely from the faulty research of Ancel Keys, whose Seven Countries Study was pared down from over twenty countries (unfortunately for Keys, the others destroyed all his correlative data). One geek writing research papers in the 50’s, but his conclusions were in common medical textbooks by the 70’s, in practice by the 80’s, and still commonly found in the outdated texts taught in medical schools today.
          In conclusion, while I absolutely concede that I am ignorant as to the conflicts between the various Frankfurt scholars and their original works, it would seem that many of the essences of their collective ideology are at the heart of those problems we observe in modern ideology. If true, it provides a path backwards through the formation of modern ideology toward those elements that were significant in producing the deviancy and decline observable today. And, if we can find those elements that are most hazardous, we can attempt to excise them and reformulate.

        4. I am always willing to have a serious and intelligent discussion with serious and intelligent people. What you say about music, btw, is largely the same as Adorno does. He basically thinks Jazz is pop tripe and should not be considered an art at all.
          And as for Zuck being just a geek…you see he isn’t. He wields billions of dollars which gives him power and influence. A couple of philosophy professors who just emigrated on their heels to avoid a concentration camp were happy for college housing and a library to work in and a university that they could freely explore ideas without fear of being turned in and, ya know, murdered. Zuckerberg can directly influence public policy with his money and influence. These guys could barely scrape together money for coffee. And yes, there is a sense in which people are listening to the whispers of long dead academics and yes they were playing with dangerous ideas and ideals. I am not giving any of them a free pass, I am just saying they aren’t the shady legion of doom figures they are made out to be.
          I mean, was Leo Strauss in part responsible for movement that lead to loads of dead people in Iraq…yeah, in some ways….maybe in the same way that the Japanese should have a grievance against Einstein…These Frankfurt school guys weren’t even the Oppenheimers who made the bombs, they were the einsteins sitting in libraries making the theory.
          Further, and I know I mentioned it, but I can’t stress it enough….they did not speak with a single voice. Yes, they had similar influences and often times overlapped and had a mutual respect. Think of it like this. Imagine in 75 years people said “the comments section of ROK says…..” Well, that would be unfair. I find a good 10% of the people here insufferably stupid and even of the people I like there are places where we often, respectfully, disagree.
          I actually do believe that there is a measure of relativity to ethics and morals but not in the way that some other people do. I side with Immanuel Kant who argues that morals are totally subjective but at the same time absolutely universal and hold for all humans in all cultures always.
          If you really want to see where deviancy comes from look no further than wealth. Ancient Rome didn’t need the Frankfurt school to be deviant to the point of destruction. Take it from me, a total fucking deviant, the deviancy is more a product of the wealth and complacency than it is of some long dead immigrant scholar who had an office up on 110th street and slept in a boarding house.

        5. Column A, Column B?
          While it is true that Rome’s wealth was a substantial factor to its decline, perhaps it was not merely the wealth that produced the trouble. With wealth comes a certain apathy that seems to lead toward utopian ideas (such as universal equality, peace-through-prosperity, subjective but not necessarily universal morality, etc.), and these ideals produce many forms of deviancy.
          As to Jazz, by itself it isn’t simply pop tripe, but it can lend itself to that. The best Jazz was produced by those who knew all the rules and how to break them to best produce the desired sound and emotion. Many Jazz musicians, though, simply broke those rules to break the rules, with nothing to convey. In a similar vein, modern music is plagued by those who know the rules (especially the “four chords”) but have nothing to convey.
          Kant was an interesting bird. I don’t agree with all I’ve read, but he was certainly on to something.

        6. True enough about rome and utopian ideals.
          As for Jazz…I am a big fan, both of formal jazz, bop jazz and even Ornette Coleman’s later modern stuff. Adorno decidedly thought it was all shit and that people should be listening to classical music.
          Kant is tricky to pin down. I spent the better part of a decade trying to prove to people who studied Kant for a living that they didn’t get it.

        7. I understand what you mean but Frankfurt School Theories were philosophical venom. And yes, I read Das Kapital (Marx) which is presumably one of their bases and Marcuse (partly, I couldn’t finish the book out of boredom).
          U.S. should have ignored them instead of assimilating their largely useless viewpoints. They were not Werner von Braun or Gauss.

        8. Agreed about what people should have done but also the US having a policy of openly allowing academics to come up with ideas is pretty much one of the most important things about this country.
          These ideas should have been studied abstractly by graduate students and spoken about in conferences. The problem was that there was some very good stuff there and there too.
          I have read a ton of this shit. Some of it was good other parts bullshit but I did see an honest attempt at academic work going on. That it was thrust down the throats of an unprepared public like so many german sausages by activists is something that had never happened in the multi milenia history of philosophy and couldn’t possibly have been predicted.
          It had to do with a lot of other factors too like the greatest generation spoiling their kids and voting themselves in a hue entitlements plan, like music changing, like the Vietnam war causing the youth to be wary of the current structure and a whole bunch of things…the invention of television for instance.
          There is no one big culprit, let alone a couple of philosophy professors living in asylum in New York and Chicago

        9. Well thank you for your thorough response. I agree with you on the part that the Frankfurt school guys were not the only responsible, maybe, they weren’t even evil, just misguided and thought their inquiry was beneficial…
          But the fact is that all the ideas I have seen so far from them (I admit I would have to read all their books but I have a long queue of unread books, paper and electronic and lot of things to do) are only useful if you seek to dismantle the bases of your civilization, which is precisely what happened, not only in the U.S. but in the West. Their ideas would have earned them the pike in times of yore.

          I have read a ton of this shit. Some of it was good other parts bullshit but I did see an honest attempt at academic work going on. That it was thrust down the throats of an unprepared public like so many german sausages by activists is something that had never happened in the multi milenia history of philosophy and couldn’t possibly have been predicted.
          It had to do with a lot of other factors too like the greatest generation spoiling their kids and voting themselves in a hue entitlements plan, like music changing, like the Vietnam war causing the youth to be wary of the current structure and a whole bunch of things…the invention of television for instance.
          There is no one big culprit, let alone a couple of philosophy professors living in asylum in New York and Chicago

          That is where I disagree with you. Our elites, whether Jewish and/or Gentile saw that the principles derived from the “Inquiry” of these professors were a very useful tool for their ends: total dominion of the mankind, turned into a mass of brainless slaves, rootless, lonely, stupider and far more ignorant than their ancestors from which they would be able to milk wealth and pleasure, unopposed forever or at least for a long time. And you know what: Alles ist nach Plan gelaufen!!!
          Of course prosperity played their role and the “greatest” generation spoiled their children but the rot goes far deeper, the “greatest Generation” was not even Christian, didn’t understand the faith and traditions of its ancestors they just followed the customs, hence they couldn’t pass this faith or traditions to its own children (boomers), but make no mistake. Our decadence has been engineered to a large extent by masterminds. No, they didn’t need to hold meetings or draft great Masterplans, but small numbers of intelligent people can engineer a scheme and get it rolling without having to include thousands of people that would spill the beans. Reproduce this scenario a few dozens of times and sooner or later different groups of highly intelligent people with similar goals (ie. subjugation of their lesser brethren) will start comparing notes and establishing links and if one of those elites is the head of an empire, all bets are off.
          As a personal anecdote, I have done contracts with multinational corporations (mainly logistics and processes) with “awareness divisions” in the third world, mainly Latin America, that congratulate themselves when birthrates go down thanks to their brainwashing and promotion of contraceptives or homo “marriage” is approved here and there thanks to their brainwashing campaigns (which include bribes and pressure to local media and governments to spread the same filth you have in US and Europe).
          As I said before, our decadence is not coincidence or just the effect of the internet (even though the medium has greatly accelerated it).

      2. Not to mention, the Jews gave us feminism
        Unfortunately, it was actually the Saxons who introduced the seeds that would become the Feminist movement. Clearly lots of Jewish women support it or lead it today, but they didn’t start it. You have to go back to the Saxons and Vikings to get to that root. The French in the 12th century then codified it into their code of Chivalry and from there the deal was sealed.

        1. Despite all historical claims to who introduced it first, the truth is that decadence is what introduces this stuff. It is the natural outcropping of success in a society to the point where women can make a reasonable life for themselves without men.

        2. Can’t disagree with that. Just noting that the Saxons (and Vikings) had cultures that allowed women to hold property separate from the men in their family, to hold office to a certain degree in their communities. Gotta start somewhere.

        3. listen Rabbi I have heard enough about the (((Vikings))). Horns? Funny hats. Give me a break. I know where this is going.

        4. You’re really going to make Gunnar Thorenstein angry, hoss!

        1. I should set up my own detective agency to solve the case? Otherwise what is the reference?

        2. Well as conspiracy theories go, the Jews causing everything is popular, the all roads lead to the Venetians being the puppet masters one is gaining traction also. Just thought I would toss it out there in the fray lol Personally I think without use of a time machine equipped with a cloaking device to observe actual past events rather than reading biased texts written by the winners, we’ll never really know who was the true bigger assholes in history.

        3. I think that may have been where I first read about it. It’s certainly interesting, just difficult to discern the nuggets of truth from the bs.

      3. For me, for you, and for some some people (even people here at ROK) this facts are obvious. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…..if they don’t want to see the world as it is, we can’t make them…and that’s the reason (((they))) are winning.

      4. So what is there to do?
        I don’t want to see America or Europe turn into the third world because of a bunch of bureaucrats and bankers and media pundits.
        I want to be able to tell my kids that they come from a beautiful homeland with great history and proud people. I wont be able to tell them that if Europe turns into an Arabian welfare state.
        Putting the impotence and treachery of the Aryans and Jews aside, what is there to do?

        1. Hi Clark,
          I’ve thought about your question for awhile now, but don’t necessarily have a solid answer for you. I’ll just offer up some *general* ideas to perhaps guide you in the right direction.
          I will first say that the concept of “Aryans” in 2016 has become somewhat of a “non sequitur” in discussions of this type. I’ve been a regular visitor to the major alt. Right websites (Daily Stormer .com and The Right Stuff .biz) and also have followed the some of the major figures within the movement; I never hear serious talk about the formation of an “Aryan Race” in the current year.
          We’re just basic pro-White, and we realize that the wars of the 20th century between White nations were mostly instigated by a particular (((non-White racial group))). We want a lasting peace, not some kind of “purity war” between various European ethnicities. If the future of White nations is secured, then sure, perhaps they will want to practice more formal eugenics programs in the future, it’s up to them I guess!
          So, what is there to do? Well, we need White unity. Solidarity. We need to have an all-out campaign to awaken our people. We have to recognize en masse that our racial group is indeed under attack by a group of outsiders who are driven by their own twisted tribal interests. The only way to beat these bastards is to unite racially, because most Whites will NEVER rally around some kind of set of principles (such as “preserve our freedom!!” or “save the Constitution!!”).
          The Founding Fathers might have been able to pull this off (rallying around a set of principles), but that was before we arrived at our current degenerate state. That was a time when loyalty, honor, and other virtues were more commonplace. Plus, it was still an implicitly “racial” movement anyway because those men shared similar backgrounds. However, I believe people WILL unite (even in 2016) if they feel that their very biological existence and future is under threat. We have to tap into this primal urge to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
          I know, I know. This may sound a bit extreme, right? A few years ago, I never thought I’d be typing these words with conviction, but here we are. You may shrug these words off now, you may not want to believe it, but I GUARANTEE YOU Clark that within a few decades these truths will become blindingly self-evident, and I don’t want any of us to have to look back wishing we had done more to turn this thing around.

        2. It doesn’t sound extreme. Sometimes I wonder if the end-goal is to have whites be a minority group, who will eventually benefit from things like affirmative action, special subsidies, etc. But there is no guarantee that whites will be given that kind of treatment, nor whether the system would still be able to even support that kind of system. Things might just break down after a couple decades of decadence and aimlessness.
          And yeah I think by Aryans I more or less meant gentiles, but I’m not sure what the attitudes are between different European groups (i.e., are Italians considered as part of the European ethno-state?).
          Fundamentally I think your solution is the most intuitive one. Whites need to rediscover a sense of unity based on their common ethnicity. Pretty much every successful group on the planet operates that way, and whites are in a delusional comfortable state right now.
          Democracy without any sense of duty to the nation/aristocracy/monarchy or otherwise is clearly a failure, as we’re watching society gradually turn into totalitarian state before our eyes (Aristocracy > Timocracy > Oligarchy > Democracy > Tyranny). My point is, society is breaking apart and it is long due that Europeans quit apologizing for their existence, find a common ground, and assert themselves whether politically or better yet independently of the system.

        3. I think to bring Euros together in the real world would also be beneficial.
          I would be willing to bet that there are lots of guys out there like me that want a sense of community related to ethnicity and cultural background, but it just doesn’t seem physically available to me.
          Most Europeans (I’m half Italian/Spanish btw) that I meet fit into the liberal anti-traditionalist camp. Some of the biggest feminists that I know are Italian girls that have solid jobs but no man and no family. To me it seems like a waste, and from knowing them personally it is clear that they are totally miserable and alone.
          I see the cultural Marxist brainwashing as a real threat, and specifically because it is beyond reproach. My Facebook is filled with people saying that what Trump said about women is by definition reprehensible, and yet we are surrounded by degenerate filth all day all the time. Women are simply denying their amoral nature, and pussy men are white knighting for them pretending that they themselves do not notice patterns about female behaviour.
          If people truly are sheep as we jest to describe them as, then there really should be predictable outcomes from certain actions. I think that if Europeans (men will probably be the most receptive at first) can come together physically, and congregate that would have the strongest influence locally. Once women and other men notice a group of men acting on their own interests, people will more readily adopt a new set of ideas.
          But this cannot have the aura of Nazi-sympathizers or skin-heads I don’t think, which is easy to dismiss as quintessentially evil. I think Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance guys have an intelligent aesthetic which is broader in scope.
          To conclude my rant, I think the only barrier to what I’m describing is the ways in which men come together. Men are predisposed to not bond with other men as easily as women bond with each other. To help men come together and overcome their cultural/ethnic isolation would require a bit of creative thinking.
          Anyways, thanks for sharing a serious response to a serious question. I’m too lazy to edit my posts atm but that is the gist of my thinking on this issue.

        4. I’m glad you’ve heard of Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. When it comes to racial statistics he’s definitely at the forefront of research, plus he’s been able to receive TV time in the past and reach a larger audience.
          American Renaissance is a good starting point for people curious about White identity and racial differences. One of the gals I follow on Disqus, Sandy, is one of the top commenters over there; she’s quite brilliant, and is also in agreement with us men on the ills of feminism and “you go girlism”. I would definitely say that if you don’t read American Renaissance to perhaps spend some time over there. Also, if you do, be sure to READ THE DISQUS COMMENTS, as you do on Return of Kings. Two years ago, when I first started reading R.O.K., I probably learned more from the comments than the articles.
          I also recommend the The Right Stuff, Red Ice Radio, The Occidental Observer, David Duke’s website, and Morgoth’s Review. Most of these websites all use Disqus, which is nice because you can easily jump in the discussion. On YouTube, I recommend the channels “The Impartial Truth” and “Oscar Turner” (Omniphi). Again, the comments are very enlightening and can help lead to better discoveries.
          As for “real world” political action and formation of groups, I like the model being used by the “Nordic Resistance” up in Scandinavia. Of course, at this point Clark, any pro-White movement is going to be labelled “neo-Nazi” by the entire mainstream media complex. It’s just a label we’ll probably have to confront head-on. Like you said – NO APOLOGIES. The Nordic Resistance are well spoken and politically educated, well dressed and groomed, have good physical form (they do physical training together), and as you can see from the following video, they command respect from general audiences:

        5. I’m humbled. Words fail. I’ve been so triggered lately, by news of the election, I can barely post, and take comfort in reading others, when my mind draws a blank. If that makes sense.
          One problem with AmRen is they don’t see the JQ as central to issues we face, so one does have to be careful posting there. But as you said, it’s hard to beat AmRen when it comes to race.
          RoK is a man’s domain, I respect that, and wouldn’t post, if I hadn’t seen my name. But my spirit soared, when you spoke, in your other comment, of the need for a White unity, beyond mere nationalism. An “all-out campaign to awaken our people.”
          My heart swells with pride, knowing there are guys like you, and others, on TRS, Red Ice, etc., who work every day, online and IRL, to secure the existence of our people, and future for our children.
          You fight for us all. I’m grateful and heartened, especially when I’m so triggered, I can’t even think to post myself.

        6. First time on this site, and I agree about learning more from the comments than the article.

        7. If American Renaissance really wants to call themselves “America’s foremost authority on race realist thought,” why don’t they acknowledge the fact that “white”/European is not a race?

      5. Yeah but understand that Jews are superior in both intellect and tribalism, they dominate every industry: (medicine, law, finance, media.) They certainly skew left, but there are definitely Jews who are on our side. They are disproportionately represented at the top in everything, not only at the apex of leftism.

    2. Yeah, this article is kind of shitty. I’d expect it on huffington post. Change the target of hillary to trump and say old shit. Complete with ‘evil nazi’ bullshit.

  7. Socialism as Envy, in 4 lines:
    ..’If a man knows that what he’s done is good?’
    ‘Then he ought to apologize for it’
    ‘To whom?’
    ‘To those who haven’t done it’
    Remember: ‘You didn’t build that!!’

  8. Let’s not forget that they also want a world war (with Russia) in spite of the fact that these cowards would be the last people in the country to volunteer to fight in the front lines. Just listen to Hillary’s rhetoric, she wants war bad.

    1. Hilary will invade Russia in a land war next winter because invading Russia in the winter on land has historically been very successful.

      1. Russia ordered their citizens living abroad to return home, so something is afoot

        1. I think he recalled the children of high ranking officials not “Russian citizens” in general. If he did that I would be very sad as I plan to, er…..invade Russia this weekend.

        2. actually I had stopped but she just hit me up on IG and asked what I was up to totally out of the blue…so more of a case of “once you go knee there’s no one but me”

        1. lol. The sad thing is, so many of these people are so pot committed to their positions that I can see them actually crossing the Nemen River and marching towards Moscow in Bahama shorts and flip flops in January.

    2. The optimist in me says there may be a bright side now that the military and combat arms are open to transgenders, faggots and you go girl feminists. If they want to follow their cankled fuhrer’s dictates into the lines of Russian tanks and machine guns, maybe we should count our blessings and just tell our sons not to join the military.

      1. “..to transgenders, faggots and you go girl feminists.”
        Who will wail, cry and run before the first draft notice hits the mailbox. The miliary today is in no shape to do jack, but that was by probably by design.

  9. I also remember reading somewhere that the Third Reich changed all their Jews’ middle names to Israel or Sarah (depending on sex).

  10. Hi guys. I’ve had to open a different DISQUS account (long story). You can probably infer my previous online identity through my style of writing and my issues.
    I look forward to the “Literally Trump” era, myself. These Nazi Creative Anachronists need to drop their Hitler worship and deal with the real, existing crisis facing white men in a big swath of the world. A white man who died 71 years ago can’t tell living white people what to do to defend ourselves.
    The Holocaust denialism especially makes me laugh: The Holocaust didn’t happen, but Hitler did the world a favor by killing all those Jews.

        1. I love that she has a whole sub page in her page called Literally Trump. However, if there was anyone with some creativity or brains she would have called it Truthfully Trump

        1. Except that I’ve written about a lot of different things. The Alt Right propaganda takes priority now because of the election.

        2. I think, nay – I KNOW I speak for literally (Hitler) everyone when I say we’d love for you to explain the long story behind needing a different Disqus account.

  11. I love it how the unspoken definition of whiteness is being better than ever one else. Whenever you hear someone accused of whitenes its always because they are doing something better.

    1. People don’t like the Alt Right’s message because we embrace the tragedy of the human condition, and no amount of politics can make that tragedy go away. Inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy come from the nature of things, not from the cruelty or selfishness in white men’s hearts.

      1. Agree, except I don’t think cruelty and selfishness are necessarily disconnected from inequality, although one can certainly exceed in life without falling into either trap.

  12. In before the argument over whether Hitler was a “leftist” or “rightist” nonsense starts again.

    1. Hitler looks “deadist” to me. He can’t tell living white people what we have to do about our current existential crisis.
      Not that I have a boner for Trump, because I think he stumbled into this crisis without planning on it.

      1. wait a minute!
        If Hitler is a “deadist” and if deadists can’t tell living people what to do then presumably deadists CAN tell dead people what to do and therefore Hitler can tell dead people what to do.
        By this logic Hitler is the King of the Zombies and, presumably, will be leading the Zombie Apocalypse.
        I am assuming a 107% chance this will happen with a +/- of 3%

        1. Your logic is impeccable and your statistical analysis irrefutable.
          You merely forgot to add that Plato will be (literally) Hitler’s faggot bride of the Zombie Apocalypse(™)

        2. I figured that went without saying but yes Plato will Literally Be Hitler’s Faggot Bride as Hitler leads an army of the dead down on the world.

        3. Can’t wait… gonna grab the popcorn…
          I think this thread, and hence the article, has now reached it’s logical conclusion. Nothing more to be said…

        4. Haven’t seen Army of Darkness I take it (nor The Big Lebowski)? It was a sub-reference twofer!

        5. I have not….but to be true I was never moted so I can’t really be demoted.

        6. Lebowski is a reference gold mine, chief. Like one of the best in the reference category.

        7. I know, it is very high on the list of things I need to watch but haven’t got around to.

        8. Wow, the debate really did go downhill after this…
          From the state of the comments I’d say the Hitler & gay-Plato bride Zombie Apocalypse idea was the most sensible to come out of the entire comments section!

    2. It seems like a false argument. It is like asking if Plato was a faggot. They simply had a different schema back then. You can’t apply modern notions to historical figures. It just doesn’t work that way.

  13. Another interesting point. A lot of the Jews in Germany saw the oppression and violence on the way but felt they would be safe if they supported Hitler and his party. How wrong they were. Leftist sympathizers are the same.

  14. Hillary will start world war 3. She’s already started laying the groundwork. She’ll want to implement a no-fly zone in Syria. How is she going to do that without getting into fights with Russian jets who currently own that airspace? It will mean having to shoot down and Putin isn’t going to take that lightly, especially from no woman. And the U.S., right now does not have the means to wage nuclear war, which is what it would boil down to.

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand why Putin’s explicit warnings about nuclear war haven’t become a campaign issue. Does Hillary think that if she becomes President, she can repeat John Kennedy’s success in defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis and bolster her reputation? Because she simply doesn’t have the goods to do that.

      1. But Trump, who is literally Hitler, said pussy.
        On the wife’s FB feed — a quite wealthy college friend of hers said she cannot support Trump because she has a handicapped kid (cock carousel, late marriage (AF/BB) to rich beta, posh apartment in mid town Manhattan, etc.) And she said that because Hitler euthanized handicapped people that Trump would euthanize her differently abled son once elected.
        Therefore anybody backing Trump is literally calling for gassing the handicapped kids, gays, gypsies, and of course the jews. And a vote for Hillary would be a vote for compassion and love.

    2. Not a Shrillary supporter by any means, but a tin horn tyrant like Putin with a looks-good-on-paper. military and a GDP smaller than Italy’s or California’s needs to be put back in his box. As for our nuclear deterrent, it’s more than adequate, especially when you consider the shape Russia’s has been in since the USSR’s collapse. But it’ll never come to that. Because nukes are so devastating, their use is virtually impossible. A no-fly zone over Syria would not be hard to establish. One carrier task force could do it. Standoff weapons would take care of SAMs. And Russia is not going to risk it all just to save Assad’s ass. And Assad is a monster, he needs to go yesterday! As for WW3, what country in its right mind would side with Russia? Belarus?

      1. I liked what Trump said…let Putin bomb Isis…what’s the problem? We are so obsessed with outing Assad it is stupid.

        1. Well, Assad is protecting the very minority Christian population so they can’t be genocided like the rest of the Christians in the region. If nothing, our Elite do so loathe the Christians wherever they find them. So Assad has to go.

  15. Jews have a problem maintaining Hitler’s bad reputation with the goyim because just about everyone who remembers the Nazi era has died by now. Hitler just becomes a receding abstraction in the minds of youngsters who don’t have elders around to tell them from memory about that time.
    And as the United States becomes predominantly Hispanic, these “new Americans” won’t give a crap about some long-dead white man over in Europe.

  16. “John Carver evaded capture by the Commie-Nazi’s and now traverses the globe in pursuit of truth and happiness.”
    The National Socialists were the polar opposite of Communists and Cultural Marxists
    >pursuit of truth
    You’ve failed miserably at this point. LOL. Keep trying, faggot.

        1. no, we just need to get effeminate sissies to man up or we are going to keep going in one (((direction))). The problem with our modern “Nazis” is that they are just black lives matters people with different hair color. I am sorry, I call homosexuals out for this behavior as much as I call you sissies out. Take some personal responsibility and be a man.

    1. By polar opposite, do you mean that they advocated the same exact socialist policies and only differed on the revolutionary aspect of otherthrowing a society? Or do you mean that when Hitler was giddy to welcome communists into the ranks of the Nazis in Germany, he was doing so as some sort of….ruse…and not because he felt (and declared) how they were so similar in ideological underpinnings?
      Just curious, dad dad daddy-o.

      1. You sure you’re not (((White))), GOJ? Your subtle anti-White subversion has become clear over the two years I’ve been reading R.O.K. You shill for the enemy.
        Every. Single. Time.

        1. Well, child, my maternal family is from London and are stout Saxons of the Anglican faith, and my paternal family is from Scotland and are stout Gaels of the Presbyterian faith. So yeah, no.
          Shill for the enemy? What did I say that was incorrect? Nothing. Not one thing. Which is why you had to attack my character with (((your))) ad hominem instead of answer my posts actual questions. (((right)))?

        2. R.O.K comments is becoming a circle jerk with “lolknee”, GOJ, Unabashed, and a few others who are enemies to the truth.

        3. Then bring over your brain dead stormers and confront us, child. But you can’t because end of the day, your idiotic ideology falls in the face of clear facts.
          Que sera….sera.

        4. all these people calling your out on your faggy cowardice and cognitive dissonance hurt your feelings mary?

        5. I didn’t ask about their religion, I’m talking about your DNA. You act like a subversive Jew. Likely a crypto. You have been a consistent enemy of the truth around here for months.

        6. And I told you what we are, low octane. If you’re a Gael and Saxon mix, guess what your DNA is *not*. I’ll wait while you try noodle that out.
          And again, you can’t actually address my original post. You know I’m right so your tactic is “attack GOJ and hope to distract from the fact that he’s right!”. Eh?

        7. I only use ad hominem because you are a consistent shill for Jews. I’ve seen you on several occasions be confronted with fact about Jews and the National Socialists and you never respond. You just leave it sit.
          Which, I believe, is what I’ll now do. Just wanted to make sure that newer, Jew-wise readers are aware of you.

        8. You’re a likely crypto Jew. It would explain your consistent pro-Jew anti-White behavior.

        9. No, you used ad hominem because you can’t refute my point. The “fact”. Lol. Ok. Whatever, low octane.

        10. You’d think of all people, these Stormer types would be up on all of the strains of Whitey DNA. Apparently they’re starting to recruit from the lower end of the gene pool these days.

        11. well someone below I think just suggested that King George II was a jew.

        12. Why is it always the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of intelligence that drones on about the purity of the race?

        13. I’d probably be more sympathetic to these types if they were all built like Thor (or for the women, Sif) and held engineering jobs. Then I could at least say “Yeah, they do seem to have a point about beauty and intelligence”. But..alas…twas never to be.

        14. What’s funny is apparently I’m doing “anti-white” behavior. Which is weird because other sites that follow ROK seem to think I’m a WN.
          It’s all confusion.

        15. take a look down at the kid putting down the pink swastika book. That is the exact problem that I am most concerned with in this world. Don’t know how much harder I can roll my eyes.

        16. “Que sera….sera.”
          Oh man, we need this wall! I knew it. You’re a (((Mexican)))

        17. The Aztecs were the people the predicted that the world would end in 2012 when Danny Trejo smashed it like a piñata. The Mexipocolypse. Man, what a let down.

        18. What is the ethnic composition of Mexicans? Indians and Spanish predominantly. Indians own what? You got it, they own (((casinos))). Ergo, when speaking Spanish one is virtue signaling that one is really one of (((them))).

        19. (((Spanish))) yeah…you guys who got away from Torquemada and ran off to Mexico where you would breed with the (((Indians) and set up (((casinos))) all to eventually get (((Trump))) elected

        20. We wanted to stay in (((Spain))) but that inquisition guy, you couldn’t torquemada anything!

        21. Just because they’re calling you out on your bullshit doesn’t mean they hate you, or that they’re opposed to truth.
          A lack of intellectual honesty, and using (((them))) as an excuse for every shortcoming is why WN circle jerks are so frowned upon in these parts.
          Even if (((they))) are at the root of everything that is wrong with western civ (and (((they))) aren’t) it is a bullshit call to declare anything too sacred to discuss.

        22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_parentheses
          I didn’t expect there to be a Wikipedia page on it. Holy shit it was a good laugh.
          The premise started about 2 years ago, and its meant to identify Jews or Jewish concepts, especially if they are perceived as detrimental to western civilization. Some people form an entire conspiracy theory out of the Jewish connection of these things. Sometimes because a cabal is legitimate or sometimes they are just being very ironic.
          Ex: Professor (((Goldshekelberg))) was lecturing us on the merits of (((Sociology))) and embracing (((diversity))). I told him it wasn’t that great, and kind of a drag in fact. I found out that I was expelled from the university and that certain groups are really outraged at me. I was put on a right wing terror list by the ADL and the SPLC.

        23. Lacking comfort in their own achievements and abilities, they project an entire race’s success onto themselves.

        24. I’ve noticed a few on here seem to shill for Jewishness. It’s a shame we cannot have a true intellectual discussion on Jews or hitler, shows the amount of subversion that even this site has within it.

        25. I haven’t seen anybody drone on about racial purity on this thread. C alling out Jewry and pointing out the positives of hitlers regime is an entirely different thing. Why is it when somebody calls out Jewry and praises Hitler they have to be slandered like this. Seems awful similar to the tactics of the left.

        26. The fact that you label everyone that praises nazis as such, shows your intelligence is limited.

        27. Because pointing fingers at at “Jewry” and looking for help in a guy who shot himself after collosal failure before your parents were probably born is weak ass bullshit that makes me think you are too ashamed of yourself and your own lack of accomplishments and too afraid of a big scary world to really do anything meaningful

        28. Shall I ignore the obvious and real impact of Jews on this world. Shall we all be like you and only care about ourselves. The very mentality that allows the Jew to rule. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Some of us do not equate success with finance or material or status or even experiences. Some of us hold higher values. Those that hold higher values, ones greater than self love, want answers as to why our society as a whole doesn’t hold these values. The answer is simple and obvious if you only care to look. The funny thing is, your mentality to me is the weak one.

        29. While while you are pretending that the boogie man is out to get you and reading confirmation echo chambers while self loving into a sock or whatever people are out there living their lives.
          I am not sure what values you hold but from what I can see “victim mentality” “scape goating” and pretending you are an important member of society seem to be amongst them.
          It’s ok because you are an irrelevant nobody and will continue to be with these values. You are no different than the black lives matters people–annoying but in the end avoidable.

        30. All this because I defend hitler nazism and condemn Zionism. Your attempts at psychology are weak. You should go live your meaningless life of selfish pleasure. Go fuck your self as well you maggot, you are a waste of life.

        31. No I say it because you refuse to be a man and I shame faggots, cowards and sissies

        32. Your idea of a man is one who places no importance on his community, society, or nation. Your a weak pleasure seeker. You do not have any clue what a man is. You selfish to the core, you only care about yourself and damn everybody else, this is no man. The only bitch here is you.

        33. You react the same way fat chicks react when I shame them for being fat which just confirms the fact that you are nothing but an SJW faggot.
          Peace out Mary. Drop me a line if you ever grow up and find your balls

        34. Hahahaha I ask you a legit question and you respond with personal attacks yet you call me feminine.

        35. I don’t see any questions you asked that I didn’t answer. You are basically going full trigglypoof.

        36. I think you may have fried your brain cells from all that selfish pleasure seeking. I’m done with you. You clearly have nothing to offer except selfish seeking.

        37. So if one doesn’t tow the Stormer line, then one is a shill.
          Intellectual discussions involve a point, counter point and a resolution. Or has that escaped you?

        38. Every one I met matched the definition of “absolute loser”.
          By Nazi standards, I’m the ideal man. Why aren’t I attracted to your modern prophets? Wart ridden, malnourished (or too nourished), IQ 80 and cannot even speak their own proud tongue with competence. They repel me. I’m not into “vibrant diversity” but if this is all you have to offer, then what in the fuck, dude?
          If you want to convince me, you’ll need to provide living examples of your superiority. Telling me “U R dumb a’cause you don’t believe like me” is juvenile. Show me your supermen and women. Until then, shut your dick hole.
          Edit: I suspect you had no clue who Sif was until I mentioned her. You weaklings and your crap. Repulsive.

        39. What I don’t get is how anybody who points out positives in hitler or nazism is lambasted that is my only point. I’ve scrolled up and down this thread and all I see is outright defamation. When in reality the guy and his regime had some great ideas, some bad ones, yes.

        40. I do see your point here, just thought somebody needed to defend nazism. I am in no way onboard with the whole ideology, I just believe certain aspects can be beneficial to our current situation, and it shouldn’t be completely written off

        41. I’ve met him head on objectively, fairly and admitted he had good qualities. And you responded, so I assume you read my posts. I like nationalism, I like preserving one’s own people (mine being Lilly white Gaels and Saxons), I approve of things like closed borders and knocking the shit out of communists. But by God, I will not sit here and be derided by a movement consisting of low rung losers spewing nonsense, and a few confidence men raking in cash.
          Every human being has positives and negatives. Hitler is no different. So why worship him as a god?
          You want the approval of real ubermenschen, then do the hard work to make things count. Stop recruiting scumbags and retards. Raise your fucking heads and aspire to more. I despise weakness and cowardice. Stop being a victim and start being a conqueror.
          Until then, I’ve no interest.

        42. I never said anything about superiority. I never even mentioned that I was against diversity. I merely pointed out that there is much more to nazism then you let on to know of.

        43. Good. Close borders. Preserve one’s own people and nation. Raise pride again in our populace as a people. I’m on board with that.

        44. I don’t give a shit about diversity. I spit on diversity actually. The only diversity I recognize is that of talent. Nothing more.
          Edit: Shit, I brought it up first. Your point, my bad.

        45. I do not worship him. I simply believe he could be seen as an example of what one should do but also what one should not do. He shouldn’t be completely blasted though, which is the impression I got form this thread. Everything you just said I completely agree with. If I insulted you I know offer my apologies. We are on the same team.

        46. It’s all good. I am only for diversity in the sense of southern US customs vs Midwest vs southwest. This I what I thought you meant. I despise liberal notions of diversity as well.

        47. Fair post. There is an imbalance of coverage. History is written by the victors after all.

      2. Communists (KPD) backed AH on the election in 33′ over the SPD. They were very similiar, but most don’t know enough political history to determine that.

        1. Yep. If Hitler hadn’t went after Jews (among many other groups of course) the Stormers wouldn’t even give him a second glance. But because (((them))), why, he’s a motherfucking hero, despite basically being a nicely dressed version of Lenin.

        2. Without Bismark there would have never been a Lenin. Where did the money come from to purchase Bolshevik’s weapons?
          Europe was a basket case at the beginning of the 20th century.

      3. Dude your way off. You keep spewing this garbage but you have no clue.
        Didn’t you just tell somebody the other day to stay out of threads you have no knowledge of. You need to do more research.

      4. I will say that national socialism is clearly not the answer, it was an attempt to build a natural hierarchical society similar to the Roman one based of higher virtues outside of individualism. Hitler sympathized with some communists because he seen a similar dislike in them of liberal democracies. He had no sympathies for communism. Your statements show a clear lack of both knowledge and understanding

  17. Well this is funny. I was going to write a blog post along the same theme : “Was Hitler an HR Professional?”
    Evidence :
    He was concerned about diversity and inclusion
    He wanted to keep undesirables out of the organization
    He had a process for dealing with under-performers
    He believed in growing the business
    Was totally loyal to the organization
    You could probably come up with other corroborations.

      1. Well considering that the whole party was started in a gay bar in Munich….

  18. We also need to be a bit more intellectually honest here. Despite all the joking around Hitler was a good leader that if he won we’d never have this SJW shit we are dealing with today.
    To equate hitler with stalin just because they mowed people down is leftist thinking. Would we not decimate our enemies if given the chance?

    1. If Hitler hadn’t started the war and just concentrated on making Germany a better country for Germans, as he showed signs of doing in the 1930’s, today he would have the reputation as a “progressive” leader, but in a good way. The Nazis had some forward-thinking ideas about public health and preserving the natural environment, for example.
      America’s progressives used to care about those things, too, until they decided that promoting sexual degeneracy, recreational drug use and fat acceptance would further their goals. And they have totally abandoned America’s environment. Back in the 1970’s leftists wanted to control America’s population based on ecological considerations about the nation’s “carrying capacity.” But who talks that way now? They have trashed environmental sustainability because it gets in way of the river of meat they want to let into the United States to dispossess the nation’s historical white population.

      1. Hitler couldn’t just “not start the war”. The only way he could really improve the country was to get Danzig, but that required going to war with Poland, and then the rest of the world declared war on Germany, not the other way around.

    2. that if he won we’d never have this SJW shit we are dealing with today.
      Yeah, if there’s one thing you can say about Hitler, he certainly wasn’t a nearly asexual, vegetarian, environmentalist type who was obsessed with dogs.

      1. Hitler was married, why would you say he is asexual? And even if he was, why would you give a shit? Asexual people aren’t threatening you in anyway. They aren’t spreading HIV. Also, why the fuck would you be against environmentalism?

        1. Married at the last minute, no proof of consummation, and he was entirely too much into…light in the loafers…distractions.
          Environmentalism as it exists today is a scam. That you’ve bought into. And I’m not going to lift one finger to stop you from contributing all that you can to it. Because I like seeing an all day sucker being fleeced. Leftist.

  19. This article won’t sit well with the Pepe the Frog loving, Milo/Gavin/Dickie Spencer reading, Kek-worshipping alt.righties who make up much of the RoK readership, and who see Der Führer as their Main Man.

    1. I hear that Bernie might be doing a Walker Roundup Tour in your area. You should go see if that’s true.

  20. (Literally) Hitler

    I love when a meme takes off.

  21. Here comes “lolknee” and “FitzRoy Sommerset” and “Izzal Lirum” to fill the comments with their kike bullshit.
    Lies can’t bury the truth forever. Tick Tock.

  22. I’m curious as to what this literally Hitler thing means.
    Is this an affront to one of the greatest men of the modern era or a simple mocking of those that believe he was evil?

    1. Is this an affront to one of the greatest men of the modern era
      I can’t see how it relates to Churchill?

        1. I’ll give you that one. You should do a little more research on Adolf though.

        2. Politics aside he never really impressed me very much. I do think he had a great gift of persuasion though.
          There was a movie out recently, in English it’s titled “Look Who’s Back” and it portrayed Hitler magically transferred to the year 2014 (I think it was 2014, maybe 2013, I can’t remember). The actor was a *dead ringer* for the man. And the personality he put on in the show actually was very, very convincing. A dynamic person who was able to emote empathy and strength simultaneously and could control a crowd like nobody’s business. I mean stone cold competently, even bordering on heroic in ways. And I thought “Christ, if Hitler was actually really like the actor’s portrayal I can see *precisely* why people fell into his hands so readily”. They lived in tough times and in walks this amazingly charming AND strength filled personality to take them away from the reality of the world. Who wouldn’t follow that, generally speaking.
          But then I think, man, that dude was totally fucked in the strategy and tactics department and his ego was too large to listen to any voice but his own as time passed. As a military leader he reeked incompetence and should have known enough to not dismiss his General Staff out of hand.
          As a leader of men, I give him high marks based on how effortlessly he could charm the masses. As a leader of war, I think he really, really was outclassed by just about every general on the field and he should have stepped back and said “Rommell, the rest of y’all, yeah, go git’r’done, let me know when you’re finished”. Way too much ego in that boy.
          Again, all politics to the side.

        3. No doubt he had his flaws. He screwed up after he refused to delegate military strategy to those more competent but fuck, thirty miles from Moscow? Who wouldn’t be pissed? The man is still our greatest examples when it comes to rallying a nation against this global kabal of Jews. He had a lot of courage and a rock solid will. He was willing to give everything for German sovereignty and to defeat Jewry.The guy was great not just in what he did, though he, like every man had flaws but also in his willingness to do it win or lose. The ego he had was more based on him believing his mission was blessed by god to succeed and less on how great he thought himself. God instead used him as an example for us and destined him to fail. Hitler was a great man and our greatest example if we want to topple international Jewry. Vision, will, and courage.

        1. Thank you for chiming in, Leftist.
          He killed your Hitler friend in ideology. I salute him.

        2. HAHAHA, it was the Soviets that did that, not the British. Had the British stool alone against Germany, they wouldn’t have stood a fucking chance.

  23. GOJ seems ok at times, but he is similar to his little lapdog lolknee in that they talk endless about how alpha they are, how they travel everywhere, hot girl in tow and yet have (literally) thousands of posts on ROK.
    Things that make you wonder…

    1. Working from home and getting one’s work done for the day early gives me lots of time to post. I get bored. Heh.
      When you can’t fight the argument, attack the source. A typical Leftist tactic a la Alinsky. Well done.

        1. We can put Red Hood’s Assault in the running also.
          Isn’t there a fifth member of the Rat Pack?

        2. But Carson made frequent appearances in the 60’s. If you ever want to have a very happy day watch the 1965 rat pack show with Carson. It’s on YouTube and about 1:35:00 and it is maybe the best thing on the internet

        3. PSquare or RedHoodsAssault would easily be welcome members to the New Ratpack.

      1. I don’t drink anymore. I freeze it and eat it like a popsicle. @disqus_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus always told me you’re not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding on. @unabashed came to my house and we were in my den……swimming, and he mixed a drink and I looked down at him and said what are you drinking Unabashed and he looked down at me and said scotch and carrot juice. I’m tight but I can see real good. But really, I feel bad for you guys who don’t drink because when you get up in the morning that’s as good as yo’re going to feel allllll day. @ghostofjefferson:disqus and I just flew in. We didn’t even take an airplane we just flew right on in. Now I have some special requests but I’m gonna start singing anyhow”

        1. I swear man, everything you say reminds me of family guy. Especially “freeze it and eat it like a popsicle”
          Anyways, it’s at 0:10

        2. Freeze it and eat it like a popsicle is a dead Martin line..actually thstbwhole speech is

    2. You seem to have never heard of a hobby. Would you prefer he played golf?
      I hate stupid bitches.

      1. I actually wish that work was structured in such a way that once you were done with your tasks you could just get up and take the rest of the day off. Unfortunately I’m tethered to this computer for 8 hours a day come hell or high water, which sucks. I’m social so playing video games all day would get on my nerves, since I prefer human interaction.

        1. Exactly.There are 24 hours in a day. Everyone has downtime. This guy is a fucking idiot.

        2. I wonder if future, more tech savvy generations will eventually stop equating number of hours worked with how hard one works and start looking at work product and value to company versus salary instead. When someone tells me they worked an 80 hour week (unless they are an ER surgeon or a someone who needs to read huge legal briefs) all I can think is “it would take me 2 weeks to figure out how your job could be done in 1/4 the time. People bragging about how many hours they work always makes me laugh.

        1. It was too cute to pass up.
          Yes, babies can even make Hitler cute. Film at 11.

  24. I think I’m going to check on these brown sugar baked beans and ham I’ve had simmering on the stove all day. Maybe make up a pan of cornbread and some greens to go with them. Sure smells like autumn in my kitchen.

      1. Absolutely. We got some from the local Apple Harvest Festival this weekend from some local farmers; ham is from Mennonites.

        1. I’ve never made ham from Mennonites. Does it taste significantly different than ham made from pork?

        2. It is slightly sweeter than ham made from pork, but some argue it is not as organic as ham made from Amish.

        3. It tastes differently than making pork from Amish but in a way that is only significant to about .05% of the population

    1. If your definition of right wing is Monarchy then you’d be correct. But if you believe classical liberalism is right wing, then you are the historically illiterate idiot

      1. Classic liberalism is basically libertarian, which is significantly closer to right wing today than left wing – which is 100% statist.

        1. I agree with you here, nazism was no where near perfect, they atleast attempted to curb the degeneracy.

        2. Seeing no positives in Hitler, nazism, or what the movement really stood for in terms of who and what they were resisting, to me is silly. That’s why I have defended it on this thread. Every comment seemed to blast the whole movement which is idiotic considering it has both good and bad parts.

        3. Agreed. A lot of people forget his Germany first policy pulled Germany out of the great depression before all other major powers as well.

    2. White supremacism, anti-Semitism, pro-family, pro-war, pro-Imperialism . . . sound right-wing to me.

      1. Actually, Gill Troll, it’s pretty damned Leftist on the race stuff. And the Left is infamous for loving war. Neocons are Leftists, and prior to the 1980’s the GOP slogan was “Peace and Prosperity” because the Right didn’t start wars. But your beloved LBJ and Kennedy and Adolf and Stalin did.

      2. All of this is trumped by the fact that he was a socialist, like the name of his party would suggest. It’s like I’m arguing that something is a cat but you claim it’s actually a snake because it has yellow eyes. The only way you can come to that conclusion is by ignoring the most defining features like the fact that it has fur, claws and that it meows.

    1. Nazism is more Right than classical liberalism. You haven’t s clue buddy, did somebody tell you this and you now repeat it like a parrot?

      1. yes, but classic liberalism is closer to the right today than the left. On the modern day spectrum of left = big gov is good and right = small gov, nazism is indeed leftist. Considering it stands for national socialist..well…

        1. The meritocratic hierarchical system based off higher values, even if you don’t agree with all of them, is what makes it closer to the right. With that said I do see your point.
          To clear something up in case your unaware, the right/left spectrum I am using is: Right = Monarchy and Left = Everything else, starting with classical liberalism.
          I will add that the monarchy has to be righteous and some what decentralized to be great.

      2. Hitler was a socialist. Period. and socialism is not ‘right-wing’, alt-right, or any other facet of ‘right-thinking’.

        1. Yes I’m saying national socialism was closer to the Right i.e. Monarchy than classical liberalism ever was or is.

        2. Nope.
          Under Hitler: No wealth transfer. No wealth distribution, no higher taxes. No fiat debt money.
          Joos out of banking. Abortion banned. Gun age lowered to 18

        3. Hitler banned abortion in favor of eugenics and sterilization, very popular at the time with progessives in England, United States, Canada, and Australia. Hitler relaxed some controls on gun ownership and increased others. Basically after 1938 you had to be a party member and anyone without a registered weapon could be shot on site.

        4. Yes.
          Hitler banned abortion in favor of Eugenics which was very popular with the left in Britain, United States, Canada, and Australia before WW2. Hitler also relaxed some gun laws and placed more restrictions in other areas. After 1938, you had to be a Party member to own a weapon. And the weapon had to be registered and buyer’s name and address put in a book. There was no anonymity in gun purchases. Also if the Police caught you with a weapon that was not registered, you could be shot on site.

        5. Yes.
          Hitler banned abortions in favor eugenics and sterilzations, which was popular at the time with the left in Canada, United States, Great Britain and Australia.
          Hitler also relaxed some gun laws and placed restrictions in other areas. You had to be a party member to purchase a weapon and it had to be registered. If you were caught with an unregistered weapon, you could be shot on site.

        6. Wasn’t it Margaret Sanger who furthered that eugenics program which became PP?? It seems more and more, the left have in common with Hitler and the NSDAP.

      3. You haven’t a clue buddy, Hitler was just slightly to the right of Stalin. Other than that, Nazism shares nothing with classical liberalism. Hitler invited former communist into his party and the communists and Nazi frequently voted together in the Reichstag . Sure they had disagreements but lefties live for that. Fighting in the street, burning down their hoods.

        1. I never said Nazism has anything in common with classical liberalism. Read my posts.
          I said Nazism has more in common with Monarchy, the true right, than classical liberalism does.
          Classical liberalism is the original left.
          If you believe classical liberalism is right wing your clearly confused. Maybe by today’s Marxist standards it is, but the truth is that enlightenment thought is Leftist thought.
          Right wing is Monarchy.

      1. No, he’s right, it’s Left, in the sense that it came from the communist/socialist/progressive camps of the 19th century.
        Much to your chagrin, Leftist.

        1. 1) I’m not a leftist, and you have no evidence to provide that I am leftist or even that this left right spectrum exists. 2) It may have evolved from “leftism”, but its done way more to stop the leftists than any of you spineless libertarians have.

        2. Socialism in national socialism has no basis for economic socialism you fool.
          IT refers to ones kin or folk/volk. Meaning they’d opppse the current invasion of their lands and any diversity. They believe like Israeli Joos in a homeland that is cohesive and homogenous.

    2. Nope
      No transfer of wealth or higher taxes.
      National socialism is about as far right as one goes on the political spectrum you fool.
      It’s diametrically opposed and warred with communist Marxists on The far left spectrum.

    3. THANK YOU. Where did all the stormfront dickholes come from? Besides a few, I barely see any of our usual commenters.

  25. I would agree with the article. I would also add that the left doesn’t believe in God. They believe man is the one who gives rights- the state. Obamacare is a prime example. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are liberally given by the politically elite. They very christian foundation and what the people who left europe for the US to create the US is what the lefts seeks to destroy. Your rights do not matter. God is an amusing subject to the left; something to be co-opted and manipulated.

    1. Our elites don’t fear religious hocus-pocus like threats of hell; whereas the people who challenge their childish utopianism about race, immigration, feminism and gay degeneracy apparently terrify them.
      What does this say about what matters in the real world?

  26. Nice. Loved the arm gesture part.
    “They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population”
    Don’t we also do that?

    1. Like nuggets causing most crime.
      It’s not hateful if it’s true.
      Joos wrecked the German economy and looted the wealth. Porn was also huge and they made a living pimping German women and children.

    1. False (yet again). The SPD put gun registration in place and the NSDAP used it to confiscate from their internal enemies. They removed regulations for certain sections of the population, but jews, communists, trade uniontists, etc.. were not permitted to own guns. Just the “approved” people.

      1. Citation?
        “They removed regulations for certain sections of the population” Anyone who wasn’t a Jew or Gypsy. Well, that is just about 99.98% of the German Population.

        1. Can you prove anything you stated or are you asking me to provide evidence for your negaitive quotes?
          The burden of proof is on you.
          “Anyone who wasn’t a Jew or Gypsy. Well, that is just about 99.98% of the German Population.”
          Can you provide a source that ties back to your statement that 99.98% of the German Population were not a Jew or a gypsy? Can you ascertain what portion of the Population was permitted by law to legally own a firearm? Does that include Geramns in Sudenland and Polish territories? Can you proivde evidence to anything relating to German legislation regarding firearm ownership in Germany from 1900- 1945?
          I appreciate you compliance. Let me know what you find.

        2. Are you going for the “once they ban guns for a fiddly minority then it’s only a matter of time before they ban guns for the majority?”

        3. Polish territories and Sudetenland were not German nationals.
          They lived as refugees and were being attacked and killed en masse part of the reason Hitler invaded Poland. Marxist polish Joos attacking his people in the Danzig.
          His pleas about this went unanswered to the League of Nations

      2. Approved meaning all German nationals.
        Joos were traitors and declared war collectively in 1933. Gun age lowered to 18 by Hitler.
        Joos and communists is redundant. They were and are one in the same

  27. Well since Hitler was actually funded by zionists jews..
    Once we get through wikileaks, we can start sorting out those truths
    zionist hollywood has brainwashed us into believing absolute lies.

    1. Hitler was funded by zionists but in the same fashion that Kennedy was funded by the mafia. He had no choice and once he gained power he turned on them

    2. Not true.
      Zionist Joos funded communists.
      Hitler printed Germany’s money interest free angering Joos. Worker credits as Joos looted all gold and his military GDP was less than 10%. Far lower than USA and England.

  28. ok here we go again with the big lie about Goebbels and the “big lie”. in his words, Goebbels was NOT a proponent of the “big lie” – he opposed it. the quotes of him talking about the big lie are taken from an article where he ACCUSED the British of using the big lie. in fact he was also apparently paraphrasing Hitler, who in Mein Kampf accused the Jews of using the “big lie” technique:
    sure as hell in real life Goebbels himself practiced the big lie – but there are no quotes of him where he advocates it. in his words he was against it.

  29. Please stop calling Cultural Marxists, COMMUNISTS, as National Socialist. Nothing is further from the truth.

    1. Ludwig von Mises, a renowned Austrian economist realized during his days that it was an illusion to portray commies, marxists as leftists and nazis as right wingers. Nothing is farther from the truth. The communists, marxists, leninists, fascists, feminists, humanists, islamists, nazis they all belong to a big group called the totalitarian idiots!

      1. If having a hierarchy based on strict order and higher values is left wing. Well then I guess I am a leftist.

        1. there is no left or right. If you have your life based on strict order and high values, then good for you. But if you force your neighbor to be the same as you then you are a totalitarian nut job.

        2. You will definetly not be able to be a whore, bouncing from cock to cock. That should worry you

        3. Nada, I am a guy with bolas. Just using a girls picture, so beta idiots like you can start commenting on my post

  30. Oh yeah so true. I had an opportunity at the beginning of this year to reprimand a socialism-supporting German in Germany. God did I love her facial reaction after my comment.
    Her: Hey, We need democratic socialism like in Sweden in our country
    Me: Socialism will work only in homogeneous population like in sweden. But because of immigration, it soon won’t work anymore. Capitalism is the best for a fairly multicultural society like Germany.
    Her: Wow! you such an asshole. So you wanna cheat people of their money? You don’t wan’t equality amongst people. You are a bad person.
    Me: Okay missy, I am trying to counter your ideas but you are trying to portray me as a bad person just because I oppose your Ideas! So, what is your next step?
    Her: What do you mean?
    Me: You know, the nazis, commies, Maoists, Islamists do the same. You either accept their ideas else you are a rat, kafir infidel, enemy against the state, a sub-human and the next step is to kill all these sub humans in gas chambers, under the guillotine, hang them in public or behead them. So what is your step now? are you gonna gas me or behead me?
    Her: Red-faced and stormed out of the room!!!!

  31. Hitler was the arch-enemy of marxism. To compare SJWs and Adolf Hitler shows a complete irresponsibility on the part of the author. Probably the worst article I’ve ever read on the subject. Sounds like something from Salon or Vice. Do you have any works cited or are you just parroting sixth grade, cat lady teacher, history class?

  32. 1). This point was almost funny, made me me think this article wouldn’t be as limp as it was.
    2). Firearms restrictions were actually RELAXED when Hitler assumed power.
    3).1% of the population controlled 98% of German banks and STILL called for an int’l boycott of German goods…you do the math.
    4).Comparing working people who are literally starving to Dindu’s who want muh equality is piss-poor.
    5). The constant faceberg-style pimping of this “people will believe the big lie” meme, you know that line was in reference to the Jewish press, right?
    6). By the late 20’s early 30’s Germany was the mecca for depravity of all kinds, produced and marketed by (((youknowwho))). Book burnings were a symbol of stepping away from that degeneracy and back toward a traditional society. Can you think of a modern “anything goes” country that could do with aa good traditionalism rally?
    In all, I give this article 0 out of 5 Heils and suggest you put out higher quality work…work, after all, will make you free.

  33. I’m not sure who the black man in the photograph is, but he is with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter/Twatter. Jack Dorsey is a gigantic SJW douchebag and completely screwed Twitter’s shareholders. He is adamantly against the company being sold and DIS, GOOG, and other potential acquirers have walked away. The fucker should be thrown off the board of the company. Square is a fucking joke too. Meanwhile all the techbag ass-clowns at TechCrunch – the same tech SJWs who can’t get enough H1B visas – extol this shithead as a major INNOVATOR (meanwhile Square’s dongle wasn’t even invented by him; it came from a prof in St Louis). Fuck Jack Dorsey. It would be hilarious if Nemesis decided to let his car and mansion get burned in the next riot but that will probably never happen.

  34. This piece has more holes than Swiss cheese
    1. Hitler never banned guns. In fact he lowered the age for Germans to own guns to 18. The NRA has even clarified this.
    2. Joos had destroyed Germany and declared war in on it 1933. See London express headline.
    With them thrown out of banking an economic miracle took place in Germany
    3. The only violence that took place was against violent Marxist Joos and subversives. Again, they declared war On Germany in 1933. Germans waged a defensive struggle.
    4. Propaganda was a word coined by Joos for speaking the truth. Today it’s called PC which is intellectual terrorism.

  35. This article is complete hogwash. Am I on huffington post?
    To disagree with nazism is one thing but to spew lies and call them facts is disgraceful. This is liberal bullshit, the same bullshit I thought we were against.
    This is the reason I no longer read these shit articles and go straight to the comment section.

  36. This article is so full of shit it’s not worth typing up an extended criticism. The “gun control” lie is the worst one. And when did the “evil Nazis” lie about Jews? They told the truth about them.

  37. All the “Hitler banned guns” liars should read this. Hitler relaxed gun laws, unless you were a communist Jew:
    “The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. But under the new law:
    Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition.”[8]
    The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.[9]
    Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.[9]
    The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka the Nazi party) members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.[8]
    Manufacture of arms and ammunition continued to require a permit, with the revision that such permits would no longer be issued to Jews or any company part-owned by Jews. Jews were consequently forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.[8]
    Under both the 1928 and 1938 acts, gun manufacturers and dealers were required to maintain records with information about who purchased guns and the guns’ serial numbers. These records were to be delivered to a police authority for inspection at the end of each year.
    The 1938 Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons, promulgated the day after Kristallnacht, effectively deprived all Jews living under the Third Reich of the right to possess any form of weapons including truncheons, knives, or firearms and ammunition.[10] Before that, some police forces used the pre-existing “trustworthiness” clause to disarm Jews on the basis that “the Jewish population ‘cannot be regarded as trustworthy’”.[8]”

  38. 1. Incoherent argument and underdetermining.
    2. Liberals and conservatives both believe in some form of gun control.
    3. Simply untrue. (And your articles seem to suggest the very same thing about SJWs)
    4. Again, highly untrue.
    5. Just bizarre? Besides, catchy phrases appear on both sides (e.g., “Lock her up” rings a bit fascist to me).
    6. Mostly untrue. Don’t you also suppress the idea of feminism (for example)? Trump wants to retaliate against certain news outlets, like WaPo. Isn’t that disconcerting?
    As for being an argument formed on “logic and reason”, please think harder. Unless of course this is all satire… Then it would be pretty funny.

  39. You’ve just described Trump’s entire appeal to his minions in one simplistic article.
    Well done!

  40. Black Lives Matter, a terrorist group?! Fuck outta here. You sound like an authoritarian. I don’t need a babysitter to tell me what to do and slap me back in line with fines, cages and bullets. I’ve read a few of the articles on this site. Some decent info until you run into the traditional William F Buckley/National Review bullshit. I fucking hate partisanship. It’s just a bunch of fucking half truths. Where are the independent thinkers? Your conformity and imitation is suicide. But I suppose that is the nature of the writer of this particular article. Thought I’d stumble upon something noble and honorable. Nope. Just the usual bullshit. People, do yourselves a favor and read some Emerson or Thoreau. This guy is no man. A lamb, maybe.

  41. If alive in our time, Hitler should use this fallacy to retort to their critics…

  42. There are more comparables.
    The savage genocide called abortion, practiced against the most innocent and helpless. Mengele Parenthood has far exceeded the holocaust in deaths, and it’s savagery in practice would make any Nazi blush
    The antii_fa are just the same as Hitler’s brown shirts. Charlotte was their kristallknacht.
    Even with Trump, Brexit and declining illegals, we are losing. No matter what happens, the Goebbels media will lie
    The end is near.

  43. I just wish these lefties would have spent more time in school learning history, although the teachers were putting out a leftie view of American History. which they want to destroy so I guess I answered my own question.

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